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This is a compilation of pdf share threads since 2015 and the rpg generals threads. Some things are from even earlier, like Lotsastuff’s collection. Thanks Lotsastuff, your pdf was inspirational.

And all the Awesome Pioneer Dudes who built the foundations. Many of their names are still in the Big Collections

A THOUSAND THANK YOUS to the Anon Brigade, who do all the digging, loading, and posting.

Especially those elite commandos, the Nametag Legionaires, who selflessly achieve the improbable.

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Don't think of this as a library index, think of it as Portobello Road in London, filled with bookstores and little street market booths and you have to talk to each shopkeeper.

It has been cleaned up some, labeled poorly, and shuffled about a little to perhaps be more useful. There are links to ~16,000 pdfs. Don't be intimidated, some are duplicates. Go get a coffee and browse.

Some links are encoded without a hyperlink to restrict spiderbot activity. You will have to complete the link. Sorry for the inconvenience. Others are encoded but have a working hyperlink underneath. Some are Spoonerisms or even written backwards, Enjoy!

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As Anon says; “Surely in Da Archive™ somewhere.”

Part I is the Personal Collections. They are Huge. You need to go to each one and look at them. They often have over 1000 links each. . Part II is the Alphabetical Section. Well..... when I say “alphabetical”, I really mean artistically arranged according to my whim and level of sobriety.

Part III SNAPSHOTS OF DA GENERALS will be stored at the bottom of Da Archive. If you are online, go directly to the Generals, they may be more up to date and the people there often know the subject better.

Ctrl+F will be of limited use in this document, you also have to wander around and look with your eyes. Please buy a copy of a book if you use it. No really, I mean it. The Negarons generated by struggling game publishers have been proven to psychically attach themselves to the dice of gamers who like a game enough to play it but not enough to support it.

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Mixed Personal Big Collections – most have HUNDREDS of files

These Are The LOTSASTUFF FILES --- – Tons & Tons & Tons o' goodies! LOTSASTUFF 's Awesome Reference Resources. City Builder, Magical Society, Historical Costumes, Name books, Central Casting, Encyclopedias, Medieval Life, Mapping, World Building, Kobold's Guides, Spacefarer's Guide https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5yf71laq43c3z/References FOLDER ONE: ASOIAF, AD&D 1E 2E, CoC, Cyberpunk 2020, FGU, GDW, Morrow Project, Palladium, Rifts https://www.mediafire.com/folder/13ozslrpo7kbc/LOTSASTUFF2

FOLDER TWO: Ancient settings rpgs & rules, Horse & Musket, Osprey, Avalon Hill, Medieval https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7jes790nkvqv9/LOTSASTUFF3

FOLDER THREE: WFRP 2E, Civil War, Judge Dredd RPG, Napoleonics, Victorian, WW I https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4b688g0j3m48w/LOTSASTUFF4 FOLDER FOUR : Modern, Vietnam War, World War Two https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cbrdxx1aydcfr/LOTSASTUFF5

FOLDER FIVE : GW Boardgames, Hero System, MERP, SF Wargame, Space Opera, Star Wars Files, Strategy & Tactics Magazine, Street Fighter RPG, TSR, https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ntj2u76dcful8/LOTSASTUFF6

FOLDER SIX : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/zpv44xn7q2wg7/LOTSASTUFF7 Aliens RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/thw63xwfh6hyt/Aliens_RPG Car Wars https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a4g0lga7by1o2/Car_Wars Conan https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2wsn41qpf91w1/Conan Crimson Skies https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ksa1g429r1nzg/Crimson_Skies D20 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/klk3r2irq7hu6/D20 Doctor Who (FASA) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i9mwr9li0dbc9/Doctor_Who_RPG_(FASA) Dungeon Crawl https://www.mediafire.com/folder/k1yl9bivamdar/Dungeon_Crawl Field Of Glory https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pq6ckzqo3g6e6/Field_Of_Glory GURPS https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qiq29z073l9zs/GURPS Heroes Unlimited https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t5elulm61v2dv/Heroes_Unlimited James Bond RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/u56lcer8lg9gf/James_Bond_RPG Judge Dredd Games https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2t66cc0456c16/Judge_Dredd_Games Judge's Guild AD&D Modules https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hjjd3dcltntj9/Judges_Guild_AD%26D_Modules Robotech (Palladium) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7oaguqp8f7c7j/Robotech_(Palladium_RPG) Rolemaster https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lf4oynpdqj4q8/Rolemaster Space:1889 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1bah7e6wvxr15/Space_1889 Star Trek (FASA) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/aq1d3df1e42wg/Star_Trek Star Wars (WEG) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i66bp7lpmoicm/Star_Wars_D6 Starship Troopers RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tx3jgg9hte50u/Starship_Troopers_RPG TMNT https://www.mediafire.com/folder/eup6m6wtp0hf8/TMNT Top Secret https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0865ssfe5iie6/Top_Secret Warlock Magazine https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b3gnock66mkew/Warlock_Magazine WFRP 1E https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7mbdi97826svm/WFRP_1E

FOLDER SEVEN: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gd5u5myz8qlvz/LOTSASTUFF_8

7TV https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wvk6h22p0b830/7TV Albedo RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/61idycux0sqcn/Albedo_RPG DC RPGs https://www.mediafire.com/folder/715yqw44a5chw//DC%20RPGs Marvel RPGs https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gwrrbfnvqh5r3/Marvel_RPGs SPI https://www.mediafire.com/folder/whmbo8ii2evqh//SPI Wargames https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s1am77aldi1as/Wargames

BIG collection by Atomic Frog ASOIAF, Anima, Ars Magica, Changeling, COD, D&D, DCC, Eclipse Phase, Elder Scrolls Rpg, Geist, Heroquest, Hunter, LL, Mage, M&M, nWOD, Pendragon, Promethean, Rocket Age, Savage Worlds...... just go look already. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/o456wmkz6phtl/Books#myfiles

Anon Y Mous Collection of world building and game mastering https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qs3dzrzb9bggd/Help

DntzVw's Collection of resources, namebooks, DMing, World building https://mega.co.nz/#F!VIE1CLTD!Pz9SEGXkadxWvVpuDntzVw

Well-Known's Collection 20 folders - Catthulhu, James Bond, Golden Sky, MAID , Traveller https://www.mediafire.com/folder/exr6if4x3xew4/RPG

3.5 D&D book Collection by Cory L. http://www.4shared.com/folder/PjjRrJzD/3_online.html

Another RPG Fan's Collection includes , Boot Hill, CoC, Falkenstein, Cyberpunk, Cypher System, D20 Modern, Double Cross, D&D, Eclipse Phase, Engine Heart, Exodus, Fate, Fate Accelerated, GURPS, Hc Svnt Dracones, Hero System, Unknown Armies, 40k, and FATAL) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1oy7eut575uax/RPG_Books

Nice Collection including , D&D, Dresden Files, L5R, Judge Dredd, Shadowrun, WW. http://u2mad.com/ebooks/ sup /tg/ Collection including Bundle of Holding, Catthulhu, Fate, Dresden Files, Firefly, Maid, Trail of Cthulhu, Paranoia, John Wick, Hero System, Heroine, Judge Dredd, Marvel, M&M, Numenera, Paranoia, Tokyo Brain Pop, White Wolf https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hu1a1vr7jsze0//Tabletop%20RPGs

Val's Astonishing Collection 86+ Folders - including Riddle of Steel, Rolemaster, Savage Worlds, Savage Worlds Slipstream, Scion, Shadows of Esteven, Sorcerer, Supernatural, Thieves' World, Top Secret, Transhuman Space, Traveller, Twilight 2000, V&V, Witchfire ... AND IT KEEPS GETTING MORE ADDED TO IT! COME BACK AND CHECK IT AGAIN LATER! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ko18jptnza760/RPG_STUFF#ko18jptnza760

Freddy Bolger's RPG Trove ---Hundreds in this one https://mega.nz/#F!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg

Mr Slayer1 Collection $nip /lajor MF /folder/5n13bedg7kdp2/RPG_Stuff

Mr Slayer2 Collection 22 Folders 13th Age, AAH, AMPYO, Cerulean Seas, Challenge Magazine, D6, Dark Conspiracy, DragonStar, Dream Park, Earthdawn, Firefly, Kobolds AMB, M&M, Mutant City Blues, Numenera, Savage Worlds, Tekumel, Torg, Tribe 8, Truth & Justice, Weird War II, Wild Talents https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2ta9okd9w7x79/MoreRPGStuff Huuuuuuuuuuge Collection 100+ FOLDERS (R.I.P. in peace)

Zero Xaoc's Token Collection https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vkz89gzcdbj3l/RPG_safe

Alex 3 Collection of open source games including Mike Row Skope https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7u2yu9160hm14/Open_Source_games

Alex3 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t66d7s747e6kd/Misc_RPG_tools

RAUMTHEMAD / HOARDER's Collection 17 folders including AFMBE, Chaosium, CoC, Hackmaster, Mongoose Traveller, Nephilhim, nWoD, Unknown Armies https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b8czpaenscnhd/shit

Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Gear Krieg, Tribe 8 https://mega.nz/#F!aMEziYQL!7lUPbf7rKMvwnXuqEvP8zg

Dgk2g's Collection including Alternity, Amber, B.A.S.H., BESM, Champions 6e, Cortex Plus, Dresden Files, FATE, Fight RPG, more https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2ia61pqy11i62/RPGs%20for%20tg

Last Ringo's RPG Trove – 30 different folders 1PG Games, Abandon All Hope, Atlantean Trilogy, Cartoon Action Hour, Doctor Who, Dragon Age, Dragon Kings, Dragon Warriors, , Dying Earth, FATAL, FATE, Game of Thrones, HeartQuest, Hollow Earth Expeditions, Legend-RQ, Little Fears, Lone Wolf, Lord of the Rings, Misc RPG (191 files), Monsters & Other Childish Things, Mutant Epoch, Noir, Numenara, OneDice, Riddle of Steel, Rocket Age, RuneQuest, Slayers, Savage Worlds, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Shadow Sword and Spell, Stars Without Number, Star Siege, The Strange, Trancers, Treasures Awaits, Tunnels and Trolls https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#wq2k0r1bqesqt

Battletech, CoC, Maid, MERP, Shadowrun, WoD, WoW, and Star wars d20 Collection https://ttop.rem.uz/

Devil's Workshop - Espionage and Full Metal Zero Every Sidetrek Adventure Weekly, including 11. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8mne4fye1wj9d/Devil's_Workshop

Anon'sTwo Collections RPG Collection torrent http://www.seedpeer.eu/search/my-rpg-collection/3/1.html D20 Collection torrent http://www.seedpeer.eu/details/4682869/My-RPG-Collection:-D20.html

SWEDISH Language SHÄRE PT.2 All the official material for the post-apocalyptic Mutant: Undergången Arvtagare, set in Scandinavia https://mega.nz/#F!jgVGXSgZ!w-QzAjOdBmcoDBykcOF-UQ

Good Haul Collection ~35 different folders 7th Seas, Dresden, D&D, Eclipse Phase, Firefly, Laundry Files, L5R. Mistborn ….. http://u2mad.com/ebooks/

T. Chris's Collection Myth+Magic Starter, , True20 and Blue Rose: http://www.askadesign.com/tchristensen1981/

Stocs Lite Collection http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/3mMK4L4G/file.html

Vlad Dumitru's Very Nice Collection D&D5E WoW, Fragged Empires https://www.mediafire.com/folder/c6wyhbqs9b6gg/RPG_stuff QLZ Collection D&D, L5R, SR, WOD, Everway https://mega.nz/#F!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg!2VNVjQLZ

Carl Kolchak's Collection of 1page RPGs and more https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vt79tlu8mhrcr/1PG%20RPG

Feng Shui Fills http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1469337242

Frazle's RPG Stuff including Pulpy Goodness, Nights Black Agents+Dracula Dossier, Nightlife, Demon Hunters, Feng Shui and League of Gothic Horror https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff

D&D and DM/GM resources http://pastebin.com/Xt411kaR

– - – ------– ------– – MAGEGURU’S MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL TROVES OF SHINY GOODNESS! >>>Possibly the most complete collection of D&D on the internet.<<<<

Mageguru's TSR/WOTC – OD&D/D&D/AD&D/2e/3-3.5e/4e/5e Trove Collection VERY NICE! What is unique is that he has gone through EVERY file and has either cleaned up or recreated the cover artwork, found missing content, cleaned up in most cases the internal pages, scanned his own books that were missing, etc.


/TSRTrove /WOTCTrove /PFTrove /HomebrewDesign

More Mageguru NeuroSpasta - General Assembly (5.54MB) NeuroSpasta 4E - Core (65.45MB) A Book of Beasts (5.04MB) https://anon.to/Ec7AI0

Perilous Almanacs (5.74MB) Perilous Deeps (17.27MB) New Gods of Mankind - Legendary Artifacts (6.22MB) anon to/klbeyw

The_Green_Law_of_Varkith (9.03MB) The_Perilous_Wilds_Survival_Kit (8.57MB) Warbirds - Jet Age Sourcebook (5.90MB) anon to/uBaYxn

Ultramodern 5 (198.35MB) Ultramodern 5 - Color Maps (16.18MB) Ultramodern 5 Character Sheet (725.74KB) anon to/oJ0NoB

Castle Falkenstein - Curious Creatures (37.45MB) Castle Falkenstein - The Tarot Variation (7.55MB) Legacy - Mirrors in the Ruins - Playbooks Spreads (1.34MB) Legacy - Mirrors in the Ruins (5.37MB) 5e - Planar Bestiary (6.81MB) anon to/lkTst1 Paragon RPG (26.98MB) POLARIS RPG - Equinox (15.81MB) POLARIS RPG - Location (21.93MB) Praxis - Odin's Eye Characters (775.78KB) Praxis - Odin's Eye (1.76MB) Sweet Shub and Hella Thotep - A Breakfast Cult Expansion (14.37MB) – ------– ------– ------– - - - -

Valust's collection Talislanta and much more https://www.scribd.com/user/265321226/Valust

Gumshoe's Collection Ashen Stars, Esoterrorists, Trail of Cthulhu, Mutant City Blues, more https://mega.nz/#F!2x MWWAAL!9cqQhxZcwdw7YoBOmuMvLg

Huge Tabletop Collection 7th Sea, AdEva, Disney Villains Victorious, Runequest, Shadowrun, DRYH, Ghostbusters, Judge Dredd, Turbo, Zelda MORE https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8z4Cy1zaGU1WU0xc3F5dlZ1NHc

RPG TROVE COLLECTION AFMBE, D&D old, DCC, Traveller, more. https://mega.nz/#F!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg

QLZ Collection Shadowrun, L5R 4e, WoD, D&D 5E, Xcrawl https://mega.nz/#F!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg!2VNVjQLZ

Di4g Collection - D&D 3.5, Song of Swords, BESM, Mouse Guard pdf, Shotgun Diaries. https://mega.nz/#F!ywQzgJjQ!2WjTVYRapb-Aplcup5Di4g

TG STUFF Collection - iz humungus!! https://mega.nz/#F!8EtgSTSD!OaWgQeKlh-4stSMqVbXwVQ!NEUAnB6K z2XQ's Collection https://mega.nz/#F!F9B3WDwb!opt_RsUBdQ6HCpfhAyz2XQ

Bestiaries HOLY MOLY! >>>>Wowsers in my trousers. <<<< “Someone once shared these mega links storing all bestiary books he could find, I kept them just for you.” - Love and Xmas, The Anon Brigade. https://mega.nz/#F!sMxxCKQR!nLhexpEh6syHP9vkebc5eA https://mega.nz/#F!HsdUSRrR!oyoHmqRrseoupOB7vZioMQ https://mega.nz/#F!e9tgXLza!naWEKNRSt0I8ehBer-zHmg https://mega.nz/#F!1l9nXJyQ!Jsl5P573ddNASQDOr-2rVQ https://mega.nz/#F!AkAXxL6J!f4CokNkJjBGCz8QiFg5B5w

REALLY Big pRIQ Collection 7th Sea, Amber, CoC, Eldritch High, …………………… ……… ………… ………… … …………………………………………………………………………………………... all the way to Yggdrasil!! (R.I.P. in Peace)

Pathfinder Collection, including 3rd party stuff https://mega.nz/#F!s8tzBATQ!xi4ySiPaVLvEp_Xt92RTvQ

Demonic A to Z Collection torrent, here is the magnet link. It is only active at night, Fester Addams Approves magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f6d60946cd4b8e57db2a305b7966f518a09f978d&dn=A%20to%20Z&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fdenis.stalker.h3q.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f %2fopen.tracker.thepiratebay.org%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fdenis.stalker.h3q.com%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=http%3a%2f%2fwww.sumotracker.com%2fannounce&tr=http%3a %2f%2fwww.torrent-downloads.to%3a2710%2fannounce Demonic A to Z Collection 0 - G minus D https:// mega.nz/#F!AAFHUJQT!FSRvIR3Ba7rKHSzntG1QWA Demonic G Files Collection G.I. Joe, Galacta-3, Galactic, GURPS, Gamma World, Game Engine Manual, Game Mastery, GangBusters, Gangland, Godlike, Grimtooth's, Guild Hunters, Gunslingers & Gamblers, more. https://mega.nz/#F!i0RCRbwZ!dlo_q7wufhOrNF-NAJqDiQ Yet Another RPG Fan Collection Ponyfinder Arduin more https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yai1wnk6xutt3/RPG_Books

ART Collection Maps and Map Making, Writing, Miniatures - Awesome Reference Sources!! https://mega.nz/#F!TtkxHRSb!UXP75N5MNU2fhcRzYRdrjA

S.A.M. (System Agnostic Material) Collection - Huge collection of World Building Stuff https://mega.nz/#F!L91iDTqD!1nkoGVLDefyLIE2Lk2qyow

Ryuutama Trove and Misc Collection of Good Stuff https://mega.nz/#F!awkU2BDQ!Hd8E5aia4-h16rhJWbNcFA

A Humble Barder’s Collection 7th Sea, Cthulhu, Ars Magica, Gumshoe, CoD, WoD, Exalted, Darwin’s World, More Cthulhu, Polaris, Rogue Mage, Cheerleaders the Hottubbing, and much More! m3g@ nzee /#F!ZQlH0YAY!9LLu3G2cgkVasNqiHkFJ7A

Jim Wallman’s website of free games - Some seriously good stuff there. http://www.jimwallman.org.uk/wargame/

The PSI Files Collections , Malhavoc, Mind's Eye, tons of DSP , complete Psi Augmented with a little kinetic overlap. @n0n.to - /zUmYW4

Valust’s VAMPIRE, Savage, & Supers Collection including 42 SUPERHEROES Games- hand-picked by Valust

dIDQ Collection Apocalypse World, https://mega.nz/#F!2FwAxKxR!FtLi8f2Ged_BNmkK8xd1DQ!aExGCbLL

Doktor Know's Humble Bundle https://m3g@ .nz - /#F!s41VVaCD!OANAUq4uFne93qsMcXR1qw

Tabletop Collection - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8z4Cy1zaGU1WU0xc3F5dlZ1NHc&usp=sharing

GOOD Collection AFMBE, D&D old, DCC, GM books, Pathfinder, Ryuutama, Traveller , More https://mega.nz/#F!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg

5-vg Collection RPG Novels, D&D5E, L5R 4E, Xcrawl, rpg help, SR5E, WoD 20th https://mega.nz/#F!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg

Small Collection revolutiond100, entropic gaming system, Blood & Honor, First Contact : X-Corps s3ndsp@c3 - /filegroup/sTjAUEQjTMkRzXKkLmbk4MIl0PzkzlfA

Apocalypse Engine Collection https://mega.nz/#F!tUFWyDIB!gILxs4Z06bLSx8-iF5Wxow

Commissar's Stash Collection Magical Fury Companion, Spectres, Legacy: Life Among the Ruins, Bounty Head Bebop, Night Wizard 3E, Eoris Essence and Bureau 13 https://www.4shared.com/folder/8WaRIaaL/_online.html

These 4pleb Archives have a ton of directly posted pdfs, lots of them still being requested. Most of them still work. There are also a bunch of links, Many of them still work. The older links contain stuff we no longer post directly, Totally worth scrounging around in. http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/56079972/#56079972 ← 100th and 5th 40k novels a jillion of em http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45965824/#45965824 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/48162822/#48173132 ← Recent, But Increasingly Less So. This has Wild Talents and Priests of Mars http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46460931/#46460931 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46132164/#46132164 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/46085778/#46085778 and this one has The Quiet Year http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45956363/#45956363 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45773119/#45773119 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45602736/#45602736 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45643289/#45643289 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44621110/#44621110 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44410592/#44410592 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44105035/#44105035 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44274904/#44274904 Fast and Dirty, Hollywood Corebook http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44356684/#q44356684 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/44061463/#44061463 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43909151/#43909151 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43986092/#43986092 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43850338/#43850338 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43704147/#43704147 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43703462/#43703462 Danse Macabre http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43638867/#43638867 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43536603/#43536603 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43467620/#43467620 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43305280/#43305280 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43159953/#43159953 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43091332/#43091332 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43056761/#q43056761 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42974257/#42974257 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42790525/#42790525 ← you must be desperate or really bored to look here. http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42894378/#42894378 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42605163/#q42605163 Encyclopedia of Ancient & Forbidden Secrets and Fuck for Satan http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42491752/#42491752 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42091205/#42091205 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42326033/#42326033 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41923917/#41923917 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41853152/#41853152 Ghost Tower, Pale Lady, Ninja Burger, Car Lesbians, Trollbabe http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41454032/#q41454032 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41590476/#41590476 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41358991/#41358991 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/41212092/#41212092 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40945231/#40945231 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40818349/#40818349 Scenic Dunnsmouth, Feds and Heads, Qelong http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40737192/#40737192 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40897971/#40897971 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40655340/#40655340 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40436834/#40436834 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40378144/#40378144 Alpha Complex Playbook, City Builder Volume 01 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/40269898/#40269898 ← May 30th 2015 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/38432828/#38462168 ← First appearance of lotsastuff links

Solo Games Collection 150+ games Game Master Emulators or GMEs can be used to offload a lot of the GM stuff onto charts and tables that you then interpret as a group. Mythic was the first, but there's a bunch of them now. This guy's got most of them: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1ecybp6dp8rix/SoloTG

TheWiz! Presents The Freebie Collection! Hundreds of Open Source, Copyright Free RPG PDFs M3G4EnZed /#F!Nq5mVJqR!6WdkQ9T9awc07Uu8oaUzHg ------– - – - – ------

Mostly various horror games, complete collection of the old Pinnacle Entertainment lines, some classic swedish stuff and complete or nex-to complete collections of a few hard-to-find classics from the '90s: https://mega.nz/#F!S81nDYgR!-1DHtjzrLK1u6R9JSHG79Q

Anon Ymous's Misc Collection – Action, Cortex, Fusion, Silhouette http ://www.mediaf ire. com/folder/s3jvhv3cafckd/Miscellaneous

16 Random games pdfs http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/51886102/#51886102

NICE COLLECTION on googledrive - Translated JRPGs and more https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8z4Cy1zaGU1WU0xc3F5dlZ1NHc&usp=sharing

Other Junk Collection Adventurers Space Rangers Burps Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator & Solo GM Guidebook Glyph Ssytem High Stakes (Beta) One Page Dungeon Compilation 2017 OneDice Universal Revised Planetary Mercenary Super System 4th Edition MEEGA #F!cnwEQQBI!w3Eg49tpTwG7egCl8XHWfw

Ride the Spiral Collection -3pp Iron Gods dump Cyborgs, androids and robots,oh my. anonto/zUmYW4

D20 Modern and Mutants and Masterminds Collection nice and complete https://rpg.rem.uz/d20%20Variants/d20%20Modern/

Goodman Games Collection including up to #5. M3g4 ennzee /#F!IDhW0LTS!k-6nnQ3zF8-zf9xZ1ziyiw

Small SF Collection Phoenix command, Aliens rpg and living steel mega(dot)nz /#F!b5tgXRwa!mzelRNrKPjiT8gP7VrS-Jw

Mirror of some stuff Collection m E g @ /#F!wWB1UbCC!MhwWhskzk7ChTD1KRSp02A

Air and Space Collection mostly air/space wargames, including nAttack Vector Tactical / Saganami Island Tactical M3G4 dot EnZee /#F!d7Q3HaRZ!gTsKc-vYWTNa5th9EspwxQ

The All things Keltia, Yggdrasil, and Qin Collection 179 meg zip of it all SS /file/ofs7iu Have everything mecha that I've got- maybe something will prove useful to you. Collection Ss /filegroup/IaN0nwSVj2Rjbb7ZJ%2FP1xcvzAuKUjr3TfQsj%2FFmQ46%2FwkgHvwOG6NZzLXxmosdx6u65XgzwcXM ss/filegroup/RLHVmjb5Wcr3n7wler2BmUlKtRfnR2twewNM895iXg1A1FoSxPpYVo5vH2jYwDc7tHX51QP1kB0YldIdc1qOI%2F355F58abua8TN8EwJr2nb8 Mecha Compendium Deluxe http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/YPDk7l0X/file.htm

Radnom Miscellaneous RPGs m3g4 /#F!VvgT1A5Y!Jn5a0Ki3uS4_P1HT9ptOhg

The "Swedish Collection" thepir@teb@y /torrent/4808399/A_ventyrsspel_version_1.7_-_Rollspel

Miscellaneous stuff I don't know where else to put...

Go brain cramming on a planet with toasty conflict SS /filegroup/YuJ5HwHpKZHFqr0basY5BA

Legends of Steel Caladon Falls Thews Crimson Blades 2E Spider-God's Bride Swordbearer 2E Unhallowed Metro SS /filegroup/LoLDpkbnxyGA1nmQR5greA22QzEJEcEpiHrIyIZF5eUOWStc7v0JGU4RQYCEkVwv

Watchguard Solo, Enemy Strike File, Acts of Villainy, Bulletproof Blues

SS /file/4kn2q1

HARP and Psi Punk - multiple files SS /filegroup/taAExzGV8kyrat%2BqoOuj86wcmgdy6xzrkHWYlA9XLg%2BIfvs670PJ0w

Fields of Silver, The Dying Earth Revivification Folio, All’s Fair At Azenomei, Strangers in Saskervoy, The Lords of Cil SS /file/rdekdm

4 editions of Space Hulk, Galaxy tiles, Marines tiles, and a map from the SW miniatures game $nip /ZWVMe

Beneath the Inverted Church A Fabled City of Brass SS /filegroup/oudiyWdCVx5SuBN%2FtR0TRMyFKur5t9JSUFMyGHcTq143J4NdpuG3kpec%2BTUf99lU

Starlit Kingdom Dicey Tales #2 Legends of Steel (BoL, ZeFRS, SW) SS /file/8qcm5m

Kings of War 2e, Kings of War Historical, Destiny Of Kings, Uncharted Empires SS /file/vxbj62

Colonial Gothic - Adventure, Lost Tales, Portsmouth 1745, and The Journey to Norumbega SS /filegroup/F7vcF3%2FCUxOmypr3rnkXu5VPouYaznuI

Mythic Constantinople, Life's Long Consequences, and MC Map Pack SS /file/xpiu5e

Guild Adepts - Hunter Mezro - The Risen Mists Encounters in the Savage Jungles Scarab of Death - Maps & Tokens SS /filegroup/2VtquVYn1tQG99tSIv9he1zdDpJNovS0veJiNCvNV5a0x01uQM9Y6w

Mansions of Madness (CoC), Mythic Rome, World of Dew, Blood and Fists, and Weapons of the Gods SS /filegroup/cqhZSg51oXUzjoyRhpc6xun%2FpeZBwAOXCSjgiPj3kwiIh4gsF88UxMYedUT5a087h8Lw %2FxxMakWBqrBQf7B2AAOn58S6Gpw15R3BAXv2DSVMZuYWJTCOaRRxlb9SzR5S

Itras By and Menagerie SS /file/7a75ui

Future Armada and Armada Codex, in six easy pieces SS /filegroup/cyW2G7mpGgYHcOP7VkHT3k0vV5q5rDgSUbkZtm%2FWbAI%2FVRp7Y1WdHQ

Very thorough conversion to the Fuzion system for Aliens http ://serenadawn.com/AlienRPG-Contents.htm

Some French and German RPGs and a tileset SS /filegroup/EyXaDJdYY7JCGAFwz23XR7WDMIiwhIGRC3UtBb1WnF05R %2FBHgiEYz8rAbMzUudqEtP0DioJpBlc9CQAnQJjODTM6zfv%2Bw0onds9x39wif4dSOif%2BvowghA

Cold Steel Wardens, Cryptworld, Blood Dawn corebook, Marvels & Malisons $nip /OzodK

Superhuman and Anime Thing htt p://wwwhappionlabscom/superhuman-rpg/

Wildscape and Dungeoncraft SS /filegroup/S6l86bV%2BktGK1AtfQwfcmw

Cinematic Environs Arctic Lands and Mountains, Fragged Kingdom Magic Races, Samurai Sheepdog, Spheres of Might, The Flavour Handbook, Bladestorm Bestiary, and Castles and Crusades Engineering Castles SS /filegroup/My25XnSp7vEoMf07XQR3nZ2aCgOhlOEIQst4%2BGVMp9LA%2FLh4jv0uKh0ynR%2FGbXNZ

Storyteller's Vault - Vampire The Victorian Age Vampire The Masquerade - Rising Flames - Part Two of The Berlin Chronicles $nip /Kr2H

Dracula's America - Shadows of the West (PDF) Dracula's America - Hunting Grounds (ePub) d20zine - Issue #5 (June/July 2003) SS /filegroup/3zuWBuQzjCeYuTdjKvdIJ7asrm2MKY0d

Round of Fire 1.0.1 + extras Five Parsecs From Home 2nd Edition (updated - 1.02) SS /filegroup/oCI6b7g8cK2ZVrFvcXd9FQ8TWFpFR2MOb9xjUMg12xM

Dreamchaser - A Game of Destiny Libre - Solo Roleplaying SS /filegroup/7HFM%2Fgfu7UP8VHFUyD%2F77Q

Watch the World Die, The Name of God (updated), Rainbow World v2, Paper Quest, Night of the Barrel, King of the City Core EN and Retinue Sheet, Escape from Tentacle City, Mechanical Mayhem, Bated Breath, and Theater of the Mind magazine 1-5 $nip /nCNp

FFE d20 - Treasure Quests with Tombs of Ra, Cloud Warriors, and Dungeon World Catacombs and Secrets of the Enemy Capital SS /filegroup/JxKMD4Z2bqHuhBQzDFxbUs17iGjwMInFDo07ohIqMgs

Western City, Storm and Sail (plus sheets), Cartomancy, Maelstrom, Maelstrom Domesday, and Maelstrom Gothic SS /filegroup/jdhluBT7aF8aJ6jCWg6k3OJtCrBSfGi6JYMweQTSRuvIZzk6RDzuQVn3YvAsFAn%2F

Aliens & Asteroids (MCC) Children Of The Fallen Sun SS /filegroup/9UsiMCfGvj78Ed%2FX1BQe9Q

The Android Underlords module for Metamorphosis Alpha Paranoia Comics (based on the RPG) Car Warriors (loosely based on Car Wars) Traveller Music (from a red vinyl record, called The Lord Weird Slough Feg) DC Universe RPG Narrator's Book Chilled to the Bone (Chill short stories) 2300 AD Novel - MIssion La Glaciere $nip /Wm08c

Epyllion supplements and playbook Life Among the Ruins 2e SS /filegroup/uDBYFfeVt%2BqYVjp2RtW6ecmsoJmaodG3 ------END BIG COLLECTIONS SECTION------

– – – ------A-Z RPGS and Wargames-- – --- – – – – – --- – – ---

0-9: A Hard To Find Game @non files cc/file/3afdbf1484a673a0e5a0c9a2e32c0d3b

This guy is giving away his rather pro looking adventures for the James Bond 007 RPG. FREE, nicely done modules that aren't tied to a film. Check them out: http://4eyes.code66.se/?page_id=11

SGG - 1 With a Bullet Point - 7 Shadow Assassin Feats SS /file/knxu1s

100 SciFi Adventure Seeds SS /file/7fhtxa

1001 Nights MF /folder/4tqs81yvts17z/RPG_Share

1001 Nights (by Meguey Baker) 4$hared /office/PDmttn4Oba/1001_Nights_-_Corebook.html

------13th Age Bestiary 2 SS /file/02uli4 SS /file/w1ji6f The Strangling Sea SS /file/6zf2nr

13th Age Bestiary 2 and for Veins of the Earth SS /file/eb7yp4

Eyes of the Stone Thief - 13th age SS /file/i2zj44

Deep Magic for 13th Age u$er$cl0ud /gpi67evfuqlv

13th Age - Book of Icons from Rite Publishing SS /file/1s6krr

Primeval Thule - Red Chains (13Age) SS /file/1woiur ------1879 by FASA - Player's Guide and GM's Guide SS /file/yan81v

FASA 1879? SS /file/2mm3yn

1879 (FASA) London, or the Haunted City SS /file/jpaiy9 ------

Zozer Games - 1970s 2d6 Retro Rules SS /file/hxjzo2

4 Winds - Path of Power 2 - Paths of Blood SS /file/5hhy4f

50 Modern Magic Items SS /file/ykcvje

6d6 MF /folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#3ogztq7s3h06t

------7th Sea 7th Sea 2e (the new one) http://pastebin.com/9LXQYK6V new 7th sea book in high quality m3g4 /#!XQsUUb6B!UGJSfEFYswgOXYdjIQqdytAtqoArZYedQHUSOAttgws

Nations of Théah Volumes 1 & 2 SS /file/ua0lfz

7th Sea - multiple files SS /filegroup/5WQ1LjiA%2BfLPEfzqYaINdOK4gx4IvcaR

7th Sea - The New World SS /file/4puhdu ------77 Thrones - Bonus Material SS /file/4btjkr

FGG - 8-Bit Adventures - Perseus Jr Gear SS /file/481m3s

A: ------AaW - A02 Devil of Dark Wood /file/s9q9az

AaW - A03 Champions Rest /file/t07ehk

AaW - A04 Forest for the Trees /file/92fa1r

AaW - A05 Winterflower /file/jq301y

AaW - A07 Alchemists Errand /file/harajt

AaW - A08 Search for the Tri-Stone /file/0hvqn4

AaW - A09 Rogue Wizard /file/v5b8lj

AaW - A11 Wild Thing /file/zmrl4y

AaW - A25 Flute of the Four Winds /file/04ix2q

AaW - C05 The Foul Passage of Progress /file/ere8nl

AaW - C06 The Community Dungeon /file/1n0sc7

AaW - C07 The Sussurus Tomb /file/p0dq16

AaW - B06 Cry Of Ill Omen /file/ddhd70

AaW - B10 White Worm of Weston /file/n8kku7

AaW - B15 Rito della Successione /file/1zo6x2

AaW - B19 Tower of Screaming Sands /file/hof87i

AaW - B20 For Rent, Lease or Conquest /file/bu6wxr AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 1 /file/to2i1f

AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Arcineum Devaneas 2 /file/ae512j

AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 1 /file/ts3xd9

AaW - Dire Devilish Deeds - Devaneas Arcineum 2 /file/n9lxkm

AaW - Rule of Law /file/ujo50f

AaWBlog - Presents Armory of Adventures /file/ywrjgd ------

Abandon All Hope collection SS /filegroup/J36Kfg6FOl2hjybqonIjxfGNjhKdfJp3INumC%2Benzpl9yHRcGxIDGMMqH0JDOXNN %2FthX6qWGkNDMh1WzjhZk8ocZeUtImKNyNP5TbYK9NYU academagia http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/51611097/#51611097

Aces & Eights http://www.mediafire.com/download/5by390gva9csz9g/Aces+%26+Eights.pdf

Active Exploits http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1468905740

Active Exploits Take 2 : Special Edition. upload mb: /dw.php?id=1502034537

Ad Ev https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Adeptus_Evangelion

Adequate Commoner (ctrl+f "pub8") (PF) @rchiv3fo /SLjTH

Adventurer Magazine 01.pdf http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/ZNIuVfT6/file.html

Adventurer Magazine 05.pdf http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/bZyHHEZR/file.html

Adventurer Magazine 02.pdf http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/FTHfogfQ/file.html

Adventurer's Almanac Goodman's Games u$er$cl0ud /kqouv455vdfd

Adventures in Middle Earth - Player's Guide https://userscloud.com/kl65gnh4t1iu http://rg.to/file/6a51aa59127c2e3d4d3e5699b099495d/Adventures_in_Middle_Earth_-_Player's_Guide.pdf.html

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Mirkwood Campaign By C7 SS /file/8krqmo Cublicle 7's Wilderland Adventures book for Adventures in Middle Earth 5E SS /file/hrpmxu

Adventures On Dungeon Planet http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/IHIV1se7/file.html

Aeon - you can at least read Adventure! here https://www.scribd.com/doc/66877673/Adventure-RPG

Aeon Trinity - Alien Encounters 1: Invasion $nip /Oepc

***AETHERA CAMPAIGN SETTING*** https://mega.nz/#!3Atl2YyA!xEkIDa7RDXdFNZ-KDc6Vf9j9bDF6eY0LqjCH6xHZRuk

AFMBE Folders http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/xBXspRsU/file.html https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ztnd31cru1c75/AFMBE

------After Zombies - Leaving Solace Part 1 SS /file/wen8m8

After Zombies - Solace Police Department SS /file/xm3vnp

After Zombies - White Star Trailer Park SS /file/dpoz92 ------

Angry Hamster - Afterlife, Lost Souls Edition SS /file/tc6x8o

Aftermath Boxed set http://www.mediafire.com/download/lzah8projf3mihf/Aftermath+-+Boxed+Set.pdf

AZ After Zombies Supplement 1 SS /file/5101vw

------Against the Dark Yogi http://www.mediafire.com/download/hag9oin79ob69gd/Against_the_Dark_Yogi_Consequence_Car ds.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/jdfdgfykt5wioxq/Against_the_Dark_Yogi_GM_Screen.pdf

Against the Dark Yogi - The Serpents Brood SS /file/8nqvda ------

Age of Anarchy (roleplaying the Norman centuries) SS /file/613ihn

Isolation Games - Age of Steel SS /file/ahxzu1 Agents of the Crown SS /filegroup/J4wa4XELEbdls14diW1gYlltTkwWCZP5/filegroup/J4wa4XELEbdls14diW1gYlltTkwWCZP5

Akelarre collection (along with other Spanish titles) grimoriosociedadnocturnanet /Listado.php

Alas, Vegas SS /file/o0x84w

The Alchemists of Pwang SS /file/5cac43

Aletheia SS /file/n535ju

Classic Aliens RPG from the guys who did Phoenix Command m3g4 /#F!3xl3xYTT!4cfBXVSza5O1fQkrPmoL5A

All-Stars A Game of Low-Budget Superheroics SS /file/reth57

Alpha Blue SS /file/gtkykq SS /file/42mp9l

Altais: Age of Ruin SS /file/6r69ma

LRG - Alternate Paths Divine Characters 2- Odd Gods SS /file/yx37k7

Alternity:Starcraft https://www.alternityrpg.net/resources/646/original/starcraft.pdf

--- – – --- – ------– ------Amazin Adventures - Core u$er$cl0ud /lq8qi93zf5zq

Amazing Adventures - Companion u$er$cl0ud /q6q1odbq80m2

Amazing Adventures - Book of Powers u$er$cl0ud /fcixt5dk8az0

Amazing Adventures - Manual of Monsters u$er$cl0ud /vcgq2u9o44jj

Amazing Adventures - Rise of the Red God u$er$cl0ud /xkoi5rwmgirn

Amazing Adventures - Demon Hunter u$er$cl0ud /0q9l9knxtxpr u$er$cl0ud /p899oqiied16

Amazing Adventures - Day of the Worm u$er$cl0ud /0q9l9knxtxpr

Amazing Adventures Book of Powers u$er$cl0ud /fcixt5dk8az0 --- – – --- – ------– ------

Amethyst SW - Amethyst Untamed - World Guide https://userscloud.com/xdeg9atmpx66

Dust Adventures - Core Rulebook https://userscloud.com/5i63xxl8bnnv DUST Adventures - Operation Apocalypse https://userscloud.com/xabf8u56d8uv

Amora - Xeno File 003 - Halloween Edition SS /file/pgfdxg

AMP Year 2 - Affiliation Guide - Hounds (5.08MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/dokpt9

AMP Year One - revised edition SS /file/t57v2q

Angakkuit SS /file/ca1qbd

------ANIMA Anima: Beyond Fantasy https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3rsj3sa113hg2/Anima https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8lq4n4nduv57v/Anima

Anima (Spanish?) https://mega.nz/#!3Bw0hLTS!fBPSmTYr6azOfwSZEHV_4BhzeCEdpKbUNcwON34KAB8

Anima https://www.mediafire.com/folder/97qdpfkobuvnr/Anima_Beyond_Fantasy

Anima Prime s3ndsp@c3 - /file/1xoot1

Anima Perfect World Guide from the Gate of Memories KS Mega /#!U1QQEaoT!f9VWXprWlYT4t8w5JDpuIZyswM69QNq9wSxoWqr5i0I

Anima Beyond Fantasy - PWG dr¡v€ dot g00gl€ dot c0m /file/d/0B8-S61oA3cGNX2NNLU02N05PT2c/view ------

Ankur: Kingdom of the Gods SS /filegroup/8ZjbEb9Oj%2BO6ByZGS4YoHw

Annalise http://www.4shared.com/office/wCHObNDece/Annalise_-_Corebook.html


Apes Victorious SS /file/q0rt4u

------Apocalypse World and PbtA pocalypse World https://www.sendspace.com/file/fj8phr

Apocalypse World 2nd Edition https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/MHGKudQMm4LO0386FmJ6kXAuFVMOJ%2BWQ https://www.sendspace.com/file/kyjsem https://www.sendspace.com/file/3e7baq Apocalypse World 2e Core Rulebook https://mega.nz/#!9gh1lKaR!m09bPOZC93x-GmHYKi_Mqf8eopKLPCKOkR5niqvlY7I

Basic Playbooks and Reference Sheets https://mega.nz/#!NxpFFDTI!O1QtV8CICEgsBt8Y3Mt-uRjWSeCLvsngfGjaBmP5kG4

Extended Playbooks https://mega.nz/#!BsARAILC!96768IoYc1aN5O4OH6uNDV_B5dmwTA216AnF_85HQwo

Updated PBTA list. http://apocalypse-world.com/pbta/

Apocalypse World https://nerdwerds.blogspot.com/2012/12/all-of-playbooks.html ------

Aquelarre (Spanish?) MF /file/43s5upl3in4ubxx/Aquelarre.pdf

Arc Threads http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/QfLzeTBv/file.html

Arcana - Blood and Bone SS /file/ycixbf

Arcane Magazine '90s UK RPG http://annarchive.com/arcane.html

Ares Magazine https://archive.org/details/ares_magazine

Arnold Kemp's version for DnD-like games: http://goblinpunch.blogspot.com/2014/02/career-paths-for-3d6-fantasy.html

Army Ants http://www.mediafire.com/file/j96icjiy4k2g6in/Army_Ants_Second_Edition.pdf

Army of Darkness http://www.mediafire.com/file/qjezbu9czh94mhw/Army+Of+Darkness+RPG.pdf

------Ars Magica big ole trove o goodies https://mega.co.nz/#F!egckRLjZ!iJ-TkOG6QEXDUw4yyKOHxg

Ars Magica 5th https://www.sendspace.com/file/s0us6d

Ars Magica 5e https://mega.nz/#F!ghpyDTRa!13igJSfzqfX3hmmnyNj6Ng

Ars Magica 5th ed http://www.mediafire.com/file/60va6ca56h1q8ut/ars_magica_5th_edition.pdf

Ars Magica includes all of Sub Rosa available so far m3g@ /#F!MKhEXAKC!WDF_-TyqcmfBSpWOoy5kdQ ------

Artesia: Adventures in the Known World https://www.mediafire.com/folder/iz0m2xwfswf33/Artesia

ASH SS /file/mti117

Ashen Stars - Tartarus SS /file/p2pnoi

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 1.pdf - 31.5 MB https://userscloud.com./fniu83xjkl3j

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 2.pdf - 37.4 MB https://userscloud.com/supaanngncdu

Askfageln - Best of Fenix - Volume 3.pdf - 27.0 MB https://userscloud.com/gxhz697lr0x9

Assassin Queen u$er$cl0ud /bjm7s1sfr3te

Assassins https://mega.co.nz/#!Kdc3iCKT!n5Qx25pW1UwQ9hsRdm40qUJSj-rDxB7DlbC70kocg9E

Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea - Rulebook SS /file/mti117

AS&SH - Map & sheets SS /file/pm4yrn

ATLANTIS: Adventure Anthology collection SS /filegroup/ZKvHiwQSEV1%2BehsSQaOzAtAz1jgwjh1SqyUKShUWJaJZZq7KrBZ3LsVzQGON3QevEN %2FPrYEj2M02eSfNm5rqJIplJPAvCCprnjqxqHKE1sXSiuE9osHOzYSnXiqYmuGb

Atlas Animalia $nip /hZGf

Atomic Robo - FATE u4er4cl0udcom /66bto5joxivs

Wrath of the Autharch http s ://www.a nonfiles.cc/file/e86378ee36ef40054cd8ee14aedf332a

Scheme of the Autharch https: //a nonfiles.cc/file/d70b7356b3d459badac3deef84325c37

Awaken $n!p /MY2 SS /file/kmsw67

B: (***editor's notation) ------Baby Bestiary userscloud.com ieogpgeyzvh2 Baby Bestiary u4er4cl0udcom aby estiary andbook ol. 1 /bjrrinxi46qz aby estiary andbook ol. 2 /lvd656zy055d Baby Bestiary SS /file/mu8uhg ------

Background Noise: Breathe Life into Your Character SS /file/ugfnle

Baker Street with screenplay SS filegroup/qww8pQmeLN%2FKcSJMKuhHB8muj8eidx2Odon8HdDNxP4HMTEs8cNiFmihg2kS8l1u

------– – – --- – --- – - - – ------Barbarians of Lemuria,Mythic Edition (current edition) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7llc83r2xf8bg/Barbarians_of_Lemuria_-_Mythic_Edition http://www.mediafire.com/download/aoefdht3ubfz3pp/Barbarians+of+Lemuria+- +Legendary+Edition.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/xbb51i25r2u0o6a/Barbarians+of+Lemuria+-+Mythic+%28Printer+Friendly%29.pdf >Barbarians of Lemuria, Legendary Edition (earlier edition, fewer details & more minimalist presentation makes it even easier to learn, but the rules aren't as refined*) http://www.mediafire.com/download/p5w885sa9a869ma/Barbarians+Of+Lemuria+-+Legendary+Edition.pdf >Barbarians of Lemuria, House Rules / Patches for Legendary Edition (if you want the bare bones minimalism of Legendary, but with the rules tightened up a bit) – https://mega.co.nz/#F!CtQR2bST!y_awB-GHCiL3CdK4iLCV7A ------

Barbarians of the Aftermath $nip /Mw0

Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen original core book and the revised and expanded edition https://mega.nz/#F!wRFD2ZLa!j4x9NaivBNc08gyYPt1x0w SS /file/uby0d4

Barrom Brawl MF /folder/wbgg92uqfojl4/Sanctuary

Base Raiders - Death Traps Volume 1 https://userscloud.com/c588970cz5yi Base Raiders - New Superpowers - Vintage Villainy https://userscloud.com/n5va5dmgl292 Base Raiders - New Superpowers - Boost Patches https://userscloud.com/xi13d5a8yb60 Base Raiders - Boiling Point https://userscloud.com/o71r712d4x46 Base Raiders - Core Rules https://userscloud.com/8m7x6sco5otf

------Basic Roleplaying Chaosium 2nd ed: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z5obdccqzd8q2qx/Basic_Role_Playing_%282nd_Edition %29.pdf 3rd ed: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6g8qs8t1t3v1q12/2006_-_Basic_Roleplaying_%283rd_Edition %29.pdf 4th ed: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dd67p7f7bnys0tr/2020_-_Basic_RolePlaying_%284th_Edition %29.pdf I think this is 1st ed, but my folder is all messed up so I'm not 100%: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jg8ccaq1hgr33a6/Basic_RolePlaying_- _The_Chaosium_Roleplaying_System_%28oef%29.pdf BRP trove a SNIPped site 5ApA3 BRP4 send space dot com /filegroup/TclqNZCmD2wg7EzP %2Bqc3YU5lhEpla450cnH95c2aCYwYVjx5%2B4y6jSwxMhyQm%2B1lGDgiLEn0MCQ9hO %2FQXklJBAZcvyk7kdRM ------– – – --- – --- – - - – ------B.A.S.H. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7bmpugbuxg5p3/BASH_(Basic_Action_Superheroes)

BASH Fantasy - Codex of Fantasy Folk SS /file/jbx5ff

BASH Fantasy - Legends of Steel HiRes SS /file/oq88ob

BASH Fantasy - Legends of Steel LoRes SS /file/0f0920

BASH - Fantasy Character Build Templates SS /file/e6uchz

BASH - Fantasy Folio of Magic Items SS /file/mapuju

BASH - Fantasy Grimoire of Magic SS /file/q0fmli

BASH - The Super Villain Handbook Deluxe Edition SS /file/5o08a5 ------

Batman miniatures game rule book $end$p @ce /file/cpa3gd

Batman - Role-Playing Game SS /file/tu9og7

------Battle Century G/Z There's a pdf of the SRD at the developers site (gimmicklabs dot blogspot dot co dot uk)

Battle Century G and Z SS /filegroup/W3e6mwfoNNvnded039e%2BOA SS /filegroup/bSdORFJ9zx9A4iXPuj1VDQ

Battle Century Z SS /file/4dfrtj ------Battlefleet Gothic Where can I find the rules? http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com/index.php?topic=5203.0

>What rules books do I actually need? http://pastebin.com/6AGsum1s (Updated again) (Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with? http://pastebin.com/jC96JeMV >Boarding action rules https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Warhammer_40000/Zone_Mortalis_Expansion.pdf See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>BFG:Armada beta is now live Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bfgtg ------Battlelords of the 23rd Century SS /file/hxkd6a

Battlelords of the 23rd Century Core SS /file/7qx8wu ------BATTLETECH

Touring the Stars Compilation https://mega.nz/#!ixlWHA5Y!VC7rjxgsAxnDddAkvqFU2LF2U7oU8zE_X6dYUV5Ggqs

Touring the Stars Manassas https://mega.nz/#!vt8k2DaS!IR0VJXpFyhcWhDOZHF_uNo7yaBHNqKo2h-2nrSaENRc >/btg/ does a TRO: http://builtforwar.blog(not spam)spot.com/

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? http://pastebin.com/pE2f7TR5

>Overview of the major factions? http://bg.battletech.com/universe/great-houses/ http://bg.battletech.com/universe/the-clans/ http://bg.battletech.com/universe/other-powers/

>How do I find out what BattleMechs a faction has? http://masterunitlist.info/

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP): https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1116217&add=1

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs http://bg.battletech.com/?page_id=400

>Rookie guides http://pastebin.com/HZvGKuGx

>Sarna.net - BattleTech Wiki http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Main_Page

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players http://megamek.info/

Unit Designing Softwares >SSW Mech Designer http://www.solarisskunkwerks.com/ >MegaMek Lab http://megameklab.sourceforge.net/

>BattleTech IRC #battletech on irc.rizon.net

>PDF Folders https://www.mediafire.com/folder/sdckg6j645z4j/Battletech Battletech Mechs a-poppin'! http ://www. uploadmb. com/dw.php?id=1502687768

Battlemech Manual uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502687768 Battletech - Tech Readout Succession Wars uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502687864 ------

Tri Tac Games - Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters $nip /3351658

Beast SS /file/kofyzi

Beast Player's Guide SS /file/aywfap SS /file/42zver

Beast Hunters https://www.mediafire.com/?9y9wos6kjj2aw1a

FASA's "Behind Enemy Lines" MF /file/u05c69kr34f7rx3/Behind+Enemy+Lines.pdf MF /file/cgw81qj4199g5mt/Behind+Enemy+Lines+-+The+Guns+Of+Navarone.pdf

Belly of the Beast SS /file/5vdimu

Be A Better Campaign Master, Book One: Building the World $end$p @ce /filegroup/mPzQ6NEkGfrRWYqlv3uKBw

------BESM 2E m3g4 /#F!EsZ2DBRZ!t6xZHgyts3_6RS2WfXFWIA!xwAz3bAL BESM Ex Machina https://www.sendspace.com/file/080zms

No Souls Left Behind for Better Angels SS /file/cmrych

The Big Bang Comics RPG SS /file/9g5qgl

The Black Company Campaign Setting. https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/HLhsI0AWr3NcqvtGdiUGqw

BESM - Hearts Swords Flowers SS /file/eg5if9

BESM D20 Military Vehicles 92z!ppy$h@re /v/vRmtltA1/file.html ------Better Angels http://www.mediafire.com/download/ex7phlm8p0zw2i0/APU7000+-+Better+Angels.pdf

No Souls Left Behind SS /file/6fb87c GM Screen SS /file/pwj0ny ------Beyond the Supernatural u$er$cl0ud /k6k8bcinxbkx

Boxed Nightmares u$er$cl0ud /b0ndk07rgwx2 ------Black Crusade Core 4shared /office/8T_jcv6Qei/Black_Crusade_-_Core_Rulebook_.html

Tome of Blood 4shared /office/Ng0W9fK5ei/Black_Crusade_-_The_Tome_of_Bl.html

Tome of Decay 4shared /office/hmZqLfSZei/Black_Crusade_-_The_Tome_of_De.html

Tome of Fate 4shared /office/IvIaob4Tei/Black_Crusade_-_The_Tome_of_Fa.html ------

Black Death (the newer one) SS /file/vgg2fy

------BLACK HACK The Black Hackzetter Volume 1, 2, & 3 A Hack Of Class Cybernetica - The Black Hack How The West Was Hacked - The Weird WIld West The Basic Hack The Pirate Hack The Pulp Hack The Space Hack The Stellar Hack - Starlite The Super Hack The Vigilante Hack m3g@nz /#F!9m4hABLB!4fXmbk_nvwaujmiVp-8rjA

The White Hack u$er$cl0ud /s3j2z217f9yv http://fossilbank.wikidot.com/engine:hackbird for another list, plus rpg geek also had a "Hack the Black" contest which includes a bunch more from many amateur designers last year (see https://rpggeek.com/thread/1586797/rpgg-contest-hack-black-closed )

The Black Hack - The Beast Hack 2 (4.15MB) The Black Hack - The Beast Hack (6.78MB) The Black Hack - The Solo Hack (4.01MB) The Black Hack - Cyber-Hacked (4.54MB) The Black Hack - Mirrorshades (2.22MB) The Black Hack - Solo-HACK-tastic (4.68MB) anon to/McgvpF

Huge collection of Black Hack SS /file/egfvac

Black Hack - Noises in the Old Theatre SS /file/zl1bpe ------

Black Hat Magic SS /file/x9qjd0

Black Jade SS /file/4s4tui

Black Pudding #2 SS /file/91ispx

Black Tokyo stuff m3diafir3 /file/1em1zyakk5umvi9/BT_Collection.rar

Blackmoor SS /filegroup/ASCEIy4D6WguvWB%2BBSPtC6XaggR31hyA

Blade and Bone s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/2j7PXN2hWe9rhpldmvGoATcC0KlXW87O

Osprey - DARK 09 - War of the Worlds- The Anglo-Martian War of 1895 10z!ppy$h@re /v/GOCbyMd9/file.html

The Black Spot SS /file/c1b9ui

------Blades In The Dark Blades In The Dark v.6 https://www.sendspace.com/file/1fzval Blades in the Dark early access v6: http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760 Blades in the Dark (7.1) http://www.4shared.com/office/_9JEwjQPba/Blades_in_the_Dark_-_Quickstar.html Blades in the Dark v7.1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Bscfq5NuAfOXczVndXejdvNlk Blades in the Dark s3ndsp@c3 - /file/acnc66 Blades in the Dark Scum and Villainy https://www.scribd.com/document/353904352/Scum-Villainy-1-6-pdf Scum & Villany - Blades in the Dark sendspace /file/wkh7zj

Blades in the Dark v8.1 Special Edition, with 30-odd extra pages featuring a whole extra locale and stuff s3ndsp4c3 /file/9y7nca

Glow in the Dark (Blades in the Dark hack) SS /file/6bc256

Blades in the Dark Core u$er$cl0ud /kheukr7eby1l

Blades in the Dark Playsheets u$er$cl0ud /1tj935yy75ue

Blades in the Dark special edition SS /file/lcw7ko

Blades in the Dark - Sheets v8.2 SS /file/mcjku2

Blades in the Dark v8.2 SS /file/ozrrli ------

Bladestorm Core and World Tree SS /filegroup/pIvII%2B5rGeoJ1DzlRFw9wzeSAj0qMcdX

Blade of the Iron Throne SS /file/uyj61d Blade of the Iron Throne - beta s3ndsp @cec0m /file/4zum1c

Bliss Stage /\/\3g4 dot NZ /#!YJl2VLKS!Hh66Zrxg-a9i0IMvJp18Npsnxjkpeq8TRcVN7Z5KvBA

Blood! SS /file/hp4dee

Bloodmoon Goblins by Fear the Boot SS /file/nkcegx

Blood & Water SS /file/6e86z0

Bloodlust 2e (1995) meg4 /#!UU9nmARY!dIyrXZZdqYGg_YVdeFEBCU0IL5X9WMGtraf0625JEHc

Bloodlust 2e trove meg4 /#F!tQ800LSB!g33KsTpKEdH9z3TyjrHfXQ

Bloodshadow.rar https://userscloud.com/fzb92swojsts

Bloodshadows SS /file/jsqai6

------Blood and Bone SS /file/cbkn9k SS /file/yy1w7x SS /filegroup/xSzyZ4xkb5KVxhpsujGyJkjBce8hKmRl

Arcana Games - Blood and Bone SS /file/6kdqnl

Sellswords - A Blood and Bone Campaign SS /file/6iom8v ------

Blood & Bronze SS /folder/vqwg62

Blood and Fists - Master Edition http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/GKkgwCEX/file.html

Blood and Plunder http ://www 79.zi ppyshare. com/v/SaCVXbEd/file.html Blood & Steel - Book 2 The Ninja SS /file/3q518t

Blood & Steel - Book 4 The Monk SS /file/wlnexs

Blood & Steel - Book 3 The Cavalier SS /file/p3ixet

Blood In The CHOCOLATE! https://www.sendspace.com/file/u9qkn7 s3ndsp4c3 /file/189j2a

Blood Island http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1474067395

Blood of Heroes SS /file/545ajd

Blood Red Sands: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3lapvgg5yf8pr9q/Blood+Red+Sands+RPG.pdf

Bloodlust - original French edition by Croc m3g4 /#!UU9nmARY!dIyrXZZdqYGg_YVdeFEBCU0IL5X9WMGtraf0625JEHc

Blowing up the movies https://www.scribd.com/mobile/document/336608869/Blowing-Up-the-Movies-Consumer-PDF-2015-05-15 https://www.sendspace.com/file/2r5o4g

Bluebeard's Bride upload mb /dw.php?id=1501896882 Bluebeard's Bride, which is honestly flippin' incredible and you really should go buy it. sendspace /file/qknkof SS /filegroup/9tDqTBDduzenkcIN%2FpVpLw

------Blueholme: Journeyman Rules u$er$cl0ud /lah6tzhjskkz

Blueholme Character Sheet u$er$cl0ud /xxypxzdhgf64 ------Blue Planet https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By64dQtBw1WbT1FIUWgxdDBZa3c/view?usp=sharing Complete Blue Planet books 2nd and 3rd Editions and supplements https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/oHO7jc7hEZlipwFbVsf %2FWKcg33D48DuZNhjI2BWvaalGOzOm1Z81HuDWi%2FM17BGJM%2F7BBdL4s8FnHCkttgxPD7N1FG %2FQEbTiGQImqomm66BSRI%2FH9b25SLpZpIMV3baodKYWEtqSdONgWGar%2Bsapwg Blue Planet http://www.mediafire.com/file/bgm0yk282bga3ha/Blue+Planet+-+Moderators+Guide.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/evhhkc2ya0ddkdp/Blue+Planet+-+Players+Guide.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/v5myhac6i1zl3yb/Natural+Selection.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/epoibb35xbz5om6/Fluid+Mechanics.pdf

Blue Planet trove meg4 /#F!8RcwkZYR!vM6z7GHNV14sVNnoA6nxEw ------

Blue Rose https://us3rscl0udcom/yf727j86ts7b

Blue Rose AGE $n!p /k2Mam https://mega.nz/#!5HIDXLJJ!1GsCI6SmdrujH7KJAlUiq5q2lStWASZV1TAbu4O8zlQ 4z!ppy$h@re /v/3hCnMiSI/file.html

Board Games Resources (reviewers, /tg/ groups, good online vendors, game accessories) http://pastebin.com/NA2W929q

BOL Hack SS /file/5q9e2p pdf version SS /file/58r941

Bold & Brave - Genre Diversion u$er$cloud /aizbv1am12w7

The Book of Contemporary Magical Things SS /file/t93tne

The Book of NOD m3g4 /#F!jpFCkK4J!MbhzNliDIRh8h6B3glzoOg

Book of the Machine - the Mechanon sourcebook SS /file/pwcrqx

Book of Ants: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xja1wj

The Book of Cairn SS /file/pw2d1k

JBE -Book of Heroic Races - Occult Intrigue in the Wilderness SS /file/mwt2h9

BOOK OF THE DAMNED m3g4 /#!ydszSJ4J!v31Gu9Ja-3Q_RVnZ8ytcpj6aQ_UmqNMJjgdcjWUOs20

The Book of Lairs SS /file/2l6ak0

The Book of Lairs Urban Encounters SS /file/50zr9x

Book of Unremmiting Horror, the d20 version by Pelgrane Press" http://www.mediafire.com/download/exf43v1vi676f61/d20+The+Book+of+Unremitting+Horror.pdf

Boot Hill: (Freddy Bolger's) https://mega.nz/#F!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg!AkNXDaxS

Boot Hill - Range War 118z!ppy$h@re /v/GwHJjiLD/file.html

Borderland Provinces Journey Generator b1t do /froggod

------Bounty Head Bebop - Archetype SS /file/1kip47 Bounty Head Bebop - Blast Off SS /file/jr8te8

Bounty Head Bebop - Ghost in the Machine SS /file/imdjwr

Bounty Head Bebop - Jacked UP SS /file/r8slaj

Bounty Head Bebop - Operation APE SS /file/3j9nn8 ------Brave New World - Defiants.pdf https://userscloud.com/rvcpk1saz2kq Brave New World - Delta Prime.pdf https://userscloud.com/3q8flngm46va Brave New World - Evil Unlimited.pdf https://userscloud.com/ue6d44zk7ky2 Brave New World - Glory Days.pdf https://userscloud.com/ksnad4j4uk2g Brave New World - Player's Guide - Ravaged Planet.pdf https://userscloud.com/7qc4g29h7ql4 Brave New World RPG.pdf https://userscloud.com/m21h9uliigs7 ------

Breachworld Character Folio 4 - Caliber $nip /tmpA

Breachworld core rulebook SS /file/41tk5b

Breakfast Cult. http://www.mediafire.com/download/w5ar98dzf35r1h4/Breakfast_Cult_%288939918%29.pdf 687474703A2F2F77777735372E7A6970707973686172652E636F6D2F762F696B6A53507961712F66696C652E68746D 6C(types of encoding Blizzard used in their Sombra ARG) (hex to ASCI)

Breaking the Ice found it on irc using https: //www. Y outube. C om/watch?v=wLUMXdx5ySE [E mbed]

Broken Rooms, the RPG that will make you sad https://uloz.to/!TpXd9xJ5hQ3N/phoomph-broken-rooms-pdf

Broken Worlds SS /filegroup/2ThIPpbYXhhISpytoGYWpg SS /file/pk4nxn

Brujah 1e (still a crappy scan) SS /file/yjmkti

Bubblegumshoe SS /filegroup/H73Cahox0AtjsLh8EHPhQg

TSR Buck Rogers XXVC RPG m3di@ fiR3 /folder/2lv8m8id47st0

------Buffy the Vampire Slayer MF /file/r6eim09086q8r52/Buffy+the+Vampire+Slayer+RPG+-+Core+Rulebook.pdf

Slayer's Handbook SS /file/skpnt3

The Magic Box SS /file/lkfru7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - revised core (low quality) $nip /Li0Q ------

Bulldogs in Space-Fate version: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/1OAXOWXu/file.html

Bulldogs different version https://www.sendspace.com/file/l9m8zq

Bunnies and Burrows SS /file/fva5n3

------Bureau 13 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#tcrx7xyexjh9l

Frazle's Bureau 13 Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tcrx7xyexjh9l/Bureau%2013

Tri-Tac Invasion US supplement for Fringeworthy/Bureau 13 http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/X9shNEoz/file.html

Bureau 13 novels by Nick Polotta zip SS /file/esn11f

Terror Watch Quarterly News vol. 1 #1 SS /file/ducafh ------

Burning Empires http://www.mediafire.com/download/pww6pjdh6pq8guq/Burning+Empires.pdf http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1466441238 https://mega.nz/#F!ZccxHC4b!MdIJ1KgvFwcZP1pY40-jVQ

------Burning Wheel https://mega.nz/#F!0pZkQAoY!WOv8QDEY6vaG1BdiVOBofw Burning Wheel/Torchbearer stuff: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/bZuR9ycE/file.html Burning Wheel Gold https://mega.nz/#!1gVBHKqb!IaJlhvkgamVhBFswk-G2c1VzEeoIUQSymLONuCRIHdk BW (Gold rules compat) “Wheels on Fire” mega /#F!Y6gSGQqD!rAAqiGFFWOHPpSZQiZPqQQ ------

Burn the Witch m3g@ .nz /#F!wZUWGQjA!wKs7YeeBM3E6acPhHlOaiQ

Bushido https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6o6uf3ebut5um/Bushido_(FGU)

C: Cabal RPG v3 SS /file/lchp8c Cadwallon, US edition: http://pastebin.com/N6QS2PbS Cadwallon SS /file/d4t775

Cakebread & Walton d100 - Clockwork & Cthulhu.pdf - 29.2 MB http:// userscloud.com/98zn5v0u49d1

Calidar - In Strange Skies upl0@dmb /dw.php?id=1505793971

Capes https://www.scribd.com/doc/245411062/Capes-The-Super-Hero-RPG https://www.scribd.com/collections/13777010/Supers-RPGs https://www.mediafire.com/folder/uzd5m4ckvnwig/Capes

Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul CCVF... https://www.sendspace.com/file/0d3a2r

------CAHS2 (Full Color) https://userscloud.com/psgq8kguxpks CAHS2 (Printer-Friendly) https://userscloud.com/bhfjr780013p CAHS2 Giant Transforming Robots https://userscloud.com/jp7dicjb8bru CAHS2 Going Japanese https://userscloud.com/pe4484gwz42l CAHS2 Halloween Special https://userscloud.com/wvy3h1amr6vo CAHS2 Valentine Special https://userscloud.com/bfbctcrmirkq ------

Cardboard Heroes by SJ Games SS /file/1wen5k

------CAR WARS Ultimate SJG Car Wars trove. https://mega.nz/#F!F9Y3FCTJ!tORCGEpdLkPvADkl5ogCQQ

Car Wars collection m3g4 /#F!F9Y3FCTJ!tORCGEpdLkPvADkl5ogCQQ

Car Wars Arenas SS /filegroup/WL6VoKEdn4H3yBNWMpmZXg ------

The Gamemaster's Cartographer's Companion SS /file/8qg0kl

------Cartoon Action Hour https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#7kttye7y1a35b Cartoon Action Hour - Star Warriors $nip /381398 Cartoon Action Hour - S3 - Crimestrikers SS /file/kexgez ------Castles & Crusades Monsters and Treasure of Ailrhde (megaville link) #F!jIkj1YYR!7eJPSbuVGQCDv-EVCI98Nw Monsters & Treasure (4th Printing) SS /file/q07y2o

Mystical Companions SS /file/z8fzsh

Players Guide to Aihrde SS /file/igg02e

Players Guide to the Haunted Highlands SS /file/e02mci

Elemental Spells SS /file/cfq93i

Expanding Classes SS /file/otgtjz

Codex Slavorum SS /file/eivk76

VA1 - Valley of the Five Fires SS /file/xglwyz

C&C - Rune Lore SS /file/cjb2x0

Bluffside - City on the Edge (C&C) SS /file/ndn2qy

C & C - Chaos Touched SS /file/q9idc6

C & C - Classic Monsters Encounters - Dragon Wyrm SS /file/a0qs7c

C & C - Classic Monsters Encounters - The Priest's Cabin SS /file/inuxik

C & C - Classic Monsters Encounters - The Tomb of the Forgotten Paladin SS /file/2eja14

C & C - A Druid's Lament SS /file/5vl8yi

C & C - Adventures on the Powder River #4 - Golden Shingles SS /file/z8rh5t

C & C - Adventures on the Powder River #5 - Breaking Heads SS /file/d1uxp2

C & C - C3 - Upon the Powder River SS /file/1w3vbp

C & C - C4 - Harvest of Oaths SS /file/a50i6p

C & C - C5 - Falls the Divide SS /file/u4hhxu C & C - Inzae Primer SS /file/hdmu7q

C & C - Magnificent Miscellaneum Vol. 1 SS /file/uvw1tp

C & C - Magnificent Miscellaneum Vol. 2 SS /file/87049j

C & C - Magnificent Miscellaneum Vol. 3 SS /file/j2pwbi

C & C - Magnificent Miscellaneum Vol. 4 SS /file/u6eu8w

C & C - Night of the Spirits SS /file/yfzb0x

C & C - DB5 - Dro Mandras II - The Conquered East SS /file/skiec1

C & C - F2 - The Crimson Pact SS /file/uazk5z

C & C - F5 - A Shattered Night SS /file/ter90s

C & C - Giant's Rapture SS /file/ilpm5n

C & C - Reaping Bones SS /file/xdxacn

C & C - S3 - The Malady of Kings SS /file/vx21mx

C & C - The Lost City of Gaxmoor SS /file/nt0h27

C & C - U4 - Curse of the Khan SS /file/ryc7b5

C & C - Nine Worlds Saga - Volume I - Hel Rising SS /file/1tmofy

C & C - Nine Worlds Saga - Volume II - Odin's Fury SS /file/x21k33 ------

Castle Oldskull adventure and world gen SS /file/nhis79

C45u5 B3ll1 #22 cass bell https://www.sendspace.com/file/bsb9wp

Cat SS /file/12lhr8

Catachan novels m3g4 /#F!pqgjiKZa!6dborrc_ts18OuA7GMNIGA ------Minis Catalogs Old Ral Partha catalogs http://www.ralpartha.com/index.php/downloads/catalogs

Wiki of vintage miniatrues http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

Sundry of minis catalogs http://www.dndlead.com/Catalogs.htm ------

Central Casting – Heroes of Legend https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-oQgX8_bvSLYmhWZ2JNblE4RWc&ddrp=1 All 3 Central Casting background books: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8ngfre56ktf9p/Central_Casting

Chainmail https://mega.nz/#!4wRBiYxB!EZOq1eAYtb77rm4Opr3m8--7xBvgK4B4DjWBOlZZ18A

Chamber Circle SS /file/ukytl2

Champions Complete https://www.sendspace.com/file/f1b58b Champions 6e https://www.mediafire.com/folder/w1m8c4bykxsgj/Champions_6e The Coriolis Effect for Champions $n!p /jOmfr

Chain Reaction 2015 (in the free folder) is the base rules set Https ://m ega. nz/#F!9R8G2aQb!g-dZXkyCmkrljzH60tZEhQ chaos earth resurrected http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1452794939

Chaotic Henchmen - F3 - Many Gates of the Gann SS /file/smi0xx

Character Webs http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/YaTzlZJB/file.html

------CHILL magnet:?xt=urn:btih:GOYRLGXIJPIKF6U6BIRKLIAE5DGUBN4B every CHILL supplement for first and second edition. www.4shared.com/folder/sY4dYn-q/Chill_1s__2nd_Edition.html

Monsters" and "The Beast Within" for Chill

"The Beast Within" is for 2nd Edition but "Monsters" is for 3rdEdiiton so I included both edition corebooks just in case

Chilli 2e u$er$cl0ud /wh1jbh5433ai

Chill 2e - The Beast Within u$er$cl0ud /4u5z8z4auvi2

Chill 3e u$er$cl0ud /nzs9sql7uf1m

Chill 3e - Monsters u$er$cl0ud /b11ywkacrwqc $n!p /8fu

Chill - SAVE Society u$er$cl0ud /u0whdx61ezr3 $n!p /R8Vr

Chill (1st Ed)- Vampires (Missing Pages Added) SS /file/95k7sl

Chill e1 u$er$cl0ud /wh1jbh5433ai ------

Chivalry & Sorcery Sourcebook, 2nd Edition $n!pl! /g8sGB

Chris Perrin's Mecha https://www.sendspace.com/file/ymvp43

List of titles for Christmas in July Bundle archive.fo/xBuP0

Chronicles of Darkness - Hurt Locker (better version) SS /file/fovzlh

Chronicles of the Magi 1-3 SS /file/5p5cnf

Chronicles Of The Void - Core Data File http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/Hlr0VOzT/file.html

Chroniques 0ubl1335 https://www.sendspace.com/file/0pktt3

City State of the Invincible Overlord - Boxed Set 88z!ppy$h@re /v/ExO1ytWC/file.html

Arc Threads.pdf http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/QfLzeTBv/file.html Character Webs.pdf http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/YaTzlZJB/file.html Species & Societies.pdf http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/ukoPJcjE/file.html UNE The Universal NPC Emulator 18 http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/cg9hzvrc/file.html

------Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine https://mega.nz/#!rg8RwapS!M44bWLyhGpEbn-j-wNeLgLv62QvsoRybVlzcHrvhPJ8 http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1464287380 http://www.mediafire.com/download/bu8q776hy25rlv3/Chuubos_Marvelous_Wish-Granting_Engine.pdf Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine supplements SS /file/jcz3cy Chuubo Halloween Special SS /file/atadiy ------

The Complete Cities of Sorcery u$er$cloud /twwpyu3hbsla

Cities, 4th Edition Midkemia Press http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/jpjMkjdU/file.html

Citybooks $nip /Ojejn

City building books m3g4 /#F!XcpijZYJ!EDx88wSNeOfERGZq0MXNRQ

City Builder https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4v8xyghs5ehzy/City_Builder

City Builder series including the Compilation of all the individual volumes 1 through 11 meg4 /#F!XcpijZYJ!EDx88wSNeOfERGZq0MXNRQ

City of Carse by Chaosium $nip /qzWV

City of Mist SS /file/02qkia SS /file/leudj5

City of the Tarrasque and some others http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/49853345/#49853345

Clash of Kinqs u$er$cl0ud /335rcs6tjw4r

Bundle of Classic Modules Today $nip /CMT

The Clay That Woke https://www.sendspace.com/file/geu34u http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1464841993

Cleopatra Gambit u$er$cl0ud /ngmek1exyuyq

Clink collection SS /filegroup/WLw7IWv%2BmHsm63BrU81CxIESzrQu%2BISP

Clockwork and Chivalry 2e https:/ /wwws3ndsp @c3c0m /file/63nvkc

------Codex of Aihrde SS /file/om18nz

Codex of Aihrde - Cradle of the World Map SS /file/6mtxgj

Codex of Aihrde - Darkenfold Expansion SS /file/idd55q

Codex of Aihrde - Darkenfold Forest Map SS /file/nq030b ------

Codex of Infinite Planes 1-4 SS /filegroup/OVtwjjWD8cEFmyhLsB5bCsvTg2v84XpQ

Codex of the Infinite Planes Vol 5 Border Elemental Planes Codex of the Infinite Planes Vol 6 Astral Plane SS /filegroup/Wlu2Bkj4adk1lWLOvp%2FNLD%2BlWom5E%2FfN

Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks m3g4 /#!hA9G2IzS!qkE5MXwHGdMkI9JqYgN0KCtQ0C95rU4jYRRq-cY1Wws

Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks - In the Bleak Midsummer Victoriana - The Devil in the Dark SS /file/fj00q5

Cold Space >Cold Space RPG >Cold Space Vehicle Design Guide >Outremer >Far Shore Planetary Supplement https://www.sendspace.com/file/9oc9bu ------

Cold Steel Wardens u$er$cl0ud /c4q94s8v8bbq

The Coming Storm send space dot com /file/tu8ngk

Continuum this .rar has three books - the Continuum core, Further Information (the GM book), and Narcissist (the one that lets you play as the antagonists). Narcissist was never finished, as far as I know. https://mega.nz/#!3khEHAAB!JkLk_RCeqDAx27AqrWHzMfGLEpcRYIJ3Mxof3n9l_58 Continum http://www.mediafire.com/file/back8h80qv3avqd/Continum_-_Roleplaying_in_the_Yet.pdf CºNTINUUM and NªRCISSIST, two intertwined gamebooks about time travelers. Brain-twisting at times. s3ndsp@c3 - / file/mwagtn

Codex Martialis http://www.mediafire.com/download/29u2cxiqc7b2yy8/codex_martialis.pdf

------Cold And Dark - Core Rules http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/Ncobflel/file.html Cold and Dark - Better Worlds http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/k6yAO93b/file.html Cold and Dark and supplements https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/YdBU%2Bdl8eJsidFAJFgwsWFocvJaS53Hz

Cold and Dark - Better Worlds SS /filegroup/B4HjYvKkCkzNragZRe%2FoNEuz5%2BvCB%2FcM ------

Cold City Companion.pdf (big .rar with other stuff) Cold City Corebook.pdf https://www.sendspace.com/file/xnvx5w

Cold Hard World http://www.mediafire.com/download/dnef19c493l1ocb/Dead+Inside+-+Cold+Hard+World.pdf Dead Inside Cold, Hard World http://www.mediafire.com/download/msfas5whatchgah/Dead+Inside+RPG.pdf

Cold Ruins of Lastlife: http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/yGPt0lUg/file.html

------Colonial Battlefleet $nip /MbPdq Battlestar Galactica $nip /bIXJK ------Colonial Gothic https://mega.nz/#F!ag0GELwK!zFWB3XFMA5ce6EER3g8tPQ

Colonial Gothic 3rd Edition S3nd5pac3: /file/fypb28 u$er$cl0ud /7p2cf5apii5c

Combat Description Cards from Conflict Games SS /file/43h0rx ------

Conspiracy X 2.0 - GM Screen SS /file/z1303z

------“CONAN, WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?” Conan - Player's Guide, the Barbarian, The Thief, and the Book of Skelos SS /file/7l2bqh Book of Skelos M3G@ /#!ly43lDyY!cVAXY3svp-R-v4-1RL1XFC2R13_uziFBMuGdZw6ruQs

Conan the Barbarian u$er$cl0ud /v2p8qqwvlhom

Conan http://www.mediafire.com/download/nn0ioz6li5uev6q/Conan+RPG+2E+-+Core+Rules.pdf Conan – new stuff https://mega.nz/#!Dlk2QQoa!EvclNPsuSbmErZjfHZnQQP1sCtyvJdh7Hrc9PiOegTo https://mega.nz/#!7wEmxDDT!YErQHhvYcHSv8fRDEyJhLuvw71S664uEEh7qSZEuKjA Conan books and comics m3g4 /#!dwkEWCYI!lzM94o-KDsmvdoEppaquvwUsGcELibFaTvQ0aYAYJHw book of skelos s3ndsp4c3 /file/u0p0wz

Conan - multiple files SS /filegroup/B6NIOzEUyS19p4MBNn%2Bj8sC49VsVRJyO4FHIe4pHzJyI0HiD7fa4Jg

Conan the Mercenary SS /file/fb5mcl

1985 adventure for Conan SS /file/0d3t1r

The Treasure House of Jaizin Kaa v3 Conan MF /file/0wovyt4jgoa1cja/GenCon_Adventure__The_Treasure_House_of_Jaizin_Kaa_v3.pdf

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of collection SS /filegroup/k4JqOF %2B9eyMfWArrnLFjyGlEhXnBPBWxkPyXY14QcmD3KBRs4f0SJsY6nW1uu3PIKn0pKla6FwtwMlr99MDYcA

Conan 2d20 collection u$er$cl0ud /idjuklasw1x2 m3g4 /#F!eiQHSCYC!d_fIJo6sqj75wEC0hXv5sA ------

Conspire SS /file/og4piz

Contact alien defense RPG https://www.sendspace.com/file/3bnsyx

Cooking With Dice SS /filegroup/AlYKKGvxbiYI9gU6DJqfp4RhQbJvLnwV

COPS folder. Cyberpunk rpg about the LAPD. In french. http://pastebin.com/26T9Bc2E

------Coriolis http://www29.zippyshare.com/v/74JKxcJj/file.html Coriolis Rulebook upl0@dm@ncom/e0b77c0325486796

Coriolis Atlas Compendium upl0@dm@ncom/7960e30f328442af

Coriolis Core rulebook, Atlas Companion, and more! SS /file/qiagws

Coriolis collection SS /filegroup/LojbLHyp1cAZdQrtxEW2v3Vj9%2BV5zQhmLy3s0aLKyE0lkic0v96GthbpMkA0UbN6lpPoMmcC %2Bf4 ------

Corporation - The Sword Reforged SS /file/mwvvsu SS /file/ij2tqh

Corporia www$3nd$p @ c3com /file/itkw9k

CORPS TimeLords v1.0 http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/igMoBlgT/file.htm l

BTRC - CORPS - Dystopia http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/hVakinFE/file.html

Cortex classic rulebook https://www.sendspace.com/file/6nwbvr

Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide http://www.4shared.com/get/w0UpmcNCce/Cortex_Plus_-_Hackers_Guide.html Cortex Prime SRD SS /file/wn5rv9

------Costume Fair Adventures core rulebook SS /file/rhb9ta

Costume Fairy Adventures - Big Pie Caper SS /file/1nkufr

Costume Fairy Adventures - Core Costume Deck SS /file/2a2rbg

Costume Fairy Adventures - Costume Reference Booklet SS /file/4tfoap

Costume Fairy Adventures - Tomb of Follies SS /file/n43ih8

Costume Fairy Adventures - Portrait Megapack SS /file/vfbslo ------

COUP (SJG) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9twgf59db5y7hyk/Coup.pdf

Courts of the Shadow Fey SS /file/8gjwdv

Coven's Mallet (final) MF /folder/wbgg92uqfojl4/Sanctuary

Covert Ops: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l4fkcriyi688sm2/Covert+Ops+RPG.pdf Covert Ops https://www.sendspace.com/file/d4pw9o

Covert Ops Operation: Arctic Storm, Operation: Burning Presidents, and Operation: Olympus Rising Classified rpg SS /filegroup/6qkXJixTzGRBYWNXdWyhaw

Crack Kung Fu Fighting Bunnies Go Corebook.pdf https://www.sendspace.com/file/xnvx5w

THE CREATURE THAT ATE SHEBOYGAN http://www.mediafire.com/file/q1djfftmgnng6b1/The+Creature+That+Ate+Sheboygan.pdf

Creepy Pasta - The RPG SS /file/n0u9gd

Crime Scene https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#rt2ppfrdeyma8

Crimson Exodus 2e s3ndsp@ce/file/i8b982

Crimson Skies MF /folder/pvudyd10909zd/Crimson_Skies Crisis on Christmas SS /filegroup/i2%2FuPnCQBSw2XF9iDw%2B2LbBQtRh4ualUrpDv55bVYt9tK7GVM3GIuiwD7gTdg407

Critonomicon MF /file/vuk439jcjnhre45/OHGODMYEYES.pdf

CRGE Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/8f1yfZzS/file.html

Crossed Swords u$er$cl0ud /i13a3cl6cp6y

Crown of Kings - The Sorcery Campaign (Arion Games) https://www.sendspace.com/file/uyb21m

The Crucible of Freya sendsp@ce/k46406

Cryptomancer (labeled 'Paranoia') s3ndsp@c3 - /file/1eejaj - - - Crypts and Things

Blood of the Dragon for Crypts & Things SS /file/dfenh1

The Newest Version of Crypts & Things SS /file/ocdl2f

Crypts and Things - Blood of the Dragon u$er$cl0ud /i55uf01sjj1f

------Cryptworld - Monsters Macabre.pdf https://userscloud.com/dqin1qhouaeh Cryptworld - Core Rules.pdf https://userscloud.com/yipodr1wa0qc http://rg.to/file/d00c6c994ca3f3a4b9258ad783d210c7/Pacesetter_-_GBD3400_-_Cryptworld.pdf.html

CryptWorld u$er$cl0ud /wd9sxzobzmtj ------

Cthonian Stars https://www.sendspace.com/file/o4z9aq

---Cthulhu------Squidman https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rcm5gqyk5l22h//Call%20of%20Squidman

Cthulhu Amazing TROVE 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Catthulhu, Dark, Invictus, Trail, Tech https://mega.nz/#F!A9czmIZJ!lCg7fXHngcvhV-ysIoZB0Q!okk0XAZa

Neon Samurai's CoC Mega Collection 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Editions https://www.mediafire.com/folder/h9qjka0i4e75t/Call_Of_Cthulhu#myfiles https://www.mediafire.com/folder/oel9v4x2xn379/6th_Edition CoC 7th ed https://www.mediafire.com/folder/l1e9g1zjteyo6/CoC7 https://www.sendspace.com/file/8gje9p D20 CoC manual http://www.mediafire.com/download/vzfzn5orgldyga5/Call_of_Cthulhu_-_D20_-_Core_-_Manual.pdf

Music From a Darkened Room SS /file/na3obx

Achtung! Cthulhu https://mega.nz/#F!ywcHkIAA!ycphEhCOkbnjOvAQ4t7TBg

>CoC Blood Brothers 2.pdf >CoC Blood Brothers.pdf >CoC Business Cards.pdf >CoC Call Amarja of Cthulhu.pdf >CoC Campus Crusade for Cthulhu.pdf >CoC Cthulhu-Fu.pdf >CoC House on an Island.pdf >CoC Lord Karma Has Gone Insane.pdf >CoC Lord Skyppen's Mansion.pdf >CoC The Horror on Two Forks Trail.pdf https://www.sendspace.com/file/xnvx5w

CoC A Dead Whale or a Stove Boat.pdf CoC Adventures in Turin.pdf CoC A Collection of Ancient Lore.pdf CoC All Is Not Well in the City of Angels.pdf CoC All Nighter.pdf CoC Alone Against the Dark.pdf CoC Alone Against the Wendigo.pdf https://www.sendspace.com/file/za110z

CoC Alone Against the Wendigo.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/71d1e61bt72nbjt/Call+of+Cthulhu+-+Alone+Against+The+Wendigo.pdf

Masks of the Nyarly Dude http://www.mediafire.com/download/il0dahlqztwfxpt/Masks_of_Nyarlathotep.pdf Masks Companion: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hkl2dp7ddai86d7/Masks_of_Nyarlathotep_Companion.pdf Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion PDF (draft) https://www.sendspace.com/file/a6gzkx

The Texts of Lore that Men were not meant to know: http://www.eldritchdark.com http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/

Call of Cthulhu 7e https://www.sendspace.com/file/8gje9p

Delta Green - Handler's Guide SS /file/j2cu0z

Delta Green - Agent's Handbook SS /file/m15aat - - - - - Call of Catthulhu http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/qDYoYWK9/file.html Catthulhu http://www.mediafire.com/folder/hu1a1vr7jsze0#3asc26ldakqxp

Cathulhu, from Sixtystone Press: www$end$p@cecom /file/xjtc46 Pulp Cthulhu https://mega.nz/#!L9EFWSIT!o6clZxfdrVSOLkmcQz3wQ2Af9-hKsUxKc7214VynuY4

--- Trail of Cthulhu https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hu1a1vr7jsze0//Tabletop%20RPGs#7n1n4lfevt13b

Trail of Cthulhu: Slaves of the Mother: http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/IbVVe5bS/file.html

Cthulhu City SS /file/9pwcay

Mythos Expeditions SS /file/2kaggg ---

Achtung Cthulhu: elder godlike main book http://userscloud.com/kv71pzsgvvpr maps http://userscloud.com/87siqbc53414

CoC CYOA incl. chargen http://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/Adventures/CHA23145%20-%20Alone %20Against%20the%20Flames.pdf

Cthulhu Needs Women! 50 foot tall ones!

10 Cthulhu Mythos style short stories. WWI, Beowulf, Middle Ages, Dunwitch sequel, Shadow on the Doorstep sequel. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t6792v35951vg/Mike_Minnis_Wayback_Machine_Archive

Secrets of Japan (Call of Cthulhu official pdf): http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbzwbwjij8mn7rb/Secrets_of_Japan_%28Call_of_Cthulhu%29.pdf

Osprey - DARK - The Cthulhu Campaigns- Ancient Rome - Mark Latham.pdf http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/FZaj1d2n/file.html

DoktorKnow's EXTENSIVE Cthulhu Trove https://mega.nz/#F!A9czmIZJ!lCg7fXHngcvhV-ysIoZB0Q

Trail of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthullhu +2 bundles. not the Bundle of Tentacles or the Bundle of Zombies. https://mega.nz/#F!c0kEFCiI!tp1Zdctwu9KzGUCrp11Gfw

The Unspeakable Oath 23 http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/49835408/#49860643

Doors to Darkness by Chaosium https://www.sendspace.com/file/pw5hil

CoC trove http://www.mediafire.com/file/ktyqvo3p51l31z5/Call+of+Cthulhu+-+Tatters+of+the+King.pdf

C-Tech m3d1@f1rE - / folder/9glx3z2zllvhv/Cthulhutech

Call of Cthulhu-Doors to Darkness.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/v1shd592vfx4kj0/

Taint of Madness and Adventures in Arkham Country ht tps :// www .s end space. co m/filegroup/y9yy2FCwjAg02zHKV8sjrw grand grimoire of cthulhu mythos magic MediaF /394ev0opr33ws8h/CoC_-_The_Grand_Grimoire_of_Cthulhu_Mythos_Magic.pdf send space dot com /file/yn9r54

Cthulhu Confidential send space dot com /file/ucbd4z

Cthulhutech Trove https://www.m^diafire.com /folder/9glx3z2zllvhv

Call of Cthulhu Keeper Screen Pack Only have the two scenarios found inside, not the three-panel screen. Https:/ /www.sendsp ace.com/file/theq8c

Elder Godlike s3nd sp4ce d0t c0m /file/3j3k26

CthulhuTech https://mega enzee /#F!A9czmIZJ!lCg7fXHngcvhV-ysIoZB0Q!4llHhaiR

Pulp Cthulhu : Two-Headed Serpent send space dot com /file/12hbw4

Cthulhu Invictus http://www.mediafire.com/file/d5fyc5bza18rnd6/Cthulhu_Invictus.pdf

Monographs 352, 366, 374, 385, 386 ss /filegroup/irqSLjv6ncE%2Fz5BjmXTus%2F3Pmx3VcHmHKTmne4cYq%2FI

Shaintar - some guidebooks and black lantern reports ss /filegroup/EC%2Fv%2FG904inkOIcmZJPLHsXNAgqrSgt8szhdzddbrIF0KZdwhNqqQBc5bsLcOoFT6Zf2%2B6%2Fyt5ZhLQ%2F9lcV5uA

Monograph 322 ss /file/ec8f20

Dark Adventure Radio Theater At the Mountains of Madness ss /file/wfoytm

The Dunwich Horror ss /file/0iczf3

The Shadow Out of Time ss /file/brcurv ' World War Cthulhu - Their Darkest Hour ss /file/np73zp

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502084559

Call of Cthulhu - 7th Ed Keeper Screen Pack - Missed Dues & Blackwater Creek under Cthulhu 1920s in here: snip dot li /Cthulhu

Sounding of Squidface - Sceper Kereen 7e Obverse u$er$cl0ud /gvgwz9wybs15 Sounding of Squidface - Sceper Kereen 73 Inverse u$er$cl0ud /wtqvwc2ncn8b

Call of Cthulhu 3e (Hardcover) u$er$cl0ud /dap38f9xm82p CoC 3e - Detective Paper u$er$cl0ud /1ej8sp92hh9h Masks of Nyarlathotep (2014 Bloody Tongue Edition) - Campaign Complete u$er$cl0ud /u5s96hsll8w9 MoNyarly - BTE (optimized version) SS /file/p947yk MoN - 4e - Perilous Adventures u$er$cl0ud /ulfu1ai86372 MoN - 4e - Perilous Adventures - Handouts u$er$cl0ud /vt9xmx64ogoe MoN - Campaign - MoN Companion u$er$cl0ud /t6dk169bkhp4

Shadows Over Sol SS /filegroup/LtFInMmvew2%2Bb%2BsP7HX2%2BlVORgcNsPzFpCG6YMid5hKUy1Z7icdlZEio9Toifw7i

Dark Adventure Radio Theater #4 - The Shadow Over Innsmouth and #5 - The Call of Cthulhu ss /filegroup/miFJlzaKastJXRW%2Btz%2FRrA #6 - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward ss /file/s66uhu #7 - The Colour Out of Space, #8 - Herbert West - Reanimator, #9 - The Dreams in the Witch House, and #10 - Imprisoned with the Pharaohs ss /filegroup/INSmTH3YZEirxLLo0YBkeP9gvzKMIaYT

Cthulhu Invictus and Companion ss /filegroup/H0Jf22nfZVwGTliFpsszJQ Cthulhu Invictus - multiple files ss /filegroup/nNcyl1Kk2bjh%2FqgAZTWcbf4qM5skqOjmNBOCGdgfxQIEKEamRkIitF%2Bd63HJFebr

Danger! Squidface PHATE u4er4cl0udcom Danger! Squidface Overseer /1t0ktls71tsw Danger! Squidface Detective /vi8nsiyw9sjb Danger! Squidface Personality Paper /v4nhlcbgsyq

CoC 7th ed quick start https ://www.sendspace. com/file/il4dcb

Cthulhu Hack s3ndsp4c3 /file/1q2vvq

The Two-Headed Serpent for CoC s3ndsp4c3 /file/h5rfi8

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia s3ndsp4c3 /file/zmoyrw Les 5 Supplices: m3g4 dot nz /#F!lTIinbzS!VE205k6WeJFoXVglUPzv4w Les Contrees du Reve: m3g4 dot nz /#F!4OBlnSxR!Y9dLdKhuZONdZpDacIHQPw Le Plateau de Leng: m3g4 dot nz /#!9WA2xJKC!ISdk0k01_qU71wbecxDMhjVX7Z5NlHvkq0xFOsBZkOI

CoC - Down Darker Trails (smaller version) SS /file/x00jf4

Tales from Failed Anatomies - audio dramas of some of the stories http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/tag/delta-green-tales-from-failed-anatomies/

Call of Cthulhu - 5th Edition Keeper's Bookmark $nip li /oiM

Cthulhu Dark Zero SS /file/y5jto

Delta Green Handler's Guide and Screen SS /file/t0g20y

All the latest CoC SS /file/bpox9h

Achtung and Mansions of Madness tiles - labels in French SS /filegroup/1BQ8fjmDxuAzMg9wZRzx%2Bg

Darkly Cthulhoid (and friends) SS /file/e615pc

Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Magic SS /file/0nqk0u

Sandy Petersen's Abominations for Call of Cthulhu SS /filegroup/D2AbVREZnEDV2JDWqS%2FcATnz25W3ep

The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault (CoC) $cribd /document/316570394/PAG1009-The-Resurrected-III-Out-of-the-Vault-pdf

Delta Green - The Way it Went Down SS /file/etmijv

The Stars are Right! CHA23100 reprint SS /file/h74jci

Mansions of Madness (not CHA23110 reprint) SS /file/0fgtai

CoC 7e Cold Warning, In From The Cold, Tales of the Caribbean, Tales of the Caribbean - Chicken Merry Hawk Deh Near SS /filegroup/rl79b%2FSOCHbgAF0eVTvhE9xNd60q2E4w

Cthulhu novels m3g4 /#F!Yjx2laCa!7fouyKgsrSvoDWN5TbMjbA

Delta Green - Sick Again playtest MF /file/hev1kw7ukewj6z8/Delta_Green_-_Sick_Again__playtest.pdf Cthulhu Britannica London - The Journal of Campbell Thompson SS /file/gzyhmz

Cthulhu Britannica London - The Journal of Neve Selcibuc SS /file/i3onjz

Booty Call of Cthuhu SS /file/d6rmjg

Lovecraft Studies 9-21 SS /file/u1tkm1

Pages from the Lost Grimoire #1 - Storm Spirit & Darksquall Cave Pages from the Lost Grimoire #2 - Earthly Treasures & Enshrined in Stone Pages from the Lost Grimoire #3 - A Curse upon You & Spoiling the Broth SS /filegroup/jbLIyeYZF81Dfhfw%2B5q%2B4J%2FCj6VqZRnH

DELTA GREEN CoC Delta Green file http://www.mediafire.com/?njg3a0ne7v130 Delta Green - Last Equation https://www.mediafire.com/?qrgc3akowyb322r THE NEW - Delta Green: Need to Know https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vc7fuxg5n5jyfd/Delta%20Green%20Need%20to%20Know.pdf?dl=1 Delta Green Agent's Handbook (the new one) http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461968691 Delta Green Agent's Handbook https://mega.nz/#!8c5kFbJL!bAYHcyWX_RUbvoAMWI63E7XLUdfU19APQnWIv5tzamk

Delta Green 6th edition only - no 7th, sadly: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3wewotnl3ns5vn3/CoC+-+DG+-+Rulebook+-+Delta+Green+Rulebook.pdf DG Countdown http://www.mediafire.com/download/f3ygcpda5cfitl7/CoC+-+DG+-+Rulebook+-+Countdown.pdf CoC Delta Green https://img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1417/23/1417230492354.pdf DG Targets http://www.mediafire.com/file/1sttbzhtbp6t47x/Delta+Green+-+Targets+of+Opportunity.pdf DG http://www.mediafire.com/file/3wewotnl3ns5vn3/CoC+-+DG+-+Rulebook+-+Delta+Green+Rulebook.pdf (old) Delta Green sourcebook. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfdnszkc7t8i7px/Delta+Green+Original.pdf

Delta Green Scenarios http://fairfieldproject.wikidot.com/scenarios He блaгoдapи

New Delta Green Rulebook raw text $3nd$p @ce.c0m file/omn3oh

Agent's Handbook m3g4 /#!8c5kFbJL!bAYHcyWX_RUbvoAMWI63E7XLUdfU19APQnWIv5tzamk

Extremophilia SS /file/qj0qvw

Handler's Guide SS /file/31b10s Delta Green (BRP) SS /file/xz0899 Delta Green Operations Incoming SS /file/y580lb

Delta Green novels (probably some of this list are not included) Delta Green Eyes Only Volume 1-3 -Machinations of the Mi-go -the fate -project rainbow Delta Green: Alien Intelligence Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement Delta Green: Dark Theatres Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions sendspace /filegroup/nYVSEcStb2Qlv48f2raIeQ

Delta Green - Reverberations SS /file/e1sakh

------Cyberpunk Cyberpunk 2020 Trove https://mega.nz /#F!6kkFkLaa!6EZSzqCRAasDWlkLeo9ibQ Cyberpunk_2020_Maximum_Metal http://www.mediafire.com/download/b6b6i8qk7bo52kq/Cyberpunk_2020_Maximum_Metal.pdf Cyberpunk 2020 Ref Screen http://www.mediafire.com/download/cc4dkshzppdt0ic/Datafortress+2020+-+Interlock+Unlimited+- +CP2020+GM+screen.pdf Rough Guide to the U.K.: Riding the Edge to 2020's Britain http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/P6q4jcoV/file.html Cyberpunk 2020: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3e9kde94ekwl7/Cyberpunk_2020 Solo of Fortune, with bookmarks: CP 2013/2020 https://mega.nz/#!Q8RWUBqJ!FzMlafFgDoRcIRkxnd4d4wp9QWUAE8qKrBqUyIzGNy0

Cyberpunk 2020 - Home of the Brave (RPGNow) $nip /080948

Cyberpunk 2020 - Protect & Serve (RPGNow) $nip /05665

Random Cyberpunk 2020 fills SS /filegroup/C3dnCVVPJC3fYFLOSxz7JNrog0mHc4lQDi5Cx2sJ8ZoEQJlxjRu8OorlDhOFCZIj%2Fv5Nn%2Bi %2BRnSu1yZ94aenahq%2FPoy%2BEoH1

More Cyberpunk 2020 fills SS /filegroup/j%2FzN3hKy5Nf32cjCJfjStr%2BHJ %2FtyaTLxPoXXRy9ooZfcFlqmEM8JmDWmGKUX0KdvefJItwobJMw

Listen Up, Wild Side, and Rough Guide (official versions) ss /filegroup/dYFbddC5SHHeDbPC0earuOnZx1HTw1NY

Some Cybergeneration stuff from Firestorm Ink's old site ("old downloads" can be found on scribd) http://www.firestorm-ink.com/fi_downloads.html

Cyberpunk 2020 stuff: Loving the Dead by Laurence MacNaughton (Pyramid #17) copy of the article here: http://www.sjgames.com/pyramid/sample.html?id=252

Poor scan of ES4001 Compendium of Modern Firearms SS /file/13nyt6

The Interface Vol. 2, No. 2 SS /file/s4v2rx

A better, smaller scan of Alice Through the Mirrorshades SS /file/qmh0jr

Errata from R. Talisorian website SS /filegroup/10Eqsvzo8aiUaAqia6reaSLn%2Fz8DrY05npHoEx747xnDN0OIhMkcHQ

Italian adventures (including full frontal nudity and sidewang!) and character sheet for Nathan Never SS /filegroup/PNQB8RP1486RbxXr3WjTy7%2FaX2b9MM3y

CyberPunk 2020 FDE & Lifepath Generators http://moosh.net/cp2020/ has CyberPunk 2020 FDE & Lifepath Generators

Interesting French books for v3 - "Edgerunner" and a campaign called "Dead Like Me" http://www.legrog.org/jeux/cyberpunk/cyberpunk-203x/dead-like-me-fr

Cyberpunk 2020 - Updated White Wolf Omnibus (missing 26) 63z!ppy$h@re /v/RUCevRVY/file.html

Cyberpunk 3.0 - C3 DataPack Utility SS /file/rvqo4y – ------– - - – ------– – ---- – – ------

Cyberspace https://www.sendspace.com/file/x4tpxp

CyberSpace - Sprawlgangs and Megacorporations $nip /61852

D: D20 Comstar Game Instant GM 1&2 are in here https://mega.nz/#F!XhJkTTxL!Nu3J65Q1s_T-fcRXo3bFqg

------D20 Modern https://www.mediafire.com/folder/klk3r2irq7hu6/D20 D20 Modern - Dragon Hunter Advanced Class $nipli/5049 D20 Modern - Steam Savants and the Kandris Seal $nipli/8713315 D20 Modern - The Kandris Seal $nipli/6327765 D20 Modern - Capers Cliffhangers and the Kandris Seal $nipli/827436 D20 Modern Supers 20 https://userscloud.com/82wbhs7mplq2

Martial Arts20.pdf https://userscloud.com/dlyoq2kyc0sp Fantasci20 - Characters.pdf https://userscloud.com/baxz4g8ba4fm Fantasci20 - Creature Creator.pdf https://userscloud.com/flxzav4vhr52

D20 GUNS UNCIVIL WAR Blink_Dog's Free Rpg Collection http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ESTAYLOR d20 Afghanistan 11z!ppy$h@re /v/btQyeMxC/file.html d20pfsrd - Station on the Borderworlds $nip /98ugr m3g4 /#!LF4BlIaI!N9FgkBSL1fLBSHUiPaQyfk5irMFNRWGtYarFKxULnHk

Red Star d20 by Green Ronin 77z!ppy$h@re /v/lDH1Zft6/file.html

Dan Coleman Archive $nip /HCSpL

Darkly Through the Labyrinth

SS /file/f6hwxh

V20 DARK AGE COM www.mediafire.com/file/ahi7l68g4xx66cp/DAV20_Companion.pdf

Dark Albion https://www.sendspace.com/file/58wbzk

Dark Albion Cults of Chaos - mutilpe files SS /filegroup/fT%2BMN84cPTeyyLUhKBFpJ32wjSoplGFt

DAA1 - The Ghost of Jack Cade on London Bridge The 1st (only) Dark Albion Adventure, compatible with OSR games including Lion & Dragon and Fantastic Heroes & Witchery SS /file/ylje2m

Dark Conspiracy 3e https://www.sendspace.com/file/y3wqjx

Dark Continent GMs Guide https://mega.nz/#!agVVGJbZ!sQ-pHcyyy-QLNWmiy6dMXqeP9v4yqcyGX70H7s2ba0w Dark Continent Players Guide https://mega.nz/#!LsUAzC5a!T-paqsHRmVqlKu6ZelK1OW-az4NkzzNEtrkyItHpqxQ

Dark Eden m3g4.en-zee /#!VpNEnCRQ!NJiIr4vWGq_wELaTm-48M1ovxEA2tYKoljSjWdPUYwY

------The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge English translation, 15mb): https://hetoogdesmeesters.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/fnpr-tde_basicrules.pdf

The Dark Eye - Core Rules (v2 Bookmarked).pdf - 72.7 MB http:// userscloud.com/cy31b5net5rz

DSA 5 the german or english version of the Kompendium and the Aventurische Rüstkammer https://mega.nz/#F!KcYnFRwB!svAhjnY3pBgihPFs2CUoUg

For all your Schwarze Auge needs (registering required): mygully com/thread/412-dsa-das-schwarze-auge-sammlung-2892787-43/

Aventuria Almanac s00gd /3okp

The Dark Eye - multiple files SS /filegroup/%2B2FA0AgsxRlypOISiRXTyI%2FLoAroK81ocM%2BEZjL6TG3GjJqU6Cyawg

The Vampire of Havena SS /filegroup/Inf3dnIkvI8zZZTjJsTTYA ------

Dark Matter - Xenoforms Book SS /file/qjktoj

Dark Streets 2e SS /file/6o13nf

Darkest Before the Dawn u$er$cl0ud /1hh5q4wfulvt

Dark Future - Scale is matchbox toy cars. Roughly 20mm Main Rules, White Line Fever Expansion, All White Dwarf Articles: https://mega.co.nz/#!ftdB3bIT!IgxVPgB0kAOnDfWdsj3RgTWMrXAmah3lg6TE2lMfPtg

Dark Terrors plot sourcebook SS /file/g2g0dj

Darksun novels and comics m3g4 /#F!9npliZSa!PD3F0EBAjHXHqDdAl7QmRw

DH2.0 Enemies Beyond supplement https://mega.nz/#!8pQ2wRRA!OpxnUbJKmbnE5Jm0WJHGOTVakvQyuz_sLtComGsT_NM

------Darwin's World Bixby's World Almanac https://www.mediafire.com/?5943ezoerfezoxr Darwin's World Against the Wastelords http://www.mediafire.com/download/wvmjp126r2w8vfg/Darwin%27s+World+Against+the+Wastelords.pdf Darwin's World Savage Worlds edition campaign guide https:// s3ndsp@c3 - /file/ra9co1

Big Darwin's Wolrd collection (d20?) SS /filegroup/4wXyV83h%2FJKSRiaY90tvlA ------

Dawn of Worlds http://www109.zippyshare.com/v/rDENkwyH/file.html Dawn of Worlds www.clanwebsite.org/games/rpg/Dawn_of_Worlds_game_1_0Final.pdf

Dawnforge & Midnight M3G@: /#F!I7ZAnYIZ!4ElD3-0q6KFycX0dQA9kVQ

Dawnforgecast classes (likely outdated) SS /filegroup/4mXbEObsCf%2BFC9NiCau4SA

Dawning Star: Helios Rising 30z!ppy$h@re /v/WnTKA9LJ/file.html

The Day the S ky Fell u$er$cl0ud /9f6qvfar3zg1

------DC Heroes Trove – Nice! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mgauv0catd613/DC_Heroes_RPG DC Heroes Batman Second edition sourcebook in pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/ircaly2wj5x0tvc/MFG246_Batman_Sourcebook_%28Second_Edition %29.pdf

DC Heroes - Lights Camera Kobra (Missing Page Added) SS /file/h2ozso

DC Heroes - Legion of Super-Heroes Volume I and Volume II: The World Book SS /filegroup/O7aQGr4hCZQvvb3dWF2BEPAroBXWL%2BvdDwm%2BlNcX1T3eupZC8ffSVQ ------

Deadball - Baseball with Dice SS /file/r26laz

All things Deadball SS /file/nar0m0

BTD Press - Dead Man's Hand SS /file/igmjvs

Dead of Night SS /file/3nen9j

Dead Reign - Sourcebook 4 - Fear the Reaper Catalog of Palladium Books - 2012/2013 Winter SS /filegroup/RrMZvm3PPtGbLE8honmOFA

Dead Teenagers SS /file/i3whvw ------DEADLANDS

Deadlands Classic https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bye6lS3ntxw-cEhQTV80WU56c0k https://mega.nz/#F!2FwAxKxR!FtLi8f2Ged_BNmkK8xd1DQ!aExGCbLL Deadlands Reloaded https://mega.nz/#F!2FwAxKxR!FtLi8f2Ged_BNmkK8xd1DQ http://www.4shared.com/office/YYtPeGPZba/Deadlands_Reloaded_Marshals_Ha.htm Deadlands reloaded https://www.mediafire.com/folder/fv5hcqj57f79k/Deadlands

Smith and Robards https://www.sendspace.com/file/4lw2az

Classic Deadlands, should have close to everything Collection https://mega.nz/#F!alUkWZpB!SkVSQueXFI8843kZLLq_Rg

Classic Deadlands: Hell on Earth+Lost Colony (complete apart from the GM screen) https://mega.nz/#F!upl3ibhL!PCZ5z7Qp4jjklc1E4Sy9kw Large collection (~50) of free short adventures for Savage Worlds, mostly Deadlands, https://www.peginc.com/product-category/one-sheets/

Everything DL: Hell On Earth (and the Lost Colony spinoff) currently available https://mega.nz/#F!upl3ibhL!PCZ5z7Qp4jjklc1E4Sy9kw I'm missing the GM screen and and the Infestations dime novel

Deadlands Bonus track -: https://mega.nz/#F!alUkWZpB!SkVSQueXFI8843kZLLq_Rg The Quick and the Dead https://mega.nz/#!H4dCBLLS!2KateBbOae-8Gw3qgtcYrAUirEgNZAl38My_bc9CAwc

Deadlands: Horrors 'o WW lib gen.pw id=645174

Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary https://www.sendspace.com/file/vy7v5m

Deadlands20 https://www.sendspace.com/file/gxg952

Deadlands Noir Core www66z1ppy5h4r3com /v /juTmubHP /filehtml

Deadlands Noir ss /filegroup/QGqBBhA1vaoJI%2FVPj8DzGw

Deadlands Reloaded - The Tombstone Seven $nip /h5hTA

Deadlands Noir - His Brother's Keeper $nip /Njo1W

Deadlands Reloaded - Knights with No Armor $nip /zk51n

Deadlands Reloaded - Heroes o' Gloom $nip /Cby1Y

Deadlands Reloaded - Shootout at the Circle-R Corral $nip /9CQ

Deadlands Reloaded - Adv - Tall Tales 1 - Broken Hearts SS /file/8ga8a0

Deadlands - Core - Marshal's Handbook - Revised Edition Deadlands - Core - Player's Guide - Special Complete & Free PDF Edition Deadlands - Character Sheet - Classic SS /filegroup/1oZrDDz%2FOww5tYBp0WtsosFvi9xaVec2 ------

Deadzone 2 https://mega.nz/#!IMMlCZCL!pIDMWPYM0lIQuHtk4XJaQ9uE0NlosADpdbM_VKR-ATw https://www.mediafire.com/folder/woayb5yb9fke1/deadzone

The Death Knight's Squire s3ndspac3 /filegroup/ksttBVR4uyngWnhhM6KAfQ Deep Carbon Observatory SS /file/1031wc

Death is the New Pink SS /file/4i2vuy - - - Degenesis - English version https://mega.nz/#!god3HCjY!HTBJ-MxsVbPmgpB2wZ4ZechIjd54zC7VC7LinS99rIU Primal Punk https://www.sendspace.com/file/g5v9d4 Katharsys https://www.sendspace.com/file/ysfmo2 Degenesis Rebirth https://mega.nz/#F!4llFxaSJ!-s8AP4HjornW2PDjuMfl1w

Degenesis - The Killing Game, In Thy Blood SS /file/rmc3ob Degenesis: The Killing Game ss /file/pnlme8

Degenesis: Rebirth Equinox SS /file/k9z8vw

- - - Delving Deeper class supplements Monk, Ranger, Gnome SS /filegroup/tRAaOICniN6QKDnKLmJTWqVrhoydchkV

Delving Dungeons SS /file/o668ca

Demon: Earthbound SS /file/rx8poc

Demon City (OSR investigation game) SS /file/d6gfz4

Demon City Shinjuku: https://www.sendspace.com/file/jftjh8

Demon Hunters: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y5rs8yap8f1ww6k/demon_hunters.pdf

Demon t D http://www.mediafire.com/file/j0t3aq7daya6a8o/demon+-+the+descent+-+core+rulebook.pdf

Demon Wars Reformation upl0@dm@ncom/c7d66eada847f11e

Demonspore - The Secret of the Shrooms SS /file/697dwt

Deniable https://www.sendspace.com/file/p4216h

The Department is a detective investigation rpg/skirmish game that's totally not-Blade Runner. Track down dangerous robots and apprehend or dismantle them: https://mega.nz/#!RVEWWKDQ!ZS6hy6-iO3IEWtIrsj7R1tcMAlXaAl-wVcIbbsozWzw They have a nice AP on their page with some cool photos: http://www.departmentoffabricantmanagement.com/sample-of-play.html

De Profundis https://www.scribd.com/doc/89693646/De-Profundis http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1465958842

Derelict Starships.pdf http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/gFbnTDTI/file.html

Desolation SS /file/p4eckh SS /file/dekxt6

Desolation - Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying SS /filegroup/zfV6Zs3GivcrsHV%2F94CBaGuzKFeIhY6W

Devin's Tokens. Also, some other stuff. medi@fire .com /folder/vkz89gzcdbj3l/RPG_safe#h1tqz6zikhhsh

Devin's Tokens and more m3g4 /#F!kmIgBRgI!eDOkGjTZ9xrpXmFBK1D-Pg diaspora: (zippyshare has a bunch of junk, be careful that you get the pdf and not something nasty) http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/QwwiX02L/file.html - - - Dice & Glory - The Character Codex III Book of Eastern Fantasy Classes SS /file/tyslkr

Dice & Glory - The Character Codex IV The Book of Unconventional Character Classes SS /file/46eum2

Dice & Glory - The Great Grimoire Book of RPG Spells SS /file/wnc35x

Dice & Glory - The Monster Magnus Vol 1 SS /file/b16gm2

Dice & Glory - Arvan Land of Dragons SS /file/l1k0sy

Dice & Glory - Core Rulebook SS /file/srv984

Dice & Glory - Players Handbook SS /file/167q9v

Dice & Glory - The Character Codex I SS /file/r46529

Dice & Glory - The Character Codex II The Book of Modern & Sci-fi Character Classes SS /file/foeh6q - - - The Dice Must Roll MCC rulebook https://www.sendspace.com/file/yntolv

Diceless Dungeons ss /file/ff5j8u

Dicey Tales #1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/fsoaxg328nzwj9m/Dicey+Tales.pdf

Dictionary of Muard System Bundles ss /file/ozpvhl uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502020618

Dictionary of Mu for Sorcerer SS /file/xq7773

Die Drop Tables can be found here https://plus.google.com/communities/100206388326394936317 Different Worlds #32 ss /file/0ts2ye

Different Worlds #34 with pullout Call of Cthulhu module The Crystal of Chaos. $nip li /QfbPB

Digital Denizens Bundle d20 SS /file/5k3qio d-Infinity magazine #0, 1, 2, and 7 SS /file/6ekvgj

Dinky Dungeons ss /filegroup/iCVLq%2BUvju2VyrwsN6SaoA

Dinky Dungeons & Dinky Dragons The first is old and hard to find. The second is fan-made extension SS /filegroup/a%2BJcw3nwNb5ks8QWgReVUA

Dinosaurs ... In Spaaaaace! SS /file/3o83ua

Dirty Secrets http://www.4shared.com/rar/ZjNtTvyVba/Dirty_Secrets.html

A Dirty World http://www.mediafire.com/download/9432emv722gz97k/A+Dirty+World.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/9432emv722gz97k/A+Dirty+World.pdf SS /file/znyr3q

Do: Pilgrims Of The Flying Temple, Golden Sky Stories, and Ryuutama: Natural Fantasy SS /file/w7vlyy

Dr Who https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#iveo5077c79no Latest Dr Who https://www.sendspace.com/file/vop8ws Dr Who books https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#iveo5077c79no Doctor-Who-The-Silurian-Age http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/HDAXallI/file.html http://diybookscanner.org Doctor Who - All the Strange Strange Creatures Vol I snip li /874475 The Black Archive snip/84825 Paternoster Investigations snip/45730

The Paternoster Investigations - All The Strange, Strange Creatures, Volume 1 - The Black Archive SS /file/e2elh5 - - -

Dogs in the Vineyard ss /file/c5fyrl SS /file/xul9ft

Don't Rest Your Head trove /#F!BMc1RYzS!pEOnURE2MRLfokxepAwEnA

Don't Read This Book (fitction for Don't Rest Your Head) SS /file/movjz7

Don't Walk in Winter Wood https://www.sendspace.com/file/mdaq0x Don't Walk in Winter Wood. 2e https://www.sendspace.com/file/2gzz4p

Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter MF /file/52en2v00hbigat9/Do_Not_Let_Us_Die_In_The_Dark_Night_Of_This_Cold_ Winter.pdf SS /file/h7ndl5 SS /file/tb3x0u

Double Cross OEF ss /filegroup/NR%2FqK2%2FiLIujAdHANYA8pWvYoYyxVfS2

Compiled Downer comics from Dungeon magazine SS /file/bt0v2n

Downfall https://www.sendspace.com/file/e472ug http://earthofshadow.ucoz.ru/_ld/0/8_draconomicon.-..pdf

- Dracopedia: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByFQKjqmV_eKYzlvWS1DS19ZV2s

- Dracopedia The Bestiary: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByFQKjqmV_eKUUF6bUVMWHIyeGM

Dracula's America Shadows of the West MF /file/13n5d7eaz1rj754/Dracula%27s_America_-_Shadows_of_the_West.pdf

Dragon Age http://www.mediafire.com/download/atr064sg5jsaxm4/Dragon_Age_-_Core_Rulebook.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/wln6m2dkzc09kbh/Dragon+Age+RPG+Core+Rulebook+[grr2808e].pdf Dragon Age Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z78v26fx3ee9l/Dragon%20Age The Art of Dragon Age - Inquisition http s:/ /wwws3ndsp@c3com /file/x5bkb2

Dragon Age collection c0mfym0e /wkzhcr.zip

------Dragon Magazine - 335 SS /file/uppstl

Dragon Magazine - 336 SS /file/yjphsi

Dragon Magazine - 337 SS /file/srdd6t

Dragon Magazine - 338 SS /file/ej9duh Dragon Magazine - 343 SS /file/vfa6lk ------Dragonball Z RPG. https://de.scribd.com/doc/253235791/Dragonball-Z-RPG-Anime-Adventure-Game-Core-Rules Fist expansion https://de.scribd.com/doc/229780500/Dragonball-Z-Bk-2-Frieza-Saga https://mega.nz/#F!YkxiXRbD!djX87OPt2XYdDKBuZ1FC_A DBZ 3rd send THE space /file/vkhbft ------

Dragon Mech http://www.valikorlia.com/D&D/DragonMech%20-%20Campaign%20Setting.pdf

Some old Dragon Rage stuff dwarfstar.brainiac.com/ds_index.html

Dragon Rampant by Osprey http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxorpfei8kxgiac/Dragon+Rampant.pdf

Dragon Quest https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yx9uvaouh0dh6/DragonQuest http://dq-nz.org/dqwiki/index.php?title=Category:Frontiers_of_Alusia_Maps

- - - Dragon Warriors Corgi Edition m3g4 /#F!jNtCCZgI!NK-k0DBCHRSyQyHrQS7Pkw

Dragon Warriors: Player’s Guide SS /file/w2b5yl

The Reeve's Tale, The Miller's Tale, and Map of Jibs Hollow SS /filegroup/6higtjdH91o0Ss20SQ%2FVanuG4GgalBB4

Dragon Warriors - multiple files MF /folder/38ucbenn3tc25 - - -

Fan translation of Drakar och Demoner 5e (plus original Swedish PDFs and more) m3g4 /#F!WlMFBJ6a!prEC1wa_YMvikMo2gnGI_w

Drakonheim: City of Bones SS /file/kp5rwe

DramaScape DS70049 SciFi Research Station (PDF + VTT) SS /filegroup/IOSICz7iZ%2BZFuswZoUIVrA

All things DramaSystem SS /file/lhb6wd

Dread SS /file/d2iaag

New version of Dreadball dropboxcom /s/8hbmcizwvkyqo28/DreadBall%20Kickstarter%20book.pdf?dl=0

Of Dreams and Magic http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1473992753 Dreamscape Larauna SS /filegroup/E67hz2peVJu9h6ctQOv38g

Dream Pod 9 collection m3g4 /#F!aMEziYQL!7lUPbf7rKMvwnXuqEvP8zg

***DREAMSCARRED PRESS --- Fool's Errand*** https://mega.nz/#!qVl3SZhY!3WlN_g5UNM1EArwaywsCEgY7BTIZELtA9zogwcrBdjQ

***DREAMSCARRED PRESS --- April Psionics Augmented*** https://mega.nz/#!aNllTDTS!H8ooBcHbxroVlTbZ-ifesUZgiZTYf0Za7YmjL9Xnc3U

Dredd rpg ss /file/01lzur

------The Dresden Files https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ss92ylq624y82/Dresden%20Files http://www.mediafire.com/download/5odqkopsuq4g407/Dresden_files_- _core_books_and_dresden_char_sheet.zip Dresden Files Accelerated s3ndsp@c3 - /file/mw5wov

Dresden Files novels https://mega.nz/#F!nddmzQLZ!RG95GarFzKYtKgxrJswsGQ http://esokrat.com/java-book/author/butcher-jim Maybe Dresden http://getcomics.info/?s=powerpuff

Dresden Files RPG book 3: The Paranet Papers dropbox /s/8mjkhehnyoafel7/DFRPG-V3-Paranet-Papers.pdf


Drinax cornucopia updated files, plus bonus adventures and supplements SS /file/5hi675

Dino Blast http://www.mediafire.com/download/0od5h8qu5z35bah/Dino_Blast_RPG.pdf

Dming Stuff https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qs3dzrzb9bggd/Help

Dune- Chronicles of the Imperium http://www.mediafire.com/download/xuzzybdzjxt/Dune+-+Chronicles+of+the+Imperium+%28OCR %29.pdf

Broken Ruler Games - Duel SS /file/9b2q31

Dungeon a Day 117z!ppy$h@re /v/SrZR3vuw/file.html

------Dungeon Fantasy preview - SJG/GURPS SS /file/7eigqw

Dungeon Fantasy Character Form $nip /fPvW Dungeon Fantasy Spell Form $nip /NLIZz ------

Dungeon floor Plans 1-4 MF /file/o13p1s0x005z7kk/Dungeon+Floor+Plans.rar ------Dungeon Full of Monsters u$er$cl0ud /jygbfjzmblnz

Dungeon Full of Monsters - Monster Images u$er$cl0ud /q85tni36fepm

Dungeon Full of Monsters - Maps u$er$cl0ud /rdnvgm4foony ------

Dungeon Planner Set 2: Nightmare in Blackmarsh from Games Workshop m3g4 /#!CNhCQbwI!FR3DMS6DO8Zd2fsLIhxp3M0SWww3oAo3-dJd-RMmyN0

Dungeon Room Descriptions SS /filegroup/K%2FI%2BD7AKCAEJqGq7aTYwwQ

------Dungeons & Dragons


What is unique is that he has gone through EVERY file and has either cleaned up or recreated the cover artwork, found missing content, cleaned up in most cases the internal pages, scanned his own books that were missing, etc.

The EPIC Compilations


/TSRTrov ← (addan 'e') /WOTCTrove /PFTrove /HomebrewTrove – - --- – – ------Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed

D&D 5E and Trove https://dnd.rem.uz/5e%20D%26D%20Books/

/5eg/ Mega Trove contains all official 5e stuff: M3G4EnZed /#F!oHwklCYb!dg1-Wu9941X8XuBVJ_JgIQ!pXhhFYqS

>Pastebin with homebrew list, resources and so on: http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck

>/tg/ custom Character Sheet https://mega.nz/#F!x0UkRDQK!l-iAUnE46Aabih71s-10DQ Fifth Edition Foes (3rd Party) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0-RDCKQ_srTeU1JdWZGODFrelE/edit http://donjon.bin.sh/5e/

Hoard of the Dragon Queen http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/8np5es1w/file.html

Curse of Strahd http://pastebin.com/Xt411kaR (39 meg) https://www.4shared.com/postDownload/lluAAehQce/Curse_of_Strahd.html

Storm King's Thunder - Maps from Jared Blando http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1473253683

5e covers for all the Basic PH & DM and Adventure League Seasons... http://imgur.com/a/C5VMA

Al-Qadim Archetypes: Scimitars Against the Dark for 5e https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/tg/tmp/cache/1468939968472.pdf

Critter Compendium for 5e https://www.sendspace.com/file/p78hru

Survival and aquatic depths books cinematic evirons from Critical Hit Publishing for D&D 5e ss /file/1gmii2

– – – – – – 5thedDnDonlineResourcesFanStuffnOfficialStufftoo -- – – – – – – – – – – --General-- Official D&D website: http://dnd.wizards.com/ Official organized play website: http://www.dndadventurersleague.org/ Errata and dev rulings: http://www.sageadvice.eu/ Discussion: http://4chan.org/tg/ -- Search for 5e general threads! (/5eg/)

--Devs on Twitter-- Mearls (designer, "rule of cool" dev): https://twitter.com/mikemearls/ Crawford (official rules dev, his word on RAI is considered final by WotC): https://twitter.com/JeremyECrawford/ Perkins (the story guy): https://twitter.com/ChrisPerkinsDnD/

--Spells-- http://hardcodex.ru http://www.dnd-spells.com http://www.dndmagic.com/index.php

--Encounter Builder-- http://kobold.club/fight/#/encounter-builder

--DMG Tables and Other Tools-- http://1-dot-encounter-planner.appspot.com/

--Homebrew-- https://www.reddit.com/r/UnearthedArcana/ https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/5e_Homebrew http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?1883-Fan-Content-Database

5E DM Reward Certificates https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1omoTExpdh7cdiq9NnfVpf6-CnAkGRbA-FMIiNaZXpvg/edit#gid=0

M.T. Black 5e Adventure Collection once again thanks to Mageguru b1td0 - /mtblack

Tales of the Yawning Portal w/ HD cover us3r$cl0udcom /tw6ardjbmcsr HD Cover imgur.com/noWcr3u

Codex https://mega.nz/#!oaxxlTyD!Nn-I8NuiT0-fGsnM_LsEpwGleU2Z2mDlxxgonIMb9A4

Barrowmaze Complete 5e upl0@[email protected] /21d59550683312b2

Grimalkin (5e) $nipli/Kmr7

Deep Magic 11 - Elven High Magic (5e) $nipli/Teu

Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed. Master Resource List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lMuaXVHExApGx1JbKuKD866yDpGiW5SqEr7_y1nnsDo/edit

Ultramodern5 https://userscloud.com/7j8f2pftxtoa Apex 5e https://userscloud.com/5sx88af8nibg

Deep Magic 13 5E $nipli/6984

Experts, by Skirmisher Publishing. 3E & 3.5E s3ndsp @ce.c0m /file/x5z4m7

Al-Qadim Archetypes: Scimitars Against the Dark for 5e https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/tg/tmp/cache/1468939968472.pdf

Hyperlanes M3g4 /#!sTxHQQAZ!ad5-coC9fbc2bQzqMS8GIa1PfxuLbEtfaFEMJ3V-5Qs

Hyperplanes - Fiction Collection SS /file/8invw1

Hyperplanes - Unfolding Starscapes SS /file/tww8tn

D&D 5E STUFF Heroes Wear Masks Heroes Wear Masks - Powers Ultramodern 1.2 #F!5rYCHYaZ!kTznPIA_DFZiaofcBCdgVg

Mists of Akuma (5e) upl0@dm@ncom/dc7a42fe527702fb

The Death Knight's Squire (5E SOLO) snip dot li /13651

Tomb of Annihilation SS /file/de8il0 - fan made SS /file/1trn85

Shmeg Legacy of the Green Regent /#F!cYtEWACD!MR5w_6nrJSJJ9ewbgNdHEg

D&D 5E UA Codex 1.5 Send Space /file/yn0n7m

Forgotten Realms Archetypes s3ndsp @ce.c0m file/ep9m58

The Tortle Package (Official OEF version) SS /file/2r5uha The Tortle Package SS /file/ldi5xt

Monsters of the Orient from the DM's Guild for D&D 5e $nip.li /UMp book of the righteous 5e M3d1a F1r3 /file/oc6x6qcuf0zxmy0

Hyperlanes for 5e M3G@ #!sTxHQQAZ!ad5-coC9fbc2bQzqMS8GIa1PfxuLbEtfaFEMJ3V-5Qs

Underworld Races & Classes (5E) $n!p /lBY9

5e Archetypal - Artificers Arcanists $n!p /573278 5e FR Archetypes II Champions of Mystery $n!p /6505 5e Secrets of the Scaled Ones Serpentine Spells $n!p /4286 5e Unearthed Archetypes - Heroes for the Ages $n!p /306730

$nipli One Grung Above /7822373 DD5e Champions of the Lost Era /9914 DD5e Spellbinder Class v2.6 /894177 Secret Societies of Chult The Mage Hunters /86158 Secret Societies of Chult The Spiritlords /9432783 Tribality Alchemist /9838586 Tribality By Flame Storm and Thorn /368588 Tribality Genies /4797541 Tribality Gunfighter /64319 Tribality Mysteries of the Gods /64593 Tribality Pirate Adventurers /46886 Tribality Shaman /72205 Tribality Steampunk /61493 Tribality Three Sorcerous Arts /199370

5E, "The Haunt", I believe you can download the whole thing here. https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/dragon/The_Haunt.pdf

Dungeon Master's Screen Reincarnated SS /file/1vqyyk

Arcanis 5E – Forged in Magic – REFORGED $nip /WQF

Hunter’s Mark $nip /ZjhV

Encounters in The Savage Cities SS /file/oi85mb

Xanathar's Guide to Everything (Regular Edition) $nipli /18152

Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else $nip /fIj

Xanathar's Lost Notes SS /file/mvbhb4

Genies Great and Small, The Ultimate Fantasy Collection, including 9 adventures all compatible with 5e m3g4 /#F!DIITWT4Q!t6iFL39CA0ztSjAyDc3MQg

NeuroSpasta (5e) SS /file/j5siwr

Dungeons, Monsters & Dragons 5e Humble Bundle - 555MB $nip /56232

Godsfall Worldbook (5e) Revised $nip /7pGQa

The Lost Kenku 5e $nip /Fv6W

Why Not Games - Caturday (5e) $nip /2042

Why Not Games - Surial Bear Folk of the North (5e) $nip /24152

Trail of the Apprentice (5e), an all-ages Adventure Path for 5th Edition from Legendary Games. $nip /b3mf

5E stuff in Spanish SS /filegroup/RLLDLf%2F6TRzzBRipR%2BIoag 's Guide to Magic SS /file/6pcy0e

Emirikol's Guide to Devils SS /file/32d24h

Adventure League Xanathar's Guide to Everything scenario - Underworld Specualtion SS /file/h18mwm

Unveiled Masters: The Essential Guide to Mind Flayers 94z!ppy$sh@re /v/wQSbtSsg/file.html

Latest (12/22/17) MPMB character sheets for 5e SS /filegroup/M%2FTAKj8V7xJh%2FOFKi%2BeontdI8HbDc %2FusoTo3vdJwpbz3BZdMzHfGLSJqqgzFoptvYkkHoKmjjcc

Sylgar's Guide to Everything Else 's Vault of Vile Thing Waters Above : Rules for Adventuring in the Astral Plane Encounters in The Savage Jungle SS /filegroup/Urgx4ZGmP319OdPr%2B5QBFRnPfUlyIXqv

Items Wondrous Strange from Kobold Press SS /file/ik9zh3

Paul Weber - Holiday Encounters SS /file/cq7yvi

All the P.B. Publishing Presents sale items for 5e $nip /pbpp

XGE DnD Beyond Bonus - Expanded Racial Feats DDIA-XGE - Underworld Speculation DDAL00-04 Winter's Flame Digital Map Pack: In Volo's Wake Digital Map Pack: DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge (Rich Lescouflair) Digital Map Pack: DDAL07-02 Over the Edge Digital Map Pack: DDAL07-06 Fester and Burn Digital Map Pack: DDAL07-07 Rotting Roots Digital Map Pack: DDAL07-08 Putting the Dead to Rest SS /filegroup/XHyNx %2BLzutIv2WScGnOpNpcodo0w1bBF2Tojg0t5vtlMj108a7izSfSq1KjdMHrp6HUmussy0ecxfkr62CIn2g Player's Companion by M.T. Black SS /file/1qg82b D&D5e - Killer Kobolds SS /file/4upk4b

5th Edition Role Playing - Mystical Companions SS /file/myhenf

Primer of Practical Magic 25z!ppy$h@re /v/iSITXNFB/file.html

Gem Dragons of Faerûn by Kobold Press SS /file/25rgfg SS /file/41n90d

Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde by Nord Games (5e) SS /file/dd2oh1

Roslof Keep Character Sheet 5E u$er$cloud /tj3z3exre1k0

Primeval Thule (5e) SS /file/csm3a1

LoreSmyth's Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks (5e) + Bonuses 99 Cent Adventures - The Dwarven Stragglers - Add-on Adventure (5e) The Ghost and the Peddler v1.1 (5e) SS /filegroup/KVaMyXbeAGw6Nf8tp%2BEGCTzUGR8bo9Uf

Revnors Ring - A 5e Solo Gamebook SS /file/pm4jxm

Beyond Damage Dice: New Weapon Options (5e) img4plebsorg /boards/tg/image/1491/47/1491470711221.pdf

TPK - The Valkyrie Hybrid Class (5e & PFRPG) SS /file/t65usz

Tremors in the Sand - Tier 1 desert adventure (5e) SS /file/c03ojk

Lost Lands - The Blight - Game Masters Guide (5e) SS /file/ljgwvo

Lost Lands - The Blight - Players Guide (5e) SS /file/3w4e9i

Lost Lands - The Blight - Players Handbook (5e) SS /file/u077mn

Lost Lands - The Blight - Tome of Blighted Horrors (5e) SS /file/blf5h0

Sellswords - A Dark and Gritty Campaign (5e) SS /file/3ds7yr

Classic Modules Today: B2 The Keep on the Borderlands (5e) SS /file/9pyvcn

Quests of Doom 4 (5e) SS /file/v8ieo8

Lost Lands - The Blight - TB1 The Crooked Nail (5e) SS /file/tp60d6

Lost Lands - The Blight - TB2 Horror in the Sinks (5e) SS /file/zsow50

Lost Lands - The Blight - TB3 Bloody Jack (5e) SS /file/s3zqb4

Lost Lands - The Blight - TB4 The Crucible (5e) SS /file/5zwgx9 Lost Lands - The Blight - TB5 The Children of the Harvest (5e) SS /file/l7nmrw

Primeval Thule - Acropolis of Voor Darayn (5e) SS /file/824bp6

Gamehole Publishing - EG2 - The Druid in the Dark Forest (5e) SS /file/wg5hes

Gamehole Publishing - EG3 - Fur Will Fly (5e) SS /file/3wfjc1

Fifth Edition Foes rpgremuz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/3rd%20Party/5th%20Edition/Frog%20God%20Games/

Cawood Publishing - B1 - The Rogue Knight DMs Guild - Basic DMs Guild - The Ethereal Stormcloud Cottage on the Long Road SS /filegroup/IFQAAjUXcjCPifOWZOc5ypDgWgQwF%2Fxp

D&D Adventure Grid SS /file/y6afes

Arcanis - Bestiary Vol 2 SS /file/i2h5jv

DnD5e - 18 Extra Feats SS /file/zxaogz

DnD5e - Arcane Armoury Vol. 1 Magic Items SS /file/glck6r

DnD5e - Necromancy After the Time of Troubles SS /file/7q9fmu

DnD5e - Wizard - School of Summoning SS /file/6fnutr

Classic Modules Today - UK5 Eye of the Serpent SS /file/3iotjj

City-State of the Invincible Overlord SS /file/rwbl4o arcel Studios - Liberty AFTER - Sci-Fi Core Rules (5e) SS /file/qstlbq

FOE - Legacies Campaign Guide (5e) SS /file/57r61z

FOE - RHYM - Iconics (5e) SS /file/ej7izw

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - A Shackled Mind is a Clear Mind (PF) SS /file/0gekrf

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Iconics (5e) SS /file/1zgvx0 FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Markelis (5e - PF) SS /file/3b4s76

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Spiderfen Terror in the Trees (5e - PF) SS /file/kgb3ih

Gamehole Publishing - EG1 - The Terrible Revenge Of Simpering Malexineuss The Pretender (5e) SS /file/53zyp8

- - - - - OTHER D&D ------3rd party mixed in - - - - -– – – – --other D&D – – – - - - - – Temple of Existential Evil, in PDF format and OCR'd sendspace.com/file/tb5yve

Classic Modules Today - S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (2 90MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/krxsa8

Classic Modules Today - D1-2 Descent into the Depths of the Earth (541 04KB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/1v357b

Classic Modules Today - B1 (2 11MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/z0kc5f

2E Ravenloft, including MotRD https://mega.co.nz/#F!8VthBLAC!GJb3YYMFKUIaqIDb6qvL5Q Ravenloft http://www.hotdogstorm.com/alex/backup/rpgshit/that's%20so%20ravenloft%20collection%20redux/

Black Crusade (Unpublished Ravenloft novel) mobi SS /file/eo7ijv Ravenloft - Dominion series 01 SS /file/rcm472 planes of law http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1433762865

Legends & Lore -- D&D http://archmagev.com/1st_Ed/Rulebooks/AD&D%201st%20-%202013%20-%20Legends%20&%20Lore.pdf

D&D 4.0 Trove https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-5cE1l_HXL4ZjA3NWFmMTYtYzY2ZS00MTNiLWE0ZmEtMzQ0ZTc5ZDRiM2M2#list

Expedition to the Ruins of http://www.4shared.com/office/2Qpe5iw6ba/Expedition_to_the_Ruins_of_Gre.htm

D&D Trove (Mageguru has the full set search his trove first) Few books of 2E, 3E and 5E; Lots of 3.5E , 4E and Advanced DnD; Dragon Magazine; Dungeon Magazine https://dnd.rem.uz

Chris Perkins' "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition" Here's the DMG: http://www.adnd3egame.com/documents/dmg.pdf and the PHB: http://www.adnd3egame.com/documents/phb.pdf collected pdf for either Age of Worms or The Shackled City (printed in Dungeon magazine) http://www.4shared.com/folder/PjjRrJzD/3_online.html the Slaying Stone 4E D&D http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1471954921

Dragon Magazine Covers http://www.waynesbooks.com/dragonmagazine.html Dragon Magazines https://annarchive.com/dragon.html https://mega.nz/#F!7UdVSbib!yazEZnNHdMXfkog7VJSZXA Dungeon Magazines https://annarchive.com/dungeon.html

4e - Ultramodern V1.04.pdf - 86.2 MB http://userscloud.com/dxisou9r8eox

D&D3.5 https://dnd.rem.uz/ http://www.4shared.com/folder/PjjRrJzD/3_online.html

TSR multiple Books of Lairs https://www.mediafire.com/folder/f1w7729rfqcd1/BoL

TSR 202X - II - The Complete Fiend Factory 1.0 https://www.sendspace.com/file/m9rq51

Monstrous Collection 2.1 to 2.2 Update - All Polyhedron https://www.sendspace.com/file/vpru8w

TSR 116XX Gods of Greyhawk v2.0 https://www.sendspace.com/file/l4ujzl

TSR 1162X - The Complete Everwinking Eye v1.0 https://www.sendspace.com/file/f33fn1 player handbook for D&D 4E https://my.mixtape.moe/csrvpg.pdf

Zagyg Yggburgs and Castles & Crusades & odd D&D stuff https://mega.nz/#F!xI10FIjb!E6oyH0iw73LnlkZRGigHsQ

4e D&D War of the Burning Sky https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t6a38cbp8lbxk/War_of_the_Something_Something basic books for ad&d and d3.x http://seelie.net/garyonwolf/DnD%20Books/

D&D Trove https://dnd.rem.uz/Advanced%20D%26D%20%28unsorted%29/

D&D Collection www.p@st3b1n /Jm9rGWcG

WOTC Article Archive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5Q9O1xtidQ5aVhaUXlZc1B3Zkk?usp=sharing

Complete Dragon Magazine 3.5 - Spells ht tps:/ /me ga.nz/#!gOA1TZxR!1HNQV3GCeYEb_C403NEt98lilWifWYA99vLlNlYDFYM

Neverwinter 4th Ed http://scribd-download.com/d-amp-d-4th-edition-neverwinter-campaign-setting_58c387bddc0d60b157339029_pdf.html

Polyhedron 97, 99 SS /filegroup/SKInd6Zim5LmuPylqa%2FW9A Introduction to AD&D large box set (2e) SS /file/bn91k6

Fields of Blood: The Book of War -Eden Studios, 3rd party splatbook for 3.5e D&D ss /filegroup/tWcyn9jZ0pCzMXZZonWvSQ

Legacy of the Green Regents (missing 4, 10, 14, 15, 23) SS /file/va2w8c

Scarred Lands SS /filegroup/Z6%2FYGaFJKLLeBMmep12yZDwullzMpTJ%2F5k8SoZxeK9sEygfFxOvonPwbN40vZR

Iron Kingdoms - Five Fingers (3.5e) 41z!ppy$h@re /v/9YYUzIqq/file.html

Dave Arneson - Dungeonmaster Index (OD&D) SS /file/hat54s

"3.Y" alternate supplement to 3.5 by Blacky the Blackball m3g4 /#!udYgTDiQ!q1v3V9ZWGjDqZgQIB5-v3h-KZDcUIkYkejPKj4o7V70

Character Sheets for D&D 3.5 and PF https://www.dyslexic-charactersheets.com

Living Death RPGA - Masque of the Red Death Campaign for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 SS /file/gsu26c

Living Kalamar RPGA campains for DND SS /file/ujmxq6 Folio 1 1E u$er$cloud /s5s966e6m55r

Folio 1 5E u$er$cloud /179pha1h1070

Folio 2 u$er$cloud /4ldlwxf0vqa8

Folio 3 u$er$cloud /nudjp46karne

Folio 3.5 u$er$cloud /8jcs3gwvhpts

Folio 4 u$er$cloud /jjgbvu8kagjb

Folio 4.5 u$er$cloud /pa6osm6ufkpi

Folio 7 u$er$cloud /qsdonyus3zh2

Folio 8 u$er$cloud /px8q240prr9z

Folio 9 u$er$cloud /yffzwkj2kmb1

Folio 10 u$er$cloud /axqb1li58uco Folio 11 u$er$cloud /39j5epondphw

Folio 12 u$er$cloud /01wvgyje9059

Folio 13 u$er$cloud /6qq3iagr5803

Folio 14 u$er$cloud /5vd6z85xy4qo

Folio 15 u$er$cloud /wff5d4xin6dp

Complete Roslof Keep (1 to 6.5) u$er$cloud /39gehs3rjv0s

Roslof Keep Map u$er$cloud /8el5ui46y5u3

Roslof Keep Character Sheet 1E u$er$cloud /do6wq2af5wte Monstrous Races for 5e (DM's Guild) SS /file/1se60e

(lots and lots more D&D in the Big Collections)

City-State of the Invincible Overlord (3.5) SS /file/s03b2b

Any DSA5 Erzählregeln stuff may be here: mygullycom /412-dsa-das-schwarze-auge-sammlung-2892787/

Guide to Velociraptors (3.5 3rd party) SS /file/urgifk

Guide to Vampires (3.5 3rd party) SS /file/onb49j

D&D 3e character generator ISO from WotC $nip /rFLr

D&D Torrent Magnets for ye: (Sorry, D&D Comics!)? magnet:?xt=urn:btih:134fef5334a13c7ae79277bd55a373d98d746d86&dn=Advanced%20Dungeons %20%26%20Dragons%20(01-36%20%2b%20TPB%20Vol.%201%20-%204)%20(1988- 1991)%20GetComics.INFO&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f %2f9.rarbg.to%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969%2fannounce magnet:?xt=urn:btih:054e5ca242356e3516ff500d73718aed0a3bcd2e&dn=Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons %20-%20Forgotten%20Realms%20Classics%20v1-v4%20(2011-2012)%20GetComics.INFO&tr=udp%3a%2f %2f9.rarbg.to%3a2710%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.coppersurfer.tk %3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.leechers-paradise.org%3a6969%2fannounce

Fields of Blood: The Book of War (3.5)(Eden Games) SS /file/fy9scw

Basic and Expert Essenstials SS /filegroup/n7zEl%2BxVgmF1VQy%2FnyBx1o6gu9yCzhc8 City-State of the Invincible Overlord (3.5) SS /file/m1thyn

Dungeon Delve 1 - Tower of the Black Sorcerers SS /file/lb45ow - - - – – --- – ------Dungeon Crawl Classic http://www107.zippyshare.com/v/qsLOcuI5/file.html DCC 87.5 upl0adm4n /c1c5a8cdbe4ad0c1 DCC Classics #82 - The Bride of the Black Manse (updated/2nd printing) u$er$cl0ud /e08a7b3rxy0q /28j0faj4psqi DCC Classics #80.5 - Glipkerio's Gambit u$er$cl0ud /uay5sf2zg716 The Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk u$er$cl0ud /28j0faj4psqi Lair of the Mist Men u$er$cl0ud /fc4mibjxq6ue

DCC 83, 84, 91, and MCC m3g4 /#F!od80EITQ!SVdV--v5IsyvXKgxkwv36w

Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG Seasonal Adventures 2014 Holiday Module: Trials of the Toy-Makers 2015 Holiday Module: Advent of the Avalanche Lords SS /filegroup/KMFNjwZb0rVs1wwuf4flcgmpl6HjX6Hj

2016 Holiday Module: Twilight of the Solstice SS /file/gbewnj

Purple Duck Games - Death Slaves of Eternity (DCC) SS /file/ea23b9

Black Powder, Black Magic volumes 1 to 3 (DCC) SS /filegroup/bXLMEZn5rG0Sg1vMMBTpeyRMMFFfrQHQ

Various DCC Adventures/Supplements – Order of the Quill $nip /6lp0n

Goodman games program guides, and the 2013 DCC holiday adventure, The Old Gods Return SS /filegroup/F%2BJDLMLX8PXl7IL4fcr3Xpw %2F3qoTCQNcTiYZvOpq82zsCng11fYxsA

DCC - 2013 Holiday Module Old Gods Return $nip /230

DCC - 2015 Halloween Adventure They Served Brandolyn Red $nip /7869947

DCC - 2017 Holiday Module New Years Evil $nip /2751122

DCC#35 GM’s Guide to the Known Realms - player's supplement SS /file/clk8ny

DCC #35 GM's Guide to the Known Realms along with other miscellaneous RPGs meg4 /#F!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg!WMRSjJiA DCC - Umerica - Killer of Giants SS /file/0ijd9v

DCC - Umerica Extras - UX02 Mind Games SS /file/nxspw8

Inner Ham - Monster Extractor I for DCC SS /file/779n3e

Inner Ham - Monster Extractor II - THE UN-DEAD for DCC SS /file/v1r7hh

Inner Ham - Monster Extractor III - Giants & Giant Creatures for DCC SS /file/r31iaa

Inner Ham - Patrons Extraordinary, The Unpretty Preview (DCC) SS /file/dcxlc8

DCC - Zero Level CS A4 bg SS /file/4wz5qt

DCC - Zero Level CS A4 no-bg SS /file/0p9m6n

DCC - Zero Level CS US-Letter bg SS /file/fti29m

DCC - Zero Level CS US-Letter no-bg SS /file/pptesc

Campaign Elements 8 - Goblins of the Faerie Woods (DCC) Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry (DCC) Off The Beaten Path - Forest Excursions SS /filegroup/AUhAjI2KQePRHF7YOtlh8%2FAohVVzdQRf%2BtoZMNkOqwk

All official DDC modules up to #95 m3g4 /#F!od80EITQ!SVdV--v5IsyvXKgxkwv36w

Dungeon Crawl Classics Core u$er$cl0ud /c6d43iv0knht

Dungeon Crawl Classics QuickStart u$er$cl0ud /mfc9c5cv38fr

Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Starter (Free RPG Day 2011) u$er$cl0ud /p2qfnyxcnv5r

UX02 - Mind Games (DCC) SS /file/m2i99o

Umerican Extras 01 - High Caliber Hijinks (DCC) SS /file/o6r4ni

DCC RPG Quick Start Rules SS /file/dlltib

(DCCRPG) Angels, Daemons and Beings Between Volume II - Elfland Edition v2 SS /filegroup/Wlu2Bkj4adk1lWLOvp%2FNLD%2BlWom5E%2FfN DCCRPG - Corebook - 4th Print SS /file/04ztdx

- - - – – --- – ------

Dungeon Design folder m3g4 /#F!1HpkHBLY!eaXBjFDitt4GvdWnec6Cjw

The Dungeon Dozen - https://www.mediafire.com/folder/hu1a1vr7jsze0//Tabletop%20RPGs#66yuhyvoj4ahw

------Dungeon Grappling SS /file/rgkl0s

Dungeon Grappling SS /file/bylgod

Lost Hall for Dungeon Grappling SS /file/8l24su ------Dungeon magazine #137 with clean pg.97 SS /file/jpd8ix

Dungeon Magazine - 125 (oef) SS /file/ffltgh

Dungeon Magazine - 126 (oef) SS /file/jlzgfg

Dungeon Magazine - 124 SS /file/kpk5z6

Dungeon Magazine - 127 SS /file/003510

Dungeon Magazine - 129 SS /file/b6krmq

Dungeon Magazine - 134 SS /file/gkztdb

Dungeon Magazine - 135 SS /file/rl4yn5

Dungeon Magazine - 137 SS /file/xdvmh1 ------

Dungeon Maker http://donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/dungeon/

Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls SS /file/njdvvz

------ Reincarnated: City $nip /lys5x

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated - City SS /file/3753s4

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated - Dungeon SS /file/pkx5wh

Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated - Wilderness SS /file/8l0hah ------Dungeon World and True20 https://mega.nz/#F!7IZlDDiB!VjNHDZ0Vwrqtnh_vEcApFQ Dungeon World - The Perilous Wilds http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php? id=1454775760 Dungeon World SRD http://www.dungeonworldsrd.com/ Dungeon World https://www.sendspace.com/file/8p5o3o Inverse World and Grim World for DW https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xt8lpco2pdp39/RP Dungeon World Trove https://mega.nz/#F!ilsnSTCC!pymREkM3a-n4zmm2v16CNg Perilous Wilds Dungeon World http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1474148691 Class Warfare for Dungeon World https://mega.nz/#F!tUFWyDIB!gILxs4Z06bLSx8-iF5Wxow Dungeon World - The Sprawl SS /filegroup/WjdH9XaBhmICzcSqoebrgw Dungeon World - Varkith upl0@dmb /dw.php?id=1505856248

Dungeon World - Rikirta Denizens /6272 Rikirta Gamemaster's Guide /0985 Rikirta Maps /902894 Rikirta Moons /698663 Rikirta Player's Guide /195247

Grimworld for Dungeon World MF/ folder/xt8lpco2pdp39/RP

Wizard-Spawned Insanities and Great Monstyers Of Crime SS /file/zumcmq

Dungeon World - Den of Thieves $nip /47969

DW - The Baron of Blood SS /file/ltefuu

Printable Dungeon World SRD (odt) m3g4 /#!T0x0kKjZ!0bEnl7-8gYtdThVQHD2ajO3FBMAQHRSNGjyjGaNelW0 ------

Dungeons the Dragoning 40K editable pdf char sheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Tp3lbnWkDac1JaY2pGdXBjam8/view?usp=sharing

Dusk City Outlaws by Scratchpad Publishing SS /file/jwop5v

More jobs for Dusk City Outlaws SS /file/wfpnl8

Dust core rules: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1447762983

Dust & Mirrors SS /file/ugs0ei Dust Devils http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/filename/dust%20devils.pdf/

Duty & Honor and Privateer and Gentlemen SS /filegroup/k41dbot0IJI3alVALcfHqJa6vFBE1dD%2FVb6jFQC%2Bv4gmlsgOwi0MpvV8TZe99hSu

The Dying Earth, and related: The Dying Earth Appendices.pdf The Dying Earth Archaeological Discussions on the 18th Aeon.pdf The Dying Earth Corebook.pdf The Dying Earth Cugel's Compendium of Indispensable Advantages.pdf The Dying Earth Demons of the Dying Earth.pdf The Dying Earth Exotic Weaponry of the Dying Earth.pdf The Dying Earth Gomoshan's Tomb.pdf The Dying Earth Kaiin Old Town Map.pdf The Dying Earth Necrophages of the Dying Earth.pdf The Dying Earth Quick-Start Rules.pdf The Dying Earth Revitalization in Dying Earth RPG.pdf The Dying Earth Suffering Supernatural Terror at Cugel-Level.pdf The Dying Earth The Book of Unremitting Horror.pdf The Dying Earth The Creep of Inaccuracy.pdf The Dying Earth The Day of the Quelo.pdf The Dying Earth The Exasperating Cadaver.pdf The Dying Earth The Forgotten Deities of the Dying Earth.pdf The Dying Earth The Kaiin Player's Guide.pdf The Dying Earth The Scaum Valley Gazetteer.pdf The Dying Earth Turjan's Tome of Beauty and Horror.pdf

The Excellent Prismatic Spray Magazine 01.pdf The Excellent Prismatic Spray Magazine 02.pdf The Excellent Prismatic Spray Magazine 03.pdf The Excellent Prismatic Spray Magazine 04-05.pdf The Excellent Prismatic Spray Magazine 06.pdf http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1472494496

------– ------– ------

GMZero - Dying Memoryes SS /file/24iwrt

Dynasties and Demagogues s3ndsp4c3 /file/e6fvnt

Hex Games - Dynateens Surf Force SS /file/ovntdq

Dyson's Delves I and II SS /filegroup/nrsEWPqDGgxYkxuR6g9W9w

E: ------EABA m3di@fir3com/folder/7r2ghndmb45ee/EABA SS /file/h86f6t

GREP - Augmented Edition SS /file/p7av3i

Agency / 1957 SS /filegroup/KX50ZhqH6UF3heIQQEDtdw

EABA Warp World (alternate cover) and character sheet m3g4 /#F!hfImzRKJ!p2nM1Y3io_HRBtzcKmkRVg ------

Early Dark s3ndsp@ ce/filegroup/jWZv0%2BNxDsyjoBBVjfd2Kw SS /filegroup/hbCDuI6xeqwI%2Fe%2BPTsflncknieGeWIyF

------Parlainth box set for Earthdawn m3g4 /#!0YcHjSbK!OzQ9yWZ0T2PWUhOmwGWaIBrK5oaypPxQKg9e5Fgj2sM

Earthdawn: The Age of Legend m3g4 /#F!EIFRAZDb!Etoj_YpuivW3RxJN1QxBTA

Earthdawn Classic m3g4 /#F!MMF0mYiI!YSXHPE21U-RkJYFgR11Naw ------

Eaves of Mirkwood SS /file/sbpdbw

Eberron - Mark of Heroes (I think its complete) http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/IZUgAF1O/file.html

Eberon Mark of Heroes Campain RPGA SS /file/nxea6o

------Eclipse Phase PDFs OFFICIAL BOOKS http://robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs

>Zone Stalkers http://www.mediafire.com/view/d0hpgo776xpx50p/Eclipse_Phase_Zone_Stalkers.pdf

>Morph Recognition Guide http://www.mediafire.com/download/j4bjbba89kw8v0y/Eclipse_Phase_Morph_Recognition_Guide _%286098716%29.pdf

>Million Year Echo http://www.mediafire.com/view/f53f1c5yq777tpk/Million_Year_Echo.pdf

>Firewall (Updated): http://www.mediafire.com/view/9jg6q9d9kqa59qu/Eclipse_Phase_Firewall_(7029562).pdf

>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion) http://www.mediafire.com/download/ae113ujgd3hggpl/Transhumanitys_FATE.pdf

PLAY AIDS: >10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qnrh0w7H0Jl2_CSsySRxcs4ugw27xsBIk5MYwXq2nDQ/e dit

>Advice for new players and GMs http://pastebin.com/e0EErN6X

>Online character creator http://eclipsephase.next-loop.com/Creator/version4/index.php

>Eclipse Phase hacking cheat sheet http://www.mediafire.com/view/?axe1vs35muk4juh

>Eclipse Phase xls Character sheet https://sites.google.com/site/eclipsephases/home/cabinet

HOMEBREW AND COMMUNITY CONTENT: >3 new adventures for your use in convenient PDF form http://awdaberton.wordpress.com/about/

>Various Eclipse Phase fanmade resources, and links to more http://www.aleph.se/EclipsePhase/

>An Eclipse Phase yearblog full of items, locations, NPCs, and plot hooks http://www.mediafire.com/download/dhqd1m83xc1wmpj/Farcast_Yearblog_2013.pdf

>Community homebrew document https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Gy02gp6-WPQ3SoN_24kLPTUu5EjFO8qh_9pjJSVrrY/edit

>A metric ton of additional guns/ammo/weapon mods http://eclipsephase.com/sites/default/files/UltimatesGuideToCombat11a.pdf

Eclipse Phase - X-risks , After the Fall https://mega.nz/#F!KwcS0bJK!9KLjZegzebaq-mlPUin45Q

Eclipse Phase - Argonauts m3g4 /#!MA1AgZbb!VXX5UICEcieo83OMLmew8blv84pDstIC8YYpAZpVwf4

Eclipse Phase Books robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs/ - – ------– ------– ------– ------– --- –

Eden Odyssey - Secrets of the Ancients (d20) SS /file/lo5qoz

Eden Odyssey - Wonders Out of Time (d20) SS /file/ea5exb

Eden Studios Presents- Volume 3 SS /file/0lgk21

Ehdrigohr s3ndsp@ ce/file/gh4fh8

Eidolon - The Electrodyne Opera (73.61MB) b1td0 - /zbp8ss

Elder Scrolls. This compilation has both 2ed and 3ed. m3ga nz /#F!HdoHTb4S!XMb8WR3sAeZT9kiHmWIyWA

Eldritch SS /filegroup/hVNLuuSUHUwJd1iwxSdJfAaL9Mp%2FxXdE

Heroic Journey Publishing - Eldritch Races - Runeborn SS /file/d27tw7

Necromancer Games d20: Eldritch Sorcery SS /file/gn9wf2 SS /file/rwv8mw

Eldritch Sorcery extra SS /file/wcbrj6

Elf II (Mongoose Publishing) SS /file/lau0lk

Elite Dangerous SS /filegroup/R0CXMOOTDFVWbr9LQLu79w

Elusive Legengs: Building Story in Tabeltop RPGs SS /file/i0nzlk

Embers of Irradiated West sn!p.li/5084920

Emergence RPG Core Rulebook SS /filegroup/UZYOTQDGs2ME7uI1Juo1tQ

Empire of the Petal Throne S3nd 5p4ce: /file/ktju5f

------En5ider 125 keep your powder dry En5ider 129 keep your powder dry 2 SS /filegroup/6EEfR7SU1XpZUlWRKvOSXg

En5ider - A Touch of Classic kupdfcom /download/atouchofclass11407441_5997bc71dc0d604134300d20_pdf

EN5ider - A Touch of Class, M.T. Black - Beneath the Ruins of Firestone Keep SS /filegroup/VY7RG51606COvnSfZdIFGw ------

Encyclopedia of Impossible Things https://www.sendspace.com/file/djsbwc http://www57.zippyshare.com/v/B4A0R9fD/file.html

Encounters in SS /file/oibog5

- – ------– ------– ------– ------– ------End of the World, pick your flavor Zombies https://mega.nz/#!GosDzSBQ!Yuues3Qxz9ftzuaPY9Si6HSBp2INxqbnZ8wyzgWcsAc Gods https://mega.nz/#!etVR0AKQ!arjVKsvBD3RlLc2j0Ealux2W2V09BQ0YQAkztFu-K3o https://www.sendspace.com/file/wwwsk0 https://mega.nz/#!qsUzBCgZ!zlF60Xn6sSA0tu5jcnklO1dpuTe3_8-sOG7aTd17_xE The End of the World - Revolt of the Machines https://www.sendspace.com/file/hw5iv9 https://mega.nz/#!30d3TDjC!IeF9DZdUaOQv1J8lMg3AikXogddSXgfxsfw3lieNkQU anon to/1EGzHz The End Of The World' games released to date, including the brand new Aliens book https://mega.nz/#F!DxtFCQIK!J3pQwyfdsjdBW0zJaLGNew

End of the World Core u$er$cl0ud /b7z5hjhue8qy

Alien Invasion u$er$cl0ud /omufjlk7v6r0

Revolt of the Machines u$er$cl0ud /immhs7fukcwl

Zombie Apocalypse u$er$cl0ud /7pwcset94han

Wrath of the Gods u$er$cl0ud /iolaa8mtkf0y - – ------– ------– ------– ------– ------

Endless Dead Fear the Reaper Graveyard Earth M3di4fir3 /folder/lfoghycvo5oog/Dead_Reign

Engine Publishing - Focal Point (2.11MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/nzmyyc

For Epic Isometric map bundle: Hey there, I noticed my stuff coming up here quite a bit, so I made you guys a 50% discount code if you want to use it. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?discount=93e7a2c0fc

Epic Isometric map bundle m3g4 /#!nwlQEDzJ!KOTaBbGhl4eIGybme1R9YAF3kKaST1K2mKXaZy68lWQ

Epy www$end$p @cecom /filegroup/qnWoRYVVcwtsw1OmFGro3b9MecSQX3dY

All things Equinox SS /file/d373az

Mongrel Games - Escape 1.0 Playsheet SS /file/d8sn8z

Mongrel Games - Escape 1.0 SS /file/r6jxe3

ERA: The Consortium fills SS /file/5gmpv4

Esoterica Exhumed SS /file/k03a29

Esoterror http://www.mediafire.com/download/6rxgd352wg1cie5/The+Esoterrorists+- +The+Esoterror+Factbook.pdf

Esteren https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/5SDpw%2F%2B5ntGTBXwVkuSqlE1mnJQ3re3y

– - - Etherscope http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3p3hrixlxokgj5/Etherscope_-_Campaign_Setting.pdf the Great Metropolis http://www.mediafire.com/download/oq38jy1bg95ieh0/Etherscope_-_The_Great_Metropolis_%28GMG17622%29.pdf Etherscope Mysteries of the Occult http://www.mediafire.com/download/3bduxgml5n158tq/Etherscope_-_Mysteries_Of_The_Occult.pdf

– - -

Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters https://my.mixtape.moe/rovhqn.pdf

Even More Things To Kill And Eat! A Sourcebook For Kobolds Ate My Baby! SS /file/ufwkhl

***EVERYMAN MINIS--- Unchained Kangaroos*** https://mega.nz/#!DBNyBTYY!h4HekJgSEpFlCIO44APGPSPtYU0Pf-rMUhF8cZZLeMY

Evolution SS /file/efq453

- – ------– - – ------EXALTED

Exalted Final 3E Core Release https://mega.nz/#!ctgxyJaC!ygkrLnFsrnBJzIUZY-dJsMfyFrhFQgDsQuuo52fcW0I http://www.mediafire.com/download/q51qw8skdw1rg15/Exalted_3e_Core.pdf

Resources for Third Edition >3E Backer Core https://mega.nz/#!E1dRBBIa!ZbQG4IasYCJRli2bhgE2MOdWeFAeV3N1rqL9kAIGbNE >Character Sheet & Init tracker: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByD2BL6J89Nick41YUk0RUt3YlU >Just a charsheet w/o permission request shenanigans https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pfjmZKzcUqAX9mB58IAEUIFkZr8rq4CvdRRM4kzwwgU/edit?usp=sharing >Homebrew folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByD2BL6J89NiQzdCWWFaY0c5Mkk&usp=sharing >Collection of old 3e Materials, including comics and fiction anthologies https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t2arqtqtyyt28/Exalted_3Leak >Charm Trees: >Solar Charms: https://imgur.com/a/q6Vbc >Martial Arts: https://imgur.com/a/mnQDe >Evocations: https://imgur.com/a/TYKE4

Resources for 2.5 Edition: >All books with embedded errata notes, as well as some extras: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/253ulzik1j9s5/Exalted >Chargen software: http://anathema.github.io/ >Anathema homebrew charm files: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pka3nz3vqbqda/Anathema_Files >MA form weapon guide: http://www.brilliantdisaster.net/dif/ExaltedMA.html >http://www.mediafire.com/view/ua7tanepy2jfkdp/Exalted_2nd_Ed_-_Return_of_the_Scarlet_Empress.pdf Return of the Scarlet Empress from Exalted http://www.mediafire.com/download/u4v7363av5tb646/Return_of_the_Scalret_Empress.rar

Resources for 1e: >https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9vp0e9id3by6m/Exalted_1e

Miracles of Solar Exalted http://www.4shared.com/office/_ZidsOiHba/Miracles_of_the_Solar_Exalted_.htm http://www.mediafire.com/download/x7i7p5c4rm7kacq/Backer+Charms+Plain+Text.pdf - - - Exalted 2e http://torrentquest.com/file/296272/exalted-2nd-ed/ Exalted 3e - Arms of the Chosen $nip /89402 Exalted 3e collection MF /folder/b54o6teut3fx6/Exalted_3e

Exiled in Eris - City in the Mirage Honour RPG ss /filegroup/Dy8x%2FDkor2jqnpz8QBdt84HhrRb2B5Je

Exiles Of The Wicked Maze https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#4l61g4h1k9scl

Exodus - Wasteland Caravaners SS /file/eome7f

Exquisite Replicas SS /file/t8oo35

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5f5aal330bbpg/The_Extraordinary_Adventures_of_Baron_Munchausen

------EXTREME EARTH b1tly Extreme Earth - BASH! Edition.pdf /2yCgSWb Extreme Earth - Bulletproof Blues Edition.pdf /2zpFXB4 Extreme Earth - Cold Steel Wardens Edition.pdf /2hS7Smd Extreme Earth - FATE Edition.pdf /2yuIOMr Extreme Earth - M&M3e Edition.pdf /2xavgls Extreme Earth - Savaged Edition.pdf /2xUzNg1 Extreme Earth - Supers Edition.pdf /2yAWsew ------

EXUVIAE (horror-noir oneshots) SS /filegroup/guJU1wm%2FIiMSYYeslmOfxBNZIncyLN16

F: F8D Crusader flight manual http://www.f8driver.org/F8Driver.org/2012_files/F8D%20%26%20E%20NATOPS%20Manual.pdf

Fabled Environments - Olympus Inc (SW) sn!p.li /85424

Fabled Lands - The Worn-Torn Kingdom ht tp ://w ww79.zip py sh are.co m/v/OJPO8HYT/file.html I would recommend using the fan-made java app if you just want to play the game. I put a zip in here: ht tps://m ega.nz/#F!Vrg30TII!NZzVwiobRGLaGX1uDAgaSw That version also has the illustrations incorporated. You just need to run the jar file.

FGG - Faces of Vathak - Survivors SS /file/9ytxj6

------FADING SUNS Fading Suns Revised Players Guide https://www.sendspace.com/file/tkgvku Fading Suns http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading.Suns.-.Players.Companion.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20Complete %20Pandemonium.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20The%20Dark %20Between%20the %20Stars.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20FS249%20- %20Imperial%20Survey %205%20-%20Decados%20Fiefs.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20Imperial %20Survey%20-%20Malik %20Fiefs.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20Imperial %20Survey%20-%20Li %20Halan%20fiefs.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20FS241%20- %20Imperial%20Survey %203%20-%20Hazat %20Fiefs.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20FS227%20- %20Weird%20Places.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/D20%20-%20Fading%20Suns%20- %20Secret%20Societies%20-%20Heretics%20And%20Outsiders.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20Star%20Crusade %201%20- %20Heroes%20and%20Heretics.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading %20Suns/D20%20-%20Fading %20Suns%20-%20Into%20The%20Dark%20En.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20FS233%20- %20Sinners%20and %20Saints.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20War%20In%20The %20Heavens %202%20-%20Hegemony.pdf http://medkorp2k.free.fr/JdR/Fading%20Suns/Fading%20Suns%20-%20FS236%20- %20Imperial%20Survey %201%20-%20Hawkwood%20Fiefs.pdf ------

Faerie Skies - Heartwarming Fairy Tales SS /file/r7uthv

Fairy Meat Core book (38 meg) http://annarchive.com/files/Kenzer%20-%20Fairy%20Meat.pdf

Faith: Sci-Fi RPG 1.0 and 2.0 SS /filegroup/84k8syxcR6yDsNhQirUYqg

FAITH - Deluxe Artbook SS /file/yw4tf2

Fallout - Wasteland War MF /folder/6dk4dhetul47w/Fallout

Fantastic Heroes and Witchery (bookmarked) SS /file/8r5xbq

------Fantasy Age https://us3rscl0udcom/av4f7hirmtey Fantasy Age Bestiary https://us3rscl0udcom/e3zdo129cvto Fantasy AGE Core, GM kit and Titansgrave ss filegroup/maJjfOrICSYOjAmM2ir547G9bNlYzHTD Fantasy AGE - Encounters Childrens Crusade, Encounters Drive for Justice, Encounters Menace from the Mines Bestiary - Beastmen, Giants Titansgrave - The Hermits Road SS /file/qrof5y

Fantasy AGE Companion b1tly /2oKtAwK ------Fantasy Craft https://mega.nz/#F!8EtgSTSD!OaWgQeKlh-4stSMqVbXwVQ!NEUAnB6K

Fantasy Craft - Avatar, Crusader, Inquisitor, Lab SS /filegroup/UbT1%2Fky8b0XDbjyc3F0c7arBtO18cQIo

Fantasy Craft Adventure Companion SS /file/7fzwto ------

Fantasy Friends SS /file/84jcci

Fantasy Gamer Unlimited https://www.mediafire.com/folder/kmkondfv7ualm/FGU

Fantasy Grounds, mod files https://www.mediafire.com/?5yx4996hnkr4bnq

Fantasy Wargaming by Bruce Galloway m3ga nz /#!qABUwTbL!0v9fclhX5fcTlx-KV_xkPwyignLfFwNVxja_cYYl_xc

WARNING! FAPP - Gay Furry Neckbeard Yiffing Porn LARP rpg (Does your mother know what you guys are doing to each other in her basement?) https://www.patreon.com/Kah?ty=h https://www.rabbitvalley.com/item/9219/1006/FAPP-Role-Playing-Game-Digital-Edition

Farflung https://www.sendspace.com//file/r42w3x Farflung - rar5 file (Need newest winRAR or find it zipped here) https://www.sendspace.com/file/2dgit0

Farscape: Core, New Ships Feats, and Record Sheets SS /file/jf60vi

FATAL SS /filegroup/EKPiWDjwFaXXnJOUE147cA

Fat Goblin Games - FGG forms galore SS /file/bjftkj

------FATE https://www.mediafire.com/folder/665go4a8id9z7/FATE Fate System Toolkit https://mega.nz/#!KkIVRapQ!3UltH3xkRx22uxsSJ0gECcjSrp7QLqxFqPw2357htXw Fate: Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade supplement https://www.sendspace.com/file/t4z0km Daring Comics FATE https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2CL__sfLACucUlYMkt4cXhRT2c/view Fate Freeport https://mega.nz/#!ShRDnYxZ!Mdm8E0AHwQUExKlT2SWS8LBJz4XSzicDYhZSa3bhQNk Fate Freeport companion: http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/tH11XZb9/file.html New gods of Mankind : Fate's Guidebook https://www.sendspace.com/file/jmx7b4 Wearing the Cape for FATE u$er$cl@ud /94upx23kr58h Collectanea Creaturae for Fate SS /file/0ahyoh All things Nova Praxis for FATE SS /file/hhhm96 Interface Zero 2.0 for FATE SS /file/zbthld Four-Color FAE SS /file/iv6qyl

Baroque Space Opera for FATE SS /filegroup/c%2BgZg4nRVsprLKZZdxJS%2FespNnl7xYfX

FATE - Improbable Tales Vol 2 - Rave of the Dead SS /file/m2t5lr

FATE - Jadepunk Tales - Vigilance Committee Vol 2 SS /file/1k0e5m

FATE - On the Wall SS /file/6p9snt

Strange Voyages - FATE SS /file/l4gzxj

Aspects of Fantasy for FATE SS /file/fcmwdi

FATE - Dawning Star - Fate of Eos SS /file/qb2xzj

FATE - Mill City Heroes SS /file/alkxnc

FATE - Storm and Sail SS /file/li8n8b

Asperita Arcana: Fantasy for FATE Core SS /file/keyf4f - - - - – ------

Fate of the Norns - Ragnarok SS /file/pcgdy9

All things Fates Worse Than Death SS /file/syg0dx

Fear Itself 1st ed https://mega.nz/#F!2xMWWAAL!9cqQhxZcwdw7YoBOmuMvLg Fear Itself 2E s3nd /file/hr5jxe

FDG0115 The Ultimate Dice Tower (23.56MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/u9qyc0

- – ------Fellowship: http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/W08ECaGe/file.html Fellowship collection: http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/kwFrF6eN/file.html Fellowship trove tinyurl com /y7dh8yp8

The Spider SS /file/kbztug ------– ------– - - - -- Feng Shui http://www.mediafire.com/download/e3cfmr89ye94aea/Feng_Shui_-_1850s_Guns.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/e3accao3p4epfsa/Feng_Shui_-_Core_Rules_- _Action_Movie_Roleplaying.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/zdiepoadcm1lyhi/Feng_Shui_-_Gorilla_Warfare.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/g3vk7twt45wf173/Feng_Shui_2_-_Core_Rulebook_-_Reduced.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/mn97ad9ffbrnezd/GM_Screen_-_Horizontal.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/uwgctatlqlfyvj1/GM_Screen_-_Vertical.pdf Feng Shui 2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/u95w2250bb3ffrw/AG4020_Feng_Shui_2.pdf A Fistful of Fightscenes http://www.mediafire.com/download/w5zszz0kc7r18cj/AG4021_A_Fistful_of_Fight_Scenes.pdf GM Screen http://www.mediafire.com/download/5elf45sgwj5jvzi/AG4021_GM_Screen_-_1-Panel.pdf Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Alternate Beginnings for Feng Shui Campaigns.pdf Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Back for Seconds.pdf Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Bullets at the Orphanage.pdf Feng Shui - Action Movie Roleplaying - Burning Shaolin.pdf http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1469332084 Feng Shui 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/adtl9cg5g7f6j0f/Feng+Shui+2+-+Core+Rulebook+-+Reduced.pdf - - - - – – ------– - - – - - - - -

Fever Swamp SS /file/ra3kwo SS /file/svsyrn

Fiasco directory: https://mega.nz/#F!wQcykDyA!2exWtouzzkvu8hWUoDKBaw Fiasco - American Disasters http://uploadmb - /dw.php?id=1483135976 Fiasco ss /filegroup/yXULLfTMeo08dIjckyYRGmlqlB2LdAvlB4zfJ0lVzVVWay1ZBufkqw

------Fight! Challengers https://www.sendspace.com/file/zwmkw0

Fight! Unlockables: Shonen SS /file/y80jba

Fight! - Unlockables Arenas SS /file/mbk1zf ------Fighting Fantasy Trove, Warlock Magazine and d20 adaptions https://mega.co.nz/#F!ellRxKKb!698hqbj0xhUIPuP-F9aWvQ a Fighting Fantasy fanzine http://www.fightingfantazine.co.uk/page/ ------Final Fantasy RPG 4th Edition (d100): https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRPG/comments/3vnq9h/updated_download_links_links_para_download/

FF folder old (and sadly crappy) scan of OotP, and recent personal scan of Titan. Seeing as nothing much has changed in the original rules you could still use them. https://mega.nz/#F!ellRxKKb!698hqbj0xhUIPuP-F9aWvQ

Final Fantasy RPG 4th Edition here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFRPG/ ------Firefly http: //www.mediafire.com/download/ck90yjycemch5pa/Firefly+Role-Playing+Game.pdf

Firefly - Serenity Crew Cortex Classic SS /file/cre6gv

Firefly - Serenity Crew Cortex Plus SS /file/9ser9f

Firefly - Serenity Poster SS /file/jdhpis

Firefly - Wedding Planners SS /file/kfhp5r ------

Fire on the Velvet Horizon: https://mega.nz/#!tMtk3b4A!ICubXRK9C7O_dlCfGoFaqa-cvdesY2fsps43PI_sGBE SS /file/ot3i5i

A Fistful of Kung Fu http://www.mediafire.com/download/vzuwie8uih22dzm/A+Fistful+of+Kung+Fu.pdf

A Fistful of Quidloos SS /file/ioq3yb

– – ------Flames of War SCANS database: Huge Trove! http://www.mediafire.com/?8ciamhs8husms ---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules! Official Flames of War Free Briefings: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=108

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eD3nkA51ddl3nmltKg0zsnfrOUhlWgcc4h5aqz-RFqw Quick Guide on all present FOW Books: http://www.wargames-romania.ro/wordpress/wargames/flames-of-war/flames-of-war-starting- player- guide-the-books/

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nyvobnlg12hoz/Panzer_Tracts

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8a13ampzzs88/World_War_Two and, for Vietnam. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8i8t83bysdwz/Vietnam_War --Guybrarian Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eD3nkA51ddl3nmltKg0zsnfrOUhlWgcc4h5aqz-RFqw/edit?usp=sharing http://www.400gb.com/u/1883935

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. http://panzerfunk.podbean.com / http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Briefings/CariusNarva.pdf http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=1949 the Azul Division : no longer linkable off the main page ------

All things Flatpack SS /file/g21v0p


Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival SS /file/xrkwyx

Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival (no colored cover) SS /file/nxbizo

FONTS D&D fonts on reddit. https: / /www.red dit. com/r/DnD/comments/2jwsx2/dnd_and_other_script_font_collection/ More fonts available in Mageguru's Collection

Pen & Paper Football SS /file/nck9q6

The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia SS /file/bfsnvq

Forge of Imagination http://www.mediafire.com/download/9yyqn2bn1121k9v/d20_Board_Enterprises_Forge_of_Imagination.pdf

------GMZero - Forget Me Not SS /file/7eh23a

GMZero - Forget Me Not - Murder Hobo SS /file/883o64

GMZero - Forget Me Not - Murder Hobo Card Deck SS /file/zgnosh ------

Forthright Open Roleplay SS /file/2ayjvm SS /file/68wlad

Fortune Cards ss /filegroup/4%2Fokv2qnEa3ocRxWGcdyKw

Fragged ASeternum SS /file/d25e2t ------Fragged Empire https://www.mediafire.com/folder/de4qqj4bxtpxf/Fragged_Empire Fragged Empire Protagonist https://mega.nz/#!IwQ2gLLK!ivgGFGp7FpfR27ZJ_xlNUHvdyeR2YGHyqs6QGiA0wcw Fragged Empire Core: ht tp://w ww119.zip pysh are.co m/v/3XAkhdmy/file.html Fragged Empires 4 adventures https://mega.nz/#F!P5hRQaKJ!fNzuzfcpeZp00ongedUgyQ All things Fragged Empire SS /file/f4zq1u Fragged Fmpire snip DOT li /KPBh7 Fragged Empire Protagonist @m3g @nzee /#!IwQ2gLLK!ivgGFGp7FpfR27ZJ_xlNUHvdyeR2YGHyqs6QGiA0wcw

Fragged Empire u$er$cl0ud /l31t38bqfwio

Fragged Empire Collection $nip /2jV

Fragged Empire & Other Fragged Settings/Supplements $nip /QtMWW ------

Night Owl Workshop - Freebooters SS /file/j230y8

A guide to piratical Freeport https ://www.sendsp ace. com/file/kfv9l1

Freeport meg4 /#!iVlm2QiD!bSLIQ0p1v5OYK0vikou9aKeTKi5g52enHmZDVzn4900

------French Language Games Rpg encyclopedia (mostly in french, but a lot of anglo references and even a couple in other languages): http://www.legrog.org/grog/mission_us

French magazines about rpgs (J&S has a complete homebrew called mega in special issues) >jeux & strategie (from the 1980s; all sort of games, including rpgs) http://www.abandonware-magazines.org/affiche_mag.php?mag=185 >backstab (rpg only, less professional, but good "how to" and thematic articles - a few issues are missing) http://www.abandonware-magazines.org/affiche_mag.php?mag=199 Both downloads are completely legal, as nobody owns the rights anymore.

Brigandyne megganz /#F!qM5FjB7Z!Xu7llQ45m6jdyVsJ65jFrQ mega /#F!QGpWEL5a!GCKEyJrD5PeAueFY4wX4Yw

Crimes v1 meg4 /#F!k3RnyLhQ!y5LvBGCE3q2CS1J47CsAzQ Crimes v2 m3g4 /#F!G98SyDRA!oQgeICjEPMx6EbSevvMkIA

In Nomine Satanis m3g4 /#!Md1ywBIY!3exWQedlvXuEc9AFbfsJg9llR836JWWyJS55iORiTlw Shaan, Nightprowler, Bitume et Maléfices /#F!QGpWEL5a!GCKEyJrD5PeAueFY4wX4Yw

T'as trouvé ça où ultimate-warez d0t eu

La grenouille qui voulait les DK System2, voici ce j'ai SS /file/fi76xi

DK2 System SS /filegroup/dShwBeNILHmkt4fYm5FUjOrPGTbVzc8o en ligne l'écran du MJ de Brigandyne snip li /4Fdh

Sur le digne successeur de feu T411 c'est du torrent: (Most of the files are in French but there are also some RPGs in English) https://yggtorrent.com/engine/search?q=jdr ------Fringeworthy - Dingoes ate my Banjo SS /file/3k4uqr

Tri Tac Games - Mystery at Rooterville Station SS /file/akn44s ------BTD Press - Frontier v1.0 SS /file/813ac0

BTD Press - Frontier v2.0 SS /file/r9grft ------FrontierSpace Player's Handbook SS /file/4oocdz FrontierSpace - Dark Side Of Loridian SS /file/o8nm57

FrontierSpace Referee's Handbook u$er$cl0ud /19akfr4qwlxw

FrontierSpace Player's Handbook u$er$cl0ud /vwnvhaqe5pkz ------Frostgrave (includes Spanish) http://www.4shared.com/folder/IDawEWtN/Frostgrave.html Frostgrave Core in English https://mega.nz/#!50wQlYpb!JZuhuz9bOPtpRFK8zKSlUjp9VEJDtlAkef-oJC4EsBg Frostgrave main book and the first 4 supplements. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1e68645496dga//Frostgrave Into the Breeding Pits for Frostgrave s3ndsp@c3c0m /file/dyjb0l Ghost Archipelago ePub MF /file/qp6jghulegt1f80/Frostgrave%20Ghost%20Archipelago.epub Ghost Archipelago (a little weird, Epub converted into pdf) http://www.mediafire.com/file/h4c2a92fh2rnb22/Frostgrave_-_Ghost_Archipelago.pdf Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago $nip /sR7B ------

Frostbitten and Mutilated u$er$cl0ud /w7683nbegvs8

Frost and Fur SS /file/j7bx33

Frozen Fortress Fantasy Map SS /file/m7ts25

Tri Tac Games - FTL2448 Xenoarchaeology SS /file/fzjagd

------FUDGE http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/filename/fudge%20pdf/

10th Anniversary Edition SS /file/omokzd Heartquest materials SS /file/8oeann ------

Full Impact MMA SS /file/5n9o6k

Furies of the Barrens SS /file/xfyhp6 SS /file/xtzfst

Furry Pirates m3d1@f1rE - /file/7j37rxl97ik1la3/Furry_Pirates.pdf

G: ------Gadgets are Great! Fillable Character Sheet SS /file/hoi60a

Gadgets are Great! Sample Espionage Character Pack SS /file/u1kjgf

Gadgets are Great! v1.1 SS /file/lfd42b ------Galaxy Pirates - Katar Fast Attack SS /file/e6s3td

Galaxy Pirates - Katar Heavy Cruiser SS /file/41wgue

Galaxy Pirates - Katar Light Freighter SS /file/75oaal ------Gamma World Gamma World 1st - 4th https://mega.nz/#F!z9wHCQwC!HCeMOum5467vvbTd2XwiMw Gamma World 6e: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kgc8q3l8chm7tvx/D20_Gamma_World_-_Core_Rulebook.pdf Gamma World 7E https://www.4shared.com/office/qloTY-bq/gamma_world_-_seventh_edition_.html Gamma World Dragon Magazine Compendium New Version https :/ /m eg a.nz /#!YINSVQbL!zOm1ANfO9YDxeZhlmz9XZYPticZh6rk7HmWwFewJYu8

Alpha Mutations/Omega Tech decks for Gamma World 7e https://www.sendspace.com/file/mpare9

Competition scenarios for Gamma World 2e - apparently from Massconfusion 1984. Water Rights SS /file/f9p0is Mudflat Walker SS /file/9g8y0r

All things Gamma World 7e SS /file/22pjho ------

Gangbusters https://www.mediafire.com/folder/csjsu5h6q7qvt/TSR

- - - The Garden of the Plantmaster for 3.0 http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3134960 http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760 The original 1987 version$nip /0Fg4 - - -

Gaslands core rulebook (missing pages 16 and 17) MF /file/1zyixbgvs3ycifq/Gaslands.pdf

Gemini ss /file/4t70gw

GMZero - Georges Children SS /file/6i63h8

Genesys Core SS /file/8tqwpi

Genesys dice APK SS /file/hmfm3f

Genius Guide Collection 88.07MB s3ndsp@c3 - /file/fewgy4

The Gentleman's Entomology Club u$er$cl0ud /6tx1urmx2ooi

German RPGs $nip /LHHjr

Ghastly Affair - Players Manual $nip /392991

Ghastly Affair - Presenters Manual $nip /900535

Ghostbusters RPG https://mega.nz/#!c3gjXbwI!6tmiPF8Vgn5nIvrt4Fb9SoRfLqBhgGcxqMBTU7-976M

Gloamhold s3ndsp4c3 /file/ki3oom Gloamhold (OSR) SS /file/phruyt

The GMs Real-World Reference SS /file/s9e7k8

Goblin Quest m3g4 /#F!jV1ijKrQ!AfBFrFll6BfcTFIss4faRw

Godbound https://www.sendspace.com/file/8lk94c https://www.sendspace.com/file/s9qrfg Godbound - Ten Buried Blades (6 02MB) b1td0 - /2dfzqh Ancalia: The Broken Towers, for Godbound m3g4 dot nz / #!UZNnzCSA!IH5GV05_y2kT4Zxq2crY8D43XsP4T4HI24gul4QBnHM ------Godlike - Invasion of Jericho Bay, Donar's Hammer, Black Devils Brigade https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/OEFa27o3pKSCEKxGXl3EFxple5jg7O1zOhmb4oE69sb6ccOOGYPHqeS 86Sm8HlOpXudK8ddyTxyhsXNdXSKlsV1qHpF2ewymkZYLtr1qrjQ

Godlike Core m3g4 /#F!oYFlUByZ!u4pCIXgoHg5GOKRhPE9aZg

Godlike collection m3g4 /#F!oYFlUByZ!u4pCIXgoHg5GOKRhPE9aZg

GODLIKE - Donars Hammer SS /file/ojarjk ------Godsfall (smaller file) SS /file/kvmm49

Gods of the Fall - After the Nightfall (4 55MB) b1td0 - /2br3bl Gods of the Fall - Gods Beyond, Converting Gods of the Fall for Numenera and The Strange (3 38MB) b1td0 - /xfh6n6

Godsend Agenda, High Valor, Lords of Olympus, Lorefinder, Owl Hoot Trail, and Primeval (Cubicle Seven) SS /file/gk12h6

Godsfall worldbook m3g4 /#F!GYQhFDQb!kj6mFvLwMUyd09WrljOyhQ

- - - Golden Heroes u4er4cloudc0m Holden Geroes - Supervisors Book /dpiu31v7yx16 Holden Geroes - Supervisors Kit /1ibsirhdm2m6 Holden Geroes - Supervisors Screen /0fr1grm3yc45 Holden Geroes - Players Book /k8c52tfvahi8 Holden Geroes - Queen Victoria and The Holy Grail /cz0ruao85sjk Holden Geroes - Legacy of Evil /pigpriapk9xt If you like it, don't forget to buy it. The author is a cool guy and could use the help. It's a great magic system, made for AFG but compatible with all OSR games. /\/\3g4 dot enzee slash #!EN11XQTZ!26TVNzqzTv3gXf15E_fsjBw42V6WPEXpD56M6sBGxYI - - -

Golden Oceans /upl0@dm@ncomc0473bf95d894669 - - - Golden Sky Stories, Mekton, and Goblin Quest https://mega.nz/#F!55xF2SSS!pmQiV4O3es6gx-zjGhp5Cw Golden Skies Stories Calandar @ SS /file/oqse76 GSS Kickstarter Material 58z!ppy$h@re /v/56F71KEx/file.html Touch of Class by EN5ider $end$p@ce /file/hp3x0f wwwmedi@firecom /view/1l9ywwy0z9q3391/GSS-Book-PDF-Final.pdf /view/vn0nuvj5xu2hno2/Engine_Sky.pdf /view/fay4c2092ncchud/Faerie_Skies_(First_Draft).pdf /view/h38mbc8vfcn5z82/Fantasy_Friends_First_Draft.pdf

Golden Sky Stories-OVA - Crossover SS /file/6g117t – - - Grancrest (English) should be in the translated jrpg folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8z4Cy1zaGU1WU0xc3F5dlZ1NHc&usp=sharing –

Gramma World (OSR) (not a typo) SS /file/e8vqt6 SS /file/j0r114

------All things Gravity Age SS /folder/kjmmw4

Gravity Age: Mutant Menagerie SS /file/hn136n

Gravity Age - Autonomous Artificial Intelligence SS /file/89xhwz ------

Gratuitous Anime Gimmick sn!p.li /Rty

GAG and Character sheet https ://www.mediafire. com/folder/p6w1l4x6xkoh4/GAG d20 Necromancer Games: Grey Citadel SS /file/qjfqt9

Grey Ranks SS /file/ogexzs

------Greyhawk epub u$er$cl0ud /gx38lqac8m1q

White Plume Mountain epub u$er$cl0ud /lrknr0iy4p9l

Descent into the Depths of the Earth epub u$er$cl0ud /nvghx1yhdtj5

The Temple of Elemtental Evil epub u$er$cl0ud /8k4ypbr4ispv

Queen of the Demonweb Pits epub u$er$cl0ud /k9yn5a9k0ga7

Keep on the Borderlands epub u$er$cl0ud /fkexzp5aliyq

The Tome of Horrors epub u$er$cl0ud /tt3h65r730m7

Greyhawk novels m3g4 /#F!97pnlKLQ!fE47JyrNnb1bqsykhvRUvA ------

Grymkin https://www.sendspace.com/file/pt00iz

Grim World https://www.sendspace.com/file/h7qel6

Grimm http://www.mediafire.com/?954s3gp0r6alswi

Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection https://www.sendspace.com/file/5ho3t7

87.5 Grimtooth M3g @ /#F!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg!vQQGwIoJ

Guardians Original Edition Rules for Superhero Play Power of Fear $nip /zSh

Guide to the Continuum u$er$cl0ud /hmimux1md2b2

A Guide to Transylvania (unofficial, but quality scan) 4z!ppy$h@re /v/YBnv7jtT/file.html

All the GUMSHOE stuff I have. This includes: Esoterrorists Ashen Stars Mutant City Blues Night's Black Agents Trail of Cthulhu Fear Itself Music for some reason. https://mega.nz/#F!2xMWWAAL!9cqQhxZcwdw7YoBOmuMvLg

Guns!Guns!Guns! http://www.mediafire.com/download/wt09ibs4t90hx8t/ggg3.pdf

Gunslingers Of Porphyra (PFRPG & 5e) SS /file/nf4pvc

------GURPS 3e - Mecha http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/CFqIb2ia/file.html GURPS - Old West -- 2nd Edition http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/ddMV8xVb/file.html GURPS Illuminati (with p. 124) http://www.mediafire.com/download/7ftw4g7kgv3fy7b/Illuminati.pdf GURPS Weird War II http://www.mediafire.com/download/11hgf2i1aeu9bio/GURPS+-+WWII+-+Weird+War+II+-+Secret+Weapons+And+Twisted+History.pdf GURPS 3E Covert Ops https://mega.nz/#!bwwEnBhb!Que3SPjfop2TWkjjMnWmkEDB2YL3csGp463ze-2920o GURPS Trove https://mega.nz/#F!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ!mxdxyaoS Gurps Classic: IOU (official digital PDF) http://www.mediafire.com/download/3zr5akyxf13rlu6/GURPS_Classic_IOU.pdf GURPS Classic: Spirits (official digital pdf) https://www.mediafire.com/download/tblic3kmtdhou0o

Gurps Illuminati-IOU https://www.mediafire.com/?e2cp5bktygck018

GURPS Classic: Creatures of the Night (official digital pdf) https://www.mediafire.com/?led9c8b5dqwan1c

Gurps Classic: Magic Items 1-3 (official digital pdfs) http://www.mediafire.com/download/zufb4r27bzaw13j/Gurps_Classic_-_Magic_Items_1-3.zip GURPS http://www.mediafire.com/download/vlpvabi7jt7t9ct/GURPS_Classic_Magic_Items_2.pdf

GURPS Autoduel http://www.mediafire.com/file/an4xsrsvigp0j39/GURPS+-+Autoduel.pdf

GURPS Discworld 4th edition Mars Attacks s3ndsp@c3 /filegroup/nH0Nrg8mCAb6Hod15e6siA

GURPS Fantasy SS /filegroup/VLncA4bKfoOjfG1m2uFWgU16l3GKQoGC

GURPS Rogues SS file/22akx1

GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary (COMPLETE VERSION) GURPS Classic: Alternate Earths 2 (COMPLETE VERSION) Both OEFs: SS /file/52k5t8

GURPS 4th - Dungeon Fantasy 1 - Adventurers.pdf SS /file/owxgc8 Dungeon Fantasy - Adventures $nip /XXhi

Dungeon Fantasy - Cardboard Heroes $nip /4lJi4 Dungeon Fantasy - Dungeon $nip /lUO

Dungeon Fantasy - Exploits $nip /E6vr

Dungeon Fantasy - Maps $nip /er8Dt

Dungeon Fantasy - Monsters $nip /HClOI

Dungeon Fantasy - Spells $nip /dhEYR

GURPS Trove m3g4 /#F!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ!b9NmTahI

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy m3g4 /#F!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ!mwlhCaTS - - -

GARY GYGAX Necropolis http://www.mediafire.com/file/jgu858qy33g3x6p/S%26S_Gary_Gygax%27s_Necropolis.pdf East Mark Gazateer SS /file/6hw193 ------

Grand Grimoire s3ndsp4ac3 /file/1fnfgm

GRAVITY AGE - Nanotech Emporium m3ga /#!LENFVIjS!zyBFiXh-ANjml2F8Oj2oFUbdgkgSk1XmXOiIMMwk3BA

GWC (fixed) SS /file/ytwlk9

Genesys SS /file/6b6bat

------Gypsy Knights I got about two downloads before the site wanted me to register with other sites before allowing me to download the rest. Open each link in a new private window (Firefox) or new incognito window (Chrome) to download more than a couple or a few from UploadMB. Core Setting http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461116802 The Hub Federation http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461116413 Subsector Sourcebook 1 - Cascadia http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461116811 Subsector Sourcebook 2 - Franklin (Updated) http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117066 Subsector Sourcebook 3 - Hub http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461116551 Subsector Sourcebook 4 - Sequoyah http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117183 Cascadia Adventures 01 - Save Our Ship http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117331 Cascadia Adventures 02 - The Lost Girl http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117315 Cascadia Adventures 03 - Fled http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117320 Ships Of Clement Sector 04 - Small Craft http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461117997 Ships Of Clement Sector 05 - Traders And Scouts http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461118111 Ships Of Clement Sector 08 - Berlin Class Colonial Destroyer http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461118094 Ships Of Clement Sector 09 - System Defense Boats http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1461118090

------– – ------– ------– ------

H: ------Hackmaster (4e, not the new game) https://mega.nz/#F!YMRT1YhY!y3y1MtpNpwgXbYw_9KshxQ Hackmaster 5th Ed https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b8czpaenscnhd/shit#fju49djqtb25o Hacklopedia http://www.4shared.com/office/PdqXcvZkba/HackMaster_-_2600_-_Hacklopedi.html https://mega.nz/#F!XM8CEaBR!HyvDv4lvl1XEeXYbi6Sw7w Hackmaster 5E http:// sendspace.com/file/9jn9qe http://www.mediafire.com/?q4m4k4cxajhsy Hacklopedia M3G4EnZed /#F!sMxxCKQR!nLhexpEh6syHP9vkebc5eA

Hackmaster Zealots Books 1-3 ss /file/emrnoq 4-6 ss /file/eed99i Hackmaster 5E trove: 5n1p Li /vTwG ------

Half-Damned SS /file/upcp08

Hallo Commissar SS /file/xufhjl

HALO - Savage Worlds https://www.scribd.com/document/256501627/Halo-Savage-Worlds

Hammer and Forge, as part of the Fading Ember Project. https://mega.nz/#F!d9sFRQ6I!Ca_w0oCArT0MalTbXF1uRQ

Hard to Kill - Feats and Talents (d20) SS /file/bnifct

In Harms Way SS file/41ug8s (in harms way- marked) file/u7cxhq (aces and angels) file/lm8ouw (aces in spades) file/0lto65 (pigboats) file/usygrx (wild blue)

HARN TROVE https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xxbrbv2b8n5z9/Harn

Bill Gant's Gunmaster for Harnmaster lythiacom /harnmaster/hm-houserules/gunmaster-gold/

HARP Fantasy Core books: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9dn8jsg2llxh4/Harp(ICE) HARP SS /file/yoya89

Haunted Tower http://www.dragonsfoot.org/php4/archive.php?sectioninit=CD&fileid=159

Haven - City of Violence SS /file/yzjp0c

HC SVNT DRACONES SS /filegroup/4XiFN%2B99NrsLJk4el1v8m5Zz5GC7SFtLpjHvdrB0tGVh1ao4wD %2B8CPI56mELEyf83noGkynzQ6U

Sound and Silence for Hc Svnt Dracones SS /file/3y5gpg

Headspace https://mega.nz/#!gQVW0A4S!kAYeYsvgqt1F3bgRuPdtf0nExTIIKgGzsV5f9I_hI9g (ZIP password: headspace)

Hearts in Glorantha issues #1 and #2 $nip /agb

Heavenly graves in assorted flavors https ://www .sendspace. com /file/1l8j6c

Heaven and Earth by Abstract Nova SS /file/l8gvem

- - - Heavy Gear updated Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles troves with some better scans and additional files. https://mega.nz/#F!aMEziYQL!7lUPbf7rKMvwnXuqEvP8zg Tribe 8 and lots of DP9 https://mega.nz/#F!M84DlA6R!ywKvEhz2KtEMbB8uj_DP0A about 20 or so new scans at alt.binaries.e-book.rpg newsgroup - - -

Hellboy GURPS http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1445313701 http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/hellboyrpg.php

Hellas https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2RHG2KkBIioNWtMUVZWMVZCTmc/view?usp=sharing https://www.sendspace.com/file/jtjop9

All things Hell for Leather SS /file/p5uzty

Hellfrost Setting Trove $endsp@ce /file/8ah466

Helltank Destroyer.pdf Microgame sMG22 http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/mMYqZek8/file.html

------Henshin! - A Sentai RPG $nip /HIG

Henshin! A Sentai RPG - Monster Freak SS /file/xs14ya

Henshin! A Sentai RPG - Star Phase SS /file/kyyho7 ------

Heroic Fantasy Handbook - final draft SS /file/224afl

Hero Kids, a system aimed at younger players https://mega.nz/#F!1gITSBCa!VqJmY0snX11YlIq49LGSAw

------Heroquest http://heroquest.no-ip.com/ Heroquest Eleven Stars and then some SS /file/314007 Heroquest: Glorantha SS /filegroup/DCckryh5%2Fu0RA%2FHyabIKlbUczTt6t83E

HeroQuest Glorantha SS /file/2gojqt

Heroquest: Mythic Russia MF /view/lccdmc2zapwdymv/Mythic_Russia_-_Heroism_and_Adventure_in_the_Land_of_the_Firebird.pdf ------

Heroines of the First Age SS /file/wqyx87

------Hero System https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ntj2u76dcful8/LOTSASTUFF6#c 5g69avbip26j https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1oy7eut575uax/RPG_Books#c4nqoppvtce1f Hero System 5th Edition https://mega.nz/#F!Ym5RHIJL! Qk1NgisxONlZbCQdbNYBZg Hero System 6th Edition https://mega.nz/#F!06Q2kY7I! r2JY-moVxFUGl90w6LDa2A Pulp Hero m3di@fir3/file/ct5011ry3bpshv4/hero-system-pulp-hero-pdf.pdf Star Hero 5th Edition - Spacer's Toolkit $n!p /SOjUO Digital Hero 35 SS /file/di8vhz Digital Hero 36 SS /file/nlr8d4 Digital Hero 37 SS /file/qha1j Hero System - Digital Hero #38 & #39 m3g4 /#F!bBtwRBqQ!qAA7zdrKUVWrg2p0vdxEBg vehicle books for Hero System SS /filegroup/jgNUJSqK4cdGEnMPBI56d5W%2FPVv5etcD

Hero System's Ninja Hero 5th Edition meg4 /#!rZh1HDiJ!1r0ccsOuhalC2LQykXNVSt5nb9tpqjd3cda1SLewYIw All the software and source code to the software for Hero System for both 5th and 6th Edition.

Hero Combat Manager meg4 /#!KVAACBID!9ERDfjl7V7oCjf9_t-kLD07L0JXp6VohgOiO4on7vQk

Hero Designer Source Code meg4 /#!TJAzyLTS!61RbUm77Vcc4IXn6eihHPOVnAwP1piu1zlfRPgQxUEg

DEMON: Servants of Darkness - Hero 5e SS /file/r21t9t

PS238 - Hero 5e SS /file/nfvsc4

Hero System 5e - Sidekick Revised m3g4 /#!CcBwRTgR!wk-GbrkcR99yeD6Mc04UhmjaHqmjcCyR6Fl1tIe1sV8

Hero System 5e - Character Creation Handbook m3g4 /#!bYxk0TxA!fhZmgPsi0B8c-pN_SvyxFqu4uUYCno3iUVlfQkXhY1A

You can find PDFs here sometimes, like: http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/200-character-creation-handbook-5th-ed-pdf/

Lucha Libre Hero m3g4 /#!mNYBwRxK!_bj5TXNXVZxFgxegH8vjOod1Gdvyo3HirLgqTyDwJqc

Narosia Sea of Tears - HERO SS /filegroup/tAKTK1RdGLm9hMG0EFRC4OK4gx4IvcaR

Kazei 5 (HERO) and Hero System 6th Edition SS /file/70abaw

Foxbat for President (Hero System 5th) SS /file/swx76e

Robot Warriors for Hero System m3g4 /#!2IhCwJzY!XB2cib6xP0Sf0Pa1TuMINpcKBqPbkUZH_dKWJ4dc3uM ------

The Hero's Journey from Barrel Rider games. https://www.sendspace.com/file/vhfdyx

Heroes of Humanity OCR s3ndsp@c3 - /file/eai01n

Heroes Against Darkness http://heroesagainstdarkness.blogspot.com/p/heroes-against-darkness-downloads.html

Heroes of Hellas - a Greek Barbarians of Lemuria mod SS /file/e4fsyd SS /file/e7483k

Heroes Unlimted GM Guide SS /file/3llqvo Heroes Unlimited Revied SS /file/q3e1eg Century Station for Heroes Unlimited 2e m3g4 /#!zU81jRBD!138V5kZQN9BxBQp0Y4AZ3_Kayeek0dEhaNAkwLwfkns

Hex Kit for Win 10 SS /filegroup/tfOvIWunV2s8aVbawreY%2BCIjxlajufv0

Higher Grounds - Hybrid Class - Blade-Siren SS /file/2fqeud

Higher Grounds - Super Retro Sourcebook Vol 1 SS /file/0ug7w6

Highlord by Dreamscarred Press m3g4 /#!Tdw2WYKL!g4Ytr1f2UQz1LPwUVSlwUZTegXP6UvfwxOGnayFcAws

------Hillfolk DO I HEAR BANJOS? Hillfolk; Blood on the Snow https://mega.nz/#!LZ0xSS5Y!HtuvY46SmOanq5xLIt-sZjuLafshrqbw3s5HYjKoxZg Hillfolk s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/YhdcpX9oKMsuRM0OOQjN3g

Hillfolk Blood on the Snow $nip /aQDOC ------Hollow Earth Expedition Trove (but no Revelations of Mars) http://www.4shared.com/folder/sRohmoRH/Hollow_Earth_Expedition.html?locale=en Hollow Earth Expedition's Revelations of Mars http://www.mediafire.com/file/0xjq5tszo4m793d/Revelations+of+Mars.pdf 4 published adventures for Hollow Earth Expedition sendsp@ce /file/2noltf collected into a single book - Perils Of The Surface World https://www.sendspace.com/file/7du0n4 ------

Hong Kong Action Theater http://www.mediafire.com/download/x8mc89c759u4kpx/Hong_Kong_Action_Theatre%21_2E_- _Blue_Dragon_White_Tiger.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/21qany8bssap33m/Hong_Kong_Action_Theatre_2E.pdf

Honor + Intrigue M3ga nz /#F!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg!A5NyzLRT All things Honor and Intrigue SendS /file/l4irb6

Hoodoo Blues www22 z1ppysh@re com/v/o8AJnqT2/file.html

Horror Adventures: PF http://imgur.com/a/r2TOH http://imgur.com/a/odYOE horror/Insanity rules for Ubiquity: http://mythiceras.net/sites/mythiceras.net/files/U_Rul_Horror_and_Insanity_2-1ds_0.pdf Horrors The Scary Story RPG $nip /014852

------Newly updated version of HOSTILE SS /file/1cvj37

Zozer Games - HOSTILE - Colony Plans SS /file/bqvnw8

Zozer Games - HOSTILE - Core Rulebook SS /file/dfhl95

Zozer Games - HOSTILE - Upstream Hercules Article SS /file/g9yd55 ------Hot Chicks - Inner Darkness SS /file/zh37k0

Hot Chicks - Tentacle Badness SS /file/t6cxm1

Hot Chicks - The Breeding Time SS /file/auxvow

Hot Chicks - The Depravity War Companion SS /file/du30rd

Hot Chicks - Vampire Sex Robot! SS /file/xe8z64

Hot Chicks - Deadlier than the Male SS /file/71ivnw

Hot Chicks - Inner Darkness 2 - The Depravity War SS /file/hqgagy ------

Hot War meg4 /#F!9JdHlarJ!5OPL5aHSXLGdK54MwCQPSg

Hot War collection SS /filegroup/sL%2F1tq2mlsJfDOY9Y34EQLp9YDUDOiFg25mXpn7Zy6bH9nFlqKDfOQ

How to Draw Fantasy Art Maps by Jared Blando SS /file/ki1ubi SS /file/tvvpfd

------How to Write Adventure Modules that don’t Suck ss /filegroup/NfGGmC1Y93Oya19Xb9gTXw u4er4cl0udcom /qgpq8xbvpqaa How2WAdventureMTDSuck Essay Book u4er4cl0udcom /hkduebuxarpx Goodman Games - How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck upl04dm4n /2203b0e95d41dae5 ------

How to Train Your Mutant Fire Dog Evolution Edition $nip /5131778 How Was The Sex??? by Derek Chapell: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t54gCuaOLHz5YjDNUP5s5_BUypDM8_cteQ9tZ- zk0no/edit

Hubris - A World of Visceral Adventure SS /file/dy1xyc m3g4 /#!tZESFAIJ!jYz583u4i5ZfeXm3gJgDxCLlfJpShyyVBP7teQAMQTI

Hudson & Brand, Inquiry Agents of the Obscure by Stygian Fox SS /file/vnqf37

Hudson and Brand - multiple files SS /filegroup/hd9PX%2BKv6ICBuP3fywe0vbNSlyPv1IbR

Hunt the Wicked SS /file/kobop8

Hunter: The Vigil - Mortal Remains http://www.mediafire.com/download/7lqrxzgmn7qw85v/Mortal_Remains.pdf

Hulks and Horrors Basic Black Edition http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/NhIS0TZ2/file.htm l

Tri Tac Games - Huradicator SS /file/9mqsv1

Hurt Locker and Secrets of the Covenants: https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/YDsyIyvZzElIgaNfZqd%2BQw

Hypercorps 2099 - Famoth 10.72MB s3ndsp@c3 - /file/2ywagk

Hyperborean Mice (published version, 100+ Pages) http s: // www.sen dspace. com/file/z02d49

Another Hyperborean thing up10admb c0m /dw.php?id=1499098684

I: Mongrel Games - I Remember When SS /file/kihwne

And I Saw Him On The Train SS /file/ddhud8

------ICONS Miscreants, Malefactors, & Megalomaniacs Supervillian Handbook Deluxe Edition m3g4 /#F!QrAT1Bxb!ZlJM8IRFVAPdFEPBmtndFQ

A couple hundred MB of ICONS... https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/Z1742PuLkVXNeKQy45HiR1iTVcwM8eHE And a couple hundred MORE... https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/R7dKwoSRDPn4tRCqqAD%2BlXrzPbWq5VVG

ICONS – Origins snip /E4Fu6

ICONS - Stark City Campaign Setting and City Building Toolset (From Fainting Goat Games) $nip /gYs60 5 Character Sheets Space Supers 01, 12, and 13 GM Screen (and other ICONS material) $nip /brZ8

PG Games - PGC001 - The Blood Saga (ICONS) $nip /u0Dzm

ICONS - Playing Hero World - Assorted Sheets SS /file/fg06b6

ICONS - Playing Hero World - Villain Showcase - Destinys Rock SS /file/063ybe ------


IN THE COMPANY OF FEY m3ganz /#!nFESSYya!ejgrlcB5-YihhqmxjneIHZKjm66XFPVNfdeTsDB9OiQ


In the Company of Wights $nip /TaisE

In the Company of Wights v2 $nip /fQOS

Index C RPG update and print -n- play ss /file/u38oki ss /file/lrsig8

Index Card RPG / ICRPG by Runehammer Games / Brandish Gilhelm ss /filegroup/VAaG1Z7mfvDMKl26Kr5uuHRafIDNkDfRqNbj%2FxpOZa4gmPhwpRBDHUqli8lKR4on %2BA%2BeNEUxpA6ue8kvbMiXpg

Incorporated Vol. 1 SS /file/6fovng

Indie Hack SS file/9up8nx

Indiana Jones https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xahrmsks9cuxd/Indiana_Jones_RPG

LTS - A01 - Ingen's Legacy SS /file/usnsqy

In Harm's Way SS /file/n4g28t

------Infected! Character Sheet.pdf - 2.6 MB https://userscloud.com/w9mqz9nnzr68 Infected! RPG.pdf - 32.8 MB https://userscloud.co m/aakpdkk1xbp5 Infected! RPG us3rscl0ud /aakpdkk1xbp5 ------

Infinem - Core Rules SS /file/1xajzp

------INFINITY Infinity is a 28mm scale skirmish game where everyday citizens are free to move as they please throughout the universe.

>All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff: http://www.infinitythegame.com/archive.php

>Provisional Catalog where you can look at pretty pictures of the miniatures you're thinking of getting: http://www.infinitythegame.com/catalogue/

>Rules wiki: http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Main_Page

>Official Army Builder: http://www.infinitythegame.com/army

>Token Generator: http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/

>N3 Hacker Helper: http://www.captainspud.com/n3hacking/

>N3 Reverse Index Web App (so you could compare units across factions) http://n3index.bastian-dornauf.de/

Terrain: http://pastebin.com/Hy9SRkmJ

Faction Rundown: http://www.mediafire.com/view/mqaaf5fosmti5b4/Infinity_Faction_Rundown_v.1.3.rtf

All Consolidated Rules: https://www.mediafire.com/?xm5aqb4sdx4g446

Operation Icestorm Scan (beginner missions) https://mega.nz/#!AkkG0ZZA!CE-YzCWIWVROcSnnlkZI8SMWxWoNb1LkFbWI-LamYR8

Scans (More Needed): http://www.mediafire.com/download/a6nel34mw0la3bb/Infinity+1st+edition+Rulebook.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/wd3pbtpjp5w9dig/Infinity+-+Corvus+Belli+S.L.L.+-+Human+Sphere.pdf

Operation: Flamestrike http://flamestrike.warconsole.com

Infinity stuff https://www.sendspace.com/file/tvijbq ------

Infinity Code for Double Cross 4shared /office/k0jL5GM9ba/Double_Cross_Roleplaying_Game_.html Infinity Lounge SS /file/efka1z

Inner Ham - Fantastic Exciting Imaginative Vol. 2 (OSR) SS /file/7zjtou

Innocents RPG SS /file/u4bt5u

------– - - – ------Inspectres ss /file/tfydpa InSpecters from Moment Mori Theatricks SS filegroup/3HfhJitFstH9HKe2M%2BpWC%2FY0%2BfqkCqmuTka8GF %2BU5u349mhXkDSDJ9PtNPXFN%2BSv09POqArHzAw Inspectres SS /file/usbtrf SS /file/6xp2q2 ------– - - – ------

Insight Core Book and/or Insight Fantasy books https ://www.sendsp ace. com/file/rjnaxx

Interface Zero 2.0 core book and the Hacking errata. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2qswh07ondxiwdo/Interface_Zero_-_2.0_%28Layers%29.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/37yjc7da9kl10t3/Interface_Zero_-_Hacking_2.0.pdf Savage Worlds Interface Zero https://mega.nz/#!DopRkBjJ!0CDSgmp17yum2U1Iu0tu_4MF8zf15ZgR0t2bRcTp9X4 Interface Zero Fate edition https:// sendspace.com/file/4am5n4

Intergalactic Lucha Libre League SS /file/2etyfq

Intergalactic Lucha Libre League - Torneo Chiquito Quickstart Rules SS /file/88sx73

Interlock http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w7ibtt1s8vra1 Interlock http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w7ibtt1s8vra1/Interlock

Interregnum periodicals fantasylibrarycom /interregnum.html

Interregnum Editorial pages (re-number issues manually in the URL) marancinet /ired01.pdf

Into the Odd (Full) M3g4 • NZ /#!Ze4HhBAC!NbjaAik2wexM1q6512hBwaI7Vxr9g0qeF81qIqz71WI Into The Odd SS /file/2b9nj3

Itras By SS /file/hk9i7u

Investigator Weapons volumes 1 and 2 by SSP SS /file/prh24z

- - - Iron Kingdoms http://www.mediafire.com/?pqyp0lrax85c3 Iron Kingdom Unleashed http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/UlYqROqn/file.html Immortality campaign and Urban Adventures m3g4 /#F!ACJWkaaJ!5EcKcjNZ_3VaY8ru-UMJyQ Iron Kingdoms Immortality SS /file/expn2t - - - Ironclaw/Jadeclaw https://www.mediafire.com/?1bb9jilnd318a3v https://www.mediafire.com/?hbxiadbr98rqad0 http://www.mediafire.com/download/8act9q1kdzad1eg/Ironclaw_-_Book_of_Mysteries _ http://www.mediafire.com/download/f80z6t319f4ixr5/IronClaw_-_Book_of_Jade.pdf Ironclaw 2nd ed rules: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a5r401hmbrlq6qo/ironclaw+second+edition+omnibus+ [optimized].pdf Ironclaw PDF collection nearly complete. Includes two of the three novels, and some 1st edition stuff for fun. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/k50dtkcd626cx/Ironclaw Ironclaw: Book of Horn and Ivory (OCR and bookmarks) $nip /RXUVd

Ironclaw - Book of Horn & Ivory SS /file/ztumcm - - -

The Iron Realm - Enter the MegaDungeon SS /file/wm6v0k

The Iron Realm - Solitaire Essentials and Gaming Guide SS /file/8v2hm1

The Iron Realm - Campaign Essentials and Character Guide SS /file/80vlp1

It Came From the Late Late Show https://mega.nz/#F!MNkFibJS!yuCKR3ML7ECKuARx4cPWlw

The Ithaqua Cycle m3g4 /#!mNJnSDRS!NbrRuVtjpshsWJ9Op7QIAuA9-7OFyzSDl8G4PyohJTo

Itras By http://www.mediafire.com/download/sba219d2516mrdx/Itras_By.pdf

J: JAGS http://www.mediafire.com/folder/5v40fac9g908c/JAGS

Jayne's Intelligence Review: The Manticoran Navy https://www.sendspace.com/file/2sp2tx

Jedi Hearts dropboxcom /s/n683xbhk90i17lt/Jedi%20Hearts.pdf?dl=0

Jeff C. Stevens The Adventure Collection Vol. I SS /file/umfpvk

Jovian Chronicles http://www.mediafire.com/download/ad2105r1zsj00pa/Jovian_Chronicles.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/a88dod5uefofffx/Europa_Incident.pdf

J Dredd http://www.mediafire.com/file/l7p9qgi136b4422/Judge+Dredd+Mongoose+RPG+-+We+Are+The+Law.pdf

JUDGE'S GUILD New Judge's Guild scans $nip /JGuild JG650 Trial by Fire SS /file/ku4t4x JG670 House on Hangmans Hill SS /file/zosxan JG630 Dragons Hall SS /file/5ikbdc JG580 Three Kilometer Island SS /file/dirfj4 Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green (Gen Con X Dungeon) SS /file/o5ee50 JG36 Character Cards (not a new scan) SS /file/25yyjc JG119 Tower of Ulission SS /file/jxp4hg JG630 Laser Tank SS /file/w0qymi Judge's Guild Verbosh ss file/52o92l JG0860 Wraith Overlord - Poster Map $n!p /1dt scribd /document/338868518/Judges-Guild-The-Caverns-Of-Thracia-pdf JG1290 - Lost Mans Trail SS /file/2u3zq3 - - -

Jurassic Faux SS /file/bm1cwh

Just a Warrior SS /file/enbe2r

K: ------Kaigaku (Premium Edition) upl0@dm@ncom/e1ecde15d5785172 Kaigaku Chronicle Vol 01 Issue 1 upl0@dm@ncom/78086e5c4d711c8f

Kaigaku SS /file/0e6cvq

Kaigaku - Chronicles of the Geisha SS /file/l9wzo2

Kaigaku - Chronicles of the Ninja SS /file/6i6znh

Kaigaku - Chronicles of the Ronin SS /file/7a4icu

Kaigaku - Premium Edition SS /file/6r1v5u ------

Kaiju Incorporated u$er$cl0ud /e4au2gzu17nn

------Kamigakari Baseline stuff http://www.mediafire.com/file/183vmgy8b3w1uj3/Kamigakari.rar Expansions and errata http://pastebin.com/u/RoyalTeaRed Google Docs Character sheet (for if you play online) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xY5uiJleOpnlh93SGLq2_iKteOFZnlMH1X-MtEDsWsw/edit#gid=0 ------

Kagematsu https://kagematsu.wordpress.com/kagematsu-rules/ http://www.4shared.com/file/WGMkd81uba/Kagematsu.html

Karthun - Lands of Conflict SS /file/2mm3yn

Katanas & Trenchcoats: Episode 1 - Welcome to Darkest Vancouver https://userscloud.com/q98467dbm6le

Keltia http://www.mediafire.com/download/r3vvnf40chcnkxw/Keltia.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/lzf28qbkb2v46zu/Keltia_-_Avalon.pdf

HQ scans of all the KDM expansions booklets (the Gorm is incomplete) M3G@ #F!8noy1JAL!r73O4Cg0AQy2iRIdDKmznQ

------KIDS' GAMES DO IT ZEALOTS!!! THE NEXT GENERATION NEEDS TO BE RESCUED FROM NEURAL JACKING!! Jim Wallman and Juniorgeneral kid’s games http://www.jimwallman.org.uk/wargame/index.htm http://www.juniorgeneral.org/ More for the Kid-friendly trove - Shadows, Buggin, Bean, Wildlings, Dungeonteller, 2 spanish kids rpgs (pequeno detectives, Magissa), Dungeon Romp, Dndish, How to Train your dragon, Mini dungeon adventures $end$p@c3c0m /filegroup/69Rzr251GRu5ZuJHN7FvROvvmzED%2BL0TOk2bhLMNzYbxlf %2FY6GKV1KqUSAqXkD93oFXjaBQ%2F40IURfARdI5wOb2PdYfk9eeW2A4rm%2BKbnVtRjtvbHtjeYw

Maybe more for kids trove PDQ system, Truth & Justice, Swashbuckler of 7 skies, Dragon, Land of Og, Faraway Land quick, bestiary, & adventure, Everything is dolphins, Mouse Tails, Dungeon Escape & Abstract Dungeon S3nd$p@ce /filegroup/qm41%2FS01N6JhXJSLPodp2tHWAAupRHaEb0e2q %2FhUrHZWM753UVW3m2eTAjvN0SBEJrotyOLiC1nfYc2fkt8KPBZ3E2DyDZJ2WLEjcGlzf8w

C@rebears the St@ring, C@mp Myth, a kids D&D scenario - Monster Sl@yers W@rriors Adventure Game, T@ils of Equ3stri@ (by far the most simple MLP RPG actually aimed at kids) $3ndsp@c3c0m /filegroup/OsgH2%2BGVH1mdKRcCU7cdGhr0n3d3IIFmb6Rcm8vlzWc ------

Kid World (mutliple files) SS /file/hejtpj Kids on Bikes corebook and playbooks SS /filegroup/MxrACVF9jFz3nCy1C%2FFb3Q

Killshot zip SS /file/hjl4se kineticists of porphyra books (all three) https://mega.nz/#!HgQXCbjI!WIjCeEpf5d-M_yJVuITPfRUPTmi8_Np4ehi4OaLxG8E

------Kingdom Death Core Rulebook https://mega.nz/#F!cQpwWZTI!XuopIJPMtTCp4o4-_CdGIg

Kingdom Death: Monster rulebooks (includes expansions) https://mega.nz/#F!mI0VERRS!kxB2EYZpL_vXWqMKHUQjmA These are VERY poor scans unfortunately.

Kingdom Death - Monster Core Game SS /file/4ui2s9 ------

Player's Primer for SS /file/lmdfts

Killers SS /file/08l7a4

King for a Day setting meg4 /#!zMoWCaxD!4UTvUl5TWeWox32AuckTH2foMj1KFs0tp42AaSvFNPg

Kings of War 2 http://www.manticgames.com/free-rules.html https://www.scribd.com/doc/285000901/Kings-of-War-2nd-Edition-Rulebook-7421935

Kitsune Compendium v 2 (1 78MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/n91muc

Knights Nights o' teh Dinertabel 33-236 ss/file/ynpfs2 Nights o' teh Dinertabel 237-240 ss/file/yefilh

Know Your Role http://www.mediafire.com/file/r2a6397s7k7m28k/Know+Your+Role.pdf

Ken Writes about Stuff https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/5%2B%2BQA %2FEMovsdcF42PMDwRH8mlFSB3sQCAzGDL2ZXysVpmkxMJlhoQzuB7Atn0as4jc8OZ5i8YNh6zt0W8FNfsPruFTCwfUY6C9TS4eNdWtjragZvaBTu1FFTJkyEK6DB %2BeLhxWOF8OjhUaCfaIRScaBgWBI%25 KenWritesAS vol. 1-3 on mega #F!NPZyGDTZ!AjE6JKAQ4Gaf8jJ28ySd3w Goetia https://www.sendspace.com/file/fu23vu

Kobold Ecologies by Kobold Press SS /file/ehof5r

------Kobold Guide to Combat (3.36MB) SS /file/c5k905 http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/rL7ja1Ei/file.html u$er$cl0ud/e9ecrw98fr5e

Kobold Guide to Magic SS /file/lnecjs u$er$cl0ud/fndve3zvkb9l

Kobold Guide to Plots & Campaigns upl0@dm@ncom/338bac0f2f72ca2b u$er$cloud /5z2kldna2zrk

Kobold's Guide to Gamemastering sends pace dot com /file/swa2od u$er$cl0ud/e0t2a95yt6f2

Kobold - Shadows of the Dusk Queen upl0@dm@ncom/8c8e845d283e3784

Kobold - Beyond Damage Dice (5e) upl0@dm@ncom/fa0715cd1b6a7dac

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding u$er$cl0ud /x3u35rwdb9os

Kobold Guide to Game Designe u$er$cl0ud /xpxsy675vooz ------Kult 3e u$er$cl0ud /9ywxnye5mqp5

Kult: Beyond the Veil S3ndsp4c3 /file/czs7tr

A more complete Kult RPG torrent btdbto /torrent/jPMw6PB60Kuwa9nn8ZJ8s6A2rMz6K5sW9g.html ------

Kung Fu Family Rules SS /file/jphfj5

Kuro Tensei http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1462078831 Kuro games from Cubicle 7: Kuro, Makura and Tensei

Kuro series collection SS /filegroup/JBRkRxoVrIoqtmxL8HIkLhBLZRDhYu0Lnzqru4KoQ94zQ0A6j6Au8jepEgOjayCe

L: ------Labyrinth Lord https://www.sendspace.com/file/p0enb3

Doomslakers Adventures #1 - Howler (LL) SS /file/6vvxmo

Doomslakers Adventures #2 - Winds of the Ice Forest (LL) SS /file/bxi9ky Purple Worm Graveyard (Labyrinth Lord) B/X Monster Reference Index SS /filegroup/6Bht2s9Q%2F6hkYxcPr6XWpw

Small Niche Games modules for Labyrinth Lord SS /filegroup/ZpDOhV6vbAFBZm7FS9sAj%2FyTKKHTmgMKVSUkoJ0UjZNMeTCSFcKB9yEtOaKi5BHZ

Labyrinth Lord - Grave of the Heartless /file/cci9ff

Labyrinth Lord - Tomb of the Dragon's Heart /file/uzynm1

Labyrinth Lord - Wyrd Ways of Walstock /file/m01yob ------

Lace and Steel SS /file/m76wqj

Adventurer Conqueror King System: Lairs & Encounters SS /file/v74eqy

Lairs & Encounters: The Sinister Stone of Sakkara Domains At War - Troops and Terrain (only 12 of 36 pages) Countersheets for Domains At War SS /file/n08zw5

------Lamentations of the Flame Princess LoFP - Slugs $end$p @ cecom /file/4qizgs

New versions of Ruinations (LotFP homebrew) and the character sheet Core (v2.5): https://www.docdroid.net/FrxCKOl/ruinations.pdf.html Character Sheet: https://www.docdroid.net/6zjkFLM/ruinations-cs.pdf.html

Lamentations of the Flame Princess-Vaginas are Magic SOMETIMES THE TITLE NEEDS TO BE PRINTED LARGER THAN USUAL u$er$cl0ud /f2c9fjsj8unm m3g4 ennzee /#!BLhlRZzS!tYe88W-bvLyU_hlCIoyghfJlUbM-Kfs3GilpNnvcy9M

LotFP trove $n!p /lament

LotFP: Broodmother Sky Fortress ss /file/twp59v s3ndsp4c3 /file/eswzw8

Blood in the Chocolate ss /file/u9qkn7

Veins of the Earth m3g4 /#!EIcTEZIK!Z1CZUOfXwQ-ZKtaRqm34A9l2uQvqvG24WCnKW8o1bWU u$er$cl0ud /hornnm7jn2gy

Fever Swamp for LotFP SS /file/1aa0qb

LotFP - Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos /file/a8lp4b ------

LARP Survivors Guide 2.0 snip li /97184

LANCER - Mech Combat RPG (Beta v1.2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-VjHwZgQPqVbUtDeThuNXJtSk0/view

Lands of Adventure FGU https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ofot2lplnpgf9/Lands_of_Adventure

Language Construction Kit http://www.zompist.com/kit.html

The Lapis Observatory: /\/\3g4 dot nz /#!BU1ACSAJ!qOjkN9PFYlioHgopOXbE1lXiW2Z10gA7cMcB0T7cwhk

Last Stand, by Funhaver Games https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzBGv7T2YMphTDlOTzdjSTVmN0k&usp=sharing Creator uploaded the game to google drive and made it free, along with a few other microgames, also in that folder.

Last Stand RPG SS /file/jhomff

The Laundry http://www.mediafire.com/download/gjapdcdw81f1xtn/The+Laundry+-+Core+Book.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/gp547wkyjf6d645/The_Laundry_-_As_Above_So_Below.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/sqs8hu4vjp9chls/The_Laundry_-_Black_Bag_Jobs.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/l9xvvppm5kmdkzh/The_Laundry_-_Unconventional_Diplomacy.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/offk8o3031dpm0i/The_Laundry_-_God_Game_Black.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/nickpnpidembgf1/The_Laundry_-_License_to_Summon.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/9p1es4byx87jp6u/The+Laundry+-+The+Mythos+Dossiers.pdf

All things Laundry and In Harm's Way... https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/%2BBGJCo5bczo31WywB1s9Kw ------

Lazy DM http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/CYV9fN6C/file.html Lazy GM Freaks and Horrors - The Creative Conclave http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/9yyx9LK0/file.html

Leagues of Adventure Core rules https://www.mediafire.com/?cbnpp3f4hhk0226 Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror. both on snip. I think it is everything /Leagues-of-Adventure

------Leagues of gothic horror+bonus: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1468542742 http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1468542892 Leagues of Gothic Horror https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#0yv38jch14ivl Leagues of Gothic Horror - Vampires, Shapeshifters, and the Walking Dead SS /file/1dj30h LoGH - Guide to Apparitions b1tly /2fAzMpK LoGH - Guide to Black Magic b1tly /2xC22g7 LoGH - Guide to Mummies b1tly /2frWf4H Leagues of Gothic Horror b1tly /2xCOJMI LoGH - Guide to Shapeshifters b1tly /2ytJ0rq

LoGH trove $nip /djZ

Leagues of Gothic Horror Guide to Lairs $nip /UGQ

Leagues of Gothic Horror Guide to Mordavia $nip /Su7

LoGH - Ministry of Unusual Affairs SS /file/ak7s2p ------Legacy http://www.mediafire.com/download/f5e6staobe6s5x3/Legacy_Life_Among_the_Ruins.pdf Legacy 1e and the playtest material for Legacy 2e. Sendspaaaaace /filegroup/%2BZdAh1UW7WQrzqH8aDtbWg Legacy: Life Among The Ruins sendspace /file/s0he5f ------

Legacy Of Lies and Arcania Of Legend: Elementalism SS /filegroup/aIn4Wd6s%2Fd%2FP7MYsA4kLmw

Legend Trove https://mega.nz/#F!TE1GiKJZ!oQFa3zABVGQi0MNO1MraMA

------Legendary - The Horseshoe Calamity SS /file/thc56o

Legendary - Malevolent Medium Monsters SS /file/ln6kab

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Conquering Heroes SS /file/w3xkx3

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Crimson Heroes SS /file/cbj8lm

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Egyptian Heroes SS /file/xkqbb1 Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Gothic Heroes SS /file/evd8vx

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Imperial Heroes SS /file/x18sz6

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Metal Heroes SS /file/8mlz6e

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Nautical Heroes SS /file/z0o25a

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Planetary Heroes SS /file/1rd04o

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Righteous Heroes SS /file/p54l60

Legendary - Pregenerated Characters - Winter Heroes SS /file/2x8uyz ------

Legendary Villains: Evil Clerics s3ndsp@c3 - /file/8ncxqz

Legendary Games Bundle upl0@dm@ncom /79543c65f385a166 "Legendary Game - Ultimate Factions" pdf http://www19.zippyshare.com /v/VSWrRHJk/file.html

Legendary Brawlers SS /file/ts05dj

Legendary Gunslingers SS /file/ergcxq

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes SS /file/9tohvr

Legends & Lairs City Works by FFG SS /file/cwfyd4

Legend of the Elements https://www.sendspace.com/file/1qamrk

Legends of Steel - Broadsword Edition SS /file/pn38bf

------Legends of the Wulin http://www.mediafire.com/download/q32az0shjvf8kgx/Legend_of_the_Wulin.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/athj1265b36ul6m/Legends_of_the_Wulin.pdf SS /file/0x5050 SS /file/gax0sc ------Legend of the 5 Rings Trove– Bunch of 2nd 3rd and 4th By Southofsanity https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ebu9acueoc24p/L5R

Legend of the Five Rings Troves, very nice. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_YUlI4RPylqTkloeWlIeWY5aVE L5R Trove including City of Lies http://www.mediafire.com/folder/c7tfqff9sqp71/L5R

L5R 4E character sheet http://www.daemonstorm.com/sites/default/files/L5R-4E-Character-Sheet-LoRes.pdf ------Leverage http://www.mediafire.com/file/l5kux9ljde4fuyw/Leverage_-_The_Rich_and_Powerful.pdf

Leverage - Companion Vol 1 SS /file/4iyof6

Leverage - Companion Vol 2 SS /file/ehnidu ------

Musha Shugyo https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4q5aagtg2dk3r/Musha_Shugyo

L5R 4e Atlas https ://meg a.n z/#!pjYB2ZRJ!rOKgAuQMtkgXaHzZ2nK1FXx1c89qzvLl_ZaJwLQh4dc

Atlas of - Digital Map Pack snip dot li /LFR

L5R and Clan War books m3g4 /#F!a05lWK5R!OOOo4yH7yc5HjmMjP60sGw

L5R Collection m3g4 /#F!a05lWK5R!OOOo4yH7yc5HjmMjP60sGw ------

Legends of Anglerre http://www.mediafire.com/download/gafdp4zbe7g9m35/legends_of_anglerre_%28oef%29.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/vkcue94dkt92hcw/Legends_of_Anglerre_-_Companion.pdf

Legends of the Old West https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2by3o3ztwg26t/WH_Legends_of_the_Old_West

Legends Walk SS /file/zuzqpw

Leverage RPG stuff SS /file/al9fqi

Leverage MF /file/jdqs41ei07w5v7m/Leverage+RPG.pdf

Leviathan: The Tempest https://img.fireden.net/tg/image/1500/32/1500325439994.pdf

Liberation of the Demon Slayer $nip /jQY

Light's Out (A world where all the parent's have disappeared and now monsters are showing up) SS /file/cx0vgl

Lights Out - Book 2 (Novel) upl0@dm@ncom/bc981555e885b5d0 Limitless Monsters SS /filegroup/u2%2B8Qf4WvxuO6yLJRF5Sgg

Lion and Dragon SS /file/pmcgp6

Little Fears -Happy Birthday, Fates Worse Than Death http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760

Living Items @ss /file/88gxn8

Lone Wolf Cubicle 7 version+extras is here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#1qu5tgfs1gvmy Most of the Lone Wolf stuff is free on the net over at projectaon.org

Cubicle 7 - Lone Wolf Adventure Game - The Realm of Sommerlund (2017) $nip /1mPi Lone Wolf - Bestiary of the Beyond $nip li /1196522

All things Lone Wolf Multiplayer... https://www.sendspace.com/file/9wrmfr

Lone Wolf - The Realm of Sommerlund SS /file/flcees ------

Looking Glass: Hong Kong $nip /jvBU

LoTR/Hobbit SBG Rules 33z!ppy$h@re /v/gFdazhae/file.html

Lovecraftesque (29.83MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/y7ekmq s3ndsp4c3 /file/m5tq58

Low Life http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760

Lucid Dreams Roleplaying Engine (plus extras) SS /filegroup/nxukaHaaGybsaA8zaNm6LhfRd8ZW%2Bqf2x9BNYLC6gqM

Lyceian Arcana ss /file/4tmnq2

M: M-Space S3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/Leo30E5D%2BKWXIOrRLRw8fw

Macchiato Monsters Zero /\/\3g4 dot enzee/#!UAEVCA6I!6U5xH_F-HDQDVMtEo_99kp2SfffvAWU41iEHtwLy700

Madcap Screwball ss /file/u39qbe

Madcap early access beta SS /file/hnqpkw Mad Monks of Kwantoom SS /file/x3sqso

Maelstrom main rulebook: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/Ijc08VtW/file.html

Mage the Awakening 2e https://mega.nz/#!B4US0aqZ!ZfMiO0LX9FP2pRWGMJKmosYd8PJiChPGx3ZJLKUJZs8

------Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition plus a bonus of How Do You DO That https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/F5fAuAugCHCiB3GjhKxQLQ M20 Book of Secrets sendspace /file/apabnr

M20 The Mage Cookbook $n!p /URh3

M20 - How Do You DO That (final) SS /file/3mupgi

M20 - The Book of Secrets (final) SS /file/m5ckz3 ------

MtG novels Check the fiction section of libgen.

Mage: The Awakening, Second Edition, with errata https://[email protected] /file/vgzlwv s3ndsp4c3 /file/xwb6yz

Magicians https://www.sendspace.com/file/tc4mp6

Magical Bears in the Context of Contemporary Political Theory SS /file/gls9my

Magic World BRP http://www.4shared.com/postDownload/eLbOS28Dce/BRP_-_2028_-_Magic_World.html Magical Fury & Burst https:/ /wwws3ndsp @c3com /filegroup/2lDg4Rd6h1qH%2Fw5W20v3ZSyOIsx57aDI

Magical Fury http://www.mediafire.com/download/5x3wsexcvx3wdnv/Magical_Fury.pdf

Magnum Fury $nip /RuS7

Maid http://www.mediafire.com/download/o26kyt9xzzb39hx/Maid_RPG.pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/qhyexwqbhffpvam/Maid1.2.1.screen.pdf?dl=0

Maji Monsters Core SS /filegroup/OqWsjr33vUS1WVIHVP6sEQ

MaK SF3D Original and Operation Faserei SS /file/11haba Make you Kingdom!! English translated version 53z!ppy$h@re /v/YzqiQ5Ep/file.html

Make You Kingdom English cards MF /file/jwl9wayplbnvbja/MYK.pdf

------Manor #1 SS /file/ittw4o

Manor #2 SS /file/kz6fe5

Manor #3 SS /file/mg77q9

Manor #4 SS /file/m8rc5w

Manor #5 SS /file/ze0p3a ------

The Manual of Aurania SS /file/3pfmv4

The Marble Sanctum - full battle maps by Lord Zsezse Works m3g4 /#F!G8w3jBpb!58u_ZlY-xUUhoKsEtdWFgQ

------Maps Trove of Sci-Fi maps SS /file/jylibo and https://www.4shared.com/folder/A1AGP5RZ/Bonesunlocker.html

Folder full of maps drivegoogle /drive/folders/1c_8hDZKuZuu_NF76oq2fjcm4XaE1stkJ

Realistic Maps - Tome of Horrors SS /file/2q6h5y

15g of maps and other stuff dr!v3g00gl3 /drive/folders/1c_8hDZKuZuu_NF76oq2fjcm4XaE1stkJ ------

Marked for Death SS /filegroup/wtMh1fWaiNwTa0c68npNNSGxC4VWw6Qo

------Mars Attacks Tutorial Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTVd9zY0SZU Core Manual: http://www.mediafire.com/view/zun3f7ndhknw1mo/Mars_Attacks_Core_Rules.pdf *NEW*Humanity Resists PDF:http://www.mediafire.com/view/tfdi0z82yapf24g/Humanity_Resists.pdf *NEW*Extermination PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/view/e3n6l6n54nw6o1k/Extermination.pdf Lore(Comics): http://www.mediafire.com/download/g7hkphbjn4ntb9t/Mars_Attacks.rar ------– ------

Mars Colony's expansion SS /filegroup/cnjAykS2jjlFGhqpMNqpfOt0hQBairH%2BOu%2Filhuo8Eg

------Marvel Heroic RPG - Civil War (130.69MB) https://sendspace.com/file/bbj00d

Marvel Heroic RPG - Civil War - X-Men (46.88MB) https://www.sendspace.com/file/tx97de https://www.scribd.com/document/322542937/Marvel-Heroic-RPG-Civil-War-X-Men

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: X-Men Civil War Event Supplement https://www.mediafire.com/folder/80f42ske83owp/Marvel_Heroic_RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#2xmxwclr7y66w

Marvel Heroic RPG - Civil War - Young Avengers & Runaways (43.33MB) https://sendspace.com/file/l7i87z http://www.mediafire.com/file/wldilr11ta58m85/Marvel+Heroic+Roleplaying+Basic+Game.pdf Marvel RP https://www.mediafire.com/?qejun2ea0x5rqs7

The Heroic Age - TSR Marvel Superheroes SS /file/v4ar1s

Marvel Heroic Roleplay MF /folder/gwrrbfnvqh5r3/Marvel_RPGs#80f42ske83owp ------

Maschine Zeit books https://www.sendspace.com/file/bfkia9

------Masks http://www.mediafire.com/download/w67b8ljmojj1h6e/Masks+-+1%2C000+Memorable+NPCs.pdf https://i.yuki.la/tg/1462440265244.pdf Masks .rar https://mega.nz/#!WJkCCIxa!eCL_GUK-ax2R66hVusOjs7mmAcBnnqKFs19KKpvfV-s Masks, a new generation 7z https://mega.nz/#!lFBUSAhB!AaSZWa25FazbL3_9JuHal57mrly84std2FC_dTk5e4I Playbooks for Masks: A new generation You can find them for free here: http://www.magpiegames.com/masks/masks-playbooks-moves/ Masks - Halcyon City Herald Collection SS /filegroup/KMKpSRiz434cWpNqqgOkOg Halcyon City Herald Collection and the new playbooks for Masks SS /filegroup/9yhbOD0UZTqIE%2F%2BC6jvlfA ------

Masters of the Universe - rules, gameboard, cards, and counters ss /filegroup/z6LeCXD9Civ9FxMgokA6ZbG9bNlYzHTD Masters of the Universe fan-made RPG http://www.he-man.org/forums/boards/bounce.php?URL=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.box.com%2Fs%2Fbb9fj iuqb27s0vzqti53

Maze of the Blue Medusa https://mega.nz/#!kpJUwLjD!yCDHnBBj3S78zfPboG9SAJdPkon_a05PEhREpHflElA Maze of the Blue Medusa s3ndsp4c3 /file/18oivt

------Maze of Zayene - 2 Dimensions of Flight SS /file/nga8ca

Maze of Zayene - 3 Tower Chaos SS /file/9abdlz

Maze of Zayene - 4 The Eight Kings SS /file/jict5p

Maze of Zayene - Complied, Image cleanup, OCR and Bookmarked. Maze of Zayene - 1 Prisoners of the Maze SS /file/ghptd6 ------

Maze Rats v2 m3g4 /#F!TVYj3RqB!8x66gU4l229JdYdK3nkKfA

MBMP adventure log, character record sheet, and spell sheet SS /filegroup/nhhHzCqkigFCnhFwCnTFzF43V2oKboXncjSAg23kGUZknWWCz%2B0OjxHoYCdf%2BbF %2F8qoNJQPu6Dg

------Deep 7 - Mean Streets - Concrete Jungle SS /file/4dd8uc

Deep 7 - Mean Streets - Dark Companion SS /file/d3fkjo

Deep 7 - Mean Streets - Modus Operandi SS /file/3ttb8p

Deep 7 - Mean Streets - Usual Suspects SS /file/7zf0jp

Deep 7 - Mean Streets - Vendetta SS /file/mgt6iz ------

Mecha SS /filegroup/D1M3MUKMV1MsFUI%2BHUZDOg

Mecha - Mekayana SS /file/dkx02y

Mecha - Quickstart Guide SS /file/rs5d8h

Mecha: Kaiju https://www.sendspace.com/file/94z3kg

Mecha Vs. Kaiju - Fate Core Edition https://userscloud.com/svgg69x4frcr

Mechwarrior http://www.mediafire.com/download/54o84ywzu4pgh4h/MechWarrior+3E.pdf

Mechanical Dream https://mega.nz/#F!iwxRETYC!92YZNGq7TKlSeEFBCMOWYA

Mechanika - Empires of Blood & Steam (7 24MB) b1td0 - /ukaa34

Medusas Guide For Gamer Girls Feminism and Gaming $nip /8784847 Medusas Guide For Gamer Girls Gaming With Kids $nip /433256

Megablade! Zero SS /filegroup/96oVs96Oq9%2FkzLE3GkuNZA

Mecha 2e, Mecha Vs. Kaiju, Mecha And Monsters, G-Core Mecha, BRP Mecha, Mecha And Manga, Mechagenesis, and M20 Mecha SS /file/roouh1

500 pg. fan update of M.E.G.S. m3g4 /#!j51SgKDa!Mh4OXCuONje5Q7cvD5SJs3X8FWs6wzATnHRHyBcznjw

Meikyuu Kingdom (Make You Kingdom!) Japanese pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/yredo0e0da2gjs0/MeikyuuK.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/265zhi577jztyj0/MeikyuuGM.pdf

Mekton Zeta http://www.mediafire.com/download/mjujq2ukr7vzq1f/Mekton_Zeta_-_Core_Rulebook.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/ual56517pazksrj/Mekton_Zeta_-_Tactical_Display.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/sbbw17hh7bcozz8/Mekton_Zeta_-_Mekton_Wars_-_Invasion_Terra.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/jw68e1zx8i19l9p/Mekton_Zeta_-_Mecha_Manual_2_- _Invasion_Terra_Files.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/3agv750t1c89m9a/RPG_-_Mekton_Zeta_Plus.pdf

Mekton Careful, it's dangerously unsorted https://mega.nz/#F!55xF2SSS!pmQiV4O3es6gx-zjGhp5Cw Not as complete, but sorted. https://mega.nz/#F!N0pVFKrD!jK6lBw0Al8OW1whLxiSGTQ Also the VOTOMS and Bubble Gum Crisis RPGs

Melancholy Kaiju SS /file/31y523

– ------– ------– ------Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes MF /file/nag8mcs1e6ttbj4/Mercenaries+Spies+%26+Private+Eyes.pdf

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes - Mugshots 1: Case of the Pacific Clipper meg4 /#!SAIygQxA!c2E-fPoE-bARiWDENRwXyIRxVdbJU_CVP3gNk1gplwQ

Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes - Stormhaven m3g4 /#!vcZGkBST!4K2Mwseea9-GDuK5EldJ5-_9hHMs1v5U6SsvOYJXr10 – ------– ------– ------

Mermaid Adventures https://www.sendspace.com/file/c5flax Mermaid Adventures (updated) Pip system http ://www75.z ippyshare. com /v/MnDOsePb/file.html

Mermaids @sendspace /file/bhwls3

MERP GM Screen meg4 /#!zABF1SSQ!vPAOPsousWKuI4wm7RxMjeZh1X6VL8A574OjsNky0Cs

Metabarons main book and character sheet SS /filegroup/FNnRnitXrt3jSZualmHNew

The Metabarons Core Rules & Character Sheets m3g4 /#F!HY0mRKoL!vq6wZRygBF3FYZmbaC3ulQ

Metagaming Concepts microgames Mega /#F!r9dxwA5S!bKjePzZxre9NNIZlFpfpRg

The Metamorphica Revised m3g4 /#!aQ5wlIQJ!YQ9kbmuxToX28efGh7RlTE2keGkyugavWbtAQizIdyM

------Metamorphosis Alpha Special Edition SS /file/b0iasd

Metamorphosis Alpha - the old one from 1976. Here ya go! SS /file/p1o1pw

Goodman Games stuff for Metamorphosis Alpha special edition reprint SS /file/mxrh1t

All I have for Metamorphosis Alpha SS /file/5lr7q4 SS /file/i0qhds SS /filegroup/bZE4K80nRFjCPwoSFkPdgCVqDWYFImUofFBIOevaROxKnKU7qSjC76LGA2fmaJy82UDs2SeD7 16bOvnbNAOrmpAPW5y4Ytb9S9en1j%2BIIW20HP%2BrwDtRvLV8HEsilzJ9

Metamorphosis Alpha reprint by Goodman Games SS /file/2pvc77 ------

Mice and Mystics storybook and dlc pdf https://mega.nz/#!KoImRRYS!h1eeaOjt8wey8Zc9SdNryufuP33sEabJtyyJScXgU-I

Michtim: Fluffy Adventures collection SS /filegroup/5LxjCg2gI3oAb%2BlAu3%2BGUnch6J8LvyIN

Microgames http ://www.mediaf ire. com/?g9tmy3ll2zywk

Microlite 20 here: http://microlite20.org/

Microlite20 - RPG Collection (2017 Edition) SS /file/f9p2fu

Microscope - Not available in Da Archive, probably never will be. Microscope is a small, possibly interesting game. You Should Just Go Here: It is like a slideshow demo, probably better/faster than reviewing the rules. Detailed example of Microscope game played out https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1d_gLQUEB0WH4dsD3p2Cr7AJev78Fz2M9uknpgE_NszE/edit#slide=id.g9862c8690_0_10 If you still want it, maybe buying it is easiest. ------The Midderlands - Core Setting (Final) SS /file/y6hw4t

The Midderlands - Additions SS /file/rqbmta

The Midderlands - Additions II SS /file/ijcs12 ------Middle Zealand The Loremaster’s Guide of C7 from Adventures in Middle Earth s3ndsp@c3 - /file/c3a9r2

Horselords of Rohan http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1463158373

Adventurers Companion for ToR @$end$p @ce/file/3ov9x0

Atlas of Middle Earth https://mega.nz/#!adoWmS6S!SvBZmiK6tlvBAlu9VyAeV1FeSy5ZYIkbRfoY7nxACUg

Edventures in Aiddle Marth - Aildrland Wdventures u$er$cl0ud /cpbcx91v237x legions of middle-earth www$3nd$p @ c3com /file/32u4as ------

The Midgard campaign setting SS /file/22i3ki

Midlands and Midderlands SS /filegroup/tYyN2qRSf7dFkaHFQrYTsQ

Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting SS /file/sikz5v SS /file/dydd8i

(possibly all) Medkemia stuff m3g4 /#F!uMwEEDYZ!lCQUs1J94sO7MI5Y1UtLKQ

Midnight 2nd Ed http://www.4shared.com/folder/K62kyZKY/Midnight.html D&D 3.5 Midnight M3D14F1R3 /?esqfc3bk9d43w

------Miles Christi - (French) https://www.scribd.com/mobile/document/162068416/Miles-Christi-Livre-de-Base Livre de Règles https://mega.co.nz/#!DNUyXYzT!2TfVdPUGWO7QD21_u_gvyyamiv8l7zGEeQHEoI78_zE

Plus some more stuff: Écran et Livret https://mega.co.nz/#!PVlxULLK!I6_qR0g35BSGRyhtvoZ8_fnXcep3GSBsZ6wwbnoZ350

Épitre 1-La Richesse de l’Émir https://mega.co.nz/#!iYcARbrJ!ehLKKQU5YeIzuDSHmjM1RrESpe-RbejFaGuQAiSqXaQ

Épitre 2-La Commanderie de Paumiers https://mega.co.nz/#!fNtXhRxY!WjwlnLRPBeqK7SRMLYCW_luTc_aikQWyU8xDERwwjPE

Le Jeu de Cartes des Croisades https://mega.co.nz/#!PINmHT6a!xnseUm1_AWQZEuB1Tqcbhm6KkdrdkbXffAm8Gluc5-Y ------Millennium - Heroes from Earth - Book 1 Nemoria SS /file/mobzcw

Mind-Stealer by C.L. Werner SS /file/w8299c

------Mindjammer - The Far Havens s3ndsp@c3 - /file/o4jhfo

Mindjammer - Traveller Edition u$er$cl0ud /i5zbu8f1g99r Mindjammer - Hearts And Mind u$er$cl0ud /ynvdksfop9lx Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game u$er$cl0ud /bz6h0e9mh8mp Mindjammer - The Far Havens u$er$cl0ud /740bf4s3u5ra

Mindjammer SS /file/zc1rrc Mindjammer and Hot War ss /filegroup/YuJ5HwHpKZHFqr0basY5BA - - -

Mischievous Monsters SS /file/ed8roq

MISS HIM Hiss Min Hiss Min Hiss Min u$er$cl0ud /edn47df98qwx

- - - Mistborn Book: Core https://mega.nz/#!CUtjWJqZ!_ue3vL864sOhxj-omME8RDfhFLfQvMgyEXjMBZ5_qUo Mistborn (novels, not the rpg) r.kyaa.sg/qshpem.rar Mistborn Adventure Game expansions. Novel and one of the expansions http://www.mediafire.com/?rcp51p9wl5stp Mistborn https://www.mediafire.com/?kzfrc31avcj6ddt https://www.mediafire.com/?llxd95i3tu186t6 Mistborn RPG: Alloy of Law: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1455052235 Mistborn - Skaa, Tin & Ash (27 07MB) b1td0 - /d6jiz1 Mistborn Adventure - Alloy of Law: Masks of the Past SS /file/s3yhrs


Mists of Akuma ss /file/t1cdjw

Misty Isles of the Eld https://mega.nz/#!sR9XELiY!DX783zKn0RGlXy-MycBLao94uVQqUgXtSlkOmRAMzpM http://www.mediafire.com/file/a3nrs287ftn4bfg/Kutalik-MistyIslesOfTheEld.pdf

Mithgarthr Pay what you want http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/135151/ME503--The-Magic-of-Chaos?manufacturers_id=5602

Mithril City of Golem SS /file/3c4pgt

Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands SS /file/uokl2g

Modiphia - Issue 3 SS /file/0sxvni

Monarchies of Mau early access SS /file/tswb1c

Monkey 2e quickstart SS /filegroup/AlYKKGvxbiYI9gU6DJqfp4RhQbJvLnwV

Mononoke homebrew Guide, FAQ, And quick rules cheatsheet https://pastebin.com/u/HomebrewAnon

Mongoose Legend: http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/YvGy8pa8/file.html

Fixed Monograph 389 https://www.sendspace.com/file/mjbxmt

Monster of the Week revised - multiple files SS /filegroup/40ww2JVuqr4SuZXrvxSciaiao6yIn6DeDBMluzvgLslzHQ77IWD%2FR %2B5a07h7JuFNT1QJPSU2YAzZ4LRoQpzvqXhPw7iQHvMR ------Monsterhearts 2 (though you really should support the author, the book is cheap and she's lovely) sendspace /file/z4cm9f

Monster Hearts 2 m3g4 /#F!sXJy2TwA!bNS9a7faCDdYLivujk8dgA

All things Monsterhearts SS /file/btyv30 ------Monster Alphabet by Goodman Games SS /file/a0e5hs

Monster Hunter International files https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/rWIO1gjjcDDOvAzDsB9YgsEeN3sj1zUb

Monsters and Magic $nip /pJZWC

Asperita Arcana for Monsters and Magic SS /file/ak8p2x

Mordheim - all the stuff https://docs.google.com/folderview?id=0B18J5DU-6cP_aEg2dHIxbGpaMlk&usp=drive_web

The Morrow Project 4e s3ndsp4c3 /file/h6zb5a Morrow Project - Fall Back! and American Outback ss /filegroup/ppOiWwUYr7VAFpsj0%2Fi8qA mortal coil: http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/fjpnAgDH/file.html Moth by Ion Age MF /folder/fuxlq2r4gwglx/Wargames

Mother of All Encounter Tables from Necromancer http://www98.zippyshare.com/v/Z9WsdAt3/file.html

Motobushido https://www.mediafire.com/?77bw7aknekv319k

The Mountain Witch http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760

------Mouse Guard 2nd edition https://www.sendspace.com/file/4md98b https://mega.nz/#!qk5nzIpR!lYYmk3ionzRIWNLwGiPdMNafcPdlCf7zJ-QCdQmOl-U sendspa ce /file/qrdlw3 drivegooglecom/ file/d/0B0a_iGRNRo6BZHNGT0RIek1iM0U/view

Mouse Guard RPG - New Rules New Missions SS /file/ddkg0x ------

Murders and Aquisitions SS /file/kph4xg

Murphy's World collection SS /file/2q1km6

Munchkins https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5m3vgvuo5k9s5/Munchkins

Mutants & Masterminds https://www.mediafire.com/folder/026war1l4oo42/Mutants_and_Masterminds Mutants and Masterminds manga and mecha https://www.sendspace.com/file/31xv1f M&M 3E Heroes' Handbook https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7_SGfRUV7YPZWVIWkNmUGVwdHM/view?usp=sharing Mutants and Mastermind Cosmic Handbook http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760 http://www.4shared.com/get/2x6ky-Xlba/Mutants__Masterminds_3E_-_Cosm.html A Better Mousetrap M&M 3E https://mega.nz/#!75oGjL4B!l4yyR5nticWsNV9uQv8xiUTdZ9Y27-lcHAOQkVQsWkk https://www.mediafire.com/folder/026war1l4oo42/Mutants_and_Masterminds#026war1l4oo42 DC Adventures - M&M http://www.mediafire.com/download/fpion6irx99x57d/DC_Adventures.zip Hero High - M&M http://www.mediafire.com/download/1dkzvw970ta06yu/Hero_High%2C_Revised_Edition_%28PDF %29%282%29 Mutants and Masterminds Hero High Revised 3E https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xzf4e3y5s0rao/MnM Mecha and Manga expansion for Mutants and Masterminds http://www.mediafire.com/download/iv1960pgyy42wdd/%5BGRR+2524%5D+Mecha+And+Manga.pdf Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Hero's Handbook 3e http://www.mediafire.com/file/1em2wee4xez698e/3e+-+Heros+Handbook+Deluxe.pdf Mutants n Masterminds 3e Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2mala6gtce7rd/3rd_Edition M&M https://www.mediafire.com/folder/026war1l4oo42/Mutants_and_Masterminds#026war1l4oo42 Mutants&Masterminds SRD http://www.d20herosrd.com/ free content for 2e and 3e. https://freeronin.com/ Herolab is usable as a free demo version for character creation, but you better have a pdf sheet nearby because there's no saving in the demo version. Honestly did me wonders. Monster Mashup - https://greenronin.com/freeronin/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2017/10/Mutants- Masterminds-Adventure_Monster-Mash- Up.pdf

Mutants and Masterminds https://mega.nz/#F!5Hx1XbiT!_zIENEdo7jkyaE7YZJJ_Iw EMERALD CITY for M&M 3e ECPG www20z!ppysh@rec0m /v/f4AosdsV/file.html ECKnights www20z!ppysh@rec0m /v/JQtEttMa/file.html ECSecrets www20z!ppysh@rec0m /v/8UZlps22/file.html

M&M3e Wargames III Super Powered Bestiary SS /filegroup/duBWO6GDv7cRE8TvHQpSHA

M&M3e Metahuman Martial Arts Wargames I (2e?) Wargames II (2e?) SS /filegroup/sFe75iXdBcGSl%2Banxbwrn5VimupezVpC

Purple Prose - The Template Tome (M&M) SS /file/g5c9ju

Rogues, Rivals, and Renegades - Collection One for M&M (along with the HeroLab files) SS /filegroup/oB9FcdUF9yvp3oRl%2FAzUFw ------

Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition supplements, Mishima, Bahaus, Brotherhood and Capitol https://mega.nz/#F!B1hBkD7J!8X04THZfJbKRpvVMBdZrtw Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. Core https://mega.nz/#!AoAHGCab!152apypSGaUJzlbq43T0jbHa219xV9J3nIzYjfOGRf Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion Straffar Gatan 39 & Fall Of Von Hölle Venusian Apocalypse https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/LLMYEuH5TZ5Uw5qT%2BgtqbT5g1k80MdVX

- - -

MCC Mutant Crawl Classics Codex Core Ref Screen https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/KQ3k9pmCnRbxlomwUtlugO%2FzIdQlOKzA MCC - Hive Overmind, Fallen Star, and Judge's Screen SS /filegroup/emGsigC86myAbhfctHu97wp7tQHVaH2P Mutant Crawl Classics ss /file/37dje0 Mutant Crawl Classics - six modules, plus a bonus SS /file/hdqa38 Updated MCC Core Rulebook (47.7mb) Wilm3g4 /#!IctWiZrC!o5cHoaMP2JVcN5LHtoVZxUK1Y6MNV9WApWP1wcqCf0c - - -

Mutant Genlab Alpha https://mega.nz/#!CxdHBDBB!0HZhY82Ccm7Uoutpf1T3zXvx87BVZYPdg7pnMs5_c6E

- - - Mutant Epoch http://dstorrent.com/mutant-epoch-core-rulebook-t12706823.html Mutant Epoch - Pitford: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/x5RdDDct/file.html Atlantis and Crossroads SS /filegroup/esj2yr%2B3CqVFYO4dhnipsw ------Mutant Future Corebook http://www.mediafire.com/download/24oax0fok1vsjr7/Mutant_Future_Corebook.pdf

Mutant Future u$er$cl0ud /vvn1dclaf3gu

Mutant Future: Revised u$er$cl0ud /5rmuwpdrd1vq

Mutant Future: Character Sheets (for both versions) u$er$cl0ud /487nsae0c9wn ------Mutant Year Zero http://www.mediafire.com/?fmqn7fzpuy4a8 http://dstorrent.com/mutant-year-zero-collection-t12508432.html Mutant Year Zero Core Book and Compendium 2. http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/dHEjETzl/file.html http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/FyRN1HFK/file.html Mutant: Year Zero Zone Compendium 3 "Die, meat eaters, die https://www.sendspace.com/file/ksnghx ZYM - Corebook u$er$cl0ud /rr4u1nsgadju ZYM - Sair of the Laurians u$er$cl0ud /6q9wuzo8w1tu ZYM - daeD eulB aeS u$er$cl0ud /7b234yl0n4la ZYM - Mie, Deat Daters, Eie! u$er$cl0ud /pxbf5nn1xhxb ZYM - ehT mooD erehpS u$er$cl0ud /xlulm44m6z7l ZYM - snezineD of the kniS eloH u$er$cl0ud /tf2smsuecgrc ZYM - balneG ahplA u$er$cl0ud /v9xsjc0uip5p

Mutant Year Zero (English) SS /file/6wbz6t https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/017ISq%2FnpLfFhpiFp65yEsTB0hknfKQFgprybacN4X8

Mutant Year Zero Core Rulebook u$er$cl0ud /rr4u1nsgadju

Mutant Year Zero Genelab Alpha u$er$cl0ud /v9xsjc0uip5p The Alpha of Mutant Mechatron SS /file/vcbd8v ------

Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare All the published books in Swedish https://mega.nz/#F!jgVGXSgZ!w-QzAjOdBmcoDBykcOF-UQ

My Fantasy... https://www.sendspace.com/file/jhcxhw

Myfarog https://mega.nz/#F!HZEQ2AZL!F1asY2YmYM8d74vTZHayDw s3ndsp4c3 /file/bpzdly

Myriad Song Includes the Adventures book. https://www.mediafire.com/?5t4ck9ay7tmffha detailed maps of 8mile hex map sendspace /file/dix4fe

You can find a bunch of redone Mystara maps here thorfmaps.com

Mystery Men - 1e ss /file/5jnoa8

Mystery Men - 2e $nip /sAG

Myth of the Maker SS /file/pae9qg

Mythic Battles - Pantheon RPG SS /file/med4ws

------Mythic Britain http://www.mediafire.com/download/k5eybk9cchzuj2l/Mythic_Britain.pdf Mythic Britain for Mythras s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/p%2FqBIJ2tq0%2BtNcu8jNaY7ztoqlfuYo0a Mythic Britain, Logres SS /file/3t5t6i

Mythic Britain: Logres book? Or the Mythic rome SS /yZAkqBLAurpMEm9nTaF0LUzyo7yTbjsA ------

Mythic Rome SS /filegroup/Haaaa1XWHtUe7m4I9zlrFg

Mythic Variations II SS /file/pdlhyg

Mythic Variations 2 for Mythic Game Master Emulator $nip /dqM

------Mythic Vistas - Trojan War https://mega.nz/#!bdE0SKwD!Z_K7PtrXta1qqQRMg4fsFNxyQkVVrlp8igkELzNdhZA Mythic Vistas - Eternal Rome https://mega.nz/#!eRUjEL5C!oBEo_6bJZQ--f1fjo_1BcTSbKpmssGynk01vkHxTV-U updated Testament into 3.5, with the exception of the Bestiary: https://mega.nz/#!cBtFFRYT!A1xWys1gvjlJYw96ZwBA0AuW7MI54ffZ7rq_LxaCNto Mythic Vistas: The Red Star https://www.sendspace.com/file/qfsw53 ------

Mythoard One-Page Adventures 19-24 m3di@fir3 /folder/pd68cno3qleu0/Mythoard

Mythos World + bits S3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/xoPhb8AkEXSDcGAP54xBcywllpo5DB7%2B

------Mythras https://www.sendspace.com/file/xrytyn Mythras 2nd Edition: https://www.sendspace.com/file/gaap1x All things Mythras (missing Parallel Lines and The Arakuline Tribute) SS /file/iw8cw6 Mythras Resilio Sync folder key: BWUP7Q33LWEHB4AIMD6V7EYCDMTXOWVK5

Mythras - Classic Fantasy Expert Set SS /file/vg9kpl

Mythras - N1 Tomb of the Mad Wizard - Lost Maps Added SS /file/e5t1q2

Mythras - The Arakuline Tribute SS /file/btd8et ------

N: NAMELESS REALMS GAZETTEER Folio 1 1e u$er$cl0ud /s5s966e6m55r Folio 1 1e Character Sheet u$er$cl0ud /do6wq2af5wte Folio 1 5e u$er$cl0ud /179pha1h1070 Folio 2 u$er$cl0ud /4ldlwxf0vqa8 Folio 3 u$er$cl0ud /nudjp46karne Folio 3.5 u$er$cl0ud /8jcs3gwvhpts Folio 4 u$er$cl0ud /jjgbvu8kagjb Folio Gazateer u$er$cl0ud /6y8ir6jzd5yv - - -

The NB Crew - Between a Grill and a Hot Place SS /file/71gjxj

The NB Crew - Warm Meals Cold Bodies Hot Lead SS /file/xskp30 Nechronica https://mega.nz/#F!FYA1iJyS!_H6WD8pmrj9FJkoZmsqAEw

Necropunk $nip /2Sm2

Necromancer K, F series SS /file/ik59go

Necromunda https://www.sendspace.com/file/u3jf8l

Necromunda - Underhive Full 2017 47z!ppy$h@re /v/8hiZ33F7/file.html neat little site http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/encyclopedia/

Nefertiti Overdrive - Core Rulebook SS /file/9osphi

Nefertiti Overdrive - Judged SS /file/uy3dr0

Nemesis (ORE+UA) http://www.arcdream.com/pdf/Nemesis.pdf

------LPJ - Classes of NeoExodus - Protean Scribe SS /file/rq5lan

LPJ9388 - NeoExodus Chronicles - Ancient Treasures (complete/final)(48mb) SS /file/12ec9j

Treasures of NeoExodus Compendium updated cover SS /file/3gcp2w

Treasures of NeoExodus Compendium (Biggest?) SS /file/m1ezo5

Treasures of NeoExodus Compendium (40mb) 41z!ppy$h@re /v/lfJyWrlA/file.html

Treasures of NeoExodus - Euhudi's Sacrificial Knives SS /file/vs5ocl

Treasures of NeoExodus - Death's Folly.pdf SS /file/tkq2kc

NeoExodus Legendary Tales - Grit for Hire.pdf SS /file/94py5p

NeoExodus Legendary Tales - The Fastest Blade SS /file/ueq28i

NeoExodus Legendary Tales - The Shield of Ignorance SS /file/13klqq

LPJXX27 - NeoExodus Adventures - Temple of the Forbidden God (Free RPG Day) SS /file/mkog91 ------Neomancer - A Cyberpunk RPG - BETA SS /file/x0e14v

Neomancer - A Cyberpunk RPG SS /file/sukc1r

------Nephilim Chaosium SS /file/j68tyy Chronicles of the Awakening SS /file/1s4vig

Nephilim - Character Dossier SS /file/6bfpht ------

Netrunner CCG images SS /file/05gq3p

------N.E.W./ O.L.D. N.E.W. The SF RPG $nip.li /T5fu

OLD u4er4cl0udcom /cl55jkdkanh2 NEWs u4er4cl0udcom /3bb4oyq3jfxx

NEW - Science Fiction Roleplaying http ://www14 .zippyshare. com /v/KfCQRC4H/file.html m3g@ n2 /#!dTgXEDJI!KJCjD_jOyKxJakJzKkrhF4fkFBPSwidhWAS6BRFi_CI SS /file/06ylm3 s3ndsp4c3 /file/2r1a7o N.E.W. Core Rulebook $nip /xzGCj ------

New World (backer preview) SS /file/eutrbk

New Gods of Mankind - nearly complete collection SS /file/pz5jve

New God's of Mankind: New God's Guidebook SS /file/3huyq4

Nexus the Infinite City SS /file/kipuv8

Nifft by Michael Shea http://libgen.io/foreignfiction/index.php?s=Nifft&f_lang=0&f_columns=0&f_ext=0&f_group=1

Onyx Path's Night Horrors: Enemy Action SS /file/imdfxb

Night of the Slashers SS /file/bf9zmr

Night Witches http://www.mediafire.com/download/oma98131893ylui/Night+Witches+RPG.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/491zc396vt03v73/AG4021_GM_Screen_-_3-Panel.pdf

------The Nightmares Underneath http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/196352/The-Nightmares-Underneath-Free-Edition

The Nightmares Underneath Core u$er$cl0ud /0xzuxgfaca8c

The Nightmares Underneath - City of Poison u$er$cl0ud /lh9c9pwmtuqx

The Nightmares Underneath - The Nameless Grimiore u$er$cl0ud /j50o82hoan1c

The Nightmares Underneath - Character Sheets u$er$cl0ud /biwu6t3x4qzu ------

Nameless Grimoire for Nightmares Underneath SS /file/3jmr9o

------Night's Black Agents - The Dracula Dossier Dracula Unredacted (4 77MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/kc0fvh Night's Black Agents - The Dracula Dossier Director's Handbook (24 82MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/xrms68 Night's Black Agents https://www.sendspace.com/file/vx0xz0

Night's Dark Agents https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#ogexe8v8i0no5 ------Night Owl Workshop Freebooters, Guardians, and more SS /filegroup/%2B64zeMdfirIe%2FNsX356%2FanRi4NY7CP7lXsFNppTGm2alxKBKAzFHpBE8e7DTGvo4

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts and Freebooters SS /folder/gv3r40 ------

Night Shift https://mega.nz/#F!0I9RiYpZ!rIuXQNhLJj1iHvbmvsEBkg

------Night Wolf Inn ss /file/ythumz m3g4 /#!qUQh3RZb!kRpNNZ4zPuz57o5qjdMx5ZqbK3eRQfqd7DEK4H9vy2c The Night Wolf Inn (plus all suggested additional reading material) snip dot li /NightWolf ------

Ninjas and Superspies http://www.mediafire.com/download/5nr7015ur9tz6cl/Ninjas+and+Superspies+Revised+RPG.pdf

------Ninja Burger 2e stuff SS /file/44dg99 Ninja Burger - The RPG No Honor Edition SS /file/77aj5c

Ninja To Go - A Ninja Burger Bored Game SS /file/s6zoc5 ------Ninja Crusade 2E corebook SS /file/8lz6ie

1st edition of Ninja Crusade ss /file/su3p4j

Ninja Crusade 2e - Empires Reign www26.z!ppysh@recom /v/m0GPJVdD/file.html

Ninja Crusade 2e - multiple files SS /filegroup/owWJbkCSMHDw2f%2FuIvARXFFf8qYgg1EVvBlX4nNxUqD730HDvwmBUwGYZeydJT82 ------

No Country for Old Kobolds (Updated) u$er$cl0ud /vfb20yvhsz9h

No Country for Old Kobolds u$er$cl0ud /mmj5xanse1v3

Nobilis 3: https://www.pdf-archive.com/2015/10/18/nobilis-3e-essentials-vol-1/nobilis-3e-essentials-vol-1.pdf

EOS Press - Nobilis - The Essentials SS /file/bpvs3f

Noirlandia sendspace /file/dwvnkx

No Thank You, Evil! S3ndsp4c3 /file/e9e38l

------NOD 02 SS /file/7yq74q

NOD 03 SS /file/6676zt

NOD 04 SS /file/oy34s3

NOD 05 SS /file/pe00st

NOD 07 SS /file/az97wz

NOD 08 SS /file/c4g18w

NOD 09 SS /file/4i04gn

NOD Magazine #6 is a free download on the NOD website http://matt-landofnod.blogspot.com/p/nod.html

- - -

Non-Player Compedium SS /file/zg8c5u

Noumenon SS /file/qp4h1b

Nova Praxis - Savage Worlds Edition https://www.sendspace.com/file/1hiodk Nova Praxis for FATE SS /file/lco4y1 - - - Novels (Fantasy) m3g4 /#F!hi4GSCrL!nv9paINMkV421khukl-mSw All three Tannhauser novels SS /file/ulibk9 - - - NPC Development - Character Traits http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/kcAXHPJ9/file.html

NPC Essentials http://www48.zippyshare.com/v/EzRV3KMZ/file.html - - -

Novus Dea - Bellum Maga $nip /6173

- - - Numenera Numenera Trove http://kickasstorrentsam.com/numenera-rpg-collection-t11650977.html Numenera - Notable Ninth Worlders http://userscloud.com/k1yqs4daa3r0 Numenera - Naval Perils http://userscloud.com/29zbyxt2uo81 Numenera - More Tales from the Ninth World http://userscloud.com/q9eg74h9gdy3 Core book,. numera and the strange: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1oy7eut575uax/RPG_Books#osnbybtxm2se2 Numenera: Character Options 2 https://www.sendspace.com/file/rg0clb http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdbfcilt4oq3g34/Numenera+Character+Options.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/49ot4kr3by2tj3m/Numenera+Player%27s+Guide.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/8tvcm88nbvlrn5v/Numenera+RPG.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/7ycccgfh28dqcx7/Technology+Compendium.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/awm0tt4111hjv1d/The+Ninth+World+Bestiary.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/08ns1izatn8d754/Taking+the+Narrative+by+the+Tail+-+GM+Intrusions+%26+Special+Effects.pdf Numenera https://www.mediafire.com/folder/o456wmkz6phtl/Books#o456wmkz6phtl Tides of Numenera - The Explorer's Guide ht MCG024 More Tales from the Ninth World.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/2DNKZBA2/file.html MCG097 Tales Beyond the Ninth World.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/APOxjqMg/file.html MCG009 XP Deck.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/lben3jmD/file.html MCG016 Creature Deck.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/E2pOUsQC/file.html MCG055 The Amber Monolith.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/gB60qk5S/file.html MCG064 Strange Creatures of the Ninth World.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/gbTYlhuB/file.htm l MCG092 Artifact Deck.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/uedxeYd3/file.html Numenera Terrain - Kickstarter Set.pdf http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/tcxtI77Y/file.html Asset and NPC Decks: http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/vxse6mL9/file.html http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/PgRXxHOC/file.html Cypher Core and Numenera http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/QoBsiFbj/file.html http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/5XGEnX0B/file.html http://www119.zippyshare.com/v/WT6FoYdJ/file.html BAW. http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/L7aCSyv5/file.html tp://www47.zippyshare.com/v/FPzVVlHQ/file.html MCG071 Into the Night.pdf http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/RpwnQWwG/file.html MCG083 Into the Outside.pdf http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/Y5XVj0pR/file.html practically everything from The Cypher System, Numenera, and The Strange https:// mega. nz/ #F!YUASyAxb!Q7ZlQBKo_bzgDu5WxAtrDw!QApQGCpJ Numenera - Skein of the Blackbone Bride (5.40MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/46lez7 Numenera - Tales Beyond the Ninth World (Novel) (600.14KB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/cwi59s Philosophy in the Cypher System (301 91KB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/411f3x Cypher Heroes I.pdf https://userscloud.com/a5u2x9z5wzch Cypher System http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1438464773 m3d1@f1rE - /folder/osnbybtxm2se2/Cypher_System Cypher System Trove: https://mega.nz/#F!YUASyAxb!Q7ZlQBKo_bzgDu5WxAtrDw Numenera: Ninth World Bestiary 2 https://tinyurl c0m /muf3fdt

Cyper System: Expanded Worlds https://www.sendspace.com/file/xeiwdl

Cypher stuff? ss /filegroup/a1DOXiG1ouz8k5KolMFzyw

The Numenera stuff (Numenera - Exploring Numenera Strand; Numenera - The Bridges We Burn; Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary 2) s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/U%2FAvimeFbK5PQ4GK%2FL0wiSTgwIePwn4x

Unmasked for Cypher Sytem SS /filegroup/YBMTdj28VtU9Bqu35ZU08rBX7jFOjs71aEJtByHGp9OWuEKmxqhA8KbtCuB8ZSpY

The Sun Below - City on the Edge (Numenera) $nip /3584

The Sun Below - Sleeping Lady v1.3 (Numenera) $nip /4901 - - - – – ------– ------

O: Odins Eye and more $nip /yDW2

------OGRE SJG u4er4cl0udcom OGRE from Bteve Backson Bames/Burps OGRE /u4er4cl0udcom1ttv06vkplnd OGRE Lite /13ytfm8f12qa Scenario Book One /6cpt2r4sy6ob Deluxe OGRE /s7ishk9tnzwj Counters.rar /ic45g2itsatp ------

One Last Job http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/filename/one%20last%20job.pdf/

One Page Dungeons search on Scribd

Old catalogs and hard to find miniatures http://www.dndlead.com/Catalogs.htm http://www.ralpartha.com/index.php/downloads/catalogs http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Main_Page http://www.mirliton.it http://www.solegends.com

OneDice Space SS /file/duj5sn

------The One Ring http://www.4shared.com/office/BuxTgETq/the_one_ring_-_adventurers_boo.html Erebor - The One Ring https://www.sendspace.com/file/bybvsm https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/j%2BTIsiiikoSvtgS5wrWdSg One Ring - Rivendell http://www.4shared.com/office/5Pc1n4BUce/The_One_Ring_-_Rivendell.htm Erebor https://mega.nz/#!RFQ2zQLQ!uL6rVEuXMd69heGqDUN3yxFkd2W7TgsQHMfB9A82Qk E The One Ring - The Lonely Mountain https://www.sendspace.com/file/2mvnz2

TOR folder with all the maps m3g4 /#F!tbpzXJLY!h2QSWJuAGFau0TWXEPFHyA The One Ring Companion: https://www.4shared.com/office/1vxcv2hVba/The_One_Ring_-_Adventurers_Com.html Bree: 3ndspac3/ file/6pan7h

Oaths of the Riddermark SS /file/y73a8a

The One Ring - Tales from Wilderland SS /file/arb7gi - – – – ------– - - - -

Op4s - The [RTS] Game Engine beta v3 SS /file/9vwqov

Open d6/d6 System (a lot available for free) https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6

Openquest Refresh (updated Openquest 2) SS /file/litii8

OpenQuest (final) SS /file/3e5li1

Openquest The Savage North for Openquest SS /file/yuc1n6 SS /file/pbjt8m

Open Fantasy (WEG Clone) SS /file/d0v7vu

Open Legend/Amarurea's Dawn SS /file/t403zz

Operation Unfathomable SS /file/afllnk

Operation Whitebox Mega: /#F!nlVkzaaI!DJpMkMnq-2Ax-PLiRvUgjg

Orbis Mundi I SS /file/mmx7si

Orbis Mundi II SS /file/mmx7si

All things Orbital https://www.sendspace.com/file/b79p5e

Origin preview dr!v3g00gl3 /open?id=1E5zL47TlUSsGcTFk-9eSS2pSHpjlWUx-

Orkworld SS /file/h9yzl2

------OSPREY Osprey A fistful of kung fu http://www.mediafire.com/download/vzuwie8uih22dzm/A+Fistful+of+Kung+Fu.pdf Osprey Games' Black Ops http://www.mediafire.com/download/kxeza9gjoj0sbhg/Black+Ops.pdf Osprey 'Of Gods and Mortals ' http://www.mediafire.com/download/cy2fa54yehka4be/Of+Gods+And+Mortals.pdf Osprey Imp. German troops http://www.mediafire.com/file/8xf9c6ueg7ny7de/Osprey+-+MAA+490+- +Imperial+German+Colonial+and+Overseas+Troops+1885-1918.pdf Osprey Fantasy Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/66t47ufvuwgfe,tb2x9xp4cbq5o,n6v6vvawcccgy,hcdrv8z1i2kat/shared Osprey - Vanguard 80: Chieftain Main Battle Tank m3g4 /#!3h8GCJYB!Jk4jH5vyD0RpAmqzHrQINcbynBluM7guN4OS43riTIk Broken Legions by Osprey 0WG: MF /folder/hcdrv8z1i2kat/osprey%2C_owg Other 0sprey (H0riz0n W@rs, Scr@pp3rs): MF /folder/h8dkmu3obk7d2/osprey%2C_other

Fortran Chandler's Osprey Gaming Trove https ://www.me diafyre. com/folder/08hq9c7x4clme/Documents#myfiles

Osprey - OBK - Warfare.pdf 77z!ppy$h@recom /v/gIOC0BV7/file.html

Osprey - DARK 09 - War of the Worlds- The Anglo-Martian War of 1895 10z!ppy$h@re /v/GOCbyMd9/file.html

Osprey - MYTH 006 - Hercules by Fred Van Lente 7z!ppy$h@re /v/a6GgYcTm/file.html

Osprey - MDG - Mad Dogs With Guns by Howard Whitehouse, Roderick Robertson 7z!ppy$h@re /v/1SfE40LD/file.html ------

OSRIC - Usherwood Publishing - BHS00 - The Bone-Hilt Sword - Complete Campaign SS /file/3ti3un

OSRIC - Arachnophobia! /file/g47o4d

Doomslakers Adventures #1 - Howler (OSRIC) SS /file/vu0hi5

Orc Warfare and Dwarf Warfare htt p: //www.me diafire.com/file/n7d1tlfyjlfs4am/OSPREY_-_OBK_-_Dwarf_Warfare.pdf ht tp: //www.media fire.com/file/v24jzr7j9tdmtrr/OSPREY_-_OBK_-_Orc_Warfare.pdf

------Old School Renaissance >Links - Includes a list of OSR games, a wiki, scenarios, free RPGs, trove etc. http://pastebin.com/0pQPRLfM

>OSR Blog List - Help contribute by suggesting more. http://pastebin.com/ZwUBVq8L

>Webtools - Help contribute by suggesting more. http://pastebin.com/KKeE3etp - - -

Ondine - Whispers of the Dark Daeva SS /file/a57avc

Orphans of the Hanged Man $$ /file/28aula

Necrotic Gnome - BX Essentials Core Rules (OSR) ssnip , li /6550369 ------– - - – - - – OSR Troves: http://taxidermicowlbear.weebly.com/dd-retroclones.html OSR LINKS & Useful stuff, etc. http://pastebin.com/FQJx2wsC OSR Oozes and Potions https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxVHEMMjLlZ4NDJqcFhYdmNVcFE/view List of OSR games, a wiki, scenarios, and a vast Trove of treasure! http://pastebin.com/QWyBuJxd

- OSR Blog List - Help contribute by suggesting more. http://pastebin.com/ZwUBVq8L

>Webtools & Resources - Help contribute by suggesting more. http://pastebin.com/KKeE3etp

Trove m3g4 #F!FfREAZqY!4RkbsogVVcnRg8h_My32lA!QCxXSJAK - - - – - – - - - – ------– - Other Suns - Ice World SS /file/cav9qe

Other Worlds - Superluminary SS /file/7ys0nu

Other Suns collection SS /file/8w7ibn ------

Oubliette color version ss /file/34qldf

Out of Dodge: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1473568907

Outbreak Undead http://www.4shared.com/folder/pH_7ENZC/Outbreak_Undead_RPG.html

Outbreak Undead - multiple files SS /filegroup/h9UK2gKNqh40ga3A8vpEQNwgndU4Y05Y

------OVA https://mega.nz/#F!CdAy2KBL!Zwzt2SMmt-R2cac0_2BI6Q

OVA-Golden Sky Stories - Crossover SS /file/2i502j

0va- 1st & 2nd ed., 3 player books, 2 character sheet & 1st ed. Conversion sandspece /file/9t50xb ------Over the Edge 2nd Ed rules, and the modules The Myth of Self, Unauthorized Broadcast and Welcome to Sylvan Pines http://www.mediafire.com/file/co836ku80xzt62g/Over+The+Edge.rar https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/5zj464/pdf_collection_of_grant_howitts_free_microgames/ Over the Edge rpg and then some SS /file/fbwazt Over the Edge SS /file/6hjd96 Over the Edge stuff, Edgeworks 1, 2, and 3 SS /file/yz9mvv French Over the Edge (different art) SS /file/8fu2ex Better version of Welcome to Sylvan Pines SS /file/ltfky2

Edgeworks 4 for Over the Edge $nip /q4w ------

Oz: Dark and Terrible SS /file/esarja


Drawing Books and Tutorials: https://mega.co.nz/#F!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA

Figure Drawing: http://www.quickposes.com/pages/random

The w/ic/i art Guide: >https://sites.google.com/site/ourwici/

>Citadel Painting Guides: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/drb4mezm6792i/not_citadel_nothing_to_see_here >Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Paint_Range_Compatibility_Chart

>Painting Videos only https://mega.nz/#F!fkcliY4L!mhdmIs2lT3mFG3VwoLO8Qw https://mega.co.nz/#F!XEJSFDCL!9ZZKiLi6M_wguI1uTpyjPg https://mega.co.nz/#F!WUsUlSLb!556OumKLhusFd9Fw5dBMdA

>DIY Lightbox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyxzC5kqbyw

>DIY Spraybooth http://www.starshipmodeler.com/tech/pa_booth.htm

>DIY Wet Palette https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96mjmqWTPfM

>How to Moldlines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4LZ8iCSkeU

>Magnets - how do they work? magnetisation/https://www.dropbox.com/s/kno4yv719g88pol/Tutorials.zip?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Tkw7ttTIo http://www.miniwargaming.com/magnet-guide http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/297605-tutorial-magnetisation/

Figure Drawing: http://www.quickposes.com/pages/random Advanced Terrain Modeling http://www.mediafire.com/download/7l3htvtjc256zgm/Modelling+Masterclass+- +Advanced+Terrain+Modelling.pdf >List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy http://pastebin.com/p6bVhGsg

>Stripping Paint http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Dakka_Modeling_FAQ:_How_to_Strip…

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Priming_With_Acrylic_Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2011/11/molding-and-casting-shoulderpads.html http://masteroftheforge.com/2012/05/21/rubber-molds-green-stuff/ http://masteroftheforge.com/2012/07/17/green-stuff-cast-shoulder-pad/ >On the consequences of insufficient ventilation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronic_solvent-induced_encephalopathy http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg273.pdf

>Panther, I need Charlie Zone status. Report! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzWP-C8oDPw

>WIP's own 10-point painting scale: https://pastebin.com/sxXFfws3

How to paint s3ndsp@c3 /filegroup/Es0buGuxpZQpPnfNUcT9Pw the trove of terrain m3g@ /#F!G8w3jBpb!58u_ZlY-xUUhoKsEtdWFgQ ----- – ------

P: Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition (cleaned) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#15x3yc33ndho8 Palladium Fantasy Trove by K. Nope https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6xe64oni95ncb/PF After the Bomb, 2nd Edition https://mega.nz/#!LglFBRQL!zTeJ38y3rBI6E4yT26zU1SlvmqMMn2okhN69tcgqyoA Palladium Fantasy 1st Edition ss /file/o3vl90 ss /file/2jrd3c

Palladium shares $nip /SyBg

Heroes Unlimited 2e and GM's Guide SS /filegroup/gnXxDf6r%2BIXp4tSimE82Jw ------– ------

Pandemonium SS /filegroup/ZOtuLte%2FapQ9iJpYZXxL355Q5Zt4Qm7MZ1KR%2BeHABbMyeesW3jZiYw m3g4 /#F!MQEBiLCR!iuKW7mkfkxg7Tp8pA38DyA

Pantheon by Hogshead Publishing SS /file/aivv68 Panty Explosion - multiple files SS /filegroup/u0cszLunY6vHKcee%2BT%2BKaIXfafyoNA%2BK

Paper Minis A link to an archive of paper minis https://web.archive.org/web/20161007040525/http://www.seven-wonders.co.uk:80/paperfriendsindex.html

Paradox Novel SS /file/0wcb3o

Paragons! $nip /vtd8G

Parallel Lines for Luther Arkwright/Mythras Reslio Sync folder key BWUP7Q33LWEHB4AIMD6V7EYCDMTXOWVK5

------– ------

Paranoia RPG manual, Adventure Handbook, GM Handbook. https://www.mediafire.com/?wvl1kl4wra29kdm https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9wfa693sa3cq6/Paranoia collection torrent. https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4125819/Paranoia_XP_Collection Paranoia Trove and a list of things missing. https://mega.nz/#F!AoZ3XZYC!cL0uEPTLpirJ11OiWQ7S4A Paranoia: 2e rulebook (w/ foldouts), 1e core books and adventures. https://mega.nz/#F!u8wjiLIQ!ZZ-1s7DyJOsE6t_o1RjDYw Paranoia by Mongoose SS /file/xj7z78 Paranoia - Red Clearance Edition Starter Set ss /file/2qq1rn


Partisans from the Shadows u$er$cl0ud /6nxzf7yn6nhf

Part-Time Gods m3g4enzee /#F!4lJl0bLL!VqAzYYKMgDJz0-ipe7NIlg Part Time Gods u4er4cl0udcom PHATE - Gart Pime Togs Core /ot9yred5jedm PHATE - Gart Pime Togs - Fivine Dnstruments of Iate /1qmqqxlmzo3x PHATE - Gart Pime Togs - Sated Finions of the Mource /yvmy70w35lei PHATE - CoreBook /olb8p08w7wbe PHATE - System Toolkit /tnpbgmgbmf8z

- - -


Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/5F8RNubX http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Ultimate Equipment Errata (updated 5/19) http://paizo.com/products/btpy8tmc?Pathfinder-Roleplaying-Game-Ultimate-Equipment

Please search for the Uneratta'd content here. Save them, and wait for Nerfonomicon Anon to compile them. http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.d20pfsrd.com/

Ginormous Pathfinder Collection https://mega.nz/#F!s8tzBATQ!xi4ySiPaVLvEp_Xt92RTvQ

Rise of the Runelords module anniversary edition PZO1002 Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition.pdf http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/pAzVQADr/file.html PZO1002-PGE Rise of the Runelords - Player's Guide - Anniversary Edtion.pdf http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/OxVRCLt8/file.html PZO9000-1E Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Interactive Maps.pdf http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/f4HNRSSw/file.html Anniversary Edition Handouts.pdf http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/qq0BF6aP/file.html

Modern PathFinder SRD http://www.d20modernpf.com/ online http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760 pdf

Pathfinder Adventure Books thepiratebay.se/torrent/11761244/Pathfinder_RPG_%28almost%29_complete_-_March_2015

Magic Tactics Toolbox for Pathfinder https://userscloud.com/d8gv3ht6vph7

PF Rule Zero Underlings https://mega.nz/#!8gVTHAiB!RBUjx5rO8NqF2ySQqQdaNK2fIdv6Sog23lq7lOb02Rg

Pathfinder https://mega.nz/#F!s8tzBATQ!xi4ySiPaVLvEp_Xt92RTvQ

Pathfinder PZO1135 - Horror Adventures.pdf (67.87MB) Official OEF – Cleaned by Mageguru www.sendspace.com/file/fxz5e9 pathfinder First World - Realm of the Fey book https://mega.nz/#!KFFjADKb!A3IWzxpXwb9IE09hR4E9kyR69uZMfHL7eaOOgVcrnFQ

New PF ADVENTURE PATH #112 - The Whisper Out of Time https://mega.nz/#!7YMBmD4Y!n0COokU1KlHMuAblwrAgSYINuf5EYa23_VY7pJ_h_x8

PLAYER COMPANION - Paths of Righteousness https://mega.nz/#!HRFSFYzB!5r0b00bPAFEYJ5QRXOxuoyFqOINi3SEisAXBa1Wje4o

PF Assassin s3ndsp@c3 - /file/vn6fda PF Trickster s3ndsp@c3 - /file/7utn1d Pathfinder m3g@ .nz - /#F!kBAn3

PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #113 - WHAT GROWS WITHIN m3g@ .nz - /#!bUkhQCbK!-VqtXXIJNEM1zZspI20aKodtcw_RWSY8sj8dSt3eFzE PLAYER COMPANION - HEALER'S HANDBOOK m3g@ .nz - /#!6U8z0ZIR!WjYfsTW1TBkTX0meQMCmqEmZ_pCiW2JhZbw_vwHssjs Steam Powered Devices of the Mechanical Age (PFRPG) (4 12MB) b1td0 - /teq3l0 Pathfinder Society - s08-00- Pathfinder Quests - Honor's Echo (6.01 Mb) @n0n.to - /PhlXIn Pathfinder Society - S08-01 - Portents Peril (3.58 Mb) @n0n.to - /piTFHV Pathfinder Society - s08-02 - Ward Asunder (2.44 Mb) @n0n.to - /8dmZ44 Pathfinder Society - s08-03 - Captives of Toil (3.29 Mb) @n0n.to - /IvcIaG Pathfinder Society - s08-05 - Ungrounded But Unbroken (3.18 Mb) @n0n.to - /QtB644 PZO1119 Beginner Box (2nd Print) (77.00 Mb) @n0n.to - /D2lxWR Beginner Box Bash Demos Part 1 (4.26 Mb) @n0n.to - /ZZ6bhu Beginner Box Bash Demos Part 2 (5.26 Mb) @n0n.to - /gYFaEk PZO1110 Pathfinder Core Rulebook (6th Printing, Lite) July 2013 (39.13 Mb) @n0n.to - /f2i1oh PZO1110 Pathfinder Core Rulebook (6th Printing) July 2013 (98.54 Mb) @n0n.to - /mWKv5N Zeitgeist - ZGA2 - The Grand Design (PFRPG) (57 83MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/pabv5h Zodiac Empires (PFRPG-5e) (84 12MB) b1td0 - /yhuqub Starjammer pdf from d20pfsrd s3ndsp@c3 - /file/39l38v Vampire Hunter Pathfinder RPG Supplement (73.07MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/aaovrc

Monster Classes - Savage Races 2 3.99MB PF 3rd party s3ndsp@c3 - /file/s5khc1 Playground Adventures Creature Components Vol.1 (22.29MB) PF 3rd party s3ndsp@c3 - /file/k3wa1f Legendary Games Crusader Codex (21.26MB) PF 3rd party s3ndsp@c3 - /file/wx6f5z

S07-00- The Sky Key Solution S07-14- Faithless and Forgotten, Part 1: Let Bygones Be S07-15- The Deepmarket Deception


PLAYER COMPANION - HEROES OF THE HIGH COURT meganz/#!aB1UUChD!LfuIs-5V7z3Dt_Qwd5RpdjZ7sSlsHhge1rxvj9IihjI

PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN - LANDS OF CONFLICT meganz/#!vNt0gQ4R!xl4fdzLnw5E6wS7wQeLIIz1yMu8BsV2d3t6hC08ql6s

PATHFINDER AP #114 - BLACK STARS BECKON (Strange Aeons 6 of 6) meganz/#!qBNgCQrJ!q5XhqLHzDv22tkn8-8AngB1bSa4sn84j8UXzGsIZ42Q

PATHFINDER AP #114 - INTERACTIVE MAP meganz/#!XV0mFbIS!FNlGLRUeokZpx-IF56nqdHH_lsLYjV7321V7DkiOFs0

Ultimate Charisma from Rogue Genius Games for the Pathfinder RPG Sen Spa /file/8q78lm PF Sumo King of the Ring @ss /file/524e27

Way of the Wicked—Book #7: Tales of Talingarde (PFRPG) http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/IlgXD3CI/file.html

Broken Earth - Fire Queen of Dover PFRPG $nipli/326478 Broken Earth - Ludington PFRPG $nipli/12019 Broken Earth - The Haunted Straits PFRPG $nipli/72231

***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #115 - IRONFANG INVASION - Trail of the Hunted*** https://mega.nz/#!vFMyGahZ!MrvDqpN3IiIpuibm6xNTrc2ud46DnIQIOHJuqfpGQsY

***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #115 - Interactive Maps*** https://mega.nz/#!iBUV3TjC!mNqSi_BGBfp_eUW5_kTtXqe-WztF1UWWKHTkN7ey-tY

***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #116 - IRONFANG INVASION - Fangs of War*** https://mega.nz/#!KJsDGBLK!XT18VOiPZRcDbbT_wnew3dmBXxf3aV6tzB9acjwCMsw

***PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #116 - Interactive Maps*** https://mega.nz/#!qQE2GI7Y!VPVtU4C8Ad8fsLzvvxwRShDz6b5GifN2SxDvJNDtBoI

***PLAYER COMPANION - MONSTER HUNTER'S HANDBOOK*** https://mega.nz/#!DNViUQSR!oqlQefxOtwskwaKUc57YpHn0s72XaEZrhXWRC16Bcs8

Zeitgeist - Act 3 - The Age of Reason (PFRPG) upl0@dm@ncom/66c2a8e07b24fff9

PF Society S08-16 - House of Harmonius Wisdom upl0@dm@ncom/040f1b0a8fd1c532

The Blight - TB2 Horror in the Sinks (PFRPG) $nipli/0PeFX

S07-00- The Sky Key Solution S07-14- Faithless and Forgotten, Part 1: Let Bygones Be S07-15- The Deepmarket Deception

PF Society S8 S08-14 To Seal the Shadow S08-15 Hrethnar's Throne gofileio/?c=RJQ14K

PATHFINDER RPG - BESTIARY 6 https://mega.nz/#!GZlzFb6D!WNZ6R-qi8c-wXnmPB22CTUDkCtQedoGuO9CaNnoArO4

PATHFINDER AP #117 https://mega.nz/#!XIt3CD5C!jpzWlFSin5du5CRHzUbkFcYTcH7kv-2KLtRsoaPN9BI


PLAYER COMPANION - HEROES OF THE DARKLANDS https://mega.nz/#!HANjmBIR!h9YSkHMmY3XnTWVN7ynQYAn3eXq_si3pZLIu8sRgVGA Aethera http s: // ww w.sendspace.com/file/rkp7gz all the the expansions books for KDM u$ercl0udnet/100c

PATHFINDER RPG - "Adventurer's Guide" https://mega.nz/#!LAtRyIYB!LlabHH4chc6rCa23Rt59g5WPjxb-miSZSAZs1gOISLU

PATHFINDER PLAYER'S COMPANION - "Legacy of the First World" https://mega.nz/#!uYVB1QqB!qkJ3CT4eJfjIKcTj3Ow60TMAWmgYXGdstvOXOhXu-BQ

PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #118 - "Siege of Stone" https://mega.nz/#!CJUSwRoL!ihbECfiBrHhWJ1Nu9vdVCAPUYtgEtTJ1WRriyIQXqxk

PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH #118 Interactice Maps https://mega.nz/#!DU90lRaR!fEmRDzrxG6ZryomqKc-bZtMWOxlTin9nLVUVOJhIdEg

MAP PACKS - "Labyrinths" https://mega.nz/#!KVtBQQqK!gG4MjeXCam0jKavkTrCAlwnNZMDV3IJH_lZs0Oc1lq4

***PATHFINDER AP #119 - IRONFANG INVASION - PRISONER'S OF BLIGHT*** https://mega.nz/#!aMsR1CLD!yYyMiKdF5Zly8jO8Fh8ZnAQc2jYfhXuWYSdSbZvoRM0

***PATHFINDER AP #119 - INTERACTIVE MAPS*** https://mega.nz/#!TNknnYyZ!CMukJOcwmMMq9PkW2H0OLi7oRlvSKGwdVrILZYyfeVw

***PLAYER COMPANION - ADVENTURER'S ARMORY 2*** https://mega.nz/#!qUEWkYyZ!Q7HIGim7gKP-k-c_QkaBY8RUFMaljg3qPDNoeID8LOE


***FLIP MAT - BIGGER CAVERNS*** https://mega.nz/#!TIMXHDxI!PIyEUbCudr_54ihyEQLD8tFvh-XYcNtOtk3EL3X_1nY

***MAP PACK - RUINED VILLAGES*** https://mega.nz/#!vccyiIpL!UoCzMslsSh8zKbL_PuWTqECdDJ2QYDGK-GfuUtIB6k4

***PATHFINDER SOCIETY - RUINS OF BONEKEEP*** https://mega.nz/#!GUNw0QJS!KCMNUMThKnDpAghbpgi6QtYJA1s5ZU0nong6T_n0m2M (all Meggaaa) PFS Season 8-20 /#!7EkxwYCS!0GRP6Lr9ddm81S0f4IjiHu3Qb6LArq5azBHvNQK5CCk PFS Season 8-21 /#!OIcGQbyR!FFoiIhoH5-bvupOY1klvMJxvcXAUWGI1Y3SyrS6NcWg PFS Season 8-22 /#!DFcBFA5D!twZSlJSjRo8UsSEvfp2lZgnvxMo2YZj9Zo1cLai_YQE PFS Season 8-23 /#!WNURUaAS!pO-o6VJDbtncmzfdMVMFuYZOCeTglKHTnirEliq9Bqs PFS Season 8-24 /#!iFkW3YzZ!W57T16XEpWXPBl00evBJoqIdPb3LhEjZmLeoH0tTn0o PFS Season 8-25 /#!uEE1gL7a!EWpjt2acG_KjP7DKWZypt0lxtjFZYzDU93WQyw41v3U


MAP PACK - VILLAGE SITES /#!rRVG0CiB!ZxMF-1lJ6yA_S9bjEzqFsYSf6sWgyvvWImo6NU2sBb8

MAP PACK - ARMADA /#!6ck0VLaD!slqrf_ktwh7yv6J1FXzkTM_Oy75x0ZE3PS-2R_zQPtE


PATHFINDER AP #121 - RUINS OF AZLANT (1) /#!fJ8x0IYa!z6YfjKygflHmdeEq9RvoU9yo9ix_qlikM04uNichxrY

PATHFINDER AP #121 - INTERACTIVE MAPS /#!eME1VArA!H__vr8AQima5Dnadw_jCG0ZQV_thehsM2Uw-HIgFvgk

M3GA NZ: RUINS OF AZLANT PLAYER'S GUIDE /#!iUcEjSBS!rdRUPB0KtiTJjo7vb68Pi4VSQjPoF99cEH3YiZCtE30 STARFINDER SOCIETY 1-00 /#!OM0T1D7C!aeuwz-GI4u_h-XE0lqzs7LaMSwBSs5W6wpIITKYaa1M STARFINDER SOCIETY 1-01 /#!2RVzULyY!5b8b_aQDtOkHY5-s6GxSWc_TAinCF2-AJKho6HP0-As STARFINDER SOCIETY 1-02 /#!CIMjVDQC!Tap4xmJJ6xGyYbQKPzVFcZ39xyotMyR682YeRADFwug STARFINDER SOCIETY 1-03 /#!3QcDzagL!LuMA3lKmc4i3piUlH7XBwqZTe5QBU25rx0ZyRfsTA6I GALAXY PIRATES - Heavy Fighter /#!SIdVUKpC!Fd-6Y2eqIrfDsWwANsb95mGr_sJ2GWszEFU0cYUW-7k GALAXY PIRATES - Interceptor /#!mN8GgK7a!tW7SWiuA84bHvI2pq_dRoydmmEm_hE9MFBxwVzWPxTc FGG - Service Bots&Synthetic Companions /#!zF8BAQSK!9LUy1tlvaCCiB1yjgquDgat7qSBnQD1Z6eMecsRvSc0 FGG - Planetarium /#!bENEhbwA!MptlxK_wUNerscWWD6PuuaJB2t2u5kNZrt-Amv6b0ZE FGG - Tome of Aliens /#!iIUhABDK!qqy5UcYAy-6TEh_ZesiOnyA5uKbEk5OnOBc3IT4ZLu0 LPJ - Weapons Starship Destruction /#!jAsQ2RYR!6YV0QesY-XOOTjslhrX0tAkUlheSoH4h1t1B2EgRI1o RG - Blood Space and Moon Dust /#!vRsT3CjK!OkeLO27IbfrO03JHc2XebF5D4Ln6vjccKsgU0DKXSiE RG - Random Starship Name Generator /#!GdU20AaY!N5HuGGcQeRAkRKrVLrz-O6K26pd--aOASKrrzvDGw-k RG -Starfarer's Companion /#!PNkEHarb!QRTtughXbkdVhx6Mxlp9qBTvVV-7hCE9LBqjKR7xpI8 STARFINDER QUEST - Into the Unknown /#!fE9ACJDR!lhbwnRXNWsOum8RxnwkLnDsIOqx3tkliGHrfBqZ-GZQ

PF - Descended from Lizards u$er$cl0ud /nayexj7t5c5p PF AP #122 - INTO THE SHATTERED CONTINENT m3g4 /#!GcNDGQgD!fNrmpFndi8CDojUjOnuTXRLNSNy0Blpqrv_3Dggf32k PF AP #122 - INTERACTIVE MAPS m3g4 /#!fUdGADqJ!wIHWADbIhQrwEJ4xLkdLAGRGcrtO1fonFs7BSlTUW74

Dreamscarred - Divergent Paths Rajah (PFRPG) $n1pl1 /4105896

Underworld Races and Classes (PF) b1tly /2hj3kZx FLIP MAT - ARCANE LIBRARY m3g@nz /#!vYkyQYDC!cCBWz3X9-5CyuqhbA97okjI3hHNEMfSnmHXXBPIgS88 PATHFINDER AP #120 - Vault of the Onyx Citadel m3g@nz /#!OI9SnIRb!szW8XVhOXOrBIiNytKk97gEdGGybqQRX5LcyBrwAKpk PATHFINDER AP #120 - Interactive Maps m3g@nz /#!nFdCUIzZ!1jLLrZMqOPixybqHrGny1Y3-Q3Ga5DgpZxM6xjwTOKw POSTER MAP FOLIO - Ironfang Invasion m3g@nz /#!iIFxEAYL!XhD2mxK6LHrLpzEI0Q-IWpRwouj7xvXOFxMmZJX2Sws PLAYER COMPANION - Blood of the Sea m3g@nz /#!WY0hGKjC!1709i2lALLGV_0UyD2WNLBVQp1FaGEQ7lirpHJ3VltY

Colossal Creatures Bestiary (PFRPG) $n!p /H00La m3ga.n2 FLIP MAT - BIGGER KEEP /#!SFcxxTjB!Xhj50-oyesHgY9qpQcJbGDsg8gsSG7FHVmeXVnOG0NE MAP PACK - FUNGUS FOREST /#!TV9WiCjS!lZRZqh6Ex9Bbo0CsLAX1ih5Y3jTawymT46aVfRg78P4 PATHFINDER AP #123 /#!3RVAnK7b!V4CKu_RW9R86bBDAQdq5_2wlswvr4moImyHVsLtJR0U PATHFINDER AP #123 - INTERACTIVE MAPS /#!TUtACYLQ!Rx3vhRbhkDQxG8Lce4y5XjpgGZRUOA_rR3ZTD611oAk PLAYER COMPANION - BLOOD OF THE COVEN /#!nM8hmBAJ!xkC8rF5Mmm-F6QbfrLnrF2wfcdhiUpGrFkFJ2l7xh3w STARFINDER AP #2 - TEMPLE OF THE TWELVE /#!iANChYqC!ciHq944AM6F14XLmkQG3g4XMrm_uUOGN228u2wHAYTw STARFINDER - ALIEN ARCHIVE /#!acMwhADQ!oWZ44cqKZfLEmPebEU43solduthtAVig8O-Jm7AsszA PF SOCIETY SCENARIO 08-99 /#!PEF22KCK!6XaQWYlO4RliDrpb5iWRfPfvMRt-JgbholGxj1Xxy00 PF SOCIETY SCENARIO 09-01 /#!LAtRmALY!pXmgbxg4wXEk7Pn5qKwdNlrMTxqh-9NVjGJslravGsg PF SOCIETY SCENARIO 09-02 /#!KM9QwIwZ!3JHvVF9ocesSVPMJlRGtatFiXpRcRbc39KTKUG01Rjo PF SOCIETY SCENARIO 09-03 /#!yNtwDThT!dwsNFvXDXfeuP6619V5wMfXavLxP6q4tKQO7QJo6-38

Pathfinder Condition Cards are ready. One file is the cards in Sheet form, which if printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, should print the right size. Also the individual images are in a file of their own. And for those who would perhaps like to design their own card sheets, there is a directory with the raw scans. Folder has version in full sheets and in individual images. Folder also for raw scans. m3ga nz /#F!bRAGSLwR!nFPVFFPZqKYZgfHojYeqwg




PATHFINDER AP #124 - CITY IN THE DEEP /#!zF9ygb4R!foWq9pEdu3 YWl7Oh3GJj1oPQteaip1whSqGmAo3f0




The first titles from Pathfinder Journals SS /file/kdx7jl

Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands by Raging Swan Pressure SS /filegroup/Rx3bVxwAlUT0aTnSCpOWrCBP7WmUf8Q3

Elements of Magic SS /filegroup/u5GWzF0snZ%2B3baDpMPzT0A

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume I - Atlantis SS /file/nt69bz

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume II - El Dorado SS /file/e0fa4x

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume V - Lemuria SS /file/wf9xgx

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VI - Hyperborea SS /file/qgctgb

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VII - Shambhala SS /file/imah6s

Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Adapticons SS /file/llaax2

Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Synthetics SS /file/apda9z

Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder (FINAL DRAFT - zero artwork) $nip /SPCMdraft

Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder SS /file/3ydvcc



PATHFINDER AP #125 - Tower of the Drowned (Ruins of Azlant 5 of 6) m3g4 /#!aVNkDIgB!FmdWs4wZwTJcLzetLflRHDL45kRfD5oA8TPnZjvY2jE

PATHFINDER AP #125 - Interactive Maps m3g4 /#!Sc9nQaJT!abiOwzlzzEhiJN_-aO68lQtQyMk8p2A0pHKH2Z6vjGU

PFRPG - The Tinker $nip /LWoh3

Primeval Thule (PFRPG) m3g4 /#F!6BAUXSRY!LTfGr_CNMFncMN4lugV63A

DDS - The Creators Handbook (PFRPG) $nip /7458

Occult Archetypes (PF) m3g4 /#!R6hXxaoS!Czn40HBOhaZJ6oaQxED8fP9XF1QuS2K-hdq7C03HA2U

D20 Publishing - Into The Breach - The Summoner SS /file/gegwmt

Dreadfox - Gypsy SS /file/axmm73

Dreadfox - Puppetmaster SS /file/agu8ct

Dreadfox - Ritualist SS /file/zw0cta

Dreadfox - Swordmaster SS /file/mr89ae

Dreamscarred - Highlord 2 SS /file/uhi03v

Dreamscarred - Psionics Augmented Occult SS /file/k3ixgg

Dreamscarred - Ultimate Psionics GM Screen.7z SS /file/qhmbfp

1 on 1 Adventures 21 - The Gloom Over Dunnocksdell SS /file/u5bl7v

Above Average - Scourger SS /file/lkckjd

Aetheric Dreams - Nights of the Crusades SS /file/o4kxvd

Amora - Art of War Youxia SS /file/i57rtd

Amora - Bevy of Blades SS /file/xakacp

Amora - Liber Influx Communis SS /file/pxlq8j

Forest Guardian - Fighter Nuances SS /file/pbm508

Four Horsemen Present - Base Class Engineer SS /file/agj7m7 Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class - Mountebank SS /file/hlho32

Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Fury SS /file/qpp2dp

Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Psychemist SS /file/4mecag

Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Renegade SS /file/eqhrl7

Four Horsemen Present - Hybrid Class Shifu SS /file/qme0jq

DropDead - Aspect SS /file/xr256v

DropDead - Dilettante SS /file/ymaded

DropDead - Luchador SS /file/t9qycq

DropDead - Spiritualist SS /file/4h6byi

DropDead - WarDancer SS /file/9fue64

Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Apostle SS /file/vtlnph

Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Striker SS /file/8du8hz

Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Technopath SS /file/c0yso0

Fat Goblin - CLASSifieds The Time Assassin SS /file/iyiybc

Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 1 - Sorcerer Bloodlines SS /file/svaqlw

Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 2 - Paladins Prevail SS /file/p1sapo

Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 3 - Rangers Renewed SS /file/3uayse

Gun Metal Games - Class Options, Vol 4 - Brutal Barbarians SS /file/6zfm3f

Henry Hakl - Monk Unfettered SS /file/6eav1i

Interjection - Order of the Nullblades SS /file/rz3879 Interjection - The Animist Nature Incarnate SS /file/nm15mh

Interjection - The Gadgeteer SS /file/kg1k5k

Interjection - The Master Of Forms SS /file/o19ue2

Interjection - The Onmyoji - A Japanese Occult Diviner SS /file/za70wy

Genius Guide to Bravery Feats SS /file/8do1cl

Genius Guide to Expanded Favored Class Options SS /file/0pyslb

Glen Publishing - The Gardener Base Class SS /file/zvhq6d

Goodevil Press - Paths Less Traveled The Amazon SS /file/0l4069

Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Spells of Boon & Burden SS /file/pdh3za

Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond WIP - Herald Mythic Path SS /file/ne2g5h

Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond WIP - Wielder Mythic Path SS /file/4qcuvq

Knotty Works - Advancing With Class The Physicist SS /file/lyhrbw

Legendary Games - Cyborgs SS /file/qq0yjp

Legendary Hybrids - Skinchanger SS /file/zxur4q

Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Liminal Power SS /file/yy60is

Lost Spheres - Book of Beyond - Psionic Paths SS /file/h09db9

LRGG - Alternate Paths Primal Characters SS /file/wo96ra

LRGG - Alternate Paths Social Characters SS /file/1a8kdv

LRGG - Antimagic Sourcebook SS /file/kinnix

LRGG - Bokor SS /file/t4g4gv

LRGG - Dragon Tiger Ox Wuxia Wushu Sourcebook SS /file/wtq9i2

LRGG - Forsworn SS /file/c5hc2z

LRGG - Fury of the Elements SS /file/dtzb33

LRGG - Alternate Paths Ascetic Characters SS /file/wecark

LRGG - Alternate Paths Divine Characters SS /file/xaf35l

LRGG - Alternate Paths Magical Characters SS /file/pr46qd

LRGG - Alternate Paths Martial Characters 2 - Fight Smarter SS /file/zt96v1

LRGG - Alternate Paths Martial Characters SS /file/vykl0e

LRGG - The Detective SS /file/1iv612

LRGG - The Invoker SS /file/sm835g

LRGG - Tome of Advanced Item Use SS /file/ea5vzp

LRGG - Unexpected Hybrids Techadin SS /file/hxo1sa

LRGG - Vector SS /file/usrfzl

LRGG - War Journal 2 SS /file/iqu4nl

LRGG - Heroes Of The West SS /file/x5xwys

LRGG - King of the Ring SS /file/23typi

LRGG - Law and Order SS /file/dw6soo

LRGG - Politics and Power SS /file/s97aew

LRGG - Primal Host SS /file/lnd5iq LRGG - Sind The Dungeomage SS /file/h6m4sb

Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Bravo SS /file/op8x7a

Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Divine Adventure Earth Magic Water SS /file/4545jy

Rite Publishing - The Secrets of the Divine Pantheon - Love Sky Wright SS /file/28c9zi

Storm Bunny - The Thaumaturge SS /file/oxeuh3

The Genius Guide To The Cruorchemist SS /file/afoe7r

TPK Games - The Idolator Hybrid Class SS /file/tmxlmo

Misfit Studios - Strange Brew Warlock SS /file/xgjsbs

Northwinter - The Journeymen - Traveling the World SS /file/h4qk3g

Quasar - Abstract Thief SS /file/sh3w1a

Quasar Knight - Nice Things For Fighters SS /file/q2f56d

Rite Publishing - Convergent Paths Fey Archetypes SS /file/mqq912

Wayward Rogue - Empath Hybrid SS /file/sdqc73

Wayward Rogue - Myrmidon Hybrid SS /file/76vcrv

Wayward Rogue - Prodigy Hybrid SS /file/tkadr5

Wayward Rogue - Revanchist Hybrid SS /file/rj278m

Wayward Rogue - Super Spy Hybrid SS /file/zkcz5m

Wayward Rogue - Venommancer Hybrid SS /file/7nqoqn

Zenith Games - Maniac Character Class SS /file/hok3q1

Zenith Games - Superhero Classes SS /file/o9cpct Tripod - Adventuring Classes - Presbyter Arrayed SS /file/ku2ds1

Tripod - Adventuring Classes Monk Reborn SS /file/qhct77

Tripod - Runemage SS /file/54lmi2

PDG - Gunslingers Unchained SS /file/e6rdhg

PDG - Hybrid Class Armjack SS /file/ylbwmf

PDG - Hybrid Class Luminary SS /file/pttx21

PDG - Hybrid Class Redeemer SS /file/c0i8fu

PDG - Hybrid Class Vessel SS /file/uyqehd

PDG - Legendary Classes Quartermaster SS /file/lwarhy

PDG - Mesmerists of Porphyra SS /file/rmfolw

PDG - Chi Warrior SS /file/bb8rxl

PDG - Gunslingers Of Porphyra SS /file/kdyrnf

PDG - Storeroom Magic Pants SS /file/3y9jxq

PDG - Swashbuckers of Porphyra SS /file/zebggu

PDG - The Kingpin SS /file/vrtca1

PDG - Unarmored and Dangerous SS /file/w7wpuz

PDG - Vigilantes of Porphyra SS /file/xoqi4e

PDG - Prestige Archetype Subscription SS /file/yy3y7q

PDG - Psychic Class Overlord SS /file/exvf41

PDG - Rangers of Porphyra SS /file/zpijsi

PDG - Samurai of Porphyra SS /file/aegxu0 AWW - Fin Starling’s Guide to Morsain - Monsters of Morsain SS /file/ilt6if

AWW - Fin Starling’s Guide to Morsain SS /file/pysi14

AWW - C1 Alagoran's Gem SS /file/nusyfl

AWW - C2 Goblin Cave SS /file/zkbvvs

AWW - C3 Sufferhorn Castle SS /file/w7yew4

AWW - C4 The Play's the Thing SS /file/mrz5dc

Legendary Beginnings - A Feast of Flavor SS /file/n89rny

Archdevils of Porphyra SS /file/92o726

Demon Lords of Porphyra SS /file/yjoxz4

Monsters of Porphyra 17 - Rancor Daemon SS /file/rbgflv

Otyughs of Porphyra 1 - The Watch SS /file/qq8ww2

Occult Archetypes II for Pathfinder SS /file/gvfl8h

Run Amok Bestiary for Pathfinder SS /file/itfskz IN THE COMPANY OF DRAGONS EXPANDED m3g4 /#!iUET0TzB!GYHNhEkm2z5WWDLISwZr5mgPs9CfrHNdfgtg6FEy7L0

101 FOREST SPELLS m3g4 /#!XAFllTII!eDtNeRtv7p1KHFPC3WkRpQ4YmfSd47OKPwr-5_eHDpM

101 SWAMP SPELLS m3g4 /#!yckwzQiD!_9AgblFeCoFKajjeXaKY98LMKFqenDj6yFWOUqO8EpQ

101 URBAN SPELLS m3g4 /#!LEFhSYzI!KQLXYxOpMMuB6tiJ2362Fit8d17bhskCC99w3X_S2d0

Way of The Ninja & Power of The Ninja (PF) SS /filegroup/ePYp78fMJxHH%2FPl7BgIZJQ

Legendary Fighters (PF) SS /file/vt90y8 FGG - CLASSified Options - Equipped for Battle SS /file/ukt54f Book of Beyond - Herald Mythic Path SS /file/u4wezq

Book of Beyond - Liminal Power SS /file/lzbph0

Book of Beyond - Psionic Paths SS /file/0f6pyc

Book of Beyond - Spells of Boon & Burden SS /file/cy1n3e

Book of Beyond - Wielder Mythic Path SS /file/3y9jiu

Shattered Skies Campaign Setting - Divine General Hybrid Class $nip /v49 FLIP MAT - DUNGEON MULTIPACK m3g4 /#!qdV1Sapa!RmXTUxOdEGIgD4gcMEkBDI9F1o4JsJ_W8c3aqe_1q6w

PATHFINDER AP #126 m3g4 /#!2EMx2ZSI!9QI1X1v2tPrrrlqmZgkmnpyCVfPwwagyyjnRj5aRYDQ

PATHFINDER AP #126 - Interactive Maps m3g4 /#!nI0XhRra!2o8xfx0YeSqnt74-wy9OYVXwfOLrG2zKEi7fvxuYi04

PLAYER COMPANION - Disciple's Doctrine m3g4 /#!mBMWAZTR!MI5PW6ZyPkQrguMtX5tYu8Nj-aAjGknT4KOVml-njSw

POSTER MAP FOLIO - Ruins of Azlant m3g4 /#!udkVnT4B!tIplyh2tXB9gONt0F8xyzBFCK-lIUdgh1eUFfsL7Ceg

Blood & Steel - Book 5 - The Swashbucker (PFRPG) SS /file/w3rtxh

Legendary - Corrupted Classes (PFRPG) SS /file/rlznl3

DragonWing - Lore of the Gods (PFRPG) SS /file/vrf4h7

TPK - The Valkyrie Hybrid Class (5e & PFRPG) SS /file/t65usz

Pathfinder Scenarios Season 09, Scenarios 08-13 $nip /dbOn

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Hermit SS /file/26so7r

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Keener SS /file/5hsmft

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Persecutor SS /file/b2bzfo

Drow of Porphyra - The Xelusine Sirens of Sin SS /file/s0zyea Gruppo Chimera - The Legend of the Mist Flowers SS /file/2bguaz

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Abomination SS /file/7q1vpr

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Gestradi SS /file/cfyhgk

Porphyra - The Red King SS /file/5tp4h6

PFRPG (3rd Party Rite Publishing) In the Company of Vampires $nip /IJ75U

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Lurker SS /file/qe14ku

Porphyra - Hybrid Class Pundit SS /file/5l8w33

Porphyra - Ultimate Covenant Magic SS /file/h27p67

Unchained Monks of Porphyra SS /file/occex8

Changelings of Porphyra SS /file/33og24

Drop Dead Studios - Champions Of The Spheres (updated) (PFRPG) $nip /2q7U

Rite Publishing Presents - In The Company of Valkyries (PFRPG) $nip /3OQ

PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN - Inner Sea Taverns m3g4 /#!6dEDBKxJ!CUIZ2_8ZxdmqnVm1b2hMZ2388OQDYUHsBOQDPJKaKAY

PATHFINDER AP #127 - Interactive Maps m3g4 /#!6BE2XSCQ!lxt3tNBVLtHEmjF58Y2Jhh0_yXJkcBOdKF4j6-_5NEc

PF Society S09-14 - Down the Verdant Path SS /file/rfrf90

PF Society S09-15 - The Bloodcove Blockade SS /file/zkldkc

Fields of Blood (PFRPG)(Frog God) SS /file/778l43

Lords of the Wild (PF) SS /file/3830s4

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Legacies Campaign Guide (PF) SS /file/977sna

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Markelis (5e - PF) SS /file/3b4s76 FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Players Guide (PF) SS /file/9ozuoq

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Service is Eternal (PF) SS /file/4kjh2i

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - Spiderfen Terror in the Trees (5e - PF) SS /file/kgb3ih

FOE - Tyrants of Saggakar - The ArchDespotate of Faremh (PF) SS /file/shepzs

SoV - Secret Societies of Vathak The People of Ash SS /file/ha47uj

SoV - Vathak Terrors - Cured of Ursatur SS /file/optxxl

Legendary - Tomb of Madness (PF) SS /file/etcts9 ------

The Patriot Incident SS /file/vqg0b4

Patrol - multiple files SS /filegroup/E7zZ19YfAPeQG8lIfffTzfPCfYQqKIN5

------PENDRAGON Pendragon Collection 31 pdf https://mega.nz/#F!Qfx3jKxL!ttKBV9ZQoMaMIepXhSTxNA Maps on Dyson Logo's blog https://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/ Some of the following Pendragon books (not sure which) The Book of Knights and Ladies The Book of Uther The Book of the Manor The Book of the Estate The Book of the Warlord The Book of Armies s3|\|D /filegroup/cW7IiAaPZJVy37eeYhpHvQ /file/o08o9k

Pendragon - Book of (the): Uther, Estate, Warlord, and Battle SS /filegroup/Zr3tVk17MJ0LhNeZZdjQcrD4tj9kDpK2

King Arthur Pendragon - Book of Armies SS /file/nju8s4

Pendragon collection m3g4 /#F!Qfx3jKxL!ttKBV9ZQoMaMIepXhSTxNA

King Arthur Pendragon "Book of Battles 2e SS /file/irr081

King Arthur - Pendragon v5.2 SS /file/42mbh7 ------A penny for my thoughts send them some space... /file/7ed3nr

Perdition @$3nd$p@cec0m /file/gkh5b5

Phoenix Dawn Command SS /file/3flayu

Pink is the New Black SS /file/pzsah5

Pip System userscloudcom /nr5zn6bdvh9n

Pirates (a boatload of 'em) SS /file/uu5nu4

Pirates - Ye Olde Core Rules Errata marked SS /file/p6o1n2

A playtest version of PIT, from Abaddon, the guy behind the Broken Worlds RPG SS /file/50w5og

Planescape Campaign Setting (official pdfs): http://www.mediafire.com/file/twkxvuig67ltz8k/Planescape_Campaign_Setting.zip

Plane shift Ixalan m3d!@w!z@rd$com /2018/downloads/magic/plane-shift_ixalan.pdf

Planshift PDFs can be found here (free on WotC site) mtggamepedia /Plane_Shift

------Planet Archipelago - Basic Game Rules SS /file/qu8sun

Planet Archipelago - Falcon Empire Atlas Section SS /file/9viug6

Planet Archipelago - Fallen Dome Atlas Section SS /file/uv14dh

Planet Archipelago - Flora Fauna SS /file/aqt661

Planet Archipelago - Isle d France Atlas Section SS /file/26wu0z

Planet Archipelago - Isle d Joc Atlas Section SS /file/1imfaj

Planet Archipelago - Jacobs Isle Atlas Section SS /file/b1xt2m

Planet Archipelago - Table Isle Atlas Section SS /file/8kntfz

Planet Archipelago - The Quillian SS /file/kqmq0r ------Planetary Mercenary 13z!ppy$h@re /v/Da8JHsUS/file.html Mercenary Breed 3E 13z!ppy$h@re /v/6iK90Gps/file.html Planetary Mercenary http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/Da8JHsUS/file.html Planet Mercenary Errata http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/QMvicOQy/file.html Planet Mercenary Character Sheet http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/bQOt6rZj/file.html

Planet Mercenary Game Chief Secrets $nip /RuYb

Planet Mercenary Core u$er$cl0ud /lu8byuc3qnyh

Planet Mercenary Character Sheet u$er$cl0ud /jopnbywqs4i0

Planet Mercenary Mayhem Cards u$er$cl0ud /fq1gr7vrbjas

Planet Mercenary Errata u$er$cl0ud /whp3w65x2hdo ------

Play Dirty 2 SS /file/y7q6t7

Playing at the World by Jon Peterson (quality epub) SS /file/s1sksk

Play's the thing m3di @fire.c0m /file/u3kijyaz0kx5oj8/The_Plays_The_Thing_Teachers_Guide_%287216047%29.pdf

Play Unsafe u$er$cl0ud /szbhyizf5qb2

Plotto - core and Plotto: The Instruction Book SS /file/rz6pkp

Pokemon PTU http://pastebin.com/7Vn3UkBy http://www.mediafire.com/download/2p3uyvycyk9z2d8/Pokerole+Core+Book+Singles.pdf

------Polaris http://www.mediafire.com/download/jcuqn66dujmb1ar/Polaris_Corebook.pdf Polaris and useful things for Polaris https://www.sendspace.com/file/nt6wbw Polaris SS /file/94oynd ------

Polyhedral Dungeon m3di@fir3 /folder/434090hddj3o9/Polyhedral_Dungeon ------Ponyfinder 5e stuff SS /filegroup/Um8miyJDlETtX%2BznXTgBJQ

Ponyfinder stuff SS /filegroup/78BuUt8YxsHpCFd7SlEzVS3DZL329GBu%2B40uAwARIOv %2FCF151HH2%2BvjKf7wD4941AlV0X6baCaJA37pupBUqwvQb3ugbaYS34XlKDUjtksE2xWP96d6WMQ

Ponyfinder - Forgotten Past (PFRPG & 5e) SS /file/flhc16

Ponyfinder - Tactics of Everglow (PFRPG & 5e) SS /file/f4v6ho

Ponyfinder - Tribes of Everglow (PFRPG & 5e) SS /file/aacakl ------

Ponytales Courage is Magic https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/v2T6iRIJUfsTksuZirm36uIaun3XZlSk Pony - Tails of Equestria https://www.4shared.com/office/sHXWSNz2ei/Tails_of_Equestria__scan_.html

Postage Due u$er$cl0ud /e4lkw2e8bnmt

Portable hole full of beer: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/UWjkJgep/file.html Son of portable hole: http://www2.zippyshare.com/v/PUUAoQIf/file.html

Portal Rats s3nds4c3 /filegroup/d%2F%2Bd%2F2NE1kJZXsYxrXWAaQ

------Post Mortem Livre de Règles m3g4 /#!2J9xwaLT!f_NK6pH3IW5t0rpdhorvx9RD0IO9g2amSpWbU86c8b8 Asylum m3g4 /#!HNtBGQaR!bYDgRcQjpHKZ-bQtzYEQyUwVOJ4VO9qSy9bKzLLr_fQ Boogey Land m3g4 /#!HIkBHIjZ!pNp30GG8DH9xRATWCXmT3pmgvqnW69FHoFSJC78Ejiw ------

Powerframe SS /file/1wccoo

The Power Hack.pdf https://userscloud.com/57vjwsrrznwf

Power Legion by Ganesha Games a superhero skirmish game m3g@ /#F!jYFBGLwZ!52FvvgFga9KkhlGKXiabww $nip /N1GN

------PbtA pocalypse A plethora of PbtA SS /file/57hdy1 Masks SS /filegroup/zIGvZSg02rRPxc8vc%2BJgMomxNjNvt81W

A half-assed "Powered by the Apocalyse but no Dungeon World stuff" trove m3g4 /#F!ThdSkJgI!cwLeoLsY9O5vT9JMhuWyHw

Monster of the Week Revised (PbtA) SS /filegroup/BQ0MZ%2Bdzf8LCwI28F%2BDMKq6HV %2BdXe37LGHvqtga2ZNq9cPtgRG0xvxvF7LFYR4QAk7albojLhXyaK0MBE8G1e%2BpUISIlIKZ2

Backer-exclusive Apocalypse World stuff: apocalypse-worldcom /TheContaminated.pdf apocalypse-worldcom /AW2ELandfallMarine.pdf apocalypse-worldcom /ycpp7wtc/ThePatron.pdf lumpleycom /previews/AWFallenEmpiresUpdated.pdf

Epyllion and playbooks (Pbta) SS /filegroup/nSm3tvlpauQQMF8ancRGwA ------

The Powder Mage RPG SS /file/63wn6k

Characters for Praxis games SS /filegroup/sVFwBXxiF8jFWa49n10Qwdex9eIdNEO6gqWIdXxLPvafrkf9nazViolqwpu3XqB7

The Price of Freedom http://www.mediafire.com/download/ypp8ethzksmjx4l/The+Price+of+Freedom+RPG+%28WEG %29.pdf

Priests Of The Celestial Sun https://www.sendspace.com/file/j7qx6w

Primal Host class by Little Red Goblin Games for Pathfinder @$$/file/0a461y

The Primal Order SS /file/9lypi1

Primeval SS /file/64947l

Primetime Adventures: https://mega.nz/#!ldNlgIqb!VMzU4K44s-LyrexthPWidtukITsT1NTowvrMeh7lUSA

Primetime 3e SS /file/xp14ku

Princess the Hopeful older versions https://sites.google.com/site/princessthehopeful/files

The new Prince Valiant SS /file/1fyw1r

Print and Play games ss /file/pdum6u

Print the Legend (gritty Western RPG) SS /file/2sis6l

Project Darklight Other Worlds SS /filegroup/uHq0SuQ641L0F5lAH%2BwzoQ

------Protocol m3di@fir3 /folder/5lrfs09qk896l/Protocol

Protocol - multiple files SS /filegroup/hj6gM2%2FzX%2B7wUiRdUZIEO7UVOQrY9gQGmnSWe84VGJ2QOdlxs8q8Ps6nDgBlevm0

Protocol - Clockwork Ggirl SS /file/493cwl

Protocol - Five Broken Swords SS /file/vmr91a

Protocol - Ship Lanterns SS /file/hz8ae5 ------

Prowlers and Paragons core MF /file/byl90cnh4vroiev

Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution u$er$cl0ud /vcvokhf9jxg4

Psionics: The Pleasantville Project u$er$cl0ud /4smjljja0mb9

Psi*Run SS /file/k8kn0x SS /file/7kkqu0

Psi World Core Rulebook 93z!ppy$h@re /v/7dCwpyYd/file.html

------Psychedelic Fantasies #1 - Beneath the Ruins SS /file/a9yjsd

Psychedelic Fantasies #2 - Beneath the Radiant Dome SS /file/4qb344

Psychedelic Fantasies #4 - Dreams of the Lurid Sac SS /file/8pvqn3

Psychedelic Fantasies #6 - Streams of the Lucid Crack SS /file/x5wpdx

Psychedelic Fantasies #7 - Gleams of the Livid Plaque SS /file/phzdt1 - - - Ptolus City https://mega.nz/#!gQVW0A4S!kAYeYsvgqt1F3bgRuPdtf0nExTIIKgGzsV5f9I_hI9g Ptolus m3d1@f1rE - /file/mx6a10f981gbcy0/Ptolus_-_City_by_the_Spire_%28oef%29.pdf Ptolus Districts of the City Volume 1 m3g4 /#!YhlzQAxR!pGU0CINT4MwkNV6yAakoJh6n6KkG34uZudYAInPNlqA - - - Pugmire SS /file/099oho Pugmire, the good form fillable sheet https://mega.nz/#!r8ckkQzQ!ROjztl5W-gHtyADZRFCiK5noyYsnGnTgv3_RVOdpKQw

Pulp Hero m3di@fir3/file/ct5011ry3bpshv4/hero-system-pulp-hero-pdf.pdf

Puppetland https://www.sendspace.com/file/eftkpe

Pure Steam - Westbound (27 70MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/9fd2bb Pure Steam - Campaign Setting upl0@dm@ncom/480d7936f78b8070

The Purple Worm Graveyard SS /file/cnnl1d

Q: QAGS - Quick Ass Game System 2E http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/1ziSvkY2/file.html

The Queen Smiles SS /file/7oi1r5

Quill - multiple files SS /filegroup/i5JXy4zs5Hrv5tNA6Rr%2Bq6UJVLfEQQQDGA%2FqTJwv8d0

Qin the Warring States SS /filegroup/DtCwfjF8YPYxbZgOYec%2FYVtEP81ZfgkppF%2FevWoD0OER5zepLXx9Hg

R: Rackham Confrontation books meg4 /#F!oO4QVLSR!L9GUIiTaYX8M1yOk0IUq9g

Rad Hack https://github.com/brunobord/rad-hack/blob/master/sources/english/rad-hack.md

------Radiance - Player's Guide upl0@dm@ncom/6f21a0e04b5fc9b6

Radiance - Masters Guide upl0@dm@ncom/b54e8dd027352937

Radiance - Monster Folio upl0@dm@ncom/c57a0b0ad0156b80

Radiance - Expansion Kit upl0@dm@ncom/93fa53475c945eaa ------

Radokai RPG $nip /tSJP

Ragnarök by Funhaver Industries demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_fjE3YbgwOIZm02X1NrN2gwQVk/view Raiders of R'lyeh - both versions of Raiders SS /file/0pdd0q

Night Owl Workshop - Raiders of The Lost Artifacts SS /file/9xya3h

Random city generator: https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator arc

Random Solo Adventure - Post Apocalyptic m3di@fir3 /file/dk4z2c7gi9c765e/RSA-PA_EBOOK_PAGEs.pdf

Old GW artbook Ratspike - John Blanche & Ian Miller 117z!ppy$h@re /v/lu3M4A4U/file.html

Raspberry Heaven SS /file/4z9s2j

Ravnos SS /file/dd2z77

Rebirth RPG $nip /CTLIi

Red Ace High u$er$cl0ud /fagxhk9ra620

A Red and Pleasant Land rpgremuz /Lamentations%20of%20the%20Flame%20Princess/Adventures%20and %20supplements/A%20Red%20%26%20Pleasant%20Land.pdf

The Red Dragon Inn Guide to Inns and Taverns SS /file/4wg8i9

Red Market http://archive.4plebs.org/dl/tg/image/1472/50/1472502568922.pdf

Red Markets SS /file/y9raw5

The Reeves Tale SS /filegroup/6higtjdH91o0Ss20SQ%2FVanuG4GgalBB4

Reflect: Samurai SS /file/vohnvp

------Reign http://www.mediafire.com/download/oad4p75oy9441si/Reign_Corebook.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/qastn3j37v1tc7k/Reign_Enchiridion_%288382222%29.p Reign Enchiridion https://www.sendspace.com/file/rv431x Reign (maybe better scan) http://www.mediafire.com/download/zo71859gpm37o5w/ORE_-_REIGN.pdf Reign: Out of the Violent Planet - is free at gregstolze.com the 15th and 16th supplements

All things REIGN https://www.sendspace.com/file/x4948j - - -

Remnants by Outrider http://www.4shared.com/get/npJLcWyk/remnants_role_playing_game.html

Renaissance Deluxe http://www.mediafire.com/download/bfq4a04uujjdk4f/Renaissance_-_Core_Rulebook_Deluxe.pdf

15 PDFs for Renegade Legion including 'Leviathans Capital Ship Briefing https://www.mediafire. com/index.php#0swd0sn77x9wx https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0swd0sn77x9wx/Renegade_Legion

Legal Primer for the Republic of Trostend SS /file/nsahyd

Retrostar https://www.sendspace.com/file/9qrlog

Revised Gamemaster's Guide https://www.sendspace.com/file/mzxbzw

Revolution d100 SRD http://www.alephtargames.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=96%3Arevolution- srd&catid=1%3Alatest- news&Itemid=1&lang=en $nip /Xf55

Ribbon Drive SS /file/5vmogo

Ride The Spiral Collection https://me ga.nz /#F!0F90XKRT!XqBtwOU2sNdkHbmmA1RdkA!9Jk0FJaS

------– ------RIFTS RESOURCES

RIFTS post-apocalyptic https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3wjc3rr9zqufo/Rifts Palladium Rifts books https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3wjc3rr9zqufo/Rifts Forums of the Megaverse http://www.palladiumbooks.com/forums/ Temporal Nexus - Pal Rifts Stuff http://www.temporalnexus.net/multiverse/hosted_sites/rifts-rpg/ Savage Rifts Fansite Stuff http://rifts.savageworlds.org/ Rifts pictures on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/nexes13/rifts/ Rifts: http://downloads.dragonsprophecy.net/ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3wjc3rr9zqufo/Rifts

Rifts - World Book 34 - Northern Guns 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/e5ycx4p4q52x48n/Rifts+-+World+Book+34+-+Northern+Gun+2.pdf

Rifts World Book 35: Megaverse in Flames. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0fja69g30abzeqj/Rifts+-+World+Book+35+- +Megaverse+in+Flames.pdf

Rifter 0-62 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7aym41sqms5h6/Rifter

Rifts - Heroes of Humanity u$er$cloud /uyzn3vjmxgaz

Rifts: Megaverse in flames u4er4cl0udcom /0769hay4xlr6

The Rifter - 73 SS /file/k2gnl0

The Rifter - 74 SS /file/xnseeg

The Rifter - 75 SS /file/6xza93 ------

Ringworld https://www.4shared.com/office/1qgqFgIX/the_complete_ringworld_rpg.htm l

Rippers SS /filegroup/ZacSpD7kxrWVa64Vsi%2FS6N0sA2T6Bf7sPrPfY%2BPyHwRLeMjP9DXhng Rippers - The Horror Wars Rippers - The Horror Wars, Gargoyles The Laughter of Death up1o4d "em-bee" /dw.php?id=1499583519

Ripples from Carcosa SS /file/ctt1tq

Rise of the Dragon Master eBook SS /file/ofrm9h

Risus http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/downloads.htm

Rippers Resurrected https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff#634c76kntxkwp

Rite - In The Company of Valkyries SS /file/y4m9q1

River of Heaven SS /filegroup/Q%2FD5RlLkl%2FGcN%2FeKA2WurIYRNxroKcRm

------Road to Armageddon - multiple files SS /filegroup/s6nyIr86iCFjGgqbsAd2qmVZOb6pu%2Bev8sJAPY99g72JfTlKvI7CZhwubtSot8sd

Road to Armageddon - Biafra 1 and 2 94z!ppy$h@re /v/fQhQxBio/file.html 94z!ppy$h@re /v/YbwoKuTR/file.html

Road to Armageddon - Last Light 75z!ppy$h@re /v/VIgwZnLY/file.html

Road to Armageddon - Modern Encounters 75z!ppy$h@re /v/tIXx1xMb/file.html Road to Armageddon - Gear Book (11/04/15) 31z!ppy$h@re /v/yJfTh0G0/file.html ------

Road Trip A Traveling Game $nip /7625

Robotech: https://mega.nz/#F!9k0mnRDA!4izJiGrCIFeoHBlbskROwg https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7oaguqp8f7c7j/Robotech_(Palladium_RPG)

Robotech 2e fills (includes The Marines Sourcebook) SS /filegroup/4ZoR8I51m3i8azrIsboNiN3jRFjbuPpZ2bbNw01MouYJZ05pcgDugg

Newer (01/26/28) Robotech books by Palladium (not pretty, but most are here) SS /filegroup/8GuanqWVQWuq7YsTnEU4ABSEpaUY4HmF SS /filegroup/s5zJiGzKYX4oeCnUatHNqQ

Rockalypse upl0@dm@ncom/ba73f5bea80c5e35

------Rogue Planet support.zip SS /file/ws62vg

Rogue Planet - Core Rulebook SS /file/idl5qb

Rogue Planet - Derelict Planet Edition SS /file/gb8816

Rogue Planet - Planet Specific Variant SS /file/sf1up4

Rogue Planet - Quick Reference Sheets SS /file/lk8d3w ------

Rogue Trader - Stars of Inequity SS /file/lco4y1 faith and coin rogue trader SS /file/di8xlu

Rogue Stars MF /file/341x0hma1xcmb3q/%5Bowg17%2C+rogue+stars%5D+_rules+-+_core+%5Btruepdf%5D+%28sfiligoi+-+2016+-+osprey%29.pdf

------Role Aids - Psionics - missing Pages 111z!ppy$h@re /v/HuKDSVkr/file.html Role Aids - Psionics - fresh scan of page 50 43z!ppy$h@re /v/f77hw8Hk/file.html Role Aids 749 - Psionics - complete m3g4 /#!XFhkyCID!H4TgWSUIoRrSStZTtpWhYlCGgiECiN0S3FUBG_UDRu4

Role Aids 722 - Final Challenge $n!pl! /4yCek

Role Aids 717 - Shadows of Evil m3g4 /#!rc5VmYTB!LCwwgA8aH5gLW7hkaVioQieLcIvTCop6r8Y-k_4lHKs

Role Aids 724 Monster of Myth & Legend I (all pages, OCR, bookmarked, revised cover) m3g4 /#!qAgVFaKb!6x3C9VPyc6Op08hfXvGDWrFEmNaBK5EaID9pVubtT7Q ------RoleMaster Campaign Law http://www.mediafire.com/download/ff5zdnxhktnhn9s /%28ICE1300%29+-+Rolemaster+- +Character+Law-Campaign+Law.pdf Merp: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ntj2u76dcful8/LOTSASTUFF6#pwxl0lfudaxok Rolemaster: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lf4oynpdqj4q8/Rolemaster https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ko18jptnza760/RPG_STUFF#fykd8tcjeh5th RM Express: http://www86.zippyshare.com/v/KaViXHxD/file.html Rolemaster Quarterly #1 - www44z1ppy5h4r3com/v/TQ6WaI0d/filehtml m3g4 /#!4P4XGDQR!Hm1SsujqPliEWCW8iEyiOBTH1hCdgTieGB2nUiGjNvE #2 - www44z1ppy5h4r3com/v/csA3PBRb/filehtml #3 - www44z1ppy5h4r3com/v/XHWdSCXt/filehtml

Rolemaster Stand ss /file/q6zeaf

Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying Bundle ss /file/zac7rx RMFRP 4e - Creatures and Monsters ss /file/fw32ta At Rapier's Point (older game from Iron Crown) MF /file/fek2lvfq4fvnby7/Rolemaster_At_Rapier%27s_Point.pdf

Rolemaster Express Additions 13-19 m3g4 /#!PBoHTYRZ!R85k2KIiDbm293wFWkpD_ybe3Wn1zbMtTYQTfYSnfaI

Rolemaster Classic MF /folder/73gypc8a4eoj2/Rolemaster ------

RoleplayingTips - How to Run Fast and Exciting Combats (6.83MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/fgjojx

Dio's Mios Trove p @ st3b1n /rc0tchEb Roll20 tokens wild west themed sets www.p@st3b1n /5sFk9diA www.p@st3b1n /wccaGjCb Roll 20 https://pastebin.com/qzAJ7BJV $n!p (dot) li /2cH p @st3b1n /9LF4xuEE

if anyone wants to contribute, please email the assets to me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Rome: The Life & Death of the Republic for BRP http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/45022748/#45027070

Paradigm Concepts - Rotted Capes - Dead and Buried SS /file/20w27l

------Rotworld by Goblinoid Games (based on the Chill/Pacesetter rules) Kryptworld u$er$cl0ud /wd9sxzobzmtj Kryptworld - Mansters Macabre u$er$cl0ud /fbahaytihotk Rotwerld u$er$cl0ud /wa8uln63b2m8

RotWorld u$er$cl0ud /wa8uln63b2m8 ------

Dangerous Games - Rough Cuts, 6 Micro Games SS /file/yuv95b

The Armory - RPG DATA CON SS /file/z8n81l

Spectrum Games - RPZ - A Universal Zombie RPG Add-On SS /file/6qdtf2

Rules-light systems http://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/50303922/ http://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/47997431/ http://desuarchive.org/tg/thread/50183909/

Ruma - Dawn of Empire SS /file/8y3611

Rumble in Antarctica (/awg/) MF /file/d2disprq7a5g4rh/GWAR%20Rumble%20In%20Antartica.pdf

Run Amok - A Flirtation with Fey Maps SS /file/ifgx9n

Run Amok - A Flirtation with Fey SS /file/uaira4

The Runed Age SS /file/ bhh9wo

The Rune Forge - OS+R, Oubliettes, Sorcery, & Reavers SS /file/zlyk3d ------

RUNEQUEST Runequest 6th Ed core book http://www.4shared.com/office/QMl7GLw_/runequest_6th_edition_-_core_r.htm For all your RuneQuest needs: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/32gagythv5xj8/Runequest RuneQuest Core Rulebook: http://m3d1@f1rE - /file/slbemde3d9y3pey/RuneQuest_6_-_Core_Rulebook.pdf Mythic Britain - RQ http://m3d1@f1rE - /file/0g6f35eqd7lqdic/RuneQuest_6_-_Mythic_Britain.pdf RQ6 Mythic Britain https://www.mediafire.com/?lho3nx68vbi2m3r RuneQuest 3E 1.12 Gig Rar file https://mega.nz/#!xcAVjbqS!k9_vQ_90DJwo76TRXS7PCzADXTUSsoZkHLVVUtcQNoc Runequest pdfs http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/48193247/#48193247 Trollpak RQ https://mega.nz/#!sn4URJaQ!Tm1lK9qp-UwPA3AIjEaRm9P9qs2gWpPdLdTC0beCg88 not the new Runequest. https://www.chaosium.com/runequest-glorantha/ Luther Arkwright RQ6 SS /file/392qme

------– ------Ryuutama https://mega.nz/#!d8YTRAoR!lrhJ_yBzYMPBi9SfpzemMH7oUFHmh0GcGAmiTdBmyQc https://mega.nz/#!dIdRgTAI!gvbIVJ7gT7XbfYFtBPT_tMRLIgaHN3OTpz6-m1Xpk2o www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=14438568 https://my.mixtape.moe/lsqnjy.pdf

S: Sabres and Witchery v2 m3di@fir3 /file/680813p1h1y1q6k/Sabres_and_Witchery_v2.pdf

------Saga the Game - Epic Edition SS /file/lwvzsr

Saga the Game - Tabletop Companion SS /file/w0unog

Saga the Game - Character Sheets SS /file/dj1gfa ------

Saga of The Icelanders https://mega.nz/#F!tUFWyDIB!gILxs4Z06bLSx8-iF5Wxow SS /file/jjz9lc

Sailor Moon https://www.mediafire.com/folder/luetzkcwvq0jj/Sailor_Moon_RPG

Salem 1692 http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1483146767

Goddamn Santa Claus - Literally, Santa Claus for 3.5 D&D (even worse, its official) http://www.mediafire.com/download/aurzq5zn439oahv/Goddamn_Santa_Claus.pdf

Savage Kingdoms - Reforged Core Rulebook SS /file/anvamu - - - - - SAVAGE WORLDS

Savage World Trove 161 files https://www.4shared.com/folder/OdaLw5Su/_online.html Savage Worlds Interface Zero https://mega.nz/#!DopRkBjJ!0CDSgmp17yum2U1Iu0tu_4MF8zf15ZgR0t2bRcTp9X4 Savage World Last Parsec https://www.sendspace.com/file/igmpko Savage Worlds Rifts GM Guide: http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/uDZMu8pj/file.html Savage Worlds Necessary Evil: http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/7e6nUmjL/file.html Savage Worlds Rifts https://www.mediafire.com/folder/o456wmkz6phtl/Books#g4jbcg5w649m8 Savage RIFTS: Coalition Field Manual https://userscloud.com/iykm04s9g3cv http://rg.to/file/7c10de8f85b229fd5ddaacd01484507c/Savage_RIFTS_Coalition_Field_Manual.pdf.html Weird Wars II for Savage Worlds https://mega.nz/#F!b891WSIa!D_iyLvs7Ii4T9gQH5a7KaA Savage Worlds Sci Fi Supplement http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1472241277 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wq2k0r1bqesqt/RPG_Trove#oxn6qt4xlafbf Savage Worlds Modern Ops https://www.sendspace.com/file/zteody Savage Worlds Trove https://mega.nz/#F!mo9nibSC!YIhv5nyoPb2dmY6-scZLgg SaWo Mass Effect https://www.scribd.com/document/161008206/Savage-Worlds-Mass-Effect Savage Worlds Iron Dynasty and Shaintar https://mega.nz/#F!W1kVEYqB!A7DF1X9IvSEd0dtwEqIn6w All For One: Régime Diabolique for Savage Worlds 1e m3g4 /#F!1rw3UaYL!ZF0LUB1_kGzqJZBFAXeMbQ Savage Worlds - Interface Zero 1.0 - Boston, San Francisco, New York SS /file/m7vgrl Savage Worlds - Interface Zero 2.0 - supplements SS /filegroup/vf0uS6F34vy6j8Ios3abgKslVIw7LdoDgFnhJ6%2FsA3ziZOX5w5MhkA

Wine and Blood & Queen of the Labyrinth SS /filegroup/5fIH52KJ55%2FkNre04StDtj%2F2FqhozABmuZiNMXeb9mQBKgs9u4XGc2UAzPG18efAz

Battle of Thermopylae, Mythos Core Setting, Mythos Hero's Guide,Ultimate Mass Battle Guide, Ultimate Three Kingdoms Guide SS/filegroup/2i16eJDhvR3t2y4dI8BTEk8KoatcpFWo%2BpyTAIHhk2s

Savage Rifts Coalition Field Manual Character Folio send space dot com /filegroup/2Trjc3LobFdr5VsYjais2w

The Sixth Gun for Savage Worlds snip DOT li /11g

Sundered Skies, a Savage Worlds setting SS /file/iv9s96 Savage Worlds version of Agents of Oblivion s3ndsp4c3 /file/4fn92b

Savage Worlds Apocalypse Campaign Guide SS /file/qay875 $cribd /document/359956494/Savage-Worlds-Apocalypse-Campaign-Guide

Savage S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SS /file/dh0dwc

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures SS /file/drsrvm

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Knights Templar Guide SS /file/sgymq1

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide SS /file/84mtv2

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Pirates Privateers and Plunder Guide SS /file/fanocw

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Celts Guide SS /file/zlvyv

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Characters Guide Psionics SS /file/44a0rt

Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition SS /file/0p9jfj

Milecastle 42 (SW) SS /file/cbhovm

Savage Worlds - RIFTS - The Contamination Principle SS /file/d7xto8

Beasts & Barbarians - Green World (SW) SS /file/10q7io

Aegis Studios - Citizens Divided (Savage Worlds) $nip /p5HQ

Mercenary Breed Xenopedia (SW) SS /file/4d2sye

Bestiarum Vocabulum (SW) SS /file/rsz2og

Powder Mage (SW) SS /file/bofigg

Citizens Divided - Bad Chips (SW) SS /file/ndlkwd

Citizens Divided - Character Sheet (SW) SS /file/01p25t

Winter Eternal (SW) SS /file/h1vdt2

Winter Eternal - Adventure Guide The Wastelands (SW) SS /file/olp4lc

Winter Eternal - Adventure Guide 8 Cities (SW) SS /file/uv1xz4

Winter Eternal - Son of the Hungry Moon (SW) SS /file/k9rq1n

Winter Eternal - The Manure Menace (SW) SS /file/j825xw

Winter Eternal - Cold Memories, Long Forgotten (SW) SS /file/c5ny97

Enascentia - Players Guide (SW) SS /file/qoj6iu Enascentia - Game Masters Guide (SW) SS /file/92f0q5

Enascentia - Touch of Flame (SW) SS /file/v04cgw

Enascentia - The Bridge (SW) SS /file/qqujmi

Enascentia - Premade Characters (SW) SS /file/5pejdd

Agents of GAIA (SW) SS /file/husqq0

Winter Eternal - A Long Cold Night (SW) SS /file/bqthg9 ------

Save the Day https://www.sendspace.com/file/0hrzjf

Scarab of Death SS /file/wuxca1

Scarlet Heroes pdf https://www.scribd.com/doc/230570184/Scarlet-Heroes-Sword-and-Sorcery-Adventures-for-a-Lone- Hero

Scavengers RPG upl0@dm@ncom/7ca71c36185c24d7

Schoolgirl RPG PDF https://m3g@ .nz - /#F!aIRXTRTZ!OTS5hYqeGyGvlOPXmNGz2Q

Manuscript of Scion Hero dr!v3g00gl3 /open?id=1KT71ImBGDKgclppB-trWP11tT15FOAp0

Scum and Villainy (beta) SS /file/jfjynp

Sea Dogs of England u$er$cl0ud /17nog1gah45r

Sea Dracula Wave 2 $nip /93901

Sea Dracula $nip /03470

Second Tour FNG SS /file/y9sosd

Secrets_of_the_Third_Reich https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7dr6nmwabgx35/Secrets_of_the_Third_Reich

Secret Santicore creative commons www56zippysh@re.com/v/58peP7Cp/file.html

The Secret of Zir’An – Core Rulebook and The Secret of Zir’An – Hand of Fate Book SS /file/26y6fj

Secret Societies m3g4 /#F!sZEBSAQL!JkJhvfJE9rw-jz5zMEq5dA

RECLEANED SELVACHE Barebones fantasy adventure sendspace /filegroup/lxoQg3xW1oBcYP8Xqaxl0w S

Sentinels Comic: A Role Playing Game Start Kit SS /file/d0otcj

Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG quickstart SS /file/d0otc

Senzar -(incomplete) ss /file/4neq1y

Bill Coffin's Septimus free on Drivethru http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/63991/Septimus?term=septimus&test_epoch=0

Serpent's Tooth SS /file/z7f7zd

Sertorius - multiple files SS /filegroup/jHP5y %2Bv2wVmlh25C24sUZIYB1hExYN3hNysEbOpE1rn7oLX84N8jbNZUuZyO5ecpjxwihxM8o %2Bg9FVMTZYfwdtqbTkzLlN9r

Settlers of Catan - English and Espanol SS /filegroup/qhi6O9bZqX%2FyGPYfx%2BuNuJV3USJN7wMu

Seven Worlds - Starmap Poster SS /file/rdlsu1

Seven Wonders by Pelgrane Press SS /file/ayp7zi

SexyTime Adventures...because it is funny... ss /file/erkpaj

The Shackled City AP ss /file/2c9shs

– ------–

Shadow of the Demon Lord http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/PXalKqpm/file.html https://www.mediafire.com/?5ebl5lmdmniw9wu http://www37.zippyshare.com/v/aXg98XHx/file.html Exquisite Agony - Shadow of the Demon Lord http://userscloud.com/256wavzfrv3z most of the Shadow of the Demon Lord big stuff in these links. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzGKOSkABbfscGkwVGFGNmJ5Zkk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzGKOSkABbfsZEFkUFVleXVqc1k

SotDL - A Measure of Faith (Expert) (9 00MB) b1td0 - /kcgwy9 last two official SotDL supplements, plus every single official spell card they have released for it too s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/uPJqEcafoyywCVwOS5grzi88mETW2kvb The last Shadow of The Demon Lord Spell Cards needed to make it all up to date... SS /file/5m3b9f SS /file/jzgj4k SS /file/bp6w5j

Shadow of the Demon Lord collection m3g4 /#!0eRnRSKR!O0ubzx4jFAw_zgQTdZtAiTZYYtjUrwDcqBeamulG0c8

SotDL - Bred for Battle m3g4 /#F!AeYz2ChC!yumW59sIugNBET5ld__O2w

SotDL Screen SS /file/g90auf ------

Shadow of Yesterday http://www.mediafire.com/?w7nynlnd8a5dbsn http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/filename/shadow%20yesterday.pdf/

Shadowcraft - The Glamour War https://userscloud.com/7u9k37vz2enj

------– - - - SHADOWRUN

Complete Shadowrun 1~40 (FASA) + 1~6 (WizKids) novels SS /file/3fq4om

Shadowrun Chrome Flesh VERY Nice SR Trove by Hate Fish https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s8h1ai7hbdgla/Shadowrun http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1457051693

Huge Shadowrun archive >Pastebin:http://pastebin.com/SsWTY7qr >Chummer 5:https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/releases >Issue tracker:https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/issues/

Shadowrun https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a Shadowrun http://www.mediafire.com/folder/exr6if4x3xew4/rpg#gttesf86rli1p

Shadowrun Anarchy playtest: http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/aIvqMopB/file.html \ Shadowrun Anarchy https://www.sendspace.com/file/bc00xu SR renraku arc https://ttop.rem.uz/Shadowrun/Adventures%20and%20campaigns/7328%20-%20Renraku%20Arcology%20Shutdown.pdf

Shadowrun Missions - A Holy Piece of Wetwork (Prime Mission 002) (2 87MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/6e4pv9

Shadowrun - Shadows in Focus City By Shadow, Metropole (2 17MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/o6rbos new version of Chummer that's got *hopefully* better implemented adept powers and such. https://u.nya.is/ptxqgn.zip Shadowrun Missions 005 - Jumping Ship snip.li/43094

SR 5E Forbidden Arcana https://www.4shared.com/office/pLPjwiP7ei/Shadowrun_5E_-_Forbidden_Arcan.html

SMP07-05 - Jumping Ship m3g4 /#!d0BVlaiI!SM3wyJXen5O6Zq_j7DtMf7UYgs7lXAHHCNQBDH-Q3dw SRM07-05 - A Little Wetwork m3g4 /#!ZgYRVZQS!mWh_RpDVQNAt74_q1ItEnO--gu9SWVnbqFVZkhSxkl4 SRM07-04 - Do No Harm m3g4 /#!oppgBDCb!RbjdbaGzmTXilrmFtmcM4JFNLU5a-w_r8PszF18Q6VM

SR5 - Ripping Reality m3g4 /#!B5ZyQZAJ!FXSjY_Uumf9eKg5NhO0MJ4puFp8bo7pJ5PJEZPP7oec http://www108.zippyshare.com [CAT27007] Rigger 5.0.pdf /v/TnaNFPZu/file.html [CAT27403] Ripping-Reality (Denver 03).pdf /v/EVc8jg0P/file.html [CAT26S046] Shadows in Focus - Sioux Nation - Counting Coup.pdf /v/2ps4XR0Y/file.html [CAT27M0506] Take a Chance (5A-06).pdf /v/nNvMNj59/file.html [CAT27485] Boundless Mercy (Missions compilation).pdf /v/tseSamBF/file.html [CAT27401] Serrated Edge (Denver 01).pdf /v/zqBdxM25/file.html

Shadowrun Missions/Prime Missions Missions Season 06, 1 to 6 http://www94.zippyshare.com /v/UYdPY2Nl/file.html Missions Season 07, 1 to 5 http://www94.zippyshare.com /v/gPffSODl/file.html Jumping Ship http://www77.zippyshare.com/ v/Jb6GdxAO/file.html Killing Pawn http://www77.zippyshare.com/ v/0Qy99OW2/file.html

Shadowrun: Dark Terrors (plot sourcebook) SS /file/0tbsim ------– ------– - - - – - - - - – – ------Shadows of Esteren Prolog - Book 0 is for free on DTRPG. Book 1 is here: https://www.mediafire.com/?62vnhv1ay3caa71 Shadows of Esteren SS /file/vonpqk

Shadows of Esteren: Occultism SS /file/p1qksr ------

All things Shadows Over Sol SS /file/hudyhf

Shadow World zip ss /file/c3nyns ss /file/0rd0ms Shintiara Core Manual SS /file/rkqq1s

Shard Basic Compendium: https://mega.co.nz/#!qg9A2ZBK!Amb9-dNcQUYPg3yZib1Yl-1feWTn-18Y5WJlexrR1lo m3d1@f1rE - /file/5d2u8ur4an52mcl/Shard_RPG_Basic_Compendium.pdf

Shattered SS /file/b093db

Shattered: A Dark Steampunk Tabletop RPG by I.N.D.E SS /file/s86o6s

Shatterzone (reprints) Rulebook, Brain Burn Shadow of a Black Sun, Zeenarchs Supplemental Materials SS /folder/z4sgje

Shinobigami draft with bookmarks https://anonfile.com/X0s4u6c9be/Shinobigami_draft_bm.pdf

Shirdley at $end$p @ce /file/x2fso5

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective http://www107.zippyshare.com/v/7In6BMKY/file.html

------SHOCK, HUMAN CONTACT http://www112.zippyshare.com/v/HU1M6D5X/file.html Shock: The Game of Social Science Fiction the original v1.2 s3ndsp4c3 /file/7mm7l8 Human Contact PAX East 2010 Preview Version (requries Shock to use) s3ndsp4c3 /file/7mm7l8 The Watch preview and extra Playbooks sendspace /filegroup/T88rUWOiaoK2Hl4%2BdYB%2Fvw - - -

Shores of Korantia Taskan Empire send space dot com /filegroup/%2BlWX%2FaIRR%2Bm5adYBxXHqQA

Shotgun Diaries https://www.scribd.com/doc/36099354/Shotgun-Diaries the Sigil System http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/193287/The-Sigil-System The core system's pay-what-you-want

Sigil Stone - Belly of the Beast RPG (56 71MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/ovpx46

------All things Sig SS /file/mn15zh

Sig - Manual of the Primes SS /file/m8f1p2 Sig - Quickstart The Shard of Empire SS /file/6veoxe

Sig - GM Bundle SS /file/pwz9gf

Sig - Character Bundle SS /file/o2uxam ------

Signs and Portents (most are free) archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Mongoose+Publishing%22 silent Legions u$er$cl0udcom /4reizqc7a9ek

Silk in the Glen thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12374819/

------Silver Age Sentinels SS /file/tbqsrl

Silver Age Sentinels - Emergency Response SS /file/uaovjc

Silver Age Sentinels (D20) SS /file/0io8cg

Silver Age Sentinels - Roll Call 1 SS /file/86rqi1

Silver Age Sentinels - Roll Call 2 The Sidekicks Club SS /file/8dycyb

Silver Age Sentinels - Roll Call 3 Country Matters SS /file/5ko8dj

SAS - Shields of Justice The Heros Almanac SS /file/o7z5ys

SAS - Criminal Intent The Villains Almanac SS /file/sgqnb2

SAS - From the Files of Matthews GenTech SS /file/n4gda1

Silver Age Sentinels - GM Screen SS /file/naxbci

Silver Age Sentinels - Tri-Stat Character Folio SS /file/83g7ep

Silver Age Sentinels - d20 Character Folio SS /file/olefwz

Silver Age Sentinels - From the Files of Matthews GenTech SS /file/ohi17s ------

Sine Requie (an Italian horror post-apocalyptic rpg set after ww2) and a couple of manuals, they are in Italian. https://mega.nz/#F!tw01xbBS!OgLtr2WYsBIze4YH_THafw

Starvation Cheap for Sine Nomine g0fil3io /?c=ZnUGRL SS /file/zdip5k u$er$cl0ud /iisytt1fj4q4

The Singularity System Core SS /file/2jubua

Sins of the Father from TE SS /file/t2k92o

Sixcess - Core Rules SS /file/ksx6ng

Sixth Gun https://www.peginc.com/product-category/sixth-gun/

The Skeletons SS /filegroup/bFAJIx0BrHSFLLYKP5jXeQ

Skirmish Sangin nifty free downloads here http://www.skirmishsangin.com/downloads/

Skull and Bones http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/hrMKJuBt/file.html

Skullduggery by Robin Laws https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9lqeaqgcq579t/Frazle's_RPG_Stuff/Skulduggery/#cni6e8no1i2si

Skum of the Stars - overview of system & dice mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MTxIcJcDHk

Skybourne - Ships of Skybourne (PFRPG) (14 24MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/3z25zx Skybourne - The Players Guide to Skybourne (PFRPG) (20 31MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/15wnzh s3ndsp@c3 - /file/hgebb2 Vigilantes of Skybourne s3ndsp@c3 - / file/ hgebb2

SLA Industries - Core Rules - Revised Edition.pdf SS /file/ccc2tw

Slag! SS /file/6efgo3

Slasher RPG SS /file/k6qgql

Slasher Second Cut SS /file/1nal7j

Sleeping Griffon Productions - multiple files (Shared personally by creator Anthony Hunter. Support him if you can) SS /filegroup/fDQu2w%2FAWtdS8hFzRq5q5khexmR7Jx9LqILzskS1D9KtBxfjhf%2B6FA Adventurous Locations - The Infamous Drunken Harpy (5e/OSR) (again, shared personally by creator Anthony Hunter. Support him if you can!) SS /filegroup/l5spD09D4Ka8Iy1LwI4XiA

Sly Flourish's Fantastic Adventures SS /file/qnx5jn

Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations $n1pl1 /8728 upl0@dmb /dw.php?id=1505671442 SS /file/50i0ct SS /file/2o6p1p SS /file/h1ioi8 upl0@dmb /dw.php?id=1505671442

Sly Flourish - Fantastic Locations SS /file/z7ilsz

Small Towns, An RPG of Urban Horror by Brian Richmond s3ndsp4c3/file/mwb4l3

Smallville http://www.mediafire.com/download/9zad2gzf5egf9wg/Smallville+RPG.pdf SS /file/k813xh

Collected Snarf Quest SS /file/c1xeir

------SOLO GAMES http://p@st3b1n/F8teW7rr - Solo links https://m3d1@f1rE - /folder/1ecybp6dp8rix/SoloTG M3g4 /#F!VJsDgBhS!NDklouCp5IOavU_pj31dhQ Roughly 290 MB of solo stuff SS /file/vwqywx

Solo Wargaming Guide by Precis Intermedia SS /file/h9g2ji ------http://www.homeoftheunderdogs.net/gamebook.php https://annarchive.com/archive.html

Something Cool http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/50409385 something with 78 or more pages? SS /file/zuhrhy

------A Song of Ice and Fire green ronin ASOIAF rpg https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6sar1o14399xv/SIFRP http://www.mediafire.com/download/zrp1l9fdb4m67ss/A_Song_of_Ice_and_Fire_Roleplaying.pdf https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t025ud77ks4sr/A_Song_Of_Ice_And_Fire Advanced Songs of Blades and Heroes http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/iZxKO9TF/file.html Dragon's Hoard for ASOIAF SS /file/w2w982 ------

Sorcerer by Ron Edwards SS /file/25rb2u

Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk u$er$cl0ud /8o5uvx1knp9e

Sovereign Stone - Elves, Winds of Intrigue - Timeout Diversions http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/LbY8ekw9/file.html Sovereign Stone - Campaign Setting - PFRPG http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/IIzmbpcN/file.html Sovereign Stone - Campaign Setting - D&D 3.0 Edition http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/FROZ3lPW/file.htm Sovereign Stone - Campaign Setting - D&D 3.5 Edition http://www.uploadman.com/303348928db7ecc3

------Space: 1889 Space: 1889 The Liftwood Conspiracy https://www.sendspace.com/file/smbf1x Space 1889 - Venus sourcebook u$er$cl0ud /fin6ejxd2xc1 Space 1889 - Marvels of Mars u$er$cl0ud /asfk696y7tmi Space 1889 CoreBook 1e (1998) u$er$cl0udcom tdr5aygv9h1c 2e (2014) u$er$cl0udcom /a1mwlcjh6zl4 ------Space Gamer Magazine 9-12 & 80 sp @ce of Send /filegroup/VY9aLxNhYj6pI%2BN3r4YB2BeETrgB%2Fk10s0%2FFFqC21Kc

Space Gamer Magazine trove $nip /uOh3v

Space Gamer 77 - 88 6z!ppy$h@re /v/8JdiF3Ly/file.html

Space Gamer magazines m3ga /#F!RmI02bIR!IM0bU8wFDVRix80FicRp3A ------

Space Hulk and other Old Games Workshop Games https://mega.co.nz/#F!S1k2VLqI!eu5NIRiA0DO-ZqQcn-HPXA

------Spacemaster (50 meg rar) ICE 9000 Space Master Boxed Set (1st & 2nd Editions) ICE 9021 Armored Reserves ICE 9104 War on a Distant Moon, The Tayan Revolution ICE 9800 Raiders of the Frontier, House Jade-London Besieged 68z!ppy$h@re /v/6bfLnq1s/file.html

Space Master 2e: Star Strike u$er$cl0ud /pmn04mtrd0ai Artifacts & Aliens u$er$cl0ud /5r0a9n6sjccz Armored Assault u$er$cl0ud /hjysl9rk8em4 Armored Reserves u$er$cl0ud /aq4j25njyjcs Vessel Compendium 1 u$er$cl0ud /xrq2bi09gjb6 Vessel Compendium 2 u$er$cl0ud /q9tkc3qpzhqr Vessel Compendium 3 u$er$cl0ud /fatmsv5rzfl1 ------

Space Opera https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lwhe4nr16l5w6/Space_Opera

Space Patrol http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/33sKrhP1/file.html

Spanish language RPG Pdfs - direct downloads of plenilunio, blacksad... And a lot of popular rpgs elgrimorio.org

Spark http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/5QF7wZnN/file.html SS /filegroup/QBT4y5CSkss2tpZQdHv5j%2BSys0t%2BMZ7WN2OvhV1KLok

Sparks of Light (26.75MB) https://www.sendspace.com/file/77xn6b

Spheres of Might (Updated 2-9-18) SS /file/iiukxq

Species & Societies http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/ukoPJcjE/file.html

Spectre Operations miniatures game rulebook s3ndsp @cec0m /file/qpej66

Spellbound Kingdom $endsp @cec0m /file/ipepa0 Spellbound Kingdoms The Dragon Scroll - An Adventure for Spellbound Kingdoms https://www.sendspace.com/file/ogp69r

Spelljammer SJR7 Krynnspace http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/LZuBpnlS/file.html

Spider playbook https://fr.scribd com / document / 355752786/The-Spider-Playbook

The Spire SS /file/7sili5

------Spirit of 77 https://www.sendspace.com/file/ywxl75 https://mega.nz/#!z0h0FBDB!G4T0q2j_qdvJ6z0GConfHDZFkrhllEZ4byVRc48rJOo https://mega.nz/#!mlInFJJQ!9UQQQRJYfWrMF9UBQDBclnixSyshNjmHTmAts8bX6ek https://www.mediafire.com/?e89tq9eaba5nydg http://www.mediafire.com/download/e89tq9eaba5nydg/Rap_Sheet_V9_Large.pdf SS /file/961mpg SS /file/3ke2r8

Spirit of '77 (folder of Pbta trove) m3g4 /#F!sXJy2TwA!bNS9a7faCDdYLivujk8dgA!IbZkxKob ------

Splicers send space dot com /file/7yny9u

The Sprawl https://www.sendspace.com/file/e4b0lf https://www.sendspace.com/file/e4b0lf

Some Sprawl stuff SS /file/ztlvar

The Sprawl (NOON version/white background) m3g4 /#!lA9iUAQR!jHwAbL4qiRzaefED1zYVrg55LnbDSjM_phrvm2Mb6aE

------Spycraft 2.0 http://www.4shared.com/office/Q0xlSZy4/Spycraft_20_v2.html

Spycraft - World On Fire gofile.io /?c=nHBpph

Spycraft - World on Fire SS /file/w8kyg0

Spycraft Classic and 2.0 SS /file/u5cmxy ------

Squadron UK books trove SS /file/g338uy

STALKER - The Sci-Fi RPG http://www.4shared.com/office/pi2YRcW-ce/STALKER_-_The_Sci-Fi_RPG.html Stalker -2 different ones S3ndsp4c3 /file/e9c0ku S3ndsp4c3 /file/21uif1

Stalkers of The Elder Dark SS /file/ltfutj

Star Explorer board game (plus full and quad maps) m3g4 /#!aEh0CZZR!MxbU3762DRg-rkL85OquKnPHA8KBtkfUeOKJPNNQJuc All things Stars of Empire: A Scientific Romance Set During the Victorian Conquest of Space SS /file/nj408s

------Starfinder core rulebook m3g@ n2 /#!fN0CwSTJ!wGaVfD3AvBvaEOVg1WymGJyasSCHbiDrnZuhaisk3ps STARFINDER AP #1 - DEAD SUNS 1 /#!LZdn3Apb!MRPyNtC04BzC99NzKOL3-X7rSc7ozYD8tfoMaBHV-zA

Starfinder? SS /file/z2vdi

Starfinder Condition Cards. One file is the cards in Sheet form, which if printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, should print the right size. Also the individual images are in a file of their own. And for those who would perhaps like to design their own card sheets, there is a directory with the raw scans. m3ga nz /#F!uBYBmSBS!TMKgFGqdWTnyMzFmFWWjBA

Starfinder: Alien Archive 4shared /office/shrT0itNei/Pathfinder_Alien_Archive.html

Other Starfinder stuff drivegooglecom /drive/folders/0B0pK3BrJklJ1SzM0LTREOV9PUjQ

Starfinder Season 1-06 - A Night in Nightarch $nip /9UeGY

Starfinder Core Book 4shared /office/HGjDvpLpca/Starfinder_core_book.html

STARFINDER AP #3 - Splintered Worlds m3g4 /#!iVlm2QiD!bSLIQ0p1v5OYK0vikou9aKeTKi5g52enHmZDVzn4900 Magitech Monthly - Issue 2 - Weapon Technologies SS /file/sx0jgt

NotN - Travelers Guide to the Galaxy 001 - Hazards of the Void SS /file/cznme6

RG - Starfarers Codex - Witch Legacy Class SS /file/n2aqx2

Star LogEM-007 Duelist SS /file/9uoi3e

Star LogEM-008 Mystic Theurge SS /file/v67yqs

Star LogEM-009 Mechanic Tricks SS /file/p8ggin

Star LogEM-010 Operative Specializations SS /file/0kddxh

Star LogEM-012 Loremaster SS /file/aaabry

Star LogEM-013 Augmentative Equipment SS /file/3rihzc

Star LogEM-014 Eldritch Knight SS /file/ll8j9o

Star LogEM-015 Skinwalker SS /file/1pn8vw Star LogEM-016 Stellar Revelations SS /file/ll7opu

TPK - Races of the Outer Rim the Omenoi SS /file/wpvxqc

Gravity Age - Mutant Menagerie SS /file/ljttrj

Horizontech Catalogue 001 - New Starship Systems SS /file/v3uucu

LPJ - Infinite Space - Alternate Racial Traits Worlds of Difference SS /file/949m3u

LPJ - Infinite Space - Forbidden Weapons Experimental Arms SS /file/9e66tl

LRG - Red Sector Races SS /file/qf0c3h

Fractured Futures - Future Races (SFRPG) SS /file/uj8qus

Futures Past - Paying Forward (SFRPG) SS /file/aw7s0o

Rising Phoenix - Mecha, A Field Guide (SFRPG) SS /file/p8bn1a

AAW - Star System Set - Muinmos (SFRPG) SS /file/wwuqpn

AAW - Star System Set - Querritix (SFRPG) SS /file/iek1tf

LRGG - The Aug (SFRPG) SS /file/c1upay

Starfinder Scenario 01-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight, and

LRG - Alien Party Bus - New Races for Starfinder (SFRPG) SS /file/8hahcp

LRG - Dragoon (SFRPG) SS /file/tle2pr

Stygian Stars - SS01- Planet Death (SFRPG) SS /file/kyqlg1

TPK - Races of the Outer Rim the Ruanoch (SFRPG) SS /file/mzjq3b

D3 Adventures - The Starsea Chronicles (SFRPG) SS /file/yc4ezh

Happy Gnome - Redshirts, Adventures in Absurdity Vol 1 (SFRPG) SS /file/7xp85s SFRPG - Star RPG Starships and Planets SS /file/xfuph3

TPK - Mystic Spell Deck I SS /file/240967

TPK - Mystic Spell Deck II SS /file/ielh8a

TPK - Technomancer Spell Deck I SS /file/vwquab

TPK - Technomancer Spell Deck II SS /file/e4vx2l

Applied Vectors - Future Firearms SS /file/xqqi5y

Epic Level NPC - Epic Races - Galactic Racial Abilities SS /file/cxt2wp

Everyman - Star Log.Deluxe Genetic Knacks SS /file/z4tbcs

S Werd Studios - Adrift SS /file/01mfni

S Werd Studios - Adrift Map Pack SS /file/1m9bsp

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Asteroid SS /file/81q4vo

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Planets SS /file/e1ow5m

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Solar System SS /file/u3rxpg

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Starry Skies SS /file/s7atan

Everyman - Star LogEM-017 Gnolls SS /file/q2zq3i

Everyman - Star LogEM-018 Msvokas SS /file/629mwv

S Werd Studios - Adrift SS /file/01mfni

S Werd Studios - Adrift Map Pack SS /file/1m9bsp

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Asteroid SS /file/81q4vo

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Planets SS /file/e1ow5m S Werd Studios - Star Map - Solar System SS /file/u3rxpg

S Werd Studios - Star Map - Starry Skies SS /file/s7atan

Everyman - Star LogEM-017 Gnolls SS /file/q2zq3i

Everyman - Star LogEM-018 Msvokas SS /file/629mwv

Starfinder Season 1-09 - Live Exploration Extreme! SS /file/ngtsxz ------

Star Frontiers https://mega.nz/#F!O8YCyLgI!HqOILBCBJ4JEd0YBgY71kw

John Tynes' unpublished WEG d6 Stargate SG-1 Adventure Game draft and other SG materials available at gameworldthesnakefarmcom /stargatesg1.php

Starguild SS /file/tzcdnr Starjammer https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0-IxjmMq9NMME1RMElUZ1plRXM

Starlight Manifesto (sci fi) SS /file/1fds8c

------STAR LOG EM - 001 - Exocortex Options m3ga /#!PUtBFQiZ!AnsYztKx-U6qXAczbTiYCtDlJPcSub1Rw45u1kIluHM STAR LOG EM - 002 - Shadowdancer m3ga /#!XBNwibbK!onDoj7KXuUAxLrQreCDDMnmpMSeneO2YDubgD0vYgYQ STAR LOG EM - 003 - Collateral Characters m3ga /#!7RtDXIbI!Q2QZ3sOFchDQDb5_UHgxpHneJue7ffk6u280ufoZ4v4 STAR LOG EM - 004 - Assassin m3ga /#!7VckWAJD!UCh_3Ue3rRjIWDECw0lB-bkRIm_yKWHGid6nOxTL-VU STAR LOG EM - 005 - Infosphere Mystic Connection m3ga /#!rElQzAAC!JgrlDGAqFkpi6Zj-iHU11tTq38qGBd5yavmeh7Z-iWk Starlog EM-011 Arcan Artillerist by Everyman Gaming $nip /FvwvD ------

Starmada X MF /file/9mno7avmsf2e94e/Starmada+X.pdf

Star maps - particularly good for Star Strike $n!p /XJcu

------Starship Troopers RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tx3jgg9hte50u/Starship_Troopers_RPG

Starship Troopers Miniatures Game https://www.mediafire.com/folder/e4oycjt58953v/Starship_Troopers_Miniatures_Game

Arachnid Empire https://www.scribd.com/doc/306540051/Starship-Troopers-The-Arachnid-Empire ------

The Derelict adventure for Star Frontiers SS /file/tfo30p

------Star Trek Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius’ 2d20 RPG -Official Modiphius Page >http://www.modiphius.com/star-trek.html Playtest Materials (via Biff Tannen) >https://www.mediafire.com/folder/36m6c22co6y5m/Modiphius%20Star%20Trek%20Adventures Reverse Engineered Character Creation. >https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g2ofDX0-7tgHojjk7sKcp7uVFSK3M52eVP45gKNJhgY/edit? usp=sharing

Older Licensed RPGs (FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher) >http://pastebin.com/ndCz650p

Other (Unlicensed) RPGS (Far Trek + Lasers and Feelings) >http://pastebin.com/uzW5tPwS

WizKids’ Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniatures Game -Official WizKids Page (Rules and Player Resources) >http://wizkids.com/attackwing/star-trek-attack-wing/

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki >http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works >http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more >http://pastebin.com/mxLWAPXF

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected >http://www.startrekmap.com/index.html

/stg/ Homebrew Content >http://pastebin.com/H1FL1UyP - - -

FASA's RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9mt7sng56l8gg/Star_Trek_RPG_(FASA) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cwn8tbt2qm5t4/FASATREK_Adventures

Last Unicorn Game's RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9eiysv2192ods/Star_Trek_RPG_(LUG) -Official and Fanmade Resources http://www.coldnorth.com/memoryicon/

Decipher's RPG https://www.mediafire.com/folder/c6tb7p6dp0pye/Star_Trek_RPG_(Decipher) -Fan Supplements http://strpg.patrickgoodman.org

Far Trek https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lrhbz9l0qay0j/Far_Trek

Lasers & Feelings http://www.onesevendesign.com/laserfeelings/

Lore Resources Memory Alpha - Canon wiki http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main

Ex Astris Scientia - Fan analyses of ships, tech and continuity issues http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org

Daystrom Institute Technical Library - Database of ships and technology http://www.ditl.org

Star Trek LCARS Blueprints Database - Ship schematics, deck plans and recognition manuals http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/blueprints-main2.php

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Part of a balanced breakfast edition.

Charts, updated and corrected http://www.startrekmap.com/index.html

Star Trek Cartography - Information and maps http://www.stdimension.org/int/

The Adventures of the Ark Royal Crew (an /stg/ setting) >https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Ark_Royal

The history of Klingon Civil Rights/Star Trek artwork (more /stg/ headcanon) >http://klingonhistory.weebly.com/

Klingon D-7 ship floorplans http://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/book-of-klingon-plans.php

FASA Trek rebooted under Cepheus Engine 2d6 SciFi OGL. Ht tp://w ww.m ediafire.com/file/f22onfg8dywzeq3/Star_Trek_Alpha_Quadrant.pdf

Something Star Trekky https ://www .sendspace. com/file/d5bgj0

Star Trek Adventures - These are the Voyagers SS /file/ew314b SS /file/r10f90

Star Trek Adventures SS /file/l9jlya Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook SS /file/o0cb3r

Two playtest modules for Star Trek Adventures m3g4 /#F!nBkFVDwD!FK1fJ6lzo-hsY1AwKKeySA

The Next Generation Tiles SS /file/319uhz

Star Trek - by Modiphius SS /file/wqyx87 Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures Core SS /filegroup/Hu0XOBkRwhWGco3ycnSgXEsFn5Cwoz3f%2FdkbPcV4Cor9W7xWHpn%2FQA5og0XclHJY

Modiphius Star Trek Adventures Core and These Are The Voyages meg4 /#!jNpyRJoC!0pkeSSMCwQHEXbgGYikvG7G3x1sEQ9IGnavyrInZUmQ

STA - The Original Series Player Characters STA - The Next Generation Player Characters SS /PHFKRcCKQEomjzliq6YZrA - - - – --- – ------– – - - - - - STAR WARS Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games http://pastebin.com/Wca6HvBB

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD) >http://pastebin.com/wCRBdus6 >https://mega.nz/#!DkNTDTyZ!PUupCOep4RmRcsgI3rNhU_Pk_xcyFbYWnhrq8gwrVv0

Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault and the Star Wars LCG) >http://pastebin.com/ZkpXpbJ1

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault) http://www.mediafire.com/download/64xy3uy6vepll8v/com.fantasyflightgames.swdice.ver.1.1.4.build.9.apk

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.) http://pastebin.com/wXP0LdyJ

Reference Materials & Misc. Resources http://pastebin.com/AGFFkSin All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/) https://mega.co.nz/#F!2R5kDTqQ!WfrDla-jvDIn05U57T9hhQ

Just What IS Canon Anyways? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Canon#2014_reboot http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_canon_media

The Clone Wars Viewing Guide http://img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1442/36/1442364889994.png

Star Wars:starships deckplans. https://mega.nz/#F!JwIHEbKA!Cg0X5cqYnFAN_X0_XTusHw

Star Wars – West End Games https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i66bp7lpmoicm/Star_Wars_D6

Special Modifications, the.Star Wars :EotE sourcebook for technicians (scan) http://www.mediafire.com/download/c2gs3sml5hd3ylw/Special+Modifications.pdf

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion and/or Force and Destiny https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wupj3ttc6wpxk/Star_Wars_RPG_(FFG) https://mega.nz/#F!blI01Jga!6uL6fLHF2rJFKDN57E14WQ

Shipfag's hangar https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByhAdnTlOKOeQnA4SFByUC1aQWM&usp=sharing

Writefaggotry http://pastebin.com/cJY5FK9T FFG Star Wars books. https://mega.nz/#F!blI01Jga!6uL6fLHF2rJFKDN57E14WQ!69Z3HZzT

FFG Star Wars Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/h351f05cfxs8y//FFG%20Star%20Wars%20RPG

Star Wars Trove Edge of Empire, Leia Does Chewbacca, more https://mega.nz/#F!Ol0SjbaS!NhujHrrasHyhop2ijl6TUA

Star Wars Saga https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bt7ae2kv5bc9k/Star_Wars_Saga_Edition

Star Wars Wiki d6holocron.com ------Stars Without Number MF /file/dn7atpe2lyqccxw/Stars+Without+Number+Core.pdf Stars Without Number - Lurian Trailing Cluster Book 1 $nipli/4563854 Stars Without Number - Lurian Trailing Cluster Book 2 $nipli/73126 free version of Stars Without Number https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4qCWY8UnLrcSXNVUW9CRzMtbkE

Stars Without Numbers Revised m3g4 /#!cdli0CBb!IJzuxmG88gCty7RsTQaBym4Vdngke9Rwkbj6xfCRWys

Stars Without Number Revised Release Cadidate Beta-RC3 m3g4 /#!AFsyzbgK!lQ4KVbKtsJsOEmIuO4LWMOLC4HYVeKuPM7F_FE2j-RI

Stars Without Number - Core Edition SS /filegroup/fklOGAlnyq5fb%2FrBXJrNeQ

Stars Without Number - Sixteen Stars SS /file/cc2apz

Stars Without Numbers deluxe edition SS /file/nditr7

Stars Without Numbers Revised - deluxe edition SS /file/w617q0

Stars Without Number revised SS /file/gp25wu

Relics of the Lost for SWN SS /file/z8d4hw

Everyman - Star Log.Deluxe Zoomer SS /file/7g79lv

FLIP-MAT - Bigger Bridge m3g4 /#!mIkAgYxS!S1TcIW9LHll5u0XvGUfSS7_MRQCmif4F1OmSvllFHCE

MAP PACK - Starship Deck m3g4 /#!SIkVDKTT!pDTpPi7qvWs8ajuZWR2KURVyXpu-de-DRM7sBG1hgKc

STARFINDER AP #4 - The Ruined Clouds m3g4 /#!DM9wBD5I!pUmXci5owg60p0ZB7yMBMNBXlPkBtQcxAmE4ovoVYfc ------Stay Frosty m3g4 /#!scUkSDLA!ZybYWPwzePtfAu3Xi05KaqYL0eT2KIqXXzKkmLmxgIo

Both Osprey Steampunk books m3g4 /#!pZYAiRzb!qwruG60FFJzc8uQheNPEu5VcLDX0E_hHq7VCZLh2orQ m3g4 /#!xNRRnJ7S!YnSMiz3LCRhQZGNVQjpR9yAt4TFRmJW_9U8pEvgm20I


Stormbringer https://www.sendspace.com/file/xuqlsg Stormbringer - 5th Edition - Chaosium.pdf https://userscloud.com/nq6159wfiyyk Stormbringer by Chaosium send space dot com/filegroup/31SZcOIHhlWr1HB0oB8O90472zKi0fBVQ18t4MFt6VmUJslaEMVZLUNkV3Y3FTu9/filegroup/pdijvb5yxqzd8rcrI9h7FA Elric corebook send space dot com /file/g4kzk0 Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the World of the Five Planes send space dot com /file/hxbunm Supplement upl04dm4n FORSLASH 55fee28bdc6c3501 Stealer of Souls SS /file/73gdg3 ------

Stonehell 2 SS /file/lce2ig

Stonehell Dungeon: Down Night-Haunted Halls m3g4 /#!IsYk1a7K!FzRKmvCOYkUwkmig_nYVfYBzneINkDiMYAyuYo3SPJc

Story Engine, Now Playing, The Unexplained, and Primetime Adventures SS /filegroup/p02P4jJWVgpOkH1OPOfhEFJTGIOpzYXGBbTcAJawVB%2B9PSqy77V2k72AsyIhxHKI

Straight to VHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2RHG2KkBIioQ1k2dGlpUldrbjA/view?usp=drivesdk http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/48219252/#48219252

The Strange: Cypher and Creature Decks SS /filegroup/uEWHPBWhkMY09iG3O5fGEw

The Strange - The Hum SS /file/p3eu4c

Strange Aeons - Poster Map Folio $nip /8896

Strange Aeons 2nd edition SS /file/fwce5q


Strange Stars - Setting http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/bxN012ML/file.html

Strange Stars Fate Rule Book http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/n7mDnsQi/file.html

Strange Trails http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/Tp8OK0SW/file.html Strange-Stars-Rule-Book-OSR http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/u9EbvxSY/file.html

Weird Adventures - S.S http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/KxkwlucZ/file.html ------

Strike http://www.mediafire.com/download/m555wbs905jb00z/Strike%21_Core_Rulebook.pdf

Strike Force Archives or the new Aaron Allston's Strike Force, both from BlackWyrm Games Download all three parts, then extract them with 7zip. Have fun https ://www.sendspace. com /filegroup/%2BUeXQOvbXfhXNvPTKA0ZS2s2DeZQgnCI

Strontium Dog s3ndsp4c3 /file/g53dn9 (core rules) the story games names project http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/QcWpWKUI/file.html

Overview of A Sundered World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjXEJTn-IG8

Superbabes - Core, and Game of the Century, Superhero 2044 - Core $n!pli /6K39v

Supernatural: Role Playing Game https://www.mediafire.com/folder/v7cfe73a7p8af/Supernatural

Supers, revised https://www.sendspace.com/file/x2w2oa SUPERS! REVISED EDITION Injustice For All Super Syndicate Search & Destroy The Super Villian Handbook #F!duwT1JZB!pB79vMXM_d5kRCjMtGfm7g

Supers Revised - Search & Destroy SS /file/5zb526

Super Gacahpon Fighter Omega Infinity (Print) SS /file/hlaavn

Super Gacahpon Fighter Omega Infinity (Screen) SS /file/7ep5lc

Superhero games BASH!, some ICONS, some Save The Day, and one each of Capes Cowls And Villains Foul and Villains And Vigilantes. https ://www.sendsp ace .com/file/s08eg7

Superline #1-6 SS /filegroup/i2%2FuPnCQBSw2XF9iDw%2B2LbBQtRh4ualUrpDv55bVYt9tK7GVM3GIuiwD7gTdg407

Rules light Superhero or maybe John Wick stuff ss/filegroup/jWKnZHAL9J7vpIS%2B76ybEXigczc3CA0YnhLpNMqYiHaMq82q7SPe3g

Super Fun TV Hour SS /file/ur7fnr

------Super Happy Sentai Hour - Gestalt Edition SS /file/m6c5qy

Super Happy Sentai Hour SS /file/4klcxf

Super Happy Sentai Hour - Character Record Sheets SS /file/cihn4u

Super Happy Sentai Hour - Companion 1 SS /file/2ad4he ------

Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies: SS /file/5f6tv9 m3diafir3 /?yjmwetyqemj

Swordfish Islands folder /\/\3g4 dot NZ /#F!NEMzQC4T!Cw1EGxS4lD0J2CCfHpYV2A

Hydra Cooperative - Operation Unfathomable (S&W) SS /file/3myinb

The Dark of Hot Springs Island SS /filegroup/pQzHO2z2nky%2BpeKWfPPC7nz7QNXITLDs

3 books for Hot Springs Island m3g4 /#F!FSo0zT7D!44C6TOnHR3EEpRug1WDv0A

S&S https://www.mediafire.com/?c1okejaz0d0u585

------Swords and Wizardy Whitebox https://snw.smolderingwizard.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4&mobile=on Swords and Wizardry - White Box Omnibus uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502020279 Swords and Wizardry - The Lost Lands Bard's Gate uplo@dmb /dw.php?id=1502020372 https://fr.scribd com / document/355655906/The-Lost-Lands-Bard-s-Gate FGG's "The Lost Lands: The Blight" for S&W SS /file/tf3vga

Hex Crawl Chronicles 01 - Valley of the Hawks $nip /43039

The Blight - TB3 Bloody Jack $nip /491249

S&W - One Too Many Kobolds SS /file/c4bp6t ------

Swords Of Kos (smaller file) SS/file/5h7w1s

Synthicide - Target Rich Environment SS /file/zltchv ------Symbaroum Core: http://userscloud.com/t29loe5oofj5 Nature of Davokar supplement: http://userscloud.com/45irn8y3sh8o https://www.modiphius.net/collections/symbaroum http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/180815/Symbaroum--The-Throne-of-Thorns Pay what you want.

Symbaroum ULTRAPACKED download! This is everything available in English, and what freely available pdfs there are in Swedish. PLUS my own translated and McGuyver'd pdf for the april fool's published Andrik race! Some Iron Pact material, a few adventures and creatures, slipped into the zip too. Some useful html filler, but if you would like to know more about that you just need to visit the Iron Pact website. http://www112.zippyshare.com/v/RxDGrmoA/file.html

Symbaroum Advanced Players Guide https://files.catbox.moe/7gdd77.pdf

Symbaroum - Advanced Players Guide v1.0.1 upl0@dm@ncom/1fa790b0c4efc0f3

Symbaroum Adventure Pack 1 $nipli/577d

Symbaroum The Hunters Harbor $nipli/46296

Symbaroum The Mark of the Beast $nipli/0111557

Symbaroum Tomb of Dying Dreams $nipli/7804

Symbaroum Wrath of the Warden $nipli/4340

Symbaroum Wrath of the Warden GM Resource $nipli/712013

Maybe Symbaraum ? www3z1ppysh@recom/v/TA6tWt2L/filehtml Symbaroum - Copper Crown 1, 2, and 3 SS /file/hm6yn5 Symbaroum - Throne of Thorns SS /file/3qj01r Symbaroum - core and immediate supplements SS /file/maqcos Symbaroum - GM Screen SS /file/jwxj0a Symbaroum Adventure Pack 2 m3g@ dot n2 /#!sApnXTwQ!Wfg6a4N2oHlWWKfgUMSIQ7P36i4aaz1TwvK-b7DAz_s Symbaroum $n!p /YGdU Symbaroum Advanced Player's Guide ss /file/lrb0xj

Karvosti - The Witch Hammer SS /filegroup/iO22EnAdSfofiKvxiisxRXBeTNpajy2A

Symbaroum: Libro Basico y Aventuras 1 en Español SS /file/53l08v ------T: Spectrum Games - Tacky Tawdry and Tasteless the Reality Show RPG SS /file/urc0ks

Taking20 - Issue 01 SS /file/g0hxqm

------Tal Dorei Tal Dorei Campaign Setting and Map ss /filegroup/b4JnaQ3b%2FAFq6rYoXfoiRw Jade Colossus & Tal'dorei s3ndsp4ce /filegroup/jWNrFmTJhCZ7LnjHHDUYvhqm8HLLKxZ%2B Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting https://www.dropbox.com/s/pkijcm0mhd2y29o/Critical%20Role%20Tal%27Dorei%20Campaign%20Setting.pdf?dl=0 Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting from Green Ronin S3nd 5p4ce /filegroup/oG53Ys%2BhTZ4XwCgemkD1xg ------

Tales from the Floating Vegabond SS /file/8hysl5

------Tales From the Loop Tales From the Loop Alpha http://www.mediafire.com/file/82m2qd24ub8vyy5/Tales_From_the_Loop_Alpha.pdf Tales From The Loop - Two scenarios alpha Chapter 11: Creatures from the Cretaceous link https://mega.nz/#!c59kmJbK!EdoUaKURAy9QSacX_Fnzmr-s1lM6AVb1RZpV7Ay9pX4 Chapter 12: I, Wagner link https://mega.nz/#!JwV2Faza!X7eQfZb2WumUl_aHMGEyeSIkcpbpRVp_0dVMaJKxAXs Tales From The Loop Beta PDF: https://mega.nz/#!T5g0mTCA!u3nksRRZzYa-eGw1I5GX64cOzCbtmYBeI22MJYz1REk success Tales from the Loop (Final) upl0@dm@ncom/f22322e986193107

Tales from the Loop SS /file/9jluq2 Tales from the Loop https://www.sendspace.com/file/8d3ufc

Tales from the Loop Mystery Compendium (Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries) SS /file/vb9cm3

Tales from the Loops - Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries and other files SS /filegroup/IxnPEj80WSd14RwEIfecfITdzODiThg%2FA%2BSt6R0oi50

Tales from the Loop (final) SS /filegroup/5xMSQgD5mxag8Ueqxc1u4aPgVt%2F3X%2B5d - - - - – ------– ------Tales of Blades and Heroes - Tales of Beasts and Perils ss /file/qw6k1d

Tales of Blades and Heroes zip SS /file/jrj86v

Tales of Blades and Heroes extra file SS /file/66x38h ------

Tales of the Caliphate Nights SS /file/aqmx6k

------Tales of Equestria SS /file/a0mv1i

Tails of Equestria additions: SS /filegroup/TTM7V8aCFtERapJYpSN873q%2BEmPlqCG3

Tales of equestria: the my little pony RPG Vp1oadMB /dw.php?id=1499637768 ------

Tales of the Flying Vagabond ss /file/d14zwf

------Tales of Gor u$er$cl0ud /kzktah2az3un

Tales of Gor Encyclopedia u$er$cl0ud /1fre5ce8f807

Tales of Gor Artbook u$er$cl0ud /6bqvqcfkjvji 00 The Game of Worlds u$er$cl0ud /rgenhmjxw5oy

01 The Tower of Art u$er$cl0ud /egbhf9ys592l

02 The Silver Cult u$er$cl0ud /u7pcvwrpsn65

03 The Turian Gambit u$er$cl0ud /djg547nyf3tv ------

Arion Games - Tales of the Village SS /file/e22uqy

Tavern Tales The pdf is free. http://www.taverntalesrpg.com/ %2BeLhxWOF8OjhUaCfaIRScaBgWBI%

TB mega /#F!0qwkhKzR!6QZezBzXKjWydcbg0Eo25w

A Taste for Murder - English 1930s Murder Mystery SS /file/bosepp

------TechNoir http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/filename/technoir/ http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1491344574 SS /file/1h8krs SS /filegroup/vHDCE9RZX5J4MByU9tBADPJqitXoNRXm6Yp1GHZunj63fmJVpZj2JOEMKxaUvb3r1hDutko9tQuv vxLSHj42QqbuRK%2F0WO9amS8Cw34MnB1OOQ3WtX0ajxw0ifr2ZAb6 ------Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Revised Core SS /file/kumkdo

Trans-Dimensional Turtles SS /file/bgz4is ------Teenagers From Outer Space Field Trip SS /file/r1bx5n

Star Riders SS /file/vc0jlo

R. Taslorian - Teenagers from Outerspace (3rd Edition) SS /file/f88tsr ------

Tekumel SS /file/0gicn3 SS /file/2zpcv5

Temples of Blood u$er$cl0ud /cpzobnctkquv

Tenra Banshou Zero http://www.mediafire.com/download/4wy38t1kllp23c7/Tenra+Bansho+Zero.zip https://www.sendspace.com/file/8jqxhz

------Tephra All things Tephra m3g4 /#F!6MAWmISR!D8u4aeMFiOV-IcmeDSrNJA

Tephra - Pets & Predators-op www2z!ppy$h@recom/v/E7csy4Em/file.html

Tephra - Kickstarter Adversary Book-op www2z!ppy$h@recom/v/ejr7nzHJ/file.html

Tephra https://mega.nz/#!VhZC0aYS!wo146q6NTL2pjCcGV9Oj0Py7i95FP3Hveyu0RAoHbf4

Tephra - The Maniacal Machinations of a Madman SS /file/kx7hrp ------

Teratic Tome http://www91.zippyshare.com/v/4WKdomnD/file.html SS /filegroup/ZziUyGCPaj8vkE2%2FgZ2h6Q

Terran Trade Authority RPG (Morrigan Press) Plus the original books! http://www.mediafire.com/download/4zxvucxd81041mj/Terran+Trade+Authority+RPG+-+Core+Rulebook.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/z3dgxdd7z55h0kd/TTA+Handbook+-+Spacecraft+2000+to+2100AD.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/bnhsyxpi7qq9uz5/TTA+Handbook+-+Spacecraft+2100+to+2200AD.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/yhygvuk3963ujcg/TTA+Handbook+-+Great+Space+Battles.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/1xel3tu2td64zc6/TTA+Handbook+-+Spacewreck.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/q1vwvqtq9y6urqp/TTA+Handbook+-+Starliners.pdf

------Terror Network core SS /file/guhpmk

Average Joes - A Whole New Take on Terror Network SS /file/mf9zzu

Crime Network SS /file/r4v5jy

Old Country SS /file/sffvyk

Operation Hydra Den SS /file/oi1q9c

Operation Hydra SS /file/876wtc

Orlandos Guide to Organized Crime SS /file/05hzv7

The Agency Resource Guide SS /file/kd168a

The Patriot Incident SS /file/vqg0b4 ------

Terrors of the Ancient World $n!p /D02UR

Terror Thirteen core rulebook SS /file/q8seih

Terror Thirteen SS /file/dnv9er

The Dholes book for Tesla Lovecraft SS /file/1yjlsj

HERALD Lovecraft & Tesla SS /file/1oh1sm

Tiantang sourcebook SS /file/e6s50u

Tiantang Core Rulebook 2e SS /file/xfwxim

------Tianxia Accelerated upl0@dm@ncom/314823f219e2e87d Tianxia - Path of Destiny upl0@dm@ncom/827d7baa67579e1e

Tianxia - War Iron & Stone upl0@dm@ncom/5f60b26e378259ab

Tianxia - 12 Golden Butchers upl0@dm@ncom/ca04c3e957d7777e

Tianxia - Arcana for the Deck of Fate (Blue) SS /file/tc7gxd

Tianxia - Arcana for the Deck of Fate (Red) SS /file/53hmui ------

Theatrix SS /file/yyqelm

Theatrix Presents - Ironwood SS /file/f42jm7

These Stars are Ours upl0@dm@ncom/5f2cff26f4b49244

Thieves Guild collection $n!pli /1vMZd

The Things We Leave Behind http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/49610721/#q49711851

The Thin Blue Line - A Detroit Police Story Players guide and Character sheets $end$spacecom /filegroup/Q6lAmx3VqiwqJwdL%2FJALLA

Thou Art But A Warrior SS /file/htw2qm

Thirteen Wheel Broken Santuar SS /file/sdujv4

This Is Not A Test http://www.mediafire.com/download/dswcma29xqxe4sy/This_Is_Not_A_Test.pdfk www111z!ppysh@recom /v /DNJ1fCIe /file html m3g4 /#!KdVgyJwJ!Wo383fvNvbMtaHAvMAWQUonqeNuwq3GsQbE1sS4IfaY

This is not a Test and Wasteland Companion MF /folder/74wxxfy9ru8vr/this_is_not_a_test

All things Thousand Suns (Revised)... https://www.sendspace.com/file/ny4nji

------Through the Breach has all the content released m3g4 /#F!Z9sVSYTS!U2J243KhVsUuOqAnsqTj4A!Y811VYCZ https://www.mediafire.com/ folder/1w2eul8r8h2s6/Malifaux_-_Through_the_Breach https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0c94my8rsd1a5/TTB Through the Breach - 2nd Edition with bookmarks $n!p /KUys0 Through The Breach - 2nd Edition SS /file/awfiw7

Through the Breach - Penny Dreadful - A Stitch in Time. SS /file/tpl8ip

Through the Breach - Penny Dreadful - Fire in the Sky SS /file/i978ee

Through the Breach - core plus one SS /file/5u8exm ------

Thunderscape: the World of Aden https://www.sendspace.com/file/yjfw7d

Tianxa SS /file/0v68hd

Random tile goodness http://the-lost-and-the-damned.664610.n2.nabble.com/Dungeon-Tiles-f6574622.html

Technically IA skirmish mats - I believe they are 1" squares http://www.ibrahimshaathcouk/imperialassault/

OEFs of Apocalypse and Gehenna from the Time Of Judgment series SS /file/q5n7rf

------TIME MASTER MimeTaster Screen u$er$cl0ud /vblgmbzoxqo6

Trime Ticks u$er$cl0ud /sli5z0164ay3

Time Master SoxBet u$er$cl0ud /s6ksrvh8lqbe ------TimeWatch - The Valkyrie Gambit SS /file/0twvm3

TimeWatch Game Master's Screen & Resource Book SS /file/jszbm7

Timewatch GUMSHOE s3ndsp@c3 - /file/hkiw4i

Timewatch – updated core book, The Book of Changing Years, Behind Enemy Times SS /file/sut0vn ------Time Zero - Core Book $nip /qqVn

Time Zero The Mirrors of Carthage $nip /iBiqD

Time Zero Tomorrow Bomb $nip /m1Nc4 ------Tiny Dungeon - 2nd Edition SS /file/uv2azv u$er$cl0ud /0kj7mjb68i8a

Tiny Dungeon 2e Player's Guide u$er$cl0ud /ibn949g0yj0s

Tiny Dungeon 2e Treasure Deck u$er$cl0ud /xi8g8ytl2f6d ------Tiny Frontiers Core u$er$cl0ud /xdg0p3xbubmz

Tiny Frontiers Expansion u$er$cl0ud /8uc8tb13ubug

Tiny Frontiers Character Sheet u$er$cl0ud /jq0rfguq8tbu ------

Titansgrave https://us3rscl0udcom/qhixfyff3e0n

Titansgrave Map https: //us3rscl0udcom/5ro27wpddm6c

Tome of Beats by Kobold Press s3ndsp4c3 /file/j29efv

Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide (Savage Rifts) http://userscloud.com/rtpr6z4zjqr3

Tooniversal Tour Guide http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1476844912

Top Secret m3d1af1r3 /folder/0865ssfe5iie6/Top_Secret

------Torchbearer Rulebook and Beastiaries https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/thFdr3ufwGWXmFwUPWsOoUhYkdxwmBfd https://www.sendspace.com/file/thh7n8 http://www.mediafire.com/download/ssctjo3jra334cm/Torchbearer.pdf

Torchbearer Dread Crypt of Skogenby is free on the website ------TORG free TORG Eternity quickstart guide is up on Drivethru: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/215400/Torg-Eternity--Free-RPG-Day-Special

All things TORG b!tly /2vygxTA

List of TORG card effects http://torg.pbworks.com/w/page/22371954/Drama%20Deck ------

OSR - Tower of the Scarlet Wizard /file/vtyd25

Tragedy in Five Acts ss /file/8szbs6

TOSS a bus stop RPG framework http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/6RmbRa6r/file.html

Towers 2 SS /filegroup/8Cod2KCX9ncF6puiDRePfA

Towers of Krshal ss /filegroup/mW1SsCN1v%2FWZyScIgkfenQ

------Transylvania Chronicles I - Dark Tides Rising (oef) SS /file/bpbihv

Transylvania Chronicles II - Son of the Dragon (oef) SS /file/gpwvp1

Transylvania Chronicles III - Ill Omens (oef) SS /file/qkirhl

Transylvania Chronicles IV - The Dragon Ascendant (oef) SS /file/iivkob ------

Trapsmith u$er$cl0ud /e8y1gldxih3h

Trauma 2e SS /file/4werew

A Translation of Evil SS /filegroup/1mJGrw32LWXQXGGKved2FDbe47seoJ8Mt0XS1tvLr8Su8AvJePBeCh7Sr1m9mNDLF2sil8mEtqAu CjzmgcbpkCKaM1Q5Hut1o4NlFIzhXZelW3oASQGaQCnWZCrZ1Pu6ZGUdViVpm3lrx6J1ep0MF3PH3I9VWTI V0

Traveller Traveller Traveller Traveller Traveller Traveller Traveller Traveller

Master Folders: https://mega.nz/#F!WRQnUIJQ!RWEzUCE1dTTxdQDLkHvNfg https://www.mediafire.com/folder/puqo88hi0x9vs/TRAVELLER https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lcajhdj00lsyo/MONGOOSE_TRAVELLER http://www.4shared.com/folder/SgVP1VoX/Traveller.html Classic Huge Traveller collection https://mega.nz/#F!DkdyQITY!Y1VxiiEtuqDwhHo5wEw65w Mongoose https://mega.co.nz/#F!yg8gXRDJ!NMUmuB-cH9fINnkRv0242A Mongoose Traveller core book https://www.sendspace.com/file/b3lktz

GURPS Traveller https://www.mediafire.com/folder/o456wmkz6phtl/Books#n9ov2by4c9jv0

Galactic Maps: http://travellermap.com/ http://www.utzig.com/traveller/iai.shtml http://www.utzig.com/cgi-bin/iai/map_top.pl

Resources: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Traveller http://zho.berka.com/ http://www.travellerrpg.com/CotI/Discuss/ http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Main_Page http://www.freelancetraveller.com/index.html http://www.mediafire.com/view/4rw7qke96xddh6i/GURPS_-_3rd_Edition_-_Traveller_-_Far_Trader.pdf

GURPS Traveller Behind the Claw GURPS Traveller Beowulf Class Freetrader Deckplans GURPS Traveller Changes from First to Second Edition GURPS Traveller Condensed Skills GURPS Traveller Corebook GURPS Traveller Deckplans - Animal Class Safari Ship GURPS Traveller Deckplans - Blakeway 300 GURPS Traveller Deckplans - Labship GURPS Traveller Deckplans - Pioneer X GURPS Traveller Deckplans - Veng Class Vargr Corsair GURPS Traveller Eperdish Campaign GURPS Traveller Flare Star GURPS Traveller GM Screen GURPS Traveller Guns That Might Have Been GURPS Traveller Heroes 1 - Bounty Hunters GURPS Traveller Marava Class Fartrader Deckplans GURPS Traveller Megacorps GURPS Traveller Planetary Survey 1 - Kamsii GURPS Traveller The Dark Nebula Campaign GURPS Traveller Warships of the Dark Nebula MegaTraveller Hard Times MegaTraveller Knightfall https://www.mediafire.com/folder/zse0p13ydrdbz/Traveller

Music to Explosively Decompress to: >Old Timey Space music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w34fSnJNP-4&list=RD02FH8lvwXx_Y8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0cbkOm9p1k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDXfQTD_rgQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH8lvwXx_Y8 >Slough Feg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM7DJqiYonw&list=PL8DEC72A8939762D4

>Herrmann - The Day the Earth Stood Still http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ULhiVqeF5U >Tangerine Dream - Hyberborea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LOZbdsuWSg >Brian Bennett - Voyage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZioqPPugEI

Traveller 2300AD Pretty much a complete set of GDW's 2300AD plus the Mongoose book https://mega.nz/#F!KtMwjSoQ!uaT1LGNrO1DcG7TGhEwXCA Traveller Core rule book final https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/oHHmJXFcrnoo6LBYG2xQxuRrs%2BN6eoTSCCfr4G2iRw8mJRlWvmXffg

Traveller - A Primer to These Stars Are Ours snip.li/874645 Traveller - The Space Patrol $nipli/696083

Traveller core rulebook final https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/oHHmJXFcrnoo6LBYG2xQxuRrs %2BN6eoTSCCfr4G2iRw8mJRlWvmXffg

Traveller 2nd edition Vehicle Handbook http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1501897143

HERO Traveller https://mega.nz/#F!lM0SDILI!ji20XD0i5GTIUzke3iv07Q!MF1mAJyL

Traveller 2016 http s ://meg a.nz/#F!lM0SDILI!ji20XD0i5GTIUzke3iv07Q!UY91lDba retro traveller? F@$@ - Late 19th century ss /file/qlqczf

Traveller archive mega /#F!lM0SDILI!ji20XD0i5GTIUzke3iv07Q

A new, differently organized and more comprehensive Traveller trove $n!p li /kqm2x

"Solo" by Zozer Games for Traveller original 2013 version s3ndsp4c3 /file/192bwa

Chthonian Stars - Core Setting (Traveller) SS /file/bbf5vv

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 1 Humaniti Security SS /file/2c3aah

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 2 Imperial Marines I SS /file/ns6drl

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 3 Imperial Marines II SS /file/28hfre

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 4 Imperial Marines III SS /file/zs9edm

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 8 Belters - Humaniti I SS /file/cu0atq

Traveller Paper Miniatures Vol 10 Humaniti Adventurers SS /file/j3ks6a

El Cheapo Minis Vol 2 Modern Folk SS /file/5eei7n

El Cheapo Minis Vol 3 Future Folk SS /file/97x67z

The February 2018 update to the Traveller 2e corebook SS /file/qiyjpo ------TRI STAT >PDQ http://www.mediafire.com/folder/ilwaw1zohw7fb/Tri-Stat >http://www.mediafire.com/folder/8t5ko45lo1413/Tri-Stat Tri-Stat: Demon City Shinjuku! https://www.sendspace.com/file/jftjh8 Tri Stat BESM 1st,2nd, 3rd, d20, Tank Police, Hong Kong Action Theater, Sailor Moon RPG https://mega.nz/#F!EsZ2DBRZ!t6xZHgyts3_6RS2WfXFWIA

Dominion Tank Police (better version) SS /file/j4wi1t ------

Tribes of Prax MF /folder/54a1imkev4idy/Tribes_of_Prax

Trigger Happy (Jason Statham the RPG) SS /file/ry4uya

Trigun RPG SS /file/fbrhsu

Troll Lord Games - The Book of Familiars - Animal Familiars 83z!ppy$h@re /v/1XqbMQtj/file.html

Troll Lord Games - The Book of Familiars - Monstrous Familiars 83z!ppy$h@re /v/EJV181FZ/file.html d20 Trouble at Durbenfort thepiratebayorg /torrent/6370392/Necromancer_Games_-_Sword_and_Sorcery

True20 and Dungeon World https://mega.nz/#F!7IZlDDiB!VjNHDZ0Vwrqtnh_vEcApFQ

Stuffer Shack Press - Truly Terrifying Vampires SS /file/u53gcw

Troika! SS /filegroup/VsRa2kEc5flLAoa29NGn9Q

------T&T Tunnels and Trolls - The Complete Dungeon of the Bear SS /filegroup/8Oz%2BSABH0Ehm%2FgxxOomgTA Tunnels and Trolls files SS /file/cg7o62 Porphyry: World of the Burn - a setting sourcebook for Tunnels and Trolls SS /file/52oaui Tunnels & Trolls Solo 18 - Captif d'Yvoire $nip.li /FLQ T&T solo stuff /#F!Iiw02IpJ!8Bhok110kqd-qnzQiG7reA a bunch of T&T zines SS /file/4mr1k3

Tunnels & Trolls - Rulebook (Free RPG Day 2007) SS /file/nmeyn3

T & T - Kings Ear (The Rainbow Palace Anthology) SS /file/py5jsh

T & T - Solo Dungeon 10 - Sorcerer Solitaire SS /file/efsfo8

T & T - Swamp of Doom I - No Fences to Mend SS /file/h81t0c

T & T - Swamp of Doom IV - Candlelight and Murky Water SS /file/y8lay3

T & T - The Khaghbboommm 2012 Omnibus Edition - Six Pack Special SS /file/86sd6z

T & T - The Wizards Test SS /file/9mn4w6

T & T - Tower of Terror SS /file/b0cu6q

TrollsZine - Issue 09 SS /file/sepkxf

T & T - A Sworded Adventure SS /file/rlzaow

T & T - A Travelers Tale SS /file/zo9div

T & T - Hot Nights in Lowhollow SS /file/9jlc4i

Tunnels and Trolls 1e (2013 reprint) SS /file/zys4xf

Tunnels and Trolls collection SS /filegroup/sd4uQggyPNL6rcufdj0zVx7QmLrt1dSxQHLHA571iAiWqUp1CQx6h4599CFbaW6kdnrBP %2BfD7B%2FphUqz1VYWpoysiSZTnbpR ------

TWERPS https://www.mediafire.com/?s368imce27bmze9

------Twilight 2000 https://mega.co.nz/#F!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA

Twilight 2000 2e m3g4 /#F!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA

Eternal Soldier #01 for Twilight 2000 68z!ppy$h@re /v/5qkOmcVf/file.html ------U: UFOs Usborne World of the Unknown https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5yf71laq43c3z/References

Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde SS /file/lu1zbq

The Ultimate GM Screen II (34.46MB) SS file/o73ioq

Ultimate Toolbox SS /file/lqdb5m

Ultraverse Roleplaying System 1.41 SS /file/lm4s83

Unbound plus two genre packs SS /file/7d7cpm

Unbound by Grant Howitt SS /file/nc0e6r

------Uncharted Worlds http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/auMGTHIS/file.htm l SS /file/p35pzj Uncharted Worlds: Far Beyond Humanity SS /file/dbb5rv ------

Uncivil War http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ESTAYLOR

------Underground https://mega.nz/#F!1BVmBLhQ!2REtoy-dB3hdyp8xYEKESQ

Underground - GM Pack SS /file/wwerpa

Underground - Ways and Means SS /file/c11zjw ------

Underworld Kingdom - Towers of Krshal (OSR) SS /file/ct112j

Unhallowed Metropolis Revise https://www.sendspace.com/file/fqw0m3

Unhallowed Necropolis Revised /file/o2ccfh Unhallowed Necropolis Revised gazetteers and sheets SS /filegroup/93HxIpYExL%2FXRvq1QkqnON6uSeokBrgR%2FdsLyfQpEgXfasG7tZZObA

Undying w/ playbooks. htt p ://www89zippy$harecom /v/FrB3RWb6/file.html htt p ://www89zippy$harecom/v/qvrweCEa/file.html Unisystem http://www.mediafire.com/folder/1vpvodou9f63m/Unisystem

Unity (early access playtest materials) b1tly /2xEBIDN

UNITY RPG v0.93 SS /file/63590d

------Unknown Armies https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gd5s5iryj8yl8/Unknown_Armies Unknown Armies 3e GAMMA (kickstarter beta playtest stuff) http://www.4shared.com/rar/M0Ni_D1Zce/UA3_GAMMA.html Unknown Armies 3rd edition beta https://mega.nz/#F!qU0RzDbS!WoddE8p4ogi4ttek2Oj9bA all three books of Unknown Armies 3, plus the playtests for books 4 and 5. sendspace /filegroup/eA0CHU0%2BJilCuFAXKfswskkqmiQtTT8D05CazBWWY4k

Unknown Armies 1, 2, and 3 SS /filegroup/Pa7pwEO36ebZzuu2Hxq0t8oLYX5Wkhe3YMyR45TTSGUPetBOuQXbquTzenKiN8CE Unknown Armies 3e SS /file/10k20r

Unknown Armies 3e - all five books SS /file/0y9541

4e and 5e SS /filegroup/qvEHD8%2FCgWE2MY4NAbf4Kg

Unknown Armies 3e - The Young Practicals SS /file/9krrp5 ------

Unwritten SS /file/g1ip2v

Uplifts RPG - Heirs to the Future SS /file/zam5bi

Urban Jungle (and some iron claw books) m3d14f1r3/folder/kglnhktl6md8e/IronClaw

Upwind SS /filegroup/AlYKKGvxbiYI9gU6DJqfp4RhQbJvLnwV

Spectrum Games - Urban Manhunt Rulebook SS /file//73yvge

------Urban Shadows https://www.sendspace.com/file/ji75oi http://www.mediafire.com/download/c3u4357dgpd0udh/Urban_Shadows.pdf Urban Shadows: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3spib7gx1w1ht/Urban%20Shadows Urband Shadows: Dark Streets u$er$cl0ud /soqgv069yhtd /file/fzj4su ------

Uresia: Grave of Heaven (2nd Edition All-Systems Library) SS /file/tsa9ug

Usagi Yojimbo The Monster compendium: http://bit DOT ly/2mqvcLz Usagi Yojimbo first edition: http://bit DOT ly/2lLQmju

V: Vacant Ritual Assembly 06 SS /file/lccw3v

Valiant Universe space of send /file/e9xwct Way more compact and 100% complete... https://www.sendspace.com/file/oiftld

VALOR https://www.sendspace.com/file/lynij2 Valor - Corebook https://userscloud.com/lwvbvxvxj8o2

------Vampire: the Masquerade clanbooks http://u2mad.com/ebooks/White%20Wolf/Original%20WoD/Vampire/ https://mega.nz/#F!KI00XCZA!sFV9L2S77bld5vzEmw5-vg!2VNVjQLZ Vampy t Masquerade http://pastebin.com/gsYUFPGD Bloodsucker the Charade - 20th Anniversary https://www.4shared.com/office/38UcY81bce/Vampire_the_Masquerade__20th_A.htm Vampire the Something or Other Caution, it's watermarked. http://www.4shared.com/get/aH9rF1smba/Minds_Eye_Theatre_Vampire_The_.html VtM core https://bobthemalkavian.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/vampire-the-masquerade-revised-1999.pdf Vampire's Secrets of the Covenants https://www.sendspace.com/file/8hwdwf

V20 - Ghouls and Revenants (final) SS /file/qxjhp1 ------Vanguard - Varmisk Fallen Expanded Rules.pdf us3rscl0udcom/4e8ili71ni86 Vanguard - Varmisk Fallen Core Rulebook.pdf us3rscl0udcom/558jbt58q4dw Vanguard - Varmisk Fallen.pdf us3rscl0udcom/pnaypa15qnn2 Vanguard - Rout from Camp Dur.pdf us3rscl0udcom/eui79rfsb4uq Vanguard - Code Red On Nimbus-6.pdf us3rscl0ud/72q9kk7w0kxo ------

Vast and Starlit https://pe56d.s3.amazonaws.com/p19aloth5k11ruu8a3viijh1lt4b.pdf

All things VBAM SS /file/uxtiil VBAM www6z!ppy$h@recom /v/izjkOuvo/file.html

Veil m3g4 /#F!xdVTRaqb!XcNt2IDmOSVdANrNt2W5lQ

The Veil playbooks and plugins SS /filegroup/79LWa%2Bw5pXmPon2JwIT9nw

Cascade for The Veil (paid version) SS /file/7yh9im

The Veil: Cascade Post-Cyberpunk Roleplaying (not for the Veil) SS /file/4qt2af

Veins of the Earth SS /file/67nr2q

Velvet Glove SS /file/rn3dct

Ventrue SS /file/kdwzmd

Venture City for Fate https://www.sendspace.com/file/y024jf

Missing Veranthea from the RGG Bundle SS /filegroup/QcY%2FIS%2FddwKGh3aCmbiAxPHJOmGmXxLz

Veranthea Codex: Adventurer's Handbook $nip /MVPA

A Very British Civil War http://www.mediafire.com/download/lh23130b5et7dai/VBCW.pdf

Victory By Any Means -Napoleonic Naval Naughtiness http://www.mediafire.com/download/dkkapj1rxvqk750/Fire+As+She+Bears+-+Victory+By+Any+Means.pdf Victory by Any Means 1st Ed. ss /file/2hbknd Victory by Any Means 2nd Ed. Campaign Guide MF /file/e9zk10a3y7y384w/Victory+by+Any+Means+-+2nd+Edition+-+Campaign+Guide.pdf With a Purpose 2nd Ed MF /file/jy13mvd999yl12v/Victory+by+Any+Means+-+2nd+Edition+-+With+a+Purpose.pdf Victory By Any Means - Fire as She Goes Edition, The vehicle books for Hero System SS /filegroup/jgNUJSqK4cdGEnMPBI56d5W%2FPVv5etcD

- -

Victoriana 3rd ed http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1413989646

------TLG 77011 - Victorious (2016) $nip /YHy

TLG 77011 - Victorious (Beta - 2015) $nip /6ai2 TLG 77041 - Victorious - Phantasmagoria (2016) $nip /4eUz8

TLG 77041 - Victorious - Phantasmagoria - A Gallery of the Fantastic and Grotesque (2017) $nip /sUS

TLG 77051 - Victorious - The Hunter & Hunter Catalog - For the Discriminiating Gentleman or Lady (2017) $nip /x03V

TLG 77061 - Victorious - Manifest Destiny - A Reference Guide to the United States in the Age of Super Mankind (2016) $nip /BMhUa

TLG 77061 - Victorious - Manifest Destiny - Map of New York (2016) $nip /ggW

TLG 77071 - Victorious - Rule Britannia - being a useful Reference Guide to Great Britain in the Age of Super Mankind (2016) $nip /7czwB

TLG 77071 - Victorious - Rule Britannia - Map of London (2016) $nip /R3cka

TLG 77071 - Victorious - Rules Britannia - Great Britain in the Age of Supermankind (2016) $nip /1F3

TLG 77081 - Victorious - Night of the Jackals (2016) $nip /u3Dim ------

The Villainous and the Vigilant 1 (printer-friendly) SS /file/3tbds4

The Villainous and the Vigilant 1 (not printer-friendly) SS /file/4czcd8

- - - New Villains & Vigilantes from Monkeyhouse - Mighty Protectors. ss /file/n89tna Villains and Vigilantes zip ss /file/g7aihk Villains and Vigilantes 3.0 SS /file/7vcou7

Villains & Vigilantes - Oil Pressure SS /file/zjw9dl

Decent (not complete) list of V&V content https://www.prismnet.com/~antix/vclist.html - - -

VOID books Rulebooks-Archive.zip http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/lmeiTCSa/file.html Forcebooks-Archive.zip http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/dkne6yg3/file.html Newsletters-Archive.zip http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/lTLLL408/file.html Wildfire's The Void series SS /filegroup/as4Pw%2BFEDkEq8L4i4%2F%2Btnxiq7Kwp8VJ9FCU5K %2FTZxcZ1%2BLyt0v07XeuqetGdQWHM9E2wCsFY0gjPdoMWhwjxcq6IPbOOR0Brpy3TMPBKnvM

VOR: The Maelstrom http://www.mediafire.com/file/kepvtecvvkv1lpi/VOR+The+Maelstrom+Corebook.pdf FAQ, Errata, etc fansite http://vor.understairs.nl/index.html

Vornheim: The Complete City Kit for LotFP m3g4 /#F!FfREAZqY!4RkbsogVVcnRg8h_My32lA Vornheim the complete city kit s3ndsp4c3 /file/qj7d4i

Vurt and Vurt Players guide https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/3li%2BNuMcZ%2FygY%2FacM44L%2BA

Vurt - multpile files SS /filegroup/airME7UaUEOJF6IFx6ZC%2B63G9i0TXyiF W: - - - W20 Shattered Dreams SS /file/rjawtn W20 Kinfolk: A Breed Apart SS /t1f65w W20 Pentex Employee Indoctrination Manual $n!p /p9Lo - - -

Wake the Second Creed of Pandemonium - NeoPlastic SS /file/dfbb5l

Wanderers Romance creative commons www56zippysh@re.com/v/mIXOr0ke/file.html

Wargames I, II, and III $nip /AGo

World of Warcraft Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7ga7tr72258wa/World_of_Warcraft

Warbirds http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/wRS1xlP6/file.html Warbirds WWII SS /file/xrberq

Warchess http://www.mediafire.com/download/w21f31gzabdffxa/battlechess.pdf

Warcosm SS /file/32jmlo


List of mini providers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uGaaOSvSTqpwPGAvLPY3B5M2WYppDhzXdjwMpqRxo9 M/edit

List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises: http://pastebin.com/BfMeGd6R ZunTsu Gameboxes: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yaokao3h1o4og/ZunTsu_GameBoxes

/hwg/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tghwg/

Games, Ospreys & References folders: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lu95l5mgg06d5/Ancient https://www.mediafire.com/folder/81ck8x600cas4/Medieval https://www.mediafire.com/folder/w6m41ma3co51e/Horse_and_Musket https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vh1uqv8gipzo1/Napoleonic https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bbpscr0dam7iy/ACW https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bvdtt01gh105d/Victorian https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b35x147vmc6sg/World_War_One https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8a13ampzzs88/World_War_Two https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8i8t83bysdwz/Vietnam_War https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7n3mcn9hlgl1t/Modern https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8tatre3vd10yv/Avalon_Hill https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pq6ckzqo3g6e6/Field_Of_Glory https://www.mediafire.com/folder/r2mff8tnl8bjy/GDW https://www.mediafire.com/folder/whmbo8ii2evqh//SPI https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ws6yi58d2oacc/Strategy_%26_Tactics_Magazine https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lx05hfgbic6b8/Naval_Wargaming https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s1am77aldi1as/Wargames

This Very Ground SS /file/neq1hg

Wargaming Compendium Some Very Nice wargames - - Bolt Action, Heavy Gear, more https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6rcnbhok03oo6/Wargames http://www.mediafire.com/download/cghxf3475qy46aq/Wargaming+Compendium.pdf >Saga https://www.mediafire.com/folder/alj31go19tmpm/SAGA >Black Powder http://www.mediafire.com/download/o5x6blwoczojmfr/Black+Powder.pdf >Bolt Action https://www.mediafire.com/folder/n7jmdnlv1n0ju/Bolt_Action >Hail Caesar https://mega.nz/#F!s9xTTDpQ!CasEjRETeqZsJ5LOzYrJdg >Warhammer Ancient battles 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/download/uttov32riixm9b0/Warhammer+Ancient+Battles+2E.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/ta7aj1erh7sap1t/Warhammer+Ancient+Battles+- +Armies+of+Antiquity+v2.pdf >Warmaster Ancients http://www.mediafire.com/download/cifld8bl3uy2i5g/Warmaster+Ancients.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/3emyvka11bnna1b/Warmaster+Ancient+Armies.pdf >Advanced Squad Leader https://www.mediafire.com/folder/d9x0dbxrpjg48/Advanced_Squad_Leader >Impetus https://www.mediafire.com/folder/28i9gevqws518/Impetus >Ronin http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8xke04pc3hne2k/Ronin.pdf >Battleground WWII https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cb83cg7ays4l1/Battleground_WWII >By Fire And Sword https://mega.co.nz/#!jxgCWTYD!FCp52DAqIUc-EM-TsRsWv7fB92nJ3kkzKsNcD_urI5Q >Modelling & painting guides https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7b5027l7oaz05/Modelling_%26_Painting_Guides >Twilight 2000/2013 RPG https://mega.co.nz/#F!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA >Phoenix Command RPG https://mega.co.nz/#F!b5tgXRwa!mzelRNrKPjiT8gP7VrS-Jw >Next War (GMT) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/eupungrg93xgb/Next_War http://www.mediafire.com/download/hapnu2f7o9ny3i1/Featherstone's+Complete+Wargaming.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/knb6x7ri7t8boab/Osprey+-+BOR+018+- +British+Commandos+1940-46.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/rvo2g28oviwdjj2/Osprey+-+ELI+064+- +Army+Commandos+1940-45.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/21o333pdn4u77f2/Osprey+-+ELI+210+-+World+War+II+US+Army+Combat+Equipments.pdf http://www.jimwallman.org.uk/wargame/tankduel.htm http://tanks.gf9games.com/ https://mega.nz/#F!qRMknaZT!9kSkwzUeCWPM6ph9o6N8fg Battlegroup https://mega.nz/#F!SolyxarJ!GUg6zWBStfznr6BvYedghQ Chevauchee https://www.mediafire.com/?gmvy3h9f8puo7l5 Jet Age https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8fsiyo1o1eqm6/CY6_Jet_Age Age of Blood http://www.rebelpublishing.net/resources/Age_of_Blood_2nd_Edition.pdf

Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG Ton o Text Links http:// textuploader.com/52c6a PP Youtube (gameplay tutorials, tournament coverage, and announcements) >https://www.youtube.com/user/PrivateerPressPrime >http://schlaf.github.io/whac_online/whac.html Latest Errata >http://privateerpress.com/files/WM%20MKII%20Rules%20Errata%20Aug%202015.pdf Steamroller Rules >http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/steamroller-tournaments The Giant List of Podcasts and Blogs > h ttp://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?76379-Warmachine-Hordes-related-blogs-websites-and-forums Table of contents for all NQ issues >http://www.privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?4313-Table-Of-Contents-For-All-No-Quarter-Issues Abridged Lore >gargantuans abridged:http://pastebin.com/XPKMKYUc >hordes abridged:http://pastebin.com/6D1fwSgv

Lexicanum Iron Kingdoms Lore wiki: >http://warmachine.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

Mk3 list building:http://conflictchamber.com

Warmahords chat:https://discord.gg/KmXzbwD

Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG http://textuploader com / da46m PP Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/PrivateerPressPrime

Latest Errata: January 2017 http://files.privateerpress.com/op/errata/WMH-Errata-January-2017-2.pdf

Theme Forces: http://files.privateerpress.com/op/errata/Theme%20Forces.pdf

Steamroller Rules http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/steamroller-tournaments

Lexicanum Iron Kingdoms Fluff wiki: http://warmachine.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

MK3 RULES: http://files.privateerpress.com/allnewwar/Prime.pdf http://files.privateerpress.com/allnewwar/Primal.pdf https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5OHGgAx7q66NUdvUFp3LWVQRlE&usp=drive_web

Warmachine/Hordes Army Creator (WHAC) .apk http://charbon-et-charentaise.org/blog/content/app-release.apk

>Mk3 Trollbloods Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/1tLOuOW7/file.html >Mk3 Protectorate Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/LToez2J8/file.html >Mk3 Circle Orboros Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/dAMPtJKy/file.html >Mk3 Cygnar Command http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/aG3otFxu/file.html >Mk3 Legion of Everblight Command http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/cJMBctzR/file.html >Mk3 Khador Command http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/JI62A5Ll/file.html >Mk3 Cryx Command http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/kAGpNygA/file.html


------WARHAMMER 40K >Rules databases https://mega.co.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ FAQs http://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Rules-Errata >Forgeworld Book index http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Forge_World_and_Apocalypse_Rules_Index

Warzone Damocles Operation Shadowtalon and Burning Dawn. I made them the same document. I skipped the basic wargear stuff, since those are in the respective codices. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3djktqezeav7dsp/DamoclesWarzoneOperationShadowtalonB urningDawn.pdf

40K https://mega.nz/#F!MgUzQTiB!7NuhO_rVe49MfwKLhQSOzQ 40krpg/ 40K Roleplay General: DH2 Edition Book Repositories https://mega.nz/#F!Pl0UgbJa!vDtTXMKnvZ26fUbuw4X9tg Shield of Humanity PDF https://mega.nz/#!xlRWBaiI!MmOEkMse0wHVsyLDGbZJVGUXgVEuB9lWSyVl6ZhvgGM

40K RPG tools, a site that contains stats or references for almost all weapons, armor and NPCs/adversaries. Not updated past DH2 core. http://www.40krpgtools.com/

40k RPG Combined Armory (v5.43.150418), containing every piece of gear in all five lines. Not updated with any DH2 content. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/i3akv9qx9q05z

Fear and Loathing (Ver 1.5.2) and The Fringe is Yours (Ver 1.6.0), /tg/ made Rogue Trader homebrew supplements for playable xenos, Knights, Horus Heresy gear, and other things. http://www.mediafire.com/view/kpl4pvkdiidvg6n/Fear_and_Loathing.pdf

40K Resources https://mega.nz/#F!XgRDEDAJ!Np6F-HqCwdYzHXmeSs7m7w

40K Witch Hunter https://mega.nz/#!q98TlLII!dTZmk9X1__FEezV0Rkaunzf1UH7eqCak1iJPbcrny9g 40k fiction trove: https://mega.nz/#F!wx4BiKhD!YhnAf1BqSmAB8dO6xDM56Q

Aeronautica Imperalis, the Imperial Armour Aeronautica, and the Tactica Aeronautica. scans, but still readable. https://mega.nz/#F!D0VhiLzC!ie1a95zGGeSXnQCEBV0yCw

WH40K Trove https://mega.nz/#F!MgUzQTiB!7NuhO_rVe49MfwKLhQSOzQ!ox9gRKaQ

WH 40K Rpgs Deathwatch https://mega.nz/#F!Pl0UgbJa!vDtTXMKnvZ26fUbuw4X9tg!nodxzA4A Deathwatch Codex http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/jbjcVdG2/file.html

Space Marines 1E ht tp://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/47263477/#47275563

40K Novels Gotrek and Felix https://mega.nz/#F!XV1HlIaD!Ztg-jRNkdsMdQ6W4u7_DMA a 40k novel http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/51300528/#51300528

Codex Astartes https://mega.nz/#!vEMGkIRR!gM4j3rH5_Gaz3oY2xjuPL5JG79ick3DpnIMsEzyrdiY

Space Marine thingy https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wkfm7emnlzlp5/Adeptus_Titanicus

40k Inquisition Trilogy by Ian Watson ht tps:// ww w.s end sp ace. com/file/ectcvp warhammer 8th the rulebooks (they are photos tho not pdfs) for anyone interested https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4IGo22sDo4zdEtrRmEyelg2TkU

WH40K https://mega.nz/#F!9MtDERpJ!2ICpnSJbAglSy6ZCyXXqRQ

Warhammer Chaotic megaNz /#!CpNX1DpK!xB1bay1L4daoppo2TIKHhhCRc8ywBh9cQlT8bMFJDJg Warhammer Ratmen megaNz /#!7gV2TRBI!il9oWnkUUGFHayzkF_Fkl3YdFl3VvPgCRmkigLOvbQ4

FFG - W40K - Only War - Salvaging Solace 111z!ppy$h@re /v/d1Af7Otu/file.html

Warhammer Novels SS /file/x931oc W40k 8th Ed. Codices m3g4 /#F!bF0ExS4D!_XaMECn0K9HiJKUFSopJLA!fIdWjTwT

WH40k 3rd Edition Rulebook (missing 1/2) webarchiveorg /web/20170913170756/http://wh40klib.ru/codex/Old-School_Codex/Rulebook_3- rd_ed_Eng.pdf ------Warhammer Fantasy Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play) Novels: https://mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

>1d4chan http:// 1d4chan.org/wiki/The_End_Times (Compilation of all the End Times changes) http:// 1d4chan.org/wiki/Category:Warhammer_Fantasy (All pages marked WF on the /tg/ wiki)

>Warhammer Wikis http:// whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page (Warhammer Fantasy wiki) http:// warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki (Warhammer Fantasy wiki) http:// warhammeronline.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Online_Wiki (Warhammer Online wiki with lots of background articles too. >Resources(Armybooks, Supplements, Fluff, Crunch) http:// pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S www.pastebin.com/0e6RuQux >Endhammer http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Endhammer

>9th Age http://www.the-ninth-age.com

>Total War: Warhammer http:// store.steampowered.com/app/364360/

>End Times: Vermintide http:// store.steampowered.com/app/235540/

>Mordheim: City of the Damned http:// store.steampowered.com/app/276810/

>Bloodbowl 2 http:// store.steampowered.com/app/236690/

>Third party Miniature manufactures http://pastebin.com/CvGaNyrk http://unsupported-armies.blogspot.com/

>Newbie Introduction to Warhammer Fantasy http://www.mediafire.com/download/i330182xo9b1hsi/Rulebook+%28Hardback%29.pdf (Download, start reading at page 174 for the story and all the races)

>Man O' War http://store.steampowered.com/app/344240/

>List of Warhammer recommended proxies http://www.the-ninth-age.com/lexicon/index.php?lexicon/462-the-9th-age-miniature-library/

>Rescued WHFRP 2e Fan Material (Please download and post any material you find not in this collection) https://mega.nz/#F!apdlzArL!-j3HfTPkpJFu_tk9H0HQ_A

Warhammer Books http://www.mediafire.com/download/boy4lxuy602kv4m/Warhammer+FRPG+1st+Ed+- +Realm+Of+Chaos+-+Lost+And+The+Damned.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/qpdfj1ucbgc0r3r/Warhammer+FRPG+1st+Ed+- +Realm+Of+Chaos+-+Slaves+To+Darkness.pdf whf novels https://mega.nz/#F!XV1HlIaD!Ztg-jRNkdsMdQ6W4u7_DMA

Warhammer Only War – Shield of Humanity http://www.mediafire.com/download/mir5845h9adi1lj/Shield_of_Humanity.zip

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition https://mega.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ!NABgmKZJ WHFRP https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7mbdi97826svm/WFRP_1E https://mega.nz/#!a5tg3YAT!6jgh-qxb2jMEP_RVjUf6m_fhmcytz6gImccLUimcSrU Warhammer+Fantasy+Roleplay+-+The+Enemy+Within+Campaign+-+Shadows+Over+Boegenhafen+- +1987.pdf http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/WFhxxX43/file.html >Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay-The Enemy Within Campaign-Empire In Flames.pdf http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/PVGzZiSh/file.html

WHFB one(in Black Library Books folder): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2qbp22o8ch8qc/Warhammer_Fantasy_Battles

HQ_A's WHFRP2E Fan Collection https://mega.nz/#F!apdlzArL!-j3HfTPkpJFu_tk9H0HQ_A

Warhammer Old West http://www.mediafire.com/file/wp1lppbnli9s09l/Warhammer-Historical-Legends-of-the-Old-West.pdf

WFRP 2E https://mega.nz/#F!XtcQDSiD!5fdPo1E6J-cDZCvAz9x13Q warhammer adventure https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/7582/warhammer-adventures

WHFRP - Tome of Corruption khorneru/2nd/wfrp_web/Tome_of_Corruptionpdf

WFRP Trove with Warpstone m3g4 /#F!VTBiTKQT!3TnLTLp8ZdVzLwsxn_KBTg

Warhammer Ratmen megga /#!7gV2TRBI!il9oWnkUUGFHayzkF_Fkl3YdFl3VvPgCRmkigLOvbQ4 Warhammer Chaotic megga /#!CpNX1DpK!xB1bay1L4daoppo2TIKHhhCRc8ywBh9cQlT8bMFJDJ

Blood bowl stuff (new rulz of course) m3g4 dot nz /#F!uw4XiYxK!tboZyS7RM-rrPJ93nSAmSg

WFRP 1e SS /file/d0otc

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e by Cubicle 7 SS /file/zv809t

WFRP 1e Shadows Over Bogenhafen the Enemy Within Part 1 m3g4 /#!jJcU3QLT!PLr6KCLJFNig1IlEGJ5IC6vI7m96aH9x6e1vdZZsWgA - - - Warmahorde smorgasbord! https://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/7r4mWs0%2F9VSASrXPkn2w7bbUIzBKd3kj War of Darkness SS /file/0j6j7y

War of Darkness rescan m3g4 /#!TAoyGbSA!K83WP2esmQbihSBbAQs9BAfybNzGxUUpvVvEhOsYMGM

War of the Worlds by Task Force Games 1980 MF /file/dyrxyfdpr04h3di/TFG_-_War_of_the_Worlds

Warriors of the Red Planet m3di@fir3 /file/lqvv288g7bismhr/Warriors_of_the_Red_Planet.pdf

Warsong - Core (d20) $nip /3202

Warsong - Quickstart The Tribunal Games (d20) $nip /0892886

The Wasteland Hack Special Edition m3di@fir3 /file/u70369qsi1ed68a/The_Wasteland_Hack_Special_Edition.pdf

The Watch SS /filegroup/8YKJKx35N0bDIjn5GvuuIw

Fixed version of The Watch SS /file/v67zeh

Wayfarers SS /filegroup/9NvQvUv853jrZ9mSFHMo%2Br3Sg24LRLRR

- - - Way of the Wicked All things Way of the Wicked SS/ filegroup/EokzUgtaYiE0gC51r %2FpP8pbKBdUZvK5Kx8dkk3EEEnEZ0tIlV0uBKGokqB78Q4JU %2B8AHo1c4UEiMYoUFMYlbUA

Way of the Wicked Book 1: Knot of Thorns 4shared /office/WCMLQv30ca/Way_of_the_Wicked_Book_1_Knot_.html

Way of the Wicked Player's Guide 4shared /office/D-m_8UDjei/Way_of_the_Wicked_Players_Guid.html - - -

Weapons of the Gods http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/s8T3hoFJ/file.html

EOS Press - Weapons of the Gods - Auspicious Beginnings SS /file/yp5dsw

Weapons of the Gods - multiple files SS /filegroup/XCiOjQjYipeibqzsdOE8vuE2DiARzEN42Ap5Ziweqo1ImfFaJYrvAw

Weapons of the Gods - Chapter 1 Preview SS /file/d7wzi4

Weird Adventures ss /file/f4w102

The Weird that Befell Drigbolton SS /filegroup/%2Bn8V%2B3%2FXgeLnRcJ%2FujnNog

Weird War Two D20 13004 Afrika Korpse.pdf http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/JQMN9O4o/file.html 13005 Hell Freezes Over - The Russian Front.pdf http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/dOSAyo2e/file.html 13006 Land of the Rising Dead.pdf http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/0rj0R58D/file.html 13007 Horrors of Weird War II.pdf http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/Vu6eZJX4/file.html

W20 Changing Breeds m3g4 /#F!cSRAhRSb!_w_CXRj14pgt8C9nP6ursw!YHIhCYiA

Werewolf http://www.4shared.com/office/1dnzGnxfba/Werewolf_the_Forsaken_Second_E.html

The Pack for Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition http://www.mediafire.com/download/n7htcqyqk0y0acy/%5BWtF%5DThe_Pack.PDF

Western City SS /file/kzxzi1

Westward https://www.sendspace.com/file/q1eo05

What's RPG? https://www.rpg.net/oracle/essays/whatisrpg.html https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/wiki/beginnersguide

Worlds in Peril SS /file/jihunq

Worlds Without Master 8, 9, 10, and 11 SS /file/ehm1d7

The Whispering Road SS /file/vaxb28

White Death $nip /dmlNl

White Dwarf Magazine 01 -409 MF /folder/tx4hcy4u487pv/WD

White Dwarf MF /folder/tx4hcy4u487pv

Best of White Dwarf 1-3 $nip /fVwg

Golden old "White Dwarf Archive DVD" 85z!ppy$h@re /v/b0WdAGBa/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/Wt698PCM/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/QDS2UXV7/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/lvzJgBp5/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/jD5hbUy9/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/QJQw9Wgw/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/Yg040Xio/file.html 85z!ppy$h@re /v/P4Jmn2DA/file.html

White Wolf magazine 26 and 30 SS /filegroup/GROQUBTdL8NjudHEvCXyPQ

Whom the Gods Destroy u$er$cl0ud /ishbksam2znl

White Lies SS /file/ejq56d

Wicked Lies and Alibis - noir detective SS /file/wzhoja

WilD6West ss /file/2u171p

Wild Skies: Europa Temptest SS /filegroup/B2e2zYvVY6QtlmfaQH1li%2B3y%2FmcB6N8y

Wild Talents 2e (full-sized) m3g4 /#F!YYNVBLbJ!_gBDgzNquYC6hrLwDIGRAQ eCollapse - a setting book for Wild Talents SS /file/44yqk9

Wild West Cinema ss /file/ej5lv8

A few wild west RPGs SS /file/xilkk4

All things Wilderness Adventure SS /filegroup/4j3AiM3N3xzfZOCFqIluWIcFMnKRfYIOwvDN8jal3Zqffx81AQx4xcLnrQuFquoMYJI2PvVqdmYq46si2sO0897Hm7tcUNdhf%2BGLTbK89RH%2Bbz6SuV%2FtNkwXFMfEish2

Wild World Wrestling Main Event Edition SS /file/97fx4l

The Wind and the Waves SS /file/8ix0f3

Winter Runes (Troll Lord d20) SS /file/z57rz8

CJ Carellas WitchCraft - Chroniclers Shield $nip /9299730

WITCH: Fated Souls SS /filegroup/ts1wXUA5A30kYjX7yMdh5Q

Angry Hamster - WITCH Fated Souls - Fated North America SS /file/nabkn9

Witch Girl Adventures http://www.mediafire.com/?ko18jptnza760 Witch Girls Adventures and supplements s3ndsp4c3 /filegroup/GqJCAODlMwr1doSSlTJ3G%2BENJJEuI8vF s3ndsp4c3/file/2a7ry8 Witch Girls Wicked Ways SS /file/s5la08

Witch - The Road to Lindisfarne (cleaned and zipped) s3ndsp4c3 /file/4qb90a

The Witch is Dead http://imgur.com/a/d8QZe

Witch hunter 2e books SS /file/9scvsk

Witch Hunter 2e: Grand Tome of Adversaries and Rites & Relics SS /file/kc652p

Witch Hunter: The Invisible World SS /file/guib2j

------Within the Ring of Fire - Saga Book SS /file/w0f2it

Within the Ring of Fire - 77 Thrones - The Theological Codex SS /file/93qo92

Within the Ring of Fire - Monsters & Men SS /file/7gzb4q

Within the Ring of Fire - Saga Book SS /file/ugofmx

Within the Ring of Fire - The Book of True Names SS /file/aysrq7

Within the Ring of Fire - Character Mask SS /file/5gu33e

Within the Ring of Fire - Fey Wine (Novel) SS /file/xdolbz ------

Wizard's Academy upl0@dm@ncom/83313b653bdcd460

Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols Compilation Vol. 1 SS /file/wjrol4

Wizards and Warriors by MobyGames http://www.abandonia.com/vbullet/showthread.php?t=18959 wizard's world s3ndsp4c3 /file/siyjvu

The Wizards Scroll Issue 1 $nip /215975

WOIN SS /file/8ieovd

WOIN - Starship Construction Manual ss /file/cvzq60

Woodland Warriors SS /file/46sw3d

Return of the Woodland Warriors SS /file/aiau4x

Wonderland No More books for Savage Worlds http://www.mediafire.com/?jjldii2pmhbjc

Wonders and Wickedness SS /file/tlve4i

World of Ark - Barbarians of Ark SS /file/yi5c9l

------World of Ark - Midnight in Mogheim Premium Map Set SS /file/nh77l8

World of Ark - Midnight in Mogheim SS /file/67g26d

World of Ark - Players Primer SS /file/49gnab ------

World of Aventuria (setting book, 14mb): https://hetoogdesmeesters.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/fnpr-tde_worldofaventuria.pdf

– – – ------World of Darkness http://pastebin.com/NjH6gQqi /CofD/ &/wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/xrKUUi0A

CWoD meg4 /#F!YXJAiIbI!1calHKSGm4OOZioAaHlaYw!4fJiwJ6Y

ORPHEUS The best oWoD game that ever was. Everything ever published for the IP, plus a very well-written fanbook for one of the antagonist factions: http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/W2HXS6h6/file.html

Pandora uploaded all her character art to Imgur, and provided a zip. http://thenewminus.imgur.com/ http://www.mediafire.com/download/bsfqtd45b9fwbvp/pc.zip (If you could start uploading them to urbfan.booru.com that'd be swell)

Dreams of Avarice https://www.sendspace.com/file/ctjmhm

Demon Storyteller's Guide https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8lHuEeaOkFRM3BfNE80Y0dpSTQ/view?usp=docslist_api

WoD/Cofld http://www.mediafire.com/download/a1kpjrm41yzozkq/V20_Ghouls_%26_Revenants.pdf Vancouver splat book for World of Darkness/ Vampire the Masquerade/ Werewolf http://u2mad.com/ebooks/White%20Wolf/Original%20WoD/Vampire/ nwod/Chronicles of darkness https://mega.nz/#F!rFIDxRRK!IEzkLlroRoPwmDqtxKRMsw

Just about everything WoD https://mega.nz/#F!rFIDxRRK!IEzkLlroRoPwmDqtxKRMsw!PJYEwATA

Mage the Awakening 2e Errata https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxveHUKxwBU9UUZ4UjZJdEhIM2c/view?usp=sharing

WoD https://mega.nz/#F!bkMGUBDb!G1K9YtVg8U-7_rpNZEVAUA

WoD 20th Anniversary stuff search m20 on scribd

CoD Hurt Locker https://www.sendspace.com/file/rnq1o4

World of Darkness: Tokyo https://www.mediafire.com/?x47ssxfqd7i2ha4

Old WoD trove M3g4 /#F!YXJAiIbI!1calHKSGm4OOZioAaHlaYw

World of Darkness collection m3g4 /#F!cSRAhRSb!_w_CXRj14pgt8C9nP6ursw!AbBj3K6C

All oWoD Comics (Werewolf and Vampire) MF /folder/b0jowua0uq2ua/comics#md2r95r5zwcm8

1st Edition Vampire clanbooks without the missing pages most have Lasombra SS /file/4clu0h

All 8 episodes of Kindred: The Embraced (the short lived oWoD Vampire TV show) m3g4 /#F!H8hnhTKB!uzupDEkmhRGX3RW7DsljgA

All available oWoD novels m3g4 /#F!53xCUAZA!VN8cTXWQ_7y-h35qxDBybw

World of Darkness - Time of Judgment (oef) SS /file/64rpr4 ------– --- - – --- - – ------– – ------– ------Worldbuilding Resources: On designing cultures: http://www.frathwiki.com/Dr._Zahir%27s_Ethnographical_Questionnaire

Random generators: http://donjon.bin.sh/

Mapmaking tutorials: http://www.cartographersguild.com/forumdisplay.php?f=48

Free mapmaking toolset: www.inkarnate.com Random Magic Resources/Possible Inspiration: http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/magic/antiscience.html http://www.buddhas-online.com/mudras.html http://sacred-texts.com/index.htm https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ

Conlanging: http://www.zompist.com/resources/ non-website version of the Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder can be found on BookZZ

Sci-fi related links: http://futurewarstories.blogspot.ca/ http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/ http://military-sf.com/

Fantasy world tools: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/ http://donjon.bin.sh/

Historical diaries: http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/index.html

A collection of worldbuilding resources: http://kennethjorgensen.com/worldbuilding/resources

List of books for historians: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/wiki/books/

Compilation of medieval bestiaries: http://bestiary.ca/

Middle ages worldbuilding tools: http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/blueroom/demog.htm http://qzil.com/kingdom/ http://www.lucidphoenix.com/dnd/demo/kingdom.asp http://www.mathemagician.net/Town.html

The Science of Science Fiction Writing http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/caqAK8Gw/file.html

World Creator's Handbook http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/4NUiznjf/file.html Dungeon Building htt p: //w ww.m ediafire.com/download/wb8n4t5499j98ig/Central+Casting+-+Dungeons.pdf htt p: // www.m ediafire.com/download/925yswz97sdm6lf/Engineering+Dungeons.pdf ht tp:/ /www.m ediafire.com/download/ol6vk60xvnftxd5/AD%26D+1st+Ed+- +Dungeoneer's+Survival+Guide.pdf -

A bunch of map making resources, brushes, fonts, etc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzS5fqP5rugETE9aX0dCY0Z2Y1E?usp=sharing

Urban and Rural thesauri (Angela Ackerman) 14z!ppy$h@re /v/jreE93UY/file.html

The Negative Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Flaws (Angela Ackerman), The Positive Trait Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Attributes (Angela Ackerman) 43z!ppy$h@re /v/YzJhxeF5/file.html SS /filegroup/Zh3Me3eg5j0cduHCFHaCGA A menagerie of mythology related books and other encyclopaedias SS /filegroup/8dpGmtRKsAqlH3yowkEzXSulgQV0udnn%2BKBLCq4QMRAPktXBAdWxE4vw6UzOIJdtDyzP8 MKb1TgzK%2FMXAIQH5VtRQPI6RJGXWejRXYkhXk1jX9c0UVNoO7J0RMdwTlDgfnkXzFJTbzw plot stuff http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/1118/roleplaying-games/three-clue-rule http://thealexandrian.net/wordpress/15151/roleplaying-games/game-structures-part-5-mysteries

------– - - – - – – – – – - - - - World's Largest City SS /file/rd6kez

The World's Largest Dungeon s3ndsp4c3 /file/3hsfmk

WWG Wormhole https://mega.nz/#F!eFQlWBZZ!-yzg6Uxuj0go5nP-gdwrDg

Worlds In Peril https://www.sendspace.com/file/0yiwyz https://mega.nz/#!2FhX3D7Z!b5nVzv2yEeXUM1sNUM7oGY1WE6oiJlVuOz4cTUV8EcA

Worlds Without Master magazine htt ps://www.sen dspace. com/file/ilbqmm

World of Dew http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/xBXspRsU/file.html

World VS Hero http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/mpTcJm41/file.html

World Wide Wrestling: International Incident http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1473367711

World Wide Wrestling: International Incident. https://m.sendspace.com/file/i1vbvi

Wraith 20th Anniversary Edition m3g4 /#!dIUzWbrD!O3_N29Bg5a0xuDH7yJiMpZa2VLIwgcC24jzdEWUXN6c

Wraith Wright’s - The Comprehensive Equipment Manual SS /file/r9trj9 - - -

Wreck Age - multiple files (maybe corrupt?) SS /filegroup/feGfmVZLs2lqn5QkiRgebw

Wreck Age - Post-Collapse Tabletop Skirmish Game (2nd edition) SS /file/pm64r1

RG - Writing With Style - An Editors Advice for RPG Writers SS /file/oj996m

Wurm - Roleplaying in the Ice Age upl0@dm@ncom/9b901322c671ec81 Wurm - Voice of the Ancestors 1 - Tales of the Antler Bearers upl0@dm@ncom/e3e0c362d68555c1 Wurm - Voice of the Ancestors 2 - Tales of the Man Eaters upl0@dm@ncom/d3572f25c0d94bf3 Wurm - Artbook upl0@dm@ncom/aa54679ebfdfdcb8 Wurm - Black Machairodus upl0@dm@ncom/9efc7b48484fc6ea

- - -


Bedrock Games also has a PWYW Wuxia game, Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/191631/Wandering-Heroes-of-Ogre-Gate

Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade 1st edition Core book http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1434297170

Wyrd Chronicles - Ezine - Issue 33 SS /file/54r5bw

X-Crawl 4shared /office/fcGqCfsXei/Maximum_Xcrawl_HiRes.html

X Marks The Spot - A Plane Shift Ixalan Adventure SS /file/3o4mfl

Yggdrasill MF /file/a55iy72q5cj3t73/%5BCB7450%5D+Yggdrasill+-+The+Lands+of+the+North+RPG.pdf

Yoon-Suin MF /download/cevdb0pfqn6pdvi/Yoon-Suin+the+Purple+Land.PDF

Young Centurions (33 87MB) s3ndsp@c3 - /file/kk8wzf

Playtest version of Ysgarth 6th Edition https://web.archive.org/web/20060507034547/http://www.fontcraft.com:80/ragnarok/ysgarth/

Z: Z-LAND - The Survival Horror RPG (beta 5.0) SS /file/e8dykg

Z-LAND - The Survival Horror RPG (beta 6.0) SS /file/azt4yv

Z-LAND - The Survival Horror RPG - Character Sheet SS /file/925wsx

Z-LAND - The Survival Horror RPG - Quick Start Guide 5.0 SS /file/l9ggdf

------Zaibatsu is free, here: http://www.errantknightgames.com/zaibatsu/index.html

Zozer Games - Zaibatsu SS /file/1qaa5t ------Zaon 6.2.28 https://img.fireden.net/tg/image/1449/60/1449603887984.pdf

Zero Hour (use BetterZip or 7Zip) SS /filegroup/nc5w%2F04vCJzNrOo9F%2Bl4%2BtIre2RlWBCz7IIK0r6RnGLI8BHv62dv%2BQ8kDws0RHWj

Zombi RPG: http://www85.zippyshare.com/v/FztEG0OS/file.html

Zweihander is not available by request of the author

- - – – – ------– ------– - – - – ------– ------– ------– ------– ------– - - - - - SNAPSHOTS OF DA GENERALS ------– ------– ------– ------


Resources >pastebin.com/RcYLw0az

Core rules >games-workshop.com/en-US/Warhammer-Age-of-Sigmar-Rules

General's Handbook 2017 >mega.nz/#!C5BSgTDK!Sx74f87D86frlU0NZ1XKyGP0WEgar52X1Hatj1OA5y0

Skirmish >mega.nz/#!jMQxCa6C!9TQ324QTcZ7nDJbv2Q7uQ9xg442K-UA-dtK2wTLxFPw

Army and Skirmish Warband builder >warhammer-community.com/warscroll-builder/ City generator >repl.it/Lfm3/2

Art Database >ageofsigmart.booru.org/index.php ------

Alternative Wargames General

For minis and games which fall between the cracks. /hwg/ doesn't entertain fantasy (for good reason) and the other threads are locked to very specific games. Any scale, any genre, any company, any minis.

>Examples of games that qualify https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_miniature_wargames Grimdark Future, Age of Fantasy, Mighty Armies, Dragon Rampant, Of Gods and Mortals, Frostgrave, Hordes of the Things, Songs of Blades and Heroes, Freebooter's Fate, Dark Age, LotR and anything that doesn't necessarily have a dedicated thread (gorkamundheim).

>Places to get minis https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D2DbNJ2mYAUxh5P9Pq9NZqS5tXHGn0i2JhZchEwbA2I/edit? usp=sharing

>The Novice Trove http://pastebin.com/viWJ1Yvk

- – - - - - Android Netrunner General

What is Android: Netrunner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y >Official FFG News & Spoilers site: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/android-netrunner-the-card-game/

>Official FAQ (post-MWL), Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/bb/d3/bbd3ae12-0ee9-43f5-bab6- 4f87fd5fbcbe/adn_faq_41.pdf http://ancur.wikia.com/wiki/Project_ANCUR_Wiki https://www.reddit.com/r/postalelf/comments/2sm1d2/welcome_to_netrunner/

>NAPD Most Wanted List https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/32/41/3241fdfd-014f-482f-b01d- b6f102584d7b/adn_mwl_v20.pdf

>Cache Refresh, an official alternative limited format. www.cache-refresh.info/

>Card List and Data Pack Details: http://netrunnerdb.com/ http://blackat.co.uk

>Deckbuilding Resources: http://netrunnerdb.com/ http://meteor.stimhack.com/ http://acoo.net

>Breaker Cost Comparisons, Old Netrunner http://www.emergencyshutdown.net/

>Articles and Blogs: http://stimhack.com/ https://self-modifyingcode.com/ https://runawaynode.wordpress.com/ https://sneakdoor.wordpress.com/ https://netreadyeyes.wordpress.com

>Podcasts http://runlastclick.blogspot.ca/ http://canlaugh.com/nerdrunners/ http://www.northerngamingnetwork.com/tagme/ http://thewinningagenda.com/

Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace spaces with dots): www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Play Netrunner online (replace spaces with dots): Jinteki net

>Sealed Format Generator http://anrsealed.com/

AutocardAnywhere is a Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari extension to get quick access to cards while browsing a site

Check out the very WIP 1d4chan https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Android:_Netrunner

Worlds of Android Scan now in the OP https://mega.nz/#!y0cC3ahR!bQlSrpCY4NamDKvq8FPXJEHAFS2WAvfzkZ0oyTbM_us - - - -

BATTLETECH GENERAL ======BattleTech video-game Beta gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt6FatHHnzI


>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs http://bg.battletech.com/?page_id=400

>Overview of the major factions? http://bg.battletech.com/universe/great-houses/ http://bg.battletech.com/universe/the-clans/ http://bg.battletech.com/universe/other-powers/

>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has? http://masterunitlist.info/

Unit Designing Softwares >SSW Mech Designer http://www.solarisskunkwerks.com/

>MegaMek Lab http://megamek.info/ https://github.com/MegaMek >/btg/ does a TRO: http://builtforwar.blog(not spam)spot.com/

>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (old) http://pastebin.com/pE2f7TR5

2017-03-03 – (Against the Bot) http://www.mediafire.com/file/kffatbm11ffus7l/Against_the_Bot_Instructions_v2-5.pdf http://bg.battletech.com/forums/index.php?topic=56065.0 Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package

>Map of /btg/ players (WIP): https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1116217&add=1

>Rookie guides http://pastebin.com/HZvGKuGx

>Sarna.net - BattleTech Wiki http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Main_Page

>Megamek - computer version of BattleTech. Play with AI or other players http://megamek.info/

>BattleTech IRC #battletech on irc.rizon.net

>PDF Folders https://www.mediafire.com/folder/sdckg6j645z4j/Battletech https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cj0tjpn9b3n1i/Battletech https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tw2m414o1j9uj/Battletech_Archives

/btg/'s own image board: - (2017-09-30 - Still getting worked on & now has 19,504 pics! Any help with tagging appreciated!) http://bgb.booru.org/index.php

More goodies! (Rare manuals, hex packs, TROs, discord servers, etc.) Last updated 2017-09-16! http://pastebin.com/uFwvhVhE ------

Board Game General

The Map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=2658308#

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/3ZbrVRMu > Now with price comparison site link. ------

D&D 5th Edition General

>Xanthar's Guide Table of Contents https://web.archive.org/web/20171016180500/https://www.dndbeyond.com/members/BadE ye/articles >Forge Cleric - Xanthar's Guide http://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/DnDXL2017_Forge.pdf

>Trove: https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/

>5etools: https://astranauta.github.io/5etools.html

>Resources Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/X1TFNxck


Dungeons The Dragoning 40,000 7th Edition General

White Wizard's Epic masterpiece lives on. Check below for the current version of the Big Book of Brews (not to be confused with the old BBOB, which has been deemed heretical.

>Google Drive (has all the books and some utilities) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8z4Cy1zaGU1bnJMaDE4WDZZUlk

>1d4chan https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Dungeons:_the_Dragoning_40,000_7th_Edition

>Zetaboard (where people post DtD homebrew) http://s4.zetaboards.com/LawfulNice/index/

>Homebrew Directory (where most of the DtD homebrew is conveniently compiled) http://s4.zetaboards.com/LawfulNice/topic/30044748/1/

- - - Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General >Hawk Wargames website, with links to models, rules, and forums http://www.hawkwargames.com/

>DZC rules, units, errata, etc https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3e69ovwksc27r/DZC#3e69ovwksc27r

>DZC Phase 2 Rules and Scenarios http://www.mediafire.com/file/9o0mghzvf3gsnzg/Phase2-rulesScenarios.pdf >DZC Phase 2 Units http://www.mediafire.com/download/hjxrk1f2i0fv283/Phase2_units.pdf >DZC Phase 2 Fluff http://www.mediafire.com/download/novaydro2mxo074/Phase2-fluff.pdf

>free DZC army builders http://www.dzc-ffor.com/ http://solomonder.com/scoldzap/

>DFC Rules and Scenarios http://www.mediafire.com/file/li17bl14bute5ee/DFC_RulesScenarios.pdf >DFC Units http://www.mediafire.com/file/oa35v9pq7gfe1fs/DFC_Units.pdf >DFC Fluff http://www.mediafire.com/file/oysd2f64iytbd69/DFC_Fluff.pdf >free DFC fleet builder http://dflist.com/


>>OFFICIAL BOOKS http://robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs >>Transhumanity's FATE (FATE Conversion) http://www.mediafire.com/download/ae113ujgd3hggpl/Transhumanitys_FATE.pdf >>X-Risks and After The Fall https://mega.nz/#F!KwcS0bJK!9KLjZegzebaq-mlPUin45Q >>Chuck's Eclipse Phase Wiki https://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/

PLAY AIDS: >>the10 things you should know about Eclipse Phase https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qnrh0w7H0Jl2_CSsySRxcs4ugw27xsBIk5MYwXq2nDQ/edit >>Advice for new players and GMs http://pastebin.com/e0EErN6X >>Eclipse Phase hacking cheet sheet http://eclipsephase.com/downloads/voidstate_eclipse_phase_hacking_cheatsheet_v1-1.pdf >>Online character creator http://eclipsephase.next-loop.com/Creator/version4/index.php/view/?axe1vs35muk4juh >>Eclipse Phase xls Character sheet https://sites.google.com/site/eclipsephases/home/cabinet >>Downloadable Character Creator http://www.mediafire.com/file/5wr4yo6bdymuijr/Agency.exe >>Singularity: The Official Character Creator http://www.mediafire.com/file/fsmkm846acu6kcy/singularity.zip

COMMUNITY CONTENT: >>the 3 new adventures for your use in convenient PDF form http://awdaberton.wordpress.com/about/ >>Ander's Sandberg's Eclipse Phase fanmade content, including several modules http://www.aleph.se/EclipsePhase/ >>Farcast: An Eclipse Phase yearblog full of items, locations, NPCs, and plot hooks http://www.mediafire.com/download/dhqd1m83xc1wmpj/Farcast_Yearblog_2013.pdf >>The Ultimate's Guide to Combat http://eclipsephase.com/sites/default/files/UltimatesGuideToCombat11a.pdf

>>H-Rep: A Homebrew Blog http://ephrep.blogspot.com/

/EPG/ HOMEBREW CONTENT https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Gy02gp6-WPQ3SoN_24kLPTUu5EjFO8qh_9pjJSVrrY/edit

- - - Elder Scrolls General

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs [Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame] http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scrollhammer_2nd_Edition Discussion in #Scrollhammer (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (port 6667)) [UESRPG 1e + other TES RPGs] http://www.mediafire.com/uesrpg Discussion in #UESRPG (same server) >Lore Resources [The Imperial Library] http://www.imperial-library.info/ [/r/teslore] http://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/ [UESP/Lore] http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page [Pocket Guide to the Lore] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AtsWXZKVqB4Q825_SwINY6z4_9NaGknXgeOknOCDuCU/edit [Elder Lore Podcast] http://www.elderlore.wordpress.com/ [How to Become a Lore Buff] http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1112211-how-to-become-a-lore-buff/

------– --- – ------– Exalted General

Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

For the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html

>Resources for Older Editions https://pastebin.com/GihMPwV8

Resources for Third Edition >3E Core and Splats https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b54o6teut3fx6/Exalted_3e

>Arms of the Chosen Previews https://www.dropbox.com/s/15xddoahzedtkwu/Arms%20of%20the%20Chosen%20Preview.docx?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7FqViticwNuam9lbVJBWFhJM2s/view

>Dragonblooded Charm Previews: http://theonyxpath.com/dragon-blooded-charms-preview-exalted/ http://theonyxpath.com/the-elemental-aura-dragon-blooded-pt-2-exalted/ http://theonyxpath.com/signature-charms-dragon-blooded-pt-3-exalted/

>Other Ex3 Resources https://pastebin.com/fG1mLMdu

>New NPCs and a Behemoth rework https://pastebin.com/avv1ZCZp

DB Edition, with complementary House Tepet Preview https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7FqViticwNuS2pvcEF2TGlUYW8/view

- - - Fallout General

The PnP Vault - A wiki dedicated to pen and paper role-playing game in the Fallout setting >http://falloutpnp.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare -Official Modiphius Page (Pre-Orders, Development Blog and News) >http://www.modiphius.com/fallout.html

Fallout: The Board Game -Official Fantasy Flight Games Page (Pre-Orders and News) >https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/fallout/ Lore Resources

Nukapedia >http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Wiki

1d4chan Summary >https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Fallout

Fallout Radio - Playing All Radio Stations (DJ's Included!) >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLlciesjcTo [Embed]

The Art of Fallout 4 (2015) (Digital) (danke) https://userscloud.com/jnzmjl1ukxjs/1 https://mega.nz/#!xo11wQ7T!aCq7lom0JEbc6o4r3fD_IVJv3ZXyhm7f7-DgAIl0GuY

- - -

Flames of War General

Flames of War SCANS database: http://www.mediafire.com/?8ciamhs8husms ---Includes our Late War Leviathan rules! Official Flames of War Free Briefings: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=108

Current /tg/ fan projects - Noob Guide &FAQ, and a Podcast https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eD3nkA51ddl3nmltKg0zsnfrOUhlWgcc4h5aqz-RFqw Quick Guide on all present FOW Books: http://www.wargames-romania.ro/wordpress/wargames/flames-of-war/flames-of-war-starting-player-guide-the-books/

Archive of all known Panzer Tracts PDFs: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nyvobnlg12hoz/Panzer_Tracts

WWII Osprey's, Other Wargames, and Reference Books https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8a13ampzzs88/World_War_Two and, for Vietnam. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8i8t83bysdwz/Vietnam_War

--Guybrarian Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eD3nkA51ddl3nmltKg0zsnfrOUhlWgcc4h5aqz-RFqw/edit?usp=sharing http://www.400gb.com/u/1883935

Panzerfunk, the /fowg/ podcast. http://panzerfunk.podbean.com/ Panzerfunk questions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOBxEJbNzS_Ec7I76zQmCU9P7o0C5bAgcXriKQ4bOWBp4QkA/viewform https://vimeo.com/128373915 http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Briefings/CariusNarva.pdf http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=1949 the Azul Division: no longer linkable off the main page https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JWmbvVANUraO9ILWJZduRgiI9w4ZC3ytNUQE8rK7Xrw/edit?usp=sharing an "i want to get a starter set" for late war.

Do you play TANKS? what is the local scene / meta like? (multi) http://www.strawpoll.me/12127794/r

Soviet Brainstorming Batalon Discord https://discord.gg/BfbxDSp ------

Game Design General

>/gdg/ Resources (Op Stuff, Design Tools, Project List) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8nGH3G9Z0D8eDM5X25UZ055eTg

>#dev on /tg/'s discord: https://discord.gg/3bRxgTr - - - GURPS GENERAL

WIKIS gurps.wikia.com gurpswiki.wikidot.com GURPS Character Sheet www.gurpscharactersheet.com How to use GCS:  Create a character sheet using 'file – new character sheet'.  Open a trait library by clicking in the menu on the left.  Select a trait you want to add to the character from the menu on the right.  Copy it to the character sheet by using 'item – copy to character sheet'.  Edit it by double clicking on the character sheet.  Traits and items can be placed in 'containers', to group them.  Create a new container by using the item menu.  Existing traits and items can be dragged and dropped into containers. MEGA Archive https://mega.nz/#F!yxFxlD4I!CGTYsnTE_8XAmcJxdMehAQ If you have any PDFs you want to add to the archive, you can access the account using the following details: E-Mail: [email protected] Password: 4chanGURPS Miscellaneous Links Combat Examples. Very useful for new players and GMs! Check out how different options effect things. http://www.themook.net/rpg/examples/ GURPS Murder Simulator, a fun tool to simulate shooting people in GURPS. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40207800/MiscDev/MurderSim2015.exe What Skills should every PC have? Good idea, moderate execution. http://forums.sjgames.com/showpost.php?p=369148&postcount=22 http://forums.sjgames.com/showpost.php?p=676097&postcount=4 Combat Cheat Sheet https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10971026/Combat%20Maneuvers%20Cheat%20Sheet%202.04.pdf Random utility www.gurpscalculator.com Magic System comparisons http://pastebin.com/4Wk6gB2D Planet and star generator: http://higarashi.big-metto.net/upload/CeleNavigation/CelestialNavigation_x86.zip Innate Attack Calculator, missing some modifiers: www.sjgames.com/gameaids/gurps/g4innatecalc.html GURPS Font with advantage type symbols (numerals 1-5) http://www.4shared.com/file/59074378/f21c2229/GURPSymbols.html

- - - Historical Wargames General

List of mini providers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uGaaOSvSTqpwPGAvLPY3B5M2WYppDhzXdjwMpqRxo9M/edit

List of Historical Tactical, Strategic, and Military Drill treatises: http://pastebin.com/BfMeGd6R

ZunTsu Gameboxes: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yaokao3h1o4og/ZunTsu_GameBoxes

/hwg/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tghwg/

Games, Ospreys & References folders: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lu95l5mgg06d5/Ancient https://www.mediafire.com/folder/81ck8x600cas4/Medieval https://www.mediafire.com/folder/w6m41ma3co51e/Horse_and_Musket https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vh1uqv8gipzo1/Napoleonic https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bbpscr0dam7iy/ACW https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bvdtt01gh105d/Victorian https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b35x147vmc6sg/World_War_One https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8a13ampzzs88/World_War_Two https://www.mediafire.com/folder/z8i8t83bysdwz/Vietnam_War https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7n3mcn9hlgl1t/Modern https://www.mediafire.com/folder/gdvadj7t6l5w6/Aero_Wargaming https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6jrcg496e7vnb/Avalon%20Hill https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pq6ckzqo3g6e6/Field_Of_Glory https://www.mediafire.com/folder/r2mff8tnl8bjy/GDW https://www.mediafire.com/folder/whmbo8ii2evqh//SPI https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ws6yi58d2oacc/Strategy_%26_Tactics_Magazine https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lx05hfgbic6b8/Naval_Wargaming https://www.mediafire.com/folder/s1am77aldi1as/Wargames https://mega.nz/#F!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ

>Advanced Squad Leader https://www.mediafire.com/folder/d9x0dbxrpjg48/Advanced_Squad_Leader >Battleground WWII https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cb83cg7ays4l1/Battleground_WWII >Battlegroup https://mega.nz/#F!SolyxarJ!GUg6zWBStfznr6BvYedghQ >Black Powder http://www.mediafire.com/download/o5x6blwoczojmfr/Black+Powder.pdf >Bolt Action https://www.mediafire.com/folder/n7jmdnlv1n0ju/Bolt_Action >By Fire And Sword https://mega.co.nz/#!jxgCWTYD!FCp52DAqIUc-EM-TsRsWv7fB92nJ3kkzKsNcD_urI5Q >Fleet Series https://mega.nz/#F!i1N3xZxL!C6fQ3Z8o2U0gtk5kdXuVcQ >Hail Caesar https://mega.nz/#F!XsVD0KgT!twB1NWiFE3aKXK_O1EZ4pA >Impetus https://www.mediafire.com/folder/28i9gevqws518/Impetus >Modelling & painting guides https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7b5027l7oaz05/Modelling_%26_Painting_Guides >Next War (GMT) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/eupungrg93xgb/Next_War >Phoenix Command RPG https://mega.co.nz/#F!b5tgXRwa!mzelRNrKPjiT8gP7VrS-Jw >Saga https://www.mediafire.com/folder/alj31go19tmpm/SAGA >Twilight 2000/2013 RPG https://mega.co.nz/#F!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA >Wargaming Compendium http://www.mediafire.com/download/cghxf3475qy46aq/Wargaming+Compendium.pdf >Warhammer Ancient battles 2.0 http://www.mediafire.com/download/uttov32riixm9b0/Warhammer+Ancient+Battles+2E.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/ta7aj1erh7sap1t/Warhammer+Ancient+Battles+- +Armies+of+Antiquity+v2.pdf >Warhammer Historical https://mega.nz/#F!LxkElYYY!FJB5miNmlWZKMj2VfSYdxg >Warmaster Ancients http://www.mediafire.com/download/cifld8bl3uy2i5g/Warmaster+Ancients.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/download/3emyvka11bnna1b/Warmaster+Ancient+Armies.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/h3wu87l14anhosb/Osprey+-+ELI+084+-+Trench+Warfare+WWI+ %282%29+1916-18.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/mesh1fg1zgif6gq/Osprey+-+ELI+150+-+World+War+I+Gas+Warfare+Tactics+ %26+Equipment.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/1uqxk4dav2q3fgb/Osprey+-+MAA+387+-+The+Italian+Army+of+WW1.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/rcx6rsk8caaus17/Osprey+-+MAA+397+-+The+Austro- Hungarian+Forces+In+World+War+I+%282%29+1916-18.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/s877p9mr169trsf/Osprey+-+WAR+012+-+German+Stormtrooper+1914-18.pdf https://www.mediafire.com/folder/2by3o3ztwg26t/WH_Legends_of_the_Old_West http://www.mediafire.com/file/pjuj52pbuoxqj4j/Six+Gun+Sound.pdf http://www.mediafire.com/file/c1cov3ohbm3530o/Osprey+-+ELI+096+-+American+Frontier+Lawmen+1850-1930.pdf

Magyar Warriors. https://mega.nz/#!CwdlFLjY!Sy97bvd9nepo0bk8vzUHE60qlITf2mlcLWHLrXPAfJs http://www.mediafire.com/file/oit3zucj2rc1l91/German+Infantry+Handbook+1939-45.pdf

"heX-Wing" https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/97008/hex-wing-version-2016

Great War in the East - Caporetto http://www.spigames.net/PDFv2/GWarCaporetto.pdf

- - - Horus Heresy General

>Thread FAQ http://pastebin.com/iUqNrrA8

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (not updated since January 2016) http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Horus_Heresy/Horus_Heresy_7th_Edition.pdf

>30k TACTICA & TIPS What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more http://pastebin.com/Tm2P4QLp >HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore http://pastebin.com/k9uvqsub https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2Ffz1OuHK%2Fcrusade-imperialis-army-lists.pdf.htm l https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2FZTK72gs%2Flegiones-astartes-age-of-darkness-army-list.pdf.html https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmega.nz%2F%23F!BxI1HSgI!0tKymKh9RZTzGpgIA5EyCg

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics http://www.strawpoll.me/10558764

>NEW Mega Folder https://mega.nz/#F!gaBiVTKI!HTOuNx5zzNxHqT-ny-AU3A

– – – --- – – – – – -

Infinity General 28mm futuristic skirmish game

All the rules are for free. Buying the books is only relevant for fluff: http://www.infinitythegame.com/archive.php >Catalog of fluff, dossiers, and unit models https://human-sphere.com/index.php?title=Main_Page >Rules wiki (now updated with HSN3 content): http://www.infinitythewiki.com/en/Main_Page >Rules Wiki Offline Backup: https://mega.nz/#!Dxs3VbKQ!_tRgLeIszkdMBvnpCFE4xHELtngLRL26cexppwmAIws >Official Army Builder: https://army.infinitythegame.com/ >Token Generator: http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/ >N3 Hacker Helper: http://www.captainspud.com/n3hacking/

>Batreps: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzrPO7KIAtwXlOUh545nq21WQaW7YxuGc https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO-Uv_G4cY91ZfMy3rWOKDQL1cl7YyYzf https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf5JWn6xciCkYcBaTLGs6_FmFiZtCk2zm https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=gL0RY70TH3C0mb1n3DaRmyToH44sUck

>Terrain: http://pastebin.com/Hy9SRkmJ http://pastebin.com/PJaETXMV >Faction Rundown: http://www.mediafire.com/view/mqaaf5fosmti5b4/Infinity_Faction_Rundown_v.1.3.rtf >All Consolidated Rules: https://www.mediafire.com/?xm5aqb4sdx4g446 >Operation Icestorm Scan (beginner missions) https://mega.nz/#!AkkG0ZZA!CE-YzCWIWVROcSnnlkZI8SMWxWoNb1LkFbWI-LamYR8 >The RPG Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modiphius/corvus-bellis-infinity-roleplaying-game >WIP Tactica https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Category:Infinity_Tactics >RPG Character Creation http://infinity.modiphiusapps.hostinguk.org/ >RPG previews (+ a couple scans) https://mega.nz/#F!8pRURayK!Kj16fd7nQhEcaId8hKD4oA

------Japanese Tabletop RPG General

Trove: https://mega.nz/#F!KA1DHRRL!MGkoDoBdnehHG7D2iXOwXQ

Kamigakari stuff that's not in the mega http://www.mediafire.com/file/183vmgy8b3w1uj3/Kamigakari.rar http://pastebin.com/u/RoyalTeaRed- Extras

------Kings of War General

Condensed rules: http://puggimer.net/documents/KOW_Ref_2-0.pdf Books: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/meedbza42sp4m/Kings_of_War Errata: http://www.manticgames.com/SiteData/Root/File/KINGS%20OF%20WAR/KoW%20FAQ%20and%20Errata %20290915.pdf

Recommended list builder: kow2.easyarmy.com Hit "PDF" at the top right for easy posting of your lists Includes relevant special rules on the last page.

Kings of Math Damage Calculator https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QBfREAWucgTPeoEhXxO3fqDU141IQw7Ajgp71m5cizs/edit#gid=0

- - -

Legend of the Five Rings General RPG USEFUL RESOURCES & LINKS FOR THE RPG (OLD AND NEW) Rulebooks: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/icjb615izaw31/L5R

The Beta: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/223045/Legend-of-the-Five-Rings-RPG-Beta-Rulebook


Tabletop Simulator Mod - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1099785017

Ringteki (Browser based game client) - https://mahois.fun/

Card Database / Deck Builder - https://fiveringsdb.com/

TTS Deck Converter - http://infamous-irc.com/dengeki/l5r-deck-generator/

Current Card Rulings - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MSIQHAJmfSMKk1RJmzuF_3Mtmav8ZRy8- LDXSbXCQAE/edit#gid=722499072

This Paste: https://pastebin.com/0JF6Acgv - - -

Malifaux General What is Malifaux? Malifaux is a 32mm Skirmish Tabletop game. Faction Stat Card Almanac: https://mega.nz/#F!a8QBgCaD!mMN8jvLMuNKHA5G3nJ0FSg

>Books Malifaux: https://mega.nz/#F!cg00BCoD!mDHocpgWP_hkkM3CpCBwrQ BrokeLenn Promises: https://mega.nz/#!F4UDWIQD!HPHQPzKYpPSHr8QfTRrfaCkgjdauyp-WBCVQf1WTHxI

Book 1 - Basic Rules and first wave of updated (from 1st edition of malifaux) models Book 2 - Second wave of updated models Book 3 - Campaign system and new M2E models Book 4 - New models Book 5 - New models & Master upgrades

Through the Breach: https://mega.nz/#F!Z9sVSYTS!U2J243KhVsUuOqAnsqTj4A

Discord voice chat for malifaux chat and memery: https://discord.gg/xWkuFRz

Gaining Grounds Tournament Rules: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/123837-gaining-grounds-2017/

- - -

Naval Wargames General

Games, Ospreys and References (Courtesy of /hwg/) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lx05hfgbic6b8/Naval_Wargaming

Models and Manufacturers https://pastebin.com/LcD16k7s

Rule the Waves https://mega.nz/#!EccBTJIY!MqKZWSQqNv68hwOxBguat1gcC_i28O5hrJWxA-vXCtI

- - -

Old School Renaissance General!

>Delicious Troves: http://pastebin.com/QWyBuJxd >Online Tools: http://pastebin.com/KKeE3etp >Blogosphere: http://pastebin.com/ZwUBVq8L

- - - -

Pathfinder General

/pfg/ Link Repository: https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/vK9njh31


SHADOWRUN GENERAL Personal Alerts * You have 1 new private message, titled 'Yo chummer, here’s yer fraggin data’. https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/releases * Cloud File Storage: http://pastebin.com/SsWTY7qr

– – – – – – – – ------Starfinder General “Get Yer Space Elf Babe Fix Here!!”

/sfg/ unified link repository: https://pastebin.com/BBVzM7tm some other pastebin: http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/text/starfinder/username/mageguru/ Cheatsheet: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lk2n?Starfinder-Cheat-Sheet FAQ: http://paizo.com/starfinder/faq Starfinder General /sfg/ /pfg/ unified link repository (trove contains all current leaked PDFs in Starfinder folder): https://pastebin.com/fr9piFCi

/sfg/ unified link repository: https://pastebin.com/BBVzM7tm Cheatsheet: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/v5748dyo5lk2n?Starfinder-Cheat-Sheet FAQ: http://paizo.com/starfinder/faq - - -


Star Trek Adventures -Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources) >http://www.modiphius.com/star-trek.html -PDF Collection >https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0w33ywljd1pdt/Star_Trek_Adventures

Older Licensed RPGs (FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher) >http://pastebin.com/ndCz650p

Other (Unlicensed) RPGS (Far Trek + Lasers and Feelings) >http://pastebin.com/uzW5tPwS

Star Trek: Attack Wing -Official WizKids Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources) >http://wizkids.com/attackwing/star-trek-attack-wing/

Star Trek: Ascendancy (Rules and Player Resources) -Official Gale Force Nine Page >http://startrek.gf9games.com/

Lore Resources

Memory Alpha - Canon wiki >http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main

Memory Beta - Noncanon wiki for licensed Star Trek works >http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

Fan Sites - Analysis of episodes, information on ships, technobabble and more >http://pastebin.com/mxLWAPXF

Star Trek Maps - Based on the Star Trek Star Charts, updated and corrected >http://www.startrekmap.com/index.html

/stg/ Homebrew Content >http://pastebin.com/H1FL1UyP - - – - - - - - – – - --


Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada Miniatures Games >http://pastebin.com/Wca6HvBB

Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG System (EotE/AoR/FaD) >http://pastebin.com/wCRBdus6 >https://mega.nz/#!DkNTDTyZ!PUupCOep4RmRcsgI3rNhU_Pk_xcyFbYWnhrq8gwrVv0

Shipfag's Starship Combat Fixes for EotE/AoR/FaD >http://www.mediafire.com/file/y9w713etmckbs98/Shipfag.JPG

Other Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Tabletop (Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Destiny and the Star Wars LCG) >http://pastebin.com/ZE4gn0yN

Fantasy Flight Games Dice App (Works with X-Wing, Armada, the Star Wars RPG system and Imperial Assault) >http://www.mediafire.com/download/64xy3uy6vepll8v/com.fantasyflightgames.swdice.ver.1.1.4.build.9.apk

Older Star Wars Tabletop (d6, d20/Saga, etc.) >http://pastebin.com/wXP0LdyJ

Reference Materials & Misc. Resources >http://pastebin.com/AGFFkSin

All Canon Novels and Comics (via /co/) >https://mega.co.nz/#F!2R5kDTqQ!WfrDla-jvDIn05U57T9hhQ

Just What IS Canon Anyways? >http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Canon#2014_reboot >http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_canon_media

The Clone Wars Viewing Guide >http://img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1442/36/1442364889994.png

Writefaggotry >http://pastebin.com/cJY5FK9T

Shipfag's hangar >https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByhAdnTlOKOeQnA4SFByUC1aQWM&usp=sharing

HoTAC >http://dockingbay416.com/campaign - - - Traveller General Library Data: Master Archive, snip li link: /Traveller Direct link: https://mega.nz/#F!lM0SDILI!ji20XD0i5GTIUzke3iv07Q

Galactic Maps: http://travellermap.com/ http://www.utzig.com/traveller/iai.shtml

Resources: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Traveller http://zho.berka.com/ http://www.travellerrpg.com/CotI/Discuss/ http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Main_Page http://www.freelancetraveller.com/index.html

Traveller General Homebrew: https://pastebin.com/G1kb29aT

Music to Explosive Decompression to: >Old Timey Space music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w34fSnJNP-4&list=RD02FH8lvwXx_Y8 [Embed] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0cbkOm9p1k [Embed] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDXfQTD_rgQ [Embed] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH8lvwXx_Y8 [Embed] >Slough Feg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM7DJqiYonw&list=PL8DEC72A8939762D4 [Embed] >Goldsmith - Alien Soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lAsqdFJbRc&list=PLpbcquz0Wk__J5MKi66-kr2MqEjG54_6s [Embed] >Herrmann - The Day the Earth Stood Still http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ULhiVqeF5U [Embed] >Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz1cEO01LLc [Embed] >Tangerine Dream - Hyberborea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LOZbdsuWSg [Embed] >Brian Bennett - Voyage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZioqPPugEI [Embed] ------

WARHAMMER 40K GENERAL >Warhammer Community news https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/17/craftworld-focus-ulthwe-oct-17gw-homepage-post-3/

>Daily Duncan Playlist https ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=fVWObn2XXLo&list=PLEaPE4sLDA7ucJ0dkiVZSW6ghZUNGFHIW [Em bed] [Em bed]

>GW FAQ (1.1): https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Rules-Errata

>FW FAQ (1.1): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/15/new-and-updated-forge-world-faqs-july16gw-homepage- post-2/

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android: >Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations https://mega.nz/#F!bF0ExS4D!_XaMECn0K9HiJKUFSopJLA

>Other Megas https://mega.nz/#F!64wmnBZR!rWcm37EkOOeToeueqhPjpA https://mega.nz/#F!BxI1HSgI!0tKymKh9RZTzGpgIA5EyCg https://mega.nz/#F!9NchGZyZ!-V1LhJALxDp9Tw97WzEQGA https://mega.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ >Old Black Library Mega https://mega.nz/#F!wx4BiKhD!YhnAf1BqSmAB8dO6xDM56Q

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h0hk_IdJ7fivDEjMiIpKM5yMMB8HTm64lZHuKdLZCIU/edit? usp=sharing



> Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play) WFB: http://www.pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S WFRP: http://www.pastebin.com/0e6RuQux Novels: https://mega.nz/#F!9Lw1WIRZ!eKxkOlAQwuZO3_8pHOK-EQ

> Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers http://pastebin.com/CvGaNyrk http://www.the-ninth-age.com/lexicon/index.php?lexicon/462-the-9th-age-miniature-library/ https://tabletop-miniatures-solutions.com/13-the-9th-age Tomb Kings Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-undying-dynasties-army-release#/ Bretonnia Alternative: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tms-kingdom-of-equitaine-army-release

> The 9th Age http://www.the-ninth-age.com

> Warhammer Wikis warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Wiki (most complete) whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page warhammeronline.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_Online_Wiki

> Warhammer Video Games Total War Warhammer 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594570/Total_War_WARHAMMER_II/ Vermintide 2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552500/Warhammer_Vermintide_2/ Mordheim City of the Damned: store.steampowered.com/app/276810/ Bloodbowl 2: store.steampowered.com/app/236690/ Man O' War: http://store.steampowered.com/app/344240/ Age of Reckoning: https://www.returnofreckoning.com/

– – – – – – Warmachine/Hordes General

> Khadoran Steel Edition

Mk3 list building:http://conflictchamber.com

Warmahords chat:https://discord.gg/KmXzbwD

Warmachine/Hordes Books, No Quarter, & IKRPG http://textuploader com / da46m PP Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/PrivateerPressPrime

Latest Errata (the actual January one): http://files.privateerpress.com/op/errata/WMH-Errata-January-2017-2.pdf

Theme Forces: http://files.privateerpress.com/op/errata/Theme%20Forces.pdf Steamroller Rules http://privateerpress.com/organized-play/steamroller-tournaments

Table of contents for all NQ issues http://www.privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?4313-Table-Of-Contents-For-All-No-Quarter-Issues

Lexicanum Iron Kingdoms Fluff wiki: http://warmachine.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

MK3 RULES: http://files.privateerpress.com/allnewwar/Prime.pdf http://files.privateerpress.com/allnewwar/Primal.pdf https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5OHGgAx7q66NUdvUFp3LWVQRlE&usp=drive_web

Warmachine/Hordes Army Creator (WHAC) .apk http://charbon-et-charentaise.org/blog/content/app-release.apk

>Mk3 Trollbloods Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/1tLOuOW7/file.html >Mk3 Protectorate Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/LToez2J8/file.html >Mk3 Circle Orboros Command http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/dAMPtJKy/file.html >Mk3 Cygnar Command http://www104.zippyshare.com/v/aG3otFxu/file.html >Mk3 Legion of Everblight Command http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/cJMBctzR/file.html


Resources https://pastebin.com/yH1UyNmN

------World of Darkness General

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/7HiVphFm >News https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/chronicles-of-darkness-dark-eras-2 https://www.paradoxinteractive.com/en/white-wolf-partners-with-focus-home-interactive-for-a-video- game-adaptation-of-the-world-of-darkness-storyteller-game-werewolf-the-apocalypse/ >This week's Monday Meeting Notes: http://theonyxpath.com/forewarned-is-four-armed-monday-meeting-notes/ >5th edition cliffnotes https://pastebin.com/cp0r59da - - - - - – - - – ------

Yog-Sothothery General

Lovecraftian /tg/ and all else go here.

“Hey kid, wanna buy some knowledge Man was not meant to know?” >The classics that started it all http://www.eldritchdark.com http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/

>Call of Cthulhu Trove https://www.mediafire.com/folder/h9qjka0i4e75t/Call_Of_Cthulhu

>Atchung! Cthulhu https://mega.nz/#F!ywcHkIAA!ycphEhCOkbnjOvAQ4t7TBg

>Pulp Cthulhu https://mega.nz/#!L9EFWSIT!o6clZxfdrVSOLkmcQz3wQ2Af9-hKsUxKc7214VynuY4

>Delta Green https://pastebin.com/rtpJfc2L


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