Cooperation with Ukraine

NATO-Ukraine: A Distinctive Partnership

A special relationship between NATO NFORMATION and Ukraine was established in NATO INFORMATION 1997 with the signing of the Charter AND DOCUMENTATION on a Distinctive Partnership, which reflects the importance of an independent, CCENTRE IN UKRAINE stable and democratic Ukraine to as a whole. Regular consultations in the NATO-Ukraine Commission, working groups and seminars have established a network of political and military NATO Information and Documentation Centre cooperation in several areas, including 36/1 Melnykova - 04119 - Ukraine defence reform and planning, and technology, economic issues, civil emergency planning, conflict prevention and peace-support operations. Such cooperation contributes significantly to Euro-Atlantic security and stability, and benefits both NATO and Ukraine. NATO Information Our services How to contact us: and Documentation Centre in Ukraine Assistance : Our staff will assist you in finding the documents on NATO Information and Documentation Centre NATO that fit your needs and can help you with your 36/1 Melnykova research on the Internet. You can also subscribe to 04119 Kyiv The NATO Information and our distribution and mailing lists. Ukraine Documentation Centre was established in Phone number: +380-44-482-0616 / 17 Kyiv in 1997 to improve knowledge and Publications Fax number: +380-44-482-0622 [email protected] understanding between NATO and In addition to English and French language E-mail: Ukraine. The Centre provides information, publications, several NATO publications are research assistance and project support to available in Ukrainian such as the NATO Handbook Novyny NATO Office hours: Ukrainian citizens and organisations on or . These publications can be obtained or ordered from the Centre by post, phone Monday-Thursday: ..09:00 – 18:00 NATO-related topics as well as access to or e-mail. Friday: ...... 09:00 – 16:00 NATO documents and publications.

Project Support On-line: We can offer financial support to recognised • To subscribe automatically to the e-mail distribution list, Ukrainian non-governmental organisations for send a message between 09:00 and 18:00 Kyiv time to: activities ranging from producing publications or listserver@.ukrpack.net curriculum development to holding conferences and with "Subscribe distribution" in the first line of round tables related to NATO and/or NATO- the message body. Ukrainian relations. To receive further details and • To subscribe manually to the e-mail distribution list, application forms, please contact the Centre. send a message to: [email protected] Press Briefings/Conferences with your e-mail address, name, and the name of The Director of the Centre holds press briefings your organisation. and gives interviews on NATO events and developments to local media. Journalists interested • NATO website: www.nato.int in being added to the mailing list for advisory version: notices on upcoming events should contact us. www.nato.int/docu/other/ukr/ukraine.htm Courtesy of Cartography The NATO Information and Documentation Centre is located in the Institute of International Relations just off the centre of Kyiv