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QUARTERLY SEPTEMBER 2008 ISSUE 21 Via Roaming around Lisbon

Independence of the Seas arriving in Lisbon earlier this year

ed Tour offers self-guided The Port of Lisbon expects 310 cruise sightseeing circuits, using calls and around 370,000 passengers in Relectric vehicles, with a talking 2008, representing an increase of 21% in GPS audio guide providing cruise traffic compared to 2007. In 2009, information ranging from orientation the port has already 260 calls booked, and local facts to the best amenities which will bring around 360,000 and historical places. passengers. The circuits are self-guided which This year Lisbon will welcome 20 new means travellers have the freedom to drive visitors including Norwegian Jade, the vehicles themselves, although Red Tour Zuiderdam, MSC Poesia, Azamara Journey, can also arrange a driver, if requested in Ventura, Royal Princess, Independence of advance. The vehicles are fun and easy to the Seas, Balmoral, Carnival Splendor, drive. Red Tour has two and four seat Minerva, AIDAbella, Alexander von electric Buggies, Segways and Bicycles. Humboldt and Costa Serena. 63 ships are Three tours are offered on buggies: the scheduled to call in the 2008/09 winter Belem Tour, which takes you back to season. Portugal’s Golden Age, when Portuguese The Port Authority has started explorers ruled the seas; the Lisbon ‘Soho- construction of a new cruise quay in Santa Style’ Circuit around Chiado, a favourite Apolónia area at the heart of the city of shopping and residential area dating back Lisbon. A new cruise terminal is due to be to the 19th century and the third tour is ready in 2010, which will improve the way around Old Lisbon, covering one of Lisbon’s passengers and cruise ships will be oldest quarters. welcomed in Lisbon in future. Segway tours - freedom to roam the city Destination MedCruise-21 24/9/08 11:09 Page 2


Via Sibenik In full bloom

ibenik recently saw the first renovation project, tourist visits to the attractive following the well- Smedieval gardens of the Sveti known layout of Lovro monastery. The gardens were medieval monastery completely revamped, with the pupils gardens, is the work of Sibenik’s First Private Secondary of renowned School taking part in its renewal. The Croatian landscape architect Dragutin Kis. Primosten - site of the new arboretum The Sveti Lovro monastery project for the creation of the first gardens cover an area of Mediterranean arboretum in Croatia. It will 600sq mtr with a cruciform be located on the Primosten area islet of path and a well at its hub, a Smokvica, in the vicinity of Sibenik. field hedged with boxwood, The Primosten Arboretum will feature and cypress trees at the edges the significant traditional flora of Dalmatia of the fields, old rose – about 20 old species of grape vine, olive varieties, citrus fruits and figs trees, fields of lavender, conifers and other with spices and medicinal varied Mediterranean flora, as well as plants herbs in the fields and capers from other parts of the world that are on the surrounding rocks. adaptable to the Croatian climate. Meanwhile, the Landscaping Especially attractive for visitors will be the Primosten Institute of the Zagreb Faculty range of summer fruits, in particular citrus of Agronomics has conceived a fruits and various types of bamboo.

Via Zadar City sights

The World alongside Zadar city

he most popular tours taken the public this year. The 1,300mtr cave end of this year. The building will be by cruise passengers arriving in system, which is considered the most operational in a couple of years. Tto the 3,000 year old Croatian beautiful in Croatia, is just an hour away The Port of Zadar received 99 cruise calls port city of Zadar are St. Donat’s from the port. in 2008 bringing about 25,000 passengers. Church, The Sea Organ and The Project designs for a new passenger The Port Authority is expecting about 100 Monument to the Sun as well as terminal in Gazenica, 2 miles from Zadar calls in 2009. There are seven calls booked five national parks. , are almost finished and for the coming winter mainly smaller ships, Cerovacke Caves are newly opened to construction is expected to start at the such as Elegant Cruises’ Monet. Destination MedCruise-21 24/9/08 12:31 Page 3


Via Messina

Madre to view its fine 16th Century volcanoes. The most violent eruptions Sicilian scenery portal surrounded by a beautifully took place in 1910, leading to 23 carved oculus and the coat of arms additional craters being formed. In 1928, scenic drive runs inland from of Savoca, bearing the elderberry branch a lava flow destroyed the village of Messina to Savoca, which is from which the name of the town is Mascali and several other eruptions Aconsidered one of the most supposed to derive. Then on to Forza followed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The attractive places in the vicinity of d'Agrò, an attractive medieval hamlet with most recent eruption was in 2005. Taormina. Bar Vitelli, with a a splendid view of the coast. Here in The harbour of Messina is located very gorgeous terrace, has a collection of 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot close to the city centre and the main photographs taken when Francis some scenes of the film ‘The Godfather: places of interest and shops can be Ford Coppola shot some scenes of Part III’. reached easily by foot from the cruise ‘The Godfather: Part II’. Mount Etna is Sicily's tallest peak and quays. Also close by are the Reggio A walk can be made to the Chiesa one of Europe's most famous active Calabria and Catania international airports.

Taormina and Mt. Etna

Via Naples A taste of Dolce Vita tour of the Amalfi Coast Ravello, that sits high up above the beginning from Naples and Amalfi Coast, enables you to call in at Atravelling along the scenic the famous Villa Cimbrone, where, from coastal road is a great experience. its terrace nicknamed ‘Terrace of Stroll around the narrow alleys of Infinity’ you can enjoy incredible views Positano, where delightful white of the coast. and pastel-coloured houses litter Any trip to Naples must include a the hillside. visit to Pompeii to view the remarkable Along with the beautiful beaches, its ruins of the city buried under the ashes ancient fishing port, the splendid dome of of Mount Vesuvius. Enter the fabled city the church of Santa Maria Assunta and craft through the Sea Gate and walk down shops, you'll enjoy a taste of the Dolce Vita. the cobbled street to the agora, The town of Amalfi once enjoyed a surrounded by temples, porticoes and prestigious past when it was a major naval law courts. It was the religious, civic and power. Made of a labyrinth of narrow lanes business centre of the city. Because and alleyways that climb the surrounding Pompeii is so well preserved, you can hills, the town features typical Mediterranean see many fine details that reveal the style architecture with houses piled one on lifestyles of the residents, such as top of the other. Here you can sample the mosaic floors and colourful frescoes in local Lemoncella drink or perhaps visit the some of the homes. As you wander celebrated Paradise Cloister built in the through this ancient city, you can't help Arabian style and which dates back to the but notice the still-active Mount thirteenth century. A visit to the town of Vesuvius towering above. Destination MedCruise-21 23/9/08 15:18 Page 4


Via Constantza

President Ceausescu for governmental use, Seven Seas Navigator’s with everything being conceived on the largest scale possible. Now it shelters the seat of the Parliament of Romania and a day in port congress centre. The Metropolitan Church was built between 1654 and 1658 by Prince egent Seven Seas Cruises’ 490- Constantin Serban Basarab and restored in passenger Seven Seas Navigator 1960. It retains many features of Byzantine Rcalled twice this summer at the architecture and is located near the Palace Port of Constantza, in July and of the Patriarch, the seat of the head of August. During the ship’s 13-hour Romania’s Orthodox Church. The Village stay in port, passengers took a Museum is an extensive collection of old, variety of tours, as well as visiting traditional Romanian houses, huts, barns the city via a shuttle bus, leaving and mills, representing every region of the every 20 minutes. country with its specific folk art. Most popular organised tours were the On their return to the terminal, a small visit to the ancient citidel of Histria (4 hours), reception was organised where guests Constantza City and Roman Ruins (3.5 were served ice-cold champagne and hours), Constantza Sights, Romanian Folk fresh towels. Show & Wine Tasting (4 hours), Multi- The master of the ship, Captain John Culture Tour (5 Hours) and a full day tour McNeill, appreciated the open collaboration of Bucharest by road (12 hours). with the port authorities and the handling of Passengers who went on the passengers. The terminal, which opened in Bucharest excursion (a three hour drive 2006, has its own access gate to ensure a fast from Constantza) were impressed by the connection between the ship and the old part magnitude of the the Palace of of the town (10 minutes away walking and Parliament, which is the second largest five minutes by shuttle bus). construction in the world after the Seven Seas Navigator will return to Pentagon in the US. It was built by Constanta again in summer 2009.

Via Sochi

houses and sanatoria himself. Visitors can accommodate three 3,000-passenger enjoy the brilliance of Ordjonikidze Park with cruiseships and two 380-car ferries (potentially Spa its attractive fountain and magnificent three ferries, subject to further study). buildings in the so-called Stalin-style. A raised and enclosed walkway with Port of Sochi will construct a new travelators will connect the terminal building treatment passenger terminal with work beginning in to the cruise ships. 2009. The total amount invested will be about The Port of Sochi is expecting about 40 new shore excursion is available ¤115m. The project will be completed in 5 cruiseships in 2009 and around 23,000 from Sochi Port taking four hours. years. The project presents a vision for the passengers, up from 33 calls and 19,000 AHighlights include a panoramic transformation of Sochi Seaport into a vibrant passengers in 2008. New visitors this year drive, visits to Matsesta Springs and mixed-use city-centre destination. At its heart include Amsterdam, Deutschland, Saga Rose, Bathhouse and a walk around there will be a 350-yacht marina and an Seven Seas Navigator, The World, Artemis, Ordjonikidze Park. international cruise terminal. Rotterdam, Minerva and Delphin Voyager. Sochi’s origins as a spa resort lie at The proposed port layout is designed to Matsesta Springs 170 years ago. Initially they simply dug holes near the springs, poured water inside and had baths. One of the springs can be seen while walking to the Bathhouse. Since 1950 its curative waters have been taken from mines of between 700 and 2,000 mtr deep made of limestone from the Cretaceous Jurassic periods. Matsesta draws thousands of visitors each year and there they can taste its renowned mineral water. Stalin played an important role in the development of Sochi as a spa resort. He Matsesta mineral springs monitored the building of some local spa Destination MedCruise-21 24/9/08 12:04 Page 5


Via Koper Steaming ahead

ort of Koper the only Slovenian passenger terminal port, is situated just 200 mtr with the old town Pfrom the town square. It is centre. expecting a 50% increase of cruise Each winter traffic in 2009, its third year of cruise some smaller ships operations. Advanced bookings call. In spite of a indicate that 80 calls and 40,000 low temperature passengers are anticipated. and possibility of In September work is starting on the port’s bad weather in winter months, the passengers The train’s slow speed allows the first passenger terminal building. It will be can visit the Postojna caves which have an air passengers to immerse themselves in the ready for the beginning of the 2010 season. temperature of around 8-9 degrees year- journey and see the country from a different Another important investment is the wide round. angle. It is a wonderful way to see the sights Spanish steps, which will connect the A new excursion available from Koper is a and to meet local people. journey on an old steam train, dating back to 1914. Owned and restored by the Slovenian Railways, it takes passengers into the past with a unique insight into the way of life and rule of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his court. At the time, this railway was the most important link between Vienna and Trieste. The railroad was built by hard-working locals.

Via Cartagena

indicate that it was built in the Of history and archaeology late 1st century B.C., a period of major urban development in the ort of Cartagena is predicting Lighthouse. This fort houses a bureau Roman colony. Today archaeologists, a significant increase in cruise providing information about the architects and technical specialists are Pcalls in 2009 compared with defensive architecture (forts, batteries working hard to restore and recreate the 2008. Next year 50 calls are and castles) located in the area. The city theatre. expected, a rise of 25%, whilst is hoping to be named a ‘World Heritage The Theatre is linked with the old 65,000 passengers will arrive City’ for its value, both historic and palace Pascual de Riquelme, which compared with 40,000 this year. archaeological. Cartagena is also a major houses a museum. The entrance to the The 62.5% increase in passengers base of the Spanish Navy. building is through the palace, which is due to the larger vessels visiting The second attraction is the Museum also has a souvenir shop, two great next year. of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, exhibition halls, a library, meeting Two new operators visited the port this inaugurated in July 2008. The theatre rooms, offices and a small workshop. year, Club Mediterranee and Crystal Cruises. was discovered The port is investing in an extension quite by chance in of the cruise berth by about 150 mtr to 1987, making its a total of 500 mtr which will allow two excavation one of cruise vessels to berth at the same time. the most amazing Cruise passengers will be just 200mtr finds of the town’s from the city centre. The terminal will archaeology. It had also be increased by about 1,500 sq mtr. a 6,000 spectator Construction is expected to begin by capacity, which the end of 2008. consisted not only AIDAcara will visit four times this of stage and winter, a repeat of her winter seating, but also programme in 2004/05. included gardens, There are two new tourist attractions cloisters and available to visitors. The first is the leisure areas. The Navidad Fort, built in the 19th century commemorative and located next to the Navidad inscriptions found Destination MedCruise-21 24/9/08 12:24 Page 6


Via Castellon

of Castellón, rises up before your eyes Down on the beach offering an awe-inspiring view composed of centuries-old battlements astellon is proud of its beaches coastline and glistening golden sand crowned with a large castle situated at and are a main reason why are most welcoming. over 1,000 mtr above sea level. Peniscola Ctourists simply love the place. Just beside Castellon Sea Port is the is an ancient city housing a 14th Century The waters are clean and enticing famous Litoral Park Beach. It is a 14,000 castle perched on a rocky outcrop for swimming and water sports. The mtr stretch of beach. Another notable soaring 64 mtr above the sea. line of old villas gives character to tourist spot is Gurugu Beach Beach, the sea front, and the rocky offering a very soothing place for rest and recreation. The third beach in the city is De la Torre Beach. It has a total length of 2,200 mtr, mainly composed of gravel giving the area a rocky appearance. As well as beaches, Castellon is in close proximity to two towns worth visiting. Morella, located on the Morella Playa de Peniscola northernmost tip

Via Malaga Pullmantur inspects Malaga alaga received a visit from three weeks, arrived during the visit. homeport for Navigator of the Seas Pullmantur executive Pullmantur's parent company, Royal starting in late 2009, and Brilliance of the MGianluca Suprani, director of Caribbean, plans to use Malaga as a Seas starting in 2010. operations and shore excursions, in advance of turn-around calls by Empress from the Spanish port this autumn. Royal Caribbean International's former Empress of the Seas, which joined the Pullmantur fleet in March, will operate five departures from Malaga starting Oct. 4th. Suprani's visit was the first by a cruise executive since the port inaugurated its new passenger terminal in late 2007. In addition to inspecting the terminal, Suprani examined the eastern dock, southern berth and the northern berth, the latter under construction for completion late this year. Port representatatives, along with the shipping agent Cabeza Marítima, accompanied Suprani and Alicia Peréz of MacAndrews agents. The first pieces of the passenger boarding bridge, which will link ships at the south berth with the Gianluca Suprani examines the model layout of Malaga’s new cruise infrastructure terminal and be ready for use in two to Destination MedCruise-21 23/9/08 12:46 Page 7


Via Palamos Costa Brava delights isitors to Palamos can enjoy bicycle along the the Dali Museum in Figueres, 100km of sign- Vjust an hour by car, the Jewish posted trails. A visit Quarter in Girona (50 minutes by to Camp Nou, car), the medieval sites of Pals and home of Barcelona Peratallada (30 minutes by car) and FC, is only an hour the village of Ullastret. and a quarter away For sport enthusiasts it is possible to by car. play golf, go scuba diving or ride a Sant Feliu de

The Camp Nou - 1¼ hours away

Guixols will house the Thyseen art collection next year; it is just 10 minutes away from Palamos. The Costa Brava offers natural scenery with a landscape combining sea and mountain, a vast historical and cultural heritage, multiple sports activities and gastronomic variety. Palamos Port is expecting 35 cruise calls in 2009. There have been maiden calls by three new ships this year, Le Silver Whisper - maiden call this year Ponant, Braemar and Silver Whisper.

Via Tarragona

village at close hand. Montblanc's claim to fame is that St. George reportedly Cultural attractions slayed the dragon in the village, and there is a marker commemorating the centre and important in the wine deed. Poblet Monastery is a UNESCO trade. Tarragona is also a favourite World Heritage Site and although it was city of archaeologists who abandoned in the 19th century, it was continue to find ancient Roman restored during the 1940s. artefacts. Tarragona City tour includes visits to the Cyclopean Walls that extend for over 1,000 yards and date back to the 6th century B.C.; the Cathedral that demonstrates both Romanesque and Gothic architecture and a rose window; the ancient Roman Amphitheatre that seated over 12,000; and Balcon del Mediterraneo, a terrace overlooking Milagro Beach and the magnificent Mediterranean coastline. Montblanc Montblanc and Poblet Monastery shore excursion takes tourists inland to ulius Caesar is responsible for experience the history and tradition of most of the development of Catalonia. The bus first takes you to JTarragona, and Pontius Pilate Montblanc, a former residence of kings was born there. Today Tarragona and knights. Montblanc has a medieval sits on a hillside overlooking the atmosphere and a walking tour gives Mediterranean, it is a cultural visitors the opportunity to see the Poblet Monastery Destination MedCruise-21 24/9/08 12:05 Page 8


Via The Azores MedCruise Members Alanya Moroccan ports The Gateways of the Sea Motril Almeria Naples naugurated in July 2008, Ponta Balearic Islands Odessa Delgada on Sao Miguel island, the Imajor city of the Azores Barcelona Palamos archipelago, unveiled its Gateways of Bari the Sea – a ¤50m investment including a new cruise terminal with Batumi Pescara a dedicated quay of 370 mtr in Portoferraio length and 11 mtr in depth and a 5,300 sq mtr commercial zone. A ¤50m investment Cartagena Portuguese ports The project also includes a 4,000 sq Castellon Ravenna mtr sea pavilion, a modern convention and all work together to respect each other’s events centre, topped with a panoramic agendas so we can all reap the benefits Rijeka associated with cruise tourism,’ concluded Civitavecchia Sete Time for tea Carlos Adalberto Silva, president of Portos Constantza Sevastopol dos Acores. MedCruise president Laurent Cyprus ports Sibenik Monsaingeon said with so much public Dubrovnik, Korcula Sinop money being invested in new port facilities it is important to show the city Egyptian ports Sochi authorities that ships are environmentally French Riviera ports Split friendly: ‘Organise visits to the ships and you will find they are amazed at how the Genoa Tarragona cruise lines go over and above the set Toulon, St Tropez regulations to ensure the ships are green.’ restaurant. Above the sea pavilion is a public Medcruise svp Albert Poggio explained Koper Trieste square situated alongside the city's sea how the association, of which the Azores is a La Spezia Tunis promenade, flanked by an open-air member under the Portuguese Ports' banner, amphitheatre, all facing the city. Cruise is working much closer with national and Lattakia visitors are only a few steps away from the Livorno Valletta Laurent Monsaingeon - sea pavilion and the city centre. The project important to relate how Malaga Venice also includes a new 470 yacht marina. green cruiseships are Ahead of the new terminal’s opening Messina Volos Ponta Delgada hosted a workshop in June Monaco Zadar entitled ‘Seascope: The cruise industry of today and tomorrow’, which brought together cruise line executives and Azorean Contacts port and tourism representatives. MedCruise José Campos The panels concurred that when ports Secretary General invest in new or upgraded facilities it is Portal de la Pau, 6 important to look beyond the waterfront and local tourism boards to maximise the 08039 Barcelona, Spain make sure there is adequate shoreside benefits of cruise calls. Tel: +34 607 87 87 50 infrastructure. ‘Our challenge now is for us to ‘ With a heavy emphasis on ecotourism Fax: +34 93 306 88 17 the Azores are well placed to [email protected] Carlos Adalberto Silva (left front) with Cruise develop as a destination [email protected] line execs focusing on sustainable tourism,’ said Carnival UK’s MedCruise News Editor: Mary Bond Philip Naylor, responsible for Editorial Assistant: Libby Isted P&O Cruises and Cunard, which Production Editor: Fiona Hockey both call at the archipelago. Seatrade Communications Ltd Participants visited the Tel: +44 1206 545121 crater lakes region in Sete Fax: +44 1206 545190 Cidades, including a visit to a [email protected] pineapple and a tea plantation on a tour of the Sao Miguel island. Published by Seatrade Communications Ltd