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Holy Week Meditations (Pages 1-3) * St. Matthew Passion (Page 5) * Rossini's Stabat Mater (Page 7) * Cuckoo Clock House ~ THIS IS Mathilda, the obliging bird ot the Cuckoo Clock House. testing her voice for the special Easter edition of the program on April 16. With her are Beth Robinson and Kenny Graham, the two young Torontonian~ who have boon on the popular children's pro­ gram since it started more than three years ago. Mathilda's cheerful song is heard each week, heralding the program and marking the transi­ lion from onc "room" of the 'nouse" to another. Cuckoo Clock House is heard on the CBC Dominion network Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. CST, 5:30 p.m. MST. * * * Easter Easter is a time of special delight to young people. Indeed all the symbols associated with it-hot-cross buns. Easter eggs, rabbits, Bowers and new bonnets-suggest new life and reflect the atmosphere of youth and spring. For chil­ dren and others interested in the folk customs of the festival, Charles Wasserman of will trace their origin and explain how some of them came to . He will speak on April 16 in the program Thi.l Week. Holy Week Meditations Winnipeg Concert Many other programs during the week will Each day during Holy Week, special quarter­ The Winnipeg Concert this week (Sunday, have Easter themes. Some of the week's musical hour meditations will supplement the regular April 10, CBW 4:30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 3:30 CBe programs-including Bach's St. Matthew Pas­ religious programs on networks, con­ p.m.) will again originate at a public perform­ dueled by Rt. Rev. W. T. Barfoot, of the sion on Wednesday Night-are described else­ Anglican diocese of Edmonton. Bishop Barfoot ance in \Vi.l1nipeg's Civic Auditorium. Eric where. The Way 01 the Spirit has special Easter will be heard from Edmonton 011 CB\V at 4:45 Wild will conduct the orchestra in three or­ dramas. p.m.: CBK, CBX 3:45 p.m. chesb'al suites. Page 2 CBC TIMES Prairie Region

N.Y. PHILHARMONIC Lad, from H.M.s. Pinafore; Land of Hope and Glory, from Pomp and Cir­ Sunday, April lOth, 1949 ph~;:; ~~~cs;:,k":;~:;;;o:;:,c BS=~ cumstance (Elgar). James Melton I'------::==-:7:"-:::=:::::-:-....,.::::::--.,..,.....,.-,:-::":::.,------~ IWalter. From few York. Symphony and Nora Crennan: I'll See You Again, CBW, MANITOBA (990 Kc.) (CST) No.5 in C Minor (Beethoven); Sym- from Bittersweet (Noel Coward). 8:55 Musical Proqram 12:30 Way of the Spirit 7;30 Comrades in Arms phony No.6 in F Major (Beethoven). James Mclton: 0 Dry Those Tears. 9:00 CDC Ne.s 1 :00 CDC New. 8:00 CBC National New. Orchestra: Tarantelle, from Covent 9:03 Weather 1:03 Capital Report • 10 Th Old So CBW 2:00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 1:00 9:15 World Church New. 1:30 ReUqioua Period :. DO· Gardens Suite (Coates). A sketch 9:30 Sunday SChool of the 2:00 N.Y. Philharmonic 8:30 Album of Familiar p.m. based on the song, When You and I Ail" 3: 30 Cburch of the Air Music 10:00 CDC Ne.s 4:00 Slnqmq Stars 9:00 Staq. 49 CHURCH OF THE AIR \Vere Young Maggie, is also included 10:02 Neiqhbourly New. 4:30 Winnipeg Concert 10:00 Alan and M. on the program. From Vancouver. 10:15 Prairt. Qatdener 5:25 CBe News 10:25 Interlud. Very Rev. G. B. Snell, Pro-Cathedral 10:30 Recital 5:27 Weather Foreca.t Dam. 7,30 p.m. 11 :00 St. Alban's Anglican 5:30 Ouie and Haniet 10:30 Critically Spea1dng Church of the Redeemer, Calgary. Church 6:00 Weekend R..lew 11 :00 Cla••lc. For Today Topic: Christ the Crucified. -- 11:59 Dominion Time Signal 6:15 Jc~ Fisher 11:30 Ve.per Hour CBW p.m.; CBK, CBX 2,30 PRELUDE TO MIDNIGHT 12:00 Alan ~ 6:30 Stringli For Sunday 12:00 CBC New. 3,30 12:15 Just Mary 7:00 Fred Allan 12:10 Weather Forecast p.m. Recorded program. Night at the CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Ke.) (MST) Ballet-excerpts from twenty ballets­ 8:55 Musical Proqram. 12:30 ReUgious Period 7:00 CDC National New. SINGING STARS played by the London Philharmonic 9:00 CBC News 1:00 N.Y, Philharmonic 7:10 The OJd Sonqs Today', broadcast will be the third under Walter Goehr. From . 9:02 Neighboudy New. 2:30 Church of the Air 7:30 Album. of Familiar 9:15 Prairie Gardener 3:00 Singing Stars Music of the semi-finals for the scholarship CBK, CBX J1,30 p.m. 9:30 R&cltal 3:30 Winnipeg Concert 8:00 Staqe 49 awards. The competitors will be 10:00 BBC New. .'25 CBC New. 9:00 Ouie and Harriet Esther Ghan and Morley Margolis. 10:15 Musical Pr09ram 4:27 W th 9:30 Critically Speaklnq The Future of Big Aircraft.-I do 10:30 Harmony Harbour ' eo. er 10:00 Cla••lca For Toda both of Winnipeg; and Roger Doucet not believe in very large landplanes. 10:S9 Dominion Time 5iqnal 4:30 Sonq. and Slnqers 10:30 Ve.per Hour I' of Montreal. From Toronto. 11 :00 Alan MUl. 5.00 Weekend Rniew 11 00 CBC N The whale is bigger than the elephant, 11:15 Ju.t Mary 5:15 John Fisher : e•• CBW 4,00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 3,00 11:30 Way of the Spirit 5:30 Strinqs For Sunday 11:10 Weather and I think that the very big aircraft 12:00 CBC Ne.s 6:00 Fred Allan 11:15 Tales of the Trails p.m. of the future will be the marine craft. 12:03 Capital Report 6:30 Comrade. in Anna 11:30 Prelude to Midniqht -Ala;or Oliver Stewart, on BBC. CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Kc.) (MST) PROBLEM OF CANCER 8:55 Musical Pr09ram 12:30 Re1iqioWi Period 7:10 The Old Sonqs A talk by Dr. William Boyd of 9:00 CBC News 1:00 N.Y. Philharmonic 7:30 Album of Tammeu Toronto on The Diagnosis of Cancer. 9:02 Ne19~bourlT New. 2:30 Church of the Air Musil: The Prairie Gardener Dom. 4:00 p.m. ;:~~ ~:ft:zi Gardener g;~ ~'t:::::eqSt~ncelt 8:00 Staqe 49 10;00 BBC New. 4:25 CBC News 9:00 Oule and Harriet -- 10:15 Musical Program 4.27 Weather 9:30 Critically Speaklnq WINNIPEG CONCERT Summary of Broadcast of Marth 10:30 Harmony HarbouI 4:30 Songs and Singers 10:00 Cla..ics lor Today 27, 1949. 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 5:00 Weekend Review 10:30 Vesper Hour Concert orchestra conducted by Eric 11:00 Alan MUla 5:15 John Fisher 11:00 CBC New. Wild. From Winnipeg, The program Western Canadian Society of 11:15 Just Mary . 5:30 Strings For Sunday 11:10 Weather consists of three orchestral suites. Bal­ 11:30 Way 01 the Splnt 6:00 Fred Allan 11 15 T I I h T .,_ Horticulture: 12:00 CBC New. 6:30 Comrades in Arms : a es 0 t e Ial~ let Suite, The Gods Go A-Begging 12:03 Capital R.pratt 7:00 CBC National New. 11:30 Prelude to Midnlqht (arrangement by Sir Thomas Beecham Organized about five years ago this CDC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) of music from Handel operas and society includes among its seventy-odd 3:30 Aldrich FamUy 6:00 Hawall Calla 8:15 Bod'. Scrapbook concerti grossi); Capriol Suite (Peter members a representative cross-section 4:00 Problem of Cancer 6:30 Para MU5ic Room 8:30 Don Wriqht Chorus of the leadership in horticultural mat­ 4:15 Ed McCurdy 7:00 Serenade Warlock); Matinees Musicales, 2nd 4:30 Canadicma at Work 7:30 Harv9St 01 Stara 9:00 Dominion News Suite of Five Movements from Rossini ters in the prairie region. It includes 5:00 Talking to the Stars 8:00 Chapman & Webb 10:15 Chapman & Webb (Benjamin Britten). plant breeders and plant science 5:30 Amo. 'n Andy (Man.) (Sask.• Alta.) experts from the Dominion Experi­ CBW 4,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 3,30 mental Stations, Forest Nursery Sta­ . For Corrections anel Late Program Hotes for Last W••k·. p.m. Time_See Page 8. tions, provincial universities, nurseries CANADIANS AT WORK and seed companies, as well as a sprinkling of other members noted for « » program a first prize in 1947, the The story of the Abegweit, the « NOTES» judges at the American Institute for their interest in the advancement of world's largest icebreaker, and the horticulture. RECITAL Education by Radio said: "This is part she plays in maintaining the salt­ radio at it.. lIlost effective The Tova Boroditsky, pianist. From water link in Canada's trans-conti­ Active Members1lip is limited to value of the progmm is in the truly Toronto_ Fantasy in F Minor, Op. 49 nental COllununications between Prince graduates of agricultural and horti­ religious simplicity and realism which (Chopin); Preludes os. 15 in D Flat Edward Island and the mainland. The cultural institutions who arc engaged Major and 17 in A Flat Major, Op. 28 succeeds in taking the subject out of Abegweit is a ferry as well as an ice­ in research, teaching or extension cold print and making it beautifully (Chopin); Scherzo in B Minor, Op. breaker and packs railway cars, auto­ work but with provision for admission 20 (Chnpin). alive, with emotiomll integrity." The mobiles and passengers across the of other persons by virtue of their performan<.'eS of this and next week Northumberland Strait. A CBC crew work in technkal or scientific horti­ CBW 10,30 a.m.; CBK, CBX 9,30 cllina....: the Lenten season and crown culture. Associate membership (with a.m. from Halifax led by aIlllouncer Carl the year with the most intense and MacCaulJ spent two days on the four­ all privileges except voting) is avail­ moving story of Christendom. engined ferry to prepare and record able to all others not eligible for THE WAY OF THE SPIRIT CBW 12,30 1,.m.; CBK, CBX 11,30 the documentary describing her work. active membership but who are di­ rectly and keenly interested in the The biblical drama for today deals a.m. From Montreal. Dom. 4:30 1}.m. objects of the society. with the CrUCifiXion, which will be The object of the society is to followed next week by the Ressurec­ CAPITAL REPORT encourage investigational work and to lion. The programs are broadcast from WEEKEND REVIEW Alexander Uhl from 'Vashington, disseminate knowledge on all phases Montreal; scripts by Canon J. E. George Ferguson of Montreal. of horticulture. Ward and Earle Grey; musical back­ nJair Fraser from Ottawa, Matthew Halton from Londun. CBW 6,00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 5,00 The area included in the activities ground by Leo Lesieur, organist, and p.m. u).~ of the society reaches into eastern Dorothy Weldon, harpist. Casts have CBIV p.m.; CBK, CBX 12,03 British Columbia and western Ontario. included: Eleanor Stuart, Gerald p.m. HARVEST OF STARS Friendly relations are also maintained Rowan, George Alexander, Morrison This weekly BC broadcod.St moves with professional horticulturists in Baird, Albert Miller, Tom McBride, to Vancouver for this occasion with the adjacent- American statl.."S. Betty Taylor, Eileen Clifford, Chris­ RELIGIOUS PERIOD program's regulars-tenor Jam<.'S Mel­ The papers delivered at the annual topher Ellis, Robert Goodier, Norman Ro man Cat hoi i c series. Rt!v. Matthew Meehan. From Toronto. ton and musical director Frank Black: meetings of the society and the report.. Tavis, Sam Vatcher. Cicely Howland, -playing host to a group of \Vest of various committees set up to investi­ Tim Wl1l\len, John Colicos. Produced CBW 1,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 12,30 Coast artists. It is designed as a tribute gate horticultural problems have by Rupert Caplan. In awarding this p.m. to the Canadian prairie farmer. Mr. prOVided a valuable public service to Black will direct the Vancouver Sym4 all those interested in gardening or The C BeT I 1\1 ES phony Orchestra; a Vancouver soprano, commercial horticulture. In addition (WUHRN EDITION) Nora Grcnnan, will be heard in a duet the convention brings Widely sep­ PubUdl~ .MklJ br the c.n&dl~ Dro.d"lItinl: Co-.poratlori at lu Pralrl. Rellon R.adquart.u, with Mr. Melton; and the Sherwood arated experts together for the ex­ SOO ~I.uhon. BulWlna. Wlnn!PtI. ){anlloba. Robson choral group of sixteen voices change of ideas and the planning of Edllor: C. E. L'AM]. will also be heard. James Melton, the approach to further plant breeding dub~rtptlon Rat.: $1.00 Per ,ur. Authorb.ed a. Setood CIa.. )fall. Post Ull'lce Departlllent. Ott.... Poelloaner: Pl.... return it DOt ddh.n!d _Ilbln th, dill. chorus and orchestra; 'Vhen I Was a and horticultural research. Prairie Region CBC TIMES Page 3

Monday, April llth, 1949 Government Statement on Television Policy 1. The Government has for some time been considering how television in the establishment of proper facilities CDW, MANITOBA (990 Kc.) (CST) broadcasting could be developed in and operating methods. A further 6: 45 Manitoba on Parade 11:15 Aunt Lucy 4:45 Holy Week Canada in a way that would best advantage of development at the 6:55 CBW Reporteor 11 :30 Sugar 'n Spice Meditations 5:00 Five O'Clock Time serve the national interest. The early present time will arise from the large 7:00 CBC News, Weather 11: 54 Klinq-Kote Steve stages in the growth of television in 7:05 Manitoba On Parade 11 :59 Dominion Time Signal 5:15 Kerry Wood. new outlet which will be provided for 5:30 Tune Parade other countries have been carefully 7: 30 CBC News 12:00 Musical Program 5:45 Musical Proqram the electronics industry. Television will 7:40 Weather, Manitoba 12:13 Weather 6:00 CBC New., Weathet observed, and the serious problems, help to maintain and materially in­ on Parade 12:15 Farm Broadcast 6:10 U.N. Commentary which were seen to exist in both the crease the contribution of this import­ 8:00 CBC New. 12:45 Clair. Wallac. 6: 15 Jack Smith 8;05 Weather 1:00 CllC News 6: 30 Sporta Report production and transmission of tele­ ant industry to OUf national life. 8:07 Dominion Sportliqht 1:10 Meuag_ 6:45 Manitoba Music vision broadcasts, have been studied. 8:12 Interlude 3. From a social point of view, Ganq Festival 8:15 Breakfast Club 1:15 Bappr 1:00 Just a Memory experiments in other countries have 8:45 Weather I :45 Plantation Houu 7:30 Fun Parade made it abundantly clear that tele­ 8:50 Morninq Devotion. Party 8:00 Radio Theatr. Statement by A. D. Dunton 9:00 Morninq Music 2:00 Lite Con Be BeautiJul 9:00 CDC National Ne•• vision will become one of the most 9: 15 Kinderqarten of the 2:15 Ma Perkina 9:15 Ne~ Roundup GlIainnan, GBG Board of Governors effective means of mass communication Ai< 2:30 Pepper Young 9: 30 SummerfaUow 9:30 CBW Reporter 2 :45 Right to Happin... 10:00 Out of the West CBC will be ready to go right yet devised. This new medium can be 9:35 Mornlnq Comment 3:00 School Broadcast JO:30 VanCOUTer Drama ahead with the establishment of of b'ieat benefit to the national life of 9: 45 Here and There 3:30 Concert Period 11:00 Report from the Canada if properly developed. On the 10:00 Road of Life 4:00 Women'. New. Provinces TV facilities as soon as the loan 10:15 Biq Slater Comment 11:15 Sons of the West mentioned is approved by Parlia­ other hand, it could have a negative 10:30 What'. Your Beef? 4:03 CBC Cooking School 11 :30 Immortal Music ment. It is not possible at this stage or even detrimental effect on our Itl:45 Laura Llmit~ 4: IS Bernard Braden 12:00 CBC N.ws national life if it grew in a haphazard 11.'00 BBC News 4:30 Afternoon Varieties 12:10 Weath.r to say just when broadcasting and and um.'o-ordinated manner. CDK, SASKATCHEWAN (S40 K..) (MST) programming operations can begin since much will depend on delivery 4. In making plans for television, 6:45 Morning Vari.ti.. 11: 15 Happr Ganq 4:30 YTan L'1fttrepide the Covernment has been primarily 7:00 CBC News 11 :45 Claire Wallace 4:45 Un Homme £t Son times for many items of equipment 7:03 Weather 12:00 CBC News Peche nnd of the availability of sites and concerned to provide that Canadians 7: 05 Musical Proqram 12:10 Weather and Intvrlude 5:00 Chlcho Valle in various parts of Canada will have 7.' 15 Breakfast Club 12:15 Farm Broadcast and 5:15 Jack Smith premises needed. 'We hope, how­ 7: 45 Clockwatc:her Weather 5:30 Maqic AdTenlutes ever, to be operating in from the opportunity to receive Canadian 8:00 CBC New. 12:45 Plantation Hous. 5:45 CllC N.w. programs. To ensure that this shall twelve to eighteen months after 8: 10 Weather Party 5:55 Weather take place, the Government is prepared 8:15 Mornlnq Devotions I :00 Life Can Be Beautiful 6:00 Just a Memory the loan has been approved. 8:25 Interlude I: 15 Ma Perkins 6:30 Melody Moods to give the necessary support for the 8: 30 CBIC Reporter I :30 Pepper Younq 1:00 Radio Theatr. establishment of facilities in Canada 8: 35 Morninq Comment 1:45 Rlqht to Happlne•• 8:00 CBC National New. 8: 45 Musical Proqram 2 :00 Concert Hour 8:15 News Roundup It was realized that television would that will meet the desire of the Cana­ 9: 00 Road of Life 2: 30 Bernard Braden 8:30 Summerfallow go through a difficult and costly period dian people to have a television 9: 15 Big Sister 2:45 Women's New. 9:00 Out of the West system of their own. Because of our 9:30 What's Your Be.f? Comment 9:30 Vanc:ouTer Drama of experiment. During this phase, 9: 45 Laura Limited 2: 48 CBC Cookinq School 10:00 Report from the which has not been entirely com­ relatively small and scattered popula­ 10:00 BBC New. 3:00 Feature Concert Provinces tion, special efforts will be required to 3:15 Family Favourites 10:15 Sons of the West pleted, it seemed wise to delay the 10:15 Aunt Lucr 3:30 MusIcal Proqram. link together different parts of the 10:30 KindHqarten of th. 10:30 Immortal Music introduction of television in Cnnada, 3 :45 Holy Week 11 :00 CBC News country by vision as well as sound. AI< Meditations and also to provide for further and 10:45 CBK R.porter 4:00 Radio Journal 11: 10 Weather more extensive study of methods For these reasons, it is clear that a 10:50 MUllical Proqram 4:10 Chansons Francaises 11: 15 Dance Orch..lra large measure of public participation IO;:S9 Dominion Tltne 5iqnol 4:J5 Courier de Radlo- II: 30 Musical Modeme which would be suitnble to Canada. 11 :00 ETeorybodr Slnq Parents. 11: 45 Bob Bain Quartet For this reason, the Government in television will be necessary. 5. It is not the intention, however, CBX, ALBERTA (l010 Kc.) (MST) proposes to include television as one of the subjects of inquiry for the Royal to exclude private operations Irom the 6:58 Slqn On 11: 15 Hoppr Ganq 4:30 DivcrrtimMlto field of television. The development 7:00 CBC N.w. 11 :45 ClaiJ'e Wallace 4:45 SBC News Commission on National Development 7:03 Weath.r 12:00 CBC N.~ 4:55 U.N. Commentary in the Arts, Letters and Sciences of radio broadcasting in Canada 7:07 Mu.alcal Int.rlude 12:10 Weather 5:00 Chlcho Valle which is now being established. through a combination of public and 7:15 Breakfast Club 12:15 Farm Broadcast and 5:15 Jack Smith 7:45 Clockwatcher Weather 5:30 M'aqlc AdnnlUr.. 2. In the meantime, however, while private enterprise, in a manner which 8:00 CDC Ne~ 12:.5 Plantation House 5:45 CDC News the Commission is conducting its a vast majority of disinterested Cana­ 8:10 Weather Pm", 5:55 Weath.r 8:15 Mornlnq Deyotlcma 1:00 tile Can Be Beautiful 6:00 Just a M.mory inquiry, the Government has decided dians approve and suPPOrt. has shown 8:25 Interlud. I: IS Ma P.rkins 6: 30 Melody Mooda that the development of a Canadian the feasibility of this method of pro­ 8:30 CBX Reporter 1:30 Pepper Younq 7:00 Radio Theatre cedure. The Canadian Broadcasting 8:35 Mornlnq Comment 1:<&5 Rlqhl to Happln... 8:00 CDC National News teJevision system on an interim basis 8:45 Sonq. and Slnq.... 2 :00 Concerl Hour 8:15 News Roundup should be undertaken. By entering the Act provides that, for radio, there shall 9:00 Road of til. 2: 30 Bernard Braden 8:30 Summerfallow field now, Canada will benefit sub­ he a national system publicly owned 9:15 BIq Slat.r 9:00 Out of the West 2:45 Women'. N.ws 9:30 VancouTer Drama stantially from the experience of others and operated, and that there shall 9:30 What's Your B••f? Comment 10:00 Report from the also he private stations, the operations 9:45 Laura UmJt~ 2:48 CDC c.oking School Province. 10:00 BBC N••• 3:00 Fealur. Concert 10: 15 Sons of the West teen-year.-old Ian Parmenter will take of which are co-ordinated with those of 10:15 Aunt Lucr 3:15 Family Fa'Yourit_ 10:30 Immortal Music the leading role in Lhe play, in which the national facilities. This procedure 10:30 Klnderqarlen of th. 3:30 Melody's the Them. 1l:00 CDC N.w. win be adopted, wiLh suitable adjust­ AI, 3:45 Holy Week Il:10 Weather the poor orphaned scullion turned 10:45 Alberta Ill.moe Meditations JI:J5 Dance Orch.slra back from running away when he ments, for the development of tele· 10:5!t Dominion Tlm.. Slqnal 4:00 Ethel and Albert 1J :30 Musical Moderne vision. The public operation of Il :00 Enr"bodr Slnq 4:15 Travellers' Tal" Il :45 Bob Baln Quartet heard the prophetic notes of the Bow bells, and rose to the position of television will be established, to be CDC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) mayor of London. The radio adapta­ supported by those who benefit from the system. At the same time, private 8:30 Women'. Editor /5:30 Club 15 18:30 C.W.l.Z. tion is by Marian Waldman of Tor­ (9.30 a.m. CST Man.) 7:00 The Man Born To Be 9:00 Dominion News stations which win share in the 10:30 Women's Editor King 9:15 United Nations Today onto. From Vancouver. (Sosk.. Alta.) 8:00 Contented Hour 9:30 PIckwick Papers development of television, will he CBW 10,30 p.m.; CBK. CBX 9,30 licensed. The Government believes For Correctloal GIld Late Program Hote. for Last We.Ie'. p.m. that in this way, television will bec..'Ome Times--See Page 8. a means of encouraging Canadian IMMORTAL MUSIC tnlent, of expressing Canadian ideals, «« NOTES » .. HOLY WEEK MEDITATIONS This week's broadcast will be a visit of serving the needs of the country as n whole, and of stimulating and MORNING DEVOTIONS Bishop W. F. Barfoot of Edmonton with the composer Debussy. Alhert will conduct services at this time strengthening our national life and Rev. C. E. F. Wolff. of St. Steinberg will conduct the orchestra throughout Holy Week. Monday to with solos by Norma Abernethy, consciousness. Stephen's Anglican Church, Edmon­ Fridny. From Edmonton. pianist, and Betty Phillips, soprano. 6. The Government, therefore, pro­ ton. Monday. to Saturday, From Representntive Debussy music will in­ poses to adopt the following interim Edmonton for Alberta only. CBW 4A5 p.m.; CBK. CBX 3,45 clude: Clair de Lunc; Girl With the plan: GBX 8: 15 a.m. p.m. . F I a x e n H air; The Enchanted (1) The general direction of televi­ Cathedral; Reflections in the Wnter; sion broadcasting in Cannda will, in DERNARD BRADEN L'Enfant Prodigue; Pierrot. From accordance with the Canadian Broad­ Will You Marry Me, by Alan Pearce. Vancouver. casting Act, be entrusted to the Board CBW 4,15 ".m.; CBK. CBX 2,30 CBW 1l,30 p.m.; CBK. CBX 10,30 of Covernors of the Canadian Broad- p.m. p.m. (Continued on page 7) Page 4 ene TIMES------_....:::....-Prairie Region event to exciting event. "Rosie," optim­ To Vancouver istic, self-assured Cockney charlady Tuesday, April 12th, 1949 with ailments (a creation of Eric Christmas), is a recent immigrant to CBW, ~1ANITOBA (990 Kc.) (CST) Canada, and keeps listeners informed 6:45 Manitoba on Parade 11:15 Aunt Lucy 5:15 Magic Adventures of her progress in telephone conversa­ 6: 55 CBW Reporter 11 :30 Sugar 'n Spice 5:30 Tune Parade tions with her friend "Ada." Christ­ 7:00 CBC News, Weather 11:59 Dominion Time Signal 5:45 Musical Program 7: 05 Manitoba On Parade 12:00 The Furrow 6:00 CBC News. Weather mas, who came to Canada from 7:30 CBC News 12:13 Weather 6:10 U.N. Commentary England a year ago, al'io performs as 12:15 Farm Broadcast 6:15 Jack Smith 7;40 Weather, Manitoba pouter~pigL'{)n On Parade 12:45 Sinqalong 6:30 Sports Report "Madame Flotilla," a 8:00 CBC News 1:00 CBC News 6:45 Manitoba Music type who ought to have been a 8:05 Weather 1: 10 Messages Festival sergeant~major, B: 07 Dominion Sportlight 1: 15 Happy Gang 7 :00 To Be Announced and who organizes 8: 12 Interlude 1:45 Smoke Rings 7:30 Canadian Cavalcade things. 8:15 Breakfast Club 2:00 LUe Can Be Beautiful 8:00 Bob Hope Dom. 9,30 p.m. MST. 8:45 Weather 2: 15 Me Perkins 8 :30 Fibber McGee and 8:50 Morning Devotions 2:30 Pepper Young Molly 9 :00 Morning Music 2:45 Right to Happiness . HERITAGE OF MUSIC 9: 10 Kling-Kote Steve 3:00 School Broadcast 9:00 eBe National News 9:15 Kindergarten of the 3:30 Concert Period 9:15 News Roundup eBC orchestra conducted hy John Ai< 4 :00 Women's News 9 :30 Mystery Theatre Avison in a program of music by 19th 9:30 CBW Reporter Comment 10:00 Music by Eric Wild 9:35 Morning Comment 4:03 School for Consumers 10;30 Leicester Square century composers. A May Day Over­ 9 :45 Here and There 4:15 Bernard Braden 11:00 Points of View ture (Haydn Wood); Jura Summer 10:00 Road of Life 4:30 Afternoon Varieties 11: 15 Recital Time 10:15 Big Sister (Waiter Niemann); In the Chiltems 10:30 What's Your Beef? 4:45 Holy Week 11:30 Heritage of Music (Reginald King). From Vancouver. 10:45 Laura Limited Meditations 12:00 CBC News 5:00 Five O'Cloc:k Time 12:10 Weather CBW II,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 10,30 11:00 BBC News p.m, CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Kc.) (MST) 6:45 Morning Varieties 1l:15 Happy Gang 4:45 Un Homme et son 7:00 CBC News 11:45 Singalong Peche Committee of Parliament 7:03 Weather 12:00 CBC News 5:00 Guitar Quarlet CBC producer Ross McLEAN, who 7 :05 Musical Program 12: 10 Weather and Interlude 5: 15 Jack Smith passed through Winnipeg recently on To Review CBC Affairs 7:15 Breakfast Club 12:15 Farm Broadcast and ~:30 Kerry Wood 7:45 Clockwatcher Weather 5:45 CBC News his way to Vancouver to tuke over Ottawa-On March 18 the govern­ 8:00 CBC News 12:45 Smoke Rings 5:55 Weather new duties with the CBC Department ment placed the follOWing notice of 8:10 Weather 1:00 Life Can Be Beautiful 6:00 Looseleaf of Talks and Public AUairs there. He motion on the order paper: 8:15 Morning Devotions 1:15 Ma Perkins 6:30 Canadian Cavalcade 8:25 Interlude 1:30 Peppw Young 7:00 Bob Hope was formerly assi5tant talks producer "That a select committee be ap­ 8:30 CBK Reporter 1:45 Right to Happiness 7:30 Fibber McGee and in Toronto. pointed on radio broadcasting to 8:35 Morning Comment 2:00 School Broadcast Molly 8:45 Musical Program 2:30 Bernard Braden 8:00 CDC National New'S consider the annual report of the 9:00 Road of Life 2:45 Women's News 8:15 News Roundup MONTREAL SYMPHONY Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 9:15 Big Sister Commrmt 8:30 Leicester Square 9:30 What's Your Beef? 2:48 School for Consumers 9:00 Music by Eric Wild Montreal Symphony Orchestra con­ and to review the policies and aims of 9:45 Laura Limited 3:00 Feature Concert 9:30 Mystery Theatre ducted by Desire Dcfauw; Byron the Corporation and its regulations, 10:00 BBC News 3:15 Family Favourites 10:00 Points of View Janis, 20-year-old American pianist, as revenues, expenditure" and develop­ 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:30 Melody's the Theme 10:15 Recital Time 10:30 Kindergarten of the 3:45 Holy Week 10:30 Heritage 01 Music guest artist. Orchestra: Overture to ment, with power to examine and Air Meditations 11'00 CBC News Parsifal (\-Vagner), Byron Janis; Piano enquire into the matters and things 10:45 CBK Reporter 4:00 Radio Journal . 10:50 Musical Program 4: 10 Chansons Francaises 11: 10 Weather Concerto No.3 (Beethoven). Byron herein referred to and to report from 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 4:15 Le Cie1 par dessus les 11:15 Dance Orchestra Janis was born in Pittsburgh where he time to time observations and opinions 11 :00 Everybody Sinq toits 11 :30 Dance Orchestra gave his first recital at the age of thereon, and to send for persons, CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Kc.) (MST) nine. At 16, he appeared with the papers and records; and that the said NBC Symphony Orchestra and since committee shall consist of the follow­ 6:58 Sign On 11:15 Happy Gang 4 :45 BBC News 7:00 CBC News 11 :45 Singalong 4:55 U.N. Commentary then has played with a number of the ing members: 7:03 Weather 12:00 CBC News 5: 00 Guitar Quartet major American symphony orchestras. Messrs. Beaudoin, Bertrand (Pres­ 7:01 Musical Interlude 12:10 Weather 5: 15 Jack Smith He studied under Adele Marcus at cott), Bowerman, Coldwell, Diefcn­ 7:15 Breaklast Club 12: 15 Farm Broadcast and 5:30 Kerry Wood 7: 45 Clockwatcher . Weather New York's Chatham Square School haker, Fleming, Fulton, Gauthier 8:00 CBC News 12:45 Smoke Rings 5:45 CBC News 8:10 Weather I :00 Life Can Be BMlutiful 5:55 Weather of Music and later became a protege (P.ortneuf), Hackett, Hansell, Healy, 8:15 Morning Devotions I: 15 Ma Perkins 6: 00 Looseleal of Vladimir Horowitz. From Montreal. !snor, Knight, Langlois, Laurendeau, 8:25 Interlude I: 30 Pepper Young 6: 30 Canadian Cavalcade Dom. 7:30 1).m, CST; 10:30 p,m, Maloney, Maybank, McCann, Nixon, 8:30 CBX Reporter I :45 Right to Happiness 7: 00 Bob Hope 8:35 Morning Comment 2:00 School Broadcast 7: 30 Fibber McGee and MH. Pinard, Reid, Richard (Ottawa East), 8 :45 Songs and Singers 2: 30 Bernard Braden Molly Hohinson (Simcoe East), Ross (St. 9: 00 Road of Life 2:45 Women's News a:00 CBC National News LEICESTER SQUARE 9: IS Big Sister Comment 8:15 News Roundup Paul's), and Smith (Calgary West). 9:30 What's Your Beef? 2:49 School lor Consumers 8: 30 Leicester Square Vancouver actress Dorothy Fowler and that the presence of at least nine 9:45 Laura Limited 3:00 Feature Concert 9:00 Music by Eric Wild supplies a bil of comedy relief on this 3: 15 Family Favourites 9:30 Mystery Theatro memhers shall he a quorum of the said 10:00 BBC News 3:30 Melody's the ThemC' 10:00 Points 01 View week's broadcast with a monologue 10:15 Aunt Lucy committee and that Standing Order 65 3 :45 Holy Week 10:15 Recital Time called, Advice Tn The Lovelorn. Pro~ be suspended in relation thereto." 10:30 Kindergarten of the Meditations 10:30 HeTitage of Music gram regulars Ilarry Pryee and the AI' 4: 00 Ethel and Albort 11:00 CBC News 10:45 Alberta Memos 4: 15 Spotlight on a Star 11: 10 Weather orchestra, songstress Belle McEwan, 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 4:20 Sketches in Melody 11: IS Dance Orchestra Bill Carr, the Barhershop Quartet, and CBI Sydney Is Heard 11 :00 Everybody Sing 4:30 Divertimento 11:30 Dance Orchestra the Old Stager, Eric Vale, will be on Away 'Down Under' CBC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) hand to take listeners back to the days CBC's new transmitter in Sydney is of the gay nineties with tunes like: 5:30 Club 15 18:00 Famous Jury Trials /9:30 Keep in Touch making itself heard. A listener in New 6:30 Montreal Symphony 8:30 Harf!1ony House 10:30 Montreal Symphony Meet Me In St, Louis, LOt.1is; By (7:30 p.m. CST, Man.) 9:00 Dommlon News Zealand has informed Barry Mac­ 7:30 Let's Play Bridge 9:15 United Nations Today (Sask. and Alta.) Heck Fiddlesticks Hage' and selec­ Donald-station manager at CHI-that lions 'from The Belle of' New York. he picked up a CDI program on a six­ For Corrections and Late Program Notes for Last Week·s From Vancouver. Times-See Page 8. tube battery set whieh he had built CBW 10,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 8,30 himself. p.m. «« » GUITAR QUARTET The New Zealand listener-Kenneth HOTES» MacKay of Dunedin-heard a special SCHOOL FOR CONSUMERS Stan \;Vilson, Tony Braden, Al Har· KEEP IN TOUCH ris, Kenny Gill, guitarists; Joe Niosi, program broadcac;t one morning be­ Alison Grant, food economist and Comedy revue. Eric Christmas, John tween 4:30 and 5;30 for "DX-ers"­ consumer consultant, will broadcast bass violist; arrangements by Tony Drainie, Don Harron, Lister Sinclair; Braden. Produced by Byng Whitleker. radio fans who search the dial for far­ regularly in this period, starting to· Dorothy Alt, vocalist; orchestra con­ away stations. Three of the guitars arc treated in the day. From Toronto. ducted hy Dixie Dean; arrangements CHI was built to serve the area of manner of clarinet, trumpet and CBW .f,03 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2,48 by Lucio Agostini and Johnny Dob~ a flfty~mile radius about Sydney. p,m, trombone, and the fourth remains in son. From Toronto. This is ~ form of the guitar's normal rhythm-making radio vaudeville. Eric Christmas keeps In India today there is very little of BERNARD BRADEN role. The bass viol provides depth. the radio audience in touch with ill-feeling against England; and I Take Care of Dad, by Charlotte The music varies-jazz, quiet ballads, Canadian history this week with a think what little might remain will Moore. waltzes, and Latin American dance sketch called "Champlain and the aL'io fade away soon, as we co-operate CBW 4,15 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2,30 tunes. Golden Spike." The "keep in touch" together in the great tasks that con­ p.m. CBK, CBX 5,00 p.m. microphone travels across Canada from front us.-Pandit Nehru, on BBC, Prairie Region CBC TIMES Page 5

was greeted by the worst blizzard in Battle With Storms 50 years, Then his bo...,t from North Wednesday, April 13th, 1949 On Table Mountain Sydney to Newfoundland was stuck six days in ice Hoes, CBC Engineer Back From Epic CBW, MANITOBA (990 Ke.) (CST) "I guess people just won't believe Struggle; Canada - Newfoundland 6:45 Manitoba on Parade 11:00 BBC News 4:03 My Own Moth8'l: the things that happened-they sound 5:55 CBW Reporter 11:15 Aunt Lucy 4:15 Bernard Braden FM Link Established 7:00 esc Ne...., Weather 11:30 Suqar '0 SpIce 4:30 Afternoon Varieties impossible," he said. • 7:05 Manitoba On Parade 11:54 KlIng-Kcte Steve 4:45 Holy Week Sydney, N.S., March 29.-A fabulous 7:30 esc News 11:59 Dominion Time Slqnal Meditation. Over a large juicy steak he told of 7:40 Wegtber, Manitoba 12:00 MusIcal Pr09ram 5:00 Fi.... O'Clock Time tale that reads like a Paul Bunyan a tractor sinking almost from sight in On Parade 12:13 Weather 5: 15 Maqqle Muqqina story of a fight against seemingly in­ 8:00 CBC Ne.... 12:15 Farm Broadcast 5:30 Tune Parade snow banks; of a week-long journey to 8:05 Weather 12:45 Claire Wallace 5:45 Musical Proqram surmmmtable odds to establish a climb tlle seven miles to the top of 8:07 Dominion Sportllqht 1:00 esc News 6:00 CDC New. and direct broadcasting network link via the 1,700-£00' Table Mountain, 40 8:12 Interlude 1:10 Measaqes Weather F~i 8:15 BreakfQllt Club 1:15 Happy Canq 6:10 U.N. Commentary from Nova ScOtia to Newfound­ miles across Cabot Strait from Cape 8:45 WNther 1:45 Plantation House 6: 15 Jaek Smith land, was related today by a C.madian North at the eastern tip of Cape 8:50 Morninq D.~UOM Partv 6:30 Sport. Report Broadcasting Corporation engineer. 9:00 Mominq Music 2:00 LUe Ccm Be Beautiful 6:45 Manitoba Mu.ic Breton. Engineers from the C, .R.. 9:15 ~der9arteD of the 2:J5 Mo P.rldna Festival He is Maurice Rousseau, one of the department of transport. and the 9:30 CBW Reporter 2:30 P~pp.r Younq 7:00 SI. Matthew Passion twenty men who were engaged in re­ Americ..1n army struggled against 9:35 MomiDq Comment 2:45 Rtqbt to Happlneu 10:00 CDC National New. modelling and rebuilding radio tr.lns­ 9:45 Here and There 3:00 School Broadcast 10:15 When Niqbt Descend. winds that sometimes reached 100 10:00 Road of LU. 3:15 Muaical Proql"aDl 10:30 Concerl Orchestra mitters, receivers. and wire line con­ miles an hour, to complete the direct 10:15 Blq Silter 3:30 Concert Period II :00 Symphonic Rec:ordlnqa nections on Table Mountain, ncar communication line link in time for lO:30 What'. Your Beef? 4:00 Women'. News 12:00 CDC New. Cape Ray, Newfoundland. 10:45 Laura limited Comment 12:10 Weather the Union. CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Ke.) (MST) Fifteen Pounds Lighter Yanks Sent Helicopter 6:45 Morning Varietle. 10:59 Dominion Time Slqnal -4:00 Radio Journal Rousseau left Montreal five weeks "When the Americ..1n army heard 7:00 CBC New. 11:00 Everybody Sinq 4:10 Cbansons Francoise. 1:03 Weather II: IS Happy Ganq 4: IS Chtoaique LIlteraire ago on a one-week assignment. He of our difficulties in trying to get in a 7:05 Mu.i~ Proqram 11:-45 Claire Wallace 4:30 YVQD L'lntrepide left Sydney tonight, his job completed, ton of equipment to remodel the 7'15 !Irealtfcat Club 12:00 CDC News 4:45 Un Homme Et Son weighing 190 pounds, almost 15 . 12:10 Weather and Interlude Peche transmitter built during the war by 7:'5 Clockwatcber 12:15 Farm Broadcast and 5:00 Edmund Hockrldqe pounds lighter than when he started. the air force. they sent a helicopter 8:00 CDC Ntnn Weather 5:15 Jad:: Smith \Vhen he first arrived in Sydney, he 8:10 Wea~er . 12:45 Plantation House 5:30 Maqqie Muqqlns to bring in men and a transport plane 8:15 Momulq DeYotiona Party 5:45 CBC News to drop supplies and equipment to 8:25 Interlude 1:00 Life Can Be BeauUful S:SS Weather 8:30 CDk Reporter 1:15 Ma Perldna 6:08 RendezTous Room. Matthew Passion, written for the us." Rousseau said. 8:35 Mornlnq Comment 1:30 PliI'Pper Younq 6:30 Muaical Cocktalla Good Friday services at the Thomas­ "Honestly, the winds were so 8:45 Musical Pf09ram 1:45 Rlqht to Hoppineu 6:-45 Supper Vorletie. 9:00 Road of LUe 2:00 S<:hool Broadcast 7:00 Sonq Fe8tiTai kirche in Leipzig in 1729, will he strong sometimes, that to get out of 9:15 Big St.ter 2:30 Bernard Braden 7:30 Concert Orchestra performed in its entirety again this the buildings we had to climb out of 9:30 What's Your Beel? 2:45 Women's News 8'00 CDC N tI IN 9:45 Laura Limited Comment . a Ona ews year by Toronto Symphony Orchestra the windows; because if we had 10:00 DDC News 2:48 My Own Mother 8:10 SI. Mattbew Passion and Mendelssohn Choir, conducted opened the door we would never 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:00 Feature Concert 11:00 CDC New. 10:30 Xi.D.derqarten of the 3:15 Family Favourites 11:10 Weather by Sir Ernest MacMillan. This is the have got it shut again, We had two Air 3 :30 Musical FroqTam 11: 15 Mainly About Boob second occasion on which a complete life-lines strung between two build­ 10:45 CBX Reporter 3:45 Holy Week 11:30 London Studio 10:50 Musical Proqram Meditations Conc:erta performance of this work has been ings," he said. given in North America. The first was The transmitter and receiver an­ CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Ke.) (MST) on CBe \Vednesday Night l'lst year. tenna poles are guyed by so many 6:58 Slqn On 11:00 Everybody Slnq 4:00 Ethel and Albert Philip MacGregor, bass, will sing the wires that the normal 205-pound Rous­ 1:00 CDC Hew. 11:15 Happy Gang 4:15 Musical Proqram. role of the Christus, and William Mor­ 7:03 Weather II:45 Claire Wallace 4:30 Divertimento Seau couldn't climb between them. 7:07 Muaic:al Interlude 12:00 esc News 4:45 DDC News ton, tenor, the evangelist. This is the Rousseau told of walking out one 7:15 Breakfast Club 12:10 WNther 4:55 U.N. Commentary 26th annual performance for Sir 7:45 Clockwatcher 12:15 Farm Broadcast and 5: 00 Edmund Hockridqe morning to find seven poles which 8:00 esc Newa Weather 5:15 Jack Smith Ernest MacMillan. Since he succeeded they had stmggled for a week to 8:10 Weather 12:45 Plantation House 5:30 Maqqie Muggins Dr. Von Kunitz as conductor of the 8:15 Morninq Devotions Party 5:45 CDC New. erect, disappeared without a trace. B: 25 Interlude 1:00 Lifo Can Be Beautiful 5:55 Weather Toronto Symphony, and Dr. Fricker 8: 30 CBK Reporter 1:15 Ma Perkins 6:00 Rendezvous Room as conductor of the Mendelssohn "Another time we secured tlle end 8:35 Morning Comment I :30 Pepper Younq 6:30 Musical CocktaUs Choir, he has been able to bring these of 2,000 feet of cable to anchors. The 8:45 Songs and Sinqers 1:45 Rlq'bt to Happiness &:45 Supper Varieties next day there was no cable. We 9:00 Road of Life 2: 00 Concert Hour 7:00 Song Festival two large organi7.ations together for 9:15 Biq Sister 2: 30 Bernard Braden 7:30 Concert Orchestra the perfonnance. The broadcast will found it later at the foot of the moun­ 9:30 What'. Your Beef? 2:45 Women's News 8:00 esc Natil'nal News tain, apparently forced there by the 9:4.5 Laura Limited Comment 8:10 St. Matthew Passion originate in the Convocation Hall of 10:00 DBC News 2:48 My Own Mother I1:oo CDC New. 'wind," he said. 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:00 Feature Concert the University of Toronto. The St. 10:30 Kindergarten of the 3:15 Family Favourites 11:10 Weatber Matthew Passion has been described First Tests Made Au 3:30 Melody's the Theme 11: 15 Mainly About Books as the greatest of aU oratorios, in 10:4.5 Alberta Memos 3:45 Holy Week 11 :30 London Studio The F.M transmitters and receivers 10:59 Dominion Time SilJDal MeditatioD.!l Concerts which devotion. humility and adora­ at Cape Ray station are one of three tion reach their highest expression in CBC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) such links operated by the Depart­ an intensely personal document which ment of Transport communication 8:30 Women'. Editor 7:00 MUton Derle Sbow \9:00 Dominion News stands above creeds and speaks (9:30 a.m. CST (8:00 p.m. CST Man.) 9:15 Provincial Affairs system. Under the new setup radio Man.) 7:30 Curtain Time (10:15 p.m. CST Man,) directly to the human heart. Since the programs will corne to Sydney by ex­ 10:30 Women's Editor 8:00 Milton Berle Show 9:15 United Nations Today first complete performance last year, (Sask., AUa.) 8:30 My Friend Irma 9:30 Opportunity Knocks isting facilities, taken by land line to 5:30 Club 15 the CEC has had many requests to New Waterford where they will be make it an annual event of Holy For Corrections and Late Program Notes for Last Week'. be.'lmed over FM transmitters to Cape Tlme-See Page 8. Week. North, 1,200 feet aoove the sea, and CBW 7:00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 8:10 60 miles distant, where they will be Canada. From Vancouver. « « HOTES .. p.m, picked up on reccivers and retrans­ CBW 4:03 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:48 MY OWN MOTHER mitted to Cape Ray. From Cape Ray p.m, CO CERT ORCHESTRA they will go by land lines to St. John's, Maria Theres.'l Herrara of Mexico via Corner Brook. Gander, and Grand City will be today's speaker. Miss Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey BERNARD BRADEN V,'addington; Gerald Bales. organist. Falls. Programs from Newfoundland Herrara has been making her horne will travel over similar facilities in in Canada for two years, and is em­ Look to the West, by Frances Bel­ From Toronto. The program is de­ signed as an overture to the perform­ the reverse direction. ployed at the Mexican Consulate in frage. Vancouver. Prior to her arrival at the CBW 4: 15 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:30 ance of ]. S. Bach's St. Matthew First tests through from Sydney to coast she worked in the Consulate at p,m, Passion. Gerald Bales: Three Choral St. Johns were made today (Monday) Montreal and was also t:onnected with Preludes 0. S. Baeh)- 1, In Thee Is and everything is in readiness for Joy; 2. 0 Man, Repent Thy Grievous the Spanish section of the Interna­ CBC Wednesday Night Union April 1. when the official cere­ tional Civil Aviation Organization. A Sin; 3, Sleepers Awake. Orchestra: monies from the Newfoundland few years ago she was a student in . ST. MATTHEW PASSION Five Sonatas for Organ and Strings capital mark the first broadcasts to medicine at the Autonomous aUanal Following CBC Winnipeg's per­ (Mozart). originate in St. Johns over the Trans­ University of Mexico. but abandoned formance of Faure's Requiem as a CBW 10:30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 7:30 Canada Network of the Canadian tho plan to be a doctor to come to Lenten observance. J, S. Bach's St. p.m. Broadcasting Corporation. Page 6 ene TIMES Prairie Region Newfoundland Radio Merged Thursday, April 14th, 1949 With National System, CBW, MANITOBA (990 Kc.) (CST) Regalar Exchan.ges To Follow Union With New Province. 6:45 Manitoba on Parade 11:00 BBC New. 5:15 Outdoor Stories 6:55 CBW Reporter 11:15 Aunt Lucy 5:30 Tune Parade On March 25, A. Davidson Dunton, Chairman of the Board of 7:00 CBC News. Weather 11:30 Sugar 'n Spice 5:45 Musical Prog.ram 1:05 Manitoba On Parade 11:$9 Dominion Time SIgnal 6:00 CDC News, Weather Governors of the CBC, issued the following statement: • 7:30 CDC News 12:00 The Furrow 6:10 U.N. Commentary 7:40 Weather. Manitoba 12:13 The Weather 6:15 Jack Smith On the Union of Newfoundland present carried by land-line as far as On Parade 12:15 Farm Broadcast 6:30 Sports Report with Canada, the public broadcasting Sydney, Nova Scotia. 8:00 CDC News 12~45 Slngolon9 6: 45 Manitoba Music 8:05 Weather 1:00 CBC News Festival system of Newfoundland will be To link with Newfoundland it will 8:07 Dominion Sportllght 1: 10 Me.sages 7: 00 Happy Time merged with the national system of ·be necessary to establish ~etwork 8:12 Interlude 1:15 Happy Gang' 7 :30 John and Judy 8:15 Breakfast Club 1:45 Smoke Rinqs 8: 00 Music Hall Canada. servke by Deparbnent of Transport 8:45 Weather 2:00 Life Can Be Beautiful e:30 Wayne and Shuster The Broadcasting Corporation of radio-relay across Cabot Strait to ncar 8:50 Morning Devotion. 2:15 Ma Perkins 9:00 CBC National News 9:00 Morning Music 2:30 Pepper Young 9:15 News Roundup Newfoundland, which has a constitu- Port-aux-Basques-and from there by 9:10 Kling-Kale SteVG 2:45 Right to Happiness 9: 30 Eventide tion quite similar to that of the Cana- telegraph land-line via Corner Brook, 9: 15 Kindergarten 01 the 3:00 Concert Period 10:00 Nation's Business dian Broadcasting Corporation, now Grand Falls and Gander to St. John's. Air 4:00 Women's News 10:15 Recital 9:30 CBW Reporter Comment 10:30 Hometown Stories operat<:s stations at St. John's, Gander Facilities for such service have not 9:35 Morning Comment 4:03 Happily Ever After 11 :00 University Round and Corner Brook, and is preparing been available preViously, hut it is 9:45 Here and There 4:15 Bernard Braden Table 10:00 Road of Lile 4:30 Alternoon Varieties 11:30 Alberta Ranch House the establishment of a station at Grand expected they will he ready for use by 10:15 Big 8isleT 4:45 Holy Week 11:45 RecUal Falls. the Canlldian Broadcasting Corpora· 10:30 What's Your Beel? Meditations 12 :00 CBC News 10:45 Laura Limited 5:00 Five O'Clock Time 12: 10 Weather Under the Terms of Union, the stall tion at the time of Union. and facilities of the Broadcasting Establishment of network con­ CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Kc.) (MST) Corporation of ewfoundland will be neetions will make it possible for 6:45 Morning Varieties 11:458lngalong 5:00 Notre Francais sur Ie taken over by the Canadian BrOQd- national Trans-Canada service to be 7:00 CDC News 12:00 CDC News vii 7:03 Weather 12:10 Weather and Interlude 5:15 Jack Smith casting Corporation. They will form bro....t.dcast directly on Newfoundland 7:05 Musical Prooram 12:15 Farm Broodcast and 5:30 Outdoor Stories the Newfoundland region of the stations, and for programs from New­ 7:15 Breakfast Club Weather 5·45 CBC News 1:45 Clockwatcher 12:45 Smoke Rings 5;55 Weather national syslem of Canada. foundland to be carried to the rest of 8:00 CBC News 1:00 Lile Can.Be Beautiful 6:00 Happy Time Preparations are under way for the Canada. The network servic.'C will also 8:10 Weather 1:15 Ma Perkms 6:30 John and Judy 8:15 Morning Devotions 1:30 Pepper Young 7:00 Music Hall setting up of network (.'onncctions provide a new regular connection 8:25 Interlude 1:45 Right to Happiness 7:30 Wayne and Shuster between the Newfoundland stations between the stations withia New- 1l:30 CBK Reporter 2:00 Concert Hour 8:00 CBC National News and the rest of the system. The Trans- foundland. . 8:35 Mor~ing Comment 2:30 Bernard Braden 8:15 News Roundup 8:45 MUSical Pr('qram 2:45 Women's News 8:30 Eventide Canada network service of the Cana- The geographical distribution of the 9:00 Road of Life Co ent SOON' • B. 9:15 Big Sister mm : at~ons usmess dian Broadcasting Corporation is at Newfoundland population, many of 9:30 What's Your Beef? 2:48 Happily Ever Alter 9:15 ReCital whom live in small settlements without 9:45 Laura Limited 3:00 Feature Concert 9:30 Hometown Stories 10:00 BBC News 3:15 FamUy Favourites 10:00 University Round Stanwyek will be starred in an adapta­ other regular communication, gives 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:30 Musical Program. Table tion of John Copeland's short story, broadcasting a special importance. It 10:30 Kindergarten of the 3:45 Holy Week 10:30 Alberta Ranch House Air Meditations 10:45 Recital The Copper Tea Strainer. A play by provides services, especially of in­ 10:45 CBK Reporter 4:00 Radio Journal 11:00 CBC News Cornell Woolrich called The Lie, will formation, often in detailed form, 10:50 Musical Program 4:10 Chansona Francaises 11:10 Weather which arc not needed in other areas. 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 4:15 L'Ecoie des Parents 11:15 Stories From the be heard on April 28, with Mickey 11:00 Everybody Sing 4:45 Un Homme Et Son blands Rooney in a leading role. The Broadcasting Corporation of New_ II: IS Happy Gang Peche 11 :30 Noctume Dam. 7:00 p.m. foundland has developed some broad­ CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Kc.) (MST) casting services which are of a kind to 6:58 Sign On 11 :45 Singalonq 4:55 U.N. Commentary (Continued 0'1 page 8) 7:00 CBC New. 12:00 CDC New. 5:00 Tony tbe Troubadour TillS IS PARIS 7:03 Weather 12:10 Weather 5:15 Jack Smith 7:07 Musical Interlude 12:IS Farm Broadcast and 5:30 Outdoor Storle. Maurice Chevalier, famous enter­ Edmonton Speaker 7:15 Breakfast Club Weather 5:45 CDC News t.liner who is often called «Monsieur 7:45 Clockwatcher 12:45 Smoke Ring_ 5:55 Weather 8:00 CBC News I :00 Life Can Be Beautiful 6: 00 Happy Time Paris," is hC3rd in this series. The pro­ 8:10 Weather I: 15 Ma PMklns 6:30 John and Judy grams are pre-recorded in the French 8:15 Morning Devotion. 1:30 Pepper Young 7: 00 Mwslc Hall 8:25 Interlude 1:45 Right to Happines. 1 :30 Wayne and Shuster capital and each one includes an in­ 8:30 CBX Reporter 2:00 Concert Hour 8:00 CBC National News terview with an outstanding fashion 8:35 Mornin; Comment 2:30 Bernard Braden 8:15 New. Roundup 8: 45 Musical Proqram. 2:45 Women'. News 8:30 Eventide authority. From MBS. 9:00 Road of tU. Comment 9:00 NaUon's Busine.. Dom. 8:00 p.m. MST. 9:15 Big Silter 2:48 HappUy EYer After 9: IS Recital 9:30 What's Your Beef? 3:00 Feature Concert 9: 30 Hometown Stories 9:45 Laura Limited 3:15 FamUy Favourites 10:00 University Round 10:00 BBC New. 3:30 Melody'. the Theme Table CROSS SECTION 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:45 Holy Week 10:30 Alberta Ranch House 10:30 Kinderoarten of the Meditations 10:45 Recital A review of the status of the trade A" 4: 00 Ethel and Albert 11:00 Newa union as a social instilulion, using a 10:45 Alberta Memos 4:15 Spollight on a Star II: 10 Weather recently-published report on Wind­ 10:59 Dominion Time SI;nal 4:20 Sketchel in Melody 11: IS Stories From the 11:00 Everybody Sing 4;30 Divertimento' Islands sor, Ontario, as a starting-point. From 11:15 Happy Gang 4;45 BBC News II :30 Nocturne Toronto. CBC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) Dom. 9:30 p.m. MST. 5:30 Club 15 I 8:00 This is Paris I 8:30 Chuckwaqon 7:00 Suspense (Man. and Sask.) 9:00 DomInion New_ e: 15 Provincial Affairs 9: 15 United Nations Today HOME TOWN STORIES 7:30 Can You Top This? (Alta.) 9:30 Cross Section Item seven of this series by Max For CorrectioDs aad Late Program Notes for Last Week·s Braithwaite is entitled IU Wind. Mem­ Times-See Page 8. bers of the cast include George ! Secord, Margaret Brown, Ed McCrea « HorES .. » BERNARD BRADEN and Tom Hill. Special music com­ " A Letter for Pa. by Margaret and posed and conducted by Walter HAPPILY EVER AFTER Robert Francis. Kaufmann. From Winnipeg. ELSIE PARK GOWAN, an Edmonton Elsie Park Gowan, an Edmonton CBW 4:15 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:30 CBIV 10:30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 9:30 radio dramatist and free-lance writer. radio dramatist and free-lance writer, 1)·m. p.m. WIlD is heard frequentlv in CBC broad­ will be the next speaker in this series casts of comment and opinion. Mrs. of talks by Canadian women writers SUSPE SE RECITAL Gowan will discuss ways of solving on making a success of marriage. A Noose of Coincidence, an original Cli1ford Evens, violinist; Ira Swarr..:, family money troubles in. a broadcast graduate of the University of Alberta, piano accompanist. HOlllencc from Mrs. Cowan has written extensively radio play by William Fifield, with talk OPl Thursday, April 14-one of a Se<..'Ond Concerto in D Minor (Wie- . series talks b!l Canadian women for CBC drama and talks broadcasts. Ronald Colman as guest. The program of niawski) j Finale from Kreutzer Sonata' tvriters on making a success of mar4 From Edmonton. is produced for CBS by Anton Leader. Original musical scores are composed (Beethoven). From Vancouver. riage, called Happil!J Ever After. Tile CBW 4:03 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:48 by Lucien Moraweck and conducted CBW 1l:45 p.m.; CBK, CBX 10:45 program is heard on CB\V at 4:03 ".m. by Lud Gluskin. On April 21, Barbara p.m. p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:48 p.m. Prairie Region CBC TIMES Page 7

(b) provide a service of television Writer programs for bro.1dcasting by sta­ Friday, April 15th, 1949 tions which may be established in other areas of Canada, lhus furnish­ CBW, MANITOBA (990 Ko.) (CST) ing part of their programing. This 6:45 Manitoba on Parade 11:15 Aunt Lucy 5:00 Five O'Clock Time service will be provided by the 6: S5 CBW Reporter 11:30 Sugar 'n Spice 5: IS Sleepytime Storyteller Canadian Broadcastiny Corporation 7:00 CDC News 11:54 Kling-Kote Steve 5:30 Tun. Parade 7:05 Manitoba On Parade 11:59 Dominion Time Si91101 5:45 Musical Proqram. either by means of kinescope record­ 7:30 CDC News 12:00 Musical Proqram 6:00 CBC New-., Weather ings or by direct physit.'al rclays 7:4.0 Weather. Manitoba 12:13 Weather 6:10 U.N. Commentary On Parade 12: 15 Farm Broodcast 6:15 Jack Smith when available. The number of 8:00 esc New. 12:45 Claire Wallace 6:30 Sports Report national system programs which any. 8:05 Weather 1:00 CDC News 6:45 Manitoba Music 8:07 Dominion SporUiqbt 1:10 Messages Fe.tival private station carries, and the terms 8:12 Interlude 1;15 Happy Gang 7: 00 Rossini'. Stabat Mater 011 which they will be made avail­ 8:15 Breakfast Club 1:45 Plantation House Parly 7:45 Short Siory 8:45 Weather 2:00 Life Can Be Beautiful 8:00 Toronto Pop Concert able will be primarily a matter for 8:50 Morning DnotiotW 2:15140 Perkins 9:00 CBC National New. negotiation and arrangement. The 9:15 Kindergarten of til. 2:30 Pepper YOUDg 9:15 News Roundup Air 2:45 Right to Happiness 9:30 St. Simon'. Choir Government considers, however, 9:30 CBW Reporter 3:00 Concert Period 10:00 Prairie Schooner that a certain minimum of national 9:35 Momin9 Comment 4:00 Women's News 10:30 Fish.:'. People'. prugmms should he carried by each 9:45 Here and There Co=ent 10:00 Road 01 Lif. 4:03 Need1epointers Paper television station; 10:15 Big Silter 4:15 Bernard Braden 10:45 Sparta Review 10:30 Whal'. Your Beef? 4:30 Aftemoon V.Tietie. 11:00 Friday Ni;ht Club (c) establish lmnsmitling stations 10:45 Laura Limited 4:45 Holy Week 12:00 CDC New. 11:00 BBC New. Meditations 12:10 Weather in Montreal and Toronto, CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Ke.) (MST) (3) In any city or area in C1nada 6:45 Morninq Varletie. 11:15 Happy Ganq 4:45 Un Homme Et Son iucIuding Montreal and Toronto, a 7:00 CBC New. 11:45 Claire Wallace Peche 7:03 Weather 12:00 CBC News 5:00 Yvan L'Intrepide licence to establish one private station BABS BROWN, of Toronto, WilD writes will be granted to a private organiza­ 7:05 Musical Proqram 12:10 Weatherc;mdInterlud. 5:15 Jack Smith the scripts for tile weekly broadca.rts 7:15 Breakfast Club 12:15 Farm Broadcast c;md 5'.30 Sl••pytime 51 I 11 tion giving adequate assurances of 7:45 Clockwatcher Weather orye er of Cuckoo Clock llouse, tile CBC chil­ 8:00 CDC New. 12:45 Plantation House 5:45 CDC New. dren's program of stories, songs and financial means and of service. Tn view 8: 10 Weather Party 5:55 Weather of the high cost of television opera­ 8:15 Morninq Devotion. 1:00 tile Can Be Beautiful 6:00 MacMillan Club ideas for hobbies and playtime activi­ 8:25 Interlude 1:15 Ma Perkins Quiz ties. It's heard Saturdays at 5;00 p.m. tions, it is fClt that individuals or 8:30 CBX Reporter 1:30 Pepper Young' 6:30 To Be Announced groups interested in (,'Stllblishing a 8:35 Morninq Comment 1:45 lI.iqht to Happiness 7:00 St. Simon's Choir CST, 5,30 p.m. MST, on the CBC 9:45 Musical Proqram 2:00 Concert Hour 7:30 Recital Dominion tietwork, Mrs, Brown IllIs private smtion in any city may wish 9:00 'Road of Life 2:30 Bernard Braden 7:45 Sporta Review to fOfm an association for the purpose 9:15 Biq SisteoJ' 2:45 Women's News 8:00 CBC NatiOnal News been writing and planning the pro­ 9:30 Whal'. Your Beef? Communt gram since it {irst went on tIle air over of applying for a licence, 9:45 Laura Limited 2:48 Needtepointers 8:15 News Roundup 10:00 BBC New. 3:00 Feature Concert 8:30 Toronto Pop Concert three years ago. She has two lively (4) Tn regard to network arrangc~ 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:15 Family Favourites 9:30 Rossini's Stabat Mater children of her own, who keep her ments, whether by tele-tmnscriptions 10:30 Kinderqarten of the 3:30 Musicai Proqram 10:15 To Be Announced 1Josted on what sort entertainment Air 3:45 Holy Week 10:30 Prairie Schooner of or direct physical hookups, the same young fry like he!>·t. 10:45 CBX Reporter Meditations 11:00 CBC New. principles will apply as in the case of 10:50 Musical Proqram 4:00 Radio Journal 11:10 Weather radio broadcasting. 10:59 Dominion Tlm.e Sl9'Dal 4:10 Chanson. Francaises 11:15 Dance Orchestra ST. SIMON'S CHOIR 11:00 Everybody Sinq 4:15 L'Heure Dominicale 11:45 Dance Orchestra The choir of St. Simon's Anglican 7. It will be some time before CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Ko.) (MST) Church, Toronto, will perform The there are enough receiving sets in 6:58 Siqn On 12:00 CBC News 4:45 BBC News Saviour of the World, an Easter can­ Canada for television licence fees and 7:00 CBC News 12:10 Weather 4:55 U.N. Commentary 7:03 Weather 12:15 Farm Broadcast and 5:00 Ed McCurdy tata by Sir Sydney Nicholson. Sir Syd­ commercial revenues to c.'Over costs of 7:07 Musical Interlude Weather 5:15 Jack Smith ney NichoL..on was for Ulany years programming and operations. It is 7: 15 Breakfast Club 12:45 Plantation House 5:30 Sleepytime Storyteller 7:45 Clockwatcher organist of \Vestminster Abbey and necessary, tIlerefore, for the Govern­ 8:00 CDC News Party 5:45 CDC News warden of the Church of England's menl to provide loans to the cnc to 8:10 Weather 1:00 Lile Can Be Beautiful 5:55 Weather 8:15 Mominq Devotions 1: 15 Ma Perkins 6:00 MacMillan Club tmining college for musick'ms, St. cover C<1pital costs of its necessary in­ 8:25 Interlude I :30 Pepper YOUDq Quia Nicholas at Chislchurst. stallations and to support the develop­ 8:30 CBX Reporter 1:45 Ri9ht to Happiness 6:30 To Be Announced 8 :35 Morninll Comment 2:00 Concert Hour 7:00 St, Simon's Choir CBIV 9,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 7,00 ment of the service. For these pur­ 8 :45 Songs and Sinller. 2:30 Bernard Braden 7-30 R ·t I poses Parliament will be asked to ap­ 9:00 Road of We 2:45 Women's News - &CI a . p.m. 9:15 Big Sister Gemment 7:45 Sports ReView prove a loan of $4,000,000 this year. 2:48 Needlepointera 8:00 CBC National New. 9:30 What's Your Beef? PRAIRIE SCHOONER H is expected that the national tele­ 9:4.5 Laura Limited 3:00 Feature Concert 8:15 News Roundup vision operations will become self­ 10:00 BBC Ne-s 3:15 Family Favourites 8:30 Toronto Pop Concert Orchestra conducted by Jimmy 10:15 Aunt Lucy 3:30 Melody's the Theme 9:30 Honinr. Stabat Mater supporting from licence fees and com­ Gowler; James Duncan, baritone. 10:30 Kinderqarten of the 3:45 Holy Week 10:15 To Be Announced mercial revenues in a few years. Air Meditations 10:30 Prairie Schooner Orchestra: Erie Hornpipe; The Barren 10:45 Alberta Memos 4:00 Ethe-l and Albert 11:00 CDC News 10:59 Dominion Time SllJnal Rocks 0' Aden (Scottish marching 8. The plan by no means provides 11 :00 Everybody Sin; 4:15 Spotiight on a Star 11:10 Weather air); Stick Dance (Danish); The 11:15 Happy Ganq 4:20 Sketches in Melody 11:15 Dance Orchestra for tile exclusion of non-Canadian 11:45 Claire Wallace 4:30 Divertimento 11:45 Dance Orchestra Berline; Saturd.1.Y Waltz (Swedish); material from our television channels. Humming Bird Reel; Varsovienne; CBC DOMINION NETWORK (MST) The public will wish Canadian sta­ Hop and Skip Polka; Melry Danc.'C tions, both public and private to carry 8:30 Women'. Editor 16:30 Treasure Trail 19:15 United Nation. Today (English); Sumner's Hornpipe. James ~.m. some good programs from other coun­ (9:30 c.sT Man.) 7:00 Theatre Hour 9:30 Foster Hewitt Duncan: A Cottage \Vell-Thatched 10:30 't'~r:k~ A~~~)or 8:00 Championship Fillht 9:45 Provincial Mairs lries. The national plan does make With Straw; Shenandoah; Dere's No possible, however, a (.'Ore of Canadian 5:30 Club 15 9:00 Dominion News (Sask,) Hidin' Place Down There, From television broadcasting, reaching an For Corrections emd Late Pregram Hotes for Last Week·s Winnipeg. Tim.es-See Page 8. increasing number of Canadians across CBW 10,00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 10,30 lhe country_ p.m. pone di Todi, who died in 1306. It b~lieves «« HOTES » » was used in devotional exercises in the 9_ The Government that BERNARD BRADEN 13lh century. In a period of 600 years, GOVERNMENT STATEMENT ON this national plan provides for the Special Material, by Andrew Allan, it has been set to music by many com­ TELEV1SlON-Concluded minimum amount of public support CBW 4:15 p.m.; CBK, CBX 2:30 posers, including Palestrina, Pergo­ and co-ordination necessary to pro­ casting Corporation who will arrange vide for the adequate development of p.m. lese, Haydn, Verdi, Dvorak and Sir for television operations by the Cana­ ROSSINI'S STABET MATER Charles Villiers Stanford, Cioacchino television in Canada. It also provides dian Broadcasting Corporation, lind condilions under which private or­ Orchestra, mixed chorus, and so­ Anlonio Rossini died in 1887 at the by licensed private stations. loists, conducted by Cesar Borre. Lois ganizations will have opportunities to age of 95. Stabet Mater, completed in (2) In order to provide the required Marshall, soprano; Margaret Kerr, 1841, was his last major work, written use television channels, but in doing mezzo-soprano; Art h u r Bartlett, services, the Canadian Broadcasting so will contribute to the building of for the archdeacon of Madrid and Corporation will- tenor; Jan Rubes, bass. Rossini's first performed in Paris in 1842. nation-wide Canadian television serv­ Stabct Mater is still a part of the (a) establish at this time national ice, at the same time being assisted in Roman Catholic liturgy. It is a setting CBW 7,00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 9,30 television production centres in good programming by the national of a medieval poem ascribed tD Jaco- p.m. Montreal and Toronto; system. Page 8 CBC TIMES Prairie Region

CORRECTIONS '--__S_at_ur_d_ay_,_A_p_ri_I_I_6_th_,_19_4_9_----l11 Lal~E~~~!~~3~' ~.~I'S I FOR CBC TIMES DATED APRIL 3 - 9. 1949. CDW, ~lANITODA (990 Ke.) Pencll these Correctiona (CST) SUNDAY, APRIL 3 mto Program Lists, Last 6:45 Manitoba on Parade 11:00 BBC News 5:30 NBC Symphony Sinqinq Stars. Second semi·final broad· Week's Times. 6:55 CBW Reporter 11:15 Sports Colleqe 6: 30 Sports Report cast. The contestants are: Louise Roy of 7:00 CDC New. 11:30 Melodies for Juniors 6:45 We. McKnight St. Boniface. Manitoba: Ernest Adams of 7:05 Manitoba On Parade 11:59 Dominion Tim. Slqnal 7:00 Arthur Godfrey Vancouver. From Toronto. SUNDAY, APRIL 3 1:30 CBC News 12:00 Noonday Novelties 7 :30 Share the Wealth 7:40 Weather, Manitoba 12:13 Weather 8:00 esc National News CBW 4.:00 p.m., CBK, CBX 3:00 p.m. 6:30·7:00 p.m. (CaW) CST On Parade 12: 15 Rhythm Hiqhli;hta Cancel: Chansons Paris. 8:05 N.H.L. Hockey Album of Familiar Music. Donald Dame. Schedule: Strings For Sunday. 8:00 esc News 12:45 CBC News 9:30 Orqan Music tenor: I Only Have Eyes lor You; I'll For· 8:05 Weather 12:55 Weather 9:45 Memo From get You; In Old Madrid. Margaret Daum. WEEItLY. 8:01 Dominion Sportliqbt 1:00 Festival of Choirs Lake Success soprano. and Donald Dame: Maybe; Roso 5:30-6:00 p.m. (CBK. CBX) MST 8:12 Manitoba on Parade 2:00 Saturday MCQazine 10:00 Red Ri....er Bam Dance of the World. Jean Dickenson, soprano: Cancel: Chansotlll Paris. 8;45 Weat!J.er . 3:00 Hiqhroads 01 Song 10:30 Dance Orche.tra Minuet (Boccherini). Evelyn MacGregor, Schedule: Strings For Sunday. Morn~q 8:50 Devotions 3:30 Time For Music 11:00 MacDonald Hotet conhalto: In the Time of Roses. Arden and WunY. 9:00 Mormnq MU&1c 4'00 Ballet Club Orch..tra Arden. duo-pianists: Out of My Dreams. 9:25 CBW Reporter .:45 Thla W k 11:15 Meet Ciaele CBW 8:30 p.m.• CBK, CBX 7:30 p.m. MONDAY, APRIL .. 9:30 Manitoba Schools ':00 F· O'"CI" k Tim. Orchestra . lye oc 11 :30 PacUic Pianoforte 9:45-10:00 a.m. CCBW) CST 10:00 CalliDq All Children 5:15 eRC New. 12:00 cac News MONDAY, APRn 4 Cancel: To Be Announced. 10:30 Saturday Parade 5:25 Weather 12:10 Weather Radio Theatre: Claudette Colbert and Schedule: Here and There. Fred MacMurray recreate their oriqinal MONDAY TO FRIDAY WEEny. CBK, SASKATCHEWAN (540 Ke.) (MST) roles in a radio adaptation of Family 10:30-10:45 a.m. (Dom.) MST Honeymoon. 6:45 NomIng Varieties 11:00 CBK Reportor 6:00 Arthur Godfrey Schedule: Women'. Editor. 7:00 CBC News 11:10 Musical Program 6:30 Share the Wealth CBW 8:00 p.m., CBK. CBX 7:00 p.m. MONDAY, WEDN£s'DAY AMD FRIDAY WEElI:LY. 7:05 Weather and Interlude 11:15 World Church News 7:00 CBC National News THURSDAY, APRIL 7 11:54-11:59 a.m. (CaW) CST 7:15 Muaica1 Program. 11:30 Melody Roundup 7:05 N.H.I.. Hockey Cancel: Present listing. 1:30 Music for Madame 11:45 CBC News 8:30 Organ Muaic SuspeIlSe. Murder in Black and White Schedule: Kling-Kate Steve. t:OO CBC News 11:55 Weather 8:45 Mmno From starring Edmund Gwenn. MONDAY. WEDN&SDAY AMD FJlIDAY WSElI:LY. 8:10 Weather and Interlude 12:00 Festival of Choirs Lake Success Dom. 7:00 p.m. 8:15 Morning Devotions 1:00 Saturday Magazine 9:00 Red River Bam Dance TUESDAY. APRIL 5 8:25 CBX Reporter 2:00 Hi9hroads of Songs 9:30 Dance Orchestra University Round Table. Topic: Is the 8:30 Doorway in Fairyland 2:30 Time for Music 10:00 MacDonald Hotel Canadian Indian a Half·Cith:en? Speakers: 9:10-9:15 a,m. (caW) CST 9:00 Calling All Children 3:00 Ballet Club Orchestra Dr. Norman Black, retired hiqh school Cancel: Present listing. 9:30 Radio Journal 3:45 This Week 10:15 Meet Gis8'le teacher and historian. who is a atudent of Schedule: Kling-Kate Steve. 9:33 Aventures 4:00 Piano Classics 10:30 Pacific Pianoforte Indian affairs: Gordon Wilson. sociology TUESDAY AND THUllSIlAY WEEkLY. Scientifiquea 4:15 CBC News student who htu done considerable com· 7:00-7:30 p.m. (CBW) CST 10:00 BBC News 4:25 Weather and Interlude- 11:00 CBC News munity work with Indians of the Capuano Caneol: Looseleaf. 10:15 Saddle Serenade 4:30 NBC Symphony 11:10 Weather Reservation; and Percy Gladstone. eco­ Schedule: Musical Program. 10:30 Melodies for Juniors 5:30 Sporta Colleqe II: 15 Health Reporter nomics student and a Haida Indian. Chair­ THIS OcCASION OHLY. 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 5:45 Wes McKnight 11:30 Dance Orchestra man: W. G. Dixon, associate professor. Department of Social Work. Univenity of SATURDAY, APRn 9 CBX, ALBERTA (1010 Ke.) (MST) British Columbia. From Vancouver. 9:30·9:33 a.m. (CBX) MST 6:58 Sign On 11: 15 World Church News 6:30 Share the Wealth CBW 11 :00 p.m.. CBK, CBX 10 :00 p.m. Cancel: Radio Journal. 7:00 CBC News 11:30 Concert Favourites 7:00 CBC National News Recital. Clifiord Evens, violinist; Ira Schedule: Bulletins d'Information. 7:03 Weather and Interlude 11 :45 CBC News 7: 05 N.H.L. Hockey Swartz. accompanist. Allegro (Flocco): 10:30·11:00 a.m. (OW) CST 7:07 Musical. Interlude 11 :55 Weather 8:30 Organ Music Schwedische Tanze No. 14 (Bruch); Son· 7:15 Musicaf PrOQ'ram 12:00 Festival of Choirs Cancel: To Be Announced. 8:45 Memo From ata No. 1 in A Major (Hand91). From Schedule: Musical Proqram. 7:30 Clockwatcher 1:00 Saturday Magazine Vancouver. 8:00 CBe News 2:00 Highroads of Song I.alce Succesa Wr.r.n.Y. 8:10 Weather and Interlude 2: 30 Time for Music 9: 00 Red River Barn Danc6 CBW 11 :45 p.m., CBK, CBX 10:45 p.m. 9: 30 Dance Orchestra 8: 15 Morning Devotions 3:00 Ballet Club FRIDAY. APRn 8 8:25 CBX Reporter 3:45 This Week 10:00 MacDonald Hotel NEWLOUNDLAND RADIO 8:30 Doorway in Fairyland 4:00 Piano Classics Orchestra Discussion. Topic: Is the Canadian MERGED-Concluded 9:00 Calling All Children 4:15 CBC News 10:15 Meet Gisele Woman Spoiled? From Winnipeg. 9:30 Alberta Momos 4:25 Weather and Interlude 10:30 Pacific Pianoforte. CBW 7: 00 p.m., CBK, CBX 9: 30 p.m. 10:00 BBC News 4:30 NBC Symphony 11:00 CBC News be especially valuable to Newfound­ 10:15 Saddle Serenade 10:30 Melodies for Juniors 5:30 Sports Colleqe 11:10 Weather landers. 10:59 Dominion Time Signal 5:45 Wes McKniqht 11: 15 Health Reporter Corporation; Ian McNeil, Public and 11 :00 Bandstand 6:00 Arthur Godfrey II :30 Dance Orchesha Industrial Relations; and Gerald Prat­ It will be the policy of the Cana­ dian Broadc.1Sting Corporation to dis­ CBC DO~nNlON NETWORK (MST) ley, of cnc, Toronto, under the super­ vision of Dr. Roby Kidd of the turb as little as possible existing 4:00 Cuckoo Clock House I 5:45 Lou Snider 1 8 :00 Dance Orchestra programs which are especially useful (5:00 p.m. CST Man.) (6:45 p.m. CS! Man.) 8:30 Spike Jones C,A.A.E. Other awards went to the 5'30 Movie SCene 6:00 Twenty Queshons d National Film Board for Who Will to Newfoundlanders and particularly . (6:30 p.m. CST Man.) 7:00 Music of the Americas 9:00 DGmlnlon News an appreciated by them. The Newfound­ 5:30 Cuckoo Clock House 7:30 Dance Orchestra Comment 1'each Your Child? Drug Addict and Dots and Loops; Quebec Productions land region of the system will have for A Man And His Sin; Shelley Films considerable latitude in meeting spe­ For Corrections GIld Late Program Hotes for Last W ••k'. cial needs and tastes of Newfound· TImes - ... Tbls P•••• for Beans 0/ Bounty; and Associated Screen News for Canadian Cameo. landers in broadcasting. « « NOTES » » departments of educ.1.tion. Today's Dom. 6,30 p.m. CST; 5,30 p.m. At the same time, after Union the broadcast has an Easter theme, with MST. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation FESTIVAL OF CHOmS bells and rabbits to the fore. The hopes to bc able to add considerably story-drama is an excerpt from Alice to the broadcasting service available, A performance of J. S. Bach's Easler in Wonderland. Don Haskett sings RED RIVER BARN DANCE particularly by network proK:rams from Cantata by the Victor Chorale con­ Run, Rabbit, Run. There will be a Red and his old-time dance orches­ the rest of the country. ducted by Robert Shaw. This is onc of story about the Cumberland Bell tra. Rory O'More; The Jolly Copper­ ~,terging the most famous of Bach's 297 smith; Tip Top Polka; Come O'er the of the two systems will also Ringers of Saskatoon, whose director, mean that some progr.uns from ew~ cantatas. Stream to Charlie; Chorus Reel; Med­ Charles Wilney. has revived the art foundland will be heard by listeners all CBW 1000 p.m.; CBK. CBX 12,00 of hand-bell ringing, using English ley-Bye, Bye Blackbird, The Kiss Waltz, Dinah; Ma Little Banjo; across Canada. In this way, it is hoped 110011. bells cast for his father 80 years ago. that broadcasting will help the mutual Dom. 5,00 p.m. CS1'; 5,30 p.m. Where's My Other Foot; Darling Nellie Gray. From \Vinnipeg. understanding between the people of CUCKOO CLOCK HOUSE MST. Newfoundland and those of the other CBW 10,00 p.m.; CBK, CBX 9,00 regions. A make-believe house with a story­ p.m. room, an art gallery, a workshop, THE MOVIE SCENE library. games room and music room, John Rae will survey the competi· The Cause 0/ War.-The land which in anyone of which surprise gucsts tion for the Canadian Film Awards, PACIFIC PIANOFORTE you inhabit, shut in on all sides by tho may be found. Kenny Craham and given by the Canadian Association for Norma Abernethy, pianist. Pastorale sea, and surrounded by mountain Beth Robinson, host and hostess; Bill Adult Education. for the best film Variations (Mozart); TarantaUe, Opus peaks, is too narrow for your large Needles. storyteller; Don Haskett. produced in Canada during 1948. The 43 (Chopin); Amberley Wild Brooks population; nor docs it abound in vocalist; Lou Snider, accompanist; Loo,~'s Necklace. by Crawley Films of and Fire of Spring (John Ireland); wealth; it furnishes scarcely enough script by Babs Brown. Childrcn arc Ottawa, was judged the year's most Nocturne (Alex Rowley); Fiesta Mora food for its cultivators. lIenee it is encouraged to write to the "question distinctive production by a panel con­ En Tanger (Turina); Rondo On a that you murder and devour ODe box." An educational program, prer sisting of Moira Annoue of the Teach­ Folk Tune (Bela Bartok); Moto Per­ aoother, that you wage war, and that duced by the cnc in co-operation ing Aids Cenlre. Toronto; Dorothy petoo ('Veber). From Vancouver. frequcntly you perish by mutual with the Canadian Federation of Burritt. National Film Society; Robert CBW Il,30 p.m.; CBK, CBX 10,30 wOUJlds.-Pope Urban II, to the Home and School, and approved by Eaves, Famous Players Canadian p.m. Crusaders in the year 1095. This file including all text and images are from scans of a private personal collection and have been scanned for archival and research purposes. This file may be freely distributed. but not sold on ebay or on any commercial sites. catalogs. booths or kiosks. either as reprints or by electronic methods. This file may be downloaded without charge from the Radio Researchers Group website at http://www.otrr.org/

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