The “Theory of ONE” explains the origin, creation and development of the (s). It is developed as an extension to and an integration of two prevalent

(1) Materialistic

(2) Spiritual cosmology

(1)The Materialistic cosmology arises by assuming that the Universe emerged from zero… the nothingness of a limitless quantum vacuum. The operative in this cosmology is the uncertainty principle. It is the cosmology of complete randomness.

A way to explain the highly improbable conditions that allow for our on earth is to assume a chaotic where there are an infinite number of other “”. These universes can be to arise, as did our universe, from random fluctuations permitted by an uncertainty principle in a zero energy field of a limitless quantum vacuum. This approach requires a leap of faith in that quantum , as it is defined from observation in our universe, is applicable to a virtual world existing eternally. It is an interesting theory and may provide an alternative to a faith in the existence of a creator. In this chaotic multiverse, everything that can possibly exist does exist in the of universes. Applying this theory the existence of sentient life in our requires a of highly improbable "finely tuned" conditions, and is just a random . We are here as a consequence of the fact that in a sea of infinite

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possibilities… an event with a probability approaching the miraculous zero… does have a finite possibility of happening. This is what is sometimes referred to as the "strong ". (anthropos: ""). A multiverse where everything that can exist does exist and the zero energy field exists simply because it can exist… an absurd, chaotic meaningful multiverse! It is a multiverse where imagination is everything and the artist or mathematician can take assurance in knowing that anything imaginable is certain to exist somewhere in the multiverse. However remember that the of an infinity of universes rising from the zero energy field as a result of random quantum fluctuations is highly speculative and is not based on scientific observation.

(2) The Spiritual cosmology speculates that the Universe is the result of an act of creation. It is fundamentally dualistic in its outlook and the purpose of creation is considered to be a mystery … beyond human awareness. This cosmology attempt to explain the relationship of to an omniscient, omnipresent who personally wills everything that happens.

This cosmology starts with the premise that our universe was an act of creation by “YOU”… a perfect, complete and omniscient being who is the observer of all that happens in the material world. The role of observer is very important to us. Our own of the material world flows from the that we were created by “YOU” … It is natural that we are fascinated with and treasure the delight that we have been created by “YOU”.

However this focus and belief in the of our own knowledge results in a duality…a disunity… a division… within us that results from

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our inability to prove the completeness of “YOU”… Our knowledge of “YOU” is constructed through and from a collection of human and “feelings”. There is no consensus within us humans about the of “YOU” as our creator or the purpose of our existence. We turn to fallible "religious authorities" who we believe to have somehow been able to understand the fundamental duality between us and “YOU” (creator and creation)… and then proceed to have them define it for us.

The “Theory of ONE”

This cosmology begins with the assertions that our universe began with an act of creation, that “YOU”… the creator has a purpose, and that that purpose is reflected in the of the created universe. The physical aspects of the cosmology must reflect the fact that everything you see around you -- the mountain ranges, clouds, ocean, forests, the buildings, the computer in front of you, the food that you eat, the air that you breathe, all the molecules in your body -- everything began as one thing. Some modern cosmologists call this one thing the -- some of the ancients called it simply the cosmic egg. That oneness and the creative principle that drove the inflationary epoch of the universe and “fine tuned” the conditions that produced the universe as we see it is still present in everything that now exists -- including us. This oneness of everything is beginning to assert itself in the observations of … field that tell us that one particle is in principle effected by all the other in the universe… that local inertial mass is affected by all the other masses in the universe; experiments in quantum entanglement that show that particles that appear to us to be separate actually behave as if they

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are one thing. Future advancements of the physical aspects of this cosmology reflect the unity of all things ever more clearly. This will include the unification of Quantum Physics and that will explain the physics of the early inflationary epoch.

“YOU”…the creative principle that “fine tuned” the initial conditions of the inflationary epoch is present as the universe continues to expand. Life and LOVE continues to evolve in everything that exists. It is this principle that is the of all scientific and metaphysical study. It is what Einstein refers to as the " of ". The study of “YOU”…the creative principle… proceeds to LOVE LOVING TO LOVE. “YOU” are “LOVE” and the LOVE creates ever greater LOVE.

The “Theory of ONE”. Is an extension of The Spiritual cosmology I’ts outlook… instead of duality…is one of unity.

We are all a small part of ”YOU”

The purpose of our creation is to love ‘YOU” and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our connection is through our and it is open to all of us. We are all a small part of “YOU” and with “YOUR” GRACE are responsible for what happens in the universe. It is up to us to use the “YOU” in all of us to expand love and life in the material world including that of any human refusing to accept “YOU” and act from their animal natures alone.

The “Theory of ONE”. does not deny the Materialistic cosmology… it completes it. It is one of unity and equality where each of us has a and can choose to connect with “YOU” and consciously participate in the great work of evolution to bring forth greater love and understanding in the universe.

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When one observe the world as it exists on earth one can find great delight but one can also find unspeakable horror. All of this horror comes from the duality and division within our human community. Collections of humans are struggling to protect and defend the certainty of their vision without any way to prove the truth of it. In this struggle humans who speak… look… or think differently from their own are branded as heretics, infidels, inferior races, or dangerous dissidents and are murdered, raped or imprisoned without hesitation. It is sad but also hopeful to realize that duality gives rise to all this horror not because it's wrong but because it's incomplete. A complete cosmology that reflects the nature of “YOU” must include Us as a small part of “YOU”… Then the incomplete image becomes a complete truth of which we are all a part.

Our Purpose In Life Our purpose is to use the “Divine Spark” of “YOU” within us to increase the love and perfection in “YOUR” creation. This could be called the ultimate anthropic (human) principle except there is no to restrict it to human beings… It applies to all self-aware beings throughout the universe. The “Divine Spark” that sustains our existence as biological beings manifests itself in great and wondrous diversity. However the awareness that drives us is that…

We are all small part of “YOU”

We are each a small part of “YOU”, and we contain “YOU” within us.

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