Jeff's History Project

Liverpool then and now

My Project

• My name is Jeffrey Thomas Harrop • I have been living in Liverpool for 49 Years • I support Liverpool FC. I watch every home game on dvd and away game • I was born in Liverpool and raised in Hunts Cross as a child • My project is to explain how good my work is and I work very Hard • My project is about the years I have lived in Liverpool

Where I have lived in Liverpool

• I used to live in 55 Hill foot Avenue with my mum and dad • I spend my childhood at home • I was born in may 3rd 1963 • My dad worked in Standard Triumph • My mum worked in mpte in Hatton Garden • I don’t my 1st Birthday 1964 Where I went to school

• I went to Otterspool school for boys in 1975. I was in the Juniors where I learned sums and law and woodwork • I left Otterspool school and I joined Holt Hall and I left there to join Riversdale College to do a car care course • I went to Greenways school with John Rand Carl Riley and Leanne Darby Where I like to go in Liverpool

• Town • Bootle - The Strand • Speke • The Royal British Legion • West Darby Road shops • The Black-E My Favourite Buildings • The Palm House • The Liverpool Waterfront • St George’s Hall • The Cavern • The Royal Liver • Sefton Park • Albert Dock • The Anglican Cathedral • Echo Arena

What I am interested in

• The • The Incredible Hulk tv series • Crossroads • Emmerdale – Plane crash of 1993 • Kight Rider • Coronation Street THE Incredible HULK • Dr David Banner was played by the late Bill Bixby he died of prosate cancer in 1993 • The Hulk was played the muscle man Lou Ferrigno and this was his first gig • Jack McGee was played by Jack Colvin. Jack is now in his 80s • Lou Ferrigno wore make-up. Lou wore a wig and a false forehead. He had a green body and false eyebrows • This metamorphosis means he is ready for action THE BAY CITY ROLLERS

• I am doing a Banner on The Bay City Rollers and their history from the begining • The Rollers Split up in 1981 • and Les McKeown retired • and Derek Longmuir retired • Stewart ‘Woody’ Wood Died when his guitar blew up Liverpool Football Club – The Legends

These are the legends of Liverpool football Club • Tommy Lawrance • Tommy Smith • • Peter Thompson • came from Celtic • He replaced in the number 7 Shirt

Liverpool Football Club - The Legends

• Their Manager was Bill Shankley • Bill Shankley died in 1981 and took over as manager in 1981

My Life Now

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

• On Monday I relax at home • On Tuesday I go to Oakfield • On Wednesday I return to Oakfield • On Thursday I go to Liverpool Mencap • Friday I go to The Black-E My Weekends Out

• On a Saturday afternoon I go to Town on my own • I get my Shampoo and shower gel mouthwash and deodorant • On Saturday night I go to the Royal British Legion and have two pints of smooth • On a Sunday afternoon I go back to the legion for my pint and for a chat to the bar stuff My Holidays

• I go on holiday to see my family • They live on The Wirral • I go to Trisha and Ronnie’s and Bella’s • I have been on a cruise. We visited Dublin, Cork and Spain The Mersey Tunnels

• The Mersey tunnel was opened in 1934 by King George 5th and Queen Mary • They named it Queensway • It is 60 years old • I have a DVD on the Queensway Tunnel • It tells the history of the Queensway tunnel • It was built under the River Mersey The Mersey Tunnels

• The second Mersey Tunnel - Kingsway was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1971 • The Queen was crowned in 1953 • The Queen’s father King George V and Queen Mary opened the Queensway tunnel in 1934