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WEATHER treatment. The Beginning a New Era state on one side and Washington TODAY’S NEWS son now faces the president on the other. theft charges. K Proms are a high school tradi- The state side features two im- Hair We Go Again An Egyptian tion. At Turner County High in portant symbols of the 42nd state official said the Ashburn, Georgia, the tradition — a king and majestic K Locks of 3,200-year-old hair Internet is had been to have separate proms Mount Rainier, an active volcano. from pharaoh Ramses II were dis- playing an im- for and students. The flip side has the im- played at the Egyptian Museum in portant role in But a new tradition begins next age of George Washington found Cairo yesterday. Photographers the search for week. This year’s seniors decided on other coins in the popular 50 mobbed a glass case to see the other stolen to have one prom — for everyone. State Quarters Program, which TODAY: Cloudy; tufts, which were stolen 30 relics. “I have “It’s time for a change,” senior began in 1999 and ends next year. rain. years ago in France. spies all over class president James Hall said. HIGH LOW The theft was discovered last the world” BY BEN CURTIS — ASSOCIATED PRESS Last fall, the Class of 2007 also did year when the hair was listed for checking the Good hair : Egyptian officials examine the recently away with having two homecom- sale on the Internet for $2,600. Internet, said recovered 3,200-year-old locks of pharaoh Ramses II. ing queens. 50 42 The would-be seller was the son of antiquities a French researcher who exam- chief Zahi Hawass. 1213 B.C., is one of ancient ’s The Other Washington TOMORROW: ined Ramses’ when it was Ramses (pronounced RAM- most famous pharaohs and built K A new state quarter joins the Mostly cloudy; rain. brought to France in 1976 for seez), who ruled from 1270 to some of its grandest monuments. ranks today. It has Washington the High 56. Low 40.

ILLUSTRATION BY KATHERINE KLEMMER, 6, BURKE WRITE KIDSPOST, THE WASHINGTON POST, 1150 15TH ST. NW, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20071. K E-MAIL US AT [email protected] K FAX US AT 202-496-3780. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, AGE, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. U.S. MINT Sight for Your Eyes: What Do Mean? ou know how your favorite color have learned to respond to colors based on There was a controversy two years ago survey of looks, but have you ever thought about their roles in . , for instance, when a college football team in Iowa painted Crayola In a favorite how it makes you feel? might make people feel fresh and hopeful be- the visitors’ locker room . Pink is sup- Americans’ seven Colors can affect your emotions. For cause it is associated with healthy crops and posed to be a calming color, so the thought was on colors, cray 10 were eYxample, it is generally accepted that abundant food. Likewise, red might represent it might make the visiting team less aggressive of the top of . makes people feel agitated, even if they are not aggression and fear because of its association on the field. shades fully aware of it. with fire and blood. Some people don’t believe in these re- “Bright colors are very stimulating, and Today, colors are used in marketing to try to actions, but there are studies to support them. muted colors are very soothing,” said Jill Mor- get people to react a certain way. For example, One showed that Olympic athletes who wore ton, a color expert based in Hawaii who has Morton chose the colors for a new kind of pain red uniforms won their competitions slightly worked with major companies to come up with medicine for adults. The company wanted to more often than those who wore other colors. colors for their products. stress how quickly the medicine works, so KidsPost’s Margaret Webb Pressler reports Morton said that one reason colors might af- Morton made the tablets red (to suggest some- on some basic theories about the psychology fect us is that over thousands of years humans thing fast) and gray (something high-tech). of colors or the emotional reactions they stir. Red Blue Green Causes the heart Recedes, so objects appear The most restful color The most visible color of the to beat faster. farther away. to the eye. spectrum; the eye notices yellow fi rst.

How it can make you feel: How it can make you feel: How it can make you feel: How it can make you feel: Agitated and jumpy, Content, clean, tranquil, Fresh, hopeful, young, Cheerful, hopeful, excited, rushed, hungry, fearful, spiritual, trusting, lucky, peaceful. focused. strong, passionate. depressed. Cues in nature: Cues in nature: Cues in nature: Cues in nature: Plants, grass and trees; The , fruits and Red meat, blood, fi re, Few nature references. some lakes, rivers and vegetables, fl owers, berries. The main ones are the sky, shallow ocean areas. . How red is used: oceans and lakes, How green is used: How yellow is used: To show energy, strength blueberries and fi sh. Also mold and bruises. Popular for home To get attention; on and speed (examples: race decorating. Also helps emergency vehicles, road cars and fi re engines). Red How blue is used: people feel calm in schools, signs and taxis. Keeps you is often found on the walls It’s the most common paint hospitals and rooms where alert and concentrating, of fast-food restaurants color for bedrooms; also, people prepare to go on so it’s a popular color because it makes you police uniforms. Blue suits television. for writing paper. Can be hungry. It also makes you suggest loyalty. overwhelming to the eye, eat more quickly. so it’s used little in fashion.



Purple Brown who are Sophisticated, Stimulating, Dependable, Pure, innocent, colorblind can’t see expensive, energizing, tasty, friendly, natural, peaceful, the full range of passionate, warm healthy sterile, truthful colors because the mysterious color-sensing cells in their eyes don’t work properly. There are different kinds of Normal color colorblindness. vision Some people can see all , green and blue, but one of those colors doesn’t show up well. The most common type of TRICK YOUR EYES colorblindness is Common Draw a 3x3-inch square on a piece of white paper and Pink the inability to see color the square red, similar to the diagram above. Put accurately. colorblindness Happy, fun, a black dot in the middle. Draw another 3-inch square comforting, sweet, A few colorblind people are unable to Black see one of those three — blue, next to it. Leave this box white, with a black dot in the child-like, feminine Powerful, strong, red, green — at all. And in rare cases, a center. magical, ominous person might be totally colorblind and Stare at the black dot on the red square for 30 see the world only in . seconds. Then quickly move your eyes to the black dot About 8 percent of males are on the white square. The white will appear greenish. colorblind; it’s rare in females. That Why? The eye becomes tired looking at the red, so it means about one out of every 12 boys comes up with green — the opposite of red — to make reading this page can’t see the colors up for it. accurately.


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