Oscha Babywearing Consultant Catalogue Updated March 2015

Oscha Support Scheme offers 40% off one wrap or ring sling per consultant.

Prices and size availability can be checked by clicking the links or by visiting www.oschaslings.com

Please contact [email protected] to place an order

The following resources are available for Sling Consultants 1. Babywearing Safety Leaflet 2. A2 Posters 3. Oscha Information Booklets Please send us your address if you wish to receive any complimentary material. Name: Rive Jig of Joy

Fabric Content: 100% Egyptian Combed

Wraps: http://goo.gl/rZJVQO

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/lzgy2T

Name: Sonora Skye Dance

Fabric Content: 50% combed Egyptian cotton, 25% wild , 25% cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/il96Lb

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/m5mVaK

Name: Japanese Knot (Chiisai) Jol

Fabric Content: 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/4hCw7K

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/M7MMpw Name: Roses Aphrodite

Fabric Content: 50% 50% Organic Combed Cotton Wraps: http://goo.gl/7dMDjdshop/

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/x4Zl1i

Name: Ambit Natalis Solice

Fabric Content: 46% Bamboo, 54% Egyptian combed cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/tBZJSu

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/xKtBxA

Name: Ambit Jig of Joy

Fabric Content: 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/WCteJR

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/DaGh4b Name: Braid Reel

Fabric Content: 60% Egyptian Combed Cotton, 40% Wraps: http://goo.gl/AEFjrF

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/VM1qqp

Name: Aria Juliet

Fabric Content: 50% Organic Combed Cotton, 50% Linen

Wraps: http://goo.gl/Fmg0Wp

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/bC0CWz

Name: Liberty Maya

Fabric Content: 40% Wool, 60% Cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/gRM0qj (no s.6 available)

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/lc5hTJ Name: Liberty Frigga

Fabric Content: 50% Linen, 50% Egyptian Combed Cotton Wraps: http://goo.gl/XsRcnn

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/mkkZZ5

Name: Sonora Cassia

Fabric Content: 30% Lambswool, 70% Cotton

Wraps: http://goo.gl/d8fL1u

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/voQCg2

Name: Rive Brighid

Fabric Content: 50% , 50% organic combed cotton Wraps: http://goo.gl/GbphBI

Ring Slings: http://goo.gl/voQCg2 Babywearing Consultant Scheme: Terms and Conditions 

• This initiative is for Babywearing Consultants and their clients only. The discount and credits are not to be passed on for use by any other party. • This initiative applies only to items purchased directly from www.oschaslings.com, or purchases arranged via e-mail communication with Oscha Slings Ltd. • These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change. Oscha Slings will contact you if and when these Terms and Conditions are updated. • To become involved in the scheme, you must contact Oscha Slings by e-mail and present a copy of your Babywearing Certificate. • At this stage you will be given a unique code that you may pass to your client’s, which will enti- tle them to 10% cashback on the cost of one order, which can include products (excluding items on Sale) available on www.oschaslings.com (the discount does not apply to shipping costs) • Your client must enter the cashback code into the ‘Shipping Notes’ section of their order when purchasing. • Oscha Slings will then refund 10% of the cost of purchase only (not including shipping costs) directly back to the account used to pay for the order. • A £5 credit note will be added to your Incentive account for each unique customer purchase using the discount code. • The cashback code cannot be used twice by the same customer. • The cashback code cannot be passed on by that client to another person for further use. • It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct code is passed on to your clients. If a wrong code is used, or the client forgets to enter the code when ordering, Oscha Slings reserves the right not to apply the cashback payment. • Your voucher code will be valid for one year from the date of issue. After one year, you should contact Oscha Slings if you wish to be issued a new code, and send a copy of your Babywear- ing Certificate • Credits can be accrued up to a value of £150.00, at which point, no more credits will be add- ed until redemption of the credit amount in part or full against an order at www.oschaslings.com (the order should be arranged in advance via e-mail contact with Hannah Eccles). • Credits cannot be redeemed in cash. • Credits cannot be applied to Sale items. • Credits cannot be used towards shipping costs. • Oscha Slings reserves the right to refuse participation in this scheme. • If Oscha Slings is made aware of any abuse of this incentive, or breach of these terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate this agreement on the spot, meaning any accrued credit will be lost.