Prefer Digital? Now available on WorldSciNet View this flyer online at https://tinyurl.com/wscm19 Notable Textbooks in CLASSICAL Essential Classical Mechanics by Choonkyu Lee (Seoul National University, Classical Mechanics Over South Korea) & Hyunsoo Min (University of (5th Edition) Seoul, South Korea) 10,000 by Tom W B Kibble & Frank H Berkshire copie “The authors deliver a highly readable text which (Imperial College London, UK) s should assure a continued supply of practitioners of This fifth edition of a well-established sol classical mechanics and its applications.” d textbook provides a complete introduction Contemporary of classical mechanics to undergraduate Key Features: students. It emphasizes the basic ○ Presents all mechanical concepts in a principles, and aims to progress rapidly systematical and logical approach to be able to solve interesting physics ○ Emphasizes the symmetry arguments problems without getting bogged down in and various mechanical conservation excessive formalism. Lagrangian methods laws are introduced at a relatively early stage, to get students to appreciate their use ○ Provides broader applications in in simple contexts. A prior knowledge of modern theoretical including elementary is assumed. , relativity, etc. “Classical Mechanics by T Kibble and 764pp Jun 2018 F Berkshire is tailor-made for budding 978-981-3234-64-2 US$148 £130 theoreticians. It lays the groundwork for relativity and , quickly progressing beyond Newtonian mechanics to the alternative Essential Classical Mechanics: formulations of Joseph Lagrange and William Hamilton.” Problems and Solutions New 508pp Sep 2018 “… the student who requires a good book on the older aspects of 978-981-3270-97-8(pbk) US$48 £40 Classical Mechanics together with a brief introduction to newer ideas 978-981-3270-05-3 US$98 £85 will find the third edition useful.” Contemporary Physics Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics Used by more than 50 institutions worldwide: by Jon Magne Leinaas (University of Oslo, Norway) Harvard University • National University of Singapore • University of California, Berkeley • KAIST • New The book gives a general introduction to classical in the fields of mechanics, York University • Georgia Institute of • relativity and . It is analytical in Durham University • University of Leeds • et al. approach and detailed in derivations of physical consequences from the fundamental principles in 500pp Jun 2004 each of the fields. The book is aimed at physics 978-1-86094-435-2(pbk) US$33 £27 students in the last year of their undergraduate or 978-1-86094-424-6 US$86 £71 first year of their graduate studies. The text is well- illustrated with high- figures in color. Many useful examples and exercises with solutions are available in a separate manual. Textbook: Request Inspection

364pp Feb 2019 Copy at [email protected] 978-981-3279-98-8(pbk) US$58 £50 or scan the QR code 978-981-3279-36-0 US$98 £85 Solution Manual for Classical eTextbooks Available! Mechanics and Electrodynamics Digital resources made convenient 136pp Apr 2019 for your students at a lower cost. 978-981-120-070-0(pbk) US$28 £25 Notable Textbooks in CLASSICAL MECHANICS More New Titles

Elementary Mechanics Major American Universities Ph.D. Qualifying Questions and (In 2 Volumes) Solutions - Physics by John G Papastavridis (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) Problems and Solutions on Mechanics (2nd Edition) This is a comprehensive and state-of-the-art compendium of classical or Newtonian edited by Swee Cheng Lim, Choy Heng Lai & Leong Chuan Kwek (non-relativistic and non-quantum) mechanics from an advanced and unified (National University of Singapore, Singapore) viewpoint, namely from the continuum form of the fundamental principles of linear and angular . The title adjective “elementary” means that no Lagrangean This volume is a compilation of carefully selected questions at the PhD or Hamiltonian methods are used. qualifying exam level, including many actual questions from Columbia University, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, etc. The original questions are In spite of its extensiveness, this of 1680 pages is very readable. The overall modernized and outdated ones removed, placing emphasis on those style is informal and devoid of intuition-deadening jargon and formalisms. As such, the book continues, renovates, and expands the grand tradition laid by “elementary that rely on calculations. Topics covered include of systems mechanics” classics as those written by Butenin, Coe, Fox, Hamel, among others. of point , rigid bodies and deformable bodies, Lagrange’s and Hamilton’s equations, and . Readership: Lecturers and researchers in , physics and . Readership: Lecturers, postgraduates and advanced undergraduates in physics. 1680pp Dec 2019 978-981-4603-04-1(Set) US$384 £319 768pp Jan 2020 978-981-121-445-5(pbk) US$68 £60 978-981-121-340-3 US$148 £130 Lecture Notes on Mechanics Intermediate Level by Lock Yue Chew & Elbert Chia (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Physics of Buoyant Flows From Instabilities to Turbulence This book is for students who have completed an introductory course in mechanics by Mahendra K Verma (Indian Institute of at the freshman level. It emphasizes perspectives, concepts and methods that are Technology Kanpur, India) usually skimmed through in freshman courses due to their advanced nature. It serves as a link between a basic introduction to Newtonian mechanics and sophomore’s pervades the whole ; courses based on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics. hence buoyancy drives everywhere. Examples of such flows are mantle 160pp Jan 2021 convection, atmospheric flows and 978-981-121-437-0(pbk) US$28 £25 solar convection. This book presents 978-981-121-310-6 US$68 £60 fundamentals and applications of thermal convection and stratified flows, including waves and instabilities, patterns, chaos, and turbulence. It describes Competitive Physics all the major aspects of the buoyancy-driven flows in a coherent Mechanics and Waves manner. by Jinhui Wang (Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore) & Bernard Ricardo (NUS High School of Mathematics Readership: Graduate students and researchers in mechanics, and ) nonlinear dynamical systems, and related fields.

This book delves into the art of solving challenging 352pp May 2018 physics puzzles. It not only expounds a multitude of 978-981-3237-79-7 US$118 £104 physics topics from the basics but also illustrates how these can be applied to problems, often in an Tsinghua Report and Review in Physics - Vol 3 elegant fashion. With worked examples and exercises, readers will be able to learn various problem-solving Principles of Physics sleights of hand and be better prepared for physics competitions. From Quantum Theory to Classical Mechanics (2nd Edition) The first of the two-part series, Mechanics and Waves, examines questions in by Jun Ni (Tsinghua University, China) classical mechanics along with general problem-solving techniques. “The book is highly recommended as a Readership: High school students looking to compete in the Physics Olympiads reference for advanced graduate students and readers interested in the art of physics problem-solving. and scholars involved in 832pp Oct 2018 research. The perspective obtained from sequential derivation and presentation of 978-981-3235-18-2(pbk) US$68 £60 topics, from quantum to macro-scales, 978-981-3233-94-2 US$118 £105 enables the reader with an increased understanding of the topics so described.” Competitive Physics Contemporary Physics , Electromagnetism and Relativity Readership: This is suitable for graduate students as an advanced The book of the series focuses on thermodynamics, textbook and for who wish to have an overview of electromagnetism and special relativity. A brief overview fundamental physics. of geometrical is also included. 560pp Aug 2017 960pp Feb 2019 978-981-3227-09-5 US$98 £86 978-981-3238-53-4(pbk) US$68 £60 978-981-3239-41-8 US$118 £105 For more information, visit: www.worldscientific.com

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Lectures on Classical Classical Mechanics Mechanics Illustrated by Modern Physics by Berthold-Georg Englert (NUS, Singapore) 42 Problems with Solutions by David Guéry-Odelin & Thierry Lahaye This book covers Classical Mechanics at the (Paul Sabatier University, France) level of second-year undergraduates. It offers comprehensive as well as self-contained material “The authors present 42 problems from that can be taught in a one-semester course for modern physics. All problems are solved students with the minimal background knowledge clearly together with their physical significance. acquired in preuniversity education or in the usual The basic concepts are highlighted such that first-year overview. The presentation does not students understand solution methodology. skip the technical details which makes the book I recommend this book as a supplement to any particularly well-suited for self-study. standard course in classical mechanics.” Contemporary Physics 376pp Apr 2015 978-981-4678-45-2(pbk) US$48 £40 This book provides an illustration of classical mechanics in the form of 978-981-4678-44-5 US$99 £82 problems at undergraduate level. Differing from old-fashioned problems involving springs and masses or , the questions in this book are inspired by contemporary research in physics. Solutions are provided in Basic Physics extreme detail and illustrated with over 80 figures. by Kenneth W Ford Readership: Undergraduate students interested in classical mechanics. This reissued version of the classic text will help teachers at both the high-school and college levels 268pp Aug 2010 gain new insights into, and a deeper understanding 978-1-84816-480-2(pbk) US$45 £37 of, many topics in both classical and modern 978-1-84816-479-6 US$90 £75 physics. Ford’s discussions of the history and meaning of topics from ’s mechanics to Essential Textbooks in Physics Feynman’s diagrams, although written first in 1968, have beautifully withstood the test of and are Newtonian Mechanics for fully relevant to 21st-century physics teaching. Undergraduates Readership: University lecturers and students, teaching assistants, by Vijay Tymms (Imperial College London, UK) university curriculum planners. The transition from high school physics to university 852pp Dec 2016 level physics can be — and should be — difficult. 978-981-3208-01-8(pbk) US$48 £40 This book addresses that challenge, providing 978-981-3208-00-1 US$130 £108 a gentle introduction to Newtonian mechanics suitable for the first two years of university study. The first two thirds of the book introduces material Lagrangian and Hamiltonian familiar to high school students from the ground up, with a more mature point Mechanics of view. The final third contains new material, including detailed sections on by M G Calkin (Dalhousie University) the of rigid objects and providing an insight into subtleties that can be troubling to the first-time learner. Tabletop physics demonstrations are “I like the book because of the clear precision with suggested to assist in understanding the worked examples. which it expresses the results it eventually arrives at, the straightforward ways in which it illustrates the 268pp Jan 2016 use of these results, and the sets of nontrivial end- 978-1-78634-008-5(pbk) US$38 £32 chapter exercises that provide a rich opportunity 978-1-78634-007-8 US$75 £62 to verity one’s own grasp of the methods to which one is introduced in the text.” American Journal of Physics A Modern Approach to Classical Mechanics Designed for a course in classical mechanics (2nd Edition) at the advanced undergraduate level, this book by ( Univ. Linz, Austria) takes the student from the Newtonian mechanics Harald Iro typically taught in the first and the second year to This book describe the evolution of Classical the areas of recent research. The discussion of Mechanics from Newton’s laws to Lagrange’s and topics such as invariance, Hamiltonian – Jacobi Hamilton’s theories. As compared to other books, theory, and - variables is especially integrability and chaotic behavior are considered complete. right from the beginning and are thus naturally incorporated in the text. Historical background is 228pp Jul 1996 included throughout the book in the form of either notes or references 978-981-02-2672-5 US$52 £43 Readership: Advanced undergraduates, academics and lecturers. Lagrangian and : Solutions to the Exercises 528pp Oct 2015 978-981-4704-11-3(pbk) US$58 £48 240pp Mar 1999 978-981-4696-28-9 US$128 £106 978-981-02-3782-0 US$43 £36

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Fundamental Principles of An Introduction to Lagrangian Classical Mechanics Mechanics (2nd Edition) A Geometrical Perspective by Alain J Brizard (Saint Michael’s College, USA) by Kai S Lam (California State Polytechnic “This book provides a very interesting presentation University, Pomona, USA) of ideas and methods from classical mechanics. It “The author has supplied a true gem for every is reasonably self-contained, and should also be student who intends to major in theoretical regarded as recommended reading both for the novice physics.” and the expert in theoretical mechanics. Brizard’s Mathematical Reviews Clippings book is a valuable contribution to the considered subject.” Pure and Applied This book is addressed to advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate physics students who are Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics. interested in the application of modern mathematical methods in classical mechanics, in particular those derived from the fields of topology and 324pp Jan 2015 differential . 978-981-4623-62-9(pbk) US$58 £48 978-981-4623-61-2 US$98 £81 592pp Sep 2014 978-981-4551-48-9 US$96 £80 Geometric Mechanics Part I: Dynamics and Symmetry Classical Mechanics and Part II: Rotating, Translating and Rolling Relativity (2nd Edition) by Harald J W Müller-Kirsten by Darryl D Holm (Imperial College London, UK) (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany) “This two-volume book fills a niche in the geometric “From the very beginning the author makes mechanics literature at the crossroads between sure that we do not forget that many branches mathematics and physics/engineering and between of physics have roots in classical mechanics, elementary and advanced texts on theoretical mechanics.” and in many cases some chapters would make Mathematical Reviews excellent introductions to tools used in areas such as , physics This textbook introduces modern geometric mechanics or gravitation.” to advanced students in mathematics, physics and Contemporary Physics engineering. It treats the fundamental problems of dynamical systems from the viewpoint of 560pp Aug 2017 symmetry in variational principles. Over 100 exercises 978-981-3227-09-5 US$98 £86 and 55 worked answers are provided to help the student grasp the essential aspects of the subject. Classical Dynamics Part I: Dynamics and Symmetry A Modern Perspective 468pp Jul 2011 by E C G Sudarshan (University of Texas 978-1-84816-775-9(pbk) US$31 £26 at Austin, USA) & N Mukunda (formerly of 978-1-84816-774-2 US$147 £122 Indian Institute of Science, India) Part II: Rotating, Translating and Rolling “This book is useful for someone who wants to 412pp Nov 2011 learn classical dynamics, not with a view to solve 978-1-84816-778-0(pbk) US$31 £26 specific problems of or rigid bodies, 978-1-84816-777-3 US$130 £108 but to understand the basic mathematical structure which underlies it and its close relation to quantum theory. It is still the best Theory of Orbital by (Alabama A&M University, USA) short introduction to Dirac’s constraint analysis. There are lessons that Arjun Tan relativity and quantum theory have taught us, and looking at the classical This book provides a systematic introduction to orbital dynamics with this perspective is hugely rewarding.” motion, beginning with Kepler’s laws of planetary Pankaj Sharan motion and Newton’s law of gravitation. It explains Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in Cartesian and complex coordinates, and moves on to discuss of “The textbook will be useful for graduate students, university lecturers in various celestial objects in our solar system. physics, and practicing physicists.” Zentralblatt MATH Readership: Upper level undergraduates studying orbital motion. 612pp Dec 2015 978-981-4730-01-3(pbk) US$55 £46 282pp Jan 2008 978-981-4713-87-0 US$110 £91 978-981-270-912-7(pbk) US$45 £37 978-981-270-911-0 US$104 £86 Recommend To Your Librarian! For orders or enquiries, please contact any of our offices below or visit us at: www.worldscientific.com

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