Contents Overall, the College won 25 Firsts out of from his latest book. Dame Antonia Byatt 92 students sitting Final examinations. Of talked about the process of composition, Rector’s address 1 Editorial the five biochemists, four took firsts this Lord Butler about his report and the year, and three of them were in the top background to the Iraq War and Lord College News I hope that you will enjoy this year’s five for the University. Judith Toning took Patten, the University’s Chancellor, about News in Brief 2 issue of Exon and find its ‘new look’ easy the top First in the University in and university education. For both Forging A Link: Exeter Careers and Internship Scheme 4 to navigate. We have tried to provide (having given birth to Tobias only a month the American and the British elections, Profile: Dr John Maddicott 5 a sense of the breadth of academic before). Iason Gabriel took the top First we erected a big television screen in Farewell to Rector 6 excellence and extra-curricular in History and , Lucy Simmonds the Hall, and students stayed up all High Flyer: Justin Bronder’s Star-Gazing 7 activity of this fine institution, both the second best First in Physiological night to watch the result. We celebrated The American Dream: David Heales’s North American Travel Scholarship 8 in terms of life here at the College, Sciences, Nicholas Johnston the top Thanksgiving in Hall, complete with Fragile Nature: Conservation in the Andes 10 and amongst our wider community First in and English and Jane pecan, pumpkin and apple pie, and of Old Members and Friends. There Goodenough the fourth best First in Burns Night in January, with a bagpiper University News is a wealth of talent and repository of Greats. All four of our graduate lawyers in the front quad. For many students, it News in Brief 12 commitment on show here: from an won distinctions in their BCL exam, and was their first encounter with haggis. In The Re-Education of Oxford 13 expedition to the Magnetic North Pole Tarunabh Khaitan won two distinguished February, we held a packed New Orleans Chris Patten’s Radcliffe Lecture: Oxford 25 years on 14 to helping the children of Africa; from University prizes. jazz concert in the Hall, preceded by a discovering new particles to assessing Rector’s Address There have been other triumphs. Angela parade along . Fundraising the growing role of Asia in the world. Palmer, our Fine Arts student, had a There has been lots of building. Hardship: The Facts 18 sculpture accepted for exhibition in the Refurbishing the kitchen involved the Donors: Young, Smart and Absent 19 As we begin to think about celebrating took up office as Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition. construction of a temporary kitchen in Roman Holiday 19 our 700th anniversary in 2014, we are Rector of Exeter College, Oxford in The Women’s First Eight won blades at . Magically, the kitchen Book ’em: JCR Book Grant Scheme 19 increasingly aware that, in order to October 2004. She previously worked at Eights Week. Rebecca Ting won a rowing staff continued to produce delicious ExVac 2005: The Other Side of Life in Oxford 20 flourish, the College must continue The Economist. She chairs the Economic . Laura Richards and Sarah Dunstone meals from a long wooden hut. Staircases Ringing Around: Fundraising by Phone 21 to be renewed and reinvigorated by and Social Research Council, and is won Blues for Women’s Rugby, and John 4-6 were re-roofed and refurbished. The each successive generation. Over the President of the British Association. Bradshaw for Men’s Rugby. Matthew Lodgings had a facelift too: the first floor Feature last twelve months, the Rector and I Green and Duncan Brown made a has become a light and airy flat. More A Top Banker’s View: The Rise and Rise of Asia by Stephen Green 22 have travelled many thousands of It has been a momentous year. Having surrealist film which won Film Cuppers. changes are under way. Sadly, the large around the world to renew and come from a sheltered life in international Our main student band, ‘The Hammer vs chestnut tree at the end of the Fellows’ Viewpoint build relationships with Exonians, journalism and 20 years on The Economist the Snake’, won the University’s Bands Garden has died. It is being taken down. Chaplain: On Right Reverend Mothers and Regaining the Initiative 27 and to present a vision of the College magazine, I have been thrown in at tournament. We now have wireless Internet access Synergism in the Soup: Rethinking Education in Rural Tanzania 28 with the education of the the deep end of the tumultuous world There have been a number of goings in a number of parts of the college, Siamon Gordon: You, Me and HIV 30 and spirit at its core. We have met of higher education. Luckily, Exeter and comings. Siamon Gordon, Professor including the Fellows’ Garden, where it Gambia: A Country in Need 31 with support and enthusiasm as well College has been just as welcoming and of Cellular Pathology, retires. He has was launched with a ceremony at which Frank Close: Shining Light 32 as good advice and from all supportive as I had hoped. done great work in to tell I symbolically cut a wire. The College’s our Old Members and Friends and we True, this is a difficult for all youngsters about HIV-AIDS and how to web site, our shop window on the world, Alumni look forward to the challenges ahead universities and for Oxford colleges avoid infection (see p30). We have also has been redesigned. News from Old Members 34 knowing that we are not alone. So we in particular. Even with the increase lost Victor Lee, who has taught The College’s Old Members and friends Crossing the Pond: The Symbiosis Between Exeter and Williams College 36 say again: thank you. in tuition fees, the money we get from for three years; and Jacqueline Rattray, are enormously supportive. In particular, A Room of Our Own: The Saskatchewan Story 37 students and the government together who held the Queen Sophia Junior Sir Ronald Cohen made the College a From Exeter to Exmoor: Richard Blackmore’s Lorna Doone 38 Jonathan Snicker adds up to less than half the true cost of Research Fellowship. Katherine Turner, tremendously generous donation, which Early Days: Michael Dryland 39 Director of Development teaching an undergraduate. And students our Williams Fellow, crossed the Atlantic will underpin the campaign we are From Suez to Exeter in 1948: Alfred Dale 40 find accommodation in Oxford very to Mary Baldwin College in ; and launching this year to raise the money to I’ll Be Your Guide: Patrick Heinecke Climbs Mount Afajato 41 expensive. I spend a lot of time with the Caroline Warman, who taught French for endow a Fellowship in Modern History. Bella Italia: Tales of a Writer in Exile 42 Fellows working on ways to alleviate two years, crossed the Turl to Jesus College. He is easily the College’s most generous A Remarkable Career: Ed Harris’s Incredible Journey 44 student hardship. Heidi Stalla, Junior Dean for the past five donor of modern . In the coming Around the World in 51 days: Christopher Sumner’s East Asia Travel Scholarship 46 However, the College overall is optimistic years, has gone to year, we face the challenge of restoring Arctic Dreams: Journey to the Pole 47 and cheerful. Our Fellows have had a – taking with her the College . Among the Chapel. Two of its windows are in Obituaries 48 number of splendid achievements –not our new arrivals is Jane Hiddleston, who alarmingly bad shape, and the stone work An Outstanding Student of Exeter College: U 49 A Public Zone Production. just academic. Sandy Fredman became becomes Fellow in French. She thus takes is crumbling. We need to raise £2.2m to www.zonecontent.com a Fellow of the British Academy, Shamita over the fellowship that her father held put it in safe shape. And we will continue Back Section ph: 020 7267 4774 Das became a Fellow of the American with such distinction. She was the top to need the help of all our Old Members Publisher: Jonathan Simmons Who’s Who? Busters, 1967 Matriculands and Aunt Sally 50 Editorial Director: Emma Sorensen Geophysical Union and Gillian Griffiths choice of the students who sat through to sustain our wonderful academic Test Your Knowledge: Exeter Quizlet 51 Production Co-ordinator: Harriet Mancey-Barratt a Fellow of the Academy of Medical mock tutorials by all candidates for the reputation and to continue to support the Dear Rector: Humour From the 1960s 52 Designer: Gregory Mills Sciences. Jonathan Herring, Faramerz job. We also greet Hugh Gazzard as the unique but expensive tutorial system. Dates For Your Diary 53 Exeter College Editorial Team: Dhaboiwala, and Kathryn Graddy all new Williams Fellow and Lecturer in I welcome visits from Old Members Some Honours and Apppointments, Honorary Fellows, College Information 54 Frances Cairncross, Jonathan Snicker, Megan Daffern, produced baby girls, and Keith Brain, our English, James Kennedy as the new Fellow – including young ones! There is lots to Lucy Stallworthy, Katrina Hancock, Mary Intern: Katherine Chapman pharmacologist, broke the feminine run in Geratology, Gareth Wood as the new show you – and by the time you read with a son. Robin Lane Fox appeared on Queen Sofia Fellow, and Ian Gibson as this, there will be even more. Oxford is horseback in , as a the new Junior Dean. a place where a great deal happens in a reward for advising the production team. A number of distinguished figures came short time! We had a terrific year academically. to speak in College. Philip Pullman read Frances Cairncross

EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 1 NEWS

News in Brief Film Cuppers ECBC gets £30,000 of New Equipment Golfing for Exeter Triumph By Robin Ewbank (1961, Physics) Exeter alumni took part for the fourth time in the Intercollegiate Alumni Two Exeter students won the 2005 Oxford This year, the Exeter College Boat Club Golf Tournament, held annually at University Film Cuppers Competition. was delighted to attract sponsorship from Frilford Heath, near Abingdon. It Matt Green (2001, History), currently a local consulting company, for could be said of last year’s Exeter doing an MSt in Historical Research, and Fish. Based in Henley, Water for Fish is team that never in the field of human Duncan Brown (2002, English), stormed a people and organisation consulting conflict had so many travelled so far to victory after beating five finalists in company, helping private and public to secure so few points on the field of a lively (and long) shortlist battle at the sector clients shape their organisation battle, as our team came from Hong Phoenix Picture House in . The 12- through a process of transformation, Kong, Colombia and Ulster as well minute film, Le Cauchemar de l’Homme assessment and learning. It has generously as mainland Britain. Last year Philip Noir-et-Blanc, starred Exonions Michael agreed to a three year sponsorship deal Pardoe-Williams did however win Cornford (2002, PPE) and Jessica Huth of £10,000 per year, making it the most the longest drive on the 15th and was (2001, Lit. Hum.) in ‘a tale of madness, Exeter College valuable sponsorship on the river. This again our top scorer this time around. paranoia and obsession’. The film also has enabled the Men’s First VIII (currently We were not disgraced and came features a full original score written by Choir Trip to Basel 6th on the river having suffered from comfortably ahead of former winners, Timothy Burke (2001, ). The group sickness during Eights Week this year) to University College, but there is still has just completed another short film, purchase a much needed new Eight. The much room for improvement. You do The Tragedy of Albert. Having raised 14 – 21 March, 2005 Boat Club has also been able to secure not need to be a single handicapper £6,000 to make it, they are now trying By Katherine Barker (2003, Lit. Hum.) scholar Timothy Burke (2001, music). coaching for the next year and provide to play in this competition, but high to raise a further £1,000 to get the film Basel provided many opportunities to crews with new subsidised and branded handicaps are cut to a maximum of processed. If you’d like more information, This year’s College Choir tour to sightsee, with the views of the Rhine kit. Exeter College and the Boat Club 18 to deal a blow to those who live or would like to sponsor further projects, Switzerland was a massive success. from the Münster tower a highlight and are extremely grateful to Water for Fish in bandit country. Dinner afterwards please contact: Despite the potential chaos – two groups the unnerving swaying of the tower as for all their support and generosity and is a very sociable affair and rotates [email protected] flying from two airports at different times, the midday bells tolled less so! Enjoying look forward to winning more races and between the colleges. Why not think or visit: meeting two other choir members in the the 22 degree heat, we visited Basel Zoo, developing a deeper relationship over the of joining us on 18 April 2006 and www.unrealcityproductions.co.uk. , each travelling separately – all 22 the Kunstmuseum and the picturesque years to come. help Exeter really get established on of us arrived at the Basel youth hostel squares. We performed in some stunning the Oxford Alumni golfing map? safe and sound. The hard part over, churches, including a very beautiful all that remained was to complete a church in Ettingen, a small town week’s worth of singing. Our programme bordering France and Germany. We sang Let the Bells ring… consisted of an enjoyably varied range of from a balcony, watching the evening Some Exonian Weddings (see Register From the Office music, from sacred songs by Wolf, Byrd’s spilling through the brightly coloured for full list) 4-part mass and Lassus’s Tristus Est to the glass windows. The service was followed soaring Howell’s anthem Salve Regina, by a slap-up meal provided by the parish to the Court Gibbons’s O Clap Your Hands, Palestrina’s – typical of the generous and friendly Missa Aeterna Christi Munera and a new hospitality we encountered. composition by former Exeter organ On the second day, we took the train to a small village called Schopfheim and Joan Himpson, Exeter’s Academic delighted to celebrate Joan’s recognition the Evangelische Stadtkirche there. Well, Administrator, has been excelling in for her commitment and skill, and the we thought we had. Unfortunately, the fields outside the College Offices. A keen College warmly congratulates her on her choir had left the train a stop early, and sportswoman, she has recently been achievement. we spent the day in a nearby, almost recognised for her services to national deserted German village. Whoops! Friday Guy Rowlands (Fellow, Modern basketball and was awarded the K. K. evening saw Stephen History) and Bridget Heal, 14 August Mitchell Award for Services to Basketball Wood perform an organ recital at the 2004, St. Margaret’s Church, Oxford Officiating at Area Level, presented by the Leonhardskirche, near Basel’s centre. (pictured) Director of Officiating, Alan Richardson, We were all pleasantly surprised to see at the AGM of English Basketball (EB) last that the church was quite full of people David Hancock (1998, Physics) September. EB, founded in 1936, is the – Basel locals who had heard about the and Katrina Beadle (1998, official body for basketball in England. recital by chance. On the last evening, Sciences), 10 July 2004, St. Mark’s, Joan has great swathes of experience as we enjoyed a meal out together followed Bilton a basketball official. She has officiated by a birthday party for one of the choir at the World Student Games, the Junior members. It was a lovely end to a fantastic Adrian Daffern and Megan Shakeshaft Olympic Days in Bath, and numerous week and I will always remember the (1998, Classics), 21 August 2004, National and International games in concerts, culture, picnics and hospitality Joan receives her award from EB Director of Top: Lunch by the Rhine! Jo Lim, one of the blades-winning Cathedral England over a 20-year career. We are officiating, Alan Richardson Above: Marktplatz Market we enjoyed in Basel this year. Women’s First Eight

6 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 7 NEWS

placement. To that end the Careers a significant impact on College life. opponent. This was the most interesting Forging a Link Office, in co-operation with members In social terms the arrival of confident project I have undertaken, partly because of Exeter’s global network of Old and relatively self-assured women was the density of the documentation allowed Members and friends, has developed an conducive to a more informal relationship me to see my subject from the inside, as Exeter Careers and Internship internship programme specifically for with undergraduates. Although the it were, and to form a vivid impression Exeter students. This last year alone, 11 change was generally welcomed within of a character who was self-interested, different organizations in three different the College, there were, I think, some acquisitive, pious, ascetic and a great Scheme – How YOU Can Help countries offered temporary positions drawbacks. One was that undergraduates’ leader of men, all at the same time. to 15 undergraduates and graduates. social life became more confined to the These students will gain work experience College and they became less closely How did it feel to be invited to deliver in areas ranging from the non-profit involved with University life, particularly the in 2004? By Glen Goodman (2004, South The students and professionals who met sector and city government to banking with outside clubs and societies. American Lit.), Careers Assistant 2004-5 in the Rector’s Lodgings enjoyed a buffet and journalism, including HSBC, The The invitation was completely unexpected dinner as each presenter expanded upon Washington Post and Camden Council. During your 36 years at Exeter, how has and a great honour. Lecturers are given Among the many exciting new their various careers. The evening included The College sees the internship the teaching of history changed? three to four years’ preparation time, and developments at Exeter this last year representatives from organisations as programme as particularly worthwhile since I was already working on the history has been the creation of the Exeter diverse as Teach First, HSBC, the NHS, as it not only affords Exeter’s students Profile In terms of teaching methods, change of parliament I was able to convert this Careers Office. Commissioned by the the BBC, and Demos. Students had vital work experience outside of Oxford, has been limited. The tutorial has into a seven-part lecture series. Part of the Rector, the Careers Office was founded a unique chance to mingle with Old but also provides continuity between retained its prominence and inter-college challenge was to meet the expectations in the spring of 2005 to provide Exeter’s Members who could answer questions the College and its Old Members. It is John Maddicott teaching continues to be encouraged. of a very diverse audience of colleagues, students with the proper tools to begin about life after Oxford. Four more such a unique opportunity for businesses and However, the Oxford history syllabus undergraduates and outsiders. It was a thinking about their professional futures evenings are scheduled over the next two organizations to welcome enthusiastic has undergone enormous change. Until daunting but fulfilling experience. before the crunch of their final year. terms, and we are especially interested in young people from a wide variety of Dr John Maddicott, whose ancestors about 1990 three compulsory in These tools can be understood as a recruiting the young professionals among academic backgrounds to their team. on his father’s side were all Devonshire English history provided undergraduates What are your plans for retirement? familiarity with the fundamentals of the Exeter alumni. The continued support for There has already been great interest in farmers, chose an academic rather than with a near-continuous knowledge of the path into the professional world: the job these evenings comes from you, our Old offering positions for the summer of 2006, an agrarian career path. Having graduated nation’s past. But this has been gradually At present I have no definite plans, but I’m search, the application process and work Members, and we are always looking for which bodes well for the future success of from Worcester College in 1964, and superseded by a ‘self-service cafeteria’- toying with several ideas. My priority is to experience. new career areas to present to our current the programme. Still, we need to create lectured at University, Dr type syllabus in which students select from write up the Ford Lectures for publication. Perhaps one of the most daunting undergraduates. many more internships if we are to build Maddicott joined the Exeter Fellowship in a plethora of periods and regions. While After that I’m thinking about writing a aspects of the transition into the working The next step – the application process a comprehensive careers department. We 1969. In 2004, he gave the enormously the variety engendered by this approach general history of the College. But I also world for most students is developing – is where the Careers Office provides the also need to create internship bursaries prestigious Oxford Ford Lectures, an is clearly beneficial, the disappearance have in mind a project on the resources an idea of what fields will suit their most personal attention to each student. to ensure that a student will never be annual honour granted to eminent of a ‘common core’ from the curriculum, of kinship in Anglo-Saxon England and aspirations and abilities. In order to The Careers Adviser holds weekly excluded from taking part in an unpaid British historians. Now, as he prepares which all undergraduates studied, has another on popular participation in introduce students to as wide an array of surgeries to counsel individual students internship because they cannot finance for retirement in 2006, the conventional made it more difficult for undergraduates political life in medieval England. Future career options as possible, the Careers on their choice of jobs, review their it personally. If you think you can help, student-tutor roles are reversed as former to talk to each other about their work and uncertain! Office holds informational evenings applications, give CV pointers, and even whatever your profession, please get in undergraduate Lucy Stallworthy (2002, to learn from each other. once or twice a term. Old Members are discuss interview strategies. Exeter is very contact with the College. Modern History) interviews Dr Maddicott Upon Dr Maddicott’s retirement, Exeter invited to present their professions – with keen to see its students have a head start The advent of the Careers Office will on 36 years of outstanding service. How do you hope to see the teaching of needs to ensure the ongoing presence of an emphasis on practical information in developing the necessary techniques to undoubtedly broaden the professional history develop after you have retired? two History Tutors in the College, who regarding the specifics of one career stand out during the application process. outlook of the College’s newer members How did you become a Fellow of Exeter must be world-class academics. Exeter path versus another. For example, what As a supplement to one-on-one surgeries, while helping finalists approach life College? First, a large part of the way in which would like current and future students exactly does a management consultant the Careers Office occasionally holds after Oxford with more information history teaching now develops is shaped to benefit from the stability, loyalty and do every day in the office or what are workshops on application strategies. and, hopefully, a clearer idea of how to That year, unusually, three medieval by the faculty, whose control has scholarship engendered by a permanent the routes someone can take to reach the For example, last term a large group of achieve their career goals. However, the fellowships came up at Oriel, Exeter increased massively over the past 30 History Fellow. executive level within a large non-profit students attended a CV workshop led by continued success of the career evenings and Pembroke. Having failed at Oriel, I years. I think that this trend will continue In order to see this happen, the History organization? Through such evenings two professionals with years of experience and the internship programme will was drawn to Exeter as the next college and thus any changes in teaching are Fellowship Campaign has been set up. students are exposed to a greater variety in Human Resources and hiring sectors of depend on the interest and cooperation ‘down the line’, as it were. At school my likely to occur above the college level. Thanks to the generosity of Sir Ronald of job options than they might have major companies. Not only did they offer of Old Members and friends of Exeter. history teacher, an Exonian historian, had Secondly, it seems almost inevitable that Cohen (1964, PPE), we have raised previously known existed; furthermore, general suggestions on formulation and Through this collaboration, we are crafting put me in for Worcester as a trial run for I will be replaced by a modern historian £750,000 of what we need – if others will they are able to make initial contact with presentation of CVs for various different a fantastic resource that strengthens the scholarship at Exeter. But I was actually and not a medievalist. Exeter is now the contribute the remainder. Every donation Old Members whose direction may prove career areas, students were able to have College’s relationship with its valued offered a Commoner’s place at Worcester, only College in the University without , large and small, until we have invaluable. their personal CVs reviewed individually. Old Members, while launching talented and took that. So I had a link with Exeter a modernist and this has to be rectified reached our goal: to endow a History The Careers Office held its most recent The ultimate goal of the job search is, young people into interesting and before coming here; and since I was – though I will, of course, be very sad to Fellowship at the College in perpetuity. careers evening early in Trinity term, 2005. of course, work experience and job valuable careers. born in the Devonshire city of the same see my medieval Fellowship disappear. The campaign seeks to bring together Old there was also a pleasant regional Members and Friends of the College both connection. High quality research has been a feature to celebrate Dr Maddicott’s work here For more information about the Careers Office, or if you would like to take part in a careers evening or offer work experience or an of your time at Exeter. Which project at Exeter and to safeguard the standards internship to an Exeter student, please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] to find out how you can In which areas do you feel Exeter College did you find most stimulating and and model of teaching enjoyed during help. Thank you to the Old Members, Friends and Parents who have already offered to give careers advice to current students. has changed most during your tenure? challenging? his tenure. If you would like to help by donating, or for further details, please The success of the internships scheme depends on you, the alumni. In 1979 Exeter was part of a wave of In 1994 I published a biography of Simon contact: colleges that ‘went co-ed’ and this had de Montfort, Henry III’s great baronial [email protected]

8 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 9 NEWS

Right Honourable complement to the education I received at the Academy by teaching me how to Starry, Starry Night pursue advanced scientific research while Chaos setting my own goals. The Supernova Legacy Survey is an My experiences studying in the international collaboration of astronomers. Department of Astrophysics illustrate It has been awarded time on the world’s In honour of Marilyn Butler’s outstanding how unique the Oxford education is. largest optical telescopes for members service to Exeter College, Guy Rowlands The department is teamed with other to conduct research and, as a member, I (former Fellow of Exeter) came together institutions across the UK and Europe. was provided with the incredibly unique with (Rector of Lincoln) On a daily basis, I contact professionals opportunity to gets hands-on training and and William Palin (Sir John Soane’s and fellow students in Toronto, Padova data acquisition at this world-class facility ) to celebrate the considerable or to assist in the research for the purposes of this specific degree study of elections since Dr Butler arrived of distant exploding stars called Type Ia programme at Oxford. in 1993. The meeting focused on the Supernovae. Last winter my supervisor Dr Whilst there, I took spectroscopic images nature of eighteenth century politics Isobel Hook and I travelled to a meeting in at optical wavelengths of distant Type Ia and electioneering, the electoral goings- Paris where I presented the nascent results supernova candidates. My research at on, alcoholic and corrupt, within the of my supernovae research to physicists Oxford is based on reducing and analysing College, and the way in which elections from all over Europe. These discussions these images for empirical evidence of have lent themselves to caricatures such and meetings have given me great insight the homogeneity, or heterogeneity, of as Hogarth’s. into the intricacies of working in an these astronomical events in the interests international setting and exposed me of improving the scientific community’s On 22 April 2005 Exeter College to the different cultures and viewpoints knowledge of cosmological parameters. celebrated the 250th anniversary of of our international colleagues. These The first two nights of observation were spent the election of 1754, High Flyer differences both enhance and hinder working hands-on with the instruments at immortalised by William Hogarth in his these relationships, and as I continue to the Gemini Northern Observatory. At this great series of paintings. Exeter played prepare as a leader in a globally-oriented time the telescope was working in what a rather key role in the contest. It was a Justin Bronder (2003, Astrophysics) is Air Force, I am positive that these lessons is called ‘queue-observing mode’, where very raucous affair; the Vice-Chancellor a graduate student at Exeter currently will serve me well for years to come. astronomical objects allocated for other stigmatised the College as ‘the shop of studying for three years on the Alberta The technical training I have received at research groups are targeted with a variety corruption and the factory of perjury’ Bart Holaday Scholarship. First Oxford has been remarkable. Last April of the world-class instruments available at although the pamphleteering Dr. Webber Lieutenant in the American Air Force, the Graduate Studies Department, with Gemini. (Rector 1750-1771) described the conduct he will go on to assist the Air Force as funds granted from the Dean of the Faculty, The remainder of the observing time was Heading Off of the undergraduates as ‘exemplary’ a research physicist after completing enabled me to work with Dr Hook for spent at the Northern Operations centre of despite the entertainment of ‘so large a his research into Type 1a Supernovae at two weeks at the Gemini Telescope (one the Gemini facility. This centre, which is family’ of outside persons in the Hall. Oxford. of the largest and most advanced optical located closer to sea-level than the actual Farewell to Marilyn Butler The hustings had been set up in Broad instruments in the world) on Mauna Kea, telescope (which is over 14,000 feet in Street and Whig voters were smuggled I began graduate study at Oxford with Hawaii. Regardless of where my career altitude), provides for more extensive through the College so that they could the highest expectations of what life here as an Air Force Physicist takes me, this data collection through less stringent Marilyn Butler, Rector of Exeter College get within reach of the booths more would be like. Yet, even with my optimism, training will prove very worthwhile. physiological and climate demands. for 11 years, retired last summer. She or less unmolested by the Tory mob. the first year here has still completely The social life and extra-curricular During these observations my supervisor had the great distinction of being the first Jacobite sympathies had lasted long in surpassed these expectations. Before I activities here have also been amazing. and I used the telescope instruments to get woman in post as Head of a formerly Oxford and most Colleges supported the left for Oxford, Bart Holaday (1965, PPE), From mornings spent rowing on the real-time supernova data for my thesis. male Oxford College. ‘Old Interest’. Two Fellows, Thomas Bray whose generosity made this opportunity Thames to evening services in Exeter’s Additional discussion of the observing She came to the College after a (Rector 1771-85) and Benjamin Kennicott possible for USAFA graduates through the beautiful Chapel and formal dinners in goals and procedures requires a more distinguished career in the study of were among the most vigorous supporters Alberta Bart Holaday Scholarship, told me the College’s Jacobean hall, my time here technical description and will be made English literature. She was King Edward of the ‘New Interest’, authoring some of that his time at Exeter College was among has been filled with the highlights of the available upon request. Please e-mail VII Professor of English Literature at the To mark Professor Butler’s departure, the many scurrilous pamphlets produced the ‘best years’ of his life. If my first year Oxford experience. I have also competed [email protected] for more , and wrote the College presented her with a rather by the election. In actual fact, the contest here is any indication, I am certain that I with the University Boxing Club and am details of my research. several books on the literature of the different work of art: a head, in glass, lit was as much a battle between local will echo his sentiments exactly. serving as the Captain of this Oxford Romantic period, including Jane Austen from underneath, and finely based on an grandees (the Earl of Macclesfield and the What struck me immediately about Varsity Club with its 122 year history. The and the War of Ideas and Romantics, actual brain scan (see photo). The artist is Duke of Marlborough) as it was between this University is just how different it is most rewarding part of my studies has Rebels and Reactionaries. She continued Angela Palmer (Fine Art, 2002), a mature Colleges, but it took place in the heart of from anything at the Academy – and it been the daily interactions at Exeter with her research during her time at the student at Exeter College and the Ruskin Oxford. is precisely this that has made my time an assembly of future scholars and leaders College, working as the General Editor of School of Fine Art. Most elections at the time were here so worthwhile. Just as the Academy from around the world. While increasing a 12-volume edition of Maria Edgeworth’s It is a tribute to Professor Butler’s uncontested. The much-publicised prepares Air Force leaders through an my appreciation for other cultures, these works. leadership that the experience of having Oxfordshire battle was exceptional education characterised by its disciplined interactions have allowed me to serve as The portrait above, now hanging in the one woman Rector encouraged the for its violence and for the subsequent and rigorous schedule, academic life at a delegate for the US and its Air Force. Hall, was commissioned by the College College to pioneer again: it chose as protracted parliamentary battle to reverse Oxford is marked by an environment When one of my foreign peers remarked from David Cobley of the Royal Society her successor a second woman, Frances the outcome (which ended in all four with much less structure that encourages last year that I had changed his opinion of Portrait Painters in 2000. Mr Cobley Cairncross, thus becoming the first candidates being seated). a healthy balance of independence and of US military members for the better, I has also painted Princess Anne, Ken formerly male Oxford College to have collaboration. This approach, which is realised just how rewarding my Oxford Dodd and the Lord Mayor of . two female Heads of House in a row. open-ended and flexible, has been a great experience has truly been.

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in Toronto with Alison Schwarz (who studied Law fascinating neurological research which took some North American at Exeter the year before me), led to a chance to time to explain to me, albeit in a suitably diluted work on the John Kerry campaign where I managed form. I also spent a hugely enjoyable day in the to gain a fascinating insight into the mechanics of famous countryside in the company Travel Scholarship 2004 mass political marketing, from answering letters of Joe and Betsy Schork – my very entertaining from deranged members of the public to sitting in guides. on analysis of focus group data. It was also another David Heales (2002, ) was the opportunity to experience the post-9/11 climate of Homeward bound fifth consecutive North American (formerly the fear in the country, as a flustered attempt to take I left North America with the distinct feeling Steamer Capital) Scholar, and spent five weeks a photograph of Howard Dean in the campaign of personal growth that travel so often gives but travelling across the United States and lobby led to a swift strong-arming and thorough coupled with a real sense of the strength and funded by the kind support of the Alumni. interrogation! After convincing the powers-that- depth of the Exeter College community. Over my be that I was no threat to security five weeks a very large number of people took In condensing my stimulating and eclectic journey (again) I managed a thorough and overwhelming time to meet with me and I was overwhelmed across North America into a brief account, I exploration of the impressive national memorials with the generosity I encountered with Exonians cannot possibly do to the full experience and government buildings in central DC. I also of all generations and backgrounds, bound by our or the generosity of the North American alumni managed to get an insight into the IMF and mutual fondness of our years at this college. I feel I met. But I hope to give some impression of my World Bank, with several Exonians working very lucky to have been able to undertake this travels and the life-long memories gathered from there. Washington DC also gave me a taste of the wonderful journey and to have met such an array this unique opportunity. extremes of American weather, where the tail-end of fascinating people. I will value my experience As one of the key aims of my itinerary was to gain of Hurricane Ivan brought extreme humidity and as yet another great part of my Oxford education. an insight into the legal and political dynamics of tornadoes which knocked out the power in the I would like to thank the following alumni for North America, I greatly benefited from travelling in Andersons’ home for around 12 hours. The weather taking the time to meet with me on my travels the weeks before the 2004 Presidential Election, as also meant that, despite frantic rescheduling, I and sincerely hope I will be able to meet with the whole seemed to throb with political missed out on meeting Robert Moore who was as many of them as possible again in the future: discourse. Indeed, I felt the effects of one of the covering the hurricane story for ITN News. Richard Sparks, Chisanga Puta-Chekwe, Seamus key questions for debate – the balance between Woods, Rex Williams; Jonathan Bengtson; national security and fundamental freedoms – New York, New York Hugh Rowlinson; Richard Fitzsimmons; James firsthand on several occasions. My trip was to begin From DC I caught the train to New York and McConica; Guy Trudel, Timothy Hughes; Paul with a security search triggered by my reading of a shared appreciation of Exeter College and their stepped right out into the heart of this inspiring city William Roberts; Alison Schwarz; Heather The by Kahlil Gibran on the plane from valued years here. My week in Toronto was busy for a heady week of zipping around . I Giannandrea; Yves-Marie Morissette, Stansfield Heathrow. I had to convince the security services and varied and I managed to indulge in some staple managed to see many of the tourist spots as well Turner; Chuck Anderson, Kenneth Mwenda; Keith that it was an international bestseller, not a tract of tourist pursuits, such as visits to and art as meet some interesting alumni. Brad Hoylman Oblitas; Timothy Vanderver Jr; Jim Prust; Keith Fox; fundamental , and that my unkempt hair was galleries, a trip to Niagara Falls and a viewing of kindly invited me to a political fundraiser for Tony Cole; John Mulutula; Robert Moore (well, due to my student status. the cityscape from the top of the CN Tower, with a a Democrat Senate hopeful and I was able to nearly); Brad Hoylman; Walt Bachman; John guided tour of the (courtesy of socialise with many politically minded people. I Lawrence; Michael Lyall; Jason Straker; Anastasia dreaming Rev. Guy Trudel). My principal hosts for the week spent a very interesting day with John Lawrence Andrzejewski; Greg Marks; Keith Fox, ; Successfully through that ordeal, I was free to start were Seamus Woods and his family who were who was thwarted in his attempt to show me John Quelch, Ned Sahin and Joe Schork. my journey proper. My itinerary began with a week more than kind and managed to show me some of around the United Nations by the sitting of the in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, staying with Richard the student hang-outs and bars. I left Toronto with General Assembly but managed to give me a tour and Jenny Sparks. Richard holds the impressive a strong sense of Exeter’s community and a hearty of Columbia University, where I was staying and accolade of being the only Old Member to have met lunch for the four hour-train journey to Montreal where he lectures, and an insight into NGOs. After all five scholars past on their travels. The Sparks’s prepared by Seamus’s wife, Kim McClure. some useful advice from Benjamin Moxham, the hospitality and the Californian climate in late I had scheduled a three-night stay in Montreal first North American Scholar, I managed to gain summer ensured my trip got off to a terrific start. As before heading back down to the United States a day’s work experience at the American Civil well as enjoying a law-themed dinner party for my but I was not really sure what to expect, armed Liberties Union where many of the questions I benefit, which proved how interesting lawyers can only with a guide book kindly given to me by Rex had been pondering as my travels progressed be when plied with cocktails, I played Williams in Toronto. To my excitement, I found were answered. I left feeling that I had only just music with a country-rock legend, had dinner with an incredibly vibrant, youthful and cosmopolitan scratched the surface of the tourist traps, let alone the screenwriter of Apocalypse Now and enjoyed city. Yves-Marie Morissette, who presently sits the rest that New York had to offer… tours of the varied LA landscape and hot spots, as a Court of Appeal Judge for Quebec, kindly My last stop was Boston and my hosts were Keith including sampling unbelievably tasty sushi on took time out of his busy schedule to give me a and Amy Fox who ensured that I enjoyed my trip Rodeo Drive. Although last minute changes meant tour of the impressive court rooms and for a very right until the very end and that I sampled the I didn’t manage to meet with as many Exonians as enjoyable lunch where I was able to get a judge’s- varied New England cuisine. As well as being a I wanted, a wonderful, almost other-worldly, week eye view on the practical implications of many of beautiful city with a great sense of heritage, certainly set me up for the rest of my trip. the theoretical sides to my Jurisprudence degree. to explore by foot, Boston is home to two of the My next stop was Toronto where the presence of Next stop was Washington DC where my interest greatest universities in the world. I had the privilege a very impressive Exonian community meant that in politics was heavily indulged during a full week of meeting the Ex-Dean of the Kennedy School of Chisanga Puta-Chekwe could organise a dinner with Charles Anderson and his family. I had the Government at Harvard, Joseph Nye, and John attended by 14 Alumni whose matriculation great pleasure of meeting with the ex-head of the Quelch, Senior Associate Dean at the Harvard Seamus Woods, his wife, Right: David Heales years were spread from just after II to CIA, Adm. Stansfield Turner and discussing US Business School and spending time with Ned Kim McClure, and David outside the UN as recently as 2001 but who were all bound by foreign policy past and present. A chance meeting Sahin, a PhD candidate at MIT involved in some Heales in Toronto

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and most protected areas go unvisited. And in high reducing animosity to conservation. It sometimes Needy , Fragile Nature diversity systems, the functional role of one species ameliorates the condition of the landscape, can be played by others. allowing a great diversity of species to persist. Against such arguments, our defence of However, some species are vulnerable to human Some thoughts from the Andes biodiversity must rely on its intrinsic value. Our modification of the landscape, often because they wish to preserve biodiversity is motivated by our have very stringent habitat requirements. Human desire for beauty and variety. It is also motivated modified landscapes may become ‘sink habitats’, by an ethical obligation not to eliminate other which species exploit for resources while still species from this planet. We value snow leopards, requiring natural habitat for breeding. even if we have never seen them, and we want The advantages and disadvantages of each future generations to enjoy them too. If you ask approach suggest a middle way, creating protected most conservationists what motivates them, this is areas for those species that cannot tolerate human often how they respond. influence, while adopting landscape conservation Top: An Andean frog Yet for people struggling to survive, Nature has a for more resilient species. However, we don’t know hiding in a leaf more utilitarian value. This is problematic because which species is which! An aim of my research Below: A snake, curling countries between the tropics of Cancer and is to determine the needs of different species and in on itself for protection Capricorn possess the greatest biological wealth on how they affect conservation strategies. earth. Ecuador alone is home to over 1400 species The incredible diversity of the Choco-Andes is of . However, these countries are among the threatened by human activities. Deforestation in poorest in the world, and biological wealth carries this region is about 30% higher than the national little economic value. Although these hotspots average. Government land reforms of the 1960s cover less than 4% of the Earth’s land surface, they which sought to alleviate demographic pressure are home to 20% of the world population. Thus, by encouraging colonisation of lands, have the world’s neediest people and its most diverse contributed to the damage biological communities live cheek by jowl. Many colonists, who had never seen tropical forest, arrived to carve out new lives in pristine What are the main threats? . Focussed on their own well-being, they Habitat loss is often the biggest threat to biodiversity. lacked a deep connection with the environment. In the tropics, this takes the form of -and- My research examines how bird community Niall O’Dea (2001, Rhodes Scholar, DPhil is whether we recognise the consequences and are burn agriculture. At low population densities this structure and composition changes on a gradient Geography) describes the conflicts between willing to mitigate them. But human beings tend practice is sustainable, but where growing human from old growth forest to agricultural land in conservation and that he found while paradoxically to behave as though the damaging populations re-use the same cleared plots before northwest Ecuador. My field data show that the researching bird species in north-west Ecuador. effects of their actions were (in the telling words of they have fully recovered, it becomes problematic. that live on agricultural land are not just a Slavoj Zizek) ‘probable but impossible’. Governments often facilitate this destruction, limited subset of the birds occupying the forest, As a conservation biologist, I study the impacts Human beings all too easily grow used to the through projects such as road construction that they are different birds! Their chosen agricultural of human activities on plants and animals. I don’t environmental degradation their actions have encourage penetration into the forest. habitat suggests the prevalence of these species know a lot about humans and others understand a caused. And when a natural resource is held in has actually been bolstered by human activity. lot more about politics, economics and sustainable common, it is at greater risk of degradation, be How much can we conserve and how? If agricultural land supports as many species as development. But that’s the reality of conservation. it fish in the deep ocean or a tropical forest or Less than 5% of the Earth’s land surface is protected, forested land, why worry about deforestation? I sit on one side with a list of environmental common grazing land: each person with access to and many such areas are ‘ parks’; they have Here we need to remember that biodiversity threats, and they sit on the other, with a world full it has a personal incentive to over-exploit it, even a legislated existence but their boundaries are un- conservation is about preserving those species at of starving, overcrowded, or maybe just greedy if the common interest is to conserve it. enforced. Thus, 5% is optimistic. In the largest risk of extinction. Forest birds are not often found citizens to protect. How do we communicate? remaining tracts of forest humans are making in agricultural land, so if the forest disappears, Why conserve? their mark. In the Amazon, logging activities and There are many justifications for conserving settlement have penetrated remote forest, while in Less than 5% of the Earth’s land biodiversity. The idea of the rainforest as a , the government is logging massive portions We are willing to borrow on pharmacopoeia of undiscovered medicinal plants of the boreal forest. surface is protected is among the most well known. Ecotourism Generally, there are two options: create reserves tomorrow to live better today is equally touted as an economic incentive to or conserve. The first involves the establishment In work for my PhD in the Andes, I became conserve. Witness Costa Rica, where national of nature reserves with set boundaries. This is the birds will go too. Conserving the forest’s vividly aware of the ways the needs of poor people parks, are a tourist attraction and help to sustain criticised because it involves displacing people or characteristic bird community will require making can conflict with those of biodiversity, and of the the economy. Among the strongest arguments is restricting access to traditionally used lands. This the agricultural landscape more bird-friendly dilemmas entailed in conservation. I went to study that for ecosystem resilience. Removing species, breeds resentment of conservation, and makes while preserving natural forest areas. This indicates bird population in north-west Ecuador, where or reducing their populations, can drastically alter local people unlikely to respect reserve boundaries. the importance of prioritising forest protection deforestation is converting old-growth forests ecosystems, a lesson that is clear in Newfoundland In addition, unless reserves can maintain viable where it remains, yet in the Choco-Andean region into agricultural land. Ecuador is a conservation where fisherman have seen no fish stock recovery populations of the organisms they are intended this is largely impossible. Instead I hope that by biologist’s paradise, with over 1,400 species of bird, 12 years after the end of years of over-fishing. to protect, they may simply end up as homes to increasing our understanding of the functional but it is also a country where great biodiversity and These justifications are flawed. The lost opportunity species facing unavoidable extinction. similarity of habitats for species, we can enhance great poverty exist side by side. cost to countries and individuals doesn’t the Landscape conservation attempts to reconcile the interconnectedness of the existing landscape. Humans are needy and Nature has always cost of keeping rainforests for the sake of western human exploitation with the protection of species. Conserving biodiversity is a challenge. Nature is provided. Our generation has been the first to see healthcare. Ecotourism uses a fraction of protected This approach has the advantage of permitting fragile. My hope is that through knowledge and Above: The Rainforest Nature pushed to the edge on many fronts. The issue areas (less than 5% of the reserves that I work in) continued human use of the landscape, thereby industriousness we can restore its resilience.

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News in Brief The Re-education of Oxford

Collected by Lucy Stallworthy How the American Press saw Oxford’s internal debates (2002, Modern History)

Oxford Museums Win Funding By Stanley Reed in London Oxford doesn’t do now. If he succeeds, Oxford University’s Museums have This article first appeared in Business he could be a forceful advocate for been awarded a government grant Week on 14 February 2005. revolutionising the way Europeans run of £7.874m. The grant is part of the their universities. On the Continent as Museums, Libraries and Archives Can John Hood, the University’s new well as in Britain, higher education suffers Council’s ‘ in the Regions’. head, put its finances on a sound from an acute funding crunch. The funding will be primarily directed footing? Mention Oxford, and images of towards the museums’ education daydreaming dons and youths punting Too much ink programmes in an attempt to boost on the come to mind. But But Hood won’t have an easy time. Oxford Tops the number of young visitors. in the sparsely furnished office of the He has to remain on good terms with Good University Guide University’s new boss, Vice-Chancellor the government, which still provides Oxford University Fashion Show John Hood, the talk is all cold facts and about 30% of Oxford’s $860 million On 9 May, Oxford’s traditional figures. Hood doesn’t even blush when he revenues, while moving toward greater Town Hall met the world of catwalk compares managing Oxford University’s independence. Education is an explosive For the fourth successive year, Oxford glamour as it played host to the 2,000 or so research projects to running subject in Britain, as shown by last year’s University has come top of The Times Oxford University Fashion Show. 450 a construction company – something he bruising fight to raise annual tuition Good University Guide. Cambridge people, including Princess Fanny of once did. ‘Exactly the same discipline is fees from $2,100 to $5,600 starting in took second place, followed by , attended the event. It aimed required to manage that scale of activity,’ 2006 – a figure that still won’t come Imperial College, LSE and Edinburgh. to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish he says. close to eliminating Oxford’s $17,000- The universities were ranked according Foundation, an organisation that aims The University committee that hired plus budget shortfall per undergraduate to nine criteria including student to to fulfil the wishes of children aged 3- Hood, 53, last October, broke with each year. (The shortfall at American staff ratio, degree results and teaching. 18 with life threatening illnesses. hallowed tradition in several respects. Ivy League schools is even greater, but It was Oxford’s spending power that they spend roughly three times what facilitated its rise to poll position in the Oxford for 13-Year-Olds Mayday Morning Hood wants Oxford Oxford does on educating an undergrad, rankings. The third annual index of global Beginning this September, the Oxford to have the resources according to OxCheps, an Oxford think universities published by ’s Access Scheme will be aimed at pupils Chaos tank.) Tuition and government funding Jiao Tong University put Oxford tenth, as young as 13. This widening of the to challenge such pre- cover only about half of the $35,000 down from seventh last year, but still Access Scheme’s target audience is cost of educating an Oxford undergrad (with Cambridge) one of only two non- based on the principle that the earlier eminent universities as each year. The University tries to make American universities in the World Top academic potential is recognised, Oxford’s traditional Mayday celebrations, to hospital. Bridge jumpers attending the up the rest with income from the Oxford Ten. the better the result. 100 Year Nine at which choristers sing from Magdalen May Morning celebration landed in just Harvard and Princeton , high-tech spin-offs, and candidates will be selected from Tower at dawn, went horribly wrong this two feet of water after hauling themselves its relatively small endowment. But it still schools that have never submitted year when hordes of revellers jumped off over the 25-foot parapet. The chaos Hood, who attended Oxford on a Rhodes runs a $36 million annual deficit. an application. The chosen Magdalen Bridge into a dangerously low raised serious questions over Oxford City Scholarship, is a New Zealander and the Building up the University’s endowment, Ashmolean pupils will receive support throughout Cherwell River. Paramedics treated 40 Council’s safety planning, and has left first Vice-Chancellor in the University’s 80% of which is held by the 39 their GCSEs and A-Levels in an attempt people at the scene, while 11 were rushed next year’s event in doubt. 900-year history to come from outside independent colleges, is central to Renovations to encourage excellent results. its academic ranks. (The Chancellor, Hood’s plans. At about $3.7 billion, currently Chris Patten, is traditionally a Oxford’s funds are dwarfed by Harvard Controversial Research Student Accommodation figurehead.) Hood also brings an unusual University’s $22 billion and Stanford Europe’s oldest museum, the Ashmolean Laboratory Oxford University hopes to sell off all amalgam of experience in both business University’s $13 billion. He has hired on Beaumont Street, is undergoing a Oxford’s £18million biomedical its centrally owned accommodation and university administration. He ran a development officer, Jon Dellandrea, £64m redevelopment, expected to be research facility, currently under to individual colleges. The move is the construction and paper divisions of from the University of Toronto, in the completed by 2008. The project will construction on South Park’s Road, intended to release funds to invest in Fletcher Challenge Ltd., a hope that Oxford can acquire a little double the available display space and remained a focus for controversy research facilities. A consortium of conglomerate, before becoming Vice- North American fund-raising magic. One aims to boost visitor numbers beyond throughout the year. In May, animal 14 colleges initially intended to buy Chancellor of the University of Auckland of Dellandrea’s key tasks will be to juice the 38,000 who currently pass though rights activists obtained the personal the properties, but this arrangement in 1999. His message: Oxford needs to up the level of alumni giving: Harvard the Museum’s doors each year. The details of University staff. They used has since collapsed. Houses will now get its financial and administrative houses brings in more than $500 million a year, Ashmolean Capital Campaign aims to this information in an attempt to go to the highest college bidder. The in order if it is to remain in the top tier of while Oxford raises just $150 million. raise £49m for the project, and this will uncover details about animal testing. University will set strict rules on what the world’s universities. And forget about Hood may also transfer management be supplemented by £15m from the The incident was the work of ‘The colleges can do with the properties, to government coming to the rescue. ‘We of the endowment from outside firms National Lottery, together with a £2m Oxford University Information make sure that they remain available for cannot think of our future as lying in the to an in-house team. Up till now, it has donation from HRH Prince Bin Appeal’. Oxford’s animal rights group graduates. Exeter College does not plan hands of public funding,’ Hood says. been earning returns of around 6.5%, Abdul Aziz al-Saud. Several galleries SPEAK have denied any involvement. to buy this housing, partly because its Hood wants Oxford to have the resources compared with 15.9% annually over the will be closed temporarily during the location is not convenient. to challenge such pre-eminent universities last decade for Harvard. Supporting those renovations, although disturbances to as Harvard and Princeton – even going dons and students isn’t going to get any students and tutors using the Museum’s after top American undergrads, something cheaper. resources will be kept to a minimum.

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about Oxford at the distance of half a professional lifetime is a chasse gardée so far as the holder of my office is concerned. In Newman’s day, Oxford itself was the subject of passionate debate, about its access policy, its quality of teaching, its attitude to research, its colleges jealous of their autonomy and careful guardians of their own endowments, its utility. I note in passing the similarity between Newman’s view and that of Confucius: Confucius distinguished between education and culture on the one hand, and training and teaching on the other. What mattered most to both Confucius and Newman was developing humanity, not accumulating expertise and technical information. As Leys notes, education is not about having, it is about being. Today, we should not allow Newman’s liberal ideas to be corrupted to justify either inefficiency or intellectual snobbery. It is not of universities and that, however tough it may liberal to mismanage resources. What matters is have been, we still have the best higher education whether the teaching and the researching are done system overall in Europe and the second best in well, and not the utility of a subject, or its distance the world – despite the cost of depressed salaries, from any concept of utility. increased teaching loads and dilapidated buildings I take three points from Newman that seem and services. relevant to a modern university and to Oxford Perhaps our international standing is as good as I in a quarter century’s time. First, Oxford must be have suggested, but this begs the question of how independent, which is not, of course, the same recently we could have claimed an even higher as totally private. As an independent institution, ranking and how long we can cling on to the we will wish to attract the best scholars and present one. students from Britain and abroad, regardless of We very warmly welcome scholars from abroad; their financial and social circumstances. But we we also speed our own scholars on their way to the will insist on choosing who is taught or researches campuses of the United States, hoping that some of here ourselves, and we will not compromise our them will come home. But it surely says something Oxford 25 Years On standards in order to meet external pressures to promote social inclusion. Second, as a liberal Our teaching does more than Excerpts from Chancellor Chris Patten’s Radcliffe Lecture institution we will assert that our teaching does more than prepare young men and women for prepare young men and women for a a professional career. We should unhesitatingly and without embarrassment say that at the heart professional career An abbreviated version of The Radcliffe Lecture too explicitly on the administration and policies of what this university does is the preparation of by the Chancellor of the , the of the University. Caution inhibits Chancellorial citizens for a world where their individuality is about the long-term vitality of our own universities RT Hon Lord Patten of Barnes, at Green College, candour. threatened but where at the same time they have a that they do not attract more British postgraduate Oxford, on 3 February 2005 What do I think the impotent holder of my office greater opportunity than ever before to ameliorate students. This must be largely a question of can usefully do? There is naturally the ceremonial its conditions through their own efforts. Third, in resources – both to support research and to pay I begin by congratulating Green College on your role, to be conducted with plenty of assistance from 25 years time, we shall still be saying that it is salaries. I doubt whether anyone has ever started first quarter century. You are now, like the better the Public Orator. The Chancellor should immerse curiosity, above all, that drives research, though an academic career for the money. How many sort of English batsman, well set and on your way himself in the life of the University, accepting the it can be usefully planned and funded with the years would it take for a young graduate with a with outstanding contributions across the board. hospitality of the colleges whenever an elastic assistance of private enterprises and can itself first-class degree working in the financial services But your inviting me to join these celebrations diary allows. He should be a public advocate to the formation of entrepreneurial companies. industry, consultancy, or in a law firm to match has, however, lured me into a trap: you have asked for the interests of this University and higher What Oxford will be like in 25 years will depend the sort of salary level available at the very top of me to suggest where Oxford University may be 25 education as a whole. He should give moral and, if a good deal on what Britain, and indeed Europe, is the academic tree? How soon before one of those years hence. You may remember that when Winnie necessary, public support to all those who manage like. Oxford, like all other British universities has graduates earned as much each month as he or the Pooh fell into a hole and was asked whether he the University and who continue that process survived a quarter century of financial parsimony. she would get in a year as a junior research fellow? was stuck, he replied carefully, ‘N’ no, just resting of change and reform necessary to its quality The squeeze was applied hard in the 1980s, and Where will we be in 25 years unless we try to and thinking and humming to myself’. But even and reputation. He should seek to represent the has been relaxed only a little in the last couple of tackle this problem? One thing is for sure. Oxford just humming the tunes you request is a dangerous University’s interests internationally, remembering years. We have paid for the expansion of higher will have far fewer British academic staff. occupation for a Chancellor. that Oxford is probably the best-known university education by reducing the spending available for Our University will be affected by the changes The Chancellor, after all, does not run the in the world, and help in a strategically targeted each student. Ministers would probably justify this that may have taken place, for good or ill, in University. A Chancellor can still swank, but, way those who seek to raise funds for our work. on the grounds of other public spending priorities the quality of the nation’s secondary education. rightly, has less power than the eunuchs at the Court While that definition excludes involvement in the in areas of greater concern to voters – schools and Two conclusions stand out from the research of a Q’ing Emperor. This means that a Chancellor, day-to-day discussion of management decisions, I hospitals, most notably. They might also argue commissioned by the Sutton Trust. First, England if he is wise, steers clear of enunciating his views hope it does not mean that broad-brush speculation that the squeeze has improved the management comes near the bottom of international league

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tables in attainment in maths; English youngsters will remain a collegiate university. The college are above average in science and literacy. Second, system should enable us to enhance our students at independent schools in England perform teaching strengths, and to offer the broader across the board better than students anywhere educational perspectives that I referred to earlier. else in the world. Moreover, the achievement gap The colleges are one of Oxford’s glories, with between our independent and maintained sectors their own distinctive individual personalities is the widest in the world. but their common understanding of the nature What, I wonder, will have happened in 25 years to of an academic community. Nevertheless, deal with three problems: the poverty of aspiration the relationship between the colleges and the in too many inner city schools; the relatively low University still raises some of the most interesting pay and professional esteem of teachers; and the questions in political science, even after the many gap between the overall quality in the independent changes in governance made in the last few and maintained sectors? At present, this gap is years. Who, for example, in Oxford do we mean largely overlooked by politicians until, that is, they by ‘we’? Who really runs the University? Does it are able to scold and bully universities for some have parallel or layered systems of accountability of its consequences. But these questions cannot and management? I should be surprised myself if be ignored. Oxford and other good universities Oxford in the future did not have a management are the victims both for educational and political system that weaves the colleges and the University of this great divide in quality. We should departments into a seamless robe. I should also be not in my view be so defensive about it. We are surprised if we did not see the case for establishing not responsible for it. The guilt lies with politicians a structure of trusteeship for the university around who decline to talk or act seriously about it. the ceremonial officers, senior management and The third external factor that will affect us is the representatives of alumni, major benefactors and financial climate for research; this will depend on the national community. predictions, I hope that the government and want to be world-class? And can we be world- our own government, on business and on what is By 2030, Oxford will – we all hope – have parliament will have uncapped tuition fees and class – can anyone be – without being a privately- happening at the European level. There is, as we leapfrogged grumbles about public funding that those fees will more closely relate to the costs funded and independent institution, like the Ivy know, a large and growing gap between spending and have begun to assemble far larger private of the courses taken by students both here and League universities? on research and technological development in endowments. I do not mean to suggest that we elsewhere. The present brave but limited policy Let me try a few answers. The things our country America and Europe. 80% of this gap is accounted should turn our backs on public support. The of setting fees is going to produce some bizarre does well, the institutions that command respect thinking that our independence and strength can results, with most universities and courses setting abroad as well as at home, should define us as The achievement gap between our only be assured if we choose to go completely the same fees – whatever the institution and a society. Second, Oxford is by common, if not private, rejecting support from the taxpayer, is whatever the subject studied regardless of the unquestioning, assent, one of the world’s best independent and maintained sectors is several stops too far along the line for me, despite actual funding level needed. To remove the cap universities. Why should anyone who has been part the government’s provocative tendency to mix and increase our income from students would of the best, volunteer to be one of the second best? the widest in the world meanness with interference. We provide a public help alleviate our financial problems; it would also And once you have suffered that relegation, how good and deserve public financing. Besides, if we highlight again the issues of access. This is an issue long before the lift descends to a lower floor? There for by lower funding by the business sector. I have our work cut out to raise even today’s modest that has scarred us at Oxford, leaving us a bit thin- are few people in this country who can claim to see little chance of encouraging greater business sums, how much bravado would be required to skinned and defensive. But our message should work in a world-class institution. It must be worse investment until we have reduced the cost of choose voluntarily to raise everything that we be clear. We want the most talented students from than folly to throw that away, though having our protecting intellectual property in Europe. The spend. So mixed funding remains for me both this country and abroad to come to Oxford. We public support further squeezed or lost completely sooner we can agree on a European patent, the desirable and practical. already do much to try to achieve this, but there might well accomplish that. sooner we will have a realistic chance of boosting Yet plainly we have to raise more, a lot more, is still more we can do. We wish to scour every So, my Oxford in 2030 will be world-class. business spending on research and development. ourselves. It will demand a carefully developed part of Britain for talent, and we will use part of World-class because it offers great teaching that We also have to use our resources more sensibly strategy and a rigorous discussion about priorities. our fee income – a growing resource as fees are helps make young men and women fit for the at the European level to fund high class research in We need to be more ruthless in deciding what uncapped – to extend and increase bursaries. I offer world. World-class because it attracts and recruits centres of excellence. I have for some time been comes first. We also have to be better at drawing three other footnotes to this argument. We might the best students from our own and other countries, a strong supporter of the creation of a European more donors into the net: less than 5% of our consider discussing with those universities that regardless of their means; because it is well-run Research Council, set up along similar lines to alumni give to their college or university compared provide two-year foundation degrees, a scheme and handsomely endowed; because its alumni still American’s National Science Foundation. We will with 61% of Princeton alumni who give annually; for opening our own degree courses for those of feel that they are part of its wider community and make our first report to the European Commission 48% in the case of Harvard, 45% at Yale. Think their graduates who could meet our academic generously support what they value; because it before the European Council meeting in the how well we would be doing if even 15% gave, as requirements. It might also be useful to target some pushes back the frontiers of knowledge augmenting spring. I believe it is important that the proposed happens at Berkeley. of our bursaries on those areas with the greatest the intellectual legacy that one generation passes ERC should be run by academics not bureaucrats; Another issue that will intimately affect the urban and social deprivation – named bursaries for to the next. What will be our purposes? Let the that it should not manage its disbursements policy colleges in the future will be the size and shape of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and so on. Thirdly, Cardinal have the last word – ‘… raising the on the equal shares principle but should focus on the University. There will be more foreign students I am asking the university authorities as from next intellectual tone of society … cultivating the public excellence; and that it should attract a growing and more postgraduates. We are already committed summer, to try to arrange occasional visits for me mind … purifying the national taste … supplying part of the European budget. Oxford would to move in those directions. A slight re-balancing to the sort of schools that never consider sending true principles to popular enthusiasm and fixed plainly stand to benefit from a serious effort to of the University, drawing in more postgraduates, pupils to Oxford. aims to popular aspiration … giving enlargement raise Europe’s game in research and development, is justified on academic grounds and would be : Will Oxford in 2030 be, well, and sobriety to the ideas of the age … facilitating and to channel more European money to the best beneficial financially. world-class? But what does it really mean to be the exercise of political power and refining the institutions in their fields. Access is closely related to the question of world-class? Is it all about filling column inches in intercourse of private life.’ But what do we need to do ourselves? Oxford fees. Well before the target date you set for my learned journals? Anyway, do we really, sincerely,

20 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 21 Donors 60 Number of Donors Participation Rate 50



20 FUNDRAISING 10 0 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Year

Donations Jonathan Snicker, Director of work temping in local offices, but this Donors 60 1000000 Number of Donors Total Donations was never guaranteed! Average Donation Development, comments on the Hardship Participation Rate 50 100000 realities of student finance at the Over the following two terms obstacles Book ‘em University appeared: I was involved with rowing 40 10000 The Facts and couldn’t afford to buy kit; I was in the 30 1000

Financial hardship for the youngest Chapel choir, but had no spare funds to 20 100 By David Heales (2002, Jurisprudence),

members of our Exeter family is, sadly, join them on their tours; I had field trips 10 10 JCR President 2004-05 an increasingly common circumstance. Hardship Grants are essential for a to go on but struggled to purchase the 0 1 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Details and specifics may change but the surprising number of Exeter students. right equipment; I was loving my lectures Year Year Back in 2001 a grand Junior Common story is repeated year on year and it is Last year, 25% of Exeter students applied but unable to buy the books I needed. Room project was set up – a book grant not getting any better. Under the current in order to continue studying. Here, an During my second term I heard about Donations scheme open to all undergraduates. It 1000000 Total Donations system, UK students may be eligible for a anonymous alumnus details why the hardship bursaries. At first I thought I Average Donation year). The second graph shows the level was envisaged that the scheme would 100000 Student Loan of up to £4,200 (of which scheme is a necessity and not a luxury. shouldn’t ask as someone else might need Donors of average donation over the last 65 years. provide an annual one-off financial grant 10000 £2,735 is not means tested) and parents are it more. Then I wasn’t sure if I should Apart from occasional significant legacies, to undergraduates from all subjects for expected to contribute to living expenses. I’d always wanted to go to university and apply because surely everyone was going 1000 there is a constant level until 1990, when essential purchases from their reading The loan and parental contribution must especially to Oxford. Apart from getting through this. Finally, when I did apply, Young,100 Smart the average gift size dwindled. lists. Such a scheme was already up-

cover rent and living costs which, if through the interview and achieving the with lots of help from the College Office, 10 Understandably, younger alumni have and-running at other colleges and it was

living and eating solely in College in term grades, there didn’t seem to be many I still felt awkward asking for money. 1 relatively lower salaries than older thought important that Exeter students 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 and AbsentYear time, averages out at £3,050 a year. For obstacles. Although Student Grants were However, the reply came back so quickly Members, and often young families as should not miss out. students living in rented accommodation abolished the year before I arrived, the that I had been awarded a £500 bursary, I well, meaning that the College is not high At the time of its inception, it was this increases to a minimum of £4,500. It Student Loans Company had come into realised that actually College funds were on their list of priorities. This explains the calculated that for the scheme to be costs an undergraduate at least £8,500 to existence. This provided some relief as there to help someone exactly like me. These graphs are extracted from a letter downward trend of the first graph. fully operational and to run in perpetuity live in Oxford, cover tuition fees, course I was going to be paying for my time at Over the following three years, I was John Robinson (1948, Chemistry) wrote Compare the overall figures with would require a fund of £100,000 that expenses and experience the opportunities Oxford entirely on my own – an obstacle also the recipient of further hardship in response to the Donors’ Report for the our American counterparts, Williams could then provide the necessary sums that we of the ‘Local Education Authority that got harder to surmount over the four bursaries up to £1000 a year, a music Old Members’ Fund 2004. Mr Robinson College, a much bigger institution (2,100 off the interest accrued. Unfortunately, grant era’ took for granted. years of my degree course. grant of £330 towards singing lessons spent a short time in the Royal Navy students compared with our 480). As you the JCR has had difficulty raising this and, Next year, the bursary scheme changes. Fortunately, the Local Education (that I had never had before), travel grants before commencing a 49-year career can see from the article on Williams (see therefore, the scheme was grounded. Tuition fees will rise to £3,000 a year. Authority paid my tuition fees as Mum was to enable me to join the Choir on our trip with the Shell Group. He continues his p36), this year 71% of their 1937 class However, in 2005, a pilot scheme Students will receive a government loan, receiving full benefits. I’d been taught to to the US (I had never left Europe before) interest and involvement in athletics and gave a total of $47,495. This amazing was launched with the original money paid direct to the University, and re-paid budget at home and so was delighted to and another one at the end of my second coaching, building upon his Oxford participation rate ensures the continued set aside, that was only open to those once a student has left university, and is get the first instalment of my loan, around year to subsidise my compulsory six week Blue, and currently lives in Kent. attainment of funding, ensuring their undergraduates receiving either full or earning £15,000 a year. Students will, of £1,100, which covered my first Battels mapping project in . The first graph above shows that survival. Exeter similarly depends on its half tuition fee remission. At present, course, have to meet their living costs, of of £775. That didn’t leave much for I had four wonderful years at Exeter Exeter alumni who matriculated after alumni to stay afloat, and would urge those receiving full remission can obtain about £5,700 a year. the minor essentials of food, books and and never had to turn an opportunity 1993 simply aren’t donating (Exeter’s you to participate in its Old Members’ up to £100, whilst those who have half of The rise in tuition fees will bring in transport home, let alone being able to down because of financial difficulties. I alumni donor participation rate drops Fundraising campaigns, whatever size their tuition fees paid on their behalf can extra revenue, although it will still leave afford the odd drink down the bar. I also was never made to feel different and was significantly the later the matriculation your gifts. receive up to £50. This is an invaluable the total sum received from students and had to pay for field trips. As a compulsory always encouraged. Even though I left help to any student. For example, as a government far below the costs of tuition. part of my course it was subsidised, but Exeter owing over £17,000 to the Student recent graduate of jurisprudence, I found However, the University and Colleges a fair amount still had to be paid. I just Loans Company and £2,000 to the bank, that on average three textbooks were have decided to introduce substantial about managed the first term – admittedly I also left with a debt of gratitude to those small bathroom on a daily basis. But we required a term and these vary in cost bursaries for the most needy students. The having to use a small amount of the who had provided funds that supported didn’t mind because we were in Rome! from about £15 to (the more frequent) scheme will be financed primarily from overdraft on my student bank account. me. Without that assistance and support Roman Having been awarded a travel grant, I was £35. the additional revenue from top-up fees. However, when I got home, I had to from the College I may have managed to able to fly Easy Jet style to the wonderful The pilot scheme was administered by We hope this will ensure that no student pay rent to my Mum – understandably complete my Oxford degree but I would cultural and historical city in April 2005 the College Office and was a big success. from a low-income household is deterred she didn’t all of a sudden have money never have experienced what Oxford Holiday with Felicity Long (2003, French and Now the JCR is keener than ever to open from coming to Oxford. But we need to support me. During the holidays I got can be. Thank you. Czech). Our trip was made all the more the grant up to all students who apply your help to give this guarantee. Students memorable by coincidentally falling in with the approval of their tutors. But the whose families are not sufficiently poor Every year, money is granted to Exeter the week between Pope John-Paul II’s opportunity will be lost within a matter to receive full bursaries will still need students who would not otherwise be able funeral and the conclave which would of years as, at present, the arrangement help. In addition, we need funds to cope to afford to travel. Students must make a later elect Benedict XVI. The grant allowed is eating into the original sum set aside. with unexpected emergencies – a family The Old Cause case for their trip, whether cultural or us to visit the Vatican City, and view However, if the appropriate money death or divorce, that can leave a student academic. Grants range from the general the last pope’s tomb beneath St. Peter’s continues to be donated from alumni suddenly desperately short of money. to the specific, with some, for example, , at a time when it was the focus then this important project, long planned This is not about enabling layabouts to As testimony to Exeter’s dependence on financing language students wishing to of the world’s media. It also enabled us by the undergraduate body, can be prop up the bar. It is about beds and books active fundraising throughout its recent travel to Spanish-speaking countries or to experience first-hand the ancient and opened up to all JCR members and can and being able to take advantage of all that history, this extract from the 1964 Appeal archaeological and anthropological trips. awe-inspiring monuments of Rome, such be financially secured for a considerable is on offer. Both Oxford and Exeter aspire leaflet features the mammoth task that was Here, Gregory Lim (2003, Physiological as the Pantheon, the , and the time. The JCR strongly that such to attract the best and brightest students, the rebuilding of the Back Quad, which Sciences), describes his trip abroad. Forum. These magnificent edifices (so would be a further asset to the Exeter regardless of financial background, and cost £40,000. The picture shows what is unlike our less than palatial hotel room!) College experience and a much valued neither should become a two-tiered society now the Blackwell’s Art and Poster Shop Despite being only a trickle from a were only made available to us by the addition to the support offered to current of who can and can’t afford to be here. on the corner of Broad Street and Turl shoulder-height nozzle, the shower still generosity of the College’s benefactors, students. Street below staircases 12 and 13. succeeded in flooding the impractically and for this we are truly grateful.

22 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 23 FUNDRAISING

Left: Ella and her admirers the knowledge of an adult limited by the vocabulary and understanding of a child. The incredible achievement of ExVac is that it allows kids to be kids for a week. For me it was summed up in the moment in which Chris, to whom nothing seemed worthy of a reaction, was told by an attendant at Legoland that he was the best boat driver they’d seen that day. His face lit up and he spent the entire trip back smiling to himself and clutching his new licence, excitedly repeating the attendant’s exact words to anyone who would listen, or to himself. Essential to ExVac’s success is our leaders, but also the children. For that week they’re not young carers, or victims of domestic violence, abuse, bullying, or poverty, but 6-11 year old children. In treating them as such we hours in the garden which one could realised that fundamentally they were just be forgiven for thinking would tire them children, fighting over who got the bigger ExVac out. Leaders invariably found themselves slice of cake or whose turn it was on As part of the preparation for the Left to right: Joshua Lowe (2003, PPE), nursing piggy-backed out shoulders, kept the swing. They had been through some Ringing campaign, we had been matched up with Christopher Martin (2002, Mathematics), upright by pure caffeine in their veins and unbelievable experiences that we could Old Members according to degree subject Katherine Chapman (2004, Modern History), Simon Sadhu (2001, Biochemistry), Rajiv Report 05 reading ‘just one more’ bedtime story or never understand, but it wasn’t our job to and interests. A weekend of training Tanna (2003, Mathematics), Jo Williams judging sleeping lions at midnight! try. We took them away to have fun and Around had prepared us and yet the prospect (2004, English), Claire Atkinson (2003, A week with a group of 16 kids that that is exactly what each of them – and us of phoning a complete stranger was Biochemistry), Felicity Long (2003, Modern By Jo Williams (2004, Exeter) needed constant entertaining as they – did. This is the huge contribution that naturally still a little daunting. However, Languages), Rachel Ricucci (2004, Williams), adjusted to us, to each other, and to ExVac offers. We don’t fix the problems, By Katherine Chapman (2004, Modern the responsiveness and willingness to talk Rachel Knibbs (2002, Lit. Hum.), Ewa Szy- (2001, Modern Languages) Each year, Exeter students give up part being away from home for the first of course we can’t; but we can and do History) was overwhelming, and it was amazing of their vacation to take some of time was never going to be easy. provide an escape, however short, and how quickly our confidence grew. Oxford’s most underprivileged children What one can never prepare for is the memories that serve as hope. During the Easter vacation, you may Soon our tea-breaks were buzzing the telethon experience so rewarding on a holiday. Jo Williams, President of emotional exhaustion that comes from have received a telephone call from a with stories of the mischief that went on from the perspective of both caller and ExVac 2005, writes about the Exeter the unpredictable ways the experiences fellow student or me, as Exeter College before women were officially admitted called. Many of us received follow-up College , which provided many of of these children manifest themselves. undertook its fourth annual telethon and tales of Old Members sneaking into letters and postcards from appreciative the children with their first holiday. Despite all our training, each child must fundraising campaign. As well as being College after curfew! The diversity of alumni and I know that I speak for all of a huge success, the campaign was a calls meant that there was never a dull the campaigners when I thank the Old The city of Oxford provides the most She can’t turn the surprisingly rewarding experience and moment. I spoke to ex-historians now Members for their generosity and for perfect and unique backdrop to the one which made me realise that being enjoying careers ranging from journalism making those ten days so positive. university experience. The overwhelming light off at night a part of Exeter did not just end with and script-writing to global banking and The funds from this year’s telethon are string of black tie events and its plethora graduation. MI6. The telethon was almost like an so far a fantastic £135,000 of a pledged of theatres, bars, and parks create because ‘that’s when I joined Exeter College as a post- extended careers session, and the offers £144,000 (that’s an eventual £28,000 our ‘Oxford bubble’ from which, realising graduate student a year ago, and was of work experience and informal careers up on last year). Thank you for your how lucky we are, none of us seem bad things happen’ immediately struck by the community-feel advice were much appreciated. The continued support, which will make an to venture far. However, a 10-minute of the College and the friendly support of conversations certainly gave us all food enormous difference to the College. bus journey from the centre puts into of course be handled individually and the MCR. During a period of financial for thought; who could have predicted, perspective the worries of essay crises as the week progressed we slowly learnt difficulty the College’s Hardship Fund for example, that we would chance upon and early-morning lectures. This Easter, more about each child, discovering such also enabled me to continue studying Exeter’s very own movie star, Brent Roam Fundraising contact Information: 16 Exonians followed on the tradition of basic points such as Chris responding here. For these reasons, I wanted to get (as seen in Deep Blue Sea and ER)! each giving up a week to take 32 under- well to working in a group, or that putting involved in College fundraising. Taking Some of my most memorable calls If you would like to donate to the privileged children from Oxford’s suburbs troublesome Jordan ‘in charge’ of a table A nice spot of male bonding part in the 2005 telethon seemed an ideal were with the older alumni who had College or to any of the schemes on a two-week holiday to Eton Dorney at encouraged him to behave. opportunity. attended a skeletal version of the College featured here in particular, please see in Windsor. The juxtaposition of the At other times we reached a far deeper Thus, I found myself alongside 12 other during the War. Although at times tinged the Donations insert included in Exon, two worlds was shocking. ExVac’s aim, understanding of the children through If you would like to donate to the Exeter students in a make-shift call centre with sadness, these fond memories or for more detailed information seemingly ironically, is to forget these being told by an otherwise unshakable College, ExVac or the Book Grant in the Rector’s dining room, faced with a demonstrated that the Exeter College please contact the College. For differences and spend the week having nine year old that she can’t turn the light Scheme in particular, please contact list of and armed with a telephone. experience held a special place in many discussion of legacies and donations, as much fun as possible, kids and leaders off at night because ‘that’s when bad [email protected] or For the next ten days our chipboard people’s lives. Without a doubt, the best please contact alike, and this is infallibly accomplished! things happen’, or sitting with a little see the Donations insert included cells became our second homes and we part of the campaign was the goodwill [email protected] This year included swimming, ice- girl on your lap whilst she explains why in Exon, specifying your choice of became a close-knit team, cemented no that emanated from the Old Members or skating, bowling and painting with trips her father is in prison and recalls her scheme. See also www.exvac.co.uk. doubt by the Quality Street and odd glass and the surprising affinity shared by all. [email protected] to London Zoo, Legoland, and endless memories of him being taken away with of wine. It was this personal contact that made

24 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 25 FEATURE

Kong and Shanghai, the two in which we presence felt, and there are encouraging signs that, were founded in 1865, by a cosmopolitan group at last, the West is beginning to take this in. of merchants who wanted a local bank to finance ’s appetite for commodities is a major factor international trade. For much of our history we in price movements; its imports of commodities were primarily an eastern bank. and exports of manufactured goods are almost So we have seen first hand the tremendous singlehandedly driving a shipping boom, which is success that Asian people have achieved. The causing queues of ships at the Panama Canal; it is Asian economic allowed places like Hong the main driver of economic growth in China. Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan to evolve from is the world’s second largest economy dire poverty in the 1950s to become prosperous, by some distance, and yet a university professor productive economies which rival the G7 countries there was quoted in the FT recently saying: ‘Now in their economic sophistication and standards of everything is made in China. Include in that Japan’s living. economic cycle.’ Today, is one of the world’s leading There are signs of a welcome, albeit overdue, international financial centres. Korea is home recognition of China’s growing importance to the to leading edge electronics companies such world economy, including developed nations, as as Samsung. Taiwan is a leading player in the evidenced by the invitation extended to China semiconductor market. And Singapore is carving to attend some of the meetings of G7 finance itself a niche in nanotechnology and microbiology. ministers in London last month. Indeed, it was arguably the success of Asian China’s success has been achieved by a peaceful economies, notably Hong Kong, in the last 40 revolution on an unprecedented scale. There has years that provided HSBC with a springboard to been a massive migration of people from rural leap into Europe, the US and other parts of the world. The question now is whether a similar A profound change is under way in transformation will be achieved by Asia’s, indeed the world’s, two largest countries, with populations Asia that has the potential to reshape A Top Banker’s View: the Rise and Rise of Asia of over 1 billion people apiece: China and . These two countries are home to more than a the world’s economic landscape By Stephen Green (1966, PPE) third of the world’s people, and while in absolute terms they account for just 5.5% of the world’s areas to cities. China’s urban population has grown GDP; they are the world’s seventh and twelfth from 172 million in 1978 to 460 million today. largest economies respectively. On a purchasing People have moved from subsistence living to power parity basis, China’s economy is the second working in productive industries where they are Stephen Green, Group Chief Executive of HSBC The Economist magazine features a survey of India largest in the world and India’s the fourth largest. beginning to have higher disposable incomes. Holdings, gave this speech on 10 March 2005 at a and China, and there is a China Business Summit It seems likely that in the next few decades, In 1980, 86% of workers hadn’t changed jobs in joint Exeter-SBS event at the Said Business School. taking place in London today as well. these two countries’ share of the world’s wealth, in their working lives; between 1990 and 2000, 54% This is an article of extreme relevance at this time Closer to home, I understand that Said is relative and absolute terms, will grow substantially. moved to new jobs. of great change and growth in Asia. establishing a new lectureship in Chinese business No doubt there will be fits and starts on the way, Most importantly for the Chinese people, growth studies this September, and this year’s Oxford but I don’t believe the trajectory is in doubt. has reduced poverty by an extraordinary degree. t’s always a great pleasure to return to the city Business Forum theme, giants and dragons, Ever since China embarked on economic reform According to the UN, since 1979 the proportion Iin which I spent three very happy and inspiring includes a significant focus on China. some 25 years ago, its success has been nothing of Chinese people living in absolute poverty has years as an undergraduate. Let me start my lecture A coincidence? Well, perhaps not. It is more likely short of astonishing. Since 1980, it has achieved dropped from 25% to around 2% of the population. this evening by showing you a slide (see figure 1). that, after a deep slumber, Western nations have GDP growth of 9% a year. The UN World Food Programme is now urging I know there are some people in this audience woken up and begun to realise that a profound The pace of change in China has been so rapid, China to become a donor instead of a recipient who will be able to read this slide. Unfortunately, change is under way in Asia that has the potential and so extraordinary, that people are only now of its aid. I am not one of them. Luckily I can make it easier to reshape the world’s economic landscape during beginning to adjust intellectually to the reality of Urbanisation and industrialisation have almost for those of us who can’t (see figure 2). the 21st century. A report by America’s National China as an economic power. In virtually every halved the contribution of agriculture to the When I studied PPE here some 30 years ago, Intelligence Council last December compared industry in the next 20 years, China will make its Chinese economy to under 15% of GDP since China was a closed nation, one of the last bastions the rise of China and India with the emergence of of the state planned economy. I little thought that America itself in the 20th century. in my lifetime I would find myself talking about The re-emergence of these two historic nations, the re-emergence of this historic nation. If the which for most of recorded history were the 19th century was the British century, and the 20th world’s two largest economies, and boasted the American, will the 21st century be China’s advanced civilisations, is the next stage in the century? Asian economic growth story that was a feature of A couple of years ago, this was a question that the second half of the twentieth century. you would rarely, if ever, hear asked. Not so That growth story is something that we at HSBC A model of today. Quite by coincidence, this week the BBC have witnessed first-hand. For those of you who are Shanghai to be. Photo by Christopher is running a China Week with programmes on not familiar with HSBC, it is worth noting that we Sumner (2003, PPE) see radio and TV on China’s economy, its major cities, have a long and close relationship in the region. Left: Figure 1 page 46. family life, the environment. The current edition of The H and the S in our initials represent Hong Right: Figure 2

26 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 27 FEATURE

1978. Manufacturing and construction are now But the desire to rise up the value chain is very at night. Photo by Christopher Sumner the core of China’s economy, accounting for over evident. Huawei , a leading Chinese (2003, PPE) see page 46. half of GDP. hi-tech company, employs 10,000 R&D workers China is the world’s largest producer of steel, coal, – almost half of its total workforce – and invests no cement, fertilisers. In almost every industry China less than 10 per cent of its sales revenues in R&D. is making waves. I visited shipbuilders in Shanghai The ambition of Chinese companies to become at the start of the year. China currently accounts for global players was also clearly illustrated at the 13.7% of global orders for ; second end of last year, with the acquisition of IBM’s PC to , although some considerable way business by China’s Lenovo for US$1.75 billion behind it. – the largest foreign acquisition by a Chinese And of course, China is the world’s largest company to date. producer of a wide range of consumer products. It But China is much more than just a major producer. produces two thirds of all photocopiers, microwave As incomes rise, it is also emerging as a consumer ovens, DVD players and shoes, and over half of all market. McKinsey estimates that by 2010, there digital cameras in the world. will be 40 million middle class households in In 2004, China became the world’s third largest China, with an income of US$6,000, equivalent to trader of manufactured goods and there are more US$24,000 at purchasing power parity. superlatives on the horizon. The WTO predicts that So China’s future growth will not all be export- China will account for more than half of the global led; it will depend upon meeting local consumer textile market following the end of the quota demand. Demand for consumer goods, such as system. cosmetics and toiletries, packaged food and soft I wonder if anyone in this room has heard of drinks, is already taking off. Datang. Datang is a Chinese city that is known Some global companies such as Coca-Cola, locally as Sock City. Many of us are probably Nestlé and Procter & Gamble have achieved billion autonomous regions, and four municipalities, as truth in this, it is too simplistic a description of the wearing socks made in Datang. After all, it dollar sales in China by focusing on the wealthiest well as numerous special economic zones, open complexity of both economies. produces nine billion pairs of socks every year, five to 10 per cent of consumers. coastal and border cities, export processing areas, Economic growth doubled India’s real GDP per one third of the world’s entire annual production The potential as this market expands is enormous. bonded zones, provincial-level economic and head between 1980 and 2000, thanks largely And it will be hotly contested by global technological development zones, and new and to two revolutions. The green revolution, which The seeds of what should become the and Chinese companies alike. Global companies hi-technology development zones. transformed agricultural productivity. And the are attempting to establish their brands in the local The Chinese government is now trying to spread liberalisation of trade and investment regulation world’s largest consumer market have market. BMW, for example, has its own Chinese the benefits of China’s growth, which have accrued which gave enterprise the freedom to flourish. brand name ‘bao-ma’, the literal meaning of which mainly to coastal cities and development zones, India also has a number of the attributes that are been sown is ‘precious horse’. And in the run up to the more widely. Investment in the Western regions in commonly associated with successful economies: Olympics in 2008, global brands such as Nike and China is being actively encouraged through the Go sound government; a free press; the rule of law of socks, and more than one pair for every man, Adidas are going head to head with local sports West policy. and property rights. It has an excellent tertiary woman and child on the planet. Its annual sock brands such as Li Ning and Anta to capture market Indeed, HSBC has recently established a branch education system, producing a large pool of fair attracts 100,000 buyers from all over the share in the high-growth market for athletics gear. presence in Western China, in Chongqing and qualified professionals. India has over 24 million world. And yet, 25 years ago Datang was a small Of course there is a sharp split in income, lifestyle , for the first time. university educated people, an increase of 60% in rice-farming community of around 1,000 people. and sophistication between the regions in China, And last year also saw the creation of the Pan-Pearl just over a decade. To put this in context, this is the And there are dozens of similar examples roughly comparable to the differences across the River Delta region to try and drive development same size as the combined populations of , of China’s development, which has led to its expanded EU. Disposable incomes are much to the interior. Although still in its early days, the Finland, Norway and Denmark. India has over a characterisation as the ‘workshop of the world’. higher in urban than in rural areas. Pan-PRD is a cooperative agreement that’s been thousand engineering colleges where the medium China’s influence – its plentiful supply of cheap But the seeds of what should become the world’s signed by all the governors of nine provinces and of instruction is English, and some 350,000 labour – has been such that it has depressed the largest consumer market have been sown. the CEOs of Hong Kong and Macau to develop students are enrolled each year. In addition to this, price of manufactured goods, to the point where China’s successes to date are not in doubt. But infrastructure and eliminate tariffs. there is a very large pool of English speakers. Tesco is able to sell DVD players for under £50 there are still challenges ahead. Strengthening The nine provinces, along with Hong Kong and This combination of an educated, English- and falling. As the FT commented in December, the rule of law, building a social security system, Macau, are home to some 457 million people, speaking workforce, available at a lower cost than ‘It is hard to overstate the shock and awe inspired dealing with corruption, the supply of energy, the and account for 45 per cent of China’s GDP, so the in the UK or the US, has been the major driving in manufacturers by China’s relentless annual strengthening of the financial system: all these are opportunity is huge. force behind the recent surge in the business economic growth.’ It’s no wonder the dragon that significant challenges. There is still a tremendous amount to do but, process outsourcing and IT services industries that economists worry about so much – inflation – has As is tackling inequality. China’s coastal regions looking back on what has been achieved so far, are India’s most famous exports. been so subdued. have been the prime beneficiaries of inward we at HSBC are optimistic for the future. The Asian Today, it’s estimated that over half of the Fortune China is dominating low-end markets, but investment and growth. This has resulted in a economic miracle produced a 40-year period of 500 companies outsource some of their IT-related manufacturers who comfort themselves that they wide disparity in per capita incomes, often split above average economic growth in countries like work to India. The number of people employed will be content with that, and leave the value- on an urban/rural axis, which range from as much Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. If China were to by the IT and related sectors has increased nearly added products to established American, European as US$5,500 in Shanghai, to under a thousand follow the same pattern, it may only be halfway three-fold from 1999-2000 to over 800,000 today. or Asian companies, are making a grave mistake. dollars in Xining. along its amazing economic journey. And the continued interest from corporations China is moving up the value chain and For Western companies trying to work with While manufacturing has led China’s renaissance, in offshoring some of their work was amply will challenge the world not only in basic China, this uneven development poses significant it is the services industry that is doing the same demonstrated by the size of an industry conference manufacturing, but also in highly sophisticated challenges. It is naïve to think of China as a single for India. This has led many commentators to I attended in last month. Over a thousand engineering and research – although this will not market; it is in fact a collection of markets. dub China the world’s manufacturer, and India delegates from India and overseas attended. happen overnight. Mainland China comprises 23 provinces, five the world’s service provider. While there is some To use HSBC as an example, we have around

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12,500 employees in India, two thirds of whom destination in the world, behind China and the US. On Right Reverend Mothers and Regaining the Initiative work either in our global resourcing centres or in Two years ago, it was only ranked 15th. software development. That is to say, much of the History has shown that FDI works where it is work we are doing in India is being done on behalf welcome, and provided the regulatory environment By Mark Birch, Chaplain and Fellow of subsidiaries overseas. permits. And also that it is the most stable form Like China, India is moving up the value curve in of investment. The survey I have just quoted also the areas where it excels. Where offshoring work cited India alongside China as the most attractive was initially confined to back office processing, short and medium term destinations, so there is an Exeter College Chaplain, Mark Birch, discusses his Mark Birch has been companies are now undertaking high-value work opportunity to be grasped here if India wants it. view of the Church’s participation – or lack of – in Chaplain at Exeter such as software development, medical diagnostics Economic growth of itself brings new the realities of the 21st century. College since October and financial research. opportunities. As in China, rising incomes are 2003. Mark has set up a regular debate group and Medical is increasingly common, with creating a new consumer market. The proportion he Church of England is on its way to having actively encourages all, patients combining the relatively inexpensive of households with an income over 60,000 rupees Twomen as bishops. About time too. For most whatever their beliefs, is forecast to rise from around 20% a decade ago, of the world, I suspect, this is a quaint tale of to discuss rigorously Successful economies, like successful to almost 50% next year. Private consumption is an ancient and recalcitrant institution easing its the issues raised by the growing rapidly, with purchases of non-essential way uncomfortably into the 21st century (and Christian Church. companies, must and do reinvent items representing a greater share of consumption. yes, I nearly said ‘20th’). This is not a story about To take just one example, last year the market for emancipation, or a major victory for ; this themselves constantly in our fast- mobile phones grew by a quarter. is a rather tardy catching-up exercise – and I think Overall, it is clear that reforms and liberalisation that is part of the problem. changing world are creating an environment in which the talents The Church of England, in the popular that is supposed to transform the world, but and ingenuity of India’s growing number of world- imagination, is probably of little more consequence now the world is forcing us to reassess the Gospel. treatment in India with a fortnight on the beach. class companies can thrive. than ‘The Sealed Knot’ – that band of enthusiasts The secular agenda appears to have taken control, Perhaps the only cloud on this particular Let me draw some conclusions. If China who re-enact the great battles that bludgeoned and, for many Christians, that is precisely why the horizon is that the speed at which the industry continues on its present growth path, its economy this land and its people into the nation we inhabit Church should ‘stand firm’ on the role of women – has developed, which has been such a triumph for will be equal in size to that of America in less than today. They run around fields in period costume, maintaining a ‘Traditional’ or ‘Biblical’ line against India, has led to an unwelcome backlash against 30 years. India too will become more and more replaying ancient conflicts in a highly-ritualised the ‘secular’ arguments for gender equality. Whilst offshoring in some countries, including the UK, influential. mime. They give us a glimpse of olde worlde many people, on both sides, have patiently argued which fear the loss of jobs to places like India. This is not just an economic phenomenon. The brutality with stake and pike, comforting us that, their case from Scripture and from Tradition, the I certainly don’t want to underestimate the fears rise of China and India will have a major effect on despite the odd glitch, our civilisation has, clearly, actual decision still looks rather like the Church of the people whose jobs are directly affected the balance of influence in international relations. moved on. The Church too is a glimpse of what catching up with the world. Perhaps we shouldn’t by this change. But a look at economic history I would go further and say that the economic most people have left behind. Even in those be ashamed to admit that. would suggest that fear for the economy overall modernisation of Asia is the most seismic Churches that don’t indulge in period dress, who Living by the Gospel is not about always being is misplaced. consequence yet of the globalisation of human soften the ritual with a styled ‘informality’ and soft right; it is about discovering and acknowledging the The loss of manufacturing jobs in the UK, which commerce. rock music, it isn’t long before you realise that there truth about ourselves, which commonly requires a carry such historic resonance, have been much The balance of influence is tipping; and the world are some distinctly medieval-sounding ideas about heavy dose of humility. Learning humility is never lamented. And yet overall, the economy has not will move from an era of economic domination and man (sic) just beneath the surface. Stakes much fun, but we do ourselves more damage by suffered. In the last 25 years, some 3.3 million by a small group of wealthy nations mostly in the and pikes have nothing on the cosmic brutality of resisting it than embracing it. Living by the Gospel jobs were lost in manufacturing; but service West, to one where power is more evenly shared, penal substitutionary atonement (God kills Jesus is not just about obeying the or Tradition. sector employment rose by 6.5 million. Successful as the East takes its place on the world stage. on the Cross as a substitute for killing us, which Both are fundamental and are ignored only at great economies, like successful companies, must and is what we really deserve). The Church reminds us cost, but we must also be prepared to learn from do reinvent themselves constantly in our fast- China in Numbers what it is like to feel bad about ourselves, and most the world’s best insights, for nothing in the cosmos changing world. people (even some Christians, I suspect) heave a is beyond telling us something about the nature of The IT services industry has been an outstanding sigh of relief to return to an outside world that tells God (as Romans 1.20 reminds us). This isn’t just success for India, of that there is no doubt. But them ‘You’re OK, I’m OK.’ about dancing to the world’s tune, this is about ■ Population: 1.3 billion (India consists of 1.06 even on the most optimistic forecasts, the industry How has the Church found itself in this position, taking God seriously as the Creator of all things. billion) is expected to employ only around 4 million as a remnant of a fascinating but slightly horrifying So the C of E should take this one squarely on the people. In a country with a working population of ■ Industry is now more than half of China’s GDP medieval world from which most people hope chin, own up, and have the humility to realise that 400 million, with 10 million new workers joining ■ Average growth 8–9% since 1980 they have progressed? Is this the same institution perhaps the world, in this instance, has understood the workforce each year, it is equally clear that ■ Unemployment rate 4.2% that pioneered education and healthcare, that the ramifications of the Gospel rather better than IT services cannot provide all of India’s future led the way in the abolition of slavery, and even, we have. To regain the initiative, which will be ■ Projected to become world’s largest economy in growth. more recently, hastened the demise of in crucial if we are not to become simply an historical 35 years’ time Both services and manufacturing will need South Africa? This institution, which has achieved curiosity, we need to do what we have always ■ to create jobs, and agriculture, which provides Uses more than half the world’s cement so much for the good of humanity, leading the done best – to pray, and to encourage others to employment for half of the working population, ■ Second largest user of oil after the US way in discerning and responding to human need pray with us, as we continue to discern what it will continue to be important. Elsewhere in the ■ Shanghai is the world’s fastest-growing mega-city at home and abroad, now finds itself stumbling is to be human, and how we can best serve the economy, there are positive indicators. in economic terms and threatened by developments in the human real human needs around us. The most convincing Foreign direct investment is increasing. Last ■ Consumes more wheat than the entire EU understanding of gender (and, for goodness’ sake, evangelism occurs wherever active love year, India attracted over US$3 billion in FDI and, please don’t mention sexuality). real need, because only this proves to others that ■ Has more than 300 million mobile phones although this is often compared unfavourably to The Church appears to have crucially lost the in Jesus is not just a private theory, but a way China’s figures, AT Kearney’s latest FDI Confidence ■ Produces one-third of the world’s socks initiative; it is playing catch-up, and that isn’t a of life. Index ranked India as the third most attractive FDI game that the Church takes to naturally. It is the [email protected]

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Meru, eating roasted goat meat and drinking acacia Aang Serian was asked to join forces with another tea, we talked about the challenges of preserving Tanzanian NGO for a small-scale research project traditional crafts and indigenous knowledge in the (sponsored by the UN Development Program) face of globalisation. They were pleased with the on medicinal plant use and conservation in two success of the festival, but wanted to take things Maasai villages. One of the villages was Olarash, further, setting up a more permanent forum for just outside Monduli town; the other was Eluai. young people from different ethnic groups to share Later that year, Lesikar – together with Yunus, their culture and exchange ideas. We came up one of the Aang Serian founders – was invited with a name – Aang Serian, ‘House of Peace’ in the to speak at the United Nations Headquarters in Maasai language – and started to discuss how we New York, as part of the Indigenous Peoples’ Day might develop a non-governmental organisation. celebrations. ‘People come to our communities One idea was to establish a recording studio in to study our ways of life, do fieldwork for six Arusha town, with a focus on traditional music months, and go home to get a degree or doctorate,’ and Swahili hip-hop songs dealing with important he told delegates. ‘But what do we get? People social issues such as street children, HIV/AIDS, the are still calling us uneducated and backward. environment and the culture. We should get proper credit for the indigenous Soon after graduating, I was offered another knowledge that we have.’ In a paper presented chance to return to Tanzania, this time as a at the same meeting, Elder, Ingmar Egede, from conference administrator for the Global Initiative the International Indigenous Peoples’ Training for Traditional Systems of Health – a registered Center in Greenland identified two main goals charity based at Green College, Oxford, that works of education for indigenous peoples: ‘to pass on on researching policy and practice in traditional our people’s inherited knowledge and abilities to health care. The conference itself was to be held in Moshi, on the subject of traditional medicine and People are still calling us uneducated malaria, in December 1999. In addition to making Gemma Enolengila travel arrangements for the 50 delegates, and and backward. We should get proper (right) and family corresponding with them about their tickets and visas, my job was to organise a parallel ‘Festival of credit for the indigenous knowledge Traditional Medicine and Culture’ involving local Synergism in the Soup: Rethinking Education in Rural Tanzania performing artists and traditional healers. that we have. One weekend, a young Maasai warrior called Lesikar invited me to visit his village, Eluai, and Gemma Enolengila (nee Burford: Biochemistry, 1995) meet his father – a respected herbalist. I was the next generation, and to pass on fundamental delighted with the opportunity to see some of values we want our people to share in the future.’ the traditional medicines in use, and to talk with When Lesikar and Yunus got back to Tanzania, the village elders about the festival and about we started to compile a draft curriculum in An Exeter Biochemist, married to a Maasai, light of a kerosene lamp, and given ethnobotany our ideas for developing an NGO. As we were indigenous knowledge. The idea was for young describes her work to teach indigenous skills in lectures in a half-built ‘mud hut’ without any mud. leaving, the village chairman called all the children people to interview their parents, grandparents Northern Tanzania. Welcome to the Aang Serian International Summer together and lined them up in order of height for a and other community elders about issues related School, 2004. photograph. ‘These children should be in school,’ to history, culture, health, religion, ceremonies ‘Synergism,’ I explain to my students, ‘means that Many of you probably know already, from he told me. ‘At the moment, they have to walk two and the environment, and then return to class to one compound enhances the effects of another. As reading the papers or watching the Cutting Edge hours to the next village. Please find a sponsor discuss the similarities and differences between an example, recent research has shown that certain documentary on earlier this year, that who can help us to build a school here.’ the various ethnic groups. They would each keep medicinal plants contain antibacterial compounds my husband is Maasai and that we live in Tanzania I explained that I was just a student, and didn’t a written record of their own cultural heritage, and together with multi-drug resistance inhibitors, with our baby daughter Lucia. ‘FROM OXBRIDGE know any rich people, but I would try. And that, for also have a chance to exchange ideas with students which prevent them from being pumped out across TO OX-SKIN!’ proclaimed the headline in the Daily the time being, was the end of that. The conference from different backgrounds. With the help of Bob the bacterial cell membrane.’ Mail in 2003, referring to my wedding dress made and festival over, I returned to Oxford at the end of Webzell, a lecturer at Thames Valley University, It doesn’t, at first glance, seem very different of soft leather. Don’t assume, though, that you’ve December 1999 to take up a secretarial job, never and many other generous individuals who donated from the average Oxford biochemistry lecture. heard the whole story. The popular press always expecting to see Lesikar or the Eluai chairman their time and resources, we started fundraising to You would be forgiven for thinking I’d taken the leaves out what we think of as the interesting again. However, fate had other ideas, and in 2001, build a community secondary school in Eluai, conventional research path: D.Phil. to follow up part: what we’re actually doing in Africa, when my Part II project, then a post-doc fellowship, with we’re not posing for photos (or, as one magazine a bit of teaching on the side. But that’s where the article suggested, collecting firewood and fetching similarity ends. Far from standing at the front of a water from dawn until dusk). After all, indigenous lecture theatre somewhere off South Park’s Road, knowledge and biodiversity don’t sell tabloids I’m sitting with my students – undergraduates – but `exotic’ romances do. from four different European countries – in an It all seemed so simple when we started back olpul forest retreat site in the Monduli mountains, in 1999. I’d come to Tanzania for a cultural northern Tanzania, watching three Maasai warriors festival, to take a break from my Part II project Far left: Back to the preparing medicinal soup. In the past 24 hours, write-up, and soon afterwards met the members classroom I’ve also led anthropology workshops with a class of the organising committee. As we sat around Left: Gemma with Massai of 15- and 16-year-olds, chopped vegetables by the a campfire somewhere in the foothills of Mount children

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where the local government and village residents for promising students from low-income families had already made a start on a primary school. to join the school, at a cost of £10 per student per Gambia: A Country in Need Somehow, the vision just kept on getting bigger and month. We also plan to establish a UK registered bigger, with people from all over the world working charity, based in Oxford, to enable us to claim By Pat Atkinson (Exeter College Steward) together and enhancing one another’s efforts. Three Gift Aid on donations and to solicit funding classrooms are already finished, and we’re now from trusts and foundations. Please contact me building staff housing with funds from the Tanzania [email protected] or by telephone on +255- Development Trust. With the course in Indigenous 745-744992 (Tanzania) or 023-8040-2575 (via my Knowledge as a starting point, we’ve begun to parents’ home in Southampton), if you can help at Recently retired, Pat Atkinson describes her work a month. The electricity is also switched off every develop the idea of an integrated programme of all with either of these issues or if you want more to help poor children in Gambia. other day, due to the overload on a small system. ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ education, to include information on courses. My postal address is PO On my first visit to The Gambia with my best friend, subjects such as Sustainable Agriculture, Livestock Box 19, Monduli, Tanzania. he Gambia, situated on the beautiful West Rosalind Green, in 1994, we were absolutely Management, Food & Nutrition, Ethnobiology & More information on Aang Serian can be found TAfrican coast midway between the Tropic of devastated at how people had to live. From that Conservation, Appropriate Technology and Rural on our website: www.aangserian.org.uk. Cancer and the Equator, is one of the smallest and time on we vowed we would help children, Health Care alongside the Tanzanian national poorest countries in Africa. It is mostly flat and schools and families as much as we could. We secondary curriculum. We’ve also established shaped like a crooked finger, with a narrow strip of sent 20 kilo parcels, whenever we could afford to the International Summer School, piloted in land on either side of the majestic River Gambia, do so, to various families and schools at a cost of August 2004, in which European undergraduates from which it takes its name. £60, which has now risen to £90. We then started in anthropology and development studies (from The main tribes in the Gambia are Mandinka, to support poor children through their education. Finland, Austria, Germany and the UK) took part Wolof, Fula and Jola. The people are friendly and We agreed £150 a year per child for tuition fees, in a three-week programme of lectures, workshops hospitable and, although they converse in many books, writing materials, food, school uniforms, and field trips. They visited three separate rural tribal languages, the official language, and language transport costs or money to buy a bicycle and communities, to experience different subsistence used in most schools, is English. Approximately to cover costs of any school trips that might be strategies at first hand: Maasai pastoralists, Chagga one million people live in the Gambia on a strip of available. Any money left over would go towards farmers and Hadza hunter-gatherers. only 11,300 square km of river bank, making it not the child’s needs, for example medical or dental We are now planning two separate international only the smallest but the most densely populated care. We were then approached by other people summer schools to be held during July and August country in . who asked our help in supporting a Gambian 2005: one similar to the 2004 programme in Agriculture and tourism make up the majority child through their education. We have learnt from anthropology and development; and the other of the Gambian economy. Groundnuts (in the experience that we need to allocate the funds to a aimed at those studying, or preparing to study, form of nut oil and cattle cake) account for well single person in the Gambia, who is responsible medicine and allied health professions. The latter over 90% of total exports. Agriculture, forestry for distributing those funds according to need. will focus on traditional systems of health care, and fishing provide a form of living for some including herbalism, spiritual healing, bone setting of the approximately 75% of Gambians who and birth assistance, in various rural and urban are unemployed. Those fortunate enough to The tears rolled down my cheek when Right: contexts in northern Tanzania. have employment earn the equivalent of £26 a he regained his hearing Outside the village In 2005, we hope to offer 15 new scholarships month. Every salary is set at the same rate by the Government. For example, it costs £8 a month for a bag of rice to feed a family of ten. This leaves £18 We have a very dear friend, Famara, who is deaf for other monthly provisions which is not enough (due to tuberculosis when he was 12 years old). money to buy local fish each day and meat is a A very intelligent, honest man, he is married with luxury. For a Gambian to attend school, to visit a three children. After several years of trying, we You, Me and HIV dentist, to go to hospital or to see a costs have finally been able to help him as a friend put money, which they do not have. It is no wonder me in touch with a company in England that made By Siamon Gordon, Fellow, Experimental Pathology at Exeter College that 75% of children in the Gambia are illiterate. and supplied hearing aids to the Deaf African Fund. In and around , the capital, many live in We paid £500 for Famara’s hearing aids, a small compounds with each family having one living sum for our friend to be able to hear again. Since room and one bedroom for as many as five or six he had been deaf since he was 12, the tears rolled IV now affects some 10% of the population vibrant and humorous manner by Mic Rolph, the people. The compounds are built with homemade down my cheek when he regained his hearing. Hin South Africa, and, while anti-retroviral book communicates the harsh realities of the risks bricks (sand and cement is mixed together by Famara wrote the most wonderful letter to us about treatments are slowly becoming available, much of contracting HIV and AIDS in an engaging and hand, put into a mould, then tipped out and dried how the aid had given him a new life, and that he more needs to be done to inform and educate the direct way. It also builds on the success of a pilot in the sun) that look something like our breeze was learning all over again. population about the spread of the virus. In March, project launched in 2002 under the title ‘Staying blocks. The walls are made of cement and the Unfortunately, if funding were sent directly to the a campaign to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS Alive: Fighting HIV/AIDS’. Copies of the book roofs are made of rough timber and aluminum family it is unlikely that it would be used for their through using children’s education was launched and accompanying teachers’ pack are available sheeting. There is no sanitation of any kind – just child’s education. However, it is still important in . Devised by Siamon Gordon, in English, and Zulu. The campaign has open sewers along the pathways and roads where to send parcels, but we advise that they are sent and with funding from the Bill and Melinda already won the support of high-profile South children play and disease spreads very easily. In through our Box No. From our past experience, if Gates Foundation, the campaign has distributed Africans, including Supreme Court Justice Edwin the Provinces, which are even poorer than the the address is shown, the sender is likely to receive Siamon Gordon thousands of free copies of a children’s book, Cameron (Rhodes Scholar in 1980s) and Zackie coastal area, people live in in traditional mud huts hundreds of begging letters. You, Me and HIV to children and schools in sub- Achmat of the Treatment Action Campaign. with no sanitation or running water. If you think you can sponsor one of these children Saharan Africa. For further information contact Electricity for most is unthinkable. Charges are in the Gambia please contact me: Written by Professor Fran Balkwill of Queen [email protected] set by the Government and to run, for example, [email protected] We are not a Mary’s, University of London and illustrated in a three electric lights and one fridge would cost £50 registered charity yet, but hope to be soon.

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stocks in trade. Long before science became Frank Close: Shining Light popular, Close was writing articles and books and delivering lectures designed to make science Frank Close’s aim is to deconstruct physics, yet it is its mysteries that delight him, reports John Crace. accessible to mere mortals. He insists that much of the credit should go to understanding editors, but he’s always had the gift of the soundbite. In the late 1970s he managed to get the solar This article first appeared in , 1 June to children or grandchildren of Scotsmen – went problem on to Tomorrow’s World by dressing it up 2004. pear-shaped when he discovered that despite the in the question: ‘Is the sun still shining?’; in the family folklore his grandfather had been born in 1980s he managed to make readers of this paper Over the past six months, physicists have become Lincoln. feel they understood the importance of Carlo excited about the discovery of a new particle, Instead, Close won an award to study under Rubbia’s discovery of the z particle – even if they codenamed theta, that appears to live longer than at Oxford. ‘He was working on forgot it minutes later. it should. Theta falls bang in the centre of Frank the quark model and it seemed obvious to make The books followed in quick succession. The Close’s field, and next month (July 2004) he is that the focus of my own research,’ says Close. Cosmic Onion provided a very erudite idiot’s due to give the review talk on the particle at a In fact, Dalitz was just about the only person in guide to particles, and ’s Legacy asks why conference in Beijing. Only right now he doesn’t the UK working on quarks and Close remembers there is anything, rather than nothing, in the have a clue what he is going to say. feeling rather depressed and lonely for much of his universe. In 1996 he won the Kelvin Medal of Frank Close doctorate. the for his contributions to the or last week, strong evidence emerged to After completing his thesis, Close went to Stanford public understanding of physics and this year he Fsuggest a tantalising possibility that theta University – the epicentre of quark research – and, has written A Very Short Introduction to Particle doesn’t exist. ‘Which leaves me to explain how so as quark theory went mainstream, found himself at Physics, which is certain to become an essential many scientists claim to have seen something that the forefront of a new strand of physics. By 1973 he crib for any A-level physics students. may not be there,’ he grins. was working at the world’s largest If so, it is a book much needed. Returning to Not that he seems unduly bothered, as he laboratory at Cern, , and two years later teaching after a 30-year absence, Close has been breezes into his pokey office on the top floor of he was back in the UK as part of the theoretical surprised at the knowledge gaps among some of Exeter College, Oxford. If anything, he appears physics team at the Rutherford Appleton lab in his first-year students. ‘There are areas which used delighted at the unexpected spanner in the works. Harwell. to be covered in the second year of sixth form Close likes his science to come with a sense of Which is where he spent the next 25 years, that are now part of the first-year undergraduate mystery and wonder, and the possibility that the winding up as head of the theoretical physics course,’ he says. Mostly, the gaps centre on the pentaquark theta may be a chimera is right up his division. But in 2000, the Particle Physics and maths and Close recognises it’s a tough battle to get street. Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) pulled the pupils interested without compromising academic ‘Science isn’t about finding the solutions to plug. Close’s team was disbanded and a new one standards. formed at Durham. ‘It was supposed to be a cost- ‘Pembroke College no longer offers physics and You can have several interpretations cutting measure,’ he says, ‘but it seemed a zero departments at other universities have also closed sum gain.’ down,’ he acknowledges. ‘So we are competing of a Shakespeare play, but in physics ‘We lost a centre of knowledge and the new base for students. And we can’t hide the fact that it is a at Durham doesn’t even have an experimental tough subject. You can have several interpretations there’s only one answer physics facility attached. Above all, it was a huge of a Shakespeare play, but in physics there’s only mercy of media and government scare stories Seeing the invisible – emotional stress being involved with making so one answer. I can write an extremely elegant on the risks of MMR and terrorism. Ultimately, even the tiniest particles problems so much as asking the questions in the many people redundant.’ theory, but if nature doesn’t play that piece of science should be about removing the mystery and can reveal themselves, creating their own first place,’ he says. ‘And it’s not always obvious Rutherford’s loss was Oxford’s gain, and that is music, it’s wrong.’ replacing it with rationality.’ That may well be. But artistic beauty. what questions one ought to be asking. You can where he now divides his time between research Although Close hasn’t studied the A-level syllabus you can’t help feeling it is the mysteries that keep ask something so trivial that no one’s interested in and teaching undergraduates as a fellow of Exeter in depth, his gut feeling is that its content has Close going. the answer, or you can ask something so difficult College. ‘Some parts of the syllabus came as quite been devised with exams rather than inspiration you’ll never find an answer. The trick is to ask the a shock,’ he says. ‘I hadn’t studied electromagnetic in mind. ‘I was looking at my nephew’s particle question that will make a difference.’ theory since I was an undergraduate and there’s physics homework and it seemed bogged down in The CV In general, these questions tend to blur the been a steep learning curve. Luckily I’ve had some detail. It was all about whether a down quark is Name Frank Close boundaries between why and how things happen. very bright students who’ve got me up to speed.’ heavier than an up quark, and nothing about an Age 58 As one of the world’s leading particle physicists, Some academics get a little sniffy about their understanding or awareness of the universe.’ Job Professor of Physics and Fellow of Exeter Close has asked more than his fair share of the teaching commitments, regarding them as an Close wants students to discover the same College, Oxford questions that have deepened our understanding unwelcome interruption to the serious business excitement he felt when he first tipped some water Before that Head of Theoretical Physics of the universe in the past 30 years or so. of research, but Close is passionate about his. ‘It’s into a jar of Andrews liver salts, pressed down the Division, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Close was working on quarks – the basic particles partly the thought that something you say may lid and placed it over the gas flame of his parents’ Head of Communication and Public Education of protons and – in the mid-60s, long inspire a student to one day do something really cooker. ‘We need to rethink what we’re teaching Activities, CERN, Geneva before anyone had proved their existence. ‘It was important,’ he says, ‘but it’s also rather more science for,’ he argues. ‘We want to engage people, Books The Cosmic Onion; Lucifer’s Legacy; A luck,’ he says. ‘I just happened to be in the right selfish. It’s often only when you teach something so that at least if they drop the subject they still Very Short Introduction to Particle Physics place at the right time.’ that you fully understand it. After years and years have some affinity for it and continue to support Likes real , squash, Peterborough United He has a point. After graduating from St Andrews, of working in particle physics I’d got so used to its development.’ Dislikes posers, charlatans and people who he had planned to go to Cambridge to take using shortcuts, I’d rather forgotten where the tricks ‘At the moment most people have no would never give The Guardian the time of day his doctorate, but that fell through when the came from. So I had to go back to basics.’ understanding of the basics of scientific Married with two daughters scholarship he had been counting on – available Deconstructing his knowledge is one of Close’s methodology, which is why they are at the

36 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 37 ALUMNI

So I suggest that correspondents should 1990 2001 Editor News write c/o the Development Office, who Marianne Elisabeth Manning (née Tilling) Emily MacDonald sends a ‘brief update can forward letters to his e-mail or postal reports: ‘I married Gavin Manning on on how things are coming with my Pilot’s Your Editor of the ‘News’ continues address as appropriate. 22 May 2004 at Combermere Abbey, Licence – things have been rather eventful to be Christopher Kirwan who is, as From Old Members Shropshire – the sun shone, the lake looked in that department! After 12 hours of flying you know, retired but is still in Oxford beautiful and we all had a fantastic day. lessons my instructor decided I was ready and still in frequent touch with the 1966 Liz Howard (1990, Modern Languages) for my first solo flight.’ Emily was initially College – though alas no longer with 1935 Serampore: an attempt at a psychoanalytic Martin Couchman reports award of the was there, with her husband, Graham fine, but upon trying to land for the third junior members. James Travers Hamilton Macnair MC and interpretation’ in Bulletin of the Polish OBE in the 2005 Honours, for Matthews. Would love to hear news of time ‘the high speed and sudden veering his wife celebrated a Diamond Wedding Institute of Arts and Sciences in Canada, services to hospitality. Donna Catley, Katie Brigg, Nigel Milton started the plane “porpoising” i.e. it jumps This year’s contributions from you on 14 August 2004. It was held at Armoury vol. XX, Montréal 2003. He would like and David Shore.’ I’m not to publish her off the ground as a porpoise would jump number twenty-one. I reckon that House, HQ of the HAC [Honourable us to publish his postal address: Mr Jan Nick Stokes writes: ‘Following a successful e-mail address, so I expect she wants the out of the water, in an arch. The second is not good enough: Exeter men and Artillery Company]. There were 90 guests W. Weryho, 3795 av Hampton, Montréal six years as Marketing Director of Lloyds news by way of these columns. Send it porpoise motion was really severe, and women, you can do better! (I would – all but four family. The event included QC H4A 2K7 Canada. Pharmacy Ltd, based in Coventry, I joined in! as the plane hit the runway I felt the back contribute myself, only I was not an Scottish Country Dancing and a piper. Age Concern in November 2003.’ In wheels lift off the ground and come right Exeter man. I overlapped Alan Bennett May the Editor express his most sincere addition he is a non-executive director Nikolaos C. Petropoulos reports that after up into the air, pushing my nose forward, at Magdalen without knowing him; I felicitations to Mr and Mrs Macnair on 1958 of the University Hospitals Coventry and his MSt and DPhil in English Literature and I felt the plane teeter on the brink of had vague undergraduate theatrical their longevity, fidelity, fecundity, and Bernard M.J. Wolfe writes from London, Warwickshire NHS Trust, and ‘I also still and four years of teaching at Athens flipping over. Fortunately it then righted links with Alan Shallcross; and I am Scottish loyalty. Ontario, that since 2000 he has been play hockey every Saturday at 57 years of College he was appointed translator to itself (I was later told that was incredibly long since a friend of John Partridge, Professor Emeritus at the University of age!’ [email protected] his Beatitude the of Athens fortunate and was probably due to the through our wives. Also, although an Western Ontario. and All Greece. ‘I still treasure,’ he says, propeller hitting the ground and pushing indolent lecture-goer, I heard Dacre 1948 Marcus Walsh was appointed to the ‘the memories of my life at Exeter during the nose upwards and the tail downwards Balsdon in Hall on the late Roman Keith Parham Ferris says modestly that Kenneth Allott Chair of English Literature the late Sir Richard Norman’s Rectorship, – apparently a rare occurrence), and I – which of you remembers there is ‘little to report’. He is ‘playing 1960 at the University of Liverpool in August and particularly my participation in somehow managed to steer towards the the remains of breakfast marmalade out the last few minutes of “time added” Gerard M.D. Howat has been an 2004. [email protected] the “Cantores Exonienses” Choir with centre of the runway without coming off sticking to lecture notes?) on writing letters and articles to and Associate Editor of the Oxford DNB, Katharina Ulmschneider and Giles it at any point. Chaos ensued, with fire for various newspapers and minor published in September 2004. John Whelan is Deputy Leader of Lambeth Hutchinson and Frank Garcia and engines and police cars and the like. Write your news freely. Trust your publications, mainly about football in Borough Council (or was in 2002), and Nicholas Birch and Min Lim and Rie All ended well though it was incredibly Editor to edit it, if he so wishes (this London SE7, butterflies in Kent, the origins Appeals Committee Chair of the London Kondo and Elke Schneider and... and... frightening. Apparently it is something year, as it happens, everything appears of the NHS, and Dickens’s Staplehurst 1961 Fire and Emergency Planning Authority Strange and sad, how people tend to get that “never happens” (although obviously virtually as submitted). Address it not railway accident.’ Ian Cheyne Gatenby writes (or was in 2004). He reports that he is on with their individual lives letting their it does!) and is literally a one in a million to me but to: EXON – News from Old ‘I am pleased to report (almost) completion also working part time on obituaries for collective memories behind. I noticed Mr chance. Not bad for my first solo flight! Members, The Development Office, of a circumnavigation under sail. After , specialising in the Kirwan’s name [on the form], and I recall Anyway, on the bright side at least the Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP, UK. 1952 seven years and 42,000 miles, I am back Middle East. His younger son Fenton our conversations and his aversion to so one in a million event has happened; so E-mail [email protected] Desmond M. Buike writes: ‘My wife in the Mediterranean. There are 350 miles took a First in at Balliol many examples of “sloppy thinking” that I figure there can’t be too many more of Please notice that we publish only Dorothy and I recently celebrated our to go before I cross my outward line, but I in 2004 and is working for McKinsey in we saw around us. My sister, Dr Maria- them! I’m probably pretty safe now— what you report as News from Old 70th birthdays by walking 90 miles of intend to postpone that passage for a few Dubai, where his three other children are Zoe Petropoulou (1998, History) is now here’s to a very uneventful next few Members, not (unless you request it) the Pennine Way from Barnard years while I enjoy Turkey’. also based. His younger daughter Bridget herself an old Exonian too, though much lessons!’ your information on the Old Members to Greenhead in five days, staying at Ship to Shore, PO Box 400, is ‘breaking the family tradition and going less old than myself, and teaches in the Contact Form. Youth Hostels. We have also sponsored a Winchester S022 4RU up to Bristol University in 2005 to read International Baccalaureate Programme friend in Latvia for her four-year course fi[email protected] Politics.’ [email protected] of the Hellenic-American Educational Entries are listed by matriculation in Jelgava University, to gain her BSc in Foundation in Athens.’ years. E-mail addresses are given for Agricultural Economics. She was placed those who requested their publication 6th out of 120 students. Agita is now 1963 1973 in EXON. staying on for her MSc.’ Robert Creswell Sopwith retired early Jerry was elected to the 1992 from teaching at Wellington College, Academic Board of the Royal College Garry Tetley tells us that his wife, Robert John Day has enjoyed nine years Berks in 1993. ‘Since then,’ he writes, of Paediatrics and Child Health in 2004. Melinda, whom he met when she was an of retirement. He has ‘new vocations’: ‘Elizabeth and I have had the privilege of a [email protected]field.ac.uk American student studying at Exeter for ‘(1) painting portraits and landscapes, (2) belated gap year (1995-6) of nine months eight weeks during the summer of 1995 marionette theatre, (3) family genealogy... at an orphanage in West Kenya. My fifth as part of her English Masters course, had etc. At 73 I find life challenging and visit with her in October/November 2004 1989 their third baby in August 2004. The child exciting.’ His father William Robert Day enabled us to see two new orphanages C. Stewart Verdery Jr is back in the USA, is called Elizabeth Grace and is a sister to attended Exeter after ‘and in the Maseno Dioceses, the inspiration serving as first Assistant Secretary for Andrew (7) and (5). ‘We’re now taught Forest Pathology at the Schools on of Christians who had learned much Homeland Security Policy in the new living near Edinburgh.’ Parks and S Parks Roads from 1924(?) to from the founder-director of Happy Department of Homeland Security. He 1964(?). I taught Forestry in Canada for Home Orphanage near Muhoroni, the does a considerable amount of work thirty-three years... ‘Two Exeter grads late Rev. Dr Johana Mruka Mgoye. It with the British Government on issues of 1998 with 73 years of combined experience. would be interesting to hear from like- mutual concern. He lives in Arlington VA Maria-Zoe Petropoulou. See Nikolaos Good luck.’ [email protected] minded members or exchange ideas with wife, Jenny, and children, Isabelle Petropoulos under 1990. with those seeking to support indigenous and Chase. [email protected] Jan Witold Weryho has had an article foundations in rural Kenya.’ He reports published: ‘’s Nights at his e-mail address as not for circulation.

38 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 39 ALUMNI

resources. I thought he had a point. a total of $47,495. confident of their acceptance to Exeter. Crossing I remembered how Williams survived At the Rhodes reunion, many of us Leddy felt that Exeter College suited a crisis early in the 19th century. Colonel warmed to the hospitality and modern Saskatchewan. Some Oxford colleges had Ephraim Williams, killed in 1755 fighting comforts of our old colleges. Norman a reputation for being purely British upper the Pond the French and the Indians, was a bachelor Crowther-Hunt, then Rector of Exeter, got class. As Sider says, ‘I’d heard a rumour who left his estate to form a free school. It the point and arranged a similar College that in the early part of the 20th century, was to be in a settlement in the northwest festivity a year later. when wealthy businessmen started to send Since 1985, students from Williams corner of Massachusetts, provided that it When President Chandler of Williams their sons to Trinity College, the servants College, Massachusetts, USA, have been take the name of Williamstown. was seeking a venue for a Williams- wouldn’t lower themselves to serving able to spend a year at Exeter College. With the Seven Years’ War and the in-Europe programme, it was Rector the sons of businessmen and refused to 500 undergraduates (‘juniors’) have so unpleasantness of 1775-83, it was 1793 Crowther-Hunt who alerted him to the serve them.’ But as Leddy put it to Sider far participated. Williams’s students now before Williams College was chartered sudden availability of a in his office that day, Exeter is a ‘middle benefit from a range of Oxford’s research by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts property that became Ephraim Williams of the road’ college. Socially, he’d be materials, including full access to the over the objection of Harvard which House. The last Rector, Marilyn Butler, more comfortable there. And Sider, who – a change greeted with thought one college enough. has brought the annual visiting contingent went on to become a Greek and approval in Williams Alumni Review. into ever closer participation in College Professor at Pennsylvania’s Dickinson Farnsworth Fowle (1937, PPE), ex-Rhodes Williams survived and University life, a task continued by College, says he was. ‘It wasn’t the same Scholar, reflects on the colleges’ link, and Frances Cairncross. kind of challenge for a Saskatchewan boy the importance of alumni participation: because its graduates Williams has begun an Exeter College as Church or Trinity.’ Fund, hoping someday to offer an Exonian A Room Many Saskatchewanians have emerged The relationship between Williams rallied to its support a year of graduate study in the art history from Exeter to corner success. For College and Exeter College began in the department (called the Williams Mafia example, W. R. Lederman (1946, BCL) 1920s when an American benefactor In its third decade, the College almost because of the careers that have taken of Our Own went on to become a leading Canadian established a two-year scholarship at expired. In 1821, its President and half off). This would continue the symbiosis. constitutional law scholar and Dean Exeter for a recent Williams graduate. I the faculty accepted an invitation to a of Law at Queens University. James soon learned that it was not just ancient new foundation at Amherst, in the more By Matthew Barron In fact, the College commemorated this McConica (1950, Modern History) is now and modern endowments but also the prosperous farmlands and factories The original version of this article first bond in 1985 by naming a lecture room a world-class historian, classics scholar British taxpayer who was keeping Oxford budding in the Valley. appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of the after the province. Local artists’ prints of and a Fellow of both the British Academy and Cambridge afloat. Williams survived only because its University of Saskatchewan alumni magazine, Saskatchewan hang in the room, showing and the Royal Society of Canada. In 1983 many of us returned to celebrate graduates rallied to its support, forming The Green & White. it in all its geological diversity. There is During the 1970s, the sturdy relationship the 80th anniversary of the Rhodes the first college alumni association in also a plaque dedicated to Saskatchewan between Exeter and Saskatchewan scholarships. Oxford’s then chancellor, the country. Voluntary fund-raising by In 1956, a young undergraduate sat in Rhodes scholars at Exeter that was Rhodes scholars and students began to Harold Macmillan, publicly chided Mrs each class from rich and poor alike has Francis Leddy’s office at the University of ceremonially hung there during the 2003 weaken as the selection process moved Thatcher for cutting back on government become an annual rite across the nation, Saskatchewan, still buzzing from winning centenary of the Rhodes Trust. But what from provincial to regional spheres. assistance and urged that they look with the accent on participation; This a Rhodes Scholarship. makes the room really unique is the Saskatchewan students were no longer elsewhere – even inward – for new year 71% of our dwindling number gave Both the Dean of Arts and Secretary simple fact that no other Oxford lecture selected and guided exclusively by of the provincial committee responsible theatre bears the name of a province or Secretaries of their own province. This for selecting Rhodes scholars, Leddy state - but then again, not many provinces is not to say that Saskatchewan students Jumping to Conclusions had called Bob Sider (1956, Theology) possess a Dr Francis Leddy. no longer attend Exeter, only that there’s earlier to break the news and invite the simply no longer a network of influence This illustration is the work of an Exeter young undergraduate to his office to Many inexorably drawing them there. artist, John Walters (1998, Fine Art). ‘fix up’ a few application details. Whilst But the relationship lives on in the form of Since graduating from Oxford, John has there, Sider was asked for his preference Saskatchewanians the ‘Saskatchewan Lecture Room’ which taken a Masters in Fine Art at the Slade of College. In his surprised state, Sider creates a name recognition that benefits school of Fine Art and now teaches wasn’t prepared and said he had no have emerged from students who apply to Oxford. It also at Kingston University. John works particular College in mind. exposes the province to the intellectual primarily in painting and drawing. ‘Obviously you want to go to Exeter Exeter to success elite of England and the world, since ‘Jumping to Conclusions’ is one of College,’ Leddy said, turning in his chair international scholarly conferences and a series of recent works that rework and pointing at a picture of history- A Saskatchewan Rhodes Scholar regular classes are held there. imagery from Tarot cards, alchemical steeped buildings behind him. and Exeter grad himself, Leddy (1933, Another Old Exonion, Henry engravings and old illustration to Founded in 1314, Exeter College is Chemistry) not only came up with the Kloppenburg (1968, Jurisprudence), invent new and ambiguous narratives. neither the largest nor the richest of idea for the room, he acted as the catalyst works to preserve the connection and John’s work can be seen at the Jerwood Oxford’s 39 colleges. Nevertheless it that sparked the relationship in the first happens to be, in the words of Sider, ‘the Drawing Prize exhibition which tours has educated the likes of writers J.R.R. place. As the Secretary of the Rhodes most committed Exonian since Leddy.’ A England through 2005-6, the London Tolkien and Martin Amis, and actors selection committee from 1935 to 1963, Rhodes scholar who attended Exeter from Art Fair in January 2006 and at the Toni Richard Burton and Alan Bennett. he enthusiastically steered Saskatchewan 1968 to 1970, Kloppenburg not only Heath Gallery in March 2006. Throughout much of the 20th century, the Rhodes scholars towards Exeter. After contributed funds to build the lecture He lives and works in New York and College has also shared a sturdy history Leddy, other Secretaries similarly directed room in 1985, but strove for the centenary London. If you would like to get in with Saskatchewan Rhodes scholars and students to the College. Mainly because plaque dedication. He also never misses touch with him, please contact the students, since most of those enrolled at of Leddy’s influence at the College, an an Oxford reunion. ‘I’ve gone religiously Development Office. Oxford from about the mid-thirties to the unwritten arrangement evolved whereby over the last 30 years,’ he says, guffawing. mid-seventies, attended Exeter. Saskatchewanians could be fairly ‘Almost as if I’m a pilgrim.’

40 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 41 ALUMNI From Exeter to Exmoor Early Days Richard Blackmore’s Lorna Doone Michael Dryland (1944, English) recalls his days as an Organ Scholar in the late

Richard Doddridge Blackmore, one of the most of Charles, a little village on the fringe of the Moor. n the spring of 1944 my music master told my famous novelists of his generation, was educated He stayed frequently with them both of them. Ifather that there were two Choral Exhibitions at Exeter College, Oxford between 1843 and In 1865, before he began to write Lorna Doone, available at Exeter College, Oxford. It was agreed 1847. Reprinted with kind permission of Lynton Blackmore went to Lynmouth and made his base that I should try to gain this bonanza – then worth and Lynmouth Tourist Information Centre. at the Rising Sun Inn, from where he collected £10 per term! Accordingly, I duly appeared at the http://lynton-lynmouth-tourism.co.uk. information about people and places for his . College and presented myself to a panel comprising He could not have visited any spot called the Doone the Organ Scholar, Alee Wyton, the Chaplain, ichard Doddridge Blackmore (1825-1900) was Valley because none existed. The name does not Paul Kingdon, Neville Coghill and Rector Barber. Reducated at Blundell’s School, Tiverton, and appear on any map published before or during Another tenor frightened me to death after his Exeter College, Oxford. He was called to the Blackmore’s lifetime, though the area around Lank singing by rattling off most of the first movement Bar in 1852 but retired through ill health. After Combe on the west bank of Badgworthy Water of the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2. My teaching Classics at School, he took is now marked as such on some maps, seen as music master had told me, ‘you cannot go wrong up horticulture and market gardening. His first approximating most closely to the imaginary in Oxford by playing a Bach Prelude and Fugue’. I novel, Clara Vaughan (1864) was recognised for its place Blackmore described. There is no ‘official’ followed his advice and a baritone, Ted Crook, and vigorous prose and poetic imagination. He wrote a authority for this, and no-one shall ever know I were both awarded Exhibitions. number of that, in his opinion, ranked level whether this was indeed the place he intended There is something of a mystery at this point as the with his masterpiece, Lorna Doone (1869). as he always refused to discuss it. After the book College records do not show that we had an organ However, it is in this colourful story that his became famous, Blackmore grew impatient with scholar in 1944 and that no undergraduate was gifts of poetic expression and exciting adventure people who tried to pin him down and unravel the reading Music. Both Ted Crook and I remember have found enduring form. Each Lorna Doone fan fact from the fiction. As he wrote in 1891: ‘I quite Alee Wyton so well. Had we borrowed a musician must decide how much of the legend he wants to forget how the book began to grow, having taken from another College? I would be very interested to tank, ready to service the Fire Brigade hoses in Top of Palmer’s tower, believe but one thing is sure; there were outlaws no special heed’, and, ‘Nothing will induce me know if anyone can throw any further light on this. case incendiaries fell on the College. In some Exeter College, taken by Hugh Palmer (1970, Lit. called Doone on Exmoor and stories were told to go into this genesis of Lorna Doone, of which I What I can say is that in 1944, Alee Wyton was a ways, those of us who were up during the war Hum.). about them long before Blackmore published his have heard enough’. Similarly, in 1887 in a letter brilliant organist and choirmaster. He found a post saw Oxford at its best, as there was hardly any novel. In turbulent, bygone days, when justice was to James Moorhead: ‘When I wrote Lorna Doone, after Exeter at St. Matthew’s, Northampton. This traffic owing to the stringent petrol rationing. Each severe and penalties harsh, Exmoor and Dartmoor the greatest effort of my imagination would have church had the habit of commissioning new works, week we would, in turn, visit the Buttery where been to picture its success. If I had dreamed that it one each year, and when Alee was to move there, we would be given our ration of butter, sugar and It was by freak or fortune that would have been more than a book of the moment, the work being prepared was Benjamin Britten’s jam; if we were piggy the next day with crumpets the description of scenery which I know as well as ‘Rejoice in the Lamb’. Alee persuaded Britten to and dripping butter we had to do without for the Lorna Doone ever had the chance I know my garden would have been kept nearer allow the Exeter choir to sing this work just one remainder of the week. to their fact. I romanced therein, not to mislead day after its first performance at Northampton. Undergraduates could visit hotels but all public to become popular others, but solely for the uses of my story.’ The composer came to the College for one of houses were out of bounds. The Proctor with his The story had obviously taken shape in his mind the rehearsals. Later in his career, Alee became Bulldogs would descend on the most popular made excellent hideouts for fugitives although over a span of years, yet it was by freak or fortune organist at one of the great New York churches. watering holes in the hope of ‘taking prisoners’ their inhospitable bleakness made them hard that Lorna Doone ever had the chance to become I had decided to leave school a little earlier but usually word had spread that they were in the areas in which to survive. Highway robbery, cattle popular. Blackmore’s publishers did not much care than normal in order to have two terms at Exeter area and a mass exodus by the back door took stealing or even murder became necessary paths of for the book and their lack of faith seemed justified before going into the Services at 18. I had already place. The ludicrous position arose with a friend action. Such a man’s children would grow up into when they first brought it out in 1869. The reviews volunteered for the Navy and accordingly applied of mine who had served in the war as a Major in half-wild savages, mistrustful and hostile. The last were not encouraging; there was little interest in it for a ‘Short Course’. The Navy came up trumps the army; he was not permitted to visit a on surviving descendant of one such tribe, on Odham and sales were poor. Blackmore himself, writing by giving me an adequate grant and sent me to his own but could do so if accompanied by his Moor, died almost within living memory. He was after the book had become a success, said, ‘It Exeter. It was decided (I am not sure by whom) wife, who happened to be a senior member of the animal-like and illiterate and lived in a hut of tufts went the round of publishers who declined with that I should read English, presumably on the University. until time and weather brought about its collapse, unanimity. I brought home the manuscript more grounds that it could not possibly do me any harm The College gate closed at 10pm, but entry could when he moved into a barrel. than once in sorrow and discomfiture. At last I was and might conceivably be beneficial. I look back still be obtained up to midnight by paying a fine Blackmore had been hearing about such people fain to accept an offer of nothing for it.’ Of the first with amazement at Neville Coghill’s kindness in to the porter. After midnight one had to climb in from his boyhood. He was born at Longworth, 500 copies, only 300 were sold. It is by fluke that bothering to give me tutorials when, like most 17 by any route available, hoping not to be caught in Oxfordshire, where his father, the Reverend John Lorna Doone was ever heard of again. Sampson year olds, all I wanted to do was to play rugby and the process. If you stayed out all night your scout Blackmore, was the Curate in Charge. Following Low, against the judgement of the rest of his send up flags on ship’s halyards. would have to report your nocturnal absence. the death of his wife and sister-in-law from typhus firm, resolved to risk re-publishing it. From 1871, Although the Second World War was on, the During the two periods I had at Oxford the College fever, John Blackmore accepted a curacy firstly in the fame of Lorna Doone snowballed and the College was reasonably full as our neighbours, head was Rector Barber. After one of the College Culmstock in 1826 and then in Ashford in 1835. book appeared in edition after edition. Although Lincoln, were living with us. Their college was concerts I remember Mrs Barber saying to me that Many years later, in 1894, Culmstock became the Blackmore always insisted that he made very little a temporary home for the nurses who worked at the Rector was very keen on music although Mr ‘Perlycross’ in Blackmore’s novel of that name. money from it, he must have known before his the Examination Schools, which was a military Barber was quite indifferent to it. R. D. Blackmore’s grandfather was Rector of death in 1900 that he had written a classic which hospital. In the middle of the front quad was an I recall so well a number of the friends I made Combe Martin and Oare, and his uncle was Rector would live for long after him. awful eyesore in the form of a large static water some sixty years ago – happy days.

42 EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net EXON Autumn 2005 www.exetercollege.net 43 ALUMNI From Suez to Exeter in 1948 I’ll Be Your Guide By Alfred Dale (1948, Modern History) By Patrick Heinecke (1959, Modern Languages)

Right: Alfred Dale in came up to Exeter in Michaelmas Term, 1948, To raise funds for the Sandema charity, which 1951, at Graduation. Ihaving spent two and a half years in the RAF, funds local children’s education in the Ghanaian mostly in Egypt. I arrived with a smattering of village of Sandema, Patrick Heinecke (1959, and an ingrained habit of never sitting with Modern Languages) climbed the highest mountain my back to an entrance door in a public place. in Ghana on 26 November 2004. The Arabic has long gone, but the habit has never deserted me. ‘Don’t do it! You haven’t climbed a mountain since The class was a mixture of recently demobilized you were 16 years old. You’ve got a pin and plate servicemen and recently graduated high school in your left leg since you had that motor accident students. I don’t know which group found the in Nigeria. You’ve had an arthroscopy in your right transition to Exeter more difficult but it was eased knee. You suffer from hypertension and you also for many of us by the attention and interest of have the hepatitis C virus. Isn’t that enough? Don’t Dacre Balsdon, the quintessential Oxford don who play with your life!’ Gillian argued. at that time was Senior Tutor (and, I believe, Moral ‘The mountain’s only 2950 feet high,’ I lamely Tutor). My first meeting with him was at a sherry protested. party in his rooms in Palmer’s Tower. ‘Dear boy,’ he ‘I suppose you believe that climbing up the said, ‘always serve very dry sherry and never more escalators in the is all the than two glasses.’ This admonition has stood me in training you need…’. On that cynical note, she put good stead over the years. the phone down. Among the 1948 intake were a number of Rhodes language school in . During my stay, Wes Three weeks later I arrived in the small town of to rumble. Descending was more difficult, as my Patrick Heinecke scholars – chiefly Americans – who, over the years, Posvar called and invited me to join him in driving Hohoe in the middle of a thunderstorm. weak and painful legs had to continually avoid completes his mission became fast friends. They included Stan Turner and to the North Cape. He had modified a Morris ‘I thought it was the dry season,’ I said naively to slipping. Was Gillian right about the escalators? Wes Posvar, at that time junior officers in the US Oxford with an extra fuel tank that he thought an old man also sheltering from the downpour. No!!! I was moaning in constant pain and had to Navy and Air Force respectively. During our time might get us there without refuelling after Germany. ‘Oh no,’ he replied. ‘It can rain even up to stop more than 10 times to try and regain some at Exeter, Wes was frequently missing at weekends By the time we reached Stockholm he reluctantly .’ strength. Above, a storm was brewing. I collapsed because he flew the Berlin airlift to maintain his declared that his calculations were incorrect, so ‘This could stop my climb,’ I said, explaining my onto a boulder, gasping for breath. flight competence. He subsequently became we diverted to Oslo and Copenhagen. Money intention to climb Mount Afajato. ‘If we don’t get down before the rain, it’ll be very Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. running low, we stocked up with bread and what ‘Don’t worry. It only rains in the afternoon. Not we believed to be white cheese. Alas, the cheese every day.’ turned out to be whale blubber, and we reached That evening as I was relaxing with a gourd of The temperature was 38 degrees, ‘Always serve very dry sherry and our final destination with incipient starvation. palmwine, a young man introduced himself to me During my last year, Exeter had a custom of as Salase. the humidity 90% never more than two glasses’ requiring students to vacate the college and find ‘I’m a lepidopterist. I comb the mountains and digs in the city. Several of us (Posvar, Al Kernan, forests with my butterfly net. I’ll be happy to climb slippery. Let’s move!’ shouted Takwa. We lived in partly medieval surroundings in Jim Engle and I) took a lease of Sunningwell Manor. Afajato with you tomorrow. I’ll be your guide.’ I struggled to muster what seemed to be my last College – especially the bathing facilities. I still Sunningwell, of course, is half way to Abingdon The next morning Salase and I arrived in the drop of energy. Groaning I dragged myself to my treasure the midwinter journeys, trudging through and I think we were violating residence rules in village at the foot of Afajato and booked in at the feet and then…relief! The maize fields were in the snow from Staircase 1 to the bath house in the living beyond the city limits. But there were no guest house. A stripling approached us. sight! We were nearing the village! I was hobbling. far underground recesses of the back quad. repercussions, and I hope my degree is not in ‘My name is Takwa. I’m supposed to be in school, Could I make it? Still half a to walk. Agony! The theatre scene in Oxford was very vibrant at jeopardy. year nine, but they sent me home because my Propped on my guides’ shoulders I somehow that time and during my second year I joined the I was awarded a Smith-Mundt graduate fellowship mother has no money to pay my school fees. So stumbled into the village at half past three. recently formed Experimental Theatre Group. The in business economics and appointed to residence I’m free to climb the mountain with you. I’ll be That night I slept 14 hours, waking only to nurse leader was from Wadham, who at the University of at Austin. One year your guide.’ my aching ankles. I was happy. I’d made it! was a charismatic director. In 1949 we travelled led to others, a Ph.D. and early involvement The climb began at 11 a.m. The temperature Next day I visited Takwa’s mother and paid the with an ad hoc cast to Yorkshire, the Cheltenham in computing. This led to an appointment as a was 38 degrees, the humidity 90%. Halfway up boy’s school fees. Festival, and to London’s Toynbee Hall. As business founding member of the Department of I became very breathless. From then on I kept manager of the group, my duties involved plastering Sciences at Texas, becoming co-founder of the first stopping to try and regain my breath. Three the London tube with posters. Rowing was also a major software company in Austin, and eventually quarters of the way up my legs began to weaken serious business. In the Torpids of 1949, we had a an appointment as Regents Professor of Computer and Salase had to pull me up. Frequent rest-stops To find out about the Sandema Charity or large number of bumps, which we celebrated by Science. failed to lessen my exhaustion. Our drinking water make a donation, please contact Sandema hauling the boat up from the river and depositing The last 50 years have been a joy and a challenge. supply was finished. I was bathed in sweat. Educational Resource Centre Trust, Charity it in the front quad of Jesus. But, looking back, it is the Exeter experience that Finally, at 1 p.m, we managed to reach the top. It Commission regn. 1062444, 27c Meadow Summers were a prime time for travel in Europe, prepared me to venture into a new environment, was flat and rocky with no shady trees. The village Garth, London NW10 OSP. Telephone 0208 it having been ten years since this was possible. to adapt to its opportunities, and to value the below was tiny, as if glimpsed from an aeroplane. 838 2561 or e-mail [email protected] During the summer of 1949, I attended an Italian experiences it provided. We took photographs. Suddenly, thunder began

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stories – defying categorisation from critics and surprise to European audiences than they were to publishers. To a certain extent this has hindered the Americans. Democracy is not a unitary thing and is marketing of his books. ‘Publishers and bookshops different in every culture. American ‘Democracy- like defined categories and want authors to be Lite’ is not universal and is by no means perfect labeled as ‘a novelist’ or ‘a travel writer’.’ However, – just look at the last election.’ Hamilton-Paterson has proven himself to be above Hamilton-Paterson’s latest novel, Cooking With such wariness, with his novel, Gerontius, winning Fernet Branca, is a light-hearted farce that pokes the Whitbread First Novel Award. His writing is fun at the idealised holiday-home view of Tuscany often sharply autobiographical. established in the travel writing of authors such Playing With Water contains recollections of his as Francis Mayes and Isabella Dusi. Was this an memories of his father, who died when Hamilton- intentional satire? ‘I didn’t really set out to write Paterson was at Exeter, with his poem, Disease, a skit. Francis Mayes appeals to the Tuscanophile. with which he won the Oxford Newdigate Prize The town in Mayes’s Under a Tuscan Sun was the in 1964, written as a memorial. The article ‘Asking nearest town to my house, and I was made aware For It’ recounts a particularly brutal episode that of the damage such books can cause. They put a Hamilton-Paterson experienced in Libya. So is it town on the map yet screw up the local economy. difficult to relate such private matters in published Tourists bring in wealth, but the local people are work? ‘Very. Up until that point I had been priced out of the market and cannot afford to buy particularly self-effacing, but this became overtly property. Such books grotesquely misrepresent personal. To an extent, I was made to confront the culture through their sentimentality. They these issues – without my editor asking me to write patronisingly paint a picture of quaint peasantry as Bella Italia: Tales of a Writer in Exile a book that was at least 30% autobiographical, I a form of escapism for the urban reader. This is a don’t think I would have had the nerve.’ By Peter Davis (1999, Music) Hamilton-Paterson remembers painfully his arrest Idealised travel writing puts towns on the by Brazilian Police on trumped–up subversion charges in 1968. ‘It was all something of a map yet screws up the local economy misunderstanding’, he says. ‘I suppose I was full James Hamilton-Paterson studied English at Exeter Paterson had a passion, and talent, for the subject, of youthful foolish leftism and was experiencing picture people want to see, what’s not really there.’ College between 1961 and 1964. He now divides and developed a close relationship with his tutor, a coming of age in politics. I was discussing the Indeed, Hamilton-Paterson argues these books his time between Tuscany and the . An Jonathan Wordsworth. Hamilton-Paterson claims American-backed dictators with a group of students have created a non-existent ‘Chiantishire’. accomplished travel writer, memoirist, poet and to be heavily indebted to Wordsworth, who was with reasonable political conviction. Some of the The novel features Gerald, a -writer who award-winning novelist, his writing is inextricably very supportive of the author throughout his time students moved away but then reappeared wearing has moved to Tuscany in order to concentrate on linked with his travelling. His latest novel, Cooking at Exeter. police uniforms and arrested us. We were kept his writing, although Hamilton-Paterson insists the With Fernet Branca, was recently published by In the 1970s, six years after Hamilton-Paterson in appalling nineteenth-century barracks for 24 character is not autobiographical. Gerald forms Faber & Faber. Peter Davis (1999, Music) spoke to left Oxford, a younger Exonian English graduate, hours until a friend bailed me out. I am sure the an unlikely love-hate relationship with Marta, a the author who prefers the isolation of the Tuscan Martin Amis, asked him if he should move into whole exercise was just to scare us, yet to this day composer from Eastern Europe, also in search of countryside to working the London literary writing. In response, Hamilton-Paterson suggested I feel guilty for any downfall of the other students a quiet, reclusive existence. Their friendship seems circuit. Amis ‘give it a whirl’. But what advice would he I was with. It was truly terrifying, but also properly to revolve around a shared taste for Fernet Branca. give to aspiring writers today? ‘Like all the arts, sobering.’ ‘The title of the book popped into my head around or James Hamilton-Paterson, Exeter College writing is more a way of life than just another career. Hamilton-Paterson’s political views also informed ten years ago. The drink is a traditional hangover Fcontains many happy memories. Not having Publishing as an industry has changed over the past his book, America’s Boy, an attempt to correct cure, but also a kind of aperitif. However, it is visited Oxford for some 15 years, he vividly recalls few years through increasing commercialisms and Western ‘misconceptions’ of the dictatorship in amazingly bitter and strong. I could think of nothing the past. ‘In my day there seemed to be only the “ of celebrity”, which is bad for literature the Philippines. Do these misconceptions still exist more ironic than the idea of a recipe book with about three baths within the whole College. The in general. It often seems pure chance whether a today? ‘Good Lord, yes. I was living in a remote such a bitter, heady drink.’ Gerald shares a passion American scholars in particular were incredulous. book has instant and grossly overpaid success or fishing village community at the time. When for cooking with Hamilton-Paterson, specialising Other changes? On a trivial level, if one had a car, else is confined to semi-oblivion. In reality it may Marcos was overthrown, the rest of the world took in bizarre recipes involving otter, cat meat and the parking was no problem in the Broad. Also, the take a while for an author to find his or her voice.’ their cue from the American press in criticizing the inventive ‘Alien Pie’. Of distant memories of food Indeed, Hamilton-Paterson’s voice is acclaimed dictator. However, in the village there was still a lot in Hall for Hamilton-Paterson, he will only say that Hamilton-Paterson suggested Martin by critics and authors alike, with J. G. Ballard and of sotto voce support for Marcos. The men thought ‘Alien Pie sounds edible compared to the things Michael Ondaatje amongst those claiming to have Marcos had had balls, occasionally telling America we ate at Exeter!’ Amis ‘give writing a whirl’ been influenced by the subject matter and lyricism to ‘go away’ and asserting Filipino . Finally, what is next for someone who seems of Hamilton-Paterson’s work. His own literary There was a discrepancy between what the world to write it all? ‘I am completing an anthology of covered market was a real market; it was for the influences are similarly broad. ‘As a voracious was being led to believe and what many people writing about the sea. I also write a regular science people who lived in Oxford, and not really for reader, I enjoy a variety of authors. I am very fond in the Philippines believed. Of course there was column in a Swiss newspaper. The only thing I University students. However, it became a popular of farce as a genre – Feydeau, Pinero, Wodehouse massive corruption, but so there had always been, ever wanted to do was live life as an author. I do escape for students to go to for breakfast.’ – and find it very moving when it is done well. including under the Americans. The Philippines is my work, and if it is well received then that is the Like many undergraduates, Hamilton-Paterson The Importance of Being Earnest has moved me to an Asian culture; and US journalists in particular jam on the cake.’ It seems as though there are still had no career plan upon arriving at Exeter College. tears, which is more than Shakespearean tragedy often made scant effort to learn its history and plenty of words to come from James Hamilton- He began reading Modern Languages but became ever did.’ understand its difference. In a way it’s the same Paterson. And maybe the odd recipe or two. dissatisfied with the course, and soon switched to Hamilton-Paterson’s published writings cover story in Iraq. There, too, the US media have tended English. He dismisses the idea that the change was a huge range of subject matter – travel writing, only to report a highly partial version of events. Cooking With Fernet Branca was published by a ‘soft option’. Indeed it is clear that Hamilton- autobiography, fiction, children’s stories, short The revelations of Fahrenheit 9/11 were less of a Faber & Faber on 3 June at £7.99

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covered the Caucasian slopes, but elsewhere the A Remarkable Career pollution made one’s skin tingle, and the hapless refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh’s long-forgotten By Ed Harris (1991, PPE) war seem trapped forever, in dirty, featureless plains. After a period of study at SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies) and time in Ed Harris was always determined to make his Uzbekistan, where I researched rural communities post-Exeter life as full as possible. Here, he writes while the was picked by adolescents, I about his experiences, from ministerial corruption returned to London to join an adviser on health to cross-African cycling, Uzbekistan to Nairobi. systems in Central Asia. The ’s political isolation and prohibition of democratic discussion y name is Ed Harris. I’m currently 32, barred a free exchange of ideas, and as a result Munemployed, and sleeping on a friend’s health treatments were more likely to be based on floor in Nairobi. Ten years ago, egg and flour ancient science or a doctor’s whim than freshly removed from my sub-fusc clothes, the rigorous medical testing. Moreover, in a centrally sweet freedom that comes from finishing Finals controlled economy, political influence had was dented when a tutor commented that life after become more important than economic efficiency. Oxford will never be as good. I resolved never to City hospitals received funding for resources that accept that reality. were never used, and rural clinics got nothing at Sandhurst – the UK’s Academy for Army Officer all. The inevitable winners were powerful head training – might not have been the obvious first doctors, while the losers were the rural poor. choice, but I’d recommend it to anybody who Just as I was wondering what to do next, terrorists fancies a challenge. We experienced 18-hour hijacked four planes and crashed two of them days, intense exercises and constant physical into the Twin Towers. Increased US concern activity – and that was just off the field. Eventually, about Central Asian terrorism led to six months’ by rock, desert, and ferocious summer heat. The I worked for three and a the physical and emotional exhaustion became travel through mountain range and desert plain, poverty was significantly upsetting. Female genital half months in Djibouti too much, and so, at the end of the course, I interviewing Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Kyrgyz to produce mutilation affects an estimated 95 % of women in North East Africa, where one of the big resigned from a life in green. I had become two reports on the links between health reform and is completely beyond my understanding. One stories was the regional unable to reconcile the necessarily high level of and conflict prevention in Central Asian states. To in five children are malnourished, and if you are war on terror. Here, a professionalism (under extreme conditions of my immense pride, my suggestions on narcotics, an extremely poor woman then you have a one in Nomad boy watches stress) with my in-built need to question. In the religion, corruption and local perceptions of ten chance of dying whilst giving birth. his camels in Assamo Army they tell you what is needed. And you do it. America, were all adopted by the US Agency for After 20 years of increasing poverty and Djibouti. You just do it. International Development (USAID). international inattention, though, Djibouti is Drifting in subsequent months, I found inspiration I found work managing a US-funded aid opening up. The US has installed a hi-tech anti- in a short paperback about four young students who programme in Tajikistan. Hundreds of Western terrorist base and is generously giving aid. The cycled from the Cape to Cairo. My competitive gave way to smooth tarmac and an extraordinary journalists were using the country as an entry country’s flourishing port is also being refurbished. edge got the better of me and, on a bracing South African hospitality. Strangers stopped their point to ’s northern front, where the But change in Djibouti does not happen quickly. February morning two months later, I cycled gently cars to talk, and some even offered food and a bed US-supported Northern Alliance were fighting The daily planeload of Ethiopian khat – a bitter, away from home and a pair of anxious parents with for the night. Eight months after leaving home, and the . They told stories of dirt, danger, and leafy shrub and the region’s favourite narcotic Cape Town as my target. with 10,000 miles on the clock, I sped into Cape Afghans who charged a hundred dollars for even – means that work stops after lunch as the entire Through Europe I slept in bushes, fields, sheds, Town, a bundle of emotion. the smallest service. Corruption was an issue in the male population goes to get its fix, becoming garages, on beaches and under trailers. In Austria, My second career was international aid. After aid sector too. One of the ministers that I liased social and talkative before stumbling into stupor. people were skiing at the side of the road and my months of courses and volunteering, I flew to with was widely regarded as the most repellent Indeed, khat deliveries have reportedly broken post-Soviet , where I organised minor minister of his sector in the entire European and In Egypt I was drinking nine litres of operations for refugee children. With doctors’ Former Soviet region. Even as I was leaving, it It was rumoured that he had salaries officially at $20 a month, medical staff was rumoured that he had murdered a political water a day, and never needing to pee inevitably looked for other sources of income. A opponent, and was threatening a (Western) murdered a political opponent and refugee mother complained that it took two nurses colleague with the same. to give an injection, and both of them demanded After all this, I still had itchy feet. So, following was threatening a colleague water bottles were freezing. Months later, when money. a short journalism course in London, I flew to I travelled across Egypt’s Sinai Desert, pulling off The operations seemed pretty primitive. One Nairobi, where bureau chiefs and journalists did up political demonstrations, and one diplomat the road at the end of a day and sleeping under groggy patient (not one of our children) tried to sit nothing to encourage my ambitions. Peace is guessed that only khat keeps the lid on Djibouti’s the stars, I was drinking nine litres of water a day, up in the middle of his operation. Thankfully he breaking out in Africa, they warned, and the real bubbling . and never needing to pee. Africa was the most was tied to the table and the surgeon carried on. I news is Iraq. But, said the chief with a wry So here I am – back in Nairobi – 32, unemployed challenging stage of the journey – days and weeks am convinced that the high death rate was because smile, ‘we’d like some news from Djibouti’. and sleeping on a floor. But it’s not so bad. The of sand, dirt, and a monotonous diet of meat, the poor, demoralised doctors were really quite The eye of the storm in an otherwise troubled Eritrean government has just thrown out the Above right: me in the matoke, and sodas – but also a constant source of incompetent. Meanwhile, a few hundred metres region, Djibouti sits uncomfortably between country’s only international journalist, and Reuters Sinai desert during a bike surprise. One Dr Moses in Tanzania, for example, down the road, the money from Caspian oil was , Ethiopia, and . While the brothels want me there. Life since Oxford has not necessarily ride from UK to Cairo, then to Cape had cycled some 200 miles to see his sister in transforming ’s city centre into a snappy, new make good living from the presence of French been easy and I have certainly made mistakes; but Town, totalling 10,000 hospital, and comfortably equalled my pace. place. Overall, Azerbaijan was a depressing place legionnaires and sailors from the flourishing it has been interesting and it’s only just begun. miles over eight months. Meanwhile, the dirt and acacia thorns slowly to be. I adored the enormous beech forests that port, life elsewhere is made significantly harder

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the Italian card game ‘Scopa’ and they taught me One of Christopher East Asia Travel Scholarship Sumner’s 428 photos. how to pronounce the difficult Chinese tones. Others can be seen in Beijing was an incredible experience. I visited the feature article on By Christopher Sumner (2003, PPE) Tiananmen square and Mao’s mausoleum pages 22 to 26. (thousands still queue every morning to see his body); the Forbidden City (no longer Forbidden given the hoards of visitors); the Temple of Heaven; to Singapore. Fortunately, a little local knowledge the Summer Palace; and the Great Wall. The two goes a long way and all the Exonians there showed restored parts of the Great Wall boasted handrails me a great time. I went for a Japanese meal with and diet Coke sellers, whereas the unrestored Mike Coleman; saw a ‘wet market’ in Chinatown sections had vegetation and rubble! I had baozi for (which sells pretty much everything that lives in breakfast (steamed dumplings which cost around water), and went for traditional and wine 3p), was tutored in the art of eating Peking duck tasting with Yixin Ong. I took in the delights of with Xing Zheng and visited a flashy house chilli crab with Julie Phua and played football with with , who also helped me get a her husband in 40 degree heat and 90% humidity! plane ticket to my next destination, Tokyo. I also went to Raffles school to give a talk to Exeter I loved Tokyo. The food was great, and the hopefuls where I met Jenny Tan Mei Mei. excitement and buzz of the place even better! On After Singapore, the lack of English in Hong my first night, Kenjiro Kimura and his other friends Kong came as a bit of a shock. Fortunately, this from Oxford took me out for an authentic Japanese same time so we had a truly unforgettable night in was not a problem as my trusty local guide Sam meal (sake included) overlooking the city’s bright Rappongi – the ‘expat’ area of Tokyo. Graham showed me the delights of ‘the Peak’, lights. I also looked around Tokyo’s business I would love to be able to describe Asia as a Kowloon, Hong Kong beaches and Lantau Island. district and saw a Sheko shrine (throw money whole, but, from the delights of Qingdao through Sam Graham (2002, PPE), I received invaluable local knowledge and insight into the shrine, clap twice, bow twice and make to the buzz of Tokyo, it is so varied that the two meditating, Lantau Island, round the world in 51 days, 7 countries, 11 from everyone I met; whether from the UK (Alan a wish) and Pachinko (like fruit machine gambling, cities don’t really belong in the same sentence. I Hong Kong. Acities, 33 Exonians and 428 photos: not bad Lammin), Hong Kong (Alan Lau) or even Sydney allegedly illegal but VERY popular). I stayed in a learnt a lot, not only about new places but also for a summer vacation. Yet no set of figures can (John Weldrake). There was so much to do in the capsule hotel, visited art galleries, skyscrapers, fish new styles of government and different economics truly describe the amazing experience of meeting evenings too; dinner with David Webb, the Hong markets, sushi houses, temples and festivals (where (very interesting for a PPEist). Seeing other points so many people in so many places across the Kong skyline over a meal with Paul Pheby, and portable shrines are carried through the streets by of view is the only real way to learn and I was globe. partying till the early hours (if you can call 10am shouting men getting sprayed with water). I even able to see them first hand! Everywhere I went and My first port of call was Los Angeles; I played early!) with Mark Swift and Michelle Doran. travelled up to Nikko, the last resting place of the everything I did was made so much easier by the volleyball on the beach, surfed and went for coffee Shanghai was next, and I walked off the train after Samurai, with its extraordinary architecture and people who wrote to me and met me across the with Cooper Jackson – all very American. Next stop a 25-hour journey straight into a solid language picturesque landscapes. I met up with Nagasima globe. My summer adventure was truly awesome, was Auckland. John White entertained me with barrier. English is not understood anywhere and Nobuhiro and Yuhei Okada for more memories thank you so much to everyone. stories of pranks played on Jesus College during getting to my hostel would have been impossible of Exeter and lots of Japanese food; and did the his Exeter days and a trip to view Auckland from had it not been for Ting Zhang. Outside Shanghai Lost in Translation sights with Keiko Takahashi. Floreat Exon. ‘One Tree Hill’ (which has since become ‘No Tree I visited the Gold Mountains (which, Fortunately Paul Pheby was also in Tokyo at the Hill’ as a Maori activist chopped the tree down in incidentally, are neither purple nor gold) in , protest). From there I visited Auckland University and lovely Suzhou with its intricate waterways and and Merata Kawharu showed me around a bright lights. Shanghai itself is pretty unique, yet Arctic Dreams traditional Maori meeting house. I was fortunate the two things I remember most vividly are the enough to be in New Zealand at the same time as endless bargaining and bartering with street sellers, Alumni Matt Hancock (1996, PPE) and Matt the British and Irish Lions; watching the games in and the concrete, smog-filled landscape. Going for Coates (1998, Engineering) attempted to walk local pubs was fun, but a little embarrassing given lunch with Minquan Liu was a great experience; to the magnetic north pole in March. They were that the Lions got thoroughly thrashed! we were up one of the taller towers in Shanghai yet reunited after Matt Coates’s first Arctic trip was Next up was Sydney and a warm welcome could only see about 600 yards. Despite this, the featured in Exon. Matt Hancock said: ‘If it wasn’t from Godfrey Bowles and his wife Elizabeth. neon lights of the ‘Bund’, a high-rise area along the for Exon, I would not have found out about Matt I would have been lost without their help given waterfront, were stunning. Coates’s first trip, I wouldn’t have got back in Sydney’s rail network and the sheer abundance Given the heat, height and smog of Shanghai, touch with him (which I did via the Development of entertainment. Naturally, I visited the Opera I decided to head for Qingdao (pronounced office) and neither of us would have gone to the House and Harbour bridge, and I also breakfasted Tsingtao), famous for beer and beaches. The beer Arctic at all.’ The trek was a huge feat, considering with Andrew Ridley, met up with Don Melrose at factory was fantastic, the beaches less so given that the pair had to face polar bears and temperatures Sydney University (very reminiscent of an Oxford it rained the entire time. Nevertheless, it was a little down to minus 40. The pair were unsupported, college) and went for a run around Sydney with more ‘China’ as I didn’t see a single Westerner in so were carrying all their own equipment. Guy Cox. In the evenings, I went for oysters with Qingdao. In fact, I was stared at the entire time and Disappointingly, however, the expedition had to Jeremy Dobbin and his wife on Cockle Bay Wharf, I many people took my photo which, unfortunately, be called off after Matt Hancock got frostbite. Had sampled a cook-your-own-steak with Jamie Pullen I don’t think can be put down to good looks alone! they continued, he would have risked losing four in ‘the Rocks’ and, on my last night in Sydney, I had Then came the train journey; a 13-hour ordeal and fingers. After the most northerly game of cricket the pleasure of dining with an array of Exonians in an amazing adventure in one. I could only get a ever, the Exeter duo were evacuated. Matt Coates Darling Harbour - Lesley Whitehurst, Kate van den standing ticket which could have been painful if continues to encourage Matt Hancock to repeat Broek, Murray Tobias, Chris Simpson and Guy Cox. not for the friendliness of the Chinese people who the expedition with him. Watch this space… After Sydney I began my oriental tour with a visit were keen to practice their English. I taught them

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He followed this with a history of the Command Europe, at that time located to be elected President of the Burmese Obituary Grenadier Guards in 1974, then Gunner at Versailles. After his busy and difficult Obituary Association. at Large (1988). In his final book, William period in Berlin, he became Deputy Apart from Pali, Saya Tin’s great Major-General , Duke of Cumberland (1992), Military Secretary at the Ministry of C. Lyman Emrich, Jr contribution to Burma and international published by Leo Cooper, he made a Defence in London, from 1964 to 1966. scholarship was his love and development valiant attempt to rescue Cumberland Promoted Major-General in 1966, he of the Burmese and languages Rex Whitworth from the ill-repute represented by the was GOC Yorkshire and Northumbrian (‘Saya’, like ‘Rabbi’ in Hebrew, is a epithet ‘Butcher of Culloden’, with which Districts until 1968. His final posting was (1911 – 2005) revered term for teacher). He himself his name is invariably coupled. as Chief of Staff, Southern Command, wrote most of the readers and primers (1916 – 2004) Whitworth had earlier been an usher from 1968 to 1970, alongside his old C. Lyman Emrich, Jr. (1934, Jurisprudence) to be used throughout the country. He at the state funeral of Winston Churchill friend and comrade, Michael Carver. died in February 2005. He was a Rhodes helped Rangoon college to become a This article first appeared in in 1965. In retirement he was employed If Whitworth was disappointed that Scholar at Exeter and a devoted member university in its own right, and became its The Telegraph, 1 June 2004. by the BBC at the funeral of Lord further promotion did not come his of the ECBC between 1934 and 1938, first Burmese Principal in June 1936. Mountbatten, helping the commentary way, he never let it show. He avoided receiving a doctorate in He began writing The History of Myanmar Major-General Rex Whitworth, who died team to identify senior military figures buttering people up, was devoid of any in Jurisprudence. Upon returning to Literature in 1917. Over the years, he was on May 22 [2004] aged 87, commanded as they appeared on screen. He was snobbishness and generally modest, even his native Chicago, Emrich practised the editor of The Burma Research Society, the Berlin Infantry Brigade Group at the appointed CBE in 1963 and CB in 1969. retiring. intellectual property law and served in Principal of Adult Education throughout time the was erected, in August Reginald Henry Whitworth, always On leaving the Army he returned to the US Navy during World War II. One Burma, Professor of Pali and Myanmar at 1961, throughout the Cuban missile crisis known as Rex, was born on August 27 Oxford and was appointed Fellow and of his fondest memories from his time at the University of Rangoon, and was given and during President Kennedy’s visit to 1916, at Overbury, Worcestershire, close Bursar of Exeter College, where he the Department of Naval Intelligence in an honorary doctorate by the University the city in June 1963. to what later became the family home, remained until 1981. He took in his stride Washington DC was dancing with Eleanor of Chicago. On the world stage many Whitworth escorted a succession Woollas Hall, Pershore. His father, Aymer being made the victim of a hoax, when Roosevelt at a White House wedding. honoured him, all appreciating his of world leaders to peer through the Whitworth, was Master in College at Eton an undergraduate wrote a letter to the Emrich, an international trademark and An Outstanding Stu- unique gifts to scholarship. Since 1998, Gate into the forbidding during the First World War. Press in Whitworth’s name claiming he attorney, is survived by his an annual School Family Day has been world of the Soviet ; among them From Eton, where he was Keeper of the had little to do other than sit in the quad second wife Katherine, two sons, two dent of Exeter College held in Myanmar, where the Minister of were Ted Heath, Alec Douglas-Home and Field, editor of the Eton Chronicle and musing that the longest word he could stepchildren and three grandchildren. Education presents prizes to outstanding Kennedy, who showed his solidarity with President of Pop, Rex went up to Balliol, construct from the top line of a U Pe Maung Tin students. The Sayagi U Pe Maung Tin (to the besieged city by famously declaring: Oxford, where he took a First in Modern keyboard was ‘typewriter’. give him his full name and title) is among ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’. History and acted with the Balliol Players. He was, in fact, extremely busy during a the most coveted. Like many in the West, Whitworth was time of expansion for the college, which Obituary He was baptised as a Christian and much taken with the youthful president Whitworth was the admitted its first women during this (1920, B Litt.) confirmed into the Anglican Church. and regarded this post-war leader as period. He was instrumental in installing Robert Christopher He wrote many books on in a figure of hope. Following Kennedy’s ideal man to have facilities for disabled students, examined By his daughter, Daw Tin Tin Myaing Burma, living all his life as a Christian. assassination, five months after the in military history, took an active part Chivers (Brenda Stanley) and edited by The Rev. He had such an understanding of the president’s Berlin visit, Whitworth wrote in managing the college farms and re- Canon Robin Ewbank (1961, Physics) Buddhist faith that unlike so many in emotional terms to his 12-year-old son, at the helm during invigorated the college shoot. He also methods, he was forever who was at prep school in England: ‘This spent almost a decade as chairman of the Born in 1888, U Pe Maung Tin was the first building real bridges of understanding. is a catastrophe for the Western alliance.’ these edgy times governors of St Mary’s School, Wantage. Burmese (Myanmar) national to enter the Thank you to Exeter College for your part At the time of Whitworth’s arrival in Whitworth loved the English countryside University of Oxford in 1920, doing his in the encouraging of this truly great man Berlin in the summer of 1961 the city was Having tried unsuccessfully for the and its parish churches, which he spent B. Litt from Exeter. His father had already of letters. in a very nervous state. went Foreign Office, in 1938 he was awarded a many happy hours exploring. He had a translated Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress into (A longer version of this article is available up in August, and early the next year travelling fellowship by Queen’s College, great knowledge of trees and birds and in Burmese, and his uncle had produced the from Robin Ewbank: Khrushchev set a deadline of November Oxford, and set off to explore Europe. Less his younger days collected butterflies. He English-Burmese . [email protected] or Brenda 1962 to resolve the issue of four-power than a year later, with war imminent, he was also a keen fly fisherman, for trout Rangoon (now Yangon) was part of the Stanley: [email protected] ) control. Many saw the arrival of nuclear was summoned back by a telegram from on the Kennet and salmon on the lower British Empire and its college a far-flung weapons in as a warning to America his father. He joined the first OCTU and Spey. He hunted with the Old Berks into (1948 – 2004) outpost of the University of Calcutta, not to challenge the Soviet Union if its was commissioned into the Grenadier his seventies, serving for a time as the when Maung Tin entered it in 1906. tanks rolled in to West Berlin. Guards in 1940. hunt’s treasurer. His garden, just outside Bob Chivers (1965, Natural Sciences) Education was in English. Maung Tin was A calm, highly intelligent Grenadier, He saw active service with the 24th Wantage, was open to the public each won an open scholarship to Exeter persuaded to study Pali, the language of Whitworth was the ideal man to have at Guards Brigade in North Africa and year. College and graduated in 1969. He went the sacred texts of Buddhism, and later the helm during these edgy times. He came Italy, and was subsequently appointed Rex Whitworth married first, in 1946, on to the Institute of Cancer Research became the world expert. While at Exeter, to know , then the mayor of GSO2, 78 Division, in 1944, serving June, the only daughter of Sir Bartle at Sutton for his PhD, ending up as a he translated into English part of the Pali Berlin and later to be Chancellor. Even as an intelligence planning officer with Edwards, CVO, MC, of Hardingham Hall, lecturer and Reader in Physics at the canon and the whole of the Visuddhi at the height of the crisis he would cross Montgomery and the Eighth Army. He Norfolk, whom he met when she arrived University of Surrey. There he taught Maga, a comprehensive into East Berlin to attend performances at was awarded the US Bronze Star in 1945 in in 1945 to do voluntary war acoustics and medical physics. Bob won of the Buddha’s teachings. The King of the Staatsoper. and a military MBE; he ended the war as work with the CVWW. After her death he numerous academic distinctions and Siam (now ) was so excited upon Whitworth also wrote several important a temporary major. married, in 1999, Victoria (nee Buxton), appointments over the years, including its completion that he gave Maung Tin a books of military history, beginning with Whitworth was Brigade Major, 24 the widow of Major David Faulkner, late the Hydrographic Journal Prize in 1990 thousand gold sovereigns, all of which he Field Marshal Earl Ligonier (1958), about Guards Brigade, from 1945 to 1946, and of the Irish Guards, who survives him, and the Medal of Merit from Gdansk promptly donated to the Pali Text Society the Huguenot Commander-in-Chief of commanded the 1st Battalion Grenadier with two sons – another son died as a Technical University. He was also a JP for in London. While at Oxford he also found British forces – and fellow Grenadier Guards from 1956 to 1957. He then teenager – and a daughter from his first South West Surrey, and was called to the time to attend law classes at the Inner – during the Seven Years War. served at Supreme Headquarters Allied . Bar in 2000. Temple. In 1924 he was the first Burmese

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5. Exeter College Boat Club is one of 10. Finally, those of you who have dared Busters Exon Magazine the oldest rowing clubs in the world, venture into the chapel may have heard founded in 1823. Which vital item of the Organ Scholars threatening to deafen rowing clothing does it claim to have the congregation from time to time. Some of you may remember the 1954 Quizlet popularised? Which of these are real functions on the ‘Busters’, the Exeter Cricket team, (a) The rowing cap in College colours Exeter organ? featuring in a previous issue of Exon. This (b) The lycra all-in-one (a) Effet d’ Orage is a photograph of the 1953 Busters. If Here are a few questions about Exeter (c) The specialised rowing shoe (b) Blitzpfeife you know anyone in this photograph or curiosities and trivia, past and present! (d) The blazer (c) Tuba Bellicosa (en chamade) have any memories of the Busters, do get Hope you find them enjoyable… (d) Bombarde in contact with Exon for inclusion in a 6. Looking inside the College Hall, you future issue, by emailing: 1. Everyone knows Walter de Stapledon will see some fine wooden carvings on Answers [email protected] met an untimely death at the hands of the screen – including one of a jolly man the London mob before Exeter was partaking in a certain activity. Apparently, 1. (b). Walter de Stapeldon was Edward II’s Lord properly endowed. That’s probably why this is the first English depiction in wood Treasurer, and was trying to quell a riot in London when on 15 October 1326 he was dragged to the College was never as rich as its of anyone behaving in this way! What is Cheapside by the mob; “they there proclaimed predecessors Merton, Univ and Balliol. he doing? him a public traitor, a seducer of the king, and a destroyer of the liberties of their city.” (Thomas of But which King was our Walter working (a) Smoking Walsingham, Historia Brevis; quoted on Exeter for? (b) Taking snuff Cathedral’s website). He was promptly murdered - too soon for poor Exeter and its endowments! (a) Edward I (c) Wearing a monocle (b) Edward II (d) Drinking port 2. (a). Tolkien was one of the more studious classicists to have lived on Staircase 7, especially in (c) Richard II comparison to the writer of this poor quiz! (d) John Balliol, King of 7. If you step outside the Hall, you’ll 1967 Matriculands 3. (c). is the odd one out. All the other composers notice that Exeter’s architecture isn’t had some link with Exeter; Stainer was the 2. The JCR Suggestion Books contain always what it seems. We have always President of the College Music Society, despite being at Magdalen. Byrd was closely associated a record of Exonian undergraduates’ specialised in the architecture of the with the family of William Petre, who effectively Similarly, if you can name – or are wishes, obsessions and artistic past – even centuries ago! Does the front re-founded the college and made it a growing concern. Hubert Parry was the Organ Scholar while one of – the freshers seen here in their endeavours. But what is the only thing quad contain: an undergraduate. But the only connection that 1967 matriculation photograph, contact that J.R.R. Tolkien ever suggested when (a) A eighteenth-century hall in the Faure has with Exeter is having his music sung by [email protected] he was but a humble inhabitant of style of the sixteenth century, and an the Choir on their CDs and in Inspector Morse! Staircase 7 studying for Classics Mods? eighteenth-century chapel in the style 4. (c). The Crossed Keys are the symbol of St Peter, to whom Exeter chapel is dedicated (amongst other (a) The JCR should buy a good English of the twelfth century? saints). St Peter’s College just happens to be an upstart dictionary with decent Anglo-Saxon (b) A seventeenth-century hall in the who knew a nice crest when they saw one…

etymologies. style of the fifteenth century, and 5. (d). Allegedly, blazers take their name from the (b) The College should extend a nineteenth-century chapel in the brightly coloured scarlet jackets worn by members library opening hours and allow style of the fourteenth century? of a certain boat club at the very first Henley Royal Aunt Sally Regatta in 1839. That’s the story, at least… undergraduates to use the upper floor (c) A nineteenth-century hall in the style – it had been reserved for Fellows of the seventeenth century, and a 6. (a). He seems to have a little pipe. In the Autumn 2004 edition of Exon only. seventeenth-century chapel in the 7. (b). Those of you who suggested that the chapel we published this 1960 photograph of (c) The Hall should be decorated style of the fourteenth century? and hall “had no real architectural style whatsoever” should hang their heads in shame. Exonians in a popular watering hole. with ceremonial battleaxes to (d) A chapel and hall which are both Here are some of the replies – though not commemorate the Battle of Maldon nineteenth century and which have 8. (c). In Tom Jones, the eponymous hero meets a strange character called the Old Man of the Hill, all of you seem to agree on exactly who in 991 AD no real architectural style whatsoever, who lives a hermit-like existence, subsisting off the your friends are (from left to right): (d) That the Rector should lead but are just glorious Gothic fantasies? land and shunning humanity. It turns out that the riotous undergraduate life of Exeter has reduced in Latin at High Table. him to this! From Simon Gegg (1958, Jurisprudence): 8. Which eighteenth-century author 9. Quad was the nickname given to the ?, Alec Easson, Stephen Mitchell, Jeremy 3. Which of these famous composers depicted life in contemporary Exeter crumbling seventeenth-century cottages on the Wright, John Meakin, Dominic Lowe, have an Exeter connection? And which College as drunken, wild and liable to site of the current Margary Quad. Edward Burne- Jones and William Morris lived there before Simon Gegg, Colin Harrison hiding who one is the odd one out? corrupt innocent young men? the back quad’s demolition and subsequent is probably Stephen Merrett, ?, Ivor Davies (a) John Stainer (a) Laurence Sterne Victorianisation. Dustbin Quad and Turntable Quad were coterminous, if not identical; they (?) N/K, John Moat, Mike Bannister (?) From Mike Collins (1957, English): Alec (His Honour). I think that Aunt Sally’s pub (b) William Byrd (b) Tobias Smollett consisted of a tiny quad on the site of the current John Beeching, N/K, John Gold, Richard Easson, John Meakin, Colin Harrison was in St. Ebbs and the area was probably (c) Gabriel Fauré (c) Henry Fielding Staircase 9 where Fellows parked their cars. It was equipped with a mechanical turntable to assist Johnson, and the incorrigible Stephen (missiles in hand), John Moat and Richard long ago demolished and rebuilt. (d) Hubert Parry (d) Samuel Richardson those members of Governing Body whose reversing Malone coming round the back! Johnson (with hat). The man in the second skills left something to be desired. (d) is thus the odd one out, although it would seem quite normal row apparently about to vomit over Moat’s From Michael Lightfoot (1957, 4. Which modern College’s crest appears 9. Quads in Exeter have occasionally had in Cambridge. From Colin Harrison (1957, Lit. Hum.): right shoulder looks like Culver. Behind Jurisprudence): Alec Easson, Steve (somewhat anachronistically) on Palmer’s eccentric nicknames. Which of these is 10. (a) and (d) are real. The Effet d’Orage is ?, Alex Easson, Stephen Mitchell, ?, John and between Moat and Johnson are Mitchell, ?, John Meakin, Dominic Lowe, Tower, built in 1420 and the oldest extant real, and which not? basically a large plank on a spring which pushes Meakin, Dominic Lowe, ?, Simon Gegg, John Beeching and John Gold (pipe and Simon Gegg, Colin Harrision, Michael part of Exeter? (a) Hell Quad all the pedals down at once (and hopefully leaves the Chapel windows intact). The Bombarde is the me (Stephen Merrett invisible behind), cigarette respectively). Steve Malone Lightfoot, David Culver, John Moat, ?, (a) St Anne’s College (b) Dustbin Quad name given to the very loud French reed pipes, ?, Michael Lightfoot, David Culver, John is leaning forward on the extreme right John Beeching, John Gold, Dick Johnson, (b) Kellogg College (c) Turntable Quad rather than a form of mediaeval artillery. I’ve never heard a Tuba Bellicosa or a Blitzpfeife, and I hope Moat, ?, ?, John Beeching, ?, John Gold, behind Johnson. In row 3, between Stephen Malone. (c) St Peter’s College (d) Rector’s Pieces I never will. Dick Johnson and Stephen Malone. Harrison and Culver? is Mike Lightfoot (d) St Catherine’s College

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for this purpose, in the course of a very playing at an end of term ball at Corpus, Dear Rector convivial dinner. All concerned (and a I had to climb back into College, using Calendar and dates lot not-really-concerned but, by popular a bicycle, the bollard, the cross, over request) made well–appreciated and brief the wall and into the Fellow’s Garden. 2005 New Parents’ Tea with Rector Some lighthearted snippets from the speeches. Finally the Rector made the What made it harder on this occasion 02/10/2005 Sixties. By Dr Chris Simpson (1959, briefest… ’I’m going!’ was that I was carrying a guitar and some Bill Emmott at Said Business School Chemistry) This was the signal for us to pour out of percussion instruments and had a tea 18/10/2005 Hall into the back quad where an old VIII, chest ‘wash bass’ strapped to my back. At Dear Rector… filled with combustibles, was awaiting the critical instant when one had to let go Careers and Internships Lunch One Sunday in 1960 I was attending Gotterdammerung. A highlight was the of the central nut and make a wild grab 25/10/2005 Matins in Chapel, occupying the seat Senior Tutor, Dacre Balsdon, and the for the top of the cross, there was a tug with the coat of Arms with three hands, Junior Dean, a Mr Glazebrook, both in on my trouser leg, and there was a large Abby Cohen at Said Business School about six up on the right hand side. It was full academic garb, leaping hand-in-hand ‘Bule’ (‘Constibule’). 01/11/2005 probably the First Lesson. I happened to over the burning boat. He was very polite. ‘Sir. Can you prove Medics’ Dinner glance at the Rector, Sir Kenneth Wheare, This was followed by the irreligious cry that you are a member of this College ?” 25/11/2005 and saw a curl of smoke emanating of ‘Let’s get Jesus!’. We poured out into Somehow I got my guitar hand into my from his jacket pocket. I whipped out a the Turl and about 20 of us got into Jesus inner pocket and extracted an item: Advent Carol Service, 5.30pm notebook, tore out a page and wrote: before they got their gate shut. I remember ‘Officer! My card!’ 27/11/2005 Dick Celeste, a not-very-tame American, ‘Very good, sir.’ Dear Rector emerging minus half of one trouser leg. ‘Now can you give me a leg up?’ … He Careers and Internships Evening You are on fire! People started to appear on the roof and did! 28/11/2005 Regards run along their chapel parapet. In my second year I (and others) built the Simpson I was standing near Sub Rector Derek complete stage set for The Country Wife Varsity Rugby Match 06/12/2005 Hall, who, when he saw this, exclaimed, in my rooms (7.1, now the Infirmary). This I folded this missive and wrote ‘The ‘With any luck, that fool, Gittins, will kill was made possible due to my very long- City Drinks Rector’ on the outside and solemnly himself and we’ll have another vacancy suffering and loyal Scout (Alice Newton) Date to be confimed passed it to my neighbour. He glanced at next term!’ turning a blind eye. One day she had the address, passed it on, and quizzically Fortunately nobody was hurt. The to go through 2 archways and 3 doors Gaudy for Matriculation Years 1985 regarded the Rector. This process Proctor and Bulldogs turned up, politely to find my bedroom and formally wake – 1987 continued until the billet reached the refused offers of coffee from 7:1 window, me up. She nearly got lost! The set was 07/01/2006 Rector. He opened it, looked slightly and gently eased us, dons and all, back periodically erected in the quad at dead bemused, and then suddenly clapped his into College. of night by Nigel Salmon, John Lewis, Careers and Internships Evening 26/01/2006 hand to his pocket, extracted a somewhat Malcolm Spence (all cast members) and revolting and smoking pipe, did a sharp myself (stage manager), to see how we Careers and Internships Evening left turn, and fled. There was the sound Apologia... were going. 27/02/2006 of furious knocking on the buttress just In case you think this was all excessively outside the Chapel door (a ceremony puerile, these were the ‘Cold War’ days North American Reunion New York of his and Carl Berryman’s, normally when we could all remember World War 01/04/2006 performed before services). II, and the . We lived under Sir Kenneth reappeared with a grin the ‘7-minute warning’ which was very Inter-Collegiate Golf Tournament 18/04/2006 and passed the note to the Sub Rector, real to many of us, and the Berlin Wall Derek Hall, who read it and almost and Cuban Missile Crisis were imminent. College Ball laughed aloud. It took a certain amount ‘Carpe diem’ was undoubtedly the 22/04/2006 of time before Canon Kemp fully restored unwritten motto of the majority. decorum. It was regarded as rather bad form to ECBCA Dinner Afterwards I was duly thanked. be actually caught working: personally, 27/05/2006 Apparently I had probably saved the in my first two years, I did most of my Rector from Lady Wheare’s wrath ! reading and written work overnight (say Garden Party from 10 pm), going to bed in the small 27/05/2006 hours and sleeping until mid-morning. Higgs Night Things that go Bump... Some afternoons I did chemistry 11/06/2006 I think it was 1961, in Eights Week, when, practicals, but otherwise I was partaking for the first time in 29 years, the first VIII, in College Life. 2006 Leavers’ Lunch Term Dates deliberately chosen as a heavyweight A few days prior to our appearance in 18/06/2006 TRINITY TERM 2006: sprint crew, made four bumps. A bump The Insect Play by Capek for ‘Cuppers’, MICHAELMAS TERM 2005: Sunday 23 April – Saturday 17 June supper was decreed. The dining hall was I remember taking part as the centre Gaudy for Matriculation Sunday 9 October – Saturday 3 going to be packed. marker in an evening march through the Years 1978 - 1981 December Provisional dates: Shortly before the start, the Rector City, when around a dozen of us donned 24/06/2006 observed bread rolls, and decided to ant costumes complete with antennae on HILARY TERM 2006: MICHAELMAS TERM 2006: Gaudy for Matriculation have them replaced with sliced bread, our heads and drawn ! Sunday 15 January – Saturday 11 Sunday 8 October – Saturday 2 Years 1982 - 1984 as they were likely to become missiles. I was a member of a Calypso Band with 30/09/2006 March December Knotted napkins were eventually used Mike Crowe, Gene Lewis and others. After

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