VARIETIES FOR VIRGINIA E. L. Phillips, A8sociate Horticulturist Virginia Polytechnic Institute Blacksburg, Virginia Circular 763 Revised, September 1959

Because the number of new varieties of peach- bright . Usually freestone when ripe. The es has increased greatly in recent years, it is dif- flesh is firm, of fine texture, and high ficult for a peach grower to decide which of them quality. An excellent variety for quick freezing are best suited to his needs. Only those which because of resistance of the flesh to browning please the consumer and are adapted to your soil upon exposure tc the air. It is a good canning and climatic conditions should be considered. variety also. The tree is vigorous and very pro- Market conditions determine the distribution ductive. buds are moderately hardy. A of the ripening season and the number of varie- good shipper. ties to be selected. The profitable commercial Triogem-Early, ripening about 3 weeks be- peach planting usually consists of not more than fore Elberta. Must be thinned early. The oval four or five varieties. Where a good local market fruits are medium to large, bright yellow skin exists the number of varieties and the range of with an attractive blush, and fully freestone. The the ripening period may be increased. flesh is yellow, fine textured, firm, and of high Time of maturity, quality, appearance, handling quality. It is a good canning variety and excel- characteristics, disease resistance, productivity, lent for freezing. The tree is vigorous and pro- and tree vigor are important factors to be con- ductive. Flower buds tender. A good shipper. sidered in the selection of each variety. Halehaven-A midseason variety, ripening 2 STANDARE> COMMERCIAL VARIETIES weeks before Elberta. The fruits develop good size and are almoi::t round. Skin usually a good The following varieties are recommended for red but may be dull some seasons. It is general commercial planting in the State of Vir- a yellow freestone with firm flesh which may be ~;inia. noticeably stringy in some areas, particularly Weeks earlier southwest Virginia. It is above average in quali- Variety than Elberta ty, as a fresh, canned, or frozen product. Rates Dix ired 5-6 fair as a shipper. Halehaven may be preferred Redhaven 4-5 Trio gem 3 over Sunhigh because of its productiveness. Halehaven 2 Early Elberta (Gleason) 1 Early Elberta (Gleason strain) - A large, Elberta 0 yellow freestone ripening about 1 week before Weeks after Elberta Elberta. Resembles Elberta in many respects Rio 0Ro Gem 1 but has a brighter color and a milder flavor. A Dixired-A very early variety, ripening 5 to 6 good freezing and canning variety. Ships well. weeks before Elberta. It is a yellow flesh cling- Tree vigorous and productive. Flower buds ten- stone of medium size and fair quality. The usual- der. Believed by many to be of higher quality ly bright red skin may be objectionably dark as than Sullivan's Early Elberta, and usually the fruit matures. The flesh is medium firm and better. stands shipping well for an early peach. Tree Elberta-Still the most important commercial vigorous and productive. Buds relatively hardy. variety in Virginia. It is adapted to a wide range Must be thinned early. of soil and climatic conditions. Fruits are large Redhaven-Early, ripening 4 to 5 weeks before with a red blush. The flesh is yellow, free, firm, Elberta. Fruits must be thinned early and heavi- and of fair to good quality. Although flower buds ly to develop good size. The skin is an attractive are tender, the tree is vigorous and productive. Shipping quality of the fruit is rated very high. Ambergem-Best commercial canning variety Rio Oso Gem-Ripens about 1 week after El- now available. Ripens about 2 weeks before El- berta. Fruits are large, usually well colored, but berta. A clingstone with round, medium size frequently irregular in shape. Fle:::h is yellow, fruits. Flesh yellow, firm, and of fine texture. free, firm, and of good quality. Flower buds Tree productive. Flower buds hardy. As this medium hardy. Tree lacking in vigor but moder- is strictly a commercial canning clingstone varie- ately productive. Susceptible to mildew and prob- ty, a market should be assured before planting ably should be given special spray protection. Pop- in quantities. ular because of fruit size, firmness, attractive- BeJie of Georgia-For local market. Ripens ness and time of ripening. one week before Elberta. A fleshed, free- stone of high quality. Skin sometimes lacking Special-Purpose Varieties in color. Tree vigorous and productive. Flower The following varieties are suggested for spe- buds hardy. cial purposes, for certain localities, or to extend the ripening season. Hale Harrison Brillant-Especially adapted to Piedmont Virginia (Albemarle, Amherst, and Nel- Mayflower-A very early variety for local mar- son counties). Ripens with or slightly before El- ket. Ripens about 8 weeks before Elberta. A berta. A large freestone with very attractive clingstone of only fair quality. The fruits are skin color. Firm, yellow flesh of fine texture small with red skin and soft, white flesh. Yields and better than average quality. A good shipper. are usually low. There is a noticeable tendency Trees vigorous and productive. Flower buds toward split pits. Early ripening is the only im- hardy. Superior to Elberta in areas where adapt- portant merit. ed. Erly-Red-Fre-A very early variety, ripening Lizzie-For plantings where local market for 5 to 6 weeks before Elberta. The fruit is large late varieties is good. Ripens about 2 weeks after and of good quality for an early peach. Skin is Elberta. Medium to large fruits lacking in red highly colored and attractive. The flesh is white skin color. A firm, yellow fleshed freestone, us- and may be slightly soft. It is a semi-cling under ually of acceptable quality. Tree vigorous and average conditions, but may be free when fully productive. Flower buds tender. ripe. There is a noticeable tendency toward split pits. The trees are moderately productive and PROMISING NEW VARIETIES the flower buds hardy. Erly-Red-Fre has been The following varieties show promise in Virgin- a profitable variety for roadside stands and local ia, but because of limited trial cannot as yet be markets. recommended for general commercial planting. Redrose-For planting where the local market Until their value is fully determined they should prefers a good white fleshed peach. Ripens 3 be planted only for trial or in small quantities. weeks before Elberta. Fruits develop good size and attractive color. A freestone with firm flesh Weeks earlier and good flavor. Probably the best early midsea- Variety than Elberta Cardinal 61h son white fleshed peach for this area at present. Sunrise 6 Tree vigorous and productive. Flower buds med- haven 51h Ranger 31h ium hardy. Washington 3 Rich haven 2 Sunhigh-For markets demanding attractive, Blake 1 high quality fruit. Ripens 2 weeks before El- Redskin 0 berta. Fruits are large and attractive with a red skin. Flesh is yellow, free, firm, and of fine Cardinal-A clingstone ripening 6 '/2 weeks be- texture. A non-browning variety rated excellent fore Elberta. Fruits round and of medium size. for freezing and very good for canning and eat- Skin color an attractive red over good yellow ing fresh. It is susceptible to bacterial spot. A ground color. Flesh is yellow, firm, medium tex- relatively short chilling requirement and buds tured, and of good flavor. Tree vigorous and pro- tender to low spring temperature make the yield ductive. Must be thinned early and very heavy somewhat uncertain. Because of its attractive- to produce fruit of acceptable size. ness and superior quality, this variety has Sunrise-A yellow fleshed, semi-cling, ripening brought a premium price on the market. about 6 weeks before Elberta. Fruits are well colored, of good size, and good quality. Tree tive. An early bloomer. Flower buds very tend- vigorous and productive. Fruit set is heavy and er to frost at this stage. requires early thinning. Sunhaven-Ripens 51/:? weeks before Elberta. NECTARINES Fruits large, nearly round, freestone when ripe. Due to increased interest in the production of Skin bright red. Flesh yellow, fine textured, nectarines for local markets, roadside stands, and firm, and of good flavor. Tree vigorous and pro- home use the following varieties are suggested for ductive. Test of this variety under Virginia con- planting on a small scale. ditions has been limited up to the present time. Weeks earlier Ranger - Ripens 31/2 weeks before Elberta. Variety than Elberta Fruits medium to large, almost round. Skin high- Redbud 4 Lexington 2% ly colored. Flesh yellow, medium firm, medium Red chief 2 texture. Good flavor and rates high for canning Cavalier 1% and freezing. Resistant to bacteriosis. Tree ------vigorous and productive. Redbud-Ripens about 4 weeks before Elberta. Very attractive bright red skin with smooth fin- Washington-A recent V. P. I. introduction. ish. A good quality, white fleshed freestone a- Ripens about 3 weeks before Elberta. A high bove average in firmness. Fruits will average 2 quality freestone with firm yellow flesh and an at- inches in diameter. Tree of moderate vigor and tractive red skin color. Sizes well. Tree vigorous produces heavy sets of buds. Buds moderately and productive. Flower buds hardy. hardy to low tempuature. A V. P. I. introduc- Richhaven - Ripens 2 weeks before Elberta. tion. Fruits large, uniform in size and shape. The skin Lexington - Another V. P. I. introduction has a bright red blush with stripes of red and ripening about 21,4 weeks before Elberta. The over a bright yellow ground color. A free- oval fruits average 2 inches in diameter. Skin stone with firm, yellow flesh reddening slightly is a deep yellow overlaid with medium red. Flesh around the pit. A high quality variety for ship- is yellow, free, of medium texture, and good quali- ping, canning, or freezing. Susceptible to bac- ty. Tree extremely vigorous and produces a teriosis. Tree vigorous and productive. Test of heavy set of buds. Moderate resistance to frost. this variety under Virginia conditions has been Red chief - Nearly 2 weeks before Elberta. limited up to the present time. Fruits are a bright red color and average 2 to 21/s Blake-Ripens about one week before Elberta. inches in diameter. Flesh is white, fully free- Fruits are medium to large with an attractive red stone, and moderately firm. Mild in flavor and skin. A firm, yellow fleshed freestone of excel- above average in quality. Tree vigorous and pro- lent flavor. Much red about the pit extending in- ductive. Blossoms somewhat tender to frost. to the flesh. Tree vigorous and productive. Flow- V. P. I. introduction. er buds moderately tender. Cavalier-Ripens about 1% weeks before El- Redskin-Ripens with Elberta. The skin is berta. Skin color is a rich yellow overlaid with well colored with a deep red blush. Colors well mottled deep red. Fruits ovate, slightly smaller even in shade. Flesh is yellow and entirely free. than those of Redchief. Flesh yellow, firm, and Fruits are almost round and moderately firm. entirely free from the pit. The flavor is aromatic Must be thinned heavily. Quality is slightly su- and slightly bitter. Quality is better than aver- perior to1 Elberta. Ships well and is good for age. Tree is vigorous and productive and the freezing and canning. Tree vigorous and produc- blossoms hardy. V. P. I. introduction.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the United States Department of Agricul- ture Cooperating: Extension Service, L. B. Dietrick, Director, Blacksburg, Va.