’s Pilot & Recycling Program

Need help identifying Hasbro toys and ? Below is a list of many of the beloved products currently manufactured or manufactured by Hasbro over the years:

Action Man Dimension Koosh

Aggravation Chomp Squad Game of the States Kre-O

Ants in the Pants Chutes & Ladders Larami

Avalon Hill GI Joe Lite Brite

Axis & Allies Connect 4 Giggle Wiggle

Baby Alive Cootie Games Go For Broke Lucky Ducks

Barrel of Monkeys Cranium Go to the Head Magic the Gathering of the Class Battleship Guess Who? B-Daman Crossfire MASK Guesstures Bed Bugs Don’t Spill the Beans Memory Hanazuki Don’t Wake Daddy Micro Hangman Big Ben Dream Phone Mighty Muggs Headache Dropmix (Xm2) Hi Ho Cherry-O Bop-It Dungeons & Dragons Mousetrap Boxers or Briefs Easy Bake Mr. Bucket i-Dog Bulls-Eye Mr. Mouth India Fishin’ Around Mr. Head Cap Candy FUNNY OR DIE Joy For All Mysteries of Old Peking Kenner Catch Phrase Furreal Friends Mystery Date Kid Dimension Chicken Limbo Nak Nak Stay Alive

No Brainer Puzz 3D

Oddzon Products Rack-O

Operation Risk Subbuteo

Ouija Rook

Outburst Taboo

Parcheesi Taste Game

Parker Brothers Scruples Electronics

Pay Day Shoezies

Perfection Simon


Picture Perfect Skip-It Trouble

Pictureka Sorry Twister

Pie Face Speak Out Visionaries


Playskool Splat!