HOUSTON STEWART CHAMBERLAIN COSIMA , NÉE DE FLAVIGNY ANNA CHAMBERLAIN, NÉE HORST 1855-1927 1837 - 1930 1846 - 1924 English writer, private scholar, German by choice, Illegitimate daughter of Marie d’Agoult and Franz Met Chamberlain in Cannes in 1874, married in anti-Semite. After breaking off his scientific Liszt, married from 1857 to 1869 to the conductor in 1878, no children. The couple lived studies, he contacted the , Hans von Bülow, two daughters: Daniela and in Geneva and . In 1905, Chamberlain separated from his first wife Anna Horst and Blandine. From 1863 on, love affair with Richard separated from Anna by letter, refused direct married Eva Wagner in 1908. The Foundations of Wagner, whom she married in 1870, three contact from that time on and communicated the 19th Century, his main work on race theory, illegitimate children: Isolde, Eva and . with her only through a lawyer. In 1905 last was an influential bestseller in the early 20th After Wagner’s death in 1883, she directed the meeting when visiting Anna’s sickbed. The century. Festival until 1907. marriage was divorced in 1906.

SIEGFRIED “FIDI” WAGNER , NÉE WILLIAMS EVA CHAMBERLAIN, NÉE VON BÜLOW 1869 - 1930 1897 - 1980 1867 -1942 English orphan, festival director 1930 - 1944. Composer and conductor, youngest child Wagner’s second daughter, wife of Houston Her adoptive father, the Wagnerian and Wagner and only son of , homosexual. Chamberlain (marriage: 1908 - 1927) and an friend , with whom she grew up Besides his engagement for the Bayreuth enthusiastic National Socialist. Eva cared for in Berlin, introduced her to Bayreuth circles. Festival (director: 1907 - 1930), he composed the sick Cosima for decades and managed Her marriage to produced 18 , like his father, on his own libretti. the family archives. As her husband became the children Wieland, Friedelind, Wolfgang and Some of his works were criticized by the critics. increasingly ill, she took care of the bedridden Verena. Winifred was a close friend of Adolf He himself blamed the failures on ‘Jewish man and supported him in his undiminished Hitler. machinations’. busy journalistic activities.

WILHELM II. 1859 - 1941 1889 - 1945 Last German Kaiser 1888 - 1918 Austrian, anti-Semite, watercolour painter, 1839 - 1900 Although he had close contact with prominent soldier, putschist, traitor, prisoner, author of Mein Kapellmeister at the Court Theatre, Jews, he was under the influence of Kampf, orator, party chairman, Reich Chancellor, 1872 - 1894 General music director at the Chamberlain’s anti-Semitic racial theory, as commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht, leader, Court . The highlight of his career was the evidenced not only by his correspondence with ‘Man of the Year 1938’ of TIME magazine, of the premiere of Wagner’s Chamberlain but also by his speeches. The horn final solver, vegetarian, friend of the Wagner in 1882 in Bayreuth - against Cosima’s initial of his Imperial automobile was tuned to the four- family, especially of Winifred, ‘master disciple’, resistance, who was convinced that a Jew could tone thunder motif from . committed suicide. not conduct this Christian opera.

DANIELA VON BÜLOW MICHAIL BAKUNIN ISOLDE WAGNER 1860 - 1927 1814 - 1876 1865 - 1919 Russian revolutionary, ‘father of anarchism’. 1st child of Cosima and Hans von Bülow, lived 1st illegitimate child of Cosima von Bülow and From 1840 onwards he travelled restlessly with Cosima and Richard Wagner and in boarding Richard Wagner, wife of the conductor Franz through Europe and networked with like-minded school after the separation of the parents, 1886 Beidler. Their son Franz-Wilhelm, born in 1901, people. In 1849 he took part in the Dresden - 1915 in Italy with husband Henry Thode, after was the 1st Wagner grandson. After being forced May Uprising, where he met Richard Wagner, divorce 1915 again in Bayreuth. For many years, to move to Munich with her mother in 1912, the also involved in the uprising. Imprisonment she was the administrator of the costume fund appanages were cut by brother Siegfried in at Königstein Fortress, sentenced to death, and costume designer at the Festival, bearer of 1913, and in 1914 an unsuccessful lawsuit was pardoned to life imprisonment. 1857 exile to the NSDAP decoration. filed against her mother (‘Beidler trial’). Siberia, escape via the USA to .

BLANDINE VON BÜLOW WAGNERDÄMON 1863 - 1941 (1883 - until today) 2nd daughter of and Hans Spirit of the composer, onto whom people von Bülow, stood like her sister Daniela in the project their thoughts. shadow of the Wagner children. After the suicide of her husband Count Biagio Gravina in 1897, the widow lived with her children and the lifelong financial support of the Wagner family.