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Sri sudarshana vaibhavam vaibhavam vaibhavam sudarshana Sri sudarshana Sri Sri sudarshana vaibhavam vaibhavamsudarshana Sri sudarshana Sri SrI VaradAchAri SrI VaradAchAri SrI SaThakopan SaThakopan SrI VaradAchAri SrI VaradAchAri SrI SaThakopan SaThakopan Sri Anil T (Hyderabad) T SriAnil (Hyderabad) T SriAnil (Hyderabad) Sri Anil T T SriAnil (Hyderabad) T SriAnil (Hyderabad) OppiliappanKoil OppiliappanKoil OppiliappanKoil OppiliappanKoil . ïI>.. ïI>. . ïI>.. ïI>. 1 & &&& &


SlOkam 16 SlOkam16 SlOkam15 SlOkam14 SlOkam13 SlOkam12 SlOkam11 SlOkam10 SlOkam 9 SlOkam 8 SlOkam 7 SlOkam 6 SlOkam 5 SlOkam 4 SlOkam 3 SlOkam 2 SlOkam 1 Shodhasayudha Sri StOthram Introduction CONTENTS

3 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 24 23 21 20 19 18 17 5 SlOkam 7 SlOkam 7 SlOkam 6 SlOkam 5 SlOkam 4 SlOkam 3 SlOkam 2 SlOkam 1 Thiruvaymozhi7.4 - 4 47 Sudarshana Sathakam Sri Introduction 4 Sudarshana Homam Sri RangaswamyMuralidhar By ( ) Sudarshana Vaibhavam 36 Sri Sudarshana Kavacham29 Sri Nigamanam SlOkam Sruti) 19(Phala SlOkam18 SlOkam17 4 68 66 65 63 61 60 58 26 25 28 50 - - 5650 27 3 -46 3 - - 35 - 42 - 9 rAudham bestowed upon them. This Sthothram consist Sthothram This them. upon bestowed rAudham t of part a having are which of all weapons sixteen Sudarsa Sri Sudarsan Sri of glory the of of praise in is Sthothram weapons sixteen means Ayutha Shodasa Introduction aA. wm avsd h vlaes orct them. recite to villagers the advised Swamy gavAn. eulogizing SudarsanAshtakam, Sri and Sthothram this heard Desikan Swamy distress. in were People form. was which fever),(cold jvaramvisha waveof a from whenSwamy that said wasDesikan Ka is livingat It the sixteen weapons. slOkams) eachfor of are SlO sruthi. phala is 19 18SlOkam last The The sanaazhwar. BhagavAn. Sudarsana Sri by very much moved by their suffering. Out of mercy fo mercy of suffering. Out their by moved much very Kanchipura from miles 5 about Thirupputkuzi, at ple t to refers and introduction an is slOkam first The SHODASAYUDHA STHOTHRAM SHODASAYUDHA

SWAMYDESIKAN’S ïImteingmaNtïImteingmaNt mhadeizkay mhadeizkay nm> nm> ïImteingmaNtïImteingmaNt mhadeizkay mhadeizkay nm> nm> . .;aefzayuxStaeÇt!. ;aefzayuxStaeÇt!. . .;aefzayuxStaeÇt!. ;aefzayuxStaeÇt!. . ïI>.. ïI>. . ïI>.. ïI>. 5

th lkm s ryr o r Sudar- Sri to prayer is slOkam

aazhwarwielding is who

he 16 weapons adorned adorned weapons 16 he he power of the Chak- the of power he raging in an epidemic an in raging nchipuram, manynchipuram,peo- h rr fr f Sri of form rare The r them, he composed he them, r kam 2 to 17 (sixteen 17 to 2 kam Sri Sudarsana Bha- Sudarsana Sri of this and he was he and this of wr suffering were m s of 19 slOkams. 19 of s naazhwar. This This naazhwar. of free be can healthy one and happy life. slokams, these reciting by that Paramatha Bh of paasuram last the inmentioned also han right the on are on 8 to 1 Weapons Kanchipuram. Soola Trident- (16) musalam - Pestle (15) Ghathai Sa Bow- Paanchajanyam(10) - Conch (9) vEl - Sakthi Swo (7) emitting weapon edged hundred - haagni - angusam (5) Dhandam - Stick (4) kunta - (3) Parasu (Sri SwamyHe “May says:person. second of form the the of behalf on Desikan Swamy by invoked BhagavAn t from fever poisonous the banished and immediately Swam to responded weapons divine 16 with Sudarsanar tected by Sri Sudarsanaazhwar those and pious the of welfare and benefit the for com he that says sruthi, phala the in SwamyDesikan Weapons 9 to 16 are on the left hands. These sixtee These hands. left the on are 16 to 9 Weapons Sud Sri of moorthy archA the on seen be can weapons Thund VajrAyudham- (13) Seera - Plough (12) pAsam (1) are: Sudarsanaazhwar Sri of weapons sixteen The putkuzhi PerumaL, Sri VijayarAghavan. Sthothra a is which ParamArTaSthuti, to next place two these why explains This slOkams. these in you!” Desikan Swamy form. unusual an in is sthothram This powerfulweapthe for jvarammatch was no visha The 6

m. These sixteen divine sixteen These m. who recite will be pro-be will recite who m in praise of Thiru- of praise in m n divine weapons are weapons divine n posed this Sthothram this posed goad (6) Sathamuk-(6) goad angam. It is believedis angam. It ons of Sri Sudarsana Sri of ons arngam (11) Noose - Noose (11) arngam Sudarsanar) protect protect Sudarsanar) (2) Axe - Axe (2) Chakram iess n lv a live and diseases Sthothrams, find a find Sthothrams, y Desikan’s prayer Desikan’s y e hva desam. Dhivya he erbolt (14) Mace - Mace (14) erbolt ’s invocation is in is invocation ’s rd - Nistrimsa (8) Nistrimsa - rd s rm h top. the from ds raazwr at arsanaazhwar epes people. helpless

vEdAntAchArya varyO mE varyO || sannidhattAm vEdAntAchArya sadA hrudi srImAn ve~nkaTanAthAryah kavitArkikakesarI | vedaNtacayRvyaeRvedaNtacayRvyaeR me siÚxÄa ve»qnawayR> kivtaik›kkesrI kivtaik›kkesrI , , ïIman!ïIman! ve»qnawayR> ve»qnawayR> kivtaik›kkesrI kivtaik›kkesrI , , SwamiDesikan 7

Meaning: teen aayudhams respond to your prayers for relief f relief for prayers your to respond aayudhams teen se (Sudarshanan) ChakrarAjan that May weapons. teen itself transformed BhagavAn Sudarsana of sankalpam ver! s The SudarsanAzhwAn. of form the took alone will) Sri VijayavalliChakra samEthaSri Sudarshanavalli Sri jushta: shoDasabhi: divyai: jushatam va: para: puma ashA sy ht rmn aryNns akaa ( sanklapam NaarAyaNan’s Sriman that say SaasthrAs sva sankalpa kalA kalpai: aayudhai: aayudhEsvara: | juò>juò> ;aefziÉRidVyEjRu;ta< ;aefziÉRidVyEjRu;ta< v> v>pr> pr> puman!. puman!. 1 .1 . juò>juò> ;aefziÉRidVyEjRu;ta< ;aefziÉRidVyEjRu;ta< v> v>pr> pr> puman!. puman!. 1 .1 . SvSv s»Lp s»Lp kla kla kLpErayuxErayuxeñr>, kLpErayuxErayuxeñr>, SvSv s»Lp s»Lp kla kla kLpErayuxErayuxeñr>, kLpErayuxErayuxeñr>, S L 8 O KAM

1 1 rom the poisonous fe-poisonous the rom

pANi PerumAL pANi further into the six-the into further

rved by these six-these by rved al at f the of part mall an ||

divine enn: Meaning: day- month-year). This Kaala tatthavm is under the under istatthavm Kaala month-year). This day- Kaalam of tatthvam the by driven eternally rotating you protect ChaakratthAzhwAn of hands the adorning od isl tkso h omo this Chakram (Su of takes the on form Lord) Himself uhm wih s h cif aog h waos f the of weapons the among chief the is which yudham, yadAyattam kAla jagacchakram chakram cha sAsvatam |

pAtu vastatparampAtu chakram rUpasya chakriNa: | a te hkAuhm oe f te ite dvn wea divine sixteen the of (one ChakrAyudham the May SrI Keshava MoorthyKeshava SrI Holding Four patupatu vStTpr< vStTpr< c³< c³< c³ c³ êpSy êpSy ci³[>. ci³[>. 2 2. . patupatu vStTpr< vStTpr< c³< c³< c³ c³ êpSy êpSy ci³[>. ci³[>. 2 2. . ydayÄ

2 control of the ChakrA-the of control (second-minute-hour-

darsana Roopam).darsana all! The Universe isUniverse The all!

od H (The He Lord. |


Meaning: all axes, other youprotect all! sour the is which axe,BhagavAn’s Sudarsana Sri May Lor the from axes their get and SudarsanAzhvaan Sri ( Ayudharaajan the worship RudrAs Axe. Sudarsanar’s of them is axe (axe is them of There are many RudrA ghanangals. The weapon for e for weapon The ghanangals. RudrA many are There yath prasUti parasu sathai: lAncchanA: rudrA: aasan sa sa divyO heti rAjasya parasu: paripaatu va: || Parasu s sidVyae idVyae heitrajSy heitrajSy przu> przu> pirpatu pirpatu v>. v>. 3 .3 . s sidVyae idVyae heitrajSy heitrajSy przu> przu> pirpatu pirpatu v>. v>. 3 .3 . yTàsUityTàsUit ztErasn! ztErasn! éÔa> éÔa> przulaÁDna>, przulaÁDna>, yTàsUityTàsUit ztErasn! ztErasn! éÔa> éÔa> przulaÁDna>, przulaÁDna>, ). These axes of the RudrAs were all progeny of SrI of progenyall were RudrAs the of axes These ). Sri Sudarshanaat Thirumohur Sri S L 10 O KAM


d and do their duties. their do and d

efrteceto fof creation the for ce

ig f weapons), of King | c one ach

Meaning: ( ie br fyn aa sity ( swiftly away flying bird a like weapon “ kunta:

) on His hand, the will immediately run away run immediately will asurAs the hand, His on ) Spear hn h Lr, hrvahazvn lyul takes playfully Thiruvaazhiaazhvan Lord, the When Sri Sudarshana at Sri Ranaganatha Temple, Pamona, N RanaganathaSudarshana at Sri Sri Temple, hElayA hElayA hEti rAjEna yasmin | daityA: samuddhrutE sakuntA iva dhAvanti sa kunta: pAlayEta va: || ” youprotect all! zk…Ntazk…Nta #v #vxaviNt xaviNt s sk…Nt> k…Nt> palyet palyet v>. v>. 4 4. . zk…Ntazk…Nta #v #vxaviNt xaviNt s sk…Nt> k…Nt> palyet palyet v>. v>. 4 4. . helyahelya heitrajen heitrajen yiSmn! yiSmn! dETya> dETya> smud!x&te, smud!x&te, helyahelya heitrajen heitrajen yiSmn! yiSmn! dETya> dETya> smud!x&te, smud!x&te, S L aut ia dhAvanti iva sakuntA 11 O KAM


. a ta divine that May ).

helter-skelter, Y i spear his

Meaning: Lord, protect youLord, protect all destroy the enemies.and Sudars Sri punishment. deserve they Therefore, ble. pio other and Rishis all cruelly treating in intent asmany are there Like this Danu. demoness, of race with His weapon “Stick” (“Stick” weapon His with hEti hEti daNDesa daNDa: bhavatAm asau daNDayEdh dvisSha daitya mukhyAnAm daNDyAnAm yEna daNDanam |

DaithyAs were born to . Daanavas were off sp off were Daanavas Diti. to born were DaithyAs heitheit d{fez d{fez d{fae=saE d{fae=saE Évta< Évta< d{fyed d{fyed iÖ;>. iÖ;>. 5 5. . heitheit d{fez d{fez d{fae=saE d{fae=saE Évta< Évta< d{fyed d{fyed iÖ;>. iÖ;>. 5 5. . dETydETy danv danv muOyana< muOyana< d{f(ana< d{f(ana< yen yen d{fnm!, d{fnm!, dETydETy danv danv muOyana< muOyana< d{f(ana< d{f(ana< yen yen d{fnm!, d{fnm!, Sri Sudarshanaat Perumpuliyur Sri Danda: S L 12 O ). May Danda the divine weapon of the of weapon divine the Danda May ). KAM

5 us people and givingtrou- and people us urAs. They are always are They urAs. nr uihs them punishes anar

ring of the of ring : || Meaning: ie n nua cnrlig h eehns My this May elephants. the leelais protec controlling “ankusam” with such uninterrupted an ankusam an like Hi with them control will ThiruvaazhiaazhvAn ments, anya dEvathAs( nevereven thinkof

When BhakthAs who are totally devoted to Emperu to devoted totally are who BhakthAs When ananyAnvaya AasA bhaktAnAm matangajAn rundhan | anankusa anankusa vihArO va: paatu hetIsvara ankusa: || An»…zivharaeAn»…zivharae v> v>patu patu hetIñra»…z>. hetIñra»…z>. 6. 6. An»…zivharaeAn»…zivharae v> v>patu patu hetIñra»…z>. hetIñra»…z>. 6. 6. AnNyaNvyÉ´ana

6 ) desire for worldly enjoy-worldly for desire ) t yout all!

s iie weapon divine ankusam maan and maan (goad)

Meaning: aayudham “agni” protect youprotect aayudham “agni” all! aayud this of power the is Such burnt. and lamps to destroye be will chEtanan of sins the all aayudham, If mouths. these all through emitted is fire Fierce ( “Sathamukhaagni”

n o h sxen epn o r Sudarsanaazhv Sri of weapons sixteen the of One sambhUya salabhAyantE yatra pApAni dEheenAm | sa paatu sa sata vaktrAgni hEtirhEtIsvarasya va: || s spatu patu zt zt vKÇai¶ vKÇai¶ heitheRtIñrSy heitheRtIñrSy v>. v>. 7 .7 . s spatu patu zt zt vKÇai¶ vKÇai¶ heitheRtIñrSy heitheRtIñrSy v>. v>. 7 .7 . aa ata agni vaktra sata s<ÉUys<ÉUy zlÉayNte zlÉayNte yÇ yÇpapain papain deihnam!, deihnam!, s<ÉUys<ÉUy zlÉayNte zlÉayNte yÇ yÇpapain papain deihnam!, deihnam!, Sri Sudarshanaat Sri S L 14 O KAM

wih a hnrd 10 mouths. (100) hundred has which ) 7 mediated on this divine this on mediated d like insects falling in falling insects like d

ham. May this divine this May ham.

a is aan Meaning: a ti dvn wao “wr” etw pn o all you ( upon bestow “Sword” weapon divine this May (ignorance the out root can Sword weapon divine The svaroopi). (jn~Ana jn~Anam of embodiment the is jn~ for “Devathai” is weapon this that says PuraNam tatthva sautu darsanam

Sword (Sword sa sudarsana nistrimsa: sa sudarsana sautu va: tatthva darsanam avidhyAm sva prakAsEna vidhyArUpa: ya:chinatthi | s ssudzRn sudzRn iniô iniô saEtu saEtu vStÅvdzRnm!. vStÅvdzRnm!. 8. 8. s ssudzRn sudzRn iniô iniô saEtu saEtu vStÅvdzRnm!. vStÅvdzRnm!. 8. 8. nistrimsa: Aiv*a, y>, Aiv*a, y>, Sri Sudarshanaat ThiruKacchi Sri )! ) is another divine weapon of Sri Sudarsanar. Sri of weapon divine another is ) S L 15 O KAM

8 vdy /avidhya

Anam. This weapon This Anam.

very lustre of this of lustre very atv jn~Anam tatthva ajJn~Anam). | |


asakti (inability,asakti weakness)! “ weapon, this May sakti:). (akunTha ished/blunted. weapon this of (Sakti)power The aayudham. “Sakti” ( world the create to powerful one. very weapona is(vEl). This “Sakti” Yet one another of the sixteen weapon for Chaakrat for weapon sixteen the Yetof another one kriyA kriyA sakti guNO vishNO: ya: bhavati atisaktimAn | akuNTha sakti:akuNTha saa sakti: asaktim vArayEta va: || Ak…{Qzi´>Ak…{Qzi´> sa sa zi´rzi´< zi´rzi´< varyet varyet v>. v>. 9. 9. Ak…{Qzi´>Ak…{Qzi´> sa sa zi´rzi´< zi´rzi´< varyet varyet v>. v>. 9. 9. i³yazi´gu[aei³yazi´gu[ae iv:[aeyaRe iv:[aeyaRe ÉvTyitzi´man!, ÉvTyitzi´man!, i³yazi´gu[aei³yazi´gu[ae iv:[aeyaRe iv:[aeyaRe ÉvTyitzi´man!, ÉvTyitzi´man!, kriya sakti guna sakti kriya Sri Sudarshanaat Chakrapani Sri Koil S L 16 O KAM :) by EmperumAn is only due to this to due only is EmperumAn by :)

9 It is said that the powersaid that is It will never get dimin-get neverwill

at” eto your destroy Sakti”

thAzhwAn is thAzhwAn

Meaning: Meaning: ot lros n fmd epn f te od Te sha The Lord. the of weapon famed and glorious most the enemies to tremble in great fear. May that that May fear. great in tremble to enemies the cau will blown, when sound thunderous a such making you all! weapon is like that of “PraNavam” (Om). Paancha Sri weaponlike is of that prabhO: praharaNEndrasya paanchajanya: paatu sa va: tAratvam yasya samsTaanE sabde cha | paridrusyatE et o r Sdraa, r Pacaaym h Conch the Paanchajanyam SrI Sudarsanar, Sri to Next àÉae>àÉae> àhr[eNÔSy àhr[eNÔSy paÂjNy> paÂjNy> s spatu patu v>. v>. 10 10. . àÉae>àÉae> àhr[eNÔSy àhr[eNÔSy paÂjNy> paÂjNy> s spatu patu v>. v>. 10 10. . tarTv

10 r Paanchajanyam Sri

aymi aal fjanyam capableis of etesoaho of stomach the se

e f ti famed this of pe ||

protect s the is

Meaning: darsana protect youprotect darsana all! the Emperumaan is but an Embodiment of Himself who who Himself of Embodiment an but is Emperumaan the Tiruvaazhi The arrows. the are ahankAram Satthvika weapon Saarngam. May that Saarngam borne by the mag the by borne Saarngam that May Saarngam. weapon weapon avyaadh va: chakra rUpasya dhanvan taddhanu: sArnga

“Saarngam” yam saatvikam ahankAram aamananti aksha saayakam | aa ihs as ht atvk aakrm s h d the is ahankAram Saathvika that says Rishis Maha AVyadAVyad AVyadAVyad y< saiTvkmh»arm!y< saiTvkmh»arm! AamnNTy]saykm!, AamnNTy]saykm!, , the bow and that the indhriyams arising out of su of out arising indhriyams the that and bow the , y< saiTvkmh»arm!y< saiTvkmh»arm! AamnNTy]saykm!, AamnNTy]saykm!, œ ví³êpSy ví³êpSy tÏnu> tÏnu> za¼RxNvn>. za¼RxNvn>. 11. 11. ví³êpSy ví³êpSy tÏnu> tÏnu> za¼RxNvn>. za¼RxNvn>. 11. 11. S L 18 O KAM

11 11

aazhvaan adorning adorning aazhvaan

bears the divine the bears nificent SrI Su-SrI nificent a: ||

ivine ch “Noose” (“Noose” Meaning: Note the conflict on the use of the word of “Paasam of as bind wordwell relieveto the samsaara paasam. the of use the on conflict the Note created this darsanar Universe. quit therefore is It Himself. Lord the of bodiment Thiruvaazhi Universe. this created sankalpam His by you from the Samsaaric afflictions ( Samsaaricafflictions youthe from aayudha aayudha indrENa yEna yEva visva sargO virachyatE |


sa va: saudarsana: kuryAt pAsa: va:sa pAsavimochanam kuryAt saudarsana: || hrvahazvn rae te nvre ih the with Universe the creates Thiruvaazhiaazhvan s sv> v>saEdzRn> saEdzRn> k…yaRt! k…yaRt! paz> paz> pazivmaecnm!. pazivmaecnm!. 12. 12. s sv> v>saEdzRn> saEdzRn> k…yaRt! k…yaRt! paz> paz> pazivmaecnm!. pazivmaecnm!. 12. 12. ) on HIS hand. May that divine weapon “Paasam” free “Paasam” weapon divine that May hand. HIS on yuxeNÔe[yuxeNÔe[ yenEv yenEv ivñsgaeR ivñsgaeR ivrCyte, ivrCyte, yuxeNÔe[yuxeNÔe[ yenEv yenEv ivñsgaeR ivñsgaeR ivrCyte, ivrCyte, S LOKAM 19 paasam

12 ) and protect you protect and )BhagavAn all!

e apt to say that Sri Su-Sri that say to apt e aha i te em- the is aazhvan ”, which is used to used is which ”,

Meaning: rENa rENa va:nasIra vijayOastu this. of out phalan the gets and land the chEtanan, The Universe. this of (uzhavan) former incomparable the divine Plough bestow victory on the battlefront the on victory bestowPlough divine the cultivati peasant a is HE that shows This darsanar. vating the agricultural land is yet another divine another yet is land agricultural the vating The entire Universe is a cultivable land. Empe land. cultivable a is Universe entire The

vihArO vihArO yEna dEvasya visva kshEtra krushIvala: | vyajyatE tEna sIrENa nAsIra vijayostu va: || VyJyteVyJyte ten ten sIre[ sIre[ nasIrivjyae=Stu nasIrivjyae=Stu v>. v>. 13. 13. VyJyteVyJyte ten ten sIre[ sIre[ nasIrivjyae=Stu nasIrivjyae=Stu v>. v>. 13. 13. ivharaeivharae yen yen devSy devSy ivñ]eÇk«;Ivl>, ivñ]eÇk«;Ivl>, ivharaeivharae yen yen devSy devSy ivñ]eÇk«;Ivl>, ivñ]eÇk«;Ivl>, ). S L 20 O KAM

13 weapon borne by SrI Su-SrI by borne weapon for all of you!( of all for

Plough used for culti- for used Plough ng HIS Leelais. May Leelais. HIS ng Lord cultivates the cultivates Lord

rumaan is an is rumaan tEna sI- tEna all! famed this May famous. more is it Hence Dadheechi. Lord’s Ind weapon Vajraayudham was notthe created from of that Unlike famous. became Vajraayudham his cou Indran only,power this to Due Indran. of that “aayudhanAmaham vajram...... vasuki:” - Bhagavath The divine power of Sri Sudarsanar’s VajraayudhamSudarsanar’s Sri w of powerdivine The

Sri Malolan Sri 21

ld kill the asuran and asuran the kill ld Geeta: 10:28 as transformed in to in transformed as weapon protect you protect weapon bcbnso Rishi backbones of a’ wao, the weapon, ran’s

Meaning: of this this weapon. of Vajraayudhamis HEweapons, the among that andsays bes of best the about talks Lord the When best. and thi with Diti, of son Vriddhasuran, asuran the kill weapons in the Universe, Vajraayudham is considered Vajraayudham is Universe, the in weapons weapon was created from the backbones of Rishi Dadh Rishi of backbones the from createdwas weapon arauhm Tudrot i te epn nrn T Indran. weapon the is (Thunderbolt) Vajraayudham avyAath hEtIsa vajroasau adadhIchyasTi sambhava: ||

aayudhAnAm aham vajram iti agIyata ya: va:sa | AVyaÏetIzv¿ae=saEAVyaÏetIzv¿ae=saE AdxICyiSw AdxICyiSw s<Év>. s<Év>. 14. 14. AVyaÏetIzv¿ae=saEAVyaÏetIzv¿ae=saE AdxICyiSw AdxICyiSw s<Év>. s<Év>. 14. 14. Aayuxanamh y>s sv>, v>, Aayuxanamh y>s sv>, v>, S L 22 O KAM

14 wao. mn the Among weapon. s t things in Geeta, HE Geeta, in things t

to be the foremost foremost the be to eechi. could Indra eechi. HE is in all praiseall in is HE

his Meaning: May this weapon youprotect and relieve you all you n h odr f te te tthas Parti Ma Prakruthi, - tatthvams most other as Gadhaa weapon, Lord’s the the praise Saasthras of order the in “Mahaan tatthvam the of one be to considered is haa al o aig h pwr o eto te ol ( world the destroy to power the having of pable

The next divine weapon of the Lord is Gadhaa (M Gadhaa is Lord the of weapon divine next The saa saa va: bhUyAt gadasaudarsanI prasamnI || visva buddhisakti: yaa rUpiNee samhruti | visrutA sasa v> v>saEdzRnI saEdzRnI ÉUyat! ÉUyat!gd gd àzmnI àzmnI gda. gda. . .15. 15. sasa v> v>saEdzRnI saEdzRnI ÉUyat! ÉUyat!gd gd àzmnI àzmnI gda. gda. . .15. 15. ivñivñ s<ùit s<ùit zi´yaR zi´yaR ivïuta ivïuta buiÏ buiÏ êip[I, êip[I, ivñivñ s<ùit s<ùit zi´yaR zi´yaR ivïuta ivïuta buiÏ buiÏ êip[I, êip[I, S L 23 O KAM

15 r ailment! iv smrt sakti: samhruti visva

powerful weapon ca-weapon powerful ”. Mahaan is second is Mahaan ”. an ahankAram. haan,

ace). Gad- ace). ).

Meaning: aazva. u t te rnfrain f te power the of transformation the to Due sanaazhvaan. ucl al or goac (jnAa) hc i the is which (ajJn~Anam) ignorance d your this all May quickly world. this in thing every destroying of your troubles! L this Universe, this of pestles other to in weapon

hEteesa musalEna aasu bhidyatAm moha mausalam || uaa (ete i aohr iie epn f Si S Sri of weapon divine another is (Pestle) Musalam yaatyati kshOda sAalitvam musalO yEna tEna va: | hetIzhetIz muslenazu muslenazu iÉ*ta< iÉ*ta< maehmaEslm!. maehmaEslm!. 16. 16. hetIzhetIz muslenazu muslenazu iÉ*ta< iÉ*ta< maehmaEslm!. maehmaEslm!. 16. 16. yaTyit]aedyaTyit]aed zailTv< zailTv< muslae muslae yen yen ten ten v>, v>, yaTyit]aedyaTyit]aed zailTv< zailTv< muslae muslae yen yen ten ten v>, v>, S L 24 O KAM

16 ord’s weapon is capable is weapon ord’s vn wao remove weapon ivine

an as fr all for cause main

f ti divine this of udar- Meaning: uahahan ih i Soa pnse te enemies the punishes Soolam his with ruvazhiaahvaan Sr of manthram powerful the SamhithA ahirbudhnya in ment (ment weapon “Soolam” protect you all and to live a healt a live to and all you protect “Soolam” weapon

tEna trisoolEna bhavatAtam visoolataa The Trident (Soolam) is the weapon of Sivan. SivaSivan. of weapon the is (Soolam)Trident The sooli drushta manOr vAchyOsooli drushta yEna soolayati dvisha: | bhavatAm tEna bhavatAt trisoolEna visoolataa || Évta<Évta< ten ten Évtat! Évtat! iÇzUlen iÇzUlen ivzUlta. ivzUlta. 17. 17. Évta<Évta< ten ten Évtat! Évtat! iÇzUlen iÇzUlen ivzUlta. ivzUlta. 17. 17. zUilzUil †ò †ò mnaevaRCyae mnaevaRCyae yen yen zUlyit zUlyit iÖ;>, iÖ;>, zUilzUil †ò †ò mnaevaRCyae mnaevaRCyae yen yen zUlyit zUlyit iÖ;>, iÖ;>, S L 25 O KAM

17 )! )! hy life with out any ai-any out with life hy

i Sudarsanar. Thi-Sudarsanar. i My h divine the May . has revealed has

Meaning: books books web site Sud Sri “S on SudarsanAshtakam Sri bhAgavathAs to refer may of vaibhavam the on thoughts additional For the weapons of kaaraNam the for entire assembly of identi SaasthrAs world. this in weapons of assembly protect the entire Universe with them! He is indee is He them! with Universe entire the protect grAmasyaastra prasUtim krutsnasya yam prachakshatE sOavyAt sudarsanO visvam aayudhai: shODasAyudha: ||

May Lord Sudarsanan adorning all the sixteen di sixteen the all adorning Sudarsanan Lord May sae=Vyat!sae=Vyat! sudzRnae sudzRnae ivñm! ivñm! AayuxE> AayuxE> ;aefzayux>. ;aefzayux>. 18. 18. sae=Vyat!sae=Vyat! sudzRnae sudzRnae ivñm! ivñm! AayuxE> AayuxE> ;aefzayux>. ;aefzayux>. 18. 18. AôAô ¢amSy ¢amSy k«TõSy k«TõSy àsUit< àsUit< y< y<àc]te, àc]te, AôAô ¢amSy ¢amSy k«TõSy k«TõSy àsUit< àsUit< y< y<àc]te, àc]te, S L 26 O KAM


d the origin of all the all of origin the d fy Him as the source the as Him fy world.

undarasimham” E- undarasimham” raa BhagavAn, arsana

vine weaponsvine |

enn: hs toha o Si uasnzva with SudarsanAzhvaan Sri on sthothram This Meaning: eia)frtebnftadwlaeo the pious p Desikan) the for benefit and of welfare weapons was composed by the poet known as Sri Venka Sri as known poet the by composed was weapons

Swami Desikan on His Thirunakshatram at Thiruvaheen Thirunakshatram at onSwamiHis Desikan kruta iyam aayudha kruta indrasya shoDasAyudha samstuti: srImad srImad venkaTa nAaTEna srEyasE bhUyasE sataam | k«teymayuxeNÔSyk«teymayuxeNÔSy ;aefzayux ;aefzayux s. s. 19. 19. k«teymayuxeNÔSyk«teymayuxeNÔSy ;aefzayux ;aefzayux s. s. 19. 19. ïImÖe»qnawenïImÖe»qnawen ïeyse ïeyse ÉUyse ÉUyse stam!, stam!, ïImÖe»qnawenïImÖe»qnawen ïeyse ïeyse ÉUyse ÉUyse stam!, stam!, S L 27 O KAM

19 eople.

tanaTan (SwamytanaTan ite divine sixteen drapuram ||

srImatE venkatesAya vEdAantaguravE nama: || kavitArkikasimhAya | kalyAaNaguNasAlinE kivtaikRkis. nm>. ïImteïImte ve»qezay ve»qezay vedaNtgurve vedaNtgurvenm>. nm>. 28

ocnrt o te aahm o lutae h esote the illustrate to Kavacham the on Des Swamiconcentrate by Ashtakam and Kavacham Shadkam, the are to sakthi powerful have which Stotrams, Vaibhavam major three His Chakraraja. as otherwise known of gavan routes the Upasana the is advancement spiritual such thru for tras Jnanam reach T daivam.Ishta one's Yogamto to and related Upasanaa customary is It


K A V ACHAM of Sri Sudarsana Bha- Sudarsana Sri of noe i. These Him. invoke op among the Man-the among op

i maig o of meanings ric s eertd in celebrated is aa Dhyana, Japa, kn W will We ikan. Lord SudarsanA's Sixteen weapons saluted in SwamyD in saluted weapons Sixteen SudarsanA's Lord e three His Agni radiance, visualizedis here. movement)on lega peetam of crossed incomparable and bent slightly His (with pose thyAleeDam hair, His of (1) used aksharams These "PhaD". is keelakam the "hum"; "r is Bheejam the ViniyOgam, Japa Sudarsana SrI For anushtup is Chandas Devathai is SrIman NaarAyaNan Himself. Rishi, the is NaarAyanan (antharyA SrIman Manthram, MahA Kavacha Sudarsana this For Bhagavan.Sudarsana bhAvayE ChakrarAjam thrinEthram ripu-gaNa-dhamanam chakrEshvasimusala-sdhavaja-soolAmkusaAgneen . kuntha-paasAn dhadhAnam ThvanyairvAmaischa sakhEDam hala-parasu-gadhA- Sankham Saarngam DhyAnam sana BhagavAn.sana upAs dedicated form them learn Please kavacham. the a the Yamaand (DhEnu:of list Paasam)the complete T kavacham. this for MudhrAs known well the of some are han the on Musalam the as well as NaarAyaNan SrIman o Padhmam/lotus and Sword Gadhai, Chakram, Sankham, (3) (2) yudha yudha Sthothram are: h vsaiain f Lr Sdraa s oefl her with hands, sixteen powerful the on weapons is sixteen His with Sudarsana Lord of visualization The vahnimugrasthapeeDam prahtyAleedam JwAlA kesam kireetam Jwaladhanalanibham Japam pleases Lord ChakrarAjan. Chakram/Disc Eetti/spear/Kuntha: Mazhu/Parasu/Axe

30 flames shooting out shooting flames rray of MudhrAs for MudhrAs of rray i te otr o of posture the in s e. Lord Sudarsana Sudarsana Lord e. akAs of SrI Sudar-SrI of akAs esikan's ShOdasA- esikan's wo more MudhrAs more wo um", the sakthi is sakthi the um", d of Sudarshanar of d in SrI Sudarsana Sudarsana SrI in n te (Para) the and h ad fof hands the n i BhagavAn) mi e, i pra- His yes,

r Sdrhn Kvca i a oefl aahm whic kavacham powerful a is Kavacham Sudarshana Sri (4) Narasimhan and Azhwaan.Sri Sudarsana Sri Sudarsana RoopiSri Sudarsana Sriman NaraayaNo Devathaa I Ram Bhagavaan Antharyaamii Rishi: Anushtub Cha natural calamities . differe from dangers Strength, Aayus/life, Keerthi, JapJn~Anam, one's foot), to head (from body the of protec Extensivethe for includedhere; are prayers (14) (13) (11) (10) ahi s h mht Ttha i te o o Prakrut of row the in Tatthvam mahath recognizedahankAram.SaathvikaisahankAram asthe the is them behind Tatthvam Gadhai a have weapons these of Number (16) (15) 12) (9) (8) (7) (6) (5) hisfor paasam,man IndhranVajrAyudham). for sp and Aayudham Sakthi His for Subramanyan Axe, and h aahmsat f majestically describing tha off KavachamThe starts Asya KavachaSri Sudarsana Mahaa Mantrasya, passages relating to the special contextual relatio contextual special the to relating passages prEtha-PaisAsa bheethi, Naaga dhOsham (Sarpa dhOsha (Sarpa dhOsham Naaga prEtha-PaisAsabheethi, t introduction the of portion this conclude will We weapons are associated with individual gods (Sivan gods individual with associated are weapons Kalappai/Plough/Seeram Paasam /Rope Soolam/Trident Ulakkai/Pestle/Musalam Mace/Gadhai Bow/Saarngam armWao aeo tebc oeo a sageVajram/Weapon the bone back of of made Sankham/Conch Sword/Nisthrimsam vEl/another kind of spear spear /SakthivEl/another kind of weapon/ roopa Agni with faces/Satha hundred vakthra /ElephantAnkusam goad ThaNDu/staff/DhaNDa:


nship between Bhagavanbetween nship tion of the variousthe limbs of tion o Sudarsana Kavacham Sudarsana o nt directions, Bhootha- directions, nt t relationship: t known for His Trident His for known am, wealth, Courage , Courage wealth,am,

Bow. Some of these Bow.of Some nda:

a ubro of number has h m), diseases and diseases m), ear, dhar-Yama ear, agni hEthi: agni Fr instance For . hi-MahAn- Hethi Raajaaya Nama : I ------Yam Yamapaasaay Paanchajanyayaaya Sankhaadhipateyeh :INama sudarsa Dhanum cha yama Paasam cha MUDHRAA heyathaa: prakee Sankham chakram gadhaa padmam musalam khadkameva ch -----Bheejam j PrasaadhaSri Sudarsana siddhayrteh BhajadhAHIRBUDHNYA LAKSHITA ! JAYA JAYA SRI SUDARSA RIPUGANA DAMANAM BHAVAYETH CHAKRARAJAAM II PRATHYAALEETAM TRINETHRAM lasadh soolaankusaagneen I tvanyairvaamayaisccha chakreshvasi musala kunthagadhaa paasaan dhadhaanam sakhetam hala parasu Sankham saarngam Dhyaanam: VAHNIM UGRASTHA PEETAM JWALAA KESAM kiritam JWALADHANILA NIBHAM without inclusion of the Sudarsana Manthram: the Sudarsana without inclusion of dra more is some by preferred invocation second The TO AHIBUDHNYA IN HIS ASHTAKAM: CLOSETHE AFFILIATION WITHSWAMI DESIKAN'S REFERENC ALTERNATIVETHE KAVACHAMINVOCATIONTHE FOR SHOWS 32 apeh viniyoga : II a Nama : I matic. I will cover it cover will I matic. naaya rthithaa : II rthithaa a I NA

E Om BhurOm bhuvasuvaromithi digh Bhandha : I I nethraabhyaam voushat I Om ChakraayaSudarsana svaa svaahaa Bhalaaya kavachaaya hum I Om Jvaalaa chakra Om Suchakraaya Svaahaa sikhaayayai vashat I Om Sury hrudhayaaya Nama: IVichakraaya Om svaahaa siraseh Prushtaabhyaamkaratala Kara Nama: IAachakraaya Om Kanishtikhaabhyaam Nama: Chakraaya ISudarsana Om svahaa Anaamikhaabhyaam Nama: I Om Jwalaa chakraaya svaaha Madhyamaabhyaam nama: I Om Suryachakraaya VichakraayaOm svahaa tarjaneebhyaam Nama: I Om Suc MATYUGRA DHAMSHTRAM KUNTHA-GADHAA MUSALA HALA KETOU VAJRABIBHRAANAM PARASUMASIMISHUSOOLA CHAPAM PAASANKUSAASTHRAM CHA CHAKRAM SANKAM DHYAANAM asyaOm Sri kavachaSudharsana stothra mahaamantras SRI SUDARSANASRI PURUSHA NRUSIMHASRI PREETHYARTEH Chakramithi Rakshaarteh I Keelakam Mama Sarva Sahasraaramithi bheejam I Sakthi :Sudarsanamithi I MAHA Sri Sudarsana NARASIMHO DEVATHAA I Japeh Viniyoga : IAachakraaya Om svahaa Angushtabh ANGA ANGA NYAASA KARA NYAASAM AHIRBUDHNYOH BHAGAVAAN RISHI : I Anushtubh chandha: 33

yaam Nama: I aya svaahaa svaahaa I a Chakraaya ya , haa asthraayahaa PaT svaahaa svaaha hakraaya Svaahaa I cham. followingsectiINDICATED concluding IS the INHA BY


------(SLOKAM 4) 4) ---(SLOKAM

(SLOKAM 18) 18) (SLOKAM - -- (SLOKAM 16) 16) (SLOKAM .

ons are as follows:ons are he boon giver to Ahir- to giver boon he ons of the Kava- the of ons NARAS-




Gopuram of Sri Chakrapani Koil , Kumbhakonam Koil, ChakrapaniGopuram Sri of The only Temple dedicatedonly SudarshanaTemple The to Sri SrIMuraLidhar Rangaswamy Sudarsana Vaibhavam Sudarsana 36 By

raLi Rangaswamy that appeared in Sara in artcile an co is ChakrarAjan to Narasimhan Lord elaborateof sambhnadham more A section. above the in upon touched

h seil eainhp f Sdraa t Lr Nara Lord to Sudarsanar of relationship special The Sri Nrusimha Swamy on the backside of Sri Sudarshan NrusimhaSwamySri backsideof onthe Sri

Namaschakraya vidhmahe Sahasra JwAlaya Dheemahe ThannO Sudarshana PrachOdayAtThannO 37

nAgathy Journal. ecito o the of description vered by SrI Mu-SrI by vered a at aKanchi ihn s also is simhan ia' Sdraa stkm auain Nj Pr Vy Para Nija salutation: Ashtakam Sudarsana sikan's PaancharAtraboth and VaighAnasa Agamams. r se i a ige etm t h Siagm Temple Srirangam Sannidhi). the at Peetam single a in seen are Sudar of forms back-to-back The Narasimha. and sana back-to-b the Stotra of features common ShodasAyudha the to the point ences in Chakram Sudarsana the of glorif Desikan Swami Yantram. Sudarsana the in arms Bheeshanam Bhadram Mrutyumrutyam NamAmyaham II"NamAmyaham Mrutyumrutyam Bhadram Bheeshanam I Sarvatomukham JwalantamVeeramMahavishnum "Ugram A Chakram" "A Sankarshana, Pradhyumna and Aniruddha. Aniruddha. and Pradhyumna Sankarshana, Lord Narasimhar of form this mony to the worship of salutation the ChakrE". in Stotram Pada Raaja the again indicated is Narasimha Bhagavan of nails Sud the the of presence The Chakram. the in resident be Naras Lord Therefore, sufferings. his from Prahlada relief instant bringing Narasimha JwAlA of form the destro Narasimha Lord fact. this testimonytoquent Chakram itself is at the center of the Yantram the alon atiscenterof the " Chakramitself Chakram", "Su respective Chakram",Charkam", "Sahasrara and Chakram" "Jwala "Vi Chakram", "A to Chakram, the the of rightthe top handcorner from Sudarsa the of corners the around abodes their find ci a in circumscribedtriangles intersecting two by of Yantramconsists Sudarsana the of form geometric connections. om. h goiiain f te od n h Chakram the in Lord the in found ShodasAyudha stotram the of glorification The Archa Vibhava, forms. Vyuha, Para, in Narayana Lord luting yudha (sixteeen arms of Sudarsana, each bearing a p a bearing each Sudarsana, of arms (sixteeen yudha The Padma Samhita reports the presence of Lord Nara Lord of presence the reports SamhitaPadma The h Carm s lo h aoe f te or yh Mur Vyuha four the of abode the also is Chakram The Therefore, offering prayers to the Sudarsana Chakra Sudarsana the to prayers offering Therefore, Sudarsana and Lord Narasimha share deep rooted and rooted deep share Narasimha Lord and Sudarsana uasn-aaih Saarmm rvds ute te further provides SaaLagramam Sudarsana-Narasimha The joint worship of Sudarsana-Narasimha is prescri is Sudarsana-Narasimha of worship joint The rss rm h rltosi o h sud A t Lo to "A" sound the of relationship the from arises 38 (Chakra Rupasya ChakriNaha). This is reflected in Swami De-Swami in reflected is This

rcle. The Vyuha Murthis VyuhaMurthis The rcle. g withLordgNarasimha. six vertices correspond correspond six vertices yedHiranyakashipu in NkAr Shakalee "NakhAgrE m is equivalent to sa-to equivalent is m imha is considered to considered is imha na Chakram. Starting Starting Chakram. na otent weapon) aspect weapon) otent . (Pida Pariharam) to Pariharam) (Pida ack forms of Sudar- of forms ack

by Ahirbudhnyan in Ahirbudhnyan by six corners formed formed corners six h Vaibhava.uha arsana Chakram in Chakram arsana (ChakrathAzhwAr om a as be also can form simha with sixteen with simha and AntharyAmi AntharyAmi and ly. The Sudarsana ly. The e te ShodasA- the ies sana Narasimhar sana . hs refer- These m. hs Vasudeva, this: , provdies elo-provdies , Nrusimham Nrusimham Chakram", intimate

bed by bed The The sti- rd aspect of the Sudarsana Chakram. The Sahasra Vishnu The Chakram. Sudarsana the of aspect Chakram), (Kala time of wheel the to refers harata salutationShodasayudhaJagatstotram kan's Chakram Pasurams their in Chakram the to tributes paid addition, have In Bhagavatam. Srimad and Kavacham, sana Aga Samhita PaancharAtra are which Padma of (both Samhita Sahasranamam, budhnya Vishnu , the a Stotram ShodasAyudha the both in Desikan Swami by n auaino teMnrrjpd tta fthe theMantrarajapada Stotramof salutationof ing Chakram the dispels Therefore, alldarsanam. ignora Saha Kavacham. Sudarshana Sahasrasham,Vadanam the Param SahasradamSahasrAram P of salutation opening Digbandha:" Iti Kala Sudarsana "Ritu aus many has Chakram The Narayana. Lord of path the Chakr the that fact the from arisesChakram darsana behold. to beautiful is Nara which that means Lord Sudarsana of weapon mighty the is Chakram Sudarsana step towardsfirst realizing Lord Narayana. P sins). one's (destroying NAsanam Papa of teristic Chakram Sudarsana The minded. evil the for misery) devoutPeethe and for suffering) and pain of kinds

h etro teKlnl fr tteedo time j the (fire at end of the Kalanala mighty the center of the is Chakram The Chakram. the of aspects hrfr, h Carm s n mhm f Pr Vasudev Para of Amsham an is Chakram the Therefore, seen is This time. and space transcends Chakram The Azhwar, Nammazhwar, Periya Azhwar Az and Tirumangai t tributes offer which references Related Ashtakam. e very is Chakram Sudarsana the of magnificence The The mighty Jwala also connotes the JwAlA Narasimhar JwAlA the connotes also Jwala mighty The whic suns thousand a of radiance the has Jwala This The foremost amongst these attributes is Peeta Pari Peeta is attributes these amongst foremost The 39

lo ees o h spatio-temporal the to refers also ). ta Pradanam (relentlessPradanam ta o the Chakram include Chakram the o AhirbudhnyaSamhita, denoting the temporal the denoting The beauty of the Su-the of beauty The nce andnce darkness. am leads the seekerto the leads am haram (relief from all from (relief haram h is evident from the from evident is h apa NAsanam is the is NAsanam apa Kala Chakram Cha.Chakram Kala also has the charac- the has also loquently described loquently from Swami Desi-Swami from aspect. The open- The aspect. wala which forms forms which wala namam salutation namam picious attributes. picious (cf:Tirumazhisai nd the Sudarsana the nd ma texts), Sudar-texts), ma hwar). eea Azhwars several rapadyehamSu- rdta Sanka-sraditya yana. The term term The yana. . h Mahab- The a. n Ahir- and facts may be facts used to infer that "A" VishNorakshais sylla the and with commence Bhogam, NarayaNeeyam MunivahanaBhattadripad's and Swa Sobanam Amalanatipiran, Dhyana Bhagavad Azhwar's ThiruppAn Furthermore,

Jaa Chakram" "Jwala Chakram" "Surya Chakram" "Su Chakram" "Vi tram, andthe tram, PanchAyudha stotram salutation: Sudar Ambar Kavacham, Sudarsana the of salutation opening Adityas.Testimonythousand of a support in of that andbeauty to Chakram.effulgence the Lord's the of touch the whether or Chakram darsana be of account on beautiful is hand right Lord's the t led is one Narayana, Lord and Chakram the between GuNa. Shad Nirupatsipeeta salutation: Ashtakam sana Sw from Yantraminferred Sudarsana is the of aspect Tejas, , Aishwarya, Bala, JnAna of GuNams ana Further references attesting to the greatness and a and greatness the to attesting references Further Kavacham.the Sudarsana w Sudarsana for BijAksharAm the from name its rives "Saha the while KaalAnala, with association the and t symbolizes Chakram Vi The Vishnu). called is ings sentine the enters which (that UchyatheVishNu: Iti Bhute CharAchara as: VishNu VishN on expounds his commentary, in Bhattar, Parashara name. VishNu's Lord

with Lord Narayana from the vedic salutation: AkAra salutation: vedic the from Narayana Lord with (AUM) PraNavam of syllable first the is "A" Vishnu. Tulyam. VishNu. denotes the Akshara Vi, which is the starting Aksha starting the is which Vi, Akshara the denotes denotes the abode of all auspicous attributes,auspicous all i.e. abodethe denotes of refers to the fact that the radiance of Sudarsana e Sudarsana of radiance the that fact the to refers eest h sailapc o h uasn Chakr Sudarsana the of aspect spatial the to refers 40 ing adorned by the Su-the by adorned ing siiu trbtso of attributes uspicious ram. this fact is seen in the in seen is fact this nt and insentinent be-insentinent and nt ami Desikan's Sudar-Desikan's ami sanamKoti Bhaskara which is associated is which rr Carm de- Chakram" srara hand imparts added imparts hand hich is contained in contained is hich UkAra Iti. MakAra UkAra Due to the synergy synergy the to Due and Vatsalya. This and i apc o Lord of aspect his isha's Prapatti Sto- Prapatti isha's o wonder whether wonder o Sahasranamam u l "" These "A". ble shu VeshaNAth shu i Desikan's mi , the Kaly- the , Narayana a fof ram xceeds am seen from the seen followingfrom instances: Sudarsana the between connections establish to used hasranamam salutations 971-982 establish the Yajnathe establish971-982 salutations hasranamam Chakramthe masking the Sun (cf:Mahabharata). o great despite Jayadratha kill to able was * (cf: Mahabharata). Yudh offended he when Sisupala, of destruction *The ki fiendish(cf: creation Srimad Bhagavatam). to tried who Durvasa, of pursuit relentless *The Chak salutation the Sudarsana from Sudarsana the the to in tributes Vedic found Desikan. Swami be can Chakram Sudarsana the

ShaktE Jaganmaya. ae (rtt Vdas pkht) I te Ahirbudhn of form the glorious the see In to desires (Siva) budhnya pakshita). Vidvatsa (Pratita bates dita." etn av ua h hka sas h y fof eye the also is Chakram The Guna.Satva tecting and TamoGuna of destroyer the being Chakram the as Dha passage: the from seen is sh This to knowledge. tearingfalse while knowledge, true of bestower the destroye the Devas, the Th of (Parijana protector the is glory Chakram Chakram's the of extent vast the The Chakram unfailingly comes to the rescue of the the of rescue the to comes unfailingly Chakram The Swamy. yana. These tributes in conjunction with Swami Desi Swami with conjunction in tributes These yana. Yajna embodied by are Varaha of aspects All S ryeaa aaa ea ryeaa iaaivt Chi Niravadisvatu Trayeemaya Teja Savana Trayeemaya and the three sacrifical fires as can be seen be can as fires sacrifical three the Vedasand T Bramikrama.SamarajushtaVikrama Drushtasva Amara Bhajat Nikartana Vidya Dhanuja Janitamisravikartana Ahirbudhnya Lakshita). stumble scholars in Great th ra coas ekte ep f uasn bfr e before Sudarsana of help the seek scholars Great "Shatamaka Vandita Shatapata Brahma Nan-Brahma VanditaShatapata Brahma "Shatamaka 41 from: from: d nyo con fof account on only dds the Chakram (Bhajata Chakram the eir attempts to discern eir attempts discern to aspects of Lord Nara-Lord of aspects the universe, the three the universe, the wamy.Vishnu The Sa- r of the Asuras and is and Asuras the of r ll Ambarisha with his with Ambarisha ll kan's eulogy may be may eulogy kan's Chakram and Yajnaand Chakram es l peec o of pretence all reds ishtira and and ishtira raNa Pandita). The The Pandita). raNa nujavistara Kartana Kartana nujavistara Vda Nivartana. Vidya a ods eoes as devotees Lord's a aht, Ahir- Samhita, ya enhancing or pro-or enhancing a cn e seen be can ram Bhuvana NEthra Bhuvana his is interpreted interpreted is his ggn i de- in ngaging stkm f of Ashtakam my Nikila nmaya to the to utmost extent). sampurn gives mantrams Homa the chanting while tion thought of Purity Suddam. (place) Sthana and (mind) De the to regard great with performed be must Homam Chakr Sudarsana of worship the in importance utmost ( Suddam Homam. the of performance upon this begets seeker the d all richeshim the wants. grants he If materi desires one seeker.If the on prosperity and confe Homam Sudarsana of performance conclusion, In shasa. Sudarsa the Also, epidemic. the from relief Ash instant Sudarsana the composed Desikan Swami cordingly, Swami requested village the of residents The fever. gre suffering was village Tirupputkuzhi that lieved the and Chakram the by protected was who person devout is Ambarisha Moksham. Gajendra in crocodile the and NarakAsura, M Shishupala, are: attaining Chakram people the by of killed Examples it. by killed anyone Sri Srivatsa habali's Sankalpam of (cf: Kalakshepam con SukrAcharya) blockedby been had (which jar the to used grass of Vamanablade the Avataram,the *In

power of curing people under the possession of the of possession the under people curing of power curin and healing of power the has also Chakram The The Chakram confers Moksham to anyone who surrender who anyone to Moksham confers Chakram The Govinda PundarIkAksha RakshamAm SaraNAgatham SahasrakshAya VithmahE Shata YajnAya Dheemahe Sankha Chakra GadApaNE Dwaraka NilayAchyuta Tanno PrachodayatSudarsana 42

esires spiritual benefit,esires he al benefit, the Chakram the benefit, al nkachariar Swamigal). atly from an epidemic an from atly Desikan for help. Ac-help. for Desikan mighty Brahma Rak- Brahma mighty taining water for Ma-tainingwater for certeoeigo of opening the clear a oa hs the has Homam na , sound and intona-and sound , onr VasudEva Poundra am. Therefore, the Therefore, am. khm y being by oksham g illness. It is be- is It illness. g n xml o a of example an a phalam (benefit phalam a ha (body), Manas (body), ha ultimately graced graced ultimately lalns)i fof is cleanliness) rs health, wealth health, rs s to it as well as as well as it to s aa bringing takam 3. SrI Sudarsana Homa3. SrI Sudarsana MahA Sankalpam nama: t NaarAyaNakrupAvyUha (PraNavm) with concluding and (PraNavam)with AshTottharam starting Sudarsana 2. DhyAanam , ViniyOgam Hrudh , nyAsam kara with Japam Manthra Sudarsana 1. BhIjA by preceded manthrams Veda many of recitation c homam grand and powerful a is Homam Sudarsana SrI as follows:is

A brief sequence for Sudarsana Homam acording to on to acording Homam Sudarsana for sequence brief A prayOgams.

S HRI M AHA Sri SudarshanaHomam Sri S UDARSHAN 43

H OMAM SudarsanAya nama: SudarsanAya e sampradhAyam e ayAdhi nyAsam , nyAsam ayAdhi onsisting of the of onsisting EjascchakrAya saas and ksharams the Homam is worn on the forehead for auspiciousnesfor Homam the on the forehead is worn Basmam The SudarsanAshtakam. SrI recite and Kuntam pinl Sdraa hDa cn e eie hr fol here recited be can ShaDkam Sudarsana Optional: BhagavAn in Sudarsana the Saptha jihvA (Seven tongu ma you pleased, is Sudarsana Lord if Homam, this In ** PoorNAhUthi ** SrI Paanchajanya Gaayathri ** SrI DhanvanthrIi Manthra prayOgam ** SrI LakshmiI Manthra Homam ** SrI LakshmI GaayathrI ** SrI VishNu GaayathrI GaayathrI** SrI Nrusimha manthram ** SrI Nrusimha MaalA** SrIManthram Sudarsana GaayathrI** SrI Sudarsana **ShadAkshari SrI(108 Sudarsana times) with aahUt 6. withHomam the following Manthrams: 5. PrathishtaiAgni invoked are Sudarsan and ShOdasOpachAra AarAdhanam Nan, Laks , VaruNan , Kumbam that In AavAhanam: Kumba 4.

The Homam The concludes here. All (the Four participants)/rhtviks) and the specta the and participants)/rhtviks) Four (the All 44 tors go around the Agni the around go tors hi hi s ands protection. ed) of Agni JwAlai.Agni ed) of e lms fof glimpse a get y is performed is performed (saampal) from (saampal) hmi NaarAya-hmi oe by lowed eie o eea upcosesadt adof generalfor auspiciousnessrecited and to ward off dec ThriuvAimozhi NammAzhwAr's Swamy conclusion, In presiding over MahAsana Purushan this ChakramMahA s and description the on 26 and Chakram the slOk 13 of sham chakram, Sudarsana of Naabhi the on slOkams ( Sudarsana Lord on slOkams 100 with us blessed has Koora SrI Chakram. Sudarsana of parts other the and (May the most beautiful to behold JwAlai of Sudarsa of JwAlaibehold to beautifulmost the (May JwAlA 1.SoudarsanI BhavathAm abhIpsithAni vitharath ********************* Invocatory benedictions ful sthOthram. JeeyaNaarAyaNa Koora Sri of Sathakam Sudarsana SrI Oozhyezha Ulaham koNDavARE mOzhaiyeazha mudipaadhamezha , Appan My h TjsRdac o uasn BaaA remov BhagavAn Sudarsana of Tejas/Radiance the (May 2.chAkram maha: BhUtayE va: sphurathu ! 4-100: There are similar benedictions that go with go that benedictions similar are There 4-100: wo happiness). all remove Sudarsanar SrI of effulgence the (May 3. JyOthi BhavathAm praharsham pradisathu! JwAlai, 14 on the nEmi of SudarsanA , 12 on the ara the on 12 , SudarsanA of nEmi the on 14 JwAlai, hs tOha i aot h fec ad e auspicio yet and fierce the about is sthOthram This vaazhiyezhat-taNDum VaaLUmezha , aNDam Aazhiyezha Sankum villumzha , disai with the Paasuram: decad This starts You desire). poverty and grant great wealth). great andpoverty grant 45 any amangalams. every slOkam of SrI Su-SrI of slOkam every nar grant You grant nar whatall ms of SudarsanA , 11 , SudarsanA of ms s uasn JwAlai Sudarsana us 24 on the Sudarsana the on 24 re ad rn you grant and rries NaarAyaNa JeeyarNaarAyaNa u! alutation of Sudar- of alutation r. This is a power-a is This r. ). m o te Ak- the on ams al id o of kinds all e d . cn be can 7.4 ad Padanam. Kary Homa japam, manthra Sudarsana SrI from arising the of understanding an us give to Sathakam darsana MahaSudarshanaHomam 46

MahA MangaLams MahA am and SthOthra and am

SamAsrayEham varapooraNIm ya: ChakrEsanuthimchakAra nivrutthayE vij~napthiRangEsa karAmayasya this NaarAyanapowerfulKoora Jeeyar, author the of wit start and Bhagavaan Sudarsana Sri invoke us Let SrI:

Tamm Koora-NaarAyana nAmakam munim Jaya Jaya SrI !Sudarsana

S Sri MahaVishnu withHisSudarshanam Sri R I SI UDARSANA 47

S ATHAKAM sthOthram: h the Taniyan for SrI Taniyan for the h sathakamSrI Sudarsana slOkams. customa is It small. & big overinauspiciousness, life's for recited been have paasurams These life. in endeavors ! fo paasuramseleven these recite Please vignam. out S ka for writer the of and readers the on slOkams auspiciousness eleve those 100 translate will NammAzhwA adiyEn the Swamy 7.4. decad: recite mozhi of to Text customary is the it into sathakam, get we Before interrupted this Sathakam! Lord. Such is the power of his resumed and illness incapacitating Arayar!BeholdSw andLo SrIrangam temple. at sana VaidhikAs Sa famous the at of help the with darsana Manthram Sudarsana p and Sathakam this composedJeeyar NaarAyana with Koora intervene to him asked and Koora to running came Misrar) (SrIvathsAnga KurEsar have play ato role atright the time. Prapannan a for AshtAkshari otherthan manthramany d a was Jeeyar NaarAyaNa Koora SrI RanganAtha. Lord re his perform to unablewas he time, one mAnAr. At Special Notes: Meaning:

opsd h Sdraa ahkm wih ufls al fulfills ruvaranga PerumAL arayar. which , sathakam cured about BhagavAn grantham SthOthra Sudarsna SrI Sudarsana the composed This decad is very auspicious for those who are fac are who those for auspicious very is decad This Jeeyar used to respond with the statement that Suda that statement the with respond to used Jeeyar a Jeeyar NaarAyaNa Koora tease to vil used same KurEsar the was. from KurEsar as just RaamAnuja AchArya hn hrvrna euA Aaa fl il n ws i was and ill fell Arayar perumAL Thiruvaranga When AchA five the of one is arayar PerumAL Thiruvaranga adiyEn seeks the refuge of SrI Koora NaarAyana Jee NaarAyana Koora SrI of refuge the seeks adiyEn

48 ry to recite them before before them recite to ry ing a lot of difficulties difficulties of lot a ing r success in all of your of all in success r imkarya Poorthi with- Poorthi imkarya nnidhi of Lord Sudar-Lord of nnidhi Pauas et for next Paasurams n oig ay f the of many coming gular Kaimkaryam to Kaimkaryam gular amy was cured of his amywasof cured rsana Manthram will Manthram rsana amaym o the to Kaimkaryam . Koora NaarAyaNa Koora . NaarAyana JeeyarNaarAyana cpcttd then ncapacitated, the illness of Thi- of theillness ot h ne for need the bout ys f Emperu- of ryAs rayed to Lord Su-Lord to rayed ae f Kooram of lage rc dsil o of disciple irect l wishes. This This wishes. l o ep Arayar. help to " ThiruvAi- r"s rI Sudarsana Sudarsana rI a who , yar these paasurams this way: SudarsanAzhwAn.Nan of mented on the purport by headed weapons the all of SrI b she sevai, Lord's the of joy the of out and ished Swordand .Paraankusa Naayaki's viraha Taapam and w ret Lord the of vision the wasNaayakiwith blessed avathAram & andsky). conquest on Earth delectableexperience. sweetand a with filled came VijayaYaathrAs.His vi from aboutthis sangAzhwAr like SudarsanAzhwAr Himself. handwould His upperright with bein blessed sanam ThiruppEryei of lord the with dealing paasurams ten --Tannudaya aruLak-kaN vijayangalai Kaati EmperumAn virahatthAl" vantha midukkuNDA taLarcchi theertthu ParAnkusa, decadNaayaki previous expressed the In this decad. of , pAsurams these of meanings the exploring to Prior paasurams. PerumAL's Sri is celebrated along celebrated is Sri Vijaya PerumAL's paasurams. Chakram, as such aaydhams His all YaathrAadorning h His on Sudarsanam with Lord the of thought the At iulzto o hiirmvtarm Og UlahaLa (Ongi ThrivikramAvathaaram of visualization ee aihd n h fl flild vr h sevai the over fulfilled felt he and banished separatio were from arising sorrow and weakness AzhwAr's previous decad , Swamy, decad those previous that NammAzhwArstated the .In Desam dhivya ThirupEryail at Lord her visit AzhwAr---yEtthi iniyanAnAr". SwamyNammalwar 49 lessed us with these ten these with us lessed AzhwAr starts with the with starts AzhwAr urning from His Vijaya His from urning of the Lord returning returning Lord the of last paasuram of that of paasuram last let us see the context the see us let ctorious Lord and be-and Lord ctorious noble Kaimkarya SrI Kaimkarya noble with the Kaimkarya Kaimkarya the with her intense desire to intensedesire her l with MahA Sudar- MahA with l m-padiyAha Conch, Bow,Mace Conch, orries were all ban-orries , who recite theserecite who , fo Hs Lord His from n Du dharittha ta Utthman's ntha eyr a com- has jeeyar n, ParAnkusa and, by force ! force by MahA from Bali, who had takenthe Earth it turning t by victory great a What exclaims: and this brates ************************* about Vijayathat Yaathrai NammAzhwA that he was blessed to w Swamy by seen is maTanam) (amrutha nectar the of churning and KoormAvathAram Lord's the Next, ************************* prot to were it as rushed and sthAnams wonted their Your. weapons form ThrivikramAgigantic a to grew l of feet three of gift solemnizetheghya to jalam When Bali! MahAover Victory Thy to Hail ! Lord Oh Your son. of residence pas shot PaadhyamYour washit as to as BrahmA feet Yourf left of toe Your big past The gotcrown. and YouraNDam. wallthe piercedandof rose crown the Yourwaycome might that danger any of event the in .The in engage to Sudarsanam ready were body. They Your growing to the gr and RaajA, Raajan Chakra the followed (Nandhakam) Sword Hethi (Koum Mace was the (Saarngam), bow the (Paanchajanyam), duty to report Oozhi Oozhi yezha ulaham koNDavArE mozhai yezhamudi paadham yezha, Appan vAzhi yezha taNDum VaaLumezha, anDam ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.1ThiruvAi ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.2 ThiruvAi AzhwAr has the adhbhutha sEvai of ThrivikramAvathAr of sEvai adhbhutha the has AzhwAr Azhiyezhac-changumum villumezhat-tisai ih agi ht a rsn ale fo te KamaNDa the from earlier risen had that flood Gangai jalam aavaraNawith and aNDam of wall the piercing Your to of proportion first The ThirumEni. growing 50 and from MahA Bali, YouBali,MahA from and itness: oot was instrumental in instrumental was oot he Lord engaged in re- in engaged Lord he away the DevAsfrom the Lord'sthe weapons to Sacred feet now grew grew nowfeet Sacred hurried and got in to in got and hurried t Sathya Lokam , the , SathyaLokam t ect You and grew in grew and You ect . Your headadorning . fight to protect You protect to fight You recieved the ar-Youthe recieved am here and cele-and here am u aa ue by used Jalam lu d n n mixed and in ed ew in proportion proportion in ew Milky ocean for ocean Milky Ethaki) and the and Ethaki) . e sings He r. Sankham glorious feat! t disturbing without His lifted skillfully,He seven the dhveepams did not slacken their originalfrom place parvathams, Kula seven the that sure made Wh Tusk. long His on Her placed and there from Devi ing His divine PirAtti. consort, anotherrakshaNaisLord.This leelaithe mazhwAr by idhanthu oonRi yeyiRRil koNDa nALE nAnRila yEzh kadal tAnatthavE Appan nAniRla yEzh malai tAnatthavE pinnum nAnrila yEzh maNNum tAnatthavE oinnum ************************* on He scored that day ! wh and janams aasritha His for performed He service Lo the nectar DevAs.I was blessed witness to this sight of the release to ocean milky the churn to fort made and hands own His Vaasukiin of rope the hold took Lord My around. all spread Mandara of Vaasukimountain of rope the with churning the of sound ing h ocean flow,the of direction their reverse rivers churni the of vehemence the maTanam, amrutha During mARu suzhanRu azhaikkinRa oli Appan , vooRu sulAi malaittEykkum oli kadal aaRu-malaikkedinthOdum oli ara- ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.3 ThiruvAi Varaham! My Lord dived to the bottom of the praLaya the Varaham!divedLord bottom My of the to incarna His during performed Lord my miracle a What eye the before next brought is avathAram Varaha The sARu pada amudham koNDa nAnRE 51 eaved and the ear shatter-ear the and eaved hese land marks. What a What marks. land hese rd at work. What a great rd at work. a great What s. Ever and so carefully for the benefit of the of benefit the for performed for rescu- for performed wrapped around the around wrapped jalam and lifted Hislifted and jalam at a gigantic victory victory gigantic a at tion as the gigantic the as tion cas te seven the oceans, o wm Nam- Swamy of s such a gigantic ef-gigantic a such ile doing this, He this, doing ile such an effort to effort an such ng made all the all made ng becan victory if all Victories !Victory is "That It lightened. was BhUmi for Bhaaram thasArathy. The taking without war that concluded and started Lord lo NammAzhwA a Swamy With sky. the in of positions eyetheir from the cheering of front in unfolds army ooLi yezha ulaham uNDa ooNE tALumezhac-chudar thAnumezha Appan yezha kOLum yerikAlum yezha malai nALum yezha yezha nilam , neerum ViNNUm ************************* Swamy NammAzhwAr witnesses next the scenes from Kri from scenes the next witnesses NammAzhwAr Swamy udaib-Bhaaratham kai yeRi pOzhthE daic-chEnai nadungum oli viNNuL oli mannarOoNudai mallar taharntha ************************* wit to Kaal PraLaya is blessed time The Lord. His is of leelai NammazhwAr mighty Swamy Pasuram, this In are over.Universe achieves layam. The Lord protects Lordover.Universe The are layam.achieves rest to stomach Lord's the of portion small a enter ag collide stars and rivers against crash Mountains accompanime the to rapiditiy great with Lord the of an Moon Sun, the maNDalams, Nakshathra the Sky, the ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.4 ThiruvAi yENudait-thEvar veLipatta oli Apaan Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.5 ThiruvAi ihu waos n sprie te etuto o K of destruction BhA the the supervised conducted and weapons He without which in way skillful most The pakAram. This is another great leelai of the lord the t leelai pakAram. anotheris of This great theintergalacticgalaxiesplanets, the andar dust Time of divisions disarray.The mighty a periencing 52 spoken of for anybody".for spoken of e enteringthe e tomouthin o o the help world! there until the dangers the until there ainst the waters and all and waters the ainst ud clap of hands, The hands, of clap ud them there as MahO- as there them , the Earth, the water,the Earth, the , any weapons as Paar-as weapons any nt of a roaring noise. roaring a of nt am. The world is ex- is world The am. wsteMte fof Mother the was uaA ad their and ouravAs shNAvathAram ah Yuddham ratha te tr, the stars, the d .eA were r.DevAs es another ness . h asmle o akhss t aki n displayi and Lankai at RaakshasAs of assemblies the neeRu pada Ilankai nErE seRRa aaRu madutthu uthirap-punalA, Appan nooRu piNam malai puraLapOl , kadal mARu iraikkumniRaitthu sarangaL, ina devo ardent His save to instantly appeared Lord Our colo red the heightened and kaalam. flood bhAga red for Hiranyan a huge like of flowed body torn the from blood wasthe happened it that when time The pieces. two S by m that of top seen the on sat that lion mighty and cious appea is Lord Our samhAram mountain. a HiraNya like was mazhwAr.HirNyan the paasuram, this In ************************* Aaazhthyuar seythasuraraik-kollumARE keezthu piLantha singam otthathAl , Appan yezhunthirap-punalA soozhum , malai ************************* uram. th hails AzhwAr need. of time that in ” devotee His made HiraNyan pay in half a second and destroyed Hi destroyed and second a half in pay HiraNyan made A aeons. (prAthikoolyams)BhAgavatha for apachArams nbaitu aRRapadi" anubhavitthu valour: AzhwAr is now presented with the Sevai of Vijaya Ra Vijaya of Sevai the with presented now is AzhwAr Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.7 ThiruvAi pOzhthu melintha punn sekkaril , vaanthisai Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.6 ThiruvAi VisvAsam in Him. As Eedu saysEedu As Him. in VisvAsam vine Father, the Father of ALL, came and achieved t achieved and came ALL, of FatherFather, the vine ihyaiE aNppnh pAhkoym dy arai adaya prAthikoolyam paNNip-pOntha vishaygaLilE . iayn a cmitd Bhagavath- committed had HiraNyan , 53 " anAdhi kAlam Bhagavath BhAgavathaBhagavath kAlam anAdhi " ountain and tore it in toin it tore and ountain at victory in this paas- this in victory at sandhyA kaalam. The The sandhyAkaalam. he victory and served served and victory he tee, who had MahA had who tee, aghavan destroying aghavan g i unmatched His ng ll of that, the Lord the that, of ll o h sandhyA the of r raNyan. “ The di- The “ raNyan. vathApachAram e lk a fero- a like red kshaNatthilE ay Nam-wamy La Lord Raamachandra in the battle field of of tory a majestic this hails NammAzhwAr Swamy Lord. the of fr ashes to reduced was red.Lanka it made and ocean l flew asurAs slain the from blood Riversof field. slain of corpses of mountains the directions;

occas those during showed He valor the and Lord the Aasri the hailed AzhwAr paasurams, 8 through far So ************************** a Sivan Agni, away chased asuran, armed 1000 the of NAvathAramof cut KrishnABaaNAsuran. battlingLord of sevai the with next blessed Swamyis NammAzhwAr his term of office. office. of his term sru avAnthara the on carry to now created wasDevan L our sankalpam, His of power sheer the With SwAmi. Ba in Bhakthi VishNu Lord saved of AzhwArhim. thehails victory grew and protecte (BaaNan) and KaNNan client their of feet the at s fell nEr They moorthy Deer). (MukkaNN field battle the from BaaNan fl the us shows and BaaNan) sari (nEr righteousness d who one, the as BhANan describes NammAzhwAr Swamy powe the to up stand to inability their of result a from running BaaNAsuran of friends the sees mAzhwAr ************************* ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.9 ThiruvAi The powerful arrows of VeerarAghavan are whizzing i whizzing VeerarAghavan are of arrows powerful The ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.8 ThiruvAi ol truh aahi rst. yst suhi fol srushti Vyashti srushti. samashti through world of MahAthmyam Srushti the salutes AzhwAr paasuram, BaanAsuran. friend, their of rescue the to came who 54 ike rivers and reached thereached and ikerivers r of KrishNA's weapons. KrishNA's of r nkA. nkA. s piled up in the battle the in up piled s in this paasuram. gto tefenso of freinds the of ight shti every day during day every shti oe ad Brahma and lowed om the fiery arrows arrows fiery the om h asaa fof RakshaNam tha nd SubrahmaNyan, nd n a stream from all from stream a n teslvs and themseleves d Lord in His Krish- His in Lord f all but four arms arms four but all f os I te ninth the In ions. the battle field as field battle the the Lord as Sarva Sarva as Lord the nd righteous vic- righteous nd Nn n thus and aNan r cetd the created ord wm Nam- Swamy rnhn kaN-arinthAn eviated from eviated venRi tarum patthum venRimEvik-kaRppArkkE tarum nanRi punaintha OrAyoratthuLLivai ninRa SathakOpanurai onRi seyal kunRameduttha PirAnadi yArodum Govard the lifted Lord Our AaypAdi, over hails tive IndhrA, which led sendin his to of fury the time of Govardhan as Lord the of Now,vision the has AzhwAr mazhai thee kAtthuk-kunRamedutthAnE aanirai paadi-angE-odunga , Appan vaai neer niRai piLIric-choriya, ina mEy keezhnirai puha maa puraLa , sunai tim a at rest) the and dEvAs Jeevan, and Moon the Sky,Water,wind, (Earth, Fire, all Swamy) created vivarikki inghu AzhwAr samAcharatthai seytha Ulaham anRu mudhal seythathumE ulaham anRu mazhai uyir dEvum maRRum , Appan anRu sudar iraNDu piRavum , pinnum anRu maNN neererikAl viNN malai mudhal en lse ihtesvio Govardhana GiridhAr being blessed with the sEvai of Swamy says was it feat a What Indhran. of arrogance In by sent rains thunderous the from population its protec Swamy Sarva The cows. and calves the all and shti srushti. an Lord the by given Vedicinstructions of help the ************************* ************************** ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.11ThiruvAi Mozhi (TVM): 7.4.10ThiruvAi with His little finger as an umbrella and protected and umbrella an as finger little His with took Brahma sankalpam. His powersheer of the with 55 the citizens of AaypAdi of citizens the g ferocious and destruc- and Sun the Mountains, dhra and destroyed the destroyed and dhra d continued with Vya-with continued d i. e, when none existed none when e, aa il n hl it held and hill hana ted the AaypAdi and AaypAdi the ted NammazhwAr after NammazhwAr over form there with there overform a Giridharan. At the At Giridharan. a rAr. Appan (Sarva Appan rAr. vni au) n l ter nevus we te ma they when Paasurams celebrating endeavours, the Appan's aasritha rakshaNa their all b in will tarum) rakshakan (venRi aasritha Sulabha Sarva the that us Tanmayathvam (OnRi of state a attained had he that Swa (sarvaasrayaNeeya Appan by endeavours their all b be will decad this masters who one, any Pha that uram this through here us instructs NammazhwAr Swamy

with the Lord over the sevais illustrating Appan's Appan's illustrating sevais the over Lord the with Sri ViajayaraghavanChakrathazhwar Sri Sri andtheertha


Vijaya SrI and instructs instructs and SrI Vijaya lessed with victory in victory with lessed vari thirumanjanam vari m .m ninRa SaThakOpan) ninRa less us with victory victory with us less mi). AzhwAr states AzhwAr mi). tr hs ea o of decad this ster a rti Paas- sruthi la


R I UI .V OF FOLLOWING E B S .S Sri Prhaladhavaradhan with Sri Sudarshana withSri Prhaladhavaradhan Sri RUNDH S R THALASAYANATHU R I KI I SI OORA UDARSANA A




OF shanar to grant all that one desires desires one that all effulge grant to that shanar for is prayer additional The radiance. po the with outside darkness the and inside science SrINaarAyana Koora J Sathakam SrI of Sudarsna fore BhavathAm veepsayAbhIpsithAni jwAlA jAjvalyamAnA vitharathu dhO: kharjUdhUragarjath-viBhudha-ripu- bhUmnAjagadandhkAra svadhAmnA bhAhyAbhAhyanthakAra kshatha- tiraskruthya Saavithrimarchi: SoudarsanyujjihAnA disi vidhisi S Sudarsana Taniyan Sri the for coveredhave we Sofar sithAni vitharathu).sithAni those, whoSrI Sathakam.recite Sudarsana the all confer to Moorthy UpAsana His to praying is vadhoo kaNDavaikalya kalyA The prayer here to Sudarsanar is for the banishment for is prayer Sudarsanar to The here hrvioh Pauas TM74 wih r traditi are which (TVM:7.4) Paasurams ThiruvAimozhi L O KAM (PraNavam) SudarsanAya VidhmahE MahAjwAlAya dheemah 1: 1:

Actually, the great UpAsakar (Koora NaarAyana Jeey(Koora UpAsakarActually, great the Tannas-chakra: prachOdhayAth 58 (Soudarsani JwAlA bhavathAm abhIp-bhavathAm JwAlA (Soudarsani

of the darkness of ne- of darkness the of t aine f Sudar- of radiance nt Sathakam, the eleven the Sathakam, wer of His matchless His of wer auspicious boons to boons auspicious eeyar. nly eie be- recited onally i i , ar BhOga BhOga Moksha Saadhanam). outt the and /inner enemies of Kshayakaram).Chathru He recognizedis as a conferr kinds il all of of stroyer kinds all of destroyer and prasamanam) BhAdhA mAlAthi (JwAlA It describedisasKaamadham". remover Lord the "Sarva o Flame-adorned the of power the Sudar Lord by conferred blessings these all scribes Sudar SrI SrEyas). Tapasand Jn~Anam, one's cluding wea house, (Cattle, al Isvaryam and acquired family, times one's all at and directions all from dangers JwAl Sudarsana that May before. necks their Maangalya adorned their of removal by (Vaikalyam) amangaLam wive their makes and asurAs the Sudarsa destroys Sudarsanar with fight to dare who AsurAs, boasting the Soothra Mangalya the removes It naasini). andhakAra darknes outter and inner removes Sudarsanar of ance thiraskruthya) archi: (Saavithram radiance nificant brightness the down puts It brilliant). (blindingly BhagavAn's JwAlairecognizedis Sudarsana and salut less manner fulfill all what you ! desire s effulgence never-diminishing BhagavAn's Sudarsana ba the in Him by makes destroyed are Sudarsanar who asurAs, from boasting arising rays brilliant the of chase is .That (nescience) ajn~Anam from originates li new a enjoy to world the of beings the juvenates t world makes thatthe darkness outer and inner the everyw pervades Sudarsanar of effulgence This ance. insignif to in pale Sun the of brightness the makes of effulgence brilliant , unmatchable The meaning: sithAni santhatham vitharathu )! iiuns /htu vda uuhras Sra Mang (Sarva PurushArTams vidha /Chathur piciousness Ka Sudarsana the by saluted is He naasanam). VyAdhi ht uasn-aaih BaaA poet oes li one's protects BhagavAn Sudarsana-Narasimha That Additional Notes: Your heart's desires desires Your heart's

(SoudarsanI jAjvalyamAnaa JwAlA bhavathAmabhIp-jAjvalyamAnaaJwAlA (SoudarsanI

59 of the Sun as an insig-an as Sun the of otter on its legs and re-and legs its on otter Ta mthes radi- matchless That . fe. The inner darkness inner The fe. icance next to its radi-its to next icance sana and declares that declares and sana pae; e protects He places; l Sudarsana BhagavAn Sudarsana t o vr kn in- kind every of lth s widows and creates and widows s ro altpso aus- allof types er of ed here as Jaajvalyamas hereed f all(Sarva distresses f s (Bhaahya abhAhya(Bhaahya s the of out widows here. It chases away chases It here. d away. The power The away. d a hgvn (i-e)., BhagavAn na sana Kavacham de-Kavacham sana hining in a match-a in hining ttle field. May that May field. ttle o h wvs f of wives the of m er enemies (sarva (sarva enemies er vacham as the de-the as vacham cne o You, on confer A b, ad of off wards mbs, L dhAyakam, aLa hsaa) is BhUshanam) otrm that Soothram nse (Sarva lnesses reigadwrhpigtesraigJali fof Jwaalais spreading the worshipping and greeting Moun Meru of rays golden the the Here, person. rior to seat one's from getting one of gesture spectful Pradhyudhgatham to equivalent is "PrathyudhyAtham" "Vyagram Maha:". ugram Vyagram means intense; ugram onan wloe wt uahrm b te as f t of rays the golden thepa by the illustrious radianceserved of by upachArams with welcomed mountain, the by saluted is BhagavAn Sudarsana of tEjas MahA wealth abundant all, You on confer worlds three the ChAkram" Maha: bhUthayE Va: sphuratu " S through enemies His of hearts the in Sudarsan fear generates of tEjas celebrated much that May Meaning: ChAkram jaagrath prthApam Thribhuvana- prthApam ChAkram jaagrath dhig bhrAnthra sAndhra sphulingam bhUyasyai bhUthayE: Va: sakala-sphurathu bhUmou soumEravibhir-dhivivari- prApthasEvamdhinakrutha: prabhAbhi: JwAlA JwAlA Narasimhan empowering His Nithyasoori (Sudars associa be to have JwAlais fierce and intense These will drive away our poverty and confer undecaying w of (lustre) Tejas the that us instructs slOkam This h Mh tjs f te wli o uasn BhagavAn Sudarsana of JwAlais the of tEjas MahA The Additional Notes: vijaya mahastath ugram vyagram vasitham dheepthibhir-dEvadhAmnAm prathyudhAtham mayUkhair-nabhasi slOkam takesThis the following form: valour and who has vyApAram of winning over the ene overthe winning of vyApAram has who andvalour L O KAM 2

60 ae fthe DevAs. laces of greet and salute a supe-a salute and greet ealth: Sudarsana BhagavAn Sudarsana e ihtetjso of tEjas the with ted Sudarsana BhagavAn Sudarsana f eey id That kind! every of tain are visualized as visualized are tain golden rays of Meru Meru of goldenrays i undiminishing His mies of the Lord in Lord the of mies hanar). zwn which , AzhwAn enn te re- the meaning means fierce. s ecie as described is e u ad is and Sun he se i al id o elh n suhgas (ChAkr soubhAgyams and wealth . flood a flash swelling tide of of kinds intens an means "Sphurath" Va:sphurathu). BhUthayE all in usher insufficen and poverty our away chase will BhagavAn h sOa ddctd o uasn BaaA i te P the in BhagavAn Sudarsana to SthOthram: dedicated slOkam thi S CHAKRAM sadhAham SaraNam prapadhyE SuradhvishAm prANavinAsi VishNO: BhAskara-kODiSudarsanam thulyam Sphurath-sahasrAra-sikhAthi theevram mayUkhai:). nabhasi PrathyudhyAtham (SoumEravIbhi: with reverence Sudarsanar (DhIpthir the to tEjas of Dev the palacesthe of of In lustre lOkam,the over Mountain.the sky Meru His with rays prapthasEvam(dhinakrutha: prabhAbhi:). aarAdh This intense fiercely advancing and BhagavAn's greeting Sun the visualizes UpAsakar the Next, mayUkhai: pradhyudyAtham Maha:). happens in This Bh Mounta Meru Golden the from originating (mayUkhai:) bhavathAm samprakarsham praharsham sumanas-samphadhutthamsa LakshmIm jyOthiscchadhmA pravALa: praKAditha dhivascchakrarAja-dhrumasyagagana saakhAvaruddhaBaahA kshithi- lasathassOma BhimBhAlavAlE The upadEsam is that the unmatched tEjas of the JwA the of tEjas unmatched the that is upadEsam The pushNan nAsAmukhEshu pradhisathu poorNe poorais-sudhAnAm sumahathi are Sathakam Sudarsna SrI of slOkams two first The es n h sy nbai ad s are ot y the by out carried is and (nabhasi) sky the in pens L O KAM 3: 61 -dEva dhAmnAm). As offers kaimkaryams kaimkaryams offers As cy of every kind and kind every of cy echos of the Prapat- the of echos anam takes place in auig Sudarsana saluting e flow such as the as such flow e w bih rays bright own in(SumErO: imaa in(SumErO: lais of Sudarsana Sudarsana of lais UlOkam. kiraNams/rays hs vn hap- event This anchAyudha m Maha: am conferral of Supreme joy.Supreme of conferral o tEjas The sphurathu". va: BhUthayE Maha: "ChAkram slOka previous the In seeks. one that boons the all kn is tree divine This beautiful. is tree) (Kalpaka visual is BhagavAn Sudarsana granting boon the Here its abundant nectraine flow. The branches of this t this of branchesflow. abundant nectraine The its the of rays cool the blossoms of poet the reminds white samruddhi beautiful celestial of abundance the its for as known visualized is capability power the granting JyOthi, SudarsanA's Lord slOkam, this In tion and Joy ! Youthe grant JyOthi Sudarsana of shoot tender this beautifie and lOkam Deva at seen wealth the exceeds touches it all adorns and everywhere spreads jyOthi o flowers abundanceof its notablefor is and lOkam Ear from everywhere spread hands sacred whose tree, shines ChakrarAjan This BhimBhAlavAlE). Soma lasath of fields glorious the in shines It hAnAm). pravAham/nectarineflow amrutha with filled is and embo Lord the Sudarsanar is Meaning: JyOthi The of confer Sudarsanar on You supreme May the JyOthi of JyOthi:" BhavathAm praharsham pradhisathu " The benedictionThe NaarAyaNaby SrI Koora Jeeyar is: h cmaio o h JOh o od uasnr to Sudarsanar Lord of JyOthi the of comparison The Additional Notes: was invoked there to confer undiminishing wealth. H wealth. undiminishing confer to there invokedwas vruksham is described.The recitation of the slOkam slOkam the and klEsamsworries and confer undecaying happiness boo of that recitation on described.The flowers is vruksham of abundance the and tree pakaa That jYothiThat is blemishless and perfect (PoorNam). JyOthi Sudarsana of presence sk unfettered and earth, VyApthi on direction every reaching as visualized

62 own for its power to grant grant to power its for own m, the benediction was:benediction the m, ree filled with flowers is flowers with filled ree as SirObhUshanam.It as comforting Moon with Moon comforting apk tree/creeper KalpakA n those branches. The The branches. those n rarest kind of exulta- of kind rarest bhimbham (Sumathi bhimbham (PoorNE poorai: sud-(PoorNEpoorai: ad vra lOkam. svarga and y Joy ! ieto perfection diment of ere, the prayer is for is prayer the ere, s all it touches.May it all s theto upAsakan. s is indicated here. indicated is s th, Sky and Svarga and Sky th, foes. Pushpa (flowers). il eoe one's remove will eid ht boon that behind like the KalpagA KalpagA the like -ilig dhivya n-yielding zd s h Kar- the as ized Kalpa dhrumam dhrumam Kalpa ChakrarAjan f Sumanas-sampadhutthamsa LakshmIm). pr (JyOthis-cchadhmA dEvAs the of wealth the deines is a is jyOthi. env flames of ball great , continousa is It forth. aks to aram from and aram Naabhito from and aksham kaNDai:s yEka (AamnAyai: VedAs the by KaNdam) (yEka t all inbham,arTa, veedu poruL, (, aRam, with mOk Kaama us bless will limbs His all from arising chatura; pushyatAth pUrushArTAn mahimamahO Maadhaveeyasya hEthE: aamnAyair-EkakaNDai: sthutha- naabhEr-bhAsvath-nAbhEr nijabhava aarAdhArAth sahasrAth visarathi S prays Prahar saprakarsham Jeeyar sathu" bhavathAm JyOthi: Raaja rapture. "Chakra or joy Saprakarsham " with extreme delivered is (Joy) "Praharsham" is Praharsham (saprakarsham) superior confer to JyOthi Sudarsana KooranArAyaNapowerfulSrIJeeyar and this to prays TaddhvO dhikshvEdamAnam chathasrushu paricchinna bhUmEsccha nEmE: vimathakshEpa dhakshAdhya dhakshAth (Sud nectar rejuvenating with filled is JyOthi That JyOthi from that HethirAjan spreads from aram to ar to aram from spreads HethirAjan that from JyOthi This Chakram of the Lord has the glory of being pra being of glory the has Lord the of Chakram This tEjas/Jy the that is here revelation and prayer The well). complete The prayer is: L O KAM 4: 63 eloping Lord Sudrsanan. It Sudrsanan. Lordeloping e or PurushArTams: four he ti f ChakrarAjan of Othi yttne pot fof sprouts yettender am, from aksham to aksham from am, AA poa:. It poorai:). hAnAm o ta sad out. stands that Joy ised with one voice one with ised avALa: prakaDitha avALa: ham and back and back and ham (exceedingly " sham). hm pradhi- sham thutha:). The The thutha:). that darsana JyOthi/Tejas.darsana NaarAyaNaJeeyar Koora add SrI slOkam,pays this In this Sathakam Na Koora by the subsequent slOkams of the has power conferto four-fold the purushArTams a wheel. nEmi means the circumference of a wheel. of nave the or cavitylike navel navelor means naabhi chakra (Kaala wheel Aram) derivedis Aaaramas her time samUha: (assembly of a of spoke the is it Here, life's quests! kinds four of the of conf JwAlai Sudarsana that May JwAlai. Sudarsana as limbsthese nEmi.and JwAlai The that shoots out of Aram, are BhagavAn Sudarsana of limbs The Meaning:

There will be detailed salutations to these four li four these to salutations detailed be will There All these four limbs of HethirAjan generate abundan generate HethirAjan of limbs four these All Aksha: means axle. Additional Notes: rm en te pks f a he osoe o roun a of orspokes wheel a of spokes the means Aram

64 mbs of Lord Sudarsana in Sudarsana Lord of mbs of a wheel or epicenter or wheel a of on the UpAsakAs. of the the Lord reveredis of ) s well.ArANAm as m) t, sacred JyOthi that JyOthi sacred t, er on You the boons Youthe on er e. itional tribute to Su-to tributeitional arAyana Jeeyar. rttn entity. rotating d Aksham, Naabhi Aksham, Sudarsanar on elsewhere the body of seen reflected ney (Karu lotus blue of hue the haveeyes PirAtti's hoods. AdhisEshanas Sudarsanar body of the of portions on color. on portions white That hue seen is reflected May JyOthithis Sudarsana confer You Sukham! "ChakrabhAnam upachiunuthAm" va: Sarma (Extended Meaning): benediction the Here is: vacchakrabhAnamupachinuthAccharmam miTunasyAdhimasyEva chithrAm neelam SrInEthra kaanthyA kvachithapi kvApi tasyaivamaNiruchA raktham subhram Seshasya bhAsA kvachana Bhagavatha: prakruthyA kvApi Babhru shyAmam dhAma-prasoothyA kvachana S -a In s SrI Sooktham). body.Vakshastala Sudarsanar's Laks of portions some usnr a Hs oe n h rgt ad f te Lord the d of ThirukkaavaLampADi at hand (as KrishNan right ShyAmala mEgha the on home His has Sursanar The rathnams on the hoods of AdhisEshan also shed t shed also AdhisEshan of hoods the on rathnams The vyAtanvAnam VinathAsriyam- h Lr ad i Dv ae itn o Ahssa kno Adhiseshan on sitting are DEvi His and Lord The h kliocp o oos ht r se superimpos JyOthi salutedis here. seen are that colors of kaleidoscope The yellow falls on some sections of the body of Sudars of bodythe of somesections yellowon falls with a dark bluish green ThirumEni. That shyAmala v shyAmala That ThirumEni. green bluish dark a with L O KAM 5: 65 of Sudarsanar's Sudarsanar's body. of thal). That bluish tint is tint bluish That thal). anar ( HiraNya( VarAm-anar . moves His thousand hmi’s hue of golden of hue hmi’s heir bright red light red bright heir d n Sudarsanar's on ed arNam is seen on seen is arNam n o Hs white His for wn wo s Neela is who , hivya dEsam) hivya ute the to mighty JyOthi/Tejas.Sudarsana and serve as a VidhAnam (mElaappu) for the Dhivya D Dhivya the for (mElaappu) VidhAnam a as serve and of rainbowthose and Moorthys Sreshta adjacent the

bhavathAm prathyahOttAnamEna: rATAngI rasmi bhangee praNadhathu ghanacchEdha-mEdasvinee saa BhandhUkacchAya-Bhandhucchavigaditha sandhyEvaindhE nakthanjara-- samsthyunmEshamucchOshitha S Yellow(Golden known Bhabhru: green), (Dark ShyAmam hukA Sahasram. R SrI of Paddhathis MukthA and Marathaka Kaanchana, mean many the of enjoyment the of extension the For (Blue) Neelam on rotatin among the the many seen reflected colors (red), Raktham (White), Subram lamp), vilayakaI yaa jagadh vandaneeyA paramahasO bhAsvatha: KaidabhArE: Through these slOkams, SrI Koora NaarAyaNa slOkams,theseKoora SrI Jeeyar Through p Additional Notes: JyOthi bless You with Parama Sukham ! splend variegated and rich that JagathAmpathis.May supe colors of riot a has JyOthi Sudarsana the Thus vance of these colors, one should reflect on the Ba the on reflect should one colors, these of vance the of top the of reminescent hue the varNam/ Tulya L O KAM 6:

66 hurathna, Indhraneela, hurathna, g JyOthiSudarsana . colors project upward project colors our of the Sudarsana Sudarsana the of our rimposed on it from from it on rimposed ays additionalays trib- ampathis, who are who ampathis, ings and the rele- the and ings anganATaPaad- as DhIpa SikhA DhIpa as ik n h lit the in wick r mentioned are cumulated sins ! superimpose d radiance exalted such will of JyOthi Sudarsana the May JyOthi Sudarsana and them.redden KaaLamEgams similarly, them; the AshtOttharamSudarsna mAn) salutedis onein of JwAlai. darsna awa run night at mischief cause who ), and one'sout sins completely. S Sun. PrAtha: like role a plays Sandhy and enemies His Pratha: destroy stars. th enhances JyOthi the Sudarsna Similarly, and SuryOdhayam. Chandran like grahams over brightness its through Sun The slOkam. this in Extended Meaning: Your sins! May JwAla this Sudarsana destroy all of rasmi) JwaalA (Sudarsana bhavathAm yEna: praNadhat SlOkam's Benediction The Sun's ray at dawn mix with the clouds and impar and clouds the with mix dawn at ray Sun's The The link to Sudarsana's tEjas and the power behind power the and tEjas Sudarsana's to link The noctu the Similarly, Sunrise. see they once places, disa will prey for night at wander that animals The h eiaino willthis slOkam enhance one's au of recitation The Additional Notes: t and lustre Sun's the between made is comparison A

: 67 rnal wanderers (asurAs wanderers rnal spiciousness by wiping ppear into their hiding their into ppear nhA o h rising the to andhyA that tEjas ( Emperu-( tEjas that this way: estroy all of your ac-your of all estroy oestelsr fof lustre the powers he Sudarsana JyOthi Sudarsana he y as they see the Su-the see they as y hu t a reddish hue to hue reddish a t Lr' pwr to power Lord's e aon that adorns A tef on itself anlssisbihns n ok ieahl bur losestain its brightness and looks like a half smoke. makes like a gigantic made upcage of smoke That flames. the accompanies that smoke jwAlAvarthAvivastha: praharaNa dhinanisA vallabhou dhurlabhAbhou bhajathi agnirmagnArchiraikyam disathi yadhudhayE MerurangAra-sankAm spoulingeem yAnthi kAnthim Saamyam dhUmyA pravruddhayA S (PraNavam) NaarAyana vyUha tEjas-chakrAya KrupA nam slOka this in out JeeyarNaarAyaNa points Koora SrI Extended Meaning: gladdenand You! confe Jyothi Sudarsana radiant) (supremely that May Benediction:

h sas oe hi csoay rgtes s resu a usual The fire. as of likesparks lookweak JyOthi and brightness customary their lose stars The pathijam dhAma vasthath dhinOthu prakaDayathi nabhas-tArakA-jAlakAni As the Sudarsana JyOthi grows and covers the sky,t the covers and grows JyOthi Sudarsana the As Tath dhAma: Va: dhinPthu JyOthi conferto pr onhappiness all those, seekwho i and entity other every to superior far is JyOthi L O KAM 7:


tpeeo wood . piecent of ts refuge.ts ays to this unparalleled this to ays ly lustrous Meru moun- Meru lustrous ly eei ataryo of array vast a is here m that the Sudarsana Sudarsana the that m t f te Sudarsana the of lt hpies n You on happiness r h sy appear sky the a: ers with alpa jyOthi ers (insignificant tEjas). Daasan , Oppiliappan VaradAchAri Koil SadagOpan Savathra Vijayee BhavEth karOthuRakshAm arvAthmA NamO SudarsanAya , ble firmamament the in bodies radiant the all cance that brightness the with JyOthi Sudarshana that May The Sun and the Moon lose their radiance and look l lookradianceand Moonlosetheir the and Sun The You happy! 69 ike rotating fire crack- fire ikerotating pales in to insignifi-to in pales ss You all and make and all You ss