position tha i Gib RECIPROCITY HITCH. SUFFERING HAMBURG. TO JOIX THE OCEANS. In 1891 wa over 1,800,000 tons, and 80 a more cotnmamVnt AT per of the wheat was exported by raltar. cent results forcsocn Germany Bald to Have OflVired Itrlbe t Cholera Still Claiming Victim Poor l'eo sailing vessels and a largn proportion Among the beneficial Have tho KeelpriMiltjr Treaty With Sau plo Much Dlatreeeed. drawing together o J'caalblo Plnn for Buildlnar the Nic- of it passed around the Horn. The are a mure practical Pomlng-- Annulled IIamduho, Oct 8. There have been parts of the vust domain 4. A aragua Canal Nioarngua canal by shortening tho of tho rcinoto , Oct curious story ninety-eigh- t fresh cases of cholera here of world and a firmer cohesion of about United and reciprocity route to Atlantic ports would not only the the States yesterday, thirty-on- o deaths und 159 .Address tb a Committee Appointed by widely-separate- d sections of the of save producer cost of freight, but the was put in circulation in this city yester- 873 Conventlou In Cue the feel- burials. In tho hospitals persons the 8t. Louis of canal S3 per ton United States, added to a stronger day. The governments of Great Britain, Work Prellinlua- - the revenue of the at are under treatment In Altona there tb Imiurnw $3,000,000 on ing of neighborhood and community Germany and so story had Hm Already Accomplished. toll would be nearly Italy, the ran, were nino fresh cases and five deaths wheat alone. It is shown that there between the Atlantic and Puulfio sea- observed with a burning jealousy the '' boards. The consummation of the yesterday. The committee appointed by the No- - are 500.000,000 thousand feet of mer- great advantages which' tho Americans The Hamburg council has asked for tional Nicaragua Canal couvention at chantable timber in and work, whose feasibility has already were reaping from the reciprocity treaty demonstrated, is asserted to be of permission to borrow 10.000,000 marks its meeting1 in St. Louis, June S and B, Oregon, to the value of which over S3 been with San Domingo, and hod entered to western to be used in tearing down condemned to prepare an address to tho American per thousand feet would be added by far greater importance the into a common conspiracy to destroy buildings Suez canal is to and erecting others in their .people giving' information as to the cheap water transportion via the Nic- hemisphere thun the that treaty. places. is said no prece- Although the theaters are : feasibility of the Nicaragua canal and aragua canal The gross addition to the eastern. It that Just what part Great Britain and full and shows beer can bo cited upon which to pre- the variety and its commercial and other advantages the valuo would amount to the enor- dent taly had taken or were to take in these saloons have done a heavier dict the future of American commerce rarely to the United States, has Just finished mous sum of 51,000,000,000, even at this maneuvers was not quite plain in business, the Buffering in the city when gateway of the Intcr-Ocean- io the preparation of such address. The low estimate of S3 additional. The the the story as it was given out but is extreme. Ilammerbrook to- canal across Nicaragua shall be open In .committee is composed of John S. fruit industry of California would the deeds of Germany were indisputa- day nine persons died of typhoid fever. . Jones, Arkansas; quadruple in two years from the open- to it bly set forth. Germany, it appeared, of ACCOMrLISHKX Induced by insufficient nourishment Ohio; W. ing of canal for business, PREL1M1NAHY WORK had offered to Ullses Ileurcaux, presi- Converse, of E. Millsap, the the examination of strata Seven of thom were in the families of Mississippi; and refrigerator steamers would All surveys and dent of San Domingo, an annual bribe prominent hanker of Capt fast removal have been com- clerks who have been discharged on ac- S. II. deliver from California to requiring of 850,000 for life if he would declare .J. F. Merry, of Manchester, la.; frnlt been con- count of the lull in trade. The speedy New York in ten days, to pleted. The jetty has the reciprocity treaty with the United Hawkins, the railroad president of harbor of Greytown revival of business has not come as "Georgia; presi- Liverpool in fourteen days, and structed and the States abrogated. Capt Ambrose Snow, restored so vessels of was expected. Many shops open of New York board to New Orleans in eight days. The has been that "It is true," said the Dominican con- dent the of trade fourteen feet draft have an easy en- daily, yet no general trade resump- v. men- and and ex-Go- mountains of the Pacific coast are rich sul here, "that the countries here transportation, John trance. Extensive wharves, landing tion has been effected. In the S. Tillsbury, Minnesota. in lead, copper, silver, and gold, while tioned have made a demand in San Do- of places and permanent buildings have whole city 9,000 clerks are without em- The address is supplementary to the the plateaus and valleys afford a cereal mingo, in which they claim that under ployment shipping district duruble, and been constructed, temporary camps In the a . belt with a soil more a clause to be found in former treaties resolutions adopted by the St. Louis erected, a telegraph line made, the similar state of distress prevails. In- convention, which pointed out the ad- more favorable seasons for seeding and each is entitled to receive all the favors phy- any world, canal cleared of timber for twenty fant mortality is increasing. The vantages of the canal and urged its harvesting than part of tho from San Domingo that are or may be sicians of food comple miles, and a railroad twelve miles in fear that the scarcity .construction, ownership and control and the committee thinks the extended to the most favored nation. and clothes among the unemployed will tion of the Nicaragua canal is only length constructed and equipped. Tho being the case, San Domingo by the American people rather than biggest dredging plant in , "That result in a scries of minor epidemics na- needed to develop that country to pro was naturally alarmed. The attitude tho EnglUh, French, or any other formerly used at Panama, has throughout tho winter. position duction of gigantic proportions and that of Germany was especially dangerous, tion. It takes the that a been purchased, and over a mile of the -- double the copulation of the Pacific our tobacco is with Hamburg, canal, joining the Atlantic and Pacific dredged. The exclusive as trade LAVACA BAY GALE SWEPT. coast in a few years. The cotton-gro- canal has been where we were threatened with a duty for steam navigation of A most commercial, strategic, ing sections of the gulf states have un franchiso the would have been fatal to our busi- Furious Storm Great Uainago to j important and Lake Nicaragua that 8hlppi-4-le . says dergone a depression, and the commit- San Juan river ness. England and Italy we did and patriotic reasons, and that for naviga- For Galvestos, Tex., Oct S. A news -- of Each is most tee believes nothing could be of and an extensive plant the if we should the subject a canal the that acquired. The not care so much. Still, special from Port Lavaca says: Last tion company have been be compelled accede demands hus acknowl- to to the night a furious gale swept Lavaca bay. government of Nicaragua we would have to send company complied of the tripartite It was the most severe hurricane since edged that the has London. For this grant, which provided all our sugar to the the memorable one of 188(1. with the canal United States would rcimpose the 52,000,000 must be expended the The harbor was full of boats, as that was sent to see Secre- it mm is shown that the amount sugar duties. I was meeting day for the fish and oyster first year. It tary and conferred with him on HWr4.,rt4t'S money spent to date on the enter- Foster men's union. The wind sprang up from of subject and we had a long talk. prise is over S8. 000, 000. The enterprise the the northeast early in the afternoon leading men "Were you instructed to say to Secre- and continued to increase In velocity is indorsed by the business Heureaux country, will be ju- tary Foster that President until an hour after midnight of the and that it see treaty was main- diciously economically managed would that the During the evening there were signs and it he was promised an annuity assured by character of the board tained if of an approaching storm, and a few the 875,000 year?" was asked. "No, who, by the of of a I boats put down into Chocolate bay for of directors, charter the answered consul, smiling, accountable to the gov- wasn't" the better harbor. At 1:30 o'clock the company, are know no suggestion of United States. The "and as faros I wind had attained its highest velocity ernment the was made. do know secretary of interior has the power ever I that and continued there until after 3 in the the the American minister to Hayti, Mr. 5' mlm to make public all the details of the morning. Over twenty-fiv- e boats were Durham, and German minister to corporate management thus protect- the badly damaged. Some were totally de- V U!... same country, have both Port ing investor against misuse of bis the left stroyed. A number of buildings near the and in conference money. an Prince are with shore were wrecked. No lives were Domingo the The Suez canal, it is shown, saves the president of San at the No of damage communication lost estimate the has only 3,000 miles around the Cape of capital. Each is in yet been made, as number of boats own government and I have a 'i Good Hope, as against over 10,000 miles with his have been from. On account way out of not heard saved by the Nicaragua canal; and the no doubt that a satisfactory of these latter much anxiety is felt following table shows the number of the present difficulty will be decided ships passing through, tho net tonnage upon." RACE TROUBLES LIKELY. and the gross receipts of the Suez cana A BRITISH LABOR. Mixed School Wanted Ity Nejroee and for six separate years: Violence Feared. A'o. Groit Stagnation In Shipbuilding and Cotton Set nc'tt S. YEAB. $hipt. tonnage. (frtmct). Manafaetarlna Wae-- to He Reduced. Guthrie, Ok., Oct There will be 1870 KS UatfU London, Oct. 4. Tho labor outlook serious trouble with the negroes here IhTn MM 2,0W,IW 28.4:fc).730 1HM0 2.02U kOM.-l'J- t X8,4M,620 in the large manufacturing and ship- and in other towns in the territory. IHttt 3.tK4 S.SXI.7.Y! OU.WV7.S30 building centers of Great Britain is j The territorial laws provide for separ--' im 3.3s es.mioo is schools for negro and 1891 4.20J tWMMW) 83.4J1.604 very threatening. A crisis probable ate the children, The tonnage tributary now to the in the cotton trade that promises to j though they have been given all the Nicaragua canal, and which would have more widespread results than any facilities and accommodations equal to pass through after its opening, is over of the previous troubles that have oc- the white children, they are not satis--i 0,000,000 tons a year. At Si per ton, curred between the masters and opera- fled and demand admission to the white the charge made by the Suez canal. tives, and in the shipbuilding trade of schools. The matter is in the courts, one-thir- d of ' negroes are not content to 1 would be S12.000.000 in tolls. The the Clyde only the berths but the WICAHAQuT CANAL. this cost of operation and maintenance is are occupied and no new orders are await a decision, but are trying to placed at less than Sl.000.000, and 6,000, on hand. It is said that 15,000 j force their way in the schools. 000 tons would show a net income of bands who were employed in various At Kingfisher forty negro children, entered NIOARAaUA OANAl. SI 1.000,000 per annum. The committee capacities about the yards are idle, and backed by a crowd of adults, a ': Wiii.iiiiiiiiiint..iw.mH. Li. . M.I i6 confident that within five years tho those who are still at work are working white school and took seats, and it was i!s ; i3 i i- - - worse necessary to use force to remove them. '38 V 9m. m s rr income will be over $20,000,000. on short time. To make matters ,4 S I 9hmt U, "J WnO SHALL BUILD AND CONTROL? for the employes, the masters have now As a result, open violence is advocated m A w n ft fcc&icu U ll IU itl lu m Th The committee says it is no longer a decided to make a general reduction in by many. Negro preachers from the question, whether the canal will be wages and have announced that en- pulpit are advising their people to use -- welfare, greater immediate advantage than the vital connected with the built or not The only question is as gineers, ironfounders and shipbuilders force if necessary to get into the whit ,1 United in relieving tho depression, and .growth and prosperity of the canal to build and who shall will henceforth receive 10 per cent, less schools, and an open warfare is likely only making a for American cotton who shall it 1 .States. It declares that the feasible market control when built? says it has money for their labor than heretofore. to break out at any time. is by way Japan, China and Corea, where al- it It route for such a canal in been informed that European syndi This reduction was to take effect on - Nicaragua, points the ready people are beginning to '1 of and out that the cates have already made overtures to October 1. Tbo Clyde miners have also ON ITS LAST LEGS. -- two great political manufacture cotton goods by machin- conventions of the th? company, but the committee been notified that their wages will be :: have indorsed the project ery. Japan imported over 7,000,000 canal Professional Baseball Killed lly tho parties believes United States cannot af reduced 0 pence per day on and after Salaries appears engineers have pounds of American cotton in 1891, the Knormnm leuianded. ..I It that all the ford by carelessness, hesitation or the 10th of the current month. Washington, Oct 3. There are be- -- agreed expressing decided pref- most of which was shipped from New in a an enterprise of such $8,000,000 10, 000,000 of notes for the Nicaragua route, Orleans to New York, and then by rail neglect to permit tween and f erence magnitude and of such ad- ANOTHER BEOBUQ MARTYR. Baseball league among other reasons, only 20 to Vancouver and steamship to Japan. due by the National vantage to pass under the control of or IIU which will have to be paid and the :i miles of the entire distance of 169 WILL INCREASE AMERICAN TOXNAGE. Tho Proprietor a Hotel Meet any foreign company. therefore Death Hunting; Small Came. meeting of magnates is miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific At present the coal trade of South "It special the :.-- ! behooves us," the address concludes. Yankton, S. D., Oct 4 Charles called to arrange for their payment -- ocean through Nicaragua will have to Pacific coast is monop- America and the nation conscious of power we Winchester, proprietor of a small hotel Young be excavated. The other miles as a the President is confident that there olized by the English. The committee wield and of the greater influence we in this city, was burned to death by an will be little difficulty in making a set- -- Nicaragua. San J uan consist of Lake the thinks that if the Nicaragua canal were may upon destinies of explosion of gasoline. Do was sprink- and depressions in the surface of exert the this tlement river opened the Alabama and West to perform duties with- ling gasoline on the floor of a small said, any the earth. Lake Nicaragua will co- continent the "It is folly," he "for coal would have a decided advantage out delay which we deny other nations room to exterminate bedbugs. The one believe league could sufficient to occommo--dat- e to that the nstitute a harbor over English competitors, not to men- privilege of assuming, and to adopt room is just off the hotel kitchen and the navies and commerce of the the go on and pay the present enormous tion the enormous amounts of coal the now the best means of securing the the explosive vapor generated in the salaries, or that outside capitalists world. It is 110 miles long, 00 miles canal company itself would use. At where deepest early completion of this work, whose room pervaded the kitchen, a would Bink money in any opposition to wide, and is 250 feet at its the entrance of the Suez canal last we willing to gasoline stove was burning. Vessels entering tho canal advantages are share the present organization It has come points. year 1 500.000 tons of coal were sold. with the world, but whoso control The gas in kitchen first took fire from the Atlantic ocean will sail on a the down to a plain state of affairs Either In competition with England for should never be allowed to pass out of the flames rushed to the small professional ievel with the ocean for 12 miles, at Nicaragua and salaries must be reduced or Pacific ocean trade the canal our hands." room. An explosion followed and a few baseball go to the walL The men who the end of which they will be raised by would give American commerce an ad- A Rainy Day Marriage. seconds afterward Winchester ran from have invested their money in the game three locks to the level of the lake. vantage of 2,700 miles, while, besides was hard, and the hotel into the open air with every in baseball being con- They, will sail along the San Juan specific benefits, tho committee It pomisg a certain have an interest the not long since filling one of particle of his clothing burned away, and the fact they are going :rlver and the lake on the lake level to great general benefits would ac- minister tinued that thinks city pulpits himself for an his hair gone and his own flesh actually down in pockets to make np for .a point within 33a miles of the Pacific cede to the entire Mississippi valley, our settled their - of sermonizing. Suddenly smoldering. Every particle of his body losses show their determination to -- ocean. Eere they will be lowered by ntternocn the the lake ports and the Atlantic coast was to bleeding blister and he the locks to the level of the Pacific there came a sharp ring at the bclL burned a remain in the business." Shipbuilding and the shipping interests On opening the door a gentleman and endeavored to find relief by jumping ocean. in New England will receive a new im- A SAVING THAT COST. c lady, both in ordinary apparel and into a tab of swill add then rolling in oo8T or Tine work. petus. A new coasting trade will The committee says the cost, lnclud--In- g much the worse for the storm, stepped the dust He had inhaled burning gas- Tho Government Will la tho Fntnro Em. the spring np and American tonnage on into halL oline, and early in the evening died. ploy the payment of interest during high the Pilots. progress of the work, will be less than the seas will largely increase. '.'Say, parson, we wont to be spliced Washington, Oct $. For eleven years says great trans- A FAILED. r$100,000,000, and the time required for The committee that lon't we, Mary?" SCHEME THAT the employment of pilots on govern 'the completion of the work is within atlantic powers are looking with cov Mary nodded coolly, as if the splicing ment vessels has been forbidden and ilve years. The climate of Nicaragua etous eyes toward the Nicaragua proj- process were a matter of supreme in Pot a Stop To. the responsibility of bringing war ves- is healthy, and out of 1,800 northern ect and that foreign governments would difference to her. Ohaba. Neb., Oct 4. The bold sels through different channels placed - very cheerfully and eagerly embrace an .men employed in constructing a roil- "You see, parson," continued the scheme of several farmers to change , upon commanders. The futility of this road through a swamp only two died opportunity to take advantage of the prospective bridegroom, "we didnt the course of the Missouri river by endeavor to save money has been - enterprise with unlimited capital and to-da- y - ac- --daring a period of four months. Of 200 have work in the mill and we ditching across the narrows at Belle- shown repeatedly in the many - v cs prompt energy, conceives to be northern engineers and skilled me-chani- but It it wanted to get in the time, and so view, Neb., where the river describes ddents that have occurred to naval ves- the patriotio and political privilege of who have worked for the canal I told Mary we might as well be spliced four-fifth- s of a circle, and thereby en- sels through the ignorance of their com- United complete ca- to-da- .company for three years not one has the States to the y as any time. Mary said her rich themselves by the law of accre- manders of harbors into which they from a disease incident to the nal. The commercial and naval su- clothes wasn't fit but I told her they'd tion, because of the land that sailed. Groundings have been of fre premacy of which might se- ' country. By the Nicaragua canal the the nation do for a rainy day." would change to the Iowa side qnent occurrence and the court of in- distance saved is shown by this table: cure control of tho canal demands im Tie bad his license, and so, choking when the river changed its channel, quiry and court martials followed as a peratlvely that its control should not back ber indignant query if he didn't has failed. C P. Benjamin, of this matter of course. The experiences of pass away from the people of the United know it was the custom for a lady to city, got an inkling of the work and in the Atlanta, Concord and Vesuvius, the State. It is made plain that two fiVets set the wedding day, the parson's wife vestigated. The result was an injunc- tugs Nina and Fern and .several others N.Y.anaSnFrnlcnorn, ls.aeoj 4.9m would be required to block an Amer- acted as witness and the two were and sudden stoppage of the work. have shown the department that an. Magellan, 1S.W &. tion a N.Y.andP'r'IS'd ican fleet in Nicaragua where one spliced. Lewistown (Me.) Journal Had the ditch been completed 8,000 ounce of prevention is worth a pound MeH'n'ei'CVipe IX7 j?t would be necessary elsewhere, as a N.Y. and Horn, As sons this new odorless whisky oomes acres of land would have changed of cure, and so hereafter reliable nd S.FrnCpe Horn, 1VCW 7,67 foothold from which to attack or de- at CQ.iirtSnl'njOrHorn. 7 lpto general use the breath of suspicion ownership and score of families living will take the place of naval officers on, fend, to threaten or protect all the will have to go oat of business. St Joseph on would undoubtedly have bridges of naval vessels when ante-- . crop Pacific coast the line the The wheat of the coasts, islands and adjacent seas, it iu News. perished when the river rushed through, Ing porta