vs. Campaign Name: ______Period: ______

Prokaryotes vs. : A Campaign for Election as Coolest Type!

Purpose: While and eukaryotes share some similar structures and characteristics of , the two lead some pretty different ! Your job in this assignment is to create a campaign poster and a campaign platform commercial for a prokaryote or a eukaryote as they campaign to be elected coolest !

Directions: Each group will be assigned a campaign platform from those listed below. Use the resources listed (as well as any others you might find) to understand why your platform makes your cell type the coolest. Create a campaign poster (using one slide on a Google Presentation, shared between partners, and submitted by due date via a form) and a short campaign platform commercial (given as a speech in class) using the attached rubric.

Prokaryotic campaign platforms: 1. Ability to form http://goo.gl/Y1tUK http://goo.gl/DhVNe 2. Ability to form with other cells http://goo.gl/umy7Z http://goo.gl/m9d5W 3. neighboring cells http://goo.gl/DSiJU http://goo.gl/IFFtA 4. Production of bacteriocins http://goo.gl/lW75y http://goo.gl/WzFv1 5. Endosymbiotic theory http://goo.gl/6VIba http://goo.gl/uSYh4

Eukaryotic campaign platforms: 6. Contain that have their own genetic material in addition to that found in the nucleus http://goo.gl/6VIba http://goo.gl/Nqesq 7. Vesicles http://goo.gl/bwF3x http://goo.gl/j3qY3 8. Membrane bound organelles that facilitate transport () http://goo.gl/j3qY3 http://goo.gl/i4brZ 9. Cell specialization (aka differentiation) http://goo.gl/RDYml http://goo.gl/RxfrS 10. Cell communication via receptors http://goo.gl/v2HiH http://goo.gl/EouPc 11. Various levels of organization that allow for division of labor for easier maintenance of http://goo.gl/XWQ28 http://goo.gl/TKOSy

My assigned campaign platform: ______All campaign posters and commercials must include:

. The definitions of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

. Describe if prokaryotes and eukaryotes consist of unicellular , multicellular organisms, or both types of


. A description of the organelles common to both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

. A description of the characteristics of life shared by both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

. Background information and an explanation of the campaign platform assigned to your group indicating why that

platform makes your cell type the coolest. You must include details of what it is and why it is so important – this

is your platform for election!

. At least one mudslinging fact about the other cell type indicating a reason why that cell should not win the

election. Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Campaign Biology

Name: ______Period: ______

Campaign speech notes (if you miss information in class, check out the websites listed for each campaign platform):

1. Prokaryotes are defined as:

a. Are prokaryotes unicellular, multicellular, or both?

b. Prokaryotes contain these organelles only:

2. Eukaryotes are defined as:

a. Are eukaryotes unicellular, multicellular, or both?

b. and are eukaryotes, so they contain all of the organelles I put in my mind map. 3. Prokaryotes and eukaryotes enjoy these shared characteristics of life:

4. Notes for prokaryotes (include what it is and why its important for each!): a. Formation of endospores

b. Formation of biofilms

c. Quorum sensing

d. Production of bacteriocins

e. Endosymbiotic theory

Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Campaign Biology

5. Notes for eukaryotes (include what it is and why its important for each!): a. Contain organelles that have their own genetic material

b. Formation of vesicles

c. Membrane bound organelles (endomembrane system)

d. Cell specialization

e. Cell communication via receptors

f. Various levels of organization/division of labor

Prokaryote vs. Eukaryote Campaign Biology Names: ______and ______Period: ______

Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes Campaign Grading Rubric

Poster Commercial/Speech

Definitions of prokaryotes & eukaryotes /2 points /2 points

Unicellular, multicellular, or both /2 points /2 points

Common organelles /2 points /2 points

Characteristics of life /2 points /2 points

Platform presented and explained /4 points /4 points

Mudslinging fact(s) included /1 point /1 point

Attention to detail/speaking skills /2 points /2 points

TOTAL /30 points