2018 ANNUAL REPORT ART & EDUCATION W. Russell G. Byers Jr. BOARD OF TRUSTEES COMMITTEE Buffy Cafritz (as of September 30, 2018) Frederick W. Beinecke Calvin Cafritz Chairman Leo A. Daly III Earl A. Powell III Gregory W. Fazakerley Mitchell P. Rales Juliet C. Folger Sharon P. Rockefeller Marina Kellen French David M. Rubenstein Norma Lee Funger Andrew M. Saul Whitney Ganz Sarah M. Gewirz FINANCE COMMITTEE Lenore Greenberg Mitchell P. Rales Andrew S. Gundlach Chairman Jane M. Hamilton Steven T. Mnuchin Secretary of the Treasury Richard C. Hedreen Teresa Heinz Frederick W. Beinecke Sharon P. Rockefeller Frederick W. Beinecke Sharon P. Rockefeller Helen Lee Henderson Chairman President David M. Rubenstein Betsy K. Karel Andrew M. Saul Kasper Linda H. Kaufman Kyle J. Krause AUDIT COMMITTEE David W. Laughlin Andrew M. Saul Chairman Reid V. MacDonald Frederick W. Beinecke Nancy Marks Mitchell P. Rales Jacqueline B. Mars Sharon P. Rockefeller Constance J. Milstein David M. Rubenstein Scott Nathan Mitchell P. Rales David M. Rubenstein John G. Pappajohn Sally Engelhard Pingree TRUSTEES EMERITI William A. Prezant Julian Ganz, Jr. C. Prince Alexander M. Laughlin Hilary Geary Ross David O. Maxwell Roger W. Sant P. Sant † Thomas A. Saunders III John Wilmerding Fern M. Schad Leonard L. Silverstein † EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Albert H. Small Frederick W. Beinecke Michelle Smith President Andrew M. Saul John G. Roberts Jr. Benjamin F. Stapleton III Chief Justice of the Earl A. Powell III Director Stephen G. Stein Franklin Kelly Luther M. Stovall Deputy Director and Alexa Davidson Suskin Chief Curator Diana Walker Darrell R. Willson William L Walton Administrator Walter L. Weisman William W. McClure Treasurer John R. West Nancy Robinson Breuer Dian Woodner Secretary and General Counsel Elizabeth Cropper Dean, Center for Advanced Study HONORARY TRUSTEES’ in the COUNCIL Michael R. Pompeo Steven T. Mnuchin (as of September 30, 2018) Secretary of State Secretary of the Treasury Edwin L. Cox TRUSTEES’ COUNCIL (as of September 30, 2018) Doris Fisher Benjamin R. Jacobs Julian Ganz, Jr. Jo Carole Lauder Alexander M. Laughlin Cochairs David O. Maxwell Adrienne Arsht Victoria P. Sant † Max N. Berry John Wilmerding Debra Black

† Deceased

David J. Skorton Secretary of the


DIRECTOR, 1992–2019

In 1992, a veteran returned to the . Having Rusty is in a class by himself. During his tenure, more than 126 million served his country for fourteen years of active and reserve duty in visitors enjoyed the Gallery’s outstanding permanent collection and the United States Navy, Earl A. Powell III was a veteran in the truest hundreds of special exhibitions. The endowment more than quadrupled, sense of the word. Four years spent serving under former National while the federal appropriation grew by 319 percent. He and the board Gallery Director J. Carter Brown earned Rusty, as he is known to all, successfully matched a landmark challenge grant from The Andrew W. the distinction as a veteran of the National Gallery. His skills as a Mellon Foundation on the occasion of the Gallery’s 75th anniversary. He veteran museum director were honed during his twelve-year tenure as diligently worked with Congress to secure funds to renew the Gallery’s director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Now this veteran entire physical plant. Through his quiet determination, Rusty perfected returned home to serve his nation again. During his twenty-six-year what many recognize as the nation’s most successful public-private part- tenure he would become the longest-serving director in the Gallery’s nership. For this, and for so much more, we wish him winds and seventy-seven year history. By any measure of a gallery director, following seas.

2 GARDEN EXHIBITIONS Rusty guided the Sculpture Garden from conception and funding to During Rusty’s tenure, the Gallery presented more than 250 special and dedication, with large-scale modern installed exhibitions, ranging from small and scholarly to hugely popular, such in settings. Since the Sculpture Garden opened in 1999, the as the 1995 blockbuster Vermeer exhibition. In 2012, the Gallery Gallery has welcomed more than twenty-two million visitors. Today hosted an exquisite exhibition, Colorful Realm: Japanese Bird-and- it is home to more than twenty awe-inspiring works of art, advancing Flower by Ito Jakuchu (1716–1800), which featured thirty the Gallery’s mission to make art accessible to the public. meticulously painted silk scrolls on loan from the Japanese Imperial Household. This show marked only the second time since 1889 that these treasures had been shown together in public.

MASTER FACILITIES PLAN THE PERMANENT COLLECTION Rusty’s leadership resulted in the Master Facilities Plan (MFP) to address Rusty shepherded continued growth of the Gallery’s collection the structural integrity and system performance of both the East and with the addition of beautiful and important acquisitions. Among West . He convinced Congress to invest in long-term construc- his first was ’s Fortress of Königstein, followed tion projects to address a myriad of issues all designed to ensure the a few years later by one of his favorite works, ’s continued protection of the collection, improve the display of the art, Home, Sweet Home. For twenty-six years, Rusty would oversee and enhance the visitor’s experience. Based on the trust Rusty engen- the acquisition of more than 60,000 works, including master- dered with Congress, the MFP continues to this day. pieces such as The Jolly Flatboatmen by in 2015, of a Woman (Fernande) by in 2002, and The Concert by Gerrit van Honthorst in 2013.

EAST VENEER AND RENOVATION THE CORCORAN COLLECTION Coupling federal funds with $30 million raised in private funds, Rusty and The accession of eight thousand Corcoran Collection works his team expanded the East Building gallery space by 12,250 square feet, represents the largest expansion of the permanent collection, allowing for the display of hundreds more works of art. These interior increasing the strength of the nineteenth-century America collec- improvements followed a massive project to rehabilitate the stone veneer tion. Installed alongside related works in the Gallery’s collection, on the exterior of the building. Rusty secured $82 million in federal funds Corcoran works such as Albert Bierstadt’s The Last of the over two years to remove, catalog, clean, repair, and reinstall more than , ’s Off the Range (Coming Through 17,000 stone panels. Typical of Rusty’s practice, the projects were com- the Rye), and ’s Niagara have made the pleted ahead of schedule and on budget. Gallery’s American collection one of the finest in the country.


Early in this fiscal year, Earl A. Powell III announced plans for his We mourn the loss of several friends of the Gallery, including retirement from the National Gallery of Art. As Rusty’s long tenure former Trustees’ Council members Barney A. Ebsworth and Leonard as director draws to a close, we honor his legacy of distinguished Silverstein. Barney, a Collectors Committee member since 1992, was leadership. For more than a quarter century, he has led the Gallery a renowned art collector and art donor who gifted to the Gallery with a keen sense of purpose and established a secure footing for the several important early works of American . Leonard was future. We are grateful for his superb stewardship and thank him for an ardent advocate for and culture and a dedicated patron his decades of dedicated service. of the arts. He funded many special exhibitions and, most recently, a Just as Rusty and his predecessors have, the new director will continue generous endowment for art conservation. We were also saddened to develop and strengthen the public-private partnership that sustains by the loss of Frederick H. Prince this year. He and his wife, Trustees’ this singular institution. This unique engagement between the federal Council member Diana Prince, are longtime supporters of education, government and the private sector, with private citizens providing exhibitions, and art acquisition at the Gallery. We mourn the passing support for acquisitions and key programs and Congress funding the of two other former Trustees’ Council members, Robert L. Kirk and daily operations of the museum, has enabled the Gallery to thrive Eugene V. Thaw. Gene and Clare Thaw generously donated art from in service to the citizens of the United States. The trustees and staff their own collection and supported exhibitions of works on paper. join me in expressing our sincere gratitude to the President and to the With sadness, we mark the passing of Victoria P. Sant, a treasured Congress for their generous, sustaining support of the Gallery. member of the Gallery family. She was elected a trustee in 2000 and I am thrilled to report that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s $30 served for fifteen years, skillfully and graciously leading the Board of million endowment challenge grant given in honor of the Gallery’s Trustees as its and then president. Vicki demonstrated a unique 75th anniversary has been completed ahead of schedule through the generosity of spirit, from her initial involvement as a docent in the extraordinary generosity of our loyal friends and patrons. In 2016, 1980s to the many gifts of art and funds that she and her husband, the Gallery pledged to raise $45 million in new endowment funds by Roger W. Sant, contributed to the Gallery over the three decades, March 2021 to match the Mellon Foundation’s grant endowing core including their leadership gifts for the renovation and expansion of the programming. More than two hundred donors, both longtime Gallery East Building and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s challenge grant patrons and new supporters, have made commitments surpassing our as well as the acquisition of Roxy Paine’s Graft and ’s $45 million matching obligation, creating new endowment funding to bronze sculpture Figure décorative. Together with Roger, Vicki cre- secure our vital programs in education and outreach, digital initiatives, ated a remarkable legacy. conservation science, scholarly research, and other Gallery priorities. We remember fondly all of these dear friends of the Gallery and We appreciate all who have generously given to meet this chal- celebrate their many significant contributions to the nation’s museum. lenge. Leadership gifts and commitments were made in this fiscal year In this fiscal year, The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund generously by the A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation, Leonard and Elaine made possible the acquisition of two superlative works that further Silverstein, The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation, Jo Carole strengthen our collection of seventeenth-century Dutch paintings: the and Ronald S. Lauder, Leonard A. Lauder, Jacqueline B. Mars, and radiant An English Warship Firing a Salute by Willem van de Velde Denise and Andrew Saul. The trustees and staff express deep grat- the Younger, and the exquisite Still Life with Flowers Surrounded by itude to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and to all the donors Insects and a Snail by Clara Peeters. The latter is the first work by who, in the spirit of patriotic philanthropy, have pledged to meet this one of the most significant female painters of the era to enter the Mellon challenge grant. collection. The trustees join me in expressing our appreciation and The Trustees’ Council serves the Gallery as a national advisory body deepest gratitude to Julie and Lee Folger for their sustained dedication to the Board of Trustees. It is jointly chaired by Benjamin R. Jacobs to enhancing the nation’s collection of Dutch paintings. and Jo Carole Lauder to whom we are deeply grateful for lending This year, the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation continued its their and experience to the Council. In this fiscal year we were support of the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts and the pleased to welcome returning Trustees’ Council members Gregory Robert H. Smith research conservator and curatorial positions, among W. Fazakerley, Norma Lee Funger, Teresa Heinz, Betsy K. Karel, Linda other priorities. We are thankful to the Smith family for their ongoing H. Kaufman, and Diana Walker, as well as four new members, Debra generosity, which fortifies critical areas of the Gallery’s mission for the Black, Nancy Marks, Scott Nathan, and Stephen G. Stein. My fellow benefit of future generations. trustees and I thank each member of the Trustees’ Council for their Indeed, we remain ever mindful of our charge to care for and participation, support, and guidance. exhibit the work of great artists for a broad and diverse audience.


The generosity of foundations, corporations, and individuals enables ’s Ground Rules (black line) and works from Dawoud Bey’s special exhibitions at the Gallery to continue to delight and educate The Birmingham Project series. The Circle helps the Gallery with visitors from across the country and around the globe. The trustees annual contributions of unrestricted funds. We are grateful to the and I express our sincere appreciation to the Anna-Maria and Stephen more than one thousand members nationwide who support this Kellen Foundation for its extraordinary generosity in underwriting the institution and its programs. We were pleased to welcome long- noteworthy and thought-provoking exhibition Cézanne Portraits. We time member Betsy Scott Kleeblatt as chair of the Circle and extend are grateful as well to Clarice and Michelle Smith and the Robert H. our sincere thanks to her for accepting this leadership position. We Smith Family Foundation and to Robert and Arlene Kogod for their launched a new National Membership this fiscal year, which aims generous support of the groundbreaking exhibition Outliers and to expand the Gallery’s engaged community by offering entry-level American Vanguard Art. Another outstanding exhibition this fiscal memberships. The Board of Trustees is sincerely grateful for the year, Vermeer and the Masters of Genre : and generosity of all our members at every level. Rivalry was sponsored by the Hata Foundation, BP America, and Dr. We also express our gratitude to members of the Legacy Circle, who Mihael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos, to whom we are so grateful. have included the Gallery in their estate plans. This year a number of We are deeply appreciative of the support provided by The Edwin L. individuals chose to make a planned gift to help secure the future of Cox Exhibition Fund and Leonard and Elaine Silverstein for the stun- the Gallery. The trustees and I express our heartfelt appreciation for ning exhibition Corot: Women. The Board of Trustees is thrilled that these generous future gifts. Betsy Karel and the Trellis Fund have generously provided funds to Every day, the dedicated staff of the Gallery upholds the museum’s continue supporting photography exhibitions at the Gallery. This year, cherished mission to serve the nation by preserving, collecting, exhib- Betsy and the Trellis Fund made possible the exhibition Sally Mann: iting, and fostering the understanding of works of art of the highest A Thousand Crossings, also sponsored by Sally Engelhard Pingree and quality. The fulfillment of this mission would not be possible without The Charles Engelhard Foundation. the enduring support of the federal government and the extraordi- Members of the Exhibition Circle and the Tower Project also pro- nary generosity of private citizens. We are profoundly grateful for the vide critical support of special exhibitions at the Gallery. The land- opportunity to fulfill the vision of the founders of this institution, and mark exhibition , the Gallery’s first comprehensive for the leadership of those committed to its success. Thank you Rusty, exhibition of the artist’s work, was generously supported by mem- for your many dedicated years of service. bers of the Exhibition Circle, along with Dr. Mihael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos and by Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman and The Art Foundation. The luminous Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age was also made possible through the support of members of the Exhibition Circle and by a generous grant from the Hata Foundation. We are grateful to the Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation and the Tower Project for generously Frederick W. Beinecke supporting the exhibition In the Tower: . Thanks to the Exhibition Circle and contributions from the Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Charitable Trust, Sharing Images: Prints into and Bronze found an enthusiastic audience while on view and sustained afterwards with its beautiful catalog. We thank Bank of America for its support of the national tour of : The New , Early Work 1940–1950. We note with grateful appreciation that this is Bank of America’s sixth exhibition sponsorship in ten years. We extend sincere thanks to all of the Gallery’s friends for their ongoing commitment to our special exhibitions program. Annual support to the Gallery provides crucial resources for numerous other activities. With its focus on art acquisition, the Collectors Committee made an important contribution to the contem- porary art collection this year by funding the acquisition of Theaster


The National Gallery of Art was conceived and given to the people and William Cafritz Family Sculpture Fund, the larger-than-life Comte of the United States by financier and art collector Andrew W. Mellon, Antoine Boulay de la Meurthe is among the finest portrait busts by based on his belief that the United States should have a world-class David d’ anywhere and the first marble by the sculptor to enter national art museum comparable to those of other nations. This the Gallery’s collection. The naturalistic details and colossal scale of unprecedented gift to the nation was accepted through a 1937 Joint this masterpiece of nineteenth-century French sculpture capture the Resolution of Congress. Today, the Gallery continues to operate expressive force of . through a unique federal and private partnership. We are grateful to Thanks to the generosity of the Richard C. Von Hess Foundation, the President and Congress for the funding that allows us to carry the Nell and Robert Weidenhammer Fund, Barry D. Friedman, and the out the Gallery’s mission: to serve the United States of America in a Friends of Dutch Art, the Gallery purchased Jan van Kessel’s Insects national role by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the and a Sprig of Rosemary. Formerly in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. understanding of works of art, at the highest possible museum and Paul Mellon, the seventeenth-century painting is an especially fine scholarly standards. example of the artist’s work. Since reopening the East Building in 2016 after a three-year ren- Through its impressive exhibition program, the Gallery presents ovation, the Gallery has delighted audiences with renovated and works from its collection as well as those from institutions around expanded gallery spaces. This fiscal year, the Gallery continued to the world. Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures was the first exhibition to plan and design additional East Building renovation projects through unite Jean Honoré Fragonard’s fantasy figures with his recently discov- the Master Facilities Plan. These focused on the atrium skylight and ered , focusing on this aspect of the artist’s production in a building systems renovation in Tower 3, including fire and life safety powerful and intimate way. We were grateful to the public and private improvements and a new back-of- exit staircase. With con- collections, both here and abroad, that generously lent to this exhi- tinued support from Congress, the Gallery entered the final stages bition, as well as to Lionel and Ariane Sauvage whose gift supported of awarding a construction contract, and construction should be the catalog’s publication. complete by early 2021. Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry During the year, the Gallery continued to systematically clean, restore, deeply enriched our understanding of the web of influence among and refinish the permanent collection galleries on the Main of seventeenth-century Dutch artists. The exhibition would not have the West Building. The galleries were reinstalled with a new hanging been possible without the incredible generosity of the lenders, track system that was incorporated into the existing architectural both museums and private collectors, or the support of the Hata details, providing future ease of installation as well as added security Foundation, Dr. Mihael and Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos, the Exhibition for the works of art. A Ground Floor gift shop was converted into Circle of the National Gallery of Art, and BP America. gallery space, allowing the display of additional works of art, including The groundbreaking exhibition Outliers and American Vanguard Art five from the Corcoran Collection. The four niches in the new gallery considered how, and in what terms, self-taught artists have been rep- were glazed with a special paint finish, and, for the first time, the life- resented in the past, and how institutions like the Gallery might size Venus by Antonio Canovais was paired with Dancer with Finger their works today. As the nation’s collection of , we were on Chin by the same sculptor. Neoclassical brackets designed years proud to initiate this discussion of what has been left out of American ago for a Gallery exhibition, and subsequently given to the Corcoran, modernism’s dominant narrative, and why it should be included. were refurbished to accommodate four busts by Hiram Powers. In her compelling photographs, Sally Mann uses the personal to Every work of art in the Gallery’s collection has been privately allude to the universal, considering intimate questions of family, donated or purchased with privately donated funds. This year, the memory, and death while also evoking larger concerns about the Board of Trustees voted to acquire a rare early painting by Morris influence of the South’s past on its present. We were grateful to Louis, two complete bound volumes by Giovanni Francesco Costa, a work closely with the artist in presenting Sally Mann: A Thousand 1928 drawing by , and a handcrafted album by ringl + pit Crossings, featuring a wide selection of the work she has created (Grete Stern and Ellen Auerbach). We were delighted with the acqui- for four decades. With the acquisition of works from the Corcoran sition of these important works and grateful to the generous donors Gallery of Art in 2014, the Gallery is now one of the largest reposito- who strengthen the collection. ries of Mann’s photographs. The Gallery also acquired a major portrait bust by one of the most Cézanne Portraits provided an unrivaled opportunity to reveal the renowned sculptors of the Romantic era, Pierre-Jean David d’Angers. extent and depth of Cézanne’s achievement in portraiture. The part- Purchased with funds from the Patrons’ Permanent Fund and the Buffy nership between the National Gallery of Art, the National Portrait

6 Gallery in , and the Musée d’Orsay in made it possible to see an increase in followers and engagements across our four social explore his working techniques as well as his intellectual solutions to media networks. In total, the Gallery now serves an audience of more representation in these exceptional portraits. than 1.4 million users on Facebook, , Instagram, and Pinterest. To foster an understanding of the works in these exhibitions and The Trustees and staff mourned the loss of an important member the collection, the education division designed numerous initiatives of the Gallery’s family, Victoria P. Sant. Contributions to the Gallery of note. Highlights included the John Wilmerding on by Vicki and her husband, Roger, span more than thirty years, as American Art, which focused on portraiture and featured a conver- they generously supported every major Gallery initiative during that sation among artists Janine Antoni, Byron Kim, and . The time. Vicki served on the Gallery’s Board of Trustees for fifteen years, symposium and a related community celebration were made pos- including ten years as president of the board. Vicki and Roger oversaw sible by a grant from The Walton Family Foundation. Another panel a time of dynamic growth in the Gallery’s collection. They gifted some discussion brought together artists Mark Bradford and with of the Gallery’s most iconic works of art including Roxy Paine’s Graft, noted philanthropists to speak on the importance of art in today’s Leo Villareal’s Multiverse, and Henri Matisse’s Figure décorative. world. In addition, the A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, hosted Vicki’s Gallery family will remember her for her endless enthusiasm, by the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, explored how generosity, and love of the Gallery. the mass deaths of World War II, the Holocaust, and the atomic bomb I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the talented affected artists. staff of the National Gallery of Art, its dedicated Board of Trustees Evenings at the Edge, the popular after-hours program, presented a past and present, the numerous generous donors, our supportive col- vibrant mix of art and . Color’s Garden: An Adventure leagues in the Administration and in Congress, and all of the Gallery’s with the Elements of Art, a specially commissioned , offered audi- many friends. Nancy and I appreciate your support and friendship ences of all ages another opportunity to engage with art. Uncovering over these many years. It has been the honor of a lifetime to have America, a new set of digital teaching resources made possible in part served this institution, which is truly a national treasure. by the Teresa & H. John Heinz III Educational Endowment Fund, was launched on the Gallery’s website. Gallery conservators, scientists, and curators, all leaders in their field, collaborated to treat several notable works throughout the year. Following a four-year-long conservation treatment, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s and Ariadne returned to public view in the West Building. The comprehensive restoration of this remarkable Earl A. Powell III eighteenth-century work revealed significant discoveries about Tiepolo’s process and clues to the painting’s original home. Gallery conservation scientists performed hyperspectral infrared reflectance imaging of Pablo Picasso’s and Child by the Sea, a Blue Period painting in the collection of the Pola Museum of Art, Japan. Their work revealed significant discoveries for Picasso scholars and provided more information about a paint composition. The infrared images also showed another earlier by the artist in the opposite orientation. This year the Gallery established an Executive Digital and Committee (EDTC) to set priorities and provide executive-level deci- sions and oversight for digital and information technology programs. The new governance charter adopted by the EDTC will significantly increase the effectiveness of the Gallery’s oversight and management of digital programs and create a strong, collaborative foundation to achieve the Gallery’s digital ambitions in the future. During fiscal year 2018, the Gallery welcomed more than 4.6 million visitors. The Gallery’s website had 5.4 million visits. We continue to



PAINTINGS ented the genre away from the Italian campagna to the scenery of rural . Corot’s sensitive evocations of natural light inform the Further enhancing the Gallery’s collection of French landscape overall illumination of Pissarro’s painting, the bright sky backlighting paintings is the generous gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller of the composition and sending shimmers across the patchwork of fields. ’s Landscape at Les Pâtis, Pontoise (1868). The work The geometric approach to the topography is inspired by the ground- was painted in Pontoise, about fifteen miles northwest of Paris on breaking work of Courbet, whose depictions of the rocky cliffs and the Oise River where the painter lived with his family in the 1860s. rivers of his native Ornans electrified artists and critics in the 1860s. Pissarro maintained close contact with the art world in Paris, visiting In its broad handling and rich orchestration of greens, Landscape at regularly by train, but preferred to live in the verdant countryside Les Pâtis, Pontoise belongs to a group of large-scale, ambitious land- and rural communities of the Île-de-France. This bold painting shows scapes from the mid-1860s intended for exhibition at the Salon. The the influence of the dominant landscape painters of the day, Jean- painting is the first work representing this crucial moment in Pissarro’s Baptiste-Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet, both of whom reori- career to enter the Gallery’s collection. In addition to deepening the


Camille Pissarro, Landscape at Les Pâtis, Pontoise, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller, in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the National Gallery of Art


Gallery’s holdings of this core impressionist, it serves as a dramatic bridge from the avant-garde landscape work of Courbet and Corot to “the new painters” of the 1870s. The Gallery’s French paintings collection was also strengthened by Claude-Joseph Vernet’s Moonlight (1772), the pendant for Vernet’s The Shipwreck that has been part of the Gallery’s collection since 2000. The commissioned pair remained intact for almost two centuries in New Wardour Castle near Tisbury in , , before they were sold to separate buyers at auction in 1952. The Gallery acquired Moonlight through the Chester Dale Fund and Patrons’ Permanent Fund. At the time he painted these pictures, Vernet was a leading painter of and marines, his reputation firmly established throughout . Drawing on the tradition of ideal codi- fied by painters such as and Nicolas Poussin, Vernet brought to the study of nature an empirical and closely observed approach consistent with his times. He created what seemed to his contemporaries a vivid and convincing impression of nature. The full range of Vernet’s skills as a painter are displayed in Moonlight, from the beautifully drawn, densely modeled figures in the foreground, to the meticulous depiction of the vessels and their rigging, to the var- ious nocturnal light effects. Vernet intended this calm harbor scene as a dramatic counterpoint to its violent pendant, the different effects of nature in the two pictures contrasting and complementing each other. The Dutch and Flemish collection was enhanced by four acquisitions this year: Clara Peeters’s Still Life with Flowers Surrounded by Insects and a Snail (c. 1615/1618) and Willem van de Velde the Younger’s An English Warship Firing a Salute (1673), both acquired thanks to the Willem van de Velde the Younger, An English Warship Firing a Salute, extraordinary generosity of The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund; Jan van The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund Kessel’s Insects and a Sprig of Rosemary (1653), courtesy of funds donated by the Richard C. von Hess Foundation, the Nell and Robert beetles, and several other small insects. Van Kessel’s rendering of the Weidenhammer Fund, Barry D. Friedman, and the Friends of Dutch creatures is so accurate that each individual species is easily identified, Art; and Jan Victors’s The Slaughtered Hog (1653), given in honor of and his composition evokes an animated world as they climb all over Felix and Lise Haas. the sprig, casting delicate shadows on the off-white ground. Clara Peeters is considered one of the most significant female The Slaughtered Hog is one of several paintings featuring butchers painters of the seventeenth century. Active from about 1607 to 1621, and their trade by the Dutch artist Jan Victors. In the center, a vil- she produced sophisticated, yet sensitively rendered pieces lage butcher refreshes himself with a well-earned of beer after of simple foodstuffs, , and flowers. Still Life with Flowers slaughtering a hog while an older man, perhaps the animal’s owner Surrounded by Insects and a Snail pictures a bouquet of loosely or simply a customer, inspects its carcass stretched out on a nearby arranged spring flowers in a small roemer (white wine glass), framed ladder. Meanwhile, two women check the animal’s organs and a child by an assemblage of trompe l’oeil insects and a single snail. Signed plays with the hog’s inflated bladder. In the seventeenth century, rural but not dated, this small work on copper is one of only forty or so life came to be regarded as embodying the solid essence of Dutch paintings by Peeters known today. It is the first painting by a woman society, and the theme of butchered livestock symbolized the hard to enter the Gallery’s Flemish collection. work and virtuous spirit of the population. An English Warship Firing a Salute is one of the first paintings The American paintings collection was significantly enhanced Willem van de Velde the Younger executed in England after emigrating through the gift of twenty-nine paintings from William and Abigail with his father from the in 1672. Signed and dated “W. V Gerdts, including works by a number of artists not previously rep- Velde In Londen 1673,” it depicts a warship bearing the English royal resented in the Gallery’s collection. The gift included a rare painting arms firing a salute in honor of a departing state barge. Aboard the by Henry Inman, Rip Van Winkle Awakening from his Long Sleep, ship, the crew climbs the rigging and tends to the sails. Yet, for all its perhaps the earliest painted representation of Rip Van Winkle, as well activity, the painting is disarmingly serene. Near the ship’s stern two as a number of remarkable still-life paintings. An early oil study for small seabirds glide above the water’s smooth surface. Francis William Edmonds’s The Bashful Cousin, a work already in the Jan van Kessel’s beautifully preserved Insects and a Sprig of Rosemary Gallery’s collection, came as a gift from H. Nichols B. Clark in honor is the third work by this important Flemish artist to enter the collec- of John Wilmerding. Archibald John Motley Jr.’s highly important early tion. Signed and dated, “J. v. kessel. F. Ao. 1653,” it pictures a sprig of work Portrait of My Grandmother (1922) was acquired through the flowering rosemary surrounded by butterflies, a bumblebee, a moth, Patrons’ Permanent Fund, Avalon Fund, and Motley Fund.


A pioneer in the study of American still-life painting and author of Joel Ehrenkranz, is the first painting by this major mid-career artist numerous publications on the subject, William Gerdts was also an to enter the collection, joining a number of prints and ; its astute collector. Long before others began to focus on the subject, rich color, improvisatory brushwork, and hints of figuration represent Professor Gerdts acquired works by a number of women who were her work at its best. Sylvia Sleigh, an artist new to the collection, is a actively exhibiting and selling their still-life paintings during the nine- figure painter known for sensitive yet frank descriptions of both male teenth century. Included in the Gerdts gift are the first paintings by and female nudes. Her Landscape with Figures (1968) Fidelia Bridges and Lilly Martin Spencer to enter the collection. An depicts the artist’s dealer, R. V. Bendrat (who donated the work in exceptional floral painting, Peonies in a , by African American celebration of his 95th birthday), along with his partner standing artist Charles Ethan Porter was also part of the Gerdts’s gift. on a flowered . Stephen Hannock’s Flooded Oxbow with Although the number of works on view in the public galleries is Green Light, for Betty and Agnes Mongan (Mass MoCA #265) (2017) limited, technology provides another avenue for sharing images and weaves text and image into a unique and engaging reflection on information about works that may not be on view. New digital pho- nineteenth-century American landscape painting; it is the second tographs of all the works given by Professor and Mrs. Gerdts, as well painting by the artist in the collection. Another work that addresses as information provided by the donors, will be added to the Gallery’s history by text and image, albeit very differently, is Mary website. Similarly, preliminary studies for major works are often dif- Kelly’s My James (2008) a photo-based by this important fem- ficult to show in the large West Building galleries. On the website, inist and conceptual artist. Made of compressed lint taken from a however, small oil sketches can be seen alongside completed works. clothes dryer, the work honors James Chaney, who was killed by the Thus, the addition of an early study for Edmonds’s The Bashful Cousin, Ku Klux Klan in 1964. when shown on the website, will serve as an instructive example of the creative process. Archibald Motley’s portrait of his grandmother, Emily Motley, was placed on view in a West Building gallery filled with images of women—many from the Corcoran Collection. The women in the “ School” paintings from the Corcoran are often women of privilege shown in beautiful domestic interiors. Emily Motley’s life experience was very different. Born enslaved in 1842, she lived through the Civil War on a sugar plantation in Louisiana. Following the war, she married and, with her husband, journeyed north settling in where she remained for the rest of her life. She was eighty years old when her grandson painted her portrait on canvas cut from a laundry bag “borrowed” from a train on which his father worked as a Pullman porter. Like ’s portrait of Catherine Brass Yates and James McNeill Whistler’s portrait of Joanna Hiffernan (Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl), Motley’s portrait of his grandmother is a remarkable demonstration of the subtleties present within a single color—white. Motley’s portrait of his elderly grandmother significantly enhances the Gallery’s portrait collection and broadens immeasurably the story of American women that can be told in the permanent galleries. The department of acquired a diverse group of paint- ings, from modernist classics to contemporary masterpieces. ’s Glass and Checkerboard (c. 1917), the gift of Dian Woodner from the collection of her late father, Ian Woodner, shows the cubist painter at the height of his powers, reorganizing the still-life objects of the title into a complex of modest size but great impact. Pierre Soulages’s Peinture 326 x 181 cm, 14 mars 2009 is a monu- mental work of four stacked canvases done in the artist’s late , known as outre-noir or ultra-black, in which a surprising degree of luminosity is elicited from the variable working of black paint alone. A gift of the artist and his wife, it complements four other Soulages paintings in the collection from earlier periods of his long career. Morris Louis’s Sub-Marine (1948), purchased as the gift of Howard and Roberta Ahmanson, is a rare early work by this leading Washington Color School painter. It reveals the artist learning the lessons of Joan Miró while starting to develop the flowing lyricism of his mature style already represented in the collection by five of his classic stained Archibald John Motley Jr., Portrait of My Grandmother, canvases. Blue Diagram (2009) by Amy Sillman, a gift of Anne and Patrons’ Permanent Fund, Avalon Fund, and Motley Fund


John Russell Sale and his family. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired the figure of Puck as a mischievous infant fairy, a popular creation of the American expatriate Harriet Goodhue Hosmer. The first marble work by Hosmer to enter the Gallery’s collection, it belongs to a gift of ten sculptures from William and Abigail Gerdts. Six newly acquired sculptures added both and strength to the modern art collection. Theaster Gates’s Ground Rules (black line) (2015) is a monumental wood relief by an artist whose wide-ranging practice is focused on reviving poor neighborhoods in Chicago by repurposing their buildings and materials. In this case, he turned the gymnasium floor of a decommissioned school into an arresting abstraction that speaks to the importance of rules in games and society. Another major contemporary acquisition is ’s (2017–2018) in which the veteran sculptor created a dynamic play of wooden volumes and saturated blue color. A gift of the Alex Katz Foundation, it is the first large-scale work by the artist to enter the collection. Alex Katz himself is represented by Ada (Weathervane) (2016), an outdoor work of colored steel that features a painted sil- houette of the artist’s wife and muse turning in the breeze. Anne Truitt is a sculptor already well represented thanks to a number of recent acquisitions, but the quiet and sober rectangular sentinel Twining Court II (2002), the gift of Mary and John Pappajohn, is the first of her late works to enter the collection. Barbara Hepworth, the important English modernist sculptor, entered the collection for the first time with Sculpture with Color and Strings (1939/1961), an organic abstrac- tion of solids and voids, straight lines and curving planes, given by Richard and Elaine Kaufman. The same donors are also responsible Pierre-Jean David d’Angers, Comte Antoine Boulay de la Meurthe, Patrons’ Permanent Fund and Buffy and William Cafritz Family Sculpture Fund for the gift of two virtuosic and witty wire sculptures by , French Poodle (c. 1952) and Birdsong (Vogelgesang) (c. 1930). SCULPTURES DRAWINGS Sculpture of the Romantic era gained major new significance in the Gallery’s collection with the acquisition of an over-life-size marble Two Italian drawings given by Dian Woodner were outstanding in bust by the French master Pierre-Jean David d’Angers, represented in importance: Head of a Youth Looking Up (c. 1485) by the Sienese the collection by works in plaster and bronze but not marble, acquired painter , and The and Four Other Women through the Patrons’ Permanent Fund and the Buffy and William (1505/1510) by the Venetian . Masterpieces of the Cafritz Family Sculpture Fund. The mobile, incisively carved face of greatest rarity, together they bring further depth to the Gallery’s rep- Comte Antoine Boulay de la Meurthe (1832) conveys the forceful intel- resentation of the early stages of draftsmanship in Europe. lect of a leader on the counsel that drafted the Napoleonic code. From An important group of twenty-nine drawings came as ancien régime France comes a terracotta statuette of Venus Nursing the gift of William Rudolf, whose late wife, Edith, assembled the Cupid made in the workshop of the French royal sculptor Etienne- collection. Included are red chalk figure studies by Ludovico Cigoli Maurice Falconet. It gracefully portrays a warm human interaction and Sigismondo Coccapani, leading draftsmen in early seventeenth- through spirited modeling and careful finish and is the first gift of century ; a study of The Flagellation by the Milanese artist sculpture by David H. McDonnell, long a supporter of the Gallery’s Daniele Crespi; two pen studies by Sebastiano Ricci; and a handsome prints and drawings collections. landscape by Francesco Zuccarelli. The Italian Renaissance sculpture collection gained The Adoration of A monumental study for Nicholas of Bari by Jacopo da Empoli the Shepherds (1530s), a finely modeled and cast plaquette reflecting was acquired with funds given by a consortium of donors. It is a superb the influence of , by Valerio Belli, a gifted sculptor of rock example of the bold, simplified style that characterized works of the crystals, medals, and plaquettes. This work came to the Gallery from Counter-. Adding to the Gallery’s rich holdings of drawings Michael Riddick as a gift of the Riddick family in memory of Eleonora by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo was a drapery study in red chalk from the Luciano, the late associate curator of sculpture at the Gallery. A sen- artist’s late years in , acquired as the gift of Andrea Woodner. sitive low-relief portrait of a bearded gentleman by American sculptor The Gallery’s holdings of Dutch drawings were enriched by a sheet John F. Flanagan recalls the Florentine Renaissance works that influ- with dynamic studies of a bear by Leonard Bramer, probably made enced his teacher Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Flanagan was chosen in the 1620s, given in memory of the Gallery’s former director J. Carter by Andrew Mellon to model the portrait of Brown by his children, John Carter Brown IV and Elissa Brown. David seen on American quarters since 1932. The relief was donated by H. McDonnell donated Govaert Flinck’s Man Playing a Pipe (1640s),


Theaster Gates, Ground Rules (black line), Gift of the Collectors Committee


Temptation (1919) by , which focuses on the rise of pros- titution in postwar . Other fine additions included Torso and Head of Two Figures (1928), an ostensibly abstract work despite its title by Stuart Davis, purchased through the Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund and Addie Burr Clark Fund, plus seven bold, abstract and paint- ings on paper by , donated by the artist’s foundation. The Gallery’s collection of works by Anne Truitt was further enhanced by an important acrylic on paper from 1962, donated by Margot Wells Backas, as well as two acrylics on paper—featured in the Gallery’s recent Truitt exhibition—donated by Mary H. D. Swift. Six superb drawings by Al Taylor from the 1980s and 1990s, donated by Debbie Taylor in honor of Judith Brodie, deepened the Gallery’s already impressive representation of this wittily inventive artist. Especially significant in terms of the Gallery’s contemporary holdings was the acquisition of an untitled drawing from 2017 by Robert Gober, which depicts a human torso punctured by a prison , beyond along with a particularly fine group of French and Italian eighteenth- which blue sky beckons. Derived from a 1992 study by Gober, the century gouaches. Thanks to the generosity of Ivan E. and Winifred drawing was purchased as the gift of Emily and Mitchell Rales, with Phillips, two important French eighteenth-century drawings were additional funding from the Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund, Edward added to the collection: a vibrant pen and wash study of Naiads E. MacCrone Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Curtin Winsor III, and Eleanor Wirth. and Dolphins (1762/1765) by Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre—the collection’s first work by the master—and a compositional study of PRINTS AND ILLUSTRATED BOOKS The Education of the Virgin (c. 1762) by Jean-Baptiste Deshays. Two stunning British watercolors were purchased as the gift of The earliest and most important addition to the Gallery’s collection of Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin: William James Müller’s fresh and European prints was an engraving of the humble Apostle Simon beautifully dappled Eel Bucks at Goring (c. 1843) and James Duffield Zelotes by the mid-fifteenth-century German printmaker Master E. S., Harding’s view on the (c. 1839). The holdings of nineteenth- who effectively used hatching to shade and lend solidity to his figures. century drawings were further enhanced by the gift of a conté This single-figure devotional image was joined by a superb impres- crayon night scene (1894) by , a scintillating land- sion of another Northern religious subject, of the Wise scape by Adolph Menzel, and a rather mysterious drawing from 1885 and Foolish Virgins engraved circa 1560/1563 by the Flemish artist by the Belgian symbolist , all gifts of Helen Porter Philip Galle after Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Also notable was the gift and James T. Dyke. Purchased for the Gallery by their son Merritt P. Dyke was a sun- drenched pastel landscape (1898) by John Appleton Brown, a choice example of American . A transformative group of American drawings was donated by William and Abigail Gerdts. Consisting of thirty predominantly nineteenth- century drawings, watercolors, and miniatures, the Gerdts donation features exemplary works by Fidelia Bridges; a breezy, impromptu drawing made by Winslow Homer during his first trip to the Bahamas in 1885; and a flam- boyant, early self-portrait by . The most important acqui- sition of a twentieth-century Top: James Duffield Harding, Oberlahnstein on the Rhine, Purchased as the Gift of Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin European drawing was be- Bottom: , after Francesco Primaticcio, The Trojans Hauling the Wooden Horse into Troy, Ailsa queathed by Harry Grubert: Mellon Bruce Fund


Jasper Johns, Savarin, Gift of Barbara Bertozzi Castelli

of Hans Lützelburger’s 1545 volume Imagines Mortis (The of first aquatint published in England (1771) and a grand example of the Death), after , which was presented by John work of German master Johann Gottlieb Prestel. Giovanni Francesco B. Davidson in honor of Andrew Robison. Costa’s The Delights of the Brenta River (1762), a two-volume Two major mannerist engravings that disseminated series of 140 etched views that represent one of the great projects for the palace of François I at Fontainebleau were Enea Vico’s 1542 and rarities of eighteenth-century Venetian , was also Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs, after Rosso Fiorentino, and Giulio added to the collection. Bonasone’s 1545 The Trojans Hauling the Wooden Horse into Troy, With the fulfillment of Helena Gunnarsson’s pledges this year, the after Francesco Primaticcio, in which the eye is led in an S curve from Gallery’s collection of etchings by the late nineteenth-century French the onlookers at the lower right up to the colossal equine. master Félix-Hilaire Buhot increased to more than 250 works. At the The eighteenth-century holdings were significantly enriched by the same time, the holdings of works of another experimental printmaker, acquisition of a collection of fifty aquatints from the first decades of Camille Pissarro, were augmented by important gifts from Martin and the invention of that technique. The group includes twenty-three rare Liane Atlas. Modern German graphics continued to expand through and accomplished prints by François-Philippe Charpentier and six by gifts from Christopher and With along with Ingrid Rose, who the amateur Abbé de Saint-Non, two of the first artists to experiment gave two portfolios of visionary compositions by Gustav Wolf in with this tonal intaglio printmaking technique. Also included were the memory of her husband, Milton Rose.


A major gift from Bob Stana and Tom Judy comprising more than tion is especially strong in its representation of nineteenth-century sixty-five prints featured examples by contemporary artists John British photographs with works by William and Baldessari and Ann Hamilton, mid-twentieth century abstractionists Julia Margaret Cameron, as well as rare pictures by British amateur Dorothy Dehner and Claire Falkenstein, and artist-activists Nancy photographers from the late 1850s and 1860s such as Lady Filmer, Spero and Leon Albert Golub, the latter two represented by a collab- John Dillwyn Llewelyn, Captain Horatio Ross, and Mary Dillwyn, oratively made lithograph for the historic portfolio Conspiracy: The among others. Artist as Witness (1971). Thirteen prints by , including Another important nineteenth-century addition was the acquisition The Museum (1972), a mocking take on the of art, and LA of nine carte-de-visite portraits of made during the (1994), both the edition print and seven related proofs, were donated 1860s, including the Gallery’s first portrait of and by the Saul Steinberg Foundation in honor of Judith Brodie. a superb print of Gordon, the Whipped Slave, an icon of nineteenth- An outstanding gift of twenty-nine edition prints by , century American visual culture. many inscribed to the artist’s legendary dealer , came Numerous important twentieth-century photographs were also from Barbara Bertozzi Castelli. These critical additions to the added to the collection. Foremost among these was the acquisition of Gallery’s Jasper Johns Archive include such major prints as Passage I 185 photographs by the mid-twentieth-century photographer Wright (1966), Target (1967), and Savarin (1977–1979), the latter in eight Morris, a gift from Barbara A. Koenig and Stephen E. Arkin in memory remarkably beautiful autonomous impressions. Seven prints pub- of Josephine Morris. A well-known author, Wright Morris was also lished by Gemini G.E.L. by major American artists including Johns, hailed for his sensitive photographs of the culture of the Great Plains Ed Ruscha, and formed an important gift from Lee in the and 1940s and for his innovative use of “photo-texts,” and Ann Fensterstock; and a monumental portfolio containing 214 which pair words and photographs to create new insights. lithographs by Liechtenstein artist Martin Frommelt, Creation: Five The collection continued to be enriched by significant photographs Constellations on Genesis (1989–1990), was donated by the Binding by women from the 1920s to the 1950s, including works by Rogi André, Stiftung of Liechtenstein. Other notable contemporary prints acquired Aenne Biermann, Ilse Bing, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Kati Horna, and were Zeno Writing II (2003), a set of seven haunting photogravures Genevieve Naylor. Foremost among these acquisitions was a 1931 by William Kentridge, and the wondrously chaotic Entropia (review) unique-bound album of photographs, watercolors, and collages by (2004) by Julie Mehretu, both donated by Neal Turtell as part of the the German photographers ringl + pit (Grete Stern and Ellen Auerbach) Thomas G. Klarner Collection. acquired with the Alfred H. and Fern M. Schad Fund. With its In the area of modern illustrated books, there were two major acqui- lively integration of diverse materials, the album speaks to the culture sitions. The first was a pristine copy of François Rabelais’s Pantagruel of young artists in German bohemian circles at the time. (1943) illustrated with color woodcuts by André Derain, purchased for Other important twentieth-century acquisitions include a gift of forty the and Ira Jackson Collection; the second was an equally pris- photographs by the photojournalist Leonard Freed from the artist’s tine copy of Marcel Broodthaers’s Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le widow, Brigitte Freed; thirty-three pictures by David Vestal, a hasard (1969), which takes its title from a radical poem by Stéphane gift of Seth and Erin Neubardt and Jack and Judy Stern; thirty- Mallarmé and was a gift of the Collectors Committee. Broodthaers replaced the French poet’s words with vari- ably sized black bands, paying homage to Mallarmé by translating his work into abstract form.


This year the department of photographs acquired more than 1,000 photographs through gift and pur- chase. Including works made from the early 1840s to 2016, they span the history of the medium and signifi- cantly enhance the quality, scope, and importance of the Gallery’s collection, enabling the story of the evo- lution of photography to be told in a more nuanced and complex fashion. Among the most notable was the acquisition of 119 nineteenth-century photographs from the collection of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro. This magnificent group of pictures, which includes work by such seminal photographers as Gustave Le Gray, Charles Marville, and Carleton Watkins, was acquired with funds from the R. K. Mellon Foundation, Diana and Mallory Walker, and W. Bruce and Delaney H. Lundberg, and through gifts from Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro William Henry Fox Talbot, Trees and Reflections, Abbey, and Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Alma Isaacs. The collec- Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Foundation


nine pictures by the New Topographics photographer Joe Deal, a gift of Dr. Richard A. and Mrs. Alice Thall and acquired with the Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund and the Robert B. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund; ninety-one photographs by Larry Fink from Social Graces (1984), which explore the foibles of Manhattan socialites and residents of rural , a gift of Tony Podesta; eighty-seven pictures by Thomas Roma from Come Sunday (1991–1994), which show the power of faith to bind a community together, a gift of Joy of Giving Something, Inc.; and forty-two photographs by Ursula Schulz-Dornburg from the series Iraqi Wetlands, which enrich our holdings of twenty- first-century German work, a gift of Gregory and Aline Gooding. In addition, Mary and Dan Solomon donated thirty-eight pictures of the moon made between the 1860s and 1969. The Gallery also acquired seven photographs by Ming Smith, Shawn Walker, and Louis Draper, members of the Kamoinge group of African American photogra- phers, and four diptychs and one video by Dawoud Bey from The Birmingham Project, a work that honors the victims of the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.


In fiscal year 2018 the library received a major scholarly collection of books and archival material on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art assembled and donated by William and Abigail Gerdts. Notable among the 130 titles added to the rare book and special col- lections during the fiscal year are Thierbuch: sehr künstliche und wol gerissene Figuren von allerley Thieren by Georg Schaller (, 1579) featuring 107 woodcut illustrations of domestic, wild, and mythical animals by Jost Amman and Johann Melchior Bocksberger Benjamin Brecknell Turner, Christine Bicknell, National Gallery of Art, Department of Image Collections, Benjamin Brecknell Turner Archive acquired through the J. Paul Getty Fund in honor of Franklin Murphy. The David K. E. Bruce Fund supported the purchase of two important twentieth-century photobooks. Aveux non avenus (Paris, Wiedergeburt, with original photographs documenting the reconstruc- 1930) includes thirty-four heliogravures by Claude Cahun (née Lucy tion of the Zwinger Palace in Dresden (1945–1955). Schwob), the surrealist photographer, sculptor, and writer whose Additions to the artists’ portraits collection include Judy Dater’s self-portraits prefigure the work of Cindy Sherman. A rare deluxe photograph of photographing Twinka Thiebaud edition of Raboche-'ianskaia Krasnaia Armiia (, 1934), (1974); two portraits of Charles Burchfield by Dwight Boyer (c. 1965); with by El Lissitzky, commemorates the Workers’ and a set of ten photos of Maud Squire and Ethel Mars by various artists Peasants’ Red Army with dramatic montages by pioneering photo- (c. 1890–1940); and photographs of and his paintings journalists Dmitri Debabov, Vladimir Griuntal, Ivan Shagin, Arkady at the Alfredo Valente Gallery (c. 1940). Individual portraits of John Shaikhet, and Gennady Zelma. by Masury and Silsbee (1854), Stuart Davis by Anne Zane Shanks The most notable acquisition this fiscal year in the department of (c. 1950), Pablo Picasso by Kurt Wyss (1967), and Francis Bacon by J. S. image collections was a collection of sixty-six photographs and nega- Lewinski (1968) are also noteworthy. tives by Benjamin Brecknell Turner. Turner began experimenting with the medium of photography in 1849 and was a founding member of the Photographic Society of London (later the Royal Photographic Society) in 1853. Other important rare photographs include a Daguerriean etching of sculpture at Notre Dame in Paris by Hippolyte Fizeau; a group of daguerreotypes of early American portraiture (1850s); and a group portrait by Moses P. Rice of the Jicarilla Apache Indian delegation at the (1880) posed in front of Frederic Edwin Church’s painting Niagara, now in the Gallery’s collection. Among the rare albums acquired are those documenting the and decoration of Castel Béranger, ’s masterpiece (Paris, 1898); a unique extra-illustrated family copy of the architecture of F. Wagner-Poltrock (, 1927); Parham Park in Sussex (London, 1947); and Der Barock-Zwinger und seine



During fiscal year 2018 the Gallery showcased an ambitious exhibition hyperspectral image of Young Girl Reading allowed visitors to com- program made up of nineteen exhibitions. Three of these exhibitions, pare underlying layers of the painting with the artist’s sketch and the Matthias Mansen: Configurations; : Color in Context; final work of art. An illustrated diagram correlated each of the painted and Posing for the Camera: Gifts from Robert B. Menschel, continued fantasy figures with its corresponding sketch on the drawing, clarifying from the previous year. the relationship between the two. Names appearing on all but one of Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures combined art, fashion, science, the sketches, suggesting that the fantasy figures are actually true por- and conservation in an exhibition that brought together for the first traits, informed brief texts accompanying each painting. A large color time fourteen rapidly executed, brightly colored paintings of lavishly photomural of Young Girl Reading above the Fourth Street entrance costumed individuals by Jean Honoré Fragonard. These fantasy figure of the West Building announced the exhibition. The portraits were paintings were shown alongside his newly discovered Sketches of arranged symmetrically in the one-room presentation with Young Portraits, a drawing that prompted a two-year investigation of his Girl Reading on the main axis. Three supplementary features were Young Girl Reading and helped establish the Gallery’s painting as presented on the Gallery’s website: Sketches of Portraits: The Fantasy a part of the fantasy figure series, shedding light on Fragonard’s Figures Identified, Young Girl Reading: A Hidden Portrait Revealed, approach to the ensemble as a whole. A combined x-radiograph and and Mapping the Fantasy Figures.

22 Visitors eagerly await their turn to view the popular exhibition Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry. EXHIBITING

Founded in the nineteenth century, ’s Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen possesses one of the world’s finest collections of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Netherlandish drawings. The exhibition Bosch to Bloemaert: Early Netherlandish Drawings from the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam offered American audiences an exceptional opportunity to see a beautiful and remarkably com- prehensive overview of the period, encompassing nearly all media and types of drawings of the time. A large entrance graphic featured a lovely black and red chalk drawing, Portrait of a Young Woman by Hendrick Goltzius. Several drawings were displayed on pedestals so that recto and verso could be viewed. Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry was a landmark exhibition that examined the artistic exchanges among Johannes Vermeer and his contemporaries from the mid-1650s to around 1680, when they reached the height of their technical ability and mastery of genre painting. The exhibition brought together nearly sev- enty works by Vermeer and his fellow Dutch painters, including Gerrit Dou, Metsu, Caspar Netscher, and Jan Steen. Juxtaposing paintings related by theme, , and composition, the exhibition explored how these artists inspired, rivaled, surpassed, and pushed each other to greater artistic achievement. The exhibition featured ten paintings by Vermeer (many of which had not been seen in the United States since the Gallery’s 1995 exhibition Johannes Vermeer). A banner of Vermeer’s A Lady Writing from the Gallery’s collection beckoned visitors to the building. In anticipation of large crowds, the exhibition layout was designed to allow visitors the maximum space to view the paintings. The first gallery included a map of the Netherlands studio in Washington, was shown in the gallery. An accompanying marking cities where the artists lived to emphasize their proximity to illustrated brochure featured excerpts from the curator’s conversa- each other. An illustrated brochure examined sixteen works from the tions with the artist in the years before her death. exhibition. An online video narrated by the curator featured com- A special installation in the Gallery’s East Building featured Mural parisons of similar works by these artists; a shortened, silent version (1943) by , on loan from the University of played in the exhibition space. Museum of Art. Originally commissioned by for In the Tower: Anne Truitt, the first major presentation of Truitt’s work her City townhouse, the early painting is Pollock’s largest at the Gallery, celebrated the museum’s acquisition of several major work at nearly twenty feet long, and represents a major turning point artworks by Truitt in recent years, including works from the Corcoran in the seminal artist’s career and style. Mural was installed adjacent Collection, as well as several outstanding loans. Nine sculptures, two to the permanent collection to put it in context with other works paintings, and twelve works on paper were installed in the day-lit Tower Gallery in the East Building. Masterfully crafted mounts were fabricated to display Truitt’s minimalist sculptures without pedestals or platforms, authentic to the artist’s intention. The exhibi- tion traced the artistic devel- opment from 1961 to 2002 of this leading figure associated with , who lived and worked in Washington, DC. Jem Cohen’s 2009 film Anne Truitt, Working, which included interviews with the artist at the Yaddo artists’ colony in Saratoga Springs, New York, and footage of Truitt’s


in the Gallery’s collection. Early and mature drawings and paintings American social, political, and cultural upheaval, challenged or erased by the artist were hung in the same room. Illustrated texts provided traditional hierarchies and probed prevailing assumptions about cre- background on Pollock’s technique and on the work’s original patron. ativity, artistic practice, and the role of the artist in contemporary Considered ’s greatest Renaissance artist, Michel Sittow was culture. Vanguard artists found affinities and inspiration in the work of sought after by the renowned European courts of his day. Celebrating their untutored, marginalized peers and became staunch advocates, the centennial of the establishment of the Republic of Estonia, Michel embracing them as fellow artists. Bringing together some 250 works in Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe pro- a range of media, the exhibition included more than eighty schooled vided an exceptional opportunity to examine the rare and masterful and unschooled artists and argued for a more diverse and inclusive works attributed to Sittow. This first monographic exhibition devoted representation in cultural institutions and cultural history. to the artist included some twenty paintings from American and A large banner with an image from Lawrence’s Sidewalk European collections, including thirteen paintings by Sittow, as well Drawings invited visitors through the East Building entrance. The exhi- as works by Juan de Flandes, , and Jan Gossaert that bition was installed in the Concourse galleries of the East Building, provide a context for understanding Sittow’s achievement. A banner which provided both generous spaces for three-dimensional works featuring Sittow’s Portrait of Diego de Guevara invited visitors into and quilts and intimate spaces for works on paper by artists such as the West Building. The small-scale paintings were grouped on panels, Bill Traylor and James Castle. and several were reunited diptychs. The largest paintings, part of an The exhibition included a number of media presentations: audio from the Art Museum of Estonia (Niguliste Museum), served recordings of songs; two slideshow presentations of large, immersive as the visual anchor for the room. Text panels provided a chronolog- environmental works that brought site-specific works into the exhibi- ical overview of Sittow’s career as a court artist for rulers in , the tion space; a featuring excerpts from an interview with artist Netherlands, and . Lonnie Holley; and, in the small auditorium, artist James Benning’s Self-taught artists—variously termed folk, primitive, visionary, naïve, haunting film Stemple Pass (2012). An illustrated booklet accompanied and outsider—have played a significant role in the history of modernism, the exhibition and a web feature presented biographies of each of the yet their contributions have been largely disregarded or forgotten. exhibition artists. Outliers and American Vanguard Art focused on three periods during Top Left: Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures the last century when the intersection of self-taught artists with the Bottom Left: Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: mainstream has been at its most fertile. It was the first major exhibition Inspiration and Rivalry to explore how those key moments, which coincided with periods of Below: In the Tower: Anne Truitt


One of the most innovative Italian books of the early and nature’s magisterial indifference to human endeavor. What unites period, the Descrizione del Sacro Monte della Vernia, published in this broad body of work is that it is all bred of a place, the American 1612, illustrates the experiences of Saint Francis and the buildings of South. Using her deep love of her native land and her knowledge of the Franciscan community at La Verna. Drawing from the Gallery’s rich its fraught history, Mann asks provocative questions about history, holdings of works with Franciscan imagery, Heavenly Earth: Images of identity, race, and religion that reverberate across geographic and Saint Francis at La Verna contextualized this publication, which was national boundaries. Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings considered shown with some thirty traditional representations from the late fif- how Mann’s relationship with this land has shaped her work and how teenth through the mid-eighteenth centuries. The exhibition, installed the legacy of the South—as both homeland and graveyard, refuge and in an intimate gallery, featured a painting of Saint Francis by Bernardo battleground—continues to permeate American identity. Strozzi surrounded by prints and drawings from the collection. Two The exhibition was the first major survey of the artist’s work to travel pedestals allowed the visitor to view pages of a pop-up book illus- internationally. Featuring some 110 photographs, including many works trating the surrounding landscape in Saint Francis’s world. A feature not previously published or publicly shown, the exhibition was orga- on the Gallery’s website, Sacred Mountain of La Verna, offered a nized in five sections, spatially and thematically. Rich earth-tone wall close look at the holy site with photographs of its appearance today. color set apart the brooding Civil War series. Three complementary For more than forty years, Sally Mann has made experimental, ele- exhibition films provided important context for Mann’s photographs. giac, and hauntingly beautiful photographs that explore the overar- Sally Mann: Collodion and the Angel of Uncertainty brought visitors ching themes of existence: memory, desire, death, the bonds of family, into the artist’s studio to observe her technique, which revives the collodion process used by many Civil War photographers. A short film Top: Jackson Pollock’s “Mural” featuring the artist in conversation with choreographer and dancer Bill Bottom: Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe T. Jones explored their shared interest in confronting the difficult his-


world, and people of Aix. A second web feature reproduced portrait drawings from Cézanne’s intact sketchbook in the Gallery’s collection. Inspired by the acquisition of the important William A. Clark maiolica collection from the Corcoran Gallery of Art and drawn largely from the Gallery’s expanded hold- ings, Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica and Bronze brought together some ninety objects to highlight the impact of Renaissance prints on maiolica and bronze plaquettes. Focusing on designs by major art- ists of the time, the exhibition told the story of how printed images were transmitted, transformed, and translated onto ceramics tory of the South through art. A third film featured an interview with and small bronze reliefs, creating a shared visual across artistic Janssen Evelyn, who modeled for Mann, reflecting on the photographs media and geographical boundaries. The exhibition was designed so of black men in the “Abide with Me” section of the exhibition. that casework and mounts necessary to hold fragile maiolica were Cézanne Portraits, the first exhibition devoted to the subject, explored in close proximity to the prints from which they were derived. A the unconventional aspects of Paul Cézanne’s portraiture, the role his variety of casework was designed to accommodate the works, portraits played in the development of his radical style and method, including two ornate bronze cases and five beautiful walnut cases. and the range and influence of his sitters. The exhibition brought Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the Dutch Golden together some sixty paintings drawn from collections around the Age explored the deep, multifaceted relationship the Dutch had with world. They encompassed his entire career and include portraits made the water, including their gratitude for the sea’s bounty and their fear in Paris as well as in Aix, where he eventually settled. Several paintings of its sometimes-destructive power. Drawn largely from the Gallery’s were exclusive to the Gallery’s presentation, while some works had collection, the exhibition featured nearly fifty paintings, prints, draw- never before been exhibited in the United States. A striking banner ings, rare books, and ship models. From quiet harbor scenes and featuring Cézanne’s Boy in a Red Waistcoat announced the exhi- frozen canals to fierce naval battles pitting Dutch crews against their bition at the Sixth Street entrance of the West Building. Wall colors Spanish foes, the range of images revealed the extraordinary impact were chosen to complement Cézanne’s pallet. Exhibition wall texts the water had on art of the Dutch Golden Age. A graphic banner of presented an overview of the role of portraiture in Cézanne’s work ships in distress graced the Fourth Street entrance. Ship models from as his style shifted throughout the decades. Exhibition curators offered private collections as well as two from the Peabody Essex Museum insights on eighteen paintings in a free audio tour. A web feature, Cézanne’s Sitters, provided biographical information about those Top: Outliers and American Vanguard Art depicted, dividing them into categories of family, friends, youths, the art Bottom: Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings


displayed on Renaissance tables from the Gallery’s collection helped Corot: Women were largely divided into three major subjects: cos- to bring the Dutch maritime paintings to life. An illustrated brochure, tumed single figures, nudes, and allegorical studio scenes. Illustrated which was also available on the website, examined the influence of texts in the exhibition galleries explored these themes, revealing how the Dutch shipbuilding industry on seventeenth-century painters. Corot drew on art historical precedent while also experimenting with Humor may be fundamental to human experience, but its expression modern aesthetic sensibilities. in painting and sculpture has been limited. Instead, prints, as the most Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham Project marked the Gallery’s acqui- widely distributed medium, and drawings, as the most private, have sition of four large-scale photographs and one video from Bey’s series been the natural vehicles for comic content. Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, Sense of Humor: Caricature, Satire, and the Comical in Prints and Drawings from Leonardo to the Present celebrated this incredibly rich though easily overlooked tradition through works including Renaissance caricatures, biting English satires, and twentieth-century comics. Two graphic images rotated at the entrance: Francisco de Goya’s aquatint Asta su abuelo (And So Was His Grandfather) in Los caprichos (first edition) and ’s Reflections on The Scream. Camille Corot, best known as the great master of landscape painting in the nine- teenth century, bridged the French neo- classical tradition with the impressionist movement of the 1870s. His figure paintings constitute a much smaller, The Birmingham Project, a tribute to the victims of the 16th Street less well-known portion of his work, but they appeared throughout Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Coinciding with his prolific fifty-year career, with particular force toward the end. the fifty-fifth anniversary of this tragedy, the exhibition focused on Rarely seen outside his studio during his lifetime, these works made how Bey visualized the past through the lens of the present, pushing an impact on later nineteenth- and early twentieth-century modernist the boundaries of portraiture and engaging ongoing national issues artists who copied or borrowed from them. His sophisticated use of of racism, violence against African Americans, and terrorism in places of color and his deft, delicate touch applied to the female form resulted worship. The exhibition was installed in two galleries. Four diptychs hung in pictures of quiet majesty. The forty-five paintings displayed in across from each other in the first room, and a film, also considered


a diptych, played in the second room. Accompanying the exhibition, screened continuously in the East Building Small Auditorium. The film a ten-minute filmed interview with the artist explored the inspiration included extensive interviews with the artist and gave broad context and evolution of the project, as well as Bey’s broader interest in por- to her entire career. traiture and American history. The Gallery administered the loan of 740 works of art to 231 sites Rachel Whiteread, the first comprehensive survey of the work of during fiscal year 2018. This year, the Gallery continued to loan the British sculptor, brought together roughly one hundred objects numerous works by female artists to a number of exhibitions domes- from the course of the artist’s thirty-year career. The exhibition fea- tically and internationally. Some of the highlights included Piano tured drawings, photographs, architecture-scaled sculptures, archival mécanique by Joan Mitchell to the Museé des national beaux-arts materials, documentary materials on public projects, and several new du Québec and the ; Untitled () and works on view for the first time. Ranging in scale and effect from Tulip Car #1 by Vija Celmins to the Kunsthalle d’Emden; Hartley and the monumental to the modest, Whiteread’s sculptures memorialize Loneliness by Alice Neel to the Deichtorhallen ; Sunny by everyday objects, domestic interiors, and public spaces. Throughout Anni Albers to the Museo Guggenheim and the Kunstsammlung her celebrated career, Whiteread has effectively recast the memories Nordrhein-Westfalen; three paintings by Berthe Morisot to the Museé of locations and objects to chart the seismic changes in how we live, national des beaux-arts du Québec; Little Girl in a Blue Armchair from the late twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. by to the Musée Jacquemart-André and the National Whiteread’s Untitled (Domestic), a twenty-two-foot stairway, was Museum of Art Tokyo; Children Playing on the Beach by positioned near the entrance to the exhibition. A short feature produced Mary Cassatt and The by Berthe Morisot to the Denver Art by Artangel documented the artist’s site-specific House installation, Museum, the Speed Art Museum, and the Sterling and Francine Clark erected in late 1993 and dismantled eleven weeks later. A long feature Art Institute; and Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. 3 and Line and Curve by produced by the BBC, Rachel Whiteread: Ghost in the Room, was O’Keeffe to the Reynolda House Museum of American Art.

Top Left: Cézanne Portraits Bottom Left: Sense of Humor: Caricature, Satire, and the Comical in Prints and Drawings from Leonardo to the Present Above: Corot: Women

29 Using Archibald John Motley Jr.’s Portrait of My Grandmother as a model, David Ibata demonstrates painting techniques to students in the Art Around the Corner program.


The education division served more than 780,000 visitors at the in the community and then used them to provide material for a “story Gallery this year through its programming and publications. Several chorus” on the day of the event. Visitors also drew and wrote on a new initiatives helped broaden the division’s reach by making pro- large paper path inspired by ’s Sidewalk Drawings, grammatic offerings more inclusive to new and more diverse visitors. which was on view in the Outliers and American Vanguard Art The second annual John Wilmerding Symposium on American Art, exhibition. A second community weekend, Art + Play, delighted vis- funded by The Walton Family Foundation, brought together a group of itors at a two-day event that emphasized the connection between distinguished scholars, curators, and artists who spoke about stories art and enjoyment. The weekend included an “exquisite corpse” embedded in works of American art in the Gallery’s collection. workshop, based on the drawing game created by early twentieth- The following day, the large-scale Community Celebration further century surrealist artists. A specially commissioned play for all ages explored the expanding and changing stories of American art and the that drew its inspiration from Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, Color’s Gallery’s role in sharing those stories. In the weeks leading up to the Garden: An Adventure with the Elements of Art, invited visitors to celebration, a performance artist collected stories at several locations connect with the visual arts through the performing arts.

32 Advanced Workshop participants investigate photographs in the Gallery’s collection to hone their skills in careful observation and interpretation. EDUCATING

Evenings at the Edge, which was conceived with young profes- Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin. Brochures and signage let visitors sionals in mind, considered topics as varied as outlier art and artistic know this content is free and available on their personal devices while exchange. Together, these large-scale community events served at the museum. almost 20,000 visitors. Interviews with visitors at three exhibitions and during eleven The division welcomed seven interns from four states and three different programs allowed the division to move beyond tracking num- countries and fourteen summer interns from across the United States. bers and helped staff to understand the ideas that visitors take away, With an eye to diversity, the Gallery’s intention is to help broaden the tools and resources that they find most helpful, and the ways perspectives within the museum field. they comprehend content. This data helps the Gallery innovate its Incorporating artists into the Gallery’s programs helped visitors programming in a thoughtful and targeted manner. think more deeply about artists’ processes and choices. Lectures Largely a result of social media and public television showings, and symposia in the Gallery’s auditoria highlighted more artists than outreach served more than thirty-three million people, an increase ever including Janine Antoni, Kevin Beasley, Mark Bradford, Byron over the prior year. Kim, Glenn Ligon, Sally Mann, Pistoletto, Amy Sherald, and Frank Stella. Drop-in pilot art making facilitated by local teaching CONCERTS AND FILMS artists brought in rising numbers of visitors and allowed the educa- tors to make connections with various local communities. And in In celebration of its seventy-sixth , the music department pre- response to participants’ interest, the multiple-visit teen program sented and produced fifty unique musical events, attracting more than titled Museum Makers recast part of its focus on career possibilities 17,000 people. In addition to Sunday afternoon concerts, the music in the art field, emphasizing the intersection of art, graphic design, department collaborated with the education division on two Evenings and visual communication. at the Edge programs, and oversaw the operation of the fifteen For the first time, the Gallery published online lesson plans for concerts in the Jazz in the Garden summer series, which brought English language learners offering teachers ways to increase students’ more than 100,000 people into the Sculpture Garden. comprehension, speaking, and writing skills through art. The Gallery is Numerous concerts were presented in honor of exhibitions: among the first museums to offer such resources. Additionally, during a symposium and the American premiere of Norwegian com- the summer, the division launched Uncovering America, a new set poser Gisle Kverndokk’s Letters from Ruth celebrated of digital teaching resources focused on viewing American history Edvard Munch: Color in Context; one concert celebrated Bosch through American art that has already proven popular with teachers to Bloemaert: Early Netherlandish Drawings from the Museum nationwide. Finally, to assist both offsite and onsite visitors, the divi- Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; four salon concerts plus sion added more audio content to the website, including the popular an opera production celebrated Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures; Director’s Tour and featured selections in English, Spanish, French, one Sunday concert and one midweek pop-up concert celebrated

Visitors of all ages explore the relationship between art and enjoyment during the Community Celebration Art + Play.


Visitors applaud a performance by the Suspicious Cheese Lords in honor of the Michel Sittow exhibition.

Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe; membership in the International Federation of Film Archives remains one concert celebrated Cézanne Portraits; and two concerts cele- vital for access to rare prints. brated Outliers and American Vanguard Art. Lonnie Holley, a featured During the year, the department researched the film series artist in that exhibition, performed at both an Evenings at the Edge Revolutionary Rising: Soviet Film Vanguard to coincide with the cen- program and a Sunday concert. tenary of the 1917 October Revolution. The Warrior, the Reader, The music department collaborated externally with the the Writer: Fantasy Figures in French Period Film was presented as a TEDxMidAtlantic and the National Cherry Blossom , and companion series to the exhibition Fragonard: The Fantasy Figures. presented artists from , India, Japan, , Denmark, the Works by the Ghanaian-British artist-filmmaker John Akomfrah were , , Armenia, , and Estonia. screened in the series Lateral Time: John Akomfrah and Smoking Dogs Concerts at the Gallery merited eight reviews in various publica- Films. The Rajiv Vaidya Memorial Lecture: “Agnès Varda and the Art of tions, including , and numerous other mentions in the Documentary” was followed by a screening of Varda’s most recent the media; most notably the Jazz in the Garden series received exten- film, Visages Villages. sive local and tourist media mention as a must-see event. Fiscal year The season included special events such as Jem Cohen: Portraits 2018 concerts were produced with funds bequeathed to the Gallery of People and Place in association with the exhibition In the Tower: by William Nelson Cromwell and F. Lammot Belin, with generous Anne Truitt and the premiere of a new feature documentary on Dutch additional support from the Billy Rose Foundation and the Gottesman landscape designer Piet Oudolf, with the noted designer in attendance. Fund in memory of Milton M. Gottesman. The music program was also It also featured the American premiere of a new film on Cézanne’s supported by the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation and Professor portraits, Avant-Garde to Underground: Outliers and Film, and the Joseph L. Gastwirth. series Affinities, or The Weight of Cinema. Film and video premieres, restorations, ciné-concerts, and retro- The department examined the relationship between artists and the spectives were presented every week during the year and frequently May 1968 youth rebellions in Paris. The series Paris, May ’68: Zanzibar introduced by filmmakers, scholars, artists, and critics. The Gallery’s and Philippe Garrel, coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary, included


and transparencies from the David Finn Archive, almost 20,000 digital files, and more than 3,000 rare photographs, bringing the approximate number of images held to sixteen million. Researchers viewed 2,739 photographs and photo boxes on-site, image special- ists answered 1,178 reference inquiries, and department staff created 7,090 scans. The Gallery’s conservation division reviewed or treated 232 photographs and albums. A library exhibition and an accompanying online feature celebrated the 75th anniversary of the George M. Richter Archive of Illustrations on Art arriving at the Gallery in 1943. Purchased with funds provided by Solomon R. Guggenheim in the midst of World War II, the archive was heralded for its significance as “an invaluable record of many works of art from the great European museums now either destroyed or dispersed.” The 60,000 photographs assembled by Richter formed the nucleus of the department that now includes images ranging from daguerreotypes to digital files covering all periods and forms of art and architecture. The Gallery Archives continued its core mission of collecting and maintaining the Gallery’s valuable records. During the past year, the archives undertook a number of activities to enhance the preserva- tion and discovery of archival holdings. Historical resources were added to the Gallery’s website, as well as a digital collection of the Gallery’s past calendars of events from 1941 to 2017, making this comprehensive information easily discover- able. The archives added numerous images of past exhibition instal- lations to its web pages and also enhanced its public space resulting in improved security, work areas, and a better research environment. Families enjoy Color’s Garden: An Adventure with the Elements of Art, The archives continued to spearhead a multiyear project to inven- a specially commissioned play inspired by the Gallery’s permanent collection. tory and digitize more than 26,000 data sheets relating to the Index many archival prints. Three Italian portrayals of the life of Saint Francis of American Design collection. The data sheets hold critical prove- (in conjunction with the exhibition Heavenly Earth: Images of Saint nance information, and staff continued to collaborate on planning Francis at La Verna), a new documentary on Joseph Beuys, Thomas the public database. When completed, this project will serve as a Riedelsheimer’s new film on Andy Goldsworthy, and the premiere of significant new research tool. the documentary Witkin & Witkin, rounded out the season. During the year, the archives received five hundred inquiries from The department organized a complete retrospective of the early staff, scholars, researchers, and the general public about the Gallery’s works of auteur on the occasion of Bergman’s cen- buildings, exhibitions, collections, and people. Notable records trans- tennial. The season also featured the series Jacques Becker: Poet of fers from Gallery offices include records documenting the director’s the Commonplace. Additional special events included a ciné-concert tenure, curatorial departmental records, outgoing loan files, pho- with experimental films by Peter Hutton, a lecture by Stanley Kubrick tographic images from various offices, and media files and tapes scholar Robert Kolker, and the Washington premiere of In the Intense documenting the construction of the Sculpture Garden, East Building Now by Brazilian auteur João Moreira Salles. exterior stone repair work, Gallery exhibitions, publications, and ephemera. The archives continued to receive numerous born-digital RESOURCES FOR SCHOLARLY RESEARCH image files relating to the East Building renovations, Master Facilities Plan projects, exhibition installations, and Gallery events. The library added 10,408 books and 1,098 auction catalogs to The archives successfully completed a major milestone in its mul- its holdings in fiscal year 2018. The reader services department tiyear Kress Collection History and Conservation Database project. answered 3,491 inquiries, welcomed 600 new readers among 1,430 A detailed strategic plan for building a sustainable database was visitors, created 10,799 scans from its collections, and recorded submitted to the Kress Foundation, and the department expects to 17,550 unique visits to the library’s web pages. The department bor- request additional support next year to build the database. rowed 2,757 items for Gallery and Center for Advanced Study in the The study room for American prints and drawings in the West Visual Arts staff and loaned 2,765 titles to universities and public Building hosted 828 visitors, including students in twenty-three libraries in forty-nine states and twenty countries. In cooperation classes from twelve universities and four schools. Additionally, cura- with the Gallery’s division of imaging and visual services, the library tors provided eighteen presentations for visitors and staff. acquired a state-of-the-art digital photography system for rare books. The study room for European works of art on paper in the East The department of image collections added 141,789 photographic Building hosted 1,152 visitors, who viewed the Gallery’s original prints, images, including 101 rare albums, more than 111,000 negatives drawings, and illustrated books. This included forty-one classes from


fifteen universities, colleges, and seminaries; ten special groups; and tion. The department received awards for seven of its publications— twelve tours for Gallery docents, interns, and staff. Gallery curators Dwan Gallery: Los Angeles to New York, 1959–1971; Three Centuries conducted fifty of these classes, lectures, and tours. of American Prints from the National Gallery of Art; Documenting the Salon: Paris Salon Catalogs, 1673–1945; America’s National Gallery of PUBLISHING Art; East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography; Outliers and American Vanguard Art; and Sally Mann: The publishing office completed the initial contents and design of the A Thousand Crossings. digital catalogue raisonné : Works on Paper, with entries For NGA Online Editions, the Gallery’s ongoing series of digital for the Gallery’s nearly nine hundred works on paper by Rothko. catalogs of the permanent collection, new entries were launched Works in the Rothko Estate and from public and private collections in American Paintings, 1900–1945, while writing and editing con- around the world will follow in coming years. Eight book-length publi- tinued for subsequent volumes, French Paintings of the Nineteenth cations were released, including six exhibition catalogs (Michel Sittow: Century and Italian Paintings of the Sixteenth Century. The Alfred Estonian Painter at the Courts of Renaissance Europe; Outliers and Stieglitz Key Set publication, which is scheduled to launch in 2019, American Vanguard Art; Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings; Sharing will become the first Online Edition devoted to works from the Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica and Bronze; Corot: Women; Gallery’s photography collection. and : Artist of Renaissance ) and two CASVA volumes In addition to labels and wall texts for exhibitions and installations, (The Artist in Edo and Center 38). In addition, educational exhibition the publishing office edited online features and produced the bian- brochures were prepared for Vermeer and the Masters of Genre nual Gallery Bulletin, more than 325 education projects, and more Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry; Outliers and American Vanguard than 1,000 pieces of collateral, including press releases, invita- Art; In the Tower: Anne Truitt; and Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine tions, newsletters, quarterly calendars, and recurring film and music Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, as well as one library installa- program calendars.

Adult visitors join local artists for sketching and conversation during a Drawing Salon focused on Henri Matisse’s cut-outs.


Advanced placement art history students practice essay writing in front of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Donna che indica as part of the Advanced Art History Workshop.

DIGITAL MEDIA to make reading and sharing content easier. A new image delivery standard was added to object pages, providing a convenient and In fiscal year 2018 the imaging and visual services department con- powerful tool for comparing images. Other important projects tinued to document the Gallery’s collections and promote access to included a significant exhibition feature for Heavenly Earth: Images high-quality, color-accurate digital images. New master digital files of Saint Francis at La Verna, an expanded and redesigned feature were made for 679 objects, including eighty-two new acquisitions. about African American artists in the collection, and contributions The department captured 719 new images as part of the division’s to the new resource Uncovering America. rapid imaging program to document the sculpture collection, pro- The media production department continued to provide digital vided technical imaging for 112 conservation treatments, and made moving image media and audio to the public, staff, docents, and vol- publication-quality images for ten Gallery exhibitions and cata- unteers, supporting more than 1,700 live events in public presenta- logs including Outliers and American Vanguard Art, Sally Mann: A tion spaces. Audio content was accessed more than 650,000 times, Thousand Crossings, and Corot: Women. and video content more than 500,000 times. Several films were The department posted 4,663 new and replacement images to the produced to celebrate artists, musicians, and filmmakers, including Gallery’s website, including 300 ultra-resolution images, allowing Binh Danh, Susan Meiselas, Jean Desmet, and the Rose Ensemble. the public to pan and zoom at extremely close detail. Web visitors Fourteen unique multimedia installations were installed and main- downloaded more than one million open-access images from NGA tained in exhibitions including Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Images. Since NGA Images launched in 2012, more than four million Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry; In the Tower: Anne Truitt; Outliers images have been downloaded. and American Vanguard Art; Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings; The Gallery’s website was visited by 5.4 million people this fiscal Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham Project; and Rachel Whiteread. year. The website department created shorter webpage addresses


The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts sponsors the study and American Avant-Gardes,” was held on the occasion of the exhibi- of the visual arts in its program areas of fellowships, research, publica- tion Outliers and American Vanguard Art. The papers will be published tions, and scholarly meetings. In fiscal year 2018 the Board of Advisors in a volume of Studies in the . Edmond J. Safra Visiting included Patricia Berger (University of , Berkeley), Emily Professor David Bomford led an international colloquy for scholars, Braun (, City University of New York), Betsy M. Bryan curators, and conservators on the subject “Art and Uncertainty: The (Johns Hopkins University), H. Perry Chapman (University of ), Limits of Technical Art History.” He also gave a public lecture titled Huey Copeland (), Aden Kumler (University of “Pentimenti: When Artists Change Their Minds.” Chicago), Chika Okeke-Agulu (), and William W. The new audio and video series Reflections on the Collection: The Wallace (Washington University in St. Louis). Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professors at the National Gallery of Art was During its thirty-eighth academic year, the Center welcomed fellows posted to the Gallery’s website with the four inaugural presentations from France, Italy, China, Spain, the United Kingdom, and twelve of the by Edmond J. Safra Visiting Professors Kathleen A. Foster, Jacqueline United States. The topics of their research ranged from the meanings of Lichtenstein, Anna Ottani Cavina, and Carl Brandon Strehlke. In this aesthetic production of the Nahua people of Central to artistic series, the professors share their unique insights on works of art from encounters with Byzantium during the expansion of Aragon, and from the Gallery’s collection. the reemergence of narrative in in the United The sixty-seventh A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts were States to a of the Swahili Coast. delivered by Hal Foster of Princeton University on the topic “Positive In 2017 the Center accepted responsibility for the Sydney J. Freedberg Barbarism: Brutal in the Postwar Period.” Lecture on Italian Art. This annual lecture, which features original The Center’s research projects provide primary materials for scholar- research presented by distinguished scholars of Renaissance Italy, ship. The Malvasia project makes available a multivolume English trans- began in 1997 and is now endowed. For the twenty-first lecture in the lation and critical edition in Italian of ’s Felsina series, Beverly Louise Brown presented on the topic “Sugar and Spice pittrice (, 1678). Volume nine chronicles the life of . and All Things Nice? ’s Portrait of Clarice Strozzi.” Progress was also made on the volume dedicated to Other highlights included a study day for an international group and . The project is directed by the dean and coordi- of curators, conservators, and art historians held in connection nated by Professor Lorenzo Pericolo of the University of Warwick, with the exhibition Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: who also edits the critical edition. The digital database for the History Inspiration and Rivalry. This year’s Wyeth Lecture in American Art of Early American Landscape Design project, directed by Associate was delivered by Cécile Whiting on the topic “The Panorama and the Dean Therese O’Malley, is in the beta-testing phase with a projected Globe: Expanding the American Landscape in World War II” followed release date of 2019 to 2020. Associate Dean Peter Lukehart and his by an incontro with members of the Center on “Global War and the team continue to identify and incorporate new documentary sources New American Landscape, 1939–1948.” CASVA held a two-day meeting for the online database The History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. on “New Initiatives in African American Art” to reinforce the Center’s 1590–1635: Documents from the Archivio di Stato di Roma (www.nga. commitment to the advancement of the field first explored in last year’s gov/academia). Wyeth Foundation for American Art Symposium on the topic of “The For more on the Center’s programs, see the archive of annual reports African American Art World in Twentieth-Century Washington, DC.” A at www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/research/casva/publications/ two-day symposium entitled “Boundary Trouble: The Self-Taught Artist center-report.html.


Painting conservators restore paintings in the Gallery’s collection. Clockwise from left: Erin Stephenson with Mark Rothko’s No. 10, Sarah Murray with ’s Telemachus and Calypso, and Jay Krueger with Cy Twombly’s Synopsis of a Battle. COLLECTING EXHIBITING EDUCATING PRESERVING

The conservation division continued work on the fourth volume of of articles to professional colleagues nationally and internationally, its biennial publication Facture, dedicated to conservation research by providing gallery talks and lectures, and serving as a resource for topics related to the Gallery’s collection. This volume focuses on the members of the general public. creation and production of series, multiples, and replicas in various The Art Materials Research and Study Collection database has been mediums from the Renaissance to the present. The division also con- redesigned to integrate its holdings of manufacturers’ technical litera- tinued work on the development of ConservationSpace, the open- ture, company histories, and pigment origin data. It now documents source document management software that was launched at the more than 21,000 samples of paints and other media and will be Gallery in 2017 and has steadily been adopted by the conservation revamped to allow content sharing with the public in an online setting. community. Conservators across the division engaged in collaborative Object conservators completed fourteen major treatments on research with curators and scientists to contribute to catalogs and works in a wide range of materials, sizes, and time periods. This work programs associated with future Gallery exhibitions. Staff also shared included essential repairs to stabilize damaged wood components their knowledge through the presentation of papers and publication and lifting varnish on the newly acquired Ground Rules (black line) by

42 Object conservation fellow Robert Price repairs the glazes on Andrea della Robbia’s terracotta sculpture The Adoration of the Child. PRESERVING

Theaster Gates. Conservators also removed disfigured and aged fills on the interaction of patina and alloy in Renaissance bronzes, which from Andrea della Robbia’s glazed ceramic relief The Adoration of the was shared with an audience of international scholars. Child, and then replaced them with elegant color-corrected fills. An The painting conservation department completed thirty-one innovative major structural treatment of the monumental weathering major treatments, sixty-three minor treatments, and 166 major steel America by Alfredo Halegua involved removing a badly corroded examinations involving detailed study, analysis, x-radiography, mounting system, welding newly fabricated mounts, and installing the and infrared reflectography. More than 960 paintings were exam- conserved work in the Sculpture Garden. George Rickey’s outdoor ined and documented in preparation for loans to other institutions sculpture Divided Square Oblique II, which was damaged in severe or inclusion in Gallery exhibitions. Several significant conservation weather, required the realignment of deformed components using a treatments were completed this year, including those on paint- customized form to reshape the stainless steel. ings by Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, , Sebastiano The department performed 362 minor treatments in the course of Ricci, and Mark Rothko. Conservation of notable works included Fra collection preservation, including Frederic Remington’s bronze quartet Angelico’s The Entombment of Christ, François Boucher’s Allegory of riders in Off the Range (Coming Through the Rye), Anne Truitt’s of Music, Sir ’s Lady with a Fan, ’s Summer Remembered, and Ermenegildo Hamerani’s bronze medal The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil, Sir Henry Raeburn’s The Binning depicting Painting the Virgin. The department completed Children, and Jacopo Tintoretto’s A Procurator of Saint Mark’s and major examinations of thirty-one works and 821 minor condition Summer. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s Bacchus and Ariadne was the examinations to prepare works for loan and in conjunction with exhi- focus of a multiyear treatment that involved extensive imaging bitions. Extensive technical exams were also performed on Andrea del and collaboration with the scientific research department. Restorations Verrocchio sculptures in advance of the 2019 exhibition. dating to the late eighteenth century compromised the under- Object conservators presented at professional conferences on standing of this masterpiece, and the treatment revealed significant the conservation treatments of Ghost by Rachel Whiteread, Adolph discoveries about Tiepolo’s materials and his approach to painting. Gottlieb’s Wall, ’s original sculptures, and the Shaw The department continued to support Gallery publications. Working Memorial by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. They led discussions with on NGA Online Editions and the systematic catalog project, several emerging scholars on topics including Spanish polychrome sculpture conservators were closely involved with curators and catalog authors and the materials and methods used by Verrocchio’s workshop. to resolve questions of facture and condition, prepare technical Conservators also contributed to an international digital publication entries, and edit the scholarly for volumes devoted to sixteenth- focused on copper-alloy casting that lead to groundbreaking insights century Italian paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese; nineteenth-

Conservation scientists John Delaney and Kathryn Dooley perform reflectance imaging spectroscopy to further study Pope Innocent X by the Circle of Diego Velázquez.


Painting conservation fellow Kari Rayner removes discolored varnish from Mary, by the Master of the Saint Lucy Legend.


Noteworthy paper conservation treat- ments included the bathing of prints by Marcantonio Raimondi, , and Louis Lozowick to reduce disfiguring and discolored components in the paper. Physical deterioration caused by iron gall ink in a double-sided drawing by Baccio Bandinelli required delicate reinforcement to prevent the paper from breaking apart while making sure the image remained readable. Twenty-nine drawings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and other Italian masters were con- served. In addition to treatment projects, the paper conservation department assisted with the Mark Rothko online catalogue rai- sonné of drawings by identifying media and documenting watermarks in the paper. This past year conservators taught international workshops on the use of gels in the treat- ment of works on paper and presented lec- tures on Gallery drawings. They continued research on Genoese baroque drawings, prints by Jasper Johns, and Mary Cassatt’s drawings and prints. Framers continued to develop innovative and attractive approaches for displaying works of art including a new design for sealed packages for matted works on paper and the framing of prints on felt by Joseph Beuys. Collaborating with other divisions, the framers organized and reviewed frame stock and created a frame inventory man- agement database. The photograph conservation department completed fifteen major treatments, 155 minor treatments, and 1,270 condition examinations for loans, collection maintenance, and exhi- bitions. The department continued to devote most of its time and resources in support of Gallery exhibitions, including Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings; Gordon Parks: The century French paintings; and . Technical New Tide, Early Work 1940–1950; Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham examinations and updates for the online Dutch catalog continue, pri- Project; the future exhibition The Eye of the Sun: Nineteenth-Century marily focusing on the Corcoran Collection and recent acquisitions. Photographs from the National Gallery of Art; as well as rotating exhi- The paper conservation department completed eight major treat- bitions in the permanent collection. ments, 101 minor treatments, and 1,475 examinations and took more Among the more challenging treatments was Gordon Parks’s 1949 than seventy x-radiographs, ultraviolet, and infrared images. Matting- photograph Tenement House, Ansonia, , one of a large framing specialists and technicians matted 576 prints, drawings, and group of photographs and films given to the Corcoran Gallery of Art photographs; framed and unframed 1,341 artworks; constructed 216 by the artist in 1998, now in the Gallery’s collection. Several other custom housings; devised 209 mounts for display; built or repaired demanding examinations and treatments were performed on many 247 frames; and installed 203 artworks in exhibitions. The department photographs in preparation for By the Light of the Silvery Moon: A actively participated in Gallery projects to scan paper-based records Century of Lunar Photographs from the 1850s to Apollo 11. These for digital storage and to establish an exhibition management system. prints required significant repairs to stabilize them for travel and to Exhibitions requiring special attention by the conservators and framers greatly enhance their appearance while on display. included Sense of Humor, Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Many daguerreotypes will be featured in The Eye of the Sun. The Maiolica and Bronze, and Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings. display of these extraordinary early photographs, which have a mirror-


like surface, pose major challenges. Photograph conservators collab- servator coordinated and contributed to a study day for an in-depth orated with other departments to plan for their enhanced exhibition. exchange on the complex artist’s methods and materials employed Preventive conservation staff substantially contributed to initiatives by and printers at Gemini G.E.L. for the 1974 including the development of an emergency preparedness plan, the work Hoarfrost Editions, which is comprised of nine large and fragile ongoing deep-clean project, and material testing for products used in the components: Ringer, Preview, Scrape, Pull, Sand, Ringer State, Mule, storage, display, and transport of art. Department conservators assisted Plus Fours, and Scent. The study day was attended by visiting scholars, with examinations, handling, display, and packing of eleven special exhi- artists, conservators, curators, and conservation scientists. bitions, four of which required ongoing support at subsequent venues. Examinations and treatments were completed for numerous Two special exhibitions required extraordinary work by the depart- hangings in Outliers and American Vanguard Art, including Rosie ment. Conservators travelled to lenders to assess, advise, examine, Lee Tompkins’s Three Sixes (quilted by Willia Ette Graham) and two and pack loans for Outliers and American Vanguard Art, then assisted untitled works quilted by Irene Bankhead. Condition examinations with the complex installation and maintenance of the exhibition. Staff were carried out for the installation of several delicate and complex spent several weeks continuing to check the condition of loans and textile works: Enrico Baj’s When I Was Young; Barry Le Va’s Equal assist with the installation at the next venue. Preventive conservators Quantities: Placed or Dropped In, Out, and On in Relation to also traveled to assess loans and helped to resolve many transportation Specific Boundaries; Betye Saar’s Dat Ol’ Black Magic; and Salvatore and installation challenges for Rachel Whiteread. Scarpitta’s Harpoon Rack II. Much of this work required close coordi- The department modified and treated fifty-eight frames to improve nation and collaboration with other departments. their appearance and structural integrity. One unique project involved Scientists examined seventy-four works of art in association with the artist-selected frame on Morris Louis’s Sub-Marine. The frame had conservation treatments and research in support of exhibition cata- been overgilded, covering an original surface that matched colors in logs and ongoing projects by conservators and curators. Considerable the painting. With the assistance of family snapshots provided by the effort was given to the technical investigation of works by Andrea donors, which captured the painting in the background, the artist- del Verrocchio and members of his workshop in preparation for intended appearance of the frame was restored. a forthcoming exhibition. The technical investigations produced The textile conservator completed one major treatment, six minor unprecedented information about the artist’s working methods. Six examinations, four minor treatments, and 584 condition examinations paintings from international collections were examined in detail using for exhibitions, loans, and collection maintenance. The textile con- state-of-the-art imaging technology, while the analysis of other works, in less detail, was also undertaken. Study of new images acquired using multiple imaging methods in combina- tion with new cross-section analysis provided insight into the making of The Feast of the Gods by Giovanni Bellini and Titian to allow an improved reconstruction of the appearance of the painting as it was first com- pleted by Bellini. Research into use of soft matter for cleaning delicate surfaces reached a conclusion and has resulted in the publication of several papers. Investigation into the mechanisms of metal soap formation and subsequent changes in oil paint films has provided new data on these processes, augmented by fruitful collaborations with sci- entists at research institutions. Conducted in collabora- tion with the photograph conservators, scientists’ studies on the immediate and long-term reactions of photo- graphic images continue to offer astounding information about the metal nanoparticles that form the image. The expertise developed within the department was solicited through invitations to advise and share capabilities with colleagues working in collections throughout the world, to give keynote and plenary talks at conferences, and to provide training to visiting conservators and scientists.

Top Left: Preventive conservator Jamie Gleason restores the frame for Morris Louis’s Sub-Marine. Left: Textile conservator Julia Burke cleans the surface of Yinka Shonibare’s Girl on Globe 2.

47 2018 REVIEW


Fiscal year 2018 marked another year of strong financial growth for performance across nearly all asset categories. The strongest con- the Gallery. This was achieved through impressive performance of tributors to performance included the Gallery’s investments in the investment portfolio, prudent management of expenses, strong U.S. and international developed public market equities and hedge support from Congress and the Administration, and the generosity funds. The investment portfolio’s long-term performance over the of private citizens, foundations, and corporations. ten-year period totaled 7.7 percent, exceeding the Gallery’s custom The federal commitment to operate and maintain the Gallery investable benchmark by 120 basis points. originates in the 1937 Joint Resolution of Congress that accepted Cash balances increased $20.0 million over the prior year primar- Andrew W. Mellon’s unprecedented gift to the nation of his art ily in order to fund the construction contract for renovations to the collection, the funds to construct the West Building, and an Gallery’s East Building atrium and adjacent spaces, to begin in fiscal endowment. The Joint Resolution pledged that the United States year 2019. Spanning 16,000 square feet, the deteriorating atrium would provide funds for the upkeep, administrative expenses, and skylight has not been renovated since the East Building opened costs of operations, including the protection and care of the works in 1978 and requires complete replacement of the glass units and of art given to the nation, so that the Gallery would at all times be aluminum frames. The structural steel space frame will remain in properly maintained and remain open to the public free of charge. place while undergoing refurbishment, and public access will be The Gallery receives annual federal appropriations to support maintained while the renovation is underway. The project is part core programs and renovations of its buildings as part of the of the federally funded Master Facilities Plan, a comprehensive, budget approved annually by Congress and signed by the President. long-term renewal program that is designed to address Income from endowments as well as gifts and grants designated life safety and infrastructure improvements necessary to main- by donors for other specific purposes supplement the federal tain and protect the Gallery’s buildings. Investments in property, appropriations. Endowment support for expenditures is computed plant, and equipment decreased by $6.4 million in fiscal year 2018 under the Gallery’s spending policy and utilized in accordance with as capital expenditures slowed in advance of the upcoming major donor-imposed restrictions. The Gallery is a nonprofit organization East Building atrium renovations and were more than offset by exempt from federal income taxes under the provisions of Section depreciation expense. Fiscal year 2018 capital expenditures of $8.9 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. million included completion of design documents for the atrium renovation, replacement of a number of building systems and com- FINANCIAL POSITION munications components, as well as modernization of information The Gallery continued to build on its strong financial position in technology systems. fiscal year 2018. Net assets totaled $1.3 billion at September 30, Pledges receivable increased by $3.5 million as generous individu- 2018, an increase of $70.3 million or 5.6 percent over the prior als and foundations have continued to contribute to The Andrew W. year. This increase is due primarily to the strong performance of Mellon Foundation’s challenge grant in celebration of the Gallery’s the Gallery’s investment portfolio, which ended the year at $994.5 75th anniversary. Total liabilities increased slightly by $4.3 million, million, an increase of $58.1 million above last year. The diversified primarily due to contract obligations related to the East Building portfolio returned 7.1 percent for the year, benefitting from positive atrium skylight renovation project.


OPERATING RESULTS Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry, Rachel Whiteread, and Corot: Women. The Gallery ended the fiscal year with a modest unrestricted oper- The collection was augmented by several major purchases in ating surplus of $0.9 million before depreciation and amortization. fiscal year 2018 including Willem van de Velde the Younger’s An This surplus is primarily the result of careful management of expenses English Warship Firing a Salute (1673), Archibald John Motley Jr.’s and unrestricted gifts that exceeded the budget plan. Portrait of My Grandmother (1922), Pierre-Jean David d’Angers’s Operating support and revenue totaled $168.7 million in fiscal year Comte Antoine Boulay de la Meurthe (1832), Claude-Joseph Vernet’s 2018, increasing $5.1 million, or 3.1 percent over fiscal year 2017. Moonlight (1772), and Clara Peeters’s Still Life with Flowers Surrounded Federal support recognized for operations totaled $129.7 million, by Insects and a Snail (c. 1615/1618). an increase of $2.5 million or 1.9 percent, primarily as a result of increased outlays from prior year obligations. Gifts from individuals, AUDITORS’ REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS corporations, and foundations continued to play a critical role in Summarized financial information is shown on the following supporting the Gallery’s outstanding exhibition, education, curatorial, pages. The Gallery’s complete fiscal year 2018 audited financial and conservation programs in fiscal year 2018. Operating gifts and statements, related notes, and the auditors’ reports thereon can grants totaled $11.2 million, an increase of $2.9 million over the prior be found on the Gallery’s website at www.nga.gov. The Gallery’s year, primarily due to major gifts received from foundations and external auditors issued an unmodified opinion on the fiscal year individual donors for special exhibitions including Cézanne Portraits 2018 financial statements and did not identify any material weak- and Outliers and American Vanguard Art. nesses, significant deficiencies, or areas of noncompliance with Funds appropriated under the Gallery’s investment spending laws and regulations. policy totaled $18.0 million versus $18.7 in fiscal year 2017, decreas- ing 3.6 percent primarily as a result of the successful fundraising for exhibitions described above and also because shared costs for Rachel Whiteread and other traveling exhibitions that opened at the end of fiscal year 2018 will not be reflected until next fiscal year. Revenues from the Gallery shops totaled $8.6 million, an increase of $0.6 million primarily from sales of exhibition catalogs. Royalties William W. McClure and other income decreased slightly from $1.4 million in fiscal year Treasurer 2017 to $1.3 million in fiscal year 2018. Fiscal year 2018 operating expenses totaled $167.8 million, increasing $4.0 million or 2.5 percent over the prior year, due primarily to increased costs of exhibitions and related programs in fiscal year 2018. Major exhibitions opening during the fiscal year included Outliers and American Vanguard Art, Cézanne Portraits,




ASSETS 2018 2017

Cash and cash equivalents $ 89,886 $ $69,926 Pledges, accounts receivable, and other assets 28,980 25,998 Investments and trusts held by others 994,526 936,470 Property, plant, and equipment, net 324,993 331,427

Total assets $ 1,438,385 $ 1,363,821



Environmental liability $ 19,863 $ 22,978 Other liabilities 91,080 83,691

Total liabilities 110,943 106,669


Without donor restrictions 588,663 576,934 With donor restrictions 738,779 680,218

Total net assets 1,327,442 1,257,152

Total liabilities and net assets $ 1,438,385 $ 1,363,821


Net assets at beginning of year $ 1,257,152 $ 1,142,764 Change in net assets from operating activities 910 (182) Nonoperating gifts and federal appropriations 48,647 49,387 Investment return in excess of amount appropriated for operations 47,309 87,747 Acquisitions of art (14,871) (6,274) Environmental liability change in value 4,298 1,153 Depreciation expense and other (16,003) (17,443)

Change in net assets $ 70,290 $ 114,388

Net assets at end of year $ $1,327,442 $ 1,257,152


SUMMARIZED STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS Years ended September 30, 2018 and 2017 (In thousands)


Federal appropriations $ 129,651 $ 127,173 Gifts and grants 11,171 8,266 Spending policy appropriated for operations 17,988 18,669 Gallery shops sales, net 8,639 8,085 Royalties and other income 1,250 1,374

Total support and revenue $ 168,699 $ 163,567


Collections $ 51,225 $ 50,940 Special exhibitions 22,423 21,149 Education, Gallery shops, and public programs 45,255 42,777 Editorial and photography 7,401 7,071 General and administrative 37,008 37,748 Development 4,477 4,064

Total expenses 167,789 163,749

Change in net assets from operating activities $ 910 $ (182)

*excluding depreciation and amortization


Spending policy General and appropriated for operations Royalties and administrative Development 11% other income 22% 3% 1% Gallery shops sales, net 5% Collections 31% Gifts and grants 6% Editorial and photography 4% Special exhibitions 13%

Education, Gallery shops, Federal appropriations and public programs 77% %


PAINTINGS 2018.109.1, Purchased as the Gift of Ramsey, Milne, American, 1846–1915 SCULPTURES Robert K. Kraft >Marble Tabletop with Fruit and Wine- glass, 1869, oil on board, 2018.44.16, Babcock, William Perkins, American, Hardy, Anna Eliza, American, Amadori, E., Italian, active 1852–1870 Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1826–1899 1839–1934 >Hand of Pietro Tenerani, 1852, marble, >Flowers in a Cut Glass Vase, 185[?], >Two McLaughlin Pears, n.d., Ream, Carducius Plantagenet, 2018.44.127, Gift of William and oil on canvas, 2018.44.1, oil on board, 2018.44.11, American, 1837–1917 Abigail Gerdts Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Blackberries Spilling from Tin , Bartolini, Lorenzo, Italian, 1777–1850 n.d., oil on board, 2018.44.17, Batcheller, Frederick, American, Hardy, Jeremiah Pearson, American, >Eliza Bonaparte, n.d., marble, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1837–1889 1800–1888 2018.44.128, Gift of William and >Mysotis and Roses in Vase, n.d., >Two McLaughlin Pears, n.d., Roesen, Severin, American, born Abigail Gerdts oil on canvas, 2018.44.25, oil on board, 2018.44.12, Germany, 1816–after 1872 Belli, Valerio, Italian, 1468–1546 Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Peaches, Grapes, and Apples, n.d., >The Adoration of the Shepherds, oil on wood, 2018.44.18, Bonnat, Léon, French, 1833–1922 Hays, Barton Stone, American, 1530s, bronze, 2017.112.1, Gift of Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Henry White, 1882, oil on canvas, 1826–1914 the Riddick Family in memory of 2018.111.1, Gift of Margaret R. >Still Life, Apples, Grapes, n.d., Sillman, Amy, American, born 1955 Eleonora Luciano White Bennett oil on canvas, 2018.44.13, >Blue Diagram, 2009, oil on canvas, Calder, Alexander, American, Bridges, Fidelia, American, 1834–1923 Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 2018.115.1, Gift of Anne and Joel 1898–1976 Ehrenkranz >Trailing Arbutus, 1863, oil on wood, Inman, Henry, American, 1801–1846 >French Poodle, c. 1952, brass wire 2018.44.125, Gift of William and >Rip Van Winkle Awakening from Skeele, Hannah Brown, American, >Birdsong (Vogelgesang), c. 1930, brass Abigail Gerdts his Long Sleep, 1823, oil on wood, 1829–1901 wire, 2017.124.2, 3, Gift of Richard and Elaine Kaufman Brown, William Mason, American, 2018.44.134, Gift of William and >Vase of Morning Glories, n.d., 1828–1898 Abigail Gerdts oil on wood, 2018.44.19, Crawford, Thomas, American, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Mound of Cherries, n.d., oil on wood, Inman, John O’Brien, American, 1814–1857 2018.44.2, Gift of William and 1828–1896 Sleigh, Sylvia, American, born Wales, >Raphael, n.d., marble, 2018.44.126, Abigail Gerdts >Still Life, 1868, oil on canvas 1916–2010 Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Dunning, Robert Spear, American, >Gentlemen’s Still Life, 1871, >Manhattan Landscape with Figures, Daniel-Dupuis, Jean-Baptiste, French, 1829–1905 oil on wood, 2018.44.26, 27, 1968, oil on canvas, 2018.114.1, 1849–1899 >Still Life, Wineglass, Two Peaches, n.d., Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Gift of R. V. Bendrat, in celebration >Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine of his 95th birthday oil on canvas Kelly, Mary, American, born 1941 Arts Founder’s Medal, struck c. 2005, >Red Cherries, 1866, oil on canvas, >My James, 2008, compressed lint on Soulages, Pierre, French, born 1919 , 2018.44.129.a, b, Gift of William 2018.44.3, 140, Gift of William and cardboard, 2018.62.1, Pepita Milmore >Peinture 326 x 181 cm, 14 mars 2009, and Abigail Gerdts Abigail Gerdts Memorial Fund and Firestone Fund 2009, acrylic on canvas (four panels), David d’Angers, Pierre-Jean, French, 2017.120.1, Gift of Pierre and Colette Dupuis, Pierre, French, 1610–1682 Kessel, Jan van, Flemish, 1626–1679 1788–1856 Soulages >Still Life with Trophies of the Hunt, >Insects and a Sprig of Rosemary, 1653, >Comte Antoine Boulay de la Meurthe, n.d., oil on canvas, 2017.159.1, oil on panel, 2018.41.1, The Richard C. Velde, Willem van de, the Younger, 1832, marble, 2017.116.1, Patrons’ Gift of Jeffrey E. Horvitz Von Hess Foundation, Nell and Robert Dutch, 1633–1707 Permanent Fund and Buffy and William Cafritz Family Sculpture Fund Edmonds, Francis William, American, Weidenhammer Fund, Barry D. >An English Warship Firing a Salute, 1806–1863 Friedman, and Friends of Dutch Art 1673, oil on canvas, 2018.10.1, Falconet, Etienne-Maurice, Workshop The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund >Study for “The Bashful Cousin,” Lacroix, Paul, American, 1827–1869 of, French, 1716–1791 c. 1841–1842, oil on paper, 2018.42.1, >Asparagus, Tomatoes, and a Squash, Vernet, Claude-Joseph, French, >Venus Nursing Cupid, c. 1759, Gift of H. Nichols B. Clark in honor of 1865, oil on canvas, 2018.44.14, Gift of 1714–1789 terracotta, 2018.20.5, Gift of David John Wilmerding William and Abigail Gerdts >Moonlight, 1772, oil on canvas, H. McDonnell 2018.13.1, Chester Dale Fund and Forster, George, American, 1817–1896 Louis, Morris, American, 1912–1962 Flanagan, John F., American, Patrons’ Permanent Fund >Still Life with Fruit/Gooseberries in a >Sub-Marine, 1948, oil on canvas, 1865–1952 Bowl, 1870, oil on canvas, 2018.44.4, 2017.115.1, Purchased as the Gift of Victors, Jan, Dutch, 1619–after 1676 >Portrait of a Bearded Gentleman, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Howard and Roberta Ahmanson >The Slaughtered Hog, 1653, probably c. 1890, marble, 2018.136.1, oil on panel, 2018.31.1, Gift in honor Gift of John Russell Sale, former Francis, John F., American, 1808–1886 Miller, William Rickarby, American, of Felix and Lise Haas Curator of Education, and his family >Basket of Pears and Crabapples, n.d., born England, 1818–1893 oil on board >Study of Apples from Nature, 1863, Vignon, Claude, French, 1593–1670 Gates, Theaster, American, born 1973 >Watermelon and Grapes, 1863, oil on board, 2018.44.15, Gift of >Mary Magdalene Comforted by an >Ground Rules (black line), 2015, oil on wood, 2018.44.5, 6, William and Abigail Gerdts Angel, 1626, oil on panel, 2017.159.2, wood flooring, 2018.11.1, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Gift of Jeffrey E. Horvitz Gift of the Collectors Committee Motley, Archibald John Jr., American, Gris, Juan, Spanish, 1887–1927 1891–1981 Way, Andrew John Henry, American, Hepworth, Barbara, British, 1903–1975 >Glass and Checkerboard, c. 1917, >Portrait of My Grandmother, 1922, 1826–1888 >Sculpture with Color and Strings, oil on wood, 2017.122.1, Woodner oil on canvas, 2018.2.1, Patrons’ >Two Bunches of Grapes, n.d., model 1939, cast 1961, bronze, Collection, Gift of Dian Woodner Permanent Fund, Avalon Fund, and oil on canvas, 2018.44.20, 2017.124.4, Gift of Richard and Elaine Kaufman Hall, George Henry, American, Motley Fund Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1825–1913 Peeters, Clara, Flemish, c. 1580– Wenzler, Sarah Wilhelmina, American, Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue, American, >A Peach, Seville, 1866, oil on canvas after 1636 active 1861–1872 1830–1908 >A Pomegranate, , 1885, >Still Life with Flowers Surrounded by >Hanging Bunch of Grapes, 1867, >Puck, c. 1856, marble, 2018.44.130, oil on canvas Insects and a Snail, c. 1615/1618, oil on canvas, 2018.44.21, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Tulip, 1869, oil on wood oil on copper, 2018.144.1, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Katz, Alex, American, born 1927 >Lemons, 1884, oil on canvas, The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund >Ada (Weathervane), 2016, 2018.44.7–10, Gift of William and Wores, Theodore, American, enamel on shaped steel mounted on Abigail Gerdts Porter, Charles Ethan, American, 1859–1939 1847–1923 >Buddha’s Flowers: Lotus, Tokyo, 1894, powder-coated steel base, 2017.123.1, Hannock, Stephen, American, >Peonies in a Vase, c. 1885, oil on board, 2018.44.22, Gift of Robert Lococo and the Artist born 1951 oil on canvas, 2018.44.124, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Mead, Larkin Goldsmith, American, >Flooded Oxbow with Green Light, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1835–1910 for Betty and Agnes Mongan (Mass >Venezia, c. 1865/1866, marble, MoCA #265), 2017, oil on canvas, 2018.44.23, Gift of William and

Abigail Gerdts


Powers, Hiram, American, 1805–1873 mid-18th century, gray wash with pen Bramer, Leonard, Dutch, 1596–1674 Cardi, Ludovico called Cigoli, Italian, >Bust of “Eve Disconsolate,” n.d., marble and brown ink and traces of graphite, >Studies of a Bear, 1620s?, brown wash 1559–1613 >Foot of “The Greek Slave,” n.d., 2018.57.3, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund with blue gouache over black chalk on >A Standing Male Figure, Facing Left, marble, 2018.44.24, 131, blue-green paper, 2017.132.1, Gift of 1590s, red chalk, 2018.26.6, The Edith Baratta, Carlo Alberto, Italian, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts John Carter Brown IV and Elissa Brown Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection 1754–1815 in Memory of J. Carter Brown Shapiro, Joel, American, born 1941 >Adam and Eve with Cain and Abel, Carpaccio, Vittore, Italian, >untitled, 2017–2018, wood and gouache with pen and brown ink on Brandegee, Robert Bolling, American, c. 1465–1525/1526 casein, 2018.135.1, Gift of Alex Katz blue paper, 2017.143.1, Ailsa Mellon 1848–1922 >The Virgin and Four Other Women, Foundation Bruce Fund >Apple Blossoms, c. 1869, watercolor 1505/1510, pen and brown ink with >Dead Bird, c. 1867, watercolor and gray wash over charcoal, 2017.111.2, Truitt, Anne, American, 1921–2004 Barazani, Morris, American, graphite, 2018.44.41, 42, Gift of Woodner Collection, Gift of Dian >Twining Court II, 2002, acrylic on 1924–2015 William and Abigail Gerdts Woodner wood, 2018.134.1, Gift of Mary and >Untitled (Abex), 1965, ink, acrylic, and John Pappajohn , 2018.143.7, Gift of Bob Stana Brenta, Luigi, Italian, born 1800 Casciaro, Giuseppe, Italian, 1863–1943 and Tom Judy >Juno Seated on the Clouds, early >View of the Phlegraean Island of Unknown 19th century, pen and brown ink with Nisida from Posillipo, 1907, pastel >Hand of the Honorable Lady Neave, Beckmann, Max, German, 1884–1950 brown wash over graphite, squared and oil paint, 2017.145.1, Ailsa Mellon 1883, marble >Temptation, 1919, bluish-black ink for transfer Bruce Fund >Hand of Unknown Sculptor, n.d., over graphite, 2018.118.4, >Diana and Her Companions in a marble, 2018.44.132, 133, Gift of Harry Grubert Chaigneau, Jean-Ferdinand, French, Landscape, early 19th century, pen Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1830–1906 Bellange, Thierry, French, 1598–1638 and brown ink with brown wash over >A Sheep, 1860s, black and white chalk >The and Child Seated by graphite, 2017.158.2, 3, Ailsa Mellon >Studies of Sheep, 1860s, black and a Ledge, black and red chalk with Bruce Fund white chalk, 2018.126.1, 2, Gift of MEDIA ART graphite and gold on vellum, Bridges, Fidelia, American, 1834–1923 Christine Laba 2018.64.3, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Dead Yellow-breasted Bird in Autumn Benglis, Lynda, American, born 1941 Charlier, Jacques, French, c. 1720–1790 Bernardi, Pietro, Italian, active Landscape, 1870s, watercolor >Ten untitled videotapes, 1972–1973, >Venus Surprised by a Satyr (after c. 1614–1623 >Flowers in a Pitcher, 1870s, watercolor François Boucher), third quarter of the 2017.127.1–10, Dorothy and Herbert >Bishop Saint in Supplication, , on brown paper, 2018.44.43, 44, 18th century, gouache on vellum Vogel Collection black and white chalk on blue paper, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Sleeping Bacchantes (after François 2017.129.1, Gift of Nicolas Schwed British 19th Century Boucher), third quarter of the 18th Biennourry, Victor-François-Eloi, >Portrait of a Man, 1840s, watercolor century, gouache on vellum DRAWINGS French, 1823–1893 miniature on in metal locket, >Pan and Syrinx (after François Boucher), >Porta San Lorenzo, , mid-19th 2018.44.70, Gift of William and third quarter of the 18th century, Abbott, Mary, American, born 1921 century, watercolor and graphite on Abigail Gerdts gouache over traces of black and >Untitled [Abstract], 1951, blue paper, 2017.159.3, Gift of Jeffrey brown chalk on vellum, 2017.126.4–6, Brown, George Loring, American, oil and oil stick, 2018.143.2, Gift of E. Horvitz Gift of David H. McDonnell Bob Stana and Tom Judy 1814–1889 Bigari, Vittorio Maria, Italian, >Shoe, Herring, and Book, 1833, Chase, William Merritt, American, Abramowitz, Ben, American, 1692–1776 watercolor, 2018.44.45, Gift of 1849–1916 1917–2011 >Architectural with a Soldier William and Abigail Gerdts >Self-Portrait, 1909, pen and black ink >Untitled [Abstract], c. 1965, acrylic and and Dog, mid-18th century, pen and on two sheets of paper, 2018.44.28, Brown, John Appleton, American, watercolor, 2018.143.3, Gift of Bob brown and black ink with gray wash, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 1844–1902 Stana and Tom Judy 2018.26.1, The Edith Tanenbaum >Trees near a Stream, 1898, pastel, Coccapani, Sigismondo, Italian, Rudolf Collection Alberti, Cherubino, Italian, 1553–1615 2018.101.1, Purchased as the Gift of 1585–1643 >A Design for a Wall Decoration or Bigatti, Tommaso, Italian, active c. 1800 Merritt P. Dyke >A Standing Bearded Man, 1610/1630, , 1590s?, pen and brown ink >Elaborate Wall Decorations with red chalk with red wash, 2018.26.7, Buhot, Félix-Hilaire, French, 1847–1898 and brown wash over black chalk, Venus and Adonis, c. 1800, gouache The Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf >The Staircase, late 19th century, 2018.20.2, Gift of David H. McDonnell over traces of graphite, on fine vellum Collection graphite >Elaborate Wall Decoration with Allston, Washington, American, >The Salon, late 19th century, graphite Confortini, Jacopo, Italian, 1602–1672 Endymion and Hebe, c. 1800, 1779–1843 >Preliminary Sketch for “The Passage,” >Study of a Standing Male Nude: Saint gouache with gum arabic on fine >Portrait of a Man, c. 1810, graphite, c. 1879, graphite Sebastian, mid-17th century, black vellum, 2017.126.2, 3, Gift of David 2018.44.39, Gift of William and >Preliminary Sketch for “The Passage,” chalk, with stumping, on buff paper, H. McDonnell Abigail Gerdts c. 1879, graphite 2018.20.3, Gift of David H. McDonnell Blanchet, Thomas, French, 1614–1689 >Preliminary Sketch for “The Passage,” American 19th Century Conner, Bruce, American, 1933–2008 >The Deposition, 1670s?, red chalk with c. 1879, graphite >Shells, Watch Hill, Rhode Island, 19th >MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, 1991, ink, pen and brown ink and gray wash, >The Cab, late 19th century, pen and century, black wash over graphite, 2018.69.1, Gift of the Collectors Com- 2017.159.4, Gift of Jeffrey E. Horvitz ink, graphite and chalk 2018.44.64, Gift of William and mittee and Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Abigail Gerdts Blarenberghe, Louis-Nicolas van, >Three Sheep by a Cottage (recto); Cosway, Richard, British, French, 1716 or 1719–1794 Sketches of Cows (verso), late 19th Angrand, Charles, French, 1854–1926 1740/1742–1821 >Cavalry Battle by a River, gouache century, pen and ink with wash >The to the Shepherds, >A Man Trapped between a Lion and on vellum, 2017.159.5, Gift of Jeffrey and chalk (recto); wash and chalk 1894, charcoal with conté crayon, a Serpent, 1790s, pen and brown ink E. Horvitz (verso), 2017.199.2, 20–25.a–b, Helena 2018.127.1, Gift of Helen Porter and Gunnarsson Buhot Collection, Gift in with gray wash, 2018.60.1, Joseph F. James T. Dyke, in honor of Margaret Blashfield, Edwin Howland, American, Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary of McCrindle Endowment Fund Morgan Grasselli 1848–1936 the National Gallery of Art Crespi, Daniele, Italian, >Study of Hands, 1909, charcoal Anquetin, Louis, French, 1861–1932 >La Butte aux Cailles, 1873, watercolor 1597/1600–1630 heightened with white on green paper, >Head Studies, 1880s?, pen and black over graphite, 2017.199.30, Helena >The Flagellation, c. 1629, pen and 2018.44.40, Gift of William and ink, 2017.136.1, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Gunnarsson Buhot Collection brown ink and brown wash over black Abigail Gerdts Michael Schlossberg Cambiaso, Luca, workshop of, Italian, chalk, heightened with white gouache, Appian, Adolphe, French, 1818–1898 Bochner, Mel, American, born 1940 1527–1585 on blue paper, squared for transfer >Interior of a Forge (recto); Yard with >Pythagoras (2), 2006, charcoal and >The Virgin in Glory, early 1560s, in red chalk, 2018.26.15, The Edith a Pigsty (verso), 1860s, charcoal on conté crayon, 2017.177.1, Gift of Marc pen and brown ink on paper washed Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection Selwyn Fine Art blue paper (recto); graphite and black light brown, 2018.26.3, The Edith Creti, Donato, Circle of, Italian, and white chalk on blue paper (verso), Bonington, Richard Parkes, British, Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection 1671–1749 2017.172.1.a, b, Gift of Helen Porter and 1802–1828 Cantagallina, Remigio, Italian, >Saint Francis Praying Surrounded by James T. Dyke >Honfleur, c. 1821, brown wash 1582/1583–1656 Putti (recto); Presentation in the Babel, Pierre-Edme, French, over graphite, 2018.117.1, Gift of >Landscape with a Man Resting, Temple (verso), late 17th century, probably 1720–1775 Donald Stone Farm Houses, and a Castle, early 17th pen and brown ink (recto); red chalk >Rocaille , mid-18th century, Bonnard, Pierre, French, 1867–1947 century, pen and brown ink over black (verso), 2018.26.8.a, b, The Edith gray wash with pen and brown ink, >The Voyeur, 1910, black crayon chalk, 2017.138.1, Joseph F. McCrindle Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection 2018.57.2, Katharine Shepard Fund >Spanish Dancers, 1910, black crayon, Endowment Fund >Rocaille Cartouche with an Eagle, 2017.108.1, 2, Purchased for the Virginia and Ira Jackson Collection


Davis, Dexter, American, born 1965 Fortuny y Carbó, Mariano, Circle of, Homer, Winslow, American, Lehmann, Henri, French, 1814–1882 >Face/Body, 2012, watercolor and Spanish, 1838–1874 1836–1910 >Christ with Doubting Thomas and collage, 2017.148.10, Gift of Bob Stana >Standing Musician, 1870, watercolor >Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, the Apostles, mid-19th century, and Tom Judy and gouache with gum arabic, Bahamas, 1885, pen and brown ink, graphite with watercolor, 2018.130.1, 2017.180.3, Gift of John O’Brien 2018.44.54, Gift of William and Gift of John O’Brien Davis, Stuart, American, 1892–1964 Abigail Gerdts >Torso and Head of Two Figures, 1928, French 18th Century Lemmen, Georges, Belgian, 1865–1916 brush and black ink and graphite, >Jupiter and Semele, 18th century, pen Inman, Henry, American, 1801–1846 >Two Studies of Madame Lemmen, 2017.114.1, Pepita Milmore Memorial and black ink with gray wash, >Man in Snow, c. 1825, graphite 1885, charcoal on buff paper, Fund and Addie Burr Clark Fund 2018.132.3, Gift of Nicholas Martin in >Portrait of a Man, c. 1830, watercolor 2017.172.2, Gift of Helen Porter and memory of his parents, Vernon Paul miniature on ivory in metal locket, James T. Dyke de Longprè, Paul, American, 1855–1911 and Jean Webster Martin 2018.44.55, 69, Gift of William and >White Flowers, 1901, watercolor and Le Paon, Jean-Baptiste, French, Abigail Gerdts graphite, 2018.44.46, Gift of William Frost, Arthur B., American, 1851–1928 1738–1785 and Abigail Gerdts >View of Giverny, 1908–1909, Italian 16th Century >Soldiers in a Windy Landscape, graphite on green paper, 2018.44.47, >Saint Lawrence on the Grill (after Luca 1770s?, black chalk and pen and de Looper, Willem, American, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts Cambiaso), late 16th century, pen and brown ink with brown and gray wash, born The Netherlands, 1932–2009 brown ink with brown wash over 2018.64.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Abstract in Green and Purple, 1973, Gabriel, Ramon, American, 1910–1987 traces of red chalk, 2018.26.4, The acrylic, 2017.148.17, Gift of Bob Stana >Untitled [Abstract Landscape], Le Piper, Francis, British, 1640–1698 Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection and Tom Judy c. 1945, watercolor, 2018.143.20, >Head Study of a Preacher, c. 1670, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Italian 17th Century pen and brown ink with gray wash, Deshays, Jean-Baptiste, French, >Madonna and Child in the Clouds, 2018.128.1, Gift of Lowell Libson 1729–1765 Gigante, Giacinto, Italian, 1806–1876 Adored by , c. 1610, pen and & Jonny Yarker, Ltd., in honor of >The Education of the Virgin, c. 1762, >View through the Temple of Venus, brown ink with brown wash over Professor Donald Stone red chalk with pen and brown ink and Baia, 1860s?, watercolor with gouache graphite, 2017.181.1, Gift of John O’Brien brown wash, heightened with white over traces of graphite, 2017.139.1, Le Prince, Jean-Baptiste, French, gouache, 2018.67.1, Purchased as the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Italian 17th Century 1734–1781 Gift of Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in >The (after Luca >A Man and Two Women on a Rocky Ginzel, Roland F., American, born 1921 honor of Margaret Morgan Grasselli Cambiaso), 17th century, pen and Shore, c. 1765, graphite on vellum, >Paintscape Four, 1976, acrylic and brown ink with brown wash over 2018.27.1, Gift of Nicolas Schwed Devéria, Eugène, French, 1805–1865 graphite, 2018.143.22, Gift of Bob Stana black chalk >Study of an Angel, 1838, graphite, and Tom Judy Linnell, John, British, 1792–1882 >Christ Carrying the Cross (recto 2018.63.1, Diane A. Nixon Fund >Paddington Fields, London, 1811, Gober, Robert, American, born 1954 and verso), 17th century, pen and black and white chalk on blue paper, Dietzsch, Johann Albrecht, German, >Untitled, 2017, graphite and pastel on brown ink 2018.88.2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1720–1782 artificial vellum, 2018.104.1, Purchased >The Descent from the Cross (recto); >Landscape with Travelers, 1776, brown as the Gift of Emily and Mitchell Rales, Two Studies of a Leg (verso), 17th Lomi, Aurelio, Italian, 1556–1623 and gray wash with pen and brown Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund, Edward century, red chalk (recto and verso), >The Visitation, c. 1590, oil paint on ink over traces of graphite, 2017.180.2, E. MacCrone Fund, Mr. and Mrs. 2018.26.2; 13.a, b; 14.a, b, The Edith paper, 2018.26.17, The Edith Gift of John O’Brien Curtin Winsor III, and Eleanor Wirth Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection Dinnerstein, Harvey, American, González Amezcua, Consuelo, Italian 17th–18th century Maganza, Alessandro, Italian, born 1928 American, born Mexico, 1903–1975 >Putti in the Clouds (after Luca Cambiaso), 1556–1640 >Study: Budding Flower, 1976, >Sultan de Marnuscos, 1969, black 17th/18th century, pen and brown ink >The Annunciation, graphite and pen silverpoint on paperboard, 2018.44.29, ballpoint pen and graphite on card- over black chalk, 2018.26.5, The Edith and brown ink, early 17th century, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts board, 2017.148.71, Gift of Bob Stana Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection 2018.64.2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund and Tom Judy Diziani, Gaspare, Italian, 1689–1767 Kesler, Christine, American, born 1980 Manners, Violet, Marchioness of >Figure Studies and a Horse-Drawn Guercino, Follower of, Italian, >Evan’s Piece, 2002, ink, pencil, Granby, British, 1856–1937 Carriage (recto); The Assumption of 1591–1666 gouache, and collage, 2018.143.31, >James Jebusa Shannon Painting a the Virgin (verso), early 18th century, >Landscape with Figures, 17th century, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Portrait of the Young John Manners, pen and brown ink with traces of red pen and brown ink, 2018.26.11, The 1897, graphite with touches of pen and Kleberg, Matt, American, born 1985 chalk (recto and verso) Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection brown ink on pale gray washed paper, >Untitled [suite of nine drawings], >A Marriage Ceremony, early 18th 2018.75.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Guys, Constantin, French, 1805–1892 2017, ink, 2018.124.1–9, Gift of century, red chalk, 2018.26.9.a, b, 10, >Two Dancers, mid-19th century, graph- Hiram Carruthers Butler and Andrew Maratta, Carlo, attributed to, Italian, The Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection ite and black wash, 2018.26.12, The Spindler-Roesle, in Honor of Earl A. 1625–1713 Empoli, Jacopo da, Florentine, Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection Powell III >Figures on Steps [Studies for an c. 1554–1610 Assumption of the Virgin], late 17th Harding, James Duffield, British, Knaths, Karl, American, 1891–1971 >Study for Saint Nicholas of Bari, century, pen and brown ink over 1797–1863 >Untitled (Cows with Lamp), c. 1930, c. 1610, pen and brown ink with blue black chalk, 2018.26.18, The Edith >Oberlahnstein on the Rhine, crayon, 2018.143.32, Gift of Bob Stana wash, over black chalk, squared in red Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection c. 1839, watercolor over graphite and Tom Judy chalk, 2018.94.1, Purchased as the Gift with gouache, 2018.88.1, Purchased Martineau, Edith, British, 1842–1909 of the Krugman Family Foundation, Kolbe, Georg, German, 1877–1947 as the Gift of Alexander M. and >Myrrhine, 1873, watercolor, 2018.87.1, Ann and Matthew Nimetz, and Robert >Seated Figure, 1930, brown wash, Judith W. Laughlin Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund B. Loper 2018.120.3, Gift of Christopher and Hart, James McDougal, American, Beverly With in memory of Karl and Massad, G. Daniel, American, born 1946 Engleheart, John Cox Dillman, British, 1828–1901 Gerda With >Breach, 2009, pastel, 2018.17.1, Gift of 1783–1862 >Still Life with Fruit, 1856, graphite, the Artist in memory of his parents >Eye, 19th century, watercolor miniature Kuitca, Guillermo, Argentinean, 2018.44.48, Gift of William and on the lid of an ivory toothpick box, born 1961 Menzel, Adolph, German, 1815–1905 Abigail Gerdts 2018.44.67, Gift of William and >The Old Vic, 2004, collage on black >Landscape with a Washerwoman, Abigail Gerdts Heil, Charles E., American, 1870–1950 paper, 2018.116.1, Gift of Lenore S. and c. 1890, graphite with stumping, >Indian Pipe, c. 1912, watercolor on Bernard A. Greenberg 2017.171.1, Gift of Helen Porter and Fanshaw, Samuel, American, paperboard, 2018.44.50, Gift of James T. Dyke in honor of Andrew 1814–1888 La Farge, John, American, 1835–1910 William and Abigail Gerdts Robison >Mrs. Cornelius Ver Bryck, 1840s, >Allegorical Female Figure, 1880s, watercolor miniature on ivory, Heinigke, Otto, American, 1850–1915 graphite, 2018.44.30, Gift of William Modigliani, Amedeo, Italian, 2018.44.68, Gift of William and >A Peach, 1878, watercolor, 2018.44.51, and Abigail Gerdts 1884–1920 Abigail Gerdts Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Frank Burty Haviland, 1915, graphite, Legros, Alphonse, French, 1837–1911 2018.65.1, Gift of William Kelly Simpson Flinck, Govaert, Dutch, 1615–1660 Henri, Robert, American, 1865–1929 >Landscape along a Riverbank with >Study of a Man Playing a Pipe, 1640s, >Concarneau Terrace/ Street a Figure, 1905, brown wash with Molnár, Vera, French, born , black and white chalk on blue paper, Scene, c. 1899, black ink, 2018.44.135, pen and brown ink over black chalk, 1924 2018.20.1, Gift of David H. McDonnell Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts 2018.26.16, The Edith Tanenbaum >Interruptions, 1969, computer drawing in black ink on Benson plotter paper, Hirst, Claude Raguet, American, Rudolf Collection 2018.38.1, Gift of the Artist 1855–1942 >Queens of the Garden, 1884, black crayon, 2018.44.52, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts


>2 Rangées de Rectangles (2 Rows of 2018.76.2, Purchased as the Gift Smith, Russell, American, born Valeriani, Giuseppe, Italian, Rectangles), 1986, computer drawing of Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in , 1812–1896, and Mary Wilson c. 1708–1761 in yellow ink, 2018.80.1, Purchased as Memory of his , Neil Phillips Smith, American, 1842–1878 >Architectural Study, mid-18th century, the Gift of the Gallery Girls >Untitled, c. 1851, watercolor and pen and black ink with gray and brown Pinturicchio, Italian, c. 1454–1513 graphite, 2018.44.62, Gift of William wash over graphite, 2018.26.26, The Monnier, Henry Bonaventure, French, >Head of a Youth Looking Up, c. 1485, and Abigail Gerdts Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection 1805–1877 leadpoint and brown wash, heightened >Portrait of a Man, 1849, graphite, with white gouache on gray prepared Sokol, John M., born 1947 Vanni, Francesco, Circle of, Italian, 2017.136.3, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. paper, 2017.111.1, Woodner Collection, >Serial, 1971, collage on cardboard, 1563–1610 Michael Schlossberg Gift of Dian Woodner 2017.148.61, Gift of Bob Stana and >The Virgin, Queen of Heaven, early Tom Judy 17th century, pen and brown ink with Müller, William James, British, Point, Armand, French, 1861–1932 brown and gray wash, 2017.180.1, 1812–1845 >Venus and Cupid, late 19th century, Spencer, Lilly Martin, American, Gift of John O’Brien >Eel Bucks at Goring, c. 1843, black chalk, 2017.136.2, Gift of Dr. and 1822–1902 watercolor, 2018.86.1, Purchased Mrs. Michael Schlossberg >My Poor Sweet Angelica, 19th century, Vaudoyer, Antoine Laurent Thomas, as the Gift of Alexander M. and graphite, 2018.44.33, Gift of William French, 1756–1846 Prud’hon, Pierre Paul, Circle of, French, Judith W. Laughlin and Abigail Gerdts >Study for the Renovation of a Legal 1758–1823 Chamber at the Sorbonne, 1820, Neapolitan 17th Century >A Standing Female Nude, c. 1810, Steinberg, Saul, American, born pen and black ink with watercolor, >The Virgin and Child Appearing to black chalk heightened with white , 1914–1999 2018.125.1, Gift of David Schaff Two Female Monastics, c. 1700, chalk on blue paper, 2017.126.7, >LA, 1994, black ink, 2018.39.8, pen and brown ink over charcoal with Gift of David H. McDonnell Gift of The Saul Steinberg Foundation Vedder, Elihu, American, 1836–1923 gray wash, 2017.109.1, Gift of Ruth in honor of Judith Brodie >Nile Journey, 1890, colored chalk on Ranney, William Tylee, American, Rowe Philbrick >Vogue Magazine, 1950, magazine blue paper 1813–1857 with original drawings added by Saul >Nile Journey, Feluccas, 1890, colored Nicolle, Victor Jean, French, 1754–1826 >Study for “The Freshet,” 1857, pen and Steinberg, 2018.39.15, Gift of The chalk on blue paper >View of an Ancient Roman Bridge with ink, 2018.44.56, Gift of William and Saul Steinberg Foundation in honor of >Nile Journey, Colossi of Memnon, a Mascaroon, c. 1785/1789, pen and Abigail Gerdts Judith Brodie 1890, colored chalk on blue paper brown ink with gray wash, 2018.79.1, Ricci, Sebastiano, Italian, 1659–1734 >Nile Journey, Manfalout, Through Purchased as the Gift of Vincent Stella, Joseph, American, 1877–1946 >Apotheosis of Saint George, Spyglass, 1890, colored chalk, J. Buonanno >Flowers, c. 1920, crayon and graphite, 1693/1694, red chalk 2018.18.1–4, Gift of Richard Spear 2018.44.63, Gift of William and Oudry, Jean-Baptiste, French, >Christ and the Samaritan Woman, and Athena Tacha Abigail Gerdts 1686–1755 1718, pen and brown ink with brown Villon, Jacques, French, 1875–1963 >Standing Woman, red chalk, height- wash over black chalk, 2018.26.22, Sterne, Hedda, American, born >Study of a Woman, c. 1902, graphite ened with white chalk, on gray paper, 23, The Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Romania, 1910–2011 and brown wash with touches of green 2017.159.6, Gift of Jeffrey E. Horvitz Collection >Untitled [Vacuum Cleaner], 1949, watercolor, 2018.26.27, The Edith ink-transfer with crayon, 2018.36.1, Page, William, American, 1811–1885 Richmond, George, British, 1809–1896 Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection Gift of The Hedda Sterne Foundation >A Starling and a Lark, 1863, >Study of a Seated Man Wearing a Volk, Douglas, American, 1856–1935 watercolor, 2018.44.31, Gift of Helmet, 1824/1830, pen and brown Taylor, Al, American, 1948–1999 >Abraham Lincoln, c. 1908, charcoal, William and Abigail Gerdts ink with graphite, 2018.75.2, William B. >X Ray Tube, 1995, graphite, gouache, 2018.122.1, Gift of Christine Isabelle O’Neal Fund and colored paper Palma il Giovane, Jacopo, Italian, 1544 Oaklander, Ph.D. >No title, 1998, graphite, watercolor, or 1548–1628 Roëttiers, Charles-Norbert, French, and ink Weir, Robert Walter, American, >A Sheet of Studies for the Martyrdom 1720–1772 >2 Tide Tabs, 1993, graphite, gouache, 1803–1889 of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, late >Young Girl and Boy with a Squirrel, grease pencil, and wax crayon >Man in Oriental Costume, 19th 16th century, pen and brown ink with 1765, pastel on blue paper, 2017.126.1, >Hanging Puddles, 1992, graphite, ink, century, ink heightened with opaque brown wash, heightened with yellow- Gift of David H. McDonnell and correction fluid watercolor, 2018.44.66, Gift of William ish gouache, on brown prepared paper Romney, George, British, 1734–1802 >Bat Parts, 1994, graphite and gouache and Abigail Gerdts >Two Soldiers Crowned by Victory, >Figure Studies: A Bound Man and a >No title, c. 1982/1985, acrylic on pen and brown ink with brown wash, Weyer, Jacob, German, active Woman with Clasped Hands, , newsprint with ink on Mylar, heightened with yellowish gouache, 1645–1670 pen and brown ink with brown wash, 2018.112.1–6, Gift of Debbie Taylor on brown prepared paper >Three Pairs of Beggars with Babies, 2018.26.24, The Edith Tanenbaum in honor of Judith Brodie >A Seated Soldier with a Sword and 1660s, red chalk, 2017.174.1, Gift of Rudolf Collection Shield, Seen from Below, late 16th cen- Tesi, Mauro Antonio, Italian, Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in honor tury, pen and brown ink with brown Russian 1730–1766 of Jonathan Bober and gray wash, heightened with white >A Winged Sorceress Soaring above >Studies of the Cenotaph of Annia Willette, Adolphe Léon, French, gouache, over traces of black chalk on Mountains, 1907, watercolor on card, Regilla, 1750s/1766, pen and brown ink 1857–1926 brown-gray paper, 2018.26.19–21, The 2017.181.2, Gift of John O’Brien with gray wash, 2018.85.1, Purchased >Sequestre, 1912, pen and black ink Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf Collection as the Gift of Vincent J. Buonanno Scarlett, Rolph, American, 1889–1984 with watercolor on photomechanical Palmieri, Pietro Giacomo, Italian, >Untitled [Abstract], c. 1950, gouache, Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista, Italian, illustration 1737–1804 2018.143.58, Gift of Bob Stana and 1696–1770 >Hmm! Your Underwear Isn’t Very >Holy Family with Angels, late 18th Tom Judy >Figure Studies, c. 1744, pen and brown White, 1912, pen and black ink with century, pen and brown ink, Sharples, James, American, ink, 2018.26.25, The Edith Tanenbaum watercolor on photomechanical illus- 2018.130.2, Gift of John O’Brien born British, c. 1751–1811 Rudolf Collection tration, 2018.132.1, 2, Gift of Nicholas >Study of a Draped Figure, c. 1750, Martin in memory of his parents, Pascin, Jules, French, 1885–1930 >Charlotte Sneyd, c. 1790, pastel red chalk, 2018.76.1, Purchased as the Vernon Paul and Jean Webster Martin >Girls’ School, c. 1925, watercolor over >Mary Sneyd, c. 1790, pastel, 2018.89.1, Gift of Andrea Woodner graphite, 2017.133.8, Gift of 2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Wyck, Thomas, Dutch, c. 1616–1677 Christopher and Beverly With in Simpol, Claude, French, 1666–1716 Truitt, Anne, American, 1921–2004 >View into a Courtyard with a Family memory of Karl and Gerda With >August: Fishing, c. 1700, brown wash >20 Feb ’68, 1968, acrylic at a Well, 1660s?, pen and black ink >24 Oct ’71, 1971, acrylic, 2018.119.1–2, with gray wash over traces of graphite, Pearlstein, Philip, American, born 1924 with pen and brown and black ink Gift of Mary H. D. Swift 2017.144.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Two Nudes with Flowered Rug, 1976, over traces of black chalk, 2018.57.1, >7 Nov. ’62, 1962, acrylic, 2018.121.1, sepia ink, 2017.178.1, Gift of Philip and William B. O’Neal Fund Zuccarelli, Francesco, Italian, Gift of Margot Wells Backas Judith Benedict Smith, Leon Polk, American, 1702–1788 Turner, Lynne Woods, American, >Landscape with a Bridge, mid-18th Pedetti, Maurizio, Italian, 1719–1799 1906–1996 born 1951 century, pen and brown ink with >An Architectural Capriccio with a >Untitled, 1946, opaque watercolor >Untitled, colored pencil and graphite, brown-gray wash over graphite Triumphal Arch, 1784, pen and gray and on cardboard 2018.143.64, Gift of Bob Stana and >Landscape with Shepherds, mid-18th black ink with gray wash over graphite, >Untitled, 1950, collage with graphite Tom Judy century, pen and brown ink with 2017.128.1, Gift of Vincent J. Buonanno additions brown wash over black chalk, >Untitled, 1958, collage on black paper Vagnetti, Fausto, Italian, 1876–1954 Pierre, Jean-Baptiste-Marie, French, heightened with white gouache, >Untitled, 1961, opaque watercolor >Portrait of a Man, Turned Right, 1895, 1713–1789 2018.26.28, 29, The Edith Tanenbaum >Untitled, 1972, collage with graphite black chalk on gray paper, 2018.66.1, >Naiads and Dolphins, 1762/1765, Rudolf Collection additions, 2017.137.1–5, Gift of Leon William B. O’Neal Fund pen and brown ink with brown wash Polk Smith Foundation and white gouache on buff paper,


PRINTS AND Baumgartner, Johann Wolfgang, Borofsky, Jonathan, American, >Westminster Palace, 1884, etching, ILLUSTRATED BOOKS German, 1709–1761 born 1942 drypoint, roulette, aquatint, salt >The Four Elements, c. 1750, complete >Half Foot Etching with Black Cross ground, and stippling, printed in black Alexander, Peter, American, born 1939 set of four etchings, 2018.113.51–54, (State), 1992, photoetching and and brown >Anacin II, 1972, color lithograph, Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier drypoint on handmade paper >Westminster Palace, 1884, etching, >American Indian Flowers, 1986, drypoint, roulette, aquatint, salt lift 2018.143.70, Gift of Bob Stana and Bawden, Edward, English, 1903–1989 color screenprint, 2017.179.5–6, ground, and stippling, printed in black Tom Judy >Saffron Walden Church, 1980, color Gift of Lee and Ann Fensterstock and brown linocut, 2018.43.4, Gift of Paul Kanev Allan, David, British, 1744–1796 >Westminster Bridge, 1884, etching, Bothwell, Dorr, American, 1902–2000 >A Girl at School (after Bartolomeo Beall, Dennis, American, born 1929 drypoint, roulette, aquatint, and spit >Exhibition, 1947, color screenprint, Schedoni), 1780s?, etching and >Shield II (USA Baroque), 1965, color bite, printed in black (main subject) 2017.148.7, Gift of Bob Stana and aquatint printed in brown, 2018.91.2, collagraph, 2018.143.10, Gift of Bob and brown (margins) Tom Judy Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund Stana and Tom Judy >Winter Morning on the Quays, 1883, Bourdon, Sébastien, French, 1616–1671 Allen, James E., American, 1894–1964 Becker, Fred, American, 1913–2004 etching, drypoint, roulette, aquatint, >Virgin and Child Trampling Sin, 1640s, >Spiderboy, 1937, etching, 2018.143.4, >Untitled [Picking], 1936, etching and sandpaper ground, printed in black etching Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Pulled Forms, 1949, color engraving and brown on Japan paper >Annunciation, 1637/1640, etching and aquatint, 2017.148.3–4, Gift of >The Marine Painter, c. 1879, etching, American and British 19th and >Peasants Resting, 1636/1640, etching Bob Stana and Tom Judy drypoint, aquatint, stopping-out, 20th Centuries >Rest on the Flight into Egypt, sandpaper ground, and spit bite, >Sixty-six bound volumes, Bélanger, François Joseph, French, 1653/1657, etching printed in blue-black and black 2018.44.34–38, 71–123, 136–139, 1744–1818 >Flight into Egypt, 1650s, etching >Small Landscape, c. 1876, etching Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts >Grand Theater of the Arts or Temple >Holy Family with a Lamb, 1642/1652, >Pigs in the Sun, c. 1878, etching Appiani, Andrea, Italian, 1754–1817 of Apollo, with a Victory Column etching >Road to Perdition, 1873, etching >A Satyr Seated in a Landscape, in the Middle of the Main Square, >Flight into Egypt, 1640s, etching and drypoint 1808/1812, lithograph, 2018.77.3, Erected to Commerce, the Sciences, >Saint Paul Baptizing the Eunuch, >The House of the Damned, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund the Arts, and Republican Virtues, 1637/1642, etching, 2018.113.37–44, c. 1883/1885, etching 1795, etching and aquatint printed Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier >Woman with Swans, 1879, etching Arnold, Paul B., American, 1918–2012 in brown, 2018.91.3, Pepita Milmore British 18th Century and drypoint >Sleeping Shepherd, 1951, color engrav- Memorial Fund >Judgment of Paris, 1770s/1780s, >Thatched Cottages—Small Plate, ing and softground etching, 2018.143.5, 1878, etching, aquatint, and drypoint Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Bellows, George, American, 1882–1925 mezzotint, 2017.125.1, Gift of David >The Shower-Bath, 1917, lithograph, H. McDonnell >The Burial—Small Plate, 1878, etching Aubry-Lecomte, Hyacinthe-Louis- 2017.102.1, Purchased as the Gift of >Frontispiece for “Les Graveurs du XIXe Brizio, Francesco(?), Italian, Victor-Jean-Baptiste, French, 1787–1858 Max N. Berry siècle de Henri Beraldi,” 1877, etching >Ossian Receiving the Shades of French c. 1575–1623 and drypoint Heroes (after Anne-Louis Girodet Berdich, Vera, American, 1915–2003 >Christ and the Samaritan (after >Moonrise at Dinard, 1891, etching, dry- de Roussy-Trioson), 1821, lithograph, >The Were Closed, 1962, color Annibale Carracci), 1610, etching, point, and aquatint, 2017.199.1, 3–19, 2018.46.2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund photoetching, drypoint, and mezzo- 2018.113.8, Gift of Alessandra Helena Gunnarsson Buhot Collection, tint, 2018.143.11, Gift of Bob Stana and Manning Dolnier Gift in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary Audenaerd, Robert van, Flemish, Tom Judy of the National Gallery of Art 1663–1743 Broodthaers, Marcel, Belgian, >Near Gravesend: Souvenir of the >David and (after Carlo Berman, Eugene, American, 1899–1972 1924–1976, and Stéphane Mallarmé Thames, 1883, etching, drypoint, Maratta), engraving, 2017.125.2, >Nocturnal Cathedral, 1951, color (author), French, 1842–1898 aquatint, and roulette Gift of David H. McDonnell lithograph >Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira >Untitled (Scene Design: Giselle, First le hasard, 1969, bound volume of >Baptismal Commemoration for Jean Baldessari, John, American, born 1931 Act Curtain), 1946, color screenprint, thirty pages with offset lithographs, Buhot, 1887, etching, aquatint, dry- >Raw Prints (Red), 1976, color lithograph 2017.148.5–6, Gift of Bob Stana and 2018.68.1, Gift of the Collectors point, and liftground printed in black with collage, 2018.143.6, Gift of Bob Tom Judy Committee and brown [proof] Stana and Tom Judy >National on the Boulevard Berry, Carroll Thayer, American, Brown, Robert W., American, de Clichy, 1878, etching, drypoint, Bar, Jacques Charles, French, 1886–1978 1917–2009 aquatint, stopping-out, foul-biting, 1740–1811 >Mt. Katahdin—from Ripogenos >Submarine, c. 1949, color screenprint, and softground etching, printed in >Landscape with Figures, c. 1777/1795, Gorge, c. 1965, woodcut 2017.148.8, Gift of Bob Stana and blue, red, black, and gold etching and aquatint, 2018.123.4, >Lobsterman—, c. 1966, Tom Judy >Ex Libris: Butterfly and , Gift of James A. Bergquist in honor color woodcut Buck, Samuel, British, 1696–1779, 1885, etching of Jamie Gabbarelli >Camden Harbor—Maine Coast, and Nathaniel Buck, British, active >Midnight Mass, 1887, etching c. 1949, woodcut, 2018.37.13–15, Barnet, Will, American, 1911–2012 c. 1724–after 1753 >National Holiday 30 June 1878, 1878, Gift of Ingrid Rose in memory of >Black Spokane, 1964, color aquatint, >The South-East View of Brough Castle, etching her husband Milton Rose 2018.143.8, Gift of Bob Stana and in the County of Westmorland, 1732, >Frontispiece for “Les Salles d’Estampes,” Tom Judy Biscaino, Bartolomeo, Italian, engraving 1887, etching printed in brown Barnhart, Scip, American, born 1946 1629–1657 >The South-East View of Wardour >National Holiday on the Boulevard >Death of Ray Chapman, 2001, litho- >Saint , 1650/1657, etching Castle, in the County of Wilts, 1739, de Clichy, 1878, etching, drypoint, graph, 2018.143.9, Gift of Bob Stana >Saint Joseph and the Christ Child, engraving, 2018.35.1, 2, Gift of aquatint, stopping-out, foul-biting, and Tom Judy 1650/1657, etching Thomas Vogler in memory of his and softground etching on blue paper >The Holy Family, 1650/1657, etching brother, Donald J. Vogler >Les Salles d’estampes, late 19th century, Bartolini, Luigi, Italian, 1892–1963 >The Infant Christ as Salvator Mundi, bound album with one watercolor, Buff, Conrad, American, 1886–1975 >The Pork Pat, 1924, drypoint, 2018.61.1, 1650/1657, etching one print, journal articles and a letter >Old California, c. 1939, lithograph, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Circumcision of Christ, 1650/1657, >The , First Plate, 1872, etching, 2018.143.67, Gift of Bob Stana and etching, 2018.113.16–20, Gift of 2017.199.26–29, 31–36, Gift from the Bartolozzi, Francesco, Italian, Tom Judy 1727–1815 Alessandra Manning Dolnier Helena Gunnarsson Buhot Collection Buhot, Félix-Hilaire, French, 1847–1898 >Resurrection of Christ (after Bleckner, Ross, American, born 1949 Bunce, Louis, American, born 1907 >Spirits from the Cities of the Dead, Michelangelo), 1795, chalk manner, >School, 1999, color lithograph and >Summer #2, 1946, color 1885, etching, roulette, drypoint, 2018.20.4, Gift of David H. McDonnell screenprint, 2017.179.4, Gift of Lee screenprint, 2017.148.9, Gift of Bob lift ground, aquatint, scraping, and >Allegory on the Recovery of the King and Ann Fensterstock Stana and Tom Judy (after William Hamilton), 1790, stipple burnishing engraving, 2018.30.1, Gift of James Bonasone, Giulio, Italian, >Port with Seagulls, 1886, etching, dry- Burdett, Peter Pever, British, died 1793 A. Bergquist in honor of Dwayne and c. 1498–c. 1580 point, aquatint and sandpaper ground >Banditti Robbing Fishermen (after John Faith Perry >The Trojans Hauling the Wooden printed in brown-black and black ink Hamilton Mortimer), 1771, etching and Horse into Troy (after Francesco with white chalk aquatint printed in brown, 2018.91.4, Bate, Stanley, American, 1903–1972 Primaticcio), 1545, engraving on >The Owl, 1883, etching Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund >Masks, 1949, color screenprint on laid paper, 2017.149.2, Ailsa Mellon >Winter Morning on the Quai de Byron, Frederick George, British, brown paper, 2017.148.2, Gift of Bob Bruce Fund l’Hôtel-Dieu, 1876, etching, aquatint, Stana and Tom Judy 1764–1792 Borel, André-Marie-Paul, French, and drypoint, with stopping-out and >The Knight of the Woeful Counte- Baum, Don, American, 1922–2008 1828–1912 roulette nance Going to Extirpate the National >Domus, 1992, three-dimensional color >Village Overlooking a , 1880/1882, Assembly, 1790, etching, hand-colored lithograph in six pieces, 2018.143.71, etching [proof], 2018.90.2, in watercolor, 2017.197.3, Ailsa Mellon Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Bruce Fund


Campigli, Massimo, Italian, 1895–1971 >Sketch for a Tomb (after François >Mountain Village, 1953, color screen- Dehner, Dorothy, American, >The Meeting II, 1932, softground Boucher), 1766, etching and aquatint print on black paper, 2017.148.14–15, 1901–1994 etching, 2017.147.1, Ailsa Mellon printed in brown Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >City, 1958, engraving, 2018.143.17, Bruce Fund >Rest on the Hunt (after Jacob de Wit), Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Colombi Borde, Francesco, Italian, 1766, etching and aquatint printed Cantarini, Simone, Italian, 1612–1648 1846–1905 Delâtre, Eugène, French, 1864–1938 in brown >Virgin and Child, 1640s, etching >The Duel, 1880, etching with >Gust of Wind at Étretat, c. 1898, etch- >Bacchanal (after Jacob de Wit), 1766, >Guardian Angel, 1640s, etching drypoint [proof], 2017.158.1, ing and aquatint, 2018.72.1, Purchased etching and aquatint printed in brown >Venus and Adonis, 1640s, etching Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund as the Gift of Lawrence Lawver >Rape of Europa (after Nicolas Le Sueur, >Saint Anthony of , 1640s, >Portrait of Madame Delâtre, 1895, after Paolo Farinati), 1763, etching and Conconi, Luigi, Italian, 1852–1917 etching etching and drypoint [proof], printed aquatint printed in brown >Nightfall, c. 1902, etching with >Saint Sebastian, 1640s, etching in red, 2018.90.1, Purchased for the >Diana and Endymion (after Nicolas Le monotype wiping, 2017.147.2, >Adam and Eve, 1640s, etching Virginia and Ira Jackson Collection Sueur, after Sebastiano Conca), 1763, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Rest on the Flight into Egypt, 1640s, etching and aquatint printed in brown Dente, Marco, Italian, c. 1493–1527 etching, 2018.113.9–15, Gift of Conner, Bruce, American, 1933–2008 >Perseus and Andromeda (after Carle >Saint Philip, engraving, 2017.155.3, Alessandra Manning Dolnier >RETURN TO GO, 1967, color Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Van Loo), 1762, etching and aquatint lithograph, 2017.148.16, Gift of Carrà, Carlo, Italian, 1881–1966 >Descent from the Cross (after Carle Bob Stana and Tom Judy Derain, André, French, 1880–1954, >On the Beach, 1924, etching, Van Loo), c. 1762, aquatint [proof] and François Rabelais (author), French, 2017.147.3, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Conner, Bruce, American, 1933–2008 >Descent from the Cross (after Carle 1483/1494–1553 and Michael McClure (author), Carracci, Agostino, Italian, 1557–1602, Van Loo), c. 1762, aquatint printed >Les Horribles et Espovantables Faictz American, born 1932 (finished by Francesco Brizio, Italian, in brown [proof] et Prouesses du Très Renommé Panta- >Cards, 1970, portfolio of twenty-five c. 1575–1623) >Descent from the Cross (after Carle gruel, Roy des Dipsodes, fils du Grand color offset lithographs, 2018.143.23, >Saint Jerome, c. 1602, engraving, Van Loo), c. 1762, etching and aquatint Géant Gargantua, 1943, unbound Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy 2017.169.1, Gift of Stephen E. Ostrow printed in brown volume with 179 color woodcut illus- in Memory of Sue Cooley >Death of Archimedes (after Ciro Ferri), , Charles West, British, 1811–1890 trations, 2018.45.1, Purchased for the 1766, etching and aquatint printed >Milton’s Dream of His Deceased Virginia and Ira Jackson Collection Carrogis, Louis de, called Carmontelle, in brown Wife, 1857, etching on chine collé, French, 1717–1806 Desboutin, Marcellin-Gilbert, French, >The School (after François Boucher), 2017.130.1, Gift of Thomas Vogler in >Louis-Philippe, Duc d’Orléans, and His 1823–1902 c. 1766, etching and aquatint printed Memory of his brother, Donald Vogler Son, Louis-Philippe Joseph, Duc de in brown >Child with a Dog, 1880s, etching, Chartres, 1759, etching, 2018.100.2, >The Sad Memory (after François Cort, Cornelis, Netherlandish, 2018.72.2, Purchased for the Virginia Katharine Shepard Fund and Ailsa Boucher), c. 1766, etching and aquatint 1533–1578 and Ira Jackson Collection Mellon Bruce Fund >Venus and Bacchus, 1556, engraving, printed in brown Diamantini, Giuseppe, Italian, 2017.194.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Carter, John Randolph, American, >Education of the Virgin (after François 1621–1705 >Landscape with a Penitent Magdalene born 1941 Boucher), 1766, etching and aquatint >Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth, (after Girolamo Muziano), 1573, >Night Croquet, 1971, portfolio of printed in brown late 17th century, etching engraving, 2018.46.4, Ailsa Mellon eight color screenprints, 2018.19.1–8, >Young Astianax, Whom Andromache >The Body of Christ, late 17th century, Bruce Fund Gift of the Artist Hid in Hector’s Tomb, Is Seized from etching, 2018.113.21, 22, Gift of His Mother’s Arms by ’ Orders Costa, Giovanni Francesco, Italian, Alessandra Manning Dolnier Casarella, Edmond, American, (after Gabriel François Doyen), 1766, 1711–1773 1920–1996 Dillon, Mildred, American, 1907 etching and aquatint >Le Delizie del fiume Brenta nei >Indecision, 1952/1955, color relief >Lady and the Horse, c. 1950, color >Beheading of Saint palazzi e casini situati sopra le sue print, 2017.148.11, Gift of Bob Stana screenprint, 2017.148.18, Gift of Bob (after Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, sponde dalla sua sboccatura nella and Tom Judy Stana and Tom Judy called il Guercino), 1762, etching and laguna di Venezia infino alla città di Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto, aquatint printed in brown Padova, published 1762, two bound Dine, Jim, American, born 1935 Italian, 1609–1664 >The Tumble (after Jean Honoré volumes with seventy etchings each, >Tool Box 2, 1966, color screenprint >Temporalis Aeternitas, 1645, etching Fragonard), 1766, etching and aquatint 2017.140.1.a, b, 2, New Century Fund, with collage, 2017.148.19, Gift of >Temporalis Aeternitas [Second printed in brown William B. O’Neal Fund and Eugene L. Bob Stana and Tom Judy Version], 1655, etching >Study of Beggars (after Jean-Baptiste and Marie-Louise Garbáty Fund >Shoe (first state), 1971, intaglio on >Theseus Finding Aegeus’ Arms, Greuze), c. 1763/1766, etching and blue paper Coughlin, Jack, American, born 1932 c. 1645, etching aquatint printed in brown >Bolt Cutters (second state), 1973, >Hyena-Hyenas, c. 1960, color etching >Theseus Finding Aegeus’ Arms, >The Poor Farmer and His Family (after etching and aquatint, 2018.143.16, Gift of c. 1645, etching Jean-Baptiste Greuze), c. 1763/1766, >Red and Blue Robe, 1999, color Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Laban Searching for Idols, c. 1660s, etching and aquatint printed in brown etching and aquatint, 2018.43.1–3, etching >Italian Peasant Woman (after Danby, Francis, Irish, 1793–1861, Gift of Paul Kanev >Flight into Egypt, 1640/1645, etching, Jean-Baptiste Greuze), c. 1763/1766, Samuel Jackson, British, 1794–1869, Drewes, Werner, American, 2018.113.325–330, Gift of Alessandra etching and aquatint [proof] and James Johnson, British, 1803–1834 1899–1985 Manning Dolnier >Italian Peasant Woman (after >Scenery of Bristol, 1823, complete >Still Life with Blue Fish, 1955, color Jean-Baptiste Greuze), c. 1763/1766, portfolio of three lithographs, Chagall, Marc, Russian, 1887–1985 woodcut, 2017.148.20, Gift of Bob etching and aquatint printed in brown 2017.146.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >House in Peskovatik, 1922, etching and >Alpine Landscape (after Paul Bril), Stana and Tom Judy Daullé, Jean, French, 1703–1763 drypoint, 2017.133.1, Gift of Christopher c. 1763/1766, aquatint and etching >#20 It Can’t Happen Here, 1943, >Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (after and Beverly With in memory of Karl printed in brown, 2018.91.1, 8–12, 14, woodcut, 2018.37.1, Gift of Ingrid Rose Jacques-André Joseph Camelot Aved), and Gerda With 16–27, 30–33, Pepita Milmore in memory of her husband Milton Rose after 1738, engraving, 2017.170.1, Chaney, Ruth, American, 1910–1973 Memorial Fund Elena, Giuseppe, Italian, 1801–1867 Gift of Stephen and Claudine Ostrow >Swimmers, c. 1936, etching with >Self-Portrait, 1820s, lithograph, Childs, Bernard, American, 1910–1985 in honor of Esme drypoint, 2017.148.12, Gift of Bob >La Pluie, 1957, etching 2018.77.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Stana and Tom Judy David, Giovanni, Italian, 1743–1790 >Untitled [Abstract], 1961, color etching, Euffa, Ray, American, 1904–1977 >Adoration of the Magi (after Battista Chaponnier, Alexandre, French, 2018.143.13–14, Gift of Bob Stana and >Sumac, 1946, color silkscreen, Dossi), 1776, etching with bitten tone, 1753–1830? Tom Judy 2018.143.18, Gift of Bob Stana and 2017.176.1, Gift of Andrée and >Hebe, late 18th century, stipple Tom Judy Coen, Eleanor, American, 1916–2010 Jonathan Bober engraving, 2017.125.3, Gift of David H. >Lamentation, 1939, color lithograph, Everts, Connor, American, born 1926 McDonnell David, Giovanni, Italian, 1743–1790, 2018.143.15, Gift of Bob Stana and >Studies for Adam and Eve, 1971, suite Giovanni Vitalba, Italian, 1738–c. 1792, Charpentier, François-Philippe, French, Tom Judy of twelve lithographs on three sheets, and Bartolommeo Benincasa (author), 1734–1817 2018.143.33, Gift of Bob Stana and Cohn, Max Arthur, American, Italian, 1745–c. 1825 >Descent from the Cross (after German Tom Judy 1903–1998 >Descrizione della raccolta di stampe or Netherlandish 16th century), >The Delaware at Easton, 1938, di S. E. il sig. Conte Jacopo Durazzo, Falkenstein, Claire, American, c. 1763/1766, aquatint and etching color screenprint, 2017.148.13, 1784, bound volume with one illustrat- 1908–1997 printed in brown Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy ed frontispiece in etching, aquatint, >Untitled, 1955, color offset print, >The Graces (after François Boucher), and engraving, 2017.193.1, William B. 2018.143.19, Gift of Bob Stana and 1766, etching and aquatint printed Colescott, Warrington, American, O’Neal Fund Tom Judy in brown born 1921 >In a Baroque Garden, 1952, color screenprint on gray paper


Fatoure, Pierre, French, 1584–1629, Gillray, James, British, 1757–1815 Hayez, Francesco, Italian, 1791–1882 Jackson, Billy Morrow, American, and Gabriel Lejeune, French, active >Sin, Death, and the Devil, vide Milton, >Mary Stuart Being Led to the Scaffold, 1926–2006 early 17th century 1792, etching, hand-colored with c. 1827, lithograph on chine collé, >After Hours, 1954, etching and >The Supper at Emmaus (after watercolor, 2017.173.1, Anonymous Gift 2017.195.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund aquatint, 2017.148.26, Gift of ), c. 1609/1610, etching Bob Stana and Tom Judy Goeneutte, Norbert, French, Hayter, Stanley William, British, and engraving, 2018.105.1, Purchased 1854–1894 1901–1988 Jeanniot, Georges, French, 1848–1934 as the Gift of Ladislaus and Beatrix von >The Letter, c. 1887, drypoint, >Bride, 1934, engraving, softground >Young Woman Seated in a Garden, Hoffmann, by Exchange 2018.72.3, Purchased for the Virginia etching, and roulette, 2017.148.46, c. 1896, woodcut, 2018.46.1, Feitelson, Lorser, American, 1898–1978 and Ira Jackson Collection Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Purchased for the Virginia and >Post-Surreal Configuration: Biological Ira Jackson Collection Goetz, James Russell, American, Hentschel, William Ernest, American, Symphony, 1939, lithograph, 2017.148.21, 1915–1946 1892–1962 Jensen, Alfred, American, born Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Uranus and Gaea, 1946, engraving and >Mermaid, 1932, airbrush , Guatemala, 1903–1981 Fischl, Eric, American, born 1948 aquatint on gray paper, 2017.148.25, 2018.143.26, Gift of Bob Stana and >Untitled (A Pythagorean Note- >Puppet-Tears, 1985, aquatint, sugar-lift, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Tom Judy book XII), 1965, color lithograph, drypoint and scraping, 2018.120.1, Gift 2017.148.27, Gift of Bob Stana and Goldyne, Joseph, American, born 1942 Herz the Elder, Johann Daniel, of Christopher and Beverly With in Tom Judy >A Little Night Music, 1978, color German, 1710–1776 memory of Karl and Gerda With etching and aquatint on chine collé, >Virgin Enthroned in Glory with Saint Johns, Jasper, American, born 1930 Floding, Per Gustaf, Swedish, 1731–1791 2017.148.22, Gift of Bob Stana and Peter, 1740s/1750s, etching, 2018.47.1, >Untitled, 1992, color lithograph on >Apollo and Daphne (after François Tom Judy Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund handmade paper Boucher), 1762, etching and aquatint >Untitled, 1992, color lithograph on Gorny, Anthony Peter, American, Hoehme, Gerhard, German, printed in brown handmade paper, 2017.179.1–2, born 1950 1920–1989 >Guard House (after François Boucher), Gift of Lee and Ann Fensterstock >H. T. A. D., 1974, color etching and >Branches, 1955, screenprint, 1762, etching and aquatint printed >Recent Still Life, 1966, color lithograph aquatint, 2017.148.23, Gift of Bob 2017.184.1, Ruth and Jacob Kainen in brown >Passage I, 1966, color lithograph Stana and Tom Judy Memorial Acquisition Fund >Arms of the City of Paris (after Simon >Passage II, 1966, color lithograph on Challes), c. 1762, etching and aquatint Graf, Gottfried, German, 1881–1938 Hogue, Alexandre, American, black paper printed in brown, 2018.91.5–7, Pepita >Girl with Bird of Paradise, 1918, 1898–1994 >Target, 1967, color lithograph Milmore Memorial Fund woodcut, 2017.133.3, Gift of >Rattler, 1938, lithograph, 2018.143.68, >Figure 4, 1967, soapground aquatint Christopher and Beverly With in Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >A Cartoon for Tanya, 1972, lithograph French 18th Century(?) memory of Karl and Gerda With >0–9, 1975, hard and softground etch- >Saint John Preaching (after Pellegrino Homer, Winslow, American, ing, soapground, sugarlift, and spitbite Tibaldi), 18th century, etching and Grandi, Giuseppe, Italian, 1843–1894 1836–1910 aquatint aquatint printed in brown, 2018.123.3, >Sleeping Boy, 1873/1874, etching >The Wreck of the “Atlantic”—Cast >0, 1975, spitbite aquatint Gift of James A. Bergquist in honor of with monotype wiping, 2018.77.4, Up by the Sea, 1873, wood engraving, >1, 1975, etching and aquatint with Jamie Gabbarelli Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 2018.44.53, Gift of William and Abigail Gerdts burnishing Frommelt, Martin, Liechtenstein, Greville, Charles Francis, The Hon. >2, 1975, sugarlift and spitbite aquatint born 1933 (Attributed to), British, 1749–1809 Hubert, François, French, 1744–1809 >3, 1975, sugarlift and soapground >Creation: Five Constellations on >Title Page, c. 1786, etching and >Return from the Wet Nurse (after aquatint Genesis, 1989–1999, portfolio aquatint, 2018.123.1, Gift of James A. Jean-Baptiste Greuze), 1767, etching >4, 1975, sugarlift and soapground comprised of 214 color etchings with Bergquist in honor of Jamie Gabbarelli and engraving, 2018.91.34, Pepita aquatint with burnishing Milmore Memorial Fund five cover etchings on card, in five Gross-Bettelheim, Jolán, American, >5, 1975, sugarlift and soapground plexi boxes, with text by Rupert born Hungary, 1900–1972 Hugo, Jean, French, 1894–1984 aquatint with burnishing Riedl, 2017.134.1, Gift of BINDING >The Coal Yard, 1936, lithograph, >Victorian Interior #2, c. 1935, color >6, 1975, etching and spitbite aquatint STIFTUNG, Liechtenstein 2018.143.12, Gift of Bob Stana and screenprint, 2017.148.24, Gift of >7, 1975, softground, soapground, and Gaillard, René, French, c. 1719–1790 Tom Judy Bob Stana and Tom Judy spitbite aquatint >Meditation (after Johann Eleazar >8, 1975, spitbite aquatint Grützke, Johannes, German, Hunt, Richard Howard, American, >9, 1975, spitbite aquatint with Schenau), 1766, etching and engraving, 1937–2017 born 1935 2017.125.4, Gift of David H. McDonnell burnishing >The Efforts of the Schule der Neuen >Paper Piece III, 1978, color cast paper >Light Bulb, 1976, lithograph Galle, Philip, Flemish, 1537–1612 Prachtigkeit Honored by History, 1975, on blue handmade paper, 2018.143.27, >Untitled I, 1976, color spitbite etching, >The Parable of the Wise and Foolish aquatint, 2018.120.4, Gift of Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy and drypoint Christopher and Beverly With in Virgins (after Pieter Bruegel the Elder), Italian 16th Century >Untitled II, 1976, color spitbite aquatint memory of Karl and Gerda With c. 1560/1563, engraving, 2017.142.1, >The Madonna of the Veil (after with burnishing Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund Gunst, Pieter Stevens van, Dutch, Raphael), 1570s?, engraving, 2017.175.1, >Untitled, 1977, color lithograph Garrard, George, British, 1760–1826, 1659–c. 1724 Gift of David P. Tunick, in honor of >Savarin, 1977, color lithograph M. N. Bate, British, active 19th century, >King William III (after Johann Brandon), Jonathan Bober >Savarin, 1977, color lithograph 1694, etching with engraving >Savarin 1 (Cookie), 1978, lithograph Joseph Constantine Stadler, British, Italian 17th Century >Queen Mary II (after Johann Brandon), >Savarin 2 (Wash and Line), 1978, 1780–1890, and Thomas Morris, >Vision of Saint Catherine of Alexandria 1694, etching with engraving, lithograph British, active 1750–1800 (after Lodovico Carracci), late 17th 2017.197.1, 2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Savarin 3 (Red), 1978, color lithograph >Wobourn Sheepshearing, 1810, century, etching with engraving, etching, stipple, engraving, and >Savarin 4 (Oval), 1978, lithograph Hamilton, Ann, American, born 1956 2018.58.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Savarin 5 (Corpse and Mirror), 1978, aquatint printed in brown, 2017.197.4, >Script D, 2008, color lithograph on Italian 17th Century color lithograph Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund chine collé, 2018.143.24, Gift of Bob >Saint Anthony with the Christ Child, >Savarin 6 (Blue), 1979, color lithograph, Stana and Tom Judy Gearhart, Frances H., American, 1641, etching 2017.183.1–29, Gift of Barbara Bertozzi 1869–1958 Hancock, Trenton Doyle, American, >Lamentation, 17th century, etching Castelli >Untitled [Two Figures in a born 1974 >Pastoral Journey (after Giovanni Landscape], 1918/1920, color Johnston, Ynez, American, born 1920 >YU, MICA, ME, born 1974, letterpress Benedetto Castiglione), late 17th >Night Voyage, 1956, color intaglio, woodcut, 2018.143.21, Gift of and screenprint, 2018.131.1, Gift of century, etching Bob Stana and Tom Judy 2018.143.28, Gift of Bob Stana and Rena M. Hoisington in honor of >Bacchanal by a Herm (after Giovanni Tom Judy Giacometti, Alberto, Swiss, 1901–1966 Judith Brodie Benedetto Castiglione), late 17th century, etching Jones, Frank, American, 1900–1969 >Studio II, 1954, lithograph, 2017.133.2, Haupers, Clement Bernard, American, >Temporalis Aeternitas [Second >Untitled [devil house with clock Gift of Christopher and Beverly With 1900–1982 Version] (after Giovanni Benedetto tower], c. 1966, colored pencil, in memory of Karl and Gerda With >Beach Boys, 1930, drypoint, Castiglione), late 17th century, etching 2017.148.72, Gift of Bob Stana and Gielniak, Józef, Polish, born France, 2018.143.25, Gift of Bob Stana and >Pastoral Journey (after Giovanni Tom Judy 1932–1972 Tom Judy Benedetto Castiglione), late 17th >Autumn in Bukowiec, 1959–1960, Jules, Mervin, American, 1912–1994 Hawkins, William L., American, century, etching, 2018.113.31–36, linocut on Japan paper, 2018.37.16, >Little Tailor, c. 1945, color screenprint, 1895–1990 Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier Gift of Ingrid Rose in memory of her 2017.148.28, Gift of Bob Stana and >Untitled [Gameboard], 1932/1934, Tom Judy husband Milton Rose graphite and green colored pencil on sketchbook page, 2017.148.73, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy


Kaplan, Philip, American, born , Lalive de Jully, Ange-Laurent de, Leithauser, Mark Alan, American, >Pleistocene Monarchs, 1945, 1903–1990 French, 1725–1779 born 1950 color cellocut, 2018.143.38–40, 43, >Dimensional Vista, 1948, color engrav- >The Poor Farmer and His Family >Paperwhites, 1982, etching Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy ing, 2017.133.4, Gift of Christopher and (after Jean-Baptiste Greuze), >Studio Shelf, 1981, etching, Marshall, Kerry James, American, Beverly With in memory of Karl and c. 1761/1766, etching 2018.143.35–36, Gift of Bob Stana born 1955 Gerda With >The Mother of the Family (after and Tom Judy >Untitled (Man), 2017, color woodcut, Jean-Baptiste Greuze), c. 1755/1766, Kaprow, Allan, American, 1927–2006 Lelu, Pierre, French, 1741–1810 2018.34.1, Gift of Mr. David and Dr. etching, 2018.91.28–29, Pepita >Announcement: Four by >The Death of Hector on the Ramparts Lisa Grain and Family Milmore Memorial Fund Allan Kaprow, 1963, lithograph on of Troy (recto); Tancred and Hermione Master E. S., German, active brown paper, 2018.143.29, Gift of Landacre, Paul, American, 1893–1963 (verso), aquatint with etching printed c. 1450–1467 Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Counterpoint, 1939, wood engraving, in gray-brown (recto); aquatint printed >The Apostle Simon Zelotes, 2018.143.69, Gift of Bob Stana and in brown (verso) Kasten, Karl, American, 1916–2010 c. 1460/1465, engraving, 2018.73.1, Tom Judy >The Dictation, etching and aquatint >In the First Place, 1969, color The Ahmanson Foundation and Pepita printed in brown collograph, 2018.143.30, Gift of Landon, Edward, American, 1911–1984 Milmore Memorial Fund >Tancred and Hermione (after Charles Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Balance II, 1967, color screenprint on Paul Jean-Baptiste de Bourgevin Master I. B., German, active c. handmade paper Kauffman, Craig, American, Vialart de Saint-Morys), aquatint 1523/1530 >By the Light of the Moon, 1954, color 1932–2010 printed in brown >Temperance, c. 1525, hand-colored screenprint >Untitled, 1971, color lithograph, >Allegory of Conception or Allegory engraving, 2017.133.7, Gift of >Deadlock, 1947, color screenprint 2018.143.72, Gift of Bob Stana of Redemption, (after ), Christopher and Beverly With in >Hall of Fame, 1951, color screenprint and Tom Judy 1783, etching and aquatint printed in memory of Karl and Gerda With >Scheherazade, 1946, color screenprint, red-brown, 2018.91.43.a, b; 44; 45; 46, Kelly, Ellsworth, American, 1923–2015 2017.148.32–36, Gift of Bob Stana and Mattioli, Ludovico, Italian, 1662–1747, Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund >Untitled, 1986, polished stainless steel Tom Judy and Giulio Cesare Croce, Italian, >Untitled, 1986, shot-peened stainless Lepère, Auguste, French, 1849–1918 1550–1609 Lanyon, Ellen, American, 1926–2013 steel, 2017.135.1–2, Gift of Gemini >War is Declared, 1915, woodcut, >Bertoldo con Bertoldino e Cacasenno >Duet, 1950, color aquatint and etching G.E.L. and the Artist 2018.132.4, Gift of Nicholas Martin in in ottava rima, 1736, bound volume with gold leaf, 2018.143.34, Gift of Bob memory of his parents, Vernon Paul in two parts with twenty full-page Kelly, Wallace, American, 1894–1976 Stana and Tom Judy etchings and fifteen etched tailpieces, >People in Boxes: The Angry, 1975, and Jean Webster Martin Lasansky, Mauricio, American, born 2017.158.4, William B. O’Neal Fund color screenprint, 2017.148.29, Le Sueur, Nicolas, French, 1690–1764 , 1914–2012 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Rape of Europa (after Paolo Farinati), Mauroner, Fabio, Italian, 1884–1948 >Time in Space, 1946, engraving, c. 1742, chiaroscuro woodcut printed >Burano, 1924, etching with monotype Kent, Mary Corita, American, etching, and aquatint, 2017.148.37, in green and brown wiping, 2018.77.2, Ailsa Mellon 1918–1986 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Bruce Fund >Have You Still No Faith, color >Diana and Endymion (after Sebastiano Le Barbier I, Jean-Jacques-François, screenprint, 2017.148.30, Gift of Conca), c. 1742, chiaroscuro woodcut McCollum, Allan, American, born 1944 French, 1738–1826 Bob Stana and Tom Judy printed in green and black, 2018.91.13, >Untitled, 1974, color screenprint, >Composition with Figural Relief, 15, Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund 2018.143.73, Gift of Bob Stana and Kentridge, William, South African, etching, 2018.91.42, Pepita Milmore Levy, Beatrice S., American, 1892–1974 Tom Judy born 1955 Memorial Fund >Zeno Writing II, 2003, set of >Rainy Night, 1914, etching and aquatint, Meeker, Dean Jackson, American, Lehmbruck, Wilhelm, German, seven photogravures with drypoint, 2018.90.3, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund born 1920 1881–1919 2018.24.2–8, Thomas G. Klarner Lewandowski, Edmund D., American, >Curcubeta, 1957, color screenprint on >Rape II, 1911, drypoint, 2017.133.6, Collection, Gift of Neal Turtell 1914–1998 gray paper, 2017.148.44, Gift of Bob Gift of Christopher and Beverly With >Hull 101, 1957, color screenprint, Stana and Tom Judy Klinger, Max, German, 1857–1920 in memory of Karl and Gerda With >At the (Am Thor), 1887, etching 2017.148.38, Gift of Bob Stana and Mehretu, Julie, American, Leibl, Wilhelm, German, 1844–1900 on Japan paper, 2017.133.5, Gift of Tom Judy born Ethiopia, 1970 >Head of a Boy, 1874, etching on Christopher and Beverly With in Libby, William Charles, American, >Entropia (review), 2004, color Japan paper memory of Karl and Gerda With 1919–1982 screenprint and lithograph, 2018.24.1, >Head of a Boy, 1874, etching >Anguish of Spring, c. 1960, color Thomas G. Klarner Collection, Krisel, Harold, American, 1920–1995 >Bust of a Young Peasant Girl in a Plaid woodcut on Japanese paper, Gift of Neal Turtell >Yellow Form, 1964, color screenprint, Jacket, c. 1875/1877, etching 2017.148.39, Gift of Bob Stana and 2017.148.31, Gift of Bob Stana and >Peasant Boy with a Jug, c. 1875/1877, Meryon, Charles, French, 1821–1868 Tom Judy Tom Judy etching >Tourelle, Rue de la Tixeranderie, 1852, etching printed in brown, 2017.156.1, Kubin, Alfred, Austrian, 1877–1959 >Landscape with Resting Children Lumpkins, William, 1909–2000 Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund >Roland the Knight, 1921, lithograph [“La Dolce far niente”], c. 1875/1877, >Untitled [Abstract], 1961, color on Japan paper, 2018.133.1, Gift of etching monoprint, 2018.143.37, Gift of Mieczkowski, Edwin, American, Nicholas Martin in memory of >The Large Tree, c. 1874/1875, etching Bob Stana and Tom Judy born 1929 >Portrait of an Old Peasant Woman, Anne Mochon Lützelburger, Hans, German, died >Untitled [Abstract], 1954, color in Profile to the Right, 1874, etching before 1526, and Arnold Nicolai, woodcut, 2018.143.41, Gift of Lacour, Pierre, the Elder, French, >Old Farmer with a Hat, c. 1875/1877, Flemish, 1550–1596 Bob Stana and Tom Judy 1745–1814 etching >Imagines Mortis, 1545, bound volume >Venus and Cupid, 1780, etching, >Portrait of the Painter Sperl, Monnier, Louis-Gabriel, French, with forty-four woodcut illustrations 2017.107.1, Katharine Shepard Fund c. 1875/1877, etching 1733–1804 after Hans Holbein the Younger, >Allegory Celebrating the Birth of the Lagrenée, Jean Jacques II, French, >Team of Oxen in Harness, 2017.110.1, Gift of John B. Davidson Duc d’Enghien (after Charles-Joseph 1739–1821 c. 1875/1877, etching in honor of Andrew Robison Le Jolivet), 1772, etching and aquatint >Title Page, 1765/1784, etching >Farmhouse, c. 1875/1877, etching printed in brown, 2018.91.47, Pepita >Anacreon, c. 1782, aquatint and >Therese Bauer [Head of a Young MacCoy, Guy, American, 1904–1981 Milmore Memorial Fund etching printed in dark brown Farmgirl Facing Right], c. 1875/1877, >Bottles, 1940s, color screenprint >Composition with Antique Fragments, etching >Indian Plate, 1943, color screenprint Morin, Jean, French, c. 1600–1650 c. 1782, etching and aquatint printed >The Smoker [Portrait of the Painter >The Deer Park, 1945, color screenprint, >Landscape with Duck Hunters (after in brown Horstig], c. 1873/1874, etching 2017.148.40–42, Gift of Bob Stana and Jacques Fouquières), mid-17th century, >Composition with Antique , >Portrait of the Painter Wopfner, Tom Judy etching, 2018.29.1, Gift of Jimmy and c. 1782, etching and aquatint printed c. 1873/1874, etching Mandleman, Beatrice, American, Jessica Younger in brown >Portrait of the Painter Wopfner, 1912–1998 Morris, Robert, American, born 1931 >Composition with Antiquities, 1784, c. 1873/1874, etching >Carnival, c. 1936, color woodcut, >Poster, Castelli-Sonnabend etching >The Drinker [Portrait of Wirts 2018.143.50, Gift of Bob Stana and “Labyrinths-Voice-Blind Time,” 1974, >Ornamental Frieze, c. 1784, etching Rauecker], 1874, etching Tom Judy offset lithograph, 2018.143.42, and aquatint printed in brown >The Drinker [Portrait of Wirts Margo, Boris, American, 1902–1995 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Ornamental Frieze, c. 1784, etching Rauecker], 1874, etching >Untitled [Abstract], 1949, color and aquatint printed in brown, >Leibl’s Mother, 1874, etching on Japan Moy, Seong, American, 1921–2013 cellocut 2018.91.35–41, Pepita Milmore paper, 2018.129.1–18, Gift of the >The Bathers, 1946, color woodcut >Untitled [Abstract], c. 1933, cellocut Memorial Fund Wolfgang Ratjen Foundation in on Japanese paper, 2017.148.45, Memory of Wolfgang Ratjen on the >Corralled, 1945, color cellocut Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy 75th Anniversary of His Birth


Munch, Edvard, Norwegian, Perrier, François, French, 1594–1649 Reddy, N. Krishna, American, Ryan, Anne, American, 1889–1954 1863–1944 >Fragments of Antique Sculpture, 1638, born India, 1925–2018 >Figures in a Yellow Room, 1946, >Pretenders: Ordeal by Fire II, 1927, set of nine etchings after classical >Insect, 1952, color intaglio, color woodcut on black paper woodcut sculptures, 2017.126.8–16, 2018.143.52, Gift of Bob Stana and >Two Figures, 1945, color woodcut, >Double Suicide, 1901, etching and Gift of David H. McDonnell Tom Judy 2017.148.52, 2018.143.56, Gift of drypoint Bob Stana and Tom Judy Peterson, Roland Conrad, American, , Paul, American, 1919–2015 >Mrs. Marie Linde, 1902, drypoint on born 1926 >Untitled [Abstract], 1985, color Sadeler I, Raphael, Flemish, Japan paper, 2018.25.1–3, The Epstein >Father and Daughter, c. 1957, etching, screenprint on two sheets of paper, 1560/1561–1628 or 1632 Family Collection 2018.143.51, Gift of Bob Stana and 2018.143.53, Gift of Bob Stana and >Saint Luke Painting the Virgin (after Nauman, Bruce, American, born 1941 Tom Judy Tom Judy Bartholomaeus Spranger), 1580s?, >False Passage, 1977, etching and engraving, 2017.155.1, Ruth and Jacob Pettit, Geno, American, 1894–1982 Remington, Deborah, American, drypoint, 2018.143.1, Gift of Bob Stana Kainen Memorial Acquisition Fund >River Lullaby, 1947, color screenprint, born 1935 and Tom Judy 2017.148.47, Gift of Bob Stana and >Anathema, 1952, color etching Saint-Morys, Charles Paul Jean- Neureuther, Eugen Napoleon, German, Tom Judy and aquatint, 2018.143.54, Baptiste de Bourgevin Vialart de, 1806–1882 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy French, 1743–1795 Picasso, Pablo, Spanish, 1881–1973 >The Parson’s Daughter from >Concert of Angels around the Infant >Head of a Young Girl, 1949, Reni, Guido, Italian, 1575–1642 Taubenhain, 1844, etching on chine (after ), 1770s, lithograph, 2017.124.1, Gift of Richard >Saint Roch Distributing Alms, 1610, collé, 2017.103.1, Ruth and Jacob etching and aquatint printed in brown and Elaine Kaufman etching Kainen Memorial Acquisition Fund >Head of a Man (after ), >The Obsequies of Agostino Carracci, Pichler, Johann Peter, Austrian, 1785, etching and aquatint printed Nieuwland, Isaac Lodewijk de la 1603, set of three etchings, 2018.113.4–7, 1765–1807 in red-brown, 2018.91.49, 50, Pepita Fargue van, Dutch, 1726–1805 Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier >The Triumph of Omphale (after Milmore Memorial Fund >William V of Orange, 1778, watercolor Domenichino), 1797, mezzotint Riggs, Robert, American, 1896–1970 >Adonias Imploring the Grace of over etching with pen and ink and gray >Raging Hercules (after Alessandro >Amateur Gym, c. 1932/1933, lithograph Solomon or Jeroboam Kneeling before and brown wash Turchi), 1797, mezzotint, 2018.106.1, >Neighborhood Champ, c. 1932/1933, Rehoboam (after Amico Aspertini), >Frederica Sophia Wilhelmine, 1779, 2, Ruth and Jacob Kainen Memorial lithograph c. 1770/1795, etching and aquatint watercolor over etching with pen Acquisition Fund >Trial Horse, 1932, lithograph printed in brown and ink and gray and brown wash, >Psychopathic Ward, c. 1940, >Esther before (after Johann 2018.142.1, 2, Anonymous Gift Pissarro, Camille, French, 1830–1903 lithograph >Côte Sainte-Catherine, Rouen, c. 1884, Carl Loth), late 18th century, etching Niffenegger, Audrey, American, >Dust Storm, c. 1941, lithograph etching and aquatint and aquatint printed in gray-brown, born 1963 >Florence Nightingale, c. 1936, >Bathers Wrestling, c. 1896, lithograph 2018.123.2, 7, Gift of James A. >The Death of the Lighthouse Keeper lithograph on chine collé Bergquist in honor of Jamie Gabbarelli from The Three Incestuous Sisters, >Pool (Boys Bathing), c. 1933, lithograph >Market at Pontoise, c. 1895, lithograph Saint-Non, Jean-Claude-Richard, Abbé 1985–1998, hand-colored aquatint and >Children’s Ward, c. 1940, lithograph, on chine collé de, French, 1727–1791 etching, 2018.143.43, Gift of Bob Stana 2018.37.3–10, Gift of Ingrid Rose in >Place du Havre à Paris, c. 1897, >Naiads and Tritons (after François and Tom Judy memory of her husband Milton Rose lithograph on chine collé, 2017.182.1–3, Boucher), 1766, etching and aquatint Nilsson, Gladys, American, born 1940 2017.185.1, Gift of Martin and Robertson, Thomas Arthur, American, printed in brown >LOOKY–YKOOL, 1994, color etching Liane Atlas 1911–1976 >Pensionnaires from the French on chine collé, 2018.143.44, Gift of >Composition #4, c. 1940, color Pitteri, Marco Alvise, Italian, 1702–1786 Academy Going from Rome to Bob Stana and Tom Judy screenprint, 2017.148.51, Gift of >A Woman Wearing a Straw Hat by Carriage and Passing through a Bob Stana and Tom Judy Nolde, Emil, German, 1867–1956 [Madame de Pompadour?] Forest in Fondi during the Night (after >Madonna, 1906, woodcut, 2018.120.2, (after Giovanni Battista Piazzetta), Rode, Bernhard, German, 1725–1797 Gabriel François Doyen), c. 1766–1772, Gift of Christopher and Beverly With mid-18th century, engraving [proof], >The Happy New Age, 1778, etching aquatint and etching printed in brown in memory of Karl and Gerda With 2018.59.1, Purchased as the Gift of with drypoint, 2017.196.1, Ailsa Mellon >Entrance to the Temple of Serapis in Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in honor Bruce Fund Pozzuoli (after Hubert Robert), 1767, Nooms, called Zeeman, Reinier, Dutch, of Jonathan Bober >Presentation in the Temple, etching and aquatint printed in brown 1623 or 1624–1664 1770, etching >View in the Garden of a Roman , >Inland Waterways, c. 1656, complete Plattemontagne, Nicolas de, French, >Memorial Plaque for David Bruhn, with the Temple of Hercules Victor set of eight etchings, 2018.28.1–8, 1631–1706 c. 1774, etching, roulette, and stipple and the (after Gift of Dr. Klaus Anselm >Vincent Barthélémy, 1657, etching >The Goddess of Fame Placing a Laurel Hubert Robert), 1766, etching and with engraving, 2017.155.2, Nordfeldt, Bror Julius Olsson, American, Wreath on the Memorial to General aquatint printed in brown Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 1878–1955 Keith, 1774, etching and drypoint >View of an Antique Fountain (after >Camp of Company F, c. 1930, etching Pollock, Jackson, American, 1912–1956 >Christ on the Cross, 1770s, etching Hubert Robert), 1767, etching and and drypoint >Untitled, 1944/1945, engraving and >Antique Sacrifice, 1752, etching, aquatint printed in brown >Company M, c. 1930, etching and drypoint 2018.113.55–59, Gift of Alessandra >Stairway in an Italian Garden: Villa drypoint, 2018.143.45–46, Gift of >Untitled, 1944/1945, engraving Manning Dolnier d’Este or Caprarola (after Jean Honoré Bob Stana and Tom Judy and drypoint, 2018.118.1–2, Fragonard), 1766, etching and aquatint Rönnebeck, Arnold, American, Gift of Harry Grubert printed in brown, 2018.91.51–55, Olds, Elizabeth, American, 1896–1991 1885–1947 Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund >The Great Fire, 1940, color Prestel, Johann Gottlieb, German, >Colorado Silver Mine, 1932, lithograph, screenprint, 2018.143.47, Gift of 1739–1808 2018.37.2, Gift of Ingrid Rose in Sandback, Fred, American, 1943–2003 Bob Stana and Tom Judy >The of the Virgin memory of her husband Milton Rose >Untitled, 1975, color lithograph, (after Guido Reni), 1776, etching and 2017.148.53, Gift of Bob Stana and Palladio, Andrea, Italian, 1508–1580 Rosa, Salvator, Neapolitan, 1615–1673 aquatint printed in brown, 2018.91.48, Tom Judy (editor and illustrator) and Julius >The Rescue of the Infant Oedipus, Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund Caesar, Roman, 100–44 B.C. (author) 1663, etching with drypoint, 2017.131.1, Sander, Ludwig, American, 1906–1975 >Jupiter and Juno (after Pietro da >I Commentari di C. Giulio Cesare, Gift of James A. Bergquist in honor of >ARAPAHOE, 1969, color screenprint, Cortona), 1788, etching and aquatint 1575, bound volume with forty-two Faith and Dewayne Perry, , 2018.143.57, Gift of Bob Stana and >Venus Commanding Vulcan to Make double-page engraved illustrations, Tom Judy Arms for Aeneas (after Pietro da Rose, Ruth Starr, American, 1887–1965 engraved headpieces, tailpieces, and Cortona), 1788, etching and aquatint, >Untitled (Mother and Child), 1934, Sarkisian, Sarkis, American, born letters throughout, 2018.78.1, William 2018.123.5, 6, Gift of James A. lithograph, 2018.143.55, Gift of Bob Turkey, 1909–1977 B. O’Neal Fund Bergquist in honor of Jamie Gabbarelli Stana and Tom Judy >Untitled [Man Reading], 1938, Paolozzi, Eduardo, British, 1924–2005 color silkscreen, 2017.148.54, Pytlak, Leonard, American, 1910–1998 Rothenstein, Michael, British, >Donald Duck Meets Mondrian, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Be Bop Fitzgerald, c. 1949, color 1908–1993 c. 1980, color screenprint, 2018.143.48, screenprint >Veiled Sun, 1972, woodcut, 2018.43.5, Schmidt, Louis, American, 1857–1935 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Jam Session, 1940s, color screenprint, Gift of Paul Kanev >Queensborough Bridge, 1929, etching, Patrick, James Hollins, American, 2017.148.48–49, Gift of Bob Stana and 2018.143.59, Gift of Bob Stana and Ruscha, Ed, American, born 1937 1911–1944 Tom Judy Tom Judy >Miracle, 1999, lithograph on handmade >Panic, Lion’s Loose, c. 1936, Quest, Charles, American, 1904–1993 paper, 2017.179.3, Gift of Lee and Ann Schmidt, Martin Johann, Austrian, lithograph, 2018.143.49, Gift of >Through the Looking Glass, 1950, Fensterstock 1718–1801 Bob Stana and Tom Judy color woodcut, 2017.148.50, >Assumption of the Virgin, 1775, etching Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Descent from the Cross, 1779, etching and engraving


>Crowning of the Virgin, 1768, etching Smithson, Robert, American, Taylor, Al, American, 1948–1999 Veronese 16th Century (possibly and engraving 1938–1973 >Title Page from Ten Common Objects Battista Angolo del Moro), Italian >Christ on the Cross, 1764, etching >Torn photograph from the second stop (Hawaiian Household) Objects, 1989, >Landscape with Penitent Saints, 16th >The Triumph of Bacchus with Dancing (rubble). Second mountain of 6 stops etching, aquatint, and drypoint Century, etching, 2018.113.1, Nymphs, 1773, etching on a section., 1970, color offset litho- >Flypaper from Ten Common Objects Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier >The Education of Satyr Children, 1771, graph torn into quarters, 2017.148.60, (Hawaiian Household) Objects, 1989, Veronese 16th Century etching, 2018.113.45–50, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy etching, aquatint, and drypoint (possibly Falconetto), Italian Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier >Bottled Water from Ten Common Speed, Julie, born 1951 >Landscape (after Hieronymus Cock), Objects (Hawaiian Household) Schönfeld, Johann Heinrich, German, >Chinese Puzzle, color aquatint, 16th Century, etching, 2018.113.2, Objects, 1989, etching, aquatint, 1609–c. 1682 2018.143.61, Gift of Bob Stana and Gift of Alessandra Manning Dolnier and drypoint >Head of a , late 17th Century, Tom Judy >Thongs from Ten Common Objects Vico, Enea, Italian, 1523–1567 etching, 2018.113.60, Gift of Spero, Nancy, American, 1926–2009, (Hawaiian Household) Objects, 1989, >Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs Alessandra Manning Dolnier and Leon Albert Golub, American, drypoint and aquatint (after Rosso Fiorentino), 1542, Schrimpf, George, German, 1889–1938 1922–2004 >Palm Root from Ten Common Objects engraving, 2018.47.2, Purchased as the >Nude IX, 1918, woodcut, 2017.133.9, >They Will Torture You My Friend, 1971, (Hawaiian Household) Objects, 1989, Gift of Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in Gift of Christopher and Beverly With color screenprint, 2018.143.62, etching and drypoint Memory of Neil Phillips in memory of Karl and Gerda With Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Broomstick from Ten Common Vispre, Francois-Xavier, French, Seawall, Thomas Robert, American, Stackhouse, Robert, American, Objects (Hawaiian Household) Objects, c. 1730–in or after 1780 born 1936 born 1942 1989, etching, aquatint, and drypoint >Psyche Carried by Zephyr to the >The Bus—The Opera, 1972/1974, >Ruby’s Way, 1989, color screenprint, >Coconut Mask from Ten Common Palace Built by Cupid (after Angelica color screenprint, 2017.148.55, 2017.133.10, Gift of Christopher and Objects (Hawaiian Household) Objects, Kauffmann), c. 1775/1785, etching and Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Beverly With in memory of Karl and 1989, etching, aquatint, and engraving aquatint printed in brown, 2018.123.8, Gerda With >Sex Rocks from Ten Common Objects Gift of James A. Bergquist in honor of Serra, Richard, American, born 1938 (Hawaiian Household) Objects, 1989, Jamie Gabbarelli >T. E. Sparrows Point, 1999, etching, Steinberg, Saul, American, drypoint, etching, and aquatint 2017.179.7, Gift of Lee and Ann born Romania, 1914–1999 >Window Screen from Ten Common Vogel, Donald, American, 1902–1986 Fensterstock >LA, 1994, color relief print Objects (Hawaiian Household) >Crucifixion, c. 1945, drypoint, >LA (proof), 1994, color relief print 2018.143.66, Gift of Bob Stana and Sheets, Millard, American, 1907–1989 Objects, 1989, aquatint and etching >LA (proof), 1994, color relief print with Tom Judy >Circus Rider, 1936, color screenprint, >Mosquito Call from Ten Common colored pencil, graphite, and collage 2017.148.56, Gift of Bob Stana and Objects (Hawaiian Household) Wands, Alfred James, American, >LA (proof), 1994, color relief print with Tom Judy Objects, 1989, etching and aquatint 1904–1998 graphite, colored paper, and erasures >Ventilated from Ten Common >Molas Pass, , 1950s, color Shellabarger, Stan, American, >LA (proof), 1994, relief print Objects (Hawaiian Household) screenprint, 2017.148.68, Gift of born 1968 >LA (proof), 1994, relief print with Objects, 1989, drypoint and aquatint, Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Untitled (Welcome), 2010, color crayon, ink, graphite, and felt pen 2018.112.7–17, Gift of Debbie Taylor reduction woodcut, 2017.148.57, >LA, 1994, color relief print Weber, Max, American, born , Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >LA (proof, with three Mylar Testa, Pietro, Italian, 1612–1650 1881–1961 >Saint Jerome, 1631/1637, etching >Seated Figure, 1936, color woodcut, Shields, Francis Bernard, American, attachments), 1994, color relief print >Sacrifice of Isaac, c. 1640/1642, 2018.44.65, Gift of William and 1908–1990 and graphite >Albergo Minerva, 1961, lithograph etching, 2018.113.23, 24, Gift of Abigail Gerdts >Ho Hum, c. 1938, color lithograph, Alessandra Manning Dolnier 2017.148.58, Gift of Bob Stana and >Untitled, c. 1982–1990, color etching Weems, Carrie Mae, American, Tom Judy and aquatint Tibaldi, Domenico, Italian, 1541–1583 born 1953 >Union Square, 1973, color lithograph >Allegory of Peace, c. 1560, engraving, >All the Boys, 2017, color offset Siena, James, American, born 1957 >The Museum, 1972, color lithograph 2017.149.1, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund lithograph, 2018.70.1, Gift of the >Battery, 2002, color reduction linocut, with rubber stamping Trova, Ernest, American, 1927–2009 Collectors Committee 2017.148.59, Gift of Bob Stana and >Untitled, c. 1975, woodcut on gray >Untitled, 1968, color screenprint, Tom Judy paper, 2018.39.1–7, 9–14, Gift of The Welton, Elise Cavanna Seeds Armitage, 2017.148.64, Gift of Bob Stana and American, 1902–1963 Sistler, Nicholas, American, born 1954 Saul Steinberg Foundation in honor of Tom Judy >Semi-Abstraction (Abstract Mask #1), >Caught, 2005, etching, 2018.143.60, Judith Brodie Trundle, Jonathan, American, 1932/1934, lithograph, 2017.148.1, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Stephens, Peter, attributed to, British, born 1979 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Smillie, James David, American, active 1760–1769 >“Creamsicle” Carla and the Ice Cream Wolf, Gustav, German, 1887–1947 1833–1909 >Horace’s Sabine Villa, 1762, etching, Stickers, 2006, digital inkjet print, >Zehn Holzschnitte, 1912, portfolio of >Bunch of Sweet Peas, 1891, drypoint 2017.107.2, Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund 2017.148.65, Gift of Bob Stana and ten woodcuts with title page, original >Hollyhocks in Long-neck Vase, 1891, Stiegelmeyer, Norman, American, Tom Judy wrappers, cloth-lined cover, and outer etching 1937–1985 cardboard cover >Pansies, 1890, etching Ugo da Carpi, Italian, c. 1480–1532, >Transformation Stage, 1966, >Vision of Manhattan, 1942, portfolio of >Pansies, 1910 [posthumous], etching and Ludovico Arrighi (calligrapher), lithograph, 2018.143.75, Gift of twelve etchings with decorated cloth >Dark Single Hollyhocks, etching, Italian, 1475–1527 Bob Stana and Tom Judy cover and prospectus, 2018.37.11, 12, 2018.44.32, 57–60, Gift of William >Regola da imparare scrivere varii Gift of Ingrid Rose in memory of her and Abigail Gerdts Stratton, Dorothy, American, caratteri de littere con li suoi compassi 1908–2007 et misure: et il modo di temperare le husband Milton Rose Smillie, James David after Winslow >The Directors, c. 1960, blowtorch penne..., 1533, bound volume with Wyngaerde, Frans van den, Flemish, Homer, American, 1833–1909 etching and engraving with hand- one engraved title plate, calligraphic 1614–1679 >A Voice from the Cliffs, 1886, etching, coloring, 2018.143.63, Gift of engravings throughout, and one >The Lamentation (after Sir Anthony 2018.44.61, Gift of William and Bob Stana and Tom Judy woodcut tailpiece, 2017.150.1, van Dyck), 1630/1645, etching with Abigail Gerdts Strombotne, James, American, William B. O’Neal Fund engraving, 2018.46.3, Ailsa Mellon Smith, Alexis, American, born 1949 born 1934 Ulreich, Edward Buk, American, Bruce Fund >Words Cannot Cook Rice, 1977, >String, 1968, lithograph, 2017.148.70, 1889–1966 Zorach, Marguerite, American, color lithograph, 2018.143.74, Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy >Calm Excitement [Horses], 1932, 1887–1968 Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy Swanenburg, Willem van, Dutch, monotype, 2018.143.65, Gift of >Autumn Colors, c. 1940, color Smith, Kiki, American, born 1954 1580–1612 Bob Stana and Tom Judy screenprint, 2017.148.69, Gift of >My Blue Lake, 1995, color >Penitent Magdalene (after Urban, Albert, American, 1909–1959 Bob Stana and Tom Judy photogravure and lithograph with Abraham Bloemaert), 1609, >Untitled [Abstract], 1944, color screen- à la poupée inking, 2018.71.1, engraving, 2018.113.3, Gift of print, 2017.148.66, Gift of Bob Stana Gift of the Collectors Committee Alessandra Manning Dolnier and Tom Judy TECHNICAL MATERIAL Smith, Leon Polk, American, Takis, Nicholas, 1903–1965 Velonis, Anthony, American, 1911–1997 1906–1996 >Untitled (Waterfront), 1940s, >El Station—Interior, 1939, color Pollock, Jackson, American, 1912–1956 >Untitled, 1973, spiral bound pad color screenprint screenprint, 2017.148.67, Gift of Bob >Untitled, 1944/1945, copper plate containing two drawings in paint and >Untitled (Warehouses), 1940s, Stana and Tom Judy (recto and verso), 2018.118.3, Gift of graphite, 2017.137.6.1–2, Gift of Leon color screenprint, 2017.148.62–63, Harry Grubert Polk Smith Foundation Gift of Bob Stana and Tom Judy


PHOTOGRAPHS American 20th Century Bey, Dawoud, American, born 1953 Burrows, Robert, British, 1810–1883 >Man in moon. Target for Surveyor 2, >Michael-Anthony Allen and George >Plant Study, 1860s, albumen print, Aczél, Márta, Hungarian, 1909–1997 1966, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.34, Washington, 2012, two inkjet prints, 2018.7.9, Purchased as a Gift of the >Untitled (Bowl), 1935 Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon printed 2014, 2018.12.1.1–2, Gift of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Collectors Committee >Untitled (Three Fish), c. 1935, American 20th Century Burtynsky, Edward, Canadian, >Betty Selvage and Faith Speights, gelatin silver prints, 2017.151.1 and >Apollo 11 Astronauts in , 1969, born 1955 2012, two inkjet prints, printed 2014, 2018.52.1, Alfred H. Moses and Fern M. gelatin silver print, 2018.21.35, Gift of >Rock of Ages #7, chromogenic print, 2018.12.2.1–2, Gift of the Collectors Schad Fund Mary and Dan Solomon 2017.117.1, Gift of Richard and Committee Elizabeth Hedreen Adams, Robert, American, born 1937 American 20th Century >Mary Parker and Caela Cowan, >North edge of Denver, Colorado, >President Nixon aboard U.S.S. , 2012, two inkjet prints, printed 2014, Caithness, Earl of, British, 1821–1881 1973–1974, gelatin silver print, printed 1969, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.36, 2018.12.3.1–2, Gift of the Collectors >Hoarfrost, a Park Scene, 1862, 2008, 2017.118.1, Gift of Robert and Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon Committee and the Alfred H. Moses albumen print, 2018.7.10, Purchased Kerstin Adams as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Anderson, James, British, 1813–1877 and Fern M. Schad Fund Foundation Alinari Family, Italian, 19th century >Temple of Vesta and Fountain, Rome, >9.15.63, 2013, single-channel HD video >Pise: Corridore del Camposanto, 1860s, albumen print, 2018.7.15, with sound, 11 minutes and 25 sec- Cameron, Julia Margaret, British, c. 1870, albumen print, 2018.7.14, Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King onds, 2018.12.4, Gift of the Collectors 1815–1879 Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Committee >A Minstrel Group, 1867, albumen print, Mellon Foundation >Don Sledge and Moses Austin, 2012, 2018.7.11, Purchased as a Gift of the Anderson, James, attributed to, British, two inkjet prints, printed 2014, Richard King Mellon Foundation Altobelli, Gioacchino, Italian, 1813–1877 2018.14.1.1–2, Purchased as a Gift of c. 1820–c. 1879 >Piazza , Column of Marcus Peter Edwards and Rose Gutfeld and Campbell of Strachathro, Lord James, >Ponte de Nomentano (Bridge of Aurelius and Chigi Palace, c. 1860, the Alfred H. Moses and Fern M. Scottish, 19th century Nomentano), 1860s, albumen print, albumen print, 2018.7.16, Purchased Schad Fund >Tullichewan Castle, Vale of Leven, 2018.23.36, Gift in honor of Ralph and as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Scotland, 1857 Nancy Ellen Nigro Foundation Biermann, Aenne, German, 1898–1933 >Tullichewan Castle, Vale of Leven, >Untitled (Anthurium), c. 1927–1929, Scotland, c. 1855, salted paper prints, American 19th Century André, Rogi, French, 1905–1970 gelatin silver print, 2018.84.1, Alfred H. 2018.7.21 and 2018.8.6, Purchased >Petersham School in Miss Laura’s Day, >At the Vanity, 1928–1929 or earlier, Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon c. 1850, daguerreotype, 2017.153.1, gelatin silver print, 2018.54.1, Alfred H. Foundation Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund Biernoff, Elisheva, American, born 1980 Charles Scowen and Co., British, American 19th Century Andrew & Ives, American, active 1860s >Exposure, 2017, acrylic on 1876–1899 >Portrait of a Man Behind Newspaper, >Frederick Douglass, 1863, carte-de- plywood, 2018.49.1, Pepita Milmore >Veddahs, c. 1870, albumen print, c. 1855, daguerreotype, 2018.7.6, visite albumen print, 2018.95.1, Pepita Memorial Fund 2018.7.40, Purchased as a Gift of the Purchased as a Gift of Diana and Milmore Memorial Fund Mallory Walker Bing, Ilse, American, born Germany, Richard King Mellon Foundation Archer, Frederick Scott, British, 1899–1998 Clifford, Charles, Welsh, 1819–1863 American 19th Century 1813–1858 >Die Reklame, Frankfurt >Segovia, Façade of the Alcazar and >Portrait of a Woman, 1850s, daguerre- >Ruined Tower, c. 1858, albumen print, (Advertisements, Frankfurt), 1929 Moorish Tower, c. 1854, albumen otype with applied color, 2018.7.45, 2018.8.5, Purchased as a Gift of the >Ballet “L’Errante,” Paris, 1933, gelatin print, 2018.7.22, Purchased as a Gift of Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Richard King Mellon Foundation silver prints, 2018.51.1 and 2018.53.1, Mellon Foundation the Richard King Mellon Foundation Baldus, Édouard-Denis, French, Alfred H. Moses and Fern M. Core, Sharon, American, born 1965 American 19th Century 1813–1889 Schad Fund >Salads, Sandwiches, and Dessert, >Portrait of Two Children, 1850s, >Théâtre Romain à Arles (Roman Blackmon, Julie, American, born 1966 2003, chromogenic print, 2017.189.1, daguerreotype with applied color, Theater in Arles), c. 1855, albumen >Gum, 2005, chromogenic print, Gift of the Heather and Tony Podesta 2018.23.27, Gift of Charles Isaacs and print, 2018.7.17, Purchased as a Gift of 2017.164.1, Gift of Timothy and Collection Carol Nigro Ph.D. the Richard King Mellon Foundation Suzanne Hyde >Rocher de St. Michel au Puy (Rock of A. W. Cox & Son, British, American 19th Century Bo, Hai, Chinese, born 1962 >Portrait of a Man, c. 1860s, carte-de- St. Michel in Puy), 1854, salted paper c. 1860–1890 print, 2018.7.18, Purchased as a Gift of >Shadow-3, 2009, inkjet print, >Tree Study, c. 1870, albumen print, visite albumen print, 2018.95.9, Pepita 2018.138.1, Gift of Howard and Milmore Memorial Fund the Richard King Mellon Foundation 2018.23.8, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Roberta Ahmanson Carol Nigro Ph.D. Bankart, George, British, 1829–1916 American 20th Century Brady, Mathew B., American, >Astronaut Edwin Aldrin Spins a >Cottage at Wilford, c. 1865, albumen Cundall, Joseph, British, 1818–1895 print, 2018.23.2, Gift of Charles Isaacs 1822–1896 >The Echo Rock, Abbey, Can of Ham for Televiewers, 1969, >“Pet of the 7th Regiment,” c. 1861, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.11, and Carol Nigro Ph.D. 1856, albumen print, 2018.8.7, carte-de-visite albumen print, Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon Bates, Joseph L., American, active 2018.95.5, Pepita Milmore Mellon Foundation American 20th Century 1850s–1870s Memorial Fund >Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, 1969, >The Moon, 1860, stereoscopic Cuvelier, Eugène, French, 1837–1900 albumen print, 2018.21.3, Gift of Braun, Adolphe, French, 1812–1877 >Gorges de Franchard-Forêt de gelatin silver print, 2018.21.22, >Landscape, c. 1864, albumen print, Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon Mary and Dan Solomon Fontainebleau (Franchard Gorges- 2018.23.6, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Fontainebleau Forest), 1863, salted pa- Béchard, Henri, French, active late 19th American 20th Century Carol Nigro Ph.D. per print, 2018.6.1, Purchased as a Gift century >Photograph of the moon from the Bridges, George Wilson, British, of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Markovitch camera of , 1969, >Thebes, Colosses de Memnon (Thebes, Colossi of Memnon), 1870s, 1788–1863 Dahl-Wolfe, Louise, American, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.23, >Amphitheatre at Taormina, 1846, Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon albumen print, 2018.23.3, Gift of 1895–1989 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. salted paper print, 2018.7.19, >Rose Pauson House, 1942 American 20th Century Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King >Joan Fontaine, 1938 Bedford, Francis, British, 1816–1894 >Armstrong on the Moon, 1969, Mellon Foundation >Ophelia, Nashville, , 1932, >On the Llugwy, at Miner’s Bridge, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.25, gelatin silver prints, 2018.97.1–2 and Betws-y-Coed, 1860, carbon print, British 19th Century Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon 2018.98.1, Alfred H. Moses and Fern M. 2018.7.20, Purchased as a Gift of the >“Essay with a Revolving Camera,” Schad Fund American 20th Century Richard King Mellon Foundation 1860s, albumen print, 2018.23.28, Gift >Surveyor’s cameras returned detailed >Glen Kenilworth, c. 1868, carbon print, of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Davies, John, British, born 1946 photos, 1969, gelatin silver print, 2018.23.4, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Brownrigg, Thomas Marcus, British, >Durham Ox, Sheffield, 1982 2018.21.26, Gift of Mary and Dan Carol Nigro Ph.D. 1823–1901? >Agecroft Power Station, Salford, 1983, Solomon gelatin silver prints, 2018.99.1–2, Alfred Bedford, Francis, attributed to, British, >The Dargle Hole, c. 1865, carbon print, H. Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund American 20th Century 1816–1894 2018.7.1, Purchased as a Gift of Diana >Apollo 11 spacecraft, 1969, gelatin >Pathway in Alexandra Park, c. 1863, and Mallory Walker Deal, Joe, American, 1947–2010 silver print, 2018.21.28, Gift of albumen print, 2018.23.5, Gift of Bureau, Ferdinand, French, 1820–1893 >Anaheim, California, from the series Mary and Dan Solomon Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >View of Moscow, 1850s, salted paper Subdividing the Inland Basin, 1983 American 20th Century print, 2018.56.1, Pepita Milmore >Surveyor’s Mark, California, from the >Watches Dad at work, 1971, gelatin Memorial Fund series Subdividing the Inland Basin, silver print, 2018.21.29, Gift of 1984 Mary and Dan Solomon


>Landscaping, Phillips Ranch, >Untitled, from the series Site Work, Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King >Russian , , 1977 California, from the series Subdividing c. 1995 Mellon Foundation >Alan Turner , New York City, 1982 the Inland Basin, 1984 >Untitled, from the series Site Work, >Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania, Fink, Larry, American, born 1941 >Sunset Beach, California, from the c. 1995 1975 >Allentown Museum, Pennsylvania, series Beach Cities, 1978 >View, Cedar City, Utah, 1977 >Benefit, The , 1975 >Corona, California, from the series >View, Cedar City, Utah, 1977 New York City, 1977 >Benefit, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Carbon Canyon, 1982 >Property Line #1, Rancho Cucaronga, >Club Cornich, New York City, 1977 Washington, D.C., 1975 >Landscaping, Anaheim Hills, California, 1984 >Dance, American Legion, 1979 >Benefit, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, California, from the series Subdividing >Spectacular Master Baths, c. 1983, >Dance, American Legion, 1979 Washington, D.C., 1975 the Inland Basin, 1984 gelatin silver prints, 2018.139.1–11, Gift >Gallery Opening, New York City, 1974 >Benefit, The Museum of Modern Art, >Debris, Anaheim Hills, California, of Dr. Richard A. and Mrs. Alice Thall >Gallery Opening, New York City, 1974 New York City, 1977 from the series Subdividing the Inland >Gasparetti , Martins Creek, 1979 de Beaucorps, Gustave, French, >Benefit, The Museum of Modern Art, Basin, 1984 >Hungarian Ball, 1825–1906 New York City, 1977 >Cleared Hillside, Diamond Bar, New York City, 1977 >Rome, Vue Prise au Forum (Rome, >Benefit, The Museum of Modern Art, California, from the series Diamond >Hungarian Debutante Ball, View of the Forum), 1858–1859, New York City, 1977 Bar, 1984 New York City, 1977 albumen print, 2018.8.1, Purchased >Dance, American Legion, >View, Albuquerque, , 1974 >Hungarian Debutante Ball, as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1979 >Playground, San Bernardino, New York City, 1977 Foundation >Dance, American Legion, California, from the series Subdividing >International Center of Photography, Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1978 the Inland Basin, 1984 de Boisguyon, Paul, French, active Peter Beard Opening, 1977 >Oslin’s Graduation Party, >Retreat, Upland, California, from the 1850s–1860s >Jean Sabatine and Molly, 1983 Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 series Subdividing the Inland Basin, >Chateau de Josselin, Burgundy, >Jean Sabatine’s Sixtieth Birthday, 1992 >English Speaking Union, 1983 c. 1859, albumen print, 2018.6.3, >John Sabatine & Molly at Pat New York City, 1975 >Road Cut (Homage to Roger Fenton) Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Sabatine’s Eleventh Birthday, 1980 >English Speaking Union, Diamond Bar, California, from the Mellon Foundation >Julie, 1981 New York City, 1975 series Subdividing the Inland Basin, >New Year’s Eve Party, American de Bonis, Francesco Adriano, Italian, >Gallery Opening, New York City, 1974 1984 Legion, Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1979 active 1850s–1870s >Gallery Opening, New York City, 1974 >Untitled, from the series Site Works, >New Year’s Eve Party, American >Lion Fountains at the base of the Cap- >Gallery Opening, New York City, 1974 c. 1995 Legion, Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1979 itoline Ramp, Rome, 1860s, albumen >Graduation, Bangor High School, >Untitled, from the series Site Works, >Oslin’s Graduation Party, 1977 print, 2018.7.29, Purchased as a Gift of Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1977 c. 1993 >Oslin’s Graduation Party, 1977 the Richard King Mellon Foundation >Jean Sabatine, Christmas, Martins >Huntington Beach, from the series >Oslin’s Graduation Party, 1977 Creek, Pennsylvania, 1983 Beach Cities, 1978 Delamotte, Philip Henry, British, >Oslin’s Graduation Party, 1977 >John Sabatine and Father-in-Law, >Magic Mountain, , California, 1821–1889 >Oslin’s Graduation Party, 1977 Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 1978 >Steam Engine near the Grand Tran- >Pat Sabatine’s Eleventh Birthday, 1980 >John Sabatine, Martins Creek, >Back Yard, Diamond Bar, California, sept, Crystal Palace, 1851, albumen >Pat Sabatine’s Eleventh Birthday, 1980 Pennsylvania, 1984 from the series Diamond Bar, 1980 print, 2018.6.4, Purchased as a Gift of >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, >Joseph Gasparetti’s Baptism, Martins >Property Line #2, Rancho Cucaronga, the Richard King Mellon Foundation 1981 Creek, Pennsylvania, 1979 California, from the series Subdividing >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, Dillwyn, Mary, Welsh, 1816–1906 >Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1991 the Inland Basin, 1984 1981 >The Party, 1854, salted paper >New Year’s Eve Party, American >Edger, County Village, California, >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, print, 2018.7.23, Purchased as a Gift of Legion, Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1980 from the series Subdividing the Inland 1981 the Richard King Mellon Foundation >New Year’s Eve Party, American Basin, 1984 >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, Legion, Bangor, Pennsylvania, 1980 >Model Home, Phillips Ranch, Dittrich, Paul, Austrian, 1868–1939 1981 >Oslin’s Graduation Party, Martins California, from the series Subdividing >Pyramids of Sakkarah & Gizeh, >Pat Sabatine’s Eighth Birthday Party, Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 the Inland Basin, 1984 from above, 1880s, albumen print, 1977 >Pat Sabatine and Big Stuff, Martins >Home Site #2, Phillips Ranch, 2018.16.1, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Charles >Pat Sabatine’s Eighth Birthday Party, Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 California, from the series Subdividing T. Isaacs 1977 >Pat Sabatine and Big Stuff, Martins the Inland Basin, 1984 >Peter Beard, Montauk, New York, 1977 Draper, Henry, American, 1837–1882 Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 >Sunning, Country Village, California, >Regine’s, New York City, 1977 >Full Moon, 1860, stereoscopic >Pat Sabatine’s Eleventh Birthday Party, from the series Subdividing the Inland >Russian Ball, New York City, 1976 albumen print, 2018.21.5, Gift of Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1980 Basin, 1984 >Russian Ball, New York City, 1976 Mary and Dan Solomon >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, >Cut and Fill, Diamond Bar, California, >Russian Ball, New York City, 1976 Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1981 from the series Subdividing the Inland Draper, Louis, American, 1935–2002 >Russian Ball, New York City, 1976 >Pat Sabatine’s Twelfth Birthday Party, Basin, 1984 >Swing and Shadow, New York, 1967 >Russian Orthodox Fund, Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1981 >Day Care Home, Phillips Ranch, >Children Playing Handball, New York, New York City, 1975 >Pat Sabatine’s Eighth Birthday Party, California, from the series Subdividing c. 1965, gelatin silver prints, 2018.50.1–2, >Russian Ball, New York City, 1977 Martins Creek, Pennsylvania, 1977 the Inland Basin, 1984 Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund >Sabatine-Miller Graduation Party, 1977 >Peter Beard and Friends, >Shopping Center Site, Yorba Linda, >Sabatine-Miller Graduation Party, 1977 Drummond, David Thomas Kerr East Hampton, New York, 1976 California, from the series Subdividing >Skating Rink, 1980 Reverend, Scottish, 1805–1877 >Regine’s, New York City, 1977 the Inland Basin, 1983, gelatin silver >Tavern on the Green, New York City, >Flowers, c. 1860, albumen print, >Russian Ball, New York City, 1976 prints, 2017.163.1–25, Gift of Dr. Richard 1976, gelatin silver prints, 2017.160.1–46 2018.7.24, Purchased as a Gift of the >Russian Ball, New York City, 1977 and Mrs. Alice Thall and 2018.33.1–45, Gift of the Tony Richard King Mellon Foundation >Russian Orthodox Fund, >Inversion Layer, Chino Hills, California, Podesta Collection, Washington, DC Du Camp, Maxime, French, 1822–1894 New York City, 1975 from the series Subdividing the >Thèbes, Medinet Habou, Galeries du >Hungarian Debutante Ball, Fisher, British, active 1860s Inland Basin, 1983, gelatin silver print, Palais (Palace Galleries at Medinet New York City, 1978 >Stonehenge, 1860s, albumen print, 2018.3.1, Robert B. Menschel and the Habou, Thebes), 1851, salted paper >Second Hungarian Ball, 2018.23.9, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Vital Projects Fund print, 2018.7.25, Purchased as a Gift of New York City, 1978 Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Untitled View (Boulder City), 1975 the Richard King Mellon Foundation >Second Hungarian Ball, >Missouri Plateau, from the series Frank, Robert, American, New York City, 1978 West & West, 2005, gelatin silver Dudgeon, John William, Scottish, born , 1924 >Studio 54, New York City, 1977 prints, 2018.4.1–2, Pepita Milmore died 1865 >Untitled, 1994, gelatin silver print >Studio 54, New York City, 1977 Memorial Fund >Banks of a Pool, c. 1853, salted paper with black ink, 2017.192.1, Gift of >Studio 54, New York City, 1977 >View, Cedar City, Utah, 1977 print, 2017.191.1, Gift of Charles Isaacs Sarah Greenough >Washington, D.C., 1975 >View, Globe, , from the series and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Untitled, from “New York Is,” 1958 >Wedding, Count Oslin, Martins Creek, Buena Vista, 1977 >Untitled, from “New York Is,” 1958 Dufour, Pierre, French, 1800–1899 Pennsylvania, 1978 >Sanitary Landfill, Corona, California, >Untitled, from “New York Is,” 1958, >Portrait of a French Naval Officer, >William Miller and Family, Twentieth- from the series Subdividing the Inland gelatin silver prints, 2017.198.1–3, Gift 1854, daguerreotype, 2017.152.1, Pepita Anniversary Party, Martins Creek, Basin, 1984 of the Kellogg Family Milmore Memorial Fund Pennsylvania, 1978 >Watering, Phillips Ranch, California, >Wolfe Voltz Party, New York City, 1981 Freed, Leonard, American, 1929–2006 from the series Subdividing the Inland Filmer, Lady, British, 19th Century >Club Cornich, New York City, 1977 >New Orleans, Louisiana, 1956 Basin, 1983 >Misses Laura, Emily, Eva, and Edith, c. >English Speaking Union, >Brooklyn, New York, 1963 >Corona, California, from the series 1860, albumen print, 2018.7.26, New York City, 1975 Beach Cities, 1978


>New Orleans, Louisiana, 1963 Gething, G. B., British, active c. 1850s Gossage, John, American, born 1946 Keystone View Company, American, >Voting, Selma, Alabama, 1963 >River Bank in the Vale of Neath, >Pomodori a Grappolo, 2009–2011, 1892–1963 >Brooklyn, Bedford Stuyvesant Area, c. 1855, albumen print, 2018.6.5, portfolio of forty-seven chromogenic >The Full Moon. Yerkes Observatory., 1963 Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King prints, 2017.164.2.1–47, Gift of Timothy after 1897, stereoscopic albumen print, >New York City, 1963 Mellon Foundation and Suzanne Hyde 2018.21.6, Gift of Mary and >New York City, 1963 Dan Solomon Gething, G. B., attributed to, British, Graham, James, British, 1806–1869 >New Orleans, Louisiana, 1965 active c. 1850s >The Street Called Straight, Damascus, Kimball, Myron H., American, >Wall Street banking, New York City, >Old Mill and Waterfall, c. 1855, 1856, albumen print, 2018.16.2, Gift of active 1860s 1966 albumen print, 2018.23.10, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Isaacs >“Isaac and Rosa, Emancipated Slave >New Orleans, Louisiana, 1963 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Children,” 1863, carte-de-visite albu- >Black man being forced aside by Graham, James, attributed to, British, men print, 2018.95.6, Pepita Milmore police, New York City, 1963 Ginsberg, Allen, American, 1926–1997 1806–1869 Memorial Fund >New York City, 1966 >R.D. Lang’s shadow, his front porch…, >Portrait of a Woman, c. 1855, salted >Harlem, 1963 1987 paper print, 2018.23.37, Gift in honor Kolko, Bernice, American, 1904–1970 >New York City, 1966 >Lynn Wildey, Bob Kaufman, City Lights of Dr. Charles T. and Alma A. Isaacs >Untitled, c. 1944 Book Shop…, 1984 >Men, Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, 1970, >Homicide in a welfare office…, 1972 Greene, John Beasley, American, >Meat delivery, Bluefields Nicaragua…, gelatin silver prints, 2018.96.1–2, Alfred >Homicide detectives produce finger- active France, 1832–1856 1986 H. Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund prints from a corpse…, 1972 >Pyramid of Cheops, Giza, 1853–1854, >Joe Richey poet Crosslegged on >On a warm July day neighborhood salted paper print, 2018.40.1, Konttinen, Sirkka-Liisa, Finnish, Floor…, 1986 children play in a patrol car…, 1979 Purchased as a Gift of W. Bruce born 1948 >Listeners at Poetry reading…, 1986 >A police officer and family pose in and Delaney H. Lundberg >Man Gesturing in Demolished Street, >At foot of Uluru Ayers Rock, their fishing boat…, 1979 Byker, 1975 Circumambulation…, 1971 Gresley, Francis, British, 1807–1880 >A “shooting gallery” raid…, 1979 >Young Couple, Byker, 1975 >Karen Minzer & Babe, Dallas. This is >At Winterdyne on Severn, 1860s >Suspects checked for weapons…, 1972 >William Nielson, Byker, 1975, gelatin the good one. The eyes strong, c. 1985 >Study of Foliage, 1860s, albumen >Police officer and bride at their silver prints, 2018.108.1–3, Alfred H. >Miles Forst in Robert Frank’s house, prints, 2018.7.12 and 2018.7.27, …, 1979 Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund >A known drug dealer shows the knife New York, c. 1960 Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King wounds he had received…, 1978 >Peter O. sleeping in our small room…, Mellon Foundation Lafon, Louis, French, active >At night in a police station, the minors 1961 >At Winterdyne on Severn, 1860s, 1870s– are set out of the cells…, 1972 >Dead creature, Xauen, Morocco…, albumen print, 2018.16.3, Gift of Dr. >La Fonderie (The Foundry), 1880s, >A demonstrator refused to stop 1957 and Mrs. Charles T. Isaacs albumen print, 2018.23.13, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. blocking traffic…, 1979 >Victor Hernandez Cruz & friends at Hammerschmidt, Wilhelm, German, >Homicide detectives working around banquet…, 1990 active 19th century Lange, Dorothea, American, 1895–1965 the clock on a double cop killing >Gregory Corso & Nile, Grant Street…, >Colosses de Memnon à Thèbes >Migratory workers harvesting peas case…, 1975 1985 (Colossi of Memnon at Thèbes), near Nipomo, California, 1937 >Homicide in the garage of a lavish >Trieste Coffeeshop Corner Gang…, c. 1859, albumen print, 2018.23.11, Gift >Post office and postmistress, Widtsoe, apartment building…, 1972 1985 of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Utah, 1936 >The 9th Precinct Investigation Unit…, >Dr. R. D. Lang, friend & sympatico >Torso, , 1923 Hanson, David T., American, born 1948 1975 anti-psychiatry radical…, 1985 >Drought refugees from Oklahoma >Strip mine, spoil piles, and intersected >Police officer with family, New York >Gregory Corso 1964 N.Y.C.…, 1964 camping by the roadside, Blythe, water table, 1985, chromogenic print, City, 1979 >Jesse Cabrera Lover & Neeley California, 1936, gelatin silver prints, printed 2010, 2017.188.1, Gift of David >The hotel clerk, the neighbors, his Cherkowski…, 1985 2017.162.1–4, Gift of Daniel Greenberg T. Hanson roommate of three years…, 1972 >Father Pierre Riches and Peter Hale and Susan Steinhauser >A community group accuses a pre- New York…, 1992 Heath, Vernon, British, 1819–1895 Le Dien, Firmin Eugène, with Gustave cinct of maltreating a suspect…, 1979 >Allen Ginsberg & Gregory Corso, >Richmond, the Star and , 1870s, Le Gray, French, 1817–1865 >The man lay unconscious…, 1979 Enrico’s Cafe…, 1985 carbon print, 2018.8.8, Purchased >Chapiteaux Colorés, Ruins at Pompeii, >A 14th Street drug pusher shows one >Oliver Ray, aspiring writer, adept at as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon 1853, albumen print, 2018.23.14, Gift of his many knife wounds…, 1978 word processors…, 1995 Foundation >A man taken into custody in a police >Dic Jones, ex Bardic Chair-holder…, of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Hill, David Octavius, and Robert car, 1978 1995 Le Gray, Gustave, French, 1820–1884 Adamson, Scottish, 1802–1870 >An officer once said to me that he >Acting tough, indifferent, sexy, self >Brig on the Water, 1856, albumen >The Letter, 1844–1845, salted paper always worried about his family at absorbed…, 1991 print, 2018.5.1, Purchased as a Gift of print, 2018.7.28, Purchased as a Gift of home…, 1978 >Gelek Rimpoche, Tibetan Vajrayana Diana and Mallory Walker >Waiting at the airport, , teacher…, 1995 the Richard King Mellon Foundation Le Morvan, Charles, French, 1964 >Trieste Cafe corner Grant & Vallego…, Horna, Kati, Mexican, born Hungary, 1865–1933 >Fritz Kortner, German-Jewish actor 1985 1912–2000 >Carte photographique et systéma- and stage director…, 1961 >San Francisco “K.” Commune feeds >Untitled (Trench and Machine Gun- tique de la lune (Photographic and >Israel, 1962 hundreds of homeless folk…, 1988 ner), Spanish Civil War, 1937–1938, systematic map of the moon), 1914, >Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, 1962 >My aunt Clara Lehman talking in gelatin silver print, 2018.102.1, R. K. portfolio of forty-eight photogravures, >Beer Sheba…, 1967 mirror of her room…, 1987 Mellon Family Foundation >Winter at the Vatican, Rome, 1958, >Peter Wolf, musician-singer at Ellie 2018.22.1.1–48, Pepita Milmore Humbert de Molard, Louis-Adolphe, gelatin silver prints, 2017.166.1–40, Dorfman’s …, 1985 Memorial Fund Baron, French, 1800–1874 Gift of Brigitte Freed >Peter Orlovsky Bill Burroughs and the Levinthal, David, American, born 1949 inventor of the “Marl Hole”…, 1957 >Portrait of a Woman from Lisieuz, French 19th Century >Untitled, from the series “Hitler Moves >A friend’s house in M’raksh!..., 1961 Argentelle, 1846, daguerreotype, >Georgina, morte a 20 ans (Georgina, East,” 1975, fifty-eight gelatin silver >Gregory Corso holding print of 2018.81.1, Pepita Milmore died at age 20), c. 1852, salted paper prints, 2017.167.1–58, Gift of an Kerouac…, 1989 Memorial Fund print, 2018.83.1, Pepita Milmore anonymous donor >Tom Picard in his flat London…, 1984 Hunter, Tom, British, born 1965 Memorial Fund >“Hitler Moves East” book maquette, >Gregory Corso, my room Hotel >Sunday, 2000, silver dye bleach print, 1975, forty-five publication layout French 19th Century Metropole …, 1984 2018.32.1, Gift of the Tony Podesta boards, 2017.167.59–103, Gift of an >Portrait of Sulisse Family, 1847, >Robert Creeley Maine Summer…, 1983 Collection, Washington, DC anonymous donor daguerreotype with gilt highlights, >Khentse Dilgo Rimpoche…, 1987 Jennings, John Payne, British, >“Hitler Moves East” publication 2018.23.33, Gift of Charles Isaacs >Visit with Julius Orlovsky…, 1987 1843–1926 materials, 1975, ten mounted gelatin and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Lou Reed, poet-musician…, 1984 >Waterfall, County Wicklow, c. 1870, silver prints, black ink, transparencies, >The Living Theater family departing French 20th Century albumen print, 2018.23.12, Gift of glue, and tape, 2017.167.104–113, founder…, 1985 >Paris , rue Jacob, 1910, gelatin Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Gift of an anonymous donor >Keith Haring visiting his Pop Shop on silver print, 2018.23.32, Gift of >“Hitler Moves East” publication Lafayette Street…, 1989 Jones, Baynham Jr., British, 1806–1890 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. materials, 1975, ten gelatin silver >Danny Kalb, Cafe Au Go Go…, 1995, >Farm Yard, Prestbury near prints enclosed in Mylar marked with Gayford & Speidel, American, gelatin silver prints, 2017.165.1–38, Cheltenham, c. 1855, albumen print, black ink, 2017.167.114–123, Gift of an active 1860s Gift of Gary Davis 2017.191.2, Gift of Charles Isaacs and anonymous donor >Christopher Anderson, 1865, carte-de- Carol Nigro Ph.D. Giroux, André, French, 1801–1879 >“Hitler Moves East” publication visite albumen print, 2018.95.4, Pepita >Trees, c. 1855, salted paper print, materials, 1975, gelatin silver print, black Milmore Memorial Fund 2018.6.6, Purchased as a Gift of the ink, and graphite on Mylar, 2017.167.124, Richard King Mellon Foundation Gift of an anonymous donor


>Garry Trudeau and David Levinthal, >Ocotillo at Night, 1976, gelatin silver >Storefronts, Western Kansas, 1939 >Farm Building and Shadows, Winslow, 1975, gelatin silver print, 2017.167.125, print, 2018.16.5, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. >Tool with Scythe, near Norfolk, Arizona, 1943 Gift of an anonymous donor Charles T. Isaacs , 1947 >Garden City, Kansas, 1939 >“Hitler Moves East” publication >Tractor, 1947 >Model T in front of Barn, near Norfolk, Moran, John, American, 1831–1902 materials, 1975, black ink and graphite >Uncle Harry entering Barn, outside Nebraska, 1947 >Darien Expedition, 1871, albumen on Mylar, 2017.167.126, Gift of an Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 >Door and Store Fronts, Beaver print, 2018.48.1, Pepita Milmore anonymous donor >Windmill, Nebraska, 1947 Crossing, Nebraska, 1947 Memorial Fund >“Hitler Moves East” publication >Through the Lace Curtain, near >View into Bedroom, Ed’s Place near materials, 1975, yellow legal paper, ink Morris, Wright, American, 1910–1998 Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 and graphite, 2017.167.127, Gift of an >Uncle Harry, outside Norfolk, >Gravestone, 1947 >Can on Ground, 1947 anonymous donor Nebraska, 1947 >Egg on Oil Drum, 1947 >Plow, 1947 >“Hitler Moves East” publication >Mint near Board, 1947 >Patchwork Quilt, 1947 >Barrel, c. 1940 materials, n.d., magazine page >Jacket in front of Tree, 1947 >City Hall, Tecumseh, Nebraska, 1947 >Naples, Italy, 1934 “Eyewitness Close-up,” 2017.167.128, >Dresser and Mirror, 1947 >Piano, 1947 >Three Geese, , 1933 Gift of an anonymous donor >Bedroom with Portrait, 1947 >Clapboard House and Porch, >Gano Grain Elevator, western Kansas, >Plow, 1947 Nebraska, 1947 1947 Llewelyn, John Dillwyn, Welsh, >Interior with , 1947 >Photograph of Morris Family >Southbury, Connecticut, 1940 1810–1882 >Home Place, 1947 Homestead in , 1947 >Southbury, Connecticut, 1940 >A Summer’s Evening, , >Pomona, California, 1937 >Tool Shed Doorway, 1952 >Faulkner Country, near , 1854, albumen print, 2018.5.2, >Corncrib with Cobs at Window, 1947 >Weeping Water, Nebraska, 1947 Mississippi, 1940 Purchased as a Gift of Diana and >Drawer with Silverware, 1947 >Barber Pole, 1947 >Corner of Clapboard Farm House, Mallory Walker >Straightback Chair, 1947 >Shingled House with Debris in Yard, 1940 >The Upper Lake, Penllergare Valley >Battle Creek, Nebraska, 1947 c. 1945 >Corner of Clapboard Farm House, Woods, c. 1852 >Uncle Harry, outside Norfolk, >Farm Yard, 1936 1940 >The Upper Falls, Penllergare Valley Nebraska, 1947 >Aspen, Colorado, 1943 >White Barn, Connecticut, 1940 Woods, c. 1852, albumen prints, >Nebraska, 1947 >Store Front, c. 1945 >Cape Cod House, South Truro, 2018.7.30–31, Purchased as a Gift of >Pin Cushion, c. 1947 >Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, 1947 , 1938 the Richard King Mellon Foundation >Chair in Corner, 1947 >Porch, 1947 >Abandoned Farm near Malta, Loydreau, Édouard, French, >Nebraska, 1947 >Grain Elevator, Eastern Nebraska, 1947 Idaho, 1941 1820–1905 >Battle Creek, Nebraska, 1947 >Chester, Pennsylvania, 1940 >Church near Truro, Massachusetts, >Effet de Givre (Frost Effect), 1853, >Abandoned House, Platte Valley, >White Church, c. 1940 c. 1940 salted paper print, 2018.8.2, Purchased Nebraska, 1947 >Washington, District of Columbia, 1940 >Discarded Pew and Gravestones, as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon >Panama Depot, Panama, Nebraska, >Missouri River Town, 1947 Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Foundation 1947 >Nebraska, 1947 c. 1940 >Missouri Pacific Line Wagon, Panama, Maler, Teobert, Austrian, 1842–1917 >Massachusetts, 1939 >Gano Grain Elevator, Western Kansas, Nebraska, 1947 >El Palacio de las Palomas, Uxmal (The >Store Fronts, c. 1940 c. 1940 >Model T, Ed’s Place near Norfolk, Palace of the Pigeons, Uxmal), 1893, >Los Angeles, California, 1937 >Farmhouse with Snowbank, Nebraska, 1947 albumen print, 2018.7.32, Purchased >Farm Buildings, c. 1940 near Lincoln, Nebraska, 1940 >Front Seat, Model T, near Norfolk, as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon >Backyard Abstraction, c. 1940 >Outhouse and Eucalyptus Tree, Nebraska, 1947 Foundation >Fence and Buildings, c. 1940 California, 1935 >Model T, near Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 >Shed , 1947 >Store with False Fronts, Western Mandel, Mike, American, born 1950 >Wagon, 1947 >Nebraska, 1947 Kansas, 1939 >Untitled, from the series Boardwalk, >Store Porch, 1947 >Kansas, 1940 >Near Truro, Cape Cod, 1974, gelatin silver print, 2018.55.1, >Nebraska Outhouse, 1947 >Brownsville, Texas, 1947 Massachusetts, c. 1938 Charina Endowment Fund >Nebraska Outhouse and Backstop, >Crossroads Store near Lincoln, >Near Rising Sun, , 1940 Mann, Sally, American, born 1951 1947 Nebraska, 1947 >Winter, Claremont, California, 1935 >Ponder Heart, 2009, gelatin silver >Barber’s Chair, Cahow’s Barber Shop, >Crossroads Store near Lincoln, >Near Pocatello, Idaho, 1940 print, 2018.1.1, Alfred H. Moses and Chapman, Nebraska, 1942 Nebraska, 1947 >Tattered Curtain in Window, Pomona, Fern M. Schad Fund >Cahow’s Barber Shop, Chapman, >Porch with Vegetation, 1947 California, c. 1943 Nebraska, 1942 >Clapboard House, 1947 >Hydrant and Gas Tanks, Los Angeles, Marconi, Guglielmo, French, active >Uncle Harry’s Farm outside Norfolk, >Wooden Door, 1947 California, 1937 c. 1860–c. 1870 Nebraska, c. 1942 >Nebraska, 1947 >Hydrant and Gas Tanks, Los Angeles, >Nude Study, 1870s, albumen print, >Barber Pole, Battle Creek, >Home Place, 1947 California, 1937 2018.7.33, Purchased as a Gift of the Nebraska, 1947 >Clapboard House, 1947 >Chicken Shed, Claremont, California, Richard King Mellon Foundation >Chapman, Nebraska, 1947 >California, 1936 c. 1935 Marville, Charles, French, 1813–1879 >Bank Grill, back of Cahow’s Barber >Chester, Pennsylvania, 1940 >Barber Pole and Hydrant, Needles, >Cloud Study over the Pantheon, Paris, Shop, Chapman, Nebraska, 1942 >Home Place, Nebraska, 1947 California, 1938 1856, albumen print, 2018.9.1, >White Rock, c. 1942 >Home Place, 1947 >Barber Pole and Hydrant, Needles, Purchased as a Gift of Diana and >Schoolhouse, Eastern Nebraska, 1947 >Comb on Dresser, 1947 California, 1938 Mallory Walker >Bandstand, Nebraska, 1947 >Home Place, 1947 >Steps, Painted and Unpainted, >Pin Cushion, 1947 >South Indiana, 1951 Baltimore, Maryland, 1940 May, William, British, active 19th century >Uncle Harry, outside Norfolk, >North Albany, Indiana, 1954 >Windows in Adobe Structure, 1940 >The Logan Rock, South Coast of Nebraska, 1947 >Railroad Station Office, >Belen, New Mexico, 1941 Cornwall, 1860s, albumen print, >The Home Place, 1947 Nebraska, 1947 >Kokomo, Colorado, c. 1940 2018.8.10, Purchased as a Gift of >Basket of Cobs, 1947 >Central City, Nebraska, 1947 >New Orleans, Louisiana, c. 1940 Diana and Mallory Walker >Clothing on Hooks, Norfolk, >Central City, Nebraska, 1947 >Culpeper, Virginia, c. 1940 McPherson & Oliver, American, Nebraska, 1947 >Central City, Nebraska, 1947 >Chester, Pennsylvania, c. 1940 active 1860s >Bed, Shoes on Floor, Ed’s Place near >Interior with Stove, 1947 >Adobe Wall, New Mexico, 1940 >Gordon, the Whipped Slave, c. 1863 Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 >View into , 1947 >House with White Chimney, c. 1940 >“Regular Contraband,” 1860s, carte- >Interior with Stove, Ed’s Place near >Chapman, Nebraska, 1947 >Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1938 de-viste albumen prints, 2018.95.2–3, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 >Home Place, Ed’s Place near Norfolk, >Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 1938 Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund >Chapman, Nebraska, 1947 Nebraska, 1947 >Mexican Church, Claremont, >Dresser Drawer, Ed’s Place, near >Bed with Quilt, 1947 California, c. 1936 Mestral, O., French, active 19th century Norfolk, Nebraska, 1947 >Shoes and Shadows, 1947 >Sunrise, near Lordsburg, New Mexico, >Angel Sculpture by Geoffroy-Dechaume, >Shoes on Chair, 1947 >Uncle Harry, outside Norfolk, 1940 1851–1853, salted paper print, >Interior through Screened Window, Nebraska, 1947 >House on Incline, Virginia City, 2018.23.15, Gift of Charles Isaacs c. 1945 >Uncle Harry, outside Norfolk, , 1941 and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Church, near Milford, Nebraska, 1949 Nebraska, 1947 >Discarded Pew and Gravestones, Misrach, Richard, American, born 1949 >Chair and Tiled Floor, 1938 >Alexandria, Virginia, 1939 Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, >Untitled, 1998, gelatin silver print, >Park Bench, Central City, Nebraska, >Fallen Tree in front of Barn, 1947 1944 printed 2017, 2017.187.1, Gift of c. 1945 >Aspen, Colorado, 1938 >Farmhouse near McCook, Nebraska, Richard Misrach >Carousel near Media, Pennsylvania, >Brick Building, New Media, 1947 c. 1939 Pennsylvania, c. 1940 >Outhouse and Eucalyptus Tree, California, c. 1940


>Doorway, c. 1940 Normand, Alfred Nicholas, French, ringl + pit (Grete Stern and Ellen Shadbolt, George Esq., British, >Tattered Curtain in Window, Pomona, 1822–1909 Auerbach), German, active 1930–1933 1830–1901 California, 1936 >La Tour des Vents, Athènes (The Tower >Ringlpitis, 1931, album with photo- >Raglan Castle, 1860s, albumen print, >Wooden Tub with Basin, Pomona, of the Winds, Athens), 1851, albumen graphs, collages, watercolors, texts, 2018.23.24, Gift of Charles Isaacs and California, 1935 print, 2018.23.16, Gift of Charles Isaacs and drawings, 2017.141.1, Alfred H. Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Row House with White Steps, and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund Sherlock, William, British, 1813–1880 Baltimore, Maryland, 1940 Oakley, Richard Banner, British, Robertson, James, British, 1813–1888, >Boy Peeling Turnip, c. 1854, salted >House in Winter, near Lincoln, active 1850s and Felice Beato, British, born Venice, paper print, 2018.23.25, Gift of Nebraska, 1941 >Temple at Hallibeed, India, 1856–1857, 1832–1909 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >House in Winter, near Lincoln, albumen print, 2018.23.17, Gift of >Fountain at Sultan Ahmed , Nebraska, 1941 Sidibé, Malick, Malian, born 1936 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. , 1853 >Church and House, Virginia City, >Malick en 1956, 1956 >Convent of Mar Saba, 1857, albumen Nevada, 1941 Owen, Hugh, British, 1808–1897 >Vues de dos, 2003/2004, gelatin prints, 2018.7.37–38, Purchased as >Culpeper, Virginia, 1940 >The Mill-Dam, 1855, salted paper print, silver prints, glass, paint, cardboard, a Gift of the Richard King Mellon >Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2017.191.3, Gift of Charles Isaacs and tape, string, 2018.103.1–2, Robert B. Foundation c. 1940 Carol Nigro Ph.D. Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund >Pool of Siloam, Jerusalem, 1857, >New Orleans, Louisiana, c. 1940, >Les Beatles Bayada Di, 1966/2004, Pain, Robert Tucker, British, albumen print, 2018.23.23, Gift of gelatin silver prints, 2018.15.1–185, Gift gelatin silver print, glass, paint, card- active 1863–1877 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. board, tape, string, 2018.103.3, of Barbara A. Koenig and Stephen E. >Building a Haystack, c. 1865, albumen Roma, Thomas, American, born 1950 Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis Fund Arkin in memory of Josephine Morris print, 2018.23.18, Gift of Charles Isaacs >Untitled, from the series Come Moulin, Félix Jacques Antoine, French, and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Siskind, Aaron, American, 1903–1991 Sunday, 1991–1994, eighty-seven 1802–c. 1875 >St. Louis 9, 1955 Parry, Roger, French, 1905–1977 gelatin silver prints, 2017.121.1–87, >Nude, 1851–1853, stereoscopic >Martha’s Vineyard, Balancing Rocks, >Untitled, from Banalité, 1929, gelatin Gift of Joy of Giving Something, Inc. c. 1954 daguerreotype with applied color, silver print, 2018.93.1, Pepita Milmore Rosling, Alfred, British, 1802–1882 >Martha’s Vineyard (9), 1952 2018.7.34, Purchased as a Gift of Memorial Fund the Richard King Mellon Foundation >On the River Mole, Surrey, 1860s, >Jalapa 10 (Homage to ), Paxson, Charles, American, albumen print, 2018.7.2, Purchased as 1973 Murray, John, Scottish, 1809–1898 active 1860s a Gift of Diana and Mallory Walker >Uruapan II, 1955 >Taj Mahal from the East, c. 1858–1862, >“Rosa, Charley, Rebecca. Slave Children >Iquitos 139, 1980 albumen print Ross, Horatio, Captain, Scottish, from New Orleans,” 1864, carte-de- >Spring House, Bucks County, c. 1938, >Taj Mahal from the East, c. 1858–1862, 1801–1886 visite albumen print, 2018.95.7, Pepita gelatin silver prints, 2017.168.1–7, waxed paper negative, 2018.7.35, 36, >Horace and Edward Stalking Stags, Milmore Memorial Fund Gift of Fern M. Schad Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King 1856, albumen print, 2018.7.3, Mellon Foundation Pigou, William Henry Dr., British, Purchased as a Gift of Diana and Smith, Ming, American, born 1947 1818–1858 Mallory Walker >August Wilson, 1991 National Aeronautics and Space >Temple, Chitradurga, India, 1857, >Steps, August Wilson’s Mother’s Administration, American, established Rousselet, Louis, French, 1845–1929 albumen print, 2018.23.19, Gift of Home, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, c. 1958 >The King’s Temples, Ulwar, 1860s, Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. 1993, gelatin silver prints, 2018.82.1–2, >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, albumen print, 2018.7.39, Purchased Charina Endowment Fund LOIV M-009, 1967 Plumier, Victor, French, as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, active 1840–1850 Foundation Soule, John, American, 1828–1904 >Portrait of a Girl, c. 1853, >Full Moon, 1863, stereoscopic LOIV M-187, 1967 Rutherfurd, Lewis M., American, daguerreotype, 2018.23.20, Gift of albumen print, 2018.21.4, Gift of >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, 1816–1892 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Mary and Dan Solomon LOIV M-186, 1967 >View of the Moon, 1860 >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, Prout, Victor Albert, British, active >Full Moon, 1864, stereoscopic albumen Steinberg, Saul, American, born LOIV M-066 LRC, 1967 1850s–1860s prints, 2018.21.1–2, Gift of Mary and Romania, 1914–1999 >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, >New Lock, Hurley, 1862, albumen Dan Solomon >Untitled, 1950, gelatin silver print, LOIV M-066 V-14, 1967 print, 2018.23.21, Gift of Charles Isaacs 2017.119.1, Gift of The Saul Steinberg Ruwedel, Mark, American, born 1954 >Lunar Orbiter, High Resolution, and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Foundation LOIV M-069 ACE, 1967 >Dusk #92, 2016, photogravure, >Lunar Orbiter, Medium Resolution, Pumphrey, William A., British, 2017.186.1, Gift of the Gallery Luisotti, Stieglitz, Alfred, American, 1864–1946 LOIV M-099, 1967 1817–1905 Santa Monica, CA >Untitled, c. 1917–1918, twelve glass >Ripon Cathedral from the Southeast, negatives, 2017.113.1–12, >Apollo 8 Moon, 1969, gelatin silver Salzmann, Auguste, French, 1824–1872 adjacent to the River Skell, c. 1855, Anonymous gift prints, 2018.21.12–19 >Jerusalem: Église de Sainte Marie salted paper print, 2018.7.8, >Stars and Stripes on Moon, 1969, Madeleine (Jerusalem: Church of St. Stone, Cami, Belgian, 1872–1975 Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King gelatin silver print, 2018.21.24 ), 1854, salted paper >Nachtaufnahme, Berlin (Night Scene, Mellon Foundation >Fifty seconds before impact, 1969, print, 2018.8.4, Purchased as a Gift of Berlin), c. 1929, gelatin silver print, >The Chapter House, St. Mary’s Abbey, gelatin silver print, 2018.21.27 the Richard King Mellon Foundation 2017.106.1, Alfred H. Moses and 1853, albumen print, 2018.16.4, >Moon Man James Irwin climbs down Fern M. Schad Fund ladder, 1969 Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Isaacs Schmidt, Georg, German, active 1850s–1860s Struss, Karl, American, 1886–1981 >Dancing on the Moon, 1969 Redfield, Robert S., American, >Der runde Turm und der Festung in >Sorrento, c. 1910, cyanotype >Pasadena, California, Closeup of 1849–1923 Nürnberg (The Round Tower and the >Roof Tops, 291 Fifth Ave, 1914, Moon surface, 1965 >Spring Landscape, 1890s, platinum Fortress in Nuremberg), c. 1852, platinum print >Pasadena, California, Ranger 9 made print, 2018.8.9, Purchased as a Gift of albumen print, 2018.23.35, Gift of >Reflections, Venice, 1909, cyanotype, this photo while 775 miles above the Richard King Mellon Foundation the moon, 1965, gelatin silver prints, Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. 2018.7.4, 2018.9.3, and 2018.74.1, Regnault, Henri-Victor, French, Purchased as the Gift of Diana and 2018.21.30–33 Schoefft, Otto, German, 1810–1878 Mallory Walker >This photograph, taken by the wide active 1870s–1880s >Nature Morte: chaudron, cruche et angle lens of Lunar Orbiter 3, 1967 >Egyptian Woman Holding a Vase, Svoboda, Alexander, Russian, legumes, sur une table a tretaux (Still >Moon’s backside is photographed, c. 1870, albumen print, 2017.191.5, Gift 1826–1896 Life: Pot, Pitcher and Vegetables on a 1966, gelatin silver prints, 2018.21.37–38, of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro >Gigantic Head Cut in the Solid Rock, Sawhorse Table), c. 1852, salted paper Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon Lately Discovered near Smyrna at the print, 2018.8.3, Purchased as a Gift of Schulz-Dornburg, Ursula, German, Entrance of a Cave, c. 1865, albumen Naylor, Genevieve, American, the Richard King Mellon Foundation born 1938 print, 2018.7.42, Purchased as a Gift of 1915–1989 >Untitled, from the series Iraqi Richards, Frederick DeBourg, the Richard King Mellon Foundation >Models in Swimsuits, 1943, gelatin Wetlands, 1980, forty-two gelatin American, 1822–1903 silver print, 2018.137.1, Gift of silver prints, 2017.161.1–42, Gift of Talbot, William Henry Fox, British, >View of McAllister’s Optical Shop, Peter Reznikoff Gregory and Aline Gooding 1800–1877 Philadelphia, 1854, daguerreotype >Trees and Reflections, , Nixon, Nicholas, American, born 1947 >Arch St. Theatre, Arch at 6th St., Sert, Jose Maria, Spanish, 1874–1945 c. 1843, salted paper print, 2018.6.2, >The Brown Sisters, Truro, Philadelphia, c. 1859, salted paper >Study for the Queen of Sheba Ceiling Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Massachusetts, 2017, gelatin silver print, 2017.191.4, 2018.23.22, Gift of Mural at Hotel (now Musée Mellon Foundation print, 2017.154.1, Pepita Milmore Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Carnavalet), c. 1920, gelatin silver Memorial Fund print with graphite, 2018.7.41,

Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King

Mellon Foundation


Taub, William Paul, National Unknown 20th Century >Untitled , New York, from the Aeronautics and Space Administration, >Eclipse, Corona, 1932, gelatin silver Invisible Man series, c. 1980 American, 1923–2010 print, 2018.21.10, Gift of Mary and >Untitled, 117th Street, Harlem, >Celebration after Apollo 11 made Dan Solomon New York, from the Halloween series, splashdown, 1969, gelatin 1975, gelatin silver prints, 2018.82.3–5, Unknown 20th Century silver print, 2018.21.21, Gift of Charina Endowment Fund >Warrior on a Moon Beam, 1969, Mary and Dan Solomon gelatin silver print, 2018.21.20, Waring, Charles Henry, Welsh, Tennison, Edward King, Irish, Gift of Mary and Dan Solomon 1818–1887 1805–1878 >A Well by the Seaside, Langland Bay, Van Der Zee, James, American, >The Dublin Great Exhibition of 1853, , Wales, c. 1854, salted paper 1886–1983 1853, salted paper print, 2018.7.43, print, 2018.23.30, Gift of Charles >Group Portrait, Church of God, Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Reverend J. F. Lyrtle, Harlem, Mellon Foundation 1920s–1930s, gelatin silver print, Watkins, Carleton E., American, Teynard, Félix, French, 1817–1892 2018.110.1, Pepita Milmore 1829–1916 >Dakkeh, Village et Rives du Nil (Village Memorial Fund >The Yosemite Falls, from Glacier Point, and banks of the Nile, Dakkeh), 1878–1881, albumen print, 2018.9.2, Vestal, David, American, 1924–2013 1851–1852, salted paper print, Purchased as a Gift of Diana and >133 W. 22nd Street, New York, 1964 2018.23.26, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Mallory Walker >133 W. 22nd Street, New York, 1964 Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Brooklyn Bridge, 1964 Watkins, Margaret, Canadian, Thivier, Paul, French, 19th century >Gene Smith’s Stairs, 821 6th Avenue, 1884–1969 >Garden Scene with Statuary, New York, 1965 >Advertisement for Woodbury’s Soap, c. 1853, salted paper print, 2018.7.44, >Chelsea, NYC, 1965 1924, palladium print, 2018.55.2, Alfred Purchased as a Gift of the Richard King >6am, 6th Avenue & 23rd Street, H. Moses and Fern M. Schad Fund Mellon Foundation New York, 1965 Wenderoth, Frederick August, >From Back Window, 133 W. 22nd Thomas, S. A., American, 19th century American, 1819–1884 Street, New York, 1963 >Portrait of a Woman, 1864–1865, carte- >Portrait of a Boy Holding a Flag, 1859, >West 21st Street, New York, 1959 de-visite albumen print, 2018.95.8, ivorytype, 2018.7.46, Purchased as >East 12th Street, New York, 1956 Pepita Milmore Memorial Fund a Gift of the Richard King Mellon >From Back Window, 133 W. 22nd Foundation Thompson, Charles Thurston, British, Street, 1965 c. 1816–1868 >Greely Square, New York, St. Patrick’s Whipple, , American, >Water Tanks Outside of Annex, Paris Day, 1967 1822–1891 Exposition Universelle, 1855, salted >133 W. 22nd Street, New York, 1958 >Portrait of a Man, c. 1855, salted paper print, 2018.7.5, Purchased as >Penn Station, New York, 1964 paper print, 2017.157.1, Pepita Milmore a Gift of Diana and Mallory Walker >Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York, Memorial Fund Tripe, Linnaeus, Captain, British, 1969 White, Henry, British, 1819–1903 1822–1902 >“Environmental Portraiture” Adams >Bridge near Betws-y-Coed, c. 1858, >Elliot Marbles, 1859, albumen print, Students, Church Bowl, Yosemite, albumen print, 2018.7.13, Purchased 2018.23.1, Gift of Charles Isaacs and 1966–1967 as a Gift of the Richard King Mellon Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Washington–NYC , 1969 Foundation >Sacaton Central School, Sacaton, >Miner’s Bridge, Wales, c. 1858, Ulmann, Doris, American, 1882–1934 Arizona, 1966 albumen print, 2018.8.11, Purchased >Cypress Trees, South Carolina, c. 1932, >Pimas, Gila River Indian Community, as a Gift of Diana and Mallory Walker platinum print, 2018.92.1, Purchased Sacaton, Arizona, 1966 as the Gift of W. Bruce and Delaney >Fulton and Pearl Streets, New York, Williamson, Charles H., American, H. Lundberg 1964, gelatin silver prints, 1826–1874 >Portrait of a Woman and Girl, 1850s, Unknown 19th Century 2018.140.1–19, Gift of Seth and daguerreotype with applied color, >Portrait of a Woman, c. 1855–1860, Erin Neubardt 2018.7.47, Purchased as a Gift of the ivorytype, 2017.190.1, Gift of Mary and >André Kertész at Long Island Richard King Mellon Foundation Dan Solomon University, Brooklyn, New York, 1969 >George Washington Bridge, New Winter, Charles David, French, Unknown 19th Century York/, 1960 1821–1904 >Portrait of a Man, c. 1855–1860, >Sid Grossman Teaching at 7 W. 24th >Strasbourg Cathédrale, Pilier de ivorytype, 2017.190.2, Gift of Mary Street, New York, 1953 L’Ange ( Cathedral, Pillar of and Dan Solomon >West 23rd St., New York, 1964 the Angel), c. 1858, salted paper print, Unknown 19th Century >West 28th St., New York, 1963 2018.23.31, Gift of Charles Isaacs and >Photographie Lunaire (Region Centrale), >Carroll Street, Brooklyn, New York, 1968 Carol Nigro Ph.D. 1890, albumen print, 2018.21.7, Gift of >Ann Treer’s Window, 2nd Ave. and 5th Wolf, Maximilian, German, 1863–1932 Mary and Dan Solomon St., New York, 1957 >Minor White, Arlington, >The Milky Way, c. 1900, gelatin silver Unknown 19th Century Massachusetts, 1970 print, 2018.23.38, Gift in honor of >Portrait of Two Children, 1850s, >Fifth Avenue IND Subway Station, Dr. Charles T. and Alma A. Issacs daguerreotype with applied color, New York, December, 1958 Wortley, Stuart, Colonel, British, 2018.23.7, Gift of Charles Isaacs and >From 22nd St., Back Window, 1958 1832–1890 Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Mount Desert, Maine, 1968 >Sunset at Sea, 1860s, albumen print, Unknown 19th Century >Minor White’s House, Arlington, 2018.7.7, Purchased as a Gift of Diana >Writing Letter, c. 1880, albumen print Massachusetts, 1970 and Mallory Walker with applied color, 2018.23.34, Gift of >Ramona Mack, Sacaton, Arizona, 1966 Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. >Rio de Janeiro, , 1960, gelatin silver prints, 2018.141.1–14, Gift of Jack Unknown 19th Century and Judy Stern >Portrait of a Soldier, c 1855, daguerreotype, 2018.107.1, Robert B. Vignes, Louis, French, 1831–1896 Menschel and the Vital Projects Fund >Mausolée à l’Extrémité Ouest de la Colonnade, Palmyre (Mausoleum Unknown 20th Century at the Western End of the >Eclipse, 1932, gelatin silver print, Colonnade, Palmyra), 1864, albumen 2018.21.8, Gift of Mary and Dan print, 2018.23.29, Gift of Charles Solomon Isaacs and Carol Nigro Ph.D. Unknown 20th Century Walker, Shawn, American, born 1940 >Eclipse, Corona, 1932, gelatin silver >Untitled, New York, New York, from print, 2018.21.9, Gift of Mary and the Invisible Man series, c. 1980 Dan Solomon


The following changes of PAINTINGS 1939.1.259 DRAWINGS attribution are the result Old: Follower of Titian, Allegory 1964.16.1 (Possibly Alfonso d’Este and Laura 1966.13.15 of scholarly research utilizing A Knight of the Dianti), not dated Baptismal Wish for Catarina Titzlir the latest art historical Old: French 15th Century New: Workshop of Titian, Allegory Old: American 18th Century of Love, c. 1520/1540 investigations and scientific New: Attributed to Jean Perréal New: Sussel-Washington Artist examinations. It is the policy of 1939.1.98 1942.9.82 1967.20.13 Portrait of a Man as Saint George Emilia di Spilimbergo Fraktur of a Lady the National Gallery of Art to Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, 1540/1550 Old: Follower of Titian Old: American 18th Century publish these changes regularly. New: Attributed to Giuseppe Caletti, New: Assistant of Titian, possibly New: Sussel-Washington Artist c. 1620s begun by Gian Paolo Pace The following changes of 1953.5.121 attribution were proposed by 1939.1.180 1942.9.83 Birth Certificate of Catherine Hartman Irene di Spilimbergo Gallery curators and approved by The Worship of the Golden Calf Old: American 19th Century Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, c. 1560 Old: Follower of Titian New: Henry Young the Gallery’s Board of Trustees New: Workshop of Jacopo Tintoretto, New: Assistant of Titian, possibly c. 1594 begun by Gian Paolo Pace 1953.5.122 during fiscal year 2018. Each list Birth Certificate of Christopher is arranged in alphabetical order 1939.1.231 1952.2.12 M. Hartman Venus Blindfolding Cupid according to former attribution. Susanna Old: American 19th Century Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, c. 1575 Old: Follower of Titian, c. 1560/1570 New: Henry Young Changes of title and/or date are New: Domenico Tintoretto, c. 1580s New: Workshop or Follower of Titian, c. 1566/1570 or c. 1576/1580 1980.62.65 included if they were a part of 1943.7.10 Portrait of a Man Holding a Book he attribution change. Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, Portrait of a 1952.5.80 Old: American 19th Century Venetian Senator, c. 1571 Alessandro Alberti with a Page New: Micah Williams New: Jacopo Tintoretto, with landscape Old: Follower of Titian, mid 16th 1980.62.66 by Marten de Vos, Portrait of a Man century Portrait of a Woman with a Lace Cap with a Landscape View, 1552/1556 New: North Italian 16th Century (possibly Gian Paolo Pace), possibly Old: American 19th Century 1947.6.6 1544/1545 New: Micah Williams The Madonna of the Stars 2001.101.82 Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, second half 1952.5.82 THIS MORNING I GOT UP AT 6:00 A.M. 16th century Rebecca at the Well Old: On Kawara New: Jacopo Tintoretto and Workshop, Old: Veronese, 1580/1585 New: Hank Virgona c. 1575/1585 New: Veronese and Workshop, c. 1582/1588 1952.5.27 Christ at the Sea of Galilee 1959.9.6 Old: Jacopo Tintoretto, c. 1575/1580 The Annunciation New: Circle of Tintoretto (Probably Old: Veronese, c. 1580 Lambert Sustris), c. 1570s New: Veronese and Workshop, c. 1583/1584 1960.6.37 Lamentation 1961.9.47 Old: Marco Tintoretto, not dated Saint Jerome in the Wilderness New: Circle of Tintoretto, 1580s Old: Veronese, c. 1580 New: Veronese Workshop (possibly 1942.9.84 Benedetto Caliari), c. 1575/1585 Venus and Adonis Old: Titian, c. 1560 1961.9.48 New: Titian and Workshop, c. 1540s/ Saint Lucy and a Donor c. 1560–1565 Old: Veronese, probably c. 1580 New: Veronese Workshop (possibly 1957.14.3 Gabriele Caliari), c. 1585/1595 Vincenzo Cappello Old: Titian, probably c. 1540 New: Titian and Workshop, c. 1550/1560 SCULPTURES

1957.14.6 1942.9.232 Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos Old: Master of the Orpheus Legend, Old: Titian, c. 1547 Achilles Taking Leave of Thetis, fourth New: Titian and Workshop, quarter 15th century c. 1520/1525 New: Mantuan or Ferrarese 16th Centu- 1960.6.38 ry, Achilles Taking Leave of Thetis and Girolamo and Cardinal Marco Corner Chiron, first quarter 16th century Investing Marco, of Carrara, 1942.9.238 with His Benefice Old: Master of the Orpheus Legend, Old: Titian and Workshop, c. 1520 The Centaur Chiron, fourth quarter New: Follower of Titian, c. 1520/1525 15th century 1937.1.35 New: Mantuan or Ferrarese 16th Old: Attributed to Titian, Andrea dei Century, Achilles Taking Leave of Thetis Franceschi, c. 1530/1540 and Chiron, first quarter 16th century New: after Titian, Andrea de’ Franceschi, late 16th or early 17th century


During the fiscal year, 344 lenders from twenty- Federal Council on the Additional funding LENDERS TO Kaufman Americana one countries and thirty-five states loaned Arts and the Humanities provided by the EXHIBITIONS Foundation; George M.† Exhibition Circle of the and Linda H. Kaufman >Outliers and American 1,510 works of art to nineteen exhibitions. The National Gallery of Art Vanguard Art Private Collections John Kelly Gallery also worked on another thirty exhibi- January 28, 2018– >Water, Wind, and Lorin Adolph Lyn Kienholz tions scheduled to open in the next five years May 13, 2018 Waves: Marine Dennis Adrian Alan Kirshner and Organized by the Paintings from the and administered the tour of eight exhibitions. Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn Deborah Mihaloff National Gallery of Art Dutch Golden Age United States Government Indemnity was William I. Koch Lynne Cooke, curator July 1, 2018– Robert Alter and secured for four exhibitions on view in fiscal Made possible by a November 25, 2018 Sherry Siegel Kravis Collection year 2018, resulting in savings of more than generous gift from the Organized by the Susan Bay-Nimoy Kriegstein Collection National Gallery of Art $1,080,946,072 in insurance premiums. Smith-Kogod Family James Benning Emily Fisher Landau Alexandra Libby, curator Scott H. Lang >Heavenly Earth: Generously supported Robert Bergman and Images of Saint Francis Marie Krane by the Hata Foundation The Leiden Collection at La Verna >Matthias Mansen: Musée du , Paris Additional support Edward V. Blanchard Jr. Eli Leon February 25, 2018– Configurations Arthur Wheelock, curator provided by the July 8, 2018 Iwona Blazwick K. E. Long Collection Continued from the BP is proud to be a Exhibition Circle of the Organized by the Sheldon and Jill Bonovitz Lin Lougheed previous fiscal year to major sponsor of this National Gallery of Art April 20, 2018 exhibition as part of its National Gallery of Art Mr. and Mrs. Lee Joel and Sherry Mallin Ginger Hammer, curator >Sense of Humor: Broughton Organized by the support of the arts in Sally Mann National Gallery of Art the U.S. and U.K. Caricature, Satire, and Christine Burgin >Sally Mann: A Judith Pellar Marrinson John A. Tyson, curator Additional support the Comical in Prints Thousand Crossings and Drawings from Joseph M. Cohen Family provided by the Andrew Masullo >Edvard Munch: Color March 4, 2018– Leonardo to the Present Collection Hata Foundation, Robert B. Menschel in Context May 28, 2018 July 15, 2018– Ruth and Laura Compton Dr. Mihael and Mrs. Continued from the Organized by the January 6, 2019 Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff Mahy Polymeropoulos, Kate and Matt Cooper previous fiscal year to National Gallery of Art, Organized by the Robert E. Meyerhoff and the Exhibition Charlie and Jacqueline January 28, 2018 Washington, and the National Gallery of Art Circle of the National Crist Moveo Art Collection Organized by the Peabody Essex Jonathan Bober, Judith Gallery of Art Matt Mullican National Gallery of Art Museum, Salem, Brodie, and Stacey Sell, Beth Rudin DeWoody Supported by an Jonathan Bober and Massachusetts curators Keith Edmier David Newcomb indemnity from the Mollie Berger, curators Sarah Greenough, curator Jim Nutt and Gladys Federal Council on the >Corot: Women Ernesto Esposito Supported by a Nilsson >Posing for the Camera: Arts and the Humanities generous grant from September 9, 2018– Bridgitt and Bruce Evans Gifts from Robert B. December 31, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. John >In the Tower: the Trellis Fund Glenn and Amanda Menschel Organized by the Pappajohn Anne Truitt Additional support pro- Fuhrman Continued from the National Gallery of Art Laura and Richard November 19, 2017– vided by Sally Engelhard Allison Furlotti previous fiscal year to Mary Morton, curator Parsons July 8, 2018 Pingree and The Charles January 28, 2018 Made possible through Gail and Tony Ganz Organized by the Engelhard Foundation Private Collections Organized by the the support of the Douglas Gitter and National Gallery of Art Deborah Ronnen Family National Gallery of Art >Cézanne Portraits Edwin L. Cox Exhibition Travis Bousquet James Meyer, curator Collection Sarah Greenough, curator March 25, 2018– Fund and Leonard and Made possible through Robert Gober July 8, 2018 Elaine Silverstein Richard S. Rosenzweig >Fragonard: The the generous support Organized by the Nan Goldin and Judy Henning Fantasy Figures of the Robert and National Gallery of >Dawoud Bey: The Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Barbara Rossi October 8, 2017– Mercedes Eichholz Art, Washington, the Birmingham Project Greenberg December 3, 2017 Robert A. Roth Foundation National Portrait Gallery, September 12, 2018– Robert M. Greenberg Organized by the Additional funding London, and the Musée March 24, 2019 Richard Rubenstein Lewis B. and Jean National Gallery of Art provided by the Tower Organized by the Michael and Ilene d’Orsay, Paris Greenblatt Yuriko Jackall, curator Project of the National Mary Morton, curator National Gallery of Art Salcman Guerinot Family >Bosch to Bloemaert: Gallery of Art and Made possible through Kara Fiedorek, curator Sally and Peter Saul Steven Elmendorf Early Netherlandish the generous support >Rachel Whiteread Mrs. Douglas Scheumann Drawings from the >Jackson Pollock’s of the Anna-Maria September 16, 2018– Guru Sangat Kaur Khalsa Museum Boijmans Van David and Patricia Schulte “Mural” and Stephen Kellen January 13, 2019 N. Hackerman Beuningen, Rotterdam Foundation Nancy Shaver November 19, 2017– Organized by the Mr. and Mrs. James October 8, 2017– October 28, 2018 Supported by an National Gallery of Cindy Sherman January 7, 2018 Harithas Organized by the indemnity from the Art, Washington, and Meg Siegel and Rachel Organized by the Marion Harris National Gallery of Art Federal Council on the Britain Siegel Museum Boijmans Van Arts and the Humanities Ms. halley k. harrisburg Harry Cooper, curator Molly Donovan, curator Barry Sloane Beuningen, Rotterdam and Mr. Michael >Sharing Images: Made possible by Dr. Stacey Sell, curator >Michel Sittow: Estonian Rosenfeld Valerie Smith Renaissance Prints into Mihael and Mrs. Mahy Painter at the Courts of Gary Snyder >Vermeer and the Renaissance Europe Maiolica and Bronze Polymeropoulos Marlene Hays Masters of Genre January 28, 2018– April 1, 2018– Supported by Amanda Marguerite Steed Leah Sobel Painting: Inspiration May 13, 2018 August 5, 2018 and Glenn Fuhrman Hoffman Stephen G. Stein and Rivalry Organized by the Organized by the and the FLAG Art Don Howlett and Employee Benefit Trust October 22, 2017– National Gallery of Art Foundation National Gallery of Art, Lisa Stone Sarah Sterling January 21, 2018 Jamie Gabbarelli, curator Additional funding pro- Washington, and the Carroll Janis Jessica Stockholder Organized by the Art Museum of Made possible by a vided by the Exhibition The Sir Elton John National Gallery of Art, Estonia, Tallinn generous grant from the Circle of the National Mary H. Davidson Swift Photography Collection Washington, the John Hand, curator Eugene V. and Clare E. Gallery of Art David Syrek and National Gallery of Supported by an Thaw Charitable Trust Thomas Kaplan David Csicsko Ireland, Dublin, and the indemnity from the



Carmen Thyssen- Frankfurt: Städelsches UNITED KINGDOM— Elmhurst: The Elmhurst Toledo: Toledo Museum The Morris and Bornemiza Kunstinstitut Frankfurt SCOTLAND College Chicago of Art Gwendolyn Cafritz am Main Imagist and Abstract Foundation Alice and Richard G. Edinburgh: National Pennsylvania Art Collection Tilghman : Städtiche Galleries of Scotland Philadelphia: Kunsthalle Mannheim >Cubi XI The Trustees of the 1990 : Glasgow Art Iowa Pennsylvania Academy Children’s Settlement : Bayerisches Gallery and Museum Iowa City: University of of the Fine Arts; Calder Foundation Alessandro F. Uzielli Staatsgemäldesammlun- Iowa Museum of Art Philadelphia Museum Alexander Calder gen- UNITED STATES of Art >Aztec Josephine Baker Louisiana Carlos de Villa-Amil and >Cheval Rouge Schwerin: Staatliches California New Orleans: New Pittsburgh: Carnegie Nir Polonsky >Cheval Rouge Museum Schwerin Berkeley: University of Orleans Museum of Art Museum of Art /Kislinger California, Berkeley Art (maquette) HUNGARY Rhode Island Family Museum Maryland >Descending Spines Providence: Rhode >Eucalyptus Dr. William Weathers : Museum of Baltimore: The Baltimore Los Angeles: California Museum of Art; The Island School of Design >Louisa’s 43rd Birthday Dr. and Mrs. John C. Fine Arts, Budapest African American Museum of Art Present Weber Museum (CAAM); IRELAND South Carolina >1 Red, 4 Black plus X Sue A. Welsh at Tara’s Hall Greer Lankton Archives Massachusetts White Spartanburg: The Dublin: National Gallery Museum; The J. Paul Andover: Addison >Rat Rachel Whiteread Johnson Collection of Ireland Getty Museum; Los Gallery of American Art >Red Panel Frank Williams Angeles County ITALY Boston: Museum of Fine Texas >Small Feathers Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Museum of Art; UCLA Arts, Boston Fort Worth: Amon Carter >Sphere Pierced by Rome: Galleria Lorcan at the Armand Hammer Zukerman Cambridge: Harvard Art Museum; Kimbell Art Cylinders O’Neill Museum of Art and Museum >The Big Ear Public Collections Museums Cultural Center >Tom’s JAPAN Northampton: Smith Houston: The Menil Napa: di Rosa Collection Collection; The Museum >Tower with Orange Yokohama: Yokohama College Museum of Art Pasadena: Norton Simon of Fine Arts, Houston Band Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum of Art Museum Salem: Peabody Essex >Untitled Museum Wien; Museum Vermont >Untitled NETHERLANDS Liechtenstein Museum Oakland: Creative Shelburne: Shelburne >Untitled Growth Art Center; Williamstown: Sterling Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum Museum >Untitled Oakland Museum of and Francine Clark Art Reeuwijk: Stichting Institute Virginia >Untitled : Koninklijk California >Untitled Avivia Glen Allen: Markel Museum voor Schone San Francisco: Fine >Untitled Corporation Kunsten Antwerpen Rotterdam: Museum Arts Museums of San : The Detroit Boijmans Van Beuningen Institute of Arts Richmond: Virginia The BRAZIL Francisco; San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts University of America, ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Museum of Modern Art Minnesota Sao Paulo: Museu de Noordbrabants Museum Oliveira Library Minneapolis: Wisconsin Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Connecticut Frans Post : Royal Picture Minneapolis Institute Milwaukee: Milwaukee Chateaubriand Hartford: The Cartin >Brazilian Landscape, Gallery Mauritshuis Collection of Art; University of Art Museum Probably Pernambuco CANADA Minnesota Frederick R. SPAIN New Haven: Yale Sheboygan: John Michael Weisman Art Museum Cooper-Hewitt, University Art Gallery Kohler Arts Center Ottawa: National Gallery : Museu National Design Missouri of Canada Nacional d’Art de Wilton: Louis-Dreyfus Museum, Smithsonian Toronto: Art Gallery Catalunya Family Collection Kansas City: Kansas City Institution of Ontario Art Institute LENDERS OF Giovanni Domenico Madrid: Museo Thyssen- District of Columbia : Saint Louis WORKS Tiepolo DENMARK Bornemisza; Palacio Real Washington: Archives Art Museum DISPLAYED WITH >The Immaculate de Madrid of American Art, Conception Copenhagen: Ny Smithsonian Institution; New Jersey THE NGA Carlsberg Glyptotek; Hirshhorn Museum and Newark: Newark COLLECTION Fioratti Collection Statens Museum for Kunst : Sculpture Garden; Museum Giovanni Minello Nationalmuseum Howard University Anonymous >Bust of a Woman ESTONIA New York Gallery of Art; National Jacob Adriaensz Backer SWITZERLAND New York: Christine Collection of Helen Tallinn: Niguliste Museum Gallery of Art Library, >A Portrait of Jan Pietersz Burgin Gallery; Derek Frankenthaler Basel: Fondation Beyeler; Department of Image van den Eeckhout FRANCE Eller Gallery; Franklin Foundation, Inc. Kunstmuseum Basel Collections; National (1584–1652) in a Parrasch Gallery; Paris: Musée de Gallery of Art Library; Broad-Brimmed Hat Geneva: Musée d’art ; Gary >Mountains and Sea l’Orangerie; Musée ; Bernardo Bellotto et d’histoire, Ville Snyder Fine Art; Edwynn d’Orsay; Musée du Smithsonian American >Pima, The Fortress of Museum, de Genève Houk Gallery; Luhring Louvre; Musée du Art Museum; The Sonnenstein Potomac, Maryland Augustine; Matthew Zurich: Dena Capital Gerard ter Borch the Katharina Fritsch Marks Gallery; Metro Holdings Inc.; David M. Younger >Hahn/Cock GERMANY Pictures Gallery; The Koester Gallery >The pressing invitation Felix Gonzalez-Torres Palm Beach Gardens: Metropolitan Museum of Berlin: Museum to drink >“Untitled” (Chemo) UNITED KINGDOM— The Jaffe Collection Art; Museum of Modern Berggruen; German 18th Century ENGLAND Art; Narrows Holdings Collection of the Artist Neugerriemschneider West Palm Beach: Norton >Pair of Female Figures LLC; P.P.O.W. Gallery; Jasper Johns Gallery; Staatliche Bedfordshire: The Gallery and School of Art Jacopo Palma il Giovane Solomon R. Guggenheim >Between the Clock and Museen zu Berlin, National Trust >Venus and Cupid at the Georgia Museum; The Studio the Bed Gemäldegalerie Forge of Vulcan Cambridge: Kings : High Museum Museum in Harlem; The >Dancers on a Plane Jan Brueghel the Elder Bönningheim: Sammlung College c/o Fitzwilliam of Art; Souls Grown Drawing Room Gallery; >Target >View of Tivoli Falls Zander Museum Deep Foundation The Estée Lauder Jean-Antoine Houdon The Metropolitan : Kunsthalle London: The Courtauld Companies Inc.; Whitney Idaho >Diana the Huntress Museum of Art Bremen Gallery, Courtauld Boise: James Castle Col- Museum of American Art Institute of Art; Dulwich Georgia O’Keeffe Francesco di Giorgio : Wallraf- lection and Archive, LP >A Black Bird with Snow- Martini Richartz-Museum Picture Gallery; Gagosian Gallery; The National Durham: Nasher Covered Red Hills >The : Hessisches Museum of Art at Duke Charles Ethan Porter Gallery; Tate; The Chicago: The Art Insti- Robert and Jane Landesmuseum University >Cherries Museum of Everything; tute of Chicago; Carl F. Meyerhoff Collection Darmstadt Johnny Van Haeften Ltd.; Hammer Gallery; Corbett Ohio Collection of Roger Dresden: Gemäldegalerie Wellington Museum vs. Dempsey; Museum Cincinnati: Taft Museum Arvid Anderson >Cold Mountain 5 Alte Meister, Staatliche Manchester: Manchester of of Art Possibly Germain Pilon (Open) Kunstsammlungen Chicago; Roger Brown Art Gallery Columbus: Columbus >Veiled Mourner with Jackson Pollack Study Collection Torch >Ritual Warwickshire: Upton Museum of Art

House, Collection of The National Trust 72 NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART


Moveo Art Collection >Envelope >Robert Louis Stevenson >Car accident—U.S. 66 Industry in the Second Michel Sittow Willem van de Velde the >Knife (horizontal format) between Winslow and Half of the Fifteenth >Portrait of Diego de Younger >Ledger Book (green) >Victory/Peace Flagstaff, Arizona Century Guevara (?) >The Dutch fleet >Low-rise Building >Two men standing March 1, 2018– >The Assumption of Dian Woodner assembling before the >Open Book (Death as by side of road in June 3, 2018 the Virgin Four Day’s Battle of Liberty and portrait of a snow—U.S. 66 between Petrus Christus Juan de Flandes >Germinal 11–14 June 1666 woman) Winslow and >Portrait of a Female >The Temptation >Open Spiral Notepad Flagstaff, Arizona Donor of Christ Musée du Louvre, >Paintbox >Fourth of July— Réunion des Musées BRAZIL FRANCE >Paint Brush NGA LOANS TO Jay, New York Nationaux, Paris >Pen (marked August >Fourth of July— São Paulo, Museu de Aix-en-Provence, Venetian 16th Century TEMPORARY 9, 1974) Jay, New York Arte de São Paulo Assis Hôtel de Caumont, >Boy on a Dolphin EXHIBITIONS >Ruler >Guggenheim 104/ Chateaubriand Centre d’Art National Museum of Americans 1—Hoboken, Toulouse-Lautrec: (1839– U.S. Department of the The department of loans New Jersey Health and Medicine, Interior, National Park and the National Lending In Red 1899): Impressionist >Guggenheim 371/ Institute of Pathology Service, Saint-Gaudens Service administered the June 29, 2017– Master Americans 35—U.S. 66, National Historic loans of 740 works of art October 1, 2017 June 10, 2017– between Winslow and >Dr. John H. Brinton Site, Cornish, New to 231 sites during fiscal Henri de Toulouse- October 15, 2017 Flagstaff, Arizona Hampshire year 2018. This number Lautrec Alfred Sisley The Norton Simon Art >Guggenheim 330/ includes the loan of 613 >Lady with a Dog* >Boulevard Héloïse, Foundation Augustus Saint-Gaudens Americans 47—Baton works to temporary exhi- >A la Bastille (Jeanne Argenteuil Claude Monet >Study Head of a Black Rouge, Louisiana bitions at 187 institutions Wenz) >Flood at Port-Marly >The Artist’s Garden at Soldier (6 works) >Guggenheim 667/ and the extended loan Vétheuil >Preliminary Sketch for Americans 52— Historias Afro- Aix-en-Provence, of 120 Gallery works to Shaw Memorial Memphis, Tennessee Atlanticas Musée Granet Anita and Burton 39 sites. Six works from >Shaw Memorial >Guggenheim 133/ June 28, 2018– Picasso-Picabia, Reiner the Gallery’s collections >Early Study of the Americans 53— October 21, 2018 Mel Bochner were on short-term loan Allegorical Figure for New York City June 8, 2018– >Master of the Universe to the permanent collec- the Shaw Memorial >Convention 14/Ameri- >Into Bondage September 23, 2018 Collection of David M. tions of three museums. Rose-Marie and Eijk cans 58—political rally, CANADA Schwarz van Otterloo Collection *Works in the National Chicago >The Procession, Seville Montreal, Montreal Louis Lozowick Caesar van Everdingen Lending Service >Guggenheim 755— Giverny, Musée des Museum of Fine Arts >Untitled (Machine >Bacchus and Bac- Jay, New York impressionnismes AUSTRIA Alexander Calder: ) chantes >Parade—Hoboken, Giverny Radical Inventor Shearbrook (US) LLC >An Offering to Venus Vienna, Albertina New Jersey Japonismes/ Aert van der Neer Raphael >Miami Hotel September 21, 2018– Impressionnismes February 24, 2019 >A Snowy Winter September 26, 2017– >Robert Frank, Ameri- March 30, 2018– >ONE through Alexander Calder Landscape January 7, 2018 cans 40—Newburgh, July 15, 2018 (The Numbers) >Little Spider Esaias van de Velde I Raphael New York XI >Triple Gong Candida and Rebecca >An Elegant Company in >Bindo Altoviti >Democratic National >Breton Girls Dancing, Smith a Garden Convention, Chicago Québec City, Museé des Pont-Aven David Smith Robert Frank >Wales, Ben James The White House October 25, 2017– beaux-arts du Québec Color and Light. The >Aggressive Character >Welsh Miners Mitchell/Riopelle: Paul Cézanne January 21, 2018 Neo-Impressionist >Black-White Forward >Caerau, Wales Nothing in Moderation >Hamlet at Payan- Robert Frank Henri-Edmond Cross >Blue Construction >Wales, Ben James October 12, 2017– net, near Gardanne >At the same time Mel, >Wales, Ben James July 27, 2018– Robert H. Smith January 7, 2018 (Hameau à his morning duties >Fourth of July— November 4, 2018 Manner of Pugin Circulated to: Art Gal- Payannet près de done, has changed his Jay, New York Henri Edmond Cross >Marble Octagonal Gardanne) uniform and rests in one lery of Ontario >Calanque des Antibois* Pedestal >Houses on a Hill, of the garage chairs. Vienna, Kunsthistorisches February 17, 2018– Museum Wien May 13, 2018 Montpellier, Musée Smithsonian American Provence [Maisons sur >After lunch Connie Rubens: The Power of Joan Mitchell Fabre Art Museum un colline] jokes with other work- Transformation >Piano mécanique Francis Bacon/Bruce Sir Anthony van Dyck >Still Life with Skull ers outside the factory. >By early afternoon October 17, 2017– Nauman. Face to face. >Marchesa Elena Mr. and Mrs. Erving Berthe Morisot, the fruit peddler has January 21, 2018 July 1, 2017– Grimaldi-Cattaneo Wolf Woman Impressionist restocked his tray for Circulated to: November 5, 2017 French 13th Century Anna Hyatt Huntington June 21, 2018– the second time. He Städelsches Kunstin- Francis Bacon >Angel Holding a Cross >Yawning Panther September 23, 2018 has just sold a pear and stitut und Städtische >Study for a Running and the Crown of Frederick William Berthe Morisot continues his route. Galerie Dog* Thorns MacMonnies >The Artist’s Sister at a >Lena is through work- February 8, 2018– >Bishop Blessing >Nathan Hale Window Picasso—Donner ing. It is 3 PM and she June 3, 2018 >Heraldic Panel >Pan of Rohallion >Young Woman with a à voir will soon go home. Florentine 16th Century >Vita Contemplativa Paul Manship Straw Hat* June 15, 2018– >Like many other people >Farnese Hercules Jan Anthonisz Ravesteyn >Actaeon >Hanging the Laundry September 23, 2018 who live within a few Sir Peter Paul Rubens >Judith Langley >Atalanta out to Dry* Pablo Picasso blocks, Mr. and Mrs. >Venus Lamenting >Briseis >Harlequin Musician Mrs. Frederick M. Feiertag come in the Adonis DENMARK >Flight of Europa Stafford late afternoon to get >Battle of Nude Men Paris, Galeries nationales >Flight of Night Humlebaek, Louisiana Claude Lorrain their car from the Sir Peter Paul Rubens over du >Oriental Dancer: Vase Museum of Modern Art >Landscape with Apollo Handon garage. Anonymous Italian after Gauguin the Alchemist >Panther leaping at deer THE MOON and Mercury >On Saturday and Sun- after October 11, 2017– (Bronze Relief from September 13, 2018– day the street is empty. Raphael January 22, 2018 The Saul Steinberg the New York Century January 20, 2019 Georgie is alone. >The Miracle of the Paul Gauguin Foundation Association Flower Mark Rothko >Newburgh, New York Lame Man Healed >Mahana Atua (The Saul Steinberg Boxes) >Untitled* >Cocktail party— by and Food of the Gods) >Awl/Screwdriver >Salome New York City Saint John ESTONIA [recto] >Bellhop Dog and Edward McCartan >Sign, “Yea, Happy!,” Sir Peter Paul Rubens >Père Paillard Woman >Bacchus Tallinn, Kumu Art convention—Chicago over Anonymous Italian >Pair of Wooden Shoes >Camera (blue jar- >Nymph and Satyr Museum >Men’s room, railway after Titian (Sabots) [right] cover lens) Elie Nadelman Michel Sittow: Estonian station— Memphis, >Part of the Crowd at >Pair of Wooden Shoes >Camera (film- >Classical Head Painter at the Courts Tennessee the Ecce Homo (Sabots) [left] canister lens) Augustus Saint-Gaudens of Renaissance Europe >Car accident—U.S. 66 >The Invocation* >Camera (reflector- >“The Puritan” ( BELGIUM June 8, 2018– between Winslow and >Breton Girls Dancing, light lens) Samuel Chapin) September 16, 2018 Flagstaff, Arizona , Stedelijke Pont-Aven >Deco Skyscraper >Samuel Gray Ward Hans Memling >Car accident—U.S. 66 Musea Brugge >Envelope >Robert Louis Stevenson >Portrait of a Man with between Winslow and Colard Mansion and >Envelope (square format) an Arrow Flagstaff, Arizona the Bruges Printing



>Head of a Man with Bremen, Kunsthalle , Staatsgalerie Hans Baldung Grien Jonas Suyderhoff after Netherlandish 14th a Study of His Back; Bremen Stuttgart >Half-Figure of an Old Sir Peter Paul Rubens Century Various Sketches with a Max Beckmann. The The Master of the Woman with a Cap >A Lion Hunt >The Death of the Virgin Peasant Woman and a World as a Stage Messkirch: Catholic Hans Leonard Schäufelein Sapporo, Hokkaido Assen, Drents Museum Goose [recto] September 30, 2017– Splendour during the >Saint Benedict Reviving Museum of Modern Art The American Dream >A Breton Gleaner February 4, 2018 Reformation a Monk Killed by the Van Gogh & Japan November 19, 2017– Circulated to: December 8, 2017– Devil Paris, Musée d’Orsay August 26, 2017– May 27, 2018 Museum Barberini April 2, 2018 Lucas Cranach the Elder Water Lilies. The New October 15, 2017 Andy Warhol February 23, 2018– Hans Baldung Grien >Hercules Relieving Atlas York Abstraction and Circulated to: Tokyo >Birmingham Race Riot June 10, 2018 >Saint Anne with the of the Globe the Last Monet Metropolitan Art Max Beckmann Christ Child, the Virgin, Groningen, Groninger April 12, 2018– Rome, Scuderie del Museum >The Argonauts [left and Saint John the Museum August 20, 2018 Quirinale October 24, 2017– panel]* Baptist Romanticism in Mark Rothko Pablo Picasso January 8, 2018 >The Argonauts Northern Europe >No. 22* ITALY between and Circulated to: The [middle panel]* December 9, 2017– >Untitled* : 1915–1925 National Museum of >The Argonauts , Museo di Santa May 6, 2018 Philip Guston September 22, 2017– Modern Art, Kyoto [right panel]* Giulia Joseph Mallord >Untitled January 21, 2018 January 20, 2018– >Beckmann Titian and Sixteenth- William Turner Pablo Picasso March 4, 2018 Picasso. Blue and Rose Sketchbook 23 Century Painting in >The Evening of >Harlequin Musician Circulated to: Van September 18, 2018– >Beckmann Venice and Brescia the Deluge Gogh Museum January 6, 2019 Sketchbook 39 March 21, 2018– Venice, Gallerie dell’ March 23, 2018– Pablo Picasso >Beckmann July 1, 2018 SPAIN Accademia June 24, 2018 >Lady with a Fan* Sketchbook 26 Giovanni Girolamo Tintoretto: Artist of Bilbao, Museo >Beckmann Savoldo Renaissance Venice Guggenheim Bilbao Paris, Musée du Louvre >Still Life of Oranges Sketchbook 15 >The Adoration of the September 7, 2018– Anni Albers: Delacroix (1798–1863) and Lemons with Blue >Beckmann Shepherds January 6, 2019 Touching Vision March 29, 2018– Gloves Sketchbook 18 Titian and Workshop October 6, 2017– July 23, 2018 Ferrara, Exhibit Halls, >Dancer and Male >Saint John the Tokyo, Mitsubishi January 24, 2018 Eugène Delacroix Audience Evangelist on Patmos Ichigokan Museum Anni Albers >Arabs Skirmishing in the Gustave Courbet and Jacopo Tintoretto The Flora of Odilon >Sunny Mountains Cologne, Wallraf- Nature >The Conversion of Saint Redon: Botanist or Richartz- Museum September 22, 2018– Madrid, Biblioteca Paris, Musée Paul Interior Decorator Tintoretto—Venedigs January 6, 2019 Nacional de España Jacquemart-André >Summer February 8, 2018– Moderne um 1540 Gustave Courbet Luis Paret y Alcazar. Mary Cassatt, an May 20, 2018 October 6, 2017– >The Stream (Le Venice, Palazzo Ducale Dibujos American in Paris January 28, 2018 Ruisseau du Puits-Noir; , Le Pietre May 17, 2018– March 9, 2018– >Flowers in a Vase Circulated to: Musée vallée de la Loue) di Venezia September 9, 2018 July 23, 2018 >Large Vase with du Luxembourg >La Grotte de la Loue March 10, 2018– Luis Paret y Alcázar Mary Cassatt Flowers March 6, 2018– June 10, 2018 >Dance in a Palace >Little Girl in a Blue Florence, Galleria degli July 1, 2018 Joseph Mallord Tokyo, The National >Dance in a Village Armchair Jacopo Tintoretto William Turner Museum of Western Art Art Collecting from Square >The Conversion of >The Dogana and Santa and Paris, Musée the Medici to the 20th Maria della Salute, Madrid, Fundación Marmottan Monet Century Monet the Collector Venice October 21, 2017– MAPFRE, Instituto de Dusseldorf, June 21, 2018– Cultura September 14, 2017– January 28, 2018 Kunstsammlung September 23, 2018 Tintoretto: Artist of Zuloaga in Paris January 14, 2018 Nordrhein-Westfalen Medici Porcelain Factory Renaissance Venice of La Belle Epoque Auguste Renoir >The Much Resounding Anni Albers >Flask September 7, 2018– (1889–1914) >Madame Monet and Sea* June 9, 2018– January 6, 2019 September 28, 2017– Her Son Florence, Galleria dell’ September 9, 2018 Jacopo Tintoretto January 7, 2018 Paul Cézanne Accademia >Children Leaving Anni Albers >A Procurator of Saint Paul Gauguin >Still Life with Milk Jug Firenze: Pittura e School >Sunny Mark’s >Self-Portrait Dedicated and Fruit* tessile nel XII e XIV Mary Cassatt >Doge Alvise Mocenigo Emden, Kunsthalle December 5, 2017– >Little Girl in a Blue to Carrière Corot: Women and Family before the d’Emden April 15, 2018 Armchair Madrid, Museo February 8, 2018– Madonna and Child The American Dream Giovanni Baronzio Nacional del Prado July 22, 2018 MEXICO November 19, 2017– >The Baptism of Christ JAPAN Mariano Fortuny Jean-Baptiste-Camille May 27, 2018 , Museo (1838–1874) Corot , Gallerie d’Italia— Nagoya, Nagoya City Vija Celmins Nacional de Arte November 1, 2017– >The Artist’s Studio >Tulip Car #1 Piazza Scala Art Museum Desnudo en el paisaje. and March 31, 2018 >Italian Girl >Untitled (Comet) The Last Caravaggio. Felipe Santiago The Battle of Anghiari: Mariano Fortuny y Carbó >Repose Fortune and Misfortune Gutiérrez Frankfurt, Städelsches of Naturalism from The Mystery of Tavola >A Street in Tangiers September 12, 2017– Paris, Musée national Kunstinstitut und Milan to Doria (Season II) >The Choice of a Model January 18, 2018 d’art moderne, Centre Städtische Galerie January 13, 2018– November 29, 2017– Jean-Baptiste- Lorenzo Lotto. Portraits Georges Pompidou Matisse–Bonnard. April 8, 2018 March 25, 2018 André Derain 1904– Camille Corot June 18, 2018– “Long Live painting!” Giulio Cesare Procaccini Circulated to: Fukuoka 1914. The Radical >Italian Girl September 30, 2018 September 13, 2017– >The Ecstasy of the City Museum Decade Lorenzo Lotto January 14, 2018 Magdalen April 6, 2018– NETHERLANDS >Allegory of Virtue October 4, 2017– Henri Matisse June 3, 2018 Amsterdam, Museum and Vice January 29, 2018 >Pianist and Checker Milan, Palazzo Reale Cristoforo di Geremia Toulouse-Lautrec at Van Loon André Derain Players >Lodovico Scarampi Madrid, Museo Thyssen- the Palazzo Reale Ferdinand Bol: the >Mountains at Collioure* Pierre Bonnard (Mezzarota), died 1465, Bornemisza house, the collection, >View of the Thames* >Work Table October 17, 2017– of Aquileia Monet/Boudin the artist February 18, 2018 1444 [obverse] June 26, 2018– GERMANY Hamburg, Deichtorhal- October 5, 2017– Henri de Toulouse- Schelte Adams September 30, 2018 len Hamburg January 8, 2018 Berlin, Martin- Lautrec Bolswert after Sir Peter Eugène Boudin Alice Neel, Painter of van Rijn Gropius-Bau >The Artist’s Dog Flèche Paul Rubens >Concert at the Casino Modern Life >The Circumcision The Luther Effect. >The Trap >Lion Hunt of Deauville Protestantism—500 October 13, 2017– Dürer e il Willem van der Leeuw Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Years in the World January 14, 2018 SWITZERLAND Rinascimento Tedesco after Sir Peter Paul Johan Maelwael April 12, 2017– Alice Neel February 21, 2018– Rubens October 6, 2017– Basel, Kunstmuseum November 5, 2017 >Loneliness June 24, 2018 >The Wolf Hunt January 7, 2018 Basel Attributed to Frederick >Hartley Albrecht Dürer Pieter Claesz Soutman Limbourg Brothers The Music of Kemmelmeyer >Portrait of a Clergyman after Sir Peter Paul >Saint Christopher Color. Sam Gilliam, >Martin Luther (Johann Dorsch?) Rubens Carrying the Christ Child 1967–1973 >The Defeat of Sennacherib



June 9, 2018– Monochrome: Painting Andrea Andreani, after >Bridgeport, Gordon Parks September 30, 2018 in Black and White >Le Tournesol (The Domenico Beccafumi Connecticut >Washington, D.C. Gov- Sam Gilliam October 30, 2017– Sunflower) >Eve >Bridgeport, ernment Charwoman >Relative February 18, 2018 Andrea Andreani, Connecticut (American Gothic) UNITED KINGDOM— Circulated to: Stiftung after Raffaello Motta >Bridgeport, Basel, Schaulager Basel SCOTLAND Washington, The museum kunst palast >The Entombment Connecticut Bruce Nauman: Phillips Collection March 21, 2018– Edinburgh, National Master F. P., after >Bridgeport, Disappearing Acts Renoir and His Models: July 15, 2018 Gallery of Scotland Parmigianino Connecticut March 17, 2018– Decoding Luncheon of Petrus Christus Rembrandt: >Saint Simon >Bridgeport, August 26, 2018 the Boating Party >The Nativity Britain’s Discovery >The Martyrdom of Connecticut Bruce Nauman October 1, 2017– of the Master Saints Peter and Paul >Battlefield Monument, >Dead Monet and January 31, 2018 July 7, 2018– Nicolò Boldrini Vicksburg, Mississippi Architecture Auguste Renoir Bern, Zentrum October 14, 2018 >Hunter on Horseback >Sixth Avenue El, April 9, 2018– >Oarsmen at Chatou 10 American Artists: Rembrandt van Rijn Ugo da Carpi, New York City July 29, 2018 >Mlle Charlotte Berthier After Paul Klee >The Mill after Parmigianino Claude Monet Robert Rauschenberg >Georges Rivière September 14, 2017– >Diogenes >Argenteuil November 18, 2017– >Dance in the Country January 7, 2018 UNITED STATES Nicolò Boldrini, March 25, 2018 Circulated to: The London, National Por- after Raphael 10 American Artists: Robert Rauschenberg Phillips Collection trait Gallery >Hercules and the After Paul Klee Little Rock, The Arkan- >Black Painting February 3, 2018– Cézanne Portraits sas Arts Center Nemean Lion February 3, 2018– René Magritte: May 6, 2018 October 26, 2017– Becoming : , Timken May 6, 2018 The Fifth Season February 11, 2018 Modernist at Work Museum of Art Jackson Pollock >Pierrot Paul Cézanne January 26, 2018– Rivals and May 19, 2018– >Untitled >Untitled >The Gardener Vallier April 22, 2018 Revivals October 28, 2018 >Untitled René Magritte >Untitled >The Artist’s Father, John Marin September 21, 2018– >Untitled >Untitled Reading “L’Événement” >Castorland, New York >La condition humaine January 6, 2019 Georgia >Untitled >Antony Valabrègue >Tall Buildings, Down- Colorado Atlanta, High >Boy in a Red Waistcoat town, New York Lugano, Museo d’arte >The Italian Comedians Denver, Denver Museum of Art >Partridge in Flight, della Svizzera italiana London, Royal Academy Art Museum Al Taylor: What Are Deer Isle San Francisco, Sulle vie of Arts Her Paris: Women You Looking At? >Marin Sketchbook Fine Arts Museums dell’illuminazione. Il Jasper Johns: Artists in the Age of November 19, 2017– >Woolworth Building of San Francisco, de mito dell’India nella ‘Something Impressionism March 18, 2018 under Construction Young, Legion of Honor cultura occidentale Resembling Truth’ October 22, 2017– Al Taylor [recto] Klimt & Rodin: An 1808–2017 September 23, 2017– Artistic Encounter January 15, 2018 >Untitled (Floaters) >The Harbor Circulated to: The September 24, 2017– December 10, 2017 October 14, 2017– >The Peabody Group #32 Speed Art Museum January 21, 2018 Circulated to: The California January 28, 2018 Allen Ginsberg Broad Museum February 17, 2018– Outliers and American Claremont, Pitzer Vanguard Art >Shambhu Bharti Baba…, February 10, 2018– May 13, 2018 College Art Galleries >Baby (Cradle) June 24, 2018– 1962 May 13, 2018 Juan Downey: Circulated to: September 30, 2018 >Sea of Japan, returning Jasper Johns Radiant Nature America in Focus: Sterling and Francine Majel G. Claflin after year and half in >Perilous Night in the September 6, 2017– >Tin Mirror Frame India…, 1963 Machine Age June 9, 2018– Charles I: King and December 15, 2017 Mina Lowry >From roof of Brahmin’s March 17, 2018– September 3, 2018 Collector Juan Downey >Whirligig house wherein we’d >Against Shadows August 12, 2018 Berthe Morisot January 27, 2018– George Constantine rented Third floor >Nostalgic Item Circulated to: Dallas >The Sisters April 15, 2018 >Carousel Horse room…, 1963 >Seven Critics Museum of Art Mary Cassatt Sir Anthony van Dyck Yolande Delasser >Peter Orlovsky smoking September 16, 2018– >Children Playing on >Queen >Adam and Eve Indian Hemp…, 1962 Los Angeles, The J. January 6, 2019 the Beach* with Sir Jeffrey Hudson Gertrude Koch >“Peter lying dressed up Paul Getty Museum Landscapes of Faith: Rembrandt as >Chalkware Cat in pants on mattress London, Tate >Side of White Barn Giovanni Bellini in Printmaker Alfred H. Smith picking his red mous- Impressionists in >Classic Landscape Renaissance Venice September 16, 2018– >Shaker Refectory tache…,” 1962 London: French Artists John Storrs January 6, 2019 Table with Benches in Exile, 1870–1904 October 10, 2017– >Auto Tower, Industrial Martigny, Fondation January 14, 2018 Rembrandt van Rijn Lucille Chabot November 2, 2017– Forms (part A) Pierre Gianadda Giovanni Bellini >The Circumcision >Shaker Rug Strip May 7, 2018 Martigny >Saint Jerome Reading Mastering the Masters: >Seated Old Man Eldora P. Lorenzini Paul Cézanne Circulated to: Musée Pre-Raphaelites and >Jan Cornelisz Sylvius, >Bulto du Petit Palais June 16, 2017– Los Angeles, Los Their Sources of the Preacher The Gansevoort Limner June 21, 2018– November 19, 2017 Angeles County Inspiration (Possibly Pieter Vanderlyn) October 14, 2018 District of Columbia Paul Cézanne Museum of Art June 30, 2018– >Miss Van Alen* Camille Pissarro Washington, Hirshhorn >Montagne Sainte- The Chiaroscuro September 30, 2018 Edward Hicks >Hampton Court Green Museum and Victoire, from near Woodcut in >The Cornell Farm* André Derain Sculpture Garden Gardanne* Renaissance Italy >The Annunciation >Peaceable Kingdom* George Baselitz >Charing Cross Bridge, May 18, 2018– American 19th Century Retrospective Zurich, Kunsthaus London* September 16, 2018 San Francisco, San >Still Life of Fruit Zürich Camille Pissarro Marcantonio Raimondi, Francisco Museum June 21, 2018– Praised and ridiculed. >Charing Cross Bridge, after Raphael of Modern Art September 16, 2018 >Rendezvous in the French Painting from “Walker Evans” London >Hercules and Antaeus Georg Baselitz Forest* 1820 to 1880 Antonio da , after September 30, 2017– >Mann im Mond— >Tropical Forest with November 10, 2017– London, Victoria and Parmigianino February 4, 2018 Franz Pforr (Man in the Monkeys* January 28, 2018 Albert Museum Walker Evans Moon—Franz Pforr) Videogames: Design, >The Martyrdom of Horace Pippin Théodore Rousseau >Tupelo, Mississippi Play, Disrupt Two Saints Washington, National >Interior >After the Rain >Debris >Saint Simon Portrait Gallery Charles Sheeler September 8, 2018– >Ringling Bandwagon — >The Martyrdom of The Sweat of their >Doylestown House— February 24, 2019 >Subway Portrait Images of Paris Saints Peter and Paul Face: Portraying Stairway with Chair René Magritte >Subway Portrait August 31, 2018– Giuseppe Nicolo American Workers >Doylestown House— >The Blank Signature* >Subway Portrait November 18, 2018 Vicentino, after Camillo November 3, 2017– The Stove >Subway Portrait Robert Delaunay Oxford, Ashmolean Boccaccino September 3, 2018 James Castle >Subway Portrait >Political Drama Museum >The Virgin and Child John George Brown >Untitled (Shed Interior America’s Cool >Cover for The with Saints >The Longshoremen’s with Pictures on UNITED KINGDOM— Modernism: O’Keeffe Passengers Andrea Andreani, Noon Display) [recto] ENGLAND to Hopper after Jacopo Ligozzi >Bridgeport, >Untitled (Small Figure March 23, 2018– >Allegory of Virtue Connecticut London, The National Dressed in Red) July 22, 2018 After Parmigianino >Bridgeport, Gallery >Untitled (Totem >Circe Connecticut Landscape)



Joseph Yoakum >Cascade Lake, Robert Rauschenberg Claude Monet’s Circulated to: Portland New York, Solomon R. >Briar Head Mtn of Adirondacks >Installation Drawing Gladioli Museum of Art Guggenheim Museum National Park Range of Attributed to Lewis of Monogram October 22, 2017– June 22, 2018– Giacometti Bryce Canyon National Emory Walker James Rosenquist March 4, 2018 September 16, 2018 June 8, 2018– Park near Hatch, Utah >Construction of >Ten Days Claude Monet Alvin Langdon Coburn September 12, 2018 U.S.A. Washington Aqueduct Richard Serra >Argenteuil >Clarence H. White William H. Rau >Untitled >Bridge at Argenteuil >No More Play Savannah, Savannah New York >Ganoga Lake Branch Andy Warhol on a Gray Day College of Art and New York, The Jewish >Across County from >Mao >The Bridge at Argenteuil New York, The Design Museum of Art Museum West Portal, N.J. Bruce Nauman >The Artist’s Garden in Frick Collection Lines of Influence Murillo: The Self Modigliani Unmasked American 19th Century >Studies for Holograms (a) Argenteuil (A Corner September 7, 2017– Portraits September 15, 2017– >House on a Hillside >Studies for Holograms (b) of the Garden with February 4, 2018 February 4, 2018 Bierstadt Brothers >Studies for Holograms (c) Dahlias) November 1, 2017– Jacob Lawrence >Rapids and Cascades, >Studies for Holograms (d) >Woman with a February 11, 2018 >Street to Mbari >Head of a Woman Franconia Notch, >Studies for Holograms (e) Parasol—Madame Circulated to: The National Gallery Illinois Monet and Her Son New York, The Silver Spring, National February 28, 2018– Chicago, The Art Francis Hacker Auguste Renoir Met Breuer Museum of Health May 21, 2018 Institute of Chicago >Looking Northwest >Regatta at Argenteuil Like Life: Sculpture, and Medicine Bartolomé Esteban John Singer Sargent from Westminster >Claude Monet Color, and the Body Put on Your Mask, Murillo and Chicago’s Street, Providence March 20, 2018– You Damned Fool! Minnesota >Two Women at a Gilded Age Platt D. Babbitt July 22, 2018 February 12, 2018– Minneapolis, Minneapolis Window July 1, 2018– >Niagara Falls Paul Gauguin July 31, 2018 Institute of Art Paulus Pontius, after Sir September 30, 2018 American 19th Century >Eve John Singer Sargent Eyewitness Views: Peter Paul Rubens, after John Singer Sargent >House with Green- >Studies for “Gassed” Making History in the Diego Velázquez >Peter A. B. Widener house, Virginia New York, Whitney Capitals of Eighteenth- >Gaspar de Gusman, >Street in Venice Joel E. Whitney Massachusetts Museum of American Art Century Europe Count of Olivares >Fort Snelling Boston, Isabella Stewart Kentucky September 10, 2017– Retrospective Thomas H. Johnson Gardner Museum New York, The Louisville, The Speed December 31, 2017 March 2, 2018– >Von Storch Shaft, Del. & Fra Angelico and the Metropolitan Art Museum Circulated to: June 10, 2018 Hudson Canal Co. Colors of Heaven Museum of Art Southern Accent: The >Von Storch Breaker, Del. February 20, 2018– Michelangelo: Divine Grant Wood Seeking the American Museum of Art & Hudson Canal Co. May 20, 2018 Draftsman and >Haying South in Contemporary February 25, 2018– >Waymart, Del. & Attributed to Fra Angelico Designer >New Road Art May 20, 2018 Hudson Canal Co. >The Entombment November 13, 2017– April 30, 2017– Antonio Joli Purchase, Neuberger George Barker of Christ February 12, 2018 October 14, 2017 >Procession in the Museum of Art >Silver Springs, Florida Martin Schongauer Brand-New & Terrific: William Christenberry North Adams, Courtyard of the Ducal >The Tribulations of Alex Katz in the 1950s >Coleman’s Cafe (I) Maine Massachusetts Museum Palace, Venice* Saint Anthony Waterville, Colby of Contemporary Art June 17, 2018– Mississippi Sebastiano del Piombo Louisiana College Museum of Art Sol LeWitt: A Wall October 14, 2018 Jackson, Mississippi >A Prophet Addressed by New Orleans, New Marsden Hartley’s Drawing Retrospective Alex Katz Museum of Art an Angel Orleans Museum of Art Maine November 14, 2008– >Folding Chair East of the Mississippi Picturing Mississippi, Giorgio Vasari (author) July 9, 2017– November 14, 2033 >Portrait of Ada 1817–2017: Land of >Vita de’ gran October 5, 2017– November 12, 2017 Sol LeWitt Plenty, Pain, and Michelagnolo Roslyn Harbor, Nassau January 7, 2018 Marsden Hartley >Wall Drawing No. 681 Promise Buonarroti County Museum of Art >Maine Woods C/A wall divided ver- December 9, 2017– New York, New York >An Icy Night tically into four equal Maryland July 9, 2018 New York, Mnuchin July 21, 2017– squares separated College Park, University George Catlin Gallery November 5, 2017 >Forest in the and bordered by black : Wall of Maryland Art Gallery >La Salle’s Party Entering Max Weber Morning Light* bands. Within each of Light (Mnuchin Progress and Harmony the Mississippi in Ca- >Rush Hour, New York* John Moran square, bands in one Gallery) for Mankind: Art and noes. February 6, 1682* >The Wissahickon Creek of four directions, each February 28, 2018– North Carolina Technology ca. 1970 >La Salle Claiming near Philadelphia with color ink washes April 14, 2018 Winston-Salem, January 31, 2018– Louisiana for France. >Broadhead’s Creek, superimposed. Sean Scully Reynolda House April 6, 2018 April 9, 1682* Delaware Water Gap >WALL OF LIGHT Museum of >Broadhead’s Creek, John Chamberlain Salem, Peabody Thomas Hart Benton American Art Delaware Water Gap >Untitled Essex Museum >Tennessee Belle New York, Neue Galerie Georgia O’Keeffe: Sally Mann: A Towards Catastrophe: Living Modern >Untitled Thousand Crossings German and Austrian >Haystacks, Ipswich Billings, Yellowstone August 25, 2017– Henry Peter Bosse June 30, 2018– Art of the 1930s November 19, 2017 >Untitled Art Museum >Construction of September 23, 2018 Emil Carlsen’s Quiet February 22, 2018– Circulated to: Peabody Rock and Brush Dam, Sally Mann Harmonies May 28, 2018 Essex Museum >Untitled >Untitled (Self-Portrait) Max Beckmann L.W. 1891 March 22, 2018– December 16, 2017– Hans Haacke >The Alligator’s >Pandora’s Box James Fitzallen Ryder July 8, 2018 April 7, 2018 >Atlantic & Great >420 West Broadway Approach Circulated to: Hunting- New York, The New-York Alfred Stieglitz Western Railway Visitors’ Profile >Cherry Tomatoes ton Museum of Art Historical Society >Georgia O’Keeffe >Atlantic & Great >Jessie at Nine August 11, 2018– Brown Brothers >Georgia O’Keeffe Western Railway >Installation Drawing for >Deep South, Untitled November 4, 2018 Harriman >Georgia O’Keeffe, George K. Warren a Work in the New York (Scarred Tree) Prospect Mountain, Emil Carlsen September 28, 2018– >Battery Knox Collection for Stockholm >Deep South, Untitled Lake George >The Picture from Thibet December 2, 2018 >F.W. 4 (Old Chain (Three Drips) >Georgia O’Keeffe Eastman Johnson Battery Walk), West >Untitled >Battlefields, Cold New Jersey >Georgia O’Keeffe >The Brown Family Point, New York Sol LeWitt Harbor (Battle) Princeton, Princeton Georgia O’Keeffe >East Rock, New Haven >Untitled >Ponder Heart University Art Museum New York, Pace Gallery >Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. 3 >From Trophy Point, West Roy Lichtenstein Clarence White and Jean Dubuffet: Michigan >Line and Curve Point, >Finger Pointing His World: The Art and Théâtres Detroit, The Detroit Ohio Thomas Moran Robert Morris Craft of Photography, de mémoire Institute of Arts Cincinnati, Cincinnati >The Juniata, Evening >Untitled 1895–1925 May 18, 2018– Art of Rebellion: Black Art Museum Seneca Ray Stoddard October 8, 2017– June 30, 2018 Art of the Civil Rights Albrecht Durer: The >Ausable Chasm— >Untitled January 14, 2018 Jean Dubuffet Movement Age of Reformation Up the River from Claes Oldenburg Circulated to: Davis >La ronde des images July 23, 2017– Table Rock >Mickey Mouse Museum and Cultural and Renaissance October 22, 2017 >Marion River at Center November 17, 2017– Norman Lewis Bassett’s Camp >Untitled February 13, 2018– February 11, 2018 >Untitled (Alabama) June 3, 2018



Albrecht Dürer Utah UNITED STATES Georgia Timken Fry Justice Stevens Massachusetts >The Triumphal Chariot Salt Lake City, Church >Flock of Sheep Studio of Franz Xaver Boston, Museum of Alabama of Maximilian I (The History Museum American 18th Century Winterhalter Fine Arts Birmingham, Great Triumphal Car) Joseph Paul Vorst: >Hunting Scene with >Queen Victoria September 18, 2017– Birmingham >Emperor Maximilian I Origin, Prayers, and a Pond C. Gregory Stapko after September 3, 2018 Museum of Art Country Mark Rothko Oklahoma Anders Zorn November 9, 2017– Administrator of the >A View of Salisbury >Untitled* Tulsa, The Philbrook >Hugo Reisinger April 15, 2018 Environmental Cathedral** >No. 7* Museum of Art Protection Agency Joseph Paul Vorst California Alphonse Legros >No. 8* Cassatt, Degas, and American 19th Century >Studio (William Benton) Oakland, Oakland >Hampstead Heath >No. 6 (?)* Pissarro as Painter- >Abraham Lincoln >Dry River Run Museum George Catlin >No. 9* Printmakers Mark Rothko >Scene from the Lower >No. 10* June 3, 2018– Virginia Secretary of Housing >Untitled Mississippi >No. 1* September 2, 2018 Williamsburg, Muscarelle and Urban Development Maurice Utrillo >Untitled* Edgar Degas Museum of Art District of Columbia >Fanciful View of the >Street at Corté, Corsica >Thru the Window >Dancers in the Wings Dutch and Flemish The Castel Sant’Angelo, American 19th Century >Untitled >Dancers Backstage Paintings in Light of Carl Milles Rome >Portland Harbor, Maine >No. 17 Camille Pissarro Caravaggio: Selections >Head of Orpheus >A Woman Emptying a from Southeastern Secretary of the Treasury Maryland Meridian International Wheelbarrow (Femme Museums Mark Rothko Solomons, Annmarie Center vidant une brouette) February 8, 2018– >No. 3 Garden Sculpture Park & LIBRARY LOANS Léon Bonnat >Herding the Cows at May 15, 2018 >Untitled Arts Center >Henry White** Dusk (Vachère le soir) Hendrick ter Brugghen >Olympian Play James Rosati UNITED STATES >Road by a Field of >Bagpipe Player >Untitled** National Museum of >Untitled District of Columbia Cabbages George Rickey Washington American History >Untitled The Phillips Collection >A Bather >Cluster of Four Cubes** , Seattle Charles Peale Polk >Untitled Renoir and Friends: >General Washington Tennessee Art Museum Supreme Court of the Missouri Luncheon of the at Princeton Nashville, Frist Center Andrew Wyeth: United States Kansas City, The Nation- Boating Party for the Visual Arts In Retrospect National Portrait Gallery al World War 1 Museum October 7, 2017– Chief Justice John and October 19, 2017– Irving R. Wiles Robert Ingersoll Aitken January 8, 2018 Roberts American Art January 15, 2018 >Miss Julia Marlowe >Lambs Club Memorial** >Gazette des beaux-arts, October 6, 2017– Andrew Wyeth Gilbert Stuart vol. 21, ser.2 Pennsylvania January 21, 2018 >Snow Flurries U.S. Commission >George Washington >Gazette des beaux-arts, Doylestown, James A. Edward Steichen >Wind from the Sea of Fine Arts George Cuitt the vol. 24, ser.2 >Vaux (Chateau Alice Neel Younger Michener Art Museum >Gazette des beaux-arts, Thierry Sector) >William Walton >Easby Abbey, near Edward Hicks vol. 34, ser.3 Richmond >The Landing of Texas EXTENDED Office of Senate Columbus Smithsonian American Dallas, Nasher LOANS FROM Leadership, United Justice Ginsburg Joseph Goodhue Art Museum Mark Rothko Sculpture Center THE NGA States Capitol Chandler Tamayo: The Franklin C. Courter >Untitled The Nature of Arp: COLLECTION >Girl with Kitten New York Years Sculptures, Reliefs, >Lincoln and His Son, >The Omen November 3, 2017– Virginia Works on Paper Tad** March 18, 2018 All works part of the Justice Neil Gorsuch September 8, 2018– Fairfax, George Mason >Picasso: Guernica National Lending Service Office of Vice President American 19th Century January 6, 2019 University unless indicated by ** of the United States >Liberty Georgia Lila Pell Katzen John Wesley Jarvis Winslow Homer Atlanta, High Museum >The Forest >Antecedent FRANCE >Commodore John >Sunset of Art >Shirt Front and Fork Alfredo Halegua Paris, Musée du Louvre Rodgers Alexander Helwig Wyant >America Outliers and American Fort Worth, Amon Car- Severo da John Vanderlyn >Peaceful Valley Vanguard Art Charlottesville, The ter Museum >The Christ Child** >John Sudam George Catlin June 24, 2018– Wild Spaces, Open American 18th Century >Battle between the Fralin Museum of Art, September 30, 2018 Seasons: Hunting IRELAND >Attack on Bunker’s Hill, Jiccarilla Apachees and University Noah Purifoy with the Burning of Camanchees of Virginia and Fishing in Dublin, United States >High Desert Charles Town >Making Flint Arrow- Jean Arp American Art Embassy Residence >Naives and Visionaries A. Hashagen heads—Apachees >Oriforme** October 7, 2017– Gilbert Stuart Sister Gertrude Morgan >Ship “Arkansas” Leaving >Falls of the Snake River January 7, 2018 >Counsellor John Dunn >Let’s Make a Record William Tylee Ranney Charles Henry Granger Robert Farris Thompson ITALY >Muster Day >The Retrieve The White House TEMPORARY >Flash of the Spirit: African and Afro- Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Florence, George Catlin Justice Kennedy LOANS TO after Michelangelo >A Small Cheyenne Berthe Morisot MUSEUM American Art and Museum Philosophy Casanova’s Europe: >Damned Soul** Village >Girl in a Boat with Geese COLLECTIONS Art, Pleasure, and >Pawnee Indians French 17th Century UNITED KINGDOM– Approaching Buffalo >Flowers in a Power in the 18th ENGLAND *Works in the National Century >An Ojibbeway Village Classical Vase Lending Service of Skin Tents August 27, 2017– London, United States Justice O’Connor >Buffalo Chase UNITED STATES December 31, 2017 Embassy Residence George Catlin George Peter Alexander Circulated to: Fine Arts Sir William Beechey >Buffalo Chase, Sioux District of Columbia Healy, after Gilbert Stuart Museums of San >Lieutenant-General Sir Indians, Upper Missouri Washington, Meridian >Thomas Jefferson Francisco, de Young, Thomas Picton >After the Buffalo International Center Legion of Honor Francis Cotes Attorney General Chase—Sioux September 29, 2016– February 10, 2018– >Mrs. Thomas Horne Edward Savage >A Crow Village and the October 31, 2018 May 28, 2018 >George Washington Salmon River Mountains Léon Bonnat Circulated to: Museum >William Yelverton >Two Blackfoot Warriors >Henry White of Fine Arts, Boston Davenport Secretary of Agriculture and a Woman July 8, 2018– Attributed to John Kentucky London, Wallace >An Apachee Village October 9, 2018 Woodhouse Audubon Louisville, The Speed Collection Canaletto >A Young Bull Justice Sotomayor Art Museum Sir Thomas Lawrence >The Porta Portello, American 19th Century Mark Rothko February 17, 2018– >Francis Charles Padua >Farmhouse in Mahan- >Street Scene May 13, 2018 Seymour- Conway, 3rd Jean-Antoine Houdon tango Valley >Untitled (subway) Jean Honoré Fragonard Marquess of Hertford >Voltaire >Twenty-two Houses >Untitled >Young Girl Reading and a Church >Untitled (woman in subway)**


During the fiscal year the publishing office >Sharing Images: Renaissance Prints into Maiolica >Sally Mann and Bill T. Jones completed the initial contents and design of and Bronze Produced in conjunction with the exhibition Jamie Gabbarelli with Jonathan Bober Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings the digital catalogue raisonné Mark Rothko: (156 pages, 98 illustrations, hardcover edition) (7 minutes, color) Works on Paper, published new entries for the Published in association with Lund Humphries Made possible by Heather and Jim Johnson and Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff scholarly catalog American Paintings, 1900– >Corot: Women 1945 through the digital imprint National Mary Morton et al. >Interview with Dawoud Bey (192 pages, 99 illustrations, hardcover edition) Produced in conjunction with the exhibition Dawoud Gallery of Art Online Editions, and produced Published in association with Press Bey: The Birmingham Project Produced and directed by Carroll Moore eight book-length print publications, including >Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice six exhibition catalogs and two CASVA Executive Producer, Lynn Matheny Robert Echols, Frederick Ilchman, et al. (11 minutes, color) volumes. In addition to labels and wall texts for (312 pages, 238 illustrations, hardcover and softcover Made possible by Heather and Jim Johnson and Neil editions; English and Italian editions) and Sayra Meyerhoff exhibitions and installations, the publishing Published in association with Yale University Press office edited online features and produced and Marsilio Editori the biannual Gallery Bulletin, more than 325 ONLINE FEATURES education projects, and more than 1,000 CENTER FOR ADVANCED STUDY pieces of collateral, including press releases, >Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspira- IN THE VISUAL ARTS (CASVA) tion and Rivalry invitations, newsletters, quarterly calendars, PUBLICATIONS and recurring film and music program calendars. >Sketches of Portraits: The Fantasy Figure Identified The department of exhibition programs >The Artist in Edo, Studies in the History of Art, >Young Girl Reading: A Hidden Portrait Revealed Volume 80 continued to produce brochures, audio tours, Edited by Yukio Lippit >Mapping the Fantasy Figure and digital media, including filmed interviews (304 pages, 244 illustrations, hardcover edition) >Outliers: Biographies of the Artists Distributed by Yale University Press with artists, demonstrations of artistic >Sacred Mountain of La Verna techniques, and documentary films. Shown at >Center 38 Annual report, print and online versions >A Selection of Portraits from Cézanne’s Sketchbook the Gallery and shared with other museums >Cézanne’s Sitters here and abroad, they are also featured on the Gallery’s website, for which the department EXHIBITION BROCHURES produced eight special online features. The EXHIBITION AUDIO TOUR >Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: documentary films are broadcast nationally Inspiration and Rivalry, written by Alexandra Libby >Cézanne Portraits narrated by Director Earl A. and produced by the department of exhibition on public television stations and screened Powell with commentary by curators John Elderfield programs and the publishing office at film and juried competitions; and Mary Morton, produced by the department of they received four national and international >Outliers and American Vanguard Art, produced exhibition programs by the department of exhibition programs and the awards or special recognitions in 2018. publishing office >In the Tower: Anne Truitt, produced by the depart- DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA ment of exhibition programs and the publishing office PUBLICATION RELATED TO THE During the year the imaging and visual services PERMANENT COLLECTION >Water, Wind, and Waves: Marine Paintings from the department continued to document the Gallery’s Dutch Golden Age, written by Alexandra Libby and collections and promote access to high quality, >American Paintings, 1900–1945 produced by the department of exhibition color-accurate digital images. The Gallery’s website (http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/research/ programs and the publishing office was visited by 5.4 million people this fiscal year. online-editions/american-paintings-1900-1945.html) >In the Library: The Richter Archive at 75, written The website department created shorter webpage Robert Wilson Torchia et al. by Gregory P. J. Most and produced by the addresses to make reading and sharing content easier. National Gallery of Art Online Editions publishing office The media production department continued to provide digital moving image media and audio to the public, staff, docents, and volunteers, supporting more EXHIBITION CATALOGS than 1,700 live events in public presentation spaces. EXHIBITION FILMS The education division continued to manage the Gallery’s social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, >Michel Sittow: Estonian Painter at the Courts of >Sally Mann: Collodion and the Angel of Uncertainty Instagram, and Pinterest. Each platform provides Renaissance Europe Produced in conjunction with the exhibition Sally access to deep expertise, timely and engaging John Oliver Hand, Greta Koppel, et al. Mann: A Thousand Crossings content, and opportunities to participate. (144 pages, 90 illustrations, hardcover edition) Produced and directed by Carroll Moore and Published in association with Yale University Press David Hammer MEDIA PRODUCTIONS >Outliers and American Vanguard Art Executive Producer, Susan M. Arensberg Audio content was accessed more than 650,000 Lynne Cooke et al. (10 minutes, color) times, and video content more than 500,000 times. (412 pages, 467 illustrations, hardcover and Made possible by the HRH Foundation These films and videos, among others, were posted softcover editions) >Interview with Janssen Evelyn to the website and aggregates: Published in association with the University of Produced in conjunction with the exhibition >Binh Danh | nga Chicago Press Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings >Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings (4 minutes, color) >Susan Meiselas | nga Courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum Sarah Greenough, Sarah Kennel, et al. >Issue, 1966/2016 (332 pages, 230 illustrations, hardcover edition) Published in association with Abrams >Jean Desmet’s Dream Factory, 1906–1916: The Colorful World of Cinema


>Platinum Photography: The Glycerine Process >———, “Beobachtungen zu Zeichnungen von Saul and David, Attributed to Rembrandt, Using Lazzaro Baldi. Das Problem der Funktionszuweisung,” Macroscale Reflectance and XRF Imaging Spectrosco- >“The Sweet By and By”—The Rose Ensemble Frühneuzeit-Info 28 (2017): 209–218. pies and Microscale Paint Analysis,” Science >“Goin’ across the Sea”—The Rose Ensemble >———, “Copie da Diego Velázquez a Roma,” in 6, no. 46 (August 2, 2018): 1–15. Originali, repliche, copie. Uno sguardo diverso sui SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS grandi maestri, ed. Pietro di Loreto (Rome, 2018), >Teresa T. Duncan, Barbara H. Berrie, and Richard 181–183. G. Weiss, “A Comparison between Gel and Swab Social media allows the Gallery to have an even great- Cleaning: Physical Changes to Delicate Surface,” er reach. The Gallery continues to see an increase in >———, “Agucchi, Dolcini and ’s painting of Saint Mary Magdalen,” in L’arte di vivere in Proceedings from the Gels in Conservation followers and engagement across its four social media Conference, October 16–18, 2017, ed. Lora V. networks. The Gallery’s Instagram account saw a 47 l’Arte. Scritti in onore di Claudio Strinati, ed. Pietro di Loreto (Rome, 2018), 20–26. Angelova, Bronwyn Ormsby, Joyce H. Townsend, percent increase in followers, while the number of and Richard Wolbers (London, 2017): 250–256. Pinterest followers increased by 28 percent. In total, >Stefan Albl and Francesco Lofano, ed., I filosofi the Gallery now serves an audience of more than antichi nell’arte italiana del Seicento (Rome, 2017). >Francesca Gabrieli, Kathryn A. Dooley, Jason G. Zeibel, 1.4 million users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, James D. Howe, and John K. Delaney, “Standoff and Pinterest. During the year, more than 59 million >Lora V. Angelova, Emiliano Carretti, Barbara H. Mid-Infrared Emissive Imaging Spectroscopy for impressions were generated through social media. The Berrie, and Richard G. Weiss, “Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)- Identification and Mapping of Materials in Poly- Gallery’s posts ignited more than 1.9 million engage- Borax ‘Gels’: A Flexible Cleaning Option,” in Pro- chrome Objects,” Angewandte Chemie 130, no. 25 ments, which include actions such as comments, likes, ceedings from the Gels in Conservation Conference, (May, 2018): 7463–7467. shares, and retweets. October 16–18, 2017, ed. Lora V. Angelova, Bronwyn >E. Melanie Gifford, “Willem van Aelst and the Market More than 17,100 public posts on Instagram have Ormsby, Joyce H. Townsend, and Richard Wolbers for Still-Life Painting in Paris. Reattribution of an Early been tagged with #myngadc since its launch in March (London, 2017): 231–236. Work,” in Papers Presented at the Nineteenth Sympo- 2016. This is a 390 percent increase in hashtag use >Mollie Berger, “Vital Painting,” in Thomas Downing: sium for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology since fiscal year 2016, attributed to an increase in Spot On (Yares Art, New York, 2018), 43–45. in Painting, 11–13 September 2014, vol. 1, Technical onsite hashtag signage (including placement in the Studies of Paintings: Problems of Attribution (15th– galleries and in exhibitions). The Gallery reposts many >Jonathan Bober, “The Chiaroscuro Woodcut and 17th Century), ed. Anne Dubois, Jacqueline Couvert, visitor images to spark a dialogue with the community. Drawing in Sixteenth-Century Italy” and three and Till-Holger Borchert (Bruges, 2018): 1–25. entries, in The Chiaroscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy, ed. Naoko Takahatake (Los Angeles County >Margaret Morgan Grasselli, ten entries on Antoine AWARDS Museum of Art, Los Angeles, 2018), 42–51, 148–49, Watteau, Pierre Antoine Baudouin, and Hubert Robert, 201–204, and 210–11. in Tradition & Transitions, Eighteenth-Century French PRINT AWARDS >———, review of Dessins de l’école genoise du XVIe Art from the Horvitz Collection, ed. Alvin L. Clark au XVIIIe siècle, by F. Mancini, ArtItalies 24 (2018): Jr. (Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de >Dwan Gallery: Los Angeles to New York, 1959–1971 128–31. Paris, Paris, 2017). AIGA 50 2018 >———, entry on Louis Marin Bonnet, in A Perspica- >Lorena Bradford with Margaret Slota, Maureen cious Tenure: Suzanne Boorsch at Yale, ed. Elisabeth >Three Centuries of American Prints from the McLaughlin, Julia F. Langley, and Sarah Vittone, National Gallery of Art Hodermarsky (New Haven, 2018). “Visual Intelligence Education as an Innovative Inter- Print Magazine Regional Design Award 2017 disciplinary Approach for Advancing Communication >Diana Seave Greenwald, “Modernization and Rural >Documenting the Salon: Paris Salon Catalogs, and Collaboration Skills in Nursing Practice,” Journal Imagery at the Paris Salon: An Interdisciplinary 1673–1945 of Professional Nursing 34: 5 (September–October Approach to the Economic History of Art,” The Print Magazine Regional Design Award 2017 2018): 357–363. Economic History Review, (March 22, 2018), https://doi.org/10.1111/ehr.12695. >America’s National Gallery of Art >Philip Brookman, “Eduardo Carrillo in Califas,” in >———, “Colleague Collectors: A Statistical Analysis of Print Magazine Regional Design Award 2017; AIGA Testament of the Spirit: Paintings by Eduardo Carrillo Artists’ Collecting Networks in Nineteenth-Century 50 2018 (Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, 2018). New York,” Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 17:1 >———, “Meet the Press: John Zimmerman’s 1968 (Spring 2018). >East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Photographs of Arthur Ashe,” in Crossing the Line: Landscape Photography Arthur Ashe at the U.S. Open, Photographs by John >John Hagood, review of Misère: The Visual 2018 Association of University Presses Book, Zimmerman (Veurne, 2018). Representation of Misery in the 19th Century, Jacket, and Journal Show; Society by Linda Nochlin, ARLIS/NA Reviews (May 2018). Book Award 2018 >Harry Cooper, “George Braque’s La Baie de l’Estaque: The First Cubist Painting?,” Harvard Art Journal VI >Rena M. Hoisington, review of Bouchardon: Royal >Outliers and American Vanguard Art (May 2018): 12. Artist of the Enlightenment, by Anne-Lise Desmas, 2018 Association of University Presses Book, Jacket, >———, “The Whole Truth,” 56, no. 9 (May Édouard Kopp, Guilhem Scherf, and Juliette Trey, in and Journal Show; American Alliance of Museums 2018): 170–179. Print Quarterly, vol. XXXV, no. 3 (September 2018): Publication Design Competition, Honorable Mention, 318–321. Exhibition Catalogs >Elizabeth Cropper, La pintura boloñesa en el Prado: tras las huellas de Malvasia crítico de la >Amy Hughes, review of Fabriano: City of Medieval >Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings pintura (Catédra , Madrid, 2017). and Renaissance Papermaking, Journal of the Shortlist winner for Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation American Institute for Conservation 57, no. 1–2 >John K. Delaney, Damon M. Conover, Kathryn A. PhotoBook Award (2018): 86–88. Dooley, Lisha Glinsman, Koen Janssens, and Murray >———-, “Paper Sample Collection in Practice: Treating FILM AWARDS H. Loew, “Integrated X-Ray Fluorescence and Diffuse a Max Weber Print,” Hand Papermaking Magazine Visible-to-Near-Infrared Reflectance Scanner for >Sally Mann: Collodion and the Angel of Uncertainty 32, no. 2 (Winter 2017): 16–17. 13th Annual W3 Awards: Silver Award in Online Standoff Elemental and Molecular Spectroscopic Video category; 39th Annual Telly Competition: Imaging of Paints and Works on Paper,” Heritage >Alexandra Libby, review of Collecting for the Public: Silver Award in the General-Documentary category; Science 6, no. 31 (May 30, 2018): 1–12. Works That made a Difference. Essays for Peter Hecht, ed. Bart Cornelis, Ger Luijten, Louis van 4th Annual Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF): Official >John K. Delaney, Kathryn A. Dooley, Damon M. Tilborgh, and Tim Zeedijk, translated by Michael selection for screening in Lebanon Conover, Lisha Glinsman, Giorgio Trumpy, and Hoyle, in Collections: A Journal for Museum and Michelle Facini, “Mapping and Identification of >Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery Archives Professionals, vol. 13, no. 3/4 (Summer/Fall, the Pigments Used in Two Illuminations from the 60th Annual Emmy Awards, National Capital 2017): 283–285. Chapter, nominated for an Emmy in the Laudario of Sant’Agnese Attributed to the Master Documentary-Historical category of the Dominican Effigies,” in Manuscripts in the >Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Joseph F. Lomax, Trevor K. Making: Art and Science, 8–10 December 2016, Graham, Thomas J. T. Moore, and Carly G. Knapp, vol. 2, ed. Stella Panayotova and Paula Ricciardi, “Historical Azo Pigments: Synthesis and Characteri- (University of Cambridge, 2018). zation,” Journal of Cultural Heritage (April 21, 2018), STAFF PUBLICATIONS http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/ >Marian Peck Dirda and Michael Durgin, “For Future S1296207417307586. >Stefan Albl, “La rinascita dei filosofi antichi nel Reference: The National Gallery of Art Paper Sample Seicento,” in I filosofi antichi nell’arte italiana del Collection,” Hand Papermaking Magazine 32, no. 2 >Alison Luchs, “Alternate Identities for Verrocchio’s Seicento, ed. Stefan Albl and Francesco Lofano (Winter 2017): 10–15. Lady with a Bunch of Flowers: Evidence from Botticelli and Bandinelli,” Source: Notes in the History (Rome, 2017), 15–52. >Kathryn A. Dooley, E. Melanie Gifford, Annelies >———, “Oreste Ferrari e i suoi filosofi antichi nel of Art 37, no. 2 (Winter 2018): 86–96. van Loon, Petria Noble, Jason G. Zeibel, Damon >———, “Titian, Friendship, and the Vienna Ecce Seicento,” in I filosofi antichi nell’arte italiana del M. Conover, Matthias Alfeld, Geert van der Snickt, Seicento, ed. Stefan Albl and Francesco Lofano Homo for Giovanni d’Anna,” Artibus et Historiae 76 Stijn Legrand, Koen Janssens, Joris Dik, and John K. (2017): 33–51. (Rome, 2017), 393–402. Delaney, “Separating Two Painting Campaigns in


>———, “Mermaids East and West: Ningyo Netsuke and Their Western Cousins,” International Netsuke Society Journal 38:1 (Spring 2018): 21–37. >Peter M. Lukehart, “The Journey of the History of the Accademia di San Luca, c. 1590–1635: Documents from the Archivio di Stato di Roma into and out of XML,” in Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 2018. Balisage Series on Markup , vol. 21 (2018), https://doi.org/10.4242/ BalisageVol21.Lukehart01. >Xiao Ma, Selwin Hageraats, Victoria Beltran, Mathieu Thoury, Matthieu Réfrégiers, Katrien Keune, and Barbara H. Berrie, “Microspectroscopic Investigation of Metal Soaps in Oil Paintings—a Case Study

on Late 19th-Century Cobalt Green (CoXZn1-XO) Paint,” Microscopy and Microanalysis 24, no. S1 (August, 2018): 2152–2153. https://doi.org/10.1017/ S1431927618011248. >James Meyer, “Danh Vo,” Artforum 56, no. 10 (Summer 2018): 298–299. >———, “Arte y lugar en la era de la movilidad: Una conversación de José Diaz Cuyás con James Meyer,” Concreta 10 (Fall 2017): 53–63. >Mary Morton, “Simon Vouet’s Virgin and Child in the National Gallery of Art, Washington,” The Burlington Magazine, CLX (March 2018): 207–213. >———, “La sorgente della Loue,” in Courbet et la Natura (Palazzo di Diamanti, Ferrara, 2018), 175–177. >Sarah Osborne Bender, review of The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base, ARLIS/NA Multimedia & Technology Reviews (April 2018), https://www.arlisna.org/publications/multimedia- technology-reviews/1420-the-david-wojnarowicz- knowledge-base. >Emily Pegues, “Jan Borreman’s Wooden Models for Bronze Sculpture: A Documentary Reconstruction,” Artibus et Historiæ XXXIX, no. 76 (December 2017): 181–204. >Tiffany A. Racco, “Time as a Measure of Artistic Genius: The Critical Praise of Prestezza in Early Modern Art Theory,” in The Devil of the Brush: Speed as Artistic Virtue, ed. Keith Sciberras (Palazzo Falson, Mdina, 2017), 23–40. >Catherine Southwick, review of Renoir: An Intimate Biography, by Barbara Ehrlich White, Nineteenth- Century Art Worldwide 17, no. 1 (Spring 2018), http://www.19thc-artworldwide.org/spring18/ southwick-reviews-renoir-an-intimate- biography-by-barbara-ehrlich-white. >Julie Springer with Sara Kajder and Julia Borst Brazas, “Digital Storytelling at the National Gallery of Art,” in Storytelling Anthology: Storytelling in the Age of the Internet, New Technologies, Data, Artificial Intelligence, ed. Ruediger Drischel. >Shelley Sturman, Katherine May, and Alison Luchs, “Conjecture on the Origins and Findings on the Facture of the Budapest Horse,” in Leonardo da Vinci & the Budapest Horse and Rider (Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, 2018), 169–190. >Michelle R. Sullivan, Teresa T. Duncan, Barbara H. Berrie, and Richard G. Weiss, “Rigid Polysaccharide Gels for Conservation: A Residue Study,” in Proceedings from the Gels in Conservation Conference, October 16–18, 2017, ed. Lora V. Angelova, Bronwyn Ormsby, Joyce H. Townsend, and Richard Wolbers, (London, 2017): 42–50.


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Schloetzer Senior Editor Supervisor, Art Jaime McCurry Faye Karas Chief Registrar Julie Warnement Program Assistant Information Volunteer Michelle Fondas Gallery Website Special Collections for Lectures Operations Associate Senior Editor Website Designer Librarian Registrar for Exhibitions Sarah Battle Marta Horgan John Strand Theresa Beall Guillermo Saenz Yuri Long Program Assistant Administrator, Docent Editors Website Developer Assistant Special Registrar for Collections Terence Washington and Volunteer Programs Lisa Shea Carolyn Campbell Collections Librarian Lehua Fisher Katherine Gottschalk Caroline Weaver Interpretive Resources Anna Tomlinson Website, Special Projects Registrar for Loans Department Head School Tour Scheduler Senior Designer John Gordy Supervisory Library Judith Cline Sarah Durkee Jennifer Cross Bradley Ireland Technician Content Producer Collections Management Senior Publications Senior Educator and Designer Rodrick McElveen Alan Manton System Administrator Manager Manager, Art Around Rio DeNaro Circulation Assistants Elizabeth Concha Donna Mann the Corner Media Production Image Manager Charlotte Donvito Sara Lesk Supervisory Audiovisual Assistant Registrar Writer and Interpretive Sara Sanders-Buell Ian Roberts Production Systems for Loans Projects Manager Museum Educator Budget Coordinator Specialist Reference Librarian Shannon Schuler Jennifer Riddell and Coordinator Jaime Lowe Brian Dooda Anne Simmons of Professional Senior Loan Officer Writer Development, Art Print and Digital Audiovisual Production Serials Assistants Lisa MacDougall Rachel Trinkley Around the Corner Production Associate Specialists Tammy Hamilton Assistant Loan Officer Associate Projects Julie Carmean John Long John Conway Bruce B. Hebblethwaite Paula Binari Manager Adam Enatsky Museum Educator Production Assistant Department of Image Melanie Spears Harper Chad Lawrence Associate Registrar and Coordinator of Mariah Shay Collections Olivia Powers for Exhibitions Associate Projects Community Engagement, Chief, Library Image Mark Rothko Frank Tutko Melissa Stegeman Manager, Digital and Art Around the Corner Collections Catalogue Raisonné: Media Meghan Lally Keaton Information Technology Gregory P. J. Most Assistant Registrar Works on Paper Reema Ghazi Manager for Collections Education Assistant, Associate Curator Deputy Chief and Suzanne Sarraf Holly Garner Social Media Manager Art Around the Corner Adam Greenhalgh Image Specialist for Meagan Estep Emily Mendonca Event Support Architecture Registration Assistant Project Coordinator and Coordinator Andrea R. Gibbs Meredith Kablick Senior Educator and Contributing Author Head, Education Emily M. Francisco Supervisory Art Services Resources Manager of Family Laili Nasr Image Specialist for Leo J. Kasun and Teen Programs LIBRARY Modern Art Manager DIGITAL MEDIA Nathalie Ryan Meg Melvin Joan Ganzevoort Manager, Education DIVISION Executive Librarian Museum Educator and Roger C. Lawson Image Specialist for Senior Art Services Resources Operations, Chief, Imaging, Website, Program Coordinator, American and British Art Specialists and Affiliate Loan and Media Library Systems Manager Family Programs Andrew L. Thomas Andrew Krieger Coordinator Alan Newman Karen P. Cassedy Lillia Abt Dena Rapoport Daniel Randall Image Specialist for Department Head, Library Systems David Smith Education Assistant, Italian Art Media Program Photographic Services Specialist William Whitaker Family Programs Melissa Beck Lemke Technician Lorene Emerson Yuning Zhou Alastair McPherson Christopher Rusinko Art Services Specialists Image Specialist for Department Head, Web Office Manager Francis Adams Senior Lecturer and Special Projects John Wilmerding Intern and Imaging Services Jennifer Smith Carson Bhatia-Murdach Manager of Gallery Lisa M. Coldiron in Digital Interpretation Peter Dueker Joseph Hoffman Zachary Feldman Talks and Lectures Technical Services Image Specialist for Michael Russell Eric Denker Chief, Media Productions Head of Technical School, Family, and Lewis Schlitt Vicki Toye Services Adult Programs: Senior Lecturer Thomas A. O’Callaghan Jr. Orville Walker Sarah Osborne Bender Gallery and Studio David Gariff Imaging and Visual Anthony Yannone Image Specialist for Learning Services Acquisitions Assistants Dumbarton Oaks Northern European Art EDUCATION Department Head David Diaz Humanities Fellow Molli E. Kuenstner Heidi Hinish Division Head Ariana Chaivaranon Lynn Pearson Russell


Circulation Desk Senior Conservators Program Staff Paul Mellon Fellow Budget Analyst Motor Vehicle Operators Technician Daphne Barbour Elise Ferone Magdalene Breidenthal Melanie Smith Kenneth Barrett Carrie A. Scharf Judy L. Ozone Danielle Horetsky Frederick Scott Samuel H. Kress Fellow Program Analyst Kathleen Lee Graduate Intern Conservator Grace Chuang Cheryl Miller Support Services Annie G. Miller Kyle Swartzlender Katherine May Specialists Jen Rokoski Wyeth Fellow Systems Manager Kevin Grays CONSERVATION Research Conservator, Caitlin Beach G. Lee Cathey Research Staff Ottis Johnson Robert H. Smith Bronze Chief of Conservation Stefan Albl Ittleson Fellow CAD Team Study Project Supply Technicians Mervin Richard Alexander Brey Allison Caplan Martin Livezey Dylan Smith Michelle Cameron Megan Driscoll Conservation Andrew W. Mellon Fellow Staff Assistant Nathan Howell Andrew W. Mellon Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati Administrator Fatima Quraishi (CASVA housing) David Johnson Advanced Training Fellow Tiffany A. Racco Michael Skalka Gwendolyn Murphy Robert Price Silvia Tita Twenty-Four-Month ARCHITECTURE AND Conservation Program Chester Dale Fellow ADMINISTRATIVE ENGINEERING Textile Conservation Members, Center for Assistants Catherine Damman SERVICES Head of Department and Advanced Study in the Senior Architect/Senior Michelle LeBleu Senior Conservator Visual Arts, Academic Predoctoral Fellows Chief Program Manager Nicola Wood Julia Burke Year 2017–2018 Not in Residence Winifred E. Turner Carl M. Campioli Staff Assistant Samuel H. Kress David E. Finley Fellows Preventive Deputy Chief Fire Protection Engineer/ Emily Conforto Professor Rachel E. Boyd Conservation Arlington Walker Program Manager Diane Favro Andrew P. Griebeler Painting Conservation Head of Department and Robert Wilson Administrative Officer Head of Department and Senior Conservator Andrew W. Mellon Paul Mellon Fellows Scott Stephens Architects/Program Senior Conservator Bethann Heinbaugh Professor Ravinder S. Binning Managers Jay Krueger Estelle Lingo James Pilgrim Management Analyst Preventive Conservator Michael Gavula Tyrese Davis Senior Conservators James Gleason Edmond J. Safra Visiting Samuel H. Kress Fellow Judy Renfrew Michael Swicklik Professor Michele L. Frederick Program Specialist (Travel Preventive Conservation Construction Project Elizabeth Walmsley David Bomford Coordinator) Technician Wyeth Fellow Managers Marie Joy Borja Conservator Meris Westberg Paul Mellon Senior Annika K. Johnson James Banta Joanna Dunn Fellow Program Assistant Juan Radulovic Scientific Research Ittleson Fellow Megan Holmes Christy Williams Associate Conservator Department Ashley Dimmig Architect/Assistant Dina Anchin Head of Department William C. Seitz Printing, Mailroom, Project Manager and Senior Conservation Senior Fellow Andrew W. Mellon Records, Supply, and Jennifer Wegmann Conservation Technician Scientist Prita Meier Fellow Telecommunications Douglas Lachance Construction Field Barbara H. Berrie Lauren Taylor Supervisor Samuel H. Kress Senior Representative Andrew W. Mellon Fellow Dionne Page Senior Imaging Scientist Fellows Twenty-Four-Month Abby Frankson Kari Rayner John K. Delaney Babette Bohn Chester Dale Fellow Lead Support Services Ximena A. Gómez Interior Designer Graduate Intern Manuel Castiñeiras Specialist Research Conservator for Irwin Gueco Jennifer Munch Bryan Durham Paintings Technology Ailsa Mellon Bruce Twelve-Month Chester Dale Fellow Program Analyst Paper Conservation E. Melanie Gifford Senior Fellows Administrative Support Emma R. Silverman Lauren Huh Head of Department and Anne Burkus-Chasson Assistant Senior Conservation Senior Conservator Nicola Courtright Anthony Mearite Program Specialist Scientists Robert H. and Clarice Kimberly Schenck Amy Freund Hillary Lord Suzanne Quillen Lomax Smith Fellow Support Services Suzanne van de Senior Conservator Christopher A. Maines Ailsa Mellon Bruce Specialists EQUAL EMPLOYMENT Meerendonk Marian Dirda National Gallery of Art Sonya Arthur OPPORTUNITY Conservation Scientists Sabbatical Curatorial Ailsa Mellon Bruce Lemuel Jamison Conservator Lisha Deming Glinsman Equal Employment Fellow Predoctoral Fellowships Jorge Johnson Michelle Facini Kathryn Morales Opportunity Officer Kimberly Schenck for Travel Abroad for Frances Moffatt Joan M. Walker Marisa Marinos Anthony Proctor Matting and Framing Paul Mellon Visiting Historians of American Art Charles E. Culpeper Kenneth Saunders FACILITIES Specialists Senior Fellows Alba Campo Rosillo Advanced Training Fellow Anne S. Cross MANAGEMENT Caroline Danforth S. Hollis Clayson Printing Services Xiao Ma Matthew Limb Shan Linde Elizabeth J. Moodey Specialist Chief Laura Neal Samuel H. Kress Imaging Catherine Phillips Krystle Stricklin Michael Austin David Samec Jenny Ritchie Fellow Massimiliano Rossi Printing Services Clerk Office Manager Francesca Gabrieli Ginette Vagenheim Conservation Technician Anushirvan Aazami Hilary Evans Michelle Stein Cécile Whiting OFFICE OF THE ADMINISTRATOR Lead Staff Assistant Andrew W. Mellon Telecommunications Qula Wilder Advanced Training Fellow CENTER FOR Ailsa Mellon Bruce Administrator Specialist Amy Hughes ADVANCED Visiting Senior Fellows Engineering STUDY IN THE Eleni Hasaki Darrell R. Willson Haywood Turnipseed Deputy Chief Photograph VISUAL ARTS Jacqueline Marie Musacchio Deputy Administrator Telecommunications Shelly Arnoldi Conservation Courtney K. Quaintance John Robbins Specialists Head of Department and Assistant Deputy Dean Cole Roskam Frederick Braxton Senior Conservator Deputy Administrator James Cromwell Elizabeth Cropper Jordana Moore Saggese Asheley McDonald Constance McCabe Giulia Ceriani Sebregondi for Capital Projects and Senior Mechanical/ Associate Deans Chief Architect Property, Logistics, and Senior Conservator Nicole L. Woods Physical Plant Engineer Peter M. Lukehart Susan Wertheim Transportation Sarah S. Wagner Ngoc (Ted) Huynh Therese O’Malley A. W. Mellon Supervisor Gallery Business Advisor Conservator Postdoctoral Fellow Anthony Thomas Engineers Center Administrator Erin Fisher Ronel Namde Megan C. McNamee Wade Brightwell Helen Tangires Lead Support Services Staff Assistant Sujit Nathan Object Conservation Predoctoral Fellows in Specialists Assistant Administrator Marie Akridge Head of Department and Residence Mohamed Gasmi Engineering Technician for Budget and Senior Conservator David E. Finley Fellow Assistant to the Anthony Sean Hilliard Michael Ottmers Accounting Shelley Sturman María Lumbreras Administrator for Budget Jeannette Ibarra Shindell Logistics Assistant Facilities Services Analysis Frank Armstrong Deputy Chief Jill Dunham Dan Hamm


Special Projects Carpenter Shop Controls Shop Concert Aides Investigations Dennis Hill Coordinator Supervisor BAS Manager Vrejoohie Armenian Investigator Vernon Morton William Cabeza Allan Scheufele Randolph Ballard Mary Carter Enis Pinar Dexter Moten Cathy Kazmierczak James Murphy Assistant Special Projects Wood Crafter Leader Supervisor Administration and Bruno Nasta Marlene Tucker Coordinator Carl Sturm Anthony Brooks Visitor Services Gerald Walker Anastasia Sorokina PERSONNEL Deputy Chief Wood Crafters Technicians Sheila Wright Elizabeth Thomas Entomologist Lynn C. Edwards Nicholas Carter Chief Sergeants Darryl Forest Jeff McDaniel Eugene Givens Douglas Goodell Program Specialist Brian Bowman Burt Parks Anthony Hayes Andrea Bajrami Work Control Center Deputy Personnel Officer Wesley Branon John Stisted Facilities Management Paint Shop Luis Baquedano Gallery Support Specialist Roy Brown Processes Specialist–IT Supervisor Electric Shop Dina Mukhutdinova Jerry Doss Sr. Supervisory Human Vasily Lazarenko Paul Zappulla Supervisor Carolyn Groce Resources Specialist Office Assistant Chris Fioravanti Franklin Jess Paint Leader Terri Sosa-Gayles Jesus Jimenez Jr. Work Control William McLaughlin Jr. Coordinators Victor Bercian Leader Personnel Systems Exhibition Aides Wayne Morris Jr. John Platt Timothy Maxwell Painters Specialists Michelle Bond John Rogers John Todd Steven Brady Electricians Michele Caputo Kami Farrie Gregory Tyson Engineering Technician James Miller Troy Cahill Darryl Cherry Elizabeth Moore Andre Vaughn Fernando Restrepo Troy Patterson Shaun Heim Ricardo Watson Staffing Specialists Technical Services Charles Simonds Mitchell Wright Jr. Building Services Mason Shop Jamaal Carrington Head of Technical Richard Thomson Building Services Supervisor Kathy Sutton Davis Services Security Manager Gino Ricci Electrical Worker Dan Bailey Carlos Dubose Gallery Representative Gregory Curry Earl Ashford Mason Leaders Sarah Montgomery Supervisor Police Officers Supervisors Tony Lowe Continuous William Shaw Michael Auls Human Resources Anthony Dickey Patrick Verdin Conditioning Shop Ronnie Baker Specialists Senior Electronics Sylvia Dorsey Engineering Technician Roan Bascoe Masons David Bachrach Technician Deborah Hamilton John Yasem Allen Billingslea Dennis Colella Miriam Berman Louis Wagner Jr. Angela Lee Timothy Carter Sr. Daniel DePaz Mechanical Engineering Todd Wheeler Electronics Technicians Edwin Diamola Jr. Leaders Mauricio Diaz Technician Mendi Cogle Wingfield Ty Cullins Benito Eusantos Gerald Carthorne Leonard Pagliaro Seong-Mo An Human Resources Christian Havecker Ernest Higginbotham Devigar Dozier Michael Sczuka HORTICULTURAL Assistants Dontae Mariano Lucas Hofmann Andre Gordon Conrad Solomon SERVICES Annette Brown Gilbert Ligason Sheldon Malloy Charles Sydnor IT Specialist Tursonya Gilbert Madison Darlene Middleton Chief Bradley Hnatt Building Operations Javier Medina Cynthia Kaufmann Training Officer Custodians and Laborers Deputy Chief Identification Calvin Roberts Judith Frank Mario Burt Rodney Stringer Deputy Chief Keith Hightower Abdul Sharif Wendy Contreras Jeff Nagle Training Specialist Reppard Powers III Brian Sumner Assistant Operations Rosario Cordero Nikkia Anderson Brannock Reilly Sean Watson Manager–Mechanical Horticulturists Paul Cotton Vladimir Solomykov Noel Ashton Kellie Cox PROCUREMENT AND Special Police Officers Roval Crawford Solomon Foster CONTRACTS Risk Management Calvin Allen (Union Michael DeVeaux Energy Manager and Representative) David Gentilcore Deputy Chief Carris Fields Assistant Operations Chief Roger Allen Kimberley Mead Alton C. Limbaugh Jr. Oliver Fowler Manager–Electrical Rodney C. Cartwright Chris Myers Thomas Anderson O’linda Harris David Matthews Deputy Chief Safety and Occupational Leonard Bashful Alice Holloman Gardener Leader Health Specialist Brian Bates Assistant Energy Michael Benavides Sharon Jenkins Anthony Ferrell Robert Casper Charles Berkley Jr. Manager Michon Jenkins-Savoy Contracting Officers Vander Blount Brock Manville Gardeners Fire Protection Specialist Teresa Lee Maura Dresdner Neil Braithwaite Charles Bauduy Glenn Hnatt Paul Marshall Supervisory Engineering Ethan S. Premysler Wayne Buckner Vincent Brown Gail Maxfield Technician David Reindl Shaun Kelsey Operations George Burgess James McDowell Larry Smith LaVonne Shingler Devin Sampson Captain Slats Carter Francis Mercer Geoffrey Spotts Karen Perry Richard Cates Supervisors Christian Sherlock Darryel Parker Janet Wu Edward Chapman James Gant Willie Townes Security Specialist Tambra Parks Cheryl Coach James Hamilton Dale Wimberly Financial Management Steven Butler Jr. Stacy Payton Venus Cristwell Analyst Anthony Robinson Volunteers Dominic Dangerfield Leaders Kenneth Baksys Command Center Cassandra Smith Wayne Atchison Susan Baker Lead Operators Larita Dodson Anthony Stewart Artemas Edwards Juliana Bol Purchasing Agents Phillip Arnett James Doye Angeline Sutton Martha Davidson Gregory Champlin David Weston Jr. Robert Edwards A/C Equipment Kenneth Tenwalde Fathima Hariffa James Wortham Edward Foster Mechanics Command Center Dawn Thompson Randy Harris William Gill Lamont Carey PROTECTION Operators Tanya Washington Hannah Mazer Ryan Goolsby Anthony Celestine SERVICES Chester Hall Jr. Angelica Williams Lourine Musto Rodrigo Gutierrez Lyndon Ding-Chong Denise Milburn Leora Wilson Susan Nerlinger Chief Peter Henderson Jr. Jerry Dobbs Keith Roseburough Tasha Wilson Georgiana Rosen Mark E. Wallace Donna Hinton Alexander Meath Altina Sumter Ronald Winston Lara Szypszak Mildred Holeman Sahlu Tekletsadik Assistant Chief Eugenio Velazquez David Jackson Building Maintenance Wilbert Thompson MUSIC Genia Reaves Laverne Whitted Eliot Jones Deputy Chief Frederick Valentine Music Program Specialist Senior Advisor to Commanders Felisha Jones Samantha Dennison Jeremy Wojciechowski Danielle DeSwert Hahn the Chief Timothy Fortt Gabriel Kelley Assistant Deputy Salima A. McClain Aaron Kinchen Maintenance Helper Music Specialist Quellan Josey Miguel Rodriguez Albert Lawrence Barron Henson Robert Hanson Staff Assistant Franklin Lewis Production Center Johanna Speight Jeroboam Powell Insulators Music Program Richard Lydick Foreman James Deal Coordinator Lieutenants Rodney Mathew Charlie DiPasquale Dewayne Queen Kathleen Chau Alonzo Fountain Isaac Mathis III Thomas Gorman


Oumar Mbodj Corey Hawkins Jennifer Harvey Product Photographer/ Accounting Technicians OFFICE OF Darrin Moyer Joseph Hill Kristyn Hodges Web Fulfillment Nicole Glaude THE SECRETARY Jacob Neal Lemuel Hillian Karima Hurt Assistant Kevin C. Oberman AND GENERAL Beverly North Allen Hodgdon Derrick Johnson Bridgit Day Brenda M. Stevenson COUNSEL Stewart Parker David Hodge Symphony Johnson Stephanie L. Thorpe Warehouse Manager Marcus Reeves Fred Holmes Jr. Rachel Owens Valerie M. Wright Kenny Sykes Secretary and Johnny Ridgeway Laking Holt Joel Ulmer Payroll General Counsel Linda Roche Priscilla Hopkins Patricia Valdez Lead Materials Handler Payroll Personnel Nancy Robinson Breuer Loretta Roy Harold Hunter Michael Wallover Marvin M. Walton Specialist Michael Simpson Robert Hyer Leigh Walters Senior Associate Materials Handlers Emma G. Moses Timothy Smith Darrel Jackson General Counsel RETAIL OPERATIONS James B. Everett Michael Strong David Jakes Payroll Technician Julian F. Saenz Desmend Salter Bawasim Tchalim Victor Jamison Chief Margaret Myers George Sparrow Associate General Joselito Tungcod Justin Jay Paul Flickinger TECHNOLOGY Counsels Larry Turner Darrell Johnson Vashaun Trotter General Manager, SOLUTIONS Carolyn Greene McKee Marian Vaughn Robert Johnson Sr. Fulfillment Specialist Deputy Chief Lakshmi Mohandas Donald Ward Joe Kelly Tonia Dawes-Minnis Chief Information Barbara A. Lenhardt Isabelle Raval Gregory Watson Officer James Wilcher Andre Kinney Office Manager Linda K. Stone Legal, Administrative John Wilcher Henry Konah Laura A. Fitzgerald and Governance OFFICE OF THE Deputy Chief Harold Williams Scott Kotzian Specialist Staff Assistants TREASURER Information Officer Lee Williams Michael Krell Alexandra Liopiros Alex Wu Lynn Williams Tameka Kyles Miriam Dameron Therese Stripling Treasurer Staff Assistants Steven Wimbush Marian Lee Chief Information William W. McClure Carol Christ Michael Lewis Food Service Security Officer Gallery Protection Lauren Wheeler Robert Lewis Management Analyst Nabil Ghadiali Officers Contracts Manager Tyrone Lewis Brittany Bordeaux GALLERY ARCHIVES Anani Abalo Anne Valentine Joseph Loy Information Security Rashid Ahmad Ramesh Malhotra Product Development Chief of Investments Engineer Chief of Gallery Archives Aaron Alexander Charles Manuel III Manager Christine Kelleher William Nguyen Kathleen Williams Belinda Anderson Noriko Bell Rusty Mason IT Planning & Budget Kurt Austin Manager of Fine Arts Deputy Chief and Toi McKenzie Analyst Frank Bailey Buyers Risk and Special Projects Senior Archivist Henry McKinnon Jr. Susan Farr Christopher Baker Donald L. Henderson Nancy Hoffmann Michele Willens Charles McKinster Robert Baker Jr. Candler Hunt Lawrence Meyers Chief Planning and User Services Archivists Johnny Barlow Lisa P. Perkovich Margaret Nelson Budget Officer Manager Kurt Helfrich Raymond Barnett Rachael Valentino Willie Norman James Gaglione Chris Usher Shannon Morelli Cecil Bell Roy Ottley Systems Analyst/ Jules Bell Senior Budget Analysts Technical Lead Museum Specialist Anthony Pacheco Programmer Robert Bell Jr. Vicki Zobisch Cundiff Kristhian Senzano Laura Pavona Joyce Palmer Alexander Bloshteyn Casiano Benicio Frank McCarthy Antwon Paris Instructional Volunteers Emmanuel Benites IT Assistant/Sales Marian Parker Budget Analysts Technologist Amanda Bouchard Kathryn Boyd Associate Forrest Pitt Richard Eckert Christina Waldron Sarah Rouse David Bradley Sr. Kristofer M. O’Bryant Pamela Pitts Eileen Ng Ian Shelley Anthony Bridges New Initiatives Carey Porter Jr. Visual Presentation Jacqueline Brown Senior Manager Manager of New VOLUNTEERS Robert Pugh Technicians Richard Byrd Financial Reporting, Initiatives Willie Pugh Melissa Cherry Docents Crystal Campfield Analysis and Policy Lucy Patterson Kelvin Richmond Noelle E. Wigginton Sue Adams Paul Cawley Kelly Liller Lester Rivers Architect, Lead Ann Allen James Chase Jr. Store Manager Michael Robinson Senior Financial Systems Applications Developer Lee Allen David Clark Nancy A. Sanders William Rodriguez Manager David Beaudet Janet Auten Hadrain Clark Sean Rohe Operations Manager Leslie Braxton Joan Barkin William Clark Principal Developer Willie Sims Naomi Morgulis Sue Beddow Lee Clarke Financial Systems Cindy Peng Marc Sloan Carol Bellonby Ivy Cooper Category Specialists Administrator Andrew Smith Senior Applications Valerie Bernat Johnny Crepaul Mary Powell Lynn Li Robert Stevens Jr. Developer Anu Bhatia Vegas Curry Christopher Siron Jaime Sullivan Financial System Svetlana Reznikov- Susan Bollendorf Larry Dailey Velkovsky Damien Toler Lead Cashiers Specialist Marlene Bolze William Daniels Albertus-Hugh Van Den Andy Baritz Steven Wilson IT Project Managers Irene Bortolussi Samuel Dauzat Bogaard Anthony Bremer Carol Bradwell Financial Reporting Eli Bhattacharyya Randolph Davis Ivory Vines Shannon Desai Jill Brett Manager Katherine Blackwell Antonio Dorsey Bryden White Nanci Fox-Miller Maureen Fallon Julianne Ehrman Robert Dudley Jr. Verda Whitlow Devonia Matthews Operations Bridgeland Patrick Dumsch Agnes Whittle Linda Peterson GENERAL Network Architect Gail Briggs Jerry Foley Barry Williams ACCOUNTING Katherine Green Florence Brodkey David Fortunoff Stephen Williams Cashiers Ana Maria Brown Comptroller Network Engineers Armaund Fowler Vincent Williams Pamela Coleman Debra Brown David J. Rada Orlando Lewis Frazier Phillip Williamson Mary Eaglin Richard Burke Lara Ghelerter Nobel Philip Sherice Garedo Andre Wilson Deputy Comptroller Karen Campbell Terry Gibson Russell Gaskins Chantay Wilson Myles Burgess Database Engineer Valerie Carleton Jonathan Gehrkin Gerald Wilson Jr. Marnier Manley Yilong Wang Leonard Coburn Lita Goings Anthony Wright Kim Peacock Accounts Payable/Retail Carol Cochran IT Vendor Manager Debra Graham Joshua Wright Aaron Seaboch Accounting Manager Theresa Daly Wenling Bao Richard Green Patricia Wright Mildred Shivers Michael Chapman Nancy Deck Renee Slighter Steven Halla Accounts Receivable & Applications Gerard de la Cruz Gallery Aides Monique Turner Dorothy Harper Investment Specialist Administrator Bela Demeter Lori Allen Timothy Turner Burley Harris Johann Jose Getachew Michael Susan DeMuth Davon Harris Tamani Carter Bruce Watkins Anna Dixon Jamal Hassan Jessica Cherry Accountant Cynthia Dormont Web Store Manager Trenton Hawkey April Gifford William French Margaret Downey Ryan Sloneker Noelle Go Sandra Dugoff


Alice Ellington Maria Amelia Ramaciotti Joan Chapin George Lader Carol Snyder Marilyn Farrington Patricia Ramirez-Gomez Zie Wei (Susan) Chen Stephen Lake Molly Snyder Victoria Feldman Pickett Randolph Sara Williams Cherner Rosary Lalik Claire Southerlin Paula Ferdinand Lucia Jean Reynolds Rhonda Chocha Emily Lanza Mary K. Stoufer Karen Feuerstein Augusta Ridley Vivian Chu Marion H. Lebanik Sheridan Strickland Brooke Fink Cynthea Riesenberg Aimee Cipicchio Barbara Lenhoff Linda Sundberg Harriet Finkelstein Janet Roberson Lynn Cleary Barbara Lesser Bonita Sutler Virginia Flavin Michael Robinson Angela Clexton Guenter Lewy Michele Sutton Howard Fogt Eileen Romano Pat Clopper Marlane Liddell James (McKim) Stephenie Frasher Janet Ross Evelyn Coburn Susan Lightsey Symington Jr. Barbara Freeman Susan Rudy Shannon Cockett Yingqi (Ying) Liu Barbara Szoradi Christine Freidel Sheila Ruffine Carolyn Codamo Karen Livornese June Tancredi Laura Germain Cathy Ryan Catherine Cooney Mary Ann Lucey Ragan Tate Maureen Gevlin Joel Salmons Michael Crowley Pat Lynagh Judith Terry Thomas Gilday Angelika Sasin Deborah Davenport Marion Macdonald James (Jim) Thurston Joan Gottfried Arlene Schuchner Elaine Dawes Theresa Maciejewski Marylee Tinsley Gail Gregory Joyce Schwartz Susan Dawson Cynthia (Cindy) Major Alicia Tisnado Donna Grell Catherine Seibert Joanne DeSiato Rikki Marshall Anna Tucker Annie Gubser Diane Sekelsky Clare Donelan LeeAnn Matthews Barbara Twigg Judith Hadley Steven Selden William Eddy Roy Matthews Garry Tyran Alyson Hardy Katy Senkus Sibyl Nye Erdman Elizabeth Maury Kathy Udell Mary Harms Judy Shulman Rose Evans Chuck McCorkle Adrienne Umansky Jan Haugen Ruth Sickel Susana (Susi) Fainbraun- Joan McCormick Carol Van Duzer Anne Haynes Claire Simon Shapiro Carolyn McDevitt Suzanne Vaughn Beth Herman Trudi Small Omid Fattahi Deborah McDonald Gene Venzke Camille Hersh Marie-France Smith Ileana Fernandez Margaret McDonald Terrance Versailles Shannon Hobbs Sara Smith John (Jack) Ferry Sarah Beth McKay Ellen Villa Sally Hojvat Kimberly Snyder Barbara Fisher Kathleen McMackin Shawn Vreeland George Holliday Celia Steingold Marjorie Fisher Irma Jean (I. J.) McNelia Catherine Wagner Adriana Hopper Christine Stinson Marcy Ford Susan Mekkawi Linda Wagner Marta Madrid Horgan Elizabeth Sullivan Alan Friedman Deborah Mendelson Haley Wallace Marilyn Horwood Traer Sunley James Furnish Kerrie Messelbeck Diane Wapner Merry Hunt Laura Symcak Betty Sue (Suzi) Gallagher Mary Ellen Michel Tracy Ward Jennifer Jacobs Diedre Tillery Joyce Gentile Alejandro Milberg Michael Weaver Michaela Johnson Paula Tosini Bowen Gerry Elaine Miller Jean Weber Judith Kane Michelle Trahan Martin Gerstell Lena Molander William Weber Deborah Kant Shu Chen Tsai Marcia Gibson Amelia Montjoy Virginia Weschler Nancy Keefe Susan Van Nice Carolyn Gichner Carolyn Morse Joan Wessel Carolyn Kelloff Eleanor Wang Brenda Gierhart Flavia Thomsen Mostazo Alexandra Wilson Marney Kennedy Josephine Wang Morton Glassberg Elizabeth (Betty) Mullen Diane Wood Carol King Maria Elena Weissman Bernard (Benny) Glenn Diane Munro Maria Ilona Wood Ann Klein Margaret Wesbecher Joan Goldwasser Maggie Murphy Yuzhu (Quinnie) Xiang Audrey Kramer Sue Wickwire Gretchen Goodrich Luzie Nahr Yingchen Yang Christie Kramer Brooke Wilding Lucille (Lucy) Gordon Rebecca Neumann Vinnie Zagurski Andrea Kraus Natalie Wilensky Natalya Gosteva Sherry Nevins Naomi Kulakow Michael Winer Judith Hadley Joan Novell Olga Kushnir Maria Wood Janice Hallman Anne Odland Julien LeBourgeois Constance Wynn Helen Haltzel Carol O’Shaughnessy Susan Lewis Anka Zaremba Tawney Harding Athena Papamichael Dianne Maffia Joan Zeizel Jean Hay Katrina Parker Renee Mahoney Kathryn Zoeller Jo Ann Hearld Susan (Suzi) Pease Barbara Mandel Gianna Zucchi Erin Heffernan Stephen Pelszynski Barbra Mann Marleen Hein-Dunne Emily Roper Pinette Art Information Anne Marie Marenburg Linda Hicks Jan Pomerantz Volunteers Patricia Martin James Higgins Gale Reed Rosalie Baker Marylin Mathis Maria Higgins Mary L. Regan Jay Ball Patricia Mattimore Dawn Hill Gail Ridgway Valerie Ballard Ursula McKinney Nancy Hirshbein Arlene Ring Anika Belinfanti Patricia McMurray Barbara Hodges Eugene Ritzenthaler Carol Belovitch Linda Meer Celia Hoke Martha Rogers Cary Blackwelder-Plair Sandra Mitchell Elizabeth (Betsy) Holmes John Thomas Rooney Marlene Bolze Margaret Morrison Charlotte Hrncir Gabrielle Rooz Margaret Ann Booth Joan Morton Gail Huh Eugene (Gene) Rosenfeld Emily Bordelon Melanie Morton Kathleen Jackson Shirley Rosenfeld Pamela Brancaccio Joan Mulcahy Joan Janshego Carol Russell Ann Breiter Patrick Murtaugh Paula Kahn Olga Ryzhikov Elizabeth Buchanek Cate Newman Donna Kanin Kalina Schneider Arthur Bugler Jr. Dianne Niedner Suzanne Kardon Susan (Sue) Schneider Diane Cabe Akemi Nishida Madeline Kelleher Roberta Schneidman Josephine (Jody) Cabezas Nur Nossuli Henrietta (Henri) Keller Sonja Schulken John Cahill Yasuko Okuno Rosemary Kelly Suzanne Scott Dianne Callan Mary O’Neill Susan Kilpatrick Nancy Searles Susan Callegari Julia Overton Hyeran (Alissa) Kim Arlene Selber Elizabeth (Beth) Callsen Hedwig Pasolini Stephen Klatsky Anastasia Sheveleva Nancy Cammack Deborah Pietras Deborah Klein Kathleen Shuman Sheila Campbell Karen Piper Bonnie Kleinhans Chaya Siegelbaum Anne Caramello Ann Marie Plubell Michael Kolakowski James Silverwood Ann Carroll Yvonne Porter Peter Koltay Slaff Colleen Casey Ludmila Pruner Ruth Kurzbauer Ann Snuggs


The support of the federal government and private sector enables the The Honorable Whitney Debevoise Reid and Ann MacDonald Gallery to fulfill its mission to collect, exhibit, interpret, and preserve and Mrs. Debevoise Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Mares works of art at the highest possible standard. While the federal The Dillon Fund Jacqueline B. Mars Patricia A. Donovan government provides an annual appropriation for the Gallery’s operation Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mars Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa and maintenance, works of art in the collection, the two buildings, and Virginia Cretella Mars Louisa C. Duemling Mr. and Mrs. James B. Martin the sculpture garden are made possible through private gifts, as are Clarence and Anne Dillon Lynne Martin numerous educational and scholarly programs. The Gallery extends Dunwalke Trust Susan McCabe † its gratitude to both the federal government and the many generous Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Foundation donors listed here who made gifts during fiscal year 2018. These private Katherine Mineka Marjorie and Anthony Elson contributions have allowed the Gallery to enhance its art collections, The Honorable Alfred H. Moses and build its library holdings, present special exhibitions, undertake Lionel C. Epstein † and Elizabeth P. Ms. Fern M. Schad Streicher conservation and research, offer comprehensive educational initiatives, Dane A. Nichols Sarah G. Epstein George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation and pursue scholarly endeavors. Thanks to the ongoing commitment Shawn Eyer Alan and Marsha Paller of its supporters and the federal government, the Gallery continues to Greg and Candy Fazakerley Malcolm and Pamela † Peabody serve the American people. Jean Taylor Federico Robert Andrew Peccola and Will Fischer Patrick Dupré Quigley Dwight Foster The Honorable Stephen W. Porter and DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE MELLON CHALLENGE Sarajane Foster Mrs. Susan Porter ENDOWMENT GRANT Members of the Development Norma Lee and Morton Funger William and Karen Prezant Committee support the Gallery’s The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Jo Ann and Julian Ganz, Jr. Prince Charitable Trusts outreach efforts by advocating for awarded the Gallery a grant of $30 the Gallery and helping to broaden million in endowment funds, to be Susan and Whitney Ganz Mr. Robert C. Rea fundraising activity through the matched by $45 million in new gifts Professor Joseph L. Gastwirth Lola C. Reinsch cultivation of old and new friends. from other donors. The Gallery is Heather and Kevin Gavagan Sarah Beinecke Richardson and The Gallery is grateful for the deeply grateful to those who have Bernard and Sarah Gewirz Craig Richardson in honor of participation and leadership of contributed endowment gifts, both Frederick Beinecke those listed here. large and small, toward the Mellon Martha Gil-Montero and Joseph A. Page Toni A. Ritzenberg † challenge grant. This historic initiative David and Lorna Gladstone Foundation Cochairs and reinforces the Gallery’s leadership Professor Alan Glazer in memory of John D. Rockefeller IV Frederick W. Beinecke role as the nation’s art museum. The Leonard Silverstein Sharon P. Rockefeller financial support of the donors listed Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. here captures the spirit of generosity Lenore S. and Bernard A. David M. Rubenstein Greenberg Fund The Honorable Secretary of Commerce that created this museum for the and Ms. Hilary Geary Ross Victoria P. Sant † nation and has allowed it to thrive Hakuta Family David M. Rubenstein Members for three-quarters of a century. The Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation Edmond J. Safra Foundation Louise Bryson Anonymous (4) Dr. John C. Harbert Victoria † and Roger Sant W. Russell G. Byers Jr. Anonymous in honor of Sharon The Heinz Family Foundation Denise and Andrew Saul Edwin L. Cox Rockefeller Dennis E. Henley and Nora L. Shea Leonard and Elaine Silverstein † Julian Ganz, Jr. Lynn K. Altman Samantha Simpson in honor of Adrienne Arsht William Logan Hopkins Gail L. Jacobs the wedding of Devin Draudt and Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Alexander M. Laughlin Ann M. Askew Kevin Sundeen Michele Howard in honor of Reid V. MacDonald Aileen Athy Hedrick Smith and Susan Zox-Smith Margo Howard William A. Prezant Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke Robert H. Smith Family Foundation Gail and Benjamin Jacobs Mitchell P. Rales Mr. William S. Beinecke † Barbara Spangenberg Pamela Jenkinson Andrew M. Saul Marguerite H. Benson The Sperry Fund Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. and Professor John Andrew Bernstein Denise Saul Mr. Frank L. Spencer Janice Sprinkle in memory of Marcia and Stuart Brashear Gene A. Venzke Michelle Smith Mrs. Linda H. Kaufman Louise and John Bryson Benjamin F. Stapleton and Christopher V. Walker Judith Keenan Vincent and Linda Buonanno Jane F. Stapleton Ex Officio Members Thomas and Kathleen Koepsell Mrs. Mary C. Burrus † Elizabeth and George Stevens Jr. Benjamin R. Jacobs Michael W. Kolakowski Russell and Anne Byers Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Stoufer Jo Carole Lauder James and Mary Frances Koltes Mrs. William Cafritz (Buffy) H. Edward Tang The Kyle J. and Sharon Krause Eileen and Michael Tanner The Honorable John Thiers Calkins Family Foundation Henry and Jessica Townsend Mrs. Aldus H. Chapin † Samuel H. Kress Foundation Christiane and James Valone A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder Christopher V. Walker James Clark Leonard A. Lauder Dr. and Mrs. Ken Walker Thomas † and Robin Clarke Jacqueline Lawrence in memory Ann Collins in honor of Barbara Keyes of Leonard Silverstein Mrs. Mary Weinmann and her mother Jacqueline and Marc Leland Foundation Professor John Wilmerding Paula Cooper and Jack Macrae John Lemly Pauline Xu Grega and Leo A. Daly III Herb and Dianne Lerner Lois and Ira Young Ted Dalziel William and Barbara Lynch Mary Zaccone Chuanlei Zhang


GIFTS TO THE NATIONAL Paul Kanev The Saul Steinberg Foundation INDIVIDUAL AND GALLERY OF ART Alex Katz Foundation The Saul Steinberg Foundation in honor FOUNDATION GIFTS Richard † and Elaine Kaufman of Judith Brodie Gifts of $1,000 or more for art acqui- (October 1, 2017–September 30, 2018) The Kellogg Family Jack and Judy Stern sition, special exhibitions, education, outreach, conservation, research ini- Thomas G. Klarner Collection, The Hedda Sterne Foundation GIFTS OF ART tiatives, and unrestricted support were Gift of Neal Turtell Donald Stone received from the following generous The Gallery’s collection is the result of Barbara A. Koenig and Stephen E. Arkin Mary H. D. Swift donors during fiscal year 2018: private generosity. Unlike other national in memory of Josephine Morris Debbie Taylor museums throughout the world, the Christine Laba $1,000,000 or more Gallery receives no government funds Debbie Taylor in honor of Judith Brodie The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund for the acquisition of art. Works of art Robert Lococo and Alex Katz Dr. Richard A. and Mrs. Alice Thall Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen were added to the Gallery’s collection Lowell Libson & Jonny Yarker Ltd. David P. Tunick in honor of Foundation in fiscal year 2018 through the in honor of Professor Donald Stone Jonathan Bober generosity of the friends listed here. Victoria † and Roger Sant Gallery Luisotti, Santa Monica, CA Thomas Vogler in memory of his Anonymous (3) Asbjorn Lunde † brother Donald J. Vogler Leonard and Elaine Silverstein † Robert and Kerstin Adams Nicholas Martin in memory of Christopher and Beverly With in Clarice Smith Howard and Roberta Ahmanson Anne Mochon memory of Karl and Gerda With Michelle Smith Dr. Klaus Anselm Nicholas Martin in memory of his Woodner Collection, Gift of Robert H. Smith Family Foundation parents, Vernon Paul & Jean Dian Woodner Martin and Liane Atlas † Webster Martin Jimmy and Jessica Younger $500,000–$999,999 Margot Wells Backas G. Daniel Massad in memory of Anonymous R. V. Bendrat in celebration of his his parents LIBRARY GIFTS Louisa C. Duemling 95th birthday David H. McDonnell The following individuals and Greg and Candy Fazakerley Philip and Judith Benedict Eva L. Meigher in honor of Felix and institutions made significant gifts to the Robert and Arlene Kogod Margaret R. White Bennett Lise Haas National Gallery of Art Library and its Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder James A. Bergquist in honor of Faith Richard Misrach image collections department in fiscal and Dewayne Perry, Austin, Texas year 2018: Leonard A. Lauder Vera Molnár James A. Bergquist in honor of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Seth and Erin Neubardt Library Jamie Gabbarelli The Honorable Alfred H. Moses and Christine Isabelle Oaklander, Ph.D. David Frost Binding Stiftung, Liechtenstein Ms. Fern M. Schad John O’Brien William H. Gerdts and Andrée and Jonathan Bober Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal Stephen and Claudine Ostrow in honor Abigail Booth Gerdts John Carter Brown IV and Elissa Brown of Esme Virginia and Ira Jackson $250,000–$499,999 in memory of J. Carter Brown Stephen E. Ostrow in memory of Heirs of Cornelius F. Keating The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Vincent J. Buonanno Sue Cooley The Thompson Family Foundation Foundation Hiram Carruthers Butler and Mary and John Pappajohn Arthur Tress E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Andrew Spindler-Roesle in honor Foundation of Earl A. Powell III Frank H. † and Geryl Pearl Image Collections A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation John Randolph Carter Ruth Rowe Philbrick † William Craft Brumfield Robert & Mercedes Eichholz Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in honor of Barbara Bertozzi Castelli Foundation Jonathan Bober Elizabeth Cropper H. Nichols B. Clark in honor of Barry D. Friedman John Wilmerding The Heather and Tony Podesta Caroline Danforth Collection Robert K. Kraft John B. Davidson in honor of Amy de Salvatore Andrew Robison Tony Podesta Collection, Washington, DC William H. Gerdts and The Richard C. von Hess Foundation Gary Davis Helen Porter and James T. Dyke Abigail Booth Gerdts Mallory and Diana Walker Nancy Gewirz Alessandra Manning Dolnier Helen Porter and James T. Dyke in $100,000–$249,999 honor of Andrew Robison Andrea Gibbs Anonymous Helen Porter and James T. Dyke in Joanna Halford-Macleod Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz The Ahmanson Foundation honor of Margaret Morgan Grasselli John Hand The Epstein Family Collection Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke Wolfgang Ratjen Foundation in Memory Molli Kuenstner Lee and Ann Fensterstock of Wolfgang Ratjen on the 75th Lenore S. and Bernard A. Brigitte Freed Anniversary of His Birth Nicholas Martin Greenberg Fund Gemini G.E.L. and Ellsworth Kelly Peter Reznikoff Douglas Mitchell Hata Foundation William and Abigail Gerdts The Riddick Family in memory of Gregory P. J. Most Samuel H. Kress Foundation Gregory and Aline Gooding Eleonora Luciano Ingrid Rose Virginia Cretella Mars Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller †, Mr. David and Dr. Lisa Grain and Family CORPORATE GIFTS Alan and Marsha Paller in Honor of the 50th Anniversary Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser Dr. Mihael and Mrs. Mahy of the National Gallery of Art The Gallery is grateful to the following Polymeropoulos Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Ingrid Rose in memory of her husband national and international corporations Sharon Percy Rockefeller and John D. Sarah Greenough Milton Rose and foundations for their generous support in fiscal year 2018: Rockefeller IV Harry Grubert † The Edith Tanenbaum Rudolf The Sperry Fund Helena Gunnarsson † Collection Bank of America Terra Foundation for American Art David T. Hanson John Russell Sale, former Curator of Bank of America Foundation Education, and his family The Thompson Family Foundation Richard and Elizabeth Hedreen BP America Rena M. Hoisington in honor of Fern M. Schad $50,000–$99,999 BENEFACTORS Judith Brodie David Schaff Max N. Berry Jeffrey E. Horvitz Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schlossberg Benefactors are those who have Debra and Leon Black made cumulative gifts of art and/or Timothy and Suzanne Hyde Nicolas Schwed Grega and Leo A. Daly III Fund for funds at the level of $5,000,000 or Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro, Ph.D. Marc Selwyn Fine Art Architectural Books more. The following names were added Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro in honor William K. Simpson † to this distinguished list during fiscal Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman and of Dr. Charles T. and Alma A. Isaacs Leon Polk Smith Foundation year 2018: The FLAG Art Foundation Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigro in honor Mary and Dan Solomon Bernard and Sarah Gewirz Leonard and Elaine Silverstein † of Ralph and Nancy Ellen Nigro Pierre et Colette Soulages Gail and Benjamin Jacobs Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Isaacs Richard Spear and Athena Tacha Henry Luce Foundation Joy of Giving Something, Inc. Bob Stana and Tom Judy W. Bruce and Delaney H. Lundberg


Howard and Nancy Marks Reid and Ann MacDonald William and Karen Prezant Louisa Stude Sarofim Jacqueline B. Mars Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff Sarah Beinecke Richardson and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Saul Robert Menschel and the Vital The David Minkin Foundation Craig Richardson in honor of Jon Shirley Frederick W. Beinecke Projects Fund Matthew and Ann Nimetz Michelle Smith Robert M. Stana and William T. Judy Jr. Wes and Kate Mitchell Ms. Margaret B. Parsons Roselyne Chroman Swig Elizabeth and George Stevens Jr. George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation Quadrangle Development Corporation William and Sarah Walton Leila Straus Park Foundation Estate of Marianne Shapero Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Stanford S. Warshawsky Michele and Glenn Sutton Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in honor of Matthew A. & Susan B. Weatherbie Jonathan Bober Charitable Foundation The Edith O’Donnell Institute of THE EXHIBITION CIRCLE OF THE Art History, The University of NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips in memory Charles C. and Helen Wilkes of his brother Neil Phillips Texas at Dallas The Tulgey Wood Foundation The Gallery wishes to thank the Prince Charitable Trusts Dr. Shailendra S. Vaidya members of the Exhibition Circle Andrea Woodner Emily and Mitchell Rales David and Jade Walsh in honor of for their generous support at the Dodge Thompson level of $20,000 or more, which Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul II $1,000–$9,999 Mark Weil and Joan Hall provides funding for special Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small Anonymous (6) exhibitions each year. Professor John Wilmerding Walton Family Foundation Howard and Roberta Ahmanson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke Estate of Elizabeth A. White Lynn K. Altman THE COLLECTORS COMMITTEE Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Bradley Wyeth Foundation for American Art Andrew Athy Jr. OF THE NATIONAL GALLERY Evelyn T. Brandt Dr. Darryl Atwell OF ART $25,000–$49,999 Carter and Melissa Cafritz Buffy Cafritz, Charles C. and Helen The Collectors Committee serves Anonymous in honor of Wilkes in memory of Leonard Silverstein a vital role in broadening the scope The Clark Charitable Foundation and Sharon Rockefeller A. James † & Alice B. Clark Norman and Carolyn K. Carr of the Gallery’s modern collection. Adrienne Arsht Committee members provide Bonnie and Louis Cohen/ Dr. Francis Chucker in memory of invaluable support with their annual Rubenstein Charitable Foundation Norma Lee and Morton Funger Leonard Silverstein gifts of $20,000, $40,000, and more Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Connors Mrs. Linda H. Kaufman Lucy and Frederick Danziger for the acquisition of modern art. Ron and Barbara Cordover The Kyle J. and Sharon Krause The Dillon Fund Family Foundation Chair Louisa C. Duemling Patricia A. Donovan The Krugman Family Foundation Kyle J. Krause Irwin and Ginny Edlavitch Randi and Bob Fisher Gerard B. Lambert Foundation Dr. Mark Epstein and Amoretta Hoeber Peter A. and Barbara W. Freeman Members Jon and Barbara Landau Shannon Fairbanks Gamblin Artists Colors Co. Anonymous Li Lu Humanitarian Foundation Greg and Candy Fazakerley Professor Joseph L. Gastwirth Howard and Roberta Ahmanson R. K. Mellon Family Foundation Ms. Denise Gwyn Ferguson Martha Gil-Montero and Joseph A. Page Adrienne Arsht Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund Michael A. Glass Mr. and Mrs. E. William Aylward Billy Rose Foundation Monica Lind Greenberg Dr. Margaret A. Goodman Mary-Randolph Ballinger James D. and Kathryn K. Steele Sylvia Kay Greenberg † Gottfried Family Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Assadour O. Tavitian Newman T. Halvorson Jr. Seth and Beth Grae Calvin and Jane L. Cafritz Trellis Fund Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter Jr. Mark and Lynne Hammerschlag Constance R. Caplan Gail and Benjamin Jacobs $10,000–$24,999 Dr. John C. Harbert Joseph M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Jeffery III Anonymous Harman Cain Family Foundation Edwin L. Cox Betsy Scott Kleeblatt John and Laura Arnold Dennis E. Henley and Nora L. Shea Barney † and Rebecca Ebsworth Michael Klein and Joan Fabry Atlas Family in memory of Liane W. Atlas Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hevrdejs Mrs. Donald G. Fisher Susan and John Klein Debbie and Mark Attanasio William Logan Hopkins Norma Lee and Morton Funger Robert and Arlene Kogod Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bass Estate of Barbara A. Hostoffer Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Gewirz Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge III Mark and Carol Hyman Fund Pam and Bob Goergen Leonard and Judy Lauder Fund The Buffy and William Cafritz Pamela Jenkinson Peggy and Richard Greenfield Dr. and Mrs. LaSalle D. Leffall Jr. Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. and Agnes Gund Thelma Z. Lenkin Charina Endowment Fund Mr. Frank L. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Gundlach Larry and Dee Levinson Estate of Theodore A. Cooper JTK Fund of the Arlington Community Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton Foundation Nan G. Lower The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hedreen Foundation Judith Keenan Marlene A. Malek Robert and Arlene Kogod Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke The Kend Family Fund in honor of Jacqueline B. Mars Jill H. Kramer Peter Edwards and Rose Gutfeld Denise and Andrew Saul Virginia Cretella Mars Kyle and Sharon Krause Steven A. Elmendorf Connie Foster King in memory of her James R. and Suzanne S. Mellor brother Richard Holloman Foster Mary M. Looker The Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust James H. and Zoe Moshovitis Jacqueline Lawrence in memory of Chris and Lois Madison The Gottesman Fund in memory of Mrs. Pat Munroe Leonard Silverstein Joan and David Maxwell Milton M. Gottesman Scott Nathan and Laura DeBonis Lawrence Lawver Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Van R. Milbury Henry † and Alice H. Greenwald Alan and Marsha Paller Edward E. MacCrone Private Foundation Mary V. Mochary The Heinz Family Foundation John and Mary Pappajohn Estate of Julienne M. Michel John and Mary Pappajohn Melvin Henderson-Rubio Sally Engelhard Pingree Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan in Catherine Partridge The Higginbotham Community Fund memory of Leonard Silverstein Dr. Mihael and of the North Texas Community Sally Engelhard Pingree Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos Foundation Lucy and Bob Mitchell—The Longview Tony Podesta Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts Johnson Family Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts C. Jay Moorhead Foundation Sharon and John D. Rockefeller IV Heather and Jim Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell P. Rales Ms. Nancy A. Nasher and Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rosenthal Henry B. and Jessie W. Keiser Mr. David J. Haemisegger Sharon and John D. Rockefeller IV Victoria † and Roger Sant Foundation, Inc. Arnold and Augusta Newman Michele Rollins and Monique Rollins Mr. and Mrs. B. Francis Saul II Thomas and Kathleen Koepsell Foundation Don and Mary Beth Roth The Leonard and Elaine Silverstein Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin Robert and Susan Pence Mr. and Mrs. C. Arthur Rutter III Family Foundation Robert B. Loper Victoria † and Roger Sant


Michelle Smith The Honorable and Mrs. William A. Nitze Mr. and Mrs. Richard deC. Hinds Roberta Matthews Bernstein Dr. Abigail Spangler Alison and Bill Paley Mr. and Mrs. William A. Homan III Miss Elizabeth S. Bizic Mr. Benjamin F. Stapleton III Dr. James D. Parker William L. Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. James I. Black III Shannon and Bennett C. Stichman— Jackie Peebles Richard B. Anderson † Mrs. Susan Bloom Stichman Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Jerold Principato John K. Hoskinson and Ana I. Fábregas Barbara Boggs George Wasserman Family Foundation Grace Ritzenberg Mrs. Sherrill M. Houghton Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bou Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Weisman Jeanne W. Ruesch The Fannie and Stephen Kahn Robert and Hilary Brandt Charitable Foundation Diane B. Wilsey Ms. Patricia B. Sagon Joan and Jack Bray Mr. Kenneth Kent and Donald and Barbara Zucker Family Ellen and Gerry Sigal Mr. Jeremy Brenner Foundation Ms. Sharon Moody Barry and Evelyn Strauch Fleur Bresler Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Kovler THE CIRCLE OF THE NATIONAL Anne and Peter Thomas Robert D. Broeksmit and GALLERY OF ART LaSalle D. Leffall III Mr. and Mrs. John V. Thomas Susan G. Bollendorf Leon Fund of The Community Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Browning The Gallery extends thanks to the The Tobin Foundation in memory Foundation Serving Richmond and members of the Circle for their of Maurice B. Tobin Central Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Wiley T. Buchanan III generous annual gifts of $1,000, Mr. Neal Turtell Frances K. Burka $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 or Jack and Betty Lou Ludwick more, which provide unrestricted Mallory and Diana Walker John and Mary Lee Malcolm The Honorable John E. Chapoton and Mrs. Chapoton funding for a range of activities Marvin F. Weissberg Jacomien W. Mars throughout the Gallery. Annetta J. Coffelt Frederica Wheeler and The Honorable John J. Medveckis Charles E. Johnson Mr. Robert M. Coffelt Jr. Chair Mr. Robert B. Menschel Ken and Dorothy Woodcock Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Colby Betsy Scott Kleeblatt Jim and Tracy Millar Judith and Leo Zickler T. A. Cox Iris and Lawrence Miller Patron Members Mr. Dale Dean Sustaining Members A. Fenner Milton ($10,000 and above) Dr. Jean Karle Dean ($5,000–$9,999) Joan and Dan Mulcahy Anonymous The Charles Delmar Foundation Anonymous (2) Diane A. Nixon Ms. Debbie K. Alex and John and Anne Dickerson Mr. David Harris Carolyn Small Alper Dr. Sushma Palmer Ginger H. and H. Richard Dietrich III Gay and Tony Barclay Leslie Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Petitt Dean and Margarita Dilley Terri and Tom Barry Aileen Athy Mrs. Katherine Engelhard Pingree and Mr. Andrew Dick Edith R. Dixon Grace and Morton Bender Andrew Athy Jr. The Honorable Stephen W. Porter and The William H. Donner Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Besharov Jamie Baldinger Mrs. Susan Porter Douglas and Elaine Drysdale Marc H. and Vivian S. Brodsky Miriam and Eliezer Benbassat Richard J. Price and Yung Sik Chang Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke Mr. and Mrs. Landon V. Butler Jr. Katherine M. B. Berger Jacqueline Rizik Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Eakin III Carter and Melissa Cafritz Mr. and Mrs. Joshua B. Bernstein Roberta O. Roumel Marjorie and Anthony Elson Giuseppe and Mercedes Cecchi Sylvia Blake Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Rutherfoord Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Emes Jr. Ellen MacNeille Charles Marshall and Anne Brachman Ms. Amy Sabrin and Mr. Evans Witt Louise Engle Judy and Richard Cohen Anna Brooke Jacquelyn and William Sheehan Tom and Tania Evans Lavinia M. Currier Andrew Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Shelleman Jr. Frank and Mary Fahrenkopf Virginia Dwan Frances Ann Bufalo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Shelley Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Foster Jr. The Roger S. Firestone Foundation Elizabeth C. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland Smith Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan Frost Nancy M. Folger Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Burnham David G. Speck and Conrad and Ludmila Cafritz Anne and Paul Gambal Betsy and Pete Forster Marcia Neuhaus Speck Thomas † and Robin Clarke David L. Gardner, M.D., and Marina Kellen French Mr. H. Scott Stillings Pete Williams The Cordish Companies Dale and Suzi Gallagher Elizabeth Streicher Epstein Steven B. and Katrina H. Gewirz Marshall B. Coyne Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Getty Eileen and Michael Tanner Thomas Gibian and Christina Grady Andrea B. Currier Dr. Margaret A. Goodman Emily and Frank Vogl Nancy Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis Mrs. Barbara K. Gordon Ms. Charlotte C. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Ian Glenday Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi Elizabeth Marsteller Gordon Virginia A. Weil Pat Garcia Golding and Ken Golding Dorchester Towers and Apts., on Cheryl Gorelick Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Weitzel Columbia Pike—Lola C. Reinsch Susan Sachs Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Temple Grassi JM Partners, LTD. Philip G. Dufour and Todd S. Andochick Ms. Mary Graham C. Boyden Gray David Granite, M.D., and Elizabeth W. Edgeworth Supporting Members Patrick W. and Sheila Proby Gross Mary Lou Oster-Granite, Ph.D. Anne and Gus Edwards ($2,500–$4,999) The Heinz Family Foundation Richard † and Mary L. Gray Mr. and Mrs. James Evans Anonymous (8) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Henderson III Henry Greenewalt Mrs. John Dwight Evans Jr. Lisa Adams/Jim Rowe Lynne and Joe Horning Nicole Alfandre Halbreiner Tony and Kathryn Everett James and Lynn Alexander Mr. Clark F. Hoyt and Ms. Linda Kauss Deborah Harsch and Mark Colley Elinor K. Farquhar William B. Alsup III and Sunny Jung Alsup J. W. Kaempfer Patti and Mitchell D. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Fleischmann Ruth and Sam Alward Mrs. Linda H. Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Herman Keith Forman and Mary Morton Leslie S. Ariail Ann and Mark Kington Ms. Maria C. Higgins Gerry Gabrys/Lynne Gabrys Joseph Asin and Gilmore Lee G. Kirstein Louise Hilsen and Donald Foley Elizabeth and Michael Galvin Ann M. Askew Chill and Barbara Langhorne Dr. and Mrs. John W. Holaday Professor Joseph L. Gastwirth Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baker Judith and Alexander Laughlin James and Diana Holman Martha Gil-Montero and Joseph A. Page Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Barus The Lemon Foundation Beth and Larry Horowitz— Honorable Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Linda and Jim Beers Edward Lenkin and Roselin Atzwanger Velsor Properties Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bennett Sueyun Locks Rosemarie Russi Howe Graham Holdings Company Marguerite H. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Marriott John Peters Irelan Jennifer and Ben Hall Richard Ben-Veniste and Mrs. Dirk C. Jecklin Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker Donna Marie Grell Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton Pamela Jenkinson Mrs. G. William Miller Ms. Dava Berkman Ms. Gertraud Hechl Carolyn M. Johnson David and Judith Bernanke


Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. and Ms. Cary Ridder and Mr. and Mrs. John Donovan Donna and Burkey Belser Mr. Frank L. Spencer Mr. David Alberswerth Sarah C. Epstein and Joseph P. Junkin Mr. and Mrs. J. Goodwin Bennett Mrs. Ford A. Kalil Douglas and Katherine Rigler Ms. Karen Fawcett and Mr. Pedro Ortiz Elizabeth R. Benson Sheldon and Audrey Katz Mrs. Mary W. Roddy Myrna L. Fawcett Anne S. Bent Mrs. Cyrus Katzen Molly and Rick Rolandi Carole Feld and David C. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benton Dr. and Mrs. Jay Katzen Mr. and Mrs. David Rosener Charles and Lisa Claudy Fleischman The Honorable Kenneth E. Bentsen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kayne Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ross-Larson Neil and Izette Folger and Mrs. Bentsen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor Scott Keith Jr. Mrs. Hannah Rothrock Ms. Nancy Hirshbein and Mr. John M. Benziger and Margot Kelly James J. Sandman and Elizabeth D. Mullin Mr. Robert Roche Ms. Elizabeth Young David and Justine Kenney Richard and Ellen Sandor Mr. and Mrs. Russell Katz Mrs. Peter Benziger Helen and David Kenney Professor Joseph Sassoon and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Landau Kathleen and Alexander Bastos Robin and Carol King Ms. Helen Jackson Bruce and Leslie Lane Berggruen Gallery William and Ilze King Mrs. Frances Way Schafer James A. and Marsha Perry Mateyka Philip D. Berlin and Olivia Adler Lila W. Kirkland The Honorable Rhonda Schmidtlein and Mark and Melissa Myers Richard D. Bernstein Mr. John Schmidtlein Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner Cheryl G. Numark Elizabeth G. Berry Mr. Christopher M. Schroeder and Dr. Mihael and Mark Betts and Shelley Slade Michael W. Kolakowski Ms. Alexandra H. Coburn Mrs. Mahy Polymeropoulos Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Beveridge III Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Korengold Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scott Christine P. Rales Gene Bialek and Arlene Brown Mrs. Dana Landow Ambassador and Mr. Robert C. Rea Elaine and Richard Binder Stephen and Maria Lans Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick Ryan and Cindy Schwarz Mrs. Alison B. Birney Mrs. Anthony A. Lapham Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Senkus Paul So Richard and Suzanne Bissell Arthur Lazarus Jr. Judy and Jerry Shulman Kathryn and Robert Stewart Mr. Paul Blue and Ms. Dianne Beal Virginia Lee Sylvia and David Silver Linda and Richard Tarplin Dr. Helen E. Blumen and Elissa Leonard and Jay Powell Elaine Snider Mr. Justin Waller and Mr. Michael Stehlik Mr. Jan P. Acton Herb and Dianne Lerner Devereux and James Socas Ms. Elizabeth I. Board and Willee and H. Finlay Lewis Barbara Spangenberg and Nina Mast Contributing Members Mr. Robert C. Hines Rob Liberatore and Debra Kraft Christine J. Steiner ($1,000–$2,499) William C. and Posey Boicourt Jerome and June Libin Robert Stockho and Dr. Veronika Jenke Anonymous (8) Countess Clarissa Bonde Ms. Nancy Libin Mrs. Richard L. Storch Mr. and Mrs. Dana T. Ackerly II Sophia Louise Bonde Beth and Daryl Libow Michele and Glenn Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Bou Dr. and Mrs. Keith M. Lindgren Ms. Barbara H. Szoradi Mr. and Mrs. Tom Adams Blair and Josh Bourne Dr. John W. Little III Paul and Chandler Tagliabue Theo Adamstein Jan Bove Carol and Eugene Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Peter Toren Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Aguilar Dr. Rosemary T. Bowes Sandra L. Mabry Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Twining III Ross and Judy Ain Susan Boyd Dr. and Mrs. Michael Maccoby George and Frederica Valanos Clement and Sandra Alpert Designated Charles and Maureen Brain Endowment Fund Dr. and Mrs. Bruce K. MacLaury Ms. Laura W. van Roijen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Brann Jr. Mr. and Ms. Robert T. Amis The Honorable John D. Macomber Mr. and Mrs. George D. Vassiliou Rita Braver and Robert Barnett Cristiana and Mark Anderson Wendy W. Makins Michael and Victoria Vergason Edith H. Brewster Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson Paul Malamud Mr. G. Duane Vieth † Mr. and Mrs. John DeQ. Briggs Mr. Jesse Arbogast and Jennifer L. Marshall and Neal H. Flieger Harold and Barbara Walsh Suzanne S. Brock Drs. Isaak and Deborah Mayergoyz Ms. Rochelle Rosenfeld The Honorable E. Allan Wendt and Mr. and Mrs. James Brodsky Anne and Bill McDow Que D. Nguyen Tom and Mary Arseneault Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bronczek Darina and Allan McKelvie Mrs. Natalie Wilensky and Hank and Joanne Asbill Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown Irma Jean and John F. McNelia Mr. Robert B. Bellinger Allie and Ellen Ash Elizabeth and Ben Brown Anne L. Metcalf Charles C. and Helen Wilkes Lila Oliver Asher Ira Don Brown Catie Meyer Edwin and Kathe Williamson Miss Gillian Attfield Lucie T. Bryant Jane S. and James K. Mitchell Professor John Wilmerding Charlotte and Brooks Aukamp Mr. and Mrs. John G. Buchanan III Mr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Moravec The Honorable and Mrs. James D. Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ayres Wolfensohn Deborah and Jeremiah Buckley Bailey Morris-Eck Ms. Merribel S. Ayres Ms. Diane Wood Susan Buffone Catherine Murray Mr. and Mrs. James Bachmann In honor of Clemente Yaniero Leslie Buhler and Robert Berendt Sharon and Michael Nemeroff Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bachmann Lenore G. Zinn Janet C. Bullinger Mr. and Mrs. James M. New Thayer and Kevin Baine Mr. and Mrs. James Butler Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Newlin Tower Project Members D. James Baker and Emily Lind Baker Susan L. and Dixon M. Butler Matthew and Sandy Newton ($2,500 and above) Marion Scattergood Ballard Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Buxton Dane A. Nichols Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ballenger William E. Cain and Barbara Harman Melanie and Larry Nussdorf Rory and John Ackerly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baly III John Caliste John and Leslie Oberdorfer James Alefantis Brittain Bardes The Honorable John Thiers Calkins Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O’Shaughnessy Carolyn Small Alper Mrs. Karen Barker Ms. Mary Campion Stanley and JoAnn Pearlman Jamie Baldinger Mary and Ed Bartlett Jerome W. † and Dorothy A. Canter Mr. and Mrs. John E. Pflieger Jr. Brendan and Helen Bechtel Ed and Susan Basile Miss Jane-Scott Cantus Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Pocinki Carl Bedell Patricia Bauman and Prince John Landrum Bryant Gaston Caperton Sydney M. Polakoff and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bernat Nathan and Leslie Bayer Vince Careatti Carolyn Goldman Miss Elizabeth S. Bizic Mr. Carl G. Becker and Ms. Mary Ann Carey The Honorable Trevor Potter and Martha Blalock and Ms. Christine Gutleben Mr. Dana Scott Westring Christine L. Delucchi Mr. and Mrs. Buckley Carlson John and Priscilla Becker Ms. Patricia President Paula Cooper and Jack Macrae Ms. Courtney Carlson and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Becker Mr. David Yarkin Whayne and Ursula Quin Brian and Paula Ballo † Dailey Mr. Michael Beckley and Ms. Carol Laikin Carpenter Susan Rappaport Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi Ms. Ana Echemendia Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Carr


Julie D. Carter and James M. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. F. John Duncan Jr. Gene and Patricia Godley Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Huber Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Cashen II Jennifer Duncan and Richard Bach Mary Anne Goley Betty Hudson and Boyd Matson Carolyn Cason Alan and Becky Dye Rose and Jean-Pierre Gombay Robert and Elizabeth Huffman Kay Casstevens E & B Family Trust Dr. Joyce Gonin Mr. and Mrs. Harris Hyman IV Major General and Mrs. George Cates Daniel and Marina Ein Mr. John L. Goodman and Mr. and Mrs. William K. Ince Mr. and Mrs. James F. Caughman Ms. Elizabeth Elser Ms. Laurie Effron Dr. Melda Isaac Caroll J. Cavanagh † Ms. Catherine B. Elwell Gretchen Goodrich Adam and Hannah Isles Pat and Annah Cave Anne L. Emmet Lucile M. and Jack B. Gordon Lorna Jaffe Amira and Richard Chadwick Ms. Lenore A. England J. Gottfried Mr. and Mrs. William A. James Ms. Cynthia Chase Epstein Becker & Green/ Ms. Molly Graham and Mr. Alan Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Javits Helen and Craig Chason The Honorable Stuart M. Gerson Mr. and Mrs. Skip Grant Mr. and Mrs. E. Stewart Jeffries Dr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Chester Jacqueline and Christian Erdman Alexandra and John Graubert Joan and Garry Jewett Mr. and Mrs. William Choquette Richard and Sibyl Erdman Drs. Dale and Cheryl Gray Dr. Kirk Johnson and Ms. Tracy Church and Brent Erickson Deecy Gray and Douglas Ginsburg Ms. Chase DeForest Mr. Dominic Mancini John and Elizabeth Ey Tom and Pam Green Barbara J. Jones Kate Clark and Miles Carlisle Tere and Doug Ey William S. and Betty K. W. Greenberg Boisfeuillet and Barbara Jones Mr. Henry Claypool and Ms. Eve Hill Mrs. Rodney E. Eyster Nelse L. Greenway Hal Jones and Anne-Lise Auclair-Jones Barbara Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Farver Dee Ann Gretz Ms. Mary Frances Jones and Lindsay Kudner Coates Elizabeth and Reed Fawell Mr. and Mrs. Carter Griffin Ms. Jenny Jones-Gordon Julie and Brad Coburn Jean Taylor Federico George and Christina Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Jost Edwin C. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Vankirk E. Fehr Mr. Cameron Griffith and Amy Weiss and Peter J. Kadzik Suzanne F. Cohen Robert and Betsy Feinberg Mr. McCain McMurray Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kale Nancy and Andrew Colb Mrs. Martin Feinstein Elisabeth Griffith S. Kann Sons Co. Foundation Mr. Robert Cole and Ms. Phuong-Hoa Do Deborah B. and Gerald B. File Mr. Darrel Grinstead and Ann and Julius Kaplan Ms. Diane Pirkey Ana and Paul Collins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Kaplan Jr. Mr. Vincent J. Griski and Mr. and Mrs. Terence Winslow Collins Mrs. Carl Finkelnburg Sally B. Kaplan Mr. Cameron W. Knight Donna Marshall Will Fischer Sarah Kaplan and Warner Grantham Nina B. Griswold Mr. Robert T. Coonrod and Leslie and Tony Fitch Mr. Gerald Kauvar and Mr. Barry Grossman and Ms. Gail Lione Ms. Mary Susan Bradshaw Ms. Martha R. Johnston Dr. Richard Flax and Dr. Katherine L. Alley Anjali and Arun Gupta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kavalaris Dr. and Mrs. John Cooper Ms. Gail S. Fleder Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney Joëlle M. Kayden Mr. and Mrs. William Cooper Mr. Michael Fleischer and Barbara and Bob Hall Thomas and Anne-Dillon Costa Ms. Giovanna Casalino Ms. Kitty Kelley Jill and Ridgway Hall Mr. and Mrs. James M. Costan Barbara G. Fleischman Anne and David Kendall Leda McIntyre Hall Mr. † and Mrs. John Courtright Col. C. Ray Flynn, USAF, Ret., Ms. Barbara Kerne and James and Kristina Hamilton Mr. Sigmund Gordon Debbie Cowan and Mike Berman and James M. Shamberger Joseph Handwerger † and Jane MacLeish Edward and Arleen H. Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craft Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Fonvielle Ms. Heather Hanks and Mr. Paul Foster Jim and Andrea Kiernan Teresa Yancey Crane Florence Bryan Fowlkes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hanley Mr. Paul W. Killian and Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Crawford Ann Franke and Dan Alpert Tamzin Harding and Michael Weaver Mrs. Carole Goodson Ms. Catherine Creech and Ms. Claire Frankel Michael and Evelyn Kitay Ms. D. B. Reynolds Mark Frantz and Megan McNelia Frantz John and Gail Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kleinhans Ms. Nancy Crisman Catherine Blanton Freedberg Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hart Mr. and Mrs. James L. Koltes Ms. Helen Darling and Dr. Brad Gray Howard and Shirlee Friedenberg Andrea Hatfield and Buck O’Leary Starr Kopper Lou Hill Davidson and Ralph P. Pam Davis Friedler Larry Hawk Matt Korn and Cindy Miller Davidson Foundation Cynthia Friedman Ms. Sara Hazelwood and Mr. Raul Yanes Patricia and John Koskinen Mrs. Stuart C. Davidson Friends of Florence Robert and Deborah Hefferon Stephen P. Koster, Esq. Donn and Sharon Davis Rick and Barbara Frisbie Dr. Clara S. Heffess Audrey and Kenneth Kramer Philip and Sara Davis Dr. and Mrs. A. Lee Fritschler Michael S. and Ricki T. Helfer Mr. and Mrs. M. Kipp Kranbuhl The Honorable Whitney Debevoise Cynthia Fry Mrs. Wetherly Hemeon and Mrs. Debevoise Mel and Andrea Kraus James T. Fuller III and Catherine T. Porter Lisa and Phil Herget Ms. Jill DeGraff Amy Murphy Kuhnert Caroline D. Gabel Sally M. and Stephen A. Herman Mrs. Frauke de Looper † David A. Lamdin Ms. Bonnie L. Gallagher Anita G. Herrick Cristina Del Sesto Mr. and Mrs. François M. J. Lampietti Mr. David Gallalee Christy and Fred Hertz Joy de Ménil and Laird Reed Barbara Lanahan and James G. Mauro Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gardner Bea and Fred Hessick Mr. Bosworth Dewey and Mr. and Mrs. Jon Landau Mary Garner Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hevrdejs Ms. Liz Barratt-Brown Lonie and Rich Landfield Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Gelman Mr. and Mrs. Peter High Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke II Jean and John Lange Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gerber Mr. Bill Hinman and Ms. Anne Marie Mrs. C. Douglas Dickerson Jr. Cordingly Ms. Dina R. Lassow Thomas and Gabrielle Gerth Carole Dickert-Scherr and Jacob Scherr J. Catherine Hirsch Mr. Florent Latour and Ms. Nina Sovich Mrs. Barbara J. Gibby Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dill Christian and Nora Hohenlohe Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Lay Cynthia L. Gibert, M.D. Allison and Robert DiNardo Leigh and Patrick Holley Hillary and Wayne Lee Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dorn Mr. and Mrs. John Hollis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lee Ann Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hopkins Ms. Valorie Lee Nathalie Gilfoyle Kitty and Robert Dove The Horchow Family Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leibowitz Gardner and Stevie Gillespie Joanna and John Driggs Charles Horn and Jane Luxton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leiter Mr. Jack Giraudo and Mrs. Christine Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa Colby Giraudo Sari Hornstein Jacqueline and Marc Leland Foundation Helen and Ray DuBois Denise and Peter Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Outerbridge Horsey Emily Lenzner John and Elizabeth Dugan Marilyn and Michael Glosserman Mr. Ken Howard and Ms. Nellie Liang Jon Lenzner and Matea Gold Sandra Dugoff and Richard Geltman Mr. Richard D. Gluck Philip and Fiona Huber Terry and Margaret Lenzner


Ms. Marie Lerch and Mr. Jeff Kolb Barbara McNamara Robert Andrew Peccola and Nancy L. Ross Jennifer L. Levin David and Anne Menotti Patrick Dupré Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Ross Dr. Luna Levinson and Mr. Daniel Mrs. James G. Mersereau Jean Perin Marcia Rounsaville Levinson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Metzner Ms. Nicole Petrosky David and Carolyn Ruben Leon Levy Foundation Julie Middleton and Barry West James Peva Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Levy Salma G. Mikhail, Ph.D. Malcolm and Margaret Pfunder Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Rudzki Richard H. Levy and Gallard Maxine Whalen Millar Mr. and Mrs. Devereaux J. Phelps David A. Sacks Allen Lewin LTC Dennis Miller, Ret., and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Phifer Louise Sagalyn Clayton and Susan Lewis Judge Christine O. C. Miller, Ret. Mr. David C. Pierce Betty H. Sams Mr. and Mrs. John Van Dusen Lewis Dennis and Patricia Miller Pinnacle West Capital Corporation Ms. Ann Satterthwaite Mr. and Mrs. Stan Lillie Edward and Noël Miller Dr. and Mrs. David A. Pistenmaa Savitt Family Fund of Foundation Donald V. Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Karl S. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Pitt Alison and Edith Schafer Thomas Lipski The Honorable Toby Moffett and Liz and Greg Platts Susan Schaffer and Michael Rogan Moffett Bill and Elizabeth Livingston Mary Margaret and Scott Plumridge Bob and Patricia Schieffer Frederick W. and Linda K. Moncrief David Lloyd, Realtor Ms. Annette Polan Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Schoenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moore Jr. Joe and Pat Lonardo Helen Porter and James T. Dyke Mr. and Mrs. Nash Whitney Schott Mr. and Mrs. David B. Morgan Michele Dandrea Lowell Mr. Jeffrey S. Powell Jill A. Schuker David A. Morowitz, M.D. George and Kennie Lupton Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo M. Schultz Adrienne and Jarrett Morrell Tamera Luzzatto and David Leiter Judy Lynn Prince Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Schwartz Teresa and Grant Morris William and Barbara Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Prince Ann R. Schwartz Kent and Dale Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyon Mr. Amédée Prouvost and Fred Scott and Karen Turner Pearl and Seymour Moskowitz Ms. Clare Cushman Jed and Blythe Lyons Cathryn Dickert Scoville and Osborne Phinizy Mackie and Dr. Diane Munro Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Quamme Thomas Scoville Morgan D. Delaney James J. and Susan D. Murphy Mrs. J. L. Quillen Professor R. Mark Scowcroft John and Susan Magill Shaun Murphy Edie Quintrell and Rubén Perina Ann and Tom Scully Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Myer Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Rackley Joan Searby Michele A. Manatt and Wolfram Anders Jane and Marc Nathanson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raffensperger Judith Seligson and Allan Greenberg Barbra and Phillip † Mann Dahlia I. Neiss Ms. Eden W. Rafshoon Jill Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mann Mr. Sanford M. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. David Rainey Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Mares Christine Neptune and Robert Brown Anne H. D. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sharp Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mars Sherry and Louis Nevins Wanda Rappaport and George Mueller Linda and Stanley Sher Frank C. Marshall and Florence Auld William and Louisa Newlin Mary Tinsley Raul and Alan Raul Barbara Sherwin Lydia Micheaux Marshall Dr. Sara Nieves-Grafals and Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Reaves Mary Shockey Mr. Albert Getz Mr. and Mrs. Ravenel Marshall Jr. Cynthia Redick and Robert Brent Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Shorb Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Nikodem Harry and Judy Martin Mr. Thomas Reese Dr. Irwin Shuman and Mr. and Mrs. I. Guyman Martin III Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Nirenberg Nancy Regan Mrs. Elaine Feidelman Mr. and Mrs. James B. Martin Akemi Nishida and S. Paul Selavko Mr. Robert Reklaitis and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shure Mr. C. Raymond Marvin Paul and Jane Nitze Ms. Patricia Maher Hugh and Ruth Sickel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matheson Ms. Susan Sack Norby Mr. and Mrs. R. Roland Reynolds Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff Mr. and Mrs. Colvin T. Matheson Floyd L. Norton and Mrs. Lynn Rhomberg Mr. and Mrs. John T. Siegel Jr. Kathleen F. Patterson The Pierre and Tana Matisse Mr. and Mrs. Lacy I. Rice III Fanchon Silberstein Susan Norwitch Foundation John and Nina Richardson John Silton and Betty Bullock Mrs. R. Kendall Nottingham Roy and LeeAnn Matthews Mr. Thomas W. Richardson and Mr. and Mrs. John Simms Jeffrey Nuechterlein Ms. Kyra Cheremeteff Mr. David Maxfield Barry and Beth Simon Charles and JoAnn Nulsen Richard and Colman Riddell Eileen C. Mayer Madlen and Marc Simon Giselle Larroque Obermeier and Mr. and Mrs. James S. Riepe Jr. Michael and Hannah Mazer J. L. H. Simonds Stephen J. Obermeier Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Mazloom Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ritchey Deedy Ogden Charles J. Simpson Jr. and Pamela Mrs. Sheryl Heckler Mazzatenta Robert and Madeleine Rix Raymont-Simpson Roger H. Ogden Mr. and Mrs. Edward McBride Gretchen and Michael Robbins Hayes and Jill Smith Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Ohrstrom Dr. Lucy McBride and Mr. Thad McBride Mrs. Katharine Roberts Hedrick Smith and Susan Zox-Smith Sydney Olson Claire McCarthy and Roderick McKelvie Cara W. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Smith Todd and Nina O’Neil Camilla McCaslin Dr. William W. Robertson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Eugene Smith Nancy Bradford Ordway and Karel Dierks Robertson Dennis K. McClellan and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snyder Orentreich Family Foundation Jane Washburn Robinson Steven E. Deggendorf Dr. Sarah B. Snyder and Mark McConnell and Leslie Delagran Caroline and Michaela and Robert Robinson Mr. Daniel M. Fine Cathy and Scot McCulloch Ms. Carol V. O’Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roeckelein Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sonneborn Ms. Margaret McDonald and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. David Osnos Wynefred W. Rogerson Mr. W. Cannon Spotswood and William Gruen Patty and Carroll Owens Anne and John Rollins Mr. William Allen Tracy and Greg McGillivary Ms. Wendy Pangburn and Eileen Dugan Romano Dr. James B. Sprague John D. and Martha Benson McGrane Mr. William Harrison Shirley and Bill Rooker Peter and Jennie Stathis Cynthia McGrath Gail Kern Paster Mr. John T. Rooney and S. S. Steiner, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth McGrath Judy L. Patterson Mr. Nick Stinson Joanne M. Sten Ms. Cynthia Adler McKee Alma and John Paty Mrs. Milton Rose Mr. and Mrs. Guy T. Steuart II Ms. Katlin E. McKelvie and Judge and Mrs. Michael T. Paul Mr. and Mrs. James S. Rosebush Elizabeth and George Stevens Jr. Mr. Sam Backfield Ernestine Pauley Cynthia B. Rosenberg and Betsy Stewart Joel Rosenberg, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis McLoughlin The Honorable Marcus Peacock and Mr. and Mrs. Terence P. Stewart The Honorable Donna R. McLean Helen G. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McMurray Whitney Stewart Susan and Charles Pease Ms. Margaret Ross


Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Stifel Jr. Eileen Shields West John P. Cahill Agnes Gund Linda Klieger Stillman Mr. Larry J. West and Ms. Diana King Norman and Carolyn K. Carr Helena Gunnarsson † Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Stoufer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. West Kay L. Casstevens The Stephen Hahn Family Collection Mr. and Mrs. David Straut Dorothy B. Wexler Faya Causey Denise Hale Douglas Struck Frances C. Wheeler Dr. Gerald Cerny † John C. Harbert, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. John Sukenik Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whitley Chuck L. Chandler Harry W. Havemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan Suzanne and John Whitmore Bruce and Sharyn Charnas Richard C. and Elizabeth A. Hedreen Lila and Brendan Sullivan Linda and Stephen Willard A. James Clark † and Alice B. Clark Helen Lee Henderson Nuzhat Sultan and Anil Revri Suzanne and Richard Willett Thomas † and Robin Clarke Dennis E. Henley and Nora L. Shea Martin and Meredith Sumner Williams Family Foundation of Brenda B. Coakley Judith F. Hernstadt Frank and Hilary Swain Georgia, Inc. Keith and Ann Conrad Maria C. Higgins Ms. Margery Anne Swanson and Betsy Williams and Tom Moore T. A. Cox William L. Hopkins and Mr. Charles G. Brown Elsa B. Williams Ian † and Annette Cumming Richard B. Anderson † Mr. Mark Szymczak and Ms. Laura Willumsen Ted Dalziel Jeffrey E. Horvitz Ms. Holley Darden Ms. Margot Dinneen Wilson Joan Danziger Timothy and Suzanne Hyde Jake and Carrington Tarr Mr. Curtin Winsor III Muriel G. Davidson Arthur C. G. Hyland Ragan S. Tate and Bobby Stone David and Page Winstead Roy † and Cecily Langdale Davis Earle Hyman † in memory of Rolf Sirnes Ralph A. Taylor Jr. and Robert and Fielding Winters Shirley Ross Davis Pamela Jenkinson Joanna Moorhead Sharon Wolpoff Virginia L. Dean Mr. James A. Johnson Jr. Topsy Taylor Mr. and Mrs. James Wright Alexandra D. de Borchgrave Paul M. Kanev Mrs. Waverly Taylor Ms. Catherine Wyler and Cristina Del Sesto Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan Dr. Stanley Tempchin Mr. Richard Rymland Dr. Lois de Ménil and Dr. George de Ménil Betsy Karel Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tennille Mavis L. Wylie, Ph.D. Mr. Harry DeMott and Kasper Mr. and Mrs. Harry Teter Jr. Robert and Linda Yahn Dr. Samantha Aldred Jak Katalan Ms. Paula Thiede Ms. Charlotte H. Young and Marion F. Deshmukh Gift of Kaufman Americana Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Thompson Mr. Calvin H. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dicke II Foundation in honor of George M. † Ms. Joy A. Thornton Lois and Ira Young and Linda H. Kaufman Dr. J. Robert DiFulgo William R. and Norma K. Tiefel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Zelano Richard † and Elaine Kaufman Dr. Joseph P. DiGangi Mr. and Mrs. William Tilghman Margot Zimmerman Judith Keenan Roger and Barbara Ditman Margaret L. Tomlinson Dario and Gió Zucchi Thomas and Kathleen Koepsell Alessandra Manning Dolnier Jay and Toshiko Tompkins Robert and Arlene Kogod THE LEGACY CIRCLE Patricia A. Donovan Lalie and Mike Tongour Michael W. Kolakowski Robert W. † and Louisa C. Duemling Jessica and Henry Townsend Legacy Circle members are those Alice S. and William K. Konze † who have decided to include the Virginia Dwan Mr. and Mrs. David Townshend Christie Kramer and Charles Kirby Gallery in their estate plans through Merritt P. Dyke Lawrence and Amanda Traub various means. Julie LaFave Mr. Barney A. Ebsworth † Ms. Laura Travis-DePrest and Evelyn † and Leonard Lauder Anonymous (44) Joan M. Eckert Mr. Geert DePrest Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder The Adels Family Jean Efron William E. Trueheart and Carol A. Word Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin Seena and Joseph Aisner, M.D. Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Jamie and Kirstie Tucker Arthur Lazarus Jr. Carolyn Small Alper Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Elliott Dr. Stanley Turesky and Virginia Lee in memory of Dr. and Ms. Jane Engle † Dr. Geraldine Otremba Dennis Alter Mrs. Chai-Chang Choi The Epstein Family Collection John and Susan Ulfelder Lynn K. Altman Family Trust The Honorable and Mrs. Marc E. Leland † Dr. K. Bolling Farmer Jennifer Urquhart and Elliott Jones Mrs. Martin Atlas Lynne R. Levin Lee and Ann Fensterstock Mr. and Mrs. Semih Ustun Merribel S. Ayres Simon and Bonnie Levin † Aaron I. Fleischman Jane Stuart Vander Poel and Ann M. and Thomas W. Barwick Donald V. Lincoln Edoardo Lenzetti Peter T. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Beinecke Robert † and Mary Looker The Honorable Margaret Vanderhye and Michael C. Forman and Jennifer S. Rice Mr. L. Graeme Bell III Angela M. LoRé in memory of her Robert Vanderhye Dava Berkman Douglas and Pamela Fowler parents, Charles and Alice LoRé Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Vaughn Philip D. Berlin and Olivia P. Adler Barbara W. Freeman Nan Gillies Lower Melanne and Philip Verveer Professor John Andrew Bernstein Howard and Shirlee Friedenberg Jack and Betty Lou Ludwick Barbara S. Wahl and Charles D. Ossola Robert Hunt Berry in memory of Barry D. Friedman Susan and Peter MacGill The Honorable Jenonne Walker R. K. Mellon, Ormond E. Hunt, Maryann and Alvin † Friedman Joan and David Maxwell Dr. and Mrs. Ken Walker and Paul Mellon David Morgan Frost Ellen McPeake Bill and Irene Wallert Thomas T. Bishop and Morton and Norma Lee Funger Julie Middleton Diane and Marty Wapner Clifford L. Gregory Suzi Gallagher Mr. Harvey Shipley Miller and Carol Warden The Honorable † and Mrs. William McCormick Blair Jr. Jo Ann and Julian Ganz, Jr. Mr. J. Randall Plummer Mr. and Mrs. William Edwin Warren Ambassador and Mrs. Donald Blinken William H. Gerdts and Kent and Marcia Minichiello Anne Webb in memory of Maurice H. Blinken Abigail Booth Gerdts Daniel Minnich and Ann Amy Weinberg and Norbert Hornstein Deidre Bosley Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Gewirz Diane L. Morris Mrs. Eric W. Weinmann Jay Bowyer and Christopher Greer Kay Giddens Glenday Ann Mosca Joan and Harry Weintrob Andrew Brown Milly and Arne Glimcher The Honorable Alfred H. Moses and Mr. and Mrs. Todd Weiss Ruth H. Buchanan Mary Anne Goley Fern M. Schad Angela Caveness Weisskopf Frances Ann Bufalo Dr. Margaret A. Goodman Robert B. and Tanni D. Newlin Maria Elena Weissman Vincent J. Buonanno Cheryl O. Gorelick Jeffrey Hugh Newman Georgia E. Welles Gilbert Butler Joyce Z. Greenberg in memory of her Ann K. Richards Nitze husband, Jacob Greenberg Susanne and W. Harrison Wellford Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell G. Byers Jr. Diane A. Nixon Lenore and Bernard Greenberg Judge Thomas B. Wells and Buffy and William † Cafritz Geraldine E. Ostrove Mrs. Mary Jo Wells Sarah Greenough Stephen and Claudine Ostrow


Mary and John Pappajohn Mallory and Diana Walker Every effort has been made to create a complete and accurate list of contributors. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Riggs Parker Mrs. Patricia A. Walters Due to limited space, gifts under $1,000 are not listed. Dr. James D. Parker David Warnock Gifts to the Gallery may be made in the form of cash, securities, or real and personal Elisa M. Patterson Jane P. Watkins property, and may be directed toward specific programs or be designated as Ainslie and Keith Peoples Michael H. Weaver unrestricted. Some donors make outright gifts, while others elect to make deferred gifts to help provide for the future. All gifts and bequests are deductible, within the Dewayne and Faith Perry Mrs. Robert M. Weidenhammer limits prescribed by law, for applicable federal tax purposes. For further information, Ivan E. and Winifred Phillips Angela Caveness Weisskopf please call the development office at (202) 842-6372. Judith D. Pomeranz The Honorable Allan Wendt and Helen Porter and James T. Dyke Que D. Nguyen The Honorable Stephen W. Porter and Larry J. West and Diana King Mrs. Susan Porter Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Whelihan Richard and Jeanne Press Elizabeth A. White † Richard J. Price Malcolm Wiener Judy Lynn Prince Professor John Wilmerding Francis H. Rasmus Christopher and Beverly With in Carol Bird Ravenal, Ph.D. memory of Karl and Gerda With Mary L. Regan Andrea Woodner Anita † and Burton Reiner Dian Woodner Paul Richard David F. Wright in memory of my good friend, John Taylor Arms IV Mr. † and Mrs. George W. Riesz Steven J. Wunder The Rizik Family Judy and Leo Zickler Susan Roberts Charles S. and Elynne B. Zucker Mary and David † Robinson Andrew Robison † Deceased Sharon Percy Rockefeller Diane Rosacker Trina and Lee G. Rubenstein William Rudolf Gwendolyn Russell The Honorable Arnold A. † and Joan Saltzman Irving † and Lucy Sandler Douglas Schaller Deanna J. Schupbach, Ph.D. David P. Schuyler Charles and Helen Schwab Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz Cathryn Dickert Scoville Deborah and Ed Shein Ruth and Hugh Sickel Gerald and Ellen Sigal John Silberman and Elliot Carlen Iris Silverman Leonard and Elaine Silverstein † Albert and Shirley Small Robert H. † and Clarice Smith Mary and Dan Solomon Richard Spear and Athena Tacha Spear Robert M. Stana and William T. Judy Jr. James D. and Kathryn K. Steele Stephen G. Stein Robert Stockho Mrs. Walter J. Stoessel Jr. Donald D. Stone Robert T. and Bonnie Sweet Christine Taylor and Lee Broughton Stanley and Barbara † Tempchin Eugene V. Thaw † Ann Van Devanter Townsend and Lewis Raynham Townsend † Christiane and James Valone Daniel and Winifred van der Rijn Jack and Margrit Vanderryn André-François H. Villeneuve Dorothy and Herbert † Vogel Bettye S. Walker Ambassador Jenonne Walker

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