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From the Editor Inside the March edition March – the month when the winds blow cold, and in this part FEATURES of the we really know it. Some days it is just like the middle of Winter! In March there should be spring flowers 4 Flood Resilience – Update Meeting 19th March around - and with spring flowers comes Mothering Sunday, a sure sign that Spring is coming. 6, 7 Memories of the Local Railways, by Alan Price 12 North Cotswolds Community Radio – Spotlight on Saturday, online This month the clocks ‘spring forward’ and we lose a precious hour in bed on that last Sunday morning of the month. Ahhh, 15 The Royal British Legion, in Stow British Summertime. The brochures and columnists tell us that UK is the place to be this year… and as we live in one of the most stunning and enjoyable rural areas in the British Isles, are REGULARS you planning to holiday at home, locally, further afield, or 13 Rotary – Your Fund-raising support for Haiti even (dare we say it) abroad this summer? 16 BOOK REVIEWS - from Cotswold Bookstore Consider the Lilies – A Cautionary Tale from a Cotswold Vet At Moreton Times we see the events entries increasing a little 17 Police - Safer Community Team Update each month as the days lengthen and the temperature edges Meet your new Village Agent upwards. We hope that we will be carrying news of your fundraising event or just ‘fun’ event. WARNING! We are lousy mind-readers, so if your event isn’t included on our 18 The new Hospital Development – pages, it could be because nobody told us about it. AONB’s Response to the Application 19 Local Authorities, meetings & information This month we have lots of things to read about from the 20 Church Services Flood Resilience Meeting chaired by our M.P., Geoffrey 21 An Auction of Promises at Cotswold School Clifton-Brown on March 19th, to remembering steam trains 22 Village Halls & Events running through to Adlestrop, with an article from Alan Price 23 Rural Cinemas & Events who, as a boy spent many hours after school at Moreton Station. We hope you will enjoy this edition, and that maybe 24, 25, 26 LOCAL EVENTS & EVENTS DIARY for March one day you’ll email us/ write to us. We’ll look forward to it! 28, 29 Local Schools – news & reports 30, 31 Your Correspondence – The Hospital Development, Latest Best wishes, Flood Defence Work Jenni Turner 32 In the Editor’s Opinion 38 Local Walks in March 39 ‘Why can’t I get a flat stomach?’ Ed Shaw on exercise Copy Date for the March edition is 16th February Our Badmington Clubs need help! (The 16th is our copy date for every month this year) 40 Robb Eden on Tax Returns Our cover photo of snowdrops is thanks to Gary Gleghorn © NCDCC 41 Moreton Rangers – New Sponsor for the Reserves team 43 Stow Rugby Football Club – U16s

Telephone Moreton Times on 44, 45 Clubs News, Reports and Directory 07789 175 002 Thank you to all our contributors and writers, to Diana Murphy who (The phone will take your messages too – leave researches and edits local information, to Janet Marley who is managing your name & contact number and we will return our deliveries, and to all our delivers and sources of information. We your call.) appreciate their time and commitment. .

email MORETON TIMES on Our design team this month was Eagle Design Ltd. [email protected] Extra copies of Moreton Times are generally available at Moreton P O Box 6, Sheep Street, Library and at Moreton Area Centre. Copies are also carried on The Stow on the Wold, GL54 1WD Villager Bus and on the Mobile Library. Flood Review Meeting Friday 19th March 3.30 – 5.30 pm Redesdale Hall Moreton in Marsh chaired by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP All the agencies will be present in an attempt to help drive forward progress.

Email from Charles Young to [email protected] AGENDA Ref’ce: Flood Resilience Meeting – 19th March Welcome and Introduction By Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP “Our major concerns are over the general attitude of CDC to the Apologies and Minutes of last meeting planning objections raised by the residents and the complete CDC update – Cllr Barry Gibbs disregard of the concerns and genuine proposals put forward by Quick review of achievements in 2009 the Town Council and others. They will not consider all the Results of modelling in more detail major schemes together and evaluate the effect on the Town, Future plans and funding but insist on treating each one separately. Hence we are left GCC update with all the wrong decisions. Our 2 CDC members say nothing Quick review of achievements in 2009 and certainly, to my mind, do absolutely nothing constructive to Future plans and funding support the Town. Environment Agency update Quick review of achievements in 2009 As with the hospital decision, the additional flood risk to the Future plans and funding Town has been ignored and this will only lead to the residents Thames Water Update in Fosse Way Avenue being flooded on a more regular basis. I Quick review of achievements in 2009 understand that they were only saved a few weeks ago by the Future plans and funding result of the blockage at Parkers Lane.

Moreton Town Council and Resilience Group Update How CDC decide on the 2 major housing applications must Questions and Close surely be raised at the meeting with GCB. We do have a Town Council Meeting before and no doubt the approach by the Safeguarding Our Town – Town Council can be decided.” Where are we now? “2009 has sailed by and yet there is still no sign, for example, Fighting back of the promised new trash screen in ’s against the floods Garden. ‘How much longer will Her Majesty have to wait’, I ask – the continuing delay here is becoming quite absurd and CDC is investing £500,000 from capital funds to part- unreasonable.” Robert Dutton finance resilience projects which will alleviate the In January the floods caused by rapid snow-melt highlighted threat of flooding in a number of high risk areas. This the success of the recent culvert work in Bourton Road and Council is also expediting the necessary modelling and East Street done by Highways. Also the River feasibility studies which will show us where we can was flowing well enabling the town’s drainage to make the most effective improvements. We could have empty into the river with no back-up. In December the waited for help centrally, but this vital work would have Environment Agency operations team did their annual river been delayed for years and we don’t want to sit tight maintenance/clearance and this was well timed. We are and hope for the best. We want to avoid, at all costs, a assured that CDC will shortly be finishing its hydraulic repeat of 2007, and this signals a major step forward in modeling/ feasibility work and we look forward to all that effort and expense leading to tangible action – for example our plans to safeguard the district’s wellbeing. to prevent the flood relief channel from overflowing again. From CDC’s Business Matters newsletter Feb 2010.

4 5 Memories of the Local Railways From Alan Price, Lower Oddington

“Last year Stow Times featured an article on Stow Railway Station. the driver plenty of time to slow down or stop. (A detonator is an Continuing the theme of the steam railway in the local area, my explosive device that is strapped to the rail with two lead strips - as Grandfather & Father were employed at Adlestrop Railway Station. the train wheels go over these, they make a loud bang which will alert My Grandfather Louis Newman was a plate layer, which meant that he the driver. They are laid in ones, twos and threes, all depending on worked within the team that maintained the railway tracks. He was whether the train is to slow down or stop, or just as a warning.) employed at Adlestrop Station before the First World War, and when My Mother would go fogging with her father sometimes at night, and my Grandfather would lay the detonators and then put my Mother through the fence before the train came. She would cover her ears because of the loud bang. My Mother said that it was always a worrying time for her and my Grandmother when he would go out on his own to do this job – no Health & Safety in those days! During snow storms my Grandfather would rub paraffin into his boots so that it would melt the snow as he walked along the sleepers, preventing him from slipping, because if he did fall, being on his own, it could be along time before help would arrive.

Left to right : Mr Casey the Station Master Harry Mills the Porter Percy Bond, my mother’s godfather war broke out, the British Army were short of qualified plate layers, so he volunteered to join the Royal Engineers to help the was effort. Working at Adlestrop after the War, the team were employed in re- laying new lengths of track and maintaining the existing double tracks. All of this was done by brute force, as they didn’t have much mechanical help in those days. It was a very hard job. Sometime after the Second World War my Father, Cyril Price, became the Porter in Charge of Adlestrop Station. His job involved selling tickets in the Booking Office, looking after the safety of passengers getting on and off trains, dealing with parcels and goods items. There was a large goods shed at Adlestrop and all sorts of items were off- loaded there for local farmers, etc. there was also an area used for off- loading cattle, sheep and horses.

He would have to clean and re-install all of the paraffin lamps used for the lighting of the station, the signal lamps for all of the signals - there were six of these and he would have to climb the ladder to the

Track maintenence

Another task that was performed daily would be known as ‘walking the length’ – this was walking from one Distant Signal (by the black bridge at Daylesford) to the other Distant Signal (by the bridge on the Broadwell Road known as Stocks Bridge). The aim of this was to walk all the way down one line and then back up the other, checking the track as they went. They would carry a hammer with them to replace any keys that may have vibrated out due to the movements of trains going over the sleepers (the key is the wooden block which holds the rail tight in the chair, which is attached to the sleeper - in those days top of the signals and install the lamps behind the signal arms. There they were all wooden sleepers, not concrete). were also lamps in the dollies – these were the point levers, all of which had to be light each night before dusk. I am unsure if he did this ‘Walking the length’ would mean walking about 2 miles in each direction task on his own or if someone was employed to assist. There was from Adlestrop station. In those days it was a double track, the down also the hand-held signalling lamps that were used at night to give the line heading to Worcester and the up line heading to Paddington. Mixed right of way to the driver after stopping at the station to collect traffic (passengers and goods) would use these lines. passengers.

During foggy weather another job was to place detonators onto the My Father would also paint areas of the station during slack times and track to tell the driver that he was approaching Adlestrop Station. one of the main painting jobs would be the white line that ran along These would be positioned quite a distance from the station to give the edge of the platform, placed there as a warning to passengers.

6 There were two large sidings at the station and goods wagons could be shunted into these, to be off-loaded or kept there for loading. Therefore the signalman within the signal box located beyond the goods shed could be kept very busy, what with the normal passenger and goods traffic using the main line and the shunting of various wagons and coaches into and out of the sidings. On some occasions coaches and wagons would be stored in the sidings for collection at a later date.

The uncoupling of wagons and coaches was done by my Father with the assistance of the Guard in charge of the train. The shunting locomotive that was used at all of the local stations was housed in the loco shed at Kingham Station.

When I was a boy I spent all of my holidays down with my Father at He also kept the flower beds in good order, planting a variety of plants the station and knew how to do most jobs. I spent a lot of time with each year to keep them looking clean and tidy. Each year there was a the permanent way staff, and one of the main members of staff, who I prize presented for the best kept station. was always with, was Harry Sollis from Kingham. He worked with his brother Bill (Stud) Collett, also from Kingham – all of them worked at one time with my Grandfather. I used to be called by my Grandfather’s nickname of ‘Wicksey’ – I don’t know where this name originated.

I would ‘walk the length’, as explained earlier, and Harry and ‘Stud’ even made me my own small hammer so that I could hammer in the keys. I walked miles with them. (It couldn’t be done today with the Health & Safety regulations.)

Adlestrop Station was well used with passengers going to London on business, Oxford, Moreton in Marsh, and Worcester for shopping, to Kingham to connect with trains to Cheltenham and Banbury, not forgetting the children, including me, going by train to school in Moreton in Marsh and Chipping Campden.

This all stopped when Dr Beeching decided to close the station, and because the station was going to be left un-manned, my Father was transferred to Moreton in Marsh Railway Station. I continued to go to Moreton Station after school and would go shunting on the locomotive with Mr. Hardiman, the local driver who lived in Moreton in Marsh. The loco was housed at Kingham. He allowed me to shovel the coal and I do recall actually being allowed to drive the train by moving the regulator which allows the locomotive to move – a special treat!

I also got to know the drivers on the express trains and got a ride on the footplate of a Castle Class loco from Moreton In Marsh to

Adlestrop (some trains continued to stop there until it was completely closed). I spent many happy hours at both stations.

My Mother, Mrs Dorothy Price, was born in Adlestrop in 1921 and has lived there throughout her life. She is the only resident in the village who was born and bred there. She can tell you many stories about the village and the railway, much more than I will ever know. If you are Above – 3 photos of the Goods Shed, showing how it had been interested, do give her a ring – 01608 658243. You can call me too… extended; and 2 different generations of teams maintaining the I’m always pleased to talk about the Railway and those times. Alan tracks – with picks and shovels. Price. 01451 870708.

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The Kings Arms Open Now, Book now for Mothers Day trading during development Free glass of champagne for all mum's Watch out for the launch of: MOTHER’S DAY - Sunday 14th March Stilton and Broccoli Soup Our Oyster and Chop House Restaurant in May 09 King Prawns in Garlic Butter Game Pate and Melba Toast Quail’s eggs with Hollandaise sauce and Puff Pastry We are refurbishing our three cottages and 8 Cocktail of Crab Mayonnaise rooms with en-suite bathrooms and giving them Pears with Stilton, Cream and Walnuts Roast Sirloin of Beef with homemade Yorkshires and Horseradish a facelift - opening in May 10 Roast Pork with Crackling and Apple Sauce Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Mint Sauce Duck with Plum Sauce King’s Arms Ale Stew (Vegetarian) Rooms available for Trout with Almonds and Buttery Juices All the above are served with Roasted Potatoes and Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables

Gold Cup Festival week Sherry Trifle Chocolate and Raisin Rice Pudding Please call Lucinda 01451 830364 Spotted Dick with Custard or Ice Cream Ice Cream Sundae Gloucestershire Cheese Plate The Kings Arms, The Square, Stow on the Wold Two Courses £16.95 / Three Courses £21.95 Tel: 01451 830364

11 Renewable Energy Incentive Announced The Government has finally revealed their long-awaited plans to reward businesses, households and communities for generating renewable electricity. Clean Energy Cashback has unveiled plans for a feed-in tariff aimed at incentivising low carbon technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. From April households and communities will be able to claim cash for all SPOTLIGHT ON SATURDAY the energy they generate from green technologies - up to 5WM - even if they use it themselves. They can also get increased As the growth in internet radio continues, North Cotswold Community payment for any surplus electricity they feed into the National Radio (NCCR) is enjoying a steadily increasing listenership. The past Grid. A typical 2.5KW solar panel could offer a 'reward' of up to quarter has seen the audience grow by 11% on the previous figure and £900 and help cut energy bills by £140 a year. From next April a it is now estimated that the station has attracted some 12,000 regular similar scheme will offer cash incentives to install renewable listeners over the past year- equating to around 1,000 per month! Robb Eden, NCCR Chairman, attributes the growth of the station to ‘the hard heat generation technologies, such as ground source heat work, professionalism and dedication of the ever growing band of pumps and biomass boilers. volunteers who produce an attractive mix of locally-slanted music and Dept of Energy and Climate Change 01/02/2010 speech-based programming”.

Over the next few months Moreton Times and Stow Times will shine a LONGBOROUGH FESTIVAL OPERA OFFERS spotlight on some of the shows that audiences have been warming to... OPPORTUNITIES TO YOUNG SINGERS first up is Saturday Longborough Festival Opera will once again be offering young singers an opportunity to gain performance experience this 8 - 10am THE COOLER BREAKFAST summer, with an evening of semi-staged scenes from operas The Cooler Breakfast (NCCR broadcasts ranging from Purcell to twentieth century music theatre. This from the ‘Cooler’, the former cells at the concert will be an opportunity for young singers about to enter Old Police Station in Chipping Campden) formal training, or in their first year or so of vocal training. Singers sees a mix of guests, old and new music, pithy comment on the day's news along will be aged at least 17 and will have had some vocal coaching. with some of the more bizarre stories hitting the headlines. The show is Auditions will take place at Longborough on Saturday 6th March. presented by Richard Price and Charlie Singers wishing to be considered should send a CV to Doran Davies. [email protected]. Auditions will be by invitation only and rehearsals will take place during week commencing 12 April and 10am -12 noon THE UNSIGNED COMMUNITY in the week before the concert. Robb Eden plays unsigned music from around the world. In the first hour we review some of the Further information: Amanda Laidler – latest unsigned new releases as well as our [email protected] or 07702 721775 featured artist of the week. There are often live performances from both new and established artistes. A MEMORY CAFÉ 12 - 2pm COTSWOLD COUNTRY FOR THE NORTH COTSWOLDS Veteran countryphile John Bowlt is the evergreen host of Cotswold Country, featuring music and artists, withan Offered by Signpost – 4 Russell Square, Broadway, WR12 7AP Easy Listening segment from 1pm and plenty of classic Tel: 01386 859029 country. What John doesn’t know about country isn’t worth knowing! The Memory Café is for anyone affected by dementia (and there are all sorts of illness under that title!). If this includes you, or if 2 - 4pm THE ROCK YEARS ‘ Parts 1 and 2’ you are a carer or close friend, the Café is there to support you. Presented by Terry Ingram, with your selection of music. Choose any An Alzheimer's Society trained adviser is there to advise on Rock Year from 1954 up to and including the current year, and email Terry everything from minor, worrying problems to major issues (from your selection of up to 15 tracks - he’ll try to play as many as he can. Christmas presents to care and costs). There's no prize, just loads of name-checks. So go on, have a go... email him on [email protected] SIGNPOST MEMORY CAFÉ - METHODIST CHURCH HALL, BROADWAY HIGH STREET. 4 - 6pm THEME TIME RADIO (Just around the corner, 100 yards from the mini roundabout at the top of A second chance to hear former Editor of New Musical Express, Steve the village.) Sutherland present his Sunday evening show in which he brings together THIRD THURSDAY of every month, 10am – 12 pm. a mix of tunes around a common theme. Steve is a ‘mine of information’ March 18th, April 15th, May 20th, June 17th, July 15th etc. so if you’re a fan of music minutiae, this is the show for you. Just to have someone to talk to, or somewhere to take your friend, 6 - 8pm THE FOUR POINTS RADIO where you will feel comfortable, Local youngsters Chris, Jack, Fleur, Sarah and Joe bring you the Gospel of can help a lot. Jesus Christ in four simple points, accompanied by the best music from You are not on your own. There’s an emergency help line 0845 300 0306. worldwide Christian artists. Also featuring a review of albums, concerts and books. There are people who care. Signpost-Broadway is a help information centre for the North Cotswold area and around 8:00-10pm UK's ALL TIME NO.1'S Broadway. It is not ‘county’ based. We endeavour to find Terry Ingram returns to the air, featuring the information for anyone from anywhere. We’re open on Mondays No.1 Hit Singles and Albums from 1952 to the and Thursdays. present day, including the R&B, Disco, Soul and E.P. charts! He'll also play a couple of tracks Over the last 11 years we have expanded our services to from a featured No.1 Album from the past. include:- Age Concern (weekly), Relate Counselling (weekly), The DJ-Free Love Zone returns too! DIAL (disabled information access and living, monthly), Cancer Support Group (monthly), CAB (monthly) and now a monthly LISTEN ONLINE AT WWW.NORTHCOTSWOLDONLINE.COM Memory Café for people with dementia and their carers.


The Rotary Club of the North Cotswolds From Brian Honess (Pres Sec)

This month we must thank all of you who so generously supported the two Saturdays when we collected at Tesco Stores to raise funds to purchase “Shelter Boxes” to send out to the inhabitants of Haiti who suffered so severely in the earthquake on 12th January. We were so successful with the collection that we made on January 16th that the Manager of Tesco Stores asked if we would make another collection on 23rd. We were astounded by the response we had and raised close to £5,000. Thank you all so very much for your support. We forwarded the cash immediately to the Rotary Shelter Box Charity and I hope that most of you saw, in the news reports, extensive fields of Rotary tents, giving shelter and protection to so many.

The photographs show Shelter Boxes from arrival to temporary family home. Below is an extract that came from the Shelter Box Charity in its monthly report for January ……………….. “The first Shelter boxes arrived in Haiti 5 days after the earthquake and were immediately put to use as emergency field hospitals. Shelter box tents were used to provide secure shelter for hundreds of patients recovering from amputations. Team member Mark Pearson who helped set up the tents said “There was a little boy called Carlos. He is four years old and KINGHAM AND DAYLESFORD ROTARY UPDATE had his right leg amputated.. I was sitting there shell shocked Haiti and I gave him a little colouring book and some crayons. He Rotary worldwide continues to offer massive assistance in Haiti. smiled – it was the first thing he had been given since losing his Working through the Haiti Rotary Clubs help in terms of money leg”. Thanks to the response of the Team’s work, Carlos and and shelter is massive particularly from Rotary in the USA and hundreds of others have been able to recover in secure shelter. the Caribbean. Over 10,000 Shelter Boxes have been delivered so far. Shelter Boxes are a complete “life support” package conceived and developed by the Rotary Club of Heston in Cornwall. Now a major global charity it continues to grow with the support of DHL strategic logistic centres around the world.

March 24th To follow on from the recent fund raising for Haiti the club has arranged for a full presentation on Shelter Boxes which the public are invited to on Wednesday March 24th 6pm at The Mill House Kingham. Stay for dinner with club members for £10…call the Hotel 01608 658 188.

March 6th A 1,000-tent urban camp has been set up with the help of Saturday breakfast at the “Greedy Goose” Salford sees a other organisations – this provides shelter for over 10,000 presentation from Helen and Douglas House, Oxford. They were people. Urban camps are of huge benefit to the people of Port the first child hospice organisation in the UK and grow from au Prince as they do not have to move to locations outside of strength to strength through generous local support. Come along the city and can therefore continue with their daily lives. and here more about this wonderful organisation. Call Paul Shelter box Founder, Tom Henderson OBE from Cornwall added Jackson 01608 658 500. “none of this would have been possible without the fantastic fundraising efforts from Shelter Box supporters around the Open for Business! world. The need is huge but the response is matching it” We are a new club looking for active members of the community who want to “put something back” and have fun with like minded More information may be sought from the charity’s website people. See

Double Joy for the Save the Children Fund

The Moreton-in-Marsh branch of Save the Children recently held a collection for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal and raised £861.35. Many thank to all the volunteers, and especially to Alison Eastabrook and Moreton Guides.

The staff and pupils at St David's School joined in to help the appeal by holding a THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Bring and Buy Sale at their school. Well done - you raised £587.55, making our grand total £1448.90

13 Fund Raising for Haiti's Disaster Fund At The Black Horse, Naunton

It took villagers just ten days to raise a whopping £7,000 for the Haiti’s Disaster Emergency fund, thanks to their generosity and the landlords, Jo Archer and Pete Bate, at The Black Horse village pub, in Naunton near Stow on the Wold.

The pub threw a big party in an adjoining marquee, tickets cost £15 and nearly 100 people attended. An auction during the evening raised over £3,000, the largest amount paid for a prize was for Jo’s partner and trained chef Peter Bate, who is in charge of the kitchens at The Black Horse. “He offered to visit a house and cook a meal for 10,” said Jo. “It raised the biggest amount of the night.”

More money was raised from a raffle and since then the money has continued to flow in. Heating was kindly provided by FosseWay Hire at no cost and food was sponsored by local suppliers including Martin's Meats.

14 15 “Consider the lilies…..” Lily poisoning in cats Martin Whitehead, BSc, PhD, BVSc, CertSAM, MRCVS Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital. BOOK SIGNING Traditionally lilies are often used at Christian funerals as a symbol of the resurrection. However Our next signing is really exciting. Come and meet a new author at the start of his career, whose name, we believe, will be high profile for in the veterinary world lilies have become some time to come. We are pleased to be one of the first bookshops associated with death far more directly - lily to welcome Mark Keating, author of The Pirate Devlin. We reviewed poisoning is one of the most common poisonings this very favourably recently and other reviewers agree. We said of it of cats in the UK. Although very toxic to cats, lilies ‘This debut novel is a tale of derring-do under sail ... a highly are not poisonous to other mammals. recommended adventure’. There will be a price reduction on the day and a draw for ‘The Pirateology Handbook’ if you bring along a The Veterinary Hospital has seen several cases of lily poisoning over the youngster. Oh, and pirate stickers if you bring a parrot! last few years; the last cases were two 18-week old kittens. The owner Follow us on as cotswoldbooks had brought home a bunch of flowers that included lilies, and the following morning had noticed yellow staining on the kitten’s faces where pollen had stuck to their fur, and she noticed that they had REVIEWS chewed the petals. One of the kittens seemed well but her brother was As the Earth Turns Silver by Alison Wong quiet and off his food and had vomited a couple of times. Fortunately, Hardback at £14.99 their owner had heard that lilies are poisonous to cats and called us straight away, and we advised her to bring them in immediately. This story starts in New Zealand in 1905 where the racial divide between the majority white settlers and more recent Chinese immigrants leads to murder. Katherine Mckechnie’s husband, a racist All parts of the lily are toxic and even tiny amounts – even just licking newspaper man, fights the cause of the white murderer. However, a small amount of pollen off the coat or chewing on a leaf – can cause when Katherine is widowed she befriends a local Chinese kidney failure and sometimes seizures. Poisoned cats usually show no greengrocer and eventually a love affair develops. There are other signs of illness for the first few hours but after 6-12 hours there may themes in this tale besides the obvious one of racism and the be vomiting, inappetance and lethargy. After 24 hours the cat may daunting struggle of the Chinese for equality but they provide only a appear to recover, but kidney failure develops after 2-3 days when background to this touching and unusual love story written by a vomiting may recur and the cat stops eating, may stop drinking and descendant of those early Chinese settlers. will be lethargic and depressed. More than half of untreated cats die. Florence and Giles by John Harding Hardback at £12.99 Fortunately, lily poisoning is treatable and success rates are high if Early pages of this gothic tale, written as a homage to ‘The Turn of treatment is started early. It is vital that cats visit the vet as soon as the Screw’, nearly deterred me from continuing. It is told by twelve you suspect it may have swallowed any pollen or any other part of a year old Florence whose use of language irritated me intensely. lily. First aid that you can do yourself includes washing any pollen off However, page six provides a reason and though the irritation was the coat and preventing the cat from grooming. There is no antidote, slow to fade, the quality of the slow-burn mystery eventually came to but other treatments include giving activated provide the dominant emotion. As in the Henry James classic, it is the charcoal to absorb the toxin and putting the coming of the new Governess that provides a kick start to the story of cat on a ‘drip’ for 2-3 days to flush the toxins Florence and her innocent young brother in their rambling mansion. through. The success rate is high if treatment That Florence is the only one who sees her for what she is gives the tale tension through to the chilling, cold-blooded, ending. is started early. ..and fortunately it worked well for the kittens, who went home as good Choral Society by Prue Leith as new. Paperback at £7.99 Obviously, it is better to prevent than to treat. Choral Society is a delightful book about three 50-something women, If you buy or receive lilies, remove and dispose all at different stages of their lives, brought together by their of any pollen, the pollen-bearing stamens and membership of a singing group. They become involved in each other’s place the flowers out of reach of cats. lives, discovering new interests and enjoying life in new and exciting Drawing by LJ Grove. ways. Inevitably, part of the plot involves food and many readers will recognise the author’s name as that of a renowned restaurateur from not very far away. This is a very good read, written with feeling and PHIL’S WALKING HOLIDAYS 2010 sensitivity and an understanding of how true friendships can enrich PEAK DISTRICT 26-28 March £155.00 us all. (Note that Prue Leith's latest hardback, A Serving of Scandal' GUERNSEY 12 -17 May £419.00 is also available at £14.99) Coach to Poole. Fast Ferry to St Peter Port. 5 nights DBB in the superb Pandora Hotel. 4 days walking with guide & back-marker. Local coach to and from each day’s walk. You can do all, some, or none of the walks. Non-walkers welcome. Visit the other islands. Very good value - Look what’s included.

RHINE CRUISE 1-9 July from £599.00 Our walking group has been offered “The Four Rivers Cruise” (Rhine, Mosel, Main and Neckar). Wonderful Rhine Gorge Scenery, three top class meals per day. No night cruising. Spend time in Boppard, Rudesheim,Frankfurt etc. Optional extras. All cabins are “out-facing”. Local coach-pick-ups. We have ‘sampled’ this cruise - it’s really great.. Very good value. Later in the year we will be walking the Cardigan Coast, Land’s End, and Gower. We are a friendly group and welcome new members. More info? 01386 832095


MORETON – IN - MARSH POLICE Introducing Mo Griffiths SAFER COMMUNITY TEAM PRIORITIES GRCC Village Agent for the outlying villages of Cold Aston, Condicote, Cutsdean, Guiting Power, Naunton, Notgrove, We are the local officers for the Moreton-in-Marsh community, PC Lower Slaughter, Swell, Temple Guiting and Upper Slaughter. Caroline Paxford and PCSO Renee Morgan. We are based at Moreton Police Station and are responsible for Moreton itself as well Funded by Gloucestershire County Council and the as the surrounding villages including Blockley, Aston Magna, Gloucestershire NHS Primary Care Trust, a Village Agent is a Paxford, Draycott, Batsford, Todenham, Evenlode and Longborough. local person employed on a part-time basis to work within the community as an enabler and resource. Networking Caroline has an impressive 28 years of Police service; most of it extensively with Councillors, Community nurses, PCOs, spent working in the North Cotswolds. Renee has been with the social group organisers, transport providers, religious groups Constabulary for 3 years, having previously worked for Thames etc, Village Agents visit coffee mornings and parish council Valley Police. meetings, and are ‘referred’ to people who may need their help to access a wide range of information and services. February has been a busy month, seeing the launch of a ‘Behave or Be Banned’ Pub Watch Scheme in Moreton. The scheme, Village Agents help older and more vulnerable people to access involving local licensees and businesses, aims to reduce alcohol services such as social care, benefits, home safety, related anti-social behaviour in the town and increase the safety of occupational therapy, and leisure and health activities. They can licensees and their staff. It has the ability to ban problem signpost county-wide organisations dedicated to improving the customers from all licensed premises. This includes the quality of life, reducing social isolation and enabling people to Supermarkets, Hotels and Marsh Service Station. remain in their own homes in a supportive community. If you, or your older friends or relatives live in any of the above We are pleased to report that every premise in the town has villages, and would like to have an informal chat or to discuss agreed to take part. The members of the scheme will meet once a any issues, contact Mo Griffiths on 07785 763339 or e-mail month, along with Police, to discuss any problems they have [email protected]. encountered during the previous month. They will then decide what action should be taken. This ranges from a warning letter to Social care | Leisure | Pensions & Benefits | Transport a ban of up to a year, from all of the above mentioned premises. Home Safety | Health Issues | Volunteering | Advocacy With everyone working together we hope to reduce the levels of Lifelong Learning & Skills | Employment | Housing actual and perceived crime in the town. Gloucestershire Rural Community Council , Community If you would like to contact us, you are welcome to pop along to House, 15 College Green, Gloucester GL1 2LZ the Police Station at any time. (There are no set opening hours, 01452 528491 but if we’re in we will be happy to speak to you) We can be contacted on the Police non-emergency Police telephone number: 0845 090 1234.

Alternatively you can e-mail us: [email protected] [email protected]

PC Caroline Paxford PCSO Renee Morgan


The 2010 Moreton Show is going to be a wonderful event for all the family and one we’re sure you won’t want to miss, so round up all your friends and family and come along on INFORMATION

Saturday 4th September AVAILABLE ONLINE to enjoy a true Cotswold countryside event for Visitors, like no other. Exhibitors and Trade Stands at You’ll quickly discover there’s far more to the Moreton Show than you ever imagined.

17 Construction of a new community hospital and a G.P.'s Group Practice. Even though Moreton residents are keen to retain a hospital here in the town, there are concerns about the development site and the design - a ‘carbuncle’ in an inappropriate location within the AONB south of Moreton.

Planning application Ref: 09/04143/FUL ENV3 Proposal: Construction of a new community hospital and a G.P.'s Group Protected Landscapes - In Dartmoor and Exmoor National Parks and the Practice including formation of a new road junction and associated site 14 AONB in the region, the conservation and enhancement of their works (internal road network, car parking, landscaping and service buildings) Location: Land Parcel South Of Fosseway Farm, Stow Road, Moreton-In- natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage will be given priority over Marsh, Gloucestershire. other considerations in the determination of development proposals. Development will only be provided for where it would: RESPONSE OF THE COTSWOLDS CONSERVATION BOARD • Conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage 1. The Cotswolds Conservation Board (‘the Board’) was established by Parliament in 2004 with two statutory purposes: of the National Park or AONB; or a) to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the AONB; • Promote the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the b) To increase the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of National Park; or the AONB. • Foster the social or economic well-being of the communities within the In fulfilling these roles, the Board has a duty to seek to foster the economic and social well-being of people living in the AONB. National Park or AONB, provided that such development is compatible 2. The Board published the Cotswolds AONB Management Plan 2008 with the pursuit of National Park or AONB purposes. 13 in April 2008. 3. The statutory Management Plan, endorsed by the Council on 20th Consideration will also be given to proposals which promote the January 2009 as supplementary guidance for the preparation of the Council’s Local Development Framework documents and in the understanding and enjoyment of the AONB’s special qualities. determination of planning applications contains the following policies of relevance to this application: Particular care will be taken to ensure that no development is permitted outside the National Park or AONB which would damage their natural Landscape Policy LP1: That the unique character, tranquillity, and special qualities of the Cotswolds landscape are conserved and enhanced. beauty, character and special qualities or otherwise prejudice the achievement of National Park or AONB purposes. Development and Transport Policies: DTP1: That all Local Development Framework documents and planning Comments decision-making processes will use the following criteria to determine the 1. The Board notes that in Appendix 2 of the Design and Access Statement acceptability of a proposed development in the Cotswolds AONB. Development will: some basic information is provided regarding the process of site • be compatible with the distinctive character of the location as described election. The Board would wish to see a more detailed presentation of by the relevant landscape character assessment, strategy and guidelines why the site in the AONB has been chosen over other equally suitable • incorporate designs and landscaping consistent with the above, sites, other than for reasons of expediency and budgetary timetables. respecting the local settlement pattern and building style • be designed to respect local building styles and materials 2. The Board accepts that the proposed development will in principle • incorporate appropriate sustainability elements and designs contribute significantly to the social well-being of the Cotswolds AONB. • maintain or improve the existing level of tranquillity This may outweigh any harm identified to the natural beauty of the • not have an adverse impact on the local community amenities and AONB. services and access to these • protect, or where possible enhance, biodiversity 3. The Board’s main concern with the proposal relates to the design of the • be in accordance with a more sustainable pattern of development, buildings, particularly with respect to the guidance in the Cotswold reducing dependence on car travel. Design Code, which the Council has adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance. 4. The Board is also mindful of the following policy in the Cotswold Local Plan: POLICY 42: DESIGN CODE Development 4. In the section in the code “large buildings in the countryside” Is stated should be environmentally sustainable and designed in a manner that “They [large buildings] should be designed to be as inconspicuous as respects the character, appearance and local distinctiveness of Cotswold possible, with a low profile, shallow pitched roofs and finished or clad in District with regard to style, setting, harmony, street scene, proportion, dark, subdued colours, typically grey, dark green or brown.” simplicity, materials and craftsmanship. 5. The proposed buildings display none of these characteristics – they are 5. The Board understands that since the Local Plan Policy 7 relating to the either flat or barrel roofed, in bright metal colours, including copper. Cotswolds AONB has not been “saved”, the relevant policy to apply to this 6. In the section in the code “materials” it is stated “new buildings should application is the relevant policy in the Gloucestershire Structure Plan: be constructed of materials typical of, and used in similar proportions to, Policy NHE.4 those traditionally used in the immediate surroundings. Special care In Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty the conservation and should be taken in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty… In such enhancement of the natural beauty will be given priority over other cases, natural Cotswold Stone, other traditional Cotswold materials and considerations. Regard will also be had to the economic and social well- finishes, or very high quality modern substitutes only should be used”. being of the AONB. 7. The proposed buildings are constructed of a mixture of various Provision should not be made for major development within the AONB materials, some of which are not traditionally associated with Cotswold unless it is in the national interest and the lack of alternative sites architecture – in particular the roof materials and the banding of justifies an exception. brickwork, render and artificial stone. 8. The Board acknowledges that the Code does to some extent encourage 6. The Board has also been mindful of relevant National Planning Policy Statements, (PPS) and Regional planning policies. Weight should be given the development of modern designs for significant buildings. However to the Protected Landscapes Policy in the draft South West Regional this is in the context of the basic guidance in the code. As explained Spatial Strategy, awaiting publication. The most recent wording of this above, the current design fails to meet this guidance, particularly for policy is: that relating to development in the AONB. END

18 MORETON TOWN COUNCIL MORETON TOWN NEXT MEETING Monday 8th March 7pm COUNCIL March Residents are welcome to attend Minutes of the last Council Meeting are NB: There are some slight changes to the times for this route. meetings. Questions* from the public relating displayed on the Council's Notice board in Tuesday 9th March to a proposal in discussion by the High Street (on Barklays House). Clapton on the Hill (0945-1015) Little Rissington Cllrs may be taken prior to Council voting Copies are available at the Council's (1030-1115), Great Rissington (1130-1200), Upper on that proposal. General questions are taken Rissington (1300-1400) Westcote (1415-1500),Wyck at the end of the meeting. Office, moreton Library and the CDC Rissington (1515-1545). Moreton Area Centre in High Street. Thursday 4th March * A max of 3 minutes allowed. Temple Guiting (0930-1000), Guiting Power (1015-1115) Town Councillors are available before & Naunton (1130-1215), Lower Slaughter (1315- after the meeting. District & County Cllrs, Office opening hours: 1345),Upper Slaughter (1400-1500)Cutsdean (1515-1600) representatives of Stow Police and local Press Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Wednesday 10th March regularly attend. between 9am and 4pm Condicote (0915-0945, Longborough (1000-1030), Bourton on the Hill (1045-1115), Todenham (1130- (closed for lunch from 12.30-1.30pm) 1215), Paxford (1315-1345),Draycott (1400-1430), AND subject to meetings. Blockley (1445-1545) C.D.C Committees Thursday 11th March Moreton in Marsh Town Council Bledington (0930-1030), Icomb (1045-1115), Oddington (1130-1200), Adlestrop (1300-1345), March Old Town, Moreton in Marsh, GL56 0LW Evenlode (1400-1445), Broadwell (1500-1530), Donnington (1545-1615). Members of the public are encouraged to attend 01608 651 448 [email protected] meetings of the Council and Committees. If you Please see local Notice Boards for full details. live in the District and are on the Electoral Register you can take part by asking up to two questions per meeting. Information about your Councillors New Scheme to Allow Greater Say for Communities and committee members are on the website The Home Office is launching a scheme that aims to allow communities to have a greater say in how their local areas are policed and improve communication with local service providers. March Thu 4 March Appeals If Required Ten areas in will pilot Neighbourhood Agreements that will require residents to sign a contract with their local police, councils and other agencies and setting out acceptable levels Mon 8 March Licensing of service. The agreements are intended to give communities a clearer idea of what they are Wed 10 March Planning (Regulatory) entitled to and enable them to help tackle the worst crime and anti social behaviour in their Thu 18 March Cabinet areas. Wed 31 March Planning (Regulatory If successful the initiative could be implemented across England and Wales in spring 2011. For more information, visit the Home Office website. Source:, 01/10 Meetings generally start at 10am. Planning meetings held at Moreton Office start at Government Grants for Community Buildings 9.30am. The Government is to provide more than £2 million in grants for third sector organisations in Questions must be received by the Head of England to upgrade community facilities. Democratic Services – Almost 100 charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises will share a fund worth £2.27 By email no later than 5pm on the prior million. The groups will each get up to £30,000 under the Capital Investment Programme from working day [email protected] Capacitybuilders. By post to CDC at Trinity Road, Cirencester. GL7 The scheme will support small scale improvements to local community centres to assist 1PX Tel: 01285 623204/ 201 organisations which have been affected by the recession. The improvements are intended to upgrade the quality and capacity of facilities currently provided, for example, adding additional meeting rooms or improving communal libraries.

The minister said: “Small organisations can really benefit by not only improving the accessibility or quality of their accommodation, but by pooling their resources and sharing facilities they can also reduce their overheads and concentrate their resources on delivering the services that people and communities desperately need.” Source: Office of the Third Sector, 01/2010 Monday 1st March – Glos County Council is committed to supporting residents and businesses through Chipping Norton Rugby Club (1 day) the recession - A RECESSION HELPLINE Thursday 18th March – to help people find the right professional support and advice, on Shipston-on-Stour. Norgren Social Club (4 Days) FREEPHONE 0800 068 8918 or LOCAL RATE 01452 426261, cheaper for people calling on their mobile. Full details on The National Blood Service ONLINE signposting service at

Road Closures INFORMATION - Tel. 01452 425000 22 February – 5 March – Evenlode Road, Moreton-in-Marsh- Surfacing Works 1 – 5 March – Condicote to Hinchwick – Road Closed for Resurfacing 8 – 22 March – A46-Junction of Icomb Road to Bledington – Surfacing Works

19 Moreton in Marsh St. David's Congregational Church MORETON-IN-MARSH Regular Sunday Services 1st Thursday at 2.30pm ~ Fellowship Hour 8.30am Holy Communion Come and share your thoughts, prayers 11.00am Morning Worship (with Sunday Club) and concerns with us 7.00pm Sundays @ Seven 2nd Thursday ~ Bible Book Club Each month we will be challenged to read as much or as little as we can from one of the books of the Bible. Bibles are St. James's, Longborough available to borrow or use any version in print or online. Regular Sunday Services 3rd Thursday ~ Songs of Praise 1st Sunday 8.00am Holy Communion An opportunity for everyone in the community! 10.00am Morning Service with Sunday Club Come and choose a favourite hymn. 2nd Sunday 10.00am Holy Communion Sing along or just listen and enjoy. 3rd Sunday 10.00am Family Service 4th Sunday 10.00am Holy Communion 4th Thursday ~ Church Business Meeting St. Mary's, Batsford 5th Thursday ~ Afternoon tea and chat Time to have a cuppa and catch up with friends. Regular Sunday Services § 1st Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) MORETON IN MARSH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 3rd Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion (1662) Oxford Street, Moreton in Marsh, GL56 0JH 01608 651946 St. thomas's, todenham Email: [email protected] Regular Sunday Services § Sunday Worship and Junior Church at 10.30am. 2nd Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion Includes Communion on 1st and 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 9.30am Morning Prayer

Tuesday ~ Coffee Morning at 10am St Leonards, Lower Lemington Chapel Warden – Mike Rees – 01608 650825 1st Thursday in the month 12.30 DROP-IN LUNCH Hot meal, dessert and a cuppa for £3

If you are in need of someone to talk to BAPTISTCHURCH we are currently without a Minister, but please call SHEEPSTREETSTOWONTHEWOLD the number above and leave a message ~ someone will be in touch. In the Community, for the Community We welcome you to our family service every Sunday morning At 10.30am Our speakers for the month of March are 7th Paul Chapman 14th Demis Foster 21st Jon Appleton 28th Representative from The Gideons We include communion on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month Please join us after the service for tea, coffee and biscuits

EASTER SERVICES April 2nd Good Friday service at 10am • Speaker Demis Foster April 4th Easter Sunday service at 10.30am • Speaker Ron Kemp All are welcome

We invite you to Our HOME GROUP OPEN DOOR, meet on Thursday OUR COFFEE MORNING evenings at 7.30pm at Every Tuesday 10- 12 noon Moreton in Marsh. Come and enjoy companionship and topical Email us for details please discussions over coffee [email protected]

FUTURE EVENT FOR YOUR DIARY We celebrate our 350th anniversary of Stow Baptist Church the weekend of 12th and 13th June All are welcome to join us and enjoy the weekend

20 Auction of Promises From Alana Powell and Sixth Form students from The Cotswold School On 24th March 2010 a very special event will be taking place Helen and Douglas House on the other hand is quite an at The Cotswold School in Bourton-on-Water. As part of a established charity at The Cotswold School. We have done sixth form target to raise over £5000 in the academic year numerous fundraisers for this charity and so wanted to The Cotswold School Sixth Form will be hosting an Auction of continue this trend by supporting it through the auction. Promises, auctioning a fantastic selection of local goods and Helen and Douglas House is another hospice charity which services. The auction itself will be held in the School’s brand cares for terminally ill and life-threatened children up to the new sixth form block and hosted by an array of sixth formers age of 18 living in Oxfordshire. The charity established the who are organising the event completely by themselves. We world’s first children’s hospice when it opened Helen House have decided to split the proceeds of the event between two in November 1982, inspired by a friendship between Sister local charities: James Hopkins Trust and Helen and Douglas Frances Dominica and the family of a seriously ill child called House both of whom provide hospice care to terminally ill Helen, whose parents had to provide round the clock care local children. for their sick little girl. Helen’s family highlighted the desperate need for a local hospice and thus Helen House James Hopkins Trust is a charity which provides free practical was born, providing occasional respite care through the help, advice and loving support to severely disabled, life- excellence of registered nurses and doctors, to families with threatened and life-limited children under the age of 5, living sick or terminally ill children. In 2004 the charity expanded, in Gloucestershire. The charity aims to care for sick and building Douglas House the world’s first young person’s terminally ill children with the help and guidance of the hospice designed to provide care for young adults between registered nurses and carers who work at Kite’s Corner, a day- the ages of 16-18, for whom neither a children’s nor an adult care and respite centre complete with sensory garden, which hospice may be suitable. Not only does the charity help to opened in 2003/2004 and is the main crux of the charity’s provide care for a terminally ill child, they also offer support work. Set up in November 1990 James Hopkins Trust was and guidance to the parents of the children in their care, and established by Vance and Heather Hopkins following the provide The Elephant Club to help the siblings of terminally death of their son James from an infection at the age of just ill children through the support of their specialist councillors 20 months. Their aim was to enhance the bond between a and helpers. Both of these services are vital to the charity’s sick child and his or her parents, whilst giving them the care work in identifying how hard caring for a terminally ill child is and support that is needed through such a difficult time of on everyone in the family. life. The charity which was created in James’ memory has since looked after over 350 children and their families living So where do you come in? Well, we would like to ask the in the Gloucestershire area. Not only do they provide respite local businessmen and women, people and services which care, the charity also helps to provide families with specially are provided in this area if you could help us. Without the designed equipment to aid their child’s life and development help and support of the local people this event will never be , as well as contributing to the travel costs of the children and successful or raise the kind of money that we would like to families that they care for. Currently the charity helps to look achieve. after 70 terminally ill children, either at Kite’s Corner or within the family home, at a cost of £280,000 a year. Some of As a sixth form we are aware that we find ourselves in times the charities money is given by the National Lottery or raised of economic hardship, but if you think you could donate a from events held by the charity itself - however most of the product or service, however big or small, we are sure that it money comes from private donations raised through events will be a fantastic contribution to this wonderful event. If such as our auction. you could donate anything - from dog-walking to a racing experience, a meal for two or a makeover package, please When we were searching for a charity to receive the contact us on: [email protected] or proceeds of the event to we came up with so many different e-mail me directly at: [email protected]. options, but James Hopkins Trust really stood out. It’s such a Any contribution will be appreciated both by us and by the fantastic cause and the heart of it is truly local. The tireless charities involved. work of the charity members, administrators and nurses have meant that over 350 children have benefitted from the We would appreciate it if all donations could be received by wonderful opportunities and care that the charity gives. By the 19/20th of March at the latest, as this gives us time to donating our proceeds we can help to ensure that this care organise things for the event on the 24th. If however you can carry on being provided. Just £104 is enough to provide cannot donate but would like to come to the event again a whole day’s worth of respite care to one child, and could please e-mail one of the two addresses above for an make the world of difference to that child and his or her invitation. Tickets are free of charge and there will be family. We hope that the money that we raise can help a refreshments and food provided at the event. Please help us number of children in many different ways. in any way that you can.

This will be the first time The Cotswold School has made a Thank you donation to James Hopkins Trust and this year’s Year 13 from James Hopkins Trust, Helen and Douglas House hope that the charity will continue to be supported after we and The Cotswold School. leave. Alana Powell.

Donations/Invitations CONTACT [email protected] or [email protected]

21 LET'S JAZZ THINGS UP! Jazz musician Pete Crooks joined forces with jazz pianist Kneale Johnson to raise funds for local charities a little time back. Together they organised a jazz concert at Chipping Campden School featuring American Jazz Star, Bob Wilber. A large amount of money was raised for the St. Saviours Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre and a good time was had by all.

For their current project they have called in the services of vocalist Nicole Warfield and put together a programme featuring composers such as the Gershwins, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin. Nicole is the featured vocalist with the Jack Daniels Big Band, who were cajoled into playing a very successful concert to raise money for the Moreton Rangers Changing Room Appeal last year.

So if there are any organisations who think that a lively musical evening might be able to help with their fund-raising, do get in touch. As Pete said: “We could all have some fun and raise some money”. [email protected] | 01608 652428

ST GEORGES HALL, BLOCKLEY LITTLE BLOCKLEY VILLAGE HALL, Fully Licensed Village Hall available for hire. BELL BANK BLOCKLEY Seating capacity – 160 A fine village hall, in good decorative order. Quiet rural venue with modern facilities for exhibitions, Large well equipped servery/kitchen. Toilets. meetings, classes, conferences, family parties, Gas central heating. Suitable for wedding receptions weddings, etc. suitable for 35-50 people. Reasonable etc. Adequate off street parking for 40 cars charges, ample parking. NOW WITH -WIRELESS- Raised stage suitable for drama productions or BROADBAND including BT OPENZONE facilities. musical events. (No discos) Excellent sound system Enquiries: Brian Clayton – 01386 701528 Tel 01386 700880 or email [email protected]

BROADWELL VILLAGE HALL ADLESTROP VILLAGE HALL Lovely rural location with spacious parking, Warm and comfortable ‘Yes, I remember Adlestrop...’ with new up to date heating, Seating for 90 on quality upholstered • Spacious, light, warm and colourful and available to hire for your special functions, classes or chairs, Spacious main hall with two separate meeting rooms any event – only £6 an hour. Stage with electric drop down screen, Built in sound system with • Discounted fees for long term bookings. microphone and hearing loop, Fully equipped kitchen facility, Modern • Just redecorated it has a small stage, kitchen facilities, disabled toilet and disabled access. heated segregated female / male toilets, Full facilities for the less • Excellent parking. able inc seperate toilet. Please phone 01608 658710 for bookings and further information. Bookings - Frances Dodwell on 01451 830994

CONDICOTE VILLAGE HALL WYCK RISSINGTON VILLAGE HALL The perfect setting for that special occasion” Recently refurbished A perfect Venue for Family Occasions Recently built in Cotswold stone. Large car park, well Beautiful rural location onto village green and pond. Seats 40 / dinner equipped kitchen, on the outskirts of the village. for 20. Disabled access & loos. Fully equipped kitchen inc dishwasher. Tel: 01451 870385 Come & see what we have to offer! Enquiries Call Liz Wright 01451 820232 EVENLODE VILLAGE HALL The newly refurbished STOW YOUTH CLUB adjacent to Green in quiet village is available for hire. Facilities include: Two large rooms (will accommodate 50 – 60 people) AVAILABLE FOR HIRE at reasonable rates • Modern kitchen • Internet café with 12 computer terminals • Projector and screen • pool table • table football, • Nintendo Wii • Disabled access and toilets • Rates negotiable for regular users. The Ideal for pilates/yoga classes, children’s clubs and parties, receptions, presentations and family events. Newly decorated; light and spacious. Modern club building is next to the Police Station on the Fosse Way and accessed easily from the square. kitchen & loos; disabled access. New pull-down projector screen. Tables, For more details contact: Dilys Neill: [email protected]. Tel 01451 830656 Sarah-Jane chairs, china and cutlery available. Please call Bill Hill on (01608) 650898 Rich: [email protected] Tel 01451 830654 LONGBOROUGH & SEZINCOTE ODDINGTON VILLAGE HALL VILLAGE HALL FOR HIRE Setting the Standard’ ** now twice as nice** Main Hall & Annexe (Snooker Room) available separately/together. Good All NEW kitchen & equipment, NEW toilets. decorative order. Pull down screen, extendable stage, table tennis. Seats 100, stage, disabled, C/P, FCH. External Hire – tables/chairs/crockery/cutlery/short-mat bowls woods & 30' carpet. Discounts for L & S Clubs. GET YOUR DATE ON OUR CALENDAR! FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT 01451 830218 01451 830218 01451 830817/01451 831917

LOWER SWELL VILLAGE HALL MORETON IN MARSH - REDESDALE HALL Traditional Cotswold VH on picturesque village green. Recently Historic town centre building with two venues, and a stair lift. The Lower Hall accommodates 80; modern kitchen facilities. Magnificently beamed Upper Hall will refurbished – fully equipped kitchen, heating, tables & chairs, disabled accommodate 120. Exhibitions, meetings, classes, conferences, family parties, facilities, seats up to 70. Competitive rates (inc heating) vary with use. weddings, etc. Reasonable charges, nearby parking. Tel: 01451 830578 Eml [email protected] Clerk 01608 651029 during office hours .

22 RURAL CINEMA - MARCh THE PLAYHOUSE, ST GEORGES HALL, OLD SCHOOL VILLAGE HALL, VICTORIA HALL, VILLAGE HALL, BLOCKLEY BOURTON ON THE HILL BOURTON ON THE WATER BROADWELL Thursday 25th March Saturday 13th March Thursday 25th March Friday 19th March GLORIOUS 39 BRIGHT STAR BRIGHT STAR BRIGHT STAR Doors/Bar open at 7:00pm - 7:45pm film Film 7.15pm Doors open 7pm – 7.30pm film. Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.00 Tickets £3.00 booked / £3.50 on the door. including choc ice Tickets £3. Refreshments. including refreshments Advance tickets/queries 01386 700647 Advance tickets/queries 01386 701901 Advance tickets/queries 01451 822365 Advance tickets/queries 01451 831153

VILLAGE HALL, SCREEN ON THE GREEN, VILLAGE HALL, VILLAGE HALL, VILLAGE HALL, CHURCHILL LITTLE COMPTON LITTLE WOLFORD Saturday 27th March Friday 26th March Tuesday 16th March Thursday 18th March THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE AN EDUCATION SHERLOCK HOLMES BRIGHT STAR Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £4.50 Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.00 Film 8.00pm | TICKETS £4.00 Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £4.00 Advance tickets/queries 01608 659067 Advance tickets from the including tea/coffee Advance tickets/queries [email protected] Red Lion & Village Stores Advance tickets/queries 01608 674298 01608 684223 or 01608 674200

VILLAGE HALL, ST. DAVIDS CENTRE, VILLAGE HALL, LOWER ODDINGTON MORETON IN MARSH WYCK RISSINGTON The Time Traveller’s Wife Tueday 16th March Saturday 20th March Saturday 26th March Sci-Fi/ Romance - Starring Rachel BRIGHT STAR BRIGHT STAR BRIGHT STAR McAdams and Eric Bana, A Chicago Film 7.30pm | TICKETS (see below) Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £4.00 Film 7.30pm | TICKETS £3.50 librarian involuntary time travels and Advance tickets/queries Advance tickets/queries Advance tickets/queries 01451 820232 falls in love in a different zone.. The May film will be the last at Cert 12A. Run time 107 min. 01451 830817 01608 812338 or 652666 Wyck Rissington until September

Glorious 39 Pre WWII conspiracy thriller starring Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Julie Christie & David Tennant. Cert 12A. Run time 125 mins Strictly Bright Star BALLROOM / LATIN / SALSA Period drama based on romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Learn….. Waltz, Foxtrot, Starring Ben Wishaw, Abbie Cornish & Kerry Fox. Cert PG, 119 mins, Quickstep, Cha-cha, Tango, Rumba, Charleston, Jive & more An Education MORETON-IN-MARSH 1960s Romance starring newcomer Carey Mulligan with script by Nick Hornby Classes - Thursdays (nominated for Best Actress and Best Screenplay). Cert 12A, 100 mins Redesdale Hall, 7.00 & 8.30 pm NEW CLASSES Sherlock Holmes 8.30 pm. Salsa for Beginners Starring Robert Downey Jnr. Jude Law & Rachel McAdams. Holmes and Watson 8.30 -10pm. Ballroom & Latin for Beginners engage in a battle of wits and brawn with a nemesis whose plot is a threat to To enrol & details of other venues all of England Tel: 01789 778007

Beautiful Chocolates now available for Easter and Mothering Sunday 150 different varieties of old fashioned sweets

Hand-made English and Belgium Chocolate & delicious creamy fudge

Sweet Thoughts 25% off 20 Old Market Way, Moreton in Marsh, Glos GL56 0AJ "House Wine" when having a meal with this voucher (full advert on page 5) Tel: 01608 651904

23 An Introduction to the World of Beekeeping Sunday 7th March (9.30 - 5pm) ADLESTROP VILLAGE HALL COST PER PERSON £25 including light lunch and refreshments No prior knowledge is required - just an interest in learning more about bees. No need to bring anything else with you.

You don’t need to keep To book your place - bees in your own garden – Tel: 01608 659396 or there are various locations in Email [email protected]. the North Cotswolds that are Cheques payable to North suitable sites for you to Cotswolds Beekeepers keep your bees. Association.

REDESDALE HALL Moreton in Marsh A driving day with a difference – 23rdMarch - 7.30pm

Ladies – will you take up the ‘CHOCKS AWAY!’ for the hilarious and heart stopping ‘Challenge’ for charity? story of an attempt at the first ever non-stop Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service and The Fire Fighters transatlantic flight by plucky Charity are running a fundraising ‘Ladies Driving Challenge’ – British pioneers Captain John an opportunity for lady drivers to drive a variety of large and Alcock, dashing WW1 fighter unusual vehicles - fire engines, police cars, ambulances, pilot, and Lieutenant Arthur diggers, articulated lorries, buses, coaches, maybe a tank - Witten Brown, navigational donated by local organisations. genius with a gammy leg.

Ladies over 17 with a full driving licence can take part at Tickets £6 from THE FIRE SERVICE COLLEGE, MORETON-IN-MARSH Mike O'Neill: 01608 650762, SUNDAY 25TH APRIL - MORNING & AFTERNOON SESSIONS or Cotswold Bookstore in Moreton High Street Registration costs £10 and entrants are asked to raise a minimum of £90 in sponsorship. Alternatively you can buy the ‘Ladies Driving Challenge’ for yourself or as a present for £100. All proceeds from the event will go to The Fire The residents of Fighters Charity.

Mike Perraton from The Fire Fighters Charity said: ‘The Icomb ‘Driving Challenge’ will give lady drivers the chance to drive a together with the village hall fantastic collection of vehicles often associated with male drivers. This Women Only challenge will be much more renovation committee relaxed, focussing on handling vehicles with skill and enjoying new experiences, as well as raising money for a good cause.” wish to publically thank Will Windsor-Clive, GCC Cabinet Member for Community The Gloucestershire Safety, said: “It sounds like fabulous fun and will raise much-needed funds for a charity supporting the firefighters and their families.” Environmental To take part in the ‘Ladies Driving Challenge’, Trust Company contact Mike Perraton on 07717 895424 or for their generous grant which made register online completion of the renovation possible

24 March 2010 Market Days Full information available at Go-Stow & Moreton Visitor Information Centres BOURTON ON THE WATER Farmers Market every 4th Sunday, 9.30 - 1300 EXHIBITIONS CHIPPING CAMPDEN 14-21 Praise the Glaze Selling Exhibition of British Art Pottery 1870-2009 by AD W I Country Market every Thursday, 9 - 11am Antigues, including William de Morgan, Martin Brothers, Wedgwood, Doulton, Moorcroft, Royal Lancastrian and Della Robbia. 11-4pm. Court Barn Museum,, MORETON IN MARSH Church St, Chipping Campden GL55 6JE. 07811 783518 Weekly Market every Tuesday, 9 - 3.30pm W I Country Market every Thursday, 9 - 11.30 REGULAR EVENTS STOW ON THE WOLD MON SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING St Edwards Church Rooms, Stow. 5.30- Farmers Market 2nd Thursday - 9.30 - 13.00 7pm Children and 7-9pm Adults 01451 831876 MON CHILDRENS DANCE CLASS Chipping Campden Town Hall.6-8 yrs 4-5pm, 9-11 yrs 5-6pm. Single class £7pp, OPEN GARDENS Monthly membership £22pp. 07527 757057 20-28 BATSFORD - Daffodil week MON YOGA Chipping Campden Town Hall. 2pm Starts again 21st Sept (off Bourton Hill, A44 from Moreton) 01386438537 TUES COTSWOLD AONB WALKS 01451 862000 TUES Pottery Classes at Lower Swell Village Hall, 9:30am to 12:00 noon DIARY Cont... 10 week term £90 plus £15 materials/firing cost. Beginners welcome Contact [email protected] 01451 870734 20 An Evening of Music with Michael Bochmann - Violin, and Adam Khan - Classical Guitar. In aid of the Organ fund. St John the Baptist's TUES Stow Badminton Club in St. Edward's Hall at 19.30 from September to end March Church, Great Rissington, near Bourton-on-the-Water. £15 (incl refreshment). 7pm. Tickets - 01451 820129 / 01451 820395. WEDS WEDS WALK Easy/moderate walks. Start at 10am. 01451 860366 27, 28 Spring Diesel Gala at GWR. GWR's acclaimed fleet of heritage diesels WEDS CHIPPING CAMPDEN BRIDGE CLUB 7.15 for 7.30pm will be working an intensive train service over the 10-mile line. Freight Duplicate Bridge. Upper Town Hall. Non members trains, local services and brake van rides. The Railway Station, Toddington, welcome. Partners not necessary 01608 664456 Glos. GL54 5DT. 01242 621405 WEDS STEAK NIGHT at the Plough Inn, Stetton on Fosse. 6-9pm. Ring Matt 01608 661053 28 Tour round the Early Spring Garden at Mill Dene with Owner Wendy Dare. Includes a light lunch - local produce. Mill Dene Garden, THURS LINE DANCING at Ch.Campden Town Hall 2.30-4pm 01386 438537 School Lane, Blockley, GL56 9HU. £25 RHS members/ £28.95 for non- Starts again 1st wk in September members 11.30 – 3pm. 01386 700457 THURS QUIZ NIGHT at The Volunteer Inn, Ch.Campden 8.30pm 01386 840688 31 Monarchs, Moreton & More. WALK following King Charles' supposed THURS BELLY DANCING New beginners class. 11- 12.30 The Church escape route. Views, famous and magnificent houses and local history. & FRI Room, Chipping Campden. Informal & relaxed classes for ladies of all ages, Bring a packed lunch. Moderate Walking - 5 hours - 9 miles. Starting shapes & sizes. 01608 663480 point: Moreton War Memorial (OS Outdoor Leisure: 45/204326 Map 62000 FRI DANCE FUSION Adult dance class, mixed styles. No experience necessary. square: F3). 10am. 01451 8 & MON All Welcome. Ch.Campden Town Hall, 9.30-10.30 £4.50 (conc £2.50) FRI ACTIVE & ABLE Fitness & Falls classes for older people at Stow to Church Rooms, Stow 01285 623450 FORTHCOMING RAILWAY EXHIBITION. DIARY A exhibition of model railways of national standard is being organized for 23rd May 2010 in 2 Adult Workshop- Sensational Silk Scarf at Court Barn Museum, St Edward’s Hall, Stow. Church St, Chipping Campden, GL55 6JE. 10.30 – 1pm. 01386 841951 It will be held between 10 and 4pm 4 Medieval Craftsmen - A Window on their World - Talk by Tim All proceeds go to Action Medical Research. Porter with a slide show of glorious objects from around the area. Moreton (Watch for further announcements with photographs.) Area Centre, High Street, Moreton, GL56 0AZ. 2-4pm. Booking s essential. 01608 650881 WALKING PAST AUDIO TOURS 5 Hook Norton Beer and Sausage Tasting Cotswold ales with local sausages and mustard. The Cotswold Food Store & Cafe, Longborough, now available in GO-STOW Moreton, GL56 0QZ. £16 p/p incl beers, sausages and mustards. 7-9pm. 01451 830469 Walking Past has announced that from 1st March its audio tours of Stow-on-the-Wold will be available for hire inside GO-STOW, the new 6 Alan Crawford: A Year in the Life of C.R.Ashbee, 1910. Court Barn tourist information centre located in Talbot Court. Museum, Church St, Chipping Campden, GL55 6JE. Starts 4.30pm. 01386 841951 Previously, visitors could either hire an audio player directly from 9 Adult Workshop- Fabulous Felt Bags. Court Barn Museum, Church St, Walking Past, download a tour from the company’s website, or hear Chipping Campden, GL55 6JE. 10.30 - 1pm. selected chapters from the audio tours using their mobile phones. 01386 841951 This new option gives anyone going into the new tourist information centre a chance to see what the tours are about and hire an audio 12 Old Paths of Gloucestershire. Illustrated talk Alan Pilbeam. Little player right then and there. Rissington Village Hall, near Bourton-on-the-Water. Visitors welcome £2. 8pm. 01451 820395 GO-STOW is open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat; 11am-4pm Sunday. They are 17 Seasonal Snippets at Hidcote Manor Garden Join members of our located at 12 Talbot Court, Stow on the Wold. Tel: 01451 870 150. garden team for an informal talk. Hidcote Manor Garden, Hidcote Bartrim, For more information visit or contact Amy Chipping Campden. GL55 6LR. Booking not required. Normal admission Edwards at 07809 155 990 or [email protected]. charges apply. 2-3.30pm. 01386 438333 25 26 MARSH FLOWERS Mother’s Day Sunday 14th March Whether you want to spend £5 or £500 come to Marsh Flowers Flowers for the perfect Mothers Day gift. Flower subscriptions - 1 Bouquet every month for 6 months or a year.! Country style Basket arrangements Planted spring bowls We are in the High street, Moreton-in-Marsh Tel: 01608 652234 Fax 01608 652223

LOOKING GOOD – And loving it! Talk to Stow Times & Moreton Times about advertising your business. 07789 175 002 [email protected]

“Taste of the Cotswolds” arrives in Stow Huffkins, the renowned, family-owned bakery and tearooms will open in Stow at the end of March. A craft bakery providing fresh bread and bakery products, Huffkins is part of the fabric of the Cotswolds, with branches in Burford and Witney.

Coffees, Teas & Hot Chocolate Voted 'best afternoon tea in England' by readers of Delicious Homemade Cakes & Gateauxs 'My Weekly' magazine, 2008; their motto: “Simple things done well” says it all.

Huffkins recognise the importance of the customer High St •ÊMoreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire • GL56 0AT experience – they will bend over backwards to prepare your food exactly as you like it. Beautiful Mothers Day and Fundraising will support the locally-based charity; Easter Chocolate Gifts Kate’s Home Nursing. The Square, Stow-on-the-Wold, GL54 1AB Opening times: 8.00am-6.00pm (Monday-Saturday); 10.00am-6.00pm (Sunday).

Tel: 01608 652060


Tel: 01608 652060 LONGBOROUGH SCHOOL From Val Latham, School Administrator Blockley Church of England School From Sue Jackson The Infant Class went on a trip to the Magic Hats for Haiti Land soft play centre in Cirencester. From the On Friday 12th February Blockley Church of England School children’s perspective this was all about pupils held a 'Hats for Haiti' day. All pupils and staff members entertainment, but they were actually following up their topic on were encouraged to wear a hat of their choice to school, in light and dark and while they were there also did a word search for adjectives like ‘fun’ or ‘scary’ and then later had to write exchange for a donation to the Haiti Earthquake appeal. Hats of about their trip. It was additionally used as an opportunity to all descriptions were worn including cowboy hats, beanies, top reinforce the ‘positional maths’ the children have been learning, hats and bowlers. Donations in excess of £150 have been made as they had to describe themselves as being ‘under’ or ‘beside’, towards the appeal. ‘in’ or ‘out’ etc. It’s amazing how much learning can be packed into a trip to a play centre!

We lost our volunteer school cook last year when her daughter moved up to secondary school. However 2 new parents, Esther Yates and Rachel Bloxham have stepped into the breach and are now cooking healthy and delicious meals for the children every Tuesday. Last week the children (and staff), had Toad in the Hole with mash and vegetables, followed by fruit salad. What could be better, especially in this cold winter weather? We want Esther and Rachel to know how much we appreciate the time and effort they have put into this.

In the picture are the following pupils (left to right) Imogen Murphy, Georgia Daniells, Daniel Guerman, Jack Weaver, Archie Vipond, Marni Righton.

KINGHAM HILL SCHOOL Some of the children in the Junior Class took part in the North Persecuted Chinese pupil wins coveted Oxford place writes Cotswold Cross Country Championship. It was a cold and frosty Sheila Kelly day but they all did very well. They have worked very hard practising at lunchtime on the school field with their teaching Kingham Hill School is celebrating pupil Sam Zhu’s offer of a assistant Miss McGuinness and this has obviously paid place to study Mathematics at Oxford. It is a remarkable dividends because they all improved their place in the race, on achievement following Sam’s childhood in China where his life last year. was disrupted as he and his mother were forced to move several times to avoid persecution for their Christian faith. Sam came to England with the help of friends at St Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate, London. ACORNS PRIMARY SCHOOL Long Compton From Janine Whitehead, Governor Another Poetry Success in Long Compton. The children of Key Stage 2 are once again celebrating a 100% success after all of their poems were accepted for publication in a national poetry-writing competition. The edition for and schools is to be published shortly and a copy will be kept at the British Library. Their poetic entries, on the theme of “Emotions”, will also be considered by the judges who will select an overall national winner. This is the The Mathematics Department is thrilled for Sam and look second poetry competition that pupils at this very small, rural forward to the Headmaster fulfilling his promise of dinner out in school have won inside a year. Understandably, the children are Oxford! Headmaster, Nick Seward, is delighted: “Sam has been thrilled and delighted by their achievement. a tremendous example to other pupils and now an inspiration as his friends see what can be achieved when a fine mind and hard One of the wining entries: ‘Happiness’ work combine. However, he couldn’t have succeeded without ( by Megan Watkins, aged 9 ) the excellence and dedication of our team of very able teachers. Happiness is gold like the Sun. Our pupils across the board are very fortunate to be taught and It tastes like a Victoria sponge oozing with whipped cream and jam. encouraged by such fine staff.” Neill Stannard is master It smells like a wet dog leaping from a muddy puddle. responsible for Octagon, Kingham Hill’s academic society, and is It looks like an empty beach with the sunset rippling on the ocean. as thrilled as the Headmaster: “Sam is wonderful proof of what It sounds like soft gentle music. Kingham Hill (an academically non-selective school) can It feels like the soft velvety fur of a rabbit. achieve with an able pupil. We identify our most gifted students and offer them specialist input, extended studies and the opportunity to attend lectures, argue persuasively and think creatively. We expect others to emulate Sam’s success.” Sam will take up his place at St Hugh’s College in September. St Hugh’s was founded by Elizabeth Wordsworth in the same year as Kingham Hill – 1886. She was the great niece of the famous poet and used money left to her by her father, a bishop of Lincoln. The founder of Kingham Hill was a member of the Baring Bank family and a remarkable Christian philanthropist.

28 STOW-on-the-WOLD PRIMARY SCHOOL heart hand mind

Head Teacher Rebecca Scutt Haiti Appeal We held an extra-long "wake and shake" dance session in February collecting an amazing £389 in donations for the Haiti Appeal Fund. It was great to see all the children – and parents – dancing for such a good cause. We thank everyone who donated, including Ontime Automotive Ltd and all the families from school. We also sent 60 bags of donated items to the Red Cross Shop in Stow, which will be used to generate funds for the Haiti Appeal. Cross Country Championships In February we participated in the Cross Country Championships at the Fire Service College in Moreton-in-Marsh. Éva Shoemark placed 8th among the girls for the whole of the North Cotswolds. She now goes through to the County Championships. Congratulations, Éva! More Music in School This year the school has been expanding the music opportunities on Second Annual Pamper Evening - New Date: Friday 5th March! offer. Pupils can now learn to play piano, guitar, recorder, violin and Last year's Pamper Evening proved such a success that we are doing it various woodwind instruments. We are also welcoming professional again, so please join us for an evening of socialising, pampering and musicians to school. The Thomas String Quartet captured the children’s relaxation at Stow Primary School. Enjoy a welcome drink while you attention with pieces they had especially selected for youngsters. select your treatments from the available time slots. Choose from a range of alternative treatments, including massage and reflexology. Help for Haiti Doors open at 7.30. Admission is £5 (£4 in advance) and includes the Last month, Class 3 raised £270 for the Haiti appeal by selling cakes treatments. Please contact Sandra at 01451 832 206 or and unwanted gifts. [email protected] for details or to purchase tickets. Parents Invited for School Lunch • The PTA is organising a Swimarathon on 27 March to raise funds Our parents will see just how much school lunches have changed when for the school and for the Cleeve Hill 41 Club. they tuck in with their children on March 17th • The Upper Juniors begin their PGL Week on Monday 29 March • On Friday 23 April we will be holding a St George's Day Tea (previously known as our Easter Tea) for grandparents and elderly [email protected] 01451 850304 residents of Stow at 2pm.

The Cotswold School Swell School From Jenny Madgwick, School Press Officer From Judy Abell, School Administrator

Holocaust Memorial Day occurs on the 27th January every year; marking the day Auschwitz Birkenau was liberated 65 years ago. This year the In November the children here at Swell were very busy in the theme was “Legacy of Hope”. The Cotswold School, held Assemblies for the school greenhouse planting daffodils. Much to their delight the Upper School and the Lower School so the pupils could hear survivors daffodils are growing well and will be ready for the Marie Curie testimonies of their experiences. The pupils were given time to reflect and Mini Pots of Care Day on February 25th. Each pot will carry a think about their “Hope for the Future,” and then invited to write down these hand painted pot wrapper created by the children. The ideas anonymously on paper. These thoughts were then displayed in the daffodils will be sold and the proceeds will go to the Marie shape of candles in the School foyer for everyone to see. Curie Cancer Care Charity.

On Wednesday 3rd February, the School also planted a tree to remember the Marie Curie provides specialist nursing care to patients and persecution that occurred 65 years ago and still occurs in places today. This is families at the end of their lives. Every pot sold will help the the second year the School has marked this occasion in this way and through nurses to continue improving the lives of people with terminal illness. the pupil’s thoughtfulness and ability to reflect, the occasion hopefully contributes to the challenge of working towards a more tolerant society. Photograph on the left: Jo Bielby, Ellie Keegan, Archie Clarke, Sophia Bayliss, Reevel Alderson, Henry Cronin A fantastic evening was had by the parents, teachers and pupils who attended our recent sky at night evening on the 28th January.

The guest speakers were Robin Smitten and David Henderson from Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group, they brought with them an amazing 18 inch diameter self made telescope to demonstrate. They also gave an entertaining and informative talk about their Astronomy group, providing information for beginners and more experienced astronomers on how to be more involved in this most interesting pursuit.

Twenty local primary school, year 6 pupils, attended the 3rd “Gifted and Talented Science and Maths workshops” this week. The theme was trigonometry and how to use it to solve everyday problems. Pupils worked in teams under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Jobson and very enthusiastic year When the call came from Red Cross shop manager Fiona Hall 12 Mathematicians to calculate the height of various objects and buildings the children of Swell Primary School sprung into action. Fiona around the school grounds, using trigonometry and clinometers, which asked the children to fill Red Cross bags with items that could otherwise would have been too tall to measure. be sold in the Red Cross Shop at Stow on the Wold. The items Although this was a close competition the group which was most successful are all tagged with an 'H' for Haiti. The money raised from the in their calculation and speed around the School was “Team Nameless,” sale of these items will be used to help the people of Haiti which comprised of pupils from various schools in the area and lead by following the recent devastating earthquake. 30 bags were collected by the children in less than a week. Imogen Nicol and Josh Crook in year 12.

29 Your Correspondence on: A new hospital for Moreton + the Hospital Development, Flooding & Local Radio.

Copy of the Letter from Moreton Town Council to CDC Email from Robert Dutton (Blenheim Park) 19th February Planning Dept on 28th January Ref’ce: Ref’ce: Our new hospital PLANNING APPLICATION No.09/ LO4T43/FUL – “Your readers may be interested to learn that the plans for the new community hospital and adjacent doctors' surgery complex were Development of a new Community Hospital and a GP's approved on Wednesday (17th Feb). I believe the vote was Group Practice. unanimous. I have attached a note summarising my perception of events. As it refers to Cllr. Hooper, I have considered it a matter of courtesy to copy this also to the town council. “Council hove asked me to advise that they object to the above application for the following reasons. However, members wish it to be I hope this note is useful and does set out why this process has been known that they favour the hospital being built in Moreton but are so unsatisfactory. You will note that I have not referred to the 31.3.10 very concerned at the ultimate location choice. so-called 'funding deadline' because I have not been privy to any • Council insist that infrastructure must be in place ahead of any material confirming it. You may recall that it was Cllr. Jeffrey's bald major development decision being taken. choice of 'approve it or lose it' that so antagonised those present last month in the Redesdale Hall.” • Land is not identified in the current Local Development Plan (LDP) as being available for development. PLANS FOR THE NEW HOSPITAL 18.02.10

• Flooding - the plan identifies site run off will drain into the existing Plans for our new community hospital and adjacent doctors’ surgery complex, to be built on what is now an agricultural field just south of Flood Relief Ditch (FRD) which is currently known to be insufficient the Esso petrol station, were approved on 17th February at a routine to cope with significant flooding events. The land already floods, it meeting of the Planning (Regulatory) Committee of Cotswold District acts as a soak away for run off water from the surrounding hills and Council held in Cirencester. Council believe this is the main reason why the rood in front of the Esso garage floods. Also the plan does not recognise current work At the meeting the plans were challenged by Cllr. Rod Hooper, on being done by CDC to assess the feasibility of new flood relief work behalf of Moreton Town Council and the residents of the town, to which may impact on this development. reflect comments made at the packed meeting held on 21st January in the Redesdale Hall (which was attended by some 170 people). Cllr. • Contrary to LDP Policy 19 - this site is at the South West gateway to Hooper was allowed three minutes to explain why, even though Moreton in Marsh and will negatively impact on the key Moreton residents are keen to retain a hospital here in the town, we characteristics of the open space around the town and will have concerns about the development site. It should also be noted that, prior to the committee meeting, the Town Council had lodged its negatively increase the amount of traffic. concerns in writing to CDC in a well presented paper.

• Contrary to Policy 42 - Cotswold District Design Code - the size, There were two speakers in favour of the plans, an NHS executive and layout, materials and location do not respect the character, the Chairman of Moreton Hospital friends. Cllr. Harry Paviour was appearance and local distinctiveness of the Cotswolds and Moreton present and, as a ward representative, spoke to say he was concerned in Marsh in particular. at the road layout at the entrance to the site off the A429. The plans were then briefly discussed by the Committee and the level of debate • Contrary to Policy 7 - Cotswold AONB - this development will not can only be described as pitiful. The Cotswolds Conservation Board conserve and enhance the existing natural environment. This had submitted a well-considered written objection to the Council FULLY SUPPORTS all the objections already submitted by the development (to try and preserve the AONB from what is clearly an Cotswold Conservation Board on this application. inappropriate development); one councillor on the Committee, whose name is not known, was scathing about this submission. It is suggested that only Cllr. Mrs Jeffery (Bourton-on-the-Water) made • Transportation Assessment - inadequate and foils to consider any constructive contribution to the debate. Finally Cllr. Ben Jeffrey existing traffic which is already heavy. Within 150 yards of the spoke briefly, as a ward representative, saying he was in favour of the entrance, to the development, is Fosseway Nurseries that has c150 development; he also commented that, as he is 82 years old, he is a vehicles visiting the site each day, Fosseway Farm caravan site is likely candidate to be enjoying bed and breakfast there. currently limited to 6 caravans per night but holds several large rallies each year. On these occasions the site is full to capacity. The The combination of NHS bureaucrats, unsympathetic CDC planning Esso garage is continually busy, as it is the only garage in the town officers and a feeble Planning Committee will now result in what and the Fosseway Avenue & Church Street junctions ore already many feel will be a ‘carbuncle’ in an inappropriate location within the very diff icult to exit especially when turning right into the town. AONB south of Moreton. Many say the proposed building looks ‘industrial’ and is not constructed of materials compatible with its sensitive Cotswolds location. It is also considered that insufficient • Pedestrian count will also rise significantly (with people who do not regard has been given to the fact that the flood relief channel (which hove transport walking to the hospital/Doctors Surgeries) and runs past the nearby Esso petrol station) already can flow at full Council f eel the pedestrian access is inadequate and dangerous. capacity and this caused flooding to Fosseway Avenue houses in July Pedestrians walking from the town will hove to cross the entrance 2007 – any drainage from this site ought to be taken to the south and to Redesdale Place estate, the Esso Garage forecourt and Fosseway not flow north towards the town. The new hospital will only have Farm entrances. twenty-two beds and thus will have a smaller capacity than the existing hospital. It really is difficult to justify plonking such a large The Council would like to send a representative to speak at the industrial-type structure, with associated car-parking and ancillary Planning Regulatory Meeting on 17th February 2010 and no doubt services, in such a fine location. This also means of course that, in due you will be in touch with regard to this. course, we can expect to be presented with plans for yet another major development in the town viz the redevelopment of the old Yours sincerely hospital site. In many ways it was a pity that consideration of this Heather Sipthorp hospital development has become interlocked with the challenges Clerk of the Council facing the town from the other huge development plans now in the pipeline. (continued)

30 (continued) Notwithstanding the above, we are now to have a brand new hospital Email to the Edoitor at built in (or just outside) Moreton and we should be pleased about Our Community Radio that. Hopefully in time we will come to cherish what will be the most significant public building to be erected in the North Cotswolds for “Yet another community radio station closed down last week & many years; the important thing is we are retaining a hospital here. However it is a great pity this opportunity was not taken to create a one that was a beacon in the industry. Cambridge 209 closed better-received project and, at the very least, this outcome can only after struggling for a year or two and this was hot on the heels be described as ‘less than ideal’. of Forest of Dean Radio which was one of the first community Yours radio stations to be granted a licence. This is indicative of the Robert Dutton lack of support that government & Ofcom have given community radio in this country. At a time where local news & CULVERT REPAIR information have been dropped from TV & radio schedules, as From Robert Dutton a cost cutting measure, it is surely time that politicians recognise the value that community radio can bring. While “I attach four pictures of the repair work in progress. others struggle we still are managing to keep programmes Meanwhile The Environment Agency (Jim Sokol) advise running 7 days a week." that they have been pushing ahead with making the river improvements by the Thames SPS. The EA are aware of North Cotswold Community Radio continues to run a service our concerns about theCala development.” for the community despite receiving no assistance from the Government, County or District Council. At a time when money is being pumped into running youth activities in the area NCCR provides a service for young people at a fraction of the cost per head that the council are spending. NCCR needs just £400 per month to run 7 days a week and yet we still find that we are continually desperate for funds and the threat of closure is constantly with us. With an increasing number of volunteers, over 100 at the last count and over 2000 hits per month on the NCCR website the radio station has proved itself to be a valuable asset to the community.


Invitation to Access to Information and Advice Focus Group

As you may be aware, Gloucestershire County Council is undergoing a transformation in how it delivers social care. As part of this change, we would like to improve access to information and advice about support and services for everyone. The information we are interested in could be about where to find a gardener or how to get support in your home to remain independent. It is very wide ranging.

We want to hear your views, whether or not you currently use our services, and regardless of your age and prior Can you spare a little time? knowledge of social care. We need a few volunteers in Moreton to help deliver Moreton Times. Each ‘round’ takes between 10 and 30 minutes – We would like to invite you to attend a focus group to discuss: and you decide when. • How you prefer to access information on services you need • Where you would be prepared to access information Parkers Lane | East Street | Oxford Street | • What kind of information you would find useful Wellington Road | Evenlode Gardens | The Grange | Todenham Road Time & Venue - 11am -1pm on Friday 12th March at Moreton Area Centre, High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh. If you can help, we can deliver copies to you for the first A light buffet lunch will be provided and any travel expenses weekend each month – you can deliver them when it fits will be refunded on provision of a receipt. in with you. Perhaps you could cover for 2-3 months. Please call , or 07789 175002 We are interested in as many views as possible. If you would email: [email protected]. like to attend, please call Philip Amos on 01452 425079 or Your help will be really appreciated. email [email protected] to book your place.

31 In the Editor’s Opinion

Towards the end of last year CDC hosted two Community Forums, one at POST SCRIPT the main offices in Cirencester and the other at the Moreton Area Centre. There are always a number of people who like to comment on People from across the District were invited along to discuss ‘the District’ what has been said here; some will disagree with it, perhaps quite – the good, the bad and the ugly, to coin a phrase. Because of a diary clash strongly, others will refute what has been written and argue with it I attended the first meeting at Cirencester, along with well over 100 other (which ‘in my opinion’ is what debate is all about), maybe disregard people, mostly from the South Cotswolds. The meeting was chaired by or misrepresent it (the later is always regrettable, but that’s life). Lynden Stowe, chairman of CDC, and the new CEO David Neudegg, with a Some of the comments are delivered, others come second hand, handful of Cabinet members and officers present. A number of important but most get lost in daily routine and remain unstated. issues were discussed, including planning (of course, it’s not just the North Cotswolds that have problems), parking, recycling and the environment, This box is here for you to note down NOW what it is you’d like to leisure and amenities -how CDC spends its/our money, how we would like say if we were talking over a coffee….and send the note, or email it, it to spend our money. to…

In his summary Lynden Stowe said that he and his colleagues had got one [email protected] message loud and clear - that CDC are really bad at communicating and Let’s ‘talk’ about how we feel about some of the issues around at that the towns and are very fed up about it! They feel as if they the moment, and what we would like done about them! are pushed around, not listened to, presented with tailored questionnaires put together by expensive consultants who have boxes to tick rather than taking proper public consultation. People have stopped believing that their opinions are listened to, that it’s pretty well hopeless to make any objections or have any comments, particularly about planning issues. He said that they had listened, and that we would see changes.

Well, we are. In February CDC released three new newsletters – Business Matters, the Cotswold Tourism Newsletter and Cotswold Housing News. They are available online at and at CDC’s Offices at Cirencester and Moreton, and they are all worth reading. So please do, and give some feedback to CDC on how they are doing so far. Write, phone, email – let them know you are aware of this important first step in becoming better communicators. It will be worth it.

The next step may not be so easy. Local democracy means that we put forward and vote to elect members of the community to represent us at District Council. It’s an important role, one that is pretty thankless, may involve training, long days, travel to Cirencester, loads of emails and reports to go through and endless meetings. So why does anyone put themselves forward? I am not sure. There is a small income that goes with the post and an expenses allowance, but I don’t think that’s it. Is it ‘sitting at the feet of power’, having ‘influence? Do they have their own agenda? I am not sure. But I am sure that there are a lot of people who are totally disillusioned and deeply disappointed at what they perceive the behaviour of our District Councillors to be.

Take a very current issue – the application to build a new community hospital at Moreton. What a wonderful ‘gift’ to the town and the wider community that is! An exciting and optimistic statement affecting local jobs and the economy, health and welfare for years to come. How sad then that seemingly so little was done to involve the community in the planning process. Deciding to build a new hospital must have been ages in planning and having such an important new amenity should be a cause for celebration! What a missed opportunity!

Councillors at District as well as at town and parish level can speak at meetings about issues that are being discussed even when they are involved or have declared ‘an interest’, which they are obliged to do. They cannot vote on that issue and may be asked to be absent during the vote. However, if you are elected to represent people at a meeting, particularly where decisions are being taken or carried forward, shouldn’t you be doing your very best to ensure that the opinions and feelings of your electorate are expressed and known before the vote is taken, regardless of whether they are your own opinions or not? Wouldn’t you want your If you would like/ don’t mind if your correspondence is published, electorate to feel that you had tried hard on their behalf? Isn’t that how do say so – we will need your name & address (we won’t publish democracy works? I wish I felt convinced, even just a little bit, that our your address, but do need to know that the letter is genuine). If you District Councillors did that for us. And I wonder if this lack of/disregard do NOT want your comments published please note this on the for the democratic process is overlooked or even encouraged by our correspondence too...we won’t cheat. We don’t publish anything District Council? Sadly I feel disenfranchised by our District Council – which may be libellous, slanderous or cause deep offence. Including which is a lot more serious than them being poor communicators. JT an item for publishing is the Editor’s decision.

32 Level 3 Diploma in Radio A new qualification that can be studied full-time or as part of an apprenticeship programme. Learners can take a broad combination of units, or choose one of six specialised pathways in: content; technical production; production; research; image and commercial production; presentation. This qualification may be of particular interest to the community radio sector because it will provide an opportunity to draw down funding to deliver training.

Skillset , Screen West Midlands, 9 Regent Place, Birmingham B1 3NJ T: 0121 265 7140 M: 07855 378640 [email protected] :

Gloucestershire Registration Service will soon be advertising for Casual Celebrants and Registration Officers in your local area. Casual Celebrants and Registration Officers conduct marriage, civil partnership and non-statutory ceremonies, such as baby naming, as well as registering marriages and civil partnerships, at our registration offices and approved premise hotels. We are hoping to attract local people within your area to help us deliver this service. For further information or to express an interest please contact Ruth Pingriff on 07796 337566 or email Is your paperwork a nightmare? Let me sort it out for you, giving you peace of mind and the time and energy to devote to the things you enjoy doing most within your business or household.

All enquiries – 07528 054748 No hourly rate – flat fee to be agreed Kathryn Coley MASSAGE THERAPIST Remedial & Pregnancy Massage Tel: 07528 054748 HOME APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE

33 GLOUCESTERSHIRE “I take a pridepride MARKET TOWNS FORUM inin mymy worworkk”” GCC is funding new grants to boost local trade in our market towns. Speciialliist iin domestiic halllls & staiirwelllls Carpet, viinyll and naturall fllooriing Why? Because over 50% of the turnover of independent retailers goes back into the local community, compared with just 5% from supermarkets. D M CARPETS Rural communities across Gloucestershire can apply for one-off grants to help fund events to encourage more people to buy and Experiienced ffiitttted carpett speciialliistt trade 'local'. Gloucestershire County Council is offering grants of up to £2,000 through the new Gloucestershire Trade Local Campaign (TLC) specifically to support events or activities which will help boost rural businesses. Managed by the Gloucestershire Market Towns Forum, the campaign will echo the national Federation of Small Businesses 'Keep Trade Local' initiative, which states that over 50% of the turnover of independent retailers goes back into the local community, compared to just 5% from supermarkets.

The campaign encourages local business groups to work together with town and parish councils and other organisations to promote the 'buy and trade local' approach. Competitive prices Samples brought to your home Cllr Will Windsor Clive, Cabinet member for Economic Free no obligation estimates Development at Gloucestershire County Council, said: "This is an Tel: 01608 652 469 | 07828 177 614 excellent scheme which the County Council is keen to fund. Businesses are facing difficult times and we are committed to Email: [email protected] supporting them. These grants will encourage people to buy and trade local, benefiting the local economy, safeguarding jobs and boosting regeneration."

David Owen, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire First which manages the county's Economic Taskforce said: "By actively choosing local suppliers, services and producers, on rural high streets or business parks, people are investing in local jobs, making our rural economy more resilient and sustainable." Market towns across the County have already run imaginative and exciting new ways to celebrate their towns, such as:- • the 'We love our town' events in Wotton under Edge and Cirencester • gift voucher and loyalty card schemes in Tewkesbury and the Forest of Dean.

Terry Morgan, Regional Secretary of the Federation of Small Businesses added his support: "We are delighted to support this initiative. It will enhance our national "Keep Trade Local" campaign which encourages co-operation within market towns to support local, small businesses which are at the heart of communities. We will be actively encouraging our Members and local Chambers across rural Gloucestershire to come together and get involved."

To find out more and to ask for an application form, contact Dan Judges on 01242 864144, visit or email [email protected].

The Gloucestershire Trade Local Campaign has received funding from Gloucestershire County Council through the county's Economic Taskforce. The Campaign is supported by the Federation of Small Businesses and the Gloucestershire Chamber of Commerce.

34 TOTALLY TILES TRADE LTD NEW ROAD, MORETON – IN – MARSH Huge Collection of Wall & Floor Tiles Available to the Public & Trade Travertine, Limestone & Slate Ceramic & Mosaics – Oak Flooring Home visits can be arranged to bring a selection of products & to give advice Full fitting service by our experienced tilers Complete bathroom refurbishment

Prices to suit all budgets Tel: 01608 652825

“ I am a mole & I live in a hole” Adam: “Not in my garden you don’t!” With thanks to various websites, including Wikipaedia & the RHS blog. Jenni Turner. It is estimated that there are 33 million moles in the UK. They are quite small, generally about 12 cms (5”) long, and weigh about 120g, fitting easily onto a hand. Males are slightly larger than the females, and despite some old-wives tales, moles have small eyes, hidden behind their fur. As a rule of thumb, moles live for between 3 and 5 years.

You might think that you have lots of moles, but in fact it could well only be one or two as they are very territorial.

The mole has a very good memory, enabling it to remember the exact layout and precise detail of its entire tunnel system. The displaced earth is pushed to the surface, resulting in the characteristic mole hills. Incidentally, the soil which the mole fetches to the surface is the best potting compost you can get! It uses the tunnels to hunt its prey (ideally worms) and will often store food in ‘worm larders’, returning to eat them at a later date. Moles move at speeds up to 2 miles per hour in their tunnels.

Living underground, the mole can survive on about 6% oxygen - this is around half of the minimum level required by humans. Moles occasionally travel over ground, but only when absolutely necessary. Tailored to fit your lifestyle Moles have one litter a year of between 2 and 8. The gestation period is approximately 4 weeks, and a mole will give birth in an & your home underground nest in one of her tunnels. Young moles leave the nest PROFESSIONAL SERVICE to establish their own territory after about 6 weeks.

There are lots of sites dedicated to eradicating moles with plenty of CHRIS TURNER frustrated gardeners sharing successes and failures. One in Bespoke Kitchen Fitter particular stood out, from ‘Obelisk’ in Belgium: “the best solution is a device on sale here in Belgium and France which involves a small, Mob: 07798 602 113 battery charged explosive charge which moley activates on contact. Eml: [email protected] Extreme, but satisfying.”

35 Furniture Restoration & Repair/Handyman Furniture restoration and repair. Assembling flat pack furniture. Putting up shelves, mirrors, pictures, curtain poles etc. Jonathan Ward 01608 664626 07913 560946 No job too small. Free quotations in the local area.

• Rewires • Competitive rates • New fuse boards • Free estimates • Lighting • All work certified/guaranteed • Additions & Alterations • Part-P Registered • Pat testing • Elecsa Approved contractor

Tel : Kevin 07793272522 Email: [email protected]

BUSINESS LINK COTSWOLD ELECTRICAL does the business CONTRACTORS In CDC’s new Business Matters publication, available in Moreton Area Centre and online at there is All Electric work undertaken. Reliable and tidy information on Business Link, and the help they can offer –‘free Professionally qualified Contractor. practical advice on running your business with no strings attached’. The website at ‘is teeming • New installations with advice and information across a broad range of issues, • Rewires including employment legislation, finance and grants available, tax advice, all the latest regulation updates, and useful guidance on • Lighting coping with the economic downturn. You can also send in your • Sockets VAT and self-assessment returns online via this site’. • Night storage heaters fitted and repaired • Distribution boards/fuse boxes renewed Business Link also run some excellent workshops – Yes, you might need to travel to them, but if you come away with one good idea • Showers that you will put into practice, it will have been worth it. Coming • Cookers this month: • Intruder alarms • Security lighting 10 March: Communicate or alienate - the art of effective communication. Stonehouse Court Hotel • Garden lighting and outdoor sockets 30 March: Talking up your business - maximise your networking • Fault finding and repairs. skills. Hatherley Manor Hotel, Gloucester. Find out more from Business Link Events FOR A FREE QUOTATION CALL Phone 0845 600 9966, email: [email protected] 0797 435 3863 WHAT ELSE IS IN BUSINESS MATTERS? A mixed bag of information 01608 644842 available via CDC online, and requested by email/ by phone. EG: - [email protected] benefits available for low-paid workers; CDC’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% this year; safety, health & NICEIC DOMESTIC RETAILER – PART P REGISTERED hygiene, etc; PLUS the stats on new business registrations and unemployment, by ward, district, region and nationally. There’s a 24 HOUR EMERGENCY CALLOUT piece on Stow’s new information centre, Go-Stow, too.

36 [email protected] From Jenni Turner

Sally Graff, tourist manager at Moreton Area Centre (MAC) has launched the first Tourism Newsletter, designed to be ‘an update on what has been going on at CDC Tourism and include information about some of the projects that planned for 2010’ . It is available at MAC, online at and can be requested by email to ALISTAIR ROBERTSON HOUSE [email protected] or phone 01285 623000. RECTORY LANE

With tourism the District’s single most important source of income, it will BOURTON-ON-THE-WATER, GL54 2AX be useful to have CDC’s view of how tourism works in the Cotswolds and TEL: 01451 822421 have a 2-way conversation about how to sustain and even grow business incomes here. (There have been bad times when CDC seemed to be ABBEYFIELD in BOURTON–on–the-Water functioning in a different world - and one in which 2-way communication didn’t register as an essential ingredient.) We are a not-for-profit organisation which provides Supported Sheltered Housing for Elders (over 55 years of age) Visit Cotswolds Visitor Guide 2010. We aim to provide privacy, support and security in a friendly The new Guide is available now at MAC and at Go-Stow, Stow’s new informal environment Visitor Information Centre which receives a very nice ‘plug’ from Sally in her Newsletter. If you haven’t popped into Go-Stow at 12 Talbot Court Our charges are inclusive of all meals, heating, Council tax, (the Sheep Street end) to say Hi to Sue & Walt Hasler, then do – it’s not gas, water and electricity so you can live free from the anxiety just tourist information – and if you were one of the sterling group of of shopping, cooking, repairs and heating bills volunteers who kept the old VIC running for all those months, you will know the breadth of information that is available there! WE CURRENTLY HAVE TWO VACANCIES (all of our rooms are large and en suite) The guide is designed to go into visitor information centres, tourist bureaux and travel agencies around the world, as well as being available For further information please contact us on 01451 822421 online. It’s the first guide to our wonderful Cotswold area that many Email: [email protected] people will come across, offering information about weekend breaks, camping, holiday homes, hotels, B&Bs, eating out etc etc. This year is expected to be a wonderful year for the Brits to stay in Britain, and although we may all grumble about the tourists, we need the income they bring to keep our businesses vibrant and sustain our economies, our jobs and the facilities we enjoy. From the Tourism Newsletter January 10 Cotswolds & Forest of Dean Britain’s Rural Capital of Culture

This campaign and logo developed by Cotswolds and Forest of Dean Tourism will run to the end of 2011. The logo can be applied across websites and print to draw attention to the wide array of cultural events happening here in the Cotswolds, and the wider campaign uses eMarketing, print and PR to gain coverage. The press have picked up on the campaign quite nicely and we have carried out various eMarketing shots, developed YouTube content, etc. As a result, the word ‘Culture’ has ended up having a pretty wide definition!

Promotion, Press and Photographs. To promote specific events, Cotswold and Forest of Dean Tourism have developed a culture blog and are happy to add new events that you have to . To aid further promotion of the Cotswolds, we are going to place photographs of events onto the Destination Management System (DMS). To support this, please email any high resolution photographs – giving us your full permission to use these – to help us to promote tourism. Looking further ahead to the 2011 visitor guide, again, if you have any photographs that show the Cotswold area as a true tourist destination, please forward these through to us.”

Tel : 01285 623000 Email :[email protected]

37 Local Walks with the Cotswolds North Cotswold Voluntary Wardens Ramblers Group Local Walks – MARCH

A High Mast and Three Rivers - Wednesday March 03 - Moderate Stow-on-the-Wold - Icomb - Bourton-on-the-Water, Lower Slaughter, Lower Swell & Stow. Bring a picnic lunch. 6 hours, 10 miles. Start: 10:00 am Tesco Car Park, Stow. OS OL Map 45/19262

Over the Hills to Hailes - Sunday March 07 - Moderate A stiff climb up Dunns Hill to the Salt Way; traverse around Farmcote Valley passing a 14th century manor; drop down to Hailes Abbey and return along the Cotswold Way. Pub lunch To celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2010, Ramblers are organising a series of available afterwards but carry refreshments. 4 hours; 7 miles. “baton” walks across the country. The photograph shows the North Cotswold Group Start: 9.30 am Winchcombe Back Lane C/P. OS OL 45/023284 on January’s “ Wander” looking forward to lunch at the Cape of Good Hope pub at Warwick. Our walk on a glorious Sunday took us along the Grand Union Roman Cotswolds - Wednesday March 10 – Moderate Canal via the "Hatton Flight" (a series of 21 locks known by boaters as the “Stairway From a Roman country house to a Roman highway, via sections of the Monarch's Way passing to Heaven”) returning via Warwick racecourse with views of St Mary’s Collegiate Chedworth village to Fossebridge, then returning via Stowell Park and Stowell and Yanworth church in the distance. Mills. Refreshments available at Chedworth, Fossebridge or Northleach afterwards. 3 hours, 5.5 miles. Saturday March 13, 2010 Start: 10:00 am at Chedworth Roman Villa car park. OS OL 45/055134 Sezincote Stroll - Meet at the Coach & Horses in Longborough at 10:00am. (Not the one in Ganborough!) This morning only circular walk of 4.5 miles will take us via Sezincote Cotswold Way National Trail Walk 5 – House (a unique Indian house in the Cotswolds which was the inspiration for the Cleeve Hill Common Ring - Saturday March 13 - Moderate Brighton Pavillion) to Bourton-on-the-Hill. We will return via Upper Rye Farm and Over hilltops, across streams and through woodlands in an area of the Cotswolds unimproved Thickleather Coppice for lunch at the Coach & Horses, Longborough. limestone grassland. 3 hours, 6 miles. Start: 10:00 am Cleeve Hill Quarry C/P - behind golf club. OS Explorer 179/989272 Sunday March 28, 2010 Snowshill Options - Meet on grass verge next to entrance to Spring Hill (by pond and Walking from Blockley No. 4 - Thursday March 18 – Moderate track to Jockey Stable Cottages) on Troopers Lodge to Snowshill road at 10:00am. This Diamond Way to Hinchwick Manor & Longborough then crosses to the Heart of England Way walk is effectively 2 circular walks joined by a drive to the Snowshill Arms for lunch. returning via Sezincote & Bourton-on-the-Hill. Pub lunch available. 6 hours, 10.5 miles. This format allows walkers to choose a short, medium or long walk. The morning walk Start: 10:00 am Blockley village green bus shelter. OS OL 45/164350 of 5 miles will take us up onto Bourton Downs. The afternoon walk of 3 miles will start from the pub at 2pm and take us around the village of Snowshill to view pretty cottages The Villages to the South of Burford - Thursday March 25 - Moderate and the 19th century church. A circular walk passing through Holwell and Westwell. Lunch at The Fox at Great Barrrington and return. 5 hours, 9.5 miles. In common with many other Ramblers Groups, we have a No Dogs policy. More Start: 10.00 am Burford car park. OS OL 45/254125 information on any walk or a copy of the Group’s current walks programme can be obtained from the Secretary - Three Quintessential Cotswold Villages - Friday March 26 - Moderate To Laverton, climbing steeply to the Cotswold Way, down to Snowshill for lunch. Return via Tel: 01386 700847 or email [email protected] or by searching for the Stanton. Pub lunch available. 4 hours, 6 miles. Start: 10.00 am Stanton village car park. OS OL 45/068344 North Cotswold Group on the Ramblers website

A Way with Words…lies it all peace beyond the Western Fold – Sunday March 28 – Moderate What did A T Quiller-Couch have to say about Eckington, Hill and the Avon Valley? A walk over Bredon Hill to Kemerton, Westmancote and Bredon’s Norton. 5.5 hours, 9 miles. The Swan Inn Start: 10.00 am Eckington, outside parish church (park with care). OS Explorer 190/922415 MORETON IN MARSH 01608 650711 Monarchs, Moreton and More – Wednesday March 31 - Moderate Follow King Charles’ supposed escape route whilst taking in great views, famous and magnificent houses and lots of local history. Bring a packed lunch. 5 hours, 9 miles. Table bookings now being taken for Start: 10.00 am Moreton-in-Marsh War Memorial. OS OL 45/204326 Mothering Sunday, Please use appropriate footwear as some walks may be steep and muddy in places. Easter weekend and Moderate - includes some hills and rough ground. Cheltenham Race week SORRY, NO DOGS ALLOWED EXCEPT GUIDE AND HEARING DOGS. Walks are free and any donations help to fund our conservation Sunday carvery available from work and improvement projects. 12noon - 5pm The wardens run a full programme of guided walks throughout the Only £7.95 per person cotswolds. For more information see or tel: 01451 862000.

38 Moreton-in-March Badminton Club Stow-on-the-Wold Badminton Club From Mike Winter

‘Why can’t I get a flat stomach?’ It’s a constant plea from all those who do support their local club - where are all the other people who can play badminton? Why It's been defined as one of the most problematic areas on a person's can’t they play for a couple of hours a week and perhaps enjoy a body...the stomach - and it seems everyone is obsessed with it. league match once or twice a month? When we think about losing belly fat and getting a flat stomach we imagine doing lots of crunches and other abdominal exercises. Well, Those of us playing regularly see players come and go leaving the stomach exercises are good for toning your stomach muscles but diehards to keep the surviving clubs going. They succeed but there exercises alone are not enough! To get a toned flat stomach you will are just a few ladies playing now, and towns like Evesham and need to lose the fat covering your stomach muscles, and the best way Winchcombe cannot raise a team of four. to do that is a combination of changing your eating habits, so your body stores less fat, and cardio exercises to burn your existing stomach fat. Moreton would have difficulty in finding ladies and Stow and Bourton have joined forces to boost their ladies’ numbers. Stow’s Here are the best and easiest ways for you to achieve a flat stomach mixed doubles team come from all corners of the north Cotswolds (provided you put the work in) : and the Vale – they win the most though! Eat Right: The biggest problem for most people is that they have too much abdominal fat. Losing that is the first step to a flat stomach, so Moreton continue their Mens’ matches and they are improving aim to consistently give your body what it needs: fruits, whole grains, with every game. Being young they have speed over the court with nuts, vegetables, and lean protein. Eat small regular, meals and drink the old heads opposing them cleverly playing winning shots lots of water. without moving their feet! The teenagers of Bourton-on-the-Water playing in the same Water: The institute of Medicine suggests that ‘men consume roughly division as Moreton have the same problem – as do some of the 3 litres of all beverages a day and women consume 2.2 litres.’ Water senior players, who get slower week by week. is massively important to the function of organs, and insufficient water will mean that the kidneys cannot function properly. If this happens the Stow and Bourton’s mixed teams are making progress despite the liver takes on some of the kidneys’ responsibilities, meaning it is less shortage of female players in the north Cotswolds able to metabolise stored fat for energy. Why don’t you give badminton a try it must be better than Holby Omega Oils: As discussed previously, Omega oils 3 and 6 are effective City! at eating away at visceral abdominal fat. Studies have shown that people who consume Omega oils while exercising every week can lose WHEN AND WHERE up to 2lbs a week of abdominal fat. Good sources of Omega oil, other Bourton-on-the-Water BC: than supplement oil capsules, are mackerel, salmon, pumpkin seeds Cotswold School : Bourton and oil, walnuts and leafy green vegetables. Mike Winter 01 451 831194 6.45 to 10.00 Mondays Cardio Exercise: One of the keys to burning fat is steady cardio exercise. Performed at least three times per week for a minimum of Moreton-in-Marsh B C : twenty minutes, this will start to burn away the fat and reveal the Redesdale Hall : Moreton muscles that lie beneath. Don’t be put off by this, the type of cardio Joyce and Mike Rees 01608 650825 or work I’m talking about is specific to you, taking in to account age, Mike Winter 01 451 831194 physical condition and fitness level. 7.30 to 10.00 Tuesdays

Interval Training: Interval training involves bursts of high intensity Stow-on-the-Wold BC : work, alternated with periods of rest or low activity. This is very St Edwards Hall : The Square : Stow effective at burning fat because it varies your heart rate and spikes Martyn Wilson 07748279821 your metabolism, so you burn more calories for up to 36 hours after 7.30 to 10.00 Tuesdays the workout.

Work the Abdominals: You have to work your abdominals to achieve your goal. Three of the most effective exercises are crunches on an exercise ball, bicycle crunches, and the Plank. Not sure how to do these? Then....

Enlist Help: If you are struggling, either because you don't know how to manage your diet, are unsure what the best exercises are and how to perform them correctly, or simply need someone to motivate you, then consider training with Ed Shaw. Personal Training can really make the difference as Ed will push you that little bit further to make sure you can achieve the stomach you’ve always wanted! The key to losing stomach fat is to start today - take action right now. Ed Shaw Personal Training 07727 020160 [email protected]

39 Let us take away those wash-day blues Mary’s Laundry is a friendly family Our Specialities owned and operated business Dry cleaning FREE TRAINING AVAILABLE serving Bourton on the Water and Gentleman’s shirt service FREEPHONE 0800 1955 640 the surrounding area. We take Light commercial laundry for INSTRUCTOR 07977 56 00 86 away your washday blues. restaurants, hotels and guest houses www. Gentlemen’s shirts are a speciality Dry & fold, Ironing and we offer first class cleaning Alterations and repairs for suits, dresses, gowns, ties, Friendly customer service SEPARATE ADULT AND etc., as well as curtains, feather Horse rugs laundered and CHILDREN’S CLASSES and fibre duvets and cushions. re-proofed NOW TRAINING AT Tack room washables CHIPPING NORTON - Expert Staff All commercial enquiries STOW ON THE WOLD - Same Day ‘Quick Wash’ - Complete Laundry Service Excellence is - Personal Touch Our Standard Mary’s Laundry Ltd High Street, Bourton on the Water, GL54 2AR Tel. 01451 820808


Here we are in March, only a few short weeks away from the end of the tax year. It’s the Need Help time of year when many should be thinking about getting their paperwork in order so that they can file their Tax Return. If your affairs are not too complex then you may want to try With Your doing it yourself. There’s lots of online help available and you can speak to an adviser at Revenue & Customs if you really get stuck. Filling in your tax return can be a daunting task Tax Return or but if you organise your paperwork carefully & follow the guidance notes it shouldn’t take you long unless you have multiple income streams or your affairs are more complex than the Payroll? norm. If in doubt either give me a ring for free, impartial advice or contact an accountant of Contact your choice. It’s better to be prepared – too many people leave it to the last minute, bringing about the possibility of a penalty or interest payable on tax due. Robb Eden for: If you employ anyone then you should also start to prepare for your payroll year-end. It’s always wise to check through your employee records to ensure that you have the correct Accounts Preparation & Analysis addresses & National Insurance no’s etc. You should also check weekly or monthly data to PAYE & Book-keeping see whether you’ve missed anything out. More importantly, are you ready for online filing? Vat Returns Have you applied for a login & password? If not, you should do this right away - as we all Personal Tax know, this is one of the busiest times for Revenue & Customs so don’t expect to get this Sage Training information quickly. Business Tax Finally, if you run a limited company you should make yourself aware of the raft of legislation that has come into force over the past year or two. For instance, are you aware of the recent More than just accounts - a personal changes relating to the payment of dividends & the stance that Revenue & Customs are servicetailored to your needs. We will work taking when investigating these payments? It’s worth having a chat to your adviser or you with you to get the best from your business. can contact me for free, impartial advice.

01608 651802 Robb Eden is a director of FBL Limited, based in Moreton-in-Marsh. He can be [email protected] contacted via e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone 01608 651802.


Report & Photo from Martin Jones, Club Secretary . 01608 650955 Moreton Rangers Reserves In their first Season the Reserves team have been performing well and are currently in second position in 10K Closed Road Race their league. They have also benefited from the FUND-RAISING FOR- sponsorship of a new kit, thanks to the kind support of the Moreton technology company Dekomte, based at Moreton HELP for Business Park. HEROES Support for our Wounded SUNDAY 11th APRIL PWDLFAGD Pts 10.30 am Start (gates open 9am) at Golden Lion 15 14 10 85 17 68 43 THE FIRE SERVICE COLLEGE Moreton Rangers 17 13 22 46 20 26 41 London Road, Moreton in Marsh Snitterfield Snipers 13 10 21 58 12 46 32 United 16 925 45 28 17 29 2 laps of the course – fast, flat, traffic-free IDEAL FOR PERSONAL BEST • CERTIFIED ACCURATE Wardens 13 814 51 19 32 25 Tysoe United 15 816 51 39 12 25 OR Enjoy a 1 or 2 lap FUN RUN around our unique incident ground RS Sports Reserves 17 6110 32 57 25 19 (course goes around MV Sir Henry (ship), crashed aircraft, motorway section and other training highlights.) Do you want to Play Football? £10 ENTRY – limited to 500 entries! COLLECT ENTRY FORMS FROM The Club welcomes players from 8 years upwards. At Martha’s Coffee Shop, High Street, Moreton present our Under 13 and Under 15 teams are looking for Or on site on the day (subject to numbers) players to bolster their Squads. CONTACT:- 0790 162 1334 • Peter Jordan on 01608 651616 for the U.13 Team RESULTS supplied by Bourton RoadRunners @ • Mark Boydell on 9794917351 for the U.15 Team. & Contact Martin Jones Club Secretary on 01608 650955 for details of other junior and senior teams.

41 Funeral Director & Memorial Consultant W. J. Wright

Sheep Street, Stow-on-the-Wold Tel 01451 831829 24 Hour Service Private Chapel of Rest, Prepaid Funeral Plans

Serving the Cotswold Community for over 30 years

‘We deliver to well over 6,000 letterboxes and reach 22,000 readers – if your advertisement catches the eye of just 1% that is 220 people.’ Tel: 07789 175 002

Have you only ever dreamed of owning a bespoke kitchen? Here are 5 reasons why you should talk to us... • Our unique and stylish design will make your dream become a reality • Fully accountable project manager to relieve your stress • Reassuring 10 year guarantee on our hand built cabinetry • Only ever expertly installed by us • Wide range of appliances and accessories always available

“Thank you, you and your team are first class” Mrs M, Gloucestershire Call us now on 01608 642266 to organise your free consultation The Cotswold Country Kitchen Company Unit 8 Worcester Road Industrial Estate Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5XW

42 U16’s Stow RFC Photos and reports from Huw Powell Stow on the Wold U16s 0 Stow on the Wold U16s 0 Cinderford U16s 43 Worcester Warriors U16s 15

Stow’s County Cup campaign got off to a not entirely Despite not getting on the scoreboard Stow can take great unpredictably disappointing start as they entertained Cup credit from a tremendous display of stamina and spirit in an favourites Cinderford in perfect conditions for good rugby. The exceptional defensive performance against a physically superior visitors boasting 12 County players in their squad had strength team. With the advantage of a slight breeze Stow started well, in depth so Stow knew they needed to be on top of their game forwards and backs combined well to carry them deep into to keep the visitors out; but not having played since early Worcester territory but they came away without points. In December fitness levels were found wanting. response the visitors put their faith in kick and chase and despite a composed display at fullback by Hugo Morrissey Stow It was therefore to Stow’s great credit that they held out for the were driven back. first quarter and indeed might have held out longer were it not for a speculative kick into the corner bouncing like only a rugby In their own half Stow found themselves in trouble. The ball can, away from the defender into the path of a grateful visitors turned the screw with a dozen energy sapping scrums in Cinderford player to score the opening try. Cinderford then played a clever mix of powerful forward drives and well a quarter of an hour. The Worcester shove prevented Stow executed kick and chase in the backs to build a comfortable, but getting quick clean ball and ensured the back row were tied in not insurmountable, lead by half time. pushing so as to open a gap for the first try. Always on the back foot Stow were starved of quality ball for the backs to exploit As the eventual score line confirmed Stow struggled to contain and whilst the forwards made progress, Worcester made them the visitors who won a steady stream of possession and varied compete for every yard. But Stow were full of fight, they chased their attack to keep Stow under pressure. With the winter everything, tackled everything and limited the visitors to just an freeze having halted games and training since early December additional penalty goal before the interval. Stow were withering under the pressure but it was not all doom and gloom: Liam Coventry seemed to relish the challenge, Although the slight breeze favoured Worcester in the second Angus Grittiths made a welcome return with style, Rhys Powell half there was no more kick and chase; they camped in the was tireless in defence and Sam Canning combined effectively Stow half and ran everything. Stow were battered by big with George Roddan to get Stow out of trouble on numerous forwards on the charge and speedy backs probing for an occasions. Mikey Wood was his usual abrasively opening or to trying to outflank the defence. Time and time uncompromising self in attack and defence and Paddy Hooley again Stow successfully defended their line but try as they might bravely put his body on the line - but it was only to slow the they could not break the stranglehold or get out of their half. Cinderford tide not to reverse it. Louis Millar and Joe Dancer hurled themselves into tackles to keep the visitors out. Elliot Stooke led the pack with Ben Eakins Picture - Stow vs.Worcester and Liam Coventry grafting away. As it seemed they had Joe Dancer rises high to take lineout ball absorbed everything Worcester could throw at them, with seconds left on the clock, the visitors managed to advance the few inches that they had been denied all half for a final try.

43 Moreton in Marsh Probus Club LITTLE COMPTON 2009 has been another busy and successful year for the Club with a full programme of visits, speakers and social events. Talks have ranged BOWLS CLUB. from local interest such as the Cotswold Wardens Scheme, Medieval The Club enjoyed a very successful season in 2009 with 3 of our Pilgrimages in Gloucestershire, a 1000 year History of Blockley Village, members winning through to the all England Finals at Worthing, in the the Cheltenham Racecourse and the re-building of the Royal triples and the pairs. Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, to subjects of wider interest, such as wild life photography, the Indian Mutiny, early sailing vessels and the Anyone wishing to try the game of bowls will be made most welcome. history of magic. One talk was entitled ‘Noble Pipers’ and a wide The season starts at the end of April. variety of instruments were seen and heard. Another speaker showed a large collection of magic We have a very nice CLUBHOUSE, which has a bar & kitchen. It is lanterns, showing how this available to hire for functions. was the most popular form of local entertainment in Victorian and Edwardian FORTHCOMING EVENTS AT THE CLUB:- times. Quiz Night March 6th, teams of four Race Night April 10th We have been to a concert in £5 per person to include buffet. £2 per person The Symphony Hall in 7.15pm for 7.45pm ( includes buffet.) Birmingham and to the theatres in Malvern and Cheltenham, as well as having our Ladies Dinner at the Manor Hotel, and our Chairman’s For further information please ring Sue Grantham (secretary) teaparty in the summer. Our Christmas Lunch was also at The Manor 01608 642859 last year.

We join with the North Cotswold Probus Club from Stow for some events and Birmingham Royal Ballet was particularly memorable. MORETON IN MARSH Where possible we include the widows of previous members in our CRICKET CLUB functions, and these are much appreciated. Cotswold Hills League We wrlcome new members who can find out more by contacting our The 2009 season concluded with the 1st XI continuing their Honourable Secretary on 01608 6501567 – they might consider ‘dipping their toes’ in the water by attending a meeting in the spring. winning streak, beating to win the Second Division. The team looks forward to playing in the First Division Emergency Planning in Action again next season. Communities in Gloucestershire have used their Emergency Plans in the past months. The 2ndXI unfortunately lost their last match at home to Mickleton but finished in a respectable 6th place in the Sixth During the snow in January, Weston sub Edge put their plan on Division. The team will look to better this position next season. standby and instigated their telephone helpline. Requests for prescriptions were collected from the pharmacy by a volunteer The 2010 Season with a 4X4 vehicle. After a traffic accident ruptured a gas main Nets sessions have been booked. They will take place at Lechlade opened up their Memorial Hall as a place of safety Chipping Campden Sports Club on: Sunday 11th April, 12-1pm within 15 minutes, when 150 people needed to be evacuated & Sunday 18th April, 2-4pm. Players and prospective players from their homes at 6.30 am. are more than welcome to attend.

These are the sort of practical actions which can be put in place Fixtures for the forthcoming 2010 season have now been by local communities and pre-planning makes it work that much finalised. Please click on the Fixtures / Results link on the more smoothly. website

All rural parishes in Gloucestershire should have received a Captain Ashley Hurrell 01608 652630 copy of the GRCC 'Your Community Emergency Plan Secretary Pat Cooke 01608 650929 Toolkit' which gives a framework to help communities [email protected] develop a plan. For more information, please contact Marilyn Cox at GRCC: [email protected] or ring 01452 528491. The Redesdale Hall Cotswold Female Entrepreneurs Erected in 1887 by Sir Algernon Bertram Freeman Ever wondered about starting a business? In the current economic Mitford, and Lord of the Manor of climate, many women are exploring creative ways to be financially Moreton in Marsh, in Memory of his kinsman, Earl of generative. There are all kinds of enterprising things women do, ideas Redesdale. It was bought by Sir Gilbert Alan Hamilton they have, and hobbies they enjoy that can potentially make money. Wills, The First Baron who presented it to North Cotswold Rural District Council in 1951. Chipping Campden School is part of a successful community collaboration offering ongoing inspiration and practical support to women who want to find out how to start and run their own The Redesdale Hall is well supported by local clubs and businesses. “Cotswold Women in Business” is funded by three exhibitions, which generates income. The Management schools, Tewkesbury, Chipping Campden and Farmor’s, allowing high Committee of 10 (currently 9) needs new members to quality courses and workshops to run at amazing subsidised rates. The help run the Hall and plan its future. Please contact current course matriculates on 17th March….watch local press for Steve Farnsworth, current Chair, 01608 651029 or Kay information. Jones, clerk, 01608 652183 For information please contact Cotswold Women in Business Sarah-Jane Menato 01386 701 868 [email protected] 44 Local Clubs, Societies, Associations & Charities Clubs Moreton Cricket Club Friends of Stow Surgery Cotswold Investment Club Capt: 01608 652630 / Sec: 01608 650929 01451 832200 & 830610 Meets 1st Tues of each month. Jeremy Main 01608 658675 Homestart N Cotswolds Life Saving Club (Fire College) N Cotswolds Youth Cricket Club Lesley Thorn 01451 831781 Co-ordinator Lynette Mantle 01386 882430 Shaun Williams 01608 652138 N Cotswold Community Radio Moreton Flower Club Old Police Station, Ch Campden, 4th Thurs/monthly (not Aug/Dec) at Broadwell Village Hall Stow Badminton Club N Cotswold Friendship Centre Mrs N Dickinson 01451 832199 [email protected] Martyn Wilson 0774 8279821 (Affiliated to Heyday) 01993-842820/01386-700656 MIM Interest & Leisure Club Stow Cricket Club [email protected] 2nd Weds monthly. Dudley Smith 01608 652089 Captain Ash Andrews 07891 536418 Redesdale Hall Plays Committee Moreton in Marsh (evening) W.I ash [email protected] Mike Rees 01608 650825 2nd Thursday, W I Hall, Station Rd. RNLI N Cotswold Branch Sec: Jo 01608 650821 Stow Rugby Club Chairman Diana Porter 01451 830508 Moreton-in-Marsh Probus Ian Roberts – 0777 5998551 Stow Fund Twice monthly for retired Professionals & businessmen. Tae Kwon Do Assoc of GB Robert Barnett 01993 831520 Veronica Woodford 01993 831520 Ken Burder: 01608 650157. Tues 6:30 Adults | Stow Times , PO Box 6, Stow, GL54 1WD Moreton Reading Club Thurs 6:30 Juniors|7:30Seniors|8:30 Adult Self Defence Tel 07789 175 002 [email protected] Glos Association for the Blind Newcomers welcome. 01608 654111 Music N Cotswold Bee-Keepers Assoc Moreton Area Centre, High St, Moreton Mondays 10am-1pm. 01242 221170 Blockley Ladies Choir Julie Edwards 01608 659396 [email protected] [email protected] Tues 7.30-9pm. Little V Hall N Cotswold Bridge Club Breathe Easy N.Cotswolds Jean Ellis 01386 841253 Meets Bourton on the Hill on Tues, Weds, Thurs 0145181-520 / 822102 Campden Music Society Alan Lamb 01386 701603 Children & Youngsters Carol Jackson – concert Mgr N Cotswold Disabled Club 1st Moreton Cub & Beaver Scouts [email protected] Joan M Oughton 01451 830580 Scout Hut, Station Rd, Moreton Cotswold Choral Society N Cotswold Digital Camera Club Scout Leader: 01608 651886 David South 01451 870494 James Minter 01451 824175 Scout Leader Di Warmington - 01608 651886 Thurs 7.30-9.30pm at Upper/Lower Slaughter Village Halls N Cotswold National Trust Army Cadets at Moreton/Bourton Cotswold West Gallery Group Sec Dr Colin Ellis 01451 822208 Weds 7.30-9.30pm Annette Smith 01451 830160 N Cotswold Probus Club Major M G Little 01451 831408 Kingham Choral Society Meets 2nd & 4th Thurs mornings Little2@aol/com Derek Woods 01608 658738 Sec Warren Wood 01451 831071 Bledington Toddler Group Stow Junior Singers N Cotswolds Rotary Nicki 01608 658137 Ages 5-8 Sats 10.30-11.30 am at St Edwards Church Room, Stow Local Contact Brian Honess 01451 830052 Mon 10-11.30am Stow Junior Fiddlers N Cotswold U3A Bumps, Babes & Beyond 11.30-12.30 - Linda Green 01451 830327 Contact Jenny Stanfield 01451 824338 Mondays 10-12 at Oddington Village Hall Stow Youth Singers Royal British Legion Emma 07966 205774 (Ages 9+) Linda Green – 01451 830327 Branch T 831550 and 07779 452396 Condicote Playgroup & Toddlers Fridays Term Time, 6-7pm at St Edwards Church Room, Stow Club at Well Lane, Stow T 830242 Leader Jo Abrahams 07796 987173 Scottish Country Dance Group Local Authorities Stow Youth Centre Brenda Parsons 01451 831876 County Cllr Barry Dare Youth Worker - Suzanne Collinson Stow Badminton Club Shire Hall, Gloucester GL1 2GT 07825 721220 Fosse Way, Stow Cecil Haslam 01451 830293 or Joyce Norris 01451 833668 01452 425000/01386 701280 Charities Stow Disability Association [email protected] First Responders (St John’s Ambulance) Every Weds at Adlestrop V. Hall - I. Tyler 01451 830988 Cotswold District Council 01452 858234 Stow Civic Society Cirencester – Trinity Road, Cirencester [email protected] Secretary Tel 01451 833783 01285 623000 MIM branch Save the Children Stow Embroiderers’ Guild – tel 01451 832427 Moreton Area Centre Joyce Rees 01608 650825 Stow Gardening Club High Street Moreton 01608 650881 Key Information First Monday, 7 for 7.30pm at Church Rooms, Stow [email protected] Childline 0800 11 11 Stow Guides – [email protected] District Cllr Merryl Phillips Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 Stow WI 01285 623870/01608 651148 Moreton Hospital (Minor Injury Unit) Eve Knight 831189 /Betty Phelps 820556 [email protected] Tel No. 01608 812 605 – 8am-8pm Sports & Outdoor District Cllr David Penman Xray opening times – Mon-Fri 9.12am-12.45pm 01285 623808/01451 830479 and Mon and Wed 1.45pm-4.15pm Adlestrop Cricket Club [email protected] N Cotswold Neighbourhood Watch Nick 01451 831458 /Eric 01451 830793 Glos Market Towns Forum Non-Emergency 0845 090 1234 Bourton Badminton Club Main office: 01452 425953 Mike Winter 01451 831194 Cotswold Walkers Business Associations & Groups Glos Rural Community Council Stow Business Association Jeanette Hughes 01285 623450 Marilyn Cox 01452 528491 Every Thurs 2pm Moreton Area Centre Mark Vance 01451 830344 [email protected] Jenni Turner 07789 175 002 Great Rissington Archers [email protected] Sat 10.30am at Gt Rissington Social Club (+Weds 6.30pm in summer). Stow Town Council WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Network Michael Ebelthite: 01451 824161 / Niall McIntosh: 01451 870221 . Stow Council Office, Stow Youth Club, Stow, GL54 1AB N Cotswolds: Emma Heathcote-James Little Compton Bowls Club Tel 01451 832585 [email protected] All year club. Play starts in April Visitor Information Centre 01386 831 379/07977 226 025 Sue Grantham 01608 642859 Tel 831082 [email protected] YHA Stow on the Wold London Chinatown TaeKwonDo Breathe Easy Groups (British Lung Foundation) Robert Williams (Mgr) 01451 830497 Weds, 6.30pm Kids & families 2nd Tuesday every month, 2-4pm [email protected]/ 7.30pm teens & adults Baden Powell Hall, Bourton on the Water Clubs listings Redesdale Hall, Moreton 0751 7437 300 01451 822102/810520 If your club, association or group should be listed here please let us know the relevant information and we can add the details to this list. The Listing is Moreton Bowling Club Community Groups free of charge . Margaret 01451 821399 /Tom 01608 651761 Fair Shares If the details listed for your club, association or group are not up-to-date or Moreton Badminton Club need amending, let us know the relevant information and we can make N Cotswolds Community Time Bank changes. Mike and Joyce Rees 01608 650825 Please note: There is a separate listing for Moreton in Marsh clubs, 01608 812338 [email protected] associations & groups in Moreton Times.

45 K B Plumbing Services

• Bathrooms, Kitchens, Showers • Central Heating Systems • Dripping Taps • Burst Pipes • Power Flushing

All plumbing work undertaken


MORETON IN MARSH 07830 154864 01608 652034 [email protected]

46 Local Business Directory Stow Times & Moreton Times new BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

Animals & Pets Learning & Tuition Stow Roses – The Flower Shop DIAL-A-DOG-WASH Mobile Grooming Parlour ITALIAN LESSONS IN CHIPPING CAMPDEN 01993 845360 / 07754 039665 01386 849156 4 Sheep St, Stow on the Wold Accommodation Marquees GL54 1JW TREE TOPS GUEST HOUSE (Liz & Brian Dean) COTSWOLD MARQUEES LTD 01451 832277 Tel 01608 686900 Secluded B&B; 5 mins from train station & Moreton town centre Passion in every petal LONDON ROAD, MORETON IN MARSH 01608 651036 Chiropody Music PIANO/SINGING TUITION EXPERIENCED TEACHER DEREK BROOKES MSSCh,MBCPA,HPCReg Adult & Young Pupils Welcome 01608 642025 For all your foot health needs. 01451 822540 E:[email protected] Clothes & Curtain/Alterations Pest Control Services BERNIE’S ALTERATIONS – 35 yrs experience MIKE VICKERS PEST & MOLE CONTROL Domestic, Tel 01451 833831 or 07768 305427 Commercial, Agricultural Tel 01608 642531/07788 668740 [email protected] How to Use a SEWING MACHINE or How to Make Property & Garden Services Curtains, Cushions, Blinds or Clothes•Ring Sue on 01608 644877 Dovedale Services – Mowing/Landscaping/Decorating Mark Penfold 01386 700165/07811 217043 Florist Painting,Gardening,Landscaping – Most things 01386 701074 - 07914 421898 ALLIUM FLORIST More than just Flowers Taxi/Private Hire 1 Oxford Street, Moreton-in-marsh, GL56 0LA Tel 01608 650630 ELDRIDGE TRAVEL – PRIVATE HIRE Hair & Beauty 8-seater – 01993 824720 Local - Long distance - Airports M.H TAXIS – your Local Taxi Service Tel 0777 993 9415 MMaatttt FFeerrggyyssoonn 01608 645423 NORTHWICK PRIVATE HIRE DDrryy SSttoonnee WWaalllllliiinngg Health & Fitness John Whateley 01386 701806/07855 824 788 DDrryy SSttoonnee WWaalllllliiinngg 0011445511 885511992277 /// 0077779922 33331122441 1 PHYSIOTHERAPY – Orthopaedic & sports injury specialists. STOW TAXI SERVICE – 07887 714047 MCSP HPC Reg. Spinal & joint pain. Acupuncture. [email protected] Bourton-on-the-Water. 01451 822660

Moreton Times & Moreton Times are building a Local Business Directory Entries are included for a calendar year (content can be changed within the year) and priced per business. IT’S STRAIGHTFORWARD AND SIMPLE – 2 lines (approx 10-15 words) £70 for a year – in black, greys & white 3 line Box (approx 10-20 words) £140 for a year – in black, greys & white 4 line Box (approx 10-25 words) £180 for a year – in black, greys & white Business card sized Box £280 for a year – in colour FOR INFORMATION or TO BOOK YOUR ENTRY CALL 07789 175 002 Tell Moreton Times mail: [email protected] or [email protected] & we’ll tell the WHOLE COMMUNITY Talk to Moreton TIMES Put your business into every house in the community, about advertising your business. from Adlestrop to Bourton on the Hill, from Condicote to Fulbook, Naunton to the Wolfords, through Blockley, Todenham, We are holding Wyck Rissington and the Swells. our 2009 prices WE DELIVER TO OVER 6,000 LOOKING LETTERBOXES with discounts REACHING 22,000 – 25,000 to offer for: READERS GOOD – IF YOUR ADVERTISEMENT prepared artwork CATCHES THE EYES OF & multiple And loving it! JUST 1%, THAT IS 220 PEOPLE. bookings For information about advertising Talk to Stow Times & prices, sizesand discounts We know that • T: 07789 175 002 what matters is Moreton Times about • E: [email protected] or getting people [email protected] through your door- advertising your business. • and we get into over Get your message onto the pages of 6,000 homes & 07789 175 002 Stow Times & Moreton Times (all advertisements appear Businesses. Try it ! automatically in both editions)

47 The Thai RESTAURANT 3 Oxford Street, Moreton-in Marsh, GL56 0LA

Brand New Menu

Opening times: 6pm - 10.30pm Tuesday to Saturday 12noon - 9.30pm Sunday

Tel: 01608 654080