Amherst Festival Directed by Frances Blaker

July 14-21 and July 21-28, 2019 Connecticut College, New London CT

Music oF ITALY

Largest recorder program in U.S. Festival Concert Series Renaissance reeds and brass New London Assembly Vocal programs Excelsior Historical Dance Amherst Early Music Festival 2019 Week I: July 14-21 Week II: July 21-28 Voice, recorder, viol, Baroque strings, Voice, recorder, viol, Baroque strings, , Renaissance reeds, flute, oboe, Renaissance reeds and brass, flute, bassoon, , historical dance, harpsichord, lute, early notation, New early notation London Assembly

Special Auditioned Programs (see website) Baroque Academy & Opera* Ensemble Singing Intensive** Advanced Recorder Intensive* Baroque String Playing** Choral Workshop* Virtuoso Recorder Seminar** Troubadour Diaspora Medieval Project**

AMHERST EARLY MUSIC FESTIVAL FACULTY CENTRAL PROGRAM The Central Program is our largest and most flexible program. It offers a wide variety of classes RECORDER Heather Miller Lardin* BAROQUE BASSOON* Tom Beets* Lawrence Lipnik* Stephanie Corwin* for most early instruments, voice, and historical dance. Play in a consort, sing music by a favorite Letitia Berlin Loren Ludwig PERCUSSION composer, read from early notation, dance a minuet, or begin a new instrument. Questions? Call Martin Bernstein** Paolo Pandolfo* Glen Velez* us at 781-488-3337. Check for a full list of classes in May. Frances Blaker John Mark Rozendaal** Spiff Wiegand Saskia Coolen Mary Springfels** New to the Festival? Fear not! Our open and inviting atmosphere will make you feel at home Heloise Degrugillier** BAROQUE VIOLIN VOICE AND THEATER right away. Eric Haas* Julie Andrijeski* Benjamin Bagby** Valerie Horst Peter Lekx* Michael Barrett** PREVIEW OF CLASSES (There will be more!) Na’ama Lion* Jane Starkman* Cayla Cardiff Recorder Renaissance Recorders, Recorder Orchestra (Beets*, Coolen**), Baroque Orchestra Alison Melville** Beth Wenstrom** Tracy Cowart Daphna Mor* Pamela Dellal** (Blaker*), Music of the Mediterranean (Stern*,Velez*), Ciconia, Madrigals, Italian Trio Sonatas, Emily O’Brien** BAROQUE CELLO* Phoebe Carrai* Emily Eagen and more. Patricia Petersen Paul Guttry Wendy Powers DOUBLE BASS* Daniel Johnson Viol Paolo Pandolfo* and Sarah Cunningham* Master Class, Italian Viol Consort, Medieval Gwyn Roberts** Heather Miller Lardin* Temmo Korisheli Strings, Viol Excelsior**­—take your playing to the next level! Bart Spanhove Tracy Mortimore* Drew Minter* Nina Stern* HARPSICHORD Laura Pudwell* Reeds and Brass Shawm Band, Dulcian Ensemble, Regensburg Manuscript, Cornet and Jennifer Streeter Hsuan-Wen Chen Lawrence Rosenwald** ensemble, Double and Triple Choir. EARLY NOTATION Kevin Devine Aaron Sheehan* Valerie Horst Alissa Duryee Kent Tritle* Voice Pamela Dellal** Master Class, Vocal Technique, Vocal Ensemble (Korisheli*, Williams**). Carol Marsh** Frances Fitch** Gary Wedow* Patricia Petersen Adam Pearl* Geoffrey Williams Lute Master Class, Basso Continuo in Italy, Ortiz Improvisation, Renaissance Guitar, and Wendy Powers Dylan Sauerwald* HISTORICAL DANCE* Ricercares and Fantasias. RENAISSANCE REEDS Jennifer Streeter Kaspar D. Mainz* Marilyn Boenau Peter Sykes* Dorothy Olsson* Baroque violin and cello: Master Classes, Baroque String Technique, Baroque Orchestra, Alastair Thompson Alison Gangler* NEW LONDON ASSEMBLY** 17th c. String Band, Baroque Ensembles. Priscilla Herreid** LUTE Karen Axelrod** Harpsichord Master Classes, Solo Keyboard Music, Basso Continuo, Baroque ensembles. Sally Merriman Grant Herreid** Brad Foster** Daniel Stillman** Xavier Diaz-Latorre Shira Kammen** Oboe, Flute, Bassoon Master Classes, Oboe band, Flute Topic, Renaissance Flute Consort, CORNETTO** Nigel North** Rebecca King** Nathaniel Cox** Jason Priset Audrey Knuth** Baroque Orchestra, and more. Bor Zuljan** SACKBUT** Andrew Shaw** Weekly Schedule Classes run Monday through Friday. Evenings: lectures, concerts, madrigal Liza Malamut** BAROQUE FLUTE singing in the courtyard, English country dancing, drop-in playing sessions, and the AEM Na’ama Lion* *Week One Only VIOL AND VIELLE Wendy Rolfe* **Week Two Only Auction. Saturday: rehearsals and concerts. Nathan Bontrager** Sarah Cunningham* BAROQUE OBOE* Shira Kammen** Meg Owens* Music Teachers: Learn new repertoire, expand your teaching tools, and receive documentation for CEU’s from your school system. Scholarship available. Amherst Early Music Festival Concerts All concerts at 7:30 in Evans Hall, unless otherwise noted. Join us for pre-concert madrigals Sunday, July 21 3:00 p.m. Extravagant Pretensions When (Giulio Mazzarino) in the courtyard and post-concert receptions. wanted to bring an Italian opera to Paris, a friend warned him of how spoiled French musicians Tuesday, July 16 Diana’s Hunt Colorful music from 14th-century Italy and wonderful newly- were, with their ridiculous pretensioni stravaganti. Instead, in 1639, he brought Venetian musicians, composed repertoire inspired by the Medieval bestiary. Vielle, harp, recorder, percussion, and beginning a century of Italians playing in operas and giving concerts in small salons, where languages, voices evoke soaring birds, slithering reptiles, wondrous creatures, and the goddesses Diana and styles, and wine mixed and flowed. , Louis Couperin, Luigi Rossi, and Venus. Serving as both mythology and Christian allegory, these fantastic visions of the animal Antoine Forqueray. Martin Bernstein, recorder; Salomé Gasselin, viol; Emmanuel Àrakelien, kingdom continue to provoke the modern imagination. Alkemie Ensemble. harpsichord. (Crozier, free) Thursday, July 18 Amherst Baroque Soloists Dazzling virtuosic Italian Baroque music with Thursday, July 25 So Sweet are My Returns A concert celebrating Italian fantasias, canzonas, Laura Pudwell and Aaron Sheehan, voice; Julie Andrijeski, violin; Saskia Coolen, recorder; Wendy and madrigal settings with spectacular diminutions, such as those for the beautiful Ancor Che Rolfe, flute; Meg Owens, oboe; Stephanie Corwin, bassoon; Phoebe Carrai, cello; Paolo Pandolfo Col Partire. Saskia Coolen and Bart Spanhove, recorder, with Bor Zuljan, lute and Xavier and Sarah Cunningham, viol; Heather Miller Lardin, violone; Xavier Diaz-Latorre, lute; Peter Diaz-Latorre, lute and Sykes and Adam Pearl, harpsichord. Friday, July 26 at 5:15 p.m. Virtuoso Recorder Seminar Student Concert (in Crozier, free) Friday, July 19 at 5:15 p.m. Advanced Recorder Intensive Student Concert (in Crozier, free) Friday, July 26 at 8:00 p.m. Il Trovatore In this concert, poets and singers of the 13th-century Friday, July 19 at 8:00 p.m. Baroque Opera Scenes: #Anch’Io: Ariadne Scenes troubadour diaspora are heard with the new sonorities and forms which their Italian hosts would Ariadne’s “Me Too” moment is dramatically depicted in six operatic retellings of the Greek begin to create only one generation later. Sophisticated love songs (cansos) of troubadours from myth by Monteverdi, Conradi, Handel, and Haydn. Drew Minter, stage director; Gary Thor the luxurious Milano manuscript, along with mensural polyphonic song and instrumental music Wedow music director; Dorothy Olsson and Kaspar D. Mainz, dance directors; Ronnie Snader, of the northern Italian and Florentine trecento (14th century). Faculty, staff, and students perform costumes; and Paul Guttry, props. a varied program of music from medieval Occitania and Italy. With Benjamin Bagby, Shira Kammen, Daniel Johnson, Lawrence Rosenwald, and others. Saturday, July 20 Student Concerts (in Crozier, free) 10:00 a.m. Large group concert; 11:15 a.m. Choral Workshop (Harkness Chapel); 1:00 p.m. Baroque Academy; 2:30 p.m. Central Program; Saturday, July 27 Student Concerts (in Crozier, free) 10:00 a.m. Large group concert; 11:15 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Baroque Academy Vocal Soloists New London Assembly Musicians; 1:00 p.m. Troubadour Diaspora; 2:30 p.m. Central Program; 4:30 p.m. Ensemble Singing Intensive Saturday, July 20 at 7:30 A Tapestry of Early Music A festive evening with many top international musicians performing a wide range of repertoire. Virtuosic Baroque solos, gorgeous Renaissance Saturday, July 27 at 7:30 A Tapestry of Early Music A festive evening with many top international consorts of , recorders, and loud instruments, Medieval polyphony. musicians. Virtuosic Baroque solos, gorgeous Renaissance consorts of viols, recorders, and loud instruments, Medieval polyphony.


MUSIC AND INSTRUMENT EXHIBITION Friday, July 19, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Come try out a variety of instruments, meet instrument makers, and browse through music and books. Free and open to the public. In Crozier 108. Application

Apply on our website, or fill out the application form and mail to: Amherst Early Music, Inc. Marilyn Boenau – Executive Director, Sally Merriman – Administrator 35 Webster St., West Newton, MA 02465 [email protected] • 781-488-3337

Amherst Early Music Festival 2019 Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, has dramatic views of Long Island Sound and a 750-acre arboretum. The College has comfortable dorms, a beautiful concert hall, air-conditioned classrooms, and easy parking. name The student center has a college store, snack bar, and post office. Beaches, nature preserves, Mystic Seaport, coffeehouses, and a variety of dining address options are a short drive away. See

TRAVEL city, state, zip code Connecticut College is 60 miles from Providence, RI, off of I-95 in southeastern Connecticut. Amtrak trains and Greyhound Bus go to downtown New London, just 2 miles from campus. phone: home, work or cell Newark Airport and Boston’s Logan Airport have good connections to Amtrak. The closest airport is Providence, RI (PVD). Van service to the college will leave PVD at 2:00 pm both Sundays and return at 8:00 am the following Sundays; see website. email address TUITION Principal instrument or dance: ______range: (viol and voice) ______Attend full time both weeks and save $100! Second instrument or dance: ______range: (viol and voice) ______Central Program: $625 per week Dance Program: $600 per week Note here if you will be coming solely or primarily to take a particular class or Half-day tuition: $410 per week program, or to study with a particular faculty member: Special Auditioned Program Tuition: $625 per week SCHOLARSHIPS AND WORK-STUDY I would like to apply to: Some AEM scholarships are available; see website. Scholarships are also offered by Country Central Program 1st Week ____ 2nd Week _____ Both Weeks _____ Dance and Song Society, Early Music America, American Recorder Society, Lute Society Fees: Read the Tuition & Registration Fee sections before filling this out! of America, and Viola da Gamba Society. All applications must include minimum tuition deposit. REGISTRATION FEE $30 Enclosed is my: Waived before March 31 with deposit or full tuition. Waived before May 1 with full tuition. $_____ Tuition deposit ($100 per week) Registration fee of $30 is required to submit audition materials for Special Programs and is non-refundable. $_____ Tuition for Central Program ($625 full-time/ $410 half-day/ $600 dance) $_____ Registration fee of $30 (if applicable) CANCELLATION POLICY $_____ $40 commuter fee (if not staying at the College) Tuition is fully refundable before June 15, all but $100 before July 1 (July 7 for second week). No refunds on tuition after July 1 (July 7 for second week). Housing is fully refundable. $_____ Contribution $_____ TOTAL I would like to apply for work-study aid. _____ ROOM AND BOARD Single or double in the air-conditioned dorms is $395 per person per week, with linens. Single or Mail to: double in the non a/c dorms is $195 per person per week, no linens. Single or double in the non Amherst Early Music a/c dorms is $230 with linens. All rooms have shared baths. A meal card for the week is $194. 35 Webster St. Individual meal prices are $6.00 breakfast, $9.00 lunch, and $14.00 dinner. If you will arrive West Newton, MA 02465 early, stay late, or have a guest, please reserve additional nights on our website. Tel: 781-488-3337 Email: [email protected] Amherst Early Music, Inc. Non-Profit Org. Marilyn Boenau, Executive Director U.S. Postage 35 Webster St. PAID West Newton, MA 02465 Boston, MA Permit No. 54601

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