Name:______Cellular Vocabulary Date:______Use Page Numbers! Assignment #______Block #____ WORD DEFINITION

1. Cycle The cycle of a cell Pg 92

2. The that DNA is organized into Pg 92

Cellular reproduction in prokaryotic cells. Means “Splitting into two 3. Binary parts” Pg 92

Each of a pair of similar chromosome 4. Homologous Chromosomes Pg 93 The two copies of the chromosome once it is duplicated 5. Chromatids Pg 93

Where the chromatids are connected 6. Centromere Pg 93

7. The complicated process of separating duplicated chromosomes Pg 93

8. The process where the cytoplasm splits in two Pg 95 WORD DEFINITION

9. A type of , where a piece of the parents body Pg 612 develops into an independent

10. A type of asexual reproduction, where the organism breaks into two or more parts, each growing into a new organism that is genetically identical (fragmentation) to the parent Pg 612 The production of by combining the genetic material of more 11. Sexual than one parent reproduction Pg 613 A single parent has offspring that are identical to itself 12. Asexual reproduction Pg 613 The male cell 13. Pg 613

The sex cell 14. Egg Pg 613

The new type of cell that is made when an egg’s nucleus fuses with a 15. sperm’s nucleus Pg 613

16. Small reproductive cells that are protected by a thick Pg 256 WORD DEFINITION

17. Sex Cells Specialized cells that combine to form a zygote, they have half the normal Pg 114 number of chromosomes, one of each pair.

18. A process where the chromosomes are copied and separated in such a Pg 115 way that each daughter cell has half the normal number of chromosomes.

19. Sex The chromosomes that carry the that determine gender. Chromosomes Pg 119

20. Fertilization The joining of an egg and a sperm Pg 613

21. Cell Plate The primary the leads to the new cell membranes between two Pg 95 cells during cytokinesis

22. Spindle Fibers that connect to the centromeres of the chromosomes and that Fibers help push and pull the chromosomes apart during mitosis

23. Interphase The cell is at “rest” Chromosomes and other cell materials are copied

24. Prophase First stage of mitosis, nuclear membrane breaks apart, the centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell WORD DEFINITION

25. Metaphase Second phase of mitosis, the chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell

26. Anaphase Third phase of mitosis, the chromatids separate and are pulled to oppo- site sides of the cell

27. Telophase Forth and final phase of mitosis, nuclear membranes reform around the chromosomes and they unwind.