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Where to catch your bus in the Bus Station General notes Further information Bath City Centre BT callers charged 10p Bath’s Bus Station has been rebuilt alongside per minute plus 6p set-up

fee per call. Bath Spa railway station to create a modern 0871 200 2233 Entrance Entrance Entrance Mobile and other integrated transport interchange. This work www.traveline.info providers’ charges vary forms part of the £360 million SouthGate development to transform the southern part of For fares and lost property enquiries, please contact the relevant bus operator: Travel Bath City Centre. For more information, please Shop visit www.southgatebath.com First 0845 606 4446 www.firstgroup.com AD Rains 01666 510874 www.adrainscoaches.com For general information on facilities and Abus 0117 971 0251 www.abus.co.uk services in Bath, please see Bath & North East www.visitbath.co.uk Council 01225 313411 www.bathnes.gov.uk

Entrance Bath Bus Company 01225 330444 www.bathbuscompany.com BathRider is a multi-operator bus ticket that Beeline 01985 213503 www.beelinecoaches.co.uk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 enables you to travel on most local bus services in the Bath urban area. You can buy Bugler Coaches 01225 444422 www.buglercoaches.co.uk tickets valid for one day or a whole week at CT Coaches 01761 431643 www.coachhirebath.com both adult and child rates from Bath Bus Coachstyle 01249 782224 Station, Bath Tourist Information Centre in Faresaver 01249 444444 www.faresaver.co.uk Toilets Abbey Churchyard or Bath Tourism Centre on Hatts 01249 740444 www.hattstravel.co.uk Platform 1 of Bath Spa railway station. Libra Travel 01373 812255 www.libratravelltd.com For more information, please see separate North Somerset 01275 859123 www.northsomerset Service Destination Bay Service Destination Bay Service Destination Bay leaflet. Coaches coaches.co.uk 1 Combe Down 15 178 Bristol via Radstock 7 620 Old Sodbury 3 Shaftesbury Bus Stop Map Information in this leaflet is correct at & District 01747 854359 www.sdbuses.co.uk 1 Upper Weston 10 179 Midsomer Norton 10 700 Sion Hill 3 24th March 2013. Somerbus 01761 415456 www.somerbus.co.uk 4 5 184 Frome via Radstock 8 716 Newbridge 3 Wessex 0117 986 9953 www.wessexbus.com www.bathnes.gov.uk 5 Whiteway 16 191 Weston-super-Mare 3 734 Bathwick 3 This leaflet about Bath City Centre Bus Stops can 6 Fairfield Park & Larkhall 9 228 Colerne 3 752 Hinton Blewett 3 be made available in a range of community 7 Larkhall & Fairfield Park 9 231, 232 Chippenham 6 757 Peasedown St John 3 languages, large print, Braille, on tape, electronic For comments and suggestions please telephone and accessible formats from the Public Transport Bath & North East Somerset Council, 10 Southdown 13 264, 265 Warminster for 5 768 Clutton 3 Team on 01225 477615. Council Connect 01225 394041 X39 Bristol via Saltford 11 14 Odd Down 14 267 Frome 8 Email: [email protected] 14 R.U.H & Weston 4 271, 272 Melksham 8 National Express Coaches 1, 2 76, 76A Malmesbury/Stanton St Quintin 3 319 Cribbs Causeway 7 Buses operating from the Bus Station normally use the bays shown in this list. However, it may be necessary to The information in this publication is correct at time of 79 Chippenham via Marshfield 3 332 Bristol via Bitton 10 printing. Bus operators may alter their services at short notice move services to other bays to ensure punctual Prepared by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Public Transport Team and and Bath & North East Somerset Council cannot accept 94 Trowbridge via Freshford 3 338 Bristol via Keynsahm 12 operation. Please listen for announcements. published by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Print Services, Dartmouth Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath BA2 1AS responsibility for any inaccuracies nor is it responsible for any Issue 11 173 Wells 7 339 Bristol via Keynsham 12 DP 4131 03/13 SC loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result. March 2013 4131 City Centre Mar 2013:Layout 1 21/03/2013 16:39 Page 2

Bus Stop Key Bath City Centre Where to catch your bus in Bath Where to catch your bus in Bath Stop code Street Grid ref. A B C Service Destination Operator Stops Service Destination Operator Stops Aa Alfred Street (B3) 1 Combe Down First Gc, Wf, Wy, BS 228 Colerne Faresaver BS, Sd Ab Alfred Street (B3) Be Manvers Street (C1) 1 Upper Weston First BS, We, Wb, Gd 231, 232 Chippenham First BS, Cg Bf Manvers Street (C1) 2 Kingsway First Ab, Sc, Ci, Bl 264, 265 Warminster for Salisbury First BS, Cc Bg Manvers Street (C1) Bj Dorchester Street (B1) 2 Ensleigh First Wq, Bg, Cg, Sd, Aa 267 Frome First BS Bk Dorchester Street (B1) 267 Frome Faresaver Bk Bl Dorchester Street (B1) 4 Riverside First Ci, Bl, We, Ge Bn Dorchester Street (B1) 3 4 Bathampton First Gf, Wf, Wy, BS, Cc 271, 272 Melksham First BS, Sd Bp Dorchester Street (B1) 319 Cribbs Causeway First BS, Wc, Gd Bq Dorchester Street (C1) 5 Whiteway First BS, Wm, Ge BS Bus Station (B1/C1) 5 Whiteway Wessex Ci, Bk, Wm, Ge 332 Bristol via Bitton First BS, Wc, Gd Ca Terrace Walk (C2) 338 Bristol via Keynsham First BS, Wc, Gd Cc High Street (B2) 6 Fairfield Park & Larkhall First BS, Bg, Cc, Sd, Aa Cd North Parade Road (C2) 7 Larkhall & Fairfield Park First BS, Bg, Cc, Sd, Sf 339 Bristol via Keynsham First BS, Wc, Gd Ce High Street (B2) 620 Old Sodbury Wessex BS, Cg, Sd, Aa Cf High Street (B2) 9 Ralph Allen School Bugler Coaches Bk 700 Sion Hill CT Coaches BS, Cg, Sd, Aa Cg High Street (B2) 10 Southdown First BS, Wm, Ge Ci Grand Parade (C2) 716 Newbridge CT Coaches BS, Cg, Sd, Sa Cl Grand Parade (C2) Pulteney Bridge 12 Whiteway Bugler Coaches/First Wp 734 Bathwick CT Coaches BS, Cc Cm Grand Parade (C2) 13 First Bp, Cg, Sd, Sf Ga Green Park Road (A2) 752 Hinton Blewett Bath & NE Somerset Cl, BS, Ga Gb Green Park Road (A2) 13 Foxhill First Se, Ci, Bl 757 Peasedown St John Somerbus Cl, BS Gc James Street West (A2) 14 RUH & Weston First BS, We, Wb, Gd Gd Monmouth Place (A2) 768 Clutton CT Coaches Cl, BS Ge James Street West (A2) 2 14 Odd Down First Gc, Wf, Wy, BS A4 Bristol Airport Bath Bus Company Bq,Wl, Wm, Wc, Gd Gf Midland Bridge Road (A2) 15 Bath Spa University First Ci, Bk, Ww, Wm, Ge Sa Queen Square (B3) U18 University of Bath Wessex Wt, Bn, Cf 18 Oldfield Park First Cd, Bk, Ww, Wm, Ge Sb Queen Square (A3) U18 Oldfield Park Wessex Cd, Bk, Ww, Ga Sc Milsom Street (B3) 18 University of Bath First Gb, Wt, Bn, Cf Sd Broad Street (B3) X31 Chippenham Faresaver Bp, Cg, Sf Se Walcot Street (B3) 20A Circular via Weston Wessex Wq, Bg, Cg, Sd, Aa X39 Bristol via Saltford First BS, Wc, Gd Sf Walcot Street (B3) 20C Circular via Widcombe Wessex Ab, Sc, Ci, Bk Sg Milsom Street (B3) X72 Devizes Faresaver Bp, Cg, Sf Wa Westgate Buildings (B2) 64 Hilperton Hatts Cc X76 Marlborough AD Rains Sb, Sc, Cl, Sd, Sf Wb Westgate Buildings (B2) 76, 76A Malmesbury/Stanton St Quintin Coachstyle BS, Cc, Sd, Sf Wc Westgate Buildings (B2) X80 Frome for Shaftesbury Shaftesbury & District Ci Wd Westgate Buildings (B2) 79 Chippenham via Marshfield Faresaver BS, Cg, Sd* X86 Broughton Gifford Faresaver Cl We St James’s Parade (B1) Wf James Street West (A2) 86 Semington Beeline Cl X88 Chitterne Hatts Cl Wh St James’s Parade (B1) 94 Trowbridge via Freshford Libra Travel BS, Cc City Tour Bath Bus Company Ce, Cm, Be, Wx, Wl Avon Street (B1) Wl, Wa, Sa, Sc Wm Avon Street (B2) 1 173 Wells First BS Wn Ambury (B1) 175 Peasedown St John Somerbus Bk Skyline Tour Bath Bus Company Bf, Ca, Cd Wp Ambury (B1) National Express Coaches BS Wq Ambury (B1) 178 Bristol via Radstock First/Wessex BS 21 Newbridge Park & Ride First Wd, Gd Wr Ambury (B1) 179 Midsomer Norton First BS Wt Corn Street (B1) 31 Lansdown Park & Ride First Sg, Aa Ww Green Park Road (B1) 184 Frome via Radstock First BS 41 Odd Down Park & Ride First Wh Wx Green Park Road (B1) 191 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset Coaches BS Wy St James’s Parade (B1) * not all journeys – please check timetable