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02 UDAIPUR MONDAY,JANUARY 16, 2017 Entertainment, Tech & Business

An Awards goes to for JIFF 2017

Life's Like That Worldwood International Panorama 9th It basically not just a book title or a title of a humor article, it has a clear message that life has a set pattern and one needs Jaipur International Film Festival - JIFF 2017 to understand, assimilate, and implement for self welfare. Life 1 Best War & Peace Film is meant to do good with others keeping yourself happy. These BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM MARY MOTHER directed by two terms sound alienated with each other are actually well NAGALAND IS CHANGING Sadam Wahidi from Afganistan interwoven. You cannot be unhappy and make others happy directed by Gurmeet Sapal 16 and conversely, you cannot be happy and leave others in paid. from BEST COMEDY FILM You must first learn to keep yourself happy and that's the start 2 FANNY PACK directed by of changing the world or simply making life easier for others. SPECIAL JURY MENTION Uttera Singh from USA Keeping yourself happy is the part of a larger process that need ACROSS 17 eternal innovation. You need to fight with yourself every single ANTARCTICA directed by BEST ROMANTIC FILM step to keep yourself happy. Your happiness could be spend - Stéphanie Gicquel from France PITTER PATTER GOES MY ing time with yourself, visiting friends over weekend, or simply SHORT FILM CAREGORY HEART directed by Christoph listening to the Ghazals of your favorite singer or poet. Anything 3 Rainer from Germany/ that makes you happy is a step away but the tangles of life do BEST SHORT FILM KETCH USA/Austria not allow you to be yourself. These are same desires you had (DAUGHTER) directed by 18 planned in your childhood but have easily given up against the Mehrdad Hasani from Iran BEST HORROR FILM demands of society, family, or 4 SELFIE.D directed by Suraj K Message SECOND TOP SCREENPLAY work. You know that you could BEST SCRIPT from India Chaviaras from Cyprus Sagar from India/Rajasthan Documentary Feature Film DESTINY AUTHORS written find an hour of peace in your ROBERT EUGEN POPA for 19 Animation Film Category Feature Film Category Category by ESRA CENGEL from Editorial study room Saturday evening the film "Veni Vidi Fugi" from BEST CURRENT ISSUE FILM 27 34 42 TURKEY but then you are obliged to Romania WHO DIES ? directed by SPECIAL JURY MENTION BEST ACTRESS AWARD BEST SOUND AND EDITING 50 attend a social hang out with neighbours which you do not 5 Shahnawaz Baqal from India FOR ANIMATION Alena Dzebo for the film AWARD THIRD TOP SCREENPLAY enjoy. You know that saying no to them would not go well with BEST DIRECTOR 20 Panic Attack! directed Eileen SABINA K. directed by for the film RUPEE written by RAJIV anyone. And you fear that they might not support you when BARTOSZ KRUHLIK for the Best Actor O'Meara from USA Cristóbal Krusen from USA THE THINKING BODY direct - HAQUE from USA you need them just because you ignored them over a silly rea - film "Adaptation" from Poland WINSTAR TEY for the film Animation Film Category Feature Film Category ed by Kadambari Shivaya from NEW FROM ALL CATOGERY son. The silly reason could charge up your life instantly. The 6 Han from Singapore FOR FEATURE FILM 35 India 51 BEST EDITOR 21 28 BEST ACTOR AWARD silly reason is a great boon for your own self. But, you are oblig - Documentary Feature Film BEST POLITICAL FILM TRAVIS ABELS & DAMON BEST ACTRESS GOLDEN CAMEL NERUDA directed by Pablo Category ed to believe that you are supposed to be or must be present BACH IN BRAZIL directed by RUSSELL for the film "Cul-De- VICKY KRIEPS for the film PIT - TRAIN DRIVER'S DIARY Larrain from Chile 43 in that hangout. Ansgar Ahlers from Sac" from USA TER PATTER GOES MY directed by Miloš Radovi? from Feature Film Category BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Well, your fear is not baseless totally but then you can still steal Brazil/Germany 7 HEART from Germany / Serbia 36 AWARD one evening out of many for yourself. Do not plan or tell any - For Feature Film Category BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER USA/AustriaCOMING STARS The Best Director BEST ORIGINAL SCREEN - Shaji N Karun for the film one that you have a rendezvous with self a particular evening. 52 ARKODEB MUKHERJEE for PANORAMA (ONLY FOR Feature Film Category PLAY AWARD THE THINKING BODY direct - Just surprise them and update that you have something unfin - BEST WOMEN FILM the film "Shesh Kotha" from STUDENTS) 29 INVERSION from Behnam ed by Kadambari Shivaya from ished at home and you need to get it done. Use that time to do SABINA K. directed by India 22 RED ROSE Behzadi from Iran India what makes you happy and more importantly content. This will Cristóbal Krusen from USA 8 BEST UPCOMING FILM INVERSION from Behnam Feature Film Category Documentary Feature Film inspire you to inspire others to follow heart and keep yourself For Feature Film Category BEST SOUND EDITOR Behzadi from Iran 37 Category happy. Your spouse will take inspiration and miss an episode Lkke.k (MONSOON) directed 53 NIKOS EXARHOS for the film by Billu Paul from India Best Released Film BEST SOUND AND EDITING 44 at TV soap to try some new dance steps. Your kid will learn BEST WAR AND PEACE "LIMBO" from Greece/France Coming Stars Panorama Feature Film Category AWARD SPECIAL JURY MENTION how to follow heart when he or she will see their parents being FILM 9 23 30 SURVIVOR directed by Linzi Kaagaz Ki Kashti (Jagjit Singh) happy and doing something cherishable. Arvand directed by Pourya SPECIAL JURY MENTION SPECIAL JURY MENTION GREEN ROSE ZHANG from China directed by Brahmanand S Life is difficult and has more unpredictable bad things in store Azarbayjani from Iran RIZWAN directed by Tanvi DOBRO directed by Marta SILA SAMAYANGALIL Feature Film Category Siingh from India than you might know. You cannot change anything. But still, For Feature Film Category Gandhi from India Hernaiz Pidal from (SOMETIMES) directed by 38 Documentary Feature Film you can live a moment in your hand with your own command. 54 10 Mexico/Bosnia and from India BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Category A happy you will inspire a happy family. When you had that one BEST ROMANTIC FILM SPECIAL JURY MENTION Herzegovina The Film which gives Global AWARD NEW hour of Ghazal listening session for example, you will feel refreshed 1982 A Love Marriage direct - SOLACE directed by Kashya Coming Stars Panorama Message Kerla Paradiso directed by 45 for the rest of the week. This will pave way for another exper - ed by Prashant M Gorey from U TURN RAJASTHAN Feature Film Category Bijoy Lona from India BEST FILM FROM ASIAN iment next week. You might get your old bike serviced for a Plazinska from Poland India PANORAMA (ONLY FOR 31 Feature Film Category ride around the town or even take out your camera to create 11 CONTINENT For Feature Film Category and capture more memories. SPECIAL JURY MENTION RAJASTHAN) YELLOW ROSE 39 SILA SAMAYANGALIL MOBILE FILM MAKING When you are satisfied with life, you inspire others to take up 24 SILA SAMAYANGALIL SPECIAL APPERIATION (SOMETIMES) directed by 55 Priyadarshan from India life lightly and enjoy thoroughly. You might get that social hang - EXPRESS directed by Aarti BEST FILM FROM (SOMETIMES) directed by To Promote Rajasthani Cinema FIRST TOP FILM BASED ON 46 Chabria RAJASTHAN Priyadarshan from India Worldwide SOCIAL ISSUE out dissolved over the time but you will have excited people BEST FILM FROM EURO - Masakkali directed by Upcoming Film with World For Feature Film Pagadi KAHUR scattered around corners of the city inspiring others too. Happy 12 PEAN CONTINENT Premiere FOR DOCUMENTARY FEA - Living! BEST CHILDREN FILM Deepankar Prakash KLEZMER directed by Pitor 56 A BRAVE BUNCH directed by from India/Rajasthan Feature Film Category TURE FILM Chrzan from Poland SECOND TOP FILM BASED Chandrakant Singh and Aindrita Tomasz Stankiewicz from U Turn Rajasthan Panorama 32 40 47 ON SOCIAL ISSUE Poland 25 BEST DEBUTANTE DIREC - GOLDEN CAMEL BEST FILM FROM AMERI - Hindustan Poetry ray for location search 13 SPECIAL JURY MENTION TOR AWARD TIME SIMPLY PASSES direct - CAN CONTINENT 57 FOR RAJASTHAN GAURU-JOURNEY OF ed by Ty Flowers from USA Chandrakant Singh who has BEST POLITICAL FILM 42 SECONDS OF HAPPI - THIRD TOP FILM BASED ON I Am Raghu directed by COURAGE directed by The Best Director made three comedies and one EL DIA DE LA VIRGEN direct - NESS directed by Christina SOCIAL ISSUE Praveen Singh Rathore from Ramkishan Choyal from India Documentary Feature Film social awareness with Women ed by Louise Heem from Kallas from USA Stray Lights India/Rajasthan Feature Film Category Category Empowerment film Six X is now France Screenplay MEDIA Awards Category U Turn Rajasthan Panorama 33 41 planning a thriller film Coming 14 48 58 FOR ANIMATION FILM BEST DEBUTANTE GREEN ROSE Back with Arbaaz Khan in dou - BEST WOMEN FILM FIRST TOP SCREENPLAY BEST PRINT MEDIA COV - 26 ACTRESS AWARD WHITE RAGE directed Arto ble role.The film will be entirely CANCER 71 directed by THE SHACKLES written by ERAGE BEST ANIMATION FILM Aakrti Bisaria for the film Halonen from Finland shot in Arosa Switzerland . The Abhishek Talukder from India GIRISH PARAB from…….. Rajasthan Patrika For Original AGRINOUI directed by Alexis Kapat directed by Milinnd The Film which gives Global film is produced by Mahendra 15 49 Story Singh Namdev of Ahilya Productions and Rakesh Datta DHFL Sets : Financial 25th Laxminarayana Music Festival organized of RRD Motion Pictures.The film also have Kannad superstar Recognized worldwide for important musician of our time, Aindrita Ray who will be making her debut in film. This Literacy Centers In Jaipur bringing the best of interna - Yehudi Meuhin." film is the first Hindi film to be shot entirely in Swtzerland. Udaipur : DHFL, , recently launched 'Sharmaji ke Sawal, Vinodji tional musical talents under one Speaking on this occasion, ke Jawab' - a first of its kind financial literacy programme in roof, showcasing music from , acclaimed Jaipur / Rajasthan to demystify finance for the Economically Libas Riyaz-Reshma Gangji every genre - Indian classical playback singer and Director, Weaker Section (EWS) and Low-Income Group (LIG) house - to jazz, the Lakshminarayana LGMF,said "Over the years, the ringing the 1st bell holds. As a part of the program the company organized 'nukkad Global Music Festival (LGMF) festival has received an over - nataks' or street plays, on a simple Q&A sequence between 25th edition was organised at whelming response amassing two Characters 'Sharmaji & Vinodji ' to educate / train local Shanmukhananda millions of views across social community members of Jawahar Nagar, Kathputli Nagar and Hall,Mumbai. This concert was media platforms, and hosting Shastri Nagar on the nuances of financial products including dedicated to the birth cente - over two lakh people at a sin - savings, loans and protection. nary of Lord , gle event. Each musician has Designed to support the Government's 'Pradhan Mantri Awas the most prolific violinist of the a unique talent, and when they Yojana' and vision of 'Housing for All by 2022', this program will 20th century. share a stage, it creates a riv - assist underserved groups in navigating the transition from infor - Founded by violin legend Dr. Jazz, Rock, Western Classical, (Norwegian cellist and teacher eting experience for every - mal settlements into safe, hygienic, affordable housing. The L. Subramaniam and Viji Orchestral, Indian Folk, at the Norwegian Academy of one. I invite everybody to enjoy program will also supplement the achievement of Rajasthan Subramaniam, the Ghazal, Hindi Film music, and Music, one of Europe's most an evening of diverse musical Government's objective to address the dire shortage of afford - Lakshminarayana Global different Classical and Folk prestigious institutes). talents." able housing in urban areas of Rajasthan through the Chief Music Festival (LGMF) was styles from five different con - Commenting on the event, Dr. The fest has been held in 55 Minister's 'Jan Awas Yojana', which is focused on creating hous - launched by MS tinents. L. Subramaniam, Founder and cities across 22 countries till ing for EWS/LIG consumers in urban areas. Rajasthan has an Subbulakshmiin 1992. Since Kavita Krishnamurti along with Artistic Director, LGMF, said, date. This year, in addition to urban population of about 24.8% and faces a severe shortage its inception, LGMF has host - Dr.L Subramaniam performed "It gives me immense pleasure its presence in , Stellar move, Libas by Riyaz Gangji has just gone public. What of affordable houses in urban areas like Jaipur where over 22% does this mean? It means that Libas has become the first Indian ed some of the biggest names live with acclaimed interna - to celebrate the 25thedition of Mumbai, San Diego, Chicago of population lives in slums. in the music industry includ - and New York, the festival will designer label to get listed on the National Stock Exchange of tional artists Vadim Repin this unique festival. I have Talking about the initiative, Mr. S Govindan, Head CSR, DHFL ing Lord Yehudi Menuhin, (prodigy violinist and recipient always been passionate about also be held in the UK and India. With an Initial Public Offering of Rs.68; Libas has done said, "Our financial literacy programs are directly aligned to , Gangubai of France's most prestigious taking Indian arts and culture Germany for the first time what many Indian design houses and labels have been trying DHFL's vision to transform the lives of Indian households by Hangal , Pandit , George musical award, The Victoried' to a global audience, while ever.Moreover, music enthu - to do since the past half a decade. enabling access to home ownership. For over 3 decades we Duke , Stanley Clarke, Al- Honneur for a lifetime's dedi - exposing Indians to global siasts have yet another rea - When approached, Riyaz explained the reason behind the have reached out to millions of customers in semi-urban and Jarreau , Steven Seagal and cation to music), Svetlana music.When we started the fes - son to enjoy the show as it is move. "It's easy to grow your company if you have people's rural India to help them fulfil their dream of owning a home. Symphony Orchestras. Smolina (hailed by the Los tival over two decades ago, we free for all.The accompanying confidence. Once your brand has the top of mind recall, sales Towards this mission, DHFL is constantly finding innovative, LGMF is the only music festi - Angeles Times as "an out - never imagined that it would artists for Mumbai include -Atul automatically happen. Of course, this does not mean that your engaging and impactful ways to connect with the communities val that has been able to show - standing pianist with a luxuri - attain a global stature and be Raninga (Keyboards), product or service can suffer. In fact, now that we are publicly it serves. Our financial literacy program is one such initiative case talent from around the ant tone" and a frequent play - associated with so many leg - (Guitar),Jayanthi listed, there is an even bigger responsibility towards the peo - to prepare the LMI segment to move out of their current infor - world and provide a platform er on global stages including endary names from the world (Guitar),V.V. Ramanamurthy ple that the brand has." mal dwelling to formal houses. We are receiving an overwhelming for myriad styles of music; it - Carnegie Hall, Salzburg of music. Today, we are hon - (Mridangam), Girish Vishwa Before the face show of the New Year; this comes across as response as we touch innumerable lives through such engag - has presented Indian Classical Festival, and Hollywood Bowl) ored to dedicate our silver (Dholak), Ashish Jha (Tabla) much welcome news, especially when demonetization and the ing local education and awareness activation that will go a long (Karnatic and Hindustani), and Audun Sandvik jubilee edition to one of the most and Satya Sai G (Morsing). current currency crunch in the country has been a spirit damp - way to create lasting impact and intend to take these road shows to various other locations across Rajasthan." ener for many businesses, fashion included. Union Finance Minister launches Airtel Payments Bank Once the eagerness of the community is raised to know about An upbeat Riyaz added, I think being able to do business with Udaipur : Airtel Payments Bank, India's first payments bank, today commenced national operations with services now LIVE in various opportunities to up lift oneself, DHFL's Financial Literacy your forte is very important. People will only notice numbers all 29 States of India. & Advisory Centers takes over . These Centers are manned by Arun Jaitley, Union Minster of Finance and Corporate Affairsformally launched Airtel Payments Bank's national operations today, once the show is over." community members who have been trained by DHFL in all marking a major milestone in the history of India's financial services sector. Also present on the occasion were Sunil Bharti Launching an IPO is a tedious and lengthy process and can aspects of financial planning, education and understanding com - Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Enterprises; Uday Kotak, Executive Vice Chairman & MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank; Gopal Vittal, MD & consume upto 2 years! Leave alone the added compliance and plex procedures involved in applying for Government or pri - CEO (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel; and Shashi Arora, MD & CEO, Airtel Payments Bank. responsibilities that it deposits to the promoters' shoulders. When vate affordable housing. The community ambassadors take Speaking on the occasion, Sunil Bharti Mittal said, "Bharti has always undertaken transformational initiatives that have the potential to make a positive impact on the society and contribute to the development of India. Airtel has been at the forefront we asked Riyaz Gangji what motivated him to take up this task, local households through financial literacy drives and educa - he answered, "Just being creative was not giving me satisfac - of India's digital transformation and has empowered over 260 million customers with affordable telecom services. With Airtel tional seminars through which they understand the formal finan - Payments Bank, we are starting another important chapter in our journey, with the potential to truly transform lives and con - tion, I reached a point where I wanted every city in the coun - cial systems, play a transformational role in changing mindsets tribute to financial inclusion in the country. Just like mobile telephony leapfrogged traditional telecom networks to take afford - try to wear Libas. We want to touch the lives of as many peo - that eventually helps them to move into a formal housing devel - able telecom services deep into the country, Airtel Payments Bank aims to take digital banking services to the unbanked over ple as possible, like an FMCG brand. And such sort of a scale opment.Respect, pride and dignity are the key pillars of DHFL's their mobile phones in a quick and efficient manner. Millions of Indians in rural areas will get their first formal banking experi - was only possible through going public." CSR endeavors along with empowerment and inclusion. ence with Airtel Payments Bank."