Thema subject categories

Version 1.1, October 2015

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita

A The AB The arts: general issues ABA Theory of (See also: QDTN: "Philosophy: aesthetics") ABC Conservation, restoration & care of artworks ABK Forgery, falsification & theft of artworks ABQ Art: financial aspects (Class here: art sales & auctioneering, funding, patronage & sponsorship) AF Fine arts: art forms (With AF* codes, assign also the relevant AG* code(s) & STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AFC & AFCC Paintings & painting in watercolours AFCL Paintings & painting in oils AFF Drawing & drawings AFH Prints & printmaking AFJ Other graphic art forms (Class here: ; photomontage; graffiti & ; body art & tattooing) AFK Non-graphic art forms AFKB Sculpture AFKC Carvings: artworks AFKG Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design (Class here: Gold & silversmithing, Faberge, etc) (See also: WFJ: "Jewellery & beadcraft") AFKN AFKP AFKV Electronic, holographic & AFP Ceramic & glass: artworks (Class here: ceramics, pottery, mosaics, glass, stained glass as artworks) (See also: WFN: "Pottery, ceramics & glass crafts") AFT Decorative arts (Use for ‘art book’ treatments) (See also: WF: "Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts" and it's subheadings) AFW Textile artworks (Class here: carpets, tapestries & other textiles as artworks) (See also: AKT: "Fashion & textiles") AG Fine arts: treatments & subjects (With AG* codes, assign also the relevant AF* code(s) & STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AGA (Use AGA in conjunction with other Arts codes as appropriate; assign also STYLE, GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers as appropriate) AGB Individual artists, art monographs AGC Exhibition catalogues & specific collections

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 2/155

(See also: WTHM: "Travel guides: museums, historic sites, galleries etc") AGH Human figures depicted in art AGHF Portraits in art AGHN Nudes depicted in art AGHX Erotic art (Use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) (See also: AJCX: "Erotic & nude photography") AGK Small-scale, secular & domestic scenes in art (Class here: ‘’ subjects in art) AGN Animals & nature in art (, landscapes & seascapes, etc) AGNB Botanical art AGP Man-made objects depicted in art (cityscapes, machines, etc) AGR Religious art (Use with relevant code from QR* where appropriate) AGZ Art techniques & principles (Class here: textbooks & advanced level works on techniques, colour theory, perspective, etc) (See also: WFA: "Painting & art manuals") AJ Photography & photographs AJC Photographs: collections (See also: WQP: "Places in old photographs") AJCD Individual photographers AJCP Portraiture AJCX Erotic & nude photography (Use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) (See also: AGHX: "Erotic art") AJF Photojournalism (Class here: photographic reportage) (See also: DNP: "Reportage & collected journalism") AJT Photographic equipment & techniques: general (See also: UGP: "Photo & image editing") AJTA Camera-specific manuals AJTF Photography: specific techniques (Class here: aerial photography) AJTV Video photography (See also: AFKV: "Electronic, holographic & video art") AK Industrial / commercial art & design (With AK* codes, assign also STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AKB Individual designers AKC Graphic design AKD Typography & lettering (See also: WFU: "Calligraphy & hand-lettering") AKH Book design

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 3/155

(See also: WFT: "Book & paper crafts") AKL Illustration & commercial art AKLB Illustration AKLC & cartoon art AKLC1 Graphic novel & artwork (See also: XA: "Graphic novel & Comic book: types" and it's subheadings) AKLF Computer game art (Use for works on artistic aspects of game design, artwork, graphics etc) (See also: UGG: "Computer games design") AKLP Poster art AKP Product design (See also: TBD: "Technical design") AKR Furniture design AKT Fashion & textiles (See also: AFW: "Textile artworks") AM Architecture (With AM* codes, assign also STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AMA Theory of architecture AMB Individual architects & architectural firms AMC Architectural structure & design AMCR Environmentally-friendly (‘green’) architecture & design AMD Architecture: professional practice AMG Architecture: public buildings (Class here: civic, commercial, & industrial buildings; also concert halls, arenas, stadia, memorials, monument, etc) (See also: JWT: "Military institutions, memorials") AMK Architecture: residential buildings, domestic buildings AMKL Architecture: castles & fortifications AMN Architecture: religious buildings AMR Architecture: interior design (Class here: professional works) (See also: WJK: "Interior design, decor & style guides") AMV Landscape art & architecture AMVD City & town planning: architectural aspects (See also: RPC: "Urban & municipal planning") AMX History of architecture (Assign also STYLE, GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers as appropriate) AT Performing arts ATC Individual actors & performers (Use with relevant AT* code to indicate whether specifically theatre, film, TV, radio etc) (See also: DNBF: "Biography: arts & entertainment" and it's subheadings) ATD Theatre studies

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 4/155

(See also: DD: "Plays, playscripts" and it's subheadings) ATDC Acting techniques (Class here: monologues, audition material, etc) ATDF Theatre direction & production ATDH Theatre: technical & background skills (Class here: stagecraft, wardrobe & makeup, lighting, scenery, etc) ATDS Theatre management ATF Films, cinema (Use ATF* codes for performing arts aspects only) (See also: KNT: "Media, entertainment, information & communication industries") ATFA Film history, theory & criticism ATFB Individual film directors, film-makers ATFD Film scripts & screenplays ATFG Film guides & reviews ATFN Film: styles & (Class here: works on specific genres, eg , Westerns, Horror films, etc) ATFR Documentary films ATFV Animated films ATFX Film production: technical & background skills (Class here: cinematography) ATJ Television (Use ATJ* codes for performing arts aspects only) (See also: KNT: "Media, entertainment, information & communication industries") ATJD Television scripts & screenplays (See also: WHG: "TV tie-in humour") ATJS Television drama (Class here: works on drama series, soap operas, plays for TV, etc) ATJX Television production: technical & background skills (Class here: television camerawork) ATL Radio (Use ATL* codes for performing arts aspects only) (See also: KNT: "Media, entertainment, information & communication industries") ATLD Radio scripts ATQ (With ATQ* codes, assign also STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) ATQC Choreography ATQL Ballet ATQR Ballroom dancing ATQT Contemporary dance ATQZ Folk dancing ATX Other performing arts (Class here: mime, street theatre, stand-up comedy, conjuring, variety shows, music hall,

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 5/155

cabaret, juggling, & circus skills, etc) ATXM Puppetry, miniature & toy theatre ATXP Pageants, parades, festivals ATXZ Animal spectacles, performing animals ATXZ1 Bullfighting AV Music (With AV* codes, assign STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AVA Theory of music & musicology AVC Music reviews & criticism AVD Discographies & buyer’s guides AVL Music: styles & genres (With AVL* codes, ALWAYS assign STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) AVLA Art music, orchestral & formal music AVLC Choral music AVLF Opera AVLK Sacred & religious music AVLM Music of film & stage (Class here: works on musicals, film scores) AVLP Popular music (Use for all forms of popular music, as distinct from art music and traditional music, such as light orchestral, Tin Pan Alley, all forms of , Rock and Pop music, Soul, Rap etc. ALWAYS assign STYLE Qualifier(s) to indicate the specific style or genre of music) AVLT Traditional & folk music AVLW ‘World music’ & regional styles AVLX (See also: AVRS: "Electronic musical instruments") AVM History of music AVN Composers & songwriters AVP Musicians, singers, bands & groups AVQ Musical scores, lyrics & libretti AVQS Songbooks (Class here: songs for easy piano, guitar, etc) AVR Musical instruments AVRG Keyboard instruments AVRJ Percussion instruments AVRL String instruments AVRL1 Guitar AVRL2 Plucked instruments AVRN Wind instruments AVRQ Mechanical musical instruments AVRS Electronic musical instruments (See also: AVLX: "Electronic music") AVS Techniques of music / music tutorials Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 6/155

(Class here: learning an instrument) AVSA Singing: techniques AVX Music recording & reproduction (See also: UDM: "Digital music: consumer / user guides")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 7/155

C Language & Linguistics CB Language: reference & general (With CB* codes, assign also LANGUAGE Qualifier(s), as appropriate) CBD Dictionaries CBDX Bilingual & multilingual dictionaries CBF Thesauri CBG Usage & guides CBP Speaking in public: advice & guides (Use for general guides to public speaking, example speeches and quotes. For wedding and best man speeches, use with WJW) CBV Creative writing & creative writing guides CBVS Screenwriting techniques CBW Writing & editing guides (Class here: general guides as well as journalist style guides, technical writing, etc) CBX Language: history & general works CF Linguistics (With CF* codes, assign also LANGUAGE Qualifier(s) as appropriate; reserve CF* codes for use with academic & specialist works only) CFA Philosophy of language (See also: GTD: "Semiotics / semiology") CFB Sociolinguistics CFC Literacy (See also: JNF: "Educational strategies & policy") CFD Psycholinguistics CFDC Language acquisition CFDM Bilingualism & multilingualism CFF Historical & comparative linguistics (Class here: etymology, language family studies) (See also: CBX: "Language: history & general works") CFFD Dialect, slang & jargon (See also: WHL: "Slang & dialect humour") CFG Semantics, discourse analysis, stylistics (Class here: pragmatics, lexicology, rhetoric) CFH Phonetics, phonology CFK Grammar, syntax & morphology CFL Palaeography (study & history of writing) (See also: NHAP: "Historical research: source documents") CFLA Writing systems, alphabets CFM Lexicography CFP Translation & interpretation (Class here: hermeneutics) CFX Computational linguistics CFZ Sign languages, Braille & other linguistic communication Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 8/155

CJ Language teaching & learning (Use CJ* codes for all material for teaching or learning a second language for adults, including ELT material; assign also LANGUAGE & EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE Qualifier(s) as appropriate) CJA Language teaching theory & methods CJB Language teaching & learning material & coursework CJBG Language learning: grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation CJBR Language readers CJBT Language self-study texts (See also: WTK: "Language phrasebooks") CJC Language learning: specific skills CJCK Language learning: speaking skills CJCL Language learning: listening skills CJCR Language learning: reading skills CJCW Language learning: writing skills CJP Language learning for specific purposes CJPD Language learning for business CJPG Language learning for technical & scientific purposes

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 9/155

D Biography, Literature & Literary studies DB Ancient, classical & medieval texts (Use for texts, other than sagas & epics, in an early, ancient or classical language, ideally with other D* code indicating literary form) DBS Sagas & epics (Use for the texts of ancient and medieval sagas and epics, whether in original language or in modern translation. Assign GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifiers where applicable. Use FN for modern re- tellings in the form of a novel) (See also: FT: "Generational sagas") DBSG Ancient Greek & Roman legends DBSN Icelandic & Old Norse sagas DC Poetry (With DC* codes, assign STYLE Qualifier where appropriate) DCA Classic & pre-20th century poetry DCC Modern & contemporary poetry (c 1900 onwards) DCF Poetry by individual poets DCQ Poetry anthologies (various poets) (See also: DNT: "Anthologies: general") DD Plays, playscripts (With DD* codes, assign STYLE Qualifier where appropriate) (See also: ATFD: "Film scripts & screenplays") DDA Classic & pre-20th century plays DDC Modern & contemporary plays (c 1900 onwards) DN Biography & non-fiction prose (Note: with DN* codes, assign also a specific subject code where possible, eg SFH “Golf” with DNBS) (See also: FC: "Biographical fiction") DNB Biography: general DNBA Autobiography: general DNBB Biography: business & industry DNBB1 Autobiography: business & industry DNBF Biography: arts & entertainment (Class here: ‘celebrity biographies’) DNBF1 Autobiography: arts & entertainment (Class here: ‘celebrity autobiographies’) DNBH Biography: historical, political & military DNBH1 Autobiography: historical, political & military DNBL Biography: literary DNBL1 Autobiography: literary DNBR Biography: royalty DNBR1 Autobiography: royalty DNBS Biography: sport DNBS1 Autobiography: sport

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 10/155

DNBT Biography: , technology & medicine DNBT1 Autobiography: science, technology & medicine DNBX Biography: religious & spiritual DNBX1 Autobiography: religious & spiritual DNBZ Collected biographies (Use for biographies of several people in single volume; use after appropriate DNB* code indicating area where possible) (See also: GBCB: "Dictionaries of biography (Who’s Who)") DNC Memoirs (Memoirs are typically less structured & less encompassing than entire autobiographies, & are often about part of a life (eg childhood, a politician’s time in office) rather than one’s whole life; use with an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where possible) DND Diaries, letters & journals (Use where diary or journal entries, or letters, are collected, rather than the work being written specifically as an autobiography. Use with an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where possible) DNG Animal life stories (Use for biographies of animals, such as performing animals, race-horses, rescue animals etc) DNL Literary essays (Use only for essays, typically on various subjects, by notable writers; class essays on a subject, eg philosophy, economics, within the subject) DNP Reportage & collected journalism (See also: WTL: "Travel writing" and it's subheadings) DNS Speeches (Use for collections of transcribed speeches ; use with other code indicating subject where possible) (See also: QRVH: "Sermons") DNT Anthologies: general (Use for all anthologies except poetry anthologies; use with other code indicating subject or literary form where possible) (See also: DCQ: "Poetry anthologies (various poets)") DNX True stories: general (Use DNX* codes for popular accounts of actual events written in a novelistic style) DNXC True crime DNXH True stories: discovery / historical / scientific DNXM True war & combat stories DNXP True stories of heroism, endurance & survival DNXZ Erotic confessions & true stories DS Literature: history & criticism (With DS* codes, assign also STYLE & LANGUAGE Qualifier(s), as appropriate) DSA Literary theory DSB Literary studies: general DSBB Literary studies: ancient, classical & medieval DSBC Literary studies: c 1400 to c 1600

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 11/155

DSBD Literary studies: c 1600 to c 1800 DSBF Literary studies: c 1800 to c 1900 DSBH Literary studies: c 1900 to c 2000 DSBH5 Literary studies: post-colonial literature DSBJ Literary studies: from c 2000 DSC Literary studies: poetry & poets DSG Literary studies: plays & playwrights DSK Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers DSR Literary reference works DSRC Literary companions, book reviews & guides (See also: FZ: "Fiction companions") DSY Children’s & teenage literature studies: general DSYC Children’s & teenage book reviews & guides

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 12/155

F Fiction & Related items (F* codes may be used with GEOGRAPHICAL and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent & significant; non-fiction codes may be added after F* codes to indicate specific central themes or topics in fiction) FB Fiction: general & literary (Use FB only for literary & non-genre fiction where date not known; prefer FBA or FBC as appropriate where possible; FB* codes may be used with other F* codes indicating themes, genres or features where applicable) FBA Modern & contemporary fiction (Class here: works of literary & non-genre fiction first published c 1960 onwards) FBC Classic fiction (Class here: works of literary & non-genre fiction first published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’, but where available, prefer ‘classic’ headings for genre fiction below) FC Biographical fiction (Use for highly fictionalised accounts of the lives of real people (including fictionalised autobiographies). May be used with FV where applicable) (See also: DN: "Biography & non-fiction prose" and it's subheadings) FD FDB Dystopian & utopian fiction (Use for any fiction set in an ideal, dysfunctional or degraded society; use with FL* or other F* codes as appropriate) FDK Alternative history fiction (Use for any fiction, apart from or SF, set in an imagined world that might have emerged had key historical events happened differently eg outcome of WW2) FF Crime & mystery fiction FFC Classic (Class here: works of crime fiction first published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’) FFH Historical mysteries (Use for contemporary mysteries set in past times, eg in Victorian, Medieval, Roman period; use GEOGRAPHICAL and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate) FFJ Crime & mystery: cosy mystery (Use for mysteries set in rural or traditional communities featuring minimal violence & typically amateur sleuths) FFK Comic (humorous) crime & mystery FFL Crime & mystery: hard-boiled crime, noir fiction FFP Crime & mystery: police procedural FFS Crime & mystery: women sleuths FG Sports fiction (S* codes may be added after FG to indicate specific sport featured) FH / suspense fiction FHD Espionage & spy thriller FHK Technothriller (Use for thrillers incorporating scientific, technological (including computing), medical etc elements as important parts of the narrative) FHP Political / FHQ Esoteric thriller Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 13/155

(Use for thrillers featuring traditions of ancient, secret or esoteric knowledge, such as Holy Grail, etc) FHX FJ Adventure fiction FJH Historical adventure fiction (Use for adventure novels set in past times; prefer specific FJM* code if applicable; use GEOGRAPHICAL and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate) FJM War & combat fiction FJMC Napoleonic War fiction FJMF First World War fiction FJMS Second World War fiction FJMV Vietnam War fiction FJW Adventure fiction: Westerns FK Horror & FKC Classic horror & ghost stories (Class here: horror & ghost stories first published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’) FKM Contemporary horror FKW fiction FL FLC Classic science fiction (Class here: science fiction published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’) FLG Science fiction: FLM Science fiction: (Class here: science fiction based on an alternative world where 19th century power has emerged as the dominant technology) FLP Science fiction: near- (Class here: ; science fiction based on marginalised or low-life characters in a highly technologically advanced society) FLQ Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic FLR Science fiction: military (Use for science fiction set within the military or where organised use of weaponry is central to the plot) (See also: FLS: "Science fiction: ") FLS Science fiction: Space opera (Use for science fiction set in space, usually with advanced cultures & technology) FLU Science fiction: aliens / UFOs FM Fantasy FMB Epic fantasy (Class here: ) FMH FMK Comic (humorous) fantasy FMM Magical FMR Fantasy romance, dark romance (Class here: romance, etc) Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 14/155

FMX FN & legend told as fiction (Use for modern retellings in novel form) (See also: DBS: "Sagas & epics") FP Erotic fiction (Use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) FQ Contemporary lifestyle fiction (Class here: ‘chick lit’, ‘lad lit’) FR Romance FRD Adult & contemporary romance FRH Historical romance (Note: use for romantic fiction set c pre-1900, eg Regency period; use GEOGRAPHICAL and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate) FRM Romantic suspense FRX Erotic romance (Use for fiction aimed at Romance market but with explicit sexual content; use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) FS Family life fiction (Use for novels of domestic or small-scale family life) (See also: FT: "Generational sagas") FT Generational sagas (Use for novels which chronicle the fortunes of a family or families often over generations; do not use for Icelandic or Norse sagas. Class here: family sagas) (See also: FS: "Family life fiction") FU Humorous fiction (Use for fiction where humour is the primary aim & feature except prefer genre-specific ‘humorous’ headings where available; may be used with other F* codes as appropriate) FUP Satirical fiction & parodies (Use for humorous fiction which is satirical and/or which parodies existing fiction, genres or writers) (See also: WHP: "Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction") FV Historical fiction (Use for contemporary novels set in the past, ie set c pre-1900, except prefer genre-specific ‘historical’ headings where available; use with other F* codes as appropriate; use GEOGRAPHICAL and/or TIME PERIOD Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate) FW Religious & spiritual fiction (Use for fiction designed to promote a particular religious, spiritual or visionary message; use with relevant 5PG* code as appropriate, or where unavailable, a QR* or VX* code) FX Fiction: narrative themes (Use FX* codes after other F* codes indicating genre or type, to indicate the underlying narrative theme of a work of fiction) FXB Narrative theme: Coming of age (Class here: bildungsroman) FXM Narrative theme: Interior life (Use for fiction which places particular emphasis on interior characterization, and on the

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 15/155

motives, feelings and thoughts of characters. Use FHX for psychological thrillers) FXP Narrative theme: Politics (Use for fiction that is primarily or largely concerned with politics or political systems) FXS Narrative theme: Social issues (Use for fiction that addresses a specific social problem or issue as a central theme) FY Fiction: special features (Use FY* codes after other F* code indicating genre or type) FYB Short stories FYH Fiction: pastiche (Use for fiction written deliberately in the style of another (typically earlier) author (as homage rather than parody), often as a sequel to a novel written by, or using a popular character created by, the original author) (See also: FUP: "Satirical fiction & parodies") FYM Fiction: mashup (Use for fiction which combines a pre-existing text, often a classic novel, with another contrasting genre, such as horror, into a single narrative; use with other F* or non-fiction codes to indicate component elements) (See also: FUP: "Satirical fiction & parodies") FYT Fiction in translation FZ Fiction companions (Class here: companion works to popular fiction, typically uncritical, ‘fan’-based) (See also: DSR: "Literary reference works")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 16/155

G Reference, Information & Interdisciplinary subjects GB Encyclopaedias & reference works GBA General encyclopaedias (Use for non-subject-specific works only) GBC Reference works (Use GBC after other subject code indicating the area or scope of the work) (See also: CB: "Language: reference & general" and it's subheadings) GBCB Dictionaries of biography (Who’s Who) (With GBC* codes, assign also a subject code indicating the area or scope of the work as appropriate) GBCQ Dictionaries of quotations GBCR Bibliographies, catalogues (See also: AVD: "Discographies & buyer’s guides") GBCS Serials, periodicals, abstracts, indexes GBCT Directories GBCY Yearbooks, annuals, almanacs GL Library & information / Museology GLC Library, archive & information management GLCA Information retrieval & access GLF IT, & electronic resources in libraries GLH Acquisitions & collection development GLK Bibliographic & subject control (Class here: indexing, cataloguing & classification) GLM Library & information services (Class here: academic, specialist, public & school libraries; reference, circulation & community services) GLP Archiving, preservation & digitisation GLZ Museology & heritage studies (Class here: museum studies; curatorship; heritage interpretation; and historical conservation of culturally & socially significant sites, buildings, monuments etc) (See also: ABC: "Conservation, restoration & care of artworks") GP Research & information: general GPF Information theory GPFC Cybernetics & systems theory (Class here: control & stability of systems, entropy) GPH Data analysis: general GPJ Coding theory & cryptology (See also: URY: "Data encryption") GPQ Decision theory: general (See also: KJMD: "Management decision making") GPQD Risk assessment GPS Research methods: general (See also: JHBC: "Social research & statistics")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 17/155

GT Interdisciplinary studies GTB History of scholarship (principally social sciences & humanities) (For historical studies concentrating on fields of study not covered by the English term ‘science’ (cf history of science), but included for example in the German term ‘Wissenschaft’ (ie all kinds of academic studies)) (See also: PDA: "Philosophy of science") GTC Communication studies (Use for Communication Studies textbooks and for works covering a range of aspects of communication – linguistic, social, industrial, technological etc) (See also: JBCT: "Media studies" and it's subheadings) GTD Semiotics / semiology (See also: CFA: "Philosophy of language") GTK Cognitive studies (Use for interdisciplinary works) (See also: QDTM: "Philosophy of mind") GTM Regional studies (Use for interdisciplinary works covering a range of topics within a defined area; always assign GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifier) (See also: RGL: "Regional geography") GTP Development studies (See also: KCM: "Development economics & emerging economies") GTQ Globalization GTT Flags, emblems, symbols, logos (See also: NHTG: "Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours") GTU Peace studies & conflict resolution (See also: JWLP: "Peacekeeping operations") GTV Institutions & learned societies: general (See also: JPSN: "International institutions") GTZ General studies (Use for coursework aimed specifically at General Studies courses at advanced secondary and undergraduate level)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 18/155

J Society & Social Sciences JB Society & culture: general (Use JB* codes for both general & academic works on social topics; use with JH* codes for sociology textbooks & other specialist works as appropriate) (See also: VFV: "Family & relationships: advice & issues" and it's subheadings) JBC Cultural & media studies JBCC Cultural studies JBCC1 Popular culture JBCC2 Material culture (Class here: role of artefacts & objects in society) JBCC3 Cultural studies: fashion & society JBCC4 Cultural studies: food & society JBCC9 History of ideas JBCT Media studies (See also: GTC: "Communication studies") JBCT1 Media studies: Internet, digital media & society JBCT2 Media studies: TV & society JBCT3 Media studies: advertising & society JBF Social & ethical issues (See also: PDR: "Impact of science & technology on society") JBFA Social discrimination & equal treatment (Class here: both issues of inequality & discrimination and measures to address these issues; positive discrimination) JBFC Poverty & unemployment JBFD Housing & homelessness JBFF Social impact of disasters JBFG Refugees & political asylum JBFH Migration, immigration & emigration JBFK Violence in society JBFK1 Child abuse JBFK2 Sexual abuse & harassment JBFK3 Domestic violence JBFM Disability: social aspects JBFN Illness & addiction: social aspects JBFQ Social mobility JBFS Consumerism JBFU Animals & society (Class here: animal rights, vivisection, hunting, etc treated as issues) JBFV Ethical issues & debates (See also: QDTQ: "Ethics & moral philosophy") JBFV1 Ethical issues: abortion & birth control JBFV2 Ethical issues: capital punishment JBFV3 Ethical issues: censorship Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 19/155

JBFV4 Ethical issues: euthanasia & right to JBFV5 Ethical issues: scientific, technological & medical developments JBFW Sex, sexuality, relationships & society: general (Class here: general interest works on sex & society, pornography and the sex industry) (See also: VFVC: "Sex & sexuality: advice & issues") JBFX Social attitudes (Class here: political correctness) JBFZ Social forecasting, future studies JBG Popular beliefs & controversial knowledge (Class here: conspiracy theories, hoaxes etc) JBGB Folklore, & legends (Class here: Atlantis, Holy Grail etc) (See also: FN: "Myth & legend told as fiction") JBS Social groups JBSA Social classes JBSC Rural communities JBSD Urban communities JBSF Gender studies, gender groups JBSF1 Gender studies: women & girls JBSF11 Feminism & feminist theory JBSF2 Gender studies: men & boys JBSJ Gay & Lesbian studies (Assign also 5PS* values from INTEREST Qualifiers, as appropriate) JBSL Ethnic studies (Assign also 5PB* values from INTEREST Qualifiers, as appropriate) JBSL1 Ethnic minorities & multicultural studies (Class here: Race relations) JBSL11 Indigenous peoples JBSP Age groups JBSP1 Age groups: children JBSP2 Age groups: adolescents JBSP3 Age groups: adults JBSP4 Age groups: the elderly JBSR Social groups: religious groups & communities (Assign also 5PG* values from INTEREST Qualifiers and QR* codes as appropriate) JBSW Social groups: alternative lifestyles JBSX Secret societies (Class here: Freemasonry) (See also: QRY: "Alternative belief systems" and it's subheadings) JBSY Social groups: clubs & societies (Class here: voluntary association or ‘elective affinities’, how & why people join & associate themselves with specific groups)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 20/155

JH Sociology & anthropology (Use JH* codes for textbooks or academic & specialist works; use with other J* codes indicating specific topics where appropriate) JHB Sociology JHBA Social theory JHBC Social research & statistics (See also: GPS: "Research methods: general") JHBD Population & demography JHBK Sociology: family & relationships (Class here: sociology of sexual relations) (See also: VFV: "Family & relationships: advice & issues" and it's subheadings) JHBL Sociology: work & labour JHBS Sociology: sport & leisure JHBZ Sociology: death & dying (See also: VFJX: "Coping with death & bereavement") JHM Anthropology (Class here: physical anthropology) JHMC Social & cultural anthropology (Class here: ethnography, kinship, customs & traditions) (See also: JBCC: "Cultural studies" and it's subheadings) JK Social services & welfare, criminology JKS Social welfare & social services JKSB Welfare & benefit systems JKSB1 Child welfare JKSF Adoption & fostering JKSG Care of the elderly JKSM Care of the mentally ill (See also: MBPK: "Mental health services") JKSN Social work JKSN1 Charities, voluntary services & philanthropy JKSN2 Social counselling & advice services JKSR Aid & relief programmes JKSW Emergency services JKSW1 Police & security services JKSW2 Fire services JKSW3 Ambulance & rescue services JKV Crime & criminology (See also: DNXC: "True crime") JKVC Causes & prevention of crime JKVF Criminal investigation & detection JKVF1 Forensic science (See also: MKT: "Forensic medicine")

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JKVG Drugs trade / drug trafficking JKVJ Street crime / gun crime JKVK Corporate crime JKVM Organized crime JKVP Penology & punishment (Class here: prisons, penitentiaries; penal systems & theories) (See also: JWXR: "Prisoners of war") JKVQ Offenders JKVQ1 Rehabilitation of offenders JKVQ2 Juvenile offenders (Class here: juvenile delinquency) JKVS Probation services JM Psychology (Use JM* codes for academic, specialist and professional level works; prefer VS* codes for practical advice for the general reader) (See also: VSP: "Popular psychology" and it's subheadings) JMA Psychological theory & schools of thought (See also: QDTM: "Philosophy of mind") JMAF Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology) JMAJ Analytical & Jungian psychology JMAL Behavioural theory (Behaviourism) JMAN Humanistic psychology JMAQ Cognitivism, cognitive theory JMB Psychological methodology JMBT Psychological testing & measurement JMC Child, developmental & lifespan psychology (See also: JNC: "Educational psychology") JMD Psychology of ageing JMF Family psychology JMG Psychology of gender JMH Social, group or collective psychology JMJ Occupational & industrial psychology (See also: SCGP: "Sports psychology") JMK Criminal or forensic psychology (See also: JKV: "Crime & criminology" and it's subheadings) JML Experimental psychology JMM Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology JMP Abnormal psychology (See also: MKM: "Clinical psychology" and it's subheadings) JMQ Psychology: emotions JMR Cognition & cognitive psychology (Class here: psychological works on learning, memory, intelligence, reasoning, perception)

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JMS Psychology: the self, ego, identity, personality JMT Psychology: states of consciousness (Class here: psychological works on conscious & unconscious mind; sleep & dreams; altered states of mind, hypnosis, drug-induced, etc) (See also: VXN: "Dreams & their interpretation") JMU Psychology: sexual behaviour (See also: VFVC: "Sex & sexuality: advice & issues") JMX Parapsychological studies (Use for serious academic works) (See also: VXP: "Psychic powers & psychic phenomena") JN Education JNA Philosophy & theory of education JNAM Moral & social purpose of education JNB History of education (Class here: history of specific schools, colleges, as well as general history) JNC Educational psychology JND Educational systems & structures (Class here: issues of selection, admissions, inspection, governance etc) JNDG Curriculum planning & development JNDH Education: examinations & assessment JNF Educational strategies & policy (Class here: teaching strategies for literacy, numeracy etc; policies regarding inclusive education, streaming etc) JNH Home schooling JNK Educational administration & organization (Class here: issues of bullying, truancy, discipline) JNKG Funding of education & student finance JNKH Teaching staff JNL Schools (See also: VSK: "Advice on education") JNLA Pre-school & kindergarten JNLB Primary & middle schools (Class here: elementary, preparatory, infant & junior schools) JNLC Secondary schools JNLP Independent schools, private education JNLR Faith (religious) schools JNM Higher & further education, tertiary education (Class here: all advanced & further education; colleges offering vocational, technical or non- degree courses; universities) (See also: VSK: "Advice on education") JNMT Teacher training JNP Adult education, continuous learning (See also: VSL: "Adult literacy guides & handbooks")

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JNQ Open learning, distance education JNR Careers guidance JNRV Industrial or vocational training (Use for works on industrial/vocational training as a subject; classify vocational coursework under the appropriate subject) JNS Teaching of students with special educational needs JNSC Teaching of students with physical impairment or disability (Class here: teaching of students with impaired hearing or vision, or any physical disability giving rise to specific educational needs) JNSG Teaching of students with learning difficulties (Class here: teaching of students with dyslexia, autism, behavioural difficulties, or any mental impairment etc giving rise to specific educational needs) JNT Teaching skills & techniques (Class here: classroom control, mentoring) JNU Teaching of a specific subject (Assign also the code for the subject taught, using YP* Educational codes where appropriate) JNUM Teachers’ classroom resources & material (Class here: interactive resources, teachers’ editions of textbooks, etc; assign also the code for the subject taught, using YP* Educational codes where appropriate) JNV Educational equipment & technology, computer-aided learning (CAL) JNW Extra-curricular activities (Class here: field trips, school trips, sporting activities, events, performances, community etc) JNZ Study & learning skills: general JP Politics & government JPA Political science & theory JPB Comparative politics JPF Political ideologies JPFB Anarchism JPFC Marxism & JPFF & left-of-centre democratic ideologies JPFK Liberalism & centre democratic ideologies JPFM Conservatism & right-of-centre democratic ideologies JPFN Nationalism JPFQ & Nazism JPFR Religious & theocratic ideologies JPH Political structure & processes JPHC Constitution: government & the state JPHF Elections & referenda (Class here: psephology) JPHL Political leaders & leadership JPHV Political structures: democracy JPHX Political structures: totalitarianism & dictatorship JPL Political parties

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JPP Public administration (See also: KNV: "Civil service & public sector") JPQ Central / national / federal government JPQB Central / national / federal government policies (See also: KCP: "Political economy") JPR Regional / local / state government JPRB Regional / local / state government policies JPS International relations JPSD Diplomacy JPSF Arms negotiation & control (Class here: Arms Race, arms stockpiling) JPSH Espionage & secret services JPSL Geopolitics JPSN International institutions (Class here: UN & UN agencies, EU institutions, etc) (See also: GTV: "Institutions & learned societies: general") JPV Political control & freedoms (Class here: political propaganda) JPVC Civics & citizenship JPVH Human rights, civil rights (Class here: freedom of speech, of information, of worship; land rights etc) JPVR Political oppression & persecution JPW Political activism JPWA Public opinion & polls JPWC Political campaigning & advertising JPWG Pressure groups & protest movements (Class here: lobbying, demonstrations, civil disobedience, passive resistance) JPWH Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) JPWL Terrorism, armed struggle JPWQ Revolutionary groups & movements (See also: NHTV: "Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions") JPWS Armed conflict (Class here: uprisings, armed skirmishes, flashpoints, outbreaks of organized violence short of full-scale war) JPZ Political corruption JW Warfare & defence JWA Theory of warfare & military science JWC Military forces & sectors JWCD Land forces & warfare JWCG Irregular or guerrilla forces & warfare JWCK Naval forces & warfare (See also: NHTM: "Maritime history")

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JWCM Air forces & warfare JWCS Special & elite forces JWJ Military administration (Class here: personnel issues, discipline, procurement, funding etc) JWK Military & defence strategy (Class here: military tactics, civil defence) JWKF Military intelligence JWL War & defence operations (See also: NHW: "Military history" and it's subheadings) JWLF Battles & campaigns JWLP Peacekeeping operations (See also: GTU: "Peace studies & conflict resolution") JWM Weapons & equipment (Use with code from JWC to indicate sector) (See also: WCK: "Militaria, arms & armour") JWMC Chemical & biological weapons JWMN Nuclear weapons JWMV Military vehicles (Use with code from JWC to indicate sector) JWT Military institutions, memorials (Class here: regiments, uniforms, insignia, memorials, war cemeteries etc) (See also: WCK: "Militaria, arms & armour") JWX Other warfare & defence issues JWXF Arms trade JWXK War crimes (See also: NHTZ: "Genocide & ethnic cleansing") JWXN Mercenaries JWXR Prisoners of war JWXT Mutiny JWXV Military veterans JWXZ Combat / defence skills & manuals

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K Economics, Finance, Business & Management KC Economics KCA Economic theory & philosophy KCB Macroeconomics KCBM Monetary economics KCC Microeconomics (Class here: economics of domestic trade; consumer activity, business decisions, etc) KCD Economics of industrial organisation KCF Labour economics KCG Economic growth KCH Econometrics & economic statistics KCJ Economic forecasting KCK Behavioural economics KCL International economics (Class here: international finance, international trade, trade agreements etc) (See also: RGCM: "Economic geography") KCM Development economics & emerging economies (See also: GTP: "Development studies") KCP Political economy KCS Economic systems & structures (Class here: works on systems such as free market, transitional economies, planned economies, etc) KCV Economics of specific sectors KCVD Agricultural economics KCVG Environmental economics KCVJ Health economics KCVK Welfare economics KCVS Urban economics KCX Economic & financial crises & disasters KCY Popular economics (Class here: accessible works for the general reader) KCZ Economic history KF Finance & accounting (Use KF* codes for academic, specialist and professional level works; prefer VS* codes for practical advice for the general reader) KFC Accounting (See also: UFK: "Accounting ") KFCC Cost accounting KFCF Financial accounting KFCM Management accounting & bookkeeping (Class here: auditing) KFCP Public finance accounting KFCR Financial reporting, financial statements Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 27/155

KFCX Accounting: study & revision guides KFF Finance (See also: VSB: "Personal finance") KFFD Public finance & taxation (See also: KCP: "Political economy") KFFH Corporate finance KFFK Banking KFFL Credit & credit institutions KFFM Investment & securities (Class here: commodities, stocks & shares, bonds, , hedge funds etc) (See also: VSB: "Personal finance") KFFN Insurance & actuarial studies KFFP Pensions (See also: VSR: "Retirement") KFFR Property & real estate (See also: VSH: "Housing & property for the individual: buying/selling & legal aspects") KFFX Banking & finance: study & revision guides KJ Business & Management (Use KJ* codes for academic, specialist and professional level works; prefer VS* codes for practical advice for the general reader) KJB Business studies: general KJBX Business & management: study & revision guides KJC Business strategy KJD Business innovation KJDD Disruptive innovation (Use for developments that create new markets and value networks, and typically disrupt and replace existing markets) KJE E-commerce: business aspects (See also: KJSG: "Web-marketing") KJF Business competition KJG Business ethics & social responsibility KJH Entrepreneurship KJJ Business & the environment; ‘green’ approaches to business KJK International business KJL Consultancy & grants for businesses KJM Management & management techniques (See also: VSC: "Advice on careers & achieving success") KJMB Management: leadership & motivation KJMD Management decision making (See also: GPQ: "Decision theory: general") KJMK Knowledge management KJMP Project management KJMQ Quality Assurance (QA) & Total Quality Management (TQM) Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 28/155

KJMT Time management KJMV Management of specific areas KJMV1 Budgeting & financial management KJMV2 Personnel & human resources management KJMV4 Management of real estate, property & plant KJMV5 Production & quality control management KJMV6 Research & development management KJMV7 Sales & marketing management KJMV8 Purchasing & supply management KJMV9 Distribution & logistics management KJN Business negotiation KJP Business communication & presentation KJQ Business mathematics & systems KJR Corporate governance: role & responsibilities of boards & directors (Class here: role & responsibilities of company secretary etc) (See also: KJG: "Business ethics & social responsibility") KJS Sales & marketing (See also: KJMV7: "Sales & marketing management") KJSA Advertising KJSC Brands & branding KJSG Web-marketing (Class here: use of social media and online resources to market products) (See also: KJE: "E-commerce: business aspects") KJSM Market research KJSP Public relations KJSU Customer services KJT Operational research KJU Organizational theory & behaviour KJV Ownership & organization of enterprises KJVB Takeovers, mergers & buy-outs KJVD Privatization KJVF Franchises KJVG Multinationals KJVN Public ownership / nationalization KJVP Monopolies KJVS Small businesses & self-employed KJVT Outsourcing KJVV Joint ventures KJVW Employee-ownership & co-operatives KJVX Non-profitmaking organizations KJW Office & workplace KJWB Office management

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KJWF Office systems & equipment KJWS Secretarial, clerical & office skills KJWX Working patterns & practices (Class here: teleworking, call centres, etc) KJZ History of specific companies / corporate history (See also: NHTK: "Industrialisation & industrial history") KN Industry & industrial studies KNA Agribusiness & primary industries (Class here: fisheries, forestry, mining etc) (See also: KCVD: "Agricultural economics") KNB Energy industries & utilities (Class here: solid fuel, gas, electricity, nuclear power, petroleum, renewable energy and water industries) KND Manufacturing industries (Class here: all manufacturing industries including food, chemicals, textiles, hi-tech, arms, vehicles etc) KNG Transport industries (Class here: all transport industries; road, shipping, railway, aerospace etc) (See also: WG: "Transport: general interest" and it's subheadings) KNJ Construction & heavy industry (Class here: iron & steel, metals industry) KNP Retail & wholesale industries KNS Hospitality & service industries (Class here: tourism, hotel & catering, sports & leisure, security, fashion & beauty industries etc) KNT Media, entertainment, information & communication industries (Class here: advertising industries, postal, telecommunications industries etc) (See also: GTC: "Communication studies") KNTC Cinema, TV & Radio industries KNTF Music industry (Class here: recorded and live music sectors, music publishing) KNTP Publishing industry, book trade, the press & journalism (Class here: e-book & digital publishing, journals, newspapers and magazines) KNTX Information technology industries (See also: KJE: "E-commerce: business aspects") KNV Civil service & public sector (See also: JPP: "Public administration") KNX Industrial relations, health & safety (Class here: trade unions, industrial action, industrial arbitration & negotiation, industrial health & safety etc. Use for all industry and commerce, not specifically manufacturing or heavy industry) KNXC Health & safety issues KNXN Industrial arbitration & negotiation KNXU Trade unions Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 30/155

L Law LA Jurisprudence & general issues LAB Methods, theory & philosophy of law LAF Systems of law LAFC Systems of law: common law LAFD Systems of law: civil codes / civil law LAFR Systems of law: Roman law LAFS Systems of law: Islamic law (See also: LW: "Shariah law") LAFT Systems of law: Jewish Law LAFX Systems of law: ecclesiastical (canon) law LAM Comparative law LAQ Law & society, sociology of law LAQG Law & society, gender issues LAR Legal aspects of criminology LAS Legal skills & practice LASD Legal skills: advocacy LASP Legal practice: paralegals & paralegalism LAT Legal profession: general (See also: LNAL: "Legal systems: regulation of legal profession") LATC Legal ethics & professional conduct LAY Law as it applies to other professions & disciplines (See also: VSD: "Law, citizenship & rights for the lay person") LAZ Legal history LB International law LBB Public international law LBBC Public international law: treaties & other sources LBBC1 Public International law: customary law LBBD Public international law: diplomatic law LBBF Public international law: jurisdiction & immunities LBBJ Public international law: territory & statehood LBBK Public international law: law of the sea (Class here: law concerning maritime boundaries, marine resources, etc as it affects sovereign states) (See also: LBDM: "International law, transport & commerce: maritime law") LBBL Public International law: health LBBM Public international law: economic & trade LBBM1 Public international law, economic & trade: tariffs LBBM3 Public international law, economic & trade: investment treaties & disputes LBBM5 Public international law: energy & natural resources LBBM7 Public international law, economic & trade: corporations LBBP Public international law: environment

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 31/155

LBBP1 Public international law, environment: agricultural law LBBQ Public international law: administration LBBR Public international law: human rights LBBR1 Public international law, human rights: labour & social LBBS Public international law: humanitarian law (Class here: refugee law, law of war) LBBU Public international law: international organisations & institutions LBBV Public international law: responsibility of states & other entities LBBZ Public international law: criminal law LBD International law: transport, communications & commerce LBDA International law, transport: space & aerospace law LBDK International law: transnational commerce & international sale of goods law LBDM International law, transport & commerce: maritime law (Class here: law concerning shipping, cargo, insurance, piracy etc as it affects commercial bodies but not sovereign states) (See also: LBBK: "Public international law: law of the sea") LBDT International law: communications, telecommunications & media LBG Private international law & conflict of laws LBH International law: international disputes & civil procedure LBHG International law: courts & procedures LBHT International law: arbitration LBJ International law: property LBK International law: sports LBL International law reports LN Laws of specific jurisdictions & specific areas of law (With LN* codes, assign also GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction, as appropriate) LNA Legal systems: general LNAA Legal systems: courts & procedure LNAA1 Legal systems: judicial powers LNAA2 Legal systems: law of contempt LNAC Legal systems: civil procedure, litigation & dispute resolution (See also: LNFX: "Criminal procedure") LNAC1 Civil remedies LNAC12 Restitution LNAC14 Damages & compensation LNAC16 Injunctions & other orders LNAC3 Civil procedure: law of evidence LNAC4 Civil procedure: investigation & specific proceedings LNAC5 Arbitration, mediation & alternative dispute resolution LNAF Legal systems: costs & funding LNAL Legal systems: regulation of legal profession LNB Private or civil law: general

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LNBA Legal entity (natural & legal persons) LNBB Civil registration system LNC Company, commercial & competition law: general LNCB Commercial law LNCB1 Franchising law LNCB2 E-commerce law LNCB3 Sale of goods law LNCB4 Outsourcing law LNCB5 Shipping law (See also: LBDM: "International law, transport & commerce: maritime law") LNCB6 Aviation law LNCB7 Catering, restaurants & crafts law LNCC Regulatory compliance LNCD Company law LNCD1 Mergers & acquisitions law LNCE Registry & proceedings law LNCF Partnership & cooperative law LNCG Transformation law, change of corporate form LNCH Competition law / Antitrust law LNCJ Contract law LNCK Company & business offences LNCL Agency law LNCN Procurement law LNCQ Construction & engineering law LNCQ1 Private construction & engineering law LNCQ2 Public construction law LNCR Energy & natural resources law LND Constitutional & administrative law: general LNDA Citizenship & nationality law LNDA1 Immigration law LNDA3 Asylum law LNDB Administrative jurisdiction & public administration LNDB1 Administrative law, general LNDB2 Administrative procedure & courts LNDB3 State & public properties & assets LNDB4 Sanctioning power of the administration LNDB5 Compulsory expropriation, compulsory purchase, eminent domain LNDB6 Making of rules & administrative acts LNDB7 Regulation of public services LNDB8 Law of science & research, university college law (See also: PDJ: "Regulation of science & experimentation") LNDC Human rights & civil liberties

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LNDC1 Constitutional law & human rights LNDC2 Privacy law LNDC4 Freedom of expression law LNDC5 History of constitution & comparative constitutional law LNDE Civil Servants law LNDF Freedom of information law LNDG Religious law & concordats LNDH Government powers LNDJ State liability & compensation law LNDK Military & defence law & civilian service law LNDL Safety & police law, regulatory & weapons law LNDM Judicial review LNDP Parliamentary & legislative practice LNDS Election law LNDU Local government law LNDV Regional government law LNDX Constitution LNE Economic administrative law & public commercial law LNEA Financial administration & public finance law LNEB Foreign economics & customs law LNEC Law of allowances & subsidies LNEF Public procurement, services & supplies LNF Criminal law: procedure & offences LNFB Criminal justice law LNFG Criminal law: offences against the government LNFG1 Offences against the State, against public administration & the administration of justice LNFG2 Offences against land use & city planning, monument, land & environment protection LNFJ Criminal law: offences against the person LNFJ1 Harassment & stalking LNFJ2 Gender violence LNFL Criminal law: offences against property LNFN Fraud LNFQ Juvenile criminal law LNFR Offences against public health, safety, order LNFS Criminal law: additional penalty law LNFT Road traffic law, motoring offences LNFU Criminal law: fiscal offences LNFV Criminal law: terrorism law LNFW Corruption LNFX Criminal procedure LNFX1 Sentencing & punishment LNFX3 Criminal procedure: law of evidence

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LNFX31 Criminal procedure: investigation & specific proceedings LNFX5 Police law & police procedures LNFX51 Police law: preliminary injunction LNFX7 Prison law LNFY Jury trials LNH Employment & labour law: general LNHD Discrimination in employment & harassment law LNHH Occupational health & safety law, working time law LNHJ Labour rules violations & penalties LNHR Industrial relations & trade unions law LNHU Employment contracts LNHW Law of professional training LNHX Employment & labour law: procedure, dispute resolution LNJ Entertainment & media law LNJD Defamation law, slander & libel LNJS Sport & the law LNJX Advertising, marketing & sponsorship law LNK Environment, transport & planning law: general LNKF Agricultural law LNKG Animal law LNKJ Environment law LNKK Disaster control & fire protection law LNKN Nature conservation law LNKP Water & wastewater law LNKT Transport law LNKV Ways & highways law LNKW Planning law LNKX Protection of historic buildings & cultural assets LNL Law: equity & trusts, foundations LNM Family law LNMB Family law: marriage, separation & divorce LNMC Family law: cohabitation LNMF Family law: same-sex partnership LNMI Family law: financial statement between spouses LNMK Family law: children LNP Financial law: general LNPA Accounting & auditing law LNPB Banking law LNPC Bankruptcy & insolvency LNPC1 Bankruptcy law: extrajudicial procedures LNPD Capital markets & securities law & regulation LNPF Financial services law & regulation

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LNPN Insurance law LNPP Pensions, old-age provisions & private compensation LNQ IT & Communications law / Postal laws & regulations (See also: LNCB2: "E-commerce law") LNQD Data protection law LNQE Computer crime, LNR Intellectual property law LNRC Copyright law LNRD Patents law LNRF Trademarks law LNRL Designs law LNRV Confidential information law LNS Property law: general (See also: LNKW: "Planning law") LNSH Land & real estate law LNSH1 Ownership & mortgage law LNSH3 Landlord & tenant law LNSH5 Conveyancing law LNSH7 Rating & valuation law LNSH9 Housing law LNSP Personal property law LNT Social law & Medical law LNTC Charity law LNTD Education law LNTH Social security & welfare law LNTH1 Social insurance law LNTJ Public health & safety law LNTM Medical & healthcare law LNTM1 Mental health law LNTM2 Regulation of medicines & medical devices LNTN Pharmaceutical law LNTQ Disability & the law LNTS Law & the elderly LNTU Consumer protection law LNTV Food law LNTX Licensing, gaming & club law LNU Taxation & duties law LNUC Corporate & business tax LNUD Local taxation, charges, public prices, excise duties LNUP Personal tax LNUS Sales tax & tariffs & customs duties LNUT Trusts & estates taxation, gift tax

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 36/155

LNUU Real estate tax, property valuation LNUV Excise taxes LNUW Other transaction taxes LNUX International taxation law LNUY Taxation procedure LNV Law of torts, damages & compensation (See also: LNAC14: "Damages & compensation") LNVC Negligence (Use for both general & professional negligence) LNVF Nuisance LNVJ Personal injury LNW Law: wills, probate, succession LNZ Primary sources of law LNZC Sources of law: case law, precedent LNZL Sources of law: legislation LW Shariah law LWF Shariah law: four Schools of Fiqh LWFA Shariah law: Al-Shafi’i School of Fiqh LWFB Shariah law: Al-Hanbali School of Fiqh LWFC Shariah law: Al-Maaliki School of Fiqh LWFD Shariah law: Al-Hanafi School of Fiqh LWK Shariah law: key topics & practice LWKF Shariah law: family relations LWKG Shariah law: crime & punishment LWKH Shariah law: inheritance & disposal of property LWKL Shariah law: economics & finance LWKM Shariah law: dietary LWKN Shariah law: alcohol & gambling LWKP Shariah law: customs & behaviour LWKR Shariah law: administration of justice (including penalties & apostasy) LWKT Shariah law: Islamic rituals LWKT1 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: purification LWKT2 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: jihad LWKT3 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: prayer & funeral prayer LWKT4 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: zakat (alms) LWKT5 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: fasting LWKT6 Shariah law: Islamic rituals: pilgrimage LX Law: study & revision guides

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M Medicine & Nursing MB Medicine: general issues MBD Medical profession MBDC Medical ethics & professional conduct MBDP Doctor/patient relationship MBDS Patient safety (Use for professional and specialist works concerning procedures, safeguards, standards & training designed to ensure the safety & welfare of patients within healthcare systems) (See also: MJCJ3: "Hospital infections") MBF Medical & health informatics (See also: PSAX: "Computational biology / bioinformatics") MBG Medical equipment & techniques MBGL Medical laboratory testing & techniques MBGR Medical research MBGR1 Clinical trials MBGT Telemedicine MBN Public health & preventive medicine MBNC Medical screening MBNH Personal & public health (Class here: specialist & professional works on health education, patient education) MBNH1 Hygiene MBNH2 Environmental factors MBNH3 Dietetics & nutrition MBNH4 Birth control, contraception, family planning MBNH9 Health psychology MBNS Epidemiology & medical statistics MBP Health systems & services MBPA Primary care medicine, primary health care MBPC General practice MBPK Mental health services MBPM Medical administration & management MBPR Medical insurance MBQ Medicolegal issues MBS Medical sociology MBX History of medicine (See also: NHTF: "History: plagues, diseases etc") MF Pre-clinical medicine: basic sciences (See also: PSB: "Biochemistry") MFC Anatomy MFCC Cytology MFCH Histology MFCR Regional anatomy

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 38/155

MFCX Dissection MFG Physiology MFGC Cellular physiology MFGG Regional physiology MFGM Metabolism MFGV Biomechanics, human kinetics (Class here: exercise physiology) (See also: SCGF: "Sport science, physical education") MFK Human reproduction, growth & development MFKC Reproductive medicine MFKC1 Infertility & fertilization MFKC3 Embryology MFKH Human growth & development MFKH3 Maturation & ageing MFN Medical genetics MJ Clinical & internal medicine MJA Medical diagnosis MJAD Examination of patients MJC Diseases & disorders MJCG Congenital diseases & disorders MJCG1 Hereditary diseases & disorders MJCJ Infectious & contagious diseases MJCJ1 Venereal diseases MJCJ2 HIV / AIDS MJCJ3 Hospital infections (See also: MBDS: "Patient safety") MJCL Oncology MJCL1 Radiotherapy MJCL2 Chemotherapy MJCM Immunology MJCM1 Allergies MJD Cardiovascular medicine MJE Musculoskeletal medicine (See also: MNS: "Surgical orthopaedics & fractures") MJF Haematology MJG Endocrinology MJGD Diabetes MJH Gastroenterology MJJ Hepatology MJK Dermatology MJL Respiratory medicine MJM Rheumatology

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MJP Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) MJPD Audiology & otology MJQ Ophthalmology MJR Renal medicine & nephrology MJRD Haemodialysis MJS Urology & urogenital medicine (Class here: male sexual dysfunction) MK Medical specialties, branches of medicine MKA Anaesthetics MKAL Pain & pain management MKB Palliative medicine MKC Gynaecology & obstetrics MKCM Materno-fetal medicine MKD Paediatric medicine MKDN Neonatal medicine MKE Dentistry MKEP Oral & maxillofacial surgery MKF Pathology MKFC Cytopathology MKFH Histopathology (Class here: biopsy) MKFM Medical microbiology & virology MKFP Medical parasitology MKG Pharmacology MKGT Medical toxicology MKGW Psychopharmacology MKH Regenerative medicine MKHC Stem cells MKJ Neurology & clinical neurophysiology MKJA Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome MKJD Alzheimer’s & dementia MKL Psychiatry MKM Clinical psychology (See also: JMP: "Abnormal psychology") MKMT Psychotherapy MKMT1 Psychotherapy: general MKMT2 Psychotherapy: group MKMT3 Psychotherapy: child & adolescent MKMT4 Psychotherapy: couples & families MKMT5 Psychotherapy: counselling MKMT6 Cognitive behavioural therapy MKN Geriatric medicine

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 40/155

MKP Accident & emergency medicine MKPB Trauma & shock MKPD Burns MKPL Intensive care medicine MKR Nuclear medicine MKS Medical imaging (See also: TTBM: "Imaging systems & technology") MKSF Ultrasonics MKSG Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR / MRI) MKSH Radiology MKSJ Tomography MKT Forensic medicine MKV Environmental medicine MKVB Aviation & space medicine MKVD Diving & hyperbaric medicine MKVP Occupational medicine (See also: KNX: "Industrial relations, health & safety") MKVT Tropical medicine MKW Sports injuries & medicine (See also: SCGF: "Sport science, physical education") MKZ Therapy & therapeutics (See also: MJCL1: "Radiotherapy") MKZD Eating disorders & therapy MKZF Obesity: treatment & therapy MKZL Speech & language disorders & therapy MKZR Addiction & therapy MKZS Sleep disorders & therapy MKZV Gene therapy MN Surgery (See also: MKEP: "Oral & maxillofacial surgery") MNB Surgical techniques MNC General surgery MND Abdominal surgery MNG Gastrointestinal & colorectal surgery MNH Cardiothoracic surgery MNJ Vascular surgery MNK Surgical oncology MNL Critical care surgery MNN Neurosurgery MNP Plastic & reconstructive surgery MNPC Cosmetic surgery MNQ Transplant surgery

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 41/155

MNS Surgical orthopaedics & fractures (See also: MJE: "Musculoskeletal medicine") MNZ Peri-operative care MQ Nursing & ancillary services MQC Nursing MQCA Nursing fundamentals & skills MQCB Nursing research & theory MQCH Nurse/patient relationship MQCL Nursing specialties MQCL1 Accident & emergency nursing MQCL2 Intensive care nursing MQCL3 Paediatric nursing MQCL4 Geriatric nursing MQCL5 Psychiatric nursing MQCL6 Surgical nursing MQCL9 Terminal care nursing MQCM Nursing pharmacology MQCW Nursing sociology MQCX Community nursing MQCZ Nursing management & leadership MQD Midwifery MQDB Birthing methods MQF First aid & paramedical services MQH Radiography MQK Chiropody & podiatry MQP Pharmacy / dispensing MQR Optometry / opticians MQS Physiotherapy MQT Occupational therapy MQTC Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama) MQU Medical counselling MQV Rehabilitation MQVB Rehabilitation: brain & spinal injuries MQW Biomedical engineering MQWB Orthotics MQWP Prosthetics MQZ Mortuary practice MR Medical study & revision guides & reference material MRG Medical study & revision guides MRGD Medical revision aids: MRCP MRGK Medical revision aids: MRCS MRGL Medical revision aids: PLAB

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 42/155

MRT Medical charts, colour atlases MX Complementary medicine (Use MX* codes for works for medical students & practitioners; prefer VXH* codes for popular & Mind Body Spirit treatments) (See also: VXH: "Complementary therapies, healing & health" and it's subheadings) MXH Chiropractic & osteopathy MZ Veterinary medicine MZC Veterinary medicine: small animals (pets) MZD Veterinary medicine: large animals (domestic / farm) MZDH Equine veterinary medicine MZF Veterinary medicine: laboratory animals MZG Veterinary medicine: exotic & zoo animals MZH Veterinary anatomy & physiology MZK Veterinary pathology & histology MZL Veterinary nutrition MZM Veterinary medicine: infectious diseases & therapeutics MZMP Veterinary bacteriology, virology, parasitology MZP Veterinary pharmacology MZR Veterinary radiology MZS Veterinary surgery MZSN Veterinary anaesthetics MZT Veterinary dentistry MZV Veterinary nursing MZX Complementary medicine for animals

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 43/155

N History & Archaeology NH History (For histories of specific subjects, use appropriate category within that subject where present, eg PDX “History of science”) NHA History: theory & methods NHAH Historiography NHAP Historical research: source documents (See also: CFL: "Palaeography (study & history of writing)") NHB General & world history NHC Ancient history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHD European history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDA European history: the Romans (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDC European history: the Celts (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDE European history: the Vikings (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDG European history: the Normans (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDJ European history: medieval period, middle ages (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDL European history: (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHDN European history: Reformation (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHF Asian history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHG Middle Eastern history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHH African history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHHA African history: pre-colonial period (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHK History of the Americas (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHKA History of the Americas: pre-Columbian period (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHM Australasian & Pacific history (Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHQ History of other lands

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 44/155

(Assign also relevant GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers) NHT History: specific events & topics (Use NHT* codes with regional NH* codes where possible; also assign GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers as appropriate) NHTB Social & cultural history NHTD Oral history NHTF History: plagues, diseases etc (See also: MBX: "History of medicine") NHTG Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours (See also: WQY: "Family history, tracing ancestors") NHTK Industrialisation & industrial history (See also: KJZ: "History of specific companies / corporate history") NHTM Maritime history NHTP Historical geography NHTP1 Historical maps & atlases (See also: RGXB: "World atlases / world maps") NHTQ Colonialism & imperialism NHTR National liberation & independence, post-colonialism NHTS Slavery & abolition of slavery NHTT Invasion & occupation NHTV Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions (See also: JPWQ: "Revolutionary groups & movements") NHTW The Cold War NHTZ Genocide & ethnic cleansing NHTZ1 The Holocaust NHW Military history (With all NHW* codes, assign GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers as appropriate) (See also: JW: "Warfare & defence" and it's subheadings) NHWA Ancient warfare NHWF Early modern warfare (including gunpowder warfare) NHWL Modern warfare NHWR Specific wars & campaigns NHWR1 Specific battles NHWR3 Civil wars NHWR5 First World War NHWR7 Second World War NHWR9 Military history: post-WW2 conflicts NK Archaeology NKA Archaeological theory NKD Archaeology by period / region (Assign also GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers as appropriate) NKL Landscape archaeology

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 45/155

NKP Environmental archaeology NKR Underwater archaeology NKT Industrial archaeology NKV Battlefield archaeology NKX Archaeological science, methodology & techniques

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 46/155

P Mathematics & Science PB Mathematics PBB Philosophy of mathematics PBC Mathematical foundations PBCD Mathematical logic PBCH Set theory PBCN Number systems PBD Discrete mathematics (Class here: finite mathematics) PBF Algebra PBG Groups & group theory PBH Number theory PBJ Pre-calculus PBK Calculus & mathematical analysis PBKA Calculus PBKB Real analysis, real variables PBKD Complex analysis, complex variables PBKF Functional analysis & transforms (Class here: Fourier, Hilbert, Laplace, Z transforms) PBKJ Differential calculus & equations PBKL Integral calculus & equations PBKQ Calculus of variations PBKS Numerical analysis PBM Geometry PBMB Trigonometry PBMH Euclidean geometry PBML Non-Euclidean geometry PBMP Differential & Riemannian geometry PBMS Analytic geometry PBMW Algebraic geometry PBMX Fractal geometry PBP Topology PBPD Algebraic topology PBPH Analytic topology PBT Probability & statistics PBTB Bayesian inference PBU Optimization PBUD Game theory PBUH Linear programming PBV Combinatorics & graph theory PBW Applied mathematics (See also: TBJ: "Maths for engineers")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 47/155

PBWH Mathematical modelling PBWL Stochastics PBWR Nonlinear science PBWS Chaos theory PBWX Fuzzy set theory PBX History of mathematics PD Science: general issues PDA Philosophy of science PDC Scientific nomenclature & classification PDD Scientific standards, measurement etc PDE Maths for scientists (See also: PBW: "Applied mathematics") PDG Industrial applications of scientific research & technological innovation PDJ Regulation of science & experimentation (Use for works on regulation, whether legal or directed by other bodies or authorities, aimed at scientists and practitioners. Use with other P* code indicating area of science where appropriate. See LNDB8 for works aimed at legal professionals) PDK Science funding & policy PDM Scientific research PDN Scientific equipment, experiments & techniques PDR Impact of science & technology on society (Use with appropriate code from Section J wherever possible) PDT Nanosciences (Use for nanomaterials, nanomaterial synthesis, nanoparticle chemistry. See TBN for general and nano-engineering aspects of nanotechnology) PDX History of science (See also: TBX: "History of engineering & technology") PDZ Popular science (Use with other P* code indicating area of science given popular treatment) (See also: WNX: "Popular & space") PG Astronomy, space & time (See also: TTD: "Space science" and it's subheadings) PGC Theoretical & mathematical astronomy (See also: PHVB: "Astrophysics") PGG Astronomical observation: observatories, equipment & methods (See also: WNX: "Popular astronomy & space") PGK Cosmology & the universe PGM Galaxies & stars PGS Solar system: the & planets PGT Astronomical charts & atlases PGZ Time (chronology), time systems & standards PH Physics PHD Classical mechanics

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 48/155

PHDB Elementary mechanics PHDD Analytical mechanics PHDF Fluid mechanics PHDS Wave mechanics (vibration & acoustics) PHDT Dynamics & statics PHDV Gravity PHDY Energy PHF Materials / States of matter PHFB Low temperature physics PHFC Condensed matter physics (liquid state & solid state physics) PHFC1 Soft matter physics PHFC2 Mesoscopic physics PHFG Physics of gases PHFP Plasma physics PHH Thermodynamics & heat PHJ Optical physics PHJL Laser physics PHK Electricity, electromagnetism & magnetism PHM Atomic & molecular physics PHN Nuclear physics PHP Particle & high-energy physics PHQ Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory) PHR Relativity physics PHS Statistical physics PHU Mathematical physics PHV Applied physics PHVB Astrophysics PHVD Medical physics PHVG Geophysics (See also: RBG: "Geology & the lithosphere" and it's subheadings) PHVJ Atmospheric physics PHVN Biophysics PHVQ Chemical physics PHVS Cryogenics PN Chemistry (See also: TDC: "Industrial chemistry & chemical engineering") PNB Medicinal chemistry (Class here drug discovery and design, drug development) (See also: MKG: "Pharmacology") PNC Environmental chemistry (Use TQ* for practical applications of environmental chemistry. Class here: atmospheric, soil and water chemistry, chemical pollution and remediation)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 49/155

(See also: RBGK: "Geochemistry") PND Food chemistry (Use TDCT2 for practical applications of food chemistry) PNF Analytical chemistry PNFC Chromatography PNFR Magnetic resonance PNFS Spectrum analysis, spectrochemistry, mass spectrometry PNK Inorganic chemistry PNN Organic chemistry PNND Organometallic chemistry PNNP Polymer chemistry PNR Physical chemistry PNRA Computational chemistry PNRC Colloid chemistry PNRD Catalysis PNRD1 Bio-catalysis PNRH Electrochemistry & magnetochemistry (Class here: battery technology) PNRL Nuclear chemistry, photochemistry & radiation PNRP Quantum & theoretical chemistry PNRR Physical organic chemistry PNRS Solid state chemistry PNRW Thermochemistry & chemical thermodynamics PNRX Surface chemistry & adsorption PNT Crystallography PNV Mineralogy & gems PS Biology, life sciences (Use PS* codes for academic, specialist and professional level works; prefer WN* codes for natural history etc for the general reader) (See also: WN: "Nature & the natural world: general interest" and it's subheadings) PSA Life sciences: general issues PSAB Taxonomy & systematics PSAD Bio-ethics (See also: MBDC: "Medical ethics & professional conduct") PSAF Ecological science, the Biosphere (Use for comprehensive scientific, objective & descriptive works on living organisms & their relationship with their environment) (See also: RNC: "Applied ecology") PSAG Xenobiotics PSAJ Evolution PSAK Genetics (non-medical) (Class here: DNA, Genome etc) (See also: TCBG: "") Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 50/155

PSAN Neurosciences (Use MKMT6 “Cognitive behavioural therapy” for therapeutic aspects of neuroscience) (See also: MKJ: "Neurology & clinical neurophysiology") PSAN1 Cellular & molecular neuroscience PSAN2 Developmental neuroscience PSAN3 Neuroimaging & neuroanatomy PSAN4 Sensory & motor systems PSAN5 Cognitive & behavioural neuroscience PSAX Computational biology / bioinformatics (See also: MBF: "Medical & health informatics") PSB Biochemistry (Class here: biochemical immunology, non-medical toxicology, enzymology, lipids etc) PSC Developmental biology PSD Molecular biology PSE Chemical biology (Class here: synthetic biology) PSF Cellular biology (cytology) PSG Microbiology (non-medical) (Class here: protozoa, non-medical bacteriology, parasitology, virology etc) PSGN Protozoa PSP Hydrobiology (See also: RBK: "Hydrology & the hydrosphere") PSPF Freshwater biology (See also: RBKF: "Limnology (freshwater)") PSPM Marine biology (See also: RBKC: "Oceanography (seas)") PSQ Mycology, fungi (non-medical) PST Botany & plant sciences PSTB Plant biology PSV Zoology & animal sciences (See also: WNC: "Wildlife: general interest") PSVA Zoology: insects (entomology) & other invertebrates (Class here: molluscs, crustaceans, arachnids (spiders), annelids (worms)) (See also: WNCN: "Wildlife: , other insects & spiders: general interest") PSVC Zoology: fishes (ichthyology) (See also: WNCS: "Wildlife: aquatic creatures: general interest") PSVF Zoology: amphibians & reptiles (herpetology) (See also: WNCK: "Wildlife: reptiles & amphibians: general interest") PSVJ Zoology: (ornithology) (See also: WNCB: "Wildlife: birds & birdwatching: general interest") PSVM Zoology: mammals (See also: WNCF: "Wildlife: mammals: general interest")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 51/155

PSVM1 Zoology: marsupials & monotremes PSVM2 Zoology: marine & freshwater mammals (Class here: cetacea & sirenia – whales, dolphins, seacows, etc; class seals, sea lions, walruses, etc under PSVM) (See also: WNCS: "Wildlife: aquatic creatures: general interest") PSVM3 Zoology: primates (primatology) (Class here: lemurs, monkeys, apes) PSX Human biology PSXE Early man (Class here: hominidae & human forebears)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 52/155

Q Philosophy & Religion QD Philosophy QDH History of philosophy, philosophical traditions QDHA Ancient philosophy QDHC East Asian & Indian philosophy QDHF Medieval philosophy (Class here: Scholastic & Humanist philosophy, Aquinas, Erasmus, etc) QDHK Islamic & Arab philosophy (See also: QRP: "Islam" and it's subheadings) QDHM philosophy: Enlightenment (Class here: Empiricism, Rationalism, Descartes to Kant) QDHR Modern philosophy: since c 1800 QDHR1 QDHR3 Pragmatism QDHR5 Phenomenology & Existentialism QDHR7 Structuralism & Post-structuralism QDHR9 Analytical philosophy & Logical Positivism QDT Topics in philosophy (See also: KCA: "Economic theory & philosophy") QDTJ Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology (See also: QRAB: "Philosophy of religion") QDTK Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge QDTL Philosophy: logic QDTM Philosophy of mind (See also: JMA: "Psychological theory & schools of thought") QDTN Philosophy: aesthetics (See also: ABA: "Theory of art") QDTQ Ethics & moral philosophy (See also: JBFV: "Ethical issues & debates") QDTS Social & political philosophy (See also: JPA: "Political science & theory") QDX Popular philosophy (Class here: accessible works for the general reader seeking to apply principles of philosophy to everyday life) (See also: JBFV: "Ethical issues & debates") QR Religion & beliefs QRA Religion: general QRAB Philosophy of religion QRAB1 Nature & existence of God QRAC Comparative religion QRAF Interfaith relations QRAM Religious issues & debates

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 53/155

(Use QRAM* codes with other QR* code indicating religion concerned, or with QRAC if comparative) QRAM1 Religious ethics QRAM2 Religion & politics QRAM3 Religion & science QRAM6 Religious fundamentalism QRAM7 Blasphemy, heresy, apostasy QRAM9 Religious intolerance, persecution & conflict (Class here: ‘holy war’, Jihad) QRAX History of religion QRD Hinduism QRDB Hinduism: branches & groups QRDF Hindu sacred texts QRDF1 Hindu texts: Vedas, Upanishads QRDF2 Hindu texts: Bhagavad Gita QRDP Hindu life & practice QRF Buddhism QRFB Buddhism: branches & groups QRFB1 Theravada Buddhism QRFB2 Mahayana Buddhism QRFB21 Tibetan Buddhism QRFB23 Zen Buddhism QRFF Buddhist sacred texts QRFP Buddhist life & practice QRJ Judaism QRJB Judaism: branches & groups QRJB1 Orthodox Judaism QRJB3 Liberal & Reform Judaism QRJF Judaism: sacred texts QRJF1 Jewish texts: Tanakh, Torah QRJF5 Rabbinic literature QRJP Judaism: life & practice QRM Christianity QRMB Christian Churches, denominations, groups QRMB1 Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church QRMB2 Orthodox & Oriental Orthodox Churches (Class here: Greek, Russian, Coptic, Syrian Churches, etc) QRMB3 Protestantism & Protestant Churches QRMB31 Anglican & Episcopalian Churches (Class here: Church of ) QRMB32 Baptist Churches QRMB33 Calvinist, Reformed & Presbyterian Churches

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 54/155

(Class here: United Reformed, Church of , Huguenots, etc) QRMB34 Lutheran Churches QRMB35 Methodist Churches QRMB36 Pentecostal Churches QRMB37 Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) QRMB39 Other Nonconformist & Evangelical Churches QRMB5 Denominations of American origin (Class here: Adventists, Mormons (Latter Day Saints), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, etc) QRMB8 Christian & quasi-Christian cults & sects QRMB9 Ecumenism QRMF Christianity: sacred texts QRMF1 Bibles QRMF12 Old Testaments QRMF13 New Testaments QRMF19 Bible readings, selections & meditations QRMP Christian life & practice QRMP1 Christian sacraments QRP Islam QRPB Islam: branches & groups QRPB1 Islamic groups: Sunni, Alsalaf QRPB2 Islamic groups: Khawarij, Kharijite QRPB3 Islamic groups: Shi’ah, Shi’ite QRPB4 Islamic groups: Sufis QRPF Islamic sacred texts QRPF1 The Koran (Qur’an) QRPP Islamic life & practice QRR Other World religions QRRB Baha’i QRRC Jainism QRRD Sikhism QRRF Zoroastrianism QRRL East Asian religions QRRL1 Confucianism QRRL3 Shintoism QRRL5 Taoism QRRT Tribal religions QRS Ancient religions & mythologies (Class here: paganism; use with GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifier as appropriate) QRSA Ancient Egyptian religion & mythology QRSG Ancient Greek religion & mythology QRSL Roman religion & mythology

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 55/155

QRST Celtic religion & mythology QRSW Norse religion & mythology QRV Aspects of religion (Use QRV* codes after other QR* code indicating religion concerned; prefer religion-specific codes above where available, eg for Buddhist sacred texts, use QRFF, not QRF with QRVA) QRVA Sacred texts QRVC Criticism & exegesis of sacred texts (Class here: concordances, commentaries) QRVG Theology QRVH Sermons (See also: DNS: "Speeches") QRVJ Prayers & liturgical material QRVJ1 Worship, rites & ceremonies (Class here: religious festivals, pilgrimage, etc) QRVJ2 Prayer & prayerbooks QRVJ3 Devotional material QRVK Spirituality & religious experience QRVK2 QRVP Religious life & practice QRVP3 Religious instruction QRVP5 Religious counselling QRVP7 Religious aspects of sexuality, gender & relationships QRVS Religious institutions & organizations QRVS1 Religious & spiritual figures (Class here: religious leaders and influential or inspirational figures such as saints, gurus, mystics, prophets, theologians etc) QRVS2 Religious social & pastoral thought & activity QRVS3 Religious ministry QRVS4 Religious mission & conversion QRVS5 Religious communities & monasticism QRVX Personal religious testimony & popular inspirational works QRY Alternative belief systems QRYA Humanist & secular alternatives to religion QRYA5 Agnosticism & atheism QRYC Eclectic & esoteric religions & belief systems QRYC1 Gnosticism QRYC5 Theosophy & Anthroposophy QRYM Contemporary non-Christian & para-Christian cults & sects (Class here: Scientology, apocalyptic cults, etc) QRYM2 Spiritualism QRYX Occult studies (Use for serious & academic works only) (See also: VXW: "Mysticism, magic & occult interests" and it's subheadings) Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 56/155

QRYX2 Magic, alchemy & hermetic thought QRYX5 Witchcraft QRYX9 Satanism & demonology

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 57/155

R Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning RB Earth sciences (Use RB* codes for academic, specialist and professional level works; prefer WN* codes for natural history etc for the general reader) (See also: RGB: "Physical geography & topography" and it's subheadings) RBC Volcanology & seismology RBG Geology & the lithosphere (See also: PHVG: "Geophysics") RBGB Soil science, sedimentology (See also: PNC: "Environmental chemistry") RBGD Geological surface processes (geomorphology) (Class here: erosion, glaciology) RBGF Historical geology (Class here: plate tectonics, continental drift) RBGG Petrology RBGH Stratigraphy RBGK Geochemistry (See also: PNC: "Environmental chemistry") RBGL Economic geology (Class here: petroleum & mining geology) RBK Hydrology & the hydrosphere (See also: PSP: "Hydrobiology") RBKC Oceanography (seas) (See also: PSPM: "Marine biology") RBKF Limnology (freshwater) (See also: PSPF: "Freshwater biology") RBP Meteorology & climatology (See also: WNWM: "Weather: general interest") RBX Palaeontology RG Geography (With RG* codes, assign also GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifiers as appropriate) RGB Physical geography & topography RGBA Arid zones, deserts RGBC Plains & grasslands RGBC1 Prairies RGBC2 Savanna RGBD Tundra RGBF Wetlands, swamps, fens RGBL Forests & woodland RGBL1 Rainforest RGBL2 Mixed forest RGBL3 Broadleaf forest

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 58/155

RGBL4 Boreal, coniferous forest (Class here: Taiga) RGBP Deltas, estuaries, coastal regions (See also: RBK: "Hydrology & the hydrosphere" and it's subheadings) RGBR Coral reefs RGBS Mountains RGC Human geography RGCM Economic geography RGCP Political geography (See also: JPSL: "Geopolitics") RGL Regional geography (See also: GTM: "Regional studies") RGM Biogeography (See also: RN: "The environment" and it's subheadings) RGR Geographical discovery & exploration (See also: WTLP: "Expeditions: popular accounts") RGV Cartography, map-making & projections RGW Geographical information systems (GIS) & remote sensing RGX Geographical reference works RGXB World atlases / world maps (Class here: globes) (See also: NHTP1: "Historical maps & atlases") RGXH Geographical maps (specialist) (Class here: specialist / topographical maps only, with another code indicating specific subject or application where possible) (See also: WTR: "Travel maps & atlases" and it's subheadings) RGXP Place names & gazetteers RN The environment RNA Environmentalist thought & ideology (Class here: ecocentrism, technocentrism, deep ecology, ecofeminism, etc) RNB Environmentalist, conservationist & Green organizations RNC Applied ecology (Use for works taking a wide-ranging or ‘issues’-based approach) (See also: PSAF: "Ecological science, the Biosphere") RNCB Biodiversity RND Environmental policy & protocols (See also: KCVG: "Environmental economics") RNF Environmental management RNFD Drought & water supply (See also: TQSW: "Water supply & treatment") RNFF Food security & supply RNFY Energy resources

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 59/155

RNH Waste management (Class here: recycling, biodegradability) (See also: TQSR: "Waste treatment & disposal") RNK Conservation of the environment RNKH Conservation of wildlife & habitats RNKH1 Endangered species & extinction of species RNP Pollution & threats to the environment (See also: TQK: "Pollution control") RNPD Deforestation RNPG Climate change (Class here: global warming, ‘greenhouse effect’, ozone depletion) RNQ Nuclear issues RNR Natural disasters RNT Social impact of environmental issues RNU Sustainability (See also: TBR: "Intermediate technology") RP Regional & area planning RPC Urban & municipal planning (Class here: city & town planning) (See also: AMVD: "City & town planning: architectural aspects") RPG Rural planning RPT Transport planning & policy

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 60/155

S Sports & Active outdoor recreation SC Sport: general SCB Sporting events & management (Use SCB* codes with other code denoting specific sport, where applicable) SCBB Olympic & Paralympic games SCBG Sports governing bodies SCBM Sports management & facilities SCBT Sports teams & clubs SCBV Sporting venues SCG Sports training & coaching SCGF Sport science, physical education (See also: MFGV: "Biomechanics, human kinetics") SCGP Sports psychology SCK Drug abuse in sport SCL Disabled sports / Disability sports SCX History of sport SF Ball sports / ball games SFB Football variants & related games SFBC Football (Soccer, Association football) SFBD American football SFBF Australian Rules football SFBH Canadian Rules football SFBK Gaelic football SFBT Rugby Union SFBV Rugby League SFC Baseball SFD Cricket SFH Golf SFJ Hockey (field hockey) (See also: STK: "Ice hockey") SFK Lacrosse SFL Hurling SFM Basketball SFN Netball SFP Volleyball SFQ Handball SFT Racket games SFTA Tennis SFTB Badminton SFTC Squash & rackets SFTD Table tennis SFV Bowls, bowling, petanque

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 61/155

SFX Snooker, billiards, pool SH Athletics, gymnastics & related sports SHB Track & field sports, athletics SHBF Marathon & cross-country running SHBM Multidiscipline sports (Class here: triathlon, pentathlon, heptathlon, etc) SHG Gymnastics SHP Weightlifting SK Equestrian & animal sports (See also: ATXZ1: "Bullfighting") SKG Horse racing SKL Riding, showjumping & horsemanship (Class here: eventing, dressage etc) (See also: WNGH: "Horses & ponies: general interest") SKR Dog racing SM Vehicle sports SMC Air sports & recreations (Class here: ballooning, paragliding, skydiving, gliding, etc) SMF Motor sports (Class here: karting, go-karts, any motorised sports not listed below) SMFA Car racing (Class here: Formula 1, Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, etc) SMFC Motor rallying / rally driving SMFF Stock car & hot rod racing (Class here: NASCAR, Daytona 500 etc) SMFK Motorcycle racing (Class here: road & track motorcycle racing; TT, Speedway etc) SMQ Cycle racing (Class here: road & velodrome (track) cycling racing; Tour de France etc) (See also: SZD: "Cycling: general & touring") SMQB BMX cycling SMX Rollerblading, skateboarding, etc SP Water sports & recreations SPC Swimming & diving SPCA Sub-aqua swimming (Class here: scuba, snorkelling) SPG Surfing, windsurfing, water skiing SPN Boating SPND Motor / power boating & cruising (Class here: speedboat racing) SPNG Sailing SPNK Canoeing & kayaking

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 62/155

SPNL Rowing & sculling SR Combat sports & self-defence SRB Boxing SRC Wrestling SRF Fencing SRM East Asian martial arts (Class here: Judo, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, etc) ST Winter sports STA Skiing STC Snowboarding STG Ice-skating STK Ice hockey (See also: SFJ: "Hockey (field hockey)") SV Field sports: fishing, hunting, shooting SVF Fishing, angling SVH Hunting or shooting animals & game SVR Archery SVS Small firearms, guns & other equipment SVT Target shooting SX Other sports & competitive activities SXB Bodybuilding SXQ Extreme sports (Class here: bungee jumping, etc) SZ Active outdoor pursuits SZC Walking, hiking, trekking SZD Cycling: general & touring (See also: SMQ: "Cycle racing") SZE Running & jogging SZG Climbing & mountaineering SZK Orienteering SZN Caving & potholing SZR Camping & woodcraft SZV Outdoor survival skills

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 63/155

T Technology, Engineering, Agriculture TB Technology: general issues TBC Engineering: general TBD Technical design (See also: AKP: "Product design") TBDG Ergonomics TBG Engineering graphics & technical drawing TBJ Maths for engineers (See also: PBW: "Applied mathematics") TBM Instruments & instrumentation engineering TBMM Engineering measurement & calibration TBN Nanotechnology TBR Intermediate technology TBX History of engineering & technology (See also: PDX: "History of science") TBY Inventions & inventors TC Biochemical engineering TCB Biotechnology TCBG Genetic engineering (Class here: cloning; stem cell technology) (See also: PSAD: "Bio-ethics") TCBS Biosensors (See also: TJS: "Sensors") TD Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies TDC Industrial chemistry & chemical engineering (Class here: technology of detergents, rubber; biocides etc) TDCA Agrichemicals TDCF Fuels & petrochemicals TDCJ Dyestuffs, pigments & paint technology (Class here: cosmetics technology) TDCP Plastics & polymers (See also: TGMP: "Engineering applications of polymers and composites") TDCQ Ceramic & glass technology TDCT Food & beverage technology (Use TDCT* for brewing & winemaking technology) (See also: TTVC: "Hotel & catering trades") TDCT1 Food & beverage safety (Class here: food quality, impact of food regulation and policy) (See also: RNFF: "Food security & supply") TDCT2 Food & beverage processing & engineering (Class here: food processing by ingredient) TDCW Pharmaceutical chemistry & technology

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 64/155

TDCX Process engineering technology & techniques (Class here: reaction engineering) TDP Other manufacturing technologies (Class here: technology of leather, timber, paper; also manufacture of precision instruments, appliances etc) TDPF Textiles & fibres TDPM Metals technology / metallurgy TG Mechanical engineering & materials TGB Mechanical engineering TGBF Tribology (friction & lubrication) TGBN Engines & power transmission TGM Materials science TGMB Engineering thermodynamics TGMD Mechanics of solids (Class here: dynamics, vibration, stress, fracture etc) TGMF Mechanics of fluids (Class here: aerodynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics, flow, turbulence, rheology etc) TGML Engineering applications of bio-materials TGMM Engineering applications of electronic, magnetic, optical materials TGMP Engineering applications of polymers and composites (See also: TDCP: "Plastics & polymers") TGMS Engineering applications of surface coatings & films TGMT Testing of materials (Use for destructive & non-destructive testing) TGP Production engineering TGPC Computer aided manufacture (CAM) TGPQ Industrial quality control TGPR Reliability engineering TGX Engineering skills & trades (Class here: tool-making, welding etc) TH Energy technology & engineering THF Fossil fuel technologies THFG Gas technology THFP Petroleum technology THFS Solid fuel technology THK Nuclear power & engineering THN Heat transfer processes THR Electrical engineering THRM Electric motors THRX Electrician skills & trades THV Alternative & renewable energy sources & technology (See also: RNU: "Sustainability")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 65/155

THVB Biofuels THVS Solar power THVW Wind power THY Energy & power generation & distribution (Class here: power networks & plants; power utilisation & applications; energy conversion & storage) THYC Energy efficiency TJ Electronics & communications engineering TJF Electronics engineering TJFC Electronics: circuits & components TJFD Electronic devices & materials (Class here: microprocessors, chips, transistors, semi-conductors, super-conductors etc) TJFM Automatic control engineering TJFM1 Robotics TJFN Microwave technology TJK Communications engineering / telecommunications TJKD Radar technology TJKR Radio technology TJKS Satellite communication technology TJKT Telephone technology TJKT1 Mobile phone technology TJKV Television technology TJKW WAP (wireless) technology TJS Sensors (See also: TCBS: "Biosensors") TN Civil engineering, surveying & building TNC Structural engineering TNCB Surveying, quantity surveying TNCC Soil & rock mechanics (See also: RBGB: "Soil science, sedimentology") TNCE Earthquake engineering TNCJ Bridges TNF Hydraulic engineering (Class here: engineering of dams, reservoirs, harbours etc; also land reclamation & drainage) TNFL Flood control TNH Highway & traffic engineering TNK Building construction & materials TNKF Fire protection & safety TNKH Heating, lighting, ventilation TNKS Security & fire alarm systems TNKX Conservation of buildings & building materials TNT Building skills & trades

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 66/155

(Class here: bricklaying, plastering, glazing, carpentry, plumbing, roofing) TQ Environmental science, engineering & technology (Use TQ* codes for technical & practical aspects of environment, pollution, waste disposal, etc. Use PNC for study and research) (See also: RN: "The environment" and it's subheadings) TQD Environmental monitoring TQK Pollution control (See also: RNP: "Pollution & threats to the environment") TQS Sanitary & municipal engineering TQSR Waste treatment & disposal (Class here: sewage & hazardous waste disposal) (See also: RNH: "Waste management") TQSW Water supply & treatment (Class here: water purification & desalination) (See also: RNFD: "Drought & water supply") TR Transport technology & trades (See also: KNG: "Transport industries") TRC Automotive technology & trades TRCS Automotive (motor mechanic) skills (See also: WGCV: "Vehicle maintenance & manuals") TRCT Road transport & haulage trades TRF Railway technology, engineering & trades TRFT Railway trades TRL Shipbuilding technology, engineering & trades TRLD Ship design & naval architecture TRLN Navigation & seamanship TRLT Maritime & nautical trades TRP Aerospace & aviation technology TRPS Aviation skills & piloting TRT Intelligent & automated transport system technology TT Other technologies & applied sciences TTA Acoustic & sound engineering TTB Applied optics TTBF Fibre optics TTBL Laser technology & holography TTBM Imaging systems & technology (See also: MKS: "Medical imaging" and it's subheadings) TTBS Scanning systems & technology TTD Space science (See also: WNX: "Popular astronomy & space") TTDS Astronautics TTM Military engineering

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 67/155

TTMW Ordnance, weapons technology TTP Explosives technology & pyrotechnics TTS Marine engineering (Class here: offshore engineering, sonar etc) TTU Mining technology & engineering TTV Other vocational technologies & trades TTVC Hotel & catering trades TTVH Hairdressing & salon skills TTVR Traditional trades & skills (Class here: blacksmithing, thatching, dry stone walling, etc) TTX Taxidermy TV Agriculture & farming (See also: KNA: "Agribusiness & primary industries") TVB Agricultural science TVD Agricultural engineering & machinery (See also: WGCT: "Tractors & farm vehicles: general interest") TVDR Irrigation TVF Sustainable agriculture TVG Organic farming TVH Animal husbandry (See also: WNF: "Farm & working animals: general interest") TVHB Animal breeding TVHF Dairy farming TVHH Apiculture (beekeeping) TVHP Poultry farming TVK Agronomy & crop production TVM Smallholdings TVP Pest control (Class here: agricultural use of pesticides & herbicides) TVQ Tropical agriculture: practice & techniques TVR Forestry & silviculture: practice & techniques TVS Commercial horticulture (Class here: market gardening; flower production) (See also: WM: "Gardening" and it's subheadings) TVSW Viticulture TVT Aquaculture & fish-farming: practice & techniques

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 68/155

U Computing & Information Technology UB Information technology: general issues UBH Health & safety aspects of IT UBJ Ethical & social aspects of IT UBL Legal aspects of IT UBW Internet: general works UD Digital lifestyle UDA Personal organisation software & apps UDB Internet guides & online services UDBA Online shopping & auctions UDBD Internet searching UDBG Internet gambling UDBM Online finance & investing UDBR Internet browsers UDBS Social networking UDBV Virtual worlds UDF Email: consumer / user guides UDH E-book readers, tablets & other portable devices: consumer / user guides UDM Digital music: consumer / user guides UDQ Digital video: consumer / user guides UDT Mobile phones & smartphones: consumer/user guides UDV Digital TV & media centres: consumer / user guides UDX Computer games / online games: strategy guides UF Business applications UFB Integrated software packages (Class here: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, Lotus Smartsuite, OpenOffice etc) UFC Spreadsheet software (Class here: Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, etc) UFD Word processing software UFG Presentation graphics software UFK Accounting software UFL Enterprise software UFLS SAP (Systems, applications & products in databases) UFM Mathematical & statistical software UFP Project management software UFS Collaboration & group software UG Graphical & digital media applications UGB Web graphics & design UGC Computer-aided design (CAD) UGD Desktop publishing UGG Computer games design (Use for logical and narrative aspects of games design. See AKLF for art and graphic design of

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 69/155

games) UGK 3D graphics & modelling UGL Illustration & drawing software UGM Digital music: professional UGN Digital UGP Photo & image editing UGV Digital video: professional UK Computer hardware UKC Supercomputers UKD Mainframes & minicomputers UKF Servers UKG Grid & parallel computing UKM Embedded systems UKN Network hardware UKP Personal computers UKPC PCs (IBM-compatible personal computers) UKPM Macintosh UKR Maintenance & repairs UKS Storage media & peripherals UKX Utilities & tools UL Operating systems ULD Microsoft (Windows) operating systems ULH Apple (Mac OS) operating systems ULJ Open source & other operating systems ULP Handheld operating systems ULQ IBM mainframe operating systems ULR Real time operating systems UM Computer programming / software engineering UMA Programming techniques UMB Algorithms & data structures UMC Compilers & interpreters UMF Agile programming UMG Aspect programming / AOP UMH Extreme programming UMJ Functional programming UMK Games development & programming UMKB 2D graphics: games programming UMKC 3D graphics: games programming UMKL Level design: games programming UML Graphics programming UMN Object-oriented programming (OOP) UMP Microsoft programming

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 70/155

UMPN .Net programming UMPW Windows programming UMQ Macintosh programming UMR Network programming UMS Mobile & handheld device programming / Apps programming UMT Database programming UMW Web programming UMWS Web services UMX Programming & scripting languages: general UMZ Software Engineering UMZL Unified Modeling Language (UML) UMZT Software testing & verification UMZW Object oriented software engineering UN Databases UNA Database design & theory UNAR Relational databases UNC Data capture & analysis UND Data warehousing UNF Data mining UNH Information retrieval UNJ Object-oriented databases UNK Distributed databases UNN Databases & the Web UNS Database software (Class here: Oracle, Access, SQL etc) UQ Computer certification UQF Computer certification: Microsoft UQJ Computer certification: Cisco UQL Computer certification: ECDL UQR Computer certification: CompTia UQT Computer certification: CLAiT UR Computer security URD Privacy & data protection URH Computer fraud & hacking URJ Computer viruses, Trojans & worms URQ Firewalls URS Spam URW Spyware URY Data encryption (See also: GPJ: "Coding theory & cryptology") UT Computer networking & communications UTC Cloud computing

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 71/155

UTD Client–Server networking UTE System administration UTF Network management UTFB Computer systems back-up & data recovery UTG Grid computing UTM Electronic mail (email): professional UTN Network security UTP Networking standards & protocols UTR Distributed systems UTS Networking packages UTV Virtualisation UTW WAP networking & applications UTX EDI (electronic data interchange) UX Applied computing (See also: PSAX: "Computational biology / bioinformatics") UXA Computer applications in the arts & humanities UXJ Computer applications in the social & behavioural sciences (See also: GTK: "Cognitive studies") UXT Computer applications in industry & technology UY Computer science UYA Mathematical theory of computation UYAM Maths for computer scientists UYD Systems analysis & design UYF Computer architecture & logic design UYFL Assembly languages UYFP Parallel processing UYM Computer modelling & simulation UYQ (See also: GTK: "Cognitive studies") UYQE Expert systems / knowledge-based systems UYQL Natural language & machine translation UYQM Machine learning UYQN Neural networks & fuzzy systems UYQP Pattern recognition UYQS Speech recognition UYQV Computer vision UYS Signal processing UYT Image processing UYU Audio processing UYV Virtual UYZ Human–computer interaction UYZF Information visualization

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 72/155

UYZG User interface design & usability UYZM Information architecture

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 73/155

V Health, Relationships & Personal development VF Family & health (Use VF* codes for popular accounts for general readership; prefer codes from Sections J, M etc, as appropriate, for specialist & academic works) VFB Personal safety VFD Popular medicine & health VFDF First aid for the home VFDJ Children’s health VFDM Men’s health VFDW Women’s health VFG Home nursing & caring VFJ Coping with personal problems VFJB Coping with illness & specific conditions (May be used before an M* code for specific condition where available) VFJB1 Coping with allergies, including food allergies VFJD Coping with disability VFJG Coping with ageing VFJJ Coping with eating disorders VFJK Coping with drug & alcohol problems VFJM Coping with abuse VFJP Coping with anxiety & phobias VFJS Coping with stress VFJX Coping with death & bereavement (See also: JHBZ: "Sociology: death & dying") VFL Giving up smoking VFM Fitness & diet VFMD Diets & dieting VFMG Exercise & workout books VFMG1 Yoga for exercise VFMS Massage (See also: VXHJ: "Reflexology") VFV Family & relationships: advice & issues (See also: WQY: "Family history, tracing ancestors") VFVC Sex & sexuality: advice & issues (Class here: sex manuals) (See also: JMU: "Psychology: sexual behaviour") VFVG Dating, relationships, living together & marriage: advice (See also: WJW: "Weddings, wedding planners") VFVJ Involuntary childlessness: advice & issues VFVK Adoption & fostering: advice & issues VFVS Separation & divorce: advice & issues VFVX Intergenerational relationships: advice & issues

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 74/155

(Class here: mother-daughter, grandparent-grandchild relationships etc) VFX Parenting: advice & issues VFXB Pregnancy, birth & baby care: advice & issues VFXB1 Baby names: guides for parents VFXC Child care & upbringing: advice for parents VFXC1 Teenagers: advice for parents VS Self-help & personal development (Use VS* codes for popular accounts for general readership; prefer codes from Sections C, J, K, L, Q, R etc, as appropriate, for specialist & academic works) VSB Personal finance VSC Advice on careers & achieving success VSD Law, citizenship & rights for the lay person VSF Roadcraft & driving (Class here: study aids for driving tests) VSG Consumer advice (See also: WJS: "Shopping guides") VSH Housing & property for the individual: buying/selling & legal aspects (See also: WK: "Home & maintenance" and it's subheadings) VSK Advice on education (See also: JN: "Education" and it's subheadings) VSL Adult literacy guides & handbooks (See also: CFC: "Literacy") VSN Adult numeracy guides & handbooks VSP Popular psychology (See also: QDX: "Popular philosophy") VSPM Assertiveness, motivation & self-esteem VSPT Memory improvement & thinking techniques (Class here: IQ tests etc for self-testing) VSPX Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) VSR Retirement (See also: KFFP: "Pensions") VSW Living & working in other countries: practical advice VSZ Self-sufficiency & ‘green’ lifestyle (See also: RNU: "Sustainability") VX Mind, body, spirit (Use VX* codes for Mind Body Spirit treatments for general readers only; prefer codes from Sections J, M, Q etc, as appropriate for specialist & academic works) VXA Mind, body, spirit: thought & practice VXF Fortune-telling & divination VXFA Astrology VXFA1 Star signs & horoscopes VXFC Fortune-telling by cards (cartomancy) VXFC1 Tarot Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 75/155

VXFD The I Ching VXFG Graphology VXFJ Palmistry, phrenology & physiognomy VXFN Numerology VXFT Clairvoyance & precognition VXH Complementary therapies, healing & health (See also: MX: "Complementary medicine" and it's subheadings) VXHA Acupuncture VXHC Aromatherapy & essential oils VXHH Homoeopathy VXHJ Reflexology (See also: VFMS: "Massage") VXHK Reiki VXHT Traditional medicine & herbal remedies (Class here; popular works on Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic therapies etc. Use with appropriate Geographical qualifier) VXK Earth energies (Class here: dowsing, ley lines) VXM Mind, body, spirit: meditation & visualisation VXN Dreams & their interpretation (See also: JMT: "Psychology: states of consciousness") VXP Psychic powers & psychic phenomena (Class here: ESP, popular accounts of telepathy, telekinesis etc) (See also: JMX: "Parapsychological studies") VXPC Crystals & colour-healing VXPH Chakras, auras & spiritual energy VXPJ Astral projection & out-of-body experiences VXPR The afterlife, reincarnation & past lives VXPS Spirit guides, angels & channelling VXQ Unexplained phenomena / the paranormal VXQB UFOs & extraterrestrial beings VXQG Ghosts & poltergeists VXQM Monsters & legendary beings (See also: JBGB: "Folklore, myths & legends") VXV Feng Shui VXW Mysticism, magic & occult interests (Use VXV* codes for popular works on the occult; prefer QRY* codes for serious & academic works) (See also: QRYX: "Occult studies" and it's subheadings) VXWK Kabbalah: popular works (See also: QRVK2: "Mysticism") VXWM Magic, spells & alchemy VXWS Shamanism, paganism & druidry Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 76/155

(See also: QRS: "Ancient religions & mythologies") VXWT Witchcraft & Wicca (See also: QRYX5: "Witchcraft")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 77/155

W Lifestyle, Hobbies & Leisure (Use Section W for popular accounts for general readership; prefer Sections A, K, P, R, T, etc, as appropriate, for specialist & academic works) WB Cookery / food & drink etc WBA General cookery & recipes WBB TV / celebrity chef cookbooks (Class here: TV series tie-in recipe books, recipes from specific restaurants, etc) WBC Cooking for one WBD Budget cookery WBF Quick & easy cooking WBH Health & wholefood cookery WBHS Cookery for specific diets & conditions WBJ Vegetarian cookery WBJK Vegan cookery WBN National & regional cuisine (Assign also the appropriate GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifier) WBQ Cooking for/with children WBR Cooking for parties WBS Cooking with specific gadgets (Class here: microwave cooking, wok, barbecue etc) WBT Cookery by ingredient WBTB Cooking with meat & game WBTC Cooking with chicken & other poultry WBTF Cooking with fish & seafood WBTH Cooking with herbs & spices WBTJ Cooking with rice & grains WBTM Cooking with fruit & vegetables WBTP Cooking with pasta WBTR Cooking with dairy products WBTX Cooking with chocolate WBV Cookery dishes & courses WBVD Cookery dishes & courses: Soups & starters WBVG Cookery dishes & courses: Salads & vegetables WBVM Cookery dishes & courses: Main courses WBVQ Cookery dishes & courses: Desserts WBVS Baking, bread & cakes WBVS1 Cakes & cake decoration, icing & sugarcraft WBW Cookery: Preserving & freezing WBX Food & drink: Beverages WBXD Food & drink: Alcoholic beverages WBXD1 Food & drink: Wines WBXD2 Food & drink: Beers

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 78/155

WBXD3 Food & drink: Spirits & cocktails WBXN Food & drink: Non-alcoholic beverages WBZ Cigars & smoking (See also: VFL: "Giving up smoking") WC Antiques & collectables WCB Antiques & collectables: buyer’s guides (Class here: price guides, guides to auctions, valuation, etc; use with other WC* code indicating types of items, as appropriate) (See also: UDBA: "Online shopping & auctions") WCC Care & restoration of antiques WCF Collecting coins, banknotes, medals, seals (numismatics) WCG Collecting stamps, philately WCJ Antique clocks, watches, musical boxes & automata WCK Militaria, arms & armour WCL Antique furniture / furniture collecting WCN Antiques & collectables: ceramics & glass WCP Antiques & collectables: jewellery WCR Antiques & collectables: gold, silver & other metals (other than jewellery) WCS Antiques & collectables: books, manuscripts, ephemera & printed matter (Class here: cigarette cards, programmes, postcards, comics, autographs, photographs, phonecards, etc) WCT Antiques & collectables: sports memorabilia WCU Antiques & collectables: pictures, prints & maps WCV Antiques & collectables: carpets, rugs & textiles WCW Antiques & collectables: toys, games, dolls & models WCX Antiques & collectables: scientific & musical instruments WD Hobbies, quizzes & games WDH Hobbies (See also: WF: "Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts" and it's subheadings) WDHM Model railways WDHR Radio-controlled models WDHW Role-playing, war games & fantasy sports WDJ 3-D images & optical illusions WDK Puzzles & quizzes WDKC Crosswords WDKN Sudoku & number puzzles WDKX Trivia & quiz question books WDM Indoor games (See also: UDX: "Computer games / online games: strategy guides") WDMC Card games WDMC1 Card games: Bridge WDMC2 Card games: Poker WDMG Board games Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 79/155

WDMG1 Board games: Chess WDP Gambling: theories & methods (See also: UDBG: "Internet gambling") WF Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts (Use WF* codes for practical, ‘how-to’ & hobbyist approaches; prefer codes from Section A where appropriate for & criticism approaches) (See also: AFT: "Decorative arts") WFA Painting & art manuals (See also: AGZ: "Art techniques & principles") WFB Needlework & fabric crafts (Class here: sewing) (See also: AFW: "Textile artworks") WFBC Embroidery crafts (Class here: cross-stitch, needlepoint, tapestry-making, etc) WFBL Lace & lacemaking WFBQ Quiltmaking, patchwork & applique WFBS Knitting & crochet WFBV Fabric dyeing (Class here: Batik & tie-dye) WFC Ropework, knots & macrame WFF Rug & carpetmaking (See also: AFW: "Textile artworks") WFG Spinning & weaving (See also: AFW: "Textile artworks") WFH Toys: making & decorating (Includes soft toys, dolls, dolls’ houses etc) WFJ Jewellery & beadcraft (See also: AFKG: "Precious metal, precious stones & jewellery: artworks & design") WFK Decorative finishes & surfaces (Class here: decoupage) WFN Pottery, ceramics & glass crafts (See also: AFP: "Ceramic & glass: artworks") WFP Decorative metalwork WFQ Decorative woodwork (Class here: decorative box-making; picture-framing) WFS Carving & modelling, moulding & casting (Class here: woodcarving, resin & plaster work, doughcraft, candle-making, etc) (See also: AFKC: "Carvings: artworks") WFT Book & paper crafts (Class here: paper-making, greeting card-making, scrapbooking etc) (See also: AKH: "Book design") WFTM Origami & paper engineering

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 80/155

WFU Calligraphy & hand-lettering (See also: AKD: "Typography & lettering") WFV Rural crafts (See also: AFT: "Decorative arts") WFW Flower arranging & floral crafts WFX Adult colouring & activity books WG Transport: general interest (See also: KNG: "Transport industries") WGC Road & motor vehicles: general interest (See also: TRCT: "Road transport & haulage trades") WGCB Motor cars: general interest WGCF Buses, trams & commercial vehicles: general interest WGCK Motorcycles: general interest WGCT Tractors & farm vehicles: general interest (See also: TVD: "Agricultural engineering & machinery") WGCV Vehicle maintenance & manuals (See also: TRCS: "Automotive (motor mechanic) skills") WGD Bicycles & non-motorised transport: general interest & maintenance (See also: SMQ: "Cycle racing") WGF Trains & railways: general interest (See also: TRF: "Railway technology, engineering & trades" and it's subheadings) WGG Ships & boats: general interest (Class here: inland waterways & ocean-going craft) (See also: SPN: "Boating" and it's subheadings) WGGV Boatbuilding & maintenance (See also: TRL: "Shipbuilding technology, engineering & trades" and it's subheadings) WGM Aircraft: general interest (See also: TRP: "Aerospace & aviation technology" and it's subheadings) WH Humour (See also: XY: "Strip cartoons") WHG TV tie-in humour WHJ Jokes & riddles WHL Slang & dialect humour WHP Parodies & spoofs: non-fiction (See also: FUP: "Satirical fiction & parodies") WHX Humour collections & anthologies WJ Lifestyle & personal style guides WJF Fashion & style guides WJH Cosmetics, hair & beauty WJK Interior design, decor & style guides (See also: AMR: "Architecture: interior design") WJS Shopping guides

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 81/155

(See also: VSG: "Consumer advice") WJW Weddings, wedding planners WJX Parties, etiquette & entertaining WJXC Manners: guides & advice WK Home & house maintenance (See also: VSH: "Housing & property for the individual: buying/selling & legal aspects") WKD DIY: general WKDM DIY: house maintenance manuals WKDW DIY: carpentry & woodworking WKH Household hints WKR Home renovation & extension (See also: WJK: "Interior design, decor & style guides") WKU Outdoor & recreational areas: design & maintenance WM Gardening (See also: TVS: "Commercial horticulture") WMB Gardens (descriptions, history etc) WMD Garden design & planning WMF Greenhouses, conservatories, patios WMP Gardening: plants & cultivation: guides (Class here: growing flowers, fruit & vegetables, herbs, succulents & cacti, house plants, shrubs & trees) WMQ Specialized gardening methods WMQB Specialized gardening methods: Bonsai WMQF Organic gardening WMQL Landscape gardening WMQN Natural & wild gardening WMQP Gardening with native plants WMQR Container gardening WMQW Water gardens, pools WMT Allotments WN Nature & the natural world: general interest (Use WN* codes for popular works only; prefer codes from Sections P, R, T etc, as appropriate for specialist & academic works) WNA & the prehistoric world: general interest (See also: RBX: "Palaeontology") WNC Wildlife: general interest (See also: PSV: "Zoology & animal sciences" and it's subheadings) WNCB Wildlife: birds & birdwatching: general interest (See also: PSVJ: "Zoology: birds (ornithology)") WNCF Wildlife: mammals: general interest (See also: PSVM: "Zoology: mammals") WNCK Wildlife: reptiles & amphibians: general interest (See also: PSVF: "Zoology: amphibians & reptiles (herpetology)") Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 82/155

WNCN Wildlife: butterflies, other insects & spiders: general interest (See also: PSVA: "Zoology: insects (entomology) & other invertebrates") WNCS Wildlife: aquatic creatures: general interest (See also: PSVC: "Zoology: fishes (ichthyology)") WNCS1 Sea life & the seashore: general interest (See also: PSPM: "Marine biology") WNCS2 Freshwater life: general interest (See also: PSPF: "Freshwater biology") WND The countryside, country life: general interest WNF Farm & working animals: general interest (See also: TVH: "Animal husbandry") WNG Domestic animals & pets WNGC Cats as pets WNGD Dogs as pets WNGD1 Dog obedience & training WNGF Fishes as pets & aquaria WNGH Horses & ponies: general interest WNGK Birds, including cage birds, as pets WNGR Rabbits & rodents as pets (Class here: mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils etc as pets) WNGS Reptiles & amphibians as pets (Class here: snakes, lizards, newts, terrapins etc as pets) WNGX Insects & spiders as pets WNH Zoos & wildlife parks: general interest WNJ National parks & nature reserves: general interest WNP Trees, wildflowers & plants: general interest (See also: WMP: "Gardening: plants & cultivation: guides") WNR Rocks, minerals & fossils: general interest (See also: RBX: "Palaeontology") WNW The Earth: natural history: general interest (Class here: popular works on natural history of the Earth as a whole, physical features & systems as well as life on Earth; Class here: popular works on volcanoes, earthquakes etc) (See also: RB: "Earth sciences" and it's subheadings) WNWM Weather: general interest (Class here: popular works on weather, including storms & other extreme weather conditions) (See also: RBP: "Meteorology & climatology") WNX Popular astronomy & space (Class here: constellation & star guides, non-specialist guides to astronomy & space, including space exploration) (See also: PG: "Astronomy, space & time" and it's subheadings) WQ Local & family history, nostalgia WQH Local history

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 83/155

(Class here: popular accounts of the history of a specific locality, generally only of local interest; use with GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers wherever possible) WQN Nostalgia: general (Class here: popular works with fond, uncritical view of past times; use with other code indicating subject where appropriate, eg WGF “Trains & railways: general interest”) WQP Places in old photographs (Class here: collections of early or vintage photographs relating to a specific place or places; use with GEOGRAPHICAL & TIME PERIOD Qualifiers wherever possible) (See also: AJC: "Photographs: collections") WQY Family history, tracing ancestors (See also: NHTG: "Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours") WT Travel & holiday (With WT* codes, assign also the most specific GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifier available, as appropriate) WTD Travel tips & advice: general WTH Travel & holiday guides (See also: WJS: "Shopping guides") WTHA Travel guides: adventure holidays WTHB Travel guides: business travel WTHC Travel guides: Eco-tourism, ‘green’ tourism WTHD Travel guides: food & drink regions (Class here: travel guides based around local foods, wine-producing regions etc) (See also: WTHR: "Travel guides: restaurants, cafes, inns, bars") WTHF Travel guides: holidays with children / family holidays WTHH Travel guides: hotel & holiday accommodation guides WTHH1 Travel guides: caravan & camp-site guides WTHM Travel guides: museums, historic sites, galleries etc WTHR Travel guides: restaurants, cafes, inns, bars (Class here: ‘where to eat’ guides, recommendations of specific establishments) (See also: WTHD: "Travel guides: food & drink regions") WTHT Travel guides: theme parks & funfairs WTHX Travel guides: cruises WTK Language phrasebooks (Assign also LANGUAGE Qualifier) (See also: CJBT: "Language self-study texts") WTL Travel writing WTLC Classic travel writing (Class here: travel writing published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’) WTLP Expeditions: popular accounts (Class here: popular accounts of expeditions & exploration) (See also: RGR: "Geographical discovery & exploration") WTM Places & peoples: general & pictorial works WTR Travel maps & atlases

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 84/155

(See also: RGX: "Geographical reference works" and it's subheadings) WTRD Road atlases & maps WTRM Travel maps (Class here: all folded maps, other than city street maps & motorists’ road maps, for general & travel use) WTRS Street maps & city plans (Class here: maps & books of maps of cities, towns & streets for general use) WZ Miscellaneous items WZG Gift books (Class here: small books, typically of a decorative, humorous or inspirational nature, intended to be given as gifts rather than read by the purchaser) (See also: YZG: "Children’s gift books") WZS Stationery items (Class here: any printed stationery item, diaries, calendars, posters, kits, postcard packs, bookmarks, etc; assign also another code indicating subject where possible) WZSN Blank stationery items (Class here: blank notebooks, autograph books and other content-free items)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 85/155

X Graphic novels, Comic books, Cartoons (For graphic novels & comic books, assign first a ‘type’ from XA*, followed where possible & appropriate, with a ‘genre’ from XQ*) XA Graphic novel & Comic book: types XAB European tradition graphic novels (In the European tradition, graphic novels are typically one-off publications, rather than part of a series, generally for an adult audience, often with distinctive graphics & more literary textual content, usually serious rather than humorous; they are works published originally as graphic novels, not adaptations of textual works) XAD European tradition comic books, Bandes dessinées (In the European tradition, comic books or ‘bandes dessinées’ are typically published in ongoing series, often featuring the same characters, as distinct from ‘one-off’ graphic novels) XADC European comic books: general, classic, all ages (Class here: ‘bandes dessinées tout public’, classic comic books for all ages) XAK American / British style comic books & graphic novels (Class here: graphic novels & comic books in the American / British tradition) XAKC American comic books: classic, Golden Age (Class here: early & classic ‘Golden Age’ characters for all ages) XAM Manga & Asian style comics (This sequence includes all Japanese comic books (Manga) plus those from other Asian countries including Korean (Manhwa) & Chinese (Manhua)) XAMC Manga: Kodomo (Manga for children, boys & girls, age around 6 to 10) XAMF Manga: Shôjo (Manga designed for young & teenage girls, age around 10 to 15) XAMG Manga: Shonen (Manga designed primarily for young & teenage boys, age around 10 to 15) XAML Manga: Seinen (Manga designed for young men & women, from around 16 years) XAMR Manga: Josei (Manga designed specifically for young & adult women) XAMT Manga: (Also called Boy Love; Manga featuring young male homosexual relationships but for a young female readership) XAMX Manga: adult (erotic, extreme violence) (Class here: , seijin manga. Manga designed for adults featuring scenes of an overtly sexual or violent nature; use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) XQ Graphic novel & Comic book: genres XQA Graphic novel / Comic book: memoirs, true stories & non-fiction (Class here: ‘bandes dessinées d’’) XQB Graphic novel / Comic book: literary adaptations (Class here: adaptations of pre-existing literary works into graphic form) XQC Graphic novel / Comic book: movie & TV adaptations XQD Graphic novel / Comic book: crime, mystery & thrillers XQG Graphic novel / Comic book: action & adventure Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 86/155

XQGW Graphic novel / Comic book: Westerns XQH Graphic novel / Comic book: horror XQK Graphic novel / Comic book: super-heroes & super-villains XQL Graphic novel / Comic book: science fiction XQM Graphic novel / Comic book: fantasy, esoteric (Use for comic books featuring traditions of mythical, secret or esoteric knowledge) XQR Graphic novel / Comic book: romance XQT Graphic novel / Comic book: humorous XQV Graphic novel / Comic book: historical XQX Graphic novel / Comic book: adult (erotic, extreme violence) (Class here: comic books designed for adults featuring scenes of an overtly sexual or violent nature; use with Qualifier 5X as appropriate) XR Graphic novel & comic books: guides & reviews (See also: DSR: "Literary reference works") XRM Manga guides & reviews (See also: DSR: "Literary reference works") XY Strip cartoons (Class here: collections of typically humorous cartoons, in 3–5 panels, usually originally published in newspapers or magazines)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 87/155

Y Children’s, Teenage & Educational YB Books for very young children, children’s picture books & activity books (With YB* codes, also assign appropriate 5A* Reading Age/Level Qualifier where possible) YBC Children’s picture books YBCB Baby books (Class here: small format, board book or rag book picture books with little or no text, and no early learning content) YBCH Picture books: character books (Use for all books based on TV or film characters, and all books featuring established pictorially-represented characters used in several books and or other products) YBCS Picture storybooks (Class here: picture books with a strong narrative text) YBCS1 Picture storybooks: Bedtime stories & dreams YBCS2 Picture storybooks: Imagination & play (Class here: picture books featuring use of imagination and/or play, for example with toys, often to create an imaginary world) YBG Children’s interactive & activity books & packs (Use YBG for children’s activity & interactive items, such as kit books, sticker books, etc, for any age group.) YBGH Children’s activity books: hidden object (Class here: ‘magic eye’ books & books where aim is to find item or character in pictures) YBL Early years / early learning concepts (Use YBL* codes for pre-school material only) YBLA Early years: letters & words (Class here: ABC books, first word books etc) YBLB Early years: verse, rhymes & wordplay (Class here: nursery rhymes & simple verse for very young children, tongue-twisters etc) (See also: YDP: "Children’s / Teenage: Poetry") YBLC Early years: numbers & counting YBLD Early years: colours YBLF Early years: opposites YBLH Early years: size, shapes & patterns YBLJ Early years: time & seasons (Class here: telling the time, day & night, days of the week, seasons of the year, etc) YBLL Early years: nature & animals YBLM Early years: daily routine (Class here: elements of daily life for very young children: washing, bedtime, potty training, etc) YBLN Early years: first experiences YBLN1 Early years: the senses YBLP Early years: people who help us YBLT Early years: things that go YD Children’s / Teenage poetry, anthologies, annuals (With YD* codes, also assign appropriate 5A* Reading Age/Level Qualifier where possible) Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 88/155

YDA Children’s / Teenage: Annuals (Use as first code for all annuals, with second code indicating type or subject area where possible) YDC Children’s / Teenage: Anthologies (Use with other code denoting literary form where appropriate, eg with a YF* code for fiction anthologies, with YDP for poetry anthologies. Use alone for anthologies of various literary forms) YDP Children’s / Teenage: Poetry (See also: YBLB: "Early years: verse, rhymes & wordplay") YF Children’s / Teenage fiction & true stories (With YF* codes, ALWAYS also assign appropriate 5A* Reading Age/Level Qualifier, and 5X where appropriate to indicate explicit material for older readers; YF* codes may be used with GEOGRAPHICAL and TIME PERIOD Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent and significant; use with & before relevant YN* codes for fiction with specific themes or topics not sufficiently indicate in YF*; use with YDC for fiction anthologies; use with & before appropriate YX* code for fiction dealing with specific social or personal issues; use X* codes for comic book fiction) (See also: XADC: "European comic books: general, classic, all ages") YFA Children’s / Teenage fiction: Classic fiction (Class here: children’s & teenage novels published before c 1960 or widely regarded as ‘classic’) YFB Children’s / Teenage fiction: General fiction (Class here: all contemporary non-genre fiction for children & teenagers) YFC Children’s / Teenage fiction: Action & adventure stories YFCA Children’s / Teenage fiction: Interactive adventure stories (Class here: books, physical or digital, where the reader can select from options to alter the narrative outcome; use with, and after, other YF* code indicating genre if possible) YFCB Children’s / Teenage fiction: Thrillers YFCF Children’s / Teenage fiction: Crime & mystery fiction YFCW Children’s / Teenage fiction: Military & war fiction YFD Children’s / Teenage fiction: Horror & ghost stories, chillers (See also: YNXW: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Witches & ghosts") YFE Children’s / Teenage fiction: Speculative, dystopian & utopian fiction (Class here: fiction set in dystopian or utopian societies, alternative history fiction; use alongside YFG or other YF* codes if possible) YFG Children’s / Teenage fiction: Science fiction YFH Children’s / Teenage fiction: Fantasy & magical realism YFHR Teenage fiction: Fantasy romance (Class here: ‘dark romance’, vampire romance, etc; assign also 5X where appropriate) YFJ Children’s / Teenage fiction: Traditional stories (Class here: fairy tales, folk tales, myths & legends told as fiction) YFK Children’s / Teenage fiction: Religious fiction YFM Children’s / Teenage fiction: Romance & relationships stories YFN Children’s / Teenage fiction: Family & home stories (Use with codes from YXF* sequence for fiction specifically designed to address family issues) YFP Children’s / Teenage fiction: Nature & animal stories

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 89/155

YFQ Children’s / Teenage fiction: Humorous stories (Use after other YF* code indicating genre if possible) YFR Children’s / Teenage fiction: Sporting stories YFS Children’s / Teenage fiction: School stories YFT Children’s / Teenage fiction: Historical fiction (Use for contemporary novels set in the past, ie set c pre-1960) YFU Children’s / Teenage fiction: Short stories (Use after other YF* code indicating genre if possible) YFV Children’s / Teenage fiction: Stories in verse (Use after other YF* code indicating genre if possible) (See also: YDP: "Children’s / Teenage: Poetry") YFX Children’s / Teenage fiction: Biographical fiction (Use for highly fictionalised biographies or autobiographies of real people) YFY Children’s / Teenage: True stories told as fiction (Class here: true stories, eg of survival, discovery, conflict etc, told in strong narrative from, as if fiction) YN Children’s / Teenage: general interest (Use YN* codes for all general interest material not covered elsewhere & not designed specifically for school use. Use YN* codes alone for non-fiction works, or after relevant YF* code for fiction on specific topics, as appropriate. With YN* codes, assign appropriate 5A* Reading Age/Level Qualifier where possible, and any other Qualifier as applicable.) YNA Children’s / Teenage general interest: Art & artists (Assign STYLE Qualifiers where appropriate) YNB Children’s / Teenage general interest: Biography & autobiography YNC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Music (Assign STYLE Qualifiers where appropriate) YND Children’s / Teenage general interest: Drama & performing YNDB Children’s / Teenage general interest: Dance, ballet YNDS Children’s / Teenage general interest: Playscripts YNF Children’s / Teenage general interest: Television & film YNG Children’s / Teenage general interest: General knowledge & trivia YNGL Children’s / Teenage general interest: Libraries, museums, schools YNH Children’s / Teenage general interest: History & the past (Use YNB for biographies of specific people) YNHA Children’s / Teenage general interest: Adventurers & outlaws (Class here: pirates, treasure hunters, etc) (See also: YNB: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Biography & autobiography") YNHD Children’s / Teenage general interest: Discovery & exploration (Class here: discovery of new continents, interiors, planets, etc) (See also: YNB: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Biography & autobiography") YNHP Children’s / Teenage general interest: Lives of children in the past YNJ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Warfare, battles, armed forces (See also: YXZW: "Children’s / Teenage social issues: War & conflict issues")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 90/155

YNK Children’s / Teenage general interest: Work & society YNKA Children’s / Teenage general interest: Politics YNKC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Law, police & Crime YNL Children’s / Teenage general interest: Literature, books & writers YNM Children’s / Teenage general interest: Places & peoples YNMC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Countries, cultures & national identity (Class here: national symbols, monuments, dress etc) YNMF Children’s / Teenage general interest: Girls & women (Use for books where girlhood / womanhood is a central theme) YNMH Children’s / Teenage general interest: Boys & men (Use for books where boyhood / manhood is a central theme) YNMK Children’s / Teenage general interest: City & town life YNML Children’s / Teenage general interest: Rural & farm life YNMW Children’s / Teenage general interest: Royalty YNN Children’s / Teenage general interest: Nature, animals, the natural world YNNA Children’s / Teenage general interest: Dinosaurs & prehistoric world YNNB Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife & habitats (See also: YXZG: "Children’s / Teenage social issues: Environment & green issues") YNNB1 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife & habitats: Oceans & seas YNNB2 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife & habitats: Jungles & tropical forests (Class here: rainforests) YNNB3 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife & habitats: Deserts YNNB9 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Wildlife & habitats: Ice, snow & tundra (Class here: Polar regions and high mountain habitats) YNNC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ecosystems (Class here: works on whole ecosystems) (See also: YXZG: "Children’s / Teenage social issues: Environment & green issues") YNNF Children’s / Teenage general interest: Farm animals YNNH Children’s / Teenage general interest: Pets & pet care YNNH1 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Pets & pet care: dogs YNNH2 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Pets & pet care: cats YNNH3 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Pets & pet care: rabbits & rodents YNNH4 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Pets & pet care: horses & ponies YNNJ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Mammals YNNJ1 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Aquatic & marine mammals YNNJ2 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Large land mammals YNNJ21 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Dogs & wolves YNNJ22 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Cats (Class here: big cats) YNNJ23 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Bears YNNJ24 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ponies & horses YNNJ25 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Cows & cattle

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 91/155

YNNJ29 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Apes & monkeys YNNJ3 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Small land mammals YNNJ31 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Rodents & rabbits YNNJ9 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Marsupials, platypuses & echidnas (Class here: kangaroos, koalas) YNNK Children’s / Teenage general interest: Birds YNNL Children’s / Teenage general interest: Insects, spiders, minibeasts YNNM Children’s / Teenage general interest: Reptiles & amphibians YNNS Children’s / Teenage general interest: Fish & marine life (Use YNNJ1 for marine mammals) YNNT Children’s / Teenage general interest: Plants & trees YNNV Children’s / Teenage general interest: Rocks, weather & physical world (Class here: rocks, fossils, minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes, geology, the atmosphere, weather systems, storms, tornadoes etc) YNNZ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Space, stars & the solar system (Class here: constellation guides, space exploration, planets etc) YNP Children’s / Teenage general interest: Practical interests YNPC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Cooking & food YNPH Children’s / Teenage general interest: Handicrafts YNPH1 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Woodworking, model-making YNPH2 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Needlecraft & fabric crafts YNPJ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Clothing & fashion YNPK Children’s / Teenage general interest: Money YNR Children’s / Teenage general interest: Religion & beliefs (See also: YXZR: "Children’s / Teenage social issues: Religious issues") YNRD Children’s / Teenage general interest: Hinduism (See also: YPJN1: "Educational: Religious studies: Hinduism") YNRF Children’s / Teenage general interest: Buddhism (See also: YPJN2: "Educational: Religious studies: Buddhism") YNRJ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Judaism (See also: YPJN3: "Educational: Religious studies: Judaism") YNRM Children’s / Teenage general interest: Christianity (See also: YPJN4: "Educational: Religious studies: Christianity") YNRP Children’s / Teenage general interest: Islam (See also: YPJN5: "Educational: Religious studies: Islam") YNRR Children’s / Teenage general interest: other religions (See also: YPJN9: "Educational: Religious studies: other religions") YNRX Children’s / Teenage general interest: Religious texts, prayers & devotional material (Class here: editions of sacred texts, including simplified versions & stories based on sacred texts, prayerbooks & all devotional material, designed for children; use with other YNR* code indicating religion) YNT Children’s / Teenage general interest: Science & technology YNTA Children’s / Teenage general interest: Science: the human body

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 92/155

(Class here: general descriptive, scientific approaches) (See also: YXA: "Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Body & health" and it's subheadings) YNTD Children’s / Teenage general interest: Inventors, inventions & experiments YNTG Children’s / Teenage general interest: Machines & how things work YNTP Children’s / Teenage general interest: Buildings & construction YNTR Children’s / Teenage general interest: Transport & vehicles YNU Children’s / Teenage general interest: Humour & jokes YNUC Children’s / Teenage general interest: Cartoons & comic strips (See also: XADC: "European comic books: general, classic, all ages") YNV Children’s / Teenage general interest: Hobbies, quizzes, toys & games YNVD Children’s / Teenage general interest: Toys, dolls & puppets YNVP Children’s / Teenage general interest: Puzzle books YNVU Children’s / Teenage general interest: Computer game guides YNW Children’s / Teenage general interest: Sports & outdoor recreation YNWD Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports (Class here: all ball games not listed below) YNWD1 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports: Football (Soccer) YNWD2 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports: Football (American) YNWD3 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports: Baseball & Softball YNWD4 Children’s / Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports: Basketball YNWD8 Children’s/Teenage general interest: Ball games & sports: Handball YNWG Children’s / Teenage general interest: Athletics & gymnastics YNWM Children’s / Teenage general interest: Winter sports (Class here: ice-hockey, skiing, ice-skating etc) YNWW Children’s / Teenage general interest: Swimming & water sports YNWY Children’s / Teenage general interest: Cycling, boarding & skating YNWZ Children’s / Teenage general interest: Sports teams & clubs (Use YNWZ with other YNW* code indicating sport) YNX Children’s / Teenage general interest: Mysteries & the unexplained YNXB Children’s / Teenage general interest: Monsters, dragons & mythological beings YNXF Children’s / Teenage general interest: UFOs & extraterrestrial beings YNXW Children’s / Teenage general interest: Witches & ghosts (See also: YFD: "Children’s / Teenage fiction: Horror & ghost stories, chillers") YP Educational material (With YP* codes, assign appropriate EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE Qualifier where possible; use YP* codes for primary and secondary educational material up to and including minimum school leaving age; for further education, advanced level and vocational qualifications, use adult categories) YPA Educational: Arts, general (Assign STYLE Qualifiers where appropriate) YPAB Educational: Art & design (Assign STYLE Qualifiers where appropriate)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 93/155

YPAD Educational: Music (Assign STYLE Qualifiers where appropriate) YPAF Educational: Drama & performance arts (Class here: playscripts for schools; dance) YPC Educational: Language, literature & literacy YPCA Educational: first/native language YPCA1 Educational: first/native language: basic literacy YPCA2 Educational: first/native language: reading & writing skills YPCA21 Educational: first/native language: readers & reading schemes YPCA22 Educational: first/native language: handwriting skills YPCA4 Educational: first/native language: grammar & punctuation YPCA5 Educational: first/native language: speaking skills YPCA9 Educational: first/native language: literature studies YPCA91 Educational: first/native language: school editions of literature texts YPCK Educational: modern (non-native) languages YPCK2 Educational: modern (non-native) languages: language learning YPCK9 Educational: modern (non-native) languages: literature studies YPCK91 Educational: modern (non-native) languages: school editions of literature texts YPCS Educational: classical & ancient languages YPCS4 Educational: classical & ancient languages: language learning YPCS9 Educational: classical & ancient languages: literature studies YPCS91 Educational: classical & ancient languages: school editions of classical texts YPJ Educational: Humanities & social sciences, general YPJH Educational: History YPJJ Educational: Social sciences, social studies YPJJ1 Educational: Politics & constitution YPJJ3 Educational: Citizenship & social education YPJJ5 Educational: Psychology YPJL Educational: Philosophy YPJN Educational: Religious studies (See also: YNR: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Religion & beliefs") YPJN1 Educational: Religious studies: Hinduism (See also: YNRD: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Hinduism") YPJN2 Educational: Religious studies: Buddhism (See also: YNRF: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Buddhism") YPJN3 Educational: Religious studies: Judaism (See also: YNRJ: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Judaism") YPJN4 Educational: Religious studies: Christianity (See also: YNRM: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Christianity") YPJN5 Educational: Religious studies: Islam (See also: YNRP: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: Islam") YPJN9 Educational: Religious studies: other religions

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 94/155

(See also: YNRR: "Children’s / Teenage general interest: other religions") YPJT Educational: Geography YPJV Educational: Business studies & economics YPM Educational: Mathematics, science & technology, general YPMF Educational: Mathematics & numeracy YPMF1 Educational: Mathematics & numeracy: times tables YPMP Educational: Sciences, general science YPMP1 Educational: Biology YPMP3 Educational: Chemistry YPMP5 Educational: Physics YPMT Educational: Technology YPMT2 Educational: Design & technology YPMT4 Educational: Food technology, cooking skills YPMT6 Educational: IT & computing, ICT YPW Educational: Vocational & other subjects YPWC Educational: Vocational subjects (Class here: all vocational subjects taught at school not listed separately, eg health care, hospitality, etc) YPWF Educational: Physical education YPWL Educational: General studies / study skills general YPZ Educational: study & revision guides (Use for ALL study & revision guides for primary and secondary education, with relevant YP* code above indicating subject where possible) YR Children’s / Teenage reference material YRD Children’s / Teenage reference: Dictionaries, school dictionaries (Use LANGUAGE Qualifiers, as appropriate) YRDC Children’s / Teenage reference: Picture dictionaries (Use LANGUAGE Qualifiers, as appropriate) YRDL Children’s / Teenage reference: Bilingual / multilingual dictionaries (Use LANGUAGE Qualifiers, as appropriate) YRE Children’s / Teenage reference: Encyclopaedias, general reference (Use for non-subject-specific works only; for subject-specific reference works, use YRG) YRG Children’s / Teenage reference: Subject-specific reference (Use after another Y* code indicating the subject or scope of the reference work) YRW Children’s / Teenage reference: Atlases & maps (Use with GEOGRAPHICAL Qualifiers, as appropriate) YX Children’s / Teenage: Personal & social issues (Use YX* codes alone or with other Y* codes indicating type of book; use with appropriate YF* code for fiction designed to deal with these issues) YXA Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Body & health YXAX Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Sex education & the facts of life YXD Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Self-awareness & self-esteem YXE Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Emotions

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 95/155

(Class here: understanding fears, happiness, solidarity, sadness, empathy, alienation, frustration, etc) YXF Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Family issues YXFD Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: divorce, separation, family break-up YXG Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: death & bereavement YXH Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Relationships (non-family) YXHB Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Friends & friendship issues YXHL Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Sexuality & relationships YXHY Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: teenage pregnancy YXJ Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Drugs & addiction YXK Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Disability & special needs YXN Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Racism & multiculturalism YXQ Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Bullying, violence, abuse & peer pressure YXR Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: personal safety (Class here: dealing with strangers, road safety, safety in the home etc) YXS Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: runaways YXT Children’s / Teenage personal & social issues: Truancy & school problems YXV Teenage personal & social issues: Advice on careers & further education, leaving school YXZ Children’s / Teenage: Social issues YXZG Children’s / Teenage social issues: Environment & green issues YXZR Children’s / Teenage social issues: Religious issues YXZW Children’s / Teenage social issues: War & conflict issues YZ Children’s / Teenage stationery & miscellaneous items (Use only for stationery & non-book items for children not able to be classified with any other Y* code) YZG Children’s gift books (Class here: small books, typically decorative or humorous, intended to be given as gifts to children) YZS Children’s stationery items (Class here: any printed stationery item, diaries, calendars, posters, kits, postcard packs, bookmarks, etc intended for children; assign also another code indicating subject where possible) (See also: WZS: "Stationery items") YZSN Blank children’s stationery items (Class here: blank exercise books, autograph books and other content-free items for children) (See also: WZSN: "Blank stationery items")

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 96/155

1 Geographical qualifiers (Do not use “1” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 1* as appropriate) 1D Europe 1DD Western Europe 1DDB Belgium 1DDB-BE-B Brussels / Bruxelles / Brussel 1DDB-BE-F Flanders / Flandre 1DDB-BE-FA Antwerp / Antwerpen / Anvers (province / provincie) 1DDB-BE-FAA Antwerp / Antwerpen / Anvers 1DDB-BE-FB Flemish Brabant / Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant flamand 1DDB-BE-FBA Leuven 1DDB-BE-FC Limburg / Limbourg 1DDB-BE-FCA Hasselt 1DDB-BE-FD Oost-Vlaanderen / Flandre-Orientale 1DDB-BE-FDA Ghent / Gand 1DDB-BE-FE West-Vlaanderen / Flandre-Occidentale 1DDB-BE-FEA Brugge / Bruges 1DDB-BE-W Wallonia / Wallonie 1DDB-BE-WA Brabant wallon / Waals Brabant 1DDB-BE-WAA Wavre 1DDB-BE-WB Hainaut / Henegouwen 1DDB-BE-WBA Mons / Bergen 1DDB-BE-WBB Charleroi 1DDB-BE-WC Liège / Luik (province / provincie) 1DDB-BE-WCA Liège / Luik 1DDB-BE-WD Luxembourg / Luxemburg (province / provincie) 1DDB-BE-WDA Arlon / Arlen 1DDB-BE-WE Namur / Namen (province / provincie) 1DDB-BE-WEA Namur / Namen 1DDF France 1DDF-FR-A Alsace 1DDF-FR-AA Bas-Rhin 67 1DDF-FR-AAA Strasbourg 1DDF-FR-AB Haut-Rhin 68 1DDF-FR-ABA Colmar 1DDF-FR-B Aquitaine 1DDF-FR-BA Dordogne 24 1DDF-FR-BAA Périgueux 1DDF-FR-BB Gironde 33 1DDF-FR-BBA Bordeaux 1DDF-FR-BC Landes 40 1DDF-FR-BCA Mont-de-Marsan

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 97/155

1DDF-FR-BD Lot-et-Garonne 47 1DDF-FR-BDA Agen 1DDF-FR-BE Pyrénées-Atlantiques 64 1DDF-FR-BEA Pau 1DDF-FR-C Auvergne 1DDF-FR-CA Allier 03 1DDF-FR-CAA Moulins 1DDF-FR-CB Cantal 15 1DDF-FR-CBA Aurillac 1DDF-FR-CC Haute-Loire 43 1DDF-FR-CCA Le Puy-en-Velay 1DDF-FR-CD Puy-de-Dôme 63 1DDF-FR-CDA Clermont-Ferrand 1DDF-FR-D Basse-Normandie 1DDF-FR-DA Calvados 14 1DDF-FR-DAA Caen 1DDF-FR-DB Manche 50 1DDF-FR-DBA Saint-Lô 1DDF-FR-DC Orne 61 1DDF-FR-DCA Alençon 1DDF-FR-E Bourgogne 1DDF-FR-EA Côte-d’Or 21 1DDF-FR-EAA Dijon 1DDF-FR-EB Nièvre 58 1DDF-FR-EBA Nevers 1DDF-FR-EC Saône-et-Loire 71 1DDF-FR-ECA Mâcon 1DDF-FR-ED Yonne 89 1DDF-FR-EDA Auxerre 1DDF-FR-F Bretagne 1DDF-FR-FA Côtes-d’Armor 22 1DDF-FR-FAA Saint-Brieuc 1DDF-FR-FB Finistère 29 1DDF-FR-FBA Quimper 1DDF-FR-FC Ille-et-Vilaine 35 1DDF-FR-FCA Rennes 1DDF-FR-FD Morbihan 56 1DDF-FR-FDA Vannes 1DDF-FR-G Centre 1DDF-FR-GA Cher 18 1DDF-FR-GAB Bourges 1DDF-FR-GB Eure-et-Loir 28

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 98/155

1DDF-FR-GBA Chartres 1DDF-FR-GC Indre 36 1DDF-FR-GCA Châteauroux 1DDF-FR-GD Indre-et-Loire 37 1DDF-FR-GDA Tours 1DDF-FR-GE Loir-et-Cher 41 1DDF-FR-GEA Blois 1DDF-FR-GF Loiret 45 1DDF-FR-GFA Orléans 1DDF-FR-H Champagne-Ardenne 1DDF-FR-HA Ardennes 08 1DDF-FR-HAB Charleville-Mézières 1DDF-FR-HB Aube 10 1DDF-FR-HBA Troyes 1DDF-FR-HC Marne 51 1DDF-FR-HCA Châlons-en-Champagne 1DDF-FR-HD Haute-Marne 52 1DDF-FR-HDA Chaumont 1DDF-FR-I Corsica 1DDF-FR-IA Corse-du-Sud 2A 1DDF-FR-IAA Ajaccio 1DDF-FR-IB Haute-Corse 2B 1DDF-FR-IBA Bastia 1DDF-FR-J Franche-Comté 1DDF-FR-JA Doubs 25 1DDF-FR-JAB Besançon 1DDF-FR-JB Jura 39 1DDF-FR-JBA Lons-le-Saunier 1DDF-FR-JC Haute-Saône 70 1DDF-FR-JCA Vesoul 1DDF-FR-JD Territoire de Belfort 90 1DDF-FR-JDA Belfort 1DDF-FR-K Haute-Normandie 1DDF-FR-KA Eure 27 1DDF-FR-KAA Évreux 1DDF-FR-KB Seine-Maritime 76 1DDF-FR-KBA Rouen 1DDF-FR-L Île-de-France 1DDF-FR-LA 75 1DDF-FR-LAA Paris 1DDF-FR-LB Seine-et-Marne 77 1DDF-FR-LBA Melun

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 99/155

1DDF-FR-LC Yvelines 78 1DDF-FR-LCA Versailles 1DDF-FR-LD Essonne 91 1DDF-FR-LDA Évry 1DDF-FR-LE Hauts-de-Seine 92 1DDF-FR-LEA Nanterre 1DDF-FR-LF Seine-Saint-Denis 93 1DDF-FR-LFA Bobigny 1DDF-FR-LG Val-de-Marne 94 1DDF-FR-LGA Créteil 1DDF-FR-LH Val-d’Oise 95 1DDF-FR-LHA Pontoise 1DDF-FR-M Languedoc-Roussillon 1DDF-FR-MA Aude 11 1DDF-FR-MAA Carcassonne 1DDF-FR-MB Gard 30 1DDF-FR-MBA Nîmes 1DDF-FR-MC Hérault 34 1DDF-FR-MCA Montpellier 1DDF-FR-MD Lozère 48 1DDF-FR-MDA Mende 1DDF-FR-ME Pyrénées-Orientales 66 1DDF-FR-MEA Perpignan 1DDF-FR-N Limousin 1DDF-FR-NA Corrèze 19 1DDF-FR-NAA Tulle 1DDF-FR-NB Creuse 23 1DDF-FR-NBA Guéret 1DDF-FR-NC Haute-Vienne 87 1DDF-FR-NCA Limoges 1DDF-FR-O Lorraine 1DDF-FR-OA Meurthe-et-Moselle 54 1DDF-FR-OAA Nancy 1DDF-FR-OB Meuse 55 1DDF-FR-OBA Bar-le-Duc 1DDF-FR-OC Moselle 57 1DDF-FR-OCA Metz 1DDF-FR-OD Vosges 88 1DDF-FR-ODA Épinal 1DDF-FR-P Midi-Pyrénées 1DDF-FR-PA Ariège 09 1DDF-FR-PAA Foix

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 100/155

1DDF-FR-PB Aveyron 12 1DDF-FR-PBA Rodez 1DDF-FR-PC Haute-Garonne 31 1DDF-FR-PCA Toulouse 1DDF-FR-PD Gers 32 1DDF-FR-PDA Auch 1DDF-FR-PE Lot 46 1DDF-FR-PEA Cahors 1DDF-FR-PF Hautes-Pyrénées 65 1DDF-FR-PFA Tarbes 1DDF-FR-PG Tarn 81 1DDF-FR-PGA Albi 1DDF-FR-PH Tarn-et-Garonne 82 1DDF-FR-PHA Montauban 1DDF-FR-Q Nord-Pas-de-Calais 1DDF-FR-QA Nord 59 1DDF-FR-QAA Lille 1DDF-FR-QB Pas-de-Calais 62 1DDF-FR-QBA Arras 1DDF-FR-R Pays de la Loire 1DDF-FR-RA Loire-Atlantique 44 1DDF-FR-RAB Nantes 1DDF-FR-RB Maine-et-Loire 49 1DDF-FR-RBA Angers 1DDF-FR-RC Mayenne 53 1DDF-FR-RCA Laval 1DDF-FR-RD Sarthe 72 1DDF-FR-RDA Le Mans 1DDF-FR-RE Vendée 85 1DDF-FR-REA La Roche-sur-Yon 1DDF-FR-S Picardie 1DDF-FR-SA Aisne 02 1DDF-FR-SAA Laon 1DDF-FR-SB Oise 60 1DDF-FR-SBA Beauvais 1DDF-FR-SC Somme 80 1DDF-FR-SCA Amiens 1DDF-FR-T Poitou-Charentes 1DDF-FR-TA Charente 16 1DDF-FR-TAA Angoulême 1DDF-FR-TB Charente-Maritime 17 1DDF-FR-TBA La Rochelle

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 101/155

1DDF-FR-TC Deux-Sèvres 79 1DDF-FR-TCA Niort 1DDF-FR-TD Vienne 86 1DDF-FR-TDA Poitiers 1DDF-FR-U Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur 1DDF-FR-UA Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 04 1DDF-FR-UAA Digne-les-Bains 1DDF-FR-UB Hautes-Alpes 05 1DDF-FR-UBA Gap 1DDF-FR-UC Alpes-Maritimes 06 1DDF-FR-UCA Nice 1DDF-FR-UD Bouches-du-Rhône 13 1DDF-FR-UDA Marseille 1DDF-FR-UE Var 83 1DDF-FR-UEA Toulon 1DDF-FR-UF Vaucluse 84 1DDF-FR-UFA Avignon 1DDF-FR-V Rhône-Alpes 1DDF-FR-VA Ain 01 1DDF-FR-VAA Bourg-en-Bresse 1DDF-FR-VB Ardèche 07 1DDF-FR-VBA Privas 1DDF-FR-VC Drôme 26 1DDF-FR-VCA Valence 1DDF-FR-VD Isère 38 1DDF-FR-VDA Grenoble 1DDF-FR-VE Loire 42 1DDF-FR-VEA Saint-Étienne 1DDF-FR-VF Rhône 69 1DDF-FR-VFA Lyon 1DDF-FR-VG Savoie 73 1DDF-FR-VGA Chambéry 1DDF-FR-VH Haute-Savoie 74 1DDF-FR-VHA Annecy 1DDL Luxembourg 1DDM Monaco 1DDN Netherlands 1DDN-NL-A Amsterdam 1DDN-NL-B Brabant 1DDN-NL-D Drente 1DDN-NL-F Flevoland 1DDN-NL-G Gelderland

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 102/155

1DDN-NL-H Noord Holland 1DDN-NL-L Limburg 1DDN-NL-N Groningen 1DDN-NL-R Friesland 1DDN-NL-S Zuid Holland 1DDN-NL-U Utrecht 1DDN-NL-V Overijssel 1DDN-NL-Z Zeeland 1DDR Ireland 1DDU United Kingdom, Great Britain 1DDU-GB-E England 1DDU-GB-EA East Anglia 1DDU-GB-EAC Cambridgeshire 1DDU-GB-EAN Norfolk 1DDU-GB-EAS Suffolk 1DDU-GB-EAX Essex 1DDU-GB-EM Midlands 1DDU-GB-EMD Derbyshire & Peak District 1DDU-GB-EMF Herefordshire 1DDU-GB-EMH Leicestershire 1DDU-GB-EML Lincolnshire 1DDU-GB-EMM Northamptonshire 1DDU-GB-EMN Nottinghamshire 1DDU-GB-EMP Shropshire 1DDU-GB-EMR Rutland 1DDU-GB-EMS Staffordshire 1DDU-GB-EMT Worcestershire 1DDU-GB-EMW Warwickshire, West Midlands 1DDU-GB- Birmingham (UK) EMWB 1DDU-GB-EN North West England 1DDU-GB-ENC Cheshire 1DDU-GB-ENL Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside 1DDU-GB-ENLL Liverpool 1DDU-GB-ENLM Manchester 1DDU-GB-ENM Cumbria & Lake District 1DDU-GB-ES South & South East England 1DDU-GB-ESB Berkshire 1DDU-GB-ESD Bedfordshire 1DDU-GB-ESF Oxfordshire 1DDU-GB-ESH Hampshire 1DDU-GB-ESK Kent

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 103/155

1DDU-GB-ESL London, Greater London 1DDU-GB-ESLC Central London 1DDU-GB-ESLF 1DDU-GB-ESR Surrey 1DDU-GB-EST Hertfordshire 1DDU-GB-ESU Buckinghamshire 1DDU-GB-ESW Isle of Wight 1DDU-GB-ESX Sussex 1DDU-GB-EW South West England 1DDU-GB-EWC Cornwall 1DDU-GB-EWD Devon 1DDU-GB-EWG Gloucestershire 1DDU-GB-EWS Somerset, Bristol 1DDU-GB-EWT Dorset 1DDU-GB-EWW Wiltshire 1DDU-GB-EY North & North East England 1DDU-GB-EYD Durham 1DDU-GB-EYK Yorkshire 1DDU-GB-EYKL Leeds, Bradford 1DDU-GB-EYN Northumberland, Tyne & Wear 1DDU-GB-EYNC Newcastle 1DDU-GB-N Ireland 1DDU-GB-NB Belfast 1DDU-GB-S Scotland 1DDU-GB-SB Lowland Scotland & Borders 1DDU-GB-SC Central Scotland 1DDU-GB-SCE Edinburgh 1DDU-GB-SCG Glasgow 1DDU-GB-SH Northern Scotland, Highlands & Islands 1DDU-GB-SHF Orkney Islands 1DDU-GB-SHJ Shetland Islands 1DDU-GB-SHL Western Isles, Outer Hebrides 1DDU-GB-SHQ Isle of Skye 1DDU-GB-W 1DDU-GB-WC Mid Wales 1DDU-GB-WN North Wales 1DDU-GB-WS South Wales 1DDU-GB-WSC Cardiff 1DDU-GB-WV Southwest Wales 1DDU-GB-X Channel Islands 1DDU-GB-Z Isle of Man 1DF Central Europe

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 104/155

1DFA Austria 1DFA-AT-B Burgenland 1DFA-AT-K Carinthia 1DFA-AT-M Styria 1DFA-AT-N Lower Austria 1DFA-AT-R Upper Austria 1DFA-AT-S Salzburg 1DFA-AT-T Tyrol 1DFA-AT-V Vorarlberg 1DFA-AT-W Vienna 1DFG 1DFG-DE-B Northeast Germany 1DFG-DE-BE 1DFG-DE-BG Brandenburg 1DFG-DE-BK German Baltic Sea coast & islands 1DFG-DE-BKA Rügen 1DFG-DE-BM Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 1DFG-DE-BS Saxony-Anhalt 1DFG-DE-F East Germany 1DFG-DE-FS Saxony 1DFG-DE-FSA Leipzig 1DFG-DE-FSB Dresden 1DFG-DE-FT Thuringia 1DFG-DE-T Southeast Germany 1DFG-DE-TB 1DFG-DE-TBA Lower Bavaria 1DFG-DE-TBB Upper Bavaria 1DFG-DE-TBC 1DFG-DE-TBD Nuremburg 1DFG-DE-U Southwest Germany 1DFG-DE-UB Baden-Württemberg 1DFG-DE-UBA Stuttgart 1DFG-DE-UH Hesse 1DFG-DE-UHA Frankfurt 1DFG-DE-UR Rhineland-Palatinate 1DFG-DE-URA Palatinate 1DFG-DE-US Saarland 1DFG-DE-V Northwest Germany 1DFG-DE-VA German North Sea coast & islands 1DFG-DE-VB Bremen 1DFG-DE-VH Hamburg 1DFG-DE-VN Lower Saxony

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 105/155

1DFG-DE-VNA Hanover 1DFG-DE-VR North Rhine-Westphalia 1DFG-DE-VRB Düsseldorf 1DFG-DE-VRC Cologne 1DFG-DE-VRD Dortmund 1DFG-DE-VRE Essen 1DFG-DE-VRR Ruhr district 1DFG-DE-VS Schleswig-Holstein 1DFG-DE-X Historical areas within Germany 1DFG-DE-XA Upper Lusatia 1DFG-DE-XB Swabia 1DFG-DE-XC Allgäu 1DFH 1DFH-CH-C Espace Mittelland 1DFH-CH-CB / Berne / Berna 1DFH-CH-CF Freiburg / Fribourg / Friborgo / Friburg 1DFH-CH-CJ Jura / Giura 1DFH-CH-CN Neuenburg / Neuchâtel 1DFH-CH-CS Solothurn / Soleure / Soletta / Soloturn 1DFH-CH-G Genferseeregion / Lake Region 1DFH-CH-GG Genf / Genève / Ginevra / Genevra / Geneva 1DFH-CH-GV Waadt / Vaud / Vad 1DFH-CH-GW Wallis / Valais / Vallese / Vallais 1DFH-CH-N Nordwestschweiz / Northwest Switzerland 1DFH-CH-NA Aargau / Argovie / Argovia 1DFH-CH-NB Basel-Landschaft / Bâle-Campagne / Basilea-Campagna / Basilea-Champagna / Basle- Country 1DFH-CH-ND Basel-Stadt / Bâle-Ville / Basilea-Città / Basilea-Citad / Basle (City) 1DFH-CH-P Ostschweiz / Eastern Switzerland 1DFH-CH-PC Appenzell Innerrhoden / Appenzell Rhodes-Intérieures / Appenzello Interno /Appenzell dadens 1DFH-CH-PD Appenzell Ausserrhoden / Appenzell Rhodes-Extérieures / Appenzello Esterno / Appenzell dador 1DFH-CH-PG Glarus / Glaris / Glarona / Glaruna 1DFH-CH-PK Graubünden / Grisons / Grigioni / Grischun 1DFH-CH-PN St. Gallen / Saint-Gall / San Gallo / Son Gagl 1DFH-CH-PP / Schaffhouse / Sciaffusa / Schaffusa 1DFH-CH-PR Thurgau / Thurgovie / Turgovia 1DFH-CH-R Tessin / Ticino 1DFH-CH-U Zentralschweiz / Central Switzerland 1DFH-CH-UL Luzern / Lucerne / Lucerna 1DFH-CH-UN Nidwalden / Nidwald / Nidvaldo / Sutsilvania 1DFH-CH-UO Obwalden / Obwald / Obvaldo / Sursilvania

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 106/155

1DFH-CH-US Schwyz / Schwytz / Svitto / Sviz 1DFH-CH-UU Uri 1DFH-CH-UV Zug / Zoug / Zugo 1DFH-CH-X Zürich / Zurich / Zurigo / Turitg 1DFL Liechtenstein 1DN Northern Europe, Scandinavia 1DNC Iceland 1DND Denmark 1DND-DK-B Bornholm 1DND-DK-F Funen and islands 1DND-DK-FO Odense 1DND-DK-J Jutland 1DND-DK-JE Esbjerg 1DND-DK-JL Alborg 1DND-DK-JR Arhus 1DND-DK-L Lolland-Falster 1DND-DK-S Zealand 1DND-DK-SK Copenhagen 1DND-DK-SR Roskilde 1DNDF Faroe Islands 1DNDF-FO-T Thorshavn 1DNF Finland 1DNN Norway 1DNN-NO-D Nord-Norge 1DNN-NO-DF Finnmark 1DNN-NO-DFV Vadsø 1DNN-NO-DL Nordland 1DNN-NO-DLB Bodø 1DNN-NO-DLN Narvik 1DNN-NO-DT Troms 1DNN-NO-DTR Tromsø 1DNN-NO-J Sørlandet 1DNN-NO-JA Aust-Agder 1DNN-NO-JAL Arendal 1DNN-NO-JG Vest-Agder 1DNN-NO-JGF Farsund 1DNN-NO-JGK Kristiansand 1DNN-NO-JGL Lillesand 1DNN-NO-T Trøndelag 1DNN-NO-TD Nord-Trøndelag 1DNN-NO-TDS Steinkjer 1DNN-NO-TR Sør-Trøndelag

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 107/155

1DNN-NO-TRH Trondheim 1DNN-NO-V Vestlandet 1DNN-NO-VH Hordaland 1DNN-NO-VHB Bergen 1DNN-NO-VM Møre og Romsdal 1DNN-NO-VMA Ålesund 1DNN-NO-VMK Kristiansund 1DNN-NO-VML Molde 1DNN-NO-VR Rogaland 1DNN-NO-VRS Stavanger 1DNN-NO-VW Sogn og Fjordane 1DNN-NO-X Østlandet 1DNN-NO-XA Akershus 1DNN-NO-XB Buskerud 1DNN-NO-XBD Drammen 1DNN-NO-XF Oslofjorden 1DNN-NO-XH Hedmark 1DNN-NO-XHR Hamar 1DNN-NO-XP Oppland 1DNN-NO-XPL Lillehammer 1DNN-NO-XS Oslo 1DNN-NO-XT Telemark 1DNN-NO-XTK Skien 1DNN-NO-XV Vestfold 1DNN-NO-XVL Larvik 1DNN-NO-XVN Sandefjord 1DNN-NO-XVR Tønsberg 1DNN-NO-XZ Østfold 1DNN-NO-XZF Fredrikstad 1DNN-NO-XZH Halden 1DNN-NO-XZM Moss 1DNN-NO-XZS Sarpsborg 1DNS Sweden 1DNS-SE-A Svealand 1DNS-SE-AA Stockholm 1DNS-SE-AB Uppland 1DNS-SE-AC Södermanland 1DNS-SE-AD Närke 1DNS-SE-AE Västmanland 1DNS-SE-AF Dalarna 1DNS-SE-AG Värmland 1DNS-SE-B Götaland

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 108/155

1DNS-SE-BA Skåne 1DNS-SE-BAA Malmö 1DNS-SE-BB Halland 1DNS-SE-BC Blekinge 1DNS-SE-BD Småland 1DNS-SE-BE Öland 1DNS-SE-BF Gotland 1DNS-SE-BG Östergötland 1DNS-SE-BH Västergötland 1DNS-SE-BJ Göteborg 1DNS-SE-BK Bohuslän 1DNS-SE-BL Dalsland 1DNS-SE-C Norrland 1DNS-SE-CA Gästrikland 1DNS-SE-CB Hälsingland 1DNS-SE-CC Jämtland 1DNS-SE-CD Härjedalen 1DNS-SE-CE Medelpad 1DNS-SE-CF Ångermanland 1DNS-SE-CG Västerbotten 1DNS-SE-CH Norrbotten 1DNS-SE-CJ Lappland 1DS Southern Europe 1DSE Spain 1DSE-ES-A Andalucía, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-B Balearic Islands 1DSE-ES-C Aragón, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-D Asturias, Principado de 1DSE-ES-E Canary Islands (Use for political & social aspects; prefer/add 1MTANC for geophysical, natural history & travel aspects) (See also: 1MTANC: "Canary Islands") 1DSE-ES-F Cantabria, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-G Castilla-La Mancha, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-H Castilla y León, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-J Catalonia 1DSE-ES-K Extremadura, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-L Galicia, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-M Madrid, Comunidad de 1DSE-ES-N Murcia, Región de 1DSE-ES-Q Navarra, Comunidad Foral de 1DSE-ES-R País Vasco, Comunidad Autónoma del

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 109/155

1DSE-ES-S La Rioja, Comunidad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-T Valenciana, Comunidad 1DSE-ES-U Ceuta, Ciudad Autónoma de 1DSE-ES-V Melilla, Ciudad Autónoma de 1DSG Gibraltar 1DSM Malta 1DSN Andorra 1DSP Portugal 1DST 1DST-IT-N Northern Italy 1DST-IT-NA Valle d’Aosta 1DST-IT-NF Friuli Venezia Giulia 1DST-IT-NFG Gorizia 1DST-IT-NFP Pordenone 1DST-IT-NFT Trieste 1DST-IT-NFU Udine 1DST-IT-NG Liguria 1DST-IT-NGA Genoa 1DST-IT-NGM Imperia 1DST-IT-NGS Savona 1DST-IT-NGZ La Spezia 1DST-IT-NL Lombardia 1DST-IT-NLA Varese 1DST-IT-NLB Bergamo 1DST-IT-NLC Como 1DST-IT-NLD Lodi 1DST-IT-NLE Lecco 1DST-IT-NLM Milan 1DST-IT-NLN Sondrio 1DST-IT-NLR Cremona 1DST-IT-NLS Brescia 1DST-IT-NLT Mantova 1DST-IT-NLV Pavia 1DST-IT-NLZ Monza e Brianza 1DST-IT-NP Piemonte 1DST-IT-NPA Alessandria 1DST-IT-NPL Biella 1DST-IT-NPN Novara 1DST-IT-NPR Vercelli 1DST-IT-NPS Asti 1DST-IT-NPT Turin 1DST-IT-NPU Cuneo

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 110/155

1DST-IT-NPV Provincia del Verbano Cusio Ossola 1DST-IT-NT Trentino Alto Adige 1DST-IT-NTR Trento 1DST-IT-NTZ Bolzano 1DST-IT-NV 1DST-IT-NVD Padua 1DST-IT-NVE Venice 1DST-IT-NVN Verona 1DST-IT-NVR Rovigo 1DST-IT-NVS Treviso 1DST-IT-NVU Belluno 1DST-IT-NVZ Vicenza 1DST-IT-T Central Italy 1DST-IT-TG Emilia Romagna 1DST-IT-TGB Bologna 1DST-IT-TGC Forlì-Cesena 1DST-IT-TGF Ferrara 1DST-IT-TGM Modena 1DST-IT-TGN Rimini 1DST-IT-TGP Parma 1DST-IT-TGR Reggio nell’Emilia 1DST-IT-TGV Ravenna 1DST-IT-TGZ Piacenza 1DST-IT-TM Marche 1DST-IT-TMA Ancona 1DST-IT-TMF Fermo 1DST-IT-TMP Pesaro e Urbino 1DST-IT-TMS Ascoli Piceno 1DST-IT-TMT Macerata 1DST-IT-TR Umbria 1DST-IT-TRP Perugia 1DST-IT-TRT Terni 1DST-IT-TS 1DST-IT-TSA Arezzo 1DST-IT-TSE Siena 1DST-IT-TSF Florence 1DST-IT-TSG Grosseto 1DST-IT-TSL 1DST-IT-TSM Massa-Carrara 1DST-IT-TSP Pisa 1DST-IT-TSR Prato 1DST-IT-TST Pistoia

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 111/155

1DST-IT-TSU Lucca 1DST-IT-TZ Lazio 1DST-IT-TZF Frosinone 1DST-IT-TZL Latina 1DST-IT-TZR 1DST-IT-TZT Rieti 1DST-IT-TZV Viterbo 1DST-IT-U Southern Italy & Islands 1DST-IT-UA Abruzzo 1DST-IT-UAH Chieti 1DST-IT-UAP Pescara 1DST-IT-UAQ L’Aquila 1DST-IT-UAT Teramo 1DST-IT-UC Calabria 1DST-IT-UCK Crotone 1DST-IT-UCR Reggio Calabria 1DST-IT-UCS Cosenza 1DST-IT-UCV Vibo Valentia 1DST-IT-UCZ Catanzaro 1DST-IT-UD Sardinia 1DST-IT-UDC Cagliari 1DST-IT-UDG Provincia dell’Ogliastra 1DST-IT-UDM Provincia del Medio Campidano 1DST-IT-UDN Carbonia-Iglesias 1DST-IT-UDR Oristano 1DST-IT-UDS Sassari 1DST-IT-UDT Olbia Tempio 1DST-IT-UDU Nuoro 1DST-IT-UE Molise 1DST-IT-UEC Campobasso 1DST-IT-UES Isernia 1DST-IT-UL Sicily 1DST-IT-ULA Agrigento 1DST-IT-ULC Caltanissetta 1DST-IT-ULE Enna 1DST-IT-ULM Messina 1DST-IT-ULN Trapani 1DST-IT-ULP Palermo 1DST-IT-ULR Ragusa 1DST-IT-ULS Syracuse 1DST-IT-ULT Catania 1DST-IT-UM Campania

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 112/155

1DST-IT-UML Avellino 1DST-IT-UMN Naples 1DST-IT-UMS Salerno 1DST-IT-UMT Caserta 1DST-IT-UMV Benevento 1DST-IT-UP Puglia 1DST-IT-UPA Bari 1DST-IT-UPG Foggia 1DST-IT-UPL Lecce 1DST-IT-UPR Barletta Andria Trani 1DST-IT-UPS Brindisi 1DST-IT-UPT Taranto 1DST-IT-US Basilicata 1DST-IT-USM Matera 1DST-IT-USP Potenza 1DST-IT-X Historical and cultural areas within Italy 1DST-IT-XN Historical and cultural areas: Northern Italy 1DST-IT-XNA Langhe 1DST-IT-XNC Monferrato 1DST-IT-XNE Canavese 1DST-IT-XNF Cinque Terre 1DST-IT-XNH Tigullio 1DST-IT-XNL Franciacorta 1DST-IT-XNN Lomellina 1DST-IT-XNP Polesine 1DST-IT-XNR Carnia 1DST-IT-XT Historical and cultural areas: Central Italy 1DST-IT-XTA Lunigiana 1DST-IT-XTC Garfagnana 1DST-IT-XTE Chianti 1DST-IT-XTG Mugello 1DST-IT-XTL Versilia 1DST-IT-XTN Ciociaria 1DST-IT-XU Historical and cultural areas: Southern Italy & islands 1DST-IT-XUA Cilento 1DST-IT-XUC Irpinia 1DST-IT-XUE Sannio 1DST-IT-XUG Salento 1DST-IT-XUL Gallura 1DSU San Marino 1DSV Vatican 1DT Eastern Europe

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 113/155

1DTA Russia 1DTB Belarus (Belorussia) 1DTD Latvia 1DTE Estonia 1DTF Lithuania 1DTG Georgia 1DTH Hungary 1DTJ Czech Republic 1DTK Slovakia 1DTM Moldova (Moldavia) 1DTN Ukraine 1DTP Poland 1DTT Turkey 1DTV Armenia 1DTX Azerbaijan 1DTZ Kazakhstan 1DX Southeast Europe 1DXA Albania 1DXB Bulgaria 1DXC Croatia 1DXD Macedonia 1DXG Greece 1DXH Bosnia-Herzegovina 1DXK Kosovo 1DXN Montenegro 1DXR Romania 1DXS Serbia 1DXV Slovenia 1DXY Cyprus 1DZ Europe: physical features 1DZA Europe: rivers, lakes etc 1DZAD Danube river & tributaries 1DZAR Rhine river & tributaries 1DZARC Lake Constance 1DZAV Volga river & tributaries 1DZA-DE-E Elbe river & tributaries 1DZA-DE-N Oder and Neisse rivers & tributaries 1DZA-DE-W Weser river & tributaries 1DZA-IT-A Po river & tributaries 1DZA-IT-C Arno river & tributaries 1DZA-IT-E Tiber river and tributaries 1DZT Europe: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 114/155

1DZTA The Alps 1DZTC Carpathian mountains 1DZTP The Pyrenees 1DZTU Ural mountains 1DZT-DE-A Harz mountains 1DZT-DE-B Rhön mountains 1DZT-DE-C Eifel region 1DZT-DE-D Forest region 1DZT-DE-E Rhineland 1DZT-GB-P Pennines 1DZT-GB-C Cotswolds 1DZT-IT-A Northern Apennines 1DZT-IT-B Central Apennines 1DZT-IT-C Southern Apennines 1DZT-IT-G Karst plateau 1DZT-IT-L Maremma 1DZT-IT-N Val d’Orcia 1DZT-IT-P Tavoliere delle Puglie 1DZT-IT-R Amalfi coast 1DZT-IT-T Costa Smeralda 1F Asia 1FB Middle East 1FBH Israel 1FBJ Jordan 1FBL Lebanon 1FBN Iran 1FBP Palestine 1FBQ Iraq 1FBS Syria 1FBX Arabian peninsula 1FBXB Bahrain 1FBXK Kuwait 1FBXM Oman 1FBXQ Qatar 1FBXS Saudi Arabia 1FBXU United Arab Emirates 1FBXY Yemen 1FC Central Asia 1FCA Afghanistan 1FCD Tajikistan (Tadzhikistan) 1FCK Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizstan, Kirghizia) 1FCS Siberia

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 115/155

1FCT Turkmenistan 1FCU Uzbekistan 1FK Indian sub-continent 1FKA India 1FKB Bangladesh 1FKH Bhutan 1FKN Nepal 1FKP Pakistan 1FKS Sri Lanka (Ceylon) 1FM South East Asia 1FMB Myanmar (Burma) 1FMC Cambodia 1FML Laos 1FMM 1FMN Indonesia 1FMNB Bali 1FMNT East Timor 1FMNX Borneo 1FMP Philippines 1FMR Brunei 1FMS Singapore 1FMT Thailand 1FMV Vietnam 1FP East Asia, Far East 1FPC 1FPCH 1FPCM Macao 1FPCT Tibet 1FPCW Taiwan 1FPJ 1FPK Korea 1FPKN North Korea 1FPKS South Korea 1FPM Mongolia 1FZ Asia: physical features 1FZA Asia: rivers, lakes etc 1FZAG Ganges river & tributaries 1FZAJ Indus river & tributaries 1FZAM Mekong river & tributaries 1FZAX Yangtze river & tributaries 1FZAY Yellow river & tributaries 1FZT Asia: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 116/155

1FZTA Altai mountains 1FZTG Gobi desert 1FZTH The Himalayas 1H Africa 1HB North Africa 1HBA Algeria 1HBC Chad 1HBE Egypt 1HBE-AA-D Nile Valley and Delta 1HBE-AA-DA Alexandria 1HBE-AA-DB Aswan 1HBE-AA-DC Cairo 1HBE-AA-DD Beheira 1HBE-AA-DF Beni Suef 1HBE-AA-DG Dakahlia 1HBE-AA-DH Damietta 1HBE-AA-DJ Gharbia 1HBE-AA-DK Giza 1HBE-AA-DL Kafr el-Sheikh 1HBE-AA-DN Minya 1HBE-AA-DP Monufia 1HBE-AA-DQ Qalyubia 1HBE-AA-DS Sharqia 1HBE-AA-DW Sohag 1HBE-AA-DX Luxor 1HBE-AA-J Egypt: Western Desert 1HBE-AA-JF Faiyum 1HBE-AA-JM Matruh 1HBE-AA-JV New Valley (Governorate of Egypt) 1HBE-AA-M Egypt: Eastern Desert 1HBE-AA-MA Asyut 1HBE-AA-MQ Qena 1HBE-AA-MR Red Sea (Governorate of Egypt) (See also: 1QSL: "Red Sea") 1HBE-AA-S Sinai Peninsula 1HBE-AA-SL Ismailia 1HBE-AA-SN North Sinai 1HBE-AA-SP Port Said 1HBE-AA-SS South Sinai 1HBE-AA-SZ Suez 1HBL Libya 1HBM Morocco

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 117/155

1HBS Sudan 1HBT Tunisia 1HBW Western Sahara 1HBZ South Sudan 1HF Sub-Saharan Africa 1HFD West Africa 1HFDA Mauritania 1HFDB Benin 1HFDE Sierra Leone 1HFDF Burkina Faso 1HFDG Gambia 1HFDH Ghana 1HFDL Liberia 1HFDM Mali 1HFDN Nigeria 1HFDR Niger 1HFDS Senegal 1HFDT Togo 1HFDU Guinea 1HFDV Cape Verde 1HFDX Guinea-Bissau 1HFDY Ivory Coast 1HFG East Africa 1HFGA Ethiopia 1HFGD Djibouti 1HFGE Eritrea 1HFGK Kenya 1HFGQ Burundi 1HFGR Rwanda 1HFGS Somalia 1HFGSR Republic of Somaliland 1HFGT Tanzania 1HFGU Uganda 1HFJ Central Africa 1HFJA Cameroon 1HFJC Congo 1HFJG Gabon 1HFJQ Equatorial Guinea 1HFJR Central African Republic 1HFJS Sao Tome & Principe 1HFJZ Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) 1HFM Southern Africa

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 118/155

1HFMA Angola 1HFMB Botswana 1HFMK Swaziland 1HFML Lesotho 1HFMM Malawi 1HFMN Namibia 1HFMQ Mozambique 1HFMS Republic of South Africa 1HFMW Zimbabwe 1HFMZ Zambia 1HS South Indian Ocean Islands 1HSC Comoros 1HSM Madagascar 1HSU Mauritius 1HSV Maldives 1HSY Seychelles 1HS-FR-L La Réunion 1HS-FR-LA Saint-Denis 1HS-FR-M Mayotte 1HS-FR-MA Dzaoudzi 1HZ Africa: physical features 1HZA Africa: rivers, lakes etc 1HZAC Congo river & tributaries 1HZAG Niger river & tributaries 1HZAM Lake Nyasa 1HZAN Nile river & tributaries 1HZAS Suez canal 1HZAT Lake Tanganyika 1HZAV Lake Victoria & Victoria Falls 1HZAZ Zambesi river & tributaries 1HZT Africa: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc 1HZTA Atlas mountains 1HZTK Kalahari desert 1HZTR Great Rift Valley 1HZTS The Sahara 1HZTT The Sahel 1K The Americas 1KB North America (USA & ) 1KBB United States of America, USA 1KBB-US-M US Midwest 1KBB-US-ML US Midwest: East North Central (Great Lakes) States 1KBB-US-MLC Illinois

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 119/155

1KBB-US-MLCC Chicago 1KBB-US-MLD Indiana 1KBB-US-MLG Michigan 1KBB-US-MLO Ohio 1KBB-US-MLT Minnesota 1KBB-US-MLW Wisconsin 1KBB-US-MP US Midwest: West North Central (Great Plains) States 1KBB-US-MPA Iowa 1KBB-US-MPK Kansas 1KBB-US-MPM Missouri 1KBB-US-MPN Nebraska 1KBB-US-MPR North Dakota 1KBB-US-MPT South Dakota 1KBB-US-N US Northeast 1KBB-US-NA US Northeast: Mid-Atlantic States 1KBB-US-NAJ New Jersey 1KBB-US-NAK New York 1KBB-US-NAKC 1KBB-US-NAP Pennsylvania 1KBB-US-NAPH Philadelphia 1KBB-US-NE US Northeast: New England 1KBB-US-NEC Connecticut 1KBB-US-NEI Maine 1KBB-US-NEM Massachusetts 1KBB-US-NEMB Boston 1KBB-US-NEN New Hampshire 1KBB-US-NER Rhode Island 1KBB-US-NEV Vermont 1KBB-US-S US South 1KBB-US-SC US South: East South Central States 1KBB-US-SCA Alabama 1KBB-US-SCK Kentucky 1KBB-US-SCM Mississippi 1KBB-US-SCT Tennessee 1KBB-US-SE US South: South Atlantic States 1KBB-US-SEC District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) 1KBB-US-SED Delaware 1KBB-US-SEF Florida 1KBB-US-SEFM Miami 1KBB-US-SEG Georgia (US State) 1KBB-US-SEGT Atlanta 1KBB-US-SEM Maryland

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 120/155

1KBB-US-SEN North Carolina 1KBB-US-SES South Carolina 1KBB-US-SEV 1KBB-US-SEW West Virginia 1KBB-US-SW US South: West South Central States 1KBB-US-SWA Arkansas 1KBB-US-SWL Louisiana 1KBB-US-SWLN New Orleans 1KBB-US-SWO Oklahoma 1KBB-US-SWT Texas 1KBB-US-SWTH Houston 1KBB-US-W US West 1KBB-US-WM US West: Mountain States 1KBB-US-WMA Arizona 1KBB-US-WMC Colorado 1KBB-US-WMD Idaho 1KBB-US-WMM Montana 1KBB-US-WMN Nevada 1KBB-US- Las Vegas WMNV 1KBB-US-WMT New Mexico 1KBB-US-WMU Utah 1KBB-US-WMW Wyoming 1KBB-US-WP US West: Pacific States 1KBB-US-WPC California 1KBB-US-WPCA 1KBB-US-WPCF San Francisco 1KBB-US-WPH Hawaii (Use for political & social aspects; prefer/add 1MKPH for geophysical, natural history & travel aspects) (See also: 1MKPH: "Hawaiian Islands") 1KBB-US-WPN US Pacific Northwest 1KBB-US-WPNA Alaska 1KBB-US-WPNR Oregon 1KBB-US- Washington (US State) WPNW 1KBB-US- Seattle WPNWS 1KBC Canada 1KBC-CA-A Alberta 1KBC-CA-AN Northern Alberta 1KBC-CA-ANB Northern Alberta: Wood Buffalo and Waterton Lakes National Parks 1KBC-CA-AND Northern Alberta: Peace River Country (AB)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 121/155

1KBC-CA-ANG Northern Alberta: Alberta’s Rockies & Banff and Jasper National Parks 1KBC-CA-AS Southern Alberta 1KBC-CA-ASC Southern Alberta: Region 1KBC-CA-ASF Southern Alberta: Capital Region 1KBC-CA-ASJ Southern Alberta: Elk Island National Park 1KBC-CA-ASN Southern Alberta: Waterton Lakes National Park 1KBC-CA-B British Columbia 1KBC-CA-BD British Columbia Interior 1KBC-CA-BDA British Columbia Interior: Atlin District 1KBC-CA-BDB British Columbia Interior: Stikine Country 1KBC-CA-BDC British Columbia Interior: Peace River Country 1KBC-CA-BDD British Columbia Interior: Nechako 1KBC-CA-BDE British Columbia Interior: Bulkley 1KBC-CA-BDF British Columbia Interior: Cariboo 1KBC-CA-BDG British Columbia Interior: Chilcotin 1KBC-CA-BDH British Columbia Interior: Omineca-Prince George 1KBC-CA-BDJ British Columbia Interior: Robson Valley 1KBC-CA-BDK British Columbia Interior: Kootenays 1KBC-CA-BDKA British Columbia Interior: Kootenays National Parks (Mount Revelstoke, Kootenay, Glacier and Yoho) 1KBC-CA-BDL British Columbia Interior: Okanagan 1KBC-CA-BDM British Columbia Interior: Boundary 1KBC-CA-BDN British Columbia Interior: Similkameen 1KBC-CA-BDP British Columbia Interior: Thompson 1KBC-CA-BDQ British Columbia Interior: Shuswap 1KBC-CA-BDR British Columbia Interior: Lillooet-Fraser Canyon 1KBC-CA-BF British Columbia South Coast 1KBC-CA-BFB British Columbia South Coast: Lower Mainland 1KBC-CA-BFD British Columbia South Coast: Greater 1KBC-CA-BFF British Columbia South Coast: Fraser Valley 1KBC-CA-BFJ British Columbia South Coast: Sea-to-Sky Corridor 1KBC-CA-BFM British Columbia South Coast: Gulf Islands & Gulf Islands National Park Reserve 1KBC-CA-BFR British Columbia South Coast: Sunshine Coast 1KBC-CA-BL British Columbia Vancouver Island 1KBC-CA-BLC British Columbia Vancouver Island: Greater Victoria 1KBC-CA-BLK British Columbia Vancouver Island: Mid-Island 1KBC-CA-BLN British Columbia Vancouver Island: North Island 1KBC-CA-BLS British Columbia Vancouver Island: West Coast 1KBC-CA-BLW British Columbia Vancouver Island: Juan de Fuca region & Pacific Rim National Park Reserve 1KBC-CA-BP British Columbia Central Coast 1KBC-CA-BPD British Columbia Central Coast: Queen Charlotte Strait 1KBC-CA-BPL British Columbia Central Coast: Bella Coola Valley Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 122/155

1KBC-CA-BT British Columbia North Coast 1KBC-CA-BTE British Columbia North Coast: Haida Gwaii & Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site 1KBC-CA-BTM British Columbia North Coast: Skeena 1KBC-CA-BTR British Columbia North Coast: Nass 1KBC-CA-BTY British Columbia North Coast: Stewart Country 1KBC-CA-C Manitoba 1KBC-CA-CN Northern Manitoba 1KBC-CA-CNB Northern Manitoba: Wapusk National Park 1KBC-CA-CP Interlake and Central Manitoba 1KBC-CA-CPR Interlake and Central Manitoba: Riding Mountain National Park 1KBC-CA-CS Southern Manitoba 1KBC-CA-CSW Southern Manitoba: Winnipeg Capital Region 1KBC-CA-D New Brunswick 1KBC-CA-DF New Brunswick: Fundy National Park 1KBC-CA-DK New Brunswick: Greater Saint John 1KBC-CA-DN New Brunswick: Greater Fredericton 1KBC-CA-F Newfoundland & Labrador 1KBC-CA-FL Labrador 1KBC-CA-FLT Labrador: Torngat Mountains National Park 1KBC-CA-FN Newfoundland 1KBC-CA-FNA Newfoundland: Avalon Peninsula 1KBC-CA-FNAJ Newfoundland: Avalon Peninsula: St John’s 1KBC-CA-FNC Newfoundland: Burin Peninsula 1KBC-CA-FNE Newfoundland: Bonavista Peninsula & Terra National Park 1KBC-CA-FNH Newfoundland: South Coast 1KBC-CA-FNK Newfoundland: West Coast & Gros Morne National Park 1KBC-CA-FNM Newfoundland: Great Northern Peninsula 1KBC-CA-FNR Newfoundland: Northeast Coast 1KBC-CA-H Northwest Territories 1KBC-CA-HL Northwest Territories: Inuvik Region & Tuktut Nogait National Park 1KBC-CA-HP Northwest Territories: Sahtu Region 1KBC-CA-HT Northwest Territories: Dehcho Region & Nahanni and Naats’ihch’oh National Park Reserves 1KBC-CA-HV Northwest Territories: North Slave Region 1KBC-CA-HW Northwest Territories: Yellowknife 1KBC-CA-HX Northwest Territories: South Slave Region 1KBC-CA-J Nova Scotia 1KBC-CA-JA Nova Scotia: Annapolis Valley 1KBC-CA-JB Nova Scotia: Cape Breton Island & Cape Breton Highlands National Park 1KBC-CA-JC Central Nova Scotia 1KBC-CA-JD Nova Scotia: Eastern Shore & Sable Island National Park Reserve 1KBC-CA-JH Nova Scotia: Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 123/155

1KBC-CA-JK Nova Scotia: North Shore 1KBC-CA-JM Nova Scotia: South Shore & Kejimkujik National Park 1KBC-CA-K Nunavut 1KBC-CA-KC Nunavut: Kitikmeot Region 1KBC-CA-KN Nunavut: Kivalliq Region & Ukkusiksalik National Park 1KBC-CA-KQ Nunavut: Qikiqtaaluk Region & Auyuittuq, Sirmilik and Quttinirpaaq National Parks 1KBC-CA-KQT Nunavut: Qikiqtaaluk Region: Iqaluit 1KBC-CA-O Ontario 1KBC-CA-OB Northwestern Ontario 1KBC-CA-OBP Northwestern Ontario: Pukaskwa National Park 1KBC-CA-OD Northeastern Ontario 1KBC-CA-OG Central Ontario 1KBC-CA-OGC Central Ontario: Haliburton and Algonquin Park 1KBC-CA-OGF Central Ontario: Kawartha Lakes 1KBC-CA-OGJ Central Ontario: Muskoka 1KBC-CA-OGQ Central Ontario: Bay of Quinte 1KBC-CA-OM Eastern Ontario 1KBC-CA-OMC Eastern Ontario: / National Capital Region 1KBC-CA-OML Eastern Ontario: Ottawa Valley 1KBC-CA-OMT Eastern Ontario: Thousand Islands & St. Lawrence Islands National Park 1KBC-CA-OS Southwestern Ontario 1KBC-CA-OSB Southwestern Ontario: Bruce Peninsula & National Park 1KBC-CA-OSF Southwestern Ontario: Georgian Triangle & Georgian Bay Islands National Park 1KBC-CA-OSM Southwestern Ontario: Greater Area 1KBC-CA-OSR Southwestern Ontario: Niagara Peninsula & Point Pelee National Park 1KBC-CA-P Prince Edward Island 1KBC-CA-PM Prince Edward Island: North Shore & Prince Edward Island National Park 1KBC-CA-PR Prince Edward Island: South Shore 1KBC-CA-PT Prince Edward Island: Summerside Area 1KBC-CA-PV Prince Edward Island: Charlottetown Area 1KBC-CA-Q Québec 1KBC-CA-QB Québec: Bas-Saint-Laurent 1KBC-CA-QD Québec: Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean 1KBC-CA-QF Québec City, Capitale-Nationale 1KBC-CA-QH Québec: Mauricie & La Mauricie National Park 1KBC-CA-QJ Québec: Estrie 1KBC-CA-QL Québec: Outaouais 1KBC-CA-QM Québec: Montréal 1KBC-CA-QN Québec: Abitibi-Témiscamingue 1KBC-CA-QP Québec: Côte-Nord & Mingan Archipelago National Park 1KBC-CA-QR Québec: Nord-du-Québec 1KBC-CA-QS Québec: Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine & Forillon National Park

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 124/155

1KBC-CA-QT Québec: Chaudière-Appalaches 1KBC-CA-QU Québec: Laval 1KBC-CA-QV Québec: Lanaudière 1KBC-CA-QW Québec: Laurentides 1KBC-CA-QX Québec: Montérégie 1KBC-CA-QY Québec: Centre-du-Québec 1KBC-CA-S Saskatchewan 1KBC-CA-SD Northern Saskatchewan 1KBC-CA-SG Central Saskatchewan 1KBC-CA-SGA Central Saskatchewan: Saskatoon 1KBC-CA-SGP Central Saskatchewan: Prince Albert National Park 1KBC-CA-SS Southern Saskatchewan 1KBC-CA-SSA Central Saskatchewan: Regina 1KBC-CA-SSP Central Saskatchewan: Grasslands National Park 1KBC-CA-U Yukon Territory 1KBC-CA-UD Yukon Territory: Northern Yukon, Vuntut & Ivvavik National Parks 1KBC-CA-UF Yukon Territory: Silver Trail Region 1KBC-CA-UK Yukon Territory: Klondike Region 1KBC-CA-UL Yukon Territory: Kluane Region & Kluane National Park & Reserve 1KBC-CA-UO Yukon Territory: Campbell & Watson Lakes Regions 1KBC-CA-UW Yukon Territory: Whitehorse & Southern Lakes Regions 1KBZ North America: physical features 1KBZA North America: rivers, lakes etc 1KBZAA Great Lakes 1KBZAAN Niagara Falls 1KBZAC Colorado river & tributaries 1KBZAG Rio Grande & tributaries 1KBZAK Mackenzie river & tributaries 1KBZAM Mississippi-Missouri river & tributaries 1KBZAS St Lawrence river & tributaries 1KBZAY Yukon river & tributaries 1KBZT North America: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc 1KBZTA Appalachian Mountains 1KBZTG Grand Canyon 1KBZTP North America: Great Plains 1KBZTR Rocky Mountains 1KJ Caribbean islands 1KJC Cuba 1KJD Dominican Republic 1KJH Haiti 1KJM Cayman Islands 1KJP Puerto Rico

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 125/155

1KJW West Indies 1KJWB Bahamas 1KJWJ Jamaica 1KJWT Turks & Caicos Islands 1KJWV Leeward Islands 1KJWVA Anguilla 1KJWVB Antigua & Barbuda 1KJWVG Guadeloupe 1KJWVG-FR-A Basse Terre 1KJWVK St Kitts–Nevis 1KJWVM Montserrat 1KJWVV Virgin Islands 1KJWVVK Virgin Islands (UK) 1KJWVVS Virgin Islands (USA) 1KJWW Windward Islands 1KJWWB Barbados 1KJWWD Dominica 1KJWWG Grenada 1KJWWL St Lucia 1KJWWM Martinique 1KJWWM-FR-A Fort-De-France 1KJWWT Trinidad & Tobago 1KJWWV St Vincent 1KJX Lesser Antilles 1KJXA Aruba 1KJXN Netherlands Antilles 1KL South & Central America (including Mexico), Latin America 1KLC Central America (including Mexico) 1KLCB Belize 1KLCG Guatemala 1KLCH Honduras 1KLCM Mexico 1KLCN Nicaragua 1KLCP Panama 1KLCR Costa Rica 1KLCS El Salvador 1KLS South America 1KLSA Argentina 1KLSB Brazil 1KLSC Colombia 1KLSE Ecuador 1KLSF French Guiana

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1KLSF-FR-A Cayenne 1KLSG Guyana 1KLSH Chile 1KLSL Bolivia 1KLSP Paraguay 1KLSR Peru 1KLSS Surinam (Suriname) 1KLSU Uruguay 1KLSV Venezuela 1KLZ South & Central America: physical features 1KLZA South & Central America: rivers, lakes etc 1KLZAA Amazon river & tributaries 1KLZAC Panama canal 1KLZAP Paraná-Río de la Plata & tributaries 1KLZT South & Central America: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc 1KLZTA Andes mountains 1KLZTG Galapagos Islands 1KLZTM Sierra Madre mountains 1M Australasia, Oceania & Other land areas 1MB Australasia 1MBF 1MBF-AU-C Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 1MBF-AU-CA Canberra 1MBF-AU-N New South Wales 1MBF-AU-NS Sydney 1MBF-AU-Q Queensland 1MBF-AU-QB Brisbane 1MBF-AU-S South Australia 1MBF-AU-SA Adelaide 1MBF-AU-T Tasmania 1MBF-AU-TH Hobart 1MBF-AU-V Victoria 1MBF-AU-VM Melbourne 1MBF-AU-W Western Australia 1MBF-AU-WP Perth 1MBF-AU-X Northern Territory 1MBF-AU-XD Darwin 1MBN New Zealand 1MBZ Australasia: physical features 1MBZA Australasia: rivers, lakes etc 1MBZAD Murray-Darling river & tributaries 1MBZT Australasia: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc

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1MBZTB Great Dividing Range mountains 1MBZTD Great Barrier Reef 1MBZTU Uluru & The Outback 1MK Oceania 1MKC Micronesia 1MKCB Belau (Palau) 1MKCC Caroline Islands 1MKCF Federated States of Micronesia 1MKCG Gilbert Islands 1MKCM Marshall Islands 1MKCN Nauru 1MKCU Guam 1MKCV Northern Marianas 1MKL Melanesia 1MKLF Fiji 1MKLN New Caledonia 1MKLP Papua New Guinea 1MKLS Solomon Islands 1MKLV Vanuatu 1MKP Polynesia 1MKPC Cook Islands 1MKPCR Raratonga 1MKPE Easter Island 1MKPF French Polynesia 1MKPFT Tahiti 1MKPH Hawaiian Islands (Use for geophysical, natural history & travel aspects; or if not using US National Extensions) (See also: 1KBB-US-WPH: "Hawaii") 1MKPK Kiribati 1MKPN Niue 1MKPP Pitcairn Island 1MKPR Samoa 1MKPRA American Samoa 1MKPRW Western Samoa 1MKPT Tonga 1MKPV Tuvalu 1MKPW Wallis & Futuna 1MT Other land areas 1MTA Atlantic Ocean islands 1MTAN North Atlantic islands 1MTANB Bermuda

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 128/155

1MTANC Canary Islands (Use for geophysical, natural history & travel aspects; or if not using Spanish National Extensions) (See also: 1DSE-ES-E: "Canary Islands") 1MTANM Madeira 1MTANZ Azores 1MTAS South Atlantic islands 1MTASC Ascension Island 1MTASF Falklands 1MTASG South Georgia 1MTASH St Helena 1MTAST Tristan da Cunha 1MTN Arctic regions 1MTNG Greenland 1MTNG-GL-A North-east Greenland (National park) 1MTNG-GL-D Kommune Kujalleq 1MTNG-GL-G Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq 1MTNG-GL-GN Nuuk 1MTNG-GL-J Qeqqata Kommunia 1MTNG-GL-JK Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) 1MTNG-GL-M Qaasuitsup Kommunia 1MTNG-GL-MP Thule Air Base (Pituffik) 1MTN-NO-J Jan Mayen 1MTN-NO-S Svalbard 1MTS Antarctica 1Q Other geographical groupings, Oceans & seas 1QB Historical states, empires & regions 1QBA Ancient World 1QBAA Assyrian Empires 1QBAB Babylonia 1QBAE Ancient Egypt 1QBAG Ancient Greece 1QBAG-IT-A Magna Grecia (Hellenic Italy) 1QBAH Hittite Empire 1QBAL Ancient / Biblical Israel 1QBAM Mesopotamia 1QBAP Persian Empire 1QBAR Ancient Rome 1QBAS Sumeria 1QBAT Etruria 1QBC Historical states & empires: multi-continental 1QBCB Byzantine Empire

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1QBCE Islamic Caliphate 1QBCL Mongol Empire 1QBCS Ottoman Empire 1QBCU British Empire 1QBD Historical states & empires: Europe 1QBDA Austro-Hungarian Empire 1QBDF Holy Roman Empire 1QBDK Czechoslovakia 1QBDL East Germany, DDR 1QBDN West Germany 1QBDR USSR, Soviet Union 1QBDY Yugoslavia 1QBD-FR-Z France: Regions / terroirs historiques 1QBF Historical states & empires: Asia 1QBH Historical states & empires: Africa 1QBHK Ashanti Kingdoms 1QBK Historical states & empires: Americas 1QBKL Inca Empire 1QBM Historical states & empires: Australasia, Oceania & other land areas 1QF Political, socio-economic & strategic groupings 1QFC The (British) Commonwealth 1QFE EU () 1QFG Developing countries 1QFH Industrialized / developed countries 1QFM Islamic countries 1QFN NATO 1QFP OPEC 1QFS ASEAN 1QFW Warsaw Pact, Eastern bloc 1QF-CA-A Atlantic Canada (NB, PE, NS, NL) 1QF-CA-C Central Canada (ON, QC) 1QF-CA-E Eastern Canada (ON, QC, NB, PE, NS, NL) 1QF-CA-M Canada Maritimes (NB, PE, NS) 1QF-CA-P Canadian Prairies (AB, SK, MB) 1QF-CA-T Canadian Territories (YT, NT, NU) 1QF-CA-W Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB) 1QM Climatic regions 1QMP Polar regions 1QMT Tropics 1QR Groupings linked by seas 1QRM Mediterranean countries 1QRP Pacific Rim countries

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1QS Oceans & seas 1QSA Atlantic Ocean 1QSAN North Atlantic 1QSAS South Atlantic 1QSB Baltic Sea 1QSC Caribbean Sea 1QSD Gulf of Mexico 1QSE Irish Sea 1QSF North Sea 1QSG English Channel 1QSJ Caspian Sea 1QSK Black Sea 1QSL Red Sea 1QSM Mediterranean Sea 1QSMA Ligurian Sea 1QSMB Tyrrhenian Sea 1QSMC Adriatic Sea 1QSMD Ionian Sea 1QSN Indian Ocean 1QSP Pacific Ocean 1QSPN North Pacific 1QSPS South Pacific 1QSR Arctic Ocean 1QSS Southern Ocean 1QST Tasman Sea

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2 Language qualifiers (Do not use “2” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 2* as appropriate) 2A Indo-European languages 2AC Germanic & Scandinavian languages 2ACB English 2ACBA Anglo-Saxon 2ACBC Middle English 2ACBK American English 2ACBM Australian English 2ACBR Canadian English 2ACC Scots (Lallans, the Doric) 2ACCU Ulster Scots (Ullans) 2ACD Dutch 2ACF Flemish 2ACG German 2ACGH Swiss German (Alemannic) 2ACGM German, Middle High 2ACGP German, Old High 2ACK 2ACS Scandinavian languages 2ACSC Icelandic 2ACSD Danish 2ACSF Faroese 2ACSJ Jutish 2ACSN Norwegian 2ACSNB Norwegian, bokmål 2ACSNK Norwegian, nynorsk 2ACSW Swedish 2ACSX Old Norse 2ACY Yiddish 2ACZ Other & dialects 2ACZF Frisian 2AD Romance, Italic & Rhaeto-Romanic languages 2ADC Catalan 2ADD Valencian 2ADF French 2ADFP Provencal 2ADFQ French – Canada 2ADH Corsican 2ADL Latin 2ADP Portuguese 2ADPB Brazilian Portuguese

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2ADQ Galician (Gallego, Galego) 2ADR Romanian 2ADS Spanish 2ADSL Latin-American Spanish 2ADT Italian 2ADTX Italian dialects 2ADV Sardinian 2ADW Ladin languages 2AF 2AFB Breton 2AFC Cornish 2AFG Gaulish 2AFM Manx 2AFR Irish Gaelic 2AFS Scottish Gaelic 2AFW Welsh 2AG Slavic (Slavonic) languages 2AGB Bulgarian 2AGC Church Slavic 2AGK Slovak 2AGL Belarusian (Belorussian) 2AGM Macedonian 2AGP Polish 2AGR Russian 2AGS Serbo-Croatian 2AGSC Croatian 2AGSS Serbian 2AGU Ukrainian 2AGV Slovenian 2AGW Wendish (Lusatian, Sorbian) 2AGZ Czech 2AH Hellenic languages 2AHA Ancient (Classical) Greek 2AHB Biblical Greek 2AHM Modern Greek 2AJ Baltic & other Indo-European languages 2AJB 2AJBL Lithuanian 2AJBV Latvian (Lettish) 2AJK Other Indo-European languages 2AJKL Albanian 2AJKR Armenian

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 133/155

2B Indic, East Indo-European & 2BB Early Indic languages 2BBA Sanskrit 2BBP Pali 2BM Modern Indic languages 2BMB Bengali 2BMD Marathi 2BMG Gujarati 2BMH Hindi 2BMJ Rajasthani 2BMK Kashmiri 2BMN Nepali 2BMP Punjabi 2BMR Romany 2BMS Sinhalese 2BMSM Maldivian 2BMU Urdu 2BR Dravidian languages 2BRB Brahui 2BRK Kannada (Kanarese) 2BRL Telugu 2BRM Malayalam 2BRT Tamil 2BX Indo- 2BXF Persian (Farsi) 2BXK Kurdish 2BXL Pashto (Pushto, Afghan) 2BXZ Zend Avestan 2C Afro-Asiatic languages 2CS Semitic languages 2CSA Aramaic 2CSB Assyro-Babylonian (Akkadian) languages 2CSJ Hebrew 2CSM Maltese 2CSR Arabic 2CSS Syriac 2CST Ethiopic 2CSTA Amharic 2CSTT Tigrinya 2CX Non-Semitic Afro-Asiatic languages 2CXB Berber (Tuareg) 2CXC Coptic

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2CXG Egyptian 2CXH Hausa 2CXS Somali 2CXSR Oromo 2F Ural-Altaic & Hyperborean languages 2FC Finno-Ugric languages 2FCD Estonian 2FCF Finnish (Suomi) 2FCL Sami (Lappish) 2FCLD Southern Sami 2FCLF Northern Sami 2FCLL Lule Sami 2FCLN Inari Sami 2FCLS Skolt Sami 2FCLX Sami languages (other) 2FCM Hungarian (Magyar) 2FM 2FMC Turkish 2FMH Kirghiz 2FMK Kazakh 2FMN Turkmen 2FMU Uzbek 2FMZ Azerbaijani 2FV Mongolian 2FW Tungusic languages 2FWK Evenki 2FWM Manchu 2FX Hyperborean & Paleosiberian languages 2G East & Southeast Asian languages 2GD Sino-Tibetan languages 2GDB Burmese 2GDC Chinese 2GDCC Cantonese 2GDCK Hokkien 2GDCM Mandarin 2GDCW Wu 2GDCY Amoy 2GDK Karen 2GDT Tibetan 2GJ Japanese 2GK Korean 2GR Other Southeast Asian languages,

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 135/155

2GRH Cambodian (Khmer) 2GRL Lao 2GRM Hmong (Miao) 2GRS Thai (Siamese) 2GRV Vietnamese 2H African languages 2HC Niger-Congo languages 2HCB 2HCBA Bantu proper (Narrow Bantu) 2HCBB Central Bantu languages 2HCBBC Chichewa (Chewa) 2HCBBF Chilomwe (Lomwe) 2HCBBH Chinyanja (Cinyanja, Nyanja) 2HCBBJ Chitonga (Tonga) 2HCBBL Chitumbuka (Tumbuka) 2HCBBN Chiyao (Yao) 2HCBBP Icibemba (Bemba) 2HCBBQ Kiikaonde (Kaonde) 2HCBBR Kongo 2HCBBS Lunda 2HCBBU Luvale 2HCBD kiSwahili (Swahili) 2HCBH OtjiHerero (Herero) 2HCBK Kikuyu 2HCBL Nyoro-Ganda group 2HCBLG Luganda (Ganda) 2HCBLR Nyankore (Runyankore-Rukiga) 2HCBM Fang (Yaunde-Fang) 2HCBN Duala 2HCBP Tshivenda & Venda group 2HCBQ Shona 2HCBS Sotho-Tswana group 2HCBSA Sesotho (Sotho, Sesotho sa Leboa, Southern Sotho) 2HCBSB Sepedi (Northern Sotho) 2HCBSD Setswana (Tswana) 2HCBSF Silozi 2HCBV XiTsonga (Tsonga) 2HCBW Siswati (Swazi) 2HCBX isiXhosa (Xhosa) 2HCBY isiNdebele (Ndebele) 2HCBZ isiZulu (Zulu) 2HCW West Atlantic & Volta Congo languages

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 136/155

2HCWF Fulani (Fulah) 2HCWV Volta-Congo languages 2HCWVB Ibo (Igbo) 2HCWVD Dagbani (Dagomba) 2HCWVE Ewe 2HCWVG Ga 2HCWVN Fante 2HCWVS Asante Twi 2HCWVT Akwapim Twi 2HCWVY Yoruba 2HK Khoisan languages 2HN Nilo-Saharan & Chari-Nile (Macrosudanic) languages 2HND Dinka 2HNM Masai 2HNR Nubian 2HNT Teso (Ateso) 2HX Other African languages 2J American indigenous languages 2JN North & Central American indigenous languages 2JNA Aleut 2JNB Inuit 2JNBK Inuktitut 2JNC Algonkian (Algonquin) languages 2JNCE Cree 2JNCJ Ojibway 2JND Na-Dene & Athapascan (Athabascan) languages 2JNG Iroquoian & Siouan languages 2JNM Mayan 2JNN Uto-Aztecan languages 2JNZ Zuni 2JS South American & Caribbean indigenous languages 2JSC Carib (Cariban) 2JSG Guarani 2JSQ Quechuan 2P Oceanic & 2PB Australian Aboriginal languages 2PC Papuan languages 2PCS Susuami 2PG Austronesian & Malayo-Polynesian languages 2PGB Formosan (Taiwanese) 2PGG Malagasy 2PGJ Tagalog (Filipino)

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2PGN Indonesian languages 2PGNA Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) 2PGNC Balinese 2PGND Javanese 2PGNM Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) 2PGP Oceanic & Polynesian languages 2PGPA Maori language 2PGPF Fijian 2PGPG Tongan 2PGPH Tahitian 2PGPR Rarotongan 2PGPS Samoan 2PGPW Hawaiian 2PGPX Other Oceanic languages 2PGPXK Mokilese 2PGPXM Marshallese 2PGPXN Ponapean 2PGPXP Palauan 2PGPXT Tokelauan 2Z Other languages 2ZB Basque 2ZC Caucasian languages 2ZCG Georgian 2ZM Sumerian 2ZP Pidgins & Creoles 2ZPT Tok Pisin 2ZX Artificial languages 2ZXA Afrihili 2ZXC Occidental 2ZXP Esperanto 2ZXT Interlingua

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3 Time period qualifiers (Do not use “3” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 3* as appropriate) 3B Prehistory (3B* codes may be used for different time periods depending on the geographical area) 3BD Stone Age 3BDF Stone Age: Paleolithic period 3BDK Stone Age: Mesolithic period 3BDQ Stone Age: Neolithic period 3BL Bronze Age (Class here: Chalcolithic (Copper age), Early, Middle & Late Bronze Ages) 3BR Iron Age (Class here: Early, Middle & Late Iron Ages) 3B-AA-E Egypt: Predynastic period 3C BCE period – Protohistory 3CD c 4000 to c 3000 BCE 3CG c 3000 to c 2000 BCE 3CJ c 2000 to c 1000 BCE 3CT c 1000 BCE to start of CE period 3CT-DE-A Germany: the ancient / classical world (800 BCE – 500 CE) 3CT-ES-A Spain: Ancient History 3CT-ES-B Spain: Roman History (c 200 BCE – c 400 CE) 3CT-IT-A Ancient Italy (c 1000 – c 500 BCE) 3C-AA-E Ancient Egypt (c 2686 BCE – c 323 BCE) 3K CE period up to c 1500 3KB c 1 CE to c 500 CE 3KBF 1st century, c 1 to c 99 3KBK 2nd century, c 100 to c 199 3KBN 3rd century, c 200 to c 299 3KBW 4th century, c 300 to c 399 3KBY 5th century, c 400 to c 499 3KB-AA-E Egypt: Classical Antiquity (c 332 BCE – c 630 CE) 3KB-GB-A 3KH c 500 CE to c 1000 CE 3KHF 6th century, c 500 to c 599 3KHK 7th century, c 600 to c 699 3KHN 8th century, c 700 to c 799 3KHW 9th century, c 800 to c 899 3KHY 10th century, c 900 to c 999 3KH-AA-E Medieval Egypt (c 630 – c 1517) 3KH-DK-H Denmark: the Viking Age (c 800 – c 1050) 3KH-ES-A Spain: Germanic and visigothic invasions (c 400 – c 600) 3KH-GB-B Anglo-Saxon England

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 139/155

3KH-IT-C Italy: from Germanic Kingdoms to Franks (c 500 – c 1000) 3KH-SE-H Sweden: the Viking Age (c 800 – c 1050) 3KL c 1000 CE to c 1500 3KLF 11th century, c 1000 to c 1099 3KLK 12th century, c 1100 to c 1199 3KLN 13th century, c 1200 to c 1299 3KLN-GB-E English conquest of Wales 3KLW 14th century, c 1300 to c 1399 3KLY 15th century, c 1400 to c 1499 3KLY-GB-F Wars of the Roses 3KLY-IT-E Italy: Renaissance (c 1400 – c 1499) 3KL-GB-C Norman Conquest & Norman Britain 3KL-GB-D The Plantaganents & medieval England 3KL-IT-D Italy: Communes, ‘Signorie’ (c 1000 – c 1400) 3KL-SE-J Sweden: Middle Ages (c 1050 – c 1520) 3K-ES-A Spain: Middle Ages (c 400 – c 1492) 3K-ES-B Spain: Arab presence (711–1492) 3K-ES-C Spain: ‘Reconquista’ (711–1492) 3K-IT-B Italy: c 500 BCE – c 1500 CE 3M c 1500 onwards to present day 3MD 16th century, c 1500 to c 1599 3MDB Early 16th century c 1500 to c 1550 3MDBA c 1500 to c 1509 3MDBF c 1510 to c 1519 3MDBH c 1520 to c 1529 3MDBJ c 1530 to c 1539 3MDBL c 1540 to c 1549 3MDQ Later 16th century c 1550 to c 1599 3MDQM c 1550 to c 1559 3MDQS c 1560 to c 1569 3MDQV c 1570 to c 1579 3MDQX c 1580 to c 1589 3MDQZ c 1590 to c 1599 3MD-GB-G Tudor England 3MD-SE-L Sweden: the Vasa era (c 1520 – c 1611) 3MG 17th century, c 1600 to c 1699 3MGB Early 17th century c 1600 to c 1650 3MGBA c 1600 to c 1609 3MGBF c 1610 to c 1619 3MGBH c 1620 to c 1629 3MGBJ c 1630 to c 1639 3MGBL c 1640 to c 1649

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 140/155

3MGB-GB-H Jacobean & Early Stuart Britain 3MGQ Later 17th century c 1650 to c 1699 3MGQM c 1650 to c 1659 3MGQM-GB-J & Interregnum 3MGQS c 1660 to c 1669 3MGQS-GB-K The Restoration & Later Stuart Britain 3MGQV c 1670 to c 1679 3MGQX c 1680 to c 1689 3MGQX-GB-M The Glorious Revolution 3MGQZ c 1690 to c 1699 3MG-IT-G Italy: Spanish domination (1559–1714) 3MG-SE-N The Swedish Empire (c 1611 – c 1718) 3MG-US-A USA: Colonization and Settlement 3ML 18th century, c 1700 to c 1799 3MLB Early 18th century c 1700 to c 1750 3MLBA c 1700 to c 1709 3MLBF c 1710 to c 1719 3MLBH c 1720 to c 1729 3MLBJ c 1730 to c 1739 3MLBL c 1740 to c 1749 3MLQ Later 18th century c 1750 to c 1799 3MLQM c 1750 to c 1759 3MLQS c 1760 to c 1769 3MLQV c 1770 to c 1779 3MLQX c 1780 to c 1789 3MLQZ c 1790 to c 1799 3MLQZ-FR-A The French Revolution 3MLQ-SE-R Sweden: the Gustavian Era (c 1772 – c 1809) 3MLQ-US-B American Revolution 3MLQ-US-C USA: The New Nation 3ML-DE-B Germany: the age of Absolutism & Enlightenment (1648–1779) 3ML-GB-P Georgian & Regency Britain 3ML-IT-H Italy: Austrian domination (1701–1796) 3ML-SE-Q Sweden: the Age of Liberty (c 1718 – c 1772) 3MN 19th century, c 1800 to c 1899 3MNB Early 19th century c 1800 to c 1850 3MNBA c 1800 to c 1809 3MNBF c 1810 to c 1819 3MNBH c 1820 to c 1829 3MNBJ c 1830 to c 1839 3MNBL c 1840 to c 1849 3MNB-DE-C Germany: the age of the European Revolutions (1780–1848)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 141/155

3MNB-ES-A Spain: Spanish War of Independence (1808–1813) 3MNB-GB-T Britain: 3MNB-IT-M Italy: Napoleonic era, Restoration, Risorgimento uprisings (1796–1848) 3MNB-US-D USA: Exploration and Expansion 3MNQ Later 19th century c 1850 to c 1899 3MNQM c 1850 to c 1859 3MNQS c 1860 to c 1869 3MNQV c 1870 to c 1879 3MNQX c 1880 to c 1889 3MNQZ c 1890 to c 1899 3MNQZ-DE-D Germany: the age of Imperialism (1890–1914) 3MNQ-GB-V Victorian Britain 3MNQ-IT-N Italy: National Independence & Risorgimento (1850–1861) 3MNQ-IT-P Italy: National Unification & first decades of the Kingdom of Italy (1861–1900) 3MNQ-US-E American Civil War and Reconstruction (1861–1877) 3MNQ-US-F USA: The Gilded Age (c 1877 – c 1893) 3MN-DK-G Denmark: Golden Age (c 1800 – c 1850) 3MN-ES-A Spain: Contemporary history (1808–2000) 3MP 20th century, c 1900 to c 1999 3MPB Early 20th century c 1900 to c 1950 3MPBA c 1900 to c 1909 3MPBF c 1910 to c 1919 3MPBG Inter-war period c 1919 to c 1939 3MPBGH c 1920 to c 1929 3MPBGH-ES-A Spain: Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1923–1930) 3MPBGH-US-J USA: The Jazz Age 3MPBGJ c 1930 to c 1939 3MPBGJ-DE-H Germany: National Socialist period (1933–1945) 3MPBGJ-ES-A Spain: Second Republic (1931–1936) 3MPBGJ-ES-B Spain: Civil war (1936–1939) 3MPBGJ-US-K USA: The Great Depression 3MPBG-DE-G Germany: Weimar Republic (1918–1933) 3MPBG-IT-S Italy: post First World War period & Fascism (1918–1943) 3MPBL c 1940 to c 1949 3MPBL-DK-B Denmark: German occupation (1940–1945) 3MPBL-ES-A Spain: Postwar period (1940–1949) 3MPBL-IT-T Italy: Liberation from Fascism & Resistance (1943–1945) 3MPBL-IT-U Italy: post Second World War period & Foundation of Italian Republic (1946–1968) 3MPB-IT-R Italy: Giolittian period (1900–1914) 3MPB-US-H USA: The Progressive Era (c 1890–1929) 3MPQ Later 20th century c 1950 to c 1999 3MPQM c 1950 to c 1959

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 142/155

3MPQM-US-N USA: Korean War 3MPQS c 1960 to c 1969 3MPQS-DE-K Germany: Protest of 1968 3MPQS-US-P USA: Civil Rights Movement 3MPQS-US-Q USA: Vietnam War 3MPQV c 1970 to c 1979 3MPQV-DE-L German Autumn, 1977 3MPQV-IT-W Italy: protest movement & ‘Anni di Piombo’ (1969–1980) 3MPQX c 1980 to c 1989 3MPQZ c 1990 to c 1999 3MPQZ-IT-X Italy: crisis of the Nineties & so-called Second Republic (1990–1999) 3MPQ-DE-J Germany: the Cold War (1945–1990) 3MPQ-ES-A Spain: Franco´s dictatorship (c 1940 – c 1975) 3MPQ-ES-B Spain: Democratic transition (c 1975 – c 1982) 3MPQ-ES-C Spain: Democracy (c 1982 – present) 3MPQ-IT-V Italy: reconstruction, economic miracle, social & political transformations (1950–1968) 3MP-AA-E Modern Egypt (c 1882 to present) 3MR 21st century, c 2000 to c 2100 3MRB Early 21st century c 2000 to c 2050 3MRBA c 2000 to c 2009 3MRBF c 2010 to c 2019 3MRBH c 2020 to c 2029 3MRBJ c 2030 to c 2039 3MRBL c 2040 to c 2049 3M-AA-E Early Modern Egypt (c 1517 – c 1914) 3M-ES-A Spain: Modern history (1492–1808) 3M-ES-AB Spain: ‘Siglo de oro’ (1492–1690)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 143/155

4 Educational purpose qualifiers (Do not use “4” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 4* as appropriate) 4C For all educational levels 4CA For pre-school learning 4CD For primary education 4CF For middle / preparatory school education 4CL For mandatory secondary education 4CN For optional / advanced secondary education 4CP For vocational / professional education 4CT For higher / tertiary / university education 4CX For adult education 4G For international curricula & examinations 4GA For International Baccalaureate (IB) pre-diploma level programmes 4GAJ For International Baccalaureate (IB) Early Years programme 4GAS For International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years programme 4GB For International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 4GC For International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Certificate 4GH For International GCSE (IGCSE) 4L For language learning courses & examinations 4LE ELT examinations & certificates 4LEC International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 4LEF Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 4LEP ELT: English for specific purposes 4LZ For specific language learning & courses other than ELT 4LZ-IT-H Certification of Italian language learning 4LZ-IT-HB For Italian language learning: CELI Certificate 4LZ-IT-HD For Italian language learning: CIC Certificate 4LZ-IT-HF For Italian language learning: PLIDA Certificate 4LZ-IT-HH For Italian language learning: CILS Certificate 4T For specific educational purposes 4TC Textbook, coursework 4TM Revision & study guide 4TW For specific learning difficulties (Use for educational material designed for differentiated learning and people with specific learning difficulties) 4TY For home learning 4Z For specific national educational curricula 4Z-AA- For Arab world educational systems 4Z-AA-E For Egyptian educational systems 4Z-AA-EA For Al-Azhar Education System (Egypt) 4Z-CA- For Canadian educational curricula 4Z-CA-A For Elementary Education (Canada)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 144/155

4Z-CA-C For Secondary Education (Canada) 4Z-CA-F For College, Pre-University Programs (Canada) 4Z-CA-H For College, Technical Programs (Canada) 4Z-CA-J For University, Bachelor’s Degree (Canada) 4Z-CA-L For University, Master’s Degree (Canada) 4Z-CA-M For University, Doctorate (Canada) 4Z-DE- For German educational curricula 4Z-DE-U For German vocational or university education 4Z-DE-UD For German further or higher education 4Z-DE-UDA For German law qualifications (bachelors & other undergraduate) 4Z-DE-UDB For German law qualifications (masters, postgraduate & doctoral) 4Z-DE-UDC For German first state exam in licensed professions (Erste Staatsexamen) 4Z-DE-UDD For German training placements in state-licensed professions (Referendariat / Stationen) 4Z-DE-UDE For German second state exam for licensed professions (Erste Staatsexamen) 4Z-DE-UDF For German lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries (professional development & reference) 4Z-DE-UDG For German tax consulting (professional development & reference) 4Z-DE-UDH For German curricula leading to certificatied legal specialisms 4Z-DE-UDI For German tax advisors’ exams 4Z-DE-UDJ For German civil law notaries’ exams 4Z-DE-UDK For German auditors’ exams 4Z-DK- For Danish educational curricula 4Z-DK-A For early education 4Z-DK-F For elementary school (Include here similar tuition at private and boarding schools) 4Z-DK-FA For pre-school 4Z-DK-FB For Grade 0 (For reception) 4Z-DK-FC For Grade 1 4Z-DK-FD For Grade 2 4Z-DK-FE For Grade 3 4Z-DK-FF For Grade 4 4Z-DK-FG For Grade 5 4Z-DK-FH For Grade 6 4Z-DK-FI For Grade 7 4Z-DK-FJ For Grade 8 4Z-DK-FK For Grade 9 4Z-DK-FL For Grade 10 4Z-DK-G For secondary school 4Z-DK-GA For HF 4Z-DK-GB For HHX 4Z-DK-GC For HTX

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 145/155

4Z-DK-GD For STX 4Z-DK-H For vocational education (VET) 4Z-DK-K For college and professional training 4Z-DK-N For higher education, universities (For undergraduate and graduate studies) 4Z-DK-V For adult education (AMU) 4Z-DK-X For continuing education (Diplomas, training academy and further education courses) 4Z-FR- For French educational curricula 4Z-GB- For UK educational curricula 4Z-GB-A For England & Wales educational curricula 4Z-GB-AC For National Curriculum (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-ACA For National Curriculum Early Years (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-ACF For National Curriculum Key Stage 1 (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-ACJ For National Curriculum Key Stage 2 (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-ACN For National Curriculum Key Stage 3 (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-ACT For National Curriculum Key Stage 4 & GCSE (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-AL Designed / suitable for A & AS Level (England & Wales) 4Z-GB-S For Scottish Curriculum 4Z-GB-SB For Scottish Curriculum National 4 4Z-GB-SD For Scottish Curriculum National 5 4Z-GB-SE For Scottish Curriculum Intermediate 1 4Z-GB-SG For Scottish Curriculum Intermediate 2 4Z-GB-SK For Scottish Curriculum Higher 4Z-GB-SL For Scottish Curriculum Advanced Higher 4Z-GB-V For UK vocational courses 4Z-GB-VC For NVQ / SVQ (National / Scottish Vocational Qualification) 4Z-GB-VN For GNVQ (General National Vocational Qualification) 4Z-GB-VS For GSVQ (General Scottish Vocational Qualification) 4Z-GB-VT For BTEC (Business And Technology Education Council) 4Z-IT- For Italian educational curricula 4Z-IT-A For Italian high school & teacher training education 4Z-IT-AC For Italian high school: ‘Liceo classico’ 4Z-IT-AD For Italian high school: ‘Liceo scientifico’ 4Z-IT-AG For Italian high school: ‘Liceo linguistico’ 4Z-IT-AH For Italian high school: ‘Liceo classico europeo’ 4Z-IT-AL For Italian high school: ‘Scuola superiore ad indirizzo opzione internazionale’ 4Z-IT-AN For Italian high school: ‘Scuola superiore ad indirizzo scienze sociali’ 4Z-IT-AP For other Italian high schools & educational curricula 4Z-IT-AR For Italian teacher training: ‘Ex istituto magistrale’

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 146/155

4Z-IT-AS For Italian teacher training: ‘Ex scuola magistrale’ 4Z-IT-C For artistic education (Italy) 4Z-IT-CB For Italian high school: ‘Liceo artistico’ 4Z-IT-CE For Italian school of art / art college 4Z-IT-E For professional education (Italy) 4Z-IT-EA For Italian professional institute of agriculture & environment 4Z-IT-EC For Italian professional institute of industry & handicraft 4Z-IT-EF For Italian professional institute of commerce & tourism 4Z-IT-EH For Italian professional institute of advertising 4Z-IT-EL For Italian professional institute of hotel management 4Z-IT-EN For Italian professional institute of social services 4Z-IT-EQ For Italian professional institute of auxiliary health services 4Z-IT-ER For Italian professional institute of maritime activities 4Z-IT-ES For other Italian professional institutes 4Z-IT-G For technical education (Italy) 4Z-IT-GB For Italian technical institute of commerce (chartered accounting) 4Z-IT-GD For Italian technical institute of business & foreign languages 4Z-IT-GF For Italian technical institute of Industry 4Z-IT-GH For Italian technical institute of agriculture 4Z-IT-GL For Italian technical institute of surveying 4Z-IT-GM For Italian technical institute of nautical studies 4Z-IT-GP For Italian technical institute of aeronautics 4Z-IT-GT For Italian technical institute of tourism 4Z-IT-GZ For other Italian technical institutes 4Z-US- For US educational curricula 4Z-US-A For SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) (USA) 4Z-US-B For ACT (American College Testing) (USA) 4Z-US-C For GED (General Educational Development Tests) (USA) 4Z-US-D For GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) (USA) 4Z-US-E For GRE (Graduate Record Examination) (USA) 4Z-US-F For LSAT (Law School Admission Test) (USA) 4Z-US-G For MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) (USA) 4Z-US-H For PSAT & NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) (USA) 4Z-US-I For NTE (National Teacher Examinations) (USA) 4Z-US-J For NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) (USA) 4Z-US-L For Legal Bar (USA) 4Z-US-M For High School Entrance (USA) 4Z-US-N For College Entrance (USA) 4Z-US-O For Advance Placement (USA) 4Z-US-P For Armed Forces (USA)

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 147/155

5 Interest qualifiers (Do not use “5” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 5* as appropriate) 5A Interest age / level 5AB For children c 0–36 months 5ABB For babies from birth 5ABD For babies from 3 months 5ABF For babies from 6 months 5ABH For infants from c 12 months 5ABK Interest age: from c 24 months 5AC Interest age: from c 3 years 5AD Interest age: from c 4 years 5AF Interest age: from c 5 years 5AG Interest age: from c 6 years 5AH Interest age: from c 7 years 5AJ Interest age: from c 8 years 5AK Interest age: from c 9 years 5AL Interest age: from c 10 years 5AM Interest age: from c 11 years 5AN Interest age: from c 12 years 5AP Interest age: from c 13 years 5AQ Interest age: from c 14 years 5AR For reluctant readers (children) 5AX For emergent readers (adult) 5H Holidays, events & seasonal interest 5HC Holidays & celebrations 5HCA New Year 5HCC Chinese New Year 5HCE Valentine’s Day 5HCG Carnival 5HCJ Mother’s Day 5HCL Father’s Day 5HCN Mid-Autumn festival 5HCP Hallowe’en 5HCS Thanksgiving 5HC-US-A US Independence Day 5HK Special events 5HKA Birthdays 5HKB Back to School 5HKC Graduation 5HKF Baptism 5HKM First Communion, Holy Communion 5HKQ Confirmation

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 148/155

5HKT Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah 5HKU Engagement / Wedding / Marriage 5HP Religious holidays 5HPD Christmas 5HPF Easter 5HPH Diwali 5HPK Ramadan 5HPU Hanukkah 5HPV Passover (Pesach) 5HPW Rosh Hashanah 5HR Seasonal interest 5HRA Seasonal interest: Spring 5HRB Seasonal interest: Summer 5HRC Seasonal interest: Autumn, Fall 5HRD Seasonal interest: Winter 5J Intended for specific groups (Use 5J* codes in exceptional circumstances for material that is exclusively intended to be read by, but is not necessarily about, specific groups) 5JA Intended specifically for women and/or girls (Use 5JA in exceptional circumstances for material that is exclusively intended to be read by, but is not necessarily about, women and/or girls) 5JB Intended specifically for men and/or boys (Use 5JB in exceptional circumstances for material that is exclusively intended to be read by, but is not necessarily about, men and/or boys) 5P Relating to specific groups & cultures 5PB Relating to ethnic minorities & groups (Use 5PB* codes for material that is of interest to, or has themes relating to, or is about the specific ethnic group; use with JBSL* codes as well as with other subjects) 5PBR Relating to Romani people & Travellers (Use Geographical Qualifier to indicate specific location where applicable) 5PBS Relating to Sami people 5PB-AU-A Relating to Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders 5PB-GB-A Relating to British Asian people 5PB-GB-B Relating to Black British people 5PB-NO-K Relating to Kven people 5PB-NZ-A Relating to Maori people 5PB-US-B Relating to Amish / Mennonite people 5PB-US-C Relating to African American people 5PB-US-D Relating to Asian American people 5PB-US-E Relating to Native American people 5PB-US-F Relating to Creole people 5PB-US-G Relating to Cajun people 5PB-US-H Relating to Latin / Hispanic American people

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 149/155

5PG Relating to religious groups (Use 5PG* codes for material that is of interest to, or has themes relating to, or is about the specific religious group; use with JBSR as well as other subjects; do not use for items purely about the specific religion, ie classed with QR* codes only) 5PGD Relating to Hindu people & groups 5PGF Relating to Buddhist people & groups 5PGJ Relating to Jewish people & groups 5PGM Relating to Christian people & groups 5PGP Relating to Islamic people & groups 5PS Relating to Gay & Lesbian people (Use 5PS* codes for material that is of interest to, or has themes relating to, or is about Gays and/or Lesbians; use with JBSJ as well as with other subjects) 5PSG Relating to Gay men 5PSL Relating to Lesbians 5X Contains explicit material

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 150/155

6 Style qualifiers (Do not use “6” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 6* as appropriate) 6A Styles (A) 6AA Abstractism 6AB Abstract 6AC 6AD 6AF Arts & Crafts style 6AG Academic style, Academism, Academicism 6AH Aesthetic Movement 6AJ Altermodernism 6AK Analytic 6AL Arbeitsrat für Kunst 6AM Art Informel 6AN Arte Povera 6AP Assemblage 6AQ Avant-garde 6B Styles (B) 6BA 6BB 6BC 6BD Berliner Sezession 6BF 6BG Beat style 6BH Bebop 6BJ 6BK Bloomsbury Group style 6BL Bluegrass 6BM Blues 6BN Die Brücke 6BP Byzantine style 6C Styles (C) 6CA Classical style 6CB Cubism 6CC Celtic style 6CD Group 6CF 6CG CoBrA 6CH painting 6CJ Computer art 6CK Conceptualism 6CL

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 151/155

6CM Country & Western 6CN Cubo- 6D Styles (D) 6DA 6DB 6DC Düsseldorf School 6E Styles (E) 6EA Empire style 6EB Easy listening 6EC The Eight 6ED Ancient Etruscan style 6EF Expressionism 6EG Ancient Egyptian style 6F Styles (F) 6FA 6FB Fado 6FC Flamenco 6FD Folk style 6FF Futurism 6FG Fantasy art 6G Styles (G) 6GA Gothic 6GB Georgian style 6GC Ancient Greek style 6H Styles (H) 6HA Heavy metal 6HB Hague School 6HC 6J Styles (IJ) 6JA 6JB Iberian style 6JC Indie 6JD Jazz 6JF Jack of Diamonds 6JG Jugendstil 6K Styles (K) 6L Styles (L) 6LA 6M Styles (M) 6MA 6MB Medieval style 6MC

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 152/155

6MD 6MF 6MG Ancient Minoan style 6MH 6MJ Mozarabic style 6MK Ancient Mycenaean style 6N Styles (NO) 6NA Naive style 6NB Naturalism 6NC 6ND , Art brut 6NF 6NG Nazarene 6NH - 6NJ Neo-impressionism 6NK New age 6NL Norwich School 6NM 6P Styles (P) 6PA 6PB Pop music 6PC Post-Impressionism 6PD 6PF 6PG Pittura Metafisica 6PH 6PJ Prehistoric styles 6PK Prog Rock 6PL Pre-Raphaelite 6PM Psychedelic 6PN & New Wave 6PP 6Q Styles (Q) 6QA Queen Anne style 6R Styles (R) 6RA 6RB Romanesque 6RC Renaissance style 6RD 6RF Rock 6RG Rock & Roll 6RH Rhythm & blues, R’n’B

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 153/155

6RJ Rap & Hip Hop 6RK Reggae & Ska 6RL 6RM Realism 6RN Relational style 6RP Retro art 6RQ 6RR Ancient Roman style 6S Styles (S) 6SA 6SB Soul & Funk 6SC Samba & Bossa Nova 6SD Schweizerischer Werkbund 6SF 6SG Groups 6SH Section d’Or 6SJ Shaker style 6SK Situationist International 6SL Soviet style 6SM Spanish Eclecticism 6SN , Neoplasticism 6SP International 6SQ Sturm und Drang 6SR 6SS Swing 6ST Symbolist style 6SU Synthetic Cubism 6SV 6T Styles (T) 6TA Tango 6TB Tachism 6TC Tartessian style 6TE Transavanguardia 6U Styles (U) 6V Styles (V) 6VA 6VB Viking style 6VC Visigoth style 6VD 6W Styles (W) 6X Styles (XYZ) 6XZ Zydeco

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 154/155

Thema 1.1 English © EDItEUR 2013–15 – Word version prepared by Alex Ingram from a script by Jesús Peraita 155/155