J· «dunu! rj *®βκ»·:* -mshw» Wtlym-Wr-.,^ζ::- -*·.-'-< ■ : ·' « The Oxford Democrat. 88. VOLUME SOUTH PARIS, MAINE, TUESDAY, MAY 17, 1921. NUMBER 20.

Λ PARK. The Sweet Cora Situation. BOSTON PRODUCE MARKET fjtgJUCK "Esq." Delayed HI· Mall. AMONG TBS FLORIDA RABBIT A FIGHTER at Law, FASMEB8. Under date of 0. H. Attorneys If you want to be sure your letter May 7, Crawford, Week of Mat S-T. lttl I of tba Maine 8weet Corn Grow- NEW ENGLAND NEWT MAIN will reach Its destination without de- secretary Vletor In Remarkable Combat With BCTKKl. «UeryC.Part er·' Association, issued a aammary of (Prepared by the United SUU Puiean Pick lay don't write "Esq." after the name aa Reported by "Honeet and On Dog, of iJUtteil-Benlck. Why Yourl '•PUD TBI FLOW.' report* from tbe looala in the aérerai Markets^ of the addressee. This fatal Peraon." D. ΡΑΚΙ, proved ooontlee, wbiob indioate* In general that Upright IN TABLOID FORM VllMT Fruits and Vepsts Nes. In the case of a letter addressed re- tbe aoreage being algned by tbe growert Auctioneer, Licensed cently to one Henry K. Smith. For for this year la ao far email, and tbaa Russell Thompson of Sarasota, a Asparagus, cabbage, tattoo·, spinach MAINS and strawberries were higher, potatoes a con- The Vitamines. aome of tbe faetorlea will not be rnn. noted and dealer In PAR18, days Smith, employed by large Busy angler fishing All and tomatoes lower, and other Important 6.00 and a few fancy New i ρ m., Thareday p To hi· fresh vitamin·. any ages cost. plan for locale in Oxford Hampshire Baldwins as high aa «.60. Wtdaetdtj placement Nevertheless, the woods are full of amateur economists About four days after the letter had Wlaett of all. who read· this rhyme Reporta from other to be standing looking out the win- men who died in Lynn, Mass., recently Me leaned Asparagus was plentiful and lower at , been delivered to the mall And act· on it In garden time. aa given in tbe clronlar dow. All at once Dr. Jack Halton'a other total Block, WHO CLAIM PRICES OF SHOES youthful County, within 24 hoars of each the of the week, but was \oyes 70. WILL SHORTLY RETURN tbe atate are aa follow·: beginning Teltpfcene clerk It camp to the hands of 8mlth by body, bird and hound came down the al- scaroe and at the cVoee on account te Je TO dog 422 years. higher cas beande bjr phone. PRE-WAR BUT WILL Teata. LEVELS, THEY ? YES, THEY SURE β fellow named Variation· in Batter-Pat OXFOBD COUNTY. over neck of the cotd weather, which retarded Its ippolaeBiDU through employee ley with bis back feet bis an- WILL:— Brown University, Providence, Native asparagus closed Erlckson, who found It In the "ET The batter-fat teat of milk U subject to of tbe member· (In the act of and growth. grown Bryant'· Pond. None running) Mayor new a bushel box and New Jer- aoma the follow nounces that beginning with the it I7.00-IS.60 cubby bole. The letter had been ad- variation· because of of bave for tbat Edwards' rabbit in the lead. The rab- & When sigDed acreage, believing all undergrad- sey at 96.00-f7.60 per dosen bunches. Longley Son, hard coal is back at ton log factor·: Breed of oow·, period of in better off term next September I M. $9.00 per ; dressed to "Henry K. Smith, Esq.," tbe end tbey will be mncb bit is a very large specimen of the Native grown cucumbers closed higher Vt^iln·, lactation, of milk drawn, ner- uate tuition fees would be advanced Dande- When railroad fares are back at ac and the clerk had filed It under "B." portion by aopporting tbe Aaaociatlon. and well able to care at 18.00-111.00 per bushel box. Norway, per mile. vous exoitatioo of tbe rodent family cow, improper Canton. 38 1-2 aorea to per year, an advance of $50. lions were 25-36c lower at 40-65c a bush- —New York Sun and Herald. Reporta only as as $250 When house rent is back at of the milk and for himself, well the dog who was 60-76c $10 per month. sampling improper secured out of a neoeaaary 100. Only el. Hothouse lettuce higher of tbe Baboock teat to be a combination bird, Fannie E. Ostrander, 62, author at a bushel. Heating, When is back at 10c manipulation by tbree membera Many bay- happens $2.00-$3.00 gasoline ; signing op. home were plumbing, per gallon which the fat oontent of milk ia oom- rabbit, coon and else that and literary critic, died at her Aroostook County potatoes slight- New Street-Car Idea. ing yellow and enailage corn aeed feel- anything Metal Work, When are back at determined. wrote a num- ly lower at 76c-fl.00 par 100 pound bag, Sheet telephones $1.00 per month ; mooly ing tbat ratber tban bave tbe Executive happens to be in sight Well It was in New Haven, Ct She I tentlon that should be given them. of results were obtained of these schools hns Increased over started by the Department 30-32c houses, and the Standard Oil, and the «oft drink and the land- that excellent bj Tbey are as follows: The phase of poultry work which being at unchanged prices, generally BILLINGS parlors, 452 cent since 1890. This iheans order of Com- and 36-40c for bennerya. [S. sprinkling the empty coal care. The Method of separation employed, oauses more lose, more discouragement per Masachusetta per for fair, DEALER IN lords, and the hotels and restaurants, and the and the bankers estab- The Cheese markets appeared on bottom OF AND dc&ymen, Is automatically whether or test ol and demands greater attention than any that one high school haa been mander Joseph L. McDonald. JUM-TACTLKLK operation performed gravity centrifugal ; last but a letup In export demand new of In is week, cut THEIR and catch with the shoe men. are after be milk of other is tbat of raising tbe flock lished In this country each day are posts a and Clap- prices up as the cars moved along separated; speed aeparator bowl; Oold Stripes organising and heavier production. forced further Bed Cedar Spruce bowl out of rate of Inflow ol ohiokens. The egg production of tbe each calendar since 1890—a in New Eng- markets, and the Ing dumped, and the difference In the balance; year high every city and hamlet drop of lc In country Cedar amount of used to flush during tbe fall and winter will trade followed. Fresh Twins have boards, New Brunswick of the mine was apparent milk; liquid pullets school a day for 28 years. local atmosphere condition of and depend largely upon bow well tbey bave sold mostly at 17-lSc and held or cured North Carolina Pine, bowl; dirty bowl; In 1890 60.8 per cent of the high Shingles, to all. manipulation of Baboock test. been developed and will have a decided The home of Anson Phelps Stokes lots at 34-26c. schools were under public control, but j killed has been increas- and Sheathing, In tbe old-fasbioned method of cream- Influence npon the financial returns from New Haven, Ct, secretary of Yal< ι Fresh poultry [flooring In 1918 the I In but demand has also im- where tbe milk li set in or the flook. public-controlled high , ing receipts, Ε. N. COMPANY Soil for Tobacco. ing pans I University, erected in 1776, has beex have held about Wall Board, SWETT SHOE Preparing whole. and prices fciroid Boofing, small-diametered to allow The of chickens doe· not schools were 87 per cent of the proved For the of tobacco deep, cans, raising good the university, flhe steady. Fowl make up most of the ar- purpose growing but it be- of a I purchased by Barrel Heads, and tbe cream to rise, considerable variation begin with hatching the eggs The average size city high these are selling mostly at House Block, 38-2. NOB WAY the soil must be cleared I which adjoins the Gradu- rivals, and kpple Opera Telephone thoroughly will be found in the test of the oream much farther with selecting is and of a rural building, have come along, gins back, school 653 students to the 36-40c. A few broilers OF ALL KINDS of seeds and Insect larva be- the Club, will be turned over nominal LUMBER weeds, due to varied oonditions. In tbe cen- and mating the birds used in breed- school 59 students. late and have had a good call at are set Old the on when Dr. has ar- fore the plants out. prac- method of less varia- ing pens. The best time to select In each I university July 1, prices. Very little live poultry Maine. trifugal creaming In 1890 only 812 persons aad with a South Paris, tice was to build fires over the sur- tion In oream tests may be if breeding birds is in October or Novem- I Stokes retires. rived from nearby points, expected were enrolled In pub- have shown l-3c are ber. Better chicks will be obtained if 1,000 population good demand, prices but the Is now accom- condition· uniformly tbe aame. Tbe car- face, operation schools. In 1918 the corre- The rat survey which is being on fcwi, most of these bring- oonditiona to tbe band old birds are used as breeders. lic high higher large E. W. CHANDLER, plished by means of a canvas cover following apply and health 36-39c. Roosters have brought 34- The method of feeding, exercise and sponding number was 15.6, or almost I ried on by state city ing under which live steam from a road separator. 30c and a limited trade on good broilers conditions of the stock five as a Cali- authorities to the Introduction If tbe milk variée in test from time to boosing parent times great proportion. I prevent around 60-68c. roller Is projected. A high tempera Into Boston h ai Finish I Petro-Tan time tbe oream separated from It will nnd the selecting, holding and incuba- fornia leads In high-school education, I of bubonic plague Maple products have shown practically luilders ture Is maintained for two hours. an are tion of the all have Influence and extermina· so far as vary In test a per cent for eaob one-tenth eggs up- with 27 persons out of each 1,000 in I resulted in the capture do change good qualities Ivlil :'·« λ>BS and WINDOWS of any around 26c The Ideal Ointment cent variation In teat. on the-later life of the obicks but the sec- more than 6000 rata, according concerned, fancy sugar going rtyuwonble price·. per the population. Kansas is a close I tion of arrivals «Styleas Hush Money. loss occurs after the ohioks and syrup about $1-75. Heavy If tbe milk is too low In temperature greatest at the bot- to announcement the stale depart- ond, with South Carolina I by dark and poor goods and buyers have Caller—Well, you are a good little the test of tbe oream will be be- batch. There should not be a loss of of UI had not been able to use 4tI burnt my arm on the higher tom of the list, with 5.3 persons. I ment of health. about marked their own prices, «agar Window Sl Door Frames. Are as as this? cause tbe oream outlet becomes more than 10 per cent of the chickens boy. you always quiet clogged. going at 10-17c. for several stove. The burn was over tbe of the bowl is increased From stock in- ι executives of the Great North- I !ί i was; of ar ; kind of flnUh for Inalde 01 one of my horses big but mother's going to If speed vigorous parent properly The Johnny—No; World. al DsaWe w«rk, u your order·. Pine Lam normal tbe test of the oream will subahBd and brooded. The Yellow era Company, with offices I to a sore neck. as a and very me a quarter If I don't say any- beyond I Paper Ut utl Jala* -a oa band Cbeep for C«*A. weeks, owing teacup painful. give be increased and if ia below nor- brooder and !s to see China's im- re· hooujr ana head. speed Improper temperatures It easy why 160 Congress street, Boston, have Because tfcey "playtd it thlng about your bald in the are I Petro-Tan to the sore I covered with Petro-Tan mal tbe effect Is obtained. improper feeding brooder color is writes a cor- with theij a murder hearing In the P and Job Work. applied opposite perial yellow, I ne wed the present contract attended ining, Sawing When the bowl is out of due tbe two sources of Her a to use and with a cloth. It balanoe, probably greatest from Yangste river. to state Mass. Police Court 16 Beverly and in few days began bandaged trouble. Tbe coal stove of brooder respondent I onion employes, according Salem, Mattae>: floe Shenthlnf for Sale. 3outh Paris Man's Find to the eeparator being out of level, the type are of whom at Lucky rivers are yellow, her long plains merits the management and repre- School students, five her. It healed the removed the smart almost test of tbe oream Is decreased. is by far the superior type. If operated I by High entirely In a famine year Bro- to make up five extra E. W. faster tbe in a house the size of the room should yellow—especially I eentatlves of the International were girls, had CHANDLER, was once and in two I would Tbe the milk flows into sore while she dhys as as for her seas—the as .... being such this, and Makers. at the school punishment. 'wloaaer, Interest Readers of the Democrat separator the lower the oream will test. be not less than 8 by 10 feet. Tbe regu- I therhood of Paper hours been Will desert- worked." not have known there had If the same amount of aklmmed lar colony house gives tbe boundaries of her world—so just open-front, Richard W. Nutter, Jr., 15, son oi A substantial gain In membership the misfortune to suffer milk or water Is used to flush the best results. About an inch of sand or la their color that a string of I W. E. BRYANT. burn for the Those having sepa- yellow and Mrs. Rich the year was reported any except large on the and with more I Ex-Asst. Diet Atty. over preceding το m urinary disorder*, gravel, rator bowl eaob time at tbe end of tbe tine gravel floor, covered camels crossing them would look baokacbe, Mass. > Charles B. Davis scar." or two inches of chaff from tbe barn floor, I ard W. Nutter of Brockton, by Grand Secretary swelling·, rheumatic pain·, run, tbe test of tbe oream will not be in than a of Junks. Iropsloal keeping string honor of session of the Grand and bladder will bnt If amounts are uaed an excellent litter for tbe chicks I has been awarded the beinf at the annual FERTILIZER )tber kidney disorders, affected, varying provides And so one can understand why the this tbe test will be affected. Ό scratch in and lessens the tendency poultry of Freemasons of Maine. Up ■ead with gratification encouraging of the heart of China, the I the champion Juvenile Lodge Tbe very heart 1 were to the Pet-ro is the ideal itatement a South Paris man. In tbe caae of oream aa with milk Im- toward leg weakness. temperature raiser in County. Hit to March 1, 3524 added Petro-Tan Tan) by He like a shim- I Plymouth (pronounced under the hover should be 95 to 98 de- Imperial city, should 1 total H. farmer, R. F. D. No. 2, proper sampling and careless manipula- a week in camp at th< roll In the State. The present and Maxim, tiles within her I prize is Household and Stable for all κ: "I bave bad tion of tbe Baboook test will result In wbeu tbe chioks are put io and mering lake of golden 1 593 deaths dur- for 1921 remedy injuries ioutb Paris, say always grees I Massachusetts Agricultural Colle g» Is 38,499. There were the ose of Doan's cream teata obtained.— this reduced as grow old- walls. Even against the use on ;be best revolts through Inaccurate being gradually they lotus-besieged last week in July the wounds of the skin. It is for is I campus during the lng year. especially adapted Sidney Pills and gladly recommend them. Prof. L. M. Doraey. er. This type of brooder economical, evidence of my own eyes I cannot be- less the was with and the provides ample room and there is Wall Is built of two trunks bj The committee for cuts and burns on children. Sold Three [ troubled my kidneys lieve that the Great Rough handling of parade by druggists. was wltb from Are. j has voted to Bowker\ fertilizer and nain troublesome symptom Marketing. danger solid ordinary stones laid one upon the J railroad "baggage smashers," Pali Plymouth tercentenary Stock-] There seemed to be Chicks should not be fed until tbey section from sizes: ;be urinary organs. la seems moulded out in the seizure by s eliminate the automobile 25c, 50c, $1.00. The marketing proposition becom- are other. Rather It I River, resulted ι of tbe secretions. are 86 or 48 hours old. As tbey put will manure on hand stoppage kidney My more mountains office of the on Aug. t There ftige containing ing of importance to farmers every is a of the stuff of which the I officer at the the parade >ack bad a weak feeling across tbe oenter under tbe brooder it good practice prohibition civic and and too much emphasis cannot be were ago when of SO fall bottles oi be three divisions, military, fom two to six cent ind in tbe morning I would be dizzy year, to take each chick individually and dip themselves made, long I railroad express per potash. upoo the of oo opera of the dis- The prizes will be: Mill· I read about Doan's placed importance his beak into a dish of aour milk and see the world was plastic and empty I Kbest-quaUty" whiskey and Industrial. and Manufactured leaded. Kidney and fciT for cash and receive liberal dis- Originated by dve producing marketing organisa- one or swallows never bottles had first second $75; civic, $100 Pills so I went to tbe How· that be get* two before all save possibilities. There I covery that about 20 other tary, $100, being good, tions. I of and a box. speak producing organisa bim under tbe brooder. Some as Great some- the best-appearing float $76 count. ird Drug Company's store and got putting was so sinuous a thing the I been broken by harsh usage for lions beoanse I firmly believe tbat mar· a best them to directions and milk should be provided In low pan N. anf 1 for the making the [ need according more Wall built men, I think, so sinuous where between Elizabeth. J., organization M. MERRILL, ketlng can become much effioient as as by I Dr. C. fixed me in I have and kept before them much possi- In line; Industrial, first :bey up good shape. and satisfactory If farmers will to- and so aspiring. I that city. appearance ised Doan's sinoe then as a tonlo for my get ble. Cbiok grit should be provided with 1 If are the Alumni SOUTH PAJtlS, HAINE. work and uni $100, second $75. you eligible, join and warded off serions gether, together, produce tbe flrst bard feed. Only bigb grade Massachusetts retail merchant] ] tidneys they any standard· and varieties of farm j form oblok scratch feeds and masbea should Does Away With Long Climb. a the Rhode Association. levelopments of kidney trouble and kept I will carry their fight for genera "Biddy," year-old the products. be used. All should be fed dry. Something unusual has been accom- Tbh rooster that proudly are the Alumni Association. Attend my kidneys in good condition." grains turnover tax to Washington. Island Red If There is a opportunity for grow- en- I you eligible, join at all dealers. Don't great Keep tbe obicks with grit, In the completion of the a of H. L. Price 60c, simply for the retail in provided plished will be a chance struts about the hennery 10. dues $1.00 per plate ing fancy fruit trade and olean water. Do out I week they given Membership 35c. Banquet »«k for a kidney remedy—get Doan's shell, obarooal trance to the Southwest museum, in Pinana Worcester, Mass., has banquet June New England. All our oitles and larger and I a'hearing before the Senate Walton, 8. K. Pills—tbe same that Mr. Maxim over-feed. Keep them hungry The building Is situ- Sidney towns are western boxed Los Angeles. their mother to 21 three-weeks-old CLIFFORD Buf- using mostly, active. I Committee to relate expert turned bad. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfrs., a hill and until recently are "cook for the fanoy trade, a condition on ated on high revenue lawi chicks. Ten of the chicks Y. applea Chickens should bB out of doors, lences under the present falorN. wbioh should not exist and will not exist has been necessary for pedestrians be and were his Oxford Street, South Paris the grouud, by tbe time tbey are ten It land to present their reasons for stove" hatched, they if Maine growers will take the a and laborious climb so to very long days old or earlier. When tbey are al- to make long that a sales tax would prov< first "brood." He took kindly same care in and tbat llleving Tel· growing packing lowed to out the dry mash may be the hill to reach the main entrance that he soon found hTmself '47-3- have go up I beneficial to the country. these „ the western growers taken. them at all times. Allow has been ob- kept before Now, however, the climb mothering 11 other chicks hatchsd Automobile It is well known that higher colored a decrease ii leur iHe chickens all the as of proposed Insure range possible. Pay an artistic as well prac- Notice in viated by as nature and flavored apples oan be grown and use con provided. particular attention to detail A tunnel, 224 I wages and a revision in working Maine than in any other state in the tical Improvement. fire Plumbing judgment In connection with all poultry hill and of conductors, engineers, After defeating his wife's petition WANTED. was bored into the Idltlons ...AND. union, and when the growers in Maine feet long, of work.—Ο. M. Wilbur. and a on the cruel A men, trainmen, agents tetegrapl for divorce grounds mo wtiû auh or thooaand will a sufficient of ended in a large octagonal waiting I credit of a few produoe quantity higb the Cen in the superior "«ι» to become beat s has been issued by and abusive treatment, equal partner In the par- We write all kinds of Insurance colored and flavored apples with tbat room, on one side of which Is I operators MOM of the oMeat bailneaaea to Fix Prices. wa Norman O. Melzer, established lustrous finish see on the at Attempts tral Vermont railway. The notice court, Springfield, *i4*Uton. Τ hi» bol you apples electric elevatoi I money 1· not needed to tbe last few tbe seems twelve-passenger the verdict in his bat to our annual fruit and them In In years opinion to that issued a short time-agi immediately after wap»bu4tne»e ιοίηχ Into a decline, show, pack of the automatic type. The elevatoi I similar «•anofa Thla la to manner the to have that oi for in good healthy locreaae. on car and would be the same attractive that gained ground price fixing I on the Rutland road, to be effective favor, filed attachments $86,000 or attention pleased makes a climb of 108 feet, delivering nnlaw^U. Personal your Heating weatern are could be more or less easily accomplish- 120 four brother-in-laws, paoked, Washington 26. About his ■*Meet.»-ν it U no unuaual apples the main ball od I the same date, May raits against opportunity- General Jobbing and will not bave much ed either through legislation or organ- the passenger into Green, nece»*ary. Be·* of reference·. Oregon applea I of the road are affected. Herman, Eli and Alix ?««!»« Li- la isation. As in many other old estab- employes Samuel, ly (o Into ieta'l with anrone Intereat- rates for Theft, place In the market· where our fruit the museum. of his wife's affec- 0. Box «a, Maine. Mtl you Fire, lished customs the old of the sessia ehafglng alienation Lewtaioa. quote and Hot Air available. slogan supply ί Officers elected dmlng failure to Steam, Hot Water and demand has bean more or less lost tions, slander, assault and Packages, style of grading and paok- Valu· a· Alloy. lof the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts NOTICE. see whether or not this old Copper*· a business agreement. and Col- HEATING ing are very important factors. The sight of. To oi of were: Gram keep notice tbat ha baa Damage The use of a small proportion Knights Pythias, T^«»nb*cr1f*r hereby fltea ability, Property universal standard bushel basket la the law bas been working, your attention 41 • executor of the eaute of ι Elmer L. Elliott, Lynn show that during April, b?'7 ^Oh'lnte»! install the well known has oalled to two charts of two copper In all Iron and steel product! Chancellor, Records A5MK JOSEPHINE late of We moat in use for been one SCBIBNKB, popular paokage to-day Is j Barry R. Law for divorce ana peuuw we of Maine, and to air and moisture ad I grand vice-chancellor, petitions Hiram, truok and fruit, and strongly leading orops apples pota- exposed tb ware filed of without lision Insurance. garden en prelate, of marriages JJ* County Oxford, deceaaed, its use for IUC«. vised D. M. Buck, metallurgical I rence, Lawrence; grand for annulment ν r.- the SYSTEM recommend shipping, espe- by J?· ikTlng demanda agalaat VAPOR L. Peabody of Bssex County, *·· of u!>1 of The dark lines represent the or Sheet and Tli Rev. Dr. Francis Beal, the residents deceased are dealred to preeent cially early, and all tender varieties supply glneer of the American II by ·■« for Sun's rival. the red lines indicate and Gee Court Thirty f* écu.ement, and all Indebted thereto the only to our home markets. production, while The use of 0.15 t< I keeper of records seal. M«jm, la the Superior " n^neMeO to spplee Plate company. grand were William G for divorce and 7 petitions unsettled conditions of the has been cblelly confined t< I ett; grand Inner guard, plications graph. again· and we are experiencing no dlffl covers tbe per steel baye been price, th< * outer guard, Chai for annulment of marriage Are Now to In for greatest armed oonflict in history, when sheet metal. It Is estimated that I Lord, Athol; grand Ready culty ob'ainlng top prices top Essex County residents. mmaIIIw nrnr)nAla tbe has been in sheet metal Is at least Wright, Bourne. filed by 1— a supply abnormally large life of the I the Serve You & KENNEY, I believe there should be a vigorous both of these crops, prioe has been the addition. Copper melti Pianos CRIPPS doubled by and cryp state branch of the Military Or» and on the of (rait less. There hare been capitular The Insurance cooperative effort pert comparatively at about 700 degrees F. below the aver 67 Main Street, the United State· Does this not carry a very olear reason to Boston Crox Legion of the United Turner Center Ice Cream! grower· throughout temperature of the.steel tic rite visitations der of the Loyal Machine the to enact to be followed by the cooperative organ- age tapping the At Oswell Shop. to perauade government th< and nœ held its annual meeting la the the Alumni Association. Attend banquet of our state in their for and It diffuses readily through Montreal the past fear years States The Cream of ! If are BOTH PHONE8. lew· allowing the unrestricted manufac- isations plana Quality you eligible, join to separate S Cadets armory, Boston. $1.00 per plate. ture and uae of fruit better marketing? Tbe lesson ia that metal without tendency Coeur de Lfcm Preceptory First Corps Tune io. Membership dues >5c.Banquet aweet, pasteurized Rièhard The would a market oor aim skould be to nae tbe most accu- out afterward. t officers were elected: Farm ere' Cream I of Foreclosure. juioee. Tbej provide T., proposes to send a delegation The following Notice one rate data available the market- In the for all of the inferior fruit, to make through Whereas, Caleb B. Firrli of Hebron, De Commandery. Th CapL Henry N. Blake; bit the most drinks to keep these prodocts Air. call on Molay Commander, County of Oxford and State of Maine, br of healthful obtainable, ing organization Freight by 1 are dated the seventeenth day of whenever tbe available tlx be beaded b vice-commander, Capt, Henry you eligible, join the Alumni mortgage deed and would mean much to the fruit grow· moving orop pro- England is credited with being Montreal Knights will senior 1911, and reoorded in tbe Oxford Registry abows that a oertain level of April, Wil- duction In aviation. In 11 Williamson. Th N. Come y ; junior vice-commander, Association. of Deed·. Book 818. Page 179, conveyed to ing Industry. foremost nation Eminent Preceptor of fruit that is liable to obtain. Snob a wl recorder, liam H. Downing of Anborn, In the County The vast amonnt of inferior prices polloy, shows, 82,000 pas will number about SO and Ensign Eldridge F. Small; which la to re- months, the record party In tald State of Maine, has been on onr looal markets pursued year after year, bound Pai Androscoguln, Ar- plaoed of freigh by auto May 23. Charles W. C. Bhoades; regis· ha· been duly aaalgned to me by sult in an net which In tbe eengers and 200,000 pounds make the trip Capt & mortgage of this seaaon has been very demoralising average gain, treasurer, Lt of the estate torn E. Τ CO., thur «.Downing, Administrator a miles In 48,00< Commander Harry C. Crocker, trar, John Burgess; Η J. will amount to deal more 1,000,000 W. end traveled ol to restriot the great WHËËLËR •aid William H. Downing, a certain parcel and has caused oonsumers Cfrei Wil- ol obancea and sell- The transocean passenge of Poston, marshal of the Arthur B. Denny; chaplain, MaJ. ( INCORPORATED) real estate situated In Henron, In the County use of apples to a great extent. This than taking by holding flights. erly as follows:—Bounded ot one of ti chancellor, UL-Çet, Oxford, and bounded Is rainons to the at intervals and loading the which was so confidents Priory of Canada, will be liam H. Spencer; MAINE. land of W. H. Packard and L. G oundiilon apple grow- ing Irregular schedule, the North by slow will event ν PABI8, land of ■. E. Johnson ; and is to market. These gains as almost severe visitors. ι WHlard D. Tripp. Co. SOUTH Perry and on the East by ing Industry Inviting shipments predicted ready 16ti L. O. and oi contented fitrm homes and a ι on the South by lane of said Perry oar markets from other states. Jaat aa ually make Is remote^ but It Is Cole-Wiggin B. Start Fred years ago, still laild of Β. evant, the West by aa will continue to more permanent agriculture for Maine.— t Rival. and A. E. a piece ol long growers negleot a round from London The Oyster's .lOTlCB. Cushman George. Being M. White at Parmera' Week. fact that trip Peat Is Full of Chemical*. Intervale by Caleb B. Farrls of Bern their trees and prodnoe only Inferior C. mad· In si «briber purchased oi miles) can be Industry, which promisse J* hereby give· notice feat be Allen and containing eight acres, more or Paris (574 Aside from its value as fuel and I A novel and fralt, marketing egenoies, private a coe Λ& tppolaieU admlnUtrator of the and whereas the condition of Mid mortgage of at * In Canada, 1* the "«•a? H I LL5 lea·: can never bel them to Homemade Caper*. hours Instead twenty-four, ose in peat has a score rapid expansion been broken ; cooperative, ρ get b agriculture, The has for plane, against $40 belt of the sea musseL la tw J:0U,8A WAITS, late of Can too, Now. therefore, by reason of the breech of th« anything but Inferior prioee. The caper of oommere··, whiob Is tbe of about $90 mors of uses, and its Held Is velopment c<»"*y of of sale which is op ef SmZ Oitofd, deceaaed, aad give» condition thereof I claim a foreclosure There is a great opportunity for farm flower bud of an Ε aee Optician, belonging for shoe ο the of right develop»· Well, Did voa ever etop to Take tarns oat 41 S half filled with vinegar and when blllty of such skins sppers possibilities «Ρ·!·*1" Immedlatelj. booee to bonee, fitting glasses? fVOTIOE. Portland, eggs weighing glass we « a to all of m, I· · J?2V2 to travel from town to town, to do. to tbe ia to re but we must 'not forget that It la compliment •m- DAVIS. will aot have the wise thing that bi ι oanoes. ▲ reoent marvel In the egg tbey oobe top It time other purposes. Weat Parle, E. F. D See me ahoot your eyee—It's Tbe subscriber hereby gives notice that searcherr after the nf—4— Maine, oa eyes. the administrator ot tlx > a laid this move tbem. Boil tbem Id fresh was found to her· ont to either direction.—ί way, — l&fc) ao obaaoes yoar of eye. bas been duly appointed by polie.» vinegai The leather develop asad la the examlaatlon world, apeoimen a long way from No drope or daagaroas drags sad Saturday evenings. one soon and when aad bottle them in tbe liquid, sealing the of call change. Unk are going to 5 P. M. Monday E. 8TROUT late of appeared reoently, about one-fourth strength Hoara: to 13:00--1£0 SOT-4. LILLIAN HOLMES, had recovered tbem up, and tbere are for winter to look for lt—Tilede Blade, Offloe 1J0-S ; Residence 'phone Mr. Adams sufficiently oapera skin and to tear rather It has ι WANTED. Οβοο 'phoaa Porter, alao be as a relUL ensfl^. Other hoars by appolataaeat. la of Oxford, deceased, wttbou from bis at ite to use. Tbey may used Pretty Near the End. tbe County surprise proportions advantage In point ot'eheapnea bond. All baring demand· agataat tin it to measure β 84 or in salads with excellent results. great bad all his conet With a Previea. persona weigh it he found ο When one has estate of aald deceased are desired to preeen \ and serve for uppers ? a t-j » inohee around In and 814 Inobee might perhaps when he hss lo automobiles Is ssms; Street, • tbe same ft>r settlement, aad-all ladebtedtberetf girth > ! tsken out of him, Dodging S*1»· w-- *be laaorlaj 186 Main was man would rather be called « shoes that ere not t taîST tTy0*"*1 I are to make payment Immediately. around In length. The first egg laid Any fancy expecte$ will sot says a phrslcUa. U requested Γ (all his Illusions, his feathers fol exercise," L ÏDWINA. 8ILVA. as and there have been five "small potato" than a "big nut." stand much wear. The experts are c ' Maine. βπηπτ Β. nearly large, and he wit fly ne not m successful in the dodgln^- S^Sm^p^ÏÏ-SLCÏÏÏg»»*t ο* *9*re time- Bettej Norway, BiiTOHaLDBB, Agent, ainoe need t y eotk through are to>^etr.f*rt liai. Seaar rahsilUlae. othtr whopping specimens that the opinion that tt coeM be aSbiaih!^ ^°-wtJ1 beoome Full TU* House Block, April», It'· a dead worm that has no —diver Wendell Holme·. Mot Tranacrtpt Opera taa taming advantage for linings and novelties. tt· HWl··* £««.$ ss^a/rïss Look lor Um "OlOflklB a* ESTABLISH CD 1883. Wut Parla. Betbel. North WaUrîord. Oertaln FOB SALE. OXFORD BEARS. The It the list of new booke Sheriff Davis made another leisure Cbarlea Maraton and Will Cud were with all mod- THE following Certain book· seem to be written, House of 13 rooms, added to the library: last Monday night when be landed a la Norway Saturday evening. for two that wo learn from thorn, em suitable Last of the Great Scout· (BuHWo Bill)—Helen Ford touring oar with 172 qnarte of ▲noie Haselton oalled on neighbors Id not might improvements, we see how verandas, large The Oxford Democrat Cody Wetmore and Zane Grey. whiskey. He should be oongratalated Blabeetown Tbaraday. Jut In order that might families. Pleasant Goodform DOINGS OP THE WEEK IN ALL Smile·—Mot H. Boblnaon. corner TtfB on his and Nora Abbott bu returned from Nor* orach the author know*—Goethe. fine location, The Baal Twl*—Dorothy Canileld. promptness quloknesa. stable ymd lot, South Llmpy—William Johnston. The lsdies of the Methodlat ohuroh way after vlaltlng her aunt, Mrs. Nettle Western and Hillside Ave., SECTIONS OF THE COUNTY. Blvers End—Jamee OUrer Corwood. held their annusl May sale last Thurs- Mo ΑΠ later. Health Before ISSCI» TUESDAYS. Wtldflre—Zane Everything. Me. of Grey. dsy afternoon, wbioh was well attended. L. A. Holme· baa mured to Oilfield, In Paris, Inquire Main Street Sinclair Lewi·. Health la the essential factor pro· G. W. COOK, of the Giant·—Peter B. Food, home-made candles snd Ιοβ ο ream where hé baa work with hliteam. Valley Kyne. luctlveneas, prosperity and happlneea» Adventure· of Jlmmle Dale— F. Packard. made the bootlia and L. A. Flint and some othera attended or at Mrs. L. C. Millinery pretty attractive, of civil· Smileys Hair advancement Net Zane—Zane hence In the Pari* HOI. Betty Grey. as was shown the number of aslesr Pomona at Weat Bethel ind South Paris, Maine, May 17. 1921 Plan—Mark Twain. by Grange Tueaday. 20tf Store. Huckleberry have held Mra. Morae two at laatlon.—Sir Frederick Trevea. Service· it Part· Hill Baptist chord» every Two meetinga been for the Suale haa mealera Mr. and Mr·. Sdwln Mann are re- Sunday at 10:44. Sonda y School at 11. Sunday J. purpose of a boys' and tbelr camp. 8he la being visited by ber organizing girls' " VOTIOK. net is of the •Teniae aerrlee at 7s0. Thursday e venin* ceiving felicitation· on the birth of a club in Bethel under the of Blanche from Ν. H. nonoE. t&at be This highest quality leaderahlp daughter Conway, The subscriber hereby glres notiee prayer meeting· at 7 SO o'clock. little laat that be of (be ATWOOD Jk FORBES daughter Sunday morning. F. B. Buaaell. The name oboaen Is the Ed Farmer bae been anfferlng w tb The subscriber hereby give· notice bM been duly appointed guardian Esther Tnell to lasbeen administrator of the MIm P. N. Andrews of Mr·. has returned her Bethel Boys' and Girls' Olub. The neuralgia In hla head, but ta better. duly appointed estate of selected Roxbury, Ma··., »t*te of Κ. TBBBETT8 of Oreeairood. home and her daughter, Mrs. I. L. Bow officers are aa foliowa: Frank and Hatoh were at Slab BL81E bond· and carefully mmd formerly of Pari· Hill, has gone to Cur- Ralph JOHN RUOKOLAINEN, late of Woodstock, of Oxford, and gfren MéUort Proprietor*. a In the. County baring oo the her, will stay with her while. Pre·.—Charles Haselton. after 1 Ο the County of Oxford, deoeaaed, and given ΑΠ ti·, Neb., to *p«nd lb· sommer City hay Friday. a· the law direct*. persona are of was Merrill. xmds as the law directs. All persons having estate of said ward of C bar The funeral Mary E. Mann held Vice-Pre·.—Clifford Charlea Maraton la rolling on for the demand· ajrainet tbe Qiomi M. Atwood. A. K. roman. ranch ber oouain, le· A. Sibley. Μ aeon. lemanda the estate of aald deceased for *ettlament, and at the Universalis! oburoh last See.—Elisabeth board aaw\t Brown'· lumber against desired to present tbe same Mr. Sibley ia a Dative of Belfaat, Maine, Monday Trea».—Gny Tbarason. Harry long | ire desired to present the same for settlement, thereto are to make pay-1 two for were all Indebted requested Cents, 25- Cents more than afternoon. There many friends mill. md all Indebted thereto are reqnested to make Price bat has been la Nebraaka for number about at ment Immediately. i$ and relatives who attended. There were They twenty-five pres- Willie Llttlefleld bad the taken payment Immediately. FRANK T. POWIB8, thirty yean. ent. apllnta Lewtston, Maine Association. ΓΒΚΧ4 -—«1J0 » If paid strictly la advance also many beautiful flowers. The Sun- hla wrlat LAURIIMMOSEN, 18th, 1M1. the Alumni year Admirai W. W. Kimball i· bia off Wedneaday. SOib, 1091. West Parla, Maine. April SO S3 If are eligible, join Attend^ Otherwise $2M a y «at. S la* le ooples S oenu visiting F. 0. Robertson la having a plasta April you at day School olass to whloh she belonged I nnderatand Brown baa 3-11 dues $i.00 •later, Mra. Constance M. Gayer, built on to bla bouae on Main Street. Harry bought 10. Meroberehip 35c. Banquet per — attended in a with A urunaucKTt All !«m1 advertisement Rook III. body their teaober, the timber land at North Waterford and bai.quet June plaJ for I Ialand, J. S. Borbank and Ε. N. Robertson are are glvea three oonaecuU-velnsartlou· Mia· Mr·. George Devine. The Intermediate to the late Fred oon Ml·· Mary P. Barobfield and the buildinga belonging per Inch la of column. Special a doing work. length > aod icbool· attended in lloaber. tracta «ad· wtth local, transient and yearl; Irene McKinney of Pittsburgh, Pa., are primary body wltb tbeir teachers. Mark- S. S. Greenleaf has had hie father and at Miaa Burcbfleld'· aammer bom· bere Rev. H. ▲. ley officiated. Interment in Pine Grove brother visit tbem reoently, Mrs. Green- Dfckvale. loa Panrmie New type, raat etoctrt : for a few day· to make preparation· for lea f'a Miaa Mina and low at sister, Stevena, going Mra. Eva Fuller of Mlltou a power, experleaoed workmen price occupying the place tbe coming aammer. Cemetery Norway. «pent of our busl Mrs. Sara a back to Madison with tbem. •omblae to ηϋ* tMidepartment arrived laat and Curtis, who has spent ahort time Wedneaday with her aiater, ae·· They Tbaraday expect Or. and Mra. J. G. arrived cempiete sad popular. number of weeks in Portland, has re- Gehrlng Mra. B. C. Putnam. to return to Pittsburgh oo Tuesday of from Howard home Cleveland, Ohio, Saturday, H. turned to her of borne. 4th Co. Mr. and Mra. Everett Putnam and Chas. tbia week. May 7, after an exteoded vlsrt. They of Mrs. George Watson Is very ill at this tbree children, and Mra. July STORE Mr. and friend, Ralph SIXULE COPISS. Mrs. Orlando A. Tbayer a number of in Boston conan It- THE REXALL writing. spent daya Blnea of were vialtora at Mr. Watervllle are guests at Jobn Pierce's. arohiteots contractors In Llvermore, of Tn dcmockat ere Ave oenti Rev. H. À. has log snd placing Single copie· were for Markley been spending and Mra. B. C. Putnam'a last —PHARMACISTS: of Mr. and Mra. Tbayer many contracts for the new at Sunday. each. They will be mailed on receipt price b; a few days at bis "Home gymnsslum Bernard Putnam and (fee or for the convenience of patron. years realdenta of tbia village and their farm, Acres," daughter Audrey publishers at Turuer. Gould's Academy, ground for which will of each Issue have been 01 are to aee tbem. were in Rumford on bueineea Wednea- Maine •Ingle copie· placed many friend· bere glad a Paris, la the : Rev. H. be broken within week. The work South «aie et the following place· County Ernest V. Shaw and moved laat H. Hathaway returned last day. family from will go forward to completion in time tenth Pari·, Howard'· Drag Store. from to tbia Monday Swan's Island and re- John baa to Weld for a IL- week South Paria village for the of the new achool Wyman gone Steven· Pharmacy. mained here in town until He openiog year. to hla Thomaa CELEBRATION and are the house Friday. ▼lait eon, Λ Store. occupying recently it waa announced st Wyman. Norway, Noyee Drag has bad a call to to Swan's Island to When obapel by Stone'· Drag Store. vaoated by Charles M. Johnson at tbe go Selwyn Molntire of Bemla la vieltlng and he baa Prinoipal Hanscom last week, a wild A. L. Clark Dru^Co. ooraer of Main aod Tremont Street·. preach accepted the pastor- hla mother, Mra. Llnaa Libby. A. L. Newton, Postmaster atorm of applauae followed. William BuckieM. Mrs. B. Cole ha· bees ate. Elmer Child of this plaoe and Mia* Iva Pari· Hill, Un. M and Andrews, Po· Joseph spend- la the donor of all this. He ; the week with ber Mr·. Mrs. H. A. Markley spent a few days Blngbsm Andrews of Weat Peru wore married re· Offloe. ing daughter, hss a sommer borne here but la winter- OXFORD COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS Weet Samuel T. White. last week In Portland. She visited We haven't beard the date Paris, Robert P. Bickford, in Norway. in oently. yet, / friends and also attended the ing California. Miaa lone Harlow of Dixfield apent servloea but oongratnlatlona any way. and roll call at tbe Church of tbe week-end with relatives here. the Mes- KIMBALL HILL. to which she Wilson's rams. Coming Events. MIm Harriette H. Wmalow ia expected siah, belongs. Between Norway and South Paris Mrs. Mr. and Mra Wm. Bennett bave re- MERCHANT Vernon E. of Rock- Ε. were Id Ζ. L. hare tbi· week to open ber home for tbe Ellingwood Ε. Storey and Alfred Hart is Mrs. Prank turned to their home at Looke'a Mills North Back summer. port visiting Maybew. Colebrook recently on business. Jane 7—Oxford Pomona Grange, after on their farm here two Tbe annual meeting of tbe Central working Dre. of Colebrook snd Dresser Held. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davis, with tbelr weeka Noye· will riot Jane *—field day of Portland Commandery District Sunday Sohnol Association of seeding. of. Berlin were in town' Twin-Towns Athletic Association presenfan'all day two children, arrived bere Saturday from Mr. and Sanday week, K. T., st eountv fair grounds. was at Mra. C. G. Howe and daugh- Athletic their aum- Oxford County held tbe Feder- called to aee s little obild of Charles July 4—Célébra don of Twin Towns Montclair, N. J., and opened ter Florence of were fun and amusement. Athletic Contests, Baseball ated West on Hanover Sunday of Sports, of fair Sale ooer cburcb, Paris, Friday, May Association, grounds. home for the aeaaon. Mr. Davi· baa of G. L. Haines Ridley. Our fair 6. Tbe were guests and family. May Chautauqua, grounds. officers July 8-14—Community • tbe winter in following eleoted: C. G. Beokler of Àlbsny snd friends Refreshment Picnic Free Parking pent California. Misaea Dorotby and Bernioe Haines Gamts, Booths, Grounds, Space Mr·. Mellie S. Brown arrived bere on Pre·.—H. F. A Id rich, Wert Pari·. were in town Thursday, Mr. Beokler 4o Vlce-Pree —Rev.C. L. Bethel. were at home from Gould'a details later. of la«t driven ber Wheaton, Academy the interest of roads in Maine. for Automobiles. Ideal accommodations. Full NKW ADVBBTISKMENT8. Saturday week, having Sec. and Tiea·.—Mr·. Κ Ion over the week-end. good Brown, Norway. was and Suits at oar through from New Mr·. The fanerai of the Ridley obild Coats Jeraey; Tbe program was carried out sobstan Jaaon Bennett and family of Wood- ) made tbe with held st the oburob Thursday afternoon, Wiley trip Mrs. Brown. as his Central Maine Power Co. tlally previously published. stock visited brother William Sun- cffi Merchant. Albion L. Abbott baa sold tbe William Rev. H. L. Seymour of Wbltefleld to come. our new X. L. Mrs. E. J. Mann has been 111 bot Jay. .Everybody plan Try Brown, 8aok A Co. Hammond on to very elating. place Linooln Street Is now Leudall Tate· of Tarmouth waa in Norway National Bank. better. this now a for- Continues Portland who will make a sum- J. W. Buoknam, of Avon, Lower Prices Kalph B. Botta parties, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ridlon a few place Tbnrsday. concrete State mer home here. Mr. Abbott is spent mer resident here, came up the past Highway Enstmsn A Andrews. building days in Portland last week. Walter Jasad of Romford Center wan Chas. H. Howard Co. a on the shore of the near week with s oook to open his camp on cottage lake The in the Un. L. C. Smiley. following pupils of the primary plaoe Tuesday. the Little L. Locke'· Mills. Magallowsy. at P. Pike Co. sobool bad 100 per cent In spelling last ί Another fortunate buy of garments lower A Fletcher Co. Relatives here received a Hebron. E. S. Bennett, Qeorge Bennett sod R. WE HAVE A LIVE PROPOSITION Blpley telegram week: Grade III, Muriel Scribner, Rowe- N. A. Cummlngs. from New York announcing tbe birth on A. Storey were at home from Berlin Sat- than the first of the season's prices, enables us For Sale. na Verge, Merle Deane. Grade II, The Hebron Academy bate ball team of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Kimball urday night. 3 Probate Sunday Louise Lewis Waina Heik- defeated the Lewiston Cometa 21 to 0 our entire stock of Appointments. C. Devine, Mann, A meeting of the Northern Oxford to continue the sale of Spring Bankruptcy notice. Atwood, Jr.,—Kimball C. Atwood, klnen, Dorothy Wheeler. Saturday. Wanted. 3d. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Fish and Game Association Saturday Coats at lower than the first of the Orchard Parm for Sale. The following pupils of the interme- There was a Christian Endeavor pionio and Summer Atwood at Paris Hiil, where they bave a night resulted in the following oboioe of diate school bald 100 per cent In Saturday. ^ a to you of 10 summer extend spelling offloers: season's prices, meaning saving home, hearty coogratu last week: Lettie Prof. G. ▲. Houlton of the Western latiou·. Mary Patcb, Day, E. Storey. Member of the Firm of benefit of our her· «ad There. M c Maine an Pres.—Elwyn The Junior to 25 cent and you the Saiml Keen, Martha Day, Gerry Sanatorium gave interesting Vice-Pree —A. Donald Cameron. per get Helen entertainment in and mental See. and Treaa.—D. Clinton Bennett. PA&1S HILL SCHOOL NOTES. Emery, Immonen, Beatrice Mar- hypnotism Executive Com.—8. W. F. P. fortunate purchase. tin and Dora Kimball. telepathy at the even- Bennett, Flint, It is proposed to publish the "slacker aoademy Saturday D. ▲. Ε. E. Pupils having perfect spelling the past Mrs. Maud Cameron, Storey. Hat" In tbe Congressional Record. Whllt Austin, who has spent this ing. & Demand week: Kstber Curtis, Qertrade Everett, at H. E. Stearns Died May 4tb, Arvilla Pearl, dsngh'er the of a list will week the home of E. J. Mann, has re- and family went to Supply Coats from $9.90 up publication snob justly Charlotte Daniels, Alma Mar«ton. of Mr. snd Mrs. Chsrles 13 priced wbo deserve turned to her home at Brunswiok Saturday to see the bail same Ridley, aged bold np to opproblum many Tbe pupils have raised |9 20 Norway. month·. Suite from $1 1.25 up Inevit- recently Emerson Curtis, who tbe winter between Bowdoin and Univereity of Is An priced snob treatment, it will also almost for the Near East Relief. spent Undergoing Operation in Maine. Drew Stearna was one work In some casee Massachusetts, bas returned to West of the U. ably injustice through Appropriate Arbor Day exercises were From Interior of Whales. or for Paris. of M. team. Gloves similarity or Identity of names afternoon. Tbe A event bo in the season—a op- given Saturday school ■ η. me was observed as thnt is as strong saving early genuine reason. were indeed In- rassetc, preeiaeot or the Ke- Sunday Mothers* Day. Soft, pliable "kid." that when the demand is otber Tbere was to welcome five visitors. People generally suppose heavy—that glad bekah visited Norman Richardson and Albert were to merchandise of character at low stances where lists made public by local Assembly, Weak Paris and durable as Its genuine prototype portunity buy high very An entertainment, social and box sup from Portland the is Yet the conditions that face the Istratlon boards m "slackers" Bebekab Lodge last Wednesday night. up Sunday. from the intestines of the whale: price high. clothing buyer ref during per Is being planned for Jaue 3d. Watch President F. names men wbo Tbe diatriot meeting of the I. 0. 0. F. 0. has been In at this store—are not true to prices. tbe war oontalned tbe of for farther remember tbe Stanley thick sole leather of excellent quality running type. notice, bat was the for a few were in as volun Encampment held heie last place days. tben fighting date. Tuesday from the of the whale's mouth : our this reason exceeds even that of a RECEIVED There were about Fred is lining The demand for clothing SEVERAL NEW GARMENTS teers. If tbe list la to be published, tbe night. 125 present. Onrney having lightning rode JUST Tbe present week will be visitors' on his barn. five or more hug.e split sides of tougl> Reoord Is doubtless as safe a medium a* put the are lower and the value stronger than the week and it la hoped that all parente Eut Sumner. from the skin of the year ago—still prices to tbe Merle Bickford was at home for the leather beluga any through whloh avoid injustice and friend· will make an effort to viaii of this have seen for five full How do we It was more than a frost on the 11th week-end. the common dolphin of the north Pa- people vicinity years. mentioned. tnm« iMilnn rturinc the «wk WASHABLE FABRICS inst. It was a freeze, for ice formed and The ball game here Wednesday with cific—these are only a few of the manv account for it? Easy. The demand per day is the result of the ground in the garden was frozen. Δβ West Paris soored 25 to 2 In favor of front Buckfleld. revolutionary products obtained value we Dollar. Sounds reasonable—so do our now— Releaaed from San af- was Hebron. The supply per prices. that will be wanted this season should be Quentin prison very little vegetation apparent, but Hebron Academy 2d team the manufacture oi purchased for the aquatic leather, ter serving nine yeers dynamit'ng Tuesday wu observed m clean up day, little damage was effected. went to Bethel and won the game with the Voiles and that will be most wanted Work· et Loe which has become one of the new 1m very Ginghams Llewellyn Iron Angeles. sod αoder the direction ol the Village j Rev. P. M. Lamb of Canton has been Gould's Academy 10 to 1. McNamara la "honored" with Industries of the Paclfli are now available in a assortment to select from. John J. Improvement oommittee of the Cham- secured for the Memorial Day speaker at Mr. and Mrs. Stevens of Auburn are In portant splendid en Invitation to address hi· former union, ber of Commerce, and with the hearty West Sumner on May 30th. Wheel-, the house formerly owned by W. A. Northwest, says Popular Mechanics. EASTMAN & ANDREWS the Bridge end Straoturel Iron Worker·' co-operation of the oltixen·, the village | wrtgbt's Band is expeoted to furnish Banlett for the summer. wee Doloo. MoNemere seoretery of the street· were made and Gut- muaio for tbe occasion as For weather us sun- Furnishers epic span. usual. Prob- Tuesday gave s Grievance. Clothiers and of the anion ter· were Nursing COTTON DRESS VOILES international organization cleaned, rook· removed, and ably tbe same usual oourse of entertain- shine, rain, hail and thunder. One day He and hie James B. MoNem- "A number of magazine editors had brother, many unsightly spots were fixed. Tbe| ment for the soldiers and Relief Corps need doors and windows open, and the now e life sentence a 31 Market South Paria. assort- ere, who I· serving eutertainment oommittee In charge of C. will prevail. Hardly a dozen old Civil next have a coal fire to be comfortable, holiday banquet." Square, in plain and figured, also silk stripes in a splendid for marder to conneotiou with the dyna- L. Prince a dinner with bean* "I don't suppose there were an.\ provided ! War veterans remain In town, but there yesterday meroury from 28 degrees to 36 ment for cannot come and see these of the Loe Time· build- baked in the If nre the Alumni Association. Attend the your selection. If you miting Angeles ground by Mr. Prince. The| is au active loyal Relief Corps of some 75 degrees in different localities. contributors present to spoil the plots you eligible, join were et the ladle· ol the W. W. Q. and send for and our ing, prinoipele beedquertere other· served, members whose aid and Influence is felt Pear, plnm and early applo trees are ure of the evening?" 10. Membership dues 25c. Banquet $r.oo per plate. goods, samples get prices. of ooe of the moet extensive orgsnx* aod the went to the fam- and in fall and banquet June proceeds China much appreciated by our loyal citi- bloom, the outlook for flow- "None was to be present, ever in tbie supposed tiooe for vlolenoe uncovered ine relief, to the amoont of zens. ers for Memorial is not a* nearly sixty j Day promising but the head waiter was a bit offish country, end the "honor" to whiob tbey dollars. This wu the first fonc- At this date will have public Mrs. Guy Russell is very many gone by. 01 ere entitled would be eo having done something In the way DRESS GINGHAMS represented by tion of the newly organised chamber, low and expected to live but a short Not much planting done yet, but land Imeginery quantity far below the zerc and ia a forerunner of much good to be time. being ready. verse and had It rejected."—Blrming | got in a fine assortment of and 27 to 32 Hoe. done along these lines. Mrs. Ray Keene and children visited ham Age-Herald. plaid*, stripes plain Locke's Mills. HE Messrs. P. W. Allen and M. A. Warreu i ber parents at C. T. Bowen's at Buok- BANKs^·^, inches wide. Priced at 19c, 25c and 29c per yard. «re as at the term of field two or three The total loaa to the government in serving jurors May j days last week. Our boys responded quickly to thecal! Domestic at Colloquy. SAFETY SERVICE M court Rumford. Two more of tbe half dozen autos or- for and arrived in time to do operation of the railroad* while under help good afford to live In this ex C. C. and L. M. Irish aod in work at "We can't federal ooalrol ie now e«timeted et $1,· Withingtou dered tbe vicinity bave arrived. One Bryant's Pond Thursdny night families went to Boston flat." LINEN 800,000,000, about $300,000,000 more tbao Thursday by For Wilmer Bradeen and one for Herbert The funeral servioes of Mrs. Sadit pensive AEROPLANE auto for a visit with Mr. what ace we to do? Wt eetimatee. While tbi· la e and Mrs. Ray- Harlow. Kimball were at the oburch Sundaj •Well, going previous large in linen mood Work is on oonducted afford to hire a van A material that is much wanted sua, It I· not a surprising amount, and Hersey. progressing tbe big garage afternoon, by Rev. J. H. Lit· can't moving splendid the members of Tur if Tolman tie of Bethel. She Is le not aa large aa some of ua expected. Thursday night Bonney. Henry Booney Is survived by out* either." f color, inches wide, at per oer Arob in tbe several and Easiest 36 priced only 59c yard. The reilroeda under preeent condition*· Chapter, Royal Maaons, came1 usiating work. son, Wesley, and grandchildren. The Safest here and conferred the on are la we bave first degree Russell is a for She has made her home with her son, Overdoing It herd oeee, but Harry bnilding garage white linen in a at pretty olassof Refreshment· were served his auto. and was at bard 36-inch aeroplane sp'endid quality learned better then to turn to govern eight. always home, at work, The man who lays by a borrowed after the Chef In to Your Bills ment operation for relief. work, Taylor charge. Roy Keene and family and hia parents, and her presenoe will be greatly miased umbrella for a rainy day la altogeth- Way Pay only 69 cents per yard. Wednesday evening membera of the ttr.*and Mrs. Ezra made members of the | Keene, recently by family. er too thrifty.—Boston Transcript Baptist ohoir hung s Msy basket of gen- in auto trip to Bryant's Pond and Bum- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Perham, Abbii The of will Unlvereity Pennsylvenle erous proportions and well filled with 'ord Palls. Trask, Lois Foster, Mrs. Luoy BeaD, is check. It is also more economical. If undertake next month to uncover tbe j by good things to Mrs. Lena Dyer, who hae ] Esther Bean, Mrs. Walter Knight and DRESS ORGANDIES enoient of Beth-shen, now known a· been a hard $100 are not check are oity working member. Albany. Mrs. Frank Bean attended grsnge meet Reward, $100 you paying your bills by you Be in The readers of be in a as- lean, Paleetine, permiaaion having Prtday night Melanson's Orchestra gave The cirole met at tbe Ing at Pond. this paper will fine assortment of white and colors, also a | vestry Friday Saturday night Bryant's pleased to to a splendid been obtained of the government. Prof. a dance at Odd Pellowa' Hall. Stearns and learn that there Is at leas' invited account ivening. George Ralph Rice of East one cordially open checking sortment of S. Fleher will au □ tend dreaded disease that ccience hat white and colored voiles for Clareaoe peri tbe Mrs. A. O. Bean was Waterford were in town plain plain your the guest of Mrs. Sunday. been able to cure In all Its Trust Co. work. It le thought no leea then Andovar. stages anC with the Paris selection. eight saao Flint Wednesday. Mrs. Flint has Abbie Trask baa a hen that lays eggs that Is catarrh. Catarrh being cltiee beve stood on the aite of Beiean, greatly Mrs. Edward Akers was 111 >een an Invalid for several years, but is 312 inches In oircumfereooe. Influenced by constitutional condition? tbe flret ooe been no lee* very last] beving begun week. enderly oared for by her daughters, Em Mra. Charles Day returned from the requires constitutional treatment. Hall'f then five thoueend years Betb-ahao Catarrh Medicine is taken Internally and ago. ν na and Susie Flint. Mr. went down Melvin Bartlett of Boaton lei ted rela- hospital Sunday. Day acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur- UNBLEACHED COTTON was ■ atretegio and it is said per- L. point tive· in town Archie Bass and wife have gone to Sunday morning to oome home with her, faces of the System thereby destroying LB8LI· MASON. VIC1-PR18I01NT no other bes witnessed so recently. hepe oity many Rev. Mr. of Bate· lousekeeping in the ind has been kept the foundation pf the disease, giving the J. HASTINGS BEAN. SICRITARY Campbell College | Harry McNally quite busy answering patient as bettlee. Tbey began awey beck in tbe loose. he of strength by building up the con- IRVING O. ÇGO yards unbleached cotton as preached in the Congregational church question why be got left at West stitution and BARROWS. TRIASURBR 40-inch nearly good days of Abrahem, end have oontinned assisting nature in doing Itr Sunday. Jennie Teague from Portland and Mrs. Paris. work. The proprietors have so much the Lockwood at 10c It's been a time down to the deye of the recent World only per yard. long Llewellyn Hall, who ο as been «pending ! lallagber were guests of Mrs. A. G. George Tlrrell baa a new Ford touring faith in the curative power of Hall's War. Many noted beve stood Catarrh Medicine that they offer One since you could so a cotton at such a little general· the winter In North Carolina, haa lean Thursday. jar. buy good price. before ber gate·. Including Abrehem, re-1 Hundred Dollars for any case that It falls turned to Andover. Abel Andrews bas peas up, and they to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Full Hemmurubi, Seonecharib, Nebuchadnea- North Buckfield. 39-inch fine unbleached cotton in short lengths Mr·. Soott and daughter are guests of | re looking fine. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, aar, Tbotbmee, Seal, David, Alexander, Mr·. J. F. Ohio. Sold by all Druggists, 76c. Paris of 10 to 30 which we Mrs. Scott'· daughter, Mrs. Karl Maraton. I Turner, Misa Mabel Fob» Trust Combw yards lengths cut in any length you Pompey and Napoleon. Joahua tried to There wa· a dance In the town hall md Miaa Clithroe Warren of Auburn want at take the bat ooald not beoeuse the j Freeman H. Bennett died at bia home For and and is full as a cotton as oity, vere at M. A. Warren'a end. baby's croup, Willie'· dally cats South Bajzis .Maine only 15c per yard good Wednesday evening, whloh waa well tbe week mother'· sore Grandma's defendere bed tank·—or a· near tank· aa at-1 'bur»day afternoon. He waa oat io hi· t>rulees, throat, lame- the or tended. Mr. tod Mr. Wo. Stevens, acoom- ae«,—Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil—the household Lockwood better. that would iroo ο bar lot·. In eld, and wben be waa day permit, joined by,bia tanied by Mr. and Mra. Harold Steven» remedy. 30c and 60c. BRANCH BANK At more recent tbe Crusaders tried to tbere abe noticed tbat be waa BUCKFIELD. MEj day· Eaat Bethel. aughter f North Paria, viaited Mr. and Mrs teke it and oonld not. It wee here the ale. He went to tbe bouse and aat PAYS INTERESrON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Will 8. lenry Camming· at Freeport "Aeeyrlens oame down like a wolf on Hastings has returned home) own, and bia daagbter him recently. WANTED. DRESS GINGHAMS the brought Mr. an^ Mra. A. S. spent last the fold" end Huns of thet From University of Maine, Orono, for ;>me medicine. He took a few awallowa Beseey they—tbe reek in In a un- » week1· vacation on the farm. Ramford, guests of tbeir son, Ε private family board and day—did take it In comparatively re ad waa gone. For a long time be bad 500 yards short well assorted standard ilress Mrs. Etta Bartlett the I. Bessey, and family. "urnished room in or near the lengths oent deye It has been domineted ia gueat of rela- een In poor health. square by ilvee in Mies Lillian Holme· waa in ginghams at Romans and Arabs. It is situ- Berlin, Ν. H., for eeveral week· Arthur D. Bean haa hia car Farming η South Paris only 15c per yard. Greeks, exchanged on a few laat village. Mr. and Mr·. P. A. Bean and eon day· week. are the Alumni ated in the valley of Jeareel, weet of the baby >r a oew Model 4 Overland touring car. GEORGE M. ELDER, If you eligible, join Association. A'tend the 1 Dr. J. A. Neaa of Aubnrn baa been banquet near the Sea of >( Woodatock were of Mr. [e and bia wife and | Jordan and Qallilee. It Sunday gue«ts Mr·. Cora Sawln 20 South me io. dues 1 knd W. B. broogh bere buying cattle. Paris, Maine. Membership 25c. Bauquet $i.co per ie within sight of tbe Mount of Mrs. Bartlett. irried hi· brother, S. O. Bean, to Rnm- Ji plate. PERCALES Tranafig Mr. and M. A. Warren waa at Rumford laat and neer the home of the Mrs. Payaon Rich of Lewiston »rd to court uration, Witch Thursday morning. Thence aa 1 Mrs. reek grand juror. —, One of of Sudor. Prof. Fisher to find in ind Bessie Sloan wero > Soutb where took the finest assortments of we have had hopes Suudsy Pari·, thej dinner Mr. and ■ Percales ' russts of their Mrs. J. L. Mra. P. B. Dunn went to hi· excavation· marble, bronxe and olay «later, Holt, itb bia «later, Mrs. Lauren Lord. He and at 22c 1 [ezar Falla priced 15c, 19c, and tablet· with the of enoient time· ind family. kea tbe oar very much. Sunday. I π 25c per yard. hietory Mr. and Mra. 0. E. Turner and Mr written thereon In cuneiform characters. Mi as Ada Bean waa a recent caller on j Ben Ioman waa out , Thursday morning ad Mra. L. A. Keene of Eaat Sumner Ire. Ooria Kimball aod family. for one of bia boraea which oklng left ere at C. M. was Ε. M. Holmes' nigbt. Kimball last week's guest ie barn with doable harness on tbe Saturday CRASH TOWELING if Herbert Smltb ia state road The old question as to whether ani bis daughter, Mrs. Q. N. Sanborn, and ght before. He went to hia old place patrolman. reason or Mra. Iaabell Swallow the week- In malt have oolj Instinct tu amlly, and attended a meeting of Bethel the Town Houae, bnt could not find apent all linen, part linen and cotton Crash for P. and A. M. ad with her brother, C. G. and toweling brought op io the Sopreme Court of Suf jodge, ie borae. Finally after eight or ten Turner, Q. K. ife, South Sumner. your selection. See cotton bleached crash at (oik Coanty, Massachusetts, laat week Hastings and fsmlly are driving en bad turned out, the borae waa found special heavy | Mra. Martha Record and H. A. Jt seems that a pet dog owned bj ooe new Pord osr recently purobased. Sumner G. Bean's field not far from 8pauld- only ioc per ig left for tbe yard. Jobo K. CbalaaoD waa run over by ao ao Saturday afternoon, May 7, the Baai e barn. Horae and barneaa seemed All Saturday Clapp-Balley edding at 10. tomobile, operated by Peter Douagbue letbel ball team played the Bethel team, |bt. Swampsoott, Masa.j May nd were Mra. EuDora Ames and Miaa Ella and killed; aod because of thla a toil defeated 10 to 8 May 14, the Mr. and M re. Joe Paine are to moving me· of Rumford and Mra. S. O. Barrett and Underwear waa broogbt to reoover ooe thousand letbel team will play the Eaet Bethel itbel into Sd Smith's rent. He worka Hosiery id Mra. Elliott Newell of Sumner called mt dollars damage. If a mao la Injured on Bern on their ground· at Sa«t Bethel. r Arthur Herrick. ι in a circumstance* moat relativea bere good assortment of all the to dar like he «bow be Maud Beokler la at home on a vaoation. reoently. THE UNIVERSAL CAR different combinations waa "doe care" to a Mra. Herbert Sampaon of Hartford bas using obtain verdict, sua roaa ana Mra. W. f. Beckler, Mra. A. A. supply your and vicinity. Bruce, ten with her Mra. Herbert Spring Summer needs and at the right aad Mr. Chalsaon say· bia dog waa aslng M re. L. J. Mrs. A. D. Bean daughter, Mr. end Mr·. Eugene Steven·; with Andrew·, a "doe oare" when ran down the oar lauldlng, few daya. SOME FACTS prices. by feorge end Cecil, visited relative· Id " d ladle· around Hunt'· Corner oleaned Th· is whether a can use question dog eddlng Sunday. tb β oburob Tuesday. "due oare." Whether the inatlnot to Minnie get Knowlton end Merlon Doe vie Mra. Littlefield's friends sent axe authentic from the Ford at Detroit. show oat of the of In Harry Mra Etta Turner of Auburn waa Here figures factory They way sometblog moving ed et "World*· loo" r a shower of cards. She is tbej our Sod Sunday. post get eek-end of Mr·. Merton Warren. how Ford care and trucks have been built each month since Try mail order service hla direction oould be called "doe care 111 guest you just many Will Qreenleaf end Mr·. Reed were et ig along nioely. Heald went Janu- or whether soob a définition moat In- Waahlngton to Meobanlc if and how many have been sold to tetail customers in the United The Inn" Tueeday end took Mr. Moody ill· on bnaineaa. ary 1921» for clude obeervatlon of gaa car·, a knowl- Friday States. prompt and free »ok with them to apend a few week· el Lester la for William delivery. of their way* and plana to act on Freeman H. Bennett of North Varney working to edge ie Sim Honae, Auburn. Albany Delivered •och knowledge. If Theodore Roosevelt >d laat Tbnraday, May 12. Mr. Ben· H arlow In Parla. Retail Customers T. M. Twitcbell returned from South _ ware alive the ooart would have to uae tt had been a resident of AN Mri! Harold Stevens of North Paria where h au life-long aria, be been vleltlng friend a. h ia at tbe borne of ber One "da· care" la Its declsloo or b« branded ny, bad served tbe town many years parent·, Mr. and 29*883 57»2°8 Price Cash Store Mise Nellie apent the week end re. M. JANUARY aa a "natu-e fake." Tripp and was one of tbe A. Warren, 1th selectman, aeieot- Wednesday. L. J. Andrew' family in Hertford, Inez waa FEBRUARY 35,305 63,603 >o laat apring. He had also been road Spaulding the week-end Maurice Fogs end aoa, end Bar eat of Jane N0BWAY, MAINE Sdgar tnmlssloner for maay years, and Heald. MARCH 61,886 87.221 Maine stands third In the liât of silver at their a* Sunday camp Sha*g {o| merly superintendent of sohools. His Herbert Spaulding and Mr·. Martba blaok fox statee. She bas icord will to Total Total Retail Sales breeding forty tt^pent Γ· died some years ago. He leaves two go Salem Saturday, tbe production 127,074 208,032 one (arma with 910 foxes, valued at Percy Walker and Robert Wlee T' to brought agbters, Mrs. Harriman, who baa been tb, attend the wedding of Roger 1630,380. stands a4 the bead sixteen can· of tronl for- actual sales for the firtt three months of· exceeded Michigan Wednesday, »ping bouse for blm, and Mrs. Dono- spp and Mi·· Helen Bailey. showing that 1921 production of the fox industry, with Maaeachusetts -five thouaand in all, to pot into Shagg Lealie Newell of Sumner will cars trucks I h_ e of Aubnrn, also two sisters, Mrs. pa·· by Ford and second. Massachusetts, however, has not id Abbott Ponda. unable to ». the 80^958 Being get tes, who live· In Norway, and Mrs. rough place every Friday with aa farms or as animals aa ilp to carry part to >at cars many many Abbott, Sbagg got c Ie, who lives at Bryant'a Pond. Mr. during the aummer. April requisitions already specify 107,719 additional and trncka and the esti- Main·, bat her la more vain em all. X* freeze in equipment iinett waa a kind and a man Seavy thia section Tneaday of the and combined calls for CLOSING OUT SALE OF able. To be more In she town teem ball neighbor, mated April output fnotory aesembly plant· only 90,000! „ explicit, Agar·· Redding played agalnat b ο will be missed muob. [ht. iru very facta sliow that the demand for Ford la much baa seventeen farms, 488 foxea, which Sunday. Redding woo—13 to 7. I Kra. Edna who Tbeie clearly produota growing faster t looks like a very early spring. Ap-. Soott, baa been qalte | ar· valued at 1758,700. In all, the whole Virgle Rowe le on the eiok liet. k wltb facilities to and were it not for the dealers' limited trees are In bloicom. Usually meule·, la ooovaleaoent. Uban manufacturing produce stooki, namb«r of ranohes ln?the United Statee Myrtle Farnnm Is vleltlng friend· In the]"0 more customers would JLh Ite Sunday come· in June, tbia year it which are now being rapidly depleted, many have been oompelled ara reported to be 215, containing some Mfc Sumner. Byron. _jj I be in May. to wait for their oara. It will be only a matter of weeks, therefore, until a of •,000 ailvar-blaok foxea la val load Commissioner big surplus captivity, toxter A. Cummlngs, who has been Robert 0. Taylor, ι aad at of Oar orders will anything like prompt deliveries. upwards 14,000,000. neigh- Norway Lake. abi I in the and the bouse for w b a small crew of men and tlx boraea, prevent millinery hospital j All bor, New Hampshire, baa also fox is tbe road· in If would be aura of your Ford oar or truck when yon want you Trimmed Hat· will to clea° began lire. Minnie Sannder· of Weterford la the paat 286 daya, and bad bia leg ampu- epairing Dlatriot No. 2. you having it, abould be sold at oost prices three farms aod H la tbe road machina. Pbone ua or us a card. •took. breading, having i lb her aleoe, Mre. Wm. Beonett, who tau •d above the knee laat Ootober, uaing place yonr order now. Don't dalay. drop foxaa. 'here baa been a ha ι a little eon, William Jr., born the tho ugbt be had atrength to walk down heavy froat the laat Also fe r here. fin· 10< b. Mr·. Nethanlel Bennett I· oaring to i be nearest store, a distanoe of about nlghta quality Voil· Shirt Waist·. !barlea Hibbert baa returned The Departmeat of Agrtoaltare at foi her daughter and little eon. ten rods. Before be got qnita borne on from Bi h and la on the Washington think they have something ] I any in tht· neighborhood have been hi· erntohee, be failed op,.and bad to be working highway. YOUR lobert la hi· barn CHOICE S1.98 which will fly swatter· aod screes sal bring with oolde. oar led Into tbe boose and np stairs. Wbyte shingling Sale will pat an 1 maker· oat of basiaeee. It Is · tree, the 1 rhe Mother·' Club bad a danoe at J Gowell, who worked in Albany garage. Fletcher begin___ Τ a t. H. Riobarda la hia house. & tbi Ir ball eoti wood while for Co. fam« of wUeh will · la Dutch Saturday night. ling George Com· ablngllng & pat fly I. B. Lobnes and Ripley uesday, 17, Robert C. May than wood aleohoi will a sus. 1 tic bard Wood hae a Ford oar. ml ο gs, and Herbert Bean, bave a good Taylor gfj ? qaieksr tnu led wagon· one laat week. SOUTH PABIS NOBWAY It la a Kentucky oolfee tree, aad was 1 'be Mothere' Club have purobeeed a job carpentering in Lewiston, at IB 40 day I Dane is home from Bethel grown from seed by Prof. Holmes of the nei r pleao of Creeeey é Allen. per day for eight hoars' work. loyd wh< ire he baa been «t work. University of Virginia. The tree hae 1 [any of the neighbor· and friend· In M les Laara Cnmmings was reoently Τ here will be a dance at the beea sect to Washington that Ita pro; er- thl< ι community oalied on Smeraon Ell- mar ried to Mr. Pinkbam. We under^. Grange ] I thia All are oor· Mrs. Ita • It the 93d etas d have to Kennebnnk to Friday evening. L. tlea may be tested aad seeds distrib- for Tusedey evening, being they gone ] C. Smiley «on ai ^ ly invited. uted aboat the ooaatry. ivereary his birth. live. | AND bouth FANCY 60008 \ PAaiï,LUNERY Mlu Evelyn «pent the ft action the trr Wight week-en, A Pair. Tor mild, easy of bowels, In Portland. Cktttaaqaa Auoctatton BlecU, Highly SnccMrftfl Doftn'a Beguleia, ft modern laxative. 80o ft* all NORWAY. ■tore·. Mr·. Utile M. P* mer of Rochoater I JÔxfordl)emocrai The > kxcods vobmxi N. la and Pari· commuicity club T., stopping for a while it J. χ Norway Chantanqui 17, 19J March's. Association held It· annual at BFF0BT8 IN THAT LIN·. Born. Maine, May Mr*. Palmer la a «later of th< the meeting Harry Bait Woman'· Belief Corp· Pans. late Mra. Congregational In March. vestry Norwaj have appointed the following oommlttee Wednesday evening, when there was ι Mr·. In South Pftrts. Mfty 7. to the wile of Howard The Rallie When the whole com for the Memorial Day dinner: Claaa will meet with Mr· good attendanoe. President Ε. N. Swetl praotioally I. Barry, ft son, Robert Henry. when Edith M. Edward·, lire. Addle Bnewell, In Wert to the wife of Edwin J. Co. Mildred lift? 8, Pike Cole Pftrli, F. praotioallj L at 5 preelded. The oommttte< munltj—beg pardon, PARIS. Thuraday P. M. A nominating Can well and llr·. Ida Hall. Mann, a Edwlna Mabel. covered dish ▼*ry all the women of the oommonHy—take Mr·. Helen daughter. SOUTH «upper will be served a promptly reported the old list ol of the Brook- In North Parla, May β, to the wife of Herbert STORES i a like a It la boond tc Herbert Foater Gunnison MEN'S CLOTHING 6:30. Every member officers, and were aa fol- bold of thing fair, L. Allen, a «on, Herbert Henry. please try to b< they eleoted, a one-time realdent of Nor- present. lows: go and be a big thing. That li what lyn Eagle, In Sooth Pari·, Mav 18, to the wife of Prank Friday, the 13th. laat with the fair undei way, bae been elected flrat vice-preeident Pmlth. a daughter, Rthel Lillian. Pre·.—Β. N. Swetl, happened week, In Medford to the By order of the Club, of the Aaaoclated Pre··. HIlMde, Maes, April 37, fYWay, the 1Mb. Village Corporatloi Vice-Pre».—Albert D. Park, Nelson G. Elder, the anspicea of tbe Community wife of Vernon A. Curtla. a eon. the assessor· all Z. L. ^ Eactern Watch οα» for jynx. peraooa are forbidden lead Merco&ct. George P. Eastman. Weeks of preparation bad been pot Intc Oxford Chapter, Order Star, In West Parla, May 4, to the wife of Mayoard !et ber catch you, cowa F. Stone. will a Don't log through Moore Park, [f the Sec.—Philip and from tbe time tbe started after it· regular session May Slat, T. Chase, cob. a Before a minx. Rush old Trees.—Aithnr I. it, parade There's The hateful Forbes. In 8, to the wife of Ployd 'practice la oontlnued Executive until tbe curtain •erre ice oream and oake with the fol- Bryant'a Pond, May Holiday legal aotlon will Committee—Tbe President and Tuesday afternoon Morgan, a eon. Always be taken. In Mre. Annie Jadkln· la at Grover Hil Vice-President*. went down on the minstrel abow Fridaj lowing committee charge: In Bryant'a Pond, May 8, to the wife of William Chairman of Grounds Retta a eon. DAY ALMOST HERE yrl time. Committee—Charles W. feature was carried out in a Favor, Mra. Effle Akere, Mr·. Jack George Abbott, MEMORIAL lor » abort The annual of the Bowker. night, every In Calala, 0, to the wife of Clement meeting Woman's to all oon Mr·. Elizabeth Joalln, Jamea Ν May Biiùel. rli dome way that gave satisfaction •oo, Mnnce, of Hebron, a eon. F. Wentworthof Gilead Society will be held with the Au ▲s the Chantanqna week continues B. Jackson. formerly χη Ellen oerned. Favor ard Eroeat In Rldlonville, May β, to the wife of Archibald laat week. gnaU Dlatrlol at Watervilla over a It waa deoided to bold s at- bare « ten daya Thuraday Sunday, flrst feature waa tbe ol The following attorney· have been Mann, a eon. !tid of thla week. Mra. anion Tbe parade In wife of Lonla Trebll- Wants Marion Bell goee aa Sunday servloe at the tent aa was term of Judi- Oxford, May 9, to the Not Attend to Your of North Watei while it wai the Supreme Sauadera from South done laat Tueaday afternoon, which, tending May cock, a daughter. Early? Miooie delegate Pari·. Clothing year. President yrt. town. Swett report- waa well worth oial Court at Rumford: Eugene F. 8mitl<, WUllam Why ber ion in for purposes, In Norway, May 10, to the wife of it fliitiog ed that on notice advertising iorj About ninety Knights of and immediately reoelvlng in Itself. Automobiles repre- Wilfred G. Oonary and William W. Oil- Bennett, ft ion Tou Will Be Better Satisfied Gore Miller will dellve Pythlaa of the dates he had in oommnnloa- seeing In Meehftnlo Falls, May 11, to the wife of Gey Chester Pythian Slaters were out tor the got the several of the lagher. Se». at Love! I. Pythian Hon with senting departmenta W. Collin, formerly of Looke'a Mille, a daughter. Day addreee Bishop Hnghea of the Metho- ohar· Fred L. Edward· of Bethel wa< In {ύ# Memorial Sunday aervloe, when the aermon was fair, and oarrying representative In Bethel, Mfty 8, to the wife of Hftrry Bryant, dist Bpisoopal cburoh, but found that a eon. Johnson ia visiting he giveo by Re». Edward A. Morrla at the some of them In elaborate ooa- town Wedneaday. had a aotera, In to the wife of Clar- yf< Josephine Bishop Hughes previous engage- streets of Freeman C. Smith ha· sold bia boua Bryant's Pond, May 8, d in Bethel morn*ng service at the traveled the ence E. a WOOL SUITS AT 29.50, 35.00 Mrs. Hufchios, Congregational ment for the 10th of A committee tumes, principal Cole, daughter. OUR ALL $24.50, ,11 er. ohuroh. July. South Paris and and drew the on Lower Main Street to Judge Wil- In North to the wife of George on tbe Norway, Lovell, May 8, A. Ch*paian of Haverhill Sunday service was appointed, liam F. Jonea. Mllla, a daughter. (ieor^'e The attention of crowda along the way. are real values. in and Investigate of hie eon, Donald F three act camedy consisting of Dr. C. L. Buck, B, W. Den- of Bethel waa In town Gal} 1* the iQeet drama, "Topey Wednesday was the day of the fair E. 8. Kilborn Mus Turvey," or "The Deacon's nlson, N. G. P. F. Stone and L. Conrtabip," Elder, or the when Hall Wedneaday. Opaaau. under the P. Pike. proper, sale, Orange Married. given anpicea of the a of Bumford was in w« a recent of hi Optlmia waa filled afternoon and evening with Frank Buawell and Well Lebroke guest tic Claaa of the Univeraaliat churoh The of tbe treasurer was made We Can Clothe the Reasonably fera of Nortl will report crowd of In tbe town a few daya laet week. Boys Mr*. J>·«»β Llttlafleld, be as lively boyera. evening R. F. Mr. duster. given May 26 h and 27th at follows: consist- Cbarlea H. Chick ha· three In Bnroford, Mav 7, by Rev. Lowe, Qrange there was a free entertainment pnrobaaed Oatnan w. and Mlea Marlon Hall with the cast: Arthur E. In sccount started th· Lang Regetta following Forbes, Treasurer, with of musio and lot· on Winter Street and ba· of filerford. and ing orchestra singing by Blaladell, both Rumford. Indian Suits Norway Pari· Chautauqua Association, on of Wash Suits Suits '"· '( f>e Congregational Cir Topej Mise Evelyn WUht foundation for a .one In 9, Rev. Fr. Flanagan, Play tor the year 11, lail. the Ariel Quartette, Mrs. Parnum, Mrs. bungalow Rumford, May by Theltti t< Deacon Jones Alan Miller ending May Mr. Jamea Evana and Ml as Bulger, both ro<**t next Thursday morning Mrs. Merrill and Mrs. Kussell. them. Mr. Chick bae recently eold hi» Agatha el( «ill MIm Sprlgg Ulu Florence Kaatman ML Perkins, of Rumford. Mr·. Clarëdon on some occa- house at the of Beal and Wlntei Mr. citan the parsonage. Mrs. Mm Stevens Cash from last account $ 194 00 In former days perhaps junction In Rumford, May 7, by Rev. R. F. Lowe, Ball Suits Overalls Lord Clarence Glenn MclnUre from 1M0 into Streets to Maurice of Sontb Paria. Merton Raymond Holt and Mlea Daley Belle lee lieoelpla Chautauqua, sions as much work has been put Noyes a __ *. bar and young daugb Ned, » Negro Frank as both of Rumford. jlrr Carrie Maxim reported by Ε. N. Swett, tbe and decorations for a Mra. E. S. Cnmminga entertained the Ruff, are gnests of ber slater frank Golden CarletonGray chairman of ticket commit- preparations In Providence, R.I., May 5, Robert Mllla of ter of Loveil is oer- ladies of the oburcli Mae Golden M 1m Beryl 8Uver Γ fair as was done this time, but it Congregational Bethel and Misa Sadie Bailey of Providence, George P. Eastman. flri. Single admissions 4M 71 some since we bave had any- afternoon. R.L ONE SUITS THE BEST KIJiG $ tainly years Thursday HATCH BUTTON SCHOOL. 112 Junior season In Rumford, 9, Arthur Araenaultof Rum- en Hare of Lewiaton was tb< tickets 112 00 like it. Hall was, to use William Cherry of Waverly, Mass., May Mim El 617 Adnlt season thing Orange ford and Mlee Evans of Lewlaton. Anna H. Thoae 100 oent In tickets 1,244 00 bla Mr·. Josephine and other at of her niece, Mrs Hayee having per apelling tbe ancient and honorable phrase, a bow- who baa been vlaitlng mother, In Rumford, May 9, Leon Blouln and Mlee styles 1921 prices jae*t for the paat week were: home. the fair last week. •1,802 71 er of beauty, decorated with streamers Belen Cherry, has returned Diana Brodeur, both of Bumford. during on In Rumford, Amtedee J. Cote and Mlaa Orade 8, Mary Slattery, Gertrude Cum· War tax shove— 185 90 of white and and lined with W. F. Tubbs has Installed machinery May 9, Œ -tiC Claee meeta at th< 70 red, blue, Corrlnne Laura Fisher, both of Rumford. TbeOj' minga. 1,988 at which the sale was at hi· enow aboe for the manu chord Collection at service 133 68 tbe several booths factory In Fryeburg, May 8, Blon Jose of 8outh Port- >r I the Univernaliet Grade Alma Sunday waate aab lidies' par 5, Tikander, Kalle Cam- Received from sale of plank 10 00 conducted. facture of clothes pin· from land and Mlee Nellie Lord of Fryeburg. and Panama Cloth Hats, Gaps a/ternuoo at 3 o'clock. Straw Hats, Saturday ming·. Tbo booths represented the twelve lumber. Total 12,321 88 1 last Grade William who baa been' vtalt- 'arr λ'., left earl? week 6, Slattery. months of the year, and tbe decoration Mrs. I. W. Dow, Died. Two stores with stocks to interest you Grade Annie CB. baa returned to Nor- large a week or more In Boston, tc 2, Wbitmao. of each was left to tbe committee wbiob ing in Skowhegan, to spend on ber work. The box supper and aoclable Paid E. Martin Grove, ^ of It. A deal of the latest ideas planned Superln- was in charge great way. Nettle C. Weeks. jet Mav tendent, through Ε N. Swett, In South Parle, May 14, Mrs. for 14th baa been until work was into tbe decoration of The mother·' and banquet H. Bennett. bave mo? postponed Including all junior tickets put dangbtera' In Albany, May 12, Freeman 10. dues F Shaw and family 21. was held at P. Bart- If are -in the Alumni Association. Attend the Membership Sroest May Remember the date, and all war tax ..- 85 some of and tbe results were very of the Methodist oburob In Waltham, Mass., May 7, Harvey you eligible, j banquet June where are May 21· .$1,759 tbem, tij to Pans Hi. they occupy at 8:00 P. M. and Rent of 25 00 Hall lett, formerly of BetheL aged 75 years. Every girl lady who grounds pleasing. Community Friday night. 3 of Chaa. M. Job neon. Rent of piano ; 25 00 will In Rumford, May 8, Frances Fellault, aged 25c. Banquet $1.co per plate rhe bonse can, bring a box to our blackboard was the and a The Bowdoln College Orchestra iog help Lights 2 75 January apron bootb, years. v fund. House Fri- » has purchased the Admission 10 cents. Expense of advertising and sale The decorations were of give a concert at the Opera In West Peru, May 9, Mrs. Martllla Lamb, Msurv- busy place. 78 vk stand at the corner o! of tickets 27 55 wblte cotton and Mrs. Anna H. followed by a dance. aged years. W C green. day evening, In Arthur H. Dunham, for- Charien Judicial Printing, postage, etc. 48 53 was in N. Auburn, May 1?, Street* in Supreme Court, telephone, Jacobs was the chairman of this com- Howard B. Toung Errol, «0 Besiaod Winter Norway. Moving chair· and trucking— 38 50 merly of South Parle, aged years. Labor at 75 25 mittee. H., last week. In Haverhill, Maes., May llf Dwtght A. Par- r were grounds Norway :v eoveroment dsb 58 00 and Alton and sons, of Canton, aged 21 years. South Paris Aquaa MAT 1921. Police service Hearia and Cupids in red and in quan- Mrs. R. L. Oilkey sons, formerly and taken TERM, 00 In Wilson's Mllla, May 4, Arvllla Pearl, ieft at thi* sUtion Wednesday Rev. Dr. Hlllls, Sund·; service. 175 constituted tbe feature of tbe Feb- of Harrison were in Norway one Mr·. at tity Milton, (laughterof Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ridley, aged Blue waters in Turner, singing Stores! ar< I other that Sunday | week. | to was the last 13 montha. Shag»: service — 50 00 which candy table, day Hon. Warren C. ruary bootb, B. Kim- to be Judge— Phllbrook. 18 00 Mra. Earl Fox and Miaaea In Lorke'e Mille, May H, Mrs. Sadie îiclolty planted. B. Orchestra tor Sunday service... and was constantly well patronized. Mr. aDd Clerk—Donald Partridge. ball, 71 years. Fred S. Band. This was in of Mrs. Eva R. Ord- Christine and Hazel Fux of Weat Lovell aged Mus Julia P. Morton began Monday Stenographer— charge In Mexico, May 14, Amos Worthley, aged 79 County Attorney—Harry M. Shaw. were in one as teacher of the Porter Streer way and assistants. Norway day recently. years. a-jramg Sheriff—Harry D Cole. I cash on hand S 22 95 shamrock was the The School base b II >oi, and will finish the terra, Deputies—John A. Babb, Fred W. Week·, Leaving The conspicuous Norway Hneh

ngrrt{ation»l vestry at 3 o'clock. streets with sidewalks not much pair bis lage After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. which was the country store. Preecott Brooke baa been visiting Tkey have v. ed tbe Norway Juniore worse than were before. November, they lived for some in Halifax, in pa- Mrs. E. F. Haines, at West Down led tbe Jan ore of tbe local road construction Weeks years Tbie was decorated Thanksgiving daughter, Baptist Since the cement a number Vt. There Mr. Weeks was for with turkeys and other symbols, Paris. church to meet witb them. has properly been did per, taken to began, everything of town olerk, and Mrs. Weeks in real Mrs. Maud Miss Ethel Stevens has been subordinated to that Gravel sidewalks years and pumpkin yellow. Mail tbe work of tbe office. They came back assistants were in tbe Fairfield Sanatorium for treatment. the best workmen, Tbe foi w.ng pupils in tbe to Forbes and charge. Suits tailored by neatly bave been chewed pieces by heavy nineteen Mil- P. Jones bas returned from S'reet sch ! received 100 per cent in have to Soutb Paris years ago. December was the time-honored Dr. Harry travel, and even brick sidewalks in is in tbe Massachu- for Grade. lard Weeks died five years ago Seattle, which was in the form of pack- Boston. Mrs. Jones trimmed with braid and buttons, the best styles ip« ng tbe week: Third shot to in "grab," been badly pieces places. ill tbere while the one for the for treatment. Be Lucinda Mildred if being taken family ages on two Christmas trees, setts General Hospital Mfcijo Ripley, There will be no complaint about this are : on return from California, for the Tbe teachers' of tbe Universal- here. of the coats ïire ir iiie Titus and Lc>ui< that were their children and the other grown- meeting of the season,are Many some time or other the powers be, a or was held with Mrs. I. iricboer. Second Lillian Bas where they had made a stay of year Mrs. Florence Haskell wae the let Sunday Sobool Grade, whoever are, restore the walks to upa. tbey two. The decorations were In the W. Waite Friday evening. lined with beautiful silk. wt. Reta Thurluw, Hazel Mosher, Ismaj their condition. chairman. figured something like previous an at the of tbe Woman's i'drtcb. A berta and Francis Mar Mrs. Weeks was attendant Cbriotmas colors of red and green. Tbe May meeting Paige No restoration has yet been done. A was held aa. Baptist cburcb when health permitted. Thursday evening the men's supper Christian Temperance Union of the walk beside Pine Grove of Soutb wltb Miss Etta portion One son, Marshall C. Weeks was served to a number at Orange Wednesday afternoon from up to 39.75 resembles a field, and good Suits $19.75 Kev. C. 6. Miller and son Alan wil Cemetery plowed Tbe McArdie brothers, vestry. v. On Main Paris, survives. Hall and the Congregational Noyes. is only by daylight. are cousins of bas one of tbe sake an automobile trip this week tc navigable C Κ J. P., and W. C., There was an attractive menu and a great Fred Harriman bought near the western end of Pine, the Tafts where wil I Street Whether the men bouses on Winter Street reoently erected College, arrangements are Mrs. Weeks. abundance of food. be made '< ruts made by heavy teaming at after- did Home Associa- an to enter Crane Divlnitj deep The funeral 2 o'clock Monday did any of the cooking or not, they by the Norway Building 1 ae were last fall. Nearly op- School tbe coming fall for a six years just they noon is attended by Rev. J. L. Wilson, the and did it well. tion. the school bouse on Main Street a serving, have war*. Crane School is tbi , poaite burial will be in Pine Grove Ceme- was no of orowd for Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Hayden Under- Divinity less than half a and There question stone which weighs not which their at Lake Peunessee- Tuxedos and Tie Back Lady Sealpax theological department of Tufts College tery. the Ladies' Two-Tone Minstrels, opened oottage ton lies in the walk, and travel- mm for the Universalist mln I directly at Hall Thursday and waseee for tbe season. educating it. On the north- Stock Issue. appeared Orange met Istry. ers have to go around Citizens' Telephone Co. The house bad been Tbe Universalis! sewing oirole wear Women Street sncb sidewalk Friday evenings. B. Sweaters for part of Park Commission has some in ad- afternoon with Mrs. Stephen erly in Tbe Public Utilities sold for both nights days Friday Corona Folding Typewriter. was a law as there once was has disappeared Sooth Paris village without announoed its decision on tbe applica- and some who wished to oome Cummings. vance, was a Words do not the of them, nearly Jen for a few last week, Waltei the new road construction. Co. for to do so for laok Mrs. A. L. Millett of Portland explain beauty for days to tion of tbe Citizens' Telephone from away were unable the war be- new i lea in summer underwear I· M writer bad occasion recently tbe Charles G. Blake For the first time since A big Gray, Alton C. Wheeler, ûarry Tbe of an issue of securities, seats. In the of the day, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. all colors Honeydew, Salmon, Rose, Pari· to dur- approval of language imaginable. women the same won- ïhaw and Clerk of Courts Donald Β walk from South Norway described as a "cork- last week. we are now able tcf women, an idea that gives it dark order stating: show can be briefly gun get prompt Porcelain, Reseda, > on i witching hour after gets be H. Barker was in Port- Buff, Sand, Grey, Tangerine, .arrMge being in attendance tbi ing that uTbat the Citizens' Telephone Co. and it was worthy of muoh more Mrs. Gertrude loose of underwear that street are on, er," on orders for the greatest and derfully cool, fitting type 5'Jpreœ· J : cial Court, tbe May sessioi ι and before tbe lights put is authorized to issue and the can it. land laat week visiting her daughter, delivery Orchid, Black, Red Copen. and hereby space than Democrat give Navy, Poppy a dust sani· w is himself that through of Each in which being held in Rumford and congratulates sell at not leas than par 200 shares start to finish it was snappy and Miss Genevieve Barker. little ever built for men enjoy. garment proof, tbe taoking From Hutchins typewriter personal County Treasurer M. Atwoo< I some knowledge of route, by stock of the par value of 15 musical or scream- Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. from the to George he was its common lively, delightfully container, fresh laundry you. *a* a,jo at and forth across the atreet value of it use. tary that place for a few days. back each, and of tbe aggregate par funny, and every moment of were in Portland Wednesday. to 12.60 without serious dan- more ingly of Mount Re- Priced $2.46 up able to get tbrongb said stock to be sold, not keen Many members Hope It will route uu- 11000, waR delight. be remembered that Leslie L it isn't a comfortable new subscriber in will to tbe district meet- ger—but tban two shares to each For the circle, Miss Helen Barnes, bekab Lodge go but six and has *i»on and reseeded the larg conditions. of this evening. Tbe Weighs pounds regraded der tbe of tbe company, and tbe proceeds dress, wna interlocutor. Tbc ing at Bethel Monday JWQ ity of children under five of a| Owing to tbe Mra. I Mrs. Mary Oznard, Mrs. Hasel to nishings. All the ere yeare last an at Locke'* M ilia, aged was mnob Interested in art and hi Ne now, as we will be show you. *od the Tone Minstrels week, rest May 5th He Narcotics and Medical Temperanoe—Mrs. pensive glad new physical Imperfection of adul tbe Two I one We new underwear ; beautiful neck- that tbe show She la survived by aon, left a number of pictures of oonsiderab tie Never·, Mary L. Whluredge. in stocks of shirts ; •••peclally revealed in the dr»ft of to the many requests year·. bome fc Drop to-day. will appear agal with whom sbe made ber merit, several of whloh are owned in hats and caps ; yars ago, muoh of which the minstrels ley, wear ; the latest colors and styles Imperfi repeated, of tb six He was a student of D. 1 Club. and Hall Tuesday evening a number of years, grandchildrc Paris. The Browning Reading dliease might have been ρ at Grange < Tbe la wbo f colors. We have a fine assort- **o'sd 35 cents. Seats mod two Coombs, tbe Auburn artist, Club of No new jerseys in several by the proper care of tbe ba week. Admission Mo great-grandohlldren. b Tbe Browning Reading ®*fore store at 4:30 was a brief one, although some jears bad charge of the art depai offioe much lower. and after birth. He is an earn' sale at Howard's drag illness sever have elected the following ment and the are very afford m*i not been for of the Lewlston Journal. way RALPH R. prioes aad afternoon. This will health had good meet BUTTS, held tbe close attention day wl at who w for the ensuing year: £rter,* to see tbe show but she waa always patient He is survived by a widow, mdience an years, mat Pre·.—Mrs. Lena French. throughout. opportunity Curtain at 8:1 and is mourned by Patterson of Meobanio Fall Stearns. MAINE. to show oot get In before. uncomplaining, Miss Myra Vloe-Pres.—Mrs. Alice MAIN STREET, SOUTH PARIS, We would like you could Tbe funeral was be a Rlale A. Favor. The general committee of th· ec m loving friend·. also by brother, Lyman Dunbam, Sec. and Trea·.—MIm Pond. attended by Rev. J. ] Minot. A ait. Sec.—Mrs. Era M. Kimball. PHONE 220 our new suits and coats. ■unity fair wish to thank ail those w bo Fir· at Bryant's Sunday, May 8tb, West Com.—Mrs. Lena Andrews, Ml top of tbe Onlveraalist obor< Program Baker. wiped to make the fair such a gn nd from some nnknov Little, paator Nellie Andrew· and M las Margaret IN EVERY HOME A blsse starting t Gertrude Hosmer, Mi A BATH •"®cees, I (be sheds of Betbel. That she w Picnic Com.—Mrs. "V α especially the oommitteeaof one of tbe dry at will pay. Is, and Mrs. Cole. 3er,nt cause burned Ρ οι Thlrza LoveJoy Mary booths who worked eo ba rd, Co. at Bryant's of Thanks. reluctantly, grudgingly and under prei *°d au Dearborn Spool Card are the Alumni Association. Attend the wbo donated or in « id y flre was discc vote to t If you eligible, helped The and since nre of ciroumstanoes aooept ·** join outetde Thursday night our grateful Card of Thank*. the club members; the a jp- Several lines We express I award of against her in fai 10. dues ered about midnight. friends and neighbors reparations our beartft banquet June Membership 25c. Banquet $i.co per plate. eonamlttee for tbe fine tbe the pom thanks to all Allies. the actnal cs We wlab to expresi J* supper, hoee were laid from factory's and worda of the Getting Co. en the bis acts of kindness a ι hanks to all onr and frien Lee Smith committee for the epl and hard work their out of her la another proposition, nelgbbora M. jJMertatomeQt plant, by our recent bereai of tbe « I DD- log la which during knows that It will not ooi for their kind ezpreasiona ajmpatl entertainment; advertising was confined to the bailding sympathy flowers the world •'ttee tor IS of d and for the beautiful reoent bereavement, and for tl NORWAY, MAINE their most excellent work Tbe building was fall ment, easily, to say tbe least. However hen] in oar Credit Muât B« Immaoulafte, started. fi As Çrdered. P««ier·, banners and the niee l ro- was near tbe main kindly given. It is certain that f beautiful flowers. very stock and Kimball. comes, Germany la like · for the η spool and Mas. Wkslxt Mb and Mbs Abncb H. Mann. wuot to draw this Credit looklng«(laMt wMch, s^i&tne two evening·' enterti il boiler room. Mb. no Capitalist—**I you the tory and Mas LAroaxsT Kimball get sympathy. when one· tallied a ®,Q*J Mason and Paris Co. !or tbe Ma. and Bdwabd Βόβνηαμ. will so It can't be broken, understand by breath, aaj the : Bears ^nation for the Pomona. Klmbb Kimball. blood makea a muddy, plm ply be wiped dear again; bat If once ίκ?*00* toy booth, Oxford Heavy, Impure j ecsec me?" Attorney—"All right, sir. Γ11 Kimball. headache·, nausea, tndigeet o*· For any akin trouble, pile·, CASTORIA elrcle of the Q. A. R. for the of Oxford Com Bkitta complexion, Itching se cracked can never be repaired*—Wal·· MS Tbe next meeting Kimball. Thin blood makea you weak, pale and slcl uï· aaltrheum, hives,lloh,scald head, herpes, make It heir-tight."—American Legion a oftkaty tables. to. held at No Cbbstbb use Bard 0°* Ointment Is recommend ter Scott Anyone having Grange will be For pure blood, sound digestion, lea, Doan's highly Weekly. 111 KM baven t been in rtiP Pomona in Ja 8txlla Kimball. at all stores. 60c a box at all stores. Χ» M· passed pi tbe first Tuesday 10,1021. Blood Bitters. $U6 them to Mrs. Α.. L. tt eas- Buokfleld Looks'· Mills, Ms., April J*··* Holmes, i· Jane 7lh. the Community Club. whioh y

RICH ASIA MINOR PROVMCt FOB SALE. homemakebs column. % % hard foot and fitted. Bieesed With a Pertlle Soil Dry wood* 4 Smyrna, STEARNS, ■ dense on ot interest to the ladles and Temperate Climat^ la PI··» ALEXANDER topics South Paris. Maine. to fed- Address: *dMor Ηομχμακχμ' ant Dwelling Plaoa, I Sooth M« ColoMX Oxford Democrat, Puto, R. F. D. No. 3. 19-aa modern of la- The province Smyrna ItOTICB. most favored of all the the province· The anbacrlber hereby gives nodee that be has of the estate 1 Account· Worth While. of Asia Minor. It contains three of Men duly appointed administrator Keeping owner· of bond- riven of the Over 204000 bowkers the moat considerable ISABELLE BICKER, late of Dlxfleld, ing· in America already know LIZ the Meander, whose a the of Oxford, deoeaaed, without F Ε RTI BJVS country. Including that Ltahtning Can't Strike if County tut euppLKMurr ths record aad the x>nd. AU person· having-demands against serpentine coarse has given Eng- Shian Gets There First he eatate of said deoeaaed are dealred to pre· KPFKCT BAvises. an verb. Fer- build- tent the same for settlement, and all Indebted Backed lish language expressive Remember, unless your m by ihereto are to make payment lmme- Dividends climate have are requested tile soil and temperate ings protected, your property HfltnlT 1 are to the while and the lives of your family OEOBGE W. BICKER, Household on the farm are added region's attractions, /toil TMI expense· in real danger from every Light- A prll », 1991. Dlxfleld, Maine. associated with the bosi- the possession of a port and city—the 18-20 LAUD'S SAKS' very Intimately ning storm, night or day. Fifteen oese farm Itself. farm nor- of by any oth- Hem ol the The city Smyrna—un equaled million dollars worth of farm ν use Ja You Know IfOTICE. mally supplies mnoh material which er In Asia Minor has contributed an- de- Than youra—are he Property buildings—like that More Tne notice BOWKERS I otherwise woald beoome a household asset aubscrlber hereby gtres other Immeasurably Important stroyed every year by Lightning lias been appointed administrator of the rarnuzxRS The la duly expense. household, turn, very Though Imperfectly tilled during Its and fires caused by Lighting. estate of 9. Fertilizers and often tarnishes board for farm labor FBANCESM. MAXIM, lataof Paris, **- C. Since Bowker control Turkey, the province of and a firm ex- by In the Connty of Oxford, deceased, given ru. oe. S wbioh would otherwise be de- consider has nevertheless been noted bond· as the law directe. All peraons having Maine folks Manure· pense. Merely from tbe standpoint of Smyrna mands the estate of aald deceased are An which Stockbridgc Special For a time It against investment keeping track of household expenses as for Its fine fruits. long Shinn-Flat iealred to present the aame for aettlement, and hills is the are to make as Maine's were first sold, fifty years related to tbe farm business, household has furnished the best figs and rai- Prevents ill Indebted thereto requested pay· as safe and as Lightning ment Immediately.' permanent aooounts are desirable and should serre sins which reach the markets of Eu- of Central Maine many fertil- Shinn-Flat conductors HABRTM.8«TAW, Preferred Stock ago, lower-priced to supplement and round out farm ac- April y>, 199!. South Parla, Maine. 7 per cent rope. are distinctive in 18-00 to be as counts. and design izers, claimed just Poets and travelers have sung a contint But tbe value of household acoounts —woven in flat, Power Company. told of the beauties of the city of aooounts are an uous cable—with greater have come—and gone.* goes beyond this. Suoh STATE OF MAINE. good, • the The nu- than aid to ▲ dollar Smyrna throughout ages. carrying capacity in this preferred important eoonomys rod·. All their investment cleus nestles in the lowlands about its old-faahioned round Behind sated is a dollar made, and the first step authorities that Shinn- COUNTY OF OXFORD, ββ. an estimated rises tier agree with Bowker· and Stockbridge toward tbe saving usually lies In finding harbor, and behind, the city Flat is tile safest form of rod. Supreme Judicial Court stock is physical property out where unn«/< ksa I a>ecurity to being entered all together in one col- provable been humiliated and haa have Acte, except such debts as arts ex libellent baa greatly the items are classified in ing to close Monte Carlo, there bankruptcy suffered both in body and mind. that ^ Ρ umn, separate cepted by law from such discharge. greatly and people for the of A. D. 1921. there Is no collualon between your libellant columns. This method has tbe same ad- been extensive preparations Dated this 80th day April, aald libel- LEWIS O. llbellee to procure a divorce; that the as the first method and tbe BOWE, vantage· establishment of great gambling pal- LEWIE O. BOWE, lant la a resident of thla State. is β 1-2 libellant that a dlvorc" The is a share—the additional advantage of allowing for tbe aces to attract the It.inkruDt. Wherefore, your praya price $107.50 yield COMBINATION! designed sporting mav be decreed distribution of tbe items of from the bonés of matrimony CREAM I expenditure element that now visits Monte Carlo ORBEB OF NOTICE THEBEON. between her and the said Porter Π. Carr, and cent net to tbe classes without the Inoon the e'stodv of said minor per proper of the Antilles.' Several District of Maine, sa. that she may be given to the 'Pearl llbellart further that venlence of to some other Oe this 7th of May, A. D. 1921, on children, end your alleges turning page. day I· unknown to villages have been surveyed with the the It Is the residence of said llbellee your Tbe distribution may be left to moment» reading foregoing petition, reasona- that a be ha«t libellant and cannot be ascertained by of leisure if the housewife is at the view of locating this gambling cen- Ordered by tHe Court, hearing onteel busy on 24th of ▲. D. ble diligence. Qpon the same the day 'June, so no decision has HAZEL W.CARR, time the entry Is made. When tbe page ter, but far definite 1921, before said Co art at Portland, In said Dis- : that no- Maine, 1?, 1991. Libellant. It Melts Into la filled tbe next page la begun, the top been reached. trict, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon and Porter, April thereof be in the Oxford Demo- line next to tbe reserved In tice published STATE OF MAINE. heading being "Gambling Is already flourishing crat, a newspaper printed in said District, and Your Skin for tbe total carried Id 88. forward from tbt The Casino de la is · that all known creditors, and other persons COU1ITT OP OXFOBD, A|llil 12,1931. Havana. Playa time and So «mooch, so daintily preceding page. The items may be Interest, may appear at the said place, Personally Hscel w. Carr. above- CENTRAL ΠΑΙΝΕ POWER of where have, the appeared fore- at great garish temple roulette, and show cause, If any they why named Mliellant and made oath that the creamy, is Combination totaled the end of tbe month aod tbesi not be are less prayer of said petitioner should granted. tr lntr al'egatlon aa to the realdenoe of the Cream the totale oarried to tbe at wonderful dinners served at Thai Jonteel, that summary page And It la further ordered by the Court, llbellee Is true. bouse cred- akin absorb· it eagerly. tbe end of the book. than cost The profit to the the Clerk shall send by mall to all known 8IDNKY R. BATCHELDER, of said and this order, ad Public. COMPANY comes from the wheel. The men who itors copies petition Notary Not a of to them at tnolr of residence at· suspicion KIND OF BOOK TO dressed places ACCOUNT USK. women to the Casino for dinner grease after use; nothing take stated. (MEAL) Witness the Hon. Clakencb Hale, Judge to the The kind of book to αββ is not Im- back them at the wheel. clog pores. Invariably of the said Conrt, and the seal thereof, at Port State of Maine. which the Oxford Electric is a portant. Ao blank or "The moratorium now in effect on In said District, on the 7th day of May, (Of Company part) And fragrant with the ordinary daybook land, of ββ : A. D. 1921. Couhtt Oxford, rare Odor ledger book with a stiff cover may be has not affected the crowds Jontesl— the Island GEO. C- WHEELER, Clerk. 8upreme Judicial Court, In Vacation, ) ai a reasonable If tbe [L. β.] A. D. 1991. Maine. the blended perfumes of bought price. at the Casino, because they are most- A true copy of petition and order thereon. April SO, j Augusta, in tbe book serve the ORDERED, 26 selected flowers. vertical rulings do not vis- 19-21 Attest .—GEO. C. WHEELER, Clerk Upon Foregoing Libel, ly composed of tourists, and the That the Libelant notice to the aald Por- tbe purpose others may be inserted with give To nourish the tissues itor is treated to the sight of a coun- ter 11. Carr to appear before the Justice of a pen or pencil. A blank book with a to be holden at E. Hotel Andrews, —to keep the skin soft, our Supreme Judicial Court, J. Kingsley, Representative, stiff, pressed paper cover, 12 inches long try, apparently bankrupt but gambling Paris, within and for the County of Oxford, dear, and pliable—and the of October, A.D. 1991, and 7 inches wide, with 34 spaces tot madly, where fortunes change hands on second Tuesday by South Paris, Maine. particularly, as a perfect an attested copy of said libel, and items and containing 48 pages, is excel- overnight and the beggar of today Flushing Hospital publishing three weeks In for thla order thereon, successively foundation powder— In lent for tbe purpose and sells at retail be the rich man of tomorrow."— School of the Oxford Democrat, a newspaper printed you will find in Com- may Nursing of the last for 25 cents. With vertioal ruling and Paris, In our County Oxford, publi- bination Cream Jontecl Washington Post cation to b 130 days at least prior to aald second headings inserted it serves the purpose Oct., A. D. 1921,that he there every requirement you offers a three course. Prelimi- Tueadayof may admirably. In order to eliminate tbe year and then In our add Court appear ana show have long in a If he the of aald sought necessity of the headings on eaob HUMAN FACE AS ABEACON course. bed General Hos- cause, any have, why prayer (ace cream. writing nary 175 libelant should not be granted. tbe of a number of page tops pages maj Modern Resident LUERE B. DEAST, Today is none too be cut off, allowing one set of headings Radiometer Able to Record the pital. building. Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court. soon to give your skin to serve for all hours of pages. "8hlne" Thrown Off, at a Distance instructor. Reasonable A true copy of the libel and order of court the benefit of Combina- Accounts are sometimes in a kept book of 8everal Miles. thereon. tion Cream Liberal allowance. Advan· Attest: DONALD It. PARTRIDGE, Clerk. Jontecl. having small pages, but a small page duty. r«EAL.1 1921 Take home a jar. is soon filled, is often crowded, and tbe of New York. Non-sectarian. Novelists that of ft face tages information is soattered over too speak many Classes let and Octo- for convenience in recording and study- "lighting up" put down an actual truth forming July ing tbe expenditures. that few of them are aware of or in- ber ι st. Minimum education one 50' tend. One of the most delicate in- year high school. For information JUST Potato Crust for Meat Pies. struments In the a radiometer, RECEIVED world, records the "shine" of a human apply Some of the war-time wheat-saving face, House disbes bave proved better than tbe foods and can do It at a distance of several SUPT. OF NURSES, were Cleaning CO. for which substituted. Po- miles. So Instrument CHAS. H. HOWARD tbey delicate Is the Flashing Hospital, tato crust for meat pie, for Instanoe, as that it can detect and record the glim- ladies A Car Load of the tested lu tbe Kitchen of Ν. Y. is with us when the REXALL Experimental mer of a candle half a mile away, and Flushing, again, THE 8TORE tbe United States of 18-21 Department Agri- If there were no atmospheric obstruc- the brush and the mop culture, is deolared by many persons to get paint tion it could detect the same candle 16 MAINE. be better than tbe ordinary pastry. and on the war SOUTH PARIS, miles The Instrument consists Butter go path. 1 ou ρ bot rlced potato away. Good Dairy the of two thin one If you are eligible, join the Alumni Association. Attend banquet 1-2 oup shortening glass disks, polished 45c a Found. Arm with our labor McHenry-Millhouse Asphalt 1 S oup milk and one blackened, suspended by a yourselves ίο. dues 35c. $1.00 per June Membership Banquet plate. 2 oups flour quartz thread In a vacuum. Waves of utensils and make the cam- 2 saving teaspoons baking powder radiant energy striking this instru- 1 salt one of as well as! teaspoon ment disturb its balance, because the paign pleasure and 1 4 oup flour to roll out Roll bright disk reflects while the horror for husbands. Shingles Roofing To tbe bot rlced potato add tbe short- them, your ening and tbe milk. Sift in tbe dry in- black one absorbs them. SEEDS ! gredlents and mix well. Roll tbe crust While the human face to the nor- We have a fine line of HILLS to tbe desired thickness, line the inside mal eye gives out no waves of radiant Garden Seeds The McHenry-Millhouse Asphalt Shingles and Asphalt rim of tbe baking dish with it, pour in energy, the fact remains that a con- Peas tbe of meat and and Seed in Rolls are Service and Satisfac- filling vegetables, stant flow of energy Is being thrown Brooms, Brushes, Mops, Prepared Roofing rendering oover tbe dish with the crust. Tbis Grass Seed off, and theee waves travel an un- tion on all of amount will be sufficient to cover a 10 O'Cedar types the United States. known distance. Although the radio- Fodder Corn Wringers, Mops, buildings throughout iooh oasserole. Millions of from most Store meter Is a wonderful and delicate in- Millett Veneer buildings the pretentious residences POTATO THISTLE Paints, | Jewelry Is a Liquid Mops, The finest and beet stocked Jewelry Store in town. strument, there thermal couple down to 15c temporary structures are covered with these asphalt Line a diab around tbe sides witb ten times as sensitive as the radiome- Early Bangor Potatoes pk. Varnishes, Stains, mashed potatoes prepared as for tbe ter and It can detect the heat of ft roofing materials. B. L. HTJTCHINS, Women's and Children's Shoes and Proprietor table, then fill with minced lamb, veal, candle 60 miles distant Brushes, Polishes, 8oaps,| or any other left-over meat, well sea- Stockings. soned, and oover tbe top witb mashed etc. Watchmaker and Jeweler to the Rescue. Prier· Right. Come In and See. Powders, Cleaners, is potatoes and crisscross with a knife. McHenry-Millhouse in Rolls a school Is a Asphalt Prepared Roofing Put in oven and brown. Visiting doubtful pleas- »· * Λπιιιιιιιηη ure. But the woman had to the most economical and durable ma Time by Wireless daily from Washington, D. 0. This is an eoonomioal way of using op promised unquestionably roofing left-over meat and Creamed call for a friend who Is knpwn as a IN. A. potatoes. liUMMINbd, terial manufactured. It saves oodfish or oreamed smoked or, for "rooky" teacher. waited until al- 50 cent, in actual money. Watch lor Grand Trunk B. B. fish, She, HilL per Inspector a dried with the most Parle change, obipped beef, closing time before entering the lttf It is and are also speedily applied—durable—almost 186 Main Street, Opera House Block. Phone 120-2. potatoea good combinations. school, a red brick, lumpy sort of Our and everlasting—spark Rug Dept. fire-brand Insurance same rates not Carpet building, specially attractive. It Administrator's Sale of Beal proof. companies make the Baked Omelet·. MAINE Vegetable looked as If she had come too soon. Has now in stock an attractive line of on as on 2Î0BWAY, Estate. it metal or slate. It is never breaks, ▲ baked omelet or eooffie is All soon vegetable eyes focussed on her Instead Pennant to a license from the Ron. Judge of always pliable, to a good way oombineeggs aod vegeta- of on the little teacher. The Probate for the County of Oxford, I shall sell at cracks nor shrinks. This roll tlat or busy D. Axminster and Velvet is for 1 ble·. If made with the green shehid public auction, on the 7th day of June, A. Tapestry, Bugs, Tapes- roofing practical r word "trio" was to In on the or It being explained 1921, at 10 o'clock the forenoon, prem surfaces. it pea·, bean·, aoy bean*, cowpeas, lntarest which Dana steep Made of the best materials, the children and volunteers were lses, all the right, title and and Velvet Stair Fibre, Wool waterproofing may be served in place of meat. The B. Bean, late of Milton, In aald County, de try Oarpetings, nsked to stand and use defies wind and following general recipe for making the word In a ceaaed, had In and to the following deacribcd the best low on the weather and insures comfortable buildings : lota or of and Fibre Bugs, priced rugs market, dry, tbeae appetiziog diahee ia sentence. And no one need expect to real estate, via. Four certain parcel· apring given land situated In Milton, In the County of Ox- under all food in tbe home the new floor conditions. The best in the world for the by specialists United Statea go until the word was fully ex- ford, bounded and described aa follows, via.: Grass Bugs, light-weight coverings, Con- roofing Department of Agriculture. plained. The Harding lot. so-called, bounded on the land o' Alton C. on the Bast all sizes. price. ▲ thick sance made with 1-4 North by Wheeler; goleum Bugs, cop fat, Little R. T. coaxed, "Oome now, tell by the County Boad ; on the 8outh by Town of 14 oap floor, and 1 cap which land of F. liquid me Just one little story with trio* In Woodstock; on (he West by formerly may be milk (whole or sktm), cream, C. Bryant. The Harlow lot, bounded on North full of col- » it" and Bowker and land of Linoleum, Congoleum, Linos, range We meat or the water In whioh by land of Ella Owen would be pleased to have call stock, vege- A. B. on the East by Concord River, on you table· have been oooked. Timidly, swarthy little Giuseppe Noyea, ors, suitable for room in the house. 8outb by land of llarry J. Farnum, on West by every and look at this new and let ue thick raised his hand. His land of Edwin and Ellaa Abbott, containing roofing One oup vegetable pulp made by naturally happy new about fifty acres. The Parker with These are this and we offer irainlng oooked vegetable* and then face was strained In his effort to Homestead, goods bought spring give you prioee that will help. the buildings thereon, bounded on the North by | please you, mashlog them or putting them through Then flashed a bright smile at the land of Frea F. Foster, on the Eaat and 8outh them at the new which are much less than » eve. Plantation on the Weat land of R. prices formerly. ai woman and shouted by Boad, by % cheerfully: F. about acrea. The said a "and I will move the world." Three egga, the white· and yolks beat- Willard, containing thirty philosopher, "It Is nearly trio clock."—New Homestead Farm of tne late Dana E. Bean, with If you are eligible, join the Alumni Association. Atterid the jn aeparately. the thereon, bounded as follows : on banquet If York Sun. building* xo. dues $1.00 you ere Flavoring: Salt, pepper, onion juice, North by land of E'twln Abbott, on the East June Membership 25c. Banquet per plate. eligible, join the Alumni Association. Attend the banq^ by Road and land of David Farnum, on A bank is often the lever which an ambitious tnd any one of tbe following may be County [une ι α flues good Go to Class the 8oath by land of David Farnum, on th« Membership 25c. $1.00 per ised: Very finely chopped parsley, by Underground Tunnels Weat land of David Farnum and land of Banquet plate. man uses to aid in obstacles from his In by moving path. shives, or ham, or 1-8 teaspoon curry An underground tunnel system that John Poland, containing about thirty-five acre*. Administrator d b. n. Baoon used in the has all the fascination of HARRY M.SHAW, the half in Paris have used the l>owder. making the cata- 18-30 past century many a tauce give· good flavor. combs, although it serves the less dra- BOLSTER ulture,~ Office of Home Soonomlcs. adventure. The temperature from the There ean be a null rheae food aubetanoee to the heating pipes Is about that of a Turk- only degnie of without help keep Good roapS health. Sickness happiness good in the >ody lo good health and to prevent con- ish bath. happyhome cf rich or is The poor depressing· itlpation. inc. Are Lower "half-tick"—and there are MACHINERY CO., and thousands who drag through Uae free h fruit whenever poaalble and day· week· in business or This Oil May Cure Leprosy. BELLING AGENT all at miserable lao tbe surplus. Apples, pears, plums, the time. Some are home—feeling The use of Chaulmoogra oil has been with one or teaobes, cberrle·, orange·, grapefruit, but dosing thing another, known for some time to have getting only relief. [rape·, banana·, avocados, berries—the some vir- to temporary If the condition is due tue In You will find my on disordered or let la very long. Somewhere in the the treatment of leprosy, and C. W. Bowker prices all stomach, liver, with or without a headache, or if there i· bowel·, Tulted State· tome of them are recently it has been discovered that a to catch the always Sonth Paris, Maine remedy that will tendency cold, then :: α season, and some are in market every· there are a great many points of simi- kinds of Footwear as low as quickly eorrect these trouble· and restore CUT much the Office rear the Post Office the GOOD health la "L. rbere of time. P." FLOWERS\ larity between the germs of leprosy Atwood'a Medicine. Hundreds of lltf Maine Uaa dried froita, either home dried or people have sent iBd those of tuberculosis. This has testimonials of its wonderful curative hoe· on sale almost everywhere. Soak market for reliable makes. ▼irtuea to the "L. F." a ed to some government experiments Medicine Co- at Maine. Îanepal \)0oi*k runes, dried apple·, dried aprioot· la Buy today of you* Portland, §peeialtg in the direction of tuber- FOE SALE. dealer, at 60 a ratar overnight and oook them long combating stock is cents bottle. ooogh to make them tender. miosis which will be conducted at Ha- Mowing machine. McCdrmick, Spring arriving each or raieina. Theee are Uee date·, fig·, rçiiL one horse. Box 33 Paris Hill or Pythian Wreaths and All Set Pieces added to breakfaat oereals n#<1« "7λ* Pillows, ery good greek. Building Association. toreby fire* « 0 It from phone 163-4. i9tf â lalDlllrâWr minute· before taking the Iron Ore From the I dnJ7 Appointed love. Alp·. TO ORDER A new iron ore field has been dlecov- Jfor Annual laie ο/ fN·4* MADE j Fitted Wood and Hay Meeting. °ββΟΟΟ A. HODQMAS, in Switzerland to hamhw ^ Dried Peach Pie. sred which Is estimated) 9 are the Alumni Notice ^ Sale. If you eligible, join Association. Attend the ο β1™ u*J!2î to contain 47,000.000 tona, which Willi I banquet >«yid water, aad cover with >f j ! Greenhouse, Porter Street, South Parle pastry; priek 1,200,000 francs upon condition that- 1 FROTHINQHAM, ^MatosaîÎ ie with a fork aod with Route No. 3, South Paria. paste dredge ι total capital of 4.000,000 francs I» 3 South Paris Bake oattl well browned. utt ••«««•jaçjj. X*L 1114 igar. mlaed for J w&!mx0

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