» » MOBIUS 2.0 POV VR 360 » Extended Radiant Images’ Mobius 2.0 mounts » VUZE directly onto an actor’s or user’s head Human Eyes’ Vuze is a VR camera like a helmet, providing 360-degree, that can fit into your back pocket. Reality 180-degree and POV shooting in Available in two models—the original stereo or monoscopic images. The Vuze and newer Vuze+—it records VR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SHAPES lightweight housing is completely VIRTUAL STORYTELLING footage using eight Sony FHD sensors modular and adjustable to fit different equally spaced to capture stereoscopic BY DARON JAMES head sizes. The rig was designed for 3D 360-degree videos and photos onto the Panasonic GH5, Sony Alpha series microSD cards. Video is compressed Extended reality (XR) is a and GoPro Hero; up to 10 cameras in H.264 with four audio recordings in visual medium that can be placed around the head to AAC. ISO ranges from 100-1600, with should no lon- capture images from all sides. the Vuze+ offering a bump in optic ger be looked Mobius 2.0 also provides quality and the ability to broadcast a at as a fad but rather a alternative perspectives live stream in 360-degree 3D. mainstay set of tools that of the performer can connect audiences for the post- “VR gives an opportunity to production IN PRACTICE: National astronauts filmed the In- in ways no tradition- stitching provide our viewers with content Geographic’s One Strange ternational Space Station al cinema camera process. Rock from filmmaker Dar- and recorded the famous can. Directors and they wouldn’t normally see and ren Aronofsky took Vuze Cupola view of Earth for DPs are using aug- allows us to build on our story.” to the outer limits where the exploratory series. mented reality (AR), —, director of extended mixed reality (MR) content for The Walking Dead and virtual reality (VR) to reimagine new and immersive experiences in » JAUNT ONE creative story- Jaunt ONE is a stereoscopic cinema camera telling. The tech- that features 24 camera modules capable of nology behind capturing 8K images up to 120 fps. The system these demand- sports global shutter, 10 stops of dynamic range, ing work- auto or manual exposure adjustments on each flows module, and remote control or live monitoring includes options—all on lenses that provide 130-degree state-of- FOV at a fixed f/2.9 aperture. One button the-art start/stop recording captures the 360-degree cameras, coverage while supporting audio through rigs, head- ambisonic field recordings or in post using Dolby sets and software Atmos (surround-sound technology). tools that can build complete IN PRACTICE: Many films Nicotero. “The VR content we environments. and TV shows have employed created for the premiere of Here are some of the camera, including Invisible season eight combined the IN PRACTICE: Early na in order to put viewers from director Doug Liman. 360-degree experience with those being used in adopters include director directly in scenes from the It’s been used on AMC’s The multiple camera setups. We production today: Guy Norris for the Suicide movie. Since the success Walking Dead on several haven’t done that before. VR Squad: 360 VR Experience, of the Suicide Squad ex- occasions, offering fans ex- gives us an opportunity to for which the Mobius 2.0 perience, Warner Bros. has tended content with director provide our viewers with con- was placed on stunt actors continued its VR venture Greg Nicotero at the helm. tent they wouldn’t normally for the characters Harley with IT and Justice League “The technology has grown a see and allows us to build on Quinn, Deadshot and Kata- campaigns. lot in just the last year,” says our story.”