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The Mirror 14 March-April 1992

The Mirror 14 March-April 1992

THE MIRROR The International Newspaper of the Dzog-chen Community Issue 14, March-April 1992 Around the World Losar at Merigar After a seven day retreat at Merigar from April 15 to 22, Norbu Rinpo­ che will start on the first leg of an Welcoming the Year of the Water international teaching tour that will continue for almost a year and take him across the world. After teaching engagements in Athens, Germany and Switzerland at the end of April and beginning of May, he will depart for Russia where he will be teaching for about two Course in traditional Tibetan months. medicine offered in Thimpu in From the middle of the summer, he September will be visiting the U.S.A., Canada, page 5 Japan, Singapore, Australia and South America. Details on the place Six thousand treasure vases and time of the April and May pacifying disease, famine and war teachings are given in greater detail. to be placed in strategic points pages 3 and 4 around the world page 15 Practice Great Britain "Wisdom and Compassion" A complete calendar of practices for exhibition to be held from special days for the year of the Water September to December 1992 Monkey, 1992 - 1993. page 16 The calendar is printed on the centre pages and thus easy to remove and keep for reference. prepared by Namidi ai Norbu for Losar (photo L. Graf) Russia pages 8 and 9 The problems and practice of a by W. Pedersen á E. Capello Year in Losar lasts from the decorated manes and tails. Russian Buddhist Losar began with the traditional new moon to the full moon. The first For us back in Merigar, after the page 10 flurry of activity a few weeks prior three days are spent with the close Ganapuja and the stories of Tibet, Kumar-Kumari totheactual day with mepreparation family, where the young people we hung the prayer flags and passed of the prayer flags. As the day drew serve the elders specially prepared a joyful afternoon with Rinpoche Argentina Rinpoche talks nearer, activities like a good cleaning food, including a sheep head mat is playing a rope game in the Gonpa Tashigar reports on their projects about his new Yantra Yoga text for of the house and Gonpa manifested for the children called "Kumar-Kumari". and the the day before we had a page 5 He has developed this special form challenging lesson in making of Yantra Yoga adapted to the khazas, the Tibetan fried dough France physical constitution of children and formed into elegant shapes. Rinpo­ Initiation to be given based on movement and sound. che demonstrated the technique and in August by the 12th Tai Sim The text, in Tibetan, will soon be made it appear to be effortless, but Rinpoche available in translation and in the for those of us with less skilled hands, page 5 meantime, Rinpoche will hold a the forming of these beautiful shapes course on Kumar-Kumari at Meri­ was not quite as proficient gar before leaving on his On the Wednesday night before New Zealand international teaching tour. Losar we had a practice of äie Long An invitation to visit the remote page 4 Tun and Naggonwith Rinpoche. On podocarp forest land of the the morning of Losar we all made Community our way to the Gonpa at around 6 page 6 A.S.I. A. a.m. to wash our feet and faces with the water that had been collecting Holland The Association for Solidarity in starlight during the night We then A Bulletin Board computer Hanging the prayer flags (photo L. Graf) Asia (A.S.I.A.) based in Rome is had a practice of Sanqod (a system to promote international launching an appeal to people of the purification with Cyprus smoke) and a symbol of good fortune. Rinpoche and just being together. Around 5 in communication between the Dzog-chen Community to become Lunta (a rimai to promote fortune stressed a bit the importance of mis the afternoon we went to the Communities subscriber members of A.S.I.A. in and prosperity and used to bless the relationship of the young to the older Capanonne for an evening of the page 14 order that the Association can be prayer flags) and the authenticaton members of the family. On the first Vajra Dance. of the Namkhas. At 11 a.m. we had day of Losar it is considered On Friday and Saturday morning approved as a non-governmental U.SA. organization by the Italian Ministry a Ganapuja. important to wear new clothing. we again did the practices of Sanqod Tsegyalgar appeals revoked of Foreign Affairs. After the Ganapuja, Rinpoche told Chang (barley beer) is served. The and Lunta. Rinpoche very patiently building permits Without this recognition, A.S.I.A. us about the traditional way Losar is prayer flags are hung. taught us a somewhat difficult page 5 will not be able to receive public celebrated in Tibet. There was a Then the festivities move out to in­ melody for these practices. On funds necessary to carry forward feeling of being transported to mis clude friends and community and Sunday morning we met again in the projects for schools and a distant land, and having the sensation there are games and races and the Gonpa for a practice of Australia hospital in Kham dogar and of the activities of the horse races, socialising. Rinpoche painted a Mandarava. Now everywhere in Some ideas for continuing to Galenteng. games, and intimate family times vibrant picture with his descripition Merigar the colorful prayer flags fly publish The Mirror of the horses and their brightly page 3 that are characteristic of the New sending blessings through the air. page 14

ISSUE 14 MARCH-APRIL 1992 2 The Dance of the Vajra by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

The Principle my commentary but we have not yet had tim e to practise iL I hopethat we TheDanceofthe Vajra is principally can do that one very soon a means to harmonize the energy of There are principally three sizes of each individual. the - large, medium and The nature of our energy is perfect small. In the small Mandala twelve from the beginning but with the aspects of the Dance provide greater In the original of the These dreams and these Teachings people can dance. In the medium, passage of time and div£rse and benefits than Yantra Yoga. Dzog-chen Teaching there is an can be found in the introduction to there can be twenty - four people often adverse circumstances it can These benefits can be developed by explanation that the Song of the the explanation of the Dance of the and the large one thirty - six people create disorders and disharmony all those who do the Dance. Vajra is the best way to find oneself Vajra in my book, "The Precious who dance, plus the musicians. and, on the physical level, may bring Obviously if someone is able to add in the state of contemplation. Light", a commentary on the tantra, The musicians have their own way sickness and mental unbalance. In a profounder knowledge to the This is very useful for someone who "The Dance of Liberation of the to make music and dance at the order to avoid this, it is very meaning of the Dance of the Vajra, has difficulties overcoming Beings of the Six Lokas into the Six same time. important to be able to coordinate then it will become the best means obstacles. In fact the aim is always Pure Dimensions." My text has been Unfortunately it isnoteasy atpresent and harmonize this energy. for integrating knowledge of the state that of reaching the state of total translated orally and recorded on to construct a large Mandala because In the Song and the Dance of the of contemplation. contemplation. cassettes and is available to those of the lack of space. Vajra, everything is important With this method it is possible to Thus with the Song and Dance of who are interested in transcribing it. At the moment, we have a small because the sounds produced by integrate our three existences of the Vajra, the practitioner integrates Mandala for the Dance of the Vajra each syllable represent theprincipal body, voice and mind. This the voice in the Song, the body in the in the Library at Merigar. centres of our Vajra body. integration is one of the most Dance and the mind in the state of The Mandala We also hope to paint a medium In the Song of the Vajra some important aims that a Dzog-chen contemplation. Mandala on the floor of the Gonpa. syllables are related to other similar practitioner should reach. In this way each individual integrates There are several people who can Then there is a small Mandala, out syllables or different syllables and his three existences in already dance not only the complete of doors, on the grounds of the thus serve as a link in harmonizing contemplation. form of the Dance of the Vajra quite Dzog-chen Community, Tashigar, the sounds. When we emit the sound The History Thus it is explained in the tantra of well, but also the Dance of the Three Argentina. of the syllables, we are putting into the Dzog-chen Teaching by various Vajras: A Hum. People are also making a small effect a way of harmonizing the In the Dzog-chen Teaching sound Masters who have applied the The Dance of Liberation of the Six MandalaatTsegyalgarintheU.S.A. vital energy which is connected to and movement are very important method of the Song and the Dance. Lokas which contains the six The Dzog-chen Community in our breathing. Some functions of because they are the means to inte­ This particular dance was created syllables Ah A Ha Sha Sa Ma is yet Milan is also trying to make a small the Dance of the Vajra are the same grate oneself into thé state of from some of the dreams I have had to be completed. Mandala on plastic or material that as those of Yantra Yoga but many contemplation. at different times. This dance is already explained in can be folded and is portable.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 The three Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche Mándalas Teaching Schedule 1992- x:::x:::x:::x:x:::x:x:::x:^ • : i This drawing • I shows the relative A- travet by Air T»travel by train dimensions of all 23 April Thür». Departure for Athens A three sizes of the 24 - 26 April Teaching Panayotis Stampo!*. Tel. 0030 1 2779112 Mandala for the Vajra Dance 29 April Wed, Departure for Germany A superimposed one 1 - 3 May Teaching on another. Martha Hetneh. Tel. 0049 7723 5362 • There are three 6 May Wed, Departure for Switzerland A sizes: small, 6- 10 May Teaching medium and large. Aline Wtnterburg. Tel. 0041 31 460 651 All the Mándalas 12 May Tues. Departure for Poland are painted in the 15 -17 Teaching colours of the five Alekander Skwara. Tel. 0048 42 516080 elements, green, 19 May Tues. Departure for Vilnius, Lithuania red, yellow, white 22* 24 May Teaching and blue. Antanas Danielius, Saitupto 47 69, Lithuania 232057. Tel.771375 In the small 27 May Wed. Departure for Riga, Latvia Mandala it is 29 - 31 May Teaching possible for twelve 3 June Teaching people to dance, in 5 - 7 June Teaching the medium Jgors Lazareus, Str.Lenina 62/3, Riga, Latvia Tel. 280910 twenty-four and in Jalena Kovalyeovâ, Lepju5/4,Riga 226016, Latvia Tel. 437343 the large thirty-six. 10 June Wed. Departure for Saint Petersburg Both the Dance of 11-23 June Teaching dates to be announced the Vajra and the Vladimir Montlevich, Se verni Prospect, House 6 Kor. Apt.. 168, Saint Dance of the Three Petersburg194354. Tel. 812/5531718 Vajras may be 24 JuneWed. Departure for Moscow T practised on these 25 June - 7 July Teaching dates to be announced Mándalas. Vladimir Makov, Str. Sovietskaya 14/7, Zheteznodorozhny, Moscow Region 143980. Tel home 095 5227052. Off. 2039196. Fax 9382077 (Drawing by Renata Nani) 6 July Wed Departure for A 10 -16 July Teaching Alexander Viaznikcvtsev. Tel 30122 3 09 02 19 July Sun. Departure for Moscow A 20 July Mon. Departure for Paris 23-26 July Teaching Harmony Between Body, Speech and Mind Peter Silverman. Tel. 1 455 33468 29 July Wed. Departure for New York, USA A by Prima Mai from "Surya...J*a Ra Ra". precise tempo and tone. We often 3 August Departure for Tsegyatgar, Conway In September 1990, Namkhai Nor­ From around 4 in the afternoon until danced six to eight times repeatedly 7- 16 August Teaching bu Rinpoche began to teachthe Vajra late in the evening, 10 to 20 and one of the first experiences for 21 August Fri. Return to Italy A Dance at Merigar. practitioners daily exercised their many people was a stronger feeling 19 October Departure for Vancouver, Canada of harmony between body, speech He taught the dance until the line steps. 23 - 25 October Teaching "Sambarata" of the Song of the Vajra As people became more familiar and mind. Peter Dimitrov, 305-11B06 B8th Avenue, Delta, B.C. V4C 3C5 and we were able to practise now with the steps, Rinpoche taught more One version of the Vajra Dance is 27 October Departure for Santa Fe, N. Mexico and again on the Mandala in the of the details, such as the body the Om Ah Hum dance, a very short 30 October - .1 November Teaching Capannone. movements in connection to the form of the Dance of the Vajra which Since the beginning of February, precise details of each step, the is easier to learn bee ause of the often 3 November Departure for San Francisco, CA 5- 9 November ; Teaching 1992, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche has movements of the arms and the repeated steps around the Mandala. come every afternoon to the Capan­ . Many people who were only here 12 November Departure for Hawaii none, where the Mandala is slowly Yeshi Namkhai composed and for a short time.were easily able to 14 -19 November Teaching disappearing after so muchuse. Now recorded the music of the Song of remember and experience this Susan Indien, 129 Kaetepulu Drive, Kaüua, Hawaii 96734 he has taught the last remaining steps the Vajra so that it corresponds to a practice. 23 November Departure for Tokyo, Japan 27 - 29 November Teaching 1 December Departure for Singapore A.S.I.A. Needs Your Support 4-6 December Teaching 7 December Departure for Sydney, Australia 11-20 December Teaching Representatives from the Shang A.S.I.A. wishes to launch this appeal done before the summer of 1992 23 December Dep. for Buenos Aires, Argentina are: Shung Institute and A.S.I A. together again and asks those wishing to 25 December Departure for Cordoba, Tashigar with Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche met become members to contact Meri- - preparing tha data bank of all the 27 Dec.*92 - 5 Jan/93 Teaching the Cultural Advisor at the Chinese gar,58031 GR, Italy, telephone0564 addresses of the people interested in Embassy in Rome to discuss the 966837 or A.S.I.A., Via della A.S.I.A. activities. In order to 25 January Departure for Lima, Peru 29 - 31 January Teaching projects in Tibet. Their talks were Nocetta, 65, Rome, Italy; telephone accomplish this we need some successful and paved the way for 06 626 1749. people who are able to work with 3 February ; Departure for Caracas, Venezuela fruitful communication in the fu­ Please respond to this appeal. EPC IBM compatible computer 6- 13 February Teaching ture. Without your participation, the equipment 16 February Departure for Marida In the last edition of The Mirror, it efforts and hard work of those We also need people to cooperate in 19 - 23 February Teaching was reported that in order for working for A.S.I.A. will be useless the following fields: 28 February Departure for Cumana A.S.I.A. to be approved as a and the projects cannot be carried - A person who knows of an office 7 March Departure for Caracas non-governmental organization by out These are projects to maintain for rent in Rome consisting of two 8 March Return to Rome, Italy the Italian Ministry of Foreign and support and rooms. ft is obvious this is a very strenuous itinerary so nothing sho..,-~ .>»> Affairs, there must be at least 50 much dedication and sacrifice on - Someone who is able to prepare programmed tor Rinpocheon the days when he is not teaching, bèca-iso regular subscriber members. The the part of many people have already a masterplan for our project in In­ he wi« need to rest on those days. been given to bring the projects to annual fee is Lit. 100.000 per year dia, as we did for Tibet. People who are Interested In attending any of these retreats should the point at which they are now. (approximately $90 U.S.). A.S.I.A. - An expert in fundraising contact the Organisers for further information and to confirm dates and asked all people interested in the Contribute your participation as a activities. locations etcas well asto let them loiow how many people to expect, For work of A.S.I.A. and the Tibetan member to help realize the aims of - A person in Rome to do the those wishing to 90 to countries that are in the « Soviet Union, tt « projects to become members. There A.S.I.A. secretarial activities in the future essential to contact Vladimir Mafcov in Moseow in order to request the were only a few replies to this appeal. The particular works that should be office. invitation that « necessary to apply tor a vtea.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 4 Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche Yantra Yoga "Union of the Sun and Moon"

Teaching Venues by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to the text entitled, "Union of the breathing of Yantra. Finally there is Rinpoche Sun and Moon" written by the great the Wave of the Vajra. Altogether Greece April 24th - 26th Yantra Yoga is a very general name Master and translator, . there are a hundred and eight for a practice combining breathing This text is about the teaching of movements and positions. and physical movement. This Yantra Yoga and how Vairocana This kind of Yantra Yoga comes teaching can be found in all the received its transmission directly from a very important and very old principal Anuttara or superior from Guru . tradition. Many years ago I had the in the path of transformation. Vairocana's text is made up of three possibility to learn this practice The principle of Yantra Yoga is to volumes. One of them discusses the directly from my uncle Toden and harmonize the energy of the benefits derived from the practice of from Gyurmed Gyatsen, son of the individual, in particular, the Yantra Yoga. This text is called Master Chanchub Dorje. relationship between body, mind '"Aphrang-sel", which means Consequently, I have written a and energy. For this reason, this overcoming obstacles. commentary on this Teaching based practice has become an important The type of Yantra that we apply on the notes I made during those part of the path of transformation. includes breathing techniques which years. Quite often we Find different types are divided into five fundamental This commentary in Tibetan has of Yantra Yoga. The Yantra which groups. Each method of breathing is been published by Shang-Shung we apply in the Dzog-chen subdivided into five principal Edizioni. However, the text does Teachings means movement. positions accompanied by a not present all the explanations of Sometimes Yantra can mean a movement which helps to develop the benefits one may receive through geometric form and in this sense it the breathing. the practice of Yantra Yoga. means obtaining knowledge and in There are also seven positions or This year I rewrote the commentary Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche will begin his teaching programme abroad for this way Yantra Yoga becomes a movements of the lotus which assist on Yantra Yoga to include the 1992 in Greece. Ehrring the retreat, lessons on the Vajra Dance and, if time means to be in the state. the capacity of the breathing (prana explanation of all the benefits permits, Yantra Yoga sessions for beginners will be given by Fabio When I first arrived in Italy, there ). Then there is the preparation derived from Yantra. This text, Andrico. was no knowledge of Yantra Yoga before doing the movements: five which Adriano Clemente is The location, Sounio, is 60 km from Athens and 48 km from Athens airport. and so I started to teach the form of loosening up movements of the translating into Italian, has already The "Belvedere Park Bungalow Hotel" where the retreat is taking place, is Yantra Yoga which we practise Zandul and the five of the Zig yon, been published in the Tibetan version 1000m from the famous temple of Neptune. The complex offers 90 today. then the eight m ovements which are in China, by a publishing house in bungalows, each with a private bathroom, refrigerators and veranda with a The origins of this Yantra go back fundamental in order to learn the Sichuan. wonderful . Among other facilities, the Belvedere complex offers a sea-water swimming pool. Prices per day are per person: $22 U.S. or Lit. 30.000 for double rooms, breakfast included. Kumar - Kumari Yantra Yoga $32 U.S. or Lit 40.000 for single rooms, breakfast included. Full board can be arranged on request at a cost of $ 19 U.S. or Lit. 25.000. but instead the breathing exercises Please let us know in advance. Half board is $11 U.S. or Lit 15.000perday. are replaced by sound. We already A participation fee in order to cover organisational costs has been set at $16 know that sound is the basis of U.S. or Lit. 20.000 per day. energy which has to be produced Sounio is very well-known and easy to find. From the airport one can take through breathing. Thus, by an orange bus there which stops across the coast avenue, Paraliaki leoforos. studying the characteristics of Paraliaki leoforos is quite close to the airport. Busses start early in the sound, we can invent a different morning and go until about 6 in the evening/every hour. You can obtain a way of breathing automatically, ticket in the bus for a small amount. according to needs. For additional- information contact: The sounds that I have used are Panayiotis Stambolis (English, Italian, French) tel. 0030 1 2779112 syllables that bring benefit and Lee Bray (English) tel. 0030 1 8320634 possess a certain power. When these Cristina Kokkinos (English) tel. 0030 1 9925866 From the book "Kumar-Kumari" (Drawing by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche) sounds are combined with rapid Alessandra (Italian) tel. 0030 1 9305411 movements, because children have Please let us know if you are coming as soon as possible. by Chôgyal Namkhai Norbu constitution is different to that of an to move more quickly than normal, Rinpoche adult's. But during growth, it is very the children can receive an enormous "Kumar- Kumari Yantra Yoga", important that children coordinate benefit. Germany May 1st - 3rd Yantra Yoga for children is a new their energy because this can help to This text has not been translated Yantra Yoga text which I wrote this reinforce growth. For this reason I yet. However, before I leave (for an The Germ anDzog-chen Community is happy to communicate that Namkhai year to help children apply Yantra have thought of a way of doing international teaching program), I Norbu Rinpoche will be visiting Germany. Teaching will begin at 15.00 on Yoga. The reason is not easy to Yantra based on the principles of will hold acourse of Kumar-Kum ari May 1. The place is theKamalashila-Instimt, Schloss Wachendorf, D-5353 understand but traditional Yantra Yantra Yoga of the Master Yantra Yoga for those people Mechernich/Eifel, tel. 02256-850. Yoga cannot be done by children Vairocana. interested. The course will also be Further information from Martha Heinen, tel. 07723-5362 or Stephanie from 5-6 up to 12-13 years because In this form of Yantra Yoga, there recorded on video and very soon Wagner, tel. 069-618721. their breathing and physical are no explanations on the breathing, will appear in a complete translation.

Switzerland May 8th - 10th Greek Community Prepares

The retreat of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche will take place at the Congress Hall of the Municipality in Kandersteg. The Dzog-chen Community of Telephone: (01) 9848488 related to the Teachings, and the ones that are necessary for practice K anders teg is a famous resort in the heart of the Bernese Alps and is easy Greece has elected a new gakyil: Katia Litridou in order to help make an archive for to reach from all parts of Switzerland and Europe, just 24 km from the big Blue Kidonion 75, Vironas 16231. the Community. We want to have motor- highway, yet quiet at this period of the early season. It lies on the Christine Cokkinos Telephone: (01)7651153 audio and video tapes, books, north-south railway Hamburg-Rome ( trains stop there). Omer ou 24, Argyroupolis,16454. Mostofthepeopleinthe Community magazines, newsletters, photo­ Lodging caan be provided on request ( first come, first serve) in double Telephone: (01)9925866 are busy helping in the necessary graphs, etc. available to all the rooms or dormitories. Stamatis Politis preparations for the visit ofNamkhai Norbu Rinpoche and the three day practitioners interested who have Immediately after the retreat there will be a Yantra Yoga seminar from May Same as above retreat in late April. received the transmission. 1 lth-12th given by Fabio Andrico. Red Special groups have been formed A tun book with Greek phonetics as Further information: Aline Winterberg, Schwarzenburgstrasse 6, CH - Panayiotis Stambolis and each is responsible for a specific well as a book of Collective 3007 Bern Telephone: 0041 31 46 06 51. Marinou Antypa 38, Neo Iraklio activity or project, for example, we Practices for Special Days in Greek Date Hour 14121, Greece want to organize the retreat in the are now ready to be printed. May 8th 14,00 Teaching in Tibetan language Telephone: (01)2779112 Sandra Svoronou best possible way by painting a During our meetings, always held 1930 Teaching Koumanoudi 1, Athens 11474. mandala for the Vajra Dance on a after a group practice, lots of very May 9th 10,00 Teaching Telephone: (01) 6437004 special type of canvas, and to also beautiful ideas manifest concerning 16,00 Teaching Yellow engage in some publishing activity. projects old and new, and we shall May 10th 10,00 Teaching Margarita Charalambaki Practitioners arc making lists of all send news as soon as they start to 16,00 Teaching Pondrosou 7, Amifithea 17564. the material in their possession materialize. May 12th Departure for Poland

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 5 Traditional Medicine in Thimpu, Bhutan Kalachakra Initiation in France With His Eminence the 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche by Barbara van Schalk baths and a massage room. on the response and content of the In April 1989 my husband, an The work in the original buildings, programme. From August 6th until August 28th, 1992 architect, and I came to work in devoted to the collection and The course would probably include Thimpu. preparation of local plants, etc., the following: Shortly after we arrived I became continues. 1. Introduction to Himalyan interested in Traditional (Tibetan) Unfortunately as this was the first Buddhism medicine and I began reading all I such proposal made to the Ministry, 2. History of gso-baRigpa (principle could from the books at the National much scepticism was shown. Medicine text) Institute of Traditional Medicine, Dr. Morisco now feels that with the 3. Embryology and Physiology then only two buildings. I also completion of the building complex 4. Diagnosis and Treatment learned a little Dzongka to enable it is time to try again to obtain 5. Materia Medica me to understand the Dungtshos Ministry approval. We feel that in 6. Meditation diagnosis. order to convince them there needs 7. Astrology and Last year I started working with the to be sufficient interest from 8. Acupuncture Co-ordinator, Dr. Paolo Morisco on foreigners to justify the launching 9. Yoga and Massage the proposal for setting up a three of this course. I am therefore writing It is anticipated that we will be month course in Traditional to ask for your help in reaching running fieldwork trips into the Medicine for non- Bhutañese, to be people interested in this subject, and mountains for plant identification based at the N.I.T.M in Thimpu. to ask them to write to me at this and collection. The Institute, which has been treating address, expressing their interest: The above costs cover the course the local people for many years has Barbara van Schalk and accomodation with breakfast FCO Calcutta (Bhutan), King enormous potential for developing and lunch. Airfares and evening Charles Street, London SWIA 2AH, and spreading the knowledge of meals are not included. G.B. or DHSP PO Box 448 traditional medicine. The recently We would be most grateful for any (Education), Thimpu, Bhutan. completed building complex, built help. I feel this is a wonderful The of the Tai Situpas is traced to one of the chief disciples of the The course would probably run from in traditional 'Bhutanese' style, opportunity to disseminate the Gotama Buddha, the . The current 12thTai Situpa was early September for about 12 weeks, houses consulting rooms for Medicine teachings in a culture born in 1954 in Palyu 1 District of the Derge K ingdom, to a fam ily of farm ers. and the cost would be approximately Dungtshos, dispensing rooms, where traditional medicine is seen He was recognised according to traditional methods and enthroned at $4500 US, but all this will depend bathrooms, bathrooms formedicinal as the accepted means of treatment. Palpung Monastery at the age of 18 months. In 1980 he made his first tour to Europe at the request of Buddhist organizations. Since, he has travelled widely in North America, Europe and South . In 1984 he founded Maitrya Institute, an organisation Tashigar's Projects for the Year based on the principle of multi discipline. He is the author of two books, We would like to inform you about Venezuela, Chile and Tsegyalgar on the house, the swimming pool, 'The WayToGo"and'". He is currently involved in the advancement our work of the last year, our projects asking for someone, but as yet no the mandala, etc. Karma Yoga was of interfaith and inter-cultural humanitarian efforts. for the coming year and the one is available. We are not able to organized to col lect numerous fru its Vajradharaling Center composition of the new gakyil. pay airfare or salary, only food and and to prepare them to be sold. There Domaine du Chateau d'Osmont On February 7th, the anniversary of lodging and a percentage of the was a good harvest this year and we Aubrey-le-Panthou, 61120 Vimoutiers, France. Tel: 33 39 00 44 the purchase of the land, we had a profit, if there is any. made delicious marmalades and meeting with all the members from The old gakyil reported on their liquours. Cordoba and elected the new gakyil. work: Yellow: The debts of the retreat The yellow gakyil: Blue: A retreat was organised every have been paidand abudget prepared Mysore Dzog-chen Monastery Luisa Duri, Betty Wirsch and Alicia month during 1991. Members from for 1992 of almost $4,000. This has Caballero. Buenos Aires and other cities were been supported by Cordoba and This in an excerptfrom a letter sent to Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche from Kaisa The red gakyil: involved. Translations of the retreat Buenos Aires with some help from Liisa Puonti.from Finland, who recently made a trip to and visited and some articles like "Milam" were the communities in Caracas and Ruben Garcia, Javier Alcaniz and the Dzog-chen monastery in Mysore, South India. Teresita Alcaniz. made and printed. There were also Merida. three newsletters sent to all the The blue gakyil: We are also studying the possibility The whole event at the (Dzog-chen) monastery was on a grand scale. They communities. Two practices were Jorge Stolkiner, Marisa Alonso and of building a gonpa and a house for had built a spacious gonpa, a study hall and a retreat center, all in Tibetan held per week ( one for newcomers) Jose Ramos. dark retreats. style. Since I was a day late, the inauguration ceremonies were already over. and Marisa taught Yantra Yoga We have not yet found a new gekos. Some members of the Community The monastery is on a hill overlooking the fields and villages. There are classes. The library of the gar was Ideally Tashigar needs a full time are involved in helping to organize more mountains in the west and rolling hills all around. The retreat center begun. gekos living there to implement the the visit of His Holiness the Dalai is a hundred meters down from the main buildings. There are small rooms projects we have in m ind. We have Red: A list of priorities was made to Cordoba on June 12th, in two stories and a shrine room in the middle. sent letters to Buenos Aires, and repairs are continuing to be made 1992. There were some 1500 monks from different monasteries in South India, lots of high , , including Lama Yeshe's reincarnation who really seemed to be a special little boy indeed, some 2000 Tibetans from the Notes from a Tsegyalgar Gakyil Meeting settlement and some 90 westerners. There was simultaneous translation by His Holiness's translator. Besides loudspeakers, the translation was also The meeting began happily with the Smith travelled to Indiato volunteer Planning Board to determine broadcast on FM radio waves: when you had on headphones, in one ear you news of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche's some time and their expertise. whether the road, regardless of could quite clearly hear the translation and with the other ear the visit to Tsegyalgar in August of this Verena to a refugee camp as a health status, can constitute frontage. The at the same time. year and the retreat scheduled for volunteer, and Jim to board is open to the idea. We will There were two initiations a day covering a set of ten from the Pure Vision August 7th to 16th. Namdak to help with some submit more information, a detailed teachings of the Fifth Dalai Lama. In addition we also had the initiation of There was a discussion about making construction projects. We sent analysis for the next meeting. This Dorje Trollo and White from the same series, a long life practice for mailings more timely so people are $200.00 with Verena for medical is a general statement of our His Holiness, two ganapujas and a public meeting! not receiving news too late. There supplies. intentions, a good faith gesture. We One day I sat next to a young monk, maybe 16-17 or so, from the Sera will also be a phone tree put together Also, along these lines, people are have appealed the Buckland Zoning monastery. He had fled from Tibet in 1989. He had spent some time in for people farther away than the needed to help with the restoration Board's decision to revoke our Dharamsala and then had come South. He wanted to be a translator. Ke immediate locale, but close enough of the library at Merigar where the Building Permits. The Town of already knew Tibetan, Chinese and some English, so he actually has a to travel for a week-end. If anyone many precious Tibetan texts are Buckland is trying to decide if they chance to become one. has a Fax available, this could also kept A general fund for the purpose will pay for the Zoning Board's To become a translator seems to be the realisation of monkhood for those be added to the Tsegyalgar mailing would make it possible for a variety defense. We are taking action in who are inclined to study. Unfortunately English is not taught at that list. Please send to Sara Renner of people to contribute their time, Land Court to have a date set for monastery, only religious studies. At the Dzog-chen monastery they also Handley, P.O. Box 277, Conway, even if their personal funds are too trial. If the town decides they don't teach English. There are some 70 monks, many of them young boys and Massachusetts, 01341. low to pay for a trip like this. We are want to defend the decision of the little children. asking interested people to submit Zoning Board, then our building After the ceremonies they announced that Khen Rinpoche. the of Trips something that tells of their need to permits will be reinstated. the Dzog-chen monastery in Tibet, is staying on there for two months to pian We would like to start a fund with make it possible for them to go and We also discussed how to handle the monks' education That's a great help to Dzog Chen Rinpoche. it's quite the purpose of helping people make help. the retreat this summer with the a handful trying to be both a father and a mother to them. trips to Merigar or other places and minimum of impact. We will do the In the surrounding settlement the problem areas are old people without best we can and not purposefully events of interest to the Community Land News families and income, and families with many children. His Holiness has and its students. Verena and Jim We have made a petition to the aggravate the neighbors. given RS 150000 to start a trust fund to help the aged.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 6 Summer Practice at the On the Land in New Zealand

The Australian Community held a practice retreat at Wat Buddha Dhamma by J. Bassi and R. Friend efforts towards clearer and more days, marking out the boundary and between December 28th, 1991 and January 4th, 1992. In late 1991, Fabio Andrico visited fruitful goals. We chose anew gakyil doing short practices on the land. We realized that this retreat would be a different kind of experience for us New Zealand which was the biggest and decided to hold a Christmas The air was clear and the ground because we expected a large number of newcomers. gathering of people since Norbu retreat at Sean's land. moist. These experiences brought Each day we explained a new practice and reviewed it the following Rinpoche'svisiL We had prepared a In January 1992, we met at the far us closer to the earth, instilling us morning. Each evening was devoted to the practice of the Chod and mandala so that we could learn the north-west coast of the south island- with courage to m ake plans to spend Tundrin. On Thursday we did a continuous long-life practice.We found that Dance of the Vajra, and we just north of the last settlement and the majority of our retreat time next by explaining the practices to the others it gave us a deeper sense of collaborated well in organising that. near a remote gravel road that ends year on the land instead of Sean's responsibility to the Teachings. The people who helped do that live in very dense, untouched native house. We engaged in a lot of physical work around the place and also in in Dunedin and Christchurch - a 5 podocarp forest-unique to New This particular section is on aplateau socializing that included many late night discussions and a festive New hour drive between these places. It Zealand and some parts of South approximately 500 feet above sea Year's celebration. was a fulfilling experience, working America. level from where you can hear the On Friday there was a Ganapuja followed by a fund raising auction where together. It is in this area that Sean has kindly ocean. It is open to the elements and we raised $1,000. Gabrielle and Shelley were able to donated 10 acres of his land to the the trees were cleared by the first By the end of the retreat we all felt a powerful sense of connectedness. travel down from the north island, Dzog-chen Community. During the settlers 150yearsago,someofwhom died of starvation from being in such a remote place. The land has road Wat Now? access, one large pond which is spring fed and a spectacular view of by Laurence Mills the ocean from the north corner of Readers of The Mirror will recall that in a previous edition I wrote an article the property. about Wat Buddha Dhamma and its connections with the Dzog-chen After the retreat, we decided to draw Community. up plans for a structure large enough A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, and Community to house the mandala for the Dance members in Australia feel that their Vajra brothers and sisters should be of the Vajra, as a pole construction, informed about what has happened. so that the floor is off the ground. Although some difficulties were anticipated between the followers of such We wish to extend an invitation to apparently diverse traditions as and Dzog-chen, the full extent Dzog-chen practitoners interested of these difficulties only became apparent in the first months of this year. to come to this remote place, and for Personal changes are woven inextricably into the broader relationships of those who may find our immediate the two Communities. Since October of last year, I have ceased to be amonk Vajra Dancers (Courtesy of R. Friend) situation too primitive, some local known as Khantipalo and have reverted to my old name, Laurence Mills. people have built suitable Due to the changes at the Wat, I have decided to leave it, after 14 years as which made the distance between past 3 years, we have discussed this accommodation at varying prices. the .abbot there, although I remain a trustee for the time being. the north and south islands less of an offer - how to use this land and As Fabio said when he arrived in The other trustees are Theravadin and intend to re-establish the Wat as a obstacle than it seems at times. whether or not there was enough Christchurch, New Zealand, it may Theravada forest monastery with facilities which.can be used by other As we slowly learned the Dance and commitment; after the meeting with not be a place that you "think about Buddhist groups and individuals for retreat purposes. did collective practice together, the Fabio, our commitment to the proj ect visiting", but it has a lot to offer. The Dzog-chen Community of Australia has had much benefit from its value of Rinpoche's decision to send deepened and we decided to make We are very pleased to announce association with the Wat. Fabio became more evident and the the Dzog-chen Community of New the first visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to New Zealand in It has been the site for a number of successful workshops and retreats effort we made to simply be together Zealand a legal trust May of 1992. Various community attended not only by Community members but also by people newly was of great value - especially in We settled into a 7 day practice of members are involved in the interested in Dzog-chen learning, practising and applying the Mandarava - some of us linking it organization of his visi!. These activités have drawn the Community together and have helped to Teachings in our lives. with the Judien practice and also Contact Lisa Morrei, P.O. Little establish many people in regular practice. HavingFabio present forthe general Yantra Yoga, Shine and Chod. We went up to the land on the last 2 Akaloa. Banks Peninsula, S.Island. A house was bought at the Wat specially for Dzog-chen retreatants, but this meeting assisted us in directing our is now to be put up for sale so that the Community can recover its funds. Until quite recently, it was thought that Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche's December retreat would be held at the Wat. Beginning the Spring with Yantra Yoga However, the Community now feels this event must take place elsewhere and suitable sites are being explored. This retreat will refocus the by G. Manusch & V. von Kalinowski Rinpoche. Fabio explained that He began with the 7 points of the Community's attention upon the necessity of finding our own land for On the first day of spring, Friday Rinpoche got several transmissions position of Vairocana and the 9 practice - we must start looking for land again! March 20th to Sunday March 22rd, of Yantra mostly connected to a purification breathings along with As for myself, having left the seclusion of the Wat by the time this is we began the first intensive Yantra special tantra originally developed the visualization of oneself as hollow published, I hope to wander a bit, staying with friends here and there, Yoga course in Augsburg, Germany, by the of India and or as a rainbow. He then went on to sometimes teaching meditation and keeping my eyes open for land suitable withFabio Andrico. About20people Urgy en, and that these transm issions explain the 8 Lungsang step by step. for the Community. attended from a variety of are rarely practised. He also Some people were amazed at what backgrounds. This turned out to be a explained why Rinpoche chose this the human body is capable of as they good number of people for our space Yantra from the Union of the Sun watched Fabio demonstrate with and there was good atmosphere and Moon (Nyi zai kha sbyor) of the apparent ease the different kinds of Grazie! among us. great 8th century Dzog-chen Master "Famous movements" and "famous Vairocana for us to practice. breathings". Abig thank you to Jim Valby of the U.S.A. and Helmut and Nene On Friday evening, Fabio gave an introductory talk on the practice of Fabio spent a whole morning talking For all those who were not able to Reile from Germany for their very generous fmancial support to Yantra Yoga. He explained how about the importance of Kumbhaka make it to this course, there will be The Mirror in reply to our rather drastic editorial appeal in the last Yantra Yoga was actually practised and breathing and the differentkinds another in Switzerland on the 11th issue of The Mirror. in Tibet and how fortunate we are to of holding, as well as the general and 12th of May. Contact Aline condition of body, voice and mind. receive these transmissions from Winterberg, tel. 0041 31 460 651.

The Ritual Practices SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! An invaluable compilation of supplementary practices tor ricycle Y Y Y Dzogchen Communities throughout the world. Includes THE BUDDHIST REVIEW Only $35.00 u.s. for 4 recitations and in Tibetan, phonetics and English T great issues. as well as commentaries, explanations and descriptions of meditations and mudras. Edited and translated by Brian The independent SAVE $4.00! Beresford under Norbu Rinpoche's guidance. Only for sale quarterly for all kinds to Community members. Please send check or money order to: £15sterlingfor individual orders. Postage and packing 15% of Buddhists. U K, 20 % abroad. For ord ers of 5 books o r more to Commu nity Interviews, Tricycle: THE BUDDHIST REVIEW groups - £10 sterling.Payment by Eurocheque, postal order discourses old and Subscription Dep't TRTW or international money order to: PO Box 3000 new, ethics, ecology, Denville, NJ 07834 Kailash Publications politics and cartoons. • • • 118 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 2BA, GB.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 7 Tibetan Class at Merigar Retreat at Merigar Italy and China, in order to do more research on history at the Shang Wednesday 15th April, afternoon Shung Institute in Arcidosso. Here he is also involved in Beginning of the Retreat with cataloguing the Chinese and Tibetan Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche texts of the Institute's library. . Prof Tsering Thar is not only very knowledgable, but is also a kind "Intensive Stacking person who has been willing to go through the ted ious work of teaching on the (Bases of Santi Mafia " a group of about 15 Westerners both written and spoken Tibetan. Wednesday 22nd April, morning This has been quite an event for End of the Retreat some of us, particularly as it is difficult to distinguish the subtle The participation quotato cover expenses for the retreat has not yet been difference in some of the sounds. made final but will brobaWy be based on the price of Lit. 20.000 per day. Furthermore, although the grammar During theteaching sessions, children should be left with thechildminders. Prof. Tsering Thar (photo L. Graf) Those who need to use this service, which is free, should make advance is logical, it is also somewhat "booking by phone to 0564-966837. by Mark Cranmer He has also studied Tibetan complex. During the months of February and Literature at the Tibetan Depart­ In addition to this, the class itself March, a group of people living ment of the Qinghai National started out uneven, as some knew a around Merigar have had the University where he has taught bit more than others. opportunity to study the Tibetan Tibetan history and ancient poetry Slowly under Prof. Tsering Thar's How To Get To Merigar language. for several years. patient guidance we have been pulled Take atrain to Grosseto. Right outside the train station you will find the bus along and have reached the level of The teacher is Professor Tsering He has published several articles station. Buy your bus ticket from the newsagent. Thar, a Tibetan who is living in Italy about ancient Tibetan culture and understanding the structure of the for one year. the Bon religion in both the Tibetan sentences. Departure Grosseto Arrival Arcidosso Prof. Tsering Thar is from in and Chinese languages. It has so far been very interesting Mon.-Sat. 06.20 07.40 East Tibet and is a researcher in At the moment, Prof. Tsering Thar and inspiring and we hope Prof. except 11.15 12.55 ancient Bon culture and religion at is on a grant from the Chinese Tsering Thar will grant us more of Bank Holidays 13.20 14.50 The Chinese Centre of Tibetan Ministry of Education to visit Italy his precious time in the months to 14.10 15.20 Studies in Beijing. in an exchange programm e between come. 17.10 18.50 17.35 18.50 Sundays and Bank Holidays The New Merigar Library 11.15 13.00 From Arcidosso you can take a bus to the Hotel Faggio Rosso and from there you can walk uphill for about 1km up a lane signposted "Merigar by G. Palladino & N. Zeitz related to the Dzog-chen Teachings decimal system, a system that is Recently we have physically and Tibetan culture in general. We used by most national and restructured the library here at Me­ have recently acquired a Bonpo international libraries. rigar. Now we are in the process of canon in two different editions. We We have asked the Tuscan Region Transmission of Odzer Chenma laying a new floor in wood, on which estimate that at present we have forfundingthatis pro v id ed to pubi ic will be painted a Mandala for the 2500 volumes in our possession. and private libraries. In order to by A. Clemente Vajra Dance. The new space will be Last December, a team of workers receive this funding, the region of During the weekend of March 21st and 22nd, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche used primarily for study and research was formed to catalogue all of our Tuscany requ ires us to use a national transmitted teachings on the practice of Maritse or Odzer Chenma ( 'Od zer and will be surrounded by wooden books. The first inventory was system of cataloguing called Unesco can ma: she who has rays of light), a particular manifestation of Tara bookshelves. For the foundation of started with Tibetan and Chinese Teca - isis (this program utilizes the associated with the light of the sun. In fact, she is visualized as the colour the realization of this fine work we texts. This painstaking and precise Dewy decimal system). They will of the sun and rests upon it, emitting infinite rays of light to eliminate all would like to thank four gallant work was completed thanks to the then provide this computer program negativities and protect all beings. Norbu Rinpoche gave an invocation to Americans: Jim Smith, Vern competency of Professor Tsering free of charge. be recited early in the morning when the sun rises. It is particularly useful for whoever is travelling because this divinity protects one from the dangers Harrington, John Foster and Steve Thar, a visiting researcher of ancient People are welcome to participate in that can arise during travel. Rinpoche then transmitted an invocation Koms. Tibetan culture at the Institute of the development and growth of the written by his paternal grandmother, Lhundrub Tro (1864-1945) who was During this last year we have been Tibetan Studies in Beijing. library by donating books c/o The a direct disciple of Adzam Drugpa. At the same time he also transmitted a continually collecting texts in Following this, the cataloguing will Library,Merigar, Arcidosso, 58031, short sadhana (a description of a visualization) that she received in a dream. Oriental and Western languages be done according to the Dewy GR.Italy. Programme of Merigar

Friday 1st May Afternoon Yantra Yoga course for three days Saturday 13th June Morning Karma Yoga Saturday 2nd May Morning New Moon. Yantra Yoga course Afternoon Long life practice C.L.V. Afternoon Guruyoga of the White A. Yantra Yoga course Sunday 14th June Karma Yoga Sunday 3rd May Morning Yantra Yoga course finishes Afternoon Long life practice C.LV. Afternoon Karma Yoga Monday 15th June Full Moon Saturday 9th May Morning Karma Yoga Afternoon Long life practice C.L.V. Afternoon Dance of the Vajra Saturday 20th June Afternoon Meeting for practitioners Sunday 10th May Morning Karma Yoga Sunday 21st June Karma Yoga Afternoon Long life practice U.W.U. Thursday 25 th June Dalam Day Monday 11 th May Afternoon Long life practice of Padmasambhava U.W.U. Afternoon Long Tun with intensive practice of Simhamukha. Thursday 14th May Afternoon Long life practice U.P.E. Saturday 27th June Naggon intensive Friday 15 th May Afternoon Long life practice U.P.E. Sunday 28th June Naggon continues Saturday 16th May Karma Yoga Tuesday 30th June New Moon Afternoon Long life practice U.P.E. Afternoon Guruyoga of the White A Sunday 17th May 12 - 18 Naggon Saturday 4th July Morning Guruyoga of the White A Saturday 23rd May Morning Practice of the Six Lokas Afternoon Karma Yoga Dance of the Vajra for the entire weekend Practice of Vajrapani Wednesday 27th May Dakarn Day Sunday 5th July Morning Karma Yoga Afternoon Long Tun Thursday 9th July Anniversary of the birth of Padmasambhava Saturday 30th May Naggon intensive 3.3Q Guruyoga of Padmasambhava Sunday 31st May Naggon continues Saturday 11th July Morning Guruyoga of the White A Monday 1st June New Moon Dance of the Vajra for the entire wecken:' Afternoon Guruyoga of the White A. Sunday 12th July Afternoon Long life practice C.LV. Karma Yoga Monday 13th July Afternoon Long life practice C.L.V. Saturday 6th June Green Tara practice Tuesday 14th July Full Moon Karma Yoga Morning Sang purification Sunday 7th June Green Tara Practice Afternoon Long life practice C.LV. Padmasambhava Day Friday 24th July Beginning of the Summer retreat Wednesday 10th June Ganapuja until 2nd August Afternoon

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 8 Long Life to 'Rinpodhel The Mingar Community is going to do Long Lift practice dedicated to

It is important to try to communicate with all Tibetan date: Tibetan date: practitioners, linked to the same transmission, 4th Month, 10th day 5th Month, 25th day Western date: Western date: Water Mon through entering together into the state of Wednesday 10th June 1992 Saturday 25th July 1992 contemplation. In this way we all develop the This is a day of Guru Padmasambhava, so it is This is a day and an important day for the potentiality of the transmission we have good to do the Guruyoga of Padmasambhava. If practice of . Therefore, according to your received, and through that we also develop you can, try to do a Ganapuja, otherwise you can circumstances, try to do the long Tun collectively our understanding and ability to integrate do the Long-life practice "Universal Wisdom with your Vajra brothers and sisters, or the medium practice into daily life. Union". Tun if you are practising on your own. In either case, repeat the heart of Ekajati as many FULL MOON Tibetan date: times as you can. Tibetan date: 4th Month, 15th day 2nd Month, 15th day Western date: NEW MOON Western date: Monday 15th June 1992 Tibetan date: Friday, 17th April 1992 Full Moon 5th Month, 30th day This is one of the best days for Long - life practices This is the anniversary of the Pararrirvana of Buddha Western date: in general and in particular the practice of "Union Shakyamuni, as well as an important day for the Wednesday 29th July 1992 of Primordial Essences". The best time for this Long-life practice "Cycle of Life's Vajra". This is a special day for purification practices. It practice is from 7 to 8 o'clock in the morning. Therefore try to do this practice early in the morning, is best to do the Piinncationof the Six Lokas either and in the afternoon or evening do a Ganapuja. collectively or alune, preferably in the early Tibetan date: morning. Otherwise you cando a medium or short 2nd Month, 20th day Tibetan date: Tun Western date: 4th Month, 25th day Wednesday 22nd April 1992 Western date: Tibetan date: This is the anniversary of the great Dzog - chen Thursday 25th June 1992 6th Month, 4th day Master Do Gyaltsen Yeshes Dorjc (bom 1800), This is the anniversary of Chen (a great Western date: disciple of the first Do Drub Chan Rinpoche, who Master of the Shakyapa tradition and initiator of Sunday 2nd August 1992 was a master of Nyagla Padma Duddul. It is the Ngor lineage), therefore it is a good day to do This is the anniversary of the (the therefore a good day to do the "A Kar Lamai the Guruyoga "A Kar Lamai Naljyor", either first turning of the Wheel of the Dharma): the first Naljyor", the Guruyoga with White A. collectively or alone. time that Buddha Shakyamuni gave the teaching of the to his disciples at , Tibetan date: NEW MOON after his illumination. On this special day to honour 2nd Month, 25 th day Tibetan date: the Lord Buddha you can do a Ganapuja with your Western date: 4th Month, 30th day Vajra brothers and sisters. Monday 27th April 1992 Western date: This is a Dakini day as well as the anniversary of Tuesday 30th June 1992 Tibetan date: the fifth Dalai Lama, a great terton and practitioner New Moon 6th Month, 10th day of Dzog - chen. So try to do a Ganapuja. This day is the anniversary of Nyagla Padma Western date: Dundul (1816-1872). He was one ofthc Masters of Saturday 8th August 1992 NEW MOON Chang-chub Dorje, the main Master of Namkhai This day is a special day of Padmasambhava so if Tibetan date: Norbu Rinpoche. He discovered the you have the possibility, do a ganapuja, if not 2nd Month, 30th day "Tsedrub Gongdus" which two of his disciples, practise guruyoga with Padmasambhava and the Tibetan date: Western date: Ayu Khadro and Changchub Dorje, transmitted to Long - life practice U.W.U. 7th Month, 10th day Saturday 2nd May 1992 Norbu Rinpoche. Therefore you should try to do Western date: On this day, which is the birthday of the great this Long-life practice, "Tsedrub Gongdus", Tibetan date: Sunday 6 September 1992 TertonLoterWangpo.Trytodothe "AKarLamai "Union of Primordial Essences". The tunc to do it 6th Month, 14th day This is the anniversary of Jomo Mcnmo (1248- Naljyor", Guruyoga with White A. is the early morning. Later in the day or in the Western date: 1283),avery famous woman Terton, reincarnation evening you can do the Guruyoga with White A, Wednesday 12th August 1992 of Yeshes Tsogyal. She was the consort of the Tibetan date: "A Kar Lamai Naljyor". This is the anniversary of the third Karma pa, great Terton Guru Chowang. It is also a very 3rd Month, 10th day Rangjung Dorje. On this day it is good to do "A special day of Guru Padmasambhava. Therefore it Western date: Tibetan date: Kar Lamai Naljyor", Guruyoga with White A. is an ideal day to do a Ganapuja and Long-life Monday 11th May 1992 5th Month, 1 st day practice associated with Padmasambhava, This is a special day of Guru Padmasambhava so Western date: FULL MOON "Universal Wisdom Union". If you have the try to do the Long - life practice U.W.U. early in Saturday 1st July 1992 Tibetan date: opportunity it is beneficial to do a Ganapuja. the morning or at sunset. This is the anniversary of mChog-gyur gling-pa 6th Month, 15th day (1829-1870) a Nyingmapa Master of Dzogchen, Western date: FULL MOON FULL MOON one of the most important Rimed masters of the Thursday 13 th August 1992 Tibetan date: Tibetan date: XDv Century. Try to do a practice of A Kar Lamai This day is the anniversary of , the disciple 7th Month, 15th day 3rd Month, 15th day Naljyor, Guru Yoga with White A. of . Therefore it is a day to do "A Kar Western date: Western date: Lamai Naljyor", Guruyoga with White A. Itis also Friday 11th September 1992 Saturday 16th May 1992 Tibetan date: a good day to do the Long-li fc practice of Ami tay us, This is the anniversary of Tsarchen Lo sal Gyalso This is one of the best days for Long - life practices, 5th Month, 10th day "Union of Primordial Essences". and Padma Karpo, a famous 17th century Drugpa and in particular for the practice of the "Union of Western date: Kargyupa Master. Therefore it is an excellent day Primordial Essences". It is best to do it early in the Thursday 9th July 1992 Tibetan date: to practise "A Kar Lamai Naljyor", the Guruyoga morning if you can. This is also the anniversary of According to many masters, the anniversary of the 6th Month, 25th day with White A early in the morning if possible, or the day when Buddha first gave the teaching of birth of Padmasambhava is on the 10th day of the Western date: later in the evening when you are free. It is also an Kalachakra so it is good to do a long Tun in the sixth month. But according to the great Dzog chen Sunday 23 August 1992 excellent day for the Long - life practice of the evening. Master Jigrned Lingpa, it is on the 10th of the fifth This is a Dakini day, so it is a positive day for Dakini M and arava. month. So this year to celebrate this important reinforcing the function of yourenergy and creating Tibetan date: anniversary we Dzog-chen practitioners all over a vital contact with the energy of the universe by Tibetan date: 3rd Month, 25th day the world communicate in the state of doing a Ganapuja with your Vajra sisters and 7th Month, 25th day Western date: contemplation, practising guruyoga with the brothers. If there are no other practitioners nearby Western date: Wednesday 27th May 1992 Tundrin, Tungyas or ganapuja according to our you can do a medium Tun on your own. In either Monday 21st September 1992 This is a Dakini day as well as the anniversary of possibilities. We do this practice when it is 8.00 in case, when you transform yourself into the Dakini This is a Dakini day and also the anniversary of the fifth Dalai Lama, a great Terton and practitioner the morning in . Simhamukha, itis good to recite her heart mantra Pagmo Drugpa (1110-1170), the chief disciple of of Dzog-chen, so it is a good day to practice A Kar SEE THE UNIVERSAL TIMETABLE as many times as possible. Gampopa. Try to do a Ganapuja together with your Lamai Naljyor, Guru Yoga with White A. Vajra sisters and brothers. If there arc no other FULL MOON NEW MOON practitioners nearby, you cando a medium Tun on NEW MOON Tibetan date: Tibetan date: your own In either case, when you transform Tibetan date: 5th Month, 15th day 6th Month, 30th day yourself into the Dakini Simhamuka, recite her 3rd Month, 30th day Western date: Western date: heart mantra as much as possible and then do an Western date: Tuesday 14th July 1992 Friday 28 August 1992 intensive practice of Ekajati. Monday 1st June 1992 This is a special day for the Long-life practice of This is a very important day to do purification This is a particularly good day for practising the Arm ta yus, so you can do the Long - ufe practice practices, especially the "Purification of the Six NEW MOON Purification of the Six Lokas. As it is also the U.P.E. early in the morning. If you cannot do it at Lokas". If you have the chance, you can also do a Tibetan date: anniversary of the great Terton and Dzog-chen that time, it is still good to do it later in the day. short, medium or long Tun. 7th Month, 30th day Master Sangyas Lingpa, try to do the "A Kar Western date: Lamai Naljyor". Saturday 26 September 1992

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 9 Intensive (Practice of 9{aggon Ramifiai T^çrBu Üfyipoche has as(¿d all practitioners of the 'Dzog-chen Community to organize intensive practices of 9\[gggon on the 28th and 29th day of the month of the Hßetan calendar, SPECIAL DAYS practicisingfor as long aspossible according to the circumstances, ie. 2,3,4 12or24 or 48 hours.

Sunday 25th October 1992 him, "the Universal Wisdom Union" (U.W.U.) NEW MOON This day isexcellentforpractising the "Purification which is included in the medium or long Tun, or if Tibetan date: key Year of the Six Lokas". If you are unable to do it you can you have the possibility it is beneficial to perform 11 th Month, 30th day do the medium or long Tun. a Ganapuja. Western date: Friday 22nd January 1993 Tibetan date: Tibetan date: This is a special day for purification practices so 9th Month, 3rd day 10th Month, 11 th and 14th day try to do Purification of the Six Lokas. Western date: Western date: Wednesday 28th October 1992 Saturday 5th and Tuesday 8 December 1992 Tibetan date: This is the anniversary of Rigzin Jigmed Lingpa These are very special days for doing the practice 12th Month, 10th day (1729-1798), a great Dzogchen master who was of Ekajati. If you know how to perform the rite of Western date: the author of many books, among which is the Ekajati, then do it in the usual way, otherwise you T-.ic«day 2nd February 1993 Longchen Nyingthig, which he wrote after having can do it in a very simple way as die "Medium luis day is the anniversary of Guru contact with through visions. Tun", reciting the heart mantra as many times as Padmasambhava's coronation as Prince o f Orgyen Therefore, on this important day, you should try to possible. at the invitation of King Idraholi. We can perform do "A Kar Lamai Naljyor", the Guruyoga with a ganapuja collectively or do the Longlife practice, White A. FULL MOON U.W.U. either collectively or personally, according Tibetan date: to circumstances. Tibetan date: 10th Month, 15th day 9th Month, 10th day Western date: Tibetan date: Western date: Wednesday 9th December 1992 12th Month, 11th day Wednesday 4th November 1992 This day is considered to be the day to honour the Western date: This is Guru Padmasambhava day and also the Lord Buddha in general, and it is one of the best Wednesday 3rd February 1993 anniversary of Terton Tsogyal, a previous days to do the Long-life Practice with the Dhakim Today it is good to do a medium or long Tun with reincarnation of and discoverer Mandarava particularly. Therefore try to do the intensive practice of the mantra of Ekajati. of many Termas. It is therefore a good day to do the Long-li fe Practice, Cycle of Li fe ' s Vajra. Generally Long-life practice of Guru Padmasambhava the best time to do this kind of practice is at 7-8 FULL MOON "Universal Wisdom Union". You can do this in the o'clock in the mormng. But if you don't have this Tibetan date: usual way or, if you have the possibility, you can possibility, thendoitintheafternoonor laterinthe 12th Month, 15th day do a Ganapuja. evening when you arc free. Western date: Saturday 6th February 1993 FULL MOON It is in general a day for honouring the Lord Tibetan date: Tibetan date: Buddha, and in particular an ideal day for the Long 9th Month, 15th day 10th Month, 25th day life practice of Guru Amitayus, (U.P.E). Western date: Western date: Tuesday 10th November 1992 Saturday 19th December 1992 Tibetan date: This is a good day to do the Long-life practice of This is a Dakim Day, and the anniversary of 12th Month, 18th day Amitayus, "Unionof Primordial Essences",either Tsongkhapa (1357-1491), who made a synthesis Western date: collectively or personally according to your of the previous schools and founded the Gelugpa Tuesday 9 th February 1993 (Drawing by Wilvin Pedersen) possibilités, early in the morning or in the evening. school. Try to perform a Ganapuja with your This day is the anniversary of the great Dzog-chen Vajra brothers and sisters or the Medium Tun master Longchen Rabjam Longchenpa (1386 - This day is ideal for purification practices. Try to Tibetan date: personally. Ineithercase recite the heart mantra of 1363). On this very important day try to do the do either the "Purification of the Six Lokas" or the 9th Month, 22nd day the Dakirri Simhamukha as many times as possible. Guruyoga "A Kar Lamai Naljyor" Guruyoga with "Namchos Shitroi Naljyor", the Yoga of the Western date: White A, either collectively or personally. Peaceful and Wrathful Manifestations, either Monday 16 th November 1992 NEW MOON collectively or on your own This day is a day of great celebration of Buddha Tibetan date: Tibetan date: Shakyamuni's descent to earth from the realms of 10th Month, 30th day 12th Month, 25th day Tibetan date: the Divinities. It is called "Lha bab dus chen", the Western date: Western date: 8th Month, 10th day Great Time of the Descent of the Divinities. It is an Wednesday 23rd December 1992 Tuesday 16th February 1993 Western date: ideal day to do a Ganapuja with your Vajra brothers This is a special day for practising purification of This is a Dakini day, so try to perform a Ganapuja Tuesday 6 October 1992 and sisters. If there are none nearby, you can do a the Six Lokas. with the transformation of the Dakini Simhamuka This is a very special day of Guru Padmasambhava, short or medium Tun on your own. together with your Vajra brothers and sisters. therefore do a Canapina with the Guru yoga and Tibetan date: Otherwise you can do a medium or short Tunin the the Long-life practice of Guru Padmasambhava Tibetan date: 11th Month, 8th day usual way. "Universal Wisdom Union" collectively. 9th Month, 25th day Western date: Otherwise you can do a medium Tun on your own Western date: Friday 1st January 1993 NEW MOON Thursday 19 th November 1992 This'is a particular day for the practice of Ekajati Tibetan date: FULL MOON This is a Dak ini day and the anniversary of the very so try to do a long or medium Tun with intensive 12th Month, 30th day Tibetan date: important Dzogchen master Adz am Drugpa ( 1842- practice of the mantra of Ekajati. Western date: 8th Month, 15th day 1924). He was a disciple of Jamyang Kyentse Sunday 21st February 1993 Western date: Wangpo and a master of some of Namkhai Norbu Tibetan date: This is a good day for purification practices. Sunday 11 th October 1992 Rinpoche's masters, including Changchub Dorje 11th Month, 10th day Therefore try to do Purification of die Six Lokas. This is an important day to do the Long-life and Ayu Kadro. He was also a previousincamation Western date: practice of Amitayus. "Union of Primordial of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. It is therefore a very Sunday 3rd January 1993 Universal timetable Essences". It is best to do a Long-life practice important day to practise "A Kar Lamai Naljyor", This is a special day of Guru Padmasambhava. If early in the morning , but if you cannot it is still the Guruyoga with the White A, according toyou r you have the time and possibility it is good to do a 8th July good if you can do it later in the day or evening. possibilities. Ganapuja collectively with your Vajra brothers 16.30 Fairbanks, Hawaii and sisters, otherwise you can do the Long-life 17.30 Dawson Tibetan date: NEW MOON practice "Union of Primordial Essences" (U.P.E). 18.30 San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver 8th Month, 25th day Tibetan date: 19.30 Denver Western date: 9th Month, 30th day FULL MOON 20.30 Chicago, Mexico City Wednesday 21st October 1992 Western date: Tibetan date: 21.30 New York, Montreal, Lima This is a Dakini day, and also the anniversary of Tuesday 24th November 1992 11th Month, 15th day 22.00 Caracas two great Dzog-chen masters, Rigzin Kumaraja, Thisisagood day todo'"NamchosShitroi Naljyor", Western date: 22.30 Buenos Aires who transmitted the Dzog-chen teachings to the Yoga of the Peaceful and Wrathful Friday 8th January 1993 23.30 Rio dc Janeiro Longchenpa and to the third , and of Manifestations, in the morning. It is also an This is an important day to do the Long-life 9th July Rigzin Tsewang Norbu (1698 - 1755), a great important day for the practice of Ekajati, so try to practice of Amitayus, (U.P.E). 01.30 Reykjavic, Capo Verde Dzog-chen master of the Nyingmapa school. It is do a long or medium Tun in the usual way, reciting 02.30 London therefore an excellent day to do "A Kar Lam ai the heart mantra of Ekajati as many times as Tibetan date: 03.30 Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Madrid Naljyor", the Guruyoga with White A. If you can possibile. The best time for this practice is around 11th Month, 25th day 04.30 Moscow, Nicosia, Helsinki, Athens eight o'clock in the evening. do it in the morning, that is best. Then, if you have Western date: 06.00 Tehran the time, you can do a medium or long Tun later in Sunday 17th January 1993 08.00 ODDIYANA, Delhi, Kathmandu the day, with an intense practice of Simhamuka. Tibetan date: This is a day of the in general, so if you 08.30 Rangoon 10th Month, 10th day have the opportunity perform a collective Ganapuja 10.00 Ulan Bator, Jakarta, Singapore NEW MOON Western date: with the transformation of the Dakim Simhamukha, 10.30 Beijing, Lhasa, Manila, Hong Kong Tibetan date: Friday 4th December 1992 and recite her heart mantra as many times as 11.30 Tokyo, Seul 8th Month, 30th day This is animportantdayof Guru Padmasambhava, possibile. Otherwise you can do a medium Tun 12.30 Sydney Western date: so try to do the Long-life practice associated with either collectively or personally. 14.30 Wellington. Marshall

MARCI I-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 10 The Story of a Russian Buddhist

by Seraphim Sidozor listening to the melodious sound of no family. infiltrated into the mode of the the spread of the Gelugpa School, Having been inspired by people who the bells. I was then stopped by an The situation for Buddhists in Rus­ communities, and some the bearer of the "Lam Rim"doctrine have told their stories in past issues agent of the Commitee of State sia was the same as for believers of communities became sectarian and which unified both the use of the of the newspaper, I decided to write Security who questioned me. other religions. Everyone limited. and the Tantras. Until now something about Buddhism in I came back to Leningrad, left the experienced oppression. There were In 1988 Farida, a very fine woman, we hardly knew of Mahayoga, Russia. At first I was going to write seminary and tried to find a job. It very few Russian Buddhists until gave me the book of "Talks in and Atiyoga. Even now about the situation as a whole but was impossible because of the end of the 1980's. The reasons Conway". She had received it from those who study do not really have a then I decided it would be more registration, therefore I had to go are the lack of good information on some friends in St. Petersburg. For clear idea about them. For us in our simple to describe my path as I am and live with my parents in the Buddhism in general, and the lack three days I read it. I was so region Dzog-chen is quite a new a Buddhist and a follower of Dzog- countryside for 2 years where I of prestige of religion in Russian astonished. All my doubts were fully phenomenon as taught by Norbu chen. worked as an artist and tried to society, especially in certain classes dispelled and I felt as if I was on the Rinpoche. I was brought up in the countryside translate a book called " When Vladimir Bardakov and his of the Penza region of Central and His Disciples" (a book about a wife came to Novokizinginsk from Russia. I served in the Army in the J apáñese teacher of Buddhism, 1174 Ukraine and wanted to study Far East where I came to Buddha as -1263) into Russian. Rinpoche's teachings we finally the without any mediator. In 1980Iwas inLeningrad.Ithought understood that we were not alone. After service in the Army, in 19761* maybe it would be possible to meet In one year his friend appeared from entered Leningrad Orthodox other Buddhists, but it was difficult. Ulan-ude. He is a wonderful thanka Seminary. Nevertheless, my I found a job and a sm all house in the painter in the Tibetan style. questions weren't answered and I country. We sent letters to Rinpoche and to couldn't find the way to I was introduced to The Mirror, which published an self-perfection. Buddhism in Buryatia when I began article about "Baikal-tso-Gar" and In the second year(1977),I began to to work with Tibetan texts. I was we felt great spiritual support. We read the works of prerevolutionary able to read books by LamaTarthang received a letter from Rinpoche and Buddhologists such as D.D. and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. I scriptures on Dzog-chen from Me- Rosenberg, B.. Vladimirzov, I. Ph. wasn't sure how these books arrived rigar and we realized that all our Sherbatsky and many others. There in the Soviet Union, but it seems undertakings were real. So far we were a lot of their books in the they were translated by some had had no contact with foreign seminary's library, but they were unknown enthusiasts and spread out Buddhist centers. given to the second year students to interested people. In 1990 a group of native Russians with little enthusiasm. Some of the There were not, and are still not, separated and formed the students saw my strange hobby and accessable methods of reproducing "PadmasambhavaFraternity"which soon I was nicknamed "The son of printed material. It is still a big leans on native traditions. the ". problem forus. It completely inhibits We drew up our regulations and I began to learnTibetan by means of access to this important material. statute on the basis of "The the Russian translation of "The These books are also not available Fundamental Principles of the Mystery of Buddhism in India and in the libraries. Dzog-chen Community Charter", Tibet" by (it was At last I met some Buddhists who written by Rinpoche and we formed translated by Vivasilyev). I used the advised me to relocate to Buryatia the Dzog-chen Community method of deciphering. I managed where one could seriously study the "Rangdol Gar" Santi Maha Sangha. to learn it with the exception of Teachings. In 1982 I moved to We have gakyils in Buryatia and in some complex letters. There were Buryatia where I had to work at Irkntsk, Novosibirsk, Kom- not any other practitioners of many unskilled jobs to survive. I somols-na-Amur, Penza, Ryazan, Buddhism near by, so I was on my rented a small cabin and then bought Moscow, SL Petersburg and other owa a tiny house in a settlement. cities and places in this country. Once I was looking through the When I wasn't working I studied When Fabio Andrico came to Rus­ Buddhist books and the Tibetan sia there were 2 members of our album " The architecture of Guru Dragpo (Courtesy of Seraphim Sidozoi Petersburg- Leningrad", I saw a language. For the first time I was Community at his seminars. photo of the initiated into tantric practice of within society. top of a mountain where I could see Personally, I consider his visit here Kalachakra in Old Village. I was by Lama Dharmadody. The information on the Dharma I all the ways and directions. I have as very important. I think he shocked, there was a real Buddhist I had learned to use a had access to in all these years I great delight in studying the understands our situation very well. temple near by! I then visited this Tibetan-Russian dictionary by G. could have read in one year in any teachings of Namkhai Norbu We gather regularly to practise unique memorial of architecture Roerich. When I began to practise good Buddhist library. In large cities Rinpoche. I have also read " The together. We are awaiting the arrival of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in where there are laboratories of the the meditation on Vajrasattva there are groups of maybe 2-3 Crystal and the Way of Light" and Russia and Lithuania. It is very Zoological Institute. (It was opened Yab-Yum I had translated the text Buddhists, but there was little "Primordial Experiences". difficult for us to go abroad. ( The for Buddhists in 1988.) myself. The Russian translations communication between prac­ I wish to get a full education in labor of those who work is In 1977 I read about Ivolga datsan helped me to read the holy texts. titioners, so there wasn't much Dzog-chen. What I have been 500-700-1000 rubles for a month (a Buddhist monastery) which was When I received the initiations into growth. looking for all my life I have found the other main practices (Manjusri, which is approximately 3-6 US in Buryatia published in an atheistic Most people without any traditional in the self-radiant crystal of the Great Tara, Vajrapani, and others, thanks dollars.) Hyperinflation makes this booklet entitled "Lamaism". It was religion came to their understandings Perfectioa to the visits of the Dalai Lama and sum very scanty. Some people may opened in 1946 when Buryat through reading. TheRussian people This encounter with Norbu Rinpo­ Bacula Rinpoche) there were no have the opportunity to travel, but believers asked about it. were very suspicious of those che and the Dzog-chen teachings problems with the translations. I am for most of us this is not possible in In this same year Aga monastery in interested in Buddhism and labelled gave me so much confidence and not able to speak Tibetan. the near future. We don't know how Chita region was opened. My friends them "Babists" and heard many tales understanding that I was able to I also began to recite the 100 syllable long this period of transition will helped me to visit Ivolga datsan. ft of blood curdling propaganda about visit family and friends in St. mantra of Vajrasattva and practised last was exciting that here was a these "Babists". Petersburg for the first time in three Buddhistmonastery in this country. with the mandala . I wished The initial formation of Buddhism years. Very few members know English, However I couldn't get acquainted for a long time to make the practice took place without many competent Then Farida and I both moved to so we must do a lot of translation with anyone who practised the of Hevajra, but there was no Lama spiritual guides or living contact with Novokizhinginsk settlement and into Russian. In XKc. there was a Dharma. Lamas were reading texts to initiate me into this practice. them. So, books became the main bought a new house with a plot. This great Buddhologist in Russia and he and some believers stood nearby, I practised the system of Mahacakra means of learning the teachings. is a fruitful alliance. She has has helped us a great deal by his some were making prostrations and with the mandala of the deities. For Books still remain as a very translated works by Rinpoche for us legacy. We are longing for learning others were making pradakshina. I two years I collected xylographs important method of receiving the at home and for distribution within and practice of the Dzog-chen was not sure that they understood and manuscripts on this and other teachings even as things open up. the Dzog-chen Com munity. She has Teachings and we believe we shall anything. Inside the temple practices presented with the attitude Some of the initiated practitioners translated the following:"The overcome all the difficulties and monastery there were many of the New Tantras. I heard nothing who had contact with each other Crystal and the Way of Light", "The obstructions and display all the wonderful thankas of high value of the old tantras of Mahayoga or founded illegal communities, but Cycle of Day and Night", "Book of possibilités for the benefit of living made by ancient masters and some Anuyoga. There were no texts on Yantra Yoga", "The Little Song of beings. reproductions from Ceylon where them except for some gterma there was a lot of misrepresentation Do As You Please" and "On Birth 12 of Buddha Shakyamuni's deeds manuscripts which got over to and misunderstandings of the This is in brief what I wanted to tell were shown. It was impressive. After Buryatia in the XIX century. Since I Teachings, because of ignorance and and Life". about myself and our Community the assembly I walked around was very interested in this I spent all prejudice. In past time the OldTantric teachings and I hope that in the future other looking at the fine buildings and my time studying. At that time I had The most painful fact was that were not brought to Buryatia. In the members of the Community will totalitarian thinking had also early XVIII c. in Buryatia there was write and share their stories.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 11 The End of Living and the Beginning of Survival

A statement made by Chief Seattle, ghostly refection in the clear water Chief of the Suquamish Tribe, in of the lakes tells of events and 1855, when required by the memories in the life of my people. American government to transfer The water's murmur is the voice of his tribal lands to the arriving peo­ my father's father. ple of the United States. " The rivers are our brothers. They quench our thirst. They carry our "The President in Washington sends canoes and feed our children. So word that he wishes to buy our land. y ou must give the rivers the kindness But how can you buy or sell the sky? you would give any brother. The land? The idea is strange to us. " If we sell you our land, remember If we do not own the freshness of the that the air is precious to us, that the air and the sparkle of the water, how air shares it spirit with all the life it can you buy them? supports. The wind that gave our "Every part of this earth is sacred to grandfather his first breath also my people. Every shining pine receives his last sigh. The wind also needle, every sandy shore, every gives our children their spirit of life. mist in the dark woods, every So if we sell you our land, you must meadow, every humming insect Al 1 keep it apart and sacred, as a place are holy in the memory and where man can go to taste the wind experience of my people. that is sweetened by the meadow " We know the sap which courses flowers. through the trees as we know the "Will you teach your children what blood that courses through our veins. we have taught our children? That A Blackfoot Travois We are a part of the earth and it is the earth is ourmother? What befalls part ofus. The perfumed flowers are the earth, befalls all the sons of the heap contempt on its creator. end of living and the beginning of have loved it. Care for it as w e have our sisters. The bear, the deer, the earth. " Your destiny is a mystery to us. survival. cared for it. great eagle, these are our brothers. " This we know: The earth does not What will happen when the buffalo "When the last Red Man has Hold in your mind the memory of The rocky crests, the juices in the belong to man, man belongs to the are all slaughtered? The wild horses vanished with his wilderness and the land for all children and love it, meadow, the body heat of the pony, earth. All things are connected like tamed? What will happen when the his memory is only the shadow of a as God loves us all. and man, all belong to the same the blood which unites us all. Man secret corners of the forest are heavy cloud moving across the pairie, will " As we are part of the land, you too family. did not weave the web of life, he is with the scent of many men and the these shores and forests still be here? are part of the land. This earth is " The shining water that moves in merely a strand in it. Whatever he view of the ripe hills is blotted by Will there be any of the spir u, my precious to you. One thing we know: the streams and rivers is not just does to the web, he does to himself. talking wires? Where will the thicket people left? There is only one God. No man, be water, but the blood of our ancestors. " One thing we know: Our god is be? Gone! Where will the eagle be? " We love this earth as a newborn he Red Man or White Man can be If we sell our land, you must also your god. The earth is precious Gone! And what is it to say goodbye loves its mother's heartbeat. So, if We are brothers after all." remember that it is sacred. Each to him and to harm the earth is to to the swift pony and the hunt? The we sell you our land, love it as we

Project for an International Ecological Dharma Organisation The Padma Group

Some excerpts from an article by which Sancton refers and its deadly Only if both aims are achieved may 'reducto ad absurdum' proving not Machik Labdron and by many other Rafael Guia of the Merida products - the cultural, scientific, humankind have some chances of to function, and must be overcome. masters, the source of our tensions Dzog-chen Community, Venezuela technological and economic continuing to exist and only if We have reached the point at which and problems is attachment to what developments that led to the mortal humankind continues to exist most either we overcome delusion, we wrongly regard as inherently true As noted by Thomas A. Sancton in ecological crisis that we face - are, ofus have some chances of attaining fragmentation and instrumentality and solid and those problems and a famous article published in 'Time" no doubt, related to Judeo-Christian liberation. or else we cause the extinction of tensions come to an end when we magazine on January 2, 1989: ideology. In fact, according to the dharma, life on the planet. cut their root, which is our taking However, the common source of only in human existence (or its Although socio-economic equality our karmic vision as inherently true. "Humanity's current predatory both those deadly products and equivalents in any other of the is a necessary condition of survival In other words, liberation is relationship with nature reflects a Judeo-Christian ideology was, no world-systems in which the and of the construction of an liberation from the illusion that the man-centred world view that has doubt, the gradual development of Dzog-chen teaching is available) enlightened society, it is necessary perceptions produced by our Karmic evolved over the ages. Almost every our fragm entary, delusive, erroneous and in the between death and to understand that wealth is more vision and by our fragmentary society has had its myths about the consciou sness. is it possible to attain related to the psychological state of consciousness are the perception of earth and its origins. Therefore, the eventual resolution liberation. the individual than to material a self-existing multiple reality. The Judeo-Christian tradition of ecological crisis - provided it is No doubt, there have been attempts conditions. As long as we feel sepa­ Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche told me introduced a radically different not yet too late to resolve it - does to link ecological crisis and its rate from the Whole, we experience once that the system in which we concept. The earth was the creation not only depend on economic, social, resolution to the prevailing state of ourselves as lack-of-wholeness - i.e. live isa kind ofsuper-illusion within of a monotheistic God who, after technological and cultural mind and its resolution through we are subjectively poor. the illusion that is samsara. shaping it, ordered its inhabitants, transformations, but on the Dharma practice. Advertising through the mass me­ As well as ridding ourselves of the in the words of Genesis, "Be fruitful transformation of human I feel there is a need for an dia and other conditions of modern illusion that causes us to perceive and multiply, and replenish the earth consciousness and human mental international ecological dharma life exacerbate our sensation of the world as a collection of numerous and subdue it, and have dominion structures through the practice of organisation that may coordinate subjective poverty, causing us to be solid, self-existing entities and that over the fish of the sea and over the the dharma. the activities of conscious and existentially very poor, even if we causes us to invent and produce fowl of the air and over every living Can an individual possess the rela­ concerned individuals throughout are in the midst of many riches. technological tools formanipulating thing that movefh upon the earth." tive awareness or 'consapevolezza' the world. Only if we understand that true those entities, we have to rid wealth is the result of overcoming ourselves of the super-illusion The idea of dominion could be that Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche The root of the crisis that we face is the feeling of separateness - i.e. the created by the system which we interpreted as an invitation to use stressed in his book 'The Mirror' our fragmented experience and result of Enlightenment - shall we have created and which has created nature as a convenience. and yet be ecologically unconscious delusion and the prevailing willingly agree to the reduction of us as we now are. Thus the spread of Christianity, of the psychological, episte­ instrumental relations in terms of the standards of living necessary for However it is not enough to work on which is generally considered to mologica! and social causes of the which we leam to function and which survival, and shall we have the ourselves; if we want to maintain have paved the way for the crisis in question; and the need to lead us to treat Nature and other opportunity to become existentially both the possibility of our own development of technology, may at transform our own psychological people as commodities. wealthy. Enlightenment and of the the same time have carried the seeds and epistemological structure Evolution and history have Enlightenment of all sentient beings, of the wanton exploitation of nature through dharmic means and to represented a gradual increase of As noted by Guru Padmasambhava, we have to help others becom e aware that often accompanied technical transform our social, political delusion, fragmentation and "Man is not satisfied by the quantity both of the illusion and of the progress." economical and cultural instrumental relations, which near of food, but by the absence of greed". super-illusion, which means doing environment through political the end of the 'kaliyuga' grow to As noted by Shakyamuni Buddha, social and political work. The man-centred world view to action. such an extent that they reach their by the Tilopa, by

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 12 Introduction to

By Prof. Jampa G. Dakton Mother, Son, Enemy and Friend. organised in terms of calculating the Tibetan State Astrologer Some of its main uses are in m arri age positions of planets including Rahu Translated by Tenzin Choegyal calculations, yearly progression and Ketu predictions of eclipses and From an Astrology Conference given charts, prognostic calculations, and other calendar features, which are in Copenhagen, Denmark calculations at death etc. all recorded in the Tibetan Annual October 4 - 6,1991 Kartsi Almanac. Courtesy of Erik Meyer Carlsen The Astronomical system. This has There are various schools for two parts, both of which were calculating the planetary motions, Among the vast fields of learning of translated and introduced into Tibet with their roots in the Kalachakra Tibet, Tibetan Astrology is one of from India, namely the Kalachakra Tantra, for example Phuglug, the most important sciences. It has and the Yanchar systems. Tsurlug, Dendus, Gaden-Tsisar, two major systems, namely Jungtsi According to the Phugpa school, Cheysum Dagtsi etc. and Kartsi. Lord Buddha Shakyamuni taught However, the rudiments of the Jungtsi the Kalachakra Tantra at the astronomical system were practised Elemental Astrology was practised of Dhanayakataka at Ammarvati in in Tibet even during the Reign of in Tibet even in ancient times, Nyatri the South of India, at the request of King Pude Gungyal in the 1st Tsenpo (127 BC) during the time King Chandra Bhadra of Shambala century. There was a system of Ama when the Bon religion was in the Iron- year 881 BC. Balm ay Datsi - Spinning mother's flourishing. This indigenous religion He recorded all this in his writings month calculation, which had no of Tibet (Bon) has twelve different upon returning to Shambala, where systematic mathematical major schools ortraditions, including it has been widely practised. Then calculations. Still preserved in our the science of Astrology (sKos shes after some time, the great Pandits Almanac is the tradition of Shang rTsis mKhaen), based on the five Cilupa, Kalapada (Senior), Shung Ganpoe Ngagtsi - Oral elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Iron among others, spread the calculations of the old generations and Water), twelve animals and Kalachakra teachings from of Shang Shung - with eighty nine numbers of Mewa etc., which Shambala to India. summer days and eighty-five winter are used for various predictive Later, in the Fire- year 1027 days based on a certain body of a purposes. A number of their AD the Kalachakra Tantra was bird. Also during those early eras, practices of divination, necromancy brought to Tibet from India by Gejo before the introduction of and mystic healings are practised Dawa Wodser. Subsequently, a astrological systems from even today in remote and rural areas number of scholars made neighbouring countries into Tibet, of Tibet and its bordering regions, twenty-five different translations. Tibetan farmers and nomads used passed on through oral transm ission. In the Kalachakra Tantra Cycle of their own logical ways of reckoning According to the Phugpa school of time.Lord Buddha presents a system * seasons, climate etc. based on the Astrology, Lord Manjusri taught of External, Internal and Alternati­ position and movements of the Elemental Astrology at Rewo ve cycles of time. heavenly bodies, which laid the Tsenga (Wù Tai Shàn) in China (837 The Internal cycle deals with the foundation for Kartsi, though it BC). It came to Tibet during the cycle of energies in the body. These lacked the systematic art of reign of King in two cycles are parallel to each other. mathematical calculations. The Elements in Nature 617 AD, who had two wives, one The Alternative cycle deals with Yangchar or Svarodya from and the other from China. the various meditative practices of Arising from the vowel Tantra. astrologer, reviewed and translated knowledge, astrological methods The Chinese princess Wunchen this Tantra to gain control over the According to the Tibetans, this Seldon Baymay and other texts. and popular lore. Although there Kongjo was an eminent astrologer former two cycles. In short, to system is based on the conversations, Subsequently, a number of scholars were a number of commentaries and made a number of translations obtain through the (in the form of questions and made many translations and written about and translations made of Jungtsi which propagated the meditative practices of this tantra, answers) between Shiva and preserved the system. Padma of this tradition, only a few remain system widely in Tibet Later in the one must know the nature and flow Prabhati, who are said to be the Sambhava in the 8th century played in existence today in writing, the 8th century, during the reign of King of energies in the body. manifestations of Avalokitesvara a major role in incorporating the rest having been destroyed in the Trisong Duetsen, an eminent To know this, one must have the andTara respectively. However, this systemintoTibetanBuddism. Soin Cultural Revolution by the Chinese Chinese astrologer named Duhar knowledge of the external worlds, system of astrology was introduced the present day, some parts of this in Tibet in the nineteen sixties. Nagpo came to Tibet and made a which includes the knowledge of from India. So far, it has 13 system are used and practised in the This system of astrology is based on number of new translations. the positions and motions of the commentaries written by Tibetan NyingmaSchool, one of the existing the Twelve animal signs. Eight However, Tibetan Astrology planets. scholars. Yangchar is supplementary four . Trigrams, Nine numbers of Mewa witnessed a slight decline along with to the first chapter of the Kalachakra Sangyal Gyatso (1653-1705), the etc., combined with the Five There are two major different the decline of the early period of Tantra, dealing with the External Regent of the 5th Dalai Lama, who elements and with the time cycle of systems for calculating the planetary Buddhism during the reign of cycle. It goes on todiscuss the results was a great scholar, wrote the year, month, day and time of day in motions and positions. Druptsi from Dharma Udum Tsenpo in the 10th and implications of the calculations Vaidurya dkarpo, which is one of preparing charts featuring the the Root text and Jetsi from the century. Later in the 12th century, based on the planetary positions and the standard and highly revered aspects of Life-Force, Power and abbreviated Kalachakra Tantra. The the second Khamtra, a great Tibetan various time cycles. books on Tibetan astronomical Luck by the Elemental laws of materials presented in the Kartsi are

ANTIQUES Mandala of the Five Dakinis SOLD & July 18th-August 2nd, 1992 A Two Week Retreat at Villa Gaia in Tuscany, Italy RESTORED with , M.A.

Tsultrim is the author of "Women of Wisdom" and director of the Tara Foundation, and has been a practitioner of since 1987. She is astudent of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and leads retreats and pilgrimages around the world. Working with Tsultrim will be Diane Broderick, PHD, a licensed psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles, California, workshop facilitator and teacher at Earth Trust Foundation and Virginia Davis, Lucia from the Merigar the Co-Director of Four Winds Foundation, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming and Co-Counseling Community unii hand over trainer, certified Yoga teacher and body worker. the management or sell the licence and equipment For further information: for Arcidosso tea room. In Europe contact: In the US and Canada contact: Steve Luchini Large beautiful garden Matteo Silva Capelletti Ellen Church-Bauer with fountain. Villa Gaia,Loc Sugarella 472 Fisher Settlement Road Via della Croce Lucia Sblendorio, 58038 Seggiano (GR) Italia Spencer, New York 14883 Castel del Piano GR 58031 Arcidosso GR, Italy. Tel 0564/ 950 642, for Fax call first Tel (607) 589-7463, For Fax call first Tel. 0564 955293. Italy Tel. 564-966936.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 13 An interview with Tsognyi Rinpoche

The Tsognyi Rinpoche is considered However in my monastery in East of Rigpa will cause the tigle to be achieving many. Personally I would difference between Madhiyamika to be the union emanation of Tibet which is a nunnery, the drawn into the central channel, the prefer to meditate on the Nature of and Dzog-chen is that Dzogchen Rechungpa and Ratna Lingpa. The teaching of Ratna Lingpa is the main white essence will not be lost and Mind than doing recitation on not only deals with the nature of presentTsognyiRinpoche isthethird practice. the four joys will be experienced . Even though Ido sometimes emptiness but also with that of in his reincarnation lineage. He is spontaneously. On the whole one recitation of mantra, I do not keep cognizance and luminosity while presently residing in Kathmandu at KL: Would you recommend that a should try not to lose the white count. In a sense when a person has Madhiyamika deals mainly with his retreat centre overlooking the practitioner concentrates on a essence. in his mind compassion, emptiness. As far as the view on Swayambu Stupa. He is also the particular cycle of teaching, for and wisdom, that in itself is the emptiness is concerned there is no third son of Urgyen Rinpo­ example that of Choling Tersar or KL: Do the signs of dissolution of ultimate deity. difference. If a student of che, a great Dzog-chen master. Longchen Nyingtik or is it alright if prana in the Six Yogas practice occur Madhiyamika arrives at the view on one chooses and mixes freely the also during Tregcog or Todgal? KL: I noticed especially in the emptiness through analyzing and Kunga Legpa: Can you say various cycles of teachings? studying, then it may not be the something about your background Rinpoche: Unless a person is of correct view on emptiness. If and education? high capacity, in which case he can however, a person after analyzing Rinpoche: When I was eight years freely choose from the various cycles and studying the Madhiyamika view, old my father Urgyen Rinpoche of teaching that are available to him, gains insight into it and resolves and received a letter from His Holiness it is better to stick to one particular integrates it into oneself then it can Karmapa saying that I had been lineage such as that of Choling Tersar be said to be the same as the view of recognized as the reincarnation of or Ratna Lingpa from which he can emptiness in Dzog-chea Tsognyi Rinpoche. When I was nine traverse the whole path. For an years old I received from His average practitioner, if his practice KL: Do you think a practitioner Holiness Karmapa the refuge vow is too mixed there is the danger of should complete the Four and the empowerment of Kagyud not achieving any result from it. Foundations practice before Ngagcho. embarking on higher Tan tra practice Also during that time I was officially KL: Is there any difference between or that of Dzog-chen? recognized by His Holiness to be the view of and that of Rinpoche: If a practitioner does the the Tsognyi Rinpoche who is in Dzog-chen? Also what is the main Ngongdro with purity and per­ turn the reincarnation of Ratna difference in its practical aspect? fection, with great feeling of Lingpa. Due to the past connection Rinpoche: In essence there is no devotion and compassion then it between the lineage of Tsognyi difference. would definitely help him in any Rinpoche and Drupa , But on the introduction of Rigpa, future higher practice. But if a requested that I Dzog-chen takes a more direct practitioner does itmechanicallyjust undertake my education at Tashi approach than Mahamudra. Also in Rinpoche: In general there is what tradition, a great deal of counting off numbers or does it as a Jong. Therefore from the age of Mahamudra there is the path of is called the "-dang" the time and effort isdevoted to maintain mandatory chore then it might not thirteen to twenty- four I studied at skillful means, thab-lam, such as radiance of the prana and the the transmission of the huge corpus be of any benefit at all. Actually the Tashi Jong and during that time I the Six Yogas. "Rigpai-dang" the radiance of the of Term a and Karma teachings. Do external foundation practices of being aware of the preciousness of received the empowerment and Although they also exist in the cycle Rigpa or pure awareness. The you feel that such effort is human life, of , of reading transmission of the Drugpa of the Dzog-chen teachings, they practice of Tumo which deals with worthwhile since the majority of the infallible effect of Karma and of Kagyu Lineage. Also from Dilgo are not the main practice which is the "Lung-dang" causes the prana to mese teachings probably do not have the unsatisfactory condition of Khyentse Rinpoche and my father Tregcog and Todgal. But on the enter into the central channel and much of a following? Samsara is even m ore important than Urgyen Rinpoche I received many view of the nature of mind, which is one will experience signs like fire Rinpoche: In general the lineage the Ngongdro. And if an individual transmissions from the Nyingmapa the most essential, there is no sparks and smoke etc. holder will try to maintain the has in him unshakable faith and tradition and most important the difference. In the Dzog-chen Todgal practice, transmission of his lineage by teaching on the Nature of Mind. although the prana enters, abides passing it on to the next generation. devotion in the Triple Gems, the teaching of and Vajra- KL: In the Six Yogas practice, much and dissolves in the central channel However there will come a time , uncontrived and spontaneous KL: Can you recall your past life as emphasis is placed on not losing the during the different stages of the when the lineage of a particular compassion towards all sentient Ratna Lingpa? white essence or so called bodhicitta. four visions, the sign of dissolution teaching will be disrupted. Every beings and a fee ling of renunciation, Rinpoche: I do not have a clear Is such emphasis also stressed in the does not appear as that in Tumo teaching has its life span and also its then he already embodies in him the memory of that incarnation, Dzog-chen teaching? practice, but the practitioner period of popularity and decline. essence of Ngondro. And it does not however, there arises a strong feeling Rinpoche: Generally speaking the experiences the "Rigpai-dang", For example the Terma of Ratna really matter if he does the Nongdro in my heart whenever I hear the white element or essence is radiance of the Rigpa, with greater Lingpa is not so widely practised ornot. He will be like a fertile ground teaching of Ratna Lingpa being considered to be the support for the intensity. nowadays. But the lineage holders ready to receive and practise any recited. mind of enlightenment. Whether in will still try to do their best to keep higher teaching, be it Dzogchen or Mahamudra or Dzog-chen tradition, KL: How many sadhanas do you it alive, so that a practitioner, who Mahamudra. KL: Which cycle of teaching would it is advised against losing it. practise a day? wishes to practise it in the future you consider to be your main However in the Six Yogas practice Rinpoche: One or two. It is better to would be able to do so. practice? the white essence or tigle is drawn have one Yidam, one practice and The above interview was conducted Rinpoche: In this life because of up into the central channel, through one view. Also I do not have a lot of KL: Will studying the view of byKungaLegpainKa-Nying Centre, my family lineage and education, the practice of Tumo and through time due to frequent travelling, and Madhiyamika lead one to the state Kuala Lumpur, on the 19th day of my main practice is that of Choling that the Yogi experiences the four since all deities have the same natu­ of Rigpa? the second month of the Metal Tersar and Drugpa Kagyud. joys. In Dzog-chen practice the state re to achieve one is equivalent to Rinpoche: Essentially, the year.

Reflections My Body Long Day by MA. Words created for a Buddhist song it smelled just like an old latrine. by Bhikshuni Heng-Yin Then the birds joined in the feast, Skyline drive, browned hills Oh Dzog-chen teaching, the great perfection Where did it go, my body? they didn't mind the stink the least. Now all's left are bones so bleached - So all pervasive, simple and clear I loved it so, my body: Before dusk Who would have guessed it could happen to Yet so difficult to apply so cute, so fine, me? Will I ever manage to fully understand this body of mine.... a wide sky drinks me in My body was the cutest thing, Now it's ashes to ashes, dust to dust, Oh Vajra Guru, the great transmitter A lover's soaked gaze. gave it the best of everything: all because of hate and lust. On whom everything depends plenty of fresh air and exercise, Sure seems like we make a lot of fuss So close to my heart, yet so distant Mountain bikes barrel by, vitamins, minerals, and apple pies, over something that's just blood and pus. Will I ever overcome my attachments? "how's it going?" plenty of sleep, plenty of friends, So take a tip from a ghost like me: rode it around in a Mercedes Benz. your body's gonna leave you, wait and see. OhDzog-chen Community, my greatspiritual Dribbling out Then it came time to die - Better cultivate while you can, my friend, family, I adjust the belt. left, and never said goodbye. 'cause when it's all over So rich in its diversities, and It only takes a moment. it's really the end... Yet so fierce in its manifestations, And when it died, it got so big and green Will lever manage to be truly compassionate? with so many worms you've never seen. Reprinted from Bodhi Leaf. All my old friends quit the scene, Ken Bradford


Poland Australia considering this type of idea for give them certain priorities on the some time. Of course, there would system if need be. We could do that I have just received the latest (Jan. be some problems in realizing these for the gakyils. 1992) issue of The Mirror and am ideas but basically they could all be I am in the possession of all the writing in response to the editorial overcome. The principal thing is necessary equipment and I am on page 3 expressing doubts about that in order to realize such a willing to help set up such a system the possibility of continuing with project, we would have to be able to in Merigar. The Dutch Community the newspaper and asking for ideas count on the regular and practical also possesses all the necessary and suggestions from readers. I support of the various Communities equipment would therefore like to suggest the around the world. It is obvious that Guido Blondelle following plan for your the problem cannot be solved only Dutch Gakyil Blue consideration: by technical and electronic means 1. The Mirror to be put together in butwithorganizational commitment Meri gar as usual, but published there on the part of the people who would To the Editors, only fordistributionwithinltaly (and carry forward this initiative and This is my reaction to the editorial perhaps some other European who would be willing to resolve of'To Be or Not To Be" (published Countries?). both the small and large problems in the last issue of Hie Mirror). The 2. The contents of each issue to be which would inevitably arise. Mirror must continue mainly in the sent overseas electronically. ( I am The idea whichyoupresentis, more way it is now i.e. having news and told that this can be done most or less, we believe feasible. It should substantial articles on Dzog-chen effectively by modem, rather than be concretely defined by a group of teachings. I look forward to it every by fax.) people in various parts of the world month. I am willing to pay a higher Some members of the Polish Community (courtesy of J. Sieradzan) 3. Each national Community to then who would like to be responsiblefor amount of subscription. be responsible for printing and this project. We are ready and You need advertisers. That is where Dear Vajra brothers and sisters, a Yantra Yoga retreat with Oliver distributing The Mirror within its willing to talk about it. The ball's all newspapers have a part of their In issue number 12 of The Mirror Leick in the beautiful area of the own country. in your court. finances from. there was an article about the Polish Sudety Mountains. Twenty people 4. Local and national items of The editors In total I have received 14 issues and Community. There are some areas I participated. Dzog-chen news etc. could then be one special issue. This is the would like to clarify, since some of From that time on we have practised appended to issues of The Mirror, as minimum we can do with in 2 years, the information is not completely collectively and I have translated all required, as a kind of regional in my opinion. accurate. the "Collective Practices for Special supplement. Holland I am very grateful to you for doing The Dzog-chen Community in Days" but because we don't know It seems to me that this method of this work. Poland started at the end of 1987 how to practise most of them, we publication would have several Dear friends, In Holland we have only a small when Marek Has started to receive concentrate on what we know, which advantages. The cost of producing This is án idea to promote and faci­ community. There are marry people books and information about some is the Long Life Practice of The Mirror would be shared by the litate communication between involved in the Rigpa center. For teachers of different spiritual Padmasambhava. world-wide Community, and not members of the Dzog-chen me, the teachings of Namkhai Norbu traditions, including Namkhai Nor­ In the previous summer a small entirely bomebyMerigar. (National communities all over the world. Rinpoche are very pure and have no bu Rinpoche. In January of 1988, publishing house called Minitura Communities could perhaps cover There is something called a Bulletin interference with the ways of a Marek translated autobiographical printed 2000 copies of "Do As You their share of the costs by increasing Board system that we could install school or lineage. parts of "The Crystal and the Way of Please" along with parts of membership fees, which would in­ on a computer in Merigar. It is not This makes a very different Light" and Itranslated the biography Rinpoche's teachings published clude a subscription to the difficult or costly, all you need is a atmosphere. previously in the first issue of the computer witha hard disc, asoftware of Ayu Khandro from Tsultrim newspaper.) I wish The Mirror a long and happy Vajra Dragon. program (there are good public Allione's "Women of Wisdom". In On the psychological side it should life. domain programs), a modem and a April we published the "Crystal". We have also published a few also help to make people feel more Ina Schlingemann Sometime after Henryk Smagacz volumes of teachings called strongly that The Mirror really is a person who can operate all this. translated the "Lotus " and the Dzog-chen, Self - Liberation Path in journal that belongs to the whole This system could be working only "Cycle of Day and Night", and both which we have included texts of international Community. Postage during the night hours, and it could have been published in Silesia. In many Dzog- chen Masters. costs would also be reduced, since contain all sorts of important Germany July of 1988 we published the first I hope that these publications will all postage would be internal. And if messages for or from community issue of an independent magazine help people. There is a great need (in accordance with my suggestion members. It could also form an Dear friends, called Smok Wadzry (Vajra Dragon) for Norbu Rinpoche's teachings and #4) local newsletters could be to important medium for The Mirror. We have read your article 'To Be which contained excerpts from the we hope that many people will some extent integrated (!) with The It is also possible to have a Or Not To Be" in the last issue of "Little Song Of Do As You Please" participate in the retreat in May. I Mirror, this should also strengthen "worldwide discussion" via this the Mirror. and parts of Norbu Rinpoche's would like to thank all those people the sense of collaboration within the BBS, and people could contribute First, we would like to say that we teachings in Great Britain as well as who have sent me precious Community as a whole. pages in a few seconds of telephone like and appreciate this newspaper parts of the Blue Book. We Dzog-chen teachings contained in I leave it to you to think of other time. very much. The newspaper is full of distributed it among participants of the many books and newsletters. advantages (and disadvantages! ) that Another advantageexistsherein,and information, interesting articles and our first "Open Air Dzog-chen We are not only putting them on our haven't occur ed to me. that is that the texts that people send beautiful photos. Thanks to all the Retreat" in Poland that was held bookshelves, but we are immediatly Tony Prince to the computer can be worked on people who participate with their between the 8th and 14th of August translating and circulating them. immediately without having to be energy, their time and enthusiasm. in 1988 in Wola Komborska for Yours on the Path, New South Wales, Australia typed out first. They are doing a great deal. fifteen practitioners. Jacek Sieradzan, Na Blonie 13B/ Furthermore, it is an easy matter to With all our best wishes, The next year in September we had Dear Tony, 36,30-147 Krakow, Polonia give passwords to people and also to Nene and Helmut Reile As you can imagine, we have been VILLA GAIA an enchanting place for Park Hotel vacations and retreats Swim & Sunbathe eat, drink and dance. in a tranquil position at the foot of Ride on horseback Mount Amiata. or just walk and talk in the natural surroundings. Accomodation offered In apartments and single/double rooms. Park Hotel Capenti, 58031 Arcidosso, Italy For information please call or fax us on 0564-95 06 42 or write Tel.(0564)967355 c/o Amiata Records P.O.Box - 58038 Seggiano GR, Italy.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISSUE 14 15 Treasure Vases Begin Global Journey ApTT Appropriate Technology for Tibetans Reprinted from The VajradhatuSun systems, lakes and mountains, and obstacles to dharma practice. A areas that have suffered great wars former merchant ship captain from ApTT was founded in 1984. Appropriate Technology for Tibetans, is a Over the next six months, six and environmental damage. Singapore has offered to drop vases non-profit environmental organization based in England and the United thousand treasure vases will be A thousand years ago, similar vases off in designated places in the oceans. States, dedicated to helping Tibetan refugee communities living in exile in driven around India in trucksdonated were placed in Tibet. In the The Bhutanese government has India. All of their work proceeds with the encouragement and support of His by Bhutanese businessmen, nineteenth century, two great offered to assist diplomatically to Holiness the Dalai Lama. beginning a journey that will place Ny ingma teachers discovered terma get the vases through customs in them at key points in every country teachings explaining how to make different countries. ApTT'S work has been guided by the belief that the most beneficial way to of the world. the vases. H.H. Over the last year, a hundred people assist the Tibetan communities in exile is to support sustainable projects using locally available technologies and to develop capability and skills The vases will be blessed by His Rinpoche felt it timely to put this have been working at the Satsum within the Tibetan settlements to enable both people and culture to survive Holiness the Dalai Lama, His teaching into practice on a global Chorten Palace in Bhutan, under the Holiness SakyaTrizin,His Holiness scale and asked H.E. Dzongsar patronage of the Queen Mother, in the context of ecological and developmental problems encountered at Druckchen Rinpoche and His Khyentse Rinpoche to direct and assembling the vases and filling them present in India- and in the future in Tibet Em ineneceT ' ai Situ Rinpoche. They coordinate this massive international with about two million precious pills For further information regarding this project contact were recently consecrated at Paro, effort under the aegis of a voluntary and sixty thousand printed mantras ApTT Trust-U.K., 6 Rockhall Read, London, NW2 6DT, Great Britain. Bhutan, by His Holiness Dilgo group for world peace known as wrapped in colored paper. To Khyentse Rinpoche and are being Siddhartha's Intent acknowledge the preciousness of the prepared for distribution around the Vases will be put in places like earth and restore a sense of sacred Peace Conference in New Delhi. world. Kuwait and Baghdad, and at the world, the vases also contain earth, Sommes in France, where one and a water and precious stones and metals The project's purpose is to pacify Recently, His Holiness the Dalai Lama participated in a Peace Conference quarter million died in the First from around the world. The vases disease, famine and war, and to in New Delhi, India, that was organized by the family of Mahatma Gandhi. World War. Every country will have each been individually wrapped restore the power of the elements. It Representatives from all over the world were in attendance. will take up to five years to place the receive a full set of eight different and will be stored at the Dzongsar vases in locations of particular kinds of vases, with the largest Institute in Bir, India, before geographic, political or social number going to North America, distribution. reflecting hopes for the dharma to Programme of LamaTenzin Wangyal significance, beginning with Bodh For information call Sid-dhartha's flourish there and in order to rem ove Gaya and including major river Intent at 902-453-9239 (U.S.A.). April 24 - 27 Contact Joana Johnston, tel. (301) Amherst, Massachusetts 951 8728 For details contact Woody Joan Kalyn, tel. (804) 353 1084 The Mysteries of Tibet Paparazzo, tel. (413) 369 4607. by Paolo Brunatto July 23 - 29 'Today Tibet is still a mystery - a May 1-3 Copenhagen, Denmark New York Open Centre Benny Gunno tel. 01 719791 mystery above all in her culture and spirituality. IntheLandoftheSnow, New York, N.Y. Tel. (212) 219 2527 July 31 - August 7 every house is a temple and every Frankfurt, Germany temple is a house". May 8 - 10 Contact Marie Krupp, tel. 6105 5848 With these words the catalogue Santa Fe, New Mexico introduces an exhibition of films on Contart(^TithiaJurs,tel.(505)982 August21-28 Tibet entitled, "The Mysteries of 3846 Oslo, Norway Tibet". The exhibition presents a series of Stephanie Garcia, tel. (505) 4780649 International Conference on Tibetan about thirty films and documentaries Studies by Tibetan, Chinese and, of course, May 13-28 Contact Prof. Per Kvaeme, tel. 02 Italian, American, French and Richmond, Virginia 504809 German producers. Some of the films are of historical and archeological value such as the film on the expedition of Prof. Tucci CORRECTION in 1933 and the American and German expeditions into Tibet in impassive Tibetan hermits who live Shang-Shung Edizioni, the In the last issue (no. 13) of The Mirror there was a mistake in the the forties. foryears in isolation in the mountains Shang-Shung International Institute article, "The Birth of the Yangti Retreat House in France". The total The aim of the exhibition is to inform as well as the extraordinary dress for Tibetan Studies and A.S.I.A. , cost of the land and house was 160.000 French francs and not the public on subj ects such as tantric and customs of thenomadic peoples. and will take place from April 13th 760.000 francs as appeared. As Alain Viguerie of the French to 30th in Rome at the Cinema Az­ Buddhism, traditional Tibetan me­ The exhibition, "The Mysteries of Community pointed out, it's Lit. 33.000.000 cheaper. zurro Scipioni. dicine and yoga and present the Tibet", has been organized by Sorry about that!

Benefit The Mirror CALENDAR 1992-1993 When you buy Station Hill Press books and send in this ad (or photocopy) WATER MONKEY YEAR with your order, half of what you spend is donated to The Mirror.

The Reality Illusion. How You Make the World You Experience Ralph Strauch The "Reality Illusion" explores the nature and workings of human perception. $10.95 paper, 224 pages, illustrations and index.

The Swimming Dragon. A Chinese Way to Fitness, Beautiful Skin, Weight Loss and High Energy Dr. T.K. Shlh The simplest of ancient Ch'i Kung practices to stimulate health and balance energy. $9.95 paper, 120 pages, 50 photos and drawings. $29.95 video, color, 30 minutes. $36.00 book and tape together. Homeopathy: Medicine in the 21st Century Dana Ullman. Physician to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II Based on the An overview of the science and art of homeopathy. $12.95 paper, $25.00 cloth, 300 pages. Indicates phases of the moon, particular events in the life of Buddha Shakyamuni.worldwide practice days. Dakini and Send total cost of books In US dollars by International Money Order, credit cards, etc. plus shipping rates: First book - UPS $3.00, Book rate $1.50, Foreign surface $3.00, Foreign airmail $12.00. Each Padmasambhava Days and eclipses. add'l book - UPS $.50, Book rate $.50. Foreign surface $1.50, Foreign airmail $7.00 Price including postage $15 US orequivalent. Available from STATION HILL PRESS, BARRYTOWN, NEW YORK, 12057 U.S.A. ITel (914) 758-8163' Shang Shung Edizioni, Merigar. 58031 Arcidosso GR. Italy.

MARCH-APRIL 1992 ISS VE :¿ 16 Tibet - Heart of Asia International Dzog-chen Contacts

Gerd-Wolfang Essen's Collection of ARGENTINA Azamgar: Dzog-chen Community

Bueno» Abet: AW6 Oneto : c/o Ruth ana Corwin Comunidad Dzog-cben by Paolo Brunatto at the centre, Vinanana, some marvellous simplicity of Via Canaletto 10 P.O.Box 439, Paw Caten XWîm Milano . Novato. California Last Autumn, the Italy-Tibet Tibetan monks had consecrated the Padmasambhava with his two 1063 BttettM Átá^+í Associationorganized a month-long space and worked for many days on consorts, as well as a finely worked JAPAN New Mexico: exhibition of Tibetan Art at the Pa­ a ritual Mandala made from coloured 14th-15th century bronze of Green Tandil; :. Tetto Nagasawa •: .. Dzog-cbeo Communfcy ; Dzog-chen Communíta 7-l7:l4, Hrgash^ lazzo della Ragione in Milan with sands. Tara (Syamatara). : c/o Cynthia Juri c/o Hugo Aníbal Palacio Nerima Route 9. Box 65XX . Inside a delicately carved reliquary the collaboration of the City Council, There was an extremely wide range Egpagna 883, 7000 Tandil Tokyo. SanUE* N.M. 8750$ . as a contribution to The International of pictorial exhibits, among which a in golden wood from the last century Year of Tibet. The exhibition was classic 19th-century Tankha of was a Tsongkhapa with his two AUSTRALIA MALAYSIA Hawaii; •: full of priceless works from the Buddha Saky am uni, an 18 th-century principle disciples. A solemn and Vittoria: •'• • Community Dzog chen Susan Indien .. Patricia Chandler Malaysia Tttatn Wye Mitt fabulous collection of Gerd- representation of Padmasambhava austerely simple 16th-century 129 Kaakpnlu Drive 471 Canning St. 8W9C:Klet>MgKecbii; Y: KaiBla, Hawaii 96734 statuette of Buddha Sakyamuni, Wolf ang Essen. in his eight traditional N.Ctttttofl. vie 3054 75200Melate ; :.:: In the exhibition catalogue, the Dalai manifestations, and a picture from known as Jowo Rinpoche, was USSR New South Wales: " Lama wrote: the last century of the delicate and modelled on a statue at the centre of NEPAL Moscow: .• . Community Dzog-che» the Jokang in Lhasa. According to ' Ian Baker Vladimir Maikov Tibet is going through one of the peaceful female divinity c/o Hamish Gregor S.LT. Box 1373.x SovieUkaya 14 7 most difficult periods in its long Usnisaviaya. There was a highly tradition, it was forged in Southern 6 Gant St. Katbraandu Zheleznodorzhny India during Buddha's time and history. A real danger exists that the refined 17th-century Mandala Moscow region Wocáford, NSW 2778 ; Tibetan nation, its cultural identity painted in thestyle of theNor school, later taken to China before ending NEW ZEALAND and way of life may be banished a sub-division of the school up in Lhasa as a wedding gift from South Island: Latvia:;' :' AUSTRIA lize Morell from the face of the earth. which developed its own distinctive the Chinese Emperor to his daughter Istorrqa Sergey Mayevjch Diog-cbcn Österreich PO Little Aiolo» . Str. Plata 26, Room 31 : style inspired by the Indian model. Wench'eng on the occasion of her : So it is very important that at such a Postfach 60 Banks Peninsula . Riga226016 ' critical moment the general public A splendid example of Tannic marriage to the Tibetan king 82O0Glei»t»orf South bland Latvia should have the chance to get to painting was to be seen in an Sangtsen Gampo. DENMARK Community Dzog-oheo Auckland: discover the richness of Tibetan 18th-century depiction of Hevara The ritual objects included a Buryatia: c/o lent Rasmuwen Mario Franchini RaadolGar culture." Kye Dore. There was also a stark valuable 15th-16th century Dorje Pilegard Alle 5 8/148 Howe St c/o Farida Maiikova ; and terrifying Mahakala, painted in and bell complete with their cases, 2770Kastnip Preemans Bay, Auckland : : The space within Milan's lovely 26, Tayozhanaya S£:|:S : two splendid undated Tr igu in sii ver Palazzo della Ragione was laid out the early fifteenth century in the Novofazbinginak traditional style of the Sakya and gold, an extremely refined 18th FINLAND ; NORWAY Buryatia 671454 in the form of an ideal Mandala. Kaisa Lus a Pu o irti Community Dzog-chen century Dam am and two 19th Coming in at the east the visitors tradition. vùMin<&rè Gordon Craomex : ' century oboes. LITHUANIA:- found Rupa: peoples, places and Among the many sculptures on O^ÒO Jokela 4157 Utttew Kloster Dorjeling history - Tibet as seen through the display was a finely chiselled bronze There was also a fear-inspiring 2001 P.O. Box 1183 FRANCE SINGAPORE Vilnius eyes of travellers in the faces of its statue of Ekadasamukla- undated Garuda mask for use in Perpignan : • lanGan Lithuania inhabitants (this section included Avalokitesvara, a wonderful ritual dances. Isabelle Bienfait 585 North Bridge Road 9 Rue Jean Racine some of Fosco Maraini's example of the mastery of the The exhibition - visited by an apt 15-04 BUnco Court VENEZUELA Perpignan 66Ö0O Singapore 0718 photographs taken in the thirties). 15th-century Tibetan artists. average of 500 people a day - prov­ Caracas: Ingrid Bettet . Turning to the south, Vedana: daily Another exhibit from the 15th ed an inspiring display of solid­ Pioaray: SOUTH AFRICA. Apartado 60580 Chacao life and objects, etc. Then to the century was a shining statuette arity with a culture and spirituality, Dzog-chen Association Darryl Van Bkrk A * 1060 Caracas West, to Samna: theatre, dance and representing a tannic manifestation which by now is seen not only as Detakha:. Bel Avenir li tippet Rose St 56770 Ronny Newtaads, 7700 Capetown music. Onto the north and Samskara: of the Bodhisattva of Wisdom in the being the heritage of the Tibetan Menda: religion and the extraordinary form of CaturbhujaManjusri.There people as such, but also of the Dzog-chen Community GERMANY SPAIN Apartado Postat 483 symbolic art of Tibet And finally, was an 18th-century statue of international community asa whole. Sonya 8 urg meier . ' • Estábaos! Cáaó'-^yy^y^^:- Marida 5101 Vorderer Lech 27 :: Ronda General Mitre 162- 8900 Augsburg 7EIA WEST MALAYSIA 08006 Barcelona CboflgKwokKet "Wisdom and Compassion Exhibition" in London GREAT BRITAIN 11-A Jalaa Jujor . Richard Eagleton SWITZERLAND 1/5 T. Bate Ampang 72 Woodland G»*í«W^::: Aline Wìnbtrberg Selangor by Richard Dixey religious and cultural objects from Tibet and Ladakh. London, NW 10 3UA Schwarrenburgstr, 6 The Royal Academy in Picadilly, all the traditions and schools. The Kagyu community of 3007 Ben YUGOSLAVIA . . . GREECE London, which is the foremost The Institute of Contemporary Arts, Ling in Scotland has been in the Belgrad:. • Ev angelopu tos Liâtes TAIWAN R-O.C Jovanovtc Zelika gallery in the U.K., will host an in Pall Mall, London, in conjunction news of late because they are in the lOPolyttiecbnioi» Street Mr. CH. Yen Zelem Veoac 1 exhibition entitiled '"Wisdom and with the Meridian Trust put on a middle of purchasing an island off 10433 Adíe» 4^^001^333 Beegrad - - Compassion" from September 16th film festival about Tibet from March the coast of Scotland called Holy Long Krang Road HOLLAND .. Taipei to December 13th, 1992. This will 11th until March 29th, 1992. Island that contains the hermitage SLOVENIA Such ting Dzog-cben Chang chub Santi Mana be the largest display of Tibetan art Included in the selection were some of an eighth century saint. They Johannes Vertnlatmi 44" USA Sangha : ' and culture ever held in the U.K., very interesting early archive films have launched a nationwide appeal 1071NB Amsterdam Tsegyalgar. fp*o«U* • . . " and probably the largest ever held in about Tibet shot in the early 1930's. for funds which has been well Dzog eben Community 62250 PTUI . ; ITALY Tsegyalgar POBW277 Slovenia the West. This exhibit will also in­ Some of these were in colour, as received in the UX.Theyhaveplans : Merigar. Conway, Mas», 0134Í S ; clude archive m aterial aboutTibetan Tibet was the first country where for closed retreat facilities for the Común ili Dzog eben Weal Coast: .: : history and the present situation in Technicolour film was used. Some Kagyu three year retreat cycles as Aicido*», 58031 GR the country, along. with a of the films shown were: Horse well as buildings for short term comprehensive display of both Thief, Lord of the Dance, Song for retreats and a visitors' center. THE MIRROR Fellowship The International Newspaper of the Dzog-chen Community from the Office of the Dalai Lama in was selected for the first Award in archaelogical specimens of various founded by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche New Delhi 1987. found in the Leh region of As a homage to the unique He submitted his final report in Ladakh with illustrations and finally Published by the Associazione Culturale Comunità Dzog-chen. pioneering role of Thonmi October 1991. The topic of his the appendix containing the English The Mirror, Merigar, P.O.Box 47,58031 Arcidosso GR, Italy. Sambhota, Scholar and Minister for project was, " The Technology of translation of four important short Tel. and fax 0564-966608 . Culture, Tibet House, New Delhi, the Stupa: A Tibeto-Buddhist Tibetan texts proceeded by instituted a fellowship in his name Perspective". This monograph transliteration of their texts. Direttore responsabile: Raimondo Bultrini from the academic year 1987-88. contains the literary sources of the The Advisory Commitee met and Editorial desk: Liz Granger, Naomi Zeitz, Tiziana Gottardi, Nina The tenure of fellowship is two years architecture and architectonic considered the report on January Robinson, Anna Eid extendable by one or more years at principles, the ritual activities 2nd, 1992 and approved it with Lay out: Shang-Shung Edizioni the discretion of the Advisory associated with the construction of commendati on. The members were Printer: Tipografìa 2A, Arcidosso Commitee. The first advisory the Buddhist stupa at d ifferent stages, particularly appreciative about the commitee was comprised of Dr. the survey of the Stupas found in the richness of its material and the © 1992 Ass. Cult. Comunità Dzog-chen. Kapila Vatsyayan, Prof. M.N. Upper Indus Valley which was once manner of its presentation. The vo­ Registrato presso il Tribunale di Grosseto al a 5/1990 del 26 Aprile Deshpande, Prof. S. Rinpoche and culturally akin to the lume will be published by the Indira 1990 Dr. . Out of about Tibeto-Buddhist tradition, the Gandhi National Center for the Arts twenty applicants Mr. Pern a Doree documentation of the leading in collaboration with Tibet House. This newspaper is not for sale