ROUNDING UP CAMPUS NEWS SINCE 1900 THE BAYLOR LARIAT VOL. 109 No. 2 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 © 2009, Baylor University Disney buys Can you tie a tie? Marvel See how others did at baylorlariat.com PAGE 5 PAGE 7 Police release footage of theft suspect by Megan Keyser Tower,” Doak said. Staff writer There were also some indi- viduals who were personally Baylor University Police re- affected by the robbery. Ac- leased surveillance footage of a cording to Doak, since only a possible suspect in the August small number of people were 19 burglary of Clifton Robinson personally impacted, personal Tower and are offering a $1,000 losses are being addressed in- reward to anyone with infor- dividually. mation, a Baylor press release In response to the burglary, said Tuesday, August 25. additional measures have According to Baylor Police been taken to secure the vari- Chief Jim Doak, surveillance ous offices housed in Robinson videos showed images of a male Tower, as well as any personal suspect entering Clifton Robin- information handled in those son Tower, as well as footage of offices. the suspect in the act of com- mitting the crime. “The video showed very “People think Baylor clear pictures of him in the is immune.” position of committing the crime,” Doak said. “There’s Chief Jim Doak Engineers With a Mission no question it’s the same guy.” Baylor Police Chief Since the video release and reward offer, Baylor Universi- ty Police have received a num- aid Honduras, Rwanda ber of calls, Doak said, which Several cameras have been is exactly what they hoped for. added within the tower, and by Jenna ThoMpson erator, providing the villagers “We’re looking for any tips,” he other measures are also being reporter with continuous electricity for said. implemented but have not yet the first time. In Pueblo Nuevo, The case is being taken very been completed, Doak said. This summer, Baylor stu- the students began to develop a seriously and is being “vigor- Although many people dents involved in Engineers hydro-electric generator, which ously investigated,” Doak said. were shocked by the news of With a Mission traveled the is predicted to provide electric- “Three investigators are work- the burglary, Doak said it didn’t globe, using their skills to help ity for more than 60 homes. ing full time on the matter. We surprise him. “People think those in need. From install- “I enjoyed the children. take this personally, and we’re Baylor is immune,” he said, ing generators that provide They were so excited and pretty angry about it.” “but when there’s opportunity, electricity to remote villages wanted to do anything they A mass e-mail, sent shortly people take it.” in Honduras, to developing could to bring [the village] after the burglary, stated that The surveillance footage water purification systems for electricity,” said Spring senior some of the items taken in the of the suspect is available for schools in Rwanda, these stu- Diana Joseph, a member of the robbery included “cash and viewing on baylorlariat.com dents applied their engineering group. “It was cool to see dif- checks associated with business Anyone with information per- knowledge and hard work to ferent kinds of engineers unite transactions occurring earlier in taining to the burglary or the help meet basic needs in unde- together for a common goal. It the day at Tower offices.” individual in the video is en- veloped nations. brought to life the Bible verse Due to the various adminis- couraged to contact the Baylor Engineers with a Mission is that talks about being the ‘light trative offices housed in Clifton University Police Department a nonprofit student organiza- of the world.’”In addition to Robinson Tower, there were “an at (254) 710-2222. Callers may tion that was founded at Baylor the trip to Honduras this sum- undisclosed number of offices remain anonymous. in 2004 by Leah Richter, a Bay- mer, the group sent another violated throughout Robinson lor alumna. There are currently group of students to Rwanda 75 members in the organiza- on a second mission. tion. The students who traveled According to their mission to Rwanda worked closely statement, Engineers With a with an elementary and high Mission is “committed to train- school in a village called Mu- ing, mobilizing, and sending sanze. Their activities included engineers and engineering stu- calculating details needed to dents of all disciplines, for the lay pipelines for a well on the purpose of providing appropri- school grounds, and water pu- ate technical solutions and sup- rification efforts. port to the missions community Water purification was an serving in the underdeveloped important task, said Brian Fis- Courtesy PhotograPhs regions of the world.” cher, a senior from Phoenix, The organization has been AZ, because the people in Mu- (Top) Members from Engineers With A Mission and other work- making trips to Honduras for sanze were often not boiling ers haul a pipe that will aid the group in their water purification four years, said Greenville se- water for the amount of time efforts in Honduras. (Middle) Engineers work here in Waco at nior Greg Bond, president of necessary for purification. the World Hunger Relief Farm to utilize their skills and talents Engineers With a Mission. Thanks to the new system, in effective ways. (Above) A piece of pipe is laid in the ground In May, some members of Fischer said, the water used for by workers this summer in Honduras. Building pipelines to the group traveled to two Hon- cooking and drinking in the help with purification was an integral part of the Enginneers duran villages. In Danta Uno, school is now safe to consume, Courtesy of Baylor PoliCe DePartment With A Mission group’s plan in Honduras. the first village, students de- and the boiling process is no A currently unknown man that was caught on surveillance tape at Clif- voted their energy to installing ton Robinson Tower is the main suspect of Baylor University Police in piping that completed a gen- please see HELP, pg. 8 the theft of money and cashier’s checks from the tower.

Economists demystify link between health care, national debt by olga gladTsKov ball portance of thinking long-term important. financial decisions, the study of reporter in economic policy. “Business cycle fluctuations economics is much broader. “You enjoy that jelly dough- get all the press, but long-run Dr. James Henderson, Ben In the midst of the current eco- nut in the short-run, but the long- growth is a much more important Williams Professor of Econom- nomic situation, Baylor econo- run consequences if you keep determinant of our well-being ics, stated that economists treat mists discuss the misperceptions eating them are bad: weight collectively and as individuals,” the crisis like doctors treat a dis- that people form of the health gain, health problem, and a need Green said. ease and look at the symptoms. care policies that the government to buy new clothes,” Green said. Dr. Charles North, associate Henderson said the three major implements. “In the same way, the actions professor of economics, stressed symptoms of the crisis are eare Dr. Steve Green, professor and taken to improve the economy the importance of understanding spending too much money, not director of graduate programs in in the short-run in recent months economic terms and the defini- getting enough quality health- economics, stressed the impor- may well have bad long-run con- tion of economics. care and have problems with in- tance of understanding economic sequences. We’ve jeopardized “The biggest thing that hap- surance coverage. policy. our economy’s ability to allocate pens is that people think it’s While most people agree that “People seem to not under- savings to their most productive about certain subjects like the there are problems with the sys- stand just how large the deficits uses, and that can lead to consid- stock market or the Federal Re- tem, Henderson pointed to sev- are facing Social Security and erable reductions in our standard serve System, while most econo- eral beliefs as misconceptions. Medicare. The adjustments that of living in the future relative to mists feel that economics is about He said that you cannot cover will need to be made, whether what it could have been.” studying human choice,” North uninsured people and lower in terms of increased taxes or Although the policies that said. costs simultaneously. reduced benefits, will be huge,” media discuss focus on short- North explained that while Green said. term need, Green deems the economics is customarily ap- please see ECONOMICS, pg. 8 Green also stressed the im- long-term consequences as more plied to studying monetary or

VOL. 109 No. 2 www.BAYLORLARIAT.com © 2009, Baylor University THE BAYLOR LARIAT 2 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 OPINION Lariat Letters Steroids Mother of two praises Baylor’s BearBucks policy The Waco community in MLB welcomes back our BU stu- dents with all their youthful enthusiasm and investment in our economy! tarnish Bearbucks has always been a great and convenient way to help students with their food, grooming and image other necessities. I applaud Baylor for including the policy that the card be used only for alcohol-free establishments. Point According to the ‘Restriction on Bearbucks leaves few of dining options’ editorial in the Lariat on Aug. 24, the View statement that the current rule does not allow for responsible decision-making BY MEGAN DURON is questionable. Students can still pay for their own drink if they choose to. An option could be to We live in a society that is allow Bearbucks in these obsessed with instant perfor- restaurants also, but disable mance enhancement. Hanker- the purchase of alcohol with ing everything from caffeine to the card. As a parent of two Rogaine our society screams, seniors, and one future Bear, “fix me now.” So what do I would like to know that baseball players do when they my money is being used want to instantly improve their responsibly. game? Many turn to steroids. The editor also compares Naturally this brings up Bearbucks to Aggiebucks the ongoing debate: Should we and Frogbucks, but are not accept steroid use in sports, these differences some of the specifically Major League Patience for presidential search reasons we choose to send Baseball? I believe that steroid our child to a university use should be banned from Editorial in terms of unifying the Baylor Why the board would choose best interest that the search that upholds her Christian the Major Leagues and players community—a characteristic to bestow that kind of ill-fated committee not rush the process. mission? who test positive for illegal that previous Baylor presidents leadership on our university can By taking the time to hold It’s true that Waco res- It seems that Baylor has fi- drug use should be suspended Robert Sloan and Lilley did not be seen as a result of its rather listening sessions last semester taurants will have decisions nally gotten the message—slow or sent to serve time in the Mi- have. hasty decision-making. with faculty, staff, students, to make about accepting and steady wins the race. nors. The use of performance- The controversies that char- While Lilley boosted the community leaders and Baylor Bearbucks; they are also cur- That is, at least, as far as enhancing drugs has tainted acterized the Sloan administra- university’s image in some alumni across the state, the com- rently deciding on another presidential searches go. the sanctity of the game. tion over his leadership efforts respects, there was also the mittee will be better equipped upcoming ordinance - the Since the firing of President First off, let’s look at and vision for the university branding debate and the tenure to find president who fits not smoke-free policy. John Lilley in the summer of this from a moral aspect. If that led to his eventual resigna- denials, both of which culminat- only the needs of a select few, Hence, considering all 2008, the university has been someone gets an A on a test, tion still cause unspoken feuds ed into the board’s ultimate loss but the entire university. the repercussions that drink- through many ups and downs, but they are caught cheating among different factions today. of confidence in Lilley’s ability With the development of the ing has on our students, won awards and competitions on it, they will not typically be Sloan announced his resigna- to bring together university presidential prospectus over I strongly support the and garnered a spot in national allowed to keep the A, nor are tion in January 2005, though it constituencies. the summer, which outlines a administration in its decision news on more than one occasion they going to receive recogni- didn’t go into effect until the After barely two years of specific prototype for the next to control the places where and all without a permanent tion for their unfair grade. The end of that spring semester. actively serving as president, president, the committee has Bearbucks may be redeemed. president in place. illegal use of steroids is not Dr. William Underwood began the regents ousted him. Though identified not only crucial quali- Last year at this time, the much different. It gives players his term as interim president they offered to let Lilley com- ties for the next president to Venitha Rajaratnam university was welcoming Dr. an unfair advantage above the in June 2005, and the Board of plete most of the two and a half possess, but also key elements Dietetics/ Dec. ‘98 David Garland as interim presi- honest, hard-working players. Regents voted unanimously to years remaining on his contract that better help us understand dent. Though this may make it Baseball is about as Ameri- instate Lilley as president in so the university could gradual- our identity as a university. seem as though we have been can as apple pie. Fans not only November of that same year. ly transition to a new president, The committee has the spe- virtually immobile as a univer- respect the game, but the play- This was, to many, a rash and Lilley refused, immediately cific task of putting into place sity for more than a year, the Opinion Policy ers too. Players should be held insensible decision. What the leaving us at a sudden loss. the best possible candidate for university is using a thorough to a certain standard. It is what university needed was a peace- Had the search committee, the job. This is a responsibil- and sensible method to ensure The Baylor Lariat wel- they’re getting paid an average maker to come in and get the in the beginning, taken more ity made easier by qualitative, that we find the best president comes reader viewpoints of $3 million a year to do. university back on its feet. What time to investigate the possible deliberative efforts at scouring through letters to the edi- possible. Second, fans cannot look it got was a president incapable ramifications of hiring a presi- the nation for the person who tor and guest columns. Taking time to plan, assess, back at the epic home run of reunification who ended up dent with a rocky track record will serve us best. And if that Opinions expressed in the and then execute will undoubt- battle between Mark McGwire further alienating members of of leadership, we might have takes a little time, we should be Lariat are not necessarily edly lead to a wiser decision and Sammy Sosa the way they the Baylor community. ended up with the right person willing to wait. those of the Baylor admin- than in previous years. With a would have if both players The board chose a president for the job long ago. While we don’t advocate istration, the Baylor Board past tarnished by years of inter- hadn’t tested positive for ste- already in a compromising Although we still haven’t keeping the university in an of Regents or the Student nal strife and squabbling, this Publications Board. Let- roid use. Baseball is no longer situation in his current col- named a president, we are not uncertain balance, it is time university could certainly use a ters to the editor should seen as a raw, pure sport, but lege, University of Nevada, in the same spot we were a for the university to heal from little peace. include the writer’s as a game in which players Reno. Faculty members there year ago. Great lengths have some of the wounds inflicted by The ability and willingness name, major, graduation are falsely setting records and complained of low morale and been taken to define the kind of years of division and bickering. to be transparent and open to year, phone number and competing at a whole new division within the university leader that will be the best fit for Patience will undoubtedly pay input is a non-negotiable char- student identification level. at the time of Lilley’s departure. Baylor. It is in the university’s off in the end. acteristic of the future president number. Non-student Third, liver damage is writers should include one of the most common side their address. Letters that effects of steroid use, and last focus on an issue affecting time I checked the liver was a students or faculty may pretty vital organ. According be considered for a guest to research done by Medical column at the editor’s News Today, serious liver Meaning of Ramadan lies in sacrifice discretion. All submis- toxicity can begin after only 12 sions become the property Ramadan: You either know lims will tell you that, despite of The Baylor Lariat. The weeks of steroid use. what it is, have heard about their lack of nourishment, they Lariat reserves the right to Besides liver damage, it in passing or are not quite feel more alive during Ramadan. edit letters for grammar, research shows that intense culturally fit to graduate and Former NBA player Hakeem length, libel and style. Let- cholesterol increase can occur be out in the real world. Point of Abdul Olajuwon, who fasted ters should be e-mailed to as a result of steroid use, put- For those who have never during his intense basketball [email protected] ting players at a higher risk for heard of it, or even those who practices, once said, “I find my- or mailed to The Baylor a heart attack or heart disease. Lariat, One Bear Place want to know more, here’s a self full of energy, explosive, and Aside from the ethical reasons View #97330, Waco, TX 76798- quick “Ramadan for Dum- when I break the fast at sunset, that prove the ignorance of 7330. mies guide,” which, contrary the taste of water is so precious.” those using this drug, the to its title, does not make you Whenever I feel hunger dur- medical reason should chal- BY SARAh RAfiqUE a dummy for reading it. ing Ramadan, I remember that lenge players to abstain. Ramadan occurs during at least I know I will have a deli- Last but certainly not least Corrections Policy the ninth month of the Islamic Ramadan isn’t to kill you, so if tant than “I have to thank God cious meal waiting for me once is the Cooperstown contro- The Baylor Lariat is lunar calendar, when the Prophet you’re sick or on medication, go for the life he has given me,” or the sun goes down. It is then that versy. Since the discovery of committed to ensuring Muhammad, peace be upon him, ahead and pop those pills. God ”I have to pray that God will pro- I believe Muslims truly appreci- steroid use in the Majors, the fair and accurate reporting received revelation of the Qur’an will forgive you. tect those who are suffering so ate the gift of life, the mercy of Hall of Fame debate has put a and will correct errors of from God through the Angel But, in all seriousness, Rama- they are at peace.” God and desire to be selfless. weight on the game. Players substance on Page 2. Cor- Gabriel. dan is more than just denying During this time, Muslims I spent last Ramadan in who originally were shoo-in rections can be submitted It is one of the five pillars your body the food and water it try to do as much good as pos- Egypt, a third-world country. for the Hall of Fame are now to the editor by sending an of Islam, when Muslims are needs to survive. Muslims who sible, not only denying the body As the call to prayer echoed under major scrutiny for the e-mail to Lariat_letters@ required to fast from sunrise to don’t normally pray five times nourishment, but other selfish throughout Cairo at dusk, I recognition they believe they baylor.edu or by calling sunset, not only abstaining from a day, which is another pillar needs. They will do more to stop would see children digging deserve. 254-710-4099. food, but also drink — and I’m of Islam, try to step away from their incessant backbiting, donate through trash, desperate for So, I bring up all of this talking no water to satisfy that Facebook for 10 minutes, or awk- to charity and greet every person scraps of food. But, even their to bring us back to the topic parched mouth of yours until the wardly whip out their prayer rug they encounter with a pleasant treasure of trash isn’t enough to at hand: should players be sun goes down. And, if you’re a while at school or work in hopes smile. Islam is a lifestyle, and satisfy their empty bellies. allowed to take performance- gum chewer like me, it’s time to of building a closer relationship Ramadan is meant to reflect that. I would encourage everyone, enhancing drugs to improve kick the habit. with God. As with most beliefs, each believer or non-believer, to fast their game? I say no. There are, of course, excep- The busy lifestyles of Ameri- Muslim’s experience with Ra- for a day. It’s truly the best way It’s one thing for players tions. It would be unwise for a cans make it difficult for people madan is different. For me, it is a to exhibit self-control, experience to do stupid things on their pregnant woman to deny her to constantly focus on their faith, time to reflect on the religion that the suffering that others face and own time, but when they taint child the nourishment it needs regardless of what they believe. I practice, question my faith and, be humbled by what you have. the purity of the game, that’s for survival. Likewise, milk “I have to finish that paper,” or of course, starve to death. Sarah Rafique is a senior jour- another ballpark, so to speak. does the body good if you’re a “I can’t miss tonight’s episode of Well, I’m kidding about that nalism major from Georgetown and These players lose the respect growing child. And, the point of The Office,” become more impor- last part. Actually, many Mus- Lariat copy desk chief. of fans as one-by-one they either confess or are found out.

I believe we need to keep the Editor-in-chief Liz Foreman* Copy desk chief Sarah Rafique Staff writers Megan Keyser Advertising sales Aaron Fitzgerald game the way it was intended: City editor Sommer Ingram* Editorial cartoonist Claire Taylor Laura Remson Courtney Whitehead pure and simple. Opinion editor Brittany Hardy* Sports editor Justin Baer Photo editor Jed Dean Delivery Lauren Gotcher Megan Duron is a senior jour- News editor Nick Dean* Sports writers Chris Derrett Photographers Shanna Taylor Nicole Abril nalism major from Flower Mound Entertainment editor Ash Anderson* Kevin Tamer Sarah Groman Randy Meinke and Lariat copy editor. Web editor Daniel Cervera Copy editor Megan Duron Kelsey McCarty Bryan DeVries Please Recycle Multimedia Producer Stephen Jablonski Staff writers Adeola Aro Advertising sales Ashley Morris * denotes editorial Asst. city editor Jessica Acklen Trent Goldston board member this issue

www.BAYLORLARIAT.com © 2009, Baylor University THE BAYLOR LARIAT NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 3

Applications for Student Govern- BEAR BRIEFS ment office will be available begin- ning Thursday, September 3, on the Kinky returns to Texas governor race 1st floor of the Bill Daniel Student The International Justice Mis- Center, or online at www.baylor. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Texas Assessment of Knowledge Others in the Democratic sion will be showing the Movie edu/sg/elections. Applictaions are and Skills standardized testing primary fi eld are former ambas- ‘Taken’ from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight to due by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept 8, AUSTIN — Humorist and for public school students. He sador Tom Schieffer, former agri- raise awareness about human traf- in the Student Governnent office. author Kinky Friedman says he’s said there are too many toll roads commissioner candidate ficking in Baylor Sciences Building running for governor again, this in Texas and that he would prefer Hank Gilbert and therapist Mark rom D 109. To submit a bear brief, e-mail time as a Democrat. to pay for roads with tax revenue Thompson. [email protected]. Friedman, in an interview The Baylor Transfer Council will from legalized casinos in certain On the Republican side, be hosting a bowling kick-off at 7 with The Associated Press on the parts of the state, such as Galves- heavyweights Perry and U.S. p.m. tonight in the Bear Cave or the eve of his formal announcement, ton. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison are basement of the Bill Daniel Stu- described himself as a “true pop- Friedman said he’s planning a squaring off. Party activist Debra dent Center. This event will provide ulist.” He said he’s offering Dem- fundraiser with Willie Nelson lat- Medina also is in the race. free bowling for new students that CONTACT US ocrats a new, winning model, er this month and that he hopes “I look around and I think, I’m transferred to Baylor. noting that the last Democrat to ASSOCIATED PRESS to raise money from thousands the only true man of the people in Editor 710-4099 hold the Texas governorship was of supporters online, like he did the race,” Friedman said. “I’m of- Humorist and author Kinky Fried- The Baylor Riding Association Newsroom 710-1712 Ann Richards in the early 1990s. when he ran as an independent fering the Democrats a new mod- man is shown in Austin. Friedman is holding an interest meeting at 6 Sports 710-6357 Friedman planned to make in 2006. That year Republican el and it’s to run on ideas, not on said he’s running for governor, this p.m. tonight in the Cowden Room Entertainment 710-7228 his announcement offi cial in a Rick Perry won, and Friedman demographics.” time as a Democrat. of the Bill Daniel Student Center. Advertising 710-3407 series of interviews Tuesday, but was fourth. Friedman said the last time described his plans to the AP on “It’s really time for Texas to he ran for governor he got more Monday. teachers a $3,000 across-the- secede from Rick Perry,” Fried- than 70,000 individual contribu- He said he wants to give board pay raise and get rid of the man said. tions on his Web site. Patagonia allows experience for students TRENT GOLDSTON STAFF WRITER

This semester, students in the Baylor Masters of Business Ad- ministration program have the opportunity to work with out- door clothing giant, Patagonia, in conjunction with the MBA Focus Firm Project. During the next 15 weeks, stu- dents tackle real-world business situations, work on company- mandated projects and develop project perspectives. Patagonia, which has been in business for 30 years, is headquartered in Ven- tura, Calif. According to Cynthia J. - son, director of communications & marketing for the Hankamer School of Business, this program is a unique opportunity for stu- dents to really get involved and gain tangible experience, said Jackson. First launched in the fall of 1997, the Focus Firm Project has allowed students to work with companies such as Continental Airlines, Hewlett Packard, 3M and Dell. Laurie Wilson, director of graduate business programs, said this semester will provide students with the prospect of be- ing a part of an actively function- ing company. “Students will be working on an issue that the company has identifi ed,” Wilson said. “This semester we will be looking into organizational behavior and inte- rior functions rather than exterior ones.” This is a required course within the MBA program, and there are currently 13 students in- volved in the Focus Firm. Ryan Schroeder, a Plano graduate student in the program, worked with AT&T in the Focus Firm program last semester. “We took two trips to Dallas to see AT&T headquarters. We got to meet the CEO of the ninth most powerful company in the ,” Schroeder said. “I gained insight into how the cor- porate world operates. It was an experience to get to meet all the higher-ups and executives in the company.” AT&T had them tackle the company’s loss of business in the youth market to other compa- nies like Verizon. Schroeder said he was part of a team of Baylor students that worked toward ex- ploring the youth market by do- ing a lot of research. “We had six different groups, and they all had a different fo- cus. [My group] conducted sur- veys across Baylor and Waco and received over 200 responses,” Schroeder said. “We had assump- tions and many of them changed. We did grow a lot through the life cycle of the experience.” Schroeder said that they had constant updates from the senior marketing director at AT&T and that it made the students feel more in touch with the company. According to the Baylor MBA program Web site, this program defeats the concept of going over past cases and running through simulations. The end result of the project will be the students pre- senting their analysis and solu- tions to the executives of Patago- nia. In the past, students have provided insight into everything from potential mergers and ac- quisitions to strategies for imple- menting new technology. THE BAYLOR LARIAT 4 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 NEWS Freshmen Retreat helps integrate college, faith alyssa mEndEz can relax and get to know other sessions that will take place at this retreat in such a way that it comfortable in, you know, being staff decided to move to Pine rePorter freshmen, but I really hope they Freshman Retreat. would help students to see what authentic about who they are, Cove Christian Camps. can get energized about their Within these sessions stu- would it look like for me to take and hopefully figuring out a lit- “Pine Cove Christian Camps Just three weeks into the se- faith,” said Kristen Richardson, dents will learn about things my faith and develop my faith tle bit better, discerning whether is a ministry that, for over 40 mester, freshmen will have an associate chaplain and director such as journaling, physical while I’m in my college years,” that’s the next step for me,” years, has sought to glorify God opportunity to attend Freshman for formation and Baptist Stu- wellness, identity, the church, Mack said. Mack said. through Christian camping,” Retreat, which helps students in- dent Ministries at the Spiritual serving in Waco and missions Mack has also been involved Freshmen that come through said the Pine Cove’s Web site. tegrate faith and college, become Life Center. opportunities. in planning the retreat and pro- Baylor have had the opportunity “It’s a beautiful environ- connected with one another and Richardson has contributed Christopher Mack, coordi- moting it on campus. to participate in the retreat for ment,” Mack said. “It’s a lot eas- build their relationship with to planning Freshman Retreat, nator for off-campus ministries Staff at the Spiritual Life Cen- years. ier to connect and relax.” God. which has a theme of connect- in the Spiritual Life Center, has ter desire to see students take Mack explained that decades Around 30 Spiritual Life Cen- The Freshman Retreat, pro- ing with God in a student’s new been involved in planning the the next step on their spiritual ago Freshman Retreat was tied ter staff members will be attend- moted by the Bobo Baptist Stu- community. retreat and promoting it on cam- journey. in to Welcome Week and was ing Freshman Retreat and avail- dent Center, takes place Sept. 11 The two days will be filled pus. They understand that every- held a few miles from Waco in able to students throughout the and 12 at “The Shores” at Pine with time to learn, worship, con- He said that college is usu- one is in a different stage of their Latham Springs. year for guidance. Cove Christian Camps in Tyler. nect and play. ally a time when students take a Christian walk and everyone’s Going to Latham Springs had For more information about “It’s the perfect time to kind Upward, inward and out- break from their faith or take a next step will be different. been a tradition, but after feed- opportunities to get involved at of get away, maybe refocus, take ward categorize three parts of step back. “We want to create an envi- back from students two years the Spiritual Life Center, visit a deep breath and hopefully they the Christian faith and the three “We were trying to structure ronment where they would feel ago, the Spiritual Life Center www.baylor.edu/spirituallife. Japanese opponent clambers to assemble transition team election,” said Aso,whose suc- sion of parliament that is expect- porate-centric economic model Eric TalmadgE cessor is expected to be named ed to be held in mid-September. to one that focuses on helping AssociAted Press in late September. “The most im- The task ahead for the Demo- people. portant thing is rejuvenating our crats is daunting. They have proposed an ex- TOKYO — Japan’s newly em- party.” Japan managed to climb out pensive array of initiatives: cash powered leader, Yukio Hatoyama, Although the nation gave of a yearlong recession in the sec- handouts to families and farm- rushed Monday to select Cabinet the Democrats a landslide win, ond quarter, but its economy re- ers, toll-free highways, a higher ministers and start making good most voters were seen as venting mains weak. Unemployment and minimum wage and tax cuts. The on promises to revive the world’s dissatisfaction with the Liberal anxiety over falling wages threat- estimated bill comes to 16.8 tril- second-largest economy after his Democratic Party and the status ens to undermine any recovery. lion yen ($179 billion) when fully party’s historic trouncing of the quo more than they were endors- The jobless rate has risen to a implemented starting in the 2013 ruling conservatives. ing the policies of the opposition. record 5.7 percent. After a rapid fiscal year. Hatoyama, who also has sig- The Liberal Democrats have succession of three administra- “The Democrats have a year naled he wants to redefine To- governed Japan for virtually all tions in three years, Japan is fac- to show results,” he added, not- kyo’s diplomacy to make it less of the past 54 years. ing its worst crisis of confidence ing next year’s elections are reliant on Washington, said in The Democrats will also face in decades. looming. a victory speech late Sunday an election next year for the less In the long-term it faces a bleak “The challenges we face are he would focus on a quick and powerful upper house of parlia- outlook if it isn’t able to figure many, but through our partner- AssociAted Press smooth transition and make a ment. out how to cope with a rapidly ship our two great democracies priority of choosing the nation’s They have controlled that Yukio Hatoyama, leader of Japan’s main opposition Democratic Party of aging and shrinking population. will meet them in a spirit of co- next finance minister. chamber with two smaller allies Japan, smiles while he is surrounded by red rosettes attached on victori- Government estimates predict operation and friendship,” Am- Prime Minister Taro Aso, con- since 2007, but if they fail to de- ous candidates’ names. the figure will drop to 115 million bassador John V. Roos said in a ceding defeat, said he would step liver quickly on their promises counted, but exit polls by all ma- the lower house of parliament. in 2030 and fall below 100 million statement Monday. down as president of the ruling the Liberal Democrats could re- jor media said Hatoyama’s Dem- That would easily be enough by the middle of the century. The Democrats first task will Liberal Democratic Party. surge. ocratic Party of Japan had won to ensure that he is installed as The Democrats’ solution is be to convince a skeptical public “I have no plan to run for re- Official results were still being more than 300 of the 480 seats in prime minister in a special ses- to move Japan away from a cor- that they can actually lead. THE BAYLOR LARIAT ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 5 ‘Taking Woodstock’ tries far too hard to be cool By Stephen JaBlonSki and no one ever wonders how happy beating local ruffians Martin was cast to play a role MultiMedia editor Elliott’s going to get out of this alongside Liev Schrieber as a that requires a lot of emotional caper or quell that inner conflict. former-marine-now-transvestite conflict. A title like “Taking Woodstock” The main divergence, a difficult (a hackneyed archetype)? And It could be argued that seems too assertive for a movie relationship with his parents, just Woodstock’s free-love theme isn’t Martin’s calm demeanor that ambles around a concert isn’t significant enough. bolstered by passing attempts at compliments a tranquil, feel- relocated to the Catskills. Why do Elliott looks at his parents as history with a Vietnam vet here good movie, but the dreary- we have to label anything, man? particularly devoid of emotion, and a quick reference to Nixon eyed, soft-spoken performances Why can’t we just let this movie yet as a good son he struggles there. Similarly, mentioning the invite one’s interest to drift be here and just live through its to keep their business afloat. To names Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, away. That feeling is sustained life? Man? attract commerce to his little town The Grateful Dead and The Who with a split-screen technique To get it out of the way, Ang in the Catskills, Elliott welcomes doesn’t make anyone forget that that provides an interesting Lee’s “Taking Woodstock” is Woodstock and the wave of they didn’t see any footage of and perspective in hippies the infamous festival of the concert or any attempt to movies like “Conversations with love attracts. materialize the music legends Other Women,” but in “Taking MOVIE REVIEW But there’s little worry that into Teichberg’s Woodstock. Woodstock” spreads interest Elliott will be okay or that his Admittedly, it is difficult not thin. relationship with his parents will to just go with it (man). There is Taking Woodstock meanders misleadingly billed as a . change him or them irreparably AssociAted Press a point where you can’t help but through its 84-minute runtime. Despite comedian Demetri because there is so little focus on Mamie Gummer, Jonathan Groff and Demetri Martin star in “Taking enjoy mother Teichberg (Imelda And though it provides moments Martin’s role as Elliott Teichberg any sort of discord. Woodstock,” a film centering on how the famous 1969 concert came Staunton) running around of interest invested in a few and Eugene Levy’s minor role A great deal of “Taking about. shaking a broom handle at naked psychedelic special effects and as farmer Max Yasgur, this is not Woodstock” floats along in hippies or hoarding her earnings good old-fashioned fun, Ang a comedy. It might not even be montages of immense crowds plain enjoying life. It’s almost like can only “be cool” for so long. like a squirrel stumbling on a Lee’s latest feature is too far right to call it a drama. flocking toward a (rarely seen) the movie slothfully says, “Just Why care about what has yet mother lode of nuts, but soon out from structure to keep his The major conflict of the movie stage in the middle of Yasgur’s stop worrying about the plot and to happen when throwing you come down from that sort of audience copasetic. isn’t consuming or suspenseful, it farmland, people dancing or be cool.” bags of money around solves performance and wonder why a doesn’t have the audience on edge prancing around naked and just The problem is that one problems or when dad seems deadpan comedian like Demetri Grade: C ’s ‘’ sequel offers few scares By andrew Munoz teenagers, backwoods farm-folk Laurie attempting to re-establish young child grew up to become of Zombie’s previous films themselves wishing they had Contributor with questionable morals and her day-to-day life while at the a mask-wearing psychopath (including his first Halloween spent their money on something violence so gruesome that Alex same time dealing with the incapable of any human ), I had high hopes for else when the familiar piano Two years ago DeLarge himself would cringe effects of post-traumatic stress emotion. this sequel. And, in some aspects, theme finally plays and the attempted to dive into the world in his seat. disorder. In the sequel, Zombie those hopes were met. credits roll onto the screen. of Halloween with the aim of Unfortunately, Zombie inter- Miss Strode is hounded by attempts to explain the why, Zombie’s dark humor, for After all, it is never a good “reinventing” famed psychopath rupts these necessary horror mo- flashbacks, nightmares and odd to very limited success. When example, is spot on as always thing when the scariest part of Michael Myers. ments with abstract visions that visions of the mother she never Michael’s methodology is finally and the combined acting of the movie is the possibility of a Where Zombie’s first film often involve a trotting white knew as the movie progresses. showcased, it is done in such Malcolm McDowell as an sequel. delved deep into Michael Myers’ horse and a ghostly Deborah Sadly, Zombie overuses an anticlimactic fashion that attention seeking Dr. Loomis In the end, Halloween II childhood and family life, Myers (Sheri Moon Zombie) en- these “mental breakdowns” so it completely fails to garner a and Scout Taylor-Compton as a leaves the majority of its viewers Halloween II brings us back to ticing Michael to continue his much – one “nightmare” lasted second thought and is instead mentally and physically scarred wanting something more, while extremely bloody work. nearly 20 minutes – that they just brushed off as another of the serve to give the the remainder simply wishes for MOVIE REVIEW Zombie’s movie centers on lose their effectiveness and often film’s many quirks. characters added depth that is less. the life of Laurie Strode (Scout end up leaving the audience too And again, the film finds beneficial to the movie. The film is most definitely Taylor-Compton), Michael confused to discern when the itself in a snag; the sheer It is also important to note not Zombie’s best work, a fact Myers’ sole relative, who visions and reality differentiate. outlandishness of the movie that Halloween II is very much that shows itself many times the sleepy town of Haddonfield survived after fleeing from her Halloween II also stumbles detracts far too much from the a Rob Zombie film, humor of the throughout the picture, but for a journey with the goal of older brother’s clutches when he when it comes to the story mood, often resulting in an darkest sort, gratuitous teenage fans should find the piece discovering why Michael acts escaped from a mental institution department. In Zombie’s first audience-wide round of laughter sexuality and brutal, over-the- an acceptable conclusion to the way he does and murders and embarked on a killing spree remake, the filmmaker decided as yet another unsuspecting, sex- top violence. Rob Zombie’s foray into John everyone who comes within 10 in the town of Haddonfield, to thoroughly cover Michael’s crazed teenager is brutalized to As such, the film is marketed Carpenter’s sandbox. feet of him. The trip is chock Ill. on Halloween night. In the childhood in detail, giving death for no apparent reason. to very specific audience, and a full of angsty and rebellious second film, we find a scarred audiences a reason for how the I will admit that, as a fan large number of patrons will find Grade: C+ Disney Co. to buy Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion By ryan nakaShiMa Four and the X-Men, were co- is stronger than the sum of its contrasts with Disney’s recent blockbusters, “Thor” and “The For example, “Spider-Man assoCiated Press created by the comic book legend parts.” successes among young women First Avenger: Captain Amer- 4,” set for release in 2011, is be- Stan Lee. For Marvel, Iger said being with such fare as “Hannah Mon- ica” in 2011, and income from ing made with Sony Corp.’s Co- LOS ANGELES — The Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger said in the Disney camp would mean tana” and the Jonas Brothers. DVD sales of those films likely lumbia Pictures; “Iron Man 2” Disney Co. is buying Marvel Marvel’s comic books, TV shows, better global distribution and bet- Marvel TV shows also already wouldn’t roll in until fiscal 2012. will be distributed by Viacom Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion movies and video games amount- ter relationships with retailers to account for 20 hours per week Disney said the boards of both Inc.’s Paramount Pictures next in cash and stock, bringing such ed to “a treasure trove of content.” sell its products. of programming on Disney’s re- companies have approved the year; and the upcoming “X-Men characters as Iron Man and Spi- Iger said the deal would bring Marvel Chairman Mort Han- cently rebranded, boy-focused transaction, but it will require Origins: Magneto” and “X-Men der-Man into the family of Mick- benefits like the ones Disney got del called Disney “a perfect home cable network, Disney XD, and an antitrust review and the ap- Origins: Wolverine 2,” both due ey Mouse and WALL-E. from buying “Toy Story” creator for our great collection of charac- that looks likely to increase, Iger proval of Marvel shareholders. in 2011, are to be distributed by Under the deal, which was an- Pixar Animation Studios Inc. for ters.” said. The shows are “right in the Although it began producing its News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox. nounced Monday and is expect- $7.4 billion in stock in 2006. One point of the deal is to wheelhouse for boys,” he said. own movies, starting with “Iron Iger said Pixar also had third- ed to close by the end of the year, “The acquisition of Marvel of- help Disney appeal to young men Analyst David Joyce of Miller Man” last year, Marvel has sever- party licensing agreements that Disney will acquire the rights to fers us a similar opportunity to who have flocked to theaters to Tabak & Co. noted that the $4 bil- al deals with other movie studios eventually expired, allowing the 5,000 Marvel characters. Many advance our strategy,” Iger said, see Marvel superheroes such as lion offer was at “full price.” that Disney said it will honor and companies to move forward to- of them, including the Fantastic and “to build a business that Iron Man in recent years. That Marvel is releasing two costly re-examine upon expiration. gether.


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Level: 1 2 3 4 EditedRACK by Rich Norris YOUR and Joyce Lewis BRAIN Find answers at www.baylorlariat.com McClatchy-Tribune Across defense gp. word that can precede pooch ACROSS 1 Wordsworth work 38 “Oh, be serious!” the starts of 17- and 32 Do sum work 1 Wordsworth work 5 Pipe organ knobs 40 Call __ day 61-Across and 11- and 33 First mate? 5 Pipe organ knobs 10 Calif. cop org. 41 Sports spots 28-Down 34 Streetcar cousin 10 Calif. cop org. 14 __ snuff 43 Like Paree, in song 36 Photographer’s Down 14 __ snuff 15 Birdie beater 44 Jam-pack request 1 Dark purple 15 Birdie beater 16 Ballerina’s bend 45 Captain’s superior 38 “The World Accord- 2 October gemstone Level: 16 Ballerina’s bend 17 Stealthy felon 46 Grab bag category: ing to __”: John Irving 1 2 3 4 3 James of jazz 17 Stealthy felon 19 Very small amount Abbr. novel 19 Very small 4 Art pieces that hang 20 Friend of Jerry and 47 Heart and soul 39 Cheyenne-to-Omaha amount from the ceiling George 48 Pie fruit direction 20 Friend of Jerry 5 Woos with song 21 Tonsillitis MD 50 So 42 “There’s __ like and George 6 Game with an “it” 22 McGregor of “Angels 52 Table salt, to a chem- home” 21 Tonsillitis MD 7 Stare at obviously & Demons” ist 44 Consistent money- 22 McGregor of 8 Herbs and shrubs 23 Anderson of “WKRP 54 Lupino of film maker “Angels & 9 Big name in mattress- in Cincinnati” 56 “Sleepless in Seattle” 46 Middle of the road Demons” es 23 Anderson of 25 Cannes cup director Nora 49 Picks up SOLUTION TO LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE 9/13/09 10 Watches secretly “WKRP in 27 Flamenco yell 60 __-Seltzer 51 Favorable times Complete the grid 11 Wedding party tyke Cincinnati” 29 Elementary school 61 Apartment building 52 Democrat’s donkey so each row, 12 Bread with tabbouleh 25 Cannes cup basics emergency exit designer column and 13 Martin of the Rat 3-by-3 box 27 Flamenco yell 31 Left ventricle outlet 63 Blueprint detail, 53 Chop House dog Pack (in bold borders) 29 Elementary 34 “__ Old Man”: kids’ briefly food maker 18 Family card game contains every school basics song 64 White-tie accompa- 55 Diva’s solo 31 Left ventricle 24 “Not likely!” digit, 1 to 9. 35 “Gloria in Excelsis nier 57 Sitarist Shankar For strategies on outlet 26 Nobelist Bellow __” 65 Finished 58 European auto how to solve 34 “__ Old Man”: 27 Butler’s love 8/30/09 36 The Greeks’ Helios, 66 Handy bag 59 Uncool sort SOLUTIONComplete TOthe LAST grid WEEK’S so each PUZZLE row, columnSudoku, and visit kids’ song 28 Boating safety fea- e.g. 67 Sidewinder, e.g. 62 Moose, to a Euro- 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) containsComplete the www.sudoku.org.ukevery grid 35 “Gloria in ture digit, 1 to 9. 37 Battle of Britain 68 Untamed, and pean © 2009 The Mephamso Group. each Distributed row, by Excelsis __” 30 Short-legged Welsh Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved. 36 The Greeks’ column and By Sharon E. Petersen 9/1/09 3-by-3 box Helios, e.g. (in bold borders) 37 Battle of Britain DOWN Monday’s Puzzle Solved contains every defense gp. 1 Dark purple digit, 1 to 9. 38 “Oh, be serious!” 2 October For strategies on 40 Call __ day gemstone how to solve 41 Sports spots 3 James of jazz Sudoku, visit 43 Like Paree, in 4 Art pieces that www.sudoku.org.uk song hang from the © 2009 The Mepham Group. Distributed by 44 Jam-pack ceiling Tribune Media Services. All rights reserved. 45 Captain’s superior 5 Woos with song 46 Grab bag 6 Game with an category: Abbr. “it” 47 Heart and soul 7 Stare at 48 Pie fruit obviously 50 So 8 Herbs and 52 Table salt, to a shrubs chemist 9 Big name in 54 Lupino of film mattresses 56 “Sleepless in 10 Watches Seattle” director secretly Nora 11 Wedding party 60 __-Seltzer tyke 61 Apartment 12 Bread with (c)2009 Tribune Media Services, Inc. 9/1/09 building tabbouleh emergency exit 13 Martin of the Rat 36 Photographer’s 49 Picks up 63 Blueprint detail, Pack request 51 Favorable briefly 18 Family card 38 “The World times 64 White-tie game According to __”: 52 Democrat’s accompanier 24 “Not likely!” John Irving donkey 65 Finished 26 Nobelist Bellow novel designer 66 Handy bag 27 Butler’s love 39 Cheyenne-to- 53 Chop House dog 67 Sidewinder, e.g. 28 Boating safety Omaha direction food maker 68 Untamed, and feature 42 “There’s __ like 55 Diva’s solo word that can 30 Short-legged home” 57 Sitarist Shankar precede the Welsh pooch 44 Consistent 58 European auto starts of 17- and 32 Do sum work moneymaker 59 Uncool sort 61-Across and 33 First mate? 46 Middle of the 62 Moose, to a 11- and 28-Down 34 Streetcar cousin road European THE BAYLOR LARIAT 6 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 SPORTS Fundraising deadline approaching for Victory with Integrity Campaign

Sarah Groman | Lariat Staff The Alwin O. and Dorothy Highers Athletic Complex, which opened in the spring, is one of the new facilities that has sprouted around campus as result of the Victory with Integrity campaign.

By Jessica Goodlett toward scholarships and capital states that Baylor has the some of SportS reporter projects. the finest, if not the finest, facili- Since the initiation of Victory ties in the Big 12. On Feb. 4, 2005, the Baylor with Integrity, there have been The success of the Victory with Board of Regents approved a many additions to the athletic Integrity campaign has made its campaign presented to them by program. A practice facility for way off the playing field and into athletic director Ian McCaw. The the men’s and women’s basket- the classroom. After opening the plan was straightforward: raise ball teams, an equestrian facility, Simpson Athletics and Academic $90 million for the athletics pro- an on-campus football practice Center last November, McCaw gram in five years. facility and Grant Teaff Plaza, says that it’s no coincidence that With six months remaining in which is an extension onto Floyd the athletic program averaged the Victory with Integrity Cam- Casey stadium have all been over a 3.0 GPA last year, which paign, donors have given $89.1 added. was the best academic year on million. McCaw is confident that “We’ve had overwhelming record. the money raised will surpass success with the capital projects,” Outside of Baylor, the cam- the original goal, and he hopes McCaw said. “Our donors have paign has made a positive im- to motivate those donors who been really enthusiastic about pact on the Waco community, are still holding onto their check- supporting them.” McCaw said. The construction books. After securing funds, the next projects presented job opportu- “Victory with Integrity has step is to build an indoor facility nities for members of McLennan been a great, great success for for the tennis teams and an on- County. According to the Baylor the athletic program,” McCaw campus track and field facility. 2012 vision, Baylor has served as said. “It has positioned Baylor The completion of these two cap- a resource for education and job athletics for great success for the ital projects will be the finishing opportunities. The Victory with future.” touches to the campaign. Integrity campaign is no differ- With its success, the fundrais- “It’s been inspiring what the ent. ers are hoping to exceed their donors have done,” Darnell said. “We’re grateful that when original goal. According to McCaw, these Baylor wins, Waco wins and “We still want to raise an- projects have given Baylor a when Waco wins, Baylor wins,” other $10 million,” said Rick competitive edge among other McCaw said of the relationship Darnell, Executive Director of schools. that Baylor has with Waco. Athletic Fundraising at Baylor. He believes they promote In McCaw’s eyes, the Victory Darnell also hopes to sup- pride among Baylor students, with Integrity program has been port endowment, annual giving alumni and fans, and proudly “an overwhelming success.” Sports Take: Last season’s record not indicative of team’s success

It was January 4, 2006, and the been rough to be a Bear for a long have gone either way. Perhaps University of Texas Longhorns time. But, in a way, I’m glad I got even more compelling are road had just beaten the University of that first experience out of the way games against Nebraska and, the Southern Trojans 41-38 because it was a scenario to be re- team that toppled Texas, Texas in a Rose Bowl contest that makes peated every Christmas break for Tech. Baylor lost by 12 points a good case to be considered one the next three years. The Bears to the Huskers in front of a Ne- of the greatest National Champi- would be done in November, and braska crowd that’s had every onship games of all time. I would again find myself in my game in Memorial Stadium sold The game was so close, in fact, high school buddy’s living room, out since 1962 and perhaps rep- that only when the final seconds mildly pulling for the Longhorns resents the entire population of ticked off the to win another bowl game. the state of Nebraska. The Bears game clock could In 2008, Baylor brought a led Tech 28-21 entering the fourth my Longhorn glimpse of light to its followers. quarter before the Baylor defense friends around The Bears won four games. That’s gave up two touchdowns in the me breathe a sigh not really much to brag about final 15 minutes. Both games of relief, extend and it wasn’t even as many wins showed Baylor wasn’t quite the their “hook’em as Baylor got in 2005. But at the pushover it used to be. horns” hand signs same time, those four wins, and Still, I don’t have any delu- to the heavens and even the eight losses, are reasons sions of grandeur. I’m not of a let the celebration begin. to believe that things are going mind that thinks the Bears are They were ecstatic, and they to be better for Bears everywhere going to upset Texas or Okla- had every reason to be. After go- this year and in years to come. homa, or even Oklahoma State. ing to high school together we Baylor didn’t just win four Any other team in the Big 12 is were now all freshmen in college, games, we blew past teams by fair game though and even those and there are few better ways margins that would make the three teams should look to get to start off a collegiate career Grand Canyon look like a crack better games than they’re ac- than with a national champion- in the pavement. Some would customed to when they play the ship. Life was good for the Texas say that the teams we beat just Bears. Longhorns. However, life for the weren’t that good, and they My Longhorn friends don’t Baylor Bears was a much differ- would be right. Northwestern believe me. “You know Joe,” they ent story. State, Washington State, Iowa say. “You go to UT now. It’s ok if As a Baylor student, my foot- State and Texas A&M aren’t ex- you want to switch over and pull ball season had been over since actly powerhouses of college for a winning team.” November and, while I was hap- football. Though I did relish en- Even as I am now at grad py for my friends from UT, my tering the fourth quarter leading school at UT with burnt orange excitement was decidedly more the Aggies 41-7, it’s actually some all around me I remain resolute. measured than theirs. of the losses that compel me to “No thanks,” I tell them. “I’m Certainly I am not the first think 2009 will be Baylor’s break- already going to be pulling for Bear to be in such a situation. out year. one this year, and I’ll be wearing Baylor has not been to a bowl Baylor lost two games, to na- green and gold.” game since 1994, before the in- tionally ranked on Joe Holloway is a former Lariat ception of the Big 12, back in the the road and Missouri, by three- sports writer and Baylor graduate days of the now defunct South- point margins. Both of those currently enrolled in the University west Conference. games came down to final Baylor of Texas School of Journalism gradu- It’s rough being a Bear. It has drives that sputtered and could ate school program THE BAYLOR LARIAT SPORTS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 7 Soccer team battling for Big 12 respect BY CHRIS DERRETT “I’m really excited about the play held opponents to 22 goals Before taking the fi eld Jobson SPORTS WRITER depth these kids are providing, in 18 games, shutting out the No. sends her own message to the and I’m excited about the future 8-ranked University of Texas to Baylor women. Everyone on the When women’s soccer head of this program as these kids con- fi nish the 2008 season. Austin fi eld, from Smith on one end to coach Marci Jobson looks at her tinue to get better,” Jobson said. sophomore sweeper Staz Salinas Quintana on the other, knows the team’s 2008 season record, 5-10-3 Last year Baylor struggled on anchored the unit that also shut- team has the power to change the overall and 1-6-2 conference, she the offensive side where oppo- out six other opponents on the program. remains far from panicked. The nents outshot it 278-174 and the year. “Last year we needed to fi rst record actually looks familiar to team’s two goals in Big 12 games “I think this year we have a lot teach the team a competitive, Jobson, but if her past is any indi- ranked last. Junior Lotto Smith of youth in our defensive line,” hard-nosed mentality,” Jobson cation of the future, the Bears can and freshmen Hanna Gilmore Jobson said, “I think they’re tal- said, “I think we’ve gotten the expect a successful 2009. and Dana Larsen will work to im- ented, though, and they will con- right mentality now and now Jobson’s fi rst season at North- prove goal production from the tinue to get better.” we’re starting to build on possess- ern Illinois University in 2005 forward position. The more experienced senior ing, keeping the ball more, and ended 5-11-2 overall. A year later “This is what you dream of, Nicky Smith joins Salinas on the working on team attack.” the Huskies reached the MAC making an impact,” Gilmore said back line as they battle a Big 12 As a member of the U.S.A. na- Tournament Championship of her contributions as a fresh- schedule with four, preseason tional team (2005-07) and a con- game, and in 2007 they fi nished man. “Coach told me all you can top-25 ranked foes. tributor to three NCAA tourna- 10-5-5 reaching the conference control is how hard you work, Between the pipes senior Gian- ment teams, Jobson knows how semifi nals. and that’s what puts you a step na Quintana returns after record- to win. Her players know how to SARAH GROMAN | LARIAT STAFF The second-year Baylor coach above.” ing a 1.07 GAA in the 18 games do the same, and in 2009 they can Albuquerque, N.M., junior Lucy Quintana battles for position against looks to bring the same kind of The forwards’ scoring oppor- she started in 2008. Her 79 career prove it. North Dakota State. The Bears tied the Bison 0-0. turnaround to Waco, leading a tunities rely heavily on the mid- saves rank third all-time at Bay- Bears still without loss team whose 19 returners welcome fi elders’ ability to create chances. lor behind former All-American 15 newcomers. Baylor’s steadily improving More aggressive play from mid- Dawn Greenhouse and former 9/4/09 at McNeese State Lake Charles, La. fi elder Lindsey Johnson and the All-Big 12 selection Ashley Noah. offensive effort and unwaver- rest of the midfi elders is some- In the season’s fi rst three ing defense gives it a solid 1-0-2 9/6/09 at Louisiana-Lafayette Lafayette, La. start to the 2009 season. After ty- thing Jobson stresses to boost this games Quintana split time with 9/11/09 at North Texas Denton, Texas year’s offense. redshirt sophomore Courtney ing Rice 1-1 in Houston the Bears “This year we’re more aggres- Seelhorst, shutting out Lamar came home to defeat Lamar 3-0 9/13/09 vs Louisville Waco, Texas sive and attacking minded,” John- University and North Dakota and tie North Dakota State 0-0. 9/20/09 at UTSA San Antonio, Jobson made offensive aggres- son said, “We’re trying to connect State University and holding Rice Texas more with the forwards.” to one goal. sion a key point in practice, and The fact that two of the Bears’ While Jobson looks forward to the team responded with 65 shots 9/25/09 vs Texas A&M Waco, Texas three starting forwards are fresh- the program’s future, this season through the fi rst three games. 9/27/09 vs Texas Waco, Texas men bodes well for the team’s fu- also depends on senior leader- The numbers speak volumes for ture. Together Gilmore and Larsen ship, which Jobson says each se- a team that totaled 174 shots in 10/2/09 at Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas already combine for 15 shots and nior provides in a different way. 2008. 10/4/09 vs Colorado Waco, Texas six points, and Jobson expects the “The great thing about our Of the three forwards project- rest of the 13 incoming freshmen senior class is that they lead by ed to start for the remainder of the 10/9/09 at Nebraska Lincoln, Neb. to provide solid minutes as either committee,” Jobson said, “Megan season, leads in points with two starters or off the bench. Humke is a very vocal leader, and goals and two assists. Larsen and 10/11/09 at Iowa State Ames, Iowa “[Gilmore and Larsen] add a Lara Doherty leads by her crush- Smith, who accompany Gilmore 10/16/09 vs Missouri Waco, Texas tremendous amount to our attack. ing tackles.” on the front line, each have a team As a coach you love the core you She also cited defender Nicky leading 13 shots. 10/18/09 vs Kansas Waco, Texas SARAH GROMAN | LARIAT STAFF started with, but you also love to Smith’s personality and on-fi eld The Bears spend the next two 10/23/09 vs Houston Baptist Waco, Texas Frisco freshman Chelsea Geller start recruiting your own class,” leadership from midfi elder Betsy weeks on the road before taking dribbles the ball against North Jobson said. Kyle and keeper Gianna Quin- on Louisville at Betty Lou Mays 10/25/09 at Oklahoma State Stillwater, Okla. Dakota State University. Defensively the Bears’ strong tana. Field on Sept. 13. 10/30/09 at Oklahoma Norman, Okla. Second-year coach places odds on playing Lotto

BY CHRIS DERRETT years before surrendering her told us about their jobs, and that Marci Jobson, Smith feels pres- SPORTS WRITER infuriating goal, Smith was no encouraged me more.” sure to lead the 13 incoming stranger to a soccer ball. When she is not working freshman but knows Coach Job- More than a decade has “I started at four. I didn’t en- on her degree or fi ring shots at son is fully committed to being passed since Lotto Smith’s joy being in the heat outside,” Betty Lou Mays Field, Smith’s there for them. “I think I have worst soccer memory, but her Smith said, “But my dad encour- routine resembles that of many more pressure to take the fresh- father still gives her a hard time aged me to keep playing.” Baylor students- spontaneous man under our wings. If they about it. He can do that now; it By the time Smith fi nished and relaxing. ever don’t work hard, we get is just another page out of the high school she had several of- On any given day students blamed,” Smith said. Baylor forward’s storied career. fers, as far as the University of may fi nd Smith at the SLC, Bay- Jobson expects Smith to an- The 10-year-old Smith, then Tennessee and as close to home lor Marina, and anywhere else chor the forward core that con- playing in a recreation league, as the University of Texas. people go to unwind. sists of two freshmen, Hanna gave up a goal in the second She picked Baylor, not only “I don’t get to do much out- Gilmore and Dana Larsen, and half. It brought the score to 10- to keep proximity while being side of soccer,” Smith said, “I like play a more active role in the 1, in her team’s favor, and ru- away from home, but also to to make road trips and do things team’s strategy this year. ined her day. springboard her ambitious ca- to calm myself down.” Last season Smith had three “I was crying and upset for reer aspirations. Smith never hesitates to have goals, an assist and 30 shots. the rest of the day,” Smith said. Smith majors in fashion de- a good time, even at the expense Through three games in 2009, “People on the other team were signing, and last summer her of friends and roommates. she has recorded a goal, and as- trying to cheer me up.” up close and personal visit with Just ask her roommate, who sist and 13 shots and remains on Since the debacle, Smith as- industry veterans cemented her found her retainer soaked with pace to shatter her 2008 num- cended through the ranks of SARAH GROMAN | LARIAT STAFF desire for such a career. pickle juice after Smith discov- bers. club soccer, Olympic Develop- “This past summer I went to ered how much her roommate Coach Jobson agrees. ment Program play and her Mc- Lotto Smith evades a defender against North Dakota State University Fri- New York and Montreal and got hates it. “I think our ability to possess Neil (Austin) High School team day night. Smith is a three-year starter and garnered second-team All-Big to meet designers,” Smith said, Entering her junior year and and keep the ball more is a lot before joining Baylor. Even 12 honors in 2008. “It gave me a wake up call. They second year with head coach better than last year,” she said.

CLASSIFIED (254) 710-3407 HOUSING and help build it. Wednesday activities (6:30-7:30), Sunday NOW LEASING FOR JANUARY School lesson (9-10), attend 2010. One BR / One Bath worship (10-11). $50 week. units. Walk to class! Clean, Call Dick Wooten, 772-5433. well-kept. Call 754-4834. MISCELLANEOUS EMPLOYMENT Machine Sewing Classes for YOUTH DIRECTOR Stonegate Beginners - Make easy projects Community Church seeks out- in class- - 800 Lake Air Dr. to work with small youth group Waco - (254) 741-6988 THE BAYLOR LARIAT NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 8 ECONOMICS from pg.1

“One serious misconception businesses will opt to drop their is that you can cover 46 million employees’ private insurance people and lower health care coverage and force them to use costs at the same time – the ad- the government plan. Beach ministration just has not fi gured This shift to the public op- out a way to pay for it,” he said. tion will also affect hospital bill- Another common miscon- ing because of the plan’s lower Bash ception in dealing with the eco- reimbursement rate. Hospitals nomics of health care is that care already compensate for the lower should be “free.” When asked Medicare rates by cost shifting Splash about health care and insurance and billing private plans at a problems, many people question higher rate. As more people are why the French and Canadian forced to use the government governments give their citizens plan, the hospitals will be forced Garland senior Kyle health care at no cost. to bill those left with a private Johnston scores a hit “Nothing is free—it is just plan even more. on his professor, Dr. a matter of how it is paid for,” Henderson said that his re- Byron Newberry, at a Henderson said. “The French and search shows that cost shifting dunking booth during Canadians are paying for their would go up another 10 percent, the 8th annual Engi- health care in the form of higher which would increase the premi- neering and Computer taxes.” ums of the private plan and cause Science Department’s The last major misconception more people to shift to the public Beach Bash, Monday, Aug. 31, 2009. in dealing with the reform that plan. As more people continued Henderson mentioned concerns to switch, the private companies HR 3200, the reform bill that is would enter what economists call before the House of Representa- a “death-spiral” and would most tives. Some believe that if the bill likely be slowly eliminated. SHANNA TAYLOR | LARIAT PHOTOGRAPHER is passed and one has satisfac- Henderson suggested that we tory insurance, one will be able cannot afford HR 3200. Obama’s to keep it. plan, if implemented, has a fed- “Sixty percent of Americans eral cost, state cost and employee get healthcare insurance through cost, on top of Medicare’s project- their employer. The new govern- ed unfunded debt of 50 trillion ment plan premiums are estimat- dollars over a Baylor student’s Students research together, look ed to be 25 percent lower than lifetime. private insurance plans,” Hen- “You think student loans are derson said. bad, this is one million dollars deeper into Waco water Since the government plan (per working person),” Hender- will have cheaper premiums, son said. BY ADDIE ARO [His] model was the type of mod- crayfi sh, manure, plant matter results from each experiment Henderson suggested that most STAFF WRITER el that I wanted to try to adapt for and fertilizer. would be shared with the right my class,” Harvill said. They hypothesized that ma- people. A group of former biology stu- The students spent the spring nure would provide optimal “ Because a lake is biological from pg. HELP 1 dents presented their preliminary working together, gathering re- growth of algae in the water. complex body of water, experi- research results on water quality, search and recording their re- They found, however, after ments like this help to contribute longer necessary. The group also els to be placed atop the farm’s Friday Aug 29 at Waco City Hall. sults. four weeks that crayfi sh gave to the community body of knowl- set out to design solar panels to chicken coops. Aside from being In the spring semester, Dr. Their topics ranged from bac- off the most nutrients, which in- edge. I assume this work will be provide alternative energy to a the site for the Engineers With a Marty Harvill, senior lecturer of teria growth to methane produc- creased algae growth. shared with Tom Conry, Water computer lab, but they were un- Mission projects, the World Hun- biology, decided to give more tion and how different variables “Our results surprised us, but Quality Adminstrator,” DuPuy able to complete it due to compli- ger Farm produces organic veg- undergraduate research experi- affected water quality at the Lake if we had more time maybe it said. cations with shipping materials. etables, milk, eggs, meat and pe- ence for his BIO 1106 lab course. Waco wetlands. would’ve been different,” Baqui Students also gained experi- Along with mission trips cans to sell locally, and practices He took his class of 48 students Harvill then selected the fi ve said. ence working on problem solving abroad, Engineers With a Mis- composting and drip irrigation and placed them into groups of experiments he felt were most Mayor Virginia DuPuy said skills , grant writing and design- sion exercises their efforts locally techniques. three. From there, 16 experiments relevant to the City of Waco and the students’ research and results ing a project on a set budget. through volunteer work with the “The farm is about sustain- were generated, with each group the Lake Waco Wetlands. far exceeded her expectations. Aside from the classroom , World Hunger Relief, Inc., locat- able agriculture,” faculty adviser responsible for coming up with Houston sophomore Alexeis “ One of the most encourag- Harvill hopes that through the ed in Elm Mott. Saturday,the PIT, Brian Thomas said the. “The goal their own questions, abstracts Baqui and San Antonio senior ing, meaningful things was to experiments the students also Project Implementation and Test- is to get interns who later go and data. Braden Wersonske were mem- see the work and high level of in- learned invaluable lessons in citi- ing crew, went to the World Hun- into the world and demonstrate Harvill got the idea to start up bers of one of the groups selected terest of the students. How they zenship. ger Farm to evaluate two projects what they have learned.” that the research program after 2008 to present to the mayor. went about it was so intriguing,” “I want them to be good citi- they have been developing. talks about being the ‘light of the Robert Foster Cherry Award win- Their project focused on the she said. “Also, the fact that they zens They could be sitting in the “Today we’re trying to get a world.’” ner, Dr. Stephen Davis, did simi- how different variables affected went home for the summer and city council board one day,and status update on where we are lar r esearch w ith his s tudents. the growth rate of algae in water. came back to present speaks vol- [they] won’t be afraid to address on the projects,” Bond said. “Last fall, Dr. Davis came to The group took common de- umes of personal discipline and the problems they see,” he said. The group is working on campus and taught a couple of caying matter found in the Lake integrity. “ building a model wind turbine classes, and I sat in on his class. Waco wetlands that included DuPuy also said that the that can be used in Third World countries, as well as solar -