Name:GU Bo Position:Senior Partner

Office: Tel.:86-1388 061 3923

E-mail:[email protected] Language:Mandarin、English


Professional Experience

Bo GU is a partner of JT&N Chengdu Office. Mr. Gu has over 15 years of legal practice experience. Having abundant hands-on experience, Mr. Gu is specialized in Civil and Commercial Litigation & GU Bo Arbitration, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, M&A. During his legal career, Mr. Gu has successfully Senior Partner represented a large number of complicated cases and served many influential clients. Mr.GU has advised on numerous major Central Enterprises in , Sate-owned Enterprises and Provincial Financial Institutions including Sichuan Tibet Railway Company, Chengdu Railway Bureau, Sichuan Company of Tobacco, AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, State Grid Corporation of China Sichuan Power Generation Company, China Merchants Bank Chengdu Branch, Sichuan Rural Credit Union, Sichuan Development Holding Company, Sichuan Energy Investment Group, Sichuan Airport Group, Sichuan Coal Industry Group etc.

Representative Performance Represented Sichuan Energy Investment Group against Sichuan Xinli Light Source Company in disputes over capital increase involved in the M&A project and in arbitration for equity investment dispute Represented Rongyuan Wen and Sichuan Wankaifeng Rare Earth New Energy Technology Company in equity transfer disputes against Changhao Represented Rongyuan Wen and Sichuan Wankaifeng Rare Earth New Energy Technology Company, Mianning County Wankaifeng Rare Earth Mining Company in a series of disputes on capital increase and reversion against Liaoyang County Wankaifeng Mining Company Represented Chengdu Qianhe Property Development Company against the Chengdu 13th Retired Cadre of Rest Center of Sichuan Military Region of The People's Liberation Army in the dispute over a series of cases Represented Guizhou Railway Construction Real Estate Development Company in contractual disputes for the series cases against Guizhou Qiannan Blue Bay Real Estate Development Company Assisted Sichuan Development Xingcheng Equity Investment Fund Partnership to acquire Nanjing Yinmao Lead-Zinc Mining Company Provided special legal services for Sichuan Development Financial Holding Group Assisted the construction of Sichuan Coal Gasification Company Sichuan Guxu Coalfield Company Assisted Sichuan Coal Industry Group to transfer the equity of its cement industry to China Building Materials Group Provided special legal services for Sichuan Rural Credit Union in financial headquarters infrastructure project Advised China Tobacco Corporation Sichuan branch to transfer the shares of 13 companies held by itself to others Assisted CDB Sichuan Investment Company in multiple M&A projects Assisted Chengdu Railway Bureau Industrial Development Corporation in the case of denial corporate personality against Chengdu Heguang Metal Company Assisted the Yanjiang Rural Cooperative Bank and other groups of more than 100 banks and cooperatives subordinate to the Union of Sichuan Province in a series of disputes over disposal of loan risks of Chengan-Yu Project Assisted Zhongjiang Rural Credit Cooperative Union in an arbitration of Default in Repurchase Transaction against Wangxin Securities Company Assisted Sichuan Anyue Rural Commercial Bank Company in disputes over hundreds of loan contracts with Rongtang Yao Represented the first non-standard investment case of SOT heard by Sichuan Provincial High Court Assisted Suining Yuancheng West Logistics Company, Suining hengkuo Real Estate Company and Suining Yuancheng Real Estate Company in the bankruptcy reorganization projects Represented as bankruptcy liquidation administrator of Sichuan Jiaxin Real Estate Development Company and Southwest Light Automobile Group

Social Status Ninth Civil and Commercial Committee of Sichuan Lawyers Association, Deputy Director The 7th and 8th Professional Commissions of Construction and Real Estate of Sichuan Lawyers Association, Deputy Director Sichuan Provincial Association for Legal Protection of State-owned Assets Arbitrators, Director Chengdu Arbitration Commission, Arbitrator

Honorary Titles Excellent Lawyer of Sichuan Province, 2015 Outstanding Young Lawyer of Sichuan Province, 2013

Education Background Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, LLM Sichuan University of Science & Engineering, LLB