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Editor’s note The Editor thanks all those who have contributed to and advised on this year’s issue.

4 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 5 Principal’s welcome Principal’s welcome

of the photographs, wrote powerfully round we are in pretty good shape. 38 of A model of Hertford in Lego, on display Principal’s welcome about the effect of both the old and the our undergraduates achieved firsts this during the July 2015 Open Days new display (her article is reproduced year and several won university prizes, 014-15 has been year two in a hat later in this issue, as is an article by the notably Benjamin Dawes in trick of Hertford anniversaries. 2013 fellow who came up with the idea in the Science and , Matt Dixon 2was the 100-year anniversary of the first place, Professor Emma Smith): in History and , Elliott Gordon completion of the iconic Hertford Bridge, “I never went to hall much in my in Mathematics and Statistics, and the marked in particular by the Bridge to at college—the food was grim, and the redoubtable Rachel Hunter, who walked Bridge bike ride raising an astounding prices high. But when I did, as one of away with three university prizes in £344,000: the year ahead is the 50-year only the third intake of women, it always Law. Nor do our undergraduates devote anniversary of the launch of the Tanner felt overwhelmingly blokey, and that themselves to academic work only. The Scheme, the college’s great contribution impression was reinforced by the faces on JCR (thanks in particular to President to promoting access to Oxford. This year the walls. Holly Redford-Jones and Ellen O’Neill) was the 40-year anniversary of the college …It is certainly true that we women do organized a first “HART fest”, a weekend being among the first five Oxford colleges change the feel of the place. For one thing, in early May celebrating all things creative to admit women. Don’t worry: as far as I we all appear pretty happy. We look as if in Hertford: music, life-drawing, films, know there are no anniversaries in 2017! we might actually have enjoyed our time talks on youth in literature and even a I feel blessed to be Principal during this at university and gained something from short story competition, opening with trio of anniversaries: in many respects it. We gaze gently down on the diners; jazz in the quad on a late Friday afternoon together they represent key constituents none of us is the slightest bit stern. In the in the pouring rain. Hertford’s music of our college’s DNA. Certainly our short statements we were asked to write continues to be outstanding: the Hertford celebration of Hertford’s women by to accompany our pictures, we all express College Music Society is the largest non- hanging photographs of a select 21 in a sense of honour and surprise at being auditioning society in the university. The our hall became a national story. When there.” men and women first eights registered the gallery was unveiled last September Sarah Crompton is right. The photos a Hertford first by both achieving blades it was reported on the BBC and covered have become widely admired—and the in Torpids, while James Ross won a in newspapers and internet sites around idea has begun to be copied by others. The swimming blue for 200 metres freestyle the world, even triggering a question on university and its colleges should and must in another overwhelming Oxford victory “Have I Got News for You”. honour our women: the Chinese proverb over Cambridge. JCR sports rep Naomi quoted an says that men and women co-equally Vides supplies further details of sporting anonymous alumnus: “Are any of these hold up the sky. Men and women co- prowess in her report below. Encaenia, 24 June 2015 women, in any sense of the phrase, up equally support Oxford, and our pictorial Our fellows continue to make their there with [the temporarily displaced] celebration reflects that truth. Now, as we academic mark. fellow Claire Donne and Tyndale? I wonder.” take the photos down to be replaced by Vallance won a professorship in the Background harrumphing of this sort 21 new portraits of the men and women recognition of distinction exercise last year, rumbled around over the first few weeks, who were admitted to Hertford under and she has been joined by English fellow but very soon everyone became a convert the Tanner scheme, there is sadness at Emma Smith, awarded a professorship in to what has been a triumphant success. their passing—even though we have re- Shakespeare studies, and History fellow Hertford women have achieved a great configured the originals in a fine display Christopher Tyerman, now professor of deal in their mere 40 years, reaching the on the library first-floor landing. We took the history of the . Professor pinnacles of politics, media, business, a risk: but it came off gloriously. The moral Dame Kay Davies (who also featured science, sport and law—achieving in the story could hardly be clearer. in the portrait exhibition) won the 2014 proportionally at least as much, some The heart of our work remains what WISE Lifetime Achievement Award, might say, as their male counterparts over it has always been and will continue for women whose careers in science, more than seven centuries. On top of this, to be: celebrating academic excellence, , engineering or mathematics the photographs are singular, striking and imparting it to our students, and giving “have inspired and supported other give the hall a clean mix of new and the the space for our academics to deliver women to follow in their footsteps”. traditional. Sarah Crompton, former arts the research which makes them world Two members of the fellowship won editor of the Telegraph and subject of one class. I am pleased to say that in the prestigious and highly competitive awards

6 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 7 Principal’s welcome Principal’s welcome

from the Leverhulme Trust. Professor Family Day, It has also been something of a year first newsletter, held an afternoon and Alan Bogg won the Philip Leverhulme 1 August 2015 for new books. Geography fellow Dr early evening of graduate presentations Award to develop his work in labour Jamie Lorimer published Wildlife in the on research interests, and organized a law over the next two years, an award Anthropocene, in which he argues that pitching session in which a strong field that recognizes “the achievement of beings are now so pervasive on of proposals for social or commercial early career researchers whose work has that there is no longer a category we enterprise competed for cash prizes from already attracted international recognition can think of as Nature that is independent the Hertford Graduate Fund and whose future career is exceptionally of . Drawing on over ten years (£2,500, £1,500 and £1,000 respectively promising”. A few months later Dr David of fieldwork in the UK, and for first, second and third prize). The Hopkin won a one-year Leverhulme Trust the Netherlands he argues that Nature winner, Dominique Piche, proposes to fellowship to study the songs of European should be reconceptualized as wildlife turn the dramatic and colourful images lace-makers, an under-researched group with profound implications for wildlife of stem cells into coverings for iPhones, of women who left no written testimony conservation. Professor Roy Foster added tablets and bags, giving back any surplus but articulately expressed their views on another extraordinary book to his canon: to support further graduate research. Next , sexuality, religion, and Vivid Faces: the revolutionary generation year we are collaborating with Wolfson workplace exploitation in song. Their Cyclists in Morecambe at the beginning of in 1890-1923, which has already and Pembroke colleges in “Tri-Innovate”, story is about to be told for the first time. Tour de Hertford, 10-12 July 2015 won a British medal for “a Meanwhile Hertford fellow Professor landmark academic achievement… Pat Roche, Tutor in Physics, assumed the which has transformed understanding The college Presidency of the Council of the European of a particular subject or field of study”. Southern Observatory (ESO) and also Law fellow Dr Alison Young co-authored was pleased to find took over as Chair of the ALMA Board, “Common sense, confusion and human the governing body of the Atacama Large rights”, an important and closely matched funding for Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array. ESO argued analysis of the contradictions of is an intergovernmental organization attempting withdrawal from the European a dozen graduate which builds and operates the foremost Convention of Human Rights. scholarships spread astronomical observatories on earth, Biochemistry fellow Dr Alison Woollard, located on three main sites in the Atacama one of Britain’s women of the year for evenly across the four desert in Chile, where the dry conditions 2014, will deliver the JBS Haldane lecture and clear skies provide outstanding at this year’s British Science Festival. As university divisions observing conditions. Medical fellow a woman, our dean is also Professor David Greaves has developed developing a career in stand-up comedy! a three-college effort to stimulate a new treatment for psoriasis which will English tutor Dr David Dwan joined us undergraduates and graduates to develop be marketed by an American bio-tech as an expert in Irish literature, perfectly innovative ideas. The college was pleased company, Rogne Bioscience. The anti- complementing our long standing to find matched funding for a dozen inflammatory formula uses a protein commitment to Irish history. Lucie graduate scholarships spread evenly across produced naturally in the body and Burgess (1993), associate director for the four university divisions (funded in has fewer side-effects than existing Digital Libraries at the Bodleian, has also part from our bike ride proceeds) and will treatments. joined us as a senior research fellow. aim to do something similar in the year A good third of our students are ahead. We were delighted to announce a researching for DPhils or studying for new graduate scholarship in Computer masters’ degrees, and over the year the Science and Philosophy starting in As a renaissance Middle Common Room has begun to Michaelmas 2016, the Oxford Mary Jane woman, our dean is develop some important initiatives to give Grefenstette scholarship. The scholarship a greater sense of community. As many of is fully funded, covering all fees and a also developing a you know we have plans down the line for living stipend, and has been created by a a Hertford Graduate School, a distinctive generous donation from former Hertford career in stand-up Current Principal Will Hutton with two of his lecturer, Dr Ed Grefenstette. We hope predecessors, Professor Sir hub of interdisciplinary research and comedy! and Sir , on the occasion of Sir innovation. The MCR published its more will join him. Second degrees are Christopher’s 90th birthday

8 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 9 Principal’s welcome Principal’s welcome increasingly important in all walks of life, Leavers’ BBQ, 19 June 2015 were pleased this year that two thirds of and highly indebted British graduates our offers went to applicants from state two thirds of in particular—but not only British schools, of whom eleven had applied graduates—need support if Hertford is through our access visits. We commit to our offers went to to attract the best. Equally important access partly in self-interest—we want to for career academics (and equally hard recruit the best, and partly from a sense applicants from state to fund) is the period after completing of fairness—nobody with the requisite schools, of whom a doctorate. The college made the ability should feel deterred from applying significant decision this year to support to Oxford (three further individuals who eleven had applied two new junior research fellowships in the attended our access programmes were humanities, along with a non-stipendiary awarded places elsewhere in Oxford). through our access post in the Physical Sciences. The value of Catherine is energetically continuing our visits these positions was immediately evident programme of visits to schools in Essex, from the extraordinary number of quality Camden and the Medway towns (our applications—over 500, many of them designated areas under the Oxford link of British America in the period prior to outstanding. We look forward to getting scheme) and launching key initiatives the American Revolution through the to know the three successful candidates— too, like this year’s Access day for year 11 focus of the Earl of Halifax. His book Dr Ingrid Rembold (Medieval History), state school girls in STEM subjects and was shortlisted for the Royal Historical Dr Matthew Windsor (Law), and Dr next year’s July summer school. The Open Society’s 2014 Gladstone Prize along Guiseppe Congedo (Physics)—over 2015- Day this June was the best organized, with Status Interaction during the Reign of 16. All these initiatives—on funding, on best attended and most rewarding yet— Louis XIV, the work of our inaugural Ellis promoting a greater sense of community, Hertford at its best, a number of fellows Barnard fellow Dr Giora Sternberg. and on innovation—hang together. reported, making them proud of the The Hertford Conversations continue. We were sorry to lose our outreach college. Thanks to Registrar Matthew This year we have welcomed Dame Gail and career development fellow Dr Jamie Hiscock, Catherine and our outstanding Rebuck, who talked compellingly about Castell to Cardiff University but pleased new admissions officer, Lisa Atkinson, for building a career in publishing, the state he had secured such a great job. We such doughty work. of the industry, and contemporary politics. welcomed Dr Catherine Redford in his Our staff have been hard-working and Susie Orbach mixed personal biography place, who—as she tells us in her own committed to the college this year as in and an illuminating assessment of words later in this issue—is writing a book every year: great thanks to them all, and in another well attended talk, on the figure of the Last Man in romantic I was delighted when Hertford became while Cabinet Secretary and Hertfordian, (i.e. early nineteenth-century) literature. the first Oxford college to accredit to the Sir Jeremy Heywood (1980), spoke to our Our access work goes on apace, and we Living Wage Foundation in September PPE students about his job, British politics of 2014. The Governing Body and JCR, and the constitutional issues raised by the under the leadership of Josh Platt, worked hung parliament which threatened the together to deliver the result. We were nation in spring 2015. Two fellows—Dr proud that Ewa Gluza, one of the bursarial Steve New (Management) and Professor We were proud team, was voted UK Polish Woman of the (Philosophy)—together that Ewa Gluza, one Year in the Social and Community Worker with Politics lecturer Dr Dana Mills category at a celebration at the Polish (who collected an university award as an of the bursarial team, Embassy in last autumn. She outstanding teacher of 2014-15), offered runs the Oxford Polish Association which an intriguing appraisal of my own book, was voted UK Polish supports the Polish community and How Good We Can Be. The John Donne Woman of the Year encourages links between it and other lecture was given by the director of local communities. The Home Bursar, Dr Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti—a rousing in the Social and Andrew Beaumont, found time between disquisition on liberty, an edited version his feats of lego construction to publish of which we are proud to reproduce in Community Worker Colonial America and the Earl of Halifax, this issue—accompanied by a special category 1748-1761, examining the governance exhibition of books on freedom from

10 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 11 Principal’s welcome

I finish where I began—with a bike ride our own collection, organized by our Honours for his public work in various dedicated librarian, Alice Roques. She major events in during 2014, and Dr Mills have become a great double notably the 2014 Commonwealth Games act—Mills and Roques, aided and abetted in , the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles by our students—with their succession and the Homecoming 2014 programme. I of fascinating book displays this year on am sad to report the sudden death, in July, feminism, liberty and nature. of (1964), eminent historian Our alumni have also been making and former Rector of Lincoln College, waves. Three Hertfordians are newly whose obituary will appear in next year’s elected MPs in the House of Commons: Hertford magazine. Jeremy Quin (1987) representing , I finish where I began—with a bike Anne Marie Morris (1976) in Newton ride. We held a second coast to coast bike Abbott, and (2002) ride from Morecambe to Robin Hood’s in Houghton and Sunderland South. Bay this July, a mini version of last year’s, However, reflecting the general pattern in celebration of the Tanner scheme. One of election winners and losers, the radical of the cyclists, David Banner (1965), was LibDem Pensions minister Steve Webb one of the first beneficiaries and insisted (1983) lost his seat. We were delighted on doing the ride to acknowledge the that the Honourable Charlotte Hogg importance of Neil Tanner in his life: the (1988), chief operating officer of the Bank encounters between him and those 50 of England, Dr Vaughan Williams, years his junior were a delight to behold. distinguished Hertfordian medic, emeritus We raised directly and indirectly £120k: fellow and great supporter of Hertford thanks to everyone who took part or who medicine, and Tom Fletcher (1994), Britain’s supported us. youngest current serving ambassador, have The bike rides are just a small part of what all become honorary fellows of the college. I hope you will agree is a vibrant, engaged Another honorary (and former) fellow, and optimistic academic community. Professor of Geography Andrew Goudie, The hard work on access, the ongoing represented the college at our London commitment to academic excellence, the debate this June on the green agenda, great research done by our fellows, the an event inspired by the centenary of the evolving initiatives on innovation and our Hertford alumnus Gavin Maxwell, author general openness and generosity make of Ring of Bright . Alumnus and us a distinctive community. Over this last honorary fellow Richard Fisher (1972) has year I have experienced first hand the way been awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award the college looks out for others with my for Public Service, while in June this year wife’s continuing and tough illness. We Marion Osieyo (2013) was selected as one are both profoundly grateful for the many of fourteen future leaders from around kindnesses and expressions of support the globe who gave their views on the from fellows, alumni, students and staff, world’s future at a European Commission and indeed across the university. There are conference, the European Development great challenges ahead but I have no doubt Days. John Mason (1975) was awarded that Hertford—and Oxford—will weather a CBE in the Queen’s 2015 Birthday them.

12 Hertford College Magazine HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT Genetics in Medicine Genetics in Medicine

I met my first patient, and now we have a of our body weight. This is an enormous was 95% similar to the dystrophin gene. We Genetics in treatment entering the clinic. The journey has challenge. One approach is to deliver realized that this gene could perhaps be used taken me from working with obstetricians the missing dystrophin using a virus, but to compensate for the missing gene. We Medicine in developing early DNA diagnosis of dystrophin is too big to fit into the common isolated the rest of the gene and it, too, was the disease to finding out more about the viruses used to infect muscle. Collaboration large. (This process took two years in 1988 Kay Davies function of the faulty gene. The final step has with clinical geneticists solved this problem. but would take two weeks now). We called been to set up a small company to deliver A sample sent to us for analysis from a it utrophin as it is expressed in many tissues a treatment. This has been a team effort very mildly affected patient showed that in addition to muscle. In early fetal life, between researchers, patients and their remarkably he had only 50% of this gene. utrophin is expressed in muscle in a similar families, charities and government funding This patient showed no symptoms until way to dystrophin at the muscle membrane, through the Medical Research Council. his early forties. At first investigators in the but at birth it is confined to the nerve- DMD affects only boys. This is because field thought that this patient must have muscle junction only. We went on to show boys have one X chromosome and one some compensatory genes as such a large that if utrophin is expressed at higher levels Y chromosome whereas females have deletion of his gene seemed incompatible in adult muscle in the mdx mouse model two X chromosomes. If there is an error with such a mild presentation. However, of the disease which also lacks dystrophin, on the normal X chromosome, females we showed that this patient’s gene could the muscular dystrophy was prevented. The have another normal X chromosome to prevent the disease in the mdx mouse concept that a small molecule might be able compensate. In 1980, when I began this to re-programme a muscle cell to produce work with Bob Williamson in London, there increased levels of utrophin was born. This was no prenatal diagnosis and no reliable seems obvious now but back then many of carrier detection test. There was no effective I have been our funders felt that this would not work as treatment. In some families, aborting all fortunate to have Nature might be expected to increase levels male foetuses was their only choice. Our first spontaneously in response to the lack of job was to collaborate with clinicians who been working in this dystrophin. ertford’s Professorial Fellow Dame Kay had a large cohort of well-defined patients. The next stage was to set up a drug Davies, who holds the Dr Lee’s Chair Peter Harper in Cardiff had such families field for more than 25 screen to identify molecules that might Hof Anatomy, has been awarded the and after two years we had developed DNA years since I met my re-programme the cellular machinery— 2015 William Allan award by the American markers which were suitable for prenatal something not evident to a biologist, Society of Human Genetics. The award, testing and carrier detection with greater first patient, and now even one married (like me) to a chemist! first given in 1961, recognizes “substantial than 95% accuracy. A few years later, Louis Fortunately, I presented our data at a Cold and far-reaching scientific contributions to Kunkel and colleagues in Boston identified we have a treatment Spring Harbor meeting where the Nobel human genetics”. Kay received the award at a the gene which causes the disease and, in Prize winning geneticist, Jim Watson, ceremony in Baltimore in October 2015, when collaboration with many groups worldwide, entering the clinic was present. He immediately realized the she also gave the William Allan lecture. new tests with 100% accuracy were potential and persuaded a small company developed. Interestingly, our first diagnostic model of the disease and that the central in New Jersey, OSI Pharmaceuticals, to help The importance of genetics in medicine test took three weeks to complete. This test missing domain of the dystrophin was not us develop the screen. We never did find a is now recognized widely as more public can now be done in a few hours thanks to as critical as other regions for function. We drug but we did set up the screen. When consultation about personal genetic the DNA amplification techniques now could therefore use this gene as a model for OSI decided to focus their resources on their profiling continues. What is often not commonplace in forensics. integration into viruses for therapy. Several successful other pipelines, they handed the realised is how much the technological The DMD gene was remarkable because clinical trials are just beginning worldwide screening tools back to us, and this time advances have changed the field for it is the largest known and encodes a very using viruses to deliver this dystrophin we set up a company with the chemists potential therapy. This is certainly the large structural protein localized at the “minigene” to compensate for the missing at Oxford, Vastox plc, now called Summit case in a disease I have spent my career muscle membrane providing stability when full length dystrophin. Therapeutics. We had to establish our own studying, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy muscles contract. Patients lack this protein When we were busily searching for company as no big pharma twelve years (DMD), a devastating muscle wasting (called dystrophin since the lack of it causes the dystrophin gene in 1985, we found a ago was interested in such rare diseases. disease where patients become wheelchair muscular dystrophy). Dystrophin is one fragment of DNA which was very similar How things have changed—there is now dependent at about the age of twelve years of the largest proteins in muscle and any to the dystrophin gene but not identical. considerable interest from big and middle- and generally die in their late twenties. I effective therapy will need to replace the This was our Eureka moment. When we sized pharma in the rare disease space and have been fortunate to have been working proteins in all muscles, which constitute 40% sequenced it, we found that the section there are more than ten working on DMD. in this field for more than 25 years since

14 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 15 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT Genetics in Medicine Wildlife in the Anthropocene

Our original screen was set up with drugs subsequent acceleration this drove in the entertaining they quickly descend into from the laboratories of Angela Russell and Wildlife in the consumption of fossil fuels. caricature and wilful misunderstanding. Steve Davies in the Chemistry Department The international commission charged In my recent book—entitled Wildlife in at the . This screen was Anthropocene with deciding on the Anthropocene the Anthropocene—I have tried to offer taken in-house by Summit Therapeutics hypothesis reports in 2016. But the an alternative way of thinking about while we set up more screens to find other Jamie Lorimer outcome of their deliberations has environmentalism after the end of drug series. One drug which came out of been overtaken by the popularization Nature. This book has been my major the Summit screen is called SMT C1100 of the term in the popular media. Many writing project since arriving as a new and is currently in Phase 1b trials in DMD have seized upon this word as an apt, if fellow at Hertford three years ago. It patients. We are excited that this trial will fraught, descriptor of the environmental draws on over a decade of fieldwork enable us to show proof of principle in present. “Anthropocene” seems to work tracing the history and politics of wildlife man which will allow us to move forward for many people as a way of imaging a conservation in various places across the and find molecules even better than SMT world shaped by human hands, in which UK, and South Asia. It is great to C1100 which will have even greater benefit there is nowhere left untouched by our see it finally in print! In the book I make for patients. activities. For researchers like myself This last part of the journey has been a interested in the history of environment fascinating learning experience. Working what it describes is a pretty radical event. to industrial standards, reporting in It would seem to represent the public our notebooks at standards expected of end of one of the central cornerstones of Advocates suggest industry, was hard at first but my team Western environmentalism: the idea of a that we will soon be soon adapted. We work well with Summit Nature out there, untouched and defined Therapeutics debating the scientific by human absence. Such thinking was able to actively monitor challenges at our monthly meetings with the basis for 20th-century environmental a team now not only at Milton Park, but campaigns to “Save Nature” in nature the life in us and will also at Kendall Square in Boston. Some of r Jamie Lorimer is an environmental reserves and other protected areas. regularly take good my team in the Department of Physiology, geographer. He is an Associate There is a growing sense amongst Anatomy and Genetics have been working DProfessor in Oxford’s School of environmentalists that the diagnosis of bacteria (and even with me for more than fifteen years and Geography and the Environment and a the Anthropocene demands a radical we continue to collaborate internationally Tutorial Fellow in Geography at Hertford. rethinking of their movement to identify worms) alongside our with colleagues we worked with on the His book Wildlife in the Anthropocene: what we should try and save now that original diagnosis developments. Conservation After Nature was published Nature has gone. This debate is really just morning vitamins I have been very fortunate because my by the University of Minnesota Press in June getting underway, but has already proved work on DMD has been international and 2015. rancorous and divisive. At one extreme we depended very much on close working find a group of “new environmentalists” a case for the conservation of wildlife, between patients, their families, research There is much discussion amongst or “ecomodernists” who argue we need which will inevitably have some form of councils and charities. Interaction with environmentalists about “the one final leap in our development—a human signature. I suggest we can find patient groups has been essential for our Anthropocene”—the claim by some new round of science, new technology wildlife outside of the wilderness, in the success and my career has also very much geologists that our planet has entered a and better markets and government, to countryside, our gardens, homes and even been involved in speaking to patient groups new epoch now the people have become finally achieve our Enlightenment destiny in our bodies if we are willing to look. I and lobbying parliament for funding a planet shaping force. Debate rages in as the Species. They imagine a “good propose that conserving such wildlife for the disease. Being in Oxford where scientific journals and conference rooms Anthropocene” with the planet tamed to involves recognising multiple forms of interdisciplinary research is the accepted as to whether or not humans have the human ends. At the other extreme are natural knowledge and curiosity, not all of way forward and with supportive research power to end the 10,000 year Holocene. If retrenched preservationists, for whom which are scientific. services and ISIS Innovation for spinning so then when does the new epoch begin the Anthropocene describes the coming I focus in particular on recent out companies, we have a successful and how might it be detected in the rocks? apocalypse: an eco-Rapture that will enthusiasms for rewilding in the UK combination. We have almost reached our Some propose nuclear testing. Others herald “a world without us”—or at least a and Europe. In its more experimental goal and I am determined that there will be favour the invention and proliferation dramatic reduction in human population forms rewilding involves reintroducing an effective treatment for this devastating of plastic. Many focus on James Watt’s and a return to primitive existence. ecologically important species—like disease before I retire (some years yet)! development of the steam engine and the While these debates are fascinating and beavers or wolves—and allowing them to

16 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 17 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT Wildlife in the Anthropocene Celebrating 40 years of co-education at Hertford engineer entire landscapes. The resulting landscapes are often surprising, rarely Celebrating 40 years conform to past imaginations, and are starting to generate a great deal of interest of co-education at amongst scientists, policymakers, visitors and even local residents. There are Hertford: reflections plenty of controversies here and political on the portraits battles yet to be fought, but rewilding offers a more hopeful story for future Emma Smith conservation than endless narratives of . In my current work I am exploring comparable enthusiasm for reintroducing species and managing the ecologies of the human microbiome—the myriad lifeforms that make up the human body. Here there is a growing anxiety about the absence of microbial life in our guts and on our skin and suggestions that the excesses of modern might be driving a range of allergic and autoimmune conditions. Various scientists and patients are now experimenting with rewilding the human body—introducing parasitic worms and good bacteria to try and rebalance dysfunctional bodily systems. Here worms, like wolves, are enrolled to he Hall portrait exhibition received engineer desired ecologies. Advocates extensive press coverage in September suggest that we will soon be able to T2014. We were overwhelmed by the actively monitor the life in us and will publicity: from and the Daily regularly take good bacteria (and even Telegraph to the New York blog and worms) alongside our morning vitamins. the BBC website. In addition, there was a I teach and enjoy discussing these fair amount of comment on Twitter and on ideas with the geography students here , as well as some old-fashioned letters. at Hertford. The arrival and implications Professor Emma Smith recorded her response of the Anthropocene is an important to the initial reception in an online posting component of their environmental which we reprint here. geography course. My thinking around the Anthropocene has also benefitted Most of the coverage has been very positive, from a research grant from Hertford and the large majority of our feedback from that funded an interdisciplinary seminar old members and others has been proud series, which I organized with Jamie that their college would do this. For most Castell, former Career Development people, it seems that Robert Taylor’s black Fellow in English at the college. The and white photographs sit remarkably well series was entitled “Life after the in the hall’s wooden panelling. Robert’s Anthropocene” and drew together own blog on the project is characteristically a diverse audience from across the reflective and interesting, especially on the humanities and social sciences at Oxford. question of photographing women and

18 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 19 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT Celebrating 40 years of co-education at Hertford Celebrating 40 years of co-education at Hertford

“the very delicate balance between surface/ comments on the online newspaper articles most famous graduate apart from Evelyn cosmetic appeal and other factors such as are often deeply and angrily opposed to this Celebrating 40 years Waugh and Jonathan Swift)—a hero and character, charisma and presence”. Almost initiative as political correctness gone mad. a friend to cling to in the frightening early regardless of their content, the new pictures The suggestion has often been made that of co-education at days. look clean and modern and the space really co-education could be better celebrated by Never, in my wildest imaginings, did I benefits from being curated as a whole. adding some women to the existing portraits Hertford: Why I’m think that one day my portrait would hang Students at this year’s Freshers’ Dinner— in hall, rather than replacing them all. Some on those walls. But on Friday I returned our intake was exactly 50/50 from 2014— interesting commentary used the new display proud to be on the for a reunion and there I was—high top seemed interested by the project and as a provocation to think about our attitudes wall of my Oxford left, smiling down, along with nineteen excited by the sense that Hertford was and obligations to our institutional past. One other women, all shot in black and white breaking new ground. Some student Oxford colleague asked “would there be a college by the photographer Robert Taylor. comments are reported in the coverage by college or a hall there in the first place if it We range from the immediately the student : Florence Kettle, hadn’t been for all those dead white men? Sarah Crompton (1976) recognizable—the broadcaster Natasha co-founder of the Hertford Feminist Society Seems a dangerously reductive way to think Kaplinsky, the rower Stephanie Cullen, told Cherwell, “I love what the portraits about a complex institution’s history to me”, the philosopher Mary Warnock, the represent—our college’s commitment to and others expressed similar worries. Clearly banker Charlotte Hogg, Jacqui Smith, equality and progression. Sitting in hall, this is a real point for discussion, not just in the former and now an we’ve joked about not being able to relate Hertford but across a university where history honorary fellow—to less well-known to all these anonymous historical white men is writ large. How should we acknowledge fellows and former undergraduates. or the anonymous stag, and it’s fantastic to the past without being held back by it? Theresa Moran is a teacher, Sukhvinder Some people objected to the inclusion or Kaur-Stubbs a charity executive, Marian exclusion of certain sitters—and it’s certainly Bell an economist, and Kay Davies a Our aim was never true that we could have done any number professor of anatomy, for example. We of exhibitions with entirely different women represent all ages and backgrounds. We to create a pantheon, featured. Our aim was never to create a look contemporary and benign. pantheon, but to give some sense of the range We have been hung on the walls, but to give some sense of things Hertford women have done, in and replacing dusty chaplains, former out of the public eye. John Donne and William principals and other assorted dead white of the range of things Tyndale were often identified as figures of men, to mark the 40th anniversary of Hertford women have such eminence that the college ought never Hertford admitting women. Even Donne to displace them (current students were more has gone, and in his place hangs a woman done, in and out of the worried about the fate of the stag’s head, also rom the age of 13, I lived in Oxford, I believe he would have very much public eye removed for the duration). And the Guardian’s and fell in love with its architecture liked—Julia Briggs, Hertford’s first woman headline shorthand about “dead white men” Fand its spirit. It was the only place I fellow, appointed in 1978, a distinguished roused many, including Sir Walter Bodmer, really wanted to go to university, though scholar and critic; a warm, encouraging see change in our environment, provoking our honorary fellow and former principal. Like my father—a man—did all he inspiration to me and many other women. us to think about what we surround his immediate predecessor, Sir Christopher could to dissuade me, pointing to its stuffy Hers, a beautiful, radiant face, is the only ourselves with and why.” Lots of colleagues Zeeman, he is very much alive, and I apologize English syllabus and stuffier ways. archive photograph because she died in from across the university and beyond that the coverage rather overlooked that After I won a place at Hertford College 2007, at the all-too-young age of 63. have contacted us to ask how we went important fact. A current Oxford graduate and walked nervously into its dining Seeing her there, seeing the other about this project, so perhaps there’ll be student, writing in the Oxonian Review, was the hall, I thought he might have a point. women around her, was surprisingly more elsewhere. It prompted one alumna most articulate of commentators writing from My overwhelming impression was of a moving. I never went to Hall much in my to launch the latest edition of the literary an explicitly feminist viewpoint, unimpressed shadowy, imposing place, full of history time at college—the food was grim, and magazine Five Dials in the hall. And the by a display she criticized as tokenistic and but utterly terrifying. the prices high. But when I did, as one of response to our Women’s Gaudy invitation patronizing. Most recently, local columnist It was deeply dingy, rather sticky, and only the third intake of women, it always was extremely positive, and resulted in a Bill Heine wrote in the Oxford Mail that this very oaken; the portraits on its walls, felt overwhelmingly blokey, and that fully booked Gaudy. exhibition confirmed the college’s reputation blackened by centuries of smoke, were impression was reinforced by the faces on Of course—and we welcome the as a “free-thinking foundation”: exactly the all of men. The only friendly face was that the walls. debate—there have been some alternative place that could stage the debate, as well as of John Donne (the poet and Hertford’s Despite the undergraduate population views expressed. The below-the-line the exhibition.

20 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 21 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT Celebrating 40 years of co-education at Hertford The Tanner scheme

I suspect, in truth, it was slightly Seeing [Julia random. As an arts editor and columnist, The Tanner I am in a profession and a discipline that I think everyone Briggs] there, seeing a lot of current students still aspire to. finds going to Scheme: view from the other women But I recognise that this slightly startled reaction is also part of my own complex university daunting a colleague around her, was feelings about my time at the university. Robin Devenish I think everyone finds going to surprisingly moving university daunting and if you choose who you are and so start to make the best one of the long-established institutions, of yourself in your own way. then your fragile confidence in your own In that context, I humbly think that now being divided roughly 50/50, Emma intellectual worth is always going to come perhaps I do merit a place on its walls, Smith, Fellow in English, thinks that those into conflict with the heavy weight of for a little time. I have done what I set out forgotten and forgettable men are still off- history and tradition. Those men in the to do in life; I am happy. I have achieved putting. She was one of those pushing for portraits represented an entire story and something, even if it is not climbing the year-long temporary rehang because ethos which sometimes made me feel felt Everest, or inventing the internet. So have “we found that ’s students, both intimidated and lonely. I spent a lot of all the other women who now hang in male and female, don’t have the slightest time in a state of panic and self-doubt. the dining room—and we only represent affection or interest for any of those That was where Julia Briggs came in. the tiniest proportion of the potential and anonymous men. She was a mother of three, a brilliant success that has passed through that space. “If you see yourself as a forward- academic, and a wonderful teacher. She Emma Smith made the point that looking and free-thinking college, as never pretended having all of that was nearly all of the old portraits showed Hertford does, then it is important to have easy, but she made it look possible and people whose success had been confined visible symbols of your difference. That is she took the time to help her students, to college; they were academics and what these portraits should be,” she said. particularly the girls, to feel it might be clerics in a narrow sphere. Most of Taylor’s It is certainly true that we women do achievable too. photographs capture women, whatever ext academic year (2015-16), Hertford change the feel of the place. For one thing, So Hertford gradually became a our merits or demerits, who have achieved celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of we all appear pretty happy. We look as if welcoming place. The men may have been outside Oxford; the university gave us a the Tanner scheme, introduced by Dr we might actually have enjoyed our time in the majority but they were kindly and base from which to spring. N Neil Tanner who became Tutor for Admissions at university and gained something from smart and far from overbearing. They were That symbolises something far beyond in 1965. Professor Robin Devenish (Emeritus it. We gaze gently down on the diners; nearly all from state schools—a tradition of Hertford, or even Oxford. Education, if it Fellow; Fellow and Tutor in Physics 1979- none of us is the slightest bit stern. In the determined promotion of that means anything, means allowing people 2010) tells us of its origins and one of its early short statements we were asked to write Hertford continues to this day, and one to expand their minds and ultimately fulfil beneficiaries, Martin Lipton, writes on its to accompany our pictures, we all express which radically altered its atmosphere just their dreams. History is important, but consequences for him. a sense of honour and surprise at being as much as the arrival of women. sometimes its hand can lie too heavily on there. I obviously wasn’t the only one That’s another why the antiquated the present. When I joined Hertford as a tutorial fellow who thought my inclusion was some kind bishops were setting the wrong tone. They If my portrait, and those of my fellow in Physics in 1979, the college was reaping of mistake. In fact, I spent a long time are all about authority, about people laying women, can act as an incentive for even the academic benefits of the “Hertford quizzing the photographer about why I down the law to others. Yet what any one prospective student who feels nervous Admission Scheme” spear-headed by was there—an obsession rivalled only by university should do—and what Hertford and overwhelmed to think that actually Neil Tanner. It was nearing the top of the my concern about the size of my chin in did for me—is to provide a place to begin, she can aspire and expect to achieve, then I Norrington Table from being virtually at any photograph chosen. in the most tentative way, to understand will be very proud. the bottom when Neil was elected to a I don’t expect to remain on Hertford’s tutorial fellowship at Hertford in 1960. walls—a David Hockney portrait of the At that time, the admissions process Most of Taylor’s photographs capture former principal has consisted of an Oxford entrance exam had to go into storage to get me there—but which required the candidate to embark women, whatever our merits or demerits, while I am there, I hope I do some good. on a third year in the sixth form to have any chance of success. The style of who have achieved outside Oxford © The Telegraph questions required a higher level of ability

22 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 23 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT The Tanner scheme The Tanner scheme

availability of awards at other colleges, as The college was well as their higher profile. The Tanner The Tanner Scheme allowed Hertford to break out of not just encouraging the rut of only being able to get the least scheme: view from students from state able public school boys, and as a result Hertford rocketed from rock bottom of the a student schools to apply, college rankings to the very top in only a Martin Lipton (1985) few years, having the highest number of it was making it firsts and seconds combined of any college throughout much of the late sixties. The possible for them to college was not just encouraging students get in from state schools to apply, it was making it possible for them to get in. Hertford had a definite “buzz” and was an exciting place. The scheme was unique and was we have been commemorating in Hertford resented by other colleges. Soon other over 2014, girls were first admitted to colleges followed and “early admission college in 1974). These pupils would then schemes” became the norm. However be interviewed early, outside the standard each college had its own features, leading application process, and if it was thought to schools complaining that Oxford they had potential, they would be offered admission required so much effort to a binding place at Hertford as long as they understand that their best students should achieved two Es at A-level (the Oxford apply to Cambridge or London Colleges matriculation requirement), without than A-level, and schools with staff time instead. The Dover report of 1984 imposed having to sit the entrance exam. This was to devote to a small subset of pupils ran uniformity on the Oxford admissions special coaching sessions in the autumn designed to level the playing field, giving system, not doing away altogether with artin Lipton was chief football term of the extra year in order to prepare state-schooled boys a realistic chance of the conditional offer route but barring writer on the Daily Mirror from candidates for entry. Most state an Oxford education at a time when their colleges from offering such places ahead of 2002 to 2014 and is now deputy schools did not have the resources to presence at the university was virtually non- M the gathered field. Hertford’s September existent. It was a bold idea and the college head of sports content at the . provide this level of preparation, nor could offers were no more. their pupils afford to delay for a year before Governing Body was understandably This was a great blow to Hertford Sometimes people appear in your lives out going either to university or straight into nervous, but the then principal, Sir Robert College as a whole, but especially to Neil of nowhere, make an indelible impression, employment (the latter being the norm at Hall, gave his strong support to the plan who had evolved such a successful system and then retreat to the shadows, unaware the time). put forward by the triumvirate. Neil took over 21 years. The Vice Principal of the of the impact they have made. In light of this, Neil developed the charge of admissions and the scheme ran time, John Torrance, criticized the change I doubt whether Neil Tanner ever gave “Tanner”, or “Hertford”, scheme for until the university banned early entrance as removing the one truly successful a thought to me, even when we crossed admissions in 1963. Going against the in 1984. access scheme that Oxford had developed paths in OB Quad or in front of the notice university principle of the “gathered field”, Neil was committed to widening over the preceding years; however, the board outside the Lodge in the mid 80s. Neil, along with college fellows Peter Ganz access, but there were other that college remained committed to widening Indeed, I’m pretty sure he never even and Jim Murray, initially investigated and necessitated change which earned him the the scope of its intake, and continued to asked himself what had happened to me visited state schools which had overwhelming support of the Governing evolve processes to these ends. Hertford in the years that followed, either. And I’m never sent any candidates to Oxford, and Body. These reasons centred on Hertford’s now has one of the largest state school absolutely convinced he didn’t devour any asked their headteachers to put forward extremely poor academic performance in contingents in Oxford, as well as creating of my World Cup or Champions League their best pupils (all boys, at that stage; as the early 1960s, caused by the much greater the first access and outreach fellow in the reports in the Mail or the Mirror, university. Neil evolved a scheme that has although he might have glanced at the endured and flowered, if not in its original odd cricket piece. Hertford now has one of the largest state format, and the Hertford College of today After all, I wasn’t one of his Physics is very much one that has been moulded group, merely another of the transitory school contingents in Oxford by his ideals. group of English undergrads, a but

24 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 25 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT The Tanner scheme The Tanner scheme not a personality. Just one of the many With the beginning of the Julia Briggs, neither did they, given that, to pass through, stay briefly, move on. Instead, Neil comprehensive movement under against all that should have been, I was Replaced by the next generation. And the Harold Wilson’s government—although offered a place to read English. next. And the next. badgered me, bullied was the Education As I later learned, I was among the Yet without Neil Tanner, without his Secretary when the largest number of last beneficiaries of Neil’s imaginative vision, ambition and drive, without me, told me in no state changed status—the approach. Hertford was forced to come his that Hertford should be at uncertain terms I impact of the Tanner Scheme became into line with the rest of the university the vanguard of a truly progressive, clearer, much to the consternation of the that summer. The Tanner Scheme was egalitarian approach to education, I would be doing university as a whole. to be no more, although the impact suspect my life would have turned out Hertford’s academic success as it was felt when I arrived in October very differently. myself a disservice if I moved up the Norrington Table did 1985 to find a huge number of fellow From the standpoint of three decades not prevent deep unrest, with moves state school newbies, among whom are on, things may look far less rigid but didn’t apply to disassociate the college for going it a number I still regard as my closest in the summer of 1984 there was still alone. Nobody appreciates a trouble- friends. a sense of deference and the “natural maker and Neil, and Hertford, were To my shame I never really told Neil order” of things. born to a lower middle-class family in trouble-makers. what he had done for me. I always Kids from my background did not Melbourne and earning a scholarship to Thankfully, Hertford stood its ground. nodded as we passed but I’m not go to Oxford, I thought. It was not an Gonville and Caius after completing his The Tanner Scheme became a blueprint entirely sure we ever had a proper option, not on the agenda. Parents who first degree in Victoria. for many to emulate and as Hertford conversation. After all, I was not alone. had left school at 15, with one O-Level For many, pioneering research went co-ed in 1974, another ground- There were plenty of us. When there between them. A comprehensive in the in nuclear physics—don’t ask me breaking move, the college’s reputation are so many, you take it as the norm. Essex commuter belt, where it always what ANY of it means!—would have as a beacon for educational equality was It wasn’t, as I recognise now. And seemed there were just three serious been enough and Neil might have further enhanced. much of the reason Hertford was, career options—in the Forces, in the , concentrated on that when he arrived as Not that, in truth, I knew any of this on and hopefully still is, the place it was or inside! a fellow at Hertford in 1965, by way of the that July day as I trooped up Broad Street then, warm, welcoming and open, It was slightly different in my case, in in Cambridge and for the first time in my life, ducking out was entirely down to Neil’s bravery in that I was pushed and supported by a the Institute of Technology. of the second half of an Open Day at taking on the system and recreating it terrific teacher, Mike Clamp, who thrust a Instead, he looked at Oxford, saw it Balliol to see what Hertford had to offer, in his own image. copy of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in front as a bastion of unearned privilege and trooping into NB Quad, up to Neil’s Without him, would I have of me and encouraged me to be more decided things had to change. room. accomplished the career I have had than I thought I could be. The 60s may have been swinging If I’m honest, I was looking for an in newspapers and on television? He had been to Oxford himself, St elsewhere, but not in academia. Indeed, excuse to give it up as a bad idea. Possibly, of course. But probably not. John’s, two decades earlier. He saw in Neil’s vision and determination to make Confirmation bias, as it were. Getting into Hertford, due to the me, bizarrely, some sort of promise. He Oxford accessible to people from his Instead, Neil badgered me, bullied Tanner Scheme—I know I would not told me that I should give it a go. own basic background, those previously me, told me in no uncertain terms I have done it by any other process— But I wasn’t entirely convinced, even disenfranchised, caused apoplexy. would be doing myself a disservice if I made me believe in myself, helped me though I began to read up about entrance This, remember, was a time when didn’t apply, that he expected me to have to feel I could take on any challenge, procedures and saw that Hertford, seventh-term entry was the main way the courage of HIS own convictions. It instilled a sense of purpose that was perhaps, might offer me a slightly greater in, a process overwhelmingly weighted was a 15-minute chat that altered my lacking in my fledgling self. chance of success. Not that the leap from towards private education. consciousness. Rather than heading I am not alone in owing him a “none” to “slim” was that precipitous. The “Tanner Scheme”, later known back to Essex with a line through huge debt. Hertford, too, would surely And it was at that stage, through one as the Hertford Scheme, was the first Oxford in my planned UCCA form, I have been very different without of the quirks that can change lives, that genuine outreach programme, with had to recalibrate and give myself that him. A visionary, a trail-blazer, a man Neil came, briefly, into my life, that his Neil and colleagues Peter Ganz and Jim chance—a swing against the odds. of integrity and determination. The determination to alter Oxford was to give Murray visiting state grammars which Of course he did not know whether essence of what every Hertfordian me the opportunity that transformed my had no history of sending candidates I was good enough. Evidently, when it should aspire to achieve. Most crucially, entire future. to Oxford, bringing in fourth term entry came to the final analysis three months perhaps, someone who thought outside Of course, Neil’s views were interviews, no exam and offers of two Es later, as I sat perched on the front edge the box and saw potential where others conditioned by his own background, at A-Level. of a sofa in front of Tony Cockshut and saw nothing.

26 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 27 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT 2015 John Donne lecture 2015 John Donne lecture

venue for a speech on the Human Rights bereaved families, victims of domestic Attendees of the lecture will know that this 2015 John Donne Act—itself a masterpiece of legislative violence, slavery and —to hold the distinction is untenable. What is a trivial design—and no doubt helped towards the powerful to account. Only a few months case? An elderly relative waits for hours lecture: On Liberty overwhelming turnout. On the subject of ago the HRA formed the basis of Liberty’s to use the toilet in their dying days; Rosa the audience, meeting some of Britain’s legal opinion which forced Oxford City Parks refuses to go to the back of the bus. Shami Chakrabarti brightest young minds was a joy. The Council to defer its decision on a Public Should partisan politicians decide? This quality and challenging nature of the Q&A Space Protection Order which sought to “injection of common sense” is actually an hami Chakrabarti CBE, Director of which followed the lecture, and the college criminalize begging in the city centre. unambiguous statement that certain rights Liberty and Chancellor of Oxford Brookes library’s exhibition of the literary treasures The “plan”—and I use the term loosely will be taken away, diminishing protection SUniversity, reflects on the talk she gave in which have shaped Hertford’s thoughts because nothing tangible has actually for all of us. the on 10 April 2015. on the concept of liberty, were truly been produced—is to replace the HRA Liberty has never shied away from a gratifying. It is heart warming to know that with a so-called British Bill of Rights. fight and it will take more than a little jet- Introduction so many talented scholars are concerning Hertford College, celebrating 40 years of lag to hold me back. I left Hertford safe in Visiting Oxford is always a treat, but seldom themselves with such vital issues in these co-education and renowned for providing the knowledge that you’re up for the fight is it such an honour. The invitation to uncertain times. opportunities for all, will recognise the too. Visiting Oxford is always a treat, but deliver the John Donne lecture, following So why are uncertain? Since inherent dangers of removing “human” seldom so important—together we can in the footsteps of such remarkable the lecture the government has made and inserting “British”. Rights for some, save our Human Rights Act. speakers, was a tremendous privilege and clear its intention to scrap the Human not all, are not human rights. one very much worth losing sleep over— Rights Act. Our Human Rights Act; the Despite ministers’ protestations about literally in this case, as I had just returned very instrument which enshrines the their intentions, the reality is that their from a trip abroad. But nothing wakes you European Convention on Human Rights— rhetoric is simply misleading. One Rights for some, up quite like the Sheldonian Theatre—a Churchill’s post-war legacy—into British proposal is to limit the use of human not all, are not human sight for my sore eyes. This masterpiece of law. Time and time again it has enabled rights to the “most serious cases”, with architectural design served as the perfect ordinary people—soldiers, journalists, “trivial cases” falling by the wayside. rights

28 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 29 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT 2015 John Donne lecture 2015 John Donne lecture

Transcript from the lecture Amongst the signatories to that letter were “Remember Magna Carta, did she die in It is an enormous, if slightly daunting, Amongst the people like Clement Attlee, H. G. Wells, E. vain?” So that is the extraordinary moment: privilege to be here to give this lecture, to M. Forster, Vera Brittain, A. A. Milne. The we have the Universal Declaration and be a guest of Hertford College, and indeed signatories to that list goes on. Activists. Writers. Lawyers. All then we have the regional instruments to to give a lecture in John Donne’s name. letter were people like coming together and saying we must defend make it law including our own European Be afraid, be very afraid—because the spirit of liberty in this country. Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). you’ve taken a bit of a punt on me. The Clement Attlee, H. G. The next really brilliant moment, I Churchill’s post-war legacy, drafted for the Sun newspaper once called me “the most think, is the post-war movement. Because most part by conservative lawyers, is now dangerous woman in Britain”. But I hear Wells, E. M. Forster, Vera it’s in that 1945-46 period that freedom- under threat. It’s extraordinary to me that people have been saying similar things loving people from all over the world this should be on the table in a great old about Nicola Sturgeon north of the border, Brittain, A. A. Milne come together and settle the Universal democracy in 2015, in the year that we and I may sue if people start calling her the Declaration on Human Rights in 1948. And celebrate 800 years of the Magna Carta. most dangerous woman in Britain. front-page headlines about the way in you know why. These people are not 1960s What are the rights and freedoms that “No man is an island, entire of itself; every which the country was being invaded by hippy liberals or pantalooned nineteenth- we’re talking about that are under threat? man is a piece of the , a part of the refugees from eastern Europe. In 1934 century gentlemen—all the clichés and all What’s in this dreaded ECHR that people main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, there was a time of great austerity and the ways in which human rights folk are put dislike? It’s the rule against . It’s the Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory economic uncertainty for lots of people. In down in political rhetoric. These are people right to life (now obviously not everlasting were, as well as any manner of thy friends or 1934 the Far Right was on the rise in parts who have lived through the horrors and life because that would take a medical of thine own were”. of this country and all over Europe. But the terrors of the second Great War. They have and not legal drafting, but the right John Donne of course, Meditation XVII. particular stimulus for the formation of seen bags of bones being carried out of Nazi to positive protection of life and the right And I’m sure he was thinking about all my organization, and I am essentially the extermination camps. They have seen people to investigation into untimely or unnatural sorts of other things when he wrote that, caretaker of this great organization, was coming out of Japanese prisoner-of-war death). It’s the right against slavery—and but I can’t think of a better way to sum up when hunger marchers came from some camps. And they decide that there have to what I think about human rights and why of our great northern to assemble be some values that can be agreed upon all it’s so important that we cherish them and in Hyde Park in central London, where over the world so that people are not going there have to be defend them from all sorts of very difficult they were promptly beaten up by the to have to constantly take up arms against challenges at this very difficult time—not . And what’s more, the tyranny. It’s an extraordinary moment in some values that can just in British politics but in the history of particular technique used by the police human history, yet to be repeated I think. be agreed upon all over the world. was that some of them went undercover Think about how difficult it is to secure Liberty (or the National Council for Civil and dressed as hunger marchers and international treaties and agreements on the world so that people Liberties) was formed in 1934; you might behaved in a deliberately provocative and anything important, from climate change to think that 1934 and 2015 are two years that violent way in order to apparently justify banking regulations, but these people did are not going to have to couldn’t be more different, and of course a more brutal policing response. That’s that. And they were slightly to the left of the constantly take up arms you’d have a point. There have been so what happened. A group of people (much centre of politics, slightly to the right of the many changes in that 81-year period. In smaller than the generous audience here centre of politics, there were representatives against tyranny 1934 there was barely television, let alone this evening) were horrified by what they’d of all the great world religions and people of CCTV and reality TV. In 1934 we’d yet to seen in Hyde Park, and got together in the no religious conviction whatsoever. Eleanor discover DNA, let alone take it from anyone crypt of St-Martin-in-the-Fields Church. Roosevelt called it the “Magna Carta for you might think that’s a bit redundant these ever arrested for a criminal offence whether Of course today they would have blogged all mankind”. Now of course this year you days but no it isn’t. There are still people or not they were subsequently charged or or facebooked or tweeted, but they wrote will note there are lots of celebrations of trafficked into this country and it was only convicted of anything. In 1934 there was a letter to the managers of the Guardian the actual Magna Carta, and I hope you’ll a few years ago, only just before the last no internet, let alone the capacity for the newspaper. In it they wrote about how forgive me for noting the irony that lots of general election, that we secured a criminal great democratization but also blanket horrified they were at what they had seen politicians who are putting on their smart offence of holding someone in servitude or surveillance of entire populations that happen in Hyde Park, and that “we today DJs to go to receptions celebrating the as a slave. The slave trade was abolished internet communications have brought us. have formed a National Council for Civil Magna Carta are the same people who want hundreds of years ago, but there was no So things were very different in so many Liberties to keep watch over the entire to scrap the Human Rights Act and pull us actual criminal offence of holding someone ways. And yet. In 1934 certain newspapers spirit of liberty in this country”. Incredible. out of the European Convention on Human as a slave. People would say “it’s fine, we still around today, and still pillars of The audacity of it, that they just called it Rights. What’s going on there? In the words can prosecute under false imprisonment national public life, would regularly run the National Council for Civil Liberties. of that great legal philosopher Tony Hancock: if you lock someone in or under offences

30 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 31 HERTFORD REPORT HERTFORD REPORT 2015 John Donne lecture 2015 John Donne lecture

against the person and threats and so on”. But what if you don’t lock them in? And what a war against an if there were threats but we can’t prove it, or there’s been a different kind of oppression— abstract noun... is a war this is a trafficked person who is afraid of recriminations back home. This person’s without end passport has been taken. This is someone with learning difficulties. There were people securocrats did not tell us what they were living as slaves in modern Britain and now doing to us in our name. And whatever your that is a criminal offence, courtesy of the views are about Mr Snowden’s revelations campaigning we were able to do and the (the Guardian newspaper has been called litigation we brought under article 4 of the treacherous and Snowden has been called ECHR, the right against slavery. an enemy of the state etc.), whatever Article 6 is the right to a fair trial including you say about the proportional balance the presumption of innocence when you are between privacy and security, surely that charged with a criminal offence. Of course, level of surveillance of entire populations for a fair trial to mean anything there has to rather than individual suspects should at be access to legal advice and representation, least have been conducted under the rule and that is so much under threat in modern of law? When was the public debate, let Britain. Legal aid is practically decimated. In alone the parliamentary debate? Where fact, decimated is the wrong word because is the primary legislation that governs the that means one in ten – there’ll be less than limits of that kind of surveillance? It was one in ten people who have access to civil happening behind our backs. There were legal aid in modern Britain. I don’t know if occasionally debates about pieces of draft you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to legislation that might have been adopted need a lawyer, but this is not a cheap pursuit to allow for greater blanket surveillance for and there are all sorts of people out there all sorts of laudable reasons like fighting who are completely outside the scope of terrorism and online child abuse and so on. legal help in this country. People who are But those bills did not pass. And they were potentially losing their children (to an ex- doing it anyway. spouse who has denied them access), people The most important right and freedom who might lose their job, people whose of all, the key to the human rights kingdom homes are under threat, no longer have in my view, is encapsulated in article access to civil legal aid. 14 of the ECHR. It is the right to non- Article 8 is very topical: the right to discrimination—equal treatment under respect for your private life, your family life the law. I have this debate with school and your correspondence. This is a national children and law students up and down conversation I think we are only just the country every day, every week: why is beginning. In part because, forgive me, the non-discrimination more important than any other human right? People look at me quizzically, “but surely torture, slavery, the people who free speech, these are the most important ones. Why do you say equal treatment get upset about is so important?” We lawyers call it non- discrimination; humans call it empathy. I human rights do love think it’s the most important because, in truth, there would be no torture and no human rights—their slavery and no similar abuses of power if we own really practised empathy or equal treatment.

32 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 33 HERTFORD REPORT 2015 John Donne lecture

You see, in my experience, the people but be careful what you wish for because who get upset about human rights do you might need them one day. love human rights—their own. And those And what about those women in the of their family, and people like them. It’s environmental movement, have you heard other peoples’ human rights which are about them? They went to Greenpeace a little bit trickier. In fact the man who meetings. They formed friendships and once described me as the most dangerous relationships with men which sometimes woman in Britain was a very good case went on for up to seven years. And then in point. A journalist on the Sun (he’s not the boyfriend, who one minute was in the there anymore) called John Gaunt. In family photographs, is gone. Disappeared addition to writing a very popular column off the face of the earth. Years later they in the Sun he was a talk-show presenter on found out that he was an undercover radio, and he thought some of cop from the special demonstration squad. They were under surveillance as domestic extremists. Those radical vegans. Why shouldn’t So “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”? I disagree. internationalism also Often the “war on terror” is used as a reason for abrogating human rights, but be for ordinary people, a war against an abstract noun which describes a terrible part of human behaviour their human rights (but nonetheless a part of human behaviour protection and their that has always gone on and will always be a part of the human condition) is a war values? without end. It’s a permanent emergency, it’s Donald Rumsfeld’s “new normal”. And it justifies so much exceptionalism that you our work was “political correctness gone wouldn’t otherwise tolerate and deprives mad”. But then he got into an argument you of the values and moral compass that I during a discussion on live radio with a think you need most in difficult times. councillor about whether smokers should The late great Tom Bingham spoke to be allowed to foster children in care, in Liberty six years ago at our 75th anniversary which he accused the councillor of being conference, and he ended his remarks by “a Nazi”. There were about three and a half saying: “Which of these [ECHR] rights, million complaints to OFCOM and John I ask, would we wish to discard? Are any was sacked. Not temporarily suspended. of them trivial, superfluous, unnecessary? Not warned. Not invited to the Principal’s Are any of them unBritish? There may be study for a “you’ve let the college down” those who’d like to live in a country where chat. Nothing like that. Just completely these rights are not protected. But I am not canned. John went to see some lawyers of their number.” And no, I’m not either. who stated that talkSPORT radio could Why should internationalism only be for dismiss John…unless that contract has to , organized criminal gangs and be read subject to article 10 of the ECHR. terrorists? Why shouldn’t internationalism He has a case currently pending (it’s now also be for ordinary people, their human some years later) in relation to his free rights protection and their values? Any speech in the European Court of Human man’s death diminishes me, because I am Rights. So there it is. It’s not just Abu involved in mankind. And therefore never Qatada, it’s John Gaunt. These people are send to know for whom the bell tolls; it not the best poster boys for human rights, tolls for thee.

34 Hertford College Magazine HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Reaching out to present and past Reaching out to present and past

than just telling school students how great students—some as young as fourteen— exploring STEM topics as they prepare to Reaching out to our university is, I’m able to engage them relishing the challenges of these topics and start their A level studies in September. in an exciting academic session that will, becoming really excited and animated in The day was a great success, and I hope to present and past hopefully, leave them wanting to come and their discussions. run similar events for potential applicants study at Oxford. Besides my visits to schools, I attend in future years. Catherine Redford, Over the six months that I’ve spent in this various Higher Education fairs, events I’m also planning to launch a Hertford Career Development role so far, I’ve been hugely impressed by for parents, and collaborative days with access summer school, which will allow us the college’s attitude to access and outreach Cambridge and other universities. We to bring gifted students from less privileged Fellow and Outreach work. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by a regularly run Taster Days at Hertford, which backgrounds into college for a few days team of fellows, lecturers, administrative allow school students to spend the day in to follow an inspiring programme of Officer staff, and students who are keen to support college and get a feel for what studying at academic, cultural, and social events. This access initiatives, and I’m proud to represent Oxford might be like. They take part in an will give the participants a real flavour of a college so genuinely committed to academic session before having a tour of what being an undergraduate at Hertford improving access. the college, lunch in hall, and a talk from is like, and will hopefully raise their The bulk of my outreach work involves our Admissions Officer, finishing up with aspirations. Hertford has a long history of visiting schools, where I meet students a Q&A session with some of our current innovative and effective outreach work, predominantly from years 11 and 12. Face- undergraduates. These events help with and I’m committed to using my time at the to-face encounters are irreplaceable: they “ busting”, and over the course of the college to build on this excellent record. show these young people that Oxford cares day the participants often go from looking enough to make the effort to engage with unsure and apprehensive to being chatty them. The activities that I run on such visits and enthused. They learn how affordable depend on each individual school’s needs, so Oxford is, given the college and university These academic I might, for example, give a general talk on subsidies to all students and Hertford’s sessions give students why students may want to consider applying generous bursaries for those from lower to Oxford at one school, while offering a income backgrounds, and they get to see confidence, encouraging more focused presentation on the specifics that Hertford is full of young people just of our application process at another. I also like them. Oxford goes from being an alien them to see that they workshops on topics such as interviews place to an achievable goal. can hold their own in an and UCAS personal statements, as well as I have some exciting plans for the came to Hertford in January this year, running mock tutorials. college’s access and outreach programme, academic conversation having previously spent just over two These academic sessions give students and over the coming months and years Iyears as a lecturer in English at St Hilda’s. confidence, encouraging them to see that I want to pursue some more ambitious and come up with some As an early-career academic with a passion they can hold their own in an academic access initiatives. At the end of this term, for access work, it’s not an overstatement conversation and come up with some original we held a “Women in STEM” event for original ideas to say that the role of Career Development ideas. Recent tutorials I’ve held have seen Year 11 girls from state schools. Around Fellow and Outreach Officer at Hertford students examining P. B. Shelley’s editorial fifty girls spent the day at Hertford I have similarly ambitious research is a dream job for me! The position is a changes to the Frankenstein manuscript, experiencing a range of science, technology, plans for the duration of my fellowship. I 50/50 split between research and outreach comparing some early nineteenth-century engineering, and maths sessions with our completed my doctorate in 2013, and am work with schools, allowing me to develop texts that imagine the end of the world, and tutors, before getting the chance to look now revising my thesis for publication as a a strong research portfolio while giving carrying out some practical criticism on a around the college, meet the access and monograph. The book discusses the figure me the opportunity to visit schools in Wordsworth poem. It’s wonderful to see the admissions team, and chat to some of our of the Last Man on earth in later romantic our link regions of Essex, Camden and current female STEM undergraduates. literature, focusing on a range of , Medway and talk to the students there The event was accessible to those from poems, and plays written between 1806 about applying to Oxford. The two halves I’m proud to all backgrounds: the day itself was free of and 1833. My research covers key figures of the role complement each other well; charge, and we covered the travel costs of of the romantic movement, including being research-active means that when represent a college so all participants. Oxford Mary Shelley and , as well as I work with potential applicants, I can generously provided books for all of the lesser-known non-canonical writers such deliver genuine academic content in the genuinely committed to girls to take home at the end of the event, as Thomas Hood, Thomas Campbell, and form of English “taster sessions”. Rather improving access therefore allowing them to continue Dibdin Pitt.

36 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 37 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Reaching out to present and past Travel & research fund awards

also reflect on the author’s “friendship” with tropical , and my microscopy skills the future, reaching out across generations Travel & research increased exponentially as a result. I feel I to posterity. My book will place the history now know what carrying out research on of the romantic Last Man theme in the fund awards ecology in a tropical actually entails, context of community: rather than viewing and I absolutely loved it. these writings as a series of individual texts his year 35 Hertford students benefited As a registered member of the responding to a common idea, we should from travel and research grants to Smithsonian Tropical Research institute, read them as an interlinking network that Textend their understanding of the outer I was able to attend bi-weekly lectures began to form when the first two Last reaches of their subject. These grants are by individuals working on a huge range Man texts were fused together as a pair by funded by generous donations from Hertford of topics, from the impacts of marine their critical reception. My research thus friends and alumni. The students shared with traffic on cetacean communication to suggests that even as the figure of the Last us some of their experiences. the sustainable development of different Year 11 girls looking at the Lego Hertford on our Man depends so entirely on his singularity, parts of Panama City. I assisted with the recent STEM day, 26 June 2015 we must view the texts that respond to this Joy Aston data collection and progression of three theme as an interdependent web. (Biological Sciences, 2012) other projects, giving me a much more I’m also investigating broader ideas This summer I was able to carry out varied experience, and discussed with of apocalypse, dystopia, and utopia in research on ecology within a tropical new friends I made the projects they nineteenth-century English literature, forest. I worked with fruit flies and the were working on. I was fully immersed taking in Mary Shelley, H. G. Wells, wasps that parasitize them by laying in the rainforest, and was lucky enough the Gothic, and friendship in romantic their eggs within the fly larvae. More to see a large amount of wildlife, the literature. Since taking up my post at specifically, I was studying whether the highlight being Panama’s most dangerous Hertford in January, I have presented a incidence of parasitoids changed with snake—the fer de lance. I also saw first- paper at the annual Newstead Abbey Byron the gradient of rainfall that exists across hand how the rapid development of the Society Conference and given a public the Isthmus of Panama, and I did this by nation is encroaching on its nature, and lecture on William Blake and the Gothic setting fruit-baited traps at seven sites discussed with experts in the field their at the Ashmolean . This summer, along the Panama Canal. The fieldwork pessimistic views on the future of not I will attend the British Association for took many hours and was tough, and only Panama’s forests but those the world John Martin’s painting “The Last Man” (1849; after Victorian Studies Conference, where I will the processing of my traps was smelly over. However, perhaps all is not lost—the sketches made in 1826) give a paper on depictions of subterranean and involved spending many, many seven sites I was working on were all less spaces in fin de siècle literature. hours picking pupae (around 1,500 of than 100 years old, as all areas around I am particularly interested in the I am currently working on an article them) out of two-week old fermented the Panama Canal were cleared during way in which Last Man literature of the considering Lord Byron’s response to both banana and placing them into individual its construction. The levels of growth and romantic period is not simply concerned the eighteenth-century eschatological tubes to wait for them to hatch. I also biodiversity present in these secondary with the individual figure of the Last Man, tradition and the biblical model of collected over 2,000 larvae and preserved forests were inspiring—it is possible for but is bound up with issues of friendship apocalypse in his poem “Darkness”, which them for future DNA analysis work. The nature to reclaim land and flourish. and community. The Last Man is not the will be published in the autumn issue of identification stage of hatchlings was I set out thinking that this experience ultimate depiction of the romantic solitary The Byron Journal. I am also preparing a a steep learning curve due to the sheer would solidify my ambitions for further who perceives his position—at least in paper for a forthcoming collection of essays number of Drosophila species that exist in study, and this has proved to be the part—as one of privilege, but is instead a considering “troubled landscapes” in the case, but not in the way I expected. The desperately lonely individual who longs for work of William Morris and H. G. Wells. opportunity has rekindled a passion that companionship. Early nineteenth-century My contribution will look at the use of I have had since a young age; climate Last Man texts repeatedly interrogate the underground space in the novels of Wells I feel I now know change is happening, human growth is themes of community and friendship, and some of his contemporaries, including what carrying out ever-increasing and pushing into “wild” often through the Christian model of the M. P. Shiel and Edward Bulwer-Lytton. areas, most worryingly those that act as heavenly community. They examine the Other forthcoming projects include articles research on ecology carbon sinks and sources of biodiversity, Last Man’s relationship with communities on the female utopia of Mary Bradley and more constantly needs to be done. and that have risen and fallen over Lane’s Mizora and the use of coastal spaces in a tropical forest It is easy to fall into the widespread time, and they explore the anti-community in Mary Shelley’s work, so I’ll certainly be actually entails, and I apathy that seems to permeate my age- sentiment promoted by urban living. They busy in the coming months. absolutely loved it group: apathy about politics, the future,

38 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 39 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Travel & research fund awards Travel & research fund awards job markets. I want to make an active pre-modern contacts. difference towards protecting beautiful My next major activity was to undertake places across the world like those I was a trip to the village of Nibutani, a hub of able to see in Panama. After graduating, the Southern Hokkaido Ainu community I plan to take a year out to work and gain and a key region in the Ainu Language additional relevant experience, before Revival Movement. It was rewarding applying for a masters in environmental to talk to Ainu individuals in an Ainu- policy or conservation. majority region and to increase my understanding of the local community. Toby Bladen Whilst in the area, I visited the Kayano (, 2011) Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Archive, which Thanks to funding from a donor, I carried commemorates Kayano as one of the most out a research trip in Tokyo and the prominent scholars of the Ainu language northern Japanese island of Hokkaido and a key leader in its revival movement. for the purposes of my undergraduate I was able to examine instructional texts dissertation, investigating the topic of used in Ainu-language schools across language contact between Japanese and Hokkaido, and to listen to a large library the endangered Ainu language. I travelled of spoken Ainu recordings—a privilege to Tachikawa in West Tokyo in order to given that only a handful of individuals visit the National Institute for Japanese can remember the language today. Language and Linguistics (NINJAL), In Hilary 2015, I submitted my a major research hub for linguistics undergraduate dissertation entitled in that is also a close research ‘Ainu-Japanese Language Contact’ based collaborator with Oxford University’s own on the research I conducted during the Research Centre for Japanese Language trip. In the dissertation, I contextualised and Linguistics. There, thanks to an and interpreted a report I had received introduction by Oxford academics, I was at NINJAL on the Hokkaido dialect able to meet Dr Anna Bugaeva, a leading of Japanese as spoken by native Ainu scholar of Ainu-Japanese language speakers. I first outlined the characteristics contact. of the Ainu language, before providing From there, I journeyed to Nopporo a discussion of Ainu-Japanese historical in the outskirts of Sapporo, and visited language contact. Finally, I reassessed the nearby Kaitaku-no Mura historical the report and discussed how it reflects museum. The museum details the Meiji the Ainu language’s wider sociolinguistic Period colonization (“kaitaku”), which context. I feel the successful writing of a brought Japanese speakers into intense dissertation along these lines was only language contact with the indigenous possible by travelling to Japan. Thus, I population and ultimately set in motion am hugely grateful for the opportunity the decline of the Ainu language. I provided to me by the travel grant. attended a Japanese language seminar organized by the Hokkaido University Lily Goodyer Sait Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies (Biology, 2013) on the topic of images depicting the With the aid of this funding I was able Ainu in historical documents. As the to undertake a five week placement in Ainu formerly had no custom of writing MGGEN lab at North Arizona University. their language or producing images of The main project was concerned with themselves, looking at images produced Arizonan strains of S.pneumo, which by other cultures, and their accompanying were found to be resistant to the chief texts, is an important tool in understanding antibiotic treatment Co-trimoxazole.

40 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 41 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Travel & research fund awards Travel & research fund awards

The MGGEN lab had already designed keep up learning Mandarin in my own project thought to be doomed, but we DNA primers using the sequenced Before the project time and through university—which I decided it would be fun to see where it genomes of a few Arizonan samples of hope will enhance my future employment was doomed. I developed a framework S.pneumo which were resistant, and the I had not programmed opportunities. inside GPTs for making sense of this idea, genome of wild type (Co-trimoxazole and showed where it ran into problems. It susceptible) S.pneumo. It was my job to anything in my life; Haran Jackson was a great learning experience. validate these primers (via the use of a now...I enjoy coding (Mathematics, 2010) DNA amplification technique known This summer I spent eight weeks at the as Melt-MAMA) by seeing if the results and want to do more Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC)—a I also attempted gained corresponded to the phenotypes small research institute just outside Lisbon. of already identifiedS.pneumo samples. of it Owing to my mathematical background to simulate quantum The results from these tests would help (I had just completed my MMath at using a us understand if these primers could be both analytical and numerical results for Oxford), I was assigned to the Population used to successfully identify samples of the new walk. Before the project I had not and Conservation Genetics group of Dr classical computer—a Arizonan S.pneumo which were resistant, programmed anything in my life; now I Lounès Chikhi. The aim of my project or whether resistance was conferred by am happy with the basics of Python and was to investigate the conditions under project thought to be more than one form of mutation, thus more importantly have discovered that which PSMC can produce false population doomed, but we decided calling for a more complex approach to I enjoy coding and want to do more of bottleneck signals (PSMC being an identifying resistant strains. it. I practised line fitting for graphs, how algorithm in bioinformatics that, given a it would be fun to see From my work with the Arizonan to use analytical and numerical work to sample pair of genomes, determines the samples and the designed primers I complement one another, the importance historical size over time of the population where it was doomed discovered that the primers could identify of being organized, how to make from which they derive). The work was some of the phenotypically resistant professional looking graphs and reports fairly intense but highly rewarding. I also Charlotte Reeks strains but not others. This suggested using pyplot and latex, how brilliant covered a huge amount of new material (Archaeology & Anthropology, 2011) resistance was being conferred by more mathematica is and how to use a linux over the course of my project, and gained I used my grant to undertake a summer than one type of mutation either within computer. These are all essential basic a great deal of programming and general research project at the Institute of Cognitive the two earlier specified genes, or within scientific skills that will give me a head computing experience, all while honing and Evolutionary Anthropology in Oxford other genes not yet scrutinized by start for my MPhys project this year and my research skills. with Dr Emma Cohen. The research was scientific research. support my CV when applying for PhDs based on the of movement and and modelling based work. Added to this Dan Martin “exercise” in Homo sapiens, a pervasive Zoe Holmes it was really fun spending the summer in (Physics, 2012) characteristic of the species, and the (Physics & Philosophy, 2011) Berlin. I met lots of interesting people and I worked for nine weeks with Oscar reciprocal links it might have with social I spent three months this summer as part of I improved my German. Dahlsten in the Clarendon Laboratory. bonding and cooperation in humans. My the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics This was work on theoretical physics, contribution, briefly, involved looking at and theoretical biological physics group Charlie Jackson so it consisted of private study and a large database of ethnographies, books, at the University of Potsdam. While I (Physics, 2012) conversations/debates with Oscar and articles and other texts called the Human was there I worked on a memory driven This summer I spent three weeks in the other DPhil students in the office. Relations Area Files and exploring how random walk that had been suggested , at East China Normal Two questions in theoretical physics “exercise” appears in societies cross- might describe the motion of animals in a University studying Mandarin and relevant to the work are: “why are the culturally. Physical Review letter by Boyer and Solis- Chinese culture. It was an amazing fundamental laws of quantum mechanics The experience was highly beneficial Salas. opportunity which has given me lifelong the way they are?” and “can we develop as I am currently studying for a Master’s I started by trying to understand the memories and skills. The programme workable quantum computers?” Using a degree in the same area. paper and replicate its results. In the consisted of daily language classes, framework called General Probabilistic process of this I found a couple of errors module classes, Chinese based activities Theories (GPTs), I investigated how much Jakob Sowa in the paper. My work largely consisted of such as calligraphy and tai chi, and also “mutual information” could be stored (Chemistry, 2011) getting further numerical results out (by trips to local points of interest. I really and communicated using basic physical I was awarded a grant which enabled me programming in Python) for the original enjoyed learning Mandarin and found systems in that theory. to undertake a month-long project in walk and then modifying the walk by the differences very interesting and the I also attempted to simulate quantum the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in applying various biases and obtaining language rewarding to learn. I plan to computers using a classical computer—a Oxford. Working in Professor Timmel’s

42 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 43 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Travel & research fund awards Travel & research fund awards

group I investigated the effects of would go over to talk, drink chai, help magnetic fields on chemical reactions cook and prepare meals. During these living with using various fluorescence techniques. evenings, I had invaluable conversations In order to measure the changes in with these women where we spoke— indigenous students and concentrations of certain species a amongst many things—about love, technique called Fluorescence MARY marriages, dowry, domestic violence and teachers from different was used. It involved measuring the female subordination in . While my nations across intensity of the fluorescence signal (at selected topic of “Contemporary India” that an appropriate wavelength) with varying I studied at Oxford honed my theoretical greatly influenced my external magnetic field. A number of understanding of the issues these women systems were observed and, with help face, the opportunity to hear these women’s understanding of the of computer simulations, several kinetic intimate stories first-hand, their individual schemes were established. and collective struggles, has provoked a complexities of the desire to pursue female empowerment in issues Helen Spooner India in greater depth. (Geography, 2011) My experience in India this summer Over this summer I led the pilot study has no doubt played a huge factor in my of the issues involved in present day for the Oxford-based social enterprise decision to specialize in Gender during negotiations between First Nations and Prayog India. The project sought to gauge my Masters in Development Studies at the Canadian state, and the reasons why the extent to which children’s access to SOAS this year. The conversations I had in those negotiations are often fraught with hand-held computers in the classroom Haliya have certainly played a role in my difficulty and conflict. might improve their access to information hopes to pursue a career where I can make After completing the course, I returned and learning potential. While this was a difference by working to minimize the to Yellowknife where I met the coordinator the fundamental aim of the study, the inequalities and injustices experienced by of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage eye-opening experiences of living with women in the Global South. Centre to discuss issues ranging from a family in rural India taught me more cultural appropriation of aboriginal dress about Indian culture and the obstacles to Winnie Street by festival-goers in British Columbia, to the development than any book I could read (Archaeology & Anthropology, 2012) legacy left by the pan-Canadian indigenous on Development Theory. Thanks to this funding, I was able to conduct cultural movement of 2012—Idle No While staying in the town of Haliya I research in the Northwest Territories of More—within indigenous youth groups. built many friendships with the teachers Canada for my anthropological dissertation The museum itself presented a wealth at the two schools, particularly the female on the differences between indigenous and of cultural artefacts and information on teachers. In the evenings after work I settlers’ communities, and the way in which indigenous craftwork, history and culture, these relate to resource extraction and the and simply exploring the city of Yellowknife treatment of indigenous women. provided an interesting insight into how I enrolled on a course at Dechinta relations between settler and indigenous the eye-opening University, entitled “Indigenous Self- populations work in real terms. Determination in Theory and Practice”, The trip was utterly crucial to my final experiences of living taught by indigenous academics and dissertation in exposing me to a great members of the local Dene First Nation. number of new ideas. More importantly, with a family in rural Dechinta is based in Blachford Lodge, 60km however, my first-hand experience of away from Yellowknife, the capital city of the the place and its people gave me the lens India taught me more Northwest Territories. While the course itself through which to approach the issues about Indian culture taught me a great deal about the history and involved with the necessary care and present situation of First Nations groups attentiveness. First Nations’ political and and the obstacles to across Canada, living with indigenous cultural , and their relationships students and teachers from different with landscape in contrast with those of development than any nations across Canada greatly influenced settler“Eurocentric” society, are a fascinating book I could read my understanding of the complexities and highly politicized area of inquiry.

44 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 45 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR The living wage Refurbishing Hertford

national inception, largely as a result informally shadowed the living wage, The living wage of lobbying by student representatives. so that the college was never more than Refurbishing The university’s council approved plans three months behind the last date for James Lazarus, Bursar to accredit in summer 2014 but at an complying with the official living wage Hertford incremental pace that would not see the rate. living wage fully adopted for an extended Governing Body’s decision and the Andrew Beaumont, period and with the announcement college’s formal accreditation were Home Bursar delayed until January 2015. both a symbolic step and enshrined our Hertford JCR and MCR took up the commitment for the future. Having made issue and made strong representations the decision, the college was determined in late Trinity term 2014 for the college to enter into both the letter and spirit of to accredit at a faster pace than the the agreement. university. Within the college there The campaign allows all employers is an excellent relationship with both a period of six months’ grace before all JCR and MCR and undoubtedly their salaries have to be aligned to the living vigorous campaigning helped us to wage. However, Hertford has agreed take our rightful place at the forefront to pay the living wage as soon as it is of official implementation. I believe we announced. So, in 2014, we paid the living would have got there in the end but am wage from the date of its announcement glad to pay tribute to our students for on 1 November. We have committed to do encouraging the college to take this step. so in all subsequent years. As Bursar, I felt it was important that Following its decision, Governing Body he Bursar describes how and why Governing Body assessed the financial was delighted to receive a letter of thanks Hertford became the first Oxford consequences of taking the decision, from our scouts—the largest body of staff Tcollege to accredit to the living wage in which we would be bequeathing to directly affected by accreditation. November 2014. our successors. We also needed to be Looking forward, it is likely that the here is a popular and often-repeated mindful of the worsening financial increases in the living wage will continue story about refurbishment: that of The living wage is a relatively new outlook in higher education more to be at the upper end of each year’s Tthe iconic Forth Rail Bridge. No creation, although much in the news. It generally. However, having considered annual cost of living increase. However, sooner have the painters reached its end, only formally became a national entity in this perspective carefully, I was pleased Oxford remains an expensive place to it is claimed, than they have to return 2011. There are eight principal partners to recommend to Governing Body that live and the college has every reason to the beginning and start the task all made up of a number of charities, but we should proceed. This seemed to be to be grateful to our staff, not least our over again. The tale is apocryphal, but also Linklaters, Aviva and KPMG. a moment when the right course was wonderful scouts, who work extremely nonetheless illustrative of the point The key feature of the living wage is more important than the cheapest. hard throughout the year, especially in the that all refurbishment work is cyclical, that it is focused on individual need, And the amounts at stake were not summer in support of our International and rarely if ever provides lengthy which is thoroughly researched, rather so very sizeable as the college has Programmes, in contrast to many other opportunities for respite. than affordability from the employer long sought to be a good employer. In colleges, which are much quieter over the Nowhere is this truer than in an perspective. particular, on his arrival as Principal, long vacation. Oxford college. The seasonal ebb and The campaign had been actively Will Hutton and the then Bursar Although it seemed for a few months flow of students, conferences, and discussed within the university since its Simon Lloyd ensured that the college as if Hertford would be the only college admissions follow hard upon each to accredit, I am delighted to report that other, and the college’s domestic teams around half of all colleges have now taken endeavour to make each group in turn this step and many others have agreed as welcome and comfortable as possible. to do so soon. It seems very likely that Much like the figurative swan’s legs, out Hertford has agreed to pay the living all staff across the collegiate university of sight but always working, the team will soon enjoy the same benefit. I am strive ceaselessly behind the scenes to wage as soon as it is announced so pleased that we have played our small deliver the best facilities that we can to part in making this happen. our members and guests alike.

46 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 47 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Refurbishing Hertford Refurbishing Hertford

Student bedroom at Abingdon House Principal’s Drawing Room

Ferrar Room

Old Lodgings’ Dining Room

48 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 49 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Refurbishing Hertford Development update

The Catte Street site alone offers a Oxford portfolio and expanding the size of push the boundaries of knowledge and fascinatingly diverse series of demands. our site in that area (the college already owns Development inclusivity? Occupied and used almost all year the neighbouring numbers 8-10, as well as To that I would say that Hertford truly round, the windows of opportunity to numbers 57 and 59 Road at the update embodies its ideals. Rather than merely refit or upgrade are few and far between. rear). The house, a mid nineteenth-century talk about the historic tradition of academic Nevertheless over the past few years, the villa, is scheduled for major reconstruction Julia Thaxton, Director excellence, access and diversity, innovation Principal’s Lodgings have been extensively this summer, to restore and convert it into of Development and cross-disciplinary collaboration, redesigned, with guidance from the college’s a magnificent ten-bed residence. I look Hertford is proactively putting in place plans Works of Art Committee. Elsewhere, the forward greatly to welcoming students to to ensure that we maximise our potential in Boyd Room and Ferrar Room have been our new flagship accommodation. each of these areas. substantially refurbished, and upgraded The successful year-on-year reduction We prize our academic excellence and to accommodate state-of-the-art audio- of the college’s sizeable carbon footprint the opportunity for cross-disciplinary visual equipment and video-conference has been achieved through a combination collaboration. Undergraduates form bonds facilities. This summer, the much-loved Old of hard work, investment in efficient across subjects through the close-knit Hall will be totally refurbished, presenting technology, and crucially in the awareness additional challenges in restoring a Grade of our members of their own, individual II* heritage-listed room to its former glory. responsibility for the environment. The Hertford truly Looking further ahead still, during the next retro-fit of college buildings to low-energy two years the main site kitchen (the largest, “smart heaters”, energy-efficient boiler embodies its ideals and busiest of the four catering operations plants, and motion-sensing LED lighting within the college) and its associated are all rolling measures to reduce the community of college life, whether that is on servery facilities will be upgraded and college’s impact. the playing field or river, while making music, updated to meet the college’s desire for The continuing improvement of safety or (as is often the case) in the college bar. high-quality dining. and security remains paramount for Our postgraduate community are beginning Beyond the main site, the college’s a college of our size and layout, with to replicate this “college experience” for the present portfolio comprises a further upgrades to site access, CCTV, and fire ecently I was asked a question, MCR, with a new programme of events in eighteen residential properties (three detection systems representing significant which prompted some reflection. My the Octagon and a summer conference, leased), in addition to the shared recent investments at present and in the inquisitor was Sabina Bi, the newest with graduate speakers shedding light on Longbridges boathouse, and our sports future. The commission and installation R member of the Development team, who in their research. Development plays into this ground in east Oxford. The total current of timed power switches on cookers and her first week asked: “I know what Hertford too: a donation shared between Hertford, room-stock now exceeds 500, without other appliances have greatly reduced the stands for from a historic perspective—the Pembroke and Wolfson has allowed us to adding in the ancillary kitchens, bathrooms, number of fire alarms across the college’s first to go co-ed and to push state school pool our resources and establish a scheme to communal spaces and teaching rooms. The sites, and our eponymous “Beaumont admission. But what makes Hertford encourage innovative start-ups by offering properties are distinct and vary greatly, Switch” is even now on commercial sale different now?” a prize to the best business plan for a start- from five and six-bed townhouses on (albeit branded as the Mk. II Ovenguard). To an outsider, it can be difficult to tell up or social enterprise. We also encourage Abingdon Road, up to giants such as the Hertford is fortunate to have the service the Oxford colleges apart. Each one is a students to look beyond the confines of Graduate Centre and Warnock Houses of so many conscientious, hard-working constituent part of a stellar, world-leading their course with travel grants and (85- and 72-bed respectively). Maintaining colleagues, dedicated to keeping our academic institution, with an intellectual research awards, funded by donations, all these properties and their facilities is a buildings in the best possible condition. powerhouse of students and fellows. which allow budding scholars to explore the never-ending day-to-day task. Operating As the journalist Sean Coughlin pithily The majority of colleges will tell you how outer reaches of their subject. on an refurbishment cycle of ten years observed, “these might be corridors of much they prioritize access and encourage We champion our commitment to access, for all college rooms, the annual target of learning. But someone still has to clean applicants from diverse backgrounds. Many continuing the Tanner tradition discussed in fifty bedrooms alone presents a formidable them”: the support of all of our staff will say how friendly their communities articles above. After increased tuition fees challenge, in addition to the re-fit of plant involved in maintaining, updating and are and emphasise the close relationship were introduced in 2012, Hertford pledged equipment and necessary infrastructure improving what we are able to offer for between tutors and their students. Which to support students from under-funded upgrade. our community day-in and day-out, plays begs the question: how can Hertford stand backgrounds by introducing the Hertford In late 2014 the college purchased an important if un-noticed part in the out in a collegiate university that continues bursary—a blanket award of £1,000 that an additional residential property at 11 overall student experience. The swans swim to surpass expectations in its mission to is given to all undergraduates who qualify Winchester Road, increasing our North ceaselessly on.

50 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 51 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Development update Development update

for financial support under the university’s means-testing assessment. Since we launched the scheme, these bursaries have increasingly For the past 50 years, the story been funded by gifts from alumni and friends of the college, including funds raised last year of access has revolved around the by the Oxford to Venice bike ride, which have supported the college’s yearly £100,000 bursary undergraduate experience expenditure. Donations from the bike ride also allowed the college to double its budget for outreach activity this year which, together with the arrival of our second Outreach Fellow, Catherine Redford, in January, means renewed momentum in this area. Catherine has introduced a STEM day for girls interested in studying science, technology, engineering and maths and is planning a new summer school for prospective applicants in 2016. We anticipate an extra injection of inspiration when we welcome our first Academic Visitor in October 2015, Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive of UCAS. With a unique overview of both UCAS data and Hertford’s admissions processes, Mary will be running a research project looking at the challenges and opportunities for Oxford admissions in the years and decades ahead. I’m sure this research will instigate more exciting projects that will further inspire friends and alumni to support us. For the past 50 years, the story of access has revolved around the undergraduate experience. The 2010 Browne report into Higher Education funding devoted 50 pages to undergraduate funding and only one single page to postgraduates. But the truth of the situation is that funding for postgraduate study is increasingly scarce, and particularly for UK students. We are rapidly approaching a situation where only the wealthiest students can consider undertaking further research—a worrying picture because postgraduate study carries enormous public benefit. Concerned by this trend, in 2014-15 Hertford made the first moves towards a more level playing field by offering an increased number of graduate scholarships. Funds donated by alumni and friends, including those raised via the Oxford to Venice bike ride, allowed us to offer “senior scholarships” of £5,000 to six graduate

52 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 53 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Development update The Library students—an increase from four scholarships around that, International Programmes, of £4,000 the previous year. Donations also which stands head and shoulders above all The Library allowed us to allocate additional funds others in Oxford. The income from these towards co-funded scholarships, which international visitors provides another 25% Charlotte Brewer, Acting meant that an additional five students were of our annual income. offered Hertford Studentships or Clarendon There are significant milestones in the Fellow Librarian Scholarships this year, the most generous college’s recent history: in the 1960s Neil of which covered all fees and a stipend. Tanner pioneered access; the 1970s brought This summer we will be advertising our co-education and Van Noorden’s first wholly funded graduate scholarship in investment programme; in 2000 we started Computer Science and Philosophy, which International Programmes. It is interesting has been made possible by a donation from to note that the motivation for the Tanner Scheme and co-education was not only the moral imperative to “do the right thing”— In the past year, they were strategic decisions to ensure that Hertford maintained its academic edge by over 1,200 alumni and attracting the very best candidates. Income from the endowment and International friends have come to Programmes are similarly essential to the long-term security of the college, and the Development events decision to make these investments arose from necessity but also in recognition of the former Hertford Lecturer, Dr Ed Grefenstette. opportunity to grow and improve in socially These scholarships are essential to ensuring responsible ways. that postgraduate study is available to So what is the next milestone? As we stand students from diverse backgrounds, not only at the mid-point of the 2010s (the twenty- those who are able to pay. teens?), it is logical that Development is the The subject of graduate scholarships next piece of the puzzle to fall into place. also brings to one of Hertford’s After no fewer than three anniversaries other well-known, but less talked about, in three years (100 years of the bridge, 40 qualities: the ability to make the most of years of co-education, and 50 since Neil what we have. When our graduate tutors Tanner became Tutor for Admissions), we receive the funds raised by the Development enjoy a closer relationship with our alumni Office, they take them out into Oxford, community than ever before. In the past scouring the university for matched funding year, over 1,200 alumni and friends have opportunities, negotiating with departments come to Development events—our largest and faculties to get the best value for our ever attendance rate. We now communicate investment. Perhaps it’s not surprising that through multiple channels: Facebook, Twitter, we take this entrepreneurial approach. As Instagram and LinkedIn as well as by email a historically poor college, Hertford has and in print. And we have more donors and taken a shrewd view to allow it to compete supporters than ever before—11% of our with its wealthier counterparts. Famously, community have made a gift to the college Roger Van Noorden undertook a measured already this year, and 29% have given to the and methodical investment policy, which college since the launch of the Development allowed the endowment to grow to an Office. We hope, as we continue to make extent that it provides 17% of our annual in-roads in areas that you care about and income. Hertford was the first to spot the develop important new initiatives, that you opportunities provided by the international will support, or continue to support, the Dana Mills and Alice Roques at the Liberty conference market, and has built a business college’s good work. display in the Old Library

54 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 55 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR The Library The Library

We are continuing to conserve and explore our historical volumes, which regularly yield unexpected discoveries: in June this year, Alice identified a second book originally belonging to the philosopher , Caspar Barlaeus’s 1647 work on South America. It has intricate fold-out drawings and will be one of the Library’s treasures on display in October in the exhibition accompanying the Ortelius event. This occasion, to which all our members will have been invited, marks the return of the 1573 edition of Abraham Ortelius’s first modern atlas of the world to its rightful owner, the Humboldt University Library in Berlin. The images right give an indication of what our readers will find if they go online he Library’s activities this year have at http://digital.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/ and shone a spotlight on the historical explore the digitized version the college has scope and range of its books, from made of this extraordinary work. And we are T delighted to report that Hertford’s Ortelius rare antiquarian volumes to new scholarly publications, many of them generously plays a significant role in the new university donated by members of the college both resource Digital Bodleian, launched in past and present. Our rich resources have summer 2015 under the leadership of our been used by students studying English recently elected senior research fellow, Lucie (Swift and Pope), History ( Burgess, which makes a number of dazzling in the ) and PPE items in individual Oxford libraries available (Theories of Politics) to complement their online for the first time. courses, and students have been closely Our old books are in the process of further involved in the choice of volumes to rearrangement, following the removal of 700 exhibit in our four displays this year. of them from Old Hall in preparation for The first of these celebrated the 40th the renovation works there. All 700 items anniversary of co-education (co-curated were meticulously recorded then wrapped by Dr Dana Mills, Politics Lecturer, and and boxed over a series of days before our Librarian Alice Roques; view online being transferred to a local professional at http://bit.ly/intothemix), while the book conservation and storage company. second marked the Donors’ Lunch in Old Hall, in regular use as a dining room, December 2014 (“Donors, and Dr Henry Wilkinson”). To accompany the Donne Lecture on Liberty given by Shami Chakrabarti in April 2015, Dana and Alice We are continuing worked with PPE students to assemble and comment on appropriate items to conserve and spanning six centuries, including editions explore our historical of the , Donne himself, John Mill, and . Our fourth display, volumes, which regularly “Around the World with Hertford Library”, saluted the wide geographical provenance yield unexpected of our international visiting students. discoveries The Ortelius Atlas

56 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 57 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR The Library The Library

is subject to fluctuating temperatures and Magdalen Hall Library’s benefactors’ humidity—30 of its books were discovered in June this year, book, recording donations now in Hertford Library. to need treatment for a minor outbreak Alice identified a of mould—so the college is carefully considering how and where else they second book originally should be shelved on their return. Our nine NADFAS volunteers play belonging to the a vital role in caring for the historical collections and have generously decided philosopher John to commit an extra 30 minutes each week Locke to their labours for the college. This year we welcomed Fleur Hughes to the team, which has worked on 135 volumes since Wood, Filippa Ronquist, Joshua Platt, Tomos last October including works on foreign Rees, Giora Sternberg, Alex Stronell, Paul The Librarian, Alice Roques languages, and many items of Tromp, Christopher Tyerman, Baroness Mary Hebraica. Warnock, Alison Young, and Christopher We are also looking into ways to make Zeeman. the library a better, brighter and more We have received generous funding comfortable space. 50 of the new red for Law students from Mayer Brown LLP, chairs have been added to the main enabling students to choose 236 textbooks study locations, some sprucing up has for the library over the last two years, and taken place in the entry and stair area, the Archives have been expanded by the and we are proud to host the permanent, donation of the war diaries of John Dewar smaller display of Robert Taylor’s portraits Denniston, Hertford don and classicist— of women alumnae on the wall of the otherwise known as “Denny’s diaries”. first floor landing. The Librarian has run Our former Assistant Archivist Rob Petre, research skills support sessions for many having done doughty work in dusty and of our students, including thesis research uncongenial quarters in Hertford, has moved training for all second-year historians. on to St Edmund Hall, and we are delighted The regular library-user survey—which to welcome the equally tenacious Dr Lucy gets a remarkably large response—tells Rutherford in his stead. us that one of the things students most Our three Junior Librarians for 2014- appreciate at Hertford is 24-hour access Rebecca Grant, junior librarian 15 were Evie Sparkes (2013), Kathryn to the library. This compensates for the Poole (2012) and Rebecca Grant (2013). relatively small number of study spaces Our Graduate Library Assistant has been we are able to provide in comparison Elisabeth Feltaous (2014), whose major Evie Sparkes, junior librarian with bigger colleges (but shorter open project this year has been working on the times). Expansion, and imaginative use, electronic version of our antiquarian book of our limited physical space is our biggest catalogue. We also get the occasional visit challenge. If the college acquires a new site, from Simpkin, who likes to nap on the the library’s needs will be a top priority. comfortable chair in the Library office. Our collection has grown by about Best new book titles: Unwrapping 1,000 items, including donations from , Zombie Economics, Statistics for Andrew Beaumont, Alan Bogg, Sophie Terrified Biologists, Does Spelling Matter, The Corke, Roy Foster, Guillaume Guez, Kevin Life of Cheese, Trolls: An Unnatural History, Hilliard, Will Hutton, Kate Kinoshita, and Divorcing Responsibly. Denis Lazo, Hannah Lovell, Roger Macdonald, Martin, Oliver Noble Fellow Librarian Oliver Noble Wood is on leave.

58 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 59 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Life in the kitchens Life in the kitchens

something and people comment on it we Life in the kitchens are able to see what people enjoy eating and what they want us to cook for them. Ben Gibbons, Head The majority of the time the feedback is Chef great but we do get the occasional piece This broad of constructive criticism—which we also customer base opens (maternity cover for love as we want to correct anything people may not enjoy so much. There were some our minds and inspires Frankie Parry) unexpected requests though, such as “no more sweet potato fries”…who doesn’t us to be creative with uring the course of this year enjoy a sweet potato fry! Visit us at www. what we cook we have been lucky enough instagram.com/hertford.college.kitchen Dto achieve some great things, to see some of our recent dishes. and also arrange a few fun things. In At present we are investigating putting April it was our turn to be visited by the the college forward to win a sustainability environmental health office to assess our award from the Sustainable Restaurant chefs going to Covent Garden vegetable food hygiene rating, making sure we work market with a supplier to see how the to the highest food safety regulations and market works and what produce was ensuring that everything we do inside available. the kitchen in completely safe. We were As well as taking inspiration from trips delighted to receive the top rating of five like these, our menus are inspired from out of five—a result of consistent work cultures all over the world. It is amazing with high standards drummed into the to see how a vegetable used in one part kitchen team over the years. of the world will be used in a completely We were asked to hold renowned chef Frankie Parry (Head Chef) gave birth to Marley Joan different manner in another part of our Yotam Ottolenghi’s new book launch Francis Foley on 1 April 2015 planet. For example take the cauliflower— (NOPI: The Cookbook) in Hertford’s dining here in England we may smother it with hall in October 2015. Yotam has co- a cheesy béchamel sauce or turn it into a written the book with the head chef from purée to serve with scallops, whereas in his flagship restaurant NOPI in London, Association. If successful, Hertford will India they may be grating it raw into a Ramael Scully, who will be coming to be the first of all the Oxford colleges to fresh salad or mixing it into a spiced batter cook in our kitchen with a couple of our qualify. It is a great award which many to deep-fry as pakoras. lucky brigade including myself. The guests restaurants now hold, and I believe Overall I feel privileged to work in lucky enough to buy a ticket before they it is very important for educational Hertford College kitchens alongside the sell out will get a four course meal cooked establishments to receive them also. great team of chefs and porters. As I am by Scully from his new book. Closely tied with sustainability is the sure all of them would agree, everyone This year we also started our Hertford sourcing of ingredients. We try our hardest works incredibly hard to create the College Kitchen Instagram account to try to keep everything as local as possible, highest standard possible. and give followers a small taster of how although when cooking for huge numbers It’s a great pleasure catering for the wide we like to work in the kitchen, and to it can be impossible for the nice farmer variety of customers we have—from our show the world the food we really enjoy down the road to cater for our needs. fellows, to our students, to our summer making. It has proved to be extremely The next best thing when we are unable conferences. This broad customer base Marta Nowak (Deputy Catering Services Manager) useful for feedback—once we post to use local farmers is to identify larger opens our minds and inspires us to be married Dominik Fischer in college on 11 April 2015 companies with sustainable work creative with what we cook, encouraging who buy as much as they can from their us to provide foods from all over the world own local producers. Occasionally we go to ensure that everyone we cook for feels Visit us at www.instagram.com/hertford. on trips with suppliers to find out more comfortable and at home. Seeing happy about where the produce comes from; customers is the best part of the job and college.kitchen to see some of our recent dishes one trip earlier this year saw a couple of us brings great satisfaction.

60 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 61 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR The Junior Common Room The Junior Common Room

nonetheless a fantastic event featuring weekend in early May. The Music Society presenting the findings of a year- STUDENT LIFE many of our own performers and (the largest non-auditioning such group long project on the future of financial musicians alongside a few other big in the university) got things off to a services to the board members of a and attractions. The event was a flying start with Jazz on the Quad, and FTSE 100 bank. This summer, the success all round, made possible by the the next day music-lovers were treated JCR’s Outreach Roadshow will visit the The Junior hard work of college staff and the JCR to a scratch orchestra and a piano recital Medway Towns, with around a dozen Ball Committee. by Wojciech Swietonski, the first of two schools with little history of sending Common Room As ever Michaelmas saw the arrival collaborations with the Oxford Polish students to Oxford receiving visits from Holly Redford-Jones of many new faces to the Hertford Society. On Sunday the distinguished student ambassadors. community. The JCR Freshers’ composer Pawel Lukaszewski paid a The early days of Trinity term saw (2013), JCR President Committee, a team of ten enthusiastic visit to the chapel, watching as the choir the greatly anticipated summer ball second years, was on hand to welcome performed an evensong of Polish music held in the Town Hall with a drinks he past year has been another busy them into the fold, organizing events, and one of his own pieces reception in college, music provided by and productive one for Hertford’s arranging tours, and, most importantly, in front of a packed and appreciative the Hertford Jazz Band, while talk of Tundergraduates. An action-packed showing them the way to the library! audience. It wasn’t only music, either: coalitions and ’s electoral Freshers’ Week, a successful living wage Our new contingent threw themselves (or other) appeal prevailed in the dining campaign, blades in Torpids for our headfirst into all things Hertford, from hall and in the common room. Fuelled rowers, an Arts Festival, two college balls rowing in the boat club’s first boats to by a visit from Cabinet Secretary Jeremy and three HCMS concerts! conducting and playing in the orchestra. enthusiasm for Heywood (1980), enthusiasm for the Kicking things off in style, we started the Of particular note is the burgeoning election was evident in the vast swathes academic year by celebrating the Bridge of success of Hertford Feminists set up in the election was of students who gathered in the JCR for Sighs centenary with a Venetian-themed Trinity term 2014 which has flourished evident in the vast the first results, which were projected Commemoration Ball held in Hertford’s under new waves of energy and interest. onto the common room wall. The party very own grounds. A disappointment to The new JCR Executive Committee swathes of students atmosphere, however, turned solemn some, though I’m sure a relief to many, took office at the end of Michaelmas after the announcement of the exit Holywell quad was not, as had been 2014, buoyed by the success of Hertford’s who gathered in poll at 10pm, at which point the JCR rumoured, flooded to make way for the recent accreditation as a living wage emptied and the bar rapidly filled. Grand Canal of Hertford; but the ball was employer. One project which captured the JCR for the first Even with the onset of exams, the imagination of the JCR was the results spirits have remained high in the JCR. inauguration of an arts festival, “HART A particular ray of light for many was fest”, to showcase Hertford’s creative provided by a motion to make Dr talents and particularly our phenomenal Paula Boddington’s tortoise, Salvador, Music Society. Set up and run by there was the fascinating Representation an honorary JCR representative at the students in the JCR, Hertford’s first ever of Youth in Literature panel, chaired by Corpus Christi Tortoise Fair. Salvador’s Arts festival was spread across a long Hertford’s own Professor Emma Smith, performance captured the hearts where discussion ranged from fairytales and minds of the JCR while the ever- to Shakespeare and Tolkein; a 50-word present Simpkin continued to attract short story competition, which received (or distract?) students on the way to the fantastic entries from JCR, MCR, staff library. Holywell quad and students; a Life Drawing class, and It has been a jam-packed year in the several packed film screenings. Hertford JCR and I am incredibly proud was not, as had been 2015 has also seen the Hertford to have been elected to represent such Business and Economics Society go from an inspirational and diverse group of rumoured, flooded strength to strength, led by Hertford students, and work with the support to make way for students with the aim of encouraging of college staff, alumni and fellows. I businesses to be more sustainable. look forward to seeing what the next the Grand Canal of A particular highlight this year was academic year will bring! “HART fest” organizers Ellen O’Neill and Holly Redford-Jones Hertford

62 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 63 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR The Middle Common Room Music

graduates now join fellows at high table Hilary term concert: The Middle for a weekly MCR/SCR dinner. The “Towards the Unknown” Music taste and displays of “cheese & wine Common Room evening” and “poetry & whisky night” Madalena Leao (2013) helped create a special ambience in the Mustak Ibn Ayub historic Octagon of Hertford MCR. (2012), MCR President While keeping these social aspects of life moving, the MCR worked with the college to build and extend the cohesion and identity of graduates at Hertford. We organized the first Hertford Graduate Conference in Trinity term, with eighteen graduate speakers, and inaugurated the Hertford Graduates Initiative Fund (HGIF). Many members of the Hertford postgraduate community submitted proposals for entrepreneurial business plans or initiatives of any size or scale to a team of Hertford fellows, with the three selected as winners receiving a total of £5,000 each to develop their ideas. his year Hertford College Music The MCR now has its own termly Society acquired a new venue for magazine, the Hart, which highlights Tour concerts, the University Church in , which is grander and ertford College MCR has the graduates’ issues and achievements and will, we hope, become an important larger than the Holywell Music Room. reputation of being one of the One of the most memorable pieces at our most intellectually vibrant as well medium in communicating with a H bigger audience. Over 2014-15 we second concert (Hilary term), after which as amiable MCRs in Oxford. The college feel we have reached a crossroad from the concert was named, was Vaughan has recently put a great deal of thought William’s Towards the Unknown Region, and effort into enhancing graduates’ which we can grow with redefined purpose as a graduate community. requiring orchestra and full choir which intellectual as well as financial experiences was a fantastic rounding off to the term. and 2014-15 has seen many further We ran concerts and events throughout developments. The MCR has buzzed the year, including Christmas carols in the with activities ranging from regular quad, jazz and cocktails in the MCR, our social events to big academic initiatives contribution to “HART fest” (see the JCR and entrepreneurial stimulations, The college has President’s account above) and Trinity encompassing almost every group of term’s “Waltz Under a Paper ”. graduate students. recently put a great HCMS has also continued to hold weekly This year we arranged the first recitals in the chapel on Wednesdays with Christmas lecture with Sir Walter Bodmer, deal of thought and students and tutors performing. former principal of Hertford College and a world-leading geneticist and effort into enhancing cancer researcher. We look forward to its successors. Like many colleges, we also graduates’ intellectual organized graduate bops, quiz nights, as well as financial jazz nights, formal dinners, movie nights etc, and on Sunday evenings in term, ten experiences

Jazz band in the University Church

64 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 65 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Sport Sport

Sport The sheer Helen Strain (2013) enthusiasm, commitment and love of sport that we see at Hertford are wonderful

influx of freshers and consequent wins brought us promotion in the league. Similarly, both hockey teams (the women’s joint with St Anne’s and the mixed joint with St Peter’s) have Rounders Men’s rugby flourished. Tom Jackson (who has excelled at university hockey throughout his three years), Eimear Monaghan and I all competed in Hockey Varsity this year. The men’s first football team came third in the league, only narrowly missing out on promotion, his year has been a fantastic one for while the women’s team had a brilliant season. sport at Hertford. We have climbed Many have played for the Oxford teams and Tthe league tables and shown strong all have competed at Varsity this year. Special performances in Cuppers, and we have mention to Rebecca May, Sophie Cooper and seen countless impressive achievements Sam Broadey for their achievements. from our individual sports men and women. Hertford scored individual achievements as The boat club has surged to new heights, well as team successes. James Ross represented their countless early morning training Oxford at swimming while Ella Jackson, Jack sessions on the river and in the gym paying Templeman, Alice Farley and Araminta Naylor off with spectacular successes. The women’s all maintained Hertford’s presence on the squad is now one of the largest in Oxford lacrosse scene. Matty Hughes has been playing and has triumphed in regattas throughout for the prestigious MCC Cricket team, an Mixed netball Men’s cricket the academic year. Our top men’s and incredible feat for someone juggling a degree women’s boats achieved a historic double as time-consuming as Chemistry! Finally, we blades victory in Torpids and more recently have some brilliant athletes who have been put in heroic performances during Summer competing in various track and field events at Women’s rowing (W1) Men’s rowing (M1) Eights. the university level, notably Brittney Olinger, The rugby team has also excelled, an Hugh Baker and Archie Jones. impressive side whom many Hertford Trinity term saw many sessions of cricket, students (and the Principal) have enjoyed croquet and rounders, with our cricket team watching on a sunny afternoon. They reached winning almost every match in their league. the semi-finals of Cuppers, an achievement The sheer enthusiasm, commitment and love unmatched for 40 years. Hertford can also of sport that we see at Hertford are wonderful; boast strong women rugby players: Lizzie not only are we a college with a passion for Nuttall, Becca Carr and Emily Stone all play sport, we also demonstrate high ability across for the Oxford team and vigorously promote the field. women’s rugby in the college. Well done Hertford! Netball has had a brilliant season: our

66 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 67 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

variety of different environmental settings many women have found opportunity SUBJECTS AND ranging from the edges of active streams to and success in our subjects here. We look the annual old land surfaces and from spring contexts forward to continuing to celebrate their RESEARCH to the shores of temporary shallow lakes. achievements. Darwin Dinner affords Apart from demonstrating that humans There are, perhaps, three important Archaeology and Anthropology were actively present at various times and events in the calendar of our three the opportunity for Professor Nick Barton under different environmental conditions subjects. An annual tea in the Old Library undergraduates, writes: it also suggests that these occupations in 0th week of Michaelmas is consistently Our first year were clearly not only confined to periods well attended and it is always exciting to graduates, and recent students engaged of enhanced humidity. The work was see our enthusiastic returning students in a number of funded by the Libyan Studies Society and discussing their (usually very impressive) alumni in our subjects interesting projects the Hertford Fellows Fund. summer activities and meeting the last summer as part (slightly bewildered) new freshers. to meet of their fieldwork Biochemistry and Biological Around the birthday of Charles Darwin, course requirement. Sciences which generally falls in 4th week of Hilary The last week of Trinity term sees our These included term, the annual Darwin Dinner affords regular trip to Down House, the home of visits to and Italy, and indeed one the opportunity for undergraduates, Charles Darwin, and Schools dinner, both of our Hertford students, Billie Croucher graduates, and recent alumni in our opportunities to relax a little and reflect (2013), won the Oxbow fieldwork prize for subjects to meet. This year we added the on the successes and travails of the year, the best essay on fieldwork at the Roman innovation of a pre-dinner talk on “Life which brings us neatly to where we came Baths in Pollena Trocchia. Amongst after Hertford”, given by recent graduates. in… our third year finalists Jessye Aggleton Each year we aim to focus on a different (2011) was awarded a first class degree career path and, for our first foray, we Biochemistry and decided to continue to Masters level focused on the teaching profession, with Biochemistry continues to thrive, with here in Oxford, specialising in the study Kirsty (2007) and Gabi Byfield sixteen students across the four years of of osteology and writing her dissertation (2009) gamely stepping up to the plate the course, a good sized community. I am on biomechanical stresses in human hand Dr Alison Woollard and Professor Martin to describe their experiences of primary delighted to report that all three of our bones. These studies will form the basis of Maiden write: and secondary teaching. They showed 4th years achieved firsts, having worked a longer term doctoral project. This year, owing to the refurbishment true Hertford sprit in presenting excellent on final-year projects as diverse as the My own research continues in of the Old Hall, the Life Sciences and good-humoured accounts of their biology of ageing, innate immunity and archaeological fieldwork in North Africa Schools Dinner (encompassing finalists experiences, which left us all in awe of virology. These were enjoyed by students and in 2014 I completed a detailed survey in Biochemistry, Biology and Human those teaching in the beleaguered state and tutors alike; indeed, so inspired of sites in Southern Tunisia, near one of Sciences) was held in hall. This proved to sector. It was, as always, a joy to see many were Hannah Walters and Cook the perennial springs at Oued Akarit be particularly apposite as the inspiring former students and to catch up with (both 2011) by the six months they spent near Gabes at the eastern end of the portraits of the twenty Hertford women, their news. This year Alison gave an after- working full time in a research group that Chotts. Our work revealed a rich and which include our very own Alison dinner speech on the subject of women in they have decided to carry on, starting complicated sequence of archaeological Woollard, gazed down on a dinner in the life of Charles Darwin. research careers of their own. Never to layers showing how Middle Stone Age which all of the graduating students shirk a challenge of her own, our third humans had continued to occupy a were women (seven biologists, three finalist Rhiannon Britt (2011) is going to biochemists, and two human scientists). India with International Mission, a At Hertford we are extremely proud over the past US-based human rights organization. To Our work of all of our life sciences graduates finance this, Rhiannon was lucky enough and remain committed to opportunity 40 years so many to be one of the first recipients of the Ben revealed a rich and regardless of gender or background. women have found Ogden Memorial Fund, in memory of our With the recent debate on women in former law student. At the other end of complicated sequence STEM (science, technology, engineering opportunity and the undergraduate experience our four and mathematics) subjects ringing in first year (all male!) cohort have proven to of archaeological our ears, we are especially pleased to success in our be a particularly friendly, enthusiastic and layers reflect that over the past 40 years so subjects here hard working group and I have no doubt

68 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 69 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

This group size is popular among the Chemistry undergraduates with the additional Professor Claire students helping to create a critical mass. Vallance writes: This year seven students graduated 2015 is proving to be with two firsts and one Finals Prize, for another busy year for Meritorious Work in Biology, awarded Hertford’s Chemistry to Marianne Clemence (2012, whom fellows. Research some readers may recognize as last year’s in Chris Schofield’s president of the HCMS). In addition to group is focusing on Marianne’s contribution to wider college two very different life, Joy Aston (2012) was JCR Welfare fields of biology, and Housing Officer this year and played linked by a common theme of metal (iron or an important role in organizing the first )-using enzymes. Some members of the college ball to be held on the Hertford site group are working on providing a basis for for many years. Again, the destinations of controlling the most important resistance our biologists are diverse, with a number mechanisms in penicillin-type antibiotics. progressing to further studies and others Others are working to understand how exploring opportunities in science writing animals produce different proteins in and communication, education and different environments. Recent work in environmental biology. the group has revealed that the same type Martin’s group (zoo-MaidenLab.zoo. of iron-using enzymes that regulate blood ox.ac.uk) continues to be very busy, this vessel formation in humans also regulate year coordinating a large study (nearly protein formation in some bacteria, which Life Sciences Schools Dinner, 2015 22,000 participants) of the asymptomatic has important implications for developing carriage of the meningococcus, a major new antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs. cause of bacterial meningitis. This survey Continuing the biological theme, Hagan will provide important baseline data Bayley has started a company called I will be writing with equal admiration application in drug discovery among before the introduction of new vaccines OxSyBio to exploit 3D printing of tissues about their achievements and plans in other things. I now have two separate into the UK immunization schedule and tissue-like materials for regenerative three years’ time. industrial collaborations all funding in the autumn of 2015. The group is medicine. On the research side, Hagan’s In research, the Woollard lab continues applied research in the Woollard lab, with also working on major gastrointestinal group has been following the of to expand and diversify, with several another one planned for next year. We pathogens, especially Campylobacter individual “small-molecule walkers” and new and exciting collaborations both find it both exciting and highly instructive and Salmonella and forms part of the demonstrating that their “nanoreactor” nationally and internationally. We have to learn more about the UK innovation National Institutes of Health Research methods can be used to examine the made firm in-roads into discovering sector, and to work closely with industrial Health Protection Research Unit in chirality of single molecules within complex mechanisms of biological ageing, with R&D leaders. I’m writing this from the Gastrointestinal Pathogens. Former reaction networks. a new grant funding two posts (one of 20th International C. elegans meeting Hertford biology undergraduate Maddi these being taken by Hayley Lees (2010), in Los Angeles, surrounded by the best Pearce (2011) started her DPhil in the a former Hertford graduate student), as science in the world and a wonderful laboratory this year, the first Hertford well as two DPhil students. Industrial community of (almost 2,000) fellow worm Biologist to graduate into Martin’s collaboration is becoming increasingly folk, sharing data and new . laboratory. The laboratory continues to important in the sciences, partly due to What a privileged life we academics lead! host Hertford undergraduates for both the challenging funding environment and work experience and finals projects and it also as a demonstrable way of achieving Biological Sciences is always a pleasure to include them in the impact, and I am lucky enough to be With applications at an all-time high, the research of the group. working on the nematode Caenorhabditis undergraduate Biology intake has more- elegans (known as C. elegans to its or-less settled down at the increased friends), an organism which is becoming number of six students per year, with recognized as having important industrial eighteen in residence at any one time. PImMS camera, “the fastest camera in the world”

70 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 71 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

My own research group is continuing across the whole university. For a world- to work in the areas of molecular reaction machine learning leading university, this situation seems to dynamics, imaging mass spectrometry, me to be deeply anomalous, and is regarded and laser-based chemical sensors. The is an area that our as simply astonishing by colleagues at other ultrafast PImMS (pixel imaging mass UK universities. By way of contrast, for spectrometry) camera, developed in department identified example, Kings College London admitted collaboration with research groups in for strategic investment, 245 undergraduates to their computer Oxford Chemistry, Oxford Physics, and science programmes in September 2014! the Rutherford Appleton Lab, is finding an and over the past year, While I don’t wish for anything like that increasing number of applications in labs number, I do think that it is essential for around the world, and I will be presenting it has become a major the future of the university that Oxford recent results over the summer in invited develops a more substantial undergraduate talks at conferences in California and topic at Oxford presence in the subject. In terms of research, China. To keep me busy at work outside we have resolved to build up research of research and teaching, I have has also unusual one, not at all like being a CEO in three key areas: algorithms (an area taken on the responsibility of chairing the in the private sector. This is at least in concerned with getting computers to solve Chemistry Practical Course Committee part because academic freedom plays problems efficiently); machine learning through the design and building of brand such an important part in university life. (concerned with getting computers to solve new undergraduate practical labs attached In practice, it means that academics enjoy problems without being told how to); and to the Tinbergen (Zoology) building, and an extremely high degree of autonomy sensor nets (concerned with computers the accompanying development of a new in their roles. We are mostly just trusted figuring out what is in the environment integrated undergraduate practical course to get on with our job, and are free to around them). I am delighted to be able that will be launched in the new labs in organize our time in whatever way we to report that we have been able to make October 2017. see fit. The idea of an academic being told new appointments in all these areas, and Several of our undergraduates are what to do is anathema, and if you asked I hope for further appointments in the playing an active role in extracurricular a typical academic to whom they owed future. As I mentioned above, machine chemical activities within the university, their professional allegiance, many would learning is an area that our department with Charlotte Hutchins (2014) taking respond that their primary allegiance is identified for strategic investment, and over on the role of Events Officer within the to their discipline, rather than to their the past year, it has become a major topic at Oxford University Chemistry Society department or university. (As if this Oxford across a range of departments. One (ChemSoc) committee, and Alice Vacani situation were not confusing enough, in reason for this is that in November 2014, (2012) having recently completed a term Oxford we have colleges in the mix as Oxford signed a collaborative research deal as President of the society. A highlight for well.) The upshot of this is that consensus- with Deepmind, Google’s London-based Alice was hosting Nobel-Prize winning building is a hugely important part of the research labs. Machine scientist Sir during a visit to head of department role at Oxford. learning is Deepmind’s core technology, give a talk at the . I was fortunate to take over a department and having witnessed some of their in rude good health: while the Department demos, I can honestly report that they are Computer Science of Computer Science is young by Oxford developing breakthrough technologies. I Professor Michael standards, tracing its origins only to the was delighted to be able to welcome two of Wooldridge writes: 1950s, it has grown hugely over the past Deepmind’s founders, Demis Hassabis and My life at Oxford decade, and is currently home to some 70 took a new academic staff and more than 100 contract direction in October researchers. My first year in office has 2014, when I been taken up with trying to develop a The role of became Head of strategic plan for teaching and research. the Department In terms of teaching, a major challenge is head of a university of Computer our tiny undergraduate intake: last year Science. The role we admitted just 25 undergraduates to our department is an of head of a university department is an core computer science degree programme, unusual one

72 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 73 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

Mustafa Suleyman, to a dinner at Hertford Richard Povey studied the evolutionary 1623. The Making of Shakespeare’s First in December 2014, to celebrate the deal. our students foundations of altruism while Rustu Duran will be published in the autumn, focusing My own research agenda has progressed continued to study systematic biases in on the circumstances, technologies and well over the past year, with many new continue to engage in economic decision making. Finally, I have individuals who made this book. In results at the intersection of , game been studying the impact on wages in a spring 2016 Shakespeare’s : The theory, and computing. I was pleased advising and consulting developed country of international trade Biography will take up the story from 1623 to (finally) see the publication of my organizations and with low wage countries. to 2014, analyzing the owners, collectors, book Principles of Automated Negotiation editors, forgers, actors, and others who (Cambridge UP, 2014), co-authored with businesses, putting English have interacted with this book and tracing long-standing collaborators Sarit Kraus Professor Charlotte the itineraries of specific copies. Finally, an (Bar Ilan University, Israel) and Shaheen into practice the skills Brewer writes: edited collection of essays, The Cambridge Fatima (Loughborough). The book is all Our students Companion to Shakespeare’s First Folio, due about how computers can be programmed they have acquired at this year have out in summer 2016, aims to integrate this to engage in automated bargaining, and is Hertford distinguished book within undergraduate and graduate the culmination of more than a decade of themselves with Shakespeare studies. That’s quite enough joint research. four firsts in Finals First Folio. Next year I hope to be able to This summer, I will chair the twenty- Fellowship in Economics culminate in a and two distinctions report on some other activities. fourth International Joint Conference on celebratory dinner where the donors who in Prelims, as well In other news, I gave papers at the Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), which will be supported the Fellowship so generously as participating Shakespeare Association of America held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. IJCAI is the joined Roger’s family, the inaugural Roger vigorously in all aspects of college and conference in Vancouver, at the Wells main conference in the artificial intelligence Van Noorden Fellow Dr David Gill, and university life—from treading the boards Literary Festival, at branches of the Oxford community, and this year we received more other members of the Economics team to lacrosse to our new arts festival Society and U3A, at the Globe theatre, submissions than any previous IJCAI— as we raised a toast to Roger’s legacy. We “HART fest”. We have all been delighted and in St-Omer, where an unrecorded more than 2,000 in total. are indebted to everyone who supported to welcome our new colleague David For the college, I was involved in this effort to secure a strong future for Dwan, a specialist in Irish Literature in establishing an IT Committee, and over the Economics at Hertford. Besides David English whose wide chronological range past year, one of our main tasks has been Gill and me, the teaching team consists includes Burke at one end and Orwell to install a new wi-fi system throughout of our stipendiary college lecturer Dr (and beyond) at the other. I am looking college, to replace the very patchy and Richard Povey and Rustu Duran who is a forward to my third year as senior tutor unreliable system that existed previously. departmental teaching associate. and to the opportunity to return to After installing more than 200 “access It is an absolute delight to teach our work on a long-standing book project points” across the college, the consensus Economics students, who put enormously thereafter; meanwhile I have organized is that we now have a wi-fi system that hard work and effort into their studies a second “ Day”, open provides the kind of service that staff and (seven of our students got firsts in to the public, at the , given students expect to find in 2015. The next summer 2014). We currently have more invited papers at various conferences, time you visit Hertford, you should be able than thirty students studying for papers and published a long-gestated academic to get a good signal! in Economics at Hertford and they article on Jane Austen and the OED. play an active role in college. Through Economics the Hertford Business and Economics Professor Emma Dr Damoun Society our students continue to engage Smith writes: Ashournia writes: in advising and consulting organizations This year, Economics has had and businesses, putting into practice the thanks in part to a very productive skills they have acquired at Hertford. sabbatical leave in year at Hertford. Besides teaching our amazing students, Michaelmas term, October saw the team pursued a number of interesting I have completed the successful research projects. David Gill spent most a long-term conclusion of our of Hilary and Trinity term in America project on the first fundraising for the collecting and analysing experimental collected edition Roger Van Noorden data in the field of behavioural economics. of Shakespeare’s plays, the First Folio of

74 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 75 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

First Folio was discovered during the heckled, of course, but his apologies for it by a three-year Wolfson Research Dr Giora Sternberg year. My essay co-authored with Laurie the content of his written comments on Professorship (about which I wrote in writes: Maguire of Magdalen College won the tutorial essays provided to him over the an earlier issue), I had been working on My first book, Status Hoffman prize for distinguished work last 30 years was accepted graciously by the idea of profiling a whole generation, Interaction during on Shakespeare and Marlowe: our paper, the baying hordes. and the way they thought, since a much the Reign of Louis forthcoming in the journal Shakespeare earlier date. So it dawned on me quite XIV, came out last Survey, argued that Marlowe’s play History late that the book would come out just summer and was Dido Queen of Carthage was a dominant Professor Roy Foster before the centenary of the Rising shortlisted for the influence on Shakespeare, especially in writes: of 1916 which (by some reckonings) Royal Historical , and proposed some new My working year began the Irish revolution against British Society’s Gladstone theories of source and influence based on was dominated by rule. This meant being pitchforked Book Prize. Thanks to a generous research modern understandings of memory and the publication of ruthlessly into the debates, symposia, fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, trauma. Our book, 30 Great About my book Vivid Faces: conferences, broadcasts and—of course— I have been able to make good progress Shakespeare, was translated into Italian; the revolutionary controversies that have already sprung this year on my next book-length project, my The Cambridge Shakespeare Guide was generation in Ireland up about the event in Ireland, and I seem provisionally titled Writing Acts: the power published in Portuguese and in . 1890-1923 in October to have spent much of the year criss- of writing in the Ancien Régime. In the I have been working with the Royal 2014—some of crossing the Irish Sea. As if this were coming academic year, I will be convening Shakespeare Company on a Knowledge which had been tried out formally on an not enough, 2015 was also the 150th for the first time a new Further Subject Exchange Fellowship, helping them Oxford audience via my anniversary of the birth of W.B. Yeats, once related to this work, “Writing in the prepare a new permanent exhibition for in Hilary 2012, and informally on again something I had not anticipated, Early Modern Period, c. 1550-1750”, to the Swan Wing which will open in 2016. several generations of undergraduates— but which—once again—meant full- which Hertford undergraduates are most including a good few from Hertford—who scale immersion in lectures, discussions, welcome. Geography took my Further Subject on “, radio and TV programmes, and much Dr Jamie Lorimer Politics and Culture in Ireland 1870- else. Nor is it over yet. Commemoration Human Sciences writes: 1922”. Though I was enabled to write as a national industry deserves some Dr Clive Hambler Hertford Geography thought, and I keep remembering the writes: continues to flourish, opening stage direction for Stewart Human Sciences is academically and Parker’s wonderful play Pentecost: “Set in now one of the most socially. We were Ireland: the continuing past”. (A phrase popular science pleased to achieve applicable to some aspects of Oxford too). degrees in Oxford, eight firsts in Meanwhile the book makes its way out in with about ten finals last summer the world; at time of press it has come out applicants per place. together with in paperback and has just been awarded a Unfortunately, the usual assortment of university and British Academy Medal “for transforming such success now national academic prizes. On paper our understanding of a particular subject or prevents us interviewing everybody, so best ever results (if you judge success by field of study”. I wish I felt that this was in order to help short-list applicants for exam results), and this year has done well absolutely true. interview the subject will bring in an too. We, of course, populated college and admissions test (the TSA, as used by several university sports teams with our usual other degree subjects). We currently have spread of representatives and had a good five second years and three first years—a representation of players in the rugby tour I keep peak number of Human Scientists in the to Mongolia where they diplomatically remembering the college. were eased into second place in a number This year’s finalists, Anaelle Stenman and of , some of which appeared on opening stage Atty Naylor (2012), did their dissertations Mongolian television. on eating insects and on gender biases in The social highlight of the year was direction for Stewart violent . Congratulations to Aoife the 40th anniversary Gilbert Club Duff (2011) who has already published Dinner attended by a full hall of former Parker’s wonderful her dissertation on local cultural variations geographers. Dr Bull’s speech was play Pentecost which might influence the rate the HIV

76 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 77 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

Conservation with Susan Canney is being Manchester and Cambridge. Other reprinted again—many thanks to those of research visits have included a workshop you who bought it. on Sustainable Operations at ESADE With twelve college graduates to in Barcelona, and to the Euroma annual advise, and an environmental MSc option conference in Neuchatel, Switzerland. to run, time spent on administration has increased this year. I’m often asked Mathematics if I’m going to do any exciting overseas Professor Fernando fieldwork, trying to save species. Alday writes: Unfortunately I’ve nothing planned in My field of research the short term—but I know many of my is theoretical high former students are working on some of energy physics, and the urgent things! in particular, string theory. Imagine Management you look into the Dr Steve New writes: atom: you will see I have been on a nucleus, formed sabbatical in the by protons and , surrounded by academic year electrons. It turns out the electron is a 2014-15, and using fundamental particle (it cannot be further Anaelle Stenman and Atty Naylor (2012) at the Human Sciences Schools Dinner of 2015, with Clive Hambler (photo: Wanting Zhao) the opportunity to split), which belongs to a family with continue to work similar properties, called leptons. On the on my research other hand, protons and neutrons are in supply chain composed of more fundamental particles, management and called quarks. It is believed that leptons epidemic spreads in different parts of sources continues. There has been media process improvement. From the recently and quarks are the most fundamental India; this could save lives though locally- coverage of my concerns about biomass completed project Safer Delivery of particles in the universe, and all matter is nuanced healthcare and education. For her fuel policy counter-productively increasing Surgical Services (S3), my colleagues formed by them. dissertation in 2014, Hettie Davies (2011) the species extinction rate and increasing in the Nuffield Department of Surgical The question we are trying to answer did a thoughtful review of the sociological carbon dioxide levels (by reducing forest Sciences have published papers in is the following: imagine you look at and evolutionary Western body “ideals”— carbon sinks and stores). I am developing BMJ Quality and Safety and BMJ Open an elementary particle, let’s say an again a topic that could save lives. my early work on the poorly-understood with a string of other publications electron, and you zoom in (a lot, even My research on impacts of energy biologically-mediated stabilizing in the pipeline. My work on supply more than they do in CSI!), what is the feedbacks in the atmosphere and climate chain mapping (with colleagues Felix shape of the electron? If you assume system, in which marine plankton and Reed-Tsochas and Tomomi Kito) has that fundamental particles are point- their production of clouds likely play a continued with a recent paper in CIRP like (or zero-dimensional), many major role. Annals-Manufacturing Technology, and a problems arise. String theory assumes This year’s More down-to-earth and locally, conference presentation at the annual that the fundamental particles are one- I have also expanded my work on finalists, Anaelle meeting of the Japanese Operations limestone grassland re-creation, including Management and Strategy Association in pollinators. The explosion in public Stenman and Atty Tokyo. On that trip I was also able to give interest in rewilding continues, and I a seminar at the University of Tsukuba, Naylor (2012), did reviewed this debate in The Systematist where I hope to return in the autumn This should allow (2015). A new NGO (Rewilding Britain) is to participate in their Global Science their dissertations on helping enact many of the management us to understand Week. The supply chain mapping work principles developed from my research eating insects and also led to a workshop in April (held at the finer structure of the 1980s and 1990s. In these days of Hertford) involving some innovative on gender biases in university obsession with research citation local companies (Hellios and Historic of fundamental and “impact”, it’s sobering to see how Futures) and research colleagues from violent crime slowly ecology may be applied! My book particles

78 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 79 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

very exciting period, and we are exploring the challenges of general practice in north Large Hadron Collider whether we can see signals of string I am excited Oxford 40 years later. These dinners are a theory in nature. How do we do this? unique opportunity for Hertford medical Since babyhood, we humans are good by the prospect students to come together socially and at something: smashing things! and we thank Miles in person for his continuing (humankind) have constructed a huge of initiating new financial support of medical student machine (the Large Hadron Collider, or collaborations electives, which are a unique opportunity LHC) in , whose purpose is to for our students to experience healthcare take the fundamental particles described in developing countries. above, accelerate them to almost the for research internships and final year velocity of light, and smash them. This experimental dissertation projects. Krithi Professor Rebecca should allow us to understand the finer Ravi (St Anne’s) is studying macrophage Sitsapesan writes: structure of fundamental particles, and chemotaxis and David McCaffary Our lab, in the dimensional objects, or tiny vibrating whether they are really fundamental (2013) has been awarded a summer Department of strings. Different fundamental particles strings, or not. research internship by the British Heart Pharmacology, would then be different vibration modes Foundation to look at new technologies studies the function of identical tiny strings (very much in the Medicine to study macrophage cell biology. Max of intracellular ion way that the same string can give rise to Professor David Brodermann (2012) will be returning to channels involved different musical notes). Greaves writes: my laboratory to finish out experiments in the control of If one makes this seemingly innocent My laboratory in he performed in my laboratory as part of Ca2+ release from assumption (i.e. fundamental particles are the Sir William his FHS research project for inclusion in a intracellular stores. The lab is primarily strings), sits down, and tries to construct Dunn School of manuscript currently in preparation. funded by grants from the British Heart a theory consistent with the known Pathology continues Peer-reviewed work from my laboratory Foundation (BHF), including a five-year principles of physics (namely, quantum to study the role of has been published in a number of programme grant to characterize the mechanics and the theory of relativity, white blood cells international journals including BLOOD, function of novel ion channels within of Einstein), one arrives at fantastic called monocytes Journal of Molecular Medicine, Nature the sarcoplasmic reticulum and their role conclusions. First, it turns out that this and macrophages Communications and Scientific Reports. in heart and inherited arrhythmic theory should explain every fundamental in chronic inflammatory diseases. We disease. The BHF also funds two Hertford law of physics, from black holes, to the have recently been awarded a five-year Vaughan-Williams Dinners College DPhil students, Fiona O’Brien origin of the universe. Second, this theory programme grant by the British Heart Hertford College medical students are (2013) and David Eberhardt (2013). makes a remarkable prediction: we don’t Foundation to investigate the implications very fortunate in having two college We have a fruitful collaboration with live on a three dimensional space, but for coronary heart disease (i.e. angina and dinners per academic year that are hosted a Japanese group headed by Professor rather in a space with nine dimensions. heart attacks). by our honorary fellow in Medicine, Hiroshi Takeshima in University. One caveat is that the theory is extremely In March 2015 I was invited to a small Miles Vaughan-Williams. Miles invites A PhD student from that group, Tsunaki hard, both technically and conceptually, meeting in Denmark organized by the former students back to Hertford to talk Iida, is currently working in our lab for and the required level of mathematics is so Nova Nordisk Foundation that brought to our pre-clinical students (years 1-3) two months over the summer. We have high, that it hasn’t been developed yet (it together 30 scientists from Copenhagen and students studying in Oxford Clinical also recently begun a collaborative project has been said that string theory is a theory University, the Karolinska Institute School (years 4-6). In October 2014 our with Professor Wayne Chen, University of of the 21st century, which was discovered in and the University of speaker was Dr Rod MacRorie (1979) who Calgary who visited the lab in January to in the 20th century by mistake). Oxford. During the course of a three- gave a fascinating account of the time investigate mechanisms of sudden cardiac With my group of postdocs and PhD day conference we discussed potential he and his family spent working in the death linked to intracellular Ca2+ release. students (six in total), together with collaborations in the newly emerging rudimentary healthcare system in . The lab is hosting two FHS project collaborators from Harvard and Princeton area of “Immunometabolism”. I am During that time, measures that Rod put students this year, Megan Longworth and other people at Oxford, we are trying excited by the prospect of initiating new in place eradicated the scourge of leprosy (Magdalen College, studying to understand different bits of the theory, collaborations where we will apply our from that resource-poor nation. Biochemistry) investigating statin develop the necessary mathematics, and expertise in inflammation biology to In May 2015 our speaker was Dr modification of ryanodine receptor gating work out what the consequences of the diseases such as Type II diabetes. Christopher Hornby (1980) from the and Matthew Beech (Lady Margaret Hall, theory would be for the observable world. My laboratory is currently hosting Banbury Road Health Centre who talked studying medicine) investigating TRIC At the moment particle physics is in a three undergraduate medical students about his time at Hertford in the 1970s and protein function.

80 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 81 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

Dr Simon Brewster Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) writes: and I regularly lecture at or chair sessions in British Library, 18 January 2015 I have been a the BAUS annual scientific conference. consultant urological surgeon in Oxford Modern Languages since 1998. I provide Dr Katherine Lunn- a service for general Rockliffe writes: and emergency I continue my patients, with a research on Victor subspecialist interest Hugo’s poetry, and in prostate cancer and prostatic disease. I this year have given spend approximately 80% of my working a paper to the society time on clinical care and the remainder of Dix-Neuviémistes on teaching, training and research. I at Glasgow and lead on undergraduate teaching within written an article my department and am a core member for a special number of Dix-Neuf devoted of the medical school surgical teaching to Hugo. A chapter on French Romantic committee. I have been involved in Poetry for the Oxford Handbook of European teaching the clinical students of Hertford Romanticism is forthcoming. It has to be College since 2002. On occasions, these said that this year most of my energies have students are encouraged to participate been taken up elsewhere. Being secretary in audit or research projects under my for the Sub-Faculty of French has kept supervision. For example, one of the me busy preparing agendas and writing year six students Luke Granger recently minutes, but fortunately seven years as audited outcomes of image-guided secretary to Governing Body have taught prostate biopsy conducted over a year me how to maintain alertness through the within my department and presented the convolutions of long meetings. results at our departmental meeting. I Modern Languages at Hertford has been also collaborate with laboratory scientists enhanced this year by a new lecturer in working on aspects of prostate cancer Linguistics, Sandra Kotzor, who is based biology and I recruit patents to clinical in the Language and Brain Laboratory and trials involving prostate cancer surgery. I is also a lecturer at St Peter’s College. This have over 70 peer-reviewed publications builds on our close collaboration with St dating back to 1983 and am co-author Peter’s and has made life much easier for of one textbook, the Oxford Handbook students in what is now the joint school of Urology (OUP 3rd ed. 2013). I am in Modern Languages and Linguistics an elected member of the cancer and (Linguistics now being a separate faculty educational committees of the British from Modern Languages).

Dr Kevin Hilliard writes: I have been I gave a paper to the conference involved in teaching “Religiöses Wissen in the clinical students der frühen Neuzeit” (religious knowledge of Hertford College in the early modern period) at the Freie since 2002 Universität Berlin.

82 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 83 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

off to Japan from September, to take up a conference which will be held in Lisbon prestigious fellowship there, and we must in 2017. thank him for his service and wish him all Because of changes to course structure, the best. we had more finalists in Japanese this I spent part of the summer in Japan year than usual, eight as opposed to the at the National Institute for Japanese usual four—a strong year of whom three Language and Linguistics, and over achieved firsts and all did well. Over the the summer and early autumn 2014, I last ten years we have built up a large, gave invited talks at Kyoto University, lively, and diverse community in Hertford University of , and Università of students of Japanese and Chinese, by di Pavia on various aspects of Old (8th some distance the largest undergraduate century) Japanese language, deriving college for Japanese with a good number from work within the two research of post-graduate students also. Hertford projects on Old Japanese grammar which has become an exciting place to be for I direct: Verb Semantics and Argument Japanologists. Realization in Pre-Modern Japanese and The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese. The former Dr Jieun Kiaer was funded by the AHRC and came to writes: a successful completion in June 2014; Last year I German reading week: visiting Goethe’s birthplace the latter carries on with the support of published The the British Academy. I was also invited History of English to give a keynote lecture in October at a Loanwords in large symposium on “Forefront Studies Korean, The Old on Japanese Culture and Society”, held Korean Poetry and I published two articles: on late 18th- widening exhibitions: Terror and Wonder at by University in a posh hotel in Jeju Language and century satire in German, and on the poet the British Library, and Germany: Memories Brussels. (Until then I had thought that Tales from the Edge Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim (1719- of a Nation in the . The only medics, engineers, political scientists, of the Korean Peninsula. I also published a 1803). The latter figure is central to some picture shows the assembled group in the and economists got invited to conferences book on the lives of Anglo-Korean words ongoing research into rococo culture in foyer of the British Library. in posh hotels.) From 2011 to 2014 I was in Korean. This year I have been invited to Germany. the Secretary of the European Association present my work on old Korean poetry at Another Easter vacation brought Oriental Studies of Japanese Studies, and at the 14th a workshop on middle Korean in March, with it another German reading week Professor Bjarke International Conference of the EAJS in held at the University of Vienna. I was in Frankfurt. The visit with this year’s Frellesvig writes: Ljubljana in August last year, I was elected also invited to give a series of lectures finalists was bookended by a production This past academic President of the association, to serve for on Korean phonology at the University of Goethe’s rarely performed early play year was the last three years, until the next international of Salamanca, in March. Currently, Clavigo in nearby Wiesbaden, and one of of my three-year I am working on a pilot project, titled Georg Büchner’s Dantons Tod in Frankfurt tenure as Chair Multilingual children growing in London, itself. In between we read and discussed of the Faculty of supported by a OUP grant. The other works of Büchner’s, as well as pieces Oriental Studies. The central study examines how multilingual children by J. M. R. Lenz and Schiller. The general They have been develop and mobilize both verbal and theme was the development of realism in three busy years, objective of the non-verbal resources to make meaning the years 1770-1840. As usual, we made with little time for teaching or research, carry out a variety of communicative the pilgrimage to Goethe’s birthplace; and less time spent in college than I would project is to observe functions. The central objective of the Martha Williams (2011) can be seen on have liked, so I am looking forward to a how young children project is to observe how young children the right in the photograph outside the return to more normal duties. During that of Asian heritage acquire their heritage house. time, most of my teaching in college and of Asian heritage language (Korean, Hindi and Japanese), In January, all the year groups reading faculty was covered by Dr Stephen Horn, their version of English, German in St Peter’s and Hertford had who has been a great asset to the Oriental acquire their heritage (and another heritage language in some an outing to London, to see two horizon- Studies students in college. Stephen is language cases) and grow as multi-linguals.

84 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 85 HERTFORD YEAR HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research Subjects and research

Physics for stargazing. The remote mountains are facilities in Chile and advise the Directors Professor Pat Roche far from towns and cities, with light and of the ALMA and ESO observatories. To be involved writes: dust produced by mining activities the only This is a remarkable time for astronomy. Photons of light significant concerns. The dry atmosphere Last year saw completion of ALMA, in the development can traverse vast contains low quantities of water vapour, the first truly global ground-based distances across which absorbs infrared and microwaves, astronomical observatory. The Atacama and governance of the universe but in while the clarity and darkness of the sky and Large Millimetre/sub-millimetre Array these cathedrals of the last millisecond low levels of cloud cover are remarkable, consists of 66 antennas linked together of the journey, especially for those used to British skies. to make microwave observations of discovery is a real those heading for At the beginning of 2015, I was elected unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. telescopes on earth encounter air, dust President of the Governing Council of the It has been constructed over the last decade privilege and cloud in the atmosphere and may European Southern Observatory (ESO), by large and talented teams in Europe, be swamped by background light. The and Chairman of the ALMA Board. ESO is coordinated by ESO, North America and thin and precious that surrounds our an inter-governmental treaty organization East Asia working together to complete now been transformed by the ALMA rocky and watery planet and sustains our representing fourteen European member this complex and challenging project. project, with the 66 antennas together lives perturbs the feeble waves emitted states in cooperation with the host state, The first results have been astonishing, with their receivers and electronics, the by distant stars and galaxies, while even Chile, with two further countries, Poland revealing the surprising structures of cold communications links, power systems, the darkest skies radiate and scatter light, and Brazil, currently in the accession dust and gas around newly-formed stars roads and the highest supercomputer which raises background light levels process. Its mission is to provide frontline and tracing molecules and dust formed on earth, where the data streams are and makes it more difficult to measure astronomical facilities for the astronomical from supernovae in the early universe. As collected and correlated to form the astronomical signals. The best observing communities in the member states and to its full power and capabilities are utilized, stunning images that ALMA is producing. sites in the world are on high, dry and foster cooperation. In those roles, I oversee the results from ALMA over the next few Just as ALMA was being completed, remote mountaintops where these effects the operation and development of the ESO years will be truly transformational. ESO embarked on its next major project, are minimized. I have visited Chile regularly over the the imaginatively named European The search for the optimum sites has led last twenty years through involvement in Extremely Large Telescope. This will be a to a concentration of new large telescopes a number of telescope projects. In 2002, I 39m diameter optical-IR telescope on top and observatories in the Atacama desert The exceptional visited the plains of Chajnantor, located of Cerro Armazones, a mountain that is in Northern Chile. The exceptional at an altitude of 5,000m in the high now about 15m lower than it was a year conditions there are very hostile to most conditions there are altiplano for the first time. At that time, ago, as the 300m x 150m platform needed lifeforms, with very little accessible water very hostile to most it hosted a few pioneering experiments to accommodate the telescope has been and sparse vegetation across large tracts that had demonstrated its tremendous levelled. This will be the most powerful of the desert. But these attributes are ideal lifeforms potential as an observatory site. It has facility of its kind when construction is

ESO’s flagship observatory on the summit of Cerro Paranal in the Chilean Atacama desert. The large enclosures house the four 8m telescopes of the VLT whilst the smaller structures contain the relocatable 1.8m auxiliary telescopes used in its interferometric mode. When night falls, the telescopes exploit the clear and dry skies of the Atacama to probe the mysteries of the universe.

86 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 87 HERTFORD YEAR Subjects and research completed in a decade’s time and it starts through cooperation between teams of its scientific life peering into the void people in institutes and universities. They where the first galaxies formed or the are a wonderful demonstration of the nurseries in our own Milky Way where power of collaborative research, clearly stars and planets are forming. demonstrating the benefits of close To be involved in the development cooperation with our European partners. and governance of these cathedrals of The increased light-gathering power of discovery is a real privilege, working with the new telescopes in turn provides higher scientists and engineers around the world sensitivity and resolution, supporting to enhance their capabilities and maintain the research programmes of thousands them at the forefront of world astronomy. of astronomers—students, postdoctoral Seeing a new telescope project from researchers and professors, in hundreds the initial ideas and proposals through of institutes. The discoveries made are designs and developments and securing challenging our understanding of star and the funds required for the construction planet formation and will shed new light and commissioning of the instruments on the formation of molecules in space and and telescope is often a fraught and the first stars and galaxies that coalesced difficult process, but the results are out of the . The next decade will astonishing. Technical advances have be a tremendously productive period and allowed us to push back ever further I am very fortunate to be involved in the and ever backwards in time as well as planning and execution of some of the revealing much more detail in familiar most ambitious and exciting projects in the objects, but these gains are hard won world of astronomy.

88 Hertford College Magazine LIFE AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Bushmaster Bushmaster

largest viper—really captured the public heck was I trying to find one? imagination. In Bushmaster the author Well, it was a long story. Here’s the follows in Ditmars’s footsteps and attempts short version. Leaving Hertford College to achieve what Ditmars himself failed to in 1995 with a newly-minted zoology do: find a bushmaster in the wild. Eighty degree under my arm I wasn’t sure where years on, will Dan have any more luck? And I would go next. One thing was certain, will a bushmaster find him first? academia was out: I needed a break from libraries and textbooks (ironic, given that “Bushmasters, you say? Well, they’re I now love whiling away hours in dusty definitely in my top three. Up there with archives). So, with half-formed thoughts constrictors and Burmese pythons. of filming exotic creatures on tropical They’re monsters! But at the same time islands I eventually drifted west to Bristol, extremely shy, not like a fer-de-lance. You the global centre for wildlife television can hold a bushmaster in your hands. It’s making, the “Green Hollywood” as it was not advisable but I have done it!” sometimes known. Smiling broadly, Junior Charleau The BBC’s Natural History Unit gripped an imaginary bushmaster as had been churning out programmes if fighting an invisible tug of war. The here for decades, including most of strange beauty of the legendary giant viper seemed the main appeal for him. “I’m picturing a freshly shed bushmaster now,” he continued, a distant You can hold look in his eyes. “It has pearl white scales and gorgeous black diamonds. Beautiful. a bushmaster in It’s, like, glowing!” I had arrived yesterday in Trinidad, a your hands. It’s not small island off the coast of Venezuela, advisable but I have on the latest stage of a seemingly deluded quest for a bushmaster. Famed done it! Scientist, Scientific American and BBC as the world’s largest viper—reliable Bushmaster Wildlife magazines. These days, when not reports have specimens exceeding twelve hunting giant vipers, he works from his home feet in length—the four recognized ’s highly regarded Dan Eatherley (1992) in Exeter as a consultant in environmental species of bushmaster inhabit rainforest documentaries. Dozens of smaller sustainability. from Brazil to southern Nicaragua. independent production companies an is a British naturalist, writer The following is an extract from his new While other snakes’ venom is more specializing in wildlife had emerged and wildlife film-maker who read book, Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars toxic, the volume potentially delivered in recent years, making shows for the DZoology at Hertford, returning to and the Hunt for the World’s Largest in a single bushmaster bite makes the BBC or overseas broadcasters such as academia over 2005-6 to read for an MA Viper (Arcade Publishing, 2015), the story reptile extremely dangerous, not least the Discovery Channel or National in Sustainable Development at Exeter of one man’s obsession with an enigmatic because the fangs, sometimes attaining Geographic. After stints as a researcher at University. He has made a variety of natural and deadly reptile. Raymond Ditmars two inches in length, inject the poison the Beeb and other companies, I wound history TV documentaries for the BBC, (1876-1942), the first curator of reptiles deep into the flesh of victims. In his 1648 up at Films, a small, now-defunct National Geographic, and the Discovery at New York’s world-famous Bronx Zoo, natural history of Brazil, the physician independent. We had recently made Channel, including credits as an assistant popularized cold-blooded animals as never Guilherme Piso reported that the bite some successful films about snakes for producer on two BBC series hosted by Sir before. His love for snakes, insects and other of the bushmaster quickly causes pain, Nat Geo TV and were developing a new David Attenborough: “Life of Mammals” and misunderstood creatures was conveyed dizziness, colic, delirium, and fever. Soon programme idea about the bushmaster. “Planet Earth”. He has filmed on location in books, lectures, and pioneering motion after, the blood rapidly corrodes and The serpent went by many names. in swamps, deserts and jungles around the pictures. But his expeditions to the South boils up through the nostrils, ears, and Costa Ricans knew it as the matabuey or world. He has written over 100 articles on America jungles during the 1930s in search even the hands and feet. Death comes “the ox-killer”; in Brazil it is the surucucú- science and environmental issues for the New of the legendary bushmaster—the world’s within twenty-four hours. So, why the de-fogo, “the one who strikes repeatedly

90 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 91 AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Bushmaster Bushmaster at the fire”; while here in Trinidad the bushmasters lay eggs rather than giving bushmaster is called mapepire z’anana, birth to live young. Was my “the pineapple snake”, a creole term The snake famously appears in referencing the roughness of its body Thrills of a Naturalist’s Quest, a book of bushmaster, my that results from curious protuberances memoirs published in 1932 by Raymond on each scale. The bushmaster’s original Ditmars, the curator of reptiles and mapepire z’anana, scientific name, Lachesis muta, is just mammals at New York’s Bronx Zoo. waiting for me down as dramatic. Lachesis was one of the Ditmars remembers how, as a kid in late three Fates of classical mythology who nineteenth-century New York, he started there somewhere? determined the length of a person’s life, bringing snakes home as pets including while “muta” means “silent,” hinting venomous ones. After much resistance that the bushmaster is a rattlesnake his parents yielded to their son’s hobby, try my own luck at finding a bushmaster. that has lost its noisy appendage. That by the mid-1890s surrendering the entire How difficult and dangerous could it be? the snake vibrates the peculiar burr-like top floor of their house to the expanding After all, bushmasters were responsible tail tip when annoyed just adds to this collection. for only 0.01% of reported snake bites impression, although in truth other snakes One day, the young Raymond received in America. I tried to ignore perform similar defensive behaviour a crate of snakes from Trinidad; among the nagging possibility that because and scientists now believe bushmasters the tropical boas, rat snakes, coralsnakes, accidents occurred far from civilization, are only distantly related to rattlers. A and fer-de-lances was an eight-foot-long bushmaster bites were underrepresented further distinction from rattlesnakes and bushmaster in good condition, which, the in the figures, and that if I was bitten, the indeed all other New World vipers is that delivery note stated, the recipient should outlook wasn’t great. The locals seemingly “be extremely careful with liberating.” On knew this. During the filming in Peru of its release the viper supposedly chased the Werner Herzog’s 1972 movie, Aguirre, the young snake devotee around the room, Wrath of God, a lumber man was struck the rest of the family downstairs oblivious. twice in the leg by a bushmaster. Legend The incident kindled in Ditmars has it that, without missing a beat, he an obsession to catch a bushmaster lopped off the limb. specimen for himself from the wild. The And now here I was in Trinidad with a curator studied, wrote about, and filmed crazy plan to find one of these monsters! all manner of animals, but the viper My flight from London had been continued to fixate him. In several of his surprisingly full given that the Caribbean books he reproduced the same ghastly island’s spiralling murder rate and photograph of a bushmaster. Despite recent imposition of a curfew did little its evil -eye stare, the snake in the to recommend it as a tourist destination. picture was dead, its maw fixed open However, the plane half-emptied during in a half grin, half sneer, the tusk-like a stopover in St. Lucia and for the final fangs straining indecently at their fleshy short hop to Port of Spain I could switch sheaths, desiccated tongue forks tickling to a window seat. From this altitude the the chin. In later life, Ditmars’s vacations waves below looked frozen. At a pinch, were spent hacking through the forests the steel-blue pattern had the texture of Panama, Brazil and Trinidad in fruitless of reptilian skin. Was this a good omen? search of a wild, living specimen. These Trinidad’s Northern Range came into quests caught the public imagination, view, crowned in pristine green forest, making national newspaper headlines rusty shacks dotting the lower elevations. during the 1930s. Was my bushmaster, my mapepire Six decades on, Ditmars’s adventures z’anana, waiting for me down there caught my imagination too and, although somewhere? The following afternoon Raymond Ditmars with a deadly green mamba the bushmaster film never got made, a I had headed to the outskirts of Port South American bushmaster (Lachesis (Dendroaspis sp.) in the reptile house of the Bronx few years later I resolved to follow in his of Spain and the Emperor Valley Zoo, muta muta) photographed in the Peruvian Zoo, , in 1932 (photo: Mike Dee) footsteps, heading down to Trinidad to Trinidad’s main animal collection. A swift rainforest (© Maik Dobiey 2015)

92 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 93 AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Bushmaster Three months in the West Bank

Obtaining a healthy animal was critical to its survival in captivity tour of the small series of uninspiring reserve, and “christophine” was not the reptile enclosures had established that no name of a valley but a gourd-like fruit bushmasters were on display. cultivated on trellises in the same hills. At closing time I’d got to talking with Perhaps the snakes liked ambushing the reptile keeper, Junior Charleau—real prey in the tangled vines associated with name Delbert Charleau Jr. We were sitting this crop? It certainly sounded like the on a green bench outside the zoo’s main Northern Range was the place to go. entrance. The evening was humid but But my mounting excitement at the pleasant. Parrots chattered boisterously prospect of actually finding my bushmaster in the canopy of a nearby tree. Handsome was quenched by a paradoxical fear: what and now in his early forties, Charleau had if a bushmaster found me first? greying hair and a precise goatee beard. He continued to effuse over the splendour See more at www.daneatherley.com. of the z’anana: “In the sunlight, the scales Bushmaster: Raymond Ditmars and look like beads, like crystals on a well- the Hunt for the World’s Largest Viper made carpet—” has been praised by Desmond Morris as “a “But when did you last have one here?” fascinating book about a fascinating man”. It Emma Pritchard accompanying the Good Friday I hated to interrupt the reverie but was was excerpted in the Guardian newspaper in Procession, (photo: EAPPI/C.Lillehammer) anxious to press on with my inquiries. He July 2015 and can be purchased from good now stroked the goatee. bookshops or online. “Let’s see. I think we’ve had three of the suffers from. bushmasters over the last six years. One Eventually, of course, I could not avoid survived for four years! It went fantastic! Three months in the it. An understanding of this conflict is a But the conditions have to be right. The basic requirement to understanding what bushmaster love dark, humid but not too West Bank is happening (or has happened) in the rest hot. It loves a cool environment. If too hot Emma Pritchard (2010) of the Middle East. With the de-escalation and dry there is trouble. The bushmaster, it of the Northern Irish conflict in the late will regurgitate food.” hen I matriculated as an 90s, it is perhaps one of the best examples Obtaining a healthy animal was critical undergraduate at Hertford of a protracted social conflict. As a student to its survival in captivity and sure enough WCollege in 2010, I hardly of conflict, and latterly, transitional justice Charleau’s record-breaking snake had expected that five years later I would be and legacies of human rights abuses, been parasite-free when captured. It returning to the UK after three months as it was perhaps inevitable that my first nevertheless failed to shed and died. a human rights monitor in the occupied placement in a conflict zone was in this “If I wanted to find another one,” I Palestinian territory of the West Bank. area. asked, “where should I look?” In the most logical of career Tracing the origins of any conflict is “Well, farmers in Christophine Valley progressions, my degree in English difficult, to say the least. For the see them, and a German lady got bitten Language and Literature led me straight I met, the first key event, and the one I by one near Asa Wright. She didn’t die.” into an MA in Conflict Resolution, where I found myself regularly apologising for, As I bid Charleau good bye, I felt began by doing my best to avoid studying, was the in 1917, exhilarated. Located high in the Northern writing, or thinking about the Israeli- which declared the intention of the British Range, the Asa Wright Nature Centre Palestinian conflict—a failing I feel much government to support the establishment was the country’s premier -watching

94 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 95 AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Three months in the West Bank Three months in the West Bank of a Jewish in British Mandate away than ever. Palestine. In March 2015, I travelled to the West In 1947, in the aftermath of the Second Bank as an Ecumenical Accompanier , and with the support of 33 (EA) for the Ecumenical Accompaniment of 57 member states of the UN General Programme in Palestine and Israel Assembly, the Partition Plan created a state (EAPPI). EAs come from all over the of Israel on approximately 55% of British world, from all backgrounds, and Mandate Palestine, and an Arab nation on viewpoints, to live and work for three the remaining 45%. The British abstained months in the West Bank and East from this vote. Jerusalem, also spending time in Israel. The Arabs rejected this plan, and went We witness the occupation first-hand, to war. The war ended with Israel owning documenting the experiences of those Children of Burin School play parachute games Soldier in field outside Burin School with tree around 78% of the land, Egypt controlling living under its rule, writing reports to the , the Golan Heights bodies such as the United Nations Office and Jordan the West Bank, including East for the Coordination of Humanitarian View over the Jordan Jerusalem. Affairs (UNOCHA), and advocating for In 1967 the Israelis launched the six- an end to the occupation. An impartial day war, successfully capturing all of this organization, we report on human rights territory. was annexed to abuses (regardless of the perpetrators), Israel, with the other territories becoming and support both Israelis and Palestinians occupied (though under , working peacefully for an end to the East Jerusalem remains occupied). occupation and a just peace. In 1993 the Oslo Accords signed between EAs work in six placements around the Israeli Government and the Palestinian the West Bank, and in East Jerusalem. Liberation Organization agreed a five- I was placed with a team of four others year plan for Israeli withdrawal from the in Yanoun. Yanoun is a tiny village with West Bank and Gaza. The West Bank was around 80 inhabitants in the north of the divided into three “areas”: Area A, under West Bank, surrounded on three sides by the full control of the Palestinian Authority outposts of Itamar settlement. (PA) (approximately 18% of the West Israeli settlements are illegal under Bank), Area B, under joint PA and Israeli international law. The 4th Geneva control (approximately 25%), and Area Convention, which lays out the rules C (the remaining 57%) under full Israeli of occupation, precludes the transfer of Control. citizens into or out of the territory. Since In 2005 Israel withdrew from the the Oslo Accords, the number of settlers Gaza Strip. According to UN standards in the West Bank has grown from 262,500 the territory remains occupied as Israel to 520,000, and settlements continue to remains in “effective control” over the area. expand through outposts such as those Today, the occupation of the West Bank around Yanoun. Though illegal under and the Gaza strip approaches its 50th year Israeli planning law, outposts benefit from and the prospect of peace looks further mains electricity, internet, newly built

Each year the boundary fences move a little further down the hill, and the villagers lose even more of their land

96 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 97 AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Three months in the West Bank Three months in the West Bank roads, and, crucially, protection by the most of our encounters with the military. Israeli military. Outposts and settlements During our three months, one of our are built on Palestinian land. schools, As’sawiyya and Al Lubban Yanoun is surrounded by four outposts Mixed Secondary School, was subjected The far-reaching effects of the that vastly reduce the land available to the to repeated attacks. Soldiers would enter occupation were brought home to me village for shepherding and agriculture. the school with tear gas and sound Each year the boundary fences move grenades, stating that the children had through an encounter with Muna a little further down the hill, and the been throwing stones at nearby Route villagers lose even more of their land. 60. Towards the end of the school year in Loss of land, however, is not the only June we attended the school every day as thing the villagers have to fear from settlers. the children returned home. So did the her first time here. Her father had been in pray that she might see her country In 2002, after a sustained campaign of military. Quwait at the time of the 1967 war, and again before she dies. She is 85 and very violence against crops, livestock, buildings It was at Burin Secondary Mixed School was denied the right to return under the unwell. Muna cried as she told me this. and the villagers themselves, the whole that I witnessed one of the worst examples absentee law which barred the return of She has waited 45 years to finally see her village was forced to flee in fear of their of apparently pointless cruelty that anyone in “enemy territory” during the home country through a foreigner’s eyes. lives. With the support of Israeli and characterized my time in the West Bank. war. Muna had been born and raised Her mother likely never will again. Several organizations had come together in Quwait and Jordan. Fourteen years I returned to the UK in June. People to arrange activities for the younger years ago she and her husband had moved to keep asking me how was it, what did to play games in the school field. For Canada, and now she was finally allowed I do, what did I learn. It is hard to find once, these activities were not aimed at a to return on a three-month tourist visa. words to communicate all that I did and Soldiers would grander purpose, to educate the children The day I met her she had been to saw. on their rights or teach them how to see the house her mother grew up in, I learnt that this conflict damages all enter the school with respond to various crises and difficulties. now a crumbling ruin. The next day she involved. The villagers struggling to eke These activities were to give them a rare was going to Jerusalem, to the Al Aqsa out a livelihood. The children whose tear gas and sound chance to play. Mosque. Her mother had asked her to education is constantly disrupted. The The games were carried out under the Palestinians around the world who grenades cannot return home. The young men and watchful eyes of two members of the Muna military, armed with automatic rifles. women on military service exposed to Accustomed to this scrutiny, the Palestinians only as threats. The children international peace activists, they were children continued to play. One of the who grow up in the settlements learning able to gradually move back in, and since soldiers wandered up from his position only there is an “us” and a “them”. 2003 EAPPI has provided a permanent outside the watchtower, and began to I have lost of the number of international presence in the village. cut down a tree planted the week before. people, both Israeli and Palestinian, Settlers still enter the village, conducting Later, the second soldier continued his who have told me that if we have any walking tours, attempting to swim in the work, completely severing the young tree hope, it will come from Europe. From well, and driving around the village late at from its trunk, and walking away with it, the international community exercising night, scaring the inhabitants. In April they blade slung over his shoulder. their diplomatic and economic powers accused two shepherds of trespassing on Finally, the soldier advanced towards to pressure Israel to end the occupation Itamar land, because a stray sheep (not, in the school, causing the children’s tenuous according to UN resolutions and fact, belonging to the shepherds) went too control to snap. They ran yelling and international law peace. It will come from close to the boundary fence surrounding screaming towards the soldiers who had the people like you, and me, pressuring the outpost. The army were called and the interrupted their play. our government to fulfil its obligations to villagers arrested and held for four days. The far-reaching effects of the uphold the Geneva Conventions and the One of our key tasks was monitoring occupation were brought home to me Universal Declaration of Human Rights. schools. EAPPI partners with UNICEF through an encounter with Muna, a I learnt that there are people on all in monitoring and reporting on human woman of Palestinian descent who has sides of this conflict whose voices are not rights violations as they relate to schools just received Canadian citizenship. Muna being heard and whose stories are not in the West Bank. We were responsible came to visit Palestine for a week with her being told. Now, as an EA, my task is to for three schools. It was here that we had family. She was 45 years old, and it was begin to tell them.

98 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 99 AFTER HERTFORD AFTER HERTFORD Remembering the 1975 Chapel Eight Remembering the 1975 Chapel Eight

places, a maturer group of celebrants it gently into the water. We paddle light. Remembering the made the effort to meet at the boathouse We row. We improve our balance. We on the Saturday of Summer Eights this practice racing starts. Our muscles turn 1975 Chapel Eight year? to knots of iron. Our hearts beat loudly We are the twenty-something Hertford in our ears. Our lungs…our lungs. We Alan White (1973) undergraduates of 1975. Forty years ago glide back to the pontoon, climb out of we gathered in the cold at 6am by the our beloved boat, our knotted muscles n the sunshine on the towpath at college lodge and ran to the boathouse, contemplate the lift out of the water and the end of May, the Mums and Dads our cox cycling alongside shouting words into the boathouse and we savour the Imight wonder what Summer Eights of encouragement. The morning mist rises thought of competing in Summer Eights is about and think it a kind of outdoor from Church meadow, and as we in just a few weeks’ time. party for twenty-something-year-old run breathless, now along the towpath, Most of us had never rowed before Oxford undergraduates. The crowd, the the mallards rise from into the air. Hertford and many of us never rowed Pimms, the painted faces and ebullient We enter the college boathouse, find the again. But the 6am starts, the morning cheering all support that view. But take breath to greet the boatman, carefully pick mists, the knotted muscles and all the a closer look and think again. Why is it our boat from its resting place and carry challenging facets of rowing experienced that after so many years living in distant it with something akin to love, to lower together are the stuff of long lasting friendships. The twenty-somethings are sixty-somethings now, Mums and Dads ourselves. We know what Summer Summer Eights 2015. L-R: Emily Wilkes HCBC President; Brian Harris, Chapel Eight stroke; Alan White, bow; Dave Molyneux, first reserve; Will Hutton, Principal and sponsor of future Chapel Eights; John Marshall, 2; Eights is about and have done for forty Mellor Hennessey, 4 years. So we commend to you the stuff of long lasting friendships and entreat you to return to this spot in forty years, older, wiser twenty-something undergraduates in HCBC t-shirts, lives forever enriched by the intensity of rowing and studying together at Hertford College. We of the 1975 Chapel Eight thank Hertford College, Will Hutton, his predecessors and Neil Tanner for the opportunities you gave us. We relished them all.

we commend to you the stuff of long lasting friendships... lives forever enriched by the intensity of rowing and studying together at Hertford College

100 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 101 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD Births Marriages

Samuel de Jersey showing an early interest in his dad’s books, just before his Births first birthday Philip Edwards (1984) is pleased to announce the birth of his son Sebastian Edwards in June 2014.

Philip de Jersey (1984) and Jenny Cataroche are delighted to announce the birth of Samuel Peter de Jersey on 19 April 2014.

Dan Eatherley (1992)’s second daughter, Hannah Florence Eatherley, was born on 21 April 2015. Dan also published in May 2015 a book on Raymond Ditmars and the hunt for the world’s largest viper, Bushmaster. [see pp. 90-94] Alison and Emma Beth Sutherland Alison Sutherland (neé Short; 1996) and Craig Sutherland’s daughter Emma Beth Sonia Bauckhage lighting candles for Sutherland was born on 23 December 2013 a dinner in hall and christened in college on 13 July 2014 (following Alison and Craig’s wedding in college on 16 March 2013). Jessica Hill (2003) married Richard Tooby Alison Benson (neé Kennedy; 2001) and Marriages on 11 April 2015 in the Yorkshire Dales. her husband Oliver welcomed their son Jessica has also self-published a murder Patrick Lewis Benson on 25 September Alan and Tricia White (1973) renewed mystery book, Death on Safari, which is 2014. their marriage vows in college on 28 June available on Kindle. 2014. Stefanie Seidel (neé Schuh; 2008) and Rachael Bedford (2005) married Tim Thorsten Seidel welcomed their daughter Stella Griffiths (1985) married Peter Vine Smith in college on 18 April 2015. Charlotte Ulrike Augusta, named after in college on 20 September 2014. her aunt and great grandmother, on 24 Helen Ashcroft (2008) married Andrew November 2014. Aidan Liddle (1997) married Helen Furniss (assistant organist) in college on Liddle on 3 May 2014, and in July 2014 26 July 2014. Patrick Benson (ten months old) began a new posting as British Deputy Ambassador in Stockholm. Alexandra Huk Watson (2010) married Chris Watson in college on 11 July 2015. Victoria Sill (2000) married Dominic Laurie in college on 4 July 2015. Pit Genot (2012) and Sejung Oh’s marriage was blessed in college on 9 Jo Devlin (2002) married Henry Hardy in August 2014. college on 5 July 2014.

Antonia Halker (2003) married Roberto Mercandino in Berkhamsted School on 6 September 2014.

102 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 103 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD Marriages Marriages Ash Mills Kevin Potter Alan and Tricia White Jo Devlin and Henry Hardy Pit Genot and Sejung Oh

Aidan and HelenLiddle Maja Tsolo Photography Alexandra Hulk Watson and Chris Watson Rachel Movitz Rachel

Rachael Bedford Antonia and Roberto Mercandino and Tim Smith Stella Griffiths and Peter Vine Paul Riddell Jessica and Richard Toobey

Helen Ashcroft and Andrew Furniss Victoria Sill and Dominic Laurie Stella Griffiths wedding cake featuring Simpkin 104 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 105 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD News News

1962 a touch of , these stories have been well and has also been awarded an honorary News Nicholas received by their readers. More details on my doctorate from Hallam University. Chambers has website: www.ianrogers.org.uk (I am also on Keep up-to-date with the latest news from published a new Facebook as Ian Captain Pegg-Legg Rogers).” Graham Kings has been appointed to a new your contemporaries. book called Case seven year post of Mission Theologian in the If you have news you would like to share Handling: An 1973 Anglican Communion, and started in July with the Hertford community, please sent Illustrated View from Robert Dodds has 2015. The role was founded by a partnership it to the Development Office (development. the Bench. Experience published a new of the of Canterbury, the Church [email protected]) along with any of all sorts at the Bar novel, The Garden Mission Society and Durham University. He is photographs we can print. The Editor may and on the Bench has of Earthly Delights, an honorary fellow at Durham University, and edit any contributions. led to the thought inspired by the work will convene a series of theological seminars that a few timely of the 15th century in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as 1952 words could avoid artist Hieronymus London and Durham. These will be published Jimmy Hartley has published The a lot of grief as well as perhaps bringing a Bosch and described in a new book series. Dramatic Life of Elizabeth Barry, the first smile or two from the hand-drawn pictures. by the Historical Novel full-length biography of the first actress All the author’s profits go to the ’ Society as “a gripping 1974 to achieve megastar status on the English Benevolent Association. and absorbing read”. Patrick Allitt’s new book is A Climate of stage, and Much Ado about Shakespeare, Robert writes for Crisis: America in the Age of Environmentalism the story of the three-day event at 1963 both adults and children and has been widely (, 2014). Stratford-upon-Avon in 1769 that started Remington Norman’s publications include: published and broadcast. His first novel for the Shakespeare legend. 1. The Great Domaines of Burgundy (3rd children, The Midnight Clowns (Andersen 1975 edition, 2010). Winner of the Andre Press, 2000) was short-listed for the Kathleen Jill Hollis has translated, adapted for the 1960 Simon Prize for best wine book Fidler Award, and also published in France UK market, and published a radical new sex Marcus Wigan writes: “Having done a 2. Rhone Renaissance (1996). Winner of the by Flammarion. His other children’s novels education book for teenagers: Sex & Lovers: little study in the last six years, I now hold Andre Simon Prize, Glenfiddich Prize are Nightland (Andersen Press, 2002), The A Practical Guide. The author, Ann-Marlene a postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual and Lanson Prize for best Secret of Iguando (Andersen Press, 2004), and Henning, is a neuropsychologist whose Property Law from the Melbourne Law drinks book The Murrian (Andersen Press, 2008). He has work in sex therapy and couples counselling School, and a Masters in International 3. Grand Cru: The Great Wines of Burgundy two books in A&C Black’s “Wired” series for persuaded her that it is essential to provide Relations (again from Melbourne). I am through the Perspective of its Finest Vineyards struggling teenage readers: The Haunted Mobile young people with good quality information scheduled to complete my Research (2010) (2011) and Pitch Dark (2012). For adult readers, about all aspects of sex, including relationships Masters in Musicology at Monash and 4. Sense and Semblance: An Anatomy of his collection of stories Rattlesnake and Other and emotional health, so as to allow them to my Applied Ethics Masters at Melbourne Superficiality in Modern Society (2010) Tales was published in 2001 by Polygon, the enjoy sex safely. For more information about during 2015...and can report that all of fiction imprint of Edinburgh University Press. the book, please visit www.sexandlovers.uk. this recent rash of learning has been He became a Master of Wine in 1984, and In 2011 he published the comic novel Sitting immediately applied in social, political, was elected to the Academie Internationale Duck (“Not a whodunit, but a who’ll do it!”). He John Mason was awarded a CBE in the teaching and other domains at once, du Vin in 1996. He has since been a keynote has had nine stories broadcast on BBC Radio Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2015 for and with real effect. It is such fun to do speaker at wine symposia, a cruise lecturer Four, a professional stage play production, and his work for the Scottish Government with this…and discovering that philosophy and hosted the International Pinot Noir has written and directed several short films the business sector and his involvement in is so very practical in these domains (it Celebration in . shown on television and at film festivals. various major events in Scotland during 2014, IS hard!)...but my wife has told me to After several years working in England, notably as board member of the Organizing STOP at ten degrees, which I will reach Richard Norton-Taylor is a member of Mexico, and the USA, he has settled in Committee of the 2014 Commonwealth in 2105 at this rate…as she thinks that the Board and Policy Council of Liberty, and Edinburgh. In the mid 1980s, he set up a new Games in Glasgow and as the lead for the it is ‘quite enough’...she may well be Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. degree course in film and television production Scottish Government in delivering the Ryder right...but astrophysics beckons still…it’s at Edinburgh College of Art, which he led Cup at Gleneagles and the Homecoming nearly 50 years since my DPhil in Physics 1970 until becoming head of the School of Visual 2014 programme (which comprised over and it’s a fresh new world again where Ian Rogers writes: “The fourth book in the Communication in the college. In 2008 he left 1,000 events throughout Scotland). cosmological scales, the nano and the ‘Captain Pegg-Legg’ series of books for academia to spend more time writing. gluon morass converge...so maybe I won’t children aged six-eight was published in 1976 listen too hard...” October 2014. Quirky, exciting and with David Elleray received an MBE in the Queen’s Neville Ford writes: “I have been at Birthday Honours 2014 for services to football, since 1986 in a variety of roles. Currently

106 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 107 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD News News

Senior Executive Dean of Research at University chaired IEEE Information Visualization in has now been launched in both Cambridge 1999 of Chester and recently appointed as Pro Vice 2014 and gave a keynote at GIScience 2014. and Oxford Universities. “I think it’s so Stephanie Cullen became a rowing World Chancellor (Academic) from 1 August 2015”. He greatly enjoyed the #TourDeHertford in important to raise the profile of women’s Champion in September 2011 in Women’s 2015. sport, and to recognise the hard work it takes Lightweight Quad. 1979 to gain a blue or half blue”, said Laura, adding, Meryl James is a founder member of the 1987 “and it’s also a lovely reminder of your time at 2000 Scotland China Education Network, and Roderick Tweedy recently published a university.” Jayne Glass (neé Parmee) was the lead has been appointed Senior Professional book on William Blake entitled The God of The jewellery range incorporates semi- editor of a book about land ownership and Development Officer at Scotland’s National the Left Hemisphere: Blake, Bolte Taylor and the precious stones inset in high quality sterling sustainable land use in Scotland called Lairds, Centre for Languages. Myth of Creation (Karnac Books). It has been silver. The colours of the inlaid stones reflect Land and Sustainability: Scottish Perspectives on reviewed by Philip Pullman as “absolutely both the university, and whether the wearer Upland Management (Edinburgh University 1980 fascinating—in fact both revelatory and has gained a full or a half-blue. Alumni from Press, 2013). Charles Doyle published A of thrilling”, and by Iain McGilchrist as “a both universities with blues and half-blues Marketing (OUP, 2011). highly original and stimulating book, the are able to purchase all items from the range 2005 best I have read on one of the greatest of online at www.oxbridgebluesjewellery.com. Rachel Williams received an MA in Karina Vidler’s poetry pamphlet “Facing” was English poets.” Special edition unisex cufflinks will shortly Communication, Media Practice and PR with published in February 2015 by Prolebooks in join the range. Distinction from Swansea University. their collaborative poetry collection Caboodle 1991 (www.prolebooks.co.uk). Muhammed Haque was appointed 1995 Emeritus Fellow Queen’s Counsel in 2015. Mihail Evans published The Singular Politics John Torrance won the British Association of 1981 of Derrida and Baudrillard (Palgrave Macmillan, Local History Publications Award for 2014 Sukhvinder Kaur-Stubbs has been appointed 1992 2014). with his article “Branscombe 1280-1340: Chair of the Taylor Bennett Foundation, Warren Swain recently moved from the An East Devon Manor before the Black which promotes young people into PR and University of Queensland in Australia to 1996 Death”, published in The Devon Historian, communication roles. take up the post of Professor of Law, Faculty Katherine Byers (neé Edmunds) has been 80 (2012). John retired to Poole in 1996, and of Law at the University of Auckland New elected School Trustee for Salt Spring Island, has lived in East Devon since 2006. He is an 1982 Zealand. He has also published The Law of Southern Gulf Islands, BC, 2012. active member of the Branscombe Project Stuart Oliver was awarded a PhD in 2014 by Contract 1670-1870 (Cambridge University for oral and local history, led by his partner the University of Surrey. Press, 2015) and co-edited with Kit Barker 1997 Barbara Farquharson. Since 2010 he has been and Ross The Law of Misstatements Anna Morris (neé Hodkinson) writes: “We convening the East Devon Local History 1984 50 Years on from Hedley Byrne v Heller (Hart have recently bought and moved into a Workshop, in collaboration with Philippe Jonathan Hall’s latest book is Artefact and Publishing, 2015). lovely house a few kilometres north of , Planel and supported by the East Devon Area Artifice: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Western Australia, with our daughter Martha of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as a forum for Historian (University of Chicago Press, 2014). 1993 who turned one in June 2014.” village history societies. Laura Davidson has established an Martin Lipton writes: “After 20 years travelling exclusive jewellery range for blues athletes. the globe to watch football, time for a change After Hertford she undertook a PhD in Law Oxford Full Blue pendant Oxford Half Blue bracelet Oxford Full Blue ring of pace. Now I get to shout at the people who at Cambridge where she became president travel the globe to watch football. Still getting of the university modern pentathlon club, my head around commuting and an office. gaining three half blues, as well as two Remains significantly better than working for full blues in fencing. However, she was a living...” [Read Martin Lipton’s article about disappointed to discover little available Neil Tanner on pp. 25-27]. for female athletes to celebrate their achievement; all the familiar “blues kit” had 1986 been designed for men. Jason Dykes lives in East Leicestershire with Upon graduation, Laura decided to Emma and their four children—Fred and Iko help redress the balance. Despite her busy (9), Nell and Alma (2). Jason is Professor of career as a , she designed and Computer Science at City University London, commissioned a jewellery range in India. It

108 Hertford College Magazine 109 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD Obituaries Obituaries

Jeffery Errol Attale firm Strickland and Partners, where Obituaries 1951 1922-2015 he had a long and fulfilling career as a John Newton – aged 83 dental surgeon up until his retirement We record with regret the following deaths Laurence Olivier – aged 81 in 1986. He was elected to the board of of alumni, listed in order of the date the Royal College of Surgeons of England of matriculation. Use of an asterisk (*) 1953 in 1975 as a representative for the LDS, indicates that an obituary follows; we are Keith Jackson – aged 80 and served on the board until 1979. most grateful to those who have supplied Ian Matheson – aged 82 Many former patients have paid tribute this material. to his professionalism, sense of humour, 1954 charming smile and ability to calm the Honorary Fellow Barry Coles – aged 80 fears of even those most terrified of the Paul Langford – aged 69 Christopher Warren – aged 80 dental chair. Jeff had a lifelong passion for sports of 1936 1955 all kinds. He was awarded a half blue at Thomas Pickard – aged 97 David Woolf – aged 79 Oxford for squash, and played for many years afterwards until the pressure of 1939 1957 years forced him to give up squash and Barry Finch – aged 90 Richard Norton* – aged 78 continue with tennis, which he played at Geoffrey Sharland OBE – aged 91 Ian Sinclair least once a week until the age of 87. He also loved sailing, walking, fishing and 1940 1959 swimming. He was an accomplished glass Jeffrey Attale* – aged 92 Murdoch Mackenzie – aged 76 engraver, loved a good game of and bridge, and never tired of travel, good food 1941 1961 and wine. He was devoted to his family Peter Arkell – aged 87 Peter Colyer – aged 71 and friends and kept in touch with many Walter Sayers – aged 92 Jeffery Attale was born in London in 1922. friends from his childhood, eventually 1966 His father Errol was a , originally outliving all of them. Jeffery will be fondly 1942 John Taylor – aged 80 from Trinidad and practising in London at remembered for his sense of humour, Robert Hornby – aged 90 that time. Jeffery was a pupil of Cranleigh fun and enjoyment of life as well as his Gus Taylor – aged 91 1969 School and went up to Hertford College professional years as a compassionate and David Hager* – aged 64 in 1940. He intended to study medicine caring dental surgeon. 1943 but half way through his studies he Frederic Bayliss – aged 89 1972 decided to change to dentistry. In 1942 Sally-Ann Attale Frank Orford* – aged 88 David Allen – aged 59 he went to Guy’s Hospital to continue his Ronald Thornton – aged 86 training, and he obtained his Licentiate Frank Orford 1973 of Dental Surgery (LDS) in 1945. Due to 1925-2014 1945 Stratford Caldecott – aged 60 the fact that it was wartime, there was My husband Frank Orford, who died in Derek Bridge – aged 90 no official degree ceremony at the time. the summer of 2014, very much valued Brian Murray – aged 73 1976 Jeffery eventually received his degree on his time at Hertford. He was attached to Michael Strickland – aged 87 Paul – aged 56 23 June 1992 at the Royal Festival Hall, Barnet House and left Oxford to become when medical students and others who a social worker at the Institute of Social 1947 1986 had graduated in the war finally had Psychiatry in London. He then qualified Peter Barclay – aged 92 Richard Wragg – aged 47 their own graduation day, at a ceremony as a psychologist, taking a post-graduate at the South Bank presided over by HRH course at University College London. He 1948 1992 Princess Anne. worked at the Fountain Hospital in South Anthony Fells – aged 88 Laura Marshall – aged 44 On completing his studies, Jeffery London and there became interested joined the Royal Navy in Cornwall as in autism, undertaking some ground- 1950 2006 Surgeon Lieutenant, before moving to breaking research on the basis of which Neil Denison – aged 85 Takashi Saito – aged 51 Haslemere in 1948 to join the dental he served on Dr Mildred Creek’s working

110 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 111 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD Obituaries Obituaries party defining the condition. Subsequently David Hager bonds to name a few—and supported his and mould the individuals into a tactically he moved to the adult department of the 1951-2015 clients through many periods of substantial coherent team. Tavistock Clinic, from which he retired change in the pensions industry. He was a That leader emerged in the person of in 1990. He had meanwhile qualified as fearsome negotiator on behalf of his clients John Hammond. Success soon came in a psychoanalyst and maintained a lively and his firm alike. the 1950/51 season. In Michaelmas the private practice for many years thereafter. David was most definitely a high flyer— second division championship was won He is survived by his wife, son and two pun fully intended, since flying was his with an unbeaten record. But Trinity was grandchildren. passion in life. He held a commercial pilot’s even better, when Hertford won the inter- license and an air transport pilot’s license, collegiate Cuppers with some great scores Eileen Orford and liked nothing better than offering to fly against larger, and supposedly sportier, a client to their meeting. colleges. Richard Norton All who knew him remember David’s The final itself, against Keble, is as fresh 1937-2015 professionalism, his ability to convey today in my memory as it was at the time. Richard Norton died peacefully in July complex subjects in a straightforward The final score appeared to suggest a close 2015 after battling with Parkinson’s way, his cheeky grin and his excellent dry match. Quite the opposite; we cruised into disease for a number of years. wit. He was an inspiration to the people a 3-0 lead in short order, relaxed to 3-1. Richard was one of the best oarsman who worked with him, and an excellent John was highly incensed at this lapse and Hertford has ever produced, winning the advertisement for the actuarial profession. demanded more concentration. So 4-1. Silver Goblets at Henley Royal Regatta in His untimely death deprived clients of his Error then 4-2, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3 then with only 1959 with pairs’ partner Hugh Scurfield Over one hundred colleagues, clients, insights and expertise and colleagues of his seconds to go 6-4. No time to recover the (1956). The duo went on to represent Great family and friends attended a memorial backing and support for their continued three goal lead!” Britain at the European Championships service at the college on 17 April 2015 to development. He will be sorely missed. that same year, where they placed fourth. celebrate the life of David Hager, who died The booklet Richard wrote on their in January at the age of 64 after a harsh Kevin Wesbroom (1975) experience in the pair, In search of the battle with brain cancer. Goblets, is a fascinating read and the pair David gained a double first in John Hammond racing at Henley was described by the Engineering and Economics and was 1928-2013 HRR archivist as follows: always immensely proud of his time at Norman Perrin (1948) writes on the “RB Norton and HH Scurfield of Oxford. After university he qualified as outstanding contribution to college football of Hertford College Oxford won the an actuary in near record time—just two John Hammond (1928-2013), whose death we Goblets, their races being noted for their years. After short spells in investment reported last year: exceptionally high rating, starting at banking and insurance, he joined the “When I came up to Hertford in 1948 around 45, rarely dropping below 38 and consulting actuaries Bacon & Woodrow in I played in a truly nondescript side finishing at over 40.” 1975 and remained there for his working languishing in the lower depths of the inter- Richard became a stalwart of the Boat life. He became an equity partner of the collegiate second division. We frequently Club Society over many, many years, firm in just five years, followed by a spell couldn’t muster a full XI without the aid of including a stint as Chairman. In this as Managing Partner in the 1990s, one of one or more college scouts. role he was instrumental in getting the most profitable periods of the firm’s 1949 saw the arrival of a quite large a new boathouse built for Hertford existence. contingent of players from either side of at Longbridges. He also became an David was one of the UK’s leading the Pennines. Most, but not all, had already evangelist for Thames traditional boats, pension fund investment consultants, completed their National Service and were participating in the Vogalonga in Venice having pioneered the development of thus more experienced and brawnier than on multiple occasions and championing investment performance measurement, those, like me, who came up straight from the creation of City Barge in Oxford. and was the author of a number of school. But more importantly they came He will be sadly missed by HCBC and definitive books and papers. He held from football playing (state!) schools. I soon the society. strong views on a range of investment lost my place in the First XI but by then we subjects—soft commissions, active versus were able to field a regular Second XI. There Duncan Coneybeare (1986) passive management, equities versus was therefore a sound foundation for future success, albeit in need of someone to lead

112 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 113 HERTFORD RECORD HERTFORD RECORD Chairman’s Letter Chairman’s Letter

Opposition Chief Whip in the 1980s, and most significant ongoing projects to be society owes Tom its thanks for his input David, Baron Waddington—Conservative funded by your society (of which more over recent years and I hope that we Letter from the member of the House of Commons, Chief below) is the renovation of a number may see him at social events in future; Whip (1987-89), Home Secretary (1989- of the portraits which were—until and Cicely Brown, who was co-opted Chairman of the 90), and Conservative Leader of the Lords recently—on display in hall. Christopher onto the committee in 2006 and elected (1990-92). During the year, I was asked by Mockler has undertaken substantially as membership secretary in 2007, a post Hertford Society the committee to approach the Rt. Hon. all of this work himself to date, in she held continuously until June 2015, our society held its annual general Jacqui Smith, PC to establish whether collaboration with the Development during which time she was responsible meeting in college on the last she would be willing to be nominated Office, and we owe him a great debt of for a significant overhaul of the society’s Sunday in June as usual. Having by the committee to stand for election gratitude for the significant work he has membership records and database, in Y at the annual general meeting, and I am done to progress this task. The portraits close liaison with the Development Office, presided at the meeting, Roger Westbrook, CMG came to the end of his second three- delighted to report that Jacqui was elected have been taken down, and several are and to the extent the society has any year term as president of the society, the at the meeting as the new president of now in the progress of at reliable records of its membership at all, limit permitted under the rules, and then the society for an initial term of three very reasonable cost. The Ashmolean it is largely down to Cicely’s efforts in this retired from office. Although there were years. Jacqui’s credentials are impeccable Museum has agreed to store the portraits regard. Cicely was often a constructively many other claims on his time, Roger in the company of such past presidents: questioning committee member, and we had been able to attend a number of while serving as Member of Parliament shall miss her input at future committee committee meetings and many society for between 1997 and 2010, meetings very much. Like Tom, Cicely social occasions. Roger’s presence at she held variously the posts of Minister Beside the faces many pressures at the moment and these gatherings elevated “happenings” of State for Schools in the Department has decided that she should stand down into “events” and his conviviality added for Education and Skills (2005-06); ongoing portrait rather than occupy a post which she feels lustre and bonhomie to every occasion. Government Chief Whip (2006-07); and she is not carrying out with the attention No mere figurehead, Roger made good Home Secretary (2007-09), being the first restoration project it deserves. Pro tem, the committee has use of his time at these meetings since, woman to be appointed Home Secretary, mentioned above, tasked me to fulfil this function. as the president is supernumerary to the and one of only three women to have Happily, James Weinberg was elected committee, he was able to offer guidance held one of the (her we made a number to the committee at the annual general and constructive criticism and to hold the peers being Margaret Thatcher, Prime meeting, having attended a number of committee to account, though this was Minister and , Foreign of substantial gifts to committee functions during his tenure always done with tact and charm honed Secretary). Though losing her seat in the college during the as JCR President. To remain effective, the to a high pitch by long and eminent House of Commons in the 2010 General committees require regular infusions of service for Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Election, Jacqui continues in public service year talent and enthusiasm and I would like Service. The meeting was an opportunity as a member of Her Majesty’s Honourable to invite any society members with an to thank Roger warmly for his enormous Privy Council, as Chair of University interest in contributing in this way to get and ongoing enthusiasm for the society Hospitals NHS Foundation in touch. until they may be rehung in due course. and its doings and we hope to see him on Trust and as an Honorary Fellow of the Beside the ongoing portrait restoration As has been noted elsewhere, the many future occasions. college. The society is extremely fortunate project mentioned above, we made a General Election in May brought Following the president’s retirement, to have a president so involved in college number of substantial gifts to college various fortunes for several Hertford the committee had given some time to and I am sure I write for all in saying we during the year. The Bill Atkinson Trophy Old Members. I will mention only one, considering a worthy successor. As you look forward to seeing her at events and was once again awarded to the most as Jeremy Quin (History, 1987), who was will have seen in my letter last year, the committee meetings as frequently as her promising new recruit to the Boat Club; elected the Conservative Member of society has been greatly favoured by the busy schedule may permit. choral awards, jointly funded by the society Parliament for Horsham in the General addition of three further vice presidents: The annual general meeting was and past and present principals of college, Election in May, served on the society David, Lord Pannick QC, Sir Sherard followed by the usual convivial gathering were made to support the college choir, committee for some years. Cowper-Coles KCMG LVO, Professor Sir in the Old Quad for drinks. Sunshine and such is the success of this scheme that We saw two departures from the Walter Bodmer MA PhD FRCPath FRS had been ordered and arrived, slightly it may be expanded in the forthcoming committee this year: Tom Wippermann, and Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith PC. belatedly. Drinks were followed by a very year; further financial support was given elected to the committee in 2006, has The roll of past presidents of the society good buffet luncheon in Hall at which the to the Ambassadors’ Scheme to encourage found attending increasingly difficult includes, among others, Thomas, 3rd photos of Hertford College women were applications to Hertford and Oxford more given the pressure of work, and the Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede—Labour a subject of much discussion. One of the widely from students at schools with few member of the and 114 Hertford College Magazine Hertford College Magazine 115 HERTFORD RECORD Chairman’s Letter or no previous applicants; a contribution efforts to devise an insignia for all those was made towards JCR Freshers’ Week who wish for an alternative to the to ensure a welcome to new members of society’s tie. college; and, with many thanks to Shirley For all their efforts throughout the Stacey for doing so much of the research year, my thanks to all members on and work, a contribution was made to the the committee this year who give up equivalent event for the MCR, so often a great deal of their time to support overlooked in the past; the society again the ongoing activities of the society contributed toward the cost of Simpkin and to ensure its smooth operation. the cat, a total of £3,750 all funded by My thanks in particular, once again, to members’ generosity. our secretary, Graham Jones who not It is now some years since the society last only ensures the orderly running of the appealed for its members to renew their committee’s meetings during the year, periodic five year subscription and the maintains comprehensive and accurate committee will be arranging for a general minutes and provides technical input on invitation for subscription renewals later the application of the society’s rules, but this year in conjunction with a mailing excelled himself again in organizing the from the Development Office to minimize annual general meeting and luncheon, the cost of the exercise. Depending on which was generally held to be a great the level of renewals received, the society success. My final thanks to all members will continue making contributions on for their ongoing generous support similar lines to those described above and of the society: without your support, also a contribution toward the cost of the neither the society’s congenial social publication in which this letter appears, events nor the substantial financial and in conjunction with the Home Bursar, assistance given to college and its to investigate the practicality of installing constituents would be possible. handrails to assist the ascent of the first Thank you. steps from the Old Quad into Hall. Angela Fane and Fiona Robertson continue their Robert Seymour, Chairman

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