Patricia A. Suchy and Vince LiCata, Persistence of Vision: , premiered March, 2017

Patricia A. Suchy and Vince LiCata, Science, excerpted from Persistence of Vision: Antarctica, 6:29 min

Historic photograph: , Ponting on the penguinry, Royds, 1911 Contemporary video: David Ainley posed and working in the same location, in the same , among the Adélie he has studied for several decades.

Frank Debenham, Peculiar arrangement of amygdules in volcanic rock, 1912 Contemporary video: Rosa Affleck, US Army research civil engineer, examines a rock on the shore of McMurdo Sound.

Herbert Ponting, The return of the Western Geological Party, 1912 Contemporary video: Stream Team researchers from the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) project standing on a ridge in the McMurdo Dry Valleys with a LIDAR survey instrument.

Herbert Ponting, Dr. Wilson at the sunshine recorder, 1911 Contemporary video: Krzysztof Krzton, technician from the Australian Bureau of , checks equipment measuring solar radiation on the edge of the Ross Shelf as part of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program

Herbert Ponting, making a plane table survey, 1911 Contemporary video: Zach Sudman of the LTER Stream Team surveys current stream levels in the McMurdo Dry Valleys

Patricia A. Suchy and Vince LiCata, Provisioning, excerpted from Persistence of Vision: Antarctica, 7:33 min

Herbert Ponting, The Cook [Thomas Clissold] making pies, 1912 Contemporary video: Jake Cerese, Lead Baker, in the kitchen of McMurdo’s Building 155 mess hall.

Herbert Ponting, Petty Officer Evans and [Tom] Crean mending sleeping bags, 1911. Contemporary video: Bija Sass and Sparky, field coordinators, mending sleeping bags in the Berg Field Center, McMurdo Station.

Historical : Herbert Ponting, unloading cargo at , 1911, from , 1924 Contemporary video: Unloading and taking on cargo from the Giant at the at McMurdo Station.

Herbert Ponting, Lieutenant [Henry "Birdie"] Bowers, 1911 Contemporary video: Joseph Singleton, Senior Food Materials Staff, with “Food Monkeys,” athletic young women who scramble up the tall narrow shelves to retrieve supplies in food warehouse at McMurdo Station.

Herbert Ponting, The sailing thro' the Pack, 1910 Contemporary video: Gary Cardullo, USAP Airfield Manager, and Katy Jensen, USAP Contractor, observe a C-130 airplane landing at on the Ross .

Patricia A. Suchy and Vince LiCata, Pole, excerpted from Persistence of Vision: Antarctica, 5:27 min

Olav Bjaaland, , , , and at , 1911

Herbert Ponting, from a negative taken by Henry Bowers, [, , , and ] At the pole, 1912 Contemporary video: Researchers and staff at Amundsen-Scott Pole Station re-enact the two historic images. The re- enactors include researchers at the IceCube Neutrino Laboratory, the project, and the CosRay cosmic ray observatory, as well as US Program support staff including firemen, fuel technicians, cooks, and others who keep the South Pole Station running.

Additional credits: Sound Design: Hal Lambert Pole videography and audio interview support: Jim Madsen Assistant editors: Josh Hamzehee, Georgia Hansen, John Shaw, Michaela Todaro, Gabrielle Vigueira