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PREPARED AT THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE, In pursuance of Resolutions of Congress of April 27, 1816, and July 14, 1832.


Resolution requiring4he Secretary of State to compile and print, once in every two years, a Register of all Officers and Agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States. Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, once in two years, a Register, contain­ ing correct lists of all the officers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the service of the United States, made up to the last day of September of each year in which a new Congress is to assemble, be compiled and printed, under the direc­ tion of the Secretary for the Department of State. And, to enable him to form such Register, he, for his own Department, and the Heads of the other Depart­ ments, respectively, shall, in due time, cause such lists as aforesaid, of all officers and agents, in their respective Departments, including clerks, cadets, and mid­ shipmen, to be made and lodged in the Office of the Department of State. And the said lists shall exhibit the amount of compensation, pay, and emoluments, allowed to each officer, agent, clerk, cadet, and midshipmen, the State or coun­ try in which he was born, and where employed. 2. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Navy subjoin to the list of the persons employed in his Department, the names, force, and condition, of all the ships and vessels belonging to the United States, and when and where built. 3. Resolved, Thatfive hundred copies of the said Register, be printed; and that on the first Monday in January, in each year when a new Congress shall be assembled, there be delivered to the President, the Vice President, each Head of a Department, each member of the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, one copy of such Register; and to the Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the House of Representatives, each ten copies, for the use of the res­ pective Houses, that twenty-five copies shall be deposited in the Library of the United States, at the Seat of Government, to be used like other books in that Library; and that the residue of the said copies be disposed of in such manner as Congress shall, from time to time, direct. 4. Resolved, That for the information of the present Congress, such Register as aforesaid, be prepared and distributed as aforesaid, on the first day of its next session. Approved, April 27, 1816. Resolution respecting the Biennial Register. Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, in addition to the matter heretofore contained in the Biennial Register, published by direction of a joint resolution passed on the twenty-seventh of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, there shall be included a correct list in the next Register, of all printers of the laws of the United States, subsequent to the thirtieth of September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, to the thirtieth September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, with the compensation allowed to each; and of all printers within the period aforesaid, in any way employed by Congress, or by any department or officer of the Government, with the compensation allowed to each, designating the department or officer causing the printing to be execu­ ted; and that said Register shall contain a correct statement of all allowances made by the Postmaster General, within the period last aforesaid, to each con­ tractor on contracts for carrying the mail, discriminating the sum paid as stipu­ lated by the original contract, and the sum as additional allowance. And to enable the Secretary of State to comply with this resolution, the several heads of departments, and officers directing or incurring the expense, or making the allowance mentioned, shall cause the lists, and the matter thereby required to be added, to be lodged in the office of the Department of State, as is directed in other cases, by the resolution of April twenty-seventh, one thousand eight hun­ dred and sixteen. Resolved, That said Register shall contain a correct list of the Presidents, Cashiers, and Directors of the Bank of the United States and its branches, in office on the thirtieth of September, eighteen hundred and thirty-three; which list shall be transmitted by the President of said Bank to the Secretary of State, by thefirst Monda y of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three. Resolved, That all Biennial Registers, under the said resolution of April twenty-seventh, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, shall hereafter be com­ piled and published conformably to the principles therein and hereby estab­ lished. Approved, July 14, 1&*2.


Page Page. Academy Military, - - - 98 Branch at Mobile, 166 Adjutant General's Office, 93 , 166 Agents, Indian, 80 Natchez, 166 Agents, Pension, - 78 St. Louis, 166 Appraisers, (see Collectors of Cus- Nashville, - 167 tomsj) - 20 to 59 , 167 Armories and Arsenals, (see Ord­ Pittsburg, 167 nance,) - 90 Boatswains, (see Navy List,) 141 Army List, viz. Bounty Land Office, - 77 Generals and Staff Officers, 94 Cadets, ... n^ Adjutant General, - 94 Captains of the Navy, (see Navy Quartermaster General's De­ List,) - - 119 partment, - - 94 Carpenters, do. do. do. 142 Inspector General's Dept. 94 Chaplains of the Navy, 130 Subsistence do. 94 Clerks of the Dept. of State, 1 Medical do. 95 Patent Office, 2 Pay do. 96 Treasury, - 12 Purchasing do. - 97 First Comptroller, 12 Engineers, Corps of 97 Second Comptroller, 13 Topographical Engineers, 98 First Auditor, - 14 Military Academy, - 98 Second Auditor, 14 Ordnance Department, 98 Third Auditor, 15 Dragoons, regiment of 99 Fourth Auditor, 15 Artillery, 1st regiment of 100 Fifth Auditor, - 16 2d do. 101 Treasurer, : 17 3d do. 102 Register of Treasury, 17 4th do. 103 General Land Office, 18 Infantry, 1st regiment of 105 Solicitor of Treasury, 19 2d do. 106 War Department, - 77 3d do. 107 Bounty Land Office, 77 4th do. 108 Office of Ind. Affairs, 80 5th do. 109 Pension Office, - 78 6th do - 110 Adj't General's Office, 93 7th do. - 111 Paymast. Gen. Office, 91 Cadets, - 112 Purchasing Dept. 85 Pay of the Army, 115 Ordnance Office, 90 Artillery, (see Army List,) 100 Subsistence Dept. 92 Attorney General, • - 155 Sur. General's Office, 93 Attorneys, District 155 to 159 Indian Department, 80 for the Territories, 159 Navy Department, 117 Auditors, 1st of the Treasury, 14 Navy Commiss'rs - 117 2d do. - 14 Dist. Courts, D. C. 160 3d do. 15 Gen. Post Office, *i 4th do. - 15 Senate, 1.54 5th do. - 16 House of Reps. 154 Bank of the U. S. , - 164 Post Offices, *^9-> President and Direct, of Phil. 164 Collectors, Deputies, Inspectors, Branch at Portland, 164 &c. of the Customs, 20 to 59 , - 164 for ,. • - 20 Providence, 164 New Hampshire, 24 , 165 , - - .94 , 165 , 25 Washington, 165 , - 30 Richmond, - 165 , 32 Norfolk, 165 New York, 33 Fayetteville, 165 , - - 43 Charleston, 166 , 44 Savannah, 166 Delaware, 45 VI INDEX.

Page Page. Collectors, &c. for , 46 Consuls, &c. Venezuela, - 10 District of Columbia, 48 Equator, * 10 , - 49 Brazil, - 10 North Carolina, 51 Uruguay or Cisplatine Rep. 11 South Carolina, - 52 Argentine Republic - 11 , 54 Chili, - - 11 , 55 Peru, - 11 , 55 Contractors, Mail - - *272 , 36 Courts, Supreme, - - - 155 , 57 District, for Maine - 1.55 , - 58 New Hampshire, 155 , 58 Massachusetts, - L55 Florida, - 58 Connecticut, - 155 Commercial Agents, (see Con- Rhode Island, - 155 sub,) - - - - 3toll Vermont, - - - 156 Commissary Gen. Subsistence, - 94 New York, N. District, 156 do. Purchases, 97 New York, S. District, 156 Commissioner under Convention DelawareNew Jersey. y - - 156 with , - 11 MarylandPennsylvania, , E. District, 156 Commissioner, private land claims, VirginiaPennsylvania, E. ,District W. District, , 156 Mo., 76 Virginia, W. District, 156 Commissioner for boundary line North Carolina, 157 with , - 162 South Carolina, 157 Commissioner, Public Buildings, 162 Georgia, - 157 General Land Office, - 18 Alabama, S. District, 157 Indian Affairs, 80 Alabama, N. District, 157 Pensions, 77 Mississippi, 157 Commissioners of Navy Board, - 117 Louisiana, E. District, 157 Insolvency, - 162 Louisiana, W. District, 1.58 Comptroller, First 12 , E. District, 158 Second 13 Tennessee, W. District, 158 Congress, - 150 Kentucky, 158 Senators, - 150 Ohio, 158 Representatives, - 151 , 158 Officers of the Senate, 154 , 158 do. House of Reps. - 154 , - 159 Librarian of 154 Arkansas, - 159 Consul and Commercial Agents Michigan, 159 abroad, - - - 3 to 11 East Florida, 159 British Dominions, 3 Middle Florida, 159 Russia, - 4 West Florida, - 159 French Dominions, 4 South Judicial Dist Fl. 160 Spanish Dominions, - 5 District of Columbia, 160 Portuguese Dominions, 6 Orphans' Court, D. C. 160 Belgium, - - 6 Customs, officers of - 160 Netherlands, - 6 Cutters, Revenue 160 Danish Dominions, 6 Department of State, - 161 Sweden and Norway, - 7 Treasury, 20 to 53 Prussia, - 7 War, * 60 Austria, - 7 Navy, 1 German States, - • 7 General Post Office, 12 Switzerland, 8 Directors, Bank U. S. - 77 Kingdom of Two Sicilies, - 8 District Courts, 11927 other Italian States, 8 Draftsman, Navy Board, - 9*71 Turkish Dominions, - 8 Land Office, - 16984 Pasha of Egypt, - 8 Dragoons, (see Army List) - - 161525 Greece, - - 8 Engineer Department, 118 Barbary Powers, 9 Engineers, Civil and Assistants, - 18 , - - 9 Engineers, Corps of - 99 Pacific Islands - 9 Topographical, Hayti or St. Domingo, 9 Gardener, Principal Mexican States, - - 9 Central America, 10 New Grenada, - 10 INDEX. vn

Page. "o1" General Post Office, *1 Navy List: Governors of Territories, 160 Passed Assistant Surgeons, 127 Gunners, (see Navy List,) - 141 * Assistant Surgeons, - 128 Pursers, 129 Indian Affairs, Office of 80 Chaplains, 130 Indian Department, 80 -Passed Midshipmen, 130 Superintendent, 80 -Midshipmen, 134 Agents and Sub-Agents, 80^ Sailing Masters, 140 Interpreters, 81 Teachers of Naval Schools, 141 Blacksmiths, &c. 82 Boatswains, 141 Laborers, Mrllers, &c. 83 Gunners, - 141 Carpenters, 142 Comm'rs & special Agents, 84 Sail-makers, 142 Infantry, (see Army List) - - 105 Marine Corps, - 143 J'udiciary, of U. S. (see Courts,) - 155 pay, <&c. of the Navy, 148 of the Territories, 159 -Navy Agents, - 145 Land Office, General - 18 Naval Store-keepers, - 145 Lands public, Surveyors of 73 Naval Constructors, 145 Land Offices, Registers of - - 71 Navy, ships or vessels of the 146 Ordnance Office, - 90 Receivers of pub. moneys, 72 ' Ordnance Department, 98 Land Office, Bounty - - 77 Orphans' Courts, D. C. 161 Land Patents, Sec. far-signing 162 Patent Office, 2 Legislature, (see Congress,) 150 Pay, &c. of the Army, 115 Librarian of-Congress, 154 of the Navy, 148 of the Navy, (see Navy of the Marine Corps, 149 Paymaster General's Office, 91 List,) • - - 121 do. Department, 96 Light Houses, - - 62 Pension Agents, - 78 Lights, Floating - 69 Pension Office, • 77 Mail Contractors, *272 Penitentiary, officers of 163 Marine Corps, • - - 143 Post Office Department, *1 Marshals of Districts, 155 to 159 Postmaster General, - *1 Territories, • 159 Post Offices, alphabetically arrang ed by States and Territories : Masters Commandant, (see Navy Post Office, Maine, *4 List,) - - 120 New Hampshire, *16 Medical Dept. of the Army, - - 95 Vermont, - *23 Midshipmen, Passed, (see Navy Massachusetts, - *31 List,) - - 130 Rhode Island, *42 Midshipmen, 134 Connecticut, *44 New York, *50 Military Academy, - 98 New Jerseyj *91 Ministers, public abroad, and Charge Pennsylvania, "98 d'Affaires: Delaware, 7126 Great Britain, 3 Maryland, *127 Russia, 4 District of Columbia, *133 Portugal, 6 Virginia, - *134 North Carolina, Belgium, 6 *154 South Carolina, *168 Holland, 6 Georgia, - "176 Denmark, 7 Alabama, - *188 Sweden, • 7 Mississippi, *195 Prussia, - 7 Louisiana, 7199 Turkey, - 8 Arkansas Territory, *201 Mexico, 9 Tennessee, *204 Kentucky, *215 Central America, 10 , . *225 New Grenada, • - 10 Ohio, *230 Venezuela, - - - 10 Indiana, *252 Brazil, 11 Illinois, *261 Chili, - 11 Missouri, *267 Peru, . - 11 Mail Contractors, *272 Mint, - - 76 Clerks in - *292 Navy, Secretary of the • - 117 Department, - - - 117 Commissioners, - - - 117 Navy List: Captains, - 119 Masters Commandant, - 120 Lieutenants, • - 121 Surgeons, - • - - 126 Vlll INDEX.

Page Page. President of the United States, 1 Senate, Officers of the 154 of the Senate, 150 Ships of war, list of 146 of the Bank U. S. 164 Solicitor General, - - 19 Purchasing- Department, 85 Speaker of House of Reps. 151 do. do. 97 Pursers of the Navy, 129 Subsistence Department, 94 Printers of the Laws, 168 Commissary General of 94 Printers employed, 170 Supreme Court, - - - 155 Quartermaster's Department, 88 Surgeon General, 94 persons employed in 88, 89 Office of - 93 Receivers of public money, 72 Surgeon General's Department, 94 Registers of Land Offices, - 71 Surgeons of the Army, - 95 of the Treasury, - 17 of the Orphans' Courts, of the Navy, - 126 D. C. - - 161 Surveyors of public lands, - - 73 Revenue Cutters, officers of 60 Territories, Governors, &c. 160 Sailing-masters, (see Navy List,) 140 Courts of- - - 159 Sail-makers, do. 142 Topographical Engineers, 98 Secretary of State, 1 Treasury Department, - 12 of the Treasury, 12 of War, 77 Treasurer, - - - 17 of the Navy, 117 Vessels of the Navy, - 146 for signing land patents, 162 Vice President of the U. S. 1 Senate of the U. S. - 150 War Department, - - 77 Warden of Penitentiary, Washing­ ton, - - 163 REGISTER. SEPTEMBER 3©? 1835

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. , Of Tennessee. $25,000 per annum.

VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. , Of New York. $5,000 per annum.


Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. Compen­ sation. Dol.cts. SECRETARY,

John Forsyth Washington.... Virginia.. 6000 00


Asbury Dickins .do. N. Carolina 2000 00 Diplomatic Bureau.

William S. Derrick... • do. Perm 1600 00 Dayton .do. New Jersey 1500 00 , Jr.., • do. R. Island 1400 00 Consular Bureau.

Francis Markoe, Jr. .do. Perm 1400 00 Benjamin C. Vail... .do. France 1400 00 T. W. Dickins • do. .. 1000 00 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE— Clerks — Messengers.

Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol.cts. Home Bureau.

Andrew T. McCormick. Washington... Ireland.., 1400 00 George Hill do Conn 1400 00 Robert S. Chew do Virginia.. 900 00 Jacob Broom do...... Maryland, 800 00 Keeper of the Archives.

Thomas P. Jones .do. England 1400 00

Translator and Librarian.

Robert Greenhow • do, Virginia. 1600 00 Disbursing Agent.

Edward Stubbs .do, Ireland . 1450 00 as Superintendent of the Building 250 00


Jonas P. Keller. .do, France... 700 00 John Gibbons... • do. Dist. Col. 350 00



H. L. Ellsworth • do, Conn. 1500 00 CLERKS. Thomas Johns .do Maryland.. 1000 00 Robert Mills '. .do S. Carolina. 1000 00 John J. Roane • do Virginia... 800 00 MACHINIST.

Charles M.Keller.. • do. France 700 00 MESSENGER. Henry Bishop • do. England... 400 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 3

DEPARTMENT OF STATE—Ministers, Consuls, Q>c.

Ministers, Consuls, and other Diplomatic and Commercial Agents of the United States in Foreign Countries.

C m n Names acd Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. B°a .P« - sation. Dol.cts. BRITISH DOMIN­ IONS. ENGLAND. Aaron Vail, Charge d) Af­ faires ...... France 4500 00 Thomas Aspinwall, Con­? London Mass J 2000 & sul and Agent for Claims fees Kingston upon) Albert Davy... Consul. < Penn Fees... Hull 5 Francis B. Ogden.. . do.. New Jersey .. do... Liverpool Thomas Dennison... do.. ..do... Bristol. Robert W. Fox do.. England.. ..do. Falmouth Thomas Were Fox.. do...... do...... do. .... Robert R. Hunter do New York, ..do... Cowes, Isle of)

SCOTLAND. Wight J Leith, Port of) Robert Grieve. .Consul. < .do. Edinburg.. 5 Edward Baxter do.. Dundee do. Alexander Thomson, do.. do. IRELAND.

Thomas Wilson., Consul.Dublin...... do. Thos. Wm. Gilpin...do.. Belfast Delaware. .do. James Corscaden do.. Londonderry. .do. Reuben Harvey do.. Cork .do. Thomas M. Persse... do..Galwa y .do. IN AND NEAR EUROPE AND AFRICA. Horatio Sprague, Consul.Gibralta r .do. Wm. W. Andrews.. do... Island of Malta .do. Wm. Carroll.. Com. Agt.Islan d St.Helena .do. Isaac Chase Consul.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE — Ministers, Consuls, cf-c.

Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol. CtS. NORTH AMERICA. St. John's N. Thomas Leavitt... Con. j Fees... Brunswick. John Morrow do < Halifax, No­ ..do... va Scotia.. WEST INDIES.

William Tudor Tucker, Bermuda .do. Commercial Agent... Nassau, New ) George Huyler.. Consul Providence-| , > .do... Bahamas... ) John Arthur do.. Turks' Island... .do... Virginia.. Robt. M. Harrison... do..Kingston , Jam'a .do... Ralph Higinbotham, ) St.Christoph'r) Maryland .do... Commercial Agent.. $ and Antigua 3 do... John Haly do.. Barbadoes SOUTH AMERICA.

Moses Benjamin, ConsulDemarara < , ,do. Brit. Guiana. RUSSIA. William Wilkins, Envoy Extraordinary and Mi nister Plenipotentiary...St. Petersburg. Penn , 9000 00 , Sec­ retary of Legation...... do ..do 2000 00 Abra'm P. Gibson, Consul.do New York, Fees... Alexander Schwartz. do..Riga . do... Edmund Brandt..... do..ArchArchangel ; . do... John Ralli do.. Odessa. do... FRENCH DOMINIONS.

FRANCE. Thomas Pennant Barton, Secretary of Legation...Pari s Penn 2000 00 Daniel Brent, Consul and Paris, Virginia. < 2000 & Agent for Claims fees.... Havre.. R. G. Beasley, Consul .. do Fees F. C. Fen wick do.. Nantes.. France.. .. |.. do. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 5

DEPARTMENT OF STATE—Ministers, Consuls, tyc. Com­ Names and Offices. Where employed. Where born. pensa­ tion. J. J. Debesse do.. La Rochelle. Fees. George Strobel, do. < Bordeaux S. Carolina. .do. Dominick Lynch.. .do.. Bayonne .do. TheodorePrivat... .do.. Cette France .do. Daniel C. CroxalL.do.. Marseilles... New Jersey. .do. 'WEST INDIES <

Pointe a Pitre,) Peter Suau, Consul France .do. Guadaloupe.. $ Robert F. Chase,... do.. St. Pierre, i .do. Martinique... $ SPANISH DOMIN­ IONS. SPAIN. Arthur Middleton, jr. Sec­ retary of Legation ..*.-.Madri• d S. Carolina. 2000 Off Max. de Aguirre.. Consul.Bilbo a Fees... Alexander Burton.. do... Cadiz Penn.. .do... George G. Barrell...do...Malag a Mass.. .do... Joseph Borras ..do... Barcelona.. .. .do... Obadiah Rich .7 — do Port Mahon,. do... Balearic Isl'ds CUBA.

Nicholas P.Trist.. ConsulHavan a Virginia. do. Lewis Shoemaker... do. .-Matanzas ... Penn .do. E. C. Watmough. .,do.. Trinidad— .do. John Owen, do. JPuert o del do. Principe.. Michael Mahon. <.. doSant-Iag o d; do. Cuba PUERTO RICO.

Hopeful Toler... Consul.Ponc e , Virginia... Ao. G. W. Montgomery, do San Juan or St New York, .do. Johns... George Latimer:... do Mayagiiez — Ireland do. Wm. H. Tracy, Commer­ > Guayama.., Conn.. .do. cial Agent

OTHER SPANISH ISLANDS. Teneriffe, Ca-) Joseph Cullen... Consul < .do. nary Islands \ \" * 6 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

D^PARM'MENT OF STATE— Ministers-, Consuls, &c.

Coropen Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. saiion. Dol.cts Manilla Phi-) A. H. P. Edwards.. do. Fees... lippine, Isl'nds y PORTUGUESE DOMI­ NIONS. Edw. Kavanaugh, Charge d'Affaires Lisbon 4500 0C I, P. Hutchinson.. .Consul. do... Penn Fees... William H. Vesey..do. \ St.Ubes,orSe- . ..do.. ... tuval.. PORTUGUESE ISLANDS.

Fayal, Azores Chas.W.Dabney, Consul < Mass .. .do. Islands John H. March do. Funchal, Ma­ N. Hamp.. do. deira William G Merrill.do. Puerto Praya,) New York..do. Cape Verd. $ BELGIUM. Hugh S. Legare, Charge a?Affaires..." Brussels. S. Carolina 4500 00 Wm. D. Patterson, Consul.Antwerp . Fees.... DOMINIONS OF THE NETHERLANDS. HOLLAND. Auguste Davezac, Charge d'Affaires. Hague Louisiana.. 450Q 0Q John W. Parker.. Consul.Amsterda m Virginia... Fees... John Wambersie do... Rotterdam Georgia.... do. .. COLONIES OF THE NETHER­ LANDS.

Thomas Trask.. Consul Paramaribo] , Surinam.. Louis Paimbceuf... .do.Curagao,West } ) Indies $ Owen Roberts do. < Batavia, Isl'nd ) of Java.... \ 1835. EXECUTIVE. 7

DEPARTMENT OF STATE—Ministers, Consuls, #c.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. Compen­ sation. DoLcts. Rhio, Island of Joseph Bales tier.... do. Bintang, Straits Fees... of Malacca DANISH DOMINIONS.

DENMARK. Jona. F. Woodside, Charge d? Affaires Copenhagen. 4500 00 Chas. J. Hambro.. Consul. ..do.... Fees... Thomas H. Barker, .do...Elsinore . New York. ..do... WEST INDIES.

Nathan Levy Consul. St. Thomas Maryland. ..do... Joseph Ridgway do. < St. Croix, or) do ..do... Santa Cruz... $ SWEDEN AND NOR­ WAY. Chistopher Hughes, Charge d?Affaires Stockholm Maryland. 4500 00 David Erskine Consul. ....do.. G. Britain. Fees... C. A. Murray do... Gothenburg ...do...... do... Helmich Janson... .do...Berge n Norway,.. ..do.... PRUSSIA. Henry Wheaton, Charge d? Affaires Berlin... R. Island. 4500 00 Wm. T. Simons..Consul.Elberfelt , Prussia. . Fees... Frederick Schillow... do..Stettin.. . do... AUSTRIA.

J. G. Schwarz Consul. Vienna. .do. George Moore do...Trieste, . G.Britain. .do. OTHER GERMAN STATES. Frederick List...Consul.LeipsickjSaxon y .do. Robt. de Ruedorffer.. do...Munich,Bavari a .do. Charles Graebe do...Cassel , Hesse... .do. John Cuthbert do. < Hamburg, ) .do. Hanseatic — \ 8 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE—Ministers, Consuls,

Compen - Where Employed. Where Born. Names and Offices. satien. Dol.cts- Joshua Dodge do. Bremen,Hansat. Fees... Ernest Schwendler. .do. Frankfort, on) do... the Main.. 5 SWITZERLAND. John G. Boker—Consul.Basi l do. KINGDOM OF THE TWO SICILIES. Alex. Hammett... Consul.Naples. . Maryland .do. Benjamin Gardner.. do... Palermo Mass .do. John L. Payson..... do...Messina . ..do ... do. OTHER ITALIAN STATES. Rome, Pontifi-) FelixCicognaniConsul. < Italy. ..do. cal States... § Thomas Appleton. .doLeghorn , Tusc'y Mass ..do. Charles Barnet do.. J Genoa, Sardin ..do. ian States.. TURKISH DOMIN­ IONS. David Porter, Charge d1- Affaires Constantinople. Maryland. 4500 00 David Omey Consul. Smyrna Penn Fees... Nicholas L. Perick..do.. Brousa ..do... B. W.Llewellen do.. Salonica ..do... Dalmas D'Avenant.. do.. Isle of Stance. ..do... Narino de Mattey do.. Isle of Cyprus. ..do... Places under the Govern­ ment of the Pasha of Egypt. Aleppo... .do. Cheval'r Durighello, Con. Beirout, Damas­ ,do. cus, and Said. }••• Jasper Chasseaud do i do. John Gliddon do.. Alexandria do. Vincent Rosa do j Candia, Isle of \ D. Bonnal do.. Candia 3 do. GREECE. Canea do..

James Wilkin....;ConsulIsle o f Syra. do. 1335. EXECUTIVE. 9

DEPARTMENT OF STATE — Ministers, Consuls,^

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.


Tangiers, Mo James R. Leib.. .Consul < Penn rocco...... Samuel D. Heap do.. Tunis, Tunis. .do. Daniel S. Macauley.. do..Tripoli , Tripoli .do. CHINA.

Peter W. Snow...Consul.Canton , PACIFIC ISLANDS.

T. A. Moerenhout, Con.Otaheite i , Spci-) ety Islands. $ John C. Jones, Commer­Woahoo,Sand ) cial Agent wich Islands ) HAYTI OR SAN DO­ MINGO. F. M. Dimond, Com. Agt.Por t au Prince.R . Island.. William Miles do.. Aux Cayes Samuel Israel do.. Cape Haytien.. Penn UNITED MEXICAN STATES. < Anthony Butler, Charge d)- Affaires Mexico Wm. S. Parrott..Consul.Mexico. . .. John S; Langham do..Chihuahua . Ceran St. Vrain do..Sant a Fe... On the Atlantic side.

Francis Slaughter..Con.San Jacintoj , Gal vezton, Daniel W. Smith do.. Matamoros.. Conn.... John A. Parker do..Brazoria , Texas John Stryker do j Galiod,orMa Geo. R. Robertson do.. tagorda.... Marmaduke Burrough, Tampico Consul. Vera Cruz &) Robert S. Hicks do.. Alvarado.. > 2 Tabasco 10 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE — Ministers, Consuls, fyc.

„ Com pen - Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. satjoa. Dol.cts. On the Pacific. Charles W. Davis.Consul Guayamas Fees... J. W. Langdon, Jr.. .do

J. M. Macpherson.Consul Carthagena ... Penn Fees. Alexander Danouille. do.. Santa Martha. do. On the Pacific.

J. B. Feraud Consul. . do. VENEZUELA. John G. A. Williamson, Charge $ Affaires Caraccas N. Carolina 4500 00 Wm. J. Dubbs. ..Consul. Maracaibo. ... Fees... Franklin Litchfield.. do..Puert o Cabello. .do. Benjamin Renshaw.. do..Laguayr a .do. Thomas B. Nalle....do.. Angostura ,do. EQUATOR.

Seth Sweetzer.. .Consul..Guayaquil . do.. BRAZIL. William Hunter, CJiarge d1 Affaires Rio de Janeiro. R. Island... 4500 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 11

DEPARTMENT OF STATE—Ministers, Consuls, <$-c.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.

Charles B. Allen.. ConsulMaranliamlsl'. d Mass Charles J. Smith do..Par a John T. Mansfield... do..Pernambuc o Mass. Woodbridge Odlin. .. do

Commissioners under the Convention with France, concluded July UK, 1831.

George W. Campbell Washington. Tennessee.. 3000 00 John K. Kane do.... Penn 3000 00 Romulus M. Saunders.., do.... N. Carolina.300 0 00 John E. Frost, Secretary, do.... Dist. Col...200 0 00 John H.Wheeler, Clerk. do.... N. Carolina.150 0 00 12 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Compen­ Names and Officos. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol. cts. SECRETARY. Washington. N. liamp..-60<$ 00


M'cClihto'ck Young.. ,do. Maryland.. 2000 00

CLERKS. James L. Anthony .do. New York 1600 00 Samuel M. McKean. .do. Penn 1600 00 Thomas Dungan .do. .. do. 1400 00 John McGinnis, Jr... • do. ..do 1400 00 Francis A. Dickins... .do. England.., 1400 00 Gilbert Rodman .do. Penn 1400 00 Richard Ela .do. N. Hamp.. 1400 00 Thomas G. Bradford. .do. Virginia... 1150 00 Cyrus S. Jacobs • do. Penn.. 1150 00 John Jay Langdon .do. Vermont... 1150 00 William T. Read .do. Delaware.. 1400 00 • do. AlexandeMESSENGERSr Nesbitt. Penn 1000 00

John N. Lovejoy, Jr. ..do. Dist.Col, 700 00 Charles Pettit ..do. Penn 500 00



Elijah Ourand .do Maryland.. 400 00 W. Helbus .do .., 400 00 W. C. Goddard... .do Maryland.. 400 00 ames W. Shields. do New York. 400 00


Joseph Anderson .do. Penn 3500 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 13

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Comptrollers— Clerks.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. Dol.cts. CHIEF CLERK.

John Laub Washington. Penn ,.n 1700 00


William Williamson... .do. do. v.. 1400 00 Lund Washington .do. Virginia.. 1400 00 James Larned .do. Mass 1400 00 William Anderson .do. Tennessee 1400 00 .do. Richard S. Briscoe Maryland. 1150 00 .do. Nicholas B. Van Zandt. Delaware. 1150 00 .do. George Wood '.. Mass 1150 00 .do. Thomas F. Anderson... Penn 1150 00 .do. William B. Randolph., MarylandVirginia... 1150 00 .do. Samuel Handy Maryland. 1000 00 .do. George Johnson. , Dist. Col.. 1000 00 .do. James M.. Burke , Penn. 1000 00 .do. James R. McCorkle... Virginia.. 1000 00 .do. WilliamMESSENGERS Miller...... 1000 00

John N. Lovejoy. .do. Maryland., Jacob Hines...... do.

SECOND COMPTROLLER. James B. Thornton. .do. N. Hamp.


John N. Moulder. .do. Penn


Jonathan Seaver... .do. Mass...... John Davis .do. Maryland, James L. Cathcart. .do. Ireland ... James M. Cutts • do. Mass James Brodhead. .. • do. N. Hamp. Joseph Manahan... • do. Dist... do...Col.,. George D. Abbot... • do. MESSENGER. John Sessford • do. England 14 EXECUTIVE Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Auditors — Clerks, <$-c.

Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Born. sation. Dol.cts. FIRST AUDITOR.

Richard Harrison Maryland. 3000 00


William Parker England 1700 00


Jeremiah Williams. Maryland. 1400 00 William Morton. ..do.... 1400 00 Thomas G. Slye I do! ..do.... 1150 00 Daniel P. Porter do. Conn 1150 00 John Coyle , do. Penn..... 1150 00 Jeremiah W. Bronaugh.. | do. Virginia.. 1150 00 James M. Torbert Delaware., 1150 00 John Underwood Penn 1150 00 John A. Brightwell Maryland.. 1000 00 William Morton, Jr Dist. Col...100 0 00 Jer. W. Bronaugh, Jr ....do 800 00 MESSENGER. Charles B. Davis do Maryland.. 700 00


William B. Lewis Virginia...J3000 00 CHIEF CLERK James Eakin New Jersey.170 0 00 CLERKS.

John Wells Maryland. 1400 00 John Peters Holland... 1400 00 Samuel Lewis, Jr do .lEngland.. 1150 00 Richard M. Boyer do... JMaryland. 1150 00 Robert Ellis .. do. 1150 00 William Mechlin Penn 1150 00 Leonard Mackall Maryland.. 1150 00 Peter Brady Ireland 11150 00 O. SpriggHall... Maryland.. |l000 00 Josiah F. Polk .. ..do 1000 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 15

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Auditors — Clerks, fyc.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.

E. B. Grayson Washington. Maryland, Richard T. Queen. .do. ..do.... William Ford .do. .. do... E. W. Lewis .do. Dist. Col. MESSENGFR. William Lloyd... • do. do.


Peter Hagner , .do. Penn


James Thompson... .do. Maryland.


Charles Vinson .do. ..do.... John Abbot .do. New York. Richard Burgess .do. Maryland. Robert Read .do. ..do.... Ireland Henry Whetcroft... • do. Maryland.. Bennet Clements .do. England... Thomas Gunton .do. Maryland.. Henry C. Mathews.. .do. ..do Samuel B. Goddard. .do. ..do Henry Randall .do. Dist. Col... Samuel S. Rind .do. Maryland.. Gideon Pearce .do. New Jersey J. B. Kirkpatrick .do. Maryland.. Benjamin M. Miller, .do. ..do John Harry , .do. Dist. Col.. ..do Levin Jones .do. N. Hamp. Anthony Hyde .dodo. Dist. Col.. Silas H. Hill Daniel D. Davidson. .do. Maryland. MESSENGER. .do. Dist. Col.. Thomas Dove Richard Dove FOURTH AUDITOR.

James C. Pickett • do. 3000 00 16 EXECUTIVE. Sept

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Auditors — Clerks, $c

Compen Naples and Offices. Where^Employed. Where Born. sation Dol. cts CHIEF CLERK. Thomas H. Gillis.. Washington.. Maryland •. 17Q0 0(

CLERKS. Joseph Mechlin.. .do. Penn.... 1400 OC William Hunter. .do. New Jersey 1400 OC Robert Getty. .do. Ireland .. 1150 00 George Gilliss , .do. Maryland 1150 00 Richard Bennett...... do. ..do... 1150 00 Rohcrt T. McGill , .do. Kentucky..do.... 1150 00 Gc.^eM. Head , .do. Maryland. 1150 00 Henry Forrest , .do. Georgia 1000 00 Hampton C. Williams. .do. Dist. Col..,100 0 00 Alexander U. Kyle .do. .do. Mass 1000 00 Samuel Kendall, Jr .do. Penn 1000 00 John B. Sullivan ,do. Dist. Col..,100 0 00 Alexander H. Mechlin. 1000 00 MESSENGER. Samuel Grubb do. Virginia. 700 ,00


en Pleasonton. do. Delaware.. 3000 00


Thomas Musten. ,do. Virginia., 1700 00


John H. Houston...... do. Penn 1400 00 Joseph Thaw.., .do. ..do:... 1400 00 Henry W.Bali....,,. .do'. Virginia.. 1150 00 James D. King .do. Dist. Col.. 1150 00 James Gooch .do. Mass. 1150 00 Hopkins Lightner .do. Penn 1000 00 William Adams .do. „do. ... 1000 00 Ebenezer J. Hume .do. Tennessee. 1000 00 Arthur Campbell .do. Virginia.. 1000 00 MESSENGER. Edward Holland do Maryland. 700 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 17

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Treasurer — Register.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.


John Campbell , Washington. Virginia.


Peter G. Washington... do...... do...


Henry Jackson ,do. Penn Samuel Forrest .do. Dist. Col.. George W. Dashiell. .do. Maryland, Andrew Smith do. ... MESSENGER.

James Moore .do. Ireland..


Thomas L. Smith.. .do. Virginia.,, 3000 00


Michael Nourse.. .do. .-...do.....


James McClery...... do, Ireland ...., John D. Barclay. ^ ...do, Dist. Col.. James Laurie ...do, Scotland..., John B. Blake ...do, Virginia.. Francis Lowndes. ...do, England ... William James ...do. Penn , Benjamin F. Rittenhouse. ...do. ....do Joseph Mountz ...do. Dist.CoLv, Isaac K. Hanson ...do. ....do James D. Woodside da. Penn. Joseph Brewer ...do. Maryland. Robert Lawrence ...do. New York'.. William Cox ...do. Dist. Col.. John Nourse ...do. Virginia.. JohnH. McBlair. ...do. Maryland. Edgar Patterson ...do. Dist. Col.. J.M.Wood ...do. New York. 3 18 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol.cts.- William Mackey.... Washington... Delaware. 800 00 Peter W. Gallaudet. ....do New York. 800 00 L. F. Lehmanowsky ....do Poland— 800 OO


Alexander McDonald, .do. Scotland.. 700 00 James Watson .do. Maryland 350 00



John M. Moore ,do. Penn 1700 00


Samuel D, King .do. Dist. Col. 1150 00 Sterling Gresham... .do. N. Carolina 1150 00 Frederick Keller — .do. Prussia... 1150 00 William Simmons... .do. S. Carolina.115 0 00 William S.Smith... .do. England... 1150 00 Sacket Reynolds .do. Kentucky.. 1400 00 Meade Fitzhugh.... .do. Virginia... 1150 00 Joseph S. Wilson— .do. Dist. Col...115 0 00 Joseph S. Collins — .do. Delaware.. 1000 00 Samuel Hanson .do. Virginia... 1000 00 Edward Barnard.... .do. Mass 1000 00 .do. Thomas B. Reily.... Dist. Col...100 0 00 .do. Nicholas A. Randall. Maryland.. 1000 00 .do. John Wilson Dist. Col...100 0 00 Isaac JDRAFTSMAN. Course . S. Carolina.115 0 00 William T. Steiger. .do. Maryland 1150 00


JohnL. Barnhill. .do. Dist. Col. 700 00 Rod. Hampton... do. Virginia. 350 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 19

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Solicitor — Clerks.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. Compen­ sation. Dol.cts. SOLICITOR. Virgil Maxcy Washington... Mass 3500 00


Nicholas Harper .do. Ireland 1150 00 Benjamin F. Pleasants. .do. Virginia... 1150 00 Basil Waring • do. Maryland.. 1150 00


Pacificus Ord .do. .do. 500 00 20 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen- Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. MAINE. Passamaquoddy. Solomon Thayer Dept. Col.Lubec . Maine 400 00 Horatio G. Balch....Inspector .do. ..do.. 1093 00 Leonard Pierce do.. Houlton.. ..do.. 1093 00 Jery Burgin. do.. Eastport.. N.H.. 1093 00 Joshua Veasey do.. Calais ..do.. 1093 00 Robinspn Palmer do.. Robbinson Maine 1093 00 John A. Balkam do.. Eastport.., Mass. 1093 00 do.. John McMillan do.. Maine 1093 00 Pembroke. 1093 00 Nathaniel P. Page do.. N.H.. Joseph M. Kellogg do.. Eastport.., 1093 00 Maine Joseph H. Claridge do.. do.. 1093 00 James W. Lyman do.. Lubec N.H.. 1093 00 Theodore Cutts do.. Eastport.. Vt.... 1093 00 Oliver Spead..Weigher and) N. H. 416 00 Eastport. Measurer ) N. H. 280 80 Benjamin B. Leavitt, Ganger 7do. Majne 320 00 andMeasurer ) do. N. H. 1373 61 John McMillan Measurer. Machias. Charles Peavey Surveyor. Samuel A. Morse. ..Collector.Machia s Mass. 456 00 Isaac Ames Inspector. Revenue Boat. Maine 720 00 Isaac Ames, Jr do...... do 505 00 Castine. do. James Elliot do.. do. 200 00 Penobscot and Casiine.

R. H. Bridgham Collector. Penobscot. 820 00 Benjamin Hook, Jr. Inspector.Castine.. . Maine 1095 00 John Lee do.. Bucksport. do.. 1095 00 Frederick A. Jarvis do.. Castine... do.. 1095 10 Moses Hook, Occasional In- ) .do. .do. 871 15 spector, Gauger, Weigher > and Measurer ) Lincoln .do. 400 00 Walter P. Carpenter, InspectorBrooksvill. e .do. 60 00 John R. Redman,Occasional do.Bucksport. . .do. 18 00 Dudley Parker do do. Frenckmans Bay Edward S. Jarvis... Collector..Frenchman s BayMass . 354 96 1835. EXECUTIVE. 21


Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. James Whiting Inspector. Ellsworth Mass 27 82 Theodore Beane do.. Sullivan Maine 500 00 HenryS. Jones do.. South W. Harbor do. 500 00 Nicholas Thomas, Jr.... do.. Eden Mass 40 00 Thomas Haskell do.. In Revenue Boat. do. 329 87 Belfast. Daniel Lane Collector. Belfast Maine 1056 23 Benjamin Shaw.. .Inspector, )Frankfor t Gauger, Weigher, and > Hampden Mass. 1326 74 Measurer } and Bangor... N. H. Bradbury.. do. do. &c.

Denny McCobb,...Collector.. Waldoboro Maine 820 00 Parker McCobb, Jr.. Dept. do )do.. do 747 00 Inspector, &c S William R. Webb, Dept. Col Nobleboro .do.. 1041 06 Inspector and Measurer.. Hezekiah Prince, Jr. Inspec­ Thomaston Mass 1051 10 tor, Measurer and Dept Collector New Castle. Maine 792 50 Joseph Glidden — Inspector ) weigher and Measurer... ) Bristol & BremenMass 862 00 Wm. Burns Inspector, &c.St . George. Maine 33 00 Bider Fales do.. do.. 399 00 Daniel Sampson, Occasional) Rutherford Isl'd. Mass. 440 00 Inspector in Revenue Boat ) Monheogan Maine 262 00 Francis Pierce Inspector. Friendship ..do.. 214 00 Josiah Starling.. Occa. Inspec.St . George ..do.. 220 00 Cornelius Bradford.. do.. do..Eas t Thomaston. ..do.. 95 00 Archibald Hall do.. do.. Israel J. Perry.. do.. do.. &c.. Wiscasset. John D. McCrate.. Collector Wiscasse) l 7. do. 160 80 from 1st July, 1835...... S 24 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT —Customs—N. H. —Vermont.

,,., „ , , Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. gorn sation Dol. cts. NEW HAMPSHIRE. . Daniel P. Drown.. .Collector.Portsmouth . N. H 420 08 William Walker.. Dept. .do.. do.... .do. 300 00 Joseph M. Edmonds.. .Clerk. do.... .do. 200 00 .do. Jos. Walton. Insp'r and Meas'r .do. 551 03 John Gregory.. do do.. .do. 551 03 .do. .do. John N. Nutter.do do.. .do. .do : 551 03 JohnHodgkins.do do.. .do. Mass.do., 551 02 James Goodrich.... Inspector. .do. N. H 360 00 Peter Wilson do...... do.... .do., 300 00 Wm. Walker. Weigher and ) 222 34 Gauger . y New Castle, do. 350 00 Geo. Bell, Boarding Inspector.Kitter y N. J.. 350 00 John L. Lawrence do.. Dover N. H 200 00 John T. Gibbs. Inspector. Lancaster... do. 200 00 Ephraim Cross do.. Hampton. .. do. 110 00 Uri Lamprey.. .Oce'l do..Ry e do., 22 00 Nathan Knowles.. do do..Portsmouth . 498 91 ....do.... do., Samuel Hall Surveyor. do.. 384 76 Wm. Claggett, Naval Officer. VERMONT. Burlington.

Archibald W. Hyde..Collect. Burlington. Ver.. 1401 70 ipt.V John B. Hollenbeek;.. Dept .....do.. ..do., 750 00 Collector and Inspector Danford Mott do do Windmill Point. ..do., 500 00 Charles Carrow Inspector. Isle "Lamott Cana, 120 00 Zoroaster Fisk... Dept. Col. ) Alburgh. Ver... 360 00 and Inspector y Swanton.. do.. 360 00 Norman L. Whittemore.do.do..Hig h Gate do.. 360 00 Robert L. Paddock.. do.. do..Franklin. . do.. 300 00 Jerome J. Beardsley. .do.. do.St. . Albans N. H. 180 00 AlbertG. Tarleton.. Inspector.Berkshire . R.I.. 240 00 Jno. Lewis, Dept. Coll. &Insp.Troy...... Conn. 120 00 Frederick Fuller... Inspector. Derby Ver... 360 00 Charles Mahoney.Dept.Col. i do. do.. 500 00 and Inspector \ Russel G. Hopkinson.. .Insp'r. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 25

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—Massachusetts.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. Archelaus Cummings, Dept.) Canaan 240 00 Collector and Inspector... ) N. H Roger Enos Inspector. Irasbufgh Conn 360 00 Geo. W. Kimball.. .Tern, do..Barto n R.Is. 160 00 John Beckwith Inspector. Sutton N. H 360 00 Harry Richardson do.. Montpelier Conn. 240 00 Richard Powers... Insp. and )Lake Champlain.N.Y. . 360 00 Master of the Rev. Boat.. 5 MASSACHUSETTS. Newburyport. Sam. Phillips.. .Collector, &c.Newburyport . Mass John Phillips Inspector. do...... do. John S. Morse do.. do...... do. Charles Titcomh do.. do...... do. Sam. Walker. .Weigher and) .do. ..do. Gauger $ .do. ..do.. Joseph Marquand.. Measurer. .do. Eng.. Wm. Williams. .Occ. Deputy. Mass. Benjamin Stickney... Naval) Officer 5 Newburyport. do.. Nathl. Jackson Surveyor. Ipswich. Timothy Souther,. .Collector.Ipswich . Mass Ebenezer Pulsifer.. Inspector. .do.. do. David Pulsifer, 3d do.. do.. do. Abel Story do Essex do. Gloucester. Wm. Beach Collector. Gloucester do. Wm. Center Inspector do do. James Merchant do do. do. Jabez Tarr, Jr do.. do do. Henry Lee do.. Manchester do. Jno. Woodbury, Jr...Gauger. Gloucester do. Jno. Webber do do do. John Woodbury, Jr. Weigher do do. Alphonso Mason...Surveyor do do. Marblehead. Benj. Knight Collector. Marblehead do. 4 22 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen- Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Henry Clark. ..Dept. Coll'r ) Inspect'r,Weigher,Gauger > Wiscasset., Maine 1041 83 and Measurer ) Marshal Smith Inspector. Booth Bay, do.. 507 00 Wm.M. Reed do.. do.. Mass. 486 00 Joseph Merry do.. Bdgcomb.. Maine 174 00 James Taylor . .. Temp'y do.Wiscasset.. . Eng 51 00 Samuel Holbrook do.. do.. do.. Maine 51 00 Samuel Page do.. do.. do.. ..do. 51 00 Bath. Joseph Sewall Collector. Bath do.. 1531 61 Samuel Donnell.. Dept. Col-) .do. Mass. 957 00 lector and Inspector 5 Peter H. Green Inspector ) do. N.H.. 1356 83 Gauger and Measurer 3 John Smith,. Insp'r Weigher,) do. do.. 1479 39 Gauger and Measurer 5 .....do Maine 1080 00 Wm. Pettengill. Inspector. Georgetown ..do.. 508 00 John Fisher do.. Harpswell and ) .do. 153 00 Simeon Hopkins do < Brunswick \ Ebenezer White do.. Gardiner do. 300 00 William H. Page do.. Hallowell N.H. 400 00 Lemuel Fletcher... .Deputy ) Road... do. 300 00 Collector and Inspector... )

Portland and Falmouth.

Jno. W. Smith... Surveyor ) Portland Mass. and Inspector \ 963 86 John Chandler Collector,"") Superintendent of Light [ .do.. N. H. 2206 92 Houses, Agent for the Ma- [ rine Hospital, &c J .do. Maine900 00 Peter Merrill Dept. Coll'r. .do. Mass. 750 00 Amos Nichols Clerk. • do. ..do.. 1005 00 John Williams Inspector. .do. Maine 1080 00 Lemuel Gooding do.. .do. Mass. 1095 00 Ebenezer Webster do.. .do. 1080 00 Nathan Nutter do.. N. H. .do. 1077 00 Nathaniel Shaw do.., Maine 1077 00 Ephraim Sturdivant do.. Cumberland ..do.. 483 00 Allen Drinkwater do.. [North Yarmouth. ..do.. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 23


Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compen­ Born. sation.

John M. Eustis Inspector. Rumford ..do. Thomas Bailey...Occ'l..do.. Portland.. ..do.. Joel Chandler do do...... do.. ..do.. Nathaniel Lefavor .do do...... do.. Mass . Eli Hamblen do do...... do.. Maine Henry H. Boody... Gauger, ) do. ..do.. Weigher,and Measurer.. ) do. ..do.. do.. .do. ..do.. Arthur M. Small do.. .do. ..do.. William S. Davis do.. .do. .do. N. H. James C. Churchill. Appraiser. Maine Charles Jones do.. .do. .do. ..do.. Benjamin Knight do.. ..do.. Thomas C. Stevens do.. ,do. do. Vt.... James B. Cahoon do.. Maine EbenezeSacor Steeland eBiddeford. do. .

Jno. F. Scammon..Collector \Sac o and else-) Maine and Surveyor i where in the > District ) Lauriston Ward.. Dept. Col.) Inspector, Weigher, Gau- > .do. Mass. ger, and Measurer ) Hiram Woods Inspector. Saco & Biddeford do.. Sewall Millikin do.. Scarborough.... Maine Kennebunk. Barnabas Palmer.. .Collector.Kennebunk . N. H. Joshua Herrick.. Dept. Col., C .do. Mass. Inspector, and Measurer.. \ Jere. G Miller Inspector, \ ....do Maine Gauger, and Weigher \ Dan'l Wheelwright, Insp'tor, J Wells do.. Gauger, and Weigher \ Cape Porpoise. N. H. Geo. Bickford. Occ'l Inspector. York., Mark Dennett Collector. York Maine Solomon Brooks Inspector. .do.. N. H.. Alexander Dennett do.. .do.. Maine George Weare do.. .do.. do.. 24 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT —Customs—N. H. —Vermont.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation Dol. cts. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Portsmouth. Daniel P. Drown...Collector.Portsmouth . N. H 4-20 08 William Walker.. Dept. .do.. do .do. 300 00 Joseph M. Edmonds.. .Clerk. do.... .do. 200 00 Jos. Walton. Insp'r and Meas'r...... do...... do. 551 03 John Gregory.. do do.. do.... .do. 551 03 John N. Nutter. do.. do.. ...dodo...... do : 551 03 JohnHodgkins.do do.. ...do. .do. 551 02 James Goodrich.... Inspector. ...do. Mass, 360 00 Peter Wilson do...... do.... N. H 300 00 Wm. Walker. Weigher and ) .do., 222 34 Gauger y New Castle, 350 00 Geo. Bell, Boarding Inspector.Kitter y ,do., 350 00 John L. Lawrence do.. Dover N. J.. 200 00 John T. Gibbs. Inspector. Lancaster.., N. H, 200 00 Ephraim Cross do.. Hampton.,.. do.. 110 00 Uri Lamprey.. .Occ'l.... do..Ry e do.. 22 00 Nathan Knowles.. do..... do..Portsmouth . do.. 498 91 .....do.... Samuel Hall Surveyor. do.. 384 76 Wm. Claggett, Naval Officer. do... VERMONT. Burlington.

Archibald W. Hyde. .Collect.Burlington . Ver.. 1401 70 John B. Hollenbeek;. .Dept. ) do.. .do. 750 00 Collector and Inspector... \ Danford Mott do..... do.. Windmill Point, • do., 500 00 Charles Carrow Inspector. Isle "Lamott Cana, 120 00 Zoroaster Fisk... Dept. Col. )Alburgh . Ver... 360 00 and Inspector y Swanton.. do., 360 00 Norman L. Whittemore.do.do..Hig h Gate do.. 360 00 Robert L. Paddock.. do.. do..Franklin. . do.. 300 00 Jerome J. Beardsley. .do.. do.St. . Albans N. H. 180 00 AlbertG. Tarleton..Inspector. Berkshire. R.I.. 240 00 Jno. Lewis, Dept. Coll. &Insp.Troy...... Conn. 120 00 Frederick Fuller... Inspector. Derby Ver... 360 00 Charles Mahoney.Dept.Col. i do. do.. 500 00 and Inspector f Russel G. Hopkinson... Insp'r. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 25

T REASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—Massachusetts.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. Archelaus Cummings, Dept.) Canaan N. H. 240 00 Collector and Inspector... ) Roger Enos Inspector. Irasbufgh Conn. 360 00 Geo. W. Kimball.. .Tern, do..Barto n R.Is.. 160 00 John Beckwith Inspector. Sutton N. H. 360 00 Harry Richardson do.. Montpelier Conn. 240 00 Richard Powers... Insp. and )Lake Champlain N.Y..360 00 Master of the Rev. Boat.. $ MASSACHUSETTS. Newburyport.

Sam. Phillips.. .Collector, &c.Newburyport. . Mass 1226 86 John Phillips Inspector. do do. 1020 00 John S. Morse do.. do do., 842 00 Charles Titcomb do.. do do.. 438 00 Sam. Walker. .Weigher and) do. do.. 322 26 Gauger $ .do., do.. 959 26 Joseph Marquand..Measurer. .do., Eng.. 32 22 Wm. Williams.. Occ. Deputy. Mass. 372 05 Benjamin Stickney... Naval) Officer 5 Newburyport. do.. 533 28 Nathl. Jackson Surveyor. Ipswich. Timothy Souther.. .Collector.Ipswich . Mass 288 25 Ebenezer Pulsifer..Inspector. .do. do. 198 00 David Pulsifer, 3d do.. .do. do. 30 00 Abel Story do.. Essex, do. 33 00 Gloucester.

Wm. Beach Collector. Gloucester., .do. 1619 90 Wm. Center Inspector. do... .do. 1074 00 James Merchant do.. do... .do. 483 00 Jabez Tarr, Jr do.. do... .do. 200 00 Henry Lee do.. Manchester, .do. 150 00 Jno. Woodbury, Jr.. .Gauger. 176 04 Gloucester.. .do. 84 48 Jno. Webber do...... do... .do. 37 John Woodbury, Jr. Weigher. do... .do. 416 74 Alphonso Mason...Surveyor. do... .do. Marblehead. Benj. Knight Collector. Marblehead do. 298 68 4 26 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs — Massachusetts.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born- sation. Dol.cts. Franklin Knight.. Dept. Col. >Marblehead . Mass and Inspector y Asa Hooper.. .Inspector and ) .do.. ..do. 378 60 Measurer > Nathl. Lindsey do do.. do.., ..do. 379 58 John G. Hooper...Inspector ) do.., ..do. 509 00 and Boat keeper } Lynn. ..do. 275 00 Joseph Johnson Inspector. do ..do., 55 00 Wm. Marshall do.. Marblehead 96 05 Francier ansd GGauger. Selman., . Weigh- ) ..do.. Joshua Prentiss Surveyor ) ..do.. 95 69 compensation for 1834 ) Salem and Beverly.

James Miller Collector. Salem. N. H. 2127 42 Wm. W. Oliver .. .Dept. do.. do. Mass. 1000 00 Zach. Burchmore, Jr... Clerk. do. .do.. 200 00 Perley Putnam Weigher ) do. ,do.. 565 54 and Gauger $ ...do., .do.. 656 IS Wm. Story do do.. ...do.,. .do.. 541 9B Jona. Holman do do...... do.„ .do.. 551 51 Thomas West..... do.... do.. 1095 00 ...do.. ..do.. Wm. Lee Inspector. 408 07 Devereux Dennis.. Inspector ) ...do.. ..do.. 384 00 and Marker \ ...do.. ..do. ... do.., ..do. 384 00 Henry Prince Inspector. 390 00 Stephen Burchmore do.. ...do... N. H 270 00 Cyrus Chase.. do.. ...do...do. . Mass 522 00 do. 420 00 John Ingersoll do...... do. do. 414 00 William Webb...... do.. do. do. 417 00 do. William Allen do.. do. 408 00 Joseph Janes do.. Maine 22 50 do. 204 00 Henry Tibbets do.. R. I... Beverly... Mass. Ebenez. Slocum do.. .do. 87 06 Salem do.. James Chever . .».. do.. .do. .do. 5 00 Jona. H. Lovett do.. .do. .do. 812 86 150 00 John Saunders .... Measurer ) .do. .do. ^and Appraiser i .do. do.. 840 16 G. G. Newhall do.. .do. do.. 150 00 John Swasey... Naval Officer.Beverl y do 172 77 Z. Burchmore, Jr... Dept. do.. Joseph Noble.. SurveyoT^md ) Inspector \ Z. Burchmore Dept. do.. Aaron Foster Surveyor. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 27

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs — Massachusetts.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Boston and Charlestown. David Henshaw... Collector, ^ Superintendent of Light Boston. Mass. 4400 00 Houses, and Agent of Ma­ rine Hospital do. do.. 1500 00 Adams Bailey, Dept. Collect'r. .do. Conn. 1300 00 . .Bond Acc'nt. Edward W. Parker, Cash) .do. Maine 1000 00 Clerk and Book Keeper.. \ .do. .do.. 1000 00 Rufus M. Gay, Debent'r Cl'k1. .do. Mass. 900 00 Wm. A. Wellman, Clear. Cl'k. .do. Engl'd 900 00 Wm. Rowson.. Marine Clerk. .do. Maine 800 00 .do. John T. Prince. .Bond Clerk. Mass 750 00 Wm. Alline,. ..Import Clerk. .do. .do.. 700 00 Henry D. Clary, Imp'stBook ) Keeper > • do. .do..700 00 Samuel Whitcomb, Jr. Clear­ • do. • do.,700 00 ance Clerk Ebenezer Hathorne, Assis't .do. .do..365 00 Debenture Clerk .do. .do.. 704 25 George B. Wellman... Assis't .do. .do.. 1095 00 Clearance Clerk $ • do. .do.. 1095 00 Saml. Draper, Statistical Cl'k. .do. 1095 00 Darius Boardman.. Inspector. N. H. .do. 1095 00 Nahuin Ball do.. Mass.. .do. 1095 00 John Banchor do.. .do. do.. 1095 00 E. M. Cunningham do.. .do. N. H. 1095 00 Benjamin Whipple do.. .do. Mass.. .do. 1095 00 Samuel Jones do.. do.. .do. 1095 00 John D. Dyer do.. do.. do. 1095 00 Ebenezer Clapp, Jr do.. • do. do.. 1095 00 Robert B. Hewes do.. .do. do.. 1095 00 Thomas Pitts.., do.. • do. do.. 1095 00 Joseph Stevens do.. .do. Irela'd • do. 1095 00 Josiah Dunham, Jr ..... do.. Mass.. do. 1095 00 Francis McKenna do.. do.. • do. 1095 00 Lewis Lerow do.. N. H.. .do. 1095 00 Ezra Mudge do.. do.. .do. 1095 00 Joseph W. Homer do.. do.. do. 1095 00 John Muzzey do.. .do. Mass. 1095 00 Nath. K. Seaton do.. • do. do.. 1095 00 George Ward well do.. do.. 1095 00 Josiah Newhall do.. do.. 1095 00 John Kendall do.. do.. William Winn do.. John Lewis do.. 28 EXECUTIVE. Sept,

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—Massachusetts.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Laban Souther Inspector. Cohasset Mass.. 500 00 Jedediah Lincoln do.. Hingham .do.. 800 00 William B. Duggan do.. Milton &Dorch'r .do.. 400 00 Nathjl Payne. .... Messenger. Boston .do.. 600 00 Saml A. Allen, Store Keeper. do do.. 1095 00 Joseph Loring, Weigher and ) do. do.. 1750 00 Gauger \ .do. do. 1750 00 John M. Fiske do.. .do. do. 1750 00 Nathaniel Tracy do.. .do. R. I... 1750 00 Thomas M. Vinson do.. • do. Mass. 1750 00 Andrew H. Ward do.. do. N. Y. 1750 00 Theodore Dexter do.. do. Mass., 1750 00 James Easterbrook do.. .do. do.. 1624 90 Joseph Grafton, Measurer of \ .do.. .do. 1624 90 Salt, Coal, &c 5 .do.. .do. 1624 90 Thaddeus Page do.. .do.. .do. 1624 90 Joseph N. Howe do.. • do.. .do.. 1624 90 Andrew Greene do.. .do. .do.. 1500 00 William P. Loring do.. .do.. do.. 1500 00 John Crowinshield... Public ) .do.. .do., 1200 00 Appraiser 5 .do.. .do.. 1200 00 Levi R. Lincoln do.. .do.. ..do.. 1095 00 Sam'l Eveleth... Assis't.. do.. .do.. Mass.. 600 00 Chas. J. F. Allen.. do.... do.. do.. N. S.. 600 00 William H. Burbeck. .Clerk. .do. Mass.. 900 00 George Carpenter, Messenger .do. do.. 600 00 George M. Halliburton, In " .do. N. H. 3000 00 voice Clerk .do. 1500 00 J. C. Cone. .Meas. of sqr. yds Conn. .do. 900 00 Fred'k W. Barker, Assis't do., Mass.. Bos. & Charlest'n 2900 00 Isaac O. Barnes, Nav'l Officer. N. H. ....do Edw'd F. Bunnell, Dept... do.. do.. 1500 00 Ethan A. Clarey Clerk. .do. Mich.. 900 00 John McNiel Surveyor ) ,do. and Inspector ; 5 Mass.. 809 18 Hugh Jamison.... Dept.. do.. John W. S. McNiel.. Clerk, ) Surveyor's Office.... ) Plymouth. Mass. George Kuhn.. .Marker and ) 1568 82 Prover $ ....do.. ..do. 854 37 Plymouth. .do. ..do. 600 20 Schuyler Sampson, Collector. Jacob Jackson.. Dept. Coll'r, ) Inspector, and Weigher.. $ Benj. Crandon,Insp'r & Mark. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 29

TREASURY DEPARTMENT— Customs — Massachusetts.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation.

Jos. Bradford, Insp'r & Boat'n.Plymouth . Mass. Leander Lovell... .Measurer. ....do.. ..do. Nathan Reed Gauger...... do... ..do. Daniel Jackson Appraiser. ....do.. ..do. James Bartlett, Jr do...... do.. ..do. Eli Cook, Dept. Col. and Insp'r.Kingston. , ..do. Lloyd G.Sampson, Dept. Col. IDuxbury.. . do. Insp'r, Weigher, Measur'r, > and Gauger ) Marshfield .do. Bourn Thomas Inspector. Scituate .. .do. Gideon W. Young.. Deputy * CollectorDighton. and Inspector.. . ) Phineas W. Leland, Collec'r for the District of Dighton Fall River. .do. and Insp'r at Fall River •\ Benjamin Anthony, Deputy .do. .do: Coll'r, Insp'r, Weigh'r and \ Measurer 3 William A. Waite, Inspec'r," ....do R. I.. Weigher, Measurer, and Gauger Freetown Mass. Joseph B. Weaver, Inspector, . Weigher, and Measurer.. 5 Somerset, &c.. .do. Joseph Pitts, Insp'r, Weigh'r, ) Measurer, and Gauger... \ Barnstable. Isaiah L. Green, Col. & Insp'r.Barnstable . ..do.. Richard Ainsworth.. Dep'ty ) do... Engl'd Collector and Clerk \ Richard S. Wood.. .Deputy ) Falmouth Mass.. Collector and Inspector...) Chatham do.. Isaiah Nye do do.. WeUfleet do.. Josiah Whitman do do.. Provincetown. do.. Thomas Lothrop do do.. Sandwich do.. Seth F. Nye Inspector. Barnstable do.. Davis Crocker do...... do Engl'd Richard Ainsworth do.. Harwich .. Barnstable. Mass.. Obed Brooks do.. Engl'd Richard Ainsworth.. Gauger. 30 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs — Massachusetts.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Fall River. Phineas W. Leland Col. 1074 80 Compensation for 1834 ... New Bedford. Lemuel Williams .. Collector.Ne w Bedford. Mass Wm. H. Taylor.... Dept. do i do... . R. I.. Inspector, &c ) James Freeman Clerk. do. Mass, James Cannon Inspector. .do. ..do., Silas Kempton.... Inspector, ) do... . .do, Weigher, &c ) Fairhaven ... do. Zaccheus M. Allen do.. Dartmouth... do. Jerah Sherman do.. Westport. ... do. William White Inspector. do... . do. Isaac Cary do. Rochester do. Wilber Southworth do. do.... do. Noble E. Bates do. Ware ham ... do. Ezra Swift do. New Bedford. do. Rowland R. Crocker.. Appr'r do.... Conn. Robert S. Smith do. do,.. . Mass, Alfred GibbEdgartown.s ...do. John P. Norton Collector. Henry P. Worth.. Dept. Col. ) Holmes Hole.. Mass. and Inspector \ Richard Luce Inspector. Tarpolin Cove .do.. Jeremiah Pease do.. Edgartown do.. . Martin T. Morton.. Collector.Nantucke t .do.. James Mitchell.... Appraiser. ....do., do.. George B. Upton do...... do.. .do.. William Coffin Inspector. ....do.. do.. Samuel Burnell do...... do., do.. George Easton Gauger. do., do.. RHODE ISLAND. Providence.

Walter R. Danforth, Coll. &c.Providence . R. I... 11106 84 1835. EXECUTIVE. 31

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—Rhode Island.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born.

Thomas Packham, Deputy) Providence. ..do. Collector and Measurer...\ Wm. E. Clarke.... Inspector. do.. ..do. Francis L. Danforth do.. do.. ..do. .do. Daniel Petty do.. ..do. .do, Nathaniel Pearce do.. ..do. .do. Gamaliel Church do.. .do. ..do. John Vaughan do.. .do. ..do. John S. Greene do.. .do. ..do. James Bunough do.. .do. ..do. James Thurber .Gauger. .do. ..do. John R. Waterman, Weigher ) ..do. .do. .do. and Measurer \ .do. .do. Gideon Thornton.. Appraiser. Pawtuxet.. .do. Cornelius G. Bewler do.. Providence. .do. Wm. F. Waterman.Inspector...... do.. .do. Samuel Brown.. Naval Officer. Pawtuxet.. .do. John R. Barton, Sur. & Insp'r. Bristol and Warren. Joseph Aborn do Nathaniel Bullock.. .Coll.Bristo &c.l & Warren Mass. Saml. S. Allen..Deputy Coll. do... R.I... Allen Wardwell Surveyor. Bristol ..do.. William Reynolds. .Inspector...... do... ..do., Hez. C. Wardwell do.. do... ..do., Nathaniel T. Paine do.. do... ..do. John Manchester do.. do... ..do. Jarvis B. Pierce .. Gauger. do.. Mass. Jeremiah Diman do.. do... R. I.. H. Potter Dimond..Weigher. do..do. . ..do. Billings Waldron.. Measurer.Warren. . ..do. William Turner... Surveyor. do. ..do. John Haile Inspector. do. ..do. Miller Barney do.. do. Mass. John Salisbury do.. do. R. I.. Seth Peck, Gauger & Weigher. do. Mass. John Haile Measurer. R. I... Newport William Littlefield. .Collector. [Newport.. R. I. Geo. W. Ellery, Deputy Col-) , ..do. lector and Inspector ) HenTy J. Hudson.. .Inspector. { do. do. Geo. Howland, Ocasional do.. [ .do. do. 32 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation.

Henry Gardner... Occ'l Insp.Newport. . R. I. 165 00 Caleb Tripp do do.. do. ..do. 105 00 Edward Willis, Occasional i do. .do. 66 00 Inspector and Measurer.. 5 Block Island...... do. 500 00 Benjamin T. Coe...Inspector. Joshua B. Rathburn, Inspec'r Nort" h Kingston.. do., 151 50 and Measurer do ..do. 121 50 John Hall do do East Greenwich. ..do. 168 00 David Pennegar... do.... do..Newpor t I.. do. 179 52. David M. Coggeshall. Gauger. do. Conn 20 97 Elisha Atkins Weigher. do R. I.. 456 53 Isaac Benedick Naval, Officer, do ..do., 426 49 Wm. G. Hammond, Surveyor.Eas t Greenwich. ..do.. 250 45 John G. Mawney do.. Tiverton. ..do.. 200 00 Charles Durfee, Sur. & Insp'r.Nort h Kingston. ..do.. 252 15 William Halloway, Surveyor. .do ..do.. 22 00 Pardon J. Hammond, Dep. do. CONNECTICUT. Middletown.

Noah A. Phelps Collector. Middletown. Conn. 921 92 Dan'l Burrows, Survey'rand ) do.... .do. 437 55 Keeper of Public Store... 5 Wm. Conner, Survey'r, &c. &cHartfor. d .do., 519 37 Wm. Willard do.. Saybrook... .do.. 309 21 Leverett Hubbard Deputy ) Middletown. ..do.. 606 16 Collector, Inspector, Gau-> ger, Weigher, and Meas'r )Hartfor d ..do.. 399 00 Samuel R. Dickinson. .Insp'r.O n board vessels ..do.. 399 00 Joseph Dunning do...... do ..do.. 399 00 Horace Stilman do...... do ..do.. 399 00 Joseph C. Burke do.. Saybrook ..do.. 180 00 Samuel Dickinson.. Keeper ) Custom House Boat 5 New London. Ingoldsby W. Crawford, Coll'r.New London . .do.. 662 79 Elijah Ames Dept do.. do .do.. 240 00 Benjamin Pomeroy, Survey'r.Stonington.. . .do.. 270 26 Sidney Minor...... Gauger, ) do .do.. 0 00 Weigher, and Measurer.. $New London. N. H. 1095 00 Thomas Mussey Inspector. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 33

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs— Corm.—N. York.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation Dol. cts. Thomas Ash, Insp'r, Weigh-) Stonington. Conn. 287 42 er, and Measurer \ Azariah Stanton Inspector. ....do... .do., 27 00 John French ... Surveyor.Ne w London. .do. 353 06 Elijah Ames, Insp'r, &e. &c. ....do...... do. 444 00 Norwich... do. David Tracy do.. 543 00 Groton do. Simeon Haley do.. 150 00 Waterford. ,do. James Reid. do.. 20 00 ....do... .do. New London. 50 00 James Denison do.. .do. Stonington... 264 00 Joab B. Jeffrey. .Boat Keeper. .do. George Freeborn do.. 144 00 New Haven. Wm. H. Ellis Collector. New Haven. . .4o..166 4 30 Wm. Durand, Jr. .Cl'k and ) ....do...... do.. 400 00 Storekeeper ( Eli Mix, Insp'r, W. & Meas. .do. ..do.. 1161 12 .do.. John Graham.. do and Gauger. ..do.. 1337 32 .do.. John H. Jacobs Inspector. N. C. 909 00 .do.. Wm. Myers do.. Ger'ny 423 00 .do.. Alex. L. Munson do..Guilfor d Conn 280 00 Charles Elliott do.. Sachemshead do.., 63 00 Dan'l B. Leete do.. Milford do. 72 00 Alfred Mallet do.. New Haven.. do. 46 00 do. Wm. DurandFairfield., Surv'r & Insp'r. 595 21 Samuel Simons Collector. Fairfield. .do.. 272 17 Benjamin S. Smith... .Clerk. do. .do.. 300 00 Salmon Simons... Inspector,) ...do. .do.. 378 28 Gaug'r, WeighY & Meas. $ ...do. .do.. Sam'l Gray, Inspctor, &c. &c. 102 00 ...do. .do.. Peter Smith do.. &c. &c. 135 21 NEW YORK. Champlain. David B. McNeil.. .Collector.Plattsburg.... . Vt.... 1115 91 Samuel T. Buel... Dept. do...O n board S. boats..do . 750 00 Ezra Thurber — do.. Champ. Low. Vil Mass 500 00 Nicholas Haynes Inspect. do ..do. Hogansburgh .. 360 00 Amhurst K. Williams, D .Col. R.L., Fort Covington, 360 00 Samuel H. Payne do.. Conn 5 360 00 34 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Hiram Paddock — Dep. Col. Chataugay Vt.... 360 00 Washington Wooster do.. Westville N.Y.. 360 00 John Nichols Inspector. Plattsburgh Mass. 300 00 John McCrea do.. Fort Covington..N . Y.. 240 00 Zetus Newell do.. Moores, Clin. co. do.. 240 00 Melancton W. Hicks.. Dept. ?Champ. Up. Vil..do.. 360 00 Collector ) Whitehall N. H. 360 00 Dean Delance do.. Oswegatchie, Ogdensburg. Baron S. Doty.. Col. and InspOgdensburg . do.. 1460 10 Smith StilwelLv ..Dept. Col." do... .do.. 900 00 and Inspector Conn. 600 00 John Crawford do Waddington 700 00 Horace Hurlbut, do.. Morristown. do.. 500 00 Sylvester Butrich do.. Hammond.. do.. 500 00 Lewis Lyon '. do.. Louisville... N. J.. 500 00 Mamri Victroy do.. Massena., .. Conn. 500 00 Wm. A. Campfield do.. Lisbon N. J.. 350 00 Samuel Hoard do.. S. boat U. States N. Y.. Cape Vincent. Jere. Carrier Collector.Cap e Vincent. Mass. 1014 00 S. S. Robinson.. .Dept. Col. Jdo N.Y.. 730 00 and Inspector ( Augustus Carrier — do.. do.. ..do.. 730 00 French Creek... Hiram Davis do.. do.. Vt.... 730 00 Alexandria Bay. Azariah Walton do.. do.. N. H. 730 00 French Creek... Wm. Johnston.. Tem'y.. do.. 365 00 do N.Y.. R. G. Angel Temp, do.. 275 00 Sackets Harbor. Thomas Loomis Collector. Sackets Harbor.,Conn . 717 77 M. K. Stow..Dept. Col. and ) do , do., 730 00 Inspector \ Peter Doxtater do.. do.. Henderson do... N.Y.. 730 00 Sam. Lockwood. .Temp. Insp.Chaumon t Bay.. do.. *15 00 R. A. Tarr do..S.boa t C.Carroll N. H. *45 00 Fred. Orton do..Grenadie r Island .do.. *20 00 \ Osvjego.

George H. McWhorter, Coll'r.Oswego . N.J. 961 84

Pay per month. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 35


Where Where Employed. Names and Offices. Born

Rudolph Bunner, Jr...Dep'ty) Oswego N. Y. Collector and Inspector... 5 Elisha Moore Inspector. do, Vt... Jno. W. Turner do.. do N.'Y. John Howe, Dept. Col.& Insp.Sand y Creek.. do. Asa C. Dickenson.do do.. Pulaski Conn Darius S. Cole.... do do..Littl e Sodus... N. Y. Samuel Clesson... do do..Grea t Sodus... Mass. Salmon River. Jabez Meacham Inspector. R. I... Osw'o Wm. S. Malcolm do.. N. Y. George S. Ferris do.. Inter'rofthe Dis. The Frontier.. Vt. .., Daniel H. Southworth do.. N. Y., Niagara. Seymour Scovell.. .Collector.Por t Lewistown Vt.... Oliver Grace, Dep. Col. & Insp. ....do Irela'd John Porter do do.. Youngstown N. Y.. Alex. Butterfield.. do do..1 8 Mile Creek.., .do.. Chris'r H. Smith.. do.... do..Niagar a Falls.., Conn. Dist. Generally.. Jonathan Bell Inspector. Vt.... Ezekiel Jewett do.. Fort Niagara.... Lockport N. H. Hezekiah W. Scovell do.. Vt.... Buffalo Creek. Pierre A. Barker.. Coll'r, &c.Buffalo. . N. Y. Joy Handy, Jr Dept. do.. do. do. Elisha Kimberly... Inspect or. do Conn. Robert G. Levingston do.. Black Rock N. Y. Jared Jennings do.. do....Dam Tonewanta.... do. Joseph Bush do.. do. Ernest Mullett do.. Dunkirk. do. Charles W. Henderson.. do.. Portland Harbor Silver Creek.. Vt.... George H. Grosvener do.. do. Oren Graham... Temp'y. at) Buffalo N. Y. $1 50 per day ..5 Sag Harbor. Jno. P. Osborn Collector. Sag Harbor. do. Noah Washbourn.. Inspector. ....do.... R.I... David Hand do...... do.... N. Y.. . j 1 Enos Throop.. .Naval Officer.New York. do. 36 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY — Customs—New York. 1Wher e Compen­ Names atd Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. John T. Ferguson, D. N. Offi'r.Ne w York N. Y..150 0 00 Benj. T. Ferguson.. Ch'f Cl'k. ..do.. 1200 00 Wm. T. Vreedenburg. .Cl'k ) ..do.. 1200 00 and Private Secretary.... 5 do N. J... 1050 00 Elias B. Dayton Clerk. .. do N. Y.. 1050 00 Joseph R. Bleecher do.. do...... Franc e 1050 00 Lewis D: Ozeville do.. do N. J.. 1050 Q0 John Cockle do.. .. do N. Y.. 1050 00 Duncan Ferguson do.. Conn.. 900 00 Engl'd 900 00 Charles Holt do.. do N. Y.. 900 00 Henry Reed do.. do ..do.. 900 00 Samuel Van Wyck do.. do ..do.. 600 00 Pierre E. F. McDonald.. do.. Irela'd 400 00 Marinus H. Van Dyke.. .do.. N. Y.. 192 00 Michael Rosh do.. George Bailey .Porter. do ScotFd 2900 00 1500 00 Hector Craig Surveyor. do N. Y.. do HoU'd. 1150 00 Abm. B. Vanderpool,Dep. do.. do Conn.. 1150 00 Andrew A. Jones.. .Ch'f Cl'k. do... N.J... 850 00 Sturges Brewster 1st. .do.. Penn.. 800 00 Edward G. Corlies.. 2d.. do.. do Gibr'r. 650 00 Jonas B. Phillips 3d. .do.. do N. Y.. 700 00 J. C. Delmar 4th.. do.. do Irel'nd 400 00 James W. Carpenter, 5th.. do.. do...... N. Y..440 0 00 John Magrath, Por'r&Mess'r. do N. J.. 1500 00 Samuel Swartwout..Collector. do N. Y..150 0 00, David S. Lyon. .Deputy Coll.. do... ..do.. 1500 00 M. S. Swartwout do ..do.. 1500 00 James Campbell do.. do Prus.. 1500 00 Henry Ogden •..Cashier. do Penn.. 1450 00 1250 00 Nathaniel Shultz Auditor. do N. Y.. do Conn. 1050 00 Joshua Phillips, Asst. Cashier. do Penn.. 1050 00 Andrew Martine, Asst. Aud'r. do NY.. 1050 00 Nathaniel Olcott..Accountant. do Irel'nd 1050 00 Samuel H. Eakin do.. do Eng.. 1050 00 Leonard A. Bleecker do.. do.. N. J.. 1000 00 Daniel Sullivan do.. do An tig 1000 00 do N. Y. 1000 00 William Lang do.. do L.Isl'd 1000 00 Daniel Stansbury do.. do N.J.. 1000 00 William P. Holl do.. do jL.Isl'dl 950 00 John A. Fleming do.. do 950 00 Richard C. Overton do.. Leonard Wyant do.. Cornelius Duryee, Liqd'gClk. Ebenezer Piatt, Export Clerk. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 37


Where Coni|ie.i- Names and Offices Where Employed. Born. saiiou. Dol. cts. William Peck... .Accountant.Ne w York. N. Y.. 960 00 William B. Byram, BondClk. do.. do.. 900 00 Isaac Bluxome Bond Cl'k. do.. Engl'd 900 00 John W. Hunter, Accountant. do.. L.Isl'd 900 00 John R. Hinchman do...... do., N. J. 900 00 Wm. J. McMaster, Deb. Clk. do., N. Y. 900 00 Rob. S. Newby, Sq. Yd. Calc'r...... do. Engl'd 900 00 George M. Troutman, Acct'nt...... do. N. Y.. 900 00 John T. Lawrence do...... do. Is. Ja. 880 00 Samuel Cadle do...... do. N.do Y.. . 860 00 Joseph Leonard, Enrolment) do. and License Clerk \ .do. ..do. John H. Ball, Register Clerk. .do. ..do. Jacob B. Wood, Clear'ce Clk. .do. do. James B. Thurston, Orders ) .do... Penn to Public Store. \ .do... Is. Ja Aaron N. Phillips, Entry Clk. .do... N. Y. William Wier do.. .do... do. Daniel Bonnett do.. .do... do. Elias D. Ogden do.. .do... Alexander Campbell do.. Germ .do... N. Y. Joseph Gutman do.. .do... William A. Spies do.. .do... ..do. Robert M. Mitchell, Expt. Clk. .do... ..do. Tobias V. Mumford do.. .do... L.Isl'd Charles A. Gardiner do.. ..do...do..,. N. Y.. Geo. L. Pride, Asst. Liq'gClk. ..do. Conn. Thos. M. Rogers, Deb're Cal'r. ..do., N. Y.. John A. Bogart, Asst. Enrol- \ ..do.. Conn. ment and License Clerk.. \ ..do. do.. Henry Bull Accountant. . .do. NY.. Henry K. Frost do.. ..do. ..do.. David Seabury do.. ..do. ..do.. Richard Wiggins do.. ..do. ..do.. F. L. Holthuysen do.. ...do.. ..do.. D. M. Holthuysen. do.. ..do., ..do.. David R. Strachan do.. ..do. ..do.. Chas. J. Cannon, Asst. Reg.Clk. •. do. D.Col. John C. Niebuhr, Protec'n Clk. ..do. Irel'nd O. M. McDaniel, General Clk. ..do. Germ. Wm. Dempsey, Sq. Yd. Cal'r. ..do. Conn. ('hrisio'r Niebuhr, Messenger. • .do. ..do.. Albert W. Olcott, Accountant. ...do. Engl'd Ebenezer Hyde, Sq. Yd. Clk. Thomas Dennison. do.. NY. Isaac Sebring, Bond Register. N.J. Wm. C. Dayton, Genl. Clerk. 38 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen­ Where Employed. Names and Offices. Born. sation. Dol. cts. William D. Duer Clerk. New York. N. Y.. 650 00 Robert B. Adams do.. do.. N.J. 600 00 Peter K. Ogden, Invoice Clk. do.. N. Y., 600 00 W...W. Morris, General Clk. do.. do., 600 00 Fraley C. Niebuhr do.. do.. Penn. 250 00 Jeromus Johnson, Pub. App'r. ..do... N. Y. 2000 00 WilliamS. Coe do.. ..do... do.. 2000 00 Abraham B. Mead do.. ..do... N. J.. 2000 00 Benjamin Brewster, Asst. Ap'r. ..do... N. Y.. 1500 00 Bernard J. Meserole do.. ..do... do.. 1500 00 Ichabod Prall do.. ..do.... do.. 1500 00 1500 00 do.. Jeremiah Lounsbury do.. ..do..., 1500 00 Frederick W. Weiss.. .Clerk. ..do.... Germ. 800 00 William A. Cox do. ..do.... N. Y.. 800 00 Jacob C. Cauldwell do. ..do...... do.. 800 00 Thomas S. Jaycox do. ..do...... do.. 800 00 Samuel Lupton do. ..do...... do.. 800 00 Edward Prall do. ..do... ..do.. 800 00 John Townsend, Jr do. ..do... ..do.. 800 00 Thomas Chatterton do. ..do..., ..do.. 800 00 Henry Davis do. ..do...... do.. 800 00 800 00 David B. Van Riper do. ..do..., ..do.. 800 00 Adrian Van Riper do. ..do.... N. J.. 800 00 John D. Herttell do. ..do.7., N. Y.. 600 00 George W. Coe do. .. do — do.. 600 00 Joseph H. Greenfield do. ..do.... do.. 600 00 G. W. Wetmore do. ..do.... Conn. 1095 00 Daniel Monroe. do. ..do.... N. Y.. 1095 00 Henr^ Abell Inspector ..do.... Conn. 1095 00 Abraham Ackerman do. ...do.... N. Y.. 1095 00 John Anderson, Jr do. ..do... . Conn. 1095 00 Rowland P. Allen do. ..do.... N. Y'..109 5 00 1095 00 .. do... . do.. C. W. Baker do. 1095 00 ..do.... Abraham Bokee... t do. ..do.. 1095 00 ..do.... William Bebee do. Conn. 1095 00 .. do^.. . George L. Birch. do. Irel'nd 1095 00 .do.... James D. Bissett.7 ...do.. N. Y.. 1095 00 .do.... do.. 1095 00 William J. Brown do., .do.... 1095 00 David Brooks do.. .do.... Penn.. 1095 00 John Byers do.. .do.... Mass.. 1095 00 John L. Broome do.. .do... . N. Y.. 1095 00 W. F. Boyle.. do.. .do Engl'd 1095 00 William Bruce do.. .do.... Scotl'd Garret T. V. V. Breese.. do.. .do N. Y. Amos Coles do.. .do Mass. Alexander Coffin. Jr do.. .do. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 39


Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. William Cairns Inspector. New York N.J.. 1095 00 Saumel W. Coe ..do.. do N. Y..109 5 00 John De Camp ..do.. do N. J.. 1095 00 Abraham Davids ..do...... do N. Y..109 5 00 ..do.. do ..do.. 1095 00 , do ..do.. 1095 00 David J. Demarest ..do.. do N. J.. 1095 00 Bertrand Dupoy ..do.. do Fra'ce 1095 00 ..do.. do N. Y..109 5 00 ..do.. do Conn. 1095 00 John D. Everson ..do.. .do N. Y.. 1095 00 ..do.. .do N. J.. 1095 00 ..do do N. Y.. 1095 00 Benjamin Fuller do do ..do.. 1095 00 Job Furman ..do.. do N. J.. 1095 00 ..do.. do N. Y.. 1095 00 . do.. do. ... Conn. 1095 00 Francis B. Fitch do do N. Y.. 1095 00 do do ..do.. 1095 00 Charles Gill ..do.. .do Maine 1095 00 W. H.P.Graham Conn. 1095 00 Thomas W. Garniss... ..do.. do N. Y..109 5 00 ..do do ..do.. 1095 00 Joseph Gideon ..do.. 1095 00 , do, .do Irel'nd 1095 00 ..do.. do.. ..do.. 1095 00 ..do.. do. ... Conn 1095 00 Ward B. Howard ..do.. do Mass. 1095 00 N. H. 1095 00 Edward Hitchcock ..do.. do N. Y.. 1095 00 do. Md... 1095 00 Conn. 1095 00 do do.. NY.. 1095 00 . do, do Va... 1095 00 ..do., do N. Y.. 1095 00 Scotl'd 1095 00 Isaac A. Isaacs ..do.. do N. Y.. 1095 00 ..do.. do ..do.. 1095 00 do.. 1095 00 1095 00 Mass. 1095 00 John H. Leggett .do.. do N. Y.. 1095 00 .do.. Conn 1095 00 William Lupton ,do do N. Y.. 1095 00 do .-dO.; Penn. 1095 00 .do do Engl'd 1095 00 do N.Y.. 1095 00 40 EXECUTIVE. 1835.


Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born.

W. H. Lyon Inspector. New York. N. Y.. H. G. Lewis do.. do.. ..do.. Amos Leeds do.. .do. Conn. do. Samuel Marven do.. N. Y.. do. ..do.. Abraham Meserole do.. do. Alexander Ming, Jr do.. .do. ..do.. John Morris, Jr do.. do. ..do.. do. ..do.. Daniel Morgan do.. .do. Conn. Charles Mills ..do.. .do. Penn. John Morris do.. .do. Scotl'd Donald McLean do.. do. S.C. Montgomery Moses do.. .do. N. Y.. do.. do. ..do.. Alexander Ming, Sr do.. do. ..do.. George Messerve do.. do. ..do.. .do. R.I... John Moore do.. ..do.. .do. N..do.. Y... John W. Oakley do.. .do. do.. Alex. V. Pfister do.. .do. Penn. Lemuel Pittman do.. .do. N. Y.. Naphtali Phillips do.. ,do.do. do.. Edward R. Painter. do.. do. do.. Robert Phillips do.. .do. do.. Elijah F. Purdy do.. .do. .do. do.. George Ricard do.. .do. Mass. James G. Reynolds do.. .do. N. Y. Barnet Romer do.. .do. do.. Charles Radcliff. do.. .do. .do. do.. Humphrey Ricketson do.. do. do.. Sylvester Robinson do.. do. N. J.. Elnathan H. Sears do.. .do. Penn.. George Sibell. do.. .do. .do. N. J.. Peter R. Sprainger do.. .do. N. Y. Dennis Striker do... .do. do. do.. William Smith do.. do.. William Shute do.. do. do. Penn.. Stephen Stilwell do... .do. N. Y. Elijah Secor do.. .do. do.. Charles Stuart do.. do. Engl'd Peter Taylor do.. N. Y. Peter Tappan do.. ..do.. Samuel Terry do.. ..do.. Thomas Tripler do.. ..do.. Griffen Tompkins do.. N. H. Stephen W. Titus do.. William Thorn do.. James Thome do.. Andrew Tombs do.. 1835. EXECUTIVE 41


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. -Born. sation. Dol.cts. Philip Thomas Inspector,Ne w York. Md... 1095 00 Thomas Trenor do...... do... Irela'd 1095 00 Samuel Utter :...... do...... do.,, N. J.. 1095 00 Samuel Udell...... , do.. do... N. Y. 1095 00 Jacob M. Vreeland...... do;...... do... do.. 1095 00 John L. Vanboskirck do...... do... N. J.. 109500 John Van Dyk do.. do... N. Y. 1095 00 Jacob Van Winkle do...... do... N. J.. 1095 00 Cornelius Van Antwerp, .do,. do... N. Y. 109,5 00 Thomas B. Vermilye.... do .^ do... 1095 00 ..do.. Beckman M. Van Beuren, do.. do... 1095 00 ..do.. James R. Waldron. • do.. do... 109| 00 ..do.. William Welling • • • do.. do... 1095 00 ..do.. Henry Willett do.. do;.. 10915 00 RJfi.. Everardus Warner do.. do... 1095 00 James Westervelt...... do., do... N. Y. 1095 00 Daniel Wishart do.. do... do.. 1095 00 Henry Whiting, do.. do... do.. 1095 QQ Thomas Wiswall do.. do... Conn. 1095 00 George A. Wasson...... do.. do... N. Y. 1095 00 Sidney Wetmore do.. do... Conn. 1095 00 Caleb T. Ward do,. .,...do.., do.. 1095 00 Benjamin Wood do.. do... N. Y. 1095 00 William L. Young do.. do... do.. 1095 00 William Lee. do,. do... Md... 1095 00 Henry F. Sands...... do.. do... 1095 00 NY. Gideon Qstrander do,...... do... 1095 00 James Archer, Night Inspec'r. do... .dp.. 547 50 W. Angevine do., do... .do.. 547 50 Samuel E. Benson do.. do... .do.. 547 50 Timothy F. Cooke do...... do... .do.. 547 50 A. G. Dixon do,. do... .do.. 547 51 Daniel Dietrick .7 .do .....do... Conn. 547 50 John Egbert do do... IN. Y. 547 50 Richard Finning do, dok,. ..do.. 547 50 W.W.Fisher do. ...do... ..do.. 547 50 Thomas J. Foote do. ....do,., N. J.. 547 50 Leonard D. House do. .. J . do... Md.,.. 547 50 W. D.Hughes ,do. ....do... N- Y. 547 50 Charles R. Hatfield ..do. ....do... Mass.. 547 50 Aaron B, Kelly do. ....do... 547 50 John LeFort .do. ....do... N. Y.: 547 69.. Sabin Lewis do. ....do... do... 547 50 Richard Lewis do...... do... do,. ? 547 50. John McMahon .do. ....do... Fra ce 547 50 John McPherson do. ....do... R. Li. 547 50 James Morrisson.... — do. ...do... N.'Y. 547 SO 6 Irela'd N.Y^. d


Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Com pen- Born. sation. Dol. cts. Parker Muren Night Insp.Ne w York... Maine 547 50 Henry W. Peckwell do.. do... . N. Y.. ;47 50 Samuel Pray do.. do...... do.. 577 50 Thomas Standerwick do.. . N. Y.. 547 50 J. Tysen do.. do.... do.. 547 50 John Townsend do. New York do.. 547 50 John H. Tripler do. do N.J... 547 50 William Wasson.... do. do Irela'd 547 50 Jerry Waterbury do. do Conn. 547 50 George West do do N. Y.. 547 50 W.W.Wells do.. do 547 50 ..do.. John E. Wood do.. do 547 50 ..do.. Samuel Wood do.. do 547 50 ..do.. William Woodhull do.. do 547 50 ..do.. Alexander Bleecker, Weigher do 1500 00 ..do.. Jeremiah Brower do.. do 1500 00 ..do.. Edward Cooper do.. do 1500 00 ..do.. Elihu H. De Camp do.. do 1500 00 N.J... Arent S. De Peyster do.. do 1500 00 ..do.. John Franklin do. do 1500 00 N. Y.. Jacob W. Hallett do. do 1500 00 Thomas Hazard do. do..... do.. lc00 00 Stephen B. Hoffman do. do do.. 1500 00 Thomas Kirk do. do , do.. 1500 0C Lewis Lontrel do. do , Irela'd 1500 00 Davidi Poore.: do. do...... W.I.. 1500 00 John M. Patterson do. do Conn. 1500 00 Joseph Stevens do. do N. Y..150 0 00 Jacob Tallman do. .do ..do. 1500 00 Abraham Baudouine, Gauger do.: .. ..do., 1500 00 J. S. Hassler do. do ..do., 1500 00 Thomas Morris do. .do Switz 1500 00 Elias£Nexin, Jr do.. .do Penn. 1500 00 Archibald Somerville do.. do N. Y..150 0 00 H. C. Tallman do.. do Scot'd 1500 00 William R. Thompson.. .do.. .do...... N. Y..150 0 00 J. Tourny do., .do ..do.. 1500 00 •Ebenezer Belknap, Measurer do Irel'nd 507 14 •John T.Boyd do.. do Mass 1031 67 *Daniel Dodge do.. do N. Y. 1615 53 •Oliver Dunning do do do. 1374 80 •William Durell do do do., 1289 55 ea2$13u78.•J.W.Forberer8diVideths e amoundo.t of'^^ countdo s equally, whic155h give7 8s8 •William M. Hitchcock.. do. .do Penn. 1287 19 •H. Leyely do. do N. Y..150 9 90 •Peter Sebring do. •••••do.. ..do.. 1077 34 •Andrew Seymour... do...... do Md... 1775 21 N. Y.. Conn. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 43


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. *H. A. Vedder Measurer. New York. N.Y.. 1428 68 Jacob J. Cohen Marker. do.. S.Car 1500 00 James J. Craig do.. do.. N. Y., 1500 00 G. H. Richards do.. do.. Conn. 1500 00 Peter Smith do.. do.. N. Y..150 0 00 Genesee. Jacob Gould Coll'r, &c. Rochester Mass.. Henry O. Reilly, D. Col. & InspPor. t of Entry. Irela'd Byram Green do do.. Pultneyville.. Mass.. Henry Benton do do.. Mo. Gen. River Conn.. Asahel S. Beers... do ,do At Port of En­ N.Y. try, temp, d'uM ringnaviga' Albany. Hiram Perry, Survey'r & InspAlbany .

NEW JERSEY. Perth Amboy.

Joseph W. Reckless Col. Perth Amboy. N.J. Joseph W. Reckless, Jr. I .....do..... do. Dept. Col. and Inspector.. ) John Young Inspector. do N.Y. Aaron Hassert do.. New Brunswick N. J. John S. Furman do.. Manasquan do. John Arnold do.. Perth Amboy... do. Henry Wardell do.. Shrewsbury do., John V. Conover do.. Sandy Hook do. Burlington.

Gershom Mott. .Col. and Insp.'Burlington . .do. James H. Sterling..Dept. Col. do.. .do. John R. Slack do.. Mount Holly. .do. Little Egg Harbor.

,G§arge W. Tucker Col. Dis. Lit. E. Har. ..do. James W. ttelley Dept. ) do. ..do. Collector and Inspector... \ Nathan S. Crane.. .Temp. Insp. do. 44 EXECUTIVE. Sept,

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—Pennsylvania.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Courtney Crane.... .Inspector.Dis . Lit. E. Har, N. J. 9 00 Silas A. Crane do.. do do. New York 69 00 Thomas Kirk Weigher. 7 25 Great Egg Harbor. M. D. Canfield Col. Great E. Harbor, .do.. 496 66 Daniel Leeds Insp. do .do.. 48 00 Richard S. Beesley, Temp, do.. do do.. 4 00 Bridgetown. Daniel Garrison Col. Bridgetown. .. .do. 395 96 Ezekiel Stebins Dept. Col. Cape May .do. Irael Stratton Inspector. Port Elizabeth. do. David B. Smith 7 do.. Salem .do. Camden. Morris Croxall... Surveyor i Camden .do.. and Inspector $ 1000 00 Isaac Bullock. .Dept. Surv'or. do. .do 100 00 Newark.

Archer Gifford. Collector. Newark District. .do.. ,250 00


Thos. Forster.. .Coll. & Insp'r.Presqu e Isle. Penn 395 08 Wm. E. Kingsbury, Deputy \ • •.. .do... . Mich. 47S00 Collector and Inspector.'.. \ Philadelphia.

James"N, Barker Collector. Philadelphia. Penn. 4400 00 John Kern.;...Deputy.7do...... do...... do.. 1500 00 Richard L. fioWell....Clerk. do... . N. J.. 1500 00 Thomas F. Nalette do.. do... . Md .., 1020 00 Charles Trichel do.. do... . Penn. 840 00 Robert .Steele..:....,_,.... do...... do...... do.. 720 00. ? Joseph Dnnh"...;.-. .7 vt. v.. do ...:.da.. . Irel'nd 33 26 JohnB. North.. '.-.-»do" ^.:.do Ppnn fiftfi -tA 1835. EXECUTIVE. 45

TREASURY DEPARTMENT— Customs — Pennsylvania.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compen­ Born. sation. Dol .cts. Thomas Ashmead Clerk. Philadelphia.. Penn . 720 00 John C. Pechin do.. do do.. 660 00 Abraham Martin do...... do... do.. 660 00 Thomas Latimer. do...... do... do.. 660 00 Francis C. D.eimling do., ....do... Germ. 650 00 Joseph B. Howell do...... do... N. J.. 650 00 Richard Stotesbury do...... do... Penn.. 588 58 John M'Adam... do...... do...... do.". 600 00 Sheldon U. Hopkins do...... do. . ..do.. 600 00 Rob. M. Carren, Por'r & Mess. ....do... Irel'nd 400 00 Samuel Ross Appraiser. ....do... Penn. 1500 00 Thomas Stewart do...... do..do. . do. Irel'nd [1500 00 Edward Ewing Asst. do.. do Penn. 1200 Oo Anthony Groves do.. do do.. 1200 00 Wm. Sudmgton.. Watchman.Offic e & WharvesMd.. . 360 00 Charles Clark. do...... do Penn. 360 00 William Duncan.. Surveyor.Del . Wharves...Penn . 2900 00 Athanasius Ford. .Deputy do. do Md... 1500 00 C. S. Jackson, Dep. Insp. Rev. do Penn. 1105 01 George Guier...... Weigher. do 1625 00 Robert Milnor Gauger. do.. 1625 00 do do.. John Thompson. do.. ddoo. 1625 00 Joseph Abbott Measurer. .do. do.. 721 04 Charles Barrington do.. do. N. J.. 721 04 John Douglass, Jr do.. .do. Irel'nd 721 04 Lazaretto John Scott do.. Penn 721 04 Custom House. Charles Anderson.. Inspector. Irel'nd 1095 00 Del. Wharves!. Benjamin Bache do.. N. J.. 1095 00 do George W. Bartram do.. Penn. 1095 00 ',. do. John Brown do.. 1095 00 .do ..do.. Thomas Cash do.. ...do.. 1095 00 ...... ddo George Clymer do.. ..do.. 1095 00 do Henry Caldwell. do.. ..do.. 1095 00 Chester Samuel Cameron do.. Irel'nd 1095 00 Del. Wharves. John Davis do.. Penn. 1095 00 do John W. Dickson .do.. do.. 1095 00 .....do George Dannacker do.. Irel'nd 1095 00 do Samuel Edwards do.. Penn, 1095 00 do Jacob H, Fisler do.. do. do.. 1095 00 Chambers Gaw do.. do. 1095 00 ...... do N. Y.. William P. Gaw do.. 1095 00 In ch. Rev.Barge N. J.. Curtis Grubb do.. 1095 00 Henry Huber do.. Penn . do.. 1095 00 John Hvneman do.. 1095 00 Joseph P. Hamelin do.. do.. 1095 00 Andrew Jackson do.. do.. 1095 00 Joseph L. Kay ."..do.. do.. 1095 00 do.. N. J.. 46 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Conipen- Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Frederick F. Kneass,Inspector.Del . Wharves. Penn 1095 00 Bobinson R. Moore do.. Custom House. Del.. 1095 00 Robert P. McCalla do.. Del. Wharves.. N.J. 1095 00 Benjamin A. Meredith... do.. do Penn 1095 00 Thomas Maxwell do.. Schuylkill do... ..do. 1095 00 Daniel K. Miller do.. Delaware do... ..do. 1095 00 Alex. M. Macpherson do.. do ..do. 1095 00 Herbert McElroy do.. Bristol... ..do. 730 00 Joseph Patterson do.. Del. Wharves.. 1095 00 Robert A. Patton do.. Custom House. N.J. 1095 00 Robert Rice do.. Del. Wharves.. Penn 1095 00 Benjamin F. Rogers do.. do do. 1095 00 Frederick Shull.. do.. Marcus Hook.. N. J.. 1095 00 John Suter do.. Del. Wharves.. Penn 1095 00 Henry Schell. do.. do do. 1095 00 Edwin T. Scott do.. do...... do. 1095 00 Joseph Worrell, Jr do..Custo m House. Conn. 1095 00 Purnell Warrington do.. Del. Wharves.. Penn 1095 00 John Pemberton, Nav. Officer. Philadelphia... Del.. 3000 00 John D. George, Deputy.. do.. 1500 00 .do Md.. Robert Heysham Clerk. do 840 00 Pittsburg. Pittsburg Md.Penn.. 250 00 John Clark Surveyor. N. J.. DELAWARE. Wilmington.

Henry Whitely... ..Collector.Wilmingto n ... Penn 943 27 Peter B. Delany Inspector. New Castle ..do. 1095 00 Samuel McDowell do.. Wilmington ... ..do. 1095 00 Joseph Dauphin do.. Port Penn : do. 1095 00 Levi Boulden do.. Delaware City. ..do. 500 00 Lewis West do.. Lewis ..do. 250 00 Abraham Allee do.. Smyrna ..do. 150 00 Saml. McDowell, W. & Meas.Wilmingto n ... ..do. 116 28 MARYLAND. Baltimore. j t *Jas. H. McCulloch Col. Baltimore. Penn 3458 29 J. H. McCulloch, Jr.. Dept. do. - do.. Md... 1500 00

* Compensation receive 1 by the Collector in 1834. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 47

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs— Maryland.

Where Compen Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. S4tion. Dol. cts. J. Hamilton Clerk. Baltimore. Irel'nd 1000 00 J. K. Law do...... do.. Md... 800 00 R. Lyon, Jr do...... do.. ..do.. 700 00 J.C. VanWyck do...... do.. ..do.. 700 00 700 00 T. Higinbotham...Temp. do...... do..do.. ..do.. 1500 00 .do.. ..do.. Wm. Dickenson... Appraiser. 1500 00 Lyde Goodwin do..Havr e De Grace, ..do.. Chestertown 150 00 John Chew Surveyor. ..do.. Baltimore 150 00 ..do.. Wm. H. Wickes do...... do 1418 31 Va... Dabney S. Carr. .Naval Offi'r. • do. 400 00 J. C. Van Wyck...Dept. do.. Md... 1155 06 James Mosher Surveyor ) do. .do.. Mass. 311 88 and Inspector of Revenue. \ .do.. Md... 1604 32 W. Simpson.... Dept. do. do.. .do.. Penn. 1588 04 M. Eichelberger — Weigher. .do.. ..do: 1461 34 Isaac J. Lightner Gauger. .do.. ..do.. 1095 00 James Martin...... Measurer. 1095 00 .do.. Md... Richard Mackubin.. Inspector. 1095 00 .do.. Irel'nd John Lowry do.. .do. 1095 00 Dixon B. Watts do.. .do. Md... 1095 00 .do. do.. JohnNarts do.. .do.. 1095 00 Del... John Creery do.. .do.. 1095 00 Nicholas N. Robinson do.. .do.. Penn. 1095 00 James Tilghman do.. ..do. Md... 1095 00 Joseph Branson do.. ..do. do.. 1095 00 James Jenkins do.. .do.. do.. 1095 00 Robert Neilson do.. .do.. Irel'nd 1095 00 .do.. Christopher L. Gantt do.. Md... 1095 00 Theodore Anderson do.. .do.. Penn .109 5 00 Thomas S. Williams do.. do. Howell Price.... Temp, do. Md... 1095 00 George W. Benke do.. 1095 00 ..do.. JosepJohn hH .R. Barne Snydery , Storekeeperdo... do $3pr.d. ..do.. JohJamen sMortime Johnsonr do.. do when ..do.. William Shaw do.. Lazaretto, Balt'r, emp'd ..do


Compen­ Nimes and Offices. Where Employed- I #0l™ sation. Dol. cts. John Randall Inspector. Annapolis.. Md.. 1095 00 George W. Biscoe, Surveyor. Nottingham ..do. 150 00 Michael B. Carroll. .Inspector, do... ..do. 240 00 Oxford. John Willis.... Collector. Oxford .do. 250 00 Nich. Willis, Dep. do,.& Insp. .do. .do. 100 00 Vienna.

Charles Leary Collector. Vienna do, 200 00 D. H. Barrow Dept... do.. .do... ..do. 40 00 Snow Hill.

George Hudson.. ..Collector.Sno w Hill...... do. 312 95 St. Mary's.

T. R. Johnson...... Collector.Port St. Mary's. .do.. 250 00 Robt, Digges, Sur. and Insp'r.Nanjemoy...... do.. 200 00 Town Creek.

Wm. B. Scott...... Surveyor.Tow n Creek .do.. 150 00 Llewellinsburg.

Henry G. S. Rey... Surveyor.Leonar d Town. .do. 200 00 '/V DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Georgetown.

Thos. Turner, Col., Insp., &c.Georgetown.. . ..do. 692 73 Brooke Mackall Inspector...... do ..do. 1095 00 Samuel Bootes, Insp. & Meas. do ..do. 548 23 Thomas Carberry..Inspector. Washington City ..do. 1095 00 Ed. Mattingly ,.do.. do ..do. 200 00 A. Cheshire ..do.. do... .. Va.. 200 00 J.-P. Tenney.. 7. do...... do D.C. 100 00 John Goozler Gauger. Georgetown... Md.. 22 68 Alexandria.

George Brent.. .Collector, &c. Alexandria. .... Va 1387 99 1835. EXECUTIVE. 49


Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born! sation Dol. cts. Ed. Green.. Dep.. Col. & Insp.Alexandria . Eng.. 990 00 James McGuire.. .Sur. & do.. do... Md... 507 44 George S. Hough. .Appraiser. .do., Va... 95 00 John H. Brent do.. .do.. ..do.. 95 00 James Carson Inspector. .do.. Irela'd 1095 00 , Jr do.. .do.. Md... 1095 00 George McCliesh Gauger. .do.. 17 04 .do.. D.C.. John M. Johnson, W. & Meas Va... 1249 30 VIRGINIA. Tappahannock.

Robert S. Garnett Col. Tappahannock, Virg'a 420 71 John A. Parker..Dept. Col. do ..do 300 00 and Inspector Adam Cooke.. Surveyor, In­ Fredericksburg. .do.. 324 07 spector, &e .* Port Royal .do.. 250 00 William Gray do. do Carters Creek.. .do.. 258 00 William Gresham do. do.. Urbanna.. . .do.. 159 75 Henry Muse do. do.. Dumfries .do.. 150 00 James B.C.Thornton...Surv. S3 p. da. R. H. Tapscott. .. .Dept.Carter Insp.s Creek . .do J when C FromUrban- emp'ed. Augustus Owen.... Inspector. 1 na to Freder .do. .do... I icksbur* :! Yeocomico.

Gordon Forbes Surveyor. Yeocomico. .do. 150 00 Folly Landing.

William P. Custis. .Collector.Accoma c C. H. do. 206 18 William Gillett Dept. do.. do .do. 113 20 Richmond.

•Thos. Nelson. Collector. Richmond .do. 1531 60 Geo. B. Read. Dept. Col. do., .do. 1095 00 and Inspector Hugh Thos. Nelson... Dept. do. do. 0 00 Col., Inspector and Clerk. * Amount of the Collector's compensation in 1834. 7 50 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs — Virginia.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. Jos.C.Haley. .Insp., Weigh­ Rocketts Virg'a 1095 00 er and Measurer Charles Roberts... do. do. do Warwick ..do.. 0 00 Ch. C. Richardson, do. do. do.Burmud. a Hund'd ..do.. 1095 00 John H. Strobier Gauger. Richmond ..do.. 0 00 East River. John Daingerfield. .Collector.Eas t River. Va., 275 98 Francis Armistead.. Survey'r. :7.do.. ..do, 231 10 Yorktown.

William Nelson . .Collector.Yorktown . do. 200 00 G. L7C. Salter. . Dept... do.. do. do. 0 00 Petersburg. C. D. Mclndoe Collector.Petersburg. . ..do. 682 14 Joel Hammon.. .P. Inspector. do... ..do. 1095 00 Joshua Poythress do.. City Point.. ..do. 1095 00 Edward Pescud.. Surveyor, ) do. do. 1146 89 Weigher, Measurer, and > Gauger ) Joshua Poythress, Keeper of i ,do. .do.. 100 00 Revenue Boat $ do. .do.. 567 00 John Bruly... Ace. Inspector. do. .do.. 57 00 Thos'. Pescud.. do do...... do. Engl'd 66 00 John Wilson... do do..Petersbur g Va... 450 00 Daniel FosteCherryr Stone. Nathl. Holland...Col., Gau- ) Cherry Stone. .do.. 377 76 ger, and Weigher ) George Holt Inspector .do. do.. 15 00

Norfolk and Portsmouth. Norfolk and) Conway Whittle... Coll'r, &c.S .do.. 2454 87 Jacob Murden, D. Col. & Cl'k. Washington > .do..800 00 N. W. Parker, Insp. & Storek'r. Point...... 3 .do.. 1095 00 John S. Widgen Inspector. Norfolk do.. 1095 00 Wm. Loyall. do.. do do.. 1095 00 do. Alex. Tunstall do.. do...... do.. 1095 00 do 1835. EXECUTIVE. 51


Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. Wm. P. Young Inspector. Portsmouth. Va.. 500 00 Horatio Moore do.. Norfolk ..do. 210 66 James R. Nimmo do.. do... Princess Ann. ..do. 147 15 Joseph James do.. Norfolk ..do. 35 60 Saml. L. Lightfoot do.. ..do. 39 00 do. Jacob Vickery.... Weigher, \ Mass 615 33 Gauger, and Marker $ do. Engl'd802 20 .....do. 1027 63 Thomas M. Corby, Measurer. Va... do. 579 76 Thos. Gatewood, Nav'l Officer. ..do.. A. Taylor, Jr Surveyor. Smithfield. 250 00 Suffolk... ..do.. 254 50 R. Butler do ..do.. Joseph Prentiss do &c.. NORTH CAROLINA. Camden.

Stephen Charles Collector. Elizabeth City. N.Ca, •540 15 Geo. W. Charles... Dept. do..\ do do.. 300 00 John B. Jones Surveyor. Currituck Inlet, ..do. 200 00 Edenton.

Duncan McDonald Col. Edenton .do.. 480 91 Thomas V. Hathaway..Insp.I do .do.. 107 33 Burton W. Hathaway do..' do .do.. 20 84 Isaac Pipkin Surveyor.iMurfreesborough .do.. 200 00 Miles Elliott do..'Hertford do.. 200 00 Plymouth.,

Levi Fagan... Col. &c .'Plymouth. .do. 353 13 George Nicholls.. Insp. Gau- ) I , do. 32 34 ger, Weigher, &c. 5 I • •d0- Benjamin Maitland.. Appra'r. .do. N.Y'k 5 00 Wm. Douglas do..' .do. Scotl'd 5 00 John Haywood.. Surv. & Insp. 'Windsor. N.Ca 153 00 Washington.

Thos. H. Blount... .CollectorWashingto n .do. 649 42 Wm. L. Lavender.. Dept. do., .....do... do. 250 00 Samuel C. Fisher Insp., ) .do. .00. 199 04 Gauger, Weigher & Mea. $ Welcome Hoell... Inspector,) .do. do. 9 81 Gauger and Weigher \ $540 12 amount of compensation for 1834. 52 EXECUTIVE. Sept-

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs — N. fy S. Car. Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol. cts. R. L. Myers.. .Insp., Gauger Washington N.Ca. 65 84 and Weigher Newbern. Thos. S. Singleton Col Newbern do. 484 88 Samuel Wilkins... Dept. do, .do. .do. 556 82 Insp., Gaug., Weigh. & Me Samuel A. Wilkins Insp do do. 61 48 and Measurer $ Swansborough .do. 250 00 James Wade. Surveyor. Ocracoke. Silvester Brown Collector. Ocracoke. Conn. 1083 81 John Mayo Inspector. do. N.Ca. 480 00 Beaufort.

James E. Gibble Col. &c.Beaufort. . do.. 352 58 Isaac Hellen Insp., Gau- ) do. ,do..111 36 ger, Weigher andMeas'r. $ Wilmington.

James Owen Collector. Wilmington ..do.. 1217 10 A. M. Hooper Gauger. do... ..do.. 237 48 NeilMcLaurm Inspector. do... ..do.. 600 00 William Harris.. Mea. & do.. ...do. ..do.. 194 93 Wm. H. Laspeyre do.. ..do. ..do.. 226 16 J. P. Brownlow do.. ..do. ..do.. 143 34 Roger Moore do.. ..do. ..do.. 235 25 do. Seth Hoard.. .Insp., Weigh- ) Mass. 248 42 er, &c I do. N.Ca. 731 67 John D. Jones.. Naval Officer. .do. do.. 637 77 Gabriel Holmes.. .Surv'r. &c. SOUTH CAROLINA. Georgetown.

Thos. L. Shaw, Col. & Insp'r,Georgetown . S.C 250 00 Charleston.

James R. Pringle. .Coll'r, &c.Charlesto n do. 2144 70 1835. EXECUTIVE. 53

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs—S. Carolina.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. Charles Bouchoneau.. Reg'g, ) Charleston.. S.C 1000 00 Bond Clerk,& Book keeper \ Wm. T. McCready, Import, ) do... N. Y..1000 00 Debenture Clerk, &c.,&c. ] do... S.C 840 00 Robert Howard... do do.. do... 350 00 Edward Kennedy, Assis. Cl'k. N. Y.. do... 1344 30 Chas. J.Steedman, Na'l Officer S.C do... 1500 00 Jere'h A. Yates Appraiser. .do. ..do.. 1500 00 Charles L. West do.. .do. N.J... 80 00 James Haynes Porter. .do. Scotl'd 319 37 Yorick Smylie do.. .do. N.J... 1134 12 Thomas H. Jervey.. Surveyor. .do. S.C 200 00 Joshua W. Motte.. Dept.. do.. .do. do.. 1095 00 Robt. Wilson, Board'g Officer. .do. Phil'a. 1095 00 Samuel Champlain .do. Conn. 1320 29 Isaac N. Cordoza.. .Weigher. .do. S.C do. .do. 2794 53 Theodore Gaillard, Measurer. do.. 1095 00 Samuel J. Wagner Store ) .do. do. 1095 00 Keeper and Notice Carrier \ John T. Ellsworth..Gauger, i ....do.. N. Y..1095 00 Marker, and Inspector.... 5 ....do.. S. C 1095 00 Edward Kennedy, Measurer) ....do.. .do.. 1095 00 of Foreign Goods $ ..do. .do.. 1095 00 Isaac McP. Lee Inspector. . .do. .do.. 1095 00 John B. White do.. ..do. R. I... 915 00 Francis J. Lee do.. ..do. Ger'ny 1095 00 William Barnes do.. ..do. .do. Irela'd 1005 00 James B. Campbell do.. do. 1095 00 Henry Sparnick do.. S.C .do. do.. 1095 00 Patrick Cantwell do.. do. 1095 00 William Peronneau do.. .do. do.. 1095 00 Peter Ehney do.. 00 .do. do.. 1095 00 Robert Gibbes do.. .do. Engl'd 771 00 Pi Thomas Steedman, Jr do.. .do. S.C 468 00 William A. Place do.. .do. .do.. 699 00 Charles Rogers do.. • tr l .do. Engl'd 792 00 Thomas Tennant do.. < Bg Kdo. S.C 678 00 William Collier do.. .do. ..do.. 795 00 John Bay do.. .do. ..do.. 645 00 William Roberts do.. .do. ..do.. 708 00 Alexander Howard do.. .do. ..do.. 738 00 J. C. Grierson do.. ..do.. 774 00 E. S. Courtenay do.. ..do.. W J. Smith..'. do.. James H. Mashburne do.. 54 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


_, ,, , , Where Compen- Names ai d Offices. T1 Where Employed. Born- satl01)# Dol. cts. Beaufort. David Turner Collector Beaufort.... jEngl'd 260 70

GEORGIA. Savannah.

Abraham B. Fannin.. Collec'r.Savannah . S. Ca.193 8 80 Thomas S. Wayne. .N. Offi'r. do Ga.... 948 71 John Shellman Surveyor...... do Md... 774 03 John Dennis Inspector. do, Italy.. 1095 00 Samuel C. House do...... do, S. Ca.109 5 00 Raymond P. Demere do.. do. Ga... 1095 00 Joseph George do.. do. N.Y. 1095 00 John-W.Stirk do.. do. 1095 00 William Starr do.. do. Ga... 1095 00 John B. Davis do.. do. Penn. 1095 00 William W. Wash do.. do. Ga. *..109 5 00 Isaac De Lyon do.. .dodo. S. Ca. 1095 00 Ga.... Robert G. Wallace.. Weigh do. 515 07 er and Gauger S. Ca.150 0 00 do. ..do.. William Bee Appraiser do. 1500 00 Charles Stevens do. Ga.... 800 00 Wm. J. Moore...StorekeepeHardwick. r do.. Vacant Col. Hardwick 200 00 Sunbury.

Samuel S. Law Col. Sunbury. Ga.. 250 00 Brunswick.

John N. Mcintosh.... Col. &c Brunswick. ..do.. 502 89 W. Mabry ;.. Insp., Gauger, do.. ..do.. 120 50 Weigher and Measurer,. Armand Lefils Gauger St. Do 8 16 St. Marys.

Archibald Clark. .Col.[Sr. Marys. Ga.. 519 00 M. H. Hebbard.. Insp. i do do, 503 87 1835. EXECUTIVE. 55


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. OHIO. Cuyahoga.

SamL Starkweather, Collect'r.Cleveland. , Mass. 591 20 Solomon W. Cochran, Dep.) do. Ohio.. 475 00 Collector and Inspector... J Samuel Butler Inspector. ... Conn. 240 00 Wm. Hubbard. do.*. Ashtabula CreekjN. Y.. 240 00 Rice Harper do.. Cunningham do Ohio.. 250 00 Walter Woodward do.. Conneath Vt.... 240 00 Miami.

Chas. C. P. Hunt.. .Collector.Maume e City. . Mich. 325 46 Jas. Jackson Inspector. Port of Maumee Irel'nd 200 00 Jas. M. Whitney do..Porto f Toledo | 200 00 Cincinnati.

Robert Pnnshon Surveyor Cincinnati Engl'd 350 00 Sandusky.

Wm. EL Hunter... Collector. Sandusky Ky- 409 04 Geo.S. Patterson...DepL do) ^ ., .. „ „ . L.m aad Inspector . IMom n ot Huron Mass. I 300 00 OrlandoMcNight..Inspector.! ] 200 00 Alex. Anderson do.. 200 00 David C. Roscoe do.. 300 00

MICHIGAN. Mtckilimackinac.

Abraham Wendell, Collector.Mi lchilimacJrina c N.Y.. 835 84 John Agnew Inspector. S.deSt. Marie.. N.J.. 600 00 William Scott do.. Michilimackinaic Mich. 400 00 .

Andrew Mack Collector. Detroit... Conn 1618 42 John B. Vallee..Dep. Coll'r ) do. Fran'ei700 00 and Interpreter \ Wm. F. Mosely. .Dep. Coll'r.Saginaw . Conn. 500 00 John K. Smith do.. St. Clair.. Vf.... 360 00 56 EXECUTIVE. 1835.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs —Mich. — La.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. John Thorn Dep. Coll'r.Blac k River Mich 360 00 John A. Rucker do.. Grosse Isle N.Y. 240 00 James CI. Adams do.. Monroe Vt.. . 360 00 Henry H. Brown.. .Inspector. City & in Office. N.Y. 720 00 David C. MeKinstry do.. Detroit do. 480 00 John E. Schwarz do.. Spring Wells....Ger'n y 360 00 Henry B. Brevoort do.. do N. Y.. 360 00 Francis Cicot do.. River Ecorse Mich. 240 00 Wm. B. Hunt do.. Hamtramck N. Y.. 240 00 Robert Meldrum do..Mt . Clemens.... 360 00 Mich. George McDougall do.. Fort Gratiot 150 00 N. Y.. Joseph F. Marsac do.. Grand Marias... 240 00 Mich. Benjamin Chittenden do.. Thro' Dis. gen'ly 480 00 Mouth St. JosephN.Y. . Thomas A. H. Edwards..do.. 500 00 M. Grand River. Mich. Horace Gray do.. 375 00 LOUISIANA. N.Y.. New Orleans.

James W. Breedlove Col. New Orleans. Va.... 4400 00 P. K. Wagner.. Naval Officer. do... . Penn.. 3000 00 H. D. Peire Surveyor. do... . St. Do.250 0 00 P. G. Bertrand Weigher. do...... do.. 4040 40 J. S. Easton Gauger. do... . R. I...562 1 23 Wm. McCullaugh. .Marker ) do. Penn.. 4363 08 and Measurer > do... . Conn. 1500 00 S. S. Clark Appraiser...... do.... Mass. 1500 00 C. Bradley do...... do... . La.. ..150 0 00 Martin Gordon, Jr..Dept. Col. do... . Va.... 1500 00 Geo. K. Lee Impost Clerk. do... . Mo... 1200 00 A. R. McNair.. Assist, do. do.. do.... Eng .. 1500 00 J. Warbeck.. Registering Clk. do.... La.. .. 1000 00 L. H. Desforges.. As. do. do...... do.... Conn. 1000 00 E. Colfax do. do. do.. do.... N.C.. 1200 00 R. L. De Coin.. Debenture do.. do S.C... 1200 00 Philip Hart Book Keeper...... do Ga.... 1200 00 Leon Brux.. Commercial Clk. do.... La.. .. 1000 00 Joseph Menard Bond do...... do.... do.. 600 00 Cyprien Desforges.. Col'g do...... do.... Ky... 1095 00 John McClure.. .Storekeeper...... do.... Irel'nd 600 00 John Price Assistant do. Madisonville.. do.. 250 00 William Batterson.. Surveyor New Orleans.. N.C.. 1095 00 William Shepherd.. Inspector do Va.... 1095 00 L.B.Willis do. do Penn.. 1095 00 John Rollins do. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 57

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Customs —La. ^-Miss.

Compen­ Names add Offices. Where Employed. Where Born. sation. Dol. cts. Michael Smelser ... Inspector.Ne w Orleans. Penn. 1095 00 T.J. Beck do.. do Va... 1095 00 J. M. Vandergf iff do.. do N. J.. 1095 00 L. A. Bayon do.. do St. Do 1095 00 do..... T. J. Jones. do.. .do. Md... 1095 00 Gabriel De Feriet. do.. .do. La.... 1095 00 J. McFarlane do.. .do. Irel'nd 1095 00 Anthony Samuel do.. .do. Va. 1095 00 H. L. Peire do.. .do. La.. 1095 00 Hugh Ker do.. 1095 00 .do. Irel'nd John Thibaut do...... do 1095 00 La.... Stephen Chapiella do.. do 1095 00 do.. A. Viviant...... do.. do 1095 00 Cuba. J. B. Glueri do.. do 1095 00 La John Shuttleworth do.. English Turn.,, 1095 00 Mass. D. Farrar . .Boarding Officer.Baliz e 1095 00 S.C W. B. G. Taylor do. do..Sout h West Pass. Irel'nd 1095 00 John Fitzgerald do. do..Baso n Carondelet N.C.. 1095 00 John Taylor.. .• do. do.. 1095 00 Teche. O. D. Langstaff Collector. Franklin. 250 00 Madisonville.

Wm. Patterson Surveyor. Madisonville.. Conn. 250 00

MISSISSIPPI. Pontchartrain.

John W. Bingey Surveyor. P. Ponchaftrain. Va... 242 06 Theodore S. Davis, Dept..do.. do N. H. 83 75 Pearl River.

P. R. R. Pray Collector. Pearlington. Mass 250 00 Natchez.

Jas. Stockman Col. Natchez 500 00 A. Marschalk... Sur. & Insp. ( do. 0 00 8 58 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT—Customs — Ala.—Ky.—Flo. Where Compen­ Where Employed. Names and Offices. Born. sation. Dol. cts. ALABAMA. Mobile. Geo. W. Owen Collector.Mobil e Va.. 3000 00 F. L. Owen, Dep. Col. & Cl'k. .do. do. 1200 00 A. C. Hollinger, Insp., Mea- ) .do. Ala.. 2500 00 surer, Weigher and Gau- > ger... ) ...do. Mass 1095 00 Charles A. Henry.. Inspector. ..do. .do., 1095 00 Saml. G. Swift.. Temp... do.. ...do. Ala... $3 p. d. Zeno Orso .-.do do.. ..do. N. Y.. 135 00 David Talcott Appraiser. Conn, 135 00 Henry Daggett do.. KENTUCKY. Louisville. B. J. Harrison Surveyor. Louisville. 350 00

FLORIDA. Pensacola. Robert Mitchell Collector Pensacola N. C. 562 48 R. A. Mitchell Inspector, do do.. 1095 00 W. M. Loftin Surveyor, St. Andrews Bay. do.. 300 00 St. Johns. Philip J. Dell Inspector. St. Johns. Flori'a 300 00 Appalachicola.

Gabriel J. Floyd Collector. Appalachicola. Ky... 1146 00 Jesse F. Potts Inspector. do , N. C. 1095 00 St. Augustine.

John Rodman Collector. St. Augustine. N. Y.. 500 00 George Gibbs Inspector. do N.C.. 548 80 David R. Dunham do.. New Smyrna.. N. Y.. 200 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 59


Names and Offices. Where Employed, ^here Compen­ sation. Dol. cts. St. Marks.

Ambrose Crane.... Surveyor, St. Marks. Conn. Key West.

Wm. A. Whitehead... .Col.") Key West...... N.J.. and Superintendent Lights ) Adam Gordon Insp. and Ido N. H. Dept. Collector...... 7 5 .... .do Is.Tri. Stephen R. Mallorg Insp. Indian Key Mass. Charles Howe do.. Charlottes Harb'r H. B. Crews do.. Va... Cape Florida.. John Dubose do.. S.C. Key West Alden A. M. Jackson.. Tern.) N.Y.. Inspector 5 do. Spain, Wm. H. Wall.. Temporary i Weigher and Gauger 5 ..do. Is. Tri. Stephen R. Mallorg...do. do.. do. Penn. ....do. N.J.. GC.M.Wells.. E. Weaver.. )Tem) pra'r.s C$bf em'd. p. ) do. J.W.Simonton> Ap- •Jd.wh, Md... 60 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Name—Rank. Date of Com­ Cutter and Station. mission.

OFFICERS OF THE REVENUE CUT­ TERS. CAPTAINS. John Cahoon 25th Jan. 1812! On leave of absence John Jackson 24th April,1818 ! Jefferson-Charl'n Stat'n. John A. Webster 22d Nov, 18l9|Taney—Norfolk Winslow Foster 28th Mar 18211 Vigilant—Newport 7 Henry D. Hunter 15th Nov 1824 Jackson—On the Coast.. William W. Polk.... 25th July, 1825;Rush—New York Nicholas Bicker.. 29th Aug 1821828Alert—Ne9 w York Daniel Dobbin 4th April, Wolcott—New Haven... 1829 Erie—Lake Erie ... Andrew Master 4th April, Madison—Portsmouth... 1829 Thos. M. Shaw 5th Sept. On Furlough 1831 Wm. A. Howard 31st Dec Washington—Key West. Farnifbld Green 16th May, 1832 Swiftsure—Eastport Uriah Coolidge 1st June 1832 Waiting Orders Robert Day 2d Junej 1832 Gallatin-WiTngton,Del. Joseph Gold 11th June, 1833 Dallas—New Orleans... Ezekiel Jones 4th Jan 18354 Hamilton—BostoMorris—Portlandn. Lewis Girdler 2d June, 1834 Dexter—Mobile. Thomas C. Rudolph.. 3d June WmFIRS. TGatewoo LIEUTENANTSd . 7th April, Michael Conner 25th Sept 1828 Erie—Lake Erie. Caleb Currier 13th April,183 0 Madison—Portsmouth.. John Berse 21st Julv, 1830 Rush—New York. Green Walden 15th Dec. 1830 Morris—Portland. Charles B. Childs 31st May, 1831 Waiting Orders. Levi C. Harby 28th July, 1831 Dallas—New Orleans Philemon Gatewood.. 31st May, 1832 Waiting Orders. Henry B. Nones 2d June] 1832j Alert—New York Josiah Sturgis 4th June, 1832 McLane—New Bedford. Henry Prince, Jr 5th June 1832'Wolcott—New Haven.. Josiah Murch 23d Oct. 1831832!GaUatin—Wil'ngton,Del3 . John Whitcomb 31st Dec. Hamilton—Boston 18332 Swiftsure.—Eastport Richard Evans 1st Jan. Jackson—On the Coast. 18343 Taney—Norfolk. Samuel P. Scott 3d Jan. Vigilant—Newport.... 1834 Napoleon L. Coste 4th Jan. De xter—Mobile 1834 H. N. Tracy 2d June, Jefferson—Charleston.. 1«34 John Little 11th July, Campbell—Baltimore.. Wm. B. Whitehead.. 11th July, JohnC. Jones 7th April. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 61


Date of Commis­ Name—Rank. Cutter and Station. sion.


Stephen Thatcher 18th Jan. 1831 Wolcott—New Haven W. M. A. Moore 30th May,183 2 Dallas—New Orleans. Gay Moore.7 .... 1st June, 1832 Taney—Norfolk... Alex.V. Frazer..... 4th June, 1832|Alert—New York. Douglas Ottinger 5th June, 1832Erie—Lake Erie... William Russel.. — 17th Dec. 1832'Dexter—Mobile.. . John J. Nimmo 28th Dec. 1831832'Vigilant—Newport2 Waiting Orders . George Hay 31st Dec. 1833 Gallatin—Wilmington Charles Grover.. 1st Jan. 1833 Campbell—Baltimore. Thomas' Sands 3d Jan. 1833 Hamilton^-Boston Thomas Stoddart..., 5th Jan. 1833 Washington—Key West Charles B. Beaufort., 7th Aug. 1833 McLane—New Bedford Francis Martin , 12th Aug. 1833 Jefferson—Charleston. Stephen Cornell 10th Oct. 1833iSwiftsure—Eastport... Joseph A. Noyes. 18th Dec. 1834 Rush—New York Peter Storer.....,.., 2d June, 1834 Jackson—on the Coast JohnM. Gorrau...... 11th July, 1834 Madison—Portsmouth James H. Roach..... 12th July, THIRD LIEUTENANTS. Blyden Hedge 4th Jan. 1833 Rush—New York. Samuel Winchester.. 5th Jan. 1833 Dexter—Mobile, George Clark '5th Jan. 1833 Washington—Key West William B. McLean 22d Mar. 1833 Madison— Portsmouth. John Walker. 31st Mar. 1833 Taney—Norfolk. David M. Stokes.... 23d April, 1833 Vigilant—Newport. Richard Powell. 6th July, 1833 Hamilton—Boston. Thomas Osburn. ... 10th Oct. 1833. Jefferson—Charleston. John B. Fulton 18th Dec. 1833) Waiting orders George Berriman... 18th Dec. 1833|Gallatin—Wilmington.. Arnold Burrough... 18th Dec. 1833 Swiftsure—Eastport Richard D. Millen.. 31st Mar. 1834 McLane—New Bedford. ... 1834 Campbell—Baltimore. 24th April,183 4 Wolcott—New Haven.. Beverly Digges J20th June,183 4 Alert—New York Charles A. Newton... 11th July, 1834 Morris—Portland Samuel T. Williams.111th July, 1834 Dallas—New Orleans... John B. Meigs 1st Sep. 1834 Jackson—on the Coast.. John W. Hunter, Jr.. '24th Oct.1835'Morris—Portlan d Supply Clapp Foss. : |31st Aug. THE COMPENSATION OP THE OFFICERS OP REVENUE CUTTERS IS AS FOLLOWS: Captains $892per annum.:2d Lieutenants.. 712 per annum. 1st Lieutenants.652 per annum.|3d Lieutenants..592per annum. LIGHT HOUSES

States. Light Houses. Superintendents. Keepers. Where Born. Compen­ sation. Dol. cts. Maine Portland John Chandler. Joshua Freeman Maine 350 00 ..do.. Seguin... do... John Salter Massachusetts, 400 00 Whitehead .do. ...do.. Joseph Berry. 410 00 Franklin Island .do. New York, ...do.. Thomas Hanna 350 00 Wood Island .do. ...do.. Abraham Norwood... 350 00 West Cluoddy Head. .do. Maine ...do.. .do. Peter Godfrey 410 00 ...do.. Petit Manan John Simpson Pond Island .do. 350 00 ...do.. James Lennan New Hampshire Burnt Island .do. 350 00 ...do.. .do. Joseph P. Chandler... Maine Libby Island ; 350 00 ...do.. .do. JohnMcKellar Massachusetts.. Monhegan Island... 350 00 ...do.. .do. George B. Wormell... do 350 00 ...do.. Owl's Head .do. .do. Isaac Stearns .. *. Maine 350 00 ...do.. Moose Peak Island.. .do. Alexander Milliken... 400 00 ...do.. Martinicus Rock Maine. .do. Thomas G. McKellar. .do. 450 00 ...do.. Pemaquid Point .do. Isaac Dunham Baker's Island 350 00 ...do.. .do. William Gilley Maine. 350 00 Cape Elizabeth .do. ..do.. Ebenezer Dyer do. 450 00 ..do.. Dice's Head .do. Jacob Sherburne do. Hendrick's Head .do. 350 00 ..do.. John Upham 350 00 ..do.. Mount Desert Rock. .do. Esaias Preble Brown's Head .do. 600 00 ...do.. David Wooster 350 00 ...do.. Marshall's Point John Watts Goat Island 350 00 ...do.. John Lord, 2d 350 00 do. Negro Island do Henry K. M. Bowers. 350 00 N. Hampshire. Portsmouth.. . Daniel P. Drown. Allen Porter 350 00 ...do White Island. do Joseph L. Locke... 600 00 ...do Whales Back. ....•••..do Samuel E. Haskell. 550 00 ...do Boon Island.. do Eliphalet Grover... 600 00 Massachusetts Boston David Henshaw David Tower 400 00 do Thatcher's Island. . do.... Austin Wheeler Massachusetts. 450 00 do Baker's Island..... do.... Ambrose Martin ....do 400 00 do Plumb Island do.... Phineas George 350 00 do Cape Cod do.... Massachusetts. 350 00 John Grozer 400 00 do Plymouth do.... Joseph Burgiss ....do ....do , 350 00 do Wigwam Point do.... George Day 350 00 do Scituate do.... Zeba Cushing Massachusetts. 350 00 do Race Point do.... Elijah Dyer Sweden 350 00 do Long Island Head. do.... Charles Beck 350 00 do Ten Pound Island. do.... Amos Story Massachusetts, 400 00 400 00 do Billingsgate Island. do.... AbijahGill do Massachusetts. 350 00 Sandy Neck do.... Henry Baxter 400 00 do Long Point do.... Charles Derby 350 00 do Gloucester Point do.... Samuel Wonson 400 00 do Straitmouth Harbor. do.... Benjamin W. Andrews Massachusetts, 350 00 do Marblehead do.... Ezekiel Darling...... do , 350 00 do Gayhead John P. Norton.. Ellis Skiff 350 00 Massachusetts, 450 00 do Clark's Point do. ... Edward H. Howland ....do 300 00 do Cutter Hunk Island. do.... Nickerson Chase.... do Nantucket do.... Caleb Cushman , do Nantucket Beacon. . do.... David Coffin, 2d States. Light Houses. Superintendents. Keepers. Whore Born. Compen­ sation. Massachusetts Dol. cts. Nantucket Harbor Light John P. Norton. Aaron Folger Massachusetts. 300 00 do Cape Poe do. Lot Norton do 350 00 do Chatham Samuel Stinson. 400 00 do Point Gammon .do. John A. Peak... Massachusetts. 350 00 do Holme's Hole ..do! James West do 350 00 do Tarpaulin Cove ! .do! 350 00 John Hayden... 400 00 do Bird Island ! !do! John Clark do Massachusetts. 400 00 Monamoy Point , " [do! David Bearse.,. 350 00 do .....dO: Nobsque Point do! Peter Daggett...... do 350 00 do Dumpling Rock. ! !do! Levi Smith 350 00 do...... do Edgartown.Newport . do! Jeremiah Pease; Rhode Island. William Littlefield. Sylvester R. Hazzard, Rhode Island. 350 00 do Watch Hill...... do Enoch W. Vose 350 00 do Point Judith do Henry C. Gantt 350 00 do Goat Island do Samuel Watson Rhode Island. 350 00 do..... Dutch Island... .do William Dennis do.... 350 00 Warwick Neck. do Abbey Wait 350 00 do Rhode Island. 350 00 do Nayat Point do Daniel Wightman Block Island do.... 400 00 do do William A.Weeden.. 350 00 Poplar Point... do Samuel Thomas, Jr... do Juniper Island. Vermont , Arch. W. Hyde. Malachi Corning. 350 00 Connecticut.. New London Ingoldsby W.Crawford John G. Munn 350 00 .do. Faulkener's Island. do Eli Kimberly .do. 350 00 .do. Lynde Point do Daniel Whittlesey.. do. 350 00 .do. Stonington do William Potter do. 350 00 .do. Morgan's Point 350 00 do Ezra Daboll Connecticut. 350 00 .do. Five Mile Point William H. Ellis. Elihulves do.. 350 00 .do. Stratford Point .do Samuel Buddington. do.. 350 00 .do. Fairweather Island.. .. do Stephen T. Moore...... do.. 350 00 «© .do. Norwalk Island do Gershom B. Smith.. 350 00 .do. Great Captains Island. do James Merritt.. New York Eaton's Neck. Samuel Swartwout. John H. Gardiner. New York. 350 00 do Sands Point. do Noah Mason Connecticut 350 00 do Old Field Point: do Elizabeth Smith... New York. 350 00 do Fire Island Inlet: do 7 Felix Doming . 500 00 New York, 350 00 do Throgg's Neck. do James Baylis 350 00 ...... do Stoney Point. do Leonard K. Baker. Rhode Island. 350 00 do Fort Tompkins...... do Benjamin Church. New York 300 00 do .. Kinderhook...... do 7 John Carroll. 350 00 do Four Mile Point. ...do Stephen Winans.. 350 00 do Saugerties. do Abraham Persons, 350 00 Rhode Island. 600 00 do Montauk. John P. Osborn.7 .7 Patrick F. Gould. . New York... 350 00 do Little Gull Island...... do Frederick Chase.. 350 00 do Plumb Island...... do...... Sineus Cdnkling .. Massachusetts. 350 00 do Buffalo. Pierre A. Barker.. Silvanus Russell.. Vermont 350 00 do Fort NTiagara. do Ezekiel Jewett Connecticut... 350 00 do Portland Harbor. do Joshua Lane. New York. .., 400 00 350 00 do Dunkirk do Abraham Day do... 7. do Galloo Island Jacob Gould Zenas Hastings.., do Oswego...... do...... Orlo Steele. States. Light Houses. Superintendents. Keepers'. Where bom. Compen­ sation. Dol. cts. New York Genesee Jacob Gould.... Giles H. Holden New Hampshire 350 00 do.. Sodus Bay.., ...do... Bermet C. Fitzhugh.. Maryland.. 350 00 .do. Tibbits Point. .do... Nelson B. Williams.. New York.. 350 00 do. Horse Island. do... John McKnit...- 350 00 350 00 do. 0£densbur°:.. Baron S. Doty. Amos Wells. New Jersev... Sandy Hook Jos. W. Reckless... John Casler.... New Jersey. 500 00 do...., Highlands of Neversink do James Wilson...... do.. 600 00 do Princess Bay do Abel Rawson... New York.. 350 00 do Barnegat Shoals George W. Tucker. Henry V. Low. 350 00 Pennsylvania. Presqu' Isle Thomas Forster. Robert Kincaid.... 350 00 do Pre.squ' Isle Beacon. do.... Samuel L. Forster. 300 00 Delaware. .... Cape Henlopen Henry Whiteley. Kendall Batson Delaware.. 400 00 do Cape Henlopen Beacon, do Kendall Batson do.. 250 00 1 do /Cape Maiy.. .do. Ezekiel Stevens..... 400 00 • do. Bombay Hook, New Jersey He .do. Duncan Stewart 450 00 • do. Canon's Ditch... .do. John Smith. 450 00 do. Mispillion Creek. 400 00 .do. Thomas Carlisle,.... do. Christiana River. 350 00 .do. Benjamin Garretson. Maryland. .... Bodkin Island. Robert Lyon, Jr, Philip Marshall. 400 00 -do North Point. do... Elizabeth Riley..... 600 00 do Thomas' Point. do.... Augustine Sappington. 350 00 .do. Pool's Island do. Sylvester Nugent. .. 460 00 .do. Smith's Island .do. JohnM. White 375 00 .do. Concord Point .do. JohnO'Neil 350 00 350 00 .do. Cove Point .do. Walter Wyvill .do. 350 00 Point Lookout , ,do. Ann Davis 350 00 .do. Lazaretto Point .do. William Shaw 375 00 • do. Clay Island .do. James L. Waller. .. 350 00 • do. Turkey Point .do. Robert C. Luzby.... 350 00 • do. Little Watts Island James W. Twiford. Virginia.... .do. Cape Henry Conway Whittle. Travy Burroughs..., Virginia.. 500 00 do.... 400 00 Old Point Comfort. do.... John Luke do. ..do.... do. 400 00 Smith's Point Yarrett Hughlett do. do.... do. 400 00 New Point Comfort Wm. R. Brownley... do. do.... do. 500 00 Smith's Island Thos. S. Brickhouse, .do. 400 00 do.... do. Back River Point.. William Jett , 400 00 do.... do. Assateague Island. David Watson North Carolina Baldhead James Owen Sedgwick Springs. Delaware 400 00 do... Federal Point. do Edward Newton.. North Carolina. 400 00 do.., Cape Hatteras Thomas H. Blount. Isaac Farrow..... do 400 00 do... Pamptico Point.... .do Samuel Fulford,.. do 400 00 do... Ocracoke Silvester Brown 400 00 Anson Harker do 400 00 ...... do... Cape Lookout James E. Gibble.... William Fulford.. do 400 00 do... Roanoake Marshes. Duncan McDonald. Littlejohn Pugh... do South Carolina Charleston James R. Pringle. St. Loe Mellichamp. South Carolina. 400 00 .do. Racoon Key. do..... Thomas Skrine .....do 450 00 .do. North Island. Thomas L. Shaw. Samuel N. Marsh... do 400 00 J State?. Light Houses. Superintendents. Keepers. Where Born. Compen­ sation. Dol. cts- Georgia.. Tybee Abraham B. Fannin. Patrick Ramsbottom, 433 33 do. Tybee Beacon do ...... do 100 00 do. St. Simons Island John N. Mcintosh.... James Gould Connecticut, 400 00 do. Sapelo Island do , William Donnelly... New York. 400 00 do. Beacons on Wolf Isla'd, do , John Odena 400 00 do. Cumberland Island Connecticut Archibald Clark. Amos Latham 400 00 Louisiana Bayou St. John Jas. W. Breedlove... Com'ing Offic'r of Fort 250 00 do. Franks Island do , Henry R. Crask 600 00 do. do. S. W. Pass of Mississip John Wolf 600 00 .do. do. S. Point, Gordon's Isl'd William R. Knight. 600 00 do. do. Pleasontons Is'd, Rigol's Isaac H. Smith 500 00 .do. Maine do. Cat Island George Riolly 500 00 .do. Mississippi, do. Pass Christian Ogden D. Langstaff. Robert A. Heirn 500 00 do. Point Defer Wm. H. Armstrong. 600 00 St. Augustine Florida. ., John Rodman John Andres , 400 00 Mosquito Inlet do., do Wm. H. Williams 450 00 St. Johns River do.. James Dell John Warren. 400 00 Cape Florida do.. Wm. A. Whitehead. John Dubose 600 00 Dry Tortugas ...... do.. do Alex. Thompson.. 600 00 Sand Key do.. do Frederick Neill 600 00 Whiteheads P't, K. W. do. do Barbara Mabrity.. 500 00 St. George's Island do.. Gabriel J. Floyd Willis Nichols..., Florida. 500 00 St. Marks do.. Jesse H. Willis Samuel Cosby. 500 00 .do. Pensacola Robert Mitchell Jer'h Ingraham Massachusetts. Alabama. Mobile George W. Owen. Comm'g Offic'r of Fort do. Choctaw Point. do James Miller ?.. do. Round Island.. do Curtis Lewis Mississippi. Natchez. Andrew Marschalk... Joseph Bowman. Ohio Grand River Samuel Starkweather.Elija h Dixon , • do. Cleveland do... Stephen Woolverton. Virginia. do. Turtle Island do Oliver Whitmore. ... .do. Sandusky do.. Jer'h V. Benschooler. .do. Port Clinton do Austin Smith .do. Conneaut River do Walter Woodward... .do. Mouth of Huron River. do.... Morris Jackson .do. Michigan. CunninghaFort Gratiotm. Creek Andrew Macdok GeorgEphraie mMcDougall Shaler . do.. Otter Creek Point do...... John Whipple do. Bois Blanc Abraham Wendell.. Eber Ward Massachusetts. do. M. of St. Joseph's River. do., Thomas Fitzgerald. do.. Thunder Bay Island.... do Jesse Muncey do. Chicago do William Stevens FLOATING LIGHTS. Massachusetts. Tuckanuck Shoal. John P. Norton. Henry Bernard. Massachusetts. Connecticut. ..Bartletts Reef Ingoldsby W.Crawford Levi Case Mates. Floating Lights. Superintendents Keepers. Where Boru. Compeu © sauon. "3 Delaware. .. Five Fathom Bank.. Henry Whiteley. Humphrey Hughes. 700 00 to do.... Brandywine Shoal... do.... Richard Saunders... 500 00 i> do Upper Middle Shoal. do..., George H. Geddes.. Delaware 500 00 Maryland. .. Hoopers Straits. Robert Lyon, Jr. John Hooper, 500 00 Virginia.... w Craney Island Conway Whittle.. William Tee Maryland. 450 00 do.... Smith's Point.. do Edward Chamberlin. 500 00 X do.... Willoughbys Spit... do JohnB. Sale Virginia.. 500 00 > do.... Wolf Trap Shoals...... do Ralph Johnson Canada... 500 00 # H i-3 do.... Mouth of Rappahannock do...,. John G. Cox. Virginia.. 500 00 O .do Bowlers Rock Robert S. Garnett. do. 400 00 Albert G. McCarty... 400 00 C7 do.... Narrows of Potomac. George Brent Nath'l Blackstone.... 2 North Carolina Pamptico Sound...... Silvester Brown James Ga skill North Carolina, 500 00 < do I Royal Shoal do James Wallace, ... do 500 00 1 do.... Nine Feet Shoal do Richard Jones do 500 00 do.... Mouth of Neuse River do Saml. Whilehurst.. 500 00 3fe .do . do.... Brant Island Shoal do Otway Burns 500 00 500 00 C^ do.... Wades Point Shoal... Stephen Charles Silby Harney do.... Mouth of Roanoke River 500 00 t" Duncan McDonald.. Taylor H. Walker. a* Florida Carysfort Reef,.. Wm. A. Whitehead. John Whalton. 700 00 (Junction of Lakes ft Michigan. .. Abraham Wendall.. William Keith, c Huron & MichiganI 500 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 71

TREASURY DEPARTMENT— Registers of Land Offices.

Where uom" Names. Where Employed. Born. P?.1"

REGISTERS. Joseph Wood. Marietta.. Ohio.jN, Jer, Samuel A. Barker. ... Zanesville do.. DavidHoge ... Steubenville.. do., Vin Thomas Scott Chillicothe do.. N.Jer, Peyton S. Symmes. ... Cincinnati do.. Joseph S. Lake Wooster do.. John P. Helfenstein... Lima ,. .do.. Thomas Gillespie. Bucyrus do.. William Lewis Jefferson ville... Indiana.Swit' d John Badollet V.incennes do.. Arthur St. Clair Indianapolis...... do.. Charles Tyler Crawfordsville do.. Robert Brackenridge.. Fort Wayne do.. David Robb La Porte do.. James C. Sloo Shawneetown... Illinois. Miles Hotchkiss Kaskaskia do.. Samuel H. Thompson Edwards ville . do..W.I n Charles Prentice Vandalia do.. Joseph Kitchell...... Palestine , do.. George Forquer Springfield do.. Jno. C. Alexander.... Danville. , do...' Samuel Alexander Gluincy , do... Penn. James Evans Galena... do.. James Whillock. Chicago . do., William Christy St. Louis. Missouri. Hampton L. Boon Fayette., .do.. William Wright Palmyra , dp.. Frank. J. Allen Jackson do.. Finis Ewing. jLexington do.. Joel H. Haden Springfield do., James MeGoffin St. Stephens... Alabama. Alanson Saltmarsh... Cahaba ...do.. John J. Coleman Huntsville ..»- do.. John H. Vincent...... Tuscaloosa. do.. Wade H. Greening.. Sparta .„,...... do. r S.Car Andrew J. Crawford. Demopolis do.. Jno. H. Sommerville. Montgomery do.. Jacob T. Bradford... Mardis ville do.. Thomas W. Newman Washington, Mississippi. William Howze Augusta do.. Thomas L. Sumrall.. Mount Salus do.. Samuel Gwin Chocchuma do.. William Dowsing Columbus....,. do..; B. Z. Canonge New Orleans, Louisiana. John James Taylor .. Opelousas do.. 12 EXECUTIVE Sept.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Receivers of Land Offices.

Where Com­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. pen­ sation.

J. M. A. Hamblin Ouachita 7 Louisiana p John Killian St. Helena. do. i o Penn John Biddle Detroit.. Michigan Ter •s P Abraham Edwards Bronson do., Levi S. Humphrey Monroe do., g§ John P. Sheldon Mineral Point do., £! William B. Slaughter..Gree n Bay do.. 0) P« Isaac Folsom Bates ville.. Arkansas T. o© Samuel M. Rutherford. Little Rock do.. p o George Conway Washington do.. P<& Fayette ville do.. O^ William McK. Ball.... P V John T. Cabean Helena do.. o v Robert J. Hackley Tallahassee Florida. .5 o Charles Downing St. Augustine do.. .2 S3 RECEIVERS. $2 David C. Skinner Marietta Ohio sS John Hall Zanesville do. JohnH. Viers Steuben ville do. S§ •*s P John Coates Chillicothe do. a 2 Morgan Neville Cincinnati do., . -f-i James Finley Wooster do., D £ ft William Blackburn... Lima do.. S Jos. H. Larwill Bucyrus do.. Jas. T. Pollock Crawfordsville. .. ..do.. P: ~ John Spencer Fort Wayne do.. HP

TREASURY DEPARTMENT — Receivers—Surveyors.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.

Robert T. Brown... Springfield.. .Missouri. John H. Owen St. Stephens..Alabama. Uriah G. Mitchell.. Cahaba do.. Samuel Cruse Huntsville do.. Md.. Wm. G. Parish Tuscaloosa. do.. N. C. Armstead D. Carey. Sparta do.. Thomas Simpson... Demopolis do.. Nimrod E. Benson. . Montgomery do.. Levi W. Lawler Mardisville do.. Anthony W. Rabb. . Washington .Mississippi Griffin H. Holliman. Augusta do Samuel W. Dixon.. Mount Salus do R.H.Sterling Chocchuma do Wiley P. Harris Columbus do Maurice Cannon New Orleans.Louisiana John L. Daniel Opelousas do.. Ransom Easton Ouachita do.. Penn Paris Childress St. Helena do.. Jonathan Kearsly... Detroit... M. Territory. Thos. C.Sheldon... Bronson do.. Dan. B.Miller Monroe do.. Joseph Eneix Mineral Point . do.. S. W. Beall Green Bay do.. Aaron W. Lyon Batesville, A. Territory. Peter T. Crutchfield. Little Rock. do.. Daniel T.Wilter... Washington do.. Va Matthew Leeper Fayetteville do.. Davis Thompson Helena do.. RicharSURVEYORSd K. Call. ... . Tallahassee .. .Florida. William H. Allen.. St. Augustine. do.. SURVEYOR GENERAL. {In Ohio and Indiana.) Robert T. Lytle Cincinnati Va..


Samuel Williams do. Penn.


Samuel Morrison. do ElishaDeville. ... do, 10 74 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. John B. Warren.. -. Cincinnati. 650 00 Jesse Williams, .do. 600 00 Augustus Hopkins. . .do. 650 00 Charies Woellner.. , .do. 575 00 James Allen.... .do. 575 00 SURVEYOR . GENERAL. {In Illinois ($• Missouri.) •Elias T. Langham St. Louis Missouri. Va... 2000 m


• WEliam Milbourn .do G.B'n 900 00


•A. H. Evans...... do. Va... 800 00 •£harles Neyfield,. ., .do 700 00 •John 'Warnock.'— .do. S. Ca'.60 0 00 •Fernando A. Evans. .do. 600 00 *J. T. Sprigg .do, 600 00 •Richard BL Pitts.... .do, 600 00 SURVEYOR GENERAL. (In .Alabama.)

James H. Weakley...Florenc e Alabama, Va. 2000 00


F. Sannener. do. Italy.. 1000 00


William Weakley. do. 1000 00 Maurice P. Hore.. .do. 500 00 Richard.Corbran... do. -P *-• 500 00 Edward M. Ward. do. 400 00 SURVEYOR GENERAL. {Territory of Florida.)

•Robert Butler Tallahassee ... Florida.Term . 2000 00 CLERKS. Isham G. Searcy do. 1000 00 *For the 3d quarter, 1834, no account since. 1335. EXECUTIVE. 75


Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation.

Robert W. Williams. Tallahassee... Charles Haire do

SURVEYOR GENERAL. (i» Arkansas.) James S. Conway Little Rock.... Ar.Ter.


Josiah Gould., .do. Robert A. Callaway.. .do. David F.Shall .do. Robert West, (extra). do. Elias N. Conway..... do. SURVEYOR GENERAL. {In Louisiana.) Henry T. Williams. DonaldsviUe.Louisiana.


R. W. Boyd. do. J.A.Powell. do.

SURVEYOR GENERAL. (Chickasaw Lands.} •John Bell Pontitock.. Mississippi.


•Henry M. Lusher. do.


•David W. Parrish. do. •Wm. D. Lushers... do.

*For the 1st quarter, 1835, no account since. 76 EXECUTIVE. Sept.


Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Bom. sation. Dol. cts. U. S. MINT.

OFFICERS AND CLERKS. Robert M. Patterson Philadelphia. Penn 2000 00 Director Wm. Findlay... Treai .do. do. 1200 00 Adam Eckfeldt. .Chief do. do. 1500 00 Coiner Jacob R. Eckfeldt..As- .do. .do., 1500 00 sayer _ Joseph Cloud.. Melter } .do. .do.,1500 00 and Refiner \ .do. .do. 1200 00 William Kneass. .En- ^ .'.".As-> graver... .do. .do.,1000 00 Franklin Peale.jr.... . \ sistant Assayei .do. do.. 1000 00 John S.Benezet..Trea­ surer's Clerk do. do.. 700 00 William E.DuBois.. .do. N.J. 600 00 Director's Clerk ... Ed. Sprague ... Book­ keeper COMMISSIONERS for the final adjustment of private Land Claims in Missouri. James S. Mayfield St. Louis, Miss. .do.. 1500 00 James H. Relfe do .do.. 1500 00 F. R. Conway.. Recorder and i .do. do.. 1500 00 ex-officio Commissioner.. J 1835. EXECUTIVE. 77



Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ Born. sation. Dol. cts. SECRETARY.

Lewis Cass Washington N. H. 6000 00


C. A. Harris do. Tenn, 2000 00

CLERKS. L. L. Van Kleeck 1600 00 As Superintendent of the do., N.Y J 250 00 Building do. Md... John T. Cochran 1400 00 .do. Mass. 1400 00 William Ward .do. Va.. .100 0 00 William Robinson .do. N. H. 1000 00 Joseph D. Webster .do. Engl'd 800 00 Charles CalverMESSENGERt .

William Markward ,do N.J. 650 00


Francis Datcher , .do. Md... 400 00



William Gordon. .do. Md... 1400 00 Edward Stephens. do. Irel'd. 1000 00 MESSENGER.

George Thompson... do. Engl'd 400 00



James L. Edwards do. Va.. 2500 00 78 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Pension Office.

Where Compt n- Names and Offices. Where Employed. Boru. 1 sativu. Dol. cts. CHIEF CLERK.

George W. Crump Washington Va. 1600 00


William S.Allison...... do.... N. J. 1400 00 French S. Evans do.... Va.. 1400 00 Henry H. Sylvester...... do.... N. H. 11400 00 Francis A. Dickins.. do.... EngPdI400 00 Vinal Luce ....do.... Mass. 1200 00 John D. Wilson ....do.... Md. .. 1200 00 Nathan Rice .... do.... William M. Steuart. do Mass .1200 00 Daniel D. Addison... do..... Ga.Va.... 1000 0000 Reuben Burdine ....do NMd... J,., 1000 00 Daniel Brown ....do Irel'd. 1000 00 Daniel Boyd ....do Del.. 1000 00 George Taylor ....do.---- IN. 800 00 E. D.BullocMESSENGERSk . ....do a.

John Brannan .do. Irel'd. 400 00 John B. Weaver do. Md.. . 400 00 F. R. Dorsett .do. do..I 400 00 AGENTS FOR PAYING PENSIONS IN THE DIFFERENT STATES AND TERRITORIES. Under Act 10th April, 1816.

Joshua Wingate, Jr Portland, Maine Mass none. William Appleton. , Boston, Mass do. .do. Philip Allen Providence, R. I. .do. Vt... Heman Allen Burlington, Vt. .do. N.Y. Isaac Lawrence New York City. .do. ANichola. Brackenridgs Biddle Philadelphia... Penn .do. Richard Anderson Pittsburgh, Pa.. Va.. ..do. John Huske |Fayetteville,N7CRichmond, Va . N. C. ..do. Joseph Johnson [Charleston, S C. S.C. ..do., William Richardson Lexington, Ky.. ..do., ..do., 1835. EXECUTIVE. 79

WAR DEPARTMENT— Pension ^Office.

Where i Com pen- Names and Offices. Where Employed. Bora- I satien. DoLcts. Thomas H. Fletcher. .-. ^Nashville, Tenn. none... James Reynolds ^Cincinnati, Ohio. ..do... William W. Montgomery *N. Orleans,Xa...- ..4e.., J. C. Wilkins (Natchez,Miss..,L- ..do... P. McLoskey 'Mobile, Alabama -.41 ..do... John Q.Fallon.., ,Si. Xxrais, Misso.Pen n ..do... Samuel H. Smith j Washington, D.CIrelan d ..do... JohUndern Cammin act-2Ubg April, 1816. Savannah• , Geo ,-,do... Isaac Waldron.. girtsmonth^.H.TN. 137 ..do... James Dodd JHaTtford^Oona.-IConn. L-do... P. Dickerson Trenton, N. J._ L- .do... James Booth.. New Castle, I>eL] .do... BL W.Evans. Baltimore, Md Wales . Knoxvflle, Tenn. Va. f .do... p.-c. on Samuel Merrill Indianapolis, In Vt.,... amLdis. "Danie l Hay". I Carmi, Illinois..Va. none... Ellis Doty Derroit, Mich ...Vt. . 2p.c.on William E. Woodruff. Little Rock, Ark. amt.dis. Benjamin Chaires..... Tallahassee, FL. LN7 C do... Under act 1th June, 1832. do... none... Albert Newhall. .. Portland,Maine. [Mass . -de... John K. Simpson. jBoston, Mass... .N. H...do.. . William T. Grinnell Providence,R. I.tR. L-. ..do... Ebenezer T. Englesby Burlington, Vt.. Mass. ..do... John Fleming. _. New York City... }N. Y.,.do.. . Ezra Ames ?Albany, N. YorkJMass. ..do... James Schott Philadelphia, ?Pa. Penn...do.. . M. Tiernan Pittsburgh, Pa...iMd... ..do... John Brockenbrough*...,« iRirfimnni^ Va.. ;Va.. !..do.. . T. Blac&wood jGharleston, S. C.] ..do... John M. Bass Nashville, Tenn,45y... ..do... William K. Blair jJonesboro, Tenn. Ten j "2Pf£n John H. Groesbeck.~ Cincinnati, OhicUN. Y.,*none... Samuel Gustine.. ..Natchez, Miss _.. ...do..!.I * The Bank of Virginia-over which Mr. Brockenbrough pre­ sides, is, in its corporate capacity, really the Agent in this case. The charter af this \Bank does not permit any Director jof this Institution to hold-any office «F trust or profit nnder the United States. 30 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT— Indian Department.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. George S. Gaines. Mobile, AlabamaN . C none... John P. Van Ness Washington, D.CN . Y.. ..do... James Marshall... Savannah, Geo..E.Fl' a ..do... Under act 21th June, 1834, Horace Greene Decatur, Alab.. Va.. ..do... Under act 3d March, 1835.

J. W. Campbell Jackson, Tenn. ..do.



Elbert Herring Washington Conn. 3000 00

CHIEF CLERK. Daniel Kurtz.. .do. Md.. 1600 00


Hezekiah Miller .do. do.. 1400 00 Samuel J. Potts .do. Va... 1000 00 John Litle .do. Penn. 1000 00 Timothy P. Cruttenden. .do. Conn. 250 00 MESSENGER.

Charles D>raine •do Irel'nd 700 00


William Clark St. Louis. Va 1500 00


Lawrence Taliaferro.. St. Peters do. 1500 00 Joseph M. Street Rock Island do. 1500 00 Richard W. Cummins. I North. Agen-) 1500 00 \ cy,W. Ter'y. J John Dougherty Ky.. Upper Missouri. 1500 00 George Boyd , Green Bay Md.. 1500 00 Henry R. Schoolcraft Mackinac N.Y. 1500 00 Benjamin Reynolds... Chickasaw Ag'y. 1500 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 81

WAR DEPARTMENT—Indian Department.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born.


Wm. Armstrong, also actingSouther ) n agen-) Superintendent West. Ter. \ cy, W. Ter. j


Henry Connor Michigan Ohio. James Jackson Maumee Joshua Pilcher Sioux sub-agency William M. Fulkerson. Mandan Andrew S. Hughes Ioway Ky.. George Vashon West'n Cherokee Md.. Wharton Rector Do Creek... Mo... P. L. Chouteau Osage ...... Penn. Purdy McElvain Up. Sandusky, O James Stryker Buffalo, N.Y..... James B. Dallam .. Up. Mississippi.. Leonard Tarrant.. Creek agen'y,Ga INTERPRETERS.

Jacques Mitte St. Louis,Mo... Joseph Barron Logansport, Ind Mich. Alexander Robinson. Chicago do.. Cudjoe .. . Seminole Agency Scott Campbell St. Peters Mich. Antoine Leclair Rock Island... Ind'a. Joseph James 5 North.Agen- Js. Connor \ cy, W. Ter do., Peter Cudjoe do , do Joseph Parks do Mich. Louis La Chappelle ..do...... ^ Charles Maubrain Upper Missouri. Md... Richard Prickette do William Johnston Green Bay Jackson Kemp. Mackinac R. M. Jones. Chickasaw Ag.. Can'a. J. B'te Dorian Chockt'wAg.W, Toussant Charbonneau. Sioux Sub-Ag...C.r.N . Jeffrey Dorney Paddy Carr Mandan P. Mongrain. Ioway Os.K 11 Creek Ag. Ga... Cherokees, W... Creeks — . do.. Osage Sub-Ag... 82 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Indian Department.

Where! Com pen Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. duapaws, W.. 300 00 James Rankin Upper Sandusky 50 00 Nathan Strong...... Buffalo, N.Y.... 300 00 Michael St'Cyr ... Fort Winnebago 300 00 Amable Grignon Prairie du ChienCan' a 300 00 Antoine Dunord Detroit.. 300 00 BLACK AND GUNSMITHS AND AS­ SISTANTS. Allansan Holdridge. Cherokees, W.. 480 00 Aaron Price ..do 240 00 Izreal Dodge...... Chocktaws, W. 480 00 William Hargrove...... do 240 00 Antoine Pepper St. Peters 480 00 Joseph Reche do 240 00 SamueMorrisl MottGilbert. . Prairie du Chien 480 00 Oliver Gilbert.. .. do...... 480 00 Louis Frum do. 240 00 John P. Smith do 240 00 Claybourne Colbert. North Ag.W.T 480 00 William Donaldson. do 480 00 Lewis Jones...... do...... Va. 480 00 Robert Dunlop ...... do...... 480 00 William Carlisle... ..do 480 00 William V. Smith.. ,:do 480 00 Preston Moore do 240 00 R. D. McKinney.... do. 240 00 John Barnes do 240 00 Samuel Boydson do 240 00 Jackson do 240 00 JohnGiimore ...... do...... 240 00 Jas. M. Gilmore. ... Upper Missouri. Can'a 480 00 Jos. Jourdrain .....do 240 00 JameRoberst StevenMachlisn ...... Gree Fornt BaWinnebagoy .. . 480 00 ChristiaRufu"" s' Hunte n Watcher • "" r do.....-.do...... 240 00 LeonarRichardd PricketGroomt SiouxMackinac., Sub-Ag'y. . 480 00 Hosea Russell...... d.do...... o . 240 00 Be. Barrate Ioway do 480 00 John Everly.... Ioway Sub-Ag'y., 240 00 James Dunean.. W. Cherokee do. 480 00 JasJohnMcGill.... Pool . Senecado do,. 240 00 480 00 240 00 480 00 240 00 480 00 1835. EXECUTIVE. 83

WAR DEPARTMENT —. Indian Department.

N*mes and Offices. Where Employed. Where Born.

Andrew Woodruff., W Creek do.... George May. ,.. ...do Gabriel Phillibert... Osage do Ca'da, E. Brant do..,.,., Charles Graham Upper Sandusky, David Pence.... ,,. Sault St.deo Marie. H.J. Granerat. ,.., .....do...... R. J. Granerat Rock Island. Lambert Lapiere ... do... Harvey Sturdevant , —do. .. J. B, La Bean 8,.,.do... Nicholas Senescal.. FARMERS AND ASSISTANTS.

Benedict Tremble Saganaw Benjamin Tremble.,..,., . f. do,,.., Benjamin Bowles...... Winnebagoes, Robert Van Court do Robert C. Wood'. do Morris Herring do George D. Ruggles and Wife. Menomonees, Clark Dickinson and Wife...... do Robert Irwin and Wife..,,,, Nathaniel Perry and Wife.., Henry Baird and Wife Ioways William Duncan LABORERS.

Edward Yoakum. Winnebagoes, William Yoakum...... do O. Allen St. Louis...... Miamies, Indiana Potawatamies. MILLERS.

William Barnes Shawn's. & Pel's, Thomas T. McCausland Senecas Potawatamies, In Onvid Johnson ; Menomonees.... Millwright,Choe, WHEELWRIGHTS.

John A. Hart, Cherokees, West 84 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Indian Department.

Names and Offices. Where Employed. Where Compen­ born. sation. Dol. cts. Austin Copeland. do 600 00 Creeks 600 00 .. do Wagonmak 600 00 PHYSICIANS.

A. N. McLauren ... Prairie du Chien 200 00 Charles McDougall. Fort Winnebago, 200 00 CLERKS.

George Maguire. St. Louis, Super't 1000 00 A. R. Chouteau.. .. do Disb'g Ag't 800 00 George M. Clark, W. Territory Office Acting 500 00 Super'dent.. Edward D. Rucker. Detroit, Of­ 25 per fice Disburs­ ....{ month. ing Agent... TEACHERS.

J. C. Berryman...... Kickapoos... 480 00 John D. Swallow.... do 480 00 Henry Remick Delawares... 480 00 D. Lawrey and Wife. Winnebagoes 800 00 SPECIAL AGENT.

John Ruland, St. Louis. Mich. 1200 00


William C. Easton Washington Md... 1600 00 CLERKS. James Ord .do. Va.. 1000 00 Townshend Waugh .do. do. 1000 00 Basil H. Waring William Browne \'do

WAR DEPARTMENT — Purchasing Department.

Where Compen­ Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. sation. Dol. cts. SPECIAL AGENTS SUPERINTEND-1 ING EMIGRATION. Benjamin F. Currey. CherokeeAg'y,E 2000 00 Wiley Thompson... Seminole Agency 2000 00 Abel C. Pepper , Logansport, Ind 2000 00 Thomas J. V. Owen, Chicago, Illinois 2000 00 Penn. John B. Hogan Creek Nation, E. 2000 00 ASSISTANT AGENTS.

Joel Yancey Seminole Agency $4 a day A. L. Danes Fort Leavenw'th 750 00 William Alley.. do...... 600 00 George Fletcher. GtuapawAg'yW 720 00 CLERKS.

P. McKinley Creek Ag'y, W. 600 00 G.W. Currey...... Cherokee do E.. $3 a day wh. em. ENROLLING AGENT. William M. Davis...... Cherokee Ag'y. $4 do,



Timothy Banger Philadelphia. Engl'd 1550 00 CLERKS. William C. Irvine... do... Penn. 1000 00 William Banger do... do.. 900 00 William J. Smith... Washington Irel'nd 950 00 MESSENGER. George Canning , Philadelphia. do.. 700 00 Francis Brown.. Inspector of ) do.... Penn Cloth and Clothing...... J 800 00 John Githin...... Gives out)do.... Irel'nd 800 00 Clothing and Pays Makers \ Matthew Grier, Jr. ..Inspec- Jdo.... do 720 00 tor of Bootees, Caps, &c.. $ 86 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Engineer Department. A LIST of all Officers and Agents, Civil and Military, not

Names and Offices. Compensation.


Joseph G. Swift. $6 per day and two and one-half per d. on disbursements, not to exceed $2 per day. Ezra Crowell... $2 per day and two and one-half per ct. on T. M. Clark disbursements, not to exceed $2 per day.. Thos. Buhtin ... 5 per cent, on disbursements B.W.Hale $2 50 per day for superintending.., Joseph Bradford. $2 50 per day for superintending A. S. Bowley 5 per cent; on disbursements , 5 per cent, on disbursements. E. Young S. Nickerson. ... 5 per cent, on disbursements., B. Palmer $6 per day and two and one-half per ct. on H.M.Shreve.... disbursements, not to exceed $2per day. Wm. McKnight.... $1,200 p. an. and two and one-half per ct. on John Martin disbursements, not to exceed $2 per day. $1,000 per annum , CLERKS.

Benj. Fowler.. $1,150 per annum Jas. C.Wilson. $1,000 per annum. Jas. Eveleth... $800 per annum..


Moyamensing Bank. None. Merchants & Man- ) ufacturers Bank> None. of Pittsburgh... ) Merchants & Man- ) None. ufacturers Bank > of Wheeling.... ) None. Clinton Bank of Columbus None. Albany City Bank, None. Merchants Bank of Remarks.—VhaBoston Adonis, &<:. heroin nauaed< are all considered temporarily nature of their employment it is impossible to state, with any degree efcer- :>oing list exhibits the names of all the disbursing agents and those having other persons employed in subordinate capacities, such as Clerks, Assistants, daily laborer. Their employment being of a temporary nature, it has not them in the above list. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 87

WAR DEPARTMENT — Engineer DepartnnenL named in the Army Register, employed under the Engineer DepH.

Where Born. Where employed.

Massachusetts. Improvement at Big Sodus Bay and Genesee River, New York do Improvement at Ilyannis Harbor, Mass N. Hampshire. Massachusetts. ?• Improvement at Merrimack River, Mass. .... do ,do...,.. Improvement at Plymouth Beach, Mass.... .do. Improvement at Provincetown, Mass N. Hampshire. Improvement at Kennebeck River, Maine New Jersey.... Improving Ohio, Mississippi, Red and Arkansas Rivers...... Pennsylvania..Superintendin g Cumberland River in the State of Tennessee.* Superintendent of the Road from Line Creek, Alabama, to the Chatahoochie, Georgia.*

Maryland Engineer Office. Virginia Do.... Maryland Do....

\ Philadelphia—for Fort Delaware and Harbor 4 of New Castle, &c. Delaware River .". Pittsburgh—for Cumberland Road East of Ohio, and the Ohio River above the Falls f Wheeling, Va.—for the Cumberland Road ( East of Ohio, in Virginia »„ .... C Columbus, Ohio—for the Cumberland Road ( in Ohio Albany, N. Y.—for the Hudson R. improvement. £ Boston, Mas.—for a Fort on Georges Isl. &'pre- \ servation of Castle Isl., & repairs of Fort Ind'e. employed, except the Clerks in the Office of the Chief Engineer, hut from the tainty, the time when their respective employments will expire. The fore- charge of works under this Department; t chides these, there are numerous and Overseers, at a compensation, in some instances, not exceeding that of a been tho practice to mention them, and therefore'no notice has been taken of 88 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Quartermaster's Department.

Where Names acd Offices. Where Employed. Compensation Born. Dols. cents. QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT. CLERKS.

QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OFFICE. William A. Gordon. Washington Md... 1200 pr. ami. Levin Belt do... do.. 950 do Louis A. Fleury. ... do. Penn. 840 do QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE.

Daniel Stinson. New York..., N. H 50 per mo. John Haverty.. St. Louis, Mo. Irel'nd 70 do


John Eaton New Orleans., Vt.. 70 do William Neilson. do Md. 70 do George P. Orme. Philadelphia Engl'd 50 do H. K. Newcomb. Baton Rouge Mass. 40 do Jas. M. Swett.. .. Pensacola Maine 40 do W. B. Brisbois... Fort Crawford .. M.T'y 40 do BernardWin. Fraseo Seguir , Jr. Va. 35 do Charles Tillman.. Charleston Flor 35 do George Stevenson. Ft. Leavenworth Fran'e 30 do Samuel Ryan Jefferson Bar'cks Scotl'd 30 do Jno. A. Rucker... Fort Howard Irel'nd 25 do Andrew Higgins.. Detroit N. Y.. 25 do Jas. Meegan Pittsburgh..Boston . Irel'nd 25 do Elias Hughes Fort Towson, Irel'nd 15 pr. m. & lrat'np.d. DELAWARE BREAKWATER. 25 pr. mo. JohnD. Marshall. Lewes. Del.. ., Del.. 1 50 p. d. John Collins Chester, Penn, do. 45 pr. mo. MILITARY STOREKEEPERS. I C Pay and Heman A. Fay Albany, N. Y. Vt.... < emolum'ts f Capt.Inf'y Hezekiah Johnson [Pittsburgh Penn. do 1835. EXECUTIVE. &d

WAR DEPARTMENT — Quartermaster's Department.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compensation. Born.

IN CHARGE OF PUBLIC GROUNDS, &C. Silas Halsey Plattsburgh Conn. 10 pr. mo.

KEEPERS DISMANTLED POSTS 5p.mo.& Jonathan Edwards. Salem. Mass. Mass. Irat'np.d. H'y Plumer Gloucester do.. 5 do do William Webb.... Fairhaven Va... do do Reuben Cahoon.... Marblehead Maine do do Benjamin Whittier. Fort Independ'ce do.. do do Mark L.Hill...... Phipsburgh do.. do .do John A. Thomas... East Haven Ct..Conn . do do James Slip. C Fort Norfolk) Mass. 20 pr. mo. I & Craney, I. \ 10p.mo.& J. D. McCrate. Penn I Wiscasset & 2rat'np.d. (Damarasc'ta SUPERINTENDENT BARRACKS.

Michael Sanno Carlisle. do. 12 50 p.m.


Jno. Burton, of Jac. Dela. Breakw'terDel . 3 50 p. £.


B. K. Fox .do. £enh 2 pr. day. G. A. H.Blake .do. ..do. 1 75 do. Thomas W. Burton. do. Del... 1 75 do.


W. L. Ashmead.. At Quarries. Penh. 37|do. Firman Borden...... do... do., 25 do. M. M. Stilley do. do., 25 do. R.R.Hall do. Del.. 25 do. S. C. Thomas .do. Penn 25 do. .do. James Jackson, Jr. .do. do., 25 do. Abner Prince .do. Del.., 37fdo. Nathan Newlin... .do. Penn 25 do. Samuel P. Morris. .do. do. 25 do. Caleb Peirce: 12 do. 90 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT— Q. M. Dept.— Ordnance Depart.

Whprp f Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born Compensation.


James V. Armstrong.Ke ...y West . 95 pr. mo.


William Watkins do. 64 do..


William Riddall.... Washington. Engl'd 1150 pr. an.


Anthony G. Glynn.. ...do. Va.., 1000 do.. George Welsh ...do. Penn 800 do.. Morris Adler ...do. Ger'y 800 do.. Samuel D. Langtree. ...do. Irel'd. 1000 do.. SUPERINTENDENTS OF AR­ MORIES. S100 pr.mo. John Robb.. Springfield, Mas.Md. . &4ratin's per day.. George Rust. Harper's Ferry,.Va.. . do MILITARY STOREKEEPERS AND PAYMASTERS. (Pay&em. Charles Howard Springfield,Mass.Mass < of a Capt. f of Infan'y Daniel Bedinger Harper's Ferry..Va.. do.... MILITARY STOREKEEPERS.

Adam Hoopes Absent on leave.Penn . ..do James R. Butler Pittsburgh, Penn ..do.. ..do Samuel Perkins New York City..Conn . ..do Roger Alden West Point, N.Y,..do. . ..do William L. Poole... Charleston, S. CMain. e .do Marcus C. Buck Washington City Va... .do Stephen H. Webb... Detroit, M. T....N . Y. .do Sanders Lansing, Jr. Watervliet, N.Y. .do.. .do, 1835. EXECUTIVE. 91

WAR DEPARTMENT—Pay Dep.— Topo. Bureau: Where L Names and Offices. Where Employed. Born. ICompensatien. f Pay&em. Augustus L. Ronmford... 'Frankford, Penn.N.Y . } of a Capt. MASTER ARMORERS. { of Infant'y f 50 pr. mo. Elizur Bates iSpringfieldjMass. Mass. }& 2rartis Benjamin Moore Harper's Ferry.. .do..( per day... do ASSISTANT SUPERINTEND­ ENTS U. S. LEAD MINES. William Campbell .Galena, Illinois. Tenn. lOOOpr.ann. John H. Webber J do 800 do.... Tenn. William Martin ! do 1000 do.... PAY DEPARTMENT.

CHIEF CLERK. ! Nathaniel Fiye .Washington ... Maine 1700 00

CLERKS. William Rich .do Mass J 1100 00 William D. Beall. .do '.. do..' 1100 00 MESSENGER. Jacob Brodbeck ! do. Switz. 700 00


f In making Geolo- \ C$6 p. diem | gical Surveys of | &12c.pr. G. W.Featherstonhaugh<' th£YJlhte Public Land"s \E^ i ™J™*k toriesaf Michien ^jSP* [and Arkansas.:.. M Ion duty .. m EXECUTIVE.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Topograph. Bureau— Sub. Dept.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compensation. Born.

CIVIL ENGINEERS. Surveying in the ' $6 p. diem Wm. B. Guion. States of Missis Mis | & 10 c. pr. sippi and Tenn.. m.w.tr.d. Superintending G. W. Hughes. the construction \ N.Y do...do.. I of the Potomac Bridge, Wash'n. ASSISTANT CIVIL ENGIN'RS.

Surveying in C $110 p.m. H. Stansbury. Kentucky, Tenn. •J&lOct.pr. and Indiana... I m. w. tr. d. C. N. Hagner. Assistant to G.W. $3 50 per Hughes die. while Assistant to Maj empl'd. on W. R. Palmer <( J. D. Graham •N.J. field dut's. Surveying Pro- &$3p.die. vineetown Har­ •while oh bor, Mass office duty J. P.Bailey . Surveying in & 10 c. per Ohio, Indiana & mile while G. O'Driscoll Illinois travelling Assistant to \H. on duty.. G.W. Featherstonhaugh,JrStansbur y $2 50p.d. As. to J. P. Baily. &10ct.pr. CLERK. m. w. tr. d.

Robert Fowler. Washington Md... $1000 p. an


Charles G. Wilcox. do. Penn . $1600 p. an.


Richard Gott... do. Md... 1200 do George Forsyth, do. |Mich. 1000 do. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 93

WAR DEPARTMENT — Smg. Gen. Office—Adj. Gen. Office.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Compensation. Born. Dols. cts. SURGEON GENER­ AL'S OFFICE. i CLERK.

Md... 1150 00


D.Col. 1150 OO \*r- CLERKS.

.do Md... 1000 00 800 0£ 94 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List — Generals and Staff.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

GENERAL OFFI­ CERS. Alexander Macomb General Michigan Ter. Edmund P. Gaines Brig. Gen. M. G. bvt. Virginia Brig. Gen. M. G. bvt. Virginia


ADJUTANT GENE­ RAL'S DEPART­ MENT. Roger Jones. Col. &Adj. G.B.G.bvt, Virginia.

QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S DE­ PARTMENT. Thomas S. Jesup B.G.&Q.M.G.&M.G.b't Virginia Henry Stanton — Maj. Lt. Col. bvt. &Q.MVermont....-. . Trueman Cross Maj. and Quartermaster Maryland.... Joshua B. Brant...... Maj . and Quartermaster Connecticut.. Henry Whiting Maj. and Quartermaster Massachusetts (20 Assistant Quarter­ master's taken from the line INSPECTOR GENE RAL'S DEPART­ MENT. John E. Wool Col.B.G. bvt. &Insp.Gen.Ne w York. George Croghan Col. & Insp. Gen Kentucky..

SUBSISTENCE DE­ PARTMENT. < Col.B.G.bvt.Com'ry George Gibson.. Pennsylvania \ Gen. of Subsistence. James H. Hook. Maj.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—Medical Department.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

Joseph P. Taylor Capt. & Com. of Sub. Kentucky, (Assistant Commissa­ ries to be taken from the Subalterns of the line, unlimited

MEDICAL DEPART­ MENT. Joseph Lovell Surgeon General.. Massachusetts Thomas Lawson Surgeon... Virginia Thomas G. Mower... do Massachusetts Benjamin F. Harney. do Delaware W. V. Wheaton do New York... Wm. Beaumont do New York... Lyman Foot do Connecticut.. Clement A. Finley do Ohio Prestley H. Craig do Pennsylvania. Richard S. Satterlee... do Vermont Zina Pitcher.. , do New York... JameSamues lH G.. Sargen J. Decampt . do , New Jersey.. EdwarWilliadm MacomTurnerb do. New York.... T.J. C.Monroe Assistant Surgeon. Massachusetts Sylvester Day do ., New Jersey.. Joseph Eaton do Virginia Joseph P. Russell ...*..-.-.'do Vermont Richard Weightman., do Massachusetts Benjamin King , do Vermont John A. Brereton do Dist't of Col.. Hamilton S. Hawkins. do Maryland Alfred W. Elwes do Maryland Robert C. Wood do Maryland Lawrence Sprague do Maryland Joel Martin do Rhode Island. Thomas S. Bryant.... do Maine Philip Minis do Virginia. Henry A. Stinnecke.. do Pennsylvania. Robert Archer do Georgia Wm. L. Wharton. do Pennsylvania. James B. Sullivan do...... Virginia Charles S. Tripler do Dist't of Col.. Wm. A. Berry do Virginia Edward Worrell do New York ... Philip Maxwell.. do , N. Carolina.. do , Delaware do Vermont 96 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—Pay Dept.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

Henry L. Heiskell.. Assistant Surgeon. Virginia Charles McDougall. do Ohio Lucius O'Brien do. Maryland S. Etting Myers do. Maryland.... Burton Randall do. Maryland.... Nathan S. Jarvis do. New York... Richard Clark do. New York... Adam McLaren do. Scotland Benjamin F. Fellows do. N. Hampshire George F. Turner .do. Massachusetts M. C. Leavenworth do. Connecticut.. J. J. B. Wright do. Pennsylvania. Willison Hughey do. Pennsylvania. John B. Porter do. Connecticut.. John Emerson do. Pennsylvania. Henry Holt do. New York... Thomas Henderson. do. Virginia John B. Wells do. NeMarylanw Yorkd . John M. Cuyler do. N. Carolina.. Madison M. Mills do. William Hammond do. New York LeonarJohn S.d Gatli C. McPhailn . dodo. Maryland LewiGeorgse A .R .Birdsal Clarkel .dodo,. New York... JosepSamuehl H P.. BaileMoorye .dodo, S. Carolina... Alexander F. Suter... .do, Dist't of Col.. John C. Reynolds .do. Maryland Charles M. Hitchcock. .do. Maryland Wm. W. Hoxton do. Dist't of Col.. PAY DEPART­ MENT. Nathan Towson Paym'r Gen. B. G. bvt. Maryland.... Benjamin F. Larned.. Paymaster Massachusetts David S. Townsend do Massachusetts .do, Daniel Randall Maryland .do. Charles H. Smith , Virginia .do. A. A. Massias. , New York... .do. Timothy P. Andrews.. Ireland .do. Edmund Kirby Connecticut.. • do. L. G. De Russey New York.7. .do. Robert A. Forsyth...... Michig'nTer. .do. Adam D. Steuart Virginia...... do. Wm. S. Harney Louisiana.... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 97

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—Purch. Dept. —Eng.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

John S. Lytic.... Paymaster. Charles Mapes— do.. New York... do.. Pennsylvania.

PURCHASING DE­ PARTMENT. Callender Irvine Commis'ry Gen. of Pur. ....do... Edward S. Fayssoux.. Military Storekeeper... S. Carolina. do Vacant

CORPS OF ENGI­ NEERS. Charles Gratiot Col. Brig. Gen. .Missouri...... Joseph G. Totten Lt. Col. Col. bvt Connecticut.. Sylvanus Thayer... Major Lt. Col. bvt Massachusetts R. E. De Russey tMaj.Lt.Col. bvt. S.")New York... John L. Smith \ Military Academy.. \S . Carolina... William H. Chase.. Major brevet...Massachusett s Richard Delafield... ..do 7 New York... Andrew Talcott ..do Massachusetts William A. Eliason. ..do Dist. of Col... Cornelius A. Ogden. ..do Ohio C ..d1st oLt . and Paymas- Thomas J. Leslie. < ter Military Acade England ( my, Captain breve:\t Hy. Brewerton 1st New York... George Dutton do Connecticut.. Jos. K. F. Mansfield do do Alexander H. Bowman do Pennsylvania. Thompson S. Brown... do New York...' William H. C. Bartlett.,2 d Lieut. Mil. Academy.Pennsylvania . Robert E. Lee do Eng. Office...Virginia . .... Alexander J. Swift do N. Carolina.. Roswell Park do Connecticut.. Fred. A. Smith do Massachusetts Jona. G. Barnard do ....do..... George W. Cullum do bvt. Eng. OfficNee w York... Rufus King do do ....do William Smith do do ....do John Sanders do do Kentucky George W. Morell do do New York... Ch. H. Bigelow do do Massachusetts 13 98 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—Ens.—Mil. Ac— Ord.

Names. Rank i Where Born.

TOPOGRAPHICAL ! ENGINEERS. John J. Abert Top. Eng. Lt. Col. bvt..Maryland... . James Kearney do do Ireland Stephen H. Long do do N. Hampshire Hartman Bache do.. Major brevet.. Pennsylvania. William G. McNeil... do do N. Carolina.. James D. Graham ; do do Virginia William Turnbull Assist. To. Eng. Capt. btMarylan. d William H. Swift do do Massachusetts William G. Williams. do do S_. Carolina... Aug. Canfield do do... ^sew Jersey.. MILITARY ACA­ DEMY. Dennis H. Mahan Prof, of Engineering...Virginia.. . Charles Davies... Prof, of Mathematics...Ne w York. Chaplain and Pro- 1 Thomas Warner. fessor of Rhet. and > Moral Philosophy., j Claudius Berard.... Teacher of the > France. Julian Molinard French Language.. 5 .do. Robert W. Weir...... do do Nicholas A. Jumel. Teacher of Drawing... France. Sword Master ORDNANCE DE­ PARTMENT. George Bomford iNew York... George Talcott Lieut. Colonel Connecticut.. Hv. K. Craig. Major 'Pennsylvania. William J. Worth.. do.. Lt. Col. brevet... [New Ifork... Captain Major bvt Rufus L, Baker Connecticut.. ..do ....do James W. Ripley .do. Rich. Bache Pennsylvania .do. Delaware John Svmington do. William H. Bell N. Carolina.. do. Maryland Edward Harding .do. Alfred Mordecai |N. Carolina.. .do. Benjamin Huger do.. jS. Carolina,.. .do. J. A.J.Bradford Tennessee.... Geo. D. Ttarnsay Dist. of Col... i835. EXECUTIVE. 99

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—Reg't of Dragoons.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

REGIMENT OF DRAGOONS. Colonel , Indiana Stephen W. Kearny. Lt. Colonel New Jersey.. Richard B. Mason.. Major Virginia. Clifton Wharton Captain Pennsylvania. Edwin V. Sumner . . ..do New York... Eustace Trenor ..do , ....do David Hunter ..do , Dist. of Col... Lemuel Ford ..do Virginia Nathan Boone ..do Kentucky Jesse B. Browne...... do Matthew Duncan... ..do David Perkins ..d doo VirginiaPennsylvani. a Philip St. G.Cooke. 1st Lieutenant Ohio Isaac P. Simonton.. Slst Lieutenant, Aid 1 Abram Van Buren to Major General > New York... Macomb ) James F. Izard Pennsylvania. 1st Lieutenant Lan. P. Lupton... New York... do Thomas Swords ....do T. B. Wheelock do A. Q. M Massachusetts Benjamin D. Moore... do Virginia. ... Charles F. M. Noland. do Ohio James Allen do N. Carolina. J. H. K. Burgwin doE. D New Jersey. J. S. Van Derveer do A. C. S Tennessee... Albert M. Lea do Louisiana... J. W. Shaumburg 2d Lieutenant Virginia Enoch Steen .do B. A. Terrett R. Island .do S. Carolina... Lucius B. Northrop... .doA.C. S Ohio.. G. P. Kingsbury .doA.C. S Pennsylvania. James M. Bowman ... .do Tennessee,... Asbury Ury .do.... Virginia..... Henry Turner .do New J£ork... New Jersey.. John H. Martindalc.. -do Kentucky.... Alexander S. Macomb. .do John H. Hanly Georgia. . do brevet Alabama Philip R. Thompson.. .do..do Jones M. Withers..... Vermont..^.. .do..do Pennsylvania. Benjamin S. Roberts.. .do..do William N. Grier • do..do .do..do .do..do 100 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List— 1st Reg't of Artillery.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

FIRST REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. Abram Eustis Colonel B. G. brevet...Virgini a 7 John B. Walbach.... Lt. Col. brevet Germany William Gates Major Massachusetts Milo Mason.. Captain Major brevet... Vermont Henry Whiting ...do... Maj. bvt. Q. M.Massachusett s Fabius Whiting...... do do... . Major brevet...... do : Henry Saunders .do. . Major brevet...Virgini a R. M. Kirby .do, . Major brevet...Connecticut. . Giles Porter .do New York... Joshua Howard .do Massachusetts David Van Ness . do... Ordnance New York... Justin Dimick Istlieut. C.bvt.A.C. S Vermont. ... Timothy Green .do Massachusetts Lemuel Gates .do...A. C.S Maryland.... D. D. Tompkins .do... A. Q. M New York ... Charles Dimmock. .. .do Massachusetts L.B.Webster .do...A. C.S Vermont George Nauman. A. C. S. Pennsylvania. John Farley .do.... Massachusetts Francis Taylor .do. Virginia Alex. D. Mackay .do. .A.C.S.. New York... James R. Irwin , .do. .A. C.S... Pennsylvania. John McClellan .do. .E. Duty.. do John Williamson .do. .Ordnance. New Jersey.. John H. Win,der .do. . Adjutant.. Maryland Eben. S. Sibley .do. Ohio Wm. Maynadier .do. Maryland Richard C. Tilghman. .do. ACS .do Edmund French Connecticut.. .do. .Ad. Gen. Office Miner Knowlton .do .do... John F. Kennedy Maryland 2d Lieut John W. Barry Kentucky .do... James H. Prentiss...... M. Academy. Massachusetts .do. John B. Magruder...... Top. Duty... Virginia .do. George W. Turner... .do .do. Jacob Ammen .do .do. Jacob W. Bailey Massachusetts .do. Henry G. Sill Connecticut.. .do. George Watson Maine .do. Wm. H. Pettes Vermont .do Lor. Sitgreaves Pennsylvania. .do Francis H. Smith Virginia .do.. .M. Academy Erastus A. Capron.... Connecticut;. •do David E. Hale N. Hampshire do 1835. EXECUTIVE. 101

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—2d RegH of Art.

Names. Rank. Where born.

Thomas A. Morris... 2d Lieut. E. duty Kentucky R. T. P. Allen .do. ..Top. duty. .. Maryland John F. Lee .do Virginia Charles B. Chalmers. .do Maryland ; L. A. B. Walbach... .do...bvt..E. duty. N. Hampshire Alfred Herbert . do... brevet Maryland A. V. Brumby .do.. .brevet S. Carolina... James N.Ellis .do...brevet Pennsylvania. William H.Betts..., .do.. .brevet .... Virginia Geo. G. Waggaman.. .do.. .brevet , do SECOND REGIM'NT OF ARTILLERY. William Lindsay Colonel Virginia. .... Ich. B. Crane Lieut. Colonel New Jersey... Julius F. Heileman Major Massachusetts Francis F. Belton Captain Maryland Richard A. Zantzinger. . do... Major brevet.Pennsylvania. . John Mountfort . do... Major brevet.Massachusett. s Thomas C. Legate .do. ..Maj.bvt. Ord.. ...do. N. Baden . do... Major brevet.Maryland.... . Joseph P. Taylor Captain Commissary... Kentucky Gus. S. Drane do Maryland.... Geo. W. Gardiner do Dist. of Col... Charles S. Merchant... do New York. .. Charles Mellon 1st Lieut. Capt. brevet.Pennsylvania. . Allen Lowd do. ..Capt. brevet...Massachusett s Henry Fitzhugh do...C.bvt.A.Q.M, Virginia Henry S. Mallory do. ..Capt. bvt. Ord. ...do WmSamue. Hl. McKenzi C. De Harte . do N. Carolina.. James Green do. ..Adjutant Massachusetts James A. Chambers.. V . Aid to bvt. \Ne w York.. Julius A. d'Lagnel. .. M.G. Scott. $Maryland.... Charles F. Smith ...do... A. C.S New York Const. Smith ...do...A. C.S Pennsylvania. Francis L. Dancy— .. .do. ...M. Academy.Irelan. d M.M. Clark ...do N. Carolina.. John B. Grayson ...do...A. C.S Virginia Joseph L. Locke ...do....A. Q.M Kentucky Thomas B. Adams.., ...do... A. C.S. Maine John Mackay ...do...A. C.S Massachusetts John C. Casey Geoigia Wm. E. Basinger...... do. .. Ordnance ...do. ..E. duty England ...do...A. C.S Georgia ,. 2d Lieut. A..C. S 102 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT —Army List—3d RegH of Art.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

Thomas B. Linnard.. 2d Lieut. Top. duty Pennsylvania. R. H. K. Whitley .do.. .Ordnance Maryland Richard H. Peyton .do. ..A. C. S Virginia A. A. Humphreys. .do... Top. duty Pennsylvania. George W. Ward .do...Top. duty New York... Robert P. Smith .do...M. Academy.. Mississippi... Joseph C. Vance .do Ohio Ward B.Burnett . do... Top. duty Pennsylvania. Edmund Schriver. .do.. .M. Academy...... ao H. Loughborough. . do New Jersey... James Duncan . do New York... Wm. T.Stockton .do Pennsylvania. J. E. Henderson . do... Top. duty Tennessee ... Epaphras Kibbv .do Missouri Charles A. Fuller . do... Top. duty Massachusetts Thomas P. Ridgeley.. -do Maryland.... Charles J. Whiting... .do I Massachusetts George M. Legate. ... . do...brevet |New York... Horace Brooks .do.. .brevet Massachusetts James M. Morgan.... .do.. .brevet New York... Richard Henderson... .do...brevet Tennessee ... MontgomerTHIRD REGIMENy Blair. ..T. . do...brevet Kentucky.... OF ARTILLERY. W. K. Armistead...... Colonel B. G. brevet. Virginia. James Bankhead...... Lieut. Colonel do Syl. Churchill -.. Major Vermont Mann P. Lomax ... Captain Maj. brevet Virginia JEneaFelix sAnsar Mackat y do... Major brevet..Massachusett s Wm. L. M'Clintock... ..do. ..M.bvtA.QM. New York... Thomas Child .. do... Major brevet.Massachusett. s Charles M. Thruston.. .. do do Elijah Lyon ..do Kentucky Upton S. Fraser ; ..do Massachusetts Thomas W. Lendrum. ..do New York... John R. Vinton ..do RhodVirginie IsFd.a . Richard B. Lee ! 1st Lieut. Capt. bvt.Virginia \ Samuel Ringgold A.C.S \ Maryland William S. Newton... 1st Lieut Capt. bvt Virginia . William B. Davidson. ..do..Capt. bvt. Ord...... do...... David H. Vinton ..do do..> Rhode Island. Z.J. D. Kinsley .do New York. .. .do.. .do M. Academv.. .1 1835. EXECUTIVE. 103

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—WiReg. of Artillery.

Names. Rank. Where Bora-

JohnL'Engle 1st Lieut. A. Q. M S. Carolina... Hez. GJarner do Adjutant ^Maryland Francis N. Barbarin do Ordnance .. jNew York... Martin Bnrk..-.. . do do JMaryland R.D. A. Wade do A. C. S !New York... Camp. Graham do iVirginia W. S. MaiUand. do iNew York... George S. Greene... do IRhode Island. Robert P. Parrott... .ddo MOrdnanc. Academe y .. .jN.entueky... Hampshir.e JosEdwar. Wd. BHarri. Whits e !2d Lieutdo . Top. Duty...! S . Carolina..do...... Dan. S. Herring Rober~ t" Anderso ' n .do Virginia..... John Child .do Massachusetts N.B.Buford . do M. Academy .. Kentucky.... George Fettennan.... .do Top. Duty..... Pennsylvania. Albert E. Church .do M. Academy.. Connecticut.. Robert E. Temple . do M. Academy... Pennsylvania .do Office E.Dept. Vermont Jos. A. Smith ...do. Kentucky.. William R. McKee...... do Rhode Island. Francis Vinton ...doE. Duty Maine... -..., Benjamin Poole ...do Top.Doty New York... Edwin Rose ...do A. C.S ....do Pennsylvania- George H. Talcott ...do Office E. Dept. Massachusetts New Jersey.. Eras. D. Keyes ...do A. C.S...... Massachusetts William WaH. ...do .-..do..... Jas. H. Simpson ...do A. C.S N. Carolina.7 Roswell W. Lee ...do Connecticut.. Robert R. Mndge —do brevet M. A.. New York... John A. Thomas do brevet N.Oarolma.. John H. Allen ...do..do New York... Morris S. Miller — do..do Spain --•- JohFOURTn L. KeaiH REGIMs T —do..do WilliaOF ARTILLERYm S. Brown . — do..do George G. Meade John R. Fenwick Col. B.G.bvt. S. Carolina... Alexander S. Brooks... Lt. Col. Massaehusetfe: Alex. C. W. Fanning..Majo r Lt Col. bvt. do. Benjamin K. Pierce Captain Major bvt. N.Hampshire M. M. Payne ..do do — Virginia John Erring ..do do Massachusetts Levi Whiting ..do do do.... 1Q4 ' EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List —4th Reg. of Artillery.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

John L. Gardner Captain Major bvt. .. Massachusetts John Munroe do Scotland Pat. H. Gait ....do Virginia John M. Washington. ....do do Harvey Brown ....do New Jersey.. Samuel Cooper. C 1st Lieut. Capt. bvt. INew York... \ Aid to Major Gen. > Charles Ward (Macomb ) N. Hampshire Hy. A. Thompson. ... 1st Lieut. Capt. bvt. OrdMaryland... . W. W. Morris .. do.. Capt. bvt. Adj New York... Sam. B. Dusenbery ...... do N. Carolina.. JEdw. C. Ross...... do A. Q. M Pennsylvania. John B. Scott ....do Connecticut.. Horace Bliss , ....do A. C.S N. Hampshire John Pickell New York...... do E. Duty Alfred Beckley Dist. of Col... do..do Frederick Searle England ....do..... Francis L. Jones Tennessee...... do George W. Long. N. Hampshire ....do W. P. Bainbridge. Kentucky...... do Ralph C. Smead. N. Hampshire ....do William F. Hopkins.. Connecticut...... doE. Duty...... William A. Thornton. New York... do M. Academy ... Thos. J. Cram N. Hampshire ....do Ord. A. C. S.... Maskell C. Ewing. ... Pennsylvania, — do M. Academy... DanforthH. Tufts. ... Connecticut.. 2d Lieut. Top. Duty Ch. O.Collins...... New York... ..do Ord. A. C. S.... John F.Lane Kentucky...... do A. C.S James Barnes Massachusetts ..do Joseph E. Johnston Virginia .. do M. Academy ... Charles Petigru S. Carolina... ..do Top. Duty Frank. E.Hunt New Jersey.. ..do A. C.S. Ord.... Thomas J. Lee France ..doE. Duty Simon H. Drum. . Pennsylvania. ..do A. C.S Samuel C. Ridgeley... Maryland...... do...do William H. Emory ... Dist. ofCoLl! ..do M. Academy... Benjamin S. Ewell New York... ..do John N. Macomb S. Carolina... .. do M. Academy... Edward Deas Mich.Ter'y.New Jersey,. ..do Top. Duty Alfred Brush Maryland..Pennsylvania. . ..do JohnH. Miller Virginia ..doE. Duty James L. Davis Delaware... ..do Alexander E. Shiras.. ..do Robert H. Archer .. do brevet William G. Freeman.. ..do..do Joseph Roberts .. do.. do~. ..do..do 1835. EXECUTIVE. 105

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List—1st Reg. of InfaWry.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

Robert M.Renick. 2d Lieutenant bvt Ohio...... James H. Stokes.. . .do do Maryland.

FIRST REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. Zach. Taylor Colonel Virginia. William Davenport Lieutenant Col Pennsylvania; John Bliss Major N. Hampshire Gustavus Loomis Captain Maj. brevet Vermont..... Thomas F. Smith .. do..... do Kentucky ...< E. A. Hitchcock...... do Vermont William R. Jouett...... do Tennessee... Thomas Barker ..do New York Samuel Shannon ..do A. Q. M Maryland.... Samuel McRee ..do...... N. Carolina.. William Day ..do New York... Thomas P. Gwynne...... do Virginia:-.... Jefferson Vail ..do.... Maryland..;. Pennsylvania« William M. Boyce 1st Lieutenant Tennessee ... J. J. Abercrombie ....do Alb. S.Miller ,.-.:do..:;.•' ....do Connecticut.. J. W. Kingsbury ....do A: c.s...:.:...Virginia.... . W. L. Harris do.... do New York..;. Elec. Bachus ....do..:...' Maryland Osborne Cross . ...doE: Duty New York.;. Thomas B. W. Stockton ....doA.Q. M N. Carolina.. J. H. Lamotte ....do. Maine. Jona. K. GreenOugh.. Connecticut.. EnosG. Mitchell..... do E. Duty New York... J. R. B. Gardehier. .. 2d Lieutenant Massachusetts Sid. Burbank. j ....do Maine...... Seth Eastman ....do Rhode Island. Loyd J. Beall. ....do. Ohio...... George Wilson .. ..do.. Adjutant.... New York..: Edw'd A. Ogden ....do..A. c.s:.... Pennsylvania. Ingham Wood ....do Maine...... Thos. M.Hill ....do. ..do.....;. Wm. H. Storer ....do Massachusetts John Beach. .^...... do Virginia George H. Pegram...... do brevet A. C. S Pennsylvania. James McClure .... do;.do .....do William H. Price...... do..do..A. C.S S. Carolina... Peter C. Gaillard do..do Maine Saml. M. Plummer... do..do Kentucky John M.Scott .. ..do..do Ohio George W. Shaw.... do..do 14 do..do 106 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—2d Reg. of Infantry.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

SECOND REGIM'NT OF INFANTRY. Hugh Brady Colonel B. G. brevet... Pennsylvania. Alexander Cummings..Lieutenan t Colonel Ireland Alexander R. Thompson Major New York... Captain Major brevet.. Waddy V. Cobbs, Virginia do do Wm. Hoffman... New York do do Greenleaf Dearborn.. Massachusetts do do Thomas Staniford. .. Connecticut.. do do. Benj. A. Boynton..... Connecticut.. do do Owen Ranson...... New Jersey... do Seth Johnson New York... do John Clitz ... Vermont do Ephraim K. Barnum. New York... do 7 John Bradley... . do 1st Lieut A. C.S Samuel L. Russell. ... do . do...A.Q.M Carlos A. Waite ...... do do Jos. S. Gallagher. Ohio. do Thompson Morris.... Connecticut:. do J. J. B. Kingsbury. ... New York... do.. Adjutant Jos. R. Smith. ..-...*... Vermont do Hannibal Day...... New York... do Wm. Bloodgood;. Pennsylvania. do Saml. P.Heintzelman. New York... do..A.C.S;...... Amos B. Eaton;; Rhode Island. 2d Lieutenant Silas Casey Pennsylvania. Abner R. Hetzel ..do..A. Q. M ..do Missouri Jas. W. Penrose...... do..A. C.S ..do N. Carolina.. Edwin R. Long... ..do..A. C.S ..do N. Hampshire James M. Hill... ..do ..do Vermont J. H. Leavenworth...... do Rhode Island. George W. Patten. ... brevet A. C. S. ..do Pennsylvania. J. M. Clendenin...... brevet ..do New York... Jacob Brown ..do ,. ..do ....do Jas. V. Bomford. ..do..A. C. S. ..do Virginia J. R. D. Burnett...... do..Top. D. ..do Connecticut... Hy. W. Wessells ..do..M. A... ..do Virginia. — Jas. W. Anderson do., brevet Dis.of Col.... Thos. H.Johns do do Pennsylvania. Richard S. Smith do.. ..do.. N. Hampshire Henry L. Kendrick... Kentucky Stephen T. Tibbatts... Ohio John W.Scott New York... M. R. Patrick 1835. EXECUTIVE. 107

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—3d Reg. of Infantry.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

THIRD REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. James B. Many Colonel Delaware Josiah H. Vose Lieut. Colonel Massachusetts John Fowle Major M. Academy...... do.. John Garland Captain Major brevet. Virginia. . Joseph S. Nelson .. ..do...... do. Maryland. Wm. G.Belknap do do New York. John B.Clark ....do Kentucky. Andrew Lewis ....do Massachusetts Thos. J. Harrison...... d o Virginia. . James Dean , ....do New York.. Hy. H. Loring , ....do Massachusetts Benjamin Walker ...,do N. Hampshire Lewis N. Morris ....do New York Otis Wheeler 1st Lieutenant N. Hampshire Hy. Bainbridge ..do Massachusetts George Wright .. do.. Adjutant Vermont John W. Colton ..do Massachusetts Edm'd B. Alexander.. ..do..A. Q. M Kentucky.... E. B. Birdsall ..do New York... Jos. Bonnell ..do Pennsylvania. Wm. R. Montgomery. ..do New Jersey.. Edwin B. Babbitt ..do..A. C.S Connecticut.. Richard W. Colcock.. S. Carolina... ..do..E.Duty Virginia Nath'l C. Macrae 2d Lieut A. C.S Jeff. Van Home , Pennsylvania. ..do Dis.of Col... Thomas Cutts , ./do Alb. G. Blanchard... Massachusetts ..do New York... James H. Taylor ..do Wm.O. Kello Virginia...... do New York... Hy. Swartwout ..do James F. Cooper ....do...... do..Top.do. . Duty... George P. Field ....do ..d.doo. CaryH. Fry Kentucky ..d.doo. Thos. O.Barnwell S. Carolina... ..do..breve.do. t Joseph L. Coburn Vermont ..d.doo. Philip N. Barbour Kentucky Herman Haupt Pennsylvania. Wm. S. Henry New York... Joseph H. Eaton Massachusetts Larkin Smith Virginia..... 108 EXECUTIVE. ept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—4th Reg. of Infantry.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

FOURTH REGIM'NT OF INFANTRY. Duncan L» Clinch.. Colonel B. G. brevet, . N. Carolina.. David E. Twiggs.. Lieut. Colonel Georgia Wm. S. Foster, Major Lt Col. brevet. N. Hampshire Jas. S. Mcintosh... Capt. Major brevet do .do. Georgia...... Jas. M. Glassell do.. .do. Virginia..... Francis L, Dade.., do.. .do. -..do..... Philip Wager do.. .do...... do... 7. do.. .do. Pennsylvania. Richard M. Sands., do.. ..do. Maryland.... Wm. W. Lear, do.. .-.-. ..do..... George W. Allen.. do.. Massachusetts John Page.. ,.. do...... do Wm, M.Graham.. 1st Lt Capt b'vt. A.C.S.Virginia....-.- . A. W.Thornton... . .do ....do Pennsylvania. GeorgWm. eMarti A McCall.7.n . ..do.. A. C.S Pennsylvania. ..do..Aid to Bre-> New York... LorPitcair. Thoman Morrisons . , Delaware vetM. G. Gaines.. $ Richard D, C. Collins. New, York... ..do..Adj. Gen.Offi'e Elias Philips New Jersey... ..dc.A.Q.M Gov. Morris. New York... ..do Francis D. Newcomb,. Massachusetts ..do..A. C.S Timothy Paige N. Hampshire ..do..A.Q,M Samuel R. Alston Rhode Island. ..do Washington Hood. ... Pennsylvania. 2d Lieut A. C. S, Chil. S.Howe... Massachusetts do..Top, Duty..., Richard B. Screven... S.Carolina... do , R, C. Buchanan Maryland.... do Charles H. Larned Rhode Island. — do.. Adjutant Bradf'd.R. Alden Pennsylvania. ....do...... Fred. Wilkinspn New York... do.. M, Academy.. W.W.S. Bliss ..do ....do Benj. Alvord Vermont — do.. M. Academy.. John L. Hooper Massachusetts ....do..A.C. S JohnW. McCrabb. ... Tennessee.... — do..brevet A. C. S. Abram C. Myers S. Carolina.,; ....do....do..T. Duty Henry L. Scott , N. Carolina.. — do. .brevet., John Grah am , Pennsylvania, — do..,. do.., Alex. M. Mitchell N. Carolina.. — do do Isaac V. D, Reeve New York,.. — do do — do — do 1835. EXECUTIVE. 109

WAR DEPARTMENT —Army List —5th Reg. of Infantry.

Names. itank. Where B»ru.

FIFTH REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. George M. Brooke. .»..Colone l B. G. brevet... Virginia Enos Cutler Lieut Colonel Massachusetts JohnGreen Major Ireland. Thomas F. Hunt Capt. Maj. bt. A. Q. M.N . Carolina.. Joseph Plympton do.. Major brevet. Massachusetts De La Fayette Wilcox. do do Connecticut... Nathan Clarke ... ..do do Massachusetts Thomas Hunt ....do..O.C.G. S... do..... Martin Scott .....do Vermont Gideon Lowe do , Pennsylvania. Jos. B. F. Russell ....do Massachusetts Jos. M. Baxley do Maryland Wm. E. Cruger ....do New York... Wm. Alexander 1st Lieutenant Tennessee. .. St. Clair Denny .....do Pennsylvania. Anthony Drane...... do.. A. Q. M Maryland Alex. Johnston. ....do Pennsylvania. Louis T. Jamison.« ....do..A. C. S Louisiana.... John M. Berrien...... do..Top.Duty... Pennsylvania. Moses E. Merrill,...... do..A. C.S Maine Eph. K.Smith...... do Connecticut.. Alex. S. Hooe.,..-.- ....do Virginia Alex. J. Center-...... do..Top . Duty... New York. Edgar M. Lacy...... 2d . Lieut. A. C. S ....do. .... Isaac Lynde ..do Vermont Robert E. Clary ..do Massachusetts Jas. L. Thompson ..do Tennessee...; Caleb Sibley ..do Massachusetts John T. Collingsworth.. ..do Tennessee.... Cam. C. Daviess ..do Kentucky Wm. Chapman. ..do.. Adjutant Maryland.... Hor. P. Vancleve ..do New Jersey... Thomas Stockton ..do..E. Duty Delaware..:. Randolph B. Marcy...... do.. brevet Massachusetts Daniel Ruggles ,. do.... do ....do..... RobtJ. Cheste. A.r WainwrighReid t .. do do New York... Henry M. Naglee .. do do Pennsylvania. Alex. H. Tappen ..do....do Ohio Wm. M. D. McKissack ..do.... do New Jersey.. Jos, H. Whipple ..do.... do Massachusetts ..do.... do Rhode Island. 110 EXECUTIVE Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army IAst— 6th Reg. of Infantry.

Names. Rank. Where Bora.

SIXTH REGIMENT j OF INFANTRY, j Henry Atkinson Colonel B. G. brevet... jN. Carolina.. Daniel Baker 'Lieutenant Colonel Connecticut.. Newman S. Clark jMajor do Bennet Riley 'Captain Major brevet.. Maryland Isaac Clark, Jr j do. .Maj. bt A. Q-M.jVermont Jacob Brown 1 do {Massachusetts ZalmonC. Palmer. ! do jConnecticnt .7 WBLN. Wiekliffe j do Kentucky HenrySmilh j..: do..E.Duty (New York... Thomas Noel . \ do IMaryland.... Jason Rogers j do JNew York..J George C. Hotter ; do (Pennsylvania. George W. Waters \ do (Massachusetts LeviM. Nute jlst Lieutenant ,N. Hampshire Mark W. Batman j do Pennsylvania. George Andrews. ....do Dis. of Col... George H. Crosman j do.. A. Q. M |Massachusetts J. Van Swearengen j do Sdaryland Joseph S. Worth .do .Massachusetts Hy.St. James Linden..! do (Maryland Gustavus Dorr j do Massachusetts Jos. D. Searight.. do Maryland Francis J. Brooke \ do.. Adjutant Virginia Nathaniel J. Eaton. 2d Lieut. A. C. S 'Massachusetts Robert Sevier j do !Tennessee.... ThomasF. Drayton...j do..Top. Duty jS. Carolina.. William Hoffinan j do New York... Albert Cady ..do..E.Duty. JN. Hampshire Jonathan Freeman ; do do. CNew Jersey.. Thomas L. Alexander.. j do j Virginia James S. Williams . do. .E. Duty [Georgia...... John Conrad I do (Pennsylvania. George EL Griffin j do (Virginia Jacob E. Blake i do.-brevet A. C.S.Pennsylvania. John P. Center j' do-.brevet Massachusetts George H. Ringgold... do do. IMaryland Joseph P. Harrison ; do do. Georgia.: William S. Ketchum... j do do ^Connecticut Archibald Campbell. .J do do New York... William H. De Forrestj.; ..do do j. do..!'.'. Thomas L. Brent I.... do do {Virginia 1835. EXECUTIVE. Ill

WAR. DEPARTMENT — Army List—1th Reg. of Infantry.

Names. Rank. Where Born.

SEVENTH REGIM'T OF INFANTRY. Matthew Arbuckle Colonel B. G. brevet.. Virginia.. William Whistler Lieutenant Colonel Maryland. Sullivan Burbank Major Lt. Col. brevet.. Massachusetts jieorge Birch Captain Major brevet. England.. Nathaniel Young ,. ..do do Delaware. Fohn Stuart ....do Tennessee. S. S. Hawkins ....do New York Charles Thomas ....do.. A. Q. M Pennsylvania Fames L. Dawson ....do Maryland. Francis Lee Captain Pennsylvania rames R. Stevenson ...do , Virginia. .. Foseph A. Philips ...do , New Jersey Massachusetts Nicholas Tillinghast...... do , Dixon S. Miles Maryland... 1st Lieut. Adjutant..., Washington Seawell... Virginia...... do Law. F. Carter do ...do...A. C.S 3-ab. J. Rains N. Carolina. ...do Stephen W. Moore S. Carolina.. ...do Wm. M.Mather Connecticut. ...do. ..Top. duty.... John P. Davis Maine ...do.,.A. C.S Theodore H. Holmes.. N. Carolina. ...do Samuel Kinney Illinois ...do...A. C.S RicharRoger dS. H Dix. Ros. s Maryland...... do GeorgRichared W C.Gatlin. Cass . Ohio. 2d Lieut. E. duty DanieAug. lF. P .Seaton Whitin. g New York.. Gab. R. Paul ..do...A.do . C.S N. Hampshire Sew. G. Simmons ..do .do.. ..Top.duty ..Top.duty.. ...N . Carolina Henry McKavett ...d doo ...do.... James G. Reed ..d.doo. ..Top. duty. Missouri... Arnold Harris .do Pennsylvania Forbes Britton .do. ..brevet.... New York, Alexander Montgomery .do do Pennsylvania Weigh. K. Hanson.. .do do New York. .do. .do. Wm.H. Griffin .do do Virginia... .do. .do, Tames M. Wells Pennsylvania .do. .do, Thomas B. Arden. .. Dist. of Col Lucius Bradbury.... S. Carolina Maryland.. New York. Maine 112 EXECUTIVE. Sept,

WAR DEPARTMENT —Army List—Cadets.

Names. Where Names. Where Born. Born.



Montgomery C. Meigs. Ga. Robert F. Baker N. Y. George L. Welcker Tenn Thomas McCrate Me... James L. Mason R. I. Thomas P. Chiffelle. S.C. Fisher A. Lewis Va.. . Chas.H. E. Spoar. .. N. Y. Danville Leadbetter Me.. M. C. M. Hammond. S.C. Barnabas Conkling N. Y Henry C. Moorhead. Pa.... Daniel P. Woodbury... N. H.SECOND CLASS, Alexander P. Crittenden Ky ...Edwi n W. Morgan.. Pa.. Joseph R. Anderson Va ... Henry W. Benham.. S.C. Samuel J. Bransford do..Alexande r B. Dyer.. Va... Wm. H. Warner N. Y. John W. Gunnison... N. H. Augustus P. Allen. do.. John.Bratt N. Y.. John P. J. O'Brien Pa.... Wm.W. Chapman.-. Mass. James L. Donaldson Md... Lewis G. Arnold. N..J.. David P. Dewitt N. Y Jubal A.Early Va... Wm. B. Wallace Pa .. .Eliaki n P. Scammon. N. II. Mar. Churchill Mass. Bennet H. Hill D. C. Christopher A. Greene. R. 1.7 Braxton Bragg N. C. Charles B. Sing N. Y Wm. W. Mackall. .. D. C. John W. Phelps Vt.... Thomas Williams... N. Y. John F. Roland Pa Edmund Bradford. .. Pa... • Roland A. Luther do.. Robert T. Jones Va... Henry. H. Lock wood... Del*.'..Alpheu s G. Steere. .. Ohio.; Martin J. Burke N. Y. Wm. H. French Md... Arthur B. Lansing do.. John C. Pemberton.. Pa... Chris. Q. Tompkins... Va ... George Taylor Spain. M. L. Shackelford 7 do...Israe l Vodges , Pa;... Thomas W. Sherman.. R.L ..A . Park Gregory. do.. W. Briequette Arven.. N. H.. John M. Harvie. Va... William Frazer Pa Arnold E, Jones. Md... John S. Hathaway N. Y.. Francis Woodbridge.. Vt.... Peter V. Hagner D. C.. Charles F. Wooster... N. Y. William Mark N. C. Henry C. Pratt Mass. Israel C. Woodruff N. J..Georg e C. Rodney. ... Del... George C. Thomas do.. Edward D. Townsend. Mass. Charles Haskins N.JC.. Charles Southgate. ... Va... Collison R. Gates N. Y. Rowley S. Jennings... Ky... Richard G. Stockton... Ky ...Arthu r M. Rutledge... Tenn. Lloyd Tilghman Pa Joseph Hooker Mass . Charles B. Daniels N. H. Wm. H. Fowler Md... John W. Judson Ct ... Wm. F. Beach N.C. Robert Allen ,. Ohio.. Samuel Whitehorne. .. R. I... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 113

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List—Cadets.

Where Where Names. Names. Born. I Born.

Samuel Woods la.... Charles J. Hughes. Francis O. Wyse Md... Buckner Board Edward J. Steptoe.... Va... Owen P. Ransom John Sedgwick...... Ct.... Milton A. Haynes..-... Joshua H. Bates Mass. Lucius Pitkin William Armstrong... Ind... Wm. A. Nichols. Nathaniel Lindsley... N.J.. Thomas L. Ringgold.. Isaac H. Adams...... Mass. John Dickson.. William Hulbert do.. Richard H. Graham... John B.S.Todd Ky. .. Lindsey Hagler Roberts. Moore N. C. Constant Freeman Franklin Saunders. ... do.. Henry Eckford. Rob't M. McLane Del... Ferdinand S. Mumford. Richard M. Bland Va... Leonidas Johnson Levi P. Davidson N.Y.. John C. Fletcher...... Walter Sherwood Irvin McDowell: N. J.. Robert H. Chilton Ripley A. Arnold Nevil Hopson...... Va... John W. Percy...... Henry H. Sibley....'.. Ky... William J. Hardee John L. P. Cooke La... John Claiborne Alex. W. Reynolds... Ky... Charles F. Ruff. Wm. G. Grandin Va... Robert M. Cochran Wm. Hardid N. Y. William H. Shover James R. Soley Va... Egbert M.Clarke...... Randolph Ridgely Mass Zebulon M. P. Inge William T. Martin.... Md.. Carter L. Stevenson.... Samuel D. Moore N. J. William Bos well . Wm. H. T. Walker.. N. C Theo. M.V.Kennedy 7 N.C George W. Mitchell THIRD CLASS. Ga.N. Y.. William H. Wright.,Vt... . Hamilton W.Merrill. Alex. H. Dearborn. ...L a John H. Mathews..... Stephen H. Campbell. Mi... Andrew J. Smith P. G. T. Beauregard.. Va... Thomas J. Throop. John T. Metcalfe S.C. William S.Ward..... James B. Tilghman William B.Blair do., Isaac S. K. Reeves Wm. A. Brown Ga... Justus McKinstry James H. Trapier N.Y. Thomas Casey... Daniel A. Thatcher... James M. Ketchum.., N. H Edward Johnson Jeremiah M. Scarritt., S. C Robert S. Granger. ,.. William F. Graham. N.Y John R. C. Garland... Leslie Chase Ga... Langdon C. Easton ... Henry C. Wayne.... N. Y. James H. Perry .7 William F. Barry.... Caleb G. Forshey 15 James F. Preston 114 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List— Cadets.

Where | [ Where Names. Names. Bora. I Burn.

John W. King Ga... FOURTH CLASS. ! fWillia m H. Korn Penn. Alexander R. Lanton ..S.C. . Lucius H. Allen John P. McCown.. Tenn. Lewis A. Armistead.. JohWillian C.m McLemor P. Millere [Ohio.. John D.Bacon ... Thomas J. Norfeet.. Tenn. Garrett Barry Gregory O. Maher ..do.. James M. S. Bell..... Edward O. C. Ord [N.Y|Md... . Henry J. Biddle Eleazer Paine Ohio. Dewitt C. Bonham.... Josiah Pender N.C. Joseph B. Boyd Andrew Porter Penn. William Brindle Theodorie H. Porter... D.Col Thadeus R. Brooks... ] James L. Rankin Penn. Henry S. Burton Israel B. Richardson . Vt... Robert Q. Butler .. James B. Ricketts... N.Y.. John W. Butler William Robertson.. Tenn. Franklin D. CaUender. Tenn. John C. Robinson NY.. Edward R. S. Canby... Penn Hugh Rose S.C. Stephen D. Carpenter ..N. C Mason Seely [N.Y. Andrew J. Coffee Penn Henry L. Smith. [Maine Michael S. Culbertson.. do John B. Smith La. .7 Augustus W. Davidson.m. Y William S. Smith N. Y. Samuel K. Dawson Ky H Isaa_c J. Stevens Mass . Main..do e [{John S. Webb La Wilson Defandorf N.C Richard L. Stockton [Penn . Richard H. Weightman. D. C.. Gnstavos A. De Rossy.. ..do.. George Thorn N. H. William H. Wesner...|S. C.. RichaidD.Frothingham Mass. George W. Washington. Va Charles Wickliffe Ky. Edgar B. Gaither Mich. Charles G. Wilcox (Penn Augustus A. Gibson.. Mass. Edward D. Suffern IN. Y.. Jeremy F. Gilmer N.Y.. Benjamin F. Day I. .do John D. Goneke. .do.. James Molynoux ...j..do Henry D. Grafton .do.. W.S. Cassedy N.J Edward B. Green MainMass.e B. S. McWhorter !Ga.. William B. Greene .. PenKy..n. James Lea. iTenn HenrEdwary dJ .H Hun. Gridley.t . Mich. Henry W. Halleck... W. S. Cameron .... Ohio. William Irvin Ohio.. Eugene Norton j.. do. WilliaJoseph Am .B .Haski Johnns D. C.. James D. Hill Pitt Cooke I..do. Randolph M. Jones .7.. Md...R . W. Smith j. ,do. HenrJohn yH .B .Hil Judl d ROGE|ConnR .JONES , Adj. Gen. of the Army. Charles H. Humber.. Pinkney Lngenbell..... Md. Thomas Hunton. Henry "A. Clemson. 111 T. W. Macomb Flor.. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 115

WAR DEPARTMENT—Army List— Pay, fyc. of the Army.

Rank or Grade. Pay pr. month,

Major General $200 00 Aid-de-Camp to a Major General, in addi­ tion to his pay in the line 24 00 Brigadier General 104 00 Aid-de-Camp to a Brigadier General, in 20 00 addition to his pay in the line 90 00 Adjutant General 104 00 Quartermaster General 60 00 Quartermaster Assistant Quartermaster, in addition to his 20 00 pay in the line 90 00 Inspector General 90 00 Commissary General of Subsistence 10 to 20 00 Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, in ad­ 60 00 dition to his pay in the line, from Commissary of Subsistence 45 00 Surgeon General, $2,500 per annum 40 00 Surgeon Assistant Surgeon 50 00 Paymaster Gen. of the Army $2,500 pr> an # _ Paymaster .• Commissary Gen. of Purchases $3,000p. an. Military Storekeepers, salary to be regulated 60 00 by the Secretary of War, not to exceed pay 40 00 and emoluments of a Captain of Infantry. Topographical Engineer 60 00 Assistant Topographical Engineer 40 00 Professor of Natural and Experimental Phi 50 00 losophy 40 00 Assistant Professor of Natural and Experi­ 50 00 mental Philosophy 40 00 Professor of Mathematics Assistant Professor of Mathematics 50 00 Professor of the Art of Engineering 40 00 Assistant Professor of the Art of Engineering 40 00 Chaplain and Professor of Geography, His 26 66 tory and Ethics 75 00 Teacher of the French Language 90 00 Teacher of Drawing Master of the Sword 60 00 Colonel of Artillery, Infantry, Engineers 75 00 and Ordnance, each Colonel of Dragoons Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery, Infantry, Engineers and Ordnance, each Lieutenant Colonel of Dragoons 116 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

WAR DEPARTMENT — Army List —Pay, fyc. of the Army.

Rank or Grade. Pay pr. month

Major of Artillery, Infantry, Engineers and Ordnance, each 50 00 Major of Dragoons 60 00 Adjutant, in addition to his pay in the line 10 00 Captain of Artillery, Infantry, Engineers and 40 00 .Ordnance, each 50 00 Captain of Dragoons First Lieutenant of Artillery, Infantry, En­ 30 00 gineers and Ordnance, each , 33 33§ First Lieutenant of Dragoons Second Lieutenant of Artillery, Infantry, En 25 00 gineers and Ordnance, each 33 33i Second Lieutenant of Dragoons 16 00 Cadet 16 00 Sergeant Major 16 00 Quartermaster Sergeant 16 00 Principal Musician 15 00 First Sergeant of a Company 12 00 Sergeant 17 00 Sergeant of Ordnance 8 00 Corporal , 6 00 Musician 8 00 Private of Dragoons, when mounted 6 00 Private of Artillery and Infantry 10 00 Artificer 16 00 Armourer of Ordnance 16 00 Blacksmith of Ordnance. 16 00 Carriage Maker of Ordnance 13 00 Artificer of Ordnance .... 9 00 10 00 LaboreNOTE.—Thr of Ordnance Dragoonse , when mounted, receive the same pay Farrieand emolumentr and Blacksmits as alloweh ofd Dragoons...... during the War.; and when on foot, the pay and emoluments of Infantry. In addition to his pay proper, the actual of a Com­ pany is entitled, by law, to ten dollars, as compensation for his duties and responsibilities with respect to the clothing, arms, and accoutrements, of the Company. And Subaltern Officers who do not receive extra compensation for the performance of any staff duty, are each entitled to one additional ration. R. JONES, Adj't Gen'l. October 20th, 1835. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 1J7 NAVY DEPARTMENT.

Names and Offices. [Where Employed Where «,„,.„ Born. Sa,ary-


Mahlon Dickerson Washington.. N.J. 6000 00


John Boyle. .do. Irel'nd2000 00


Christopher Andrews, Cor. Cl'k..do. do.. 1600 00 Thos. L. Ragsdale..Clerk of) .do. N.C. 1600 00 Pension Funds $ Lauriston B. Hardin..Register. .do. do.. 1400 00 Abraham H. Quincy.. Corres-) .do. Mass. 1400 00 ponding and Record. Clerk. $ John D. Simms..Register of) .do. Va...1000 00 Correspondence \ .do. N.J.. Borden M. Voorhees.. War-> 1000 00 rant Clerk 5 .do. N. H.1000 00 Henry Stark.. Recording and > Copying Clerk ) .do. ..do.. 800 00 Moses Poor do do.. MESSENGERS. Nathan Eaton .do. Mass. 700 00 Lindsay Muse Assistant. • do. D. Col 350 00


John Rodgers President. .do. Md... 3500 00 Isaac Chauncey .do Conn. 3500 00 Charles Morris .do.... do.. 3500 00 SECRETARY.

Charles W. Goldsborough. • do. Md. 2000 00- CHIEF CLERK.

William G. Ridgely do. do.. 1600 00


John Green .do. do, 1150 00 118 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT— Clerks, <$>c.

Where Names and Offices. Where Employed. Salary. Born.

James Hutton Washington . Penn. 1000 00 B. S. Randolph ! do Va... 1000 00 Robert Beale \ .do ..do.. 1000 00 Joseph P. McCorkle .: j do Penn. 1000 00 DRAFTSMAN. \

C. Schwartz j do. Ger'ny, 1000 00 i I MESSENGER. j

I Conn.[ 700 00 Richard Elliott \ do. NOTE.—Since the passage of the act of Congress of 3d March, 1835, the President of the Navy Board has been allowed at the rate of one thousand dollars per annum additional, as the senior Captain in service. 1835. EXECUTIVE. 119

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List— Captains.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.


John Rodgers Maryland. President Navy Board James Barron Virginia.. Comd't N. Yard Philadelphia. Charles Stewart. .. Penn Waiting Orders Conn Comd't N. Yard Washington. Isaac Chauncey...... do.... Commissioner Navy Board... Jacob Jones Delaware. Com'dg N'lOfhc'r, Baltimore. Charles Morris Virginia.Conn . Commissioner Navy Board.. L. Warrington N. Jersey. Com'dt Navy Yard, Norfolk.. Wm. M. Crane.... Penn — do Portsmouth.... Maryland. Waiting Orders C.G. Ridgely N. York.. Com'dt Navy Yard, N. York. D. T. Patterson. .. ..do.... Com'g Mediter'an squadron... M. T Woolsey...... do.... Waiting Orders J. Orde Creighton. Mass..... do John Downes Maryland. Com'dt Navy Yard, Boston... Jesse D. Elliott Penn App'edtoCom'dMed. squa'n.. Stephen Cassin ..do.... Waiting Orders James Renshaw. .. Maine Com'g Brazilian squadron.... A. S. Wadsworth.. Ireland... Com'g George C. Read. .. Maryland. Under Suspension H. E. Ballard N. Jersey..Waitin g Orders David Deacon Penn Com'g Brandywine.. S. Woodhouse Maryland. Waiting Orders J. J. Nicholson Conn Com'g Frigate Potomac W. Chauncey Maryland. Com'g N. Yard, Pensacola... E. P. Kennedy Penn Com'g Naval Force E. Indies. A. J. Dallas Com'g West India squadron.. EnglanVirginia.d . do. J. B. Nicolson Commanding Delaware 74... S.Carolin..do...a. Insp'r of ordnance & ammu'n. J. Wilkinson Waiting Orders Pen..do...n . Leave of absence T. Ap. Catesby Jones do Virginia. Waiting Orders W. C. Bolton N. Jersey do W. B. Shubrick. .. Virginia. do.... Alex. Claxton S. Carolina do C W. Morgan New York do L. Kearney Penn Com'g Sloop John Adams.. .. F. A. Parker E. R. McCall Daniel Turner David Conner 120 EXECUTIVE. 1835.

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Navy List— Masters Commandant.

Names. Where born. Duty or Station.

MASTERS COMMAN­ DANT—40. George Budd Maryland Navy Yard, Boston John Gallagher... ..do... do.... Washington T. H. Stevens S. Carolina RendezvousBosto n W. M. Hunter... Penn.. Navy Yard, Philadelphia JohnD. Sloat New York Rendezvous, New York M. C. Perry Rd. Island Navy Yard, do C. W. Skinner... MainVirginie ..a .. .Waitin g Orders John T.Newton. . Mass Rendezvous, Philadelphia... Joseph Smith Louisiana. Waiting Orders Law. Rousseau... N. Hamp. Commanding Sloop St. Louis. G. W. Storer Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. VirginiCarolina a Waiting Beverly Kennon. . S ~ "" Navy Yard, Norfolk E. R. Shubrick... Conn Orders F. H. Gregory Virginia.. do.... John H. Clack... N. Jersey. Rendezvous, Norfolk P. F. Voorhees... .do.... Waiting Orders Ben. Cooper Maryland. do David Geisinger. . N. Jersey. do. R. F.Stockton Penn Furlough Isaac McKeever. . do.... Rendezvous, Baltimore J. P. Zantzinger.. New York Commanding Sloop Natchez. Wm. D. Salter... Penn.. .. .do do.. .Ontario . C S. McCauley. . Georgia. Leave of absence T. M. Newell.... Virginia Under Suspension E. A. F. Vallette, New York Commanding Sloop Fairfield. W. A. Spencer... Virginia ..Furloug h T. T. Webb Mass Commanding Sloop Vandalia. John Percival Virginia.. On his return to the U. States. John H. Aulick. Rd. Island.Command' g Sloop Vincennes. W.V.Taylor.... Conn Waiting Orders MervineP. Mix. , Virginia.. Com'g receiving ship, N. Y.. Bladen Dulany... New York Waiting Orders S. H. Stringham., Maryland. Ordered to the John Adams. Isaac Mayo.....; do.... Waiting Orders Wm. K. Latimer Penn Navy Yard, Pensacola Wm. Mervine. Maryland. Waiting Orders Thomas Crabb... Mass do E.B. Babbit , Kentucky . do.. James Armstrong. Maryland. Com'g receiving ship, Boston. Joseph Smoot Waiting Orders 1835. EXECUTIVE. 121

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieutenants.

Names. Where Born Duty or Station.

L1EUTENANTS-258. James P. Oellers...Pen .n ., Ordinary, Philadelphia C. E.Crowly S. Carolina Waiting Orders W. A. C. Farragnt. Tennessee. Pascagoula,- sick. S. Champlin Rd. Island. Invalid.. Thomas Paine ..do.... On leave S. L. Breese . New York. ....do.. Benjamin Page, Jr.. England... Waiting Orders. John Gwinn Maryland. ....:.do,,.. T. W.-Wyman...... Mass Delaware 74 Andrew -Fitzhugh.. Virginia ..Com' g receiving ship, Norfolk AHira. S.m TenEic Pauldingk . ... N. Jersey..Waitin g Orders Waitinig Orders. JohJ. Dn. WhitWilliamson..e . Mass On leav6e .-.-.• .....;.. do. Uriah P. Levy New York. Command'g Schooner Shark. do 0. Boarman N. Jersey.. do., French Forrest Penn Rendezvous, New York W.E.M'Kenney... Maryland. Navy Yard, Washington William J. Belt ....do.... Rendezvous-, -Norfolk Wm. Jameson New York Frigate Constitution. Wm. Boerum... Maryland. Waiting orders C. L. Williamson... Virginia.. do,. Charles Gauntt New York Com'g receiving ship, Baltim'e William Ramsay... New Jers'v Waiting orders Ralph Voorhees...... do.... Leave of absence. Henry Henry...... Virginia.. Waiting orders S. W. Downing. ... New Jers'y .....do..,.. Henry W; Ogden... Maryland Mass \ Ordered to- the Sch'r Shark E. Ridgeway New Jers'v (as her Commander ;. T. A. Conover ..do A. S.Campbell. New Jers'y On furlough-. •. John C. Long Virginia .. Commanding Sch. Enterprise. John H. Graham... N. Hamp.. Waiting orders. J. M. Mcintosh Vermont.. Leave of absence Josiah Tattnall Georgia... Navy Yard, Pensacola..... i. HughN. Page do.... Waiting orders William Inman. .,. Virginia .. Commanding Sch'r Boxer... Joel Abbot New York Frigate Brandywine L. E. Simonds Mass Waiting orders John M. Dale do.... Ordinary, Boston H.H.Cocke Pennsylv'a Waiting orders W. J.M'Cluney.... Virginia.. On leave James Goodrum.... Pennsylv'a Waiting orders J. B. Montgomery.. Virginia Do 16 N. Jersey. On leave 122 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieutenants.

Names. Where Born.i Duty or Station.

H. B. Sawyer Vermont.. Waiting orders. C. K. Stribling S. Carolina Ship Peacock. Joshua R. Sands New York Rendezvous, New York John J. Young ....do... Sup't Navy Hospital, Norfolk. Charles H.Bell ....do... Commanding Sch'r Dolphin. Ab. Bigelow Mass.... Leave of absence Frank Ellery R. Island. Waiting orders Fred. Varnum Mass.... do Joseph R. Jarvis...... do... Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. T. W. Freelon New York Waiting orders James Williams.... W. Indies On leave S. W. LeCompte... Maryland Waiting orders Charles T. Piatt New York ..do W. M. Armstrong.. Kentucky. ...do Wm. F. Shields Georgia... Leave of absence G. J. Pendergrast.;. Kentucky. Philadelphia Navy Yard W. C. Nicholson... Maryland. Leave of absence James B. Cooper... N. Jersey. Naval Asylum, Philadelphia. E. W. Carpender New York Navy Yard, Boston J. L. Saunders Virginia.. Rendezvous, Norfolk Joseph B. Hull New York Frigate Potomac John S. Paine Maine... Waiting orders John E. Prentiss. Mass.... do Joseph Moorehead.., Maryland Leave of absence Thomas Petigru S. Carolina do J. S. Chauncey New York. Delaware 74 Irvine Shubrick S. CarolinaWaitin g orders John Kelly , Pennsylv'a do Edmund Byrne ..do.... Frigate Constellation E. S. Johnson R. Island.. Onleave W.H. Gardner Maryland. Sloop John Adams D. G. Farragut Tennessee Leave of absence R. S. Pinckney S. CarolinaWaitin g orders S.B.Wilson New York ..do E. C. Rutledge S. CarolinaO n leave Wm. S. Harris Kentucky. Waiting orders Com'g receiving ship, Phil'a. T. A. Dornin IrelandS. Carolin—a R. B. Cunningham... Virginia.. Navy Yard, Norfolk James Glynn Pennsylv'Mass. .. a Waiting orders V.M.Randolph.. Joseph Myers VirginiN.Car...a . Leave of absence J. Crowninshield, ^V. CWetmore Mass..New Yor. k Waiting orders Frederick En ?le. . T. R.Gedney Pennsylv 'a C Com'g Schooner Jersey, on John Bubier \ survey of the coast Receiving ship, Boston On furlough Frigate Potomac Rendezvous, Philadelphia... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 123

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieutenants.

Names. Where Bom. Duty or Station.

A.J. Dallas Connectic't Receiving ship, Boston John H. Smith.. New York. On furlough John Rudd R. Island. Waiting orders. Robert Ritchie... Pennsylv'a Com'g Schooner Grampus... W. W.M'Kean. ..do.... Sloop Natchez F. Buchanan Maryland. Waiting orders H. H. Hobbs.... Virginia.. Frigate Brandywine Samuel Mercer.. Maryland. Leave of absence C. Lowndes ..do.... do L. M. Goldsboroi Dist. of Col. do... G.N. Hollins... Maryland. Ship Peacock D. N. In graham. S. CarolinaOrdere d to the W. I. Squad'n John Marston, Jr Mass Waiting orders Henry Bruce.. .. Maine Frigate Brandywine W. D. Newman. New York. Leave of absence JH.. D A.. Knigh Adams...t . Pennsylv'a Waiting orders JosepA. B. hPinkham. Mattison. ., Mass.. Sloop Natchez .7 W. S. Walker S. Carolina do Alexander Slide! 1. N. Jersey Leave of absence G. F. Pearson N.H Rendezvous, Boston James T. Gerry. .. New York. Leave of absence J. S. Nicholas N. Hamp.. Frigate Constitution S. F. Dupont , Mass Ordinary, Boston W. L. Hudson... Virginia..Nav y Yard, New York W. H. Campbell. Waiting orders N. Jersey.. J. P. Wilson Ordinary, New York New York, G. A. Magruder.. Waiting orders Maryland. JohL. Mn. PopPowell...e . Virginia. Sloop Fairfield ....do.... Waiting orders C.Wilkes Virginia.New York.. Sloop Erie Elisha Peck Connectic'Mass t John A. Carr Maryland. { Ordered to the West India T. J. Manning.., N. Jersey.. \ Squadron William Pearson. ..do.... In charge of chronometers, &c. W.L.Howard... ..do.... Receiving ship, New York.. W. P. Piercy.... Pennsylv'a Sloop Vincennes R. A. Jones , New York Waiting orders Thomas J. Leib.. Pennsylv'a Leave of absence W. G. Woolsey.. At sea... Waiting orders W. H. Kennon... Virginia. Ordinary, Washington Arthur Lewis ..do... Frigate Potomac John W. West.... Pennsylvj'a Waiting orders T. O. Selfridge... Mass... Ordinary, New York R. R. Pinkham.. ..do.. Waiting orders ...do •;;; Sloop Ontario ;-imm Receiving ship, Boston Leave of absence 124 EXECUTIVE. lepl.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieutenants.

Names. Where Boru. Duty or Station.

Henry Eagle New YorkJSloop Erie A. K.Long Maryland. Waiting orders.. G. J. Van Brunt. N. Jersey.. Frigate Brandywine Henry Pihkney.. Maryland. Frigate Potomac. Wm. M. Glendy. Virginia .. Waiting orders John H. Little... Maryland do G. P. Usher Virginia .. Leave of absence George S.Blake. Mass $ Comm'g Sch'r Experiment, Z. F. Johnston... I surveying coast. William Green.. Maryland. Waiting orders' Samuel Barron.. Virginia .. Sloop Peacock T.G.Benham... do Sloop Natchez.. Robert W. Jones. Conn Waiting orders. Alexander G. Gordon.Ne w York. Frigate Potomac ] A. G. Slaughter. .. Dist. of Col Waiting orders '„ A. E. Downes Virginia .. Receiving ship, Norfolk. .... Oscar Bullus'. Mass Delaware 74 John Marshall..... Dist. of Col Navy Yard, Boston...... C. H.Jackson. Virginia .. Leave of absence A. A. Harwood.... Geoigia.... Schooner Boxer T. Bailey, Jr Penn Ordered to the sch. Shark...! H. Y. Purviance... New York. Sloop Vincennes. George Adams Maryland. Rendezvous, Baltimore Cad'r Ringgold..... Delaware . On leave John Graham Maryland. Sloop John Adams William F. Lynch. Kentucky . Waiting orders H. W. Morris Virginia .. Sloop John Adams Isaac S. Sterett New York. Sloop Fairfield F.B.Ellison .7 Maryland. Sloop John Adams E.B.Boutwell.../. New York. Waiting orders...: " James T. Homans. Virginia .. .. do.. 7 John E. Bispham.. Mass do S. Smith Lee Penn- On his return to the U. States. William C Whittle Virginia .. Waiting orders John H.Marshall.. do do , R. H. Morris. do Delaware 74. T. D. Shaw Vermont.. Leave of absence R. D. Thorburn . .. Penn...... Rendezvous, Philadelphia... S. Lockwood Virginia .. Leave of absence Lloyd B. Newell... Conn Sloon Fairfield. John Cassin: Georgia... On his return to the U. States, H.H.Rhodes Penn Leave of absence. W. S. Ogden E(ist. of Col Waiting orders E. O. Blanchard... New York. Leave of absence .... H. J. Auchmuty. .. Virginia .. Ordered to W. India squad'n. F.A.Neville R. Island.. Leave of absence Virginia.. Frigate Constitution 1835. EXECUTIVE. 125

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieutenants.

Names. Where Born. Dury or Station.

John W.Mooers. New York. Waiting orders. E. M. Russell.., Mass On leave H. Westcott Dist. of ColWaitin g orders C.C. Turner Virginia ..Sloo p Peacock. Joseph Stallings . . Maryland. On leave John Manning N.Car...... do Penn J. L. Lardner Virginia.. Waitin....dgo orders, Robert G. Robb... France.... Mediterranean squadron Edward M. Vail. . New York. Waiting orders Fitz Allen Deas . . N.Jersey.. On leave...: S. W. Stockton... Penn Frigate Constitution John Colhoun New York. Sloop John Adams C. W. Chauncey. Penn Sloop Ontario. *Law. Pennington. Dist. of ColLeav e of absence T. T. Craven.... ConVirginin a Delaware 74 Andrew H. Foot.. Penn FrigateConstellation John L. Ball New York. Receiving ship, Norfolk. W. W. Hunter... Vermont.. Sloop St. Louis N. C. Lawrence.. Kentucky. Navy Yard, Boston Amasa Paine Delaware. Leave of absence N. W. Duke Conn ...do E. G. Tilton Penn Sloop St. Louis James H. Ward.. Conn Waiting orders Henry HofF R. Island.. ...do Dist. of Col J. Ingersoll Frigate Constellation Mass.... Grey Skipwith.... Ship Peacock Indiana. Murray Mason... Leave of absence Mass.. .. C. H.Davis Frigate Constellation New York. S. Johnston Leave of absence ....do.... J. W. Swift do N.Car.... CM. Armstrong. Waiting orders Kentucky. E. Farrand Frigate Constellation Maryland. Henry H.Bell.... West India squadron Virginia .. William Smith... Waiting orders New York. C. H. McBlair.... Frigate Constitution Maryland. J. M. Watson Schooner Dolphin N. Jersey.. John W. Turk ... Schooner Shark Virginia .. Junius J. Boyle... Leave of absence.- Kentucky. W.E.Hunt Frigate Constellation New York. G. C Ashton Sloop Vincennes Virginia.. R. L. Browning . . Leave of absence ...'.do.... Jona. D. Ferris...... do N.Car.... Ai B. Fairfax Waiting orders. R. Island.. N. M. Howison... Sloop Vandalia New York. W. B. Lyne Schooner Boxer Peter Turner Leave of absence J. T. Jenkins 126 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Lieuts. — Surgeons.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

John A. Davis N.Car.... Sloop John Adams H. K. Thatcher Maine Leave of absence James H. Rowan... New York. Sloop Erie. S. E. Munn Maryland. Leave of absence... < W.H.Noland. Virginia .. do W. D.Porter Louisiana. do CH.Duryee New York. Receiving ship, New York. William McBlair... Maryland. Sloop St. Louis George M. Hooe.... Virginia .. Waiting orders J. S. Missroon. S. Car.... Sloop Vincennes James Noble Kentucky . On leave Virginia ..WaitinSchoone gr orders Enterpris. e Richard L. Page.... do Maryland. F Chatard Schooner Shark Virginia.. G. G. Williamson... Frigate Potomac W.India.. Benjamin J. Totten.. Waiting orders N.Car.... Owen Burns Sloop Ontario Penn Harry Ingersoll Schooner Boxer Dist. of Col A. H. Marbury Leave of absence Penn H. M. Houston Navy Yard, Norfolk N. Jersey.. C G. Hunter Waiting orders Virginia.. Arthur Sinclair Delaware 74 Dist. of Col E.W.Moore Frigate Constellation Conn R. B.Hitchcock Ordered to the Sch. Shark. Virginia .. C. H. Kennedy Frigate Constellation Dist. of Col T. W. Brent... Sloop Vandalia Penn G. M. Bache Schooner Dolphin . New York. E. T. Doughty Receiving ship, New York. JosepSURGEONS—43h Lanman.... . Conn John W. Cox Louisiana. J. Cowdery Mass Waiting orders W. P. C. Barton.. Penn Navy Yard, Philadelphia.... Thomas Harris... ..do.... Waiting orders William Turk.... New York. Fleet Surgeon,Mediterranean. John A. Kearney. Ireland... Marine Barracks/Washingt'n. B. Washington... Virginia.. Waiting orders. William Swift.... Mass . Navy Hospital, New York... Thomas B. Salter. N. Jersey.. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. Peter Christie ..do.... Rendezvous, New York Samuel Jackson. . New York. Navy Yard, Washington A.B.Cooke ..do.... Fleet Surgeon, in Pacific Leonard Osborne. England .. Fleet Surgeon, West Indies.. T. Williamson... Maryland. Naval Hospital, Norfolk G. S. Sproston ....do.... Baltimore Station 1835. EXECUTIVE. 127

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Navy List—Surgs.—Pas'd As. Sur.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

Benajah Ticknor.. Vermont.. Navy Yard, Boston Mordecai Morgan. Penn Leave of absence Thomas J. Bovd Delaware.' { Appointed Fleet Surgeon in ( the Mediterranean James Cornick \ Virginia.. Navy Yard, Norfolk Charles Chase Maine Fleet Surgeon, Coast of Brazil. D. S. Edwards 'Conn Navy Yard, Pensacola Isaac Hulse New York. Naval Hospital, Pensacola... John S. Wily do Waiting orders George Terrill Virginia .. Frigate Potomac John Haslett S. Carolina Navy Yard, New York...... Waters Smith New York. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia. B. F. Bache 'Virginia .. On leave A. A. Adee New York. Sloop Vincennes Thomas Dillard Virginia .. .Waiting orders Stephen Rapalje New York. do James M. Greene ilreland 1 do John R. Chandler Dis. of Col.!Rendezvous, Norfolk B. R. Tinslar jNew York. Sloop John Adams Wm. Plumstead |Penn jOrdered to the Vandalia G. W. Codwise |W. Indies. Sloop Ontario G. R. B. Horner iVirginia .. jRendezvous, Philadelphia... SamueWSWRuschenbergel Moseley r N.Jersey.Virginia ... FleeSlootp SurgeonNatchez,. East Indies... SamueRobertl JW. .Dodd Ruff.. PenVirginin a .. OrdereSloop dSt t.o Louisthe Potomac. . W.F.Patton..William Johnso.n DelawarVirginia.e . \O Waitinn leaveg orders Henry S. Coulter Mar viand. Leave of absence John F. Brooke Virginia Waiting orders.

PASSED ASSISTANT SURGEONS—15. Mifflin Coulter iMaryland jLeave of absence G. W. Palmer New' York. Navy Yard, Norfolk William Whelan Perm , Waiting orders Samuel Barrington. ....do... Naval Hospital, Philadelphia. Thomas L. Smith N. Jersey iSchooner Boxer. George Blacknall N. Car.... Naval Hospital, Norfolk N. N. Glentworth..., Penn Navy Yard, New York Lewis B. Hunter N. Jersey.. (Schooner Shark I. Brinckerhoff. New York. Leave of absence Wm. M.Wood Maryland. | do J.V.Smith Penndo . * (Hospital & rec'sr ship, Boston.. J. W. Plummer 'Waiting orders 128 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Assistant Surgeons.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

G. B. McKnight. New York. Waiting orders Solomon Sharp.. Penn Naval Hospital, New York. Daniel Egbert... N. Jersey..Ordere d to the Sch'r Shark.

ASSISTANT SUR­ GEONS—35. W. A. W. SpotswoodVirginia . Norfolk Station John C. Spencer. Ohio Navy Yard, Philadelphia John B.Elliot... N. Jersey. Rendezvous, Baltimore A. G. Gambrill.. Maryland Sloop Fairfield, Act. Surgeon. George Clymer.. Penn Leave of absence J. M. Foltz Virginia.. Marine Barr'ks, Washington. Hugh Morson Penn Frigate Potomac W. L. Van Horn Virginia ..Receivin g ship, Norfolk John C. Mercer.. , Dis.of Col.Leav e of absence S. CLawrason... New York. Frigate Constellation Wm. J. Powell... Mass On leave EdwarD. CMcLeod Gilchrisd t ««..« Navy Yard, Boston JLewi. As. WLockwoo. Minor..d . (Delaware Sloop Natchez R. M. Baltzer New York, Naval Hospital, Pensacola... Lewis Wolfley Virginia ..Leav e of absence J. F. Sickels Dis.of Col.Delawar e 74 N. C Barrabino. ... Penn do M. G. Delaney New York. Frigate Brandywine H. S. Rennolds Penn Delaware 74 W. F. McClenahan. Ireland Sloop Fairfield Daniel S. Green. ...Virginia. . Schooner Dolphin James C. Palmer ....do.... Schooner Enterprise Ninian Pinkney...... do.... Sloop Ontario Robert T. Barry.... Maryland. Sloop Vincennes G.W. Peete ..do.... Sloop Erie Oeorge W. Evans... Penn Frigate Potomac T. A. Parsons Virginia.. Sloop St. Louis C A. Hassler Penn Schooner Grampus J. R. Peekworth. ... SGeorgia... Carolin.a Receivin Frigate gConstellation ship, New York... . R. Woodworth NeMarylandw York.. Sloo p VandaliPeacocka. Wm. W. Valk Penn FrigatNavy Yarde Constitution, Pensacol.a Frigate Constitution. David Harlan New York Victor L. Godon. ... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 129

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Pursers.

Names. Where Born Duty or Station..


C.S. Huntt Maryland. Navy Yard, Philadelphia S. Hambleton, ....do.... Waiting .orders F. A, Thornton.... Virginia.. Delaware.74 ,.. James M. Halsey.. New York Navy Yard, New York. Edw. Fitzgerald. ... Penn Receiving, ship, Norfolk Samuel P. Todd...... do Sloop Natchez James H. Clark. .. Conn Not in readiness for orders. .7 Joseph Wilson. Mass Navy Yard, Portsmouth,N.H. William Sinclair...... do.... Waiting orders..X...... JohnN. Todd Penn Navy Yard, Boston Timothy Winn Mass Navy Yard, Washington.... Joseph H. Terry... New York, Frigate Brandywine Thomas Breese Rd. Island. Waiting orders .....,.- John DeBree N. Jersey. Frigate Constellation Charles O. Handy. Rd. Island. Receiving ship, New York.. Silas Butler, Conn. Onfurlough Edward N. Cox. .. Maryland. Special Agent in the Pacific. J. N. Hambleton. .. .. do Frigate Constitution ...... W. McMurtrie Penn •. Waiting orders. Garrett R. Barry ....do.... Frigate Potomac D. McF. Thornton., Virginia.. Sloop John Adams Josiah Colston..... Maryland. Leaveof absence Dudley Walker. .. Mass Navy Yard, Norfolk. McK. Buchanan... Maryland. Navy Yard, Pensacola...... Henry Etting ..do.... Waiting orders •..'.: James Brooks Virginia.. Sloop Vandalia G. C. Cooper Mass On his return to the U: States. F. B. Stockton N. Jersey. Sloop St. Louis k F. G. McCauley. .. Penn Leaveof absenee. Wm. A. Slacum... Virginia .. ..do do . Nathaniel Wilson. Maine ..do do .... B. J. Cahoone Rd. Island. Sloop Ontario Sterrett Ramsey. .. Penn Schooner Grampus .... Edward T. Dunn.. Dis.of Col. Sloop Vincennes. John A. Bates Mass Sloop- Fairfield A. J.Watson Virginia.. Baltimore station P. A. Southall ..do.... On leave A. McD. Jackson.. New York. Schooner Shark •.:. W. P. Zantzinger.. Penn Waiting orders W. A.Bloodgood.., New York. Sloop. Erie D. Fauntleroy , Virginia.. Ordered to the Sch'r Shark.. T. M. Taylor , N.Jersey.. Waiting orders : 17 130 EXECUTIVE. Sepf,

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List — Chap. — Pas'd Mid.

Names. Where Born Duty or Station.

CHAPLAINS—9. James Everett Mass :Frigate Constitution , Addison Searle.... N. Hamp.. 'Sloop Peacock John W. Grier Penn ..... (Philadelphia station Charles S. Stewart N. Jersey.. Navy Yard, New York. , William Ryland... Ireland— Navy Yard, Washington, T. J. Harrison Conn Navy Yard, Norfolk Walter Colton Vermont.. Navy Yard, Boston , George Jones Penn Delaware 74 T. R. Lambert Maine Frigate Brandywine PASSED MIDSHIP­ MEN—199. JohnK. Mitchell...N.Carolin a Leave of absence.. Thomas Turner.... Virginia Delaware 74 Henry Moore Maine .. Leave of absence.. Charles H. Poor Mass . .. Waiting orders J. F. Schenck Ohio...Virginia. ..do do John B. Cutting.... do.... OrdinaryWaiting orders, Norfolk. . T.M.Washington.. do.... Schooner Shark Lewis G. Keith do.... Leave of absence M. F. Maury Conn Waiting orders Timothy A. Hunt.. Penn Sloop Peacock S. W. Godon N. Jersey.. Delaware 74. James S. Palmer... Virginia.. On leave Rd. Island. Frigate Brandywine Samuel F. Hazard.. Georgia... Leave of absence John M. Berrien N. Hamp. Schooner Dolphin. G. A. Prentiss Virginia.. Schooner Enterprise John C. Sharpe , .do.... Sloop John Adams John C Carter Penn Waiting orders George Hurst Virginia.. Sloop Erie .7 Alfred Taylor do.... Sloop Vincennes Samuel P. Lee Delaware. Receiving ship, Philadelphia. John P. Gillis Conn Leave of absence Joseph W. Jarvis Vermont.. Delaware 74 Simon B. Bissell. New York. Sloop St. Louis. Samuel Swartwout... do.... Rendezvous, New York..... John J. Glasson Penn Leave of absence J. F. Duncan New York. do do Samuel T. Gillet....Maryland . Frigate Constellation Raphl. Semmes, Jr....N . Hamp..Nav y Yard, Boston James F. Miller.,....Ne w York.Schoone r Experiment7...... J. P. McKinstrv.~... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 131

2?AVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Passed Midshipmen.

Names- .Whtre Boru.i Doty or Station.

WHLA. Wnrts N, Jersey.. |On leave...... ^ Henry A. Steele Delaware. Frigate Constitution John M. Gardner Penn 'Schooner Grampus Spencer C. Gist Tennessee JOn furlough .:...... Maine Ordered to the Sch'r Shark.. Charles Heywood Tennessee.Leav e of absence Alex. C. Maury Ohio Navy Yard, Norfolk Oliver S. Glisson Penn On survey of the coast.... J. A. Dahlgren Ireland Sloop Vandalia »....< S. C.Rowan Penn Waiting orders — E.R. Thomson Delaware. Mediterranean squadron... JWm. T.. Lamber McDonough..t -iNewYork.;Dis . of Co.L Waitin Leaveg o forders absenc. e H.P.T. Wood iPenn Ordered to the Sch'r Shark.. Guert Gansevoort. William Ward =New York.Ass' t in charge of chronomet's. Robert Handy iRd.Island. Frigate Brandywine Henry Darcantel JLouisiana. Frigate Constitution.. Burritt Shepard (Conn .[Waiting orders Charles Green ; do [Frigate Brandywine Edw. L. Handy JMaryland. Sloop Fairfield Melancton Smith New YorfclNavy Yard, New York FranciWm. C.Chaplis Hnger..n . S. Carolina Leaveof absence Cicero Price... Penn ...... do do Alberto Griffith Kentucky. Schooner Boxer J. R. Goldsborough..Virginia. . On survey of the coast Rendezvous, New York. Charles S. Roggs... Dis. of CoL Sloop Erie Waiting orders. Augustus H. Kilty.. N.Jersey.. On leave. Thomas A. Mull...• Maryland. Frigate Constellation William. Chandler... JDis..d.o o f ColWaitin. g orders.

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Navy List—Passed Midshipmen.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

A. S. Worth...... Mass... Waiting orders Zach... Holland.. Maryland. Schooner Experiment.. John DeCamp N. Jersey..Nav y Yard, New York. B. W. Hunter Dis. of Col.Frigat e Constitution W. C. Spencer Maryland. Frigate Brandywine ... W. I.H. Robertson. Virginia.. Survey of the coast..... M. G..L. Claiborne. Tennessee. On leave C W. Pickering.... N. Hamp.. do Overton Carr Dis.ofCoi. Delaware 74 W.B, Ludlow Delaware. Frigate Brandywine Luther Stoddard New York. do John R. Tucker.... Dis.ofCoi. Sloop Erie W. M. Walker Maryland. Sloop Vandalia Francis Bartlett Mass On furlough George R. Gray Delaware. Navy Yard, Norfolk John Weems Dis.ofCoi. Sloop Peacock CS.Ridgely Maryland. Schooner Grampus R. E. Johnson N. Car....Delawar e 74 George McCreery.. Virginia ..Leav e of absence J. A.. Winslow N. Car....Coas t of Brazil. Benjamin M. Dove. Virginia.. Frigate Potomac James R. Sully S. Car.... Waiting orders ... B. J/Moeller ... Penn Schooner Experiment.. Ferdinand Piper ..do.... Delaware 74 Henry Walke Virginia.. Waiting orders John J. White.. Georgia... Frigate Brandywine T. A. Jenkins Virginia ..O n survey of the coast.. Joseph C. Walsh... Penn On leave. CH. Cotton...... Vermont.. On furlough A.W.Prevost Penn Schooner Boxer Franklin Clinton... New York. On survey of the coast.. James K. Bowie Maryland. Frigate Constellation... John Rodgers ..do.,.. Leave of absence J. B. Marchand Penn Schooner Shark W.R. Taylor R. Island..Sloo p Peacock H. J. Hartstene S. Car....Leav e of absence Lloyd J. Bryan Virginia ..Waitin g orders Benjamin F. Sands-. Maryland. On survey of the coast.. Henry French Mass Waiting orders William Leigh Virginia.. Sloop Peacock Samuel Larkinr Jr.. N. Hamp.. Waiting orders H. S. Stellwagen... Virginia.. Leave of absence J. L. Henderson ..do...... do D. B.Ridgely Kentucky. Waiting orders JohnL. Ring. S. Car.... On survey of the coast.. Henrv J. Paul. . Ireland.:. :Nav y Yard, New York. R.E.'Hooe.. Virginia.. Waiting orders ... 1835. EXECUT1 VE. 133

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Navy List—Passed Midshipmen.

Names. Wlierc born. Duty or Station.

J. M. Lockert S. Car....Sloo p John Adams William T. Muse...,N.Car... . Frigate Constitution William H. Brown., Maryland. Waiting orders Charles Steedman... S. Car....Frigat e Constitution W. L. Herndon. Virginia ..Waitin g orders John C Graham.... Dis.ofCoi. On survey of the coast John P. Parker N. Hamp.. Rendezvous, Boston John F.Borden Penn Frigate Constellation James Alden, Jr Maine.... On leave A. L. Case New York. Navy Yard, New York. ... Roger Perry Maryland. Frigate Constellation W. S. Ringgold.... Frigate Constitution ..do.... J. T. Williams Leave of absence J. W. Revere N.Car.... Frigate Constitution A. M. Pennock Mass Frigate Potomac B. S. B. Darlington. Virginia .. Sloop Peacock G. F. Emmons Penn On leave Edward Middleton.. Vermont.. Frigate Constitution Montgomery Lewis. S. Car.... do George M. White... Penn Waiting orders CE.L. Griffin Georgia... Receiving ship, New York. William S. Swann.. Virginia.. Leave of absence T. T. Hunter ..do.... Waiting orders A. A. Holcomb ..do.... Receiving ship, New York. G.H.Scott N. Jersey.. Sloop Vandalia Richard Forrest.... Virgina... Sloop St. Louis Levin Handy Dis.ofCoi. On survey of the coast David McDougal... Maryland. On leave C.F.Mcintosh Ohio Leave of absence James W. Cooke... Virginia ..Frigat ed oConstitutio n C. F. M. Spotswood. N.Car.... WaitinSchoonegr order Sharsk Henry C Flagg. ... Virginia ..Frigat Waitineg Potomaorders c J. Moorehead Conn Waitindgo orders D. F. Dulany Ohio...... Leave of absence G. L. Selden Virginia.. do William H. Ball...... do.... Sloop John Adams ElieW.Stull Dis.ofCoi. Schooner Enterprise... John F. Mercer Maryland. Frigate Constitution S.W.Wilkinson... PenN. Jersey.n . Leave of absence James E. Brown — N.Car...Spain . do Hendrick Norvell... RVirgini. Island.a ... Nav y Yard, New York. C C Barton KentuckMass y . Leave of absence J. J. B.Walbach.... Penn Navy Yard, Boston Joseph R. Brown R.W.Meade O.H.Perry C W.Morris 134 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Nav-v List—P. Mids'n — Mids*n-

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

J. Humphreys Penn Survey of the coast. ....do.... On leave F. E. Barry T'ffe .do. J. A. Underwood .. Maine .... .do. John B.Dale Mass .do. .. N.Jersey.. .do. William L. Maury Virginia.. Receivin.do.g ship, Philadelphia. David D. Porter... Penn Receiving ship, Boston E. C. Bowers Conn On leave M. S. Stokes N.Car.... do N.G.Bay. New York. Schooner Experiment T. A.Budd ....do.... A. F. V. Gray W. Indies. Navy Yard, Norfolk George Wyche.... Virginia.. Waiting orders Oct. Fairfax ....do.... Leave of absence T. A. M. Craven.. N.Hamp.. Schooner Experiment Dom. Lynch New York. Waiting orders .7 F. B. Renshaw Penn Receiving ship, Philadelphia. A. R. Taliaferro... Virginia ..O n leave H. N. Harrison jNeGreorgia..w York. Ond oleav e JamesCogdel H. Nortl h iSS.. Carolin Carolina]Leava Receivine ofg absenc ship, eNorfol k . RobertPitche B. Pegramr . JNeVirginiw York.!Waitina Waiting orderorders JameEdwars dAnderso C.Ward.n . iPenn. Navy Yard, Philadelphia.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Midshipmen.

Names. VVbere Born. Duty or Station.

A. S.Baldwin N.Jersey.. Frigate Constellation 0. H. Berryman Virginia.. Sloop Natchez JohnS. Booth New York. Frigate Constellation. Eugene Boyle Maryland. Frigate Potomac...... T. M. Brasher New York. Schooner Shark Simon F. Blunt Virginia.. Sloop John Adams Tennessee. On leave W. P. Bradburn Ohio Navy Yard, Boston T.B.Barrett Conn Ordered to the Sch'r Shark. F. A. Bacon Virginia.. Frigate Constellation Wm. B. Beverly ..do.... Sloop Natchez Francis E. Baker....Main e .... Sloop Fairfield •W.A. Bartlett Ohio Schooner Enterprise Wm. G. Benham.... Virginia.. ' jate Potomac John W. Bryce New York. Leave of absence •J. W. Brackett Maryland. Sloop Ontario Robert Burts New York. Sloop Vincennes Penn Frigate Brandywine •Geo. Butterfield Kentucky. Schooner Boxer James S. Biddle ..do.... Sloop Ontario , •Wm. L.Blanton Maine Sloop Erie , R. L. Browning, Jr... S. CarolinaSchoone r Shark Nathan Barnes, Jr... Kentucky Sloop Vandalia , •J. M. Bankhead Penn Frigate Potomac , •Isaac N. Brown N.Garolina Sloop Vandalia , •RGeorg. M.e BowlanR. Carroll..d . Maryland Leave of absence , AWillia. C. Blounm T.Cocke..t . Virginia..do... Frigat. .do e Potomado c •S.CD. Ros. sBarne Crawford..y . Penn Sloop St. Louis •Joh•J.N.Barnen Carrolyl Kentucky Sloop Vincennes •William Craney New York. Schooner Experiment. •H. L. Chipman. S. CarolinaFrigat e Potomac G. Colvocoressis Greece... Mediterranean •Albert G. Clary Mass.... Sloop Vincennes T. W. Gumming Maryland Furlough G. W. Chapman Penn Sloop Peacock JohnContee Maryland do H. Cadwalader Penn .... Schooner Enterprise... •Wm. H. Cams Maryland Leave of absence •J. B. Carter N.Carolina Sloop John Adams •Napoleon Collins... Penn ... Leave of absence •C.M.Collier Virginia.. On leave •W.N. Callender.... New York. Waiting orders •Alex. H. Cass Ohio ..do do •Fras. S. Claxton Maryland. i. .do do...... 136 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List — Midshipmen.

Names. Wbere Born. Duty or Salary.

Townshend Dade.. Virginia.. Sloop Natchez. Thomas F. Davis.. Maine Sloop Natchez Stephen. Dod N. Jersey.. Frigate Constellation. E. J. DeHaven Perm . Sloop Natchez. ; .--. AlonzoB. Davis. .. Louisiana. Leave of absence. James A. Doyle. .. Virginia ..Frigat e Constellation. W. S. .Drayton S. CarolinaSloo p Peacock *George W. Doty.. New York Sloop Fairfield. ; •Jesse E. Duncan.. Penn Frigate Potomac *Edwin. A. Drake.. Canada... Sloop Vandalia. *Edw'd Donaldson. Maryland. Leave of absence *Henry.Eld, Jr. Delaware 74. Conn James M. Frailey. Maryland. Frigate Constellation. J. W. D. Ford...... do.... .do do .. James I. Forbes...... do.... Schooner Enterprise.. *C E. Fleming... N. Jersey.. Frigate Constellation. W. R. Gardner. Georgia...Schoone r Enterprise. *H. Gansevoort. New York. Schooner Dolphin... T. O.. Glascock. S. CarolinaLeav e of absence W.. Gwathmey.. England... Sloop Fairfield W. P. Gamble.. Tennessee ....do G.W.. Grant... N.Carolina Leave *J. J. Guthrie... ..do.... Sloop John Adams.. *B. S. Gantt Dis.ofCoi Sloop St. Louis. William D. Hurst...Pen n Sloop Natchez...... P. W. Humphreys... Kentucky. Frigate Constellation.... James L. Heap.. .. 7.Delaware . Naval School at Norfolk. R. M. Harvey N.Carolina .. .do .do.... Charles Hunter 7 Rd. Island.Frigat e Constitution.. *F. P. Hoban Dis. of Col.Frigat e Constellation.... John Hall. New York Sloop Vincennes Montgomery Hunt, Jr do.... Schooner Grampus...... G: W. Harrison W. Indies. Sloop St. Louis . F. S.Haggerty...... Penn Frigate Constitution E. S. Hutter.7 do... Sloop Peacock *D. D. Henrie 7. Ohio Schooner Dolphin •John C Henry VirginiPenn. a Sloop Vincennes..' * J. L. Hahriegan..... Kentucky do Abram Harrell S. CarolinaFrigat e Brandywine C R. Howard. Penn . ....Delawar e 74 *T. B. Huger...... Waitin.dog .Order s *B. F. B. Hunter.... "....do...... " ; *R. D. Izard Penn 1835. EXECUTIVE. 137

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List —Midshipmen.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

Edmund Jenkins... Maryland. Sloop Natchez •Wm. A.Jones Penn. Sloop Vincennes W. H.B.Johnson.. Maryland. Mediterranean squadron. J. D. Johnston Kentucky. Naval School at Norfolk. •A.H.Jenkins Penn Frigate Constitution E.C Kennedy... Virginia.. Naval School at Norfolk. •Daniel M. Key. D.C Sloop Vincennes Levi Lincoln,Jr. Mass Leave of absence Henry H. Lewis. Virginia.. Naval School at Norfolk. Richard L. Love. ..do.... Mediterranean squadron. James B. Lewis.. ..do.... Leave of absence. R. H. Lowndes.. S. CarolinaFrigat e Constellation Edmund Lanier. Virginia.. Sloop St. Louis Francis Lowry.. Vermont.. Frigate Brandywine W. E. LeRoy.... N. York.. Delaware 74 R. P. Lovell S. CarolinaSloo p Natchez •S.B.Lee New York Sloop Peacock John M.Mason Virginia..Sloo p Fairfield Allan McLane Delaware. Schooner Experiment. William May Frigate Constellation.. Dis.ofCoi.Delaware-74. . P. U. Murphy N.Car.... On leave., w. John Mooney Maine Sloop St. Louis J. McCormick Ohio Sloop John Adams Matthias Marine Florida... Receiving ship, New York. New York Thomas M. Mix.... Virginia. ....do ....do.. •J. R. M. Mullany.. Mo Sloop Vandalia L. Maynard Ireland... Sloop Fairfield W. P. McArthur... Illinois.. ..Frigat e Constitution ... John N. Maffit Tennessee Sloop Fairfield Sloop St. Louis J. D. Morrison Maryland. do *W. R. McKinney.. Michigan. Delaware. Frigate Potomac •J. F. Marrast Louisiana. Sloop Peacock W. H. Macomb Conn Sloop Vandalia Louis McLane Penn Waiting Orders JohL. En. S Musso. Neville..n . Penn. .. Delawar....do.e . 74 , W•C.. E.Newton..S. McDonough.. , . New York Leave of absence..., B. R. Nichols Frigate Brandywine •Alexander Murray. ..do... Joseph Norvell Penn .... do ;... •C St. G.Noland.1 8 Virginia. Schooner Boxer 138 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List — Midshipmen.

Names-. Where Born. Du:y or Station.

Frederick Oakes. Conn... Leave of absence, J. O'Shannessy.. New York do William Pope Illinois Frigate Constellation C P. Patterson. Mississip'i.Delawar e 74. J. L. Parker Penn Frigate Brandywine , C.B. Poindexter.... Virginia.. Sloop Erie.,. •E. G. Parrott N. Hamp. Sloop Natchez , W. R. Postell S. CarolinaReceivin g ship, New York. Ferdinand Pepin.... Perm Delaware 74.,,... •W. A. Parker..... N. Hamp. Sloop Vincennes W. L. Parkinson. -. N. Jersey. New York Yard. Samuel Pearce. Rd. Island.Frigat e Brandywine , *J. S. Patterson..... S.Carolina do CH. Piper Maryland. do •T. K.Perlee Penn...... Sloop St. Louis , •W. C.B.S. Porter. Mass . ....Sloo p John Adams •M. C.Perry New York. Frigate Potomac. Nathanie•T. H. Porter.....l Reeder... PennOhio.. .. Sloop Natchez A. R. Rose Virginia.. Schooner Dolphin G. W. Randolph...... do.... Frigate Constitution J. W. E. Reid Georgia... Sloop Vandalia Wm. Reynolds. Penn Frigate Potomac W. B, Renshaw. ... New York. Mediterranean squadron. Washington Reid.., ....do.... Leave of absence W. Ronekendorff... Penn Frigate Constitution Charles Robinson...... do.... Frigate Brandywine.. .. Charles Richardson. New York. Sloop Peacock •H. P. Robertson.., Tennessee. Schooner Shark James W. Read. ... S. CarolinaFrigat e Brandywine. James Riddle, Jr..,. Delaware, Delaware 74 , J. B. Randolph Virginia.. do.. C R. P. Rodgers.... New York. Frigate Brandywine •E. E. Rodgers Delaware. Frigate Constitution,... •John Rutledge S. Carolina"Waitin g Orders *Robert B. Riell. .., Frigate Brandywine James H. Strong. New York. Frigate Constellation. •James S. Ridgely. , ...do Lewis C. Sartori. N. Jersey.. do E. T. Shubrick.. New York. do J. H, Sherburne.. N. Hamp.. Sloop Vincennes •Charles Sperry. Vermont.. do G. T. Sinclair.,. Virgini, doa — FrigatSloope Joh Constitution.n Adams.. W. S. Smith 1835. EXECUTIVE. 139

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Midshipmen.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

Jarnes G. Stanly.. . N. Car.... Leave of absence Henry Skipwith. . Virginia.. Naval School at Norfolk.. B. F. Shattuck N. Hamp.. Leave of absence Fabius Stanly N. Car.... Receiving ship, New York., W. S. Schenck... Ohio On leave J. P. Sanford Virginia.. Sloop Ontario , R. N. Stembel Maryland. Sloop Vandalia Sloop Natchez , W.T.Smith Virginia .. Sloop Erie >... S. J. Shipley Delaware . Sloop St. Louis. *J. H. H. Sands . .. Maryland. Ordered to the West Indies. •B. H. Sheppard.. N.Car.... Delaware 74.. Samuel Smith. Maryland. Frigate Brandywine Joh* Charlen G.s To R.d Smith. New York. Waiting orders John W. Taylor Kentucky. Frigate Constellation. Thruston M. Taylor. S. Car.... Furlough.. Samuel A. Turner... Frigate Constellation. Kentucky . Leave of absence John J. Thruston Penn Norfolk School R. L. Tilghman Dis. of Col.Surve y of the coast...... G. M. Totten Maryland. New York School William P. Taylor.. New York. Norfolk School R. S. Trapier ..do... Sloop Fairfield. *3. B. Thompson.... S. Car.... Mediterranean squadron... R. M. Tillotson Vermont.. Receiving ship, New York, *S. D. Trenchard,... New York. Waiting orders •Joshua D. Todd...... do.... Frigate Brandywine.. {'.•Howar Vanalstind Tillotson..e . Penn.do . Frigate Brandywine. *P. C. VanWyck. New.do York. . Waiting orders W. B. Whiting...... do.... Frigate Constellation, John O. Wilson N. Jersev.. .do. W. S. Williamson... ..do/.,. .do. R. Wainwright Mass Delaware 74. M. D. E. W. Watson Vermont.. Frigate Brandywine.. On leave H. T. Wingate Maine ... Navy Yard, Boston... John B. Weed ....do.... Dis. of Col, Frigate Potomac A.H.Wells Frigate C onstel 1 ation. George Wickham....Virgini a .. N.Jersey.,. Sloop Ontario •J. C Williamson ...Ne w York. Delaware 74 Max. Woodhull Ohio Sloop Ontario • W. H. Wallaee New York. Waiting orders M. B. Woolsey Penn Schooner Dolphin Henry Waddell Georgia. ..Delawar e 74 W. A. Wayne 140 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Navy List—Midship. — Sailings.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

Fra's Winslow Mass Sloop Erie A. S.Whittier ....do.... Leave of absence. W. M. Wallace. .. Penn Sloop Ontario.... George Wells Vermont.. Sloop Erie Reed Werden Penn. Sloop Ontario.... John L. Worden... New York. Sloop Erie. Henry A. Wise...... do.... do. RufusS. Wey ....do.... Frigate Potomac. M. C. Watkins Virginia.. Sloop Vandalia.. •B.T.Wilson Maryland. Schooner Boxer.. •WilliamS. Weed. Penn. Ordered to the Sch. Shark. •Charle•J. S.K.Yous Wager.. . S. Car.


Salv. Catalanq Sicily Navy Yard, Washington Augustus Ford R. Island..Ordinary , New York ••. A. B. Bloodgood New York New York station Robert Knox Mass Ordinary, Boston James B. Potts England...Nav y Yard, Grosport William Vaughan... Penn Leave of absence Mann. Dove Maryland. Navy Yard, Washington Cor. Bennett Mass Receiving ship, at Boston C.W.Waldo do.... Navy Yard, Boston John Clough do Leave of absence F. H. Ellison England...Nav y Yard, New York Francis Mallaby New York. Sacket's Harbor Samuel C. Hixon Mass Navy Yard, Boston James Ferguson New York. Navy Yard, New York R. S. Tatem Penn Navy Yard, Philadelphia William Miller Scotland ,.Philadelphi a station Nahum Warren N. Hamp.. Navy Yard, Pensacola H. Worthington Maryland. Receiving ship, Norfolk John Carlton Mass Naval Asylum, Philadelphia. A. Cunningham S. Car Navy Yard, Norfolk John Robinson Mass Leave of absence Jas. Tewskbury do....Philadelphi a station John duin Penn Navy Yard, at Pensacola.... N. A. Prentiss Mass Navy Yard, Boston Jacob Mull Marvland. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H. F. W. Moores... New York. Receiving ship. New York... H. A. F. Young Norfolk Yard..' 1835. EXECUTIVE. 141

NAVY DEPARTMENT —Navy List— Teach— Boats.—Gun.

Nimea. Station. Profession.

TEACHERS OF NAVAL SCHOOLS. P. J. Rodriguez. Norfolk... Mathematics and Languages. L. A. Bianchini ..do.... Languages Edward C Ward New York, Mathematics and Languages. Duncan Bradford Boston .... do do

Names. Where Born, Duty or Station.


David Eaton Penn Navy Yard, Washington John Woods N. Jersey. Ordinary, Norfolk. ... James Banks New York, Waiting orders John Smith Maryland. Receiving ship, New York, ... Edward Crocker Virginia.. Sloop Erie. John Morris. Sloop Vincennes...... Thomas Ring Delaware 74 L. Gallagher, acting. New York Station John Freeman N.Carolina Navy Yard, Norfolk...... Robert H. O'Neal...... do.... Navy Yard, New York William Brown. Virginia.. Navy Yard, Philadelphia.... William Hart England ..Waitin g orders .... John Patterson Conn Navy Yard, Pensacola , JohnMcNelly ....do.... Navy Yard, Boston James Springer Maryland. Sloop Ontario. Charles Woodland... New York. Sloop St. Louis R. Whitaker Maine Frigate Constitution Charles Matthews... Maryland. Frigate Constellation J. Knight, acting N. Hamp. Sloop Peacock WilliaGUNNERS—19m Black . Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H.

George Marshall...Greece. . Navy Yard, Norfolk John Blight New York Navy Yard, New York... J. R. Covington Maryland. Navy Yard, Boston Asa Curtis Mass Delaware 74 William B.Brown. Germany.. Frigate Potomac Thomas Ryley Conn Frigate Constitution Thomas Barry Penn Navy Yard, Philadelphia. Benjamin Towner. . N. Hamp. Sick, at Hospital, Norfolk. J. M. Green New York, Sloop Vandalia 112 EXECUTIVE Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMEN T—Navy List — Gun.—Carp.—Sails.

Nam^s. Wh-re Boro. Duty or Station.

H. Keeling Leave of absence. Lewis Parker Italy Sloop Fairfield A. Stephenson New York. Navy Yard, Washington.. ., Charles Cobb Maine Sloop Vincennes Samuel Daggett. .. Ireland,.. Leave of absence David Taggart Mass. .. . Sloop John Adams Charles Wade Maine .. . Sloop St. Louis Alexander Russell. ....do... Schooner Shark A. S. Lewis Rd. Island Sloop Peacock Joseph Ward Ordered to the N. Yd. Pens'a. CARPENTERS—21.

Richard Thomas... Maryland, Waiting orders John Snider. Navy Yard, Pensacola Samuel Philips N. Jersey.. Navy Yard, New York T. Armstrong Penn Ordinary, Norfolk John Fisher. Virginia .. Leave of absence— .... J. A. Dickason... Mass On leave John Southwiek...... do.. Navy Yard, Boston W.E.Sheffield Conn Ordinary, New York...... W. Hatch, acting...S . CarolinaSloo p Fairfield John Williston. Mass Navy Yard, Norfolk Alonzo Jones ..do... Sloop Ontario Patrick Dee Ireland . . Navy Yard, Portsmouth,N.H. John Green N. Hamp. Sloop Vincennes Charles Boardman.. Mass.... Frigate Brandywine..... R. D. Berrv Maine... Sloop St. Louis. W. L. Shuttleworth. N. Jersey. Frigate Potomac Joseph Cox PenMaine..n . Sloop Vandalia L. Kervan, acting...Ne w York. Ordinary, Pensaeola Francis Sagee Frigate Constitution William Peterson... On his return home, sick DaviSAILMAKERS—19d Marples . Sloop Erie.

James R. Childs. Maryland. Frigate Brandywine.. N. B.Peed Virginia.. Sloop Erie... I...... Benjamin Crow. .... do....Frigat e Constellation, S. B. Banister... Mass Navy Yard, Boston.. . William Ryan... New York, On leave. James Davis Mass Delaware 74.. J. G. Gallagher.. New York. Waiting orders John Beggs ....do 1835. EXECUTIVE. 143

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List— Sailma's—M. Corps.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.

John Heckle New York. Sloop Ontario Henry Bacon Mass Sloop Vincennes William Bennett.. Virginia ..Nav y Yard, Pensacola. T.J. Boyce New York. Sloop St. Louis R. Van Voorhis... ..do.... Navy Yard, New York. Maryland. Leave of absence S. V. Hawkins.... Frigate Potomac William Ward Maryland. ..do.... Sloop Vandalia • M. Wheedon New York. Schooner Shark George Thomas. .. Frigate Constitution... N. C L'Homme- Penn Sloop Peacock dieu, acting J. Ferguson, acting. MARINE CORPS.


A. Henderson Virginia.. Head Quarters.


R. D. Wainwright...S. Carolin aUnde r orders to report at H. Q.. MAJORS—4.

Samuel Miller Mass Philadelphia. John M. Gamble New Jers'y New York S.E.Watson Virginia ..Portsmouth , N. Hampshire. W. H. Freeman. ... Conn Charlestown, Massachusetts. CAPTAINS—13. C. R. Broom, Paym'r.Delaware. . Head Quarters Levi Twiggs Georgia... Navy Yard, Washington ... John Harris Penn Delaware 74 Virginia .. T. A. Linton Pensacola, Florida Maryland. Navy Yard, Washington... James Edelin Virginia.. Head Quarters V.G.Howie, Adj. <$-In Penn .do E.J.Weed, Q.M.cf- Virginia Recruiting service, at N. Y. Major Mass.... Charlestown, Massachusetts. William Dulany... Dist. of ColReceivin g ship, New York.. T.S.English Mass Frigate Potomac G.W.Walker New York Frigate Brandywine Ward Marston S.CarolinaPhiladelphi a C.C. Tupper A. A. Nicholson, As- i sislant Q. M \ 144 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Navy List—Marine Corps.

Names. Where Born. Duty or Station.


J. McCawley Penn Gosport, Virginia. Benjamin Macomber, Rd. Island. New York. A. N. Brevoorl , New York. Sloop Vincennes.. Andrew Ross ....do.... Sloop Vandalia... Richard Douglas. Penn OHean furlougd Quarterh s Job G. Williams Mass Portsmouth, N. Hampshire.. Alvin Edson Vermont.. Sloop Natchez H. N.Crabb Virginia.Penn . Navy Yard, Dist, of Columbia. Henry B.Tyler New York, Frigate Constitution. J. L. C.Hardy , Virginia ..Philadelphi a G. F. Lindsay ....do.... Gosport, Virginia L. N. Carter N. Jersey.. New York J. G. Reynolds New York. Head Quarters H. W. Fowler Maryland. Philadelphia Francis C. Hall ....do.... Recruiting at Albany, N. Y.. T. L. C. Watkins Virginia.. Gosport, Virginia F. N. Armistead do do G. H. Territt do Delaware 74 William E. Stark N. Hamp. Frigate Constellation N. S. Waldron. Willia2d LIEUTENANTS—19.m Lang- Delaware 74 Jacob Zeilin, Jr Sloop Erie G. W. Robbins Frigate Brandywine D. D.Baker... Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A. H. Gillespie New York Sloop Fairfield G.W. McLean Virginia.. Rec'g ship Hudson, N. York. B. E. Brooke... Maine Philadelphia Jabez C Rich... Kentucky. Frigate Potomac T. T.Sloan Virginia New York Addison Garland Canada...... do L. F. Whitnev Mass ....do F. B. McNeill ..do.... Charlestown, Massachusetts.. John T. Sprague Maryland. Head Quarters Edward L. West Ohio Philadelphia R.C.Caldwell Tennessee.Charlestown , Massachusetts.. Lafayette Searcy N.Car.... Under orders to Pensacola... William L. Young... New York. Gosport, Virginia William M. McArdle. Dist. of Col.Charlestown , Massachusetts.. Josiah Watson Philadelphia 1835. EXECUTIVE. 145

NAVY DEPARTMENT — N. List—N. Ag'ts—N Store, d^c.

Names. Where Bom Station.


PERMANENT NAVY AGENTS—10. J. K.-Paulding.. New York New York. Henry Toland.. Penn...... Philadelphia. John Thomas... Baltimore Nash Legrand.. Norfolk...., Georgia... John P. Henry.. Savannah , Mass D. D. Brodhead. Boston JohnLaighton.. Portsmouth, N. Hampshire. J. T. Robertson, New York, Charleston, South Carolina, Elias Kane. Virginia.. Washington ByrdC Willis. Pensacola TEMP. NAVY AGENTS, Fitch, Brothers, & Co, Marseilles.. Baring, .do do. London W. P. Furniss&Co,. St. Thomas.

NAVAL STOREKEEPERS—9. Salary. Richard H. Ayer Portsmouth, N. H $1,400 George Bates.... Mass Boston 1,700 Tunis Craven... N. Jersey. New York 1,700 Robert Kennedy. Penn Philadelphia 1,250 Gabriel Gait.. f,. Virginia. Norfolk.... .1,700 Cary Selden. ....do... Washington 1,700 Robert Joyner... Pensacola 1,700 Obadiah Rich Port Mahon. 1,200 J. M. Baker Rio de Janeiro ..... 1,500 CHIEF NAVAL CON­ STRUCTOR, Samuel Humphreys.. Penn Washington 3,00Q NAVAL CONSTRUC­ TORS—5. John Floyd, ...... Mass... Portsmouth, N. H 900 Josiah Barker ..do.. Boston...... 2,300 Samuel Hartt ...... do.. New York 2,300 William Doughty Penn ... Washington 2,300 Francis Grice Virginia Norfolk .3,300 19 Names. Force. Where and when built. Where stationed or em­ Condition. ployed.

Independence Ship of the Line Boston 1814 At Boston Undergoing repairs Franklin do Philadelphia.... 1815A t New York Requires large repairs Washington., do Portsmouth 1814 ...do ...... do Columbus do Washington 1819 ...do Requires extensive repairs. Ohio.... do New York 1820 At ... do do North Carolina do Philadelphia do. At Norfolk.. .-. Under repair Delaware.... do Gosport do. At Sea Supposed in good order Alabama. .do Building At Portsmouth Vermont do .do Boston Virginia do .do At ...do Pennsylvania do .do At Philadelphia At New York.. do .do. Norfolk In good order New Orleans do .do At Sackett's Harbor. At do United States Frigate of the 1st class,Philadelphi a .... 1797 New York Sup. to be unworthy of repair Constitution.. do Boston do At Sea At In good order Guerriere.... do Philadelphia .... 1814 Norfolk Unfit for sea service Potomac. do Washington 1821 At Sea At In good order Java , do Baltimore 1814 Norfolk Unfit for sea service Brandywine., .do Washington 1825 At Sea Hudson , do Purchased 1826 At New York...... Cumberland., do Building At Boston Santee do ...do At Portsmouth Sabine do ...do New York I Savannah.... do ...do ...do ! Raritan do ...do Philadelphia. ... Columbia .... j UO. .. .do At Washington. Si. Lawrence do ...do At Norfolk Constellation .. Frigate of the 2d class. Baltimore... 1797 ...do Ready lor sea Min•(•(!()iiiun.. do Rebuilding At Gosport John Adams...^loopof War, Istcluss Rebuilt IH3I A I. Sea In good order Cvane do (,'aptured lHl.r> At Philadelphia Until for any service Eric Sloop of War, 2d class Baltimore 1HI3 At Sea In good order < > 111r«t io. .... do .. .do do. ...do do Peacock do . . .do do At New York.. . .do.A t I lost oil Sloop of War, 1st, classA t Boston lN2.r) Boston. do... Lexington... do At. Portsmouth.., Under repairs.. At New York.. . .do.A l Vincennes .. do ... ..do IH2(J Sea.. In good order Warren (Jo A I, Philadelphia, do At Boston do. At Natchez do At Norfolk 1H27 Hea Sup. to require slight repairs. Falmouth ...... do At. Norfolk Requires repairs Al Boston do At. Fan field do At New York...lH2H Sea In good order. Vandalia . .. do At Philadelphia, .do. ...do do Si. Louis.. .. do At Washington, .do. ...do (io Concord .... do At Portsmouth.. .do. Portsmouth... do A Steam Vessel Schooner Building New York..., Rep.lobe unworthy of repairs, Dolphin At Philadelphia. IN2I the Pacific... Requires repairs Grampus do At Washington.. .do. Se...da o In good order.- Shark do .. .do do. ...do do Enterprise do At New York...lKn ...do do Boxer do At Boston do. ...do Ft for the surveying service. Experiment.. .. do At Washington., .do. Baltimore... Old and woithless Fox do ()ld Steam Vcssc Purchased 1821) Philadelphia. Old, on lyJil for harbor service Se:i(Jull,(gal'l.) .. .do do Philadelphia. A store ship. .. Building... 148 EXECUTIVE. Sept.

NAVY DEPARTMENT—Pay, &c; of the Navy. RECAPITULATION. Number in Pay. per Grade. Rations- service. annum.

Captains 39. Senior Captain^ in service... $4500 ...Do...... ion leave, &c. 3500 Captains of Squadrons 4000 .. .Do. ..oii other duty...... 3500 Master.. 7 Do.s ,Commandant i off duty.. . .40. 2500 ... Do...in sea service. 2500 2100 ... Do... at N. Yds. or on other duty 1 & £* 1800 ! > .. .Do., .onleave, &c .258. c > -Lieutenants 1800 —' > ... Do commanding.... 1500 • ~ £ ! ^ O ... Do on other duty .C .43. 1200 ! a %-, >-. ... Do waiting orders...... 1000 1 <-« >. _< Surgeons..... i 1250 r* a j_ u-o 7.. Do... 1st 5 ys. afterdate of Corn's 1333| £ C) e* ...Do do aiN. Yards, &c. C •"-• £ 1500 c tr o ..DoDo. do.. ..in sea service.... 1200 d ri s-, ...D..Doo. do... i6f the fleet...... 1500 •—' ^ a ..DoDo...2. d 5 ys. 1600 tr £ w so- ..Do.. .. .do at N. Yards, &c.. 1800 ^; 0, ri ..Do.. ... do.... in sea service.... 1400 £ T o ..Do. .. .do—of the fleet 1750 ^ ^ .* C3 ^ %, ..Do.....do.3d 5. ys 1866$ V o ... do— at Navy Yards... .£ s ..Do...4th 5 2100 t^ 2 ..Do ..do .do.... . in sea service...; sTJ 1600 c C2 ..Do do.. .of the fleet c c3 2000 >>o C> ..Do.....do. ys..-.>A-..* 2133^ ce £ .atNavy Yards... 2400 S-i a A . in sea service o >> .50. 1800 j- ^j ...of the fleet 2250 C "*^ ... Do...20 vs. & upwards. rii > c 2400 ~* fcJC *-, ...DO.... .'..do atN.Yards... 2700 c: £ ... Do...... do in sea service. C _G2 650 Y .... Do do of the fleet .42. 950 1 x >-* r* Assistant Surgeons, waiting orders. .9. 850 C cr t*. ... Do at sea 1200 &• o ~' 120800 ...Do after passing,&c 950 ... Do at sea afterpas. 1150 .. .Do .7 .at N. Yds. &c.. 480 ... Do af. p. at N.Y.&c Pursers Chaplains ... Do... in sea service...... :...... Do.. .on leave, &c...... 1835. EXECUTIVE. 149

NAVY DEPARTMENT — Pay, fyc, of the Navy.

Number in Pay per Grade. service. annum.

Passed Midshipmen .199. Do on duty $750 600 Do waiting orders !245^ Midshipmen 400 .Do in sea service 350 .Do .on other duty ... 300 .Do on leave, &c .27. 1100 Sailing Masters 1000, .Do of a ship of the line, at sea 750 .Do on other duty 1200 .Do on leave, &c .20. Professors of Mathematics .19. Boatswains .21. Gunners .19. 750 Carpenters 600 Sailmakers 500 ... Do of a ship of the line.. 360 ... Do MARINof aE frigat CORPSe . ... Do on other duty Colonel Commandant. *75 ... Do on leave, &c Lieutenant Colonel... *60 Majors ...4. *50 Captains .tl3. *40 First Lieutenants ..20. *30 Second Lieutenants... ..19. *25 CIVIL LIST. Navy Agents .tlO. Temporary Agents ...3. Naval Storekeepers Chief Naval Constructor. Naval Constructors *The amount allowed the officers of the Marine Corps by the month, and number of rations per day, at 20 cents. +Four of these Captains are in the staff as Paymaster, Quar­ termaster, Adjutant and Inspector, and Assistant Quartermaster. The three first receive pay as Majors. ^Commissions not to exceed $2,000 per annum. 150 LEGISLATURE Sept.


Where Names. Where .Names. born. born.

PRESIDENT OF THE i VIRGINIA. | SENATE. jVa Martin Van Buren... N. Y.. Benjamin W. Leigh..; SENATORS. NORTH CAROLINA. N.C. Willie P. Mangum. N.C. MAINE. i iBedford Brown Ether Shepley Mass. | SOUTH CAROLTNA. Va. John Ruggles j [Wiiliam C. Preston. S.C. NEW HAMPSHIRE. jJohn C. Calhoun Isaac Hill Mass . | GEORGIA. Henry Hubbard N. H.. Alfred Cuthbert Va MASSACHUSETTS. [John P. King. .. N. H7. KENTUCKY. John Davis Mass . Henry Clay.^...... RHODE ISLAND. John J. Crittenden.. Asher Robbins Conn. TENNESSEE. Nehemiah R. Knight. R. H.. Va. CONNECTICUT. Hugh L. White "N. C. Gideon Tomlinson... Conn. OHIO. | Vacant j jVa.. VERMONT/ j Thomas Morris iPenn . Conn. LOUISIANA. ! Benjamin Swift N. Y.. Alexander Porter | NEW YORK. Vacant I Silas Wright, Jr JMass . INDIANA. I Nathl. P. Tallmadge. N. Y.. .. ;Penn . NEW JERSEY. Johnn MTipto. Robinson..n .-jK Tennv . Samuel L. Southard.. N. J.. ALABAMA. i WilliaMISSISSIPPIm R. King... . .I N.C... Garret D. Wall > GabrieJohn Blacl Moork e .N.C..j . PENNSYLVANIA. '< VacantMISSOURI . James Buchanan ThomasILLINOIS H. Benton.. .. | N C... Samuel McKean Vacant ! DELAWARE. Arnold Naudain Del... John M. Clayton |Del... MARYLAND. Ro't H. Goldsborough. Md... 1835. LEGISLATURE. 151

CONGRESS House of Representatives.

HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Where Names. Names. born.

SPEAKER. William Slade James K. Polk, Horace Everett REPRESENTATIVES. Heman Allen MAINE. B. F.Janes F.O.J. Smith.... N. H.. NEW YORK. George Evans Maine. Abel Huntington Moses Mason, Jr N. H.. Samuel Barton Mass.. C. C. Cambreleng Gorham Parks Mass.. John McKeon Joseph Hall Mass.. Eli Moore Jeremiah Bailey R. I.... Aaron Ward John Fairfield. Maine. Abraham Bokee NEW* HAMPSHIRE. Maine. John W. Brown Samuel Cushman N.H... Nicholas Sickles. Benning M. Bean N. H.. Aaron Vanderpoel... Franklin Pierce Mass.. Valentine Effner Joseph Weeks. N. H.. Hiram P. Hunt Robert Burns Mass.. Gerrit Y. Lansing.... MASSACHUSETTS. Mass.. John Cramer Abbot Lawrence Mass.. David Russell Stephen C Phillips... Mass. Dudley Farlin. Caleb Cushing , Mass. Ransom H. Gillet..... Levi Lincoln , Mass . Matthias J. Bovee.... George Grennell, Jr. Mass. Abijah Mann, Jr George N. Briggs Mass. William B. Calhoun. Mass. Joel Turrill William Jackson Mass. Daniel Wardwell John Reed „ Mass. Sherman Page Mass. William Seymour Conn. William Mason AndreSamuelw HoaT. rJudson . Nathaniel B. Borden Conn.. Joseph Reynolds Lancelot Phelps Conn. Stephen B. Leonard.. RHODCONNECTICUTE ISLAND.. Conn. William Taylor..... Dutee J. Pearce Conn. William K. Fuller. .. WilliaSamuelm Ingha Sprague.m . Elisha Haley R. I...Ulysse s F. Doubleday N. York VERMONT. R. I... Graham H. Chapin . HilandHall Vermont . ... Joshua Lee.. Timothy Childs George W. Lay Philo C. Fuller Abner Hazeltine Thomas C Love. ... Gideon Hard '. . 152 LEGISLATURE. Sept.

CONGRESS..., House of Representatives.

Where Names. Where Names. born. born.

Gideon Lee Mass. .. John N. Steele Md NEW JERSEY. James A. Pearce Virginia N. J VIRGINIA. Virginia James Parker N. J Henry A. Wise,,.... Virginia Samuel Fowler N. York. George Loyall Virginia Ferdinard S. SchenckN . J John Y. Mason....'.,. Virginia William N.Shinn... N. J John Robertson Virginia Thomas Lee Penn... J. Roane .. Tohn Taliaferro Virginia PENNSYLVANIA. Ireland. Virginia Joel B. Sutherland.. Penn.. Charles F. Mercer... Virginia James Harper Penn. . TohnM. Patton George C. Dromgoole.Virgini a J. R. Ingersoll Penn.. John W. Jones Virginia Michael W. Ash Penn.. Thomas T.B.Bouldin Virginia Edward Darlington. Penn.. Penn.. Walter Coles Virginia David Potts, Jr Penn.. James Garland... Virginia William Hiester.... Penn. . Nathan'l H. Claiborne Virginia Jacob Fry, Jr Edward Lucas Penn. . Virginia Mathias Morris (James M. H. Beale.. Penn. . Virginia D. D. Wagener..... Robert Craig.. Penn.. Virginia Edward B. Hubley.. Penn.. G.W.Hopkins Virginia Henry A. MuhlenbergPenn. . Wm. McComas. Virginia William Clark Penn. . Joseph Johnson Wm. S. Morgan N.York. Henry Logan Penn. . NORTH CAROLINA. Virginia George Chambers....Conn. . Penn.. Jesse Speight N. C .". Jesse Miller Penn. ., Ebenezer Pettigrew. N. C .. Joseph Henderson Penn. ., Micajah T. Hawkins. IN. C Andrew Beaumont... Penn. .. J. A. Bynum N. C T. B. Anthony Penn... Wm. Montgomery... N. C John Laporte Del James J. McKay N. C. .. Job Mann. Penn... Edmued Deberry N. C. .. J. Klingensmith, Jr..Md.... . Aug'tine H, SheppardN. C .. Andrew Buchanan... Penn... Abraham Rencher... N. C.... T. M. T. M'Kennan.Penn.. . Henry W. Connor... N. C Harmar Denny...... MMdd James Graham Virginia Samuel S. Harrison..M d Lewis Williams. .... N. C .. John Banks Md Wm. B. Shepard N. C. .. John Galbraith Md SOUTH CAROLINA. GeorgeDELAWARE C. Washington. ! Virginia Henry L. Pinckney .. S. C John J. Milligan F. W. Pickens S. C.... MARYLAND. R. W. Campbell S.C... Isaac McKim James Rogers S. C Ben. C Howard James H. Hammond. S. C James Turner R. J. Manning S. C.... I William J. Grayson.. S. C .... ...... 1835. LEGISLATURE. 153

CONGRESS—House of Representatives.

Names Where Names. Where born. born.

John K Griffin S.C. Waddy Thompson, Jr S.C. GEORGIA. Lynn Boyd...; ...... John Coffee...... N . Car Albert G. Hawes Seaton Grantland Virginia Joseph R. Underwood. Charles E. Haynes...Virgini a George W. B. Towns.Georgi a MISSOURI. George W. Owens... Georgia Wm. H. Ashley Thomas Glascock.... Georgia Albert G. Harrison.. Jesse F. Cleveland. ..S. Car.. ILLINOIS. Hopkins Holsey Virginia Zadock Casey Jabez Jackson Georgia John Reynolds Georgia ALABAMA. Wm. L. May Dixon H. Lewis. ....Tenn.. . Virginia INDIANA. Joshua L. Martin.... N. Car, N. Car J. W. Davis Joab Lawler John Carr Francis S. Lyon Jonathan McCarthy.. MISSISSIPPI. George L. Kinnard... Vacant..^...... Virginia Ewd; A. Hannegan:, Vacant..i . *....;N.H, . Ratliff Boon «'. LOUISIANA. OHIO. Rice Garland Bellamy Storer.. Tenn. Eleazer W. Ripley... . Tenn. Henry Johnson Wm. K.Bond, Tenn. TENNESSEE. Elias Howell...... N.Car John Bell. *...... Jonathan Sloane. Virginia Abram P. Maury Elisha Whittlesey..,, Tenn. Bailey Peyton Samuel F. Vinton Georgia. James K. Polk.....,. Sampson Mason Tenn... Adam Huntsman;... Joseph H. Crane. N.Car.. ...... jQavid Spangler. N.Car.. E.J. Shields. William Kennon.... Tenn... Wm. C. Dunlap. John Thomson..... Virginia Luke Lea. Daniel Kilgore...... Tenn... Wm. B. Carter John Chaney Virginia John B. Forrester.... Taylor Webster..... Penn... James Standefer Thomas L. Hamer... Samuel Bunch. Ky.., •Ky... Wm. Patterson KENTUCKY. Benjamin Jones Chilton Allen Ky.. Tenn. Jeremiah M'Lene..... John Chambers MICHIGAN. Wm. J. Graves Geo. W. Jones, Del. Richard French.. ARKANSAS. James Harlan Amb. S. Sevier..do. R. M. Johnson FLORIDA. John White Joseph M. White.do. 20 154 OFFICERS OF CONGRESS. Sept.

CONGRESS.... Officers of the Senate fyXH. of Representatives.


Names and Offices. Where born. Salary. Dols. cts. Walter Lowrie, Secretary Scotland. 3000 00 John G. McDonald, Principal Clerk Maryland 1800 00 Lewis H. Machin, Executive Clerk. ..do 1500 00 Wm. Hickey, Engrossing Clerk ..do...... 1500 00 Wm. Carr ...do do...,. Dis. Columbia 1000 00 John Shackford, Sergeant-at-Arms N. Hampshire 1500 00 and Door-keeper New York... 1450- 00 Stephen Haight, Assistant Doorkeeper Dis. Columbia700 00 John L. Clubb, Messenger to Secre-1 LIStary'T sO OfficF OFFICERe S AND AGENT\ S OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Names and Offices. Where born. Salary. Dols. cts. Walter S. Franklin, Clerk of the HousePennsylvania . 3000 00 Samuel Burch, Chief Clerk, in the officVirginie a 1800 00 John T. Frost, Clerk, in the officeNe w York 1500 00 Brooke M. Berry, do Maryland 1500 00 Robert N. Johnston, do Maryland.... 1500 00 Benjamin B. French,... do N. Hampshire 1500 00 Eleazer Early, do Virginia 1500 00 • Henry Welsh, do Pennsylvania., 1500 00 John T.Ball do.Extra.... Dis. Columbia 900 00 Thomas B. Randolph, Sergeant-at-ArmsVirginia . .. 1500 00 Overton Carr, Principal Doorkeeper...Maryland. . 1500 00 John W. Hunter, Assistant Doorkeeper.Virginia.. . 1450 00 William J. McCormick, Post-Master..Dis . Columbia 1500 00 James Barron, Messenger Maryland .. 700 00 William W. Stewart, do Dis. Columbia $2 a day Sherman D. Fletcher do Massachusetts same Joseph FollansbeLIBRARe Ydo OF CONGRESSMassachusett. s same Bernard Parsons do Maryland same

Names and Offices. Where born. Salary. Dols. cts. John S. Meehan, Librarian New York.... 1500 00 Edward B. Stelle, Assistant Librarian. Dis. Columbia 1150 00 Robert Kearon, Messenger Maryland....! 700 00 1835 JUDICIARY. 155


Names and offices. Residence. Where Compensa­ born. tion, «fcc.


Ch. Justice 5000 H. Baldwin, Ass'tnt JusticePittsburg , Pa. Penn.. 4500 J. M.Wayne do Ga... 4500 do. Cambridge, MsMass . 4500 Joseph Story .do...... New York N.Y.. 4500 .do Cincinnati, O..N.J. . 4500 John McLean do Washington... N.Y.. 4000 B. F. Butler, Attorney Gen. -...do Fees, &c. Wm. T.Carroll....Clerk. Md... -...do ..do.., A. Hunter Marshal.. Va...


Ashur Ware Judge. Portland Mass.. 1800 J. Anderson Attorney. ....do Maine. 200 & fees Albert Smith.. Marshal.. Dumariscottj a I Maine ..do.... Mills For New Hampshire. Mathew Harvey Judge. Hopkinton N.H. 1000 J. P. Hale Attorney.. Dover N. H. 200 & fees Pearson Cogswell, MarshallGilmantown. ..do.... N.H. For Massachusetts.

John Davis Judge Boston.... Mass. 2500 And'w Dunlap... Attorney do.. Mass. Fees, &c, John Mills ..do..., Southwick Jonas L. Sibley.. Marshal do.. Mass. . do- For Connecticut.

William Bristol Judge. New Haveh.. Conn. 1500 W. S. Holabird. .Attorney. Litchfield.... Conn. 200 & fees Norris Wilcox...Marshal. Berlin...... Conn. ..do.... For Rhode Island. John Pitman Judge.JProvidence R. I...-. 1500 156 JUDICIARY. Sept.

JUDICIARY — District Courts.

Names and offices. Residence. Where Compensa­ born. tion, &c.

B. W. Greene.. .Attorney.Providence . R. I 200 & fees Rur'n Anthony... Marshal. do,.. R. I ....do.:.. For Vermont.

Elijah Paine, Judge... Williamstown. Conn. 1300 Daniel Kellogg, Attorney..Rockingha m ., ...do. 200 & fees Heman Lowry, Marshal...Burlingto n ...do. 2Q0 & fees For the Northern District of New York. , Judge...Alban y . ;... N. Y... 2000 Nath'l S..Benton, Attorney ....do,... .do. 200 & fees J. W. Livingston, MarshalSkaneateless . .do. 200 & fees For the Southern District of New York. SamuelR. Betts, Judge,Ne w York N. Y, 3500 William M. Price, Attorney ....do... ..do. Fees W. C. H. Waddell, Marshal ....do... ..do. — do . . j%„... For New Jersey. William Rossell, Judge...Moun t Holly.. N. J.. 1500 Garret D, Wall, Attorney. Burlington ...do. 200 & fees J. S. Darcy. Marshal Newark ...do,' 200 & fees For the Eastern District on Pennsylvania.

Joseph Hopkinson. f Judge,Philadelphi a Penn.. 2500 Henry D. Gilpin. Attorney. do,...... do.. Fees, &c. Benj. $, Bonsall..Marshal...... do...... do... Fe,es, &c. For the Western District of Pennsylvania. Thomas Irwin Judge. Uniontown. Penn.. 1800 Benj. Patten Attorney. Pittsburgh.. .do.. 200 & fees. John M. Davis.. .Marshal. ....do... .do.. 200 & fees. For Delaware,

Willard Hall Judge. |Belmont Smyrna.! 1500 1835. JUDICIARY. 157

JUDICIARY — District Courts.

Names and Offices. Residence. Where Compensa- Born. tionj &c.

Geo. Read, Jr... Attorney. New Castle.. iDel.., 200 David C. Wilson, Marshal.Wilmington . '...do. Fees For Maryland. Elias Glenn Judge. Baltimore. Md. 2000 Nath'l Williams, Attorney. ....do.. do. Fees, &c. Thomas Finley.. Marshal. ....do...... Penn Fees, &c. Nicholas Snyder .do.. Fredericktown For the Eastern District of Virginia.

Philip P. Barbour, JudgeGordo < n ville,. ) 1800 Orange Co.. \ Va. R. C. Nicholas..Attorney.Richmon d .do. 200 & fees Edmund Christian, Marsh'l ....do...... do. 200 & fees For the Western District of Virginia. Alex. Caldwell Judge. Clarksburg. Va..., 1600 W. G. Singleton, Attorney. do... ..do. 200 & fees James Points.... Marshal.Staunton,. . Md... 200 & fees For North Carolina.

Henry Potter. Judge. Raleigh Va... 2000 T. P. Devereaux, Attorney. ..do.. N. a. 400 & fees Beverly Daniel. .Marshal. do.. Fees, &c. .do. For South Carolina.

Thomas Lee Judge. Charleston S.C. 2500 Robt. B. Gilchrist, Attorney do... .do. Fees, &c. Thos. D. Condy..Marshal do... .do. Fees, &c. For Georgia.

Jeremiah Cuyler.. .JudgeSavanuah . Ga. 2500 R. M. Charleton, Attorney do.. .do. 200 & fees Wm. Maxwell.. .Marshal Riceboro'. .do. Fees, &c. For the Southern District of Alabama. Wm. Crawford.... Judge. Mobile |Va. 2500 158 JUDICIARY. Sept.

JUDICIARY — District Courts.

Where Names and Offices. Residence. Compensa­ Born. tion, &c.

John Forsyth, Jr. Attorney. Mobile... do. ..200 & fees. Robt. L. Crawford, Marsh do. do. ..200 & fees. For the Northern District of Alabama. Wm. Crawford Judge. Mobile.... Va, 2500 By rd Brandon... Attorney Huntsville 200 & fees. Benj. Patteson.. .Marshal...... do. . 200 & fees. For Mississippi.

Powhatan Ellis Judge. Winchester Md. 2000 "George, Adams.. Attorney.Natche z 200 & fees. Wm. M.Gwin.. .Marshal. ....do... do. 200 & fees. For the Eastern District of Louisiana. Samuel H. Harper, Judge.New Orleans. 3000 Henry Carleton, Attorneyv ....do 600 & fees. John H. Holland, Marshal. ....do 200 & fees. For the Western District jf Louisiana. Samuel H. Harper, Judge.New Orleans 3000 Benj. F. Linton, Attorney.St . Martinsville 200 & fees. Samuel Bell Marshal. Opelousas... La 200 & fees. For the Eastern District of Tennessee. Morgan W. Brown, Judge.Nashville . . 1500 John A. McKinney, AttorRogersville. . 200 & fees. Wm. Lyon Marshal, Knoxville.. 200 & fees. For the Western District or Tennessee. Morgan W. Brown, Judge.Nashvill e 1500 W. T. Brown, Attorney ^.. ..do... 200 & fees Sam. B. Marshall, Marshal.Murfreesboro . 200 & fees For Kentucky. T. B. Monroe, Judge [Frankfort. 1500 1835. JUDICIARY. 159

JUDICIARY — District Courts.

Where Compensa­ Names and Offices. Residence. born. tion, &c.

L. Sanders, Attorney do I I 200&fees John M. McCalla, Marshal.(Lexington .. Ky j 200&fees For Ohio. |

Humph. H. Leavitt, Judge. .Steubenville 11000 Noah H. Swayne, Attorn'y. Columbus ... I 200 & fees John Patterson, Marshal... I do ! 200 & fees For Indh-no.

Jesse L. Holman, Judge...Laurenceburg . N.J 1000 T. A. Howard, Attorney.. Vincennes 200 & fees Gamaliel Taylor, Marshal.Brownstown.. , 200 & fees For Illinois.

Nathaniel Pope, Judge j Vandalia.. Conn...!l000 David I. Baker, Attorney. Kaskaskia 200 & fees Hany Wilton, Marshal.*.. jCarlvle ... For Missouri.

James H. Peck, Judge St. Louis. Conn.. 1200 A. L. Magennis, Attorney, j do... 200 & fees Augustus Jones, Marshal.. i ... do... 200 & fees For Arkansas. Thos. J. Lacey, Addition- > 1203 al Judge, Sup. Court... j Benjamin Johnson.. do Post of Arkans '•1200 Edward Cross do ....do 1200 Saml. C. Roane, Attorney.Littl e Rock.... I 250 & fees Elias Rector, Marshal ....do ! 200 & fees

For Michigan.

George Morell Judge. Detroit. !l200 Solomon Sibley do.. ..do. ;1200 Ross Wilkins do.. ..do. 11200 David Irvin do.. ..do. 1200 Daniel Goodwin, Attorney. ..do. | 250&fees Peter Desnoyers, Marshal. ..do. 1 200 & fees 160 JUDICIARY. Sept.

JUDICIARY— District Courts. Where Compensa­ Residence. Names and Offices. born. tion, &c.

For East Florida. Robert R. Reid, Judge St. Augustine. 1500 Thos. Douglass, Attorney. ..do 200 & fees Samuel Blair, Marshal.. ..do 200 & fees For Middle Florida.

Thomas Randall, Judge...Tallahasse e Md. 1500 J. D. Westcott, Attorney.. ..do 200 & fees T. Eston Randolph, Marsh, ..do 200 & fees

For West Florida.

John A. Cameron, Judge..Pensacol a Penn. 1500 Geo. Walker, Attorney ....do.... 200 & fees James W. Exum, Marshal. ....do.... 200 & fees

For South Florida.

James Webb, Judge Key West. Va. 2000 Wm, Marvin, Attorney. ..do.... D.C 200 & fees Thos. Eastin, Marshal... ..do.... Ky.. 200 & fees

District of Columbia.

Wm. Cranch, Chief Judge.Washington.. . Mass 2700 Buck. Thruston, Ass. JudgWashington..e . Va... 2500 James S. Morsell, do. Georgetown... Md.. 2500 F. S, Key, Attorney Washington... Md.. fees, &c. A. Hunter, Marshal. . Washington... Va. . fees, &c. William Brent, Clerk. ...Cou'yo f Wash. Va, . fees, &c. Edmund I. Lee,.. do do. .AlexandriaVa . . fees, &c.


Michigan. Vacant 2000 I. S. Horner, Secretary. Detroit. 1000 1835. JUDICIARY. 161

JUDICIARY --District Courts.

Where Names and Offices. Residence. Compensa­ born. tion. &c. Dolls cts. Arkansas. Wm. Fulton, Governor....Pos t of Arkans.K y 2000 Lewis Randolph, Secretary. ....do Ala* 1000 Florida. Tallahassee;.. Md....« 2500 Geo. K. W^alker, Secretary...... do N. J.... 1500 Orphans1 Court of Wash­ ington, D. C. Washington..-. Md , 1000 00 Henry C. Neale, Register. do Md Fees Oirpliantf Court of Alexan­ dria downt/y, D. C. Christopher Neale, Judge..Alexandri a Virginia 1000 00 Alexander Moore, Register. do 7 ...do... Fees



Compensa­ Where born. Names and Offices. tion.


Dols. cts. COMMISSIONER. William Noland Virginia. 2000 00

PRINCIPAL GARDENER. James Maher Ireland. 1000 00

POLICE OP THE CAPITOL. David M. Wilson, Principal Maryland... 950 00 James D. Waller, Assistant., Maryland... 750 00 Thomas Scrivener, do.. . C.Washington 750 00 Ignatius Wheatley do... Maryland... 750 00 Isaac H. Wailes do... Maryland... 750 00

COMMISSIONER FOR RUNNING BOUNDARY LINE WITH MEXICO. William McRee N. Carolina. 2500 00 John Donelson, Surveyor. Tennessee.. . 2000 00 Samuel J. Bayard, Clerk. Ohio 1200 00

Andrew J. Donelson, Secretary for sign- Tennessee 1500 00 ing Land Patents


States and Territories. Names. Residence.

Maine...... George Willis Portland. New Hampshire Jotham Lawrence Portsmouth. Massachusetts .. Henry Hatch/John Stevens. Boston. Connecticut Robinson S. Hinman Salem Bridge. New York DominickT.Blake,David ) New York. NewJersev Agry, Thos. Jeffer'n Smith )Princeton. James S. Green 1835. MISCELLANEOUS. 163


States and Territories. Names. Residence.

Pennsylvania,.. \ James M. Broom, Edward ) Philadelphia. Eastern District, i D. Ingraham, Henry > Shoemaker j Pennsylvania, .. } William G. Hawkins Pittsburg. Western District $ Maryland Alexander Cheves Baltimore. South Carolina. < Benjamin Elliott, Martin ) Charleston. Stroble, James Jervey.. \ Rich'd B. Cuyler, Morde Georgia ) Savannah. cai Myers, Wm. T. Wil :! Florida, Eastern >liam s St. Augustine. District 5 William H. Simmons. Missouri Elliott Lee St. Louis. Alabama, South-) George W. Owen Mobile. ern District... $ Alexander R. Depew. Frankfort. Kentucky William Hebb Washington. Dist. of Columbia. PENITENTIARY.

Names and Offices. Where Born. Salary. Dol. cts. Isaac Clarke Warden. Maryland 1500 00 William Wheatly Clerk. 1000 00 Ireland Pierce Spratt Assistant Keeper. 700 00 Germany John A. Young do do.. 700 00 Virginia Gabriel Bradley do do.. 700 00 Maryland Lewis Ratcliff Guard. 500 00 do Wilfred Van Reswick do.. 500 00 Virginia George B. Smith do.. 500 00 Maryland Matthew Jarboe do.. 500 00 ... .:do James Dunlop Inspector. 250 00 do Thomas Carbery do.. 250 00 Ireland William O'Neal do.. 250 00 Maryland Thomas C. Scott Physician. 400 00 Pennsylvania. William Kesley Chaplain. 200 00 164 BANK OF THE U. STATES. Sept.


List of the Presidents, Cashiers, and Directors of the Bank of the United States, and its Branches, in Office on the 30th of September, 1835.

Names and Offices. Names ajnd Offices.

Directors of the Bank of theJoshu a Lippincott,.... Director. United States. Henry Pratt do.. Nicholas Biddle....President.Robt . Lenox, of N. York... do.. John Sergeant Director. Chas. A. Davis... do do.. RoswellL. Colt,of MaryU.do.. James C. Fisher...... f do.. Charles Chauncey do.. James Swann do do.. Matthew Newkirk do.. Jas. R. Pringle, of S. Car..do.. Lawren&e Lewis.,...... do,Directors, appointed by the Daniel W. Coxe do.. President. John Bohlen do.. 'Charles Macalester... Director. John R. Neff...... , do.. Cheney Hickman do.. WiUiamPlatt.,..,,...,,. do.. Edward D. Ingraham do.. Alexander Henry do.. Samuel Jaudon Cashier. M. L. Bevan do.. Richard Willing BRANC,. do..H . BANKS.

Office at Portland. R. D. Shepherd .Director. John Parker do.. Joshua Wingate President. J.K.Mills do.. Marshall French Director. Daniel P. Parker do.. Noah Hinckley do.. Horace Gray do.. Joseph Adams do.. John Hooper do.. John Purinton...... do.. S. Frothingham Cashier. John Dunlap ,. .do..Providence. I^uther Jewitt... do.. William Oxnard do.. Philip Allen President. % JJL Alexander Cashier. Jefferson Borden...c.

Names and Offices. Names and Offices.

New York. Richmond. Isaae Lawrence President. Richard Anderson, President Peter J. Nevius Director.Edwi n Robinson Director Daniel Hadden do.. James Gibbon do.. Wm. W. Woolsey do.. Robert D. Murchie do.. John R. Hurd do.. William Gait ,....do.. Henry Neeland do.. Beverly Blair do,. James Boyd, Jr do.. Henry* W. Moncure.... do.. Isaac S. Hone,,...,...... do.. Abraham Warwick do.. John Rathbone, Jr do.. Alexander F. Taylor... do.. Samuel F. Mott....., do.. Isaac Davenport do.. James Boorman do.. Lewis Webb do., Andrew Foster do.. J. RobertsonNorfolk. Cashier M. Robinson Cashier. Baltimore. John Tabb, President. John McKim, Jr President. Wm. H. Thompson.Director. Thomas Wilson Director. Wm. G. Camp do... F. W.Brune do.. Isaac Talbot... r...... do... Robert Gilmor do.. Arthur Emmerson.. do... Samuel W. Smith.... do.. John N. Tazewell do... James Beatty ...... do.. Christopher Fry do.,. Samuel McDonald do.. H. Allmand, Jr do... Robert A. Taylor. do.. G.B.Cooke do... Solomon Betts ,. do.. John Allmand...... ,. do... Samuel Hoffman...... do.. Robert Soulter do... William Riggin do.. Robert B. Butt. do... John White f Gashier. Joseph L. Roberts Cashier. Washington- Fayetteville. Samuel H. Smith.. .President.John Huske, President. Thomas W. Pairo...Director. James H. Hooper,...Director. William S. Nicholls do.. Thomas C. Blake do... William C. Gardner do.. Charles P. Mallett ... do... William Laird do.. Beverly Daniel Raleigh, do... Darius Claggett do.. Wm. Nott .....do... William H. Miller do.. John Kelly , do... John Rodgers do.. Lewis Brown do... Thomajs Swann do.. Duncan McNeill do... Raphael Semmes...... do.. J. W. Sandford Cashier. Richard Smith...... Cashier. 166 BANK OF TH E U. STATES. Sept.

BRANCH BANKS— Chas'n, Savan'h, Mo., N. 0.,XNat. St. L.

Names and Offices. Names and Offices.

Charleston. Charles Dillinger Director. George Poe, Jr Cashier. Joseph Johnston,... President. JOhn Frazer Director. New Orleans. H. A. Dessaussure do... Thomas Urquhart. .President R. Carnochan .7 do.. . John B. Byrne Director. James Adger do... James Calles do... Simon Magwood do... James Ramsay do... J. E. Bonneau .7. do... J. U. Lavillebeuvre do... J. A. Winthrop do... Wm. A. Gasquet do... Samuel Patterson do... George P. Bowers ..:. .do... John Lewis do... George M. Lee do... James Lamb do .7 . Charles A. Jacobs do... Jonathan Lucas do... H" S. Buckner: do... Jonathan Montgomery, .do... P. Bacot,.. Cashier. James Saul do... Savannah. N.N. Wilkinson do... John Cumming, President. Natchez. John M. Berrien, Directer. L. R. Marshall President George Jones do... John N. Helm Director Richard W. Habersham.do... Benjamin Wade do... P.M.Kollock do... J. T. McMurran do... S.H.Fay do... David Hunt do... R. L. Taylor do... Aglett Buckner do... Wm. P. Hunter do... D. C. Mitchie do... James Potter do... J. P. Walworth do... Robert Habersham do... Wm. St. John Elliott...do... Wm. Thome Williams. do... Elias Ogden do... Joseph H. Burroughs.. .do... Daniel C. Miller do... Austin R. Gordon do... John F. Gillespie do... J. Hunter. Cashier. Benjamin F. Young do. Mobile. T. Henderson do. P. McLoskey, President. St. Louis. H. Hitchcock Director. John O'Fallon President. George W. Owen do — Edward Martineau do... George Collier Director. Thomas M. English do... Archibald Gamble do.... Martin Durand do... John Kerr do.... S. Stebbens do — P. Choutinn, Jr do.... Lewis Judson do... Jesse G. Lindell... 7 do.... Wm. Crothers do... William Glasgow do.... Alexander Pope do..., Daniel D. Page do.... Edward Hall do Michael Tesser do.... Calvin Norris do.... 1835. BANK OF THE U. STATES. 167

BRANCH BANKS — St.Louis, Nashville, Cincinnati, Pitts'g. I Names and Offices. 1 Names and Offices.

St. Louis. Cincinnati.

(Continued.) James Reynolds President. Thomas W. BakeweUDirector. Hezekiah King Director. Charles Mulliken do H. S. Coxe Cashier. W. G. Pendleton do Samuel E. Foote do.... Nashville.

Thomas H. Fletcher, President. Pittsburg. Henry M. Rutledge. .Director. James P. Clark do A. Brackenridge... .President. Jacob McGuvock do John Little Director. John Shelby do James Park do.... Thomas Washington... do Thomas Bakewell do Foster G. Crutcher do Benj. Darlington do.... Robert Farquharson do Joseph B. Knowles do.... Samuel Thompson do Andrew Erwin, Jr do John D. Davis do.... Joseph P. Brown do James Thompson do 168 PRINTERS OF LAWS. Sept.

PRINTERS— Department of State.

Sum allowed. State. Publishers of Laws. IstSess. |2dSess. dol cts dol.cts Maine Charles Holden 117 00 61 25 J. Berry & Co 117 00 J. C. Haynes & Co 117 00 61 25 W.J.Condon 61 25 New Hampshire Beck & Greenleaf 117 00 61 25 Hill & Barton. „ 117 00 117 00 61 25 John R. Reding ,.. 61 25 Massachusetts. Cyrus Barton 117 00 Ch.G. Greene 117 00 61 25 Phinehas Allen & Son 117 00 61 25 Jubal Harrington 61 25 Connecticut 00 Beals & Greene 117 00 61 25 Wm. Faulkner. ... 117 00 61 25 John Russell 117 00 61 25 Rhode Island. Barber & Osborn 117 00 61 25 John Prentice 117 00 W. Simons, Jr 117 00 61 25 Cornelius S. Jones 61 25 61 25 Vermont. Charles B. Peckham F. B. Peckham 117 00 W. & J. H. Barber 117 00 117 00 61 25 John C Haswell. 61 25 New York George W. Hill... 117 00 61 25 Erastus W. Drury... * 117 00 61 25 W.Clark New Jersey. 117 00 61 25 Cross'l, Van Benthuysen & Bust.11 7 00 61 25 Holland, Sanford & Davies. 117 00 Luther Tucker , 31 75 Fayette Pierson , 85 25 61 25 Pennsylvania. Joseph Justice 117 00 61 25 Elijah Brookes, (a part) 117 00 James M. Newell, (a part) 117 00 61 25 61 25 Delaware. Samuel P. Hull Peter Hay & Co 117 00 61 25 117 00 Maryland. Henry Welsh 61 25 117 00 Leonard S. Johns 61 25 117 00 Welsh & Patterson 61 25 D. A. J. Upham 117 00 Virginia. 61 25 Porters & Mitchell 117 00 61 25 Samuel Harker 117 Samuel L. McKeehan 117 ool Richard Spencer S. & J. N. Harker Moseley J. Tompkins Francis Madera & Co iThomas G. Broughton 1835. PRINTERS OF LAWS. 169

PRINTERS— Department of State.

Sum allowed. State. Publishers of Laws. 1st Sess. ,2d Sess. dol. ctsdol.cts , Shields, Ashbu-rn&'Grigsby, 61 25 Enos D. Morgan. • - 61 25 North Carolina. Hybart & Strange 117 117 61 25 John Beard, Jr 7 o 117 Thomas Watson. South Carolina. P.White 117 00 J. N, Cardozo 117 00 Thomas W. Pegues . 117 00 Georgia; O. H. Wells 117 John C. West 117 P.C.Guien 117 Alabama... ArnolFergusond & Bulloc. k 117 ThaddeuPatrick Ls. SanforRobinsod n -...-. 117 PhP.. L .Woodson & B. H., Robinson..,.Jr.... , Mississippi 117 CooD. k & Fox...., 117 Robert B. Mitchell , 117 G. R. & James S. Fall 117 Louisiana Clark & Jones , 117 The Courier". , 117 W.H. Young 117 Smith & McCoy Tennessee Luwsoh & Dunn. 117 T. Debalcourt 117 Allen A. Hall ... 117 Kentucky... J. H. McMahan 117 F. S.Heiskell...... 117 S.Nye&Co 117 Ohio G.E.Russell.. 117 Thomas J. Pew 117 George Jefferson Indiana 117 Allen & Ward 117 Moses Dawson & Sons 117 David Smith 117 Th. J. McLain N. Bolton &Co Illinois. 117 00 David V. Culley 117 00 Elihu Stout D. V. Culley & V. M. Cole. Morrison & Bolton Robert R. Houston John York Sawyer I.M.Clarke 22 170 LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS—Department of State.

Sum allowed. State. Publishers of Laws. list Sess.|2d Sess. dol.cts doLcts & J. Francis 117 00 S. Brooks 61 25 61 25 Missouri Gatewood J. Oliver 117 00 I. B. Bowlin 117 00 Davis & Renfroe 117 00 61 25 Calvin Gunn 61 25 61 25 Arkansas Ter.. Mayfield & Bowlin 117 00 William Johnson 117 00 61 25 Michigan Ter., William E. Woodruffe 117 00 61 25 S. S. Smith 00 61 25 John D. De Frees 00 61 25 Florida Ter.... S. McKnight j 1170 0 61 25 Edward D. Ellis 117 00 61 25 H.Gilbert I... 61 25 Dist. Columbia. 00 William Wilson 117 00 61 25 James M. Gould [11f7 95 00 FROM OCTOBERBenjami,n 1833 D. Wrigh, TO tSEPTEMBER ,117, 1835. Blair & Rives B14

Name. Nature of Printing. Compensa I tioo. Dol. cts. Phineas Allen & Son. Advertising 1 12 Beck & Greenleaf do 3 50 T. G. Broughton do 2 00 Blair, Francis P do 100 00 f Printing, including printing ditto. and binding 11000 cop's laws, 6529 62 J 1st Sept. 23d Congress; 1000 ") copies 7th vol. Diplomatic [ Blair & Rives CorrPspondence,&c. blanks, | 3497 37 (^circulars, &c. &c J ditto 17 00 { .. do.. including 1100 copies ) Beck, Gideon 3 50 ) laws, 2d sess. 23d Cong. &c. S J. N. Cardozo do. 16 Advertising Burton Craige do. 50 do Davis & Renfroe : do. 50 Edward D. Ellis.....' do. 75 B.J. Flaget do. 50 1835. LIST OF PRINTERS. 171

PRINTERS—Department of State.

Name. Nature of Printing. Compensa­ tion. Dol. cts. i Printing 17 sets documents ) Gales & Seaton.. 940 28 \ H. R. 1st sess. 23d Congress j Duff Green .. ..Do..Senate..do...(part)..1049 25 Allen A. Hall.... Advertising 25 J. N. Haynes.... do 00 P. Hay & Co.... do 75 F. S. Heiskell.... do 37 Hill J. Barton... do 50 H. Honp. do 76 T. W. Peques... do 50 G.W. Robertson. ...do 2 050 C R. Ramsay.... do 2 25 I. Y. Sawyer do 1 00 Thomas Todd... do 4 50 True & Greene.. .; do 3 50 PhiliBenj.p Chambers Woodson.. do 283 60 SPrinting passports, &c. in W. I.Stone.... eluding parchment and paH 90 88 per (copperplate), .. do.. do.. do.. including paper FOR COMMISSIONERS UNDER CONVENTION WITH DENMARK.

S.J. Harker . Advertising. 16 87 Lawrence & Lemoy. do 4 50 A. Marschalk do 720 W. Simons, Jr do 5 00 Tho. Todd do 14 75 I. W.Webb do 90 47 FOR COMMISSIONERS UNDER CONVENTION WITH THE TWO SICILIES.

I. Berry & Co 11 25 Holland, Sanford, & 22 63 Davies I. N. Harker 30 37 Gales & Seaton 8 50 na LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS — Department of State.


Paid by Thomas Sicann, Jr.

Printers' Names Amount. > • Printers Names. Amount. Dol. cts 7 iDol. ets. To Ed'r Southern Pat. 65 22" Gales & Seaton... I 55 OOToWm Simmons... )l0 50 — Beck & Greenleaf. S 6 00 i (18. 25 i 16 25| . Chas. R. Ramsay., 9 50 { 10 00 ..C.S. Jones ...... -1 .Palfrey & Cook.. II * <*> ! ( 10 47 . .M. Hoffman.. j/iooo . .Jno. Russell 68 00 ..J.N. Cardozo. 29 8S ^CharlesS. Jones.. 7 00 ..C.F.Jones... ! II 62 . .Peter Mav & Co.. 2S 66 3 0^ FRENCH COA»HSSION.

Paid by John E. Frost.

ToS. T.King.. I 31 60ToR . & J.B.Porter... 7 80 ...G.C. Russell 25 00. . .John Russell 24 00 ... Young & Haget.... 40 00 ...J. Jones, byE. W.) 13 00 ..-.J-. C. HasweU 20 00 Maxcy.. \ 20 00 ...Watson&Tompkins 19 25 ... Calvin Gunn 7 00 . _Thos. Watson 32 25 ...J. Berry & Co 18 50 .. .Wm. Simonds, Jr.. 18 12..$ . A. H. Pemberton...27€2 i .. .Btill & Barton...... 18 75. . .M. Dawson & Sons.4 6 12* .. JTubel Harrington... 12 47.. . J. N. Cardozo.....4. 4 68 ... P. Woodson, Jr i 22 5..0 . W. Robertson 13 12A .. .Edw'd Mullikin....[ 16 00...F . B. Peckham..... 14 00 ... AwF. Morrison H 50 ... Henry Welsh 139 38 ... Wm". Faulkner 12 00 ...F.P.Blair 7 50 ...M.Gwin&Henry.. 23 00 ... Burton Craig 40 00 .. .John Allan.....;.. 16 50 ... Smith & Brewer...4 5 00 . .. (i 14 68 ...B.E.Ferrv 15 25 .. .Gales & Seaton... \ j 60 00..:F.S.Heiskell...... 20 00 (| 16 25 ...P. Hay& Co 30 00 ... Sibley & Pearson... 10 00 ... J. R. Chambers 6 30 ...O. H. Wells.: ! 25 00..JP . Allen & Sons.... 12 00 .. .C. P. Bertrand I 26 00...Nath'lHaynes . 10 00 ... Lawrence & Lemoy| 14 25 ...Tho'sTodd 25 00 ... Sam'l .McKehan. .7 14 00 ...J.C. Dunn 22 87 ... J. Kembe. • 20 0...Jas0 . W.Webb 27 50 ...C. F. Daniels ..,' 18 12 ... AndrewMarschalk. 1835. LIST OF PRINTERS. 173

PRINTERS— Treasury Department.

Printers' Names. Amount. Printers' Names. Amount. Dol. cts Dol.cts. .EdVdP. Ellis. .... 12 00 J. Y. Sawyer. 17 87£ . Luther Tueker&Co. 16 00 .Read & Scurlock... 18 00 W. C. Woodruff... 29 25


Compensa Names. Names'^ Compensa­ tion. tion. Dol. cts. Dol. cts. C. P. Bertrand.. .7.. 114 00G.Bec k 36 00 William Davis, Jr.. 447 59 H. Welsh 65 00 C G. Greene .7 11 25 R. &S. Porter 34 69 Beck & Greenleaf... 51 57 Birch & Jerry.. 72 00 Horner & Palmer... 19 17 S. A. AikinsoiT. 8 75 I. W. McClelan.... 10 50N . Haynes...... 20 00 Wm. H. Davis..... 54 00 Hill & Barton...... 107 00 T. G. Broughton,.,. 69 25 E.Delamotte...... 229 12 Ritchie & Cook 117 38Bryant , Leggett & Co. 92 79 Mifflin Parry 9 33 Wm. H. Pool...... 8 81 Savannah Georgian. 97 00 Samuel Harker 12 00 S. & I. Harper 16 50Willia m Simonds, Jr. 52 87 N. V. N. Throop.... 296 10 T. W. Mullikui..... 14 20 Wm. Robertson 97 75 Beales &. Greene.... 219 12 F. P. Blair...... 4284 33 J. A. Bryan Blair & Rives 5523 52 T.Woodward...... 35 50 Childs & Inman 24 00J . W.Webb p'd in 1834 19 50 Wm. Gwih...- 13 00Joh n Russell...... 29 15 A. Marschalk 37 50F.Neufvill e 38 00 Tho. Todd 32 50 Tho. Watson.. 78 00. New York Standard. 60 62 True & Greene 39 50 N. I. Cordoza 77 80Wm . I. Stone 44 75 9 56 A. H. Pemberton... L. Penn, Jr ...... 729 12, 15 00J. Justice S. Tucker... 20 00 12 00Holland , Sandford 17 25 W. Faukner 26 00 & Davis...... G. K. Felt 36 00 H.G. Rind...... 32 37 Charles Robbins 6 00 W. W. Moore 48 00< J. Berry & Co 20 75 Jacob Gideon , 48 oa W.H.Ellis. 26 00 Cuthburt & Hunt., 382 12 35 00 Scurlock & Reed ... 14 00C . R. Ramsay 45 00 Morris & Botlon. ... 26 00 J. P.Heiskill 45 00 Davis & Renfrew... 88 88 Henry Hone Arnold & Bullock... 16 50 96 08; E. Mulliken 174 LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS — War Department.

A LIST of all Printers in any way employed by the War Depart­ ment, or any officer thereof from the 30th of September, 1833, to the 30th September, 1835, with the compensation allowed to each.

Names of Printers Employed. Compen­ Name of Department or Officer sation. causing the printing to be done.

F.P.Blair , 52 00 Department of War. Blair & Rives 373 97 do. Benjamin Homans , 38 00 .do. Philip Haas , 5 00 Commisioner of Pensions. F. P. Blair 1108 00 do Blair & Rives 321 50 ....do Editor of Arkansas Adv.. 9 37 do Knoxville Register 7 00 ....do Pittsfield Sun 2 62 ....do Albany Argus ....do J. Y. Sawyer. ....do Senstack & Rence 2 00 3 12 ....do.. Hubbard & Co ....do Laurence & Lemay 4 00 10 00 ....do Hill and Barton ....do B. E. Terry 3 33 2 50 ....do Hay & Co 9 00 ....do Thomas Todd 1 00 ....do Prince & Rayland 1 00 ....do C. S. Palmer 6 15 ....do.... C. &G. Alpin 1 00 ....do J. B. Van Schaick & Co.. 2 94 ....do J. K. Averill 2 00 ....do Hoffman & White 6 00 ....do Stone & Munsell 4 00 ....do C. J. Gillespie , 4 00 ....do A. A. McCartney 2 00 ....do S. C.Posey 1 25 ....do R. G. Stone.... 2 00 ....do S. Tracy 2 00 ....do E. A. Maynard 8 00 ....do S. S. Riggs 2 50 ....do J. Russell 3 00 ,...do R. & J. B. Porter 3 75 ...do W. & J. H. Barber 10 00 ...do Holland, Sandford, & Davis,11 5 00 ...do Benton & Craig 14 00 Com'r of Indian Affairs.. F. P. Blair 23 25 do Blair & Rives 71 75 Com'y Gen. of Purchases. Jasper Harding 72 62 ...do William Fry ...do Peter Hay. 1835. LIST OF PRINTERS. 175

PRINTERS— War Department.

Names of Printers Employed. Compen­ Names of Department or Officer sation. causing the printing to be done.

Bryan, Leggett, & Co j 8206... . .do. Henry Hone | 39 88.... .do. Mifflin & Parry i 49 75 .do. F.B.Pickham | 17 00.... .do. Samuel Harker 46 50;.... .do. Charles Greene. i 34 75 .... .do. Beales, Horner, & Co j 34 75.... .do. Beck & Greenleaf i 14 OO.... .do. Holland, Sandford & Davis 47 50;.... .do. G.WJ.N.. Rin Martid n I 3562 00;.... .do. H.G. Rind 284 50 Chief Engineer Gales & Seaton... 20 50 ....do Bryant & Leggett. 3 13 ....do J.W.Webb...... 3 12 ....do Blair & Rives 38 18 ....do J. J. Hamilton 25 ....do James C. Dunn... 43 00 Quarter Master, Cross... Benjamin Homans 36 00 do James C. Dunn... 464 00 do.... Blair & Rives 11 SOl&uarter Master General. F.P. Blair /O 66 9030 Commandindo g General Blair & Rives Blair & Rives .'1591008 0505 Pavmaster...... d o, Andrews F.P. Blair 1008 ....do 30Willia 00 m Greer { Major Garland, in charge Blair & Rives 400 \ of Clothing Bureau... F. Deeble 28 00 Paymaster, C. Mapes Blair & Rives 1369 31 Colonel odfo Ordnance Langtree & O'Sullivan 30 00 do Blair & Rives 18 00 Paymaster General Blair & Rives 6 18 t Lt. Col. Abert, in charge Philip Hass 2 \ of Topographical Bureau. David Smith 144 00J do..f 50, Henry Hone 137 OOCom'v Gen.do.. of Subsistenre. J.N. Rind 20 007 .do. Allen Hall 226 12, .do. J. N. Cardozo 277 43!. .do. Peter Hay & Co 173 34|. do. John Steel 57 00. .do. B.C.Elliott 150 00. .do. S. K. Haskell 111 00,. .do. S. McKnight...' 74 00. .do. Allen & Disnev 1"3 oo'. .do. 176 LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS — Navy Department.

Cbmpen- Name of Department or Officer Names of Printers Employed. sation. causing the priming to be done. Dol.cts Moses Dawson & Son. .... 127 50 Com'y Gen. of Subsistence. Lawrence & Lamay 58 50 ..do S.& J.N.-Harker 130 12 do J. Bayon. 261 00 ...... do Bryant Leggett <& Co 92 63 .". ....do Thomas Watson 189 00 ....do. James B. Bowler 80 00 ..do.. Ritchie & Cook...... 184 75 do...... F. S. Heiskell...... 79 75 ...do...... H.G.Rind.... 48 00 do. Charles G. Green...... 141 50 do Looker & Disney. 70 87 do Blair & Rives 217 00 do. T. J.PewSi. 40 50 ...... do D. Burnett..- 40 00 do ; Welsh & Patterson 71 25 ...... do..... S. Reynolds 126 75 do- Bolton & Emmons...... 5425 do B. Homans 50 00 ...do Daniel Bradford. 46 25 ...... do... Bryant, Leggett & Co. 1 56 Surgeon General Joseph Gideon 1 56 do Ben. F. Stagg...... 1 81 do J.W.Webb 5 13 .do Jacob Gideon 108 00 do..... New York American . 2 38 do New York Times. 2 25 do New York Evening Post... 2 38 ...do F.PStatement. Blair .showing the names37 of7 9all7 Adjutan the Printerst Genera employedl by order Blaiofr the & Rives....Navy Commissioners; 22 7from 54 the 30th September,do...... -1833, to the 30th September, 1835, together with the amount of compensa­ tion paid, and for What purpose.

Compen­ Names of Printers. By whose order. For what purpose. sation Dol. cts Commis 5 Forms for con- Jacob Gideon, 35 00 sioners of f tracts.."' '• the Navy -I 1835. LIST OF PRINTERS. 177

PRINTERS — Navy Department. List of Printers, and compensation allowed to each, for printing executed for the office of the Secretary of the Navy, between the 30th September, 1833, and 30th of September, 1835.

Printers' Names. Compen­ By whose order. For what purpose. sation. Dol. cts. For printing blank forms, re­ quisitions, &c.; Francis P.Blair. 118 42 Sec'ry of Navy. •{ and for prmted j copies of the | President'smes- Lsage, Blair & Rives. 67 48 .do. C. For printing J requisitions,cir- l culars, &c. Benj. Chambers. 12 69 do. f For printing ! Commissions & | Warrants on A Statement, showing the amount paid to Printers^parchment for .services rendered the Navy Department, by whose order, and for wliat purpose, as settled and allowed at the Office of the Fourth Audi­ tor, from the 30lh of September, 1833, to the 1st day of October,> 1835. Printers' names. Compen­ By whose order. For what purpose. sation. dol.cts. Benjamin Homans. 70 OOSec'y of Navy J 28 copies Mil. & \ Nav. Magazine J. A. Cardozo 99 66 Navy Comm'rs Adv'ng proposals Gales & Seaton..... 26 25 do ...... do Duff Green...... , 7 00 do .do Mifflin & Parry.... 21 32 do , do A.A.Hall 29 25 .dodo . , do Peter Hay & Co..., 49 03 .do. do Gales & Seaton 26 75 Sec'y of Navy .....do Duff Green 52 75 ( Reports & doc'ts ditto 6 75 Nayy Comm'rs ( for Sec'y's Office Blair & Rives 357 75 ....do.... Adv'ng proposals • do. 534 50Sec' y of Navy .do C 1662 cop. Naval < Register, and Benjamin Homans. 70 00 do. f advertising Duff Green 30 75 Navy Comm'rs C 28 copies Mil. & Gales & Seaton 21 43 ....do.... I Nav. Magazine do 9 12 ....do.... Adv'ng proposals 23 do do 178 LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS — Navy Department.

Printers* names. Compen­ By whose order. For what purpose. sation

Gales & Seaton 21 56 ....do.... Adv. Proposals.. ( 6 rms. pay rolls, Blair & Rives 330 28Fourth Auditor< 4 do. allotments, ( 2do.paytable&c Looker & Reynolds.. 48 50Navy Comm'rs Adv'ng proposals Allen & Disney 8 13 do.... do Shadrach Perm, Jr... 12 00 do...... do Peter Force 18 00Sec' y of Navy i 12 copies Na- Bryant, Leggett & Co 125 77Nav y Comm'rs (tional Calendar John Lang. & Co 9 93 do.... Adv'ng proposals ditto 2 31 do.... do B. Leggett & Co 1 75 do.... 2 31 do John Lang & Co 14 00 do.... do John C Haswell 5 06 do.... do Henry Hone 189 30 do do... Bryant, Leggett & Co do.... 174 09 .do. •do...... do, . Holland, Sanford, & ) do...... Davis ) 229 37 .. .do. .do. John Russell 3 00 ....do. .do. 13 12 ....do. .do. Bryant, Leggett & Co 4 00 William Simmons 20 50 ....do. .do. Thomas Todd 10 50 ....do. • do. E. W. Maxcy 67 12 ....do. .do. Thomas Todd 46 00 ....do. .do. C G.Green 22 50 ....do. • do. C. S.Jones.. 110 41 ....do. .do. Thomas Todd 1 50 ....do. • do, 28 75 ....do. Bealle, Horner & Co. 3 50 .do. Nathan Hale 31 99 ....do. • do. J. Berry & Co 8 50 ....do. .do. do. 104 33 7...do. • do. Mifflin, Parry & Co.. 20 00 ....do. • do. Peter Hay & Co...... 6 00 ...... d.... doo . 7 • do. Mifflin, Parry & Co.. 95 58 ....dodo . • do. Thos. J. Pew 7 24 00 do .do. 13 00 do • do. Peter Hay & Co 9 00 ditto do • do. R.D. Wright 9 00 CC'dtN.Y'd) • do. .do. ditto 21 75 £ Pensacola.) .do. ditto 96 13 Navy Comm'rs do. ....ditto ... 43 37 ....do .do. T.J. Broughton 47 25 ....do ....do...... • do...... ditto .do. Shields & Ashburn... Ritchie & Cook 1835, LIST OF PRINTERS. 179

PRINTERS— Post Office Department.

Printers' names. Compen­ By whose order. For what purpose. sation.

$ purser,ship Jblankforms,pay C Hall. 56 38 \ Falmouth. \ and muster rolls Judge Adv. {charges for T. G. Broughton. 30 00 ( court martial.. i Adv'ng proposals S.& J.N. Harker.... 114 15 perorderof J. Munroe 2 00 Court ....do Peck & Greenleaf 125 00 Navy Comm'rs ....do Miller & Brewster 22 00 ....do...... do J. C. Haynes &Co... 6 00 ....do...... do Charles Holden 2 00 ....do...... do Miffjin & Parry...... 9 5 66 ....do...... do Peter Hay & Co 13 50 ....do...... do J. Berry & Co 10 00 ....do...... do Horner & Palmer 35 88 ....do...... do Shields & Ashburne.. 55 25 ...... do... .do . ....ddoo. Shields, Ashburne, ) 53 12 ....do..do. . do & Grigsby $ 20 75 ....do..,do. . , do T.J. Broughton 13 50 .do. do Lawrence & Lemay.. 40 50 ( 4 copies of the Blair & Rives. S.&J.N. Harker....20 00 Sec'y of Navy \ Globe from Dec Gales & Seaton 26 40 (1833 to 1834... Duff Green ...... 6 1 75 Navy Comm'rs|Adv'n.dg oproposal s Holland, Sanford, & > 73 53 .do.... .CO. Davis. 5 70 00 Sec'y do...of Nav. y .do. Benjamin Homans.., 28 50 Navy Comm'rs .do, Gales & Seaton. 22 75 ...... do.... .do, Duff Green 15 00 do.... .do, Thomas Watson. ... List of Printers employed by tJie Post Office Department, between tlve 30th of September, 1833, and the 30th of September, 1835, with the compensation of each.

Printers' Names. Compen­ sation. Dol. cts. True & Greene... Charles G. Greene 4837 56 Beals & Greene... Hill & Barton.... 1474 96 Cyrus Barton 3416 27 Shadrach Penn, Jr Francis P. Blair.. 3246 50 Blair & Rives 180 LIST OF PRINTERS. Sept.

PRINTERS—Post Office Department.

Compen­ Printers' Names. Nature of Employment. sation- Dol.cts. Paine & Clark.. Printing Blanks. 930 62 Mifflin & Parry. do... 172 50 Gilbert & Bryan Medary & Many- do. 521 67 penny i\ .do. 115 75 Mordecai M. Noah Francis P. Blair.. Miscellaneous Printing. 2702 98 Blair & Rives. do. 75 00 J. D. Learned Printing & binding Check Books 38 50 James C. Dunn... Advertising 5846 79 Blair & Rives.... do 4 00 .do. John York Sawyer 7 00 .do. William Potter... 375 00 .do. Robinson & Hollis 289 57 .do. Thomas Watson.. 304 00 .do. Ritchie &Cook... 85 50 .do. William Wilson.. ..do. 370 50 P. L.& B.H.Robinson .do. 66 00 James M. Gould .do. 255 75 Hybart & Strange .do. 2 75 Buxton &Wolford... .do. 7 87 Holland, Sanford & > .do. 134 75 Davies 5 .do. 200 00 Daniel Bradford .do. 130 00 Richard Phillips .do. 84 00 Joseph Justice .do. 157 50 Ott & Weber .do. 148 50 Canfield& Spencer.. .do. 390 00 S. & J: N. Harker... .do. 483 00 David Smith .do. 108 00 Looker, Ramsay &) .do. 18 13 Harper j .do. 56 00 D. A. J. Upham .do. 84 00 Bryant & Leggett .do. 318 50 J. Bayan 231 25 Timothy B. Crowell.RECAPITULATION. . R. A. Ferguson JosepPrintinh gSnowde Blanksn 814,715 83 Miscellaneous Printing 2,816 48 Advertising- . 10,162 36 Total $27,694 67 1835. LIST OF PRINTERS. 181

PRINTERS — Senate — House of Representatives, <$*c.

Amount paid for Printing for the Senate, from the 30th September, 1833, to the 30th September, 1835.

Names of Printers. Nature of Employment. Compensa­ tion. Dols. Cts. Duff Green 50,589 33 1,025 14 48,654 55 2d .. do Land Documents.. 35,863 96 Gales & Seaton State Papers 823 71 63,630 47 4,135 50 Paid for Printing by order of the House of Representatives, from the 30th September, 1833, to the 30th September, 1835. Dols. Cts. Gales & Seaton 1st Session, 23d Congress 66,923 45 Duff Green Land Laws 1.670 08 Duff" Green Senate Documents 3;i31 62 Gales & Seaton 2d Session 75,319 65 Duff Green.... Senate Documents 4,568 16 Duff Green.... Land Laws 1,093 37 Duff Green Pension Rolls 135 69 PRINTING SUPREME COURT.

The Clerk of the Supreme Court, by a rule of that Court, employs Duff Green to print the records of the Court—and Congress has appropriated, for the last two years, at the rate of $3000 per annum. PRINTING FOR THE LIBRARY.

1834, Feb. 6. Committee on the Library paid to F. W. De- Krafft—employed by the Librarian—for printing Supplement to Catalogue of the Library, $124 25.