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W/P Hike / Bike N & Bike Loop: W + E Class 1 S 5.5 miles 910‘ vertical W/P 2.5 hours hiking 100% bike trail



The W/P blaze is a painted W/P rectangle with white on the top W/Y ______and purple at the bottom. The W/Y blaze has white on the top W/P and at the bottom. The W/Y white (W) blaze is a white _ _ _ rectangle marking the original very well engineered mountain W W ______W bike trail. Hikers should W respect these trails by stepping _ _ _ _ W aside to allow any bikers to W pass. _ _ _ _ = connecting trail Alan M Perrie <---- Scoville Road Parking 1 - 20 - 21

The hike begins from the parking ( 41°44'32.6"N 72°58'20.2"W ) on either side of Scoville Road near the stop sign for route 69. Hike east crossing route 69, following the White bike trail around Lamson Corners Cemetery . At 0.5 miles you reach the junction sign for the white/yellow (W/Y) bike trail. Turn right to stay on the White (W) bike trail as it continues to the Ball Field. Follow this well beaten bike trail, which has very few painted blazes to the next junction sign at 1.4 miles for the White/Purple (W/P). Turn left to follow the newer, well marked W/P bike trail. At about 3.8 miles & maximum elevation, the W/P trail makes a sharp 150 degree turn downhill. There are a few blazes going straight which are not part of the W/P trail. At 4.6 the W/P rail ends at the junction with White/Yellow bike trail. Turn left and shortly return to the W/Y junction sign you saw earlier at 4.9 miles. Turn right to follow the W trail back to your car.