The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 1



By Mark M. H. Goode ©.

November 2007 Last update Nov 2007

Copyright Mark M. H. Goode Department of Economics and Business Swansea University, UK

1 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 2

This guide has been written to help students on the undergraduate and postgraduate degree schemes at Swansea Business School and is the result of my use of the web over the last eight years. It is not intended to be a definitive guide, but simply a starting point and reference for your adventure into hyper-space. The guide contains around 1,200 Internet sites.

Introduction. The Internet is growing at an exponential rate, with approximately 0.25 million new web sites being added each month. At present there are over 3 million companies with web addresses, 0.25 million organisations, 5,000 educational establishments and 500 government sites listed on the World Wide Web. Over 153 million people in over 150 countries are using the Internet, however over half these people are located in North America (See the table below). This percentage will reduce as more people from other countries start to use the Internet.

People Online Country People in Millions Percentage North America 87 57% Europe 34 22% Asia and Pacific 26 17% South America 4.5 3% Africa 1 0.5% Middle East 0.7 0.4% Total 153 100%

Source: http://www.nua.ie/surveys/how_many_online.

This guide has been sub-divided into fourteen subject areas or sections (namely a through n) as listed below, each section may have a number of major sub sections as shown in italics. The N values shown at the end of each section indicate the number of web sites listed in that section. At the start of some sub-sections a web site in large italics may be given, this is either a general web site for that sub-section or a special organisation which companies in that sub section may be linked to. Throughout this guide a number of special codes are used, firstly if a web site is followed by FT-100 this company is from the Financial Times 100 stock market index. Secondly, if the web site is followed by B???, this is one of the world’s top 100 , as defined by Hankinson & Hankinson (1999). Finally if the web site is followed by E, this site offers e-commerce facilities. Within each of these thirteen sections, the web sites have been sorted by subject then by web site name. You should also check the information Gateway section for interesting jump points on numerous subjects. The Internet is slower at some part of the day so European users will get quicker response time in the morning as American users come on line in the afternoon. You should also be very careful in typing http:// addresses as they need to the absolutely correct to connect to that site. Most Internet browsers (e.g. MICROSOFT EXPLORER or NETSCAPE) allow bookmarks or favourites where you can store commonly used web addresses. Most web browsers will automatically add the http:// part of the web address so you don’t need to type it.

2 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 3

a) Information on the Internet. [N=10] General b) Sport. [N=26] General Motor Sports Football c) News, Television & Weather. [N=62] News & newspapers, Magazines, Television & satellite channels, Digital television information, Weather, General d) Data bases & References. [N=48] Company information, Government databases, Academic databases, Health & Health Care Statistical databases, Telephone numbers & address, Jobs & vacancies. e) Leisure Interests (other than sport). [N=33] General Movies Museums and Art Galleries f) Travel. [N=31] General Travel Tourist Organisations Motoring Associations Wonders of the World g) Space. [N=14] General Spacecraft Engineering h) Information on Companies. [N=663] General Stock Market Information Standard Industrial Classification i) Academic Subjects. [N=172] Accounting & Taxation Economics Law Geography Management Operations Management Politics & Government International Organisations Professional Organisations and Institutes. Quantitative Methods Science Social science Sociology j) Europe [N=39] k) Information Gateways. [N=20] Educational Gateway Business Gateways Politics & Government Gateways Television Gateways Special Interest Gateways Popular Attractions & Events Gateways l) Searching on the Web. [N=23] m) Shopping. [N=39] Bookshops General Shopping Car Sales & Purchase Purchasing Computer Hardware & Software Music & Videos n) Building your own Web site [N=16]

Finally due to the ever changing nature of the Internet some addresses will change or be deleted over time, if you can not connect to a site it could be due to the address being

3 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 4

changed or the site is under maintenance and is temporarily off line. If you have problems connecting to a site you should check the Internet address in one of the many directories on the web (see the section on Data bases & References in this guide).

The History and Development of the Internet. The Internet started life in the late 1960’s with ARPAnet, a long distance computer network for the US Government Advanced Research Projects Agency. This linked 4 computers in 1969 and the network grew over the next 10 years to include over 200 computers in the USA. The main reason for linking computers together was to minimise the risk of nuclear warfare destroying important computers, therefore a number of geographical separated computers were linked together. These computers included military, research and government agencies. By the 1980’s a number of academic networks joined, which included Usenet, BITnet, CSnet and NSFnet. NSFnet, National Science Foundation’s Internet, uses very high speed links and forms the basis of the Internet in USA. These networks formed the start point of the modern Internet. Up to this point most of the computers connected to the network were mainframes using the UNIX operating system. In the early 1990’s PC’s and Macintoshes computers joined the Internet with the introduction of ease to use software like Netscape and Windows. The Internet then spread crossing the Atlantic to the and from here into Europe. By the mid 1990’s over 4 million computers were linked to the Internet and over 35 million people were using it on a regular basis.

Understanding World Wide Web (WWW) Addresses. The Universal Resource Locater or (URL) is comprised of three basic components firstly the http://www part, however this is not used for all web addresses as a very small proportion use different conventions (i.e. Siemens electronics, http://w2.siemens.com). Secondly the site name such as Siemens and thirdly the type / location of the web site (therefore .co.uk is company located in the United Kingdom). If no location is given it will probably be the USA. The following list shows some of the more common types and country locations used in web addresses.

Table of Type and Country Location Abbreviations

Type Country Location .com or .co Company .ar Argentina .gr Germany .no Norway .gov or .gc Government .at Austria .ie Ireland .pt Portugal .org Organisation .au Austrailia .il Israel .ru Russia .edu Education .br Brazil .in India .se Sweden .ac Academic .ca Canada .is Iceland .sg Singapore .mil Miltary .ch Switzerland .it Italy .tw Taiwan .net Internet gateway .cn China .jo Jordan .ua Ukraine .cy Cyprus .jp Japan .uk UK .es Spain .kr Korea .us USA .fi Finland .mx Mexico .za South Africa .fr France .nl Netherlands

Newsgroups. A newsgroup is an open discussion forum and there are around 30,000 different groups on the Internet, catering for almost every subject imaginable. There is often a

4 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 5

protocol or hierarchy in each newsgroup and not all newsgroups are what they may first seem. It is often a good idea to view, before joining in the discussion or you may get flamed. E-Commerce. Increasingly companies are using the Internet to market their products and services to an international consumer market place. The Internet has numerous advantages firstly, it is a global network and can reach millions of people 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Secondly, it is quick and easy to update your web site and very cost effective to run it. Thirdly, once you have credit card facilities goods and services can easily be bought and despatched. Fourthly, it is any excellent way to see what your competition is doing both in terms of web site design and new price offers and discounts as well as new product launches. One of the most important aspects of e-commerce is taking secure payments for goods and services, this is normally done by credit card transfers. The airline EasyJet has been one of the companies in the UK at the leading edge of e-commerce with more than 50% of its business conducted online. The first bank in the UK to embrace both e-commerce and online banking is Sunbank (http://www.sunbank.co.uk). However a number of other banks have started to look seriously into e-commerce, these include Natwest (http://www.natwest.co.uk), Barclays Merchant Services (http://www.bms.barcays.co.uk), e-banx (http://www.ebanx.net) and the Royal Bank of Scotland (http://www.rbos.co.uk). Numerous companies have started to exploit the advantages of the Internet, one very successful company is lastminute (http://www.lastminute.com) which sells luxury items and residual tickets for concerts, theatre and shows which have not been sold in the normal way. It has been predicted that online retail market in the UK by the year 2003 will have reached over £3,000 million. The major categories will be computer hardware/software and airline flights. A breakdown of the major categories is shown in the following table.

Predicted Level of Online Retail Sales in the UK by 2003

Category Value £m Percentage Computer hardware and software 1,355 43% Flights 489 15% Clothes 405 13% Food and drink 349 11% Books and music 355 11% Others 173 7% £m3126 100% Source : http://www.fletch.co.uk

Also see http://www.netfactual.com, http://www.silicon.com and http://www.nua.ie/surveys for up to date information on the use of the Internet.

Computer software companies involved in designing e-commerce software include BT and Microsoft as well as ‘The Vision Factory’ (http://www.thevisionfactory.com), ‘Powerlaunch Computers’ (http://www.pcl.ndirect.co.uk) and ‘Floyd Consultancy Ltd’ (http://www.floyd.co.uk). Two other excellent Internet sites to look at are http://www.hp.com/e-services and http://www.microsoft.com/uk/ecommerce.

5 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 6

a) INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET [N=10]. This is your starting point of your adventure into cyber-space, one site you definitely should look at first is http://www.bized.ac.uk/fme. This site contains a specially designed workbook on using the Internet. Internet address Description. General (n=10) http://.www.ioma.com/ioma/direct.html Guide to business resources on the Internet. http://.www.unesco.org/webworld/infotech/guide.pdf Twenty page guide to the Internet. http://.www.unesco.org/webworld/wirerpt/wirenglish/chap18.pdf Sixteen page discussion of the Internet. http://sunsite.unc.edu/boutell/faq/www-faq.html Answers to common questions http://www.bized.ac.uk/fme/ A workbook aimed at business school students, on using the Internet for learning. http://www.cityscope.co.uk Cityscope interesting web pages http://www.easynet.co.uk/home.htm Easynet http://www.germany.eu.net/books/eegtti/eeftti.html Guide to the Internet http://www.internic.net/infoguide.html Directories for the Internet http://www.ncsa.vivc.edu Creators of mosaic software b) SPORT [N=26]. There is lots of sports information on the Internet some of the more frequently visited sites are listed below. Internet address Description. General (n=10) http://rmd-www.mr.it.ac.uk/snow Snowboarding information. http://www.beeb.com General Sports information. http://www.eurosport.com Euro Sport http://www.fina.org Swimming http://www.golf.com Golf http://www.mit.edu:8001/services/sis/sports.html General sports information. http://www.nba.com American Basketball http://www.nfl.com American Football http://www.planet-rugby.co.uk Planet Rugby. http://www.tennis.com Tennis Motor Racing (n=5) http://www.autosportmag.com Auto Sport magazine http://www.forix.com Formula One results http://www.itv-f1.com ITV Formula 1 http://www.maranelo.force9.co.uk Ferrari Formula 1 http://www.planetf1.com Planet F1, lots of detailed information on formula 1 dating back to the 1950’s Football (n=11) http://athene.net/soccercity Soccer City http://www.fa-carling.com Football information. http://www.footballunlimted.com Up to date news and information http://www.hall-of-fame.co.uk FA Premier league hall of fame. http://www.manutd.com Manchester United FC http://www.nationwide.co.uk Football information. http://www.soccerhall.org Football news http://www.soccersite.com Soccer site http://www.soccerstats.com/uk.htm English Football Top Sites http://www.the-fa.org The Football Association.

6 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 7 http://www.ufn.co.uk Unoffical Football Network c) NEWSPAPERS, TELEVISION & WEATHER [N=62]. Many newspapers, world wide, are published each day on the Internet long before the normal paper copy is available. This is often the fastest way of get up to date information. Furthermore some newspapers also have previous issues available. One of the best in the UK is ‘The Guardian’, which has the last 4 years newspapers directly available on-line. If you want information on a particular story or a particular day there is an excellent search engine for ‘The Guardian’ newspaper to retrieve this information. Internet address Description. News and Newspapers (n=32) http://www.mediainfo.com Directory of newspapers on the net. http://www.dds.nl~kidon/papers.html Links to newspapers worldwide. http://www.pa.press.net UK press association. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news BBC news B50 http://www.carltonplc.co.uk Carlton Comms FT-100 http://www.cnbceurope.com CNBC News. http://www.cnn.com CNN news B33 http://www.computeractive.co.uk Computer Active http://www.fwi.co.uk Farmers Weekly http://www.ft.com The Financial Times http://www.gold.net/online/_guardian Guardian newspaper. http://www.industrystandard.net The Internet Economy Newpaper. http://www.jpost.co.il Jerusalem Post http://www.mirror.co.uk The Mirror http://www.nme.com New Music Express http://www.pointcast.com Pointcast http://www.pearson.com Pearson (UK) FT-100 http://www.reuters.co Reuters News FT-100,B=62 http://www.teletext.co.uk Teletext http://www.telewest.co.uk Telewest FT-100 http://www.the-times.co.uk The Times B93 http://www.timeinc.com/pathfinder Time Magazine B46 http://www.tls.co.uk Times Literary Supplement http://www.unm.co.uk United News FT-100 http://www.washingtonpost.com Washington Post http://www.worldpressgroup.com The European newspaper http://www.newsalert.com USA Financial news http://www.newswire.ca Canadian Newspapers http://www.petroleum-economist.com Petroleum Economist http://www.wsj.com Wall Street Journal http://www.wpp.com WPP FT-100 http://www.usatoday.com USA Today

Magazines (n=7) http://www.economist.com The Economist http://www.golfonline.com Golf on line http://www.iwks.com Internet.Works http://www.golfweb.com Golf Web http://www.sciam.com Scientific America http://www.timeout.co.uk Time Out

7 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 8 http://www.which.net Which magazine

Television and Satellite Channels (n=9). http://www.newslink.org Links to the media worldwide http://utv.net/WORLDtv/worldtv.html TV stations by country http://www.bbc.co.uk The BBC http://www.channel4.com Channel 4. http://www.htv.co.uk HTV http://www.itv.co.uk ITV http://www.ntl.com Cable Tel http://www.rtguide.beeb.com Guide to over 200 TV channels http://www.sky.co.uk BskyB FT-100

Digital Television Information (n=4). http://www.bbc.co.uk/digital BBC digital http://www.cable.co.uk Cable http://www.ondigital.co.uk On digital http://www.sky.co.uk/skytv/digital Sky digital

Weather (n=7). http://cnn.com/weather CNN weather report http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather. The BBC weather report http://www.intellicast.com Lots of weather information. http://www.meto.govt.uk The Met office http://www.onlineweather.com Online Weather http://www.weather.com/twc/homepage.twc http://www.weatherland.com Weatherland

General (n=3). http://www.asa.org.uk The Advertising Standards Authority http://www.itc.org.uk Independent Television Commission http://www.vbs.bt.co.uk/library/reguuk.htm UK Broadcasting Regulation & Complaints d) DATABASES & REFERENCE [N=50]. Hundreds of databases and reference guides are available on the Internet, a few are listed below.

Internet address Description. Company Information (n=9). http://askalex.co.uk Directory of 1.8 Million UK Companies http://www.britishexports.reedinfo.co.uk Directory of 90,000 UK exporters. http://www.companiesonline.com Dun and Bradstreet list of 100,000 USA companies. http://www.dbeuro.com/ukuk_home1.htm Directory of 2 million UK & 17 million world companies some services free some are not. http://www.kellys.reedinfo.co.uk/ Directory of 12,000 UK companies. http://www.ukdirectory.com UK web sites grouped by sector. http://www.ukplus.co.uk Search able directory of UK web sites. http://www.scoot.co.uk Scoot - directory of web sites http://www.yell.co.uk Yellow pages telephone directories.

8 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 9

Government Databases (n=3). http://www.census.gov United States Census Bureau. http://www.uktradeinfo.com Detailed UK trade statistics by Business Monitor, includes both intra EEC trade and extra EEC trade. http://www.odci.gov/cia CIA World Factbook

Academic Databases (n=2). http://sosig.ac.uk Social Science database. http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/ukinfo/uk.map.html All universities and colleges in the UK are on this touch sensitive map.

Health & Health Care (n=7) http://www.healthfinder.org The USA department of health, links to lots of publications, databases and self- help groups. http://omni.ac.uk UK equivalent to health finder. http://medlineplus.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus Very large database of medical papers, with search engine to locate information on particular subjects or medical problems. http://www.drkoop.com Excellent site on numerous aspects of health and health care. http://www.healthcentre.org.uk/hc/clinic/wesites/default.htm Index to UK health websites and patient groups. http://www.intelihealth.com Excellent source for information on medications, you will need the generic name of the drug. http://www.reuterhealth.com Up to date health and medical news.

Statistical Databases (n=13). http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/DASL/DataArchive.html The DASL data and data analysis story library. http://www.ai.mit.edu/stocks Stock Market Database. http://www.bankamerica.com/capmkt/brief_intl.html Bank of America interest rates, currency forecasts, economic indicators for Canada, US, Japan and Europe. http://www.cbs.nl/eng/link/index.htm Links to National Statistical Offices. http://www.census.gov/ US trade statistics. http://www.europa.eu.int European Economic Statistics. http://www.eyi.com/tITax.htm Ernst & Young World tax guide. http://www.fedstats.gov Links to over 70 USA government agencies producing statistical information http://www.halifax.co.uk Latest information on UK house price indices, published by the Halifax bank. http://www.jmis.co.uk Country Risk Reports. http://www.statstics.gov.uk/ukstats.htm Basic UK stats economic, demographic http://www.population.com World population figures by 200 countries, plus unemployment, language, currency and population projection. http://www-personal.busrco.monash.edu.au/~hyndman/TSDL/ Excellent database of over 500 different time series on numerous subjects.

9 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 10

Telephone numbers and Addresses (n=7) http://www.192.co.uk UK telephone numbers. http://www.phonenumbers.net UK telephone numbers. http://www.whowere.lycos.com USA phone numbers. http://www.streetmap.co.uk Atlas of the UK & Greater London. http://www.royalmail.co.uk/paf/ Databases of UK Postcodes. http://www.bigfoot.co.uk Finding e-mail addresses. http://www.excite.co.uk Finding e-mail addresses.

Jobs & Vacancies (n=6) http://www.ecmsel.co.uk http://www.jobworld.co.uk http://www.jobs.ac.uk http://www.matchmaker.co.uk http://www.topjobs.net http;//www.phdjobs.com

General reference (n=3) http://dictionary.cambridge.org Excellent dictionary from Cambridge University Press. http://www.nolo.com General dictionary about the law and legal terms. e) LEISURE INTERESTS (not sports) [N=33]. Every possible interest is catered for on the Internet a few of the more popular address are given below. If you what to find information a particular subject use a search engine like Yahoo. Internet address Description. General (n=12) http://www.charm.net/~jakec Fashion page. http://www.dotmusic.co.uk Chart Music http://www.fodors.com/ri.cgi List of restaurants http://www.galcit.cultech.edu/~ta/creative.html The Creative Internet. http://www.howstuffworks.com Explanation of everyday inventions http://www.learn2.com Lifestyle tips http://www.pizzaexpress.co.uk Pizza Express http://www.startrek.com Star Trek http://www.starwars.com Star Wars http://www.where-to-eat.co.uk List of restaurants http://www50.dt.navy.mil/gallery Multimedia project gallery. http:/sunsite.unc.edu/ianc/index.html Underground music archive.

Movies (n=8) http://movieweb.com/movie/movie.html Previews of Movies http://www.britmovie.co.uk British Movies http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/movies Movie database. http://www.movies.com Previews of new movies. http://www.odeon.co.uk The Odeon searching, preview and ticket booking. http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk Ticketmaster book tickets on line for theatre, cinema and sporting events http://www.universalstudios.com Universal Studios. http://www.virgin.net/cinema Virgin Cinema information.

10 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 11

Museums and Art Galleries (n=13) http://www.easynet.io.uk/pages/cafe/gall.htm Art Galleries. http://www.itl.nrt/features/nmm Beaulieu National Motor Museum http://www.british-museum.ac.uk British Museum http://www.nhm.ac.uk Natural History Museum http://www.vam.ac.uk Victoria & Albert Museum http://www.nmsi.ac.uk Science Museum, National Railway Museum and National Museum of Photography Bradford http://www.iwm.org.uk Imperial War Museum http://www.museums.co.uk Museums http://www.museumsworld.com Museums of the World http://www.museumsassociation.org The museum association. http://mistral.culture.fr/louvre/louvera.htm Le Louvere (Paris) http://www.portico.bl.uk The British Library http://www.tate.org.uk The Tate Art Gallery. f) TRAVEL [N=31]. There is lots of travel information on the Internet and it is possible to book airline tickets and hotel rooms simply by using a credit card over the net. One of the most useful addresses on the Internet for travel and accommodation information is on the touch sensitive maps at buffalo (see virtual world tourist). These maps allow the user to hot link to other information sites by simply clicking with the mouse on any part of the map. Internet address Description. General Travel (n=10) http://wings.buffalo.edu/world Virtual World Tourist (World).. http://wings.buffalo.edu/world/europe.html Virtual World Tourist (Europe). http://www.city.net Virtual World Tourist http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/misc/uk/intro/html UK Europe guide. http://cityguide.lycos.com Excellent guide to world travel. http://www.railtrack.co.uk UK train timetables http://www.ukonline.co.uk/travel/contents.html All in one UK timetable which includes rail/bus/air and eurostar timetables. http://www.xe.net/currency Currency converter http://www.thomascook.co.uk Thomas Cook http://www.leisureplanet.com Leisure planet

Tourist Organisations (n=10) http ://www.heritageireland.ie Ireland Tourist Board http://ireland.travel.ie Travel in Ireland http://www.enjoyillinois.com USA State of Illinois Tourist Info. http://www.indiatouristoffice.org Indian Tourist Office http://www.jtourism.com Jersey Tourist Board. http://www.newasia-singapore.com Singapore http://www.nps.gov/parks.html USA National Parks http://www.portugal.org Portugal Tourist Office http://www.tourspain.es Spain Tourist Office http://www.virtualjerusalem.co.il Virtual Tour of Jerusalem

Motoring Associations (n=2) http://www.theaa.co.uk The AA

11 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 12 http://www.rac.co.uk The RAC

Wonders of the World (n=9) http://www.kaibab.org Grand Canyon http://www.werple.mira.net.au/~margaret/frames1.htm Great Barrier Reef http://www.cibernet.it/thebox/pisa/tower.html Leaning Tower of Pisa http://www.state.sd.us/tourism/rushmore/rushmore.html Mount Rushmore http://pharos.bu.edu/Egypt/Wonders Seven Wonders of the Ancient World http://www.yellowstone-natl-park.com Yellowstone National Park http://www.chron.com/content/interactive/voyager/egypt/tour/index.html Splendors of Ancient Egypt. http://www.geocites.com/Athens/parthenon/7279/wwae Ancient Egypt. http://www.geocites.com/thetropics/paradise/6116 Ancient Egypt. g) SPACE [N=14]. There is a wealth of information on space and one of the best starting points is the NASA home pages (www.nasa.gov). Internet address Description. General (n=11) http:// www.jpl.nasa.gov NASA jet Propulsion Laboratory http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/reports/space/johnson.html A virtual tour of the NASA Johnson Space centre. http://mosaic.larc.nasa.gov/nasaon/nasaonline.html NASA homepage http://planetary.org Planetary Society http://shuttle.nasa.gov NASA Space shuttle. http://stardust.jpl.nasa.gov NASA planetary data system http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk The Royal Greenwich Observatory http://www.eia.brad.ac.uk/btl/ Tour of the Galaxy http://www.lag.net/~crs/mars Mission to Mars http://www.nasa.gov NASA http://www.rahul.net/resource/hotlinks/solar.htm The Solar System

Spacecraft Engineering (n=3) http://www.ambitweb.com/nasacams/nasacams.html American http://www.erin.esa.it European http://arc.iki.rssi.ru Russian h) INFORMATION ON COMPANIES. N=663 One of the best Internet sites in the UK for business information is bized (see below) which includes all the top 100 companies in the UK and allows users to hot-link to major companies home pages. Bized also has excellent marketing case studies and some company case studies. The quality of some company home-pages are very variable, however some are excellent, see Hilton Hotels or JCB web sites for examples of excellent web pages. If you are looking for up to date accounts a good starting point is http://www.carol.co.uk (Company Annual Reports On-Line this covers many major firms in UK, Europe & Asia). Internet address Description. General Company Information (n=16) http://bized.ac.uk Excellent jump point, case studies annual reports and company information on many of the top 100 companies in the UK. http://www.arab.net/saudi100/ Top 100 Saudi companies.

12 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 13 http://www.businessconnect.org.uk Business connect, gives companies help and advice on most business matters. http://www.corporate.ir.net General company information http://www.dis.strath.ac.uk/business/directoriesUK.html Excellent information jump point on firms and business worldwide. http://www.emn.ru Russian companies and banks. http://www.fortune.com General USA Fortune 500 information. http://www.hoovers.com General USA company accounts. http://www.pathfinder.com/fortune General company information. http://www.reportgallery.com/bigaz.htm Annual reports of U.S. firms. http://www.site-by-site.com World of finance global investment information. http://www.software-ibm.com/bis 25 case studies of some of the worlds toughest industries. http://www.stpt.com Starting point home pages of major USA companies. http://www.welshbusinessonline.org A resource centre for Welsh businesses, covering lots of areas. http://www.wsrn.com Wall Street Journal Research Net. http;//www.corporateinformation.com General company information Market Research (n=3) http;//www.marketresearch.com Market research (£) http://www.mintel.com Mintel Marketing Reports. http://www.keynote.co.uk Excellent information on different sectors and industries.

Stock Market Information (n=15). http://www.business.directory.com Dow Jones. http://www.dowjones.com Dow Jones USA Stock Index http://www.dbisna.com/dbis/dnbhome.htm Dun and Bradstreet http://www.esi.co.uk Electronic Share Information. http://www.ftse.com Financial Times 100 Share Index http://www.hemscott.com Hemmington Scott http://www.iii.uk Interactive Investors International http://www.investorschronicle.co.uk Investors Chronicle http://www.londonstockex.co.uk London Stock Exchange http://www.marketeye.co.uk Stock market prices http://www.marketguide.com Stock market information http://www.micropal.com Standard & Poor http://www.nyse.com New York Stock Market http://www.proshare.com Proshare http://www.upperweb.com Upper Analytical Services Most of the leading world companies maintain web sites, which is one of the best ways of getting key up to date company information, general information on specific products or even historical accounts. Listed below are over 600 URL addresses for many of the worlds top companies. The companies in the following URL address guide have been grouped by their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) alphabetic categories, therefore companies with similar economic activities will be listed together. The SIC system (United Nations, Rev 4.0, 1990) divides companies into four basic levels. Firstly, categories (one alphabetic letter), secondly divisions (two digits), thirdly, groups (three digits) and finally classes (four digits). The seventeen one alphabetic letter categories are shown in the following table along with their double digit division numbers and description of company activity. Please note that the URL addresses which have been indented are for the same company or for a major product of that company. At the start of each category the number of

13 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 14

addresses is shown in square brackets and the SIC four digit code is also given. If the web site has a number such as B??? after it, it is one of the world’s top 100 brands, as defined by Hankinson & Hankinson (1999, Appendix 1, page153-154). N.B. some names are company names, some product names.

14 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 15

STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION OF COMPANY ACTIVITIES Category Division Description A 01-02 Agriculture & Forestry (plus related service activities). B 05 Fishing. C 10-14 Mining & Quarrying. Mining Oil Exploration & Refining D 15-37 Manufacturing. Aerospace Companies. Book Publishing Houses. Cars, Trucks, & Motorcycles Companies. Automotive Parts. Chemical Companies. Drug Companies. Earth Moving Equipment Companies. Electronic & Electrical Engine & Engineering Companies. Food & Drink Companies. Hi-Fi Manufacturing Companies. Photographic Manufacturing Companies. Ship Building. Shoe & Clothing Manufacturing. Sports Equipment Manufacturing. Steel Manufacturing Companies. Toy Manufacturing. E 40-41 Electricity, Gas, Steam and Water Supply. F 45 . Civil Engineering. Construction Companies. Building Materials. G 50 Wholesale & Retail Trade. H 55 Hotel and Restaurants. I 60-64 Transport, Storage & Communications. Airlines Companies. Communications Companies. Parcel, Letter & Freight Delivery Companies. Transport Companies. J 65-67 Financial Intermediation. Banking Companies. Insurance Companies. K 70-74 Real Estate, Renting and Business Activities. Accounting Companies. Advertising & P.R Agencies Computer Hardware Companies. Computer Software Companies. Real Estate, Estate Agents & Property. L 75 Public Administration and Defence. M 80 Education. N 85 Health and Social Work. O 90-93 Other Community, Social and Personal Services Activities Antique Dealers & Auction Houses. Media, TV & Newspaper Companies. Rental Companies. P 95 Private Households with employed persons. Q 99 Extra-territorial Organisations and Bodies. The text shown in italics are sub groups of the main category.

15 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 16

CATEGORY C MINING AND QUARRYING [N=15] SIC 1010-1429 Mining Companies (n=9) SIC 1010 http://www. newmont.com Newmont gold http://www.canvis.com CANVIS (Coal) http://www.cyprusamax.com Cyprus Max http://www.debeers.co.uk De Beers (Diamonds) http://www.eurasia-mining.plc.uk Eurasia precious metals mining http://www.nmdc-india.com National Mineral Development Corp India http://www.outokumpu.fin Outokumpu http://www.riotinto.com Rio Tinto FT-100 http://www.rjb.com RJB (Coal) Oil Exploration & Refining Companies (n=6) SIC 1110 http://www.bp.com British Petroleum B=70, FT-100 http://www.entoil.com Enterprise Oil http://www.exxon.com http://www.lasmo.com Lasmo http://www.mobil.com MOBIL http://www.shell.com Shell Transport and Trading B64, FT-100 CATEGORY D MANUFACTURING [N=279] SIC 1511-3720 Aerospace Manufacturing Companies (n=12) SIC 3530 http://www.aero.bombardier.com Bombardier http://www.aerospatiale.fr Aerospatiale http://www.aerotelelmetry.com Aero Telelmetry http://www.airbus.com Airbus http://www.bae.co.uk British Aerospace FT-100 http://www.boeing.com Boeing B77 http://www.cas.honeywell.com Honeywell http://www.collins.rockwell.com Rockwell http://www.dasa.com Daimler Benz Aerospace AG http://www.lockheedmartin.com Lockheed Martin http://www.lufthansa-technik.com Lufthansa Technik http://www.pratt-whitney.com Pratt & Whitney Book Publishing Houses (n=23) SIC 2211 http://mitpress.mit.edu The MIT Press http://www.blackwell.co.uk Blackwell http://www.bowker-saur.co.uk Bowker Saur http://www.butterworth.co.uk Butterworth Publishing http://www.carfax.co.uk Carfax http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk Cambridge University Press http://www.derwent.co.uk Derwent http://www.emap.co.uk EMAP http://www.ftmanagement.com Financial Times http://www.harpercollins.co.uk Harper Collins http://www.hbuk.co.uk Harcourt Brace http://www.itbp.com Thomson Business Press http://www.mcb.co.uk MCB University Press http://www.mcgraw-hill.co.uk McGraw-Hill http://www.mcmillan-press.co.uk Macmillan http://www.mhhe.com Irwin/McGraw-Hill http://www.penguin.co.uk Penguin http://www.prennall.com Prentice Hall http://www.roughguides.com Rough Guides http://www.routledge.com Routledge book http://www.sagepub.co.uk Sage Publications. http://www.the-stationary-office.co.uk HMSO

16 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 17 http://www.wiley.com. John Wiley & Sons Newspaper Publishing Companies (see section C) SIC 2212 Car, Motor Cycle & Truck Manufacturing Companies (n=72) SIC 3410 http://www.toyota.co.jp/e/data General information about the automobile industry by country. http://www.rmif.co.uk Retail Motor Industry Federation UK http;//www.smmt.co.uk Society of Motor Manufacturers UK http://www.accars.co.uk AC sports cars http://www.alpharomeo.co.uk Alpha Romeo http://www.aprillia.co.uk Aprillia http://www.astonmartin.com Aston Martin http://www.audi.co.uk Audi http://www.audiusa.com Audi (USA) http://www.best4x4.landrover.com Landrover http://www.bmw.co.uk BMW B19 http://www.bmwusa.com BMW (USA) http://www.caterham.co.uk Caterham sports cars http://www.chrysler.co.uk Chrysler http://www.citroen.co.uk Citroen http://www.citroensaxo.co.uk Citroen (Saxo) http://www.daewoo-cars.co.uk Daewoo Cars http://www.dwc.co.kr Daewoo Trading Company http://www.detroitdiesel.com Detroit Diesel (Bus & Trucks) http://www.ducati.com Ducati http://www.ferrari.it Ferrari http://www.fiat.co.uk Fiat http://www.fordmotor.com Ford B45 http://www.ford.co.uk Ford http://www.fordinsure.co.uk Ford Insurance http://www.fordcredit.co.uk Ford Credit http://www.fordusa.com Ford (USA) http://www.iverco.com Ford Trucks http://www.gm.com http://www.harley-davidson.com Harley-Davidson B26 http://www.honda.co.uk Honda B66 http://www.honda.com Honda http://www.isuzi.co.uk Isuzi http://www.jaguar.com Jaguar http://www.jeepunpaved.com Jeep http://www.kia.com Kia http://www.lotuscars.co.uk Lotus cars http://www.kawasaki.com Kawasaki http://www.maserati.it Maserati http://www.man.co.uk Man Trucks http://www.mazda.co.uk Mazda http://www.mazdausa.com Mazda (USA) http://www.mbusa.com Mercendez Benz (USA) B07 http://www.mercedz-benz.co.uk Mercendez Benz (UK) http://www.rtna.daimlerbenz.com Mercendez Benz (Germany) http://www.mclarencars.co.uk Mclarens http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp Mitsubishi Motors (Japan) http://www.mitsubishi.co.uk Mitsubishi Motors (UK) http://www.nissanmotors.com Nissian Motors http://www.opel.com Opel http://www.porsche.com Porsche B62 http://www.proton.co.uk Proton http://www.renault.co.uk Renault http://www.rolls-royce.com Rolls Royce FT-100

17 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 18 http://www.rovergroup.com Rover Group http://www.saab.co.uk Saab http://www.saturn.com Saturn http://www.scania.co.uk Scania (Trucks) http://www.seat-cars.co.uk Seat Cars http://www.skoda-auto.com Skoda Cars http://www.subaru.co.uk Subaru http://www.suzuki.co.uk Suzuki http://www.triumph.co.uk Triumph motor cycles http://www.toyota.com Toyata B31 http://www.lexus.co.uk Lexus (Toyota) http://www.tvr-eng.co.uk TVR http://www.vauxhall.co.uk Vauxhall http://www.vespa.com Vespa (Scooters) http://www.volkswagen.com Volkswagen B80 http://www.vw.co.uk Volkswagen http://www.volvo.com Volvo B75 http://yamaha-motor-europe.com Yamaha motor cycles Automotive Parts Companies (n=7) SIC 3430 http://www.bridgestone.co.jp Bridgestone Tires http://www.goodyear.com Goodyear Tires http://www.jci.com Johnson Controls Systems http://www.lucas.co.uk Lucas Varity FT-100 http://www.michellin.co.uk Michellin Tires http://www.timax.co.uk Timax (exhausts) http://www.unipart.co.uk Unipart Chemical Manufacturing Companies (n=9) SIC 2411-2429 http://www.amersham.co.uk Nycomed Amersham http://www.boc.com British Oxygen Company FT-100 http://www.dow.com Dow http://www.dupont.com Dupont http://www.ici.com ICI FT-100 http://www.dulux.co.uk Dulux Paint http://www.laporteplc.com Laporte (UK) http://www.matthey.com Johnson Matthey (UK) http://www.millenniumchem.com Millennium Drug Manufacturing Companies (n=10) SIC 2423 http://www.abbott.com Abbott http://www.bayer.com Bayer http://www.glaxowellcome.com Glaxo Wellcome FT-100 http://www.hoechst.com Hoechst http://www.novartis.com Novartis http://www.merck.com Merck http://www.sb.com Smithkline & Beechams FT-100 http://www.tetrionics.com Tetrionics http://www.pfizer.com Pfizer http://www.zeneca.com Zeneca FT-100 Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturing Companies (n=2) SIC 2924 http://www.jcb.co.uk JCB http://www.caterpillar.com Caterpillar Electronic & Electrical Companies (n=35) SIC 3110-3220 http://www.aiwa.co.uk Awia http://www.braun.com Braun B95 http://www.casio.com Casio B79 http://www.digital.com Digital http://www.duracell.com Duracell (Batteries) B=70 http://www.dyson.com Dyson

18 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 19 http://www.electrolux.se Electrolux http://www.europe.exide.com Exide Electronics http://www.flymo.com Flymo http://www.euronec.com NEC http://www.ge.com General Electric http://www.gec.com General Electric (UK) FT-100 http://www.hitachi-consumer-eu.com Hitachi http://www.hotpoint.co.uk Hotpoint (Consumer Electrical) http://www.icl.co.uk ICL http://www.indesite.com Indesit http://www.kenwoodcorp.com Kenwood http://www.logica.com Logica http://www.mot.com Motorola B=59 http://www.neff.co.uk Neff http://www.oxinst.com Oxford Instruments http://www.panasonic.com Panasonic http://www.pioneer.co.uk Pioneer http://www.premierfarnell.com Premier Farnell (UK) http://www.eu.philips.com Philips B=83 http://www.rankxerox.co.uk Rank Xerox http://www.samsung.com Samsung B96 http://w2.siemens.de Siemens http://www.sony.com Sony B05 http://www.sun.com Sun http://www.ti.com Texas Instruments http://www.tefal.co.uk Tefal http://www.toshiba.co.uk Toshiba B43 http://www.xerox.co.uk Xerox B32 http://www.yamaha.co.uk Yamaha Engine & Engineering Manufacturing Companies (n=5) SIC 2911 http://www.btr.com BTR FT-100 http://www.cummins.com Cummins http://www.siebe.co.uk Siebe FT-100 http://www.gknplc.com GKN (UK) FT-100 http://www.tomkins.co.uk Tomkins FT-100 Food & Drink Manufacturing Companies (n=40) SIC 1511-1554 http://www.abf.co.uk Associated British Foods FT-100 http://www.anbusch.com Anbusch http://www.anheuser-busch.com Anheuser http://www.bass.com Bass FT-100 http://www.becks-beer.com Becks Beer http://www.budweiser.com Budweiser B83 http://www.cadbury.co.uk Cadbury’s Schweppes B37, B87, FT-100 http://www.campbellsoup.com Campbells B58 http://www.cocacola.com Coca Cola B02 http://www.compass-group.com Compass (UK) FT-100 http://www.diageo.com Diageo (UK) FT-100 http://www.discoveryfoods.co.uk Discovery Foods http://www.irn-bru.co.uk Irn-Bru http://www.kelloggs.com Kelloggs B16 http://www.kfc.com Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) B29 http://www.godiva.com Godiva (USA chocolate) http://www.guinness.ie Guinness http://www.haagen-dazs.com Haagen-Dazs (Ice-cream) B94 http://www.hasbro.com (Sweets) http://www.mcdonalds.com McDonalds B01 http://www.nescafe.co.uk Nescafe (Coffee) B15 http://www.nestle.com Nestle

19 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 20 http://www.northern-foods.co.uk Ski Yoghurt http://www.mars.com Mars (chocolate) B44 http://www.orchiddrinks.com Orchid Drinks http://www.pastalabella.com Pastal bella http://www.pepsi.com Pepsi B17 http://www.pillsbury Pillsbury B35 http://www.ragu.com Ragu http://www.rankhovis.co.uk Rank Hovis http://www.scottish-newcastle.com Scottish & Newcastle FT-100 http://www.slushpuppie.co.uk Slush Puppie http://www.tango.com Tango http://www.tate-lyle.co.uk Tate-Lyle http://www.unitedbiscuits.co.uk United Biscuits (UK) http://www.valio.fi Valio http://www.whitbread.co.uk Whitbread FT-100 http://www.unilever.com Unilever FT-100 Food and Drink Information Organisations http://www.milk.co.uk Milk http://www.sqt.org Scottish Quality Trout Hi-Fi Manufacturing Companies (n=12) SIC 3230 http://www.arcam.co.uk Arcam http://www.bang-olufsen.com Bang & Olufsen http://www.celestion.com Celestion http://www.denon.co.jp Denon http://www.kef.com Kef http://www.krellonline.com Krell http://www.linn.co.uk Linn http://www.marantz.com Marantz http://www.mission.co.uk Mission http://www.naim-auio.com Naim Audio http://www.sony-europe.com Sony (Europe) http://www.tagmclarenaudio.com TagMcLaren Audio Photographic Manufacturing Companies (n=3) SIC 3320 http://www.agfa.com Agfa http://www.fujifilm.co.uk/computer Fuji photographic film B69 http://www.eastman.com Kodak B04 Ship Building & Repair (n=6) SIC 3511 http://www.northwest-maritime.net Organisation of Shipbuilding Companies http://www.easternshipbuilding.com Eastern Shipbuilding http://www.hdw.de Harland & Wolff http://www.kvaerner.com Kvaerner http://www.nns.com Newport News http://www.unithaigroup.com UNITHAI Shoe & Clothing Manufacturers (n=13) SIC 1711-1920 http://www.addidas.co.uk Addidas B34 http://www.coats-viyella.co.uk Coats Viyella http://www.eddiebauer.co.uk Eddie Bauer http://www.gap.com Gap http://www.hawkshead.com Hawkshead http://www.hugo-boss.com Hugo Boss http://www.europe-reebok.com Reebok B36 http://www.frenchconnection.com French Connection http://www.regatta.co.uk Regatta http://www.eu.levi.com Levi B08 http://www.levi.com Levi USA http://www.nike.com Nike B=11 http://www.redoute.co.uk Redoute (French fashions)

20 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 21

Sports Equipment Companies (n=8) SIC 3693 http://www.cobragolf.com http://www.intersport.co.uk Intersport http://www.head-sports.com Head Sports http://www.pinggolf.com Ping http://www.fila.com Fila sports wear http://www.titleist.com Titleist http://www.topflite.com Topflite http://www.wilsonsports.com Wilson Sports Steel Manufacturing Companies (n=13) SIC 2710 http://www.jetro.go.jp/FACTS/t-10.html Information on steel production in all major producing countries. http://www.worldsteel.org World Steel Organisation http://www.uksteel.org.uk UK steel Organisation http://www.arbed.com Arbed (Luxembourg) http://www.avestasheffield.com Avesta http://www.bethsteel.com Bethlehem Steel (USA) http://www.corus.com Corus Group (British steel) http://www.csc.com.tw China Steel Company http://www.nsc.co.jp Nippon Steel (Japan) http://www.ohiosteel.org Ohio Steel http://www.tatsteel.com Tata Steel http://www.thyssen.com Thyssen http://www.usinor.com Usinor Steel Toy Manufacturing Companies (n=9) SIC 3694 http://www.btha.co.uk British Toy and Hobby Association http://www.actionman.com http://www.fisher-price.com Fisher-Price B59 http://www.lego.com Lego B23 http://www.knex.co.uk K’nex http://www.mattel.com Mattel B65 http://www.barbie.com Barbie Dolls B47 http://www.playmobil.com Play Mobil http://www.tomy.co.uk Tomy Toyes CATEGORY E ELECTRICITY, GAS, & WATER SUPPLY [N=19] SIC 4010-4100 Electricity (n=10) SIC 4010 http://www.aep.com American Electric Power.(USA) http://www.bnfl.com British Nuclear Fuels http://www.hydro.co.uk Scottish Hydro-Electric (UK) http://www.national-power.com National Power (UK) FT-100 http://www.ngc.co.uk National Grid (UK) FT-100 http://www.northern-electric.co.uk Northern Electric (UK) http://www.pgen.com Powergen (UK) FT-100 http://www.scottishpower.plc.uk Scottish Power (UK) FT-100 http://www.british-energy.co.uk British Energy FT-100 http://www.swalec.com South Wales Electricity (UK) Gas (n=2) SIC 4020 http://www.bg.com British Gas FT-100 http://www.centrica.co.uk Centrica FT-100 Water Supply Companies (n=7) SIC 4100 http://www.water.org.uk Water Organisation UK http://www.amwater.com American Water http://www.anglian.co.uk Anglian Water http://nwl.co.uk Northumbrocm Water

21 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 22 http://www.severn-trent.com Seven Trent FT-100 http://www.thames-water.com Thames Water FT-100 http://www.united-utilities.co.uk United Utilities (UK) FT-100 CATEGORY F CONSTRUCTION [N=30] SIC 4510-4550 Sub sectors (Civil Engineering, Construction and Building Materials) Civil Engineering Companies (n=10) SIC 4520 http://www.allott.co.uk Allott & Lomax http://www.amec.co.uk AMEC http://www.arup.com ARUP http://www.wsatkins.co.uk W.S. http://www.carlbro.co.uk Carl Bro http://www.fairhurst.co.uk W.A. & Partners http://www.gibbltd.com Gibb http://www.oscarfaber.co.uk Oscar Faber http://www.maunsell.co.uk Maunsell http://www.whiteyounggreen.co.uk White, Young and Green Construction Companies (n=12) SIC 4540 http://www.babtie.com Babtie http://www.bwel.com Babcock Water Engineering http://www.edmund-nuttall.co.uk Edmund Nuttall http://www.fondedil-foundations.ltd.uk Fondedile http://www.halcrow.com Halcrow http://www.kier.co.uk Kier http://www.mabey.co.uk Mabey http://www.maygurney.co.uk May Gurney http://www.mottmac.com Mott MacDonald http://www.shepherdgroup.co.uk Shepherd Group http://www.tarmac.co.uk http://www.taywood.co.uk Building Materials (n=8) SIC 2610-2699 http://www.bluecircle.co.uk Blue Circle (Cement) http://www.gp.com Georgia–Pacific (Timber) http://www.jewson.co.uk Jewson (Builders merchant) http://www.marleyplc.com Marley http://www.pilkington.com Glass http://www.travisperkins.co.uk (Building materials) http://www.wilcon.co.uk Wilcon Homes (House Building) http://www.wolseley.com Wolseley FT-100 CATEGORY G WHOLESALE AND RETAIL (N=46) SIC 5010-5260 Sub Sectors (General, Clothes, Comestics, Departmental, Electrical and Supermarkets) General Retailers (n=20) SIC 5131-5139 http://www.allieddomecq.co.uk Allied Domecq FT-100 http://www.argos.co.uk Argos http://www.boots.co.uk Boots the Chemist FT-100 http://www.co-op.co.uk Co-op http://www.etoy.com E Toys http://www.toycity.com Toy shop http://www.fao.com FAO Schwarz famous American Toy Shop http://www.granda.co.uk Granda http://www.gus.co.uk Great Universal Stores FT-100 http://www.hmv.co.uk HMV http://www.ikea.com Ikea B24 http://www.kingfisher.co.uk Kingfisher FT-100 http://www.kroger.com . http://www.longines.com Longines

22 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 23 http://www.oddbins.co.uk Oddbins http://www.toysrus.co.uk Toys R Us http://www.saralee.com Sara Lee http://www.tupperware.com Tupperware http://www.thresherwineshops.co.uk Thresher http://www.whsmith.co.uk WH Smiths Clothing Stores (n=3) SIC 5232 http://www.benetton.com Benetton Clothes B=98 http://www.marks-and-spencer.co.uk Marks & Spencer B=59, FT-100 http://www.next.co.uk Next Comestics (n=4) SIC 5231 http://www.avon.com Avon http://www.clinique.com Clinique http://www.the-body-shop.com The Body shop B28 http://www.revlon.com Revlon Departmental Stores (n=7) SIC 5232 http://www.allders.co.uk Allders http://www.debenhams.co.uk Debenhams http://www.johnlewis.co.uk John Lewis http://www.harrods.com Harrods B41 http://www.sears.com Sears B85 http://www.tops.co.uk Top Shop http://www.value-direct.co.uk Value Direct Electrical Stores (n=5) SIC 5233 http://www.bestbuy.com Best Buy (USA) http://www.comet.co.uk Comet http://www.dixons.co.uk Dixons E, FT-100 http;//www.hed.co.uk Home Electrical Direct http://www.mcdonald.com McDonald (USA Electricial Distributors) Supermarkets (n=7) SIC 5520 http://www.asda.co.uk Asda FT-100 http://www.kmart.com Kmart (USA) http://www.londis.co.uk http://www.safeway.com Safeway FT-100 http://www.sainsburys.co.uk Sainsburys B=98, E, FT-100 http://www.tesco.co.uk E ,FT-100 http://www.walmart.com Walmart (USA) CATEGORY H HOTEL AND RESTAURANTS (N=10) SIC 5510-5520 Leisure, Hotels & Public Houses (n=10) SIC 5510-5520 http://www.cnn.com CNN (Virtual Studio Tour) http://www.disney.com Disney B03 http://www.emigroup.com EMI FT-100 http://www.granda.co.uk Granda FT-100 http://www.hilton.com Hilton FT-100 http://www.ladbrokes.com Ladbrokes http://www.forte-hotels.com Trust House Forte http://www.marriot.com Marriot Hotels http://www.warnerbothers.com Warner Brothers http://www.uci.com UCI (Cinema) CATEGORY I TRANSPORT, STORAGE & COMM’S (N=67) SIC 6010-6420 Communications Companies (n=17) SIC 6420 http://www.accuk.co.uk ACC Telecom http://www.att.com AT &T B55

23 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 24 http://www.bell-a41.com Bell Atlantic http://www.bt.com British Telecom FT-100 http://bustel.ntl.com NTL Telecommunications http://www.cablewireless.com Cable and Wireless FT-100 http://www.carltonplc.co.uk Calton http://www.cwplc.com Cable & Wireless http://www.energis.co.uk Energis http://www.lucent.com Lucent Technologies http://www.nokia.com Nokia http://info.ntt.co.jp/global NTT Telegraph & Telephone Company http://www.orange.co.uk Orange Mobile phones. FT-100 http://www.u.cellnet.co.uk Cellnet http://www.semagroup.com Sema (UK) http://www.wings.motorola.com Motorola Mobile phones. http://www.vodafone.co.uk Vodaphone Mobile phones. FT-100 Parcel, Letter & Freight Delivery Companies (n=11) SIC 6411-6412 http://www.aramex.com Aramex http://www.dhl.co.uk DHL. http://www.fedex.com Fedex B54 http://www.parcelforce.com Parcel Force http://www.royal-mail.co.uk Royal mail http://www.securicor.co.uk Securior FT-100 http://www.sky-cargo.com Sky Cargo http://www.skyway.com Skyways http://www.tnt.co.uk TNT http://www.ukpo.com Post Office http://www.ups.com United Parcel Service Air Transport (n=22) SIC 6210 http://www.aa.com Amercian Airlines http://www.aerlingus.ie Aer Lingus http://www.aeroflot.co.uk Aeroflot http://www.aircanada.ca Air Canada http://www.amrcorp.com American Airlines http://www.baa.co.uk British Airports Authority FT-100 http://www.british-airways.com British Airways B51, FT-100 http://www.delta.com Delta Airlines http://www.easyjet.com Easy Jet http://www.fly.virgin.com Virgin B=91 http://www.iberia.com Iberia Airways http://www.icelandair.is Icelandair http://www.jal-europe.com Japanese Airlines http://www.klmuk.com KLM http://www.lufthansa.co.uk Lufthansa http;//www.malaysia-airlines.com Malaysia Airlines http://www.nwa.com Northwest Airlines http://www.ryanair.com Ryan Air http://www.qantas.com Qantas http://www.singaporeair.com Singapore Air http://www.usairways.com US Airways http://www.star-alliance.com Star Alliance Bus Transport (n=4) SIC 6021 http://www.arriva.com Arriva http://www.greyhound.com Greyhound http://www.nationalexpress.co.uk National Express http://www.stagecoach.com Stage Coach FT-100 Rail Transport (n=8) SIC 6010 http://www.eurostar.com Eurostar http://www.eurotunnel.com Euro Tunnel

24 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 25 http://www.railtrack.co.uk Rail Track FT-100 http://www.unionpacific.com Union Pacific (Railroad USA) http://www.jreast.co.jp East Japan Railway Company http://sncf.fr SNCF (France) http://www.virgintrains.co.uk Virgin trains http://www.thetrainline.com Virgin train timetable Water Transport (n=5) SIC 6110-6120 http://www.abports.co.uk Associated British Ports (UK) http://www.britishwaterways.co.uk British Water Ways http://www.hoverspeed.co.uk Hoverspeed http://www.pocruises.com P & O FT-100 http://www.stenaline.com Stenaline

CATEGORY I FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION (N=67) SIC 6511-6720 Central and World Banks (n=5) SIC 6511 http://www.bankofengland.co.uk Bank of England http://www.ecb.int European Central Bank http://www.bis.org Bank for International Settlements http://www.worldbank.org World Bank http://.www.imf.org International Monetary Fund Banking & Finance Companies (n=36) SIC 6519-6592 http://www.apacs.org.uk Association for payment and clearing systems, this excellent site gives detailed information on the developments and trends in financial payment methods, very up to date. http://www.3icf.co.uk 3I FT-100 http://www.abbeynational.co.uk Abbey National FT-100 http://www.alliance-leicester.co.uk Alliance & Leicester FT-100 http://www.bankerstrust.com Bankers Trust http://www.bank-of-ireland.co.uk Bank of Ireland http://www.bankofscotland.co.uk Bank of Scotland FT-100 http://www.barclays.co.uk Barclay FT-100 http://www.bristol.west.co.uk Bristol and West http://www.citibank.co.uk Citi Bank http://www.chase.com Chase Manhattan http://www.cheltglos.co.uk Cheltenham and Gloucester http://www.dresdnerkb.com Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Bank http://www.co-operativebank.co.uk Co-operative Bank http://www.firstdirect.co.uk First Direct http://www.goldfish.com Goldfish (Credit card) http://www.ny.frb.org Federal Reserve Bank of New York http://www.halifax.co.uk Halifax Bank FT-100 http://www.hsbsgroup.com HSBS FT-100 http://www.ibjbank.co.jp Industrial Bank of Japan http://www.lloydsbank.co.uk Lloyds TSB FT-100 http://www.mastercard.com Mastercard (Credit Card) B52 http://www.mcc.it Mediocredito Centrale (Investment bank) http://www.midlandbank.com Midland Bank http://www.nationwide.co.uk Nationwide http://www.natwestgroup.com Natwest FT-100 http://www.nrock.co.uk Northern Rock http://www.paribas.com Cie Financiere de Paribas (France) http://www.perpetual.co.uk Perpetual (Investment) http://www.royalbankscot.co.uk Royal Bank of Scotland FT-100 http://www.sanwabank.co.jp Sanwa Bank Japan http://www.schroders.com Schroders FT-100

25 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 26 http://www.stanchart.com Standard Chartered FT-100 http://www.westlb.com WestLB http://www.woolwich.co.uk Woolwich FT-100 http://www.visa.com Visa (Credit card) B14 Insurance & Investment Companies (n=26) SIC 6601-6711 http://www.admiral.co.uk Admiral http://www.allieddunbar.co.uk Allied Dunbar http://www.amvescap.com Global Investment http://www.b2.com B2 (Investments) http://www.cguplc.co.uk CGU FT-100 http://www.commercial-union.co.uk Commercial Union http://www.cornhill.co.uk Cornhill http://www.directline.co.uk Direct Line http://www.equitable.co.uk Equitable Life http://www.friendsprovident.co.uk Friends Provident http://www.fidelity.co.uk Fidelity Investments http://www.ffandc.co.uk Foreign and Colonial (UK) http://www.gre-group.com Guardian Royal (UK) FT-100 http://www.landg.com Legal and General FT-100 http://www.lloydsoflondon.co.uk Lloyds of London http://www.lombard.co.uk Lombard http://www.norwich-union.co.uk Norwich Union FT-100 http://www.mam.com/pep Mercury Asset Management http://www.pearl.co.uk Pearl http://www.perpetual.co.uk Perpetual http://www.prudential.com Prudential FT-100 http://www.royal-liver.com Royal Liver http://www.scottishwidows.co.uk Scottish Widows http://www.sunalliance.co.uk Sun Alliance FT-100 http://www.sunlife.com Sunlife FT-100 http://www.virgin-direct Virgin

CATEGORY K REAL ESTATE, RENTING AND BUSINESS ACTIVITIES (N=79) SIC 7010-7499 Accounting & Management Consultany Companies (n=14) SIC 7411-7414 http://www.arthurandersen.com Arthur Andersen http://www.dttus.com Deloitte & Touche http://www.ernsty.com Ernst & Young http://www.kpmg.com KMPG http://www.kpmgcampus.com KPMG http://www.pw.com/uk/ Price Waterhouse http://www.uk.coopers.com Coopers & Lybrand http://www.rockfordconsulting.com Rockford Consulting (Manufacturing & Distribution Consultancy) http://www.unisys.com Unisys http://www.acnielsen.com A C Nielsen Corp. (Market Research Company). http://www.imshealth.com IMS Health Inc. (Market Research Company). http://www.infores.com Information Resources Inc. (Market Research Company). http://www.nielsenmedia.com Nielsen Media Inc. (Market Research Company). http://www.nfor.com NFO Worldwide Inc. (Market Research Company). Advertising & P.R Agencies (n=9) SIC 7430 http://www.bm.com Burson-Marstellar http://www.cordiantcommunications.com Cordiant Comms Group Advertising http://www.dentsu.co.jp Dentsu Okinawa Inc (advertising company) http://www.edelman.com Edleman Worldwide http://www.enterpriseig.com Enterprise I G http://www.hillandknowlton.com Hill & Knowlton

26 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 27 http://www.jwtworld.com J. Walter Thompson http://www.porternovelli.com Porter & Novelli http://www.saatchibuscomm.com Saatchi & Saatchi Ltd Real Estate, Estate Agents & Property Companies (n=9) SIC 7010-7020 http://www.reit.com Real Estate Investments http://www.breproperties.com BRE Properties http://www.knightfrank.com Knight Frank International http://www.jackson-stops.co.uk Jackson-Stops (Estate Agents) http://www.hamptons.co.uk Hampton International (Estate Agents) http://www.fpdsavills.co.uk FPD Savills (Estate Agents) http://www.humberts.co.uk Humberts (Estate Agents) http://www.lanefox.co.uk Lane Fox (Estate Agents) http://www.johnwood.co.uk John Wood and Co (Estate Agents) Computer Hardware Companies (n=32) SIC 7210 http://www.3com.com US Robotics http://www.apple.com Apple B18 http://www.apricot.co.uk Apricot http://www.brother.co.uk Brother (computer printers) http://www.canon.co.uk Canon B=91 http://www.carrera.co.uk Carrera http://www.compaq.co.uk Compaq B68 http://www.dell.co.uk Dell Computers UK E, http://www.dell.com Dell Computers USA http://www.elonex.co.uk Elonex computers http://www.espon.co.uk Espon http://www.evesham.com Evesham http://www.fujitsu-computers.com Fujitsu http://www.gateway.com Gateway E, http://www.hp.com Hewlett-Packard B=75 http://www.hp-expo.com Hewlett-Packard http://www.hayes.co.uk Hayes http://www.ibm.com IBM B11 http://www.intel.com Intel B27 http://www.kyocera.co.uk Kyocera (computer printers) http://www.lexmark.co.uk Lexmark http://www.meshplc.co.uk Mesh Computers Plc http://www.nec-global.com NEC http://www.nintendo.com Nintendo B22 http://www.oki.co.uk OKI (computer printers) http://www.pacecom.co.uk Pace http://www.qms.co.uk QMS (computer printers) http://samsungelectronics.com Samsung http://www.tally.co.uk Tally http://www.timecomputers.co.uk Time http://www.tiny.com Tiny http://www.viglen.co.uk Viglen Computer Software Companies (n=15) SIC 7220 http://www.adobe.co.uk Adobe (makes of Acrobat Reader) http://www.cai.com Computer Associates http://www.corel.com Corel http://www.ea.com Electronic Arts http://www.lotus.com Lotus http://www.gremlin.co.uk Gremlin http://www.mgisoft.com MGI http://www.microsoft.com Microsoft B09 http://www.msn.com Microsoft http:///www.micrografx.com Micro Grafx http://www.novell.com Novell

27 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 28 http://www.oracle.co.uk Oracle http://www.sap.com SAP MRP, stock control and financial software http://www.segagames.com SEGA B25 http://www.symantec.com Symantec (Norton)

CATEGORY O OTHER COMMUNITY, SOCIAL & PERSONNAL SERVICES ACTIVITIES (N=11) SIC 9000-9309 Antique Dealers & Auction Houses (n=7) SIC http://www.bada.org British Antique Dealers Association http://www.bonhams.com Bonhams Valuation Services http://www.christies.com Christies http://www.icollector.com Interactive Auction House http://www.lapada.co.uk Association of Art & Antique Dealers http://www.phillips-auctions.com Phillips http://www.sothebys.com Sothebys Media & TV Companies (see section C) SIC 9213 Rental Companies (n=4) SIC 7130 http://www.blockbuster.co.uk Blockbuster (Video Rental) http://www.hertz.com Hertz (Car Rental) http://www.tls.co.uk TLS (Car Rentals) http:/www.thrifty.co.uk Thrifty (Car Rentals)

CATEGORY ? PERSONNAL PRODUCTS (N=9) SIC ????-???? http://www.pampers.com Pampers B86 http://www.colgate.com Colgate B42 http://www.chanel.com Chanel B39 http://www.kimberly-clark.com Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex) B?? http://www.nivea.com Nivea B=87 http://www.timex.com Timex (Swatch) B=40 http://www.tampax.com Tampax B21 http://www.wilkinson-sword.co.uk Wilkinson Sword http://www.zippo.com Zippo (lighters) B78 ===== end list ======FT-100 companies to allocate http://www.amvescap.com Amvescap FT-100 http://www.hays.co.uk Hays FT-100 http://www.imperialtobacco.com Imperial Tobacco FT-100 http://www.reckitt.com Reckitt and Colman FT-100 http://www.rentokil-initial.com Rentokil Group FT-100 i) ACADEMIC SUBJECTS [N=172]. This section contains web sites for academic subjects. Some of these sites have been designed to be information gateways, support books or give general information. The following ten subjects are covered:- Accounting & Taxation, Economics, Geography, Management, Operations Management, Politics & Government, Professional Organisations & Institutes, Quantitative Methods, Science, Social Science and Sociology.

Internet address Description.

28 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 29

Accounting & Taxation (n=9). http://www.rutgers.edu/accounting/raw/internet/internet.htm The University of Accounting Resources web pages, lots of information on Accounting. http://www.accountingweb.co.uk Accounting Web http://www.summa.org.uk http://.www.businessmonitor.co.uk Business monitor (Tax & tax laws on numerous countries).. http://www.mgt.uea.ac.uk/cti/on-line/links.html~info CTI Account site. http://www.ftquicken.co.uk Personal finance and tax guide. http://www.uktax.demon.co.uk UK tax guide. http://www.taxcalc.com UK Taxation Guide (Which Magazine) http://www.eyi.com/tITax.htm Ernst & Young World Tax Guide

Economics (n=25) http://.www.businessmonitor.co.uk Worldwide data market and economic analysis. http://.www.euromonitor.com Euromonitor http://www.dss.gov.uk/publicationsdss Department of Social Security publications. http://netec.mcc.ac.uk/~adnetec/webec/webec.html A extensive virtual library of information and resources on most areas of economics. http://riskweb.bus.utexas.edu.80/finweb.html University of Texas – Financial Economics. http://www.csv.warwick.ac.uk/~mbras Warwick Macro Modelling Bureau http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk/connections/external.html Links to Irish financial and economics. http://www.econ.cam.ac.uk Cambridge Economics Department http://www.economagic.com Excellent USA web site containing lots of economic time series. http://www.economist.com The Economist http://www.europa.eu.int/euro/html/entry.html Excellent site all about the EURO. http://www.helsinki.fi.80/issarine/econ.html Excellent economics resources. http://www.ifs.ord.uk Institute of Fiscal Studies. http://www.inomics.com International Internet service for economists http://www.nber.org National Bureau of Economic Research, excellent web site with over 5000 working papers since 1978. http://www.oswego.edu/~economics/workpap.htm Working papers in economics, finance and management. http://www.population.com Great site for information on the Worlds Population by 200 different countries. Also information on languages spoken, exchange rates and estimated population growth. http://www.seapex.org/oilprice.htm Time series data on oil prices. http://www.unicef-icdc.org League table of Child Poverty by the United Nations

The following sites are found by using gopher. Gopher to riceinfo.rice.edu then select information by subject area then select Economics and Business. vienna.hh.lib.umich.edu then enter the business and economics directory. niord.shsu.edu then select economics directory.

29 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 30 dewey.lib.ncsu.edu then select directories library without walls, study carrels, economics and business. cheops.anu.edu.au then select Coomsquest networked facilities demography studies facility. This Austrailian site has lots of information about world demographics plus links to other demographic sites. The following sites are found by using telenet. Telenet to ebb.stat-usa.gov then log on as guest. Lots of economic data and information.

Law (n=4) http://law.house.gov/52.htm Foreign law, US house of representatives links to laws by country and subject. http://www.law.cornell.edu/topics/trade.html Cornell Law School information on international Trade Law. http://www.findlaw.com/01topics/25interntrade/index.html International trade law (APEC, NAFTA, European union and individual countries). http://www.state.gov/www.issues.economic/7treaty.html USA bilateral investment treaties.

Geography (n=12) http://www.atlapedia.com World map database http://.www.census.gov/cgi-bin/ipc/idbagg World and country population data and projects 1950 to 2050. http://.www.census.gov/cgi-bin/ipc/idbsum Demographic indicators. http://.www.census.gov/statab/freq/96s1325.txt Population by country. http://www.population.com Population by country http://www.mapblast.com Shows maps by place names. http://.www.mapquest.com Creates maps all over the world. http://.www.odei.gov/cia/publications/nsolo/factbook/global.htm World Factbook. http://.www.sil.org/ethnologue/ Languages of the world by geographic distribution and top 100 languages. http://.www.stats.go.jp/161105.htm World population projects. http://www.unesco.org/general/eng/stats/WTO501.e.html Research and Development county indicators. http://.www.un.org/Depts/unsd/social/main.htm Social Indicators

Management (n=9) http://ciber.bus.msu.edu/bures/general.htm Regional or country specific information. http://fuji.stanford.edu/japan_information_guide.html Excellent guide about Japan and business in Japan. http://www.arthurandersen.com/gbp/define.htm Global Best Practice. http://www.cordis.lu/itt-en/97-1/policy.htm#E27E4 Benchmarking in Europe. http://www.imd.ch/wey World Competitiveness Project (country rankings). http://www.state.gov/www/about_state/business/com_guides/index.html Commercial Guides to individual countries.

30 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 31 http://www.ciber.bus.msu.edu/busres.htm International business resource lots of links to private and government sponsored sites). http://www1.ey.com/dbiworld.htm Doing Business around the world (Deloitte & Touche).

The following site is found by using gopher. Gopher to chimera.sph.umn.edu Excellent Management Archive

Operations Management (n=46). General (n=10) http://www.advmfg.com Advanced Manufacturing research center. http://www.capsresearch.org Centre for Advanced Purchasing Studies. http://www.inventory.management.com Inventory Management. http://www.institute-of-logistics.org.uk Institute of Logistics http://www.napm.org National Association of Purchasing management. http://www.prennall.com/russell This supports the Russell et al Operations management book. And includes virtual factory tours, animations, test bank questions and much more. http://.mijuno.larc.nasa.gov/dfc/ce.html Concurrent Engineering http://www.superfactory.com ?????? http://.www.outsourcing.com Lots of information on outsourcing. http://.mijuno.larc.nasa.org/dfe/ve.html Value engineering

Optimised Production Technology (OPT) Sites (n=4) http://www.constraintmanagement.com Theory of Constraints (Goldratt) http://www.goldratt.com The Goldratt Institute, The OPT web site. http://www.rogo.com Alex Rogo from the famous book ‘The Goal’ by Goldratt, also general OPT site for book and other articles. http://www.toc.co.uk The theory of constraints web site (Goldratt)

Quality Sites (n=23) http://.www.aqp.org Association for Quality http://.www.singnet.com.sg/~makhdoom/iso.html General site on Quality. http://class.et.byu.edu/mfg340/labs/pokeyokelab.htm Poke Yoke http://akao.larc.nasa.gov/def/key/feig40.html Armand Feigenbaum (TQC) http://akao.larc.nasa.gov/dfc/pokyok.html Shingo http://deming.eng.clemson.edu Deming http://mijuno.larc.nasa.gov/dfc/qfd.html Quality Function deployment http://www.apqc.org USA Productivity & Quality Centre http://www.asqc.org/about/history/feigen.html Armand Feigenbaum (TQC) http://www.awl.com/cp/cohen.html Quality Function Deployment http://www.benchmarking.co.uk Bench marking http://www.benchnet.com Bench marking http://www.best-in-class.com/benchmarkingbook.htm World class http://www.cc-m.com Deming, 14 quality points.

31 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 32

http://www.campbell.berry.edu/faculty/jgrout/tutorial.html Tutorial on Poka-Yoke and ZQC (Zero Quality Control. http://www.cox.smu.edu/jgrout/pokasoft.html Shingo http://www.cox.smu.edu/jgrout/poke-yoke.html Shingo http://www.dmu.ac.uk/dept/schools/business/corporate/tqmex/shingo.ht Shingo philosophy http://www.juran.com The Juran Institute http://www.mitutoyo.co.uk/mitutoyo Manufacturers of measurement equipment used in Statistical Process Control (SPC). http://www.nauticom.net/www/qfdi/ Quality Function deployment http://www.philipcrosby.com/philcrosby/crosbymain.html Phil Crosby http://www.phoenixcg.com/shingo/html Shingo

Quality (ISO9000 and ISO14000 sites) (n=9) http://.www.asqc.org/standcert/iso.html Frequently asked questions on ISO 9000 http://.www.asqc.org/standcert/iso14.html ISO 14000 http://.www.dbaine.com/dba2/implementation/iso9000/isowork.html Making ISO work in four steps. http://.www.exit109.com.~leebee What is ISO 9000 & 9001 ? http://www.iso.ch/9000e/news.html ISO9000 news http://www.mep.nist.gov/resources/iso9000/iso9000.html US government version of ISO9000 http://www.qs9000.com Cayman Systems International ISO9000 http://www.salford.ac.uk/man~sch/iso.html Use of ISO9000 in small business.

The following sites are found by using gopher. Gopher to deming.eng.clemson.edu then select public directory then TQM Bulletin board.

Politics & Government (n=46). Sub sections (UK Government, Political Parties, Foreign Government, World Affairs, Patents and IPR) UK Government (n=24) http://www.ukonline.gov.uk General government information. http://www.audit-commission.gov.uk Audit commission http://www.construction.detr.gov.uk Dept of Environment & Transport http://www.dss.gov.uk Dept of Social Security (Pensions) http://www.dti.gov.uk Dept of Trade & Industry http://www.dvla-som.co.uk DVLA Swansea http://www.ecgd.gov.uk Export Credit Guarantee Dept http://www.fco.gov.uk The Foreign & Commonwealth Office http://www.gad.gov.uk Government Actuaries Department, population statistics and predictions etc http://www.highways.gov.uk Highways Agency http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk UK Treasury. http://www.hse.gov.uk Health and Safety Executive http://www.iipuk.co.uk Investors in people http://www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk/introd.htm UK Inland Revenue. http://www.maff.gov.uk Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries http://www.mod.gov.uk Ministry of Defence http://www.number-10.gov.uk Tour Number 10 Downing Street http://www.open.gov.uk UK Government. http://www.open.gov.uk/doh/hat UK Department of Health http://www.ordsvy.gov.uk Ordinance Survey http://www.parliament.uk Tour the House of Commons http://www.wales.gov.uk Welsh Government

32 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 33

Political Parties (n=5) http://www.ukpol.co.uk General guide to British Politics. http://www.conservative-party.org.uk Conservative Party http://www.labour.org.uk Labour Party http://www.libdems.org.uk Liberal Democratics http://www.snp.org.uk Scottish National Party Foreign Governments (n=6) http://www.fbi.gov USA FBI http://www.fedworld.gov USA Federal Government with links to many USA government departments http://www.irs.ustreas.gov USA IRS (Inland Revenue) http://www.odci.gov USA CIA http://www.ssa.gov USA Social Security http://www.whitehouse.gov USA The White House Patents, Inventions and Intellectual Property Rights (n=11) http://www.eureka-club.org The Eureka Club http://www.european-patent-office.org European Patent Office http://www.intellectual-property.gov.uk Information on intellectual property rights. http://www.invent.org.uk Invention Organisation http://www.inventionconvention.com Inventions Convention http://www.inventorworld.com Inventors World http://www.jpo-mti.go.jp Japanese MTI department http://www.patent.gov.uk UK Patent Office http://[email protected] Lists of Patents http://www.patentcafe.com Patent Cafe http://www.uspto.gov/web/menu/pats.html USA Government Department on Patents.

International Organisation (n=35). http://www.africa-confidential.com African Affairs http://www.apecsec.org.sg Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation http://www.asean.or.id Association of South East Asian Nations. http://www.bis.org Bank of International Settlements. http://www.cis.minsk.by Commonwealth of Independent States. http://www.cedeao.org The Economic Community of West African States. http://www.coe.fr The Council of Europe. http://www.edrd.com The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. http://www.cern.ch European Organisation for Nuclear Research http://www.esa.int European Space Agency. http://www.fao.org Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. http://www.iaea.org/worldatom International Atomic Energy Agency. http://www.icao.int International Civil Aviation Organisation. http://www.icftu.org International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. http://www.interpol.com International Criminal Police Organisation. http://www.iea.org International Energy Agency. http://www.ifad.org International Fund for Agricultural Development. http://www.ilo.org International Labour Organisation.

33 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 34 http://www.imo.org International Maritime Organisation. http://www.imf.org International Monetary Fund. http://www.itu.org International Telecommunications Union. http://www.nato.int North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. http://www.oecd.org Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development. http://www.oas.org Organisation of American States. http://www.oapecorg.org Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries. http://www.opec.org Organisation for Oil Exporting. http://www.un.org United Nations http://www.unesco.org United nations Educational and Culture Organisation http://www.unido.org United Nations Industrial Development Organisation http://www.unpo.org Unrepresented Nations & People Organisation. http://www.worldbank.org The World Bank. http://www.who.ch World Health Organisation. http://www.wipo.int World Intellectual Property Organisation. http://www.wmo.ch World Meteorological Organisation. http://www.wto.org World Trade Organisation.

Professional Organisations & Institutes (n=16). http://www.ama.org Academy of Marketing Science. http://www.bba.org.uk British Bankers Association http://www.bsi.org.uk British Standards (excellent web site full of useful informaton). http://www.cefic.org Chemical Organisation http://www.cim.co.uk The Chartered Institute of Marketing. http://www.concrete.org.uk The Concrete Society http://www.engr.org.uk The Engineering Council. http://www.icc.org.uk The Institution of Civil Engineers. http://www.imarc.org.uk Institute of Marine Engineers http://www.imeche.org.uk Institute of Mechanical Engineers http://www.istructe.org.uk Institution of Structural Engineers http://www.napm.org National Association of Purchasing Management http://www.raeng.org.uk The Royal Academy of Engineering http://www.steel-sci.org The Steel Construction Institute http://www.tax.org.uk The Chartered Institute of Taxation. http://www.tuc.org.uk The TUC.

Mathematics and Statistics (n=12). http://lib.stat.cmu.edu Statlab http://trochim.human.cornell.edu/kb/kbhome.htm Excellent site for information on Quantitative methods. http://www.execpc.com/~helberg/statistics.html Clay Helberg’s statistics on the web. http://www.gypsymoth.ento.vt.edu/~sharov/PopEcol/lec5/logist.html Lots of information about the logistic model. http://www.math.yorku.ca/SCS/Statresource Micheal Friendly’s statistics and statistical graphics resource. http://www.minitab.com The statistical package minitab’s web site.

34 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 35 http://www.mis.coventry.ac.uk/research/discus/discus_home.html Neville Hunt’s excellent site on statistics. Topics, including descriptive statistics, probability, sampling, hypothesis testing and regression. This work is based around eight interactive Excel spreadsheets. http://www.oswego.edu/~economic/econsoftware.htm Extensive list of many different statistical packages. http://www.stat.ufl.edu/vlib/statistics.html Virtual library of statistics http://www.stats.gla.ac.uk CTI statistics http://www.uni-leipzig.de/~vetana/growthe.htm Lots of information about the growth model. ftp site ftp://ftp.sas.com/pub/neural/FAQ.html~A_app_finace Excellent information source on neural networks in seven chapters.

Science (n=2). http://www.apics.com Academy for the promotion of International Culture and Scientific Exchange. http://www.fibersource.com Excellent site on nylon and man-made fibre products.

Social Science (n=1). http://www.bids.ac.uk International Bibliography for the social Sciences, with over 1.6 million records covering about 50% of the worlds journals. Full text available on some articles

Sociology (n=1) http://www.cf.ac.uk/uwcc/socas/ugyear1/introsoc/index.html Good Introduction to Sociology undergraduate year 1. j) EUROPE [N=39]

This section looks at some of the excellent web sites, which have been developed to deal with Europe and European Issues. A very good book on this subject is “European Business” by Mercado, Welford & Prescott published by Financial Times now in its fourth edition (2001). I have try not to repeat the webs in this section, which have already been listed earlier in the Guide, so in some sub sections you will be referred to other sections for the guide. This section is divided into 6 sub sections.

Internet address Description. Information on Europe & Macro-Economic Data (n=7) http://europa.eu/int/comm/eurostat EUROSTAT http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/cshome.html The Library of Congress http://www.intracen.org Business regulations UNCTAD

35 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 36 http://www.europages.com Up to date information source on Europe (covering economy, countries, industry etc) http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook CIA World facts Book http://www.oecd.org/publications/figures/index.htm OECD http://www.unece.org/stats/trends/trends_h.htm UN/ECE Statistical Yearbook

General European News Sites (n=5) Also see news and weather section in this guide for additional sites. http://ihr.sas.ac.uk/ihr/newspapers/europe.html European Newspapers http://www.ceebiz.com Central Europe Review http://www.centraleurope.com Central Europe Online http://www.eubusiness.com/ EUBusiness http://www.europeonline.com Europe Online International New

Company Profiles & Performances Rating (n=3) Also see company information section in this guide for additional sites. http://www.factmerchant.com FactMerchant http://www.ft.com/euroleague FT Europe League of Companies http://www.ft.com/ft500 FT500 UK companies

European Institutions & Associations (n=15) http://amue.if.net Association of Monetary Union http://curia.eu.int/ European Court of Justice http://etuc.org European Trades Union Congress http://ias-berlin.de European Employment Observatory http://ue.eu.int/ Council for European Union http://www.cor.eu.int Committee (Regions in Europe) http://www.eib.org European Investment Bank http://www.ecb.int European Central Bank http://www.ecu-activities.be Information on monetary and financial developments in Europe. http://www.eiro.eurofound.ie European Industrial Relations Observatory http://www.esc.eu.int Economic & Social Committee http://www.eu.int/euro European Union http://www.eurofound.ie/information/elcid.html European Living Conditions http://www.europarl.eu.int/ European Parliament http://www.ilo.org International Labour Organization

Law (n=3) http://europa.eu.int/eur-lex General legal information on the EU http://www.newapproach.org The new approach to standardization in the European Market http://www.uni-mannheim.de/users/ddz/edz/doku/wirte.html#puli Green & White Papers

Consumer & Marketing Research (n=6) Some of these sites require you to both register and pay for access to reports and information. http://marketing.kub.nl/magazine.htm Tilburg University Marketing & Marketing Research Papers http://sinatra2.mintel.com/mintel/main/guidefr.htm Mintel http://www.brad.ac.uk/acad/mancen/melnet/index0.html MELNET – Marketing Electronic Learning Network. http://www.esomar.nl European Society for Opinions & Marketing Research. http://www.euromonitor.com Euro Monitor http://www.glreach.com/eng/ed.php3 Global On-line Marketing Centre

36 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 37

k) INFORMATION GATEWAYS [N=20] There are some great information gateways on the Internet which hyper-link to lots of other web sites, here are a few you may like to visit. Internet address Description. Educational Gateways (n=6). http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/ukinfo/uk.map.html All universities and colleges in the UK are on this touch sensitive map. http://www.clas.ufl.edu/CLAS/american-universities.html Over 200 links to USA colleges and universities. http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/all-uk.html University of London http://www.open.ac.uk The Open University http://www.rmplc.co.uk UK Schools http://www.ngfl.gov.uk The National Grid for Learning, connects all UK schools.

Business Gateways (n=4). http://bized.ac.uk Excellent jump point, case studies annual reports and company information on many of the top 100 companies in the UK. http://www.dis.strath.ac.uk/business/directoriesUK.html Excellent information jump point on firms and business worldwide. http://www.enterprisezone.org.uk Enterprise Zone lots of information on business development. http://www.enterprisenetwork.co.uk Lots of information of finance and loans for business.

Politics & Government Gateways (n=3). http://www.coi.gov.uk/depts/deptlist.html Links to most UK government departments. http://lcweb.loc.gov USA library of Congress. http://www.fedworld.gov Searchable links to over 100 USA government agencies.

Television Gateways (n=1). http://www.bbc.co.uk Lots of information about the BBC.

Special Interest Gateways (n=3). http://www.whathifi.com What Hi-Fi magazine with links to most hi-fi manufacturers world wide with web sites. http://www.whatcar.co.uk What Car magazine with a library of information, articles on testing different cars and the latest news. http://www.connectwomen.co.uk Internet site for women, with links to other sites which may be of interest

Popular Attractions & Events Gateways (n=3). http://www.hpfun.com Information about lots of cities in the world.

37 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 38 http://www.openworld.co.uk/britain Over 800 heritage attraction, museums, theatres and restaurants. http://www.eventsonline.co.uk List of popular events in the UK l) SEARCHING ON THE WEB [N=23] There are many search engines on the web, however one of the best and most famous is Yahoo. Most search engines work on supplying key words and it is often possible to include as well as exclude certain words to make the search more precise. If you are looking for a company the best starting point is to try http://www.companyname.com or http://www.companyname.co.uk if it is a UK owned company. However you should note that this approach does not always work, for example http://www.aa is American Airlines not the Automobile Association, which is http://www.theaa. Internet address Description. http://www.yahoo.ac.uk One of the most famous search engines on the internet. Yahoo was set- up in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo two PhD students. Yahoo stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Orcale’. In 1995 Yahoo moved over to large computers at Netscape, Yahoo has recently been valued at £10bn. You can uses this piece of software to search for any information you may require on a particular subject. However you need to be careful in the key words you use or you will end up with millions of references or matches. http://www.altavista.com My personal favourite search engine, allows searches only for UK, only USA and for both countries. Alta Vista and Google handle over 40 million search queries per day and you can search the billions of web pages in seconds. Other search engines (n=21) http://search.aol.co.uk America On Line http://ww.msn.co.uk The UK part of the mighty Microsoft Corporation’s web site and can search worldwide. http://www.37.com This is a meta search engine linking 37 other search engine to this databases. http://www.askjeeves.com This search engine allows you to ask questions like ‘what is the population of the UK?’ http://www.copernicus2000.com http://www.directhit.com http://www.dogpile.com http://www.entireweb.com Good search engine which allows very extensive searches http://www.excite.co.uk Good UK search engine and links information in about newsgroups http://www.ferretsoft.com http://www.freeserve.co.u k Freeserve http://www.google.com Links over 1.3 billion pages of information to this search engine.

38 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 39

http://www.hotbot.com http://www.just35.com Just35 http://www.lycos.co.uk Good UK search engine http://www.metacrawler.com A meta search engine. http://www.mirago.co.uk http://www.northernlight.com Northern Light has over 300 million links http://www.uk.goto.com Goto http://www.webcrawler.com Excite’s quick and simple search engine, however it only lists title pages http://www.webtop.com Webtop covers over 500 million documents.

Most search engines work by entering key words or phrases and by using logic like AND (used + sign for and) and NOT (used – sign for not) etc. The use of words such as, AND (+), NOT (-) and OR can be very useful in narrowing the search and getting more precise information. If you want to be very precise put single quotes around your search words for an exact match (i.e. ‘Barrier Reef’). You can also use the * key as a wildcard for example tall* buildings would search tall buildings and tallest buildings. Finally a little thought should be given to the types of key words that you use in the search, very general words will often yield many thousands of sites, which may not be relevant to the type of subject you are looking for. Some searches using key words can yield very funny results, for example if you where looking for information on the EMU (European Monetary Union) you would also find the locations Emu farms and were to purchase Emu meat as well as information on European Monetary Union. The way search engines work is by analysing massive internal databases of internet sites or meta engines will search lots of different search engines lists (i.e. http://www.37.com). Sometimes it is better to use portals or gateways instead of search engines, portals allow the user direct access into other sites. Http://www.bized.ac.uk is a good example of this, as it links to most of the top 100 companies web sites in the UK (look under section J in this guide for more examples of gateways and portals)

m) SHOPPING (General, Music, Computing & Books) [N=44] You can even go shopping on the Internet, most banks have Internet web sites, and one of the most famous virtual shopping addresses in the UK is Barclay Square, which is run by Barclay card. This section has been sub divided into a number of different sections, namely general shopping, music companies, computer software & hardware. If you are looking for a good guide to shopping on the Internet try http://www.shopguide.co.uk. Internet address Description. Book Shops (n=11). http://www.bookshop.co.uk The Internet Shop. (E) http://www.amazon.com Amazon books. (E) http://www.barnesandnoble.com Barnes and Noble. http://www.blackwells.co.uk Blackwells. http://www.bloomsbury.com Bloomsbury. http://www.bol.com British Bookshop online http://www.book.com Books Stacks Unlimited http://www.bookpages.co.uk A very large book store. http://www.intertain.com Internet Bookshop.

39 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 40 http://www.thebookplace.com The Book place. http://www.waterstones.co.uk Waterstones (E)

General Shopping (n=8). http://www.barclaysquare.co.uk Barclay Square (virtual shopping mall). http://www.buckinghamgate.com Buckinghamgate http://branch.com USA shopping mall http://catalog.savvy.com Lots of different catalogues. http://www.interflora.co.uk Interflora (E) http://www.classicengland.co.uk Classic England http://www.shoppersuniverse.co.uk Shoppers Universe (E) http://www.shopguide.co.uk Shop Guide

Cars - Sale and Purchase (n=3). http://www.autotrader.co.uk Autotrader http://www.autohunter.co.uk Auto Hunter http://www.carsource.co.uk Car Source, information on insurance, prices, features and finance)

Purchasing Computer Software & Hardware (n=12). http://www.dabs.com Dabs (E) http://www.pcdirect.co.uk PC Direct http://www.jungle.com Jungle (E) http://www.simply.co.uk Simply (E) http://www.microwarehouse.co.uk Provides best prices for computer hardware. http://www.inmac.co.uk Well stocked computer hardware and software at low prices. http://www.software-warehouse.co.uk The Software Warehouse http://www.technomatic.co.uk Technomatic http://www.computers4sure.com USA computer hardware store http://www.outpost.com USA computer hardware and software store http://www.netbuyer.com USA computer hardware store http://www.internet.net Shop for computers etc.

Music Companies (n=7). http://www.bmgmusicservice.com BMG Music Service http://www.columbiahouse.com Columbia House http://www.stationsony.com Sony Corp Music & Video Retail Stores http://www.cduniverse.com Looking for music or videos this is an excellent site with search engine. (E) http://www.britanniamusic.co.uk Britannia Music Company (E) http://www.imvs.com Interactive Music and video with search engine.(E) http://www.cdnow.com CD now with search engine. (E)

Golf Shops (n=3) http://www.golfstore.com The Golf Shop http://www.nevadabob.com Nevada Bob http://www.americangolf.com American Golf Shop

40 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 41 n) ADVANCED (Building a Web Site) [N=16] This is an advanced section intended for people who are interested in the way a web site can be constructed using html or Java. This section contains a number of advanced web sites, which are either introductory guides or reference sites. Entering these areas are not recommended for the inexperienced web user, as psychological help may be required if you need to be rehabilitated.

Starting Points (n=2) http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html/ This is a very good stating point which has seventeen graded tutorials starting from very simple right up to integrating sound and graphics. http://www.bensplanetcom A very good and comprehensive beginner’s guide to HTML. Reference Sites (n=14) http://home.netscape.com/computing/webbuilding/ Good reference site by Netscape. http://info.med.yale.edu/caim/manual/contents.html Yale Universities excellent site with detailed hints and tips for good web page design. http://javascript.internet/com/ This site contains numerous excellent examples of the use of Java http://msdn.microsoft.com/ Good reference site by Microsoft. http://www.acmecity.com Acme city graphics for web pages http://www.builder.com Builder (advice for site construction) http://www.gamelan.com/ One of the original web sites for Java. http://www.graphicsdepot.com An excellent collection of background pages, graphics, buttons and bars. http://www.java.co.uk Contains lots of information on the use of Java. http://www.javascript.com Javascript (advice for site construction) http://www.net-matrix.com/graphx/ Clip art for web pages http://www.pagesthatsuck.com Pages that suck (advice for site construction) http://www.w3c.org Detailed information about HTML, not recommend for newcomers to the subject. http://www.webmonkey.com Web monkey (advice for site construction)

BIBLIOGRAPHY If you want to purchase a good reference book on the Internet, one of the best is the Rough Guide by Augus J. Kennedy distributed by Penguin and priced at £5.00 or The Virgin Internet Guide by Simon Collin priced at £3.99. If you are looking for a simple guide to e- mail and the internet then either the book by Peter McBride (£7.99) or the book by Voderman & Young (£9.99) both are very good choices. For up to date information the monthly internet magazine ‘.NET’ has regular articles on new internet sites and computer hardware, priced at £3.95 an issue (including a CD-ROM.).

Hankinson P. & Hankinson G. (1999) Managing Successful Brands: An Empirical Study which Compares the Corporate Cultures of Companies Managing the World’s Top

41 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 42

100 Brands with Those Managing Outsider Brands, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 15, pp 135-155. Kennedy Angus J. (1998) The Internet and World Wide Web : The Rough Guide, distibuted by The Penguin Group. McBride, Peter (1995) The Internet Made Simple, Made Simple Books, Butterworth- Heinemann Ltd. McClellan J. (1999) The Guardian Guide to the Internet, Published by The Guardian, Price £6.99. United Nations (1990) International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities, Statistical Papers, Series M, No 4, Rev 3, New York USA. Collin, S. (1999) The Virgin Family Internet Guide, Version 1, published by Virgin. Vorderman, C. & R. Young (1998) Carol Vorderman’s Guide to the Internet, Prentice Hall Europe.

42 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 43

Work to Do Write section on the use of search engines Look for the companies at the end of the list an by top brand Check the top 100 UK, 100 USA firms (FT) Sort by SIC number

Check all the addresses and add this key Add companies from the to find list Add companies from the strategy list

a = accounting info, d = list of distributors E = e-commerce site g = general company information, I = links to other sites, l = multi language site p = general product info, t = interactive question/answer

Add numbers for positions in the FT-500 and Forture 500

36 New web sites to check out also look at Maria’s list


to be checked and added #://www.lafarge.com Construction materials #://www.travisperkins.co.uk Travis Perkins Building Supplies #://www.toycity.com Toy shop #://www.tuberex.co.uk Tuberex #://www.yahoo.marketguide.com #//[email protected] Lists of Patents #://www.toysrus.co.uk Toys R Us #://www.etoy.com E Toys #://www.fao.com FAO Schwarz (famous American toy shop) #://www.enterprisecity.co.uk Enterprise city (guide to UK shops) #://www.eyp.co.uk Electronic Yellow Pages #://www.countyweb.co.uk Guide to local business, sport, attractions and weather by county #://www.mapquest.com Excellent maps of the world #://www.city.net What’s happening in cities around the world. #://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook CIA site with lots of facts about the world, maps, socio-economic and statistics. #://www.reference.com Good reference guide, searches lots of web resources all at once #://www.phonenetuk.bt.com A free online directory enquires for telephone numbers #://www.about.com A good site to start looking for things. #://www.megastories.com Analysis of current news.

Education sites #://www.ucas.ac.uk Higher education courses and degrees at UK universities #://www.schools-register.co.uk Register of UK schools #://www.isuk.org.uk Independent schools #://www.dfee.gov.uk/nc/ National curriculum

43 The Internet Guide by Mark M. H. Goode © 44

#://www.ngfl.gov.uk Government national online learning resource #://www.mailbase.ac.uk/juga Directory for UK higher education #://www.restaurants.co.uk List of over 20,000 restaurants in the UK by region

Brand sites not found. (n=21)

6=Gillette Tobacco 10=Marlboro 38=Camel 49=Lucky Strike Food & Drink 30=Heniz 56=Heineken 67=Pizza Hut 72=Johnnie Walker 82=Smirnoff 96=Gordons 13=Johnson and Johnson 20=American Express 48=Rolex 53=Mitskoshi 56=Persil 73=Polariod 73=Louis Vuitton 81=Ray-Ban 87=Reader’s Digest 90=Kleenex 100=Dr Martens