hat something as wonderful as the Royal A unique oak trees, which provide a habitat for of the land. Akademiska Hus is responsible for land and buildings T National City Park a large number of different species. on the university campus at Frescati, while the National Property could be located in the middle Board manages palace buildings and other state-owned proper- of town is truly amazing. The park in A landscape rich ties with high cultural history value. The County Administrative park forms a unique historical in history Board coordinates the management and development of landscape of forests, open the middle History is never far away in the the park. land, parks, beaches and build- Royal National City Park. Traces of ings. You can do everything royalty include Karl XI’s fishing cabin here, from strolling in ancient of the at Djurgården, and the palaces at forests and swimming from Ulriksdal and Haga. Haga Park is one the rocks, to visiting castles capital city of Europe’s best-preserved English and museums. The park landscape parks, a park style whose spans three municipalities: aesthetics are based on nature, Solna, and Lidingö. forming an idealised landscape No wonder it’s the Stockholm around its most beautiful features. Region’s most visited recrea- Typical of this English style are the winding foot- tion area. paths that lead the visitor through different views, past soft grassy slopes and dark forest trails. The world’s first National City Park Walk, cycle or drive here It’s extremely rare for such a The Royal National City Park is an easily large area with so much value accessible experience. Excellent paths and cycle in terms of nature, culture and tracks run through the park. You can get here by recreation to be preserved in bus, subway, tram (www.sl.se) and boat (www. Fa c t s the middle of a city. In fact, the waxholmsbolaget.se, www.stromma.se). There’s park that so many people now also good parking if you come by car. Area: The Royal National City Park extends over 10 kilometres, from Ulriksdal and Sörentorp in the north, to Djurgården and Fjäderholmarna take for granted has had to be defended throughout the Good places to start the experience in the south, covering a total area of around 27 square kilometres. centuries, both by public interest and the commitment of from include Ulriksdal, Bergshamra, Number of visitors: Officially, the park has over 15 million visitors volunteers. 1995 was therefore an important year for the Stora Skuggan, Universitetet, Haga per year (this high figure is largely due to , with its many students and staff, being located in the middle of the park). park, when it was designated the world’s first National City Norra, Tekniska Högskolan, Djurgårds- L ä

Oldest building: The oldest building in the Royal National City Park is n

Park due to its importance for national cultural heritage, bron, Skeppsholmsbron and Slussen ss Karl XI’s fishing cabin, which dates back to the 1600s. t

the city’s ecology and people’s recreation. (Djurgården ferry). yrelse Animals and nature: The park is home to Northern Europe’s biggest stock of large oak trees, and also to the wide striped oak bark beetle

More nature than you might think Who is responsible for (an insect living in old oak trees) and to the stone loach (a species of n i St freshwater fish), both endangered in . Thanks to people using the park carefully for several hundred the park? o

C Activities and entertainment: The park offers Sweden’s largest concen- I OVER years, it’s positively teeming with life. There are over 800 The state owns most of the Royal c

tration of attractions: over 20 museums, some 50 restaurants and cafés, khol

M different types of flowering plants, more than 1200 types National City Park through the and the famous entertainment venues Gröna Lund and Cirkus. AGE m

: kjell b Persso : kjell of beetles, and around 100 species of birds that breed here. National Property Board. The Royal The area is protected by law. In principle, no new buildings or other s lä The park’s nature creates a mosaic of open meadows and Djurgården Administration manages settlements should be erected in park land or nature environment.

Please visit our website for more tips on what to see and do n 2009 pastures, pine forests, , lakes, coast and islands. around 80% of the land. Stockholm www.nationalstadsparken.se n Another distinguishing feature of the park is the many ancient City and Solna City also own parts L Träsksjön ä F F o o t n t o: L o: SOLLENTUNA he o: ss Ed BERGA Nyberg ars » The world’s first National City Park is located in the heart of the

s n vik svä walde rik t gen yrelse Sollentunavägen ÖSBY Mörby centrum Ösbyvägen

n city, and large parts of the park has royal patronage. It stretches Uppsalavägen s t rö

Kaninholmen m n i St Sörentorp n from Ulriksdal and Sörentorp in the north, to Djurgården and e KEVINGE g ä ev d n Ulriksdals e

begravningsplats V



g Danderyds sjukhus ä

v Fjäderholmarna in the south. The park offers a wide choice of o ds går Edsviken träd c tts lo 1 S Petruskyrkan

khol Ulriksdals slott

Danderyds sjukhus N o S

l Slottskapellet r o r recreation, culture and entertainment activities. Please visit our t t t ä MÖRBY s l

j a e l l v é ä 19. 17. n MÖRBYLUND g

ULRIKSDAL e n m Uppsalavägen n Svedenbadet s lä J website for more tips on what to see and do – ä r ge va ä v v s ä l JÄRVA g a e d n s k i r DANDERYD LÅNGÄNGEN U n 2009 www.nationalstadsparken.se « Björnst 2 igen STOCKBY Bergshamra

Bergshamra ergshamravägen B N

o F

P BERGSHAMRA rr o i t pe ä Bockholmen SÖDRA STICKLINGE t

r l b Persso kjell o: s Väg je E v nk ä öpingsv g ägen e n K Lilla Värtan ra NÄSET 1 Ulriksdals slott • Castle and grounds from the 1600s ÖR us V TRANHOLMEN BO Tivoliberget äg 3 Pipers park ISLINGE n Stora Lappkärrsberget 2 Ulriksdalsåsen and Kvarnkullen • Nature area with ancient archaeological remains Brunnsviken Ekhagen F o Bergianska

t R

o: lars n lars o: Trädgården o Stora Vargjakten Trafikplats s l a Frösunda 4 g s v 10 3 Viktoriahuset ä n Tivoliberget and Pipers park • English landscape park with expansive views g 8 ge Frösundavik e ä

yberg v Edvard Andersons växthus n Lappkärret gs Ugglebo un 4. Lilla Lappkärrsberget K a Kungliga Vetenskaps rr Haga trädgård akademien o Övre Haga 7 NORRA DJURGÅRDEN Lilla Skuggan N TORSVIK Ansgars kyrkan 4 Fjärilshuset Sto Bergianska trädgården • Botanical gardens at Brunnsvikens strand n ra Spegeldammen arke S ap ku ag Universitetet gg H Slottsgrund an Stora Skuggan Södr F s a Ku rösu Koppartälten Vä n nda leden g Oxbergsbacken g Haga slott 9 s v Haga norra ä Brunnsvikens g 1. 5 Ekotemplet F 5 grindar e Hagaparken • Palace area with, among other attractions, large English landscape park Gustav III:s paviljong strandbad Fiskar n o torp t svä L o: ge en LIDINGÖ n äg

sv Nyberg ars Laduviken g n

Hovjägare- ä


bostället s 6

Hoppbacke k Lidingöbron Bellevue • 1700s building Paschens malmgård, and English landscape park

s i 11 F Husarviken Millesgården Uppsalavägen Fiskartorpets friluftsgård en sväg verk Kinesiska pagoden s Ropsten Teknikhöjden a Gamla Haga G norra Kräftriket B 7 Stockholms University/Frescati • Outstanding Swedish architecture from the 1900s Turkiska Paviljongen n jörnn begravningsplats e äsvä g gen ä v Ropsten Haga södra s Hjorthagens g Uggleviken la grindar s kyrka o Trafikplats Haga södra 6 R HJORTHAGEN Lilla Värtan S Solna kyrka Lill-Jansskogen 8 Lappkärret • Former area which is now a bird lake oln av äg Stallmästaregården F en o Karolinska

t Wenner-Gren Center o: kjell b Persso kjell o: Universitetssjukhuset Solna Trafikplats Norrtull Birger Jarlsg. n 9 Stora Skuggan • Day trip destination for all the family, with 4-H city farm SOLNA ge

Valhallavägen vä Tegeluddsvägen



r Östermalms

Norra Länken o



r idrottsplats a a

15. t

Sveavägen k

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g Gärdet 6. F s

t g n S o: lars n lars o: Tekniska högskolan r 10 Stora Vargjakten • A large piece of forest right by the city



b l d h h a Lidingövägen a m

D n Frihamnsterminalen Tekniska högskolan k s i g

yberg r a 12 E Gärdet t Frihamnen Odengatan a n 11 Fiskartorpet • Karl XI’s fishing cabin from the 1600s n Sö Tessinparken e dra g Kungsväg Odenplan ä en Stadion v ta r Valhallavägen 13 ä Karlavägen V Sturegatan 12 Rådmansgatan Karlaplan Olympic stadium • Architect Torben Grut’s masterpiece from 1911 n B Kungliga Lindarängsväge ir Karlaplan Johannes kyrka g e Biblioteket r Rådmansgatan Hakberget Ja Borgen Sveavägen rl Gustav Adolfs kyrka sg G Adolf fredrik kyrka a ÖSTERMALM r Lidingöbro 13 Tessinparken • Gärdet’s own city park from the 1930s ta Karlavägen e n 14 ve LADUGÅRDSGÄRDET Narvavägen V on n Stureplan E ge Skansberget ss ä e sv Östermalmstorg ns ä V n äg k Hötorget a Kaknästornet K Handelsflottans 14 Gärdet • Former military training ground, now a recreation area Elimkyrkan Oscars kyrka Djurgårdsbr friluftsgård Kungsgatan unnsvägen an 16. Sergels Torg Hamngat F

o Diplomatstaden t o: lars n lars o: Klara kyrka Strandvägen Djurgårdsbrunnsviken 15 Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen • Part of Karl XIV Johan’s parkland from the 1800s Kungsträdgården dud Hun dsvä

T-Centralen gen

Rådhuset n e


Gustav Adolfs Torg a äge k v

yberg s Rosendals slott Stora Hundudden

al o nd Tegelbacken br ose Fre y R d M C N 17 ri 20 e Högloftet k a 16 Skeppsholmen • Former naval base, with active boat life and several museums

n Riksdagshuset B n 15 t i Stadshuset r l l o l al 16 m a b Stockholms Slott SKANSEN s Väg v Norr Mälarstrand ro ä 19 n . g Riddarhuset e v Isbladskärret SKEPPSHOLMEN D Seglora kyrka s n Storkyrkan d

ju n n r u



å l r r a 17 Rosendal palace and park • Karl XIV Johan’s summer palace and park

GAMLA b d HOLMEN s V SÖDRA DJURGÅRDEN s vä Riddarfjärden p gen p Dj STAN e urg k ård S sv Gamla stan ägen B Kastellholmen lo Blockhusudden c Frisens park kh usr 18 Waldemarsudde and Frisens park • Prince Eugen’s castle and beautiful park areas Söder Mälarstrand Beckholmen ingen LÅNGHOLMEN Prins Eugens 18 Biskopsudden Waldemarsudde Slussen Strömmen Söderhöjdskyrkan K atarinavä Maria Magdalena kyrka gen St NACKA STRAND adsg 19 Isbladskärret • Small but species-rich bird lake, with for example a colony of herons Zinkensdamm årdsl S:t Paulskyrkan eden Saltsjön 5. Katarina kyrka Hornsgatan Mariatorget Ersta kyrka Hornstull Andreaskyrkan FINNBODA KVARNHOLMEN SÖDERMALM DANVIKEN 20 Fjäderholmarna • The closest part of Stockholm’s archipelago Medborgarplatsen 0 1 2 km