September 13, 2006 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H6505 local level, I believe we need a well- addition to transporting much of our domestic The Louisiana parishes of Orleans and St. thought-out plan for additional hurri- oil supply, coastal Louisiana also refines 16% Bernard were especially hard hit by flooding, cane protection in this region of the of our petroleum products. Knowing this, we with an estimated 77% of Orleans’s population gulf. It must be a comprehensive plan must ensure that this valuable part of our na- affected, and nearly all residents of St. Ber- that also recognizes the navigation tion’s infrastructure remains intact and its peo- nard. needs of one of America’s great ports ple remain protected. In Mississippi, 55% of Hancock County’s and waterways as well as the ecological Our current levee system in New Orleans population is estimated to have been affected importance of the coastal marshes. dates back to the 1960s, and since then our by flooding and/or structural damage. I want to assure Mr. MELANCON that whole environment has changed. The loss of In the greater New Orleans area alone, I will work in conference to make sure coastal barrier islands and the erosion of our there were 160,000 homes and apartments that the Corps of Engineers gets the wetlands have led to a weakened first line of destroyed or heavily damaged by the storm. authority it needs to provide the ap- defense against hurricanes. These islands and The metro New Orleans area has lost ap- propriate protection for coastal Lou- wetlands help absorb the storm’s tidal surge proximately 400,000 residents. isiana and Mississippi. and weaken the strength of an approaching The National Flood Insurance Program has Mr. CONYERS. Mr. , we were all storm. We are losing our wetlands at a rate of paid out $17 billion in property damage claims horrified a year ago when New Orleans’ levies 25 to 30 square miles per year, while we are in Louisiana alone, only a fraction of total broke under the force of the winds and storm making areas further inland more susceptible damage. surges caused by Hurricane Katrina. Katrina to flooding. We have seen hurricanes become Hospital capacity in Orleans parish dropped was at Category 3 strength when it made more powerful and more frequent as the years in half immediately after the storm. In St. Ber- landfall that fateful day, yet it wrought destruc- go by. The risk of hurricanes will always be nard, there are still no hospitals open. tion beyond our imagination. In the face of the present in south Louisiana, it is up to us to de- The Army Corps of Engineers has only devastation we witnessed, it borders on the cide how to best mitigate their destructive im- begun to raise sinking levees and deal with absurd to consider authorizing levee funding pacts. unfinished hurricane protection and flood pre- for New Orleans at anything less than the Cat- Looking at this situation, I am reminded of vention projects. But, they’re only rebuilding egory 5 level. For that reason, I rise in strong what I saw firsthand in the Netherlands. After the levees to withstand a Category 3 storm, support of the Melancon Motion to Instruct the the devastating North Sea floods of 1953, that Katrina’s level. Prudent planning and common WRDA conferees. nation committed itself to a system of water sense would dictate that they be raised to Cat- Mr. Speaker, past authorizations for hurri- management projects that would ensure such egory 5 levels to protect the more than two cane protection took into account vast a flood never happened again. Although the million residents along these coasts. marshes and wetlands, as well as barrier is- cost was high, their determination to provide I urge my colleagues to support and vote for lands that could absorb most of the force of absolute protection was justified. As a result, this motion to instruct. Mr. DUNCAN. Mr. Speaker, I have no tidal surges. Louisiana has lost 1.2 million the Netherlands now has a significant number further requests for time, and I yield acres of this land due to economic develop- of its citizens living and produces 70% of its back the balance of my time. ment in the past century, and stands to lose $480 billion GDP in areas that are fifteen to twenty feet below sea level, safely protected Mr. MELANCON. Mr. Speaker, I have another 435,000 acres if measures to stop the no further requests for time, and I loss aren’t taken. Without this protective buff- by flood control projects. By comparison, the lowest areas of New Orleans are only four and yield back the balance of my time. er, the people of Louisiana are that much The SPEAKER pro tempore. Without more vulnerable to storm surges and other a half feet below sea level. Protecting the city is not beyond our technological capabilities, it objection, the previous question is or- hurricane-related flooding. dered on the motion to instruct. Coastal and wetlands restoration combined is simply a matter of making the commitment necessary to do so. While the cost may seem There was no objection. with a strong levy system will offer the hurri- The SPEAKER pro tempore. The substantial now, it pales in comparison to the cane protection necessary to protect the lives question is on the motion to instruct cost we would face in human and economic of over 2 million residents and the nation’s in- offered by the gentleman from Lou- losses should another hurricane strike south dustries. However, we cannot rebuild all of the isiana (Mr. MELANCON). wetlands lost in the near term, so we must Louisiana directly. The question was taken; and the Mr. Speaker, it is time to get it right. We compensate with stronger, better levee protec- Speaker pro tempore announced that must ensure the safety of the city of New Or- tion. The Army Corps of Engineers has the ayes appeared to have it. leans and the rest of the Gulf Coast, because worked hard to bring levees back up to pre- Mr. MELANCON. Mr. Speaker, on we have seen the horrible effects of sub- Katrina standards, but we’ve already seen that I demand the yeas and nays. standard, poorly designed, inadequate levee what that level of protection does—nothing. The yeas and nays were ordered. protection in the face of a powerful storm. A Anything less than Category 5 levee protection The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- working flood control system for south Lou- is totally inadequate and would be an insult to ant to clause 8 of rule XX and the isiana begins with sound levees. I urge the the memory of the more than 700 New Chair’s prior announcement, further conferees to support levee protection against Orleanians who lost their lives a year ago. proceedings on this question will be a Category 5 storm surge. Mr. JEFFERSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today postponed. Mr. ABERCROMBIE. Mr. Speaker, I rise to request the conferees on the Water Devel- today to support Congressman MELANCON’s f opment Resources Act guarantee levee pro- motion to instruct conferees on H.R. 2864. FOURTEENTH DALAI CON- tection at a Category 5 level. Hurricane This motion would direct conferees to accept GRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL ACT Katrina served as a stark reminder that our provisions that will protect coastal commu- levee system in south Louisiana is inadequate. Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I nities in Louisiana and Mississippi from the move to suspend the rules and pass the We are responsible for ensuring the safety of storm surge of a category 5 hurricane. its residents, and today we can make a com- Senate bill (S. 2784) to award a congres- Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf on August 29, sional gold medal to Tenzin , mitment that they are not forgotten. 2005, and was a category 3 hurricane that did The economic and environmental benefits the Fourteenth , in recogni- not even directly hit the affected areas. tion of his many enduring and out- that south Louisiana provides to the nation are Yet, Katrina was able to inflict monstrous standing contributions to peace, non- substantial. Coastal Louisiana produces over and unimaginable damage upon Louisiana violence, , and religious 30% of our nation’s seafood, including 50% of and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. One year our shrimp crop. Our wetlands are home to understanding. after Hurricane Katrina, the area remains a The Clerk read as follows: over 79 endangered species and serve as a terrible, twisted portrait of lives and families S. 2784 vital habitat for migratory birds. The network of and whole communities washed away; home Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- interconnected waterways and presence of by home, block by block, neighborhood by several major port facilities are an important resentatives of the of America in neighborhood. Congress assembled, hub in our maritime industry. Over 70% of the As a result of Hurricane Katrina: SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. grain produced in the United States travels More than 1,000 people died. This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Fourteenth through the area. 30% of our domestic crude The total number of immediately displaced Dalai Lama Congressional Gold Medal Act’’. oil and 34% of our natural gas is produced by people has never been determined. Estimates SEC. 2. FINDINGS. or travels through south Louisiana, making us range from the hundreds of thousands to the Congress finds that Tenzin Gyatso, the a centerpiece in America’s Energy Coast. In millions. Fourteenth Dalai Lama—

VerDate Aug 31 2005 06:54 Sep 14, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00075 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13SE7.132 H13SEPT1 mmaher on PROD1PC67 with HOUSE H6506 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE September 13, 2006 (1) is recognized in the United States and GENERAL LEAVE the House companion legislation, I am throughout the world as a leading figure of Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I confident that Members of this Cham- moral and religious authority; ask unanimous consent that all Mem- ber deem that the Dalai Lama is indeed (2) is the unrivaled spiritual and cultural bers may have 5 legislative days within such an individual. leader of the , and has used which to revise and extend their re- his leadership to promote democracy, free- b 2015 marks on this legislation and insert ex- dom, and peace for the Tibetan people However, we are not the first to rec- through a negotiated settlement of the traneous material thereon. issue, based on autonomy within the Peo- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there ognize the tremendous achievements of ple’s Republic of ; objection to the request of the gentle- this humble man. In 1989, the 14th (3) has led the effort to preserve the rich woman from Florida? Dalai Lama received the Nobel Peace cultural, religious, and linguistic heritage of There was no objection. Prize for his work bringing democracy the Tibetan people and to promote the safe- Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I and freedom to his people. In the rec- guarding of other endangered cultures yield myself such time as I may con- ommendation, the committee members throughout the world; sume. of the wrote: ‘‘The com- (4) was awarded the in mittee wants to emphasize the fact 1989 for his efforts to promote peace and non- As the House author of this legisla- violence throughout the globe, and to find tion, I rise in strong support of Senate that the Dalai Lama in his struggle for democratic reconciliation for the Tibetan bill 2784, the Congres- the liberation of Tibet consistently has people through his ‘‘Middle Way’’ approach; sional Gold Medal Act. opposed the use of violence. He has in- (5) has significantly advanced the goal of I would like to thank my dear friend stead advocated peaceful solutions greater understanding, tolerance, harmony, and colleague, the ranking member of based upon tolerance and mutual re- and respect among the different religious International Relations Committee, spect in order to preserve the historical faiths of the world through interfaith dia- Congressman , for his dedi- and cultural heritage of his people.’’ logue and outreach to other religious lead- The 14th Dalai Lama Congressional ers; and cated work on this legislation as the (6) has used his moral authority to pro- Democratic lead of this House bill. I Gold Medal Act comes at a crucial and mote the concept of universal responsibility also would like to commend the Finan- hopeful turning point in the ongoing as a guiding tenet for how human beings cial Services chairman, MICHAEL negotiations between the Dalai Lama’s should treat one another and the planet we OXLEY, and his staff for their great representatives and the People’s Re- share. work on this resolution as well as the public of China. SEC. 3. CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL. House leadership and their staff for In a speech delivered following His (a) PRESENTATION AUTHORIZED.—The their assistance in bringing this impor- Holiness’ acceptance of the Nobel Speaker of the House of Representatives and Peace Prize, he said, ‘‘It is my dream the President Pro Tempore of the Senate tant legislation to the floor. shall make appropriate arrangements for the Mr. Speaker, as a senior member of that the entire Tibetan plateau should presentation, on behalf of the Congress, of a the House International Relations become a free refuge where humanity gold medal of appropriate design, to Tenzin Committee and as a member of the and nature can live in peace and in har- Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, in rec- Congressional Human Rights Caucus, I monious balance. It would be a place,’’ ognition of his many enduring contributions have had the opportunity to meet per- he continues, ‘‘where people from all to peace and religious understanding. sonally with the Dalai Lama on several over the world could come to seek the (b) DESIGN AND STRIKING.—For purposes of true meaning of peace within them- the presentation referred to in subsection occasions, most recently in November (a), the Secretary of the Treasury (referred 2005, when he spoke to Congress on selves, away from the tension and pres- to in this Act as the ‘‘Secretary’’) shall issues relating to democracy, human sures that occur in much of the rest of strike a gold medal with suitable emblems, rights, and Tibet. the world. Tibet could indeed become a devices, and inscriptions to be determined by Born to a peasant family, His Holi- creative center for the promotion and the Secretary. ness was recognized at the age of two, development of peace,’’ he concluded. SEC. 4. DUPLICATE MEDALS. in accordance with the tradition of Join me, I ask my colleagues, in pay- The Secretary may strike and sell dupli- Tibet, as the of his pred- ing homage to this fearless leader who cates in bronze of the gold medal struck pur- has led the efforts to preserve the rich suant to section 3 under such regulations as ecessor, the , and thus the Secretary may prescribe, at a price suffi- an incarnation of the Buddha of Com- cultural, spiritual, and linguistic herit- cient to cover the cost thereof, including passion. age of the people of Tibet while also labor, materials, dies, use of machinery, and His enthronement ceremony took promoting the safeguarding of other overhead expenses, and the cost of the gold place in of Tibet on Feb- endangered cultures throughout the medal. ruary 22, 1940, at the tender age of five. world. SEC. 5. STATUS OF MEDALS. A decade later, on , 1950, Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to (a) NATIONAL MEDALS.—The medals struck His Holiness was called upon to assume join me in voting ‘‘yes’’ on the 14th pursuant to this Act are national medals for Dalai Lama Congressional Gold Medal purposes of chapter 51 of title 31, United the position of for the States Code. people of Tibet. Act. (b) NUMISMATIC ITEMS.—For purposes of His Holiness is the embodiment of se- Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of sections 5134 and 5136 of title 31, United renity and understandings. His inner my time. States Code, all medals struck under this peace and calm demeanor give us Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. Act shall be considered to be numismatic that a resolution can be reached on the Speaker, this is a very important piece items. issue of Tibet. As the 14th Dalai Lama, of legislation recognizing one of the SEC. 6. AUTHORITY TO USE FUND AMOUNTS; PROCEEDS OF SALE. he is the manifestation of . truly great advocates of human rights (a) AUTHORITY TO USE FUND AMOUNTS.— To look at him is to understand the in our time, a man who in the face of There is authorized to be charged against the meaning of Dalai Lama, which is enormous adversity generated by the United States Mint Public Enterprise Fund ‘‘Oceans of Wisdom.’’ People’s Republic of China’s oppression such amounts as may be necessary to pay for By awarding the Dalai Lama with has really held forth the banner of the costs of the medals struck pursuant to the Congressional Gold Medal, we are human rights. this Act. recognizing his lifelong advocacy on I therefore am delighted to yield as (b) PROCEEDS OF SALE.—Amounts received from the sale of duplicate bronze medals au- behalf of peace, tolerance, human much time as he may consume to our thorized under section 4 shall be deposited rights, , and religious un- champion of human rights here in the into the United States Mint Public Enter- derstanding throughout the world. By House of Representatives, the ranking prise Fund. definition, a Congressional Gold Medal member of the Committee on Inter- The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu- is the highest expression by Congress national Relations who has for his en- ant to the rule, the gentlewoman from of national appreciation for the most tire life been a very vigorous defender Florida (Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN) and the heroic, courageous, and outstanding in- of the cause of freedom in a variety of gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr. dividuals. also adverse circumstances, the gen- FRANK) each will control 20 minutes. Given the overwhelming support of tleman from California (Mr. LANTOS). The Chair recognizes the gentle- this legislation as evidenced by the bi- Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I rise in woman from Florida. partisan support of 312 cosponsors in strong support of our legislation to

VerDate Aug 31 2005 06:54 Sep 14, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00076 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13SE7.078 H13SEPT1 mmaher on PROD1PC67 with HOUSE September 13, 2006 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H6507 award the Congressional Gold Medal to Through his words and through his work of a single person, we come to an His Holiness the Dalai Lama. deeds, the Dalai Lama has made an en- understanding of not only his relation- I would first like to express my great during contribution to peace, non- ship to us and our relationship to him, appreciation to my dear friend Con- violence, human rights, and religious but of our relationship to each other. gressman BARNEY FRANK not only for understanding. With our action here And so when we celebrate him, we are yielding me some time, but, far more today, Mr. Speaker, His Holiness will celebrating ourselves, too, and our importantly, for being a tireless cham- join the ranks of Pope John Paul II, higher potential, not only as public pion in advancing human rights. Let , , and servants but as human beings. me also thank the chairman of the Fi- , all of whom have been The Dalai Lama speaks about a path nancial Services Committee, my awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, to tranquility. Is it possible in a public friend, Mr. OXLEY, for expediting con- a pantheon of peacemakers. I strongly forum which is centered on such vig- sideration of this legislation, as well as support passage of this legislation. orous debate that we can find tran- my colleague from the International Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. quility? His teachings would say, yes, Relations Committee, ILEANA ROS- Speaker, I now yield to another because tranquility is an inner condi- LEHTINEN, and for her leadership on staunch defender of human rights tion. this legislation on behalf of the Ti- throughout the world, the gentleman So, Mr. Speaker, the honorable betan people and all human rights from Ohio (Mr. KUCINICH), such time as ILEANA ROS-LEHTINEN, our leader Ms. issues. he may consume. PELOSI, this is an important moment Mr. Speaker, 19 years ago this Mr. KUCINICH. I want to thank the for this Congress, and I am proud to month, His Holiness the Dalai Lama at gentleman from Massachusetts for his play a small part in recognizing the the invitation of my wife, Annette, ad- own commitment to human rights and great work and person of the Dalai dressed the Congressional Human thank Mr. LANTOS for the lifetime of Lama. Rights Caucus that I cofounded and work that characterizes not only him- Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. which I currently chair with our col- self but Mrs. Lantos as well. Speaker, I thank the gentleman. And to close out our side here, and I think league FRANK WOLF. The historic This is an important moment for this speech His Holiness delivered was his Congress because through recognizing the debate, I yield such time as she first major policy address outside of the Dalai Lama with the Congressional may consume to a woman who has not and the first time he had ever ap- Gold Medal, we also recognize his life- only been a leader in human rights but was an early advocate and personal peared before the Congress. time of work which has been about ele- The Dalai Lama unveiled his Five vating the human spirit. Because in friend of the Dalai Lama. Let me say, Mr. Speaker, that a few Point Peace Plan for Tibet. We did not that we transcend the little labels of years ago when he spoke at Brandeis know it at the time, but what we heard Democrat and Republican, liberal and University in the district of my col- was to become the foundation for the conservative, and we come to an under- league, Mr. MARKEY and I were there to Dalai Lama’s fight on behalf of the standing of human unity, those prin- meet him, and he had taken a stand people of Tibet. ciples which unite us all. We learn that may have been a little controver- While we were welcoming His Holi- through celebrating the Dalai Lama’s sial. And the first thing he said to me ness on Capitol Hill, the State Depart- life and his contributions the trans- was, this was years before the gentle- ment and the White House refused to formative power of love, the trans- woman from California had ascended to meet with him. The individuals respon- formative power of compassion. leadership. He said, ‘‘Congressman, sible for crafting our foreign policy In his work, he has challenged us to please tell not to be back then crouched under their desks look at those things in our lives which angry; I am going to explain this to unwilling to risk the ire of the Chinese cause anger, to look at those things in her.’’ So when the Dalai Lama is con- our lives which relate to negativity, by meeting with the true cerned about her opinion of him, I and to consciously work on those leader of the Tibetan people. think that says a great deal about her Nearly two decades later, His Holi- things so that we become more perfect. own commitment and dedication. And, ness regularly meets with Presidents Wasn’t that really the message of our of course, he did explain; and, no, she and Secretaries of State. During his Founders with respect to the creation was not angry. She respected him then, last visit to Washington, this brave of the United States itself, that the she respects him now, and I am de- man, small of stature but with an infi- work of our government should ever be lighted to yield to her such time as she nite heart, was greeted by dozens of to form a more perfect Union? may consume. Members of Congress. Tens of thou- So it is that the spiritual work of the Ms. PELOSI. Well, at the time I sands of Washington residents packed Dalai Lama informs all of us that we think the message that I told myself an auditorium for several nights to can perfect ourselves, that we can prac- was, we can’t be holier than His Holi- hear his words of wisdom. tice daily, taking a walk down the path ness. If it is okay with him, it was His Holiness has used his inter- towards a more meaningful life. He okay with me. national acclaim to speak out force- teaches us patience. And certainly, in I thank the gentleman for yielding, fully against the cultural and religious this great body, patience is something and I thank him for all of his leader- annihilation of the Tibetan people. that lends us to understanding of each ship and assistance in bringing this im- Rather than resorting to force, the other, to having compassion for each portant legislation to the floor. And I Dalai Lama has actively pursued a ne- other. also commend Congresswoman ILEANA gotiated solution to the Tibetan issue This is an important moment for this ROS-LEHTINEN for her leadership, not with the Chinese Government. In five Congress, when we understand that the only on bringing the legislation, but rounds of discussions, representatives Dalai Lama’s teachings involve karma, her work on this important issue. TOM of the Dalai Lama have argued with de- an understanding of the power and the LANTOS, FRANK WOLF have just been re- termination to the Chinese that the Ti- consequences of every thought, word, lentless for His Holiness; and in the betan people must have true religious, and deed, knowing that for every ac- Senate, Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN who cultural, and economic autonomy, and tion there might be another action represents California in the U.S. Sen- that the current marginalization of the that follows. The symmetry between ate but is a close personal friend also of Tibetan people in their own land must and some of the teachings of His Holiness. end. Christianity is instructive here. Bud- The Congressional Gold Medal is the Awarding the Congressional Gold dhists talk, and the Dalai Lama talks, most distinguished award bestowed by Medal to His Holiness the Dalai Lama about the law of karma. Christianity, the . It is re- will send a strong signal of congres- we know of teachings that say as you served for the most heroic, most coura- sional support for a negotiated settle- sow, so shall you reap. So much of our geous, most outstanding individuals ment to the Tibetan issue that pre- lives are penetrated by spiritual di- who have made lasting contributions serves and promotes mensions that we often don’t pay much to society, individuals such as John genuine autonomy for the long-suf- attention to. But in moments like this Paul II, Mother Teresa, Elie Wiesel, fering people of Tibet. when we celebrate the life and the and Nelson Mandela.

VerDate Aug 31 2005 07:16 Sep 14, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00077 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\K13SE7.135 H13SEPT1 mmaher on PROD1PC67 with HOUSE H6508 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE September 13, 2006 Today, by honoring His Holiness the been a bedrock of support for the Ti- Under the legislation, the Speaker and the Dalai Lama, we not only honor him, betan cause. By awarding the gold President Pro Tempore of the Senate are au- but we add luster to this Congressional medal to the Dalai Lama, Congress is thorized to present, on behalf of Congress, a Gold Medal. We honor our Nation and sending an important signal of support gold medal to Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth the American people by awarding it to for going further. Dalai Lama, or spiritual, cultural and, in effect, His Holiness. I am proud to be an origi- This is not the first gift our country governmental leader of Tibet, who has lived in nal cosponsor of this legislation. has given to His Holiness. Of course, from his native country since 1959, when His Holiness often described himself for many years and decades, we have he fled the power of the People’s Republic of in the following way: ‘‘I am just a sim- given the gift of respect, of reverence China. ple monk, no more, no less.’’ But he and appreciation for all that His Holi- Mr. Speaker, the Dalai Lama has spent the represents much more to people ness is and does. But when he was a lit- 47 years of his exile peacefully seeking to es- throughout the world. tle boy, the special relationship he had tablish a form of autonomous self rule for b 2030 with America was demonstrated when Tibet. In doing so, he has earned the great re- Franklin Roosevelt, as President of the spect of the world community for the quiet, Tibetan Buddhists believe that the United States, gave His Holiness one of disciplined and non-violent way he has chosen Dalai Lama is the earthly manifesta- his favorite gifts which was a gold to lead his struggle—in fact, the respect is so tion of the living Buddha. On the world watch which had the phases of the great that in 1989, he was awarded the Nobel stage, he is seen as the head of state on the watch. It was a wonderful Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee said the and the spiritual leader of the Tibetan thing, a gift from the President to this award came ‘‘for his consistent resistance to people. For millions, he is seen as a little boy who had been named the the use of violence in his people’s struggle to source of spiritual refuge and a connec- Dalai Lama. regain their . . . He has instead advo- tion to and harmony, that When His Holiness was driven out of cated peaceful solutions based upon tolerance my colleague Mr. KUCINICH was dis- Tibet by the Chinese invasion, it was and mutual respect in order to preserve the cussing. one of the few things that he carried historical and cultural heritage of his people.’’ His Holiness has traveled the world, with him. So he had the gold watch, Mr. Speaker, Tibet is a long way from the building bridges between and among and now all these many years later, United States, and a far different land about the different faiths. He has used his po- out of respect and reverence for him, which most Americans know little. But the sition to promote wisdom, compassion he will have the Congressional Goeld Dalai Lama’s basic beliefs—peace, human and nonviolence as a solution, not only Medal. rights, preservation of culture and of the envi- in Tibet, but to other world conflicts. I urge my colleagues to support it ronment, and the promotion of harmony and His leadership is not only in the area and look to the day when we respect among religions—are so familiar to all of faith and harmony among people, can present it to him in the halls of of us that we may feel we know this quiet man but also in protecting the environment. Congress. in some special way, and he us. In fact, at a I remember it was a great joy seeing Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda in 1991, the him speak at the in Rio Speaker, I yield myself such time as I Dalai Lama said of his childhood view of the in 1992. consume just to express to the govern- United States: ‘‘What truly inspired me were The Dalai Lama has made the human ment of the People’s Republic of China, your ideas of freedom and democracy. I felt rights situation in Tibet an issue of on behalf I think of this entire House, that your principles were identical to my own, international concern. Indeed, the situ- a plea that they understand that their the Buddhist belief in fundamental human ation in Tibet is a challenge to the con- desire to be recognized as a great Na- rights, freedom, equality, tolerance and com- science of the world. Under Chinese oc- tion, their security in this world will passion for all.’’ cupation, hundreds of thousands of Ti- be enhanced, not diminished, if they Mr. Speaker, the Congressional Gold Medal betans have died. Freedom to practice reach out to this great leader who has is the highest civilian honor the Congress can their religion and political expression moved in a direction beyond what some bestow. Previous recipients have included have been severely curtailed. So power- would want him to go to try and reach Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Elie ful is the image of the Dalai Lama that a compromise involving autonomy for Wiesel. His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Tibetans are imprisoned for simply the people of Tibet. Lama, stands with them in his beliefs, and in owning a picture of him. It is simply unbecoming for a Nation the way his life embodies them. It is appro- As a new Member of Congress in 1987, with the economic might of China, priate and, perhaps, overdue that we confer I was in attendance, at the invitation with the potential military might of upon him this medal, this mark of respect and of my colleague from San Francisco China to appear to be frightened of this admiration. I urge immediate passage of this TOM LANTOS, when the Dalai Lama pro- gentle, loving advocate of human dig- bill. posed the historic Five-Point Peace nity. Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, with great sadness Plan toward resolving the future status So we urge the Chinese Government, I must rise to oppose this measure granting a of Tibet. The Dalai Lama proposed a the entire House does, to reconsider its congressional gold medal to the 14th Dalai ‘‘Middle Way Approach’’ that seeks unwillingness to meet halfway as the Lama. While I greatly admire and respect His genuine autonomy for Tibetans within Dalai Lama has agreed to do, and to Holiness the Dalai Lama, and fully recognize the framework of the People’s Republic give him the ability to return to Tibet, his tremendous status both as a Buddhist of China. Autonomy, not independence. to a people that yearns for him, to rec- leader and international advocate for peace, I In recent years, Tibetan envoys have oncile with the people of Tibet and must object to the manner in which this body traveled to China for five rounds of dis- with the Dalai Lama, and the Chinese chooses to honor him. cussions on the status of Tibet. While Government will be the beneficiaries, I wonder if my colleagues see the irony in open dialogue is a first step, it is clear not the victims. honoring a devout Buddhist monk with a mate- that the Chinese government has been Mr. Speaker, I am glad that the rial gift of gold. The Buddhist tradition, of stalling all along. House is able to pass this bill, unani- course, eschews worldly possessions in favor The Chinese are missing an historic mously I believe we will be doing it. of purity of thought and action. Buddhism opportunity to negotiate with a part- Mr. OXLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to urges its practitioners to alleviate the suffering ner who has the authority and the le- urge support of S. 2784, the ‘‘Fourteenth Dalai of others whenever possible. I’m sure His Holi- gitimacy to implement a comprehen- Lama Congressional Gold Medal Act,’’ and ness the Dalai Lama would rather see sive agreement. The Chinese are miss- urge its immediate passage. $30,000 spent to help those less fortunate, ing an opportunity for a solution that This legislation was introduced by the Sen- rather than for a feel-good congressional ges- would ensure internal stability in ator from California, Mrs. FEINSTEIN, and is ture. Tibet and bolster China’s reputation in identical to H.R. 4562, introduced by the We cannot forget that Congress has no au- the world. gentle lady from Florida, Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. thority under the Constitution to spend tax- The Dalai Lama has asked for inter- The House version currently has 312 co-spon- payer money on medals and awards, no mat- national support for his efforts to en- sors, is compliant with all House and Financial ter how richly deserved. And I reiterate my gage the Chinese government. I am Services Committee rules, and has been offer of $100 from my own pocket to pay for proud to say that the U.S. Congress has scored as budget-neutral by CBO. this medal—if members wish to honor the

VerDate Aug 31 2005 07:16 Sep 14, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00078 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 9920 E:\CR\FM\K13SE7.136 H13SEPT1 mmaher on PROD1PC67 with HOUSE September 13, 2006 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE H6509 Dalai Lama, all we need to do is pay for it our- medals, I certainly hope Congress takes the Whereas National POW/MIA Recognition selves. If all 435 of us contribute, the cost will teaching of His Holiness to heart and begins Day is one of the six days specified in section be roughly $70 each. So while a gold medal to rethink our aggressive, interventionist for- 902 of title 36, United States Code, as days on which the National League of Families POW/ sounds like a great idea, it becomes a bit eign policy. Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts. Mr. MIA flag is to be flown over specified Federal strange when we see the actual cost involved. facilities and national cemeteries, post of- If Congress truly wishes to honor the Dalai Speaker, I yield back the balance of fices, and military installations; Lama, it could instead start by showing more my time. Whereas as of September 15, 2006, the re- respect for his views in the areas of foreign Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I mains of 60 Americans unaccounted for from policy, war, and . The bellicosity often have no further requests for time, and the have been recovered, and demonstrated on the floor of this institution to- I yield back the balance of our time. these remains have been repatriated, identi- ward entire nations and their people conflicts The SPEAKER pro tempore. The fied, and returned to their families; sharply with the peaceful teachings of the question is on the motion offered by Whereas as of September 15, 2006, the re- the gentlewoman from Florida (Ms. mains of more than 375 Americans unac- Dalai Lama. counted for from World War II, the , Consider the following words of His Holi- ROS-LEHTINEN) that the House suspend the rules and pass the Senate bill, S. and other conflicts fought by the United ness: States have been recovered throughout the ‘‘When September 11 happened, the next 2784. world, and these remains have been repatri- day I wrote a letter to President Bush as a The question was taken; and (two- ated, identified, and returned to their fami- friend—because I know him personally. I thirds having voted in favor thereof) lies; wrote this letter and expressed, besides my the rules were suspended and the Sen- Whereas the improved access of represent- condolences and sadness, a countermeasure ate bill was passed. atives of the United States to information in A motion to reconsider was laid on to this tragedy: a nonviolent response because the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Lao the table. People’s Democratic Republic, and the King- that would have been more effective. So this f dom of has resulted in the recov- is my stance. And then just before the Iraq cri- ery and repatriation of the remains of Amer- sis started, millions of people from countries EXTENDING THANKS TO DEFENSE icans unaccounted for from the Vietnam like Australia and America expressed their op- POW/MISSING PERSONNEL OF- War; position to violence. I really admired and ap- FICE FOR EFFORTS TO ACHIEVE Whereas as of September 15, 2006, 216 Joint preciated this.’’ ACCOUNTING OF ALL AMERI- Field Actions have been conducted in Viet- ‘‘When the war started, some people imme- CANS UNACCOUNTED FOR AS A nam, , and Cambodia, which has re- diately asked me if it was justified or not, sulted in the recovery of the remains of 841 RESULT OF THE VIETNAM WAR Americans unaccounted for from the Viet- whether it was right or wrong. In principle, any Mr. SIMMONS. Mr. Speaker, I move nam War, and these remains have been repa- resort to violence is wrong.’’ to suspend the rules and agree to the triated, identified, and returned to their Consider also these thoughts from the Dalai concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res. 444) families; Lama regarding the terrible pointlessness of extending the thanks of Congress and Whereas the United States has a historic war: the Nation to the Defense POW/Missing commitment to the recovery of, and the full- est accounting of, Americans who are miss- ‘‘We have seen that we cannot solve human Personnel office, the Joint POW/MIA problems by fighting. Problems resulting from ing as a result of the Nation’s wars and con- Accounting Command of the Depart- flicts; and differences in opinion must be resolved ment of Defense, the Armed Forces through the gradual process of dialogue. Un- Whereas every member of the United DNA Identification Laboratory, the Air States Armed Forces who is unaccounted for doubtedly, wars produce victors and losers; Force Life Sciences Equipment Labora- as a result of service to the Nation is equally but only temporarily. Victory or defeat resulting tory, and the military departments and important, regardless of the time or place of from wars cannot be long-lasting. Secondly, to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam the war or conflict: Now, therefore, be it our world has become so interdependent that for their efforts to achieve the fullest Resolved by the House of Representatives (the the defeat of one country must impact the rest possible accounting of all Americans Senate concurring), That Congress— of the world, or cause all of us to suffer losses unaccounted for as a result of the Viet- (1) recognizes that National POW/MIA Rec- either directly or indirectly.’’ ognition Day is one of the six days specified nam War, as amended. by section 902 of title 36, United States Code, ‘‘Today, the world is so small and so inter- The Clerk read as follows: dependent that the concept of war has be- as days on which the National League of H. CON. RES. 444 come anachronistic, an outmoded approach. Families POW/MIA flag is to be flown over As a rule, we always talk about reform and Whereas the Defense POW/Missing Per- specified Federal facilities and national sonnel Office (DPMO), an element of the Of- cemeteries, military installations, and post changes. Among the old traditions, there are fice of the Secretary of Defense, exercises offices; many aspects that are either ill-suited to our policy, control and oversight within the De- (2) applauds the personnel of the Defense present reality or are counterproductive due to partment of Defense of the process of inves- POW/Missing Personnel Office, the Joint their shortsightedness. These, we have con- tigation, analysis, recovery, and fullest pos- POW/MIA Accounting Command of the De- signed to the dustbin of history. War too sible accounting of Americans missing as a partment of Defense, the Armed Forces DNA should be relegated to the dustbin of history.’’ result of the Nation’s previous wars and con- Identification Laboratory, the Air Force Life ‘‘Of course, the militaristic tradition may not flicts; Sciences Equipment Laboratory, and the end easily. But, let us think of this. If there Whereas the Joint POW/MIA Accounting military departments for continuing their Command (JPAC), located on of mission of achieving the fullest possible ac- were bloodshed, people in positions of power, Oahu in Hawaii, is charged with the mission counting of all Americans unaccounted for or those who are responsible, will find safe of conducting investigations, analysis, re- as a result of the Nation’s previous wars and places; they will escape the consequent hard- covery, and identifications to achieve the conflicts; ship. They will find safety for themselves, one fullest possible accounting of all Americans (3) extends its appreciation and the appre- way or the other. But what about the poor missing as a result of the Nation’s wars and ciation of the people of the United States to people, the defenseless people, the children, conflicts; the personnel of those offices, commands, the old and infirm. They are the ones who will Whereas the laboratory portion of that and laboratories in the United States, the have to bear the brunt of devastation. When command, referred to as the Central Identi- Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Lao Peo- fication Laboratory, is the largest forensic ple’s Democratic Republic, and the Kingdom weapons are fired, the result will be death and laboratory in the world; of Cambodia for their efforts to achieve the destruction. Weapons will not discriminate be- Whereas the Armed Forces DNA Identifica- fullest possible accounting of all Americans tween the innocent and guilty. A missile, once tion Laboratory (AFDIL), located in Rock- who remain unaccounted for as a result of fired, will show no respect to the innocent, ville, Maryland, is one of the leading labora- the Vietnam War; poor, defenseless, or those worthy of compas- tories in the world for processing degraded (4) encourages the United States Govern- sion. Therefore, the real losers will be the poor skeletal remains and family references for ment to use all available means to continue and defenseless, ones who are completely in- mitochondrial DNA; the mission described in paragraph (2) at cur- nocent, and those who lead a hand-to-mouth Whereas the Air Force Life Sciences rent or greater levels until the fullest pos- Equipment Laboratory (LSEL), located in sible accounting missing Americans is existence.’’ San Antonio, Texas, houses the most com- achieved; Mr. Speaker, in closing let me join my col- prehensive technical library and collection (5) recognizes that the efforts and involve- leagues in stating my tremendous respect for of life sciences equipment used by the Armed ment of POW/MIA families and veterans con- His Holiness the Dalai Lama. While I cannot Forces, to include analysts for artifact iden- tribute significantly to the fullest possible agree with forcible taxation to pay for gold tification; accounting of missing Americans;

VerDate Aug 31 2005 06:54 Sep 14, 2006 Jkt 049060 PO 00000 Frm 00079 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 0634 E:\CR\FM\A13SE7.081 H13SEPT1 mmaher on PROD1PC67 with HOUSE