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Now gain easy access to an online collec- Chemistry & Materials Science tion of information specifically dedicated to Collection your scientific subject or research discipline. Springer publishes approximately 130 Springer, the global science publisher, has volumes online in nine book series, including complete, dedicated subject collections, each the acclaimed Topics in Current Chemistry, and offering the most comprehensive body of Advances in Science. Springer also published research from Nobel Prize winning produces more than 130 journals in Chem- , researchers and business leaders istry & Materials Science. In addition, Springer available today. Access is fast, efficient and has published 47 Nobel Prize winners, brought to your computer through the conve- including most recently Kurt Wuthrich, Editor nience of SpringerLink. in Chief of the Journal of Biomolecular NMR and Advisor for the Journal of Structural & Subject collections are broadly categorized Functional Genomics (2002), Ryoji Noyori and present a wide selection of available (2001), Mario J. Molina and Paul Crutzen journals from which to locate information. (1995), and Robert Huber and Johann Deisen- Articles are searchable by subject, publica- hofer (1988). tion title, topic, author or keywords. They are peer-reviewed and edited by internation- Some of the world-renowned journals in this ally respected scientists, researchers and discipline’s collection include Analytical and academics from world-leading institutions Bioanalytical Chemistry, with 18,000 COUNTER and corporations. compliant full-text downloads per month, the Journal of Biological (3.224 Chemistry & Materials Science Collection visit: springer.com for more information

Why Springer Journal Some Journals in the Chemistry & Materials Science collection offered are: 7 Journal articles within collections are searchable by subject area, publica- 7 Cellulose 7 Korean Journal of Chemical tion title, topic, author or keywords. 7 Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic 7 Lipids 7 Information is easy to locate and 7 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A + B delivered to you in user friendly Adobe® Acrobat® pdf files. 7 Journal of Polymer Research 7 Polymer Bulletin 7 24/7 availability and accessibility. 7 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear 7 Powder and 7 Collections are subject area oriented Chemistry 7 Rheologica Acta to give you the broad based or 7 Journal of Surfactants and Detergents 7 …and many more highly specific information you need quickly. That means less time 7 Journal of the American Oil ’s Society researching and more time applying the information you’ve been able to access. 7 Comprehensive support. Once IF*), and Letters (2.088 IF). In 2007, 7 subscribed, you receive the resources Springer began publications of the three pres- 7 you need to make the most of your tigious journals of the American Oil Chemist’s 7 investment—promotional & user materials, usage statistics, help desk Society (AOCS). support, support website and more. Materials Science Subdisciplines: 7 Purchase subscriptions to as many or Materials Science includes those parts of 7 Characterization & Evaluation of Materials as few journals as you wish. Choose chemistry and that are concerned 7 what you want and only what you want. There’s no minimum. with materials properties, often involving the 7 Optical & Electronic Materials 7 Springer Journal Subject Collections study of four classes of materials—, 7 Polymer Science are economical, practical, cost ceramics, polymers and composites. Examples 7 Special Types of Materials efficient. of journals specific to these and other similar 7 Structural Materials & areas are the Journal of Materials Science with 7 Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films, , 48 issues per year and Colloid and Polymer Look for other Springer Science (1.263 IF). In fact, Analytical and Journal Subject Collections Bioanalytical Chemistry, Catalysis Letters, the Availability in the following areas: Journal of Applied , Journal of Journals in the Chemistry & Materials Science

7 Mathematics & Statistics and and Colloid Subject Collection are available through 7 Computer and Polymer Science are among the top 20% SpringerLink.com. Institutions gain access 7 Physics & Astronomy of all STM journals for the number of cites as through IP identification while individuals 7 Chemistry & Materials Science listed in the Journals Citation Report 2005 and society member subscribers log in 7 Biomedical & Life Sciences 7 Engineering Science edition. through passwords and usernames. Addi- 7 Humanities, Social Sciences & Law tional options include Athens authentication 7 Clinical You can read descriptions of these and with electronic applications also available. 7 Behavioral Sciences any other Springer journals by visiting 7 Earth & Environmental Sciences springer.com and clicking on the specific 7 Business & Economics Pricing 7 Humana Journals journal title. You can also see what articles in Customized Licensing and Consortia the journals are viewed most often. Springer’s Agreements are available for academic Chemistry and Materials Science collection libraries, corporate and government research contains these subdisciplines: facilities. Contact your local Springer repre- sentative for a full range of publications and Chemistry Subdisciplines: licensing options. For additional information 7 or to learn more about Springer’s Subject 7 Collections, log on to springer.com or 7 Biotechnology contact your Springer representative at 7 Food Science & Nutrition springer.com/salescontacts. 7 Inorganic Chemistry

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