Developmental Domain: ELD — English development School Readiness Measure 4: Symbol, letter, and print in English Definition: Child shows an increasing understanding that print in English carries

1. Mark the developmental level the child has mastered. Complete this measure if English IS NOT the only language spoken in the child’s home. Discovering Exploring Developing Building Integrating O O O O O Demonstrates awareness Demonstrates awareness that Demonstrates understanding Identifies a few English Identifies several English that symbols carry meaning print in English carries meaning that English print consists of letters by sight and by letters by sight and by name, or that print in home letters name, including the letters including the letters in own language carries meaning, in own name; recognizes name; recognizes a few or both own name in English print printed in English

Examples Asks teacher to read a story Points to a name written in English Asks, “¿Cuál letra es ésta?” or Looks at picture of his family in a Points to Yoojin’s name written in on a cubby and says child’s name “What letter is this?” while point- book about families, points in her home language. (may or may not be the English at name printed in English and English above her cubby and com- Shows teacher a book and requests name written on the cubby). ing to her name above the cubby. says, “My English name,” and then municates, “Yoojin’s cubby.” in home language that teacher read Points to a caption written in English under Points to a picture of blocks and says “B” points at name written in Chinese Points to the name “Suzy,” a friend’s her the book, “¿Me lees el libro?” a family picture and asks the teacher, in Eng- while teacher reads a book about let- and says, “My Chinese name.” name, on teacher’s class roster and (Can you read me this book?) lish or in the home language, what it says. ters with “B” prominently displayed. Points to magnetic letters, and communicates to teacher, “Suzy.” Points to Chinese character repre- Points to words next to a photograph Identifies the letter “D” during a names a few English letters cor- Writes all the letters in his name; senting his name and says his name. in a field trip scrapbook and com- activity, on a poster in the classroom, and rectly when talking with a peer. one or two letters may be writ-  Pulls a note from her pocket municates to the teacher, in English on a during a neighborhood walk. Writes the first letter of his name ten backwards or out of order. that was written by a parent in or the home language, “Tell me.” Points to the “E” on Evan’s paper on the paper with his artwork. Points to the “cat,” and says, her home language and asks Asks teacher, in either English or the and communicates to the teacher, Pretend writes a menu with “Cat,” when the teacher is read- teacher to read it to her. home language, to write “flower” on the “Elana.” (Elana is the child’s name.) some recognizable letters. ing a book about animals. Takes a bag from the dramatic play easel she just completed. After Communicates, “Teacher, mira, mira, Points out some letters Identifies several words in the class- teacher writes, “flower,” points to the una ‘O’!” (Teacher, look, look, an from poster on the wall. area with a logo from a local market words and communicates, “flower,” in room, such as, “block,” “door,” “trucks,” and communicates in her home lan- either the home language or English. ‘O’!”) while tracing sand letters. Identifies own name on class roster. “books,” “art,” during clean-up time. guage, “Me and Mommy go there.” Points to the title line of the English book, Says to a peer, “Four letters,” while Points to “A” in a word on a page Points to own name and names The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and com- to own name on a class roster then, “Three while looking at a book and says all the letters correctly one by one, municates to the teacher, in English or letters,” while pointing to that peer’s name. “‘A!’ I have ‘A’ in my name.” and then points to friend’s name and does the same, while standing the home language, “hungry caterpillar.” Points to own name and a peer’s May say the words in a different order name and says, “I have a ‘B.’ You have at the coat hooks where each hook than they appear in the book title. a ‘B.’ You have a ‘R.’ I don’t have a ‘R.’” is labeled with a child’s name.

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