INSTRUCTION FRAMING FINISHING DESIGN Woolf Roofing & Maintenance Inc. A Third Generation Roofing Family in Detroit Commercial & Industrial Flat Roofs Day School ninth graders who traveled with Rabbi Robert Single-Ply and Built-up Systems Abramson to Washington. Elana and her dad, Allan, 5-15 Year Warranties waited as the crowd slowly FULLY INSURED began the march from the Member 18161 W. 13 Mile Rd. Ellipse to the Mall. National Roofing Call Scott or Roy Woolf Contractors in Southfield "How many people there Association for free inspections 646-2452 are here is anybody's guess," Allan Nachman said, "but it's an impressive statement." Fellow marcher David Chait would later add, "The only other time I was ever in a line like this was waiting to get into a U-M game?' :41, 3-DAY ,1,1 The massive crowd slowly moved down Constitution mil Nilo Avenue, covering the eight- HOLIDAY lane street from sidewalk to sidewalk. A huge "Let My People Go" banner carried by 12 members of the Boston contingent, nipped at the heels of the Michigan delega- tion stragglers. The delega- tion separated during the S A 114 two-mile, hour-long walk to the Mall's speakers platform, but stayed in visual contact because of the distinctive DECEMBER 11, 12, 13 Detroit hats. Asked if she liked the long FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY walk, 7-year-old Naomi Loebl, a Hillel Day School student, lo am - 8 pm 10 am -fpm Noon -fpm gave an emphatic "No" with a big grin her face. Naomi's mother, Judy, said it TRENDS/THAT'S MY BOY ROLAND OPTICS was exciting to see so many 30% OFF all size 4-7 merchandise. 1/2 OFF 30% - 50% OFF all sunglasses & frames in people. "There's a real sense boy's and men's International News sweatshirts. stock. Prior orders excluded. of unity. It brings back the 30% OFF all men's long-sleeve shirts. spirit of the `60s." Mrs. Loebl MB JEWELERS said she wanted her daughter THE CHILDREN'S BOOKSHOP 30% OFF retail, all gold & silver jewelry. All to feel the sense of frustration Selected items: toys, books, games 10% - 30% watches Omega, Baum Mercier, Raymond Weil, felt by Soviet Jews and be OFF Seiko 30% - 50% OFF. Cultured pearl sale - part of an historic event. "My necklaces & earrings 25% OFF. mother used to take me to THE NEW GENERATION demonstrations when I was a Now 50% OFF entire store 75% OFF starting THE PAPER PLACE child." Sunday, December 20. All jewelry & hair ornaments 1/2 OFF Jogging As the crowd reached 7th REAR ENDS slippers were $18 now $10. Street and turned toward the Fall & winter merchandise reduced up to RAY & IDA Mall, Steve Rosen of the Ann 75% OFF. Arbor contingent yelled out, Closing out all fall & winter merchandise up to "Hey Ann Arbor!" The ROSLYN'S INTIMATE APPAREL 75% OFF delegation responded with a 30% OFF robes and sleepwear. "Yes?" BAGGIT "Turn right!" roared Rosen, SANDILAR 30% OFF brief cases, gloves & jewelry. 20% - and the crowd turned the Year end sale of designer & boots 25% - 50% OFF luggage always! corner. 50% OFF Back on Constituiton, a THE WAITING GAME small man slowly made his THE STUDIO All maternity clothes 60% OFF Selected way through the crowd trying All fall & winter up to 75% OFF. All children's 1/2 OFF. Infants, toddlers, to distribute literature. A sweaters up to 50% OFF All children & adult boys 4-7 1/2 OFF huge, bearded Jew followed leotards up to 60% OFF. right behind him, warning, ROBERT MANN FURS "Jews for Jesus! Don't take it! SANDILAR TOO Jews for Jesus!" Famous brand shoes & boots 25% - 50% OFF Pre holiday savings on all our "good stuff."

2:20 p.m. The Michigan PLUS DIANE'S PLACE delegation moved past 6th - - Head - Tail - Sergio Tachini up to All fall & winter dresses 50% - 75% OFF Street, still a block from the 50% OFF. Cruisewear, selected items 30% - 40% OFF speakers. The crush of people made it nearly impossible to hear or see. Several Michiga- TE 44,110'•■ nians slowly worked their way forward, while others moved to the edges of the crowd where it was easier to hear, but not see. Even a giant video screen on the m speakers platform was hard to see through the masses. previous purchases excluded Northwestern Highway Between 12 & 13 Mile Roads