Limits on New Physics from Black Holes Arxiv:1309.0530V1

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Spacetime Geometry from Graviton Condensation: a New Perspective on Black Holes

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Black Hole Production and Graviton Emission in Models with Large Extra Dimensions

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Black Holes and Qubits

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Introduction to Black Hole Entropy and Supersymmetry

Introduction to black hole entropy and supersymmetry Bernard de Wit∗ Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan Institute for

Spin Rate of Black Holes Pinned Down

IN FOCUS NEWS 449–451; 2013) that used data from NASA’s NuSTAR mission, which was launched last year (see Nature 483, 255; 2012). Study leader Guido

Kaluza-Klein Theory, Ads/CFT Correspondence and Black Hole Entropy

View metadata, citation and similar papers at brought to you by CORE provided by CERN Document Server IFIC–01–37 Kaluza-Klein theory,

Black Holes and String Theory

Black Holes and String Theory Hussain Ali Termezy Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science of Imperial

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Four-Dimensional Black Holes with Scalar Hair in Nonlinear Electrodynamics

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Black Hole Math Is Designed to Be Used As a Supplement for Teaching Mathematical Topics

National Aeronautics and Space Administration thaole M thaole lack HB lack i This collection of activities, updated in February, 2019, is based on a

Black Hole Entropy Entanglement And

BLACK HOLE ENTROPY ENTANGLEMENT AND HOLOGRAPHIC SPACETIME Ted Jacobson University of Maryland Goddard Scientific Colloquium, Feb. 7, 2018