THE SUN, SUNDAY, MAY 10, 1914. TURKISH TROUSERS AND SPANISH CAPES NEW NOTES OF PARIS FASHIONS 1914 Exaggeratedly Oriental Rest Gown Daring, Our New Cold Storage Plant Striking Costume of a Russian Singer For the Preservation of Furs Affords and High Absolute Security at a Minimum Cost. Features of Rates Mailed on Request. MillineryRevival of Sued. Boots in Pastel C. C. Shayne & Co. Tints Followed by Ap- Importers and Manufacturers of pearance of Gloves in STRICTLY RELIABLE FURS Same Hues 126 West 42nd St. I'aihs, May 1. KNOWN dressmaker In NEW YORK AWHIX Vcndomc recently rest gown of pecultur out- one day nnd I maiden- tried them. The Fact line. It was so exaggeratedly hair makes those soft grien ones and tdritnul In detail that It might well the real ferns the bright one-- . I use Made fciv been worn by a woman of the only the tip ends of the frond". Tin-dar- Shapely Ea.t. purple bends nre made nf hello-trop- e and Young long 7a In the first place there were and nnd the mottled ones nre pink ami tSt wry full Turkish trousers made of deep white sweet peas. Of course I have to at II ami. orange silk. Over these trousers n long work them up together In my I'rrr. hands Wrttp. tunic made of lemon-yello- voile Ninon like marble cuke but It gives the .'ffee!, "1 t thrown, und tha corsage, of tho don't you think so'.' The saffron bends If inn cvuinnt limn nipiuij enll ilu for (.in ume miitt'rlul ns the tunic, whh of the are jonquils. I'm sorry the MUTrage I'.irili iilnr- - IHI 1 1 Mw t Russian blouse order. Then there was flowers, don't come out a bright yellow. I IUU lltlMltmil wide Hayudere snsh wound round tho "I enn hardly wait for summer to DR. PRATT m: imtk i . waist and hips, the ends, being loosely bring the roses, j am so nnloii to I'm- Hint khrsil., I'lmiilr-- lY.ltliri'.. Write. knotted at one side. The wish showed work with them. They nre so expensive itrln-- s of hl.tck, white, red and orange, and in such demand that I haven't been ind there were fringe In nil these col- able to get bold of many. I hnd n few fur tile pIckeiH the tramps and ors on the loose ends. The blouse cor-- American Heautles once and they made j hoboes who come along to puk the Wto was decollete and was thrown open the loveliest I ends' almost tin- - "'"It- They luuk their own food, wash over a chcmlsetto of white Indian tnus-- cdor. I strung them with black bends Ibeir own (.lollies ami usually prowdc and they were hough: nt once. lllelr nWtl tent. They uie fur Ii ss A famous French actress hns declared "Could I make beads of mistletoe trouble tliiin the ,oi (Unary hired uu-i- i cos-ta- m for whom fat cooU more than once that this style of if there were enough of It, th itigh 1 am the tiler's wife has to makes nn Ideal rest gown, and afraid they would come out graj. Put ui. (I wash. They pick mil) live da) u probably she Is right. All tho materials holly ought to be lovely, the red and wi ek. un there is no Sunday und are : . t J we supple und not easily crushed, and green beads together, oh, 1 try ever) -- ;ilnit cents a quart. was tlx- certainly the general effect wos picture- thing. Mother does too. Sin- - makes "It the smlit of idle men and sque. I must not neglect to mention the beads when I am not at bom the benles going to waste 111 the two that a round Juliet covered with Mrs. Wood, who looks hardly 1(I(prda)s that gave me another Idea. Why embroideries wns to be worn with than her daughter, smiled brightly. "I noi hum- - ii. c men pm; mi Mitunl.iy una foi can 7 I the costume. I do not think the Juliet used to try to write," she said, but my the fruit If had mon- thai we lieeilnl I might lie able to sell It cap was In the period, but since It wo typewriter Is getting a long rest. 1 "So I bought bfcomlng one must not be too critical. believe In doing the thing that comes to ' cans anil sugar at wholesale and rolled up my sleeves. My The other nfternoon I saw n pretty your hand. And every lime I make r ,eru Ra.Mlan singer en- 1 Is sisters down to help even make n sensational bead think it another coin toward their trance Into the Hotel Mlrabeau at the Louise's going abroad. She must If vacations mid as the tiaxs I of fruit came we up. tea hour. She was wearing a smart lit- she Is to be a successful desimier. hi put them Wo y' used the latest processes. Mi rilizliiy Hie tle gown made of bleu nult taffeta: but "Wo call them th" 'Weezy-Wlz- bends j ' Jars and cne.iiinv; that was not sufficiently uncommon to from a childhood nickname of hers the fruit ir. tin in. We I ejected ail hilt the- perfect f I till. Utrart general attention. The garment her namo Is Louise Kllza. We had to J At the end r l i which captured. eyes was Immense a name to patent, so we took that. the slimmer .o the have much ft nit on my my rtpa In black Liberty satin, lined with "It's rather hard work, tor every' hands sisters to ft lends .N't w Japonlca pink brocade. The mantle was single bend has to be separately and wiote in Ynrk very and they took all of it at per cloven tons enougji to reach the knee line and carefully moulded nnd baked In u cans, express piepald. Immensely wide. was circular, and It oven. At I had a queer feel-- j It hot llrt "My cunning experiment niowd nrung off the shoulders after the man-- r mg nu." weeK. inai ii ail ine so successful that diitli.g I of tho worn by Spanish bull Hut now I more the ro- the uinut cloaks think about j got several boxes of oranges ami tenters. mance of It. I try to picture the bride iinule orange marmalade. Tin r- - is nut a. Nor was this all. On her head the who wore the lilies i am working over ...... "..I'.f.t .iui.i ..e n. i.. i. i.... i linger wore it genuine Spanish mon-ter- o, I wimder what her dress was mado of ':,, , '"m arranged. I the plctus.csq.uc cap made of black and how her wns And Use. I , chenille Is worn by to-- nm. oh, so not to mix In u which always careful "liven If my und t:d single some bouquet' ' father mother rtro. It was a daring costume, really Niniche shape in Tuscan straw with garland.of lovely roses and black- - petal of other not require care and a quite simple in detail, but so original 'AV "One little bride sent me not only her , f e,,rm ,..,, i... i..f ,, ...... berry brambles. ... aad unexpected people stared mi win - . that e.i...i..i; ""I winter. Till- Iters III I d luiistanl ear,-- openly. gray veiling sun me 10 ., . . , gloves irn lor maicn.W(, yea is iiiui.. ilip and we may expect to find them made in all the rich, bright, colors ved gray I mixed All the smart society women in Paris It was a bluish and French tavlu uil, bt. , us and a: very popular a little later on. I do hot of futurist they seem purple lilacs got It exactly. 1 it fe now wearing the long, loose capes artists and and and ,,..lHt m of )y,.t up In believe wo hnll In ! me r of that ever again accept the hand mere wisps of silk gauze strung It with tiny black bead . which I spoke in n recent article. , .,...! in, If we n our tho gloves al .in'... in. aiv wii'iiu The capos already become n crimson kid which were worn which could be drnwn through the that it came down below her waist have sort twenty years ngo, calculations- in least it will l. ,i home t but we shall certanlly ring. make any length, of nnd arc likely to remain them cour" toe us all nfl. f they h.iw their . i movo nway for n time from the ublqut- - For navy blue serge tailored suit fun to wonder pot-- popular all through tin; summer. They "It's what the ' slims. And it if-- tip ll 'St n , tons white or gray suede. gauze und chiffon Mouses look particularly well In bleu null chiff- are made In man will bring me every il.i). and to the world' hle A visit to the show rooms of one of such colors ns dried orange, emerald (lowers Into bright new on cloth with a lining of soft black turn the faded "We mailt- f. I' the most notable dressmakers in the I green. F.gyptltin blue, j.ulu, a l.ediunin III) III"! '.er i ttlln and a roll over of same huids thnt will never fade. It's like' out i collar the Hue do la I'alx revealed the fact that Mme. I'aquln Is of the silting nun. whh h ,i material. They effective In mnklng some lilenl quickening a cooling low. Hut the, big are also the gauze blouses now being created to blouses of In pea flout window with a window s.n old rose faced cloth, a lining of this order sweet tints; flowers miti-- l be only fnd.d. not dried. overlooking with accompany a simple tailored suit nre her fragile through ' th IIuiIn.ui. In Milliner black satin, or blue, material run the I can't make over dead sentiment. That when in Egyptian mirror amazingly fragile In texture nnd dar- wiiole range of purple, pink, dull blue ' the llpslnirs licdliiuins ate lint ln would take Cupid himself:" I velvet with a lining of printed gauze. ingly decollete In design. They are and desert dawn. sller.s nnd sleep In a little portable They must b worn with n Jaunty olr; J house set up 111 the garden. otherwise they look dowdy. If not ab-lu- THREE TEACHERS AND A FRUIT "One of the pleasiiniesi things .ilmiii FARM. uir experience lins n the kitub e- -i , Sketches of two new millinery models if "UI-- llelgltlmis. , liMte re given this week. The flat Nlnlche Women in Sporting I'l! farm was nmrf or -s ,.f .m folks are always Hotting up out l.ine ihape, Attire that leads ft tin m,..l with no crown and a trimming economic necessity." sa) s Miss tun main - w.i. of lovely flowers, represents nil that Is the going away time nppronches ventional design. Sho Is not given to "O Klizabeth Allen w in lias gone cnukle- and cake for my futle r ,n ,1 new ami ".My mother. And one ,1a v l.isi i en fashionable In I'nrls. AS every woman llnds it necessary unusual or startling sartorial effects. back to t'iu land near winter This shape Is hnving nn Immense father and mother, noth over so. have my in., n was uiie my n...KuiH.r bt..u t to replenish her wnrdrobe, One of her fads Is a sailor Ills fuccei. it has been found almost uni- Jut to be supported and cared fur. and I nen to iiuinp dim Ii Hie snow .u n she upon 1 versally becoming nnd the Fnrlslennos what needs depends largely Iast winter at I'altn Iteneh she to have some occupation where could I'll, We been Very tiirtllll.lle, n 1 understand how to give it t.n effective the character of the resort to which sho showed the same decided taste in the devote part of my time to them. I was when 1 look iiboiit .if all the grnw.t.ij side tilt, These are on very Is going nnd upon her own Individuality. matter of a bathing a teacher In Wisconsin and my two sis-te- tilings in the spritiu and realize Hun ,t hats raised suit. Neglecting s high bandeaux at the back, and the country to n were teachers lu New Ynrk. inns it makes the tears com,, to my Naturally outdoor life and tho tnke suit she ordered several sent es-- pace between the hat brim and tho "We wanted snnietlilng thnt would be o) suggest outing apparel. The aweatet, on approval from (he best shops. I is fllled In None week end distance of New York: "And yet would iml ikIms.- .1 wl,itr fair with full bows of ribbon of being within or with a mass of flowers. sport coat, white tub skirts, shirtwaists these to her liking she went to and then of course New York Is the best to undci'pikc n farm without .11 kniK-knlsju- t - ;.nu This particular shape is only hiiltuble and hats come In for atten- u small shop and found si plain lilaek TWO PARIS MODELS. market for fruit lu the I tilted States. We pn) iniiii .,ir tlu-.- Washington's nnd we could tint do wilbm.i 11. for afternoon wear, with u rather elab- tion, llut there nre women who suit with the ordinary blouse and skirt High in crin, trimmed with "blow nway" mounts made of .My sisters used in. Hiitiiday u 'i'l o i although I Ian mv miiU ,11 d orate style of dress. There are other habitually migrate with birds nnd and lsjught it for $10. It was vacation to hunt fur farm the prnlvibly black g naps uf a similar order which are horsehair. and selected this one. We named It butler unit have tin warning .mil le who never wear any of the clothes the cheapest suit on the beach, but Its done 1 wml, hiiiii, raised at one side, and they are, many of Knd.iiun" Indian for 'our Home.' miicii h.u ier tfcem, pictured by the clever design artist simplicity appealed to her and was lift)' pi ar trees, live than I did before. A man and h i fr exactly the right thing to wear that those who never di viate from the regu- them Into a ma-- of iluugu. 1 worked There wele scene. plum lllli.lit d pel haps; ,,f with a tailored suit in tho morning. when he portrays a resort the main thing, lation blouse and skn t with bloomers, this up on a bread board, kneading It apple ttces and a few old and slice, imuse iu..iy straw- - nf t do. Hut the) go thto-ig- The more To lie sure, there nre women who do Mrs. Frederick Kdey while other women are always In pur- - like tin- - tmrrv tr.'i.s. with two acres of m.ii.v effective Nlnlche models of New Yorl; must careful housekeeper. Mil- - i limdslups tW'n I'l .IllWll Jlel-- no re those made of wear In suit of a novelty At the Florida re- -' Then i berries, 'i few currant and blackberry Tuscan straw and these clothes nnd they nre the almost lives In her pretty sweaters, moulded the beads In the palm . ' tub a m-- vineyard Just b, sthl our anchor in w.iidwnul rimmed with broad velvet ribbons and majority. An athletically inclined young skirts nnd sorts last winter Miss Ks. Ladew, of my band, some round und some pear hushes and shlrtwnlsts, and .usually lias j place, and w loom branches of flowers. Sapphire now Mrs. W. It. Mrnee; Miss Miml slaped. They were baked on pins to ginning I" bear on the blue woman without sucli toggery would losn hats to match. Mrs. .John ('. King H Scott and Miss Mai Watson wore liath-- j figured that they would give us a -- tift KNITTING FRAMES. velvet ribbons are very much used make them hard and give the opening negn anil a tho charm of her surroundings, for nnother woman who llnds In lug suits with draperies, Mlssi They had been very tunc ctoii i) ao vivid shade of Japonlca pink; comfort to strlnir them. 1IK of worn on owner, who didn't c..- - i.n.l- HI conn... nl-a- js youth never expresses itself to better the sweater. In Scott of bright purple, with the' former liu'de nf Mark velvet ribbons are Florida she often wore "I combined them with real heads, I a Puritan cup und hosiery in match. farming. II.- wanted to work in the mi" t ii- iv '.1 mm h charming un Tuscan udvantugo than in outdoor garments, one of pale blue silk, which crystal or tin- - hats. harmonized j the same shade ns flower two sons b The tf,i,ll(. hkKeiied origi- Mrs. Arthur Scott Itunlen uote u lulckvMiils and his w.mtvl nl.llei! lilt ,,llll. Weak Is n highly tho more woman, who relies beads, to . ilut sedate beautifully with the brown coat heighten the artistic effect. N'-- So -- ,1 nal mode; of bathing suit showing ,i skirt nr.' Irons- - ii.. cl'.ailtTeiirs III thev crlppli . in. ii' il'i .itlll, t. hm,, it wuh made of navy blue Sometimes I used upon her clothes as nn aid In maintain- Hobby, her fluffy Pekingese, contrasting colors. It willing to make com ssiors .iboui I I'l frin and the wild looking were which she crs combination, while Miss leva was were Veil 1'itl. ..lies the nor mounts hard to get the flowers during us more t 'ho In ing her dignity nnd reserve, often always carried under Fisher wore bloomers minus the skirt. the the price. Hut the place cost once in .l e i'oiia'it m-- .1 mm I: horsehair. High, close llttlnir her arm. winter, but I found that faded nues before the Improvements Ik deve-oiin,..- i . toques of thi? kind very Ignores what are termed sporting Mrs. Joseph Pulitzer and Mrs. Pem- Miss Viola Knius wore a costume with u than It.oou a f pi hni'ivi lie are popular In would do Just ns well, so 1 made ar- ,1'arN t'i s spring They especially clothes. Yet there Is no reason why Norfolk waist, and Mis. I.einard were nil dune. of making 'UN watihi. c.iiai.N look broke Jones at the Virginia rangements with . resorts one of sea green one the greenhouse nt "Vull see We Were lint willing to flirtn siu-d- l tulnil .t'l-- "ii when worn In conjunction with tho the woman In or fifties, if Thomas mnierial. ir mi r the forties displayed many attractively colored home to take theirs at wlinlesali . way. W- put in 1, Kmc I se'doin sees shoes nn tile be.ieh. ill the old fashioned a wilh its tup siu. k uhh i.,.s f Whlch Imvti Just been I sho has u youthful figure, should not on "A wat-- heating. , I' sweaters their long wulks and moun- Miss (irnce Thompson substituted a month iiuro came mj tlrst comml.s-- s a bathroom and hm r upright inns r .m-.- !l 't l S indulge tain climbing expeditions. . on. A little ueluhli.ii tin-it- ' week ends my sisters m . m . I.- Altliimgii inns eapes may hi tho comforts of these looso Mrs. John plctuiesque hat fur cap. It was a ,,n a uZ(, M During loos ly nnd u r be said to Adams an of 11 "s. 111! 'd b the "dernier fitting garments. Husbands are some- Dunbar favors fancy coats with bro.ul straw build, drapeil nn the side oratorical contest and her mother the dirt ollt the form. tig loops, lifted ,n 11 n tig err In Paris, lung, looso p.ilt I 'oats are u lints to match. with ribbons, t.Mug under the chin. sent over th,. inun'h ,,f,,,, tip tlie cr.t.'ks with putty and 11111111 with cither a linn,. nl very much worn by times to blame, as many of them llko pt oil' the , .Mrs. Leonard Iliiinia Some women bather, bench para- carnations she had They scraped the paper m-.- i .1 women nf ,aM,.. , or U(tu to sec up of Cleveland, have carried i,, have them them. and fun tliiuer, and slipped ,ay lw their wives dressed ut all I il with ,,. "iet , who has been called one of the sols, l.ith Miss l'.dltn Adams and Mis' tiirn into beads. They cattle out walls and lepapeied them Inside ilif.iiuh tho ,,,. J LmaiUe,.,, the lloK times. lest the They repainted all '. ILmlonne. sue dressed women In America, Is always Kraus used Japanese shades, which loveliest roe pink nnd the child was and grass p.ipeis. one pui'p'-st'I- piere. ! tlii o- t It had stepped from t Just her delighted hung new i utt.iins, I rurrUi;.. The young girl who goes In for tennis, dressed to the minute, fJnrmeiits Were very festive in uppeiiruni e. with them, she can show-the- the woodwork and the tllbul.ll- 11 h. illg tioM .. ltd nu tl and was taking n "foot- for h ' brisk w fie-- .mil j ing pastimes The of evening clothes and I,, her so everything is sweet and 11 1 I sh wrapped in h long coat golf und other outdoor sports usually outdoor have no place in her amount rrandchllilren. Thev were pulled dow Ihr itigh in up want robe, In apparel n woman takes is a like tills." our was all In older when we' tin- t made ,,f iiiKmniK,, iji vlr rough serge u liven the morning she. Is other furniture ttittt until r I.I hi en takes supply of gay colored sweaters, superbly gowned. for the individual to decide, but the llrst nf April. "'"mie.1 w .id Mii,t!lr H ,),.,.,, matter She picked up a loveiy com- arrived attaitiiil. H,.rKe j sirmg they often with belts, hosiery and hats to not for- hadn't f.irgottin the horse 11 !';".' ,,f yellow. "Only Mrs. Hnnna could io.ik whatever she ilms she should bined with pin!; and cut glass "They As .substitute in me II d,ff.. he.idlets, fiii-iii- new ciuni in v match, and the effect In open is de-- 1 get to along nn nmple supply of go! tliiin the r uwmr and a Their ,t square sailor collar of tho in such clothes," Is often n. tary Willi all the fragrance of the flowers it little Wun.lell Utttl culled French kflllur j l iiniii-ln- i; had been built fur h.m. There i k i.,', and llghtful. It is well to have sweaters in marked, which goes in show that in- shoes. to identify the strings Iiiin stall sotiii ici ami' used in kliideru.ii-ii'i- sclio,.'s the lining of tho lying coup I wettty-uin-- si I. dividuality gives wns oven n new lor the u "a' p !, tat'Ma, which showed both silk and woo) to meet tho atmos- license in tho matter on their white cotton beds :n their little pi'oilUle the Mllllb' illltl oil 11 sun tun- - ,. boM-M- , that had come with the ' hi K of 'aste. BEADS MADE OF MEMORIES. square The purple rap clili kens liar pi.. 11. Ladles also engaged m ,! t whh a most pheric variations. Tho sill; sweater Is a ones Were . sl.-- ket- - ''"gnii At the Virginia resorts where violets ,.f course. house-- They went into the nccilpaiioli irtn. m an, very becoming to moun- tut what wen. n,s,. Itll.til-Isla- nd g.iie the prelt'ti little dressier holds Its shajm bet- Ili-S- allil bought ' "' " " and tain climbing, horseback riding precious llrst bunch of inlets dark red penr shaped ones tie the winter In a tut) I) shaped .ippli.tiu-i- in ti.uu uo of the artiste. nnd strung wllh as I get eggs ter, while tho wool given warmth on silver teds. As soon the It t "X "'""'"" bat she was wearing high driving uro the chief diversions special THAT tho wedding bouquet that that look .is If they wen. made in or lint), un Willi liny n mi ... ii lulu that is a mauer oi - mule nf pale gniy sucil.. and fus-wi- n. cooler days. clothes uro required. Most women who match the new mahogany gowns'.1 herless chains, siring bag handle- a followed It need no lunger bo feedingsi-- I am going to put In a practice of long tin. ( proper llnwevel'. feels, boliiillls. 11. . nmll umber buttons. This Of course there must be u generous make walks lake a kind ialsworthv talks egg- -. lolks, I'l. nwny. it was of white Then . K or thrown Not that ever about lu White l.eghrns fir 111 In. ' "'nn,. novelty and eminently ln- - supply of tho skirts and rain coat heavy ulster for stormy the "Dark Flower." And th,. At knitter lllld ll were ll' 'inn slilrtwulsts. course. Hut It need no lunger nioniiieri 1 can work up a city clientele. .' i en tin-s- dainty suedn weather. There Is also need of gloves', grays, that look as if they wee,, carded lur tin- 1.1I Swiss w u Allien a woman requires many white leaves of biggest wed- - meant our grocer takes all we i.iu ii various paslel tlnls, to an accessory which Is not necesviry ut bclucen the the for some dear old lady? Fi i, u.WH present lllllties, eitllt'l' I'll ill. or oil lit nil ' I outilts light wool Is a good choice for many Is illllg present book. Lilies of valley spate, knitting - costumes, nnd in several resorts. It also a good Idea to the ale corn colored. ploughing and like ni.ii'hiiii uoiili ii.t.' I 1 1 A little New York art student bits' wv fur the i 111. I u.iiiiei H tiH nf some con- - suits, us it does not muss llko wash have a cane. A pair of wide dark shoes "We li,ieni bein a,,;,. , "It itte tended for scirls. 111. nil. tr-i- - can umt;i. a siiiiiih: 'II . i.k wen. nre convenient for hail da.vs, discovered a process by which she wulli- - pruning. Winch liae niitt-- .ibi .mil as ii i.ilv i.i-- introduced fabrics and will endure considerable head." sighs the nti-- Inr-th- e I i v In tv-- 1 eperl Ill's! uf .Match, but ..I ,.r i... i i the Dowers into ads. They Ilillsbeil the .lie-Hin- t ' - ! ' t II.MHM iii pHSII'l goes The riding habit Is a matter f taste, Hint "I'm son) beiutl'e welding-- no doubt on t'e- im.- tin wear before it to the cleaner's, fra-- 1 hoHill,.H seusuii wa. backward nnd ii iiiM-i- uy and Its model depends tain their color and most of their an- lunate!) lecnlling tin- th ol tie- .1 iiuioweii a on whether ii almost nlwsi)s lilies uf th,. valley thi-s- If aai !i d r Mrs, Hermann Oelrlchs of New York Is out, had not come Up out of ; .tig paste) tlnt.-- gloves for woman prefers cross saddle or side grauce. And they will never wear and ,i wedding the slip a stmitg .1" .1 tin':-an- pee i't .i necklace should be did lint sllfllT. !. one of those who follow Idea. ii us china. giouiid, tile trees 111 . T'ii fashion as a sur-- - this saddle riding. Mrs. Joseph: Wldener und for they ai ha nl as Willie! Hut lu sutiie c ! s t.ii) in. began iuieiitlug during my the chemicals KiVt, ,),, although IlleV tiei lied ll glelll ileal nf who know and tho She shows great partiality fur tailor Mine, da damn, wlfo of the "I expel cream I semblance nf .1 nail is I I w.i Paris llrazlllan this tint. think thev I I'.i are prettv siipel'llltetlileil It allil even . Hummel). The In light Ambassador, were, mining Christinas vacation," says Miss LiiiiImi, though cutting. larger use woni ..U fc.'.v latter have mado suits wool materials nnd those who with tile lull.' gnld heads mil Willi tintiii I - did nf Moll. the help nfl " sulldly against pale blue preferred side saddle Sul- W I, tile Inventor, who lives In Cran- I making sum the tw liti s. ll'tWt ' .') IS never wears Informal the al White inn muii,. hand I leiul-- 1 ll lJ lint. apparel, such as .iiiieil ,(isy tin- tanning magazines had been ' I' I.I. Mini., Kng-lls- ford, N. ,1.. and the Cooper ' I ' . gloves, even for phur Springs, Some .if the best h attends that will lie dalnt) enough lu folluw I. It' pfugiess t't s.'. - for any ' I 'm- sweaters. Hhu also maintains design. hail lug all winter. many jears nolhlug riding misters nilvoeate the side I'ulou classes in "I read, bride. I have asked ii fl'llllle lis liiueiliulo .... un I ' .lHs WlNou for Itil't lilllltt' fl'ulll tin- llrst in ii (.,,r-- In the matter of huts, nearly Die uiiiuge lihvsoms lu California, "We Wele b I. n 11111 wi.s i'oiisi.',. r saddle as being safer in case of ac about spray of lu r bouquet s,, I probabl) ujgt I. d . that geltl-t- nl p.m I b. cm a g man wliu wnrks nn ' we u always wearing one with n Hare cident, owner lint they came out blai Su gau in .11 - ' 1 p. 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