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Forum: Kavanaugh Robertson’s brace Students question hearing outcomes leads to soccer win rec’s dress code PAGE 3 PAGE 5 PAGE 6

PHOTO BY HANNAH NATZKE BE SMART. STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES BE SAFE. BE COVERED. REAL LAWYERS | REAL RESULTS just $9/semester [email protected] | 419-372-2951 BGNEWS October 1, 2018 | PAGE 2 High schools across region perform in Bands of America competition

Hunter Huffman a score in several categories, such as ensemble was awarded as the Northwest regional Reporter performance, musical/visual general effect, champion, with a combined score of 83.95 visual performance and more. Each score from the judging panel. The band also took The sound of music filled Doyt Perry Stadium ranges from 20 to 40 points; the total score is home all three overall performance awards: Saturday as 25 high school marching bands the deciding factor in whether the band will music, visual and general effect and was took to the field for the chance to perform in be one of 10 to perform in the finals. awarded class AAAA champion. the finals and, claim the distinction of regional Prior to the concluding presentation of Although only one ensemble could be champion. awards, the audience and participating named champion, participation in the event Sprawling from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, students were given an exhibition by the leads to further experiences, according to Kentucky and even New York, each band University’s Falcon Marching Band, who Music for All President Eric Martin. performed in preliminary competition performed their shows “Cartoon Mania” and “(The student’s efforts) will give (viewers) throughout the morning and afternoon, “O-H-I-O.” hours of wonderfully artistic storytelling, demonstrating both musical and visual talents. In the competition’s finale, William Mason PHOTO BY KEVIN MENSAH while they provide themselves with lifelong In all performances, each ensemble is given High School Marching Band of Mason, Ohio Bass drums in the FMB line up on the football field. benefits that include language development and reasoning, increased coordination, valuing of hard work and recognition of achievement, emotional development, RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL auditory skills, creative thinking and intellectual curiosity, teamwork, risk-taking and self-confidence,” he said. Sportsmanship was also on full display around the Doyt. Performing bands were accompanied by the applause and cheers of fellow band students and parents in the 1045 N. Main St. Bowling Green stands. Each ensemble received an adieu of [email protected] • standing ovation. This, as well as other experiences, is what 419.353.5800 leads the ensembles to travel far and wide to Bands of America programs, which is the case for the students and staff of Webster Thomas One Person Will Win High School Marching Band, based six hours away from the University in Webster, New York. Free Rent For School Year “Coming to Ohio exposes the band members to a different experience and competition outside of the New York area,” said Jerbrel HALLOWEEN Bowens, the band’s assistant director. HEADQUARTERS “We are grateful to be here in Ohio with the Bands of America,” Band Director Paul Make one-of-a-kind costumes VanHorn said. at scary good prices! Bands of America competitions will Close to Campus, Close to Downtown, Unique, Newer, continue through the rest of the year, Monday - Saturday concluding with the Grand National Large, Small, Apartments, Houses, we have them all! Sunday Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Stop in to see pictures and get details on FREE RENT contest. 9 AM to 9 PM 10 AM to 6 Indianapolis from Nov. 7-10. We will start new rentals Nov. 5, 2018. 1058 N. Main Street : @h_huffman305 CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK OR YOUTUBE Email: [email protected] August 30, 2018 | PAGE 4 FORUM OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 3 PEOPLEON 5 things to take away from THESTREET What’s your favorite business the Kavanaugh hearing in Bowling Green?

Meredith Siegel men that need to be held responsible for have the most reliable memory when it Forum Editor their actions immediately. Michael Brown comes to tiny details, especially in times “T.J. Maxx was killed when he was 18 years old — one of great trauma. Blasey Ford believed because I spent 1. The reputations of men are year older than Kavanaugh was when he she could’ve died that night. How is all my money more valued than protecting and allegedly assaulted Blasey Ford. Yet Brown she expected to be focusing on the tiny there. I spent giving justice to women. had to pay the ultimate price. details? These discrepancies or gaps do $234 in the past not mean she is lying; they mean she went Repeated over and over again during the two weekends.” PHOTO PROVIDED BY GOOGLE through a great deal of trauma. hearing and media coverage surrounding it was the phrase “ruin a man’s life.” No 4. Sexual violence is one of the RACHEL HANNAH one wanted to “ruin” Kavanaugh’s life. Junior | Business Administration The hearing was held only to determine most prevalent issues of this if Kavanaugh should be a Supreme Court time. justice or not. It wasn’t a criminal hearing. Unfortunately, Blasey Ford’s story is not “Easy Street It was a job interview. No one who said an uncommon one. According to the because they his life would be ruined is taking the real Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, have really good stakes into account, and it shows what one in three women will be assaulted in food.” they think of Christine Blasey Ford and their lifetime. Every woman has a story other survivors of sexual assault. She, and of an unwanted advance that went too several other women, who came forward far — a story of being uncomfortable were trying to help everyone determine if around a man — and these stories often ANNE KOZIARA Kavanaugh was right for a job and maybe go untold. They are simply accepted as a Junior | Musical Theatre get some closure along the way. Blasey part of being a woman. But I don’t believe Ford received death threats and attacks they have to be. Every person is capable on her reputation throughout this entire of understanding where to draw the “Dollar Tree process, but her reputation isn’t one line when it comes to sexual advances. because it slaps.” people believe needs to be upheld. The Every person is capable of reading social entire hearing just shows what people cues in this way. We should all be more think about survivors of sexual assault considerate of each other, and the first coming forward, and their attitude is they thing that needs to change is not sexually just don’t care. It’s unacceptable. harassing others. It’s that easy. Christine Blasey Ford gives her testimony at 2. White teenagers are treated the Senate hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 5. Women are furious. JAKE MALEY Junior | Marketing like boys, but black teenagers are Because this is such a prevalent issue and treated like men. 3. People refuse to understand every day it seems more and more men how trauma works on the brain. don’t care about the safety of women, we A lot of the justification for Kavanaugh’s “Chipotle, I mean Many people thought Blasey Ford might are getting angry. Women are yelling at alleged behavior is he was young. The idea you can’t go wrong be lying because she did not know specific senators while they are in the elevator. is he was just a high-school-aged guy; he with Chipotle. I details of the night she was assaulted The Women’s March for 2019 is being can’t be held responsible for his actions just love that place like how she got to the party or what the talked about again. A change has to decades later. This is an infuriating attitude, so much.” and it’s not one applied to all men. Black date was. But according to a Vox video happen when it comes to sexual violence boys who get charged for drug crimes or titled “Why Kavanaugh’s accusers can’t and accountability, because I believe are killed by the police are treated as grown remember everything,” the brain does not women will make it happen. AMANDY AYIMA Junior | Mechatronics Engineering Technology

101 Kuhlin Center Bowling Green State University STEPHA POULIN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXBowling XXXX Green, XXXXX Ohio 43403 Phone: (419) 389-2108 XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX PAUL GARBARINO, MANAGING EDITOR EVAN HAYES, PULSE EDITOR Email: [email protected] ABBY SHIFLEY, CAMPUS EDITOR MEREDITH SIEGEL, FORUM EDITOR Website: ADAM GRETSINGER, CITY EDITOR KEVIN MENSAH, PHOTO EDITOR XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXAdvertising: XXX 101PAGE Kuhlin XXCenter bgnews Phone: (419) 372-2606 JACOB CLARY, SPORTS EDITOR BRIONNA SCEBBI, COPY CHIEF August 30, 2018 | PAGE 4 FORUM OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 4 SUBMIT TO The music of Enneagrams FORUM Sophia Walcher is a project intended to be a musical anyway? Well, Ryan O’Neal – the man LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Columnist exploration into space and life. “Atlas” behind Sleeping at Last – was inspired Letters should be fewer than 300 words was about the beginning of the universe, by the complex personality types and While most people are aware of the Myers- space as we now know it and a look into decided to study them in order to grasp and can be in response to current issues Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test the earth itself. “Atlas II” is about human a deep understanding of others and on campus or in the Bowling Green area. indicating psychological preferences himself and created music based upon his based upon four different letters, another research. There are nine songs for each COMICS: Comics can be three to personality test exists by the name of the of the nine different types, and each song six panels, and the artist has creative Enneagram of Personality. is supposed to resonate with the people freedom on what the comic is about. Unlike the MBTI, the Enneagram who are part of that personality type. The exists to be a model of the goal is for those with that Enneagram GUEST COLUMNS: Guest columns human psyche and displays type to find a connection with the interconnectivity between nine song and for the non-types to gain are generally between 400-600 words personality types: Reformer, more understanding over the way and can be submitted by Wednesdays Helper, Achiever, Individualist, that type of person might live and and Sundays before 5 p.m. They can be Investigator, Loyalist, Enthusiast, conduct their life. opinions, advice, listicles or editorials. Challenger and Peacemaker. This project of music for the The model is generally used to personality types is something Sources are not needed, but any outside understand others and for hardly ever seen in music, and information used in the article needs to self-development. is a genius idea. Music acts as a be cited. The Enneagram model universal relaxer; it releases our itself is very interesting. Much tensions and builds appreciation POLICIES: Letters, columns and comics like the MBTI, there are many into our discovery of the world. Music websites in which you can see pushes us to think and feel things that are printed as space permits and all other for yourself which personality type we wouldn’t normally feel in our lives. submissions can be published online at you resonate with most. The one I Blending something scientific such as the Name, year and commonly recommend to use is one Enneagram types with music creates even phone number should be included for from, because it gives more of a personal growth and stimulation a percentage of each type and the kind of and pushes us to grow our understanding verification purposes. Personal attacks, behavior motivation of each type as well. of the people around us and ourselves. unverified information, anonymous The Enneagram model has inspired life and involuntary human development. So when you get the chance, see what submissions and hate speech will not be many to become aware of their disposition The nine Enneagram inspired songs are Enneagram type you are and listen to the published. toward how they see themselves and life, currently being released and eagerly being corresponding song. You’ll end up learning and that is something that greatly inspired anticipated by every personality type more about yourself and more about the E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS: the band Sleeping At Last to integrate fanatic out there, including myself. world around you, which is a truly them into his latest “Atlas” series. “Atlas” But why are these songs in existence great thing. Submissions can be sent as an attachment to [email protected] with the subject line marked “Letter to the Editor,” “Comic” or “Guest Column.” All submissions are subject to review and editing for length Is Christianity fluid? and clarity before printing, and the BG Sophia Walcher belief in Jesus Christ, and if you do not of certain religious beliefs, leaving me News reserves the right not to publish any Columnist believe in Jesus Christ, then you are not curious if others felt the same as me. Did submission. Christian. This begged me to question: others question teachings in Church or the A large part of philosophy is based upon is this the truth? Is there any fluidity to existence of God himself/herself? And do critical thinking. One of the biggest religion in modern America? those who question their own religion lose things you do is evaluate the claims of Religion can be a tricky subject in their status of being a Christian? do different things with their beliefs and arguments. As a student in an Introduction our day and age, especially for myself. I decided to do a small experiment, interpret holy texts differently, but those to Philosophy class, one of the biggest Growing up in a small town, most of polling a group of my friends all around words never change. Likening it to multiple distinguishing factors we learn about is the people operated under the same or the same geographic location on the interpretations of the same book read in the anti-dogmatic factor in a philosophical similar religious beliefs without leaving question “Is religion fluid?” and of the a class, what they said made sense. Then analyzation. Being dogmatic by definition any room for questioning. If it weren’t 21 people that responded, 17 voted yes why did the majority hold the opposite means something begins with assumptions for certain organizations that gave me an and four people responded no. To speak view? This brings about an important that cannot be questioned. intellectual outlet, I wouldn’t have begun the truth, I assumed there would be a point about a specific vocabulary term I To give a counterexample, my to first question religion until much later resounding “no,” and I had a conversation included: fluid. philosophy teacher described that, unlike in my life. Don’t get me wrong — I still with some of the people who answered philosophy, religion is dogmatic. For consider myself a religious individual, but no. Their interpretation of the question Read the rest online @ instance, Christians all operate on the I have often experienced the questioning led them to conclude that people can BG NEWS October 1, 2018 | PAGE 5 Board of Trustees agree to DDiscoiscoVVerer YYourour move Mercy merger along Hunter Huffman making sure this campus is in perfect shape,” suPerPoWer Reporter he said. suPerPoWer At Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting, an He also acknowledged the University’s rank- anticipated agreement was finally completed. ings in public polls, including recognition as a The Board approved the transfer of Mercy best-valued university in the country in Mon- College operations to the University, as well as ey Magazine, and — in the Wall Street Journal exploring additional partnerships with — one of the 20 best U.S. public universities Mercy Health. for student engagement. “We want to move forward quick, but in “(Student engagement) is key because at an appropriate fashion,” President Rodney the center of our work at Bowling Green is our Rogers said. students,” President Rogers said. The Board Chairman Daniel Keller also spoke of the also approved several items relating to the agreement, “I think it’s a wonderful day for costs of improvements to the the University. (Partnerships) are one of the Technology Building. most critical things we do as a university.” The Ohio House Bill 529 provided the Univer- transfer is planned to be completed within the sity $16.9 million to renovate the building. next three to four years. Included in the plan are engineering and architectural services, which are estimated to cost $1,085,000 for renovations and $630,373 “ (Partnerships) are one of for infrastructure. the most critical things we The naming of The Clark Inclusive Scholars Program was passed by the Trustees. The pro- do as a university. ” gram, headed by David and Jacqueline Clark, —Daniel Keller — will establish a post-secondary program at the Chairman Firelands campus for students with intellectu- al disabilities. In President Rogers’ report, he spoke with “We’re looking to many, many years of New Donors appreciation towards the work of University continued service. (This has) been a dream of faculty, including the grounds crew. mine,” Jacqueline Clark said. “They work early mornings, late nights, The Trustees also approved the naming of earN $250 for 5 donations! the Christopher N. and Lori A. (Mizer) Corwin Collaboration Room, named for the accom- Make EXTRA $$$ with our Specialty Programs!* PHOTO PROVIDED BY GOOGLE plishments of the two University alumni. The newly-named Fred E. Scholl Endowed Chair in Schedule an appointment at Finance and Insurance was also passed. Trustee David O’Brien detailed the timeline 1616 East Wooster Street • Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 of the “Changing Lives for the World” cam- (419) 819-3068 paign, which will end on Dec. 31, 2020, with a fundraising goal of $200 million. There will be a celebration of the campaign at the Universi- ty’s homecoming in 2020. 10674BGSU BriNG iN this couPoN The meeting concluded with the tradi- For aN eXtra tional “passing of the gravel” where Trustees $10 BoNus! exchanged kind words of the University’s progress throughout the new school year. Many Trustees credited President Rogers for the University’s achievements during the seven months of his first term, including the Mercy College agreement, the Technology Building reconstruction and others. BiotestPlasmaCenterBowlingGreen Among the talk, several members credited New donors only. Not valid in conjunction with any other referral fees or bonuses. Trustee Linda Forte for her approval of a sec- @BPCBowlingGreen ond term at the meeting. “Glad to have you back for another three We DO NOT pay by WEIGHT! years,” Trustee Richard Ross said. Copyright © 2018 Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation. All Rights Reserved. *when applicable Twitter: @h_huffman305 Daniel Keller chairman of the venture firm Keller Email: [email protected] Become a Biotest Plasma suPerhero! Capital Ltd. and president of Kellco Investment Ltd. Become a Biotest Plasma suPerhero!

10674_SH_5_0417x10_4cFR.indd 1 9/21/18 6:25 PM August 30, 2018 | PAGE 4 PULSE OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 6 ‘ V’ delivers greatness returns to rap spotlight

Michael Schossler the rights and choosing not to release IV” in 2011 has it felt as though Wayne was function better with less fillers and more of a Reporter it. Even with amends seemingly being made putting full thought into his craft. But in his clean-cut flow from song to song. Although between the label owner and Wayne, an actual latest release, each song — whether quality or understandable, why after so long, Wayne No name carries as much nostalgic weight as release date was still up in the air. not — at least does its best to stand out. would want to gift his fans with a plethora of Lil Wayne. Though having a history trailing Finally, in late 2018 after a multitude of The easiest aspect to go wrong would be music, it still takes away from the experience back since the ‘90s with music, many would speculation, “Tha Carter V” is finally in our the production, which has the potential to when there’s so much material to listen to. consider Wayne at the height of his career presence. The project is no small feat either, sound dated since its initial release date With there being so much room for error, it’s around the release of his “Tha Carter III” in having a total of 23 songs and a runtime just four years ago. Yet, most of production on almost expected to hear a few lines that don’t 2008. Since then, he has always managed to shy of 90 minutes. With features from the likes the album can hold on its own and, at times, land or are just corny within the album. stay in the public eye, delivering hit after hit of XXXTENTACION, Travis Scott, Kendrick elevates the song when coinciding with how For more select moments, one would likely and backing the work of modern rappers. Lamar and more, even the appearance gave Wayne flows over them. The track “Can’t Be find Wayne’s crooning on “Dark Side Of The Many people — including myself — have heed toward something at least interesting Broken” includes a pitch-shifted hook from an Moon” with to be unbearable at their own memories with Wayne’s music, as to hear. Interesting or not, though, the real anonymous singer that plays out beautifully. times, which goes hand-in-hand with “What his consistent output has offered many songs question was considering the amount of time Telling of his hardships over the years and how About Me” in the same way. Additionally, to choose from over the years. However, what it took and the size of the material: would the he’s stayed strong through them, the chipper some songs are simply forgettable. “Problems” separates “Tha Carter V” from previous Wayne album be any good? snares combined with a piano melody and plays off more as a weak attempt to keep up releases is the anticipation. For years, people Fortunately and surprisingly, “Tha Carter V” faint vocals make for the perfect canvas for with current trends more than anything, and have wondered when the album would drop not only delivers but offers some of Wayne’s Wayne to rap over. “Hittas” overall includes some of Wayne’s most due to his label, , owning best material in years. Not since “Tha Carter When it comes to the actual material, this uninventive material outside of a few good too holds its own. His punchlines are still on production choices and punchlines. point, giving lines such as, “and you can’t spell fame without me” and “wake up and smell the azaleas sang her prayers like Mahali.” He even intermixes storytelling that has been “ The simplicity of ‘Tha missing from recent . “Mona Lisa” with is not only an amazing lyrical Carter V’ plays to a greater spectacle, but it details a deceptive woman charm. Wayne hits the who sets up a guy she fakes interest in to be robbed. With Kendrick delivering a verse from pocket he knows he does a different perspective, the track has an insane best in and excels by using amount of replay value to pick up on all. these means to create music It’s impressive to hear song after song an artist who sounds as though they have wholeheartedly with a hint something to prove again. One thing that has a creativity. ” always been ear-catching is Wayne’s ability to play with a word and rhyme with it almost endlessly, much like how he starts his verse on — Michael Schossler — “Dedicate.” In this way, each song contains at Reporter least one verse that showcases these unique abilities only Wayne can bring to the mic. However, it’s baffling to be able to say not only What makes “Tha Carter V” different, though, was “Tha Carter V” a fun experience, but it is the purpose. Instead of rhyming just to also proved that Wayne still has the capability show off, the inclusion of engaging subject to put out music carrying more weight than matter makes people want to listen to the just being designed to party to after all these album multiple times. years. Though sluggish at times, for a near Wayne isn’t with intent to offend 90-minute album enough enjoyment can be and wow like ’s “Kamikaze” and isn’t had for it to feel more like 40. making experimental hip-hop either like To casual music listeners, there is a lot Kanye in his recent outputs. Yet, the simplicity to appreciate about what Wayne was able of “Tha Carter V” plays to a greater charm. to accomplish on this album, and for true Wayne hits the pocket he knows he does best fans, this is the long awaited staple in his in, and excels by using these means to create career people have been dying for him to put music wholeheartedly with a hint a creativity. out. Like it or not, this is the album that has “Tha Carter V” is not without flaws cemented Lil Wayne as one of the best rappers PHOTO PROVIDED BY GOOGLE Lil Wayne has made his long awaited musical return with his first major release in five years. though. Despite going by quick, the lengthy alive and a legend regardless. runtime can’t be ignored. The album would August 30, 2018 | PAGE 4 PULSE OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 7 Spotify’s update favors musicians more appealing route for upcoming artists. consumption, it was only natural the outlet in the future but is being kept at a smaller Michael Schossler In the past, this direct issue has been a would soon surge in popularity. scale to work out any kinks an artist may Reporter problem for some time to some artists. A Moments like these highlight a bigger have when using. panel at AIM’s Indie-Con conference in Arguably the hardest part for an artist on the issue for paid streaming services: how to “Right now, we’re still in the early London on Feb. 8 grouped a select few indie rise can be the means by which their music encourage more artists to join Spotify and stages of testing. Our plan is to first focus artists for a panel discussion on digital can be heard. Most who establish a sizeable generate the revenue going toward services on learning from the artists, get their survival through streaming. Many had their fanbase would hope to elevate past free home to free uploading. feedback, and then make future plans own frustrations with the platform, claiming it streaming platforms and branch out to paid As of Thursday, Spotify has made the first about how it will become available to more gave only glancing acknowledgment to them subscriptions such as Apple Music or Spotify. move to solve this issue, announcing a new artists,” said Kene Anoliefo, senior product when trying to connect. However, previous restrictions and fees have program that will allow indie artists to directly lead for Spotify’s creator marketplace. “I went to that Spotify day, and apart from often times dismayed artists from doing that. upload their music to the platform. In doing While a move to compete with free music having a lot of lovely food, it didn’t give me In the past few years, this notion has so, non-label artists now can eliminate the services, the deal also acts to rise above its very much at all. It was them selling Spotify played a huge role in the development worry of paying a third-party service to upload competitors. In the past few years, platforms to us verified artists: to go and get all our of our music. More and more artists are music to Spotify on their behalf. Other catching like Apple Music have found new ways to fans to use Spotify… 6Music has been more finding their footing by using free music features include artists being able to view data attract subscribers such as making some useful, with (BBC) Introducing to me than services to gain career traction. While in about their listeners and having the ability to albums exclusive to the service. Despite any playlisting,” stated the panel artist Echoes the past it was more common to see artists submit a song for playlist consideration. Spotify attempting to have similar exclusive after reaching out to Spotify. get signed to make a name for themselves, Aside from fees, the opportunity also proves content, none truly match the caliber others While others had better luck getting some a new wave of artists are gaining popularity to be beneficial with its payment method. have been able to achieve. of their songs onto the playlists, they still well before any corporate involvement. In addition to independent music uploads, In hindsight, a shift in the Spotify expressed how it seemed to be reluctant on There are many new age musicians that fit Spotify is willing to compensate artists by algorithm was inevitable; something needed Spotify’s behalf. Despite love and appreciation in this category, but the poster child seems receiving 50 percent of its net revenue on to change in order for them to remain at the for Spotify and its services, there’s always a to always circle back to . top of 100 percent of royalties for the songs top of the streaming game. However, this need for the artists to be better supported. Not only surviving a majority of his career as they upload. The royalty checks are said to be move might be one that can make the gap an independent artist, but his speech at the automatically delivered on a monthly basis. more substantial as artists not receiving 59th Grammy Awards for Best Rap Album Though the new application is not up and proper checks from record labels has been directly thanked the likes of Soundcloud for running to try currently, a beta mode has an ongoing issue for decades. Eliminating Read the rest online being a platform he was able to utilize. With been set in place for a selected few artists. the middleman for the most high profile @ Chance supporting a market for easier music The feature is confirmed to be usable widely streaming service may prove to be a much Games to play the rest of the year Jacob Clary one might be for you as well. things to do. The game also looks to expand Colombia, and more great locations will Sports Editor Next is “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4,” releasing on some of the gameplay mechanics of the assuredly be added later. If you like having a on PS4, Xbox One and PC Oct. 12. This new original game, like the dead eye mechanic, lot of options while playing your game and There are a bevy of good video games that are version of the long-running first-person which allows the player to slow down time messing around in that game, then make sure going to release in the last three months of the shooter franchise will change up a decent and shoot with higher precision. For anyone you pick up this title. year. Some of these are big-name titles, but amount of things. The first of those changes looking for a high-quality game, look no The final notable release of 2018 is“Super others are smaller indie games and ports of old is the game doesn’t have a single-player story. further than the newest title from one of the Smash Bros. Ultimate” which releases games. These are the five games you should Instead, it introduces the new Blackout mode, best developers in the business in “Red exclusively for the Nintendo Switch Dec. 7. have on your radar for the rest of the year. which is the game’s answer to the popular Dead Redemption 2.” This new release in the popular fighting game The first game is Assassin’s“ Creed game “Fortnite” and the battle royale trend. A couple weeks after the debut of the franchise brings back every single character Odyssey,” which is coming to PS4, Xbox One This mode looks to be a big focus in the new Rockstar game is the release of the sequel that has ever been in the series as well as and PC on Oct. 5. This is the newest title in game, so if you like those kinds of games, this to “Hitman” — my Game of the Year in 2016 a couple new modes. As one of the biggest the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and this one one might be for you. — titled “Hitman 2.” The game is available releases expected for the Switch, many owners takes place during the Peloponnesian War, Releasing two weeks after COD is the long- on the PS4, Xbox One and PC Nov. 13. The of the system will surely pick the game up, part of Ancient Greek history. awaited “Red Dead Redemption 2,” which is first game was a big surprise for me, and I especially if they want to have a game to play One difference in this game is it allows the coming to PS4 and Xbox One Oct. 26. This enjoyed the amount of variety in the game. with friends or online. player to choose the main character’s gender, is the first release by Rockstar Games team The only problems I had with it were its This year in video games may not be as and I love this decision. It doesn’t change since the release of “Grand Theft Auto V” in episodic structure and its always online good as last year, but there are still a good any of the gameplay, so you can choose 2013. The game is a prequel to the original nature. This new game ditches the episodic amount of high-quality games releasing in the whichever character you prefer without “Red Dead Redemption” and introduces a new way of releasing, now including all of the final part of this year. This article didn’t even worry. The basic framework of the game is character, whose name is Arthur Morgan. The locations in the original release of the game. include the new Pokemon game or Battlefield. very similar to last year’s release, “Assassin’s world of the game looks to be widely varied, The new release looks to add a couple new Just make sure you look at the calendar and Creed Origins,” so if you liked that game, this with many different biomes to explore and and interesting locations like Miami and know which games you want to buy. SPORTS OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 8 Falcons blown out on the road Evan Hayes spotty,” Head Coach Mike Jinks said. “They only gaining 63 yards on 38 carries for 1.7 disciplined in practice, being disciplined Pulse Editor hit a lot of explosive plays, so hats off to yards a carry. in the weight room, being disciplined in Georgia Tech.” Quarterback Jarret Doege had another classes,” defensive back Marcus Milton On the road this week for a non-conference Georgia Tech’s offensive dominance didn’t strong performance despite the loss, said. “It’s a lifestyle; we’ve just got to be matchup with Georgia Tech in Atlanta, the stop there. The home team capitalized on completing 27 of 44 passes for 300 yards and a disciplined everywhere.” Falcon football team turned in perhaps their play action plays, repeatedly finding open touchdown while running for the Falcons’ only The Yellow Jackets returned the opening worst defensive performance of the season, receivers downfield for big gains and racking other touchdown of the game. Wide receiver kick of the second half for a touchdown, but losing to the Yellow Jackets 63-17. up 160 yards on only seven attempts. The Scott Miller had ten receptions for 117 yards, the score was erased after a holding penalty. Bowling Green (1-4, 0-1 MAC) entered the Yellow Jackets’ first punt of the day didn’t his second game of the season and eighth of The penalty ultimately did not matter, as game as the worst team in college football come until there was only 10:44 left to play his career going over 100 yards receiving. Georgia Tech drove 93 yards on six plays for a at defending the run, giving up an average in the game, scoring on all seven of their The first half saw the Falcons struggle score to stretch their lead to 35-10. of 333.5 yards rushing per game and facing previous offensive drives. defensively against Georgia Tech. The Doege took a big sack on the Falcons’ next the vaunted Georgia Tech triple option was “Really thought that they did a great job in Yellow Jackets had two offensive drives in drive when Georgia Tech linebacker Victor ultimately a death sentence for the Falcons. the air, and they hit a lot of big passing plays,” each quarter, and all four ended in rushing Alexander came off the edge unblocked and The Yellow Jackets (2-3, 0-2 ACC), who came in Jinks said. “They got rolling, and we didn’t touchdowns. The Falcons gave up 176 yards on forced a fumble. The fumble set the Yellow third in the nation in rushing yards per game have an answer for it.” the ground, repeatedly getting fooled by the Jackets up on the Falcons’ 16, and they scored (331), ran for 372 and scored all but one of The Yellow Jackets were also dominant on triple option. Five different players had over 20 three plays later, making it a 42-10 game. their nine touchdowns on the ground. defense, recording two sacks, six tackles for yards rushing by the end of the first half. The Falcons drove the length of the field on “They kept guys running, and as the game loss, two interceptions and five quarterback The option afforded Georgia Tech the luxury the next drive, and Doege muscled it into the kept going on our tackling became pretty hits. The Falcon run game was non-existent, of looking deep downfield, and quarterback end zone on a 1-yard keeper to cut the lead TaQuon Marshall racked up 121 yards passing to 42-17. It would be the last time the Falcons on only four completions, mostly out of play scored that afternoon. action. Three of those completions were for A short kick would set the Yellow Jackets more than 30 yards, setting up the Yellow up on their own 49-yard line, and backup Jackets for easy scores on the ground. quarterback Tobias Oliver scored on a 34-yard “For a lot of us, it was our first time run after Tech pulled Marshall. Doege was playing a triple-option team,” said defensive intercepted on consecutive drives to begin the back Marcus Milton. “It’s very difficult to fourth quarter, including a pass that was batted stop because you never really know where into the air and returned by the Yellow Jackets 3 the ball is.” yards for a touchdown. Oliver then scored the Doege was excellent early, keeping the final touchdown of the day on a 62-yard run. Falcons in the game with his arm. Doege Miller now has over 2,000 career yards threw for 171 yards on 16 to 24 attempts, receiving, the seventeenth Falcon in program repeatedly keeping plays alive with his feet history to do so. It was also Doege’s first and finding receivers downfield. career 300-yard passing game, and he has “Up until the end of the ballgame, I thought now accounted for 27 touchdowns over his he was playing confident,” said Jinks. “He last nine games. was seeing things, and he was giving us an Despite early season struggles, Jinks opportunity to have some success from an remains optimistic about the Falcons’ chances offensive standpoint.” this season. The Falcons are ranked 41 in The Falcons’ only touchdown of the half the nation in time of possession but have a came when Doege found wide receiver Deric third down completion percentage of only Phouthavong streaking along the sideline for 33.8 percent. With the rest of their opponents a 30-yard touchdown. Miller had the hot hand hailing from the MAC this season, bringing early, hauling in six of nine targets for 75 yards. the experience from playing major conference While the Falcons were able to stay within opponents this season could help the Falcons striking distance through the second quarter, make a run in conference. mistakes down the stretch of the first half put “We’ve got to finish drives,” Jinks said. them behind by 18 points. While on Georgia “They’ve shown that they can get on the field Tech’s 41 with 2 and 1 and about six minutes against an ACC team, or what have you, and to go in the quarter, Doege fumbled a snap have some success. So we’ve got to take that and took a 17-yard loss on the play. confidence and build on it moving forward.” Punter Grant Tinnerman then shanked his Now finished with their non-conference attempt two plays later to the right for only 15 schedule, the Falcons will travel to face rival yards. The Yellow Jackets then drove 86 yards and MAC opponent Toledo next weekend on 12 plays for a score, helped by a personal at 3:30 p.m. The following weekend is foul penalty on BG linebacker Brandon homecoming weekend at Bowling Green, and Harris in the red zone, going up 28-10 with 32 the Falcons will take on Western Michigan. seconds left in the half. Both games will be broadcast on ESPN+. Jarret Doege calls his coordinator on Saturday after coming off the field. PHOTO BY LEO GOLDMAN “Defense is all about discipline. Being SPORTS OCTOBER 1, 2018 | PAGE 9 Robertson’s brace leads men’s soccer to victory Jacob Clary showing its players have learned a lot so far cons were able to stop Valparaiso and keep deserved that,” he said. Sports Editor this season. them from getting a clean shot, and Antho- The Falcons are now onto the MAC part The defense also had a good game. The ny Mwembia had a strong game again. of their schedule, and this is the part of the The men’s soccer team got its first home win, Crusaders had 12 shots in the game as well, Head Coach Eric Nichols talked about season where the team will need to bring and second win overall this season, on Satur- but only six of those were on goal. The Fal- both sides of the team performing. its best performances to the table. It will go day, beating the Valparaiso Crusaders 2-1. “Well, it wasn’t perfect, but it was our into those matches with a good framework, The Falcons had as good of a performance most complete performance so far,” he however, Nichols said. as any of their matches this season. Their “We hadn’t been able said. “We need to build on this and contin- “The MAC is an entirely different animal, offense came out to play from the beginning ue to move forward.” and it really doesn’t matter what anyone of the match, and the defense was able to to celebrate with This match was also the first time the has done to this point,” he said. “But it is hold Valparaiso to only one goal, earning the Falcons were at the friendly confines of really nice to put a comprehensive perfor- Falcons the win. Cochrane Stadium in 22 days. mance together and get a win. I am really The offense started almost immediately. our fans yet, and they This came together to be a great match happy for the guys.” Tate Robertson had a goal in the first 10 for the Falcons, and Nichols was happy the The Falcons will start the MAC matches minutes then scored another only seven deserved that.” home fans got to see a good one. with their match Saturday when they play minutes later. The team also had a total of Eric Nichols “It was really nice, but also felt a lot of the Akron Zips at home. 12 shots in the game, including eight shots pressure to win … We hadn’t been able on goal. The offense really came out to play, Head Soccer Coach to celebrate with our fans yet, and they Twitter: @jacobclary25 Volleyball splits weekend series Zane Miller Once Izzy started transitioning better and proud of our team for bouncing back Sports Reporter just approaching with a full swing and after losing the first two sets, but we attacking aggressively — that we know she were really flat, especially in those first The Falcon volleyball team played in can do — she was unstoppable.” two sets. I talked to them about showing their first home matches against MAC Saturday’s match saw the team fall behind some pride here on our home court, and opponents this season, defeating the early as Western Michigan took the first set we did that in the third set. And in the Miami RedHawks 3-1 Thursday night 25-21 and claimed the second one 25-15. fourth set, again, we dug ourselves into a before losing to the Western Michigan The Falcons came back in the third set with little bit of a hole.” Broncos 3-1 Saturday night. a 25-21 win, as junior outside hitter Jessi We were able to bounce back and took The Falcons started off Thursday’s match Holly led the offense with five , but the lead, had our chances to win the set behind as Miami won the first set 25-19 Western Michigan responded with a 27-25 and didn’t execute at the end.” but turned it around in the second set with victory in the fourth set to take the match The team will next play Friday night in a 25-19 victory of their own, as freshman 3-1. Holly led the team with 13 kills overall. the Stroh Center against the Kent State outside hitter Katelyn Meyer got four kills. “(Western Michigan) definitely Golden Flashes at 6 p.m. and Saturday The Falcons took the lead in the third set deserved the win,” Tomic said. “I’m night against the Ohio Bobcats at 5 p.m. as the team had a 25-23 win, with senior outside hitter Isabel Kovacic earning five kills. The team then closed out the match in the fourth set with a 25-17 victory and claimed the 3-1 win. Meyer and Kovacic tied with three kills each in the final set. “We were efficient,” Falcons Head Coach Danijela Tomic said. “I told the team that the reason we won the two sets prior was our efficiency, that we were not making unforced errors. We started the fourth set with unforced errors, but once we settled down and our serve-receive got better, our hitters did their job.” Kovacic led the Falcon offense with 14 kills. “I didn’t think she started as well, but as the match went on, she got better and better,” Tomic said about Kovacic. “Our team overall didn’t do a good job of transitioning, Isabel Kovacic hits the ball to Western Michigan. PHOTOS BY REGHAN WINKLER Katelyn Meyer sets up to hit the ball. they weren’t making themselves available. BG NEWS October 1, 2018 | PAGE 10 STEM in the Park celebrates sciences Max Hess branches of STEM: science, technology, Zoo to battling remote-controlled robots. with a broad theme: Science of Sports, Reporter engineering and mathematics. Some stations taught kids to create things Science & Technology of Digital Media, More than 175 different activity stations like glue-based slime they were allowed to Robotics, Food Science, All Wheels and STEM in the Park attracted thousands of were set up in the Perry Field House, all with bring home. Roots 2 STEM PreK-2. visitors to the Perry Field House and Wood the common goal of getting young people Imagination Station — a children’s Jenna Pollock of the Northwest Ohio County Airport on Saturday. Families came interested and engaged in STEM. science museum in Toledo — was among Center for Excellence in STEM is also the from all over the state to have educational There were a variety of stations, ranging the exhibits and shows at this year’s STEM coordinator of STEM in the Park. She spent and entertaining experiences with the four from live animals brought by the Toledo in the Park. Cameron Lightfoot, one of two a lot of time working on this celebration educational performers from Imagination of sciences and is passionate about giving Station, explains the exhibit. children access to these experiences. “We did some science shows that got a lot of kids excited. There were a couple of demonstrations with liquid nitrogen, which “We say STEM in the is a substance that is minus 320 degrees Park is like Christmas Fahrenheit,” Lightfoot said. “We used it to blow up some two liter morning. It’s so fun and bottles and send play balls into the air, we made a giant cloud indoors and we also did rewarding to see an experiment with a bed of nails. I laid on it and got a cinder block smashed on top the families here, of me to make an example of how force is learning together.” distributed over an area to make pressure.” The Toledo School for the Arts Steel — Jenna Pollock — Drum Band, the AcousChicks, Tonal Eclipse Coordinator of STEM in the Park and Ten40 Acapella performed outdoors near the main entrance of the building. “I was a science teacher by trade, and my STEM in the Park had activities for all ages. PHOTO BY HANNAH NATZKE Inside there were six different zones, each own children love science. I’m passionate about making sure that children in schools have the opportunity to do science, not just read about it from a book but actually do ADVERTORIAL hands-on activities and really experience the ‘science’ aspect,” Pollock said. One major fact Jenna Pollock stressed is How about a part-time STEM in the Park events are entirely free for

the public to attend.

“We feel very strongly that all families are job that can help you The Community Learning Centers are cooperative programsthe same and nobody has to get out their The Community Learning Centers are cooperative wallet. We offer a free lunch, drinks and all made availableprograms through made available Wood throughCounty Wood Educational County Service pay for college? Center andEducational our local Service area Centerschool and districts. our local Our area before/afterthe activities are free,” she said. “Also, we school and summerschool districts. programs Our before/after provide academic school and and enrichmentprovide transportation grants to Toledo activities forsummer elementary programs school provide ageacademic children and and are licensedPublic Schools, Lima City Schools, Sandusky throughenrichment the activities Ohio Department for elementary of school Education. schools and others . . . so that everybody has We are currentlyage children looking and arefor licensedtalented through and dedicated the individuals McDonald’s Archways to Opportunity Ohio Department of Education. the opportunity to experience it.” that share the same passion for mentoring students. Pollock finds herself looking forward to program offers $2,500/year in tuition We are currently looking for talented and dedicated individuals that share the same passion the event each year. assistance after you hit 90 days working PROGRAMfor mentoring ASSISTANTS students. : 15-25 hours per week. “We say STEM in the Park is like Elementary school enrichment and extended learning program.Christmas morning. It’s so fun and PROGRAM ASSISTANTS in a restaurant for at least 15 hours a Must have experience working with children and availablerewarding to to see the families here, work after15-25 school hours 3:00 per week. pm -Elementary 6:00 pm school and summer enrichment Monday - and extended learning program. Must have learning together and having fun week. Learn job skills … earn money for Fridays. $10.34 per hour. experience working with children and available to together,” Pollock said.

school … pay off football tickets. Check, work before school 6:30 am- 9:00 am, or after school While beginning to close down the SITE SUPERVISOR3:00 pm- 6:00 pm and: summer30-hour Monday-s per week Fridays. to coordinate check and check. Ba da ba ba BA! event, Susan Stearns, another member of before/afterMust be-school willing andto drive summer to local Woodenrichment County school & extended the Northwest Ohio Center for Excellence #AmericasBestFirstJob learning program.districts. $10.34 Responsible per hour. for the operation of a program in an area elementary school. Must be 21 years of age, associatein STEM, left a positive remark about the SITE SUPERVISOR collaboration that made it all possible. degree in30-hours related perfield, week have salary experie to coordinatence before/after-working with youth programs, schooland available and summer to enrichment work 12:00 & extended pm -6:00 learning pm Monday “One- of the best things about this event program. ResponsibleFridays. for the operation of a program is the spirit of volunteerism. Everybody in an area elementary school. Must be 21 years of here is volunteering their time, efforts and age, associate degree in related field, have experience materials all with the same mission to working with youth programs, and available to work 12:00 pm -6:00 pm Monday- Fridays. advance STEM education within our region and within our state,” Stearns said. BG NEWS October 1, 2018 | PAGE 11 Students, dean respond to rec dress code

By Stepha Poulin changes to the wording of the dress code since subsection of the Division of Student Affairs Editor-in-Chief at least August 2017. at the University, Bullins said the dress code is At that time, the rec did not have a specific not a “policy” of student affairs. The Student Recreation Center at the tab dedicated to its dress code; the dress code If it were a “policy,” then the dress code University recently posted its dress code near was found under “General Facility Policies.” would have needed the approval of student the entrance of the facility, but upon seeing The dress code now has its own section. affairs. Bullins said it is more of a “procedure” the guidelines, some students were perturbed The rec’s health and safety concerns are or “protocol” of the rec center alone, meaning by the message’s wording. valid, and other University recreation centers it is not enforced by student affairs. “ … I feel like people should be able to wear have similar dress codes with those concerns “We always want to make sure we respond whatever they want when they workout,” in mind. For example, the to things like this,” said Bullins, who has Jarrett Kerpsack, senior psychology major, explicitly states its gym dress code and provides worked at the University for eight years. said in a Facebook comment. “ … People need examples of proper and improper attire. Bullins said as a college administrator, to stop being so sensitive to other people’s There were examples of the dress code — he appreciates how social media can act bodies if they actually want to be inclusive.” and violations of it — on the TV’s near the as a platform where issues can be raised. However, some students understand the entrance to the rec. However, he wants students to know when an reasoning of rec’s dress code. These examples were taken down soon after issue such as this arises, there is no shame in

This dress code isn’t new, Dean of Students PHOTO VIA FACEBOOK students began voicing their concerns last raising concern. Chris Bullins said. It was posted in an effort week, Bullins said. “We value perspectivesBG News from students,” he to make those who use the rec aware of the Upon visiting an archived of the rec’s While the rec center is operated under said. “Seek1 column out staff (2.4375”)or a secretary, by 5.5”and they existing dress code. webpage, there appeared to have been Recreation and Wellness, which is a will direct you to the right person.”

THE BG NEWS SUDOKU The TheDaily Daily Crossword Crossword Fix Fix

1. Hens make them DOWN 2. Thin strip 3. A 20th century art movement 4. Trade barrier 5. Behave 6. Cook 7. Country estate 8. Catch 34. A single-reed wood- 9. A hospital common wind room 36. Not a win 10. Margarine 39. Make lace 11. Withdraw gradually 40. Prig 12. Where a bird lives 43. An apparition 15. 8th Greek letter 44. Smack 21. Snob 46. 2 2 2 2 23. Fleshy sweet fruits 47. The largest flatfish 25. Hissy fit 49. Blow up 27. Alluring 50. Covet 28. Tuxedos 53. Fakes opponents 29. G 55. Double-reed wood- 31. Ornamental wind 32. Clearly 56. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter SUDOKU 57. Layer To play: Complete the grid ACROSS 58. Observed so that every row, column 60. Anagram of "Seek" and every 3 x 3 box contains 1. Being 42. Affirmatives 61. Chair the digits 1 to 9. There is no 5. Cap 45. Yellowish 64. South southeast guessing or math involved. 9. Not up 48. Grinned Just use logic to solve 13. Dour 51. In the direction of 14. Cantillate 52. Risked ANSWERS 16. Away from the wind 54. South American weapon 17. Dress 55. Devilfishes 18. After ninth 59. Locations 19. Not nays 62. Be agitated 20. An elongated leather strip 63. Northern freshwater fishes Create and solve your 22. Vanguard 65. Bicycle 24. Makes a mistake 66. Chocolate cookie ᢙ Sudoku puzzles for FREE. 26. Relative magnitudes 67. Tall woody plants 27. Arranging 68. Eye layer Play more Sudoku and win prizes at: 30. Chinese temple 69. Acquire deservedly 4 33. Encomiums 70. Feudal worker 163 S. MAIN 9 35. Aroma 71. Check 419.353.2277 ⁛ The Sudoku Source of “BG News”. 37. 21 in Roman numerals 38. Nipples 41. Loving murmur BGNEWS October 1, 2018 | PAGE 12


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