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Joshua LaRock Timeless aesthetics

Laura in Black, oil, 20 x 16. A Walk in Autumn, oil, 9 x 12.

When an unfulfilling stint in the , portraits, still lifes, and land- during principles of classical art, he also music business proved not to be Joshua scapes, all of which allow him to portray wants his works to appeal to contempo- LaRock’s calling, a chance encounter narratives through mood and emotion, rary sensibilities. That combination pres- with the works of John Singer Sargent he says. But for LaRock, whose interest ents a “real tension,” he says. “How do helped him see a better path. LaRock, in classical will forever trace I tap into that undercurrent that stands who had always dabbled in and back to Sargent, figurative works offer the test of time, but also speak to my drawing, soon fell in love with the works the greatest potential. “With people, era?” He’s not out to capture every stitch of other 19th-century painters and the there’s always an immediacy with an of clothing or strand of hair. “What old masters, too. “There was something emotional response,” he says. “We tend it means to be human,” says LaRock, they were tapping into that I feel has to be our most interesting subjects.” “that’s what I’m after.” —Kim Agricola been neglected in our century, and I feel When LaRock painted a portrait of like that’s a shame,” he says. “There’s his wife entirely from life as the subject something so profound and beautiful of an instructional video, he didn’t an- representation about a very well-made painting.” ticipate that the work, titled LAURA IN Collins Galleries, Orleans, MA; Propelled by newfound inspiration, BLACK, would go on to earn a spot in the Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Culver City, LaRock enrolled in a full-time classical 2016 BP Portrait Award competition. It CA; Portraits, Inc., various locations. drawing and painting program at the also garnered a purchase award in the Water Street in New York, where 12th International Art Renewal Center his skills advanced rapidly, building one Salon Competition. A few years ago, upcoming shows upon the next “like you’d learn an in- another portrait he painted of his wife BP Portrait Award 2016, Scottish National strument,” he says. Today the classical appeared in an exhibition at the Beijing Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, realist painter teaches at the atelier and World Art Museum, leading to numer- through March 26. is collaborating with colleagues on an ous portrait commissions with distin- International ARC Salon Exhibition, instructional video business. He’s also guished Chinese figures. Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, May adding to a growing oeuvre of figurative While LaRock seeks to relate the en- 12-June 1.

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