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Texas is the second largest in the United States by Total GDP (Billions): $1,630,082.00 (2015) , , Port of both land and population. It is located in the south Per Capita Real GDP: $54,964 (2015) Galveston, Port of , , Port of central of the with Population: 27,862,596 (2016) Texas and the along its southern % of People under Poverty 15.90% . The physical geography of the : state encompasses , , and Per Capita Personal Income: $47,636 Fortune 1000 Revenue City mountains with climates ranging from wet Rate: 4.60% (2016) Rank coastal areas to dry and barren % of Population with a 28.40% Mobil 3 $264,938 Irving deserts. The state has significant reserves of oil and natural Bachelor's Degree: McKesson 8 $214,319 Irving gas, both on dry land and in the Gulf of Mexico. The GDP Total Exports: $288,048,985,741.00 (2014) AT&T 9 $181,193 of Texas is over $1 trillion, a Phillips 66 27 $109,559 Houston Top 5 Export Partner figure larger than that of most 32 $102,729 developed nations. Texas is the Country Exports Dell leading U.S. producer of oil and 34 $92,154 Round Rock Mexico $100,993,929,765 Technologies natural gas. Many of the state’s $25,885,319,789 Sysco 56 $60,113 Houston companies are $10,830,168,235 Energy located along the Gulf in Transfer 59 $54,213 Dallas $10,737,057,925 close proximity to gas and oil resources. Texas leads the country in and $9,583,097,538 Airlines 70 $45,768 Fort Worth production and is home to more farmland, sheep, and lambs Group than any other state. Top 5 Export Merchandise ConocoPhillip s 93 $36,670 Houston Abbreviation: TX Segment Exports & Coal Products $60,955,279,987 Capital: Austin Corporate Marginal Income Rate: None Computers & Electronic Prod. $48,169,901,389 Nick Name: Lone State Individual Rate: None Chemical Manufactures $47,854,304,053 Time Zone-Standard: GMT -6 Machinery Manufactures $29,877,712,299 U.S. Commercial Time Zone-Daylight GMT -5 Saving: Transportation Equipment $24,402,427,683 Austin Dallas-Fort Worth Rate: 6.25% Karen Parker Jessica Gordon Motto: Friendship Senior International USEAC Director Web Site: http://www.texasonline.com City Population Specialist (817) 684-5353 (512) 916-5939 Houston 2,296,224 San Antonio 1,469,845 Houston Midland Dallas 1,300,092 Ms. Nyamusi Igambi Jessica Gordon : Greg Abbott (R) USEAC Director USEAC Director : John Cornyn (R) Main Airports (281) 228-5652 817-684-5353 Senator: Cruz (R) Code Name City San Antonio McAllen Entered Union: 29, 1845 AUS Austin-Bergstrom International Austin Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez Airport USEAC Director USEAC Director DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Fort Worth (210) 472-4020 (210) 472-4020 Airport HOU William P. Hobby Airport Houston Web page: http://export.gov/texas/ IAH Intercontinental Houston Airport SAT San Antonio International Airport San Antonio

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