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From the Pastor’s Desk Mass Intentions SACRED HEART SUNDAY MASSES MASS ATTENDING. After a few weeks together again at Mass, we have about Thanks to Guillermo and Anthony Perez and Jo- 30% of our usual attendance at mass. Last se Carerrero and Fr. Succes we have Mass in weekend we had 33 parish members at 4 pm, English and Spanish on Sunday starting at 10 am 53 at 10 am mass and 73 at the noon Mass in on YouTube.

Spanish for a total on the weekend of 160 Go to the Parish website: people at mass. As well about 200 people www.sh-rosliindale.org and click viewed the Mass on YOUTUBE in English Watch Services Online which will bring up the and Spanish. channel. These numbers are down from our Fr. Kelley, Fr. Succes, Fr. Sullivan & Fr. Elias usual attendance of 1100 to 1200 participants. This only tells us we are all still nervous to Mass Intentions gather together with one another. Very un-

derstandable as we battle with the Corona- SATURDAY, June 27 virus. Even if you are now able or ready to 4:00 pm Mass of Thanksgiving

join us for Mass, please keep in touch with our parish members. SUNDAY, June 28 10:00 am James Cataldo Anniversary 12:00 pm Chacho Landertoy Memorial KEEPING IN TOUCH. Early on in the shut down in March and April, parish TUESDAY, June 30 8:30 am Benito & Lisa Luongo Anniversary council members realized that many parish members could be shut off from one another. FRIDAY, July 3 They initiated a new program, “Keeping in 8:30 am Grenier & Garon Families Touch”. A number of volunteers began call- Living and Deceased ing parish members to talk with them, pray with one other, and check on people’s needs. This resulted in contact with 107 parish mem- bers and left messages for another 162 mem- bers. Thank you for this effort to “Keep in Touch”. We will continue this effort going forward. However, this effort highlights that we Those we know and love who share in Christ’s suffering through need to work on our parish information. We illness: need you to provide us with your contact in- Martina Aguguo - Lucy Algere Knox - Yaritza Baerga - - Danielle Broderick - Francisca Cruz - Tara Daniels - Chris- formation. We only contacted about 10% of tine Carroll - Kathleen Durepo - Gabriela Gonzalez - James our families. I ask you to read the article on Gordon - Kathy Hardiman - Chet Havey - Richard Fraser - ‘Flocknote’. This is an effort to collect your Ed Girvan - Andres Hernandez - Ileana Thompson - Anthony Iarrobino - Christopher Keegan - Mary Kearns - Carmine Lavoi contact information so that we can keep in - Robert Lynch - Barbara McAveeney - Jennifer McGoldrick - touch with you and keep this up to date. Helen Kearns Moffie - Bridget Mulkerrin - Robert Newman - Thank you. Rhonda Owens - Jahaidy Nova - Marie Poledo - Monica San- Msgr. Frank Kelley. tiago - Evelyn Shanahan - Ernst & Yvrose Toussaint - Midge Whelan - Janice Williams. May Christ heal all their ills.

2 Sacred Heart Parish Roslindale, MA

SACRED HEART PARISH Roslindale, MA PARISH STEWARDSHIP Dear Friends: Thank you for your continued Stewardship We gratefully acknowledge the Gift to the Memorial Fund given to the Glory of God in of Sacred Heart Parish. The weekly income is con- Memory of: tributed through two sources, envelope giving and Mary E. Cuddy by: online contribution through WeShare. Thank you. Mary Mooncai, Kathleen & Terence Kelly, Fr. Kelley John & Jennifer Chartier, Paolo Sepe, Armand & February February February Janice Soucy, Rev. Robert A. Spencer, Irma C. Carter. Week 2018 2019 2020 1 8446 7389 8181 CATHOLIC APPEAL 2020 2 7391 9232 7348 For those who wish to make a contribution 3 7192 8835 6339 currently can do so online 4 10408 7010 7720

(www.bostoncatholicappeal.org) or (includes Mass offertory and electronic giving through the request you may have received via WeShare.com) in the mail. Parish Tithes for January 2020 (5% of monthly offertory) ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY Immaculate Conception Church P.R. 1 $370 The St. Vincent de Paul Society is very Parish Utilities & Energy Costs 2 $2,250 thankful for all the food that has been supplied Bethany Hill Place 3 $370 by Gourmet Caterers to the needy of our commu- Support of the Church around the World 4 $370 nity in the past months. We are very grateful to Catholic Charities—Ash Wednesday $1,542 Mr. Wiggins and his gracious staff for their gen- Total $4,902 erosity.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society at Sacred Sacred Heart Parish Heart is here to help you. If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance, please call us at Week ending 6/13/2020 the parish office. Mass Offertory 6/7/20 $2,654 Offertory received by mail $6,461

We Share donaons WeShare SIGN UP TO GIVE ONLINE Offertory $1,377 HOW TO CREATE YOUR One-Time $110 ONLINE GIVING ACCOUNT It’s as easy as 1 2 3 to create your account online Total $10,602 right on our parish website

Visit www.sh-roslindale.org and click WeShare on the STEWARDSHIP home page

Click on Regular Offertory Make a Donation Stewardship of treasure is based on giving a percentage of our income and that is just. If we Click Recurring Donation, enter your donation amount and frequency. have little income, we will give little. If we have greater income, we will give more. Whether we

It’s that easy. Your account will be created and you can are poor or rich, we can each give a percentage of start giving online. You can make changes at any time. our income to the Church and other charities.

3 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28, 2020

Today’s Liturgy In the three readings of this Sunday we see how

powerful and deep the Mission of Jesus is. Jesus is forming his disciples into his missionaries for

the kingdom. The three readings bring home the message of what it means to be ‘on mission with Christ’ . To follow Jesus is radical. Sacred Heart International First, The Book of Kings presents a cozy picture The Sacred Heart International Group meets on of a loving couple that appreciates the good Wednesday, July 8 at 7 pm in the Zoom Room.. Prophet Elisha. They give him hospitality, he in Everyone—from the 40+ countries and many states turn gives them hope and conϐidence in prayers making up Sacred Heart Parish—is welcome. answered. They will be fondling a baby next year.

They will have a New Life. Their world will be El Grupo International de Sacred Heart se reúne el Miércoles, 8 de julio a las 7:00 PM. por Zoom. To- changed. They will forever sing the “goodness of dos, de los más de 40 países y muchos estados que the Lord” (Ps 89) conforman la Parroquia del Sacred Heart, son bienve- In the second reading, St Paul explains how radi- nidos. Email [email protected] to receive an invita- cal our Baptism is: We died with Christ at our tion. Baptism and now share His resurrected life. Our Everyone is Welcome! Please Come! existence from Baptism has changed us entirely. Dead to sin, we are now alive in Christ. We live a New Life because, “He who was raised from the Keeping in Touch dead” has made us part of him and his mission. In these unprecedented times of Coronavirus, we understand how isolating and lonely life can be without Often our inclusion into Christ can often put us at having the ability for in person visitors, gatherings with odds with our world and normative culture and family or friends or attending mass. the times we live in. Committed to Christ, the In an effort to stay connected, members of our parish will Christian does all to promote human life, dignity, be reaching out via phone to say hello and offer support- justice, peace. ive listening to those who might not otherwise be in con- tact with the community. If you or someone you know Matthew’s gospel acknowledges the radically would benefit from a call, or if you would like to volun- changed relationship to us, family, and our world. teer, please sign up by calling or e-mailing the Rectory at Our relationship with Jesus is primary: before 617-325-3322 [email protected] . our relationship with anyone or anything in this We will provide a script for use and some resources to world. We carry our crosses large or small, daily assist. Stay safe and be well. or for a lifetime. This is what being in Christ de- Manteniéndonos en Contacto mands. All of this is because we are part of a New En estos tiempos únicos, y sin precedentes con el Creation: New life begins at Baptism. Jesus has Coronavirus, entendemos cuan aislada y solitaria puede turned the world upside down. He who is “up” has ser la vida, sin la capacidad de poder recibir visitas, o come “down.” He suggests that being for oneself tener reuniones con nuestros familiares, amigos, o sin poder asistir a Misa. leads nowhere but living for him we discover who En un esfuerzo por mantenernos conectados, y como una we were meant to be. forma de apoyo, algunos miembros de nuestra parroquia Here are some thoughts to ponder having heard se comunicarán por teléfono para saludarle y escucharle these readings: especialmente aquellos miembros que quizá no estén en How can I commit myself to Jesus living this New contacto con la comunidad. Si usted, o alguien a quien usted conoce cree que se beneficiaría de una llamada te- Life? How can I meet the needs of those in my lefónica, o si le gustaría ser voluntario o voluntaria, por world? How do I live my New Life given at my favor comuníquese con la Rectoría al 617-325-3322 o Baptism into Christ? por correo electrónico a sacredheartparish@sh- ”Those who ϔind their lives will lose it, those who roslindale.org Para ayudarle con este esfuerzo le pro- lose life for my sake will ϔind it” (Matt.10:39) porcionaremos un guion para que pueda usarlo, como también algún otro recurso que le pueda ser Charles Vernon útil. ¡Manténgase seguro o segura y saludable!

4 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28, 2020


What is Flocknote? Most churches can’t reach their people when they need to — in between Sundays or if 2020 Scholarship Awards a person stops showing up on Sundays. Flock- Given at Year End note helps churches fix that with a smarter Gerard Dewan Memorial Scholarship way to text message and email their members. Christie Polycarpe $500.00 Flocknote churches can reach all their mem- Bavis Family Scholarship bers at a moment’s notice, resulting in higher Adrian Martisinkiv $1,000.00 attendance, increased stewardship, and a more connected church. Mark Bavis Foundation Scholarship Maddie Dahlbeck $1,000.00 Please consider signing up for Flock- Mary & Jerry McCarthy & their son Michael Memorial note. There are two ways to register. Emily Umanzor $1,000.00

1. On your cell phone, text message SHP169 Maurice F Jr., Barbara & Moe Pigott III Memorial to phone number 84576. SHP169 is all one Jamie Abreu $1,000.00 word, no spaces. And make sure your auto- Jeffrey Kaplan Scholarships Gabrielle Brunis $1,000.00 spelling-corrector on your phone doesn't mis- Emmanuel Marte $1,000.00 takenly change the text. Once you send that Aliyah Heraldo $1,000.00

in, Flocknote will text you back a confirma- Alexandra ‘Ali’ Rose Sitar Memorial Scholarship tion message AND another message with a Amia Barrow-Jordan $1,000.00

link you’ll need to click to complete the pro- Betsy Robichaud Memorial Scholarship cess. Sheka Kargbo $1,000.00

To join in Spanish (envie texto para Betty Principe Memorial Scholarship participar en Español), use this number: 202- John Devine $500.00

765-3441. Leo & Teresa Gribaudo Memorial Scholarship 2. Go online to: Kiara Valeus $500.00

Sacredheartchurch39.flocknote.com/ and sign Jennifer Conti Memorial Scholarship in with your name, email, and phone number. Clara Jean $500.00 Thank you for helping to improve com- Deacon Paul A Sullivan Memorial Scholarship munications in our parish Caden Blue $300.00 David M. Musto Memorial Scholarship Msgr. Frank Kelley Charisma Udale $500.00 Jaylen Arreaga $500.00

Sr. Raynald Memorial Scholarship

Jazmin Lockhart $300.00

Sheila Ginty Memorial Scholarship Jephte Choirilus $300.00 We would like to share the wonderful news that two of our scholars were winners in the Arredondo Brothers Memorial Scholarship Janiyah Clermont $500.00 essay contest sponsored by the Catholic Gianna Hernandez $500.00 Schools Office and the Museum of Science. Natale Estrella $750.00

The topic was “How to Deal with the Corona The Good Kid Award Virus” and open to all from PK to Grade 8. Kayla Clermont $250.00 Congratulations to Malia Mack, Grade 5 and Antonio Cillo Memorial Scholarship Amelie Ambroise-Louis, Grade 7! Miguel Florian Alcantara $500.00

5 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 28, 2020

The Parish of Sacred Heart 169 Cummins Highway Roslindale, MA 02131 Tel: 617-325-3322 Fax: 617-325-2145 www.sh-roslindale.org E-mail: [email protected]

MISSION STATEMENT Rooted in the universal call to discipleship, the mission of Sacred Heart and St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Roslindale and Forest Hills is to preach Jesus Christ. Proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ takes many forms: preaching, wor- ship, education, service, works of mercy, and evangelization. The staff and the congregation are guided by the overall mission to proclaim the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death in this time and place. By this mission we are to be judged.

Parish Resources Prayer of Spiritual Communion

Rev. Msgr. Francis H. Kelley, Pastor No particular prayer or formulary is required, though

Rev. Succes Jeanty, Parochial Vicar there are acts of spiritual communion in Catholic prayer books to help focus a proper intention. One Deacon Jesus Quiles Deacon Antonio Perez of the most popular is that composed by St. Alphon- . sus Liguori: Parish Secretaries: Mary Dillow & Margaret Laboy “My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Rev. Eugene P. Sullivan, Sr. Priest, In Residence Blessed Sacrament. I love you above all things and I desire you with all Sunday Masses: my heart. Saturday Eve: 4:00 PM Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally, Sunday: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM & 5:15 PM, 12:00 PM in Spanish I ask you to come spiritually into my heart. Weekday Masses: I embrace you as if you were already in my heart Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM and unite me to you completely. Saturday: 8:30 AM Please do not let me ever be separated from you.”

Penance: Saturday, 3:00-3:45 PM, Lower Church Baptism: Call Rectory for arrangements. Marriage: Call Rectory to speak with one of the priests at least 6 months be- fore the marriage.

Rectory Office 617-325-3322 FAX 617-325-2145 Please pray for those who have died, that they may know the peace of God’s kingdom: Sacred Heart School: Mrs. Monica Haldiman, Principal We remember Andrew Boschetto Jr., Rev. Henry 1035 Canterbury St, Roslindale 02131 M. Cunney, Teresa D’Amato, Walter Boggio, Office: 617-323-2500 Dorothy McCarthy, Alicia Contreras, Hector Ba- Fax: 617-325-7151 Tuition: 617-325-0229 ez, Janet Lopez, Andres Alcenio Valera, Edgar After School Program: 617-325-3656 Algere, Beatrice Nwanze, Donald Howell and www.SacredHeart-.org Evelyn Broderick who have recently passed.

6 Dr. Adrienne Ulrich A lifelong resident of , 841 Main Street Dr. Ulrich is dedicated to helping her Tewksbury, MA 01876 community hear their best. (978) 851-9103

“The pathway to better hearing.” Family Owned, Over 130 years of Experience In Home Visits & Late Office Appointments Available Rosaries from Flowers 3841 Washington St., Roslindale “Handmade from the Flowers (AT FOREST HILLS STATION) of your Loved One” www.wellsmere.com • [email protected] ZZZURVDULHVIURPÀRZHUVFRP 617-524-6648 TBROS FREE 30 DAY TRIAL TRETHEWEY BROTHERS INC. 617-327-0881 • www.parkwayhearing.com For all your cooling needs. 4280 Washington St. Roslindale MA 540 VFW Parkway, Suite 1 • West Roxbury, MA 617-325-3283 tbros.com lic# 11207 .POVNFOUT Fatima Now Peace Now W. C. Canniff & Sons, Inc. -FUUFSJOH Please recite the rosary for the $VNNJOT)XZt3PTMJOEBMF COMPLETE consecration of Russia and your intentions. 617-323-3690 PAVING & MASONRY To please the Christ Child observe Since 1896 VJGƂTUV5CVWTFC[FGXQVKQP XXX$BOOJò.POVNFOUTDPN 6617-286-961417-Find2 us8 on6 Facebook-9614 “Be a Servant” • Steps • Natural Stone Matthew 20:26 SHOP LOCALLY. • Pavers • Concrete HELP KEEP THE LOCAL ECONOMY VIBRANT. • Driveways • Retaining Walls 20% AD SPACE • Brick Patios • Free Quotes Discount • Walkways • Basement AVAILABLE Waterproofing 617-779-3771 ſSAVE A LIFEſ All work guaranteed Licensed and Insured WWW.COMPLETE-MA.COM KIDNEY TRANSPLANT DONOR NEEDED [email protected] BLOOD TYPE “O” POSITIVE CONTACT: [email protected]

CatholicChliC CCruisesi anddT Tours anddTh The ApostleshipA lhi of The Sea of the United States of America Catholic Cruises and Tours to Worldwide Destinations Healthier Priests. Mass is included with all of our tours! Stronger Communities. Holy Land Discovery • Fatima, Lourdes and Shrines The strength of our communities of Spain • Grand Catholic Italy • Footsteps of depends on the well-being of our priests who tirelessly serve Apostle Paul • Shrines of Alpine Europe others. • Pilgrimage to Lourdes • Scottish Highlands Please support clergytrust.org • Camino, a walking journey for the soul An independently managed trust for the care of active and senior priests in good standing. Call us today at 860-399-1785 or email [email protected]

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CLEANREMODEL SPEACIALIZED CLEANING & REMODELING FLOOD FIRE MOLD STORM “We deal with the insurance Catholic Cruises and Tours 24 Hour Emergency Response company, so you dont have to” Takek your FAITH 781-686-9687 www.cleanremodel.com ON A JOURNEY For Advertising call 617-779-3771 Pilot Bulletins Sacred Heart, Roslindale, MA 230 Bryan F. Higgins, George F. Doherty, Edward J. Doherty, Edward J. Doherty, Jr., Patrick J.Twomey 1&.VSSBZ'VOFSBMDPNtt$FOUSF4USFFU 8FTU3PYCVSZ SuperFlash T-Shirts Servicios de Inmigración Don't see what you're looking for? Reyna Services LLC Call us now and we'll fi nd it for you! Traducciones  Notario Público 617-323-9374 Contabilidad   ! www.sfl ashtees.com 339 Centre Street, , MA 02130 (617) 553-1903 www.reynaservices.com Email: sfl [email protected] Professional Services! “Hablamos Español” $FOUSF4USFFUt8FTU3PYCVSZ

Serving the local community for over 30 years GORMLEY 617-469-5434 | [email protected] Funeral Home 30 Eastbrook Road, Unit #403, Dedham and Dele Boje Cremation Services Quick Refund • Se Habla Espanol Proprietor West Roxbury Private Care Duty - 24 Hr Service COSGROVE & MCMENIMON INSURANCE 617-323-8600 Housekeeping - Alzheimer’s www.gormleyfuneral.com Since 1911 Dementia Care & More William E. Robinson 857-891-0106 President bostonbesthomecareserviceinc.com 4258 Washington St. Roslindale, MA 617-327-6226 500 Canterbury St. Roslindale “Jesus Wept.” [email protected] • www.candminsurance.com 617-524-1036 Proudly Serving the John 11:35 www.stmichaelcemetery.com Families of Sacred Heart 4164 Washington St. Roslindale, MA 02131 SEBASTIAN’S Paul Mitchell and Al Milton 617-333-0319 Parishioner & Proud Supporter of Sacred Heart Other Hair Care [email protected] 1012 Hyde Park Ave., Hyde Park, MA 02136 Products 617.361.2000 • 617.634.9193 We do Mass State www.morenoautocollision.com Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 8AM-5PM /ŶƐƉĞĐƟŽŶƐ͊ 617-323-9448 Open six days for your convenience. 6-8 Corinth Street, Roslindale An active parish member Real Estate Services Financial Planner Neighborhood expertise over 35 years experience St Mary’s Cemetery in Needham, founded Rob Grady in the 1870’s, is the parish cemetery of Mary Insight Realty Group Immaculate of Lourdes. Th e Cemetery is 1429 Centre Street a reverent resting place for those awaiting Boston, MA 02132 reunion with the Risen Lord. Th e decision 508.221.8989 mobile [email protected] to pre-plan and purchase interment rights is a responsible and thoughtful gesture, sparing Ronald Krupa Insurance Agency, Inc. loved ones the stress of making diffi cult 25 Corinth Street, Roslindale decisions during a time of grief and loss. For information, call the cemetery staff at Mary "VUPt)PNFt-JGFt)FBMUIt#VTJOFTT Immaculate of Lourdes Church at 781-235-1841. 617-323-6900 ST. MARY’S CEMETERY St. Mary’s Cemetery | 1 Wellesley Avenue, XXXLSVQBJOTVSBODFDPNtLSVQBJOTVSBODF!DPNDBTUOFU Needham, MA 02494 your bank for life

thecooperativebank.com | 40 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale, MA, 617-325-2900 EQUAL HOUSING MEMBER MEMBER 201 Main St., Charlestown, MA. 617-242-0380 | 36 Spring St., West Roxbury, MA. 617-325-9955 LENDER SIF FDIC For Advertising call 617-779-3771 Pilot Bulletins Sacred Heart, Roslindale, MA 230