2021 Curbside Brush & Loose Collection Guidelines Brush Week:

 Brush is defined as branches, hedge clippings, garden debris and . The City does not pick up grass, dirt, balls, or stumps at any time.

 Curbside collection of brush is scheduled on your garbage day during the first full, non-holiday week of the month from April through December. Brush weeks are underlined on the collection calendar.  Brush should be placed in paper biodegradable bags or bundled and tied. Bundles can be no longer than 4 feet in length and have branches no larger than 3 inches in diameter. Bags and bundles shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Do not place brush inside garbage or recycling carts for collection.  Place bags and bundles at least 3 feet away from the garbage and recycling carts on the terrace or driveway apron, no later than 7 am on the scheduled collection day. Do not obstruct the sidewalk.

Spring Cleanup:

Spring Cleanup is 3 consecutive weeks of brush collection, scheduled from April 26th to May 14th. Follow the same guidelines as the Brush Week collection above.

Fall Loose Leaf Collection:

 Fall Loose Leaf Collection runs for 5 consecutive weeks, starting October 18th and ending November 19th. Collection is scheduled for the day after your garbage day. Loose leaf col- lection weeks are noted by the boxes on the Sanitation Collection Calendar.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final Loose Leaf Collection Day Day Day Day Day Day Friday Garbage = Monday Loose Leaf Collection 10/18 10/25 11/01 11/08 11/15 Monday Garbage = Tuesday Loose Leaf Collection 10/19 10/26 11/02 11/09 11/16 Tuesday Garbage = Wednesday Loose Leaf Collection 10/20 10/27 11/03 11/10 11/17 Wednesday Garbage = Thursday Loose Leaf Collection 10/21 10/28 11/04 11/11 11/18 Thursday Garbage = Friday Loose Leaf Collection 10/22 10/29 11/05 11/12 11/19

 Place leaves loosely on the terrace, no bags or brush, no later than 7 am on the day after your scheduled garbage collection day. the leaves as close to the street as possible. Do not rake leaves into the street, the gutter line or over the sidewalk. Be mindful of obstructions, such as parked cars, mailboxes, fire hydrants and power poles. Do not mix brush, grass clippings, other materi- als, dirt, root balls, rocks or stumps with the leaves.

 Loose leaf collection may end any time due to weather or equipment issues. Scheduled Loose leaf collection will end November 19th.

Christmas Tree collection:

 Christmas tree collection will take place during 2 weeks in January. Check the City website for exact dates.  Place on the terrace or driveway apron, no later than 7 am on your scheduled garbage collection day. Artificial or flocked trees will NOT be collected.  Remove all decorations, and the tree stand. Trees must not be buried by snow. Trees must be removed from plastic bags.  Christmas wreaths, garland or swags that contain a metal frame should be placed in the garbage cart.

Brush, leaves and Christmas trees may also be taken to the City of Oshkosh Yard Waste Drop off Site. A permit is required. 6