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Established in 1868 - Fivc Centa a Copy Member of Associated Prest - AP lased Wire and Pboto Sen1c:o Iowa City. la.• Thursct.y. October 11. 1958 . ,Ing•, : . .,' as ectlon ,~

lAP WI"" ••'.I (MIY STENGJEL. mana.. r of world champion N.w y.rk Y.nk.... ,rl". at hi. record br.. kl", catch. The Weath ... er V.. i ""a •• th,y c.I,bra... , .. vlcto,y ,."r the I,ooklyn Dodt',... ..,,. dre.,. In a rK,rd I,ustice D~padment Offidal" Says U.S. W~tch.es .",.""n, 10 run. durl ... the W.rld Strl... pickln. up four .f them Wed",_y with two holM run•. Many' Negroes' Denied Vote Right Four ·Homers Cloudy For :Tre~ds . WASHINGTON t.fI - The Sen· erable number or, white voters" to know what has been going on ory Wild 'Chinese Mobs and ate Elections subcommltlee was wefC challcnged, as well .. some In some Southern states. n errl't . I T . , Power Way·,' told Wednesday that thousands of 3,000 Negroes. In Ouachita Parish, he went on. Warmer qualified Negroes in Louisiana In Monroe, M.rs. Mae LlH:key. more ~han 4,qoo Negro voters had JUNEAU, Aillska til - Alaska's and other Southern states arc be· the parish registrar of voters said been qualified In Wards 3 and 10 Democrata ran up a big Icad wed- ,/ nesday In mounting returns Crom ' Wr~ck · lilong Kong Shlrtsil.oeves will be back in ing denied their right to vote "mote than 3,000 NegrO()s' felis· under a system of permanent Past Brooks vogue today and yl.'sterday's this year. trations were challenaed uDeler a registration but that at the begin. Tuesday's general election. I HONG KONG, Thursday (All - Sereaming Chincse mobs spread mul· coats can go 'lack to the hanger Warren Olney III, assistant at- move by the parish Citizens {!Qun· nln, of this month only 694 Negro In returns from nearly half the ' BROOKL YN III'! - Slender John· torney general in charge of crimi- cll. TIley were removed from the voters remained on the list. far·nung territory', Z7l precincts - BY Kucks humiliated Brooklyn with timillion-dollar destruction through this British colony in a frenzied until Friday. day and night of riots arising from a nationalist holiday nag incident The weaUlCl'man predicts tem­ nal prosecution, described the sit· rolls, and in further investigations, Olney said this resulted from a including most of die large ooes _ , • three·hit shutout to win the 1956 uation as "mass dlsenfraneWse· about 1.000 have been placed back "schcme o( white citizens and 10· Democrats won or led in races for ""prld Series ior the New York Violence abated at dawn Thursday after the greatest outbreak 10 perature" around 70 degrees to· a generation here. day with thi) warmer w\!ather ex· ment . . . purely because of thcir on the rolls because they werc cal officials." A CItizens Council 28 of 39 territorial offices and legis· Y~nkccs in lhe seVimth game race." , found legally qualified." was organized, he said, which latlve seats. I ' Police estimated as many as SO" pected to continue Ulrough Lo· Wednesday. 9-0, with thll fearsome Olney suggested lhe Eleetion~ Chairman Gore (o.Tenn.> and challenged almost all of the Negro Thcy led In (lve of the six tcrri. I/! c.king of tour home rUllS , ioclud· 000 Chinese took part In rampages night. Skies will be p:mly cloudy today and lonight. subcommitlcc hold public hearings Sen. Curtis tR~Ne b) indlcated it voters In the two wards. Olney tory.wlde raccs. wtllch include tWd Ing two by Yogi Berra aud a grand Fund Raisef of burning and looting that lasted lit Monroe, La., and other piaces was too late for the eulJcommittec said this was done with "pretend­ U.S. "senators" arid a "representa' slamrrier by Bill S\(owron. 24 hours. where he said there have been to hold hearings 011 the queslioll. ed aCCidavlts" prepared by the tive" to go to COIIIre88 in behalf . After 10ffing six straight at the Alter sifting a weiter of eonOict· BULLETIN complaints. The group has been pOlicing ca"1' council. of statehood. E~ts Field "bandoox," the Explains G~P ing reports, police figured the vio· LAKENHEATH. E",I.nd l-" - In Louisiana, Stalll Sen· W. M. paign contributions and e-l'pendj· Gore noted that federal laws They held leads for 19 tcrritoriii . Yanks again crushed Don New­ lence erupted originally as a pro· A pl.... cerryi", Sf U.S, Air Rainach, presldcnt of the Loulsl· lures in advance of the Nov. 6 make It a criminal oCCense to pre­ House Beatl to the Republicans' J •.~ cqmbe in ' OlC big game to end the test against a minor British gov· Force .nd Na.,y IMn wu report' ana Assn , of CItizens Councils, election. vent a quaU£ied votcr from par- For territorial Senate seats, Repub­ DcX,Igers' one·year rell%n as world ernment o((lcial who ripped Chi­ ... 10", .ve""" W... "' .... y 9" • said, "I would consider this move Olney gave the senators a run· t1elpaUng In a federal election. \Icans lead In five to the Demo­ champions. Jt was the Yanks' 17th Collections nese Nationalist nails from a huge "ltht from this E",II'" .Ir ba.. by the attorney general an errort down on Justice Department ef· Oloey said. the situation was "not crats' fOUr, but one of the Demo­ championship in 22 attempts and housing project. toth, AE ...... ' to inaul-nce the Ncgro vote nation· forts to protect the voter. confined to ' Ouachita Parish nor crats four swung back and forth their sixth 'over Brooklyn in seven WASHINGTON t.fI - Carleton Soon It mushroomed into adem. AIMrican ... and air re.cue aily foe thc Republican party." The Justice Department election to the state of Louisiana." during the day's tallying, Iet;ics. G. Ketchum, who gets a fcc for onstralion against. foreigners with fore.. In both E",land .nd the Ralnaeh. reached at hi, home In SpOkesman said the subcommittee Curtis asked tbat the Justice The election was watched with Kueks. a 23·year-old l'ighUlander collecting millions of dollars for an undercurrent of conniet between Azore. we" .Iertod to be,ln a Homer, said that in Ouac!hlta Par· had not gotten Into a subject of Department furnish him a legal wide U.S. interest beeause or the t~Qm ' Jersey City with lew, break· Republican campaign funds, ex· rival Chinese srouplngs. IWI.p of the mi ••,", .ircr.ft'. ish-county-tIlc cases refereed 10 "real importance-the honesty of brief on the right of the Senate accuracy in prevIous e1ecUorl year& . In~ fII,ht route .t daylight. auff had tbo Brooks rolling out plained to senators Wednesday Mobs stoned cars carrying Brit- by Olney involved "voters lUegal. federal elections." or House to seat any member of tertltorlal results In presaging ar P9~ping to the infield ail through Iy registered." He said "a eonsld· He told the senators they ought elected under such conditions. how It's done. ons and tried In some cascs 0 national congrcsslonal trends - al· the ~nny but chilly afternoon. Be· ----_._---"------though never to such extremes as fore it ended, mOllY of the fans had "I don't solicit a dollar," Ket- yank out the occupants. in this north country. ,tted lor the subway, muttering, chum, a so It-spoken professional Six .Brltons were hospitalized In the race for delegate to Con· " 0 il!JJne..»~YlL" - _ . ,- ' 't' ~[ I~ , l>~rgh _ and dozens of others were treated gress, E. L. BarUctt, the blcn,lital · :ClImaxing this fine eO{llebaCk New ,York, Citu tola ,JIlejab'Crs or forten SIOlfI lroIInd . , Democratic Wilmer, ran' up a mar· iftel' losing tbo lirst two games iii the Electidris1subcoAUtlttt,ee "It's About 7,000 pollee, the colony s gin of nearly 2 to 1 over Byron Gil­ Brooklyn, the YllnkeM ended a all done by volunteers." 'enUre .. 5egular r"ree •. ~reti tholl' lam, Cormer Fairbanks merchant. two-year span or National l;cague K~t<:hu!ll. saID IJ.I¥ or:ap£Zatio'. $lR1dI! Ot t~arigas shells lD repeated The vote totals Wcdnesdll)l in­ supremacy and restored the Ameri, Ket.chill"; J life!, ~ .organlzd!l fund att'l!mpt to' disperse tile' mob", cluded : , een!l! edge to 34·J9. Only one other drives for community chests, ' 1IcJS.. WIly,: ~o. . havQ th~m. surge back . " . For U.S. "senator" slx-yoar term 'club" the Dodgers of 1955, ever pitals, collC'ges. "and the Repub. a~~ln. ,.. .' . TERRAZZANO, Italy til - Two captured, and the children - rang· lice to cloBe in without har. the _ Former Gov. Ernest Gruenin, ·tqught back lo Will a seven.gal~e Iiean party, at nalional, state arid A few shots were fIred In self- mad brothers· armed with guns. lng {rom 8 to 18 ycars - were lib- cblldrcn. WASHINGTON t.fI _ The Su- (0) leadlng territorial Sen. John 1eries aCter dropping the first two. local levels." defonse by police parUes cut of( by dynamite and acid held 92 terrified erated amid a roar oC checrs Crom The brothers, setting a priee oC preme Court Wednesday ordered Butrovich (R), 8,857 to 8,lIn. K!leks, making his first series mobs," a government statement children and three girl tcaehers a large crowd. ZOO million lire - _,000 - for a new trial for five Communists For four·year term - Territor- star! after four reliel jobs, didn't At present, he said, he is ad­ said. hostage in a village school for six A workman, Sanle Zenoaro, 23, the release M the cbildren shouted convicted of vioillting the Smith ial Sen. William Egan (0) leadln, allow a "it after Duke Sn'der slick. Vising top national Rep,ublican groups, state GOP drives in Ohio One Chinese was reported wound· hours Wednesday, demanding ran· was killed by the madmen's fire fantastic demands from the win· Act. At issue is the tnithfulness of publisher Robert Atwood of AD' ed II single to leCt In the' first until and downstate Illinois, and an AI- ed by a police bullet. Four others som, while a fuli battalion of po. from the schoolhouse. Three other dows. a witness who testiCled against chorage, 8,010 to 5.259. <;srI Furillo dropped a solt liner legheny County Republican Fi. were reported killed by a nre truck lice stood by helplessly. persons were wounded, including a The brothers had come te Ter. them. For "representative" In COD- IIIto center for another £Ingle witif nance Commlttee campaign in that ran Wild over a sidewalk aCter The brothers threatened to blow policeman and a mother who had razzano, a villa,e of 1e88 than 1,000 The government Itself raised the ,ress - Territorial Sen. Ralph RI· ene 'out in the eighth. Snider lined Pittsburgh. a mob dislodaed its driver. up thc childrcn or scar them with pleaded hysterically with tbe broth· persons eight miles florth of Milan. q,llestlon of the varaclty of one o( vers (0) 6,957 to 5,291 for Charles a '8111gle to center with two out In acid if the police moved. After six ers tor her chUd's release. on their motor scooter from nearby Its witnesses against Communist Burdlck (R). the ninth (or the third hit. "The RepubUchns sccm to spend Hundreds were reported hurt, hours of terror, a courageous The brothers used teachers and Rho. An hour before Doon thc leader Steve Nelson and four as. ----- · It .was a tremendous effort by an. it just as fast as we can raise some serloliSly. young teacher suddenly attacked chlldrcn for shields, and pOllee Rbo. soclates. H· A I 4 \ othe'r Yankee and a surpris. it," Ketchum tesllfied at one poln~ . At 6 a.m., 22 hours after the rirst one of the brothers, seized his were unable to open fire during th ' . ungarlans rres Ing performance by an III-game He said his organization will re- outllreak, a government broadcast knife and sta"bed him with It Ithe siege When thc police fin lIy AtturG-newly released from e Nelson and the other fout de· ~ . . ~ Aversa madhouse on parole and landants were convicted In U.S. winner who was hol efCective In celva betwt'Cn $125,000 to $150.000 said "the situation for the moment That open~d the way for the res· were able to storm into the buil~ due back there in a week fo. r a District Court at Pittsburgh In 1953 So f E Off' I late season. Kucks walked three in fees for the Republica", fund is,quiet ... .. , - ' cuer to go mto action. lng, they found many of the cWl- Ildl n0 X- le'la 'and didn't strikll out u man .untll 'efforts tbis campaign year.' .ACnCI ~ British trown COIODY outpost Tile 700 national police stormed dren bound hlUld and foot , checkup - pushed Into the bII n, ,of coospirlng to ,advocate violent BUDAPEST, Hun,ary ,. _ Au. .' ' 1 in .Iront ot Osvalclo. wbom police overthr.GW o~ the gqvenuncnt"Each ... , ~ whiffed Jaekie RobinbOn {or 'tub this is only a .s ~all \')art , of"~1s ol\othe;edge, of Red C.l\ina is vasUy fhe bu11 ding beblnd blazing guns. The heroine was Mlas Pllolo de Ctescrlbed as a neall.moron doml. was senlA:l)~ to five years in,pri- thorltlei Wednesday announced -the tllllli out of the game. , ?ycr-all fu~d.ralsmg efrort!;, ':"Plch '.evl!r.pclOJ'lcd with.' edgy., refugees Policc . bullets struck one of the Caratore. She flew .sudden1y. at nated by IllI lnsalle ~. The son, • I~ ' . . ' arrest of Vladimir Farkas, son of , • ,As usual, J\lnnager Casey Sten- lDC~~Q drIVesfo!; . chlimiabl~ t ~d . f~m the Communist mai"!and who brothers, ' Arturo Santato, 'l7, but mad ~valclo, pu~ehnll him ~itq two .pulled guns . on l the· teac:~erll I ~ wltnesa was J-1. 0 Maz. Hungary's downcraded detep!fC .el·s strategy proved ·to I?e perfect. religiOUS groups, he addeJl. ·· brllt. ciashing oJclofeucls WIth them. he was not seriously ,"oooded. The her fIsts. Arturo S jlttcntion, was iad barred the doors 00 the inside. I ., .f' """''''', , minister, and three other state Be- He 'benched two iefthanded hitters' Ketchum, said be ·will &et " ~ HeDg ,l KQng Comro\lDists gllnerally younger brother. Qavaldo, 22, was dlstracted long enough for the ,PO' ' ill ,_ . ri 10 . 1" curity police orrJeers: , . . ... Enos Slaughter and Joe CoBlns twccn $5$,000 and , ~,ooo- ~or " a6. ' cbrlJ,,! o)Ip . antl-Br\ti~ . Plopag,anda .A v ~,el', Mr!l, ' .. "..., \Li.Qge, ,Thegovcnunent's positioD was Farkas play~ a big role In .the ..:. against the right-handed ,New· vising . the Reputl}iCl!n 'rNatlMiH and IPCldpnts. . • mother' of 8-year-old pupil GiaMI, that , ~azzei's \l testimony at the investigation that led to the trea­ c~mbe and got away wjth it. The Committee and other ,GOP {lbUonal " Shots from police broke up a mob rushed screamln, to the school: 'PlttsbU!1fh trial was truthful. But son trial and hangln, of Fotelpl · tlJt.o ,men he Inserted into the line· groups., He ilt · a member. '.~ tlJe lor'rrlaUon that spread into the Kow· house door, A bullet uaahed Into it lakllt had learned only recenUy Mini ter La do ftajk IS a Tltol$ u'p, Elston Howard and Skowron Repubhcap flnaoce /:commlttec. • loon area earl)'. this morning. Tear her Ie,. 'J'wo men pullcd her to that he had giVen testimony in In 1~9 ' RU~ was "rehabilltated" ~ch hit hOl1\e rUlis. He said he will 'help Ohio Re. gas and clubs had been the strong· safety whUe she screamed: :'J other unrelated cases M'hich I~ "has during' the new anU-Stalln purge .i.~en Berra threw to ~I(Owron fOr publi~ans raise betwcen $1,200,000 est police weapons used up to- then. want my Glanni:~ serious reason to doubt," here and was rdurled last week t~' !inal out !liter droPi>ing the ball and $1,500,000 for national, state Shortly aftefward. as the rioting An alann tO /MUan and nearby with (ull bonors. on Robinson's r,trike cut. the entire and 88 county tickets and get fees neared the rull 24·hour mark, a towns brought 40 truckloads of na· , The other thrtc o(flccrs \yjlre Yal1kee bali club gathered around of $55,000 to $60,000. British pollee official said it ap. tional But even the Identified as Erdi FaludtIC Gyoer- police poll~.arrived, vinagersbef~e tried to 'No'. Poll't·lc· al gy Szendl and Oyoergy' 'Szahto. the mound .to pound l{ucks' back. In downstate IlUnoi!!, Ketchum peared to be simmering down. That 1 Somebody grabbed the ~oungst('r's said he expects to raise $180,000 was just before dawn. drive the brothers from the sch40 The announcemcllt said Uae1 .ete with hunting rlne~. A. hall of bOl· " arrested Oct, 5. '" ! cap but ~e . ~ldn't care. H.e was al· and get fees of $15,000. I Tbe mob scenes in the British B most sklppm~ 38 he humed to thlJ And In Allegheny County, Ket. crown colony burst fortb Wednes· lets made them retreat. Hay... enso'n Mihaly Farkas; the falber, was 41,ugQut atop a purple cloud. chum said he has raised ~ 000 day from celebrations of the Chi- In a short time a full battal~on fired from his Defense MiniStry The' Dodger tlef~at was ,the most and expects to collect another nese Double Holiday - Oct. 10. of carabinieri, the national pollce, post, stripped or all official fline- lopsided shutout m a serJes game $200,000 for the Pittsburgh Re· They spread on the island and s~rrounde(l the school, while ~b. KANSAS CITY (.fI - Secretary of tions, and ousted from the Hun. alA~ Dizzy. Dea,l pitched the SI. publican finance committee and then lapped over onto the Kowloon bmg parents mJlled behlnd their Agriculture Benson said Wednes· garlan Workcrs Communist party i.A>uIS Cardl~als 10 an 11~ romp receive a fee of ."somethlng like mainland part o( Hong Kong ad. lines. day "We are not going to make last July 22. He I. now believed to over Detroit In thll seventh game of $25,000." joining Red China. The two madmen ~ thc teach- pOlitical hay out of the tragedy of be under house arrest. .the 1934 series. ____---",-,--:--:-- ______ers as shields each time they all' the farm people." proacbed the school windows to , Co I I shout their demands. 1 believe a~rlcu1ture is ~~ for mmunlsts AcqUit (p', rrlJ,eOUs policeman made aD sa!e . the hllhest bidder. He " ' 1fi1\ale~ps::fti!~~is:~::!e~~e~/:;;.. Tbe net · gamb receipts Nobo' ,d,/ 7'; ""·5f,;J '.·'a · p' o/·'n·teo ,. d<,,' 4.cOJl to qlme to $2.t83,353.59. · ,I tl .' I I ' .'.~~: efflri " n:ach "' ~~ door and said a, a-meetlni 01 livestock, feed H 'B" h was met by a volley or sboti. He and'-.maaufacturlng re~rC6CntatlvC8 ungarla n IS Op ," ..! .. BerrJl, who had hit a bases- () E'" r. saved hlllllClf 4roppl", to the In Kansu City. . . " . loaded home run off Newcombe • 'n . • t b",. '11. ,iT"" . r k t ' l'Y ground. ,rom A .econd story: win- The 9CC1'etary wilt carry his BUDAPEST, Hunrary III - The , .' ,; when he was knocked out with a ' , ;, . I 00 a '. :' ', Ie e ,5 I " &,0 deCleit tn the, second game, .• _. . • , ' . • I 40\\11 alnad voice _houted~ j ' • '. barnstotn1\Jlg campaign tour into Hungarian government in a brief , !,shed into thtl jum/>O·~izeq right. ' . Iy JOHN ' ItEAKLIV . "Bring us food, electric' stoves, foWl today -with visits' to Lamoni, communfque Wedne8day aMOullClld ; ~cr for two more to seQP him All SUI students woo wanted to attend Saturday',s 10wa·Wisconsl8 bread. Tho children must eat.' : qarden Grove, Des Moines, Port that the Hungarian Supreme .Cog" home again. It was N:eweombe's gaa'n~ ~crc, a~le to, p1c\ uv ..· ~t~~ seat tlckct at,· the ¥iel'l'-uie. M . noon, 8QI11e food was bfllUibt DocIle andJ>pen~r. He will make had reviewed the CaBe of Lulberan i" , f\lllrth series defeat and the 27· Frl1nei4 Graham, s~t Athletic Del»II~1tWtIt business maRager, sl\kl . up" One brother, IISin, a teacher . stop' at farql8 ncar Koolville. Bishop Lajol Orda88' and acquitted pme winner still is looking for Wednesdjly that several hundred sludent' sei:tlon seats went btl sale 'lo , as a shield, In front ." him, moved Hartford. and Fostoria: ' ... . him. ,.' win NO.1 in the fall. the general pUblic. the food tbrouch the entranee. • Benson ·sald the federal govern- The ' bishop was 'convlcted 01 The Yankee deluge of four hom· Last week several hundred stu· ------Don Eugenio Somascblnl, . the ment has spent about ,19 million black markct currency dcalincl IJl parish priCit, stepped up and and made emergency credit loan8 1948 and BCntenced to two >;eata III ers for a total oC 12 In the serics denta were disappointed when they More IrlHl Arms Sent 39c set a recor4, brcaklng their ISwn .-' pleaded with the pair. Theyalmed of '13~ milllon in Missouri trom prison. The Lutheran ChurdI Ia 19c mark of 10 hit against the Dodgers attempted to obtaiD seats. By nud- To Jordan Guardsmen their cuna at him and threatened aM to the prcsent beclluse of Hungary replaced him al bl.sbop I~ 1952 morning Wednesday of last week to fire. The priest withdrew. drouiht conditionl. and wben 1M: wu released front 1.39 Berr~~~ a series record with all scats In the student section AMMAN. Jordan III - More Their own sister then pleaded He added the administration prison In lMO he was .tripPed or 10 rtilil batted In by adding 4 in were taken. arms for Jordan's National Guard with the Bantaloa to .urrendef, stanis ready to take additional em· her elerk:al rank. Their father, also preJent. cried: er,eDe)' action If It Is determined Church leaders say now tbat be the final (arne. The late Lou Geh, Under the new ,rid seating plan, arrived from Iraq Wednesday. "J knew Arturo should never have that coadItlons walTut aueh a has been fullY rehabWtate4 .s • rig set the old high of nine In 1928. all student seata ultclalmed lJ)' 1 An Informed source said the Tbe Vanks .oeked Newk off p.m' Wednesday will be sold to been let out of the asylum," ster.. . lIIgh-ranklllf church dlanltary II~ the mound before there was any· general public. arms, like previous conslgnmenta, The brotlle,. demanded a tete- • IkIt we' are not loing to jump will be named prorcssor of tbIIOlo- the vision Set. III a brk:f truce, police in without ebeckinl carcrully or ·be· gy at the Lutbcran Academy In Bu- body out In the fourth Innln,. IJ'he plan enables studeot4 o,ll. a~e part*or lraq'~ practical help in put a TV aet OJ! ~ Window ledae. cause of polltieal pre88ures." he d8pelt. ; : " ~rra had hit two borne r.ullS, III tainlng ,. tlcketa Wedne~a)' to' pur. stleQ~l1ln' ~ lI1ard.' • . , , (AP W'"".,") hoJriDC to distract the m.cIme". emPhaliJed. In the Protestant worJ~, the Jail. ). r lhe first and t1Jird wlfb a ~anL:I .chate ,an adJlt~(l/1t cue,tK:/ll"tlllII Fi,,~ '~rab ' ~tate8 ' AN' IT~lIA""MOlHIR held,. a' CrvCHfll ...,.. aa .... ".,. t: the But .. they waitedi''IChool teI~ h .BensOn cSeelUed file 8dmlnIstra· In, of Bishop OrdUs ran~Ucl. ~th Del ea'rator~ leaped at Otta1dO tiod Is whipptD;tbe qrtCUltUral tbe Communist ttlal and , ') , ba40 each time, and How~d P, rule "ia.',inCC!fJOl'ate,d JOitl ."t1at.l ~gr~tf ••Ph , jQ ~ rein£oree , ~·~,!Y,."J.lher ;;!t~~II~_~t.:::.~.II"" .....:!.~ · ~~ : ,',. " --:-:- ., '. to enlllblCl ~ts.o r,!n) tlCn· , ' . .Ir" .. -. " .... a,...: ~ ~ ,..~ ... - ' . aDillouabt with b1m.o W• .MUi'o ~larPrae Pribwms '8nd With a mIaI- fneDt of cardlnal ItIDdsaenty. ~\I~I-- '. . student d~tes aod (rie~ to c JordatH ~nUer ~raln.t- wha~ ~ ....., •• wIW' wert ~ helcl ,rt...... fer, , ...m .... '" IIHIerk I \\'fIll to )Is brOtber', aJd. .'the!,.. mum Of IDterf,reDCe iii the free bop Or..... Wal an ~t.poken fee . (Colli/nueil o,~ page b) ~Qmcs. . . . __ _. coiled Israeli oggTt!sston. ", ~ntht"', · "" mill ...., ... 14 tilt ell ....." .. , .....Int * ,llx htvn. lice IIJOvod ill. I' ' , " matict. . . , . ' of botIa DUlIm ad conunllPl"" • . .. p ... ~THE DAILY IOWAN-I"";. City, •••-ThursdaY,"Oct. 11, .."' ... " ., ---.a::-..::. ,...... : - ·The paity Iowan " : ~",'t~ , The Dally' lowan i& an in­ T'~ Iowan dllorl4l ~ dependent ~I!I new6pOper. teritu in editoriaU without lila. w sm written arut\.edited by nu­ cen.so... hlp by edmlnWtratWn baS select!' General ~ HaAltes dent8. It ... gm;er~d by a , for the 1( 0' ftJCtIlty. Tile l",,",n'. cdi- boo,d of fJ~'nlldent Iruneu t' Ceneral Notices must be reee\ved at The Dally lo,.,a" olLlce, Room 201. Communications Center. by a n.m. lor publica. .. l probate 0 elec1ed by nudent body 10ridl policy. tllt~refore, " not tlon the tollowln, moruln,. 'tbe}' mus' be t}~ ,t Iellbly .... rlllen and alllned; they will not be accepted by I.~hone. f Ann Andt:T1 the The Dally Iowan resen'e!i the rlChl to edit aU General NoUces. , !!Y. Bv?. 0 _ and fOllr facjJlty tn,nU8 tJ~ neumtrily an npremon of I ~UI'St . III • ~Iod; B&rtNrr. pointed by 't,C preafdene of SUI admlnlnTation policy or LIBRARY HOURS - Monday- PLAY-NITE - The facilities of PSYCHOLOGY COLLOQUIM - AIU\ Cooo--, lI,e unit'f'nity. opinion. Friday, 7:30 a.m.-2 a.m.; Satur- tbo Fieldhouse will be available for Speaker for the meeting October 12 Ea~ Elllnll. ~ day, 7;30 a.m.-S p,m.; Sunday, 1;~ mixed reC!'eation~l activ.ities e\ch at 8 p.m. is ~r. ~Ietus J. Buill'e l'"n ...U. A -* p.m.-2 a.m. Deparbnental LI- Tuesday and Friday night from (rom the Unlverl/ltJ" of. India""", ~. AI. A3. Coda, braries will post their hours OD the 7;30 to 9:30, provided no home var- Subject: "Should ~ TheotY • Cod • • ft .. doors. sity contest is scheduled. Mem- Be Quantitative.?'~" "n,e-meeting , Moln~,. T~e ~eating Plan lfoU~. bers of the faculty, staff. and stu- wiU be held in Room E 105 EllS . A deDt body and ·their spouses lire in- Hall. ' Although it \)('en in effect only two wet'ks. the footbaU PEP .tALL Y-=-There will be II has Pep Rally in the Library Parking vited to attend and take part in __ <'llting plan has be<-n criticizE'

Student criticism of the pre ent plan can 1'11'. rhuM be plnced at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 in Ihe River the evening will b'.! a talk by Miss r" 1-- Room or the Iowa Memorial Union. Consuelo n. .~uncion , G, the in four catagorie. : Philippine~ . A business meeting h ' I . f ' t th F' Idl t' k YOUNG DEMOCRATS-The SUI and rerreshments will roLlow . All, 1. T e nconvenlPncc 0 gOUlg 0 C Ie lOU e 0 pIC Young Democrats will watch Gov. wives or Pharmacy students may UNIVERSITY CALENDAR ', 5. t' k t Stevenson speak over NBC·TV to- d ... lip a II.' 'e . night at 6;45 p.m. 1n the North Con- alten . fHURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, I'" .;: 2, The fact thaf, in order to get a dlOicc seat, studpnts ~~~e~~~ ~a~~nw~J ~~ese~~~~~' Cot- YOUNG ~EP~BLICAN.S - 'The 10 a.~l~u~t':i~~~~~I~~ MorD~ .; have to get \ the Fieldholl C b)1 6:30 a.m. Mondny. ( -....- Young Republlc.IOS ~vill )neet ing' Coffee - Upiversity qub - DOLPHIN CLUB _ The Dolphin Thursday at 7:30 p.m. 1t\ II~e ~!\i npdfIJ' .:44w\I: Mel)'lpril'li Union. . ":' 3, Thl1t student who de ire to bring a llon-Ut\iversity Club will meet at 7 p.m. tonight on ate Chamber of 91d CapltQI. . ~~~ • 4 'p.m. · ...,.: Poblic lecture 'sp , _ g I('St to the game ha,'e to wa't I ntil Wedne day b<>(ore tht'v the Sun Porch in the Memorial el' o~ "the 'lvl!nmg. se~l!tor To sored by oriental studies - Madam I I • • ,I I • , " Union. Pictur~s will be taken ~o Mar~m, -w;bo ~;IS )J~n W'!P .t~e R~- Mya Sein __ "Burma, the MeetiJl'" , can get a ticket. By thrh mO t of the good ('ats have aLrt'ndy please be prompt and dressed ap. pubIJcan Tqllll Squad, wdl,g\vc IlJ~ of East. and West" - Senate Cham", • bf'rn claimed. ... ".. #' propriately. views of the campaIgn. , ber. Old Capitol. • • • , -- " ~' 4 ;30 p.m. - Information sessi - 4. rhJP omc student groups. who wish to· ,1' ~~ther, RECREATI6NAL 5WIMMINd _ . C"""ERA C~UB,.'7'"' \The nl~ r- ror seqio~s. and graduate student ('anndt po SO 1mle ,hey 0 en 1TI(l$$(' to pick lip ;thei~ ' (1 \ t . I 'J' J' ~~~e r:i1Ln~e~~~e:~::! ~~; ~~~a;:~~r~~~~d~~~ ~~~~b!~ ~I;::~,~ e~!~~~ ~~ ~~Ilr?~~e~~st~:ns~- \Vflen Hf£- ~Student Council adoptt'd the prJseffn~ they I'., .' 1 Women's Gymnasium e:I~h Mon· at 7:30 p.m. II') \~ Sh.am~ugh.Lec- he I business and industrial fiel __ 11 1 day through Friday from 4,15 to ture Room of t~ ' UniyersitY :~ I:i- -+ ponsoroo . by' BIl&inl!s. & In.. reali7.ed there were ome kinks in it. They did not expect it , " I , 5 : 15 . brary. Professor E. N. Oberg will i dustrlal Placement office-Chem- to meet the ..!'1 ppro\'al of all and from the comments of some give a stereo COIOI' slid!) lecture en- istry 'Bldg. Auditorium. ' their CXOPl'tnt;on hav bct'n r('alized. And pr{'sent student "She isn', III11Ch l Il11/ she's nil mille:' WOODROW WILSON LECTURE tiUed "Western Wanderland." Re- , 7 :30 p.m. - Yuung Republicans r~"'" .' .If If;' ...... ~ ~ _. __ _ Prof. Walter Johnson, chairman freshments will be serveO after lhe speaker - Senator Marlin - Sent .,. complaints may be jll tified. LeI tters --- Washl.hgt~n ·-Scene- of the History Department of the lecture. All thos(, interested in ate Chamber, Old Capitol. .' " L - J d d h d f . I University of Chicago, will speak pbotography arc invited to attend. Sunday, October 14 B ut tllC Cllunci i recognize t e nee or a seatmg p an. on "Woodrow Wilson and Presi- 4 p.m. - Violin Recital, Ramy One was adopted, approved and now after two practical tests, U II H· E dential Leadership" at Shambaugh BOOK EXCHAN.OE ,.... The Stu~1.shevelov - Shambaugh Auditor. 'TO (\ f('w of the kink are being ironed out. Pog~ Fan Defends . p to IS a rs Audilorium, University Library, dent Council Book Exchange WiIllium. " u on " ••• Monday, Oct. 15, at 8 p.m. The return money an~ unsold bIJtks Friday, October 12 ; aecount I Defamed Animal f departments of Political Science through October lIoth. Unsold books 8 p.m. - Dad's Day Concetr, Perh'lps th biggest gripe of most students is the incon- TO THE EDITOR: Ie ' · T Ik and History. and the Humanities Ican be picked up at tl\e Slude'!t . Da~e Brubeck - Iowa Memorial' .. v nicnce of a trip to the Fieldhouse for n ticket. students By Jongho! So nolbing erved.? Society, are jointly sponsoring the Council office )n tbll southeast -cqrn'r Union. ,'U up and d ~Iost n' ~m p a I9 n a S lecture. or of the Iowa Memorial UI\ioD Saturday, October 13 ' , .. , ' Iowa Cit do,.pot I e classes in the Fit'ldhoHse and thus must m.'lke u~~overs and frl'1J1~ bf lUI'~ f ' from 2;30 to 4:30 r, .m. on MOnday. , ?0:30 a.~. - SU,I Dlld's Asso~ia.- , '" parking h sp('cial trips 0' pk:~ up their tickets. If the ticlct bo th we~e h!! ::ell I ~ fa~:~~ ' ~~llb~e~ , By GEORG DIXON venson outdrew Billy Graham in DANFORTH CHAPEL - "Peace Tuesday. Thursddy and Friday ana tom mee,tlOg - Fleldho~se. . , , 1 ted th E 'd f h' h . . f d t fi·!tnt{ l?1b h" 'thr ' .. IvlQ~ ' Klnr .'e.lun·. S),ndlcaLe Minnesota. So far the Evangelist - Our Goal" will be the theme of on Wednesday ,3;30 , to 5;30. p.tn. 11 ;30 a.m. - SUI Dad s Assocla- • icnce. oca on, cast leo t c river t e mOJority 0 stu en sOIl )\I ,t ~c e aiouil in 0~~.:;t11 Wr\.S,tHNGTON.\'Jt I! ~ didn't hav has not demanded a retraction of Danforth Chapel servl<;e thi.s ~eek . Books I1I\d money not claimed. by tion Luncheon - Fieldhouse. '.' Watel, would not ~ required to m~ any spcci~l trips. The main ' ~mIHl ' " I~ ~ tQ . do It to ma.ke'ri' hvmg I do not equal prominence. Those solid "After Death..,. }Vhat?" will 00 the 4:30 p.m. October. 30th .will become· ldlt) p.m. - Football- Iowa VS. n dC'sk in the" d section bf the Union affords n possible location.. II . '., ti i.~' ' ~l ~l ill UII.nk I would II cam- journalists George Jessel and Faye opie or the ~ervice at 4:30 this the property of the Studl'1lt Oollncll. Wi~consin - Stildium. .. .. W3 , ff ...... j E ' palgn speech Emerson contribute columns. Sam. afternoon. I .' , , ,.., " 4-6 p ..". - Post ballgame party- POSSibly 1e ea ie~t way to solve some of the other kinb N ~ '~ J ~ ~~J~ y~a" l norr ead pic Jessel item: " If the teenagers r -. " ~ , ", Io\3a Memorial Union. .I~I • would be to e' "11~signatedH reserved seat altogether. ()!l~ ~'"l either. I am . ould vote Elvis Pre~ley a , M ·/d B I ,\ f!J1-8RjlC;~'f AP LI.CATIO'iS -r Monday, OctolNr 15 " >I U d h h d ks k ~'}.JI.I J -, ollly urfeited, staunch De~ocra t, could delill~r an I • ' eva n .,' u.S· Fu bTl~bt llpphcatlofls' Cor , 7 p.lJ1. - Homecoming Commi~. " Ken n er t e present plnn, w en a stu ent pie ' up his tic -et We , f~V'.~a.r~., ~e If! tra glultE!d ~ I extra three million votes." 1 stu dy ~road durfng Ihe 195~·58 tee -;- Hopse Chamb,er, Old Capl- . is assigned a certain eat. Another -p6s-Slbility is to give's'tt!dc gedy, decke ·. tl;" ~ .andrff- ptogre~sed 1 0 ' . SO. academIC year must be completed r tol. . a pas to the game, but no assigned ~eat. This would: pPlleetete with rue " '. ,.', ,r~. p~s~ til? point .~~oth~r m~~senger Just .cam~i lr cores Ur..og and returned to, the Ofilce of Stll' 7:30 p.m. - University Faculty , . . . .. ; .' haVing JU t a WI a epu Ican release m w c 1 dent AffairS oy N(lvember'1, 1956.) Newcomers Club Bridge _ Univer- 1. Eliminate the Jl('ccssity of gOing.t the Fjeld~ ,q IS~ I)~Jf Brisk ,up Pogo fans - 1\. 0 It lyfull. I am Sen. JOhn. Marshall Butl?r, o[ L hoi I ' AppLicant.<1 'are alsq " reqtJcst~d 'to sity Club Rooms, IMU. ' I" " ~Ionday morning to be assured of 11 cll ice se,~, I ", _ , prO~e~rl?n pox. on the blagslag- stuffed right up Maryland, IS quoted as saYl~g he a r Par ev I cOmplete 'and return Wbitc 'inrorma- r 8 p.Il'I : ' ~ Humanities Society add germ 01 blaggard who carelessly here with J956 has looked all over for the co~- I I tion card attached to the appliea' D rtm t f H' to d port'-( '. 2. Ena,bJe students who wish to bring n guest to the game referred to the revered turtle - Iitical oralory. .f , ~o~.J::tn" lha~ It~e De:o~r~l~ By TOM OCHILTftEI , . I lion immediately. c~P~cie:~e ~res~~t r~a~~r JO~~- " : to get 0 good se t Illso. Cap'n C. La Femme - :;=;~::;;jj;;;;;:.:-:--:--::7:'·ii · 6·::i·· ik;;;::-:;~:;;;;;;=-;;~·I:b-~.- _f::. ...n .. DG,ru~i~ : Iy BENNETT eElF ' remain as leader for the tim!! be .. ture on ~':Acid-Base .. Tltralipns" by ~ond.y, OCtob.r 22 •...... ~... .-. -""'''''''., pi-...t-~ 0 tIf1.I'TH·.. ·U!ilEDfTO~R" IIX~ __ ... ~ . , . • ,- ing.. ?r. Fritz ~ 7:30 p.m. at ~he Chem- 8 p,m. - Humanities Society and • AUDIT Duauv ,eer Daa" 1_ " " ..... "IY II: ITOURIST NOTES: There's a ~u driver on . Cape Cod, on the Fal- Both Bevan and G81tskell spoke Istry builctlng, . , ,' Department of History present : • \, ; r ~7IO~. rap- ..~ ...... ~.. I'm iA&8ired ~y 1tfl· riUlleqvado' 'mouth to Provincetown run, who C111I hardly wait (or the Dennis stop. at the ~nference on the need ~or Woodrow Wilson Centenn!al Speak-, : -. -- ...... _ ..:':.:.'i.~ .... ~..:..~ fetter toT'aJso fttlii'tJt lbe '!treai State U's there! that be turns to face his passengers and inquires, "Dennis, party umty - but each wants umty SENIORS AND GRADS - Sen- el' _ Shambaugh AuditorIUm. • , Pub\lll\ed dan,. .,.eept 8undaT ...... r ....'. University of Iowa for the oppor- anyone?" And In Rome, Haly, on his own terms. . . . I~r and graduate students (e~elu- Tu.'day, Octobtr 23 : "nnday and Idul bollNTl b7 8iud4mt ~~::.. ::~~.t:t= tunity to learn. a lady from Indiana got her The conference lhls year aVOIded slve of the College of EngineerlDg) 1;30 p.m. - University Club I?es- , PubUationl. 1n;:.. CommunlatIGU Center, Iowa City, tow.. SDt8I'Ld .. 1 too aaked my high school teach- , first glimpse of the Coliseum. a rupture between left·winaers and who are Interested In securing posl· 6ert Partner Bridge - University aerond due JUt&er -' tile ..-t otace SulluertpUea nt. .-:. bJr anMr ID era for advice In choosing the cor- clutched her guide's arm, and moderate largely because this tions In the business aDd Industrial . Club Rooms Iowa Memorlal Uni-, I .t low. City. under the 8d of ColI­ 10,..' CIt7. 211 Nt per, rect an- of Itbrdl 2. 1m. _*' "Mkl,. or 4niversity for my individual gurgled, "U's simply perfect I whole nationalization question was fields during the academic year on.' I : r::.:;. :..::...... :i..~ ~ I:w~ talents. Don't let them change a thing." put off until next year's meeUna. 1956-57 should attend the meeting I ~"1'1,,..,.,." "-- ~ ...... ,,_.... ,.,. .. ~,T:;.u-&D!::b '!i~ It seems that.Mr. ~u6covado and , • •• Then the party must decide its sponsored l,y the Business and In- Radar Telephone Line 1\ ...... _. _ ... n. DuD, tIo.... flO,. ,.." u ~ .....; myself shared the conrusion inher· A banker in Phoenix, Arizona, policy on state ownership - and dustrlal Placement Office October R die d J 1: tbNe monUl., lUI. enllD such a major choice. • read a number of surveys, aU the fur may fly. 11 at 4;!Ii) p.m. in the Chemistry ea y n ~na a an. I ...... ee ••••...... c._...... - MDIBD of the AItOCL\,...,.... It waa not until I reM of the of which indicated that women Observers DOted Bevan s speech- Bulldlna Auditorluht. TORONTO 'IA'I--A Bell Telephone: I TIle ~... "'- Ja ..UtW:: &reat sIdIl of Paul Ellile in turning control the greater part Df the es this time were more moderate Co. official said W\ldn~sday can : PAILY IOWAX Ivnayuou rae.. ~~-L~ :;:,.-pr[3Jblf:fbIa ou.t such varied talents as Tennes- nation's wealth. "Apparently," than usual.' Gone were sareastic WEI G H T TRAINING - The struction of the continentwlde Mid- I MlIIOOL or .I0t1~A.LII. rACVlJfI' 1iII- ;.Williams and .FllUUlery O',Con- he commented, "the hands that attacks on American forelan policy Wellht Trainllll Room will ~ Canada radar line will be eomplet.' I P\lbl1aIIer ...... IAar O. .... _or.::: .. ,..ell • StlltOrIIIl ••••••• ArUnIr 11.-.....-_ _ ~ J ",;.0::' iJlaH fIIen1 i rock the cradle also crl\dle the and on the moderate leaders of his openeCI for student' uSe on Mon· ad by the target date or Jan. 1. : ~~!!hIaI ...... Eo .John a.ttmm DAlLl'lOWiifs . ~ ..., rpcks." own ·party. days. Wednesdays and Fridays be- Alexander·G. Lester of Montreal, I ~tIoa ...... ~~ . ~ ft.!!:ci.i:iiitO'r':·:::::x.nDuXoopoaaa - I. n..;f:il __ . 'nde • • • • Instead Bevan directed his or .. tweeD the hours of ll:SO p.m. and general manager of Bell's Special' I .. __ ...... ~. NO ..... ~ ~. The editor a mystery-story m""azlne asked one of his authors, '''rlcal powers aaainat Prime MIn- 5 p.m.: ...... N.n..... G· ...... G Il'm,wiJ, I Contra,ct Department, told the ' H~~ Sdltor·::::::::'m;..'P.:u..s..: and it has captured mine~ " ' "Wby is it necessary for your h~~~e to shoot her husband eleven Ister Eden's C:nservatlve part)'. be open~ror~;:;de~t;~rlatiOnaIJ Electric Club of Toronto thot only : ~~r ·::::::::::zie.:::'::~ .W"I"ICMI•• Urnes" The author explained, 'She's hard of hearing." He maintained It , was "In an ad· purposes each Friday . afternoon cleanup ,work will remain next' I ChW= Jlboto.~ ;; WUII8!" H...... I .msbu,." I.w~ ' COPYl'llIht I95G, by Bennett Cerf. Olltrlbuted by KIIIJr ~'eature. Syndlca\f:. vanced state of decay." from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. lIpring. ' -- - -_ .... - .,...... - - ~:;r."'..; .. • ' . -...... - .'. Jo ,

\ , .. .. , I \ - ,"1_ DAILY '~AN-'... City, " ..-11Iu.d.,. Oct. 11, ,,~ ... ~

; . f'rpubll .._ $JOO,OOO Warehouse Fire Zwin91~ Explosion, Fire ~Iephon~. Does $50,000 Damage ... ,LOQUIM _ Campus Will Honor: ~!~~d ~~e R!.~~ • i • . ZWlNGLE, Iowa t.fI - An explo. .,.eI will ... ,...ty fw ttte/-d-;­ October 12 .. In life _ finish ~ thI"',thtft sian and fire df~roycd the Ben s J. Bu~e .. __ Ie the next, W5t ' ... _ of, India .. Nelson gang!! and fillin~ station at ~t ,..,.,. M, ...... 4a, ... TheOry: Zwingle Wednesday. r\o one was ~'Y' ,.tcIy ....,..., ,DRUGS Dads This' Weekend .,. MEDICINES tr prlLLI YOUIt meeting ' Injured, but Nelson estimated the PRISC~IPTIONS - Ie - lOS, EIISt . , Members or the SUI Dads Association and other SUI dads wiU be damage at $50.000. C"r guests of their student sons and daughters on campus this weekend. He said the olasl was caused by Beginning with a pep rally at 7: 15 p.m. Friday, the 3tth annual Dad's a derecUve oU burner. The explo­ IDRUG SHOP• I APPLl~~ ; ;)ay weekend is filled with activities designed to honor "that guy wb( 1" S. DubuItue. It. _ ilh the Of. , pays the bills." _. alan and fire li, d uo traffic on t Inter thll~ " The Dave Brubeck Quartette wilt Highway 61 for about an hour aDd a ••---~"-~~11111111111~~!!! ,pl1dergrad,-.l be featured at the Dad's Day Con· 1!crsity qr,~ Sabre Jets 'Collide, ha~~in8Ie Is abom 15 miles south IIREAD DAILY, IDWAN cert at Iowa Memorial UnIon at . , o~ tbe I!!$' , or Dubuque. WANT ADS .; , 8 p.m. Friday, following the pcp L They 1\" •. Over Lake Mi(~igan ----_..... _ ._- ---'--'- e in F~btll. 'I:r rally. The "SUI Alumni Dad o( the , ~ ". . , 7, and (-2 ' Year," who is selected by Omicron CHICAGO I.fI - Two Air Force f' , a ~awke"l't. I.' Delta Kappa from nominations by Sabre jet planes collided ovet ~ I! s~nlor 111 CASH ' . " SUI sons and daughters. will be in· ILake Michigan W~y and -troduced at the concert: crashed into the water . • AND The HoJ'llc : ~' Th ~ 1,400 members or the SUI Air Force headquarter's at O'Hare CARRY /.,: meet in the Dads ASSOCiation , an organization Field In Chicago ..aid one of the Old Capitol formed la t year for dads or stu· pilots had been picked up by res. EiCHER'S., dents attending SUI, wiH hold their SPECI~ .:~ n Monday, I t.,. '.... .~ , lirst meeting at 10 :30 a.m. Satur. cue cr~ft and the otbe~ pilot had ...... ".i> day in the north gymnasium or the been slihted three hburs after the Thursday Friday Saturday • J Fieldhouse. Officers for the com· crash. I ing year will be elected. The O'Hare spokesman said tbe Odober 11 • 12 • 13 A luncheon at 11:30 for members two slngle-pajce ,tt flahters «allh. and. their fam~lies will follow the ed about 4:%5 p.m, (CST) while on busmess meetmg. Dads of SUI 6 carnations + 6 garnet rol8'l - , $1.46 football players will be guests. a routine OIgnt. , The pilots were " .' Headline event of the weekend members o[ the 82nd FIghter Inter' and .. " t ENDAR . will be the Iowa·Wisconsln (oot· ceptor Squadron at O'Hare. '". • t.t.... I R 11. 19$6 • ball game at t :3O p.m. in the sta· It was believed tbe pUot. para. 12 garnet roses - $1.22 rll dium, where half·time ceremonies chuted from the craft before the Club Morn- ' _ will also be dedicated to the dads. "Pietl8e no delivery on this special" .( ,. , sity ClUb " ­ Included in Saturday's program plaDes crasbed. Into the lake. Thc . Union, ", . ~ arc opcn houses at housing units accident oceurred orr Sheboy,an • t . -' "'" ture sp • and a reception and dance rrom Wis. . , -Madam ' .. DO,,'T FOIIGL'T your colors in mwn corsages to CAl' Wirephoto) 8· 11 p.m. at the Union. Residents along the Jake qare Qc de- e MeetiJl~ , , FIREMEN FIGHT the b'aze which .wept thrciu,h the Mueller Lutnbtr Co. ;"' .•r,h~ule in Davenport Tuesday. Damage was estlmat.d at Omicron Delta Kappa, national near Sheboygan, which Is abou '50 ~ I • te Cham I • mort th.n ~l00,OOO. The fir. was brtUlht "ncler cl!ntrtl Ifter ~rem.n battled it for twp hour_. . r~ ______senior men's honorary fraternity, miles north of MUwaukee, had te~. livered 011 Frid.\y or Saturday before the game. • and the University Dad's Day Com· phoned Coast Guard headcl.arte~ mittee are co·sponsors of Dad's that they had seen hares being ' $1 • 1.50. .,j .. Young I;teiress Day weekend. M. L. Hult, dean of hot Into the sky, apparenUr. trom u· ,I r. • oC Third Largest- arop: +tH.p{ , Doctor Calls tudents, is chairman the Uni· the surface of the I~ \. . ~ versity committee, and George Coast Guard cr8~h - boalil, ;( r Flowers by Ojcmann, M2 , Iowa City, ishead of Force "clleopters aDd other search thc ODK coml'niUee. •• .. I· •• ' ~xpected This Y~ar . f' C,oncer Test aircraft participated In the rescue effort. . '. , EICIi;ER . WASHINGTON IA'I - The Agriculture Deparlmont, In a harve'st; NO POLES AT ELECTION l IURKLEY HOTEL IUILD},NO . ' epllbUcans ,time report, Wednesday said crop production this year appears to be LONDON IA'I - Red Poland Wed· The Air Force did not Identify I 'f' ,. IPromising I' , lin - sen' I the .third largest on record and only about 1 per cent below the peak nesday night turned down an of{!· the pilots. , tol. I· " volume produced in 1948. LONDON IJI'I - An American can· cia' Washi ngton invitation to send ------~~~------r-- ,_ ------~~------~------~----- 14 Prospocts were said to. have increased 1 per cent d,!ring Scptember cer specialist has disclosed that observers to the American presi. ... ·tal. Rarny • under generolly faVOl'llble late· dential election. Warsaw radio ,..---_._-_ _--- some volunteers at the Sloan·Ket· Allditol'r ." growing season and harvesting tering Institute in New York were said the American electoral system was well known in Poland. there . "J condition!!. • , . injected with cancer and managed 12 r to throw off the di ease, was no need to se ~d 8 delegation. Concett This increase may have some po. Far~ ~urplus ., litical significanc" because it can Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, scienti­ Memorlai l fic director of thc institute, made 'U be expected to increase (arID In­ the disclosurc in a I cture before 13 REICHS. CAFE ,"'J .. come somewhat in some Midwest· Use ' Outlined the British Impcrial Cancer R~· 's Asso~ia .· search Fund Tuesday. se. '" ern agricultural area.s where farm PEORIA, nt. ttl _ .t. Peoria sci. , 57th rEAR 's Associa· ... " reurnst are :t campaign issue . entist Wednesday dcscrjbed"" . to a , ' I.. l ' .. He said experiments indicated. use. o j"J The' bountifui output is being pro· presidential com'missiotl, P on I ecord, the Leroy Welsh of Omaha. Neb ., a Tickets for University Theatre's cancer in man. I Choice Steaks - , hicago.1:' - second largest . hay crop, and grain operator. first prodUction of the season, "The , .. . , , esidenUlll " a!mve-average YIelds of barley, MacLay descrih<:d to the com· Desperate Hours," are available FIREMAN'S DILEMMA Chow Mein m:eanwhile~ , count on EATON'S. gh Aud(J." rioe, flaxseed, dry beans and pea!.!, mission, in Peoria on its first field beginning Loday at 8 p.m. at the . • . " potatoes and sugar beet$. trip a hybrid COrll named High A Theatre TI'cket Office. Room SA, FARMINGTON, N.M, IM-Flre· CITY'S WIDEST VARIETY h ' d k ' '. d men were summoned to a res'· ... r 11 T e repo1rtt c~rdrledda ahr nho,te, !"1YloSdi~ whilbcJh ea ,,\ bel eon).vkertc' Schaeffer Hall . dence where a trash fire haa J t h l C OF TOP QU~L1TY FOOD , erasable CORRASABLE y OrchllS-!. lowever. ~ al 1'1 roug ~ l~ mto gest e ce op l::tne I e I' . "The Desperate Hours," a mod· caught a power pole afire, It was '.. Memortal ~ grtps ~uch 01 th? Great PlaIns IS bel's. The fiber~ are usuable as ern melodrama by Joseph Hayes. th ' home or Volunteer FIreman AT SENSIBLE PRICESI a maJor depressmg [actor which food wrappers which arc eaten with will run Oct. 1'8 through 20 and J cCk Shcafe 18 • T,I' threatens the success of millions o[ the product. 24 through 27. :a::~=~. =-____ iiiiiiiii_~.;~~~~~~~~iiiiiii~~ . Y.,.-'atOJl·~ .eor.ri",able Bond-the amuing typewriter paper that kcture on , I'Icres of wint~r wheat seeded ' for He predicted the gro\/lh of such The ticket office will be open P I Physical,I harve9t, next spring. corn would find 0 ready market from 9 a,m, to 4 :30 p.m. Monday erase. ~ithout a trace. Joat a fticlt Of your pencil eraser and typing error. oth Diem "In much of Texas, Oklahoma and cut corn surplusem through friday and [rom 9 a.m. to .. wh. No .mad&et, no ec:ufU. Your work has that finished. proleeeioaal • 'Id' and parts of Kansas, Ihe 1I1I·lime MacLay said Iwo other grains noon ,on Saturdays. SUI studeots IOWA'S FINEST • • • , look; aDd the IUp, (or lDilllteps) leading up to it are a secret hetween r,sQred by ;, lIi\¥ range condition for the date, are in the research stage. On,e, tile. will receive free reserved seat tic· • 20% More Protein .0rienMlI,! poOr prospects for winter wheat safflower., whose seeds have a hiCb kets upon prE:s~ntatioc of their IP I . ,-08 aad eruable Corriaable. Knowing tbil. you approach alllignnlent. 10 "Bur. Calcium .nd Phosphorus , ":7 I P/l'~lure~ and other fora~e supplies ' o~, content, ~ould gro~ in arid re: cards, ,For, others, ,admission is m~re (:almIy, do • ~f~r ~ob;. ~ake fewer erron. Remember the ntme- ber, Ol~ ~. produced a critical Iivefotock feed glons. The other, a ftbrous plant $1,25 ,a person. . ,. • r • Vita~ins and Minerals si~uation." lhe report said. na~ed timber.bamboo" would.~ ) Season Jicket ,books .are also • TTl Eatoa'. Co'rriiible Bond. Only Eaton makee it. I .. I ay, ' ..l.\!'l:t1ell-. TJie com crop was estimated, at cul~v!lted.. ln pres':!.nt rICe growmg a~~i1i1ble at the ticket o~~I~e f~r $5. as!es Better, 00 '. " iOw 't&uoD~ry '8tore eeUs it. ' 'I niversity 3,369,000,000 bushels compared with regions to leducc,rlce surpluses. . " :rh{! Despe~a~e)iours IS dlrec:t· j ~ I .• 1, .1, 3,335,000.000 forecast a month earli· ed py p:r~f J William .Reardon. Prot. .~ eViCW ~L ', ' fI 1 •• ('r, 3,241,000,000 produced last year I)EADLINE ~ . . S. ~Illette . des1gned the set· ~ r and 3,084,000,000 for the 10·year MAXTON. N.C. (.1"f.-Staff memo tmgs ; hghting IS by. Prof. Walter FaRm D'"'IRi J ' " a ' erag~. The department lu\d reo bers of the Scottish Chief news· Dewey; and costummg is super· ow ow onference ' ~~m~~a~~~cr~be~ __~w~edoo~U~~"~~v~~~d~~~P~ro~f ~.~M~a~~~a~re~t~H~a~lI~. __~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Try E•• ', Corrliable loa. ia thii laud,. ratics I~ • of the accumulation or surpluses meet the deadline after an elcc- itoL lOO ..heet pdet. WII. yoa're read,. Sur ay. "Tlie' , under its farm price support pro· trical storm ripped off a portion .' grl:'m, ' of the roof on the office. H and's aore. JOII'I weat ~ • ., die IOODOII1ieaI ~niver~}Y : , Wheat production was I eported at ____ 5000theet -~ .... i. four 975,000,000 bushe's, an increase of ~ , ,.. iiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiP.I• ..I I-;::===== ':======::======:;-1 A..1iIabIe 20 aI},out 9,000,000 from ' a month ago,' Don t vet Marrte~ ••. , weiPta-&e. eeiODlkia to 20 lb. boad- erence "o;r : 39.000,000 mOl'e than la~t year but' .•. wltheut _I". eur comp .... - Senate about 173,000,000 less than average: .rlelal Servlcts - In"ltatl..,., I . proridiat ...led '"'''' ~per far e'flrJ I; It, JEWELRY STORE Here again larg~ surpluses are Announceinents, Imprinted Na,. liad 01 work. . , Univer:' • , ' sLqr in govcrnmelll hands. " k."., Weelell", INk., "Thank .1 ed t established ,1854 - ., tad. iU1'O" ' ; l!IJybean production was estimat~ VtU" N.... , .Wtclelln, Pile... , ,.' .' ., e part. • cd at a new high record of 470.000.. Wed4fn, Fie w • r.; Weelell", ,/I ~ 000 bushels, about 8,000,000 more ~akt., Mint. .nel Mlxtcl Nuts, - ' ''rI1~ 1 ~ than last month bnd about 99.000,· • _ I J1iverslty HAL L'S 0, 000 above lasl year's crop, the larg. est preiious producUon. 127 ..11th Dubuq" . , EATON'S CORRASABLE BOND For lY'aur , /' ... A Berkshire Typewriter Piper I,' I ~ ftl' c." . , . " Lovely, Bride . . . 1 ,~, • • lATON '4'11 Want Your , , CO ' I'OI_~~I. ~ . N.' ~ PITT ·a.~ IBLD· , ' MASSACHU'I.~~'I . •.. choole ,one of our exquisite _.- __ ",J ietyand bridal pairs. ~~t the brilliance of present • Shirt Done 1 Speak·, : these c1e~r, properly cut dia· --- • f I ...... , ~ "f' ~" • t 11 t ~ • m. " Rare Or ! : monds shine on your wedding 1ub Qes· • Obta;ifYour Eaton's €orrasable Bond Diversity Medium? day and every day there after. lal Uni.I :r I , I < nnrl Ine : rWe launder your .hirt. to your precise order ... the way GRlnlNO CAiDS Cln. 1 ~ : the Waldorf doe. a "eak, If you want a 11"le .tarch, a lot Elephone' I ';" or none at all, you ten us ..• and that'. the way you will -".tt.U J.JI1.o • STATION ElY ay con : I, rtcelve It, Ipiv. being cenopha"e wrapped and packaged from ninety dO, ,I",ars to fifteen .w~.11~..~~\. • STUDY AIDS ~Ide Mid· I to prevent crushlnv. Your lparltllng white shirt will have . hundred dollars up -<:omplet.' I all buttons ;eplaced or t1vhfened Or ••• we'lIlaund" Fr.... ., j. ' I'J . • SOUVENIRS n. 1. : Po'that Ihlrt plul an. more. " ontreal, , l • . ~YM OUTPITS " tnl • ,I' , • .., r I, =Special ' , . I 'J, ~ ,ttl ~ld the : !. Watch Sun, Nitc N~U!' K.ney Clean'~r~ ' ':: :: " at ' O~e 'lhimd~'e,d liine edst washington street • TEXTBOOKS hat only I • In next' , WMT-TV elm. 2 DIAL 4161 "."J, I' ... ., I I ~====~~==~~~~~~~~ " / . " Library To Exhibit Ra~e Documents University A collection of rare historical , ters and documents of men such as , B" WALTER BREWeR documents, never before viewed by George Washington, John Adams, • In 1895 S .,J added to it facult1 the public, will be on exhibit at the Thomas Je[(erson, James Madison a "demonslrptor of chemistry." Briefs sm library Nov. 3·30. and Edmund Burke. Sixty-one years later ''the dem· WSUI PROGRAM - "Let's Live The Philip Sang collection of 120 The total pure value of the onstrator of chemistry," Dean Em· Democracy" will be the topic of documents will show the path of U h' .. I In anticipation of a crowd ex- , tramc around the stadium and one­ hi 5,ory• thr oug h I he pens 0 f impor·. co ection is .mol' an .1O1l,OOO, • eritus Wilbur J. Teeters, is the icceding 55,000, a allonal Guard way traiCic down Melrose and G Prof. Boyd McCandless on the tant public figures ranging from with the single ost expensil'e oldest active faculty member at helicopter will be used 10 facilitate avenues helped," Lewis remarked. weekly "Know Your Children" pro· I gram t.o be broadcast by radio sta­ Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to item being signed in 1777 by John SUI. He was 90 years old Wednes· . the Dow oC tramc Cor SUI's first Lewis said people parking in the Harry S. ,Truman. It includes let· Hancock and valued at $12,500. day. home conference football game. Manville Heights area will not be tlon WSUI Thursday at 12:45 p.m. I Lt. Leonard Sims of the State able to cross Wolf Avenue becausll McCandless is director of the Teet rs, sporting an "r Like Ike" Highway Patrol said Ihis is the the viaduct is out. This week a Iowa Child Welfare Researcl1 Sta· button, is often seen on the golf first time a I\elieopter has been sign will be posted at Wolf Avenue tioo, which sponsors the weekly course. used to aid city police and stat,e and Rider Street directing the ped· radio child study program. J. Paul Sheedy* W18 A Lone Wolf Till He ha played golf (or more hlghway (XItrolmen in controlling estrians to Rider and Main streets. WUcirool Cream-Oil Gave Him Con.fideD.et than 50 years, but wben asked his traffic. An airplane has been A traffic light is located at the in­ GUEST SPEAKER - Walter used successfully for the past five terseetion of Main Street and High· Johnson, proCessor and head of the core, be im diately responded, years. way 6 enabl ing fool traffic t.o cross Department or Hislory at the Uni­ "I shoot with [ke!" "An airplane qr helicopter aids the heavily traveled highway safe· versity of Chicago, wiU speak at Although go'f is his oobby, Tee· u immen ely in controlling the ly. ~ SUI Monday on "Woodrow Wilson lers is interested in all athletics. flow of lramc," Sims said. "When Police and residents in the neigh­ and Presidential Leadership," the helicopter observes a congest· borhood reported a steady flow of The lecture, Cree to the public, He has missed only three home ed area. it radios us and we dis- pedeslrians scampering across will be presented at 8 p.m. in the football games sinee coming t.o SUI patch men to the area or area as Highway 6 from the Wolf Avenue Shambaugh auditorium of Univer· in 1895 . Ha\'ing no intention 10 needed," he explained. viaduct to the Westlawn curve. sity Library. "rust out," he maintains the sched· Traffic officiall\testimated it took Traffic officials hope that pe~s­ ule of a man half his age. slightly less than an hour for the trians observe the signs, eliminat· ELECTED PRESIDENT - Lee Between 8:30 and 4 p.m. the heavy traffic to disperse following ing the hazard of crossing the busy Allen, research assistant in ophthal· Dcan can be found In his orrice in Saturday's gnme.. About one hour highway. mology at University Hospitals, the Chemistry Building; weekends and 15 or 20 minutes is expected to Sims, in referring to the traffic was elected president of the In. might include a football game, nine clear the city this week of out-oI· Saturday, said, "Everything wen~ ternational Association of Medical holes of golf, chaperont'ing a party town cars. exceptionally well. The altitude Illustrators at the association's at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon social Sgt. Fred Lewis of the Iowa City of everyone seemed good." He lIth annual convention held at SUI. fraternity which he helped Cound at Police Department said trafric added, "We were putting. tra££ic sur, and lferhaps a banquet ot flowed smoothly out of the city Sat· out of Iowa City faster than the PHYSICAL EDUCATION - A one oC the many fraternal and civic urday afternoon. high:.vays could take it." German leader in the field organizatiolllj to which he b"longs. Heaviest traffic was at the inter· He said he hoped that the traf- of physical education, Liselott Teeters ' waS born in Alliance, sections of Iowa Avenue and River- Cic for the next five games will Diem, wiJI speak on "Motor Devel· Ohio in 1866. fle received his B.S. side Drive and at Benton Street flow as smoothJy as it did last opment and Physical Education" trom Mt. Union College, Alliance, and Riverside Drive, Lewis report· week. Oct. 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the Sham­ in 1893 lind a degree in pharmaceu­ ed. About 25 city police and 20 high· baugh lecture room of University tical chemistry In ]895 from the "Widening Newton ROjld was an way patrolmen will be on duty Sat- Library. The lecture is open 10 the University of Michlgan. Important factor in speeding up the urday to "control the traffic. public. After instructing for seven years ~------~~------t1 as "demonstrator of chemistry" in Play Review- MATH CONFERENCE - Mathe· the Medical College, Teeters was maties teachers trom tmee $lte universities )':iJI address • confer­ transCerred to the College of Pharo ence of' teach rs of mathematics macy and was appointed dean in :during OIIe-day . mectilll on 1905. He served in this capacity , ., .Stage " Hinders a qct...... ,I 19 in the llenate Cham~er of Old until 1937 when at 71, he became . Capit.ol at SUI. I , • Desn Emeritus. (Dally l ..... n Pb ...d The. 26th annua~ mat~ teachers For mortl. than a half century "I SMOOT WITH IKE," "ys Dean Emlrl"'l Wilflur J. T.... ,. of 'Moon ' ls Blue' conceren~ WIU ~gin at,9:30 a.lh. Teeters was orrieial toxicologist for the CoIl,g, of Pharmac", on hi' 90th birthday. H. can be found on • with an add res by SUI Prof. Hjlr· tl\e state oC Iowa. He was appoi nt· the golf cour.. wlarlng an "I Like Ik," bvtton anytime h.'s not By WILLIAM DONALDSON ry T. Muhly, "Modern Mathemat· Wild root Cr.am-On cd to thls position In 1900, and after working hi' light hour day. Judging from the response of the small audience who viewed "The ics in High School." receiving national recognition in Moon Is Blue" at the CSA Hall Wednesday night, that production by gl"•• you confidence this field he turned over his duties the new Iowa City Community Theatre was a success. QUALITY CONTROl - Indus­ to his assist'lOt, Dr. Gail A. Wiese, However, there were some tough obstacles that F. Hugh Herbert's trial representatives from 22 states --'-----+---.. in 1955. comedy had to overcome to achieve that sucecss. Stevenson Says and Canada will participate in the As state toxicologist, Teeters' tcs· In the first place, it is unfortunate that the CSA HaU is the only 15th annual Quality Control Short r------~----j"..------~.., timony was heard in many triaTs presentation hou~e available to the community group. It is an old - Course beginning at SUI Tuesday. involving the use oC poisons. In very old - plac!e, and that mural roll curtain takes the theater-goer 1932 he te$tlfied on bebalf of the GOP Indifferent back to the l\1in~e Maddern Fiske era. 1n the second place, the stage is too small to even handle _thl' (our people of the "Moon" cast, not to American ~[Mical Associalion (A· By T8E ASSOCIATED PRESS cil, headed by Joseph p . Kennedy mention appropriate settings. Presents 000 MA) against a supposed cancer Adlai Stevenson added some and William L. Clayton, wiU seck The very attractive sets wer~ a credit to George Quenzel , G, Iowa c.llre. new heat to the presidentiai race to get across to business gen· City, who also had Ole unfortunate job of directing. It is consequenlly His analysis showed that the cure Wednesday night, saying President ehrally U~e vliews Stevenson has on upon his should~s thal most of the blame Cor last night's faulty pro. contained one third carbolic acid, Eisenhower's words don't square t e nallOna eco.norny. duction rests. ~fThe Moon Is Blue" a deadly poi on. The AMA won with acts of his administration. Eisenhower will not make an· QUt\.llZel'~J,d' clion was no doubt governed by the Liny stage, and I , the case. Eisenhower had charged the other full'fledged foray on the he di~ his bes Yet the players werll constantly getting into each . ,. A staunch RejlUbliean, teeters is Democrats with "political irre· campaifll trail .until next week, other'~ way; ir ' lI~kwarli stage manncrisms revealed their diseom· 11 and 12 active in politics himself. He sponsibility at its worst" in say· when he goes to the Northwest on fot't in the sit tion: and the absenCe 01 a telephone ring extcnded served two terms as mayor of ing that the Republicans arc lndif- a speaking lour. ' one scene five mitlutes. I . At Iowa City, starting in 1944, when ferent to the n.eeds of the pcopl!'. Returns from th~ ' Ala'ska elec· Among thc',slbyers, .Alyce_ VOn~~e, A3, Iowa City, was the most BROWN,' ~lr :nTT~~' Edward. 215 he was 78. He also served on the In eftcet, Stevenson's reply was lions Wednesday night set off some successful. Her , character,ization of the sex·conscious Patty O'Neil Rlversldo st n b6v. 'I'llud oy all>Jercy CSA HALL city council in '42·'43 and '47·'48. to repeat that the Republicans jubilation in Democratic rank . Re- was wel1-tempered and even, al)d some of her more humorous lines F1~g':f~~~ ' Mr. ana · Ml James. 61;; s. Also active in civic affairs. Tee, have been indifferent, despite nli turns from nearly, half the terri: were extremel;\! Weil delivered. .ff she was a bit childish at times, she Cllnlon st., a gi rl, '1'uesd uy at Mercy 524 North Johnson ters is a churter member of the Eisenhower says. . tory's precincts ~howed DemO- was convincingly· so, and this is a reflection upon the director. ](~XEIt.~~r . and Mro. Rollert, flll ls, a rowa City Chambe ' of <.;ommerce. . Eisenhower will have an oppar· crats won or led for 31l oC the James Croke/;, Iowa City, looked (and was ' too young Cor the rolc boy, WedncsdrlY At Mercy HospitJI. Admissio!1: $1.00 He is an active member of lhe tunity to cllrry thls argument along 39 offices. and legislative seats at of the middle·aged neighbor of Pally's boy [riend. A lowering' of the POULSEN, Hen~~~~.II ~I09 E. Fairchild, University Triangle and Kiawanis at a news conterence Thursday. stake. voice or a varia,[jon of poise woulq have helped his interpretation lre· Wednesday t lercy Hospital. Curtain Time: 8: 15 P.M. clubs and 'Nas president of the He may also be asked about Republican National Chairman mendously, thou~h, as I say, he just didn't look the part. ROSSCL".!.~:.~l.tIPt:mLWE~4~~~ Char- Kiawanians III If'35 . Stevenson's comment Wednesday Leonard Hall said thc Alaskan I'e' If this was ' Quenzel's best, then it just wasn't enough. I do not maine G. ANDREWS, 2), both 01 Rock night that Eisenhower has ex· lurns "have no significance in con- know Qucnzel's l'Iroblems, but therc must have been many. Whatever Island. III. For Reservations Call 4350 Teeters lIa be!'n treaRurer of the d d h· . b "th \. I fl' I ' ,. I POT..lCE COUR.T Johnson County Central Commit· pan e . IS campaign ecause . e nection with the national elections t ley were, he slii>uld be g ad to know that 'The Moon Is Blue ' IS ai- COFFIN. Geor:rc, 8tn Jl ngvlh, forfeited Repubhcan managers have decld- which responsible polls show we ways a humorouS play that can pretty well take care of itself through SI5 bond en a c.~ M lle oC Intoxication . Tickets are available at: The Varsity Creal1ers, The Judy tee oC the Republkan party since d th t h'll th y d 't . d h -cr·' I . HOELZEN. Donald W., BUl'lln&1.on , :or- & 1942, and an ofriclal of the Board e ~ we. e on nun !l are winning." even t e most c!LICU t circumstances. Jelted SI t; bond on a chario of Inloxl- Shop, Cilpin Paillt Glass, Tou;ne,'s Beauty Salol1, Froh- part·hme PreSident, they can t .' 1 ' - ~------caUon. . • weill- Co. , oC Trustees oC the First Methodist stand a part·time candidate." Both vice· presidential candidates I - KNOWLlNG, William P .. R.R. 4. . fined Supply Church since 1935. He received , were active Wednesday as usual, Feet Prepares . $15 and COl to on a chqrl(e of lalhng to national recognition Cor his article Stevenson. s speecI h, ath Portland,. Democrat Estes Kefauver in New ~ stop for a poo,s~te~d-: ;&t~o~P~S~Ii'~"~' ___~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... ~~~~~~~~~.~ on toxicology in "Parade" maga­ York Stale and Republican Richard zine. He is' listed in "Who's Wbo ~~:h~:::'s ~ad~P .fu:~d!/ n~~~t E~t For Holi~y Attack ~ '. -J ~- _ ~~"""~ ~,~ ~""~ ~""""~ ~,~ in America:' Pittsburgh.. , Nixon in C,IIlifornia. NORFOLK, va; 111'1 - A spread· .. IJ J ~"""~ ~,~ ~""~ ~""""~ ~,~ Stevenson said, \;V hat Elsenhow- Kefauvent said at BuFfalo that out bertJling pla{l has bE-cn order' • ... ~ . M k BREMERS Y H d "Pick your ancest.ors I" Teeters er says "renects . little ~e~llz. ation Nixon "represents the triumph of ed for Atlantic Fleet ShiP.S during " ~ . a e our ea quarters exclaimed wncn he wa asked for ?f the fact that hiS a~stration the old guard in the Republican the Christmas holidaY5 to reduce At 110 Kiloqclea ~ the key to his nonogenErian Ufe. I , F A111 A . 'M h dO IS made up almost entirely of mell party" and if he should follow the fleet's vulnerability to sur. ~ or '" rrow ere an Ise He explainl'(l (hat he comes from who rep,resent a single set of in· Elsenh?wer to tile presid~ncy, "the prise air attack. TO()AY' S SCIIEDVLE : • a family in whith hlng life is terests. Republican old ,Will be the Adm . Jersul:! Wright, US MOrnln, Chapel common. His grandfllther lived ~ua~,d : ~ (lg . ~ Also Wednesday Stevenson an- masier oC America. commander in chief of the AtIant 8:30 ~~~:elln8' ~ BI REM ERS ' more than a century, lIod !!everal no~nced for~atlon of a ;;o-meTber Nixon ~as giving special atten· Fleet, ~<;losed the pum Wednes. 8: 15 The Boo:...helf ~ olher relatives lived, to be oltler nabonal bUsmess council of well tion to hiS home state of Cali[o1'- d y and said It calls for :1 reduction 1~ : ~ ~e:::~. Tond), & !fume Cronyn ~ Ihan 90. known leaders in, business and nia. He told newsmen with him on ,in .the normal concentration of J.:~5 Kitchen Concert B "As long -as tht'fe is somethIng finance" who ar~ supporting hi s his tour that California and Texas shlps in port dUl'lng a holiday per- wn ;:I~ 'ih~jol~a~~ Ideas ~ to be done, I'll cjo it," the dean campaign. . ,,!~re two states that Eisenhower iod, 1l :3O Living POrtraits of French Paint. ~,~ said. Stevenson said the business coun· wanted hlm to report on specifieal- The pla/l will 'be 'in ('[(ect from 12 :00 ~~ythm Ramble. ~~ Pii __iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;;;;;;;iiiiii~ ·.- ••••_iiiiiiiiiiiii_. ly. the middle of DecemlX'r through g : ~ ~~:!, Your Ch.lldreft -====~-c:j;'::;::: _ ~j:=~~==~====:::= Ex-President Truman said at Jan. 4. 1:00 MusIcal Chats ,- - - -. ~ ., ' Moundsville, W. Va., Wednesday 2:00 Co~vrtllon In Hnwkeyeland .. -'... "'.. -' ' ~~ 2: 16 Let. Turn n P.ge A.:\I SKY HARBOR INN night that leaders or the GOP ad· BUST AND BOAST 2~30 Great Wo."cn o[ Frunce , ministration consider themselves MOLINE, ILL. IA'I - Frank ;:~ ~~~lsn a Changln, America A scoop .'\,~~ . r.:'c:> IWollderftl1 food in (l pleasant atlllosp'lel'e "not as elected leaders or all the Neels' fishing trip on Rock River 3:45 Over the Back Fence ,~ '.,:I 'i-c, people but as leaders of business wasn't exactly a bust, altJlOugh t~ 6~~IZ~~. HOllr , for ~rrow "~I'_.-,IT.. r' .".it@)_~~_ PILOT'S ROOM and industry." few could boast about his "catch." 3:30 Sportltlrne l!;, IJ '] f' h' __i_ I k H k 8:00 Dinner Hour • A.M_ - • P,M. WhI e IS 109 Dellr B ac aw 6:» News I \ ? \ WHITE CLOUD ROOM FAST FRY State Park, he snagged a life-sized 7:00 Passport to Music 5 P,M. - • P,M', OWINGSVILLE, Ky. (A'j - Sweet marble bust of a man with the ~:: ~~un~~J ~Uln. PRIVATE PARTIES potatoes were cooked in a hurrry name of lo'ranklin Simon sculptured 9:00 Sesllon at Nine news with college men this Fall, We ~ n . 9:U New. Qnd Sporl. b h sh ' k' 1 '/' on the electric range in the Robert on It. )0:00 Words For Tomorrow roug t custom Irima lItg to c~ua LoceW In the nlw Achlnlst,.tion Bulldl", ., the Iowa City froM Municipal Airport, Toy home. Lightning struck the F:::::=:::::======.;;===:::.::===::.;;;;=--;..,;;;-======; wear with this one, its button- k: pan of potatoes and cooked them down collar in front (fma center '"

i~~~~~~ - ~=~~~~~~~i~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~· ~~~~t.o~a~~~· ~p~· iiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiii~~ ~)wb~~~~~~»patterns, too • • • authentic tartan THE UIIVERSITY THEATRE - ,36th Season stripes, tattersall checks, mahy other 5tripes. School of Fine Arts '. 1956-1957 ',' i Tartans, $5,95;: checks and stripes in State University of Iowa . 4, " cotton-rayon, 17.95. r f. low city, Iowa lJresellts .' I A PROGRAM OF DISTlNcnVE PlAYS , TIC K'E T S NOW A V A I L A I L E F () R :THE DESPERATE HOURS A melodrama by Joseph Hayes • PLENTY OP " WE ARE I OC,OI8l 1', 19,20,24,25,26,27 Curtnln 8:00 p.m. FREE P-,ARKING OPEN EVENINGS OTHER PRODUCTIONS THIS SEASON - ! MONDAY Thru THURSDAY FlNIAN'S RAiNIOW November. 29,30, Dlcember I, 5,6,7,8 The Pidce to go for Brands You Know A Musical Comedy by E. y, Harburg and Fred Saidy BUY. JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK January 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19 MICHAELS STERN SUITS FROM • By ~an O'Cucy MALLORY HATS FORTUNE SHOES OTHEU:O FebrUllry 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23 DAILY' '"W. AN By WUllanl Sbatespeare WEMBLE~ TiES' SUMMa AND SMOKE March 21, 22, 23, 27, 2', 29, 30 ADVERTISE'RS By Telmeaee WlIJIams ARROW , · .' THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNH M6y 9, 10,11, IS, 16, 17, 18 By Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman . SHIRlS • UNDERWE~1t • . • , 01 A New CoIIIecIy Scrfpt ";,.( . / Make Your purcilases 0N nCKETS ...... 6 ,LAYS POI ,,» ~W:."j~ ,THick," ("J : "i . From Those Stores ' In· ~-. I d .. "-.-, ..., ~ I.! .. \ Il! vl_a A million ...... ~ 1.25 Phone. I!xten.laftl 22 ~" ;~ .... , "" S'·P-El m:EL.' viting YOll t~ Comd It! :. ... . WI'IlE ALWAYS-«AD TO HELP YOt,l- ST0RE F0it) -,MEN . . . l'hrou gh Yo O·UR UDElrS 'lew I.D. Card It yew _len tic.... Fer rnervtd ...t, ,..~1;D. . r -;. .... ATTENDANT ON DUTY AT ALL HOURS card at It..... IA. Schaeffer Hall. The,.. I. M ...... ~I .ch...... ~_! Dally lowall. DIAl'M291 129 South Dubuque Street \ . THE DAILY IOWAN-Iowa tHy. la.-Thursday. Oct. 11, 1tS,-Pa•• 5 ''DOORS OPEN 1:15" - - _._------He;r~s Ha;r " Gertrude Ederle- - YWCA Club To Organize Freshman GrOup Totl,ay Freshmen Y will hold an or· 4 Mile Swim Star'tell Career ganization meetin~ today at 4:30 I' SEABRIGHT, N. J . IA't - " I was enjoys recalling those days when I The newsmen cabled tens of p.m. in the River Room of the , v~lue of the al the shore"~ husky, middle- I the nation ,~~~d a song in ber thousands Of, words to the world on Iowa Memorial Union. htll·~'tithlln $lOO,~ aged woman said. "I decided to honor .- Trudi - when there Trudi's progress. The darkne s at Joyce Garber. A I, Randolph, . . were ticker tape showers and she . ost expensh'~ • sWim down to a .pom~ of land. II made nearly a million dollars in Kingdown whcre she waded a hare YWCA pre ideo!, will speak on the in 1777 by John made the. (our m!les ID one ho~ two years of vaudeville and sports was broken by the flares and flash· purpo e of YWCA . Sandy Bier· at $12,500. and 19 mmute~ . . . nol bad. III Louriner. es oC cameramen. Tr d' h't tl baum, A2, Cincinnati, 0., last tell you somethmg, I won $5 on that ". . U I I 1e race." Nosta,lgla, perhaps, but, no regret front pages of Virtually every Eur· year's president oC Fn.>shman Y, Five dollars isn't much compar. ~t fading tram ~ple s minds. opean and American newspaper. will tcll about aeth'iUcs oC the ed with the $900,000 sM earned in rm ~.o~f~rtable, she says. to- ]n 1928 just as she gained vot· group. the two years after beComing the day. 111 always be ~?Ppy If ling age, ilIncss and hard luck top· Freshmen women who are in­ Cirst woman to swim the English have what 1 have now. pled her from the pedestal. Cbannel. For this was Gertrude It was near Seabright that Trud! "In 1928 ] developed ear trouble .. terested in joining the group arc (Trudj) Ederle speaking of a swim learned to swim in the Atlantic. ibe said. "The doctors thought I~ d asked to attend. she made at this resort where she The daughter of a BI'onx butcher. lose my hearing if I went into the .,. summers, and that long ago splash she held 29 International and Amer· water. I stayed put Cor eigh t PASTEURIZED to Came and fortune . iean records when she turned pro. l months. We went to all the doctors. Once the toast of the nation, fessional at 18. What could I do, though? In those Trodl hasn't seen much oC the At 19, Gertrude Edcrle had come days there were no hearing aids. " limelight slnM 1928. a long way tram the West Side She wears one today. MILK Decades of wars and troubles shop of her father to the English The spoilight passed her by. She have piled O!l the glittering 20's Channel shore. She had knocked had tp scrap plans Cor a European Gallon that saw Trudl accomplish her on the door the year before. She tour., Then. in 1933, she fell down c Ceat. Many men and women have sald she had been taken from the a flJght oC stairs. Physicians fear· 68 swum the Channel since . . In 1950 water b; her trainer and could cd she might not walk again. but Florence Chadwick bro)ce Trudl's have finished the swim. she was able to sprint across Billy record of 14 hours and 31 minutes But in 1926, the girl won her Rose's Aquacade popl on the annl· HALDANE Plus - Color Cartoon with a phenomenal 13 hour, 20 min- quest. Fifty singing ncwsmen did versary of the channel crossing in "~IAGOO' S C ,~VtNE ~Il1'JNY" FARM DAIRY ' Kt VALLEY ute crossing. their best to supplant the brokcn 1939. uS peeJ .. 1 In Color ,. " (API'lrep".I.) John Dane PRIN. CE CHARLES ~alr-covered forehead il cauling lOme public discullion in England the.. day •• But Trudi's performance, on phonograph that was to have paced Trudi, who never married, lives H2 Miles S.W. Iowa City Aug. 6, 1926, blazed thc trail. She her. in New York. DIO·31 PATRONIZE THE DAILY IOWAN He /I .h~wn her. with t~ • . d_n.. ver-forthead growth of hair 01 he rides in London with hi. moth.r, ~. Queen Ehubeth II, and hIS SISter, Prinu.. Anne. The Princesl apparentlv prefers her blonde curll ADVERTISERS combed back from h.r faci. 'v.' .1 i , U ------·- .' Startl • Jamie Dawn On Trial '. , FAST For Her Life. ; .3 Jurors Classified Help Wanted Male Help Wonted II . Instruc;fion Caught in A Web of Terror! Adverti!ing Rates Tickets for the DAD'S DAY CONCERT FULL AND part-Ihne men over 2a nlult PART-TIME help wnnted (or ,~ery FREE In.tructlon In th" Christian• F,lth. What Wou Id You Have Done Onc! Day ...... 8¢ a Word have vnlld cllllu([euf license, two work Applv In per on Ralston Gro- I No obll,utlo',. Call Vtew PoInt Two Days ...... 10¢ a Word yenra experience In nmbul.1:J(!t r 'Ice. ,,,ry. lil3l ~ftjscallne. 11-9., ~20 ., ._ 1 0-~ are going very fast. If you are pla~ni'ng (unernl home. hOl'Pltul, or 111'\1 md I ~:/ If ,v'ou"Were on tJ;e' Jury? Three Days . . ... IU a Word work. AppU.,.nls :nu. t be neal npDeat­ .1: f I DANCING LESSONSI BALLET. to". tap. Four Days ...... 14~ a Word Inll. and lllentally al .. rl. no traIlIe con· TrOller or So e I n crobntl~. ballroom. Dnrlene H"I on going, hurry down to the 'UNION \'Ictlons or OMVI n!C'Ord • • Apply In per­ Phon" 7761. I \ Five Days ...... ' 15 ~ a Word "'1) niter live. p.m. Superior A"lbulance 29 FOOT house IrGller with lorlle ad. _-4' 1__ _ Se~v1ce. 122 WrI,M Slrent. 10.12 dillon. Don Ro~ers , Corol Trailer Ten Day$ ...... * a Word , Park. 10-23 SCHOOL OF DANC~ , all types of In· DESK. One Month ...... 39¢ a Word slructlon. Harriet Jean' •. PitonI' 2M!. WANTED young lady (or Saturday. Wee , lI·a (Minimum Charge 50¢) Wash It. !29 S. Dubuque. '10.\8. NEW AND USED mobile home.. all - ,I" ... _...... Dr.play Ad. IIZH. erury terMl •. For~ ' t View Trailer BALLROOM dance 1.R50nl, Mimi Youde Snle •. Hlllh Nay 218 North. Open until Wurlu. Died 0485. " 10·24 featuring STUDENT CHORE BOY. PrIvate home. 9, In"ludl". 5un40),1. 10-17R One Insertion ...... {or room :md hoII'd. Olv. collet/a ...... ,' 98¢ a Column Inch year and scheelulA! of eourse.. Write Lost and Found Box 7 Dally rowan . 11·5 Child Core DAVE BRUBECK Door" Five Insertions a Month, each LOST : BI"e Pnl'ker l' lIquld lead pencil. WAN'J'ED 'IOloltiL for Cht1.stlan Sclenee WILL c rl' for child nile 3 to ~ III my Name enlll·.velt . DIal ,,4241 . 10-11 Open Insertion , ~ a Column Inch ren Insertions a ~onth, each Church. C.U 8-~3 afternoON. 11-2878 home. 8-1538. 1'-18 - - ,--' ~-- 1:15 p.m. evenln,s. 10-17 LOST : Reel c3r11g.1O .wuter 311 Shaef- a P.M. , FRI., OCT. 12 $1.50 per Person lnsertion . 80¢ a Column Inch WANTED-t:hlld Cure. Dlnl 3411. 11-6 \ fer. If round c~1I ,,33~1. Reward. DlADLINI Rooms for Rent I • - 10-11 BABY oltlln( ao:l.'~. 10-17 , Sponsored by ~M1ine Cor all classified ad· vertlsing Is 2 P.M. for insertion D~U:'~~ room. /llrl •. 01.1 $939 ~J~~ Miscellaneous for Sale Typ,\n~ CENTRAL PARTY COMMITTEE In [oJJowing mornlng's Issue. The TYPINC IB~[ electr l ~ t)pcwrlter. 8-2-l42. I ._-­ FOR SALE : Good u ed electric refrlger- H-Il Daily Iowan reserves the right DOI1BLl!r or trIple ;'oom tor studrnt ator. G . and electriC . 10ves. upllilhl , ___ ) 5 )J reject IIll'Y advertlsing copy. men. S-2W after 3. piano. rug.. ThOnl090n Troll"er nnd TYPINC. 329~ 10 .~ =s=- . StorBge Company U.-.(d Furniture De· DIAL ENDS FOR RENT: R90In. GenUeman. 9210 . parlment. __ ~2 Typlnil 9&.10. 10-29 TONITE e / T H E KIN G A N D ~ I 10·11 12 GUNS. pIRtol., rifle.. refrigerators all --....,...... ,...----- LATE .1l,e8, lolf club •. lIolr ball •. IUilgng", TYPrNO. 9202. 1·1 STARl Autos for Sale hcat.ehl all klnll• • dl.hes. pols. pan., ------,.:..:...-""7---­ . ,"~I. SHOW -.. , I ketO". cheolll. beds rmd double. TYPING "417 10 19 ' wltft 41:9·1 Qood COll- FOR SALE 1947 PLYmouth, davenporta. tudlos, book helves. Hock - . ., ."':':':-'______._. FRIDAY MAWIA EDUARD REGIS Itill dillon. Phone 8·0311'1. 10·18 Eye-LOan. ' 10-10 TYPING. Dlnl &202. , 10·IOR NITE , Apartment for Rent I :. ] ~h~I~.~! PAlMER. FRANZ· TOOMEY I I ell' tire., 10-17 FOR RENT lara'e un(urnlshed duplex l~ FORD. Oood · motor. ' I'Od~ ~~lt ' ~~LE7..,Y 3~:-SPH~;U~ I TY~~G . 6181 3-O~¥,. huter. can ~ . 7-0 p.m. to. L! with .cce 8

,'AIlANOllllT 'ftUEHTS FROM HElL TO...... HEEE!f~' . .AUllE)) HI1'CHC(X;K'S Th. ·A'utf1.r or j • 'THE TROUBLE· . "ALL OUIET WITH'HARRY ON THE WESTERN FRONTj,' '(lmbin •• with a great director In a brilliant .creen reyelation of the

century'. mo.t fa.cina~rng

ALFREO HITCHCOCK'S CS PurcbllS ·THB MAN WHO StoreS /ln· to Com'~ Itt KNEW'TOOMUCB Llgh Yo o ·\} Jl In. Ii • • 'fI ... '-TNI OAtL V 'OWAN-a-. City, t •.-TltvrMa" Oct. 11, "" •• .. rYankees:': 'Take World ': 'ictciry * * * • K~cks- * * * * '1/11 Be Back * ,( Continued frolll Page 1) Sad Ankles Force Landy I ~ epened the fourth with a shot over For NOa"7,' the sckcboardin right field before To Quit Austrblia's Trials Newt trudged, head down, to the MELBOURNE ltl - John Landy. ed the 5.000·metcrs trial as a sort dugout. Australia's ~eluetant rllcer Who has of lest oC the condiUon o( his legs ,. The much· maligned '( a n It e e Say$ Ca.sey for the games. ~ pitching starr that wasn·t supposed run six of the _world's 10 fastest BBOOKL YN (A'! - Crusty Casey He believeS' he has a bette~ to be able to '~tajn the Dodger miles. pulled out of the Olympic chance of wil1Dlng an Olympic Stengel took his sixth World ·Se. right-handed power . .t Ebbe&s 5.000·meters tryout Wednesday and' gold medal in the longer r.ace than Field. finally wound up by holding . ies championship in stride Wed· indicated not run in the in the 1.500 meters. which is short the Brooks to a total of one run he might' nesday. praising Yogi Berra and trials at al1. " : V of his best distance. thl) mile . • nd only seven bits in the l88t 28 'pitxlher JOhMY J('ucklt/ 'aM ,hinted. innlpgs. . with a sly wink, he'lI be back to The world mile record holder .1 After Whitey Ford and Tom Stur· try fpr l'jo. ,1 nellot ,ear. '" I said his injurtld

f· SMORGAASBORD..- , ":" L :. 15-cJ,.cl' W.er 'Bra des . ' . Served from 12 Noon to 2:00 P.M. . ,' " . ,. . ' ,. I, ~ ,1. 4 and " .. Jf , rH~ ~ FOLLQ,W(NC;; SERV.ICES '. ARE 'COM- ,,' . I ~ " • • ft.! . . f . r" • I I",. . ' all SEE OUR FINE COLLECTION .PLE1'BD, 'WI: WILL GUARANTEE , 30" PROlEC .. One oj \ to-' "'4 '.. " ~ . .~ . l" \.., I I SUI stuc::1 0 )T1O~ FO ~ME: WINTER WITHlN 6 1 OF IVY .sPOIT COATS is a goo , \: t . J. ." " • ,'f , ~r' ;&, ' ~f it I. ..game. · - ., \ , If he' I-C~eck all hoae (roclator & con- the mic!· heater), clamps. out of t::: nectloni & head gei"'et. ' ~ ... . morning I II-Check radiator & water pump fer I•• , and flu.h foarth c a place • completely• line in III-inatalltinter ther",.. t..,. , An U... 'lIet a : ROSE ROOM - SECOND FLOOR IV-I.,.tall Texaco '.T. or Goodyear 'ermane.,t Type laG-yard Antlfrall. to protect to -30·. There that a ~ self a where h JEFFERSON HOTEL For Ivy Fayll/oris .. . It's in actio the flel. " He 'e .' card s. , ' The ·c;; 32 W. lurlington .best ~ Ita me.