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y, C ,„ ■ •-.■'Jv'^ v^;. ■. - ...■,' .> (U s m UImI Adverttsiiig m Peg* *) fU B PAftKfNe rMr of storo S.T.R.E.T.C.H S tate N ew s Listen to Kathy Godfrey Roundup WINF-CBS Manchester*, 1:10 P.M. M6nda.v thiu Saturday. Contest Everj* Police Investigate RUM****** Day. , Vatican City, Nov. 4 (JP)— WHITE STAC Pope John X^JUII announced Birth Advice Clinic today that he will issue an en­ N eeds N o U .S. T roops cyclical honoring Pope Leo I, New Haven, Nov. 4 (JP)— JUA\P.... who in the 5th centigry halted City police are conducting an y -'i-M Attlla the Hun from attack- investigation of the birth con injg fnd plundering Rome. - trol clinic recently opened by feilsSO Pope J^m addressed a vast the (Connecticut Planned Par­ throng of ns.OOO people among In Confab BEND..... 29.95 them epecial missions 'and other enthood League in defiance of representatives of more than 60 state laws. nations — in the highlight of Julius Maretz, New Haven Cir­ these fabulous ceremoniee honoring his own 80th cuit Court prosecutor, said' yester­ T’wo Hoiifs • new mark VI birthday and yie third anniver­ day he had called for the investi­ pants rnove sary of his Coronation. gation and that he would decide The supreme ruler of the Rom w on a course of action once it had With JFK ■1. corduroy Catholic Church told them that he been completed. with you! would issue the encyclical, recall­ Should local law enforcement ing the life and work of Pope officials decide to close down the Washington, Nov. 4 (/^— , Leo :, on Nov. 11 — 15th cente­ clinic, their action would be wel­ Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor,, just • water repell nary of the death of the great comed by league officials because returned from Southeast pope and saint. they want a conclusive court twt Asia, has indicated he would The Pontiffs voice was unusu­ of the state's 82-year-oid anticon­ ally strong. He did not mention the traceptive law. not recommend sending U.S. word communism, but Vatican The UB. Supreme Court said in troops to Communist-threat­ 4 12.99 • elegantly - flared June the statute Is invalid because sources interpreted- his action to ened South Viet Nam. Taylor recall the work of Pope Leo as a it is violated widely and no at­ made his report to the Presi­ * for sports call for more Intense action tempt is made to enforce it. dent yesterday in a two-hour ag^nst the threat of atheistic For this reason the high court Communism.' refused to rule on the law's con­ conference. dash stitutionality. The law bans the Officials said Taylor recom­ figure flattering stretch pants Attlla the Hun was known in mended a series of actions for his time as "The scourge of Gk>d use of drugs or devices to prevent- conception. strengthening South Viet Nam. are designed with contour foot He had ravaged Northern Italy against communist guerrilla ,at- • neutratuft and had reached the walls of The clinic was fonrhlly opened straps for complete comfort Rome, where Pope Leo met him, here Thursday with considerable What he told Kennedy was not ■ The pontiff's eloquence is general publicity; The first indication law revealed by the White House. enforcement officials were taking and smooth set. nylon and wool lining ly credited with having turned But Taylor told newsmen earlier him back. any action caihe ^^hen two detec­ upon landing at Andrews Air Force tives visited It yesterday. bas^ that "human resources” In ■ blend, small to mediuny height Pope John spoke from his can Mrs. Bstelle T. Griswold, ex­ opied throne in St. Peter’s basilica. South Viet Nam are adequate, thus ecutive director of the league in Indicating he did not plan to rec­ • up and down He called himself a "pooc p«»on, Connecticut, said she and her staff 10 to 16, medium to tall 10 to the humble servant of the serv­ Burma's U Thant listens to proceedings at the United Nations ommend sending U.S. forces there Genetal Assembly session in ■which he was ■ named acting 8*cre- cooperated with the detectives, ■now. collar ants o f Gqd,’" then mentioned his outlining for them the various TTie White House said Kennedy 16. black, jade, green, beige, own considerable age and pontiffs Ury-general to fill out the 17 months remaining in the term of the late Dag HammarskjoJId. (AP Wlrephoto.) services that are provided. will consider Taylor’s report after wlw exceeded it. He nam ^ Plus Secretary of State Dean Rusk's blue. K , who lived until 87. and Leo VCotin Plan Offered return Sunday from the far east. • washable X m , who lived until 93. Also at ye.sterday’s conference ' Vatican somces interpreted this Storrs, Nov. 4 (/P)-^The president was Walt W. Rostow, deputy spe­ as an indication Pope John is ready of the University of Connecticut cial assistant to the President for and eager for the’ many duties.of Host of Problems has suggested a aeries of steps to national security affairs. He ac­ his office In the years to come. ^ correct financial troubles of the Nuns in thSxSl. Catherine Catholic Academy In Belize, British H b n d w ^ d ole out food to some of the companied Taylor to southeast • deep iapphi The pontiff spoke especially of Student Government and to al­ 200 huiripahe refugees they are feeding and housing each day. Photofax.) . ______Asia. the forthcoming Boumenical Coun­ leviate the controversy between Jay 'W. Gildner, aseociato Whits bottle-green cil of the Roman Catholic Church students and administration. House Press secretary, would not Facing UN Chief The students have .been vigorous­ comment on reports that Taylor as a “prodigious event.” It is ex­ pected to con-vene late next year. ly protesting recent administration Hattie’ s Toll had recommend^ that the United corduroy Pope John concluded his address ------— moves to control spending of stu­ Close Races Claimed States Increase its'aid to South m dent fees by the student senate. ^ Viet Nam rather than, send U.S. with a wteh for "a most happy United Nations. N. Y., Nov. 4,,,viU a limited numbar of U.N. un- THE VARSITY SWEATER Backing up theft protesU yrtth peace and blessing for all." UPl — K mild-mannered BuddhUq d e r s ^ e ^ M Raised to 204, forces there at this time. i rim mass demonstrations, the students 'The general’s party spent ssVan He later received members of the from Burma took over today as cipal rndvlsers on important ques­ N have charged that thp moyes were special missions in .the Vatiesh's acting secretary-general endorsed tions.” days in South Viet Nsm and two 111! .ill Hs said thess top aides would designed to Increase Um admlnis- In New Jersey, Texas Stores Looted daya in Thailand. bv all 103 U.N. members but faced t n ^ n ’s rule of student affairs In 19.99 (OoBtlaued «a Fags Ih ies) with a host of unsettled problems. Include Ralph Bunche of the Unlt- Among military changea 'rseom- sizes 10 to 18 SUtea and Georgy P. Arkadev general. / X Belize, BriUah Honduras. Nov. 4 mended to Kennedy by Tlaylor, A six-weeks deadlock ended y ^ At a meetlngyissterday with stu­ terday when the General AsseCM the Soviet Union, but did not New Jersey Texas (AP) — Thirty-six bodies d i« out aaid officials, were these:. dent leadera>'an^iinlveraUy true —(Better and faster coUeotkm of bly unanimously elected U ThanC _4»e anyjithers. San Antonio, T'bx., Nov. 4 (/F)— from the ■ ruins of the oourtnouse t6&,—TrWWwit' Mbeit N. J o r g ^ Newark, N. J., Nov. 4 (^ ^— ittteIHgence to enable the Skhith A SHAKER KNIT WITH A Jobless Toll Agfjwae-ehl career diplomat, to fiu ' laUr they -fikT Democrats promoted back-to-back A close vote wss sxpectsd today raised the death toll o f Hurricane out the-17-mw»th remainder of the not" consider this In any sense a sen o u U a ^ hie plan to cure finan­ as this South Texas City chose a Hattie today to 204. Viet Nam army to'strike back at cial > lu ^ n d Improve communlca- appearances by President Ken­ guerrillas more swiftly. late Dag Hammarskjold’s term. troika and Tioted that U Thant nedy and Former President Harry congressman to fill the -vacancy Cleanup crewa found the bodiea KNACK FOR CASUAL LIVING * s Below But the Soviet Union made clear had said he vsmold appoint other between U^e students and the left by the resignation of Rep. in the smashed British colonial adr —Reorganization of the army’s Drop _ imlnistratlon. After the meeting S. Truman today into prospects during the round of welcoming aides as' well as Bunche and for a tight New Jersey,^vemor- Paut Kllday, a Democrat, to be­ ministration building, where., resi­ coimmand. structure to glve_<^©eni_. from the car coat collections speeches that it had agreed only to Arkadev. several of the atudents said they come a judge of the U.S. court of dents fled for refuge ,when the in the field more authority to xnaks .iV w ool thought progress had been made shlp contest in Tuesday's election. storm strtick early Tuesday. decisions. e heavy pure virgin F o u r Million a stop-gap-solution and still in­ Diplomats speculated U Robert Burkhardt, managing the military appeals. e V-neck .styling sisted that the United Nations Thant would need an able corps of toward mutual understanding. This capital city remained par­ —IrnfM-oved oonununicationa be­ campaign of Democrat Richard J. Clear weather and 60-degree alyzed. All business places were \ 6 button front should be run by a three-headed assistants to help him/thtough Hughes against the statehouse tween government, mrmy head­ a in Washington, Nov. 4 W )—Unem temperatures were forecast. Polls out of operation, Including three quarters and outlying villagM. troika. such problems as finin g 820 mil­ Drivers Sign Pact bid of Republican James P. opened at 7 a.m. and closed at 7 a two pockets ployment dropped in October be­ lion by mid-December to keep the newspapers. —Intensification o f traintog be­ low 4 million for the first time in a U Thant stressed in his brief ac­ Hartford, Nov. 4 (/PI—A new 27- Mitchell, said in an interview he p.m. ■• a white, black or red. small, medium, large ceptance speech to diplomats UJ^. < ^ g o forcr'going until the The post office opened on a par­ ing provided by U.S. guerrilla war­ year hut the Labor Department month contract has been accepted thinks it may take a recount to tial basts, but there was no assur- second floor sportswear jamming the great blu4 and gold assembly de^des what its 1062 Democratic State Sen. Henry B. fare specialists an*} by milttary says the decline was only seasonal. by drivers and mechanics of the determine the winner. Gonzalez and Republican John snee of early mall delivery. sweaters— .second floor hall that he was taking the |55,- program wJH be. ' • Burkhardt bubbled with optim­ advisers. Department officials said the He alsoXhas on his desk such Connecticut Co. Goode Jr., were regarded as the British soldiers from Jamaica pa­ Hu,also recommended, said of­ Jobless total, could bound back up OOO-a-year job with no commit­ Members of the Amalgamated ism after Truman tore into trolled the streets under martial ments and no strings attached. hot potato issues as the reorgan- leading candidates in the race, in ficials, that teams of 'U.S. and above 5 mluTon this winter. Mitchell and former President which President Kennedy, 'Vice law. Looting — rampant earlier in Taking the oath, he swore not Ixatldn of the U.N. staff, brought (OonUnned on Page Three) Dwight D. Eisenhower at a Demo- Unemployment dipped 151,000 ^ b y ^ Soviet Premier Khrushchev Preeidenb Lyndon B. Johnson, for­ the week — appeared under con­ (Continued on Page Three) to seek or accept instructions cratifc rally in a Newark armory trol. Governor Sir Colin Thornley from ^ptember to 8,934,000, while 'M d, now under debate, and the last night that hardly lived up to mer President Dwight, D. Eisen­ employment rose by 786,000 to 67,- regar^ng his duties "from hower, Governor Price Daniel and announced that "anyone who at­ government or other authopi^ carrying out of the vast technical its billing as a governor’s ball In tempts to take any food illegally 824,000 a record for the month. assiotance programs upon which a number of senators and congress­ the NEW external to the United NaUpns." honor of Hughes. will be shot dead.” The dent in unemployment an­ Hammarskjold placed heavy The party faithful failed to fill men play^ a part. nounced 'yesterday was expected, U “rhant also put fo'rtlvhls posi­ G. H. Allen, 76, a retired veter­ Evacuation of Belize’! 15,000 THE "ON-DUTY" SHOES tion on the'main p oln j^ f dispute stress. News Tidbits the 8,500-seat hall wher^ the chief homeless proceeded slowly for lack Bulletins The job figures normally make The United States, which has duty of the band was to greet Tru­ inarian, Norman Brock, 53, a rare good showing in October. that had held up east^west agree-' from the AP Wires book dealer, and Ernest Cude, 54, of transportation. But 4,000 per­ HAMILTON ment on his apppintment — how led the resistance to Russia's at- man with the ancient song, “I'm sona from the Stann’a Creek area, Culled from AP Wires Labor Depkrtment officials said w(ld about Harry." a printer, also were candidates. however, there has been ho basic many advisers iie should have. 60 miles south of the capital, were of wo;rien in white He told delegates we would in- (Continued on Page Three) Grinning broadly, the 77-year- Johnson camj>olgned for (Jon- transported by boat to northern X Improvement in the employnjent Secretary of State Dean Rusk old Former President responded ealez in person and on television BEACH situation despite over-all economic assures South Korean military gov British Honduras. PROFIT-SPLIT VOTED with a typical "give 'em hell" at­ Thursday and yeaterday. and Americaiia and Britons were be­ gains. ■ ernment that aid from United Kenosha, Wis., Nov. 4 tJPh- T iii tack on New Jersey-born Mitchell scheduled six hours of hand-shak­ ing repatriated as fast as aircraft The United Auto Workora Unloa • professionally correct A Republican Congressman said States would be continued, he says as an outlander who knew little of ing and off-the-cuff ^>eeches this Q the situation not only hasn’t im during one-day visit in Seoul in could be provided. announced today teat mentoora the state's problems and on Eisen­ afternoon. Tents were erected at Pine of a Kenosha Xnoal votod over- /SHE proved but has gotten worse. U.S., Japan A g ree which he receives 19-gun salute Eisenhower toured the city Mon- *. designed for perfect Rep. Thomas M. Curtis of ^ s - . . . Nlneteen-year-old East Ber­ hower aa a man whom he didn't Ridge, 16 miles west of Belize, to whehning approval in their sec­ lin girl swims to freedom through harbor Belize refugees until a new ond attempt to ratify a hlstorio 1a iaM A souri said the figures reveaJ^fidO,- (Continued on Page Three) fit and comfdrt 000 more people were unemployed canal in Berlin, one of six ref (Continued on Page Three) capital is built sUn farther west. profit - sharing contract with Shortage of tnicks, gasolines and last month than w e re .^ t of jobs ugees to reach West Berlin in lat American Motors Corp. An nn- a year earlier under thb Blsenhower To Increase T rade est freedom break from Bast Ber. tents slowed the work. offioial tally of votes cost dur­ • several styles from 29.95 lln, West Berlin police say ' Feeding centers and shelters in ing day-long balloting at. Local administration. He'said the unem­ the capital 'were overcrowded. ployment ra^'^was .4 per cent Prime Minister Nehru of India at 72 yeetorday showed 6,788 in Food and water purification cheml- 9.99 higher thaq^lt was last October.' Geneva, enroute to United States, favor of the contract and 3.264 Haki e, Japan, Nov. 4 (ffi —The^over a broad area was necessary to caUs were arriving in abundance in portable attachment kit Labor D^pa^tment officials noted ■“' ' ' ■ to avoid sudden Increases in llmlt- again calls for nuclear powers to First opposed, said Joseph Campones- United 'IWates and Japan today conclude an accord for Immediate a giant airlift from the United rhi, chairman of the local eleo- only 3.00 agreed"to work toward liberalizing ed items that could lead to ac­ suspension o f . nuclear,, weapons Stages, Mexico, Guatemala, Hon- sumptuous Shetland wool from (Continued on Page Two) trade between the two countries cusations of dumping. tion committee. The vote made and cooMrate in helping under-de­ Rusk emphasized the ability of tests. 'ratification of the pa«t by the • •handy, upright cleaner Authorities in Paris fear a pos­ (Contlnued on Page Nine) UAW complete. " veloped natjons. Japan to provide technical ex­ India and Pakistan the .famed Shetland isles off the for draperie.s, c’arpet.*^, Secretary of State Dean Rusk perts for < under-developed na­ sible new attempt on Prorident de floors, blipd.s City Running said "some very gratifying re­ tions. Gaulle's life, th-e newspaper Fi­ PRINCES^ SON, WELL garo sa.ys. . Alert ArlMna high­ London, Nov. 4 be the guwt of President Ayub Scottish codst. holds its shape talks held at unprecedented' cabi­ personnel and we are encouraged way patrolman arrests John Rob­ Khan and his wife. Funds Slash Margaret and . her newly-born ' makes it easily Struck Dairy net-level. by the num'ber of Japanese trained ert Sawyer,' five days after he Jacqueline Kennedy, who already The White House said Ayub dis­ eon ate getting along fine, cou rt, portable A 20-point joint communique at personnel and' their contribution WSs added to FBI’s list of 10 has visited five foreign countries cussed the visit with Mrs.-Kennedy offloials announced- today. Motb- the close of the three-day confer- in this effort,” the secrotanr said!: most wanted criminals. when he was here on a state visit Seen Hurling W and baby -.vere visited by ber M perfectly for extra long wear • throw away in 10 months as first lady,- has three dootora Sir John F-eel> In New, York ence spelled out thp far-reaching Rusk said trade with Commu­ Another attem ^ to fly* the X15 last July. The Kennedy’s gave the disiws-a-bag aims snared by both countries. nist nations was not excluded. scheduled an unofficial and private Lord Evnns and Sir John Weir— 99 racket plane more * than 4,000 visit to India and Patklstan, start­ visiting Paklstonl president an un­ • optional nozzles It stressed the vital importance From the talks but warned against Cancer Fight at Clarence House, during the and sturdy good looks. ^ miles an hoiir is sch-edulefi' today ing about Nov.. 20. usual state dinner at historic ■Kmw York. Nov. 4 (/PI—The city Of trade between the two nations mixing trade.with poUtlcs. Mount Vernon, the home of George mo^mt^K* They stayed about 40 for special took over operation of a struck by Air Force Maj- Robert White She will be gone about two h L and specifically declared that the He added: "This is somelhlng Washington, America’s first presi­ Washington, Nov. 4 (/P)—A pror minutes. Later thia. buUetin was cleaning jobs milk plant today to Supply hos- . . . Off-duty patrolman is shot to weeks, according to a White issued: “T he Princess and her United States will support Japa­ that must be described by each dent. ' • only light pital|i, schools and other Institu­ nese efforts to eliminate what was- countiw In the light of its own In­ death aa he attempts to halt Hoiise announcement made late posed cut in federal apending could baby baa a good night and tbs mushrooming juvenile gang; dis­ There' were rumors at the time weight vacuum tions duitog a teamsters strike called discrimination against Japan terests and Its own needs-" yesterday. that an InvluLtlon had been ex-' block a promlaing avenue in the condition of both Is enttrrily.Batla- that has paralysed the normal in trade agreements 'involvihg other On the committee—formed last pute In Brookl/n. • There were no' details of the tended, and, only recently there fight against cancet^the use of faetory.". with attachment^ flow of milk Into New York City places 32-year-old Mrs. Kennedy • weight nations. June by President Kennedy and Republican mllk-glveaway In, were i eports from Pakiatan • that drugs—a leading surgeon says. and LcHig Island; Japan and the United States also Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda— New York City during hot mayor­ wiU visit or how she will travel on both President and Mrs. Kennedy Dr. Isidor S. Rav'dln, past presi­ MORE BLASTS PLANNFJ) ' WOOD 'N' STREAM 6V2 Iba.! ■- M ayor Robert P. Wagnpr an­ will exchange lnfon;nation qa Isbor are rix members from each coim- alty campaign sours as Democrats the jourftey some 8,000 miles from planned to visit there next spring. dent of the American CJoUege of Moscow: Nov. 4 (/(>—An ItoM* Crewneck • 6 YEAR nounced the action at 12:30 a.m. atandardg and policies, it said, “ in stepped Into breach with their Washington.' If Mrs. Kenney leaves about Surgeons, said a cutback In caheer an Cabinet minister said today try. The White House said bnly that guarantee / / after union negotiators In the 11 order to avoid misconceptions ,af- Representing the U.S. at the handouts of 1,000 quarts of milk Nov. iO as reported, she will miss r686feirch funda |it thli point CQUld PfemlCFr Khrushchev told blpi tbs BOOTS by . day-old walkout had rejected what fecUhg their trading relationships." meeting at uiis mountain resort which arrives-from New Jersey. the first lady will go to the two the birthdays of her two young make' It impossible for clinicians Soviet Unlou le ready to aet 0'S 10.95 the Industry said was Its finaf con­ Rusk emphasized at a news con­ SO miles.southwest of Tokyo were: . . . Oil heir ‘Lynn Morton, sen- couivtries "in a private and per­ children, Caroline, who will be 4 to test 23 new drugs developed by a new series of nnelsar blssts U tract offer. ference that the talks did not in­ Rusk, Commence Secretary LuUier tonoed to 1-to-lO-year prison term sonal capacity" to visit education­ on Nov. 27, and baby John Jr^ who the national institutes of health. the United States’ resutoas such The negotiating < teams .met volve detailed negotiations hut were H. Hodges, Interior Secretary at Lbs Angeles for manslaughter al and research centers and to vrill be 1 year old Nov. 26. Abraham Riblcpff, secretary o f-" teating. -Giuseppe Codaed Fleaa- THOROCOOD eeparetely into the early, morning aimed at providing a basic under­ Stewart Udall, Labor Secretary in death of his wife, MsrgaO'et Ann view the historical art treasures She also would be absent from health, education and welfare, has elll, the minister without port- V-rNeck hours, then adjourned until later standing for future talks. He prom­ Arthur >Goldberg, Agriculture Sec­ Morton. . . . Top East German of the-two neighboring nations. the traditional Kennedy family announced .he will cut 8102 million folio, talked to reporton boforo ised'U.8. cooperation. She made a similar vacation Insulated "comforter" model boots to In the day without saying whetter retary Orville Freeman, and military expert Adip. 'Waldemar gathering at Hyannls Pdrt, Mass., from his over-all department budg­ leaving for Rome ea route tn they would resume joint talke. Ten "You wHl find the U.8. ready, Treasury Undersecretary Henry Werner, deputy defense minister visit to .Greece last June after ac­ for the Thanksgiving Holiday. et to met president Kennedy's re- Washington to see Prealdent 10.95 million persons are affected by to do everything it-can to liber­ Fowler. Also present -was Walter of Bast Germany, calls for wide- companying tjie President on ear­ Since there was po specific date ■quest for less federal apendtog this Kennedy. He saw Kbniahehev to id ^ alize trade and support the inter­ keep feet comfortably, warm^ for all out­ the strike. Heller, chairman of President Ken­ range improVemento of fighting ner state visits to Canada, France, mentioned by ':l|)ie ‘ White House, fiscal year. the Krendln yeaterday. _ ■ V An emergency agreement be- ests of both our countries." Rusk nedy's Oouhcll of Bkonomlc Ad­ oapahlUtiea of Communist War­ Austra and England. - however, this may be changed Dr. Ravdln 'made hU aUtement door activities. 3 layers of insulated tv/een the'disputsuits had provided told *' Foreign Minister Zentaro visers. saw Pact forces, Berlin reports. Mrs. Kennedy will be traveling when the final itinerary Is set up. at a news' conference yeeterday BOMiB SET IN GHANA >■ Coal--Style that milk would be delivered to Kosaka. head of - the Japanese Japanese cabinet ministers par- Nevir organization has been es­ at her own expense, the White It is not known .now whether toward the end of a two day meet Accra, Ghana, NoV. 4 (dl -«• construction, leather lined, cushion in| InsUtuUons such as hospitals 'and delegftion. tlciating were Kosaka. Mlklo Mt- tablished with Mrs. Jacqueline House said. , \ ^ Mrs. Kennedy will be accompanied Ing of aurgeofts M d cancer special- Bombs plaated h f torrorists ex« schools during ■ the strike, but - Abk^ kjl a newsmen If the zuUi (finance), Blaaku Sato (trade Kennedy’s blessing to, toll public The Indian Embassy Indicated by anyone from her family or tram late sponsored by the Cancer ploded in thU oapitaT today, United States Is likely to expand her White House staff on the pri­ soie, non-slip crepe sple and heel: there were complaints that it was and Industry), Kenji Fukunaga (la­ more about White House, Wash­ that some of the planning on the Chemotherapy National Service damaging a atatue of PresldMtt ' 13.95 not wwking out. purchases from Japan to Kelp full- bor), Ichiro Kono (agriculture), ington reporU. . ; . Navy’s first Indian pin'tion of her trip may be vate journey. When she went to Cmter, a division of the National Kwamo Nknunah. the strong!, Wagner estimated that Uie fill the Japanese taiTct of doubling and Atlchiro Fujiyama (economic made next Monday when President Greece, she was accompanied by man president, and n wnr msette nuclear-powered aircraft carrier her sister and brother-in-law, Cancer Institute. city-owned plant In the Bronx, its'national income by 1970. Rusk planning). and world’a . largest ahlp, U.S.S and Mrs. Kennedy entertain In- Joining hint in opposing a cut in rtaL Ona ipeirtOR waa operated under lease by Sunshine said, 'sra Prlncesa Radziwlll is now in New School. jL ‘ . A said It would take shout 12 nours trading opportunities between the tlve efforts of several NATO Coun­ Mrs. Kennedy through U.S. Am- Fogarty said 860 mliuon of the aa naoal by' i aa pradacf taaraniaa aailWcafa. to get It in- fuU operaUon. ■United States and Japan- aa you Freem u leaves tonight for ba88ii()or J. Kenneth Galbraith and York and js expected in Washing­ spokesman a Rome, to attend a meeting of the tries Is christened at Touleuae, ton bn Tuesday to attend the amount Rlbleofl plana to eut had ■As productloha he said, would go forward on your income doubl­ France, with bottle of BVench will be Mrs. Kennedy’s hosts in ' be "more tlum enoiigh to take care ing plan," U.N." Food and Agriculture ,Or- White House sUts dinner In honor | Swaatari giuilsailan (FAO), wliUe Udall will champagne and called' Breguet cc •) Kosaka Udd the news con­ 8(SQ Aflaittto patrol boober. ^ ^ ^ T a k U tsn , tlu tort l»4y wUll trtNabni, main 8.ebr s^oe iakm—«Aln floor, reer Appliimce—riower gtore level nluni liom* Tusaday. '1 isnoM Oat wteljr tee A ftognum Set PSAOnOB THRIFT < . West dealer WITH YOUR ENTRtBS East-West vulacrable At Schools■ ■ ,rr >• . Next Week • . ■ * ! ^ Ry A j M Shetaiwolil NORTH Facing UN Chief K 7 An entry eaved Is an entry .80S ManchMter'i cublie schools olfer spocisl educstion that the seasonally adjusted rats earned, aoemtling to poer AUrM’e Neuijet§ey - Association of Street, Blebtcie 0 6 5 3 2 Texas (OoBthraed troia PAgS Om ) wtvrams snd < ^ h house for parents next week, American on Involuntary idleness remained AlmiMae. 1^8 s good point to- re­ RAUwsy, and Motor O6och Skn- member when you must-make two A 10 8 4 3 ’(OontiaiMd from Faga One) (CohOnwd bom Itog« One) education Week. * at tta receaaloa level of per cent WEST EMT ployes of America vbted acbept 6.8 entries do the woric of three. ance of the new agm m ent by an tempts to water dtHYn the author­ of the work force. It has atuck A 4 2 A 6 3 *Tcnow” but was too well acquaint­ day campaigidng for*(3oode, and Parents o f . thore have been invited to spend “ A Diy West leads hearts and continuer t? AKQ354 t? J 16 7 ed with. overwhelming roiugdn yesterday, ity of the secreUty-general, hailed at Batnarl JfuBlor Aefcoore near thft pUnt for eonaecutlve tha ■ult;i forcing you to nitt^NSt- ■Snt the OOP candidate a telegram 1 1 0 A 10 8 4 The Eisenhower-Trnman feud last night re-affirming the endorse­ •aid William Schappa, secretary o f U 'Ihant’a election as a move, that on WadnaMlay, tM etaiM « t S;45 montnA urally youI ruff with a high ea% so the union’s Joint conference board. Daniel R. Koehler, 26, of 170 ajM. and a n d i^ w M }«mch at 1 :1 S School Lunch Week Unlasa this rata declinsa, labor that you can land the five 'o ' t i V A Q • 7 S has been going on for years. Bqt ment. Maple S t, was charged at 8 o’clock bulwarked the UN. executive. SOUTH some party members queationto President Kennedy endorsed When the contract' expires in • p.m. department officials predicted, im- spadM to dummy's seven. A QI 10 8 I S September 1963, wages wlU have last night with breach of toe peace U.S. Ambassador Adiai E. The program, apen to the first Hie Mancheeter'' echool sys­ employin'ent will climb tp 4.4 mil U m two trurapa'j^ you two whether the Former Democratic Gonzalez by letter. Mra. Lyndon and will he presented in Circuit Stevenson praised- the DurmsM President helped Hughes by at­ Johnson and Rep. Carl Albert, Dr been boosted to 32.00 an hour. TS parents to register, wlU include tem will Join with other state lion this month, 4.5 mlUloh In'De­ hntriea to dumaor- w|>At work do . K 7 Hie contract calls for an im­ Court 12 Nov. 20. diplomat for "independence of ' opportunities to observe -seventh eyatems to observe School you haws tor two entrieat ! tacking ths Former RepubUccan Okla., acting majority leader in the cember snd M million in J( R A J 3 House spoke here in Gonzalez' be­ mediate raise, retroactive to July mind and spirit J’ ci^ th and ninth grade classes and Lunch Week. Nov. 5-10, pro­ At^Uite Two Days Such a January figure would toi You nuM lead etobe term Hotn- Wilt Nerih last SeaOi President, who carried New Jer­ sey by a whopping majority In half. Daniel, Sen. Ralph Yar- 1, of 3.0 cents an hour. Anottwr 1.5 dlscuasltm by staff members of tl|e claimed by Gov/ John.Dempsey. Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman play stdemon la a jass "combo" ths 6,345,000 unemployed l a s t duoamgr to'siTe you ttw beat elianee t7 Path t? A "There will be no veto in to# 1 2 2 1856, Eisenhower has campaigned bprough, D-Tex.i and Texas Dem­ cents already being received as a secretariat and no weakening of schdel'B reading, fuidsnee'and li The new consolidated cafe­ playing at a'P aris "cave" in "Paris Bluas." Joanne Woodarard January. tor two ckm trtohe. You must plap 4 ^ Pau - Pam 4 4 cost-of-living pay adjustment will Martin G>mes brary programs. The ninth grade in tha aUte for Mitchell, his for­ ocratic congressmen'Jim, Wright of the office of tile secretary-gen­ teria System will offer a menu oO-stars with Diahann Carroll and Louis Armstrong in featured Secretary of Labor Arthur J. lead .dlaiwnndB enoa toom duniony Double All Pan Fort Worth and Jack^ B i^kee of be frozen into the base pay, mak­ dramatic club will preeent a one- set for the observance by the roles’. It will he seen Sunday and Monday mily at the State Goldberg radioed a ataUmentfrom to peodwe a trick with the king Op^Di lead — 9 K mer secratary of labor, eral,” Stevenson told toe assem­ act play in the auditorium. The also have endorsed him- ing a . total i^ se of ftve oenU an bly. state. Theater. , Japan, where he la attending a o f dtaiMMlB. Burkhardt contenda that Ken­ Goode received the endorsement hour for the Brst 1 1 months o f the Back to Town parents will be acheduled for a In an official staternent. the Lh ahert, you must lead three nedy and Truman have given the contract period. He said the United States aim clasa or preaentation each period trade eonference, saying he was suit and a good, hand, needing of Sen. Bariy Ooldwater, R-ArU., Governor said, *Tt is appropri­ naturally gratified #lth the Oc­ tfnaa tocln aummy with only two -* Democrats a needed lift to put and Sen. John Towei„ R^'Tex. Rep. to protect the integrity of the from 8:21 to 11:57 a.m. vary little help to produce a game. (general Manager Richard Mar­ charter and the office of secre­ ate to pay tribute to this wide­ tober employmeiri and unemploy­ wtona of reaching dummy. How For ShcinwoId;a 83-page took- Hughes into a position where his Bob Wilson, R-Callf., the GOP At Bowera School, parents may spread program, operating in do yon do It? chaUenge to MltcbeU might caU congressionsil cam pai^ chairman, ‘Tropic* Ban Protested tin to expected to be transferred tary-general had been accompllih- Latvian Church Moves ment improvements. let "A Pocket Guide to Bridge," Hartford,, Nov. 4 (P) — A re Itoom Hartford Hospital to Man­ a bw for a recount of the votes. This ed in the long drawn-out negotia­ visit reading groupe, confer with the majority Of echoOls in Con­ But he stressed that failure M W M O Lead send 60c to Bridge Book, Men- appeared here In behalf of Goode. teachers and vlsw special pro­ was discounted generally by gional meeting of q>e Connecticut chester Memorial Hospital within tions that led up to the appoint­ necticut where chUdren avail the idleness rate to decline la dis­ You must lx>Id one laadrin dum­ oheater Evening HeiaJd, Box 3318, 'Ihe election in which Tower be­ grams, including a United Na- themselves of nutritionaUy, ade­ my. Follow the play o f flM elUba. knowledgeable poUticlans. Most of- came the first Republican to go Library AssociaUon has protested toe next couple of days, if his ment of U Thant. Umis program presented by the turbing "and underroores that we Grand-central Sta...N,Y, IT, N.Y. the''ban in Hartford county against present rate of convalescence con­ quate, attractive and appealing To New Home Sunday have a stubborn and eontlnulng Lead ilto Sve o f qptidaa to dum- (O^yright 1931, them thought Mitchell still held from Texas to the U.S. Senate In an obliqu-e reference to Rus­ second grwle and two assemblies the edge. . since Reconstruction days is one the novel "Troidc o f Camro'.’' tinues. lunches. ' unemployment problem." nor’a aeven at y ow Snst opportuni- General Featwrea Corp.) sia's original demand that th^ on Thursday afternoon for pre­ Hy. Return a low ohib from dum­ GOP Sen. Clifford 'P. Case said reason for the national interest In At a mSetlng yesterday, mem­ The general manager has been sentation of the National Safety ‘I t la fitting to note that the "I with to reaffirm the deter­ Improving steadily fpr the past acting chief be. guided by advijwrii Sdiool Lunch Program greatly Opening ceremonies for the Lstvisn LuthOitn Church, 4 my and Snsaai with the jaidc from he remained confident that Mitch­ today’s vote. bers of the aaeociation from Cen­ with veto power, Stevenson AOted Oounctl sixth year safety award. mination of the Kennedy Admin­ Republicans hailed the Senate tral Connecticut passed a resolu­ three weeks since two major benefits the state's economy by Winter St., will be jield Sunday morning at 10, with a abort istration to reduce this unsmploy- yoitr hand. HMa toaea, as axparied. Wrapping Coat HMvy ell will win by "a substantial that U Thant would n ^ e hia In the fifth and Sixth grade 'using large quantities of fruit, West ratuma a tn m p to dum- majority." elecUim as an indication that trar tion condemning the ban imposed operations were performed on him broom s parents may attend gym dedicatifm service outside the building prior to^the service. mant problem to managing pro- by SUte’s Atty. John D. LaBelle. to correct a rupture of the aortic own staff "and consult .With them vm tables, dairy, meat and h ^ e king. Now Mad tha ten of Chicago — The estimated an­ Truman shrugged aside poUs ditioniUly Democratic Texas has entirely as he alonq. decidiis.” clAsscs, a glee club rehearsal and Dean Karl Binnieks, a personal repreMntatfve of the arch­ portiooB," Goldberg said. ghaii nual Uplted States market for become a two-party state. Demo­ LaBelle says the book by Henry blood ve4Se1 Oct. 9. other farm products," ht said. continue v lg o r ^ ly to puraiM our oadM from dummy- If Rest eovars indicating that the Republican Miller is obscene. .- Stevenson also fead a tele­ the daily routine. , bishop Of the Latvian Luthsranb with the queen, you ean win end Sexible packaging SknS and pa­ contender is leading. He told an crats dismissed the Tower victory He has been walking around f<^ ■aiUr morning a school official In Connecticut,. 2114. mlUion objectives of a hia^er rate of as a fluke, poinUhg to the 40,000- several days and although he tires gram from Prraident Kennedy who lunches are served In schools Church In Germany, will ofOoiata lead a low club back to dronny’a pers U about 3500,000.000. Of this Impromptu news conference that will deacrlbe his weiic In the at ths dedlciatton, assisted by. ths economio growth which is the bast total, about 1215,000,000 rspra- vote margin \yhlch the state gave easily, he is doing well, according congratulatei^'U Thant and said annually. About 130,000 school Bolton Job insurance. nine. And If Beat ftlM to cover, he has "great confidence in the andidates Serrate school ^stsm through the public R ^ . Vaidsmar Rolls, pastor of you oan atay in dummy wMi the asnts waxed paper and Ha prod- Kennedy in 1900. New Haven, Nov. 4 WEV-Mayor to a spokesman for the hospital. his election '‘is a splendid achieve­ a d d r ^ system. The officials in­ ChUdren (one out of four) aat "We shall also rentw our pro­ only poll that matters the elec­ Gonzalu, 45, emphasized his ment in'which the whole world a school lunch in 310 spools tha Latvian Lutheran Church in ton of riuba uota; polyethylene aooounte for torate” Truman won the presi­ Richard C. Lee and his political pp^ c h ^ Robert J(dms of the instru­ WUHmantie; and ths R«v. Kaclis posal to Congiess for speedy en- about 3150.000,000; ceUophana ind willingness to co-operate with the pooent’ Henry H. Tovmahend Jr., can rpjblce.” mental -music department: Ron- (one out Of two) in 152 towns. Bitlwr way, you ean next Mad dency In 1948 When the national FraimaniA pastor o f tha Manobss- $265 Given aetmint of the maapdWer and re­ a diuMond from dummy toward similar Alma, 3100,000,000; and Kennedy administration and hM ex­ 1lng it hard to get together South Windsor Soviet Delegate 'Valerian Zorin Ald Scott, assistaat eimertntendent training bin so that hundreds of poll! indicated that his Republican perience as a city councilman, pro­ wished U Thant aucceaa but re­ ter church. Music will be furnUbsd your n i E H m enponinta g k only glaaaine and parchment 33.000,-' opponent, then Gov. Thomas El. irmal debate, and each says ' of sdwols; Miss Dsiisy Pilcher, by a mala chorua accompaniad by thousands of long-term unemploy­ bation officer and state senator. minded delegates that after he eonsultant in developmental read­ ter to Mr. and Mrs. John Qulah, one ohd>r^e. a Democrat, Insisted on yesterday In their child care course. Bonnie Brown of Rockville observes the varied personalities Principal Joseph Tripp will mod­ A statement to the press by Ste­ aehpduled' later in the ihoming. SQd in the total of -workers em­ Birch society, but hit hard at G oy' meeting hts opponent on television. Parmts sra asked not to bring The Latvian Lutheran Churrii mittee members said, by Um fact Pearl S t; Mark Kentflald, 64 ' didn’t know any of the'New Jer­ of four in a group situation. Michael Allen of Rockville seems absorbed In hla hammering, distract­ erate ,the panel on which teachers venson proposing that the hotly of aS the needs of all hospitals ployed inveluntarily on only a part- zalez' acceptance of a post as a di­ Since they could not agree, each small chUdren to clasa. has a congregation of about SOO, that one penny doUected would South St, RockvlUe; Mra. Rita sey GOP leaders .and didn’t want rector of the Americans for Demo­ ing Mark Hanson of Ellington from his blocks. But Rita Rlendeau of Rockville only looks up from Charles LaVole, Mrs. Dorothy disputed issue of advisers be left and institutions and som s.pw ts It was organised over nine years time basis. MacNell, 4 Clyde Rd.; Robert went ahead with hl« own project up to U Thant was credited with A t Howell Cnaney Tedmical buy 5 glasaes of milk for needy to crlUpise them. Reminded that cratic Action. / her scissors work while Barbara Valois of Rockville tries to tell Michael how to Improve his per­ Faust and Mrs. Irma Simonds will of the school requirsmsnts." ago and at that time rented the Ths number of workers idled 15 Werstler, 64 Oreenw;ood Dr.; Ches­ Eisenhower ie a Republican leader yesterday, Townshend appearing, formance. (Herald photo by Saternis.) also serve. breaking the stalemate. Sohool, tniaa house will be held chUdron. and that one penny would weeks or longer dropped by 17,000 The winner In the special elec­ without t ie on toe Green and Lee He eaid dn^ of the three strSc- Kmanuel Lutheran Chifrch for Us ter Gray, Storra; Mrs. Priscilla vdio had campaigned for Mitchell, tion will be t. e man with the larg­ The theme of the meeting Is "A *1116 statement was put out three Tusaday from 8 to 11 am. and 1 take w e of a child tick with to 1,240,000. 'The number of part- Aitken,' Sprues St.; Clarence YOUNG making a televised speech last ing kwais . — services. tuberculosis for one day. 66 the former president replied: est number of votes regardless of Time to Work Together." It to days ago when prospects for solu­ to S pm., with the regular daily About four years ago a house time workers declined by 188,000 Raney, Wapping; Mrs. Adrienne "I don’t know him at all, I’m night without Townahend. schadale followed. Btudant guides Teachers were credited with whether he has a majority. hoped parents will participate in tion' of toe problem appeared as agreed to man t^ ^ la n t and that built at 185 Hawthorne St., to 2,333,(Mk). Beawtte, 742 W. Middle Tpke.; DOCTORf, Just acquainted with him.” toe discussion, securing answers to * will ha on doty, and parents may doing a good sducsUonal Job In ^ The record October employment DANCING bleak as ever. Within minutes af­ the TkiTflu&a'm Leagiu Coopera­ equipped with a «9iapel that would Mrs. Beverly Melick and son, 401 Was Truman well acquainted Life of Reynolds oonfOr with taaehara about their explaining about the United Na­ l:S5-8;40-10 . 4:40-8:90 Possible Candidate questions they may have. ter it appeared Zorin, who had tive Aseodatioa had agdssd to sup- ■eat about 100 psnioaA Thia was of 37/824,000 is about 335,000 Mgh- Center St.; Mrs. Madeline Furphy AT with the former RepublMan Prcai' llie panel discussion and par­ chndrtn’s progrssa. tion! program to the chUdren. er thian tha prior record set in Oc­ Meriden, Nov. 4 (» —"The door is been insisting that he would agrea fdy the raw raUk. used for regular aarvicea and as and son, Thompeonville; Mrs. San- dent? a newsman asked! Coventry Rose Anna Majk ent-teacher conferences mark the only on his own terms, told re­ Opmn house wlU be held at the Eyen one of the kindeii/arten tober i860. dres Raven and son, 98 W. Main X open and will not be closed,” says MeanrshUa, the citya gWieral the home of Pastor Freimanls and 'T’m too well acquainted with former Gov. John Davis Lodge re­ Rock-vllle - ''Mtos Rose Anna school's observance of National porters a solution appeared Immi­ Mknehestef Grem School Wadnea- children, in turning In Ms carion. Seymour Wolfbein. labor depart­ S t, Rockville; Mrs. Corice Swart him,” Truman replied tartly. 'No Life of Riley 7 mUk supply Incroased atarp\f §a his family. The Concordia Lutheran E A S T Rt. 8 ferring to his availabUity for'the Education Week. The teachers have nent. day from 7 to 8 p.mi. for parents of for UNICEF, said "Here's the ment manpower cMef^^fsld the Oc­ and son, Hazardville; Mrs. Eva GARDEN MaJk of 17 Morrison St., died this it poured in from M plants in up­ Church waa rented once a month Republican gubernatorial nomina­ morning, at RockvMle O ty Hos­ scheduled conferences with toe Diplomats said the movs to chUdren from kindergarten through state New Tork, New JecMy, Oon- for special services. money for the babies’ milk.". tober totals demonstrated a- need Chase and son, Ellington; Mrs.' Tax Demands Grade . for a higher economic level plus a RESTAURANT tion. Denvar, Colo, tat — Bob Rey-< ' Bquirrels and beavers are trou­ pital. parents of each pupil during the place the problem in U Thant’s lap 6 neoticut, Pennaylvania and Mary­ Friends of the Latvian Lutheran Committee members said ' they Sandra Furrow and son, 18 Village ^Wisdsi week. Those who cannot keep their Had taken toe heat off both Tha Highland Park School wiU meaning^ worker training pro­ Lodge added, however, he was blemakers for Reynolds too. Ho Bprh In Poland on Oct. 29) 1889, tot land. The plants ware x-iaited and Church are invited to attend the felt wcU repaid for the tithe they St, Rockville. 840 MAIN ST le to Is^ue not actively stumping to head the nolds uses a one-word answer in appointments are urged to notify Western Powers, who were Ihslat- hold open bouse Tuesday, and par- gram. t o m iY k M a0edto72 gets calls that squirrels are eating te was a daughter of Andrew oertilM by inapeotoni of the city dedication ceremonies. gave to the project. GOP ticket in 1962. reply to folks who tell him a game the teacher or school office. ing on five advtoers; and the Rus­ ants Buy visit elsssrooms. A workshop to- prepare the Downtown. Manchester holes In roofs, frightening women, id Katherine Nesiatka Majk. d^MT^ent o f health. ‘Co-^ps’ in 66 Colleges TONY CURTIS In The ex-ambassador to Spain de­ warden's Job Is a life of ease. biting children trying to feed t h ^ She come to the United States 66 The mothers of Grade 6 djlldren sians, who wanted seven. Bling Junior High School hss collection kita was' held at the Encyclical o n Seventy-two tax collector’s de­ “ Both sides got off the hook this tnvltsd parents to visit any classes There was nio indication, how­ . "THE GREAT fined his present political plans yes­ The word ? . and keeping people awake at ptght years ago and had lived In Rock­ will be hostesses for toe PTA meet­ ever, of how mwdi o f the normal home of Mrs. Thoms before dis­ IMPOSTER” mands have been sent by certified terday in an interview here. He ville for the past 32 yeans. ing Tueeday. . way,” skid on Asian diplomat. _ during the week. A regular school New Bus Route tribution of the UNICEF cartons Evanston, III. — ''Co-operatSvt "Tiny Barton "Balonay,’’ says Reynolds, whose when they scamper around ph roof­ S-miBlon quart-A-day requlrament Hospital Notes Shown at 6:30 and 10:40 was here campaigning for Repub­ She was a spooler in Rockville "W itlrU Thant tsddng the respon- program will be observed. to the children. Those attending education, which oomblnee college First Pop^ Leo mail to delinquent real estate tax­ proper title Is wildlife conserva­ tops. Once a country clup lake had waa available. lican mayoralty candidate Howard to be drained before an energetic woolen mills until her retirement Manchester Evening Herald sibillty, he can nnake It five, seven Nathan Hale School teachers To Start Monday the workshop were Mrs. Alexan- education with- on-the-Job experi­ Plus payers on the lists of 1958 and E. Houston. tion officer,; a post he has held for or any other number and neither The ‘Tlnal oentrset" which man- Vlslttng fioPrs are 8 to' S pro. ence, is now in use at United Trio" beaver, wrecking trqeS In the area, several yeane ago. South Windsor correspondent, wUl deUver a progress report to der Plante. Mrs. Richard Olm­ 66 JEFF CHANDLER In (Oontlnned tn»n Page' One) . earlier years. The demands Include seven years. Bide loses face." . parents by inviting them to visit agament offered last night provid­ for all areas, axeept maternity, States Colleges and universities. Reynolds has experiences to Jus­ could' be found and'aestroyed. She was a member of St^ Jo IsHum Katz,,,^telephone MltcheB ed for aoeuratc time records to A new bus service will be intro­ sted, Mrs. Joseph Loersch, Mrs. where they are 2 to 4:30 and 3:80 "AWAY ALL BOATS" taxes, interest and lien fees. Farren Rites Set sepb’a Church. 4-1753. - daasroonjs Tuesday thrmigh Frl- John-Sadler, Mrs. William Prindle, Students alternate two to four DANCING EVERY Shown at 8:34 consistorial halt Among those pres­ tify bfa answer to those who in­ There are i^isr problems Rey­ day from S:M to 11:30 am . and be kept by employers. The records duced in Manchester Monday to 8 p.m.; and private, rooms months' cam-pus study with aim- Unless complete payment is Survivors include two siators, Mrs! Thoms and Mrs. Heming­ ent was Thomas K. Flnletter, U.S. Naugatuck, Nov. 4 WI-f-Funeral sist ail a game warden doas is nolds has tq. face: Women pester BERLIN BORDER 'nOHTENED - 12:85 to 2:45 p.m. would be opm to the union or indi­ morning by the Connecticut Co. where (hey are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. ilsr periods, of employment. Hie THURS., FRI., SAT. made this month on these demands, him for pheasant feathers for hats, Mrs. John A. Koziowski of..Rock- way. ambassador to NA'^O, who came services will be held Monday tor wander through hunUng and fish­ Beriln, Nor. 4 (SIr-Weet Berlin ' At Robertson School, parents vidual e m ^ y a on request. Waldo Plalsted. bus company Vlaltora are reqneeted not to largest of these plans is at North­ Tax Gqllector Mrs. F. Pauline Lit­ State Rep;. James Farren who died ing areas handing out tickets to ask him tp remove enakes from vlUe, and Mre. Antoinette Bakula A certified check for the amount ■■■eke In ppHent’s roems. No more here from Paris to represent Pres­ tle ploM to bring the properties to of Poland; a nephew,/Walter J. police today annoaneed a tighten­ * may visit classroMnS and attend This was in answer to s union president, made the announcement western University, which last ident Kennedy. Pope John told the yesterday, a week after he fell 30 persons without 1 c e n s e s and flower beds, to treat sick parra- * a c o S f hour T^iestey from 3:30 demand for installation. o f collected win be mailed today to ttuui two visitors at one time per a tax sale or foreclosurcj according keets, to get porcupines out of Koziowski of Rockyttle, and sev­ ing of border eontrols At the Inter­ today. year enrolled 8,700 such students. diplomats: feet from a ladder while repairing those who violate the legal limit. national Friedrielistraaee check­ to 4:30 p.m. clocks so that routs eslssmsn The run will start at Manchester the United' States Committee for pattent. to the law. the-roof on his home. trees, to quiet woodpeckero, to feed eral nieces and ne^^€ws out o f UNICEF In.New York. "We see united about our modest Reynolds 'says he’s been shot at state. point. A poUoe spokesnuui said ~ ■ classroom - procedures might p«mA-ia-and out for over­ Green at 5:64 a.m. and will go person, the., ancient and the new ' The drastic steps for back tax The 72-year-old lawmaker, a ducklings- they’ve picked up. (He will be foUowed next week at time purposes. The oompanlea along Weodbridge St. to Depot q. Fair Today Patienta Today: tSt OIMiClIHI Rvary Tliiirsday-Friiay-Saiunlay collections are necessa^ due to the Democrat,' suffered spihar Ihjiiries — and hit — -by skunks, run over uses pablum.’ -The funeral will be held Mon­ All ca n except those of toe tour 8 world, the EMst and the West, coun­ by foxes, kicked by deer, asked to oceopyIxS powers In Beriki would South School. Parents may visit claimed such a procedure woidd then to the Center. Aircrafters will Mra Samuel Walker is general ADMITTED YESTERDAY: Mrs. TO THE DANoinABLE MUSIC OF Increase in delinquent taxes. In the fall. He died at St. Mary’s day at 9:30 o.m. from Whlte- tries of old Christian Elurope and remove r^uskrats from basements one woman contacted Reynolds be stopped for Inspection, Until classes any time, but are encour-’ lead to excessive overtime dA be able to make connections at the Chairman of the annual Christinas Susan Demko, 53 Fairvlew St.; In addition to the de^apds no- hospital In Waterbury. to ask why fish were emerging Olbson Edneral Home, 65 Elm St. fair o f United Methodist Church Mrs. Emma Decker, 27S Vernon TOMMY COLUNS and new nations thathaye JUst attained and deer from backyards, golf now onW bearing Eaia Oer- aged , to visit Grade 3 Monday mends. Center and at’ Chtprch corners to their Independence . . . It is an en­ tics 961 bills have been mailed to from a manhole. Reynolds was with a solemn h%h Mass of re­ make the 7 o'clock shift- today. Booths will be open from 2 St.; Mrs. Martha Stapleton, East courses and the city airport’s run­ man or East Berlin license jtoites from 8:80 to 10 a.m., kindergarten The offer also raised the pack­ "THE TWIUGHT PLAYBOYS" tirely peaceful meeting, dictated by delinquent taxpayers. Of this hum skeptical but he went to toe scene. quiem at 10 at St. Joseph’s Church. liad been ludted. Their occn- Monday from 12:30 to 1 p.m.. age oUtT in a two-year contract until 8 tonight. The turiwy supper Hartford; Maureen Gordon, Good­ > a BUSINESSMEN’S LUNCHEON DAILY e her. 480 are delinquent in their ways. Fish -were Indeed pouring from a Burial wlU be in S t Bernard’s wSl be s e n ^ at 5 and 6:30. Mrs. win Rd., Bolton; Mrs. Bessie the highest and most noble senti­ Driver Will Face Cemetery. / panto, primarily Russians, were Grade 2 Tuesday from 8:30 to from 38.10 to 38.50. Frcdtrle March lazrie Bersmaa ItaUan-Amerloan Food, plue piping hot,, deli­ ments. real estate taxes on lists includ- “To get a deer out of some bubbling manhole. During a rain­ asked to Identify thenisrivaa If 10 am., and Grade l Wednesday Robert Abelow, attorney for the W. Arnold McKinney and Mra. Meed, 82 Weaver R d.; Gregory Os­ cious PizMl . . .Relax and enjoy your friends lngl960 and 1959. place,” explains'Reynolds, “you’ve Friends may call at toe funeral WATES Schedule borne, Wapping; Miss Elaine Dick Clark Yrtf MoalaaS "H ere all is peace, serenity, Suspension Count storm a lake in the area had over­ not In military uniform. IMs and Thursday from 8:30 to 10 Am. dealers, said,' "we insist that this Fred Warren are co-chairmen of towjrjewIy^eoorate^JWn^ trust. What a beautiful example for Thelere are 400 delinquent motor usually got to lasso him. And your flowed, dufliping the fish into a home today from 7 to 9 pdn., and baaan Wednesday. Now ca n Verplanck School chUdren have the supper. Schultz, 186 Orchard St., Rockville; vehicle ' taxpayers whose names troubl-as ^ e only beginning when Sunday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 offer must be taken to the mem­ Mrs. Alice Raymo, 68 WOodbrid^e " Y e u n 9 .^ Goodbyo the world which is always agitated, storm sewer. Then the sewer over­ registered In toe other Soviet invited their parents to visit reg­ bership for a vote. We believe it Meeting Tuesday School Nenn always uneasy, always under the will be reported to toe State Mo­ An EAst Hartford man was ar­ you get- one rope on —/ that Just flowed. pjn. S t ; Miss Janet Overton, 64 Lyness Doctors" A q o in satellite* will also be checked. ular classes during the week. would be accepted.” The menu at the Bolton Ele­ menace o f some new catastrophy. tor Vehicle Department If the taxes rested and two Manchester youths brings you and the deer closer Reynolds loves anitnals — but 'The schedule for parents' visits Members of the Manchester mentary School next week will St.; Delphis Bilodeau, Coventry; and interest are not paid by Nov. were treated at Manchester Me­ But Samuel Cohen, attorney for Mrs. Joan Pettlngill, Coventry: S;4M:1S-U:M 4:U.S:1S SHY-ANN Restaurant "May It please God that men and together. I’ve been kicked in the is his an easy life? to Washington School wiU be the strikers, replied that the offer WATHB will meet Tuesdsg evening be: MdndayT-Sloshburgera on roll, nations overcome questions of ma­ 30. No new registrations will be morial Hospital about 10 o’clock stomach so hard so many times "Baloney,” he says again. "Fol­ Funerals at the Italian American Club on potato stiOks. buttered green peas, Deborah Sears, Andover: Gregory last nlglit as the result of a two- Grade 1, Monday; Grade 5 and was "an attempt to duck the Sears, Andover; Mack Ray, 415 terial Interests that divide them, issued imtil such taxes are paid. that Just the sight of a de-ar low me around for a week and morning kindergarten, Tueeday; time clock issue" and that the Eldridge' St. Weighing in will be chocolate pudding; iSiesday — and know how to elevate more Thirty-nine delinquent personal . accident on Main St., Jiist souto makes me nervous.” , you’ll see how easy It to.” * Mrs. John Zwick from 7 to pro. before the business Gardner St.; John O'Connell, 40 SUNDAY of St. James St. Grades la n d 6, Wadnasday; Grads coet of the wage-fiinge benefit 8 baked hsMi, ketchup, buttered Edgerton St-; Roy W. Daniels, ose supreme values of the spirit property taxpayers have also been Thk'vfuneral of Mrs. Emmy 8 and afternoon kindergarten, meeting. spinach, bread and butter, brown­ sent notices of demand for pay­ Emmett T. Roberts Jr.< 21, of package came to less than 38.50. Broad BroOk; Raoul LeFence.*2i 8 Tom Tryoa at bring them closer together and feasible size of an elementary WahrUch'Z^ck, 36 Park 3t., was Thursday; and l^ade 2, SYiday. Members are reminded to roturn ies; Wednesday — hot chicken AuSer Morphy that alone can put them on the ment, according to law. East Hartford, was c t ^ g ^ with The strike began O ct .24 when E. Main .St], RockWlls; Andrew David Hfditoa Gary Croiby • TONIGHT BONUS FEATURE 7 P.M. • school, the 6-3-3 grade plan and held . yesterday alterndon. at toe Hours tor v isitiu wUl be 8 to 11 costumes which belong to the club. with rice, cole slaw, bread and road to a solid and lasting peace. The interest on all demands anil operating a motor vehicle while his Watkins-West Fimeral Home, 142 5.000 inSmbers of loiml 584 walked Williamaon, E2|lngtmi; John O’Neir. license was under suspensimi, the Taylor Says types of construction. ASA and 1 to 2:30 pm . ^ The program theme will be .'‘Shad­ butter, apricots and peaches; Wapping: John Wolcott. 492 Main "All the peop)e‘of-the earth de­ bills has been figured to Nov. 30. E. (Jenter . St. A fvnily prayer out It spread the next day to ow Night.” “ Marines “ Battle result of a collision with a car driv­ Special services to be discussed 5.000 members o( locals 602 and Thursday—-hot roast beef sand­ St.; Mrs. Betty Badie, Silver Ends. Sun. MANSFIELD, sire such a peace.” '' . Payments made after this date will be the educationally excep­ service was held at 2 p,.m. at the The board of directors will meet wich, carret atieka, buttered peas, Let’s At Bloody fHTriaH-iTm-n-iTTO-f/l Ends. Sun. The Pope then went to his apart­ en by John H. Neff, 42, of 86 Oak­ fimeral home, and servicto. at 2:30 Plant Cafa$ Buoy 607. Spring, Md.; Uanne Vertefeullle, must include additional interest. land St. Viet Nam Has tional child, elementary school li­ Monday at 8 p.m. at the home of strawberry gelatin; Friday — to­ WiUimantlc; Gerard Chartler, 161 G o” Beach” ment window and gave his blessing Payments on taxes may be mail­ p.m. at the Concordia Lutheran Ths contract of Local 6S0 of Mrs. Robert Soule, 22 C ^ton St. AN KAZAN PRODUCTION ' N effs son, Richard, 14, and an­ braries, expansion of tne health mato soup with crackers, cheese Scott Dr., Vernon; Patrick Gaffey, aiA to many thousands gathered below ed to or made at the tax collec­ program, expansion of special Church. The Rev. Paul C. Kaiser, Detroit Cafotsrlas in United northern New Jenuy also expired A pothick will be held at the sticks, peanut butter sandwich, Technicolor CiitomaScopo ' other passenger, William Park, 14, pastor of toe church, officiated, Manchester Convalescent Home. 4 In St. Peter’s Square. tor’s office at the Town Office Enough Men areas euch as music and physical States plants feed about 24,000,- O ct 24, but its 3,000 members Italian American Club on Nov. 14 applesauce cake. MiUc is serWd BIRTHS YESTERDAY: A dsugh. S:tM :W -t: S of 4 Oakland St., were taken to assisted by toe Rev. Erich O. have continu«l to work, tmder Building which is open each Mon­ education, the reading program, 000 workers on an average day. at 7 p.m. Mrs. Charlea Turkshot with all meals. day, Tuesday, Thursday and Fri­ Manchester Memorial Hospital for Brandt, former pastor of Con­ oat about 3800,000,000 worth day-to-day extensions. and Mrs. Mary McCarthy are co- examination and treatment. Young (Continued Irom Page One) speech therapy, psychological cordia Lutheran Church. of food a year per cent of the Rockville-Vernon day from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and services and social workers. —8 Last night. Local 680 moved to chaimen. Manchester Evening Herald Saturday fronru9 a.m. to noon. Neff was examined for bumps and Wesley Smith and Alfred Long estimated total v^ieaide coat of PHONE MI 3-7332 bruises and ^ ^ rk was treated for Vietnamese specialists in eco­ Preliminary discussions . about withdraw from the general nego­ Bolton correepondant, Grace Me- ENDS TODAY—SHOWN AT 3:30-3:30-8:20 X About -Town i were soloists, accompanied by tood handled by aU away-from- tiations here and bargain sepa­ WRITTEN BY WiUtAMINOE a cut uppei**lip before both were nomics) psychological warfare and closed circuit television, language Frederic, Wernor, organist. Burial Dermott, teirokone Mitchell 3 nCHWICOUlll* WAANtR BROtl Coventry Players will meet at 8 laboratories and teaching "ma­ home eating plseea rately with producers In its arsA 6566. Tank Fittings p.'m. Nov. 1 1 , instead of Monday, discharged, hospital authorities medicine be sent to operate with was In East Cemetery. Book Fair Slated said. » 'antiguerilla forces in areas re­ chines will also be undertaken. Bearers were Andrew Wlnzler, WALTDISNEVS at Brookmoore Barn on Snake Hill The meeting Is scheduled for a SUNDAYS-SHORTS START 7;10 Rd. Mrs. Richard G. Jodry, as­ Both vehicles were towed away, claimed from Communist -control. KermaUi Bassett, George Schreibsr, By Lincoln PTA toe Roberts car with extensive Kennedy sent Taylor and a 7:30 p.m. at Barnard Junior High Emll^ Gerlpff, Ernest Steiner and Violate G>de sisted by Mrs. Richard Messier, Sghool. Firestones Mark are in charge of the program. A damage to the right fear fender group of military and civilian aul- Walter Grabehsteln. 1 and trunk .of the Neff vehicle with TULIP TREE TURKEY FARM Llneoln School PTA will sponsor Now it’s a special fitting (or oil scene from "The Four Poster” by vlsers to South Viet Nam ' two a book fair In the school auditori­ 25th Anniversary Jan DeHartog, directed by Law­ left front end dama^. weeks ago to make a thorough re­ Mrs. Arthur Fallon tank fill pipes that plagues the Patrolman Curtis Wilson la ln-< B oy Hit by Car, um on Tuesday, Wednesday and Vernon building inspector’s office. rence Cushing of Lebanon, will be view of what may be done to save The funeral of Mrs. Martha Fiai- sTOONNIQOLOR'mi veatigating police said. Ion, 29 CouFtland St., was held yes­ FRESH Thursday. AU proceeds Will be used Mr. and Mrs. Morris FtreaUme, 27 PLUS “ Th e -MIGHTY GRUSADERS" AT 2:00-8nM)-8:00 Arthur F. Huntin^mi, Inspector, presented. Mrs. John Dlnsmore that country from Commimist in- to purchase new books for the ahd Willlani A. Smith are the cast. Roberts will be presented in Cir­ filtratioh and domination. Driver Arrested terday at the Holmes Funeral Coburn Rd., were honored at a^huf- currently involved In an attempt to cuit Court 12 on Nov. 20. NATIVE School library. fet supper last Sunday at. the Tem­ eliminate sign poet violations, 'ttiis The Friendly Circle of First <3on- Kennedy greeted Taylor U>e Home, 400 Main St. The Rev. C2ar- The fair ^11 be open on 'Ihes- ple Beth Sholom in observance of week took aim on the oil tvik .de- gregatiohaf Church will meet at 8 White H0US3 at 4 p.'m. amd the A Manchester youth, admitted to ence, E, .Winslow, assisted by the day from 10 to 3 pro. On Wednes­ thfir 25th wedding anniversary. ^TONORMW -vice and told oil dealers and con­ p.m. Tuesday In the vestry. A 30- general did! not leave untlk 6:15 Manchester Memorial Hospital last Rev. Chester A. Austin, both of toe kilifO OHd MOLUD (FROZM) day and Thursday from 1 to 8 p.m. About 100 guests attended -the tractors to remove the fittings or minute film on "Canada will be Scouts Sponsor p.m. night with head injuries received Church of the Nazarene, officiated. I pro. cena-r«liown at 3:20-6:20-8:20 1 shown. when he was struck down by a car Members of the PTA win' be on Miss Marion James was soloist, and party whlph waa given for the cou­ imoouenONs aweusimoeuoness * . install,them to conform with regu­ - Aifter the meeting, Gildner said hand each day to help in the aelec- lations. The Republican- Toiwh'Committee on N. Main St.. Just east of Stock Miss Gertrude Wilson, organist. ple by their four cMldren. Uniforms Swap Taylor “will meet with other gov­ PI., was reported in fairly good FRANK M. HARABURDA 'tlon -of booka. Mr. a n d M rs. Firsatons were ^AUL JPANNK SIONBY TONIGHT AND S4INDAYrmingham, Maqs., Daniel 'Fire­ ed.' . ■ *' sold a liumber in toe'Area to oil partment wiU meet at 8 pbn. Mon­ ward credit for another cme or to the edge of N. Main St. with his Starkweather St„ were held this stone at the University of Connect­ day at the Urebouse.^ / H 'added th-ere still arp "many bike, while waiting for his sister icut, Ellen Firestone, a student at dealvs and contractor- be sold for cash. A supply of 6 morning at the Walter N. Leclerc tosti^ed horizontally, the angu­ .The North Coventry Women’s, Brownie, intermediate, and Senior useful things that can be done" to make a newspaper delivery, Funeral Home, 28 Main St., fol­ Manchester High School, and Ed­ Club will meet at p.m. Tuesday police said. Fournier told police he ward Firestone,' a pupil at the Man­ lar fitting limited toe resident to 8 Gill Scout uniforms are on hand to help South Viet Nam resist lowed by a solenm high Mass of purchasiiig oil from whatever deal­ at toe Church Conununitv House. for distribution to anyone dealring savage guerilla raids.- did not see the boy until It was too requiem at St. Bridget’s (Jhurch. chester Green School.- They* have Mrs. .Michael Pesce will direct a good used uniform at low cost. late to avoid hitting him, pdlice one granddaughter, Cheryl Gold­ er was equipped with A hose nozzle The Rev. John J. Delaney was cele­ a program on “ Christmas Decora­ The troo{i needs uniforms' and said. The youth was taken to the brant, the Rev. Stanley E. Haaflllo berg. to fit it. hospital |)y ambulance. There is nothing wrong with the tions In the Home.” 'Prospective customers to operate this project.. deacon; and th# Rev. Dennis R. Mr. Ptrestone is the. proprietor new members are Invited. Hoatiass- Education Board ' Fournlqr wiu charged with reck­ of Firestone Food MAricSt, 221 terminal it it's installed according Contact Mrs. Herbert Huffleld, 25 Hussey sub-deacon. Mrs. I^ymond Vsi'R Rve '.J to regulation, Huntington said. The ea wUl be Mrs. Francis Abel, Mrs. Stephen St, weekdays after S 'p.m., less driving and ordered to ap{fear Murphy was soloist and' organists N. Main St., and Mrs. Firestone James Bell and Mrs. Walter Binge. or at any time on weekends, lor T o P ick Chapm an In (Jlrcuit Court 12 on Nov. 20. Pa­ manages the PinOwood Furniture resulatloiis'are within the state trolman Kenneth Barker investi­ Honorary delegations frofn toe wendtiful'silnuts building, code, adopted - by toe Honor Students more information. Polish Roman Catholic Union 1086, Store on B. Center S t Miss Vtaginia Bay and Miss Joan gated. if Ri bnth mltimntl . town, he said. A neiw board chairman and and other Polish'Societies, attend­ . He said toe fittings must be in­ Diamond, seniors at Windham ed the funeral in. a body. Burial High School, were recently induct­ committee chatrxnen will be elect­ spected by him, and must be in­ State AL Fetes ed and a progress report heard on was In St. Bridget’s Cemetery. 200 at Service stalled in a vertical, not a horison- ed into toe National Honor Society Thief Gete 33,26 OjUSAMSIRONe at toe schooL the Planning and Renewal As­ Father Stanley HaatlUo read the - tal posltltm. Officials.Monday, sociates school survey at a special committal service. - Also, they mbst be fitted on a n ire e other Coventry students In Church Break The bearers, all membeis of the On World Day DWWlllCimROU. at the school, through the National board o f education meeting.^Mon­ minimum 12-lnch riaer and the day. Polisli American (Jlub, were Edwin Merit Scholarship exams recently The American L ^ o n Auxiliary, PLUS THIS SUSPENSE HIT AT 2>00-8n>0^:()6 PJ«. tank’s vent pipe piuat be a mini­ The meeting' will be the first Police are Invdstigating a pos­ P. 'Pesick, Rudolph Wadag, Hipolit AT TH E 'About 200 people sittMided the mum one and-a half inches in dia­ taken, are eligible' for considera­ Department of (J^ectiefit, wUl sible theft of 33,26 f— three one T; Wlorld -ConuBunity Day serriee 1 for new 'board,inembers Ted Cum­ Kurlowicz, Waiter Ziemak, Joseph meter becauM of toe pressure in tion for scholarships. They are -give a testimonial dinner Monday yesterday at thd Concordia Luth­ mings, DencOcrat, and Robert dollar bills, a quarter, and a penny Yaworski Jr., and Chester Berk. 2 WOMEN" SHOWN AT lOlOO the tank. He said tanks must be Ronald W. Burr, John Wanagel and At ,7:Sp p.m/, at Restland Farms —'found missing from the desk of eran Church. Richard B. Wilcox: ' in Northford for XMrIe 8- Crooks, Barnes,’- Republican, who will be A large number of aehool bags .fixed with an audible alarin. beginning their tbreci^year ;terma Mrs. UUian Scott at Emanuel The fitting was bille4 as a tam­ department commander from Uitheran (Jhuroh. fiahkadsL with school supplies and cbH- FUGHT THAT Manchester' Evening Herald Cev- Cromwell; and Mrs. Theresa dhan- • H(ux>ld S. Kramer, coninUtant For Honost per-proof device, but Huntington for Planning and Renewal Aseoci- Mrs. Scott told, police that sotine- dren’s 'ctottaing wera... raostvedt said -anyeme could open .K 'with a entry oorreepondent, F. Panlins «han, auxiliary department prcsl* Eoonomied Rtpdra on ’Rieas will be sent to the chunk’s ^ OISAPPEAREO UNTAMED WEST Little, telephone Pllgriii^ 2-6231.' ^,i|ent ■ ! at3s, Cambridge, Mass., will A^iort time between 12 :10 and 1 . pan. OPEN RIGHTLY ^ Jack knife handle or shnilar obr yesterday, during her lunch hour, Worid Ssrrioe Oantar-fAr .distribu- \ esMi jjaat .. ..-w ... J " " -- — •«. Members of toe Manebestdr unit on data he. has complied jabout Radio. TV) S^ rto, tton in South Asnerica. who w|U attend are Miaa Bkrbara current and'future school needs. the money was taken from her . There is more than '

■' ‘ X

' ... , ^ •' , ■'. / /. • ' ■ ' i -’I ■ / ..A ' • ■ ■ IfANCHSSTSR B V E I^O H£RiU4>» CONN, SATUItDAY. N O V S^ER 4, IM l 4 1 01 Quutd>^’ vttt* .^^MANCgaSTEB EVENING HgRALD. MANCHgiEsA, OOHK, SAtURDAY; NOVEMBER , S r j u t a j m m Mfor tt. ■n^pwvii. A : •Wonder$,.of the Vtd^eri^ taMaanmt ^TIm IU17 vote «1m iMM«d tM Connecticut JjfOUtliMnta of AIHm u d AaUL '^Bat UmI, Ilk* PrMMaat, k ill- Yanked lOiberatioli l§dy« «m (•nola* ntactaacc, u mmnUy U» crattUonal dd« pUy By A. Hi O. Which aceomptniM U» actiu) dl> BMb MMMdM Church Biiigeite te .fViDiMite ! ly BwvIoa CteasOI-Oradaa 2 .4 and Ona tea be sure that am M tha ;.Rtevi0lm;l«;SNMIl%, PMM 6 will maatjn undaronft at 9 :16; m tioa of tvaata. W* ahaU aa«k Rev. InwMace gimtei moM higb-preiMkrad moa eoiinta In Kindarfartan,. Nursary, Brat and pwytval >la. by, aad fcom, th* Rev, Pemy M..teairiMg stoond gndaa wtil meat in Pariah By DR. I. M. LEVIZT, DIRBCTOB other two prabe4s and follow tea iMHUb. Ooanactlcut poBthsal hiatory is now MMMen Heuaa; sixth gradt aad up will IlM Fete Pinaatoifaai moon by approjtimataly the earth- ERvicES D ir e c t o r y < bqing taken among tha 72 mem' 'M4m «s at T, 4 5, lb and U, in ttOet la church with adulto. Of The FraaJdfai Institute moon distance. t and 10:45 a.m„ Momihg Woi> the Chapel at t and ^0 aon. 11 Am., Holy Oommtmien aat The roaaon for tee strateffio im­ ® ^-ltelp. aermon by the RAvTMr. Rev. Mr. Ah The disdovciy of two cloud-Uka portance of these points w that RATaa Whgner’s Meander SermOA natural satiWtea of tea earih t n i Oomml^ee. fmond anUUed, Series: **nie Roly 1:30 pjn.. Canvassers wUl matt ■pace veMelss could rendeavoua at la the New York mayoralty tt tha count among them ahould Ougiit; My Gifts.” ' _st. tewiiniroi pOinU up an astnpoUtlcal theory teem before taking off for oteae ‘•^♦•aahhaaa finally go ena way, that could ba| I and 10:45 a-m., C2iurch School RUff. Jelm r. with canvass ehairm^ which hoMs that there are epe- campaign heads down to the wire. Menday pan., Bpiaeopai taigetA They could be uee^ to re­ aa«ftaa*»a«aa decisive, and it could, ccnceivaUy, | for Nuraery through ninth grade, Rev. JaaMi —5 ctflo places in apace vtelch are of supply expeditions, as storage fi- M i H i i i m i i •h»a«aaa«a Mayor Wegner seema to be fit­ end the great gubarnatorial race 10:45 a.m.. Church School fCr '?* JPcOaaa Churchwoman's Maating with guest atrategie importance and that no MANCHESTER aaaaaaaaaaaaa ___P^Ptagaa speaker, Miss Ann HohSon, cillUee for fuels, and for recon­ Hair Tinting and Bleaching a**»a»aaaaa*aa«aaa' ting into a recognizable caricature before it has redly begun. Senior Hlsh. country should deny access to naissance of tee entire earth. a t la st He le the man who “ “ ouftg Adult Fellowship— tor of religious adueaUon at Chrlat these places to any other country. In tee future it is possible that AUTO PARTS Way the race would not be decld-|Deaf reung party; rCfreahmanta: Maasaa at 0, 7, 5, f, 10:15 aad Church Cateadral, Hartford. Just as there are some plsicea 'Yo’jr Natural 8hail9 Restored everything, always a UtUe late, exp^UOna to tee moon wfll be­ , I I A . I tEfiFOOD 11:80 Am. on the seas where a vessel can ed, out it woidd be assured, andJ meet at Susannah Wesley Hall Wednesday—10 Am., Holy Com- come MgMy succeasful. Lunar set­ Choice Variety little too imconvincingly. would take plaCe. ,.1 with a rake. munioA etay for Indeflnite periods with­ Ask About Our FRENCH FLUFF ; St, Butectenidw*a Church ■ out moving because of lack of tlements could then furnish tup- In the office of mayor itself, he The ironies of the .parUcuiar .* p.m.,. Oonflrtta- Friday—0 Am,- Roiy Com­ pUes to the space buoys. 'When the Aheaya At Tear Betvtea B>>r haa been amiably late to do the nueUM -Scli^ Anditerium munion. tides and currents, so in Space • BBEVIOB QiialHy a ■ ^ ' Rev. PWHp BuaaCy, Pastor there Ore ithe so-called "llbration veMcles are loaded they could re­ a B()U1PMENT good things he has done, amiably turn to the earth to go into orbit First Lutheran CRuroh centers” where a space veMcle a PARTS jBsw aad rsbailt) Blow to uncover and rebuke the Masses at 5, 5:15 aad 10:80 a.m can remain indeflMtely as a sori around it. It may be cheaper to lup- a AOCESSOBIES Seafood . Rockville, Conn. Idy earth-orbiting veMcles from elMM «( N a A. bad. _ Rev. DavM G. Jaxhelmer, D. D of apace buoy. .The vehicles would a SUPPUES CRureh of tfao Aeeumptton UteraUy float at anchor in the sea te moon.than the earth because of a Du Pont Paint, Snppliaa 4 3 OAK ST.x Since he began campaigning for nomlnaUon. .should be fought cn| 7..80 p.m., MemberriUp Seminar Paster of space at these points wMch do tee lower escape velocity required. \ V J « ^ 99 EAST CENTER ST. reelcction, last spring, he has been terrain which might be called t h e |_ f l ^ ? ; , Adams St. aad Thompaon Rd. Open Sntnrdaya Uhtil 5 PJI. TEL. on 9-8027 ' Rev. Joseph FarreU, paator not change their positions with By the same token, expeditions TEL Ml 8-5009 ail over the political lot, but has hopte field for'May, and that, pi«-' 0 Am., Sunday School aasaea respect to the earth-moon taking off for Mare or Venus could Cicely in keeping with the natui Rav. Francb T. Ratter, Aseiatant for all Adult Bible a ja s. never managed to take a really First Ohnrok of Christ, Selentist tern: - Tendesvous at the space buoys to of the lotetem. defeat there would Teacher ’fralnlng Claae. Curiously, occupying these lib- be outfitted before imdertaking convincing stand, ta any one spot. be more terious for Mm than It Maaonlo Temple Masses at 7, 5,'5, 10:16 and 10:15 Am., Church Service. Ser­ C om plete the ■craM priaitaa lltSO am . ration points is easier than mak­ their mission. He has alternately wooed and would be tor Aleop. The RepubU' mon Topic: “The Secret of Giv­ ing a manned landing on the moon It is this potential which in­ HIGH GRADE can State Central Committee haa ing.” Every confirmed member is Knarfs GLASS fought the supposedly Wicked old tan oisie vvnirai v.xjminniee nss| Si^ofS'aiid^iuraSv***^**’ ®***'*^*^ Church of ttie Nasareoe -r-In fact, the manned landing is trigues scientists and makea teem HEATING to be labeled May’s home expected to make Ms or her pledge more difficult by a factor of three- wonder whether'we can asure free ROTARY OR ' 0 For Ante Wliidshielda line bosses of the Democratic ms 285 Slain St. to. the local and benevolent vrork FOOD MARKET because he ha« had throe years in | pa.,- 19 MapM S f ^ l t - m g sphaao If. our ■■■lawoent of the rsfosbier, without bringing them would, in the event of May’s resig­ The Bov. Laurence J.'Vlnoent 9:45 a.m., Sunday School on a straight line and for three At The fers the finest facllitlss. The large TEMPEST Associate BUnister classes for all ages, Nursery kitchen. bodies which were at the vertices NOW iR ««r New of the Holmes Funeral Home. chapel is capable of handling the at any tinne. Remember that this asflltaty Impllcetkms of the Rus- bade into bla fold. In the last week nation as state - chairman, elect 10 to 11:15 a.m-, Church School Many people are not acquainted will be in the middle of the holiday merchandise is new. REPAIBR O N - May’s choice of a "neutral" new through Adult. of an equilateral triangle—that is, very largest service. Should a season and with It parties, extra SALES and SERVICE alaa teat aoiaa dictates them can before election, the old-line vll- 8, 9:16 and II a.m., Church Serv. for four-year-olds through tlghUi a triangle with equal aides. COMMUNITY LOCATION with the many servicee offered by Are your rugs dirty? If so. GRILLS, ELBOXBIO momR chairman, who would he RepuUi- , 11 s.m., MOming WorsMp. g ^ e , in the Community Hail and the Holmes Funeral Home!'> One smaller service he desired, eliding entertaining and family gatherings. United Rent-Ails have a wonderful t not, ipifortunatdy, be taken as Islns openly repudiated him, and can Town Chairman James E. Bent ices. Sermon — ‘”The Byword of the 7 p.m., Family Gospel Service. Lagrange discovered that there doors can be pulled to form two TOASTERS, PEBCRMAXORS, Goepel.’’ Pariah Room. were five liberation points In the 474 MAIN STHEer that is particularly appreciated is One problem can be eliminated, the professional rug shampoo macihine aaythiar more' than a aincere Wagner was the totM reformer of West Hartford, Or elect Alsop’s Wteneaday, 8 p.m., Bible Study 7 p.m.. Junior FellowaMp meet­ Monday, Nov. 6 that they follow through with chapels, each with Its own family that will do a professional Job for VACUUM GLEANERS,, choice of a_ “netitral" new chMr- 9:15 and 11 a.m.. Church School and Prayer. earth-moon system where a body MANOHESTEK room. On the second floor a third worry over extra dishes, for Unit­ Paul Dodge i metaiwholy oa Ma p a rt again. ing. could remain for extended periods 10:00 A.M. WOODCOCK veterans administration benefits you. In Just one and one-half hours h e a t e r s .' f a n s . Perhaps the most realistic Judg­ man7vvho woiUd"heTformer H ^ 1 through Junior High. Friday, 7 p.m., Church open all 7 p.m., Pilgrim FellowsMp meet­ and social security settlements. chapel with a family room is ed Rent-Alls, 250 Tolland Tpke., you can thoroughly clean a large k 'Re may be retnetaht, but he haa evening for prayer' and meMta of time. He found that three .of Jnst west of the Poet Office REFRIGERATION CO. available making it possible to SEWINO MAOBDiES m ent that Wagner had become Majority loader A. Searie Pinney ' ’ ing. these were on a line Joining the The average family does not know East Hartford, has most everything rug. Tills means that you can do , Inc. I aat Umaelf or the road, and his of Brookfleld. Covenant Congregational Church tion. exactly what they will or shpUld handle three different eervicea at all of the rugs In your house in X, merely amiable and indeterndnate centers of the earth and moon. The you could possibly need for any 278 Main SL—Tel. MI 9-2881 A l work gnoraM fsd prograaa down it is quite likely to It is purely circumstance wMch (EvangeUcal Covenant) • Gifts for Every Oocaslon e receive in benefits but ths Hplmes the same time without confusion. party. They have practically a com­ Just one day for mere fraction makes this contest a UtOe more Spmoe St. near E, Center United Methodist Church of ^ to n other two were in such positions There is a fine loud apeaker ays- •y be Just as swift as it has boon in came from President Kennedy, North Methodist Church Goriier RL 44A aad South Rd. that triangles drawn through the Funeral Home takes eoro of these plete dinner set, platters, vegetable of the cost of sending them out. — ______^ / who, when he came to New York of a must for May than it la for Bev. K. EJnar Rate, Pastor 309 Parker St. matters as part of its iervles. tem throughout the Home, which Have your rugs truly clean for the other phases of the renewed mi' Aisop. May would probably prefer Rev, Rev. Onriton T. Daley, Mialeter earth, the moon and the llbration Sm t o for AliHiiiiNim dishes, salad plates, dinner plates,, last Thursday, gave Mayor Wag­ H. Osgood Bennett, Mliileter points were equilateral. There Is no running euvi^ by thS is completely air' conditioned. A dessert plates, cqps and saucers, holidays this Inexpensive way. For Olaor race. When, for inatance, the to have any crucial showdown come I 9:30 a.m., Sunday School sea family, no paper Work,, yet every­ dictograph fire detective sys­ etc. These are available at a most further information call BU 9-6383 CUNLIFFE ner a ride in his autompbile, and In a much broader area of the eion ■with claae for all age groups, 3:30 Am., Service of Holy Com­ The atralght-Une points are not • STORM WINDOWS and John Pratt, who has the DONWILLIU Builans tint honsonoed their 9 and, 10:30 a.m., Family Wor munion. truly stable for they do move, but Light Control thing is taken care op tem was inatalled some time ago moderate rental price. The dishes issued a routeie statement on his pw y memberteip. But he is state kindergarten through adtUt. ship. Communion. Sermon: "Ood’i •STORM DOORS Each year a memiMr of the which offers complete coverage are in a most attractive pattern franchtse for United Rent-Alls for oem TCemnptiaa of teptias'. Presi* teMrmm, and he has to resign thjit io:80 a.m., Oiurchtlme Nuraery 9:30 Am., Church School for all with predictable motions. How­ 250 TOLLAND ST. this part of Connecticut, will be MOTOR SALES behalf, but saved his own full- Good News.” deportments. Holmes Funeral Home Is sent to 24 hours a day to insure the home and you will use them with pleas­ EXPERT ADTO BOOT aad/ dent Reimedj^ initiid. strateiy conducted until close of Morning 9 a.m., Sunday School: Nursery, ever, the points which are ai the • JALOUSIES By Kirsch EAST HARTFORD against fire. happy to quote the rental rate. GARME fledged campaign oratory for the matlon. end that resignation will Worteip. 9:30 and 11 a.m.. Morning Wor­ vertices of the equilateral triangles a seminar wdiere Ae learn the ure for they fit Into any home de­ FENDER REPAIRS was to delay any Amwlean re- Grades 4-12. • AWNINGS • Vertical BUnds > BU 9-6333 latest develoimumts and tech­ Through its membership in the. cor beautifully. As a matter of Incidentally, this machine ia easy 18 TeL M t 9 . « |l l somptiwi of taattns^ not only be- gubernatorial campaign over in ship. Sermon: “ Designed Strat- are definitely stable. to use. ENAMEL and LAOqUER . 10:45 a.ffl., Morning ’WorsMp. 10:30 a.m., Sunday School e Veaetian hhhNm niques. They ftd this is the only National Funeral Directors Aaro- fact, United Rent-Alls have re. New Jersey. In other words, the *°®*‘*‘* ^ ^ Sermon: ’"nie Heavenly Home- Nursery, kindergarten, Grades 1-3 ogy.” It la for this reason that the Best tiuality—Lowest Prices Power and Hand Toole United Rent-Alls has papering BEFINISHINOS . causa be himself was sincerely re- 9:30 and-11 a.m., Nursery. Polish astronomer Dr. K. Kordy- way to in su r^tee exce{lence of ciation, death occurring away from ceived many complimehta on the boards, steamers and papering ^id iiiiig h President was not quite eiure how 2 d e f f i to ho?d CelebraUon i t Sacra- 6 p.m., JuMor High Methodist Free Mtimatea e E-Z Tentis e Custom Window Shadra Painting and Decorating Tools their service. home chn bei handled bythsHoimes excellent taste used in selecting toetant to do so, peibaps, but also ai decision to hold o rg an lz sU o n a l|o < a > m m u n lo n . Youth Fellowship. 12:05 p.m.. Meeting of Board of lewski of the Krakow Observa­ e BqMLir a Waohlng Garden and Land Toole kits for rent, so if you plan to do REASONABLE PRICES tweauaa the lo n ^ we delayed the m ute he wanted to sink or swim Trustees. tory diligently searched the eky All of tM equipment at the Funeral Home. A call to a mem­ dishes, silver, glassware, for no one any papering, save money by FREE ESmtATER •m. I— . I t .P-m-, Opening session of In- 7 p,m.. Senior High Methodist Baby, Honsehold, Party Holmes Funeral Home Is up to ber of the Holmes family will re­ will ever know they are not your ^ IRAKE SERVICI « era are held Ruaala alone on the with Wagner.. Youte Fellowship. ’Theme: 7 p.m., Senior Methodist Youte for the two natural satellites of B ia fUNSKY renting the equipment. quirer’a Class. Open to all who Fellowship. and Banquet Needs > date; no/car is used over threw lieve yop of all the worry and own personal selection. Floor scrubbers, sanders, ppUsh- RT. 88 — VERNON, c o n n . spot Ibr #uHd condemnation. Bui: All this now seems to mean that >>e**t“ncy wish to learn the teachings of our Found a Neyv World.” the- earth and eventually photo­ Ml 9-9095 FINDELL MFC. GO. Invalid Needs years, ^ la year two new 1961 Glasses of all kinds are available Frost End AHfMMSH '■-.t 8 p.m.. Meeting of Stewardship graphed them with fast lenses at 485 5I1DDLE TPKE., EAST confusion of making arrange­ eni, edgers will make refinlahlng Jnst Above the Treflle Cliela O s PnaBdant proved able to bdd Mayor Wagner has succeeded in ‘^• church regarding Christian life. cars were added and of course ments. Simply tell one of tee fam­ —^highball, cocktail and champagne the floprs an easy Job. In many Hosts and Hostesses at the church. UffiM W4)en the faint objects were —and for extra convenience a port­ TELHas-OOld ^ A abam iI 7 to this stanee tor a d y three or meandering himself into a position te « c e for the nomVfion’"h^*S?y denomina- Emanuel Lutheran Church above -the horizon without the sun Phone MI 2-4865 they kre available to anyone us- ily you want the service handled cases a real good scrubbing and ^mmmwm mmpBm W M I - where he'may even be vulnerable Rev. C. Henry Anderson, Pnstor B. A. PEARL, Prop. Ing/thelr services. and every detail ‘will be handled able bar may be rented. Cups, serv­ waxing la all that is necessary to tear days. Iheh he too. St. George’s Episoopnl Church or moon in tee, sky. ing trays, Si Urge, coffee um and ...... " : ' to Atty. General Defkowitz, the wiiTh;g^itf%”i f I Wednesday, 7:30 pjn., The Ep- LeMoyne CX Bolepiaji, Intern One of the well-known conse­ CAMPING if of the fine reputation of as you specify. make your floors look like new. X. ly airtny the resumption of ovr RL 44A, Bolton [e Holmes Funeral Home is the a banquet table may be obtained. Rental costs are sd reasonable it originally undistinguished Repub­ S ^ ^ h l n g f r iS S Pl«y win Rov, Edward W. Johnson, Vicar quences of this study was the dis­ Perhaps you would like to know If you require extra chairs, these ham tests, underground. say, in fact, that he has never de- M* i® ®® «vening of 9 a.m., Divine WorsMp and covery of the Trojan asteroids, at N o t ic e ■fiki EQUIPMENT 'act that it has been appointed as more about the services a funeral pays to do the work yourself. lican cahdidite. TTim is no longer CTiurch School; Nursery Chus for the member of the Order of the also may be rented. These chairs For work outside the house, A4ANCHESTER Aad; we made haste to get off veloped a lasting love for the pure- ®*®*“ - 10:18 a.m., HMy Communion. tee libra tion points for Jupiter. director gives to a family. If so, are very good looking, and are pad­ TOUMINE any bored anticipation, anyvriiere, ^ organizational side of the game. three-year olds; music by the CUSTOM MADE Tents, Gets, Sleeping Bags, Golden Rule In this conimunity stop in at the Holmes Funeral chain saws mean that you can cut soma Masts of our own. 10:16 a.m.. Church School These: are chunks of rock v^ich WE HAVE DAILY Air Mattresses, Stovee, ded for extra comfort. that the returns next Tuesday Yet however much he may be St. Blary’s Episcopal Church Chapel Choir! 7 p.m.. Young People’s Fellow- may range from the size of a brick CANVAS AWNINGS for the skeond ywar. Naturally, the Home and they will be glad to down a tree in short order and they MEMORIAL CO. MoiC it is the resumption of pMIosopMcal abput losing the state Church and Park Sts. /■ 10:30 a.m., Divine WorsMp and Lanterna Holmes family Is proud for this Planning on serving punch? also have all kinds of tools and OpiKwtto Boat Otobetesy PAINTS night will be merely routine in telp. (or wnaller) to a diameter of sev­ DRIVERY T0.1HE talk with you at any time. Theirs Punch bowls and cups can be equipment. Before investing your tasting in the atmoqhere which is chairmanship for himself, and pos-1 The Rev. George N. Noetraad, Church School; music by the eral miles. They reside in Jupiter's order Is an international affilia­ is a rsal servics of sincerity where rented. You can eliminate worries character. elbly for no gubernatorial gMn, it Rector Emanuel Choir. At both services, MANCHESTER mmey in something that you use For Isst fensMtt teitatbre, and which the President Community Baptist Church orbit around the sun at points tion of funeral directors having personal ..consideration is a tra­ over dishes, silver, glasses, chairs 9>iaK7y MtmoriedD turns out that he can’t make the Ihe Rev. .John D. Hughes, Senior nuraery for infants; sermon by high ideals of servics and rigid dition. only temporarily, why not inves' Is rehietaht to order. But, once clean and total break after all He Assistnnt 685 E. Center S t both 60 degrees in front of the SURPLUS SALES CO. for all pf those items can be rent­ t o t e the Unlted-Rent-All plan? The Joint That TV Raided Pastor And-eraon, ’The Imprint of pkuiet and 60 degrees behind it. 169 N. MAIN 9!^ ed at a truly low cost. Another ; Over 20.Fean ffipeilaiin again,; the kind of time table still has to f l ^ t for the offlce by The Bev. William F. Gender, God.!' ‘At the Green’ BOLTON You will save money and still have which Might be anggested by sudi proxy, and he cannot quite give up Junior Assistant The sun, Jupiter and the aeteroids at Depot Sqnam beef stew, cheess wedges, assort­ thing to remember 1s the fact that the advantage of using fine eqii PAUL'S A- month ago federal agents, 6:30 p.m., Hi l«ague meeting in ^•9:30 a.m., Sunday School for all are at the vertices of equilateral Rockville-Vernon the illshM, silver and glassware went vdien you need It. Stow _ Mhictance la almost certain to cd- what he ia quite willing to lose. the League Room. Open Dally to 9:00 PM, ed sandwiches; Thursday—roast are definitely good looking. .Why CoH Mi 9 -5 8 0 7 with g. teleriaion network’s cam We get cheerful new* from both 7:30 a.m.. Holy Communion. ages. triangles. The length of the sides J. FARE—Ml 8-7111 chicken, dressing, gravy, noodles, at United Rent-Alls and look' over raiHY $um ,Y lapae, :Ub Jerry Biibop Shew B , . LA Upholstery IheM are, of course, some other Sept 29, and arrested IS persons, I Meditation by the Rev. Mr. Davis. Colonnades as the paradise of their 4:06 Cash On H a n d ^ Sherwood Martin and Harry of Griffin' Rd. The dinner is open St. John’s Polish mately be productive for ah the 8:06 Raynor Shines Welles will present the latest In to the public. r J p i p m - Shops VIC’S FIZZ2 SHOF h stlona who ahare Ndiru'a mls- including tea key shop proprietor. Triie ' Christians will' want to Church School, Grades 7 through dreams. Here is the casual, carefree life WRECKER BEER residents of Rockville.” 1:00 Nsws. SUmon - W 2114415 Tnaflke gnidad Maocenee. In fact, there 12, will report to their rooms at National CatiioUe Churah that makea a relaxing vacation. You’ll be­ ftTIO—IM* sports attire for men. The second record hop of the RB-UPHOLSTERING 162 Who have since hem out on ball, gather with their fellow Christians Rev. Walter A. H^szko, Foator .. TEL MI. 9-5607 Other campaign pledgee are list­ The Festival of Gifts in conjunc­ season, sponsored by the American • PheMins-svie wera ft of them at a mestiag of to praiM and thaiik God. We should 11:15 a.m: come rejuvenated with our excellent serv­ ed this way: 1:WI Monitor • Modern Foraltnre - awaiting their d ^ in federal court 11:16 a.m. All canvassers train­ SERVICE y t FREE DEUTERY J'iS New Hampshire a t UColm. tion with the fashion show will of­ Legion and its A t^ ia ry wJU be the United Nations General Aa- want to hear the Word read and ice, superb accommodations and delicious 1 . Restore ’’sensible, efficient and 4:00 Monitor held Nov. 18 at the Legion HaU. aad AatlqMa ’Ihe aequel fook place last Fri­ ing meeting in FellowsMp Hall: Masses at 8:30 and 10;8d a.m. WILL BUILD cuisine. Directly on the Atlantic Ocean, t;ai> StrtcUy Sports fer hand-stenciled tinware, hand- PISA aembly*a Political Committee just explained. We will want to partake low-coet management.” knit mittens and caps, etuffed toys, e Store Stools aad Booths day, Oct. 27, when Massachusetts of tee' Sacrament We will want to 7 p.m.. Mu SijSigma Chi and Pil- . . , with 825 feet of wide, private beach'.. 2. Restore purchasing of surplus 7:00 ^yboard Kingpins SPAGHETTI about the time the President was grim Youth EnllowShip groups 7:16 Cheers new children’s; books, and a variety Maacheeter Evening Herald 0 Onstoia Fnraitare state police- entered Boston, raided pray corporately for others. We Write Dept 1 for free color fold­ VICHI'S equipment to rralace worn-out 7:80 Monitor of articles suitable for holiday gift South Windsor correspondent, •flip Ooveta and Draperies iaking his own announcement. will meet a t the church. er or see your travel a||rat. i0:30 Joss R A V lO U 4 the jHune key repair shop, found will want to take part in the Lord’s TO SUIT PACKAGE STORE municipal equipmoit. 11:16 Sports Final giving. Proceeds from the affair IsMirm Katz, telephone Mitchell Made to Order They were voting, these 72, In fa- Work with our fellow Christians. Area Churches 3. A program of " r e a r sidewalk U:30 StsrUzhfIt 8erens4e ~ will go to tee chuixh bbllding fund. 4-17U. its bookie activity still going on, iFlev. Walter L Abel, Salvation Army 20 BISSELL ST. repair.’^ 1:00 aixejoff Cmnplote Meqtioa of Materials, OPEN DAILY TOr of a .resolution aiding the big 661 Main St. The Festival of Gifts 'wiU opep P JR . and arrested three periK>ns, includ­ Our Savior Lutheran Church, 4. Ihetltute effective traffic con' at 7 p.m, and the Fashion Show at FREE ESTIMATES 7?80 AJl. to lltiM powera! to rtfraln from nuclear ing, once again, the ahop’a pro­ Wapping. MnJ-T E. Walter Isuule Sacred Heart Ohnrch TENANT trol and.safety'programs. 1:00 Club 91 SUNDAYS BL 80, Vernon 4:00 Sound Stage . 8:15. Tickets may. be secured from Classrooms Shut 202 N. Mala S t. Maacheeter testing .of any kind, with or wttb- prietor. Officer In Charge 5. "Let city, departments func­ 7:80 Saturday^lzht Oaecc Party Wapping Oommunlty canirefa Wom­ 4 PM. to 10*40 P J L Rev. Ralph Kelly, Pastor MODERN tion in accordance with the city 8:00 Nlzht iltMt . 20 M224 fut agtaament of any kind. Doing this, tee state police CPs Cost la S3,950 Excellent location near 12-00 News ^ UO en or by calling Pat Westbrook of CLOSED MONDAYS 9:30 a.m., Sunday School- for the Shopplag Parkade, charter.” Mountain View Rd., or Virginia Despite Shortage Tbaae 72 were the wistful nut' broke a sort of unwritten code; by all ages. ^ Masses at 8, 9:30 and-11 ami. NOTEL 6. Appoint ’’only the beet quali­ Wp OP—1419 - Iiyaahington — Pay, suhslstence, West MldJle Ttitaplke, T V SERVICE 1:00 News Sleei^r of Beelzebub Rd. Joiity (tf ths cammltte^ 'vote. wMch, in the oast, they have left 10:45 a.ni., Holiness s s r v i c e . near Broad. Ample park- MLM BMCH SNOms fied people to boards.. . . 'without 1:10 Lou Terri Washington—Despite a shortage ' iput ,tha raaUam was with the bousing, and" clotMng for one I Music by Citadel Band and Song­ St, Francis of Am IM ^lureb 405 CENTER ST^ consideration for political affilia­ 2:00 Conn. Ballroom Avery~School Notes of 142,160 public-school classrooms such business to tee city polite of United States soldier cost an av­ iagwproaaoaable r a t Riviofi Botch, Florido e Phone Palm Beach, VI 4-5221 6:W News Weather Grade 8 students at Avery Street lOatag minority, ebmpoeed of 21 sters.. SuTnon by MaJ. Lamie. South Windsor DUCOindDUlUXRfflHiSHWe Corner of Griswold S t tions.'’ 4:16 Conii. BollMaai in, the United States last year, B e r u b e * s Boston, v^o handte it by neVeT erage of 83,950 last year. '2 p.m., Hospital visitation by - Rev. James F . Glynn, Pastor For Dataila 7. Cooperate In all areas of Civil 7:00 ^ h Scott 1 Elementary School have formed a about 15,000 classrooms were aban­ svan f i ^ opposite raiding any bookie Joint: So the Rev. Raymond R. Yfukaoslcns, TEL Ml 8-2206 7:80 NewsTiwaather debating team. They will debate doned. TYPEWRITER SERVICE O s t r in s ic y I Mrs. EUrabete Wilsoii and Mrs. Phone JA 7-1811 16« MIDDLE TURNPIKE, WEST Defense. 479 Middle Tpke. E. Jldas of ' the world .. .ideological Boston city police are horrified Assistant Faster ' ' 8. Work cooperatively with the 9:00 Ray BMntrs ' . any timely t'opie with' parents on Most of them were In rural dis­ I Thomah' McCann. . Aok For MANCHBTER ltOU News . two weeks' notice. . NanchMtor ' DULBt lN W ASn I 4nu% ,aUU know that only coa- and offended. But our. sympathy 6':30 p.m., Praysr service. MOTOROLA^ : redevelopment ciimnilsslon to 1:10 Bay Bomsrs tricts where population >Is falling. tMnad awielear . testing by every­ HEALTH CAPSULES Masses at 7, 8, 8:15,'9, 9U0, ' Boh or Ohariea Winkler mamymuu ' bring about an acceptable and nec­ 1:00 Del Rayese ' The eighth gradon are sponsor­ Most of the shortage is'In urban IkEBinO-T TYPEWRITERS goes not to them, but to tee poor .7 p.m., Evangelistic service t WDCF—1119 ing a variety show featuring pri­ areas. ■' » body Win make the worid go hylileiMelA.Petll,lta with special band and songster 10:15, 10:30 knd 11:30 a.m. AT OUR NEW BRANCH STORE ' Manchester SALES and SERVICf essary program. LOO CBS News BOYKL8, DNDERWOOPS, proprietor of the key shop. Being School Mean . marily dapee routinea from the L G- SBOTHS, Etc. MATERIALS ■aund. ;This proud , list of the HOW LONG POES It TAKE . music. Sermon by MaJ. Lamie. 1:10 CBS-Ife Mew Gay Nineties Era until the present. raidwl for t'televislori'show is one St. Beranrd’e Ohurch We service sU makes Of TV, Lake Street School:. Monday— 1:15 .Showcasei •( tousie Plane.Fertilhes Trees bMdly !praetleal natiopa joined FOR AN,INCISION TO . '***ST* M Ifetol 3-7043 meat loaf, maahefi potatoes, but' Dances Include 'tee Lindy, the Wo Haadio 8taUeaer> Aloag ‘ o n d lR D N thing, wMcb is - understandable, HEAL COMPLBTBiy 1 ' I Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 27 8L Bernard’s -Ter„ Rockville Radio and Phonogrnpha - Travel Cliarleiton and tee Cha-Cha. The jjmdf its nine sstcUitea to- Rev. Patelek J. Btahoney, Pastor tereJ beets, applS' sauce; Tuesday 3:16 Oioivcaae of ifuale With Oflim filactotaw SnppUea these dkys, even to a bookie. Hav­ (Mtssourl Synod) > ' ' —corned beef, cabbage, mashed 2:85 Local News and toowcast show will be presented i n . ^ r c h Newark—The first application of Your Mall List Aa Deolred j evith te e United States ing gone through *teat in good Cooper and High Sts:'--' p^tqes, buttered peas, pears; 8:00 News or April. Mario Phtsza is in Charge. a complete fertilizer to forest lands 7ll.rARKEBST. “ ------Australia, China, Rev. 'Paul G. Frokopy, Pastor Masses at 7, 8,9 ,1 0 and 11 a.m. 8:10 pMiwcaaa ol Heale Conversational French is taught by airplane was made In New A. J< REBUBB, Prop. spirit, and even being willing to COMMERCIAL S'MEH'S SHIRTS Wednesday—hot dogs and potato 3:86 Lpoal News aM iboweass TeL l a 2-5TM e r H I S4f«9 ^ 1 . . teUy. Losmnboutg, casserole, parsley wax beans, .qar- 4:00 News' to interested 7te and 8th gradere Jersey, where a cloud of fertilizer Ml »-2477--2a 8-4242 take v ^ te v e r pehcJty Ms nrie 9 a.m„ Sunday School. Free bus Rockville Baptist Church AND rot titicks, fruit cocktail; 'Tw fs- 4:10 Showcase of Husie " Monday, Wednesday and Fridaye was spread..-si tee rate of 400 te ^ ip^plnaa, Portugal and transportation. 60 Union St. Laundered and Finished 4:56 Coming Eveata pounds an acre-over t l acres In may call for, tee key shop pro­ day—meat balls and spaghetti, 'cole 6:00 News after achool. Those grades are also prietor had already done some­ 9‘JK) ami.. Adult Bible Study. RockviU^ Conn, INDUSTRIAL slaw, buttered carrots, gingec 8:10 CBS-Calllng Anierica eliglMe for the science club which Just 6 seconds. The cost was less 10 a.m.. Divine WorsMp with Rev. WInthroD-w. Fanuirortii, bread and topping; Friday—to­ 5:36 Local News and Showcass also meets after achool on Wednes­ than 2 cents a pound. - .PMUaUe R , had tea thing for society, and -almost had Holy Communion, Text: PhilUptans Pastor 6:80 Sports Bpedal ^ that, sraa mato bisque, tuna fish sandmehes, 4:00 t o News days.., •■A Bome|right to conaider himself Im 8:17-28. Theme: ‘‘Living in Heaven m i n t i n o assorted cookies. Brea(i, butter and 4:10 Wall Street Report ‘ Rummage- Sole Set kHiniUi Bums' froM new molestation, espe While Still on Earth.” Nursery in 0:30 Am., Church school with JJREE milk aeroed Ytitb each luncheon, 4:16 Showcase ol Music Blvergreen-Wood Oiapter of East­ lasorotiee OoveraM For sHm brongkt.ln with another fiiu gmtmtnt to 4:80 CBS' Kuropesn Diary the day In a United eially if it didn't even have tele- the parish house during church classes for all sigea, ntiraary Vn IWM tto )to. . . w hm jwt Dm r W Du Pont .Maple' Street School: Monday— ern Star will hold a'lummimg sate, service. through adulta. Year Protoetian be cleaned and preeaed at our legnlar price. PtM ftr it... ia colon to ankk • i4:66 Phil R lnutoS porta ^ 4 ^ Mae of the nations visloh for an excuse and had no pork with gravy, buttered-peas, 7:00 iPS News Nov: 18 at tee Masonic Temple, 4 p.m-, ISlon congregational 'in­ 11 a.m.. Morning worahlm Sar- f 109,099 OomptBMLtion ' • 1U EACH CUSTOtlER quoitionMooiN)...wMtoaHf .i.howtoaiRT cranberry sauce, . choice of but­ 7:10 Showcase and Newa East Hartford, beginning at 9 a.m. "Suburbia ■ apaM nudear power or other aeeming Justification than vited to attend the annual Mission mon topic, ’’Together In duU ST ’5 7:64 C M Nawa and {tapina 5300,000 Pnbtie Liability ( A U HS for OMprt M p o« your aixt paistisi iob. tered rice or mashed potatoes; 8:00 CBS—The World Tonight Anyone wishing to donate articles ,^tonnl It warn tea mere routine tact that a law festival at ’the Lutheran Church of Love.” Reception of new membera. Tuesday—scalloped potatoes with 8:16 Showcaae of J a n Madison, at Britton Lane. Service of Oomnutiiion. . 126,900 Preiperty DoEnogO ONLY-^ONDAY, NOV. 6 may bring them to Mrs. David was beihg vtolatod. Where, if you THRU SATURDAY. NOV. II. ^ ham, com and pickled beets; 10:00 Showcase and News Tripp of 457 Main St. Today" 7:80 p.m.. Evening Goapel Hour. 12:16 i h p i ^ THE 51AOAZ1NE OF iktiiiwptn to be la Boetoa one of EetabBohed 1915 Wednesday-beef stew arlth as­ I f a p ^ Wlas Safety Award ABOUT TWO 4VESK5. Concoidia Lutheran caiureh Meaaage, "Itomember Let’s Wife.” 45 Toon Of Seriilee sorted sandwiches;,: Unirsday— Wapping Elementary -School has PUBABANT PLAGES tea tbioo days, would you go if you BfifORSTHia TlMC,yo(f . 40 Pltlda.SL 723TiAlJr8T„ MANCHB8TER PHONE M] 9-4501 spaghetti with hamburg, butisrod Gentle Foe been presented the National Safe­ A MONTHLY FEATURE OF wnatietf to'plate a bet, now that BHOULP NOT SUBJECT Rev. Fanl C. KaJser, Pastor St. John’s BpiaoopU Church NEW SYSTEM een beans, dole slaw; JPriday'!-. ty CbunoU’a Honor Roll certificate ) BoekvUle,-Oonneettent YODB HOMETOWN JPAILY ,Aod bote the totmml and tee state po^ THE MClBiON^ BTRESS RUY THE PAINT THAT»S WORTH THE WORK kod macaroni and cheese,' but­ Alteougli they wtra feos on tea for the fifth consecutive year- The NBWSPAPEE 9 ajn.. - -H o 1 y Communion, The Rev. James L. Ornat, Beetor etered carrots, cole slaw. battlefield during the Crusades, Roe 4M teiaaBtagr TVy 854 M ^ DNUSB TWINCiSIOli Church School am Loundra and Dry Cleaners National School Safety Honor Roll isBUpransF. id Nuraery. OURMBE JB A n lllD D iJ^ and VERNON ST. Northeast School: Monday— Saladin, tee .Maoism ehief, seat is a funetianary safety education ■achusetto Av«- Tteo-rign over te i 10:30 aJn., HMy COmmunlmi, Loyalty Sunday—B ajii.. Holy (Aero^IT!^ OoMTe Oarage)—F|tEB PAEKlNO I creamed dried beef, laateed po­ snow from the mountains around program, ompbasislng personal ^totrl|EBtEr - kaya..'’ Church School and' Nursery!urserv Oomtaiunlon. tatoes, peas; Tiuaday—ocaUoped PanuuKus to cool tee tent of King safety ond.opnslderatlon of othsn. Adult------Bible Cloaa. ~ 9:16 Am., X|oiniiti: ftay sr, Faad«'- < ' ] » PAINTS iFotatdas, baked uacheon meat, Richard the Uonheattod. who was Children- are taught to protect itiEttlttd ifErdh , , ■ - s,- whole kernel o e n i Wedneetiay— atricksn with fever, themselves. agalast huarde of still F , r w t .JV.--'-*-i-- . a. i ■


RfldtS^Tf SporU le Lashed Hawks Crowd Rushes 'Mtor%^ „/ . If*, m m lUutt0- sklrB, v m o 1M«. Herald Angle On Field Jiist ' li«s—r*l« T0. Dstrtaisatk, with Victory O im m I •. By EARL YOST . t:S0—NBA Nats Before Ending vs. OkaaiMls tt, Bo. New York (/P)—That tongue lathing owner Ben Kemer Bill Skowron will be a busy man 4 p.ni.-»NrL 'OMm ot W«Mr, gave his St. Louis Hawks several days a^o seems to have had when he visits Mancheater^TMirs- Bofitfln (/IP)— ^The Boston 3»M(hfiiel 4SNant|i« ' OhannM S. the desired result. The defending Western Division cham­ dsy and Friday during his official Patriots mAy try to M tent the UBMkttlkiihiif) MOtmeUiIi WlntMTNt 4:S0—Kaca »t Waak, Okamial pions in the National Ba.sketball Association snapped out of engagement here to pi-omote 10 pin MHewr.dvnbl* SlSlMf 40 UMM is MMiC 1«. their complacency last night to'4>' ^w ling at the Parkade Lanes. frantic finish. Exuberant «Md 84IWWS ttsfrtodpsl Bemie Giovlno, Parkade manager, fans almoat cost the club its aSKurklNf asPbaat -s 4:10—O a lla t,a Baarabaard I0ilp the Syracuse Nats, 106-94 a4CeoUagatenifl 40BMa«*4U abllsiliitate fJIUHUial 0: * It was a 107-90 defeat by Syra­ Chamberlain. Cousy scored 27 reports Skowron will speakThurs­ undisputed first place mrch 2SFIA ttCNoWotr (m ak fm ) 4 Al-8tar Oalf, Ohaa- cuse last Tuesday night that caus­ points and set up many others. day morning at 11 at Cheney Tech today in the American foot­ MWiMciipt 4S1 BlMsl nals 2t, SO. ' ed Kemer to give his team a dress­ Russell blocked so man.v ot and at 2 o’clock the same diay at MOmcw 5 pjn.—BIc Tina WraaUiBf, Chamberlein’e ehote that the Wer- St. James’ School. Friday, the New ball i^ g u e 's EaaUm Dlvistan. ing down behind closed doors the York Yankee first baseman will A spectacular 91-ymnl stdeline Ohaaiaal 8. next day. "I told them How 1 felt rior star finished with 28 points dash by Ron Burton on a klekod r r r r r* r" r r r r 10 p.m.—Clfht at Waak, Lat* about their Tuesday night per­ compared to his game average of address East Catholic High at 1 araata vs. Haatar. Ohaaaai S. 51.2. In addition Russell, former 1! II II formance,” Kemer eaid after­ dm?.^".t'‘ 2‘' He’ w m T p e a ^ ^ StuHlap— wards. "And I told thi^m it was San Francisco All^America, got 11" 17 21 points and led the third quar­ PMkade Lanes both T ghU . ! II S p.m.—4Haata ts . Kadsktas,' about time we got our house in Condolence.-: are extended to Nick - ”51^* Cliaaael S. order.” ter spurt that put the Oils aheaf II ll II for good at 64-55. Jackston, East UMtford High base- j were M ramalii 2 p.m.—Paokara vs. Oalts. Kemer couldn’t complain about ball coach and Ideal resident, whose Jw J^ n if*? S IT s Ohanada 22, SO. last night. The Hawke put forth a father died earlier this week in An- 4:20—Titaaa va. Chartars, good team effort and moved the ROYALS-LAKER8 — Gecar sonia . . ,„Cliff Qerbe, former Quin-1 double reverse ^ s lateral B R a • BTIP CSiahaal 2. ball crisply ail the way. Bob Pet­ Robertson, who got only one field nipiac athlete, will join Watkins’ I " ^ “ * 7 JU tit led with 35 points and Cliff goal in the second half against the voheyball team durin_g the coming! rtWe“ no Hagan got 20. Big Clyde Lovel- Lakers on Wednesday, was back American Vollevball sc^ : »"»wea no urae left in form last night with 81 points tIon starts Monday night at the I K ' Key C o n te sts lette w'ho Kemer said ''Nad been to lead the Royals. He got 18 in West Side Rec ' I RMne offleiaU told the -As- taking a lot of guff that belonged . I sociated Press there were 10 sic- s »r . ' to everyone” finished with 19. In the third quarter when Cincinnati ZML broke the game wide open. Fred Rm i nMs’s . I obds to go On the Official UmepWct Mark Today’s addition Fred Lecour turned in a Schaus, Los Angeles coach, was *J*^S**f ; and time would have run out before fine defensive game holding Hal M l League Jn the Mat week was Dallas could get off another play. ejected with seven minutes left that nexttiav: fall thetka tour u.aaka--—Manchester — . .. a— a**wwtw* 45 17 STOPPED—Abner Haynes, (right) of the Dallas Teicans, is stopped short by Fred Bru- Greer, SyracuM'S leading scorer, after a second technical foul .Was But the crowd forced a, time out to six points. teams will form their own circuit, call to clear the field. BT II ney (33) of the Patriots in the thir^ period of their game in Boston last night. Max Coliege Menu called on him. As ueual Elgin as waa the rase prior to the 1961 Boydston (81) is Teican in center and Tom Addison is Patriot at le ft., In other NBA games the de­ Baylor topped the Lakers. He got Th Patriots rushed peoser D aw ­ aeaaon. Thia fall the locals banded son on the next play. Ik) did a q)oe> JT 17 u New York (/P)—^The Universitym iv fending Champion Boiton Celtice 30 points. with East Hartford and Interest whipped Philadelphia, 112-98, Cin­ • • • tator, though the latter veered of Miami, getting a seconS^raightla-mi fell off aharpl.v . . . Worst football .away on his charge through the • IB M cinnati ended the five-game win­ „ PACKEBS-KNIOKS—New York defeats in modern times—last 12 4 sensational performance from ning streak of the Loe Angelee end zone before he got to the goal Had Chicago 62-58 before Walt year* suffered b.v Manchester line. The ball was batted down by Bound Hornung Chief Thorn sophomore quarterback George Lekers, 132-114, and the Chicago Bellamy and Bob Leonard ' went High teams were 59-0 In 1949 at Mira, blaet^ Georgia 32-7 last Packers defeated New York 129- Chuck Shonta. saving the victory. on a second half spree to spark the hands of .Middletown High suid Boston Coach Mike Holovek, un­ night and ushered in a football 118. thg Packers to their victory. Bel­ 54-0 against East Hartford . . . BY FRANK (YNBAC weekend stocked with vitally im­ beaten In four games (thrse vic­ lamy, who finished with 35 points, Coach Allie Sherman of the Giants tories, one tie) since he euoceeded Sides of Upset Minded Colts portant conference games. OEI.T8-WARRIORS — Big Bill got 25 in th* second half. Leonard | ** "Inglng the Muea but one wUI get Mira ran for two touchdowns, Lou Saban, was ecstatic. Russell and Bob Cousy eparlMd tossed in a total of 27, 15 of them 1^“ * Yorkers "Not much offense, not much de­ passed for two more and set up the the Celtice to their victory over in the laat two periods. Richie - t»’®uble with New York (jpy—The disap-^Mltchell and defenslva end John4>back Jim Taylor and the passine fifth in Miami's victory', second fense—just great footbaU,” Mika dinting Baltimore1 Af Colts —lA_ — will f21 Paluck nFof the Redskins akAMAlesAfereceived ek#of eiimquarterback s»4 #>lr Bart n*—Starr and__a Philadelphia and Wilt (The Stilt) Guerin led the Knlcke with 37. the Washington Redskins Sunday said. "Bo.v,, I probably don’t make (mm) permission from Ft. Meade au­ straight since Mira came oft the I afternoon at Yankee Stadium . . . ave this battle cry Sunday cope :^th the league’s stingiest much aense, but this Is ridloulous. E thorities to be absent from 4:30 team when it comes to having its injured list. He passed Miami to a I Springfield’s high-flying Indians Eh-ery week — Houston, Buffalo, in their National Football p .^ r ^ a y until 6 a.m. Monday. goal line crossed. 10-0 verdict over North Oarolina enterMn qrcii rival Providence te- last week. Dallas, Dallas again and Houston, League game with the Green ^T eT acUvltly in the Western Baltimore will peg much of Us I night la an Amerk-an .Hockey again next week. This pressure ie ' offense on the passing of Johnny The Hurricanes capitalized on . League skirmish a t the Coliseum Bay Packers: Conference finds the Detroit Lions five big breaks, and converted each I starting at 8 o'clock. Former tremendous — somebody’s just got y •/‘Stop Paul Hornung.” (4-3) at San Francisco, where -the Unitas and the pass-catching and to break down soon.” 4Bera (4-3) hope to snap a two- running of Lenny Moore. into a touchdown. Four of them—a Downstaters Indians ; Springfield favorite, Harry Pid- Two games earlier in this stretch K n High acorer Hornung, the Pack' blocked punt, a fumble recovery himy is now player-oonch with San, \\ • aes star halfback and field goal game losing streak, and the Min- This is the first meeting between were settled With Ume running out. neeota Vikings (1-6) at Los An­ the Eagles and the Bears since and two pass Interceptions—were Francisco in the W'eetem Hockey Gino Cappellettl's field goal with \ kicking artiat, dealt the Oolta noth­ 1665. Only once In 14 tries have self-made. Opening Tourney Foe League. The Indians have retired ing but miaeiy a month ago when geles for a date with the Rams three eeconds to go nlpp^ Dallas . (1-6). the Eagles beaten Chicago, win­ The other waa a freak punt by Pidhimy’e No. 8 jersey. 18-17 last Sunday. Houston cam# Green Bay clobbanad Baltimore, 45- ning by 12-7 in 1948, a year Phila­ Georgia’s Jake Says that went * • • back to tie the Patriots Sl-Sl on 7, Ha scored S3 polnta and made Although the Packers are delphia won the NFL crown. straight up, and rolled out of Pete Close. Manchester's latest 111 yards rushing in ths NFL’s cheered by the news Hornung wlU Co-champions of the Clentral Connecticut InterschoUstic a George Blanda field goal with be available for two more games. TTie Eagles, whose running game bounds for a one-yard loes on the League with Hall, Manchester High’s highly successful soc­ track star on a national scale, is five eeconds remaining. finest individual performance so far hasn't .materialized to expecta­ Georgia 36. this season. Green Bay will have to get along cer team has drawn Brian McMahon High of Norwalk as their keeping in top shape — as a miler New York, Bocton’s partner without middle linebacker Ray tions, will depend heavily on Sonny Two of the key gehies today are — and hopes to make the indoor sharing the Eastern Division Isad Until Wednesday, it appeared the Jurgensen’s aerials. The former in th e . Big Ten, Mickigen Stete- first round opponent in the Connecticut Interscholastic Ath­ Oolts might not have to contend Nitschke, who has reported to the circuit. Close is a Second lieute­ prior to lu t night, figures to fall 82nd Division at Ft. Lewis, Wash. Duke ace Is leading the passing Minnesota and Ohio State-Iowa. letic Conference's large school aoc- nant stationed in the Marinea at a full game behind facing San Di­ with Hornung in Sunday’s second show. Chicago’s Bill Wade U the -Mi<^Hlg*u State' tekes a 6-0 rec­ cor tournament to get underway ego's unbeaten powerhouse (9-0) ' meeting of the two clubs in Balti­ Green Bay takes' a six-game next Tuesday, games in both divisions will be Camp Lejuene, N. C.... Close does winning streak into the game. It’s No, 5 paaser. ord and top ranking in the nation not expect to take part in the tomorrow while Oakland,Oak is at Buf­ more. Hornung undergone hospital A Philadelphia victory would put into ^te game with stubborn Min­ The Indians, who were ranked played Tuesday afternoon, with falo and Houston at Denver. tests- and was found physically the first time the Packers have semi-finals on Friday and finals on Five Mile Road Race here Thanks­ won that many in a row since 1944. the Eagles closer to another East­ nesota.'Each has a 8-0 big ten rec> fourth with a 9-2-1 record, will giving morning... Tickets for the "When they needed it, they had qualified for Army duty.' / ern - title. If (Jhlcago wins, the ord, and tb* Gophers have come on meet the Norwalk hooters at Mu­ Tuesday, Nov. 14. It." iaid Holovak ip his review ot ' -However, the Fifth Army has an­ Green Bay hasn’t swept a season Bears would remain hot on the nicipal Field in Middletown Tues­ appearance of the Harlem Magic­ series with the Colts since 1254. fast since losing their opener. First round schedules: Class A ians at Manchester High, Sunday his playere’ performanca "They nounced that Hornung won’t report heels of the Packers for Western Michigaii State oa’ns a crushing day at 2:30. McMahon High, which and B: Glastonbury (1) vs. Hall made a lot of mistakes but played for ihiUtary service until Nov. 14. Several Threats honors. If they lose, their ■ title was the bottom ranked team of the night, Nov. 19, are now on sale at Besides Hornung, the Colts will ground game, feetiiring fullback (6) at Manchester; Manchester (4) Nassiff Arms. The Magicians, great football whet, they had to. The P s ^ e r star has been sidelined chances would be virtually reduced George Salmea and a flock of fleet eight which qualified, shared the vs. McMahon (8) at Middletown; That’s what we’re trying to sell out on occasions by a pinched neck have to halt the running of full- to zero. Fairfield County League title wdth featuring Marques Haynes, will nerve. haUbaqks: Its ruahing attack is SUples (2) vs. (3onard (6) at here. The fans loved it. ^ the fiifth most effective in the ns Staples of Westport. Meriden; Greenwich (3) vs. Eli meet Green Manor in a basketball "Larry Garron did the^sama Green B a ^ leads the Western tion. Minnesota’s defense is ranked Glastonbury High la rated the Whitney (7) at Bridgeport. exhibition. Seven foot Jim Dew, great running for us hs’s been do­ Conference with six victories and team most likely to w'ln the etate who is averaging 43 points a game, ing all year. Burton hafi bacn Im­ one loes. B a ltlm ^ has .a 3-4 rec­ Hornung Surprised by Decision third nationally. Classes C and D: Nathan Hale- is one of several newcomers with Scores te Settle championship. It shared the title Ray of Moodua (1) vs. Hand of proving each Mme. Wasn’t that ord. \ last fall with Hall. the Magicians who' also please run something^ Don't forget ha' The Green Bay-BalUmore. scrap Mississippi has a couple of Madison (5) at Old Saybrook: with an all around good show. . The tourqaniont will be run on a 'W*shlngton (4) vs. Litchfield (8) was hurt all last year and early- shares the spotlightht Sunday with He’s . Physically Fit for Duty scores to settle with LEU.' but may dual bdsia, with big and email "Toughest game in the NBA to this season.” ^ ' an inter-conference game at' Phila have trouble doing H. TTie Ben- at a site near Watertown; Newton schools fighting for separate (2) vs. Morgan of Clinton C6) at referee is a Boston-S y r a c u s c Holovak praised the tremendous delphia between the defending gals. 5-1 and ranked aixth, were championahips. duel," Sid Borgia, chief NBA of­ pass catching of Dallas’ Chris Kir- Champion- Ekiglea (6-1), Elastem Chiicago, Nov. 4 OP)—Halft>ack«bothered by a plnctMd nerve in the laat team to beat Miaaiasiiq?!, Cheshire; Ellsworth Memorial of ficial claims. The reason: “Unless Conference leaders, and the Chi­ Paul Hornung of the Green Bay his neck, expected to be disquali­ in I960, and spoiled a perfect sea­ Glastonbury was ranked No. 1 South Windsor (3) vs. Bacon ford whose efforts "you just can’t Packers was found physically fit fied. yoiterday among thosf in the big Academy of Oolechester (7) at you are a young man and in good defend against.'” cago Bears (5-2). son last year by tying Ole Miss school division. The first round shape, you'll drop dead... Jijst Oisnts Host Redskins for Army duty yesterday but will He revealed In Milwaukee yea- Both have 8-0 Southeast Confer­ Glastonbury. not report until Nov. 14 enabling try it for 48 minutes snQ set what Elsewhere, the Washington Red­ tarday that he had been told he ence record. The LSU defense is it does to yourjV heart?’’... Steers Register skins (0-7) visit the New York him to play two more National was ‘disqualified” after hie first probaUy the toughest second Giants (5-2); the Pittsbm-gh Steal­ Football League games. physical <5ct. 25. ranksd Mississippi (6-0) has en- It doesn't pay to hit an offlclaL Win Over Saints ers (2-5) Journey to Cleveland (6- Hornung, the league's scoring “At that time I waa told that oo(uitered. Kuhek Joins Rapidly Growing 2) for a test against the Browns, champion the last two yean, auc- Other t<^ games include fifth- Defenseman, and hatcheman, Kent due to the jammed nen-e in my Douglas of Springfield didn’t like San Francisco (fiP>—Kansas Qlgr who will have halfback ^ b b y oeaafully underwent a series of neck I waa dlaqualifled," Hornung ranked Ohio state against Iowa Mitchell in the lineup despite his tests at Great Lakes Naval Train­ (No. 9); and eighth ranked Col­ the call of a hockey ref In a re­ discovered the way to hAdlo -tho told football writer Bud Lea of List of B as eh aiy Servicemen cent game and skated .over and San Francisco Sainta—match ’em Army induction and the St. Louis ing Station this week. He was or­ the Milwaukee Sentinel in ah ex­ orado against Missouri (No. 10). Cardinals (3-4) invade tMllas to dered to report for duty at Fort floored the man In the striped on the backboards. clusive statement. Ohio State is tied-with Michigan The Steers and tho lainta meet the Cowboys (4-3) in Eastern Riley, Kan., and will join the 996th State and Minnesota for the Big Ft. Lewis, Wash., (>p)_New Yorl introduced his bride to his shirt with a left hook. In addition action. However, the Armv ordered Yankee shortstop Tony Kubek^ to being ejected from the foe, grabbed 40 rebounds apiece last Army Bngineen Company. Hornung to the Great Lakes Hos- ten lead, and its battle against commanding officer, Capt. Sher­ night and Kansas City beat SA Mitchell was inducted into the The 26-year-old former Notre Iowa once was 'ooked to as the bridegroom of two weeks. /Jias wood Huebner. of Company A, Douglas was also suspended for pitsl for a more thorough examine- swapped 'his baseball uniform for Francisco, 98-77. It was the first Anny earlier this weak ’iuid sent Dame star was somewhat sur­ Uon throug^h which he waa found key game In the Conference r€u;e. Third Battle Group, 127th Infan­ 10 games by the league office... Steer victory, tho first Saint de­ te Ft. Meade, Md. Late Friday, prised at the decision. Hornung, fit for duty. Iowa spoiled that .-yyhen It was up­ the GI duds of an Amiv pi^imte. try, and to his immediate topkick, Chloopee, Mass., American Legion The famed ’Red Arrow” of Wis­ Is sponsoring a six and one-half feat after a pair of wins and the PellUoal Bantering set by Purdue last a-eek. 8gi, Raymond Vlnarskl, of Mil­ only ffome of the night in tho The battle of unbeaten Colorado consin’s 32nd Division decorated waukee. mile road race one week from ^°™ung and teammates Rsy his fatigue jacket on his second today in diocipee... New Haven Am^can League. Nitschke and Bo.vd Dowler all were and Missouri, 5-0-1, could decide He waa then sssigned and began Chicago i0;2) visits Washington the,-big eight title and a trip to call to Army duty/H e hurriedly to unpack his newly-acquired gear Railroad will run a Football Spe­ fl-0), the Eastern Division leader, recalled as Army reservists. put the insignia /in after his ar­ on the top floor of one of the post’s cial to Princeton, N. J., for the Nitschke reported for duty yaster- the Orange Bowl. Snow fluiries in the only game tonight. Oeve- and 40 degree weather is fore<^t. rival late yeaterdgy "To be In old two-itory frame barracks un­ Vale-Princeton meeting Nov. 19. land and■ Pittsburgh' ’Itts' make their j day but Dowler was deferred for style.” He may Have 'referred to used since World War II. Tho train wll) leave New ^ v e n at i ABL debuts at. Plttsl tombr- I two weeks before reporting- to Texas, ranked third end owning other major league stars failed up. I Fort Lewis. W^ash. the nation's . most potent offense, Kubek had six months Army 9tlS... Official NBA Guide Is off: row night% the' only Suni y game. is s heavy favorite in a Southwest Today, ^ b e k , 25, waa separated duty after induction in October the preoe and filled from cover to ; The Hawaii Chiefs open their SNOW TIRES Like Hornung, Dowler' will be Conference game against Southern from hiirttri.de until the firet of the 1968. On release he became a re­ cover — 256-pages — wltti up to schedule at Washington Tuesday, able to play against Baltimore to­ Methodist. week. The routine prohessing of servist and their recent call-up put the minute facts and figures on . Kansas City (1-1) moved Into a morrow and the Chicago Bears all n^ly-arrlved soldiers was him back in uniform again. the No. 1 pro hoop league. Season I second place Ue in the West with TOWN and COUNTRY next week. In other games involving teams ahMd over the weekend. in the top 10, Southeast CJonfer- In baseball circles, speculation and playoH,' team and individual, ! * TTie recall of the three stars ^ u b e k and his wife arrived from immediately arose aa to his suc­ records are listed since the birth I night BMAND NEW ence le a ^ r Alabama, 6-0 and Mllwllwaukee in a late model station cessor in the lineup for the World provoked some political bantering ranked foiirth. play's Miesiahppi of tiie NBA. The Guide Is edited **' . NYLONS Sen. Alexander Wiley, R-Wis re­ Wagon packed to the top with bags champions. Cletls Boyer, regular by Bill Mokray .of Boston. I'ploded for a 80-polnt. thinL-quar" r : NOT SECONDS portedly suggested to the Defense State and 'Bobby Dodd, .coach of and personal gear late yesterday. Yankee third baseman and brilliant :.ter, paced by Bill Bridges, Larry * Departmeht that the three play- seventh ranked <5oorgia Tech, He said "We loaded up as much as fielder who has played shortstop * ' ’ Staverman A d Ome ’Tormohlen, Ms be deferred until after the end sends his team against Florida, we could, but we hsrd to leave a may get the call. Boyer hit .225 in Army A Navy Club will present | Bridges took game scoring honors A70x15 9 5 quarterbacked by Dodd’s son Bob­ $ of the season. Dec. 17. These re. lot of nice wedding gifts at home.” 148 n m es last season. a plaque in m m ory of Don Hem- | with 19 points. Tormohlen had 15 by Jr. k ports were frowned upon in many They looked extremely -happy as Other possibilities appeared to Ingway t^th e first ManAester i Ad StavemiA 14. 7,10 15 quarter*. — be the veteran Joe DeMaestri, who runner tp'^finish in the Thanksgiv- Jim Francis led Ba BTaacIsco at 82 announced hia retirement last ing pay Five Mile Road Race. "’Bh IT and Whltoy BsU nstted 18 7A0r1S 13 that a few people in month- but may now change '-his ngway, one of the men bAlnd ■ and Gene Brovjn 16 foe ths Saints. TUBE-TYPE, BLACK pohtica thought they had to take mind, %nd the rookie Tom Tresh, Ufo move to revive Ae popular race The SainU 'had trduneod As part in this,” said Hornung. "At Midget Queeii Will Be Crowned Jake Glbbe and Phil Ldqz. TreA th 1945, died recently. For years he Steers 100-59 Wednesday night no time did I or an.v members of hit .316 for Richmond of the Intm’-^ served A race director when the when Aoy out-rohoundsd KAsaa the Packer organization make a national League laat summer. a ty 62-39: ^ u est for a deferment through a At Mt. Nebo Grid Games Sunday Army A Navy Club sponsored Ae «J0x13 Congressman or anyone else.” Gibbs: also at Richmond, batted race. Mike Nimtrowskl. A*N i.TOxIS .270 and Unz was the Texas League president, said the Hemingway Dalfaire Benched m ❖ The Packers lead the Western batting champion at .349. award will be mAe annually 7.10x15 Division of the NFL with a 6-1 Sharing the spotlight with the $ 9 5 record, one game aheful of the regular Midget Football League other major leOpic stars who i Regular outside white house paint N«w London {/P> Ths Csast 7AQx1S liave preceded KubCk into recent is used to mark out the UConn Guard’ Academy sails against The league ha* a 14-game doubleheader at Mt. Nebo Sunday Army duty Inclujle Jim (Mudeat) football field at Memorial StAiiim. schedule means the Packers aftemcx>n will be ihc cro\Miing of Trinity of Hartford today vmAout 7.50x14 Grant, Cleveland pitcher; pitcher The UConn gridiron is Ae best the .services of star passor Larry will have to five .games with­ the 1961 queen, Rhoda Leber, who Stev'e Barber and shortstop Ron marked Aat this writer has ever R00x14 15 out Hornung ^ d Dowler Dallaire. Dallalro, vAOhas hurl­ TUBELESS, BLACK and was choeen last Monday' night In Hansen, bo A of the Baltimore O ri--, seen anyw'here ... "We use about »even without N lt^ke judging ceremonies sL the West ed hlmsWf^to numhor 10 among WUtewaU gf.M Mora Dies; and George Thomas of the Los ' 1 country’s sm A coliogo Side Rec. Angeles Angels. field’ AAletlc Director Joe Chris-1 from his quarterback Ntot, „ 'The crowning of the queen will tqUl nie. "We Ain the paint j his right arm in last wMk’s I Suspensions Lifted take place between Suiiday’s two just a httle wiA turpentine.”' . . . | w-fA RTI. Although 5 G a « ^ a ^ games involving team s. represent­ Hungarian Boxer Jiow'^about the Major Hoople and | shown noAlng sofloualV iajurod. :■ I On Snead and Bolt ing the Manchester and Ea^t Hart­ his football picks. The guy’s a j Ae arm ronutms sore and OAairo -Special Purchase— ford Midget Leagues. The Blue Dies After Bout wizard! Devils of the Silk City-League will will bo on Ao sidelines today. I Haywood, Fla. (A>)—Bam Snekd meet the. East Hartford Knights in Melbourne, Australia, (JP}—^^Hun­ A d ’Tommy Bolt, two veteran golf- the opener at 1:30 and the local garian l)oxer George Kraal. 22, died B.70xlS WHITEWALLS *10.95* Ing profeWonals who were sus- Cruisers will tAe on the East here today having been technically Play Wethersfield Eleven Today I pended In September for ducking Hartford .Plumbers in the night­ knocked out in a bout with Vic­ is.OOxIS WHITEWALLS rthe Portland, Ore., Open 'Tourna­ cap. torian welterweight Keith Lewis ! *13.95* ment, will be reinstated next Tuea- ’Die 1961 queen is the sister of last night. I Locals Play Eastern, Windhain day. Jim Leber, a member of the 'Kraal c.ollap8ed in his comer af- ’The Professional Golfers Associ­ Cruisers’ eleven. Members of her jS.OOxIS BLACKW ALLS *T1.95* ation’s Appeals Oonuqittee, meet­ court sure Donna Lawrence and wh'XnT*At Home in Last Two Con *Ptas tex—I7o down paymeat—Take • moatlu. ing here last night, reduced their Elizabeth Qauruder. He waa rushed to a hoepiul and suspeAslone from six months to 46 Queen Rhoda succeeds -- Bonnie operated upon for a cerebral days and their flnei from |500 to Anderson who was elected the lo­ hemorrhage, but did not regain A»cholsaUc League rtvals, ths PaM A N iN T AMn-FREGZE . . . $ 1 p«r Rd. 9100 each. cal Midget League’s queen last contciouaness. With road Alp of Ae indlAs ekA out A 16-19 victory FAMOUS BRAND ’ll waa the committee's decision fall. The queen and her court will Kraal was' well A ead on points season behind following .. tA ay’s wiA a sAong _ Second______half______oomo- DAY ftAt that Snead and Bolt have been be given gifts donated by Man^ when Ae bout was stopped but he visit to . Wethersefild, Manchester bAk. WoAerAold (5-1) is stUl in ---- ■ ••.••aaoaeaeeaaoeaeaeeea punished enough for the inddent," A ester Merchants. Included h A taken heavy punishment dur­ High’s football team will return contontton for the OCIL brown. said PGA President Lou Strong. amongst these gifts will be ah an­ ing Ae last round. Kraa) emigratT to Memorial Field for its final tw'o Next week’s foe,' Bristol Bastem,' •ONINeb MlAKi SHOeS—2 WHSLS ■ Snesd also was dropped from the nual troAy, donated by Nassiff A to Auatralla from Budapest in games of Ac 1961 season. Next is holding up Ae bottom of the ' U:S. Ryder Cup team, a move Arms. 1966 and hA ben living in Sydney Saturday aftemon Ae Indians host CdL at the moment. TXo Lan- which he said hurt him-mote than . At the conclusion of the season ever since. Bristol Bsstom aA Thanksgiving cers ha'vo yet to wln'ln Bvt loaguo I the suspension. the queen and ' her court will Day take on Windham of WlUl- encounters sad faced front iw* Both Snead and Bolt told the reign at the 'annual Midget Foot" RHODA LEBER mantie. ^ng Oonsrd of W ost.Hartf^ to- *lSc«ndi« Awav The Indians (1-4-1) still have a I committee they did not intend A y ball League banquet to be held at orsAnil face AAMustangs and Ae violation o t PGA rulea. They were the Garden Grove. No date has chance of , finishing A s ssason required to obtqin permission of the been set. Fighters A ll Ucklo Ae Elks. Manehestor’s Scandia AC sec 'wiA an even .500 record'If Asy I Portland Open fiponsote in order to ManAOster Fouy League ropro- cor team A ll taka to Ao road- CA sweep Aoir final Arao coe- The term’’dropper” li apNM to 444 CENTER STREET—MI 9-0960 Meanwhile, the Smoke Eaters- sonAtivos, winners of four of five ■unday to ]^ay Now BrlUia Pe- a dog that is a sroNB bstwm a play in a Pro-Amateur Tournament and Fire ITghtera both wlU be In, testa. Last year, in Ac first pointer aad a setter. Such dogo. tq Clnoeinnatl last 8 e ^ 39-24. contests, A a Raiders wlIT also bw lenla. Game ttmo wUl bo 2 at gridiron mooting over between Ac getloa In EfiJt The Eat- OB A# road playing Bouthlagtea. fttsiiiloy Quarter Park. ^on make saUafastory gun 4, -■ . " ' -two Oentosl Oonnsotieut Intor- dogs. . 1 ■A l^u»itfflnr ICAN CH ESte XVINIKO HERALD, MAHCHESTBR, CONK^ SATURDAY, NOVEMBER A IM l / MANCHESterBVEmNG RIBALD, Mi^CHESTER. CONN* SATURDAY, NOVEMBER

AatomobUes;for Sale A Wa|if#-rTo Bm " 69 THERE OUGHtA BE A LAW B Y P A G A L Y SHOHTBN M f l BttaiRooi LoefttioBB , l l 0 «bMa for Salt ' - 72 B qIw m fair $6lt 72 / . V.. , , . Houm for S»l« 72 Hoows for S«It 72 Lota Par.Saio 71 IMS PONTIAC, 4.door hardtop, PorlUiit $4 M CmCXAlt veXUMI, jn aby alathss MEB StedHis it'Podtor ited- BUT^, m u x Or trade antique WAtiCBR BTRBErr—a tooae Cape« WARM AND cosy 3 bedrbom Cape Hattie’s T fl hydnunatic, power ateerlng and ROLTON — Custom built ranch 5IANCHESTER, Oakland St. Sensi­ BUILDING LOT - 100x381 feet, [fOfiinKIWML'f] i f N r a ) llM t i m , dsUvtrsd sad bistallsd. ft (14) 818.60 BMttMSS, ( i l ) and uaed lumtture, china, fteai, oereened kwreh, BnplaeA l-car Just oK 5tain SL, HoUieter School hraJtes, radio; heater. MI 9>4155.: ; ailvar, ptetura framee and wo Mala at, at W Slreh home with 8 bedrooms pine pahei- ble 6 room single. Features indude fuHy treed*, d ty water, city Sewer, TOOHMAW ^ l “'H U H Truck Jock, ehalBa.' Venr rsaste- W*tegi, now 888- ^ t,0 « aq.-^tt.. patitlaa;. • Apply CarMe, ah^eu lo t m .M 0 . PhU- district, custom built, pricbd to «d kitchen, ceramic tiled bath, abte, AO 6-1481. (1) |68!i8 eutnt, rnatirM and coins; old dolls and guns, hobby oil steam-heat, copper plumbing, side'kelke, eurbs, exeellant loca­ LOUT OUR STRtirT7> u om oiu ' irwrut 5fhrlow*s, UafiT ■ .brick AgiMy, bOM iM . sell. 50 8477?. Owiter, . garage, 3 acres wooded lot. Selling city water and sewer, lot 100x200. Raisedf to ^0^ box springy now 848. (8) 878.80 coileotiaRi; attlQ contenta or Whole tion. For additional information Auto Drtvilir Sdiool 7>A UMJCIMORMI for ti?,600. Call Jarvis Realty Co., On bUsUne. Easily financed. Rea- SNOW TIRBS, buy t MW tlraa — quilted smooth top mslfrsMos. , estate!. Furniture Repair BervlcO, EXQEUJlil^ NORTH ELAC ST.—Custom built ? mr appointment. Call McCarthy • O ft MAIN gafPiTOlBEfofor any bUal- Realtors, 5 0 8-4113, 5 0 9-3519. 5 0 eonable taxes. . Priced ‘ right. g«t t MW WIMSlS fTM. H o down new ISO. (8) 88940 M nkette eat- TaioottvUle.-Cotin; Tel. Ml S-74S8. neea or room Colonial, landscaped In flna Enterprises, 50 8-5801. John Pan­ tARftON’S Coiuacticut’a ..first U- .W M W 1D snt nclud- 21 WestminStet S:1038. $13,300. Phone 5 0 8-6273, Brae- d ers, 5 0 9-1808. - Stores Looted paynsaL> Ools’s Dtecount SteGon, fits for bunk bods, now $85. Also ed, 4TI taste. This' home faaturaa center cenaed drtvipg achooi trained — OfTMOtMO 418 Canter St. TEN 8akS8 Morm wtndoWe or ap­ SJOti, 8-8. Bum Realty. Certified and approved is now ot­ (1) $48.50 H(dman-BaW unooth ball, Uvlng room formal dining Msnch«8t8r proximate elze. Tel„ 5a S-8623. FOl REDMBN’8 d u b - Sutt- (Ornttansd traea Poga Um ) CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEPT. HOURS tering classroom and behind GIL IN TOUR 8 g k h oa can, $1.U top- raattrsss, now $8|. Watkiiw WiU pick up. , Road room, modam Mtchen, panaled CUSTOM BUILT Capb— excellent TWO B TONE Iota with city water, SdOUEG Bros., Ihc„ 885 Main St. aUe ^ *010___ driving______school._ dan, 8 bedrooms, i% bams, ga­ 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. V wheel instruetlon for teenagera full prlee. Alwajrz low prlcaa at Brand New Listing' condition, fireplace, bay window, Union k t, $3,400. Coll 5 0 8-6485. m i t dJntal (9ff)c8, dancing school; iito rage. Can Mrs. Smith at tha duriui, , Jamaica and other eeuK- Ml 9-6075. Ooronat Oaqallne, 668 Center It. Colonial minded? Thl# one h«a If Gomfort Counts large kitchen, basement garage, BABY CRIBS from 888.85 to t4MS| wltabie-fo** offices. RfsaonaMe Jarvle R*alty Co.; Realters, 50 luYk yard beauUfuUy landscaped. tries. MORHOCK’8 'Driving School—Of­ erlb mattrssaes from $14:80 up; Reome WitliOMt Beerd 59 f^ .;,A b«it 1800 sq. ft. jT d j ^ - everything! Excellent floor Man S4U3, 5 0 9-3516, 5 0 8-1033. LOT 110x150, south end of Wbod- iJResidente prayed for eonOnliei COPY CLOSING TIME FOR CLASSIFIED ADVT. LIONEL .^^aLBXnnaC train set, for family living, m bathe, I 183 Green Road, Manchester. fice, 443 Main 'St., Maneheater. 0-gatM ,'l^pieca aet, plus trana- baby tempera, high chairs, faed- ty, 50 84129. ^ D QUAUTY TOO, this fin* co- bridge St. 5 0 84688. sunshine. , Water still stood hi MONDAY nirm rUDAT ItMO AJi^->«ATI7BDAT • AJf. Ing tables, playpens ate. »% ett R00518 TO rent; aleo 8 room cot- closets heated recreation room, at­ MANCHESTER SUBURBAN-COzy nmlal Is for you. 6 Isrge rooms, learning correctly '‘May Save I h 4 fotptir and extras. 50 8-6677. tatb, all utiIttlee,-ScrBnton Motel. many reeking streets, but most Tour Life." Driver oducadoB on cash sales; Mdi vinyl ruga tic, jaloueied paneled bteezeway, 4V8 room ranch, larga living room open etairceae’, finished rec room, .OUTSTANDING were slimy mud. CaU 50 84)886 after 6. 3-cer garage, built 1954. PLEASE READ YOUR AD ^ classes. Member, Connecticut Pro­ RJOHNCnON M OD^ 7X1 callbrs $4.98, $9.98. $18.50; lampa f i ^ ■ I . , , — , — 1 ‘ - Hoebm Pe^ Beat. 95 with fleldstons fireplace, modem 8-csr garage, nice lot close to Rosort Property For Sale 74 Bodies recovered included 106 In fessional Driving School Assn. Ml 370, mountedl^ransn sight gun bsg $8.98 up. Chaifnber'a sSimltura VERY NICE Iprge comfortable l' kitchen, breeMway, and overelza schools, bus and thopplng. A won­ value offered in Manchester Belize and 43 in -Btenn’a Creek,, a . . . ar **Waot AOb” aia lakMi om Um pkM « ■■ a aoa- Sales, 5Q 1-5187. attached garage.' Lot 108 ft. front­ derful buy at $15,300. Green. Well trimmed shrubs—and Tha atverttMT abaiM raad hla aO Uw F IR S T D A T I T 9-7398. and shells. Fired 26 riauntw. Com­ room next to hath, private home, ;‘BOLTON—First lake —waterfront city o f 7,000. There were the plete $65. CsU 5H 8-6241. 31 Church St. 50 8-4886. | OQVENTR'k—eingls 4 room hbuee Elva Tyler, Realtor age, .very deep. Ideal f«r amall prica for this 6 room Cepe, full shed 6-room cottage which can be places hardest hit. AFPSABS aM REPORT CRRUR8 la Hma far.tha aazt laaea* PREPARE POR driver’s test. BuTliOT raAUTIFUL 17-plecs 'wateriesa, with forSgere. C i« 50 8-8484 family dr ratired couple. Asking OR this 8 room Cepe which fea­ dormer, attached garage. A flexi­ NEARLY AS tures a new heating syatem, new easily winterized. Marlon'E. Rob­ A Roman Catholic school closed llaa. Tha HeraM ta raapaaaMa far oaD O N E lacorract ar aaalttad Ages 16 to 60. Driving and class stainless steel eookwars In' erig- MI 9-4469 MI 9-6051 $11|500. Alice Clampet, Realtor, ble price for the thrifty thinker. ertson, broker. Ml 84953 has become a shelter for 300 home­ laaarlioB ter aay adwtieeiaeet aad thea aaly ta tka eataat at a room. Three instructors. No wait­ m H i AS inal cartons, reg. $149.60, sacrl- ROOM CENTRALLY cOviNTR'Y, T-Fumished 6 room 5 0 9-4548, or 5 0 8-7357. roof, landscaped lot 65x160 end Make an offer. Building MstnIals 47 located, MONTAUG DRIVB-6 room front less. laed* laaertUa. Errata wldeb 4» aot iaaeea Um ralae at ing. Manchester Driving Acade­ CETTIKIG ■ § r m r i w , flee $80.50. BU 9-0066. parking. 5 0 9-6815. winterised cotege, tWo flreplScee, garage. Only minutes from down­ fun bMement, oU hot air heat. Im­ to back n llt, built-in am liaaces, town. Asking $13,900. Sisters of Mercy operated tile at rflO aet be earractaS b r '‘aaaha gaaS” laaratloa. my PI a-7249. BACK.10 - — ;H I-: rjt 1 : : IJ* . ASSORTED USED luinber.. build­ 5CANCHE8TER-4 .room Dutch GO' BEECHLER-SMITH, Realtors ® ! I mediate occupancy. Must vacate wall-to-wall carpeting, ftnudied rec lonial, living room with flreplaca, Suburban For Sale ^ 5 school, St, Cetherine'a Academy. ing and phunblni anppUea. radla- Their mother house- te In Prov­ IIGiiTEli pipes' and Bra bneka, d oon COFFEE TABLE With leather'tOB FURNISHED lovely room In pri­ about June 1. $85 monthly to re­ room, attached garage. Next to formal d in i^ room, family siza MI 9-8952 MI 3-6969 1HOSE . in excellent condition. AD 9-6898. sponsible party. 50 1-0889. 50 hew school. A beeute. Must sell- kitchen, 8 bedrooms, full hose s o . COVENTRY—4 bedrooiri large idence, R. L " * ^ ® aS S S 5 ? S d^ D i o l 3 -2 7 1 1 I Business Services Offered 1.1 and windows. Open dally 8:804 vate homo. Can after 5. 50 l-sfio. )-. D. REALTY Cape, .2 with buUt-ln desk* and M l MAliMOLE p.m., 8-4 Saturdays. Yard at Stock 9-7605. owner transferred. Oin 50 S-1S8S. ment, oU heat, aide porch, i The nuns, from Meeeeehusetts. CHAIN SAW work — Treea cut. CO/ERfil^ KEITH FURNITURE I ameslte driire, nicely lendscaj 470 Main Si. 5 0 8-B13I Manchester chest, garage, flreplac(S, patio, Rhode Island, England, Ireland tnaca off North Alain St. Chonan’s nice neighborhood, $14,600. Owner Reasonable rates. Call PI 2-7558 Houaewreckli§»^ 6-M82. USED APPLIANCES FOR RENT—Fumiehed room, . COVENTRY —I room winterized HOUJSTER' 8T.—4% room home let, desirable location. Call Me and Br}Ush Honduras, spent hur­ oottage, furniture Including stove oa perk-like professionally land- 5-5 DUPLEX PI 2-7620. ricane night praying. between 1:30-4:30 or any time FALL SALE HoSel 8t., 5 0 9-3170. earthy Enterprises, bic. 50 Saturday or Sunday. and refrigerator, lake prlvllegai Bcaped 100x150 lot In prime loca­ 9-5891, John Panciera, 5 0 8-1881. "The sisters went tO their rooiM .... in central Manchester. 3 PLANNED FOR Oiamondfr—Wiiteltt Taka advantage of our Ubaral In summer, $75 monthly. 5 0 84404. tion. 3-car garage, oonorete drive, early Monday night.” said tilt ALX. KINDS of clocks repaired. An­ . ATTRACTIVE’clean sleeping room, enclosed porch, formal dining bedrooms each side. Every modern Wanted—Real Estate 77 Jewelry 48 trade allowances whan you need BOL'TON sister superior. "Then, as the FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE tiques included. Work guaranteed. parking, gentleman, l98 Spruce St, room, fireplace; roomy kitchen. feature. Fenced lot.* The wise In­ storm raged, they,became nervous, MI 9-1962 new apjSiancea. We a n headquar­ Fo u r r o o m house for rent, 188 vestor will cell. IMPORTANT LEONARD W. TOST, Jewelers r Full cellar, warm and comfort Country living end privacy, 8 ASK US about our cosh offer for and came out. ters for YMgidaln, wringer wash­ ■monthly. 5 0 8-0105. ably finiehed-Price 818.900. Rob­ your property. No red tape. Hon­ Rqiaira, adjusts watches amrt^ ers and vacuum cleaners. Tour rooms for the growing family "W e went to the chapel and A 24-HOUR WANT AD ANSWERING EXPERT FURNITURE refinish- ROOM FOR RENT. 50 8-5874. ert Wcilvertqn Agency, 5 0 8-1914. Modem kitchen and bath, IK acres BEECHLER-SMITH, Realtors est value. H. J. Bradley, 511 8-7379. ly. Reasonable prices. Opm ‘rues- pteMnt applianea la worth money t h r e e ROOM winterized cottage, ■aid Roaarles. Ing, repair, and touch-up. MI of land, selling for $18,100. MI 9-8952 MI 3-6969 PEOPLE! "The dOor to the chapel began I '^ t ■ 3-7287 after 5:30 p.m. Roofing and ChimneTo 16-A Hfelp Wutod->FnnaIt 85 Holp Warned—Mile . 86 day through Saturday, Thursday toward a new one. . furnished or unfurnished, gas WISH SOMEONE to handle your OAKWOOD RD.—4H-room ranch, to open under the impact of wind avanlngs. 130 Spruce St. 511 0-4887. l a r g e ROOM near bath. Older heat, perking, adults. New Bolton excellent condition, large living reel estate? Coll me at Ml 94620 SERVICE FREE TO HERALD READERS ROOFING — Specialising repairing JEWELS — BEADS — WANTED — Counter man. Must R. F. DIMOCK CO. MANCHESTER—9-11 Ulley Street DESIGNED WITH YOU IN 50ND and water, even though It hOd TREE REMOVAL, pruning and lot USED HEFRIGERA'TORS woman preferred. Kitchen privi­ iRd., 5 0 84389, room with fireplace, 8 bedrooms, -----5 large cheerful rooms. Cuatom for prompt and courteous service. roots of all kinds, new room, gut­ know a Uttlb about meat, S^7 p.m Large 3-family duplex, i-cer gS' been boarded up. I took the bleoi* fTaat Infomiatlea an No I clearing. Frank C. Nome, MI ter work, chimneys cleaned re­ One good aize, all white, and leges if deeired, Northeast aec plaftered walls, forced hot water rage, 3 oil eteem furnaces, 8H ranch with attractively landscaped Joseph Berth. Broker. * 9-6053. BAUBLES Pepin’s Grocery, Route 44A, Bol Fuel and Feed 49-A SIX ROOM house on Center MI 9-6245 ed Sacrament to the second flobr. answer, at tbe I Hstodf Simply eaS paired. Aluminum siding. 80 ton. guaronreed to rim 869.99 tion. 5 0 8-1043. heat, one car garage, Bowers baths, centrally located. Weet Side setting. Quiet friendly neighbor­ 8100 a month. J. D. Realty, School district. 818,100. Philhrick CASH WAITING lor property own­ We knelt by the Sacrament and COSMA APPLIANCE Service—Re- yearears’ e>iperlence. Free estimates. £larii extra m for yotir SEASONED CORD wood, oawed S4li9? Barbara Woods 50 8-7703 Realty, MI 9-5815, hood. Entertainment sized living MANCHESTER ANSWERING SERVICE CallI Hpwley. MI 8-5861, MI 8-0763. any length, top quality, free de­ USED RA^JES Agency, 5 0 9-8484. room with fireplace. Formal din­ ers. Please Oall us before you buy pr»ye


iAtUltPAY, N0VB1IBBE. 4,

t-■ t ^ n Plans' . Abottt Town Heard Along Main Street TDCW m Cet liM iw n «t m » Hmeet Oroto Sth Garbage « a to fOMbi tto Mttpidl C i^ AndonSomm of MmehoMtei^B Sidm Street$t Too Directory of Business cto to iuwai«h Wotoy to tto tottto toaOMtoto Onreli 1Vm»> Twioe a Day S ca st room where a reporter was de- m FOWBRB OmnnATOB ^intendent of too fld^ty and surety PickupRoute llvMlng the day’s lo«d news over Town Firms Pratt 8i Whitney Aircraft de­ department a t toe Bostiiton office of toy to 1 Ito llev. Harv«y Tto power shovel to the sand the Hartford Bisurance Group, 40 Moutoy «ul thoar odorad aUdca. pit area has lost Its teeth. toe air. signed JTB Jet engine-powered elec- tncal generator—nung natural Broad Bt., Hartford. A fifth collactlon touts la going That’s why the public works de­ Several of toe boys slipped away Hie secretarial staff in toe gen- to be establlltoed soon In Man- from their leader and managed to is as a fuel—will be Installed by Tto DTiUlla Society WU partment is asking for $3,800 to end manager’s office hopes to oom- S The National Retail Merchants diester M a atop t o w ^ the begin- replace the gears to the big ma­ crowd around toe large window in e Delaware Power A Light Qa. toiet Mtotoy to 7:90 pjn. at tlie plete a survey of Manchester In­ to serve electrical consumers In Assoctation’s Blst'.convention will ning ot combined rubbish and gar­ chine. (It’s cheaper in the long front of toe broadcaster. . bage coUectlon. t»«naii Atnericaa Ciab on SadrU(e dustry for toe town development toe WUmtagton area. It was an- be held Jan. 7 through 11 at the B t and win elect oOoera run to replace the gears, the de­ And one little fellow carhe right BtaUer Hilton Hotel, New York ^ e agenda of the board of di­ partment found out after talking lUmiaced tola week. up to toe window, looMng In on tip­ comAilsslon early next week, modified J78 engine—the a t y . , rectors’ meeting Tuesday night -.Tto rtfendpUp Cird* to tto with some ntajor contractors in toes and grinning widely. ’The staff first compiled a di­ ------*— — -1 to power Includes apptovi^l ot bujrlng or this area who have had experience Well, reporter giggled. After rectory of all toe Industries tai Harold R. Germaine of 106 Ben­ ronUng a packer truck. tolvtoion Aniiy will meet Mon­ with midntenance of the ma- mmerclal all, though, what would you do if town, with tod names of the presi­ . aircraft ton St., recently reared claim The town now own# five packer day to 7:46 pjn. to tbe church. A diines, especially since the town’s you suddenly found yourself being wordhlp p rofraia will to ooMhiet- dents and their telephone numbers. —will be harnessed to a generator. agent of toe Hartford divialon of trucks, four of which are used on machine is more than 10 years waved at by a redheaded, grinning Then toe secretariea undertook The complete power package, toe Connecticut Company after 41 the four routes, and one of which la old.) little Cub Scout? to call each company and ask three which la fully automated, will oe yean, haa Joined toe W. H. Keev- However, one to the" Secretaries housed in a small sound-proofed ers Co., a Hartford Inaurance In­ * SItobliahment of a fifth route in the department had her theory questions; Tto 'VmooMn'a Baneflt Aaaocia- ^ ‘'A n Inclusive 1. How can toe development structure and will provide the vestigation firm, and will supervise haa been advocated by General tlto wtt have a Utohen aodal on why toe shovel lost its teeth. In the old days, you could come Wilmington area with the addition­ claim .work throughout. Manager Richard Martin. It wasn’t age, or use, or weather to a party either ’’stag, or with a commission serve your company? Tnepday to 9 pxi. la Odd FOHowa 2. What areas do you believe al electrical energy needed during Acting General Manager Arthur Halh A buaineM maeUag for that did i t date.' "peak load" hours vdien consum­ J. Leaalre Jr. said the fifth routs *’l t didn’t use Crest toothpaste.’’ Then, the college crowd de are problems in town? The 87th New England Confer­ Engaged mendien wiU to held to 7:16, and 3. Would toe offlikrs of your ers make extra demands on the ence, annual meeting of the New The engagement of Miss Joan would be act up by the contractor, neantoei are aahed to bring vised “stag or drag,” which means power supply. Ekigland Council, will be held in Tea, On Some precisely the mm e thin(f. ' company be willing to meet with C!arol Reid of Mancheiter to lA. the E. J. Haverty Co., “as soon as groowy Itema to r prieaa. The aodal two members of toe development The generating unit, designed I n -Boston's Statler Hotel on Nov. 16 the equipment b^m es available." le opw to tiio puhUc, and rtoieah- A visitor in town drove into a The other nay, we saw a new Thomas J . Quigley, U.S. Force, of commission to discuss ytnir com­ the aircraft' company will produce * '17, The event will be highlighted Vernon, haa been announced by hen He sud, "That’s been one of our nenfa will to nerved. parking stall on Main St., put a term which may be on its way in. This one makes sure that the pany and toe town ? 1S,800 kilowatts. I t wUl be In- by a second day adijress by G. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard J . t'difficulties In letting the Haverty nickel in toe meter, and then no­ stailed on DPAL property at its Keith Funston, former president of Co, get experience.” • ticed he was given only 48 min­ ladies, too, can come alone to a Meetings will be sat up between Reid, 213 Green Rd. Mr. and Mn. Frank Clark, 88 company officers and at least two Edge Moor station and Is expected Trinity College at Hartford, and The Haverty Co. recently asked Piae SU were hcmored at the rec- utes to parking tlme.«. party without feeling like they are Her fiance is the aon of Mr. and coming to a bachelor party. members of toe development com­ to M operational by late 1962, as now president of toe New York Mrs. Thomas J. Qblgley. Phoenix for an extenuoh of the current' OgniUoh aervicea for volunteer hoa- A passerby stopped and saw the augmentation for the larger Stock Bbcchange. This poster rays the party is mission. one of whom will be Har­ St., Vernon. three-month trial period to gain pltal workem at Rocky HIU Veter- man scratching his head. "Dam steam-operated plants now in use.' more experience a t coUecUng gar­ thing only gave me 48 minutes for open to “stag or stagesses." lan Taylor, commission chairman. The bride-elect is a 1969 gradu y an’a Hoapital Thuraday alght. Mra. Businesses which will be exclud­ The new. application marks an­ Edward F. Dorset, president of bage in the town before starting Clark, a member to the American a nickel," the man said, turning to other in a series of pioneering ef­ iite of Manchester High School, There's a Difference ed include printers, stores and Chrlatmaa (Tlub Corporation, an­ and la an employe of the First the combined collection of garbage Xaegion Auxiliary, received a 100' toe passerby. forts in the field of efficient power nounced last waek that for the first and rubbish. The passerby replied,., noticing ' From display ad in Tu^ay's service organisations. Manchester office of Hartford Na­ hour pin. and Mr. Clark a 60-hour One other piece of Information by the two companies. time Chrlatmaa. Club aavlnga have W^en the company was awarded certificate. that the man was a stranger with Herald "Black Kitton Found Details of this pioneering indus­ tional Bank and Trust Co. double-pawed, wearing belled each Indiutry will be asked is toe passed the oiv and a half billion the contract by the town Sept 1, meters, “Oh, that’s all right, today trial step were announced Jointly mark. Hie 1981 Club accumulation Lf. Quigley Is a graduate of collar.” names of suppliers of its raw prod­ Mancheater High School and toe the terms of the contract called for The Wealey Circle of South is toe day that you can only get ucts. There may be several indus­ this week by Austin T. Gardner, win be a huge one billion, fivb hun­ a three-month trial period of col­ Methodiat Church^will meet at the 48 minutes for a nickel on Main From toe Lost and Found col­ president of the Delaware Power. dred and ten'jnilUon, four hundred University of Connecticut, school umn of Wednesday’s Herald, tries which obtain their raw prod­ of eleemcal engineering. He la lecting garbage alone for $33,000, ' home to Mra. Martin Keiderllng, 19 S t ’’ ucts from toe same supplier, toe A Light Co., and L. C Mallet, gen­ and sixty thousand dollars and and combined collection after that - Buckingham St., Tuesday at 7:45 ’The out-of-towner then askedd "Lost — Black and white kitten eral manager of Pratt A Whitney checks for thia sum will be mailed stationed at . North ’Truro Air wearing belled collar, double development commission believes. Force base in Maasachusetts. at a price to be negotiated. pm.- Miss Ethel Ooslee will apeak 'Can I get more time on a side Aircraft division. United Aircraft shortly to some 18 million Chriat- Atty. LeCMre said today the pawed — child's p e t" The information obtained from Corporation. A December wedding is planned. xon "Women in the Changing street?" too telephone survey will bo tabu­ maa C8ub membera by some 8,800 company Is able to collect garbage World." Mrs. Cedi Treadwell will One reporter tried to reunite banka and aavlnga InatituUona, he alone with just tour routes, but lated, by the general manager’s CITED 1 act as co-hostesa Wave Back said child with foimd kitten but sectotarial staff. said. ' that the comblffto oollecUcm re­ News bradcaating, as everyone to no avail. It seems that in spite Mr. and Mrs. GMorge Mortlock of Wiet to Address quires a fifth route. The executive board of . the Rob­ knows, la serious business, and of toe similarity in attire and the Mortlock Driving School at 443 Edward H. Willard, son of M r The item on the agmda Tuesday ertson School PTA will meet Mon­ while giving toe news with a light paws, one familiar black and Main St. recently received an out­ and Mra. Robert P. Willard of 280 Chamber Officials would empower LeClalre to con­ day at 7:30 p.m. at the school. touch at times, a broadcaster’s white kitten can never be re­ Education Display standing service certificate award E. Middle Tpke., has been promot­ tract for the purchase, lease or chuckle in the middle Of a sentence placed by a strange black cat sans in toe neld of driver education at ed to information repreaentative John P. Wiet. executive vice j^ntal, or a combination of these The DeMolay Mother’s Circle is strictly a faux pas. spots. .. Slated at Museum the Nationrt Professional Driver and transferred to. the IBM Data factors, for a packer truck net to will meet Monday evening a t 7:80 Sometimes, though, it can't, be Education Aseociation’s convention S^tema Division Headquarters at president of the Manchester Cham­ exceed $11,000, along with a Waiver at the Masonic Temple banquet help^—like toe other afternoon First Love? A special American Education held at toe Laurel Hotel and Coun­ White Plalna, N. Y. In hla new po­ ber of Commerce, will address 800 of the requirements of competitive hall. at ^ e Herald. A smiling couple walked into the try Club in the Oatskill Mountains. Week display. Showing Manches­ sition, Willard, who has been Chamber of Commerce executives bidding. . A group of Cub Scouts, all about town clerk’s office giving the ap­ Wililani R Crusberg. president writer in IBM’s Development Lab­ and their wives on Nov. 11 at Les idtee high to a typewriter, were be- pearance of wanting to get a mar­ ter’s progress in education, will of the Connecticut Professional oratories (Communications Depart­ Shaw’s In New Haven- ^ li)g given a tour of the nuilding riage license. be presented at Lutx Junior Mu­ Driver Education, presented the ment) at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., will The .event commeinorates the and toeir guide pointed to a broad- ”I would like to get a license for seum next week, certificate in front of Connecticut's be reaponaible for disseminating in­ 60th anniversary of the New Eng­ my dog," said the young lass. Mrs. Tees O’Leary, Mrs. Mary prise winning booth. formation oonceming the com- land Association of Chamber of MfESTOWN The attendant at the desk wrote HutdUnaon and Mrs. Marian pony's recently organized TELE- Commerce BJxecuUves. Wlet’s sub­ - A.M.T. out the permit for a dog license Lynch, teachers in toe school sys­ JOIN> SA LES ST A FF PROCESSING Systems Labora­ ject will be "New Ideas In Or­ ■ ■ PHARMACY and collected the fee. tem, have prepared toe display, Manchester and 'Vernon men tory. ganization Management." STY LINE 489 Hartford 9-9N8 Whirlpopl ^ "Oh yes! said the couple, “we whkdi will Miow progress in edu­ have Joined tod aalee staff of toe ----- Other speakers Include Dwight also want a marriage license." cation in Manchester during toe Manchester office of Barrows A Havens of the United States CSiam- • T-BIRD To Budntain. oar eoBtiniiity L a i i 6m RangM past 40 years. Wallace Co., reeltors. ber of Commerce;. Calvin K. Sny­ Snap Course Postal Inspector Pikts m Lew ConUbutions for toe display were Arthur Focaker of 47 Hilialde der, executive vice president of • GALAXIE of nediosl serriee we ore Received with each package of provided by school departments, St., former sales manager for^.the the American Retail Federation; A VALIANT Service That's Better cigarettes purchased at the Uni­ including art, music, audio-visual, Newton Robinson Co., has a ^ e s Holy Name Guest (Stri^ p h er Tunfiard, Associate versity of Connecticut’s Student speech, i^iysical eduoatlan, home management background of direct irofessor of City Planning at Yale Union these days is a book of jDpen All Ddy economics; nursing; dental hy­ selling, sales promotion, market­ Thomas P. Peckenham, U.S Jnlverslty; Helge Holst, treasurer HOBBY SHOPPE matches whose cover asks the fol- and corporation counsel of Arthur gienists, guidance and industrial ing research and sales and person­ postal Inspector of the Hartford 408 Center S t Ml 0-7S88. Potterton's lo'wing question; “Are you one of nel training experience. D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., SUNDAY 180 Oeatar St.—Oor. of Church the millions who didn’t finish high arts. district, will speak about the du and Mayor Richard C. Lee of New school?" A Non. The display is open to toe pubke. Chester Oovemg, who resides at Hillside Manor, Vernon, Jo in s the ties of a district postal Inspector Haven. Barrows A WaUato stall from a at the monthly meeting of the Holy career in industry including qual­ Name Society of St. James’ Church ity and cost control administration. Monday at 8:30 p.m. at St. Jam es’ IA graduate of toe University of School hall. Connecticut, Oovang is a member The guest speaker is a native of of toe Amerlcaa Management As­ Manchester and a T935 graduate sociation. toe Hartford Society for of Manchester High School. He .be­ THE SALVATION ARMY Quality Control and toe Hartford gan hla postal career In the Mkn- Foreman’s Aseoedation. „ cheeter post office. Peckenham studied a t a Post BRIEFS Office Department school in Wash­ ington, D.C. He has served the -SUNDAY SCHOOL- One present and two former Man- I Chester residents Joined Pratt A poetW department in Cincinnati, Whitney’s Quarter Century Club Ohio, Water vine, Maine, and “Reaching and Teaching for Christ** during October. Wilfred Lisk of 141 Springfield, Mass. He has par­ Visit A fible-Centered Class This Week Pine S t, general supervisor of ma­ ticipated in the Investigation of Diacover Ibe W amth Of Christian Fellowahlp AwaltlM terials planning and control. Joined numerous mail frauds, and peri­ 8:80 AJif. 861 MAIN ST the club on Oct. 16; David “ odically inspects all post offices in Belcher ot Springfield, M ass.. his district to insure compliance asMstant eupervisor, transpbrtatlcm with federal laws and regulations. (Oct. '21); and Jam es Hutton of Present and prospective mem­ East Hartford, pipemaker In D>96, bers of the Holy Name Society are I who became a 98-year clubby on Invited to attend. I Oct, 18. Kenneth L, Yeomans of 399 PRESCRIPTIONS [Woodland St., an employe of the Coea-O^a Bottling (3o., attended Personal Notices the 75th Anniversary Convention I and Ebchlblt of the automatic mer- [chandising industry and First In In Memoriam In lovins memory of my (liter. U iry 1-9 8 14 tecnational Vending Sjrnipoeium Leliter Green, who pused away Nov. held'1^ Chicago laal week. 6. 1960. .'i WE DELIVEB, Paw J .'n ^ d y of 248 Mountain Gone but not foraotten. - [Rd. has beW'Wpointedv general -Misled by lister Berths and family. I sales manager ^ 4 of quiet ley and endless Ffdly Point Cape Anne, Glouces- day. I ter. Mass.,, nas been named auper- Children., Water Heaters Florence Fprd.Turne; H EATim ______L______:______Walter and Albert Vbrd Humidifiers^ I of a Connecticut THE Dehumidifiers AinoomlTioMm BIBLE Aluminum Air cieahera Windows $11.95 lifAt Pumpa SPEAKS Water Pamps by WILLIAMS Ehigene Boors $29.95 Water Coolfira Brewer OIL SERVICE, Ifie. :i I What .was the mode of bap­ Water Softeners tism In the first century? Bap­ Jah Boors $59.95 tism is a Greek word (baptis- Pina InatallatloB. Zone Control I- moa) with an Engllah.'ending,, /. GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALEBB - coming from “bapUzo” (bap­ MANCHfiSTER Bath llooms tize) which means “to dip, Im­ Knows for QUaRty Producto and Servloa merse, sink.” To ask of a A W N IN G C O . Greek the "mode" of baptism PHONE fiO 8-8091 841 Broad St^ filaUehesteiv-Ba 8-4648 would be like asking an Amer­ ican the nfode of immersion. Why has the word not been translated in English versions? Anglicization of the word was initiated by the King James translators, undoubtedly due to their practice of sprinkling. . a Bristol Press • N^ew London Day ' Paul Identified baptism as a • W insted-Qtizan, ♦ New Hgven -Register • Ansonio Sentirtol burial, Rom. 6:3-4 and Co.I, 2:12, the likeness of Jesus’ •Meriden Record-JourrMi • Hertford Times • Norwich Bulletin. burial. John baptized at Aenon because there was “much wa­ • Greenwich Time • Nouggtuck News •• Donbury News-Times ter,” John 3:23. Jesus "went up” out . of the water after bap­ • New Haven Journal-Courier: • Woterbury Republicon-Amerlcan tism, Matt 3:16. Both Philip • Hartford Couront • Torrington Register • New Britain Herald and the Ethiopian “went down into" and "came up out of the • Bridgeport Post-Telegram • Norwalk Hour • Stamford Advocote water," Acts 8:38-39. No ex­ ample or hint of anytlUng but • Middletown'Pre» • Willimontic Chronicle i • Manchester Herald immersion la found bi the New Testament. Send-for the FREE booklet *Ta Sprti)kUng Really Upi- tlam?” whlw„wiU be aent without obllgaEon.. Address * 767W Cw diort Fwiliei iadi Dinr >*7 Read your request to . . ioO .ScoU Drive V'" A.--.-• . Manchester, Conn. •V ■ .r-” 900,000 CoTiM « f« CMMdiCBt Doily NtwspapM’ MANCHESTER CHURCH of CHRIST Orange Hall, E. Oanter B t Sunday SchooL 9:45 Am. W onUp 10:46 iAm.< 8:00 pjn.

i ' . I f t ' ^ , V > t e

nite •ral thur 9uta :tor, NOVa 4 thru NOV: 10 A u TV Week CHANNELS s-s-^irt-ie-de^/^ M«." iqPruUI Our erty VnHBO WBEK—AM. MUHT8 BESKKVEP, B. X. DICMKaON » OO,, iac.

■ked W aterfront.” From 19S4 to IMO, he right, now to<^o^s Sans Robbers vertising agency, and fiUed num- Frees I^clwn “ Sometimes it creates an ego gar- roua T V roles. He also wrote and probl^,’’ he says, “but nothing •ting Slustrated several books, He la serious I can’t .overcome ft tMge cuirmUy appearing on Broadway As Voice Man when I look at the btuik balance.” In New TV Series In the musical, “Irma La Douce.” rded Moet of the scenes for “Csr 54” Paul Frees holds that it It 1, are shot in the streets of the Bronx be..heard and not aebn.'' I f o r By CHABUBS J. UBAVT i y Rosa atarted as a singing wait* and at the old Biograph studioa. In fact, Paul to thw'talktngest col* Nat Hiken, one of radio'a and came' announcer for tpe cafe's In addition to preaenting the man you're likely Jo'm eet end he’s |TV Notebook! ,000, MaylaioB’-a. top comedy Writma came announcer /for the eafe'a television viewer with an entar- seldom seen atjdi* that haa coma up with another winner. show, told some Jokea, end became U lnln g half Hour, "Chr 54, Wharo One o f Oie^^groop o f performers Thla time, however, it la' not Juat a full-time comedian. He went an AreigOu?" may very well serve a known a^>Volce men,” he's vir­ - B y D IC K E L E IN E B ■ m hUarloua buffonery aa waa *hia to other club dates, often per­ dual purpose. With New Yoric’a tually unknown outside casting of- Newspaper Enterprise A ssb. -A auoceeaful “The PhU Sllvera Show” form ing ae a buriesenie funster. qnest being harridtL *In recent fic^ruid advertising agencies, yet Now York — (NEA) — Every ^ arMoh .depleted the brighter aide He sefved in the Air Force Harvard, and was graduated hi radio acreas Mercedes McCem- Commenting on his Profaeeor stera • pm. EST, Sundays), around "M IW i. He started his acting-carew bridge was debuting ah g dlac Van Drake role. Frees says:“ Walt The show waa, I thought, per cent” of the Uvea of most po- as an undergraduate by perform- singer.. .The Ford Pmindatlon Disney gave me a lot oif liberty In quite moving. And I wondered lloemen la Mg cities. It dwella on toj^et the BraMe Theai^ hi Cam made fl,9p0,000 hvailaMe^ as n portraying tbe profweeor and Pve why. Many of the elemento were t l ^ relatiflbiahlp with other'offl- re, Masp.'The Theatre start In a fund for isdueational TV made him more pereonal than any present on other ahows. None of . cena with Uielr families and with led to acting Jobe, hi New York, programming..."The IM Quea- of miy ether characters. TIm profes­ the iv.tlie beat. Radio listeners will, remember . Now I am not one to advocate In teamihg plump, grpvcWolced him as the “ vo^ce” o f the'oia "Sus­ dowpbeat endings on all shows. Joe B. Rosa with lanky, lantern* pense” and “Etooape” shews snd QAce In a While, real Ufa tacte a Jawad Fmd.CIwynne, Hiken>cenM T V vlewarsNteve heard him In “The happy Miding on something, w with a casting maateiplece. MUIloneire"\ seriro, among other why not telovislonT. And, any­ Altheugh the two men'# beck* shows. how, too. many, unhkppy ending grounde ate as different as their Paul began training for htoiun' would he Just Xa bad as too 'many s. appearance, their talenta are per­ usual professionNwhen he went in­ fe c tly blended in., their new rolea happy endings. -x to vaudeville atXthe age of 13. My point is simply that soese- ' as Officeni Toody and Muldooh. Along the way, h ey been a singer, .dancer, nightclub ^ cee and im­ (Ooatinued an Page Three) personator. H is liyMrsonations paved the w ay fo r his p^e,*cnt voice work. srOB'..IB FAQB “AH you need for the jbh to a FOB WBBK oiDF MOV. t t k TO good ear, a good voice aim (ex­ ' MO''V, l#4k perience," Paul says. His own ^ SATimDAT; MOV 4Mi .voice ranges across Uiree octaves. U:S8.•.Caadlcpia Gej^«pia BowitetBowUai ' 40 Although few people would recog­ i C ;t e a FoothaU luciwlf A to nise him. his efforts havMi’t geme 1 : 5 NCAA______Football____ Gmmo t . M. to Dartmouth vi Yale ELECTRONICS unnoticed; Lest year he won nine >:|e NBA baritelbali Oaaia 4. 88.18 awards at the Commercial Film LABORATORIES Festival. These, he added to more 4:88fteff’'* -»^ than a hundred others. he’s won Game at tka^X^Mk 8 4:M Boea Ot' ' TioTha Week " to over the years. . 6:W AU Slav CMt 88. to 277 BROAD Paul has literally talked him­ Wrerillag 8 Nathaniel Fty playa desk Sgf. Sol Abrams end Fred Owyima to self to success and, although he’a n Aalov Daektia BawHog r Patrolman Francis Muldoon in the new Nat Hiken comedy. X « e Of Tha' Weak ” 08 sompetent TV actor, he’s happy M:to Figkl Of Tfce Weak 8. to. 88 Alejandro Laverante vs Billy Hunter, 10 round heavyarelghl IW O - W 4 M T conteat The once-rated Hunter wto haa, atyled biraaell after bla atablemate Bay Roblnoon. S m W J H W A T C H SATURDAY Television PRO.GRAM te a go ^ bosar arlth floe left hand. But the aenoatlonal lAv- . Brsthars Braalsaa - s t m SUwday lOgM At Ths Maries orante, who flattened Zora / ■ X A H S U:W Sky Kbw . . S MiUiea OallarlMavis IS tester) ' n ,' M . ^ I le y teat apriag. has A ’^teUUer ot Fortune". Clarit Cable, devksteUng right hand. Lavor- Bm * Ths OlswB i Mteen Hajrward. 1166. Aa Ameri- anteky a knockout. (Compiled nriTEB SBRVICB Vaadlepts Usnuns ' A caa gun-numer and the wife of aa by Stanley Weston. BMlito Il­ UiM TUs U CUm » f ^ sssss,^ s U»|H-laoned American newa pko- lustrated). i a » a i 5 4 Cartoea Festival f Matty’s CutoMT Fkaalaa H tograpber. In Htag Kong. . Watch Mr. Wisafd Sr. 7^10 Perry Maeea 1 X^lh Shows, 40. « ' t.-«i BFD Ms. t . • Special—M u si^ salute to the «f<-8«ate Edaeahwi BrosH X* "The ;:Case ot the 1:88 Tea Pia BowUag 88 Pareats Aefc Akcal Sciwsie S Treasure." When m Roaring aos featuring songs and 8:88 M m Football 8 ■ M »J' • • \ i s A ■ M . M ( ! ■ skipper is accused _ ’ vnovs of that jmy.enu WashIngtoB va Giants FUaa Fcatare A 8i8PSva Oan, WinTsavel I "Jasuar." Sabu, Bartoa MacLaaa Silas and homicidi ...... MFDJraitoaXv------8A-88. -pWX-TOgeY-qaelte ma»te' Green Bay Paekera va Balti- Teca-ise Uais M televialon dramaUe debut as .a la tc r ^ CaUiac f i •'*, more Collii Tales at WeUe Farj^tM aV) .■ / woman whose kiiaband is* one pf 4:88 AFL Faolhall to. to liU aatcrlMas AtWeek ‘ -48 three men sentenced to . die toy New York vs San Die JOHNL JEMNEY 1:N Aceeai 8 M e Robertson In dyaamillng a mine ehatt in arhich MONDAY. NOV. ' CcUecc FMiball Kfehelf S. A C aji^^e msn plsirts'A SteleX ■gJriAl miners have been burled AU Star Dn. - - - 6 U Years WHb FMeaMHck . M sold sMianent hi the trimk o< a TBOBSOAY . LEROY NORRIS Pre-Oane -r.- ‘ 81 Raveling clown whom he plana to „ ^ 3 » * A » reatare 88 8:88 W r^ ta g A O SO C lAT*- lt4C TUs Week la Saactk S MiSe apasmoka ' S FRIDiT. BOV. ISWl NCCA PeetbaM dessa A 4S. to The' BegriM TweaWee S, lA 18 Young woman from Boston proven 8:88 This le SuVag Dartmouth At Tale "Another 'nme. Another War.” mere thaa a match for Matt when IsSe fg^Tbree Th^ev 8 War hcTo tenslei with New York she sate out to_mcet her tloaca fruHTOMce o/ A U kindM ot Lassie.’ ' sang boas tor share at pr^lbtUoa . and makea the marshal take hisr money. , ’ Bonda ttoe MBC-NBA.PreTei l-AS Tjte Bafaadera ^ ■ 8 n .n ■’The Accident.'f Drama, oencerns Syracuse vs. NatkMU's a. ehild, idcum at a Ut-aad-nia SM N. MAIN SntBET „ Celtics aato aODideat, who dies beesaoe I WI m e i 8:48 NaMeaal FeetbaB laMwaa OaaM. .S Srtlfweed’e nwel 48 eH O N N M g ;5-0800 Ot Ik e Weak 8 . ^ .p a re n t s rellgloua beliefs for- 11:18.1 Weather J| Hr‘ ces Xaa Ot Aaaaseiis to U :U PoUtteal Teleeaet 4tW TV Baes-Of The Wseir M J ftjrtUa Thae WEINEriLL i i k WaiMaStka 18 aw ye Uwt Atoei5ieloiF$^ wmN^ Ceilese- -- t^aehaU FaU geireheatO A « ' ; ed mdUe rastUng aad^ murder, U lN SstatS^Speetaealar 4tU PasToaM "I C a S «u i." Montgemery CHtt,I is faced with iyocUag Ihroagh .Aaae.Baster QUiUTY SAFETY •$ee Bia4'Davie Skew’ '■ ' -. - 8 U:88 WesM’sBes* Mavlaa 8 BE U G B O ^ AX Star OeH ( G ^ i 8A 41 : « ” » | 5 Sterra". Humphrep Besmt. Peter Thompsoo ChaUeaBtr tsiave H T^Beavao. 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WOOD CO9 Phone M l S-1129 ■an Heat tetmuit r.v;v PiG E TWO E v m m o GONM; ftXlluRDA^if^^Gf^Mntfl^ IDAY, SUNDAY ^ te m o n PitOGKAM TU ESDAY Tefeefefoii PROGRAM M usic of- th e 30s diN TnHaaaa'to Haata ' ' W pRtRT A1 BBrt loA NiR J u s ttnla- •toStotaranm If ’ '• *t Boonay. Lonely n s man who S4- O n D uPont Shbir P I P E m i S U P P L Y •iM‘ — ' - loaaph CMlUochlo eoa. 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Today — 0 1 0 Oanry Haara gliew T to r s m m , to m a m to e af "Mofie of PETERMAN PLUMMN6 ---- Iter Stratlnaky Ira artlat who tiib fa a tot- I 5:8 ^ ^ |r ha oSt G uam ; Oomadlaa Alaa King and ItoS*" d* ' U ew ainat tho datarioratlon of hhi S tiM rSuim ," tbs "Dto Pant SSmm WiaaWk • t o M e k Draw HaOMiw 0 . 0 S t Urn Woto" OB NBCTV SoBday, 2 s £ « S . „ A "OoBuhaek". NIcholaa Onin S a te Nor. f (to-U f4B: BfT). Mo0e la **** BatoHtot to* • ? ^ *ThO H « v witnte to againat a heedhim wna' »iW OldooB .TIUito.*.' Han adw rowad 0 . | | * B w ay raw g m tri^ proCaaslonal bomiw. OBdar diraetkiR of Rokart naaatB t B i la Ita^unrMF i to boraa-whip bnhtliiK, hrokar B a a iu tt. . • C m I gidaon TUao^ mlatakoa JUtUa Trad AstUra; boat-narrator, "ifo- I b tba'cayft a i« atogatg DoraOqr »»«££%> .rS kS&k-^ , S I m , Boat and Jake tho Waaaal I mvMwy vw .Jpdiada mant a t Deelsioa.'’ Trad Astalro ~ Imwtal MtrUMt Xmmm.Iu o - fo r^ h ta t^ _AtA» r. Haws aad I aa noted majglclan makaa bat oudao. 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Byatt, director apeclal ayewitteaa guaaL Walter HOBaa Donaritovto 0 U i0 of NBC Special PrCjMta, ig axaeo- PETERMAN’S Cnnddte narrataa.' • ■ " f t a draama he la on b id for a J e ^ Humphrey Sogart. tlv» prodbear. Heat Tka PNaa be did not eommit.ao to 0 Bigto 0 . t o A ln an d n Knox. M i Wm IIi h O il u H s t e ? S i 2 Gneet: Jawaharlal Ndiiw. iSejS iftoni mlaiatar of India. Parry_j Hiuian. rartrayad Ifsitiard Otor Blaaean Wtapop 0 n>« Paat e ellea Oa Oraataeaa t o Buaat atar al Raymond Burr. SfiJCSJ*- 0.8 Nawa.—r -r_ WaatSer 48'Mm Q: Wam’t Oingcr K ogan aup- M « M ata ______Shawaaaa "AI Hnitli — I t e from OIhrer tt:M I MwMwrV Hv *V poMd to have her owb abow thia U Taaaa WHh PMa»lil«a Btraet" ______boat, and IT DOES Make A INffcNRCt When Tmi B«nt 1:0 Waatorn ‘sSSrsiuu^ 8 0 Havla 8 . 1 BcnaoB T-—J. H, araMli lawa 8 WM ■ Allen r u n t DouMa-taUcDouMoAalk expert iU toate ftiniirai 0 "Nona But Tto Loikaly Heart.’’ Kelly taama up with D oiw y Ool- B y 0 flas sasaraaia U . Gary Grant Bthel Banymore. A: T ca b t>Uot waa madA ttiU taSJtorSa*PaaMa 1:0 wC7 la The WaiH U :0 Jaek K mv Htow 0 . 0 WiISSd' Ptot'a taUday horao laana llna to create ooaatematloa at ap 0 :N mSunSk’ Rw Tbaaanaw ** Nmm0-al.|. M 00 H A m i u ra 1NS17KANCB oitoRriLSSl®^ that a homo that lalka la one * * * 3 i % M M d J a Taa (fJatov) (Odor) <*D0Adl7 Xii Tbt UiM jtows*aBd Waa0 0 AND Y O m i Patpla la «to Mawa tblnr, to t ona that eotaa In aa "Hualc of thaThlrte;*'-»tante M ratlaw leader holds. J a n and Itto Mnncat af HaMtoMaa . liU lf 1 Oaaearii t t elecBoii la a hoito of a different fonr otoara eiwUva hi an- iaolatod liMBawa ■ - \ 0 WHY K A PART-TIME M ONET BACK Fcatare BUrr 'color. _ PaiU Whiteman. Cou^ J*^«< S A V I N f; s UiM-Nawa Day . farmhouaa; Wltk BarrirJBaraeit 1. I. I-Oo! to Jolut Bubbles. BtOMOtn Deane, ASH MAN? NEW SDN UFE HAN'V ratth Par Tate Jaofc t>aaooalla la aduH Ruldo for Dorothy LoudOD aad Bill Hayea. ■ ^ u , / I . O A N . oontinuaa bis nature «:«! taariete atjrMfc ' yoinig Richard Thomaa. Scaaea 3y lecture oa the aOblaet at ^M agic, M ysteiy’- We*tteonvert 1. P m t Mm ____ ll:ii Ifei eSaaar liMa fram "Nanook of the North." and aodal ctimata'Of th* tUM to featuring T*aatla-Pla, tfasMaiiSB. liW Paieejilaa Richard leama about the atrmneo Advaatatoa In Taiaiiaa •, to to I|0 to«w-Wav0 ttona Boadrunnw and twa Hexitei t h m f it m a b e tntaresttiur faeata of Ufa 'Show He-C^Horo.** Ibrtaar T/AfWW B to» wfwiur PfttNl Gro*^ M usicaL Them e Tint proanSi U aariaa daalini intt the Bakimoa. tolpa aboard OM Banfntttgprg igU gj nW^haiag inaTiTSTifir t. B«Mi— ■■ hMle auiM wKli P^aataat .parnMoaTt — I Mtoen a atrango rola la •ito Wa^Dyha'l to deant convenient ' j : : "Once Hera, JYoia taa . T ^ " Tito liaaraaaa tha ■ ISW MAIN mtn MANCMENl'ER • BOOTE IL OOVENTEE- A •*-.4 "Magic and'Sl^rstary’’ w ill' ba Hualc aad drama «l Lmiall Ha- The naDwtahal "B aatln’s QUnad Affair.'* KaUy the muBi^ theme at NBC-TVa GAS HEAT to «ce SB. aoo. noted ItUrcantmr amerloaB (Om r) Today'a adraaturaa coa- 1 .0 ireiC iW to Bier ---- 1 Wan tto catering buslnoto looM compoear, a m g h r Earl cern '4lia Kfawaii Darto.'* and Harina I:W Paaawari - _ "Vattmml to MuAc” - color broad- S. to »valtoM« tor m I Wriahlaon, wall known concart "Uttia Arrle, the canpon. __ tST dan Honey Itow • t o l ^la^-muiday, Nov. 8 (4:30 pjn. jd th a low eoft karftona. A . qnartat wiu alao an- Hmiaa Date H aele^ to totoilw U to 8S. "Reap The wdd Wlad."-Ray HU- to. to paar offarinc aoma af Haaatfa Don WILLIS G arage ■ JSSSrPlTT special visual effectg pro^ OL S. VAN oompoaltioaa. land, Jdw Wayny. fawa Bpaafaf ' iekiae 1*-Tia Bawilac T:M Daaala The Haaaee w Q a u u w s IN ' •'* * ^ '% S L g TldlQf unique backgrounds, magic . Convernon Burner O ED SEN . Baandtakla After tjxeualac Umaalf fro ifawa A Waatoar aad mystery will be explore:! mu­ Don't carry a ginglo .ash* or Ototrlet t m Yamr Oammaaltr ' tandinc Dannli’ achool play SSiay^WahtJtapart WHEEL AUjONMEinmi clinker this wlnwl Oonwt KtenuU u A P Wilaon toddenly flnda ^ NaWa • waafkanaaa WtAKE OBIVIOB 0 . 3 sically by Joaeidi OaUlcchlo smd "No WraaUi, No Titimpai** Dra> eaat ta the tola of an lw In QRNERAL:------ADTO EBPAIE ____ , to eonviao0 x'Oalte -to’a the orehagtra. Muatoal aelectloito that old fSahlMted naalie portrait of poaf BmM tha^Waatarn m< ‘ UiM ^ ^ ^ M r ’^BeSnhHeaa •:0|ff^a5K.t*^ n ^ a star amtorlal la order to wlU include "That Old Black coal furnace to IM B>'OMtor laawue. to Mortaa Wltoaiigren Walt IHaaara OuaadMaa' MNN0P lM M I->lt MAIN KT. MANnOMmE Mm toto oorBlgaiBg ta r a clean,' oonvenlent StoMt TMIalaa | af Cator^' FMtiaalTfcat . ' 1 . MagieJ’ "Bewitched, Bothered and (Color) Uil4 Hatoatpl^ w sy U e * • t o Bad BkalKto toew Bewildered’’ and "Who?" gas heat vra’U M I S ISM Drake. "The Americano". Glenn •to "T totom oat.L ata Oaorga Appl( show you bow In- P I S-SSS1 . 1 . Draala .Thalaa b ^ ’ Atoast j t e Audrey MaaSon- jRaewnofesvaf. g*. la O ralg Stevena o f "P eter oxpenslTe it can mIxeAnp toplitw Dontod pudi Want lU im DtaminatK J t e f Clara, Appleby, who waaU bo. Cten today. SON U PE OP CANADA blm for payeboanalyata. B n d ajr y NlKht______Heria ___ to 4:0 la the _ ,^'n a r husband. Oaoige, hamivt& “ ia- Oun” rteM to Cary Orant? Pro*5iy*lRSSr, im. M ttoM r* - _ D g ^ Dnek." "The. n am e aad the Ai MANCHESTER rared Just to cam anytUagrihouM OolU ^ LaiKsaatar. Virginia Hayo. i s m . happen'to Mm. Therf la a n eat reaembtoaoa. l:M Laat at iha Mahlcaaa t , LoodomSknp Oame*lnVl5 OLDSMOBILE g*g ^ • B g s a DtoAPawaB Stow 0 , 0 A : No^ th ey are no t eveat ooua- f. f . AITKIN 00. „ WaMar Wkwhailflla ft r." Reaeaieh on P aatl Harbor 5^% ^forH ur«ar”. Ray If* •ito I sMiilaaa Niwmtai ’’Soaiebcdy’s Waltiag.** Hickey laA . t:M laaaat Aad ABawara to, to' jcIo layoWaa writar Hrle Taaon tand, Robert Qumibl"d»- *VOOE OU^OBOJB DBALBE* lAiWaatTalaf *- • ktoote'dlca lama. Usto Havla .1 Oramdy I Ml 3-47f3 TIHIRAME PAINTS ■apal raaadlaa Manatad TaHaa Rd BaHvaa Bh "BrtayinB d p M y " ^ Katharlaa ^errjrrouthernialla Ltea tprtoepla a eomady 512 WEST CENTER STRECT SAUBS and -^SSftt5n*jS^^^K‘aa MtW Nawa aad Wealkar .1 - MI s-in i W E D P ® D A Y Television PROGRAM 8ERVI0 B ^BRUSBES performer. • o S o r yuaata: tnnn- U iK Hemaat Of WeBilaSia . -4 • raatura' aa Ito "Bobot Coaunaa- M TeOanf Ipka • WALLPAPERS •iM Osl ^ Of f t o Air ^ da" a naw toy. iMital -SPW.nnow U to Mawa. W( ■•* r • Spiita "Safetv~Tested •« 5SfesirT~..-'Suicarely MawA Waaitor, SpaHa • • SANDERS. POLISHERS I Of I I S«a H n i ------M MONDAY Televimm P R O G R M •to I Mawa sT Waaltor STEAMERS FOR RENT Used Cars" Maura. Sparta, Waathaa . „ ^ M taifal aad SwaMiy Bhair 0 BaHalia • A to 0 OmMaastal CISMivom • to ) t t i t t • t o OaBaiGaBaca 1 :0 NertTAtealaMai g a ta raa 0 PSiaaakla 0 *2Tie.AMalni at B 00 DeUyhL"' Hadlsoa, Rhon-' Royal Tu«r* Tainting laas soaks help in ran- Tto Classiasm P h I’s P a i R t r r S SSST’ (lU B a ^ BMVIr apm naymant for her kHUHipad Bawa tfM ai) 0 .'Tanay sa... PaUttoal ^ her to remain a housewtla. nUBl!hM.V AND MBUPEOL IMANSAOWONS jU I^ LED t t o Ttse* MaagM Sm Sm m U to im n it Waatha* 1 .* H arday t e i •:0 ON ALL EXOBANOPS U9XED AND ONLUmCD-MOTOAL rONDE I t o r - — f.ul^r% !lSr Boris ^riolir hbsL "Thed___ S__ i" 8s«8 ITrws U iH HaaMM 0 HiWIallia T to Weather- thO BommsrvtUea.'* Two couidaa S eS w ten B ^ I TiW Iota Mawa ^ O v e r WMAiHiRBnnr niL.Mit-uM Braekteaf Ttoa I t o PareapOaB pl0 the murder Of thair rich,' aa- 5S5' g m J ^ M a a , Ow SPEEDY Specialty Baahieaa BapaH can^ aunt, thm Inciuda tM S‘:8 Tto Three Bteayar •:M family phyaiclan aa a orospectiva 3 0 F l a v o f s TRULY D O ia b U S • tto Gaptala^UBaBMa •:^-W« victim w te they -raaltoa ha hpa' fiU J______Rater aad iSi THeaia M diacoverad thefr saerat. •:0 Haralag ____ fa^j0o^ Rope • t o Brcai&nat Ttana - I t e CarnyvAMy ’8f' Me 88 TV Notebook In i G olIbnsI CHICKEN • to Cetteya to the Air ^ 8 Meve # '.Thela Sound of LauyhlLaughter.*’ Chn-__ F 0 F U R i^ A ep PIL6IIIH WLLS ‘V rB S$J*lB *D lsK " i u '& s r •toK p ■ J dren'a laugMar yWaa _ needed toa, Diana Lawin. -^RR ^R OMthanaa HaSeSTlWIar'tievto**'**'^” ' '*0 ★ D i e s s lU M f e s ' d t Y K snltoH i 0 to g lo a < sr (O0 HkM0 i Dw b Pnga 0 b«) The wmW» *S*eet Mttor chkk- •to __ Stow 0 1 0 Pva O0 A Saer0 * M eCfll FeMwES 'A DrapMry FcM es 0 : 0 RoeawSer'a Havla •to Haaalay____ Tar y#er.tefer*etlee Wtw Garry .Hooia, 00 anS "Otototo Made 8UPOOVEB8 DIU p BBIBS “atamkoul Quasi.” tlmai TV show! abould reflect MANCHESTER M * wMli tocbutoawiMa torto. Haralay Hayie x • I panellats'~ Aid tSi Oaorga Brant, "Blonde Inaplratio^’; Joha Bhal- Sl8 ?3Swa ■ “ H*ary„ Hotgaa, ^ Bator iS S S -. at LOW MILL PEKM Sr S w i f c v . rehhty. Elliot Nem doesn’t Mways CALL. DTOEDBE' ^iDeeSe Bom Hyarsbn aad gueals. win. ’the sheriCf doeon't nlwsys CYGUE SH O P toiMASia^ ' ,/ jLto T i0 AMot DIaaar Mayla U i0 News. Weather aad Spatto I ijEEm ii B v« t Day Na«B to • 1 outdraw the nioUar. The mean Plak Op IS MInrtto Uitor "Youm At Bearf*. Traak jMaa- ISA JLtotPJI. CTOUB SALES and 8BEVI0B Uto SamaSaSa^ Havla H ^a„ Dbrte Day. Tka Patoa la BteM TOwa I ^ r s , J m x Totmaa.___ kid on the hlotOt doeant shrairs "*n>a L a d rw u Plana*'. Ray HU- Naw Bavea Bemaet aWi ssrsayr**'J OHENEV HAM, a BAESWMUS BIX • MAN0HEB1B5r7 IPAEIUNO (6 5 0 ) turn around and giva the goml 1 ^ OeioHibie—HoiaMr DEGI’S DRIVE-m Uiito Pamatta Goddard.' OaaunHtaa iwa t e Waadier S 8»jaSi.'^2r*e^a2Sisj PHy^RnmW to to Sawe. Bpaits. Waelhw 3 SSSiSatea baad at raaowa piwvtda tto h bCK of candy;, moot a t tbe ttme, 4SS O ENIEE ST,..^-M1 S-MSS JSS“of“J5S.“8Sid- U:U Snspaasa Theator - S ^ B to Save ha gets his msnn gang togethor EngUali-AollfMt Bneken, Veronica Lake. "The .Hitch HIkar," Bdinond •iW ObaBMga had bents the good JOd’s bralaa hieema m Uto iKrySealSriuti?** to 8 'W aaoto. Laaal Bawa O'Brien. Trank Lovaloy. S---- :0O I totenato I B<» N m g. Color. The Jalik Taar Shaw ' 0 Jaay Blahaalkaw 0, 0 c u t l i t MMile Tphn. West The Toxaa A to 0 W. H. England Luniber Col "BMk la Your Owa BatearA" 11000 things may be tiafortu* MI S-M fS Uto Oeeeaalratiea 0, 0 StpadWaa . 'aatuN 0 - to on la diatearad ra property ba- ante but they are true. And teuth, . ^ Leva That M A to . U TiU Woalem.J(aaa. BIghllgIBa U to Havla 8 - - - .' • -AT TH8 M fB T IgSrATto. - AW. btad .the Bantoa howM. U to Lave O t Ufa t Tatara OaMmHai- --'.'Rida The Pink Bona.*^ white. It mny not he stranger thin TM h at Oanaaepaaeae . . 0 0 y ai.la Cu b era Robert Hontgomery, TTed Cook. 3 Piatus-aarii flctlofi. is more honast.4Ajid whst I Tka Jack Paar Shatr 0 I t o B asl8sR0 . . rival oomj - 'th r tlds oountty nbeds is n good flve- n m S S S r ^ i Tamarmw * i T:0TOh«reBae Bhaw. A - (Color) Open All Day Saturday I 0«*M jjuj ^ -am to«°tS^ tow. a^r'T.' C.'s titia’aad «^aJ-^T.,CO .H r)A «.g The Prince 0 Darkneaa.' ___ _ I Nawa. ' 0 *■- w Ms teaa4oadbig aaiplra osnt truth piU for seviptwritsrsL o( Confederate poat-Ciyll War re- - Baiaa aad ASaa - - I| Tho majority of' seript^ters, FRONT END Uto The Oaidiaa UcM I .baliion with Bfram ZImballat Jr., SfSlear. Sbannaa W ' girtraylng - famltui actor IM' ' 0tohway-Patotl •:W Pony Oaaaa’a Haale HMI to 0 given tbe situhtlon on' The De- I t o Beat BaUar • ■seSSIftsfos r). _ , fendms, vrould have had the two 1 Married Jaaa ■ WOrM'0 'akM0 t h e P r e s s ’ ' ’8 5 - ” ^ Tom Boalay. Addttlooal parental couples Ustening to ths SPECIRI. At Rama WKh. BMIy 0 . M MASllHHt » ■ „ Bey le Coait . M, Boafj Ortneto guest: ‘B a ^ Huttoa. lawyw’s Sermon, gradusUy bresk* • :0 NatlaBBi V0vM 0^ Q uestions.N ehiru me .IbwaUaa Ihra I t o Aa The Waild T uns 8 :0 Tka Price (a Wght " n , 0 1 :0 A l___ - "KW A GGray r a y To*."___ Qrag___ %ao- Ing down amid muffled sobs snd Highway Patrol . Cmor. BUI CuIIfn la emrea. - • Badal Nataa WHh BHIy • t o Paa*w»r4 Kansta is Mred-to uncovac mur- mutusl squeesings of the hi 17 OAK ST. ■arvey Olaaa‘Bhaw -Tka BIflemaa 8. W.'-SS JaWahArla} Nehru, .prime mlnia- Tto' 'Aa Haney I 3 ' dap avidanoa f0 dafanaa lawyer. sad Anally embracing their off­ $ A .9 5 The B ait af Oraaaha "Tbe Daclalon." UoCaln wll- (Ootor) Haar^Of Stars . 0 spring. Thia la the AaaWer. neMca; murder and , deapite at- 0 r <9 India, will be interviewed on Read The Herald Every ' Hnaritor Please • : 0 Mrs. O. Gaaa Ts OaOm ' N PkoM Ml 3-4247 1 :0 At Hama With KHty - tampta to preaaure him. reluaas “Meet the Press’’ Sunday,- Nov. ■iM Hau0 Pasty After raadlag a book m child But that wouldn’t be real . to change hla teatimony. 5 (NTC-TV -Network In color B Laratta Tanng pavchofogy, Sarah craataa a fam> or Ml 3-4444 Ito ^aaewerd Ad star DaekplB Bawltaig AW , gy crisis whan aha tries to In- honest. Nobody loses tbe prejU' The Jaa Mwmkr Shaw 0 . tto 'D a a a y Thamaa Shaw p.m. BST; NBC Radio Networti •toK:*iiiSs:.ir. fVuance bar daugfatw and aon-ln- dlcq of a lifetlnie in - one three- (Color) Opmedy- apeclal atari__ _ «;30 p.m. E8T). Tesng Dr. HiJeM 0. “ law to abandon old-fashioned minute sermon, no matter bow AHgtK fET Nambar Plaata- Ato Kayeaya In— apnga and ekatd Nehru will arrive in the OhtLad Day and Keep Informed On QaS0 Tar A Day ' A W i « melhods of ratsing ! tto Rauta Party ywUng the a tbama,. giM i t o Terilof If Ym child In favor at naw Moquent They would* have* be’- ^taMa^Kavay -Pthera See _ States on the day of the program, Wtaam Tbase Baak . to M cal techniquas. haved: mcacUy as The Defenders Broke AdfinInMEl -Y Sdvan Baya 8Bb' praornof 0, 0 and u i0 will be hla first public i^[). 0 :W Obrole fftoater _ S bad them briiave: unrelmting, I t o -Wyatt. Bare ■■Klller’a Payoff:"■ Driectiya R^ger 0 . 4 "Tha Thlaf at Charity.’*, Ron Yanag Dr. MalaBa 0 . 0 HaVlIland - aaeka th- alayer pf. a pearance. the broadcast will orig- Cochran narratm. OraniatlaaUaa they 'turned their, hades on tbe BoksMsiEg MULLIN’Sr QaeOa-'Per'A-OavT.....-A * to " 0 ' : • ■ well-to-do-btackiinaller. '— ' irtate-live In New York. TowniWiife Aetiyities . . . -to 4 foonaing'on the iq>araUons of im- children snd walked away. ' I t o Tka Verdict te Year* t laaatleas Baafatoal A W. W scnnnplooa fund-raisara who ai- Maybe a seed would have been 3 W BEiaE BAXANOEDh ■ SALES cMid SERV Icb pram rkeae Baata ' 0 . to 4:0 In TtoPtoie laiefesf phon off monl0 that might olhar- Caaaaetleat Baadetaad 8 wise----- go --to legUimatfI chuitable plinth by the lawyer. And, per­ -, Wka De Voa TmatT 0 . ' SI ornnoatlons. haps six months later, over a * GomtoI Repairs ~ t t o Baager Aady. Skarf ^ Bab htoWhart S i t e 0 . 0 bowl of (diioken soup, they would Amenraa Rnadatand f. FOR EXPERT m o t o r T U N E - U P S On The Merchandise (Color) H artfonl O siiril 4 :0 la Tka PnbUe H tcreal. ■ * > • HUliMi SaSar Hsvto 0 see theic mistake.- TV can’t wait - • * RsMgt oEjl Fud O is t ; 0 Bdge Ot Nlgkt _ I IIEVBR^^ DTNAVISION SYSTEM at Paris.’* DahieUa Sea 7to-'- - six months; a novelist can skip iie’a Ballywaad . - . 0 , 0 T ire Or. ^ RIppy The Cleira > U IS^IHB'lE-EAV''M e TMOD POE •D arrttei. “^^-S u co .0 af-^rJi Urns sad Aplsy somstimes can T«m im tto'Ammcaa Mawiataai A 0 A, PERTBOT dOB* Prity thiat’la goaded Into h a v ^ few months between seto. Ito vanurr Pllm . _ • > Stores Are Selling. IMWeeI 18 Jnapbig doliq by his ambtUous but TV dramas nearly always are Ml T.2S28 " N e « la Hade At BlyUt” Prea- a o te 10 ■ totoi0» tfcto ,lon Foaler ' 0 : 0 Itoto Briaktey*s Jaam al bontigiious in tims. IBS CENTER ST, Papaya Th0ler Scott, MMar) 99 * So Tho DefendenB-^t least that 9 .9 . liQtULiN'S iK i P i^ ^ ^ • (Color. LITTLE iOE^S TEXACO , Newsman David ______BriaMay 'ob- ODS epteodo—deserves hsaps of Tales 0 TkO WaH- to. MIDDLE «% B. AT SROAD m s -T B is Hasaay Mrvaa tto woHd sCtna, A re­ IW TiltoiM T pl»'-rin ASSU. KaklaAtMlla a r T o is a port on JhiBslan apytaetles by A prates for its realisin’. R bid peo­ Tapper Tka 'Atebral Aad forran Bussiaa agent,' and a ple beha'ring .m peoide. Wi Bv - A - \ . V' *PAGE POUR BIANCHESTER EVENING HERALD, MANCHESTER, jCONN^ SATURDAY,vNOVEBIBER 4, 1961 ' .7-.' Berth smlAi iiUiaaM M ^^ Berlin ly defet Comimg ^hows^ THURS0 AY Television PROGRAM down 3( B r. KIkdara - wm Hoilysvoidiii in a teai H a x « l <8 hirl«y BooOd 'tMw to SdSOelleea •! TtoA le 'The Umtly Oaaa." Dr. Kildare —•*----- CUMN . _ AsHRrteAa NewMIiuM teama that tha Intended bride of border i canTtnM G«Oi^ (Don X)» W m) l:fi i'ntsrc ‘ ■INb M hia boyhood friend daaperately East G( tlut HaroKT (Bobtor Buntrock) ■-f'. *JQiackMna’\ Miolwjr > Bodosya needa medical help, but won't'ae- •hould be pbrniitted n» ic« 9 a a . Jeanne Cngnair. it to her Ilanoe. on TV ' Abou .AM abandaiMd doff be found i n t h e i {OtHm*. . . .. • _____ European Trip.” Orand- nades v “Heael" epix^, "A Dofr for Talaa al tha Watt. tt pa and theth . IfcOtya. aee the oultur- By KB8KINE J<«NaCHC body wi Harold." on NBO-TV Ttoinday, , KaUa S OUla Faa .M ae lOaBtaa al benefits_____ from a teewaser'a Tile roraue and l>r. BeMk S ISaa FIral Shaw. It ansle.’ Mellywned Oorrespendeat West E N o t . • (t:«) p.ni. BST). When an ”nn and tha Hlahtr". John StM lareatlsatora a Newspapar Bnterprlee entreatlea tan, Haael and Dorothy Warne Tcolac) "Style of Livins.” Dina Merrill removin (Whltnay Blake) concoct n a a hoodlum edie oontrola ^ _ a i c M SSP "e e t ‘w b's Lodge." Young MAo Wash aiw FUm ____Dougina__ hurn;; la humllated with___ Bud'a Along W lth'BuIlwinkle.” . profearional booday, la Il^ek OUn'a Falix TIu CM antics Over his Installatiea Bullwinl^ is the latest TV car­ Sen. Hu (Mark Richman’a) tarcet la ikleharry HaaaS naonies aa ranking officer K>( fnv< toon chaiMter from the Ward Minn., f "Conieback" on NBC-TV'a ^'Cala’a K 3 e Skew 8a tarnal order. Hundrtd” Theaday, Nov. T ( 10> ll j^w ar Fatoal ahmr at Stare It (drawing) room and the book ivaA th e pof JrjaU lla, published for the private amitse- p .m . B 8 T ). tialn probea fOr liifor C;U Mawa. Sparta. Waathai y ;M tt. Berlin 1 matlon acalnat tArch. He haa lit CoademAed'WomaD. **Loola H djt- Amancaa Hawaraal- Dog For Harold. Haael triea ment of Ward's friends. The lyrtos nm iad ClaaM'Daara to convince George that Harold of AlJ Burns“ and -George Atkins, not elim tie ludc ttndlnr ‘wltneaiea wininc Waathcr. Sew* abould be permitted to keep an But th« .to testify until be uncovers a fight atandoned dog he tonnd. aU copyrighted, are ao amuelnir ismi&eaukwe K*vU Nawa aaS WaaUBihar that we feel obliged to let you in im a Europe 'Wandal that vura action agalnat ”n e .Ktght Has- _ ------Bapal C Margie tlve that undenrotM control of the sport. Brek”. edvard O. Robtaeoa. ”Th? 8helk”.Matsle la r s q A 8 the fun. t a e r n e a t* a ah h a aia to date the campua ‘ 'drip” In Herowlth some of the lyrics, ait unified p I W a d Claaod Daara M8 initiation stunt. the Sovie Boenea from *Nanook of the , OamxxwiweaMh Of WaWtoa U M:M TV Keaarts . of .which qtoof TV In one way or u r n Siiig a i m i t WHh Ml another: > step up 1 North,"' the first documrotary t e r a r t - Asked film and atlB considered one of the (Caior) Oussla; Leslie VggaaM, whether great claaaiea. w ill have a rare Sandr Stewart and Jerry vSaa aad “Matt and Kitty" (to the tone trievlaion Aowiag- on NBC-TVa gnesfi-i------S i a aOaHar OaS Haaia IS the Stag AlongAtoos Gang. OfGh toalghCs of "Love and Marriage."): convincet " 1. a, S-«to!” Sunday, NOv. 8 . a a ‘ “ •1 ‘Northweat Uounted PoHoe” .' program, propaprops willwin be used tat- over tha w T aaaaeemees « J Oarr Cooper. Paalette Goddard. Btaad of scenery to convey ideas ' Matt and Kitty, Matt and KlUy Humphre young Richard Thomas learns Waalber mM Nawa t t in aong. .Are the- weirdeat pair la »T "I belli about the strange and inteteatlnf 0 :W BSSTIC Taewmw ^ Kawa aadWaalher M ^ PM aachaMaa t , j a . t t Dodge City facets of fife among Naldmoa ( 8 :M H OaaM fae iS iitO Sew* and Waalhaamae M 3***..Matt Baas Schama.” Vralter ment of 1 a 5 : S ap»«*»m — otah 5 Wlalchell. narrator. Bx.«anvlct 4a- Kltty’a ripe and wflUa* p m . B B T ).. S ’S Thv O si^ UsW Waatara Haaa. ntehSatoa tt ylsaa 'fodpro^ method for brtM- But what’s the bit with Mister U:M Naw;'Da^lto;St sS Sparta Camara M Khrushchruahe "a w e ee DUIenT” Ship roll IntorvieirB la Honolulu srith i:ee2a « ^ ®— ■ ' *1 See 7:00 Jayne Haasfleld. James Darren. Y iae 1 over Be I Marfkd Saaa s "Kartna". A clairroraat'a fora, I N**ti Nealhev A ipiata' "Aa Agent’s UiUaby’i (to tha don't th Peggy Ryan and Diane Lannoh w ill eaat la toUinad wima Toaor Sto Raws tune of "When Irish Xlym Ars- be among bighU^ta of '‘Here's try aeaeta a "heautlful atranser** Haws wad Waalhat Inated." In ^ peraoa of aalooa enterida- Newt. Sparta. WaalSar Smiling"): .. A grea Hollywood” the sreA of JWov. fit w Karina, who aeeka toeUar with I B gaput Ftaasl Hsatas "When sganta’ eyes a n sndUAg. Id (NBCrTV, 4 : a iM : 8S p m . B B T ) S S 5 % * w w m mmr- ^.clfcus Mter ehooHag har haa- JTJo.Wlck^ Go T® HeU.” ly. is th, la a tamtlp aeiuiHUa. yidal. Marina Vlady. Sure the ^dal you've made ia bad operatlo Other features of the weSk.lnehide (aak Faar ShM fCaiarl chats in the film capital W Uh s® ” If you told an agentn t SittiUng___ lies, la S A t: ,By hia client you’ve heen had." "We r Harry Townear Ann Todd a tie s P a i Shelly Beranan. Oedtosta HM ._ 3tod la My O-Fllat”. pose, a i«H a» aniwK, Morgan. Dane Clark, "The' Price to' Fright” (to the with on ■d'ConneJi and Jack lin kletter con* m m r a a r Shaw duct the Interviews. A M l n S shfS K iL MMap WWa .tt t w of "FIva Fabt Two. Byes eS" dared. 'aiav mmmm- r n t w AdTaatares at OaHa and KarrlM Blue"); The 8« BaceMa tmmg te , (■ A peril>packad perfonnaaM by SiM FVaan ara Of "Five toot" two, eym th at sp M trapeae artist Plecr*- AUaee wIS 5 . JSae.aad Tha A erreatnn ooahig horrid goo hichUght the *\ 3ireua Krone' A iMHttckpfl hualmnd iRots If b i A htovie atarring Vincent-Price! ^eetrteaPfMmm." Jaff aaS^lS wife a murder using tww eccentric 2 Brc NBC-TVa 'Tntecnattonal Bhow- trianda celebrMe' *'B day” at aUaers, who m y ou aeighbocn.' to Mangled nose, deform^ tool, time" nidiw . Ney. 1 0 (T :S 0 -8 :M ' * ^ ‘£3L- ■ m .*** froabla. „ ^ b l i a h his aUbi, h i" A *tMrd to r A sUmy, ghaaUy thing that grows pm . BBT), ‘nie Sl-yeard>Id aerial-^ .. . . wba » a Tan ' -M to to p p e d Doxna tha .Charo- Pinodile," starring Entaratd Ah- A movie s t a r r y Vtaiomt Fsioat > iat has been caBed *T 1ie w o rld ’s kaaT” When Boh Caraoa friea to d r e j^ MSfyuKle. Ann Shoe- Fangs that chew, claws do, tea grentast trapeae performer." The *•** gagb**»- periOade a reloctast IMUaa chief to fijw up aoiae land for a. mla- mskwr Aad June Walker, on A sickening, frothing Monataroo— "Circus KtpiM" p r o g r a m e ra s aSa bOM. he finda hlmaelf the '^rlfier,'" Monday, Nov. to'iN Ba A movie starring Vineeat Prica!" B r taped whda .the largoscale circus ■> -tSrsel of aome well-aliBad. arrows. TV, 10-11 p.m. K8T). was performing in WUhelmahaven, "We all lave you Jackie, h u t... ,•* Germany, n e touring attraction, (to the tune of "Tt Ra Boont-de- w ith S8 8 persons and 4 0 0 a n im a la ay"): F i moves in a earavaa Of 3 3 8 v e h ic le s . FRIDAY Television PROGRAM •There’s a. pretty lady vtoo fCMar) Looks at me from every view 8 :N Csllega Of Tha u lf' • :W IFather Of Tba Bride S At first it brought me juetumre, too f^U aealM ClaaSraaaa Tabs Of Tha West » Ig Telephsaa Hedr tt. M Bridge iColorJ K i ^ i | ^ OUb F ar FIVa Mlanfaa (Color) "Music of Richard TUI a change was overdue. Mameala Of Oasafset Than First Shaw - tt Rodgers.” Starring Ray Bolger. Like her husband, lUce heif; too year-old Aarieall^ Mows jThe Hiro Aad The Mighty” . John ■a nost, Dolores (5ray. Martha life toda; Wayne (Color) ^ WrMit. Howard Keel, kelen Gal- IJke Caroline and number two Semesfar Jtom and OUto 'l. ,m But other subjects—Juat.'h few Her two Oanflaeatol Classvi la ^ e r and Martha Wright with tlms of a jCoIor) Jral aad Bwahby Shaw 1 members of the cast M 'T h e J^blishers, I beg of.ywi. Osatlaeatol Class t Botnxi of Music.'r ‘ Richard She U 7 iM •a aa * special guest - t U ;M Twilight Zaaa .1 i The Steve Reevah Stomp" (to boys wer H a r n ^ Wsmiaar ^ 0»n«to MatJHaa. "Deatl^Head Revisited.” Nasi- the tune of "I itsnt a CHri. Jnet 8. This Oar Faith 8s Ilo B a ^ ' a return to the infamous the Girl That Married Dear All thi ELECTHO>. IflBORATORiES Basiaesa Bepart a ' aad Bis Friaads misery, anguish and death. The er,. BaTbi 7itS Three Stoagas s nostalgia of hia return Is ahat- "We want a show, Is unwed Csptais Kaagaiaa s jkway Fatral “ Jrrejl when he discovers he b on S S S fr*^^ Frla-d. a Mpwa trial for all bis pMt crtihea. Just like the shows of her he 27 7 BRO.AD d:U NawL Sparta and Waatbar Produced by’ Joe iMvine!, terdsy ai OiUm~M m TiU r «S MaahBM • - hours 1b ■spBlehar«s , • FnaUly . . WeathN. Masb « Sparta It is a show news. frga'&stmn "-8 Maws S Wantbaa' SUH^^Oafiar Mevb Jg And the only show The gii ■ ab b Bead U:N Where Steve Reevro ed as "pc T hb Is ShUag Can be seen. . iM ita g Mavla t fOolor) T - news event of , t Police BaUto Clasad Basts - „ Ublier CronUte ni that the FaUHoal ottor Nears CorrespondsnU ra- A cheap Dye-taltan film left to p £ ? /8 K - ■W*w». • ■ A A tt. MeOee’s Hers Aad New That’s seldom clean their firs Hememakara Mavis Death'Valtor Bayst _Wlth girls and musclemeH Tear Haanh tt. tt Whiplaah Public informatloo series. -their md MUIUb DaUAs Hsvia* raiTMpt^eat McGee host In every scene! Clarence, B ubaraJB a irfeci La_dy/' Ray Guest: World War I veteran Har­ p.m. U:M b B Ittt tt. M ‘ tocM^Mawa ry Trustin. We want a show. Maws aad Waathar U:N News, Weather And B^rte t Medica 5fha Taxaa ____A M . 8 Maw Boriaans N «r ^ SperU. Weather. g Just like the shifws erty and Caaoaatratiaa , ttl w Mews I t Produced by Joe Levine. lavs ThM BabI . A W tt Naara aad Wtntter. 8 authoritii Lave ei U fa • .m s® IftiWi Maws, SMrtaTweelhar M furnished Troth a» Cansaanancaa tt, tt Fantnre n im g Om tune Of side-arm . . . . Onmaaflaga g, m ' s| ’ The Blade Sheep” . Rowdy Tatesf Point” . John Garfield. [At Me Call Ton 8 w^St)ieai^); D:W SeMeh Far Temerrww g finds himself unwillingly Jb^P^Shew tj Dr. Df It Canid Be Tan tt. W herding 300 sheep. vestigatli (Color). - latematleBsl Sbawllma - -'stt •The PbH^elphin Story", KaUi- "What’a with Petey 'ford PETS! Make A Ffeoa A Ml (■ F V o g i^ by the Circus Krone oC arine Ibpbum. Have you .aaUedx death wi o rU P P H C B TIm OaMlaii Ugkt •• W - ." Wilhelittshaven, Germany. Don Award n e a le r from the Amecho, boM. i iL 'tt Jack Paar Skew ' - room. .. o ' b i b d s ' *iir Straightaway A M- ■* tttM anrs aad .WeMher Sammy saya-^at Joey's packed r^®j!r - i • ^ e Heist” Clipper and Scott U tU emeai at Medltattan And Shirl^jr s on the lyay.^ Clarem -e TROPICMU. FIBH At KaaMr WiM KHly -m . (8 fight for their lives when their t:M ...... that.falll Day tm Caart . . S U ige is commaMeered by KM Aa Iks WaeM Tama -W. aa r of fur Uilevea. Dtao-sKs there waiting, when his t Eeao i . Frapkle haan’t got all day. about 8:! Id wofm BBiDoi: sr. HIM KMy .•iM n o Third Man R odgers’ M uisic back roo The Hathaways- ,8^ where’s that InvitAthoB two boyi l a M M o "Candy's Tonatta.” Tha lMd>yi O i r P h o n e l i ( tooooooooooo and tbs { 1 Fasaward chimp faces:-surgery, unteaa oi^ be cssxed inlp taking_ raedt- The Whlto House for stay?" He sail v r n r r fCoior) t cine. prescribed by . her pedlBtrb- Richard Rodgen and an dren and , Member Fitaae IKeose FarS^ •iMBjmlaM-' 's cant wiU’ parUcipate in a luU-lmur «Ul»YS CLOSE Tonag a Mu« Nest” Adventurer Bim prMTam,- "The Music of' Richard Sevan Kays A M ' MOrdoA'a search for A woman W w i Vet Returns AND ) Tha MUHanalre *^s ■plan ■ II Wiiasa. il - -* .------Rodgers," devoted entirely to tKb Liber Ta— ------noted oompoeer’e mUsio, on NBO A dA •TVs "Bell-Telephotie.Ifoiir" dnler To Battlefields ROLAND IfeAUCHiSME -r - -fw . Di .'Aiimonv^ pregram Friday, Nov. lO (g.3P- Clain DEltfMat -iink wuuuuiua 10:30mw .arw^ p.m. BST); m y. DheroigttAIBgRodgerg, •MBVHay Harry 8T, h W^ortd Wat Da »mi fcM T 9 ^ * " C(*lUi«i»r. Afitta I veteran, wilf fetum to t(i» bnttttt Him 4iMl Darlan,. Roh Huemarai, Howwd flMds of France whm he fought eAMEolraUTY B^ySPiSSa H, £«?L ; Dolores , Gray,' Martha «>»ny year*, ago, in a filmed mg^ San At ^Fright, Donald Scott and BUaa- ment of "Frank McGde's Hera sm i Henry B. :^th Howell ^are the artisU, listed N o ^ ’ on NBC-TV Friday, Nov. 10, ocrat'and Nnnr CMvliBr 1 b » V a ih e I 3 m fiielr order of appearance on the 10:30 p.m. JBST. '■ man, say Trustin IS a d ty commliBioner M lf-2 7 4 2 • '■ ITR!" • CUh. Cam. le excerpts from ‘^Vtctorv a t part to ( "OotSi Wo '. .Maria Maataar City ebuncU mamlldr SI Eisenhow too Main S t,! • P ■ ■ Sro” WiU he conducted by .DdnRtd Ontoha, Neb. He was. in K Oa. tt. Vtoorhees—not by Richard' ROdg- Eisenhe Bto. as pr^louMy aitoouneed.'* fought “ at W&**"*’ BeUeau Wood Im d Ar^ - tonio last clpal opp Ofllcer goniM. and was womidM in on* Jp>6ay% .1^ IdiclUe S oil . Wttfi William Balto, • roV* clal elect (Beatrice f , t_ ^__ h t u A a t h S ^ Ucan Job huM^d>s, p s ^ l Mmyartner Fran­ theipromvan, TnlsU. p iin i Ta x a n d wmoutrsimt teuel cis MuWxm in will return to thr WtttofieMd Ctonaali OTHBR BEODB FROrORnONATBAT U W ihiu^Ngir iM^ has not seen for many to 42,683 5S**a •* His ImpreaMons wifi be filmed ocrats I F ^ ^ XuVtoon." on NBC-TVd for Uia ^ogram, with XcGee nar.- ' 1,5(K) voti BOLAND MOTORS^369 Center Stiwf "Oar 54, When An Ton?" Sun­ rathig. Thb show will ba broad­ day, Nov. 5 (8:30 psa. BBT). - Paul KU< cast OB tha ova of Votarana Day. Signed to ■ '- X . Gonxalc Turk wh palgn of ner for-i told news "Up to ^ p e a ra iii ocratic h toed... tl Ing to ma al issue. .“After in their f atarted gt . Gonaale Fraaidant jl. ■ • ■' 1 ‘ r ./♦ ,

A ren«« D»Uy Net Presa Ron For the Week Ended Tlif W M t h d r Octnber 2S, U d l FWoenet o f v . & Weather Bnrenn OottBldemble eloudlnoM, ohow- 13,420 ere*endmr darinr tho nlKht. Pew . Member of the Audit in 40e. ' Tnenday eloudy in mom* Borena o f‘drcolntlon Inf, portly cloody In oftemobn. Manch99ter-^A City of V illage Charm HIrh III BOs^ *

VOL. LXXXI, NO. 31 (FOURTEEN PAGES) MANCHESTER, CONN., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1961 ).(01aaellled Advertteing on Pago IS) PRICE FIVE CENTS Senator Says Beflin State News Thai Bids Roundup War Danger Eased U.S. Aid 9-L 2 State Youths But Not Eliminated Killed in Crash Viet Nam Washington, Nov. 6 (/P)— Berlin, Nov. 6 Weettto common agreement with West Jefferson Valley, N. Y., Nov. 6 (A*)— Two youths from Thailand Ambassador Visutr Berlin police succeasfal- Germany, Britain and France, Arthayukti said today the sit­ About Nuclear Tests there must be full consultation with Milford, Conn., were fatally ly defended workmen ripping other NATO nations. injured when their car went uation in Communist-troubled down 300 yards of wire fence '7*- P-; Humphrey eipphasized that what­ out of control and hit a utility Southeast Asia "couldn’t be in a tear gas battle today with ever strategy the West adopts for worse’’ and that he was “ wor­ i its negotiations with, Khrushchev pole yesterday. ' border guards of Oimmundst over Berlin must be completely ac­ Another is in critical condition ried” about the findings of May Erase East Germany. ceptable to the new government at Peekskill Hospital, and a fourth Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor there. About 150 tear gas gre> of West German Chucellor Kon­ suffered minor injuries. After a 40-minute call on dep­ nades were thrown, but no­ rad Adenauer. James Sopero, 19, died shortly uty under Secretary of State U. He said this aeceptsuice should Split Over body was reported hurt. The after he was taken to the hospital. Alexis Johnson, the nial diplomat be made clear both publicly and Paul Bruce, also 19, died later in told newsmen he had not discussed West Berliners succeeded in privately in advance. He said he the day. He was a student at any of Taylor’s recommendations removing most of the fence, told Adenauer that the West Ger­ Southern Connecticut State Uni­ to President Kennedy. Taylor, the which was about a yard inside man government has a special versity. president’s special military ad'vis- U.S. Plans In critical condition is Gregory the French sector of West responsibility in Berlin and that er, has Just completed a first hand a tacit agreement would not be- Freitas, also 19, a student at New sm-vey of the area. United Nation.s, N. Y., Nov. Berlin. Haven College and the driver of enough. Asked if he thought sending of 6 (/P)— The main U.N. ^ i t i - "If things go wrong," the Sena­ the car. American troops to South Viet i-i Washington, Nov, 6 (/P)— tor said, "we don’t want people to Richard Lomberg, also a student Nam would improve the outlook, cal committee today approved Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D- at Southern Connecticut, received the ambassador said: U.S.-British r^olution call­ (Contbined On Page Seven) minor injuries. "Personally. • I Would receive ing for immediate resumption 6 Mlnn., said today he believes The youths were returning from very favorable any action by the the possibility of war over a dance in Carmel, N. Y. ” of East-West negotiations on •1 —___ U.S. government to show its de­ Berlin has been reduced, but termination to help Southeast treaty to ban nuclear bomb not eliminated. Ship Explodes 227 to 223 Asia in this troubled situation.” testing. But the Senator, Just back from Hartford, Nov. 6 {A>)—The State Arthayukti said all Thais are The vote in the 103-nation a European tour, said It Is Impera­ Motor Vehicle department’s daily worried about the deterioration in committee was 66-11 with 17 tive that free-world Allies find a Off Tunisia; 61 record of automobile fatalities as Laos and South Viet Nam and in unified policy for negotiation with abstaining. The ^ v ie t bloc, of last midnight and the totals on the, lack of progress at the 14- Mongolia and Cuba cast the the Soviets and that West Germany the same date last year: nation conference on Laos now step up Its own defense efforts. Of 68 Missing under way in Geneva, / negative votes. Asked at a news conference 1960 1961 KUled ...... 227 223 But the proposed talks ap­ whether hls visit to West Berlin By JOHN ORlFiriN convinced him the danger of war Tunis, Nov. 6 (JFl—The 7,129-ton peared doomed in advance. Scottish tanker Clan Keith explod­ Saigon, South Viet Nam, Nov. Soviet Delegate Semyon K. over that city has diminished, Body Found 6 — South Viet Nam’s pro- Humphrey replied: ed and sank ip heavy seas last Tsarapkin said: night off the North Tunisian coast, Canton, Nov. 6 (/P>—The body of western government is slowly loa- "I believe that since the adjourn­ a 47-year-old research engineer ing its war against Communist “ There will never be such ment of the 22nd Communist party and 61 of her 68 European officers and Pakistan crewmen were re­ was found near his motorcycle yes­ rebels. The next few weeks may negotiations.” Cpngress, - in which Premier terday in heavy brush near the in­ Khrushchev established hls leader­ ported missing. V decide whether this trend speeds Seven survvlors were ipcked up, tersection of Route 79 and Case Rd. up or reverses. Newport, R. I., Nov. 6 (>!») ship role, the possibilities of war Police said Samuel J. Loring ap­ over Berlin have been reduced. I including the ship's captain, said Even if U.S. troops are not sent, parently failed to make a curve in there are expected to be large —Prime Minister Nehru of don't think they have been elim­ a radio message from the scene. India flew here today to open inated.” The ship owngrs said one of the the road on hls cycle and skidded new outlays of American aid, into the brush. He was reported A great danger, he said repeated­ rescued crewmen, a Pakistani, died Which has already totaled more a series of talks with Presi­ later. missing by his wife Saturday than 82 binion. dent Kennedy on world pro^ ly, is the lack of common-front co­ night. Loring was a senior eng^ineer operation among the Western Al- The seven were picked up by the Officials here don’t always lems and on the divergent for the Hamilton Standard Division want to be quoted on such dark lles British freighter Durham Trader. As President Kennedy stands by. Prime Minister Nehru of India receives a bouquet of flowers at views ()f the United States "We must have a common pur­ Three or four other ships were of United Aircraft Corp. in Wind­ views, but that is the general pic­ sor Locks. Quonset Point Naval Air Force Station today on his arrival for talks ■with the President at Ne'wport, pose, a common policy, and speak searching the area. ture. R.I. Flowers were presented by students from India dressed In native saris. (AP Photofax.) and India toward nuclear test­ with one voice,” Humphrey de­ Radio messages Intercepted In There are three major forces ing. clared. Extended Forecant involved: The guerrilla enemy di­ Nehru landed at Quonset Point The Senator said that, in addition (Oontinaed on Pago Throe) •Windsor Locks, Nov. 6 (Ah—The rected and reinforced from Com­ Naval Air Station at 11:46 a.m. U.S. Weather Bureau extended munist North Viet Nam, the Unit­ 20 Hold Peace after a flight from New York on a Connecticut forecast: ed States, and the 7-year-old gov­ presidential plane. Temperatures Tuesday through ernment of .President Ngo Dlnh Russia Warns West President Kennedy was on hand ► 2 Brothers Asphyxiated Saturday will average two to five Diem. Vigil as Nehru to greet him. along with John degrees above normal. The normal The Communists, called the Viet Kenneth Galbraith, U.S. ambas­ high and low temperatures for Cong, Have stepped up the war to sador to India. Nehru and Pres­ Hartford are 54 and 34, for Bridge­ a dangerous degree in recent Sees Kennedy Tests May Contitfi^e ident Kennedy shook hands warm­ Bridgeport Girl, 6, port 55 and .38, and for New Haven weeks. ly as the Indian leader came down, 56 and*^ 87, Not quite sot, warm With local recruiting and mass Newimrt, RJ., Nov. 6 (4>)—Seven­ the ramp, froni the .plane. Tuesday through Thursday, mpd infiltration over the Jungle border teen women and three men, mem­ London, Nov. « UP) — Britain ^said. "To the underground tests T h ere w as-a short ceremonial on Friday, And seasonably cbbl on from neighboring Laos, the Viet greeting, a Marine guard stood at bers of the New England Commit­ denied today the Soviet Union of nuclear weapons which are al­ Saturday. had any moral Justtfloatton to ready being staged in the United attention and a Na'vy band played. Fighting for Life Preclpitabion may total 0:1 to 0.4 (Continued On Page Seven) tee for Non-Violent Action, stood resume testlhg o f nuclear Weap­ 'States, nuclear tests In the atmos­ .‘‘Hill to the Chief’ and the nation­ Inches, falling mainly as rain wr outside Hammeiemith Farm this ons. phere are to be added . . ; as al anthemr of the two countries. showers about Friday. morning with a message for Presi­ A foreign Office spokesman re­ soon as the U.S. government ■Within a few minutes,. Nehru dent Kennedy and Prime Minister regards this as necessary , . . Bridgeport, Nov. 6 — A 6-«> front porch. In the meantime, minded newsmen the Soviet Nehru. government broke a moratorium "In the case of continuation of (Continued bn Page Seven) - Trooper Near Death British Check year-old girl was fighting for her somebody called police for aid. _ nuclear tests by the United States life today in Bridgeport Hospital. New London, Nov. 6 (Jf)—A Conducting a "silent vigil for oh testing that was observed by Later, an ambulance doctor peace”, the group professed its of America and lt» Allies, all the Her tiwo brothers were dead, vic­ state trooper, who suffered a the Russians, BritlMi and Ameri­ credited police, who had applied Queen’s Safety demonstration was "in a spirit of cans for almost three years. more in the case of resumption of tims of a sphyxiation. artificial respiration, with having heart attack "while thwarting an American nuclear tests to the at­ She is Tracy Whldbee. The two attempted leap from the Gold picketing or o f personal censure.” The spokesman was conunent- kept the girl alive, The demonstrators stood, about Ing on a statement saying the mosphere, tile other side ' will boys were' Kevin, 7, and Thomas, The physician, Jose Kleer, said Star Memorial Bridge, remains in watch these military preparations, Bulletins critical conditim in Lawrsfice and For Accra Visit six feet apart along Harrison Ave., Russians 'were normallj- Justi­ *• he was not certain if the boys silently facing. Hammersmith fied In setting off as many ex­ primarily the steps in Improving Culled from AP Wireff All three were found in their were alive when placed In the Memorial Hospital today. nuclear weapons, because it can. V Farm. plosions as the United States, east side apartment by their moth­ ambulance, but added that both A hospital spokesman said Accra, Ghana, Nov. 6 UP)— A not permit the occurrence of such er,. Baibara, 27, who, police said. Trooper rkUmer Jacques, 37, of Mrs. Marjorie Swann of Nor­ Britain and France put together. youngsters were dSad on arriving British cabinet minister arrived in wich, Ck>nn., acting as spokesman Is unwed. She had stepped out at the hospital. the Groton Barracks was "Barely (Continued On Page Seven) , MAO URGES REDS UNUB of her home with her brother yesr, holding his own.” Accra today to determine if bomb­ for the group, said its purpose was Mascow, Nov. 6 (;P) — The Rus­ . ’Tokyo, Tuesday, Nov. 7 (*>— terday afternoon and returned five Police Capt. PbHlp Clark said Jacques stopped Oliver J. HlU, planting opponents of President to Inidte President Kennedy’s and sians have Issued a veiled warn­ CopMMinlst China sailed on Pre- hours later to learn the tragic the hot water burner "had been 24, of 807 Main St., New London, Kwame Nkrumah threaten the Prime Minister Nehru’s attention ing that further nuclear testing by piier Khruahclisv today to news. running for hours” and was not from Jumping off the bridge Satur­ safety of Queen Elizabeth IT, due to a letter, which read: (he United States and its Allies . atrengthen the unity of the The girl’s.condition was describ­ shut off until Clarence arrived day. His mother had cUled the Thursday for an officdal visit to "We appeal to you to commit may compel the Soviet Union to Fallout Cloud Cominunlat oaoip, Includliig Al­ ed as "poor" at the hospital. home. State Police and told them her son this West African member of the yourselves totally to a search (or prolong its program of tests, still bania, which luia .been made a A spokesman for the Bridge­ was planning to Jump. Commonwealth. ' truly creative ways of dealing with numerically behind the West. target by the Soviet leader for Police Capt. Philip Clark' said the world crisis which bring us all Nearing Russia that the three children had been port Gas Company- said last night Charged with breach of the Duncan Sandys, the Common­ The U.S. Atomic Energf^ Com-, clinging to Stalinism. The ap-' that the water heater was "unfit" so close to extermination. Only if mi.ssion said the Soviet Union had left to play in the back room of peace and resisting arrest. Hill wealth relations secretary, hur­ we can all break through our cus­ peal ‘ was made by , Mao T s^ ' their first floor, 6-room flat when for use. was committed to Norwich hos­ riedly flew from London fdf a talk •set off 5.5 announced tests prior to Washington, Nov. 6 UP) — The timg and other Chinese leaders tomary ways of thinking, acting the present series, in which' there fallout cloud created by Russia’s -their mother and her brother. "A serviceman* inspected the pital for a 30-day observation pe­ with Nkrumah about the security and reacting can we find genuine in a cable sent Jointly to Khros- Clarence, left the house at 3:30 heater had Ugged it on O ct 5, riod. outlook. have been 31, making a total of 50-megaton superbomb blast of chev and in a speecdi at a maM long-range solutions to human lest Monday rolled across the p.m. 1961," Indicating it was unsafe for Sandys’ mission is to determine problems.'” 86. The U.S. total, including four rally In Peiping honoring too in' the current underground series, North Atlantic and over Scandina­ Medical Examiner Harold Doh­ use until properly adjusted,” said Guard Unit Moving whether the Queen and her hus­ The statement said, "Remember 44th anniversary of Russia’s erty and Bridgeport Gas Company Edward Mulligan, the representa­ band, Prince Philip, can safel.v is 157. Britain has fired 22 and via today, the U.S. Weather Bureau revolution. The contents wero Orange, Nov. 6 (.P) —; Connecti­ Ghandi and all that he did and reported. authorities said the i^ ftm en t w ;s tive of the gM company. undertake their scheduled 11-day won through the use of non-vio­ France 4. broadcast by the New Cfdna cut’s recently activated Air Na­ President Kennedy’s announce­ The bureau estimated • that Jet furnished with a "very old-type He added that the water heater tional Guard Unit began moving visit in view of the bombings lence and the power of love.” News Agency, nnonltored here side-arm water heater.” "did not have a flue, and was nev­ Saturday, which damaged Nkru- ment last Thursday that ■ the windstreams six miles above the early today. Dr. Doherty said "We are In­ United States is getttng--ready for Earth would whip toe nuclear de­ er properly adjusted for gas use.” (Continued Oh Page Seven) mah’s statue in front of parlia­ vestigating to determine if the ment and a freedom arch in Black possible resumptiofi, of atmospher­ bris back over Russia later in the INGA GETS TWO EYES death was caused by the gas or Star Square. ic tests was the target of a state­ day and thus virtually complete a New Orleans, Nov. 6 (A’) — 1; e - from the lack of oxygen In the The government ' announced ment Issued yesterday by the offi­ circling of the globe. Tropical storm Inga developed room. ‘A Bit SensationaV Nkrumah will make a trial run to­ News Tidbits cial news ngency Tass. On the basis of studies of winds two eyes, but remained about Clarence told police, they said, morrow on the route the Queen will from the AP Wires "The statement by the United at the altitudes of highest velocity stationary today in the western that , falling to see the children take, an obvious effort to assure States President does not meet T-around 30,000 feet—the bureau Gulf of Mexico, ISO miles east * when his sister and he returned Britain she will be safe. Reliable halfway the desires of those who prepared a fallout map showing the southeast of Tampico. In a 10 about 8:30 p.m. He ran into the sources said the royal -tour Will go are sincerely pressing for an end a.m. (CSX) adriSory the Weath­ back room where he found the Crime Syndicate -Probe ahead unless an attempt is made Robert Briscoe, Lord ^ ayor of to the nuclear arms race,” . Tass (Continued On Page Seven) er Bureau placed the disturb-, two boys on the bed ihotionless on Nkz-umah’s life or there is any Dublin arrives in New (York for ance near li(tltude 21.5 and and the girl pn the floor. other serious disturbance. five-week visit to promote Irish In­ longUtude 95.7 and ^ d cold air He said he picked up the chil­ There is a growing prees cam­ dustries and tourism . . . Jomo and strong pressure' rises pushed dren and carried them onto the To Open in Las Vegas paign in Britain for the .'visit to Kenyatta arrives in cold, misty the storm southward during the be called off, but Sandys refused London waving an elaborate fiy Zorin Plans UN Talks lilght. to reply when askied directly whisk and tells reporters that Ken­ I ^ Vegas, Nev., Nov. 6 UP) --fth a n 60 of them—"keep track of whether the Queen still intends to ya, country he hopes to 'lead, has TROOPS BRACE FOR STRIKE Liberal Democrat U.S. Justice Department, has pick­ national underworld figures that go through with it. been ready fOr independence for Buenos. Aires, Argentina, Nov. ed Las Vegas as the launching site come to Las Vegas.” "My colleagues ■ and I in the" long time, London reports . u . On Congo War Threat $ UP) — More than 20,000 troops Claims Ike Helped for a new drive against national “ If meetings, of any signlfi- British government thought it a About 40. Algerian rpbels escape and police began patrolling this crime syndicates. cMce (involving crime leaders) good thing if I had a final talk from Mauzac Prlimn (Damp in South ggMpifaU today in the face of • The chairman of the State Gam­ Central Prance "and police and — ~ —■ % Him Win in Texas occurred in Nevada, we’d likely with President Nkrumah before United Nations, N.Y., Nov. 6,(P)^ed for U'N- measures to p^vent ^ -d a y general strike called for ing Control Board, Ed Olsen of know about them.” gendarmes begin long widespread the Queen’s visit,” Sandys told —Soviet Deputy Foreign iMinlster civil war, by force if necessary. mklBlght by the powerful Oea- Reno, immediately promised to Olsen said investigations of ap­ newsmen at the airport. search, reports from Perigueux, tral Ijibor Federation. Troops San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 6 UPt— support the drive. , But he said Valerian A. Zorin plann^ more .The U.N. force seized strong- plicants for gambling licenses He said Nkrumah welcomed the France, indicate. ■ - points in Katanga Sept. 13 in an took up positions at such strate- • Henry B. Gonzalez, a Liberal Dem­ the Washington announcement of ‘have been as complete.and thor­ talks -with other U.N. delegates to­ 'g ic points sK telephone ex­ ocrat* and Texas’ newest^ congress­ idea of his coming. Austrian authorities discount re­ day before calling p. Security Coun­ attempt to oust the mercenaries, the investigation sounded "Just a ough as investigations for secur­ port from Moscow that former changes, radio stations, power man, szys he owes his election in little bit sensational.” ity clearance on the national lev­ Sandys,was met by Foreign cil meeting to discuss the threat but Katangan troops fought it to a Minister Ako Adjel and British Foreign Minister 'V.' M. Molotov stalemate. Last week toe Central plants and govemmMit nolld- part to ex-Presldent Du’fght D. “Just a Mg headline story,"'said el.” on civil war in The Congo. ings. Helicopters hoveried low Eisenhower. paid secret visit to Soviet capital Zorin is president of the coun­ Government announced its troops 01. - casino operator when he heard "We try to keep out people who last week and returned to Vienna , over the cits’. the news. have, had connections with syndi­ (Continued on Fai Page Four) cil this month. One source said the had penetrated 35 miles into Ka­ Eisenhower stumped San An­ unnoticed, government officials In tanga in a police action to end the tonio last week for Gonzalez’ prin­ Justice Department officials in cated crime,” Olsen said. ‘;We try 11-naUoh group might meet tomor­ CENSORSHIP LAW BACKED Vienna say . i , Anti-Castro In­ row or Wednesday, but another secession. But on Saturday it ad­ cipal opponent in Saturday’s spe­ Washington announced yeaterdaY to keep out' confidence men and surgents fall in attempts Sunday to Washington, Nov. g (/P) — The other people whose backgrounds delegate dealing wiffli The Congo mitted toe Katangahs had, driven cial election, Consepratiye Repub­ that Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken­ Storm Rips Athens; set fito to two department stores its soldiers back. ^prem e Court refused today to lican John Goode Jr; nedy .has ordered a systematic indicate they are dishonest charac­ case said he favored delaying it review a lower court .Aeclsloa ters. The state is becoming more in. Ssmta Clara, Las Villas Prov­ until next week to enable the U.N. Kata,nga’s makeshift airforce pf ri?’? Gonzalez defeated Goode 52,855 invesUgatloh to determine three Death Count at 34 ince, the government in Havana that a movie censorship law in things: , and more successful in doing Uiese secretariat to gather more infor­ less toan 2*1 planes, manned by Pennsylvania is unconstitution­ to 42,653 with three other Dem­ things.” says . . . Pope John XXIII Inaugitr^ mation. \ about. 20 hired foreign fliers, was a ocrats polling a total of.'about ’ 1. .The extent to which syndi­ al. The refusal means that th» Manager Benny Goffstein of the Athene, Nov. 6 UP)—Torrential ates dally Vatican radio brdhd- Ethiopia, Nigeria and Sudan sent major factor. - ' 1,500 votes. He will succeed Rap. cated .crime leaders are using Las casts to people of Africa. (lecisiun, made by the Peniuyl- Vegas as a meeting place. Riviera Hotel, which operates a: rains, hail ■. and hurricane-force Zorin a letter Friday night asking Dtopite the council’s instruc­ vania Supreme Court, is iier- I^ul Kilday, Democrat, who re­ large casino, said he wouldn’t Winds lashed the Athens area for Season’s eighth tropica) storm, that he convene the council to con­ tions to prevent civil war,- Oie signed to. become a federal Judge. 2. Whether a race track wife mitted to stand.. The censorship K' ••'■ service is being run here for want to speak against the attor­ four hours early today, leaving be­ Inga, plows slowly through Gulf sider the' situatioh "caused ,b.v toe U.N» office in the Congolese capi­ law called for approval of flbm Gonzalez left last night for New ney generajl but added: "I’ve al­ hind 34 dead, at least 50 missing, of Mexico With little Indication she lawless acts of mercenaries” in tal of Leopoldville last July made Tprk where he'll Join the cam­ bookmakers throughout the coun­ by a S-member board appototed try. " ways felt, .1.the state has done a 300 injureil and 3,000 homeless. would become hurricane, New Or­ The Congo’s secessionist Katanga known that toe U.N. force would paign of Mayor Robert F. Wag­ by the governor. Anyone show­ 3. The backgrounds of some pretty good Job of handling its The storm, ihe worst in memory, leans weather advisory s a y s ...., provihce. not act to stop toe new coalition ner for-re-electiop. In Dallas, he ing a dlsitoproyed’ film could bo gambling casino operators. oAm affairs.. .I’ve been here I5 crumbled houses and turned streets President Kennedy will hold news The three African nations did Central Government froni winning fined and Jailed. told newsmen: (Msen said the attorney general years. Maybe I’m naive, but I into rivers more than 8 feet deep. conference In Washington Wednes­ not say what action they wanted back Katanga. "Up to that time,(Elisenhower's has been interested in Nevada for don’t ■ know of any such things Hall stones as b ig 'a golf balls day, White House Secretary Pierre the council to take. One. diplomat Last Thursday it went even far­ BIOT IN GUAYAQUIL itopaaraAce) the National Dem­ some time “and we’ve been work­ happening here. added to the havoc.. Salinger says.. .Many residents of familiar with - their thinking siild ther, In a report to UJ^I. headquar­ Guayaquil, Ecuador, Nov, • 0) ocratic heitoquarterB hadn’t real­ ing In close cooperation with Mr. "Of course. *We get all Kinds of The storm broke about 3 a.m. L4ma, Peru, and nearby cities, flee they want it to give cledr Instruc­ ters, officer-in-charge Sture Lln- SoUtors, tonka and nrmonid ears ized... the Republicans were try­ Kennedy.”' people. We play to 10 million a and subsided aboto 7. But the floods into streets in nightolothap as tions to the U.N. force in The nec said he had warned the Ka- Bwept into, the Mrnott of OmyRr ing to make this election a nation­ “The state is Just as interested year. And some of them may be left- by the st’S r m ..s tr :a n d e d strong earth shock 14 felt in that Congo on (1) the ouster of foreign tangans the U.N. force would qnli today to combat aaRgovora* al issue. ___ in uprooting racketeers — if any off color.” thousands of persons in cars and country, but nd injuries or damage mercenaries.from Katanga.and (2) shoot "down their military planes inent riotoni. Xltoro wero nvo ia> / ‘After the Republicans brought are.Jiere -^as he is,” Olsen said, ■iVflbur Clark of th-e D e se -T t on- commuter trains as they tried are reported, JJma radio reports. the role of central government if they kept o n . bombing Central ported dead tor opHy altetaooa, in' their -SO-megi^n bomb, people ‘ilnfonhation obtained by a n y Inn-said he hadn’t studied.- news to go to work. 1 John D. Rockefeller II tells' rep­ forces in that province. '. , Government troops in Kasai Prov­ and sporadle furtog mOI e o q | i b a . Started getting agitated." , . agents he .may have working, on reports of the' Investigation but "A Biblical deluge,” , said • one resentatives of 104 countries at At Its last Congo meeting; Feb. ince, staging area for toe Katanga •beards At least ttinb of the five . GoinsaTez, a strong supporter Of the matter'has and will come prl-. •was told by people who had that senior police officer directing fes­ Rome the unoheoked growth of 21, the. council (1) urged that invasion. vttlatoobfHdeadMtlM''^— Presldont Kennedy In 1060, saiil marily from agents of the state It didn’t amount to much. cue operations. ' .world population ‘Hs second only to measures be- taken for the lifimeT In the Beptanibei flgliting, a Kn- bytdIeeM gaming control hoard.” cqntrol of atomto weapons as para- dlato withdrawal of all mercenar- SB Faga nuea); Olsen said )ila..ag«l)tg mere .(Osattnag aii Faga Fire) - .(Oeattaoedi aa F v « Fhre) moimt problem t t our day.” . iM frec|'ni* Congo ond (2). eall-1 (C 'n