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Easy Access Flexibility Anadolu University Open Education System In Open Education System at Anadolu University, provides open and distance education to we believe that flexible learning is about empow- learners from all around the world. Accessing ering learners by offering them choices about their the courses and resources is just a click away. learning: the pace, place and mode of delivery. The We strive to expand our practical knowledge flexibility comes with fully online learning resourc- via high-quality education and share it with es, and offers a wide range of opportunities from the world. Learners of diverse backgrounds downloading the course materials on smartphone across multiple age ranges can access cours- to watching online lectures on iPad. Studying is es and numerous printed and online resourc- now more portable, accessible and also flexible es easily. than ever before.

Openness Expertise Anadolu University Open Education System Anadolu University Open Education System, one of is aiming to reduce the barriers to education, the world’s largest distance education providers, especially for adult and self-learners. In the is coined as a mega university with its expertise 21st century, the idea of openness is in the gained over the years with millions of students not very core of education which is surrounded only from but also from all over the world. with technology in multi-cultural learning en- Learners can harness our expertise as an inter- vironments. In a world where open educational nationally recognized Open Education System by resources and open teaching hold potential to participating in different courses from undergrad- disrupt the full spectrum of education policy, uate to postgraduate programs and also from learning development, delivery, and accred- non-degree to e-certificate courses and MOOCs. itation, Open Education System at Anadolu As an open and distance education provider, we University takes the necessary initiative and offer a broad range of courses and believe that plays an important role in this big change. supporting learners by giving them different op- tions for learning is our greatest mission.

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An innovative world university with focus on lifelong learning Turkish Mega University, from Anatolia to the World.

Learn wherever you are, whenever you want...


Anadolu University is a mega university that has students in over 30 countries, and exam centers played a pioneering role especially in distance in 19 countries on four continents. education. The Faculty of Open Education at Anadolu University was established in 1982- This booklet provides an array of information 1983 academic year as the first faculty deliver- about the open education system at Anadolu ing open and distance . Since University including a brief history, degree and then, Anadolu University has contributed to the non-degree programs, learning materials, tutor- popularization of higher education and the pro- ing and mentoring, and student support services. motion of lifelong learning in Turkey. Prof.Dr. Şafak Ertan Çomaklı Anadolu University Open Education System goes Anadolu University Rector beyond national borders, and offers higher ed- ucation to Turkish citizens across the world, in- cluding those in the Turkish Republic of , Western Europe, Balkans, Azerbaijan, and North America. The University currently has

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Mega University Anadolu University, one of the world leaders in open and distance education, currently offers higher education to over one million students worldwide. Faculty members with national and internation- al experience are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with stu- dents to offer high-quality educational services.

Anadolu’s Open Education Sys- tem The Open Education System of Anado- lu University delivers higher education in Turkey and 19 countries. Currently, students can get enrolled in 58 degree programs in the Faculties of Open Ed- ucation, Business Administration, and Economics. Open education at Anadolu University has a highly flexible structure that can respond rapidly to emerging needs. This is possible thanks to qual- ified human resources and advanced technical infrastructure.

Digital Transformation At Anadolu University, open education students are offered a wide variety of learning materials. Open education has recently gone through a digital transformation process to enhance self-learning with the help of materials such as textbooks in digital format (PDF, ePUB, MOBI, HTML5), audiobooks, chapter summaries, interactive videos, practice tests, exercises, live online classes, and videos of online classes. Equal Opportunity Policy The Open Education System of Anadolu University, dedicated to equal opportunity, aims to open a wide range of programs based on this principle and to offer learning environments that effectively promote these programs. This policy is predicated on the following principles: • to develop and implement policies that promote effectively equal opportunity and diversity of stu- dents, human resources and the faculty, • to ensure that all students have equal access to opportunities offered, • to ensure that all students have equal access to environments where curriculum, assessment, sup- port services and resources are available, • to protect the diversity of students and human resources in the Open Education System, • not to allow harassment, bullying and discrimination under any circumstances, • to ensure that all staff has full understanding of equal opportunities and different opportunities, and put these principles into practice, • to set up effective systems to ensure equality of opportunity and diversity, • to observe all equality principles in service provision.

6 ANADOLU UNIVERSITY OPEN EDUCATION AT A GLANCE 1982 Renaming of Eskişehir Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences as Anadolu University Establishment of Faculty of Open Education – the pioneer of distance education in Turkey Admission of students to Faculty of Open Education from the Northern Cyprus Start of face-to-face classes and work placement in 16 cities Educational TV programs on TRT-1 – the national TV network – related to open education courses 1972 Launch of associate and undergraduate degree completion Establishment of the programs for 200,000 teachers in Faculty of Open Education 1958 Institute of Education under the protocol with the Ministry of National Education Establishment of associate degree programs in Midwifery, Establishment of Eskişehir via Television under Nursing, and Healthcare Technician Training under the protocol Academy of Economic and the agreement signed with the Ministry of Health; establishment of associate degree Commercial Sciences – between Federal programs in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine under the the foundation stone of Republic of Germany protocol with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Anadolu University and Turkey 1972 1982 1958 1987 1970 1976

Initiatives for Launch of the project Launch of the Western European Project to offer degree setting up the of Educational programs for Turkish citizens living in Europe closed-circuit TV Television (ETV) Establishment of an open education bureau in Cologne, system Germany. Opening of exam centers in Stuttgart, Hamburg, 1976 Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Bern, Brussels, 1970 and Den Haag 1987

7 Anadolu University

1989 Establishment of the Center of Computer- Aided Education Development of software for PCs running on DOS operating system by 1999 Center of Computer- Aided Education Development of an Development of software e-learning portal for by Center of Computer- open education Aided Education on Establishment of a behalf of IBM for natural 1997 contact center for science courses in Establishment of the students collaboration with the 1994 Test Research Center First use of Internet- Ministry of National Start of e-learning First teleconferencing based practice tests Education services trials 1994 1989 1997 1999 1998 2000 1993 1996

Establishment Organization of Launch of Launch of the of the Faculties open education Undergraduate Programs of Economics, exams assumed by Restructuring of open in Preschool Education and Business Anadolu University education programs and in English Language Administration Revision and redesign Teaching in collaboration Start of undergraduate of textbooks and with the Ministry of degree completion 1996 educational TV National Education programs programs; production Launch of the Associate Development of of CDs Degree Program in e-exercises software Information Management Establishment of – the first program which computer labs 1998 is fully Internet-based in Faculty of Open Turkey Education charged Launch of “Second with providing University” programs for distance learning students and graduates materials, organizing of a higher-education exams, and offering program associate degree, undergraduate, degree completion and 2000 certificate programs 1993

8 2009 Opening of an exam center in Azerbaijan Under Anadolu University Distance Education Programs Project, opening of 2005 associate degree Launch of e-support programs in: services for students Pharmaceutical Open Education Services 2003 e-Learning Portal used Food Quality Control Use of e-books by over one million and Analysis Launch of e-television students Chemical Technology Launch of associate Launch of an associate Medicinal and Aromatic 2001 degree programs for degree program in Plants Admission of transfer police and gendarmerie Retailing and Store Medical Laboratory students personnel Management Technicians 2001 2009 2003 2005 2007 2002 2004 2010

Wider use of e-exercises Development of Launch of e-certificate Launch of TRT Okul software e-audiobooks programs (an educational TV Online group assignments in Launch of associate Launch of a Certificate channel) the Program in Information degree programs for Program in Turkish Production of Management the personnel of Land Language mobile-friendly Internet-based academic Forces, Air Forces, Development of Yunus e-learning content facilitation and Naval Forces Emre Open Education Online classes Portal 2010 2002 2004 2007

9 Anadolu University

Launch2017 of programs in Saudi Arabia 2015 Introduction of Open Library First issue of Open Delivery of programs in English and Education e-Bulletin Arabic languages published Initiatives for Barrier-free Open Development of Anadolum Education e-Campus Launch of MotherTongue: Turkish Publishing of a new project academic journal (AUAd) Setting up of online student clubs Development of Open Course contents uploaded to Science platform Anadolu Mobile Pearson Edexcel Setting up of Video Glossary qualification received Establishment of Accreditation 2011 Launch of AKADEMA Association for Open and Distance Initiation of promotional Education Transition to the activities across Turkey TOJDE indexed in ESCI Bologna process Organization of “Certificate e-Government services Start of e-certificate 2013 of Achievement Ceremonies” Nine new non-thesis master’s programs in English Establishment TOJDE taken over by Faculty programs offered in distance mode language at the level of International of Open Education Start of institutional visits for of A1, A2 and B1 in Relations Unit promotion and cooperation collaboration with Transition to purposes Cambridge University semester-based Launch of AnaBilgi Press credit system 2013 2015 2017 2011 2018 2012 2016 2014

Inauguration of Launch of Launch of programs in North Launch of OES Support platform exam centers in European Voluntary America Use of Smart TV app Nahcivan, Georgia, Service Project Establishment of OES Coordination AU received 11 Barrier-Free Macedonia, Kosovo, Office for Social Media University Flags given by the and Bulgaria Setting up of social media Higher Education Council Development of accounts of OES Digital transformation in open 2014 education: textbooks available in mobile-friendly Open education courses on radio interactive books Use of open-ended questions in e-pub, PDF, mobile and HTMLS formats Opening of exams Launch of Career Support Open Education Creation of Anadolu’s Open platform Interaction Center Education YouTube Channel Opening of an exam center in Development of a website for Cairo Alumni Association AU received Public Service Award 2012 Use of projects as an assignment given by the Higher Education in open education Council Development of the Glossary of Equivalency of 353 courses in 17 Open Education undergraduate and 12 associate Barrier-free Informatics Awards degree programs ensured received Number of non-thesis master’s Development of programs reached 19, and number of students reached Establishment of the Laboratory of 1500 Human-Computer Interaction AU ranks the first among Turkish universities in educational Introduction of non-thesis research in THE World University master’s programs offered in Rankings distance mode Visits to 52 institutions A choir for visually impaired Creation of an Instagram account students created for open education at AU New non-thesis master’s programs offered in distance mode 10 2016 2018 11 Anadolu University LEARNING MATERIALS

Audiobooks 462 Interactive Videos 1138 Chapter Sumaries in Audio Format Practice Tests 1600 6229

Worksheets 5484

Learning by Questions Chapter Summaries 7704 6952

e-Seminars 8836

Questions & Answers Questions 9420 Over 300.000


Up-to-date Content: All learning materials are provided only as digital content (PDF, EPUB, HTML5), so an update can be applied anytime according to your books.

Mobile Learning Environment: Anadolu Mobile application allows learners to reach our rich array of content whenever and wherever they want.

Unit-based Structure: Because it is important to engage learners in learning activities regularly in distance education, our system provides its learn ers with a weekly study plan.

Audio Books: We provide our course notes in MP3 format for all learners, and also support our disabled learners with audio course notes in daisy format.

Online Exercises: Learners can evaluate their learn ing with lesson tests. Learners can see theirs scores out of 100. This self-evaluation helps them develop awareness of their strengths and weaknesses in learning.

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Synchronous Online Classes: Learners can join live online classes and ask question about the content. Videos of these classes are available in the learning management system for further use. So, whenever learners need to study, they can watch the videos and find answers to their questions.

Unit Videos: These videos are created by professors of the course and summarize the main points of the course. Learners can watch these videos on YouTube wherever and whenever they want to revise.

Chapter Summaries in PDF and in Audio Format: The summaries of the chapters are available in both PDF and audio format. Learners can read or listen to these summaries and learn the core points of the units.

Worksheets: These chapter-based multiple- choice tests are prepared to allow learners to get a quick estimate of what they learned after studying a chapter. They are quick, easily accessible, and give an instant score.

Practice Tests in PDF: These tests are designed to allow learners to prepare for a midterm or a final exam.

Previous Test Questions: To get the gist of the exam structure, the questions of the previous exams are available in the system. This gives students the chance to see the types of questions beforehand.


ACADEMIC COUNSELING LIVE ONLINE CLASSES Faculty members of Anadolu University use their During the semester, subject-matter experts de- expertise to offer academic counseling to open liver live online classes on a regular weekly basis. education students via webinars, one-on-one The classes also include question and answer counseling meetings, and videos. Academic sessions. Students can attend live seminars, or counseling assists students with clarifying their watch recorded videos of classes later. academic goals and developing individualized pathways to improve their academic perfor- FACE-TO-FACE TEACHING mance. Furthermore, special education experts provide academic counseling services for learn- Open education students are provided with face- ers with special needs. to-face learning opportunities for some courses. Face-to-face classes allow students to: STUDENT QUALITY AMBASSADORS • have access to direct information about sub- ject matters in the class environment, and Student Quality Ambassadors project is an ini- interact with a course instructor, tiative that allows the Open Education System • have on-campus experience, to have direct feedback from students with re- • exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow gard to learning experience, learning materials, students and instructors, and quality improvement. In addition to provid- • participate in activities and events on the ing feedback, Quality Ambassadors can develop campus, and take advantage of on-campus and post learning materials to contribute to the facilities such as the library. learning process of other students.

15 Anadolu University DEGREE PROGRAMS The Open Education System of Anadolu University currently offers 58 degree programs at the associate and undergraduate level under the umbrella of the Faculties of Open Education, Business Administration, and Economics.

Faculty Faculty Faculty

16 Faculty of Open Education

Associate Degree Undergraduate Programs Degree Programs

• Accounting and Taxation • Agriculture • Healthcare Management • Banking and Insurance • History • Brand Communication • Management Information Systems • Business Management • Philosophy • Call Center Services • Public Relations and Advertising • Child Development • Social Work • Culinary Arts • Sociology • Cultural Heritage and Tourism • Turkish Language and Literature • Disability Care and Rehabilitation • Elderly Care • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and • Distribution • Emergency and Disaster Management • Foreign Trade • Geographic Information Systems • Home Economics • Human Resources Management • Jurisprudence • Laboratory and Veterinary Assistance Services • Local Governments • Logistics • Management of Healthcare Institutions • Media and Communication • Medical Documentation and Secretary Training • Office Management and Executive Assistant Training • Photography and Camera Operation • Private Protection and Security • Public Relations and Publicity • Radio and Television Program Production • Real Estate and Property Management • Retailing and Store Management • Securities and Capital Markets • Social Services • Sports Management • Theology • Theology (Arabic) • Tourism and Hotel Management • Tourism and Travel Services • Web Design and Coding

17 Anadolu University


Anadolu University delivers 18 non-thesis • Corporate Communication master’s programs in distance mode. Graduates • Banking and Finance of open education programs also have the • Business Management chance to apply for these programs offered in the • Hospitality Management Graduate School of Sciences, Social Sciences, • Visual Communication Design and Educational Sciences. • Measurement and Data Analytics • Distance Education • Logistics Management • Marketing Management GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SCIENCES • Turkish Language and Literature

• Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONAL • Urban Risk Management SCIENCES • Environmental Management • Chemistry • Educational Technologies • Character and Values Education • Education Management • Mathematics Education

18 NON-DEGREE PROGRAMS Anadolu University offers a broad range of non-degree programs and open courses, along with degree programs.


Would you like to improve your personal or professional skills? Would you like to set up your own busi- ness and compete in the sector? Then, you should join one of our online certificate programs to enhance your knowledge and expertise. Anyone with a high school diploma can get enrolled in an e-certificate program and choose from among over 100 courses.

Business Management • Special Event Management and Sponsorship • Political Communication • Foreign Trade • Visual Communication • Insurance Agency Business • Basics of Press Photography • Basic Rights for Trade Unions • News Reporting • Executive Assistant Training • New Media and Communication • Logistics Management • Brand Communication Management • Healthcare Services Management • Research in Brand Communication • Entrepreneurship • Public Relations • Basics of Accounting • Introduction to Management and Organization Political Science and International • Accounting and Finance Relations • Business Law in Human Resources Manage- ment • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy • Information Management for Businesses I • • Human Resources Management • Political Science • Introduction to Business Administration (En- • Human Rights glish) • Introduction to International Relations (En- • Introduction to Finance (English) glish) • Information Management for Businesses II • World Civilizations and History (English) • Information Management for Businesses III • Political Science (English) • • Political and Social Life in Turkey (English) Marketing and Retailing • Foreign Trade and Diplomacy (English) • International Organizations (English) • Retailing • Introduction to Retailing Tourism • e-Retailing • Sales and Marketing in Tourism • Marketing • Onboard Passenger Services • Store Management • Tour Planning and Ticketing in Travel Agencies • Marketing Communication • Expertise in Ecotourism • Professional Sales Skills Literature Communication • Turkish Folk Literature • Turkish Literature in the Republican Period • Corporate Communication • Healthcare Communication • Communication Skills • Corporate Advertising and Communication Management 19 Anadolu University

Healthcare Services • Geographical Information Systems (MAPINFO) • Medical Secretary Training • Geographical Information Systems (QGIS) • Geriatric Psychology and Stress Management • Developmental Support for Preschool Children Religion (Teachers) • History of Islam • Developmental Support for School-Age Chil- • Ilmihal dren (Teachers) • Introduction to Religious Sciences • Developmental Support for Adolescents • Introduction to Islamology (Teachers) • Developmental Support for Preschool Children (Parents) Web Design and Development • Information System Design • Developmental Support for School-Age Chil- • Coding for Web Design dren (Parents) • Basics of Web Design • Developmental Support for Adolescents (Par- • Visual Design in Web ents) • Web Management Systems • Care Staff Training • Basics of Child Development • Plays, Arts, Literature and Children Spare Time and Personal Development • Educational Assessment in Children • Turkish Music • Science, Technology, Plays, Drama and Chil- • Basics of Cuisine Culture dren • Turkish Cuisine • Basics of Healthcare • Basics of Photography • Social Work Management • Horticulture • Geriatric Care • My House and Family

Language Learning Programs Based on a Protocol with the • English (Level A1) Sector • English (Level A2) • Occupational Health and Safety for Employers • English Language (Level B1) • Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) • Turkish Sign Language (Basic Level) • Cooperative Management • Ottoman I • Expertise in Art History • Ottoman II • Expertise in Cultural Heritage • Arabic I • Sworn Translator Training • Arabic II • • Geographical Information Systems • Geographical Information Systems (ARCGIS)


AKADEMA is a platform launched to offer MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in the Open Education System of Anadolu University. Learners from any background can join the courses on a broad range of topics from natural pharmacy to data mining. Two types of courses are offered on AKADEMA: instructor-facilitated courses, and courses fully based on individual learning. Learners are required to have basic computer skills, i.e. use of an Internet browser and a word-processing tool, to get enrolled in courses. AKADEMA currently offers 56 courses including cello playing, basketball, scuba diving, 21st century citizenship, body language, CV writing, photography, game theory, project-based learning, Arabic, Turkish, and social network analysis. 20 STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES

Student Support Services offers a variety of services that are available to open education students. As most of student are used to traditional face-to-face learning, this new mode of delivery can be tricky for some learners. Supporting them in the learning process is the responsibility of open education pro- viders.

OES STUDENT SUPPORT Supporting learners is of particular importance for ensuring effectiveness of the learning process and keeping the dropout rates low. Anadolu University Open Education System has a webpage specifically designed to provide support services for distance learners from all around the world. The webpage has a clear outline and a user-friendly interface. The page provides answers to frequently asked questions falling under the following categories:

Transfer Exams

Open Education Enrollment Student Services System Process

Programs Anadolum Local Abroad e-Campus Bureaus

Second Other Undergraduate Transfer University

Work Institutional Laboratories Placement Practices

Course Equivalency

LOCAL BUREAUS FOR STUDENT SERVICES Anadolu University offers support services to open education students via open education bureaus lo- cated in Turkey and abroad − 105 bureaus in Turkey and 8 bureaus abroad. Local bureaus provide sup- port with regard to enrollment, issuance of ID cards, and distribution of transcript, diploma and diploma supplement, respond promptly to students’ needs and requests, and contribute to the organization of exams.

21 Anadolu University

OPEN EDUCATION SYSTEM INTERACTION CENTER (CALL CENTER) Open Education System Interaction Center, with its experienced staff, provides information and support to students in a wide range of issues including enrollment, semester registration, second university (i.e. admission without examination), student transfer, degree awarding, ID cards, examination procedures, and changing examination centers. The Interaction Center is open to everyone that demands infor- mation about the system, in addition to open education students. Open Education Interaction System provides information and support 24/7 at 0 850 200 46 10-19 (10 lines) or 444 10 26.

CAREER SUPPORT Open Education System of Anadolu University has an online platform specifically designed for future career development of students − My Career and Professional Life. The platform includes audio-visual materials that provide information for future professional life in the public and the private sector, as well as course materials that prepare students for exams they need to take to enter the professional life. My Career and Professional Life also provides shortcut links to resources that are of particular interest to graduates, including Master’s Programs, Second University, e-Certificate Programs, Open Library, and Alumni Association.

OPEN LIBRARY Open education students have access to the Open Library wherever they are and whenever they need. This electronic library offers a broad range of resources including textbooks and videos developed since the start of open education at Anadolu University, an archive of rare books, and a collection of micro- films.

OPEN SCIENCE Open Education System of Anadolu University has a website designed to offer a wide range of scientific resources that link students to seminars, projects, events, scientific papers and international cooperation opportunities. Videos of weekly Friday seminars held in the Faculty of Open Education are also available at Open Science.

ONLINE STUDENT CLUBS Anadolu University offers not only teaching but also social support to its open education students. Open Education System of Anadolu University has five online student clubs: Reading, Photography, Cinema, History, and Music. Club members come together regularly in virtual environments under the supervi- sion of a coordinator, a faculty member of Anadolu University. Members can also participate in online forums to talk about their common interests.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Alumni Association serves the purpose of strengthening the relationship between the University and former students. The website of Alumni Association presents information that responds to (former) students’ lifelong learning and career planning needs. Graduates can find a career guide, news and an- nouncements from the University, and pictures from the graduation ceremony on the website.



EADTU Newsletter, April 2018






54.78% 45.22%

Men Women

DISTRIBUTION OF STUDENTS BY AGE: 147,716 257,089 189,244 499,288

18-21 22-24 25-27 28+ DISTRIBUTION OF STUDENTS BY EMPLOYMENT STATUS: 47,867 37,374 37,257 93,750 91,768 33,681 21,517 265,423 138,405 126,928 Unemployed Student Self-employed Wageworker Public Employee Worker Civil Servant Teacher Housewife Engineer

DISTRIBUTION OF STUDENTS BY YEAR AND SEMESTER: 925,058 1,217,423 1,335,250 1,201,445 1,384,047 1,194,120 1,398,488 1,191,924 1,440,802 1,224,270 1,384,303 1,042,489 1,121,121 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Fall

25 Anadolu University


1984 19 Teacher 27,368

1985 131 Public Employee 24,231 1986 4,741 Engineer 16,128 1987 44,191

1988 86,365 Accountant 15,761 1989 6,696 Technician 14,266 1990 14,710 Police Officer 11,462 1991 27,161

1992 23,225 Nurse 10,059 1993 19,276 Healthcare Technician 7,429 1994 39,299

1995 40,348 Technical Staff 7,367

1996 39,392 Assistant 4,948 1997 49,023 Secretary 4,607 1998 49.153

1999 43,440 Health Officer 4,065

2000 44.940 Cook 3,067 2001 49,089 Lawyer 2,904 2002 58.745

2003 62,668 Child Development Specialist 2,892

2004 68.677 Prison Officer 2,716 2005 91,791 Healthcare Personnel 2,636 2006 114,448

2007 113.455 Court Clerk 2,615

2008 116,268 Director 2,608 2009 132,653 Graphic Designer 2,396 2010 175.299

2011 148,234 Driver 2,337

2012 185,017 Religious Personnel 2,261 2013 208.699 Programmer 2,214 2014 201,181

2015 233,472 Economist 2,108 2016 196.534 Architect 2,059 2017 145,402

2018 139.758

2019 16.636 26