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Sandspur, Vol 102 No 11, November 16, 1995

Rollins College

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STARS Citation Rollins College, "Sandspur, Vol 102 No 11, November 16, 1995" (1995). The Rollins Sandspur. 56. 2 • News 5 • Opinion Diversions: • Diversions Features: Shannon Barry reviews Voices for Women 11 • Features "HELP," a CD to benefit sponsors another suc­ 13 • Sports the children of war torn cessful "Take Back the 514 • Groupspeak Bosnia. Night." seepage 8 14 • Comics see page 7

rollins college •winter park, fl •november 16, 1995 ur ume 102 • Issue 11

We 're back from our conference in D.C, and ready for some action! Above: Gil Kline, Sandspur editor-in- chief 1970 -71, poses with members of the Rollins publications Union at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. Mr. Kline was the president of ashington, D.C. the press club last year. page 2 volume 102 •issue 11 news the sandspii Budget Deadlock Shuts Down Feds Associated Press that comes up there." spending legislation that the Both sides said they Senate, by voice vote, had Special to the Sandspur hoped any shutdown wouldn't shipped him earlier in the Hundreds of thou­ last more than a day or so. "I evening. A previous short-term sands of federal workers were still hope that we can come spending measure expired at sent home Tuesday as the bud­ together very quickly... and be midnight Monday. get deadlock between Presi­ able to tell everybody in the "If America must close dent Clinton and the Republi­ government that this will be a down access to quality can Congress forced much of one-day affair," Senate education, a clean environment the government to shut down. Majority Leader Bob Dole and affordable health care for "Our government (R-Kan.) said shortly after the our seniors, in order to keep the shutdown is now under way/' White House meeting. government open, then that White House press secretary White House press price is too high," the president photo by Kim Hanisal Mike McCurry said. secretary Mike McCurry said it said. Budget Director Alice was virtually certain the His biggest objection Rivlin issued a mid-morning government would shut down, was to a provision raising Senator Simon Speaks at Convention directive to the heads of at least for a brief period. Medicare premiums in January federal departments and agen­ "There's ... no funding auth­ from $46.10 to $53.50, rather Mark Nevins were Congressional proposals cies telling them to "implement ority to keep the United States than letting them fall to $42.50 Special to the Sandspur to cut the Direct Student Loan the close-down of affected op­ government operating," he as scheduled. Program. In the House, direct erations promptly and in an or­ said. And he dismissed any The temporary spend­ In an event held at the lending will be totally elimi­ derly manner." suggestion that Republicans ing measure is needed because College Media Association's nated. In the Senate, a cap will There was no indica­ could rush a bill through early only three of the 13 regular National Convention, Demo­ be placed on the program tion that Congress would ap­ appropriations bills required cratic Senator Paul Simon which would allow only 20% of prove a temporary spending for the budget year that started joined the College Democrats student loans to be handled resolution that would keep the Oct. 1 have been enacted. of America to talk to student re­ through the Direct Student government operating. Each Clinton signed the third bill porters about the Republican Loan Program. This amounts to side insisted the other would Monday night, providing $19.3 agenda that will cut student fi­ a cut that would force 1/3 to 1/ have to compromise to break billion for the Energy nancial aid by as much as $10 2 of the schools currently en­ the impasse. Department, parts of the billion. rolled out of the program. "Quite frankly, I'm dis­ Interior and Defense Specifically addressed ast couraged," said House Major­ departments, the Army Corps :e< ity Leader Dick Armey of Engineers and other smaller er (R-Texas). "The president has III: II miiim; agencies. He already had /SI I M fill 11 fill ra\ ire threatened to veto everything signed bills funding the en we've sent up there." limn ill Congress Explores Direct Lending f ^ Agriculture Department and ay "The question is: How military construction. Earlier Congress battles tac do we get an agreement?" Monday, Clinton vetoed U.S. Dept. of Education orr asked House Speaker Newt Clinton on another bill that would have direct lending offers flexible Special to the Sandspur repayment options, includ­ ioai Gingrich (R-Ga) extended, until Dec. 12, the usi budget. ing one based on income, Following midnight government's ability to borrow atii Approximately 2 mil­ which gives borrowers talks at the White House as money beyond its expected nd lion college students at more greater control over their fi­ spending authority for the in the day to avert a shutdown. expiration Wednesday. e than 1,350 schools have di­ nances and career choices, government ran out, the major Only federal employ­ Agreement there was unlikely ill rect loans. Under direct lend­ and decreases the likelihood sticking point appeared to be a ees deemed non-essential were anytime soon because his provision in an emergency to be sent home -that means Republicans insist on denying ing, students bypass the of defaulting. spending bill that would raise maze of lenders and other The House and national museums and the Treasury Department the ien Medicare premiums. middlemen that comprise the Senate are expected to monuments and the IRS and accounting flexibility to iev\ old guaranteed loan system conference this week to Rivlin directed all Social Security hotlines would maneuver through a debt crisis. pec be among the federal and borrow directly from the hammer out the differences federal employees to report to Indeed, Treasury ow operations closed. Air traffic federal government through between their versions ofthe work as usual. But the Secretary Robert Rubin on he) controllers, prison guards and their campus financial aid of­ budget reconciliation bill. expectation was that about Monday demonstrated his Lc 800,000 workers 40 % of the others with crucial jobs would fice. Eliminating these The House voted to kill ability to evade the $4.9 trillion onti federal work force -would be keep working, as would middlemen saves taxpayers direct lending altogether, federal debt ceiling. He took eth sent home. Other government military personnel and the billions of dollars. And stu­ which would force all steps to raise cash and vo workers were kept on the job, Postal Service, which is dents are given the option of schools and students now in announced the government Try deemed essential for the public independent of the govern­ paying back their loans as a the program to revert to the would draw on two federal lent health, safety or defense. ment. percentage of their income, less efficient and more retirement funds with assets of )0\V( The only clear agree­ so that they can repay the cumbersome bank-run loan Only two hours before about $375 billion. Rubin's nste ment was to keep talking. But the midnight spending loans more easily. program. The Senate announcement calmed jittery olle as negotiators from the White deadline expired, Clinton, imposed a 20 percent capon financial markets and the Dow They work directly with the >urs House and Capitol Hill made Dole, Gingrich, Senate direct lending, which means Jones industrial average gained school's student aid office in­ erry the rounds of morning talk Minority Leader Tom Daschle that about half the students 2.53 points, to close at 4,872.90, stead of shopping around for )ber shows, they showed little incli­ (D-S.D.) and House Minority with direct loans would have a record. Bond prices rose too. a lender and waiting for the Ppli nation to compromise. Appear­ Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.) to return to the old system. The brinkmanship is bank to process the paper­ tosi ing on CBS, Armey said the hashed over their differences likely to be recur in one form work and forward it to the Direct loanS president "cannot sit removed, for an hour and 40 minutes. or another until Clinton and the school. As a result, loan currently account for nearly fieri detached from the whole pro­ The meeting began moments Republicans agree on a money is available within 40 percent of total student nd t cess, and then veto everything after Clinton vetoed emergency permanent budget bill. days rather than weeks. And loan volume. tisir page 3 m college news november 16, 1995 Wellness Programs "Reach Out" to Rollins Willie J. Garland away on the ground floor of Staff Writer McKean Hall. Located on the side of McKean Hall that faces beautiful Lake Virginia, it has This week, in conjunc­ been directed the past three tion with Wellness Outreach months by graduate student/ and Rollins student organiza­ counselor Patsy Paulk. tions, the Office of Substance The Office was Abuse Education and Preven­ designed to "provide program- tion sponsored activiteis to pro­ ming aimed at preventing mote safety among Rollins stu­ alcohol abuse and illegal drug dents over the upcoming holi­ use" and "to share with the days. Rollins Community alternative On Monday, Novem­ ways to look at the decision fen Cohen and Jerry Greenfeld, of Ben & Jerry ice cream fame, visited Rollins on Thursday, November be9 r 13, "Sex Under the Influ­ making processes around the o discuss social responsibility in modern businesses. Photo courtesy of Greater Talent Network. ence and the Dangers of STD's" issue of alcohol and other drug was presented by Lori Stanley use." of Hope and Help (an AIDS Already the number and HIV organization) at of presentations given under 3en & Jerry Visit Rollins 7:00-8:30 pm in the Crummer Patsy Paulk's direction this icture in Bush Followed By Ice Cream Auditorium. year has far surpassed that of jmHanisak receiving A's in a correspon­ city bakery. dence course from Penn State Ben persuaded the \ws Editor University on ice cream mak­ audience members to become ing, they decided to make a liv­ aware of other such companies Rollins College got a ing from ice cream. Ben and that are socially responsible of variety, and plenty of Jerry moved to Burlington, Ver­ and to support these compa­ e cream, when entrepreneurs mont, where they opened Ben nies by purchasing their prod­ en Cohen and Jerry & Jerry's Homemade ice cream ucts over other companies that reenfield, better known as parlor in May 1978. It was then, are not as responsible. "Busi­ en and Jerry, spoke last Thurs- that Ben & Jerry's ice cream was ness has become the most pow­ ay. Bush Auditorium was born. erful force in the world," Ben Tonight at 7:00 in the Galloway tacked to capacity, and then Following Jerry's stated. He continued to say Room: Linda Torres of MADD ome, as students came in speech, Ben spoke on the im­ that if businesses continue oards to listen to these famed portance of social responsible overlook the importance of discusses "Drinking and Driving." usinessmen. As part of their businesses. Specifically, he fo­ helping others, than the coun­ ation-wide College Tour, Ben cused on exactly what large try is in serious trouble. nd Jerry focused on spreading businesses and companies can "As we help others, we On Wednesday, there all of last year. She has pro­ ie word of the need for so- cannot help but help our­ were two activities. From vided fifteen presentations to ially responsible businesses in selves," Ben Cohen explained. llam-l:00pm on Mills Lawn conference classes, athletic lis country. Both Ben and Jerry claim that there was the Healthy Holiday teams, fraternities and sorori­ Jerry spoke to the au- they are not socially respon­ Bash with a live D.J., music, and ties. The presentations include bce first, giving a brief over- sible in order to sell more prod­ a contest for the best open discussions, films, and in­ iewof how the two ice cream ucts. Rather, they were socially non-alcoholic drink terpersonal exercises revolving wialists met one another and responsible first, and entrepre­ (Mocktails). Also there was a around substance abuse on the ow their business got started. neurs second. "Jaws of Life" demonstration college campus. hey met in junior high school Following the presen­ by the Winter Park Fire Dept., If anyone is interested »hng Island, New York, and tation, students had the oppor­ accompanying the Bat Mobile, in receiving more information, firmed into high school to- tunity to ask Ben and Jerry prizes, and giveaways. Then at the office hours are Tuesdays 9:00pm at the Down Under, the 10am-3pm, Wednesdays *er. After graduation, the questions. Students used this movie Clean and Sober starring 5am-lpm and Thursdays w> went their separate ways: give to smaller organizations time to ask the ice cream spe­ cialists questions about how Michael Keaton was shown. All 12pm- 5pm. Call the office at ^ to Oberlin College, and and groups. For example, Ben they develop their ice cream were sponsored by Campus x2347. There are pamphlets, Wo Colgate University. Ben, & Jerry's uses brownies made flavors, what led them to their Safety, Wellness Outreach and books and other written mate­ Pwever, did not finish school. by an inner city bakery in New business practices, and of the Office of Drug Abuse Edu­ rials available for individual Ktead, after attending various York City. The bakery trains course, which flavor each of cation/ Prevention. students and groups. There are lleges and universities, he people who, until now, were them likes the best. Finally, tonight from also video tapes for fraternity Ir*ued various odd jobs. unable to hold jobs. By buying 7:00-8:OOpm in the Galloway leaders detailing how to throw ty after graduating from the brownies from the bakery After the question and Room there will be a Tau Kappa responsible parties. Stop by ^nin with a pre-med degree, rather than from somewhere answer period, the audience Epsilon sponsored presenta­ and pick up the LOADED (Lo­ 'P'ied to medical school, but else, Ben & Jerry's is support­ members were treated to tion on Drunk Driving by cal Orlando Alcohol Drug and 'as rejected. ing their cause. A majority of samples of some of Ben & Linda Torres of MADD. Entertainment Directory) the products used in the mak­ Jerry's finest flavors. Next on to 1976, the two The Office of Sub­ guide to the safe social scene. ing of their ice cream comes their College Tour, Ben & Jerry is were reunited again stance Abuse Education and from organizations and groups stopped at Eckerds College. to idea of opening a food Prevention is tucked quietly n

The trial of Daniel Andre Green began Monday in Take advantage of Resume Blitz: Lumberton, N.C. Green is accused of the July 23, 1993 slaying of James Jordan, November 13,14, & 15 -9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Career Services ;w: father of NBA superstar :ut, Michael Jordan. Prosecors hil are seeking the death Spiff up a resume Fine-tune a rough Start from scratch *y penalty for Green if ha I convicted. Another you already have draft (even on & learn the basics 3 M defendant, Larry Demery, on hand notebook paper) ige pleaded guilty in the te:l slayings and is the die prosecution's star witness. rea No matter what your needs, you will have up to 30 minutes with a staff member tier trained to help you write a dynamic resume! ABC will begin airing the Beatles Anthology mini-series For a really professional look without a lot of computer know-how, purchase* '£ on Sunday. The program Resume Expert software program (available at the bookstore). Bring it in and Iva will follow the life and Jet times of the "fab four" and we will work with you at the computer. ck, will also highlight two new spli songs. hea JUST WALK IN ~ Mo APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!! ighi page 5 0s college ©pinion november 16, 1995

Medicare cuts and the GOP: Staff lie liberals in the media warping your perspective? Editor in Chief- Teresa R. Greenlees »News Editor - Kim Hanisak • Opinions Editor - Sara Feldman • Features Editor - Alexis Scudder • Sports, Groups, and Calendar Editor - Robert woman in a wheel chair. The that he can not continue to gain Dunikoski • Copy Editor - Jordan Harris • Business Manager - man looked as though he might as much weight as he wanted Nancy A. Fazio • Advertising Manager - Adam Loewy • Adver­ just pitch the woman away. to. tising Staff - Jeanmarie Esposito, Vaishali Manek, Serena Samsel The bold-faced introduction to For years, Congress • Staff- Sabrina Anico, Stephen Arthur-Wong, Sarah Balke, Sh­ the story read: "As Washington has been drafting budgets ac­ annon Barry, Mairi Beautyman, JoAnna Boylan, Rachel Bracken, goes to war on the deficit, the cording to a current services Leigh Carter, Matt Certo, Penelope dane, Jeff Dattilo, Christine GOP takes on Medicare — and baseline projection. This DiFruscio, Vanessa DiSimone, Michelle Franklin, Willie Garland, must sell radical cuts in a vi­ baseline projection guesses Jorge Melendez, Greg Mullins, Rhonda Neuhaus, Alan cious political fight over who how much more it will cost to Nordstrom, Lisa Olen, Kathleen O'Callaghan, Michelle Ralat, gets what." provide the existing govern­ Natalie Smith, Heather Wise • Advisor - Drew Williams Last Thursday, a New ment services in future years. The editors of The Sandspur reading audience. Under no cir­ York Times/CBS poll was re­ Republicans argue that this extend an invitation to all readers cumstances will the form or con­ leased. It asked: "If you had to projection is inflated. They ar­ to submit letters and articles. tent of the author's ideas be al­ choose, who you prefer balanc­ gue that if Medicare grows at a In order for a letter to be con­ tered. ter L. Behringer ing the budget, or preventing slower rate and incentives are sidered for publication, it must in­ Submit articles to The Sand­ Medicare from being signifi­ put into place to reduce cost — clude the name and phone num­ spur at campus box 2742 or drop fdspur contributor cantly cut?" 67% said that they incentives like choices among ber of the author. Annonymous them by our office on the third submissions will be considered would prevent Medicare competing HMO's — they floor of the mills building. We can separately. be reached by telephone at from being cut. The can preserve Medicare, All letters must be typed - (407)646-2696, by tax at (407)646- Are other people shap- press drew the and reach a bal­ heavy, dark print is preferred. Let­ 1535, or through e-mail at gyour ideas for you? There folowing conclu­ anced budget ters and articles which are submit­ [email protected]. Submis­ many in the mainstream sion from the without hurt­ ted must be tactual and accurate sions must be received by 5:00pm edia who want to define the results of the ing seniors. unless the nature of the piece dic­ on the Monday before publication. 3Vyou think. The following poll: "Ameri­ The media tates otherwise. The Sandspur is published The editors reserve the right, weekly during the academic year litimus test that will deter- cans reject big ought to stop [Republican! misinforming the but are not bound to correct spell­ on thursdays. inewhether or not your ideas ing; punctuation and grammar as The views expressed in The Medicare cuts." public. The main­ e being subverted by the well as any language which might Sandspur are not neccessarily stream media sim­ ainstream media — all or Considering be offensive to a segment of our those endorsed by its editors. of the information you the way in which the ply ignores distinc­ call from memory, in order to media has tackled the tions between spending cuts and implete the test, has entered subject of GOP Medi­ slowed growth. The lurmind via mainstream me- care policy, it would and Human Services Secretary, rately. Members of the media be reasonable for us to issue is not over Donna Shalala, had the follow­ are leading us to believe that whether or nor to cut The test below comes believe that our Medi­ ing to say about the GOP Medi­ the GOP is attacking Medicare Medicare; the issue is tehform of a statement. Sim- care program will be care plan: "When you cut when, in fact, they are buying how to save Medicare. y label it "true" or "false." cut by Republicans. [Medicare] you cut real Ameri­ time for Medicare. Second, Medicare, like the rest _1. Congressional Re- But the correct answer cans. You cut families. You cut they have failed to examine the to the test above is of our government, is elderly aunts, and uncles and accuracy of base line budget­ iblicans are proposing cuts in growing out of control. edicare spending. "false." YES, THE friends and you make them ing, which locks in government ABOVE STATEMENT IS As it stands today, poor." The media repeats these growth each year. Third, they Almost every day we Medicare will not be e FALSE! CONGRES­ sentiments by painting a bleak have failed to take the Repub­ hit with bits and pieces of able to sustain itself by SIONAL REPUBLI­ picture in which Newt licans to task on key points: the edicare news. The network the year 2002, and all of CANS ARE INCREAS­ Gingrich and the Republicans Republican plan is only a short ws programs use words like our seniors will lose cov­ ING, NOT CUTTING are trying to rip the IV's out of term solution to save Medicare. »t," "slash," and "chop" — erage. Ballooning costs ile they show footage of eld- MEDICARE SPENDING elderly patients in order to bal­ Also, Republicans have not ex­ and excessive spending are ance the budget. plained why HMO's are the f patients — to describe Let us examine the what threaten Medicare, not The New York Times/ best cost-cutting solution. tat Republicans are trying to GOP's so-called "radical Republicans in Congress, the CBS poll is a sham — they lead If the media reported •with Medicare. The mes- cuts": Each year, Medicare GOP is simply making an effort e us to believe that the issue is the Medicare issue the way that S they convey is a simple spending grows by 10 percent. to bring both of these programs whether to cut spending or cut they have reported the O.J. Republicans are proposing Under the Republican plan, it under control. dlcal cuts in Medicare that grows by six percent. IN other Medicare, the truth is, we must Simpson trial, we might all be reaten the well-being of our words, Republicans in Con­ Members of the media sieze control of Medicare Medicare experts. Instead of der'v population. gress want a plan that contin­ ought to try reporting the news spending or face a loss of cov­ scaring us into supporting a for a change. Instead of exam­ erage for all of our seniors. In political agenda that is big-gov­ The September 18th is- ues to spend even more tax dol­ ining the issues that surround fact, Republicans have drafted ernment in nature, the media of fesweek featured a lars on Medicare. In fact, in the overall federal budget, spend­ this crisis, the media amplifies a plan that spends more on ought to keep us informed. |story entitled "Medi­ the fear-mongering that flows Medicare, brings spending un­ an bold letters, the cover ing will continue to increase. form Democrats in Washing­ der control, and balances the Editor's note: [vanced this grim message: Thus, the budget, spending will ton. Sen. Edward Kennedy federal budget. Look for a counterpoint to this side *< *ady ToGet Less: The At- continue to increase. Thus, the onceshouted to Republicans: The media has failed to ofthe Medicare issue, presented by > Medicare." The cover Republican diet plan ought to be pretty easy for Uncle Sam. "Keep your gredy budget-cut­ serve us on three counts. First, Kim Hanisak, News Editor, in th W a full page picture of ting hands off our Medicare." alt republicans are not telling him they have failed to report the next Sandspur, November 30. hy young man lifting a President Clinton's Healtgh GOP Medicare proposal accu­ feed and injured elderly to lose weight, they are saying page 6 volume 102 issue 11 opinion the sa/jrfs Coming to terms: Extending our limits Dr. Alan Nordstrom suppose enough, nor do they this means nurturing eager, cu­ survive school and college with required to absorb knowled an enthusiasm for learning and Staff Writer even dare to suppose enough. rious, adventurous, active encouraged to satisfy my Simply to imagine other ways learners. Whatever in our cur­ creative problem solving as to know, encouraged toer We human beings of being often calls for courage ricula and pedagogy induces their chief asset. Most are re­ and cultivate my curios! know ourselves to be limited because it implies the possibil­ passivity, inattentiveness, dull­ lieved to be released from their encouraged to enjoy creatures, even if we resent and ity of change, and change is of­ ness, and apathy is wrong. stifling institutions. They feel processes of discovery resist our limitations. Gravity ten threatening. People would Schools should produce people freed but not liberated, even mastery?" limits us. Weakness limits us. often rather bear the ills they keen on learning and keen on from many institutions of lib­ In short, ask yoi Death limits us. Nonetheless, have than contemplate the risks living creatively by their re­ eral education which purport whether you are being ex we dream of leaping tall build­ of change. It takes courage to sourceful wits and generous to teach the liberal arts and sci­ to find out what youc ings in a single bound and of create visions of better ways hearts. What else could be the ences. They feel depleted by know and whether you living eternally. Better we and still more courage to acti­ point of schooling? bingepurge regimens of cram­ enlarging your outlook should forget our superman vate such visions. Or should schooling ming and regurgitating infor­ sight, and overall capacil fantasies of overcoming impos­ Any society that produce docile, obedient con­ mation, with very little true cope with life's challenges sible limits and concentrate in­ means to be vigorous must formists who pledge allegiance learning being retained and as­ appreciate life's options. stead on overcoming the ones teach and encourage its citizens to the status quo, who are well similated into their starving Ask yourself if co we really can. to be bold imagineers, practical adjusted to prevailing norms consciousness. is helping you push backni The most poignant of visionaries who can confront and fashions, who consume Things need to change. less self-imposed limits on our limitations are those we problems resourcefully and what they are told to, devote Though my bleak picture may courage and imaginatio needlessly impose upon our­ creatively, who can conceive of their working days to feeding overdraw your own college making you bolder selves, and the worst of these innovative, apt solutions, and their consumerist addictions, experience, let's not think we more creative in all those are timidity and lack of imagi­ who can press their smart con­ and live lives of quiet despera­ have no problem, even here at ings with people and situat nation. cepts and inventions into prac­ tion because the happiness they Rollins. Ask yourself in every that used to daunt and h As a whole, people do tical service. pursue is a delusion? course: "Am I being you? It should, for that's« not dare enough, nor do they In schools and colleges Not many students encouraged to learn (not just liberation means.

To the Editor: then got in touch with Ray would not have been possible sumption of meat is not mur­ write such an absurd lettf I would like to express Rogers. He was able to print la­ without Laura Hall and all the der, it is a natural process. The Furthermore, 1 how extremely encouraging it bels of all the campus organi­ members of Voices for Women, animals are processed in a very plaud the Elizabeth R.A. was to see Rollins step out into zations for easy accessibility of who organized and coordi­ humane way, no gruesome tor­ for hosting the pig roai the community. I was over­ the entire campus. Thanks Ray! nated the entire event (and also ture occurs like the author tried thought it was a great ids whelmed by the fifty(+) stu­ Then April Walters came to the produced and sold the "man­ to portray. did a lot of other students. dents participating in the 1995 rescue. She was able to contact datory" t-shirts)! They put a lot Just because a person Casey 1 Hope and Help Center of Or­ the entire RCC group and she of time and energy into the does not eat meat does not lando AIDS Walk on Sunday, also organized the return of event and it showed. I would mean they are saving an To the editor October 29. A cross-section of Jimmy Magnum. Jimmy was also like to thank the women's animal's life. There are hun­ vegetarian, have been for Rollins organizations including the AIDS activist who spoke choir for their participation. dreds of animal byproducts we years. I would like to ki LASA, BSU, R-FLAG, VFW, during AIDS awareness week. There was strong stu­ all use every day of our lives. where Mike Russell get CHI-O, ROC, Pinehurst, Mem­ Together they organized an in­ dent attendance for both the For instance, from the fats, fatty calling me little, effemin bers of Holt District and those spirational ceremony before the speaker and the candlelight acids and protein meals of a unAmerican, unred-blooi individuals who also partici­ walk to remind us of why we march as well. All who at­ cow we get candles, cello­ communist and Sergeant pated independently, gathered were walking. Thank you tended deserve credit for their phane, ceramics, crayons, This controversy over veg< pledges from family and April and thanks Jimmy for efforts to improve the environ­ deoderants, detergents, soaps, anism is old and boring friends to benefit Orlando's traveling here to inspire us. ment here at Rollins. Although perfumes, plastices, and paints. only interesting point citizens with AIDS. Last Sun­ Overall, I appreciate few members of administration From collagen-based adhesives Mike's slanderous and fals day Rollins was a community; Rollins' willingness to fight and faculty were there, Penny we use glues, bandages, and cusations, which might as campus divisions were set against the AIDS epidemic. If Schafer and Ray Rogers from wall paper. From a cow's pan­ be published in the aside while students rallied for everyone makes an effort and staff, along with Judi creas and liver we get Insulin Enquirer. Myself and my a common cause. takes the time to contribute Addelston of faculty, also were for diabetes, Heparin, and Vi­ etarian friends consider Several people worked something, we will make a dif­ in attendance. Special thanks tamin B 12. By-products are selves to be good Amen behind the scenes to pull off the ference. By demanding more go out to these individuals for also used in many mechanical We do not submit to igno event. Dusty Hewit, a Rollins research for a cure and treat­ supporting the students in their items. Antifreeze contains glyc­ fascist orders saying that student, is the education intern ment for those already infected, efforts to improve campus life. erol, derived from fatty acids; Americans eat red meat at the Hope and Help Center AIDS can be stopped. Thank Congratulations to all who par­ tires have stearic acid; and the when has Russia the and introduced the idea of a you Rollins for all your effort! ticipated, the event was defi­ asphalt on our roadways has a sprout capital? Mike and "Rollins team". Great idea Michelle Esfahani nitely a big success! binding agent from fat. We also ers like him should fluster Dusty! By notifying me, we Scott W. Leonard get hydraulic brake fluid, air­ mind with other more cr were able to reach each campus To the Editor: plane lubricants, and car pol­ controversy, like whether" organization through the help ishes from a cow. ham or turkey. Uy off tne of some other important I would like to thank To the Editor: As you can see, a cow is too tediousa people. The first person's help Linda Kuhn, who recently I recently read a letter ject to get your highblojl we received was Christine came to Rollins College as a to the editor concerning the is not just an animal "playing sure (from veins clogged Coons. She introduced ideas on speaker for Take Back the Elizabeth Hall pig roast. The in the field". It is a renewable how to publicize this event Night. Her expertise in the area author explained his distaste resource which is essential to hot dogs) worked up. ft campus-wide. We couldn't of sexual assault and awareness for the event, as well as promot­ our lives. I hope the "appalled" Thanksgiving! have done it without you! We were of benefit to the students ing vegetarianism.. author will be more educated Heather who attended. .The event First of all, the con­ on a topic before he decides to page 7 difis college 3iversions november 16,1995 Enlightened by the "Art of Our Time" ,Natalie Smith contemporaries of the not onh/ and molded his bread into little ' faff Writer Hirshhorns, but also their close statues! In , the - personal friends. Hirshhhorns hung out with Have you ever won- As a Thomas P. Henry Moore, and in America, dered what it would be like to Johnson Distinguished Visiting with Georgia O'Keefe. These shop for Picasso? Or how Scholar for Rollins this year, friendships have culminated Mrs. Hirshhorn recounted her aboUt "doing lunch" with into an impressive collection of Georgia O'Keefe? I met a life as a collector to a student personal remembrances and woman on Friday, November audience at Cornell last Friday. works with affectionate inscrip­ Joseph and Olga # who has done these things tions by the artists. and more, and lives to tell Hirshhorn were married in Discussions for the about it. She is Olga Hirshhorn, 1961 by none other than the En­ Hirshhorn Museum started in widow of Joseph Hirshhorn, glish artist Henry Moore. It is the early sixties. After discard­ at this time that Olga caught the and is, according to Dr. ing Beverly Hills, Zurich, Lon­ Blumenthal, "the most famous "disease", as she calls it. The don, New York, and Florence, name in art collection." symptoms first appeared when the dream became a reality Many of you may as­ she purchased her first very when the museum opened in sociate the name with the own art work: a Joseph Albers 1974 on the Smithsonian Mall Hirshhorn Museum and Sculp­ piece for $2,000. She laughs at next to the Air and Space Mu­ ture Garden in Washington this experience, marveling at seum in Washington D.C. Jo­ I.C., founded by Joseph how far she had come from the seph Hirshhorn died in 1981, Hirshorn. Opening in 1974 thrifty middle class woman and his widow says that her with a modern art collection of who would never dream of greatest inheritance was a pas­ 6,000 pieces, it has now swelled paying that much for some­ sion for art. Art completely to house more than 20,000 thing "a child could do." But changed her life, and she urges pieces of contemporary Ameri­ she says the most important students to pursue something can and Euro­ in life that pean art gives just as A t much fulfill­ ment. To her, our own photo by Melisa Lagood Cornell Mu­ art is simply seum, how­ something ever, is the that "creates A Night of Glory smaller, more an emotion"; go to this personal col­ Stephanie Ballauer people came forward, and show and see lection of shared experiences of vio­ what kind of Sandspur Contributor Olga lence which had touched emotions are Hirshhorn, their lives in some way. The inspired in On Tuesday, November 7, organized by participation during the you, good or at 8:30 p.m., voices soared, Smith­ open mic helped drive home bad. candles burned, men and sonian Insti­ women joined together for the point that no one is im­ tution Travel­ Mrs. support, and Take Back the mune to violence, and that it ing Exhibition Mrs. Olga Hirshhorn stands with Rollins students at the opening Hirshhorn Night became a success. Over must be stopped. Service. This of her collection at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. Photo by has a home in 150 men and women gathered Previous to Take fascinating Natalie Smith. Martha's on the Mary J. Mitchell Plaza Back the Night, Voices for , Art of Vineyard and to confront the issue of vio­ Women also sponsored a lec­ Our Time: Works on Paper fromlesso n her husband taught her Naples, Fla., but her main resi­ lence against women, and to ture in Hauck auditorium Olga Hirshhorn Collection, was, "never say you don't like dence is the "Mouse House" in let it be known that it will no with Linda Quhn, an em­ opened on Saturday, Novem­ it; just say you don't under­ Washington D.C. Arguably the longer be tolerated. The ployee of the Seminole ber 11, and will be on display stand it." smallest house in the country, Women's Chorale Ensemble County Rape Advocate pro­ through January 7. Any art lov­ The Hirshhorns spent the "Mouse House" is as big as began the evening with song gram. Quhn spoke on the le­ ers, or those hungry for culture their summers in the sixties on a one-car garage, and it is and then, one by one, candles galities of rape; what consti­ to general, would be loath to the French Riviera, and it was packed with hundreds of col­ were lighted and the mass of tutes rape, who can be miss an opportunity to see this here that they became friendly lected works and artifacts. people in front of the student raped, and what happens 'collection, which boasts works with the Picassos. By the way, O'Keefes are crammed on the center became a parade of il­ when alcohol is introduced. fom some of the foremost art- if you ever were to shop for walls, and Pre-Colombian and lumination. The procession Her speech was informative fits of the twentieth century, Picasso, pay special attention to African sculptures are dis­ flowed down Holt Avenue, and important, and over 70 ^fically of the movements the gift wrap; he did. Olga and played in the medicine cabinet. stopped traffic on Fairbanks, students attended. °t Abstract Expressionism and Jacqueline Picasso would make This is why Mrs. Hirshhorn is and traveled down Park Av­ Thanks to the PoP- The signatures that leap skirts for each other, and to this someone worth meeting; de­ enue. This was the first time Rollins College community f that the Rollins College Take the paper to delight the day, Mrs. Hirshhorn is the only spite her riches and influence, and Voices for Women, Take 3 art to her is a sincere passion, Back the Night march was peless art history fanatic in- woman with a dress personally Back the Night served its pur­ lud and it doesn't matter whether moved off campus and into | e Alexander Calder, signed by Pablo. pose: to raise awareness she resides in a mansion or the the community. Along with about women's rights and to pues Lipchitz, Willem de She also describes tiny "Mouse House"; home is the Chorale and march, there help put an end to violence ^ng, and Georges Braque. lunches in Paris with Man-Ray where the art is. was also an "open mic" ses­ against women on this cam­ ^t makes this collection so and Alexander Calder. Show sion afterwards. About 10 pus. ^rkable is the history be- me the art history textbook that *t; many of the artists were says Calder never ate the crust, page 8 volume 102 • issue 11

tunes ft

Shannon Barry aids children in Bosnia Staff Writer

"On September terrific (there isn't a feeling of anticipation in 4,1995, some of the best single song I don't like) its background. bands and musicians in and its excellence is Orbital's "Adnan" is Britain entered studios doubled by the fact that very techno, but not in a all over Europe. Their not only are its buyers hyper, rave club sort of intention was that by the getting great music, but way; it's more like end of the day, they they're contributing to a music you'd listen to on would have recorded a worthwhile cause as the way home. track for this album, well. Portishead's "Mourning with the aim of raising Oasis and Air" mourns beautifully. money for and focusing "friends," -including The voice of Beth attention on the children Johnny Depp and a back Gibbons carries haunt- caught up in the war in up singer that sounds ingly through the foggy former suspiciously like Kate beginning and into the open it up, put it on, Moss (Depp's current jazzish body of the song. and play it loud." So love)- begin the album Massive attack follows reads the back cover of with the folkish "Fade with ethnic percussion, Help's album booklet. Away." The Boo Radleys rap-like vocals, and And so it happened that are next with their industrial accents in Oasis, Johnny Depp, The balladish "Oh Brother," "Fake the Aroma." Boo Radleys, The Stone giving the heartfelt Suede's "Ship­ Roses, , advice to hold on building," an Orbital, Portishead, through difficult times. "unironically belted...torch song" (Matthew Moyer), is one of the album's high­ lights. "We're diving for dear life, when we should be diving for < pearls," Brett Anderson s»iS"~ ^ sings with passion. The Stereo MC's follow with their comfortably groovable dance tune,. pipes!) with what seems to be We've all seen "Sweetest Truth," not Another high­ fictional aerial reports, on TV or in the papers,| unlike but an improve­ light on the album and and other nifty sound or at least heard about ment on their smash hit, my personal first choice effects. Planet 4 Folk the war in Bosnia. And "Step It Up." Next is is "Raindrops Keep Quartet ensues with (hopefully) we've all Sinead O'Connor with Falling on My Head" by "Message to Crommie," wished in some way "Ode to Billy Joe," . another nice vocal free that we could help which is musically very Don't laugh. This assortment. innocent people caugh good, but the incredible band has Terry Hall and in the destruction, storytelling lyrics are a taken a once hokey tale Salad do a romantically seems like such a far little tough to take: "I of woe and transformed sweet remake of "Dream away, impossible-to- was choppin' cotton and photo courtesy of London Recordings it into a song full of a Little Dream" fol­ reach problem. Buying»anc my brother was bailing pain, soul, and hope. A lowed by Neneh Cherry this album is a way to hay...and at song I once viewed with and Trout with "1, 2, 3, help and get a terrific dinnertime...papa comical disgust has 4, 5" a cool tune with new CD. I'm not tryinjflnn passed around the Massive Attack, Suede, "Love Spreads" by the now, in this version, bizarre lyrics. Finishing to sound like one of black-eyed peas..." The Charlatans, Stereo Stone Roses and the become one of my true up the album is those "Help the Chil­ (Hmmm?) The song has MC's, Sinead O'Connor, Charlatans' "Time For favorites. Seymour, a.k.a. Blur, dren" commercials, but beautiful vocals by the The Levellers, Manic Livin'" ROCK. It's as Terrorvison's with their strangely this is a simple way to Street Preachers, controversial singer, but simple as that. I'd love "Tom Petty Loves dreamy sidestep, "Eine help those less fortu­ Terrorvision and friends you to "let me pull you while the music has the Veruca Salt" is a mellow Kleine Lift Musik," and nate. The money spen*oar, came together to in the picture, let me flavor of her native land, tune to groove to and Paul Weller and friends on most CDs onh "HELP." Profits go to show you what I mean," Miss O'Connor seems to probably a really nice performing the always to make more money f WARCHILD, an organi­ but you'll have to buy be attempting to Ameri­ driving song. Next is safe choice for a remake, more bands. Notth zation which aids the CD for that. canize her voice. A The One World Orches­ "Come Together" (the one. children and others splendid Irish band, the "Lucky" by tra with "The Magnifi­ classic Beatles tune). All You buy new suffering from the Radiohead has a lovely Levellers, provide the cent." This instrumental in all an excellently music all the time, wli travesties of war in lyrical quality- slow but political "Search Lights" arrangement has a fast eclectic mix that has one not buy this? Bosnia. This album is with an interesting (complete with bag- beat and is interspersed for all, and all for some. page 9 hins college^ diversions november 16, 1995 dance Paul Taylor 2. ordan Harris Takes Rollins into the world of modern dance ;0py Editor Rollins and the tion and made it seem The costumes covered World War II that were more informal than the »mmunity turned out every body part, includ­ occurring during the ndroves November 3 average ballet. The ing the dancers' faces. time the music was al 4 for the Taylor 2 dancers worked very Despite a lack of facial written. This social impany's well together during the features, the dancers commentary was I rmances. The exquisite pas de deux conveyed a darkly interesting and in no Eylor 2 dance company segments. Quite an comedic dance about way detracted from the I iffshoot of the accomplishment, as this indecision and doubt. aesthetic appeal of this ••.;:v us Paul Taylor group of dancers has Not only was the piece. mpany. The only worked with each dancing well done, but The perfor­ ipany is composed of other for a few months. the use of body lan­ mance by Taylor 2 was a lancers, allowing it The short guage to convey real treat and a welcome ickles smaller second piece, entitled thoughts and emotions addition to Orlando's iters and colleges. Junction ,was more was an intriguing cultural life. If you have fever, Taylor 2 modern not only in its addition to the piece. the chance, you should wms some of the choreography, but also The last piece, also attend the perfor­ l-known pieces that its costumes. It too was entitled Company B, was mances of Pilobolus, Paul Taylor set to classical music- so popular that it which will be Jan. 19 as a choreogra- this time to Bach. While literally had audience and 20 at 8 pm as well as also enjoyable, it lacked members singing along. a matinee performance The first piece the fluidity and energy It was a boogie-woogie on Saturday, Jan. 20. |talented six-member' of some of the other forties piece set to music However, the two performed was pieces. by the Andrews Sisters. evening performances tied Airs and was set The next piece This music from World are almost sold out, so ixquisite music by was such a unique blend War II was alternately your best bet for good del. Although this of music, dance, and sweet, as in the "There tickets would be the pany focuses on comedy that I enjoyed it Will Never Be Another matinee on the 20th. If ern dance, Airs was immensely, as did the You," funny as in "Rum you missed Taylor 2, balletic. Simple rest of the audience. and Cocoa-Cola," or so definitely try to attend Brume This piece, entitled 3 lively it got your feet Pilobolus in January; the movement of the Epitaphs, was set to tapping in "Boogie tickets are expensive, yet ancers to become the American folk music. Woogie Bugle Boy." worth it. If you are a win impression of the The folk music used is Despite the mainly Rollins student, you can iece. However, mod- an early form of jazz upbeat tone of this volunteer to usher and I that was played at then attend the perfor­ dance obviously piece, Taylor 2 did not Mluenced this composi- weddings and funerals. ignore the events of mance for free. photo courtesy ofthe Annie Russell Theater

shows The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940:

Serine Bennett Comedy is right! »ndspur Contributor you're going home for have fun, save money, Louisville, KY March 6- Coming to the for an audition for a Who's killing them? Is Thanksgiving, don't and help out fellow 10,1996. At this confer­ pmie Russell Theatre new Broadway show, it the maid in the closet? worry- you'll still have a students, come to the ence, students get a May, November 24 is and the people putting it What about the director chance to see it. It's Benefit Performance on chance to interview and ^ rip-roaringplay , The together are the same who has to have every­ guaranteed to make you Sunday, November 26 at audition for jobs with hsical Comedy Murders ones who worked on a thing "just perfect?" Is it laugh, and who doesn't 4 pm. Student tickets professional theatres f^O. The movie Clue, show in 1940 (of which, the owner of the house? love to laugh? Come to are only $6, which is $2 throughout the U.S. ^ on the popular during the tour, a few of The one thing that's for the theatre to find out off the regular student When they go to this ^ game, is the best the chorus girls were sure is that it isn't the who the killer is. We're price ( adults $10, senior conference, they repre­ jnparison to this play murdered). You just butler...because there is sure you'll be surprisec citizens $8). The money sent Rollins as a whole, ^s guaranteed to know people are going no butler in this play. Call the Box Office for earned from this perfor­ and their showing has ^e you laugh. It's the to be a little edgy! So, if you're tickets Mon.-Fri., 1-5 mance will go into a been good so far. Jrtect set-up: a group The actors (or stuck on campus over p.m. fund to help theatre The Musical 'Wlestrandedina are they?) keep disap­ Thanksgiving break, students attend the Comedy Murders of 1940 ^ion with secret pearing into the walls. don't panic: now you Southeastern Theatre will run from November J^geways during a People keep turning up have something fun to Conference (SETC) in 24-December 2. If ,h^rd. They're there dead right and left. do. And, if you want to page 10 alendar the sank volume 102 • issue 11 €. Thursday, November 16 Sunday, November 19

Rollins Wellness: Yoga @ Fieldhouse Classroom, 12:30pm Weekly Worship @ Chapel, 11:00am "MADD about Drunk Driving" @ Galloway Room, 7:00pm Cornell Fine Arts Museum Sunday Film Series: Motherwell ACE Concert: The Connells @ Fieldhouse, 7:30pm the New York School: Storming the Citadel @ Cornell, 3:00pm "Friends" @ Down Under, 8:00pm Catholic Mass @ Chapel, 8:30pm "NY Under Cover" @ Down Under, 9:00pm The Real McKenzies @ Sapphire Supper Club Red Cross Course: "Volunteer Orientation" @ Naval Training Center, 9:30pm • Carpe Diem @ Sapphire Supper Club

Monday, November 20

Theatre Benefit • Red Cross Course: "Shelter Operations" Friday, November 17 @ ARC of Central Florida's HQ, 7:00am Performance • Rollins Wellness: Aerobics/Body • Interfaith Trilogue @ Chapel Toning @ Fieldhouse North Balcony, • Rollins Wellness: Meditation/Relaxation On Sunday, November 26, 5:30pm Chapel Parlor, 12:00pm 1995 The Annie Russell • Asian American Student Assodation • Womens Basketball @ West Florida, Theatre will be having a Meeting @ Elizabeth Lounge, 6:00pm 5:15pm • "Melrose Place" @ Down Under, 8:00f • Rollins Wellness: Aerobics/Body Toning benefit performance of The • Monday Night Football @ Down Uni Fieldhouse North Balcony, 5:30pm Musical Comedy Murders 9:00pm • JSL Meeting @ Chapel Parlor, 6:00pm of 1940. All proceeds* from • Deep Blue Something, Adam's Farm,& • NCAA: Women's Volleyball vs. North ticket sales for this Gum Wrapper Curb @ Sapphire Supper Florida @ Barry University: Health and performance will go to a Club SportsCenter • Bach Choir Concert: Romantic Russia @ fund to help send students Knowles, 8:00pm from the college's theatre • TKE and XQ, Party: A Benefit for the department to the Sexual Assualt Resource Center featuring Southeastern Theatre Tuesday, November 21 Gum Wrapper Curb @ Border Cantina, Conference. 10:30pm • Heavy Metal Horns @ Sapphire Supper • Rollins Wellness: Yoga @ Fieldhouse Club Place: Annie Russell Theatre Classroom, 12:30pm • Prophets of Nothing and Human Drama (s Date & Time: • Rollins Wellness: Dance Lessons @ Ultraviolet Sunday, Nov. 26 @ 4:00pm Down Under, 5:30pm • Red Cross Course: "HIV/AIDS 104" @ Ticket Prices: $10 adult, $8 ARC of Cenral Florida's Osceola County senior citizens, $6 students Service Center; 6:00pm Box Office: (407) 646-2145 Saturday, November 18

• College Football @ Down Under, 12:00pm • Varsity Swimming @ Tampa Meet, 1:00pm Wednesday, November 22 • Community School of Music All-Student • Recital @ Rogers Room, 1:00pm • Down Under- Closed for Thanksgiving Break • Women's Basketball vs. Delta State @ • Women's Basketball @ Webber, 4:30pm Pensacola, 5:15pm • Rollins Wellness: Aerobics/Body Toning @ Fieldhouse • Exhibition: Men's Basketball vs. North Balcony, 5:30pm Gainesville AAU @ Fieldhouse, 7:30pm • Student Government Association Senate Meeting @ • Heavy Metal Horns @ Sapphire Supper Galloway Room, 7:00pm Club • Big White Undies @ Sapphire Supper Club

Your weekly guide to campus and community events. page 11 jits college eatures november 16,1995 Volunteer at Orlando Science Center A unique opportunity dren and are available for a four are especially encouarged to tape of Busytown has just been and are vital to the success of a ijsnow presented for Orlando hour shift at least three times apply as all labels will be in released. In this exhibit, volun­ great institution. Beth Isler, Science Center volunteers by per month for the duration of Spanish and English. teers will explore five separate Volunteer Coordinator at the luipwn, the newest national the exhibit, September 23-Janu- Children love Richard environments with the young OSC, will be hosting and Open touring exhibit. The Science ary 7, 1996. A personal inter­ Scarry. To date, over 100 mil­ visitors and their parents. Here House/Orientation tonight, iCenter is currently recruiting view and three hour orienta­ lion Scarry books have been the young scientists can exer­ November 16 at 6p.m. at the volunteers age 15 and up who tion will precede placement. sold worldwide and translated cise their minds by playing and Orlando Science Center. To at­ )y working with young chil­ Spanish speaking volunteers into 30 languages and a video- building in this lively, three-di­ tend and for further informa­ mensional community. Volun­ tion, please call 896-7151 ext. teers at OSC enjoy a rewarding 31. experience with our visitors f^ \ Know This Face


photo by Teresa Greenlees Aerricka Lyvonne Clemons Nickname: Dimples IF AT FIRST YOU SUCCEED, Hometown: Orlando Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi TRY, TRY AGAIN. Favorite time of day: Night Favorite song: Come With Me by Shai

Tn the latest DALBAR Consumer ticipants all they need to help fulfill their Shoe size: 81/2 •^Satisfaction Survey, a comprehensive financial goals and long-term expectations. Last bad dream: getting chased by alligators study or 2,000 financial service companies In the years to come, we'll work even Pet peeve: two-faced people - banks, mutual funds, brokerages, and harder to enhance the level of personal ser­ insurers - TIAA-CREF was voted the vice and innovative solutions we offer to Favorite appliance: dishwasher leading provider of retirement plans. help them build a secure and rewarding Favorite bumper sticker: SHIT HAPPENS We'll try to do better next time. tomorrow. Maybe that's why so many of the Best dish at Beans: Chicken teriyaki best minds in the nation trust us not just Not that we mind the recognition, it's Worst dish at Beans: chili just that a lot of people expect nothing less with their money, but with their future. than the best from us. Over 1.8 million indi­ Find out more about America's Message for youth: Stay strong viduals in higher education and research, to retirement planning experts. Call us at If you were stuck on a desert island, what be exact. And frankly, so do we. 1 800 842-2776 weekdays 8 am to 11 pm ET, two thingswould you want with you? Some­ Day after day, for over 75 years, we've or visit our Web site on the Internet at put everything we've got into giving our par- thing to drink and a walkman Do you believe in aliens? Yes, because I believe there are people on other planets. Ensuring the future When I'm mad: I stay to myself for those who shape it.* Favorite shoes: Nike Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The CREF certificates are distributed by TIAA-CREF Individual and Institutional Services. Inc. A egg- page 12 volume 102 • issue 11 features the sandsM

"Pong Up" Orlando HAVING OUT-OF-TOWN GUESTS IN FOR THANKSGIVING (NOVEMBER 23)? ARE YOUR FOLKS COMING TO T01A/N FOR THE THANKSGIVING Terry Olson WEEKEND (NOVEMBER 23-26]? NEED ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS? Special to the Sandspur performers on the stage-build­ ing on whatever the other per­ For the last five years, former offers- is like the excit­ the SAK Theatre Comedy Lab ing, fast-paced exchange of has given free performances ping pongers." LOOK NO FURTHER! during the second Saturday of The contest will be THEMUS1CAL COMEDY MURDERS November for Light Up Or­ available to anyone who dares, OF 1940 lando audiences. SAK is still on a first- come first-served OPENS AT THE ANNIE RUSSELL THEATRE giving away basis, during ON free perfor­ the hour be­ FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 AT 8:00 PM- mances even fore the fol- though Light lowing THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING - Up Orlando is shows: i ) longer Fri. COME TO THE FUNNIEST LIVE SHOW happening. and Sat., Nov. YOU HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. YOU But- yes there 17 and 18,7:30 DON'T HAVE TO "LIKE THEATRE" TO is a catch-you p.m. ENJOY THIS PRODUCTION. EVERYTHING must beat ABOUT THIS WHODUNIT IS FUNNY AND < \K All-Star Mon.-Thurs., ENTERTAINING. Dave Russell Nov. 20-23, in a five point 8:00 p.m. game of ping pong. Fri. and Sat., Nov. 24 Anyone who beats and 25, 7:30 p.m. Dave at one of these ping pong Other Theatresports THERE IS A SATURDAY MATINEE AT 2:00 PM AND AN EVENING PERFORMANCE AT 8:00 matches, set up on the sidewalk performances during Novem­ AND, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, THERE IS A SUNDAY MATINEE PERFORMANCE AT 4:00 I outside the SAK Theatre Corn- ber are on Fridays and Satur­ AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Lab at 45 E. Church Street, days at 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. REGULAR ADMISSION: $12.00 evening in the hour before the 7:30 show SAK's newest performers $ 9.00 matinee Friday or Saturday in No­ present Theatresports: The Next STUDENT PRICE: $10.00 evening vember or the 8:00 show any Generation, Thanksgiving $ 8.00 matinee weekday during Thanksgiving week, Monday through Thurs- A DELIGHTFUL WAY TO SUPPORT YOUR THEATRE PROGRAM. LOOK TO THE ANNIE RUSSELL THEATRE FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT PLANSI

Are you considering theological education? HARVARD UNIVERSITY THE DIVINITY SCHOOL is holding general information sessions Come learn about our master's degree programs, including Master of Theological Studies and Master of Divinity SAK All-Star improvisor, Dave "Gump" Russell challenges anyone to play him before the 7:30 TheatreSports shows during November Dual degree options and cross-registration opportunities for a Free Admission. Photo courtesy the SAK Comedy Lab. with the other Harvard graduate faculties Meet With A Representative: week not only receives free ad­ day at 9:45 p.m. Tickets for Date: Monday, October 30 mission to the performance but Theatresports are $11 with $2 off also has a chance to win a free for Florida residents and $4 off Time: 11:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. annual pass to the SAK Theatre for students, seniors, and mili­ Comedy Lab worth $125. tary. Theatresports: The Next Place: In front of student cafeteria "Improvising at the Generation tickets are only $4. All students, All majors, All years welcome Lab is kind of like ping pong," For reservations or informa­ Dave says. "The quick back tion, call 648-0001. and forth dialog between the page 13 dm college kJ DOTtS 5 november 16, 1995 Rollins' Athletes-of-the-Week Sports Shorts

Five seniors on the dall Goodier, Christine Smilari, an 85-51 record in four seasons i volleyball team, which Jamie Jennings and Mimi Tran and have reached the NCAA's lected to the NCAA Na- ~ have established three school for the first time. Men's Basketball Hosts Gainesville AAU Iburnament for the first career records, led the team to Brenha is the all-time i school Coach Tom Slussan's men's basketball team saw it leader in ca­ first action Friday, Nov. 10 against the Angolan National Team reer digs, and the Tars came away with an easy 73-43 victory. Junior Smilari the transfer Eric Dean paced the win with 16 points on 6-8 shoot­ leader in total ing and Jarvon Dolby added 11 points and 8 rebounds. Frod^ attacks and Loftesnes also looked strong with 10 points and 9 rebounds in Brenha, 28 minutes. Goodier, and The Tars will host the Gainesville AAU Saturday, No\ Smilari are 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Enyart-Alumni Fieldhouse in their fina among the tuneup prior to the regular season opener Friday, Dec 1 agains top 5 in sev­ American University of Puerto Rico. Loftesnes will enjoy th< eral career cat­ game vs Gainesville as he will match up against Norwegia egories. club teammate Svein Dyrkolbotn. who just graduated fron. Daniela Brenha Kendall Goodier the Univ. Of Florida. photos courtesy ofthe Rollins Atheletic Department

Women's Baskteball Splits Exhibition Games, Opens Season This Weekend in Pensecola.

The women's basketball team won an easy one and was nipped in the other exhibition contest this past weekend as they finalized their preparations for the regular season. Rollins clobbered an inexperienced Irish team 127-28 Friday night and was edged by the Central Texas AAU 80-76 in a tight game. Melissa Gavin scored 15 points, Dory Schofield and Tare Cantrell had 12 and freshman Jessica Wollaston had Jamie Jennings Mimi Tran 10 points off the bench against Texas. The Tars open the season at the University of West Florida in Pensacola Friday, Nov. 17 at 5:15 p.m. They will follow with a game against Delta State at 5:15 p.m. Saturday night, also in Pensacola. Their regular season home opener is en's Intramural Football Saturday, Nov. 25 against Northern Kentucky at 7:30 p.m. Results and Standings as of November 13 Swim Team Sets Records vs Team Orlando IFC Division The Rollins swim team swam an exhibition meet last Saturday against Team Orlando, a group of veteran swimmers, Points For Points Against and numerous team records were set, especially for the 1. Chi Psi 5-0-1 124 44 women. The men's 200 medley relay team of Pace Halter, Greg 140 74 Seiler, Juan Buritica and Bill Fiordalis tied a team mark, and 2. Mabons 6-1 Erica Burns (100 & 200 free), Sarah Balke (100 breastroke), and 3. TKE 5-2 112 66 Christine Forkois (100 backstroke) set new women's records. 4. Crummer 3-2 112 58 The Tars travel to Tampa Saturday for a tri-meet with the University of Tampa and Florida A&M University. 5. Sig Ep 3-2 54 52 6. ATO 2-3 8 64 7. Phi Delt 1-5 66 126 Upcoming Home Sports Events 8. X Club 1-5 18 54 134 Nov. 18 (Sat): Men's Basketball vs. Gainesville AAU 9. GDI 0-6-1 38 Nov. 25 (Sat) Women's Basketball vs. N. Kentucky Nov. 30 (Th) Women's Basketball vs. Valdosta State Dec. 1 (Fri) Men's Basketball vs. American U. of Puerto Rica ^Scores: (11/8) Sig Ep 26, X Club 6; (11/9) Mabons 30, Phi Delt 6; Dec. 2 (Sat) Men's Basketball vs. St. Thomas (FL) Dec. 4 (Mon) Men's Basketball vs. S. illinois - Edwardsville Dec. 9 (Sat) Women's Basketball vs. Bemidji State @ 5:15pm : (11/13) TKE 30, GDI 2. Dec. 9 (Sat) Men's Basketball vs. Warner Southern Dec. 16 (Sat) Women's Basketball vs. Albany State Barnes: (11/14) Crummer vs. X Club; (11/15) Chi Psi vs. Sig Ep. All games are at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted.

^HgsRained Out: ATO vs Phi Delt; Sig Ep vs. Crummer,; Mabons vs. ATO. page 14 volume 102 'issue 11 groupspeak Tomokan The Tomokan would like to welcome and congratulate Luis Hernadez, Ashley Stearns, and Kimberly Stowers as editors-in- chief for the upcoming 1996 edition. Newcomer Soluna Ghandi gets kudos for her new position as Managing Editor. We at the Tomokan welcome anyone with ideas and energy to get involved in what is sure to be another spectacular yearbook. Please stop by our office in Mills (Directly above the SGA Office) or call us at TKE RHA xl594. "I'm glad my fraternity Just a quick note to tell chose to support this cause as you a little bit about RHA, it was refreshing and Residence Hall Association. KKT rewarding to leave the confines We are a group of students, one The sisters of Kappa of the Rollins campus to help elected from each hall, who Kappa Gamma would like to The Center for Public those in need," comented TKE provide a multitude of services. congratulate Meredith Inglesby Service would like to commend president John Tucker. Several We provide leadership for her leading role in Cabaret. all those involved with this Rollins students lead by Rev. oppurtunities for students. We Also, Kappas spent year's Halloween Howl. The John Langfitt served, at The provide residents the Sunday painting and fixing our afternoon was a spectacluar Daily Bread in downtown oppurtunity to alter their house and would like to thank demonstration of what Rollins PARTY Orlando November 8. physical and social facility management 'for students can give back to the A Urnciil fnr Ibc Sexual Assault Resource Center The Daily Bread, an arm of environment. We provide contributing the needed community through volun- Kralming the Christian Service Centers, funding and sponser campus materials. teerism. Over 100 children Gum Wrapper Curl) feeds about 250 people and wide events/programs. We from the area came but to families a day. Rollins has distribute funds to Residence 10:30 to 2:00 am Rollins to spend the afternoon 18 years and up pledged to volunteer at least Halls, Organizations, and World Hunger trick-or-treating, playing Tickets i>n sale tnr j.lOJOanjicUoljins \\«»U«K one week each year. Tau Kappa Specialized Housing. Lastly, The time has come games and touring haunted Border Cantina Epsilon kicked off the week we provide the oppurtunity for once again for all of you houses. A special thanks goes Friday, November 17 serving lunch to the homeless. students to work with and socially conscious people to get out to Dani Gabe, this year's As Rollins has always understand budgets. This year involved on the Rollins College Halloween Howl director. U maintained a strong tradition is our first of existence and we Campus. The World Hunger of community service, Rollins have sponsered Halloween Committee is throwing the 2nd has been a part of The Daily Howl, the PigRoast, and we are annual Fast Day Concert on TOM the Bread since its founding. It is a putting together a student Life Friday, November 17, on the BUG tradition started by past Rollins Survey already. We are also Student Center Lawn. president, Thadeus Seymour working on getting the new It's easy, it's fun, and and the Sullivan House, carried paint policy approved. If you it's for a good cause. on today by Dean Patrick have any further questions ask Members of the World Powers and the Sullivan your RHA Representative or Hunger Committee will be House. call one of the Executive Board outside of Beans the week of Members: Bug Poole-President, the concert accepting donations Jen Garcia-Vice President, which will help support Oxfam Rebecca Wentz-Treasurer, International and the Rollins EOE Linda Nigro-Secretary. College Service Learning Projects. Sigma phi Epsilon is With a five dollar proudly participating in OM pledge, in cash or on your R- alcohol awareness week at Phi Mu would like to Card, you will receive a free Rollins. Look for our banner congratulate its newest ticket to the concert. and "mocktail" in the members who were initiated The purpose of this competition held on ' the on Sunday, November 12: fast day concert is not only to Sandspur field from 11am to sophomore, Michelle Edge­ raise money, but to increase lpm on Wednesday. Sig Ep combe and junior, Ann-Marie awareness on campus about won this contest last year and Puig. Phi Mu welcomes you! those less fortunate than hopes to collect the $100 dollar ourselves. After the concert, 1st place prize this year. the World Hunger Committee Also, on Thursday, Sigma KA will be sponsoring a Hunger Phi Epsilon is helping to Kappa Delta celebrates Banquet in the Galloway Room sponsor the MADD About their Winter formal on to break the fast and to discuss Drunk Driving Program. Sig NovemberT8,1995 at the Swan social issues. More information Ep cordially invites all students Hotel. The Sisters of Kappa will be provided at the pledge and faculty members to attend Delta would like to table outside of Beans. from 7 to 8pm in the Galloway congratulate Chi Psi on an Show your support Room. awesome benefit party!!! and help fight world hunger. classifieds and comics page 15 november 16, 1995 [I by Jeff Shesol

ATCH by Jeff Shesol

IT'S STILL BOV MEETS SOME &UVS MEET WOMEN HEAP.VIC., ON-LINE GEE|C SEEKS WH-A FORUM |» ISN'T MUCH 6I£L - BUf ir HAPPENS AT PARS. I MEET 'EM AT WONK. HIPE ON MEDICARE FEKNT PPDM ITS IN CYBERSPACE! PUBLIC POLIM "WAT ROOMS"/ YOUR REFORM.' SESSION I: JUNE 3 -JULY 4, 1996 BL-VlOrilP COUNTBKPAPT. PAUGHTERS. BABE-O-RAMAf SESSION II: JULY 9 - AUGUST 9, 1996 The oldest American University in Europe offers: *» More than 75 courses from the University's curriculum for credit or audit from a wide range of disciplines *» French Immersion — 3-week Program *» Weekend Excursions and Day Trips to Historic Regions of Europe *• Special "College Preview" High School Program in Paris For complete program information, call or write: The American University of Paris Summer Programs Box 22. 31, av. Bosquet, 75343 Paris Cedex 07 Tel. (33/1) 40 62 06 00 Fax (33/1) 47 05 33 49 New York office: Tel. (212) 677-4870 HATCH by Jeff Shesol Weh site - F.-mail - [email protected]

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SURE. SHEHASfiOT MIE.WYDU POYOU? TO GET A UK WOOPY j ifctiri / FASTER foEN FILMS* MOPEM... ELECTROLYSIS \\m|fg)K O o Free! 15 minute initial ^ <&&s,^L^ <&»«mm» n\ treatment. Permanent hair removal, strict steriliztion \\ ^K ?in! T Extra Income for '95. Earn $500 -$1000 weekly stuffing SANDSPUR® envelopes. RUSH $1.00 with SASE to: Group Five, 57 ROLLINS.EDU Greentree Drive, Suite 307, Cover, DE 19901. page 16 volume 102 • issue 11 the sa/?rfj Thursday, November 16, 1995


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