Lesson Two: Is a proper continent? Statements on the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is The water of the The of Marmara is technically a part of the Mediterranean is saltier often considered a part Atlantic . than that of the Atlantic, of the Mediterranean Source: Princeton University especially in the . Sea, whereas the Black Source: Encyclopaedia of the Sea is generally not. Source: Wikipedia

The Mediterranean has The About 14 km wide at its two main basins, in the is bounded by the narrowest, the Strait of East and West, coasts of Europe, Gibraltar is the entry separated by the Sicily and . point from the Atlantic Channel. Source: Wikipedia Ocean into the Source: Encyclopaedia of the Earth Mediterranean Sea. Source: worldatlas.com

The , The deepest point in the The first Suez Canal opened in 1869, links Mediterranean is was dug in the 19th the Mediterranean to 5267m: the Calypso century BC and linked the . Deep in the . the to the Red Sea. Source www.suezcanal.gov.eg Source: Encyclopaedia of the Earth Source www.suezcanal.gov.eg

Among the widely- The of the The Mediterranean sea recognised smaller Mediterranean is is the largest enclosed within the hugely important if we sea in the with Mediterranean are the want to understand the 46,000 km of coastline. Alboran, Balearic, origins of many modern This includes 24 Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, societies, because it and territories Ionian, Adriatic and was so important for from Europe, Africa and Aegean Seas. ancient trade. the Asia. Source: Wikipedia Source: Princeton University Source: WWF global